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READ ALL ABOUT THE EXTRA SERVICE LONDIS GIVES ITS RETAILERS. As if the recent survey revealing 98% satisfaction amongst Londis retailers wasn’t enough, Ireland’s best symbol group really pulled out all the stops at its recent conference.

Because as well as a line up of inspirational speakers, a glittering prize ceremony and an extensive suppliers exhibition, Londis also unveiled their unique Customer First programme

designed to make Londis customers more satisfied than ever! Read all about it inside and find out more about becoming part of Ireland’s best symbol group by visiting

New iconic secondary packaging Inspired by Heineken’s most iconic brand features, the new packaging is designed to attract attention. Instantly recognisable, the highlighted elements catch the eye at every corner to reinvigorate your store displays. Pack your shelves with the new look Heineken, available from October 2013.

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Rewarding Irish Food Heroes Retail News was delighted to be the official media partner for the inaugural Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards, which took place last month in the beautiful surrounds of Dublin’s Mansion House, and saw no fewer than 36 products from across the island rewarded for the superiority of their taste. From start to finish, the entire night was a resounding success, and provided overwhelming evidence of the quality of food and drink produced across this island and available in our supermarkets and convenience stores. From yogurts to ready meals, fresh meat to chocolate, cider to whiskey, the class and excellence of the winning products was confirmation, if any was needed, that when it comes to food and drink, Ireland is on a par with producers anywhere in the world. See our full report on Page 20. Elsewhere, we review the first ever Food & Hospitality Ireland exhibition (Page 26), we report from the recent Londis Conference held at Carton House in Maynooth, which renewed the Group’s focus on Londis as local community retailers (Page 32), we examine the latest developments in the world of POS and store layout (Page 37-39) and reveal the winners of the Costcutter Store of the Year Awards (Page 54). Finally, the 2013 ECR Ireland Conference sounded a cautiously optimistic note that we may be on the edge of a recovery in the economy and in consumer confidence (Page 44). Kathleen Belton Editorial Director



Quality Food and Drink Awards 2013 proved a magical night and a ringing endorsement of the superb quality of Irish produce.

‘Back To School’ Boost for Dunnes Stores.


Londis Launches ‘Customer First’ Nationwide; Rent Review Back on the Agenda; Centra Opens in Dublin City Centre. Tobacco Products Directive Will Not Reduce Youth Smoking: JTI; Gala Opens in Ennis.

Poultry 16 Aaron Dixon, Moy

Park Group Executive Chef, on his role in shaping new recipes and working with a famous TV chef on an award-winning new product


20 Food & Hospitality Ireland 2013 26 Food & Hospitality

Ireland 2013, incorporating SHOP, proved an inspirational event for exhibitors and visitors alike.

Retail Ireland: Monthly Update 28 Exchequer Can Save

Millions if Black Market is Tackled; Retailers and Suppliers Agree on Best Practice; Sales Dip in August Shows Fragility of Retail Sector.

expansion at Pat Flanagan’s MACE store in Dundalk has seen significant uplifts in sales.

the theme of the 2013 Londis Conference, which saw the progressive Group focus on its role as community retailers across the country.

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leaders from Irish retail marketing provided some real highlights at 2013 Shopper Marketing & In-Store Conference.

experience, Allied Retail Innovations & Solutions leads the way when it comes to store design and Point of Sale display units.

Londis Conference 2013 32 Local Matters was

Shop Profile 18 An ambitious

Shopper Marketing/ In-Store Conference 37 Inspirational business

Store Design POS 38 With over 20 years’

Symbols Bundled in with Multiples as JLC’s to be Re-introduced.



Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards 20 The inaugural Irish

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ECR Ireland Annual Conference 44 The Leader’s Congress was the title of the recent ECR Ireland Annual Conference, which sounded a cautiously optimistic note for Ireland’s FMCG sector.

Costcutter Store of the Year 2013 54 Costcutter stores nationwide were rewarded at the annual Costcutter Store of the Year Awards ceremony.

Succession Planning 64 Declan Tormey, Leman Solicitors, advises on the issues that can arise in relation to succession planning in business and how to overcome potential obstacles.


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Symbols Bundled in with Multiples as JLC’s to be Re-introduced GROCERY symbol groups are being bundled together with multiple supermarkets in a government plan to reintroduce wage setting mechanisms under Joint Labour Committees (JLC's). Richard Bruton TD, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, has accepted recommendations in a new report tackling the reintroduction of JLC's, which includes a chapter titled Retail Sector - Grocery - Multiple and Symbol Outlets. Retail News spoke to a number of grocery representatives who reacted to the news with shock. “It is as though [symbols and multiple stores] are one style with total equality of costs, which is manifestly unjust,” said Vincent Jennings, Chief Executive of the Convenience Stores & Newsagents Association (CSNA). “Their cost bases and cost structures are completely different to each other. Symbols are less strong.” Under the decision, a Gala, or Quick Pick outlet would be levelled with the same wage costs as a Dunnes or Tesco.

“People operating under a symbol banner will have to negotiate wages with the multiples - which have a completely different retail model - which will be deeply unfair,” said Tara Buckley, RGDATA Director General. “Most of the multiples have separate agreements with unions. When they come to the table, their wages have already been agreed.”

Vincent Jennings, Chief Executive of the Convenience Stores & Newsagents Association.

As part of the recommendations in the Report of the Labour Court’s Review of the Joint Labour Committee

(JLC) system, the Government plans to abolish JLC's in sectors such as hotel staff and law clerks, but retain JLC's in seven areas. Grocery is one sector in the spotlight. Retailers feel victimised, said Frank Gleeson, Retail Ireland Director. “Retail employers have good terms and conditions in the majority of places,” he said. “Having wage setting mechanisms imposed on us is anti small business. They force you to have inappropriate costs. It doesn't take into account the smaller guys, who may not have the purchasing power of the bigger companies and can't afford to operate within the same mechanisms.” Numerous laws cover the rights and conditions of grocery employees, including Minimum Wage legislation and the Organisation of Working Time Act. “We felt it was a fairer system when everyone was subject to the same rules and regulations,” said Buckley. The report recommends that independent shops, off licences, bread shops, butch-

ers and other outlets, should not be covered by JLC's. However, symbol outlets that sell food, drink, tobacco, etc., will be subject to wage setting mechanisms. “The Government has copper-fastened the very discrimination we always argued about,” argued Vincent Jennings. “A petrol station that has an independent retail outlet attached to it will not have to pay JLC rates. That is right and correct, as far as I am concerned. But to suggest someone who has a tiny portion of the budget available to these large corporations has to pay a wage rate that the independent company does not is frankly unfair.” The report argues that symbol groups and multiples often compete on the same products. Grocery retailers point out that a number of places - not on the JLC radar - also compete with big business. “Why should the worker in an off licence, a florist, a telephone store, clothing store, not also have a JLC looking after them? Grocery, for some, reason has

Retail News|October 2013||5


Tara Buckley, RGDATA Director General.

to have a higher rate,” added Jennings. “Everything is down to the relative size of the shop. It may well be that some of the products our members purchase from Musgrave or BWG are less expensive than if they bought them in the Cash & Carry or directly. But they don't have the ability or the footfall to generate big sales, whereas the multiples do.” Another justification for reintroducing JLC's for the grocery sector is the class of workers involved in the industry: female workers,

many of them young, as well as migrant and part time workers. Gleeson argued that rates should be based on performance rather than length of service for any job. “We are told this was all about protecting vulnerable workers,” added Buckley. “We do not believe workers in the retail grocery convenience sector are treated any differently or are more vulnerable than workers in other retail shops. We don't see why we should be singled out for a system the others don't have to comply with.” JLC's were established around 40 years ago to set out the terms and conditions of pay and certain conditions in retail grocery shops. That pay was consistently higher than the minimum wage. In 2011, JLC’s were suspended after a High Court ruling. Last year, the Government introduced legislation that kick-started a review of individual JLC's. “It's important to note that the High Court ruling did not strike down the JLC’s,” a spokesperson for

the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation told Retail News. “The Committees have continued to exist and remain in existence, as currently constituted, pending the making of the Establishment Orders required to give effect to the recommendations contained in the Labour Court Report.” RGDATA and other retail groups are now canvassing

Frank Gleeson, Retail Ireland Director

their members in order to formulate their next step. With the Minister's mind made up, though, the only

way to stop the reintroduction of JLC's could be through the courts. “The Minister has accepted the Labour Court’s recommendations contained in its report,” said the Department spokesperson. “A number of employer representative bodies, as well as individual employers, in the retail grocery sector made submissions to the Labour Court’s review of the JLC’s earlier this year. These views, together with those of Mandate, the trade union representing workers in the sector, were considered in the context of the Labour Court’s recommendation to the Minister regarding the future of the Retail Grocery JLC. It is a matter for the retail grocery sector as to whether it wishes to respond to the Labour Court review.” Grocery retailers are unlikely to give up without a fight. Frank Gleeson concluded: “My advice would be ‘don't bring them in at all’. Let the market set the rates. Retailers can then compete for labour the right way.”

‘BACK TO SCHOOL’ BOOST FOR DUNNES THE latest supermarket share figures from Kantar Worldpanel in Ireland, for the 12 weeks ending September 15, show a strong performance from Dunnes Stores, with the retailer successfully encouraging shoppers to spend more. “After losing out in the ‘Back To School’ battle last year, Dunnes has placed more emphasis on beating the competition this year,” said David Berry, Commercial Director at Kantar Worldpanel. “It has seen a sharp increase in shopping basket size, with average value growing from €28.12 last year to €30 now. Shoppers have been encouraged to spend more through a targeted voucher campaign, leading to a 6% boost in larger,€50-plus shopping trips. This has helped to turn what was a €17m loss from shoppers switching away from Dunnes last year into a €10m gain this year.” Elsewhere, SuperValu’s

strong summer performance continues, with sales growth of 1.8% improving its share slightly to 19.7%. The performance of Aldi and Lidl continues to impress, with respective growth rates of 24.3% and 13.1%. However, their combined market share has dipped slightly to 14.9%,

versus the record 15.1% achieved last period. “The build-up to the key Christmas period will show if the discounters can sustain their strong growth or if a ceiling is starting to be reached,” Berry stressed. “Their ongoing growth, combined with the improved performance from Dunnes, has

placed pressure on Tesco. Its sales have declined by 5.6%, leading to a 1.9 percentage point drop in market share. This decline also reflects the strong performance posted by Tesco last year and its record market share over the summer of 2012.” For further information, see

Total Take Home Grocery - Ireland Consumer Spend Total Grocers Total Multiples Tesco Dunnes SuperValu Superquinn Total Discounters Aldi Lidl Other Outlets**

12 Weeks to 13 May 2012 %*

12 Weeks to 12 May 2013 %*

change** %

100.0% 88.0% 28.7% 21.6% 19.6% 5.3% 12.7% 6.0% 6.7% 12.0%

100.0% 88.7% 26.8% 22.1% 19.7% 5.3% 14.9% 7.4% 7.5% 11.3%

1.2 2.0 -5.6 3.3 1.8 -0.2 18.4 24.3 13.1 -4.9

*= Percentage Share of Total Grocers **= Refers to share growth or growth or decline not change in market share ***= Includes stores such as M&S, Boots, Spar, Centra, Greengrocers, Butchers And Cross Border shops

6|Retail News|October 2013|

News LONDIS LAUNCHES ‘CUSTOMER FIRST’ NATIONWIDE ADM Londis plc has announced the roll-out of ‘Customer First’, its new Customer Service Training Programme, in Londis stores nationwide. The programme aims to encourage stores to build on their existing customer service team ethos, bringing an enhanced level of personal service to their customers. It encourages retailers and their employees to use their own local knowledge to deliver a level of personal service which is unsurpassed within their local communities. The ‘Customer First’ campaign grew from Londis’ new brand positioning ‘Local Like You’ launched earlier this year with an investment of over €1m. The campaign recognises the contribution of Londis members to their communities and with its new Customer First programme, Londis is tapping into what differentiates locally owned and managed Londis stores from larger multiples and discount stores. The programme will help each retailer demonstrate just how much they care about the community of which they are a part and the local people that they serve. “Excellent service is priceless,” stressed Stephen O’Riordan, Chief Executive, ADM Londis. “At Londis, we recognise that what sets us apart from larger multiples is our customer service, attention to detail and our unique ability to tailor each store for

CEO of ADM Londis, Stephen O’Riordan with ADM Londis Chairman, Leo McCauley, and broadcaster and publisher Norah Casey, at the 2013 ADM Londis Retailer Conference ‘Londis - Local Matters’ in Carton House, Maynooth.

the community in which it operates. Londis stores have a special place in communities all around the country – we are there for customers, ready to serve and always ready with exactly what is needed. The Customer First training program will provide each store with another tool which helps them to deliver value and service to the

Rent Review Back on the Agenda INDEPENDENT Senator Feargal Quinn’s proposed bill to abolish upward only rent reviews was passed in the Seanad and now goes to committee stage. The passing of the Bill, by 27 votes to 23, was seen as a loss for the Government, who opposed the Bill, following their climb-down on the issue in December 2011. Senator Quinn has long been an advocate of banning upward only rent reviews, which he feels are reflective of over-inflated land valued in 2006 rather than 2013. While he acknowledged its potential damaging effects for landlords, he noted how this is often a consequence of ordinary legislative activity. He argued that in the case of rent reviews, the common good lies in favour of legislation which would carefully balance the rights of small business against the

Independent Senator Feargal Quinn.

rights of banks and institutional investors to ease the burden on small business. Meanwhile, the Government continues to oppose the Bill, as it potentially conflicts with the Constitution.

communities in which they are based. It represents another milestone for the Group, following many other strategic initiatives over the past three years, which have significantly enhanced the value offering in Londis stores and the general shopping experience for our customers - upon whom we rely for a successful future in business.”


ALAN Dickenson, Store Owner, Centra Lower Abbey Street, Ian Allen, Centra Sales Director and Joe O’Farrell, Store Owner, Centra Lower Abbey Street, are pictured at the opening of the new Centra store on Lower Abbey Street, Dublin. The 5,000 square feet store, which is the latest store to join the Centra network of 465 independently owned stores nationwide, is set to create 28 new jobs locally. The store boasts a superb range of fresh food throughout the day for those on the go, including an extensive deli, gourmet sandwiches, a pizza counter serving pizza freshly cooked in-store and a tempting ice-cream counter. Customers can also relax and enjoy their barista coffee in the in-store seating area. A full off licence will offer a wide range of world wines, beers and spirits.

THE NATURAL CONFECTIONERY COMPANY HAS NEVER LOOKED SO GOOD! Our packs have a brand new look and feel plus we’ve updated our point-of-sale units, so they’re guaranteed to stand out in the confectionery jungle. With lots of extra marketing and advertising activity and an exciting new ‘Discover’ range of Animals and Body Bits, get ready to let your sales run wild!

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News TOBACCO PRODUCTS DIRECTIVE WILL NOT REDUCE YOUTH SMOKING: JTI THE European Parliament’s recent decision to revise the Tobacco Products Directive will not reduce youth smoking, according to JTI Ireland General Manager, John Freda, who noted how the revised TPD “has not properly been thought through, lacks reliable evidence and is unlikely to have an impact on smoking rates”. “Increasing the size of health warnings to 65 % will not deliver any public health benefit, as adults and children already understand the risks associated with smoking,” Freda stressed. “Many of the proposed measures, including the menthol ban, will make it easier and cheaper for criminals to produce and sell cigarettes that are not tested, not regulated and not taxed.” It is estimated that the illicit trade in tobacco is already costing EU countries around €12.5 billion a year

(Source: Project Star report, KPMG: 16 April 2013). The Proposal will likely impact economic growth, job security and investment in a sector which directly and indirectly employs around 1.5m people across the EU (Source: Nomisma report, June 2012). Freda describes as “worrying” the transfer of powers from the European Council and Parliament to the Commission, which will allow it “to make further dramatic changes in tobacco regulation without appropriate legislative checks”. Objections to this have been raised by EU countries and a number of committees in the European Parliament. Freda expressed his hope that these “serious flaws will be addressed, now that the Proposal moves on to negotiation between the European Parliament, Council and Commission”.

Gala Opens in Ennis

TWO of Clare’s All Ireland hurling champions, Tony Kelly and Colm Galvin, along with the Liam McCarthy Cup, were special guests at the official opening of Laurence and Susan O’Brien’s third Gala store in Cloughleigh, Ennis. The store has been completely refurbished and fitted out to the highest standard. Laurence O’Brien is delighted that little disruption was caused to customers, as the shop only closed for one day. The store is now fitted out with an array of new services, which include a state-of-the-art hot deli counter and chilled food offering, while it has also introduced the Baker’s Corner range of homemade freshly baked produce, including bread, scones and cakes. The BBQ which formed the official re-opening was part of Gala’s fundraising initiative with the Jack & Jill Children’s Foundation.

Stonehouse Swings Into Action for IGBF

THE 2013 Stonehouse Golf Outing held on behalf of the Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund ( proved a major success, raising a whopping €42,000 for the charity, which will assist the IGBF in its continuing efforts to assist over 250 families and individuals monthly from the retail, wholesale and supplier sector who face on-going financial duress. Pictured at the The Heritage Golf Club are (l-r): Leonard Hegarty, IGBF President of Appeals 2013, receiving the cheque from Tom Shipsey, CEO, Stonehouse.

The value of tobacco to retailers Adult premium smokers spend on average €13.40 per visit

A destination purchase – 29% of adult shoppers buy tobacco

The biggest generator of cash turnover in Total Convenience at €1,212.1 million

Drives footfall – adult smokers visit their local shop 5 times per week

Value of key impulse categories vs tobacco in €millions At total Nielsen Scantrack level, tobacco sales are approx. 7.5 times bigger than it’s nearest convenience channel category rivals.


1,212.1 M -1.2%

Impulse Chewing Gum Impulse Counterlines

27.9 M +3.0%

(Chocolates & Sweets)

161.0 M -5.6%

Impulse Carbonated Drinks

Impulse Crisps & Snacks

63.8 M +0.2%

102.6 M -3.1%

Source: Nielsen Cross Category Analyser

10|Retail News|October 2013|

Industry News

SPAR €1m Own Brand Campaign SPAR Ireland has launched a new €1m own brand campaign which will see an extension of its own brand product range, as well as a fully integrated marketing campaign, anchored by a new TV advertisement. Over the past 12 months to August 2013, SPAR stores have experienced double digit growth in own brand volume, and the new TV campaign entitled ‘Miniature Trees’ plays on SPAR’s iconic ‘under the tree’ logo, using little trees instead of products to depict the company’s growing own brand range, from a child with a lunch box full of ‘trees’ to a dog sniffing his bowl of ‘trees’. Coinciding with SPAR’s 50th anniversary year, there will be over 50 new products added to the range, spanning all the major product lines, with further new products to be launched before year end. Pictured are (l-r): Ronan Nulty, Creative Director, Publicis Dublin; Willie O’Byrne, MD, BWG Foods; and Directors Enda Loughman & Mike Ahern, DADDY.

New Website and Logo for IGBF THE Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund ( has announced the development of a new logo and the launch of its new website. “Following a strategic review, the first of our initiatives is now going live with the redesign of the existing logo,” said Des Redmond, Development Director. “The change is evolutionary and retains basic elements of the previous logo, updated in a more modern, cleaner layout, communicating what the IGBF actually is. The new logo incorporates a new tag line – ‘Your Charity: Your Colleagues’. This communicates the nature of the charity and seeks to achieve a strong connection and buy-in with its retail and supplier audience.” The new website,, marks a dramatic change from previous versions insofar as it is interactive and responsive across all existing hardware/software e.g. laptops, mobile phones, Android etc. The site not only facilitates full details of the IGBF, its ethos, its history and voluntary members but also incorporates the facility for online donations. In addition, the site will carry the facility for receipt of the IGBF Newsletter from January, along with social media access.

Winning Streak Returns THE National Lottery’s Winning Streak, Europe’s longest running and most successful TV Gameshow, has returned to TV screens for a new season. Marty Whelan is back and will be joined by new host Sinead Kennedy (pictured). The new series will run for 17 weeks until December 28, 2013, and will feature a mix of exciting and favourite games with great prizes. Winning Streak Scratch Cards are now available in National Lottery agent stores nationwide, priced at €3. The top instant prize to be won on the Winning Streak Scratch Card is €50,000. To enter the Winning Streak TV Gameshow, players must reveal three stars on the Scratch

Card and submit it to the National Lottery in a special 3-star envelope, available from all National Lottery Retail Agents, with five lucky players each week appearing on the Winning Streak TV Gameshow.

Maxol New Look Motor Oil Range

MAXOL Lubricants, part of The Maxol Group, have unveiled a new motor oil range for the retail market. The range reflects the new look of the Maxol brand and introduces new labels and symbols that make choosing the correct motor oil easier. Symbols on each product clearly indicate whether the motor oil is for petrol or diesel engines, or both, and that it meets ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers' Association) standards. The label also displays a list of vehicles for which use of the oil is recommended: if your vehicle manufacturer is on the label, then this is the motor oil for you. Owen O’Neill, General Manager (left), and Gary Murray, Marketing Executive with Maxol Lubricants, are pictured with the newly branded motor oil range.

Offer your customers the Perfect Gift for any occasion

The One4all Gift Card is Ireland’s leading multi-store gift card and is exclusively sold through Post Offices and PostPoint outlets. The card is accepted in over 5,400 retail outlets nationwide, so it makes the perfect gift for any occasion. PostPoint retailers can order One4all Gift Cards free of charge through our helpdesk and we will deliver them directly to your store!


on 1890 20 42 20

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Industry News

Disney Fruit Packs for EUROSPAR IN a bid to get Irish children eating their recommended 5-a-day, EUROSPAR stores across the country are now selling new Disney fruit packs, after the Irish supermarket teamed up with Dublin-based Global Fruit Company to launch the healthy range in Ireland, marking a combined investment of €425,000 in packaging, distribution and promotion. The current range includes Mini Easy Peelers, Mini Apples

and Mini Pears and will be sourced from Irish producers where possible. As an added incentive, each pack contains stickers of Mickey Mouse, which children can collect to earn ‘pip points’ that they can exchange for official Disney toys. Pictured are (l-r): Willie O’Byrne, Managing Director, BWG Foods, Ella (4) and Molly (5) O’Connell from Donnybrook, and David Hague, Managing Director, Global Fruit Company.

Farmhouse Cheese Please!

HIGH TECH HOLOGUIDE LAUNCHES HOLOGUIDE is a worldfirst intelligent holographic product, developed by Irish company VBC, which could revolutionise retailing. Hologuide is a human-sized and human-shaped display that interacts with and guides customers. It comes with an array of incredible features such as gender, age and mood recognition. For the first time ever, consumer data can be captured in-store, in real-time and can complement your online consumer insights. “New technology is driving the change that the retail industry needs, Hologuide isn’t just new, it’s radically different” says Alan

Dowling, Founder and CEO of VBC. “Having Hologuide in-store is like having your customers walking through your real world store with cookies enabled.” For more information, see

DISCOVER Farmhouse Cheese is a new EU co-funded campaign organised by Bord Bia to celebrate farmhouse cheese in Ireland. Over the month of October, a variety of events are taking place across the country which will allow lovers of cheese to engage directly with the producers, as well as discover and taste farmhouse cheese, try new varieties, explore usage occasions and pick up a host of top tips from seasonality to delicious recipes! Bord Bia is encouraging the public to discover the unique character of the individual cheeses and how products are produced on the farm, the transparency of the supply chain, and the story of the makers behind the products. For more information on locations and events, please visit

Keelings Love To Grow


JESSICA Casey, aged 11, from Beaumont is pictured at the launch of Keelings’ Love To Grow Promotion in association with The three tiered promotion includes an overall prize of a €3k educational fund for one lucky child, 10 runner up prizes of a €100 shopping voucher and a €5 discount with a minimum spend of €50 on or Vouchers are included in promotional packs of Keelings’ strawberries and blueberries in Tesco and Keelings’ strawberries in SuperValu stores nationwide.

WITH baking fans around the country hungry for the Great Irish Bake Off, Kerrygold is launching a ‘Best for Baking’ campaign which includes a sponsorship with TV3. The campaign will see Kerrygold tempt TV3 viewers by highlighting the delicious, natural taste of real Irish butter and reminding baking fans why Kerrygold really is best for baking. As part of the campaign, Kerrygold is the main sponsor for the new page, which launched at the start of October. The campaign also includes a weekend takeover of programmes and a series of interactive stings during the ad breaks of The Great Irish Bake Off featuring Kerrygold ambassador Sophie Morris, the co-founder of Kooky Dough (pictured). For more details, see


Dip it top it love it stock it McVitie’s Lunchtime Flatbreads are the delicious alternative your customers can dip or top for a seriously tasty lunchtime experience. Available in two scrumptious flavours and designed to create maximum shelf stand out, they’re set to be the name on everyone’s lips this year.

14|Retail News|October 2013|

Industry News

Odlums Sponsors Great Irish Bake Off on TV3 ODLUMS, who have been at the heart of Irish baking for generations, are the official sponsor of The Great Irish Bake Off on TV3 this autumn. Following the roaring success of The Great British Bake Off, this mouth-watering baking contest hit Irish screens on September 19. The multi-platform sponsorship deal, worth a significant six figure sum, includes broadcast sponsorship of The Great Irish Bake Off with branded stings around the programme; in-show product placement and branding; and ownership of all digital elements of the The Great Irish Bake Off across, 3player and TV3 social media platforms. Pictured are host Anna Nolan, with judges Paul Kelly and Biddy White Lennon.

SuperValu to Sell 85,000 Irish Pumpkins SUPERVALU is expecting to sell 85,000 Irish pumpkins this Halloween. Grown by Oisin O’Gradaigh in Louth, SuperValu expects sales of Keelings Irish pumpkins to top €80,000 between October and November. Available in SuperValu stores nationwide during the Halloween period, this year’s pumpkins will cost no more than €1. Now in their sixth year of production, this year’s crop was two weeks ahead of last year due to the fine weather. Beau Rose Garratt, aged 6, from Sandyford in Dublin is pictured with some of this year’s bumper crop.

CORK DAIRY SCOOPS €200,000 AWARD CORK based Dairymaid Foods Ltd, a subsidiary of JDS Foods, has won the Love Irish Food Brand Development Award in association with Independent Newspapers. The company beat off competition from an incredible 83 companies to win a lucrative €200,000 advertising campaign from Independent Newspapers. “Dairymaid Foods was a deserving winner from a very high quality of shortlist companies,” said Kieran Rumley, Executive Director of Love Irish Food. “Their ambition was to take on a major grocery market category, one of the biggest in the grocery market, against a well established national brand. It did this with an excellent product

range both in quality and price point, which was well supported by the major retailers.” Charlie Fleury, MD of Dairymaid Foods, is pictured with Dairymaid spread, which has reduced salt and is free from hydrogenated vegetable oils.


JOHNSTON, Mooney & O’Brien has renewed its sponsorship of the Little Museum of Dublin, thus ensuring free admission to the museum every Wednesday afternoon for the next 12 months. “We are delighted to partner with the people’s museum of Dublin,” says Emilia Ryan, Brand and Innovation Manager with Johnston Mooney and O'Brien. “Our connection with the history and heritage of Dublin is hugely important to us, and we are proud to celebrate it through this partnership with the Little Museum.” This is a simple but hugely effective sponsorship that makes sense for everyone – but the biggest beneficiary is the Irish public. Visitors of all ages can now visit the Little Museum of Dublin completely free of charge. John Rooney, Managing Director of Johnston Mooney & O'Brien is pictured with Sarah Costigan, the Little Museum's Director of Development.

Lidl Ploughs Ahead LIDL returned to the 2013 National Ploughing Championships with plenty of exciting things in store for visitors to the event, from cookery demos showcasing the best of Lidl’s multi-award winning range of Irish sourced groceries to an eye-catching cheese sculpture, which was hand crafted across the three day event. World famous food artist Prudence Staite hand sculpted a 1950's style Massey Harris tractor out of Irish cheddar cheese to celebrate the upcoming launch of Lidl's new range of Rathdarragh Irish cheese. Prudence is pictured with five-year-old Bill Cahill from Ballingarry, Tipperary, beside the cheese tractor.

We’ve spent too long getting our sauce perfect to let it escape in the oven.

Stock up on Moy Park’s delicious range of 100% Irish chicken and watch our chicken fly off your shelves! The brand is supported by an extensive advertising campaign across TV, press, outdoor & online.

Come visit us at

Hello! We’re the chicken people.

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Passionate About Poultry

A new recipe section on the Moy Park website,, helps consumers to create their own culinary masterpieces at home.

Aaron Dixon, Moy Park Group Executive Chef, talks to Retail News about his enduring love affair with food, his role in shaping new recipes and working with a famous TV chef on an award winning new product. MOY Park, Ireland’s number one chicken brand, continues to feed a growing demand for locally sourced chicken with its wide range of fresh, ready to cook and breaded chicken products. We caught up with Aaron Dixon, Group Executive Chef for Moy Park, the man at the helm of the company’s culinary team, to explain more about his role and the success of the company, which is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Aaron Dixon joined the Moy Park culinary team over nine years ago and since then he has helped to build Moy Park’s

reputation as a leading food company focusing on innovation, new product development and food quality. He is happily married to Claire, with whom he has two children, Mia and Oran. “My family, without a doubt, are my biggest inspiration, helping to not only keep me grounded but to motivate me both at home and at work,” he reveals. Passion For Food Aaron’s love affair with food began a long time ago, he ex-

Retail News|October 2013||17

Poultry plains. “I developed my passion for food at a young age - watching Delia Smith on TV - and made a decision from early on that I would pursue a career within the food industry,” he notes. “I was classically trained and have now been a fully qualified chef for almost 25 years. “I have been fortunate to have worked in some of the top restaurants and hotels across Northern Ireland, as well as the award-winning Waterfront in the Isle of Man. As a result of being exposed to such a wide variety of culinary experiences, my interest in different flavours and passion for food from all areas has grown and developed over the years.” Creating New Recipes So what exactly is involved in being Group Executive Chef at Moy Park? Quite a lot, it transpires. “As a company, Moy Park supplies leading supermarkets and convenience stores throughout the UK, Ireland and Europe with a range of high-quality chicken products,” explains Aaron. “I am responsible for ensuring that my team and I continue to create new and exciting recipes in response to consumer demand. “We spend a great deal of time preparing, trialling and tasting dishes and engaging with people to assess what products they want to see on shelves,” he continues. “We also work closely with our colleagues in production who really help to bring our culinary vision to life. The pace and ever-changing nature of the industry, and indeed of my job, means that no two days are the same and I am still being challenged and learning new things every day.” Career Highlights Aaron has found his role very rewarding, with a host of career highlights. “Since I joined Moy Park, my team and I have focused on building the Moy Park brand and developing an extensive range of delicious products and dishes for our shoppers. 50% of Irish households now buy the Moy Park brand – and we were delighted to play a part in this process,” he says proudly. His role with Moy Park has also brought him into contact with some very famous faces, he reveals. “Working with Moy Park has given me the opportunity to work with some of the best and most inspirational people in the food industry. I have had the pleasure of working with Jamie Oliver and his team to develop a range of higher welfare chicken products that are produced by Moy Park and sold under the Jamie Oliver brand. It is a huge thrill to work with Jamie and his team, especially

Aaron Dixon, Group Executive Chef, Moy Park.

since these products marked the Jamie Oliver brand’s debut in chicken,” Aaron says. This partnership with the famous TV chef also produced a top food award for Aaron and his team. “At the 2013 Northern Ireland Food and Drink Awards, my team and I took home the top accolade of the night, winning the Best New Product Award for the Jamie Oliver Masala Chicken Casserole,” he explains. “This was a real high point in my career and we were delighted to receive recognition at such a prestigious event.” Innovation & Product Development Not content to rest on his laurels, however, Aaron and the Moy Park brand are constantly looking to introduce new products and flavours to excite their growing consumer base. So what can the public expect from Moy Park in the future? “At Moy Park, we are always looking at ways to adapt and grow in line with what shoppers want,” Aaron stresses. “Research is at the core of our strategy, which drives our innovation and product development. For example,

we know there is a strong preference for locally sourced food and food that is healthy and quick to cook. Based on this, we have invested in new product development and our team has just launched our ‘Ready to Cook’ range under the Moy Park brand – made with 100% Irish chicken and available in three delicious varieties – ‘Cheese and Bacon’, ‘Pesto’ and ‘Garlic and Herb’.” Heavyweight Advertising Campaign Moy Park have just launched a new advertising campaign, including a TV ad and new look packaging for all their products, but that’s not the only way that consumers can engage with the Moy Park brand, as Aaron explains. “We have also launched a new recipe section on our website, so people can create their own culinary masterpieces at home,” he says. The recipe selection is vast, but it’s also explained extremely well, so consumers can make their own Spanish Chicken & Chorizo Stew, Tasty Chicken & Mushroom Pie and Chicken Saltimbocca, amongst others. For more information, see

18|Retail News|October 2013|

Shop Profile

Pictured are (l-r): Aine (centre) and Pat Flanagan (second from right), store owners, with Pat’s father John (left) who originally opened the business, Barry Flynn (second from left), Retail Operations Advisor, MACE, and Kazi Rahman (right), at MACE, Dublin Road, Dundalk.


Makes its Mark in Dundalk

An ambitious expansion at Pat Flanagan’s MACE store in Dundalk has seen significant uplifts in sales across key categories. HUSBAND and wife team Pat and Aine Flanagan have operated a forecourt on the Dublin Road in Dundalk since Pat took over from his father John, who originally opened the business. Through the decades, the forecourt has seen boom and bust, recessions and recovery and Pat explains to Retail News how they have navigated the latest stormy economic waters. “My father opened a garage here in 1977,” Pat recalls. “At the time, we sold petrol, fixed farm machinery and did car repairs: this was a much more rural area then. In 1993, we

added a small forecourt shop to the site. Initially it was a small, fully independent shop.” However, during the massive changes in the forecourt sector during the mid to late 1990s, Pat decided that to progress the business, the best option was to partner with a symbol group. Following much research, MACE was his symbol partner of choice and upon joining the group, Pat and Aine set about considerably enlarging their forecourt shop and introducing the bright, fresh MACE image. The couple and their symbol

Retail News|October 2013||19

Shop Profile group partner prospered through the late ’90s and the early 2000s. At that time, Pat and Aine were running the Dublin Road forecourt, as well as a second shop by the Dundalk Institute of Technology campus, while they continued to operate a workshop on the forecourt site for vehicle repair. Significant Changes In 2012, a number of factors led the Flanagans to decide that it was time to make some significant changes to the forecourt site. “There were some very significant job announcements around Dundalk, including eBay, Paypal and National Pen and all those companies are located in the nearby industrial estate,” Pat explains. “We had an excellent forecourt shop, but with the workshop on-site alongside it, the shop was too small to exploit all the potential the site had.” The deli in particular had room for expansion, the store owner explains. “The shop we have by the DIT campus had a much better deli trade and we wanted to emulate that here,” Pat notes. “To get to where we wanted to be, we needed a bigger and better shop. We spent almost 12 months planning this development and it has totally transformed the shop.” Key Priorities There were key priorities for this development: the successful application for a full off licence, the expansion and updating of the deli and the addition of a sit-down area for customers. With the removal of the workshop, the forecourt store increased significantly. This allowed for a large increase in the size of the deli as well as the addition of the sit down area and off licence, while still allowing Pat and Aine to offer a large range of ambient grocery. The recession hit businesses across the country hard, and the Flanagan’s was no exception. The investment they have made is significant and not without risk. Along with their partner MACE, they spent a significant period of time planning their strategy to ensure that this investment would show a return.

“Sometimes you get very lucky and the weather really was with us at the end of this project,” Pat admits. “The first weekend we opened the completed shop was the first weekend of really fine weather that we got this summer. Sales in the new off licence were excellent.” Massive Improvement Prior to the expansion, the Dundalk store had a relatively small wine offering, but the new off licence has seen a massive improvement in both range and category management, the store owner explains. “The wines are arranged by price point now and they have seen a big increase in sales,” he reveals. “Indeed, the entire off licence range sold extremely well.” The new deli too has begun trading extremely well, enjoying a “fantastic opening”, according to Pat: ”The quality and range that we can offer now is so much better than we could before. Obviously, the summer saw sales in cold food-to-go, but hot food was not in as much demand this summer. Developing our evening hot food-to-go range is something we are looking to do now, as the weather turns colder. I am confident we can do that because we are quickly building a very strong reputation and with the sit-down area, customers can enjoy meals, rather than rushing home in their car or eating off their laps.” The Flanagans have the capacity to meet demand and will be driven by the product range their customers want.

FACT FILE Owner: Location: Retail Space: No. of Staff: Opening Hours:

“Pizzas, snack boxes, meal solutions, we can offer whatever our customer are looking for now,” Pat says proudly. “I have travelled around looking at award winning delis and seeing what ranges they offer. The key is to cook everything fresh in-house and offer quality and value for money.” The store owner is “absolutely delighted with trade during the summer and we hope to see strong winter trade too. The shop is so much larger and the deli looks spectacular. I think it looks fantastic, but more importantly, my customers do too.” Excellent Working Relationship Barry Flynn, Retail Operations Advisor, MACE, sums up the partnership between the group and these hugely experienced retailers: “Pat and Aine have worked successfully with MACE for many years. We have an excellent working relationship with them and I am delighted that this project has turned out so well. We spent a long time together, working very hard to decide on the correct strategy and it has really paid off.” In closing, Pat pays tribute to the help he has had along the way: “I would like to thank all my staff and of course my wife Aine, everyone in MACE, and my father for starting the whole thing off. This shop and forecourt has changed a lot since my father started it but the same idea is behind it: giving our customer what they want, and along with MACE and my staff, we have created a shop that can do that.”

Pat Flanagan Dublin Road, Dundalk, Co. Louth 1,900 square feet 20, full time & part time 06:00-0:00, Monday-Friday; 07:00-0:00, Saturday & Sunday

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Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards

A Glittering Gala of Great Food The inaugural Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards 2013 proved a magical night and a ringing endorsement of the superb quality of Irish produce. THE first ever Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards 2013 proved a massive success, as no fewer than 36 products from right across the island of Ireland were awarded the title of IQFA winners. An impressive 250 guests, entrants, judges and spectators came together at a black-tie dinner to celebrate the achievements of Ireland’s best food and drink producers at a spectacular ceremony in the Round Room, within Dublin’s grand Mansion House. Tough Judging Process Organiser Helen Lyons explained how the seed of the idea for the Irish Quality Food Awards was first planted five years ago. “I can’t tell

you how proud I am, and how much it means to me personally to be finally standing here before you to share in such a successful first year for the awards,” she said. Lyons revealed that entrants in the UK have described the Quality Food Awards as “the most difficult accolades to win in the sector”. This, she explained is “something that I am actually very proud about as it highlights just how thorough the process is and it underlines the true value of winning such a prestigious award.” Lyons went on to detail the judging process, which took place over two weeks during the summer at DIT’s School of Culinary

Pictured at the presentation of the Overall Gold Q Award for Aldi’s Duneen Specially Selected Handmade Farmhouse Raspberry Yogurt are (l-r): Bruce Langlands, Director of Foods at Harrods; Pauline Dunne, Killowen Yogurts; James Denney, Aldi Stores Ireland; Neven Maguire, event MC; and Helen Lyons, Organiser, Irish Quality Food Awards.

Retail News|October 2013||21

Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards

Retail News editor, John Walshe, presents the Frozen Foods Savoury Award to Musgrave Wholesale Partners’ Aisling O’Keefe, Trading Manager, and Sheena Forde, Commercial Director, for Musgrave Seasoned Potato Wedges. Also pictured are Helen Lyons, Organiser, Irish Quality Food Awards (left) and event MC, Neven Maguire (right).

Arts. Judges, she said, “were looking for products with excellence in flavour, taste, presentation, packaging and aroma. They also sought to recognise and reward products that represent genuine value for money and those that met a real consumer demand. They emerged with their palates and waistlines intact, having selected the deserving winners.” She paid tribute to headline sponsor, The Benson Group, as well as the judges, who gave up their time to ensure that every entry received the consideration it deserved. Unique Collaboration The awards themselves were presented by leading Irish chef, Neven Maguire, who congratulated the winners on their contribution to the Irish food and drink industry. The IQFAs represent a unique collaboration between Food and Hospitality Ireland (formerly SHOP) and the UK Quality Food and Drink Awards, which have been rewarding excellence in food and drink flavours, tex-

tures and aromas for more than 35 years. Following on from the success of the highly respected UK awards, its Irish partner is also renowned among multiple grocery sectors and food producers for its trustworthy and rigorous judging process to provide truly honest winners. Paying tribute to the quality of Irish food products, Maguire highlighted, through a series of interesting anecdotes from some of the world’s most prestigious kitchens, how highly Irish food and drink products are regarded around the world, and congratulated all the nominees for being part of that quality. He encouraged everyone in the Irish food and drinks industry to maintain the standards that have made Irish food so popular and to keep developing exceptional products. The Big Winners Among the winners, Aldi came up trumps with a staggering 10 awards, including the prestigious Overall Gold for its Handmade Farmhouse Raspberry Yoghurt, followed by SuperValu

Dunnes Stores won the award for Ready Meals Accompaniments for their Sage & Onion Stuffing. Pictured are (l-r): Helen Lyons, Organiser, Irish Quality Food Awards; Aoife Cox, Editor, The Daily Spud; Catherine Heaney, Sales & Marketing, Mr. Crumb; Diarmuid Murphy, Product Development and Quality Manager at Dunnes Stores; and event MC, Neven Maguire.

Barry Geraghty from Lidl Ireland (centre) and supplier John O’Brien (second right) accept the award for Sausages & Burgers for Lidl Deluxe Sausages from Helen Lyons, Organiser, Irish Quality Food Awards; Tim Graham, Sales Manager, Food and Hospitality Ireland; and event MC, Neven Maguire.

Tesco Ireland took the Fresh Meat, Game and Poultry: Beef Steaks category with their Tesco Finest Angus Beef. Pictured are (l-r): Agnes Bouchier Hayes, Judge; Aisling Herbert, NPD Manager, Tesco Ireland; Donna Harris, Marketing & Category Development Analyst, Hilton Foods Ireland; Michael Donohue, Meat Buyer, Tesco Ireland; with Neven Maguire, event MC; and Helen Lyons, Organiser, Irish Quality Food Awards.

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Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards


Winners in the Poultry category were Silver Hill Foods for their Confit of Duck. Pictured are (l-r): Agnes Bouchier Hayes, Judge; Maeve McFadden, General Manager, Silver Hill Foods; Stuart Steele, Managing Director, Silver Hill Foods; event MC Neven Maguire; and Helen Lyons, Organiser, Irish Quality Food Awards.

ALDI lifted no fewer than 10 awards at the inaugural Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards, including the prestigious Overall Gold Q, which is awarded to one product that stands out above all the other entries, Aldi’s Duneen Specially Selected Handmade Farmhouse Raspberry Yogurt. This product absolutely wowed the judges and it was clear it had the credentials to achieve the Gold Award standard. One judge really liked the “really great” combination of raspberry compote and the sweetness of the yoghurt, while another noted the “superb fruit content, balance and flavour”. While it scored highly in terms of taste, the panel also praised the packaging design which the judges felt added to its immense shopper appeal.


Winner of the Liqueurs and Speciality Spirits Award, was The Dubliner Irish whiskey liqueur from First Ireland Spirits. Pictured are (l-r): Kevin Crook, Managing Director, Metropolis Business Media; Jackie Keating and Patricia Lynch from First Ireland Spirits, event MC, Neven Maguire; Helen Lyons, Organiser, Irish Quality Food Awards; and Eamon Fennell, First Ireland Spirits & Dalcassian Wines & Spirits.

Winner of the Gold Q Christmas Award, SuperValu Signature Tastes Christmas Pudding (previously known as SuperValu Supreme) proved a real hit with the judges, who felt it stood out from the competition. A luxury Christmas pudding containing succulent vine fruits, cherries and almonds infused with brandy and matured for six months, the judges praised its aroma and appearance as they tucked in. One commented that it “smells good and looks like a supreme product”, while another commented on its “perfect balance of flavours”.


SuperValu Christmas Pudding took the Gold Q Christmas Award. Pictured are (l-r): Bruce Langlands, Director of Food, Harrods; Noreen Ingamells, Product Developer, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland; Brian Seery, Sales Director, Seerys Bakery; event MC, Neven Maguire, and Helen Lyons, Organiser, Irish Quality Food Awards.

WINNER of the Liqueurs and Speciality Spirits Award, The Dubliner, from First Ireland Spirits, is a distinctive Irish whiskey liqueur and a truly delicious marriage of flavours. A heavenly blend of honeycomb, caramel and whiskey combine to create the product’s unique eclectic taste. “We are delighted to have won an Irish Quality Drink Award for The Dubliner,” says Trish Lynch, Marketing Manager, First Ireland Spirits. “It is further testament to the superb taste and exceptional quality of The Dubliner. We have recently launched The Dubliner here in Ireland, so to receive national recognition with an award that consumers trust in is not only timely but also an important endorsement for us!” First Ireland Spirits are one of Ireland’s fastest growing indigenous drinks manufacturers. With sales in almost 50 countries and exports of over €20m or 7m bottles, growing at 7% per annum, the company is a real success story for Irish exports! The Dubliner is now sold over 12 countries worldwide. It has just been launched here in Ireland with both Dunnes Stores & SuperValu and into the on-trade with Dalcassian Wines & Spirits. Planned launches for 2014 include the USA, China, France, & the UK.

Retail News|October 2013||23

Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards with a splendid six and Lidl Ireland with an impressive five. Other winners included Blue Haven Food Co., Butlers Chocolate, Dee’s Wholefoods and Mr. Crumb in the food category and First Ireland Spirits, Armagh Cider Company and Whitewater Brewing Company in the drinks sector. Aldi’s Handmade Farmhouse Raspberry Yoghurt received The Overall Gold Q Award, which is a specialist prize awarded to the one product that stands out among all the other entries and represents the very best of the best. To ensure complete equality within the judging process, the IQFA’s kitchen team of home economists from Dublin’s Institute of Technology prepared all the products as per the supplied manufacturers’ instructions before presenting to the judging panel. Working through each delicious category across two weeks, one session at a

time, a judging team of over 70 respected food journalists, chefs, producers, retailers, NPD specialists, cooks and bloggers from across Ireland tasted over 350 products. Massive Success Describing the Awards as “a success for all involved,” Helen Lyons noted how. “The whole process has been fantastic and I’m so proud of our team and the contestants. It’s great to have been given the opportunity to truly congratulate those in the food and drink industry that make a difference in our everyday lives and ‘compliment the chef’ so to speak!” She congratulated all the winners and commiserated with those who didn’t quite make it: “We received an outstanding amount of high-quality entrants, so it certainly wasn’t an easy process.” “It has been a true privilege and honour to meet so many Irish retailers and food

Members of the Retail News team are pictured arriving for the inaugural Irish Quality Food and Drink Awards.


producers in this first year of our awards,” she explained, “and I am very much looking forward to continuing working with you all for the 2014 Irish Quality Food Awards.” All excess food from the judging was given to The Capuchin Centre for Homeless People, which provides warm food and more than 1500 food hampers a week to vulnerable

people in Dublin. To find out more about all winners from the very first Irish Quality Food Awards, visit:, become a friend on Facebook: or follow them on Twitter,@IrishQFAs.

THE RIGHT STUFF FROM MR CRUMB MR CRUMB, in partnership with Dunnes Stores, picked up another award at the IQFA awards ceremony, this time for Sage & Onion Stuffing, which won in the Ready Meals Accompaniments category. This is another accolade for Mr Crumb, who have previously won over 30 major food awards. Mr Crumb, based in Mullingar, produces breadcrumbs, stuffing, herb crust toppings, food-to-go, shaped and flavoured butters etc.

IRISH QUALITY FOOD AWARDS Bread Cakes and Morning Goods Cereals and Cereal Bars Cheese Chocolate and Confectionery Christmas Ambient Grocery Christmas Cakes, Bakery and Desserts Coffee, Tea and Other Hot Beverages Cold Beverages Dairy and Milk Products Delicatessen Desserts and Puddings Fish (fresh and frozen, unprepared and prepared) Fish (fish dishes) Fresh Meat, Game and Poultry: Bacon Fresh Meat, Game and Poultry: Beef Steaks Chicken & Poultry Fresh Meat & Game Fresh Produce (Irish & Imported) Frozen Foods (sweet) Frozen Foods Savoury Grocery Ambient Savoury Grocery Ambient Sweet Meat Free Pies and Pasties Pizzas Ready Meals Ready Meal Accompaniments Ready to Cook Sauces and Salad Dressings Sausages, Burgers and Meatballs

Tesco Ireland SuperValu Aldi Stores Ireland Aldi Stores Ireland Butlers Chocolates The Scullery SuperValu Aldi Stores Ireland Armagh Cider Co. Aldi Stores Ireland O’Brien’s Fine Foods SuperValu Marine Harvest Blue Haven Food Co. Lidl Ireland Tesco Ireland Silver Hill Foods Aldi Stores Ireland SuperValu Broderick's Musgrave Second Nature Oils Aldi Stores Ireland Dee’s Wholefoods Aldi Stores Ireland O'Keeffes Bakery Aldi Stores Ireland Dunnes Stores Lidl Ireland SuperValu Lidl Ireland


Pictured in Lidl’s new Omagh store celebrating their success at the recent Irish Quality Food Awards are Rita O’Kane, New Product Development Manager, Linden Foods, and Lucia Christy, Project Manager, Lidl Northern Ireland. Linden won in the Ready to Cook category for its Italian Meatballs with Arrabiata Sauce, part of Lidl’s Heat Eat and Enjoy range.

Ales Cider Lager Liqueurs and Speciality Spirits Whiskies

Aldi Stores Ireland Armagh Cider Company Whitewater Brewing Company First Ireland Spirits Lidl Ireland

OVERALL GOLD Q AWARDS Overall Gold Q Gold Q Christmas Gold Q Drink

Aldi Stores Ireland SuperValu Lidl Ireland

More Kavanagh’s Luxury Fruit Porridge – Sultana, Apricot & Sunflower Seed

Specially Selected Wicklow Lamb Rump Steaks

O’Shea’s Traditional Irish Stout

Specially Selected Single Origin Roast and Ground Coffee Java

Manuka 15+ Honey

Premium Quiche – Bacon & Leek Ardagh Specially Selected Irish Vintage Cheddar

Please drink responsibly. Permitted hours of sale for alcohol in all Aldi stores are Monday to Saturday 10.30am-10.00pm, Sundays between 12.30pm10.00pm. Good Friday and Christmas Day closed.

Enjoy ALCOHOL Sensibly. Visit

Find us on or on

Roast Beef Dinner

More awards than any other Irish retailer.

awards! Q



Handmade Farmhouse Raspberry Yogurt

The yogurt drew praise for its “superb fruit content, balance and flavour.” While it scored highly in terms of taste, the panel also praised the packaging design which the judges felt added to its immense shopper appeal.

Love Ireland. Like Aldi. Aldi, in store, accepts cash and debit cards only. No cheques or credit cards. All Aldi Special Offers subject to (limited) availability. Prices correct at time of going to print. For details of your nearest store visit our website at Check pack for warranty details. The warranty may be available via the distributor or the manufacturer. Packaging may vary. Products purchased at Aldi are covered by a 60 day guarantee. Goods returned must be accompanied by the appropriate till receipt and in original packaging if not defective. The Aldi refund policy does not affect customer statutory rights. Ardagh Specially Selected Irish Vintage Cheddar 250g, €11.16 per kg. Specially Selected Single Origin Roast and Ground Coffee Java 200g, €13.45 per kg. Handmade Farmhouse Raspberry Yogurt 140g, €6.36 per kg. O’Shea’s Traditional Irish Stout 500ml, €3.58 per litre. Manuka 15+ Honey 250g, €23.96 per kg. Specially Selected Wicklow Lamb Rump Steaks 440g, €20.43 per kg. Premium Quiche 500g, €7.98 per kg. Roast Beef Dinner 500g, €7.98 per kg. Kavanagh’s Luxury Fruit Porridge 500g, €3.18 per kg.

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Food & Hospitality Ireland 2013

Inspirational Ideas on Show The inaugural Food & Hospitality Ireland exhibition, incorporating SHOP, proved an inspirational event for exhibitors and visitors alike. INSPIRING visitors at this year’s Food & Hospitality Ireland event, broadcaster, publisher and CEO of Harmonia, Norah Casey, delivered an exceptional key-note address at the inaugural food, retail and hospitality trade show, marking the start of the two-day event. Over the duration of the show, many other speakers took their place on the Spotlight Stage, discussing the key issues that are affecting Michael and Aileen O’Neill from Atlantic Sea Salt. retailers, hotels, restaurants and businesses in today’s climate. Charlie Sheil, General Manager of The Marker Hotel, explained how the luxury hotel was making its mark on the hospitality sector and Chairman of Retail Ireland, Frank Gleeson, spoke about the retail sector, how the recession has affected retailers and what needs to be done to stimulate growth in the Una Martin from Una’s Pies. years ahead. Other speakers included Paula Donoghue from Bord Bia, Sheila Buckley, Head of eTail Excellence Ireland, Paul O’Mahony from Social Media Frontiers and Ruairi Doyle from GrabOne, who all delivered exceptional advice, that was freeof-charge to visitors at the show. Two lively debates also took place, with day one featuring a panel discussion, chaired by James Burke on the merits of own brand, and on day two, the Restaurants Association of Ireland shone the spotlight on Food Tourism. The Spotlight Stage was one of the most hotly anticipated features at the two-day Food & Hospitality Ireland, which incorporated SHOP, and thousands of visitors attended the show, which was held at the Industries Hall in the RDS.

services, visitors to the show were well placed to source products and services that could help their businesses moving forward. For exhibitors, the two-day format was widely praised as they reached thousands of customers and potential customers, whilst reducing their time out of the businesses from three days to two. New exhibitor, Jimmy McLoughlin from Rosie & Jim’s Gourmet Foods noted: “Food & Hospitality Ireland was an excellent show. It provided us with a great opportunity to meet our distributors and our end users. We made some very good and unexpected contacts also.” “It was our first time at the show and following our experience, we’ll definitely be back next year,” added Andrew Newson from Nestlé Professional. The County Enterprise Board companies played an important part in this year’s event, with Food & Hospitality Ireland providing artisan producers with a platform to showcase their products on a national stage. Manuela Goeb, Proprietor of start-up Utterly Nutty commented: “I attended the show with Kerry CEB to launch a new business and I got fabulous results back.” From Ballincollig, proprietor of The Natural Larder Company, Therese Scott, attended the show with West Cork CEB. “This was a new experience for our company,” Therese explained. “We found it informative and made a lot of business contacts, as well as supplier contacts. Great exposure for our company.”

Tasty Show With plenty of food and drink products on show, Food & Hospitality Ireland served up New Products & Services Judging at the Associated Craft With almost 100 exhibitors on the bill, many Butchers of Ireland’s Speciality Foods a tasty show for visitors. The Restaurants Association of Ireland created a platform of whom were showcasing new products and competition.

Retail News|October 2013||27

Food & Hospitality Ireland 2003 for visiting restaurateurs, chefs and even novice cooks to view some of the country’s most-respected chefs cooking up a storm at its Chef’s Table feature. Running on both days, eight chefs, including James Ainscough from the Dublin Wine Rooms and Kate Lawlor from Fenn’s Quay, impressed visitors with live demos and mouth-watering recipe ideas. Also creating tasty dishes for visitors were Kevin O’Toole from Chameleon; Shamzuri Hanifa, The Cottage in Carrick On Shannon, Marco Roccasalvo from Campo di’Fiori, and Paul Horohoe from The Black Olive in Ballymahon. Ireland’s Best Butcher Announced Long-standing show partner, the Associated Craft Butchers of Ireland (ACBI) held its annual awards at Food &

Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, Michael Ring TD officially opened Food & Hospitality Ireland.

Hospitality Ireland. Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport, Michael Ring TD, who officially opened Food & Hospitality Ireland, presented

Nicella O’Gorman from O’Gorman’s Meats Farm Shop, is pictured accepting the ACBI’s Butcher Shop of the Year Award from Minister of State at the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport, Michael Ring TD.

the ACBI’s most prestigious award, Butcher Shop of the Year, to Nicella O’Gorman from O’Gorman’s Meats Farm Shop in Castledermot. In business for almost 50 years, O’Gorman’s Meats is a family business, run by brothers, James and Niall O’Gorman. It was founded by the brothers’ father, Jim O’Gorman, in 1968 and is now a family-run wholesale and retail business. O’Gorman’s Meats also won Best Rural Butcher’s Shop, while other category winners included Kerrigan’s of Donaghmede, who won Best Butcher’s Shop in a Shopping Centre, and Lawlor’s of Rathmines for Best Butcher’s Shop on a High Street. In addition, the ACBI also staged its National Sausage & Pudding Championships and the Speciality Foods competition. Following months of regional heats, hundreds of butchers competed for the top prizes, with the National Sausage & Puddings Supreme Champion being named as Adrian Sheerin from Ballymote, and James McGeough from Connemara Fine Foods taking home the title of Speciality Foods Champion. Widening the Visitor Pool Food & Hospitality Ireland was the first Irish food and drink show from expert event organisers, Fresh Montgomery – the company behind the renowned Hotelympia and IFE trade events. Organised by Fresh Montgomery’s Irish office, Irish Services Montgomery,

ASSOCIATED CRAFT BUTCHERS OF IRELAND COMPETITION RESULTS: Butcher Shop of the Year Butcher Shop of the Year: Best Rural Butcher’s Shop: Best Butcher’s Shop in a Shopping Centre: Best Butcher’s Shop on a High Street:

O’Gorman’s Meats Farm Shop O’Gorman’s Meats Farm Shop Kerrigan’s of Donaghmede Lawlor’s of Rathmines

National Sausage & Puddings Competition Final Supreme Champion: Adrian Sheerin, Sheerin’s Meatin’ Place, Ballymote Traditional Sausage Winner: Tommy Doherty, Thomas Doherty Meats, Kells Speciality Sausage Winner: Adrian Sheerin, Sheerin’s Meatin’ Place, Ballymote Black Pudding Winner: David O'Malley, O’Malley’s Butchers, Tipperary Town White Pudding Winner: Tommy Doherty, Thomas Doherty Meats, Kells Speciality Foods Awards Overall winner: Ready to Eat Winner: Ready to Heat Winner: Ready to Cook Winner:

James McGeough, Connemara Fine Foods, Oughterard James McGeough, Connemara Fine Foods, Oughterard Declan Corry, Corry's Foodhall, Loughrea Kerrigan's Butchers, Donaghmede & Malahide

Norah Casey delivering a key note address on the opening morning of Food & Hospitality Ireland.

General Manager, Tim Graham, explains: “When Fresh Montgomery purchased the SHOP trade event at the end of 2012, we analysed the show and identified areas that we could improve upon. We listened to our stakeholders and made major changes, such as the venue change and two-day format. The overwhelming feedback from our exhibitors is that these major changes paid off. “The introduction of ‘hospitality’ to the event also widened our visitor pool and we worked hard to ensure that in year one, FHI was a content-rich event for our thousands of visitors. The event was packed with thousands of products, exceptionally strong seminars and live demonstrations, and visitor feedback has confirmed that our features delivered valuable learnings across the board. Here’s to an exciting Food & Hospitality Ireland in 2014.” Food & Hospitality Ireland took place on September 18 and 19, 2013, at the Industries Hall in the RDS, Dublin 4. To keep updated on the plans for 2014, follow the show on twitter @FHIexhibition or check the website,

28|Retail News|October 2013|

Retail Ireland: Monthly Update EXCHEQUER CAN SAVE MILLIONS IF BLACK MARKET IS TACKLED RETAIL Ireland believes the Government's work to correct the public finances must include efforts to tackle Ireland's enormous black market in tobacco, fuel, pharmaceuticals, entertainment, and counterfeit products. We made the announcement after several recent seizures, including nine million illegal cigarettes worth €4.3m in Co. Louth, and two oil laundering plants, in County Monaghan, with a potential loss of over €3m in tax. Our recent report, conducted for Retail Ireland by Grant Thornton, estimates the loss to the exchequer to be at least €400m per annum. If even some of this money could be recouped, it would greatly help the Government reach its targets, while also protecting retail Retail Ireland chairperson, jobs and boosting the domestic economy. Frank Gleeson. Some of the measures to tackle the black market include: • A freeze on excise duties and taxes, to prevent the price between legal and illegal products from widening; • Prioritising Garda and Revenue Commissioner resources to detect and deter illicit trade; • Increased penalties for those convicted, and new criminal penalties for consumers who knowingly purchase illegal products, including illicit tobacco; • Fuel duty equalisation, with a rebate system for farmers, and an end to dyeing fuel marked for agricultural use to prevent laundering; and • Consumer awareness campaigns to inform people of the damage black market purchases do to them, their communities and their country. “These policies, and many others, should form part of a strategic plan to tackle illicit trade, led by a Government steering group and comprised of Government departments,” said Retail Ireland Chairperson, Frank Gleeson. “Such a joined-up approach will see the Exchequer benefit, and criminals lose out.”

Sales Dip in August Shows Fragility of Retail Sector CSO figures published for retail sales in August showed the continued fragile state of the domestic economy and consumer spending. The value of sales, excluding motor trades and bars, fell by 0.3% in August compared with the same month last year. The end of the very fine weather that we enjoyed in July also saw some very sharp month-on-month falls, with sales of hardware items (which include garden furniture and barbecues) down over 8% in August compared with the previous month. Retail Ireland believes our sector must be put on a sustainable path to recovery. Director Stephen Lynam said “The Government must instil confidence in consumers, stimulate domestic spending, reduce the cost of doing business, freeze consumer charges and taxes and tackle the black market. If that happens, sustainable growth in the domestic economy is possible.”

Retailers and Suppliers Agree on Best Practice A NEW initiative where retailers and suppliers in the food supply chain agree to comply with a set of principles of good practice was been launched in Brussels last month. The initiative is supported by seven representative bodies (including European retail trade association EuroCommerce) and already 82 companies have signalled their intention to sign up. Retail Ireland is a member of EuroCommerce and has urged Irish retailers to do so. The principles are simple and common sense: • That all agreements should be in writing. • That unilateral change to contract terms shall not take place unless such a possibility has been agreed in advance. • That all agreements are complied with. • That information is exchanged in strict compliance with competition law. • That all contracting parties in the supply chain should bear their own appropriate entrepreneurial risk. • That there shall be no application of threats in order to obtain an unjustified advantage or transfer an unjustified cost. Authorities in Brussels and throughout the EU are considering this matter. At an Irish level, the Government had previously indicated it would seek to impose a costly statutory code that would impose a heavy and unfair regulatory burden on retailers, that will ultimately be paid for by consumers. This initiative, with the backing of retailer and supplier groups, ensures fairness without imposing huge costs. This win-win arrangement should be given support over the coming months to thrive. For more, see our website.

Tel: 01-6051558

30|Retail News|October 2013|

Drinks News 100 Years of Paddy IRISH Distillers Pernod Ricard is celebrating 100 years of the Paddy Irish whiskey brand with the release of a new single pot still limited edition, Paddy Centenary Edition. This exclusive limited edition aims to convey Paddy’s rich heritage and irreverent personality by re-telling the story of its namesake, Paddy Flaherty, the enigmatic salesman after whom Cork Distilleries Company re-named their flagship whiskey in 1913. Paddy Centenary Edition is a seven year old single pot still whiskey in honour of the original recipe, which was a seven year old ‘Pure Pot Still’, as it was termed in 1913. Presented in a handcrafted, wooden gift box, Paddy Centenary Edition celebrates the best of old and new whiskey-making techniques, producing a flavour profile that has rich spicy notes, typical of aged pot still whiskey, and hints of vanilla, true to the brand’s signature style.

NOffLA GOLD STAR AWARDS PRESENTED 15 wines from around the world, priced to appeal to all budgets, were selected for exclusive inclusion in the National Off-Licence Association’s (NOffLA) Gold Star 2013-2014 Wine Collection. Mackenway Distributors Ltd picked up the much coveted ‘Wine of the Year 2013-2014’ award for Leone de Castris Salice Salentino Riserva DOC 2009 (Puglia, Italy) while the equally prestigious ‘White Wine of the Year 2013-2014,’ went to Liberty Wines Ltd for Alpha Zeta ‘C’ Chardonnay 2012 (Veneto, Italy). Each of the 15 award winners is available in NOffLA’s 315 independent off-licences around the country and will be clearly identifiable on-shelf. Bren Smith of Mackenway is pictured with the Wine of the Year Award.

Absolut’s Biggest Ever Branding Project ABSOLUT has teamed up with brand strategy, design and engagement specialists The Brand Union, to revamp the branding of its range of flavoured vodkas, in a move described by brand owner Pernod Ricard as their biggest and most transformative design project ever. The new designs, which have been said by Pernod Ricard to “bypass design conventions to artistically express the core essence of each flavour” are being rolled out in Ireland, with Absolut Pears and Absolut Raspberri the first to market. The rest of the flavoured range, which all make use of the abstract expressionist technique of throwing paint, will follow over this year and 2014.

LAURENT PERRIER SHINES IN KINSALE LAURENT Perrier, one of the world’s leading Grande Marque champagne houses, returned for its second year as the official champagne sponsor of the Kinsale Gourmet Festival in Cork. As part of the sponsorship, Laurent Perrier hosted a fabulous champagne reception at the ‘Taste of West Cork’ black tie dining experience in the Trident Hotel. Patrons were treated to a feast of West Cork delicacies over an eight course dinner, accompanied by Laurent Perrier and fine wine. “This is an ideal sponsorship for Laurent Perrier, as it consists of the perfect combination – wonderfully prepared food and exquisite champagne in an absolutely superb location,” noted Annemarie Tumilty, Brand Manager for Laurent Perrier Champagnes in Ireland.

TULLAMORE DEW DISTILLERY UNDERWAY THE Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD recently officially ‘turned the sod’ on the new Tullamore pot still whiskey and malt whiskey distillery being built by William Grant & Sons Ltd in Tullamore, Co. Offaly. “For many years, Irish whiskey has been one of the strongest and most distinctive products in the world, renowned for its quality and heritage, with a dual impact in terms of our exports and tourism,” the Minister noted. “Tullamore Dew is one of the key drivers of this success. I would like to commend William Grant & Sons for its commitment to the town of Tullamore where it is investing significantly to ensure that Tullamore Dew is coming back to its roots.” The state-of-the-art distillery, which opens in autumn 2014, will bring whiskey production back to the town exactly 60 years since the original distillery closed in 1954.

We believe there is a better way. Consideration should be given to targeted and proportionate ways of achieving shared public policy objectives in Ireland such as: Penalising the purchase, or attempted purchase of tobacco products by minors, and the purchase by adults on behalf of minors (“proxy” purchasing) Reinforcing retail access prevention measures, such as the ‘Show Me I.D - Be Age Ok’ programme; More effective, targeted enforcement of the illicit tobacco trade. Evidence suggests that minors in Ireland are currently being used to sell illegal tobacco products in street markets across Ireland. Minors can also easily purchase tobacco from illegal channels as criminals don’t ask for identification Renewing targeted public information campaigns to quickly and effectively raise the awareness of tobacco control measures, such as the criminalisation of proxy-purchasing by minors and negative licensing regime


32|Retail News|October 2013|

Londis Conference 2013

Londis Leverages Local Matters

Local Matters was the theme of the 2013 Londis Conference, which saw the progressive Group focus on its role as community retailers across the country. CARTON House in Maynooth was the setting for the 2013 Londis Annual Conference and Retailing Excellence Awards. Attracting in the region of 350 guests, with Londis retailers travelling from all over Ireland, the theme of this year’s conference was ‘Londis, Local Matters’, renewing the Group’s focus on Londis as local community retailers. During his welcome address, Stephen O’Riordan, Londis Chief Executive, put it very simply: “For every Londis retailer, being local really does matter. Being truly local, we are boosting the local community, creating local jobs and keeping money in the local economy. We offer real choice, excellent value and friendly service to the local people upon whom we rely for a successful future in business.”

Norah Casey, Broadcaster and CEO of Harmonia, opened the conference with an inspiring exercise for delegates.

Taking Stock Following O’Riordan’s welcome to all the delegates gathered, the conference was officially opened by broadcaster and publisher Norah Casey, Harmonia CEO. Norah captured the attention of the audience right from the start with an engaging and interactive warm-up session. Norah’s key message focused on the importance of taking stock, whether personally or professionally, to ensure you are applying your skills as effectively as possible. After Norah’s engaging warm-up, David Berry, Commercial Director, Kantar Worldpanel, provided an overview of how consumers currently view the market. He highlighted the importance of the retailer in the sales process, as 75% of purchase decisions are made in-store, thus underlining the importance of key initiatives on the shop floor to help support sales.

indicating that shoppers have kept a tight hold on purse strings over the past five years, maintaining grocery spend against growing inflation. Of particular interest to Londis retailers was the growth of the basket shop, which has risen to 35% of shopping in 2013, compared to 29% in 2007, as consumers increasingly shop little and often. Berry used this statistic to reinforce the important role of local community retailers, essentially underlining the conference theme that ‘local matters’ when it comes to ‘little and often’ purchasing behaviour. While consumers are increasingly aware of what they spend, they are still prepared to spend more in order to buy a promotion. Berry highlighted that during a time when there is increasing pressure on retailers, the emphasis should be on selling more rather than less by increasing the number of items in the basket rather than discounting the items that are there already: the message being that the multi-buy remains an important promotional tactic for retailers.

Key Grocery Trends Berry also highlighted key trends in the grocery market,

What’s In A Brand? Berry was followed by world renowned and award winning

Retail News|October 2013||33

Londis Conference 2013 branding expert Mike Hemingway, who enthralled everybody present with a fascinating presentation on the importance of the brand. Mike is one of the highest regarded people in branding around the globe, having previously worked on campaigns for brands as diverse as Kodak, Hugo Boss and Mars. His work on Pantene led to the brand’s worldwide market leadership, whilst more recently, Hemingway’s work on Dove’s ‘Campaign for real beauty’ led to immediate sales increases and pioneered new concepts in marketing. Hemingway’s captivating presentation demonstrated his passion for the importance of values, not just value, in building loyalty amongst consumers and as such he was well positioned to relate his speech back to the Londis message that ‘local matters’. He noted how the nature of what constitutes a brand has changed over time and that today’s successful brands are an “opinion about your category that your prime consumer finds important”. The brand expert left the audience with one final request; that we dream for our customers. Or has he very eloquently put it, “find the sorrow, be the joy”. Local Like You Ruth Norton, Group Marketing Manager, Londis, spoke to retailers about how the new Londis brand position ‘Local Like You’ relates back to their everyday experiences with customers. She took the audience through the journey undertaken by Londis this year as it formed a new brand positioning and advertising campaign. At a time when consumers no longer choose between a butcher, a baker or a fishmonger but rather a multiple, a German discounter and a local store, Norton’s address recognised the vital contribution of Londis members to their communities. In her address, it wasn’t just ‘local matters’ which was the key message, it was also ‘together matters’. The work of every retailer, each of their team members and every member of the Group Support Office team combine to bring ‘local matters’ to life in-store. Norton also explained how in developing ‘Local Like You’, it was apparent very quickly that the most important people to deliver this message to consumers, were those donning the Londis uniform, day in and day out. It is every employee in every Londis store throughout the country who is the most important representation of the brand in the eyes of the consumer. This, she said, provided the motivation to the Group Support Office team to renew and re-energise the vital role of customer service in a retailer’s success within

Jonathan Gillan, owner of Gillan’s Londis, Castleknock, Dublin 15, proudly accepts his well-deserved Londis Overall Store of the Year Award 2013 from Marty Whelan, Master of Ceremonies, and Stephen O’Riordan, Londis Chief Executive. Gillan’s also took home the award for Londis Foodmarket Store of the Year 2013. Canavan’s Londis, Inch, Co. Wexford, were proud recipients of the Londis Convenience Store of the Year at the 2013 Londis Retailing Excellence Awards Ceremony. Pictured accepting the award from Marty Whelan and Stephen O’Riordan are Catherine and Martin Canavan, with Store Manager Caroline Doyle. Margaret Molloy is pictured accepting the Group Support Office Employee of the Year Award 2013 from event MC Marty Whelan and Stephen O’Riordan.

Pictured accepting the Customer Service Store of the Year award are Maura and Ray Keating, Keating’s Londis PLUS, Cobh, Co. Cork, with staff member Dionne McSweeney, who was also a nominee in the Londis Store Employee of the Year category. Keating’s also took home the prestigious Londis Supermarket Store of the Year Award.

34|Retail News|October 2013|

Londis Conference 2013 the Group.

Stephen O’Riordan discusses tactics with Former Irish Rugby International Keith Wood.

Chief Executive of Londis, Stephen O’Riordan with former Irish International rugby player Keith Wood and ADM Londis Chairman, Leo McCauley, at the 2013 ADM Londis Retailer Conference in Carton House, Maynooth.

Pictured are (l-r): Norah Casey, Harmonia CEO, Ruth Norton, Group Marketing Manager, Londis, and Keith Wood, former Irish rugby international.

Customer First Following this, Norton formally launched the Group’s new ‘Customer First’ programme, which is to be rolled out in Londis stores nationwide. With this new programme, Londis is tapping into what differentiates locally owned and managed Londis stores from larger multiples and discount stores. The programme will help each retailer to demonstrate just how much they care about the community of which they are a part and the local people that they serve. Essentially, it encourages retailers and their employees to use their own local knowledge to deliver a level of personal service which is unsurpassed within their local communities. Wood’s Wisdom Finishing up the morning’s proceedings was former Irish international rugby captain Keith Wood, who took part in a live interview with MC Norah Casey. Keith Wood was capped 58 times for Ireland and five times for the Lions, winning the inaugural IRB World Player of the Year 2001. Wood discussed the highs and the lows of his rugby career and demonstrated what it taught him about business, particularly in relation to performing in a tough environment. Wood spoke about how although rugby has changed since his retirement, the principles remain the same and they tie in with the principles of retailing. “Everything said at today’s conference has been about values,” Wood stressed. “It hasn’t been about profits, which are talked about too often sometimes. I believe that if you have the right mindset and you can deliver on it, then you can make it a success.” A quick Q & A followed, before a superb trade exhibition featuring over 50 suppliers was officially opened.

Retail News|October 2013||35

Londis Conference 2013 AWARD WINNERS Overall Store of the Year

Foodmarket Store of the Year

Supermarket Store of the Year

Convenience Store of the Year

Gold Retailing Excellence Awards

Griffin’s Londis, St James’ Hospital, Dublin 8 Fahy’s Londis, Batterstown, Co. Meath Meehan’s Londis PLUS, Glenamaddy, Co. Galway McDermott’s Londis Clonmel, Co. Tipperary Hanley’s Londis PLUS, Station Road, Co. Mayo Londis Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Gillan’s Londis, Castleknock, Dublin 15. Keating’s Londis Plus, Cobh, Co. Cork.

Gillan’s Londis, Castleknock, Dublin 15. Keating’s Londis Plus, Cobh, Co. Cork. Canavan’s Londis, Inch, Co. Wexford Byrne's Londis, Aughrim, Co. Wicklow Londis Texoil Service Station, Monaghan Londis Adare, Co. Limerick Gillan's Londis PLUS, Summerhill, Co. Meath Timothy's Londis PLUS, Abbeytown, Co. Roscommon Martin's Londis, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Cunningham's Londis PLUS, Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo Griffin's Londis, Grafton St, Dublin 2. Hanrahan's Londis, The Faythe, Co. Wexford Roche's Londis, Doneraile, Co. Cork Browne's Londis, Kilcock, Co. Kildare Doyle's Gorey Service Station, Co. Wexford Griffin's Londis, New St, Dublin 8 Griffin's Londis, KCR, Dublin 6W Griffin's Londis, Adamstown, Co. Dublin Griffin’s Londis, 14-15 Lwr O'Connell St, Dublin 1 McGoldrick's Londis, Dromahair, Co. Leitrim Patterson's Londis, Foxrock, Co. Dublin Shiel's Londis PLUS, Malahide, Co. Dublin Gillen's Londis, Dublin Rd, Trim, Co. Meath Dillon's Londis, Fethard-on-Sea, Co. Wexford Flynn's Londis, Gardiner St, Dublin 1 Marshall’s Londis PLUS, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath Hynes' Londis, Miltown Malbay, Co. Clare Kelly's Londis, Milltown, Co. Kerry Mattimoe's Londis, Naas, Co. Kildare O'Brien's Londis, Larkin's Cross, Co. Wexford Burke's Londis PLUS, Kinvara, Co. Galway Londis Cleaboy, Co. Waterford Aherne's Londis, Thurles, Co. Tipperary Sheehan's Londis, Parkgate St, Dublin 8 Brodigan's Londis, Quay St, Dundalk, Co. Louth Kearney's Londis, Castletroy, Co. Limerick Over 50 suppliers participated in the Londis Annual Trade Show, which provides an opportunity for brands to showcase new product lines and category innovations.

The Conference also featured the presentation of the ADM Londis Store of the Year Awards 2013, which saw Gillan’s Londis, Castleknock, Dublin 15, named the Overall Londis Store of the Year 2015. See Panel opposite for full list of winners.

Silver Retailing Excellence Awards Hanrahan's Londis, Piercetown, Co. Wexford Corrigan's Londis , Oulart, Co. Wexford Hiney's Londis, Crossmolina, Co. Mayo Corrigan's Londis, Kilmuckridge, Co. Wexford Grace's Londis PLUS, Loughrea, Co. Galway Griffin's Londis, Lwr College Green, Dublin 2 Lowe’s Londis Service Station, Grange, Co. Sligo Griffin’s Londis, Sandyford, Co. Dublin O’Shea’s Londis, Campile, Co. Wexford Griffins Londis, Fonthill, Dublin 22 Boggan’s Londis, Rosslare, Co. Wexford

Gillan’s Londis, Castleknock, Dublin 15. Canavan’s Londis, Inch, Co. Wexford

Bronze Retailing Excellence Awards Londis North King St, Dublin 7 Griffin’s Londis, 36 Upper O’Connell St, Dublin 1 Londis Ballyfermot, Dublin 10 Donegan’s Londis, Kilbeggan, Co. Westmeath Londis Texoil Service Station, Tulsk, Co. Roscommon Londis, Navan Road, Trim, Co. Meath Hughes’ Londis PLUS, Mountbellew, Co. Galway McGivern’s Londis, Inchicore, Dublin 8 Kerrigan’s Londis, Kilcolgan, Co. Galway Fruit & Veg Store of the Year 2013 Gillan’s Londis PLUS, Summerhill, Co. Meath Deli & Hot Food Store of the Year 2013 Londis Station Road, Adare, Co. Limerick Food Safety Store of the Year 2013 Roche's Londis, Doneraile, Co. Cork Off Licence Store of the Year 2013 Shiel’s Londis PLUS, Malahide, Co. Dublin News & Mags Store of the Year 2013 McDermott’s Londis, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary Customer Service Store of the Year 2013 Keating's Londis PLUS, Cobh, Co. Cork Store Employee of the Year 2013 Geraldine Eivers, Marshall's Londis PLUS, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath Group Support Office Employee of the Year 2013 Margaret Molloy Chilled Supplier of the Year 2013 PRM Warehouse Supplier of the Year 2013 Mars Ireland Central Billing Supplier of the Year Groomes

36 |Retail News|October 2013|

Market News THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS AS Ireland’s oldest bakery, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien have over 175 years of experience in selecting high-grade flour from the finest wheat grown harvests. With their Goodness of Both products, consumers can enjoy the smoothness of white bread with all the goodness of wholemeal, offering a nutritionally attractive option for those who prefer the taste of white bread. The Goodness of Both product range includes a whole sliced pan (800g and 400g), Lunch Rolls and Deli Rolls. These innovative products are also a good source of fibre in consumers’ daily diet. The Lunch and Deli Rolls are sure to be a lunch box favourite with the kids over the winter months! Why not take a little inspiration from their recipes to make the most of these tasty products:

ALDI SCORES AT BLAS NA HÉIREANN AWARDS ALDI continued its phenomenal year of food awards by topping the taste test at the annual Blas na hÉireann National Irish Food Awards as its Irish own-brand products picked up 21 titles, including five gold medals – its largest haul yet. Aldi has now won 66 Blas na hÉireann Awards since 2009, picking up more awards than any other retailer over the last four years. “From sweet to savoury, frozen and fresh we offer more award winning Irish products than any other retailer in the country,” noted Aldi Ireland’s Group Buying Director, Jon Neale. Aldi’s Irish products won five gold medal, eight silver medal and eight bronze medal awards, including a gold for Brannans Hickory Rashers supplied by Oakpark, in Cahir, Co. Tipperary (pictured).

APPLE OF YOUR EYE SUPERVALU expects to sell over 140,000 or almost €90,000 worth of Irish Cox Pippin apples this season. Available in SuperValu stores nationwide, this traditional apple variety is grown exclusively for SuperValu stores by David Keane of Cappoquin Estate, Co. Waterford, on a 100 acre apple farm with 800 trees to the acre. David Keane has been supplying SuperValu for over 30 years, a partnership that has allowed him to continue to expand his business over that period. The Cox Pippin is a particularly aromatic variety, renowned for its crunchy bite and perfect balance of flavour and acidity. It will be included in SuperValu’s Signature Taste range, which is due to launch this month. David Keane is pictured with Roxi McCormack (7), Enfield, Co. Meath.

IASC NETS TOP AWARD iASC Atlantic Seafood, a start-up seafood company based in Cork, has won the prestigious BIM Seafood Innovation Award for its world first Irish Shellfish Butter at this year’s Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards, which attracted 2,500 entries from all over Ireland, from both artisan and large-scale, international producers. iASC Irish Shellfish Butter contains mussels and Dillisk seaweed, and can be used as a typical butter, on Surf n’ Turf dishes or as a finish and flavourenhancer for fish dishes and accompaniments. “We are delighted to win the Blas Seafood Innovation Award so early in our development. Awards such as this are a great boost to us in our drive to market our new product to new customers,” says Colin Ross, Managing Director, pictured (left) with James Grimes, Operations Director, iASC Atlantic Seafood.

FANGTASTIC DRACULA LOLLY HB is bringing back its much-loved Dracula lolly in multipacks, tapping into the continued consumer demand for retro products. As a family favourite, the iconic ice cream looks to strengthen the current HB Kids Multipack range, worth over €4.7m and growing at a rate of 12% YOY ( Source: ACNielsen, Value Sales, MAT, September 8, 2013, HB Kids Multipacks). With its cola coating, blood-red strawberry jelly and vanilla ice cream centre, Wall’s Dracula will drive sales for retailers in time for the Halloween promotional period, as well as into the winter season. “Retro continues to be a huge trend and our Dracula lolly has an instant connection with parents, who remember it from their childhood,” noted Anna Owen, Marketing Manager for Unilever Ice Cream in Ireland. “With its red jelly centre that changes the colour of your tongue, Dracula is a must stock, especially for Halloween.”

Retail News|October 2013||37

Shopper Marketing & In-Store Conference

POPAI Points the Way Inspirational business leaders from Irish retail marketing provided some real highlights at POPAI UK & Ireland’s recent 2013 Shopper Marketing & In-Store Conference. WITH a mix of leading marketers, analysts, agency creatives and supply-side experts, this year’s Irish Shopper Marketing & InStore Conference proved a lively setting for debate. The event, organised by retail marketing trade association POPAI UK & Ireland, gave visitors a solid line-up of speakers and expert panellists, featuring some of the P-O-P industry’s brightest minds. Billed as Irish P-O-P’s biggest conference of the year and a leading forum on the practical issues of in-store marketing delivery, the event featured a number of high calibre speakers, including the likes of Britvic Ireland, Marks & Spencer and Diageo. Record Number of Delegates Held at the Radisson BLU Hotel at Dublin Airport on Thursday, September 5, 2013, the conference attracted a record number of delegates, with 93 attendees taking their seat at this year’s event – reinforcing the fact that in challenging economic times for retailing, sharing knowledge and insight into best practice has never been more relevant. The conference was designed to identify practical steps that can be taken to achieve improvements in retail marketing best practice. Speakers shared their

journeys in overcoming both shopper and retail challenges in order to succeed. Growing On The Go Speakers included Sharon Yourell Lawlor, Head of On The Go at Britvic Ireland, who explored the role that point-of-purchase visibility can play in driving growth in On The Go categories. Dilinie Wanigaratne,Diageo's Europe Category Development Manager, also took to the stage to share her insight and experiences of using virtual reality as an inspiring selling tool to engage retailers behind world-class executions. Later in the day, Chris Sampson from Marks & Spencer stepped up to highlight the need for retail marketers to appeal to all the senses, whilst also identifying solutions that can fit in line with existing fixtures to maximise the value of capital investment. During his talk,

he explored the story of the Stratford City Food Hall journey, bringing a unique behind-the-scenes look at the thinking, process and challenges of leading-edge store design development. Get Smart The consensus at the conference seemed to be that when times are tough, get smart. “In a changing industry that is under pressure in difficult economic times, it is more important than ever to stay abreast of developments,” said POPAI UK & Ireland Director, Phil Day. “There is no place for complacency. Even the best innovators must ensure the latest thinking remains firmly connected to the needs of the shopper.” Also speaking at the event on the topic of using in-store digital media to re-invent the retail space was Fergal Downey, owner of interactive media special-

ists Touchpoint. The halfday event also included two expert panel sessions looking at Shopper Marketing and Retail Trends, with panellists from Britvic Ireland, Marks & Spencer, The Printed Image, Shop Equipment Limited and Allied Retail Innovations. “This conference has exceeded expectations, both in terms of participation and outcomes. It really hit home with a lot of people in showcasing how the store environment is evolving,” said Day. “It has been a rousing success, in terms of the quality of the speakers, the quality of the presentations, and the attendance. Everyone came away feeling energised, well-informed, and inspired.” To learn more, visit

38|Retail News|October 2013|

Store Design and POS

A Design For Life With over 20 years’ experience, Allied Retail Innovations & Solutions leads the way when it comes to store design and Point of Sale display units. FROM concept to design, store navigation and layout, construction, installation and maintenance, Allied Retail Innovations and Solutions is leading the way through one-stop partnership arrangement with its client base, including retailers, brand agencies & managers, and architects. The days of the humdrum retail environment are well and truly over and the need for ‘Retail Theatre’, an environment that impresses and respects the discerning consumer and engages them, is here to stay, as retailers seek

to gain competitive advantage over their competitors through centres of retail excellence. This is the philosophy of Pat Keating, Managing Director of Allied Retail Innovations & Solutions, and his team, at Ireland’s long established total solutions provider for today’s retailers and brands. Established more than 20 years ago, Allied has grown and adapted to the challenges facing the retail sector today. The company is now a unique “one stop solution provider” and places strong emphasis on partnership with

their retail clients. Impressive Range Of Services & Products Allied Retail Innovation & Solutions Ltd believes in a three-way partnership involving themselves, their clients and their clients’ clients! Allied now provide a range of services and products, including: • Permanent Point of Sale solutions for today’s brands and retailers; • Print solutions, from standard post ers to mag board;

Retail News|October 2013||39

Store Design and POS •

• •

Digital media systems, from screens / digital walls with advertising loops to interactive solutions tailored to the client’s requirements; Concept development – bringing retail and display / Point of Sale systems through the development stage onto real solutions; Design – taking the concept and translating it into a workable design; Store navigation and layout – working with the client on the best options for store layout and navigation so as to maximise the benefits and financial returns on the new store layout – i.e. finding the ‘Golden Triangle’; Construction – the production of both bulk and bespoke units at its manufacturing base in Trim, County Meath; Delivery and installation – physical installation at client sites, at times convenient to the client, done quickly and professionally in order to minimise disruption to business; Maintenance – follow-up support, maintenance and renewal as required of all new installations.

Effective Utilisation of Space Retailing never stands still and with the banning of the visibility of cigarette machines behind shop counters, a huge opportunity now exists for the forward thinking retailer to better utilise this space, according to Pat Keating. “Cigarette machines now need to be relegated to less prime locations and the demand for this space should now be recognised by brands as being a major focal and dwell point within the stores,” he says. “This creates the opportunity for new and innovative concepts.” The team at Allied Retail Innovations & Solutions Ltd firmly believe that many new opportunities exist for today’s forward-thinking retailers and brand managers. Navigational aids guide customers into the higher value areas of stores, for example. Back of counter spaces can now be better utilised following the ban of visible cigarette machines. Tills can be smaller and more discrete, thereby removing them as barriers between the retailer and his/her customer. “Product zoning produces results and can always be improved, real time advertising and merchandising needs to be capitalised on and companion merchandising systems need more recognition, where even the strangest of bedfellows become compatible impulse purchases,” Pat stresses. He points to recent research in a major UK retail chain, which recognised that on Friday

evenings, sales of baby items particularly nappies - bought by men increased significantly and thus by merchandising / arranging these products close to the off licence sector, or vice versa, a significant increase in sales for wine and beer was generated. Digital Display Options Allied is continuing to develop its digital display options and its next delivery to the market will be a unique new TV shroud which is simple, low cost and effective - watch this space! Allied places great emphasis on the importance of counter and in-queue manage- Patrick Keating, MD of Allied Retail Innovations & ment systems and delivers appro- Solutions, pictured with a variation of the innovapriate solutions in these areas, as tive new TV Advertising Shroud. part of their overall client partnersuit and should be enjoyable, engaging ship arrangement. and rewarding – not a chore carried out Shopping has become a leisure pur,in an environment where the customer does not feel loved, valued or cared for. Stores need to reflect quality to justify cost as “quality will be remembered long after cost is forgotten,” Keating notes. A Complete Solution Allied believes in lifting the retail environment into the 21st century. By listening to what clients say and by watching the ever changing retail environment, Allied has developed the partnership model to better serve its clients with a complete solution. The need to stay fresh and innovative is paramount, as competition remains intense and points of difference set competitors apart. Pat, who was a guest panellist at the POPAI conference in early September, is justifiably proud of the company’s success and development to date. “Allied has built its reputation on partnership and delivery and we have succeeded in growing the business in these tough economic times” he concludes. “We are increasingly finding clients coming to us for the one-stop solutions. Allied is strong from concept development, through to design, production, installation and maintenance, and it is this strength that has stood to us. Allied is 100% Irish, is growing and it at your service!”

For more information, contact: Allied Group Innovations & Solutions Ltd, 20 Oaktree Business Park, Trim, Co. Meath. Tel: (046) 9481983 Email: Web:

40|Retail News|October 2013|

Frozen Food

Cold Comforts

Frozen foods offer convenience and value to consumers, two key advantages in the current climate.

FROZEN foods have pretty much managed to buck the recession, thanks to two factors: convenience and value. By its very nature, frozen food means less waste for consumers, who can keep it in their freezers for months before using it, without compromising on flavour. Most importantly, however, is the fact that in general terms, frozen food scores very highly on value. The latest report into the frozen processed foods sector by Europmonitor reveals sales growth of 2% in volume and 4% in value for 2012, which is a massive step-change compared to most other grocery categories, where volumes might be up but value is either

static or in decline. Frozen food is different, however, as consumers recognise the value, convenience and budgetary advantages offered by the products, with sales

rising as a result, according to Euromonitor. The frozen foods sector is large and varied, encompassing everything from frozen bakery to frozen potatoes,

McCain have launched a new â‚Ź1.5m year-long marketing platform, Happy Days, which celebrates the enjoyment of eating McCain potato products.

frozen processed red meat to frozen vegetables and, of course, frozen seafood to pizza. Euromonitor predict continued value and volume growth of 2% in the coming years, but warn that the growth of private label and price wars amongst manufacturers and retailers could hold back value growth somewhat. McCain McCain Foods, Ireland’s favourite prepared potato brand (Source: ACNielsen Scantrack, MAT, Value Sales up to July 14, 2013), is set to launch its biggest ever marketing campaign as part of a major drive to grow the frozen potato category by

Massive â‚Ź750k marketing campaign Includes heavyweight TV, outdoor and press McCain Oven Baked Jackets will be flying off your shelves

42|Retail News|October 2013|

Frozen Food transforming the McCain brand. Having launched a new brand identity in March, the €1.5m yearlong programme of activity will see McCain launch a new marketing platform, Happy Days, which celebrates the enjoyment of eating McCain potato products. During the next 12 months, the new campaign will focus on four key category growth areas – Easier Family Meals, Conversion from Homemade Potato, Made for Two, and Sharing at Home. The Happy Days Campaign launched recently with a heavyweight new advertising campaign for chips, which fits into the Easier Family Meals strategy, showcasing the joy and excitement involved in the anticipation of having chips for tea. As part of the same strategy, McCain is also launching a programme of innovative NPD including New Quick Cook Fries – Fries in 5 from the oven (from a fan assisted oven). In October, the Conversion from Homemade Potato activity features substantial support for McCain Oven Baked Jackets and is predicted to drive significant category growth. Tapping into their success, McCain have also just launched McCain Jacket Smiles - small jacket potatoes that are ready baked and stamped with a smile. Perfect for kids’ teatimes! The McCain Oven Baked Jackets campaign goes live from October 21 for six weeks across TV, press, outdoor and online, supported with a tastings roadshow and extensive in-store point of purchase advertising. The Sharing at Home strategy continues to be supported by Film 4 sponsorship, while the successful sharing bowl on-pack promotion is currently underway and NPD is expected. “McCain will be unmissable over the next 12 months,” said Linda Earlie, McCain Marketing Manager. “It’s a big year for the brand and we have big plans to grow the brand and the category by changing the way we talk to the consumer. “We are a nation of potato lovers and the Happy Days campaign places the enjoyment of our products at the very heart of all of our activity, whether it be Chips, Jackets or Wedges,” she continued. “We have a portfolio of great tasting, convenient and high quality potato products that we are very proud of, which bring little moments of joy to mealtimes

across the country. “As a result, we’re expecting to significantly grow the brand and the frozen potato category. We have never placed so much support behind our brand and we wouldn’t be doing that if we weren’t confident that we were going to be able to have a major impact.” Weight Watchers from Heinz Weight Watchers from Heinz is the undisputed leading brand in the frozen ready meal sector, claiming 29.7% volume share of the total

in minutes from the microwave, using steaming technology to provide a gentle swirling heat that cooks the meal to perfection. This gentle action keeps in the natural flavours, ensures the vegetables stay crunchy and the meat remains juicy and moist. Steam fresh flavours delivered straight from the freezer! Varieties include Chicken Chop Suey with Tasty Long Grain Rice & Vegetables , Sweet Mango Chicken with Tasty Yellow Rice & Vegetables and new additions to the range White Fish & Truilli Pasta and Red Thai Chicken Curry. All products within the Weight Watchers from Heinz range exclusively feature the Weight Watchers Pro-Points value per serving on pack. Birds Eye Birds Eye is one of Ireland’s leading frozen food brands, claiming a 27.1% share MAT in its participating categories and more recently growing its share close to 30% (Source: ACNielsen, MAT, August 2013). Birds Eye is also the number one advertiser in

Manufactured in Dundalk, County Louth, the Weight Watchers from Heinz range of frozen ready meals continues to drive the category with convenient meal solutions in both traditional and ethnic varieties.

frozen ready meal market which is valued at €14.5m (Source: Kantar, March 2013). Manufactured in Dundalk, County Louth, the Weight Watchers from Heinz range of frozen ready meals continues to drive the category with convenient meal solutions in both traditional and ethnic varieties. The range has everything to offer consumers who are seeking to lead a healthy lifestyle but who expect not to compromise on taste. The Weight Watchers from Heinz frozen ready meal range offers an extensive range of market leading recipes such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pasta and Ocean Pie. Proving that you can still have the naughty treats that you love, Weight Watchers from Heinz also offers a delicious range of frozen desserts, including delectable recipes such as Belgian Eclairs and Double Chocolate Brownies. Weight Watchers from Heinz Steam & Serve is a range of delicious ready meals which are ready

New Bake to Perfection Cod Fillets with a Parsley and Thyme Sauce brings a new mainstream recipe idea to add incremental sales to the category.

frozen food, a key driver of consumers to the frozen section. 2013 saw another huge investment in TV and outdoor to support its poultry and fish range. Birds Eye continues to drive its core range in frozen fish, such as the iconic Birds Eye Fish Finger and has clear plans to deliver growth to the category through numerous NPD launches, including Melt in the Middle Fishcakes, Crispy Fish Bites and a new addition to the successful Bake to Perfection Range. Birds Eye Fish Fingers are Ireland’s best selling and loved fish fingers with 70.9% market share MAT (Source: ACNielsen, MAT, August 2013). In 2013, the brand undertook a massive re-launch of

Retail News|October 2013||43

Frozen Food the brand is constantly innovating. September saw the introduction of two new products to the kids poultry range. Birds Eye’s 100% Chicken Space Shapes and Mild and Sweet BBQ Chicken Bites promise to offer consumers more excitement and fun for teatime, while not compromising on the quality that they expect. Dr. Oetker Dr. Oetker has newly launched Pizza Tradizionale, the authentic stone oven pizza. Baked directly on hot stone, just like they do in Italy, Tradizionale has an incredibly crisp, light and airy base, with deliciously juicy toppings. The pizza dough is given extra time to ferment before free-pressing, and is then generously topped with rustic-cut quality ingreNew Birds Eye’s 100% Chicken Space Shapes offer consumers more excitement and fun for teatime, while not compromising on the quality that they expect.

Birds Eye Fish Fingers with a fresh and contemporary new design. The new look assists in making the frozen shopping experience a more enjoyable and simple task for consumers. In support of this, Birds Eye invested in a heavyweight TV campaign from May to November, supported with a massive Path to Purchase campaign and in-store promotions. Birds Eye’s Bake to Perfection range remains a key driver of category value and in September, Birds Eye launched a new variant to the range, Bake to Perfection Cod Fillets with a Parsley and Thyme Sauce, which brings yet another mainstream recipe idea to add incremental sales to the category. Birds Eye’s poultry range also performs extremely well, claiming a value market share of 39% (Source: ACNielsen, MAT, August 2013). This number one position is held in both the adult poultry (50.9% market share) and the kids poultry (52.1% market share) sctors. The success in poultry is supported through TV by driving Birds Eye’s superior quality message, featuring Clarence the Birds Eye Polar Bear. The investment culminates in a final fiveweek TV presence supporting Birds Eye Chicken Dippers from mid-November through to December. To deliver on the message that ‘Teatimes are better with Birds Eye’,

New Dr. Oetker Tradizionale is pizza baked directly on hot storne, with a light and crisp base and deliciously juicy toppings.

dients and baked on natural Italian stone. The launch of Dr. Oetker Tradizionale is being supported by an

exciting mix of shopper marketing, digital activity, experiential events, in-store sampling and PR over the coming months. Available in popular varieties, Mozzarella, Salame and Prosciutto-Funghi, Tradizionale is available in freezer aisles nationwide. Goodfella’s A great Irish success story in food, Goodfella’s Pizza leads the frozen pizza category in Ireland with 48% market share, outperforming our competitors over the past year (Source: ACNielsen, MAT, September 2013). With a range to suit all the families’ needs, Goodfella’s have committed investment to ongoing product improvements and innovation to drive excitement into the category. The recent addition of their new range of Deeply Delicious snacking pizzas and sophisticated Extra Thin pizzas have helped to create new pizza eating occasions and are bringing more shoppers into the category. Extra Thin was heavily supported with a relevant mix of press, radio, outdoor, digital and in-store media to help drive shoppers down the frozen aisle. These premium pizzas come in three mouth-watering flavour combinations, from tasty Vegetable & Goats Cheese to Classic Mozzarella & Pesto and Authentic Chorizo & Pepperoni, ensuring Goodfella’s continued success in providing shoppers with new relevant products for all the family. To find out more about the full range of Goodfella’s Pizza, see,, or

The New Goodfella’s Extra Thin range is available in three mouth-watering flavour combinations: Vegetable & Goats Cheese to Classic Mozzarella & Pesto and Authentic Chorizo & Pepperoni.

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ECR Ireland Annual Conference

Pictured at the ECR Ireland Annual Conference are Mike Byrne, CEO, GS1 Ireland; Prof John Fitzgerald, ESRI; and Declan Carolan, General Manager, ECR Ireland.

Leading the Way to Growth The Leader’s Congress was the title of the recent ECR Ireland Annual Conference, which sounded a cautiously optimistic note for Ireland’s FMCG sector. THE 2013 ECR Ireland Annual Conference took place in the Guinness Storehouse recently, with the title, The Leader’s Congress, considering the major leadership issues for the consumer goods sector in Ireland. The conference contained notes of both optimism and caution, many of which were expressed in the opening address to the conference by Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, TD. “Your companies and organisations have been working through a very challenging business environment, one where your sales volume and margins

have been adversely affected,” the Minister told attendees. “Irish households have large levels of debt and low spending. Even households with relatively healthy finances have reigned in their spending. “We want recovery but we do not want to return to a boom economy based on the unsustainable growth of the past, but to create a healthy economy based on sound fundamentals. This year has seen the domestic labour market improve, with the second quarter of 2013 showing strong employment growth and that should help consumer

confidence and spending.” Minister Noonan noted how internationally, Ireland is seen as “a country that has tackled very serious problems in an effective manner and importantly, the markets are beginning to agree, as seen in our bond yields”. Noonan stated his desire to see “a position where Ireland moves from being the strongest of the weak economies, where we are now, to the weakest of the strong economies of Europe. As business leaders, you play a vital role in that by your investment and job creation and as a Government, we will look

Retail News|October 2013||45

ECR Ireland Annual Conference

Pictured are Conor Kilduff, Keelings; Gary Desmond, Gala CEO; Tony Cluskey, Marketing & Promotions Manager, Gala; Alan Freehill, Grocery Channel Manager, Johnson & Johnson; and Eoin Kellett, Head of Sales, Convenience Channel, Mondelez Ireland.

The Leader’s Congress was opened by Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan, TD.

to support you by injecting confidence into Ireland and the Irish.” Balanced Assessment Professor John Fitzgerald from the ESRI provided attendees with a very balanced assessment of the current climate and possible future changes. Domestically, both households and the Government have continued deleveraging and on one of many notes of optimism at the conference, he suggested that 2013 may be the last austerity budget the country has to face. The possible economic conditions that the country faces in the next few years depend very much on external conditions. If there is another significant shock to European economies or the US, then the outlook for the domestic market would be bleak. However, on balance, Prof. Fitzgerald was hopeful that a more optimistic scenario, with EU economies showing growth of 3% to 4% for the 2015 to 2020 period, would lead to growth in the domestic market. On a strong cautionary

note, Prof. Fitzgerald told the conference that if we do see a recovery, this country needs a stable, profitable banking system that is capable of lending to customers. He also said that there is a scenario where Irish taxpayers may yet have to give the banks more money, although that is relatively unlikely. But he stressed that it is vital if Irish companies are to take advantage of any recovery, that Irish banks are extending them credit to do so. Some positive figures that point towards recovery are the significant falls in unemployment figures last year. Prof. Fitzgerald said that there is even a scenario that sees us at full employment again by 2020. 2020 could also see Ireland’s debt to GDP ratio fall to 100%, he revealed. In short, the ESRI described a number of possible outcomes for the next five to 10 years, from a zombie Europe with a lost generation of young workers, to one where the EU has completed almost full recovery by 2020. The Irish domestic market depends heavily on what

Edel Russell, Consumer and IT Director at Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland (MRPI), pictured addressing delegates.

happens internationally but at the moment the figures are giving reasons for optimism. Brian Donaldson, Chief Operating Officer, The Maxol Group, explained how the petrol retailer and forecourt operator had cash in hand, rather than debt to manage during the recession, which saw Maxol investing €66m over the last few years.

Summer 2013 was extremely good for the group and consumer spending was strong. In general, the last 12 months has seen the end of the fall in spend, according to Donaldson, although he did point out that there was a significant fall in sales in April when the property tax bill was paid and that next year, consumers will be hit with twice the amount.

46|Retail News|October 2013|

ECR Ireland Annual Conference ship is so successful that the MACE/Maxol on Dublin’s Sandyford Road has been shortlisted for the International Convenience Retailer of the Year Award, proving once again that indigenous Irish companies are capable of competing with the very best in the world, recession or not.

Jill Ross, Unilever Ireland Managing Director, addresses delegates at the ECR Ireland Annual Conference.

Overall, the message was one of optimism. Maxol has reopened some stations that closed during the recession and it is currently engaged in four re-openings. The recovery in car wash sales, a luxury sale in the forecourt sector, shows that customers are beginning to spend on more than just necessities, he explained.

The partnership between Maxol and MACE has proven hugely successful. A new “moreish” concept is set to be introduced to MACE/Maxol forecourts and set a new standard for food-to-go. This sort of collaboration between business partners like Maxol and BWG is proving increasingly important in this sector and this particular partner-

John Freda, Managing Director, JTI Ireland, addresses the Conference.

Sustainability and FMCG One of the key topics addressed by David Keeling, Managing Director, Keelings Retail, was sustainability. He stressed its importance in the food sector not just for brand image but also for cost savings. Keelings’ combined heat and power plant, its dedication to reducing food miles by producing food in Ireland, its waste composting, glasshouse energy conservation screening and water conservation techniques are not only part of an ethos of sustainability but they have created significant savings for the company, Keeling revealed. During the course of the recession, Keelings has moved from the role of supplier to that of a brand that actively engages with the consumer, thus meeting the desire of Irish consumers to engage with an Irish producer with a strong indigenous brand. Indeed, so successful has it proved that Keelings is now ranked at number 36 in Kantar’s Most Chosen Brands 2013.

Vincent Jennings, CEO of the CSNA, is pictured with Jane Ryan, Category Manager, Topaz.

He also commented on Keeling’s desire to further refine retailer-supplier collaboration to reduce food waste in the supply chain. With some 30% of food going to waste before the consumer gets access to it, Keelings will continue to work with retailers to address sourcing and planning issues and through improved forecasting, they will be able to reduce delay in supply, all in an effort to minimise waste and unnecessary costs. Tobacco: The Burning Issue Tobacco is a primary driver of footfall to shops. It is also one of the most heavily regulated and taxed products behind the counter. Smokers typically deliver five trips to a shop every week and to retailers, that means increased number of chances for additional sales, explained John Freda, Managing Director, JTI Ireland. The cost of a packet of cigarettes has increased dramatically. Freda pointed out that Irish consumers have proven very price inelastic, with demand here higher than in Germany, where the price of a packet is significantly lower. Recent years have seen a large increase in sales of Roll-Your-Own tobacco, given the price difference. We are likely to see Roll-YourOwn variants of well-known brands such as Silk Cut, Freda mused. He sounded a strong note of caution on the introduction of plain packaging. While it will certainly radically affect any brand’s ability to create an identity, he was not certain that it would actually reduce smoking among the Irish population. Feeding Ireland’s Future The optimism in the Leader’s Conference was tempered throughout by the awareness that we are only on the leading edge of a possible recovery. Youth unemployment levels in Europe, and Ireland in particular, are extremely high. Jill Ross, Unilever Ire-

Retail News|October 2013||47

ECR Ireland Annual Conference In the UK scheme, companies like Unilever, as well as, critically, small indigenous companies, have so far engaged with more than 10,000 participants and in partnership with the Job Centre Plus government agency, have created a programme that delivers for the companies that participate as well as young people. In Ireland, the programme will be run in partnership with Intreo and it is hoped that the success of the programme in the UK can be repeated here. A large number of companies in Ireland have already signed up to the programme, which is critical in order to repeat the success in the UK.

David Keeling, Managing Director, Keelings Retail, stressed the importance of sustainability.

land Managing Director, spoke enthusiastically about the ‘Feeding Ireland’s Future’ project. Focusing on youth employment, the project emulates a similar successful scheme already underway in the UK. With one in four young people in Europe and one in three in Ireland unemployed, we are in danger of ending up with a generation that has never engaged with the workforce.

A Note of Caution Edel Russell, Consumer and IT Director at Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland (MRPI), sounded a note of caution about economic recovery for Ireland’s beleaguered grocery sector. Since 1876, Musgrave has been learning about the Irish market and its customers. The Irish grocery sector has been hit hard by the recession and another tough budget this year will impact on the Irish consumer, who is continuing to find ways to save. According to Russell, it is possible that grocery will be one of the last areas where a recovery will fully take hold. Holidays, meals out and cinema trips might be the first treats to return because the Irish consumer has found out how to shop well with the best possible value. Own brands, discounters and substitution are

Pictured are Niall Cogan, Sales Director; Gillian Hobson, Northern Ireland Unit Director; and Keith O’Toole, National Account Controller, all from Cuisine de France.

Brian Donaldson, Chief Operating Officer, The Maxol Group, addresses delegates.

here to stay for the long haul, she noted. With the acquisition of Superquinn, MRPI has become Ireland’s leading supermarket chain. The Centra brand is performing well and in particular its own brand offering is leading sales. SuperValu too is enjoying a strong performance and it is encouraging to see an indigenous supermarket chain doing so well in the face of stiff competition and a market that has changed dramatically in the last decade. As well as the further expansion of own brands, one of the most exciting new developments that MRPI will undergo in the near future will be the expansion of its omni-channel presence and likely significant developments in the digital market, to bring Ireland more closely into line with other EU economies and the US. Other speakers at the event included Ken Hughes, Consumer & Shopper Behaviouralist, CEO, Glacier Consulting; Paul Taylor, Head of International Business Development, Symphony EYC; and Declan Carolan, General Manager, ECR Ireland. Overall, the 2013 ECR Ireland Conference celebrated the fact that Irish companies have survived the situation to date and were cautiously optimistic that we may be on the edge of a recovery in the economy and in consumer confidence.

48|Retail News|October 2013|

Biscuits & Crackers

The Big

Break Ireland’s biscuit and crackers category is one of the busiest instore, as Irish consumers enjoy one of the highest consumption rates in the world. IRISH consumers love biscuits and crackers, often the perfect accompaniment to our mid-morning or afternoon cuppa. An affordable treat, the biscuits and crackers category continues to grow, despite the economic downturn. Indeed, the latest report into the biscuits category from Euromonitor, predicts constant value growth of 3% over the coming years, driven primarily by sandwich and chocolate-coated biscuits, with expected value CAGRs of 6% and 3%, respectively. With regard to health and wellness products, reduced-fat biscuits are set to return the strongest performance, with an expected constant value CAGR of 5%, as fat and calorie content remain the key focus of health promotion agencies and consumers alike.

Jacob’s Jacob’s, from Valeo Foods, is Ireland’s number one biscuit brand with a 24% value share (Source: Source : NielNew Jacob’s J-O’s are crunchy, creamy fun for all the family to enjoy. sen Extended Scantrack, ly to enjoy. Available in store now in MAT, May two delicious flavours – vanilla roll 2013), including an impressive array pack and milk chocolate covered snack of family favourites like Fig Rolls, packs. Listen out for lots of exciting Mikado, Kimberley, Coconut Creams, competitions on radio, TV, outdoor and Elite, Cream Crackers, Club Milk and on the Jacob’s Facebook page. Jaffa Cakes. The Jacob’s Elite brand continues Jacob’s are delighted to introduce to go from strength to strength, with new Jacob’s J-O’s! Jacob’s J-O’s are two new launches in the last year crunchy, creamy fun for all the fami-

50|Retail News|October 2013|

Biscuits & Crackers motions in-store to support this delicious new product.

Tuc has recently introduced a new Sour Cream & Onion variety with impactful displays and heavyweight promotions in-store.

New Elite Chocolate Coconut Cream completes Jacob's fully chocolate coating offering of the famous Mallow trio, Kimberley, Mikado & Coconut Cream, under the Elite brand.

Elite Chocolate Mousse and Elite Chocolate Coconut Cream. This completes Jacob’s fully chocolate coating offering of the famous Mallow trio, Kimberley, Mikado & Coconut Cream, under the Elite brand. Jacob’s Fig Rolls are Ireland’s clear favourite Fig Roll, which was achieved through strong promotional packs and engaging pack graphics. In the savoury segment, Jacob’s Cream Crackers is Ireland’s number one cracker. Tuc, another

McVitie’s New McVitie’s Digestives Cheesecake Creams are available in two flavours, vanilla and lemon. Enjoyed by Irish families for generations, McVitie’s, from United Biscuits, has a large biscuit portfolio of much-loved iconic brands, including McVitie’s Digestives, Jaffa Cakes, Rich Tea, HobNobs and Penguin. McVitie’s has now officially been ranked as the 8th top FMCG brand in Ireland in a recent report conducted by Kantar Worldpanel. The study tracked shopping behaviour of over 3,000 Irish households, in order to provide a clear picture of the brand’s reach and frequency of purchases. McVitie’s Digestives is a much loved brand with Irish consumers and is currently worth €7.9m (Source: ACNielsen MAT to April 14, 2013). Digestives have all the goodness of

wheat, with their crumbly texture, original flavour and satisfying nature. McVitie’s strives to delight with every biscuit they make and they continue to invest in product quality and new product development in order to remain a firm family favourite for generations to come. Whether consumers prefer biscuits simple and satisfying, smothered in delicious chocolate, or even with a chewy Caramel twist, McVitie’s Digestives are a ‘must-have’ for anyone’s biscuit tin. Double Chocolate Digestives were launched earlier this year and appeal to chocolate lovers everywhere: a delicious mix of chocolate flavoured Digestive Biscuits with chocolate chips and half coated in milk chocolate for a true chocolate hit! Now Digestive lovers have the chance to treat themselves to an outrageously satisfying range of New Cheesecake Creams. McVitie’s Digestives have

strong brand in the Jacob’s portfolio, has recently introduced a new Sour Cream & Onion variety. An ideal option for savoury snacking at any time of the day, they can be enjoyed on their own or with a variety of toppings. With their delicious taste, Tuc Sour Cream & Onion are the perfect savoury snack for the whole family. Watch out for impactful displays and heavyweight pro- McVitie’s Oddities is a new range of bite size savoury biscuits.

MONDELEZ INTERNATIONAL LAUNCHES BARNY BARNY is a unique new product launch from the Mondelez International biscuit category and follows on from the brand’s success in other countries. Barny is aimed at parents with younger kids over the age of three years old, who are looking for something new, convenient and tasty to add to the range of snacks that they choose. Barny is available in chocolate and milk flavours and there is an exciting pipeline of new flavours that will be launched in the future. Barny works well for a number of snacking occasions and is a convenient option for mum, as the product is individually wrapped and protected by a cardboard tray. This is the biggest launch for the Mondelez International biscuit category in Ireland since the launch of Belvita in 2010, including a brand new TV ad, supported with in-store theatre, product sampling and outdoor communication.

Barny is available in chocolate and milk flavours, with a host of new flavours to be launched in the future.


d, e k a B e r ’ y e , y p Th s i r C They’re ll e S l l ’ They

New McVitie’s Oddities, the oddly amusing, light and crispy, baked snack. Supported with a fully integrated media campaign including TV, print and sampling, the brand is set to take the Savoury Biscuit market by storm. Available in three delicious flavours and packed in a 5 bag multipack format.

Don’t be the odd one out, Stock all flavours!

52|Retail News|October 2013|

Biscuits & Crackers

McVities Digestives Cheesecake Creams are available in two flavours, Vanilla and Lemon.

always been considered an essential ingredient for making a great tasting cheesecake, offering the perfect combination of sweetness and crunch. McVitie’s new range addition takes this intrinsic link one step further by offering consumers a mouthful of cheesecake without all the hard work, to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Available in two flavours, Vanilla and Lemon; these cheesecake inspired biscuits will not disappoint: delicious cheesecake flavour cream filling sandwiched between two McVitie’s Digestives Biscuits. With savoury biscuits representing a fantastic opportunity for retailers to grow sales, UB Ireland is launching McVitie’s Oddities, an exciting new range of bite-sized savoury biscuits. The launch of Oddities will accelerate the growth of the savoury biscuits category by attracting new, younger consumers through this fun and engaging new product. Oddities was developed following rigorous consumer research and is already a proven success in the UK market. Launched in 2011 by UBUK, Oddities grew rapidly to become a £9.8m RSV brand after just one year of being on sale (Source: ACNielsen, February 16, 2013) and received the accolade of being voted Savoury Snack Product of

the Year in 2013, following a survey of 10,005 people by TNS. Now available nationwide in Ireland, McVitie’s Oddities are irresistibly light and crispy, baked snack biscuits. These tasty bite sized snacks come in an amusing mix of unexpected shapes, with no artificial colours or flavours. McVitie’s Oddities range is comprised of three delicious flavours; Smoky Bacon, Salt & Vinegar and Sour Cream & Chive; is available in multipacks of 5 x 25g packs (RSP €2.49) and is ideal for lunchboxes. McVitie’s Oddities will be supported by a fully integrated media campaign later this year to drive awareness and trial amongst shoppers, including TV, press advertising, sampling and in-store activation. Burton’s Biscuit Company Burton’s Biscuit Company, distributed in Ireland by Flanagan’s Foods, is

continuing to innovate and invest in its market-leading power brands with the introduction of Maryland Gooeys, a new and innovative range of Maryland Cookies from Ireland’s number one cookie brand (Source: Kantar Worldpanel Ireland, 52 w/e May 12, 2013). Maryland Gooeys offer consumers a brand new eating journey. These crunchy choc chip cookies are filled with a delicious gooey chocolatey, centre, offering a new experience in the biscuits category. The three variants – Chocolate, Hazelnut and Triple Choc – are available in 160g packs, with 10 cookies per pack. The iconic Maryland brand offers a great variety of products to meet consumers’ sweet treat needs, from in home occasions to food on-the-go and lunchbox. The Maryland range includes the classic Maryland Choc Chip Cookie, Double Choc and also Choc Chip & Hazelnut Cookies (available in PMP and non-PMP), Maryland Monster bags (available in Choc Chip and Double Choc), Maryand Big & Chunky Cookies in four delicious variants and also Mini Maryland Cookies snack packs. And now with Maryland Gooeys to add to the range, there really is something for everyone. Burton’s Biscuit Company, one of Kantar’s top 100 brands (Source: Burtons Biscuits Range, ranked 79th by Kantar

The Maryland range includes the classic Maryland Choc Chip Cookie and Maryland Double Choc Cookie, which prove hugely popular with Irish consumers.

Worldpanel 2013) will continue to invest in Maryland, one of its power brands, and bring exciting innovation to the biscuit category. Emma Jeans Also from Flanagan’s Foods, Emma Jeans are introducing the newest addition to the Holy Molys range, Holy Molys Mint.

New Holy Molys Mint biscuit bars are sure to prove just as popular as the caramel variant.

These delicious biscuit bars are filled with a smooth mint cream layer, covered in indulgent dark chocolate. Holy Molys Mint biscuit bars are individually wrapped in a box of six, perfect for indulging with the family or on-the-go. With their unique features and treaty taste, Holy Molys are ideal for any sweet treat occasion. This new variant will appeal to all mint lovers out there! “Holy Molys Mint are sure to enhance the biscuit category,” says Agnes Chvojka, Brand Manager for Flanagan’s Foods. “Keeping with the same eye-catching, premium packaging as the caramel variant, the Mint Holy Molys are another standout winner for the biscuit aisle. Not only that, but they taste great too!” For more information, contact Flanagan’s Foods on 01 450 6100 or log on to

Also available in Hazelnut and Triple Choc

Ground breaking innovation from Maryland Maryland is Ireland’s number 1 cookie brand with a value of ₏1.8m*

Source: Kantar Worldpanel Ireland, 52 w/e 12th May 2013

54|Retail News|October 2013|

Costcutter Store of the Year 2013

Jim Barry, MD, Barry Group, presents the Award for 'Costcutter Supermarket Store of the Year 2013' to Michael Doherty (centre) from Carndonagh, Co Donegal with his parents, Susan and George, and children Ronan (age 9) and Niamh (age 7). Costcutter Carndonagh also won the Costcutter Off Licence of the Year 2013 Award.

Costcutter Rewards Quality Costcutter stores nationwide were rewarded at the annual Costcutter Store of the Year Awards ceremony. THE 12th annual Costcutter Store of the Year Awards took place recently in the Ritz Carlton, Powerscourt, Enniskerry Co. Wicklow. 24 awards in total were presented at this year’s event, with a total of 10 categories. There was national representation at the awards, with winners hailing from Clare, Cork, Donegal, Dublin, Kerry, Mayo, and Wexford. Speaking at the Awards presentation, Barry Group MD, Jim Barry acknowledged how difficult the current business environment is. “I think we have become battle hardened,”

he stressed. “I think we have learned how to adapt. We have upped our game.” Honesty Attack That said, Barry warned that he does not see any uplift in our sector over the next two to three years. “We need to accept that the business environment is not in our control,” he said. “What we need to do is focus on what is in our control, our store standards, our range, our customer care, our team

Retail News|October 2013||55

Costcutter Store of the Year 2013

Aaron Massey, Costcutter Rathfarnham, celebrates winning the Costcutter Foodmarket Store of the Year Award 2013 with Barry Group MD, Jim Barry.

Kevin Rice, General Manager, Amber Oil Head Office, receives the Costcutter Forecourt of the Year Award for Costcutter Fermoy from Barry Group MD, Jim Barry.

environment, our value, our promotions, our systems and our cost base. We need to focus on what we can do as opposed to talking about what we can’t do or achieve.” Calling for an “honesty attack”, he urged Costcutter retailers to perform an analysis of both their businesses and themselves, identifying strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. “Even for the best run store, there is room for improvement,” he stressed. “The worst thing that may happen is that you will end up with a better plan for your business.” Nationwide Chill Distribution The Awards also saw Barry Group announcing plans to launch a nationwide chill distribution solution, representing a capital investment

of €1m for the company, in a move which is expected to yield up to €200m in business over the next five years. “Our retailers now have the ability to place orders

Michael Fitzpatrick, Costcutter Kilmihil, Co. Clare, is pictured accepting the Costcutter Express Store of the Year 2013 from Jim Barry, MD, Barry Group .

at their fingertips using the latest technology,” Barry noted. ”They have the full solution to make one complete order, which will arrive as one delivery, cutting out the time wasted on managing numerous deliveries by various suppliers. There is also the added advantage of a three-day a week delivery service.” The introduction of the centralised chill distribution solution will result in significant increases in sales and profit margins for Costcutter retailers. These increases will be generated through better buying, cost and time efficiencies while also incorporating a new intuitive IT system, called BEACON (Barrys Easy Access Control Order Network). BEACON has a number of advanced options, such as

Jim Barry, Barry Group MD, presents the Award for Costcutter Foodmarket Wine Department of the Year to Eugene Carney, Costcutter Ballyhaunis.

providing the retailer with information on top selling products across the Costcutter network of stores, up-to-date Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs) and the ability to set-up repeat orders; all aimed at allowing retailers to streamline the order process and concentrate on other elements of their business. The reaction from current Costcutter retailers has been enormously positive, while the interest already expressed by independent retailers has led Barry Group to be confident of adding up to 25 new Costcutter franchises in the coming year. “I see chilled distribution as a vital ingredient to the long term success of both your stores and our wholesale business,” the MD explained. Chill distribution will see the delivery of 2,500 products to Costcutter retailers in the first three months and this range will be increased to over 3,000 after that time. This includes a broad range of private label goods chosen to meet consumer demand. Barry also highlighted other Barry Group solutions, such as their deli, bakery and coffee concepts, and their Point of Sale/ Equipment Pop Up. He highlighted how the team at Barry Group are continually fine-tuning how they approach their busi-

56|Retail News|October 2013|

Costcutter Store of the Year 2013

Seán McGrane, Costcutter Dundrum, accepts the Award for Outstanding Customer Service from Barry Group MD, Jim Barry.

Accepting the Award for Best Food to Go from Jim Barry, MD, Barry Group, is John Moran, Costcutter Dingle.

Jim Barry, MD, Barry Group presents the Award for Best Fresh Produce 2013 to Tom Liddy, Costcutter Roslevan, Ennis.

Ger Cruise, Costcutter Wellington Bridge, Wexford, is pictured accepting the Award for Costcutter Express Wine Department from Jim Barry, MD, Barry Group.

ness and are “prepared to do what it takes, to provide the best possible level of service to you, our customer” Improving Standards Barry went on to present the Costcutter Store of the Year awards. This year’s competition began back in March,

with a secret shopper audit that focused on the customer’s shopping experience. The top 36 scoring stores qualified to participate in the final audit, which graded the stores on standards, systems and management techniques. Each was also marked on hygiene, staff

training, marketing, fresh food and how each department is managed. Barry expressed his delight that Costcutter stores “have upped our standards over last year”. It is all about raising the bar, he said, and stressed how the awareness of standards

is improved by the judging process. Speaking about the finalists, he noted how “it is a tribute to the management and staff that even in the current climate, they have continued to improve their standards of service and customer care”.

THE WINNERS OF THE COSTCUTTER STORE OF THE YEAR AWARDS 2013 ARE: Costcutter Supermarket of the Year 2013: 1st: Doherty’s Costcutter, Carndonagh, Donegal 2nd: Liddy’s Costcutter, Roslevan, Clare 3rd: Mac Donnaghadh’s Costcutter, Bealadangan, Galway

Costcutter Express Store of the Year 2013: 1st: Fitzpatrick’s Costcutter, Kilmihil, Clare 2nd: Staunton’s Costcutter, Castlebar, Mayo 3rd: Liddy’s Costcutter, Mill Road, Clare

Costcutter Wine Department Express of the Year 2013: 1st: Wallace’s Costcutter, Wellingtonbridge, Wexford 2nd: Haroon Nawab Costcutter, Ormond Quay, Dublin 3rd: Curran’s Costcutter, Gortahork, Donegal

Costcutter Foodmarket of the Year 2013: 1st: Massey’s Costcutter, Rathfarnham, Dublin 2nd: Kearney’s Costcutter, Greneagh, Cork 3rd: Durkin’s Costcutter, Tully,Galway

Costcutter Wine Department Foodmarket of the Year 2013: 1st: Carney’s Costcutter, Ballyhaunis, Mayo 2nd: Cunningham’s Costcutter, Belcarra, Mayo 3rd: Carrig’s Costcutter, Tiermaclane, Clare

Costcutter Off License of the Year 2013: 1st: Doherty’s Costcutter. Carndonagh, Donegal 2nd: Massey’s Costcutter, Rathfarnham, Dublin 3rd: Malone’s Costcutter, Bray, Wicklow

Costcutter Best Forecourt of the Year 2013: 1st: Amber Oil Costcutter, Fermoy, Cork 2nd: Mc Donnagh’s Costcutter, Mallow, Cork 3rdKearney’s Costcutter, Grenagh, Cork Best Food Produce: Liddy’s Costcutter, Roslevan, Clare Best Food On the Go: Moran’s Costcutter, Dingle, Kerry Outstanding Customer Service: Mc Grane’s Costcutter, Dundrum, Dublin

Retail News|October 2013||57


The Best Medicine With winter on the way, now is the time to stock up on Over the Counter medicines. THE market for consumer health products continues to grow, according to the latest report into the sector from Euromonitor, who predict that growth rates will remain positive, due in large part to the essential nature of many products. Value for money continues to feature as a key concern for consumers, according to the report, with efficacy increasing in importance as a factor in the purchasing decision for many. More than ever, consumers are no longer in a position to incur the expense of trying out several different products and are driven by a need to obtain the one product which would address their health issues or concerns effectively. The economic realities have also

had a significant impact on the competitive landscape. In a bid to limit the financial exposure inherent in the development and launch of new products, many companies instead focused on rebranding and reinvigorating their existing brands in an effort to improve their performance. 2012 witnessed the further rationalisation of brand portfolios, most notably by GlaxoSmithKline (Ireland), in a bid to streamline operations and maximise the potential of key brands. Self-medication is expected to continue to increase over the coming years, according to Euromonitor, due in large part to the continuation of austere economic conditions, with a resultant reduction in consumer spending. While

it may not be good news for the medical profession, this should see Over the Counter (OTC) Medicines continue to grow. In the analgesics category, several new product launches in recent years specifically targeted women, in response to the growing trend amongst consumers for products targeted towards specific conditions or with specific properties. For example, GlaxoSmithKline (Ireland) launched Panadol Woman, whilst Reckitt Benckiser Ireland launched a similar product, Nurofen Express Period Pain, aimed at relieving menstrual pain, and targeting young women in particular. Meanwhile, Deep Heat Muscle Rescue from The Mentholatum Co. targets women over

58|Retail News|October 2013|

OTC/Healthcare 35, and addresses the issue of everyday muscle tension. Euromonitor expect analgesics to see a constant value growth rate of 3% over the period to 2017. However, there are a large number of products within analgesics which remain available by prescription only, limiting the scope for further growth, and with the possible exception of diclofenac, this is unlikely to change. Another big sector in the OTC Medicines category is that of digestive remedies. Euromonitor predict a more modest constant annual growth rate of 1% to 2017 for this sector. Improved brand offerings and new flavour variations are generating consumer interest, including the high profile launches of Rennie Ice and Gaviscon Strawberry. Pfizer Consumer Healthcare Pfizer Consumer Healthcare is delighted to announce the introduction of a new range of analgesics to the Irish market. Leveraging the strength of Pfizer, one of the world’s leading pharma-

Paracetamol 500mg product with an exciting new packaging design. Adding to the quality appearance and feel of the product, the packaging is being upgraded to metpol board for a sleeker and more sophisticated look. Choice in the analgesics category will be broadened for consumers with the introduction of Pfizer ParaExtra, a paracetamol and caffeine based capsule which provides rapid relief from pain. Consumer research revealed that two out of every three respondents expressed a liking for the new Pfizer Paracetamol packaging. Significantly, a massive 80% said that they would be likely to buy the product, with over half of these being positively influenced by the Pfizer branding. As well as looking well, the range will be attractively priced, ensuring that in today’s value-led environment, consumer demand will be strong for the new range. Adding to the on-shelf impact, the new Pfizer range will be presented in recyclable cardboard display trays,

icines. “We are delighted to be introducing this product under the Pfizer brand – a brand which is well recognised and respected in Ireland and synonymous with cutting edge medicines,” the spokesperson added. Pfizer Consumer Healthcare reminds retailers to keep all medicines out of the reach of children and to read the package instructions carefully. Bayer Healthcare Rennie remains the clear market leader in both value and volume in the antacid category, with total market share value of 44.5% and owns the top two selling SKU’s in the category (Source: grocery market data, ACNielsen, antacids, Value & Volume MAT, August 11, 2013). Tablets is by far the most popular consumer format in the grocery channel: this is where Rennie dominates, with a 73.7% share of this key format. Convenience, effectiveness and great taste are what makes it number one with consumers and a must stock line for retailers. Rennie provides a range of antacid tablets that come in several flavours, to provides relief from symptoms of heartburn and acid indigestion. It works by treating at the source of the problem by gently neutralising the excess stomach acid into water and other natural substances. Rennie enjoys extensive media support throughout the year. This season, a new TV ad campaign has been developed, which builds on

Rennie Ice, part of the hugely popular Rennie brand, distributed by Jaymark Sales & Marketing.

the “Happy Tummy” icon, with the key message “Rennie turns excess acid into water” being communicated. This theme will also be central to a range of POS materials produced to support the sales channel and consumer PR activities in the run-up to the key Christmas season, which traditionally sees a significant uplift in demand. Rennie is distributed by Jaymark Sales and Marketing.

Rennie provides a range of antacid tablets that come in several flavours, to provide relief from symptoms of heartburn and acid indigestion.

Two new products are set to appear on retail shelves over the coming weeks, with the launch of Pfizer Paracetamol and Pfizer ParaExtra.

ceutical companies, two new products are set to appear on retail shelves over the coming weeks with the launch of Pfizer Paracetamol and Pfizer ParaExtra. Developed following extensive consumer research, Pfizer Paracetamol replaces the company’s existing

enhancing standout and assisting with recognition and ease of selection for consumers. Commenting on the launch, a spokesperson for Pfizer Consumer Healthcare said that this launch was a global first for the company in the branding of OTC med-

Convenience, effectiveness and great taste are what makes Rennie so popular with consumers and a must stock line for retailers.

Retail News|October 2013||59

OTC/Healthcare Clonmel Healthcare The Caldesene range, from Clonmel Healthcare, has seen great expansion over recent years and now consists of Caldesene Powder, Caldease Ointment and CaldeSpray. Caldesene Powder is a medicated baby powder that prevents and treats nappy rash. It works by attacking harmful bacteria and soothing skin irritation. Its special formulation also means that it forms a barrier against

The Caldesene range, from Clonmel Healthcare, has seen great expansion over recent years and now consists of Caldesene Powder, Caldease Ointment and CaldeSpray.

GERMOLENE RENAMED AS BEPANTISEPTIC BAYER Bepanthen has launched an exciting campaign aimed at giving a modern makeover to one of Ireland’s most reliable first aid creams, Germolene. Now known as Bepantisepic, this reliable, much loved product features all of the great benefits of Germolene. The brand overhaul and renaming has been created to mirror the ever evolving consumer. Bepantiseptic is an antiseptic and analgesic ointment for the effective treatment of minor cuts and grazes, stings and insect bites, minor burns, scalds and blisters, spots and chapped and rough skin. The wide variety of

uses makes Bepantiseptic a must have in any first aid kit. The name change was supported with a national press campaign and in-store advertising to highlight the change to the consumer.

wetness on your baby’s skin. Caldesene Powder is available in three handy sizes, 20g, 55g and 100g. Caldease Ointment also relieves the symptoms of nappy rash. Caldease protects irritated skin and soothes minor skin irritations, superficial wounds and burns. Caldease Ointment can be applied before the powder and works to actually put back fluids to the skin

area and act as a moisturiser, helping prevent recurrence of nappy rash. Caldease is available in both 30g and a new larger 100g tube. CaldeSpray, the latest addition to the family, is a zinc oxide milk spray for nappy rash. This concentrated spray has excellent skin adherent and skin protective properties, which form a protective barrier against wetness.

Introducing the NEW range from

Modern NEW Pack Design


Backed by consumer research*

66% like the new paracetamol pack and 80% would be likely to buy

Ask your local Pfizer representative for more details Pfizer Healthcare Ireland, Citywest, Dublin 24.

For correct use read instructions carefully.

* Empathy Research. May 2013. Based on all participants (304).

Ref MAT: 000158

Offering Quality, Choice and Value for your customers

60|Retail News|October 2013|

Cereals & Breakfast Biscuits

Morning Glories The breakfast category is being shaken up by new launches in hot oats and breakfast biscuits. IRISH consumers love breakfast cereals, munching our way through more cereal than anyone else in Europe, according to the European Breakfast Cereal Association. The good news for retailers is that this trend shows no signs of abating. Euromonitor’s latest report into the sector predicts annual growth rates of 2% in value terms over the coming years. The popularity of cereals among Irish consumers is likely to continue, as these products offer speed and convenience, with many products, Ready-to Eat cereals in particular, also fortified with key vitamins and minerals, while also containing a high fibre content, according to Euromonitor. The real winner, however, is the hot cereals category, where Euromonitor predict annual growth rates of 8%, as this format will see further development and innovation. The development of new formats and flavours in the hot oats sector, combined with the introduction of breakfast biscuits, is shaking up the cereals sector, as consumers have more and more tasty and, importantly, convenient options at their disposal. Weetabix Weetabix has launched new Weetabix On The Go Breakfast Biscuits. Designed to be a delicious breakfast solution, the biscuits boast the famous Weetabix wholegrain fuel credentials for those mornings when there isn’t time for a bowl of breakfast cereal. The product

New Weetabix On The Go Breakfast Biscuits boast the famous Weetabix wholegrain fuel credentials for those mornings when there isn’t time for a bowl of breakfast cereal.

launched in singles and multipacks and will be rolled out across both major multiples and convenience outlets. The crunchy breakfast biscuits, baked in the distinctive Weetabix lozenge shape, are available in two delicious flavours, Milk & Cereal and Apple with a hint of Cinnamon, to appeal to a wide range of consumers who are looking for a tasty on-the-go breakfast solution and know and trust Weetabix to deliver the fuel they need. This exciting new range comes in case sizes of 16 x 50g packs, with each pack containing four biscuits. Multipacks are also available, with the additional flavour of Fruit and Fibre in 5 x 50g packs. Containing real wholegrain Weetabix, the tasty breakfast biscuits are crammed with goodness to fuel those extra busy days. Flahavan’s Flahavan’s has launched a new Golden Syrup sachet as part of its popular Quick Oats range. For generations, families in Ireland have enjoyed the unique taste of Flahavan’s porridge oats. Now the same unique taste is available in Golden Syrup flavoured porridge Quick Oat sachets, specially created to help consumers to enjoy all the wholegrain goodness of Flahavan’s porridge oats. Flahavan’s Quick Oats appeal to on-the-go consumers because they require zero effort: consumers find it simple and quick to make an instantly nutritious breakfast! Flahavan’s Quick Oats Golden Syrup sachets, available in 10 x 40g servings, are deliciously tasty and easy to prepare in the microwave in just two minutes. Flahavan’s has also introduced a new individual sachet format where consumers can use the free reusable liquid measure provided or simply pour milk or water directly into the sachet and fill to the splash line, making it the ideal portable healthy start to any day either at home or in the office. Oats are a nutritious warming food, high in fibre and low in salt and saturated fat. The new Flahavan’s Golden Syrup sachets are the latest addition to the Quick Oats range, following the recent launch of its Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon sachets. The range also includes natural, multiseed and organic sachets, drum and portable porridge pots in natural, multiseed, strawberry and organic varieties. Flahavan’s Quick Oats sachet range has recently been

Great brands from the Weetabix Food Company

62|Retail News|October 2013|

Cereals & Breakfast Biscuits

New Flahavan’s Golden Syrup sachets are the latest addition to the Quick Oats range, following the recent launch of its Apple, Raisin & Cinnamon sachets.

redesigned to reinforce Flahavan’s brand personality and Irish credentials, with strong provenance, heritage and premium quality cues. The new brand architecture has max imum shelf impact that is very different to competitor offerings. As an Irish family business, Flahavan’s has been milling quality oats at the family mill beside the River Mahon in Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford, for over 200 years. Flahavan’s is Ireland’s favourite porridge oat brand and has been delivering continuous growth to the oats category in line with

every day. Flahavan’s is proud to support Love Irish Food - an initiative led by Irish manufacturing brands seeking to promote Irish Food and Drink brands in Ireland. Visit or for more information. White’s Oats White’s Oats, Northern Ireland’s only oat cereal processor, has enjoyed a record win at this year’s prestigious Great Taste Awards 2013 scooping up 12 gold stars for its oat based cereal products - taking its total number of

Organic Quick Cook Oats and Toasted Oats Apple & Cinnamon Crunch, a Great Taste winner for the second year running. But topping the pack once again was White’s Organic Jumbo Oats, which has received a Great Taste accolade for six successive years. Toat’ly Oaty Original Instant Porridge has also had success for a second year running, being awarded one gold star, alongside the recently launched Toat’ly Oaty with added multi seeds. White’s has also had success with its export brand, where Irish Oatmeal Old Fashioned Oats picked up one gold star. ”We are delighted that our oat based cereals have been so highly recognised at this year’s Great Taste Awards, which signals the huge amount of passion we have for our business and our products,” noted Danielle Mc Bride, Brand Manager of White’s Oats. White’s products are available across Ireland in Tesco, Dunnes Stores, SuperValu and SPAR/ EUROSPAR. BelVita Mondelez Ireland have announced a €600,000 breakfast partnership with UTV Radio for biscuit brand belVita which includes sponsorship of FM104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock breakfast show. The 12-month partnership will promote belVita’s range of breakfast biscuits

during FM104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock through a mix of on-air features and sponsorship credits. The partnership will also include a series of time check ads across the UTV Radio network and product sampling with the station’s on-street team. The Strawberry Alarm Clock, hosted by JimJim and Mark Noble, is FM104’s flagship show, attracting 102,000 listeners from 6am-10am weekdays. To mark the launch of the partnership, belVita will be giving FM104 listeners the chance to win a trip to the idyllic shores of Hawaii for an incredible 10-night stay with €3,000 spending money. The winner and a friend will be rising early with energy to catch waves all morning with private surf lessons under the expert guidance of an instructor. Jonathan Ryan, Brand Manager for belVita, commented, “JimJim and Nobby are known for getting out of the right side of bed each morning with their energetic four-hour show. Many people love starting their day with Strawberry Alarm Clock, so it’s a great fit for belVita.” belVita biscuits, specially designed for breakfast, are rich in cereals, a source of fibre and contain a selection of vitamins and minerals. Scientifically proven to slowly release energy over four hours, since launching in 2010, belVita is now found in one in four households in Ireland (Source: Kantar World Panel, 52 w/e Dec 2012).

Pictured celebrating White's success in the Great Taste Awards are Farmer Tim McClelland from Tandragee and supplier to White's Oats, with his children Rachel, aged 7, Cameron, aged 9, and Hannah, aged 3, together with White's Oats Brand Manager, Danielle McBride.

consumers’ increasing interest in porridge as a healthy breakfast cereal choice. Grown, milled and produced in Ireland, Flahavan’s Quick Oats range provides a wholesome breakfast that’s packed with taste, ready in minutes and keeps consumers going right up to lunch, making breakfast a pleasure

Awards to date to an impressive 32. White’s Oats has now received the ‘Great Taste’ seal of approval for all of its oat based cereal products, a fantastic achievement within a highly competitive market. Receiving a double seal of approval and best in category with two Gold Stars was

Strawberry Alarm Clock presenters Mark Noble and JimJim Nugent pictured with Jonathan Ryan, belVita Brand Manager (centre), at the launch of belVita’s breakfast partnership with UTV Radio, which includes sponsorship of FM104’s Strawberry Alarm Clock breakfast show.



‘Show Me I.D – Be Age OK’ is a FREE online service to make sure you and your staff know the law when it comes to selling tobacco and tobacco related products. Show Me I.D – Be Age OK is aimed at assisting retailers in preventing the sale of tobacco and other age-restricted products to minors. This campaign is supported by Ireland’s trade associations RGDATA, CSNA, NFRN and also by VFI, NOffLA, JTI Ireland Ltd. and the South Dublin Chamber of Commerce.

Log on to

WWW.SHOWMEID.IE & make sure your business is protected

64|Retail News|October 2013|

Succession Planning

Shop Owners: The Next Generation Declan Tormey, Leman Solicitors, advises on the issues that can arise in relation to succession planning in business and how to overcome potential obstacles. THERE reaches a point in every family business where ownership and control of the business is naturally ready to pass to the next generation involved. However, this can be a fraught process, and issues that can arise include: (a) inter-family relationships; (b) securing payment to the older generation to fund their retirement; (c) tax planning. Inter-Family relationships Family businesses can create inter-family disputes, and the most effec-

tive means for ensuring that these do not arise is to ensure that the business relationship is clearly set out from the beginning. This is most effectively done through a document known as a Shareholders’ Agreement, assuming that the business is owned through a company. A good Shareholders’ Agreement should address the following points: (i) Control A company is controlled by its board of directors, and the default position under law is that the directors are appointed either by a majority of

shareholders or by the other directors. However, for a family business, a better option is for each significant shareholder (say each shareholder holding more than 15% of the shares) to have the right to appoint a director, and to have the number of directors capped at a certain amount The right to appoint a director can sometimes be limited to the approval of the board, to ensure that a disruptive or unwelcome outside party cannot be appointed a director by a shareholder. In the short term, the older generation may wish to retain the right to

Retail News|October 2013||65

Succession Planning

appoint the majority of directors for an interim period, while the next generation gains experience in running the business. After that period, the older generation should than cede control of the business to the next generation. The Shareholders’ Agreement may also include minority protection rights, in the form of a veto against certain key actions (such as disposal of significant assets by the company, contracts outside of the ordinary course of business etc.) (ii) Transfer of Shares Shares in a company are, by their nature, a transferable asset. However, most family businesses aim to keep all shares in the family. Accordingly, most Shareholder Agreements will contain a limitation on the ability of family members to transfer shares (either absolute or through a right of first refusal). The converse side of this point is that a point may be reached where the majority of family members wish to sell the company and/or the business. A good Shareholders’ Agreement should also include what are known as “drag along” and “tag along” rights, which would allow the majority of the family to force the reluctant minority of the family to sell their shares as part of an overall sale of the company at the same price. (iii) Death of a Shareholder Of particular concern in

many family businesses is in the event of the death of a family member, an inlaw becoming a shareholder and/or becoming a board member. This is a scenario which can be very disruptive for any family business. The options for a family in this regard are broad, and include: (a) for the rest of the family or the company to have the right to buy those shares at a fair value (but this requires the funds to be available); (b) the in-law having the right to become a shareholder but not a director (i.e. a silent shareholder); (c) the shares to be held in trust for that in-law by another family member; or (d) that in-law to have all the rights that any other shareholder would have. Whatever the path chosen, it is important that the consequence of death be clearly communicated to each in-law in advance, to minimise the risk of dispute and/or upset following death. This is just a brief example of some of the key provisions of a Shareholders’ Agreement scenario. Other issues that arise in these agreements include information rights, rights on the issuing of new shares, and non-compete obligations. The applicability or otherwise of these provisions will depend on the particular family circumstances. Securing Payment As part of any succession planning arrangement, each older generation needs to

decide the extent to which they will either be selling or giving the business as a gift to the next generation. Where the business is being sold, the terms of payment need to be set out clearly and be as enforceable as any debt with a third party creditor. There have been unfortunate examples in Ireland of the older generation of a business not receiving payment that had been agreed, and being required to take action against the next generation in the courts in order to provide properly for their retirement. Means of securing payment include, amongst other options, retaining control of the company until such time as all payments have been received or putting in place

formal facility agreements and charges against the company which are not released until the payments have been made. Tax Planning There are significant tax reliefs available both for the inter-family transfer of business and for the sale of businesses by individuals over the age of 55. If properly structured, then these tax reliefs should be available and may result in a relatively low tax liability as part of the transfer. However, if the transfer of a family business is improperly structured, then significant tax liabilities can arise. Accordingly, good tax advisors should be brought in to advise on the proper structure.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR DECLAN Tormey leads Leman Solicitors’ Commercial and ICT unit. His areas of practice include information technology, mergers and acquisitions and general corporate and commercial advice. Declan has extensive experience as a commercial lawyer, advising both domestic and international clients on a full range of ICT, corporate and commercial issues. Declan is also a qualified Trademark Agent. Declan previously worked as a management consultant in the ICT sector with one of Ireland's leading independent strategy consultancy firms. Declan specialises in information technology law, corporate transactions and contract law. Declan is a graduate of University College Dublin, where he obtained

a degree in Commerce (Management Information Systems) and a Masters in Management Science.

66|Retail News|October 2013|

Shelf Life PICTURED at the Westin Hotel, Dublin for the Repak Recycling Awards 2013, are Fergus Rigley, Senior Director Distribution and Logistics, Microsoft Ireland, Minister for the Environment Phil Hogan TD and Bill Collins, Interim General Manager, Repak. Microsoft scooped best Recycling Member 2013 for reducing over 1,300 tonnes of packaging from products like Windows 8, which alone eliminated over 100 tonnes by moving away from plastic DVD cases. According to Repak, overall packaging recycling grew by 2.5% in 2012 to 668,300 tonnes, resulting in 701,000 tonnes of carbon equivalent savings.

DONNYBROOK Fair’s recently appointed Director of Wines, Julie Dupouy, outperformed all of her predecessors at this year’s European Sommelier Championships in Sanremo, Italy. Julie broke the Irish record by becoming the first sommelier to represent Ireland to reach the semi-finals of the competition. Julie currently holds the title of Best Sommelier in Ireland. Julie’s record-breaking performance has moved her to 8th place in the European rankings. FOLLOWING the success of the inaugural event in 2012, the Irish Foodservice Suppliers Alliance are bringing Food & Bev Live back in 2014. An exciting one-day event aimed at stimulating the Foodservice and Hospitality industry, Food & Bev Live takes place at the Event Centre, CityWest Hotel, Co. Dublin, on Tuesday, February 11, 2014. Sponsored by Bunzl McLaughlin, the event will celebrate excellence, showcasing over 60 of the country’s top suppliers, as well as competitions and the Euro-toques Live demonstration stage. See for more information. SPECIALIST meat company, Kettyle Irish Foods is celebrating after picking up four awards at Great Taste 2013. Kettyle’s stand out winner was its Dry Aged Boneless Rack of Lamb with Marrow Melt, which was awarded 3 Stars and uses Kettyle’s renowned Lough Erne Dry Aged Lamb. Pictured are Maurice Kettyle, Managing Director, and Gemma Jennings, New Product Development & Sales Co-ordinator, both from Kettyle Irish Foods THE ProSweets Cologne Conference at ISM (International Sweets and Biscuits Fair) on January 28, 2014, offers sector representatives a compact workshop titled ‘Developments in the Production of Sweets and Savoury Snacks’. The partners for this workshop are the Association of the German Confectionery Industry (BDSI), Sweets Global Network (SG), the German Agricultural Society (DLG) and the Central College of the German Confectionery Industry (ZDS). These organisations also serve as the conceptual sponsors of ProSweets Cologne, the International Supplier Fair for the Confectionery Industry. The conference at ISM will provide everyone interested in technology and packaging for confectionery and snack items with a concentrated and professionally oriented platform. See for more information.

FOR the second year running, SuperValu have scooped the most awards at the Blas na hEireann National Irish Food Awards, winning 25 awards in total. Providing unrivalled quality Irish produce, the awards are an endorsement of SuperValu as a top supporter of Irish food producers. With seven Gold, ten Silver and eight Bronze awards, SuperValu suppliers from all over Ireland were recognised for their superb quality, flavour, taste and innovation. Marion O’Sullivan, Kepak, and Maureen Clohessy, Musgrave Own Brand Manager, are pictured at the awards ceremony in Dingle. Kepak won a Gold Award for their SuperValu Leg of Lamb with Garlic Butter & Rosemary.

JOHN Rooney, Managing Director, Johnston Mooney & O’Brien, and Temple Street patient Michael Beazley, aged four, are pictured at JMOB’s presentation of a €17,500 cheque to Temple Street Children’s University Hospital. The funds raised will go towards the redevelopment of St Joseph’s Ward or The Top Flat, as it is fondly known. This generous donation is a result of funds raised by the ‘When the World Was Yours and Mine’ downloads on iTunes, the theme to JMOB’s recent ad campaign, together with a significant contribution from Johnston, Mooney & O’Brien themselves. LEADING creative agency McCannBlue has promoted two staff to senior positions within the company. Jenny Paetzold (right), Operations Director of McCannBlue, has been appointed to the Board, while Nuala-Anne Curley (left) has been appointed to the position of Account Director. THE Brand Union, the brand strategy, design and engagement specialists have seen a 20% rise in new client activity in the first half of 2013. The company, which has created and implemented brand strategy and design for clients such as the National Lottery, Electric Ireland, the GAA and ESB, has witnessed robust performances in a variety of sectors, but most notably in the FMCG and utilities sectors. New clients include Rachel Allen, An Post, Barry’s Tea, Dee’s Wholefoods and Mallon’s Sausages, who have been added to the list of companies looking to re-develop or launch their brands in the Irish market. See for more information.

PACKAGING REGULATIONS are putting your business under


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Retail News Oct 2013  
Retail News Oct 2013  

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