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Morgan Trahant Lang, DDS | GeauxSmile.com | 318.861.0700 July-August 2018|| LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 1 SHREVEPORT NATCHITOCHES


42 Hostess with the Mostess Your guide to hosting out of town guests with thoughtful details and delicious meals 78 Mixing Styles Laurie Gautreau mixes tones, textures, and styles to create stunning interiors 29 Girls Get Grilling Tips for becoming your family’s grill master 7 St. Jude Dream Home 2018 The inside scoop from the designers 97 The Boss Of Southern Cuisine Chef Harris’s Old Fashion Lemon Pound Cake



21 Backyard Summer Splash Making a splash with summer style and family fun 18 Summer Must Haves Our hot list of niceties for sizzling summer looks

52 Dorm Room Décor Transform any dorm room from drab to fab with function and design 60 Nit Pickin’ Back to School Bugs Finding humor in parenting’s biggest pest, head lice 8 Brecken Strong A family battles childhood cancer with tremendous love and community support



48 Integrate Your Health Louisiana Superfoods pack a punch for more energy and a healthier lifestyle. 73 Drug Store Dupes Lola Ladies share their beauty secrets with their favorite drug store products 56 Do Not Go Gentle into That Great Night Tips to battle the progression of memory loss 14 For the LOVE of the Game Taking a look at tennis and its rise in popularity among women

31 Preserving Your Family History The heart and soul of family heirlooms 82 Keeping it Real with Teri Netterville The Butterfly Effect 35 Lola Lady Ainsley Herlevic Generations of generosity, strength, and passion 104 From Her Perspective Brandy Evans


40 The Red River Revel An inside peek at some of Louisiana’s most talented artists 89 Downtown Monroe’s Castle Hall The royal renovation of a historic gem 68 American Cancer Society White Out Cancer Gala Getting ready to party with a purpose 100 Events

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vacations down and it is only July! That’s right, two vacations in one summer! I still can’t believe that I took that much time off. The past two years have been so jammed packed with other obligations for my family and me, vacations have been a luxury we had to put on the back burner. That being said, one of my favorite quotes is, “You have to work hard to play hard,” so I decided to take my own advice. Now, I will not pretend that my time off did not make me a bit anxious about playing catch-up when I returned, but I certainly did enjoy my time with family and friends. As I sat on the beach, watching my kids build a crooked sandcastle and drinking their fifteenth juice box of the day, I had a minute to reflect. I grabbed a crumbled-up water park flyer and an almost dried up marker to write down my thoughts on what I believe in at this stage in life. There really is something about salty air that can renew your soul and clear your mind. I soaked in every minute of my vacation but when the week was over, I was ready to come home to Louisiana. I was excited to get back to work on bringing you this issue of Lola Magazine. In this July/August issue of Lola Magazine you will find everything you need to make the

best of your long summer days and prepare to take on “back to school” in August. Our “Hostess with the Mostess” shares tips on making out-of-town guests feel like royalty during their summer visit. Get the scoop on all the hottest summer essentials in our exclusive “Summer Must Haves”. If you have kids headed off to college, see our “how to” on turning a dreary dorm room from drab to fab. Get a good laugh about parents’ biggest pest- head lice! Find out all the scoop on The Red River Revel and The American Cancer Society White Out Cancer Gala. And don’t forget to get your tickets for “Lola Party Presents Havana Nights” to be held September 8, 2018. It will be a celebration to remember! I hope that everyone gets some time away from the daily grind this summer. We all need a chance to take a breath of fresh air, let our hair down, and make new memories. Even if it is as simple as a baby pool in the back yard; light the grill, turn on your favorite tunes, pour a cold drink and enjoy some time with the ones you love.

Cheers, Bevin


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Brittany Strickland Jarrett Warren Misty Swilley Wallace Lee

I believe that sometimes I believe in sibling the worst circumstances relationships. Some can be can show you the very some simple, best the world has to offer. complicated, but regardless, the bond is strong. I believe “no makeup days” can be more fun I believe there is more and bring more laughter good than bad in our than all the fancy events world. Modern day media you will ever attend. has many thinking the opposite, and that is the I believe that you can real shame. be just as connected to people who appear to be I believe a few days on your opposite as people the beach really is good who seem to fit your for the soul. mold.

I believe gratitude is a choice and gratitude will bring happiness, even in darker times.

I believe in having conversations with older people and taking their I believe that parenting advice. They have been is tough and the absolute around much longer than greatest honor a person we have, and they know can have. Take it seriously more than we do. ninety percent of the time, and the other ten percent I believe in family, and just let them be little. I believe in friends that truly become family. I believe in achieving big dreams but enjoying the little things in life more.

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VISION is our


Please call for appointments


1801 Fairfield Ave., Suite 207, Shreveport www.ShreveportEyeSpecialists.com

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We do...

SPECIALS • Botox $10 per unit • Juve’derm $425 per syringe

Grant S. Glover, D.D.S. FAMILY DENTISTRY Cosmetic Dentistry

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A courtyard home inspired by one of the greatest cities in America… this year’s St. Jude Dream home, built by Rodgers Homes & Construction in Lost River Estates in Benton, is clearly inspired by the courtyard homes in New Orleans, LA. But that’s where the comparisons end. We at Space: Interiors have taken a thoroughly modern approach to this historic style home. Our overall theme this year is “A Study of Neutrals.” In comparison to last year’s St. Jude’s dream home with its rather stark palette of black, white and cobalt blue, this year we went in a completely different direction. Bathed in varying shades of taupe, cream, ivory, mushroom, gold and punctuated with patterned wallpapers, it displays a purposeful lack of color. That may sound a bit boring and blah to many, but folks, I’m here to tell ya, it AIN’T! As you enter the home via a black door of steel and glass, your courtyard experience begins. A full outdoor kitchen greets you along with a fireplace, comfortable seating area (Corner Collection on Line), and a charming small side yard complete with fountain and lush plantings (Hooglands). You immediately feel the serenity and charm of a New Orleans vibe. A separate guest suite is tucked discreetly into the front corner of this area. Electronic shades (Quality Shades & Shutters) can be raised/lowered at the touch of button. From the outdoor area, you enter the main house

where you are met with a vibrant wallpaper of gold, ivory, chocolate, and taupe. The “color” of every other surface in the home is pulled from this paper. Proceeding into the main family area you are now immersed in a huge open area with varying textures, tones, and patterns devoid of traditional color. You will notice there is a very calming effect to this muted palette. It forces your eye to focus on the details and materials, and how they seamlessly coordinate with each other. Modern furnishings and art (Haverty’s) provide an additional layer of muted texture and pattern to the space. As you meander throughout this spacious home, it’s the small touches and details that catch your eye. The hints of gold and silver in the lighting, the texture of the fireplace tile, the oversized parquet flooring (Henson’s), and the varying graphics of the wallpaper (Caddo Paint) all work in harmony with one another. The Master suite and bath are jaw-dropping and something to see! Trust me, folks, it is WELL worth the trip to Benton. Philip Rodgers has truly outdone himself this year. There are few (if any) things more important than saving the life of a child, and there are even fewer organizations that do it better than St. Jude’s. The St. Jude Dream Home will be open to the public on weekends starting on July 7th with the giveaway on August 12th. Tickets can be purchased at www.stjude.org.

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 7


View more photos of the completed Dream Home at readlola.com


Brecken Shadow Owens


The Battle of Childhood Cancer


f you are ever looking for a great steak, you can find one at Beau

Vine’s Steakhouse in Ruston. If you are lucky enough to be friends with owner, Rob Owens, he will make you feel like part of the family by sending an order of hot, New Orleans beignets to your table, on the house. Page 8 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

Rob and his wife Valerie (Val) are those kinds of people. This vivacious, Ruston couple never meets a stranger and makes everyone feel at home. Rob will charm you with his quick wit, and Val lights up the room with her good-time vibes and contagious laugh. Val was born and raised in a small town in Mississippi. Rob is a good ol’ boy from Ruston with deep family roots. The two met in Biloxi, Mississippi, celebrating with friends on bachelor party and a going away party. After winning a big hand at the Three Card Poker table, Rob decided to try his luck on the dance floor. Rob claims that he caught Val staring at him due to his slick dance moves, and so he decided to introduce himself to the pretty blonde. Although she pretended to be uninterested, she did tell him that he “had pretty sweet moves for a white boy”, and this is where their story began. Eight years later here they are, together, going strong with one fierce story to tell. At the age of 36, Val had almost given up the dream of becoming a mother, but on April 4th, 2016, Brecken Shadow Owens, a healthy, beautiful baby boy made his debut into the world. Becoming parents has been without a doubt the greatest blessing for both Val and Rob. They embraced all the joys and struggles that young families face. Up until a few months ago, Val and Rob were your typical, hardworking, young family, raising a beautiful, energetic two-year-old and getting ready to welcome a new baby girl. They enjoyed going to Louisiana Tech football games and the swimming pool with friends. They would sit on the porch watching Breck run wild in the yard, reading farm animal books to him, and watching his face light up when feeding the fish at their home on Lake Classic. Life was simple- good but simple. In March of 2018 “normal” for the Owens family came to an unexpected and heartbreaking halt. Like most

young children, Breck came down with the occasional cold or an ear infection from time to time, never anything out of the ordinary. In early March Breck began to run a low-grade, run-of-themill fever. Val thought maybe he was getting his two-year molars or had come down with a typical fever virus. She took him to the pediatrician as a precaution, and as expected the doctor reassured her that he, in fact, had a little virus. The following week Breck’s fever was lingering and spiked to 104. At this point Val knew something was wrong and took him for a second opinion. In hopes for a better explanation for his high fever, the doctor decided to conduct a blood test and urinalysis. After waiting several hours on test results, the doctor came to Val to inform her that the test came back abnormal and although uncertain, Leukemia could be a possibility. Val’s heart sank. Leukemia, the word that no mother ever wants to hear. Val called Rob who was out of town at the time, but she was too frantic to speak. The doctor took the phone from Val’s shaking hands and told Rob that he needed to get home as soon as possible. Rob had a gut feeling that something was not right and was already in route back to Ruston. That night, after taking Breck to the local emergency room, the doctors informed them that they would be traveling by ambulance to LSU Shreveport where they would spend a sleepless night. The next morning an entourage of doctors entered the hospital room with Breck’s diagnosis- acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The head physician explained to Val and Rob in their panic-stricken state that Breck needed treatment immediately, and they would need to leave the following morning for St. Jude Children’s Research Center in Memphis, Tennessee. Within 48 hours their world had been turned upside down. They went from thinking their baby was teething to the harsh reality of childhood cancer.

The next morning they faced another whirlwind of emotions and difficult decisions. From day one, Val and Rob were surrounded with love and support by friends and strangers. Several of their friends knew that driving to Memphis with Breck being so ill would be extremely hard on all of them, and they arranged for a private plane to fly the family to St. Jude. Val, eight months pregnant at the time, was advised by her doctors not to fly due to her risk of preterm labor. Rob, Breck and Rob’s brother, Jim flew from Shreveport to Memphis. Megan, Rob’s sister, volunteered to drive Val the six hours to St. Jude. For Val, these six hours were the longest of her entire life. Rob and Breck arrived at St. Jude in a little over an hour. They were immediately embraced. It is often said that once you go to St. Jude, you become a part of the family, and that is instantly how they felt. Not knowing what to expect, they were terrified beyond imagination, but they felt warm

The founder of St. Jude, Danny Thomas, said, “No child should die in the dawn of life.” and hopeful upon arriving. They were face- to-face with childhood cancer, sick children with scars and beautiful bald heads, but they did not see sadness at St. Jude; they saw hope and that is what St. Jude is all about. Hope. The first week of treatment was tough, very tough. Breck was immediately taken to have a port put in above his heart. He endured a

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 9

spinal tap for bone marrow samples and was given a final diagnosis, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) B-cell. Although any type of childhood cancer is devastating news, Breck’s diagnosis is the type to hope for. ALL B-cell is a “standard risk” childhood cancer. It is highly curable with long term treatment plans. Breck’s specific treatment plan is a two to three-year plan broken up into three phases: induction, consolidation (also called intensification), and maintenance. Breck’s treatments began with vincristine and steroids. The high doses of medication took a toll on his little body. He quickly went from a vivacious, happy little boy, to a very sick kid. The heartache that Val and Rob felt was consuming, but with the love that exudes from the staff and other families at St. Jude, they faced their heartbreaking challenge together as one family. In the midst of living in Memphis, away from home and family, Val was getting ready to give birth to her and

Rob’s second child. On the first of May, Vale Catherine Owen, made her arrival, perfect and nearly identical to her big brother. Baby Vale was born six hours from her pink and white nursery that had been prepared for her, but she was surrounded by love from her adoring daddy, her beautiful mommy and her biggest fan, her big brother, Brecken. Val juggled, for lack of better words, her unique situation like a real-life supermom. Val shared her humor with hilarious Facebook posts comparing her post-delivery photo, complete with furry slippers and messy bun to Princess Kate’s post-delivery photos. “Step aside, Kate Middleton. #iamwoman.” In reality, Val did indeed put even the fabulous Princess Kate to shame. Rob posted to Facebook referring to his wife’s supermom status, “You may not be able to see her cape, but it’s there…. Not many women can join the exclusive, “I had a baby while my other child was at St. Jude club” … but she did. She’s the bravest, most loving, determined, wonderful mom out there.” The Owens family brought new meaning to the term “divide and conquer” the weeks following Vale’s birth. Rob spent his time with Breck while undergoing treatment, and Val took on the new baby duties. It was not easy, but exhausting to put it mildly. There were days that even people like Val and Rob felt defeated. Watching their precious baby boy endure the painful beast of

cancer and the persistent exhaustion of caring for a newborn, away from home, seemed at times more than they could handle, but they forged on as a team and they prevailed. When Breck had good days they would dance, and they would celebrate. When his days were bad, they were long and painful. There were tears and prayers for strength, yet the next day would be faced with hope and resilience. On Father’s Day, June 17th, Brecken was discharged from St. Jude and the Owens family was released to go home to Louisiana. Breck must undergo an additional 120 treatments over the next few years, but for now, they were going home. They had left Louisiana in pieces as three, and they were returning together, stronger than they ever thought possible, as a family of four. They made a quick pit stop on their way home to document the journey with a family photo in front of the “Welcome to Louisiana” sign. Val posted the photo to share the news of their return home with the words, “I guess I left it in Louisiana, Blowing in the wind, Hiding in the quarter, Gotta get back there again, To the sweet sounds of the bayou, Let it wash right over me, Make me whole again, Bring back that missing piece. That I left in Louisiana.” Val, Rob, Breck and Vale are undoubtedly loved by their family, friends, community and thousands of strangers who have prayed and given to them in every aspect possible. Operation #baldforbreck inspired friends and family of Rob and Val to shave their heads to express their support. The operation was a huge success locally, and social media posts came from all over the state. Newsfeeds were filled with bald

Page 10 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

heads and the hashtag #baldforbreck. A Go-Fund-Me, St Jude Leukemia Warrior Fund, was created and quickly raised nearly thirty-thousand dollars for the Owens family. Local Ruston restaurants rallied together an “eat local campaign” and raised over ten-thousand dollars. Val and Rob are loved. They are loved because they love in return, and they donated funds from their supporters right back to St. Jude. Although they felt the enormous waves of love and support immerse throughout their time in Memphis, friends at home had one more surprise up their sleeves. Before Breck’s diagnosis Rob and Val were living in Rob’s late grandparents’ home. Rob deeply values family, and it was an honor for them to have the opportunity to raise their growing family in the house filled with his own childhood memories. Thinking that time was on their side, Val and Rob had plans to do significant renovations to the home before the arrival of Vale and throughout the upcoming year. Renovation plans came to a halt after Breck became ill, and the plans of home improvements were put on the back burner- or so they thought. While the Owens were away, an army of lifelong friends put their variety of skills together and completely renovated the home.

They were able to remodel bathrooms, the kitchen, update the living areas, the master bedroom, and create both Breck and Vale bedrooms of which dreams are made. They returned to a home that had undergone an “extreme makeover”, a perfectly manicured lawn lined with life sized “welcome home” signs, a perfectly organized garage and the fishing dock was equipped with a brand-new feeder especially for Breck. Val and Rob agree, they will never be able to express their gratitude sufficiently for the labor of love they were surprised with when returning home from such a trying time. Rob said, “If anyone ever wants a lesson on love and support, here it is.” Val and Rob Owens will never be the same as they were the day before their lives were turned upside-down by Breck’s diagnosis. “Normal” days

will be filled with more gratitude than ever before. Sitting on the front porch watching their little boy play in the yard holds more value than all the riches of the world, and stressing over the small stuff is undoubtably a thing of the past. Val looks back in hindsight and knowing what she knows now she realizes that the signs were there. Breck was very sick, and it was clearly more than a typical fever virus. An illness of this magnitude, leukemia, was unimaginable. At the time there was no way of knowing; a twoyear-old cannot tell you how sick they are. It is so important to both Val and Rob that childhood cancer awareness is widespread, and that St. Jude Children’s Research Center continues to be supported by donors so kids like Breck can be cured and keep playing.

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 11

The founder of St. Jude, Danny Thomas, said, “No child should die in the dawn of life”. Danny Thomas dedicated his life to his mission to end childhood cancer. He also said, “I’d rather have a million people give me a dollar than one give me a million. That way you’ve got a million people involved.” Breck’s treatments over the next two to three years would cost over two million dollars if not for St Jude. His treatments will not cost Val and Rob a single penny. Every dollar that is donated to St. Jude is significant. Every donation given, no matter how big or how small, is given to the fight of ending childhood cancer and in return is saving thousands of lives, precious lives like Brecken Shadow Owens, the beautiful, blonde, little boy who loves to feed the fish.

Care for new mothers


Momma is HAPPY


A specially trained caregiver by your side 24 hours a day, overnight or hourly...on your schedule

4700 Line Avenue Suite 111 • Shreveport

Service provided by

(318) 424.5300 Locally owned since 2011 State Licensed • Insured • Bonded • CPR Certified • Background Checked

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n u F p U g n i v r e S

at Southern Trace Country Club

th 4 Y JUL h n wit Celebratio and pool party

n the Freedom o works e Fairway Fir rk! after da


•Trivia Night •Carnival BINGO •Pool Luau •Summer Camp •Swim Lessons •Tennis Mixers •Golf 9 Hole Groups

Contact us to learn more.

 Weekly Taco Tuesday, Chef’s Fresh Seafood Specials, Friday Night Live Music!

318.798.8300 | southern-trace.com

*Southern Trace is not a licensed childcare facility and parents must remain on Club premises at all times. Membership is contingent on successful completion of the Club’s enrollment process. Other restrictions may apply. Contact the Club for details. ©ClubCorp USA, Inc. All rights reserved. 29957 1215 SMJ

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Tennis For the Love of the Game


f you already play tennis, you understand what all the hype is about. Tennis’s






among ladies in recent years. Why is tennis such a great sport to play? Many experts agree that tennis provides major health





emotional and physical gains; it can add years to your life. Tennis engages your mind and body at the same time and, as a result, tennis players are healthier, less stressed, more socially

Squire Creek Country Club welcomes Scott Smith

We would like to welcome Scott Smith as our new Director of Tennis at Squire Creek Country Club. Originally from Knoxville, Tennessee, Scott has over 30 years of teaching experience. Scott played at Walters State Community College and then transferred to the University of Tennessee. He worked for the prestigious Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy in the early 80’s training such stars as Andre Agassi and Jim Courier. Scott then moved on to direct some of the top clubs in Florida such as the River Hills Country Club in Tampa, Meadows Country Club in Sarasota, and Treasure Island Tennis and Yacht Club in St. Petersburg. He also

served as Tennis Director and Club Manager for ten years at the Cayman Islands Tennis Club, where he directed the largest junior program in the Caribbean with over 200 children per week. For the past twelve years, Scott has been the Executive Director/Tennis Director at Vineyard Youth Tennis on Martha’s Vineyard. Scott’s program has been featured nationally on the Tennis Channel, where he directed the program that led local children to win six Massachusetts State High School Championships, not to mention the many regionally ranked players as well as collegiate players produced. He won the New England Facility Manager of the Year, USPTA Regional Pro of the Year, and the Industry Excellence Award while in New England. Scott is also very active in tennis organizations when he is not on the court,

serving as USPTA District President for two different counties, serving on the USTA Eastern New England Board of Directors and at one time contributed a weekly tennis column in the Tampa Tribune Year.  Lastly, Scott produced, and hosted Tennis Talk with Scott shown on local television station MVTV.  Scott most recently competed in the USPTA National 55 & over Grass Court Championships in Newport Rhode Island where he reached the finals. Scott is excited to get men, women, and children of all ages and levels involved in the fun and exciting tennis program at Squire Creek. When not on the courts, you can usually find him in the gym lifting weights/running the treadmill or spending time with his wife of 27 years, Rhonda Cardoso-Smith. Scott can be reached at (774) 521-4370.

Page 14 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

active and simply happier when involved in the sport. The physicality of the sport is a major aspect of tennis, but the social aspect adds another benefit to the physical and mental improvements tennis can bring. The fun atmosphere and positive vibes that surround the game boosts its popularity among women and families. Camaraderie between tennis players seems to be a bond that is only understood once you grab a racket and get on the court. The best part is that it is never too late to start playing; tennis is a lifelong sport. Whether you’ve played for years or never picked up a racket, there are several programs in our area for players of every level. Tennis can also be a family affair. Many ladies have gotten their husbands out on the court and it is an excellent sport for kids. Tennis teaches sportsmanship, discipline, coping skills and again, it’s just plain fun! Tennis is a sport that allows you to develop skills for many years while making new friends and having a great time along the way. If you want to give tennis a swing, there has never been a better time to do it.


Chanelle Carter began playing tennis only a few months ago. We asked her how her experience has been since deciding to try tennis for the first time.

After hearing that my New Year’s resolution was to pick up a lifetime sport, my husband, Neal, surprised me with a Tennis racquet for Christmas. Thanks to my friend, Katherine. She picked it out and wrapped it for him. Team effort!

Have you met new friends or gotten closer to old friends though tennis? For sure! I love the connections that I have made with people in the community, many I may not have otherwise had a chance to meet. When I started, I did not know anyone, since then I had made some wonderful friends through USTA, OWT, and Squire Creek.

Did you have any reservations about signing up for your first lesson? Having never played tennis before and not playing any other type of sports for quite some time, I was definitely nervous about being able to pick it up quickly, but that’s what makes it fun. You can start without having ever played and if I can pick it up pretty quickly, most anyone can.

What has been your favorite part of tennis? One of my favorite things about playing tennis has been having my husband play, too! He had been so supportive of me learning how to play and I was surprised when he agreed to give it a shot. It is a lot of fun to be out there together. Playing mixed doubles is definitely one of the highlights of our week!

How did you feel after your first lesson? I was excited! My first lesson was the Ladies Beginner Clinic at Squire Creek, and we had an awesome

Southern Trace Tennis WRITTEN BY RHONDA TERRACCIANO Starting a new hobby at a new place can be intimidating! The staff at Southern Trace Country Club in Shreveport aim to make it as easy as possible to join in on tennis fun - no matter your level. Some players want to get on the court and hit for exercise, some want to play just for fun with friends, and some want the thrill of team competition.  New tennis players have the option of group beginner lessons or a private lesson. Southern Trace hosts weekly club leagues for all levels of play as well as multiple teams organized for league play. Many tennis mixers scheduled throughout the year also provide an opportunity for Southern Trace members to interact with one another at a social level.  For those wanting to get their heart

group with a variety of skill levels. I had actually forgotten that you can have fun and get a good workout in at the same time.

Where did your initial interest in tennis come from?

pumping, Southern Trace offers cardio tennis. There are regularly scheduled, and incredibly fun, tournaments organized for members, their guests and non-members. Southern Trace makes it easy to participate at any level with our online court reservation system for our beautiful courts. Tennis is a lifetime sport, and Southern Trace can begin to develop young players with Junior Development and Quick Start programs for

kids. After play, players have the option of lounging under the fans at the pavilion or enjoying a delicious lunch at Arthur’s Grill with friends. Need childcare? Trace Kids has you covered. Whatever your playing style or needs, you’ll find it at Southern Trace - along with great friends, beautiful courts, and tasty food. Tennis at Southern Trace is not only great exercise, it promotes health and wellness by different avenues — the encouraging environment to help increase and maintain strength and endurance and the social benefits from a team sport. It’s a fact that tennis players lead longer, healthy and active lifestyles. Please come by to tour our facilities, have all your questions answered and get out on the courts to start your new favorite hobby! Please contact Roni Reeves or Rhonda Terracciano for more information at (318) 798-8300.

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 15

There is a REASON

TEN Squire Creek is excited to welcome renowned tennis pro


Page 16 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

NNIS love STARTS with

Ruston, Louisiana | Est. 2002

Membership options available • squirecreek.com July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 17

Summer School is out and Summer is in! Sport this season’s hottest trends with these items from some of our local retailers. From bright nails to fun pool floats, Lola has what you need to stay cool all summer.

Wine glass, King Hardware & Gifts

Beach towel & bag, King Hardware & Gifts Waterproof bluetooth outdoor speaker, online Hat, Paper Tulip Corkcicle, King Hardware & Gifts

Page 18 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

Must-Haves Sunglasses, Shreveport Eye Specialists, Dr. Russell Van Norman

Grilling seasonings, Tubbs Hardware

Pillow, Kings Hardware & Gifts Yeti Rambler, Tubbs Hardware July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 19

Page 20 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

We didn’t realize we were

Making Memories We just thought

we were

Having Fun SlowTide Round Towel 60x60” and 100% super soft & absorbent cotton velour with off-white tassels. L.E. and Chalk


Shreveport Eye Specialists, Dr. Russell Van Norman


Hari Mari Dune FlipFlop Memory foam toe post, footbed channels away water and grips feet, firm arch for all day wear, non-marking boat safe outsole, soft insole. L.E. and Chalk

Page 22 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

Backyard Summer Splash

“Why helloooooo, Summer, we’ve been waiting for you!”

Just as bright and cheery as our favorite Lola ladies, long summer days offer the chance to have simple fun keeping the family happy and memories flowing. Now that summer is here, grab those easy memories with the family by taking it down a notch and channeling those 1980’s summers of carefree fun. Bicycles, bubbles and water balloons are all that is needed to make take-in special moments together. Though fancy fun is great (who doesn’t like water parks and vacations), what the kids remember are the carefree moments with their parents throwing a ball or making wishes on dandelions. Simple summer fun is easy breezy; put away the technology and simply play with the kids. Jump into the fun! To have fun is to be happy and to be happy is to be young. Kids want to see parents smile, laugh, and be carefree. Here’s to wishing on dandelions, catching fireflies, and a summer filled with S’mores!

Carefree Lola Ladies FUN Guide

• Picnic like a pro - blanket, food, and drink or for a quick picnic grab a rotisserie chicken from the grocery • Make a tent in the house or build a tent fort outside • Nature Walk - grab the water and hit the trails • Bike Ride - Louisiana has beautiful bike trails or ride around the neighborhood for easy fit fun July-August Page 23 | LOLA 2018 MAGAZINE | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August | Page 2018 23

• Board games are always a hit • Bubbles - The Internet is full of bubble solutions, make a vat of bubbles and try for the really big ones • Hula Hoop - Have a contest with the kids, bean bag toss to the hoop, or create a hoop obstacle course • Kabob Night - let the kids make their kabobs to grill

Jack Mason Dive Watch Maintaining the design of a technical watch, the Diver Watch 42mm blends the functionality typical of a diver with elevated details. A highgloss black dial features green superluminova markers, stainless steel case, and rubber strap. L.E. and Chalk


Shreveport Eye Specialists, Dr. Russell Van Norman

Grayers Gingham Summer Twill Short Sleeve Shirt Classic, ultra-soft, lightweight and comes in a loose weave that breathes. L.E. and Chalk

Howler Hat

(pictured on

cover) Paradise hat in slate blue.

Not too high and not too low, fully adjustable with perfect summer artwork. L.E. and Chalk

Faherty All-Day Short Also called the “beach-to-bar” short. Quick-dry and all the technical aspects of swimwear with a bit of stretch for increased movability. Finished with an inner drawstring, meshlined side and back pockets, and a zipper fly closure, it’s expertly crafted for all day functionality. L.E. and Chalk


(pictured at right) Shreveport Eye Specialists, Dr. Russell Van Norman

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Everythinggood, everything magical happens between the months of

June & August ~Jenny Han~

July-August Page 25 | LOLA 2018 MAGAZINE | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August | Page 2018 25

Beau tiful Your



4200 JACKSON ST. • MONROE, L A • (318) 387.9995 • KEYMILLWORK.COM Page 26 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

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ALWAYS welcome in the back!

318 Carroll Street Shreveport, LA 71105 (318) 865.2250

4001 Viking Dr., Ste. A Bossier City, LA 71111 (318) 747.7020

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Early Morning and Late Afternoon appointments

Dr. Daniel Crawford • Dr. Lauren Wallace • Dr. Shannon Backofen • Dr. Susan Chidlow


• Don’t peek! Every time you lift the lid, heat escapes and the cooking time increases. • Remember to keep the air vents open, otherwise the fire will go out. • Use a spatula not a fork. Forks puncture the meat and allows the juices and flavors escape.


Tips for becoming your family’s GRILL-MASTER

• Check the temperature of the meat with an instant read thermometer. It checks the internal temperature of meat and poultry. It is always better to be safe than sorry when grilling meat. • Preheat your gas grill with all burners on high or wait until charcoal briquettes are covered with a gray ash. • Oil the food, not the grates! • Cook with the lid down–it reduces the cooking time • Never cook on a grill that is hotter than 600°F. • Clean the grill grates with a brass bristle brush–before and after you cook. • Place food “across” the cooking grates so thin items don’t fall through. • Flip only once halfway through the cooking time. • Brush with BBQ sauce only during the final 10-15 minutes of the cooking time. • Always let your food rest before cutting into it.

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w e d d i n gs e n g ag e ments b r i d als boudoirs


preserving your loved one’s

Family History


ou have strong, exuberant women in your family. Maybe you already know your nana’s favorite game show, your great-aunt’s secret cherry pie recipe, and your older sister’s love for sewing. You know how your mom likes her coffee and your grandma’s favorite Sunday drive excursion. But how well do you really know your family? Most of us don’t know much. In fact, we hardly scratch the surface of our loved ones’ life stories. Do you know what your grandmother spent her childhood days dreaming about? Do you know about your aunt’s wild college days? Do you know where your parents went on their first date? There’s a heart wrenching African proverb that says, “Every time an old man dies, a library burns.” And it’s so true. Your family’s history affects you and future generations, taking steps to preserve it is important. It’s up to you to ask questions and extract stories. The task of preserving family history is easier than you think. It involves asking questions and recording answers. If you don’t unearth and preserve your loved ones’ personal histories, who will?

July-August Page 31 | LOLA 2018 MAGAZINE | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August | Page 2018 31

First things first, you need to make sure your loved ones actually want to tell their stories. Here are some tips on getting your mother or grandmother or aunt or other loved one to open up:

Worth. Explain that her stories are invaluable and one-of-a-kind, since only she lived her life’s journey. Tell her that recording her memories will create a lasting heirloom that will encourage and inform future generations.

Timing. Choose to talk to your loved one on a day when she has adequate time to share without feeling rushed. If she has many stories to tell, divide the interviews into two-hour increments.

Comfort. Talk to her in a relaxed setting, such as inside of her home.

Guide. Before you meet up, compile a list of prompts and then guide her from her early memories to most recent ones.

Now that you know how to smooth-talk your way into hearing the stories that shaped your life in the right atmosphere with the right timing, here are some prompts to help you get your interview started:

Interview Prompts


What’s your earliest memory? Describe your childhood home and town.


What were your favorite holidays and how did your family spend them?


Name your parents, grandparents, and their years of birth.


Describe your teenage years, including activities, friendships, and school.


Describe your siblings and best childhood friends.


Tell me about meeting your spouse, your dating days, and your wedding.


Tell me about some trouble or mischief you got into as a child.


Describe the home and town in which you raised your family.


Tell me about your elementary school, how you got to and from school, and special memories of school.


List your children and tell me about a special memory from each of their childhoods.


Tell me about jobs you’ve held and about your career.


List the most memorable places you have visited.


What were your favorite games to play and favorite places to visit as a child?

The above list is just the beginning. When it comes to asking the beloved ladies in your life for their stories and documenting answers, the opportunities are immeasurable. Add your own prompts to the list or, once the conversation starts, just follow where your loved one leads. Page 32 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018


all you need to know now is how to preserve all this newly discovered history. Here are a few ideas: Turn on your phone’s recording app and record verbal stories. Press record on your phone’s video camera and film the storytelling. Whip out an old-fashioned pen and paper and write down stories as you hear them. Type up the stories told. Your family’s stories are worth hearing, preserving, and sharing. Brew a pot of coffee, sit down with your loved one, and start saving stories today.

Article by Olivia Savoie of Raconteur Story Writing Services, life story writers in Louisiana

At Broadmoor Family Dental Care, we are delighted to provide a peaceful and pleasant dental experience.

Jennifer Cooper, DDS

Charlotte Banker, DDS

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HEALTH SOLUTIONS, LLC. Medical Staffing • Companion Care Med Therapy Service Your trusted partner in your healthcare needs.

318.213.5483 • EliteHealthSolution.com Page 34 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018


LOLA LADY AINSLEY HERLEVIC A legacy of generosity, strength and passion. hat makes Ainsley Anderson Herlevic a Lola Lady? It’s her charisma, uniqueness, wit and talent. She exemplifies each of these with humility and grace. Ainsley was born on November 22, 1988, from the union of her parents, Mark Kent Anderson and Rosemary Burns Upshaw Anderson. She is the sister to younger brother, Mark Kent Anderson, Jr. Ainsley grew up in Monroe, Louisiana, where she graduated from Neville High School. After high school, she went on to attend and earn her bachelor’s degree from Louisiana State University. Ainsley grew up in a family that helped her to excel in all her wishes and dreams. She was highly influenced by her grandmother, Martha Jane Upshaw Anderson, and her mother Rosemary. They both had a flair for the finer things in life with the etiquette and panache of a true southern belle. It is from her father, Mark, that she inherited a great business sense as well as her drive and determination. That, intertwined with her own carefree spirit, gave Ainsley a great balance for life. Over the years, decorating for events at their home, I became friends with her mother, Rosemary. It was a special friendship that was most welcoming after moving back to Monroe after several years away. Rosemary had a kindness that was unmatched. Her generosity, strength and passion for life were a marvel to experience. It was during this friendship that I watched young Ainsley grow up to become a young lady. As she matured from adolescence, she began to take on the many wonderful traits of her mother. I can remember her bubbly personality and maturity. One might say it was from a proper upbringing, though I tend to think it resonated from her lineage. At the age of 18, Ainsley experienced something that no young lady could imagine. She was beginning college, the


July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 35

best years in her young adulthood, when they learned that her mother, Rosemary, had cancer. With optimism, Ainsley had hope and faith that Rosemary would make a full recovery with treatment. During this painful time, Rosemary told Ainsley that she knew the man that God had planned for her to marry. Always the social planner, Rosemary began helping Ainsley prepare the vision for the wedding of her dreams helping Rosemary keep the determination to live to see that very special day. No detail was left out, from creating the menu to picking out the flowers and design for the wedding and reception. Rosemary possessed a thoughtful vision, making all her surroundings inviting, classic and stylish with elegant ease. On August 29, 2009, Rosemary spread her wings to heaven surrounded by Ainsley, Mark and Mark Kent. She loved life and lived it to the fullest until that last day. In spite of her grief, Ainsley went on to finish college and planned her career and future. Ainsley met a wonderful man, just as her mother had predicted. This young gentleman, Vincent Herlevic, brought a light of happiness and hope to Ainsley’s life. On November 17, 2015, Vincent asked for Ainsley’s hand in marriage on one knee in his parents’ living room. It was the moment her mother had predicted five years earlier. With the wedding date set for December 31, 2016, Ainsley began to implement the blueprints she and her mother prepared. With the assistance of her grandmother and one of her mom’s best friends, Nancy King, the planning began for what would be a one-of-a-kind, fairytale wedding. Ainsley ended 2016 on a high note and began 2017 in wedded bliss. Rosemary’s vision was brought to life at the Bayou DeSiard Country Club for the New Year’s Eve wedding of the century.

If Cinderella were late for the ball, she would have been upstaged by Ainsley, the vision in white who resonated the charm and spirit of her mother. It was a celebration that would go down as one of the most magnificent moments in the club’s history. The evening was carefully orchestrated to perfection from an angel from above. Settling into marriage, Ainsley and Vincent established a home in Shreveport, LA, as he finished out his residency for medical school. Antsy and looking to do something in the meantime, Ainsley began working, assisting with florals and events. It was a natural choice as it was written in her DNA. As time progressed it became apparent that Ainsley wanted more. During one of our conversations in May of 2017, while assisting on an elaborate wedding together in Shreveport, Ainsley expressed her desire to explore her passion for design. She wanted to create an events company, equipped with the finest and most unexpected props, furnishings and accessories to create one-of-a-kind signature events. While the interest was there, she was a little apprehensive on embarking on this dream just six months into her marriage. Before the year was over, that spark and drive to make her dream a reality fully ignited and she quickly began to create a business plan for her company. With market trips and research, the fineries she envisioned began to fill a warehouse and even without an event on the books, Events by Ainsley was up and running. With organization, cunning planning, and a strategy, it wasn’t long before Ainsley began to book events with only the portfolio of her wedding. Within her first six months in business, Ainsley received a phone call from Los Angeles that seemed too good to be true. The event producer of the Miss USA Pageant was looking for someone to transform the 64-year-old Hirsch Memorial Coliseum into a red carpet and camera-ready spectacle of elegance. Looking at the barebones of the very dated, domed structure, Ainsley knew it was going to be a challenge. But, it was one that she gladly accepted. It was going to take a special eye to make this transformation happen... and an army of support. With the assistance of Philip Reeves, Stuart Scalia, Teyna Cater Pate, Camille Whittington, and, last but not least, her husband who was Dr. Herlevic by day, design assistant by night. May 21, 2018, quickly approached for the 67th annual Miss USA Pageant, and the reality set in that this was something bigger than life

Page 36 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

and her mother had prepared her to experience. Upon arrival at the pageant, I was mesmerized by the lavish green hedges adorned with white roses and the flowing curtains of cream slick bunting. It was as if the Hirsch had been transported to Hollywood. The atmosphere seemed somewhat familiar, but I could not quite place it. As Nick and Vanessa Lachey crowned Miss Nebraska as the new Miss USA, I was still curious about the feeling I was experiencing. I exited the coliseum and immediately recognized the beaming smile and a sparkle in Ainsley’s eyes behind her sapphire blue frames as she turned around in joyous laughter. It was one of those moments that came full circle and resonated within me. Standing before me was Ainsley, embodying the very aura and energy of her mother and my late dear friend, Rosemary. It was a beautiful moment; the little girl who had so many dreams growing up had embraced her talents, drive, passion, and love for design and beauty. It was equally emotional as I saw her joy Vincent was there by her side as she was shining the spotlight of this moment. The legacy of Rosemary Anderson is alive and well as Ainsley has picked up the torch and taken it to another level. That was the real crowning achievement of

the night. It is not that often that you are so blessed to have a friendship with a soul as beautiful as Rosemary and then form an equally blessed friendship with a daughter like Ainsley. To have been a part of both their lives is something I cherish. Nearly ten years have passed and Rosemary’s favorite Bible verse, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13), is still my favorite as well. It is through His strength that Ainsley has become a lovely daughter, sister, granddaughter, wife, great friend to many, and mom to her dog, Jack. Ainsley is a lady that represents Louisiana and hers is a lifestyle worth recognizing.

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SEPT.29 - OCT.7 RedRiverRevel.com


July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 39 CHRISSIE FARRAR




rt is ubiquitous; it exists everywhere. Art is fashioned from perspective. Art is in the eye of the Reveler and we intend to help you create lasting, memorable experiences at Red River Revel 43! The Red River Revel Arts and Music Festival is the social event of the fall in the Ark-LaTex. Revelers enjoy a full week of visual and performing arts, culinary delights, headline concerts, hands-on and interactive activities, and to support the numerous local non-profit organizations operating a food booth or activity that supports arts education or funds a social service or program. In 1976, the ladies of the Junior League of ShreveportBossier created and named the Revel then gifted it to the

citizens of the area. More than half of the 2018 visual artists are women; 60% of the non-profit food booths are chaired by women; the Festival Production Committee consists of nine strong, dedicated women; 13 of 23 board members are women; and two of the three Shreveport Farmers’ Market staff members and the manager are women. We are not disregarding men, they are an integral part of the festival as well, but the influence of women on this major event cannot be ignored and should be celebrated! As you browse the many amazing artists’ booths, make a point to see these Louisiana artists who will be showing this year:

Don Cobb

Don Cobb is a self-taught Shreveport artist who paints watercolor art on paper and acrylic art on gallery-wrap canvas. After retiring from the Shreveport Times in 2007, Cobb wanted to share his artwork with others. The Red River Revel Festival gave him the exposure to do just that. “A major factor in what makes the Red River Revel such a great festival is that the Revel organization, staff and volunteers go beyond the call of duty to make sure everything is perfect for all their vendors,” says Cobb.

Ron Atwood

Homer, La. based wildlife artist, Ron Atwood, is a Revel regular. “I look forward to the revel every year. Over the years I’ve had many return customers. Each year I look forward to meeting new customers and seeing all my artist friends. I love visiting with people in my booth. The Revel staff is accommodating and hospitable to the artists. It’s the best venue for exhibiting my artwork. The food, people and Revel staff make the experience very enjoyable. It’s the only show I do. In the past I’ve done lots of shows and art festivals and none compare to the Red River Revel,” says Atwood. 

Page Page402 || LOLA LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE || July-August May-June 2018 2018


– The various branches of creative activity, such as painting, music, literature, and dance. Candice Alexander

Candice Alexander is a Louisiana artist who realized her artistic dreams at the age of 11 in the very small town of Panchoville, La. She has an eclectic style, with roots in graphic design and printmaking. Alexander has traveled the world for inspiration and has sold her creations from the bayou to New York City and back again. She looks forward to the Revel every year. “The Red River Revel is hands down the best show I have ever done in my career as an artist! Every year I look forward to bringing a few tons of my best work to Shreveport to the Revel!  Out of the 8-9 shows we participate in a year I can say without a doubt the folks near and around Shreveport support the arts!   I will be celebrating nearly 10 years this year and we are thrilled to also sponsor the Revel.  I can also say that the Red River Revel has some of the most accommodating people that put on the show.”

Lauren Ross

As a Shreveport native, Lauren Ross is no stranger to the Red River Revel. She grew up skipping around through artists’ booths and dancing on stages for most of her childhood. Her mother was the Revel hospitality chairman for years and Ross spent hours volunteering for the nonprofit. Three years ago, Ross decided to take on her art career full time and last year finally applied as an ARTIST to the Revel. According to Ross, “It was one of my favorite and most successful experiences as an artist to date. I did only a half of a week last year but this year I’m coming back bigger and staying a full week. I cannot wait.” Look for Lauren Ross’ pop art “ICONS,” big and small, plus some other hand painted items.

Revel 43 will be open Saturday, September 29 - Sunday, October 7. Have your face painted, pose for photos, play with street performers, boogie to the tunes, climb a rock wall, grab a drink -- have a blast! Whatever your reason for Reveling, we welcome you to explore our site, meet our artists, taste

delicious festival foods, and hang out at our stages. You will want to stay to hear and see the next talented performers offering excellent entertainment. You do you at Revel 43!

Visit redriverrevel.com for more information.

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If your guests have children or babies, they may need things that take up a lot of packing space, like a pack n’ play, car seat, stroller, sound machine, and alarm clock. If you have these extra items or know someone you can borrow from, offer to have them ready to take some stress off your guests. Be sure to ask them what items they will need so everyone knows what IS and IS NOT available. Also, consider grabbing a pack of diapers and a few baby items on your grocery run. It will help save space in their suitcase. I also like to provide a toy basket and coloring books to help provide distractions and entertainment for little ones.

Page 42 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018


The best way to make them feel comfortable right away is to give a tour of house and outdoor spaces if they aren’t familiar. Provide a place to put their luggage like a bench or luggage rack. Show them where extra towels, linens, and hangers are, and any other items they may need to be able to find without having to ask every time. I like to place extra pillows and blankets on the bed to not only enhance the cozy feel, but make them easily accessible. Let them know they are welcome to use the washer and dryer and any small appliances they may need in the kitchen. I have a one cup instant coffee pot in my guest room on a small table for guests in case they get up earlier or like to have some time to wake up in their room before entering the family room. Be sure to give them the wifi password and a spare key or garage code.




EXTRAS LIST Toothpaste Toothbrushes Dental floss Mouthwash Cotton swabs Body wash/soap Shampoo and conditioner Dry shampoo Lotion Chapstick Deodorant for men and women Travel first aid kit Tissue Lint roller Razor Nail file Spot stain remover pads/stick Ibuprofen Antacids Wrinkle release spray

Who hasn’t gone through the entire toiletries list a hundred times and still manage to forget something as simple but necessary as your toothbrush or razor? I always stock the guest bath with items like these.

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 43



Owner of Caspiana Catering


Sometimes you get a late night craving or need a grab-and-go snack. I like to fill a small tray or basket with a few healthy, filling items and a couple of indulgences too. SNACK IDEAS Granola bars, bananas, easy-peel oranges, nuts, cookies, chocolate, coffee pods, tea sachets, sweeteners, creamer, bottled water.


SCHEDULE AND YOUR OWN Meals: Try to make some ahead that can easily be warmed up and served without a lot of effort and clean up. You don’t want to be stuck in the kitchen the whole time you’re supposed to be enjoying your out of town family or friends. Your schedule: If you have appointments, kids who nap or go to bed early, let your guests know your schedule so they can make adjustments if needed. Sleep: Do your best to reduce noise during the evening and morning when your guests are sleeping. With a little planning ahead you can make your guests feel right at home and help everyone enjoy their time together. Page 44 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

Preparing for out-of-town guests will be a snap with these easy breakfast recipes and a make-ahead pasta dish that will make you look like a culinary pro!

Saturday Brunch Bagel Bar Assorted Bagels - most grocers carry fresh bagels in the bakery, get them the day before so they are fresh. A variety of cream cheese - plain, herbed and strawberry are always well received Sliced Tomatoes Capers Cucumbers, Red Onion and Radishes, thinly sliced Smoked Salmon Fresh Herbs like dill, chives and basil Lemon wedges Assorted Berries (slice strawberries) Jams Coarse Sea Salt • Have these items prepped and ready to set out on a platter for everyone to help themselves. • Serve with juice and coffee, or mimosas!

Sunday Frittata & Biscuits This is my go-to Sunday breakfast whether it’s just me and my boys, or a group. The veggies I listed are a hit with my family, but use what you like or have on hand. This is also a way to get rid of any veggies that are about to turn. Serves 6 - preheat oven to 400 6 cage free eggs ½ cup whole milk, or non dairy plain milk 1 teaspoon of salt Dash of pepper, if desired 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 tablespoon of ghee or grass fed butter 1 orange or yellow bell pepper, roughly diced ½ small red onion, diced 2 cups packed fresh spinach 2 tomatoes, diced ½ cup shredded cheese, such as gruyere or cheddar (I like to mix both) 1 bag of frozen fluffy biscuits (I like these better than the canned version because they are pretty close to a homemade biscuit)

• Prep vegetables and sautée them in a 9” skillet with the ghee or butter. • While the veggies are getting happy in the pan, whip eggs with salt and pepper and milk. Once whipped, add in the cheese. • Once the veggies are slightly tender, pour egg and cheese mixture in the skillet and stir slightly to evenly distribute all the goodies. • Pull off the stove and finish in the oven - bake until the eggs are set and the top is starting to turn golden, 8-10 mins. • Let this cool completely before storing in fridge. To reheat, cover with foil and place back in the oven on 300 for 10-15 mins. • Serve with fluffy biscuits and jam. SIDE NOTES: this could easily be made the morning of by chopping all your veggies a day or two before and within a matter of minutes you can have a fresh and hot breakfast.



July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 45

Saturday Night Baked Penne Alla Vodka Serves 6 1 lb mild Italian sausage, casings removed (you can also use an alternative ground meat) ½ cup red onion, small dice 2 large garlic cloves, smashed ½ lb pancetta or prosciutto, diced ½ cup vodka 2 (28 oz) cans San Marzano whole peeled tomatoes 1 tsp salt 1 tsp red pepper flakes ½ cup heavy cream 2 cups parmesan-reggiano, grated 3 cups kale, roughly chopped 1 cup flat leaf parsley, stems removed, roughly chopped, divided 1 lb large penne pasta 1 cup water 2 fresh mozzarella balls, 4 oz each, sliced • In a large pot over medium heat cook the sausage until crumbly but not cooked all the way through. Add the onion, garlic and pancetta or prosciutto. Cook for 5 minutes until pancetta is crispy, onions are translucent and garlic is fragrant. • Add the vodka and the tomatoes, crushing them by hand as you put them in the pot. Simmer for 10-15 minutes to burn off the alcohol and cook down the tomatoes.  • Add the salt, pepper flakes, heavy cream and 1½ cups of the parmesanreggiano. Simmer another 5 minutes

until nice and creamy. • Add the chopped kale, ½ cup parsley and dried penne to the pot and toss to coat. • Transfer pasta mixture to a lined baking dish add the cup of water to the pasta mixture and press as much dry pasta down into the liquid as possible. Cover and place in the preheated oven. If the pot you are using is capable of going in the oven, then just add the cup of water over the top, press as much dry pasta down into the liquid as possible. Cover with a lid once cooled. • Allow to cool completely and refrigerate, covered tightly. The day you plan to serve it, let it set out at room temp for an hour. Preheat oven to 375 degrees and bake, covered, 40-45 minutes, or until the pasta is cooked to al dente (firm, but just about finished cooking). Remove dish from the oven, take off the lid and place the sliced mozzarella onto the baked pasta. Uncovered, place back in the oven for 10-15 minutes longer until the mozzarella is bubbly and browned in spots. Sprinkle with remaining chopped parsley and a few red chili flakes. • Serve with crusty garlic bread, a green salad, and red wine.

Summer Sale! 20% OFF entire store

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50% OFF

select items

August 9th-11th

5821 Line Ave Suite B 318.210.0061

*All sales final. No holds or approvals. Discount is not applicable on prior purchases.* EXCLUSIONS APPLY


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lumbing problems don’t have to wreck your day. When you call Mark Johnson Plumbing, you can always expect fast, on time service and best of all, the job is done right the first time! We’ve been keeping Monroe area homes safe since 1997 with everything from a small pipe leak to water heater problems and everything in-between. Personalized service is what we’re known for. Our experts are not only skilled in their craft, they are able to tailor the work to what you need. We take pride in our workmanship and use only top quality materials when carrying out your plumbing repairs and installations.

Exceeding Expectations s i nc e 1 9 9 7

Serving North Louisiana and all surrounding areas

• Family Owned and Operated • 24/7 Emergency Service 

k n o w who is at your door.

• Fully Stocked Trucks • Up-front Pricing

318.255.1332 Find us on Facebook markjohnsonplumbing.com

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he term “superfood” is used frequently these days in the food and health industry. We are promised health and vitality when we eat these superfoods, but what are they and how are they different from anything else that we eat? The term superfood is a marketing term, not a scientific one. A superfood is a nutritionally dense food considered to have particular and desirable health benefits. Intentionally incorporating certain superfoods into our diets for health gain is intriguing, but what is more important is eating a variety of nutritious foods in balanced amounts. My son recently participated in a program at his school called Taste of Louisiana in which each third grader is assigned a Louisiana food resource to research and present. As I listened to the (quite fascinating) presentations by these kids, I learned that Louisiana is full of powerful natural resources, including several that are considered superfoods. How exciting that we can benefit our health while supporting our state and local farmers by consuming these nutritional powerhouses!

INTEGRATE YOUR HEALTH with Dr. Nicole Cotter

Here are four examples of nutrient-dense foods found right here in Louisiana:


PECANS North Louisiana is home to the LSU AgCenter’s Pecan Research and Extension Station, the only university research facility dedicated to the pecan. Superfood qualities: • Nutrient dense: rich in manganese, copper, zinc, magnesium • Rich in antioxidants: it has been reported that the pecan has the highest amount of antioxidants of all tree nuts • Loaded with healthy fats, such as monounsaturated oleic acid. • Potential benefits: cholesterol lowering, blood pressure control, prostate health, brain health

According to the LSU AgCenter, the sweet potato is Louisiana’s most popular vegetable and the most common variety is the Beauregard. Superfood qualities: • Nutrient dense: rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Manganese, Copper (any many more) • High in fiber • Rich in antioxidants, such as beta carotene • Potential health benefits: cardiovascular health, blood sugar balance, vision health, weight control, cancer prevention

Page 48 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

BLUEBERRIES The Rabbiteye Blueberry is native to the southeast and is the primary species of blueberry grown in Louisiana. Superfood qualities: • Nutrient dense: rich in Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Manganese • High in fiber • Rich in antioxidants, such as anthocyanin (this gives the berry its blue color) • Potential health benefits: cardiovascular health, blood sugar balance, cognitive function, cancer prevention

RAW HONEY The honeybee is the official insect of Louisiana. Superfood qualities: • Rich in antioxidants • Potential benefits: wound healing, cough suppression, sleep aid. Do not give raw honey to children under 12 months.

Morning Chia Pudding 3⁄4 cup of unsweetened nut or coconut milk 3 Tbsp chia seeds 1⁄8 tsp vanilla 1⁄4 tsp raw honey Pinch of cinnamon ½ cup blueberries crushed pecans Mix milk, seeds, vanilla, cinnamon and honey. Let sit for 30 minutes or overnight, stirring once or twice. When the seeds have adequately soaked up the liquid and formed a pudding, stir in the blueberries. Top with crushed pecans and enjoy.


What is a phytonutrient?

Antioxidants are substances that protect cells from damage.

Phytonutrients are natural compounds found in plants that promote health.

WARM SUPERFOOD SALAD WITH SMOKEY PAPRIKA DRESSING 1 serving | Recipe by Gibson’s Fresh Grocer ALL INGREDIENTS FOUND AT GIBSON’S FRESH GROCER! • 2 c. Taylor Farms Organic Baby Spinach • 1/3 c. Woodstock Organic Edamame, warmed • 1 small Organic Sweet Potato, diced and roasted • 1/2 c. Ancient Harvest Organic Quinoa, cooked • 1 Organic Valley Large Brown Egg, fried • 1/2 Organic Avocado, Sliced • 2 tbs Organic Sunflower Seeds, toasted • 2 tbs Cadia Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil • 1/2 Organic Lemon • 1/8 tsp Simply Organic Smoked Paprika • Salt to taste To make salad, layer baby spinach, quinoa, edamame, sweet potato, and avocado on a plate. Top with fried egg, sprinkle with sunflower seeds, and drizzle with dressing. To make dressing, whisk together olive oil, lemon, smoked paprika, and salt.

Groceries • Grab n’ Go Food • Vitamins & Supplements 1516 N Trenton St. • Ruston, LA • 318-255-3834 July-August Page 49 2018 | LOLA | LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE | July-August | Page 49




CACAO: Not to be confused with cocoa, its highly processed counterpart, cacao is a raw, pure form of chocolate. In its natural state, cacao is not sweet but has a super rich, earthy chocolate flavor. Native to Central America and parts of Mexico, cacao was used as far back as 5000 years ago. It is said that cacao is 40x more antioxidant rich than blueberries, is one of the highest plant-based sources of iron, has more calcium than cow’s milk, and is full of magnesium to promote both heart and brain health. Cacao is also the ultimate mood food. It contains compounds called polyphenols which decrease anxiety and encourage calmness. Although science hasn’t exactly proven it, personal research has found we definitely feel better after a bit of dark chocolate.

Said to prevent heart disease and improve digestion, tiger nuts have a slightly sweet, mild nutty flavor. They are full of minerals phosphorus and potassium, as well as antioxidant vitamins E and C.




MATCHA: With over 100x more antioxidants than green tea, matcha is all the rage in health and wellness these days. Matcha is the finely ground powder of green tea leaves. Unlike traditional green tea, the plants grown for matcha are covered with cloth before harvesting to encourage the plant to produce more of the amino acid theanine which

uts N r e Tig

MORINGA: A drought-resistant tree that is native to the southern foothills in the Himalayas. This super-tree has culinary, beauty, and medicinal uses from almost every part including its roots, bark, fruit, flowers, and leaves.   Since learning about the plant, we’ve been obsessed with its culinary uses as well. Rich in protein, moringa is also a good source of iron and vitamins B6, C, and A. In addition, it has antioxidants quercetin and chlorogenic acid which help to lower blood pressure and moderate blood sugar. The plant has also been known to promote lactation for breastfeeding moms, lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation.

a g n i r Mo


for it’s umami flavor. Traditionally

used in Japanese Tea

Ceremonies, matcha in

modern times has become so common that matcha lattes can now be found almost at every coffee shop

Match a

in town.


TIGER NUTS: Similar to peanuts, tiger nuts are not really nuts at all. Originating in Africa, tiger nuts are small tubers or root vegetables. Tiger nuts are pre-historic and are believed to have been around in the Paleolithic era - over 1 million years ago! In addition, they are also considered one of the oldest cultivated plants in Ancient Egypt.

is responsible

The main reason for its upgrade are the amazing health benefits. Full of polyphenols,

its antioxidants help to protect against heart disease and cancer, reduce blood pressure, regulate blood sugar, and boost metabolism.


CHIA: Native to Latin America, this ancient plant is part of the mint family and has been cultivated

for over 500 years. In the 1980s chia made a comeback in the US with the sale of Chia Pets. But in recent years, this super seed has become a health and wellness staple. The seeds are an incredible source of thiamine, niacin, riboflavin, and folate. They also have a high amount of dietary minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, and zinc. Plus they are loaded with fiber.

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Get your superfoods at

301 N. Monroe St Ruston, LA 71270 318-254-0761 Betterlivingmarketla.com

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Extreme Makover W





ith all the excitement surrounding your freshman year in college, seeing an empty dorm room for the first time can be a bit disheartening. Cinderblock walls do not say “homey”, but don’t be discouraged. There is no dorm room too bleak that can’t be made fabulous for an exciting new start to the college years. Melissa Moffett’s daughter Isabella and her roommate Mary Ashlyn’s learned this lesson when interior designer, Melissa Moffett, transformed their empty, cold dorm into a functional yet chic space for the girls to feel at home away from home. The girls had never met before becoming roommates. LSU’s residential housing match process had them fill out questionnaires and decided they would be a great fit as roommates. The girls were placed in one of the older dormitories which had very small rooms, but it was a good location for campus life and that was important to them. Isabella and Mary Ashlyn did a great job at deciding on a style that would fit them both, and Melissa made her magic happen with her design talents. Melissa executed the “extreme dorm makeover” on a tight budget making custom-upholstered headboards from a ten-dollar piece of plywood, and quickly painting abstract art pieces to add a modern flair. Most of the décor was purchased from Target and Marshall’s, bedding from Pottery Barn Teen, and the perfect pop of pink with an inexpensive rug from Ikea. It helps when your mom is a talented interior designer, but with a little imagination any cold, old dorm room can be a cozy, chic place to make memories and give you a great start to your new college adventures.

SOURCES • Coral Solid metallic window curtain, Target • Nate Berkus Stitched Edge Window panel, Target • Emily and Merritt Pirate Stripe Sheets, PBteen • White rosette Quilt, PBteen • Gold Dot sham, PBteen • Sparkle throw pillow, Target • Lamp, Target • Blush throw blanket, Target • Extra long dorm bed skirt, Dormco

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I start my fourth and final year of college, I like to think that I’ve gained a pretty solid grip of oncampus-living. Freshman year is a realm of new adventures for all students, but one of the most significant experiences is moving out of a childhood home and into the ‘dun dun duuun’… dorm room! Dorm life can seem intimidating at first, with the cinderblock walls and communal bathrooms, but one of my favorite parts of college was the freedom to decorate my new space however I wanted. A well-decorated dorm room can make any student feel at home. So whether you’re a parent preparing your child for college or you are about to become a student yourself, here are a few of my favorite tips and tricks for dorm décor.

Storage, Storage, Storage…

Coordinating with roommates

Although dorm rooms can vary in size, there’s usually an abundance of wall space for decorating. Lightweight tapestries are so versatile; they cover up the bare wall and give the usually small room a softer feel. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on this popular room décor either. Large wall tapestries can be found online for only a few bucks and in hundreds of styles, from mandalas to nature scenes and much more! These fun wall-hangings are great for bringing color and comfort to any room. If joining a sorority is on the agenda, however, make sure to leave open wall space for many canvases which are sure to come from sorority sisters!

At some schools, it is tradition for roommates to collaborate and have a matching dorm room. While matching up sides can be a fun, bonding experience with a new roommate, a dorm does not need to be identical if each roommate has different preferences. Instead, the two roomies could agree on a color pallette or theme to tie both sides together while still allowing each student to have her individual style. This way, both roommates can have a cute dorm room while still maintaining their individuality.

While most schools will have the basics in dorm rooms, such as a desk, a set of drawers, and a closet, these can fill up faster than you might think! Extra storage is critical in dorm life, so make sure to snatch up a few cheap, plastic drawers which can easily be tucked under a dorm bed. You can also upgrade these drawers from cheap to fabulous with a quick coat of spray paint and by gluing on some cute knobs or handles! Another great idea for expanding space is stackable desk shelves, which can sit on a desktop and store schoolwork or even serve as a makeshift pantry.

Brightening up wall space

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Decorating for guys

Don’t think that dorm decorations are just for girls! If you have a son about to go off to school, here are a few ideas for bringing some life to his room. Flags of your son’s favorite sport teams can be used to cover up some of that blank wall space and bring some color to the room. If your son is a collector of baseball caps, stick some adhesive hooks on the wall and let him hang his collection instead of hiding it away in the closet. Another key aspect of a boy’s dormitory is seating; whether your son wants an area to play his video games or a place for his buddies to watch sports, seating in a boy’s room can be a necessity. Check out dorm-appropriate seating such as foldable loveseats or futon-styled couches that won’t take up too much room.

Whether used as a study area or a place to relax with friends, a dorm room becomes home away from home for any student. It’s important to mix comfort with functionality when it comes to decorating in dorms. College can be a great time for everyone, and the experience will become even better with a great dorm room.



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318.868.6700 | 5807 Youree Drive | Shreveport, LA | lewisgifts.com Page 54 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

Gifts • Bridal • Biscottis


Give them a great start to the new school year! V V V V

Attention Issues Memory Reading & Auditory Processing Enhancement

Call us to get started!


learningrx.com/shreveport 48856 Youree Dr., Ste. D, Shreveport July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 55

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Great Night Combatting Memory Loss One of the greatest fears humans face today is the


loss of our mental capabilities, and yet it is happening more and more at an alarming rate. Some of the questions I hear often is “Is this Alzheimer’s?” How do you know if it is age related cognitive decline known as “oldtimers”, early onset dementia, or Alzheimer’s Disease? What can I do to combat this memory loss?


ementia is a syndrome and not a disease. Dementia is an umbrella term which encompasses a group of symptoms that affects mental cognitive tasks such as memory and reasoning. Dementia can occur due to a variety of things, one of which is Alzheimer’s disease. The causes of the rate of large memory losses are still up for debate depending on who you talk to but one thing we know from research findings is that a low sugar, low wheat diet such as a Mediterranean Diet is helpful in slowing the progression of the disease and that deliberate brain training can help with this also. One of the most invigorating and helpful physical exercises is gardening. The biggest factor with all of these is Quality of Life (QOL) measures which affect not only the individual but also the caregivers and associated family members. Research has indicated that having professionals involved in the daily care/ activity of those suffering actually increases the QOL of all involved. Interventions that assist in maintaining mobility, physical activity and mental/cognitive function actually make a difference in longevity and QOL. Focused cognitive training with a professional brain trainer actually had more long-

lasting results than that of any computer intervention or mild stimulus interventions according to the most recent research. The Alzheimer’s related brain changes can start as early as age 40 and factors that influence this plaque building brain disease include high levels of inflammation such as those caused by repeated head trauma as well as low dopamine levels. Again, this research is ongoing and there is not a definitive test available at this point that indicates Alzheimer’s with certainty. Rather, it is a set of symptoms. So what are the best things to do? Be aware of head trauma and get intervention to address this early on, be cognizant of dietary factors that affect dopamine levels, and do preventative interventions such as brain training throughout life.

Page 56 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

10 Alzheimer’s Early Warning Signs


from the Alzheimer’s Association

MEMORY LOSS that disrupts daily life-asking the same question over and over, forgetting important dates/times, increasingly having to rely on family members as memory aids. HAVING DIFFICULTY WORKING WITH NUMBERS,

paying monthly bills, difficulty concentrating and taking a lot longer to do simple tasks.

DIFFICULTY COMPLETING NORMAL EVERYDAY TASKS that are familiar like how to drive to a certain location or even how to get from one room in the house to another, or remembering rules to a game played for years.

CONFUSION WITH TIME OR PLACE, forgetting where you are

or understanding passage of time.


spatial relationships such as difficulty reading, determining color, taste, smell, judging distances, etc.

NEW PROBLEMS WITH SPEAKING WORDS or writing them, struggling to find words in a conversation, repeating themselves a lot, calling things by unusual names that describe such as Hand clock for watch.

MISPLACING THINGS and losing ability to retrace steps such as having no clue thing is missing or having no recollection of last place they were-occurs more frequently over time. Confusing placement on items-Putting keys in fridge and milk in pantry

or normal forgetfulness Forgetting names/appointments but then remembering them later

Making careless errors on these things but catching or correcting later

Needing some help with new technology Confused about day of the week but suddenly remembering or knowing that you forgot Vision changes

Trouble finding the right word immediately but later getting it

Misplacing things from time to time and having to retrace steps to find them

DECREASED OR POOR JUDGEMENT when dealing with money, grooming, keeping themselves clean, and other decision making.

Trusting others too easily and making a bad decision once in a while

WITHDRAWAL from work/social activity and unrationalized fear of people/situations such as forgetting how to do a favorite hobby or avoiding crowds of people especially things they enjoyed in past.

Feeling weary of work, family, social situations or crowds for long periods

CHANGES IN MOOD or personality such as becoming anxious, fearful, easily upset in both familiar and new places.

The biggest DOs are… ✔DO get a cognitive test for yourself and your loved ones early on so that you will have a baseline to measure against should these concerns arise. There are lots of professionals who offer this at a reasonable cost in the immediate area including LearningRx.

Being set in ways and getting irritated with changes in routines

✔DO a follow up cognitive test if any family member has any type of hit to the head…as this can lead to further difficulties down the road especially if your child is involved in sports known for head trauma such as football, hockey, lacrosse, soccer, baseball and even cheerleading or tumbling. Most insurance companies cover this type of testing to some extent.

✔DO be deliberate about doing intervention activities such as family brain game nights & brain training games/ activities. For a free sampler, contact LearningRx.

✔DO engage a professional cognitive skills trainer such as those at LearningRx if you or a family member struggles with memory loss due to any of the aforementioned factors.

✔DO be deliberate about your dietary and exercise regimen. Many healthcare professionals out there now have lifestyle health coaching that address these factors.

✔DO see a qualified healthcare professional such as neurologist or psychologist if you find any of the above factors are affecting your QOL or that of a loved one.

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 57

Azalea Estates of Monroe

Legacy Suites & Program NOW OPEN

Call to schedule a tour of our newly renovated Dementia & Memory Loss Legacy Apartments. 4380 OLD STERLINGTON RD MONROE, LA 71203 318.343.1626 www.azaleaestatesmonroe.com Page 58 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

Sam Burns Pro Golfer

Return on Relationships

Kade McDonald Origin Banker

Partnerships that DRIVE SUCCESS

From the early days when his golf bag towered over him, Sam dedicated himself to being the best. Origin banker Kade grew up alongside Sam on the course and applied the same tireless efforts to his profession. Origin has had the joy of fostering the natural relationship that formed from work ethic and character. Start relationship banking at www.Origin.bank/relationships

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Nit Pickin’

Back to School By Payton Denny

Life rarely goes as planned, but in my family, we exchange the word “rarely” for “never.” Life as a Denney is exceptional— exceptionally fun and ridiculous. For us, it is and always has been, about rolling with the punches. Our summer started with a snap—a literal snapping of the two bones in my youngest child’s forearm. I had to blink hard twice. Was I seeing this right? Had Cameron’s forearm always been bent in a 45-degree angle? My oldest son said that Cam looked like an Egyptian. After the screaming and panic subsided, we took a deep breath. Ok. This would be our new summer normal. But first we had to crack that bone back into place. It was the second day of summer. Our plans had changed. Fast forward through the stinky cast days of summer. We made it. We had to change our plans, but we made it. We exchanged floating the Bogue Chitto River with horseback riding. Instead of racing down the slides of our favorite water parks, we strapped on a harness, and went ziplining over alligators. We improvised. It’s how we do life, because planning is not in the cards for us. As summer comes to a

Page 60 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

close and the beginning of school is on the horizon, I’m reminded about the time we all got lice. Yep. You read that right. WE ALL GOT LICE. And, much like the broken arm of this summer, a lice infestation on the heads of my family members was something I had not planned for. It had been a difficult week. I was slammed at work. My husband was working the last 24hr shift of his 10-day fire department work rotation. I was allconsumed with worry over whether we had selected the correct ADHD medication for my oldest son. The mom guilt was weighing heavy on my heart. There was too much to do and too little of me to spread around. As usual, I had worked myself into sickness and was a few days into an antibiotic for a sinus infection. I was dog-paddling through life, and the water of failure was lapping intermittently over my head. Around 7:00 on a Friday evening, I slugged through the back door. I kicked off my pumps and set my purse on the dinner table. A swarm of little people, all of whom I birthed, greeted me at the back door and began pulling on my loose limbs. My mom offered me something to eat, but I waved her off. I was too tired to do anything but fall flat on my face. I thanked her for picking the kids up from school, and

feeding them, and folding the laundry, and emptying the dishwasher. I nodded goodbye to her as my daughter dragged my noodly body up the stairs. “Come watch me do this trick mommy,” she exclaimed through a snaggle toothed grin. I followed. Somewhere around 8:30 p.m., I realized that I had forgotten to take my antibiotic for the day. “Shoot!” I said aloud as I ran downstairs. I needed to get well. I had no time to be sick. I had plans—projects to finish, homework to coordinate, practices to make, board meetings to attend. I found the medicine bottle beside the coffee pot, popped the top and swallowed. “Whew! That was close,” I thought as I twisted the lid back in place. That’s when I noticed Dakota’s name on the medicine bottle. My next thought was a word that is cousins with the work “shoot.” It’s his rough cousin who didn’t attend finishing school. My next 12 hours flashed before my eyes. I wanted to sleep. I needed to sleep. I did not need ADHD medication coursing through my veins. I desperately needed the plans I had for sleep to hold strong. There was only one thing to do. Dabbing my mouth with a napkin, I plopped down on the couch next to Dylan. I sighed heavily. “Disaster averted,” I thought. “Now if I can just get these kiddos to bed, I’m home free.” That’s when the scratching began. “What are you doing baby? Why are you scratching?” I asked. Dylan cut her eyes at me and shrugged her shoulders. I scooted closer to her and flipped on the nearest lamp. Cell phone light in hand, I blinked hard twice. Again. It’s my thing, I guess—denial and then with two blinks, confirmation. I immediately began to google “What do lice look like?” And then I thought another word that is also kin to “shoot” but much, much worse than the first two I had previously spoken. The more I combed, the deeper the situation grew. Multiple nits per strand of hair. Some live bugs. Many more to come. The itching then transferred to me. Trying not to panic, I leapt from the couch and ran to the medicine cabinet. There has been a lice scare at school earlier that year. I had purchased shampoo just in case. We’d rinse, it’d be ok. Two instant regrets floated to the surface: 1. Allowing Dylan to shampoo and style her own hair 2. Vomiting up that ADHD medication. I am so very grateful that I had been so exhausted, because I did sleep that night. It may have been that I passed out. Either way, it worked. The next morning, I again surveyed the damage. It was apparent that we needed professional help. After making more embarrassing guilt-admitted phone calls than I care to

We left the clinic with less money in our bank account but lice free. Our heads were greased up and wrapped in saran wrap.

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 61

recall, we located a lice clinic and headed to West Monroe. We spent the day under a hairdryer chatting with a professional nitpicker. We learned that the word “lousy” comes from the word “louse” – rightfully so. We left the clinic with less money in our bank account but lice free. Our heads were greased up and wrapped in saran wrap. Sissy was not amused—especially when I drove through Taco Bell for our late lunch. She hid in the back while I ordered her chicken chalupa. As we drove home and snacked on our unhealthy lunch, she asked me why I wasn’t embarrassed. I told her that her having lice didn’t make me love her any less, and that we shouldn’t waste our time with people who would judge us for something so silly. Smiling, she reached out to hold my hand. We sang loudly all the way home. We had planned to spend that evening with friends, but we cancelled because plans for us don’t pan out. We greased up the boys, shampooed them, and combed them out. We watched LSU gymnastics while we steamed the bedding and dried the pillows on high heat. We threw out all the hairbrushes and laid out our school clothes. The kids were going back to school the next day. After all, we had plans.



Inspired days start in Inspired Closets. Inspired days start in Inspired Closets. Each customized space is designed around you, Each customized space is designed around you, providing easy access to everything you need to providing easy access to everything you need to confidently take on the day. Wherever it may take you. confidently take on the day. Wherever it may take you. inspired at at inspiredclosetssb.com InspiredClosets.com Get inspired Get inspired at InspiredClosets.com

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1/23/18 11:54 AM 1/23/18 11:54 AM

PRAY. PLAY. LEARN. It all begins here.

Preschool 2 through 8th Grade EPISCOPAL PRIVATE SCHOOL




July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 63

Lola Party Presents


Cuban Cocktails, Cuisine, Cigars • SAVE THE DATE •

September 8, 2018 Limited tickets available starting July 16

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PUT MORE IN. GET MORE OUT OF LIFE. We all want more. More energy. More strength. More results. Orangetheory is scientifically designed to give you exactly that. Every workout includes a unique combination of cardiovascular, power and strength training to change your body at the cellular level, so you can live a longer, more vibrant life.


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et ready to party with a purpose at the American Cancer Society White

Out Cancer Gala to be held on August 25, 2018, from 6:00 p.m.-10:30 p.m. at the East Ridge Country Club located at 1000 Stewart Drive in Shreveport. The fun-filled evening will include live music and dancing, gourmet cuisine and cocktails, and fabulous live and silent auction items. The captivating band Windstorm will be rocking the stage as this year’s headline entertainment. “We’re really excited about how things are coming together,” said Danielle Cobb, Senior Community Development Manager for the American Cancer Society of Northwest Louisiana. “This year’s White Out Cancer Gala will have incredible musical entertainment, mouthwatering food, some amazing auction items you won’t want to miss, and so much more – all in support of the extraordinary mission of the American Cancer Society.”

About the


Every dollar raised at White Out Cancer Gala allows the American Cancer Society to help people facing a cancer diagnosis today, educate people about how to reduce their risk for cancer or detect it early when it’s the easiest to treat, and fund cancer research that will help protect future generations. In addition to live music and dancing, activities include a heads-and-tails raffle, live and silent auctions with items like jewelry, trips, art and much more; along with a delicious dinner, featuring cuisine from Chef Eddie and the staff at East Ridge Country Club. Each year, more than 300 guests attend the annual White Out Cancer Gala. In 2017, thanks to events like this, the American Cancer Society provided 3,124 free services to cancer patients in the Shreveport/Bossier area. For more information on White Out Cancer Gala, for sponsorship opportunities, or if you would like to be placed on the mailing list, please contact Danielle Cobb at (318) 663-4489.


ogether, we’re saving lives, celebrating lives, and leading the fight for a world without cancer. There’s never been a better time to invest in that vision. With our supporters, we’re making important contributions that have led to significant progress against cancer. Prevention efforts, early detection, and better treatments have resulted in a 25 percent decline in cancer mortality rates since 1991, avoiding 2.1 million cancer deaths nationwide. In 2017, the White Out Cancer Gala committee recognized distinguished individuals from the community as “Champions of Hope.” These individuals were nominated among their peers and each committed to serving as an American Cancer Society advocate. At the American Cancer Society, we're on a mission to free the world from cancer. Until we do, we'll be funding and conducting research, sharing expert information, supporting patients, and spreading the word about prevention. All so you can live longer — and better. In Northwest Louisiana alone, we provide over 3000 services to patients and families each year. To continue fulfilling our mission, we are grateful to have community partners committed with support. We hope you will choose to partner with us through this year’s White Out Cancer Gala.

Page 68 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

Dr. Heather BRACEY Dr. Heather Bracey is a Radiologist with the Red River Consultants group located in Shreveport. Dr. Bracey is a 3rd generation Shreveport resident and a graduate of C.E. Byrd High School. She was awarded a Bachelor’s in Medicine and Science in 1997 from LSUS and then earned her Doctorate in Medicine from LSU Medical School in Shreveport in 2000. Following a one-year internship in Internal Medicine at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, she completed a four-year Diagnostic Radiology residency at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS. While completing her training in radiology, Dr. Bracey became interested in and decided to pursue a fellowship (a special year of training after residency) in Breast Imaging. She joined Red River Consultants in January of 2015 as a Breast Imaging Specialist. Dr. Bracey said, “I spend my days working with a fabulous group of people who have dedicated their lives to finding and treating breast cancer. I could not do what I do without all of those people.” Dr. Bracey has been married to Dr. Paul Bracey for 18 years and is the proud mother of four children, Ethan, Emily, Noah and Nate. According to Dr. Bracey, “They keep me busy when I am not at work. When there is a rare moment to myself, I love to knit, garden, and read.”

Daphne Terzia is a part-time Registered Nurse at Pediatric Surgical Associates in Shreveport. She is a wife, a mother and new mother-in-law. In the spring of 2016, she was touched by cancer. Terzia received a phone call that her latest mammogram had some irregularities and was told that she needed to have a breast biopsy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed to make some big decisions. Terzia says, “Needless to say, my whole world came to a complete stop. I am very fortunate to have had some great resources to turn to in my decision-making process, and after careful and prayerful consideration, I chose to have a mastectomy.” Terzia says her teams of doctors, including Dr. Julie Mook Broadwell, Dr. Paul M. Davis and the late Dr. Chad Hargon, were fantastic. They walked her through each step, before, during and after. All of her questions were answered in detail. Terzia says, “They are special to me and are still a big part of my recovery. After all the emotional ups and downs during the process with pain, waiting on pathology results, the ‘what ifs,’ I was still able to realize there was/is a silver lining to all of this. God put so many angels in my life. From the nurses holding my hands to women I met in the doctors waiting area that were going through the same things as me. My sweet co-workers sent me off to treatment with a girls night out. My dear, precious sisters who washed and styled my hair as we laughed and cried together; nieces and nephews visiting with my favorite yogurt, dear friends bringing me flowers, dinner and holy communion. And my biggest cheerleader, my husband Ted, along with my children’s, kindness and daily support. They are my heart, they are my silver lining.” Through all of this, Terzia has reaffirmed, “Cancer is an awful disease, but you don’t have to let it rule. It made me realize how many wonderful organizations there are, like the American Cancer Society to become involved with. They help so many people. I’ve only just begun this new journey in my life and whatever I can do to help, I will.”


Sue Crow is an Registered Nurse at the LSU Health Shreveport Feist-Weiller Cancer Center. She has lived in Shreveport for 55 years and is married to Donald Crow. She is the proud mother of two dogs and four cats. Crow graduated from Northwestern State University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 1965. She received her Master’s in Nursing from Northwestern State University in 1980. Crow has served as an instructor of Clinical Nursing, Instructor for the Department of Medical Administration, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine, and a Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine. Crow has published 130 articles relating to prevention of infection in hospitals in peered reviewed medical literature. In her spare time, Crow enjoys participating in the Northwest Louisiana Master Gardeners’ Club, the Ark-La-Tex Herb Society, and the Shreveport Native Plant Society. From 2003-2008, Crow served as the Nurse Coordinator for the Department of Medicine at the LSU Health Shreveport School of Medicine. Currently, Mrs. Crow serves as a Patient Advocate for the Feist-Weiller Cancer Center. She works with patients throughout their cancer process from their initial diagnosis to teaching them ways to relieve side effects of therapy. Crow has written a smoothie cookbook for her cancer patients, incorporates integrative medicine into patient therapy and assistance with nutrition, and serves as a mentor through each patient’s cancer journey.


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“Dr. Pennington is absolutely the best! A perfectionist in my opinion. From the moment I met her I knew, without a doubt , I trusted her and she knew what she was doing. I would advise ANYONE who wants to improve themselves in any way cosmetically to go see her.”

-Mid 60’s female after facelift

AREAS OF EXPERTISE Call 318.216.5366 today to schedule your complimentary cosmetic evaluation with Dr. Pennington.

Facelift, Eyelid lift and Rhinoplasty (nose job) Injectable fillers and Botox Skin care and chemical peels

6030 Line Avenue, Suite 110 | Shreveport, LA 71106 www.penningtonfacialplastics.com | MAGAZINE@| Page penningtonfacialplastics July-August 2018 | LOLA 71

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e asked, and boy did Lola ladies answer! Now learn which beauty products our North Louisiana friends have found that pack the same punch as their more pricey counterparts.

Coty Airspun Loose Powder JAMIE OTT SHAW

Tarte shape tape concealer vs Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define, and I’m obsessed with Wet n Wild Megaliner Liquid Liner. Matte black easy to use. MIRANDA VAVRA

You won’t find a creamier, more saturated lipstick than NYX!! All of their lip products are incredible. KAELI DARNELL July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 73

L’Oréal Lash Paradise mascara, Maybelline instant age rewind eraser, Covergirl eyeliners from the Queen collection, Cetaphil makeup removing cloths.

E.L.F. Golden Bronzer! $4, I buy 2 at time so I’m never without! DAPHNE ZIEDAN


Pink Dove soap, all I’ve ever used to bathe & shower with. Ponds Cold Cream to take the day off, no tugging on the skin, just smooth cleaning. Maybelline Ultra Liner in Brown (not harsh looking) L’Oreal Lash Paradise mascara. Elf Mineral Infused Face Primer and Black Maybelline pencil to line that bottom eye line…Not bad for a gurl of 62! DEBBIE FLOYD BAHAM

Maybelline Expert Wear Twin Brow and Eye Pencils “This right here is money!!! My mother used it and I still use it!” JESSICA TYLER COMEGYS

I also can’t live without this little Neutrogena stick for blemish concealing and treatment at the same time! SARAH KATHERINE DOWLING HOOPES

The L’Oréal Voluminous is ALWAYS a great one. STEPHANIE PACE

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E.L.F. Matte Lip Color. This is another one of my faves that’s cheap! $3.00 bucks! I’ve tried the natural, tea rose (my fave!) and the berry sorbet and loved them all! KELLI MARTINEZ

This Jergen’s unscented body lotion is less than six dollars for a large bottle at Drug Emporium. It is not greasy at all and makes your skin look amazing, and for those of us who are allergic to so many scented products it’s nice to find an unscented version that actually works. SUSAN JOHNSON REEKS

Almay liquid liner. Better than my $40 liner!

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser


Helps if you have Rosacea, this is a great cleaner and also have lotions (dermatologist recommended) ARMANCE WHITE HOLTON

Ink it Eyeliner by Covergirl, it doesn’t smudge like some expensive eyeliners do.

I am a makeup fanatic, and I buy anything + everything. If I had to pick one item that is drugstore, it would be the Maybelline Liquid Dream Mousse Foundation. YouTube Beauty gurus do not talk about it, and it is literally the best. I got several friends turned onto it, and they love it. I am pretty sure it is a $7 or $8 bottle. I prefer it to my higher end foundations, which range anywhere between $40-60. Seriously. A must buy. I have a ton of other suggestions too, Elf concealer. but for the sake of time — that I swear it’s a dupe is the #1 for me.


for Dior skin nude concealer.


ROBERTA SIM July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 75

Shreveport’s exclusive carrier of...

Uptown Shopping Center


5802 Line Avenue • Shreveport

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Heather Hoffee Kreamer

heatherkreamerrealtor@gmail.com 2323 Old Minden Rd. Suite 100 Bossier City, LA 71112







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Each office is independently owned and operated.

Mixing Styles

with Gautreau Interiors Page 78 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018


How can you mix styles at home and create a blended, seamless effect? Here are five tips from the designer… MIX





table. If you have two skirted swivel chairs, buy a couch with legs. If your sofa has a track arm, don’t do the same arm on your chairs, mix it up! You can also apply the same rules to light fixtures. Don’t fill your house with lanterns, choose the space you like them the most and then find other styles of ceiling lights like chandeliers, drum shades or pendants to make sure there’s a good mix.

store. JUST SAY NO! Buy the upholstered headboard and move on! Try to keep a healthy balance between stained and painted furniture. Laurie loves adding a glass or stone top table to break up the wood pieces in a living room. Keep up with the trends: Grasscloth furniture is totally in right now and we LOVE the texture it adds to a room.

are done. Don’t be afraid to do a polished nickel sink faucet, gilded iron pendant lanterns, and satin brass cabinet pulls. Start by choosing a metal finish that will be the most prominent in your home and blend one or two other metal accents to add some interest and create flow throughout the house.

Decades Textures Shapes Finishes Metals Take family heirlooms If you have rectangle Stop buying the The days of doing an and or garage sale finds side tables, do a round complete bed suite entire house in the and combine them from a local furniture same metal finish Patterns or square coffee with new elements such as upholstery, art, or pillows. Also, try to use furniture or textiles that combine styles. For example, reupholster a traditional chair in a modern fabric. Don’t forget to sprinkle the different styles throughout the room so that it’s not overwhelming to the eye.

Each scenario is different, but always start with a base. Whether it’s a bold rug or wallpaper, or curtain fabric; layer different patterns, colors and textures so that they all complement each other and build on that base, rather than fight each other.

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uly marks one year since Interior Designer, Laurie Gautreau, opened her design studio, Gautreau Interiors. With sweaty palms and shaky hands, Laurie excitedly signed a lease for a one-of-a-kind space nestled in the back of Pierremont Common in Shreveport, where the original Tower Bookstore was located. The studio space is full of charm; it seamlessly blends a mix of styles. It’s the perfect backdrop for Laurie to appeal to all of her clients’ tastes

and design styles. With a traditional exterior, you would never guess that the inside is full of mid-century elements like the unique staircase design and original hanging pendant lights that Laurie kept. Adding her own touch was important; Laurie wanted to create a focal point at the front desk to welcome her clients into the space and get their creative juices flowing the moment they walked in. Laurie was inspired by

a bright floral wallpaper she found in Dallas at the Quadrille Showroom. The bold print was playful, yet sophisticated and, while she would never be brave enough to place the wallpaper in her own home, she wanted to let clients know that you don’t have to be afraid to have fun with color. She also enlisted local copper gurus, Rick and Jay Carmody of Copper Works Lighting, to design the perfect lanterns to hang above the front desk. In a last-minute

decision, they decided to paint the beautiful brass lanterns lime green to match the Gautreau Interiors logo. A risky decision that Laurie has never once regretted! Resurfacing the desk with a white high gloss Formica and installing a navy barn door with bamboo brass pulls completed the space and, while you don’t typically see these three things together, they all get along well and play off one another perfectly.

Full Service Interior Design Studio lo cat e d i n Pierremont Commons www.gautreauinteriors.com


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SUMMER FILM S E R I E S F I V E AWA K E Directed by a Louisiana woman, this film follows the fierce efforts of five women who are fed up with domestic violence. The women push anti-domestic violence laws through the Louisiana legislature to protect their sisters across the state. A special round table discussion regarding domestic violence featuring the film’s director will follow the film.

7:30 P.M. JULY 18 at the






f we walked through life fully understanding the magnitude of our presence in the lives of every soul who happened along our path, would we live and love a little differently? Would we open our hearts, our minds and even our homes a little more readily? Think for a moment. We’ve all been exposed to people in our

world who fully understand the benefit of sharing their lives with others. It is because of their presence in our lives that we are blessed with a better understanding of who we are, who we want to be in this life, and how we hope to be remembered in this world. These are the people who taught us, by example, that kindness matters, service to others matters and, ultimately, connecting with people is what matters most of all. Social connection is a gift that will reach thousands upon thousands of people - each person’s influence can travel beyond our wildest comprehension. This phenomenon is known as the “butterfly effect.” Page 82 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018


If you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to the people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person. ~ Mr. Fred Rogers

My favorite author, Andy Andrews, posed this question in his book, The Butterfly Effect: “How far forward would we need to go in your life to show the difference your life makes?” His answer to the question changed my life forever; it sparked something inside of me that grew into a flame that has never burned out. In fact, it only gets brighter as the years go by. Andrews said, “There are generations yet unborn whose very lives will be shifted and shaped by the moves you make and the actions you take today. And tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. Every single thing you do matters. You have been created as one of a kind. On the planet Earth, there has never been one like you…and there never will be again. Your spirit, your thoughts and feelings, your ability to reason and act all exist in no one else. The rarities that make you special are no mere accident or quirk of fate. You have been created in order that you might make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world. Know that your actions cannot be hoarded… saved for later… or used selectively. By your hand, millions - billions - of lives will be altered, caught up in a chain of events begun by you this day. The very beating of your heart has meaning and purpose. Your actions have value far greater than silver or gold. Your life… and what you do with it today… MATTERS FOREVER.” Wow. Powerful feeling, isn’t it? This concept was life changing for me. Immediately, my brain shifted from selfish thought to selfless reflection. I considered what I could do in my own life to make a positive difference, while leaving a lasting impact in the lives of all

whom I encounter. This mattered to me; the idea of it meant everything to me. I realized that one of the simplest ways to open myself up to others was to literally OPEN the doors of my home to any and all who wanted to come over and be part of my family’s life…whether for just a few minutes or a few days. If they were friends of my children or anyone else in my extended family, they weren’t only welcome here, they were treated with love, respect, care and acceptance. This philosophy means I rarely shy away from hosting a gathering at my house. In fact, I love having people here. It makes me happy and gives me a sense of great purpose. These gatherings can be small, large or anything in-between. I don’t have the biggest or fanciest house, but I have enough indoor and outdoor space that I can make it work, no matter the occasion. I have also trained myself not to stress over the amount of time it will take me to prepare for a gathering. The memories made during these special times with friends and family is worth way more than the time it takes me to prepare for the celebration or even the clean up afterward. With my two sisters right beside me, we have hosted fifteen 4th of July celebrations at my house, about the same number of New Year’s Eve family celebrations, two weddings, numerous birthday parties, slumber parties, graduation parties, end-ofthe-season team parties, puppy parties, and even a few preparties to other parties! There was only one year when I did not feel like hosting our annual 4th of July celebration. It was the first summer after my father died and I just didn’t have it in me to host it. The thought of it burdened my soul until my sister, Kimberly, straightened me out. Kimberly said, “Teri, listen to me…this is not about you. This isn’t even about Dad. It’s about our children. It’s about our family continuing on in the spirit of togetherness, love and fun. It is ultimately to remind our children that we don’t just

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 83

stop because one of us is no longer here on earth… we continue on in love and laughter for each other and ESPECIALLY for those who are no longer with us. We celebrate life! THEIR life! OUR life! We do this because that is who we are. And THAT is what we do! We stay connected. Our children need this life lesson now more than ever. So, T, we’re doing this; go put on your big girl panties because we’ve got a party to plan.” That soft blow to my heart was just the right amount salve on my wounded soul. It was the best and most worthwhile tongue lashing I had ever received. It’s about being “connectors” in this world by simply opening up our hearts, our minds and yes, especially our homes. It’s about making sure each person who enters your home feels comfortable, accepted, and cared about while in your presence. Make your place an open space of love and inclusion. And always remember that the very beating of your heart has meaning and purpose… and that, my friends, is how you keep it real.

It’s about being “connectors” in this world by simply opening up our hearts, our minds and yes, especially our homes.

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97 th SEASON


For only $103 (adults) or $95 (seniors, students, active military) a savings of $10 off individual ticket price



Call (318) 424-4439 or online at www.shreveportlittletheatre.com

Or visit our Box Office at 812 Margaret Place Noon - 4pm | Monday - Friday July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 85

6 012 Line Avenue Shreveport (318) 6 0 6.4558

@jacclothingshreveport @shopjacclothing Page 86 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018


JAC Clothing will have you dressed and ready to impress for Sorority Recruitment week

1 Ice Water and Tea Day. Sundresses and wedges to make your best first



Bid Day. You did it!! Celebrate with your

Get Recruitment Ready at

new sisters and wear





Day. Shorts and a


top or a comfortable romper, more casual but cute!






Skit Day. A happy medium between a sundress and


a cocktail dress!

Pref Day. The most formal day of recruitment week. Be confident, stunning and elegant!

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Discover At St. Joseph Catholic School, each child is given the opportunity to discover their strengths through rigorous, individualized academics and a wide variety of enrichment programs. Our Catholic faith is present in all aspects of the day through prayer, religion classes, and weekly mass.

Create Creativity is always encouraged at SJS. All students participate in weekly enrichments - Art, STREAM, Library, PE, and Music. Middle School students choose from a wide selection of enrichments including photography, technology, and design.

Grow The nurturing environment at St. Joseph Catholic School gives students a safe place to learn and grow into well-rounded, responsible people, ready to take on their future. SJS teachers and staff are committed to educating the whole child, building confidence beyond the classroom. Weekly religion classes and mass expand each student’s faith and knowledge of Catholicism.

Preschool 3 - 8th grade

St. Joseph Catholic School Page 88 |

1210 Anniston Avenue, Shreveport, Louisiana (318) 865-3585 sjsfalcons.org LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018



“In order to restore a historic gem, you must go back to the beginning.”


he great building of Castle Hall is located at 125 St. John Street in downtown Monroe. Built in 1892, it was first used as Stonewall Lodge No. 8 of the Knights of Phythias. The concept and functionality of Castle Hall was devised by Thomas Owen Benton, the father of the late educator, Lida Benton, for which the now razed Lida Benton Elementary was named in South Monroe. The Knights of Phythias was established in Washington D.C. as an Act of Congress in 1864. The Knights’ purpose was to ease the ills of the Civil War including assisting the widows and orphans of soldiers killed in this war. The original No. 8 Lodge was located at the corner of DeSiard and South Grand where Bry Park now sits. It was opened in 1864. The original charter members consisted of 12 Jews and 12 Christians. After a fire destroyed the building, plans were drawn up for what would become the Castle Hall building.

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 89

Among those 24 charter members was my great great grandfather, the Honorable Judge Robert Henry Endom, who happened to be the first judge for the city of Monroe, previously named Ft. Miro, after the reconfiguration after the Civil War. He was also on the building committee and donated 48 of the chairs that remained in the lodge during its existence. The Knights of Phythias was a secret society and the lodge a gathering place for gentlemen. Its second floor was a private men’s club for socializing and recreation. It was a refuge for businessmen with a special by vote invitation and application process. It was originally a two-story brick and mortar building with a wrap around balcony. In 1922, a third-floor annex was constructed as the lodge began to expand its membership. The first floor was a merchant space that housed New York Racket & Dry Goods. Later it was home to Standard Office and Sublett Bros. Mercantile. In its life, Castle Hall also hosted the Junior League of Monroe’s thrift shop, Bloomingdeals, Scalia’s Deli, and an events rental business. In the 1940s, sisters Clarice and Golda Roan taught dance in the building

until the 1970s. It was during this time that women began to use the building socially. Socials and dances were held with women only as guests. In the 1950s, an African-American gentleman, George Murray, was hired to run the elevator and maintain the lodge. George had a daily presence at Castle Hall for more than 40 years. He was a fixture that lived through the segregation and integration of society. In 1988, my father, Ron Downing, joined the Knights of Phythias. He was the only second-generation member of the lodge from a charter member in Castle Hall’s existence. A local historian and visionary, he saw the need for restoration and revitalization of the building. It became a family affair as my mother, Jan Downing, and my sister, Sarah Downing Watley, and I, spent much time there during the revitalization process. I played billiards on the second floor while my sister took to removing the sheets of plywood that had been placed over the gorgeous original floors. Historic colors were selected by my father and my mother led the reorganization of the kitchen areas on the social floor. Members pitched in to rejuvenate the lodge and make its two

upper floors accessible to the public to rent for weddings, parties, and dances in a historic setting. My father remained a member for more than a decade before leaving the lodge; at that time, membership was slowing dwindling. As the membership became rather small, the decision was made to sell the building to another historic preservation enthusiast, Melody Olson. It again became a building in disrepair as it sat shuttered, waiting for its next incarnation. The building began to show it age. After nearly a decade, Melody parted ways with Castle Hall. Real estate agent and investor, Jason Thomas, showed interest in this diamond in the rough. The front face was gone as were many of the windows and sashes. The floors had been mostly gutted and the ornate tin ceilings were caving in. Many would not see any potential or hope for Castle Hall. Having already placed some interest in downtown Monroe by moving into the Riverscape Condominiums in the former Penn Hotel on South Grand, Jason and his wife, Jennifer, knew how successful a renovation like this could be. Michael and Christie Echols, developers, architect, Robert Ellis, and I, as designer and consultant, joined the Thomases to bring Castle Hall back to its former glory. Together, we formulated the process and plan to transform the building into downtown living spaces. The historical character of the building had to be preserved for integrity and historical significance. We also had to embrace and provide the luxuries and comforts of modern day living. On June 15, 2017, we broke ground on Castle Hall Condos. I was thrilled to see that day come, as the third generation of my family with a tie to this 126-year old gem. It was a special day knowing that I was part of the process of restoring something my family helped construct and revitalize in the past.

Page 90 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

All construction brings challenges, but the ghosts of the forefathers were not cooperating as redrafts and changes continued until Castle Hall’s completion. Bringing the final polish to the condos was my great friend, Richard Brown, and his team of painters and Johnathan Ryman and his team of carpenters worked hard to meet our official opening date on June 7, 2018. I also enlisted a team of talented merchants and designers; Jason’s daughter, Savanna Thomas, Shane Sullivan and Tyler Kimbell helped me create my vision for the spaces with furnishings and accessories. With Jennifer taking care of the marketing and Jason’s son, Tristan, on the electrical team of Copeland’s, it was another family working together on Castle Hall. As opening night approached, we wanted the event to be a cultural experience as well has a restoration unveiling. Four extremely talented artists and friends, Courtney Payne Wetzel, Joni Dollar, Molly Engan and K’shana Hall Davis, were contacted to display their latest collections. In a building that began hosting only men, it was fitting to bring a feminine presence to highlight a new era in downtown Monroe. Bringing in a bit of the hip artist movement were the talents of artist and friend, Dustin Greer, with his street inspired works. We found the right entertainment and musicians to add ambiance to the night and recall the buildings history. As guests arrived, Madison Hopkins entertained the crowd with her twirling fans of fire and majestic hued fabrics and hula hoops. It added a special vaudevillian moment of street performance. Brian Sivils and Kirby Rambin entertained the guests touring the building. Throughout the tour, guests enjoyed some leisurely jazz from Austin George as they settled into the masterpiece of the third floor’s penthouse suite where the

lodge hall meetings took place. The stage that once commanded the meetings was now his stage for the evening. Local celebrity mixologist, Henry Manning, provided the libations and culinary artist, Chef Pat Nolan, tempted guests taste buds with some of the delicious dishes they can expect in the first floor retail space that will become Nolan’s Brick Oven Bistro, opening this summer. The former Castle Hall Lodge has been transformed into Castle Hall Condos. The building houses nine luxury, furnished condos that are now available for corporate lease and on AirBnB. Families and businessmen and women from around the USA have embraced it as a new place to live and stay while in Monroe. Residents and guests of Castle Hall Condos experience history with its unique Spanish-influenced architecture paired with modern-day conveniences. It is one of the oldest remaining buildings in

downtown Monroe. It has been a true labor of love being a part of something that has been important to my family for so many decades. If you are traveling or looking for a staycation, I recommend Castle Hall Condos as your home away from home. The character of the building tells its own story. Now, if only these walls could talk.

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 91

MONROE 4330 Highway 165 North (318) 345.2525

RUSTON 810 Willow Glen Blvd. (318) 513.1313


Since 1975 Viking Pools has been the standard of fiberglass pools.

pool of your dreams.

Let us help you create the

Page 92 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018


WAYS to Skinny Any


Pool Party



Go for seafood.

Chicken and sirloin patties are incredibly popular on the grill, but don’t forget about shrimp. Ouncefor-ounce, shrimp contains fewer calories than chicken. Three ounces of shrimp contains only 84 calories, whereas three ounces of chicken contains 130 calories.


What’s on tap?

Reach for sparkling water varieties, such as Zevia, and lower calorie adult beverages. Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc yield 85 calories and 2.6 grams of carbohydrates. Merlot and Pinot Noir yield 88 calories and three grams of carbs per serving. Looking for a speciality beverage? Below is the recipe for my Skinny Louisiana Pomegranate Sparkling Mimosa.

Skinny Louisiana Pomegranate Sparkling Mimosa 8 strawberries, sliced 1/2 cup pomegranate juice Champagne Diet ginger ale • • •

Split strawberries between glasses. Pour equal parts of pomegranate juice, champagne, and diet ginger ale in each glass. Serve.


Think fiber.

Fiber fills us up without filling us out. Look for burger buns, wraps, and chips with 5 grams of fiber or more. My favorites include Mission Carb Balance Wraps, a staple for all Skinny Louisiana clients, as well as Beanitos chips.

rab those beach balls and pool games, it’s time to celebrate the summer heat in the pool! Pool party menus typically star burgers, hot dogs and speciality ‘party’ beverages. In these situations, we can easily drown ourselves with added calories, carbohydrates, and fat. We start off our parties with amazing intentions, firing up the grill and preparing our lean cuts of meat and gorgeous vegetable kabobs. But as the party continues, we find ourselves getting a second helping of chips and dips, the kids’ brownies, and a few too many refills of our adult beverage. There are easy ways to lighten up your fun-filled summer days. Follow these five simple steps to skinny your pool party celebrations.


Make and take a ‘skinny’ dip


Bring a pre-portioned dessert.

Choose fresh salsas and prepare your own ‘skinny’ dip, like my Skinny Louisiana Red Bean Dip - you will wow the crowd and stay on track with your nutrition. I joined forces with Borden® Cheese to create this fabulous dip to make your summer celebrations better. Starring a fiber-rich Louisiana superfood, the red Skinny Louisiana bean, this dip keeps Red Bean Dip us full; plus it contains 1 can red kidney beans, drained and calcium (bonerinsed health) and protein 1 6oz. container of plain Greek yogurt 1 cup salsa (promoting satiety) 1 packages light cream cheese, softened from the Borden® 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese (we used Borden® Thick Cut Shreds) Cheese and Greek yogurt. Pull out your • Place all ingredients in food processor. food processor and • Process until look for Borden® smooth. Thick Cut shreds • Serve with Beanitos or giving a thicker yet any chip with smooth consistency. 5 grams of Serve this winner fiber or higher. with Beanitos chips.

Let’s be honest, fruit trays are incredibly boring. Ice chests are not only for our sparkling water, but also for our our favorite ‘sweet’ treats. Look for treats with 5 grams of sugar or less. My favorites include Outshine No Sugar Added Bars and Enlightened Ice Cream Bars. Satisfy your sweet tooth without guilt!

Shelly Marie Redmond, MS, RD, LDN is a culinary dietitian, recipe developer, and author of Skinny Louisiana…in the Kitchen. Catch her every Friday at 12 noon on her Facebook Live Cooking Show, LIVE with Skinny Louisiana in the Kitchen. July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 93

Welcome to Bayou Long Beard The perfect place to stay for any reason under the sun!


ayou Long Beard was created for the sole purpose of taking care of people and giving them a place to relax and enjoy God’s creation. Originally built by Skip and Sara Caissie for Sara’s parents, Charles and Willie Lois Crockett, to move them back to Monroe and give them a place to live out their years closer to the Caissie’s and Sara’s sister Jane Cook. Later, it served as a place of refuge for the Crockett’s grandson, Clay Caissie, to return to Monroe and date his high school sweetheart, Joy Hale. While they dated, Clay and Joy’s love grew...not just for each other, but for the beauty that the bayou had to offer. Spending

a year on the bayou, they realized that they were falling in love with each other again and with the town they grew up in. For over two decades, Clay traveled all over the world so much that the word ‘home’ had lost its meaning. Joy did not get the opportunity to leave Monroe much while she raised three beautiful children. After days on the porch, dock, and the magical sunset cruises on the pontoon, paddle board, or canoe...they fell in love with the beauty of the bayou and their hometown. Bayou Long Beard is tucked away in a quiet area adjacent to the campus of the University of Louisiana at Monroe and offers a variety of experiences just by

Page 94 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

This place was created for the sole purpose of taking care of people and giving them a place to relax and enjoy God’s creation.

Styled/Design/Photos: Heather Land @heathersuez

being so close to campus. Large picture windows let in lots of natural light and give a stunning view of the Bayou. The beauty found here distracts from the fact that you’re right inside the city. Monroe is an emerging city full of history and restoration. Newlyweds, Clay and Joy, now love having the opportunity to host and accommodate guests from all over the United States. Hospitality is their specialty. You will not be disappointed after your stay at Bayou Long Beard Bed & Breakfast! @bayoulongbeardairbnb

Lola Magazine’s Bayou Brunch and Yoga

Saturday August 4th at Bayou Long Beard Tickets available on Eventbrite.com • Registration begins at 9:30 am. • 10am yoga • Mimosa Brunch following provided by Chicken Salad Chick • $10 a person • “H2Go” Paddle board demo and rentals available after brunch. July-August Page 95 | LOLA 2018 MAGAZINE | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August | Page 2018 95


THE BOSS OF SOUTHERN CUISINE Old Fashioned Pound Cake is featured as a dessert Lemon Pound Cake 2 sticks salted butter, softened 3 cups granulated sugar 6 eggs, separated 1 ½ tsp lemon extract ¼ cup lemon juice fresh 3 cups flour, sifted ¼ tsp salt ¼ tsp baking soda 1 cup whole milk • Preheat oven to 325°F. • Spray bundt cake pan with nonstick baking spray or coat with butter and dust with flour. • Combine sugar and butter and beat until light and creamy in large bowl. Add egg yolks one at a time, beating well after each addition. Add extract and lemon juice. • Mix together sifted flour, salt, baking soda and add to butter mixture along with the milk, alternating between the two.

Beat egg whites until they are stiff. Fold into batter. Pour into prepared cake pan. Bake for about 1 hour. After 1 hour, use a toothpick to check for doneness. If necessary, cook for up to 30 more minutes. Cool completely before removing cake from pan.

OPTIONAL LEMON GLAZE 2 cups confectioners sugar ¼ c lemon juice fresh 1 tb milk • In a mixing bowl using a whisk, mix 2 cups of confectioners sugar with ¼ cup fresh lemon juice and milk. • Drizzle over cake.

in the official meal of North Louisiana. The official meal of North Louisiana was created by North Louisiana native Chef Hardette Harris and was passed by the 2015 Louisiana Legislature.

In the north, pound cake is a staple when it comes to old fashioned desserts. I’ve never heard anyone say they don’t like pound cake. Enjoy this traditional pound cake made in a real bundt cake pan (no substitutions). Find more information about North Louisiana’s unique cuisine at foodtourslouisiana.com. WRITTEN BY CHEF H.D. HARRIS, PRIVATE CHEF SERVICES PHOTOGRAPHY BY BRITTANY STRICKLAND

July-August 2018 | LOLA MAGAZINE | Page 97

Shreveport Bossier Family Dental Care is blessed to have a talented general dentist like DR. KATIE BEACH working at one of their four convenient locations in the Shreveport Bossier area. She is a trained Invisalign provider that has been recently awarded Gold Plus status. Dr. Katie Beach can offer an easier lifestyle solution, Invisalign, for a straighter, healthier smile. CONGRATULATIONS DR. BEACH ON GOLD PLUS STATUS!! Our process for Invisalign starts with a FREE consultation. Invisalign uses advanced technology to create custom-made aligners that are invisible, comfortable, and removable. To obtain the best possible results, Dr. Katie Beach uses an inoffice iTero scanner to show patients a 3D imaging outcome of their final Invisalign treatment within minutes. Our office accepts almost all dental insurance plans and welcomes flexible payment solutions. Set up a FREE consultation today and see if Invisalign is right for you!

BENEFITS OF INVISALIGN TREATMENT • FREE Consultation • Fewer Lifestyle Adjustments • No metal brackets or wires are required • Eat, Brush, and Floss without hassle • Invisible, Comfortable, and Removable Aligners • More comfortable than traditional orthodontic treatment • Treatment completed 50% faster than traditional methods • Works for Teenagers as well


4955 N. Market Street, Suite 500, Shreveport, Louisiana 71107 www.shreveportbossierdental.com • 318-686-7470 Hours: Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 5:00 pm Page 98 | LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018

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JULY 13 & 14



Family Matinee





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Snakes of Louisiana JULY 20


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Cuban Cocktails, Cuisine, Cigars • SAVE THE DATE •


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HAVANA NIGHTS Cuban Cocktails, Cuisine, Cigars









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4.05% APY



on Balances up to $25,0001

3% CASH BACK on all Debit Card Purchases1 Free Online Banking with Mobile Deposit and Bill Pay5

Unlimited check writing

ATM Fee Refunds up to $5.00 each2

Free Debit Card4

Free E-Statements3

Free PB Pay5 Person-to-Person Realtime Payments with Debit Card

Free ATM transactions at Progressive Bank ATMs

NO monthly service charge or per item charges

$800 Overdraft Privilege6

Monthly Qualifiers for ‘Rewards’ Interest and ATM Fee Refunds At least 12 Debit Card Purchase transactions each month (statement cycle)7 • At least 1 automatic debit or 1 direct deposit each month (statement cycle) • Enrolled in AND Log in to Online Banking (each statement cycle)

One More Reason to call or come by Progressive Bank to reap your new rewards, or open online at ProgressiveBank.com!

Large Enough to be Progressive, Small Enough to be Personal. 2600 Beene Blvd. • (318) 213-5700

Bossier City | 8550 Fern Avenue

(318) 213-5725


Monroe | West Monroe | Winnsboro | ProgressiveBank.com ALL Rewards Checking Qualifiers must be met to earn Rewards Interest and ATM Fee Refunds. For Rewards Interest Checking, if Qualifications are met, balances up to $25,000 will earn Rewards Interest of 4.05% APY and balances over $25,000 will earn .50% APY; if Qualifications are not met, ALL balances will earn .05% APY for that statement cycle. APY is Annual Percentage Yield. APYs accurate as of 6/18/2018 and may change after account is opened. Minimum opening account balance is $100. Fees could reduce earnings on the account. For Rewards Cash Back, maximum monthly Cash Back amount is $10.00. 2ATM Fee Refunds maximum of $25.00 per month. 3Paper Statement Fee is $3.00 per month. 4Lost/Damaged Card Fee may apply. 5Third-party Internet/Data/Message Fees may apply. 6Overdraft Privilege (ODP) pending ODP qualification. Paid Overdraft Item Fees of $35.00 apply to overdrafts created by check, in-person withdrawal, ATM withdrawal, or other electronic means. To maintain Overdraft Privilege, account balance must be positive for at least one day in any 35-day period. We may not pay your overdraft if you|have not Opted-In for all transaction types or if you do not have sufficient available Overdraft Privilege to cover the amount of the overdraft and any Page 102 LOLA MAGAZINE | July-August 2018 associated fees. 7Debit Card transactions must post and clear to count toward the monthly qualifier total. Available for Personal Accounts only. 1

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IN 2016

I met my hero – Oprah Winfrey, the philanthropist, media mogul and counselor to the world. We talked for 30 minutes about my experience with Weight Watchers and later had the most amazing dinner at her lavish home in Montecito, California. This experience led to me appearing in a national television commercial with Oprah and seven other successful Weight Watchers

across the South peddling our book. The response was positive and so we sent Oprah a copy of the book and a passionate letter - maybe more like a plea - to accept the book. We were so excited! We waited. Nothing happened. No call. No invitation to Chicago. But life went on. I was a busy mom raising my only child and expanding my career from a reporter at The Times, where I met Monica, vice president of communications at the Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau where I work today. There were difficult times mixed in during that time. Over the years, I ate my pain. It was how I dealt with disappointment and hurt. My story is relatable. I was cheated on and left alone with a newborn baby in 1998. For nearly three years, I was extremely depressed and thought often about the end. I was juggling mommy duties and feeling obligated to any and everybody who wanted something from me. Later, I got married. I thought that would help. It didn’t, and I found myself divorced. By 2014 my weight had ballooned to 185 pounds and I was so unhappy. I needed a change. I joined Weight Watchers. God would bring my dream to meet Oprah full circle on August 29, 2016. An intern for Weight Watchers called and said, “Hi Brandy, your posts on Connect are inspiring. Katerina Gkionis, an editor at Weight Watchers Magazine, would like to speak to you about your experiences with Weight Watchers.” In January 2017, I was featured in the magazine for losing 32 pounds and for finding my inner joy. That joy came from walking my weight off and talking to God. I learned to forgive and shed years of broken relationships and hurt feelings. Today, I’m lighter, freer and my life’s mantras are ‘live fully’ and ‘the best is yet to come.’

That joy came from walking my weight off and talking to God.

members in early 2017. Combined, the eight of us lost 595 pounds.This, for me, was a real dream come true. It could seem random on the surface, but I believe it was an answered prayer from nearly 15 years earlier. Even today, my story is a gentle reminder that a prayer delayed does not mean a prayer denied. In 2002, I helped my best friend Monica Carter Tagore self-publish her first novel, As If Nothing Happened. With a shoestring budget and my limited QuarkXpress and Photoshop abilities, she wrote and I designed the book. The story centered around three girlfriends dealing with very personal issues that are universal to women - a messy divorce, heartbreaking miscarriage, and violent college sexual assault. Ultimately, these three girls laughed, cried and triumphed. They had to forgive one another and those who tried to destroy them. Monica and I believed the story was strong enough to win Oprah’s Book Club stamp of approval. We went all

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