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LOUISIANA LADIES 81 Keeping it Real with Teri Netterville What dreams are made of

57 Adulting‌ Is for the Birds A comical perspective on women raising chickens in Louisiana

14 Bonne Fete Maternity Clinic Midwife birthing comes to life in North Louisiana

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69 Agora Borealis Fashion Show 2019 Local designers present their one of a kind looks 29 Derby Day Doing Derby Day in style


92 Kids vs Social Media A look inside the effects that social media has on our kids 64 Move It or Lose It Keeping your mind in shape


20 Hostess with The Mostess The World is your Oyster 86 The Masters of Master Bedrooms Design advice for your happy place

99 Blue Light Glasses A look into new technology for better sight when working and driving 49 Cannabis Oil The benefits and the myths behind the stigma 102 Help For The Helper Mental health advocate brings hope to others through pesonal experience 77 Intergrate your Health What to do now to persevere your bone density health


8 From Her Perspective Melissa Clark Whitworth, former Miss Louisiana and NFL wife shares her perspective on life in the NFL 53 Ochsner Health An Evening for Healers Celebrates Community Helpers and Heroes 41 Eat Fit Louisiana Ochsner Health brings healthy dining options to North Louisiana 106 Shreveport Opera Celebrating 70 years of making musical magic 61 Audiobook review: Factfulness A fact-based perspective on our global world 109 Must attend events

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This one’s for the girls!


nyone remember the 2003 song by Martina McBride? She sings about women in different stages of their lives -- 13, 25 and 42. I was 22 when the song came out and remember thinking 42 is forever away. The song came on the other day as I sat in car line at my daughter’s school. I thought, “WOW! Forty-two is only a few years away, I have indeed earned these laugh lines on my face, and I sure am glad I am no longer eating Spaghetti-Os.” It also got me thinking about us girls. A few times since publishing Lola Magazine, I have been asked if I were a “feminist of sorts.” Lola Magazine being a publication dedicated to women, that’s a fair question, but feminist? Not at all! In fact, I may be a little old fashioned when it comes to the roles of men and women, and I am a sucker for a good, old-fashioned gentleman. That being said, I am continually amazed at the unwavering strength of women, all types of women, from all walks of life. We have mastered the skill of juggling a thousand moving parts at any given time. Most do it with a smile, making it look easy. I’m not telling Noah about the flood, we all know, it’s not always easy. Having the great honor of publishing Lola Magazine has given me the opportunity to meet so many strong, smart, beautiful women. These women are doing big things in our communities, yet still find the time to be great moms and sustain loyal friendships. I have been surrounded by strong women throughout my life. Even after losing my precious mom as a child, I was never at a loss for examples of courageous, compassionate, hard-working women. As an adult, I feel like I hit the “girl tribe” lottery. I have the greatest friends in the world, the best big sister a girl could ask for, my aunts, cousins, and nieces are some of the most fantastic women I know, and I truly hit the mother-in-law jackpot! My gratitude to these women is immeasurable. What a lucky girl I am to have each of them in my life. As in every issue of Lola Magazine, this issue also celebrates women! We bring you an intimate, inside look into the life of NFL wife Melissa Whitworth as she shares her perspective. Spring is in the air and with that brings events to dress for. We have you covered with Ruston Fashion Week, Agora Borealis’ Fashion Show, and looks to turn heads on Derby Day. Learn all about one of Louisiana’s favorite eats, oysters! Make your master bedroom your happy place with design advice from Space: interiors, and start making summer plans with the help of our Summer Camp guide. As you are juggle all the things that come your way, I hope that you find the time to read this issue of Lola Magazine and give yourself a big pat on the back. No matter what stage you find yourself in -- 13, 25, 42 or 90 -- you’ve got this! You are strong, beautiful, and rocking it in this adventure of life!

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S U FOC We are pleased to welcome

Dr. Rachel Meyer-Borel Dr. Borel brings over 13 years of experience to the practice. She is now accepting new patients.

Shreveport Eye Specialists Russell Van Norman MD 318-703-5655 1801 Fairfield Avenue, Suite 207, Shreveport • March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 5


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Vice President | Mortgage diVision


can’t believe that it’s been fifteen years since I made the decision to pursue a career in Mortgage Lending. I began my banking career in Retail Management, and made the decision to transition to Mortgage Lending after one of my business customers suggested that it would suit me well. Once I realized I possessed the confidence necessary to make the change, everything began to fall into place. It didn’t take long at all for me to fall in love with the greater purpose behind the title of ‘Mortgage Loan Officer’ which is to help people realize the dream of home ownership. Eleven years after making the switch, I was given the opportunity to join a highly-respected, local community bank in Northwest Louisiana, who has been specializing in home loans since 1924, and in October of 2015, joined the Home Federal Bank Mortgage Lending Division! I have learned so much from the HFB Mortgage team, with whom I share many wonderful memories. I look forward to my future with HFB and feel extremely lucky to have formed so many meaningful relationships with my colleagues as well as my customers. Being able to work with people from all walks of life has taught me many valuable lessons about how I can better serve our customers. My job changes depending on my customer’s needs. Sometimes, I can be found assisting one customer with establishing their credit in order to purchase a home, and, on the very same day, I will help another customer save their home, when they thought all hope was lost. It is because HFB offers the highest levels of mortgage expertise, along with a wide array of products and services, that I am able to better educate my customers about the building blocks of the mortgage lending process. I find that teaching customers how to navigate the home loan process by leveraging our mortgage expertise with our products and services allows them peace of mind in knowing that all of their needs can be anticipated and met under the same umbrella. Communicating with my customers and creating for them a unique experience is something I truly enjoy. My specialty is providing them with easy strategies that serve as a roadmap to their ultimate financial goals. There’s no “solution-in-acan” for every mortgage need, but there are many good reasons why certain products and services are more successful in suited situations. HFB caters to customers with a diverse array of mortgage products across a large spectrum of budgets. HFB has in-house underwriting, approvals and document processing which means we can make fast decisions and quick closings happen right here. I’ve had so many customers walk into my office with no hope of ever getting approved for a home loan, and then stroll out knowing their dream is going to come true. It’s rewarding to think about how many lives have changed during my time at Home Federal Bank, and it’s even more exciting to think about how many more the future holds.

2555 Viking Dr. Bossier City (318) 674.2611 222 Florida St. Shreveport (318) 841.1170 6363 Youree Dr. Shreveport (318) 674.2626 5841 North Market Shreveport (318) 674.2628 7964 East Texas St. Bossier City (318) 674.2614 Coming in 2019 925 Pierremont Rd. Shreveport

Call Cherine Garrett today and make your dream home a reality.

Direct 318.841.5385

Home Federal Bank NMLS #123004 All loans subject to credit and collateral approval. March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 7

Melissa Whitworth, wife to Los Angeles Rams player, Andrew Whitworth and former Miss Louisiana shares Her Perspective of wins and losses.

From LA to L.A.



hey say, “No one is from Los Angeles, but once you move there, you never leave.” I’ve heard the term “melting pot” used frequently, which has always been ironic since we are originally from Louisiana. Folks like to say Louisiana is a melting pot, too. Two years ago, almost to the very day, we were sitting comfortably in our Fort Thomas, KY, home, less than 5 minutes from downtown Cincinnati, in what I still consider one of the best cul-da-sacs in America. After spending more than a decade as the Cincinnati Bengals left tackle, my husband, Andrew, was an NFL free agent. That meant any team in the NFL was free to sign him. The buildup was intense. The little people in our house didn’t know what was coming. We hadn’t told them anything yet. Why would we? We were almost certain Andrew would re-sign with the Bengals and we would remain where we had always been. He would finish his career where it all started. This was our hope. It didn’t exactly happen how we had hoped. Free agency bidding began around noon that day. We hunkered down at home, stoked the fire and waited on the phone to ring. My parents had flown in from Louisiana “just in case” we signed somewhere besides Cincinnati. They would watch the baby if we needed them to. “We won’t need them,” I told Andrew. “You’ll re-sign here but Dad will be a great calculator during this process because he’s a numbers guy. He can help us figure out exactly what each and every offer boils

down to and if it’s worth us packing up our kids and moving. He will be able to tell us what our best options are.” As I remember, the first team to call was the Los Angeles Chargers. They made a good offer. The next was from the Bengals. It wasn’t a good offer. At all. “It’s just the first day,” Andrew’s agent, Pat Dye said. There was another offer that first day from the Los Angeles Rams. A really solid offer. We knew they wanted him. They had come to play, for sure, but as my Dad put pen to paper and calculated the cost of living in California, the tax bracket, the gigantic pain in the you know what it would be to move our family to the West Coast, and the fact that Andrew would have to start all over with a new team, we all agreed that day, it wasn’t worth it. We went to bed a little unsettled. “It will really ramp up in the morning,” Pat said. “Y’all don’t worry about this.” The next morning, less than 24 hours into the free agency process, it did ramp up. Offers came in from Denver, Minnesota, the New York Jets, and another one from the Rams (an even better one). Each time, Dad would put pen to paper and make his calculations. We would all talk and weigh our options. Andrew called Pat back at dinner that night and said, “I really don’t want to go anywhere else. I want to finish my career in Cincinnati, but their offer isn’t even competitive with the others. Can you reach out to them and see if they will increase their offer?” The answer hit us like a ton of bricks... “Andrew, here’s the text I just received from Troy Blackburn (one of the Bengals’ owners),” Pat’s text read. “I wanted you to

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read it for yourself. I’m sorry.” “We don’t have Andrew valued at that price,” Blackburn said. “He is an aging left tackle. Our offer stands. It will not increase. If he chooses to leave Cincinnati, all good things must come to an end, I guess.” Wow. That was it. Cincinnati didn’t “value Andrew” the way other teams seemed to. It was hurtful and felt personal. We sat in silence for a few minutes not believing what we had just read. Andrew finally broke the tension in the room and called Pat on speaker phone, “Well Pat, I’m still not sure these other offers are worth me leaving Cincinnati.” He REALLY wanted to stay. Pat said, “Let me call the Rams back. They want you badly. I’ll tell them to make an offer you can’t refuse.” Less than 30 minutes later the phone rang. Andrew put Pat on speaker as we all held our breath... “Whit,” he said, “the Rams came back with 3 years $36 million. $15 million guaranteed. That good enough for you? It’ll make you the highest paid left tackle at your age in history.” I looked at my Dad. He tossed down his pad and pen without anyone else saying a word. Dad said, “I don’t have to do the math on that. Y’all are moving to Los Angeles.” The next morning, the news broke. “Andrew Whitworth has agreed to terms with the Los Angeles Rams. He will leave Cincinnati.” My phone flooded with texts, “Ohhhh no, this can’t be true. Please tell me it’s not true!” The twins’ kindergarten teacher texted me. People in Cincinnati were angry. Some at ownership for not doing enough to keep Andrew, some at us for not being “willing to stay for less.” They called him BEFORE a sell-out, another money-hungry NFL player who strictly thought of himself. Not his teammates in Cincinnati, not the fan base, just himself. Oh, if they

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 9

one seemed to notice Andrew. This enormous, behemoth of a man who draws so much attention everywhere we go, got none from the locals. We learned quickly in LA everyone is someone famous and if they aren’t, the old adage, “fake it till you make it,” seemed appropriate. The next morning Andrew left our hotel early for his physical. Two MRIs on his shoulders, two on his hips and one on his knee. Five altogether. He had a long morning. I was getting the kids ready to go to his press conference when Sarah ran into my room crying uncontrollably. “Mommy, why does daddy have to leave the Bengals? I don’t want to leave our house and our school. Why do we have to move?” The boys were right behind her asking the same questions. I’ve never really lied to my kids. Even about the hard things. When they were really little, I would tell them Chick-Fil-A was closed when it wasn’t because I didn’t feel like taking them in to play, but other than that, I mostly tell them the truth. “Baby, daddy didn’t choose to leave Cincinnati. They decided to let him leave. He wasn’t as important to them as we thought he would be. But we are in a new city and this will be an THE WHITWORTH FAMILY AT THE RAMS FIRST adventure. Let’s dry it up and go smile for Daddy. This is TRAINING CAMP exciting for him but it’s also hard. We have to be tough,” I said. My answer seemed to quiet the questioning for the meantime, and we headed down the PCH to what would only knew. Had anyone ever told them in their job, after more soon be our new home. No one in the car said a word. Not one than a decade of blind loyalty, leadership, and sacrifice they word. I think we were all still in shock. We walked into the Rams facility in Thousand Oaks and were greeted by new head weren’t “valuable enough to keep?” We knew better than to respond. Even if we did, there coach, Sean McVay, along with several other coaches and front would always be people who didn’t understand. When I took office staff. They were beaming. So thrilled to have Andrew. the kids to school that morning I was met with mostly sad faces, They were genuinely grateful. Sean said, “Man, I didn’t think some people just looked away from me. “I’ll come back and get we would get you. I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s go do something them at noon today,” I told their teacher. “We have a flight to special together.” Sean and Andrew immediately understood LA at 2.” We were all crammed into the back two seats of the one another. There was a bond in that first meeting. It was airplane. Andrew sitting with the boys, Drew and Michael. Me clear to everyone in the room. These two people were wired sitting with Sarah directly behind them. We left the baby at the same way. If anyone could turn this team around, the two home with my parents. She was too young to make the trip. It of them working together could get it done. The next day we took the kids with us to meet a Realtor would be a quick one. About half-way to California, Andrew and find a house. Meantime, I called my parents and said, turns to me and says, “You realize this means my Super Bowl dreams are over. I’m going to the Rams to help them rebuild “Get the house ready to sell. Now.” Our plan had always been with a new coach, a new mentality, play a leadership role in to let Andrew go back and forth, and we would remain in that locker room.” I nodded. “What do I even know about Los Cincinnati until the kids finished that school year. Then we Angeles?” I thought. I had only been to California a handful would move in June. While we were driving to look at our 3rd of times. We did get married in Orange County because it was possible home, Andrew said, “I’ve got to do this interview with beautiful and we wanted to stay in the states, but Los Angeles? Hobson (the Bengals Beat reporter). I’ve been putting him off. I knew nothing and I knew no one. At the time, LA may have Not ready for it.” He called Hobson and had about a 30-minute conversation. After the first 10 minutes, tears began streaming been the last place on earth I wanted to live. When we landed at LAX, we were met by a greeter, from underneath his sunglasses. I could tell he didn’t want “Welcome to Los Angeles, Mr. Whitworth. We are so happy Hobson to know he was emotional, so he was doing his best to you’re here.” As we walked through the airport, I realized no hide it. They got off the phone and he looked at me and said, Page 10 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

“I can’t go back there. It’ll hurt too much. Can you please go without me and sell the house and get here quickly? Not wait until June?” I hadn’t considered that at all, but I knew in that moment I had no other choice. My husband needed me to handle this. He needed to start fresh, and not go back. I nodded, “Of course I can. We will be here as soon as I can get the house packed up.” The kids and I took a red eye back to Cincinnati and the next morning, I woke up to a letter in my mailbox. It WESTLAKE VILLAGE WILDFIRES NEAR was addressed to Andrew from Mike Brown (the THE WHITWORTH HOME long-time Bengals owner). It read something like this, “Andrew, you were a great player for us and one of the best locker room leaders I’ve ever been around. I am sad you’re leaving. Good luck with your mission. He would prove the doubters wrong. He would lead new team and thank you for your time and commitment to the by example. He was the first player in the building and last one Cincinnati Bengals.” I took a picture of the handwritten note out. Every single day. When the season started, we all held our and sent it to Andrew. “I’ll frame this for you. It’s a treasure.” I breath. “What in the world will this be like?” I thought. It was said. He wrote back, “I really do love Mike Brown. I don’t care amazing. The Rams weren’t just good. They were really good. what anybody says about him. He has always been good to us Winning the NFC West and hosting a home playoff game. and I will always love the Cincinnati Bengals.” I agreed. Andrew was named 1st team all-pro and went to the proThree weeks to the day he signed, we were all on a plane to bowl for the fourth straight year. The oldest player at his age to California. Me, the kids, and our live-in nanny Krista Howard. accomplish both awards at his position. It was simply amazing To say she’s our to see what the Rams had become in just a few short months. “nanny” isn’t fair. The 2018 season brought with it even more anticipation. She is our family. We won our first eight games. Our offense was the top-scoring My sister. My offense in the NFL. Andrew was still playing at an elite level at touchstone. There 37 years old. In November, our community experienced what are many days I’m so many others have around the United States - a mass shooting. not sure I would It was less than 10 minutes from our home. Twelve people were have survived dead, including a police officer. Twenty-four hours later, we without her. We were evacuated at 2 a.m. from the wildfires. Told several times had found the kids throughout the next two weeks our neighborhood was surely a school and a next. We would go to bed at a hotel in the city not knowing wonderful home to what news we would wake up to the next morning. The month rent in a great area of November in Thousand Oaks was awful and tragic, and I called Westlake hope and pray I never see anything like it again in my lifetime. Village in Thousand Yet, football still came, every Sunday, and our guys still had to Oaks. Andrew had play. Our coaches still had to coach. found his love for We earned a first-round bye and would host the Dallas football again. He Cowboys in the divisional playoff game. We won that game. It really loved his new was Andrew’s first playoff win after eight attempts. Two days team. It wasn’t a job later, my precious grandmother went to be with Jesus. Krista to him anymore, and I packed up the kids and flew home to Louisiana to say it was an all-out goodbye without Andrew. He was working. After the funeral, we all drove to New Orleans for the NFC championship game. We won. We were going to the Super Bowl. It was ANDREW GIFTING 600 BIKES magical. TO CHILDREN IN COMPTON To say the “fallout” from the Rams/Saints game was difficult for us would be an understatement. I’ve never March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 11

experienced anything like it. The internet trolls seemed to for Andrew. He deserves this.” They will probably never know come from everywhere. “I hope Thousand Oaks catches fire what that text meant to us in that moment. I can imagine there again and every one of the Rams players houses burn with aren’t many people who felt the loss more than Sean and Sky them in it. Cheaters.” “Never come back to Louisiana Andrew and yet in the midst of all of those feelings they understood. It’s Whitworth. We don’t want you and your (bleeping) kids here not a just a game. It’s about personal relationships and people. anyway.” Within three days, I had been unfriended from We will always root for Sean Payton. We will always root for Facebook by my college sorority president after politely asking Louisiana and the people there no matter their thoughts or her privately to stop viciously attacking the Rams as it was opinions toward us because of the outcome of a game. We will forever be proud to tell people incredibly personal to me, and I we are from Louisiana. “thought” we were friends. What As hurtful as it was, I chose so many of our “friends” didn’t joy. We were going to the Super realize was their continued anger Bowl. It was a blessing. Thirteen and frustration brought out all years of never winning a playoff the crazies. And the crazies were game and now we are going to violently threatening our family, the Super Bowl. The experience personally. My children were was once in a lifetime. We spent not excluded in their vile hatred. the week in Atlanta with our Some things I simply cannot and entire family. We soaked it all will not repeat because I hope in. Obviously, the result of the they never have to see it. game wasn’t what we wanted, People who had personally and my 6-year old son, Michael, benefited from the hundreds of cried his eyes out for most of thousands of dollars Andrew SEAN PAYTON AND MELISSA’S the 4th quarter. He cried so and I had poured into our home MOM CINDY AT THE PROBOWL hard his nose bled. But as I state through our own charity watched my husband walk up and other charities were sharing to the New England players and petitions online wanting to have congratulate them, the same way the Rams “stripped of their win.” WOW. How could they not realize how personal that was to many of the Saints players and coaches had done for him two us? They are fans. I’m not saying fans aren’t important, but this weeks before, among the disappointment and sadness he felt, I is our real life. Our livelihood. My husband’s body, his time was overcome with emotion and pride. Everyone else had run away from our family, all the baseball and football games he off the field. He stayed amid the confetti and cheering New misses. All the school plays and dance recitals he can’t be there England fans and congratulated them one by one. As he ran off for. All the parent/teacher conferences I went to by myself. the field, he spotted us in the stands (I was holding Michael). All the nights I spent at the ER with sick kids and broken He said, “Turn him around. Let me see him.” Then he held up bones and he wasn’t there. The time I had a baby and he left his arm and flexed his muscle. He yelled at Michael, “You be an hour later to go to work. We aren’t fans. This is our family, tough. This isn’t that bad, we got to play in a Super Bowl.” I our everyday lives, and the Rams are our family. How could can’t imagine how much strength it took for him to do that, our “friends” not see that? At first, I deleted and blocked the but I’ve come to learn that husband of mine is a pretty special comments from my Facebook page, and then I decided to just man. It may not have been a Super Bowl win, but in the end, it didn’t have to be. leave them for everyone to see. We always thought of Los Angeles as a “stop along the way To be fair, the hatefulness probably derived from a small representation of the Saints fan base. In fact, we were Saints home to Louisiana.” A fun experience for a few years. Now, fans every day of the week except the day we happened to play it feels like home. We spend Christmas Eve with friends in them. Sean Payton and his girlfriend, Sky, were two of the first Encino and Christmas Day with friends in Agoura Hills. Los to offer congratulations to us. Sky sent me a text a few days after Angeles is no longer a stop along the way, it’s our home, and the game, “I’m so sad for my guy, but we are both also so happy for now our journey from LA to L.A. is complete.

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MISSION for MOLLEY First Annual

AFE AWARNESS Golf Tournament and Dinner


Sunday, March 24th Calvert Crossing Golf Club $40/adult with cash bar


Monday, March 25th Calvert Crossing Golf Club 4-man scramble $100/player


olley Boone Cartwright, a magnetic soul, beautiful wife, and avid LSU fan was excited to tackle her newest adventure of motherhood in February 2018. Sadly, Molley passed away from an Amniotic Fluid Embolism one day after giving birth to her healthy baby boy, Braddock. The first annual “Mission for Molley” dinner and golf tournament will be held to support research for the AFE Foundation in Molley’s memory. For more information about AFE, please visit Contact Samantha Lantrip | (318)243.9712 | ALL PROCEEDS TO BENEFIT THE AFE FOUNDATION

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Born Free Bonne Fete Maternity has found a new home in the Heart of Shreveport

There’s this thing that happens when normal childbirth is left undisturbed. The deeper into labor a woman gets, the slower her brain waves get until she slowly withdraws from her surroundings to the boundary between the conscious and subconscious. She’s on a journey that only she can embark on - not quite here, but not quite gone, either. After she’s pushes her baby out, she will slowly return from this state, transformed, and greet her baby as they are both flooded with oxytocin and begin to fall in love. Page 14 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019



s a midwife I’ve had the honor to witness this journey unfold countless times. The path isn’t always straightforward, and you don’t always end the journey in the place you thought you would. But one thing is true: when a woman is surrounded by supportive people on this journey, she will always find her way. I came to practice midwifery the way that so many midwives do, by way of my own traumatic birth. At face value, I got the birth I wanted: I didn’t have an epidural and I didn’t have a cesarean. But what I did get was a heavy dose of bullying and mistreatment. One hour after his birth I was alone in my room shaking and sad - a darkness setting in that would last for the next several months. During these months I spent most of my time alone, crying, and trying desperately to breastfeed, but being so deeply depressed that I couldn’t see that my baby was literally starving. Looking back at this experience through my now skilled eyes, it is very clear to me now that I was suffering from severe postpartum depression. Yet, no one said a thing. I was offered no support. I was just alone. Three years later, not quite emotionally over my first experience, I found out I was pregnant again. My second pregnancy lit a fire in my belly. I determined that this time would be different, and I would never allow myself to be treated the way I had been before. I took all the classes, I read all the books, and I found a maternity provider who didn’t balk when I said I wanted to be able to move in labor - a midwife just over the border in Texas. During this birth I got to experience my own journey and return. And at the end, as I came to, I realized I was joyfully laughing.

Allow me, if I may, to say that this birth wasn’t just an incredible experience, it was downright healing. Over the course of this pregnancy, my provider talked to me. She listened to me. She heard my concerns and gave me space to have them. Never once did anyone roll their eyes at me, try to talk me out of what I was feeling, or laugh in my face (yes, this actually happened with my first). It was recognized and honored that even though she had the skilled hands in the room, ultimately this birth was something I had to do. I’d say she gave me power, but that would be wrong. What she did was remind me of the power I already had. And so it began. When my second son was just 3 months old, I started my doula training. I spent the next several years learning as much as I could about physiologically normal childbirth, and hearing the birth stories of anyone who would share theirs. I learned how to hold space. I developed a deep respect and admiration for women’s bodies. Through this work I began to form my vision of my place in this work, and it didn’t take long to realize that I was meant to be a midwife. March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 15


Falling in love with birth work was easy, but becoming a midwife continues to be one of the hardest journeys I have ever taken. I’ve come face to face with the reality that the maternity care system as a whole doesn’t always help moms and babies. Higher cesarean rates, more perinatal mortality, and more maternal mortality plague our country despite technological advancements in medicine. Here in Louisiana we see some of the worst perinatal outcomes in the developed world, especially when it comes to women of color. There’s a pervasive perception that midwifery is old and outdated. The reality is that what midwives know

about childbirth is being supported by emerging scientific evidence over and over. We are learning that the introduction of all our technology didn’t improve outcomes. In fact they seem to have made them worse. It turns out, when you’re looking for a problem sometimes you create one that isn’t really there. None of this is to say that there isn’t a place for technology and hospitals in childbirth. I feel blessed to have found my way to midwifery when I did. The system is opening up to what I do. We are seeing improvements in the way those who choose to have babies unmedicated are treated. There are more and more OBs who are supportive of a woman’s choice in her care. We are getting closer and closer to a system where midwives and OBs coexist to provide robust and supportive care for our communities. I knew that a birth center was part of my plan at the beginning of my career. I had the vision of a multi-purpose building that could serve not only as a facility where I could

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“Our team has come together to create a space where families in the perinatal period can come and find the support and community that they need.” attend births, but also a place for education, community, support, and perinatal exercise. For 3 years I searched for the perfect building, and in September 2018 I found the ideal building to begin the next step in my journey. Bonne Fete Maternity has found a home in a 2400 SF building in the heart of Shreveport. We have two birthing suites with private bathrooms and beautiful birthing tubs. We’ve teamed up with Jessica Hunter Rivera, who specializes in pelvic health and restoration and offers the Hot Mama Yoga™ methodology in the yoga studio. Our classroom space is a cozy room that is available for educational events, support groups, and professional meetups. Bonne Fete Maternity has grown into more than a birth center. Our team has come together to create a space where families in the perinatal period can come and find the support and community that they need. When a woman has her baby, she ends a journey, but that’s never the end. That journey’s end will inform the path she chooses to take next, and so on, and so on. My own path has been a crooked one full of discovery. I am honored to bring this next phase in maternity care to our community. Our journey is just beginning.

Care for new mothers


Momma is HAPPY


A specially trained caregiver by your side 24 hours a day, overnight or hourly...on your schedule

4700 Line Avenue Suite 111 • Shreveport

Service provided by

(318) 424.5300 Locally owned since 2011 State Licensed • Insured • Bonded • CPR Certified • Background Checked

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Dr. Susan Chidlow

Dr. Shannon Backofen

Dr. Daniel Crawford

Dr. Lauren Wallace


318 Carroll Street (318) 865-2250

It s TIME for YOUR BOSSIER CITY Spring Cleaning

Parents are

always welcome in the back

4001 Viking Drive Suite A

Early morning & late afternoon

(318) 747-7020



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Pediatric Pediatric Pediatric Therapy Therapy Therapy Speech, ABA Speech,Occupational, Occupational, Occupational,Physical, Physical,and andABA ABA Therapist Therapist TherapistOwned Owned Owned Team Team TeamApproach Approach Approach Supportive, Supportive, Supportive,Fun Fun FunEnvironment Environment Environment

Individualized Treatment Individualized IndividualizedTreatment Treatment Latest Research Tech Latest LatestResearch Research///Tech Tech Certified Therapists Certified CertifiedTherapists Therapists

Little Works Works In In Progress Progress Little Progress Where Children Children Children Are Are Cherished! Cherished! Where Cherished!••••••

@LWIPShreveport @LWIPShreveport @LWIPLeesville @LWIPLeesville @LWIPShreveport @LWIPLeesville

Shreveport, Shreveport,LA: LA: LA:(318) (318) (318) 795-3388 795-3388 || | Leesville, Leesville, LA: LA: (337) (337)239-3334 239-3334 Shreveport, 795-3388 Leesville, LA: March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 19 (337) 239-3334



Myths, Facts and Months with “R”


I don’t know about you, but I often go on information quests, not stopping until I know everything. Most times this is helpful, other times… ignorance is bliss. But if you want to impress your friends with knowledge about the exotic raw oyster at the next dinner party, here are the answers to your most pondered questions.

MYTH or FACT: Aphrodisiac? You be the judge. It wasn't entirely based upon science, though some foods possess chemical properties that could increase testosterone or estrogen MYTH: You should eat oysters only in levels, thereby increasing sex drive, others are considered sexy purely months with an ‘R’ in the name because of their appearance. The Food and Drug Administration There’s always been this oft-recited piece of advice about oysters: Only maintains that aphrodisiacs are myths with no basis in science. eat oysters in months that contain the letter “R” in the name. You know, However, Casanova, the 18th century lover who used to breakfast September, October, December, January. Not June, July, August. The on 50 oysters, has been vindicated by a study that proves they really idea that you shouldn’t eat oysters from May through August probably are aphrodisiacs. In March 2005, American and Italian scientists started in the days before refrigeration. Today’s oysters go from water announced that there is some truth to the idea that bivalves can get to ice and then to a refrigerated truck, so that’s no longer a concern. folks all hot and bothered. And spring, the scientists say, is the time of The summer is also when many oysters reproduce, which means they year the shellfish have their greatest aphrodisiac quality. may be milky when they’re spawning and thin right afterward and neither option makes for great eating. Many oyster farmers raise some FACT: Green Gills If you come across an oyster with green-tinted gills, like the ones as sterile oysters, so spawning isn’t an issue. shown above, consider yourself lucky. The greenish color comes from a particular type of blue diatom that the oysters are eating. It’s not FACT: Eaten Alive Fresh oysters must be alive just before consumption or cooking. There harmful to eat an oyster like this, and in fact, its flavor is highly sought is only one criterion: the oyster must be capable of tightly closing its after. It has been found to have powerful antioxidant, antibacterial shell. Open oysters should be tapped on the shell; a live oyster will and antiviral properties. Perhaps the green oyster is our super sexy close up and is safe to eat. Oysters which are open and unresponsive superfood? are dead and must be discarded.

FACT: What do Oysters Eat?

YES I said Superfood!

Oysters are naturally one of the most nutritionally well-balanced of Oysters eat phytoplankton or small bits of algae suspended in the foods. They are low in fat, calories and cholesterol in addition to being water. They are filter feeders, which means that they obtain their food high in protein, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, zinc and vitamin C. by filtering water in and over their gills. March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 21

Chargrilled Oysters Oysters on the half shell done NOLA style, filled with a lemony, garlicky, butter sauce that are topped with cheese and chargrilled until the cheese has melted and turned golden brown. (Serve with crusty bread to soak up all of that buttery saucy goodness!)


• Buy them from reputable sources. Trust who you’re buying them from, and make sure they look clean and are stored properly, like on ice. • Look at labels. By law, oysters need to be labeled with where they came from and harvest dates. Don’t be afraid to ask! • Buy heavy oysters. They should be heavy for their size, just like fruit. If they feel light or sound hollow when you rap them, don’t buy them. • Store them properly. Put raw, unshucked oysters in a bowl in the refrigerator. Cover them with a damp dish cloth so they don’t dry out. They don’t have to sit on ice, but make sure the refrigerator temperature is around 38 or 39°F. ‘R’ stands for refrigeration these days.

EATING OYSTERS • Don’t wait. Eat oysters within a week of harvest in the summer, and within 10 days in the winter. • No mud. If you see mud in the shell after you shuck an oyster, pitch it. • Don’t spill the liquid. You want the juices or “liquor” of the oyster to stay in the shell until you eat it, so after shucking oysters, place them on plates in a way that the shell doesn’t tip and spill any of the liquid out. Place oysters on the half shell on plates lined with ice or coarse salt so they stay put.


1. Insert the knife between the shells & twist. Look at the oyster — he vast majority of oysters are going to have a cupped side and a flatter side. Hold the oyster with the flatter side up. The cupped side will hold the oyster and its liquid while you shuck. Now look for the hinge — that point where the shells are joined in a more serious way that just being held together by the muscle that is the oyster. 2. Slide the knife between the shells Once you've popped the hinge open, slide the knife between the shells, keeping it along the bottom of the top shell — you don't want to mangle the oyster! Most of this sliding will be very easy, but the point where the oyster is attached to the top shell will provide some resistance you'll need to cut through.

Oysters Champagne Mignonette 12 oysters, shucked ¼ cup champagne 2 tablespoons champagne vinegar 2 teaspoons shallots, finely chopped Fresh cracked pepper Lemon wedges, optional Freshly grated horseradish, optional Crushed ice, to keep oysters cool • Combine champagne, vinegar, shallots and pepper in a small bowl and set aside. • Arrange shucked oyster on a plate covered with crushed ice. Serve with champagne mignonette and optional lemon wedges and horseradish. • Enjoy, preferably with a glass of champagne!

1 stick butter, room temperature or melted 2 cloves garlic, grated 2 tablespoons lemon juice (~1/2 lemon) 1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce ¼ cup pecorino romano or parmigiano reggiano (parmesan), grated salt, pepper and cayenne to taste 1 tablespoon parsley, chopped 12 oysters on the half shell ½ cup pecorino romano or parmigiano reggiano (parmesan), grated 2 tablespoons parsley, chopped • Mix the butter, garlic, lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, cheese, salt, pepper, cayenne and parsley and set aside. • Place the oysters on a preheated 350F/180C grill, let cook until the juice start to bubble, spoon in ~1 tablespoon of the butter mixture onto each oyster, sprinkle on the cheese and cook until the cheese is golden brown. • Sprinkle on the parsley and serve immediately with extra butter, lemon wedges, hot sauce and bread.

Lemon Tart A flaky puff pastry tart filled with lemon cream and topped with fresh raspberries. An easy and elegant spring or summer dessert. • Puff Pastry Crust: Simply roll out a sheet of store bought puff pastry and score a border around the outside edge. While the puff pastry bakes the outer edge will puff up and create a space in the center to fill with the lemon cream filling. • Lemon Cream Filling: Fold together whipped cream, cream cheese (softened), lemon zest, and lemon curd for this easy nobake filling. • Raspberries: I topped this Lemon Tart with fresh raspberries, but you can add any fruit you like. Blueberries or sliced strawberries would be great, as would a combination of berries.

3. Open it up! You’ve now separated the two shells that house the oyster. Remove the top shell (if there is a lot of meat attached to it, use the knife to cut (or, really, scrape) it off. Through all of this, try to keep as much of the liquid (oyster liquor) in the shell as possible. It's delicious. Page 22 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

Spring Pea Salad 3-4 cups various farmers market lettuce 3-4 Persian Cucumbers, thinly sliced 2 Avocados, cut into wedges or cubes 2-3 radishes, thinly sliced 1 Bunch asparagus spears, blanched and cut into 1 inch stalks 1 cup fresh peas, blanched Sea salt and pepper Basil Vinaigrette • Add everything for the vinaigrette to a blender and blend for 3 minutes until completely smooth. • Arrange the lettuce on a large platter or bowl. • Scatter the cucumbers, avocados, peas, asparagus and radishes on top and season with salt and pepper. • Serve alongside the Basil Vinaigrette

Green Goddess Dip 1 ½ cup of thick greek yogurt or vegan cream cheese ½ cup loosely packed fresh flat-leaf parsley leaves 1 tablespoon chopped fresh tarragon 2 teaspoons white wine vinegar 1 teaspoon anchovy paste 1 teaspoon lemon zest 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 2 garlic cloves, minced 1⁄3 cup chopped fresh chives Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste • Process first 9 ingredients in a food processor until smooth, stopping to scrape down sides if needed. • Stir in chives; season with salt and pepper to taste. • Cover and chill 2 to 24 hours. • Serve with assorted vegetables.

6505 Line Ave. Suite 22 | Shreveport, LA 71106

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Basil Vinaigrette 1 shallot, roughly chopped 2 cups tightly packed fresh basil leaves, stems removed (about 4 ounces) 1 clove garlic ½ teaspoons red pepper flakes ½ cup olive oil 2 tablespoons red wine vinegar 1 teaspoon salt • Combine all the ingredients for the basil vinaigrette in a high powered blender and blend for 60 seconds until very smooth. • Taste and adjust salt and pepper as needed. • Serve immediately or refrigerate the vinaigrette for up to 3-5 days.

BOUTIQUE NUTRITION PROGRAM We source the highest quality organic ingredients and powerful superfoods from trusted farmers and suppliers.

• Shed Excess Weight • Increase Energy • Boost Immunity

• Increase Focus • Improve Skin Clarity • Eliminate Bloat

Now offering clean wellness retail! • Four Sigmatic Super Mushroom Powders


• Kapowder Superfood Powders & Elixirs


• HUM Nutrition Supplements


Questions? Email or call (318) 393-5371 Our team of health coaches and chefs are here for you! Let’s get social! @caspianacatering | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019




ith the cultivated growth of social media, fashion and lifestyle images have taken a great presence in defining how women shop, dress and find the latest trends in fashion.


Today, ladies are constantly on the go, and their attention spans are limited. They want the ease of flipping through Instagram or Facebook for inspiration from their favorite lifestyle bloggers. With a few clicks of the touch screen, the desired look is delivered to the door within days. They may seem simple, but quite often that impulsive pursuit becomes just another tagged garment in the back of the closet. As spring approaches, women want to breathe new life into their wardrobe. They do a bit of spring cleaning and purge their closets to make room for the next round of instant purchases. Anyone can own clothes, but not everyone has style. Sometimes just having the latest looks and trends hanging in your closet is not enough if you are not quite sure how to pair these looks together. The frustration can build when you know you have a closet and jewelry box filled with many amazing things, but you just don't have the confidence or creative perspective of how to wear them. That is when having a bit of assistance or inspiration

comes into play from. Fashion bloggers can help you make an outfit a “wowfit�. Two Louisiana ladies have taken to these apps and media sources with a large following. Monroe/ West Monroe natives, Courtney Ruth Crews, 24, and Kemper Block Baugh ,26, have built a strong following in just a few short years. Both have their own lifestyle journey their own perspective of what to wear, when to wear it and how to wear it. Young and old alike have become their fanbase. Young girls want to dress like them. Mothers and grandmothers are brought into the life of what is hip and what pieces in their closets need to hit the donation pile. As trends constantly change, these two ladies continue to take basic pieces that will have duration and evolve them to the next level with accessorizing and pairing options. Aspiration has allowed two small town chicks to cross the road into a broader spectrum. Just a few short years back, Courtnee was working in Monroe, Louisiana, modeling for a local boutique, Duck and Dressing and Delta Style magazine. Both have since closed their doors in the last year. At this time, she began to take photos of her day-to-day comings and goings under the moniker "Skinny Jeans and Ice Cream". As time prevailed, she found the desire to explore fashion shoots using local outdoor spaces for the backdrop.

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 25

That moniker on Instagram changed to @CourtneeRuthie soon thereafter and so did her location. Two years ago, Courtnee made a bold move to Los Angeles, California to live out this dream on a broader spectrum. With more than 24,000 Instagram followers, a Twitter following (@CCrewzin), a much-pinned Pinterest page (courtneeruth) and a maxedout Facebook friends list, she has traded in the downtown locations of Monroe and West Monroe for the beaches of California and notable locations of familiarity in Los Angeles. Courtnee's motto in fashion is that there are no rules. Her personal motto is "Spread Kindness and Love Yourself ". Courtnee’s biggest loves are Asian food and her weenie dog, Pimm. She jokes that her blood type is miso soup. Courtnee also never takes this new found following too seriously. She has stayed true to her Louisiana roots and keeps laughter as a part of her persona. This laughter may not come through in her pouty images in front of the camera but shines through in real life. Courtnee’s social media presence has landed her with modeling gigs for Chanel cosmetics, Urban Outfitters, French Connection, andOUIA Haircare. She has been snapped by the cameras at many fashionable red-carpet events around L.A. as her career continues to blossom. Kemper Baugh was brought up around fashion much of her teen years; although, it was not a true focus for her. Kemper was the cheerleader and homecoming queen at both West Monroe High School and ULM. She was very active socially on both campuses. Having a boutique owner in the family made it easily accessible for her to dress in the latest , but it was not really a part of her DNA at the time. Kemper went for comfort over style. Kemper however had that persona that resonated in runway shows and photoshoots for K-Sera boutique. Once on stage and in front of the camera, magic appeared in a most dramatic transformation. Upon graduating, Kemper was not sure the direction that life would take her. A recent newlywed to her husband Jordon Baugh, Kemper began to post tongue in cheek videos and photos of their happy new journey in life. As time progressed, that creative lightbulb appeared. Her love of fashion and style blogging became her career. At this time, “Jo and Kemp” was born. Over the past five years, Kemper and Jordan have shared their fashionable romance. They have created a stylish marriage while keeping it God- centered. As Jordan works as an accountant, Kemper spends all her focus on branding. It has become the center point of her life. She launched a

“Spread Kindness and Love Yourself.”

website www. joandkemp .com, a Facebook page (Jordan and Kemper), and Instagram page (@joandkemp). Her modest following soon took an upward turn when Sadie Robertson of Duck Dynasty and Dancing with the Stars liked, shared and commented on one of her Instagram posts. It has boosted her account to more than 155,000 followers and has taken her on a broader spectrum with www. joandkemp where you can shop the looks from her fashionable journeys. This fashionable lifestyle is a partnership. Kemper and Jordan have designed out a life that fits his work schedule and allows them time to jet off from Monroe on the weekends for fashion shoots. When that is not possible, the fashion is brought to them to create a style moment in front of the camera. Their locale for shoots is often in the heart of downtown Monroe, West Monroe, Ruston and Shreveport. Young into their marriage still, they have found a great balance enjoying this trendsetting lifestyle. It has afforded them trips to Los Angeles and well as fashion week this year in New York City. The joy and love you see in their images ring true in their lives daily. Much of their personal time is spent in front of the camera; yet it works for them. Keeping an open perspective and balance to this marriage has formed a creative union that brings them joy in their life together. On a rare occasion, Courtnee and Kemper have the chance to spend time together. This past summer in Los Angeles, they were able to reconnect in sunny California for some fashion and fun. They have a genuine respect and admiration for each other, and have not found their paths to be competitive in the world of social media blogging. These two have a genuine friendship. As their journeys into this world of fashion continues, these two Louisiana ladies balance out their southern roots with their own fashionably stylish flair. As the summer vacations approach, and invitations to special events begin to arrive, following these two ladies may create an inspiration for a signature style that will inspire your purchases more sensibly. Their advice and styling may also save you from the return lines and call tags for dress that just didn't flatter you once off the hanger or out of the box. Taking risks on fashion may not always create the results you hope to achieve. Limiting your sources for inspiration can cripple your personal appearance as well as your budget. Having well informed style advisors at the tap of a screen or click of a mouse will bring a more cohesive fashion palette into your wardrobe. Courtnee Crews and Kemper Baugh are living their best lives and sharing their great fashion sense with the world. I have watched these two young women evolve from the imperfect teen years into fashion icons. For from each caterpillar comes a vibrant and beautiful butterfly. I look forward to seeing them spread their wings and continue to fly.

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BATON ROUGE Acadian Village 3535 Perkins Road Suite 365 (225) 761-1170


Main Street at River Rance 201 Settlers Trace Blvd. Suite 3009 (337) 991-9980

SHREVEPORT Shoppes at Bellemead 6535 Youree Drive Suite 406 (318) 798-3265

Vertage Clothing @vertageclothing @VertageClothing

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ADAMS EYECARE Charles S. Adams O.D.

Treatment of Eye Conditions and Diseases

• Lenses • Frames • Contacts 1911 BENTON ROAD - SUITE C - BOSSIER CITY


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Blue Earrings Vertage


White Sunglasses Pretenses

Nude Heels Isadora Boutique

Pink Dress JAC

Gray Wedges JAC

Blue and Coral Patterned Dress JAC

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 29

Gold Earrings with Silver Accents Vertage

Black Heels Harper House Polka Dot Nude Dress Pretenses

Purple Dress with Bell Sleeves Vertage

Black Dress with Red and Pink Floral Harper House

Brown Wedges JAC

Handbag Isadora Boutique

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Gold and Pearl Jewelry Set Pretenses

Striped Dress with Long Sleeves Vertage

Simple Baby Blue Dress Isadora

Hat Harper House


Look for us on May 4 at Shreveport Derby Day to get complimentary professional photographs in your best Springtime finery. March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 31

6 012 Line Ave. • Shreveport • (318) 606-4558 Page 32 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

Experience your


Ruston, Louisiana | Est. 2002

Membership options available • March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 33





Ladies are channeling their inner firepower in unprecedented numbers - the future of firearms has the ladies leading the pack.

adies, it’s time to lock and load - your future is calling and it involves firearms. The shooting range is no longer just a boys’ club. The ladies are taking over and finding they’re often a better shot than their men. Not only can we birth children, whip up a feast to feed many, and twirl in high-heels, but we also seem know our way around a firearm. Lola Ladies, the hottest new thing in town is shooting. Whether for skill or safety, it’s past time for the ladies to get involved in the shooting sports industry, which is just what Ashlee and Brad Simon have been planning for - the ladies. Red River Range is a large Sportsman’s Paradise to be sure, but it’s really more like an entertainment destination. A onestop-shop type of a place offering several shooting galleries, gun rentals, an event center, swanky lounge and fully stocked fishing pond. Come Spring, the green space outdoors will become the first the archery range in our area with nice picnic tables to enjoy while watching arrows fly and fish flail. Hello perfect date night, because you can even sip after you shoot. Like all good stories, this one begins with an idea for a shooting range by Army veteran and Shreveport native Brad Simon. Wanting to fill a void in Shreveport, which lacked shooting options with the closest places to shoot a distant car ride, Brad began the long process of bringing his dream to reality - almost 10 years in the making. After traveling America from Kentucky to Colorado, Brad and Ashlee took notes, spoke face-to-face with shooting gallery owners, and saw firsthand the shooting clubs other states offered. Brad knew he wanted to build an upscale shooting club. He also knew he wanted to cater to the female demographic with our market prime for such a facility. His idea evolved from an outdoor range into an upscale facility, one that would bring the ladies.

What Brad was able to build is a beautiful, state-of-theart facility where men and women can not only learn how to become proficient with firearms, but also continue their training, as shooting is a perishable skill meaning it must be continually practiced to maintain accuracy. Offering a range of classes from the ever popular Conceal & Carry or Hunter’s Safety course to more specialized challenges and firearm maintenance classes, Red River Range has it all for every level of gun enthusiast from beginners to professionals. Open to the public, visitors can rent different firearms to test their target skills, or pay a range fee to sight and shoot their weapon. Many are finding the perks of membership to be of great benefit since these marksmen continue to fine tune their skill often stopping by either on lunch break or after work. The range even offers a gunsmith on site to help with any mechanical issues or cleaning questions. Both Brad and Ashlee are passionate about women in firearms. Ashlee is just as much the gun enthusiast as Brad. She’s obtaining her instructor license to lead classes for other women about firearms. Statistically, women have become the fastest growing demographic of shooters. More girls are hunting, more girls are in shooting sports and more girls are taking the conceal carry classes than ever before, according to the National Rifle Association website. Even shooting accessories can come catered to women with custom tactical yoga pants for the conceal, leopard print gun boxes, or my personal favorite - a Robin’s egg blue gun. When asked why ladies need to be familiar with firearms, Ashlee answered, “I want to empower women to become confident and knowledgeable using a gun, it’s just a tool to learn how to use.” She explained that she’s a recreational shooter with short range targets being her favorite, but truly wants to be able to protect her family should the need arise.

Page Page 30 34 | LOLA | LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE | January-February | March-April 2019 2019

January-February March-April 2019 2019 | LOLA | LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE | Page | Page 35 31

AMENDMENT II: RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS Passed by Congress September 25, 1789. Ratified December 15, 1791. The first 10 amendments form the Bill of Rights "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." There have been two times in her life she was afraid. Owning a gun has given her the confidence to know she can do something about the powerless feeling she had during those scary moments. Ashlee’s wish is to empower women to no longer be a damsel in distress, no longer be leery of walking down a dark street unescorted. The instructors at the Red River Range are seeing the women flock to firearms with wishes to provide their own protection, and they are thrilled. It’s no secret that Shreveport has seen its fair share of violent crime. Sadly, we live in a world where sex trafficking is on our doorstep along

the I-20 corridor, and thanks to social media, we all know the moment bullets are flying around town. It’s easy to feel unsafe in a world such as this. Owner Brad Simon says it best, “I’d rather a women know how to use a gun and not need to, than need to use a gun and not know how.” So, ladies, when it comes to firearms, know that training never ends and knowledge is power. If you’ve ever had an interest in firearms for fun or safety, Red River Range offers a knowledgeable staff, safe environment to test your skills or learn a new one, and gives a heck of an adrenaline rush when shooting an HK-MP5 submachine gun - trust me, I know.

Page Page 32 36 | LOLA | LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE | January-February | March-April 2019 2019


• • • • • • • • •

Target practice Sight rifles Get ready for hunting season Conceal & Carry class taught in a classroom Comprehensive list of instructional courses Highly trained staff with decades of experience Gunsmith on site Plenty of galleries to shoot from Conveniently located in town


• • • •

Take safety into your own hands Personal defense It’s quite the adrenaline rush Women’s shooting sports is the new thing • Ladies who hunt need practice too • Refusing to be a victim • Bearing arms is a constitutional right by way of the 2nd amendment


• Shoot and Sips • Ladies Introductory Firearms with cooking class • April 20 - Flowers and Firepower: flower arranging classes and introduction to firearms • Refuse to be the Victim Class: nonshooting about situational awareness • Breakfast and Bullets • First Aid Class • Personal Protection Outside the Home • Personal Protection Inside the Home


• • • • • •

Bachelor Parties Girl Nights Date Nights Corporate Events Family Reunions Veteran Groups

Photo Credits: Catherine Salley

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It’s time to Lock and Load.

Plan your next date night, bachelorette party, or girls night out with us! OUR TRAINING CLASSES • • • • • • •

Louisiana Concealed Carry Firearms Familiarization Youth Firearm Safety Hunters Safety Basic & Advanced Handgun Basic & Advanced Rifle and more...


Located Right Here in NW Louisiana!

8450 River Range Road | Shreveport, LA 71106 (3 1 8 ) 7 1 6 -3 1 1 1 Page 38 | LOLA MAGAZINE | 2019



Built on a foundation of durability, quality and value, 5.11 Tactical leads the industry in delivering functionally innovative gear, head to toe.

5.11 Tactical by Karl Malone

1913 E Kentucky | Ruston | 318.224.7065 March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 39

Nothing can be easier than this pork chop recipe with rosemary, garlic and kalamata olives. It’s a great alternative to lamb.

Baked Pork Chops

with Rosemary, Garlic & Kalamata Olives 4 Pork Chops 1 T olive oil 6 garlic cloves minced 4 sprigs of rosemary ¼ cup kalamata olives pitted ¼ cup kalamata olives pitted Salt and freshly ground pepper to taste SERVES 4-6

Marinate pork chops in olive oil, garlic cloves, ¼ c olives, salt and pepper. For at least 3 hours. Remove and place in a prepared baking dish. Top with remaining olives and sprigs of rosemary. Bake at 375 for 45 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 145 degrees.

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Eat Fit



ur mission with Eat Fit Shreveport is to make the HEALTHY choice the EASY choice. Eat Fit Shreveport, a nonprofit initiative of Ochsner Health System with support by LSU Health Shreveport and the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, is designed specifically for people who want to indulge without the guilt, meeting the community where they are and providing restaurant dishes and grocery options that are both nutritious and delicious! According to the Louisiana State Health Assessment, 36% of Louisiana adults and 40% of children are classified as obese, polling higher than the national average in every other chronic disease category. In addition, about 14% of individuals have been diagnosed with diabetes across Louisiana and 39% have been diagnosed with hypertension. Eat Fit has been designed as an easy, efficient tool to help end this epidemic in our great state. I’ve lived in Louisiana my entire life and the food culture is one of my favorite things! The passion, culture, and history that chefs put into dishes makes Louisiana cuisine unique. I’m happy to be part of a program that recognizes that in Louisiana, we love our food, but can aid in making those unique dishes healthier. As a Registered Dietitian, I think it’s important to empower the community to make healthy choices whether they are dining out or cooking at home. When you see the Eat Fit seal of approval, you know that dish was analyzed by a dietitian, it’s healthy and tastes delicious. When I have the opportunity to meet individuals who have been positively impacted by Eat Fit, it makes all

of our hard work and dedication worthwhile. My team and I were at the Louisiana Restaurant Association Expo in August 2018, when a man stopped by our booth to thank us for what we were doing in the community. He was diagnosed with heart disease in 2017 and thought his days of eating out were over until he stumbled upon the Eat Fit app. He now uses the app and choses Eat Fit approved restaurants when he dines out. These are the success stories that drive our mission. Eat Fit was founded in 2013 by Molly Kimball. She collaborated with some of the most iconic restaurants in the New Orleans region to create Ochsner Eat Fit. She encouraged chefs to offer nutritious, delicious meals for those who want to eat clean, watch their weight, and manage diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol. And now, with the support of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation, Eat Fit has expanded statewide! You can find Eat Fit restaurants in Baton Rouge, Acadiana, Lake Charles, Northshore, and now Shreveport. Since launching in 2013, we’ve branched out from just working with restaurants. You can now find Eat Fit items at grocery stores, stadiums such as the Superdome, the New Orleans airport, festivals such as Voodoo, and 13 charter schools in the New Orleans region. We are just beginning our work in Shreveport and currently recruiting restaurants. Right now, you can find Eat Fit approved options at PJ’s Coffee in Bossier. The Eat Fit Protein Velvet Ice is a perfect pick-me-up that’s packed with protein! Don Juanz Baja Tacos will have Eat Fit approved items very soon, and many more are headed your way!

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The Eat Fit team connects deeply within the Eat Fit communities, serving as a resource for all things wellness. Download the Eat Fit smartphone app to find participating restaurants with full nutrition facts of Eat Fit menu items, as well as recipes, community wellness resources, and to connect with a health professional in your area.

Follow @EatFitShreveport on Facebook and Instagram, @OchsnerEatFit on Twitter and visit for more information about Eat Fit. If you have a favorite restaurant, you can request them through the app or by emailing me at

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APRIL 1-6, 2019


celebrating the fashion and design that connect us






5 Friday, April 6:30-11:00pm

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LL STRO , April 2

Tuesday pm 5:00-8:00

participants hion Week l Ruston Fas te to offer al ing open la rs u o -h will be stay ere after istas out th In . n o the fashion Rust downtown l shopping in urs, severa o h ed extend s, w o addition to sh trunk be hosting out shops will ts through en ev ecial ts, en ev sales, and sp f o ndar r a full cale . m o the day. Fo .c k fashionwee visit ruston

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& Sweets t

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nd Tuesday, April 2pm 10:00 am until 8:00

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COMMONLY ASKED QUESTIONS What age should my child have their initial visit? 7 is the magic age as adult teeth are beginning to erupt.

Will my kid need two sets of braces?

Less than 10% of children need 2 sets (or 2 phases) of braces!

What age do most children begin orthodontic treatment?

12 is the average age as all necessary permanent teeth have erupted.

How long is the process of orthodontic treatment? Average treatment time is 18-21 months.

How do we pay for orthodontic treatment?

We offer in-house financing with 0% interest & no finance charge for 24 months!

How do we schedule a visit to see Dr. Foster?

To schedule a complimentary exam, call 318-797-8833 or request online at


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BOSSIER CITY 3011 Airline Dr.

CBD Oil:

Is it a beneficial oil or “SNAKE OIL”? WRITTEN BY- DR KAREN PENDLETON


n December 20, 2018, President Trump signed into law the 2018 Farm Bill, legalizing hemp. This bill now amends the Controlled Substances Act of 1970 to remove hemp from the definition of marijuana and to subsequently open the doors to research and production. It is now deemed an agricultural commodity. Recall the history of greater than 8,000 years of continuous use of hemp in the world. Hemp was either grown and/or used by Cleopatra, Pliny The Elder, Queen Elizabeth, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and others. Staying informed and deciding what’s best for you relative to hemp is vital, as politics and medicine catch up with nature. So, let’s get enlightened! Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 80 chemical compounds found in the Cannabis Sativa plant called cannabinoids. Cannabis plants grown specifically to have a high CBD to THC ratio are called

hemp, whereas plants with more THC can be classified as marijuana. CBD products are legal in all 50 states if they are derived from an industrial hemp. CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it doesn’t make you “high.” Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the compound in cannabis that has psychoactive effects. In the United States, CBD is considered a dietary supplement if it’s made from industrial hemp plants. Some CBD products do contain a mix of CBD and THC, but there are plenty available that contain hardly any THC. When CBD is derived from hemp plants it generally has a THC level of 0.3% or less. Full spectrum hemp contains a wider array of the CBD compounds, making the product very beneficial, thus preferable. An isolate of CBD is still valuable, but when you take full-spectrum CBD or whole plant CBD, it’s far more potent. A full-spectrum CBD contains CBDA, CBG, CBGA, CBC and CBCA.

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Benefits of a Full Spectrum CBD product include: • Lower inflammation levels, i.e., anti-inflammatory (most diseases stem from inflammation) • Anti-bacterial • Pain-relief, i.e., analgesia • Possible inhibition of cancer growth, i.e., anti-cancer • Improved sleep quality, i.e., anti-insomnia • Lower anxiety levels and depression, i.e., anxiolytic / anti-depressant • Relief for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) • Possible relief from seizures, i.e., anti-epileptic and relief from spasms, i.e., anti-spasmodic • Promotes healthy blood sugar and insulin levels • Contributes to healthier cholesterol levels, thus contributing to the decrease in plaque formation… heart disease. • Supports the health of the gastro-intestinal tract, thus controlling nausea, vomiting and inflammatory disorders, e.g., Crohn’s Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) • Aids in managing skin disorders, i.e., acne, psoriasis and others • Helps to control ophthalmic issues like glaucoma • Addresses osteoporosis by stimulating new bone formation • Involved in reproductive and sexual health • Weight management, i.e., weight loss and appetite control, depending on how your body reacts to CBD

This all sounds unbelievable that a product derived from a plant, the Cannabis Sativa plant can address so many disorders / diseases of the body. But once you understand the endocannabinoid system (ECS), it makes clinical sense. The ECS was discovered in 1990 by Dr. Ralph Mechoulam. To maintain stability and health, the human body naturally produces compounds called endocannabinoids. They are responsible for homeostasis, i.e., regulation of following: breathing, body temperature, inflammation, immune response, mood, pain, GI motility, neuroprotection, hormonal balance, reproduction, sleep/wake cycle, blood pressure and tumor surveillance. Our body can easily get out of balance when it doesn’t produce sufficient endocannabinoids. That deficiency can cause severe pain/discomfort and many illnesses and diseases. When cannabinoids are absorbed into our system, they can imitate the compounds that our bodies naturally produce (endocannabinoids); and provide relief to numerous symptoms that our bodies commonly experience: inflammation, pain, nausea, anxiety and others. FYI: A statement from the National Institute of Health (NIH): “Modulating the ECS may have therapeutic potential in almost all conditions affecting humans.” Dr. Mechoulam discovered two main receptors in the body: cannabinoid 1 (CB1) and cannabinoid 2 (CB2). Each of us has our own endocannabinoid system (ECS), with cannabinoid receptors or CB receptors (CB1 and CB2) in the brain and throughout the body, which respond to CBD (and THC). And, it is CBD stimulation of our CB receptors that results in all the benefits including an increase in metabolism and the shrinking of fat cells. CB1 receptors are primarily found in the brain and when activated, play a role in memory processing, motor control and pain regulation. THC binds to CB1 receptors, where the “high” feeling comes from. CB2 receptors are found in the periphery, and primarily in the immune system. Thus, when CBD binds to the CB2 receptors, it produces anti-inflammatory effects.

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FYI: Hemp is a “bio accumulator,” which means it draws toxins from the soil that could potentially end up in the extracted oil.

The therapeutic effects of CBD are more pronounced when combined with other cannabinoids and chemical compounds, i.e., Terpenes in what is coined the “Entourage Effect.” The Entourage Effect is defined as the synergy of different compounds, which produce effects that would not be felt by the individual compounds alone. CBD is rapidly gaining popularity as a safe wellness and medical aid that offers similar benefits to prescription drugs, without the negative side effects. With this increasing demand for CBD, there are a plethora of companies in existence. Thus, the purchaser must become knowledgeable about making appropriate decisions on the sourcing of the product. If unsure, it would be prudent to align oneself with a healthcare provider versed in the evidence-based science of this beneficial oil, CBD.

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An informed healthcare provider should be able to determine for a potential CBD Oil buyer the following criteria: 1. The reputation of the company. Does it possess stellar quality control standards and outstanding customer support? Have they received a warning letter from the FDA about the marketing of their products? 2. Where does the company source the hempderived CBD? Is it in the United States; and is it extracted from the flower and/or leaves? 3. Does the company practice authentic thirdparty testing? This will determine the actual concentration/potency; confirm full spectrum CBD; how it is released from the plant, i.e., coldpress vs. supercritical CO2 extraction; and any contaminants, i.e., pesticides, herbicides, harmful solvents/chemicals, bacteria, mold and fungus like Aspergillus. 4. What are the various forms that the product can come in? Here is a list: tinctures/drops, softgels, capsules, sprays, lozenges, topical creams and salves, edibles, beverages, infused in food including spices and more. The delivery method is a personal preference. Speaking of preferences, vaporizing is another option. Vaporizing doesn’t burn the flower the way smoking does. Smoking releases toxins like in cigarettes. The “pros” in general, vaping is a cleaner, more discreet way than smoking to deliver the cannabinoids. The downside of vaping is that the oil may contain harmful residual solvents depending on the extraction process. 5. How is the CBD oil dosed in children and adults, based on current research, which also takes into account the ailment one is looking to treat?

Co-Founder/CEO of the concierge Lifestyle Medicine practice: Pair O’ Docs Bio-Rejuvenis. Affiliate, FitnessGenes Pro. Earned Doctor of Medicine degree from Tulane University School of Medicine; and completed Ophthalmology Residency and Fellowship training in Cornea and Refractive Surgery at the LSU Eye Center, both institutes in New Orleans, LA. Received continuing education from Tulane’s Institute for Culinary Medicine and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Passion is for patient education at the individual and community levels. Take a comprehensive approach to patient care, concentrating on the management of metabolic and hormonal imbalances; correction of nutritional deficits; and tailoring exercise physiology. Encourage each patient, their families and our communities to achieve health, personal fulfillment and the goal-attainment of “Be Healthy…Look Better…Perform Well.

Bottom line, the World Health Organization’s opinion is that “CBD is safe and well tolerated in humans. CBD oil is not associated with negative public health effects, nor is it associated with abuse potential.”

A final note to seriously consider before buying and using hemp-derived CBD oil is the potential for what is termed False Positive (finding THC) results on an inexpensive immunoassay urine and/or saliva drug screen. It is unlikely but possible, based on variations of individual metabolism. Here again is the critical importance of choosing an appropriate, high quality product. And, if False Positive results occur, one should ask for more sophisticated testing through serum or hair analysis. Having a documented letter in place by a healthcare provider would be exercising prudence.

Let’s recap some of the most appreciated benefits of a Full Spectrum CBD product. CBD Oil addresses inflammation/ pain, mood, sleep, skin conditions, sex and weight loss. If one is interested in making the decision to use hemp-derived CBD oil and having a letter, reach out to a knowledgeable healthcare provider. After spending significant research time on this article and the resource contacts that are possessed, I may be a good first step in helping you to make sound decisions regarding the acquisition of high quality hemp-derived CBD oil. DISCLAIMER: The information presented here is for educational purposes only. It is not intended or implied to be a substitute for the diagnosis, treatment, or advice of a qualified, licensed medical professional. You are encouraged to confirm any information obtained from or through this article with other sources and review all information regarding any medical condition or treatment with your physician.

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“I had been wanting to address the loose skin under my chin and the jowling around my jawline for a couple of years and when I saw an ad for Dr. Pennington, I scheduled a complimentary consult with her just to get some information. While I was there Dr. Pennington spent so much time with me, explaining all my options so clearly, really listening to my concerns and what I was wanting. I felt like I could instantly trust her. Before leaving the consult Dr. Pennington had put together a personalized plan for me that was too attractive to resist and I actually ended up scheduling my surgery for a couple weeks later. After my facelift


actual patient photos

with Dr. Pennington I felt 100% more confident in my appearance, I saw my before and after pictures and it was shocking, I no longer had the “family jowls” I was used to looking at in the mirror for the last few years. I work in the medical field as a nurse and it means a lot to me to have a nice appearance in my profession. My procedure with Dr. Pennington exceeded any expectations I had and I have such a natural looking result. I send all my family and friends to see her.” Late 50’s - facelift,eyelid and brow lift patient

AREAS OF EXPERTISE Facelift, Eyelid lift and Rhinoplasty (nose job) Injectable fillers and Botox Skin care, lasers, and chemical peels

Call 318.216.5366 today to schedule your complimentary cosmetic evaluation with Dr. Pennington

6030 Line Avenue, Suite 110 | Shreveport, LA 71106 | @ penningtonfacialplastics March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 53


9 T H A N N UA L

“An Evening for Healers”


Community Healers Heroes


t this year’s upcoming An Evening for Healers event that will be held at the Shreveport Convention Center on Thursday, May 2, attendees will hear the stories of three patients from across the state who experienced life-changing medical emergencies, and meet the heroes who brought them hope and healing right here in Shreveport. This will be the 9th annual An Evening for Healers, a fundraising event that supports LSU Health Shreveport and the most critical needs of the health sciences center, making it possible to continue the mission of educating tomorrow’s healthcare professionals, delivering outstanding patient care, and conducting promising research. LSU Health Shreveport faculty physicians provide life-saving care to patients, like the ones who will be featured at Healers, at the Ochsner LSU

Additional specialty services provided include:

Health Shreveport Academic Medical Center, North Louisiana’s only Adult and Pediatric Level 1 Trauma Center verified by the American College of Surgeons. What makes a Level 1 Trauma Center so unique? A Level I Trauma Center is a comprehensive regional resource and specialty care facility that is capable of providing extensive services to treat severe injuries. With the specialty care available and record response time provided by the trauma team, a patient’s survival rate can be dramatically increased. Having access to a Level 1 Trauma Center is not only crucial for patients in the region, but also for the educational mission of LSU Health Shreveport as an academic medical center to train physicians. LSU Health Shreveport offers two emergency medicine residency programs, with the Emergency Medicine Family Medicine (EMFM) residency

• St. Jude Affiliate Clinic at FeistWeiller Cancer Center, one of eight St. Jude Affiliate Clinics in the United States • Burn Center, the only burn facility in North and Central Louisiana

• Heart Failure Service Line • Epilepsy Clinic • Cystic Fibrosis Clinic, which is one of two in the state of Louisiana • Outpatient Ventilator Clinic

being one of only six in the nation. The American College of Surgeons evaluates and confirms that certain resources are available in order for a Trauma Center to receive Level 1 verification. A Level 1 Trauma Center must have 24-hour in-house coverage by general surgeons dedicated to trauma care and prompt availability of physicians who specialize in specific areas such as orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery, anesthesiology, emergency medicine, radiology, internal medicine, plastic surgery, oral and maxillofacial, pediatric and critical care, in addition to actively training residents, providing continuing medical education opportunities, and participating in research initiatives related to trauma care. The Ochsner LSU Health Shreveport Academic Medical Center also serves as a referral resource for nearby regions.

• Center for Voice, Airway and Swallowing, the only of its kind in the region • Sickle Cell Anemia Clinic • Bone Marrow Transplants

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• Facial Nerve Center • Pediatric Rheumatology and Urology • Cleft Palate Team • Pediatric Concussion Clinic


Past events have welcomed more than 800 attendees each the incredible dedication and strength of our community of year and raised nearly $2 million to support LSU Health healers. It is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase how Shreveport. Funds raised have gone towards purchasing our community’s support directly impacts the growth of the new physical therapy rehabilitation technology, supporting health sciences center, which in turn enhances healthcare for all of us,” said Ed and Mary Pat Morgan. student research programs, enhanced It is truly with the support of the technology in the student simulation community that LSU Health Shreveport center, and recruiting and retaining is able to continue saving lives and outstanding faculty that help to enhance training physicians, which is especially LSU Health Shreveport’s mission to Thursday, May 2 critical as our nation faces a physician teach, to heal, and to discover. Shreveport Convention Center shortage. Doctor Ed and Mary Pat Morgan 5:30 welcome reception “I look forward to An Evening will chair this year’s event. Ed is an 7:00 dinner for Healers each year. We are deeply Orthopaedic surgeon in private practice Tickets: $150 per person appreciative of the financial support with Willis-Knighton and an Assistant Sponsorships: start at $2,000 received through Healers, and the Professor in the Department of opportunity to educate the community Orthopaedics at LSU Health Shreveport. For more information, visit on the impact our health sciences center Mary Pat is a graduate of LSU School of has here in Shreveport/Bossier and Nursing and a community volunteer. Their daughter, Ali, is a second year medical student at LSU beyond. It is an honor to recognize the first responders, doctors, allied health professionals, and nurses who provide patients Health Shreveport. “We are excited and proud to participate in this event with live-saving care every day,” shared G. E. Ghali DDS, MD, benefiting LSU Health Shreveport! The evening celebrates FACS, FRCS (Ed), LSU Health Shreveport Chancellor.


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A collaborative approach to building and managing wealth. Financial Adviser offering investment advisory services through Eagle Strategies LLC, a Registered Investment Adviser. Registered Representative offering securities through NYLIFE Securities LLC (member FINRA/SIPC), a Licensed Insurance Agency. Matt Hudnall, MBA.

We’re proud to be a boutique financial strategies and consulting firm dedicated to helping clients maximize their wealth and protect their hard-earned assets. We are dedicated to our clients and we also maintain strong relationships with a variety of financial carriers to provide insurance and financial products for customized client portfolios. Our clients appreciate that we don’t believe in cookie-cutter financial approaches or a one-size fits all solution. Instead, we follow a meticulous process designed to address each client’s situation, goals, and risk tolerance.

910 Pierremont Road, Suite 107, Shreveport, LA 71106 Office Phone:

318-674-4490 Matt Hudnall, MBA, ChFC® with his wife Ellie O’Brien Hudnall, M.D. Page 56 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

Hudnall Wealth is independently owned and operated from Eagle Strategies LLC and its affiliates.




nce, while attending a cocktail party, I caught on fire. It was New Year’s Eve, and I had allowed myself to be roped into attending a party with a bunch of strangers. In 2001, no one carried cell phones. There was no Facebook or Instagram to prove that I, in fact, wasn’t sitting at home like a loser. It was simple. The invite to attend came. I took it. End of story. It was freezing that night in New Orleans, as I scampered up St. Charles and into a charming old bungalow from which party lights and music boomed. As I ripped open the front door and slammed it behind me, the room of pre-med strangers grew silent. I’m not sure which was more intrusive, the rush of cold air that blew in with my entrance or my ostentatious New Years’ Eve outfit. My inherited family mantra “go big or go home” was most assuredly not appreciated by this crowd. Grinning, I shot a sideways glance at my date and mouthed the words, “get me a drink.” My festive attire was a Christmas gift from my mom. She had attended a holiday open house

at a local boutique where she undoubtedly paid too much for the most fabulous jacket in the history of human kind. It was a kneelength, form-fitting, black overcoat that tied under the bust. The neck and cuffs of the coat were outlined with a perfectly married mix of black feathers—some long, some short. To finish it off, an understated glitter swirl pattern danced across the fabric. I paired it with some black tights, black spandex shell (no brassiere required) and black boots. Y’all. I was DYNOMITE! To cut the tension, I did what any selfassured, mature adult would do, I kept drinking. And sure enough, little by little, the volume in the room returned to normal. I began making conversation with the other party-goers. We talked about LSU sports and the weather and the home décor in the living room. The homeowner had an affinity for Mexican bobblehead animals. She also loved tea lights. Both were peppered throughout the home. As my insides began to warm up, I became more and more interested in the bobbleheads. As I chatted with my newly established friends, I leaned over, tapped an armadillo to create the bobble that cracked me up and swiped a cracker. I took a bite. I don’t remember much of what happened next. I do however, remember a flash of light and the look of terror on my date’s face. Once again, the room grew silent. There was heat. There was a lot of patting. I was stripped of

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 57

my jacket. And then there I stood—in a bra top and tights in a silent room full of once again strangers. I looked like a turtle that had been de-shelled. And then I inhaled the smell of burnt hair. I stopped drinking, but everyone else at the party kept going. As the night progressed, people got clever with their comments and jokes. I wasn’t quite ready to laugh it off as the feathers were still melted in my hair. I was also pretty sure that my mother hadn’t yet made the first payment on my newly destroyed frock. I spent the remainder of the evening figuring out how to break the news to her. My New Year’s resolution

POOP happens a lot. You’re probably going to step in it. It’s ok. It washes off. BEING cooped up will make you crazy. Get out in the fresh air and heal your soul.

that night was to never again fall in love with something made of feathers. Fast forward to 2016. I was a welladjusted mother of 3, and I brought 4 chickens home from the local feed store. I’d like to say that it wasn’t an impulse buy, but I’m pretty sure that’s a lie. It was Easter, and there they sat in all their new life glory -- fluffy and fresh and warm under the glow of the heat lamps. They needed to be mine. After all, it had been 15 years since my feather catastrophe. Surely, I had grown more mature and exempt from such ridiculous heartache. On that very first day as chicken farmers, we made the number one

amateur mistake. We named them. And then we fell in love. We watched them grow. We watched them run and waddle. We discovered our first eggs. And much to our surprise, one of our “hens” started crowing. Shortly thereafter, that same “hen” began taking piggyback rides on the backs of the other hens. And so, out of necessity, we all received a sex ed lesson, where it was determined that the chicken does in fact come before the egg. Over time, our rooster, Freddie, grew larger and more territorial. He took his job of brood protector very seriously. His glossy long feathers and deep red comb were poultry perfection. The kids

ADULTING LESSONS I have learned from my chickens

THE pecking order does not just exist in the human world.

ALL females feather their nests. It’s completely normal. Make your living space SCRATCHING out comfy, clean and beautiful. a living is part of life — Then fill it with people For everyone. that make you happy. Page 58 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019


rooster may crow, THE HEN LAYS THE EGG.

made a game of chase a daily occurrence. They would creep into the backyard and see who could get the closest before they were discovered by Freddie. The game was as fun for me to watch through my bedroom window. The discovery and then the drop and run were my favorite parts. The game of chase remained funny until the day that Freddie decided to charge our neighbor’s laid-back chocolate lab. The result of that game was a pile of brown-red feathers. The murder scene was emotional. There were sobs and snot. We were heartbroken. My neighbor was horrified. The curse of the

WHILE harvesting your hard work, occasionally there may be a snake waiting to consume a piece of it. Be careful not to get bitten or wet your pants.

plume had descended on my household once again And so, we had a choice: 1. Throw in the towel on chicken farming due to the emotional damage it could inflict. 2. Press forward in hopes for more joy than despair. Today, after 3 years of chicken rearing, I can tell you option #2 has served us well. I have learned more about adulting from our chickens than from any other source. The biggest and most difficult lesson learned was the first. Death is a part of life. To date, we have lost Freddie, Lemon, Zomboss, Gertie, Hay Hay,

Speckles, and Lady. We’ve lost all but one to predators. As is turns out, chickens are one of the lowest on the food chain. We had named them all, and we continue to name them. Our motto has become: It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. The good lessons have far outweighed the bad. And for better or worse, I’m still in love with feathers. I just can’t shake it. Maybe I was a bird in a former life. But one thing is for sure, we built the bonfire pit well away from the chicken run. Because even though I am hopeful for the future, I’m not taking any chances.

TRY your best not to let other people ruffle your feathers. DON’T count your chickens before they hatch.The hatch rate is very rarely 100%.

FULL grown females have fluffy bottoms. It’s the way it is. Embrace who you are.

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 59

DON’T put all your eggs in one basket, especially when collecting the eggs in your work pumps.

BIRDS of a feather flock together. Be kind to everyone but find your flock.

Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch Saturday, April 20th


1 ............Spring Tennis Kick Off Party 7 ............Trivia Night 8.............Daddy Daughter Dance 9 ............5 K Neighborhood Run 10...........Jazz Brunch 16...........Tennis Mixer & Patio Party 16-17 ......MGA Event 26...........BINGO 26-28 ......Tennis Camp


4.............Trivia 5-7..........Member Golf Tournament 11...........Art Show 20...........Easter Egg Hunt & Bunny Brunch 21...........Easter Brunch 24...........Administrative Day 25-28 ......Tennis Member Guest Tournament

Beginning in March for golf weekly Couples, Junior Development and Men’s Scrambles

Contact us to learn more.

318.798.8300 | Page 60

*Southern Trace is not a licensed childcare facility and parents must remain on Club premises at all times. Membership is contingent on successful completion of the Club’s enrollment process. Other restrictions may apply. Contact the Club| for details. ©ClubCorp | LOLA MAGAZINE March-April 2019 USA, Inc. All rights reserved. 29957 1215 SMJ


While I don’t often stray far from my home on my chosen little AUTHOR HANS ROSLING

neighborhood street corner in a very comfortable and familiar part of Northwest Louisiana, I am always up for learning new things about different parts of the world. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


PRO TIP: This is a rare instance where I found it to be much better to increase the speed on the audiobook recording by 1.25. You won’t miss a thing, and it’s a much more conversational speed than the original recording.

t’s fascinating to learn how regular people live in other parishes, states, countries, and continents. Since we humans are now better connected than at ANY point in history, that is becoming much easier to accomplish (thanks internet!). Imagine my surprise, after diving into the book Factfulness, when any preconceived notions I may have had about “the rest” of the world were instantly turned upside down and wrong side out. Author Hans Rosling opens the book introducing some very broad, but eye-opening current statistics. As it turns out, the vast majority of people get these wrong too (glad I wasn’t alone!). Would you have guessed that across the globe, of the approximately 7 billion people on this planet, that 83% of 1-year-olds have received their proper basic vaccinations? What about the developing world? Shouldn’t they bring that statistic down a lot? It turns out that what most people consider to be the “developing” or “third world” is a much smaller percentage of global population than it once was, dropping from about half in the 1960s to a mere 6% today. That is a huge improvement in a very short amount of time. Life expectancy is another biggie that most people get wrong. The average life expectancy of all humans globally is actually 70 years! The past five decades have seen that number rise significantly thanks to medical advances. Many among us don’t realize just how much progress we humans have made.

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 61

The crazy thing is that most people GUESS that our world is worse off than it actually is. In fact if we chose answers at random as to the state of the global population, we would score much better. We have learned information that is worse than random, and having more education or income doesn’t make a difference. Even super smart people get these answers just as wrong. What’s the deal? Why are we so wrong about these? How did we get this way? How can we prevent ourselves from making the same mistakes in the future? Rosling explains that it is human nature itself -- the way we think and perceive things in the world -- that causes us to miscalculate so many of these numbers. Rosling goes on to illustrate exactly what it is about our way of thinking that keeps us from learning and viewing all of this readily-available data in a “factful” way. We aren’t just learning and remembering outdated information. The first problem is that our brain is hard wired to care more about dramatic information. We also all share the same ten common “dramatic instincts” for remembering the biggest or craziest or most dramatic things. Fortunately our love of dramatic (albeit not totally true) storytelling


can be overcome with the rules of thumb Rosling has developed. Just as people on a diet may crave fat and sugar, humans will still crave over-dramatic interpretations. The trick is to train yourself to look past dramatic stories in a way that will show you the true, whole picture. “Factfulness,” as Rosling defines it, is the skill to recognize the common types of stories that tend to get all the attention because they trigger our dramatic instincts. Looking at the true, accurate numbers about our global population in a factful way was more encouraging than I expected. I’m thankful for a new and better perspective on how to consume news and information going forward. As a nerd for all things data driven, I also really enjoyed watching the moving charts and illustrations Rosling and his team have developed at gapminder. org. You can literally watch global changes happen over the last 100 years and see that every culture, on every continent, is steadily improving in all measurable aspects over time. Most of them are actually making faster progress than we in the “Western” world ever did or could have ever imagined.

The DRAMATIC ATTENTION FILTER makes the world look more dramatic than it is

From all facts in the world

our attention filter selects the most dramatic

Based on a free illustration from

About the reviewer: Danielle Williamson

Hardcover Book: Barnes & Noble Books-a-Million

Richard is a graphic designer, owner of Richard Creative,

eBook: Kindle reader

in her adult life, as listening while doing mundane chores makes


and the art director of Lola Magazine. She is all about organizing and creating, and has been a book nerd her whole life. Audiobooks and podcasts have become a near-obsession for a much happier mama. Danielle is the mother of two exceptional children, and spends her days managing Richard Creative with her husband, James.

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rain Awareness. What is it? I am aware that I have a brain and that I use it occasionally, but what am I supposed to be aware of in particular in the special month of time? Brain Awareness is a special time set up to recognize the higher-order thinking processes called cognitive function that make us human and help us rise above the animal population. Most of the tips I give you here are truly no brainers as they are things that you already know and some of you already do, so this will just reaffirm that you are doing well and you are human! Some of us can benefit from these reminders as we get too busy to process all that we should and often fail to follow through. So, for those of you wanting to check on your progress toward being aware that you are human and have a brain, here are a few reminders of the things you should be doing each and every day as you celebrate Brain Awareness Month. Break a sweat. An overall healthy lifestyle which includes regular exercise is believed to boost brain health and to lower the risk of dementia. Partner up for a daily walk or hire a personal trainer to challenge you to new heights as a local gym. There are so many opportunities to get daily exercise. Did you know that gardening was one of the leading ways to exercise the brain and the body while getting the benefit of the rich foods that your body needs at that same time? Relaxing the body afterwards with an Epsom salt bath can also give the body some needed magnesium as

nutritional aid while calming those tired muscles. Get in touch with local fitness experts or join a local gym as there are a myriad of offerings in our area. Fuel the brain. Keep a hydrated body and brain. Dehydration can lead to short-term memory loss as well as a myriad of other issues in the body that ultimately affect the brain. The rule of water is to drink half your body weight in ounces of water daily just to maintain full function. Did you know that your brain uses 80% of your daily water intake to power it? So how much fuel are you giving your brain? Save the trees, use your brain instead of sticky notes or recording the memos‌to increase the brain power, fuel it with water. Feed the brain. The brain’s brain is the gut, so choosing good foods that are high in nutrition for the brain is a smart choice. The old adage you are what you eat holds true as more than 85% of Americans are magnesium deficient and this is only one mineral that is necessary to the brain health as well as gut health. There are lots of vitamins and supplements as well as shortcuts out there but truly there is nothing better than plain nutritionally rich foods. Your brain prefers colored foods because these bright-colored foods are rich in the vitamins and minerals that your brain needs to perform at full capacity. Fish oils and omega

Page 64 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

vitamins are good for you, but it is so much better to get all of this from eating the right foods. For help on getting in on healthy lifestyle and nutritional choices, contact a lifestyle doctor or specialist in our area by calling Wellspring 365 at 318.655.1259. Challenge your brain. Break a mental sweat. Doing what is easy for your brain does not give it enough challenge to grown and change so do what is difficult. Hire a personal brain trainer to challenge you to new heights. If you find that logic games and activities are challenging for you, do more of this. If puzzles are easy, try Sudoku instead. Get a personal fitness checkup with local experts. These assessments can be had for a small price with long-term benefits. Make your brain health a priority. LearningRx of Shreveport-Bossier is your local brain fitness expert and you should contact them at 318.797.8523 for an assessment or personal brain training. Protect your head. Remember that a hit to the head can lead to traumatic brain injury, which has a permanent effect on your thought processes as well as everything else that your brain controls. Wear helmets, seat belts and other protective gear when traveling or playing sports. Be proactive about brain health and particular about your head. For more information on this, contact ThinkFirst of the ArkLaTex at 318.226.0066. Maintain strong social connections. One of the leading causes of suicide is lack of social connections or feeling bereft without a go-to person to contact. Shreveport-Bossier is blessed to have so many resources to stay involved in our community. One way to stay connected and to give back is to volunteer your time. There are so many places that would love to have a volunteer at all ages; one is to contact Laura Alderman at StepForward 318.404.1755 as she can plug you in to great opportunities to form lasting social connections to the children in our community or contact Volunteers of America locally as they have many ways for you to get connected. Keep a healthy soul. Prayer and meditation can lead to a better outlook. Get involved with a local church that can help you find ways to nourish your soul. Get a daily devotional book or read the

Bible. Spend time focusing on the things outside your normal hustle and bustle by enjoying the beautiful nature gardens or lakes we have around the area. Destress your life. Put away the high-demand projects and things that eat your time and leave you with nothing but negative words and feelings. Do not engage in social media that dries you out but focus on the things that bring you joy and light. If your job is stressing you out, find an outlet to destress during that day such as time away mentally doing something you enjoy during breaks or plan time away to destress. Get a massage, read a good book, use scented oils, or simply paint your nails to feel more alive. Give out of nothing. This is the number one way to boost brain health. Give a smile, give a kind word or a thought to someone else. The brain actually is rewarded every time you give. Give to those in greater need than you. Give time. Give gifts. Give money. Pay for the food of the person behind you in the drive through or prepare an extra dish of food and drop it off at a senior center as a gift to someone in need. Go through your pantry and take cans of food to the food pantry. There are so many ways to give and you can even combine this with your social time and gets both benefits for your brain. Contact the Community Foundation at Send a card to a soldier or to a resident of a care facility. Go sit with someone in need at the Cancer Center or drive someone to their doctor appointments. Share your life. Not enough is said about this but sharing your life stories and experiences is incredibly good for the brain and boosts our selfesteem. If you do not know someone to share with or feel like you want to keep things private, contact a local counselor or therapist. These folks are there for a reason and are so willing to listen. Share your thoughts in a journal or a blog, even Facebook if you feel open enough to do so. Sharing is a necessary part of life and can greatly benefit brain health. Share with those around you because by doing so you open connections in your brain and form new neural pathways. Your schema is developed more fully, and you get deeper connections to the world around you. Share your joys and your pains, share your sorrows and your wins. Share your good times and your bad because after all this is what makes us human.

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DAREDesign to

Model LindaMarie Catanese Designer Cookie Dubois

Model Camille Schmoutz

Model Michael Angelo

Designer Donna Strebeck

Designer James Osbourne

Local Fashion Designers Lace up as the Fashion Prize joins the Prize Fest WRITTEN BY BY SCOTT “SCOOTER” ANDERSON PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRITTANY STRICKLAND March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 69


ince its birth as the Louisiana Film Prize in 2012, the Prize Fest has developed an ear for music, some strong business savvy and a gourmand’s touch. This year, Prize Fest will gain something else it has lacked – a keen fashion sense. A design competition called Fashion Prize has been added to the festival lineup. But before the designers

Model Nicole Haney Designer Ryan Williams

command the runway in October, they will face off in the Fashion Project, a qualifying competition that will take place at 6 p.m. May 31 at the DARE DayClub and pool at the Horseshoe Casino and Resort in Bossier City. Organizer Katy Larsen said the Fashion Project will be a spectacle to kick off the summer. “You’re going to drive up to the Horseshoe, and there’s valet right there, so you’re already going to feel so elevated,” Larsen said. “They go into the huge lobby and see all this crystal and gold and sparkly. Then you are ushered down the hallway to the DARE pool. When you enter the gates, it’s going to seem like you have entered this Greek garden. It’s going to have all these marketplaces set up, VIP cabanas and outdoor seating. There are two pools we are going to have on display with some great theatrical extras going on. “You’re going to want to wear something that breathes. You’re going to want it to be fun and funky. You’re going to want it to be loud. It’s the summer. It’s a celebration. People

should dress comfortably but fun. Show off. This is a fashion show. This is the one time to go overboard.” The two-tiered fashion competition is a collaboration between the Agora Borealis, which has hosted fashion shows since 2014, and the Prize Foundation, which hosts Prize Fest. Larsen, owner of the Agora Borealis, said this year’s competitions are the natural evolution of the fashion shows. The first show in 2015 was a Mardi Gras-themed event created with the hope to sell clothes off the marketplace floor at the Agora Borealis. “We are changing from being a fashion show geared to sell clothing to being a competition,” Larsen said. “We’ve paired off with another giant entity, the Prize Foundation. They already have film, food and music. Why not have fashion? We are bringing the fashion this year. I think that is super important. The collaboration is great.” Local designers applied to participate in the Fashion Project. Eleven were selected last fall, and eight still are competing. Those eight will

Model LindaMarie Catanese

Model Tina Craig Designer Brittani Shabazz

Designer Brittani Shabazz

Page 70 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

present a collection of 10 to 15 designs that will walk the runway. Each designer will then bring back out the outfit that epitomizes their collection. The judges will offer their critiques and choose three winners. Larsen said a fourth designer might take home the title of the Audience Choice Award winner. The winning designers will advance to the Fashion Prize, which will take place on “Fashion Friday” at Prize Fest in October. Fashion Prize competitors will present their collections again, along with two new pieces crafted from their favorite Fashion Project design. Larsen said that was a chance to show judges how they grow from the critiques they will receive in May. The Fashion Prize winner will receive a trip to New York to meet with a designer, go on a tour of the city and see several designers’ studio spaces. Larsen said she is proud to see what this annual fashion event has become. “It’s now grown into something where people can take pride in their own collection,” she said. “They’re no longer sticking to a theme. They have to create from their own backof-the-mind subconscious, or conscious entities around them. It’s just exciting. I am super stoked to see what comes out this year.” Designer Leah Golden

participated in last year’s fashion show. She said she is looking forward to displaying her unique designs without being tied to a theme. “This year, having a little more freedom, I am hoping to show off exactly what I have to bring to the table, what my style is,” Golden said. The designers say they appreciate the fact that this year’s competition has not lost the collaborative nature of previous fashion shows.

“I’ve met some wonderful people through this event that I wouldn’t have met otherwise,” Donna Strebeck said. “The other designers I have chatted with have been very kind, and I trust their opinions.” Brittani Shabazz is a relatively new designer. She is hoping to gain some experience and exposure, as well as learn from the other designers in the competition. “To be able to get into a competition with your peers, it’s inspiration and motivation to push you a little further,” Shabazz said.

Model Haley Brooke Designer Sherri Winseman

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 71

Model M. E. Breithaupt Designer Donna Strebeck

“Our city is a Mecca for creative energy and innovation.”

Model Tina Craig Designer Cookie DuBois

Just as the designers are ramping up their games for this year’s competition, Larsen is ramping up the production value of the Fashion Project with a vast team of sponsors, volunteers and friends of the event. Among those involved with the project are Clint McCommon from Fairfield Studios, and photographer Brittany Strickland. “She’s amazing and has an amazing eye,” Larsen said. “She’s not just a photographer; she’s an artist. That’s hard to accomplish in a time of handheld cameras.” Lighting expert Andrew Kirshman is returning to Shreveport from Colorado to help with the show. Kirshman worked at The Strand Theater before going to Colorado to continue training in his craft. “He is getting to come back and be in his home town and show off some of his skills he’s learned while being away,” Larsen said. “I think that’s a really proud moment. If you can get people who have moved away from Shreveport to be proud and be a part of something that’s here, I think that’s a success. That was the point of this show becoming so large this year. “Early work on the Fashion Project started back in the fall with photography by Brandi Cade and graphic work by Rachel Carlson and Jeremy Johnson. We will have some heavy hitters on the scene that Friday, like Jim Hayes, Bruce Allen and Stephanie Fernandez.” Models had to apply and be selected for the show, Larsen said. Seventy models will walk the runway, each presenting up to two looks each. And while a model walks the runway alone, there will be an entire support cast working backstage. Bryan Sullivan will bring a team from Chemistry Hair Salon to assist with hair and makeup. Miya Washington and her staff at Envy Beauty Bar also will be working with the models. Also, Milagreau Gardner will be creating stunning art on nails. Nate Treme will be creating unique musical signatures for each designer’s collection, with the help of sound engineer Landon Miller. Other sponsors for the event include Once Upon a Diamond, Skillzplus Entertainment, the Shreveport Regional Airport, Central Jet Services and The Sewing Shop. From contributing gift

Page 72 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

Model Rose McMaster Designer Leah Golden

Model Denille Miller Designer Whitney Warren

cards to teaching workshops and

support of others,” she said. “Nobody

volunteering time, space and talent,

does it alone. There is no ‘my;’ there is

Larsen said the success of the show is

no ‘me;’ there is no ‘I.’ It’s us, we and

dependent on the support it gets from

ours. I think that is the main thing

the community.

about the success of it. It takes a village.”

“You can’t do anything without the

Larsen also gave credit to her

fashion executive team, Tambria Bell, Jules Smith, Jade Kerouac, Mandie Ebarb and Jade Thornton, as well as the Prize Foundation and Gregory Kallenberg. “Two years ago, I whispered it in a little birdy’s (Kallenberg’s) ear, ‘We should include a fashion show.’ We hashed it out over the last year and put it into play at this last Prize event. It’s time to see it come to fruition. We’re excited about the opportunity to work with them.” Kallenberg said fashion was a great fit for the Prize Fest experience. “Hosting the Fashion Prize is a dream realized,” he said. “Prize Fest is one of the best in film, music and food festivals in the country. What’s the missing piece to make our city the focus of the creative world? Fashion. And, with the ability to join forces with the effervescent Katy Larsen, I have no doubt that the Fashion Prize will have all the glamour and beauty and power that will make Prize Fest glow brighter, and let the rest of the world know that our city is a Mecca for creative energy and innovation.”


@the.Agora.Borealis @theAgoraBorealis

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318-828-1645 @pretensesboutique

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Building Strong


INTEGRATE YOUR HEALTH with Dr. Nicole Cotter

hose of you who are my age will remember marketing campaigns from the dairy industry that set out to convince America that milk was necessary to have strong bones. In the 1980s, TV commercials told us that “Milk: It does the body good.” Later, we would see a barrage of celebrities with white mustaches asking if we “Got Milk?” Even Superman was pictured with his cape flying in the wind, muscular

arms crossed over his chest, white milk mustache in place, next to the statement “even if you’re not from Krypton you can have bones of steel.” What does it really take to have strong bones? Bones are part of our intricate skeletal system. They provide structural support to the body, aid in movement, protect internal organs, store minerals and are a site for the production of blood cells. We are constantly breaking down and building bone, a process known as bone turnover. Bone turnover is a normal and necessary process, dependent on an adequate and constant supply of nutrients. Some of the key nutrient players in bone health are calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, and vitamin K. We typically achieve peak bone mass, or the most bone mass we will have in our lifetime, in our 20s. The peak bone mass we achieve is influenced by genetics and lifestyle factors, such as diet and physical activity. Bone density decreases with age and the decline is facilitated in women around menopause when we lose estrogen and its protective effect on our bones. Youth and adolescence are extremely important with regards to bone health because it is during this time that we are building our bone mass. Lifestyle during this time will help to shape the

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 77

health of the skeletal system later in life. Osteoporosis is a skeletal disorder in which bone strength is weakened, putting an individual at greater risk of breaking a bone. Osteoporosis occurs when bone turnover is out of balance and the body loses more bone than it builds. Although bone loss naturally occurs with age, osteoporosis is not simply a disease of aging. There are other factors at play, including how much bone is built in youth, nutrition, exercise and hormonal status. Risk factors for osteoporosis include age, female gender, family history, ethnicity (Caucasians and Asians are at higher risk than African Americans), and certain diseases and medications. Smoking is detrimental to the bone, as well as excessive alcohol use. Bone density is measured using a dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) scan. This is a noninvasive scan done in a doctor’s office or hospital. The information from this scan is used to determine if your bone density is normal, low, or in the osteoporotic range. The information from a DXA scan can also be used, along with several other factors, to determine your fracture risk over the next ten years. Benjamin Franklin said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this holds true for bone health. The prevention of osteoporosis involves building strong bones when we are younger and minimizing bone loss as we get older. Kids should have adequate nutrition, meaning a varied diet rich in vitamins and minerals that supports a healthy skeletal system and limitations on inflammatory foods (like sugar and refined flours) that can negatively affect bone development. Regular physical activity in youth helps to build strong bones. The use of tobacco and alcohol in adolescence should be strongly discouraged, as both substances are harmful to the developing skeleton. As an adult, continue to eat an anti-inflammatory diet rich in bone-supporting nutrients. Eat enough protein. Don’t smoke. Don’t drink alcohol in excess. Weightbearing exercise, or exercise done while bearing weight on your legs and moving against gravity, is important for building and keeping strong bone. Do weightbearing exercise regularly, such as walking for 30 minutes a day. Muscle-strengthening exercises are also useful for building and maintaining bone density. If possible, avoid medications that increase bone loss, such as corticosteroids and some heartburn medications. Supplements are frequently used to increase calcium intake, but they are not always necessary or recommended. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, for example, does not recommend calcium or vitamin D supplements in healthy individuals who are not deficient. The best way to get bone-supporting nutrients is from the diet. The recommended daily allowance for calcium in adults is 1000-1200 mg, depending on age. Foods rich in calcium are green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds, beans, fish, and dairy. Vitamin D can be obtained from fatty fish or fortified foods, but most vitamin D is obtained from synthesis in the skin when exposed to the sun. Foods rich in magnesium are dark green vegetables, legumes, grains, and nuts. Greens and other vegetables also provide vitamin K. There has been concern that getting Page 78 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

Muscle-strengthening exercises are also useful for building and maintaining bone density. too much calcium in supplement form may contribute to plaque buildup in the arteries, but a diet that includes calcium-rich foods appears to be protective. If calcium supplementation is necessary, it should be part of a broader strategy that also includes other nutrients vital to bone. So, what does it take to have strong bones like Superman? Eat well. Stay active. Give your bones the nutrients they need. Avoid things that compromise bone density. The best way to have strong bones when you are older is to foster strong bones when you are younger and to care for your body as it ages.

At Broadmoor Family Dental Care, our attentive staff is committed to your dental needs.

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your d BEAUTIFUL smiles for an Y H LT EA H g in id ov Pr

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whole family!

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Keeping it Real with Teri Netterville

Catching Dreams Page 82 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019


hortly before our father passed away, my sister Kimberly asked him a question that we all assumed we knew the answer to.

best quarterback who ever lived. He felt it was Terry’s destiny.

the sport. Although, if you asked Dad, there was no argument at all. Terry WAS the very

These two young athletes would eventually break football records at Woodlawn High

But before Terry could become the greatest quarterback of his generation, he needed a receiver who could help him We didn’t. His answer not only surprised hone his quarterbacking skills. Dad became me, it actually altered the way I looked at exactly that. He became Terry’s best friend dreams forever. and favorite receiver until Terry went into She asked, “Dad? Was it always your the NFL. So…it was in that dream to play in the NFL?” process that Dad “caught” In his weakened state, this dream that was Terry’s “You see, dreams he slowly turned his face all along. toward hers and as a smile are contagious. Dad was new to slowly crept across his face, Shreveport in that summer You have to live he answered in a low raspy of 1961. He was a young whisper, “No… It was Terry your life having 12-year-old baseball who had that dream. I just standout in the city of many dreams… caught it.” Alexandria until his family and following Dad could tell that moved to Shreveport, where Kimberly was caught off his Methodist preacher each one of them guard by his response so he father was assigned to no matter how they pastor a new church called continued, “You see, dreams are contagious. You have to Summer Grove Methodist come to you.” live your life having many Church. dreams…and following each It was while riding his one of them no matter how they come to you.” bike around his new neighborhood that Dad The “Terry” in his reply to her question met this tall, gangly, blonde-headed kid who was his very best friend during those pivotal would become among the most important teenage high school and college years. Terry’s people in his life. life dream was to become the greatest Terry convinced Dad that football was quarterback of all time. “king” in Shreveport…not baseball… This kid’s last name? Bradshaw. especially if Dad wanted the girls to notice him. (I giggle just imagining this conversation Yes, Terry Bradshaw -- arguably the between two young 8th graders.) greatest NFL quarterback in the history of

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 83

School, followed by more records broken in college at Louisiana Tech, eventually landing them both in the Louisiana Tech Hall of Fame. I bet Dad could never have imagined how his life would be altered by this one friendship that began when they were both fresh-faced boys embarking on their teenage years back in that pivotal summer of 1961. Have you ever thought of dreams as being contagious? I never had until Dad uttered those words to my sister. So many of the happiest and most successful people are living their dream right now. Some knew their whole lives what they were meant to do and be in this world, while others simply caught another’s dream along the way, allowing it to captivate and take charge of their own spirit as well.

becoming what we all grew up to know as the “Barnum & Bailey Circus.” This story is ALL about bringing dreams to life…and more importantly, bringing others along for that joyride. At one point in the movie, the character who plays Jenny Lind, one of the most highly regarded singers of the 19th century, sings a beautifully written and powerfully performed song to an entire auditorium full of men and women, who are clearly captivated by her voice. The song’s title is “Never Enough” and at one point in the song, Jenny Lind sings these lyrics: “You set off a dream in me.. it’s getting louder now Can you hear it echoing? Take my hand Will you share this with me? ‘cause darling without you….”

Dreams realized, no matter the route they took to get to you, are among life’s greatest joys. Bringing others along on that journey and helping them realize their own dreams in the process? That is one of life’s greatest privileges. It’s a gift of the heart.

And the song continues to swell with great emotion, echoing the sentiments that fulfilling that dream without the one she loves would never be enough.

When you look at dreams as being contagious or something you can catch from another, you begin to look at the people around you a little bit differently. You begin to hear things differently. When people speak about their own dreams, I pay better attention. When songs are written about dreams, the lyrics have more meaning to me now.

I will never forget the feeling that overwhelmed my spirit the first time I heard this song in the movie theater. The song was so powerful. The songstress’ voice was so beautiful. And as the lyrics of the song resonated the echoes of my father’s own words about shared dreams, I could sense my own spirit becoming completely overwhelmed.

A few months ago, I saw the wildly popular movie, “The Greatest Showman.” This movie is based on the true story of P.T. Barnum and his “Grand Travelling Museum, Menagerie, Caravan & Hippodrome,” eventually

In that moment, it dawned on me that what my father said wasn’t something new to this world. Clearly, the world already knew that dreams were meant to be caught, shared and fulfilled with those you love. Dad simply

Page 84 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

back when football was my only dream. Some dreams are just quieter. They sneak right up on you and come true before you even realize they’re there. But they were there. They were in you, somewhere, all along, just waiting to become your greatest blessings.”

expressed it for the first time in a way that captured our attention. I always believed, trusted and appreciated my father’s wisdom about life. But it wasn’t until eleven years later, in a darkened movie theater, that the truth of his sentiments regarding dreams fully resonated with my soul.

In this season that tends to be dedicated to romantic love, always remember that in order to fully and properly love others, you must fully and properly love yourself.

I finally got it. What my father was trying to say was that there are dreams all around us. Some dreams are chased, some caught and new ones constantly budding in the hearts of everyone around us. What a gift it is to us all to know that all we have to do is simply be present in the midst them all and patiently wait for our spirit to take hold of one.

Yes. Love yourself enough to dream the big dreams. Open your heart to the possibilities of catching another’s. Give your spirit permission to relish in the journey. And give God gratitude for all of it.

Being an entrepreneur, Dad was able to see and help many dreams become a reality. Some dreams were his own, while others belonged to those he loved and cared about.

For all of it is designed to inspire your spirit and captivate your soul…. ultimately propelling you to your ultimate greatness. And THAT is how you keep it real when living in a world full of dreams.

He once said of his very full and successful life, “I never could’ve imagined all of this

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THE MASTER SUITE (M.S.) has long been a haven for parents/adults to escape the seemingly endless responsibilities of life, work and children. It is a place to unwind, decompress and do nothing but relax, sleep and recharge. Most folks have an idea of what they want, but simply don’t have the time or skill to pull it together. Space: interiors has worked on over two dozen of these retreats and it’s our responsibility to make them as WRITTEN BY MYRON GRIFFING

stylish and comfortable as possible while also reflexing each individual owner.






The first M.S. on this list is our most recently finished. This room exudes a “Modern South� feel complete with fourpost bed and carefully selected pieces to reference antiques but in a thoroughly updated way. A muted palette of taupe, cream, gold and chocolate was used to give this space a rich, elegant feel without being austere. The walls are painted in two tonal colors which meet in the back corner. This layering of tone and texture mixed with subtle punches of blues is repeated throughout, giving this space a relaxed formality. Crowning the room is a playful, graphic wallpaper in chocolate, champagne and ivory. The movement in the paper changes depending on which angle it is viewed.

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Our second suite is in Minden, set within a plantation-style home atop a hill on 17 private acres. The room is ample sized (400+ square feet), giving us plenty of space to assemble what I refer to as “High Eclectic.” This style involves mixing differing pieces into an intentionally mismatched look. The pieces compliment each other rather than match. Actually, all of our spaces utilize this “mixed” look, which gives our spaces their uniqueness. This room exudes a calmness that is immediately felt upon entering. The smoky blue ceiling, ivory molding and light grey walls set the palette, which is consistently repeated in varying shades in the furniture, art and accessories.

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The third M.S. on our list has a modern, sexy vibe. A custom headboard by Casey David helps set the mood for this modern, elegant space. Custom velvet drapery by Virginia McKinnon adds a rich tone and texture to the calming palette of blue, ivory, grey and gold. We added a gorgeous muted blue/gold graphic wallpaper to the ceiling to help unify this large suite. Modern furnishings, seating and art give this room a clean, sophisticated vibe sans the fussiness and I love EVERYTHING about it!

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Our final M.S. is in the same Minden home as our #2 High Eclectic, and is actually a guest suite. But, since it was designed for visiting adults, I am including it. This room fits its setting perfectly with an antique fourpost bed, two seating areas and completely redesigned ensuite bath. I refer to this look as “High Country,” because the furnishings we selected hint to the past with antiques and distressed pieces. The muted palette of bone white and taupe gives this room a clean, understated elegance that showcases the items within. The custom drapery has a modern “camo” feel while the chandelier (designed by me) disperses an amazing shadow-play that mimics a forest canopy. A deconstructed chair sits askew a window overlooking a deer feeder on the grounds. This is referenced in the playful side table with hoofed legs. Another hoof-legged table acts as the TV stand on the opposite side of the room. The original “Cotton” painting by Anya Lincoln (New Orleans) anchors this side and injects the only muted color into this otherwise tonal palette. The ensuite bath is awash in luxurious materials and a modern-day trough tub, which again references the past. As you can see, each of these rooms has its own vibe and reflects the tastes of the owners. Everyone is unique and this should be reflected in their rooms. Which of these styles best fit you? If none, that is fine, let us help you find it!





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Uptown Center 4838 line avenue

in marCh



5821 Line Avenue Suite B • 318.210.0061

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Clicking That “Post” Could Be More Detrimental Than You Think

How Social Media is Affecting your Child’s Personality BY SADIE MCMASTER


f you had to guess how much time a day your tween or teen spends using social media, what would be your answer? Would you say 4 hours? Possibly 5? That number in itself seems like an exorbitant amount of time to spend on social sites, but research now shows that tweens spend an average of 6 hours a day on social media, while teens are spending an average of 9 hours per day. These numbers equate to one-third of your child’s day spent staring at a screen. This screen time is partly because tweens and teens of today have an immense need to have their phones in their hands at all times of the day.

A survey of 100 students showed that 74% said they sometimes use their cell phones when around family and friends and 18% said they always do. When asked how often they have their cell phones on them, 97% of the students claimed that they always have their devices. Cell phones, and smartphones in particular, have become such an essential part of everyday life, resulting in many adolescents forgetting how to communicate face-to-face. In turn, constant access to cell phones means constant access to social media. Do we ever stop to think, though, what this constant exposure and comparison to the lives of online

personalities does to the Generation Z cohort (those born between 1995 – 2012)? Could it be influencing children’s personalities? Historically, factors such as culture, birthplace, religion and jobs have shaped personal identity, but these factors gave way to very little individuality. In the world we live in today, where technology controls more parts of our lives than we care to admit, individuality is often shown through what is posted online for peers to see. The discrepancy here is that the content being posted by tweens and teens is often influenced by what they see on social media via friends, celebrities and social media influencers.

Page 92 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

Individuality seems to be the premise of to the situation, the pressure to adhere to societal standards does not stop why Gen Z feels the need to constantly THE HALO EFFECT post and share their lives online, but the once a picture, tweet or status update reality is that many tweens and teens is made. Moments after clicking the are trying to portray certain outward “post” button, there is the new pressure personas in order to fit in and stay to get a certain number of likes, shares, comments, retweets, etc. Teens have relevant in social circles. The pressure to stay socially relevant voiced that if they feel their picture has is heightened with mentalities such not received enough “likes,” they will as, “Pics or it didn’t happen,” or “Do it delete the post all together. Social media, for the gram.” These seemingly funny therefore, acts as constant feedback loop phrases that tweens and teens might where users can be both glorified and use daily actually create a sense of criticized for what they post. Is this urgency to keep peers updated through exposure to constant judgment really online posts. To add to the complexity healthy for children, who are already at

a delicate and impressionable age? Or is this trend adding to low self-esteem that can be so prevalent during the age of adolescence? Along with the exposure to the social media of their peers, the youth of today are also exposed to social media influencers who have become modern day celebrities for the Gen Z cohort. These influencers include bloggers and Instagram famous individuals who set the tone for fashion, travel, electronics and, above all, lifestyle. Most influencers have thousands of followers, but these followers can fall victim to the halo

The Halo Effect occurs when a few observed, likable attributes of one person causes another to suddenly like all the attributes of that person. A social media user may begin to follow an influencer based on a few likable style choices, but that user then begins to base their own style choices after the influencer, thus deriving their personal style from said influencer. March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 93

effect. The halo effect occurs when a few observed, likable attributes of one person causes another to suddenly like all the attributes of that person. A social media user may begin to follow an influencer based on a few likable style choices, but that user then begins to base their own style choices after the influencer, thus deriving their personal style from said influencer. Females seem to have a proclivity to be more influenced by what they see online in comparison to males, which factors into many young girls having body image issues.

outward appearance and, more alarmingly, their self worth from doctored photos of “how they should look.” To add fuel to the fire, the constant feedback loop that social media creates can start to wane on an adolescence confidence level, and ultimately self worth. Along with the constant exposure to social media, the normalization of online chat forums and dating websites has lent way to catfishing becoming a very relevant fear. Catfishing is the behavior of using a fictional online persona to lure someone into a relationship.

Living behind a screen is not something we envision for our children, but is something that is quickly becoming a reality

One of the most prominent body issues with young girls today is the “Thin Ideal.” The “Thin Ideal” is the major body type promoted on social media, and many teens feel that they must have a certain body to be socially accepted. Such an ideal is a large problem for females, who are under constant scrutiny to fit into the unrealistic box of perfect size and appearance. The constant exposure to heavily edited and photoshopped images of celebrities as well as “real people” further distorts young girls’ views of how they are supposed to look. This “Thin Ideal” has become such a dangerously accepted norm that there are now a number of easily accessible websites devoted to proanorexia and pro-bulimia. With all of this online chatter about ideal body types, it is no wonder that 4 out of 5 women now suffer from low self-esteem. Young girls are deriving their

This type of behavior has become so common that MTV made a series – titled “Catfish” and first premiered in 2012 – which exposes the deceptions of people behind the screen. Behind a screen, you can be anybody you want, and many social media users use their social networks as a shield from the real world. Creating a unique, though fake, identity through a phone is taking away the need for outward personal identity. So what is all this information really boiling down to? Do I believe social media should be banned and never used? Absolutely not - social media definitely has its place. I think social media, much like chocolate or wine consumption, needs to be used in moderation. Living behind a screen is not something we envision for our children, but is something that is quickly becoming a reality. Technology is going to advance, that we know, but this fact should not take away from natural human interaction. Let your child have an Instagram, but also encourage them to put their phone down during dinner and actually have a conversation with you. We can’t ignore social media, but we can make sure it doesn’t drive our lives and shape who we are.

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Summer Camp with a

PURPOSE Learning about God’s creation...


...and who we are

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Summer 2 019 schedule June 10-14

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“Home on the Ranch Camp”

(boys & girls, ages 8-12)

(girls, ages 9-15)

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Shreveport • Bossier City

Bricks 4 Kidz:

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Week 1- June 3-7 • Week 2 - June 10-14 Week 3 - June 17-21 St. Marks Music Camp- June 24-28

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8774KIDCAM, (318) 348-7914

Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge Summer Camps: 318-387-1114

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Ruston • Monroe


• Bayou Bowl Summer Bowling Camp: (318) 325-2062, • Bob Allen Dojo Summer Fun: (318) 651-7226 • CC’s Gymnastics Summer Camps: (318) 398-8485, • Just for Kicks Dance Camp: (318) 323-3771 • Ninja Training Camp At Tiger Rock: (318) 325-4754, • OCS Believe & Achieve Football Camp: (318) 325-6000, • Camp Calvert: (318) 397-0064,


• Camp Little Rebels Cheerleading Camp: or • FCA Athletic Camps: • Louisiana Tech Athletic Camps: • Northeast Louisiana Soccer Association: • North Elite Cheer Athletics: (318) 361-0909 • The Wellness Center: (318) 329-9100 • The Zone – Ruston: (318) 254-1111 • YMCA of NELA Sports camps: (318) 387-9622 • ULM Athletics Summer Camps:


West Monroe is n like this PLUS a ton full of useful local informatio ir event calendar. of kid-friendly events on the

Macaroni Kid Monroe -

• Bricks 4 Kidz Summer Camp: • ULM Young Scholars Camp:

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Join AAF District 10 for this 3-day convention to learn the latest advertising tips and tricks from national speakers!

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May 28th*

Game Builder’s Club

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June 3rd

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Camp weeks July 29 & August 5 to be determined; reserved for most popular camps!

All camps are Week-Long, Monday - Friday* with several options for Morning:

9am - 12:00pm

Afternoon: 1pm - 4pm Full Day: 9am - 4pm (Choose Day Camp Full Day option for week) Lunch for Full Day Campers is from 12-1:00pm *The week of May 28th will be a 4 day camp week. $160/$260 The week of July 1 will be a 3 day camp week. 9 am - 2 pm; $170

TUITION: Early Bird rates through March 31! Half-Day AM or Half-Day PM Camps: $175 Full-Day Camps: $325

Regular rates beginning April 1 Half-Day AM or Half-Day PM Camps: $195 Full-Day Camps: $375

SNACKS AND LUNCHES: Full Day Students must provide their own NUT-FREE lunch M-Th. Pizza provided Friday. We will provide light snacks similar to goldfish, pretzels, fruit snacks and popcorn. Please feel free to send an alternative nut-free snack if your child does not care for these.

THE FINE PRINT We understand life happens! Transfers between camps can be done with at least 72 hours notification at no charge pending camp availability. Each camp includes a $50 non-refundable registration fee. Please keep this in mind if you must cancel your camp experience altogether.

Register Now: Questions? Call or Text 318-540-9225 or Email

1938 E. 70th Street, Suite B, Shreveport, LA 71105

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n today’s digital world, many of us have experienced eyestrain of one form or another. Staring at your computer screen, smartphone, or any digital device for long periods can cause your eyes to feel dry and tired. As a result, one can develop blurry vision, eye fatigue, and strain. Fortunately, this should not cause permanent eye damage, but it sure can be a nuisance to our everyday life. So, why does this eye strain happen? A typical person will blink about once every 3-4 seconds. This is important because each blink will

resurface the eye with moisture. Studies have shown us that the blink rate can decrease in half when visually attentive tasks including computers, digital devices, video games, and reading are performed. Don’t even get me started on the blink rate on children playing video games. I once observed my oldest son not blink for 90 seconds while playing Call of Duty. The take-home point is this: As your blink rate goes down, the ocular surface will dry faster, thus causing eye dryness/strain.

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 99

Here are some tips to reduce eye strain: • Give your eyes a break. Use the 20-20-20 rule. For every 20 minutes of screen time, look at something at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds. • Reduce screen glare with a matte screen filter. • Sit about arm’s length from your computer and position the screen so that your gaze is slightly downward. • Lubricate your eyes with an artificial tear if they feel dry. • Be careful of too much glare from other lighting in the room. • Do not have the screen of your device significantly brighter than your surroundings. • Sharpen the contrast on your screen.

Special considerations for contact lens users:

Dryness and strain from devices can be worse in this group of people. • When your contacts are bothering you, take a break from them and wear your glasses. • Never sleep in your contacts. Yes, even the “extended wear” contacts. • Clean your contacts appropriately. If you find this to be a burden, switch to daily disposable contacts.

Amber lenses do a fantastic job of blocking blue light and cutting down glare especially during daytime and overcast days. However, caution should be employed when using these glasses for night driving because any amount of tint in glasses will decrease the amount of light entering your eyes. In general, this is not optimal for night driving. Things that can help in night driving are: • Keeping your windshield clean on the inside and outside. • Making sure your windshield wipers are in good condition. • Cleaning road grime off of your headlights. • Wearing your most current prescription for glasses with an anti-reflective coating. (This is also good for decreasing digital eye strain.) I hope that this brief overview helps your understanding of digital eyestrain and blue-blocking lenses. If you try these tips, I feel that you should get some relief from this condition. However, if your eyes continuously feel red, blurry, strained, or sensitive to light, do not hesitate to make an appointment with your eye doctor. We have several other treatment options that we can explore for you.

Another common question that I get asked pertains to the harmful effects of blue light from digital devices and blue-blocking lenses. By far, most of the blue light that we encounter comes from sunlight, not our computer/ smart phone screens. As a result of this, I do not typically recommend blue-blocking lenses for digital eyestrain, but counsel people more on the things I discussed above. However, I do feel that blue-blocking lenses can be helpful at night. There is good evidence supporting that blue light from digital screens can interfere with our sleep patterns (circadian rhythm). In general, our bodies associate blue light with daytime. When we spend time in front of our digital devices and their associated blue light emissions at night, melatonin production can decrease. When this happens, it can take longer to fall asleep and make it more difficult to wake up after sleep. Ideally, we recommend no blue light exposure 3-4 hours before bedtime. For many people this is not realistic, therefore I do believe blue-blocking lenses have a role in this setting, especially in people that report difficulty sleeping. Page 100 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019


GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE – ALL ON YOUR SCHEDULE! I help busy women get a meaningful weekly workout at home so they look FABULOUS, feel healthy, and are full of energy! Are you looking for a workout that will get you massive RESULTS fast? One that fits into YOUR schedule? Do you want to have FUN while getting fit & fabulous? Congratulations! Your search is finally over! I’m Lauren Fox and my passion and mission in life is to help you FEEL GREAT, LOOK FANTASTIC, and LIVE LONGER with my one of a kind Celeb Barre class! I believe I have found the “fountain of youth” with this fusion class which incorporates arm work, barre work, cardio dance, Pilates & yoga stretch. Come join me on Lauren Fox On Demand & get in the BEST shape of your life - all on YOUR schedule!

Love, Lauren March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 101

who helps the



nassuming, quiet, and introverted to live in their truth and I can’t even live are a few words that come to mind in my own?” I agreed, however, I also regarding Sonji Tarver. I first met Sonji acknowledged that would be a brazen when she and I worked as case managers move for a family therapist with over 20 and facilitated services for an agency that years of experience in the mental health services the top 2 percent at-risk youth in field to admit that she too suffered from the state of Louisiana. She and I would mental health issues. Several thoughts often exchange pleasantries, participate raced through my head and I shouldered in office chatter, discuss difficult cases, the angst I thought she would’ve had: or have a lunch date here and there, but How will people view her when they find I truly didn’t know her. We both parted out? Will this negatively affect her career? ways with the company and we hadn’t Will her clients feel she is unequipped to do her job? Because in my mind, it was made contact in years. Then this past September, my phone one thing to be a mental health advocate, rang. Sonji was on the other line, along but it was another thing to be a clinician with my best friend who is her co-worker, who admits to having mental illness. and she had a request. She wanted me to Nonetheless, I stood in solidarity with host her upcoming Mental Health Gala Sonji and supported her decision. On Saturday, October 13, 2018, I in her native Winnsboro, LA. don’t think any of us in attendance Sonji explained that it had were prepared for Sonji’s been difficult for her to personal testimony at the secure a host because conclusion of her “Hear Me, of people’s fear of Help Me…The Mind” gala. public speaking and With bravery, confidence, and she thought of me. unwavering conviction, Sonji Hesitantly, I agreed. shared her battle with mental She and I met to discuss illness with a room full of the gala and plan the Sonji Tarver friends, family, colleagues, and program itinerary. However, a few days after we met, some complete strangers. In listening to Sonji’s story, it became Sonji called again. She informed me that she had been encouraged by a close quite evident that she was no stranger friend to share her own personal story to overcoming challenges. Sonji, her with mental illness. Sonji stated, “How mother’s only child, recounts her first can I host an event and encourage others bout with mental illness when she was

in high school. During this time, her mother was battling cancer and would often have Kirsten Gladen uncontrollable anxiety attacks. Sonji was also involved in an abusive relationship with her high school sweetheart and began experiencing depressive symptoms as a result of her mother’s illness, the abuse, and the absence of her biological father with whom she rarely maintained contact. Sonji recalls, “I felt weird and strange.” She said things really started to worry her when she began having what she described as abnormal premonitions, wherein she feels that she is forewarned and can see events before they occur. It was at this time that Sonji also says she began seeing a “star” or some sort of hoovering/flickering object that she could only see. These experiences caused Sonji to have insomnia and stay up for days because she was afraid of what she was encountering and fear that nobody would believe her. Sonji never spoke of these instances. Silence would become a way in which Sonji felt she must cope with challenges.

Page 102 | LOLA MAGAZINE | March-April 2019

Sonji eventually went on to attend and graduate from Grambling State University in 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Therapeutic Recreation. While there, Sonji was sexually assaulted by a male, an incident that she never reported. He threatened her and told her that if she said anything, he would do it again. Sonji remained silent. She then relocated to Texas and worked as a community-based mental health specialist. It was in Texas that Sonji was forced to acknowledge her mental illness for the first time. Sonji felt as though she was truly unable to control her thoughts and behavior. Sonji said everything compounded, “I called my co-worker one morning and told her that I no longer wanted to live.” She further stated, “The premonitions, not being able to sleep, my mother fighting cancer, and the assault all just became too much. Plus, I still couldn’t understand why my father never really wanted a relationship with me.” Sonji’s co-worker ultimately accompanied her to the hospital where she was admitted and released after two days. Sonji spoke of this with no one else. After the release from the hospital the depressive symptoms continued, and anxiety attacks began to occur on a frequent basis. Things took a turn for the worse in 2004 when Sonji returned from Texas and on her first day back in Louisiana, she was robbed at gunpoint. Her anxiety level then reached an all time high. Sonji developed a phobia of being in public places, isolated herself, and felt helpless. Sonji said, “I just didn’t know what to do. I thought I was going to lose my mind.” But, Sonji remained silent. That same year, Sonji met her now ex-husband. They would go on to get married and have twins, a boy and a girl. Sonji recounts that the marriage was contentious, and she would often be told by her then husband not to say anything about the things she was experiencing.

She said, “He would say, don’t tell people, they will think you’re crazy.” Sonji did as she was told and didn’t say anything. It was in 2012, as Sonji sat on her front porch, that she said an idea dropped into her spirit again, an idea that she initially conjured up while attending Grambling: to embolden and empower young women -- the antithesis of what she was

Don’t forget about the mind! Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.” experiencing at that time as a wife and mother silently embattling mental illness. Sonji created Divine Pearls, a non-profit organization that stands for Pure, Elegant, and Responsible Leaders. It was with this venture that Sonji became a voice box for young women and focused on building self-esteem, character, and living with divine purpose. In a short period of time, the organization’s membership increased and gained momentum. Sonji and her girls, as she likes to call them, could often be found committing acts of kindness through the “Sowing Love” initiative wherein services are performed to show appreciation to EMT’s, police officers, and hospital staff. It was also at this time that Sonji began attending therapy. Although the primary focus was to save her ailing marriage, Sonji found solace in finally speaking out about her issues to somebody else that would hear her and actually listen. She was being affirmed for the first time in her life. Ultimately, her marriage failed, and she and her ex-husband’s divorce finalized in 2018. But that didn’t silence Sonji. Her mouth continues to be a megaphone to tear down the “stigma” of mental illness

and her initiatives continue to be a vehicle to promote change. Sonji quips, “The first thing people think is that you’re crazy.” To that point, famed researcher and professor Brene’ Brown at The Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston wrote, “Dehumanizing always starts with language.” And, let’s face it, who wants to be called crazy? So, to combat that, in late 2018, Sonji began “Green Table Discussions,” a peer-to-peer approach and an ode to national mental health awareness (the nationally recognized color is green) wherein attendees can attend bi-weekly forums and learn about a particular mental health diagnosis from a person living with the diagnosis. Sonji states that these forums serve a purpose, “I want to enlighten people on understanding a diagnosis and to let them know there is a name for what you’re going through.” She further states, “Don’t forget about the mind! Your mental health is just as important as your physical health.”

In speaking to Sonji to devise this story, it struck me that mental illness itself can be much like how I previously perceived her personality -- unassuming, quiet, and introverted. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) reports that:

March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 103

• 1 in five adults experience mental illness within a given year (43.8 million). • Half of all chronic mental illness begins by age 14 (the same age of Sonji when she first experienced symptoms), but there are normally decades between onset of symptoms and receiving help. • Mood disorders, including major depression, dysthymic disorder and bipolar disorder, are the third most common cause of hospitalization in the U.S. for both youth and adults aged 18–44.

These statistics depict a grim reality that all given special gifts, talents, and abilities. many people are living in silence and wait until Counselors and therapists are equipped they reach a breaking point to receive help. to help and we should be utilized.” Sonji Ironically, I could not locate sufficient statistical vented her frustrations with some of the data on clinicians who live with mental illness. misconceptions. “I hate when people say Why you may ask? One word -- stigma. This is just pray about it.” Although Sonji notes largely due to the reasons why I worried about that a strong spiritual vortex can assist, the Sonji coming out about her illness; clinicians problem could be much bigger and require don’t report issues out of fear of diminishing professional interventions like therapy, and their professional credibility. in some cases medication management. In fact, there are seven types of stigma She wants those who are suffering from that keep people silenced. Sonji experienced persistent and chronic symptoms to know Sonji Tarver and self-stigma, a stigma resulting from a person it’s not a phase or just a few bad days. It Kirsten Gladen internalizing the stereotypes and prejudices of could be mental illness. She offered this the public. And I too harbored a stigma as a mental health scenario, “If you were drowning and a lifeguard came to save specialist, a health practitioner stigma. It is a stigma allowing you, you’re not going to say, just leave me here…I’m just going stereotypes and prejudices to negatively affect a patient’s to pray and the Lord is coming to get me. No! You’re going to care. I realized that it was therapeutic for Sonji to divulge take the help. Trained professionals in mental health should be her personal struggles. Her dialogue has come to catalyze viewed the same way. We can serve as a life line.” her personal transformation. She is no longer silent, living in In October of this year, I will once again stand with Sonji fear, or afraid of stigma. Being a clinician living with mental in solidarity as I host her 2019 masquerade-theme gala illness can help her movement and show her clients that they befittingly titled “Removing the Mask.” This year, however, I are not alone, inferior, or misunderstood. Sonji says, “We are will be attending stigma free.

She opens her arms to the poor and extends her hands to the needy

he mission of Proverbs 31:20 Ministries is to show God’s love by providing assistance to single women or single mothers who are struggling to make ends meetwhether the need is to pay for utilities, home repairs, yard work, or to buy groceries, clothes, furniture, etc., we want to help. If you need assistance or know someone who does, please contact our ministry.


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The good years are goldenFill them with friendship and fun at Azalea Estates Assisted Living and Retirement Community. LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE. Schedule a tour today to learn if Assisted Living is right for you or your loved ones. 1 BR, 2 BR and Studio Assisted Living Apartments available including our brand new Memory Loss and Dementia care secured wing. Housekeeping, Laundry Services, 3 meals served table side daily, enriching activities and excursions, around the clock companion care and our dedicated and compassionate staff make Azalea Estates the premier Assisted Living community in NELA.

4380 OLD STERLINGTON RD MONROE, LA 71203 318-350-6576

To schedule a personal tour, contact us at (318) 343-1626 or email at March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 105

th Hosted by the Shreveport Opera Guild on March 15, 2019


The name’s Bond,

James Bond. C

ome March 15, Shreveport’s Opera lovers and party goers will dress in their finest for an over-the-top event at the Petroleum Club: Casino Royal - The 0070th Secret Agent Gala. This first of its kind event holds nothing back as a full-on Bond experience. You will be greeted by Bond girls at the door, men in black tie, and ladies in glitzy attire as the stage is set for an interactive Casino Royal where Shreveport Opera singers will mix and mingle in the crowd belting out notes while others dance the night away to the tunes of The Good News. Stakes have been raised at the professional casino tables, where guests will win coveted prizes as they gamble for the goods.

Photo Credits: Clint McCommon and Jack Charity

Not only will the 0070th Secret Agent Gala celebrate the accomplishments of Shreveport’s Opera as one of

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Buy tickets, a table, or be a Secret Agent sponsor for the complete Bond experience through the Shreveport Opera Guild at their website:

the oldest companies in the country, but will also benefit the Shreveport Opera Express, known as SOX. An award winning children’s program, SOX offers educational performances to our school communities exposing children to musical arts that would otherwise have no access. Every year, SOX singers are recruited to live in Shreveport as our professional opera singers after a nationwide search. This program is the only opera education and outreach program in Louisiana.

920 Pierremont Suite 110 318.946.8698 Open Mon-Thurs 11-8pm Fri & Sat 11-9pm

Featuring Fresh House Made Pastas, Panini, Soups and Salads

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Celebrating 10 Years

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14 to Celebrate

(national pi day)

Einsteins’ birthday!  Tour Our Facility Learn About  Brain Training

 Meet Our Staff  Play Brain Games  Eat Pie! March 9

March 14


Chimpanzee Can’t Make it on Discovery March 14th? STOP BY ANYTIME! Days

Shopping Center


Shopping Center Shoppes at


Learn how you can unlock the potential of your brain and be on your way to becoming a modern-day Einstein at

Saturday March 16

March 16

8856 Youree Dr., Ste D | Shreveport, LA 71115

318.797.8523 |

March 16 & April 13


March 18-23

Battle of the Gumbo Gladiators

March 23

Bloom Festival 2019


March 23

Aseana 12th Annual Spring Festival

First Annual

AFE AWARNESS Golf Tournament and Dinner

March 24

March 22-23

March 30

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10:30 AM- 4 PM

North Louisiana’s

Join Us for a Piece of Pie on March

March 30

April 4-6

CORK Wine Festival

NWLA Heart Walk

Press Release

April 6


his annual gala to support the Shreveport Little Theatre

and Academy will bring the excitement of the fashion runway and theatrical costuming to the Margaritaville Resort Paradise

Yoga Farm Fest

Theatre! The show will include fun, lively theatrical entertainment from past and current shows

Press Release

A Fashion


throughout the event! Guests will also enjoy a brunch buffet,

Costume Show

Mimosas and Bloody Marys.


April 13 for SPONSORSHIPS,


April 13 Contact Jamie at the Box Office (318) 424-4439

April 26

A Fashion and Costume Show TICKETS or INFORMATION

Derby Day



Shreveport Little Theatre · 811 Margaret Place · Shreveport, LA 71101 •





May 2 FOR TICKETS/SPONSORSHIPS: SARA COLEMAN May 4 All proceeds benefit operation and productions at STRONGTREEMASSAGE@GMAIL.COM Shreveport Little Theatre




The Woman’s Department Club WDC is now poised to of Shreveport for 100 years, celebrate its Centennial proceeds productions 1919 to 2019, benefit has focused itsoperation and SATURDAY, MAY 18 vision on the empowerment of Shreveport Little Theatre 6-6:30 Social women for the promotion of 6:30-7:30 Program in Auditorium educational and artistic growth in 7:30-9 Reception Shreveport and surrounding vicinities.


visit: and Facebook May 18

May 31

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April 6

North Louisiana’s


9007 Mackey Court • Shreveport • Phone: (318)841.8368 March-April 2019 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page•111


We’re here to help you live a longer, more vibrant life.



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Since I have known Holly, she has continued to make great strides to support the small community of medical school students in Shreveport. Her willingness and ability to develop relationships with her clients is what sets her apart.

We traveled 300 miles to Shreveport in an effort to find a home that would be a comfortable, safe, and quiet study environment for our medical education. Holly was able to find us the perfect home in just one day! -Bradley Ber-

-Alex PercleFirst Year Medical Student Thibodaux, Louisiana


First Year Medical Student Thibodaux, Louisiana

Each Office Independently Owned and Operated


318.754.7039 |

So much more than a fun place.

Ansley perfected her smile before her wedding with clear aligners at Cosse and Silmon Orthodontics.

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