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8 Mini Mozarts The Importance of Music Education in Children

52 Dyslexia The Superhero Returns

79 Baby It’s Cold Outside Winter crafts for keeping kids entertained and moms happy



25 Get Fit Fashion Looks with style and quality for your fitness goals


13 Best in Sheaux Robinson’s Rescue runway dog show 70 Audiobook Review Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know – by Malcolm Gladwell 94 Must Attend Events 96 From Her Perspective Emerie Eck Gentry



62 Design Trends for 2020 Your interior trends cheat sheet for 2020 46 Hostess with the Mostess Mardi Gras, Louisiana’s biggest celebration of the year 32 DIY with Bridget The power of paint 84 Revival A Resolution of Restoration 73 Cabbage Greens Us Up North recipe by Chef Hardette Harris


74 Keeping It Real with Teri Netterville The journey of a hunter’s wife 56 This is 40 Embracing the humor of life at 40 41 It’s Never too Late for Love Finding love later in life 89 Women in Business Lynette Wade, Louisiana’s Rural Practitioner of the Year

HEALTH AND BEAUTY 16 Supercharge Your Mind, Body and Spirit Make 2020 your best year yet 36 From Tragedy to Triumph The story of Jacob Talley, a true American Cowboy 66 Integrate Your Health Beating the Winter Blues 91 Detoxify Detox your body for a new start to the New Year

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4. Bevin’s Letter/Contributors

Cheers to a NEW YEAR, a new DECADE for that matter!


oes anyone else feel like the ‘90s were ten years ago? I watched my son walk to the car this morning with his Spiderman lunchbox and teared up. I’m not sure if it was the fact I have given into tacky Spiderman lunchboxes or that we celebrate his 4th birthday this weekend. I’m not ready for him to be a big kid. I’m not ready for him to grow out of my lap. I’m not ready for my daughter to be in junior high. I’m not exactly ready to get older myself, but if I am lucky enough, I will. I am grateful to be in a place in life where I want to stop the clocks and live right here, right now, forever. Life doesn’t work like that, though. The clocks 2019 • SHREVEPORT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE • YPI keep ticking and the years… 40 Under Forty Gala Honorees decades, keep coming. The good left Publisher Bevin Hicks (with husband Andrew) part about all of this is the longer I right Marketing & Advertising Director live the more I understand. Carie Hart (with husband Travis ) Sure, I will miss my kids being little, but I know there will be more moments, Get ready for Mardi Gras, Louisiana’s biggest more stages, in my life that I will want to pause. party of the year, with our Hostess with the If we stayed where we are, we would miss all Mostess. If your home is needing a new look the “best day evers” that are to come. So, I will for the new year, we have you covered with dry up the mom tears, learn to love superhero chic design trends for 2020. Whatever kind of chapter this past year gear, brace myself for parenting through junior high, stock up on wrinkle cream, and or decade has been for you, a new beginning has arrived, filled with endless opportunities have faith that the best is yet to come. This issue of Lola Magazine will inspire and new favorite moments to be made. The you to embrace the new year and bring you close of one chapter is always the beginning insight on living your best life; mind, body of a new chapter, and God willing, an even and spirit. We bring you stories on finding better one. Cheers to making 2020 your best love later in life and humor in life after forty. year yet! Check out tips on beating the winter blues Cheers! -Bevin and indoor activities for stir-crazy kiddos.




PUBLISHER Bevin Sutton Hicks


Carie Cotter Hart

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8. Music in Mini Children Mozarts: WRITTEN BY MARCIE ELLEN DUPLANTIS hat if I told you there is one activity that can help your child to make sense of the world around them? An activity that can teach them how to self-regulate their emotions, help to learn languages, solve complex problems, increase memory, and help their little brains to be happier and healthier in later life? What if this activity was actually enjoyable for everyone involved? Now, I know you are expecting me to reveal a new type of super food, a special pill, or an exercise regime, but this activity is actually as old as our culture and society. The activity is MUSIC EDUCATION! In a world where technology is rapidly changing and children long to connect with those around them, they often find themselves with a limited vocabulary.


9. Music in The Importance Of Music EducationChildren In Children Music offers children an outlet for expression and emotional development. It helps to bridge the gap of communication about how they are feeling on the inside to their outside world. Right here and now, I’d like to debunk two myths that are holding this younger generation back from their full potential: ›› To play music you must be “smart.” ›› To play music you must be “talented.”

Decades of research show, through randomized studies, that music education impacts all of those who partake in it, not just the gifted, not just the rich, not just the talented, but ALL. Music is something that almost every human on the planet enjoys in some way, every single day. We’re all born musical, it is simply experiences and opportunities that shape our minds and abilities. Music education has been found to be most beneficial before age 9 but is not limited to that. Music engages three areas of the brain at once: motor, visual, and auditory. It is the equivalent of a full body workout for the brain! I hear you asking, “What does this mean for me and my child?” Well, that’s what I am


here to tell you! On average, a child who has formal musical training, this is defined as a weekly lesson with an expert at a minimum of 30 minutes, has a higher IQ by 20 percent versus children who are not involved in musical activities. Now, let’s talk more about what happens in the brain when engaged in music. Recent studies have shown that neuroscientists have observed children and adults performing various activities under an FMRI machine. There, they could watch how the brain functioned. During these activities, researchers found that when performing arithmetic, one side of the brain lit up on their monitor, and when reading or using language, another part lit up. But, when the individual listened to MUSIC it was like fireworks went off on the machine! Multiple parts of the brain were firing at the same time. These scientists had never seen anything quite like it before! They had just proven that music engages more parts of the brain, at one time, than any other activity! Personal experiences have taught me that children with learning disabilities who are also 9


exposed to music have greater ease in bridging their learning deficiencies because of how it activates the brain. Long before I became a professional musician or a teacher, I used to observe my peers whom I performed musical activities with, and would wonder, “How are they good at EVERYTHING they do (grades, sports, time-management)?” Now, I know it is because they had a higher level of cognitive function. Literally, their brains were wired to be more efficient! While most of them did not go on to be professional musicians, the careers they did choose were incredibly diverse and to this day, they are extremely successful. Music teaches us to be comfortable in the discomfort. It teaches how to cope with challenges, one step at a time, and it offers the gratifying experience of seeing all the baby steps come together to produce a grand dance! So, the next time you hear the pounding of the same notes, over, and over, and over again on the piano, change your perspective. Instead, focus on the fireworks going off in that child’s mind! Think about the priceless gift of hand and


BUT IS NOT LIMITED TO THAT. eye coordination, increased motor-skills, lower stress levels, improved brain function, meaningful social interactions, a sense of achievement, and overall mental clarity. I encourage you to make the choice to support your child’s musical desires. I also encourage you to let your child be a part of the conversation when it comes to selecting their musical instrument, because after all, we do best at the things we want to do! Call that piano teacher, ask your church music director, talk to your friends, and take advantage of this rich musical Louisiana culture we get to revel in every single day. I can guarantee you have more resources in your hands than you realize, and with that, the power to change the minds of our future generation!

Photo Credit: Mark Duplantis Photography

Marcie Ellen Duplantis, M.A.T. Music Education Marcie Ellen Studio • Facebook/Instagram: @marcieellenmusic Marcie Ellen teaches voice, piano, guitar, and ukulele from St. Mark’s Cathedral in Shreveport. For more information on private lesson, please visit or contact at marcieellenstudio@gmail. com - for more info on Marcie Ellen's music, you can find her on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, GooglePlay, and Youtube @marcieellenmusic


The most

11. S hriners AMAZING CARE

here at home.

Patrick Massey, MD

Jennifer E. Woerner, DMD, MD

Anthony Sin, MD

Janay E. McKie, MD

Cary H. Mielke, MD

Philip E. Gates, MD

Sports Medicine

Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon Chief of Staff Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Spine Surgeon

Patrick Powell, MD

Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Pediatric Orthopaedist

Shriners Hospitals for Children – Shreveport At Shriners Hospitals for Children – Shreveport, our team of pediatric orthopaedic and cleft lip/palate professionals offers outstanding medical care for kids, no matter how minor or complex the condition. We research, innovate and do whatever it takes to treat your child’s condition, while helping inspire kids to live a great life. Founded in 1922, the Shreveport Shriners Hospital was the first facility established in the Shriners Hospitals for Children system. Over 97 years, our hospital has provided specialized care to a global population of kids, regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Our world-class care is not limited to insurance networks, or to what’s been done before. The same doctors who innovate treatments for the most complicated orthopaedic and cleft lip/palate issues will help to ensure that your child grows and develops properly. Our pediatric orthopaedic specialists are uniquely skilled to provide insight into both routine and complex orthopaedic conditions, from clubfoot and intoeing issues to cerebral palsy and spine conditions. Minimally invasive methodologies, such as our EOS™ low-radiation imaging system and our Schroth-Barcelona Institute-based treatment for moderate scoliosis, help protect our kids and reduce the need for surgeries.

With programs geared toward sports medicine and orthopaedic injuries, our physicians and other healthcare professionals help kids prevent and recover from mild to complex orthopaedic injuries. When injuries do occur, our fracture team offers the insight necessary to address the physiology of a developing child, helping kids safely and confidently return to the field. Our oral and maxillofacial program involves a multidisciplinary team of surgeons, dental specialists, care managers and therapists in providing education and care to children with cleft and craniofacial conditions. Children with low to moderate craniofacial conditions receive comprehensive care from our team of specialists who work closely with our families to foster and maximize the social, physical and psychological development of our kids. Leaders in research. Developers of advanced procedures. Innovators of modern orthopaedic and cleft lip/palate care. Expertise and love, all directed into providing outstanding care for kids. Shriners Hospitals for Children – Shreveport: The Most Amazing Care Anywhere.

To schedule your child for an appointment, please call 318-226-3314.

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“My son needs Occupational Therapy???”

“He doesn’t even have a job yet!” Sure, Junior may not have entered the workforce yet, but if he displays any of the following behaviors, an Occupational Therapy evaluation could help determine if therapy is a viable option for him. Difficulty with handwriting Reverses letters Experiences reading difficulties Difficulty using scissors or holding pencil correctly

Problem focusing in school Lacks appropriate coordination Doesn’t like the way certain clothes feel against his skin

Where Children Are Cherished! • •

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Shreveport, LA: (318) 795-3388 | Leesville, LA: (337) 239-3334

13. Best In Show The Robinson’S Rescue Runway Dog Show AUTHOR: EVANS KNIGHT

S Amanda Dewett and Stella


manda and her fiancé Justin already had two rescued dogs, so taking in another pitiful soul was nothing new to them. Stella had been living on the streets for weeks, scrounging food where she could and avoiding contact at every turn, but within a few days, she was already a part of Justin and Amanda’s family. Remarkably, Stella and Amanda bonded immediately, and the distrust she had shown toward people melted away under

tella’s journey to Best in Sheaux was not easy. The winter of 2016 was a cold one, and the scruffy ball of grey fur found herself living rough, dodging cars and people on Kings Highway, making her home somewhere in the environs of Mall St. Vincent. Locals and passersby had spotted her all around the neighborhood for weeks, and tried to catch her numerous times, but had no luck. She was utterly terrified of people, and remained at large until one particularly cold night. It had dropped below freezing, and it was only by pure luck that Stella ended up on the porch of a local dog-lover who lived not too far from the mall. The homeowner spent hours, in the middle of the night, drawing Stella onto her porch with food, then slowly coaxing into the house, until finally she was safely inside, and had her first warm night’s sleep in a long time. Unfortunately, the home she found was already claimed by a dog who wasn’t one for company, but thankfully, her rescuer was friends with Amanda Dewett, who would be Stella’s savior and change her life forever.

Amanda’s loving care. Stella went from a raggedy street dog to the beautiful snow-white spitz she was always meant to be; if dogs wore clothes, it would be a classic rag to riches tale. Amanda’s mother Pam and her husband, Harry Avant, have been long time supporters of Robinson’s Rescue, and Amanda had already had her other dogs spayed and neutered there, so bringing Stella in was a no-brainer. When Pam was named chair of 2019’s Best in Sheaux, it was a

perfect opportunity for Amanda to put her money where her mouth was and sponsor her newest furbaby’s spot in the show. For Amanda, putting Stella in the dog show was a way of showing everyone in attendance that any dog can be a star, despite their original circumstances. Robinson’s Rescue is dedicated to ending overpopulation and euthanasia of otherwise healthy and adoptable dogs and cats through preventative spay and 13

14. Best in Show

animals far outstrips the number of homes available to take them in. Amanda wanted to sponsor Stella’s runway walk in order to help prevent any other animals from suffering the same life of hunger and deprivation on the street. When Amanda and Justin walked into the Marlene Yu Museum last March, they were not expecting to turn their three-dog family into a Periwinkle (Left) & Leigha (Right) four-dog family, but fate had other neuter surgeries, and Best in Sheaux plans. As part of the Best in Sheaux is the major fundraising vehicle for celebration, every year a few dogs from affecting that change. The life that Stella local shelters are promenaded in front lived before finding her home with of the assembled audience, with the goal Amanda and Justin is indicative of the of finding these selected dogs a forever problem Robinson’s Rescue is fighting home. At Best in Sheaux 2019, the two against: Rampant reproduction leads to lucky dogs were Leigha and Sebastien, massive numbers of homeless animals and it was Sebastien who captured who either end up in shelters, where Amanda’s heart that night. The other they are often euthanized, or struggle dog, Leigha, was adopted by Lauren and to survive on the streets, alone and Bob Ewing, longtime Robinson’s Rescue unloved. Thankfully, Stella was lucky supporters who, amazingly, had adopted enough to find a loving home with their other dog Periwinkle at a previous caring people, but most animals aren’t Best in Sheaux. To date, the Best in so lucky, and the number of homeless Sheaux Shelter Dog Showcase has a

100% success rate, which is a testament to the supporters of Robinson’s Rescue and their dedication to improving the lives of our local dogs and cats. The Shelter Dog Showcase serves as punctuation for the main event of Best in Sheaux: the live runway dog show. Robinson’s Rescue solicits entries to the show, and any and all dogs are welcomed. In contrast to the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, which was the original inspiration for Best in Sheaux, pedigree and purity of lineage are not requirements for contestants to shine. Of course, there are often purebred dogs in the show, but there are just as many, if not more, mixed breeds and adopted street dogs with inexplicable parentage in the running for Best in Sheaux. The only criterion for victory on the runway is the number of votes received, so winning is contingent on public support. Social media (and obsessive dog parents) are key in this aspect, because the dog with the largest following or most aggressive promoters is always a frontrunner. This makes the contest all the more exciting, however, because votes can be cast during the show up until the last contestant walks, so it is literally any dog’s game.

In its current iteration, Best in Sheaux is a gala fundraiser to the gills. Shreveport’s Riverview Hall is transformed for one night into a celebration of all things canine, and the highlights of the event include a silent auction, a raffle, and an exquisite dinner catered by local favorite chef John Cariere of Fairfield Bed & Breakfast. Local businesses donate goods and services to be used in the auction and raffle, and some of the prizes can command remarkable prices, not only because they are exciting opportunities or beautiful items, but also because the people bidding know that every dollar they spend at Best in Sheaux goes back to Robinson’s Rescue, and that support is the crux of the event and of Robinson’s Rescue’s survival. This year, for Best in Sheaux 2020, Amanda is entering again, this time with the very same Sebastien that stole her heart in the Shelter Dog Showcase. Just Sebastien like Stella, Sebastien’s life was transformed from one of lonely, concrete boxes to one of feather pillows, quality food and genuine love. Walking in Best in Sheaux is about more for Amanda than showing off her (admittedly great) fashion sense and gorgeous dog, it’s about bringing attention to the work that Robinson’s Rescue does, which is very close to her heart. By preventing overpopulation, Robinson’s Rescue spares countless dogs and cats the life of hunger, sadness, danger and fear that Stella lived before joining Amanda’s family. 14

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16. Mind Body Spirit (Supercharge Your Mind)

“So, what’s your New Year’s Resolution?”



The question on everyone’s lips these days. While the most common answers fall in line with physical changes (hitting the gym, losing weight), the New Year is the perfect time to focus on our metal and emotional health as well by beginning a meditation practice. Meditation is a habitual process of training your mind to focus and redirect your thoughts. You can use it to increase awareness of yourself and your surroundings. Many people think of it as a way to reduce stress and develop concentration.

17. ½ Mind Body 2 • ½ Stu3 1 Spirit dio Stretch Ad It helps your other resolutions succeed. Mindful meditation can increase focus and resolve which can help you stick to the goals you’ve set for yourself in the new year.

It supercharges the mind by improving our working memory (the area of our brain that computes immediate information and assists in solving life’s daily tasks) and our ability to quickly “shift gears.”

• Meditation can be done anywhere you choose! For individual meditation I recommend setting up a space in your home that is just yours. Make it comfy with pillows, blankets, etc., and away from distractions. You can sit or lie down with closed eyes. Begin by focusing your attention on your breath without controlling its pace or intensity. If your mind wanders, return your focus back to your breath.

Meditation is the ultimate “self care.” As the saying goes, you can’t pour from an empty cup. When you take time to replenish yourself, you can serve others from the overflow, resulting in happier and more fulfilling relationships.

• Maintain this practice for two to three minutes to start, and then try it for longer. • There are also a number of apps that offer guided meditations in as little as 10 minutes. In addition, a number of yoga studios and health clubs offer group meditations. • By choosing to commit to a meditation practice, you are creating a mindset for success and self-love that will carry you throughout your day-to-day life.

New year, new yoga

25 classes a week • All levels offerings • First class free 4019 Fern Avenue, Suite 200 Shreveport, LA @studiostretchshv


18. Mind Body Spirit (Yoga Pose)

Triangle Pose Sanskrit: Trikonasana


Deep Conscious Breathing slows the heartbeat and activates the parasympathetic nervous system which soothes the nervous system and allows the muscles to relax into the stretches.

• This pose is amazing for opening the sides of your waist, which for most of us is an often neglected area. Chronically tight side bodies can cause alignment issues, as well as pain and discomfort. • Triangle pose opens the side hip. This area of the body tends to be overly tight in those who walk, run, or cycle. You may find that opening the sides of your hips helps you to feel less overall hip pain in daily life. It also strengthens the core muscles. Your abdominal and back muscles will work hard to keep you standing and balanced in this pose. • Extended Triangle pose stretches the legs, groins, hips, shoulders, chest and spine. It strengthens the feet, ankles and legs. Practicing this twist will stimulate the abdominal organ which aids in digestion.

Off your mat you learn to approach life’s challenges with this same sense of calmness and peace. You learn to overcome your self-perceived limitations by being at one with your mind and body in a place of grace and ease.

Seated Lotus Twist Sanskrit: Parivrtti Padmasana

• Twisting the torso around the spine tones and detoxifies the abdominal organs, including the kidneys, liver, and spleen. This will help cleanse your body and improve your overall health. Regularly practicing twists, such as Revolved Half Lotus will boost your energy levels, reduce fatigue, and calm your mind. 18

19. MBS (Yoga Pose) Extended Side Angle Pose Sanskrit: Baddha Utthita Parsvakonasana • Find length in your side body from your heel to your fingertips with Extended Side Angle Pose. • Side Angle relieves stiffness in the shoulders and back. It stretches the groins, spine, waist, chest and shoulders. • The twist stimulates and massages abdominal organs while this variation of a lunge increases stamina, endurance and balance. It is therapeutic for digestive issues, infertility, sciatica and low back pain. • This energetic asana will tone your hips, butt, and thighs.

Lizard Lunge - Sanskrit: Utthan Pristhasana • Utthan Pristhasana pose gives a deep stretch to the lower abdomen including the pelvic area. The pelvic floor muscles provide foundational support for the reproductive organs. • Lizard Lunge tones the gluteus maximus muscles that are used for walking, running and extending the thigh. The deep stretch at the lower abdomen improves flexibility surrounding the hip. This pose also lengthens the hamstring and quadricep muscles to strengthen the legs. • Lizard Lunge is a mild versatile exercise that strengthens the groin and inner hamstrings while preparing the body for deeper hip openers. 19

20. MBS (Yoga Pose)

Seated Lotus Forward Fold

Sanskrit: Padmasana

• Lotus Pose has the power to settle your nerves, awaken your energy, and quiet your mind. • Lotus is one of yoga's quintessential poses. The arrangement of your hands and feet in the pose resembles the petals of a lotus flower—the blossom that grows from its base in the mud to rest above the water and open to the sun. • This pose opens the hips, knees, and ankles; stretches the hip flexors and sacral area; and orients the pelvis and femurs in a strong external rotation. By practicing Padmasana regularly you can greatly reduce overall fatigue as well as awaken numerous health benefits. Along with increased flexibility, some of these benefits include less anxiety, increased awareness, good posture and reduced sciatic pain. This pose can also alleviate insomnia, improve digestion and strengthen joints. It helps to increase circulation in the lower spine as you energize and tone the abdominal muscles and organs

Three-Legged Down Dog Sanskrit: Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana

• In this variation of Downward Facing Dog, Three-legged Down Dog has all the same benefits. But with one leg up in the air, it offers further benefits and the fun challenge that comes from working with asymmetrical balance. • Even though you are standing on two hands and one leg, use core strength to square the shoulders and pelvis. This is the key to finding stability when you begin to lift one leg.

Downward Facing Dog Sanskrit: Adho Mukha Svanasana

• Breathing evenly in Downward facing dog calms the brain and relieves stress and mild depression. It energizes the body while stretching and strengthening the shoulders, hamstrings, calves, arches, and hands. Downward Facing Dog relieves headache, insomnia, back pain, and fatigue. And it’s therapeutic for high blood pressure, asthma, flat feet, sciatica and sinusitis. It can help to prevent osteoporosis and also improve digestion. • Downward Facing dog creates space inside the torso for better organ function.


21. MBS (Yoga Pose)

Scorpion Handstand Sanskrit: Vrischikasana

• An advanced variation of handstand that opens the chest and heart through a back bend. Deep back bending in this pose requires core strength and mental focus to stay balanced and aware.

Handstand - Sanskrit: Adho Mukha Vrksasana • Rooting the hands into the mat challenges the body’s equilibrium and reverses the effects of gravity (e.g. compression and shortening of the spine). The reversed flow of blood aids in tissue regeneration. The weight of the abdominal organs on the diaphragm promotes a deeper exhalation which increases the amount of carbon dioxide that is removed from the lungs. • Yoga Handstand also stretches the abdomen and strengthens the shoulders, arms, and wrists. Handstand increases mental clarity, awareness and the capacity to focus. Increased blood flow in Yoga Handstand is also linked to stress release and reduced depression. So not only does it renew the body, it also re-centers the mind. Handstand builds confidence and brightens the spirit. 21


22. Mind Body Spirit (Spirit)

ur lifestyles are ones of packed calendars, busy daily schedules, and demanding commitments that leave us exhausted, empty, and unengaged at the end of the day. We are constantly squeezing out every millisecond of the day to be able to fit in all that we “need” to do. We have trained ourselves to think that busyness is productivity, abundant living, and soul satisfying. I am the guiltiest of the guilty in this aspect of my life. If I am

AUTHOR: LINDSAY HEARD not careful, I will quickly allow my life to be overtaken by my calendar and my todo lists. This way of living truly depletes us so much that when we finally make it to our free time to rest and restore ourselves, we can do nothing more than mindless consumption of social media or television. What if I told you that by adding something to your schedule could actually lessen the burdens of the busy life? God says, “Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalms 46:10) The words be still may be foreign to most of us. These words may be terrifying to others. Or they may be words that seem so far out of reach that we laugh at the thought of being still. When, where, and how am 22

I going to be still? Regardless of your reaction to “be still,” many of us have lost the art of being still and being in the presence of God. Jesus says that “in me you have peace.” (John 16:33; emphasis mine) Oh, how I wish I could meet you face to face and look you in the eyes and proclaim to you the power of being in the presence of the Prince of Peace. Peace - that is what we are all searching for and hoping for and yearning for. If you are a follower of Christ, Jesus is our Peace. When we intentionally seek Him and add space in our lives for this, His abundance fills us. We live in and through His peace. We are no longer running on empty, but we are filled and made whole and able to peaceably live with a different perspective and purpose. Jesus said, “I have come to give you abundant life.” No longer do you have to live burdened and weary lives because He calls all who are weary and offers rest. How do we live in His peace? How do we let go of the busyness and trade it for an abundant life that is balanced with rest, peace, and purpose? How do we experience the “peace which transcends all understanding” that God offers us? We be still and know. We pray. We gaze at Him and worship Him. I cannot help but be drawn to the story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10. Martha was a woman who opened her home to Jesus as He was passing through their town of Bethany. By this time, Jesus had already performed miracles, was known as a great teacher, and had been declared Messiah and Son of God. Can you feel the pressure that Martha must have felt to open up her home to someone of such

When someone asks how you are doing, how do you answer most often? If you are like me, I have moved away from answering this question with well, fine, or great, and in its place, quickly reply with an exhausted sigh of “I am busy and tired!”

great importance? She (just as I would) was so consumed with preparing her home, making sure everything was just right, and checking things off her to do list that when Jesus actually arrived, we see that Martha’s heart was not prepared to be in His presence, to really soak in who He was. The Bible says that she was “distracted, worried and upset.” Martha was very busy. On the other hand, we see Mary in this story who was a woman who did not allow the busyness of all the preparations to distract her from whom she was actually about to be in the presence of. She chose to let go of the to do list in order to make room to be still. We see her in the story “sitting at the feet of the Lord listening to what He said.” I imagine Mary gazing at Jesus, in awe of who He was, soaking up everything He said and everything He offered. We too are called to sit at the feet of Jesus and gaze at Him. We must intentionally choose to spend time with Him through the act of being still and praying. This is how we find soul restoration, renewal, and revival. When we are spending time with Him, fixing our eyes on the One who offers rest, praying to Him, we cannot help but be transformed by Him. He renews us. He restores us. He fills us with peace.

23. MindMBody Spirit (Spirit)

artin Luther once said, “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” Prayer is our lifeline to God, a vital part to our relationship with our Father. Conversation is the way we most connect with people in our lives; therefore, it is only fitting that this an essential part to growing in our faith and relationship with Jesus. We cannot expect to live a life loving Him without talking to Him, without breathing Him in. We can pray anytime, anyplace, and in any way, but I also believe that it is essential to have a specific time for prayer. When we set aside time to talk with God and listen to Him, we are preparing our hearts to love Him, worship Him, and receive Him. When we are in constant communication with God, we can feel His closeness, His peace, His joy. When we are not abiding in Him, our eyes are often drawn away from Him and instead consumed with all of the other preparations just like Martha was. This produces a life where the burdens of busyness leave us exhausted because we are not living out our purpose in Him. We are not resting in Him. Our lives become more about ourselves and less about what we were created for…loving Him and others. Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!... The Lord is near. Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:4-7) St. Augustine once prayed, “Thou hast made us for Thyself, and our heart is restless, until it finds its rest in Thee.” We all know what it is like to have an inner restlessness that brings about the exhaustion and emptiness we experience in this life. Once we choose not be estranged from our God, we will be filled with His holy peace that transforms us and calms our restless souls. We will be made whole, complete, and restored in Him. We will find true rest in Him. I encourage and challenge you to add the most important thing to your calendar each day as we start this new year. Schedule a time to be still and know that He is God. Spend time in prayer, thanking Him, praising Him, asking Him for the peace, rest, and restoration He has promised. Shared in love, Lindsay Heard


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When you find the perfect color, nothing else will do. When you find the perfect color, nothing else will do. When you find the perfect color, nothing else will do. Perfection comes from our paint and our proprietary Gennex® Perfection comes from our paint and our proprietary Gennex®® Perfection comes from our paint and our proprietary Gennex colorants, together, creating results that are breathtaking. colorants, together, creating results that are breathtaking. colorants, together, creating results that are breathtaking. Rely on Benjamin Moore for premium quality and Rely on Benjamin Moore for premium quality and Rely on Benjamin Moore for premium quality and Gennex Color Technology, which makes our Gennex Color Technology, which makes our Gennex Color Technology, which makes our long-lasting colors, all 3,500 of them, one-of-a-kind. long-lasting colors, all 3,500 of them, one-of-a-kind. long-lasting colors, all 3,500 of them, one-of-a-kind. Unmatchable. Unmatchable. Unmatchable.

WALL: Stormy Monday 2112-50, Aura® Eggshell


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WALL: Stormy Monday WALL: 2112-50,Stormy Aura® Monday Eggshell 2112-50, Aura® Eggshell


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32. DIY with withBridget Bridget



CRACK AT IT A quick DIY guide to repairing imperfections in your walls

Whether Uncle Eddie is finally gone or the cousins played ball in the house one too many times, you may now need to fix a few holes or cracks in the walls. Don’t worry, I can help. Although I hoped that painting over cracks and holes would make them disappear, I was dead wrong. Actually skipping the patching process will make those imperfections even worse!

Good news – it’s simple to fill gaps with just a little time and a few tools. 1. If you are repairing a very fine crack use the edge of the putty knife to widen the crack and remove any loose material inside. You want to make it a little deeper and wider so the filler can actually be pushed in there. 2. Now brush or vacuum out the 4. area to remove dust and other debris (or you can use a damp cloth) and you’re ready for a filler. If you don’t clean the area, the filler may not dry or grip the surface of the wall properly. 3. Now, load your putty knife with filler (either spackle or joint compound) and with even pressure, slide the knife over the area that needs to be filled. You may need to do this process a 32

What you need: • putty knife • fine-grit sandpaper • sponge or cloth • paint brush • spackle and primer

few times depending on the size and depth of the crack. Important tip – Be sure to wait until the previous layer is dry before adding another. Trust me, it will end up looking like Aunt Belle’s cake pan when she forgot to coat it first. Let’s just say, try to avoid this mistake.

Once it’s dry, very lightly sand with fine-grit sandpaper and wipe it down with a damp cloth or sponge. Then, use a good primer to seal the filler and prevent it from absorbing the new paint you’ll eventually use to cover it. If you have some old paint or need a new custom match, be sure to fan or feather out the paint around the edges. If you throw some paint on only the section that was repaired, even Granny will be able to see the patch.

with Bridget Y33. DIY the

ou may feel like your home is in dire need of a top-tobottom makeover, fighting urges to toss everything out and replace furniture, lighting, flooring, and other accents with completely new finds. But there’s a solution that gives your home a fresh look without having to redecorate – and it’s easier to pull off than you would ever believe. Paint can breathe new life into any room in your home, but your walls aren’t the only place that can benefit from a fresh coat. Did you know that you can paint furniture, floors, cabinets, and even pottery and glass? With the right formula and a little planning, a paint-focused makeover isn’t just possible, it’s easy, too.


Let’s paint those kitchen cabinets…


ainting the kitchen cabinets saves you a bundle: It costs about a tenth of what new ones do. And if you put in the prep time, the rest is gravy. Remove the doors and drawers, unscrew and label the hardware (don’t forget to label so you can put everything back in the right place), and spray and wipe down every last inch of the boxes, fronts, or shelves with a degreasing cleaner; try TSP. You may not be using the ole Fry Daddy but trust me, those cabinets have some grease on them – cleaning with TSP is not a step to skip. Even a tiny bit of moisture can cause bleed-through on the final finish; it looks like yellow or brown dots. Cabinets are made of myriad materials, from solid wood to plastic laminate; if you’re unsure what to use on yours, bring a door with you to the local paint store and ask an expert. When you’re ready to go, sand or use a deglosser (a liquid that dulls the old coating), prime (this will help make the final coat last and look fantastic for years to come), and sand again. Apply multiple THIN coats of a semigloss or gloss paint with a microfiber roller. They’ll look shiny and new in no time. 33

34. Vertage

BATON ROUGE Acadian Village 3535 Perkins Road Suite 365 (225) 761-1170


Main Street at River Rance 201 Settlers Trace Blvd. Suite 3009 (337) 991-9980

SHREVEPORT Shoppes at Bellemead 6535 Youree Drive Suite 406 (318) 798-3265

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35. Window Genie Ad


AWARDS ›› Locals Love Us winner 2019 ›› Best of Home Advisor 2018 and 2019

3 KEY FOCUSES ›› Window cleaning, pressure washing, gutter cleaning, and full-service exterior care. ›› We want to help you take care of your biggest asset – your home or business. ›› Locally owned and operated.

hen Anna and Eric Gnann opened Window Genie of Shreveport-Bossier City in June of 2017, it was the FIRST Window Genie Franchise in the state of Louisiana. The couple was excited to embark upon this journey of small business ownership. Eric is a former “company man” who fulfilled a lifelong goal by opening his own business, and Anna is a Speech/ Language Pathologist for Caddo Parish Schools. They have two teenage daughters and two fun-loving dogs. Window Genie is a locally owned and operated franchise. It is part of the Neighborly Group, which has 14 home service brands with 3700 franchises across the US and Canada. Window Genie is an exterior cleaning company that focuses on window cleaning, pressure/power washing, gutter cleaning and roof debris removal, architectural window film, and installing holiday lights. @windowgeniesbc


Why Window Genie? ANNA GNANN:

We wanted to open a business that will help people take care of their greatest asset – their home. We know that it makes people feel good to have a clean home. Families today are busier than ever. Between work, kids, community, and taking care of aging parents, it is hard to find the time to take care of your home. Additionally, most people don’t have the equipment and know-how to take care of things correctly and safely. Window Genie is here to help you improve the value of your home or business. We take pride in our business, our employees and our community, and want to help spread “Genie Power” across the area.

318-626-7667 35

36. Rodeo (Jacob Talley AUTHOR: ANGELA VINET



n arena packed with thousands of rodeoloving fans at the Calgary Stampede was witness to an incredible event July 5th - 14th watching America’s cowboy, Jacob Talley, wrestle steer only 11 weeks after a complete pectoralis tear. Pure grit and determination by Talley to repair his body coupled with dedicated trainers and physical therapists reaped huge rewards as Talley was crowned the second best steer wrestler in the world, missing first place by only .03 seconds - just the beginning for this American cowboy. Jacob’s path to becoming one of the best steer wrestlers in America starts with happy memories growing


From Tragedy to Triumph

up around rodeos and horses as a child. After spending his high school years playing football under the skilled coaching eyes of none other than Super Bowl winning, NFL Coach Doug Pederson while coaching at Calvary Baptist Academy in Shreveport, Louisiana, alongside professional and collegiate athletic trainer Matt Merry, Jacob was a standout athlete. He was a hard worker, always putting in more training time than other students with a never-ending smile on his face. Shortly after the years of football glory were gone, Jacob’s drive to compete led him to a new path, one that would prove to be one of the toughest jobs around, steer wrestling. With the American

cowboy as a dying breed, the amount of resolve it takes to become one of the best in the rodeo world brings a toughness not many can handle. In order to succeed in the rodeo business, cowboys must win if they want to survive. Bruised and battered, driving through the night only to sleep a few hours before the arena calls again, these cowpokes live for the thrill of the competition. New to his sport, Jacob has been rodeoing since a pack of cowboys took him under their wing showing him how to make his dream a reality in 2015. Now, at 28 years old, he is prime to become the best steer wrestler in America if not the world. Injuries are not new to Talley, who had his mouth shattered by a steer in 2017 flattening his teeth to the

37. Rodeo (Jacob Talley) Amy Talley, Jacob’s Mom

After watching her son dominate on the high school football field, Amy Talley knew he would need to find another roof of his mouth. He has had bones crushed, broken, and most athletic passion after graduation. Much to her surprise, Jacob recently muscles torn with a pectoral muscle rolling down his decided to try his hand at bull dogging after years of growing arm after throwing a steer down. Yet, none of these mishaps have up around horses and rodeo life but never showing an swayed this cowboy to do anything other than try harder to become interest in participating. better. Jacob was a natural horse rider and bull dogger. At this point, Amy knew he must purse this new-found passion. In the professional rodeo world, only the top 15 money winners The most difficult aspect of being a bull dogger’s mother are considered the best. Those top 15 cowboys have all eyes on the is letting go. Amy had to hand over her role as motherly National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Jacob has competed protector and as the saying goes, “Let go, and let God.” twice. Jacob has managed to compete in the two main rodeos to which She knew she had to allow Jacob to turn into the man every professional cowboy aims to be invited, the National Finals Rodeo he was meant to be, which meant letting him walk and the Calgary Stampede in Canada, which accepts only the top 10 his own path. The path of a bull dogger is a dangerous one Americans and top 10 Canadians. filled with severe consequences - injury, poverty, Jacob was informed of his invitation only days before his debilitating and mortality. As a professional bull dogger’s pectoralis tear. It was devastating. All of the work, all of the sleepless nights, mother, Amy is the backbone of Jacob’s fan club. all of the sweat to gain entry as a top contender only to be sidelined with an She offers her love and support to Jacob. She injury that typically has a minimum of 6 months healing time was a crushing attends his events. She hurts when he hurts. blow. Jacob had only 11 weeks until Calgary. In the moments after surgery in That’s what mothers do, even when your baby grows up to be a cowboy. California where his tear occurred, he decided right then and there to do what

it takes to not only attend the Calgary Rodeo, but be an active competitor. Telling his band of brothers in the rodeo circuit he would see them in Calgary in just 11 short weeks, Jacob was determined to heal his body. He immediately messaged his longtime friend, training partner, and coach, Matt Merry, CSCS now Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at D1-Shreveport. Matt devised a plan to aggressively strengthen Jacob’s body while protecting the injury site. This method of strength training not only helps reduce atrophy to the injured area, but also kept Jacob strong - strong enough to turn a 400-pound steer in 3.6 seconds 11 weeks later. It would hurt, be difficult, and require a tremendous amount of discipline to accomplish proper healing and reduce scar tissue, yet his physical therapists and coach worked side by side to help Jacob get back on top.


38. ½ Rodeo • ½ D1 Training Ad

Back home in Shreveport, Louisiana, Jacob’s training facility, D1-Shreveport, works in partnership with The Edge Physical Therapy under the same roof. When training at D1, athletes walk a few steps into physical therapy if they strained a muscle or need counsel while training. The physical therapists send their patients to the D1’s certified coaches and training programs for strengthening and mobility training - a symbiotic relationship. Both physical therapists Trent Wierick, PT, DPT and Kelli Snyder, PT, DPT knew because Jacob came in strong and healthy, his daily dedication to gaining mobility, flexibility and repairing the tear could work with Jacob’s above average pectoral strength. This unique approach of athletic training coupled with intense physical therapy proved to dramatically improve healing time with Jacob’s sheer determination to get better. Meeting with PT before workouts to loosen muscles and


breaking down the scar tissue followed by an intense workout within the proper protocol, ended with a trip back to PT where he would ice and stretch. Every day he would follow this protocol. Every day he would work toward healing. He gave up tobacco, he ate clean, and this bull dogger’s determination proved true when by his own choice he threw down steer at the Calgary Stampede with the best of the best. Jacob attributes his recovery to the incredible work and daily communication of his Physical Therapists Wierick and Snyder along with his longtime Coach and friend Merry, while each in turn attributes Jacob’s recovery to his character and never- give-up attitude. Jacob defied the odds and came out a big winner with his horizons burning bright as American’s cowboy. “Blaze your own trail, everything is impossible until it’s done once.” Jacob Talley

Angela Vinet, Author A Louisiana freelance writer for over 20 years, Angela Vinet calls North Louisiana home. As a nature enthusiast, she enjoys any outdoor adventure in her beloved Louisiana. Wife to Robert for half of her life and mom to three active boys, this former science teacher turned writer’s perspective begins with finding silver linings in life for there is always something to be happy about.

i l e m s t u a n e d e u e N 39. oster Need aFsmile tuneAd up? p?



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1914 E. 70th St., #H


3011 Airline Dr.39

40. Fox on Demand Ad

6 012 Line Ave. Shreveport (318) 606-4558

41. Ricky and Lauren Love




ife happens so fast. Every day makes us who we are, for better or for worse. When you’re young, you see things one way, but as you get older,

you start to see things differently. To some people, growing up and getting older means more endings than beginnings. For Ricky and me, it’s just the opposite! You might think you know how your life will turn out, but you never know when it could grow into something beautiful that you’d never expect. If there’s anything I’ve learned in my 55 years, it’s that it is never too late for love, and it just might come from the place you always hoped it would. 41


42. Ricky and Lauren Love

ccording to Ricky, our story started at University Elementary School. That’s when we met for the first time. Imagine that — We were only children! After University, we went to Youree Drive Junior High and Captain Shreve High School together. We even graduated in the same class in 1982! All those years we were right alongside one another. Just about everyone had a crush on Ricky and I certainly did! One moment in particular stands out in my memory from all those years ago. It’s vivid and surreal to think about now in my adulthood. I was in seventh grade looking at our yearbook from Youree Drive, staring at who I thought to be the most beautiful boy in the world. He was so handsome with his blonde, feathered hair — my goodness! He could have been in Tiger Beat along with David Cassidy, my favorite star crush in the 1970s. It’s funny how that moment in time stands out to me even now at 55 years old. It makes me wonder if it was a premonition of some kind — a soul connection that only my subconscious could understand at the time. It may sound crazy, but love often works that way. It can make you feel crazy in the best way. That beautiful, blonde boy was Ricky Fox, and he turned out to be my perfect match. Before I share any more, I’ll let him tell you about this part from his perspective!


Love from Ricky’s perspective…

an you imagine knowing someone your whole life and not truly connecting until your 50s? That’s Lauren and me. We went to school together all our lives — we even graduated from LSUS together. We never dated but she was my “secret pal” for football. She had to roll my house with toilet paper in the front yard but was such a scaredy-cat! I later


found out she thought I’d wake up and catch her. So we had small, fun interactions like that when we were younger. It wasn’t anything serious until much, much later though. I knew her, but I didn’t really see her the way I do now. In recent years, I always ran into Lauren and her friends at different local restaurants or social settings. After a couple of years, I found

out she was single again. Then it dawned on me: Wow, how did I miss this in high school? I could see her in a way I missed when I was younger. But this time I was paying attention. One night at a local restaurant, Windrush Grill, I sat down at a table with her and some friends to socialize. During the conversation, I mentioned I

43. Ricky and Lauren Love

was going to organize our 35-year high school reunion and would be looking for a venue that upcoming Thursday. I needed help with it, so Lauren said she would help organize with me. She agreed to meet that Thursday afternoon to look at potential venues. I wasn’t sure if she would show, but she did, and I suppose the rest is history. We have not been apart since that day. A year and a half later, I proposed to Lauren at Windrush where it all started! She is my perfect better half. We enjoy life together and are


compatible in every way! We share the same views and like the same things. I feel so at home with her — like we’ve always been together. In a way, we have because we’ve known each other all our lives, but being in love makes it all the more fun! I honestly never thought I would remarry, but Lauren came along and completely changed my mindset. I couldn’t let her get away this time! I knew she was a keeper. She is the most amazing woman — smart, beautiful, creative, fun, and an

excellent businesswoman. We try not to let those missed years get us down because we know we are each other’s happy ending. There are moments when it’s hard to keep from wondering what our lives would have been like if we had hit if off sooner, but we’ve decided to make the most of the time we have now. We can appreciate the history we shared without knowing where it would take us. Now that we know what we have, it’s the best, and I am the happiest I’ve ever been.

Lauren’s Love story…

know I said Ricky was my perfect match, but it took many twists and turns over the years for us to finally figure that out! Ricky was one of the cutest boys in our class, and sixteen-year-old me might have had a heart attack if he had

noticed me! To be honest, he still makes me feel that way. I guess that’s how you know it’s the real deal! As thankful as I am for the life we share together now, I can’t help but wonder how amazing life could have been if only we had started

dating back then and realized we were made for each other. He was under my nose all of those years and I had no clue. But I’m a firm believer in timing, so I suppose we had lessons to learn before we became Mr. & Mrs. Ricky Fox! Like Ricky said, we reconnected on January 19, 2017, and have not been apart since! I have been living my best life with a true partner who is supportive, thoughtful, fun and just the most amazing man in the world to me. We enjoy the same things, which allows us to be partners in a new way with the businesses we run together. I am the founder of Sleek Physique, a boutique fitness studio that I sold this summer. Ricky has been the support I needed to pursue a new venture — My online exercise classes take up most of my professional time and energy, and Ricky is there through it all. He’s the best partner! We started our own nonprofit together, too. The Fox Fitness Project exists to fight childhood obesity. We get to do all this because of our shared passion for health and fitness, and I never dreamed I’d be living a life like this! 43

44. Ricky and Lauren Love • ½ Pattons make good

We do everything together and are totally content in the big moments and small ones. Whether we are having coffee on our patio in the morning or traveling somewhere we’ve never been, we finally have each other and are doing our best to make up for lost time! We don’t want to miss a thing now that we have each other. We waited a long time to reach this point, and I truly believe it is never too late for love. It may not come when you hope or expect, but when it does, hold on and don’t let go! I am so very thankful for our story and can’t wait to spend the rest of our days together. I’m so grateful to get to share our story, and starting in early 2020, the journey will continue with our new reality show, #MEETTHEFOXES! I never would have dreamed this would happen, but here we are. I’m forever glad to have met my Mr. Fox!


Patton’s Downtown Patton’s Ruston

PARKTRENTON AVENUEST., in RUSTON 814 RUSTON pattonsdowntown PattonsDowntown (318) 255.3990 pattonsruston



Patton’s Shreveport Downtown

PIERREMONT MALL in SHREVEPORT 126 W. PARK AVE., RUSTON pattonsshreveport PattonsShreveport (318) 202.3807 pattonsdowntown


Patton’s Ruston Patton’s Shreveport

814 4801 N. TRENTON in RUSTON LINE AVE. #10 pattonsruston PattonsWesternWear (318) 219.4124



Get Foxy Foxes C and M A K E 2 045. 2 0 YOUR BE S T Y C E AR Y ET

• Orthodontics • Preventative Care • Restorations

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• Teeth Whitening 406 Turtle Creek Drive - Shreveport • 318.797.0006 • Bonding M-W 8:30-5 Thur 8:30-4 Fri 8:30-2 • Veneers

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I help busy women get meaningful weekly workouts at home so they look FABULOUS, feel healthy, and are full of energy! Get fit with Lauren anywhere and on your own time.


• Full family dental care


• Implant Dentistry


Fox Family Dentistry established in 1963 by Dr. Dick Fox and proudly carried on by Dr Ricky Fox since 1991


• A non-profit designed to combat childhood obesity and foster healthy lifestyles for future generations.

with the

• Botox

• Helping children become physically, emotionaly and spititually healthy to reach their highest potential

• Juvederm • Voluma

• Providing fitness and nutrition training that is fun and engaging for parents and children.

Wishing you a HAPPY and HEALTHY New Year Love, Ricky & Lauren FOX

46. Hostess The Magical Season of



id January through February can seemingly drag on with its bitter wet cold winter weather and no fun in sight. After all the holiday hustle and bustle has died down and everyone has recovered, we are all looking forward to spring and tired of being stuck inside. Never fear my friends… here in Louisiana we do not let the winter blues drag us down. We Mardi Gras. We revel in this carnival celebration that lasts several weeks until Ash Wednesday, then and only then do we really start our “resolutions” for 40 days of Lent. But let’s not jump ahead; let’s plan the most glamorous party of the season right at home.



47. Hostess

t was my pleasure to help the Duggans plan the best celebration for his 60th birthday, which happened to fall during the carnival season. What better way to be lavish Louisiana than to have a two-for-one party? The hostess invited guests by hand delivering back boxes with invitations nestled in moss with party favors like tiny Mardi Gras masks and tarot cards to give guests a teaser of what was to come. The evening consisted of a menu to please even the most particular Krewe King and decor to wow the Duchess of Ceremonies. We started with expanding the living space right out onto the back patio with a clear view tent where gold chandeliers hung from what appeared to be the starry sky, a warming fire pit, along with a raw and charbroiled oyster station. Inside, Professor Porkchop set the tone with classic jazz piano tunes while

guests mingled and enjoyed passed hors d’oeuvres and a bar filled with classic New Orleans cocktails. On the side patio above the pool hung colorful umbrellas and string lights, and inside the pool cabana was a tarot card reading station, setting the tone for a Jackson Square carnival evening. My most treasured adornment was the centerpieces the hostess created herself. She placed real oak branches in large vases to resemble a miniature live oak and draped it with Spanish moss, twinkling lights and colorful beads. It was such a nice change from the expected flower arrangement. To finish the evening, we passed hot beignets with bourbon milk punch shooters while the kitchen housed a 4-foot-tall tower of mini king cakes topped off with a birthday cake fit for a king. Creating an experience is my favorite party to plan, and this one was one to be remembered.


48. Hostess


49. Hostess

Oysters Drago 8 ounces butter (softened) 2 tablespoons garlic (finely chopped) 1 teaspoon black pepper Pinch dried oregano 18 large oysters (freshly shucked on the half shell) 1 ounce Parmesan cheese (grated) 1 ounce Romano cheese (grated) 2 teaspoons flat-leaf parsley (chopped) • Step 1: Heat gas or charcoal grill to high heat. • Step 2: In a medium bowl, mix melted butter with garlic, pepper, and oregano. • Step 3: Place oysters on the half shell right over the hottest part of the grill and spoon enough of the seasoned butter over the oysters so that some overflows and causes the fire to flame up. They are ready when they puff and curl up on the sides! • Step 4: Remove from the grill and sprinkle parmesan and parsley on top. Serve with French bread!

Pimento Cheese Gougères Makes 24 The gougère dough can be made 4 hours ahead. Cover and chill until ready to use. Also, you can freeze completely cooked and cooled gougères for up to 1 month. To reheat, place the frozen gougères on a baking sheet, cover loosely with foil and bake at 350 degrees for 10 minutes, until warmed through.

½ cup (1 stick) of unsalted butter, cut into cubes ¾ teaspoon of kosher salt 1¼ cups of all-purpose flour 1 (4 ounce) jar of diced pimento, drained 4 eggs 1 ½ cups (6 ounces) of finely shredded sharp cheddar 1 ½ teaspoons of whole grain mustard ½ teaspoon of fresh thyme leaves ½ teaspoon of cracked black

pepper ¼ teaspoon of cayenne pepper 1 egg yolk • Preheat oven to 400 degrees • Step 1: Over medium heat in a medium-sized saucepan, combine butter, salt and 1 cup of water and bring to a boil, stirring constantly for 1 minute. Add flour and beat vigorously with a wooden spoon for another minute until the mixture is smooth and pulls away from the side of the pan, forming a ball. • Reduce the heat to low, stirring constantly for 2 minutes. At this point, the dough will begin to dry out. Remove from heat and let stand 5 minutes. • Step 2: Meanwhile, finely chop the drained pimentos and drain again on a paper towel. • Add eggs to the slightly cooled

dough one at a time, stirring well between each addition. At this point, you will feel as if you completely ruined the dough, but trust me. Just keep stirring. Add pimentos, cheese, mustard, thyme leaves, black pepper and cayenne pepper. Keeping stirring until all of the ingredients are incorporated. • Step 3: On a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, create 1-inch mounds of dough, 2 inches apart either by piping the dough using a plastic bag or by using a small cookie dough scoop or a tablespoon. Whisk yolk and 1 teaspoon of water together and brush onto gougères. • Step 4: Bake gougères until puffed and golden, about 20-25 minutes. Allow to cool on the baking sheet for a few minutes. Enjoy!

Crawfish Bisque The beauty behind this bisque? Simply blend the ingredients and process until smooth. Makes 6 Servings

6 tablespoons (3 oz.) salted butter 6 tablespoons all-purpose flour 1 medium-size yellow onion, diced 1 red bell pepper, diced 2 celery stalks, diced 2 garlic cloves 1 medium tomato, diced 1½ teaspoons kosher salt ½ teaspoon black pepper ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper 3 cups seafood stock 4 fresh thyme sprigs 2 bay leaves

½ cup dry sherry cooking wine, divided 1 pound frozen peeled crawfish tails, thawed and divided ½ cup heavy whipping cream 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon hot sauce 2 tablespoons chopped chives • Step 1: Melt butter in a saucepan over medium. Whisk in flour until combined. Reduce heat to medium-low, and cook, stirring constantly, until roux is pale brown, about 10 minutes. Add onion, bell pepper, celery, garlic, tomato, salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper,

and cook, stirring occasionally, 5 minutes. Increase heat to medium-high. Whisk in stock, thyme, bay leaves, and ¼ cup cooking wine, and cook 10 minutes. Add half of crawfish, and cook 2 minutes. • Step 2: Transfer mixture to a blender, and process until smooth, 30 seconds. Return to pan, and place over mediumlow. Stir in cream, lemon juice, hot sauce, and remaining crawfish and ¼ cup cooking wine. Bring to a low simmer, and cook until heated, about 5 minutes. Spoon into six bowls, and top with chives.



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51. Learning Rx Ad 1



But she won’t outgrow her learning issues without help.





change a brain–and a learning difference–today.


brain-based challenges can Visit tobe start a conversation with our changed. staff. We can assess and uncover the “WHY” behind your child’s struggle and what you can do to

But she won’t outgrow her l Visit Don’t Miss to start a conversation with our • HEAL and Nchildren staff. We can uncover V 1 in in the U.S. RAI5assess t have learning attention the “WHY” behind yourand child’s s issues.1 But with the right struggle and what you can do to t instruction and support, change a brain—and a learning s brain-based challenges can gn n i difference—today. c beit ichanged. em ve A w a re n e s s S TH

1 in 5 children in the U.S. have andin attention 1 inlearning 5 children the U.S. 1 issues. But with the have learning andright attention instruction1 and support, issues. But with thecan right brain-based challenges beinstruction changed. and support,


March 13th & 14th sponosored by LearningRx-Shreveport

8856 Youree Drive, Suite D, Shreveport, LA 71115 | 318.797.8523 Source: National Center for Learning Disabilities


Source: National Center for Learning Disabilities



52. Donesa


he jumble of letters and symbols wasn’t getting any better no matter how long he looked at it. It didn’t seem to matter how strong the medicine was that his doctor prescribed, his mind still couldn’t focus on these archaic symbols and understand their meaning so once again, he gave up with a headache and a sigh of frustration. It was now an everyday occurrence and he was tired of fighting to try. Kevin* begin to try to think back to his whole school career and when was the last time he truly felt successful in school. He still loved building and he remembered his kindergarten class…that was it… the last time he felt happy at school and excited about learning. Kevin watched his Kindergarten teacher, Ms. Baker. She was so pretty and smart. He wanted to be just like her when he grew up, well, really, just like his daddy, but smart like Ms. Baker. Ms. Baker was making some pretty markings on the board and wanted him to make them on his 52

p ap e r too. One of them looked just like a bridge tunnel. He liked to build bridge tunnels. Then she handed out papers to color of the bridge tunnel. She called it something else, a fancy name like N, but he was confused about that. For now, he just wanted to think about the bridge. He really liked building and he could make this bridge really cool with his colors, so he began to really enjoy that. He thought about Batman fighting the Rock on the bridge tunnel while he was coloring and suddenly, he heard his name being called. The class was going out to recess and Ms. Baker wanted his paper, but he wasn’t finished making it pretty for her, so he stuffed it into his desk. He would give it to her later after lunch when he had time to finish the pretty bridge. Kevin never finished his bridge tunnel coloring. In fact, it wasn’t

long after that his mother came to visit the school and talk to Ms. Baker. Ms. Baker told his mother that Kevin had trouble with attention and couldn’t complete his work and focus in class, so his mother took him to the doctor, and he got some medicine. The problem was that the medicine did not make the jumbled symbols and letters make sense either. Kevin wasn’t sure what the medicine was supposed to do, but mostly, it made him tired and he just didn’t feel like doing too much anymore. Thinking back to that day, Kevin wonders why it was so easy for the other kids and why he has struggled so much. Kevin has been on medicine since Kindergarten

53. Donesa

and he still cannot read. He is in special classes to read and he had even memorized some words, enough that most people think he reads just fine but to Kevin, words and sounds related to symbols on a page are still a mystery. This is one story of a dyslexic child. Dyslexia is not a disease nor really a dysfunction as some may define it but rather an inefficiency of the brain to decode the symbols called letters when grouped together into sounds and to code those same groupings into words. There are many different types of dyslexia and most are overlooked. It is obvious when students struggle with sounds and reading that there is a reading problem and that is one reason the National Center for Learning Disabilities has determined that 1 in every 5 children struggle with a learning disability. The scary thing is that it is higher than that, as 2 in 5 children struggle with reading specifically and only one of these will be correctly diagnosed and treated. More often than not, children are incorrectly diagnosed, and

proper treatment is rarely applied as in a typical school system, struggling students continue to grow to hate learning. I often am asked why so many who come to my learning center are dyslexic or struggle with reading. It is because their parents have finally found a place to make a difference in their child’s life and have chosen to take that step. What makes brain training different than the other interventions of the educational world specific to dyslexia? The one to one intervention. The sequence of the skills delivered simultaneously. The addressing of all the underlying skills that cause dyslexia and not just the auditory weaknesses addressed by an interventionist or speech therapist in a group setting. Training the brain to tune into the important aspects of learning. Showing the brain how to code these sounds into a pattern of language. The intensity of the sessions that allow the brain to automatically discover that neurons that fire together, wire together. The constant feedback from the personal trainer who cares about every aspect in the child’s life and can incorporate these frustrating details into the pattern of training for that day, demonstrating to the child how to channel that frustration and anger into a usable skill for learning. This is the difference. Kevin came to my center in middle school. He had given up on learning and was perpetually beat BY DONESA WALKER, M.ED. OWNER OF LEARNINGRX AND BRAIN TRAIN LEARNING SOLUTIONS


54. ½ Donesa • ½ St Marks Ad

down. His parents had tried everything and had given up hope, worrying that Kevin would never be able to stand on his own two feet. He loved sports and he was good at it. He loved drawing and building and her was good at that. He even loved his classmates and teachers, but he was not good at school. Through the years, he had had teachers who really took that extra time and he had struggled on. This year, he was just too tired of it all and he began acting out which got him into further trouble. Kevin came to my center as an undiagnosed dyslexic young teen. He came angry at the world and had given up on learning. Weeks later, I watched Kevin begin to read for himself. At first, it was a struggle, but he now understood the code and he felt confident in himself because he now knew there was a team of willing people supporting him, coaching him, cheering him on. His teachers, his personal brain trainer, the staff at LearningRx, his parents, everyone around him began to see this amazing young man come out of his shell and thrive. As I write this, I just received a text from his mother a few days ago. He is serving our country in the armed forces as an officer. He has graduated college and is married with a child. He is thriving and has chosen to go back to get his Master’s degree so after the military, he intends to help others by building the bridges he dreamed of in Kindergarten.



This is my why.

LearningRx is a passion for me. It doesn’t make me a lot of money nor does it make me a superstar on the scene in the community. All the Kevins out there are my why. For they are my future and I am theirs. The superheroes in this story isn’t Batman, but rather the parents who brought their son to LearningRx, Kevin himself for sticking it out until he could get help and all of the brain trainers who give their lives to changing the lives of others. I salute my staff and am grateful for the opportunity to change lives daily. Today as I write this, we celebrate 11 years of changing lives one brain at a time. *name was changed to protect privacy of this particular individual, but this is a true story based on a real client of LearningRx in Shreveport, LA.

JAN 29: 9am-1pm & 5:30-6:30pm



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• Home school, private school and local public school shopping guides • Adult Learning Options • Cognitive Therapy


8856 Youree Dr., Ste D1 | Shreveport, LA 71115 | 318.644.3884

56. This is 40



57. This is 40

The husband and the children won’t get on board. It’s as if eating lean meat and vegetables will cause them to burst into flames.


orty is upon me like the impending hangover from a cheap vodka martini. It’s coming, and it’s going to be painful. And although, I’ve had some subtle hints of its arrival along the way, I’m bracing for more not-so-subtle change. Last month I threw out my back while assembling the Christmas tree. It’s a thing that happens to me more and more these days. There’s a spot in between my shoulder blades that hates me. I feel great when crawling in bed for the night, but in the morning, I wake up incapacitated. It seems to despise me the most when I have a looming deadline at work or when I’m entertaining guests the following day. This 40 thing is most definitely happening. I’ve mastered the art of work / life balance. I work and run kids non-stop until I fall flat out on day one of vacation. It’s as if I tell my body to hold on until I cross the finish line into days off. Then I sleep away the fever over several days while the rest of my family enjoys the holiday or vacation or whatever fabulous break we had planned. And all the while, I balance — laying flat on my face. But seriously, my body is beginning to show its limits. After years of passing annual checkups with flying colors, I now find myself justifying that the rising number in the “normal range” is still normal. But after viewing my results, I jump in the car and floor it to Kroger. Loading my buggy with all the fruit and vegetables it’ll hold, I commit to making a change. I convince myself that my whole family will make a change — for the sake of our fasting blood glucose levels. However, no one at home shares my enthusiasm. The husband and the children won’t get on board. It’s as if eating lean meat and vegetables will cause them to burst into flames. I’m holding this battle front alone, and so, over time, we backslide. As it turns out, quinoa cannot compete with Little Debbie. My house is aging too. We’ve lived in our house long enough to need a style upgrade, so last fall we finally bit the bullet and spent some money. Although he wouldn’t say it, I’m certain that we spent a little more than Pat was comfortable with. Then

Dakota broke a window, the dog chewed through the Freon line burning up a coil in the AC unit, and the garage door motor quit in the same week. A month later, the microwave, washer, and dryer all pooped out. It was a great day to be a Denney. I keep eyeballing the fridge and the dishwasher to see if they emit the sounds of a quitter. Now I know why my grandmother told me not to finance my appliances into my mortgage. While I may be losing my footing physically, I feel like I’ve gained traction on the emotional front. Last week, I listened as an argument started between friends, threw up the pause hand signal as the conversation begin, and redirected them to talk each other instead of to me. Ain’t nobody got time for triangulation. While I’m not big on rules, I do publicly admit to enforcing one. If you feel the need to talk about me, please 57

58. This is 40

do it behind my back. It’s one less thing I have to worry about. “No” has made its way into my vocabulary, and I’m learning to use it. At the end of the day, there’s just not enough of me to go around. My days are so filled with obligations, that I rarely have the time or energy to do the things that recharge my batteries. It’s the blessing and the curse of being loved. So, if I happen to direct a “no” your way, please understand it isn’t personal. It’s an effort at selfcare. What can I say about 40? I’ve lived long enough for a style to go out of fashion and then back in only for me to be too old to sport any of it the second time around. Both mobile phones and the internet were invented in my lifetime. I’ve spent a lot of breath trying to convince my kids that Dave Matthews Band is as relevant as my dad believed Led Zepplin to be. Even more unbelievable to them is that the attacks of September 11th happened while I was in college. Over the last four decades, I have developed some questions of my own. For one, how long will my youngest child continue to point at my stomach and ask me if I’m having another baby? Who decided that injecting botulism into one’s face is a good idea, but more importantly, why am I considering it? What, exactly, is the purpose of Twitter? For me, the bright light of approaching 40 has brought three things into focus: my morality, my mortality, and my


newly established mustache. These days, I attend fewer weddings and more funerals. I’ve learned that life is fragile and unpredictable. On my way up the ladder, I grew weary of looking at the rear end of the person in front of me. So, I jumped off. Then the craziest thing happened. I realized that no amount of climbing could produce anything greater than the blessings I already had. Today my gatherings are smaller, more selective, and I’m feeling less of a need to post about them on social media. More and more I’m drawn to authenticity and am turned off by facades. Because all that glitters is, in fact, not gold. On a daily basis, I try desperately to show up for the people who matter most, but in all honesty, I only have it about 75 percent together. I’ve come to the realization that I can’t be it all. At some point, I had to choose: clean house, well-fed family, physically fit physique, successful career, world traveler, advanced education, volunteer extraordinaire, well-dressed, super mom. This list makes me think of the experiment that was conducted when the makers of Barbie translated her human equivalent into a computer-generated image. As my mama would say, “bless her heart, she was a funny looking little thing.” Too much of a good thing is plainly just too much. The process of aging has granted me permission to drop the labels and seek contentment. I’m learning to reconnect with my spouse. Instead of counting the hours until Pat gets off

59. This is 40 • ½ Broadmoor Family Dental (pickup?)

duty, I’m duty,counting I’m counting the years the years I haveIleft have with leftus with all us under all under one one roof. We roof.regularly We regularly retreatretreat to spend to spend time in time nature. in nature. It never It never fails tofails puttousput back us together. back together. At this Attime, this time, I would I would like tolike thank to thank chocolate chocolate and red and red wine for wine remaining for remaining off theoffnaughty the naughty list. You list.complete You complete me. me. I’m convinced I’m convinced that for that allfor theall boring the boring old lady oldthings lady things that that are happening are happening to me,toI me, get an I get awesome an awesome point point to offset to offset its its drag on drag myoncharacter. my character. I mayIgo may bedgoearlier bed earlier on Friday on Friday night night than any thanother any other day ofday theof week, the week, but I can but drink I can drink more more coffeecoffee than than Will Will Ferrell’s Ferrell’s character character in thein movie the movie Kicking Kicking and and Screaming. Screaming. I mayIread may every read every good good non-fiction non-fiction book book I can I can get my gethands my hands on, but on,I but can Isuccessfully can successfully grow grow carrots carrots from from seed. seed. I mayIthink may think oatmeal oatmeal is delicious, is delicious, but I can but Istill canroller still roller skate skate in a Halloween in a Halloween costume. costume. I can Ino can longer no longer jump jump on a on a trampoline trampoline without without wetting wetting my pants, my pants, but I’ve butmastered I’ve mastered the the boiledboiled egg and eggrice. and rice. So this, Somy this, fortieth my fortieth year on year planet on planet Earth,Earth, I will Icelebrate will celebrate the beautiful, the beautiful, imperfectly imperfectly perfect perfect life God life has Godgifted has gifted me. me. I’ll rejoice I’ll rejoice in myincompetence my competence and respect and respect my weaknesses. my weaknesses. I’ll listen I’ll listen to thetolimits the limits of myofbody my body and try andnot trytonot be to selfbe selfdefeating. defeating. I’m going I’m going to purchase to purchase that sectional, that sectional, because because I I want to want continue to continue to snuggle to snuggle with my withgrowing my growing We’reWe’re biggerbigger than we than used we to used be,to but be,that’s but that’s OK. Because OK. Because this isthis 40, is 40, and that andmuch that much fabulousness fabulousness needsneeds roomroom to spread to spread out. out.

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Happy New Year from our family to yours

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REALW RESULTS... 60. eight New Years Resolution Know More

for your

: n o i t u l 0 R eso



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62. Myron 2020 Trends

Myron Griffing and Elizabeth Bowen with Space:Interiors

Well my goodness gracious, it’s 2020…Sounds so futuristic, doesn’t it? But, alas, no flying cars, no personal jetpacks and we still put our pants on one leg at a time. Some things never change, but styles and trends do. It is my job to be aware of new trends, colors, styles, etc. So let’s just jump right in, shall we?

2020 Design Trends



Warmer tones are making a comeback. Not abrasive vivid colors like red, orange, yellow, but their softer-toned cousins of merlot, burnt orange/ terracotta and ochre. These colors are best used in moderation as accent colors in furniture, rugs, art and maybe just the ceilings. An entire room painted ochre may be a bit much, so just remember, too much of anything is too much! White and grey are still popular colors and we still use them, but grey has definitely had its peak, so don’t paint your entire home grey instead of beige/tan. If you do choose this color, vary the tones in different rooms, just paint your molding the same in all rooms. I also love black, glossy (for a modern vibe) or matte (for a formal vibe). Either is fine with me and you know what they say, once you go black…! Smoky blues, pale blushes and greens are always good, too.


Natural and plush materials are HUGE this year, especially when layered. Sheepskin/Mongolian leather, concrete/stone, and natural wood should make its way into your accessories or room this year. Think tactile! Natural linens, raw silk, velvet, and a host of plush manmade materials can be introduced into your space to give it a cozy, comfortable and inviting vibe. Oh, if you choose to have concrete floors, then please, I beg you, leave them the natural color, stained concrete is a 20-year-old trend that just won’t seem to go Cher’s Farewell tour! 62

The Mix63. Myron

2020 Trends

This is really the cornerstone of what Space: interiors is all about. Mixing in heirloom, estate pieces with more modern, current pieces. This will give your home a “collected-over-time” feel and not merely purchased. I love to recover an inherited or purchased antique chair in modern fabrics; it’s the perfect blending of old and new. Don’t be afraid of this mixing technique. I am a firm believer in the visceral response to items or fabric, in that, if you “love it”... it will work! Trust your gut! This mix also works with fabric and prints. The key is a unifying element like color, texture or pattern. If you repeat a pattern such as a stripe, then you can use multiple colors in one space and the stripe will make it cohesive.


Metallics, organic, and oversized. These 3 looks will be very popular this year. Gold is still King in 2020, whether shiny, mottled, matte or tarnished, this finish is at the very top and you should have some somewhere in your home! Organic can mean a lot of things, but I’m talking about pieces made from stone, marble, wood, brass, bronze or steel. These finishes never go out of style really and again, mix up your metals and woods! Oversized lamps are huge (pun intended) this year. Think 1970s BIG! Actually, pick up a pair of ‘70s lamps at local thrift, antique stores or flea markets. These are statement pieces and show your guests that you aren’t afraid of being bold. In this specific case, size does matter! 63

64. Myron Art2020 trends • ½ CEM Ad

I realize art is subjective and everyone has their own and here is my only tip. Buy Original Art! It’s not as expensive as you may think and we’ve a plethora of outlets in which to purchase. C&C Mercantile, Agora Borealis, Kings Antiques, Caboose Antiques and monthly Downtown Art walks, just to name a few. We also have a very deep well of local talent and I’m always looking for folks to purchase from. Remember; It’s always better to own a real “nobody” than a fake somebody! Tip: tie the colors of your art with room color, pillows or rug. Folks, these are just some tips to help you in your decision making for this year. If this is beyond your skill set, then by all means, give us a call, but at least give it a try. Most items (aside from estate sales/antiques) can be returned if they don’t work. Don’t be afraid to try something new and don’t make the mistake of repeating older styles/trends and regretting your decisions. Much like this year, hindsight is 20/20!

CUSTOM ORDER SALE! All custom orders are 20% OFF during the month of FEBRUARY All sales final for custom orders.



65. Ruston Brick (pickup from Jan/Feb 19)

Where cozy meets luxury

Serving North Louisiana since 1894

66. Integrate Your Health (Seasonal Depression) Integrate Your Health:

Beating the Winter Blues


all is a favorite season for many people. From October to January, there is an abundance of holidays full of excitement and celebration. For some, however, the winter season brings melancholy. The days become shorter and the temperatures colder, creating a setup for the winter blues. The winter blues are feelings of sadness and a lack of energy that occur during the winter season. It is very common and can lead to trouble sleeping, feeling less social, and a lack of motivation. It is thought that the winter blues are caused by a decrease in sunlight exposure. The lack of sunlight can affect the level of chemicals in the brain that control mood and disrupt circadian rhythms, the body’s internal clock that controls the sleep-wake cycle. Although on the same spectrum, the winter blues

INTEGRATE YOUR HEALTH with Dr. Nicole Cotter


differ from a more severe form of depression called seasonal affective disorder (SAD). SAD is a form of depression that begins and ends during a specific season every year and completely remits in between. It typically occurs during the fall and winter months, interferes with daily functioning, and can be debilitating. The primary symptoms of SAD are feelings of sadness and low energy, but those affected may also have difficulty concentrating, withdraw from social situations, and feel hopeless. SAD is more common in young women and those that live farther from the equator. It is estimated that people are ten times more likely to have SAD in Alaska than in the southern United States. If you think you or a loved one may have SAD, seek medical attention.

Dr. Nicole M. Cotter is a medical doctor dual-boarded in and practicing Rheumatology and Integrative Medicine. She is the owner of Nicole Cotter MD, an integrative consultative practice where she partners with patients to create personalized health plans that integrate complementary medicine with conventional to care for the whole person.

67. IYH

There are things that we can do to combat the winter blues:

❄❄GET MORE LIGHT. Open the curtains and roll up the blinds. Turn on lights and lamps in your home during the day. Get outside during daylight hours. ❄❄STAY IN A REGULAR ROUTINE. Keep up with your regular activities. Go to bed and wake at the same time every day. Purchase a dawn simulator, a device that will cause the lights in your bedroom to gradually brighten over a period of time, making it easier to wake at your regular time if the sun has yet to rise. ❄❄KEEP ACTIVE. Exercise is a natural antidepressant, particularly if you do it outside. If indoor activity is all that is available to you, do it because there are still great benefits. Consider layering up, however, and heading outside for a walk, run, or game with friends. ❄❄EAT WELL. Remember that you are what you eat. If you feed your body nutritious foods, it will be better balanced and able to handle stressors that come along. If you eat a diet high in sugar and refined carbohydrates, the blood sugar roller coaster will contribute to sleep disturbances and feelings of depression. Give your body the fuel it needs to feel good. ❄❄SOCIALIZE. Being around friends and family can boost your mood. Meet up with your friends, schedule a dinner out, or go to the movies together. Spend time with positive people that make you feel good about yourself. Surround yourself with those who nurture happiness because happiness is contagious. ❄❄SET GOALS. Have a plan not only for your day but also for the next few months. Plan a summer vacation. Give yourself something to look forward to. ❄❄BOOST VITAMIN D. Because of decreased sunlight exposure during the winter months, vitamin D levels may drop. Low vitamin D can masquerade as depression and fatigue. Boost your vitamin D by getting outdoors and taking vitamin D supplements if necessary. Ask your doctor to check a vitamin D level to see if you would benefit from supplemental support.


Geriatric Inpatient Treatment Geriatric Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

68. Brentwood

Women’s Program Outpatient Clinic

Military Program



Child Partial Hospitalization Program Adolescent Treatment Program Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program

Mental health problems are very rare.


Mental health MILITARY STAR PROGRAM FEATURES affect Adult Partial Hospitalization Program • Individual, group and family therapy • Rapid response time for admissions • Real-time communication with commanders and • Military specific issue groups 1 in 4 people. Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Adult Psychiatric Program

318.678.7500 • 877.678.7500 (toll free) • 800.558.8022 (fax) Adult Addictive Disease Program 1006 Highland Avenue • Shreveport, LA 71101 problems military health care professionals

Geriatric Inpatient Treatment • Collaborative interdisciplinary treatment team

• Nursing education groups

• IndividualIntensive care basedOutpatient on treatment issues Geriatric Program (IOP)

• Physical training integrated: Certified Physical Trainer; yoga; activity therapy

• DoD approved evidence-based curriculum, including Women’s Program Best Practices from the National Center for PTSD

• Adherence to military medication formulary

• Substance/alcohol Outpatient Clinic abuse treatment: 12 Step and

• Flexible visitation hours for chain of command and chaplain

NA groups; relapse risk prevention and education Military Program

• Transportation assistance

Smart Recovery based programming; on site AA or



Brentwood Hospital offers a continuum of psychiatric services and chemical dependency treatment for children, adolescents, adults and seniors. Our hospital is a confidential, caring environment that promotes crisis resolution, positive self-awareness, social skills and personal growth.

At Brentwood Hospital, the foundation of our treatment rests on quality mental health services that improve the quality of life for our patients. Inpatient and outpatient services aim to stabilize, manage, and improve psychiatric and behavioral health symptoms.

TREATMENT PROGRAMS • Children’s Program • Child Partial Hospitalization Program • Adolescent Treatment Program

• Adolescent Partial Hospitalization Program

• Adult Partial Hospitalization Program

• Geriatric Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP)

• Adult Psychiatric Program

• Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

• Women’s Program

• Geriatric Inpatient Treatment

• Military Program

• Adult Addictive Disease Program

318.678.7500 • 877.678.7500 (toll free) • 800.558.8022 (fax) 1006 Highland Avenue • Shreveport, LA 71101

• Outpatient Clinic

69. RBranding ichard Cre101 ative Ad part 3


Read Online:

Read Online:



part 1

part 2


n today’s market, a professional website is a “must” for every business. From a simple one-page presence, to a highly complex digital storefront, the possibilities are endless! When building a website for your business, there are two audiences to consider – your customers, and Google. If you create a Google-friendly website, it will put your site at the forefront of relevant searches. This can yield HUGE results for your business!

With those two audiences in mind, ask these questions before you get started:

What are your customers looking for? • Attractive, easy-to-navigate design, on a mobile-friendly platform • Localized information and images – not stock photos from “Anywhere, USA”, but personal, familiar landscapes and people. • Answers to their immediate questions: how to access your products or services, and how to get in touch with you.

What is Google looking for? • A mobile-friendly website with regular updates. Blog posts and photos are easy, cost-effective ways to regularly update your website. • Relevant, localized content • Lots of photos and videos – Youtube is a great tool for this!

What to look for in a professional website company: • Your goal should be to connect with the right designer – one who “gets” your business, and who is on the same page with your aesthetic and needs. • The right design company starts with a lot of listening. Once they grasp your specific needs, they will research your competition and target demographic, and propose creative ways for your audience to engage with your online presence. • The right design company will offer great design AND professional content – they are equally important!

A few extra tips: • Confirm that you will fully own your website upon completion of the project • Remember that you will need to pay for a domain name, hosting services, and an SSL annually, so include those costs in your marketing budget • Remember: Your online presence should always match your in-person presence, to give potential clients and partners a taste of what working with you will be like!

Our award-winning website designers & professional content developers are ready to take your business to the next level.


70. B ook Review AudioBook Review WRITTEN BY DANIELLE RICHARD

#1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author and host of the podcast REVISIONIST HISTORY Malcolm Gladwell


Read by the author

alcolm Gladwell’s “Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know” was released in audiobook format in September of 2019 and I was eager to listen. Gladwell has earned a reputation for well-researched writing and captivating storytelling and I was already a fan. Much to my delight, I found that Gladwell himself provided the narration. Personally, I am a big fan of audiobooks read by the author. They tend to sound and feel more authentic and emotional when the narrator has a personal connection to the content. With already high expectations, I was immediately impressed with the production quality of the audiobook. I didn’t even realize that the concept of an author-narrated audiobook COULD be improved upon, but Gladwell managed to craft a listening experience much like you would expect from high-quality radio and podcast programs. At every possible instance, “Talking to Strangers” incorporates the voices of those involved in the story and with whom Gladwell spoke along the way. It also includes a first for an audiobook: a theme song! The moving beat of Janelle Monae’s “Hell You Talmbout” enhances and punctuates the narrative throughout. This isn’t just a regular audiobook -- it’s a listening EXPERIENCE. Accompanying this compelling audio production is some heavy subject matter, filled with stories of injustice and human suffering. Fair warning: some readers may find parts of the narrative difficult at times. Although the topic isn’t exactly easy to digest, I found the comparisons and uncovering of root causes fascinating. 70

Humans, by their very nature, tend to get a few things wrong when sizing up other humans -- especially those with whom they don’t already have an existing relationship. As a result, misunderstandings abound throughout society. Gladwell unpacks many examples, including the arrest and subsequent death of Sandra Bland in 2015, years of abuse by Jerry Sandusky in the 90’s and 2000’s, the wrongful conviction of Amanda Knox in Italy in 2007, and the Brock Turner rape case from Stanford University in 2015. Through these examples, Gladwell shares three very powerful ways we tend to get things wrong, and how we can account for these tendencies going forward.

71. Book Review

The first two misunderstandings describe our tendencies to “Default to Truth” and our assumption of “Transparency” in facial expressions of emotion as we interact with others. Both are compelling points and Gladwell backs them up with both evidence and anecdote. It was the final concept of “Coupling,” however, that surprised me the most. Much of human behavior is “coupled” to a specific place or time period. This phenomenon manifests in many surprising ways but, in essence, the environment itself can lead to certain human behaviors -- good or bad. For instance, a simple safety net installed on the Golden Gate Bridge during renovations and maintenance actually decreased the OVERALL number of suicides in the area during that time period. Surprisingly, people who contemplate suicide may abandon those plans when their expected means are unavailable. In the 1950’s, when the city of London changed the type of gas provided to its citizens’ homes, a common method of suicide at the time was no longer available. As a result, the OVERALL suicide rate fell dramatically. Researchers found that the decision to take one’s own life was coupled to a specific, readily-available method. So, what does coupling have to do with our interactions with strangers? A group of researchers in the 1970’s found that the majority of crime in any city is typically concentrated to only about 3-5% of the geographical area. Crime itself is coupled to a specific location. These researchers developed what became known as the Kansas City Preventive Patrol Experiment to carefully study, plan, and test theories about the most effective policing methods for reducing crime. They

found that if they identified these parts of town and focused their efforts there, increasing patrols and aggressively targeting anyone who committed the slightest of infractions (broken headlights, expired license plates, etc.), they could successfully reduce the crime rate in the city as a whole. Remarkably, during this 7-month trial, the beefed-up patrol managed to take 29 illegal guns off the street, averaged more than 2 arrests per night, and more than 5 citations per shift. The key finding, however, is that that type of aggressive policing ONLY works when it’s done in the 5% of the city where crime is most concentrated and ONLY from the hours of 7 p.m. to 1 a.m. This preventive policing was never intended for the remaining 95% of the city or for daylight hours, where it only resulted in angering citizens without affecting crime. Unfortunately, some modern day law enforcement techniques have evolved towards this particular aggressive style of policing, without regard to WHEN or WHERE the operations are conducted. Combine this misuse of time and place of aggressive policing with the human tendency to misunderstand strangers from differing backgrounds, and we continue to see failed outcomes, as in the case of Sandra Bland. In spite of the suffering and trauma retold here by Gladwell, the overarching message is one of hope. Through diligence and persistence, paired with valid research and data, we can improve and learn from mistakes of the past. I am ever hopeful that as we learn more about human behavior, we will also learn to apply that knowledge to the systems and infrastructure that we’ve built around us.

About the reviewer:

Danielle Williamson Richard is a graphic designer, owner of Richard Creative, and the art director of Lola Magazine. She is all about organizing and creating, and has been a book nerd her whole life. Audiobooks and podcasts have become a near-obsession in her adult life, as listening while doing mundane chores makes for a much happier mama. Danielle is the mother of two exceptional children,

and spends her days managing Richard Creative with her husband, James.


72. Britt Elizabeth






The “Us Up North” Kitchen 300 North Allen • Shreveport usupnorth



1 large cabbage 2½ - 3 lbs., select one with green outer leaves 1½ C sliced smoked sausage* 3 large smoked turkey necks* ½ med onion yellow chopped ½ green bell pepper small chopped 2 C water 2 T seasoned salt 1 T garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder Salt & Pepper to taste • Cover turkey with water and boil until the meat is tender but not falling apart (about 45-50 min).


• Saute onions, bell pepper and sausage until sausage is brown and vegetables are tender. • Chop cabbage into strips or 2 inch bite sized pieces reserving one green leaf. Do not chop that leaf. Remove and discard core. Wash leaves until water runs clear. • In a medium pot, toss cabbage in onion mixture with water and smoked meat. Cover and cook over medium heat for about 25 minutes or until desired tenderness. • Adjust seasonings. • Serves 6-8 *use more or less and substitute for ham hocks if desired


ake one dollar bill and wrap it in the reserved green leaf. Place it next to the money in your wallet. It

will bring you good luck and prosperity throughout the year, never having to use your “last dollar”. New Years 2021, toss the leaf and repeat. 73

74. Teri Keeping it Real:



hen a city girl marries a country boy, it can sometimes feel like you are living right smack dab in the middle of a sitcom or a Saturday Night Live skit. It’s a collision course of two worlds that can be a beautiful, wonderful and hilarious don’t take life too seriously and if you are able to find the humor in your differences. The very first time I took note of how different my husband’s world was to mine was when I made the trip to meet his family at their home in Slaughter, Louisiana. I remember walking into their living room and immediately taking note of the many deer heads hanging on their walls. I had never seen anything like it. There were deer, squirrels and even a fan of turkey feathers mounted perfectly on their walls. And just like comedian Jeff Foxworthy had joked about in his “You might be a redneck if...” comedy routine, their working television in their living room actually DID sit on top of their non-working television! Lol! I had grown up in a home with family portraits on our walls, rather than deer heads, so this was such a contrast to what I was used to. I was fascinated and dumbfounded all at the same time. Little did I know back then that a trip to the taxidermist costs just as much, if not more, than a trip to a


portrait studio (I sure as heck know that now.) When I met my future in-laws, I loved them instantly. My husband’s mom offered me the sweetest smile and the warmest embrace, while his dad offered me good olefashioned ribbing. Let’s just say that if he messes with you, he likes you. I will never forget the moment he arose from his recliner to come greet me. As he made his way toward me, I couldn’t help but notice that his face looked a bit deformed. His right cheek looked completely swollen. He was smiling from ear-to-ear and once he reached me to give me a hug, I realized that his cheek wasn’t swollen, it was chalk-full of some sort of dark, leafy product like Popeye the sailor man. When he spoke, he was loud and gregarious, but I couldn’t understand a word he said with all of that chew in his mouth, so I just courtesy laughed my way through that first meeting. After a few moments, my husband’s father reached for a white foam cup. He pulled that cup up to his face and then proceeded to spit the nastiest coffee-colored fluid into that cup right in front of us while he was in the middle of a sentence! No one else acted like anything out of the ordinary had just happened, so neither did I. I just talked myself out of gagging in front of everyone in that moment. A few years later, I bought him his own sleeve of foam cups. I just didn’t see using the same one for days at a time. (Yuck!) So here I was, a girl who had grown up in a non-hunting, non-dipping, non-smoking, non-cussing family, and I had already fallen in love with a man who came from a long line of country folks who did all of the above.

75. Teri


ur children are quite the mix of both sides of our families. Allow me to share with you guys a few funny observations/compromises that I’ve made over the course of my life as the wife and mom of country boys who love to deer and duck hunt.


You can kiss any extra closet space in your home goodbye

A zillion puffy camouflage coats, hoodies, hats and boots will overtake your closets and any other free space available in your home.


You will lose some wall space to animal heads

Just give in to it. It’s happening. Now, if you are clever, like I was, you will talk your husband into closing in the garage and making a man cave/den out of it that you promise he can hang any animal trophy in it that he wants. But be prepared…if you make that promise, you better be ready to ask Jesus to come sit on your tongue when your man turns every bit of that wall space into full-on 3-D looking deer head wallpaper. Humor tip: During the holidays, simply dress each of these deer heads up in full Christmas reindeer attire and label them each as one of Santa’s reindeer. It’s my favorite thing to do each Christmas.


The hunter’s internal clock is a phenomenon to behold

Your hunter may struggle to wake up in the wee hours for a crying baby, but sister, if he has plans to hunt the next morning, his inner clock wakes him up wide-eyed and bushy-tailed before his alarm clock even sings. The energy with which he gets up and outta there to head into the woods is that of a young child on Christmas morning. This will annoy you.


Whether you two come from different backgrounds, different religions, traditions, cultures or whatever...just keep your wits and sense of humor about you and roll with it.

4.Teri 76.

Turkey calls and duck calls will send you to a psyche ward

This is only true if your hunter and his offspring insist on practicing their instrument in the house…daily…with no care…how it grates on your nerves. Oh, they will think it’s hilarious to continue yelping and quacking after you have asked them nicely to stop. But then, something will shift in the “anger” nerve section of your brain when they continue to ignore your request to stop loudly quacking…..and that is when… You. Will. Lose. IT. An explosion of anger will erupt from your throat that makes the sounds of their turkey and duck calls wither in smallness. In that moment, it will feel as though time halted and the world stopped spinning. Once your head swivels back around to the front of your body and all of the smoke that bellowed out of your ears has dissipated, they will finally and instantly give in to your request. But, here’s the kicker: They will look at YOU like you are the crazy one and then patronizingly say something like, “Okay, okay, Mom. We were just trying to have a little fun. Geez…Chill.” And with that laaaaast order to “chill,” you will indeed reach for a straight jacket to place upon yourself so as not to kill them with your bare hands.


The home furnishing compromise

Rather than purchasing that night table for your husband’s side of the bed to finish off the look of your master bedroom, you will be talked into getting a gun vault instead. It won’t be the accent piece you dreamed of and you’ll never be booked on the “Parade of Homes” route, but it’ll keep your people safe and sound. And quite frankly, there’s just too much time and work involved to have your home in that kind of parade anyway…soooo… I’ll take the vault.


Your carport, garage or shed will be converted into a mini Bass Pro Shop

This is usually where your ATVs are stored, along with twenty bags of corn, a thousand duck decoys, duck blind material, nets, loads of lanterns and flashlights, a few propane heaters (which actually come in handy on those cold soccer nights), waders and more puffy camouflage coats that couldn’t fit into anymore closets. My advice? Just roll with it. Actually, that’s my simple advice about marriage in general. Whether you two come from different backgrounds, different religions, traditions, cultures or whatever...just keep your wits and sense of humor about you and roll with it. Be the reason that life has more meaning and is more memorable for those around you. Acknowledge and appreciate the many life lessons you will have acquired by simply living your best life together. Trust this worthwhile journey and always... Keep it real. ;-) 76

PRAY. PLAY. LEARN. It all begins here.

Thank you to everyone who attended

Preschool 2 through 8th Grade

our 2019 Paw Print Sprint and a special THANK YOU to all our Sponsors!



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79. Baby its Cold (Kids activities)

The winter months often bring a lot of “mom, I’m bored” comments. When it’s too cold for kids to play outside, these winter activities will save the day. With just a few ingredients you will keep your sanity and the whole family will have some fun!


80. Baby its Cold


Foam plates Foam bowls Elmer’s Glue (or edible icing if you prefer) Package of mini marshmallows

• • • •

Hot Glue Scissors Xacto knife Toilet paper roll

STEPS • Cut around the foam bowl so there is no flat edge. Cut a toilet paper roll into 2-3 inch. Next, slice each of those pieces in half. At this point, you should have mini arches. • Trace the shape of the dome against the foam bowl and cut it out. Now, you can slide the arch into the bowl, and hot glue it in place. This is the entrance to the igloo. • Hot glue the igloo to the bottom side of a paper plate. • Now comes the fun part – the marshmallows! Begin by covering the entrance to the igloo with Elmer’s Glue.

SNOW FOAM • 4 cups of frozen baking soda • 2-4 cups of shaving cream

STEPS • Add the desired amount of frozen baking soda to a sensory bin or container. We used two large boxes to give us 4 cups of baking soda. • Slowly begin to mix shaving cream into the baking soda, slowly adding more shaving cream and mixing until the desired consistency is reached.

SNOW STORM IN A JAR OR CUP • Oil (vegetable oil or baby oil) • White Washable School Paint • Alka Seltzer Tablets • Cup, Jar, or Bottle


STEPS • • • •

Add 1 cup of water to the vase Mix in 1 tsp of paint (acrylic glitter paint works well too) Add the oil to fill almost to the top of the cup. Break the tablet into pieces and drop one at a time into the oil. You may want to add additional pieces for a blizzard! • Observe the reaction that takes place

81. Baby its Cold


Cotton balls Glue sticks or hot glue Orange foam paper (and other colors for hat or scarf) Googly eyes Buttons or beads Pipe cleaner for arms

STEPS • Cut an orange nose for each snowman from felt. • Glue cotton balls together. • Glue two arms to the snowman made from pipe cleaners. • Glue two googly eyes on the top cotton ball. • Glue buttons or beads to the bottom cotton balls. • Add a hat or be creative with extra materials


SNOWFLAKES • • • • • •

6 Tbsp Borax 2 cups boiling water Dental floss or string 1 wide mouth mason jar or glass 1 pipe cleaner 1 pencil or chopstick

STEPS • Bring your water to a boil • While waiting for the water to boil, cut your pipe cleaner into three equal sized pieces • Now line the pipe cleaner pieces up and twist in the middle, to hold them together in a snowflake shape • Tie the string or floss to one of the pieces of pipe cleaner, then tie onto the chopstick or pencil • Pour 2 cups boiling water into the mason jar • Add the borax • Stir until it is dissolved • Place the pipe cleaner into the water, letting it hang from the pencil or chopstick • Leave your snowflake sitting on the counter overnight. In the morning it will be covered in crystals! 81

82. Anna Gleason

“Working with Heather was such a

great experience! She went out of her way to meet my every expectation. Heather found me the perfect home and made me feel like family. Her professionalism and true desire to take care of her clients is unmatched.� -Maggie Wiggins


83. Chef Hardette Harris THANK YOU for ONE YEAR of Mercantile Magic

Happy 2020, Derek & Lauren Simmons


Local Art Custom Furniture


Craft Coffee


Custom Lighting

Lamp Repair Vintage Lighting

84. Clint REVIVAL: A Resolution of restoration


evival is defined as an instance of something becoming popular, active, or important again. As we begin a new year, we make promises to revive ourselves from the year that has passed. Many times, we resolve to restore our lives mentally, physically and emotionally. We make lists within our minds to make ultimate transformations. It’s that time of year when the tradition of New Year’s resolutions manifests. We all make that promise to ourselves to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice as opening doors for people beginning from New Year’s Day. But as each year brings its own personal goals and associated challenges, nothing carries as much weight as the old standby, getting in shape. If we could only lose that holiday weight, which often was already there since August. It slightly makes us feel better to think we amassed those pounds during the holiday season. We jump into January with the thought of getting in better shape than we have been in years. We try the cabbage soup cleanse to detox our bodies. We drink the extra water to flush out our system. We count the calories and cut back our portions each meal. We turn into rabbits eating salads. We make sacrifices in order to shrink down As aggressive as we are to take on this challenge, we quickly lose steam. We regress and the old habits take us through a series of yo-yo diets for the next twelve months. We struggle until it is summer and want that beach body. We Photoshop our social media photos so others don’t think we look like what the mirror shows us. We place so much pressure on ourselves that we lose sight of the big picture. We beat ourselves up for not sticking with it. We become frustrated and depressed that we failed ourselves. We worry too much about how society thinks we should be. Personally, we should strive to be as healthy as we possibly can be. Much of the time the physical struggle is due to an emotional and mental struggle with each of us. We are so down and out that our moods regulate the drive and desire to be our fittest. It is a struggle each of us experiences at some point on our lives. Therapy is the gym of the mind. Meditation and medications often give us the solidarity and peace of mind to step out into this world. A spiritual cleanse is the perfect way to focus on achieving


the goals you want to set forth in this year. Hanging on to the baggage only makes for a longer journey to finding out centers of happiness. We merely exist amongst the living in a state of darkness. We hope to revitalize our lives. WRITTEN BY We just forget that it takes effort. We CLINTON become complacent. We live our lives DOWNING through others. Social media becomes our life support. We forget how to communicate and interact with others. We text and message and forget the gift of conversation. We become mutes to the world we are in. The hearing impaired no longer read our lips because they do not move. Our fingers do the talking. With every key pressed on our phones or laptops, we forget to have a voice. We forget how to communicate. We no longer make phone calls. We become intoxicated with social anxiety. We become our own worst enemies. We have nothing to say for fear that no one will want to listen or that whatever we say will sound stupid. From the moment we come into this world, we begin to die. As we progress to our demise, we are to learn and grow in order to enrich our lives here as well as the lives of others. If we become selfish, materialistic or self-centered, we more than likely isolate ourselves. No one wants to be around us. Who could blame them? Why should we be around miserable people when they are not good company? I was once that person. Thankfully, that angst-filled human being is gone. Each day seems so much clearer when we renew our minds, bodies, and souls. We find purpose. We have always possessed our purpose. Some of us just get sidetracked. Sometimes horrible things happen in our lives and we regress. We either become turtles who hide in our shells or we become other than who we truly are meant to be. We wreck our lives in fear that we will crash when we reach our potential, rather than find our best lives and live them to the fullest. We weigh ourselves down with our problems and the problems of others around us. We want to be life savers to others when we cannot even save ourselves. People are quick to point out our flaws and tell us that if we have Jesus in your lives, then it will all work out. Well, it takes more than that. Prayer can make things possible,

85. Clint but we must be willing to allow things to work in favor for our lives. We can be all prayed up and then go back to what brought us misery in the first place. As we begin 2019, it’s time to take out the garbage in your lives and put those kinds of people on the curb. They are more than likely to remain there awhile due to the trash truck’s fear of recycling them into someone else’s life. Re- is a prefix I enjoy using. It is a prefix, occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition, or with the meaning “back” or “backward” to indicate withdrawal or backward motion: Refocus, renew, reinvent, refurbish, restore, re-energize, repair, resolve, reignite, and revitalize are some of my favorite uses of this prefix. We forget to

look at things again differently. The late Maya Angelou’s poem, “The Caged Bird Sings” states, “The caged bird sings with a fearful trill of things unknown but longed for still and his tune is heard on the distant hill. For the

caged bird sings of freedom.” This was written in a time of trauma in her life. The cages we build around us only keep us from our purpose. From a prison cell to the walls of our home, we can only rise above the past and reinvent the directions of our lives. When chances are given for a new life, we must implore all the survival tactics necessary to move forward with a promising future for ourselves and anyone involved in our lives. Old doors close so that new ones can open. Relationships end so that a restoration can begin to bring us back to life. Friendships die so that we might have an enlightenment in our lives. New challenges form so that we might use the wisdom from past obstacles to break through the barriers. Inner peace and strength triumph over fear so that we may soar. For every failure, there is victory. For every sorrow, there is a happiness. For every day, there is a tomorrow. We must pick up the pieces and carry on. We must resolve to keep the resolutions we set forth for ourselves without throwing in the towel. Enjoy this ever-changing journey of life as each new day begins for your body, mind and soul. Just as we work on ourselves, we must dematerialize and remove the clutter in our homes. Hoarding the treasures and purchases we purchased on a whim only attract dust. Storing them in our attics and storage rooms usually devalue them with climate changes. Today’s generation is more of the “disposable generation.”

They don’t appreciate antiques, heirlooms, the fine china or quality furnishings. They opt for the latest trend or furniture that needs to be assembled. They prefer an embossed Styrofoam cup over a Waterford wine glass. Often there is not a place for these great treasures to be passed along. In 2009, I was in a major transition and revival of sorts of my life. I was on a journey of renewal and restoration. During that time, I drew up a plan to create a unique space in downtown Monroe. It would revive a historic space and give it a new life. I’d always had his eye on the building that Revival now inhabits. For a decade, I held on to this vision of creating something unique for the Monroe area with hopes that one day this space would come available. I never lost sight of this dream over the years. In 2017, my friend and developer Jason Thomas acquired the location for future development. When we began working on other building restorations in downtown Monroe, the Wood street building was envisioned for residential and other commercial development. When I expressed my passion and desired development of the space in January 2019, the beginning of its transformation began. The first phase of cosmetic renovations began in February of last year and was completed this fall. Large wrought iron and crystal chandeliers and reproduction ceiling fans of the era were added. A massive restoration of the 85

86. Clint • ½ Stow’s Moving Co

original ornate tin ceiling took place to keep in intact. While it is far from its completion with 3 more phases to go, REVIVAL CONSIGN & DESIGN opened its doors on November 1. Revival is more than just an upscale interior design consignment shop. It is also a concept that is working with local, regional and statewide artists to showcase their talents. After several years of working with physically and developmentally disabled, I have chosen to give creatives with such limitations a place to showcase their creative and artistic talents. Art, handmade jewelry and works will be housed there. It will be a space of inclusion to celebrate talents beyond those limitations. Revival is a very symbolic name for my shop. As my life continues to go through a daily revival, I love seeing art, lighting, antiques, home furnishings, and architectural elements get a new life in a new home. Revival has started out as an interior upscale shop and is looking to expand into the couture and luxury fashion in early 2020. Later into next year, Revival will transform an outdoor space for a botanical and patio furniture gallery. Revival serves clients in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Mississippi so far. Revival is located at 300 Walnut Street in historic downtown Monroe. Revival can be reached at 318-381-8191 as well as on Facebook. As we enter 2020, It might just be time to give your home a revival and let go of some things that are keeping this from happening. Revival is glad to assist with those needs..

Call us today for a free quote

“Exceptional Service! The guys were incredibly careful with all of our

(318) 550-8070

things, and not to mention helpful and friendly. Highly recommend!!” Emily Lawson

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87. Heather Kelly We are pleased to annouce

Anna B. Gleason CPA, CGMA, MACC has joined the audit & advisory practice of

Now located at 2640 Youree Drive Suite 100 Shreveport, Louisiana 71104 318.221.3615



88. Azalea Estates (pickup Jan/ Feb 2019)

The good years are goldenFill them with friendship and fun at Azalea Estates Assisted Living and Retirement Community. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE. Schedule a tour today to learn if Assisted Living is right for you or your loved ones.

1 BR, 2 BR and Studio Assisted Living Apartments available including our brand new Memory Loss and Dementia care secured wing. Housekeeping, Laundry Services, 3 meals served table side daily, enriching activities and excursions, around the clock companion care and our dedicated and compassionate staff make Azalea Estates the premier Assisted Living community in NELA.

4380 OLD STERLINGTON RD MONROE, LA 71203 318-350-6576

To schedule a personal tour, contact us at (318) 343-1626 or email at

89. Lola Lady Nurse of The Year

Lola Lady | Lynette Wade

The Rural Practitioner of the Year recognizes a direct healthcare clinical provider for their leadership in delivering health services to rural populations. Factors taken into consideration for this honor include providing outstanding care, involvement in the community, and lasting contributions to the healthcare system. In grateful appreciation and distinguished recognition of her hard work, devotion and commitment to rural healthcare, the Louisiana Rural Health Association is honored to recognize Mary Lynette Wade as the 2019 Rural Practitioner of the Year. Lynette Wade was born in Downsville. She is married to Percy Wade Jr. They own a cattle farm north of Farmerville. The couple have three children, eleven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. In her spare time, she enjoys being with family, reading and traveling. Lynette is an Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner (APNP) at Union General Hospital’s Rural Health Clinic. She began her career at Union General Hospital in 1979 as an RN Charge Nurse, Director of Quality Assurance, Director of Operating Room and Director of Nursing.

According to those who work with and around her, Lynette is compassionate and caring and has a ferocious advocacy for all of her patients. They can attest to the fact that her work ethic is “beyond the normal human.” She has been in demand for the past 19 years that she’s provided care at Union General Hospital’s Rural Health Clinic. She is loved by all her patients and is often booked two weeks in advance. Everybody wants to be seen by Mrs. Wade.

Union General Hospital’s CEO Evalyn Ormand said, ‘Lynette does not know how NOT to care. Lynette laughs with her patients. She mourns and she celebrates with them. When they need something, she is bound and determined to find a way to get the services they need.” Lynette walks the walk and talks the talk as a caregiver. On one occasion, she marshalled the forces of many others to assist a family in severe need. When Lynette discovered that a young patient of hers was living in extreme poverty, with no electricity and in a dilapidated house, Lynette, with the help of her family and friends, found a clean and safe home for the child and her grandmother. This is just one example of Lynette’s compassion that goes above and beyond. Understandably, as her reputation has grown, Lynette has been approached by many young nurses to be their preceptor while they achieve their APRN status. As a result, the clinic now has contracts with four universities for her to mentor and train these students. Over the years, Lynette has been an active participant in numerous community, civic events and health fairs. She has participated in women’s breast health awareness, a national heart risk study and has provided education to the public. 89


90. Mark Johnson Plumbing (pickup one of 2)

Call us about a WHOLE HOME WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM Serving North Louisiana and all surrounding areas know who is at your door.

• Family Owned and Operated • 24/7 Emergency Service

• Fully Stocked Trucks • Up-front Pricing

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Exceeding Expectations since 1997

91. Dr KarenTION DETOXIFICA What, How, When & Why New Year, New You, correct? We’ve now entered a New Decade, 2020! WRITTEN BY DR. KAREN PENDLETON


any of you may now have resolved to finally get serious about your health. Starting today… But first need to cleanse yourself, eliminating last year’s / last decade’s lifestyle and dietary faux pas. I dare to say that you’ve seen the ads and the social media links, all suggesting you need a “detox”, “cleanse” or “flush” to be healthy. Supplements, teas, homeopathy, coffee enemas, ear candles, and footbaths promise you a detoxified body. Major retailers have entire detox and cleansing categories in supplements and books. Notable health and wellness figures have several detox plans — you just need to decide which one. Some local healthcare providers sell detoxification protocols, including vitamin drips and chelation. Even your local pharmacy probably has a wall of products for sale. The descriptions all suggest detoxing will deliver a renewed body and better health. Well, let’s get to the facts of detoxification aka “detox”.

drugs, alcohol, or other poisons in the body. Purification rituals date back to the earliest reaches of recorded history. The idea that we’re somehow poisoning ourselves and we need to atone for our sins seems to be a part of human nature, which may explain why it’s still a part of most of the world’s religions. However, it’s not the stench or perhaps sin that we’re as worried about today. As our knowledge of biology grew, these fears manifested as “autointoxication.” The belief became focused on cleaning out the bowels, thus you could cure any illness. Today’s version of autointoxication argues that some combination of food additives, sugar, salt, meat, fluoride, prescription drugs, smog, vaccine ingredients, GMOs, and perhaps last night’s bottle of wine are causing a buildup of “toxins” in the body. And don’t forget gluten, the new evil.

What is Detoxification?

Your body’s detoxification pathways occur in a two-stage process (Phase 1 and Phase 2) of metabolism, along with a final stage of transport (Phase 3). Phase one metabolism involves the reduction or hydrolysis of the compound (usually caused by the addition of an oxygen molecule).

“Detox” is a legitimate medical term that has been turned into a marketing strategy. Actual detoxification is provided in hospitals under lifethreatening circumstances — usually when there are dangerous levels of

How is Detoxification accomplished?

Phase two involves conjugation reactions that attach charged hydrophilic (water-loving) molecular entities to reactive metabolites, thus facilitating the elimination through urine or bile. Phase 3 detoxification involves the elimination of toxins from cells. And, this phase also requires your small intestines to be functioning properly. The skin, kidneys, lymphatic system, our gastrointestinal system, and most importantly, the liver make up our astoundingly complex and sophisticated intrinsic detoxification system.

When should Detoxification occur? The answer to the timing of a physician-directed detox is based on the individual’s baseline health status. A comprehensive wellness evaluation is typically my approach before making recommendations on the need and the frequency of a program.

Why Detoxification? If one gets into unorthodox detox treatments, i.e., coffee enemas and/ or chelation, there is the potential for harm. Thus, the goal of any physiciandirected program is to gently and slowly support the process of metabolic detoxification. We live in an everincreasing toxic environment. Many 91

92. Dr Karen

of the toxins also known as Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), are abundant in the environment today and did not exist 30 years ago. These new toxins include certain pesticides, herbicides and industrial chemicals that can enter the body through food, water and air supplies. These toxins over time can negatively impact health, vitality and overall wellness; and may contribute to the development of chronic disease. A physician-directed detoxification program should be simple to complete, effective in outcome and without concern for safety.

Living a Detox Lifestyle Detoxification is a continuous physiologic process that your body depends on for survival. There are complex cellular detoxification mechanisms that are constantly at work for you all day, every day, keeping you healthy in the face of a virtually constant barrage of toxic material. Here are some suggestions that will keep your body’s toxic burden low and your detox mechanisms working for the long haul.

Plastics can leach out hormone disruptors… Never heat food in plastic containers, as this process releases harmful chemicals that can seep into your food. Use glass or ceramic instead. The same holds true for drinking water. Use glass or stainless steel. Remember the best water to drink is Electrolyzed Reduced Water. Review my article in the Sept/ Oct issue of Lola Magazine, Water, the Incredible Life Force…Not All Water Is Created Equal

To aid in lymphatic drainage… Use a dry, natural fiber shower brush or loofah to massage your entire body before you shower or bathe. Start at the


toes and gently scrub, using circular motions towards your heart.

Limit or eliminate use of the microwave oven…

Although the convenience of microwaves is indisputable, this method of heating can disrupt chemical linkages in otherwise healthy foods and can decrease their nutritional value. Heat on the stove top or in an oven whenever possible. Avoid Teflon and synthetic non-stick coating. My favorite cooking resources include the Instant Pot and Saladmaster cookware. This cookware is constructed of 316Ti stainless steel, a premium material that is non-reactive to the acids and enzymes in your food. This, combined with the cooking method, protects the purity and flavor of the ingredients, rendering healthier, more nutritious, flavorful food, every time you cook.

Exercise, need I say more… One of the best ways to increase your metabolic activity is to simply use your body. Daily exercise has innumerable benefits including building lean muscle mass, which helps burn more calories at rest. Consider jumping on a mini trampoline for 3 to 5 minutes a day to boost your health and wellness. Sweating also releases toxins.

Fun and Easy Tips for Enhancing Detoxification Drink one cup of hot Electrolyzed Reduced Water with 10 drops of certified pure, therapeutic-grade lemon oil and 2 pinches of cayenne pepper first thing upon wakening on an empty stomach. Take a warm bath with Epsom salt added to soothe, relax and detox. Try your own ‘hydrotherapy’ in the shower by alternating hot and cold water. This stimulates circulation and

your immune system. Opt for a “Fire and Ice” session. That is the use of an Infrared Sauna and Cryotherapy, either individually or together. Some studies have demonstrated that with the use of an Infrared Sauna, these sessions can contribute to health benefits, such as improvement in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. And, some studies relating to the health benefits of Cryotherapy include reduction of inflammation and the stimulation of collagen. If you are a wine enthusiast, my suggestion is to investigate natural wines because of their benefits. These benefits include low sugar/carb content (ketoand paleo-friendly), lower sulfites, mold-free, no industrial additives, dry farmed (no irrigation), lower alcohol content, naturally or biodynamically farmed and wild native yeast used. Make an alkaline broth. This is a great way to add vegetables to your program.

Conclusion The lifestyle implications of a poor diet and water intake, lack of exercise, smoking, lack of sleep, and alcohol or drug use cannot simply be flushed or purged away. Honor your body and give it appropriate needs, like a gentle and supportive physician-directed metabolic detoxification program; and it will heal itself. For more information on these tips and other resources, contact me at www. DISCLAIMER:

All of the information found in this article is based on the opinion of the author Karen M. Pendleton, M.D. The information is meant to motivate readers to make their own health decisions after consulting with their own health care providers. All readers should consult a doctor before making a health change, especially those that are related to a specific diagnosis or health condition. No information in this article should be relied on in determining a diet, making a medical diagnosis or determining a treatment for a medical condition. The information in this article is not intended to replace a relationship with a qualified healthcare practitioner and is not intended as medical advice. No information in this article should be used to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition.


93. Le Bossier

Bossier’s Premier Event Space

Elegant & Exquisite Event Center in the Historic LeBossier. 4000 Industrial Dr. Bossier City, LA • 318.703.3120 •

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Krewe of Mardi Gras Parade

The Music of Queen January 11

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5 Krewe of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Mardi Gras Parade January 20


February 7

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Barkus & Meoux Mardi Gras Pet Parade


Mardi Gras Parade 9 Downtown Monroe/ West Monroe February 15




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Shreveport Metropolitan Ballet Presents

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Robinson’s Rescue Best in Sheaux

March 13th 6-9 pm & March 14, 2019 9am-3pm

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95. Events


96. From Her PerI spective Emerie remember sitting in my counselor’s office, staring at a bunch of self-help books with tears rolling down my face, wondering how I ended up at this point in my life. I was thirty years old, going through a divorce, raising two young boys, in a job with little pay, and not enough college credits to obtain an undergraduate degree. Yikes! The situation didn’t look good at all! Then, the counselor asked “What makes you happy?” In my mind I was thinking “none of this mess!” He continued “What do you like to do for fun?”, “What is your favorite restaurant?” and so on. I didn’t know how to answer these questions anymore. I had been married. I was a mom. In my mind, what I liked and what made me happy didn’t matter. Double yikes! I had forgotten who I was and all the special things about myself that made me… well, ME! It was at this point that I set out on a journey to find myself again. This was me just eight years ago. It honestly seems like a lifetime ago when I think about it now. I wasn’t this person before. I grew up very strongwilled, independent, kind-hearted, and lover of all people and things! I had become emotionally cold. It was time to warm back up and be happy again. My journey to finding myself again started small. I took some personality tests with my counselor and the results showed that I really liked festivals, live music, social engagements, giving back to the community, and hanging out with friends. Luckily, I had joined an organization the year prior called the Young Professional Initiative (YPI) of Northwest Louisiana and was making new friends and getting involved. Through this organization, there were opportunities to volunteer at various events like Mudbug Madness, Red River Revel, Highland Jazz and Blues Festival, and more. It was so cool! It allowed me the opportunity to utilize my time and talents for the greater good of our community, have fun, and meet 96

some amazing people along the way. This was such a blessing to me! Now that I was gaining my happiness back, I asked myself “What else will make you happy?” The answer was going back to school and finding my dream career gig. I had an associate degree, but that was not enough for me. I started taking one to two classes per quarter, but at this rate, it seemed like it would take forever to complete. I continued working during this time, always looking for my dream job but the kind of career I was looking for required this degree that I was working on. Around this time, some of the local businesses that I had been volunteering with started reaching out to me to do freelance marketing, public relations, and events. These were great opportunities for me to get more experience under my belt while working on my degree. I loved the work I was doing, so why not make a career out of that? It took a big leap of faith, but I decided to create my own business in 2017 called Lagniappe Public Relations, Integrated Marketing, and Events (P.R.I.M.E.), LLC. Now I work with some of my favorite organizations and businesses to help them grow, after they played such a valuable part in helping me gain happiness again. (And I get throw some amazing events in our community!) To my surprise, the business grew extremely fast. I doubled up on classes. I graduated with my Bachelor Degree in 2018, which allowed me to focus more on Lagniappe P.R.I.M.E. I must be crazy right? Own a business, raise kids, go to school, volunteer, and have a social life? Let’s add one more thing… Love. Love was the absolute last thing on my mind. Again, I was emotionally cold… but was getting warmer. I randomly met a handsome fella who became my best friend and swept me off of my feet.

He has two adorable kids that I love as my own. Together, with our kids, we have adventures filled with fun and joy. My heart is very full. These days, I am happy and I am confident in knowing who I am as a person. I know that family, friendship and helping others makes me happy. I know things I like to do for fun are travel, attend festivals, shop and watch college football. I know that Abby Singer’s Bistro is my favorite restaurant. And I know that I don’t have to sacrifice my own happiness for the happiness of others. It took a while to get to this point, but the journey was worth every step. Here are a few things that I learned along the way: “Success is adapting to the season that you are in. Do what you can while you are in this season and have faith in God’s plan and timing.” – Pastor James McMenis Perseverance will always prevail. Everything we do in life revolves around relationships. Surround yourself with good people that support you and challenge you at the same time. “At the end of the day, it’s not about what you have or even what you’ve accomplished…it’s about who you’ve lifted up, who you’ve made better. It’s about what you’ve given back.” – Denzel Washington I hope that my story helps someone else have a little hope for their journey. XO - Emerie

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