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Winter/Spring 2023

Rise Real Estate
A wholesome guide to a weekend in
| In the water with
the Waikato
National Champion, Hazel Ouwehand.

I’m thrilled to present the much-anticipated fourth edition of the Rise Community Magazine!

As the cooler months draw near, we invite you to immerse yourself in the captivating content between the pages, seek inspiration and embrace the vibrant spirit of our community. Once again, our focus remains firmly on showcasing the wonders of the Waikato Region and those who make it what it is, from hidden gems to awe-inspiring stores!

Welcome, to the fourth edition - prepare to embark on a captivating journey through the heart and soul of our community!


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Cover Zhao Yangyang.


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A wholesome guide to a weekend in the Waikato

Embrace the Waikato’s natural wonders with invigorating hikes and bike rides through lush forests and scenic trails.

Pages six - ten.

In the water with National Champion; Hazel Ouwehand

Hazel shares insight into her daily disciplines, many strokes she swims per year and more.

Pages fourteen - seventeen.

Nail your Wardrobe Style this Winter

Expect to see comfort-driven staples and oversized statement pieces.

Pages twenty - twenty two.

Common Kind

A social enterprise dedicated to spreading joy and warmth through their fun, bright and snuggly homewares!

Pages twenty four - twenty seven.

The New Factory

Inside Kaipaki Dairies brand new Milk Factory & their recent partnership with Accor Hotels.

Pages thirty six - thirty nine.

Market Update

In recent months, several banks have made significant announcements regarding their lending options for owner-occupied properties in the High LVR (Loan-to-Value Ratio) space, which means that purchasers with only 10% deposits now have access to financing options again.

At Rise Real Estate, we have observed a noticeable increase in activity within the marketplace. Buyers are taking a more deliberate approach, carefully negotiating, and some are even waiting to gauge potential price adjustments and monitor developments in the OCR (Official Cash Rate) and inflation. As a result, properties remain on the market for longer durations compared to this same time last year.

“Inventory levels are returning to the longterm average, which presents an opportunity for buyers looking to take advantage of the lower prices and less competition. REINZ members tell us first home buyers are actively returning in the regions with the advantage of choice as investors remain absent.

There are clear signs that we are in the lower phase of the cycle, but with nearly 6,000 properties sold, vendors motivated to sell are meeting the market with more realistic expectations on time frame and price. Those who need to sell are still selling.” says Baird (REINZ).

At Rise Real Estate, we are closely monitoring these developments. We are ready to assist buyers and sellers in navigating through this dynamic market landscape.

Contact us today to take advantage of the current opportunities and find the best solutions for your real estate needs.

Tell us where you’re reading from! #risecommunitymagazine @riserealestate.nz


to a weekend in the Waikato! A Wholesome Guide

A Adventure

Brace yourself for a thrilling journey as you immerse in adrenaline-pumping activities and breathtaking natural wonders. Conquer the mighty rapids of the Waikato River or unleash your inner explorer with a journey to the famous Waitomo Caves, where you can embark on an underground adventure like no other! Marvel at the mesmerizing glowworm displays as you navigate through the caverns, creating a surreal and magical experience.

Embrace the beauty of the Waikato’s natural wonders with invigorating hikes and bike rides through lush forests and scenic trails. Discover hidden waterfalls, ancient volcanic landscapes, and breathtaking viewpoints that will leave you in awe.

After an adventurefilled day, retreat to cozy accommodations that cater to thrill-seekers and outdoor enthusiasts, offering comfort and relaxation in a stunning natural setting.

Where to stay?

• Podium Lodge, Cambridge.

• Camping at Lake Karapiro.

• Rimu Heights, Cambridge.

Where to Eat & Drink?

• The Bikery Cafe, Cambridge.

• Gothenburg, Hamilton.

• Good George Brewing.

• Durham Precinct, Ngaruawahia.

• The Riverbank Lane, Hamilton.

• Volare, Cambridge.

Walk & Cycleways

• The Great New Zealand River Ride.

• Hamilton Lake Walkway.

Bike Hire

• Cambridge iSite.

• Riverside Adventures.

• River Riders.

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

F Family

Escape to the Waikato for an unforgettable weekend getaway with the family! Discover many attractions and experiences, and immerse yourselves in the area’s natural beauty by exploring stunning hiking trails, such as the picturesque Waikato River Trails.

Visit the award-winning Hamilton Zoo, where you can get up close to a diverse range of wildlife.

Indulge in the local flavours by visiting farmers’ markets and sampling delicious fresh produce. Experience the charm of small towns like Cambridge, known for its boutique shops and delightful cafes.

Immerse yourselves in the beauty and adventure that this region has to offer!

Where to stay?

• The Cambridge Pool House.

• Distinction Hamilton Hotel.

Where to Eat & Drink?

• Volare, Cambridge.

• Cream Eatery, Hamilton CBD.

• Grey Roasting Co.

• Mr Pickles Bar & Eatery, Hamilton.

• Camarosa, Hamilton.

• Punnett Eatery, Tamahere.

Where to Visit

• Hamilton Zoo.

• Te Awa River Ride.

• Hobbiton.

• Waitomo Caves.

• Hamilton Lake.

• Hamilton Farmers Market.

Walk & Cycleways

• The Great New Zealand River Ride.

• Hamilton Lake Walkway.


LLuxury Leisure

Embark on a luxurious winery weekend to the Waikato!

Indulge your senses as you immerse yourself in fine wines, exquisite cuisines, and breathtaking landscapes. Discover a selection of esteemed wineries nestled amidst picturesque vineyards. Experience the art of wine tasting as knowledgeable sommeliers guide you through various exceptional vintages.

After a day of exploration and indulgence, retreat to luxurious accommodations amidst vineyards or boutique lodges that offer unparalleled comfort and serenity.

Unwind with spa treatments, immerse yourself in nature, or relish the tranquility of the surroundings.

Where to stay?

• The Cambridge Pool House.

• Lakeview Lodge, Karapiro.

• Novotel Tainui, Hamilton.

Where to Eat & Drink?

• Zealong Tea Estate.

• Madam Woo.

• Palate Restaurant.

• Smith & McKenzie.

• Good George Brewing.

Where to Wine

• Vilgrad Winery, Ohaupo.

• Invivo Wines, Te Kauwhata.

Where to Shop

• The Sunday Society, Cambridge.

• Green with Envy, Cambridge.

• The Country Providore, Tamahere.

Where to Spa

• Te Aroha Mineral Spas.

Where to Golf

• Tieke Golf Estate.

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

T Tourism

Discover the wonders of the Waikato and immerse yourself in a tapestry of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and vibrant attractions that will leave you in awe! Explore breathtaking landscapes, from the iconic rolling hills to lush forests and picturesque lakes. Stroll the banks of the mighty Waikato River or venture into stunning national parks for invigorating hikes and mesmerising views.

Delve into the region’s rich cultural heritage by visiting historical sites and attractions.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the mighty Huka Falls or visit the magnificent Hamilton Gardens, renowned for their stunning themed gardens and immersive displays. Experience the magic of this beautiful region and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Where to stay?

• Ramada by Wyndham, Hamilton.

• Distinction Hamilton Hotel.

Where to Eat & Drink?

• Zealong Tea Estate.

• Volare, Cambridge.

• Mr Pickles Bar & Eatery, Hamilton.

• Good George Brewing.

• Camarosa, Hamilton.

• Poppy Peach, Tamahere.

Where to Visit

• Hamilton Gardens.

• Taitua Arboretum Walking Trails.

• Te Awa River Ride.

• Hobbiton.

• Waitomo Caves.

• Waitomo Glowworm Caves.

• Zealong Tea Estate.



studio & gallery

Creating opportunities for talented, emerging artists to exhibit alongside established Artists.

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

inspirit.co.nz | @inspiritgallery

Pencarrow Rd, Hamilton.

Behind the project with Keystone Design.




Located overlooking one of Hamilton’s picturesque gullies, this modern 300sqm masterpiece designed by Keystone Design offers lifestyle living within the city.

Featuring an indoor-outdoor flow designed to ensure that daylight will filter through easily and fill each room. Cedar paired with long-run colour steel gives this home its elegant edge, not to mention the stunning views across the pool and vast landscape.

Keystone Design is based in Hamilton, designing concepts and bringing them to life throughout New Zealand. From family homes and renovations to multi-lot designs for subdivisions.

Our reputation is crafted by sophisticated and enduring design principles that maximise space, light and superior craftsmanship. Building a home for many is a once-ina-lifetime opportunity, together we work with you to develop an informed brief that encapsulates your dream!

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

In the Pool with National Champion; HAZEL OUWEHAND


QA &

Firstly what a flying start you’ve had to the first half of 2023; collectively, as your local community, we’ve loved watching you work your magic in the water!

Winnings don’t just happen for any Athlete; what daily disciplines do you have in place that have helped you get to where you are today?

Daily things I try to adhere to are eat, sleep and rest. Eat. Make sure I eat enough, preferably to the point of being full, and then eat some more - I am not always the best at this because I loathe force feeding myself.

Sleep. Trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour is key. The amount of energy I exert in a day is far above the average human and this needs to be accounted for with a good night’s sleep.

Rest. Yes rest is a component of sleep, but for me it revolves around recovery - doing the things I need to do to make sure my body and my mind are ready for the next day. Whether this be stretching, rolling, meditating, or taking a bit of time for myself to do something that I enjoy that is separate from swimming and my work that brings me joy.

Before a race, what hypes you up and gets you going?

As the race draws closer, once I have completed my dryland routine, had a warm-up in the pool and a few words with my coach, my headphones go on and I start listening to my ‘GET PUMPED’ playlist. This is when I start to come somewhat out of relaxation mode and into hype mode, where I ‘amp’ myself up before a race. Any song that has a good beat, bass or rap lyrics tends to get me going, but I don’t have any one specific song that stands out above the others.

Home for you is the Mighty Waikato; what does home mean to you, and how does that make you feel when you’re away representing your hometown and/or country?

Even though I now live, work and train in Auckland, the Waikato will always be home. It means so much to me when I get the chance to swim overseas and not only represent New Zealand, but also my home town, school, friends and family. If I ever find I am in a rough patch in my life, or a tough training cycle, I find that coming home to visit my parents and spend some time where I grew up is like the perfect reset button.

There are a lot of things that I do in the lead up to race to help get me in the zone. Every swimmer has their own pre race routine that they carry out before a race, and I am no different. From the moment I wake up that day my thoughts and feelings are already on my upcoming race, though I try to keep them as calm and even as I can, so as not to overwhelm myself.

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

How many strokes would you swim per year?

Wow, that is such a hard number to calculate, because I have different average stroke counts depending on what stroke I am swimming. It also depends on what stage in the swimming cycle we are as to how many kms we might do in a session. But based on a rough calculation it is definitely over a million per year!

What’s something that many assume about your sport that irritates you?

For me personally, one thing that people tend to assume is that I love the water, which yes this is true otherwise I wouldn’t be in the sport. However, the last thing I want to do on the weekend after a long and tiring week of training, is go to the beach or local pool for a ‘play’ swim. I don’t train on Sundays, so if I don’t have a swimming meet during the weekend, I would typically shower on Saturday night, then not at all on Sunday, because I just want to spend a whole day being dry!!

Favourite meal?

Me personally, there is no favourite, I just love food in general. I can happily go three months eating the same boring mince and rice (and all things nice! - vegetables) and be quite happy. I do after a while get bored and then I’ll switch to something else. In high school I ate pancakes for breakfast after swimming training, every day for over 7 months. Once I did stop however, I didn’t eat pancakes again for about 2 years…!

Something you wish that you could change within your industry?

Swimming in New Zealand has come a long way from where it used to be, and like most sports I would say there are still some areas that it can improve.

At the moment though it is one the more underrated or lesser known sports in the country.

We don’t get quite as much notice or recognition in comparison to other sports such as rugby, rowing or cycling, which is understandable as there are some great Kiwi athletes competing in those spaces. But I believe we now have a really strong Aquablack team that is only going to get stronger in the coming years. We are seeing some really dedicated swimmers rising through the ranks, and slowly gaining more recognition within our communities, helping to inspire more people to take up swimming.

We’re just over a year away from Paris 2024. What would it mean to you to be able to represent New Zealand in the water in Paris, and what are the chances of this?

This is very much a goal of mine, and I believe it is a realistic one!

The event I am targeting is the 100m butterfly, for which I am exactly 0.7 seconds away from the qualifying standard. Which doesn’t seem like very much, and relatively speaking it isn’t. But over a 100m swim, 0.7 seconds is around a year’s worth of practice, dedication, motivation, commitment, early mornings, and hard work.

This is exactly what I will be doing between now and the Olympic trials next year!

Hazel Ouwehand riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

The Family Tree

32 Swallow Lane, Tamahere.

Situated down a quiet, leafy lane, this substantial family home epitomises timeless elegance.

Now for sale by negotiation.

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

Athleisure fashion blends comfort and style seamlessly, revolutionizing our wardrobe choices. It effortlessly transitions from the gym to everyday life, offering a versatile and contemporary approach.

Pair sleek activewear with casual or elevated pieces for a fashionable look. Athleisure empowers personal style while prioritizing comfort and functionality.

Puffer Jackets.

Style leggings as pants.

Prioritise comfort & functionality.


It’s the era of the ‘layers on layers’ trend, and we’re here for it!

You no longer need a separate wardrobe just for ‘the weekend’; embrace pairing parts from your athleisure wardrobe with your corporate (think trench coats), and you’re more than ready for afternoon drinks which will, of course, lead into dinner on Saturday night!

Neutral Tones.

Oversized Trench Coats.
riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz
Chunky Knits & Scarves.

Winter corporate fashion trends add sophistication and warmth to your office wardrobe.

Embrace tailored silhouettes with cozy layering and rich fabrics. Pair oversized blazers with turtlenecks or chunky knits for a stylish balance of professionalism and comfort or complete your look with classic wool coats and elegant trenches as statement pieces. Don’t forget to make your style pop with the incorporation of seasonal colours!

The Power Suit. Layers on Layers.
Chunky Knits.

Pams Artists Series

Tissue Box Designs

Bron Alexander, an eclectic and ever-evolving illustrator, features her artwork on Pams’ Artists Series Tissues in New Zealand supermarkets! Her muse is the local mountains of Pirongia and Kakepuku, and the forest near her home inspires her exploration of shapes and silhouettes.

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

thecuriousillustrator.co | @thecuriousillustrator_nz

Hamilton, New Zealand.


CommonKind is the brainchild of textile designers Kelly Olatunji and Olive Riley, who have come together to create a social enterprise that is dedicated to spreading joy and warmth through their fun, bright and snuggly homewares.


Their innovative “get one, gift one” model ensures that for every purchase of a Kind blanket, a specially-designed Common blanket is donated to children in need through community organizations in Aotearoa. The name CommonKind encapsulates the two fundamental concepts behind their vision: that essential textiles should be readily available to all, thereby ensuring no child goes without warmth; and that through kindness, we can make this a reality in Aotearoa.

“We see huge potential in NZ wool and want to see farmers get the recognition and pricing that coarse wool deserves.” - Olive.

With a wealth of collective experience in the yarn manufacturing industry, wool innovation and sustainability, textile design for furniture and film, and indie yarn dyeing in the craft scene, they are now driving CommonKind towards a goal of contributing to a thriving NZ wool industry!

“We firmly believe that, through collaboration, wool can play a significant role in alleviating a range of health and social challenges faced by New Zealanders, such as cold damp homes and preventable respiratory illnesses” says Olive.

Kelly adds, “Our aim is to make wool more accessible to all families living in Aotearoa while creating joyful, functional products that people love to use. Our approach centers on sustainable and ethical practices, using trusted supply chains to bring our vision to life.”

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

A passion for kindness and helping others has enabled CommonKind to work alongside community partners throughout Aotearoa, like The Nest Collective; a charity organisation that supports families throughout the Waikato and beyond, with packs filled with new, pre-loved, handcrafted and re-purposed essentials.

Recently, CommonKind has developed a new product - baby Sleeping Bags. They are designed to meet The Nest Collective brief for natural, safe, snuggly sleepwear for the whānau they support throughout Aotearoa.

The sleeping bags have a NZ Merino lining and organic cotton exterior, designed to keep your baby covered and snuggly warm all night long. The Nest Collective has already started including the sleeping bags in some of their packs, and CommonKind will soon be selling a limited edition NZ-printed run of them through their website, donating a 100% wool blanket to The Nest Collective for every sleeping bag sold.

CommonKind is committed to forging new partnerships and collaborating with like-minded individuals and organisations.

Whether you represent a community organisation that supports vulnerable whānau, a farming enterprise looking to turn your wool into meaningful products, or you simply love CommonKind’s vision and appreciate their work, visit www.commonkind.nz to learn more and get in touch.

We’re always eager to connect with others who are passionate about making a difference and creating positive change in our communities!

100% New Zealand Wool! commonkind.co.nz
greyroastingco.com | @greyroastingco 28

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

HOW TO Design your home on a budget


Be minimalistic.

You don’t actually ‘need’ everything, in-fact when you try to incorporate too much, not only will it cost you more, but it clutters your space and takes away from the overall arousal of the space that you’re trying to create.


Whether you try to sell, keep or throw out those items, you’ll notice that it instantly gives each space a facelift, and you didn’t even have to spend any money!


One of the easiest and most affordable options to make an instant statement and change in your home!


You’ll be surprised by what you may find on Marketplace and what you can sell to free up some extra cash.

Go neutral.

An easier, more affordable future-proof option that allows for greater design freedom at any time. Not to mention it also gives of greater warmth and increases the overall resale value of your home.

Throw in some black.

An easy option to make a space look more luxurious, one that absorbs sun heat, a great option in winter!

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

Rimu Heights rests on the bush line of Maungatautari, overlooking the Waikato Plains to the Kaimai Ranges.

As you weave up the gravel track, edged by native bush, it feels like you’re entering a world of its own, uniquely framed by Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari - a world class conservation project!

Cambridge, New Zealand. riserealestate.co.nz

rimuheights.com |
| @riserealestate.nz

Let’s start with one of the most important questions of all

Pineapple on Pizza?


YES. Absolutely!

Favourite place to shop?

Look, I never say no to The Iconic!

Would you describe yourself as an honest, transparent Agent?

Yes, I would.

Recently a couple of my Vendors have asked me about the benefits of Open Homes and I have provided honest feedback around the fact that I personally don’t believe they work, based on my experience.

After my 8 years of being in Real Estate i’ve actually never sold a house through an Open Home.

What makes you a good Boss?

Magazine Copywriter and Designer, Kiris from KA Digital Marketing finally secured 10 minutes with the brainchild for Rise Real Estate and the Rise Community Magazine; Brenda Donaldson to sit down and answer a few burning questions!

In this exclusive interview, Brenda shared some valuable insights and answered a few burning questions about Rise Real Estate and the Rise Community Magazine. As the driving force behind these services, innovative and informative resources, Brenda’s expertise and vision are second to none.

I am trustworthy, approachable and want to help you succeed at Rise. We also want to create a fun and trustworthy environment for our team.


If you could ask King Charles III one question, what would you ask him?

Believe it or not but I actually met the queen in Taranaki back in 2015!

I remember her being so nice and approachable and we had a quick chat about things that we like to do in Taranaki.

If I met King Charles III ... ooo good question! Perhaps something along the lines of how it feels to finally being crowned the King at 74 and then if he wanted to keep chatting, maybe ask if he had any properties that he needing listing ... joking of course!

What is actually happening within the Real Estate Industry throughout the Waikato Region at the moment?

The market is beginning to have a bit of action again, we are seeing buyers out and about and properties selling if marketed and priced right.

A. riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

Thenew Factory

An exciting first for KAIPAKI DAIRIES; the opening of their brand new Dairy Processing Factory.

Words by Claire Williams, Kaipaki Dairies and Kiris Apelt, KA Digital Marketing.


Since the inception of Kaipaki Dairies in 2021 business popularity has been a constant for Founder John Heskett, his partner Claire Williams and Riley Chick alongside Paul Bardoul; Investor and owner of the Bardoul Dairy Farm which is now home to the brand new, Kaipaki Dairies Factory!

The relocation of the factory to the home farm has been a game changer for Kaipaki, allowing them to significantly increase their output compared to their initial farm, which was located just 5 minutes away. With the new factory now processing up to 2,000 litres per hour, customers can now visit the farm, watch the milking process, and witness the exceptional output of the Kaipaki team firsthand.

Moreover, Kaipaki is proud to announce its partnership with the Accor Group, with milk taps being installed in all Accor Hotels across New Zealand’s North Island!

This exciting collaboration not only showcases Kaipaki’s commitment to quality and innovation but also allows even more people to enjoy their delicious dairy products.

Kaipaki is passionate about providing their customers with the very best dairy products while also promoting sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Come and visit us at our new factory to see our commitment to excellence in action! @kaipakidairies

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

59 Bottles saved per hour.

1,428 Bottles saved per day.

10,000 Litres per week.


43,435 Bottles saved per month.

521,120 Bottles saved per year.

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

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Rise Real Estate

Boutique Agency committed to tailoring services for current & future Homeowners throughout the Waikato Region.


The Curious Illustrator

Eclectic Graphic Designer & Illustrator with over 20 years of experience, renowned throughout Aotearoa, based in Hamilton, NZ.


Common Kind

CommonKind fills a common need through kindness using wool. 100% NZ Wool Blankets, a ‘Get One Gift One’ initiative.

Hazel Ouwehand

One of New Zealand’s National Swimming

Champions, born and bred in Te Awamutu!




Prepare for truffle season in New Zealand! The coveted Black winter truffle, scientifically known as Tuber Melanosporum, thrives here in the Waikato!

Matangi Truffles, a small truffière managed by Byron and Dianne, had their first harvest in 2019 after planting in 2007. From late May to early August, expertly trained dogs help uncover these hidden culinary treasures.

If you’re a true foodie, you’ll know truffles are renowned for their irresistible aroma, take advantage of the short season by adding truffle to your midwinter meals. Commonly enjoyed sliced or grated over pasta or eggs. But don’t stop there— try them with homemade ice cream or get creative with your Kiwi-inspired dishes.

Visit matangitruffles.com to discover and experience the unmatched flavour of fresh black truffle!

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz
@matangitruffles Fuchsia Lane, Hamilton

Winter Adventure Packages

Now Available.

Book a Multi-Day Adventure Package.


Bike the Te Awa River Ride.

Book a Kayak Tour on the Waikato River.

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

The Struggles of First-Time Homeownership

Are you ready to take the leap onto the property ladder? Before buying your first home, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with all the intricacies involved.

We recently had a conversation with Kim, a first-time homeowner at Rise Real Estate, to gain valuable insights into the costs associated with purchasing her first home.

Tips and advice by Brenda Donaldson - Rise Real Estate and Kim - First-time Homeowner at Rise Real Estate.

Saving for a Deposit

When saving for your deposit, a clear goal is crucial. Most lenders require a deposit of 10% - 20% of the borrowed amount. For a $500,000 property, that’s between $50,000 and $100,000, depending on your circumstances and lender’s requirements.

The Welcome Home Loan Scheme can help you reach your savings goal. A larger deposit means lower long-term interest payments. Loans above 80% of the property’s value may have higher charges due to increased lender risk.

As a three-year KiwiSaver member, you may qualify for a KiwiSaver HomeStart grant. The government could contribute up to $5,000 for an existing home or up to $10,000 for a new home or land. If purchasing jointly, combining grants could provide up to $20,000 after five years of contributions.

Remember to meet eligibility criteria and regional price caps. Explore options to secure your first home with confidence.

Getting a Mortgage

Securing your first mortgage is likely the most significant financial commitment you’ll ever undertake!

It’s highly advisable to enlist the expertise of a mortgage broker, so that they can assist you in finding the optimal financial offer, tailored to your needs. Refrain from accepting the first offer that comes your way; take the time to explore different options and hunt for the best possible deal.

Remember that mortgage brokers can vary in quality and service, so it’s wise to seek recommendations for the top professionals in your area. Doing so ensures you’re working with one of the finest experts in the field.

Lawyer Fees

Before signing any Sale & Purchase Agreement or any Mortgage paperwork, you’ll need your Lawyer to give you the all-go!

You’ll also need a Lawyer to handle the ‘conveyancing’ once you’ve purchased your home. Finding a Lawyer can be achieved by a simple Google search or a recommendation from a friend or family member.

Builders & LIM Reports

Obtaining a builder’s report and a Land Information Memorandum (LIM) is strongly advised when purchasing a house. Here’s why:

Builder’s Report: A professional builder’s report is invaluable in identifying potential issues with the property you intend to purchase.

Land Information Memorandum (LIM): A LIM provides essential information about the land on which the house is situated. It specifically highlights any concerns about drainage, landslip risks, and other relevant land-related issues.

You can obtain a LIM by contacting your local council directly or seeking your lawyer’s assistance.

Ongoing Costs

Your mortgage repayments aren’t the only thing you’ll need to budget for in your new life as a Homeowner; other expenses include insurance, rates and additional ongoing costs.

If you’re still curious and would like to know more before beginning your ‘home ownership journey’, get in touch with Rise Real Estate; no question is too big or small!

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

riserealestate.co.nz | @riserealestate.nz

House Renovation & Building Tips

After our last catch-up as featured in the latest edition of our Community Magazine (Edition 3), we’re delighted to announce that the stunning four-bedroom, two-bathroom home is now complete. The homeowners have finally settled into their beautiful abode, truly making it their cherished home

The meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail by the Handcraft Homes team have created a residence that exudes both beauty and functionality!

The culmination of this project is a testament to the dedication and expertise of their incredible team.

Kitchen Design

It’s time to start designing your dream kitchen!

Find inspiration by browsing Pinterest, magazines, and other sources to find the perfect design and colors that suit your taste.

The Douch Road project was inspired by a Clean White / Contemporary Hamptons style.

Interior Painting

Now is the perfect moment to review your vision boards and make those final decisions on paint colours!

At 24 Douch Road, we opted for a uniform look by using the same shade throughout the houseDulux Mt Aspiring Quarter.



Now it’s time to make the final decision on your flooring!

At 24 Douch Road, we opted for a consistent light color scheme throughout the home. In the main living areas, including the kitchen, dining, living, and laundry, we went for the durable and stylish Belgotex- Primero in Summer Oak 24137.

For the bedrooms, office, games room, and lounge, we chose the luxurious Wool carpet, FeltexAmesbury in Parapet 0710.

The garage area was fitted with garage carpet, while the bathrooms have beautiful white marble tiles. And for a touch of elegance in the powder room, we went with sleek black tiles.

Fit Off & House Cleaning

All the tradies will fit off, getting you closer to that ‘Move in’ day!


Weather permitting, now is a great time to consider landscaping your property as the Tradies are finishing up and you’re getting closer to moving in.


It’s officially time to move in and enjoy your stunning new home!


Ohaupo’s Masterpiece

24 Douch Rd, Ohaupo.

This brand new home offers touches of opulence for the whole family!

From playgrounds and plenty of space for the kids to run and roam to an elegant oversized master bedroom, three-bay garage, Kwila deck for entertaining and more. Now for sale by negotiation.

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Moving the Family?

Rise Real Estate x Tamahere Model Country School

List your home with Rise Real Estate, nominate the Tamahere Model Country School, and we’ll donate $500.00 to the school when your home sells!

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