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30 Holiday Glam Get glammed up for the holidays.

82 Grit and Wit 88 O’ Christmas Tree The importance of instilling both Using treasured childhood for raising successful children. heirlooms in your Christmas décor. _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ 124 Style Trend 106 Integrate Your Health 127 Sweets and Treats for Holiday Athletic shoes are making a How the elimination diet can Magic step into high fashion. improve your health and well-being. Fun holiday treats for making memories with your little ones. 98 The Men’s Holiday Gift Guide This season’s top picks for all the men in your life. 42 The Great LOLA-Day Giveaway

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68 Hostess with the Mostess 8 2nd Act Supper Club 94 Tinsel “Friends-giving,” when The story behind our area’s first A chauffeured shopping experience. friends become family. underground super club. _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ 16 The Stockings were Hung 25 Keeping it Real with Teri 131 Antique Alley Magical mantels to cozy up Netterville Shopping for treasures your home for the holidays. It’s a JUAN-ERFUL Life, both past and present. the story of Juan Zuniga. 78 The Art of Hanging Art 56 Louisiana’s Christmas Town Tips and tricks by Edward Nader. 50 Total Eclipse of the Heart The Natchitoches Christmas Baby Caroline Rome, a love Festival comes to life. 114 Christmas with Lola Herndon that was worth the wait. Clinton Downing’s favorite home 110 Loyola Style Show to decorate for Christmas. 121 Laurie Calahan A longstanding tradition of style. Making jewelry to make 22 The Boss of Southern Cuisine 64 McCary’s a stand for women. Hardette Harris’s Famous The fourth generation of a Sweet Potato Pie. 142 From Her Perspective family business brings hard Dr. Pennington shares the work and gratitude. importance of believing in yourself. 137 Must-Attend Events

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s it really the holiday season already? They say the older you get, the faster the years go by. That is no joke! It is my favorite time of year for so many reasons. I love all that the

holidays bring – even the chaos can be fun. Yes, our to-do list is longer than usual, but when that includes shopping, you will hear no complaints from me! Although I am very much a “Christmas person,” Thanksgiving is a close second. It may be redundant coming from me, but gratitude is my thing, and Thanksgiving is just that – taking a moment to be thankful for all the blessings in life. This year my 36th birthday falls on Thanksgiving Day, and I have so much to be thankful for. I was a little hesitant to give the “36” detail, but age is an attitude, right? That being said, 29 feels more appropriate most days, but I am good with 36. Whatever age, whatever may be in the mix at this time in my life, I am thankful for every day that I get to wake up and be with the people that I love. If it’s snuggling my babies, hanging out with my husband, spending time with family at our deer camp, or getting to work beside my best friends doing what we love with our incredible team. I am thankful every single day. This issue of Lola Magazine is full of things to make your holidays more special. Whatever is on your list this year, we have your shopping covered, from the men in your life, to what to wear to your holiday festivities. Take a different approach to Thanksgiving this year and add a Friends-giving celebration to the holiday. We share tips to decorate your own Christmas wonderland, and recipes for making memories with your little ones. Take a trip to West Monroe’s Antique Alley and the Natchitoches Christmas Festival for holiday fun. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our Lola-Day giveaway and get your tickets to Tinsel, a chauffeured shopping experience. All of us at Lola Magazine wish you the very happiest of holidays. We hope your holiday chaos is manageable, your festive fashion will turn heads, your home is full of Christmas magic, and your blessings abound! Cheers to all of you and yours this holiday season!

Love, Bevin

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ONE THING IS CERTAIN ABOUT MY HUSBAND, CHEF ANTHONY FELAN: He is extremely passionate about his work and has an incredible drive to grow and succeed. From the time he decided to make a career in the culinary world, he has worked incredibly hard to hone his skill and become a better leader. Unbeknownst to some people, the chef life is far from the glamourous perspective we see on television. They work long hours in a hot and crowded kitchen, they miss out on holidays, social activities and time with their family, and they live under constant pressure.


everal years of this lifestyle naturally will begin to wear on a person. Burnout is real in this industry and I have been watching Anthony go down fighting for a couple of years. Like most chefs, he operated each day on little sleep or food, a lot of caffeine, nicotine and his nightly cap of alcohol to unwind from his often-intense day. Let’s be honest, balance is not his best virtue. He loved his work and cared about the success of the restaurant as if it was his own. There was no “turning it off ” when he came home at night or even on his days off. Unlike most people who feel overly stressed in their job, Anthony never considered exploring other career paths that might give him the schedule to allow him a life outside of his work. That’s the thing about most chefs - they are extremely dedicated to their chosen path despite all the demands, the physical ailments, the staff turnover, and the lack of any personal life or quality rest. They are a species of their own and not many people can sustain in the industry. There were many high points for Anthony in his career and I believe those, coupled with his intense passion for creative cuisine, is what kept him pushing through the challenges and chaos of the day-to-day.

2 Act nd



However, in January 2017, Anthony experienced the greatest loss of his life; one I knew would change him forever. His dad passed away suddenly after a cancer diagnosis one month prior. The months following, Anthony struggled hard. The emotional and physical exhaustion began to break him and he started to question his own path. Reflecting on the many family events and special moments his dad missed due to his demanding job in addition to the dreams he had that he never pursued, Anthony realized he did not want to go down the same road. Every chef desires to have something of his or her own, and the realization of life’s fleeting nature began to weigh on him. He could no longer dismiss the stress he felt and the thought maybe there was more for him. Anthony has talked about starting an underground supper club for years so we began to toss around ideas. If

nothing else, this focus gave him an outlet, something positive and exciting to think about. It gave him hope. But considering his work schedule and family responsibility, he was not convinced he would actually be able to find time for it. However, a simple Facebook post to poll interest of his underground dinner idea sparked a fire in him and pushed him to action. Through the help of some of his supporters, the conversations became more serious and meetings began. They came up with a name and some potential locations. Around this time, I got a call from a friend who said she had some ideas for Anthony and she wanted to run them by me. She asked if I could possibly make it to her event that evening since she knew Anthony would be at work. This night ended up being a huge turning point for us. Not only did this friend share some progress on a potential project

that has been on Anthony’s heart for a while, I met some amazingly generous people that night who offered their building, the Calanthean Temple, for his first underground dinner. The 2nd Act Supper Club was becoming a reality and through the planning and success of the first event, I started to see the light in Anthony’s eyes again. He was proud of his work and felt the love of so many people. Something he desperately needed and I was most grateful for. Underground dinners and supper clubs aren’t unique to this area, and we wanted ours to be different. Our goal was to host them in historic buildings and old businesses around town. Shreveport has a wealth of beautiful architecture, much of which is just beginning to be restored. Anthony has always desired to have a restaurant in one of the abandoned buildings in downtown Shreveport and so the next best thing

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was to host these pop-up dinners where we could get access. Being able to learn and share the history of these buildings is one of the greatest things about it. We believe if people are able to discover the beauty and stories of them, they will have a deeper appreciation and want to see them restored for use today. In addition to that, it brings us immense joy to see the guests’ excitement over his creative dishes and the friendships discovered while sharing an intimate meal with people they may not have known prior to that evening. It has been a fun social experiment, one that we feel has been quite successful. Anthony has an amazing support base who have attended every dinner and each one brings new faces who we have the pleasure of getting to know.

Doors have continued to open for our family, thanks to answered prayers and so many supportive people in our lives and community. In August, very unexpectedly, one of the farmers Anthony has worked with over the years propositioned him with a partnership to open a food truck at a local brewery. Smith Family Farms will soon open a meat processing plant in the same building as Red River Brewing, and they were looking for a chef to have consistent presence for the brewery’s guests and to use Smith Family Farms’ beef and lamb on the menu. If you know Anthony’s reputation for his use of locally sourced food, you know how much this excited him. Certainly felt too good to be true when Craig Smith first proposed his idea. The freedom, the low overhead and the simplicity of running a food

truck always intrigued him, and many chefs who had taken similar leaps have seen great success. Maybe this would be the step he needed to find pleasure in his work again, to have more time with his son, and to begin the process of creating the life he so desired. Things were getting serious quickly and we had to make a decision. As exciting as this endeavor was, leaving his long-term and stable job was difficult and daunting at the same time. In September, Anthony resigned from his position as Executive Chef of Wine Country Bistro and is currently working to open his new business, Fat Calf Boucherie. Fat Calf ’s menu will remain true to Anthony’s love for farm-fresh ingredients and in addition to Smith Family Farms meats, he will continue incorporating vegetables and other local staples from



A Gift for Everyone 318-610-0136 955 PIERREMONT ROAD, SUITE 200 SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA SweatSocietyShv


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area farms including Doodley Dee’s Farms, Mahaffey Farms, Haute Goat and Flowing Hills Creamery, and eventually Cotton St. Farms when they are fully operating. The menu will be more extensive than your average food truck - there will be small bites for sharing as well as a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and salads. It will vary through the seasons and he will run weekend specials like hand-made pasta and seafood dishes. Some people may think he is crazy for taking such a big leap, but I could not be prouder of him. I have complete faith in his ability and I know his talent, ambition, work ethic, and character will allow him to succeed at anything he puts his mind to. And Fat Calf isn’t the end goal for him, he is also working with the Norla Preservation Project on another restaurant concept for the future.

There were many nights that I laid awake praying for something big to happen for him, that he would get through those dark stages of grief, and that he would realize he has the potential to achieve whatever his heart desires. As the saying goes, “The moment you’re ready to quit is usually the moment right before the miracle happens.” For once in our six years together, I was witnessing my husband ready to give up. Then the miracles came, and they continue to happen every day in our lives. Don’t get me wrong, there have been hard days and extremely tense moments through this entire process. I know the road ahead won’t always be smooth, but to see my husband living out his passion and finding happiness again makes every single stressful moment worth it. .

Make Your Holidays

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The Stockings were Hung AMAZINGMANTELS B

elieve it or not, the 2017 holiday season is almost upon us! No matter if you start your Christmas decorating and shopping in July or wait for the Thanksgiving food coma to wear off, decorating your home for the holidays does not have to be an overwhelming or bank-busting challenge. A few key design elements in the right places can instantly transform your everyday environment into a winter wonderland of holiday cheer. One of those locations is the fireplace mantel, often referred to the heart of the home. While down here in the South that can often mean sipping hot cocoa Christmas Eve with the air conditioner on rather in front of a roaring fire, most Southern homes still include a fireplace and mantel centered in the main gathering space of the home, making it an ideal focal point to make a big impact with your holiday décor. Holiday decorations are often a reflection of where we are in our lives and are usually a mix of old and new items, some with great sentimental value. For this article, we wanted to focus our holiday mantel design aesthetics on three general

style concepts and incorporate some basic design elements so that no matter what your style or budget may be, you can garner some ideas and apply a few of our tips to make your holiday mantel decorating this year easy, affordable and a statement piece for your home. The three style concepts that we based our mantel designs on are: a formal traditional style, a more contemporary style and a causal farmhouse style. A few key elements of design we are going to focus on and apply to each of the concepts are: color, shape, texture, scale and harmony. The fun thing to always remember about design is there really is no right or wrong approach! There is absolutely nothing wrong with combining concepts to reflect your personal style. The traditional modern aesthetic - the transitional style - is an extremely popular concept right now, so don’t feel that you have to identify with just one of these, or that you can’t pull elements from each to come up with your own concept that reflects your tastes. Our hope is that these examples serve as an inspiration to fuel your creativity and motivate you to boldly express your own style.

Modern, Transitional Style

OUR FIRST CONCEPT combines more clean lines and soft pops of color with other neutral backgrounds of color and forms. The trick with this style is while key elements of linear shapes and minimalist scale are consistent and rooted in a specific modern design principles developed between the 1920s through the 1950s, the colors are contemporary and often change with the popular trend at the time. For instance, we all remember the mauves and peaches that were the contemporary colors that defined the 1980s and early 90s design trends. Those have been replaced (thankfully) with soft neutral colors of cool whites, warm greys and mixing silver and gold as the base into this style’s contemporary design. Natural elements can still be utilized with flocked branches providing the stark clean lines and light green cedar foliage becomes a bright pop of color and texture. Geometric patterns in fabrics provide focal points that draw the eye and add harmony by using specifically placed ribbon with bright pops of color in the linear shapes against a neutral background. Some traditionalists consider this style very bland and devoid of feeling, especially when compared to the rich colors and deep feelings embedded in the traditional concept, which is why the traditional modern aesthetic has become so popular. It provides a balanced middle ground that still achieves the beautiful clean modern lines and contemporary color palettes but is softened with traditional elements ranging from pops of deep navy to brass and mercury glass finishes. Page 17 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

Page 18 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

Casual, Farmhouse Style

OUR SECOND CONCEPT is based on found elements that are crafty, unique, often-handmade items that do not follow a certain trend or style. With the social media boom of websites like Pinterest, this concept has become extremely popular with people who have natural artistic talent or people willing to learn artistic skills to achieve those one-of-a-kind pieces. It is also a great way to make a design statement on a tight budget. This style is especially wonderful for parents of young children who want to display their child’s latest masterpiece from art class or need dÊcor that can stand up to some abuse when those little fingers inevitability grab anything new in sight. Colors are a mixture of bright fun reds, grassy greens, soft whites and even warm greys can be found in the background. Natural elements of burlap, twine, and mixed greenery can be pulled straight from the backyard from indigenous trees and bushes. This mix provides unique combinations of texture and color from bark, woodsy branches and varying greenery to incorporate into the design. Layering pattern on pattern - plaids are the IT this year - is a central theme that plays with shape and scale. Whether you are a Pinterest master or a proud parent, this style has plenty of whimsy and statement pieces that embody the magic of the individual holiday spirit and the place where memories are made.

Welcome Home

briggs &co HOME

Briggs&Co.indd 1

Page 19 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

10/24/17 1:39 PM

Page 20 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

Formal, Traditional Style

OUR THIRD AND LAST CONCEPT is very simply classic elements based on European dĂŠcor. We all have those comfort foods that are a go to when we need that reminder of better times. Traditional holiday dĂŠcor can have that same effect, invoking memories of holidays past in our childhood filled with Christmas magic. All elements are based on a predictable, orderly and consistent theme. Colors are very deep hues of greens, reds and golds, and are repeated through fabrics and materials. Natural elements provide the base for this style using gold glittered wood branches and full deep-green foliage - magnolia leaves mixed into assored fir garland balanced throughout. Bold but sold colored ribbons in large and small scale undulate throughout the greenery and can be strong anchor pieces when made into bows. Combining textural balls and ornaments are great opportunities to introduce scale and shapes by using various sizes and silhouettes into the design while still maintaining harmony through color and placement. Ornaments can be special family heirlooms that become wonderful conversation pieces and reminders of those special people or bygone times in our lives. No matter your style or budget, holiday decorating should be filled with joy, not dread. After all most of us live with these decorations well into the New Year, so finding a style that you love and expresses all the concepts that you enjoy is really the gift that keeps on giving! Happy holidays from our family to yours!


Timeless Place. New Inspiration. Page 21 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

Chef H.D. Harris | Private Chef Services


3/4 cup butter, softened 1 cup sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar 3 eggs separated 4 large cooked sweet potatoes mashed 1 1/4 tsp vanilla extract 1/2 cup whole milk 1/4 cup heavy cream 3/4 tsp nutmeg 3/4 tsp ground cinnamon 1/2 tsp ground ginger 1/4 cup sugar 1 unbaked 9 - 1 inch pie crust


14k Sweet Potato Pie

Pre heat oven to 350. Cream butter and sugars with an electric mixer. Beat until blended, add egg yolks and beat until smooth. Whisk in sweet potatoes, vanilla, milk, cream, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger. In a separate bowl beat egg whites until foamy. Slowly add 1/4 cup sugar and beat until stiff. Fold into the sweet potato mixture. Pour into pie crust, bake about 40 minutes until firm.

Note: This Sweet Potato Pie is the dessert of the official meal of North Louisiana.



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the Story of Juan Zuniga

“Strange, isn’t it? Each man’s life touches so many other lives, and when he isn’t around, he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?” {The angel, Clarence, speaking to George Bailey in the Christmas classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.”}


his annual Christmas story airs every December and it is always such a great reminder to all of us that our lives matter. Simply by being on this earth, we are all constantly helping to shift and shape the lives of all who happen along our life path. Most of the time, we are totally unaware of our impact. I have a story that is very reminiscent of that Christmas classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” It will move you, inspire you and give you hope in the spirit of love, kindness and goodness. This story actually starts on a crisp December day in Los Angeles, California. The year was 1992. The date: Dec. 14. On this day, a baby boy was born to a loving couple, Ines and Enedina Zuniga, two good and honest people who had immigrated to the United States a few years earlier.

They named their new baby boy, Juan Jose Zuniga. They were so proud. He was special and they knew it. A year later, almost to the day, this same couple gave birth to a beautiful little girl. They named her Gemma. Juan was always the most loving, caring and protective big brother to Gemma. He was also her greatest encourager. When Gemma won first place in the science fair, as a 4th grader, Juan was so genuinely happy for his little sister that he cheered loudly when the announcement was made over the school loudspeaker. All day long, he continued bragging about her accomplishment to anyone who would listen. Naturally smart, with a work ethic to match, little Juan did so well in school that they had him skip a grade so that he

could be more challenged. His diligence and hard work paid off. He graduated from C.E, Byrd High School in 2010. And then again a few years later from Louisiana Tech University, where he received his college degree in economics. Upon graduation, Juan came back home with plans to work at the family restaurant for just a little while so that he could earn some money before setting out on his own. But, just as George Bailey’s father does in the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Mr. Zuniga also tried to convince Juan to take over the family business. With Juan’s humble nature, natural charisma, business smarts and megawatt smile, he seemed the perfect fit to take over the reigns. Most fathers love the idea of their son following in their business footsteps.

Page 25 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

But for Juan’s father, it was even more personal. You see, after moving to the U.S. at age 18, Mr. Zuniga proudly worked his way up through every job in the restaurant business, learning as he went, with grand hopes to open his own restaurant one day. During their early years in America, the Zuniga family moved from California to Colorado, until they landed in Shreveport, where they finally opened their own restaurant, El Compadre. Ever the respectful and obedient son, Juan valued his father’s thoughts and opinions over just about anyone or anything. But he had just graduated from college and had other plans for his life. Sadly, nobody could have been predicted what would happen next. Unexpectedly, Mr. Zuniga, at age 55, passed away suddenly and without any warning. His family and friends were devastated. In the blink of an eye, the world as they knew it was gone forever. Distraught and reeling from pain and grief, the Zuniga family had big decisions to make and there was no time to waste. Juan’s sister, Gemma, had aspirations of becoming an attorney and was already well on her way of doing just that. Mrs. Zuniga was working herself to death keeping the restaurant afloat, while also dealing with her personal grief. And then there was Juan. Ever the loyal and protective son and big brother, Juan made the decision to forgo his personal plans choosing, instead, to take on the family restaurant business and carrying on his father’s legacy. While under Juan’s helm, El Compadre continued to thrive. In fact, the restaurant was doing better than ever.

High school kids, like my own son, Steele, (who was a senior at Byrd at the time), began meeting at El Compadre many nights and most weekends for good food and fun fellowship with friends, while enjoying the comfortable atmosphere that El Compadre provides. It was during this time that I began hearing so much about this young man named Juan. I asked my son one day what it was about Juan that made people love and respect him so much. He answered nonchalantly, “He’s just a really good guy.” And then he added, “He and I connected over baseball one day.” I later found out from his sister, Gemma, that Juan has always been a huge baseball fan. He played the sport throughout his elementary and middle school years and absolutely loved it. For a special treat each year, his father would take him to Dodger Stadium on Opening Day, where they would spend that day together bonding over baseball. I soon came to realize for myself what made Juan so special. His brand of warmth and kindness was as much a pull to the restaurant as the delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine they serve there. He remembers you. He makes you feel important… Like you matter. Things seemed to be running smoothly at the restaurant… until one fateful night when something terrible happened. After closing time, one Saturday night, two masked gunmen tried to rob Juan’s mother. Instinctively, Juan jumped into action to save his mom. It was in that moment that Juan was shot in both lungs leaving him hanging on for dear life. Had it not been for Juan’s cousin’s quick response and dialing 911, Juan may not have made it through the night.

Thankfully, the first officer on the scene that night had just been equipped with one of those newly issued trauma kits and it was that kit that ultimately spared Juan’s life. Although he remained in very critical condition, he was alive and

that gave his family hope. I don’t think Juan or his family could have ever imagined what would happen next. When news spread of this heinous crime, thousands upon thousands of people in this community rallied together to help Juan and his family. The goodness that Juan and his family had lavished on their customers throughout the years was all coming right back in the way of monetary gifts, words of love, prayer chains and even a candlelight vigil in his honor one evening. Lola Magazine Publisher Bevin Hicks also felt the need to do something, so she cleverly created “All for Juan and Juan for All” t-shirts that were so nice and comfortable that hundreds of people ordered their very own, knowing that all proceeds would go directly to Juan and his family.

Page 26 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

The outpouring of love and solidarity among those in this community was something none of us had ever witnessed before. It truly felt like a take from movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life .” Thousands of dollars were raised to help with Juan’s medical finances, as well as the restaurant’s financial loss following the days after the robbery. Groups from all over were having prayer meetings for Juan, clinging to hope and asking God for his ultimate healing and speedy recovery. Gemma, the little sister who had always been protected by her big brother, was now home from Baylor Law School and in the position of being her brother’s protector. Gemma was thrust into the role of liaison between her brother and an entire community anxious for any word regarding Juan’s health and recovery.

Mrs. Zuniga was holding strong and steady for her children because, quite frankly, that is what moms do. She has been by Juan’s side and giving God all the glory for his life. People in our community have made it clear that they have a great desire to *do something* to help Juan and his family. Whether giving money or offering help in other ways, people simply want to show them their love and support. We actually have a Christmas expert in our midst, here in Shreveport. Her name is Teresa Powell and she has come up with an amazing solution to help our great need to *do something* for this young man who has so fully captured our hearts. Teresa is like this Christmas Fairy Godmother, who, with the help of her team, (whom she calls her “elves”) whisks into your home, turns it into a beautiful

Winter Wonderful and leaves you with a tangible sense of the Christmas spirit. Her idea is to do something extra special for Juan and his family this holiday season.

Page 27 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

She would like to create an *Inspirational WORD* Christmas tree. And this particular tree is one we will ALL be allowed to help decorate. Teresa’s plan is to sneak her team into the restaurant on Thanksgiving Day, (with the family’s permission, of course) and set up the perfect tree in the perfect spot of their restaurant.

Once this very crucial part is complete, Teresa and her elves will decorate the tree juuuust enough so that there is still room enough on there for the REST OF US to add our own encouraging and inspirational ornament to the tree. Words are so powerful. Words can be so healing. And sometimes, words have the ability to sum up our heart when our actions are unable to do the trick. So, if you wish to participate in this very special “Spirit of Christmas” endeavor for Juan, please feel free to stop by El Compadre Restaurant during this upcoming holiday season and place your inspirational ornament anywhere you wish on this very special *Word Christmas Tree*. He already feels your love; now he’ll get to see it. This traumatic event in the life of our city did something unexpected to us.

It opened us up. It united us. We were all unified in our love for this humble, unassuming young man, who simply uses his life to invest and spread goodness in the lives of others. What a lesson for all of us. Simply by showing kindness, love and respect to others, Juan has taught us what greatness looks like in human form. And in doing so, he has made this corner of our world a better place to live. With people like Juan Zuniga in our world, it really is “A Wonderful Life.”


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pon arriving at your fancy holiday celebration, own the room with these eyecatching holiday glam pieces. Say “Cheers!” to champagne with friends and propose a toast to a night of feeling glamorous. Winter fashions featuring velvet and sparkles are both striking and luxurious. Velvet becomes one of the top picks when crisp weather sneaks in. This simple fabric will bring out the courageousness of one’s inner fashionista. While matching with a velvet sofa in the guest area, it is still viable to add a fur shawl wrap over the shoulders for a bold exposure. Here’s the good news: Everyone can have access to these pieces and luckily, they can be found in inexpensive online and local retail stores. Suit up your man this season with in deep navy blues and rich fabrics tailored to fit him to a tee. Women are not the only ones who can be the arm candy during holiday festivities. To accompany the navy blue suit, a plaid handkerchief with red squares evens out pleasantly. With a kiss on the mister’s cheek by the lady’s cherry lips, the red squares from the handkerchief would allow the evidence from the quick romantic moment to become unseen. Additional deep colors for customized suits for men include modern purple hues, burgundy, stylish crimson and grey. Easily and effortlessly burst through the double doors with stunning dresses shining with silver, red or royal-blue embellishments. Most importantly, escape the closed-toe shoe rule during chilly weather. Endure the frost with an open-toe, and discover the perfect shoe that fits exquisitely with your alluring mystique. Both the ladies and the men can grab attention this holiday season with fashion-forward couture. Unleash your boldness and charisma with these most festive selections.

The Yellow Ribbon SHOES: House of Red Boutique DRESS:


John Pickens Clothier


House of Red Boutique Page 32 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

The Yellow Ribbon SHOES: House of Red Boutique SUIT: John Pickens Clothier DRESS:

Page 33 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017


Squires Page 34 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017


The Yellow Ribbon TUX: Squires

Page 35 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017


House of Red Boutique PLAID JACKET: John Pickens Clothier Page 36 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

House of Red Boutique PLAID JACKET: John Pickens Clothier


Page 37 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

Page 38 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017


Page 39 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

House of Red Boutique JACKET: Harper House

SUIT HIM UP this Holiday Season.

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Congratulations,Brandy BrandyCanatella CanatellaThompson Thompson Congratulations, being chosen Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce for for being chosen by by thethe Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce as as a a

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Call CalltotoMake Makea Reservation a Reservation 3310 Line Ave. Shreveport, LA | | 318-868-3652 3310 Line Ave. Shreveport, LA71104 71104 | | 318-868-3652 Page 44 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

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10/17/17 6:12 PM

John Pickens

Lindsey Pennington M.D. Facial Plastics

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Baby Rome Holding On To Hope Through the Heartbreak of Infertility

Jordan and Lindsay Rome are quite honestly the perfect match. If you are to meet Jordan, you will immediately be drawn to his humor and charisma. Jordan is full of laughs and always a good time. He met his match when he met Lindsay. She has the perfect combo of beauty and poise, with just enough quick wit to keep Jordan on his toes. Jordan and Lindsay were married May, 19 2007. The Romes, both originally from Baton Rouge, moved to Ruston in 2008 and wanted to wait a couple of years before having children. Jordan and Lindsay were both adopted and had always looked forward to having children of their own. This journey ended up being a much longer and bumpier ride than expected. After several months of hoping for a positive pregnancy test, the couple decided to see a doctor, just to make sure everything was OK. Lindsay was prescribed a hormonal stimulant and they were told this would be an easy solution. Unfortunately, this was not an easy fix and after many months they moved forward with other options. In 2012 after having run several tests, they went for their first attempt at the fertility treatment IUI (intrauterine insemination). After this attempt was unsuccessful, Lindsay decided to make an appointment with a fertility specialist. This was a difficult decision, because this meant accepting that she was indeed facing the struggles of “unexplained infertility.” The decision needed to be made to try IUI again or to make the huge financial sacrifice to go through with IVF (In Vitro Fertilization). They wanted a baby so badly, but the cost of this procedure is substantial. The chances of a successful pregnancy are higher with IVF so after four attempts with IUI they decided to make the sacrifice for IVF. Lindsay looks back at this time as one of the most frustrating and sad times in her life, in June 2015, they found out that the IVF was also not successful. The couple decided to take a break from the stress and disappointment they had endured. They built a new home and adapted a very healthy lifestyle. Feeling defeated by infertility and financially exhausted, they looked at the option of adoption. Adoption is close to both of their hearts, but the adoption process is also exhausting and Lindsay decided it was best for them to just “be still”

for a while and heal. Lindsay had signed up for an infertility awareness 5-K in Baton Rouge to be with women experiencing the same struggles of infertility and register for the tiny chance of winning a half-priced IVF treatment. The 5-K took place on a very dark and rainy day, but Jordan and Lindsay were not going to miss it. They were with their parents and thousands of other hopeful families. Jordan, Lindsay, and their parents were huddled under an umbrella that Lindsay says “was not

doing good at keeping them dry,” when the name “Lindsay Rome” was called over the loudspeaker. She gasped with excitement, and her dad asked “What is it Lindsay? Do you know her?” “That’s me, Dad!! I won!” Her dad had not gotten accustomed to her new name, but this is when the excitement began. Lindsay said that many times she had been afraid to keep hoping, but always prayed to “get to the good part of the story.” This was the good part.

Care for new mothers


Momma is HAPPY


A specially trained caregiver by your side 24 hours a day, overnight or hourly...on your schedule

4700 Line Avenue Suite 111 • Shreveport

Service provided by

(318) 424.5300 Locally owned since 2011 State Licensed • Insured • Bonded • CPR Certified • Background Checked

Lindsay and Jordan made the trip down to Baton Rouge to see Dr. Heber Dunaway of the Fertility Institute of New Orleans in June 2016 and froze four embryos. Due to his very full schedule of patients, they had to wait until December for the transfer of two embryos. On December 22, 2016, Lindsay called her best friend to rush over to her home. There were two faint lines on a pregnancy test, and after taking twelve more tests, she was convinced. They were pregnant! They traveled on twenty-four trips to Baton Rouge to see her specialist, and then Lindsay was released to her OBGYN, Dr. Kerry Tynes. At sixteen weeks they found out they were having a baby girl and Lindsay had a perfect pregnancy. Caroline Grace Rome was born on August 21, 2017, at the same time of the total eclipse of the sun. Lindsay and Jordan were aware that the eclipse was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, but the birth of their beautiful baby girl overshadowed everything. Lindsay shares her story in hopes that someone who may be going through the heartache of infertility, and who is keeping hope an arm’s length away, will continue to keep faith and know that they are not alone. Baby Caroline Grace is a beauty like her mother, is sure to have a quick wit like her dad, and for the Romes, holding this perfect baby will always be their total eclipse.

Britt Elizabeth Photography Southern Shutter Photography

0ver 20 years

n i g s s s e l B y a d i l Love, Ho Martha

of quality fashion, dresses, jewelry, costume jewelry, hats, and accessories!

318-242-0024 Downtown Ruston

Nursery Furniture Baby Registry Baby & Children’s Clothing Diaper Bags Shower Gifts Custom Art & Monogramming Ladies in Waiting • 7735 East Kings Hwy. • (318)798-6611 •

h r C i s y r r e r family totmas

Mom ou


your s!

6601 Youree Dr. Shreveport, LA 71105 318-797-5544

Christmas and Natchitoches go hand-in-






hand. In most places, Christmas celebrations last for a day or maybe a week at most, but here in THE Christmas town, Christmas starts on the kickoff weekend before Thanksgiving and ends on New Year’s Day. It is just that special. I remember my first Christmas festival in 1988. I was a Northwestern State University cheerleader





parade. My cheer partner was the President of Kappa Alpha Fraternity, and he couldn’t wait to get to the KA house on the parade route for his favorite party of the year.


From that very first Christmas festival I knew I would never miss one. Years later, I married a Natchitoches native and I have so far fulfilled that promise.

Page 56 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017


escribing Natchitoches is hard to do. We are a college town, an historic town, and a tourist town with tons of rich history and traditions. On any given day, we are a city of about 25,000 people, but during the month of December we easily reach 100,000. I recently heard someone describe visiting NSU and Natchitoches in this way: “Once you hit the railroad tracks, they’ve got you.” I can’t think of anything more true. At NSU, we do personalized campus tours at your convenience. We feel that if we have a chance to show you around our beautiful campus and our historic town, you will be hard-pressed to find anything else like it. Our town is one of our best bragging points (it doesn’t hurt that the Mayor of Natchitoches is always willing to help recruit students). Everyone here is very proud of all we have to offer in small town America.

One of my favorite traditions is attending the NSU Christmas Gala. It is absolutely incredible. One of NSU’s largest departments is the School for the Creative and Performing Arts. We have a 335-member marching band, an orchestra, an amazing theater and dance department, and an incredible choir. All of these areas combine for an hour-long showcase of the arts. Believe me, you don’t want to miss it. It’s the perfect way to get into the Christmas spirit. Another one of my favorite traditions is my Christmas sweaters. Now, this tradition started way before tacky Christmas sweaters were even a thing. I get a new Christmas sweater every year to debut at the festival. This started in 1991 and I now have 26 Christmas sweaters, and — despite what my coworkers say — none of them are tacky. This is why I’m bewildered every year when the sororities call to borrow one of my sweaters for their tacky sweater Christmas parties.

Did I almost forget about the best part of Christmas in Natchitoches? The Maggio’s frozen Egg Nog Daiquiri. It is absolutely not Christmas without it. Others may sell an Egg Nog Daiquiri but, believe me, you can’t beat this one. I also opt for the nutmeg. When you’re in our town, take time to go shopping down Front Street and its side streets. You’re guaranteed to stumble upon some neat finds that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s one of my favorite places to shop for Christmas gifts and décor! If you shop at the end of the Christmas season, you can put up your loot and look forward to getting out your new Christmas stuff when the decorating begins anew the next year. The Natchitoches Christmas Parade is kicked off every year with “the best sounding band in the land”: the Spirit of Northwestern Demon Marching Band. They are truly amazing. I love how they adorn their horns and drums

Page 57 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

with Christmas ornaments, garland, and hats. They’re always followed by the NSU cheer team. Next, many high school band and local celebrities follow. Of course, the parade ends with Santa himself. Once the parade is over, everyone shuffles to get to their favorite spots for the grand finale. I always wonder how early you have to get up to get your tarp down for a prime spot on the river bank. Personally, I love being in a boat on the river. And then comes the finale: the fireworks. You’ve probably seen firework shows, and you might have seen a really good firework show, but until you’ve been to Natchitoches you’ve never seen the best firework show. It goes on and on. Every time you think, “here comes the end,” there is more. And finally, when the last firework goes off… All of downtown is lit up. The Christmas lights stretch down the riverbank in all directions. They are

brilliantly beautiful. Every year, the

Natchitoches folks don’t let it upset us

first thing I do is try to find what new

because we know what is right around

displays were added for the year. I’m

the corner. When we see lights start

never disappointed.

going up and Christmas music piping

For all these reasons…when traffic

through all of downtown, we get excited.

gets a little slower and cars start piling

And — before we know it — it’s that time

up in our little, historic, college town, we

of year again in the City of Lights. Page 58 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

November 18, 2017 - January 6, 2018 (318) 652-7078

Schedule of Events Nov. 18th Johnny Earthquake and the Moondogs Joe Stampley Louisiana Red Nov. 25th Nov. 25th Louisiana Red Dec. 2nd Jo-El Sonnier Dec. 9th Lisa Spann & Co. Dec. 9th Dec. 16th Chicken on the Bone Dec. 23rd Hank Staples & Thundercreek

Fireworks every Saturday evening!




C I T Y O F N AT C H I T O C H E S , L O U I S I A N A

Rendering of Rue Beauport Riverfront renovation project.

A Main Street Community

Allied Health: Master of Science in Radiologic Science Two concentrations: Education and Administration. 100% ONLINE Post-Baccalaureate Certificates in Interventional Cardiovascular Technology and MRI. 100% ONLINE

Nursing: Master of Science in Nursing Three concentrations: Education, Administration, and Nurse Practitioner. With NP, 6 specialties to choose from: Adult Gerontology Acute Care, Adult Gerontology Critical Care, Family, Primary Care Pediatric, Psychiatric Mental Health, and Women’s Health.

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Two concentrations: Organizational Systems Leadership (non-APRNs) and Advanced Practice Leadership (APRNs). 100% ONLINE

CONTACT A RECRUITER FOR MORE INFORMATION 1800 Line Avenue Shreveport, LA 71101 Phone: (318) 677-3100

Finding the house to call home,

and choosing the best mortgage loan. Whether you’d like to purchase, remodel, or build your home, it’s easier when you start with a free quote, and pre-qualifying for your loan lets you know how to shop. Our Mortgage Lenders work with you to determine the best choice for your needs among available home mortgage options.

One More Reason. Try the advantage of our personal service with our local lending team. Contact Ginger Holton | (318) 651-5043 | Or apply online at


8550 Fern Avenue • Shreveport | 2600 Beene Blvd. • Bossier City Monroe | West Monroe | Winnsboro All residential mortgage loans subject to normal credit approval requirements. Mortgage loan rates are subject to change without notice. G. Holton NMLS #464560.

Gowns courtesy of Bella Bridesmaids • Star Makeup by Lindsey Blount Lauren’s hair & makeup by Deborah David

Become part of Lauren’s family of super-stars CELEB BARRE

Spin HITT • Whine Barre • Bodypump • HITT • ROM Cardio Kickboxing • Yogi Barre • Sleek Pilates 6607 LINE AVE • SHREVEPORT, LA 71106 • (318) 861-1082

Generations of

McCarys R.L McCary, Lynn Thomas, Miles Thomas



aking over the family business can be interesting. At times it can be expected, at times it can be a choice. Either way, in Miles Thomas’ case, it required a lot work and a lot of heart, and for Miles it comes with a sincere gratitude. McCary’s Jewelers was opened in 1941 by Miles’ greatgrandfather, Jim McCary. Jim and his father worked together in their first location in downtown Shreveport on Milam Street. This was soon after the depression when Shreveport became an oil city. The city was booming, therefore McCary’s was booming. The humble beginnings of the family owned jewelry store filled their shelves with items very different than the modern day McCary’s. They carried high-end razors, lighters, and other non-jewelry inventory at times purchased with ration cards. Jim’s son, R.L. McCary, learned his father’s business as a boy. R.L. McCary is equipped with the wits and creativity. He has the business smarts, an engineering brain and the spirit of an artist. R.L. is a hands-on, expert goldsmith that today is lost art. In 1960, R.L. and his wife Ruth opened a second location of McCary’s in Shreve City Shopping Center. His intuition told him that the city was growing away from downtown. The new location carried china and sterling, and was a full-service

bridal registration location. Tucked in between Murphy’s Dime Store and Stan’s Record Shop, the second location of McCary’s became a Shreveport staple. R.L.’s daughter, Lynn, grew up watching her father’s work ethic and talents serve the community as R.L. had learned from his father. In 1985, Lynn and R.L. made a second move to a location off Kings Highway. Lynn’s children, the fourth generation, spent their childhood in this location. They had the opportunity to see both their grandfather and mother work together to create beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces, but they also learned the art of serving people. Lynn will tell you, “It’s not about the things. It’s about the people.” Miles McCary grew up in his family’s jewelry store admiring the work of both his grandfather and mother, but had different plans for himself. He had plans on becoming a CPA. Although it was not his passion, he felt it to be a good choice for his future family. As a student at LSU, Miles tells the story of the moment he made the decision to ask to become a part of the family business in a letter he wrote to his mother and grandfather. After weeks of preparation for a final exam, he left class that day knowing that he needed to seek another option for a career.

(portion of Miles' letter)

“I’ll never forget driving to an empty parking lot down Burbank Drive and calling my father to tell him I had failed and I had zero idea what I was going to do with my life and how I was going to graduate. I was taught from a young age that my education was one of the most important investments that was a massive gift with no strings attached other than expectation that I do everything I could to make my grades, because when I graduated college I was expected to be completely on my own. In a word, I was petrified.” This defining day was six years ago. Soon after, Miles was offered the opportunity to join the family business, and he so humbly accepted. He is now married to Anne, the two have a new baby boy, Penn, and he is finishing his certification to become a gemologist. Miles and Lynn recently relocated McCary’s to the fourth location of McCary’s. Very different from the humble beginnings, the newest location of McCary’s is a vision of perfection. Gorgeous jewelry cases filled with the most exquisite pieces from all over the world that sparkle like the giant crystal chandelier hanging over head. When you walk into McCary’s, you will often be greeted by Miles or Lynn and you will be greeted with a smile and treated much like family. Miles feels that working at McCary’s and carrying on the tradition of service as the generations before him is an enormous blessing that is so grateful for. Miles’ along with his wife, Anne, put their blood, sweat and tears into the newest location of McCary’s Jewelry, and it is stunning. But, becoming a father gave Miles a new perspective, “Now that I have a son, I can look at him, and I see that this business is about so much more than a physical structure.” It is his hope that his growing family, the fifth generation, will one day take the reins. Until then, for the McCary/Thomas family, it will Miles Thomas and his wife always be about the people. Anne and baby Penn

"Dear Mom and Paw Paw, Not too long ago, during my senior year of college, I was in the middle of what was my most difficult accounting course – Advanced Cost Accounting. My major had been accounting for a couple of years at this point, and I had struggled through the entire curriculum to make good enough grades to go on to be a CPA after I graduated. Not that I ever had any lifelong aspirations to become an accountant but because that’s what I believed as a business major gave the best opportunity to be able to provide for myself and eventually my family. But everything came to a head that day that I walked in to take the test after weeks of preparation only to walk out with over half of the exam blank. I’ll never forget driving to an empty parking lot down Burbank Drive and calling my father to tell him I had failed and I had zero idea what I was going to do with my life and how I was going to graduate. I was taught from a young age that my education was one of the most important investments that was a massive gift with no strings attached other than expectation that I do everything I could to make my grades because I graduated college I was expected to be completely on my own. In a word, I was petrified."


s a m t s i r h C y r r e M

Special Requests - Allocated items, Custom Gift Baskets Personal Shopping Experience Liquor infused Cakes, over 25 flavors of daiquiris

784 E. Flournoy Lucas Rd. Shreveport, LA 71115 • 318-208-8761




Page 68 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

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rowing up, every November we all gathered at my great grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving. We would drive

an hour out of town into the deep country south of Coushatta, Louisiana, to celebrate and give thanks for family. How that sweet, silver-haired lady would fit 20 people around her tiny table in her tiny dining room still amazes me. She once was the owner of a diner in town and she could cook like a dream. She never needed help, the kitchen was her place and we were her people. As time went on and the older generations moved on to bigger places, this time-honored tradition seemed to disappear. No one seems to have the time to prepare the full spread anymore. Those traditions seem to be a fleeting memory that will always keep me inspired to share with my family now. On the other hand, Thanksgiving is also one of those holidays that runs a substantial risk of breaking out in repetitive familial squabbles. It’s like we’ve agreed to get together with our families once a year just to make sure all the wedges that divide us are still firmly in place. Sad but often true. Therefore, my treasured group of friends has created an annual tradition to gather together and celebrate “Friendsgiving” with those who may not share the family name, but are indeed family. This modern tradition has become one that we all adore. In the midst of all the chaos of the holidays, it’s nice to spend time and give thanks to these cherished relationships. The menu can be whatever you want it to be, from Italian to Asian. Believe it or not, your friends have hidden talents in the kitchen just waiting for a chance to show up. Give them a reason to show off their culinary skills. Families don’t always want to stray from the old turkey and cornbread dressing that granny use to make, but on “Friends-giving,” you can get creative and make it fun! So, whether you’re avoiding your actual family or just wanting to celebrate friendships, try hosting your extended “family” for a get together this season! Set the table with fun decor and open your home to the love and laughs of a great meal with great friends. Benefits of Friends-giving: no travel, no pear salad, no drama, and no one judging you if you drink the whole bottle of wine. Tips: Have your friends bring their own favorite bottle of wine to share as a group, outsource a few items like pies and cakes (unless you have a crafty pastry chef friend). Create a Facebook event so that everyone knows the plan. And don’t forget to load up on to go containers.

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Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who

want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do

anything to see you smile & who LOVE YOU no matter what.

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Bourbon Gingersnap Crusted Ham 1 (8 pound) cooked spiral ham ¼ cup maple syrup ¼ cup dijon mustard 1 cup brown sugar 2 tablespoons bourbon (or 2 teaspoons vanilla extract) 1 cup crushed gingersnap cookies •

Mix syrup, mustard, bourbon, and brown sugar together and brush over ham liberally so that some liquid seeps down into layers. sprinkle gingersnap crumbs over top. bake at 350 until ham is warmed through 25-40 mins.

Maple Roasted Carrots with Tahini Sauce 2 pounds carrots, cleaned and trimmed 1 tablespoon oil 1 tablespoon maple syrup 2 tablespoons tahini 2 tablespoons lemon juice 1 teaspoon coconut amino sauce 1 teaspoon maple syrup 1 small clove garlic, grated 2 tablespoons water* 2 tablespoons pomegranate pulp 2 tablespoons pistachios, chopped 1 tablespoon parsley or cilantro, chopped •

Toss the carrots in the mixture of the oil and maple syrup, arrange in a single layer on a baking sheet and roast in a preheated 400F/200C oven until tender, about 20-30 minutes, turning once in the middle.

Mix the tahini, lemon juice, aminos, maple syrup, garlic and enough water to get the sauce to the desired consistency.

Serve the carrots topped with the tahini sauce, pomegranate, pistachios and parsley and enjoy!

French Apple Tart FOR THE PASTRY: 1 cup plus 2 tablespoons of flour ½ cup sugar 9 tablespoons cold butter, chopped pinch of salt 1 egg plus 1 egg yolk •

Combine flour, sugar, butter, and salt in a food processor and pulse until the mixture resembles a fine meal, then add the egg. Pulse until a dough forms. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 mins while you make the filling. Preheat oven to 350 FOR THE FILLING: 1¾ cups of ricotta ½ cup sugar zest of 1 lemon 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or 1 vanilla bean pod scraped 2 eggs 6 gala apples thinly sliced •

Combine all ingredients except the apples in a bowl and stir until smooth, Remove dough from fridge and roll out on a lightly floured work surface. Place dough in tart or pie shell. Pour filling in and the arrange apple slices in an overlapping pattern starting with the outside working your way in until the surface is covered. Bake for 45 mins or until the filling is firm and set. Cool before serving.

5821 Youree Drive Shreveport (318) 865-0885

Pro tip: brush top with melted apple or apricot jelly for a festive shine.

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Shreveport • 5739 Youree Drive • Southfield Shopping Center 318-865-4411 •

pair O’docs

Red River Acupuncture

WHO WE ARE: Wellspring 365 is a health and lifestyle membership program. WHAT WE OFFER: We offer the benefit of saving on the products and services from a network of businesses and professionals within the health and wellness industry. MISSION STATEMENT: To improve the health and well-being of our members by empowering them with knowledge and exclusive savings on products and services that promote whole health living.

SEE MORE PARTNER LISTINGS • 318.655.1259 • 820 Jordan • Suite. 510-E • Shreveport, Louisiana

Staffing Solutions • Companion Services

Merry Christmas

F ro m O u r Fa m i ly t o Yo u r s

5821 Line Ave Suite B

3 1 8 . 2 1 0 . 0 0 6 1


“The details are not the details. They make the design.” ~CHARLES EAMES

And a house without artwork is like a dress without jewelry, or a suit without a tie!

the Art of Hanging Art WRITTEN BY EDWARD NADER


beautiful home requires artwork as part of the overall design. The choices you make in selecting

this very necessary detail should set the mood and tone of your home, reflect your personality, and most importantly, bring you joy! But, let’s face it, hanging art can be intimidating! Whether you choose an original painting, a treasured family heirloom, your child’s handprint or a beloved carnival mask; getting the framing, placement and hardware right can be a challenge! There is an art to it, however, that can be mastered by following a few simple guidelines.


Forget the status quo and hang what makes you happy! Your art does not need to match your furniture, but it should match your personality, and the overall mood and tone of your home. Take your time finding pieces you love. Shop in art galleries, at estate sales, local festivals, discount stores and your child’s preschool until you find the right thing. It’s okay to have blank walls for a little while.


Art needs to be properly framed. Once you’ve found the perfect pieces for your home, it’s important to make sure you also get the framing right. The art is the star of the show! A good framer will help you make choices that enhance the art rather than overpower it. It’s expensive, so you only want to frame it once. Trends will come and go, so make sure you match the frame to your artwork rather than your home furnishing. Frame designs should be simple, pure and repetitive. A good, clean, museum look is classic and timeless, in both modern and traditional homes.


How you frame your art determines if you will end up with a treasure to keep, or one that ends up in the trash. It is of critical importance to use proper materials to deter and retard damaging elements to fine art. Damage can sometimes be reversed and corrected, but will be unnecessary if framed properly at the outset. Page 79 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

All that being said… how do I hang my art?! The easiest answer is to hire a professional! There is a fee, but we can help you decide how high to hang it, make sure pieces are level and symmetrical, select the correct hardware to use and do all the heavy lifting, usually in less than an hour depending on how many items need hanging. These are the decisions you will also need to make when hanging artwork on your own. “How high should I hang my art?” is the question I am asked most frequently. The simple answer is at eye level, however eye level is relative to the eye, and height, of the beholder; and to the vantage point from which you will most likely be viewing the piece. More often than not, it’s hung too high. Back up, look at it from several angles and trust your gut! If you feel like it’s wrong, you’re probably right! Stay patient and move those hooks a few times! Use the right tools! You’re going to need a ladder, hammer, level, pencil, tape measure and a little patience. A professional framer will supply you with the correctly weighted hooks for your piece. If not, make sure the framing hooks you purchase are compatible to the weight of the art.

Let our family help your family.

6969 Fern Loop • Suite 111 & 501 • Shreveport, LA • 318. 222. 5150 & 318. 629. 5398 Monday thru Friday, 9:00 am- 5:30 pm • Saturday, 10:00 am- 3:00 pm 4717 Viking Drive • Bossier City, LA • 318. 741. 1472 Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am- 5:00 pm • Saturday, 9:00 am- 1:00 pm Page 80 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

Since you are hanging artwork, why not get creative? There are several ways to arrange art on a wall to make it more interesting and change the aesthetic of the room. Hanging a single large painting over a sofa makes for a dramatic focal point. Consider groupings of multiple smaller images above a sofa for an interesting vignette. Salon style hanging is when several pieces of art are grouped tightly on a wall in a symmetrical format of stacking. Distribute the weighty pieces for balance and try not to hang the larger art in the very center. This way all of the art will take center stage and not just one or two pieces. The starting point for creating any of these arrangements is in making a floor puzzle with the artwork. Measure your space, lay your artwork out on the floor, arrange into a pleasing formation, snap a picture with your phone, make templates out of paper and tape in the assigned positions on the wall. You may need to move these a bit during the process. Once you are satisfied, simply add your hangers, remove the paper, and hang your art. It seems like so many steps, but will this method will save you time. Your wall will also have fewer holes by creating a layout before haphazardly hanging the artwork. Remember, artwork should be placed where it feels right to you and a little preparation goes a long way in the art of hanging art. Now… get out the hammer and nails and let’s hang some art!

Southfield Shopping Center 5735 Youree Drive, Shreveport (318) 670-8122



WITS The importance of instilling both in your child.


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hat’s the difference in a Formula One car and a regular sportscar? SPEED is the obvious answer, but there are other differences as well. The sportscar can operate in this “normal” world, while the Formula One car requires a certain pavement type because of its tires. It requires a special gas and a special treatment. It has a different measure of endurance and a different measure of expectancy. While it is fun to watch and fun to drive, it doesn’t have the same function as a regular sportscar. Surprised that we are discussing sportscars? It’s a parable. An illustration. Everyone is not designed to be a Formula One car with all of the special bells and whistles. Changes have to be made to those cars to make them street legal and able to function on our roads. So, what if we compare the Formula One car to the brilliant children/students we have who are having a hard time in the “normal” environment of life as we know it? School is a challenge and shouldn’t be with their IQ or social situations are a disaster and shouldn’t be with their EQ (that’s emotional intelligence for those that haven’t heard of it). How do kids nowadays function in this fastpaced world whether they are a regular sportscar, a souped up version, or a Formula One racing car? Recently, a great TED Talk video surfaced all over social media from a former educator turned University of Pennsylvania psychologist. Angela Duckworth presented her research that the best indicator is not just IQ but rather a special blend of persistence and passion she calls “GRIT.” This research is not new, University of Connecticut psychologist Joseph Renzuli, who is the Director of the National Research Center on the Gifted and Talented, conducted a very famous study and concluded that “task commitment” together with ability and creativity was an essential component of giftedness. Duckworth

even has a survey you can take to they think this, I want to say “Am I the determine your GRIT as www.sasupenn. happiest?” The answer to that is that I (a score of 7 is perfect and am extremely happy but my IQ didn’t if you get that, well, it will say that your bring me that (not bragging about IQ score cannot be determined as they have as I really am not the smartest person I not enough data with that score level - know for sure). Happiness to me is more ask me how I know?). My son, who is in than success, more than IQ and more 3rd year of college at 18 and has a very than any other measure out there… high IQ, scored a 3.33 and was grittier happiness is knowing who you are and than 70% of the population. So, what being content with that which includes does this mean? Not a brag but rather an constantly working to better yourself interesting look as what makes a person while enjoying the journey. Happiness is successful and how do we groom this a mindset. I agree somewhat with Mark “GRIT” or “task commitment” in our children and in ourselves, no matter Erlandson, who is the parent of a gifted student and a successful person what skills sets are today. First of all, I think we can all agree in his own right, when he writes in his that today we are more self-aware in our article “Is Grit More Important than society than ever before. After all, this Intelligence?: How to Make Sure our is the age of social media and posting Children Have Both,” that developing character in a child is the everything you do most important thing from every dirty diaper “The truth that leads to success. changed to the foods we is that we He quotes Paul Tough eat and the places we go. from “How Children We are told to support must give Succeed: Grit, Curiosity, this and abstain from this by every media outlet in our kids both and the Hidden Power of Character,” saying the world both fake and opportunity for that failure from real. If we don’t post it, overcoming adversity is our families or friends SUCCESS and what produces character will, so might as well beat opportunity and that is ultimately them to the punch. In this world of fanfare, how for FAILURE” what leads to true longterm success. Character do we raise successful, productive children who have a good comes from the small things such as view of themselves especially if they training a child to send thank you notes have a learning difference or are gifted? for receiving gifts at special occasions The truth is that we must give our beginning with that very first birthday kids both opportunity for success and present! Character comes from sitting on opportunity for failure. That’s right. It’s the bench watching everyone else play not a typo. Our kids must learn that not when you didn’t get to practice on time. everything turns out the first time we Character comes from experiencing the touch it and that sometimes being the highs/lows of personal triumphs and smartest doesn’t mean being the best. failures whether in sports, academics, Smart is something I spend a lot of time extra-curricular or relationships. I doing as I am a brain trainer/teacher by know that when a child struggles, it trade. I often have friends who say “you is important to get them the help they are the smartest person that I know” need whether that is brain training and while I really do appreciate that at LearningRx, a personal fitness

Page 83 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

instructor, a personal sports coach or trainer or even a counselor. I know that just being there as a parent even when you are clueless on how to help them with their current attitude or mindset except through prayer and constant nagging is important. If we shield our kids from the hard things in life, we do them a true disservice. Allow them to experience them both in the good and the bad. Quit allowing the blaming of the society and people groups around you and get out to experience the world. Mindset, according to Carol Dweck, a Stanford University psychology professor, can change things drastically. In her study, students that knew or were told that intelligence is malleable and trainable earned better grades during the next two years than those that thought IQ was fixed no matter how high their IQ was! (She has a survey too that you can take at

Finally, balance. Wow, this is more important than most realize. I recently was listening to a mom sharing her daughter’s schedule and I thought, I wonder when the child just breathes? Remember that balance so you can just breathe is so important. Everything being done doesn’t make a perfect life. I remember my super-mom days when I tried to juggle school, work, church, extra-curricular and being a wife and mom, and I felt tired and defeated even on a “successful” day. Then I discovered “balance” instead of “juggling.” Juggling meant that I always had the feeling that something was slipping and that I was failing at being the perfect mom… I was trying to be the Formula One car in the “normal” world and the race was kicking my behind. Balance meant I learned to change tires figuratively, although I really can do it literally, too! I learned that I have to let some things go and not stress about it. Our children really need this lesson in

this highly competitive world of trying to out creative the next person with our HOCO invites. Balance means training our kids that sometimes it’s okay to say “I just can’t right now,” which doesn’t mean that I won’t try. It’s okay to give up an activity causing an undue burden unless it is building character or affecting a better outcome for the child long-term. It is OK even if you are the lead dancer to put dance on hold this year to get academic help. It is OK if you have a 168 IQ to struggle with math problems… you just need to get the right help to train you in math. It is OK to make changes to your life… in fact, you will likely be all the better for it. Remember Life is a journey and sometimes that journey is the minivan loaded with screaming kids because it is naptime and sometimes that journey is the award-winning race in the Formula One car…. The trick is to enjoy the trip and to stay in the moments of the journey!

Hudson House

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Let us decorate your Home for the Holiday The Fashion Boutique 3118 Gilbert Drive


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109 Kings Hwy


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Buying a home is a huge financial decision, but having one of our experts by your side can help make the process a breeze. We’ve asked some of our mortgage officers for their best advice to help you, wherever you are in your homeownership journey.

“If you’re self-employed,


ALWAYS GET PRE-APPROVED prior to going out to look for a home.

be prepared to provide two


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O Christmas Tree:

Creating Childhood Traditions


his endless and manufactured world of baubles and bows,

available in every size, shape, and color, can leave our heads spinning. But, for a moment, imagine not having to even enter the vortex of endless aisles of sparkly, seasonal bliss,





best treasures hidden within your own home and tucked in your children’s school backpacks, drawers,



Yes indeed, right under our noses are some of the



ornaments we could ever want. Here are a few of my favorites.




Start ‘em out young! A “BABY SHOE” TREE IS A PERFECT START. I’ve been putting up this kind of tree for over fifteen years now. For me, it started with a bargain tree marked down at a local craft store. I bought it and took it home wondering what I was going to put on it. Then it dawned on me, “I have a whole box filled with my children’s baby shoes, bonnets, receiving blankets and more, and it’s just collecting dust at the top of a closet!” I put those treasured shoes, booties, and bonnets on the tree…swaddled the base of it with receiving blankets and tucked rattles, books and other treasures underneath. And there I had it, a perfect little tree of sweet memory “ornaments.” Each year as I decorate this little tree, I cry happy tears remembering how my babies learned to walk in those shoes or slumbered wrapped in that very blanket. There are even a few items of memorabilia belonging to my husband and myself as babies, things our mothers kept tucked in cedar chests for decades, which are now resurrected each Christmas season to help make this tree a true heirloom holiday tradition.

School daze NOW THIS TREE HOLDS TREASURES THAT HAVE graduated from toddler to kindergarten and beyond. Christmas crafts my three children proudly brought home from school garnish the tree, including a toilet paper roll angel with wings made from my youngest child’s handprints, a plastic homemade snow globe with a photo of my son as “Buzz Lightyear,” and a popsicle stick frame surrounding a pic of my grinning middle daughter wearing a Christmas hat, alongside so many other creations they made. This tree also holds gingerbread men I made of cardboard to represent each family member. As Kevin and I expanded our family, I added a gingerbread man for each new child, and a cat and dog, too! This sweet tree holds so many whimsical memories from those fun days when my kiddos were in preschool and elementary school...such a wealth of crafty knowledge displayed on this playful tree!

Page 89 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

…and the stockings were hung by the chimney with care STOCKINGS? Well not so much, so how about footie pajamas?! This idea became our tradition by mistake when on Christmas Eve, I realized my husband and I had forgotten to get our firstborn a stocking…can you believe?! I didn’t miss a page in his baby book, but completely forgot to get our little angel a stocking! So while our cherub was nestled all snug in his crib, I rushed to his nursery, and what to my wondering eyes did appear - a pair of red footie pajamas, which I promptly tacked to the mantel shelf. And there the tradition began and still continues today! As for the stocking holders, the children made snowmen out of socks filled with dried beans, and each family member is represented in snowman form. Through the years, the “snowmen”

have acquired bandages where they have suffered injuries that come with age, but these flaws only make them more endearing to me. Today, my children are all in their twenties. My oldest is married with a precious family and a home of his own, my middle daughter is across the world enjoying countless European adventures, and my youngest is working hard to achieve her dreams both in college and with her job at Lola Magazine! Our lives are changing, and new traditions are beginning, many old ones still remain. Especially their simple childhood treasures that still capture beloved memories and visions of childlike joy we recall each Christmas season.

Page 90 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

Holidays are all about

Family Put Yours First


Estates & Successions Small Business Formation

9045 Ellerbe Rd. STE 103 Shreveport, LA, 71106 318.698.3000 |

112 W. Park Avenue Ruston, LA 71270 318.232.2436

Invitations, stationery, greeting cards, gifts, custom items, & more

From Christmas cards to stocking stuffers......Sue has it !


, e v o l h wit

6012 Line Avenue | Shreveport | (318) 606.4558

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had to offer, we jumped on a waiting shuttle and t was a cool December night. A group of headed to our next stop. close friends and moms from my children’s There we were greeted by live music, school were looking forward to a fun evening special drinks and eats. The atmosphere was out on the town. Chauffeured Christmas spirited. Many of us grabbed Christmas gifts shopping along Line Avenue in Shreveport, for our husbands, then it was off to the next bargains, trolleys, hors d’oeuvres and festive store where we stocked up on cute clothes for our cocktails at each stop… it was the ultimate girl’s little ones. For me, few things are as rewarding as night out and just what we needed to prepare WRITTEN BY finding a good sale. And that’s exactly what we for the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. CHRISSI COILE REESBY were doing and it was just the beginning. It was our first year to take part in Tinsel and it The retailers all had big smiles on their faces certainly wouldn’t be our last. As I pulled up to the starting point to meet my group, I and were spreading holiday cheer as we entered the stores, was greeted at the Tinsel check-in table by a group of friendly greeting us with a “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” ladies who signed us in and provided us with the official For them this event was the kick-off to their holiday shopping Tinsel wristband and a list of participating businesses and the season. The night went on and we made our way along Line discounts they were offering. This helped us to stay focused on our shopping adventure. There were more than 30 retailers Avenue… laughing, telling stories and showing off our taking part in Tinsel; we had our work cut out for us. After discounted items while being chauffeured from one stop to snapping a few pictures in the fun Tinsel booth, we were on the next. We ran into friends and familiar faces at the different our way and anxious to see what treasures we could find at the stops. It was a fun, different type of girls’ night. To make things even better we were having fun and marking items off our various stops. Our first stop was a women’s clothing store… Maybe it was Christmas list at the same time! It was a win-win! With stops at toy stores, children’s and men’s clothing the champagne, maybe it was the Tinsel discount they were offering, but we walked in to a store full of Christmas cheer. stores, home interiors stores, several of my favorite boutiques, After purchasing a few items and taking advantage of all they a hardware store, and jewelry stores, I was able to check

Page 95 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

everyone off my Christmas list and felt so accomplished! I had gifts for my children, my husband, friends and family and oh yea, a few things to put under the tree for myself!! Before I knew it the night was winding down... at my last stop they we’re offering their first 40 customers free Kendra Scott earrings with a purchase and 30% off all Kendra Scott jewelry, this was the grand finale for me! I stocked up on gifts for friends and family. To make things better I had done it locally. Being from this area and having friends who own local businesses I always try to shop local, it gives me a sense of pride to be able to keep my cash in the area where I live. That’s the goal of Tinsel to give shoppers a fun way to keep their hard earned dollars right here in our community. Helping these local businesses thrive. We ended the night by taking part in the Tinsel after party at Superior’s Steakhouse where Tinsel participants received complimentary wine and food. We hung out, telling fun holiday stories and laughing. Then it was time to return home and put our purchases under the Christmas tree! We’re already looking forward to this year’s Tinsel on Friday, December 1, and hope you will experience the fun, festive atmosphere with us.

9824 Mansfield Rd, Suite B • Shreveport

(318) 686-3900 Page 96 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017



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Howler Puffy Vest L.E. and Chalk

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Antique Western Leather Holster Belt with Ammunition Holder

Antique Winchester Super-Speed Silvertip Bullets

Duck Calls Lorants Sporting Goods

Knife L.E. and Chalk



LOLA’S LOUISIANA SPORTSMAN is a man’s man ready to adventure in the great outdoors at a moment’s notice. This holiday season, gear up your man with the latest in outdoor wear after a quick trip to third generation Sporting Goods powerhouse, Lorants’ for a personal firearm or leather holster. Your gun toting, outdoor loving man can have any accessory he desires even new waders to keep those toes dry to gather birds when the feathers start flying. Our huntsman, fisherman, and water sports loving

fellas can never have enough quality knives with several shoppes in town, including L.E & Chalk, offering custom blades and handles forged just for the next adventure. Any good Sportsman would appreciate a kayaking adventure on any of our beautiful bodies of water, or give the ultimate surprise of a special guided hunt where any fella would feel the love. The new Red River Range will be open in the spring - a great gift idea is to purchase some shooting time for your man to make his mark.

Page 99 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017


Athlete •

health con scious healthy living OUR BODY BUFF, SPORTS LOVING, health conscious man appreciates a gift that helps keep him in tip-top shape. Relive the glory days with adult fitness and personal training at D-1 Sports Training & Therapy or Orangetheory Fitness where your man can work out just like they used to on an athletic team. Purchase personal training by the session or a month of workouts with the dynamic trainers - sure to have that beach bod ready

for Spring, or grab those new running shoes from Sports Spectrum as a special splurge. This gift giving season has plenty of chances to show your sport’s loving man just how much you love him by finding the perfect golf club at Edwin Watts Golf store to swing or some crazy thin tires and sleek new racing gear for our favorite peddle pushers at any of our bike shops.

Oakley Sunglasses Sportspectrum

FitLetic Waterproof Phone Cover Sportspectrum

DuraVision Pro Safety Light Sportspectrum

Nathan Water Bottle Sportspectrum

Latex Inner Bicycle tube Sportspectrum

Insulated Running Socks Sportspectrum

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Well Dressed Man

Jack Mason Watch L.E. and Chalk

Pocket Square John Pickens Clothier

Cologne John Pickens Clothier Cuff Links John Pickens Clothier Shaving Kit John Pickens Clothier

JOHN PICKENS CLOTHIER is a one-stop shop to dress your man for success in the latest styles with a touch of classic taste as nothing says “Hello” better than a sharp dressed man. From a timeless look to the latest trends, John has you covered. Grab your guy a hand-made tailored suit by “Oxford Clothes”, or pick up a quick gift for any budget. We highly recommend the “Malin+Goet” solid cologne for our men flying the friendly skies because this pocket treasure keeps him smelling good at all times. The charcoal Twill jacket is a must for every man’s closet, while the British tan pants hang in all the right

Robert Talbott Socks John Pickens Clothier

places at L.E. and Chalk. You can also find hand stitched lifetime Chelsea boots from a factory in Pennsylvania that’s been around since the 1930’s. Fabulous Jack Mason watches creatively engineered with interchangeable bands for the man that likes to match are available there as well.

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Cocktail Connoisseur the

Tumblers Tubbs Hardware & Rental

THE WET BAR is back and with it comes our Cocktail Connoisseur. Cuban Liquor & Gourmet Shoppes can fix up a bartender’s basket with all the needs of a specialty drink while you find the perfect bottle of something he would never buy for himself. He is going to need all the ingredients for those dirty martinis with a quality shaker easily found at the right shop. Our men that enjoy a good pipe or puff of cigar can find fine cigars around town, but remember to find the essential accessory, a cutter, if

your man enjoys a good smoke. If wanting to build your man his first home bar, look into a good barkeep book and a few essentials to have him slinging cocktails to his friends. A fun idea is to purchase a drink basket ready to mix with bottles for blending a beloved cocktail. Check into a Sazerac - the first official cocktail to be born that any connoisseur of cocktails is sure to love.

“The Beer Deck” The Enchanted Garden

Winter Cocktail Book L.E. and Chalk

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Hex Brand Device Ready Backpack L.E. and Chalk



TECHIES LOVE THEIR GADGETS, and Lola has a few idea that will make their hearts skip a few beats when they receive these as gifts. Whipping out a wireless, portable charger to save a damsel in phone distress just got cooler with the charging pads, just place a phone on top to have battery life in no time. L.E. and Chalk carries a Hex Brand techie dream bag for an urban adventure - sleek and stylish with pockets for every type of device inside a velvet lining so soft one would want to crawl inside the bag. Hot on the market is Polaroid’s instant digital camera sure to make any man become the Party Pic king with smudge proof sticker prints in seconds.

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IF YOUR SHOW STOPPER of a man is the life of the party, it’s best to equip him with some of the best social items to get the party started! Let him be the life of the party with his own portable speaker rocking his own playlists to keep things hopping while setting the stage for your rockstar with uber chic lounging chairs from Nader’s Gallery. Perhaps it’s time to make the space into his man cave with a quick phone call to Sound Minds for surround sound and theatre quality TV - every man’s daydream. If watching the show is more your man’s speed, tickets to any of The Stage’s live music concerts will always be a special treat. If Santa needs to help a music lover find the beat, check with the Guitar Center for lessons, instruments and the latest in musical gadgetry.

Mora Home Decor Rotating Globe Nader’s Gallery



THOSE THAT LIKE TO TINKER need a good set up and space to work. A well organized garage is the perfect gift for power tool loving men. A proper workbench is of the utmost importance to a tinkering man as are shelves for storage. Supply your guy with vise grips, tool chests, and safety gear to keep his good looking features in place while cleaning the grease off his hands. There is no better way to say “I love you” than building him his ultimate workshop one piece at a time. For those that really like to get their hands dirty, the trusty table saw is always a hit, but any tool that makes your man’s life easier is one he needs. Help out your “Handyman” by getting him a tool belt that looks just as good on him as his finished projects do.

Multi-tasking Tool The Enchanted Garden

Novelty Writing Pens The Enchanted Garden

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Chef -

BUST OUT THE POTS AND FIRE UP THE GRILL, because our hunk of a Chef is ready to get cooking. A ninja in the kitchen, his blade should be sharp and industrial quality so a good knife is always appreciated. Keep those corduroy pants clean by outfitting him with any manly apron where denim or British tan are consistently choice colors. If your sweetheart has been extra good this year, stop by Tubbs Hardware to grab the most quietly coveted item Big Green Egg and all the “eggcessories”. Another option is to give the gourmet their own monogramed steak brander to sear the sirloin or begin a collection of cast-iron that will last a lifetime.

Cast Iron Dutch Oven Tubbs Hardware & Rental

Bear Bottom Bliss Cookbook Tubbs Hardware & Rental

Grilling Spatula Tubbs Hardware & Rental

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INTEGRATE YOUR HEALTH with Dr. Nicole Cotter


Fight Aging and Joint Discomfort Without Injections!

A NEW GENERATION OF COLLAGEN Modere Collagen Sciences was launched out of the science behind Liquid Biocell, a new generation of Nutraceuticals for healthy aging, active joints and younger-looking skin. Backed by 37 clinical studies, seven U.S. and international patents and numerous industry awards. Liquid Biocell has been making its mark in several industries including the anti-aging industry. Liquid BioCell is a unique matrix of collagen II, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid. This particular combination allows for an optimal delivery method to assist with improving joint mobility, anti-aging dry skin/eyes, etc. There’s nothing as contagious in the marketplace as an innovative product that really works.

FOOD SENSITIVITIES ARE pervasive in our culture th days. Restaurant menus often include gluten- or dairy-f options to accommodate patrons with some of the mo common food restrictions. This unfortunately leads to eye-roll by many who are not familiar with the nature food allergies and sensitivities. If you take a minute to re Get $10 off at Contact Easterling to get moreyou info: will see t the science behind foodStephanie sensitivity, however, (318) 573-1065 or negative reaction to food is a real and common phenomeno According to some estimates, 60% of the population m


hese free ore an e of ead that on. may

Whether it’s day one of your fitness journey, or you’re an athlete burning to be better than ever, the workout is tailored to you.

conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome, chronic sinusitis, migraines, depression, obesity, and autoimmune disease. The list is surprisingly long of conditions where food sensitivity may play a causative or exacerbating role. COACH-LED GROUP WORKOUT. • WORKbe 1 HOUR. BURN FOR 36. SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN RESULTS. Food allergies can usually identified by• bloodwork or skin prick testing. Food sensitivities, on the other hand, are more * START BURNING WITH A FREE WORKOUT AT ORANGETHEORYFITNESS.COM challenging to diagnose. There is no definitive blood test for Orangetheory Fitness - Shreveport | 1370 E 70TH ST, SUITE #1000 | SHREVEPORT, LA 71105 | 318.716.7776 food sensitivities and the available testing is controversial. I have found food sensitivity testing to be useful in particular Orangetheory®, OTF® and other Orangetheory® marks are registered trademarks of Ultimate Fitness Group LLC. ©Copyright 2017 Ultimate Fitness Group LLC and/or its affiliates. *First-time visitors and local residents only. Certain restrictions apply. $28 minimum value. At participating studios only.

Tickets may be purchased at

Reagan Stewart, Guice Thompson, and Amelia Sarcar (all children of the Style Show Chairmen)

Modeling clothing from M., Harper House Boutique, and Cavender’s.

Donors Cactus Trading Co. • Cavenders • Chateau en Mae • Chev Ruvage • Favorite Sis • Gearhead Outfitters • Harper House Boutique • Imeldas • John Pickens L.E. And Chalk • M. Clothes/Shoes/Lifestyle • Patton’s • Simply Chic Boutique • Squires Formal Wear • The Harrington House • The Paper Tulip • Vertage Clothing

LOYOLA Style Show

A Longstanding Tradition



hat began as a project of the Jesuit Mother’s Club in 1952 as a way to raise money for the school has become one of the oldest traditions in Loyola’s history. A true family affair, the Style Show has been an annual mainstay for generations as seniors look forward to this inaugural big event marking their last year at Loyola, and parents and grandparents gather to watch as students take center stage. In its genesis, the Style Show was a luncheon — a quiet afternoon where ladies in town played bridge, had a light lunch, enjoyed a glass of wine, and had a chance to view the latest fashions. Professional models were sometimes accompanied on the runway by the children of the mothers heading up the Style Show each year. Through the early years, a few seniors were selected to model and to perform in skits, but student participation was generally limited to the Senior Walk until the early nineties. Style Show was such a mom-centered occasion that it didn’t make the pages of the yearbook until the 1968-69 school year. In spite of its humble beginnings, Loyola’s Style Show has evolved into much more than a school event. It has become a community celebration. One of the most endearing and surprising aspects of Style Show has been the unexpected connection to Shreveport’s history forged between students and the family-owned stores and boutiques who have partnered with Loyola throughout the decades. Almost everyone who has walked the runway has a special memory of their outfit and,

even more so, the store that provided it. Faculty member, Saint Vincent’s Academy alumnae, and member of Loyola’s Hall of Honor Camille Meehan says of her earliest memories of Style Show, “I was in it when I was about eleven (1961) and wore an outfit from Junior Town, a store owned by a Jesuit family, where we all loved to shop. It was on Azalea, near where Pope’s is now.” John James Marshall, another Hall of Honor member and Media Director at Loyola, recalls with a chuckle his greenand-gold plaid jacket and vest from the iconic Jordan and Booth. As alumni look back on modeling at Style Show, recalling all the stores as much as the clothes themselves stirs up the sweet memories of high school and of life in Shreveport. While styles have certainly changed over the decades, two staples of the Style

Show that remained until the event became a catered affair in the early 2000s were Turkey a la Jesuit for lunch and Pecan Tassies for dessert. Hosted by the Junior Class, the Style Show included a menu that was always prepared by the junior moms. Rosemary Watts, an SVA alumnae and grandmother to Loyola students Griffin and Hunter Neal, tells of her days as a volunteer in the ‘70s: “I signed up to make Turkey a la Jesuit,” she recalls, “not knowing I would be making it for the entire crowd!” Preparing the twenty-pound turkeys was a lengthy process, and recipes for Turkey a la Jesuit came complete with detailed instructions on preparation, freezing, and even on how to store and label leftover broth. Although Style Show has grown from a humble luncheon to a grand production over time, one simple thread still connects generations of students: family. Rosemary Watts tells the story of four decades of watching her children and grandchildren walk the runway. Elizabeth Thomas (SVA ’75) says of

her experience, “It was so special to be part of this with my girls after so many years. With each one of them, our Style Show experience was a lot of fun. I loved being able to join them on the alumni walk—it is a great memory we still enjoy!” Countless alumni recount stories of watching older siblings and cousins participate, eagerly awaiting their turn to be the cool kids on the stage. They tell teary-eyed stories of having their parents with them during the alumni walk, some of those parents who didn’t live to see their grandchildren take those same steps. They tell the story of friends who became family during their years at Jesuit, or St. Vincent’s, or Loyola—and they talk about all the fun they had together on Style Show day. It would be a safe bet to think those first Mother’s Club ladies who organized a rather modest fundraiser could not have possibly envisioned what they started. An event that began as an opportunity to enjoy an afternoon with friends and help the school has grown into a tradition lasting over six decades. As Loyola’s Style Show celebrates its sixty-fifth anniversary this year, it commemorates a great deal more than a chance to enjoy an afternoon—even more than an opportunity to invest in the lives of students, giving them an unmatched quality education. Style Show is a reminder. A reminder of the foundation that held firm for so many years. A reminder of the deep connection we have to a school and to a community and to each other.

For many years Jesuit High School had a style show with the seniors having roles in the show and sponsored by the junior class moms. This was originally held in the gym. The mothers of the students sold tickets, produced the show, prepared the meal and after would stay and play various card games for the afternoon. These recipes were among some of the favorites.


Directions 1. With an electric mixer, beat the 1/2 cup butter and the cream cheese until smooth. Add the flour and beat until fully combined. Cover the bowl with plastic wrap and chill in the refrigerator for 1 hour. 2. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees F. Spray a 24-cup mini-muffin pan with cooking spray. 3. In a large mixing bowl, whisk together the melted butter, egg, brown sugar, vanilla and salt until smooth. Set aside. 4. Shape the chilled dough into 24 balls, about 1 inch in diameter. Press each ball into a cup of the muffin pan, spreading evenly and up the sides, then spoon 1 teaspoon of the pecans into each muffin cup. Fill each cup with the egg mixture until evenly distributed, about 1 teaspoon in each. Bake until the filling is set, about 25 minutes. Cool on a wire rack for 10 minutes, and then remove from the muffin pan.

1/2 cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature, plus 1 tablespoon butter, melted One 3-ounce package cream cheese, at room temperature 1 cup all-purpose flour Nonstick cooking spray 1 large egg 3/4 cup packed light brown sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract Pinch of fine salt 1/2 cup pecans, finely chopped



2 - 20 lb Turkeys 6 - large onions 2 - lbs oleo 1 - large pod garlic 5 - cups flour 3 - bay leaves 1/ 2 cup bacon drippings 3 - 13 1 /2 oz cans mushrooms 2 - bunches chopped green onions 4 - cans cream of mushroom soup 3 - large chopped bell peppers turkey broth 1 - stalk celery 1 / 2 gal. Stuffed olives

If after making the sauce what you feel to be the proper consistency, you have broth left over please freeze it also. Please mark the container “broth” on top so the cooks can quickly identify broth from the turkey mixture on the day of the style show. The broth is used to thin the turkey if some of it happens to be a bit too thick. Your food chairman will provide you with the turkeys, soup, mushrooms, stuffed olives and containers for freezing. We ask that you purchase the rest of the items necessary and let your food chairman know the amount spent so that she may reimburse you.

Boil turkey until tender (2 ½ to 3 hrs) Remove meat from bones and cut into bite size pieces. Pieces must not be too small as they have a tendency to break up when the mixture is being heated for serving. Brown flour in oleo. Do not darker flour but brown just enough so that the sauce will not have the appearance of white sauce. Add cream of mushroom soup and turkey broth as needed. In another pan sauté in bacon drippings the onions, bell peppers, garlic (finely chopped), and celery until soft then add to sauce mixture together with the rest of ingredients except mushrooms. Simmer 5 to 10 min. Add cut-up turkey and mushrooms and let cool enough to put into freezer containers.

811 Benton Road, Bossier City

New Location coming to Pierre Bossier Mall!

Schedule your Free Smile Analysis today!

3 1 8.742 .9 2 74 Bossier | Shreveport | Minden


with Lola Herndon

Clinton Whitney Downing is a man of many talents. He resides in his hometown of Monroe. He is a writer, floral designer, interior decorator, historical preservationist and fashion designer. After much travel, he has returned to his southern roots and his love of Louisiana. He is devoted to his community, lending his talents to various charity organizations. Much of his enjoyment in his life comes

“Christmas waves a magic wand over the world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.� -Norman Vincent Peale

from spending time with his two rescue puppies, Cookie and Cooper. He is excited to be joining the LOLA team.


I have a genuine enthusiasm each late November for waving a wand over the home of Dan and Lola Herndon.


ach Christmas the Herndons gather with daughter

Each ornament has a fond memory and significant placement

Bennett Herndon, son Rogers Herndon and his wife Liz,

on the massive tree.

as well as their three granddaughters, Lola, Charlotte and

From the moment you approach the entrance of the home,

Frannie. It is a home of warmth and grandeur that truly makes

you are aware that the holidays are alive and well as the four

the season bright. Over the 45 years of their marriage, Lola

seasons terrace the steps leading to the magically bordered

has accumulated an exquisite collection of decadent Santa

front door of Christmas delight. This clearly sets the tone for

Clauses, splendid snowmen, whimsical fairies and elves. The

entering the main rooms of the home.

most prevalent though is the expansive collection of more

Each year is more exciting unveiling the jewels carefully

than 700 hand-blown ornaments from around the world that

packed away from the previous year as well as new finds from

adorn her foyer tree among the twinkling lights. It is simply

the past months’ journeys. It is a day of pure imagination.


As the swags of greens are hung over the mirror and

It is a task that Lola delights in without any assistance.

mantles, the foundation is ready to transform this home into

Bennett jokingly says her mom has a case of P.O.P.D.,

a wonderland of whimsy and endless amazement. They will

otherwise known as “Perfect Ornament Placement Disorder.”

soon have clusters of ornaments and pave clusters of blossoms.

Page 116 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

might find on the covers of Veranda or Architectural Digest. With such beauty, one might find it unimaginable how much more breathtaking it could be during the holiday season. The key to creating a joyous holiday atmosphere is to balance out Christmas décor among her endless treasures. Among my favorites are the creations of French glass designer, Rene’ Jules Lalique. Their craftsmanship and simplistic beauty bring a twinkle to my eye. That same twinkle is displayed by Lola as the day goes forth and each room is transformed. We have a joyous day of fellowship and fluffing up the home for an array of parties that are hosted within its walls. They are a must on each guest’s December calendar. An evening with Dan and Lola sets the tone for the merriment of the remaining holiday season for those who have the privilege of a bit of the holiday with the Herndon family. The palette for the designs is as vivid as the spectrum of colors that bring this home to life.

I am grateful for the endless blessings and the opportunity to bring the joy of Christmas to life each year. It is amazing to

Each room embodies the uniqueness and brilliance of

be able to share a glimpse into my world of design and one of

Lola’s spirit. It is a home of comfort without losing its character

favorite ladies in my life named Lola. She is Louisiana and the

or signature style. Its opulence resonates candid images one


Page 117 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

Merry Christmas from We're more than just lighting! Antiques • Jewelry • Artwork • and much more.... 2430 Line Avenue • Shreveport, LA • 71104



in 19 months


A women’s weight loss program incorporating… SIZE



Barbell Butterfly Owner and Founder Lynn Cofield


Nutrition Education Fitness Coaching A Community of Support for Women Featured in two national magazines:

“Oxygen” and “First for Women”


Laurie Calahan

Uses Jewelry Making Talent to Promote Survivor Support

As Laurie Calahan waited in the waiting room of the Gingerbread House Children’s Advocacy Center, she immediately knew she wanted to give back to an organization that helped her family during one of its most difficult times. Calahan chose to use her talents as a jewelry designer to help raise awareness for child abuse and to aid in the financial support of the Gingerbread House.


he created “SASS,” Sexual Abuse Survivors Support, a collection of key chains and necklaces. One of the designs is a blue pinwheel, the symbol for child abuse awareness and prevention. Another creation features the symbol of unity designed by Jacqueline Lin, which is an image of solidarity for survivors of sexual assault. Calahan felt that there was not enough conversation about child sexual abuse and support for victims. She wanted to encourage people to become aware of the issue and educate their children with the goal of preventing a child from ever becoming a victim. It is her hope that the “SASS” collection will encourage open discussion about sexual abuse, prevention, and support for victims. She also designed a recycled glass jewelry collection called “Broken Beauties.” “Each piece from my ‘Broken Beauties’ jewelry line is carefully considered and lovingly named after a strong, beautiful woman who has inspired me to be a better me and to stay the course,” said Calahan. “I believe that everyone has something broken within that can be beautifully healed. I love the concept of taking brokenness and making something beautiful out of it … literally and metaphorically. The idea for my ‘Broken Beauties’ jewelry line emerged from some very painful experiences of my own, coupled with the outpour of support and encouragement from others who have endured their own pain and have arisen victoriously on the other side.” Calahan donated a “SASS” Collection necklace for each guest at the 2017 Gingerbread House Partners in Prevention Luncheon recently. Profits from sales of the “SASS” collection and a portion of the sales of the “Broken Beauties” collection go directly to the Gingerbread House to help victims of child sexual abuse. Calahan’s unique collection may be viewed at


Sign up to be a sponsor for a Gingerbread House family by contacting our Family Advocate who will pair each sponsor with a family’s Christmas wish list.

Persons interested in becoming a sponsor can also make a financial donation and Gingerbread House can do the shopping for you. Donations of gift wrapping supplies are also welcome. By becoming a sponsor, you are helping make Christmas a little merrier for children we serve. In 2016, 92 children were sponsored for Christmas. Donations to the Gingerbread House are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

Sponsor commitment forms are due by November 10th.

For more information, please contact:

Aelania Auzenne Family Advocate / Office Manager (318) 674-2900


y name is Dr. Andrea Master Everson and I am the President and Medical Director of Robinson’s Rescue. I have been with Robinson’s since our opening in 2008. To me, it is absolutely amazing that our team has touched the lives of 50,000 animals over our 9 years of operating! And it is incredible to work with an organization that has such a huge impact on our community. The animals and people that we service would not be able to have their pets spay/neutered without our clinic. We spend time educating the community on the importance of spay/neuter, and how important it is to decrease our pet overpopulation problem in our local shelters. But many people that live in Shreveport-Bossier still do not know about Robinson’s Rescue and how we have impacted your lives over our years of operating, so I look forward to sharing our story with you. Robinson’s Rescue began in 2005 as a group of Shreveporters concerned with our community’s pet overpopulation problem. This group began meeting regularly to research and brainstorm ways to decrease the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable pets in our community. After much research, they discovered that the most effective, humane means of decreasing pet overpopulation is through spaying and neutering, and they decided that Shreveport needed a low-cost spay and neuter clinic. Thus, on September 15, 2008, Robinson’s Rescue opened our doors and became the first free standing high-quality, high-volume, lowcost spay/neuter clinic in the state of Louisiana. One thing that many people do not realize about Robinson’s Rescue is that in addition to our low-cost spay/neuter program, Robinson’s Rescue also operates a free spay/neuter program called our Subsidized Spay/Neuter Incentive Program (SSNIP) and a Community Outreach Program. Through our SSNIP program, we have provided nearly 6,000 FREE surgeries to pets owned by low-income residents of Caddo, Bossier, DeSoto, Natchitoches, Sabine, and Webster parish. Being able

to offer our services for free to those who need them most is something we are so proud to be able to do, especially for clients of ours like Mr. Ford from the Queensborough neighborhood

in Shreveport. Our staff and volunteers met Mr. Ford and his pets, Kitty Cat and Coco, while we were working with the Caddo Council on Aging’s Meals on Wheels program to deliver pet food to elderly pet-owners in need. After meeting Kitty Cat and Coco, we realized that neither were spayed and we talked with Mr. Ford about our free spay/neuter program. He jumped at the opportunity to get them fixed. Mr. Ford, who is in his seventies and whose only source of income is his social security, would never have had the opportunity to get Kitty Cat and Coco fixed if it weren’t for our SSNIP program. In addition to our SSNIP Program, Robinson’s Rescue also operates a Community Outreach Program in which we attend local events and conduct door-to-door outreach to talk with people about the importance of spay/neuter. So why is spay/neuter so important? Before Robinson’s Rescue began operating, Shreveport-Bossier was being overrun by pet overpopulation, a problem that affects every facet of our community. Because of pet overpopulation, healthy, adoptable pets are forced to live on the streets, struggle to find food, and suffer. A small percent of these animals will find a home, but the other portion will continue living off the land, be killed by a traffic accident, disease, starvation, or a predator, or be euthanized. In addition to the suffering these pets endure when living without a home, they wreak havoc on our community by causing traffic accidents, biting, breeding, and more. These animals live in our neighborhoods, behind local businesses, and decrease the value of our property and community. Pet overpopulation is also an extremely costly problem. On top of the cost from injury and property damage, thousands of tax dollars are spent each year to shelter and euthanize homeless, unwanted animals.

This may seem like an overwhelming problem but, believe it or not, Shreveport is at the forefront of the solution, thanks to Robinson’s Rescue. At the pinnacle of our community’s pet overpopulation problem, our local municipal shelter - Caddo Parish Animal Control - took in 10,825 animals and euthanized 8,936 of them, nearly 83%. Each year since that time, Caddo Animal Control has decreased intake and euthanasia thanks to the work of Robinson’s Rescue. By the

“50,000 LIVES TOUCHED. By the end of 2017, Robinson’s Rescue will have served 50,000 local pets and pet-owners with our spay/neuter services. Can you believe it?! ”

we can only do this with your support. Help spread the word about Robinson’s Rescue, support spay/neuter, and support our cause. Robinson’s Rescue will be hosting our annual Calendar Reveal fundraiser on Saturday, November 4,, from 12 – 3 p.m. at Tejas Kitchen Bar Patio, and we hope you can make it! At this event, we will be revealing our 2018 Calendar with photos of our dog and cat supporters, guests can get paw-tographs from their favorite calendar pets, there will be a photo booth, delicious dog-themed food and drinks, and so much more! You can learn more about this event and our organization by visiting

end of 2016, CPAC took in 7,445 dogs and cats and euthanized 4,275 of them, 57%. That is an amazing 26% decrease in the shelter’s euthanasia rate over 5 years, but there is still much work to be done. There is an inverse relationship between Caddo Parish Animal Control’s intake and euthanasia and Robinson’s Rescue’s surgeries, as can be seen by the chart that follows. As Robinson’s Rescue continues to increase the number of surgeries we perform annually, CPAC’s intake and euthanasia continue to decrease. For this reason, we aim to touch the lives of more pets and pet owners with our spay/neuter services each year. And



St. Mark’s Cathedral School



8am 1/2 Mile Fun Run for Kids!

Register at: St. Mark's.indd 1

10/19/17 10:56 AM



Athleisure Athletic shoes are making a step into high fashion.




Page 124 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017


he fashion trend of “athleisure” has quickly grown in popularity, and it’s easy to see why! Athleisure consist of mixing athletic wear with everyday wear, providing for a cute but still comfortable look. One of the best aspects of athleisure is the shoes; set aside your heels and opt for a pair of sneakers! Grab yourself a pair of cute slip-on sneakers to quickly throw on as you head out the door. On the other hand, go for the more classic look with a classic lace-up style such as Keds or Converse. You can even add a pop of color with a bright or patterned pair of classic sport brands such as

Adidas or Nikes to really amp up your look. Don’t feel limited to wearing only leggings with athletic shoes. Pair them with a skirt or dress for a relaxed, but still trendy, look. Show off your shoes with a pair of jeans too: frayed and cropped ankle hems are a hot fashion trend right now, and these jean styles are great to showcase your favorite pair of sneakers. The athleisure trend is a fantastic one that allows for the combination of cute and comfortable, so make some use out of those tennis shoes this season before you whip out those winter boots!

5821 Line Avenue

Opening January 2018

Owners Leigh Bowman and Ginger Lukacs

Page 125 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

1103 Farmerville Hwy Ruston, LA 71270 1103 Farmerville Hwy 318.255.8747 Ruston, LA 71270 318.255.8747

Holiday Hours Monday thru Friday:

Holiday Hours 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday: Saturday:

8am 9 amto to5pm 2pm

Open House Open House Saturday:

9 am to 2pm

November 16-18 Refreshments to16-18 be served November Register for door Refreshments to beprizes served Register for door prizes Now available at Ruston Florist


Free Gift Wrapping


Pol • Tribal • Erin London • Lior Brighton Jewelry Pol • Tribal • Erin London • Lior including Brighton Jewelry Aromatique Decorative Fragrances including Aromatique Decorative Fragrances

BELLA NONNAS OLIVE OIL & VINEGAR-TASTING BELLA NONNAS OLIVEBAR OIL makes it easy to find the perfect gift this holiday & VINEGAR-TASTING season. Opening our third location insideBAR Ruston makes easyBelle to find perfect gift this holiday Floristitand de the Fleur Boutique, continues season. Opening our inside Ruston our commitment tothird servelocation the needs of North Florist and Belle dethe Fleur Boutique,areas. continues Louisiana and surrounding our commitment to serve the needs of North the surrounding areas. you VisitLouisiana our Bellaand Nonnas’ location nearest in Shreveport, Natchitoches or Ruston, for a Visit our Bella of Nonnas’ location nearest youoils personal tasting the world’s freshest olive in Shreveport, Natchitoches Ruston, for a and authentic balsamicor vinegars. personal tasting of the world’s freshest olive oils and authentic balsamic vinegars.


Ruston Florist/Bella Nonnas.indd 1

10/20/17 2:08 PM







he holidays can be fun no matter how old you are, but there is still something undeniably magical about this time of year for children. I vividly remember the holiday traditions my family and I always enjoyed when I was younger, one of my favorites of which was crafting holiday treats together! Nothing brought me more joy than sitting at the kitchen counter with my brother and sister to see who could make the best-

looking creation. And so, from my family’s tradition to yours, here are a few DIY holiday snacks that are easy to do and always kid friendly! Incorporating traditions such as these makes this time of year fun for everyone, and many of my fondest memories from my childhood involved crafting such treats with my family! Help make every holiday memorable for your children this year!

DIY Turkey Cookies Oreo Cookies Candy Corn Malted Milk Balls Chocolate Icing Optional: Mini Reeses Cups, candy eyes •

Start by unsticking the two halves of the Oreo. Stick the unfrosted cookie into the frosting on the other half, placing it towards an outer edge of the frosted cookie so that you have a corner-shape between the two.; use the chocolate frosting to stick the cookie down if you need to. Then, place your malted milk ball in the center of the corner to act as the turkey’s head and make sure it sticks using frosting. Frost down candy corms on the unfrosted cookie, framing the malt ball as if they were turkey feathers. Finally, cut off a white tip from one of the candy corns and frost it to the front of the milk ball to act as a beak. You can even go in with colored icing to give your turkey some eyes or other details if you would like. These sweet treats can also be customized in whatever way your child likes best; use a mini Reese’s Cup underneath the milk ball to act as a body, or frost some candy corns to the side of the milk ball to act as wings! These fun treats help to remind kids there are holidays outside just Christmas!

DIY Santa Claus Cookies Sugar Cookies of your choice Vanilla or Chocolate Frosting Coconut Flakes Red Sprinkles M&M’s Mini Marshmallows • Let your kiddos frost the entire front side of a sugar cookie and then sprinkle coconut flakes on one half of the cookie for Santa’s beard. On the opposite end from the coconut, put the red sprinkles on the upper 1/3rd of the cookie to represent Santa’s red hat, and place a mini marshmallow on the sprinkles for the white puffball on his hat. Finally, put two blue M&M’s in between the sprinkles and the coconut for his eyes, and a red M and M for his nose. These cookies are an easy treat for children of all ages and a delicious one to gobble up when you are done!

White Chocolate Candy Cane Lollipops Mini Candy Canes White Chocolate or Candy Melts Sprinkles Lollipop Sticks

• Start off by melting your chocolate. I always have used white chocolate chips over a double-boiler, but candy melts from your local craft store can be used as well in the microwave. • Arrange two mini candy canes into the shape of a heart on some parchment paper or other nonstick surface, and stick a lollipop stick in the middle of the candy canes so it emerges from the

Your Holiday Shopping Destination! Have Lunch & Shop!

Get a head start on your holiday shopping! • Free Gift Wrap • Gift Cards Available • Open Sundays Thanksgiving through Christmas!

Gifts • Bridal • Biscottis

318.868.6700 | 5807 Youree Drive | Shreveport, LA |

bottom of the heart. • Then, simply scoop some of the melted chocolate in between the two candy canes and spread it out to connect the two. • Decorate your lollipop with sprinkles, crushed up candy canes, or any other candy you’d like while the chocolate is still soft!

Pretty & Practical Calendar Towels are a favorite Southern Holiday Tradition


here is just something about the daily ritual of coffee: the fragrant, homey smell, the comfort of that first sip, the legitimate excuse to pause during a busy day. My early memories of coffee are set in an old fashioned farmhouse with deep sinks, a stove lit from a box of matches kept close at hand, and rain sometimes falling on the old tin roof–Pa’s house. My great-grandparents and their six daughters ran a family farm during the Depression era, raising cotton and food for themselves and their livestock, and working at extra odd jobs when they could to make ends meet. Nothing about their life was easy, and they didn’t take anything for granted. But even in the hardest times, there was coffee, made in a drip pot and poured into simple ceramic cups with saucers which came as “freebies” in boxes of oatmeal. No one had much in those days, but you could always count on a little spot of comfort from that tin pot that never left the stove except to be washed and re-filled. Most every household was loyal to a particular brand and roast, but even when offered to a visitor with a differing opinion, it was never turned down. Whether consumed as the “best part of waking up” or enjoyed as a solitary moment of rest at the end of a hard day, the ritual of coffee was cherished. Country homes always seem to combine the useful and beautiful to create comforting staple items that serve multiple purposes. I love the idea of my great-grandmother’s pretty coffee cups coming as a bonus in her oatmeal – what a treat it must have been to collect them! As the child and grandchild of true “country folks,” there are many symbols of this resourcefulness that I cherish, and one especially dear is the calendar towel. Each year at Christmas time, the cotton gin sent local farmers their annual gift of a calendar towel which was proudly displayed in a prominent spot. At the end of the year, the towel was repurposed to dry dishes and little hands, and became a soft, faded reminder of the passing of time. The new edition was hung in its place and the tradition married past and present in a useful, familiar way. A favorite Richard Creative Calendar Towel design honors the ritual of coffee and its perpetual relevance in our daily lives - whether made in the fanciest modern coffee maker or an old tin drip pot. This 100% cotton tribute is designed to be hung in a place where you find joy and comfort in simple rituals with those you love.

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Page 2 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

More Than Antiques COME See what you’ve been missing!

Look for our certified merchants

Christmas on the Alley Downtown West Monroe |

Open Late on Saturdays!

Page 132 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017


I get asked all the time “Where are you from?” Guess I do not sound southern? I am originally from Monroe and graduated from Wossman High School way back. After serving 8 years in the United States Air Force, and completing my degree in accounting, I worked as a certified public accountant for a land development and residential construction company for 13 years in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. When my husband and I made a decision to move back to Louisiana, I was inspired to do something new and, when presented with the option to open my own business, I knew I had found the perfect opportunity with The Spice & Tea Exchange. From the spices and teas we sell to the design of the store itself, everything about The Spice & Tea Exchange® screams Antique Alley. It really is a perfect fit for the West Monroe community. Seven years later, we are still excited about Antique Alley due to its rich history and its Merchants Association. Recently I’ve been a part of the Downtown West Monroe Revitalization Group, and we put together a Historic Walking Tour for the downtown. Lots of changes have happened since the founding in the early 1800s; however, West Monroe has

continued to have a thriving downtown. The Cotton Port Historic District in Downtown West Monroe is more commonly known today as Antique Alley. The Antique Alley Merchant’s Association was formed in 1987 with a group of just 6 merchants who wanted to support each other through advertising. Today Antique Alley has more boutiques than antiques; however, our selection of shops allows you to find items from past and present. Let me take you on a stroll down Antique Alley, and I’m sure you’ll be ready to spend the day shopping, dining, exploring, or walking through history. Caution, it may take more than one day! Thankfully, we have a B&B here on the Alley! Start your day at Miss Kay’s Sweets & Eats to enjoy breakfast! Miss Kay

Robertson of Duck Dynasty shares her homemade recipes at her family owned bakery! Her granddaughter Alex and husband Vinny are usually in the kitchen working alongside staff to serve up items like Phil’s Famous Pralines, cookies, cakes, pies, and much more! They now are serving lunch as well, so stop by here any time of day to enjoy the fresh goodies. Just next door, head over to Cotton Port Antique Mall with over 20 dealers. They have items including primitives, shabby chic, glassware, pottery, baseball cards, and antique advertising signs, books, records, jewelry, vintage sterling, furniture and other collectibles. Ben and Suzie Cooper are sure to have something for you. Take a short stroll to the Rialto Antique Market and step back in history. Originally opening in 1934 as a

Page 133 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

450-seat theater, The Rialto later became part of a small chain of movie theaters operated by West Monroe resident Joseph M. Heard. The original ticket booth and original movie camera adorn the entrance. While there, shop fine English, French and American antique furniture and collectibles, including vintage and costume jewelry, glassware, books, silver, linens, chandeliers, and decorative accessories and art. Be sure to check out both floors! Maybe you are looking for something different and off the beaten path? Try Imperial Galleries, America’s largest authorized Lampe Berger dealer, offering all official Lampe Berger products, including fragrance lamps, fragrances and accessories. The owners also carry a large selection of jade and ivory carvings, Lady Primrose, Jim Shore, art and more. Ladies, if the men are already tired of shopping, have them take a seat on one of the many benches recently donated by the City of West Monroe and the Downtown West Monroe Revitalization Group. They can enjoy the street music, flowing flowers and hopefully a breeze and shade. Next up is Traditions, and when they say “their ship has come in,” they are speaking literally! Owners Pam Liles and Pam Wood travel twice a year to Europe to personally select fine antiques from France, England, Belgium and Holland. They have 18th and 19th Century furniture, Majolica, French pottery, leather books and decorative accents. If you are looking for a special item, let them bring it back special for you! By now you are probably in the mood for something new. Walsworth & Company is a must stop! Their furniture and home décor lines include Wesley Allen, McKinley Leather Sofas, Southern Furniture Co., Surya Rugs, and bedding. The ladies can help with furniture placement and design. Did I mention they also have a bridal registry? They

carry a variety of gifts and jewelry from Ronaldo, Marina and Waxing Poetic. Keep strolling to Memory Lane, where owners Ed and Virginia Pettis personally select antiques from the New England area and drive them home to share with our community. Their store features furniture, collectible glassware, sports memorabilia, and the largest selection of old books in the area. If it feels like time for lunch, then you should head over to Kayla’s Kitchen for her plate lunch specials. Kayla serves up great home cooking daily. She also caters for all occasions. After lunch, check out The Wood Gallery on Trenton with custom handcrafted wood chopping blocks, cutting boards and jewelry. Owner Gaylon Perry features his “The Wooden Beaux,” which are hand-crafted Beaux Ties from exotic woods. We can now head back to Trenton Street Antiques, featuring two completely different realms of the Alley. First up is Flying Cowboy at Trenton Street Antiques featuring diamond and colored-stone estate jewelry, pocket watches, furniture, cut-glass clocks, sterling, Newcomb College, Clementine Hunter, A.J. Drysdale Art and more. If you are looking to buy or sell gold, Mike McMahan is the person to see! Be sure to go all the way to the back and check out the large selection of vintage tools and clocks. The Vintage Market at Trenton Street Antiques is happy living with the tarnish. The shabby chic and vintage furniture, gifts and accessories sit alongside the antiques. For all your Catholic religious items, books and more, you can also find Spats Gifts & Books. The ladies by now are ready for some boutiques, and next on your stop is Rusty Nails and Pearls Boutique. Norma Rice is there daily in her fun boutique catering to women of all ages with the accessories to match. She also

loves distressing furniture and carries all the pieces she works on in the back of her shop. Check out the Woodwick Candles, gift items and more! Southern Style Antiques Gift & Salon offers a spacious multi-dealer shop with an eclectic mix of old and new treasures. While inside make an appointment with Cathy Dage, who has her hair salon inside. Military memorabilia is the focus of Jackie’s Collectibles, which also carries antique lamps and furniture. Jackie says he’s available anytime, just call! For more home décor and lady’s accessories check out Hoot N Hollar! It is definitely a Hoot! The ladies just rolled out their bath bombs. They carry women’s clothing, shoes, jewelry, home décor, DIY Chalk Paint and more. Their décor changes with the season, so stop by to decorate for the holidays. If you are in need of a workout, then stop in to If The Crown Fits. One of our newest stores, they offer active wear, fitness apparel, and scripture tees. They love keeping their style sporty and unique. They also have pop-up yoga and fitness classes. Next door is Free Birds Boutique, a funky boutique for ladies of all sizes! Leslie King shares her style with Band Retro Apparel, shoes, purses and specialty candles. She also carries a selection of locally made jewelry. Gosh, we’ve only made it about two blocks and down just one side of the street and now I’m ready to eat again! Let’s head to Roma’s Italian Bistro, a family owned and operated authentic Italian restaurant with cuisine prepared fresh and cooked to order. They can cater any occasion! It’s getting late in the day and hopefully you already booked your room at Hamilton House Inn & Reception Gallery. The Hamilton family spent three years renovating the rustic Webb Hotel into a luxury five room Bed and Breakfast

Page 134 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

Inn. All rooms have private baths and lavish memory-foam mattresses. Tonya Hamilton cooks up a delicious breakfast using some of her favorite spices from my store, so you are getting a true taste of downtown! There is also a reception area available for weddings and events. After a good night’s rest and those delicious scones, start today at Coco’s Mercantile, featuring linens for your bed, bath and tables. The selection of home décor and furniture including Dash & Albert rugs, European soaps, Seda France, and Barefoot Dreams highlights owner Anne Cookston’s eclectic style. She features local artists year-round and hosts different artist in her shop during the bimonthly Downtown Art Crawl. At Eleven 26 Boutique, Jessica Pollard and her team can style you with the latest trends of clothing, shoes and accessories at affordable prices. From homecoming to holiday parties, you are sure to find what you are looking for. Be

sure to say hello to Miss Ellie, one of the street’s favorite shop dogs! Still time for more antiquing? Potpourri de Tante Marie is owned by one of the founders of Antique Alley. Miss Mary’s store features a variety of antique 1920-1940 and mid-century modern era furnishings, plus vintage tools from farms, ranches and garages. She also carries The Natchez Solution and Nevr Dull products. If handcrafts are more your style, Malcomb’s Woodcrafts & Treasures has a selection of woodcrafts made personally by owner Bobby. Check out a selection of purses, wallets, jewelry, luggage, caps, scarves and gifts. There is also a little snack bar in the back if you need a pick me up. Need something for the kids? The Mother Hen has children’s clothing sizes newborn to tween. She offers monogramming and unique gifts. A baby shower registry is available.

If a mature style, is desired then Bent Oaks Boutique should be your stop. This ladies’ boutique offers a large selection of linen clothing, unique and stylish fashions. You need to check out the back where you will find Fenton Art Glass, jewelry and more! It’s not even open yet and we are all talking about The Trenton House! Moving to their new location this fall, they will finally be on Trenton Street! They are the area’s most complete bridal registry, and they also feature gift items including candles, bath products, gourmet foods, Louisiana items, and pewter. Their current location is only a few blocks from the Alley. If it’s Louisiana flavor you’re looking for, then walk right in to The Rustique Gator. With their Cajun music playing, you will start dancing the minute you walk through the door. Troy is crazy about his boudin, spices, and hot sauces. Everything in this store shouts Louisiana,

Half Page Ad 5170 HIGHWAY 80 IN HAUGHTON CALL TOLL FREE: (855) 808 - 8807 WWW.ONEALGAS.COM Propane delivery

Residential & Commercial

Outdoor Living

Page 135 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017


Service & Repair

from home and kitchen décor, t-shirts, Mardi Gras beads, local souvenirs and novelties. Step into the side room and sit on the front porch for a quick photo op. With fashion-forward looks at affordable prices, The Nude Nomad is a women’s boutique for all ages, offering unique clothing shoes and accessories from across the globe. It’s located in the original Lee’s Jewelry Store and Madison gets visitors all the time who just want to check out the original jewelry safe. Stop by for your own selfie! At Lovabella Melange – Mélange speaks to their variety from custompainted furniture, both mid-century and antique, vintage crystal and glass, local artists, whimsical décor, doors, windows, collectibles, Louisiana souvenirs, and much more. I think you get the idea! What can you create with 100-yearold wood? The master crafters at Mayo Custom Interiors create antique wood art, vintage-style furniture and unique

wooden gifts. Nature is beautifully frozen in time with these one-of-a-kind pieces. This store is really one of those “you just have to see it for yourself ” places. Did someone say it’s time to eat again? This feels like a great time to head over to Trapp’s for some fresh Cajun food. Enjoy the scenery overlooking the beautiful Ouachita River while enjoying the best Cajun food in town! Depending on the time of day you might be able to catch a local band playing music on the lower deck. Our favorite time of the year is Christmas on The River! Working in conjunction with the Monroe-West Monroe Convention and Visitors Bureau and their many sponsors, we spend our time to help coordinate events and to further promote Downtown West Monroe. Everything on your shopping list can be found on Antique Alley. Come celebrate the season and shop with us!

Oh wait, did I even tell you about my store? Beyond the aesthetic connection between The Spice & Tea Exchange and the historic neighborhood of our location, our store also connects with the tight-knit community through our extensive outreach. Our customers are immediately immersed in a sensory experience where they can explore, open the jars and smell, and speak with knowledgeable staff who truly love what they do. We enjoy swapping good recipes and fun stories. You’ll typically find us hand-mixing our custom blends and seasonings right in the store, bagging our teas, or putting together unique gifts for our guests. Remember, food really is best when it’s shared with others, and we practice that philosophy at our store. Come and Explore the Spiceabilities! We are located at 229 Trenton Street West Monroe. In the heart of Antique Alley!

Not your average holiday treats!

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DOWNTOWN RUSTON 318.255.6771 Page 136 | LOLA MAGAZINE | November-December 2017

Brittany G. House, D.D.S.

We Offer Comprehensive and Cosmetic Family Dentistry Including Botox Therapy for Head and Neck Pain and Oral Conscious Sedation!

4700 Highway 80 in Haughton (318) 949-9878 In-network insurance providers include: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana, AlwaysCare, Cigna Radius, Delta Dental, Metlife, and United Concordia




Main to Main Trade Days














Archaeology Day at Walter B Jacobs Nature Park NOVEMBER 11

Holidaze at Artspace



I’ll Be Healthy for the Holidays brought to you by The Gingerbread House

Thursday - November 16th 6:00pm-9:30pm Kitchen & Bath Cottage dinner & DEMO � c a s p i a n a c at e r i n g - s w e at s o c i e t y s c r at c h h o u s e k i t c h e n - k i t c h e n a n d b at h c o t ta g e

NOV 14-DEC 23


Shreveport Bossier Opera Guild presents:




NOVEMBER f o r m o16 r e i n f o r m at i o n ,

p l e a s v i s i t c a s p i a n a c at e r i n g . c o m



Use offer code: LOLA10 for $10 OFF tickets

NOVEMBER 16 – 19







BOSSIER CIVIC CENTER Check out Whomania details at



NOV 24-DEC 17


Britches and Bows Santa Party DECEMBER 1




Natchitoches Christmas Festival DECEMBER 17



Millions of women experience changes to their vaginal and vulvar health that affect their personal lives. Now there’s a solution! MonaLisa Touch is a simple, safe, and clinically proven laser treatment for vaginal discomfort, itching, dryness, painful intercourse, and other symptoms experienced during and after menopause.

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(318) 683-0411

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West Monroe Monday, November 6th at 6 p.m.

Shreveport Tuesday, December 12th at 6 p.m.


Lindsey Pennington A

s I’m sitting at my desk excited about the opportunity to write this article, I’m also pondering what does “her perspective” mean for me? Is it my perspective as a wife? As newly pregnant with my first child? As a friend? As a daughter? As physician? As a facial plastic surgeon, in particular? As a new business owner and CEO? Each one of these individually could easily be a point of view and story in itself of how I’ve not always so gracefully navigated the journey to get where I am today. It causes me to reflect on all the challenges and doubts I’ve overcome and how blessed I am to be where I am today. ON MY JOURNEY TO MEDICAL SCHOOL: “Aren’t you engaged to a medical student? Why do you even want to go to medical school so badly?” Biochemistry Professor University of New Orleans ON MY DECISION TO BECOME A SURGEON: “Do women even do that?” My Father “It’s the most competitive specialty, people spend years preparing, there’s no way you can try now.” Medical School Advisor ON MY JOURNEY IN RESIDENCY: “You’re still in school?” every family member on my husband’s side at every family function or holiday These are just a handful of things that have been said to me at very pivotal points in my career path when I was reaching out to people in positions of advisement and hopeful support. Lucky for me, I didn’t believe them, well at least not completely. The part that dawned on me as I aged was that a lot of these people really thought they were helping or protecting me. My biochemistry teacher in summer school and those family members really thought they were saving me the hassle and potential heartbreak of applying to medical school by giving me this advice. They just knew


November-December 2017

that even if I got in, I’d just drop out after getting married and pregnant down the road, so why waste all that time and energy. Although motherhood is certainly a noble profession on its own, the independence of my own career is something that will always be very important to me. I wanted to be a doctor like my mom and dad since I was a little girl. I wanted to interact with people everyday and help them at their most vulnerable. I knew I would forever regret not trying to achieve that. So I heard them, acknowledged them, then ignored them and stood firm in my values. Medical school did eventually arrive with dreams of altruism and service and rural family medicine in Louisiana. At the end of my third year rotations, I accidentally discovered that I loved surgery though! When I told my medical school advisor and my father of this decision, I was met with a surprising amount of resistance. Again, both of them cared about me and thought they were helping me out by pointing out what they thought would be a fatal flaw in my plan. I was a female determined to hang on to those qualities in a very rigorous, competitive, and largely male-dominated field. But everything they pointed out as weakness, I just knew deep down could only make me that much better at what I would do when I achieved it.

After convincing them that it was the best fit for me, they moved to plan B and I was then told bluntly that I wasn’t the standard applicant for Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery. I never wavered. I worked harder at my goal and did numerous rotations traveling around the country and working as a mock intern my fourth year of medical school at a time when most medical students have lots of vacation and down time. While many of my classmates did not do a travel rotation at all or at most one, I did 4 outside of my home institution in Albuquerque, traveling to Memphis, Norfolk, New Orleans, and Shreveport. All my hard work again paid off and I matched at my number 1 choice, right here in Shreveport, in one of the top 3 most competitive medical specialties. Residency again came with its challenges and I dealt with feelings of failing as a friend, wife and daughter while working so many hours. As the missed holidays, family vacations, and nights out accumulated, I had to constantly reassure myself that I was doing all of this for myself and my future family, and that it would be worth it. I had plenty patients not take me seriously. At all of 5’2” (which may be a little generous) and 100 pounds, I can have less “presence” in a room than the “standard” male surgeon. What became so satisfying was that after a few minutes of speaking with the patients and their families once they got over their initial shock of me being a petite woman, you could sense the almost immediate trust that developed as I worked through the treatment plan. Then, when I visited these patients after surgery, they would brag and introduce me to any family and friends I hadn’t previously met as the “little lady” who saved their lives, or the one who “did all this” as they pointed to the large incision. The most difficult thing I went through and the only time I almost lost

all of those cherished values was dealing with my father dying of cancer in New Mexico, while I was living here in Louisiana. I saw my father and I saw my family in each cancer victim I treated, and it took an extra burden on me. I used all of my vacation and the program allowed me to use some sick days to travel back and forth to see him and help my mother when she was becoming overwhelmed caring for him. The majority of my coresidents were very supportive and did their part to help me how they could. The cutthroat nature of the profession I chose, the one that my father warned me about, certainly presented itself at this opportunity though. Some residents were not shy in telling me, and others whispered to my advisors that I was using my father’s cancer as an excuse for special treatment. Now as I’m starting my own solo private practice and people keeping asking me who I’ll be working with or for, I say, “It’s just me,” and I watch as the majority of people who don’t know me well pause with jaw dropping, and stand silently for what feels like forever trying to find the right way to express their concern, which is that familiar scenario I’ve now seen my whole adult life. They want to know how I’m going to manage a new business and a baby, or who’s going to advise me, or how I’m going to get patients. As I start this new venture, I agree it’s daunting and scary and I have moments of doubt, but I know that I’m going to be successful because I’m doing what I love, and I know who I am. So in any difficult journey where you are told you can’t, believe in yourself more than anyone around you, do not let anyone change your core beliefs, and certainly don’t accept no for an answer even when facing the so-called impossible. It’s up to us to pick our own destiny and prove the doubters wrong.

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