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dress from HARPER HOUSE

80 Mothers Day Memories 38 Raising Respectful Teens Keeping it real with Teri Netterville 65 Boss Babes Local Boss Babes band together in support of one another 96 From Her perspective Miss Louisiana 2016 Justine Ker


69 Riverbend Rotary May 25th Pints for Purpose 17 A Get away with Dad Wildwood Resort Zwolle, Louisiana 54 American Rose Center A true local gem 92 Must-Attend Events


11 Summer Suit Up 42 Celebrate Southern Style Chic looks for a southern summer


34 Safe Fun in the Sun Integrate Your Health with Dr. Nicole Cotter 27 Cheers to Mom How a glass of red wine is good for your health 18 Quick Health Tips for Busy Women Tips to staying healthy during hectic times 86 After the Bump Getting back into your pre-pregnancy jeans


56 The Life of a Military Wife An inside look at the life of a military wife


22 Bring on the Boil Hostess with the Mostess with Jessica Comegys 72 Get Organized Get your closet ready for summer 7 God is So Good A design for Yolanda 88 Design Therapy with Clinton Downing


60 Summer Camp Guide 29 Summer Brain Drain Beating the heat and skipping out on summer brain drain 74 Save the Unicorns Teaching little girls to become strong independent women

White crop top and bright drawstring pants by Lilly Pulitzer ON THE COVER: Clothes from House of Red Boutique ABOVE: Swimsuit from Couleur


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umping out of bed super early is not typical for me. I can toss and turn all night, but at 5 a.m. my bed becomes the most comfortable spot on Earth. On May first one year ago, I jumped out of bed super early. This was the first morning that we started working on Lola Magazine. Nervous and excited, I could not sleep. With a leap of faith and an extra cup of coffee, we began reaching out to people about Lola Magazine. We hoped that they would see the vision that we had. They did. My first meeting was with the ever so fabulous Ashley Dean, owner of Sassafras Boutique. She got our vision and she agreed to join us in our first issue. Donesa Walker, owner of Learning Rx and fondly referred to as “Momma Donesa”, helped set the path for our success as soon as we met with her. She continues to do so, always offering advice and excellent homemade enchiladas. We continued to meet with awesome business owners and people from all walks of life. We set up our first fashion spread with the help of Jennifer Frierson, owner of Imelda’s. Stories began coming in that we were truly honored

to share. The puzzle pieces came together and Lola Magazine was published. What an incredible year it has been for Carie and I to watch this vision come to life. We set out to tell real stories of real people, and we have had the privilege of doing just that. Our Lola team’s photographers, writers, designers, distribution–they are nothing short of the most talented group of individuals with whom I have ever worked. Friendships have been made, the real kind. “Thankful” is not big enough to express our gratitude. We are forever humbled and grateful to everyone that has been a part of this past year. So, one year, six issues, five-hundred and eighteen pages, hundreds of new friends, thousands of loyal readers, and one million little blessings along the way, Lola Magazine has found its place. We hope that you enjoy this issue of Lola Magazine. May your summer be full of fun in the sun and warm memories made!

Happy Mother’s Day & Father’s Day! Cheers,





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Sweet & Loving Aunt Kim Poindexter

Aunt Kim passed away peacefully on March 22. She was one of Lola’s biggest supporters! She gushed at every chance she got about how proud she was of both Bevin and I. As I think back on the last time I saw her before her illness, I remember our exact conversation! She said, “Carie, every time I see a Lola in stands I am just filled with pride! I am so proud of you!” As I visited her home after her passing I noticed something. She had a Lola Magazine placed in every room. It brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Aunt Kim. Your love and support will be remembered always.

Until we meet again, Carie

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GOD IS SO GOOD A Design for Yolanda ItÂ

was a normal day for Yolanda Strong. She got up as usual, got dressed and headed to Apollo Elementary School where she was a school teacher. Little did she know that her life was about to change. Yolanda started to feel bad that day at work. She felt like she was getting a cold so she headed to an urgent care facility later that afternoon. They diagnosed her with strep throat and sent her home with an antibiotic. She started taking

her meds, but she rapidly got worse. She reached out to her dad for help, called 911, and was rushed to the ER. This is where her nightmare began. As a result of the strep throat and flu, she had Systemic Vasculitis or inflammation of the blood vessels throughout her body. Ultimately Yolanda suffered multiple organ failure which led to the amputation of both her legs and little use of her arms.

Page 7 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

”When I first met the Strong family, I knew this project was going to be special.“ Whitney Harmon She was in the hospital for six months in and out of ICU. She survived the ordeal with the help and love of God and her friends and family. Although Yolanda survived the illness, the long road to recovery had begun. Yolanda and her family soon realized after coming home that many changes would have to be made. Her space was of most importance since she would now need more and bigger spaces due to her wheelchair and handicapped accessible areas in her home. Yolanda’s parents, Andrew and Girther Strong, had many questions to consider. Should they buy a new home? Should they remodel or add on to their current home? The Strongs decided to remain in their home, and they secured the services of Eugene McBride of Kemac Contactors and Whitney Harmon with Whitney Harmon Interiors. “Working with Eugene McBride, we were able to give Yolanda a complete addition to her parents’ home. A beautiful new master bedroom and large master bath. She needed a special bathtub and walk in shower. She

also needed a space that was comfortable for her to fit her wheelchair underneath that gave her ample knee space. We were able to provide all of this for her. The colors we chose were “light and bright”. A relaxing spa like environment for Yolanda was just what she needed.” said Whitney Harmon. Whitney went on to say, “When I first met the Strong Family, I knew this project was going to be special. Anyone can slap some paint on the wall and move furniture around, but this was going to be way more than that. Yolanda needed her own space. She needed a few specific requirements but most of all somewhere to just relax and call her own. As a designer, one of the ways I can give back is helping people feel good in their home. Our homes are our safe space, our sanctuaries, where most memories are made and shared. It is so important to me to walk inside my home and be able to unwind and relax from a busy day. Designing spaces and picking out materials comes so natural to me, but it’s more than that. I’m blessed with a gift that helps people, and I hope to continue to help people in that way.” I have to admit that when I went to meet with Yolanda, I had no idea what to expect. As I visited with Mr. and Mrs. Strong in their living room, Yolanda came around the corner to greet us. She was stunningly beautiful with the biggest smile on her face. She was dressed to the nines, with her makeup done perfectly and her jewelry sparkling. I was blown away. She was picture perfect. She asked, “Where do you want me?” She proudly got up and walked, with the help of her prosthetics, to her have her picture made. At first, she was a little hesitant to show us her bathroom and have photos taken, but once we got in

Page 9 8 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

there she lit up and was so proud of her space! And boy was it beautiful! Her parents were just as proud! Mr. Strong loved showing off all the details of the new space. He said, “Do you know why all of this was possible? Do you know why we survived this tragedy? Because of God! “God is So Good!” he said as he pointed to the button he was wearing! An organization has been set up to help assist Yolanda and other survivors with ongoing financial burdens involved with prosthetic limbs, physical therapy, and other resources. Please visit for more information. Special thanks to Whitney Harmon with Whitney Harmon Interiors

Photo Credits: Jo Claire Robertson

Let our family help your family.

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r e m m u S Up t i u S



Two piece white halter top & bottoms by

Luli Fama.

Whew, that word can make you cringe, can’t it? Swimsuit season is upon us which means we are about to face the fact we will soon be walking around a pool or heading to the beach wearing not much of anything. What is it with us girls and swimsuits?! We love them, we hate them. Well, I’m here to tell you to embrace your body and own that swimsuit. After having my sweet baby girl in September, I have a new-found love for my body. It’s amazing what our bodies are capable of during and after pregnancy. I might not be a size 2 and probably will never be; however, I’m proud of how I look and will rock a new shade of confidence this summer. That’s what we all need, confidence! We need to build each other up and during swimsuit season, we need more confidence than ever before! We’re all beautiful and with the trends this season, there’s a perfect suit for absolutely everyone! Whether a one piece, high neck two piece, or the infamous triangle top and string bikini bottom; let’s make the diving board our runway and show the world what we got! Page | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017 Page 1 | 11 LOLA MAGAZINE | January-February 2017

Two piece turquoise

halter off the shoulder suit by

Trina Turk.

Black 1 piece by


Two piece halter by

Betsy Johnson

top & bottoms by

Luli Fama.

black one piece by


Two piece by Trina Turk, coverup by Trina Turk,1 piece suit by Roidal.

Two piece halter by

Betsy Johnson Page 12 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

One piece by Roidal & orange two piece by Trina Turk

Coverup by


Page Page 3 | 13 LOLA | LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE | January-February | May-June 2017 2017

one piece by


off the shoulder suit by Trina Turk

long coverup dress by white halter two piece by Luli Fama, mango two piece by Seafolly & coverup by Roidal.

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FFather’s ather’sDay DayGetaway Getaway WILDWOOD WILDWOODRESORT RESORTININTOLEDO TOLEDOBEND BEND This This year year skip the skipneck the neck ties and ties coffee and coffee mugs.mugs. Give Give Dad Dad what what he really he really wantswantsa a weekend weekend getaway getaway with with the family the family at Wildwood at Wildwood Resort. Resort. MakeMake this Father’s this Father’s Day one Dayto one to remember! remember! Wildwood Wildwood Resort Resort in Zwolle, in Zwolle, LA, isLA, dedicated is dedicated to making to making sure that sureFather’s that Father’s Day weekend Day weekend is fullisoffull memory of memory making making moments moments to lasttoalast lifetime. a lifetime. Wildwood Wildwood Resort Resort is theisperfect the perfect placeplace for a for family a family getaway getaway with with DearDear Ol’ Dad. Ol’ Dad. FortyForty wooded wooded acresacres with with lots of lots excitement of excitement for the forwhole the whole family. family. Wildwood Wildwood Resort Resort has family has family activities, activities, four swimming four swimming pools,pools, tennistennis and basketball and basketball court,court, little little animals animals and ducks and ducks to watch to watch and feed, and feed, six ponds six ponds stocked stocked with with fish, lighted fish, lighted pier that pier isthat brushed is brushed and baited, and baited, paddle paddle boatsboats & kayaks, & kayaks, hilly terrain hilly terrain for bike for riding, bike riding, and much and much more.more. They They will provide will provide Dad’sDad’s favorite favorite grub grub so your so your family family can kick can back, kick back, relax,relax, and enjoy and enjoy time time together. together. If Dad If likes Dad likes to dotothe docooking, the cooking, they they offer offer several several large large fish fryers fish fryers and and extraextra large large BBQ BBQ pits. Let pits.him Let show him show off hisoffchef his skills. chef skills. Wildwood’s Wildwood’s cabins cabins and lodges and lodges have have one, two, one, three, two, three, four and foureight and eight bedrooms bedrooms with with plentyplenty of space of space and beds and beds for families for families of anyofsize. any Call size. today Call today and let and Wildwood let Wildwood Resort Resort take care take of care theofrest. the For rest.all For that allhe that does, he does, Dad deserves Dad deserves it! it! Amenities Amenities & Activities & Activities include: include: • Kayaks/Paddle • Kayaks/Paddle BoatsBoats • Stocked • Stocked Fishing Fishing PondsPonds can be canrented be rented to usetoinuse our in private our private pondpond • Covered • Covered and lighted and lighted fishing fishing pier pier • Animal • Animal & Duck & Duck Pen Pen accessing accessing Toledo Toledo BendBend Reservoir Reservoir • Nature Trail Trail • Private • Private Boat Boat Launch Launch for Wildwood for Wildwood • Nature • Bird• Watching Bird Watching Guests Guests • Bike• Riding Bike Riding (bring(bring your your own bike) own bike) • 4 Swimming • 4 Swimming PoolsPools • Swing • Swing Sets throughout Sets throughout property property • Fire• Pits Fire Pits 129 129 Wildwood Wildwood Rd. Rd. • 40 acres • 40 acres of nature!! of nature!! • Gift•Shop Gift Shop Zwolle, Zwolle, LA LA 800.341.3668 800.341.3668 • Fishing polespoles with with tackletackle kit forkitsale forin sale in • Basketball • Basketball CourtCourt and can andalso can double also double• Fishing Gift Shop Gift Shop as Volleyball as Volleyball and Badminton and Badminton courtcourt

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Quick Health Tips For:

Busy Women



woman’s health affects society. Women are key in maintaining healthy families – that means caring for themselves and their children. The health of our children starts in utero. Women need to be healthy from the time prior to pregnancy, throughout pregnancy, post-partum and through the rest of their lives in order to successfully raise the children. So what does that mean? We have to be healthy all the time! So when should you start your path to wellness? Now – yesterday! Here are some quick tips to get you started.

First Things First

EMBRACE CHANGE. Change is hard. It usually means giving up something we don’t want to give up: smoking, alcohol, enjoying a delicious southern fried meal. Or it means doing something we don’t want to do: exercise, go to the doctor. Change is usually more successful if we can incorporate small doses of that change into our already busy lives, and then the change becomes a healthy habit. FIND A DOCTOR YOU TRUST. First, find a doctor you like and are willing to listen to – it can make all the difference if you respect their opinion. Many patients don’t want to go to the doctor because “They will just tell me to diet, exercise and stop smoking.” Well, yes, we probably will, but if you do those things, then we can lower your risk for many health problems, including the number one killer of women, heart disease, as well as the number one cancer killer of women, lung cancer. Finding a doctor you trust and getting annual checkups can help with preventative measures. With the most common female cancer, breast cancer, regular screenings can lead to early detection, when it is very treatable with a high survival rate. Find a doctor and seek their help in your wellness goals.

Page 18 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

Cut It Out

SMOKING CESSATION. Unfortunately there is no shortcut to quitting smoking and this is going to be a big change—but if you can quit, it may save your life. Ask your doctor for help with quitting smoking – there are medications that can be helpful, as well as support groups that can aid in your success. CUTTING BACK ON ALCOHOL. Alcohol is full of empty calories. Limiting yourself to one glass of wine, one beer or one shot of liquor per day will decrease calories and lower your health risks associated with alcohol intake. If you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant, then you should not drink any alcohol as it can compromise your baby. SUBSTITUTE THE SUGAR-FILLED DRINKS. Stop drinking sodas, juices, sweet tea and sugar-flavored coffee and replace these with water, no-calorie flavored waters, unsweet tea or black coffee. Sound awful? Do it for a week, consistently, no exceptions and you are likely to see a change in your habits. Maybe you stop being a coffee drinker because you don’t enjoy the taste of black coffee, but if you’ve replaced that with water or unsweet tea, then you’ve just successfully removed unwanted calories from your everyday. COUNT YOUR CALORIES – THERE’S AN APP FOR THAT! If weight loss is a goal for you, the best advice is to count your calories. There are several free apps available on smart phones to help you do this. But be honest in your tracking and include all your calories daily. After doing this for a week, you will become more aware of your eating habits and where you need to make changes. Even if you “eat healthy” but the pounds are not coming off, that means you’re consuming the calories somewhere. These apps can also help you set reasonable goals for weight loss. You may only lose 1-2 pounds in two weeks’ time, but that will start to add up extended over months. Dieting is difficult, but weight loss starts in the kitchen. Tracking your food can help.

On The Move

You’re a full-time mom, wife, employee, sister and/or friend, so you come home and drop onto the couch or bed until the next day starts. There is no time for exercise in your day. So I challenge you to find it in hidden places. Here are some quick tips to get you on the go. TAKE A BREAK. If your job keeps you seated most of the day, stand up. Take a break. Take a walk. If you’re grabbing lunch, make it a moving lunch. Carry a sandwich with you while you stroll the block or circle your office building. You might find that the exercise makes you less hungry and potentially you start cutting back how much you are eating. I keep a pair of tennis shoes under my desk so I have no excuse if my heels are too high for a walk around the block. No one will care if your outfit looks funny – they will see you getting healthy and be inspired by your motivation. ADD SOME EXTRA STEPS. Park at the farthest parking spot outside your work or when you’re out shopping. This little step to force you to walk more can make a difference. Take the stairs, everywhere, every time. Work on the 30th floor? Take the stairs half way. GETTING OUT WITH THE KIDS. Still too busy because you are shuffling kids from one activity to another? Don’t sit and watch their practice – walk their practice. It’s always convenient if there is a track handy, but even if you are walking outside of the dance studio, at least you are taking advantage of the 30-minute practice until the next kid has to be dropped off. Spelling words can be called out with a walk around the neighborhood. Not only are you getting your much-needed exercise, but you’re also setting a great example for your child. You can’t tell your kids to exercise – they have to see you doing it to learn that it’s important and then they will mimic your activities. TO NAP OR TO WATCH TV … THAT IS THE QUESTION. Don’t turn on the TV unless you are willing to exercise while it’s on. You can run on a treadmill or do calisthenics in front of the tube, but make it a rule that you have to exercise while the TV is on. But you’re just too tired to exercise? Then take a nap and skip the TV. A 20-minute power nap will get you up and going after a long day’s work. This will energize the rest of your evening – hopefully into a walk around the neighborhood or a game of soccer with your kids in the yard.

Page 19 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

Give Yourself A Break There will never be a better time than right now to get healthy. The longer you wait, the harder it will become. You can continue to make excuses as to why you can’t. But if you’re done with the excuses, hopefully you will get creative with your day to make the changes necessary. No one is perfect all the time. Give yourself a break. If you fall off the wagon and only exercised twice last week because of the stress at work, home, etc. … don’t fret – just get back on the wagon.


Happy Mother’s Day! SUMM E 3 MON R T membe H rsh available ips

Half Page Ad

Lauren and her daughter Brooke teach “Barre” Beverly Hills style!

y & Me Momm rre a Celeb B ••••• DAY SATUR th

May 13

6607 Line Ave Shreveport, LA 71106 (318) 861-1082 Lauren LeBlanc: Everyone's fitness Momma Lauren’s celebrity training and certification level is THE most extensive in our area. Join the Sleek Physique fitness family and let Lauren get you ready to rock your bathing suit this summer!

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Start living a Healthy and Whole Life Call Today About Memberships and Partnerships 3 1 8 . 6 5 5 . 1 2 5 9

Whole Healthy Living Begins Here SEE OUR TEAM OF PARTNERS BELOW FOR HEALTHY AND WHOLE LIVING Red River Acupuncture

pair O’docs

Geaux Fresh Eat good... feel good!

Wellness Advocate Linda Austin

CrossFit SBC • 318.655.1259 • 820 Jordan • Suite. 510-E • Shreveport, Louisiana Page 21 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017


es Cha Tyler- M mp 33 1 ay 198 6 /2 i n on World e ho ur


p ham rC u d ho orl 0 W in one ge La 8 9 d Bri ay 1 nds - M 2 pou reaux r e l y B 5 es T

g n i r B e h t on il! o B Written By

Jessica Comegys

Photo Credits Brittany Strickland Page Page22 2 || LOLA LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017

Jambalaya, crawfish pie, filé gumbo… ...the sound of Wayne Toups and the zydeco accordion mixed with the smell of cayenne pepper and lemon in the air create a very nostalgic feeling for me. While most people were away at the beach or on the lake during Memorial Day weekend, I spent the last Saturday in May at Mudbug Madness since 1984. I was just a toddler on my mother’s hip standing in the crowd cheering my dad on as he crushed through pound after pound of hot boiled crawfish. My dad is James Tyler- the man, the myth, the legend. As cliché as that phrase sounds, it is without a doubt very fitting. Who knew that one entry into the first crawfish eating contest in Shreveport would lead to three world titles and a lifelong legacy. In the beginning the contest would last thirty minutes and consisted of shells flying, eyes watering and bellies bloating. How much crawfish can you eat in thirty minutes? You may think that’s not that long, but ten minutes and ten pounds in, you start to slow down and think to yourself, “What was I thinking?” But with the prize at stake and the crowd screaming your name, you keep going. The prizes were bountiful- lots of cash and big trophies. Once at the Holiday In Dixie he won a pirogue in addition to a five hundred dollar cash prize. Then he went on to compete for the world title in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana. With a whopping hour long eat, he managed to eat fifty-two pounds. Yes that’s right, fifty two pounds of crawfish. With that followed celebrity meet and greets including then sitting Governor Edwards and interviews with CNN, local media, and pictures in the newspapers all over Louisiana. They’ve since shortened the length at the Breaux Bridge festival to forty- five minutes and the Shreveport festival to fifteen minutes. Small potatoes (with hot sauce) I say! After a short break in entering the contests, “retirement” my dad said, we thought it would

be fun to make a “come back”. In 2010 my younger brother Jacob and I loaded up and took a road trip with the Crawfish Champion down to south Louisiana to enter the contest. They both decided to enter with the idea that my brother would take over the legacy. The contestants were lined up on stage, the rules were announced, and the flag waved to signal the start of the forty - five minutes. Both my boys were flying past the other contestants with ease. With only a few minutes left to go, my dad starts to slow down thinking that my brother had it in the bag. I knew, watching from the crowd, that he did not. I saw his face turning green, and just like that he lost his crawfish lunch and the world title with a disqualification for being unable to keep it down in the time allotted. The crowd went wild yelling and shouting for my dad to keep going because he had to win now with my brother out of the contest. Keep going he did, and win he did. He ate 34 3/4 pounds of crawfish in fortyfive minutes and added another world title to the collection. Proudly, we enjoyed the rest of the festival and headed back to Shreveport in anticipation of entering the contest on Memorial Day weekend. Again, he won. With that challenge achieved, he is he is now in retirement mode once again, enjoying the festival and the contest from the other side of the stage. He may enter again one of these days just to see if he can still shake up the rest of the lineup, and if he does, rest assured he will win again. I am so honored and thrilled to be able to tell this story about a son of a gun that had good fun on the bayou. Happy Father’s Day, JT!

Crawfish décor and details provided by The Enchanted Garden

Page 23 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017



Buy quality crawfish.

Many places offer cheap crawfish but that is not always the best option.

Clean the crawfish

in freshwater, the water should be clear before you boil. You can use an ice chest or some large container. No need for salt while cleaning/ “purging”, that just adds stress to the crawfish.


Have fun with

experimenting with different seasonings and the way you boil. This can lead to some great boils in the future.




Special Thanks to Ryan Day with Bayou Flavors Shreveport


Don’t over boil

the crawfish, if you over boil them you will lose the fat. The fat helps absorb the flavor much like a steak.

Use quality seasonings and let the

seasoning set into the crawfish. Many people just season the outside or put all the seasoning in the boiling pot. In my experience this leads to seasoning on the shell not the meat. (Spicy on the outside crawfish with little flavor).

Frequently Asked Questions How much Crawfish should I get?

When is crawfish available?

Based on a yield of 15% meat, 6-7 pounds of live Most crawfish are harvested between December an June, but March, crawfish will provide 1 pound of peeled tails. 3-4 April and May are the peak months when Louisiana supplies are pounds pf live crawfish per person. greatest, quality is best and prices generally are lowest.

Page Page24 4 || LOLA LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017

CAMBRIDGE CLUB CRAWFISH & GRITS 5 cups water salt to taste 1 cup stone ground grits 1/2 cup all-purpose flour vegetable oil Bring the water and salt to a boil in a large heavy saucepan. Add the grits and continue to simmer, stirring constantly, over medium heat until the grits are cooked and thick like mush, about 15 to 20 minutes. If necessary, add a little more boiling water. Pour the hot grits onto a large plate to make a layer about 3/4-inch deep. Cover and let stand to cool, then refrigerate to chill thoroughly. When the grits are cold and firm, cut them into rectangular pieces or use biscuit cutters and cut rounds. Dredge the grits pieces with flour, shaking off any excess flour. Heat about 1/2 inch of vegetable oil in a large, heavy skillet over medium-high heat. Fry the grits cakes until golden brown on both sides, about 4 to 5 minutes total. Drain on paper towels and sprinkle with salt. Serve hot with creamy crawfish on top.

Thank you to Dr. Alison and Shane Spann for opening your home to us!

For the crawfish sauce: 1/2 lb crawfish tails 1 tbs butter 1/2 small onion, minced 5 sprigs of parsley, leaves minced 2 garlic cloves, minced 1 celery stalk, minced 1/2 small green bell pepper, minced 1/2 tbs oregano 1 tbs paprika 1/2 tsp white pepper 1/2 tsp thyme salt & pepper to taste 1 pint heavy cream Place a small pot on the stove and turn to medium/low heat. Place the butter in the pot and let it melt. Make sure your vegetables are finely minced then add them along with the seasonings to the melted butter, cook for 5 minutes or until softened. Then add in the crawfish tails and cream, increase to a simmer until it starts to thicken, about 5 minutes. Pour over grit cakes!

Boiled or live crawfish & much more!

We cater as well! Follow us on Facebook! @bayouflavorsshreveport Ryan Day: 318.458.1121 Nicky Moreau: 337.849.5349 Located in South Shreveport next to P&S Pantry on Southern Loop

• Contact: Ryan Day at 318-458-1121 Page Pageat25 5337-849-5349 || LOLA LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017 or Nicky Moreau • Located in South Shreveport next

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Here’s to Your Healt h!

Mom What’s the best way to celebrate

Mother’s Day?

With a glass of red wine of course!



esearch has shown that the antioxidants found in the skin of red wine grapes can have beneficial health effects. Moderate amounts of red wine - one 5 ounce glass daily - can benefit heart health as it raises HDL (healthy) cholesterol, reduces LDL (harmful) cholesterol, as well as the formation of blood clots. So which red wine to choose? Well, some red wine grapes have higher concentrations of flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. Cabernet sauvignon, followed by petite syrah and pinot noir, have the highest levels of flavonoids. If you prefer white wine, the amount of antioxidants present is significantly lower and the benefit is less. Furthermore, the sweeter the wine, the fewer the antioxidants and health benefits it has. Red wine is also low in carbohydrates, and contains magnesium and potassium; two minerals that help regulate the function of your cells and organs. One 5 ounce glass is only 120 calories.

So for all you deserving mothers out there, next time you want to raise a glass, raise a glass of red wine, and you will be doing your heart a favor!

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JUNE 5-9 OR JULY 10-14

Beatin’ the Heat

& Skippin’ out on the

SUMMER Brain Drain Hstill staying sharp for another aving a fun summer time and

school year is an important task that seems to bombard every parent each WRITTEN BY DONESA year. Picking the right summer camps WALKER, M.ED, and activities that stimulate the brain OWNER OF and are still fun puts a lot of pressure on LEARNINGRX OF SHREVEPORT-BOSSIER parents and grandparents. But Summer Fun doesn’t have to include a Summer Slide of learning skills. For a few simple ways to celebrate the summer, simply think back to the long summers of your childhood. There are simple things within your grasp in your community that stimulate brain activity and even a thing or two in this new-fangled technological world that can plug that drain too. Take a few notes, cut out an idea or two and simply have fun! First, don’t be afraid of your child being BORED! Boredom actually creates innovation. I remember some of the best memories of my life came from the days I was so bored that I had to get creative. Pull out a memory or two from your childhood of lazy summer days reading a book, playing jacks on the front porch, chasing fireflies in the dark, telling creative ghost stories around a camp fire…share these with your child/grandchild. Storytelling is a lost art that never gets old. Break out your talent and be wild with your memories for these are priceless. The best thing about summer to me is reading and what child/teen/adult could not benefit from that adventure.

Here are a few sites offering recommendations on good materials • • • •

to make the mind soar: (for boys by guys) for girls (lots of other stuff for girls there too) (teens-choose wisely) (books to build character in your child) Page Page 29 29 || LOLA LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June 2017 2017

Another idea is to Create a “Bored” box. Put in the box things that remind you of your childhood-even the box itself and when your child says, “I’m Bored”, give them the box, have them pull an item out, and then let them creatively use that item. Or if you don’t have a lot of childhood memories of fun times, put small things in that can creatively get the juices flowing-a coloring book & crayons, a stuffed animal and a blanket, a bag of marshmallows and a large bar of chocolate (or just a picture of a recipe for the smaller kids). Put small blocks and tiny figurines in with some toys and some “Easter” grass so they can form a fairy garden or a war zone. Fill a show box up with some “dollar toys” or some of their own toys they haven’t played with in a while, and wrap it or have them play guess what it is. Put in some of your old clothes for “dress-up”, some old socks to use for sock puppets, etc. Let your imagination go wild for a minute and then when they are bored, you can show them how fun imagination really is! Here’s a great website to try: If you are having trouble with this idea, then try a deck of cards or two. There are some really great card games that can be played with a deck of cards that most people have in their house. Everything from sorting by color to putting in order by number to poker! this website offers hundreds of card game ideas with a simple deck of cards. However, there are also many other types of card games that rock too! Uno, Scrabble Slam, Scattergories, Rook, Phase10, & WhizKids are some of my favorites. I can remember all the evenings growing up when my parents invited other families over to our house and they all sat down to play Mille Bornes-a fun, fast-paced game about driving a car to a destination at the fastest speed you could manage all in a deck of cards!!! It is still my most favorite of all time. (yes, I know -I did it on purpose for the grammar police out there). Another great inspiring and potentially family building experience is game night. Family game night can do wonders for the brains of your kids and for you! Other board games that challenge the mind can take longer and work on strategy which ultimately enhances the logic & reasoning skills needed in upper math skills. Some of these include Connect4, Checkers, Chess and the ultimate RISK! Monopoly and Life still stand out as the games of the decade in my teens (oops! Revealing my age there). Some other board games that are great for the brain are found here- articles/lifestyle/15-fun-board-games-that-exercise-your-brainand-make-you-smarter.html. Or category/games/ (5 second Rule rocks in the home or on the

road-I even use it at work!) So, vacation time has arrived and as you hit the road, you make sure the DVD player is loaded with all the DVDs the car can hold as well as all the video game paraphernalia to keep the, “Are we there yet?” manageable, but here are a few Car Games to try instead that build that wonderful imagination in your child’s brain and challenge that memory to grow. Build a Story in the Car: This game starts with the phrase, “In the car there was…..” The first person fills in the blank with anything, such as, “A French goat.” The next person repeats that and adds another object or phrase; “In the car there was a French goat cooking on a George Forman Grill.” The game ends when one of the players forgets part of the story. Encourage kids to picture the scene and try to connect the vivid images. The sillier the images, the better! This helps them to build the mental skills of long-term memory and divided attention. Another way to play is the first person starts the list with a word (rather than a phrase) that starts with “A”, the next person repeats the “A” word and adds a “B” word, then a “C” word, etc. Another game is I Spy a Sound: the first person begins with the phrase, “I spy something that starts with the ‘S’ sound. The other players take turns guessing, and between each guess they get another sound clue, such as, “I see something that starts with the ‘s’ sound and is the color that starts with the ‘r’ sound.” This revved-up version of the old favorite helps with logic and reasoning and promotes auditory process skills. Again, a good variation is to progress in alphabetical order as above, with subsequent hints given without regard to beginning sounds (although extra points might be awarded for doing so!). And there’s always the license plate game and many others. http://

Page | LOLA MAGAZINE| May-June | May-June 2017 Page 3030| LOLA MAGAZINE 2017

When all else fails and you child just has to have some Tech Time-go for the apps that are good for the brain. LearningRx offers a list of 100 apps that are good for the brain, and you can call us or email us to get that for free. or you can see a few here category/apps/ but my favorite is a personalized list from Here you can enter your child’s things he or she needs to work on and they give you a personalized list of apps/games to build those skills. So cool! Finally, the camps!!! There are so many amazing camps that feature some really great options in our community. There are day camps and VBS opportunities galore. Check out the lists that are here in Lola for just a few of the stellar ones in our area-(my favorite are the brainy ones, but I might be partial). Most of all, enjoy every moment because these days are fleeting and even listening to,” I’m Bored,” is missed when they head off to college and beyond…..


athletica now at Breathe Yoga!



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Stylist Master Barber Color Specialist Brooke Chapman is a one of a kind

traveled the globe from New York stylist designing looks that captivate to London to Sydney as a stylist for high profile clients, providing the each client’s individual beauty. highest level of hair design and There are few stylists in our area color genius. She pulls inspiration that have her experience and from runway glamour designing talent. She creates looks that are beautiful, deconstructed shapes glamorous and looks that work and brilliant color. for busy lifestyles. Brooke has

The Color Bar ‌ A Hair Salon

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afe fun in the sun

he weather has warmed up, summer has almost arrived, and many of us are spending more time outdoors. My family looks forward all year to summer activities, many involving a lot of time in the sunshine. Sun protection should be part of a daily routine, perhaps most importantly during these summer months when our sun exposure increases. In this installment of “Integrate Your Health”, I am going to focus on sunscreen: its purpose, how it works, and what to look for and perhaps avoid when shopping for your products. The sunshine we love so much arrives from the sun as a spectrum of light. Part of that spectrum is ultraviolet (UV) light. UVA and UVB are the wavelengths of that light that can reach us here on the ground. Unfortunately, overexposure to UVA and UVB can damage our skin, causing sunburn, skin aging, and skin cancer. Sunscreen is part of a good regimen for sun protection, working to absorb or block UV rays. Two important things to look for in your sunscreen are that it has broad-spectrum coverage and an appropriate SPF. Broad-spectrum coverage means that both UVA and UVB rays are blocked. UVB is the wavelength that causes sunburns, but UVA can penetrate deeper into the skin and cause more subtle damage. Choose a product that has good protection against both UVA and UVB. SPF (sunburn protection factor) is a measurement of how much UVB is blocked. For example, a product with an SPF of 30 will block 97% of the sun’s UVB rays. The higher the SPF, the more UVB protection; however, higher

 

SPFs don’t necessarily protect from damage that can occur from UVA rays. It is also important to note that a higher SPF does not mean you can safely be in the sun for longer when wearing it. It does not appear that an SPF greater than 50 confers additional benefits, and it may give people a false sense of security. Look for a product with broad-spectrum coverage and an SPF of at least 30, and reapply frequently regardless of the SPF. The active ingredients in sunscreens fall into two basic categories: physical (those that deflect the UV rays) and chemical (those that absorb and scatter the UV rays). Examples of physical barriers are the minerals zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Examples of chemical filters include oxybenzone and avobenzone (there are many others). Some chemical sunscreens receive bad press because of potential negative health effects, and we are seeing the physical sunscreens more readily available. As with any skin care products, we should be educated about the ingredients. Some of the ingredients in these products may pose health risks. Chemical sunscreens are more likely to cause allergic reactions. Since they are absorbed in the skin, they can potentially have unintended consequences in the body. An example of such an ingredient is oxybenzone. Oxybenzone is an active ingredient in the majority of chemical sunscreens and it is thought to be an “endocrine disruptor”. That means that once absorbed, the chemical can mimic your hormones in the body and disrupt a natural balance. Because of this possibility, organizations such as the Environmental Working Group recommend that consumers avoid sunscreens containing oxybenzone. Other possible

 

Page Page 2 | 34 LOLA | LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE | January-February | May-June 2017 2017


endocrine disruptors to look out for in skin care products are parabens and phthalates. Concerns for these chemicals should not lead you to dismiss sunscreen altogether, but rather make wise choices about the sunscreens that you use. Two helpful websites full of information about product ingredients and safety are Good Guide ( and EWG’s Skin Deep Cosmetics Database ( Many people are using spray sunscreens because they have made the application of sunscreen easier and less messy. I admit to loving the ease of a spray sunscreen, but sadly it comes with some risk. Inhalation of the ingredients can occur and we simply do not know the implications of inhaling these products. They also may not provide a thick enough covering of sunscreen, leaving us more exposed to UV light than we think. Sunscreen is just one part of good sun protection. There are many other things we could and should be doing to protect our skin. Seek out the shade and avoid sun bathing. Absolutely stay away from the tanning bed. Wear protective clothing when outside like hats and long-sleeved shirts. Reapply your sunscreen frequently, including after you have been in the water. The summer months are so much fun here in Louisiana. While we all enjoy the warm sunshine, remember to take the necessary precautions to protect your skin.

Your Health

with Dr. Nicole Cotter Dr. Nicole Cotter is a rheumatologist practicing medicine in Shreveport, Louisiana. She graduated from LSU School of Medicine in Shreveport, did her Internal Medicine residency at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and has completed fellowships in Rheumatology at LSU and Integrative Medicine through the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. Dr. Cotter believes that an integrative approach to health is ideal. When not in clinic, you can find her reading, running, cooking with her husband or chasing her two kids.

Ask us f the today i uch isa To MonaL ! for you is right

Feel Like Yourself Again! The MonaLisa Touch Laser offers revolutionary FDAapproved relief of vaginal discomfort, itching, dryness, painful intercourse and other symptoms experienced by perimenopausal, menopausal, or post-cancer patients! MonaLisa Touch delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall tissue that stimulates a healing response by generating new collagen, elastin and vascularization. A typical course of treatment is three procedures over 18 weeks.

The MonaLisa Touch Treatment is:

(318) 683-0411

   

Pain/Anesthesia free  FDA approved Drug/Hormone free  No Downtime Less than 5 minutes  Quick Relief and In Office Results

RSVP for a Free Educational Seminar on Tuesday, June 13th at 6pm Page 35 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

So much So much more than lighting. more than lighting.

2430 Line Avenue, Shreveport 2430 Line Avenue, Shreveport

6 6

(318) 424-4406

(318) 424-4406



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story in in every AA story every piece‌. piece‌.

1. Church Pew, from India 1. 2.Church Pew,Coffee from India Industrial Table, from India 2. 3.Industrial Coffee Table, from India Tulip trays, from the Netherlands 3. 4.Tulip trays, fromfrom the New Netherlands Cypress doors, Orleans 4. 5.Cypress doors, from New Orleans Vintage Copper Gas Lights, from 5. Vintage Copper Gas Lights, from New Orleans New Orleans

6. Balloon Molds, from India 6. Headboard Balloon Molds, fromgable Indiafrom the end of 7. - antique 7. aHeadboard - antique gable from the end of house a housefrom Old Pattern Mold 8. Mirror 8. Vintage Mirror from Old Pattern Mold 9. Wool Winder

9. Vintage Wool Winder

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SHOES. CLO Official Dress a SHOES. CLOTHES. FASHION. Ticket Spon of Lola Par cial Dress and Official Dress and Official Dress and Ticket Sponsor Official Dress and Ticket Sponsor Ticket Sponsor Party’s of LolaTicket Sponsor of Lola Party’s of Lola Party’s of Lola Party’s

Louisiana Louisiana Louisiana Saturday aturday Saturday Night Night Night

Louisiana Louisian Saturday LouisianaNight Saturday Night

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Teri with her Children: Summer, Slade & Steele.

g n i s i a R s n e e T l u f t c e p s e R


“I plan to give you love, nurturing and just enough dysfunction to make you funny.” ~author unknown


hen Lola asked me to write about this particular subject, I thought the timing of this assignment was incredibly ironic. My oldest child is preparing to graduate from high school in less than a month, and it will only be a matter of weeks before he leaves our home to begin his next life chapter in college. At this point in my child’s life, I cannot help but glance back at his childhood, as well as these past few teen years, and hope to goodness that for the most part my husband and I got it right. He’s such a great kid. I just hope and pray we gave him all the tools

he will need for this next part of his life journey. My parents used to say to us, kids, “We’re not a blueprint, so don’t look to us as though we are one. We’re not. Like everybody else, we are just simply doing the best we can with what we’ve got, and then we just hope to God it’s been enough to raise you four to be good, upstanding and loving citizens in this world.” I now spout off this very same “Blueprint diatribe” to my own kids. When one of mine tell me that I’ve screwed them up in one way or another, I’ll say, “Aw man, well, I sure hate that. Just make sure you don’t do it that way with your own kids one day. You’ll be much better at this thing than me, I’m sure.” (Then I’ll giggle to myself thinking, “Yeah right,” in my most self-righteous inner voice.) The main thing I’ve discovered during these last few years is that humor is the saving grace during the teen years. I am not kidding. You better be ready to laugh it up! If you are not able to laugh at some of the idiotic things your teenager is going to get themselves entwined, then, Honey, you might as well go ahead and get fitted for your white suit. Make sure there’s enough room in there for you to huddle up in a

Page 38 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

corner somewhere where you can rock back and forth sucking your thumb while humming, “Mary had a little lamb”. If you can’t laugh at some of what’s comin’, sister, you are in for a long, hard ride. Lol! Laughter will become your salve. Here’s the truth of the matter; the teen years aren’t the easiest years for anybody. Just ask teenagers and then turn around and ask their parents. But here’s the good news. They can be. They absolutely can end up being the greatest and most fun years of your lives together. However, you must understand that what best determines the success or failure of those teen years is actually how you choose to raise your children during those childhood years that lead up to those teenage years. When you think of a respectful teenager, you most likely think of a kid who is polite, courteous, confident, loving and above all, just plain kind to others. We all love kids like that. We all want kids like that, right? Well, how do you suppose we accomplish this? What could be the parental formula to raising respectful teens? Not perfect teens. Good, kindhearted, respectful ones. Look, if there really was a formula for it, we’d all go broke trying to purchase it. It doesn’t exist. However, there are some tried- and true- ways that seem to help steer children in a direction that inspires them to become, not only respectful teens, but very successful and revered adults. Here are just a few, and it all starts with:

Classes offered:

TRX HIIT YOGA BARRE Featured Brands:  


Respect is imperative. Studies have shown that children who are taught and raised to fully love and respect themselves are more apt to love and respect others, as well. The key is to start etching into their young hearts that what matters most in this world is not what others think of them, but what they think of themselves. <<Quick tip>>Never allow your child to participate in any negative self-talk. You do not want them to get into a bad habit of putting themselves down. Build them up. Teach them how to build themselves up. Also, talk with them about the importance of encouraging others. Here is what I’ve come to discover; a child who is able to encourage and build others up, is a child who oozes confidence. And confidence is a beautiful thing!


Yes. Let your child visibly see you light up when he/she walks into a room. This is such a simple way to give them mounds of self worth. Stop them in their tracks and say something like,

 

Lorna Jane Electric and Rose Moon Juice Little Barn Apothecary Satya Jewelry ...and more!!

SWEAT SOCIETY is a luxury boutique studio that offers full-service small group training, personal training, health coaching services, trending retail, and organic skin care. It is a true two-forone deal with retail therapy and a quick workout all in one place. It will be Shreveport’s only licensed TRX studio with the only TRX certified trainers in town.

955 Pierremont Road, Suite 200, Shreveport (318) 518-9866

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“Child, I don’t know why I get to be this lucky to have you for my baby, but I sure am grateful!” Outwardly, they may roll their eyes or look at you like you have three heads, but on the inside, their spirit is soaring. I know this firsthand because my parents did this with me my whole life. Still, to this day, my mom lights up when she sees me. <<Quick tip>> Don’t be shy to “light them up” in front of others. Just the other day, I walked into the orthodontist’s office for my appointment and to my surprise, Steele, my oldest, was checking out at the front desk. I stopped mid-stride and said, (in front of the workers and all the people in the waiting room,) “Oh. My. Gosh. Do I see the sweetest boy in the whole world right in front of my eyes right now?” Of course, Steele laughed, (as that was part of my purpose) and then said, “Yes, Mama.” (in this goofy voice) He immediately gestured for me to give hima hug. Everyone laughed with us, and it was a fun moment together.


Empower your child every chance you get. Explain to them that we all have a great purpose in this world, and that our purpose is imperative to our life journey. When a child begins to fully realize the potential for their purpose in this life, it empowers them to begin thinking and dreaming about their future in the most positive way!


One of the hardest, yet most worthwhile lessons a child can learn, (which could only help them when they become a teenager), is the ability to choose happiness. A teen who recognizes that happiness truly is a choice, is a teen who has the ability to lead a nation. Happiness is contagious. It’s infectious and these teens become magnets for those searching for the calm satisfaction happy people possess. They become pillars of great strength and character. <<Quick tip>> It’s easier to help your child implement this action if you can do so yourself.


Raising a child to learn the value of extending grace to his family and friends is giving them a gift that will become an integral part of the legacy he will leave behind. Forgiving another who hurt you is hard for many of us, but for those whose parents helped them make forgiveness a habit at a young age, it’s simply, for them, the right thing to do. This is one of those strengths of character that costs nothing, but is more precious than gold. Teens who forgive easily are usually extended the same kind of grace in return. This is a trait to be revered.


Visit with your child about the importance of trusting their own life journey. When a child grows up knowing and believing that every single thing that happens in their life (good or bad) is meant to strengthen their soul and help propel them to their ultimate greatness, they are better able to handle the setbacks of life.

<<Quick tip>> At some point in your child’s life, they will experience a hurt, a heartache or a terrible set back of some sort that has them feeling like their whole world is falling apart. Please do not let them wallow in their despair for too long. This is dangerous and doesn’t help anything. Please remind them that sometimes when it feels like their whole world is falling apart, what is actually happening is their world is simply falling into place. Their only job, during times like that, is to remain calm and trust the journey set before them.


There are so many ways to help build a confident, respectful child. But there is one master key component to every single point made above. It is so simple and yet so powerful. If you can raise your child to have this one trait, you can rest assured that you did the greatest thing possible for this world. Your child will possess the key that has the potential to open doors, break down barriers and calm life-storms. This“master key” is kindness. Friends, raise your child to be a genuinely kind and caring soul and they will become a teen that is not only respectful of others, but a teen who will be respected and revered byothers. One last thing…Parents, remember to always, always, always “keep it real. “

“A Mom’s Prayer” by Teri Netterville

Life is about making choices Life is also full of great hope It’s about trusting your gut and keeping the faith Even when on life’s slippery slope It’s about choosing to believe in your dreams It’s about choosing to follow your heart It’s about heeding that inner voice Which is sometimes the hardest part It’s a choice to be good and satisfied It’s a choice as to how you relate To people, to animals and to God’s great earth And especially your choice in a mate Choose to get involved My soul! What a difference you’ll make Be courageous, be bold and take great risks Even WHEN your ALL is at stake Be adventurous and trust your journey Be good to others along the way Derive joy from another’s success And they’ll do the same for you one day Strive for greatness in all that you do Encourage others to do the same Do your best to live with no regrets And work hard to leave a great name Love until it hurts, my love Choose happiness and have a ball! Life is meant to be full of fun So, give God the Glory for it all!

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celebrate southern style


White short and maxi combo with matching top by Let Them Eat Cake Page 42 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017



I read an article concerning the evolving of Southern fashion; it’s no longer just boots, monograms, pearls, and jeans. Just as the South has evolved, so has our fashion. Yes, we still love a good Luchese boot and Mikimoto pearls; however, we have added modern touches to our repertoire. As Southern girls, one will always find us ‘dressed’ even if roaming about in our leggings and sneakers! Any excuse to get ‘dolled-up’, we’ll take it! Think back to Scarlett, bless her heart, she still looked like a million bucks with Atlanta burning. Thankfully, the days of hoop skirts and corsets are gone for today’s fashion brings us Spanx…can I get an Amen?! Southern fashion has really been brought to the forefront with brands like Draper James. Whimsical prints and florals to full skirts and ruffles, we Southern girls love it all. We gravitate towards traditional classic styles with a modern flair. This Spring, you can find Southern inspiration in several trends, including Spring’s hot color, pink. A sweet color, pink takes a nod to azaleas and knock-out roses. Another trend quite Southern is the explosion of ruffles. I have seen ruffles on just about everything from maxi dresses, to camisoles and rompers. Lace has been modernized from your grandmother’s closet this Spring. Today’s lace is larger and easier to wear, whether on a blouse lining the sleeve or an all lace dress with faux leather detail. In just a few weeks on May 13th, Shreveport will be celebrating “Louisiana Saturday Night” at 421 Texas Street. An affair where Southern girls will be ‘dressed to the nine’s’ and we know our gents will be looking quite dapper themselves! I’m planning my wardrobe as I write, and I cannot wait to see what you will be donning! See you there!

Floral shift dress Donna Morgan, nude shoes Schutz



One piece fitted dress by Byron Lars Page 44 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017


Flowy pink dress by Laundry Page 45 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017


White one piece romper PAPER TULIP

White shift dress by Gretchen Scott IMELDAS

White detailed Delphine Page 46 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017


Black two-piece outfit by Velvet Page 47 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017


High-low dress by Laura Siegel

Page 48 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017


Seafoam maxi dress by Karina Grimaldi Page 49 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017


off the shoulder maxi dress Page 50 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017


Black tulle skirt and top by L_ _ _ NK

Page 51 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017


Pink ruffle dress by Favorite Sister Lace up shoes by Very Volatile PAPER TULIP

Two piece dress by Lilly Pulitzer Page 52 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017


Green geometric tee and white midi skirt by CHALET

Page 53 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

“The American Rose Center”

Each morning as I pull out of

my driveway in South Shreveport to make the 20 minute drive to the WRITTEN BY American Rose Center, I think LAURA SEABAUGH, about how blessed I am. I wonder EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR how it’s possible that only three OF THE AMERICAN short years ago I had no idea what ROSE SOCIETY was blooming in this beautiful garden. Have you ever wondered why Shreveport is known for roses? I know why. This fantastic story comes to life within the gates of the American Rose Center. In 1974, the American Rose Society, a national non-profit, educational organization for rose growers, was looking for a new home for its headquarters where they could create a garden of their own to showcase the beloved rose. A core group of believers from Shreveport - Ida Hayden, Nell Kilpatrick, Virginia Shehee, O. Delton Harrison among others, thought our city was the perfect choice. With support from leading members of our community, and a donation of 118 acres from the Thigpen and Herold families, the American Rose Society selected Shreveport, Louisiana, as their new national headquarters. In celebration of this monumental move to Louisiana, the American Rose Society named a beautiful coral grandiflora rose “Shreveport.” “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” ~ Audrey Hepburn When the American Rose Society created this garden, they invested in our community and our families. The American Rose Center is a quiet refuge from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A place where families can escape computers and TV marathons. Our gardens are alive, breathing and ever changing. When the roses are in bloom, the colors and fragrances are delightful. When the roses aren’t blooming, you will find a nature retreat with sunshine peeking through

the towering pines, chirping birds, long walking paths and benches to enjoy an occasional rest. Travelers from across the U.S. plan their vacations down Interstate 20 just to stop in to smell our roses and “To plant a garden is meet the American Rose Society’s staff. to believe in tomorrow.” You may have - Audrey Hepburn attended our garden fundraiser and lights display “Christmas in Roseland,” but do you know we also provide children’s rose-science field-trips, private VIP Experience Tours through the garden, quarterly educational seminars, Children’s Train Days in the Garden, an Easter Egg Hunt and Lady Bug Release and we have wedding/special event facilities? The center is home to national rose trials for amateur rose hybridizers, hybridizers of miniature roses and a display garden for Earth-Kind™ Rose Trials roses. We are the International Cultivar Registration Authority for Roses, have more than 11,500 members, create American Rose magazine, have 230+ local rose societies across the US, offer national, regional and district rose shows, provide rose education to the public and fund rose research projects at top universities around the country. I am very fortunate to spend my work days within the gates of the American Rose Center as Executive Director of the national American Rose Society. A glance out the window or a stroll among the roses and tall pines when the hours at my desk get long is a treasure to me. I now understand why looking at the world through rose-colored glasses is a wonderful thing! La Vie En Rose, Laura Seabaugh Executive Director, American Rose Society

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Northwestern State University Awards ‘Governor’s Military and Veteran Friendly Campus.’ received national recognition for its Adult Learner Program from the Lumina Foundation.

The appearance of U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) visual information does not imply or constitute DoD endorsement.

named a Military Friendly School for 2015, 2016, and 2017 by G.I. Jobs Magazine, ranking it in the top 15 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools nationwide.

Our military financial options include a competitive tuition rate of $185 per credit hour for active duty, reservist, retirees, and their dependents. We also recognize various Tuition Assistance programs such as Military TA, Montgomery GI Bill, Post-9/11, and MyCAA. With offices on Barksdale Air Force Base and Fort Polk, NSU is uniquely positioned to help service members and their dependents meet their education goals.

CONTACT A RECRUITER FOR MORE INFORMATION 723 Douhet Drive • Barksdale AFB, LA 71110 Phone: (318) 741-2801

Page 55 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

When my high school sweetheart, Jeremiah Johnson, told me he wanted to join the Air Force, I had a mixture of emotions: pride, excitement, support, love… abandonment, anxiousness, doubt, and fear. W hile emotions are fickle and fleeting, they can seem all-consuming when in their throws, but because the greatest of these is love, I made the decision to stay committed to the man I love. He joined the Air Force, we got married, and we haven’t looked back since. Two kids, 18 years, and four enlistments later, we are still enjoying our life journey together. This journey has taken many twists and turns, including detours and delays for my own professional advancement. The demands of being a military spouse and mom are often incompatible with the desire to have a professional career, and this incompatibility first made itself evident after the attack on 9/11. I can remember the morning of 9/11 vividly. At that point in my career, I was still in school at LSU-S majoring in education, and Jeremiah was well into his first enlistment with the Air Force. That 9/11 morning I was going to my Tuesday math class when news of the attack broke on the radio. I got out of my car a bit

stunned and confused, and I went to class not knowing how the world was changing. After class, I returned to my car and turned the radio again. As the story was unfolding, I began to realize the seriousness of the event, and as a young Air Force wife, my thoughts immediately turned to thoughts of, “What will this mean for Jeremiah?” I quickly drove home and woke Jeremiah up. As was common, he had worked a night shift the night before manning the Barksdale flight line. When he got up, we turned on the TV and together we watched reports detailing the attack on our nation. It was in that moment that the realization sank in. My era of wartime wife began. Thankfully, Jeremiah returned safely from all ensuing deployments, but there is one deployment in particular that was especially hard for me. In 2002, Jeremiah left for one of his tours, and two weeks later, I found out I was pregnant with our first child, Jacob. By the time he got home, I was over halfway through the pregnancy. It was not long after Jacob was born that I realized the responsibilities of being a military spouse and mom had to take priority over my own professional progression. In the fall of

Page Page 2 | 56 LOLA | LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE | January-February | May-June 2017 2017

my senior year at LSU-S, I resigned from classes in order to focus all my efforts and energies on my family, which by that point was about to again increase to include our daughter, Anna. Taking

“My era of wartime wife began.” a break from my professional path to focus on my family was a wonderful blessing, but admittedly, it was a major blow to my goal of being a first generation college graduate and high school teacher. It was important that I take time to prioritize my responsibilities; it wasn’t my time to push for professional progress, but I knew eventually my time would come. At that point, I promised myself that no matter how long I had to wait, I would return to school, complete a degree, and have a career of my own. Our military adventures soon took us from Barksdale Air Force Base to Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, TX. When our children, Jacob and Anna, were old enough to go to school, I started back to school myself. The education office on Sheppard AFB was a source of information and support, and they understood what it means to be a military spouse who desires to have a personal career. Despite the setback of losing many course credits when transferring, I made good on my promise to myself to finish a degree. It took support from Jeremiah and the military community at Sheppard AFB, but with those support mechanisms (and lots of prayers and coffee), I was able to finish. After graduating with my bachelor’s degree, I went on to teach in a high school whose population was predominately military children. I even continued my own education to finish a master’s degree, but just as our roots were taking hold, it was time to move again. The Air Force brought us full circle back to Barksdale AFB where I again had to redefine myself as a professional in the

field of education. While my first ambitions were to be a high school teacher, I have since discovered a knack for helping others advance their professional careers. As part of my current job, I now get to help other military spouses, as well as active duty service members, navigate professional advancement while managing the responsibilities of military affiliation and/ or parenting. I get to do this through the Barksdale Education Services Center where I work for Northwestern State University. This is the very same type of education office that helped me regroup and achieve my college graduation goal at Sheppard AFB. Because I have been on the receiving end of this type of support, I understand how valuable and necessary it can be. I am able to empathize with the military spouse, droopy-eyed parent, or later-in-life learner and I love that I get to help others along their educational and professional journeys. Since shifting from teaching high school to working in higher education, I have continued to feed my love for learning. I have surpassed my original personal goal of obtaining a bachelor’s degree to include finishing a second master’s degree and a Doctor of Education degree. There have been many, many

finishing a second master’s degree and a Doctor of Education degree. moments spent struggling to find a balance between being mom to Jacob and Anna, wife to Jeremiah, employee to my employers, teacher to my students, and graduate/postgraduate student to my professors. It would be a lie if I said it was all easy or always pleasant. I have often reminded myself that anything worth having is worth working for, and each of these responsibilities represents a labor of love. It’s always interesting to look back on experiences to see how far you’ve come and the things you’ve overcome. Having

Page 57 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

experienced the compounded responsibilities of being a military spouse, mother, educator, and student has prepared me to help others plot their own paths to success while juggling competing duties.

Had I not already lived it myself, I would not fully comprehend their situations. WRITTEN BY DONNA BURNETT JOHNSON , M.D.

Donna Burnett Johnson was born in Shreveport, LA, to Donald and Brenda Burnett. She grew up in the rural Keithville area where she and her sister, Becky, played in the hay bales, mud puddles, and tree branches. Being admitted to the C.E. Byrd Magnet program as a freshman in high school, Donna was able to feel what it was like to be a little fish in a very big pond. After finishing school at Byrd, Donna went on to LSU-S where she began to pursue her goal of being a first generation college graduate. It was while she was studying at LSU-S that Donna married her high school sweetheart, Jeremiah Johnson, who was an Airman stationed at Barksdale AFB. They soon started a family, having first a son, Jacob, and then a daughter, Anna. Putting family as first priority, Donna paused her college education to be mom and wife, and it was during this time

Physical Therapist Amanda Brewer, DPT Adam Brewer, DPT Laura Davidson, DPT

that the Air Force relocated the whole family to Wichita Falls, TX. While there, Donna was able to finish her bachelor’s degree, earn a master’s degree, and begin her career as a high school teacher. Yet another Air Force move brought the whole family back to Barksdale AFB. Since returning to Louisiana in 2011, Donna has shifted to working in higher education, obtained a second master’s degree, and a doctoral degree in higher education administration. Her current role as Executive Director of Caddo/Bossier Partnerships and Military Outreach for Northwestern State University allows her to work directly with the local community and the military community as she helps individuals meet their educational and professional goals.

Scott Leblanc, DPT Jared Rogé, DPT Lydia McNeely, PTA Tim Lazarus, DPT

Proud PT Providers of the Shreveport Rafters!

Now offering Ideal Protein 663 Jordan Street Shreveport, LA 71101 (318) 222-8892

4970 Barksdale Blvd. Ste 200 Bossier City, LA 71101 (318) 747-8892 2017 0506 brewer-ad.indd 1

4/19/17 3:10 PM

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Your love lasts forever and so should the memories! Engagements I Weddings

I Portraits (318) 347-0475 Page 59 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

Summer Camp Guide


RUSTON Pine Cove Camp at The Bridge Community Church 318-251-1951

Louisiana Tech Football Camp

Bricks 4 Kids

NATCHITOCHES NSU Summer Camps 318-357-6511

Natchitoches Chamber Camps 318-352-6894


S.T.E.M. Summer Camps in Shreveport/Bossier!  Camps in multiple locations in June,

July, and August  Daily S.T.E.M challenges with

LEGO®, Coding, and Robotics  Fun, engaging, and educational!  Lola readers save $20 per camp with

discount code: 58E64CC318919

Don't let your kids have a boring summer doing the same old thing, they can have a GREAT time and learn something new at a summer camp! Register at and use the discount code 58E64CC318919 for $20 off each camp.* *Must register before May 19.

Page Page 60 |60LOLA | LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE | January-February | May-June 20172017



REDEEMEDRANCH.ORG Page Page 61 |61LOLA | LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE | January-February | May-June 20172017



Masur Museum of Art: 329-2237,


Traveler’s Rest Farm Horsemanship Camp: 318-644-2051

The Montessori School of West Monroe’s Art Workshop: 318-398-1998

FCA Athletic Camps: Louisiana Tech Athletic Camps: www.latechsports. com/camps/latc-camps.html Northeast Louisiana Soccer Association:

Cottle Piano Studio: 318-805-7248,

North Elite Cheer Athletics: (318) 361.0909

Mojoy Studio Summer Art Camps: 318-884-8334,

Jubilate Deo Summer Music Camp: 318-323-3061,

The Wellness Center: (318) 329-9100

Strauss Youth Academy For The Arts: 318812-7922,

ULM Music Camp:

The Zone – Ruston: (318) 254-1111


YMCA of NELA Sports camps: (318) 387-9622

DBK’s Tiny Treasures Performing Arts Camp: (318) 325-0120,

Camp Ch-Yo-Ca: 318-397-2313,

ULM Athletics Summer Camps:

All Saints Art Camp: 318.680.4087

Camp Quality Louisiana: 800-734-2752



Kings Camp: (318) 647-5362

Camp Ch-Yo-Ca: Phone: 318-397-2313, Kidcam Summer Camp at Kiroli Park: 8774KIDCAM,

MedCamps of Louisiana: 329-8405

Black Bayou Lake National Wildlife Refuge Summer Camps: 387-1114 Louisiana Purchase Gardens & Zoo: (318) 329-2400,

Bayou Bowl Summer Bowling Camp: (318) 325.2062, CC’s Gymnastics Summer Camps: (318) 398-8485,

Girl Scouts of Louisiana – Pines to the Gulf: 800-960-2093

Just for Kicks Dance Camp: (318) 323 - 3771

MedCamps of Louisiana: 329-8405

Ninja Training Camp At Tiger Rock: (318) 3254754,

Ouachita Parish Sheriff Office Youth Cadet Academy and CSI Training: 410-2436 Seeker Springs: 249-4495 YMCA of NELA Day Academy: 366-5302

Monroe/West Monroe Summer Camp Guide sponsored by:

Bob Allen Dojo Summer Fun: (318) 651-7226

Claiborne Christian Preschool: (318) 397-0990

Northeast Louisiana Children’s Museum: 361-9611

ULM Young Scholars Camp:

Seeker Springs: 249-4495


Bounce Town Summer Camp: (318) 348-7914

Bricks 4 Kidz Summer Camp:

OCS Believe & Achieve Football Camp: (318) 325-6000, Camp Calvert: (318) 397-0064, Camp Little Rebels Cheerleading Camp: or

Macaroni Kid Monroe - West Monroe is full of useful local information like this PLUS a ton of kid-friendly events on their event calendar. Find Your Family Fun at

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Join our fun-filled active lifestyle at

Southern Trace Country Club A Country Club Like No Other • Dining • Trace Lifestyle including social, fitness center, Trace Kids, & swimming privileges • Sports Lifestyle including tennis, social, fitness center, Trace Kids, & swimming privileges • Young Executive Golf full privilege for those under 40 • Full Privilege Golf unlimited access to all amenities • Golf Outings, Member tournaments, weekly complimentary clinics & scrambles

• Holiday celebrations, Sports Camp, & complimentary Member amenity station • Arthur’s - your social center within the gates with live music, daily Chef’s Tables, Express Take-our and more! • Fitness Facility • Trace Kids, complimentary child-care room open Tuesday - Sunday • Tennis leagues, cardio tennis, junior development & mixers • Private Events rooms available for celebrations, meetings, any other of your special occasions!

Camp Southern Trace

Weekly Camp sessions: Ages 4-10 May 30, June 5, June 19, July 24, August 7 Monday-Friday

Memberships available for every lifestyle at family affordable pricing! Contact us to learn more. 318.798.8300 | *Southern Trace is not a licensed childcare facility and parents must remain on Club premises at all times. Membership is contingent on successful completion of the Club’s enrollment process. Other restrictions may apply. Contact the Club for details. ©ClubCorp USA, Inc. All rights reserved. 29957 1215 SMJ

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Sleek Physique Catnp Southern Trace

Mommy & Me Celeb 13th at 11am Spend your summer withBarre us at- May Southern Trace Country Club! Weekly Sessions for Campers ages 4 - 10:

Camp MaySouthern 30, JuneTrace 5, June 19,

July 10, July 24 & August 7

Weekly Camp sessions: Ages 4-10 Monday-Friday : May 30, June 5, June 19, July 24, August 7

LearningRX Cranium Camp Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 3:30PM is an individualized camp with flexible hours and one to one brain Weekly Tuition: Members $235 . Accompanied Guests of Members $260 Daily Tuition: Members $75 . Accompanied Guests of Members $80training of 32 hours for private appointment. First Baptist Church Before-Care offered from 8:30AM & After-Care offered until 4:00PM. BrainyCamp A one-time non-refundable $40 registration fee includes two camp t-shirts. Shreveport is June 5-9 and July 10-14 from 9-12pm. This is a group camp for ages 5-12 and is designed to give students a glimpse into boosting . 877.671.2267 . their brain skills with fun, engaging group activity for each week.

Splash Kingdom Opening Day: Saturday, May 20th at 11am Open 7 days a week through August 13th Weekends only August 14th through September 4th Sunday – Thursday 11am-6pm • Friday & Saturday 11am-7pm Twilight Rate: Every day during regular season ticket price is $14.44 plus after 4pm Toddler Tuesdays: Every Tuesday May 23rd through August 8th 9am-10:30am Only for ages 5 and under with a guardian $5 plus tax for everyone (including season pass holders) Stay and play for the day for an extra $10 plus tax Wednesday Family Nights: Every Wednesday May 24th through August 9th 5pm – 9pm $10 plus tax Open to all ages Bark in the Park Dog Day: Saturday, September 17th 2pm-6pm $18 plus tax per guest (can bring up to two dogs) Must bring proof of up-to-date shots records to enter park Activity pool, lazy river and wave pool open for dogs

Power & Grace School of Performing Arts ages 3-18 throughout the Summer

Bricks 4 Kidz

Don’t let your kids have a boring summer doing the same old thing, have a GREAT time and learn something new at a Bricks 4 Kidz summer camp! Bricks 4 Kidz offers incredible LEGO® half-day S.T.E.M. enrichment camps that feature exciting themes and models, motorized project kits, and lessons unique to Bricks 4 Kidz. Students complete a new motorized building challenge each day at camp. Camps also feature crafts, LEGO® games, and plenty of time for creative building, so kids are always having fun and learning. We have camps offered in multiple locations around Shreveport and Bossier City in June, July and August. Lola readers can save $20 off each and every camp in Shreveport and Bossier City when they register at and use the discount code 58E64CC318919 until May 19. 2017 Camp themes include: Galaxy Far Away Star Wars Camp Jurassic Brick Land Camp Minecraft Heroes and Pigs Camp Minecraft Zombies and Skeletons Camp Bat League and Super Heroes Camp Brick City Builders Engineering Camp Stop Motion Animation Camp Beginning Robotics and Coding Camp EV3 Robotics and Coding Camp Building 101 for Young Builders Camp

Sci-Port Summer Science Blast Themes Can You Dig It? • June 5-9 Don’t Try This at Home! • June 12-16 Maker Madness • June 19-23 Oh, Sharks! • June 26-30 Up, Up and Away • July 10-14 Friendly Neighborhood Super Camp • July 17-21 Wizarding World of Science • July 24-28 Spy Academy • July 31- Aug. 4

Louisiana State University Shreveport University Center Life Science Summer Camp June 5-9 Monday-Friday 8-5 P.M. Medical Science Summer Camp June 12-16 Monday-Friday 8-5 P.M. Forensic Science Summer Camp June 19-23 Monday-Friday 8-5 P.M. Art in Nature Summer Camp June 26-30 Monday-Friday 8-5 P.M.

Norris Ferry Community Church Pine Cove Camp in the City May 29 - June 2 • 9am - 4pm Entering 1st - 6th grade

Painting with a Twist May 22–26 • June 26–30 • July 17–21 $45 per day or $200 for the full week ($25 savings!) Monday - Friday 9:30am -12:30pm (Drop off at 9am) Art Show: Friday 6pm - 7pm *A snack and beverage will be provided each day. Campers will explore art through paintings and other related activities. In addition to exploring a broad spectrum of artistic techniques and creativity, they will also paint a 16X20 painting each day. The week will end with our camper’s very own Art Show for their family! Friday evening from 6pm-7pm, campers will get to showcase their masterpieces that they have been creating throughout the week, and enjoy some refreshments!

Redeemed Ranch

Page 64 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017 Home On The Ranch Camp June 12-16 (Boys & Girls, 8-12) Teen Girl Camp July 4-7 (Girls, 13-17) All Girls Horsemanship Camp July 10-14 (Girls, 9-15) Home On The Ranch Camp July 24-28 (Boys & Girls, 8-12)

Photo Credits: Jo Claire Robertson and Brittany Strickland

Written by: Lauren Ross

Jessica: “Let’s meet next week!”

Go go getters, goal diggers,

Back Row (left to right): Angie Jackson, Whitney Harmon, and Hardette Harris; Chair Left: Brittany Strickland; Chair Right: Nicole Spikes; Floor: Justin Burton; Sofa: Jessica Wimberly, Lauren Ross, and Britney Spivey (owner of Simply Chic Bossier)

Wanna know how to start a Girl Boss group? Here it is. And it’s pretty simple. Just takes guts.

Jessica: “Working on my real estate biz and I appreciate more and more all the women that I know out there kicking some ass! So, cheers to being girl bosses! And to hard work!” Lauren: “Let’s join forces on a project. Art and real estate. Oh! And what do you think about a ‘Girl Boss’ monthly happy hour???”

and Boss Babes. These are the reasons that over 250 Louisiana hardworking women have joined forces in the matter of a month. “You’re Not the Boss of Me…I Am” , founded by Lauren Ross and Jessica Wimberly, is a movement created to inform, initiate and INSPIRE. The goal is to gather as entrepreneurs, creatives and boss babes to spark conversation and empower women in business. Whether artists, lawyers, realtors, interior designers, chefs, magazine editors, boutique owners, photographers, or doctors (the list goes on) they all get up every morning, maybe champagne hungover, and WORK. Call it a networking group, a social group or drinking buddies, but they’re all here for the same goal, SUCCESS.

After traveling the country and living in larger cities, Jessica and Lauren have finally settled back in Shreveport, their hometown. “If we want North Louisiana to be like the places we’ve lived or want to live, we are the ones that have to make it that way,” says Jessica. The resources are all here. The list of boss babes extends to every profession you could imagine, and it’s only just scratched the surface. Lauren

Page Page65 1 || LOLA LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017

Ross, a local artist and entrepreneur, has traveled with Cirque Du Soleil and Hello Kitty, lived in New Orleans and Nashville, and knows there is a lot to see out there. “I’ve seen what happens in cities when people ban together and support each other;it’s magic. There’s no reason why Northwest Louisiana can’t be part of this empowerment.” Jessica Wimberly is a full time wife, mom and BOSS. She is a graduate of LSU Business and a realtor with Coldwell Banker Gosslee since 2011. She has a passion for art, architecture and interior design, which is sort of where this story started. They plan on collaborating on numerous projects using their love for art and real estate and including a number of the other Boss Babes. That brings us to the next point. There’s too much competitiveness in this world as it is. We know competition is healthy to a certain degree, but when is it too much? When does it become hurtful? It’s happening all around us and the goal of Boss Babes is to nip it in the bud, call it quits, stop in the name of LOVE! Every Boss Babe has something to offer and teach. “I am a pop artist. I don’t paint certain subjects. So, if a client calls me and I am not up for the job, I want to pass that work onto someone else. It’s the right thing to do. Not everyone is good at every thing. Share with others!” says Lauren. Jessica and Lauren have a personal goal - bring together big hearts and creative minds. The inaugural “You’re Not the Boss of Me…I Am” kicks off early May and plans of more events, field trips and road trips are already in the works. “Champagne Wishes and Badass Dreams” will include champagne and a speaker,

Pictured above: Nicole Spikes (owner of Sweetport), Hardette Harris (Chef and owner of Chef Services Inc.)

Pictured above (left to right): Brittany Strickland (owner of Britt Elizabeth Photography), Jessica Wimberly (Trusted Real Estate Advisor at Coldwell Banker Gosslee), Lauren Ross (Pop Artist and co owner of Sweet Tee Shreveport), Whitney Harmon (owner/designer at Whitney Harmon Interiors),

Pictured above: Angie Jackson (designer and co owner of Red River Remodelers), Justin Burton (owner of Simply Chic Shreveport), and Whitney Harmon

Page Page66 2 || LOLA LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017

Amy Sins, a well known Boss Babe chef from New Orleans. Amy is not only a chef but an entrepreneur and culinary explorer in constant motion, running a hospitality and urban farm empire with fearless dedication and boundless energy. She is an award winning chef, owner of a cooking school, a bed and breakfast and a cookbook author. OH! And she is also a radio host. Now THAT is a Boss Babe. As any Boss Babe would, they have plans to grow and spread the badassery as far as it can go. The sky is the limit. One important mission of Boss Babes is to volunteer as a whole to help our communities. Of course it’s not required, but what’s better than giving back??? A long term goal is to attend networking summits to gather inspiration from babes outside of our region and bring the information and resources back to help become even more Bossy. As you can tell, Boss Babein’ aint easy. Some of these babes are mothers, some volunteer along with their bossin’, some travel, and most all babes have that side hustle (two jobs or more). This movement is to help possibly take some of the load from each other or just be a friendly voice to say, “Girl, you’re kicking ass”. In just a short month, relationships and business deals have been created already. Girls are working together and helping each other. The girlie energy is alive and well! Women are stronger together. Women are better together. Let’s be help to fellow Bosses and be better Bosses because of it.

Jessica Wimberly and Lauren Ross Page Page67 3 || LOLA LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017

Fathers Day Feast Recipe

Winner Chris Garrett

Crawfish’d Beef Filet en Croute

Father’s Day Contest sponsored by The Landing in Natchitoches Serves: 2 ½ stick butter, unsalted 4 tbsp. flour ¾ cup yellow onion, diced ½ cup carrots, diced ½ cup celery, diced 2 cloves garlic, minced ¼ cup green onions, chopped 1 shallot, diced

½ lb. crawfish tails 1 ½ tbsp. Cajun seasoning 3 cups chicken stock salt & pepper to taste 2- 8 oz. filets of beef 2 tbsp. olive oil flour for dusting surface 1 sheet frozen puff pastry, thawed 1 egg, beaten

• In a cast iron skillet, heat olive oil then sear beef filets at least 1 minute per side, remove filets from skillet and set aside • Roll puff pastry sheet onto floured surface to ¼ inch thickness • Cut pastry into 2 circles roughly 3 times the size of the filets (enough to wrap around filet/crawfish) • Place ½ cup crawfish filling onto each puff pastry circle then top with each filet • Wrap puff pastry around the filet and seal with fingers, trimming off excess pastry. Flip over seam side down onto lightly greased cookie sheet

• Melt butter in cast iron skillet, add flour and cook over medium heat until roux is blonde

• Brush tops/sides of pastry with egg wash

• Add the next 6 ingredients and sauté until the vegetables are soft- approximately 15 minutes

• Bake at 375 degrees F for 30-35 minutes or until pastry is golden brown and beef registers at least 125 degrees internal temperature

• Add Cajun seasoning and cook 1-2 minutes • Add crawfish and continue cooking for 5 minutes • Incorporate chicken stock, bring to boil then simmer until thickened- approximately 30 minutes • Add salt and pepper to taste • Remove from heat and let filling cool to room temperature • Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees F

• Serve leftover crawfish filling on blackened catfish or ANYTHING! Your family will love it! I prepared this dish for my wife and her family when we first started dating. It was that night we knew we were in it for the “long haul”. Now 7 years of marriage and two beautiful children later I still enjoy cooking special dishes like this for Sarah, Charlie & Maggie (in between soccer games and tea parties). It’s one of the ways I show them how much I love being a husband and a father.

Page 68 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

Are you doing the dash:

The Riverbend

D ughnut Dash? BY JACK WARD, MD


ecently I heard a good assessment of “The Three Little Pigs” story: “Effort pays off.” In essence, take the time to do something right. For the most part, I have been a resident of Shreveport, Louisiana, since 1977, when I came here to attend medical school at LSU Health Sciences Center. After my residency in orthopaedic surgery at UAB in Birmingham, Alabama, I returned to begin an academic practice at LSUHSC. In my practice, I treated many individuals who were considered indigent patients (meaning they had limited financial resources). The interesting thing about most of my patients was they were employed, but did not make enough money to afford insurance, i.e., the “working poor”. As a professional, I received many donation requests from nonprofit organizations. One of the things I noticed regarding these requests was they never benefitted the communities in which my patients lived. In February 2010, a colleague asked me to join Riverbend Rotary. The members were young professionals with a passion to improve Shreveport-Bossier. The club offered monthly projects to make Shreveport-Bossier a better community. In addition, the annual fund raiser (at that time a bass fishing tournament) raised money for the club to support local 5013C organizations. Riverbend’s philosophy is to make small donations to many organizations in order to help these groups accomplish their mission for the community. What is nice about this process is that the members can request donations for their individual interest.

Over the last three years, Riverbend Rotary has donated over $30,000.00 to organizations such as:

During its 15-year existence, Riverbend Rotary has donated over $100,000.00 to local organizations. “Not bad for a 20-to-30 member group.” A passionate donation for the club is honoring fallen Shreveport-Bossier police and firefighters officers at the downtown memorial ( gallery.aspx?AID=4). The last officer for whom we placed a memorial was Thomas LaValley (SPD). One of my favorite donations involves the Booker T. Washington Club, whereby we honor several students for essays on what BTW’s life and accomplishments mean to them.

Page 69 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

• American Cancer Society • Bossier High School Band • Camp Tiger • Dream Hunt • Feist-Weiller Cancer Center • Katy Build Foundation • MLK Health Center • National Football Foundation • Northwest Louisiana Food Bank • Operation BBQ Relief • Pet Education Project • Red River Clean-Up Project • Volunteers of America • Volunteers for Youth Justice

In 2016, the club partnered with Red River Brewing Co. for its First Annual Doughnut Dash 5K. With the help of our sponsors and 140 local runners, we made a donation in excess of $5000.00 to the LSUHealth Pediatric Department and Children’s Hospital at University Health. For 2017 we hope to surpass that accomplishment at our 2nd Annual Doughnut Dash 5K, to be held on Saturday, July 15, 2017, at Red River Brewery.

2nd Annual Doughnut Dash • Sat. July 15,2017 Join us on Thursday, May 25, 2017, from 5:00 to 9:00 PM for Pints with Purpose at the brewery. Raise a beer (or two) and help Riverbend Rotary support its mission to better the Shreveport-Bossier community.

PINTS FOR A PURPOSE • Thurs. May 25, 2017 • 5-9pm

Better yet: Raise a beer and learn how you can become a member of this unique and energetic Rotary club... See you at the brewery!!!

by holland

holland gerrald

(903) 293-8151 HOLLANDSCANDI.COM Contact me about private parties and personal styling

Half Page Ad

hypoallergenic and nickel free Page 70 70 || LOLA Page LOLA MAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June 2017 2017

Visit us in

2850 Douglas Drive (318) 549-2442 and

5803 Youree Drive (318) 626-5630

Page 71 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

Tips To Get Your Closet Ready For


PURGE! A season change is the perfect time to say goodbye to clothes that are in your closet for all the wrong reasons, whether sentimental, hopeful, or just plain lazy. • Did you know that 20 percent of your clothes get 80 percent of the wear? If you have not worn an item in 12 to 18 months, get rid of it. (There will be exceptions!) • Get rid of clothes that don’t fit you anymore. There is no worse

torture than keeping a closet full of gorgeous clothes that don’t fit. Keep the items that can be tailored, and pass on the items that are several sizes in the past. • Last but not least, try on everything you own. This step can be quite exhausting, but do it. Pick a weekend when the kids are busy or your husband is out of town, and have a friend over who can offer helpful feedback. Only keep what you can and will wear happily and stylishly.

LAUNDRY TIME! As you prepare your winter items for storage, make sure they are put away clean and stain-free. You’ll thank yourself next fall! PREP your closet for your summery wardrobe by dusting each shelf, wiping out drawers and bins, and vacuuming the closet floor. Your spring cleaning will ensure a pleasantly fresh summer. Page 72 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

INVENTORY your summer items: What items fit, and what needs to be tossed?What elements is your wardrobe missing? A new sundress, trendy shorts, a fresh pair of sandals? Make a list and get to shopping! ORGANIZE your clothing items into categories, and give each category a home in your closet. With the right storage and system, you’ll have easy access to the clothes you wear often, and a safe spot for special items. If you need help getting your closet organized, or if you’d like to explore creating a closet you’ll love, give me a call! I’d be happy to help get your closet summer-ready!




einvent YOUR


Let me get your home prepped to


Create an inviting, decluttered and organized home Arrange pieces in your room maximizing size and function Paint existing furniture for instant impact and timeless style

Holly Crawford Transform your room, by rearranging, decluttering and streamlining; instantly updating your space and creating a sophisticated and polished look

wren works half pg.indd 1

Stage and prep your home to be market ready. Reorganize, minimize and create clean lines to maximize room size and unity. Use eye pleasing accessories making the space more inviting.

Reposition pictures, paintings and prints creatively to show off your space and bring warmth to the room.

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4/21/17 10:17 AM


Page Page74 2 || LOLA LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017

Once upon a time in a faraway land,

lived a beautiful princess who married the man of her dreams and they lived happily ever after!!!!! How many of us have heard this, right? And how many of us in my generation, I’m 36, thought this was real life and then quickly found out it wasn’t… AND so many of us think it has to do with a boy BUT IT DOESNT… It starts with us. The moms, the grandma’s, the aunts, the godmothers, the step moms, the adopted moms, the adopted grandmas, the woman that may not be blood but are there for you… It’s is the women… You see when my sweet friends came to me and asked me to write “save the unicorns” after seeing a unicorn inspired birthday party, I created for my daughter, I thought, wow!! I was honored… But what really is the definition of a unicorn? A unicorn is a horse with a horn on its head. Read that again a horse with a horn on its head. It is known to date back from biblical times. A unicorn is known for its love, its strength, its kindness, its magic, its loyalty and also its wildness and fierceness. What beauty such a creature holds. It is just a simple horse, but that horn makes it different. That horn turns an already beautiful animal into something exquisitely enchanting with a complete different purpose. Isn’t that what we see when we see our daughters? All of our daughters are just little baby girls that were deposited to us to raise in the way that they should go. They kind of all look the same generally, but there is something on the inside of them that makes them different from every other little girl. There is something that makes them different and extraordinary. That makes them a unicorn in their own right.

So the question is, How do we “save the unicorns”? How can we raise them and keep them in their purpose, their dreams, that unconditional love with which they are born, that strength, that kindness all wrapped up with fierce, wild magic? We start with us… They watch us… We start with us… Our little girls need to see mamas work hard, love unconditionally, be honest in all things, be loyal, have respect, be truthful, create a safe space for them to know that no matter what is happening in the world or in their world that we’ve got their backs NO MATTER WHAT!! Each one of our unicorns was born with a purpose. A purpose that can take their entire lives to discover, or we can equip them with the tools of right living, right thinking, and right focus that can help get them to where they are supposed to be. They all have dreams… We all have dreams… and we should never ever give up on those dreams. They watch us… They hear and see every move we make. Their dreams may not be our dreams for them and that’s ok. Our dreams probably weren’t what our mothers had dreamed for us either. So we should always make sure to fight for our dreams and push them to always go for theirs. While our unicorns are watching us and we are teaching them to build their dreams and go for their purpose, they are also learning to build their strength, their loyalty and their kindness while keeping that unconditional love towards all and that fierce wild side. We save them by continuing to give them the best of us because at end of the day - they are only unicorns because we were unicorns once before.

. .we were unicorns once before. Page 75 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

Event Ve n u e

Photo Credits to Christi Martin Photography & Studio Tran Photography

Page LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June 2017 2017 Page 76 2 | | LOLA

ou deserve a day that is exclusive, elegant, and unforgettable. Whether you’re planning a wedding or a special celebration, 421 will provide the perfect backdrop to your occasion. Located in the heart of historical downtown Shreveport, 421 Texas offers a blend of classic elegance and modern design, easily customized to match the style of your event.

Exclusive Elegant

Unforgettanle... Page LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June Page77 3 || LOLA May-June 2017 2017

Page 78 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

Nursery Furniture Baby Registry Baby & Children’s Clothing Diaper Bags Shower Gifts Custom Art & Monogramming Ladies in Waiting • 7735 East Kings Hwy. • (318)798-6611 • Page 79 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

Mother’s Day



All About My “Mommy”

It takes a very strong woman to raise a child without the father, and that’s what my mother did since I was a year old. We always

had help from my grandmother and great grandmother who

impacted my life in many ways, but my mother was always the one who knew exactly what I needed, when I needed it and how to do it. It all started at a very young age where I had to learn to grow up very quickly. When I was 15, my mother had a brain bleed which required she have a craniotomy. The doctors didn’t know if she would survive, and my nana and I had to make the decision whether to leave her on life support or not. At that moment I realized how much my mom truly meant to me. Sometimes it takes a close call in life to truly realize how much someone means to you. We said yes to leaving her on life support where later she woke up, but it took a while to get back to the way she was before. It took patience and it took love to help her every hour, every day to get her back to the woman we once knew. Two months later she returned to work and everything went well until my senior year when she suddenly had to have a liver transplant. She had been first on the transplant list for several months and those months were the hardest since you never knew when that “call” was going to come. In that time my mom and I grew closer and closer. She showed me how to love and how to grow. She had the transplant and everything went smoothly. After a month she once again returned to work. Through all of this, she never gave up, and most importantly that’s what she continues to show me daily. I moved away to attend college but always planned to come home because I don’t like to be far from my mom. I always heard that your mother will always be your best friend, and I completely believe that now in my adult years. My life growing up was anything but normal, but without the love and help from my mom and grandmother, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

~ Alexis Valenti SHREVEPORT, LA

Page 81 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

I have shared my mother my entire life.

She has either taught or been a principal to an extremely large portion of students that have come through Lincoln Parish schools. If she did not teach you, then you might have had the pleasure of sitting at our kitchen table eating one of her home cooked meals. When I was in the fourth grade, mom went to night school to obtain a Doctoral Degree all while teaching full-time and raising three children. She instilled her work ethic and dedication in me at a young age; something today I still treasure. By going back to school, she was able to become a principal which further extended her positive impact on others. All who know her appreciate her loving smile, big hugs, and huge heart. If you have ever encountered her, then you know that she soon considers you one of her own. After a year of retirement, she missed her bear hugs, sweet faces, and daily “Hey Mrs. Dr. Wiggins!” so much that she returned to school. She has now served as principal at Our Lady of Fatima School in Monroe for three years. Recently I asked her what she loved about her current job. Her response brought a tear to my eye—“Every day I know I make a difference in the lives of my students.” If you know her, then you know that to be true. She knows every student by name and how to make him/her feel loved and appreciated. How blessed I am to have shared such a role model in my life; one who brings out the best in others, loves unconditionally, works hard, and makes the world a better place. My teacher. My best friend. My mother.

~ Brennan Mullis RUSTON, LA

I do not believe there was any other woman destined to be my mother other than Rachel.

There is no better friend than my mother. I can’t seem to make it through the day without a single text, or phone call to her. Some people want to avoid their moms, or maybe they have mom where they do not feel comfortable talking to about everything with, so I consider myself lucky to know nothing is off the table in our conversations. My mom is one of the only people I could watch a movie with and share an ugly cry while feeling zero shame, and also someone I uncontrollably lose my laughter with. She never had to beg me to come home in college, because she was a refuge from all the crazy emotions a young woman goes through in such a vulnerable state of life. When I met the man of my dreams she was the one I went racing to, and when I had my baby I could not wait for him to meet my mother, his grandmother. She truly shares joy in all the great and wonderful, and important times in my life. She is truly always there. She has survived a lot in her life, but she has always strived to make things wonderful for me and my brothers. No one in this world is perfect, but I believe people are perfect for each other, and she is the perfect mother to me.

~Ashlyn Jordan


Lessons from my mother

Best friend, true believer, faith walker and angel describe my mother perfectly.

My mother is the best woman I’ve ever met on every scale measurable. She was a middle child who barely attended college before marrying my dad and becoming a career pastor’s wife. She has been the shoulder to cry on for so many and yet borne so many burdens herself without complaint. After birthing four children within four years and taking in four young adults off the streets to raise, my mom suffered a nervous breakdown when I was a small child. As she recovered, she glorified God for her healing and giving her the ministry of that experience. I saw this same faith carry her through so many burdens and disappointments that I often wondered how she was still standing. When I was 18, my brother was killed by a classmate, and I thought surely then she would waver, but she stood stronger believing Proverbs 3:56 that her path was ordered of God. Then in 2015, she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast cancer and when medical professionals didn’t know if she would live, she knew. That journey was one of the toughest of her life, and yet she still inspires me with her firm foundational isn’t knowing that God can but knowing that God will! I salute my mother this Mother’s Day because she truly is a woman after God’s heart!

~ Donesa Walker SHREVEPORT, LA

The word “Mom” to me means “Love, Faith, and Life.”

My mom taught me at an early age to always love one another, always try to see the good in everyone, always be respectful and do for others. The word faith comes to mind because she has always believed we can do anything, and she always prays for the best for her family. The word life because without her I wouldn’t be here. Also, she wants me to live life to the fullest, to always be happy, and to share with others all the good she has taught my sisters and me. She’s pretty spectacular to be honest. I look at her and see straight into her soul and yearn each and every day to be at least half of what she is. I’ve been extremely fortunate being the youngest sibling to get lots of one-on- one time with my Mom. She and I have been through it all together. After learning she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 2002, it was my goal to ensure she had proper care, and to this day that is still my goal. I never want her to fear missing anything this life has to offer- I didn’t! We’ve shared so many wonderful memories together, but the one that strikes me as the best is seeing her light up when she experienced New York City at Christmas time. That was probably the happiest I have ever been for her. She looked like a child on Christmas morning. My mom is just simply AMAZING!!

~ Christie Donatello SHREVEPORT, LA

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Designed in Louisiana • Made in the USA AVAILABLE AT THE FOLLOWING BOUTIQUES:

Simply Chic Boutique


Pink Paparatize Couture BROUSSARD

Beau Lane Boutique

Fini Boutique





Apricot Lane



The Boutique




Krazy Kasey’s

Select Trends

Marcella A Chic

Beau Monde Boutique






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SunBodies Boutique METAIRIE


Staffing Solutions • Companion Services Page 85 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

After the Bump Bouncing Back with Mandy Rushing Becoming After a new mom is one of the most magical times in life. It can also be an exhausting and frustrating time when getting back into your pre-baby jeans. Mandy Rushing and

1. Get Moving!

her husband Paul welcomed their first daughter, Blake, in November 2016. Mandy shares her tips on how Before she stayed active and bounced back after baby.

Just a little physical activity will energize you. Remember, even when you’re not motivated a quick walk with your bundle of joy around the neighborhood will enhance your mood and keep you going. Once I was cleared by my doctor, I slowly got back into my exercise routine. I began with some easy cardio at least three times a week for thirty minutes a day. I gradually increased my distance and speed each week. Take it easy at first, but you must start somewhere, and you will get there soon enough!

Lifting weights burns fat and increases your metabolism. This is good for post-partum weight. I am lucky in this department. My husband, Paul, is the owner of Anytime Fitness South Highlands. It is best to get to the gym two to three days a week, but when you can’t make it, your baby can be a big help. Weight training with baby is like super-mom multi-tasking! You get to work out and love on your little one at the same time. Check out for a quick and easy mommy and baby work out.

3. Healthy Diet

2. Weight Training

I try to fill my diet with lots of lean protein and vegetables. Cooking more at home helps to sticking to a healthier meal plan. With a new baby at home, cooking is not always possible. When you are short on time and sleep, snack on bananas, citrus, berries, grapes, fruit smoothies, and big green vegetable salads.

Page Page86 2 || LOLA LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017

4. Cut the salt & sugar

Salt causes your body to retain water. Sugar sends your blood sugar levels on a rollercoaster ride and causes cravings. Diets high in fat and sodium can delay the postpartum recovery process by interfering with energy production, causing the metabolism to slow down, and leading to fluid retention. Craving sweets? Try and stick to fresh fruits to curb the craving.

Water helps you burn more calories, curb overeating and shed pounds. Most adult women require a minimum of two liters of water daily. New mommies usually require more! When we are hydrated, our cells can work at their most optimal potential. Again, this equals a faster metabolism, increased energy, better mental focus, balanced hormones, and a stronger immune system. This is a tough one, but it is important. Good sleep helps boost energy levels and prevents bad cravings. In the first couple of weeks after your baby arrives, you will need lots of rest to recover, manage and regain your pre-pregnancy figure. Good sleep lowers stress hormones, promotes the release of human growth hormone, repairs and rejuvenates cellular systems, and enhances nutrient utilization; all of this gets your metabolism going, and helps you bounce back.

5. Hydrate!!

6. 6-8 Hours of Good Sleep

Your body just created a human being. That is pretty remarkable! It takes nine months for us mommies to grown these beautiful little creatures. Give yourself a pat on the back and time to bounce back. You will get in those pre-baby jeans soon enough! Stay healthy and enjoy this precious time.

7. Remember it takes time

Page 87 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

Design Therapy Clinton Whitney Downing is a man of many talents. He resides in his hometown of Monroe. He is a writer, floral designer, interior decorator, historical preservationist and fashion designer. After much travel, he has returned to his southern roots and his love of Louisiana. He is devoted to his community, lending his talents to various charity organizations. Much of his enjoyment in his life comes from spending time with his two rescue puppies, Cookie and Cooper. He is excited to be joining the LOLA team.

aybe you are considering a renovation of your home or just moving into a new home. Perhaps your home became the target of a home trend that faded quicker than its wall colors. Evidently you need assistance in rescuing your living situation. You many have a list of questions and indecisive ideas longer than you care to tackle. Cost, style, and retaining your personality in your home are some of your major concerns. First there is a difference in a decorator and a designer. Licensed interior designers have received a degree in interior design and are versed in building codes and structural requirements,

as well as knowledge of home furnishings. Interior decorators do not specifically have a design degree and are often than most self-taught. I will be the first to tell you that I am a decorator. My creative talents are God given and come naturally. I have learned over the years from the school of trial and error. When it comes to design, my creative vision goes beyond any boundaries. I prefer to think outside of the box and go against the grain. I like rooms to make a statement. I believe a room is best pulled together by infusing various elements of design in the most unexpected ways. Unique concepts

or looks are key to defining a room. This can be achieved by balancing, scale, proportion, form, texture and color. I like an interior to come alive to reflect its occupant’s personalities while leaving my creative signature. Affecting this in a seemingly effortless package, getting to know clients and intuiting what will serve them and their homes best is what excites me. Their space should feel natural beaconing and providing comfort visually, physically, and transcending fashion. Even the most minimal space can capture this essence. Incorporating color and texture

Page LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017 Page88 2 || LOLA

with the right mediums and design elements can make quite a statement. Adaptation and adjustment are key tools in conveying the ideas that I perceive for the room. Escapism is one of the fundamental design challenges that I gladly accept. I like for my concepts to tell a story and take you on a journey. From the fabrics to the art, each room should reflect a sense of history while retaining the present. I find my inspiration in the most unlikely places and unusual ways. I like to take an idea and let it evolve. This style evolution is never duplication. It varies to the greatest extremes. From the eclectic soul to the eccentric spirit, capturing the personality of each individual that inhabits the dwelling becomes the heartbeat of the design of the space. Most designers insist on beginning with an open space or a blank canvas in order to visually focus on the creative challenge at hand. That is not always an option that can fit with the financial means of the client. This is where I come into play. I tap into my creative vessels of talents and create a revival of the room. I bring it back to life and resuscitate the energy that encompasses the room. I consider it a rebirth.

It is from God that I possess the ability to transform the old into something new again. I pay great attention to detail and find that some of the least obvious imperfections add character and define the essential style conceptualization of each project.

Unique concepts or looks are key to deďŹ ning a room. My personal taste is very eclectic and provides a broad spectrum of various design technique, elements and strategies to make the finished space unique and comfortable. From the clean sleek lines of modern and midcentury to the intricate designs in architectural elements and late 1800’s antiques, the desire to infuse the best of both worlds is a reoccurring storyline in my design anthology. A lifeless space leaves a home with the blues. A room should emote joy and happiness while giving solitude and comfort. The time in that room should create an experience that leaves a memory of bliss. A room should be therapeutic. While there are decorators and designers, I prefer

the title of design therapist. As in my art and floral designs, I like the concept on reinvention. I am never one to be complacent with the normal methods used by most people. I strive to challenge that by applying new creative methods of life experiences into the design project. The key is to keep everyone guessing. Once the wheels in this brain are in motion, the envelope is pushed beyond the norm and reality merges with fantasy. Taking the natural and transforming it into something unique plays a great part in my design philosophy. Nature provides an abundance of its four elements- water, fire, air and earth. The mixed mediums of these elements can create the simplest to the most complex designs of intrigue. They provide a variety of inspirations. Bringing these components indoors allows God’s beautiful creations to be enjoyed in a manmade creation that evolved as a combination of these very elements. Everything is from the earth and all its splendor. In true design form, there are no rules. If the rules do apply, I look forward to the opportunity to break them. A space is just a space, but with the right design implicated it becomes a home.

Page LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017 Page89 3 || LOLA

Liz McQueen Realtor/Agent (318) 372-5343 - direct

1901 Royal Avenue Monroe, Louisiana 71201 (318) 388-0941

Packing should be the only hard part… Make it home with John Rea Realty. *IfPage your 90 property is currently listed with| another Broker or Realtor, please disregard this offer. 5/2017 | LOLA MAGAZINE May-June 2017


t h






May 20, 2017



318.797.8500•LAHOLYANGELS.ORG Page 91 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017

Louisiana’sEVENTS North MUST-ATTEND Farmer’s Markets MAR 6 MAY 6

Bossier City derbydayshreveport

Frank Foster


Saturdays, 9am-1pm, through November Pierre Bossier Mall parking lot

Monroe Farmer’s Market


Mon-Sat, beginning at 6am,1212 Washington St.



Saturdays, 8-Noon, Apr 29-Jul 29, Front Street



Provenance Farmer’s Market & Concert Series yourprovenance

Thursdays, 5-8pm, Jun 1, 8, 15, 22, 29



Saturdays, 8-Noon, through August 22



Saturdays, 7-Noon, Jun 3-Aug 26 (with the exception of June 17)


MAY 6-7



MAY 25-28


MAY 5 Wade Bowen MAY 12 Craig Morgan MAY 19 Pat Green JUN 3 Randy Rogers Band JUN 10 Sister Hazel

MAY 13

ReadLolaMag Page 92 | LOLA MAGAZINE | May-June 2017




May 1 2 3 4 5 6

MAY 13





Pageant June 22-24 Thursday-Friday 8:00 pm Saturday 7:30 pm

JUNE 22-24

RUSTON June 23 Noon-11pm June 24 8am-11pm

JUNE 22-24


Saturdays, Apr 29-Jul 29

2 GiveForGoodNLA 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 3 Downtown 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Shreveport Artwalk 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 5 Wade Bowen 6 Derby Day 28 29 30 31 Bike Natchitoches Frank Foster BAFB Air Show Shreveport Symphony Season Finale: Ravel’s Bolero 11 Alice Cooper @ Municipal 12 Craig Morgan Twilight Talkies: The Princess Bride 12-13 Michael Stars 13 Lola Party 19 Pat Green 25-28 Mudbug Madness


3 No Limits Just Faith 5K 4 5 6 Randy Rogers Band 11 12 13 10 Sister Hazel 18 19 20 Champions for Life 25 26 27 5K Walk/Run Cross Lake Floatilla 9-11 Big Creek Trade Days 16-18 Let the Good Times Roll Festival 17 Sunflower Trail and Festival 22-24 Louisiana Peach Fest 22-24 Miss Louisiana Pageant 24 Bulls in the Street




Email to have YOUR event featured here and at

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7 14 21 28

1 8 15 22 29

2 9 16 23 30

3 10 17 24

Richard Creative: A Creative Agency for Smart Businesses

Richard Creative, founded in 2009 by Danielle Richard, was born to meet a big need. Danielle noticed a disconnect between the big, corporate marketing agencies, and the small businesses and non-profits she interacted with every day. A skilled designer with an extensive print background, Danielle decided to create a marketing agency specially designed for local businesses; businesses that couldn’t afford an in-house marketing advisor, or an agency with a sky-high budget. Thanks to a reputation for excellence and results, Richard Creative has grown from a small side venture to a full-service marketing and design agency. Through it all, Danielle’s passion for beautiful, functional design at a fair price has been the driving force.

We focus on four strategic elements that bring design and marketing together to work for our clients:



Functional. Beautiful. User-friendly. A great website is the cornerstone to the success of every business, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get the website your business needs.

From social media marketing management to comprehensive advertising campaigns, show off the best of what your business has to offer, and keep your clients coming back for more.



Whether you have an idea in your head, a sketch on a napkin, or no clue where to begin, we can help conceptualize and define your business’s emblem and brand.

From billboard ads to postcards, we design and print marketing pieces that will stand out and get results.

Whether you need a hand with a small project, expert help with a major overhaul, or a long-term marketing partner, we are the perfect fit. Our team offers the expertise, resources and personal service that ensures successful projects and happy clients. Strategic marketing solutions and beautiful design elements are vital to every business, and we are committed to investing in locally grown businesses.

Always a step ahead of us. We think it, and they have already created it. Marketing made easy and fun!

~ Eric Lang, Lang & Blackwood Orthodontics

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Wear your Southern best and bring your dancing shoes. This is a party you do not want to miss!

Purchase your tickets and your Southern attire at Imelda’s Boutique or


“Louisiana Saturday Night” a celebration of all things Southern Join Lola Magazine at 421 Texas Street on May 13th for a “kick off your shoes and throw em’ on the floor”


good time, filled with exquisite Southern cuisine, Abita

Tickets are limited

beer, a selection of wine and live Louisiana music.

and going fast. Table sponsorships are available.

See y’all there!

rm or



421 TEXAS 421 Texas Street Shreveport, LA 71101

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r e K e n i t s u J Miss Louisiana 2016

Hearing your name announced as the new Miss Louisiana is an exhilarating experience, but it’s the thousands of experiences following that single crowning moment that make the title lifechanging in more ways than imaginable. My days as Miss Louisiana 2016 include responsibilities beyond wearing the crown and sash, with many appearances asking me to speak about my platform or entertain on the piano. I have visited hospitals for the Children’s Miracle Network, attended fitness meets for the Governor’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, and even emceed a Mardi Gras Ball for one of our parishes. While my schedule can differ drastically from day to day, the common thread in each appearance is the opportunity to connect with people across Louisiana. Some of my most memorable appearances as Miss Louisiana are tied to my platform, which focuses on promoting positive mental health. At the beginning of my year, I created a school program centered around confidence and self-worth that would teach elementary students simple confidence-building skills to use throughout their lives. Relying on my experiences of competing in Miss Louisiana and Miss America—in addition to my collegiate involvement in mental health outreach groups—I guide students in finding their confidence through their

voice and body language. Additionally, I lead them through exercises that can help them on their “bad” days, such as deep breathing (“belly breathers”) and stretching (“yoga bear exercises”). These confidence-building tools, though simple, are skills I use every day to care for my own health and wellbeing. As Miss Louisiana, my hope is to use this platform to help others feel a little more confident and worthy in their own selves, as well. Sometimes, though, I wonder if I’m truly making an impact and if my voice and passion reach the students who hear me speak, especially when I’m only given an hour to talk at each school. Following one long week of school visits, however, I was forwarded a message from the parent of a child who heard me speak; and what I didn’t realize when I was at that child’s school was that she was struggling with her family life, having a difficult time making friends at school, and her bad days were almost every day. When I learned from the parent that this girl went home feeling good about herself and that my words had truly resonated with her, I began to genuinely understand the meaning of being Miss Louisiana.

I will never know the number of people whose lives I might be influencing at one time, but whether it’s one person or a hundred, it is my job as Miss Louisiana to create those special moments. School visits are only one example of the paths I have created to make an impact with this title. This year I have been to hospitals to meet children and veterans, I have spoken to aspiring high-schoolers about the importance of STEM, and I have simply exchanged stories with humans going about their daily lives. As Miss Louisiana, I have challenged myself to create as many influential encounters as possible in the time span of one year, all while growing and learning myself. I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the Miss Louisiana Organization, which has not only given me a voice in the Louisiana communities, but also provided me with scholarships to further my education. Most of all, I’m thankful for the empowering young women I have come to know through Miss Louisiana and Miss America, and this sisterhood of women who uplift and inspire one another to continue making a positive difference.

Page Page96 2 || LOLA LOLAMAGAZINE MAGAZINE || May-June May-June2017 2017

Bryan Vekovius, M.D. Oculoplastic Surgery and Neuro-Ophthalmology Dr. Vekovius completed specialty training in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery of the eye and surrounding areas, as well as Neuro-Ophthalmic surgical training which involves treatment of disorders which involve the nerves of the eye. He is a Board Certified Ophthalmologist who has performed over 12,000 surgeries on the eyelid alone.






dr.vekovius specializes in: Blepharoplasty (upper and lower eyelids) • ptosis repair (droopy or uneven eyelids) • Browlift entropion repair • ectropion repair • dacryocystorhinostomy • eyelid cancer removal & reconstruction thyroid eye disease • trichiasis (misdirected lashes) • tearing, watery eyes • dry eye syndrome fillers (restylane, radiesse, Belotero) • Botox injections • laser hair removal laser skin resurfacing • skincare/facials/microdermaBrasions

WHY WAIT? CALL TODAY! Center for Tearing Disorders and Dry Eye Syndrome 450 Ashley Ridge Blvd. • Shreveport, Louisiana



Issuu converts static files into: digital portfolios, online yearbooks, online catalogs, digital photo albums and more. Sign up and create your flipbook.