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“Where the Canadian Gaming Industry Meets”

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June 17-19, 2013 Palais des congrès Montréal, Quebéc

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2 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

Delegate & Exhibitor Reception

Welcome Welcome to Beautiful Montréal! Loto-Québec welcomes all participants to the 17th Canadian Gaming Summit which takes place at the Palais des congrès in downtown Montréal. The Canadian Gaming Summit provides an invaluable update on the ebullient world of gaming. Sessions on such diverse and essential matters as charitable gaming, sports betting, iGaming and corporate social responsibility contribute to enlighten audiences and challenge participants. These topics are addressed by several of the foremost gaming experts in the continent. Add to the mix the Exhibition, the Canadian Gaming Industry Awards and the networking opportunities and you have indeed a first-class Summit. Gérard Bibeau President and CEO, Loto-Québec

Loto-Québec itself is undergoing significant change. The venture in Internet gaming now comprises sports betting, traditional lotteries along with casino table games and electronic games, with online bingo not too far down the line. The Montréal Casino is set to complete this fall major renovation work to the tune of $305 million which will allow players to enjoy an amazing gaming experience involving multimedia. We are putting in place a third generation of video lottery terminals combining exciting game concepts with responsible gaming features. As for charitable bingo, our Kinzo Express initiative is a particularly promising venture. One thing however we will not change - Loto-Québec’s commitment to responsible gaming. It is part of our DNA and we are proud to be the first Lottery Corporation in the world to have had its Level 4 World Lottery Association certification renewed for a second time. While making the most of the Summit, I urge you to find time to enjoy the many city attractions. Having just held the Formula One Grand Prix, Montréal is embarking on a series of enthralling summer festivals. Just walking around, enjoying the music, the restaurants, the overall atmosphere makes for a very pleasant experience. Enjoy the Summit!

“Where the Canadian Gaming Industry Meets” Bill Rutsey President & CEO, Canadian Gaming Association

It is our pleasure to welcome you to Montréal and the 2013 Canadian Gaming Summit. We are proud of the fact that the Summit has become Canada’s premier annual conference and exhibition for gaming professionals – this has been our goal since acquisition in 2006. From the start we have endeavored to produce an event relevant to Canada’s major players – the crown agencies charged with conducting and managing, and regulating gaming, gaming property owners and operators, the charitable gaming sector, First Nations and the manufacturers and suppliers of gaming equipment, systems and services. Every year has seen improvements in the quality of the Summit, and in this regard, we are pleased to inform you of a major step forward. Effective this year in Montréal, we have formed a working partnership with British Columbia Lottery Corporation, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission, Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation, Manitoba Lotteries Corporation, Ontario Lottery and Gaming, Loto-Québec and Atlantic Lottery Corporation for the development and delivery of the gaming education component of the Summit.

Chuck Nervick Senior Vice President, MediaEdge Communications

This would not have been achieved without the leadership and support of the senior executives from each of the agencies, and their willingness to work together to create a national training and education program for their organizations, to come together to share their knowledge, develop common practices and standards and to explore new and different thinking. Thanks to them, the bar has been raised yet again, and this year’s Summit in Montréal is now, more than ever, where the Canadian Gaming Industry meets. We also want to thank our attending delegates, supporting sponsors and exhibitors, and our 2013 host, LotoQuébec. Thank you for supporting this year’s event. We are sure that you are going to experience and enjoy the best, most content-rich Summit ever. Show Guide | 3


TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013

FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p.7 Plenaries and Keynotes. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p.17 CGC Charitable Gaming Conference. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p.18 CSR Corporate Social Responsibility . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p.21 OPS Gaming Operations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p.23 IGA iGaming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p.26 LEG Legal & Regulatory. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p.28 MKT Marketing & Communications . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p.30 SEC Security & Surveillance. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . p.34

8:00am - 6:00pm Registration Desk Open. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Viger Hall

MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013 7:15am - 4:15pm Canadian Gaming Summit Golf Classic. . p11. . Summerlea Golf & CC 12:00pm - 5:45pm Registration Desk Open. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Viger Hall 1:10pm - 2:00pm Concurrent Sessions OPS Floor Equipment Investment & Strategy. . p23. . . . . Room 518A LEG

Social Gaming & Mobile Gaming as our Future? APPsolutely!. . . p28. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518B

2:10pm - 3:00pm Concurrent Sessions MKT Trigger Based Experiences Drives Loyalty. . . p30. . . Room 518A IGA

Digital Gaming Overview & Data. . p26. . . . . . . . . Room 518B

3:00pm - 3:10pm Summit Coffee Break . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 500 Level Foyer Sponsored by:

3:10pm - 4:00pm Concurrent Sessions SEC Recent Methods for Attacking the Game of Baccarat. . . p34. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518A IGA

FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER – Social Gaming: What’s Ahead . . p26. . . . . . . . . . Room 518B

4:30pm - 5:15pm OPS OLG Modernization Update . . p23. . . . . . . . . . . Room 518A 5:15pm - 6:00pm OPS OLG Current Supplier Information Session. . . p23. . . . Room 518B 6:30pm - 8:30pm Canadian Gaming Summit Opening Reception. . . p13. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Ruelle des Fortifications

9:00am - 10:00am Canadian Gaming Summit Opening Breakfast and Welcome. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 520 Sponsored by:

10:00am - 11:00am Plenary Session: Focus on the Future Players . . . p17. . . . . . . Room 520 11:00am - 11:10am Summit Coffee Break . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 500 Level Foyer Sponsored by:

11:10am - 12:00pm Concurrent Sessions CGC Kinzo Express. . . p18. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518A CGC Responsible Gambling to Grow Charitable Gaming. . . p18. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518B MKT

Take Direct Marketing to the Next Level and Move the Needle Through Analytics. . . p30. . . . . . Room 518C


No Play for Mr. Grey (Market Operator)? Towards an Informal Regime of iGaming Compliance. . . p28. . . . Room 519A


FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER: Active Gambler Profile . . . p23. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 519B


FINTRAC Compliance: Are You Prepared for the New Requirements? . . . p34. . . . . . . . . . . Room 521A&B

12:10pm - 1:00pm Concurrent Sessions IGA Gambling on Mobile. . p26. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518B MKT

Using Socialocational Data to Decipher Social Media. . . . p30. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518C


Strategic Engagement in Regulation: Moving Forward, Together . . . p29. . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 519A


FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER: The Casino of Tomorrow. . . p23. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 519B


eGaming Security Assessment . . p35. . . . . . . . . Room 521A&B

12:10pm - 1:30pm CGC Charitable Gaming Welcome, Lunch and Keynote Address. . . p18. . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 520 1:00pm - 5:00pm Canadian Gaming Summit Exhibition Open. . . p32. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Exhibit Halls 220B&C 1:00pm - 2:00pm Canadian Gaming Summit Lunch . . . . . . . . . . . . Exhibit Halls 220B&C Sponsored by:

4 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

2:00pm - 3:00pm Canadian Gaming Summit Dessert & Coffee. . . . . Exhibit Halls 220B&C Sponsored by:

2:10pm - 3:00pm Concurrent Sessions CSR RG Check - Perspectives from Both Sides of the Accreditation Process. . . p21. . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 519A OPS

12:30pm - 1:30pm Canadian Gaming Summit Lunch . . . . . . . . . . . . Exhibit Halls 220B&C Sponsored by:

1:15pm - 2:00pm Canadian Gaming Summit Dessert & Coffee. . . . . Exhibit Halls 220B&C Sponsored by:

Creating the Sports Betting Environment. . . p23. . . . . Room 519B

CGC Revitalization of Charitable Bingo and Gaming . . . p19. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 520 3:10pm - 4:00pm Concurrent Sessions CGC New Charitable Gaming Products . . p19. . . . . . . Room 518A CGC Marketing Considerations for Launching New Games or Brands . . p19. . . . . . . . Room 518B LEG

Sports Betting and the Match-Fixing Dilemma . . . p29. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 519A


FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER – Convergence of iGaming in Canada . . . p27. . . . . . Room 519B

5:00pm - 6:30pm Delegate and Exhibitor Reception . . . p13. . . . . . . . . . . Terrace, Level 7

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 8:15am - 4:00pm Registration Desk Open. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Viger Hall 8:30am - 9:00am Canadian Gaming Summit Breakfast. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 520 Sponsored by:

9:00am - 10:00am Plenary Session: Lottery and Gaming CEO Roundtable . . . p17. . Room 520

2:10pm - 3:00pm Concurrent Sessions SEC Risk and Security Practice – Audits and Assessments: Operational Burden or Business Enabler?. . p35. . . Room 518A MKT

Boosting Targeted Acquisition Through an Integrated Online Strategy. . . p31. . . . . . Room 518B


Corporate Responsibility: It’s Getting Hot Out There. . . p21. . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518C


FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER – Online Gaming: What Consumers Want and How We Can Deliver . . . p27. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 519A


Place Your Bets – Manage Your Risk. . . p25. . . . . . . Room 519B

3:00pm - 3:10pm Summit Coffee Break . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 500 Level Foyer Sponsored by:

3:10pm - 4:00pm Concurrent Sessions MKT Casino Retail Fundamentals. . . p31. . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518A LEG

Canadian Gaming Law Cases – Legal Update . . . p29. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518B


Protecting Players, Working Together. . . p21. . . . . . . Room 519A


The Game Changer: Analytics and the Modern Casino. . . p25. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 519B

10:00am - 2:00pm Canadian Gaming Summit Exhibition Open. . . p32. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Exhibit Halls 220B&C

6:00pm - 11:00pm Canadian Gaming Industry Awards Reception & Charity Gala First Nation Canadian Gaming Awards. . . p15. . . . . . . . . . . . . Hyatt Regency, Grand Salon

10:10am - 11:00am Concurrent Sessions CGC Working Together – An Operators’ Perspective. . . p19. . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518A

11:00pm Canadian Gaming Association Chairman’s Reception . . . . . . . . . . . Hyatt Regency, SIX Resto Lounge

CGC BC Community Gaming Grant System. . . p20. . . . . . Room 518B IGA

“Cloud Gaming” Trends, Security Risks and Auditing . . . p27. . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 519A


The New Realities of Reputation Management and Stakeholder Engagement for the Canadian Gaming Industry . . . p30. . . . . . . . Room 519B

11:10am - 12:00pm Concurrent Sessions CGC Regulatory Changes to Break Open Tickets. . p20. . Room 518A CGC The Charitable Gaming Centre Customer Experience. . . p20. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 518B CSR

iGaming Effects on Problem Gambling: When Correlation Does Not Imply Causation . . . p21. . . . . . . . . . . . . Room 519A


FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER – Casino Branding: It’s Now About Transparency. . . p31. . . . . . . . . . . . Room 519B

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Focus on the Customer

EDUCATION PROGRAM CONTENT DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS The Canadian Gaming Summit and the Canadian Gaming Association welcome a new partnership with Canada’s gaming and lottery corporations, beginning with this year’s Summit. The core of the partnership is focused on building enhanced education and training content for the Summit. We have always worked on the premise that the Summit is “for the industry by the industry” and this new partnership will ensure that the most relevant and timely educational content is featured each year.

Education Program The 2013 Canadian Gaming Summit takes a Sponsor: closer look at the Canadian gaming customer. In this year’s program we are highlighting several sessions that will provide a “Focus on the Customer”. These sessions cover marketing, internet and social gaming, a look at the latest technology, and all with a focus on the changing relationship the gaming industry will have with the customer.

From the Opening Plenary, which will feature new research looking at the fading boundaries between gaming products and insight about Canadians’ behaviour towards bricks and mortar casinos and internet offerings, through to the always popular Lottery and Gaming CEO Roundtable, this year’s Summit has a special emphasis on the Canadian gaming customer. Focus on the Customer sessions:

MonDAY, JUNE 17, 2013 3:10pm -4:00pm Social Gaming: What’s Ahead Room 518B Why are free to play games poised to become the next big thing in the gaming industry? With projections estimating the social gaming market will capture multiple billions in the coming years, this session will examine the games, platforms and design of social casinos and look at the next wave of games coming to the sector. Presented by: Arryn Blumberg, Director, PwC and Kenny Huang, CEO, BlueBat Games

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013 10:00am - 11:00am Plenary Session: Focus on the Future Players Room 520 Paul Lauzon, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Ipsos Reid West and Ipsos Reid’s Lottery & Gaming practice will share the latest insights about Canadian gamblers from a number of recent studies. One of the more important future gambling markets is those young adults between the ages of 18 to 34. Paul will share research results from a study of Canadian and American 18-34 year olds on a number of gaming products including lottery, casino and online gaming, as well as other important topics such as social media, technology owned and used. This will contrast the differences between the age sub-groups (18-24, 25-29, and 30-34) as they view the “fading” boundaries between lottery, casino, and online gambling. Paul will also share other highlights from nation-wide studies with gamblers. In particular Paul will talk to the behaviour of Canadian gamblers at both bricks and mortar casinos, and then look to show how these vary for internet gambling. Is internet gambling overblown, or is there an opportunity for Casinos to seize? Presented by: Paul Lauzon, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Ipsos Reid West and Ipsos Reid’s Lottery and Gaming practice 6 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013 Optimal_Payments_Can_Gaming_Ad.indd 1

13-05-29 9:40 AM

11:10am - 12:00pm Active Gambler Profile Room 519B The WMS Active Gambler Profile is an in-depth exploration of gaming preferences, lifestyles, and core needs of active gamblers in North America. Similar to past sessions on AGP, we will share trends in player attitudes, behaviors, and motivations behind casino/ game choice. We will explore which activities active gamblers are participating in, both inside and outside of casinos, and investigate migration across land-based, online and social/mobile/causal gaming solutions - a growing hot topic in the gaming industry. Presented by: Allon Englman, Vice President & Design Chief, WMS Gaming 12:10pm - 1:00pm The Casino of Tomorrow Room 519B What are the ingredients that will make up the casino of tomorrow? At the top of the list are: the understanding of the next generation of customers; the mastering of new technologies; creativity; and collaboration. Thanks to solid initiatives in Quebec’s casinos, in collaboration with Ingenio, discover how the combination of these four elements can contribute on a daily basis to an innovative and enhanced customer experience. Presented by: Marie-Josée Parent, Manager of Product Development, Société des casinos du Québec and François Sansregret, Director of the Project Office, Ingenio, A Subsidiary of Loto-Québec 3:10pm - 4:00pm Convergence of iGaming in Canada Room 519B Converging online and land based gaming environments – With a full product portfolio across multiple online, mobile, and land based channels, BCLC is meeting the changing demands of players across multiple channels. BCLC’s online and offline experience customizes greater entertainment value for the player whenever and wherever they want while also providing recommendations to other jurisdictions across Canada and around the world. Presented by: Rhonda Garvey, Vice President eGaming, BCLC and Jim Lightbody, Vice President, Casino & Community Gaming, BCLC

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013 9:00am - 10:00am Plenary Session: Lottery and Gaming CEO Roundtable Room 520 This not-to-be-missed Keynote event will feature a panel of gaming and lottery CEOs and senior executives sharing their views on current and future trends. Moderated by Bill Rutsey, President and CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association, broad areas of discussion will

include innovation, new technologies, the internet, social media and ever-changing customer preferences, needs and experiences. Moderator: Bill Rutsey, President & CEO, Canadian Gaming Association Panelists: Michael Graydon, President & CEO, BCLC; Bob MacKinnon, A/President & CEO, Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation; Twyla Meredith, CMA, FCMA, President & CEO, Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation; Dan Sanscartier, Vice President, Gaming Operations, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries; Brent Scrimshaw, President & CEO, Atlantic Lottery; and Kent Verlik, Vice President, Lottery & Gaming, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission 11:10am - 12:00pm Casino Branding: It’s Now About Transparency Room 519B Strong Brands are about engagement and engagement today begins with transparency. Moderator: Jim Kabrajee, Partner, CEO, Marshall Fenn Communications Panelists: Paul Chater, Partner, Public Relations, Marshall Fenn Communications and David Zbar, Partner, SVP Digital, Marshall Fenn Communications 2:10pm - 3:00pm Online Gaming: What Consumers Want and How We Can Deliver Room 519A The evolution of social media and the growth of online gaming, in the world and in Canada, over the past few years, has been creating new growth opportunities for mature Canadian lotteries and the gaming industry. This in itself brings some challenges regarding knowledge and understanding of the market to effectively position one’s products, and investment in new technologies, platforms and process to deliver the customer experience required to attract customers and meet their expectations. Moreover, the Canadian social context and the consumer perceptions and expectations regarding online gaming and the role of the public operators is creating an additional challenge in terms of the legitimacy of the operator and how they can leverage their capital of trust in the public. This session, dedicated to all professionals interested in the strategic evolution of lotteries and gaming organizations, will explore the recent evolution of online gaming in Canada and abroad. It will address the challenges and opportunities related to its future evolution, from the standpoint of lotteries and gaming organizations as well as from the operators. Presented by: Richard Fenster, Director, eGaming Operations, BCLC; Robert Lalonde, Manager, New Product Development LotoQuébec; and Jocelyn Leclerc, Partner, KPMG

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Monday, June 17, 2013 – 6:30pm to 8:30pm

A Palais des congrès de Montréal 163 St. Antoine Street West 800-268-8122 Hotel Key Cards Sponsored by:

B Le Westin Montréal 270 St Antoine Street West 866-837-42062

DELEGATE AND EXHIBITOR RECEPTION Tuesday, June 18, 2013 – 5:00pm to 6:30pm

A Palais des congrès de Montréal, Terrace, 7th Level 163 St. Antoine Street West 800-268-8122

C InterContinental Montréal 360 St. Antoine Street West 800-361-3600


D W Montréal 901 Square Victoria 877-946-8357

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 – 6:00pm to 10:00pm F Hyatt Regency Montréal, Grand Salon 1255 Jeanne-Mance 800-361-8234 ES































































































































































































For the convenience of all participants, golfers should please be prepared to board the buses as soon as they arrive, so that the morning’s schedule for breakfast and tee-off may be maintained.






Monday, June 17, 2013 – 7:15am to 4:15pm Buses to the Canadian Gaming Summit Golf Classic at Summerlea Golf & Country Club will depart the Hyatt, InterContinental and Westin Hotels promptly at 7:15am on Monday, June 17. Stops will be made a few minutes later to pick-up at the Delta and W.



F Hyatt Regency Montréal 1255 Jeanne-Mance 800-361-8234






E Delta Centre-Ville 777 University Street 800-268-1133



C Ruelle des Fortifications, World Trade Centre Montréal Enter at: InterContinental Montréal 360 St. Antoine Street West 800-361-3600

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Golf Classic



Sponsored by:

The Canadian Gaming Summit Golf Classic is taking place at Summerlea Golf & Country Club. This annual event has been structured for both avid and occasional golfers. The day includes 18 holes of golf with power cart, breakfast, beverages and a BBQ with awards after the round. Summerlea Golf & Country Club is one of the most prestigious private golf clubs in the Greater Montreal area. Summerlea offers an amazingly beautiful setting and an exceptional clubhouse overlooking the scenic Ottawa river. Hole Sponsors:

7:15am Buses leave Summit Host Hotels 8:00am Breakfast at Summerlea 9:00am Shotgun Start 2:00pm BBQ and Awards Presentations 3:30pm Buses leave course for Summit Host Hotels

Address Summerlea Golf & Country Club 1000 route de Lotbiniere Vaudreuil-Dorion, J7V 0H5 450-455-0928

The Summit Sails to Vancouver in 2014 “Where the Canadian Gaming Industry Meets”

June 23-25, 2014

Vancouver Convention Centre Vancouver, British Columbia

Summit2014_ShowGuide_2013.indd 1

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13-06-08 10:48 AM

INNOVATION. RESULTS. REVENUE. Driving performance for lottery and regulated gaming worldwide

• Instant, Interactive & Draw Games • Instant Game Product Management • Lottery Systems • Retail Technology • Video Gaming Terminals & Systems • Lottery & Operations Management • Marketing Research & Analytics • Licensed Properties • Loyalty & Rewards Programs • Internet, Mobile & Social Gaming


Opening Reception, Delegate and Exhibitor Reception OPENING RECEPTION


Ruelle des Fortifications, World Trade Centre Montréal Monday, June 17, 2013 6:30pm – 8:30pm Hosted by:

Enter at: InterContinental Montréal 360, rue Saint-Antoine Ouest Montreal, H2Y 3X4

Join your colleagues at this year’s Opening Reception to kick off the 2013 Canadian Gaming Summit. Cocktails and appetizers will be served as you mix and mingle with old friends and new acquaintances. Enjoy Montréal hospitality as you reconnect with those from past Summits and meet this year’s new attendees. The World Trade Centre Montréal, located next to the Palais des congrès, is made up of a whole city block in Old Montréal, the buildings of which have been completely renovated and linked together via a huge glass canopy, creating a large atrium. The ruelle, which is the main entrance to the Centre, remains an important part of Montréal’s history. It depicts the stone wall, which surrounded the fortified city during the 18th century. In those days, the ruelle enclosed a military centre and it captured the vibrancy of the social activity within the stone walls. Farmers of the region frequently came and went through the gates of the fortifications to sell their products to the townsfolk. During the construction of the World Trade Centre Montréal, a part of the ruelle des Fortifications was preserved, maintaining the true feel and flavor of Old Montréal - the perfect spot to get the 2013 Summit started!

DELEGATE AND EXHIBITOR RECEPTION Palais des congrès, Terrace, Level 7 Tuesday, June 18, 2013 5:00pm – 6:30pm After a full and busy day of visiting the Summit’s Exhibition and attending education sessions and keynote presentations, the Delegate and Exhibitor Reception will provide a chance to unwind and network. Right after the close of the Summit’s Exhibition floor for the day, join your industry colleagues to discuss the day’s activities, enjoy some refreshments, and have the opportunity to win one of number of exciting prizes to be drawn at the reception. Hosted by:

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YOUR POCKET ACES FOR BUSINESS NETWORK AND DATA CENTRE SERVICES In business, the stakes are always high. Never gamble with your service delivery or customer experience. The smart money is on Rogers Business Solutions and BLACKIRON DATA to keep you on top of your game.


Gala CANADIAN GAMING INDUSTRY AWARDS RECEPTION & CHARITY GALA FIRST NATION CANADIAN GAMING AWARDS HYATT REGENCY MONTREAL, GRAND SALON Wednesday, June 19, 2013 6:00pm – 10:00pm This Evening is brought to you by the Summit’s Platinum Sponsor:

Reception Sponsor:

The Canadian Gaming Industry Awards Reception and Charity Gala, since its inception 17 years ago, has honoured achievements in industry leadership. Canadian Gaming Industry Awards will be presented to three deserving individuals for Industry Leadership & Outstanding Contribution and one for Volunteerism and Community Service. This year, the event is benefitting the La Maison du Père. Join your industry colleagues for an evening of fun, fine food, drink and entertainment – while at the same time supporting a worthy cause.

Entertainment Provided by:

Gala attendees will be treated to the unique sound of Montreal Rhapsody Orchestra, a band known for its world-class string and brass sections and featuring seasoned musicians and a trio of gifted, young vocalists. Montreal Rhapsody Orchestra is a visually stunning 14 piece orchestra that will have you dancing for hours to the best pop music of the last fifty years. The Gala is going to be a memorable one with the incomparable Montreal Rhapsody Orchestra.

Present in Montreal for over 40 years, la Maison du Père is much more than a shelter for homeless men 25 years and older. In addition to providing shelter, food, and hygiene care, its team is working every day to offer men who desire it, the support needed to get out of homelessness through its rehabilitation programs and social support. It also ensures the wellbeing of seniors from the street through its residence. The 4th Annual First Nation Canadian Gaming Awards will be presented at the Summit’s Canadian Gaming Industry Awards Gala. The First Nation Canadian Gaming Awards recognize the contributions of the First Nation casinos to the First Nations and their neighbouring communities. These awards will honour the accomplishments and contributions of people working within the industry and the continued development and improvements within their operations.

Sponsored by:

Address Hyatt Regency Montreal 1255 Jeanne-Mance Montreal, QC 800-361-8234

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Ever wonder where the money goes?

$1.7 billion

In funding for health & education programs in the province

$130 million

To support local and provincial charities, as well as Ontario’s amateur athletes

$112.3 million Towards community infrastructure like community centres and college campuses for host municipalities

That’s only part of the $3.7 billion* in economic activity that OLG generated last year in Ontario. Learn more about OLG’s modernization and how it can benefit you at *Based on period between April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012.

Plenaries & Keynotes TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013 10:00am - 11:00am Focus on the Future Players Room 520 Paul Lauzon, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Ipsos Reid West and Ipsos Reid’s Lottery & Gaming practice will share the latest insights about Canadian gamblers from a number of recent studies. One of the more important future gambling markets is those young adults between the ages of 18 to 34. Paul will share research results from a study of Canadian and American 18-34 year olds on a number of gaming products including lottery, casino and online gaming, as well as other important topics such as social media, technology owned and used. This will contrast the differences between the age sub-groups (18-24, 25-29, and 30-34) as they view the “fading” boundaries between lottery, casino, and online gambling.

Paul Lauzon

Paul will also share other highlights from nation-wide studies with gamblers. In particular Paul will talk to the behaviour of Canadian gamblers at both bricks and mortar casinos, and then look to show how these vary for internet gambling. Is internet gambling overblown, or is there an opportunity for Casinos to seize? Presented by: Paul Lauzon, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, Ipsos Reid West and Ipsos Redi’s Lottery and Gaming practice. Sponsored by:

This presentation will immediately follow the Summit’s Opening Breakfast and Welcome. Breakfast starts at 9:00am.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013 9:00am - 10:00am Lottery and Gaming CEO Roundtable Room 520 This not-to-be-missed Keynote event will feature a panel of gaming and lottery CEOs and senior executives sharing their views on current and future trends. Moderated by Bill Rutsey, President and CEO of the Canadian Gaming Association, broad areas of discussion will include innovation, new technologies, the internet, social media and ever-changing customer preferences, needs and experiences. Moderator: Bill Rutsey, President & CEO, Canadian Gaming Association Panelists: Michael Graydon, President & CEO, BCLC; Bob MacKinnon, A/President & CEO, Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation; Twyla Meredith, CMA, FCMA, President & CEO, Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation; OLG; Dan Sanscartier, Vice President, Gaming Operations, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries; Brent Scrimshaw, President & CEO, Atlantic Lottery; and Kent Verlik, Vice President, Lottery & Gaming, Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission Sponsored by:

Twyla Meredith

Bill Rutsey

Michael Graydon

Bob MacKinnon

Dan Sanscartier

Brent Scrimshaw

Kent Verlik

This presentation will immediately follow the Summit’s Delegate Breakfast. Breakfast starts at 8:30am. Show Guide | 17

Charitable Gaming Conference Canada’s Charitable Gaming Conference


Hosted by the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association

Canadian Gaming Summit, Montréal, Québec

ontario charitable gaming association


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The Ontario Charitable Gaming Association is hosting the 14th annual Charitable Gaming Conference. This event focuses exclusively on charitable gaming across Canada. This is the only event in the country that allows all participants – regulators, operators, and charities – to come together and discuss what is happening across the charitable gaming industry in Canada. Tuesday, June 18, 2013 9:00am - 11:00am

Canadian Gaming Summit Opening Breakfast, Welcome & Keynote Room 520 Please refer to page 17

11:10am - 12:00pm

Kinzo Express Room 518A Kinzo is now in its second year of operation and the concept is still expanding. Currently, there are 15 Kinzo centres in operation all around Quebec and the number will be growing to 20 by the end of 2013. This presentation will explain the concept of Kinzo, which is based on the way bingo is played in Europe and South America, but with a buzzer and visual effects added. The strategy used to expand Kinzo outside of the traditional bingo halls will be explained. Finally, the next step in the development of the Kinzo product will be presented.

Responsible Gambling to Grow Charitable Gaming Room 518B Designed into Ontario’s plan to modernize charitable gaming is OLG’s core Responsible Gambling program. The introduction of electronic bingo and related products coincides with a more evolved approach to on-site RG player education, employee training, and RG resource centres. As the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario creates a standardsbased approach to regulating gaming and RG, OLG has adapted RG program elements to mitigate risks for players of traditional and electronic bingo. This presentation will address OLG’s approach to meeting a “gold standard” for RG, collaborating with independent specialist groups, such as the Responsible Gambling Council of Canada and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and undertaking research to understand RG and charitable gaming. Presented by: Sheona Hurd, Senior Manager, Social Responsibility, OLG and Paul Pellizzari, Executive Director – Social Responsibility, OLG Sponsored by:

Presented by: François-Patrick Allard, Managing Director, Société des bingos du Québec

12:10pm - 1:30pm

Charitable Gaming Welcome, Lunch, and Keynote Address Room 520 Welcome: Lynn Cassidy, Executive Director, Ontario Charitable Gaming Association Keynote: Rod Phillips, President & CEO, OLG Sponsored by:

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2:10pm - 3:00pm

Revitalization of Charitable Bingo and Gaming Room 520 In July 2010, the Ontario government announced the Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization Initiative. The goal of this revitalization led by Ontario Lottery and Gaming is to support charities and nonprofits in their local fundraising to provide vital services to their communities. In addition the initiative supports local employment and offers customers a new entertainment experience. The initiative is seeing the expansion of the number of bingo centres offering electronic bingo and related electronic products. As of the end of February 2013, eleven charitable gaming centres have moved to the Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization model and the number is growing. Learn more about this model that partners with the Ontario Lottery Gaming, commercial operators, charities and municipalities. Presented by: Diane Gartshore, Director CGaming Implementation, OLG Sponsored by:

3:00pm - 3:10pm

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013 8:30am - 10:00am

Canadian Gaming Summit Breakfast Keynote Room 520 Please refer to page 17

10:10am - 11:00am

Working Together – An Operators’ Perspective Room 518A Under section 207(1)(a) of the Criminal Code, lottery corporations have partnered with the bingo operators to bring electronics to the gaming facilities. The new model requires greater regulation and new business processes. Attend this session to hear operators share how to make a successful transition and the lessons learned. Moderator: Peter McMahon, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario Panelist: Tony Rosa, President and CEO, Community Gaming and Entertainment Group (CGEG) and Denis Sivret, General Manager, Sudbury Bingo Group Sponsored by:

Charitable Gaming Conference Coffee Break 500 Level Foyer Sponsored by:

3:10pm - 4:00pm

New Charitable Gaming Products Room 518A As more jurisdictions introduce electronics in the charitable gaming sector, what are some of the products that are being developed? How will they impact the charitable gaming experience? Attend this vendor session as they share new products and ideas for this sector. Moderator: Peter McMahon, Chief Executive Officer, Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario Panelists: Peter Howard, Director of Government and Customer Relations, Diamond Game; Jim McLean, Director of Gaming Solutions, Arrow Games/Bazaar & Novelty; and Bill Sidhu, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, eQube Gaming Marketing Considerations for Launching New Games or Brands Room 518B The Société des bingos du Québec (SBQ) has launched Kinzo, a new game concept. Attend this session to learn: What were some of the challenges related to launching a new gaming concept from a marketing standpoint? What promotional and advertising strategies were selected? How is a new game and brand successfully launched in partnership with hall managers? More importantly, can these lessons be applied to other games or brand launches? The session will discuss the challenges and consideration to developing a successful strategy and will present the main marketing strategies the SBQ is proposing to expand public awareness about Kinzo. Also discussed will be how these strategies can be applied to other games or brand launches. Presented by: Isabelle Galand, Manager, Product and Customer Experience, Société des bingos du Québec; Marie-Claude Bernard, Group Account Director, EM L’Agence; and Samuel Fontaine, Brand Planner, EM L’Agence

Charitable Gaming Technology

Canadian Bank Note Company, Limited supplies solutions in four business areas; Lottery, Identification, Payment and Shareholder Services. While the Company has a long heritage of security printing we have added extensive capabilities in hardware and soft ware development to become a complete secure solutions provider. As part of our lottery division we have developed a full range of technology and services to support and revitalize the charitable gaming market. Our solutions are now marketed in more than 40 countries.

For more information please contact: Anup Kumar @ +1 613 878 4735

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2:53 PM


It takes more than technology.









Branding Player protection Responsible gambling Player acquisition Security Operations Customer support Regulation Retention

BC Community Gaming Grant System Room 518B British Columbia was the first jurisdiction to move electronic bingo and charitable organizations to a Community Gaming Grant system. In July 2011, Premier Christy Clark appointed a consultant to review the BC Community Gaming Grant System and make recommendations. Attend this session to find out more. Presented by: British Columbia Association for Charitable Gaming

11:00am - 11:10am

Charitable Gaming Conference Coffee Break Sponsored by:

11:10am - 12:00pm

Regulatory Changes to Break Open Tickets Room 518A In the past five years, break open tickets (aka pull tab tickets or pull tickets) have experienced a resurgence in popularity in many provinces across Canada. Provincial gaming regulators across Canada are responding to this resurgence with positive changes to their regulatory and licensing frameworks that are providing new flexibility, new choices, and new game options for charities managing and conducting break open ticket events. This session will explore changes made in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan over the past several years, how these changes are benefiting charities and the industry and other changes that would produce benefit going forward. Presented by: Rick Sleaver, Director of Regulatory Affairs, Arrow Games Corporation/Bazaar & Novelty Sponsored by:

The Charitable Gaming Centre Customer Experience Room 518B This session will look at the total customer experience from a charitable gaming perspective. Instead of focusing solely on the gaming experience, what is the customer experience from the moment someone enters the centre to the moment they leave? The Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario recently engaged, Marian Magrane, magrane marketing services, to assist in garnering a better understanding of the customer experience and to develop recommendations for the industry. Attend this session to learn more. Presented by: Marian Magrane, Principal, magrane marketing services inc. Sponsored by:

20 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility The Corporate Social Responsibility Track at the 2013 Summit showcases the best of Canada’s gaming industry from world leading initiatives in responsible gaming to the latest practices in stakeholder engagement and addressing the public interest.

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013 2:10pm - 3:00pm RG Check - Perspectives from Both Sides of the Accreditation Process Room 519A RG Check, the Responsible Gambling Council’s accreditation program, has been in operation for almost 2 years. With over 40 site visits conducted across Canada, the RG Check team has learned many lessons. This session examines what we have learned by exploring the experience from two points of view—the one conducting the review and the one undergoing accreditation. The RG Check team will use these shared lessons as it grows the program into other jurisdictions and beyond land-based gambling venues. Presented by: Carolyn Marcotte, L.L.B., Vice President of Legal and Compliance, Caesars Windsor and Kevin Noel, M.B.A, Chief Operating Officer, Responsible Gambling Council

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013 11:10am - 12:00pm iGaming Effects on Problem Gambling: When Correlation Does Not Imply Causation Room 519A In this session, Dr. Philander of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas provides evidence from the United Kingdom and from Ontario showing that, despite their high correlation, online gambling participation may not be causing increased problem gambling severity. While many players with gambling problems are found to be playing online, the research outlined in this session provides the first empirical evidence that the causal relationship between the two is misunderstood. Several explanations of why online gambling may be a safer form of gambling are provided. Presented by: Kahlil S. Philander, Ph.D, UNLV International Gaming Institute

2:10pm - 3:00pm Corporate Responsibility: It’s Getting Hot Out There Room 518C Casinos are an important part of the economic and entertainment mix in hundreds of jurisdictions across the country. They often function as an economic stimulus for the local community, and operators work hand-in-hand with a variety of stakeholders such as local business owners, restaurateurs, hoteliers, artists, musicians, and responsible gambling organizations. While all companies will claim that they practice good corporate responsibility, when it is done well it is reflected in a company’s brand, reputation, and actions. What are the principles of successful corporate responsibility? How long does it take to establish them and make them second nature? How important are relationships with stakeholders in existing communities – and how does an operator leverage its corporate responsibility principles in new markets? And when it gets hot out there, how can good corporate responsibility practices help get the temperature down? The panel will examine how successful corporate responsibility programs operate, how the principles are integrated throughout a company, and how successful relationships with stakeholders are developed, maintained, and nurtured. Moderator: Amanda Brewer, Partner, TRM Consulting Ltd. Panelists: Patricia Cook, Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority; Clark Dumont, Vice President, Corporate Communications, MGM Resorts International; and Fred Keeton, Vice President of External Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer, Caesars Entertainment Corporation. 3:10pm - 4:00pm Protecting Players, Working Together Room 519A This presentation will demonstrate how operators and manufacturers are working together to create parameters which protect the player. Using technology, centralized control can be achieved which can set gaming limits…by day, week or even by monetary requests. Presented by: Ronald (Ron) Gallaway, Senior Director of Product Planning, Bally Technologies, Inc.; and Paul W. Smith, Director, Corporate Social Responsibility, BCLC

Other sessions related to Corporate Social Responsibility include: The New Realities of Reputation Management and Stakeholder Engagement for the Canadian Gaming Industry in the Marketing & Communications track. Please refer to page 30 Responsible Gambling to Grow Charitable Gaming in the Charitable Gaming Conference track. Please refer to page 18 Show Guide | 21

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Gaming Operations MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013

1:10pm - 2:00pm Floor Equipment Investment & Strategy Room 518A While players often gravitate toward a few slot machines that become powerful revenue generators for a casino, every gaming operator understands the importance of refreshing their floor. During this session, learn how to effectively invest in new equipment by bringing in games your players want and systems that are more efficient.

11:10am - 12:00pm FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER - Active Gambler Profile Room 519B The WMS Active Gambler Profile is an in-depth exploration of gaming preferences, lifestyles, and core needs of active gamblers in North America. Similar to past sessions on AGP, we will share trends in player attitudes, behaviors, and motivations behind casino/ game choice. We will explore which activities active gamblers are participating in, both inside and outside of casinos, and investigate migration across land-based, online and social/mobile/causal gaming solutions - a growing hot topic in the gaming industry.

Presented by: Mark Gilbert, Senior Director of Corporate Analysis & Research, Bally Technologies and Charles Major, Marketing Director, Product Management, Société des casinos du Québec 4:30pm - 5:15pm OLG Modernization Update Room 518A In 2012, OLG began to modernize the lottery and gaming industry in Ontario. The modernization of OLG maximizes longterm value, without compromising necessary oversight. It’s an innovative solution that invites the private sector to share the risk and government to improve its returns, while at the same time improving the customer experience. All Ontarians will benefit once the modernization of lottery and gaming is complete through additional revenue to help fund provincial priorities such as hospitals and municipal infrastructure. In addition, a modern OLG will help create thousands of jobs and drive capital investments across Ontario. Rod Phillips, OLG’s President and CEO, along with Larry Flynn, OLG’s Senior Vice President of Gaming will provide an update on the progress of OLG’s modernization over the past year. Presented by: Larry Flynn, Senior Vice President, Gaming, OLG and Rod Phillips, President & CEO, OLG 5:15pm - 6:00pm OLG Current Supplier Information Session Room 518B Brenda Gibbons, OLG’s Executive Director of Procurement for Modernization and John MacFarlane, OLG’s Executive Director of Gaming Transition will provide an update on what OLG’s current goods and services suppliers should expect through OLG’s modernization.

Presented by: Tim Menzia, Director of Market Research, WMS Gaming 12:10pm - 1:00pm FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER - The Casino of Tomorrow Room 519B What are the ingredients that will make up the casino of tomorrow? At the top of the list are: the understanding of the next generation of customers; the mastering of new technologies; creativity; and collaboration. Thanks to solid initiatives in Quebec’s casinos, in collaboration with Ingenio, discover how the combination of these four elements can contribute on a daily basis to an innovative and enhanced customer experience. Presented by: Marie-Josée Parent, Manager of Product Development, Société des casinos du Québec and François Sansregret, Director of the Project Office, Ingenio, A Subsidiary of Loto-Québec 2:10pm - 3:00pm Creating the Sports Betting Environment Room 519B The local Las Vegas Sports wagering market is as competitive as there is anywhere in the world. This panel of leading sports book operators will offer insights into what it takes to meet the customer’s needs. From mobile offerings to re-vamped sports books, the Las Vegas market has undergone a resurgence and our panelists will offer their insights and experience on today’s sports bettors. Moderator: Paul Burns, Vice President, Canadian Gaming Association Panelists: Art Manteris, Vice President of Race and Sports Operations, Station Casinos Las Vegas and Dan Shapiro, William Hill USA

Presented by: Brenda Gibbons, Executive Director, Procurement, OLG and John MacFarlane, Executive Director, Gaming Transition, OLG

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gaming Operations WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013 2:10pm - 3:00pm Place Your Bets - Manage Your Risk Room 519B What could make better bets by actively managing risks? What could separate out issues from risks? What could identify what causes your risks? I bet you could place better bets! OLG has had an ERM department since 2005. The practice of the ERM department has undergone a radical shift in the last 4 years. OLG’s VP ERM will present OLG’s ERM transformation and answer these questions: What was the shift? Why was the shift needed? What is different now? Has it been worth it? What is next? Presented by: Ella Kila, Vice President, Enterprise RIsk Management, OLG 3:10pm - 4:00pm The Game Changer: Analytics and the Modern Casino Room 519B This session is intended to deliver an overview of how Analytics can be employed to help minimize risk and ensure maximum returns when planning and replenishing slot machines on the casino floor. This presentation will touch on the key analytical techniques needed to complete this process by walking through Data Mining, Forecasting, and Optimization. While not to be misinterpreted as a magic bullet, Analytics must be used in concert with acute business knowledge in order to realize the optimal results. To close the session, a case study will be highlighted of the evolving project being undertaken at SaskGaming, in order to provide a proof of value for the analytical techniques employed. Presented by: Craig Carothers, Principal for Demand Intelligence, SAS Canada; Ivan Oliveria, Sr. Global Director of Advanced Analytics Research and Development, SAS Canada; and Emmanuel Pacheco, Account Executive, Entertainment & Hospitality, SAS Canada

Other sessions related to Gaming Operations include: Trigger Based Experiences Drives Loyalty in the Marketing & Communications track. Please refer to page 30 Recent Methods for Attacking the Game of Baccarat in the Security & Surveillance track. Please refer to page 34

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iGaming Education Track Sponsor:

The 2013 Summit education program includes iGaming sessions that will examine the expanding and evolving multi-billion dollar online gaming market and will look at the present and future of the Canadian marketplace.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

2:10pm - 3:00pm Digital Gaming Overview & Data Room 518B Canadians already gamble a significant amount over the Internet, either through provincial lottery corporation websites or with offshore online gaming providers.

12:10pm - 1:00pm Gambling on Mobile Room 518B Is Mobile gaming worth the gamble?

With the growing number of digital gaming and gambling platforms and the convergence of Internet-based gambling and non-traditional gaming (including social gaming, skill gaming, mobile and console peer-to-peer wagering) consumer spend on gaming activities will increase significantly. As provincial governments begin to embrace iGaming, what role should lottery corporations and regulators play in this new nontraditional gambling market? Should skill gaming or social gaming websites be regulated provincially? Should they be operated by lottery corporations? The panel will discuss market data such as how much Canadians are wagering online, how much is spent on the traditional online casino gaming industry globally, and examine the trends that will shape the growth and profitability of the iGaming industry for the next decade.

As the worldwide market for gaming products continues to grow, mobile devices (Phones and Tablets) are increasingly becoming an opportunity to reach and engage players. At this session you will learn how gaming operators and gaming software development companies are creating products for mobile and tablet delivery. You will also learn what the introduction of these products means to Lotteries, Regulators, Land and Charitable Gaming operators and players. Is the gamble worth it? Come and find out! Moderator: Terry Debono, Partner, The Debono Group Inc. Panelist: Mike McKiski, Bally Interactive Sales Manager, Bally Technologies, Inc.

Moderator: Amanda Brewer, Partner, TRM Consulting Ltd. Panelists: Danielle Bush, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP; Terry Debono, Partner, The Debono Group Inc.; and Troy Ross, President, TRM Public Affairs 3:10-pm - 4:00pm FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER - Social Gaming: What’s Ahead Room 518B Why are free to play games poised to become the next big thing in the gaming industry? With projections estimating the social gaming market will capture multiple billions in the coming years; this session will examine the games, platforms and design of social casinos and look at the next wave of games coming to the sector. Moderator: Arryn Blumberg, Director, PwC Panelists: Kenny Huang, CEO, BlueBat Games; and Terry McInally, Managing Director, PwC

26 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

cr0193-summit.indd 1

13-05-09 2:03 PM

3:10pm - 4:00pm FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER - Convergence of iGaming in Canada Room 519B Converging online and land based gaming environments – With a full product portfolio across multiple online, mobile, and land based channels, BCLC is meeting the changing demands of players across multiple channels. BCLC’s online and offline experience customizes greater entertainment value for the player whenever and wherever they want while also providing recommendations to other jurisdictions across Canada and around the world. Presented by: Rhonda Garvey, Vice President eGaming, BCLC and Jim Lightbody, Vice President, Casino & Community Gaming, BCLC

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 10:10am - 11:00am “Cloud Gaming” Trends, Security Risks and Auditing Room 519A Cloud computing has the potential to vastly transform the global gaming industry. However, strong concerns over security remain at the top of the list for obstacles to wide-spread adoption of cloud deployment models. Therefore, the role of the 3rd party auditor to conduct highly specialized reviews of best practice and infrastructure security has become critical for cloud deployments. This panel will review current iGaming and non-iGaming application trends for the cloud. The panel will discuss the critical areas in which regulators and gaming operators alike should focus their due diligence efforts in order to minimize risk, while still enjoying the benefits of increasingly advanced gaming technology. Moderator: Salim L. Adatia, Chief Executive Officer, GLI Test Labs Canada Panelists: Gregory Doucette, Director of Global Professional Services, GLI Test Labs Canada; Murray Lee, Information System Auditor, GLI Test Labs Canada; and Matt Stafford, Business Development Representative, GLI Test Labs Canada 2:10pm - 3:00pm FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER - Online Gaming: What Consumers Want and How We Can Deliver Room 519A The evolution of social media and the growth of online gaming, in the world and in Canada, over the past few years, has been creating new growth opportunities for mature Canadian lotteries and the gaming industry. This in itself brings some challenges regarding knowledge and understanding of the market to effectively position one’s products, and investment in new technologies, platforms and process to deliver the customer experience required to attract customers and meet their expectations. Moreover, the Canadian social context and the consumer perceptions and expectations regarding online gaming and the role of the public operators is creating an additional challenge in terms of the legitimacy of the operator and how they can leverage their capital of trust in the public.

evolution of online gaming in Canada and abroad. It will address the challenges and opportunities related to its future evolution, from the standpoint of lotteries and gaming organizations as well as from the operators. Presented by: Richard Fenster, Director, eGaming Operations, BCLC; Robert Lalonde, Manager, New Product Development, LotoQuébec; Jocelyn Leclerc, Partner, KPMG; and John Wisternoff, Vice President iGaming, OLG

Other sessions related to iGaming include: iGaming Effects on Problem Gambling: When Correlation Does Not Imply Causation in the Corporate Social Responsibility track. Please refer to page 21. Social Gaming & Mobile Gaming as our Future? APPsolutely! in the Legal & Regulatory track. Please refer to page 28. No Play for Mr. Grey (Market Operator)? Towards an Informal Regime of iGaming Compliance in the Legal & Regulatory track. Please refer to page 28. eGaming Security Assessment in the Security 1& ManitobaLotteries_ShowGuide_2013_FINAL.pdf Surveillance track. Please refer to page 35.




This session, dedicated to all professionals interested in the strategic evolution of lotteries and gaming organizations, will explore the recent Show Guide | 27

1:37 PM

Legal & Regulatory The rapid pace of change and technological advancement in the gaming industry has created an increasingly complex and ever changing legal and regulatory environment, not only in Canada, but across the world. This year’s Canadian Gaming Summit Legal and Regulatory track brings together the industry’s leading lawyers, regulators and gaming executives to examine and engage you on today’s most important legal and regulatory issues. The Legal & Regulatory track is co-Chaired by Danielle Bush, Partner at Miller Thomson LLP and Michael D. Lipton, Q.C, Senior Partner at Dickinson Wright LLP.

Danielle Bush, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP

Michael D. Lipton, Q.C, Senior Partner, Dickinson Wright LLP

Monday, June 17, 2013

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

1:10pm - 2:00pm Social Gaming & Mobile Gaming as our Future? APPsolutely! Room 518B This panel will feature a discussion of the most recent developments in social gaming and mobile gaming as well as legal and practical challenges with respect to those developments. Why is it important to regulators and lottery corporations? What are some different approaches companies are taking with respect to social gaming? What, if any, additional precautions do lottery corporations have to take with respect to mobile gaming and tablet gaming?

11:10am - 12:00pm No Play for Mr. Grey (Market Operator)? Towards an Informal Regime of iGaming Compliance Room 519A As North American jurisdictions enter the iGaming sphere, potential licencees and suppliers must be carefully scrutinized. Part of such scrutinization involves examining to what extent potential licensees and suppliers comply with laws from around the world and avoid dealing with unsavory gaming companies. In 2012, Nevada began licensing iGaming companies. Based on the transcripts of the board and commission hearings, as well as due diligence requirements of provincial lottery corporations with respect to iGaming suppliers, an information regime of global compliance is beginning to emerge. Which companies are setting the gold standard? Why?

Moderator: Jack I. Tadman, Associate, Dickinson Wright LLP Panelists: Prof. Jeffrey L. Derevensky, McGill University, International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviours; Daniel Kajouie, CEO, Isis Lab Inc.; and Michael D. Lipton Q.C., Senior Partner, Dickinson Wright LLP

28 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

Moderator: Kevin J. Weber, Partner, Dickinson Wright LLP Panelists: Michael D. Lipton Q.C., Senior Partner, Dickinson Wright LLP; Robert W. Stocker II, Senior Partner, Dickinson Wright PLLC; and Eamonn Toland, President, Paddy Power North America

12:10pm-1:00pm Strategic Engagement in Regulation: Moving Forward, Together Room 519A In order to respond to the evolving gaming sector in Ontario, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) has engaged in a comprehensive transition towards a less prescriptive and riskbased regulatory approach. A panel discussion will explore how the AGCO is navigating Ontario’s commercial and charitable gaming industry modernization through innovative collaboration and increased private-sector partnerships. This success story will feature a discussion of the Standards-Based Regulatory Approach, responsible gambling initiatives and the move towards a comprehensive regulatory assurance approach. Panellists will discuss the significant benefits and inevitable challenges of a strategically collaborative approach to advance comprehensive gaming sector reform in Ontario. Lessons learned and tips for practical application will also be discussed. Presented by: Fred Bertucca, Bureau Commander, Ontario Provincial Police; Darren Henderson, Partner, Consulting Practice – Technology, Infocomm & Entertainment, PwC; Jon Kelly, Chief Executive Officer, Responsible Gambling Council; Tom Mungham, Chief Operating Officer, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario; Martha Otton, Chief Strategy Officer, Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario; and George Sweny, Senior Vice President, Charitable and iGaming, OLG

Wednesday, June 19, 2013 3:10pm-4:00pm Canadian Gaming Law Cases – Legal Update Room 518B In this session, we will review the status of cases (recently decided, still in progress or threatened) involving the gaming industry and gaming in general. The panel will consider the areas of primary exposure for land-based operators – are responsible gaming issues and related class actions still the primary source of concern or are other issues looming on the horizon? What enforcement activities, if any, have there been on the online side of the industry? What is the focus of law enforcement in the various provinces (for example, what was the impetus for the Super Bowl Sunday raids in Ontario) and what cases are we seeing as a result of those activities? Moderator: Danielle Bush, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP Panelists: Ilkim Hincer, Vice President & General Counsel, Trilliant Canada Gaming and Derek Ricci, Partner, Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

3:10pm-4:00pm Sports Betting and the Match-Fixing Dilemma Room 519A Is it possible to have regulated sports betting without addressing match-fixing? Is match-fixing inevitable? What steps can be taken to minimize the activity? Who are the victims of match-fixing or is it a victimless crime? Who should be taking responsibility for dealing with the issue? These are all questions that Canada’s legal sports betting operators (the provincial lottery corporations) need to address sooner rather than later. This session will consider the legal issues underlying match-fixing in Canada and review the systems that are successfully in operation in the U.K. and Australia. Moderator: Danielle Bush, Partner, Miller Thomson LLP Speaker: Declan Hill, Investigative Journalist and Author of ‘’The Fix’’ Sponsored by:

Other sessions related to Legal & Regulatory include:

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FINTRAC Compliance – Are You Prepared for the New Requirements? in the Security & Surveillance track. Please refer to page 34. Working Together – An Operators’ Perspective in the Charitable Gaming Conference track. Please refer to page 19. Regulatory Changes to Break Open Tickets in the Charitable Gaming Conference track. Please refer to page 20. Show Guide | 29 rama_gaming_summit_ad.indd 1

13-05-30 4:36 PM

Marketing & Communications MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013

TUESDAY, JUNE 18, 2013

2:10pm - 3:00pm Trigger Based Experiences Drives Loyalty Room 518A Trigger based notifications plays an important role in enhancing on site customer experiences. See what OLG has implemented to augment on-site member experiences through staff engagement and its overall impacts to the business.

11:10am - 12:00pm Take Direct Marketing to the Next Level and Move the Needle Through Analytics Room 518C There is no one-size-fits-all direct mail strategies anymore to attract and retain guests. You need to understand how to segment the database in a way that sticks, no matter the competitive situation, and to employ continual new and grow through test & control and advanced analytics.

Presented by: Jason Allan, Director, Customer Relationship Marketing, OLG.

Presented by: Randall Fine, Managing Director, The Fine Point Group 12:10pm - 1:00pm Using Socialocational Data to Decipher Social Media Room 518C In today’s world, social media, online gaming and mobile apps are crashing into the bricks and mortar world. This collision is ripe with opportunities for growth and fraught with potential conflict. This session will show how bricks and mortar businesses can apply locational intelligence techniques to harness these new data streams to enrich customer knowledge and give a refined customer experience. The examples will be forward looking but include real world examples of how these techniques are being applied. Presented by: Carol Pride, Executive Vice President of Business Development, Bi2U


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10:10am - 11:00am The New Realities of Reputation Management and Stakeholder Engagement for the Canadian Gaming Industry Room 519B The public’s expectation for information and engagement has increased considerably over the last decade, yet in many cases, the gaming industry is still using one-way communications tactics. In 2012, BCLC launched new stakeholder engagement and transparency programs. Since then, the effort has expanded as a corporate reputation strategy and is now viewed as an important part of achieving BCLC’s vision and goals. This informative session will review recent examples of the public’s new expectations for transparency and engagement and how BCLC is evolving its approach to reputation management to respond to this challenge.

Find out more at

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30 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

OLG’s Modernization plan has included an extensive plan for engaging communities and stakeholders across Ontario. A key topic of this public dialogue has been the social impacts of gambling. This presentation will outline OLG’s approach to community discussions, to addressing the issues related to problem gambling that have arisen throughout the process, and how Responsible Gambling has been integrated into OLG’s Modernization plan. Presented by: Susan Dolinski, Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs, BCLC and Paul Pellizzari, Executive Director – Social Responsibility, OLG

11:10am - 12:00pm FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER - Casino Branding: It’s Now About Transparency Room 519B Strong Brands are about engagement and engagement today begins with transparency. Moderator: Jim Kabrajee, Partner, CEO, Marshall Fenn Communications Panelists: Paul Chater, Partner, Public Relations, Marshall Fenn Communications and David Zbar, Partner, SVP Digital, Marshall Fenn Communications 2:10pm - 3:00pm Boosting Targeted Acquisition Through an Integrated Online Strategy Room 518B Focusing on the intricacies of the Canadian gaming market, “Boosting Acquisition Strategies with Geotargeted Online Marketing” will cover the essential components of current online marketing tactics, including the benefits of an integrated marketing approach, SEO best practices, effective content and creatives, and user-friendly web design.

Essential elements of retail leasing, documentation and administration will be addressed, together with beneficial links between a productive retail program and casino marketing. Presented by: Raymond J. Casey, SCSM, Director of Retail, Falls Management Group, L.P.

Another session related to Marketing & Communications is: Marketing Considerations for Launching New Games or Brand in the Charitable Gaming Conference track. Please refer to page 19

The presentation will explore the methods in which Canadian gaming operators and casinos can boost retention and acquisition strategies using online marketing with a geographic focus. The session will also discuss specific online marketing tactics to: increase foot traffic, boost player loyalty, and boost revenues. Presented by: Deanna Dobson, Manager of Client Relations – Marketing & Content Services, Income Access 3:10pm - 4:00pm Casino Retail Fundamentals Room 518A This session delivers a practical approach to the development and operation of a successful retail program within a gaming environment. Casino retail’s purpose, evolution and future will be explored, together with the key benefits of a successful retail program.

Close to you...


ORDINARY! 545 Slots • 60 Table Games All You Can Eat Buffet

The concept and design of casino retail will be examined, with a rundown of fundamental considerations regarding the overall scope, look and layout of the retail area, optimal store sizes and recommendations for maximizing traffic flow and logistics. A discussion of how to develop the correct mix of retail store types and brands within a property will include: an overview of market research, where to position specific retailers within a property, determining the correct mix of food and beverage, fashion, jewellery and gift outlets and opportunities for short term / seasonal and non-traditional retail.

We have a winner. Port Perry, ON Must be 19 years of age or older. License # 13. BAAGWATING COMMUNITY ASSOCIATION. Patrons with self-excluded, archived, or trespassed status detected at Great Blue Heron Charity Casino will be removed and trespassed.

Consideration will be given to the merits of operating an in-house retail program vs. leased outlets as well as optimal methods of attracting targeted retailers to a property. Show Guide | 31

Canadian Gaming Summit Exhibition The Canadian Gaming Summit Exhibition provides delegates the opportunity to meet one-on-one with existing and prospective suppliers. The 2013 Exhibition showcases the latest technologies and services. Walk the show floor to experience the best and hottest products available to the gaming industry today. Highlight indicates a 2013 Summit Sponsor Exhibitor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Booth Accro Furniture Industries . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 314 Ainsworth Game Technology . . . . . . . . . . . . 712 Amaya Gaming Group. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 900


Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. . . . . . . . 500 Arrow Games / Bazaar and Novelty / Bingo Vezina. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 212 Aruze Gaming America Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . 315 Axis Communications Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 102 Bally Technologies, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . 400 Bet Rite Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 Bingo Servi-Jeux. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1000 BIS². . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 919 Canadian Gaming Association. . . . . . . . . . . 104 Canadian Gaming Business. . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 Canadian Gaming Service Ltd.. . . . . . . . . . . 213


CashTech Currency Products Inc.. . . . . . . . . . 219 CINET Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1014 Clarence J. Venne, LLC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1000 Cummins-Allison ULC. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1008 Diamond Game. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 912 eConnect Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1009 Four Winds Interactive. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 901 FutureLogic, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 812 Gaming Laboratories International. . 915 Gary Platt. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 Gateway Gaming Systems. . . . . . . . . . . . . 1002 GCA (Global Cash Access). . . . . . . . 1015 Genetec Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1018 Global Payments Gaming Canada, Inc.. . . . . 918 32 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

Non-exhibiting Sponsors

Exhibition Hours Tuesday, June 18, 2013 – 1:00pm to 5:00pm Wednesday, June 19, 2013 – 10:00am to 2:00pm




GPI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1012 Infodev EDI, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1013 Info-Tech Research Group Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . 218 Interblock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 IGT. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 700 Ipsos Reid. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1007 JCM Global. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 213 KGM Gaming. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 116 Konami Gaming, Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . 300 Loto-Québec. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 108 MappedIn . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 Medeco of Canada. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 114 MediaEdge Communications . . . . . . . . . . . . 106 MEI. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 NRT Technology Corp. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 813 OLG . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 514 Panasonic Canada Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1001 PokerTek, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 313 Rogers Business Solutions. . . . . . . . . 100 ScentAir. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 119 SPIELO International. . . . . . . . . . . . . 600 Suzo-Happ Group . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 812 TekVisions, Inc.. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1006 3rd Rock Gaming® . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1011 3M. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 Titan Creative Entertainment Network Inc. . . . . 412 Transact Technologies Inc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 200 Verdi Solutions. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 512 Video King . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 907 WMS Gaming. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 612 Show Guide | 33

Security & Surveillance

New Horizons in Responsible Gambling Conference

January 27-29, 2014 Vancouver, B.C.

The 2013 Security & Surveillance education track consists of topical matters which are relevant to many aspects of gaming operations and focus on the identification and minimization of risks. The intent is to present the subject matter in such a manner as to highlight the roles, responsibilities and relationships of security and surveillance with those of other departments in order to develop a common understanding and encourage collaboration.

Gerald Boose, Executive Director, Gaming Security Professionals of Canada

The Security & Surveillance educational sessions have been developed and are sponsored by the Gaming Security Professionals of Canada (GSPC) and the track is Chaired by the GSPC’s Executive Director, Gerald Boose. The GSPC is a pan-Canadian organization, whose membership consists of executives and senior managers in private and public sector organizations who have responsibility for supporting and ensuring the security of gaming operations. Its mandate includes game protection in general and, more particularly, the protection of casino, video lottery, conventional lottery ticket and electronic gaming products and systems.

MONDAY, JUNE 17, 2013

Join gambling colleagues and industry professionals for two days of networking and learning at the 2014 New Horizons in Responsible Gambling conference in Vancouver, B.C. You’ll hear first-hand how you can incorporate socially responsible and sustainable gambling practices into your business and get a chance to network with professionals from around the globe. Visit to register. See you there!


3:10p-4:00pm Recent Methods for Attacking the Game of Baccarat Room 518A Almost all the recent attacks on Baccarat in North America originated in the Far East. A number of these methods will be discussed including the “cutter” technique, and other video camera related scams. The discussion will include information regarding the camera-in-shoe found in Korea, and more closer-to-home problems experienced with “preshuffled” decks and card back designs. Presented by: Bill Zender, Owner/Consultant, Bill Zender and Associates

TUESdaY, JUNE 18, 2013 11:10am-12:00pm FINTRAC Compliance – Are You Prepared for the New Requirements? Room 521A&B The federal government recently published amendments to anti-money laundering regulations that will impact both land-based and online casino operations. In addition, FINTRAC’s compliance enforcement program continues to “up the ante” for casinos. Is your organization prepared to meet these challenges? Jean-Francois Lefebvre and Derek Ramm, both former FINTRAC officers, will offer their perspective on the regulatory changes, FINTRAC’s compliance program, and what it all means for the gaming industry. Presented by: Jean-François Lefebvre, LL.B, BBA, D. Fisc, and Derek Ramm, Director of Anti-Money Laundering Programs, OLG

34 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

12:10pm-1:00pm eGaming Security Assessment Room 521A&B This session will provide information on BCLC’s Information Security Assessment process as it applies to eGaming. Attendees will learn the security assessment process, the various components of eGaming systems considered during a review, the activities undertaken during a review and how the final go/no-go decision for a system is made. Key regulatory considerations and their impact on the assessment process will be discussed as will both the internal and external approval processes.

Born from fun.®

Presented by: Angela Swan, Director, Information Security, BCLC

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013 2:10pm-3:00pm Risk and Security Practice - Audits and Assessments: Operational Burden or Business Enabler? Room 518A A closer look at how often dreaded audits and assessments are a crucial link to your continuous improvement and operational excellence. Lottery and Gaming operators, by nature of their business, are subject to continuous scrutiny and a variety of mandated audits and reviews as they operate in a heavily regulated environment. Audits and assessments are often viewed as an operational burden and audit fatigue is often the result, in a world of fast developing technology, which poses ever increasing demands on the Information Security, IT Security and Gaming Security functions of any organization. This presentation takes a closer look at security audits and assessments and how they impact an organization, either by being a necessary evil and burden, or as a business enabler and contributing driver of enterprise value. It depends on the perspective and organizational attitude. The saying “You can’t manage what you don’t measure” holds very true in this context, as we will learn that without the measurements of assessment or audit, we accept the status quo and can become complacent. And complacency is a bad ingredient for continuous improvement efforts and operational excellence, which our stakeholders are demanding from us. The presenter is an auditor with years of experience as an auditee, knowing both sides of the audit and review game, and how to turn the dreaded audit into enterprise value. Presented by: Thomas Bierbach, Director of Lottery Security & Audit Services, BMM Testlabs

Another session related to Security & Surveillance is: “Cloud Gaming” Trends, Security Risks and Auditing in the iGaming track. Please refer to page 27.

Set the world on fun. So, what makes the world go ’round? At KONAMI, we’re pretty sure we have the answer – incredibly fun games that ignite players’ imaginations and an amazing casino management system that keeps your floor spinning with profitability. Set your world on fun at Canadian Gaming Summit booth #300.

Show Guide | 35 Kona_SET_3375x9563_adRV.indd 1

5/17/13 3:21 PM

Exhibitor & Sponsor Listings Accro Furniture Industries Booth: 314 Canadian Manufacturers of comfortable, durable seating since 1946. Reliable quality, functional design, player friendly chairs and stools for slot, table games, VLT, and poker applications. Terry Clark, President 305 McKay Ave. Winnipeg, MB R2G 0N5 T: 204-654-1114 F: 204-654-2792 Ainsworth Game Technology Booth: 712 Ainsworth Game Technology specializes in design, manufacturing and sales of slot machines to the world gaming market. For information on our highly successful slot brands visit John Glaser, Manager of Sales – North America Atzimba Sandoval, Marketing Services Administrator 6975 S. Decatur Blvd., Suite 140 Las Vegas, NV 89118 T: 702-778-9000 F: 702-778-9001 Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC) The AGLC administers the Gaming and Liquor Act, Regulation and related policies. AGLC administers Alberta’s charitable gaming activities and conduct and managing provincial gaming activities. Kent Verlik, Vice President, Lottery and Gaming Services Muriel Grimble, Vice President, Strategy, Transformation and Ethics 50 Corriveau Ave St. Albert, AB T8N 3T5 T: 780-447-8600 or 800-272-8876 Amaya Gaming Group Booth: 900 Evan Morris 7600 Pointe Claire Pointe Claire, QC H9R 1C8 T: 866-744-2122 F: 514-804-5027

Aristocrat Technologies, Inc. Booth: 500 Aristocrat Technologies, subsidiary of Aristocrat Leisure Limited, designs, manufactures markets and sells gaming machines, progressive systems, and the Oasis 360™ casino management system. Dona Cassese and Carrie Ullenbruch 7230 Amigo St. Las Vegas, NV 89183 T: 702-270-1000 F: 702-270-1207 Arrow Games / Bazaar and Novelty / Bingo Vezina Booth: 212 Gary Johnston 6199 Don Murie St. Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6X8 T: 216-961-3500 ext 455 F: 905-354-5662 Aruze Gaming America, Inc. Booth: 315 Aruze Gaming America, Inc. is a rapidly growing provider of distinctive video and stepper slots, communal gaming products and multi-terminal stations. Aruze’s global business units operate in the Americas, Japan, Australia, Macau, Africa and European markets. Kelcey Allison, EVP Sales & Marketing and Paul Omohundro, Director of Marketing 745 Grier Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89119 T: 702-361-3166 F: 702-361-3403

Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) AGEM is an international trade association representing manufacturers and suppliers of electronic gaming devices, systems, table games, key components and support products and services for the gaming industry. Marcus Prater P.O. Box 50049 Henderson, NV 89016 T: 702-812-6932

Atlantic Lottery We’re in the business of providing regulated lottery to Atlantic Canadians and through that, delivering 100% of our profit to our provincial shareholders. Since 1976, Atlantic Lottery has returned more than $6 billion in profit back to our communities. 922 Main St. Moncton, NB E1C 8W6 T: 800-561-3942 Axis Communications Inc. Booth: 102 Adriana Zimmerman 90 Burnhamthorpe Rd W Mississauga, ON L5B 3C3 T: 800-444-2947 F: 905-366-0129 Bally Technologies, Inc. Booth: 400 Bally Technologies designs, manufactures, and markets gaming machines, casino and slot management systems, entertaining game content and play mechanics, and mobile and iGaming solutions for the worldwide casino gaming industry. Robert Parente, VP and Managing Director Canada Tom Hardy, Account Executive 6601 S. Bermuda Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89119 T: 702-584-7700 F: 702-584-7792

BCLC We operate lottery, casino, bingo and online gambling on behalf of the Province and we take care to balance the fun and fair. Michael Graydon, Jim Lightbody and Rhonda Garvey 74 West Seymour St. Kamloops, BC V2C 1E2 2940 Virtual Way Vancouver, BC V5M 0A6 T: 250-828-550 or 604-215-0649 F: 250-828-5631 or 604-225-6424

Show Guide | 37

Exhibitor & Sponsor Listings Bet Rite Inc. Booth: 200 Canadian Distributor and Service Provider: Interblock (Electronic Table Games); MEI (Currency Validation), Transact (Printers and Systems), Gary Platt (Casino Seating), 3M, MappedIn (Digital Wayfinding), Custom Casino Displays and Signage. Richard Cone, President Billy MacLellan, COO Mark Dalla Riva, Director of Sales Meghan Grey, Account Executive 1534 Mathers Bay West Winnipeg, MB R3N 0T7 T: 905-512-1118 (accounts) T: 416-788-0780 (sales) F: 204-489-8260 (sales) (service) Bingo Servi-Jeux Booth: 1000 Bingo Paper Manufacturer since 1991. We sell Bingo Equipment and Bingo Accessories for Bingo Players. Roberto Carosielli 3615 Boul. Industriel Montreal-Nord. QC H1H 2Y6 T: 514-321-4545 F: 514-321-7356 BIS² Booth: 919 BIS²’s multi-award winning gaming industry solution, gameViz™, enables casino operators to analyze and understand player behavior and how to optimize the gaming floor to gain the competitive advantage. Kimberly Armstrong 16955 Via Del Campo, Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92127 T: 858-592-2472 F: 858-408-3660

38 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

BMM Testlabs BMM Testlabs is a leading independent gaming testing and certification laboratory. All classes of gaming hardware and software, mathematical analysis, field service inspections, audits and forensic investigations. Jean Corriveau, Business Development Manager Wendy Anderson, VP, Group Marketing 815 Pilot Rd, Suite G Las Vegas, NV 89119 T: 702-407-2420 F: 702-407-2421 Boardwalk Gaming & Entertainment Charitable Gaming Centres (electronic & paper play bingo, electronic break open ticket dispensing machines {TapTix}, Play on Demand {POD} games) Michael Orser 175 Main St. Penetanguishene, ON L9M1L8 T: 705-427-1761 F: 705-549-4279 Canadian Bank Note, Lottery Division Anup Kumar 18 Auriga Dr. Ottawa, ON K2E 7T9 T: 613-878-4735 Canadian Gaming Association Booth: 104 The Canadian Gaming Association was created with the fundamental goal of creating balance in the public dialogue about gaming in Canada. The Association’s mandate is to create a better understanding of the gaming industry by bringing facts to the general public, elected officials, key decision makers and the media through education and advocacy. Bill Rutsey, President & CEO Paul Burns, Vice President 131 Bloor St. West, Suite 503 Toronto, ON M5S 1P7 T: 416-304-7800 F: 416-304-7805

CANADIAN GAMING BUSINESS Booth: 106 Canadian Gaming Business Magazine (CGBM) is the only trade magazine in Canada that is specifically focused on the Canadian gaming industry. Its readers and editorial content are Canadian. CGBM is owned, operated and produced in Canada and circulated quarterly to over 4,000 gaming industry professionals. Richard Swayze, Publisher 5255 Yonge St. Suite 1000 Toronto, ON M2N 6P4 T: 866-216-0860 ext 246 F: 416-512-8344 Canadian Gaming Service Ltd. Booth: 213 Sale of New RAZAR Video Slots, JCM Parts and Service. Sales and service of used gaming machines and parts. Darren Sherwood 300 Baig Blvd, Unit C6 Moncton, NB E1E 1C8 T: 506-856-9220 CashTech Currency Products Inc. Booth: 219 CashTech is the national provider of cash management equipment including currency counters/recyclers, coin counters/sorters, counterfeit bill detectors and retail cash management solutions. Matt Lombardi, National Sales Manager Robin Steinberg, Director of Business Development, Retail Solutions 1040 Cardiff Blvd. Mississauga, ON L5S 1P3 T: 905-696-8102 or 800-268-5457 F: 905-696-0733 Casino Rama P.O. Box 178, RR #6 Rama, ON L0K 1T0

Cinet Inc. Booth: 1014 Information Technology Security Solutions, protecting your data network, laptops and mobile devices. Come visit us for a free copy. Andrew Catarau 25 Valois Bay Pointe-Claire, QC H9R 4B4 T: 514- 695-9333 or 855-730-9333 F: 514-698-7592 Clarence J. Venne, LLC Booth: 1000 World’s Leading Manufacturer of SunSational and Dab-O-Ink Bingo Markers. New “SOFT DAB” and 2013 Holiday Bingo Markers, Dabby Bingo Pens and customized Bingo Markers! Jeffrey Fischer Danette Ziegelhofer 7900 N. Radcliffe St., Building 101A Bristol, PA 19007 T: 800-523-8987 or 215-547-7110 F: 800-346-7606 or 215-547-0842 Community Gaming & Entertainment Group Operating as Breakaway Gaming Centre, Paradise Gaming Centre, Classic Bingo IV, and Classic Bingo III We are a service provider for our charities and the OLG in Charitable Gaming Centres. We operate in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. We have 4 locations and operate 11, with 284 sessions per year. We employ 250 people and service over 350 charities. Tony Rosa 3240 Electricity Dr. Windsor, ON N8W 5J1 T: 519-948-3222 F: 519-945-7822 Creation Robco Inc. Table Games Manufacturer of Casino Layouts (Gaming Cloth) Donald Robinson, President 53 Brassard St Joseph du lac, QC J0N 1M0 T: 450-473-3482 F: 450-623-7460

Cummins-Allison ULC Booth: 1008 Manufacturer of coin, currency and barcoded ticket processing equipment and self-service coin redemption kiosks such as JetScan single-pocket, two-pocket and multi-pocket currency and bar-code ticket scanners/sorters, JetSort Coin Sorters, Money Machines and JetWrap Coin Wrappers. Harry Patrinos, Managing Director Don Brown, Ontario Regional Sales Kosta Adamis, Quebec Regional Sales Abraham Vander Slagt, Maritimes Regional Sales Oliver Schelb, Prairies Regional Sales Alan Foster, British Columbia Regional Sales 3350 Ridgeway Dr., Unit 3 Mississauga, ON L5L 5Z9 T: 800-499-6191 F: 905-814-6182 Delta Bingo Inc. Bingo Hall & Gaming Centres Cameron Johnstone, John Johnstone, Duncan Cameron, John Cameron and Laura Colville 483 Speers Rd. Oakville, ON L6K 2G4 T: 905-842-6462 F: 905-842-9232

ESET® ENDPOINT SOLUTIONS, TRUSTED BY IT PROS “ESET develops high-performing security solutions that have a small impact on system performance.” —Andreas Clementi AV-Comparatives

   

Proactive malware detection Single management console Cross-platform protection Light and efficient scanning

Visit booth #1014 or contact Cinet for a FREE business trial (855) 730-9333 |

Diamond Game Booth: 912 Diamond Game, established in 1994, designs, manufactures, and services games and game systems for various North American gaming markets. Jim Breslo, President & CEO Bill Breslo, VP, Sales & Marketing Peter Howard, Director of Government & Customer Relations Sara Navidazar, Product Manager 9340 Penfield Ave. Chatsworth, CA 91311 T: 818-727-1690 F: 818-727-1692

© 1999-2013 ESET. All rights reserved. Trademarks used herein are trademarks or registered trademarks of ESET. All other names and brands are registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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Exhibitor & Sponsor Listings eConnect Inc. Booth: 1009 eConnect is a software company in the security industry which provides financial transactional analysis with visual verification. Game Protection, Loss Prevention & Fraud Detection. Richard Smith Henry Valentino 7710 W Sahara Ave., Suite 126 Las Vegas, NV 89117 T: 702-523-8786 Four Winds Interactive Booth: 901 The Four Winds Interactive (FWi) software platform provides a flexible and powerful solution for creating, managing and deploying all of your digital communications. Steve Houghland and Ross Bernstein 3012 Huron St. Denver, CO 80202 T: 877-204-6679 F: 720-221-0720 Futurelogic Booth: 812 FutureLogic is a developer of printing and couponing solutions to EGMs and operators in casino gaming, video lottery, AWP, LPM, SWP and kiosk applications worldwide. Nick Micalizzi, VP of Sales and Marketing, North America 425 East Colorado St. Suite 100 Glendale, CA 91205 T: 818-244-4700 F: 818-244-4764

40 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) Booth: 915 For nearly 25 years, GLI has been the world leader in providing independent testing, certification and consultancy services to the gaming, wagering and lottery industry. Salim L. Adatia, CEO; Matt Stafford, Business Development Representative; Greg Doucette, Director, Global Professional Services; Bill Higgins, Development Manager, Global Professional Services 6400 Roberts St., Suite 210 Burnaby, BC V5G 4C9 T: 778-331-0794 F: 778-331-0799 Gateway Gaming Systems Booth: 1002 Provider of electronic gaming products and services for charitable, commercial and casino markets. John Adams 36445 Biltmore Pl., Suite E Willoughby, OH 44094 T: 440-283-0388 F: 440-306-2627 GCA Booth: 1015 From cash access to ticket redemption kiosks to Central Credit, our mission is to provide our international customers superior products with reliable, responsive service and support. Bringing our expertise in casino global solutions, we will partner with you and succeed together by bringing agility and scale to your business. Darren Simmons, Steve Hancock and Jason King 7250 S. Tenaya Way, Suite 100 Las Vegas, NV 89113 T: 800-833-7110

Genetec Booth: 1018 Video Surveillance, Access Control, and License Plate Recognition. Erica Deri 2280 Boul. Alfred-Nobel, Suite 400 Saint-Laurent, QC H4S 2A4 T: 1 514-332-4000 F: 1 514-332-1692 Global Payments Gaming Canada, Inc. Booth: 918 Global Payments offers fully-electronic, EMV-compliant quasi-cash advance services to casino clients across Canada. Stop by to see how our technology will become your advantage. Bruce Nanton Keith Boucher 3381 Steeles Ave. East, Suite 200 Toronto, ON M2H 3S7 T: 866-883-7996 Great Blue Heron Charity Casino 21777 Island Rd Port Perry, ON L9L 1B6 GPI Booth: 1012 GPI is a leading global supplier of casinoquality table game products including Paulson, B&G, and Bud Jones currency, gaming furniture and accessories, and RFID Solutions. Maricela Maciel, Marketing Manager 1700 Industrial Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89102 T: 702-598-2400

Great Canadian Gaming Corporation Great Canadian Gaming Corporation operates gaming, entertainment and hospitality facilities in British Columbia, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Washington State. The Company’s 17 gaming properties consist of ten casinos, including one with a Four Diamond hotel resort, four horse racetrack casinos, and three community gaming centres. Howard Blank - Vice President, Communications, Entertainment and Responsible Gambling 350-13775 Commerce Pkwy Richmond, BC V6V 2V4 T: 604-303-1000 F: 604-279-8605 Grey Eagle Casino One of Calgary’s best entertainment destinations with over 700 slot machines, 60 tables and more. Coming soon the Grey Eagle Casino will feature a 178 room, 4.5 star hotel, 2300 seat concert hall and more. Martin Brickstock, General Manager Lee Athias, Casino Manager 3777 Grey Eagle Dr. Calgary, AB T3E 3X8 T: 403-385-3777 F: 403-385-3799 IGT Booth: 700 IGT provides an exhilarating line-up of games and total systems solutions for unforgettable player experiences and innovations that bring customers thrilling content around the globe. David Flinn, Executive Director and General Manager 1077 St. George Blvd. Suite 300 Moncton, NB E1E 4C9 T: 506-858-8049 F: 506-858-5865

Infodev EDI Inc. Booth: 1013 Infodev‘s accurate People Counting systems have been a valuable tool for marketing & management for years. Now they also regulate HVAC and reduce energy consumption. M. Serge Alain 1995 Frank-Carrel, Suite 202 Quebec, QC G1N 4H9 T: 418-681-3539 ext. 103 F: 418-681-1209

Kealey & Associates Inc. K&A is a consulting agency with a strong focus on strategy and advocacy for our clients. We work with clients across Canada to provide strategic advice and to develop and implement action plans to best achieve their objectives. Daniela Cavatassi and Marc Kealey 5025 Orbitor Dr., Building 1, Suite 401 Mississauga, ON L4W 4Y5 T: 905-625-3002

Info-Tech Research Group Booth: 218 Info-Tech Research Group helps you and your team successfully deal with the challenges IT professionals face on a daily basis - from routine tasks to major initiatives Time Lawless and Rayna O’Neil 602 Queens Ave. London, ON N6B 1Y8 T: 888-670-8889 or 519-432-3550 F: 519-432-2506

KGM Gaming Booth: 116 KGM Gaming has built its reputation around the manufacturing of quality gaming products and exemplary service. KGM Gaming offers the finest quality products and the service to support casino operations. Josh Faish, Jason Cohen, Jack McNamara 4250 Wissahickon Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19129 T: 215-430-0388 F: 866-621-7117

Ipsos Reid Booth: 1007 Market research specializing in Gaming & Lottery research, including but not limited to, market segmentation, concept testing and forecasting, on-going tracking, customer satisfaction studies, brand studies. Paul Lauzon 635-8th Ave. SW, Suite 600 Calgary, AB T2P 3M3 T: 403-294-7386 F: 403-294-1535

Konami Gaming, Inc. Booth: 300 Konami Gaming, Inc. is a complete gaming manufacturer that develops, designs, manufacturers, distributes, sells and services slot machines and an innovative casino management system, SYNKROS. Matt Reback and Annabelle Lee 585 Trade Center Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89119 T: 702-616-1400 F: 702-367-0007

JCM Global Booth: 213 925 Pilot Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89119

KPMG LLP KPMG offers audit, tax and advisory services to gaming companies across Canada by addressing business and industry issues from their perspective. Services include regulatory compliance, business transformation and business optimization. Silvia Montefiore, Jocelyn Leclerc and Lesley Luk Yonge Corporate Centre 4100 Yonge Street, Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario M2P 2H3 T: 416-228-7215 F:416-228-7123 Show Guide | 41

Exhibitor & Sponsor Listings Loto-Quebec 500 Rue Sherbrooke West, Suite 2100 Montreal, QC H3A 3G6

Manitoba Liqour & Lotteries 1555 Buffalo Place P.O. Box 1023 Winnipeg, MB R3C 2X1 Medeco of Canada Booth: 114 For high security protection, don’t rely on an ordinary lock. Ask for Medeco, the world’s premium high security mechanical lock. Serge Blouin, Kris Houle, Trish Holland, Dag Nyhof 160 Four Valley Dr. Vaughan, ON L4K 4T9 T: 905-532-4970 F: 905-532-4971 MEDIAEDGE COMMUNICATIONS Booth: 106 A leading Canadian communications company, specializing in publications for diverse industries such as: Gaming, Foodservice, Real Estate and Corporate Meetings. Areas of expertise include events, website development, corporate videos and contract publishing. Chuck Nervick, Senior Vice President 5255 Yonge St., Suite 1000 Toronto, ON M2N 6P4 T: 866-216-0860 ext 227 F: 416-512-8344 MEI Booth: 200 MEI, the global leader in unattended payment systems is relied upon for more than two billion transactions per week throughout the world. Brian Wedderspoon and Mark Staudt 3222 Phoenixville Pike, Suite 200 Malvern, PA 19355 T: 610-430-2727

42 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

Miller Thompson LLP Miller Thomson is one of Canada’s most respected national business law firms. We pride ourselves on providing practical, creative and cost-effective advice in combination with superlative client service. With offices across the country, we offer an effective one-stop solution for any business, charity, lottery corporation or regulator participating in the Canadian gaming industry. Danielle Bush, National Chair of the Gaming, Lotteries and Casinos Practice Group Scotia Plaza 40 King Street West, Suite 5800 Toronto, ON M5H 3S1 T: 416-595-8500 or 1-888-762-5559 F: 416-595-8695 NRT Technology Corp. Booth: 813 NRT Technology Corp. provides innovative cash handling & financial services, products & solutions to the casino industry world-wide. Our innovative line of QuickJack™ redemption ATM’s handles all types of customer self service redemption transactions. NRT also provides turnkey applications for ATM transaction processing, cash access, Jackpot redemption, ticket redemption as well as other business related applications. Our products are used around the globe by Casinos, Lotteries & Retailers. Greta Hernandez, Marketing Coordinator 10 Compass Crt. Toronto, ON M1S 5R3 T: 416-646-5232 ext. 4286 F: 416-646-5242 OLG Booth: 514 OLG will showcase their latest RG initiatives including their effective IT PAYS TO KNOW interactive kiosk platform. Sheona Hurd 4120 Yonge St., Suite 500 Toronto, ON M2P 2B8 T: 416-224-7080 ext. 6377

OPTIMAL PAYMENTS Trusted online payments solutions for regulated online gaming since 1996 including: compliant account funding and disbursements; player KYC; location verification; and fraud management. Sandy Battista 2 Place Alexis-Nihon 3500 de Maisonneuve Blvd. W., Suite 700 Montreal, QC H3Z 3C1 Panasonic Canada Inc. Booth: 1001 Visit Panasonic at Booth: 1001 to see how security and surveillance systems, projectors, professional displays and HD video production can improve your business. Terry Horbatiuk, National Sales Manager, Professional Imaging Group Mike Reynolds, Marketing Manager, Security Brian Lang, Marketing Manager, Professional Display 5770 Ambler Drive Mississauga, ON L4W2T3 T: 905-624-5010 PokerTek, Inc. Booth: 313 Develop and distribute electronic table games solutions for the gaming industry, including products such as PokerPro and BlackjackPro. Mark Roberson, CEO James Crawford, President 1150 Crews Rd, Suite A Matthews, NC 28105 T: 888-484-5178 Quixant USA Inc. Quixant is the world’s premier company focused exclusively on the design and manufacture of the most advanced PC based computer systems for the gaming industry. Amit Sharma, VP of Sales 1525 E. Sunset Rd., Suite 6 Las Vegas, NV 89119-4906 T: 702-522-7849 F: 702-522-7158

Rogers Business Solutions Booth: 100 Rogers Business Solutions delivers Internet, data and voice services over one of Canada’s largest fibre networks with the speed, capacity and reliability to manage today’s growing business demands Karen Franklin, Director, Marketing, Rogers Business Solutions 8200 Dixie Rd. Brampton, ON L6T 0C1 T: 647-747-0985 SAS Institute (Canada) Inc. SAS helps organizations anticipate business opportunities, empower action and drive impact. We do this through advanced analytics that turn data about customers, performance, financials and more into meaningful information. Andrew Bowden, Field Marketing Manager of Hospitality, Retail and Telecommunications Emmanuel Pacheco, Sales Lead of Hospitality and Entertainment 280 King Street East, Suite 500 Toronto, ON M5A 1K7 T: 416-363-4424 F: 416-363-5399 Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation Operates Casinos Regina and Moose Jaw, with 1,057 slot machines, 26 table games and 14 poker tables. 969 employees work to welcome over 3.6M guests annually. Amenities include a 716 seat Show Lounge; and, dining options that range from a relaxed atmosphere at the Last Spike Restaurant, to a quick bite on the go at the CR Express, drinks at the CPR Lounge or coffee in the Whistle Stop. Susan Flett, Vice President, Marketing and Corporate Relations 1801 Hamilton St., Suite 1210 Regina, SK S4P 4B4 T: 306-787-1356 F: 306-787-1444

ScentAir Booth: 119 ScentAir is the world’s leading scent marketing company, creating over five billion enduring scent impressions for our customers each year. Businesses of all types and sizes rely on ScentAir to provide state of the art scent delivery solutions for their business environments. We are the largest and most experienced scent marketing firm in the world with customers in 109 countries and more than 60,000 scent placements in service. 14301-G South Lakes Dr. Charlotte, NC 28273 T: 704-504-2320 F: 704-504-2373

Scientific Games International A leading innovator in the global lottery and regulated gaming industries, advancing the games and technology that drive revenues for more than 300 customers worldwide. Raymond Goudreault, Sr. Vice President, Canadian Operations Jordan Gnat, Managing Director Canada Garry King, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Canada 300 boul. de l’ Assomption Montreal, QC H1N 3V5 T: 514-254-3000 45 St. Clair Avenue, West, Suite 902 Toronto, ON M4V 1K9 T: 416-815-4993 F: 514-254-1411

SPIELO International Booth: 600 Liette Hebert 328 Urquhart Ave Moncton, NB E1H 2R6 T: 800-561-1263 F: 506-852-7784

SplashDot SplashDot is a leader in online loyalty, promotions, games, and more. We provide engaging player experiences, backed by industry leading security, and proven software- nCentive Patrick Watson, Jonathan Csakany and Cameron Jardine 609 West Hastings St., 10th Floor Vancouver, BC V6B 4W4 T: 604-889-0597 F: 866-335-249

Suzo-Happ Group Booth: 812 Suzo-Happ is the leading solutions provider for a wide range of fieldproven components including printers, bill validators, monitors, and interactive digital communications systems. Anand Naraine Fred Brendel 2015 Helm Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89119 T: 888-289-4277 T: 847-593-6161 F: 800-593-4277 TCSJohnHuxley For over three decades, TCSJohnHuxley have been proud to be the supplier of industry leading live and electronic gaming, utility and system products. Brad Broderick, Chief Operating Officer – North America JP Symeonidis, Business Development Manager – Canada 6171 McLeod Dr. Las Vegas, NV 89120 T: 702-798-0500 F: 702-798-0545

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Exhibitor & Sponsor Listings Titan Creative Entertainment Network Inc. Booth: 412 Reg Titian 1-223 Bay St S Hamilton, ON L8P 3J2 T: 905-572-6759 F: 905-973-6282

TekVisions, Inc. Booth: 1006 TekVisions manufactures Fixed and Portable Tablets for Bingo, Replacement Touch Screen Terminals for Point of Sale, Cashier Stations, and Player Rating. Thomas A. Cramer, VP Sales 40970 Anza Road Temecula, CA 92592 951-506-9709 951-506-4035

Verdi Solutions Booth: 512 lotus® PRO High Capacity Unit: Aqueous ozone is nature’s most effective cleaner, stain remover, deodorizer & germ killer. It’s 50% more powerful than chlorine bleach. Joe Bitonti and Ron Dzombak 521 Michael Dr. Tecumseh, ON N8N 4M9 T: 519-567-4141 (Joe) or 519-996-5993 (Ron)

3rd rock Gaming® Booth: 1011 3rd Rock Gaming is a global developer and manufacturer of gaming tablets, linked gaming solutions, casino games, player rewards systems and ERP enterprise management systems. Rick G. White, CEO 75190 Gerald Ford Dr Palm Desert CA 92211 T: 760-773-0197 F: 760-346-9064


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44 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

Video King Booth: 907 Among world’s largest providers of electronic gaming systems, game designs and bingo hall equipment. Products include digital signage, tablets, handsets, consoles, point-of-sale systems. Peggy Hansen, Tim Stuart, Dan Free, Rusty Morin, Richard Seesahai 2717 N. 118th Cir. Suite 210 Omaha, NE 68164 T: 402-951-2970 F: 402-951-2990 WMS Gaming Booth: 612 WMS creates top-earning video and mechanical reel-spinning slot machines and solutions that combine casino, online, social, and mobile experiences into a comprehensive gaming ecosystem. Deborah Heater, Dean Hendrickson, Jim Heater and Carly Brown 800 S. Northpoint Blvd. Waukegan, IL 60085 847-785-3000 847-785-3058

Speaker Biographies Salim Adatia is the CEO of GLI Canada. Prior to GLI’s acquisition of Technical Systems Testing (TST), Mr. Adatia was company’s CEO, and today he remains a driving force in GLI’s global initiatives related to iGaming. He also directs GLI’s newly formed Global Professional Services Division, whose experts lead the world in WLA SCS Certification and other services. Mr. Adatia is one of the world’s leading experts in iGaming and works with government regulators, operators and suppliers to ensure gambling products meet with comprehensive technical regulatory requirements, suppliers’ technical specifications, and global best-practice industry standards. Mr. Adatia has spoken at a variety of industry conferences in Canada, the U.S., Asia, Europe and Australia and has been interviewed by and written for numerous publications serving these regions. He was also chosen as one of the gaming industry’s “Top 25 People to Watch” by Global Gaming Business magazine in January 2012. Mr. Adatia has professional experience with expert witness research and support and has received additional training in fundamentals of personnel law. Jason Allan has been with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation since 1999. During his tenure he has held several marketing related positions within OLG ranging from Gaming site Marketing Manager, responsible for development and execution of local marketing strategies, to Regional Manager where he was responsible for provincial strategies of driving new business to gaming sites. In his current role of Director of CRM, Jason has oversight of Gaming Loyalty, Customer Experience and Member Analytics. François-Patrick Allard consecutively occupied the positions of consultant, analyst, specialist and department head of the Research and Analysis team at Loto-Québec subsidiary Société des casinos du Québec from 1998 to 2003. He went on to become Director of Business Intelligence from 2004 to 2005, while simultaneously taking on the responsibilities, in 2005, of interim Relationship Marketing Director. In January 2006, he became Director of Development before being named Managing Director in October 2008 of another Loto-Québec subsidiary, Société des bingos du Québec. Before his arrival at Loto-Québec, François-Patrick was a survey methodologist (statistician) for three years at Statistics Canada in Ottawa. François-Patrick has a degree from Université de Montréal in Mathematics, specializing in statistics and actuarial studies. Marie-Claude Bernard has almost 15 years of industry experience. She has been Consulting Services Group Director at EM L’agence since 2009. Before joining the agency, she was Account Director at Nestlé and News Marketing Canada where, in her role as consultant, she orchestrated the launch of several successful products, including Swiffer, Rickard’s Red and Fructis. More recently, she helped La Capital general insurance reposition itself, and supervised several major initiatives for Rogers, Speedy Glass and Danone. Marie-Claude has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA).

Fred Bertucca – OPP Chief Superintendent – has been appointed to head up the AGCO’s Investigation and Enforcement Bureau. With a 26 year policing career with the Ontario Provincial Police and the Metropolitan Toronto Police Service, Chief Superintendent Bertucca has responsibility for managing the enforcement of the province’s liquor and gaming laws. He has held police service postings in various Ontario communities (Midland, Barrie, Thunder Bay, London and Orillia), served as Commander of the Queen’s Park Detachment, Protective Services, and completed a United Nations Peacekeeping tour in Kosovo. Thomas Bierbach, CISM, CISA, ISO/ IEC27001 Lead Auditor has over 25 years of international experience and has made Risk Management and Lottery Security his career. Thomas is BMM’s Lottery Security expert. In senior roles in the industry, such as the Director of Security & Compliance at Atlantic Lottery, he has supported organizations in creating the competitive edge of a world class organization while maintaining highest standards of Security and Integrity. Thomas has also represented Canada as CoChair on the World Lottery Association Security & Risk Management Committee (WLA SRMC) with the mandate to develop and propagate global standards of integrity, security and player protection in the lottery and gaming industry. Thomas has led Atlantic Lottery through ISO/IEC27001 implementation and certification as well as WLA Security Control Standard certification. Thomas is a senior advisor in the field of risk management and security & compliance in the Lottery & Gaming Industry, working with organizations in the identification and implementation of security & compliance programs and solutions in support of player protection and operational excellence. At BMM, Thomas is responsible for the development and delivery of services for Lottery & Gaming Risk, Security and Compliance Management, including Lottery Security Assessments and the Design and Implementation of Security Frameworks and Controls as well as Fraud Detection & Prevention and Compliance Programs. Arryn Blumberg is a Director at PwC based in Toronto. Arryn is an experienced gaming practitioner and technology consultant who has worked in some of PwC’s most challenging environments to maximize client benefits, and managed complex, larger scale change programs. He joined PwC Canada in early 2011, previously he was with PwC UK, London, for 7 years and prior to that he was in industry in the UK for 6 years where he was responsible for large scale IP networks, technology consulting and IT security. He has expertise in programme management and transformation, strategy delivery, driving complex change, operational management, IT due diligence, telecoms, gaming regulation, iGaming, game testing and internet networks, general IT systems including ERP (SAP) and aligning IT with the business. Arryn is a lead member of PwC’s gaming and technology practices, working both national and internationally on gaming and technology related engagements.

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Speaker Biographies Amanda Brewer brings 17 years of communications and public relations experience to her clients. During her career, she has provided counsel to both private and public sector clients in regulated industries such as gaming, broadcasting, mining and metals, and financial services, with an emphasis on corporate reputation, public relations and issues management. Amanda has worked with executives to create visibility with the media, shareholders, and key influencers; overseen a variety of public relations initiatives; and implemented communications programs designed to deliver on business priorities. Prior to launching TRM Consulting Ltd as its CEO and partner alongside Troy Ross (president and partner), Amanda was a senior account director at Edelman where she managed a number of high-profile media relations and issues management campaigns for blue-chip companies such as Amex, J&J, and Unilever. Amanda began working in the gaming industry during her tenure as an account director at Hill + Knowlton Strategies, where she managed a variety of gaming clients including the Ontario Racing Commission, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, the Interactive Gaming Council, and the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation. She also served as manager, internal communications with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), where she provided leadership on a number of national initiatives aimed at promoting the brand, reputation, programming, and public accountability of CBC to both unionized staff and management. Amanda has additional experience working with AGF Funds Inc., and spent five years with mining and metals giant Noranda Inc., (now Xstrata) where she managed numerous initiatives ranging from environmental communications, to corporate social responsibility, to investor relations. She has also spent time working with a division of Health Canada in Ottawa. Amanda is fluently bilingual (French) and holds an MA in Journalism from the University of Western Ontario and a BA in English from Wilfrid Laurier University. She has also successfully completed the Canadian Securities Course. Amanda is an accredited member (ABC) with the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and is a past-president of the chapter in Toronto.

46 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

Paul Burns is Vice President of Public Affairs for the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA). Recognizing the importance of a unified voice for the gaming industry in Canada, Mr. Burns was instrumental in establishing the CGA in 2005. Under his leadership as VP of Public Affairs, the association has grown to include the gaming’s leading operators, manufacturers, and suppliers nation-wide. He has been responsible for the development of industrywide programs and approaches, the release of the country’s most comprehensive study on the economic impact of gaming in Canada, and the expansion of the industry’s national annual gathering, the Canadian Gaming Summit. Mr. Burns’ focus is on critical areas such as responsible gaming, addressing legislative and regulatory issues, and providing leadership on emerging issues. His background is as a seasoned public affairs practitioner with more than 18 years’ experience in the private and public sectors. Prior to his work with the CGA, Mr. Burns served as Corporate Compliance Officer for RPC Gaming, a Canadian-based gaming company operating a chain of gaming establishments in Las Vegas, Nevada. He also served as Vice President of Corporate Affairs for RPC Anchor Gaming, which worked with the Government of Ontario to develop charity casinos in the province. Mr. Burns specializes in policy development and implementation, and has held key policy roles at all levels of government. As policy advisor to the Ontario Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations, he directed government initiatives in the gaming sector. This included the expansion of gaming in Ontario, in such areas as the introduction of slots at racetracks and the development of charitable gaming in the province. Following his time with the Province of Ontario, Mr. Burns served as Senior Advisor to the Mayor of Toronto, focusing on economic development and public transit issues. As a consultant with one of Canada’s leading public affairs firms, he counseled clients on a range of public policy and procurement issues. Mr. Burns is routinely asked to speak about the gaming industry at conferences and events both nationally and abroad.

Danielle Bush recently joined the partnership at Miller Thomson LLP. Before joining Miller Thomson, she was a partner at the boutique firm of Chitiz Pathak LLP and a partner at McCarthy Tetrault LLP. She practises in the areas of regulatory, technology and commercial law with a particular emphasis on the gaming industry. Ms. Bush has a significant amount of experience advising both domestic and foreign gaming companies and regulators. While her area of particular expertise is online gaming, she also acts on a regular basis for a wide variety of companies and government organizations involved directly or indirectly in the land-based gaming industry. Ms. Bush has provided legal services (including negotiating and drafting software licence agreements, and providing legal opinions) to companies involved in all aspects of the industry including gaming software companies, payment processing companies, government regulators, underwriters, NOMADs (with respect to AIM listings in the United Kingdom), and advertisers carrying advertisements for internet gaming websites. She has been involved in the incorporation of various companies in gaming jurisdictions such as Malta, Gibraltar and Alderney. She has also advised clients on issues ranging from online skill gaming, fantasy sports leagues, and sports handicapping operations through to Canadian extradition laws. Ms. Bush regularly attends and speaks at major national and international gaming conferences and shows including the annual Canadian Gaming Summit, the International Gaming Exhibition in London, England, G2E, GIGSE, and the annual meetings of the Gaming and Cyberspace Law Sections of the American Bar Association. Ms. Bush is a member of the Canadian Gaming Association, the International Association of Gaming Regulators, the American Bar Association’s Section of Business Law (Gaming Law Committee), as well as several other professional associations including the American Bar Association’s Intellectual Property Law Section and Regulatory Section, the International Trade-mark Association, and the Canadian Bar Association. Craig Carothers is the Principal of Demand Intelligence for SAS Canada with a cross-industry focus. He has over 25 years of diversified experience integrating systems and analytical applications to optimize performance by translating data related to product usage, customers, operations, and costs into actionable insights. Raymond J. Casey SCSM has over 30 years of shopping centre management experience. Ray’s background includes direct responsibility for over 50 retail projects - from landmark, super-regional malls to entertainment centres, hospitality and gaming developments. He has held senior management and on-site responsibilities in shopping centre operations, leasing and development in Canada, United States and the Middle East. Ray currently holds the position of Director of Retail at Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort, a $1 billion casino resort facility located in Niagara Falls, Canada. A graduate of Ryerson University’s Business Administration program in Toronto, Canada, Ray received his Certified Shopping Center Manager, (CSM) accreditation from the International Council of Shopping Centers in 1988. Ray served as a member of the ICSC Certified Shopping Centre Manager Committee from 1998 to 2004 and frequently lectures on shopping centre management internationally. Show Guide | 47

Speaker Biographies Lynn Cassidy has been the Executive Director of the Ontario Charitable Gaming Association (OCGA) since 1997. Prior to joining the OCGA, Lynn held senior management positions with the Ontario provincial government at the Ministry of Community and Social Services, she was the Executive Director for two social service organizations, providing treatment services to adolescents and families, and was part-time faculty at George Brown College. She has an honours degree in Sociology and a Masters of Business Administration. Lynn brings a unique combination of experiences with charities/non-profits, volunteer boards and governments and is a frequent speaker and trainer.

Terry Debono is a partner in the Debono Group, a company that provides strategic consulting, research and analysis, interim management and mergers & acquisitions services to a wide range of international clients in the Broadcast, Technology, Media, Entertainment and Gaming Sectors. Terry has been directly involved in the Gaming industry since 1999, working worldwide with technology providers, software system creators, game developers, satellite, cable and mobile operators who are involved in delivering chance-based and skill-based games to Lotteries, Casinos, Charities and Retailers via land based, online and mobile delivery platforms. Terry lives on an airplane, but calls Canada his home.

Paul Chater has more than 25 years experience in all aspects of the public relations industry in North America and Europe. He currently provides a wide range of counsel to gaming and casino clients, including issues & crisis management, media relations, promotional development, community relations, event planning and entertainment publicity. Paul is a partner in Marshall Fenn Communications, Canada’s most experienced casino marketing agency.

Jeffrey L. Derevensky, PhD, is Professor and Director of Clinical Training in School/Applied Child Psychology, Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology; and Professor, Department of Psychiatry at McGill University. He has published widely in the fields of child development, developmental psychopathology, gambling studies and education and is on the editorial board of numerous journals. Since 1992 he has been investigating youth gambling behaviors and has developed a comprehensive research program investigating many facets of youth gambling, is actively involved in treating youth with severe gambling problems, helps coordinate multiple prevention initiatives, and is the Co-Director of the McGill University Youth Gambling Research and Treatment Clinic and the International Centre for Youth Gambling Problems and High-Risk Behaviors. Dr. Derevensky is considered an international expert in the field of youth gambling and has testified before legislative committees in North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

Patricia Cook is Vice-President of Corporate Affairs with the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority (SIGA), and has created an evolving culture which displays growth and development for the First Nations men and women employed by her organization. Patricia joined SIGA in July of 2005 with a focus on corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. She oversees SIGA’s communications, public relations, community relations, stakeholder relations, responsible gaming and policy administration. A visionary and natural leader, Pat is currently serving as a Director with the Saskatchewan Research Council, is a past Director with Tourism Saskatchewan, and past Deputy Speaker (two terms) for the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations Legislative Assembly. Prior to her time at SIGA, Pat spent 20 years working with the Prince Albert Grand Council (with four years as the Director of Operations). Pat is a graduate of the Directors College, Chartered Director Program and the University of Regina. She has also earned her Certificate of Aboriginal Leadership, Governance and Management Excellence from the Banff School of Management. In early 2009, Ms. Cook was recognized as one of Saskatchewan’s Top 10 Woman of Influence by Sask. Business Magazine and nominated as a Women of Distinction in 2010. As one of Saskatchewan’s most visible First Nations leaders, Patricia is committed to taking strides for the many First Nations people she represents in both corporate and volunteer roles. Pat and her husband have two children and three grandchildren. She is committed to healthy living and enjoys running to stay fit.

48 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

Deanna Dobson is the point-person for Income Access’ full-service digital marketing agency as the company’s Manager of Client Relations – Marketing & Content Services. Deanna works closely with clients to develop strategies that leverage digital marketing to reach online and offline acquisition objectives. Working closely with Nicky Senyard, Income Access’ visionary founder and CEO, Deanna’s role includes managing the company’s corporate content and PR strategy. Deanna’s iGaming career began with positions in affiliate marketing and client management, where she was responsible for developing and executing highly successful acquisition strategies for a number of leading iGaming operators. Deanna’s creative and innovative approach stems from her having gained a holistic perspective on iGaming industry best practices in the context of B2B, B2A and B2C. Deanna holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree (specializing in marketing) from Griffith University, in Brisbane, Australia.

Susan Dolinksi joined BCLC in 2007 as the lead to establish the organization’s government relations program. Her role grew to take on responsibility for all aspects of BCLC’s communications including media relations, public affairs, and internal communications, and she has successfully guided the company through a number of high profile events in British Columbia. Under Susan’s leadership, in 2013, BCLC achieved its highest public support ratings recorded in part due to the Corporation’s new approach to stakeholder engagement and transparency. Prior to her time at BCLC, Susan served as Director of Communications at the BC Ambulance Service, where she served on the executive, was the lead spokesperson and led the development and execution of strategies that successfully increased the engagement of paramedics and increased the visibility of the profession among media and stakeholders. Susan also led the community relations strategy for Canadian Forest Products Ltd. in northern B.C., and later helped to launch and manage communications at Forestry Innovation Investment, a marketing partnership between the forest industry and the B.C. Government. Susan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Northern B.C. and has also worked in radio and TV. Gregory Doucette is a Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C/CISO), Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) World Lottery Association Security Controls Standard (WLA SCS©) and ISO27001 Lead Auditor. Over the past 20 years, Gregory has developed a broad range of experience in public and private industry. As Director of GLI’s Global Professional Services, he leads a dedicated professional services business line that includes Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), WLASCS and ISO 27001 Certification and Process Improvement Advisory Services. He brings extensive technical and management experience to this role from career experience with Ernst & Young and Atlantic Lottery Corporation. He has lead information security governance programs based on ISO27001 and WLASCS© standards. Greg is an experienced internal audit leader, having implemented audit programs designed to evaluate and resolve complex internal control and operational problems in the lottery, oil and gas and energy sectors. In addition he has managed IT governance programs based on ISO27001, COBIT and ITIL standards. He has delivered WLASCS/ISO 27001 certification audits to a number of North American lotteries and has delivered specialized WLA/ISO 27001 Lead Auditor certification training to various lottery vendors. With a diverse background, Greg also provides advisory services in Project Management Office solutions. He is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and has implemented frameworks that include portfolio, program and project management along with quality assurance processes. He has developed stage gated project risk and oversight frameworks designed to review troubled projects with the intent to fast track them back to health.

Clark Dumont is Vice President of Corporate Communications for MGM Resorts International. In this role manages the Company’s communications activities regarding Executive Communications, Internal Communications, and the company’s leadership in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. He joined the company in July 2011. Clark is an executive communicator with extensive experience in journalism, corporate communications and public affairs including international technology, aerospace, defense, security, and US health care and counseling company executives on effective Communications strategies. He has most recently served in several senior Communications positions with BAE Systems, Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of BAE Systems plc. Prior to joining BAE Systems, Dumont was vice president of communications and public affairs for Nevada Cancer Institute. He was previously with WellPoint Inc., where he served as director of regional corporate communications for the company’s Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Northeast region. He also served as vice president of corporate relations for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire. He began his career as a broadcast journalist. Dumont received a bachelor’s degree in communications from American University and a master’s degree in communications management from Syracuse University. He is accredited as a public relations practitioner by the Public Relations Society of America (APR). At MGM Resorts, he helped steer the company to be recognized by PR News for Overall Corporate Social Responsibility Practice in 2013 for large companies. He is a member of the Board of Directors of Nevada Development Authority, the National Dean’s Council of the Columbia School of Arts & Sciences at George Washington University, and the Dean’s Council at the Greenspun School of Urban Affairs at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. Richard Fenster is the Director, eGaming Operations at BCLC. With more than 15 years gaming of experience in lottery, casino and eGaming, Richard is a key member of BCLC’s eGaming leadership team, responsible for the operations of BCLC’s secure and regulated gaming website, After joining eGaming in 2006, Richard became responsible for enhancing BCLC’s interactive portfolio and strategic eGaming plans. Under Richard’s leadership and guidance, BCLC drove the development of North America’s very first legal online Casino. He played a significant role in the creation and development of BCLC’s eGaming business model which is currently being adopted by a number of Canadian gaming jurisdictions. Today, Richard continues to drive development of BCLC’s player account system and player portal while overseeing the User Experience, Business intelligence and Product Certification teams.

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Speaker Biographies Randall A. Fine is the founder and managing director of The Fine Point Group, one of the casino industry’s largest marketing and operations-focused consulting firms. Named one of Global Gaming Magazine’s 2010 People to Watch and In Business Las Vegas’s 2009 “40 Under 40,” Fine has served as the Chief Executive Officer of two $100M+ casino / hotel properties. In addition, his firm has provided marketing and operational consulting services to over 60 gaming companies, spanning twenty U.S. states, five Canadian provinces, and six countries. Randy also co-developed, along with his Fine Point colleagues, LaserPointCRM™, an awardwinning automated CRM solution that is designed to drive database revenue growth while improving marketing efficiencies. Launched mid-2012, LaserPointCRM™ is currently being utilized by a number of casinos operating across North America. Prior to founding FPG, Randy served as the Chief Marketing Officer for Carl Icahn’s gaming company, and as the corporate Vice President of Slot Operations and Loyalty Marketing for Harrah’s Entertainment, where he was the sole inventor of a patent that is the foundation of the Total Rewards customer loyalty program. He holds both his undergraduate and his MBA degree from Harvard University. Larry Flynn is the Senior Vice President, Gaming, of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). Larry oversees a $3.6 billion gaming operation responsible for 24 gaming sites, two warehouses and more than 6,500 direct employees. He is accountable to establish new business and foster organizational and leadership capabilities within his management teams. Larry also plays a major role in fulfilling OLG’s broader vision, and ensuring the organization delivers on its commitment to customer service excellence. Larry joined OLG in October 2001 as Senior Vice President of Gaming Marketing responsible for creating and implementing gaming marketing strategies for OLG’s slots-atracetracks, and charity casinos. Prior to joining OLG, Larry held a number of senior management roles at the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) for over 26 years. Aside from being declared as a “Learning Leader” by the Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD), in June 2012, Larry also received the prestigious Industry Leadership & Outstanding Contribution Award from the Canadian Gaming Association. Larry has also completed executive management programs at Wilfrid Laurier University, Dalhousie University, Ivey School of Business and Nevada. Samuel Fontaine has over 20 years experience in advertising, creation and marketing strategy for major national and international brands. He holds the position of Strategic Planner and Content Group Director at EM L’agence. The group brings together strategists from complementary interactive, experiential and media disciplines. He began his career at Publicis en France. Arriving in Canada in 2001, he continued to work for agencies for a number of years before joining Omer DeSerres as Strategic Planning Director. He was responsible for DeSerres’ new positioning and relaunch throughout Canada. He has a Master’s Degree in Management from École supérieure de gestion de Paris and a university diploma in marketing techniques. During his career, he has provided consulting services to such renowned clients as Rona, ING Direct, Jacadi, Danone, Vivendi and Pepsico. 50 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

Isabelle Galande has worked in marketing for more than 15 years. She earned a graduate diploma specializing in marketing communications at Hautes études commerciales de Montréal. After several years spent working for advertising agencies, she joined the Société des bingos du Québec (SBQ) in 2006, where she is currently head of product marketing and customer experience. Recognized for her dynamic nature and commitment, Isabelle has participated in a number of major projects in the past few years, including the creation and deployment of the Kinzo concept. She is currently working on the development of strategies to expand brand recognition and image, as well as the customer experience in Kinzo halls. Ronald (Ron) Gallaway assumed his current position – Senior Director of Product Planning − as part of Bally Technologies’ acquisition of the Casino Marketplace (CMP) gaming systems company in 2001. Gallaway is a Nevada native and has been involved with development and sales of gaming systems for more than 35 years beginning with his 16-year career with IBM. While at IBM, he directed the design, development, and installation of the industry’s first ”On-Line Slot Monitoring System” which was installed at Harvey’s Casino and Resort at Lake Tahoe, Nevada in 1974. Prior to the startup of the Casino Marketplace company, Gallaway held senior sales and engineering positions with several of the gaming industry’s leading systems companies including EDT (the former systems division of IGT), MIKOHN Gaming, Lodging and Gaming Systems (LGS), and Lodigisitix. Gallaway’s technical experience has included design and development of several playertracking, gaming accounting, and marketing systems on both AS/400 and Windows® based-platforms. Diane Gartshore is the Director, Charitable Gaming Implementation, at Ontario Lottery and Gaming. Diane has over 20 years gaming experience in Canada and internationally. Diane started with the OLG where she led the product development for the first linked bingo game in Canada. Diane went on to complete her MBA and work as a product director for an internet gaming company focusing on products in bingo, poker, casino and player management. Diane joined OLG’s charitable gaming revitalization program two years ago to lead the development and product implementation of the new Charitable Gaming Centres.

Rhonda Garvey is responsible for the strategic direction of the eGaming business unit, providing leadership in all aspects relating to operations, development and marketing of BCLC’s secure and regulated gambling website, Prior to becoming Vice President, eGaming in 2011, Rhonda, as a longtime member of BCLC, worked extensively in lottery product development, in marketing of traditional lottery products and directing the eGaming team. Rhonda’s vision for BCLC’s eGaming strategy has resulted in opportunities for the creation and development of many new, entertaining and innovative products, as well as packaging BCLC’s online solution to other jurisdictions in Canada. Under Rhonda’s leadership, has evolved from a lottery distribution channel to the first regulated gambling website in North America to offer casino-style games and peer-to-peer poker. Today, registered players can choose from a variety of games in six categories: Lottery, Casino, Poker, Sports, Bingo and Games. Phil B. Gelber serves as Senior Vice President of Product Development and is responsible for WMS Gaming’s game development studios in the U.S., Australia and India. He was promoted to this position after serving as Vice President of Game Development and, earlier, as an Executive Producer. In his current role, Phil is responsible for the development of WMS gaming content for the company’s video and mechanical slot and poker machine games, as well as Class II systems and video lottery terminals. He is also responsible for the middleware platform that WMS uses to create next-generation content. Under his leadership, the company’s creative team has developed a number of award-winning game themes, applications and gaming content, including Player’s Life Web Services®, a unique online casual game community that connects in-casino gaming with at-home gaming entertainment; and the fully immersive Aladdin & The Magic Quest™ game on the Sensory Immersion 2.0 platform. Before joining WMS, Phil held various game development positions for companies such as Atari, Sega and Eidos Interactive. He holds a degree in Hotel Administration from the University of Nevada-Las Vegas. Brenda Gibbons is the Executive Director Procurement for Modernization at Ontario Lottery & Gaming (OLG). Brenda has been a Procurement professional for over 30 years. For the past 15 years Brenda has led Procurement teams within the Gaming sector, first at Casino Niagara and now in her current position at OLG.

Mark Gilbert is the Senior Director of Corporate Analysis & Research at Bally Technologies. In this capacity, Gilbert functions as a gaming consultant for both internal and external Bally Technologies’ customers. Internally, Gilbert assists in both Games and Systems Sales through the application of operational experience in Gaming, Casino Marketing, and Analytics. Additionally, Gilbert’s Corporate Analysis & Research department is responsible for the internal reporting and analysis of Bally VLT and Class II slot units. Externally, Gilbert supports Bally Technologies’ customers through Slot Pricing and Performance analyses, casino floor layout and design, ROI modeling of both Games and Systems capital expenditures, Casino Marketing event pro forma/post analysis, and overall Planning & Analysis functions. Immediately prior to joining Bally Technologies in 2009, Mark was Corporate Director of Table Games Revenue Management at Caesars Entertainment (formerly Harrah’s Entertainment). Gilbert graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in 1999 with a Master of Science degree in Hotel Administration, with a concentration in Casino Operations. Michael Graydon is the President and CEO of BCLC, a Crown Corporation responsible for gambling entertainment in the Province of British Columbia. With a strong focus on innovation, customer experience and employee engagement, Michael is leading the transformation of BCLC’s lottery, casino and eGaming businesses to generate socially responsible revenue growth. Under Michael’s leadership, BCLC is generating business growth under highly competitive and challenging market conditions. Michael’s vision for delivering outstanding gambling entertainment has helped BCLC achieve new financial and customer engagement goals and become a recognized leader in the competitive gambling and entertainment industry worldwide. He is challenging BCLC to think differently, work faster and deliver better service with a focus on technology and talent development. Michael believes continued investment in people and building leadership skills to drive innovation is critical to BCLC’s business success. Michael’s passion for innovation drove the launch of, North America’s first regulated internet gambling site. Corporate social responsibility is a cornerstone of his strategy, demonstrated by his leading BCLC to become an internationally recognized leader in responsible gambling with the creation of the GameSense brand. Before joining BCLC in 2008, Michael held several senior roles in large corporations including Canada’s largest retail buying company Mega Group, food manufacturer J.D. Sweid, food retailer Sobeys, The Keg Restaurants and Carling O’Keefe Breweries. His community and professional commitments include his role on the Advisory Board of the School of Business and Economics at Thompson Rivers University; the Special Olympics B.C.’s Sports Celebrity Dinner; the Board of Directors of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation; and the B.C. Horse Racing Industry Management Committee. He has also served as Vice Chair of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. Michael attended the University of Western Ontario and INSEAD in France, the world’s leading graduate business school. He also participated in the Richard Ivey School of Business QuantumShift program.

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Speaker Biographies Darren Henderson is based in Toronto and leads PwC Canada’s Technology, InfoComm & Entertainment (TICE) Consulting and Deals practice. Within this role Darren also lead’s PwC’s Gaming Practice. Darren is a CA (Australia) and has a deep background in finance and operations within the telecommunications and gaming sectors. Initially trained in computer audit techniques, Darren has maintained this focus and expanded it to include various consulting projects focused on the design and implementation of processes and systems in a digital world. This includes internet gaming, an initiative in which Darren has been working closely with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. Declan Hill is a journalist, academic and consultant. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on match-fixing and corruption in international sports. In 2008, Hill, as a Chevening Scholar, obtained his doctorate in Sociology at the University of Oxford. His book ‘The Fix: Organized Crime and Soccer’ has appeared in fifteen languages. It outlines the new danger to international sport posed by the globalization of the gambling market and possible match-fixing at the highest levels of professional football (soccer) including the Champions League and FIFA World Cup tournaments. Hill has also published a number of academic articles, is a reviewer for Global Integrity and has probed the impact of the Russian mafia on professional ice hockey. Ilkim Hincer is the Vice President and General Counsel at Trilliant Gaming Canada. Trilliant is the industrial partnership between Onex and Alex Yemenidjian focused on casino gaming. Onex is one of Canada’s oldest and most successful private equity firms committed to acquiring and building high-quality businesses in partnership with talented management teams. Onex has ownership interests in Pure Canadian Gaming (formerly Casino ABS) in Alberta and the Tropicana Las Vegas. Alex Yemenidjian is the former President and COO of MGM Resorts and the current Chairman and CEO of Tropicana Las Vegas. Before joining Trilliant, Ilkim was the Vice President and General Counsel for the operator of one of the most successful commercial casinos in the country, Casino Rama, north of Toronto. Ilkim has been in the Canadian gaming industry since 2005 when he became the General Counsel of the British Columbia Lottery Corporation, the Crown corporation responsible for conducting and managing gaming in BC. Prior to BCLC, Ilkim was Associate General Counsel at a world renowned Canadian entertainment-technology company and gained private practice experience at leading firms in Toronto and Ottawa. Peter Howard has over 40 years’ experience in the bingo industry, holding positions as a General Manager, Marketing Development Director, and Bingo Association Executive Director. He has worked in the U.K., the United States and, for the past 22 years, in Canada. As Director of Government and Customer Relations for Diamond Game Canada, Peter is responsible for stakeholder relationships with government agencies and the front-line consumer. Peter is a Director of the Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario.

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Kenny Huang is the CEO and co-founder of BlueBat. Kenny is regarded as goodhearted and friendly, but his teammates would describe him as a little eccentric. He knew that the world of traditional video gaming would be disrupted by the mobile and social space. Not one to sit back and watch trends pass him by, he wanted to help game developers create social games more easily. This is done by the creation of the BlueBox gaming engine. Kenny has over 11 years of experience as a software engineer. He has worked for companies such as Electronic Arts, Pacgen Biopharmaceuticals, DTEC, and Market Melody. His experience led him to his true passion of working in the video gaming industry. He’s credited for some of the best selling game titles such as NHL, FIFA, NBA, Madden. Sheona Hurd, OLG’s Senior Manager of Social Responsibility, is working to help players build safe habits into their gambling experience. She leads RG strategy development, currently focused on OLG’s Customer Management program, which includes the development of data analytics and precommitment tools. During her seven years working in RG, Sheona developed and implemented the award winning player education programs, and It Pays To Know, as well as a globally recognized employee training program with the Centre of Addiction and Mental Health. She has led OLG’s efforts to obtain third-party RG accreditation, including “RG Check” and the World Lottery Association’s highest level of certification. Before joining OLG, Sheona was a communications professional with experience in the private and health care sectors. Jim Kabrajee has more than 25 years of marketing and advertising experience in multiple business sectors from casino gaming and entertainment to Lotteries to consumer packaged goods. He has developed marketing and advertising strategies for a variety of multinational and locally based casino clients in nine jurisdictions throughout North America. Jim is a partner in Marshall Fenn Communications, Canada’s most experienced casino marketing agency. Daniel Kajouie is the CEO of Isis Lab who specializes in the convergence of Social gaming and Online gambling, providing the technology and support to enable this new trend online. Isis was recently awarded with the “most innovative start up of 2013” at the GiGSe. Kajouie, was founder & President of 1 Gaming Inc. from 2001 to 2007. One of the world’s leading providers of online bingo software, specializing in the female demographic. By 2007,1 Gaming had successfully delivered to and powered some of the most recognized bingo brands online such as,, Bettsson’s Bingo, Bingo Room network and many more. 1 Gaming was the first to develop many bingo features that were required in order to compete in a rapidly growing industry. Amongst these was the creation and deployment of the first truly multi-language and multicurrency bingo network, enabling European countries to interact and play bingo under one brand for the first time. 1 Gaming’s software was purchased by Unibet’s MariaBingo in 2007, and continued to power its multi-million dollar business until January of 2011. Kajouie is frequently consulted by industry publications and industry leaders on the current and future state of online bingo. His work has been published by some of the most widely read Internet Gaming publications and he has spoken on the same subject at major industry events.

Fred Keeton is Vice President of External Affairs and Chief Diversity Officer for Caesars Entertainment Corporation, the world’s largest gaming-entertainment company. He oversees operationalizing diversity and inclusion (D&I) in Human Resources, Supplier Sourcing, Community Reinvestment, Design and Construction, Marketing, Innovation and Continuous Improvement. He leads Caesars’ senior executive team in applying cognitive diversity to drive business outcomes through Diverse by Design (DbyD) Teams. In 1975, Keeton began his career with Allstate Insurance Company, and concurrently attended Jackson State University in Jackson, Mississippi working towards a 1979 bachelors of Science degree in political science. He has worked in progressively advanced corporate and operational roles over the past 31 years. Dr. Jon Kelly joined the Responsible Gambling Council as CEO in January 1998. Jon has invested many years in public service and the non-profit sector. In the past, Jon has held several Policy Advisor positions in the Ontario government, including Director of Services for Disabled Persons and the first Director of the Ontario’s Provincial Anti-Drug Secretariat (1989) - an organization established to co-ordinate Ontario’s drug and alcohol prevention strategy. Jon is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario and holds a doctorate from the University of Edinburgh. He has been invited to present on responsible gambling issues at conferences and seminars around the world. In 2012, Jon was appointed to the Advisory Panel of Gambling Safeguards for the Government of Singapore. Ella Kila, VP Enterprise Risk Management is responsible for risk governance, risk management, crisis management, business continuity management and fraud management services to all OLG departments and locations. Her successes include: embedding, and maturing risk management awareness, practices and standards in the organization while it is undergoing significant change; build a high performing risk team; advanced the risk culture at the Top 100, Executive and Board level of the organization; and embedded risk management into project management, including portfolio risk management. She has diverse experiences in auditing, accounting, risk and control assessments, facilitation, training, public speaking, mentoring and coaching. Robert Lalonde has a total of nearly twenty years of experience in the Québec gaming industry, including sixteen years in casino operations, notably managing gaming tables. He was an active participant in the 2009 opening of the Casino de Mont-Tremblant. Three years ago, he joined the Société des casinos du Québec’s new product development department, where he implanted new games in Québec casinos. Appointed New Product Development Manager last year, Robert Lalonde manages the platform’s online gaming operations.

Paul Lauzon is a Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Ipsos Reid West as well as Ipsos Reid’s Lottery and Gaming practice. Over the past 15 years, Paul’s core responsibilities have included managing the specialized team of researchers in the Lottery and Gaming practice, providing senior strategic advice on key accounts, representing Ipsos at key lottery and gaming industry conferences, and steering the direction for R&D within the group. While leading the Lottery & Gaming team from Ipsos, Paul has been involved in the design and implementation of ad hoc and ongoing market research programs for provincial and state lotteries, casinos, and vendors across North America. He has worked extensively on segmentation & tracking studies, corporate image research, customer satisfaction and evaluation studies, as well as product testing campaigns using various advanced analytics methods. Jocelyn Leclerc brings 25 years of experience with strategy and business transformation. He guides and supports executive teams in context of strategic realignment, when they must transform their organizational model and where executive alignment and strategic change management are critical to the success of the transformation. Jocelyn has been active in various sectors, among which are the commercially oriented Canadian Crown corporations in sectors such as lotteries and gaming, energy, alcoholic beverages and transportation. He has supported them in business transformation initiatives such as Organization performance assessment & improvement, strategic planning and Organization design and corporate governance Murray R. Lee is an information system auditor with GLI’s Global Professional Services division and brings more than 20 years of security framework design, privacy compliance, education and information security experience to GLI’s global client base. Lee is a certified information privacy officer, C/CISO, Certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor, security and compliance consultant and training instructor. In his key role within the Global Professional Services division, he assists organizations of all sizes with their information privacy, security and regulatory, compliance and governance programs. Lee has a wealth of special skills in risk assessment, ISMS auditing, ISO auditing 27001 / 27005 / 31000 / 18000 / 14000, risk methodologies, gap analysis, policy content development and design, awareness training, strategy development and ISMS implementation. Lee has been a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) since 2007 and has held board positions throughout his membership in the Local chapter.

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Speaker Biographies Jean-François Lefebvre, LL.B, BBA, D. Fisc is a Lawyer and a member of the Quebec Bar Association. He is also member of the Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS). He has more than 9 years of experience in advising Canadian organizations on AML compliance matters. Prior to performing this advisory role, Mr. Lefebvre worked with FINTRAC for 7 years. For 6 of those years, he was responsible for the casino sector in FINTRAC’s Montreal office, travelling throughout Canada and working with some of the country’s largest casinos. During Mr. Lefebvre’s time at FINTRAC, he conducted AML compliance reviews of over 250 Canadian organizations from all sectors covered by the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act. Jim Lightbody is the Vice-President, Casino & Community Gaming at BCLC and is responsible for the leadership and direction of the Casino business for BCLC. His mandate includes the strategy and financial performance of the business and the relationship with the service partners who help deliver the gaming experience. Jim also led the Lottery business unit at BCLC for 10 years and prior to 2001 he held a wide range of responsibilities in the retail and hospitality industries with companies such as Procter & Gamble, Nabob Foods and BC Hot House. This experience instilled a keen sense of creating value for consumers through innovation. Jim holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia with a major in marketing. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees of the BC Sports Hall of Fame, is a long term member of the BC Lions’ “Waterboys”, past president of the Crescent Beach Swimming Club and coached minor soccer and lacrosse for 10 years. A native British Columbian, he has been active in many sports his whole life, but his favourite was lacrosse. After a Junior A career in Victoria, he went on to play for the Victoria Shamrocks and New Westminster Salmonbellies, winning two Mann Cups. His current passion is golf, where he competes in amateur tournaments in BC and Washington. Michael D. Lipton Q.C. is a Senior Partner at Dickinson Wright LLP and Head of the Canadian Gaming Law Group in Toronto. He has served as senior counsel on several gaming law matters including advising on Requests for Proposals from government to operate commercial and charitable casinos and advising applicants who seek registration with the various Gaming Regulatory Authorities throughout Canada. He regularly represents governments, gaming equipment manufacturers and suppliers, gaming software manufacturers and Internet gaming operators in all aspects of gaming law. In 2011, Mr. Lipton was awarded the Canadian Gaming Association’s Industry Leadership and Outstanding Contribution Award. Since 2008, Mr. Lipton has been recognized by his peers with inclusion in Best Lawyers in Canada and Chambers Global for his expertise in gaming law. He is a founding member of the International Masters of Gaming Law and a Past President. He is Editor of the Canadian Gaming Lawyer and a member of the editorial boards of the Gaming Law Review and World Online Gambling Law Report. He has authored many articles on all areas of gaming law which have been published in several leading international and national publications and delivered papers at numerous gaming law conferences throughout the world. He can be reached at 416.866.2929 or 54 | Canadian Gaming Summit 2013

John MacFarlane is currently Ontario Lottery and Gaming’s Director of Gaming Transition working with the scope of the overall Modernization project. He is responsible for the successful transition of OLG’s gaming sites to the proposed private sector model. Prior to his current role, John was a Regional Gaming Director with oversight of several OLG operated facilities. Preceding his experience with OLG, John held several senior positions with Harrahs properties in Nova Scotia. John was Vice President and General Manager for the Halifax Casino and Hotel property and the Sydney Casino. In addition John held the positions of Casino Controller and Vice President of Finance. John began his career with Sheraton Hotels working properties in New York City, Arizona, California and the Bahamas. John holds a degree in Business from St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonsih, Nova Scotia and is also a graduate of University Nevada-Reno’s Executive Development Program. John resides in London, ON. Bob MacKinnon is the Acting President & CEO of the Nova Scotia Provincial Lotteries and Casino Corporation, a Crown corporation governed by the provincial Gaming Control Act, that oversees the conduct and management function of gaming in the Province. During his 26 year career, Bob has held a variety of roles in operations management, finance, accounting and sales that have positioned him as a strategic and innovative leader. He approaches his role with a focus that provides direction, follow-through and results within a complex and diverse business environment. His leadership style inspires personal and group excellence, transforming something strong into something superb. Bob is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree and Masters of Business Administration degree from Saint Mary’s University. Outside of the office, Bob is active with his young family and in the community. Marian Magrane is a 35-year veteran in the communications industry and has spent virtually her entire career in a planning capacity. She joined McCann-Erickson in 1977 - initially in their media department before transferring to client services. In 1990, she joined FCB Canada where she spent the next eight years, of which the last two were in the capacity of EVP, General Manager. Following a brief stint with Padulo Integrated Inc, Marian joined Draft Canada in 2000 as SVP, Strategic Planning & Client Service. In 2009, Marian decided to trade the corporate world for a more entrepreneurial environment, and opened magrane marketing services. Throughout her career, Marian has had the pleasure of helping to build some of the world’s most successful brands including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Nestle, and General Mills. She has also amassed a wealth of experience in the public and not-for-profit sectors.

Charles Major is the Director of Product Management at the Quebec Casino Society. Equipped with an MBA from the University of Ottawa and 17 years of gaming experience, Charles has managed the inner workings of casinos from every angle; as the Director of Customer and VIP Services to Financial Controller to Gaming Director at the Lac Leamy Casino. Charles’ insatiable quest to satisfy consumers and shareholders is why he now leads a corporate team of 11 product managers that manage over $800 million dollars in gaming revenues across Quebec’s 4 casinos with over 6000 slots, 200 tables and 4 poker rooms. His intense consumer focus and business acumen are centered on creating memorable gaming experiences for every guest during every visit. By leveraging the 4Ps of marketing and SCQ’s extensive product portfolio, his team works to drive top and bottom line profitability while satisfying diverse entertainment needs and respecting Loto-Quebec’s iconic standards in operational integrity and responsible gaming. Art Manteris brings more than 30 years of Nevada race and sports book expertise to his role at Station Casinos as Vice President of Race and Sports Operations where he oversees the race and sports book operations for the Company’s 18 sports books in Southern Nevada. Under his leadership, he oversaw the design and development of six new, expanded or remodeled state-of-the-art race and sports books for Station Casinos including its Red Rock Casino, Resort and Spa, Green Valley Ranch, Santa Fe Station, Sunset Station, Fiesta Henderson and Aliante Station properties. Manteris was also instrumental in creating and overseeing the Company’s Sports Connection program, Nevada’s only successful intrastate PCbased wagering system as well as W.I.N. (wagering information network), its computer wagering system.,Prior to joining Station Casinos in 2001, Manteris was with the Las Vegas Hilton and later its parent company Park Place Entertainment (today Caesars Entertainment) for 15 years, where he first served as Vice President of Race and Sports Operations for one property and expanded his role to oversee nine major sports books on the corporation’s behalf. He also served in various sports book capacities for Caesars Palace, Barbary Coast, the Stardust and Fremont Hotel & Casino. Regarded as one of the foremost authorities in the sports gaming industry, Manteris oversaw the first computer networking of race and sports books in Nevada history in the late-80’s and has been a policy contributor to the Nevada State Gaming Control Board, Nevada State Gaming Commission, Nevada Resort Association and American Gaming Association. He was also a leading advocate and creator of the Nevada Pari-Mutuel Association and longtime member of its influential Rate Committee that negotiates track video signals from all major US racing circuits. He has produced multiple company record sports book years in handle, revenue and hold percentage in all of his leadership positions in the gaming industry. Additionally, Manteris authored the original Sports Book House Wagering Rules and Regulations used by the majority of race and sports books in Nevada and many betting operations worldwide and co-authored “SuperBookie, Inside Las Vegas Sports Gambling” back in 1991. He is a former college casino management instructor and was a longtime security consultant to the NBA. He has been licensed by the Nevada State Gaming Commission since 1991. Manteris is a graduate of the University of Nevada- Las Vegas. He is married to former KSNV NBC Las Vegas news anchor Sue Manteris and has three children.

Carolyn Marcotte has been a member of the Executive Team at Caesars Windsor since 2007 when she joined the Company as Vice-President of Legal and Compliance. In her capacity as General Counsel, Carolyn manages all legal affairs for the Company. She also serves as the Company’s Compliance Officer where she is responsible for ensuring regulatory compliance. In addition to these duties, Carolyn also oversees both the Security and Surveillance Departments. Carolyn has been a member of the Board of Directors for the United Way/Centraide Windsor-Essex County since 2009 and currently serves as Chair of the Board. Terry McInally is a senior executive specializing in regulatory environments, specifically the liquor and gaming sectors. Prior to joining PwC as a Managing Director, he was a senior executive with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (the Canadian Provincial Regulator), where he was the executive leading the Audit/ Compliance, Risk Management and Strategic Project Management Office. He has 20 + years of experience in stakeholder management, business strategy development, change/ project management, risk assessment, strategic reviews, due diligence and regulatory reform. As part of his regulatory role he has looked at the impact of mobile and social gaming on the Ontario and Canadian market space. He leads PwC’s Gaming Consulting Practice and is the account leader for Ontario Lottery and Gaming, OLG, as a PwC client. Mike McKiski serves as Bally Technologies’ Interactive Sales Manager. He has been with Bally since 2009, previously working as International Product Manager. He has been part of Bally Interactive since the division’s inception in 2011. Prior to joining Bally Technologies, McKiski served in Public Relations for MGM Mirage in Las Vegas. McKiski earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Media Studies from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where he was a four-year letter winner on the football team. Jim McLean is the Director of Gaming Solutions for Arrow Games/Bazaar & Novelty in Canada. His experience and understanding of the gaming industry (both charitable and commercial) has enabled him to provide the market with some creative solutions and different game ideas for operators while thinking outside the box. Jim has been in the gaming industry for 25 years and has worked closely with many of the regulators, lottery organizations, charitable organizations and other interested parties to supply a means of support when developing specific product criteria which has enhanced their game experience. Jim has also worked with sporting teams to introduce an interactive sweepstakes gaming experience in their home venues.

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Speaker Biographies Peter McMahon has been the CEO of the Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario [CGAO] since it was formed in 2004. He has been the lead contact with OLG & AGCO on behalf of the Association and has been instrumental in driving a policy of partnership & engagement. Prior to being at the CGAO, Peter was the Executive Director of the RGSO. During his time in that role he sought out and then built a more constructive partnership with the Charities and the Government partners, which managed to achieve some positive initiatives for the sector. Peter McMahon is currently the President of the Non-Profit – Ontario Bingo Development Fund [OBDF] that has been engaging in various initiatives to promote and support Charitable Gaming in the Province. Before moving into Association Management, Peter worked for the British company Rank Group PLC and held the position of General ManagerOperations in Canada, where the company had eight Bingo Centres in Ontario. Prior to his appointment in Canada he had held various operational positions at Rank in the United Kingdom. He has twenty seven years’ experience in the Gaming Industry in both Canada and the United Kingdom. Tim Menzia, Director of Market Research at WMS Gaming, has had the good fortune to work for and learn from some of the world’s most talented market researchers over the past 25+ years. He started from the ground-up working as a research consultant for many top consumer packaged goods manufacturers while at Information Resources (IRI). One of Tim’s major accomplishments at IRI was the development of a patient level Rx Drug tracking service called RxPulseTM. After IRI, he joined Greenfield Online, a firm that pioneered the practice of conducting market research using the Internet. There, Tim wore multiple hats - creating new services, selling, and delivering actionable insights to top tier manufacturers and retailers. Tim also headed custom research efforts at StartSampling, where he specialized in applying consumer insights to help manufacturers develop and test new products. Currently he is the Director of Market Research at WMS Gaming where he strives to understand more about players than anyone in the industry by leveraging his past experience and the latest research methodologies available. Tim cites the complexity and unpredictable nature of casino players as the biggest appeal for him at WMS.

Twyla Meredith has been part of SaskGaming’s leadership team for more than 18 years, and now serves as the corporation’s President and CEO. As SaskGaming’s first female President and CEO and the only female head of any Saskatchewan for-profit Crown, Ms. Meredith provides vision, leadership, and strategic direction to a corporation that generates closed to $140 million in annual net revenue and employs approximately 1,000 people. During her 18 years with SaskGaming, Ms. Meredith has helped change the face of the corporation. She oversaw the project teams that executed a major expansion of the Casino Regina property, including the addition of a state-of-the-art Show Lounge that hosts world-class live entertainment, and also led the project team that opened the corporation’s second gaming property, Casino Moose Jaw, in 2002. Ms. Meredith also volunteers numerous hours of her personal time with a number of other charities, sports organizations and business associations that have a major impact in her community and beyond. In recognition of her contributions to community development in Saskatchewan, Ms. Meredith was selected as a recipient of the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal in 2005. She was also the 2011 recipient of the Dr. Robert and Norma Ferguson Award for outstanding service to the University of Regina and the University of Regina Alumni Association, was named to the Women Executive Network’s 2011 list of Canada’s Most Powerful Women: Top 100™, and was featured as one of Saskatchewan’s Women of Influence for 2012 by SaskBusiness Magazine. Tom Mungham is the Chief Operating Officer at the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario. With the AGCO since 2006, Tom oversees all licensing, registration, compliance, audit, and electronic gaming testing activities for the AGCO. Tom’s working experience includes both the private and public sectors in areas as diverse as law enforcement, information technology, and financial management. Kevin Noel is the Chief Operating Officer for the Responsible Gambling Council, overseeing finance, administration and human resources, as well as the RGC prevention programs including the youth programs, the Responsible Gaming Resource Centres and Problem Gambling Prevention Week. Kevin and his team have been the driving force behind the launch, successful rollout and delivery of RG Check, Canada’s first accreditation program for gaming venues. Since RG Check’s launch in August 2011, he and his team have initiated the accreditation process in 4 jurisdictions across the country. Kevin attended Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland, where he received his Master of Business Administration, with a concentration in Finance and Strategy. Ivan Oliveira manages the Advanced Analytics and Optimization Services group at SAS, where he has directed projects in operations research and optimization applications in a variety of industries. His group delivers consulting expertise to SAS customers in the field of operations research, Inventory Optimization, Revenue Management and Price Optimization, and related technologies.

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Martha Otton joined the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario in January 2013 as Chief Strategy Officer. As CSO, Martha is responsible for overseeing the organization’s strategic direction which includes an ambitious transformation agenda in support of the AGCO’s goal to become and remain a top regulator. Prior to joining the AGCO, Martha was the Director General of Strategic Planning at Legal Aid Ontario. Martha has held a series of positions at the Ministry of the Attorney General (MAG) including acting Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the Agency Relations Division; Director of Corporate Policy and Agency Relations, and Manager of the Labour Relations and Innovations Unit. During her time at MAG, Martha worked closely with a number of agencies – including the AGCO - and had a lead role in the transformation of the Human Rights system, the establishment of the Office of the Independent Police Review Director and the establishment of the two adjudicative tribunal clusters (the Environment and Land Tribunals Ontario and the Social Justice Benefits Tribunal Ontario). Emmanuel Pacheco is an Account Executive responsible for solution sales at SAS Canada for the major Casinos, Hotels and Entertainment companies across Canada. With over 15 years’ experience in CRM, ERP, Real-Time Marketing and Analytics, along the way he’s been developing relationships globally in the industry to understand and advance customers’ businesses. Marie-Josée Parent has cumulated over 20 years of experience in the casino industry in the table and slot department, including 8 years as Manager, the table and slot department at the Casino de Montréal. For the past 3 years, she joined the team of Product Development at the headquarters of the Société des casinos du Québec as Manager, focusing her efforts in the development of the future vision of Québec’s casinos. John Payne has held leadership roles at Caesars Entertainment for 17 years and is now at the helm of the company’s newly created Shared Service organization where he oversees companywide marketing, hospitality (hotels and food and beverage), entertainment, retail, information technology, VIP marketing, national sales, credit/ collections, continuous improvement and plane programs. John also heads up all Caesars’ domestic development partnerships for Caesars. He is a member of Caesars’ senior management team, serves on the company’s Capital Committee and is a member of the Caesars Foundation. Prior to his current role, John was President of the Central Division, responsible for 20 casino properties. He also served as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Harrah’s New Orleans and Regional President for Harrah’s Entertainment’s Atlantic City Operations where he developed the master plan for the Harrah’s Atlantic City $550 million hotel tower and retail/entertainment expansion. John also held management positions at both Harrah’s Prairie Band and Harrah’s East Chicago. In 2000, John became the youngest Senior Vice President and General Manager in the company’s history. A graduate of Duke University, he obtained his Master’s degree from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Paul Pellizzari is Executive Director of Policy & Social Responsibility at Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), where he leads the responsible gambling and environmental sustainability programs. As Vice-Chair of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation’s Responsible Gambling committee, he is leading the development of a national RG standards framework for Canadian gambling operators. Prior to joining OLG, Mr. Pellizzari worked in public policy for the Province of Ontario, and as a research director and communications professional in the private sector at Noranda Inc., EthicScan Canada and J. Walter Thompson. He is the author of two books and many articles on corporate social responsibility. Throughout his career he has worked extensively with all orders of government, with the United Nations and with national, regional and local not-for-profit organizations. His volunteer work has included sitting as a director on the boards of two not-for-profit organizations, devising strategy for shareholder advocacy campaigns, leading local campaigns to improve neighborhood conditions, and providing support for the homeless. Mr. Pellizzari holds a Master of Arts (l’Université de Montréal), an Honours Bachelor of Arts (University of Toronto/Queen’s) and an Honours Bachelor of Commerce (Queen’s University). Kahlil S. Philander, Ph.D. is a visiting assistant professor at the William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration, University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He is also the director of research at the International Gambling Institute, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and an associate consultant at Academicon Law & Economics. Dr. Philander is a renowned researcher in the area of online gaming and economics of gambling. His research focuses on quantitative analysis of data in the tourism and gaming markets. Rod Phillips is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG). He works closely with the OLG Board of Directors to manage this crown corporation with annual revenue of over $7 billion. OLG contributes up to $2 billion to its shareholder, the Province of Ontario, every year for Ontario hospitals, schools, charities, amateur sports and culture. Under Rod’s leadership, OLG announced a modernization plan for lottery and gaming to transform the way these industries are run in Ontario. Once fully implemented, OLG will deliver an additional $1.3 billion annually to the Province and people of Ontario. Rod was most recently President and CEO of Shepell.fgi, one of North America’s leading providers of health and productivity solutions for employers and organizations. Under his leadership, Shepell·fgi offered integrated services improving the health and productivity of eight million employees and their families from over 7,000 organizations in Canada, and 54 other countries. Prior to joining Shepell.fgi, Rod was Chief of Staff to Mayor Mel Lastman during his first term as the leader of the newly amalgamated City of Toronto from 1997 to 2000. Aside from being selected for various prestigious awards such as Canada’s Top 40 Under 40 by the Caldwell Partners and the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business, Rod is the Founding Chair of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s Transforming Lives Gala. Rod is a graduate of the MBA program at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, and holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Literature from the University of Western Ontario in London. Show Guide | 57

Speaker Biographies Carol Pride is Executive Vice-President of Business Development of Bi2U. Carol has over 30 years of management experience. Prior to joining Bi2u, Carol held the position of Vice President & Chief Information Officer of Information Systems at Mohegan Sun. Prior to this position; Pride was Chief Information Officer at Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. in Las Vegas, Nevada. There, she established the vision and plan for a flexible enterprise environment that aligned and focused technology resources to business strategy. She was also responsible for all aspects of enterprise technology, systems, data and infrastructure. Additional employers include Caesars Entertainment Inc., Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. and Johnson Controls, Inc. Pride is a graduate of the University of Maine. She also holds a Master of Science from Pennsylvania State University and Master of Business Administration in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin. Pride is a Maine native and currently resides in Norwich, Connecticut.

Tony Rosa has been involved in the charitable bingo industry since 1985 where he was General Manager of Brampton Bingo Country (now Rutherford Bingo). In 1989, he became Bingo Country’s Director of Operations and was initially responsible for nine bingo halls. At the peak of the bingo industry, Tony was responsible for managing 63 Bingo Country halls operating in three different provinces: Ontario, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. Tony is currently the President and CEO of Community Gaming and Entertainment Group (CGEG) in Windsor, Ontario. CGEG operates five bingo centres in Windsor, two of which are under the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s new Charitable Bingo and Gaming Revitalization program. CGEG employs over 300 people and operates 600 sessions per month, serving over 400 charities. Tony is on the Board of the Commercial Gaming Association of Ontario (CGAO) and the Ontario Bingo Development Fund, and is the Finance Officer for the CGAO.

Derek Ramm is the Director of Anti-Money Laundering Programs for the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG), one of North America’s largest gaming corporations. In his current role, Derek is responsible for overall leadership and management of the Ontario gaming industry’s anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing programs. Prior to joining OLG in September 2011, he spent over seven years as a federal officer with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), the Canadian government’s financial intelligence unit. His primary duties at FINTRAC included oversight of Canadian casinos’ compliance with the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and liaising with domestic and international law enforcement and regulatory agencies. Derek frequently gives seminars on the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing, including presentations to the Ontario Police College, U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Senate Banking Committee and other public and private sector organizations.

Troy Ross is President of TRM Consulting Ltd and TRM Public Affairs. He has represented casinos, slot machine and equipment manufacturers, technology vendors, lottery and charitable gaming interests, and horse racing stakeholders. Troy has also advised provincial government gaming agencies including the Ontario Racing Commission (ORC), the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), the Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG), the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation (NSGC), and Canada’s industry association, the Canadian Gaming Association (CGA). Troy’s understanding of the complex and often controversial gambling environment is based on 17 years experience as a seasoned government relations executive with extensive knowledge of regulatory and operational issues related to gaming in Canadian jurisdictions. 
Prior to launching TRM Consulting Ltd, Troy held the position of vice president and national director of gaming at Hill+Knowlton Strategies, where he created and lead Canada’s first national public affairs and corporate communications practice specializing in gaming. Before joining H+K in 2004, Troy lead the policy and sector liaison division for the AGCO, where he played a central role in crafting the current regulatory and licensing regime governing the gaming industry. At the AGCO Troy lead major policy and regulatory projects and worked closely with the CEO and general counsel to implement change initiatives. He also worked collaboratively with the executive team at the OLG on expansion initiatives. Troy has also been a political staffer for the Mike Harris government, responsible for gaming. In the 1990s, Troy oversaw the largest expansion of gaming activity in Canadian history, which included the slot program at racetracks and multiple new casino developments across the province. During his tenure he served as the senior policy and legislative advisor to several cabinet ministers including the Solicitor General, the Minister of Consumer and Commercial Relations and the Minister of Community and Social Services. Troy is a frequent speaker at leading gaming conferences, most recently at the Canadian Gaming Show in Niagara Falls in June, the iGaming North America (IGNA) conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, in March 2012, as well as the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) also in Las Vegas, in October 2011.

Derek Ricci is a partner in the Litigation group in the Toronto office of Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP. He has a diverse civil litigation practice, with a focus on complex commercial disputes, securities litigation, contractual disputes and mining litigation. Derek has acted in matters before a variety of courts and tribunals, including the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and Court of Appeal, the Federal Court of Canada, the British Columbia Supreme Court and the Ontario Securities Commission. Derek is the co-author of several papers, including “The Case for Mills Injunctions”, published in the Advocates’ Quarterly and “The Oppression Remedy and the Duty to Maximize Shareholder Value”, a paper presented at an Ontario Bar Association conference in 2006. During his time at the University of Western Ontario, Derek assisted Professor Robert Solomon, the National Director of Legal Policy for Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), in writing several articles related to impaired driving laws.

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Bill Rutsey, chief executive of the Canadian Gaming Association (the “CGA”) has participated in gaming from both the public and private sector perspectives for twenty years, including assisting in the creation of gaming policy and casino development in Ontario, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. As Practice Leader of the Coopers and Lybrand (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) Gaming Consulting Practice, he advised numerous private and public sector clients, including the Ontario government, authoring the Ontario Casino Market and Economic Impact Study – the blueprint for the Ontario casino gaming industry. As CEO of private sector companies, he developed and managed gaming businesses in Ontario, Las Vegas and internationally, and has been licensed by gaming regulators in Nevada and Ontario. As chief executive of the CGA, Mr. Rutsey is a national advocate for the gaming entertainment industry and responsible for positioning the association to address regulatory, political and educational issues affecting the industry. He is a regular commentator on gaming issues in media and before government. As well, he is the Chair of Canada’s pre-eminent annual gaming industry convocation, the Canadian Gaming Summit and co-publisher of Canada’s premier gaming industry magazine, Canadian Gaming Business. Steve Saferin is the President of the Properties Group and Chief Creative Officer at Scientific Games. As part of Scientific Games’ global executive team, he oversees the development of the company’s licensed properties and promotional opportunities, as well as cutting-edge new media initiatives. In 1986, Steve founded MDI Entertainment, which grew to become the leading provider of entertainment-based promotions for the lottery industry. Acquired by Scientific Games in 2003, MDI is now the company’s licensed properties division offering the industry’s largest portfolio of licensed properties, as well as interactive products and playershipbuilding programs. Steve recently led MDI’s development of Properties Plus, the industry’s first comprehensive player loyalty rewards program. Lotteries launching Properties Plus have increased players’ club membership and player engagement. Currently, MDI provides products and services to nearly every U.S. lottery. Before founding MDI, Steve was Director of Program Acquisitions at ESPN. He also served in Vice President positions at Viacom Communications and Warner Amex Cable, supervising cable television franchising in major U.S. markets. Prior to that, he was an Attorney-Advisor to the Cable Television Bureau of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission, and a member of Viacom International’s law department. Steve earned a B.A. in Journalism from American University and received his J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law.

Dan Sanscartier, Vice President of Gaming Operations, joined Manitoba Lotteries in 2004 and is currently responsible for Club Regent and McPhillips Station Casinos’ operational requirements, Video Lottery Terminals, Lottery Products, eGaming, Shark Club Gaming Centre, Technical Services, and responsible to conduct and manage First Nations Casinos’ (Aseneskak and South Beach). Prior to joining Manitoba Lotteries, and since joining the gaming industry in 1995, Dan assisted with the opening of several casinos in Nova Scotia, Ontario and on the Caribbean two-island state of St-Kitts and Nevis. He currently acts as one of the representatives for Manitoba Lotteries on the Western Canada Lottery Corporation’s Strategic Advisory Committee. Prior to the gaming industry, Dan served in the Canadian Armed Forces as a decorated soldier for 20 years, the first half as a Military Police Officer and then as a Para-Rescue Specialist. François Sansregret earned a Bachelor’s degree in business administration specializing in finance at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières and has acquired 25 years of experience at LotoQuébec. He spent the first nine years in the finance sector and then moved on to project development. After participating in the implementation of the Société des bingos du Québec (network bingo), he took an active role in creating Ingenio, the Corporation’s research and development subsidiary. He has been Director of the project office since 2006. Brent Scrimshaw is Atlantic Lottery’s President and Chief Executive Officer. He believes passionately in the company’s social responsibility to all Atlantic Canadians. He is enthusiastic about opportunities to grow the business in areas that matter to Atlantic Canadians. He is excited at the contributions Atlantic Lottery delivers that are making a difference in our communities every day. Brent came to Atlantic Lottery in 2006 accepting the role of Executive Vice President of Brands and Channels. Previously, he had much success in his role as the Chief Marketing Officer for the Canadian Football League where he played a pivotal role in reconnecting the legendary game with audiences from coast-to-coast. A graduate of the University of Western Ontario, Brent also enjoyed a long and productive career with Molson in leadership roles that included Vice President of Marketing for Western Canada and President of its sports and broadcast subsidiary, Molstar Sports & Entertainment. Brent’s leadership continues to strengthen Atlantic Lottery’s longstanding commitment to being an organization where every employee is focused on service; where operations are transparent; and where best business practices are applied in a way that reflects the values and aspirations of Atlantic Canadians.

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Speaker Biographies Dan Shapiro works on the U.S. business development and marketing efforts of William Hill, the UK’s biggest bookmaker, which operates 100 sports books throughout Nevada and is the exclusive risk manager for the Delaware Sports Lottery. Previously, Shapiro was Director of Marketing for Brandywine Bookmaking, the parent of Lucky’s Race & Sports Book. Shapiro was part of the original management team at Brandywine Bookmaking, a startup that grew rapidly to operate race and sports books throughout Nevada and won the Delaware contract. Brandywine was one of three U.S. sports book operators William Hill acquired last year along with American Wagering Inc. (Leroy’s) and Club Cal Neva sports books. Before moving to Las Vegas in 2007, Shapiro held various roles in the horse racing industry. Shapiro is a graduate of Boston University. Bill Sidhu has been in the gaming industry for over 25 years. He spent 17 years at the British Columbia Lottery Corporation involved in both the lottery and charitable gaming side of the business. At BCLC, he lead a great team who oversaw the opening of all of BC’s electronic bingo halls and the launch of a linked bingo game. He also worked with the various stakeholders including charities, operators and municipalities to gain support for BCLC’s charitable gaming initiatives. Since 2004, Bill has held the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing at eQube Gaming, a leader in electronic bingo technology. eQube offers a full range of electronic bingo and social gaming products throughout North America and Europe. Denis Sivret started out in the bingo industry 27 years ago as comptroller of Bingo One Limited in Sudbury Ontario. For the past 8 years he has been the General Manager of Sudbury Bingo Group managing both cGaming sites in the Sudbury market. Over the years, he has experience the growth of bingo in the late 80’s and early 90’s; the challenges of the late nineties including the introduction of non-smoking, slots and market conditions; and, the transition of two sites to the cGaming environment. Over the years, Denis has amassed an extensive wealth of knowledge and experience in marketing, promotion, human resources, accounting and gaming regulations/standards. He was an instrumental member of the founding team of the Banque D’Aliments Sudbury Food Bank, as well as the Childhood-Enfance, a children’s breakfast program. Denis is a graduate of Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology, Accounting Diploma. Rick Sleaver joined Arrow Games/Bazaar & Novelty in May 2005 and is responsible for the company’s relationship with regulatory agencies in Canada and is a Product Specialist for Break Open Tickets. Prior to joining Arrow Games/ Bazaar & Novelty, Rick served as Executive Director of the Break Open Ticket Program Management Alliance (BOTPMA), an industry association representing gaming equipment suppliers and gaming services suppliers (distributors of Break Open Tickets) in Ontario.

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Paul W. Smith is the Director of Corporate Social Responsibility at BCLC and a driving force in the field of responsible gambling within B.C. Prior to joining BCLC in 2006, Paul spent more than two decades in human resources, public affairs and communications in the Canadian brewing industry. Paul works closely with colleagues from other gaming jurisdictions, researchers, program developers and problem gambling treatment providers from around the world to develop and lead BCLC responsible gambling programs. He has presented on various responsible gambling topics at numerous conferences and is a representative on the Canadian Partnership for Responsible Gambling, and was the founding chair of the Interprovincial Lottery Corporation’s (ILC) Responsible Gambling sub-committee. In 2009, Paul and his team were instrumental in BCLC receiving the highest level of certification for responsible gambling programs by the World Lottery Association (WLA). In 2010 they also received WLA’s Best Overall Responsible Gaming Program Award. Paul received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta, a Master of Divinity degree from the University of St. Michael’s College and the University of Toronto, and a Master of Science in Communications Management from Syracuse University. Paul’s responsible gambling blog can be found at Matt Stafford serves as a Business Development Representative specializing in internet-, mobileand cross-channel gaming for GLI. Originally from Nevada, Mr. Stafford has just recently relocated back to North America to spearhead iGaming development efforts there, returning from three years working for GLI’s European headquarters in Amsterdam. Having been on the front line from day one for pioneering iGaming jurisdictions like Italy, Denmark and Spain, Mr. Stafford brings with him 1st hand knowledge of the regulated online gambling markets, including the iGaming products themselves and the companies that make them. In his first role with GLI as a Business Analyst at GLI Europe, Matt provided iGaming industry research which was ultimately instrumental in the development of GLI’s strategy for entering the iGaming market through the acquisition of Technical Systems Testing (TST) in May 2010. Matt holds a B.S. in International Business from the University of Nevada, Reno, with emphasis in Economics, and has worked in the global gaming industry for eight years. Prior to joining GLI in 2009, Matt spent four years working for International Game Technology (IGT) in Reno, Nevada, USA working for the MegaJackpots and Central System Product Development groups.

Robert W. Stocker II is a member of Dickinson Wright PLLC, which has offices in several states, the District of Columbia, and Toronto, Canada, as well as affiliations with law firms in Peru, Malta, and Macau. He has an international practice in the areas of gaming (commercial, internet, charitable, Indian, and sweepstakes), regulatory, corporate, and alternative insurance programs (captives and insurance pools) law. Mr. Stocker chairs the firm’s Gaming Practice Group. He is also an adjunct professor at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, where he teaches courses in gaming law, business planning, business organizations, and alternative insurance programs, and is a recipient of the Frederick J. Griffith III Adjunct Faculty Award for excellence in teaching. Mr. Stocker has been recognized by his peers for inclusion in Chambers Global, Best Lawyers in America, and Michigan Super Lawyers for his expertise in gaming law, and he has been elected a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation. He is the editor and co-author of The Michigan Gaming Law Legal Resource Book. Mr. Stocker is also the co-author of Chapter 25 of Collier’s Guide to Chapter 11 Practice, entitled “Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases Involving Casino Businesses.” Recent law review articles co-authored by Mr. Stocker include “Gambling with Bankruptcy: Navigating a Casino Through Chapter 11 Proceedings” and “Remedying the LoseLose Game of Compulsive Gambling: Voluntary Exclusions, Mandatory Exclusions, or an Alternative Method?” He is a founding member and past president of the International Masters of Gaming Law; Chair of the American Bar Association annual program on gaming enforcement, the Gaming Law Minefield Conference; Chair of the Gaming Law Committee of the American Bar Association; a member of the Editorial Board of Gaming Law Review and Economics; and a member of the International Association of Gaming Advisors. Mr. Stocker has spoken on numerous gaming, business, and alternative insurance issues at a variety of national and international conferences and educational programs. His e-mail address is Angela Swan is the Director of Information Security at British Columbia Lottery Corporation. She has worked in the field of IT security and privacy for 15 years with a focus on security and privacy management, training, risk assessment and policy development. Angela has developed and managed information security programs for the City of Vancouver, Credit Union Central of British Columbia (now Central1 Credit Union), Ballard Power Systems and BC Housing. She is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), a Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), a Certified Information Privacy Professional – Canada (CIPP/C) and a Certified Information Privacy Professional - Information Technology (CIPP/IT).

George Sweny joined the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) in July 2012, in the capacity of Senior Vice President, Charitable and iGaming. George began his career at the Ontario Lottery Corporation (OLC) in 1975, and has served in a number of capacities, including as Senior Vice President responsible for both the Lottery and Bingo Business units. During this time, George was also President of the Interprovincial Lotteries Corporation (ILC) from July 2005 to July 2006 and served as a member of the ILC Executive Team, which governs national lottery games across Canada. Prior to joining OLG, George worked as the Chief Strategy Officer for the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO). In this role, George was accountable for formulating, driving and implementing the AGCO’s strategy consistent with the Commissions vision, and ensuring overall organizational alignment. His role also included accountability for the Audit and Gaming Compliance function within the Commission. George’s prior role includes working for Len Stuart & Associates (LSA) in January 2000 as the Executive Vice President, and working for the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) in 2003 as a member of the executive team. He led the Bingo Gaming Business Unit for the Corporation and spearheaded the development of Community Gaming Centres across the province, transforming the traditional bingo business into modern gaming and entertainment facilities. George is a member of the Board of Directors of the Responsible Gambling Council of Canada and has served on the Board of Directors of the North American State Provincial Lotteries Association (NASPL). Jack Tadman is a lawyer at Dickinson Wright LLP and a member of the Gaming Law Group where his practice is dedicated to gaming law and gaming regulatory compliance issues. He is a member of the International Masters of Gaming Law as a New Gaming Attorney. Jack is published regularly in industry peer-reviewed journals and magazines. Jack can be reached at 416.777.4018 or Eamonn Toland is President of Paddy Power North America. He started in 1988 as a small chain of Irish betting shops, Paddy Power plc has become one of the largest online gaming companies globally, growing 25% per annum for the past decade in legal, regulated markets around the world, with a $4 billion market capitalization, no debt and $200m+ cash on the balance sheet. Éamonn Toland was appointed President, Paddy Power North America in 2012, responsible for identifying and managing opportunities for the group. Paddy Power has never advertised or accepted play from the United States, either before or after UIGEA. They received a finding of suitability from the Nevada Gaming Control Board in 2012. Éamonn was recently voted one of the Hot 50 in gaming for 2013 by Gaming Intelligence. Prior to becoming President for North America he ran the €300m turnover telephone betting channel for Paddy Power for nearly 5 years. Before joining Paddy Power he worked as a management consultant with Accenture and McKinsey & Co. and as a financial analyst with Unilever and CocaCola Schweppes Beverages. Éamonn is a graduate of St. Hugh’s College, Oxford (Modern History and Economics) and an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

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Speaker Biographies Kent R. Verlik is a gaming industry professional with over 20 years experience in a variety of senior roles at the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission (AGLC). As Director, Retail Networks, he led the comprehensive review of all charitable and provincial gaming policies, culminating in the final report Achieving a Balance which contained 61 recommendations, was approved by government and implemented by him between 2001 and 2004. In 2004, he was charged with creating a Social Responsibility division at the AGLC. Working extensively with stakeholders, he developed provincial strategies, policies and programs to promote the responsible sales and use of gambling and liquor products. In 2010, he took on the role of Executive Director, Corporate Strategies and Social Responsibility. Currently, he is the Vice President, Lottery and Gaming. Mr. Verlik is a three time recipient of the Premier’s Award of Excellence, has a Certificate in Corporate Social Responsibility from the University of Toronto, and a MBA from Athabasca University. Kevin Weber has practiced gaming law for his entire 16-year career. He is a prolific author and speaker on gaming issues. A member of the International Masters of Gaming Law, he is recognized by Chambers Global and Best Lawyers in Canada as a pre-eminent expert in gaming law. In his practice, he guides clients through compliance issues with gaming regulators, and provides opinions on all matters relating to the lawful operation of gaming, both land-based and online. He also advises gaming companies on changes in business immigration laws that affect their businesses, facilitating cross-border transfers of skilled technical and management personnel. He can be reached at 416.367.0899 or . John Wisternoff is an industry leader with 23 years of gaming experience and has held seniorlevel management positions in the areas of Lottery, Land Based Gaming and Charitable Gaming. He played a leading role in the creation and launch of a variety of National and Regional lottery games, and a successful re-launch of Lotto 6/49. He also led the creation of new pricing strategies for the Lottery instant games category and the Gaming division slot machine, slot pricing program. In his current role as Vice President iGaming, John is accountable to lead the launch of a safe and secure internet gaming offering for OLG. John started his career in packaged goods and convenience store management. In doing business, he operates with a customer first philosophy that believes the best decisions are informed by research and strengthened by data and analysis.

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David Zbar has 15 years experience in the traditional and digital marketing world. He creates digital and social marketing strategies for a wide variety of clients in the Gaming, entertainment and travel sectors. David is a partner in Marshall Fenn Communications, Canada’s most experienced casino marketing agency. Bill Zender is a former Nevada Gaming Control Agent, casino operator, professional card counter, and present gaming consultant, who has been involved in various areas of gaming and hospitality since 1976. In the past, Bill Zender has instructed courses on game protection, card counting, advantage play, and gaming operations at various colleges and institutions throughout the country. As a member of JMJ, Inc., Zender was an owner and operator of the Aladdin Hotel and Casino, and has additional operational experience in card room casinos in California and is considered an expert in Asian gaming. Besides his practical gaming experience, Zender holds a Bachelors degree in Hotel Administration and a Masters in Business. As a gaming author Zender has penned six non-fiction books on gaming including Pai Gow Without Tears, Card Counting for the Casino Executive, How to Detect Casino Cheating at Blackjack, Advantage Play for the Casino Executive, and Casino-ology: The Art of Managing Live Table Games. Presently Bill Zender is the owner/ consultant of Bill Zender and Associates, and is a monthly article contributor to Casino Enterprise Management Magazine.

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A versatile suite of specialized on-device applications enabling you to communicate with your players and deliver dynamic floor-wide bonusing at the point of play.

Sumo Kitty™ wrestles up thrills with 1,024 ways to win and the new Super Hot Zone™ play mechanic.

Visit Us at the Canadian GaminG sUmmit Booth #400

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Summit showguide 64 2013 lowres  
Summit showguide 64 2013 lowres