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P RR|November 2013|Contents|3


Big Changes for Grocery Sector EVER since the demise of the Groceries Order was first considered, huge sections of the grocery trade warned that it would lead to some retailers using alcohol as a loss leader to entice consumers in-store. The evidence in the years since its removal has essentially proved them right. The Government, in its proposed alcohol bill, seems set to introduce a minimum unit price for alcohol, to be enforced in the Republic and Northern Ireland simultaneously. Such a move is bound to cause controversy in the trade. Our Chief News Reporter, Pavel Barter, gauges reaction to the proposal in a wide-ranging report (Page 2), which also covers the recommendations of the Joint Oireachtas Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine on the Grocery Sector. These recommendations, if implemented, could have an even bigger affect on the trade, as they call for a statutory code of practice for retailer-supplier relations, a retail ombudsman, and a ban on below cost selling of alcohol. Elsewhere, we talk to IGBF Development Director, Des Redmond about the need for retailers to support the Fund (Page 16) , we present the annual Retail News Christmas Stocking special (Page 26-47), and in a hard-hitting report, Centra retailer Kevin Herlihy argues that unless something is done about the illegal tobacco trade in Ireland, more jobs will be lost (Page 54).

News 4 Big Changes Ahead for Grocery Sector.


RGDATA Calls for Retention of Reduced PRSI Rate.


Value Centre Castlebar Opens After €2m Refurbishment; RGDATA Calls for Legal Reform.


Gala Retail Conference 20 Gala’s 2013

Retail Conference celebrated the group’s 15th birthday of remarkable retailing in Ireland, and included guest speakers like leading economist David McWilliams.

Retail Group Slams Sneak Attacks; SuperValu Advise Customers Over Security Breach; Frank Gleeson Appointed to NACS Board.


Love Irish Food Launch €200k Campaign.


Grocery Market Slowdown Over Budget Fears.



President’s Ball proved to be one of the social highlights of the year.

Tobacco 54 The illicit trade of Retail Ireland: Monthly Update 24 Budget 2014: What

it Means for Retail; Government’s Alcohol Policy - The Reality; Martin Addresses Council Meeting; Proposed Statutory Grocery Code a Bad Call.

The Retail News Interview

IGBF Ball 2013 48 The 2013 IGBF

tobacco is a growing problem for retailers, writes Cork store owner Kevin Herlihy, who has seen firsthand the affects of the illicit trade on legitimate retailers.


26 16 16

Kathleen Belton Editorial Director

The Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund urgently needs the support of retailers to ensure that the 300 families in distress who are assisted by the Fund continue to receive support. Des Redmond, the newly appointed Development Director with the IGBF, discusses the Fund’s deficit and the task ahead of him.

Alcohol Licensing 62 Catherine Lyons,

Christmas Stocking 26 With Irish consumers

set to be Europe’s biggest spenders this Christmas, we profile the brands guaranteed to fly off your shelves this festive season, from biscuits to beers, stuffings to spirits, in our Christmas Stocking extravaganza.

Leman Solicitors, advises on the options available when it comes to licensing your retail premises for the sale of alcohol.


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4|Retail News|November 2013|


Big Changes Ahead for Grocery Sector THE grocery sector is facing a period of upheaval after recent government reports called for changes to retail business practices. The Oireachtas Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s report on the grocery sector has recommended a statutory code of practice for retailer-supplier relations, and the establishment of a supermarket ombudsman. The Committee also wants to introduce minimum pricing on alcohol, echoing a key recommendation in the Department of Health’s new package of measures to deal with alcohol misuse. Minimum pricing would not be as effective as a ban on below cost selling, Evelyn Jones, Chairperson at the National Off-Licence Association (NOffLA), told Retail News . “Minimum pricing is a floor price that would be fed by Government. But premium branded products are promoted to drive footfall. If the minimum price on spirits was €12, you could still reduce a bottle of Smirnoff from €20 to €15. With a ban on below cost selling, you can not sell that Smirnoff for less that you bought it. That would prevent most major discounting. Also, if you sell something below cost, you can recoup 23% of that loss in your VAT return.” The Grocery Goods Sector report includes recommendations on labelling and branding. The most significant proposal is a statutory code of conduct for retail-supplier relations. Calls for such a code have dragged on for years, over accusations that large retailers squeeze supplier profit margins and engage in unfair practices such as Hello Money. “We’re talking about a code of good behaviour that creates a transparent system where people compete,” Andrew Doyle TD, Chairman of the Committee, told Retail News . “If arrange-

ments are made in a code, they can’t be deviated from. In many cases, people have had additional fees foisted upon them, without having any real option but to go along with it.” Retailers vehemently deny allegations of malpractice. Tony Keohane, former chief executive of Tesco, said: “Hello money is illegal. If anybody in Tesco is doing something illegal, people are free to go to the Gardaí or Competition Authority, use our confidential line or come to me. We will not stand over anything illegal.” Frank Gleeson, Retail Ireland Director, told Retail News there is no evidence of abuse by large retailers against suppliers, and therefore no need for a code of practice. “The Competition Act and the Competition Authority have looked into this on various occasions and there is no evidence at all,” he said. “Normal business practices come into place where suppliers and retailers negotiate. They put trading mechanisms in place. If manufacturers or suppliers have complaints, they have mechanisms for that. So far they haven’t used them.” Doyle said that some suppliers are too afraid to speak out: “The Consumers Association said that there had been a problem for years, but people weren’t prepared to go on the record for fear of de-listing.” RGDATA is in favour of a statutory code of conduct, but only if it is a two-way street. Some international suppliers are bigger than almost any retailer in the Irish market. In Ireland, smaller retailers often claim supplier abuses of power, in cases such as mobile phone operators or newspaper distributors changing terms of conditions, or imposing unfair practices, without dialogue or consultation.

Retail News|November 2013||5


Andrew Doyle TD, Chairman of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

ministrative burden would be ridiculous in terms of what would be required.” Meanwhile, the Cabinet has approved an extensive package of measures to deal with alcohol misuse, including a minimum pricing regime per gram of alcohol. The initiative is intended to target low cost alcohol products in the offtrade, especially supermarkets. “RGDATA has consistently supported some type of minimum pricing approach,” said Tara Buckley. “When they removed the Groceries Order [in 2006], we believed alcohol pricing was ripe for abuse. It has proven correct. It didn’t reduce the price of groceries - the only thing it really reduced was alcohol. We made the argument at the time, they should have maintained some kind of control over the price you can sell alcohol at, so people wouldn’t use it as a footfall driver or a loss leader.” While the issue of cheap alcohol pertains more to large supermarkets than smaller shops or stand-alone off-licences, the issue of structural separation affects everyone. The Cabinet’s package of measures recommends that the present voluntary code, whereby outlets separate alcohol from the rest of the shop, is dumped in favour of statutory rules. A 2011 survey revealed that 95% of supermarkets were compliant with the rules. “We’re seeking clarification on exactly what [the statutory rule over structural separation] entails and who it will apply to,” said Buckley. “There is some grey

“We made the point that smaller independent retailers often have issues with suppliers,” said RGDATA’s Tara Buckley. “We asked [the Committee] if a code was introduced, that it should also apply to that relationship. We’ve had many issues over the years where we raised issues with the Competition Authority, or the National Consumer Agency. The Competition Authority batted them away, saying they didn’t have the funds to take a case.” Gleeson concurred: “The power sits with a lot of suppliers, as it does with retailers, in terms of purchasing or selling. You will always have smaller companies, be they suppliers or retailers, that get squeezed by bigger players. But that’s natural economics and business. We cannot see a solution where a statutory code will do anything other than complicate things. We appear to be having some good competition and value for consumers. Inflation has RGDATA has urged Finance been going down and some of Minister Michael Noonan TD the smaller suppliers are doing to extend the reduced Emvery well with the multiples.” ployers’ PRSI rate for workThe Committee agreed that ers earning under €356 for a the code should assist retailers. further 12 months. RGDATA “This was something painfully said that the extension is reobvious, but we didn’t realise quired to support and sustain the impact that [unfair pracemployment in the sector at a tices] could have on retailers,” particularly vulnerable time said Doyle. “There are plenty of for employers. big brands and products, han“Minister Noonan dled by central suppliers, who introduced a reduced 4.25% might give concessions to the rate of Employers’ PRSI for larger customers, then make low paid workers when he the smaller retailers pay for first announced the reduced some of it. We recommended VAT rate for the hospitality that it is a two-way street.” sector,” said RGDATA DirecHowever, a code might lead tor General, Tara Buckley. to additional costs for retailers. “RGDATA welcomes his an“A new code will necessitate nouncement of an extension our reviewing everything from of the 9% VAT rate, which a legal perspective, looking also applies to newspapers. at the wording in existing However, we are deeply disappointed and concerned contracts and changing that that he has not extended the where necessary to reflect the lower Employers’ PRSI rate exact detail of the code,” said for another 12 months.” Kenneth McGrath, Managing Buckley said the reduced Director of Lidl Ireland. Employers’ PRSI has been Gleeson added: “The ad-

Evelyn Jones, Chairperson at the National Off-Licence Association.

area in terms of people who consider themselves off licenses, while others are mixed traders. My understanding is the vast majority of members of RGDATA are complying with the voluntary code - they may not have signed up for it, but they are complying with it. They are putting alcohol in one area of the shop, they’re not advertising it in the windows, they’re not cross-merchandising throughout the store. If it’s a statutory code, they will adhere to that.” The alcohol measures are to be used in the drafting of a Public Health (Alcohol) Bill, while the Oircheatas report will feed into the Minister‘s deliberations on the proposed Consumer and Competition Bill.


RGDATA Director General, Tara Buckley.

an important measure for the independent retail sector and has enabled retailers to keep staff in jobs and to create jobs. However, the rate is due to revert to 8.5% from January 1 2014. This will cost a typical supermarket that employ significant numbers of part time staff who earn less than €356 a week up to €60,000 more in increased employment costs in 2014. This is completely

unsustainable and at odds with the Government’s job creation goals. “Shop owners, who are struggling to keep their shops open and their staff in jobs, are reeling at the implications of the Employers’ PRSI rate for workers earning under €356 increasing from January 1 next. RGDATA has written to Minister Noonan, urging him to extend this provision to the end of 2014,” said Buckley. “While there are some signs of growth in the economy, at the retail level any signs of an improvement in the economy are hard to detect. Retailers are not out of the woods yet and face another difficult year in 2014. Increasing the costs of employment at this vulnerable time will lead to further job losses and more business failures. Now is not the time for new costs to be piled on employers operating in challenged sectors.”

6|Retail News|November 2013|

News VALUE CENTRE CASTLEBAR OPENS AFTER €2M REFURBISHMENT BWG Foods has revealed plans to invest €7m in its national Value Centre cash & carry network over two years, upgrading and refurbishing sites around the country. The announcement was made at the reopening of Value Centre Castlebar, which closed following extensive fire damage last year. Guest of honour An Taoiseach welcomed the investment by BWG Foods in Castlebar and its plans for elsewhere around the country. Following a €2m refurbishment, Value Centre Castlebar has now resumed full service to businesses across the West of Ireland and all 14 employees have also returned to the site following temporary relocation while the works were being carried out. “I am delighted to welcome the investment by BWG Foods in its Value Centre cash & carry sites around the country”, noted the Taoiseach at the official opening. “It is especially welcome that the Castlebar Value Centre is reopening, having been refurbished after it sustained fire damage last year and its 14 employees are returning to work at the site. It is a great vote of confidence by the company in its locations across the country that it is embarking on such a significant investment programme.” The Castlebar refurbishment is part of an on-going €7m Value Centre investment programme. In addition to investment in its Castlebar Value Centre, BWG is also undertaking significant works at Letterkenny and Sligo, and will upgrade the Dundalk site in 2014 as part of the programme. Leo Crawford, Group Chief Ex-

Pictured at the official opening of Value Centre Castlebar are (l-r): John Moane, Managing Director Wholesale, BWG; Leo Crawrod, Group CEO, BWG; An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD; and Willie O’Byrne, Managing Director, BWG Foods.

ecutive, BWG Group, said: “Despite the challenging economic conditions, we are committed to upgrading and expanding Value Centre premises in our network. We believe sustained investment is important because it helps achieve greater efficiencies for the business, which in turn delivers an enhanced service to customers, and has a positive knock-on effect for the local areas in which we operate.” John Moane, Managing Director, BWG Foods Wholesale division, noted how “The Castlebar site is an important part of our national footprint, serving customers across the west

of Ireland, and that’s why we made a decision to not only rebuild, but to significantly enhance our facilities, service and product offering. We feel our customers, staff and the wider business community will stand to benefit from this investment.” Located in Moneen Industrial Estate, Value Centre Castlebar has been in operation for over 30 years. The refurbished site has an improved lay-out, making it more user-friendly for staff and customers and ensuring the right range is available at the right price for all customers, whether hospitality, licensed or retail.

RGDATA Calls for Legal Reform “HIGHER penalties and zero tolerance needs to be adopted as a matter of urgency, as only 25% of retail crime perpetrators were prosecuted and convicted in the past year,” Roseanne Regan, Communications and Public Affairs Manager, RGDATA, told the National Retail Crime Conference recently. RGDATA would like to see the penalty system be reformed through a range

of initiatives, including stronger use of custodial sentences, a minimum term for robberies involving violence against a retailer and greater powers for judges to issue exclusion from shops on people who are persistently involved in robbing from shops. The inaugural National Retail Crime Conference focused on strategies to combat retail crime and pro-

vide solutions in areas such as, E-Crime, Shoplifting, Internal Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, Goods Lost in Transit (GLIT), Counterfeiting and Contraband. “Retail crime is a growing concern for independent retailers,” Regan noted. “97% of our members feel more vulnerable in their shops now, than in recent years. It Roseanne Regan, Commuis a problem that needs to be nications and Public Affairs addressed urgently.” Manager, RGDATA.

Retail News|November 2013||7


Joe Sweeney, President, National Federation of Retail Newsagents Ireland.

THE Department of Health has confirmed on its website that a new €500 annual licensing fee for retailers to sell tobacco products will come into force in coming months, a ten-fold increase. NFRN Ireland President Joe Sweeney described the move as “a grossly unfair imposition on smaller retailers who are already hugely compliant with all tobacco regulations as HSE monitoring confirms”. Sweeney argued that such a massive increase in registration fees will push some retailers out of the tobacco business entirely; costing jobs and leaving the market open for illicit traders to fill. “This new charge on retailers is such a perverse and counter-productive policy decision that it will bring delight

Frank Gleeson Appointed to NACS Board

and greater profits to the criminal and paramilitary gangs now flooding the Irish market with smuggled tobacco,” he said. “The Irish taxpayer loses more than €500m a year due to the illicit tobacco trade, but rather than going after the criminals and gangs to recoup this lost revenue, our government has decided again to penalise law abiding retailers,” Sweeney added. “This new charge on retailers will generate just €5m, not even 10% of the amount of excise lost each year to the illicit trade, while potentially leading to further jobs losses in a retail sector that has already been battered by five years of economic crisis.” The NFRN has, however, welcomed, as an initial measure, the proposals in Section 47 of the Finance Bill published recently to give additional powers to Revenue officers and Gardaí to tackle contraband tobacco sellers. The new powers will allow officers to search receptacles of persons suspected of selling contraband tobacco, although not their clothing. Increased powers have also been sought by NFRN Ireland to allow Revenue and Gardaí to stop and search suspected buyers of contraband tobacco and apply on-the-spot fines where appropriate. NFRN Ireland will press TDs to propose amendments along these lines to the Finance Bill when it comes before the Dáil. NFRN Ireland President Joe Sweeney said: “This Finance Bill is a small step in the right direction towards tackling the enormous illicit tobacco trade. However, much more needs to be done. Measures like Minister Reilly’s forthcoming proposal on plain packaging of cigarettes will result in a backward step that will immediately undo the good arising from this Bill. Plain packaging would mean a boom-time for the smugglers and criminal gangs behind the illicit cigarette trade.”

RETAIL Ireland Chairman Frank Gleeson has been appointed to the Executive Board of NACS. Founded in 1961 as the National Association of Convenience Stores, NACS is the international association for convenience and fuel retailing. NACS has 2,100 retail and 1,600 supplier member companies, which do business in nearly 50 countries:

SUPERVALU ADVISES CUSTOMERS OVER SECURITY BREACH SUPERVALU have been contacting customers of their SuperValu Getaway Breaks programme, advising them that there is a “high risk” that an unauthorised third party accessed the details of payment cards used to pay for Getaway Breaks between January 2011 and February 2012. Loyalty Build, who manage the SuperValu Getaway Breaks programme, recently advised the Data Protection Commissioner and SuperValu that the security breach of its system, which it reported on November 4, 2013, was more extensive than it first anticipated. 62,500 customers who made bookings during the period specified have been advised to contact their bank or financial institution as soon as possible and to immediately check the transactions on their payment cards for any suspicious activity. Getaway Breaks customers have also been advised to treat any unsolicited communication they receive relating to this issue claiming to represent SuperValu Getaway Breaks or Loyalty Build with extreme caution. SuperValu is continuing to work with Loyalty Build to resolve this issue as quickly as possible and SuperValu has also engaged its own IT security consultants to investigate the Loyalty Build system. This issue is exclusive to Getaway Breaks. It does not impact SuperValu’s other websites or any other transactions made by payment card in-store or online. The only breach of data security, which has arisen, was in data collected and held by Loyalty Build. The Getaway Breaks booking system is suspended until further notice, pending a thorough investigation of the Loyalty Build system. All Getaway Breaks bookings made to date have been processed and completed. A customer helpline can be contacted at 0818 220 088.

8|Retail News|November 2013|



LOVE Irish Food is investing €200,000 in a heavyweight advertising campaign in the run-up to Christmas to include national radio, digital and TV, which will ask consumers to check where their branded products come from or alternatively to ask Love Irish Food as the experts in this regard. The campaign comes as Love Irish Food announce results of a study into the Irish food grocery market, which looked at the stark economic impact of choosing Irish manufactured brands versus imported brands and imported private label produce. The study, jointly undertaken by Jim Power, Economist and Chairman of Love Irish Food, and market research experts Kantar Worldpanel for the 52 weeks ending August 18, 2013, showed the total food grocery market is worth an estimated €7.3bn this year, with branded products representing an estimated €3.3bn or 46% of the market and non-branded and private label representing the remaining 54% or €3.9bn. Love Irish Food estimates that at least €1.8bn of the €3.3bn branded products sold are imported. The study also reveals the economic benefits of choosing Irish brands over imported brand and imported private label alternatives. When looking at the 110 Love Irish Food member brands, the figures indicate that these brand member companies account for 17,043 direct jobs in the Irish economy. Taken with the downstream jobs, a total of almost 30,000 direct and indirect jobs in Ireland result from Love Irish Food member companies. The effect of these jobs is to create a gross wage bill of over €800m per annum and a contribution to the national exchequer exceeding

€250m per annum. “The agri-food sector is clearly an industry that can make a very strong contribution to re-building a sustainable economic model,” commented Jim Power. “The long-term prospects for food production have to be bright; the world’s population is expanding and many areas of traditional food production are suffering from the impact of climate change. The bottom line is that this is an industry with serious potential.” As well as making a very high value added contribution to the national economy, Power noted how the food industry is now the key driver of regional economic activity and the mainstay of rural towns. “However, the key to unlocking that potential is new products and strong brands,” he warned. “Without new products, Ireland will be condemned to be a simple producer of commodities. The number

Jim Power, Economist and Chairman of Love Irish Food.

of jobs we can create from producing and selling commodities is limited and with increasing automation, shrinking rather than growing, the success of Love Irish Food member companies such as Glanbia, Britvic and Cadbury both at home and abroad shows how important the Irish food brand is.” Kieran Rumley, Executive Director of Love Irish Food, added, “We have long been aware of the economic benefits of buying Irish manufactured branded goods over imported alternatives. These new figures confirm these benefits and once again point to the important role of the agri-food sector in Ireland’s economic recovery. It is clear that this high value added indigenous sector, contributes greatly to the creation of jobs and to our economic future.” According to Rumley, the Love Irish Food symbol “provides a clear signpost for brands which are manufactured in Ireland and we invite retailers and other industry members to work with us to ensure that this signpost is clearly displayed for consumers to easily identify Irish manufactured brands. Each and every time a shopper puts a Love Irish Food branded product in their trolley or basket, this helps to safeguard the almost 30,000 jobs supported by Love Irish Food member brands. Collectively, we have the power in our hands to help slowly re-build this economy through our support for the competitive yet undeniably vibrant Irish food and drink sector.” Despite a challenging and fiercely competitive backdrop, at least three industry manufacturing categories, namely sugar, biscuits and ice-cream, moved their production abroad, resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs and the creation of over €600m in food imports annually. On the other hand, brands that are able to respond to changing consumer preferences can create success. Recent Kantar figures show that 51% of the top 1,000 brands have grown in value sales year-on-year. This demonstrates that brands that are able to offer innovation to the consumer continue to grow. For instance, growth categories in 2013 include fresh soups (18%), roast and ground coffee (10%), home baking (9%), take home crisps (10%) and eggs (7%). For more information, see

Retail News|November 2013||9


GROCERY MARKET SLOWDOWN OVER BUDGET FEARS THE latest supermarket share figures from Kantar Worldpanel in Ireland, published for the 12 weeks ending October 13, show a slowdown in grocery market growth in the run up-to the budget announcement. Sales growth for the total market stood at 0.6% – its lowest level since June, as consumers tried to manage their spending by shopping less often. “Many of the grocery retailers have been actively targeting shoppers with money saving vouchers in recent months and this has led to a change in consumer shopping habits,” explained David Berry, Commercial Director at Kantar Worldpanel. “Shoppers have switched from the ‘little and often’ approach to stocking up, making fewer trips, but purchasing more items per shop.” Among the retailers, Dunnes’ ‘Shop and Save’ campaign has helped to drive sales growth of 5%, and boosted its market share by 1 percentage point to 23%. Aldi and Lidl both continue to post impressive growth rates of 23% and 10.3% respectively, although their combined market share of 14.5% has dipped further below the record level of 15.1% achieved in August. SuperValu’s sales remain in line with

THE FUTURE OF SWEETS & SNACKS International Sweets and Biscuits Fair

David Berry, Commercial Director at Kantar Worldpanel

last year’s performance, with a slight dip in share, while sales at Superquinn have fallen by 1.8%. “Tesco continues to feel the pressure, with sales declining by 6.5% and its market share dropping from 28.6% last year to 26.6% now,” Berry noted. “This is the twelfth successive quarter of decline for Tesco, which has lost significant market share to the discounters over the course of the year. Its ‘Tesco Price Promise’ campaign is clearly aimed at challenging the view that Aldi and Lidl are cheaper, and it will be interesting to see the response from shoppers over the coming months.” For further information, see

Your next date: Cologne, 26. – 29.01.2014 ion ticket online Buy your admiss to 34 %! now and save up

Total Take Home Grocery - Ireland Consumer Spend Total Grocers Total Multiples Tesco Dunnes SuperValu Superquinn Total Discounters Aldi Lidl Other Outlets**

12 Weeks to 14 October 2012 %*

12 Weeks to 13 October 2013 %*

change** %

100.0% 88.2% 28.6% 22.0% 19.7% 5.3% 12.6% 6.0% 6.5% 11.8%

100.0% 88.8% 26.6% 23.0% 19.5% 5.2% 14.5% 7.4% 7.2% 11.2%

0.6 1.3 -6.5 5.0 -0.3 -1.8 16.4 23.0 10.3 -4.5

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*= Percentage Share of Total Grocers **= Refers to share growth or growth or decline not change in market share ***= Includes stores such as M&S, Boots, Spar, Centra, Greengrocers, Butchers And Cross Border shops ISM_2014_AZ_88_267_Retail_News_IRL.indd 1

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10|Retail News|November 2013|

Industry News

2013 DAYBREAK CONFERENCE A SUCCESS THE 2013 Daybreak Conference was the biggest to date with 350 delegates present to focus on the theme, ‘Winning in the New World’. Musgrave Group Chief Executive, Chris Martin (pictured) provided a very insightful presentation on the broader Musgrave performance and overall focus for the future. Noel Keeley, Managing Director of Musgrave Wholesale Partners, spoke on the evolving retail environment, changing shopper behaviours and how Musgrave and Daybreak retailers can drive sales and make money through working together and getting the basics right every time. Paul Kerrigan, Musgrave MarketPlace Director, spoke about the development of the Daybreak brand and the successful growth achieved today: “The Daybreak Brand has developed a strong presence nationally with 200 stores and we are confident that we have the right model for these economic times.” Michelle Fennell, Marketing Director, and Sheena Forde, Commercial Director, talked about the Daybreak 2014 brand plan, changing consumer behaviours, the

importance of having the right range available when the consumer wants it and the new concepts that will be launched in Daybreak stores, including a new cold deli range, Perfect Blend Coffee and an extended range of exclusive wines. Alan Cunningham, Finance Director, spoke about achieving lower costs without compromising on quality or service. He provided valuable tips for Daybreak retailers on how to cut costs and maximise resources. Over the last year,

Musgrave Wholesale Partners have been working with suppliers to develop and source new and exciting ranges and concepts to support the Hero Categories instore. New innovations and concepts launched during the conference included Fresh In-Store Bakery, Hot & Cold Deli concept, Perfect Blend Coffee and a new and exclusive range of wines. The winners of the 2013 Daybreak Store of the Year competition were announced at the evening gala, following the retailer conference, with Daybreak

Chinese Vice Premier Visits Keelings’ HQ THE Vice Premier of The People’s Republic of China, Ma Kai, is pictured with Caroline Keeling, CEO of Keelings, on a tour of Keelings’ headquarters at St Margaret’s, North County Dublin. Ma Kai, who is responsible for China’s economic policy and investment, led a delegation of 20 Chinese officials to Ireland Ireland to see latest developments in the fields of bioprocessing, food, and digital technology. The visit came on foot of Keelings’ recent expansion into China with their software system, Keelings Solutions. Vice Premier Ma Kai was on site to see first-hand how they system can give a business competitive advantage in one of the most demanding, ever-changing industries.

Ballina named overall Store of the Year 2013. Other winners included Daybreak Clerihan – Convenience Store of the Year 2013; Daybreak Bailieborough – Forecourt Store of the Year 2013; Daybreak Derrinturn – Best Confectionery Category Winner; Daybreak Ballina – Best Food To Go Category Winner; Daybreak Eyre Square – Best Hot Beverage to Go Category Winner; Daybreak Raven Terrace – Best Wine Category Winner; Daybreak Claremorris – Best Customer Service Category Winner.



12|Retail News|November 2013|


A MAJOR upgrade of Value Centre Letterkenny is now underway, following a €450,000 investment by BWG Foods to expand the premises over the next three months. Due to the increased size and scale of the premises - which will be expanded by 600m2 - the company is also making a significant investment in new technology and equipment to facilitate the additional capacity and improve efficiencies. These works come on the back of an expansion of the site only two years ago, and this latest project will see the site become one of the largest, by turnover, in BWG’s nationwide Value Centre network. Pictured are (l-r): Wesley Harris, Assistant Manager, Value Centre Letterkenny; Ger Meaney, Project Manager; Willie O’Byrne, BWG Foods Managing Director; John Moane, BWG Foods Wholesale Managing Director; Niall Mangan, Value Centre Regional Manager; and Kieran Barron, Manager, Value Centre Letterkenny.

Superquinn Sausages on Sale in SuperValu SUPERQUINN sausages have just gone on sale in all SuperValu stores. All stores will stock the popular Superquinn sausage 12-pack, which will retail for €4. SuperValu expects additional sales of €2m of the sausages in the first year. Taking the sausage nationwide is not only great news for the consumers, but ABP Ireland, the company who produce the award winning Superquinn Sausage, has created 12 new jobs in order to cater for this new demand at its processing facility at Cahir, Co. Tipperary. The Superquinn sausage has always been one of Superquinn’s most popular products and initial sales in a handful of SuperValu stores have seen the product sell out. Model Daniella Moyles is pictured at the announcement that nationwide distribution of the sausages has been brought forward to cater for demand.


OLYMPIC legend Katie Taylor presented Waterford Marine Search and Rescue, overall winners at the SPAR Helping Hand Community Fund awards, with their cheque in an emotional ceremony at the Gibson Hotel in Dublin recently. The €50,000 SPAR Helping Hand Community Fund also donated €1,000 each to 26 county winners across Ireland, and another €2,800 to five category winners, as part of SPAR’s celebration of its 50th anniversary in Ireland. Pictured at the SPAR ‘Helping Hand’ Community Fund event in the Gibson Hotel, Dublin are (l-r): Brighid McCaul, Independent Newspapers, Katie Taylor, Darryl Barry, Declan Barry and Wayne Jacques of the Waterford Marine Search and Rescue, and Willie O’Byrne, Managing Director, BWG Foods.

Growth at Annaghmore Mushrooms

PICTURED celebrating the opening of Annaghmore Mushrooms new premises and £1m investment are (l-r): Eamon Murray, Managing Director, Annaghmore Mushrooms; Jelena Milos, Director, Annaghmore Mushrooms; and David Small, Deputy Secretary, DARD, who officially opened the facilities. With demand for locally produced mushrooms spiralling, the independent, family-owned business, based in Lurgan, has recently increased staff numbers from six to 16 and plans to grow that number by a further 10. The County Armagh facility markets and distributes top quality locally grown mushrooms throughout the UK and Ireland.

GSK’S Wheelie Good Cause

280 cyclists from across Ireland recently participated in the GSK ‘Wheelie Good Cause 2013’ in aid of the Jack and Jill Children’s Foundation. This is the second annual GSK cycle to take place in Dungarvan and was organised by GSK employees from GSK sites in Dungarvan, Cork, Dublin and Sligo to raise funds and awareness for the national children’s charity. The event comprises of 50km and 100km cycles throughout the Waterford and South Tipperary countryside.


your Business know the law when it comes to selling toBacco and toBacco related Products

‘show me i.d – Be age ok’ is a Free online service to make sure you and your staff know the law when it comes to selling tobacco and tobacco related products. Show Me I.D – Be Age OK is aimed at assisting retailers in preventing the sale of tobacco and other age-restricted products to minors. This campaign is supported by Ireland’s trade associations rgdata, csna, nFrn and also by VFi, noFFla, itmac, retail excellence ireland and the south dublin chamber of commerce.

Log on to & make sure your business is protected

14|Retail News|November 2013|

Industry News

HOME FOR CHRISTMAS WITH MOY PARK MOY Park is offering consumers across Ireland the chance to bring a loved one home for an extra special Christmas! One lucky winner will see their family member or friend ‘winging’ their way home this festive season - just in time to help trim the tree. Fouryear-old Cara Gallagher is pictured announcing the competition. For further information, see

Contract People Raise €4,500 for LauraLynn House CONTRACT People, the outsourced sales and merchandising company, raised €4,500 for LauraLynn House, Ireland’s children’s hospice, through a fancy dress Halloween kids party, in aid of Laura Lynn House, in its warehouse in Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole. The party was attended by the children of the staff, clients and friends of Contract People as well as many of the staff themselves and proved a huge success, with over 50 children arriving in superb costumes. Pictured are Tom Davis, General Manager, Contact People, with Lisa and Harvey.

Green Giant: Small But Mighty

SAM Dennigan and Company is delighted to announce the launch of Green Giant Fresh, a new pre-packed range of fresh vegetables and salads in Ireland. The new range includes seven products, conveniently packaged in handy sized re-sealable bags, the perfect way for those on-the-go to get their recommended daily servings of fruit, vegetables and salads. Included in the Green Giant Fresh range are Mighty Crisp Gem Hearts, Crunchable Bite Sized Cucumber, Juicy Sweet Pear Tomatoes, Sweet Crunch Baby Broccoli, Crunchy Quick Celery Sticks, Crisp and Light Cosmo Lettuce and Seedless Sweet Snack Peppers. The handy pack sizes provide an easy and convenient healthy snacking or ingredient option and provide a solution to reducing food waste. See for more information.

Kaffir lime, Finches Citrus Twist is sure to provide a naturally refreshing option for all of the family.







Finches is Flying this Christmas FINCHES is bringing excitement and new consumer choice to the soft drinks category this year, unveiling a complete rebrand across each of the product categories. This year, the new-look Finches is accompanied with some innovative new product launches, including low calorie Pink Lemonade and thirst quenching Citrus Twist, offering variety to consumers on-the-go. Finches Pink Lemonade, a light and refreshing citrus and cranberry flavour soft drink with only nine calories, has taken the category by storm and is available in both 500ml impulse and 2L take-home formats. Infused with zesty natural lemon and lime flavouring and the tropical twist of


MARK Devitt from Ratheniska, Co. Laois, is looking forward to a special Christmas after he won a prize to bring two people home for the festive season from anywhere in the world, plus €12,000 spending money, in Topaz’s latest Play or Park loyalty game. 30-year-old Mark is over the moon after winning the prize, valued at €20,000. “I signed up for Play or Park at the Topaz stand at the Ploughing Championships at my home place at Ratheniska. I saw the ‘Home for Christmas’ prize and that was the first time I really looked into it and played. Am I glad I did! This year has been a really lucky one for me and to win this prize is just amazing,” he said. Mark is pictured with Laura Murphy, Loyalty Manager at Topaz, and MJ Tierney, PR and Marketing Co-ordinator, Topaz.




Proud to be local

AS WELL........ A Genuine Partnership Approach Delivery of a Profitable Retail Solution A Competitive Pricing Package Strong Promotional Offerings I.T. Support Financial Advice

Generous Trading Terms Generous Rebate Package Experienced Account Management A Professional Marketing Package In-house Store Design Being Consumer Focused

For further information: contact Oliver Savage 086 6036 142

Proud to be local

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The Retail News Interview Des Redmond, Development Director, IGBF.

Charity Begins in the Store The Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund urgently needs the support of retailers to ensure that the 300 families in distress who are assisted by the Fund continue to receive support. Des Redmond, Development Director, IGBF, details the Fund’s current deficit. THE Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund (IGBF) is facing a challenging and threatening scenario due to a mounting cumulative deficit which threatens its ability to continue to support nearly 300 families monthly. The IGBF is currently donating in excess of six figures annually more in grants than it receives in funding. It doesn’t take a maths genius to realise

that this situation is unsustainable. Des Redmond, the newly appointed Development Director with the IGBF, knows the size of the task ahead of him. “There are up to 7,000 charities in the country, including a lot of small charities set up by individuals for their own legitimate and personal causes,” Redmond reveals. “It’s a very frag-

mented and uncoordinated sector. But thankfully, there will be increasing governance and transparency in the charity sector over the coming months and years with the advent of the Charities Act, which is long overdue. To operate successfully in this sector, charities, particularly the larger ones, have generally become more professional in what they do and how they present and

Retail News|November 2013||17

The Retail News Interview ing enormous difficulties in continuing the valuable work carried out by the IGBF. “Our income has declined by about 30% over the last five market themselves.” The IGBF is no exception. “The IGBF has been somewhat dormant in that it never fully promoted itself extensively as a registered charity for retailers and suppliers,” Redmond admits. “What it did do, though, is a hell of a lot of good work, since the days when before H. Williams collapsed and right through the various crises in our industry up to the present day. The IGBF currently helps almost 300 families a month, right across the country, from both the retail and the supply trade sectors. “It could be something as basic as somebody needing central heating oil this winter, or it could be a case where the breadwinner in the house is terminally ill with dependents and little or no income coming in. There is a very broad spectrum of people with wide ranging needs who we assist. Applications are made to the National Welfare Committee in Dublin, who then discuss the merits of each case and decide on who gets assistance and what form that assistance will take.”

Developing a Sustainable Charity

In terms of granting money, the IGBF generally donates over a half million euro to beneficiaries each year. Up to about five years ago, income exceeded donations annually, so the amount of people who needed their help wasn’t an issue. Now, however, the IGBF is faced with year-on-year income declines, which present a major issue going forward. While Redmond acknowledges that the IGBF took in more money than it donated during the high growth years and was astute enough to bank the difference, the last five years have seen the charity operating at a deficit each year to the present day. Such a deficit is present-

“Our mission is, quite simply, to enhance the lives of those in the grocery trade who need help. It is as simple or as complicated, as broad or as narrow, as you want to make that.”

years, which is frightening enough in itself, but it is not as bad as some charities, who are generating funds 45% lower than when they were at their peak,” Redmond reveals. “But we still have a situation of annual deficits and that can’t go on forever as it is simply not sustainable.”

Extensive Marketing Experience

Getting the IGBF back on an even keel will not be easy. Redmond was brought in to utilise his extensive marketing experience to raise awareness of the IGBF and its work. Having served as SPAR’s Marketing Manager for nearly a decade and most recently, Country Marketing Manager at Boots Ireland, Redmond is ready and welcomes the challenge. “If we are a charity for the grocery sector, including retailers and suppliers, there is an onus on everybody within that sector to participate, so my first job was to create awareness aimed at both suppliers and retailers that the IGBF is your charity,” he says. “This is a retail and supply charity, with seven regional committees across the country, which is helping your colleagues.” He quickly set about revamping the IGBF’s logo, which incorporates a new tag line – ‘Your Charity - Your Colleagues’, followed quickly by the launch of a brand new website, www. “The website gives a full background of what we’re about, our mission and our values, along with details of the voluntary nature of the IGBF,” he explains. “It also has a facility for people to donate online. It explains how people can apply for assistance if they need it, as well as highlighting upcoming events.” While visitor numbers aren’t available for the new look website yet, anecdotal evidence suggests a huge surge in visitor numbers in the two months since it went live. “The next stage is to establish a supplier database, which the regional committees can access to assist in raising income, while we will also have a regular e-newsletter starting in the New Year,” Redmond reveals.

Friend of the Fund ‘Friend of the Fund’ is a new appeal to retailers to make either a standing order or a once-off donation to the Fund.

November sees the launch of ‘Friend of the Fund’, which is “an appeal to retailers,

18|Retail News|November 2013|

The Retail News Interview particularly symbol group retailers, to make either a standing order or a once-off donation to the Fund. “This is the start of our engagement process with retailers and hopefully retailers will appreciate the importance of how valuable their contributions will be,” Redmond stresses. The Friend of the Fund campaign comprises an appeals letter detailing the work of the IGBF and its need to raise much needed income to continue its work, highlighting a number of case studies from around the country, while obviously maintaining the confidentiality of those in receiptof funds. “We now look like a professional registered charity in the modern era and we’re starting to act like such a body in terms of charity marketing,” Redmond notes. “Our next goal is to build the IGBF as a brand, where we build empathy and an emotional attachment with retailers, because that is an area where greater engagement is needed. “So what is our mission? Unfortunately we’re not going to save lives or find a cure for cancer. Our mission is, quite simply, to enhance the lives of those in the grocery trade who need help. It is as simple or as complicated, as broad or as narrow, as you want to make that.” Redmond pays tribute to the “sterling work” of the original founders of the IGBF, the current President of Appeals, Leonard Hegarty, and the national and regional committees who have been instrumental in the success to date, but stresses that the IGBF needs to attract more funding, faster, if it is to become, once again, a sustainable charity.

Developing New Funding Strands

With no governmental assistance received, the IGBF enjoys a strong and close relationship with traditional multiple and symbol group head offices, as well as with independent retailers, and would welcome greater participation by other retailers such as the German discounters and UK retailers operating in Ireland. Redmond reveals that they will also actively seek to target nonFMCG suppliers (telecoms companies, insurance companies, legal advisors etc), who enjoy a lot of business within the retail and grocery sector, as well as foodservice suppliers. Foundations and high net worth individuals, the Irish success stories in recent years, will also be invited to assist. “I think as a nation, corporately, we need to mature and increase our level of Corporate Social Responsibility funding in terms of a percentage of turnover, which lags behind the UK,”

he says. “Ireland is very generous on cause-related charities, but when it comes to planned giving, there is a lot more that could be done by corporations, foundations and indeed the Government. “We are extremely cognisant and appreciative of the assistance we receive and recognise the difficulties of the current trading environment but we are trying to ensure sustainable funding into the future, utilising a number of potential strands. At the end of the day, unless retailers and suppliers take responsibility for what is their own charity, it will place the Fund The new IGBF website,, has seen a surge in visitor numbers since it went live.

“The IGBF have never celebrated the success of what they have done over the years and they have not developed the emotional connection strongly enough: it is now time for that to start.” in a very difficult situation,” Redmond stresses. Annual events such as Golf outings, the President’s Ball and the Christmas Lunch have in the past and continue to make a significant contribution to the IGBF. While he acknowledges the contribution these events make to the Fund’s income, Redmond feels there is scope for more events of a social or sporting nature during the year, particularly at a local level, organised by the seven regional committees. “55-60% of our income comes during the last few months of the year, so there is a lot of scope for other events

during the rest of the year, including perhaps a midsummer ball, but the ideal scenario is to get retailers, suppliers and other donors to set up standing orders, which is where sustainable funding comes from.”

Making Difficult Decisions

Redmond is no idle dreamer, however. He knows just how tough business is for retailers in 2013. “I can appreciate the difficulties in the retail trade, but from our point of view, there are people who really need assistance and it is up to ourselves, retailers and suppliers, to help our own colleagues,” he says. “The Sword of Damocles can fall on any of us at any time. I know it’s difficult, but there is a reason why we’re doing what we are doing. There are only two employees in the IGBF, the rest of the committees are run on a totally voluntary basis. We don’t get a sausage from the Government. So we need assistance going forward.” Indeed, he reveals that the extent of the deficit has led to some difficult decisions being considered, “such as whether we can pay a Christmas bonus to the people who are being helped by the Fund this year.” “My role is to build the IGBF brand, reduce the deficit and develop that engagement with its core audience, because it is our colleagues who need the Fund’s assistance,” Redmond concludes. “The IGBF have never celebrated the success of what they have done over the years and they have not developed the emotional connection strongly enough: it is now time for that to start.”

20|Retail News|November 2013|

Gala Retail Conference


15 Years A Growing Pictured at the Gala Annual Conference are (l-r): Helen Oldridge, Gala Financial Controller; Tony Cluskey, Marketing & Promotions Manager, Gala Retail Services; guest speaker John Teeling; Denise Lord , Customer Service Manager, Gala Retail Services; guest speakers David Mc Williams and Enda McNulty; and Gala Chairman Liam Peters.

Gala’s 2013 Retail Conference celebrated the group’s 15th birthday of remarkable retailing in Ireland. THE Gala Retail Conference took place on October 7 and 8 in the five-star Heritage Hotel, Killenard, Co. Laois. This two-day event proved a very special occasion that offered Gala retailers and wholesalers, along with the support team, conference exhibitors and guest speakers the opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere. The first day saw a host of fun-packed activities organised, including golf, a trip to the National Stud and Japanese Gardens and even quad biking for the more adventurous attendees. The following day saw Gala getting down to business with the annual Gala Conference, trade fair exhibition and B.E.S.T. Awards taking place.

15 Years of Gala

The Conference, which was opened by Liam Peters, Chairman of Gala Retail Services, coincided with Gala’s 15th birthday and so proved a welcome opportunity to celebrate a

decade and a half of remarkable retailing in Ireland. In his opening address, Liam welcomed representatives from Gala’s nationwide network of 200 stores. Conference attendees were briefed on how the Gala group has expanded over the course of the last decade and a half, with particular mention made of some of the group’s most recent innovations.

Marketing Highlights

Some of Gala’s recent highlights include: •An association with Walt Disney on both the Wreck it Ralph and Monsters University movies; •A huge giveaway for The Gathering; •A Gala Social Media campaign which embraces the latest digital and social media, together with the best above-the-line activity, sponsorship communications, and trade plans activity. •The introduction of the new ‘Hot and Healthier @ Gala’,

Retail News|November 2013||21

Gala Retail Conference

The Gala shop at the Gala Trade Exhibition Hall.

a delicious deli sandwich range that allows customers to build a personalised sandwich while being calorie conscious; •Gala celebrating holding over 50 BBQ’s in aid of the Jack and Jill Children’s Charity. Gala also announced details of their forthcoming chilled distribution, which is currently in the early stages of development. Gala have appointed Audrey Constantine, former Tesco Chilled Manager, as Chilled Distribution Manager, with more details coming available in the coming weeks.

Outstanding Speakers

The Conference featured an outstanding line-up of speakers, including guest

presentations from David McWilliams, one of Ireland’s most respected economic advisors and commentators, John Teeling, founder and former Chairman of Cooley Distillery; and Motiv8’s Enda McNulty, an inspirational leadership and motivational speaker who brings the same competitive spirit, merged with reliability and dependability, that he epitomised for the Armagh Gaelic Football team for 14 seasons. Each of the speakers spoke about their roles as business leaders and what they had learnt from the economic landscape in Ireland in recent years. These sentiments were then expanded on to discuss economic drivers for the future and how Gala

Pictured are (l-r): John Murphy, Gala Regional Manager, with David McCann, Mc Cann’s Gala, Ovens Co. Cork, winner of a Gala B.E.S.T Bronze Award.

as a business can continue to grow from strength to strength in Ireland. All three of the special guests spoke with passion, enthusiasm and shared their own inspiring experiences and their business learnings, and reflected on Ireland and how to continue to move forward as a business positively in today’s climate. Gala’s 15 year anniversary was acknowledged and celebrated. Following the morning’s presentations, the afternoon saw the Gala Trade Fair and Exhibition, which welcomed over 65 exhibitors, with exclusive special offers for all attendees. The Trade Fair also incorporated a Gala Store, sporting the progressive group’s latest image and design. Special thanks must go to the 65 trade exhibitors, who donated all surplus stock to the Simon Community in support of the people in our community that need it most. That evening then saw the Gala Banquet Dinner, where Kevin and Maeve Bracken, owners of the first Gala store in Ireland at Stradbally Road, Portlaoise, which opened for business back in 1998, cut the celebratory cake, marking 15 years of Gala. The cake was baked by the team at the award-winning Mulrooney’s Gala store in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary. The Banquet also played host to a huge raffle, with all proceeds going to the Jack and Jill Children’s Charity.

Gala B.E.S.T Awards

Following a spectacular dinner, TV

Siobhan Larkin, Larkin’s Gala, Ballina, Co. Tipperary, receives a Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award from Jerry Mc Donnell, Gala National Sales and Development Manager, and event MC, Miriam O’Callaghan.

22|Retail News|November 2013|

Gala Retail Conference GALA B.E.S.T AWARDS

Margaret Frayne, Frayne’s Gala, The Duffry, Enniscorthy, is pictured receiving her Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award from Jerry Mc Donnell, Gala National Sales and Development Manager, and event MC, Miriam O’Callaghan.

Pauline Delaney, Ger Dunne and Ann Mc Evoy, from Gala Emmet Stores, Mountmellick, Co. Laois, are pictured receiving a Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award, from Jerry Mc Donnell, Gala National Sales and Development Manager, and event MC, Miriam O’Callaghan.

Gold Award Winners

Mc Gloin’s Gala, Foxford, Co. Mayo Holly’s Gala, Moyvane, Co. Kerry Frayne’s Gala, The Duffry, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Larkin’s Gala, Ballina, Co. Tipperary Tuffy’s Gala, Ballina, Co. Mayo Harkin’s Gala, Ballybofey, Co. Donegal Gala, Russell Square, Tallaght, Dublin Kane’s Gala, Carlow, Co. Carlow Durkan’s Gala, Louisburgh, Co. Mayo Gala, James St, Dublin Gala Express, Bosheen , New Ross , Co. Wexford O’Shea’s Gala, Blennerville, Co. Kerry Lunney’s Gala, Carrick on Shannon , Co. Leitrim Murphy’s Gala, Kilanerin, Co. Wexford Mc Dermott’s, Patrickswell, Co. Limerick Gala Emmet Stores, Mountmellick, Co. Laois Gala, Raheen, New Ross, Co. Wexford Egan’s Gala, Monkstown. Co. Dublin Dunne’s Gala, Cahirciveen, Co. Kerry

Silver Award Winners

Candy’s Gala, Carnew, Co. Wicklow Holmes Gala, Murroe, Co. Limerick Byrne’s Gala Express, Longwood, Co. Meath Smyth’s Gala, Williamstown, Co. Galway Cullen’s Gala, Adamstown, Co. Wexford Gala M50 Oil, Ashbourne, Co. Meath Dunne’s Gala, Gneevguillia, Co. Kerry

Bronze Award Winners

Harvey’s Gala, Thurles, Co. Tipperary O Leary’s Gala Express, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford Mc Cann’s Gala, Ovens, Co. Cork Whitty’s Gala, Lucan, Co. Dublin Smith’s Gala, Newtownforbes, Co. Longford Mulrooney’s Gala, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary Milling’s Gala, Athlone, Co. Westmeath Crowe’s Gala, Sixmilebridge, Co. Clare Gala, Camden Quay, Co. Cork Murphy’s Gala, Kanturk, Co. Cork Gala Mounthawk, Tralee, Co. Kerry

Special Category Awards

• • • • • • • • Tom Hardiman, Gala Regional Manager, is pictured with Tracey and Cathal Byrne, from Byrne’s Gala Express, Longwood, Co. Meath, winners of a Gala B.E.S.T Silver Award.

Customer Service Award: Merrin’s Gala, Naas, Co. Kildare Community and Merit Award: Sweeney’s Gala, Rochestown, Co. Cork Brand Champion Award: O’Shea’s Gala , Blennerville, Co. Kerry Innovation Award: Mc Gloin’s Gala, Foxford , Co. Mayo Fresh Food Award: Mulrooney’s Gala, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary Off Licence Award: Hanlon’s Gala, Longford , Co. Longford Training and HR Award: Candy’s Gala , Carnew, Co. Wicklow Baker’s Corner Award: Mc Dermott’s Gala, Patrickswell, Co. Limerick Supplier of the Year Award: Largo Foods.

Retail News|November 2013||23

Gala Retail Conference

Jerry Mc Donnell, Gala National Sales and Development Manager, and event MC, Miriam O’ Callaghan, present a Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award to Terry Kane (centre), Kane’s Gala, Carlow.

Pictured are (l-r): Jerry Mc Donnell, Gala National Sales and Development Manager, Mary O’Shea, Gala Blennerville, Co. Kerry, winner of a Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award; John Murphy, Gala Regional Manager; and event MC, Miriam O’Callaghan.

presenter Miriam O’Callaghan announced the winners of the Gala B.E.S.T Awards. The Awards acknowledged Gold, Silver, and Bronze standard winners, in addition to category awards for specialisms in retailing. “The B.E.S.T awards are designed to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in retail standards and customer service,” noted Jerry Mc Donnell, Gala National Sales and Development Manager . “This year’s award winners all demonstrate the on-going commitment to excellence that is at the heart of all Gala stores.”

A total of 46 awards were presented to stores across the country, based on assessments completed across three stages: Mystery Shopper assessment, mini assessment and then final assessment, all under the B.E.S.T (Business Excellence Standards Tool) programme. An additional eight category awards were also presented, acknowledging outstanding achievements in retail specialisms such as HR & Training, Customer Service and Brand Champion. The Supplier of the Year Award for 2013 was presented to Largo Foods.

Gerry Harvey from Harvey’s Gala, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, celebrates winning a Gala B.E.S.T Bronze Award with Gala Regional Manager, Shane Byrne.

Pictured are Jerry Mc Donnell, Gala National Sales and Development Manager, Liju Varughese, from Gala B.E.S.T Gold Award winners Tuffy’s Gala, Ballina, Co. Mayo, and event MC Miriam O’Callaghan.

Gala Regional Manager Shane Byrne is pictured with Gala B.E.S.T Bronze Award winner Sean Mulrooney, Mulrooney’s Gala, Roscrea, Co. Tipperary.

24|Retail News|November 2013|

Retail Ireland: Monthly Update BUDGET 2014: WHAT IT MEANS FOR RETAIL RETAIL Ireland warmly welcomed the inclusion of a number of pro-retailer measures in Budget 2014. Indeed, many of the Budgetary measures adopted by the Government are ones which we here at Retail Ireland have long-campaigned for. We welcome, in particular, Revenue’s new stop and search powers as part of a package of measures to tackle the black market and illicit trade. Secondly, the establishment of an attractive tax incentive scheme for home renovations heralds a welcome boost for the DIY, hardware and home décor sectors in particular. Further, there is to be no change in all existing VAT rates, including the lower rate of 9% that applies to hospitality and tourism, including food service, and no change in excise duty on petrol, diesel, gas and home heating oil. However we are concerned about the potentially damaging impact of a significant increase in excise duty on alcohol. There has been an increase of €2 on a bottle of spirits and 50 cents on a bottle of wine. Retail Ireland was the only retail group to meet the Minister in advance of this year’s Budget. Our work for a retail-friendly Budget next year starts now.

Government’s Alcohol Policy: The Reality ON October 24, the Government finally published its long-awaited alcohol policy. It is likely that the existing RRAI voluntary code will be adopted as a statutory instrument and will be closely monitored and reviewed in two years. If the code is considered ineffective or the rate of non-compliance is unacceptably high, there exists a proposal to implement Section 9 of the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2008, which allows for “structural separation” of alcohol from all other in-store products. With this in mind, to avoid the costly and detrimental introduction of “structural separation”, Retail Ireland strongly encourages retailers to take all steps to ensure that the code works effectively and is seen to work effectively. Meanwhile, the policy also provides for the Government to set a minimum price for alcohol, which will be calculated based on the number of grams of alcohol in each product, at a level yet to be decided. The Government intends to introduce minimum pricing in tandem with the authorities in Northern Ireland, thereby minimising the potential for a return to the highly-damaging phenomenon of cross-border shopping.

Martin addresses Council Meeting

MICHEÁL Martin TD, Fianna Fáil leader, is pictured addressing the most recent Retail Ireland Council Meeting. Also pictured are Stephen Lynam, Director, Retail Ireland, and Frank Gleeson, Chairman, Retail Ireland.

Proposed Statutory Grocery Code a Bad Call OCTOBER saw the publication of the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine’s report on the grocery sector. The report makes a total of 13 recommendations, including: • A statutory code of practice for retailer-supplier relations; • The establishment of an ombudsman scheme for the supermarket sector; • A ban on below cost selling of alcohol and staple products; • Publication of the profits of large retailers. The report will now be considered by Government departments, who have no obligation to implement it. Retail Ireland’s position is that the introduction of a statutory grocery code of conduct is misguided and if implemented, will result in higher consumer prices. Explaining this position, Stephen Lynam, Director of Retail Ireland, stated: “A statutory code of practice will make it more difficult for retailers to negotiate the best price for consumers. The report also calls for price controls on staple goods, which would also push up prices. These measures would not benefit farmers, as retailers usually buy from suppliers, wholesalers and manufacturers. Those are the groups who stand to benefit. Irish retailers are committed to fair play, which is why many have already signaled their intent to sign up to the Supply Chain Initiative at EU level. This initiative is a much better way of ensuring a fair deal for consumers, retailers, suppliers and farmers.”

Tel: 01-6051558

Get Your Product On the Supermarket Shelf… and Keep it There!

Sheila Gallogly, Managing Director, Shelfspace

With multiple retailers commanding over 85% of the Irish retail market, it is not surprising that the majority of suppliers strive to obtain listings in at least one national retailer. The unfortunate reality is that obtaining listings at head office level is only the first step in a long and often very arduous journey. A listing at head office does not equal sales on the ground - a fact that some suppliers fail to grasp until it is too late. The biggest challenge faced by suppliers is not obtaining the initial listing; it is, in fact, managing their product off the supermarket shelves. Ensuring product placement, pull through and sales performance at ground level are what determines your long term survival; if you don’t have a strategy that focuses on ‘getting the product off the supermarket shelf’, you will not last long in the retail environment. Ironically, the need to manage product performance at ground level is best illustrated by highlighting some of the issues that manifest when product performance is NOT managed: 1. Products not on the Retail Shelf - head office listings guarantee that your products are on planogram; unfortunately there are times during the day when retail staff just do not have the time to merchandise your products, leaving an open space where your products should be. Your product may be in the storeroom or on the upper shelves still in boxes….but this is of no value to your shoppers, or to you. No product means no sales. 2. Product not Visible due to Competitor’s Merchandisers - while all retailers adhere to in-store planograms, some are enforced more stringently than others. Depending on the frequency of merchandising support of your key competitors, your products are at risk of becoming partially or fully hidden on the shelf. Lack of product visibility means no sales. 3. Price/SEL (Shelf Edge Label) not displayed, or displayed incorrectly - it is a well-known fact that shoppers rarely pick up a product if the price is not displayed. Without your product price, your product won’t sell - it is that simple.

4. Promotional SEL not displayed - as an extension of point 3, an issue that manifests all too often is the time lag between removing the ‘normal SEL’ and the issuing and placement of the ‘promotional SEL’. One to two days in this regard adds up to a significant loss of sales. 5. Managers not familiar with your company or product - strong relationships with store and section managers are vital at local level; frequent discussions with local staff result in better support, speedy issue resolution and often increased space during promotional and seasonal periods. The obvious solution to address the issues outlined above is to employ a sales person; however, at a total cost of €60,000 per year (see breakdown for approximate costs in Figure 1), this may not be a feasible solution for a large number of suppliers. Many try to visit stores on an ad-hoc basis themselves, but this becomes counterproductive and time consuming. Figure 1 - Approximate Cost Breakdown for a Sales Rep • Minimum Starter Salary - €30,000 • PRSI - €3,225 • Annual Car Costs - €6,479 • Diesel/Petrol - €10,046 • Road Tax – 600 • Insurance - €800 • Mobile Phone - €1,200 • Laptop - €650 • Lunch Allowance - €1,200 • Overnight Allowance - €5,800 Total: €60,000 Per Annum

Outsourcing your Sales and Merchandising function to a Sales Specialist Company (such as Shelfspace) is another option that many companies consider; this can be an extremely cost effective solution; however, prudence and due diligence are strongly advised here to ensure you obtain a return on your investment: • Research a minimum of 5-6 companies in this area - don’t rely on just their website or promotional literature. Call them; ask to meet them; assess if they understand the issues you need addressed. • Talk to some of their past or existing customers - they will certainly say is as it is! Don’t rely on just one testimonial; find a company that is experiencing similar market challenges to your own, and assess if the solution provided to them would work for you. • Set specific sales and call targets - you’ll find out very quickly if they can deliver as promised.

• Ensure you compare ‘like with like’ - some companies may offer very competitive rates per call compared to others, but won’t carry out the same range of activities in store. Ticking boxes on a form is anyone’s game your representatives needs to ensure all issues are addressed before leaving the store - if this means they remain in the store for an hour to sort out a problem, then so be it. • Get a detailed understanding of their focus in store - some companies will cover a large number of stores and calls in a day, but are limited in the time they can dedicate to your products. Information may be recorded while in store, but issues may not be resolved. • Of critical importance is to find out how many other companies they represent when in store on your behalf. The price may seem very competitive, but if they are representing more than 3-4 other companies per rep while in store, you may not get the attention you need. • Ask about their Sales team’s experience, explore the software and recording systems they use, and ensure you understand their route plans, the frequency of calling and retail focus. Ultimately, you need to feel comfortable that the company you employ will get the job done for you - the real test of their effectiveness will manifest in reduced in store issues, fully merchandised shelves, strong support from store managers, and ultimately, an increase in your sales.

A Background to Shelfspace Shelfspace was born as a response to the market challenges and issues outlined in this article; established in 2010 Shelfspace provides nationwide sales and merchandising support to a wide range of clients, and some of Ireland’s best loved brands including Donegal Dairies, Keogh’s Crisps, Slender Choice, ABP and Mallons Sausages. If you have experienced any of the issues outlined in this article, or would like to talk about our services in more detail, please call us now on 051 853650, or check out our website (and testimonials) on Alternatively email us at

26|Retail News|November 2013|

Christmas Stocking: Essentials

Festive Favourites

With Irish consumers set to be the biggest spenders in Europe this festive season, we profile the products set to fly from your shelves over Christmas. ONCE again, Ireland will be Europe’s biggest festive spenders this Christmas, according to the 2013 Deloitte Christmas Spending Survey. While consumers intend to curtail spending slightly, by 1.7% (compared to 7.44% in 2011), Irish consumers will spend more than their European counterparts this festive season, with the majority of purchases taking place off-line, which is good news for retailers. The annual Deloitte consumer survey of Christmas spending shows that the average spend per household in Ireland, excluding any spend on travelling, will be €894, with an average of €484.81 spent on gifts, €258.84 spent on food and €150.76 spent on socialising. “The findings suggest that, as ever, Christmas is an extremely important time for the Irish and they will celebrate accordingly,” noted Kevin Sheehan, Partner, Deloitte. “While Irish consumers will spend marginally less, retailers will be enthused somewhat that the rate of decline in spending has stabilised and is in line with last year. That said, retailers will need to remain extremely focused on ensuring that they position themselves appropriately with consumers. The impact of austerity over

the last number of years remains to the forefront of Irish consumers’ minds, and the survey results show that this is still having an effect on spending during the festive season.” In terms of changing their purchasing behaviour, 22% of Irish respondents have indicated that they will focus more on buying products and gifts that are on sale, while 13% will focus more on buying useful gifts. 56% of respondents indicated that they will reduce the amount they buy on impulse. Loyalty and reward programmes influence Irish consumers’ decision making, moreso than their European counterparts. Perhaps unsurprisingly, immediate discounts such as cash off, were deemed most effective, as identified by 43% of respondents. This was followed by earning points to earn vouchers for use in several retailers (17%), earning points to earn vouchers for use in the store of purchase (14%) and future discounts (13%). This festive season, Irish consumers will use various channels to search for, compare and finally buy products. In terms of searching for products, 38% indicated that they would do so both online and instore, 40% would do so in-store and

22% would do so online. In terms of actually purchasing products, 72% of respondents indicated that they will buy in store, while 28% will purchase online. This year’s survey also asked consumers what they deemed were the most important attributes of a retailer. Offering the lowest prices ranked top, followed by offering personalised promotions and offers, and a loyalty programme with rewards that are valued by the consumer. “Retailers need to remain cognisant of how consumers come to a purchase decision, and indeed where they carry out transactions,” Sheehan explained. “While online is important in terms of decision making, it is just one important element from a consumer’s point of view in terms of the overall transaction. Indeed, when asked what areas retailers should invest in, lower prices ranked first, unsurprisingly. This was followed by the customer relationship, home delivery, self-scanning checkouts and sustainability.” For further information on the survey and to view a copy of the report please visit

Retail News|November 2013||27

Christmas Stocking: Essentials AVONMORE CREAM

A must for everyone’s shopping list this and every Christmas is Avonmore Cream from Glanbia. Ireland’s favourite cream has a wide range of creams to suit every occasion over the festive season, including Avonmore Freshly Whipped Cream, which is already whipped for added convenience, delicious Avonmore Sour Cream for party dips or a traditional hot jacket potato, indulgent Double Cream for the perfect soup or pasta and new Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream, a luxuriously thick cream, perfect for Christmas Pudding, Mince pies and all consumers’ favourite Christmas treats. Luxuriously thick and ready to pour, Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream is perfect for pouring directly over consumers’ favourite festive desserts. The deliciously smooth, thick consistency is the perfect accompaniment to mince pies, Christmas pudding, trifle and all Christmas treats. Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream is an extra thick cream and requires no additional whipping, providing consumers with added conve- Luxuriously thick and ready to nience during the busy festive pour, Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream is perfect for pouring occasion and is available in directly over consumers’ both a 250ml and 500ml reseal-favourite festive desserts. able bottle. Avonmore Fresh Dessert Cream was recently awarded gold in the Dairy Category at the Blas na hÉireann Awards this year, highlighting its great taste credentials. Avonmore Fresh Dessert cream is a must stock item for all your festive desserts. Back by popular demand with a fresh new look, Baileys Whipped Cream in a 585ml pot combines the unique and great taste of Baileys Original Irish Cream Liqueur and Avonmore Freshly Whipped Cream. Luxurious and delicious on top of a chocolate cake, in a latte, or with any dessert of your choice, this is a combination of two great Irish products, with one unforgettable taste. Avonmore is the cream market leader, with 44% market share (Source: MAT September 2013). With such a wide range of cream products, Avonmore has a cream to suit every consumption occasion throughout this festive season and is a must stock item in stores. Back by popular demand Avonmore Cream will have a with a fresh new look, heavyweight support plan in Baileys Whipped Cream place comprising of seasonal in a 585ml pot combines Weatherline stings, in-store the unique and great taste activation and an ongoing of Baileys Original Irish digital support plan. AvonCream Liqueur and Avonmore Cream: it’s the cream more Freshly Whipped that makes Christmas! Cream.

Kilmeaden Cheese

Proving it is still a firm favourite, earlier this year, Kilmeaden, also from Glanbia, was awarded Gold in the Mature Cheddar Category at the 2013 Irish Cheese Awards. This award further consolidates Kilmeaden’s position as Ireland’s top selling block, whilst also emphasises its distinctive flavour and unique taste. Kilmeaden Grader’s Choice The quality and is perfect for Christmas gifting or entertaining over uniqueness of Kilmeaden this festive period. can be attributed to a strict selection process, which ensures that only the best cheddar is selected. Kilmeaden is made using only summer milk and matured for up to 10 months, giving it all the time it needs to develop its distinctive flavour and unique taste. The Kilmeaden range consists of Fully Mature, a Lighter range and Smooth and Mature, which all carry the heritage, craft and taste credentials of the number one selling block in Ireland. The most recent addition to the range is the Kilmeaden Grader’s Choice, a vintage white cheddar waxed wheel. This cheese is a full bodied mature cheddar with a rich mellow flavour and is perfect for a cheese boards, crackers or simply enjoyed on its own. Kilmeaden Grader’s Choice is specially selected by the Kilmeaden Master Grader, ensuring that only the best tasting cheddar is included. Kilmeaden Grader’s Choice is perfect for Christmas gifting or entertaining over this festive period.

Jacob’s Biscuits

When it comes to biscuits, Jacob’s from Valeo Foods is the ‘unChristmasable’ favourite in Ireland. Afternoon Tea 1kg is the quintessential gift that brings a smile to the faces of all the family. The delicious assortment caters for everyone’s tastes, including favourites such as the infamous Jelly Star biscuit and mouth watering chocolate rings. Traditional favourite USA is an iconic staple in all homes during the festive season and at 1kg offers great value for money. Christmas wouldn’t be complete without a tin of Elite Chocolate Kimberley. Also available in the Elite family are tins of Elite Chocolate Mikado and Elite Chocolate Coconut

The hugely popular Elite Chocolate Kimberley 660g tin from Jacob’s is a real festive winner.

28|Retail News|November 2013|

Christmas Stocking: Essentials Creams, delectable mallow biscuits smothered in smooth milk chocolate. The iconic trio of Jacob’s Kimberley, Mikado and Coconut Creams are available in stay fresh, resealable tubs. Jacob’s Chocolate Mallows and Jacob’s Biscuits for Cheese 250g complete a mouth-watering line-up which are all well-established seasonal favourites and a stable part of the Irish family Christmas.

this versatile product is easy to prepare and provides a mouth-watering roast, with leftovers perfect for a range of tasty meals - guaranteeing there will be something for everyone to enjoy during the holiday season! For information on products and distribution call the Commercial team at Moy Park on 0044 2838 352233. For news and updates visit

Moy Park

Ben & Jerry’s

With the festive season upon us, a Moy Park Corn Fed Irish Free Range Chicken provides a delicious alternative to a traditional turkey roast and remains a popular choice as families continue to look for value for money. Whether consumers are cooking for a large party of guests or preparing for a casual lunch with family and friends, a higher welfare, Bord Bia Quality Assured Moy Park chicken offers a succulent, full of flavour dining option. Locally sourced,

A -Moy Park Corn Fed Irish Free Range Chicken provides a delicious alternative to a traditional turkey roast and remains a popular choice as families continue to look for value.


Holy Molys have now cemented their place on retailers’ shelves and arriving just in time for Christmas is the latest addition to the Holy Molys family – Holy Molys Mint! This delicious biscuit bar, filled with a smooth mint cream layer and covered in indulgent dark chocolate, is the perfect Christmas treat! Individually wrapped

Celebrating ice cream with a new scoop, Ben & Jerry’s, the number one luxury ice cream brand from Unilever (Source: Value sales IRI Data July 2013), is churning out a new ‘udderly-scrumptious’ variant into its Classics range; Peanut Butter Cup. A peanut butter flavoured ice cream with peanut butter cups. Across its scoop shops, Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup has been performing phenomenally well and by adding the flavour to its Classics range, Ben & Jerry’s is offering consumers the popular flavour in a 500ml take-home format just in time for the winter months as consumers opt to stay in rather than go out. “Peanut Butter Cup is selling really well in our scoop shops and it’s also one of the flavours that we get the most requests for on our Facebook page, so we know that consumers will go nuts for the new addition to our Classics range,” said Rhodri Morgan, Ben & Jerry’s Moo Heff’ner (aka Senior Brand Manager). “We tested Peanut Butter Cup against some of our bestselling lines and found that consumers love the new addition every bit as much as the

in festive green, Holy Molys Mint come in a box of six, making them a Christmas essential for family indulgence over the holidays. Make sure you have a Holy Molys Mint Christmas and stock up on this Christmas essential today! For more information, contact Flanagan’s Foods on (01) 4506100 or log on to

Arriving in time for Christmas, new Holy Molys Mint biscuit bars are sure to prove just as popular as the caramel variant.

New from Ben & Jerry’s, Peanut Butter Cup comes in a 500ml take-home format just in time for the winter months as consumers opt to stay in rather than go out.

number one selling luxury ice cream Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough, (Source: Value sales IRI Data July 2013). Given the response to date, we anticipate that the flavour will prove to be a big hit in the category and create new sales opportunities for retailers.” Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup will add to the existing Classics range, which includes Cookie Dough, Clever Cookies and Chocolate Fudge Brownie. The new flavour will be packaged in line with the rest of Ben & Jerry’s Classics range, in a 500ml tub format featuring Ben & Jerry’s mascot, Woody the Cow, the brand’s signature blue sky and a colourful pack design showcasing the key ingredient – peanut butter cups.

N I W With

A €100

Gift Card

PostPoint and One4all are offering Retail News readers the chance to win a €100 One4all Gift Card just in time for Christmas. The One4all Gift Card is Irelands leading multi-store electronic gift card and is exclusively sold through Post Offices and PostPoint outlets. The One4all Gift Card makes the perfect Christmas gift for any customer, enabling the lucky recipient to purchase products or services in over 5,400 retail outlets nationwide. One4all Gift Cards can be ordered free of charge through PostPoint. So, If you would like to stock up your supplies of One4all Gift Cards before the busy Christmas period or if you would like to enquire about getting One4all in your store, please call the PostPoint helpdesk on 1890 20 42 20. To be in with a chance of winning a €100 One4all Gift Card please answer the following question and send, together with your name, address and telephone number, on postcard to POSTPOINT COMPETITION, Retail News, Tara Publishing, Fitzwilliam House, 14 Upper Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2 or email your details and correct answer to:


C. One4all Gift Cards D. All of the above

• Closing date: 9th December 2013 Terms and conditions apply • Judges decision is final • No cash alternative given.

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Christmas Stocking: Essentials SELLOTAPE WRAPS UP CHRISTMAS

PostPoint Stamps Its Authority

WITH every single card sent this Christmas, customers will require a stamp. PostPoint retailers can purchase stamps at a discount exclusively through PostPoint. The Christmas Stamp Booklet offers even greater value, as it also includes one free stamp. Now is the perfect time to order Christmas Stamps Booklets from PostPoint and get prepared for the Christmas rush. PostPoint retailers can purchase stamps and One-4all Gift Cards quickly and conveniently through PostPoint Retail Support on 1890 204220, and all orders are delivered free of charge straight to your door.

Mr Crumb

When it comes to Christmas, no dinner would be complete without some tasty stuffing. Mr Crumb breadcrumbs provide the perfect foundation for a succulent homemade stuffing. They are also a fantastic base for sauces and desserts. Mr Crumb breadcrumbs are also an easy and convenient ingredient when consumers are making their festive Christmas pud. The breadcrumbs are available in 200g and 400g bags. If time is of the essence, Mr Crumb stuffings are the solution. The stuffings are pre-cooked by chefs in small batches to traditional recipes using their own soft, fresh breadcrumbs, real Irish butter and sautéed onions and herbs: all ingredients you would find in your cupboard at home. So why not put your feet up for an extra few minutes this Christmas and try the premium Mr Crumb Sage and Onion Stuffing? Simply pop it in the oven for 18 minutes or

SELLOTAPE is celebrating Christmas with a five-week television advertising campaign running in the key gifting period between November 22 and December, spending over €1.7m on carefully targeted TV spots. Focusing on the innovative launch of the refillable On-Hand Sellotape tape dispenser, the ad reinforces the brand’s market leading position. The advert, created by Brothers & Sisters, features a brand new creative with a ‘12 Days of Christmas’ theme, starring the OnHand tape dispenser as hero. Worn on your hand, this unique tape dispenser is the first to allow you to wrap gifts using both hands, whilst also offering variable tape length – making it easier to wrap any present or gift.

“Sellotape is a heritage brand, which is investing in modern innovation to drive sales in the category,” notes Helen Griffiths, Brand Manager. “Christmas is a key sales period - approximately 30% of all tape sales occur in November-December (Source: Gfk Stat Tapes Marker 2012). This product has been developed to address a consumer need – to make it easier to wrap presents at Christmas whilst maintaining a great finish on their gifts.” The On-Hand dispenser comes complete with one roll of super clear On-Hand tape for premium gift-wrapping, and handy refill two-packs can be purchased. The Sellotape On-Hand Dispenser makes it quick and easy to wrap gifts of all shapes and sizes.

the microwave for just three minutes, for a mouth-watering and delicious accompaniment to your Christmas dinner. Other delicious varieties in their range include; Parsley, Lemon & Herb, Garlic & Rosemary and Organic Sage & Onion. Consumers looking for something different can try Mr Crumb’s new and exciting flavour - Bramley Apple and Apricot Stuffing with Cider. The recently launched stuffing is made with juicy Bramley apples and cider soaked apricots, which are blended with slowly sautéed onions and fresh breadcrumbs. Also part of the range is delicious Mr Crumb Mulled Wine and Christmas Fruits Stuffing. Mr Crumb are the market leaders

when it comes to breadcrumbs and stuffings. This award-winning, specialist food manufacturer is based in the rural lakeland village of Finea, Mullingar. Mr Crumb products are available via central distribution centres for leading retailers nationwide, including Dunnes, Tesco, SuperValu, Centra, Londis and SPAR.

Mr Crumb Breadcrumbs provide the perfect foundation for a succulent homemade stuffing.

Delicious Mr Crumb Mulled Wine and Christmas Fruits Stuffing is sure to be a winner with consumers this festive season.

Partridge Pear tree

On-Hand Dispenser

Presenting the new On-Hand Dispenser from Sellotape, this season’s must-have. Easily wrap any gift this Christmas, even a partridge in a pear tree.

Stock up now and boost sales with the nation’s favourite sticky tape*.

Every roll inspired by you *GfK UK Panelmarket, Office Adhesive Tapes, Value and Volume January-August 2013

C Call all

Do more with

on 189



t PostPoint we strive to supply our retailers with unique and practical products which make customers lives that little bit easier. This is never truer than at Christmas when PostPoint retailers can exclusively offer their customers the hugely popular One4all Gift Card and the essential Christmas stamp. Stamps and One4all Gift Cards are great products to offer customers all year round. However, they are particularly popular around holiday periods and special occasions. Last year, stamp sales increased by over 300% in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The first two weeks of December are particularly busy every year as last dates of posting draw near. One4all, a gift fOr any OccasiOn The One4all Gift Card is Ireland’s leading multi-store gift card and is exclusively sold through Post Offices and PostPoint outlets. The One4all Gift Card makes


the perfect Christmas gift for any customer as it is accepted in over 5,400 retail outlets nationwide. So, no matter where the lucky recipient lives or what their interests are, they are guaranteed to find something they really want with the One4all Gift Card. the mOment yOu send a card, it’s christmas! Luckily for PostPoint retailers, with every single card sent this Christmas, customers will also require a stamp. PostPoint retailers can purchase stamps at a discount exclusively through PostPoint. The Christmas Stamp Booklet offers even greater value as it also includes one free stamp. Christmas is only around the corner and last dates of posting will soon be looming large on many customers’ minds. Now is the perfect time to order Christmas Stamps Booklets from PostPoint and get prepared for the Christmas rush. PostPoint retailers can purchase stamps and One4all Gift Cards quickly and conveniently through PostPoint Retail Support on 1890 20 42 20, and all orders are delivered free of charge straight to your door. make the mOve tO POstPOint Christmas is the perfect time to choose PostPoint as your preferred electronic services supplier. Retailers who join PostPoint this month can offer their customers festive favourites such as One4all Gift Cards and the Christmas Stamp Booklet. Both of these are very popular products which are well established in the Irish marketplace, and give PostPoint retailers a competitive advantage when trying to attract customers into their stores this Christmas season. By joining PostPoint, retailers gain access to a unique mix of products, including mobile top up, BillPay, Waste Management, Tolling, Parking, and

C Call all

on 1890 20 42 20

90 20 42 20 international calling cards. Added to these are exclusive An Post products such as stamps, TV licence renewal and One4all Gift Cards, as well as new innovative online payment products like the Ukash and paysafecard. PostPoint retailers also enjoy the support of a dedicated customer services team as well as an award winning sales support team on the road. PostPoint retailers can offer their customers the largest portfolio of electronic payment products and services in the Irish marketplace. Over the last year alone, PostPoint has boosted its BillPay facility to over 150 billers, the largest in the country, allowing customers to pay the majority of national and regional bills through their local PostPoint shop. driving hOme sales fOr christmas Stamps and One4all Gift Cards are key products sold through PostPoint retailers over the festive season. Mobile top up, BillPay, waste management, international calling cards, tolling and parking solutions are necessities for customers all year round; however, demand for these products substantially increases at Christmas time. So, whether customers are sending their first greeting card of the season, searching for that ideal gift, calling a loved one abroad, sorting their bills before the New Year or driving home a toll road for Christmas, PostPoint retailers will be at the heart of it and will be there to offer that perfect solution.

C Call all

on 1890 20

would like to wish all our retailers and readers of Retail News a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

34|Retail News|November 2013|

Christmas Stocking: Beer & Cider

Rivers of Gold Beer and cider are expected to have a strong festive season, as consumers stock up on their favourite tipples at home. CHRISTMAS is the busiest time of the year for the off trade, with beer and cider particularly strong performers, as consumers stock up on a range of stouts, lagers, ales and ciders for the party season. This year is set to be no exception, with most of the big name brands releasing high profile festive multi-packs and strong Christmas-themed packs and POS to entice consumers to the category. Heineken This Christmas, Heineken, the leading premium lager brand in the off trade, is ensuring that all festive needs are fully catered for. Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the recent arrival of Heineken’s new on-pack design, not to mention an entire suite of festive themed POS to support activation in-store. In-store theatre such as 3D hanging boards will also highlight the leading brand at the point of purchase and ensure Heineken remains

the shoppers’ festive favourite. The brand new on-pack design brings a fresh feel to the three elements that combine to make its instantly-recognisable identity – the colour green, the red star and the unique smiling ‘e’. Heineken’s famous red star takes centre stage on the new packs to become a more prominent element in the overall design, while a new-look embossed bottle cap has also been introduced, featuring a sleek 3D design. As well as this exciting new arrival, the ever popular 5L Draught Keg will be readily available nationwide to fit perfectly under the tree this Christmas. 2013 has provided a lot for the premium lager brand to celebrate as it continues to grow from both a volume and a value Heineken’s new on-pack design brings a fresh perspective in feel to the three elements that combine to make the off trade its instantly-recognisable identity – the colour green, the red star and the unique smiling ‘e’. (15.8% MAT

volume share of lager). This growth will continue in 2014 for Ireland’s preferred premium lager in the off trade, where quality is always guaranteed.

Coors Light

The holiday season just got a whole lot colder as Coors Light, from Heineken Ireland, sleds past its competitors, boasting growth across all channels. Positioned as the number four lager in the off trade, Coors Light continues to attract consumers with Rocky Mountain Cold Refreshment (Source: ACNielsen September 2013). Christmas came early for Coors Light fans this year with the launch of ‘Anytime Is Playtime’ in June. The

Coors Light continues to attract consumers with Rocky Mountain Cold Refreshment.

Retail News|November 2013||35

Christmas Stocking: Beer & Cider and the hugely successful Limited Edition packs sold in the off trade, Tiger has introduced a new range of livery, including a striking new glass and eye-catching counter-mount, to the on trade to immediately showcase the brand’s creative spirit at point of purchase this Christmas. In the off trade, Tiger created a suite of innovative and distinctive POS items, such as lenticular 2013 saw the introduction of the new Two Stage Cold innovation for Coors Light, so all Irish cans and bottles will shop tidies, wall pieces and spot UV posters, have two stages of cold, Cold and Rocky Mountain Cold. to interrupt consumers from their usual shopping unique campaign had fans ‘Reaching routine and for the Rockies’, as they competed to encourage them win pints and prizes by downloading to try something and playing a brand new app called different. These ‘The Great Rocky Mountain Game’. As attention-grabpart of this campaign, fans took part bing creative in an on-pack promotion which allowed visuals brought them to access special codes to gain the ‘Follow Your entry to new levels of the game and Instinct’ camwin more prizes, such as a Coors Light paign to life in six-pack voucher, beer pouch hoodies the off trade. and more. Interacting The app boasted an impressive with consumers 53,644 downloads and over 950,000 at home, Tiger game plays, with thousands of thirsty developed a gamers rocking their way into off state-of-the-art licences across Ireland to pick up their application to pack. encourage brand To celebrate the game’s final playfans to follow er, Coors Light rewarded him and a their instinct mate with the trip of a lifetime to the this winter and awe-inspiring Rocky Mountains high in engage with a Colorado for seven exhilarating days of digital movie adventure and exploration. inspired by 2013 saw the introduction of the new Two Stage Cold innovation, so fans the TVC. This unique app can now experience the next level of brought fans refreshment. All Irish cans and bottles deep into the will have two stages of Cold, Cold and heart of authenRocky Mountain Cold. The launch of tic Asia, the Two-Stage Cold is supported with a birthplace of heavyweight media campaign on outTiger Beer. door, digital, social media and at store With a rich level in the off trade. heritage filled Coors light is available in fourwith design and pack and eight-pack cans, as well as culture, Tiger is Tiger Beer enjoyed a six-pack, 10-pack and 20-pack bottles. embraced for its hugely successful 2013, Keep up to date with Coors Light news distinctive taste with a new on trade & events at livery and innovative and or POS for the off trade. rary Asian spirit and is the perfect complement Tiger Beer to any seasonal celebration as the days 2013 was most certainly the year of the get colder and the nights grow longer. Tiger in Ireland as Heineken Ireland’s Tiger is available in single 330ml & Tiger Beer sharpened its claws and 500ml bottles and also in a four-pack, reaffirmed its position as the world’s six-pack and 12-pack. most successful pan-Asian beer. FolKeep up to date with all things Tilowing on from the exciting ‘Follow ger at Your Instinct’ digital campaign, TVC

2013 has been a year worth celebrating for Desperados, a full bodied beer with an edge of tequila.


Desperados, a full bodied beer with an edge of tequila, is no ordinary drink and is perfect for getting that Christmas party started. Sold in over 20 countries worldwide, Desperados, Ireland’s favourite tequila flavoured beer, has an ABV of 5.9% and is best served chilled, straight from the bottle, delivering a truly refreshing taste experience. Desperados is offered in a compact three-pack of glass bottles, ensuring no festive party lacks ‘The Edge’ this Christmas. The party doesn’t stop there, however, as October 2013 saw the introduction of a limited edition five-pack tin can bucket with a plug lid, with an RSP of €10. 2013 has certainly been a year worth celebrating for the tequila flavoured beer, as it turned up the volume on its party activity with a stage at one of Ireland’s biggest festivals, Sea Sessions. As well as this, Desperados boasts over 13m sales worldwide, since its introduction to the Irish market in March 2010 by Heineken Ireland. Desperados’ unique taste and party-starting ability has ensured it remains Ireland’s most exciting beer. Keep up to date with all things Desperados at:

Smithwick’s Winter Spirit Brew

Smithwick’s, from Diageo Ireland, has launched a limited edition Winter Spirit Brew from the award winning Smithwick’s Master Brewers. The first brew from the new Smithwick’s Seasonal Ales range, this limited edition Irish

36|Retail News|November 2013|

Christmas Stocking: Beer & Cider with the launch of their first TV ad in seven years, which grabs the attention of craft beer drinkers by using a distinctive ruby-red squirrel to bring to life the craftsmanship of the beer, alongside a new strapline, ‘Experience. It’s what you do with it that counts’. Winter Spirit, the first of the Smithwick’s Seasonal Brews is available in 500ml bottles, with an RSP of €2.59.


Smithwick’s Winter Spirit Brew: a limited edition Irish ale, perfect for long evenings by the fire.

Also part of the Diageo Ireland portfolio, Budweiser has announced details of an exciting project, Budweiser Future Sounds of Irish Music, which is giving 10 talented unsigned Irish music artists the opportunity to fulfill their dreams by receiving a recording studio session with renowned music producer Rob Kirwan. The 10 unsigned acts get the chance to bring their music to a wider audience by spending a day in a purpose built recording studio in Dublin city centre with Rob Kirwan, who will produce, mix and master one track from each band over 10 days. Each band will also get a band photo-shoot and a video of their experience produced by video/photo journalist Des Foley, who recently won the Budweiser Dream Job project. The winning 10 acts also get to perform a live acoustic set and be interviewed on Phantom FM to showcase their talents and will also receive promotion and airplay of their professionally produced track on Phantom FM, in Hot Press and across Budweiser and project partner social media sites. A former pharmacy on George’s Street, Dublin 2, was transformed into a state-of-the-art custom built studio, the Future Sounds Recording Studio, where the winning artists

ale is perfect for long evenings by the fire. With over 300 years of brewing experience and the expertise of nine generations of Smithwick’s brewers, this new seasonal ale is set to impress craft beer drinkers. In keeping with its seasonal roots, Winter Spirit provides a warmer, deeper flavour as a result of the roasted barley used in the brewing process. Fermented using the prized Smithwick’s yeast, the inclusion of aromatic hops late in the brewing process makes for a sumptuous winter ale. “The launch of Winter Spirit is a truly exciting development for us, following the very successful launch of Smithwick’s Pale Ale two years ago,” said Smithwick’s Brewer Alan Dempsey. “Winter Spirit is a great tasting, premium quality dark ale, which we’re sure will be enjoyed by craft beer lovers across the country, and only one batch of Winter Spirit will be brewed, which makes it all the more exciting.” Earlier this summer, Model Hayley Ryan is pictured with renowned Irish music Smithwick’s celebrated producer, Rob Kirwan, at the launch of Budweiser Future 300 years of experience Sounds of Irish Music.

are recording their tracks from November 18-29. “We are really excited to give 10 unsigned Irish acts the opportunity to follow their dreams of becoming recording artists,” said Budweiser’s Karen McMenamy. “By working with Rob and showcasing their music, we hope the project will provide the platform for them to launch their careers in the music industry.” For more information, see


Corona Extra, from Barry & Fitzwilliam, has grown dramatically in both the on and the off trade over the last few years and the trend already this year is for more of the same. Corona is currently backed by an intensive TV, radio and press campaign, as well as sponsoring the Corona Film Festival. Corona is now the number two brand in the bottle Corona Light has category of been an instant the on trade, hit with the calorie conscious according to consumer since B&F. Corona Light its launch last year. has been an instant hit with the calorie conscious consumer since its launch last year. In weight watchers parlance, it only Corona Extra is currently backed has three pro points by an intensive TV, by comparison to 4 pro radio and press points for most other campaign, as well light beers and ciders as sponsoring or 1 Unislim Yum. In the Corona Film layman’s language ,it Festival. has only 99 calories per 35.5cl bottle. Sales of Corona Light grew by over 50% this summer.

Ginger Joe

Ginger Joe is an alcoholic ginger beer with an ABV of 4%. It is produced by Stones, who are already famous for their Ginger Wine. This will be heavily advertised on Satellite TV over the coming months. It is available in 33cl bottles.

New iconic secondary packaging Inspired by Heineken’s most iconic brand features, the new packaging is designed to attract attention. Instantly recognisable, the highlighted elements catch the eye at every corner to reinvigorate your store displays. Pack your shelves with the new look Heineken.

6-Pack bottles

12-Pack bottles

8-Pack cans

12-Pack cans

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Christmas Stocking: Beer & Cider Barry & Fitzwilliam Craft Beers

Craft beer brands have seen a major increase in interest. B&F currently distribute the Wells & Young portfolio, the most popular of which are Banana Bread Beer, Waggle Dance and Bombardier and Coopers from Australia, which has gained a very loyal following over the years.


Also from B&F, the W.K.D. range will be very supported again this Christmas with a combination of promotions, a social media campaign as well as traditional media.


Rekorderlig Cider is a new addition to the Barry & Fitzwilliam range. Strawberry & Lime is the fastest selling SKU in the range but “we have seen a lot of interest in Passion Fruit since we introduced it,” according to Michael Barry, MD, Barry & Fitzwilliam.


year certainly helped to boost sales of Bulmers, which is great news for the brand and for the trade,” noted Fiona Creedon of Bulmers. “However, Bulmers is a year-round choice for consumers and we are anticipating a similar trend for Christmas as consumer confidence rebounds. For home entertaining and Christmas parties, Bulmers is always a welcome guest, with the Bulmers Christmas tree traditionally signalling the start of the festive season.”


Launched in July 2013, Hornsby’s offers a bold new proposition of ‘cider served the American way’, Hornsby’s has a softer carbonation and is designed to be enjoyed chilled and straight from its stylish

Whether it’s getting funky to the sounds of Chic at Bulmers Forbidden Fruit, laughing out loud at Bulmers’ Comedy Festivals or stepping on to the Happy Monday’s at Bulmers Live at Leopardstown, Ireland’s original cider takes centre stage at all the best parties. And, when it comes to the finest Christmas celebrations, Bulmers is the Irish drink of choice for consumers who enjoy the great taste of traditional cider over ice or something a little different such as Bulmers Pear and Bulmers Berry or the lower calorie option, Bulmers Light. “The good Bulmers will have a range of great offers in selected outlets, so weather this make sure you stock up on time for the festivities.

Hornsby’s offers a bold new proposition of ‘cider served the American way’ in two flavours, Strawberry & Lime and Crisp Apple.

330ml long neck bottle. Its bold design and easy drinking style offers a unique choice amongst single serve packaged LADs. It is being launched with two flavours, Strawberry & Lime (4% ABV) and Crisp Apple (4.5% ABV), which will be available across a number off trade outlets. Hornsby’s was purchased by C&C Group in November 2011 as a fresh addition to its international cider portfolio, bringing a taste of American style cider to Irish drinkers. Already one of the leading cider brands in America and one of the top brands on the US West Coast, Hornsby’s American roots can be traced to Englishman George Hornsby, following his emigration to the USA. The Irish packaging is a reinterpretation of the original US design, featuring the bold and fearless black rhino, which represents George’s strong aspirations for the brand. ‘We enjoy market leadership in cider and we are constantly improving our offer for our customers and drinkers across Ireland,” revealed Cider Brand Manager Fiona Creedon. “Hornsby’s is an exciting addition to the business’ portfolio.”


Find us on Facebook at Corona Ireland

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Christmas Stocking: Spirits

The Spirit of Christmas Irish consumers are set to embrace the festive spirit this Christmas by stocking up on their favourite brands for home entertaining and gifting. THE Christmas season is the peak selling period for spirits in the off trade, as consumers stock up on their favourite tipples, both for entertaining at home and gift giving. Indeed, the off trade has grown exponentially in recent years, at the expense of the on trade, as Irish consumers continue to tighten their belts. However, the continued rise of cocktail culture has meant that premium spirit brands remain top of mind with consumers, who are increasingly recreating their favourite cocktails at home, and this trend looks set to continue this festive season, as the party season hits full swing. That said, the spirits category has been hit by the recession. While Irish producers of spirits such as whiskey and Irish cream for the export market reported good growth, those importers and distributors which rely on the Irish domestic market found trading conditions difficult, according to the latest report into the sector from Euromonitor. Strong POS and promotional material, highlighting both gift giving and the premium nature of brands, can help to fuel sales, with many of the big names in spirits producing special festive packs, ideal for gift giving.

create the product’s unique eclectic taste. “We are delighted to have won an Irish Quality Drink Award for The Dubliner,” says Trish Lynch, Marketing Manager, First Ireland Spirits. “It is further testament to the superb taste and exceptional quality of The Dubliner. We have recently launched The Dubliner here in Ireland so to receive national recognition with an award that consumers trust in is not only timely but also an important endorsement for us!” First Ireland Spirits are one of Ireland’s fastest growing indigenous drinks manufacturers. With sales in almost 50 countries and exports of over €20m or 7m bottles, growing at 7% per annum, the company is a real success story for Irish exports! The Dubliner is now sold over 12 countries worldwide. It has just been launched here in Ireland with both Dunnes Stores and SuperValu and into the on-trade with Dalcassian Wines & Spirits. Planned launches for 2014 include the USA, China, France, & the UK.

Barry & Fitzwilliam

Barry & Fitzwilliam distribute a wide range of premium spirits, including Teachers Scotch, Courvoisier Cognac, Rémy Martin Cognac, The Famous Grouse Finest Scotch Whisky, Jim Beam Bourbon, First Ireland Spirits Company Vladivar Vodka, Boru Vodka and Whyte and Winner of the Liqueurs and Speciality Spirits Mackay Scotch. Award at the inaugural Irish Food & Drink Barry & Fitzwilliam are the exclusive distribThe Dubliner is a Awards, The Dubliner, from First Ireland Spirits, utor of Kilbeggan Distilling Company’s range of distinctive Irish whiskey is a distinctive Irish whiskey liqueur and a truly liqueur: a heavenly blend whiskey, which includes Kilbeggan, Connemara delicious marriage of flavours. A heavenly blend of honeycomb, caramel and Tyrconnell. Kilbeggan has had a makeover of honeycomb, caramel and whiskey combine to and whiskey. and comes with a totally redesigned package in-

Dublin is famous the world over for its rich literary culture, a culture that dates back over a thousand

years. From ancient scholars to modern day writers,

Dublin’s talent for great writing is enjoyed and revered throughout the world.

So to capture the spirit and essence that is Dublin

culture, The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Liqueur was born. With its unique blend of honeycomb, caramel and

whiskey avours married together to create a unique

eclectic taste, The Dubliner Irish Whiskey Liqueur is truly inspirational.

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. Please drink responsibly.

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Christmas Stocking: Spirits cluding a Free Glass is taking the Pack for Christmas clubs and style 2013. bars by storm. The Christmas A new addition will see a major to the range is emphasis on the new Sourz Orange additions to the Jim which is well Beam Range i.e. Red supported on Stag, Honey & Devils satellite TV. Cut, as well as major Jagermeister, promotions on Jim the famous GerBeam itself. man schnapps, Cointreau is a cool is a huge seller experience on ice with in the shooter a warm afterglow, market, particsurrounded by the exularly among otic scent of oranges trend setters and while maintaining its is growing interelegant French herinationally. It is tage. Cointreau is the a half-bitter Gerperfect partner for man schnapps cocktails, renowned with a unique for livening up a Marblend of 56 herbs garita, making a long and spices and Kilbeggan has had a makeover and with drink even longer is ideal served a totally redesigned package including a with 7UP or the stylchilled. Sales ish party Cosmopolitan Free Glass Pack for Christmas 2013 are up again this cocktail. year, which is an Bols Distilleries is one of the largest excellent performance and a reflection and oldest producers of fine spirits and of its place in the top ten spirit brands liqueurs in the world, some dating back in the on trade. to the year 1575. Many of the unique Tia Maria is a hugely popular coffee flavours of Bols liqueurs are made with liqueur worldwide, particularly thanks fruit juices, thereby creating the ideal to its mixability in cocktails, with coffee platform for some of the best cocktails or in desserts, or mixed with milk and around. The selection of flavours availice as a luxurious long drink. It will be able from Bols is vast and includes Bols heavily backed by a new TV and press Blue, Grenadine, Advocaat, Crème de campaign focusing on its mixability. Cacao, Cherry A new pack design has recently been Brandy and launched which gives a contemporary many more. feel to this old classic. Among the clasDisaronno is described as a ‘cool’ sics, Bols Triple brand. With its distinctive square glass Sec Curacao is decanter and smooth almond flavour, essential in a it has a secret recipe which is said to Cosmopolitan include the pure essence of 17 selected and Bols Crème herbs and fruits with an infusion of de Cacao (brown) apricot kernel oil. A very popular brand in a Brandy internationally, Disaronno is another Alexander. More brand which will be supported by a Bols cocktail satellite TV campaign. recepies are available on Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard www.bolscockIrish Distillers Pernod Ricard is A new brating 100 years of the Paddy Irish 200ml size has whiskey brand with the release of a recently been new single pot still limited edition, added to the Paddy Centenary Edition. This exrange. clusive limited edition aims to convey Sourz continPaddy’s rich heritage and irreverent ues to do well. personality by re-telling the story of It has a unique, its namesake, Paddy Flaherty, the dual sweet and enigmatic salesman after whom Cork sour flavour that Jagermeister, the Distilleries Company re-named their is both refreshing famous German flagship whiskey in 1913. and tangy. Sourz schnapps, is a huge Paddy Centenary Edition is a seven apple is a lowyear old single pot still whiskey in seller in the shooter strength (15%) market, and sales are honour of the original recipe, which shooter brand that up again this year. was a seven year old ‘Pure Pot Still’,

as it was termed in 1913. Presented in a handcrafted, wooden gift box, Paddy Centenary Edition celebrates the best of old and new whiskey-making techniques, producing a flavour profile that has rich spicy notes, typical of aged pot still whiskey and hints of vanilla, true to the brand’s signature style. The vintage packaging, which successfully evokes the look and feel of the early twentieth century, includes an image of Paddy Flaherty on the inside of the gift box, alongside his signature and the Cork Distilleries Company logo. In keeping with the historical look, the Paddy Centenary Edition label describes the product as ‘Old Irish Whisky’ as in 1913, the term ‘whiskey’ with an ‘e’ was used by distillers in Dublin only. Whiskey producers around Ireland adopted this spelling later in the century. “Paddy Irish Whiskey has reached this impressive milestone thanks to its loyal fans across the world who love its great taste and its authentic Irish character, which stem from Paddy Flaherty’s enigmatic and memorable style,” noted Brendan Buckley, Global Innovation and Category Development Director for Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard. “100 years on, we wanted to honour the man himself and his contribution to the brand’s success. We believe this new limited edition is a fitting tribute to Paddy and the original recipe he sold, and we hope Paddy fans around the world will enjoy discovering the story of Paddy Flaherty and toasting 100 years of this iconic Irish brand with this unique special edition.”

Paddy Centenary Edition is a seven year old single pot still whiskey, presented in a handcrafted, wooden gift box.

Shoppers browse from 1st November,

ensure big displays are placed early. Remember 2 out of 3 impulse purchases are driven by display.

*Source: AC Nielsen ROI THT data Sept 2012 – Sept 2013

Customers want Category Leading Brands. Smirnoff® is the no 1 Vodka, Captain Morgan® the no 1 Dark Rum, Baileys® the no 1 Cream Liqueur and Bushmills® the no 3 Whiskey.*

The BAILEYS, BUSHMILLS, CAPTAIN MORGAN and SMIRNOFF words and associated logos are trade marks. © Diageo Ireland 2013. 98001209_11/13

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Christmas Stocking: Wine

Wining & Dining This Christmas Jean Smullen focuses on wines for special occasions, as the key Christmas season fast approaches. AS we head into the busy pre-Christmas selling period, it is worth nothing that in 2012, the majority of wine sold in Ireland was purchased in the €6-6.99 price range. The exception is usually during the Christmas trading period when the customer is prepared to trade up. At this time of year, people are more inclined to spend a little extra on a few luxuries and here the independent off licence sector comes into its own. Their range of wines are usually in the mid-price category €11-15 and their staff are trained to up-sell. It’s interesting to see that MAT figures to December 2012 show wines priced in the €13-13.99 price bracket increased their volume sales by +0.5%, with sales of wines in the €1010.99 bracket also showing a healthy increase of +0.7% (Source: Nielsen Ireland 2012). As we head into what is the key selling period for the trade, figures for the first half of 2013 show a marked

decline in the overall sales of alcohol when compared with 2012. Both on and off trade sales were seen to decline, with sales value dropping by less than the volume decrease, due to excise and supplier price increases – the excise duty increase last year added €1 to each bottle of wine. Now more than ever, as we approach Christmas 2013 the customer has to be educated and encouraged to trade up. Wine preferences in Ireland have changed in recent years with a swing back from red to white. Increased purchases of white wines today are a result of the development of consumer tastes towards leaner, lighter styles of white wine. In 2012, red accounted for 46% of all wine consumption (down from 50% in 2008) white increased to 50% of the market (up from 46% in 2008), with sales of Rosé wine remaining static at 4%. It is also useful to look at who is

purchasing wine. Males are getting more into wine, with 26% of men in the 25-34 age bracket drinking wine, against 24% of women. Of these, the majority (90%) purchase their wine in supermarkets, with female consumers (92%) more likely to purchase their wine from a supermarket than males (87%). Purchasing wine from an off licence is more prevalent among young males (23%) than female participants (18%). As these affluent young wine consumers are more adventurous and interested in wine, wine education, including tastings and dinners, is a good way to engage them. Having a good selection of interesting wines also helps.

Hardy Premium Range

Hardys, Australia’s iconic wine brand, celebrated its 160th anniversary recently and Bill Hardy, the brand’s wine ambassador and fifth generation family member, marked the celebra-

Retail News|November 2013||45

Christmas Stocking: Wine tion with his Irish distributor Barry & Fitzwilliam at a lunch in Dublin. “Few wine brands in the old and new world can boast such a long history,” noted Bill, the great, great grandson of the brand’s founder, Thomas Hardy. “Our winemakers continue the Hardy’s tradition of over-delivering on wine quality and are reinforcing our premium end wines that provide a great step on the ladder towards our iconic Eileen Hardy wine.” The Eileen Hardy range includes the Signature Chardonnay made from grapes grown on the limestone coast in Pathaway, which are hand picked and wild yeast fermented. Hardy’s Thomas Hardy Cabernet Sauvignon comes from fruit grown in McLaren Vale, which is very leafy and minty in character, very much a part of the style. These icon wines fly the flag but the Hardy’s Private bin, including Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc and Shiraz, or the Nottage Hill range of varietals in the midprice range clearly show the rich heritage behind this wine range. Australian wine is still the first choice with most consumers and is still the biggest selling country of origin on the Irish market.

Torres Sangre de Toro Range

Torres are one of the masters of Garnacha in Spain, featuring it across many of their most popular wines, which are distributed here by Findlater Wine & Spirit Group. The most accessible of these is their famous Sangre de Toro, created in 1954 by Miguel Torres Senior, with the name inspired by Bacchus, the Roman god of wine, known in ancient times as ‘Son of the Bull’. Torres Sangre de Toro is blended with the equally local Cariñena to give a rich

Gran Sangre de Toro includes Syrah, as well as Garnacha and Cariñena, to add complexity and extra depth.

complex Mediterranean bouquet with exuberant notes of spices and blackberries, velvety tannins and elegant flavours of liquorice and dark forest fruits. One step up is its ‘big brother’, Gran Sangre de Toro, which as well as Garnacha and Cariñena includes a dollop of Syrah to add complexity and extra depth. Barton & Guestier’s The Pairing


Barton & Guestier’s ‘The Pairing Collection’, from Gleeson Incorporating Gilbeys, is the ultimate reference for wine lovers who need a little bit of help. This is a great initiative and is very consumer friendly. ‘The Pairing Collection’ are appellation wines coming from four of the most prestigious wine regions of France (Beaujolais, Bordeaux, Loire and Rhone) and centres on the perfect food and wine pairing experience. With three reds and two whites, the collection is made up of five wines: Chops & Burgers (Bordeaux Red), Salmon & Trout (Bordeaux White), Chicken & Turkey (Côtes du Rhône), Lobster & Shrimp (Muscadet Sèvre et Maine), and Cheese & Crackers (Beaujolais Villages). Look out too for Barton & Guestier’s new look Reserve range. The new bottle shape is sleek and each bottle and cap is colour coded so the individual varietals are clearly identifiable. The new label has clear Barton & Guestier branding and includes details of the heritage and establishment of the brand – reminding customers of Barton & Guestier’s dedication to producing top quality wines.

Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, Rosé as well as McGuigan Black Label Sparkling Chardonnay and Sparkling Rosé. The range will have strong above the line marketing support, particularly in the national press with a major emphasis on Neil McGuigan being named “the Best White Winemaker in the world” at the 2012 IWC Awards for the third time. From the same country, the great Thomas Hardy legacy lives on today at the Hardy Wine Company. Quality, flavour and character remain the cornerstones of its contemporary wines, while respect for Hardy family history ensures the wines benefit from the lessons of long tradition. The Hardy’s Bin Range and Hardy’s Crest Range will be used as a promotional price offering, together with the newly launched Mill Cellars Range. Paul Masson is one of the great success stories from California in the last number of years. Sales continue to do well here in Ireland. Distinctive by its carafe shaped bottle, the Red, White and Rosé represents excellent value for money. Paul Masson is now available in both litres and 75cl carafes.

Around The Distributors

Retail News now takes a look around some of the biggest wine distributors in the country to see what they have up their sleeves for the festive season.

Barry & Fitzwilliam

Michael Barry of Barry & Fitzwilliam claims that they now have probably the most successful prestigious French wines on the market when you take account of the success of Michel Lynch, Guigal and the Gabriel Meffre range, which includes La Chasse du Pape. Faiveley Burgundy Wines, Jolivet Loire Wines and Preiss-Zimmer Alsace wines complete what is now an outstanding portfolio of French Wine. From Australia, McGuigan wines continue to outperform the market, and the McGuigan brand is now Ireland’s biggest selling wine brand. The Black Label range is comprised of a

The great Thomas Hardy legacy lives on today at the Hardy Wine Company, and the Hardy’s Crest Range will be used as a promotional price offering this festive season.

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Christmas Stocking: Wine Also from California comes the Echo Falls range, which will see significant promotional activity this Christmas, while Robert Mondavi Winery embodies its founder’s commitment to excellence, innovation and creative spirit while continuing to produce wines that stand in the company of the world’s finest. The Woodbridge range will be promoted aggressively during the Christmas season. A family owned New Zealand winery, Villa Maria has been New Zealand’s leading wine award winner, both nationally and internationally, since the early 1980s. The repositioning of the Private Bin range has seen sales surge in the last 12 months. Villa Maria is now one of the leading wine brands on the market. From the same country, Nobilo is a well-priced range of excellent quality wines from both the North and South Islands. Included in the range is the entry level White Cloud. Mont Gras, a former Chilean Producer of the Year, continues to grow strongly. B&F will be offering activity across the full range, from entry level Blends to the excellent Reserva Range. The Soleus range of Organic Wine produced by Mont Gras is also going from strength to strength. From South Africa, the Kumala range will also be actively promoted this Christmas, with particular emphases on the Zenith range. Moving to Spain, where the award-winning Beronia Rioja wines from Gonzalez Byass have developed a cult following here and the Altozano range of varietal continues to make steady headway. From Argentina, B&F includes the Santa Julia/Zuccardi ranges in their portfolio. They are a family owned winery who produce excellent wines at all ends of the spectrum, and have a fantastic price quality ratio. At the top end Zuccardi Zeta is an absolute wow and is available on allocation, notes Michael Barry. B&F have three Champagnes to bring to the party, starting with Pol Roger which has a “to die for” Rosé. Charles Heidsieck is carefully blended and cellared and gives a general impression of a vivacious, well-balanced wine. According to the company, all those who regard Champagne as something more than a universal symbol of celebration will appreciate the elegance of the Charles Heidsieck style, the consistent quality of its wine and the distinctive harmonies they create when served with fine food. Champagne and cocktails are never

far apart. Charles and Piper Heidsieck both partner well with a dash of Cointreau or Kirsch for a delicious change. Charles Heidsieck is the premium champagne from the Heidsieck house. The company also produces the fashionable and contemporary Piper Heidsieck Grande Marque Champagne. Both Charles Heidsieck and Piper Heidsieck have won numerous awards both here and abroad. Barry & Fitzwilliam have a very strong line up in the fortified wine sector. The company represents Harvey’s Bristol Cream Sherry, Croft Original Sherry, Tio Pepe Sherry and Cockburns Port. It is not overstating it when Michael Barry says that “they are very much the category captains of this sector”. The advertising campaign for Harvey’s will have its main emphasis on the Harvey’s Rocks campaign.

Trimbach Alsasce Pinot Blanc was recently voted ‘Best Old World White under €20’ at the National Off-Licence Association (NOffLA) Awards. Maison Trimbach is one of the legendary names in French wine. Established in 1626 and located in the Alsace region, Trimbach is listed amongst the top 10 white winemakers of the world, The Pinot Blanc is a dry, well balanced, supple and refreshing wine, which is ideal for

Gleeson Incorporating Gilbeys

To help you out this festive season, Gilbeys has devised a list of pocket friendly wines that will definitely pack a punch on the palate and leave consumers seriously impressed. Decanter Magazine in the UK, one of the world’s noted The hugely popular wine publications, Faustino I Gran Res- recently declared erva: a stunning, ruby the 2001 variety coloured wine that’s of Faustino I Gran full of flavour. Reserva as the Best Rioja, awarding it an outstanding 19.25 points out of 20 and 97 points out of 100. This stunning ruby coloured wine is full of flavour, with light spice notes and ripe fruit hints. It is velvety, soft, round and well-balanced, making it perfect with red meat and game. It is also an ideal accompaniment for medium cured cheeses on the Christmas cheeseboard. The Paul Jaboulet Aîné Parallèle 45 Côtes du Rhône Rouge is a fine French red wine with an intense bright ruby red colour. Full and generous, it has flavours of black fruits and sweet spices. When it comes to white wines, the

The Paul Jaboulet Aîné Parallèle 45 Côtes du Rhône Rouge and Trimbach Pinot Blanc Wines from Gleeson Incorporating Gilbeys.

serving as an aperitif at formal dinners or light meals. Joseph Drouhin Mâcon-Lugny is a gorgeous bright colour with an intense aroma. The nose is floral and fruity, with hints of white flowers, apple and lemon aromas. This has an extremely fresh and light taste, making it a perfect partner for turkey on Christmas Day or lighter white fish dishes later in the festive season. From one of the world’s leading Grande Marque Champagne houses, Laurent Perrier Brut NV was recently named ‘Best Champagne Under €60’ at the recent NOffLA Awards. Founded in 1812, Laurent Perrier has a worldwide presence in more than 140 countries, selling nearly 13.1m bottles in 2012/13. Its worldwide market share is approx imately 4.2%. Laurent Perrier Brut NV demonstrates lovely subtle citrus, toast and spice qualities, with a strong structure which offers excellent food compatibility.

Retail News|November 2013||47

Christmas Stocking: Wine medium-bodied silky and This Christmas, consumof Carmenère in Chile, launching its ers can ensure festive first bottle in 1996. well-balanced wine with a feasts are paired perfectFor sweet and succulent roast fresh sensation, is great for ly with wines from the lamb with rosemary, Carmen Gran beef stews or casseroles. Carmen, Santa Rita and Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon Doña Paula’s ArgenDoña Paula wine rang2010 is a great choice, as tinian history goes back to es. With prices starting its powerful aromas of 1990. Doña Paula’s innovafrom just €10.99, Carcherry and black plum, tive spirit and attention to men, Santa Rita and with notes of vanilla and detail result in wine that Doña Paula wines toast and balanced acidiis nothing but the most combine almost ty, is perfect paired with faithful expression of the 200 years of wine local lamb. vineyard. Doña Paula making heritage Santa Rita’s rich and Los Cardos Sauvignon to ensure that illustrious history of wineBlanc (2013) is a family and friend making began in 1814 great choice for a get-togethers this and it is now ranked light start to ChristChristmas are among Chile’s top mas entertaining. experiences to winemakers. Santa For trout pâté or remember. Rita 120 Sauvisalmon tartare, the Founded gnon Blanc 2013 rich white peach 160 years ago, is Ireland’s biggest delicacy and floral Carmen is selling sauvignon notes of Doña Paula Chile’s leading blanc, according to Los Cardos Charwinery. The the company, and donnay (2012) is a range includes is a fresh, fruity food marraige made Carmen’s Gran wine dominated by in heaven. The comReserva Chartropical and citrus bination of tender donnay 2011, fruits, including roast beef and Doña a very fine grapefruit, lime Paula Los Cardos chardonnay and lemon peel, Malbec 2012 will From one of the with a complex complemented by world’s leading enhance the sweet Grande Marque bouquet of white peach and tannins of this Champagne hous- fruits, wood, herb notes. Malbec. While for es, Laurent Perrier vanilla and Santa Rita Resindividual beef cuts, Brut NV was rebutter, and the erva Chardonnay such as rib-eye, cently named ‘Best intense bouquet 2011 is delicious the smoky notes of Champagne Under of Carmen Resfor cream or cheese Doña Paula Estate €60’ at the recent erva Sauvignon sauce based dishes NOffLA Awards. Cabernet Sauvignon Blanc 2012. over the festive (2010) and the Carmen Reserva Merlot 2012 season, while the complexity and Santa Rita 120 is an ideal wine to serve with the deep ruby-red aromas that this Sauvignon Blanc 2013 traditional Christmas dinner of Santa Rita Medalwine has gained is a fresh, fruity wine roast turkey and all the trimla Real Cabernet in the oak barrels, dominated by tropical mings, as it pairs perfectly with Sauvignon 2009 complements the and citrus fruits includCarmen Gran Reserva sweet cranberry and redcurrant is bursting with the richness of the meat. ing grapefruit, lime and Carmenère 2010 sauces. Intense, ruby-red in colour, lemon peel, compleWhole trout baked is a truly special wine. flavour of black fruits with a bouquet dominated by fresh mented by white peach and dried figs, whilst in the oven and ripe fruits such as berries and spicy subtle spice notes Doña Paula Estate and herb notes. notes, this wine is long and pleasing and well-rounded ripe tannins ensure Chardonnay (2011) on the finish. If you’re more advena deliciously long, lingering finish. enchances the buttery notes and deliturous with Christmas meat, Carmen cacy of both the wine and fish. Santa Rita Reserva Merlot 2010, a Reserva Merlot 2012 will also go wonderfully with rich duck. Another excellent choice for poultry is Carmen Reserva Pinot Noir, (2012). WINE sales increased in volume in 2012, according to the latest report into the Irish For yuletide game, consumers wine market by Euromonitor. can try Carmen Gran Reserva CarWine continued to be dominated by the retail multiples in 2012. Independent off menère 2010 and treasure a truly licences continued to lose share to larger retailers which can absorb costs more special wine. For years, Carmenère easily and can afford to engage in below-cost selling. Indeed, the National Off-Liwas a grape variety thought to have cence Association (NOffLA) has seen the closure of 75 independent off-licences been extinct after being infected by over the past four years and predicts a further 25-30 will go out of business over the a plague in the mid-19th century. course of 2013. Once Carmenère was unearthed That said, Euromonitor predict a volume increase of 3% over the next few years, and re-discovered by Carmen where although this year’s sales have been adversely affected by Government excise intoday it is still cultivated in the Nipa creses. An increase in volumes from 2014 is expected in line with an improvement in Arriba vineyard, Carmen became the the domestic economy and wine’s ongoing increasing share of throat. driving force behind the development


48|Retail News|November 2013|

IGBF Ball 2013

The 2013 IGBF President’s Ball proved to be one of the social highlights of the year.

IGBF Ball a Huge Success The 33rd Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund President’s Ball took place at the Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin, on October 19, and once again proved to be one of the social events of the year, as more than 300 of the great and the good from the Irish grocery and FMCG market celebrated in style, while contributing to this most worthy of causes. History of the IGBF The Irish Grocers Benevolent Fund was founded in 1981 to provide financial relief for persons in need who have been involved in the food and beverage trades, including retail grocers, wholesalers, manufacturers and general suppliers to the industry. During the past three decades, enormous work has been done to relieve hardship amongst members who have fallen on difficult times because of ill health, death in the family or unemployment. The Fund continues in its efforts to reach more people in need. Reducing the Deficit The Ball plays a big part in the IGBF’s annual fundraising and this year’s event was instrumental in raising over €60,000 which will assist in reducing the current deficit. Current President of Appeals, Leonard Hegarty, General Manager at G&M Industrial Cleaning Products and Textile Recycling Limited, spoke eloquently about “the great work being endured on an ongoing basis by hard-working committees, during what has become a most difficult period of our economic history”. He thanked all attendees and this year’s sponsors, who included Kimberly Clark, Mondelez International, Diageo, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard and Comans. What followed was a fabulous meal, while the spectacular musical entertainment was provided by Anuna, The High Kings and Celtic Rhythm. Congratulations to Musgrave’s Richard Collins, who won first prize in the raffle. All photos taken by Clodagh Kilcoyne.

Leonard Hegarty, IGBF President of Appeals, pictured with his wife, Una.

The Kimberly Clark team are pictured at the Ball, with Ireland Customer Business Unit Manager, Christine Knowles (centre).

Retail News|November 2013||49

IGBF Ball 2013

Ruth Hughes, Claire McFerran Marketing Director, Kelloggs Ireland, and Jason Hughes, Kelloggs Ireland.

Oscar Bachet and Mary Keegan, from Musgrave, are pictured enjoying the ball. Kevin Donnelly, Marketing Director at Britvic Ireland, and his wife Deirdre.

John Bohan, Costs and Sustainability Manager, Musgrave Retail Partners Ireland, and his wife Fiona.

Olive Garde, Philip McDonald Director of Multiples, Britvic Ireland, Margaret Magennis and Brian Magennis, Senior Sales – FMCG, Britvic Ireland.

Pictured are Janette Brien, Paul Brien, Total Produce, and Gina McKernan.

Pictured are (l-r): Karen Tyner, Tesco Ireland; Deirdre O’Toole; Michelle Kinnear and Kern Kinnear, Commercial Business Manager, Tesco Ireland.

Pictured are (l-r): Michael Clifford, Director, G&M Industrial Cleaning Products; Des Redmond, Development Director, IGBF; Leonard Hegarty, IGBF President of Appeals and General Manager at G&M Industrial Cleaning Products and Textile Recycling Limited; Darragh Monaghan and Joe Keane, IGBF Chairman.

50|Retail News|November 2013|

IGBF Ball 2013

Enjoying the Ball: Mark Byrne, Total Produce; John Cunningham, Gold Cuts; and Brian Dempsey, Bunzl Irish Merchants.

Tracy Gallagher and Danny Gallagher, Sales Developer, Barry’s Tea.

IGBF Chairman, Joe Keane and his wife Anne.

From the Barry Group: Alan Hogan, Aoife and Aaron Massey, Costcutter Rathfarnham, Noel Brady and Sinead Brady.

GSK Ireland Country Manager Rory Brennan (left), with Carmel-Ann Brennan, Gareth Smyth, GSK Sales Director, Catriona Doyle and Eoin Byrne, Head of Finance, Operations & Commercial Excellence GSK Consumer Healthcare.

Laura Hickie, Customer Marketing Manager, Irish Distillers, and JoAnne McKenna, National Account Manager, Mars Ireland.

Retail News|November 2013||51

IGBF Ball 2013

Annmarie Finlayson, Neil Finlayson, Channel Manager, Retail, Diageo Ireland, Colin Kenny, Key Account Manager, Diageo Ireland and Caroline Kenny.

Former IGBF President of Appeals Derek Mooney, Sales Director of JTI Ireland, and his wife Barbara Mooney.

Denis Lynch, Group Sales Director, Valeo Foods, with his wife Therese.

President of Appeals, Leonard Hegarty is pictured with innocent’s Fiona Casey, Una Hegarty, and Fiona Monahan, AIB.

Oswaldo Quiros , Kerry Foods, and Mairead Coughlan.

David Dowling, Head of Trading at JTI Ireland, and Elena Dowling.

Claire McMahon and Brian Murphy, National Account Executive, Kerry Foods.

Joe O’Callaghan, Head of Field Sales, Valeo Foods, and Karen Kerrane.

52 |Retail News|November 2013|

Market News NEW LYNX PEACE LYNX is set to reinvigorate the toiletries category with the introduction of new variant, Lynx Peace, supported by a €1.45m multi-media marketing spend across TV, OOH, digital, print, sampling, radio and in-store. Featuring an addictive mix of citrus, pepper and ginger to deliver an intriguing woody fragrance with a strong youthful edge, the new Peace variant will be available across the full Lynx portfolio, including: body spray, APA deodorant, shower gel, shampoo and two hair styling aids - styling gel and natural look cream. The Lynx Peace packaging includes a peace sign on the front to drive standout on-shelf.

HB RE-LAUNCHES FUNNY FEET HB is re-launching its popular 1980s ice cream variant – Funny Feet – exclusively to the ‘In Home’ channel, following exceptional consumer demand. Available to order now, HB’s Funny Feet come in multipacks of four. The iconic foot shape, strawberry flavour ice cream and pink colour from the 1980s remain, along with the recognisable red and yellow colour cues on the original packaging, which has been updated with a modern design. “We are thrilled to re-launch Funny Feet into our HB Kids range following an overwhelming response to the idea of bringing back the brand,” noted Anna Owen, Marketing Manager for Unilever Ice Cream in Ireland. “Originally launched in 1980, it is evident that HB’s Funny Feet were a childhood favourite of many and we are happy to be able to meet the palpable consumer demand.”



FLORA has announced its biggest ever marketing investment into the brand to drive value growth back into the Butters and Spreads category. Kick-starting a long-term commitment, the campaign is led by advertising on mainstream TV, as well as activated across a mix of additional platforms including OOH, digital, print and PR. The campaign highlights the great taste of Flora and sees the return of the iconic Flora sunflower – modernised for today’s shopper – which will remind consumers of the natural goodness of sunflowers found throughout the Flora range. As part of the brand re-launch, the Flora packaging and logo have been redesigned, and now feature a colourful look and prominent Flora sunflowers. Flora is introducing a brand new in-store creative platform in its new campaign, entitled ‘Bring a little goodness to everyday life’, promoting the versatility of Flora as a tasty accompaniment to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

BENYLIN has been a popular and trusted brand since the early 1970s and and is currently the number one selling cough brand in Irish grocery. Continuing on from the successful launch to pharmacies in 2012, Benylin Phlegm Cough Syrup is now available in Grocery for winter 2013. Benylin Phlegm Cough is a non-drowsy formula which thins and loosens chest phlegm so you can get rid of it when you cough. The product contains levomenthol to help soothe the throat and produce a cooling sensation. With a 46% market share of the GSL cough category (Source: ACNielsen, Value Sales MAT, September 8, 2013), Benylin is the clear market leader and has a strong media presence on TV, online, in the press and outdoor. For more information, follow the brand at

KITTENSOFT BEST BATHROOM AWARDS KITTENSOFT has teamed up with RTÉ star and celebrity interior designer Karl Fradgely to launch the KittenSoft Best Bathroom Awards, which will celebrate the best bathrooms and loveliest loos that Ireland has to offer. The public are invited to nominate their favourite bathrooms in a variety of categories, such as residential, bar, restaurant and hotel, and everyone who nominates a bathroom is automatically in with a chance to win a €1,000 designer bathroom makeover for their own home. The Awards have been launched in response to research that was carried out by KittenSoft which reveals that three quarters of Irish consumers (76%) would seek out loos in a private business such as hotels and department stores, rather than using public facilities. Karl Fradgley is pictured with model Sarah Morrissey at the launch of the KittenSoft Best Bathroom Awards. See for more information.

54|Retail News|November 2013|


Illicit Tobacco Trade Costing Jobs Kevin Herlihy owns six Centra stores with his brother Brian, as part of the Herlihy Supermarket Group, Cork.

The illicit trade of tobacco is a growing problem for retailers, writes Cork store owner Kevin Herlihy, who has seen first-hand the affects of the illicit trade on legitimate retailers. IRELAND has one of the highest rates of illegal trade in tobacco products in the EU, with non-Irish duty paid product being sold in cities and across counties throughout the country. I believe the fundamental drivers of the illicit trade over the last years are consecutive excise increases, resulting in higher priced products, value seeking consumers and the absence of any effective deterrent. As a consequence, legitimate retailers like me in Cork have witnessed the continued decline of invoiced volumes of tobacco sales, which have decreased considerably since 2006. If 29% of adults (around 990,000 people) in Ireland choose to smoke, and this hasn’t changed since 2006, where are the volumes going?

“Criminal gangs are generating over €3m a week from illegal tobacco sales”

Illicit Sales Growing

Recent tobacco industry statistics point to a sharp increase in growth in the illicit trade in Ireland, and I believe

that the legitimate trade is losing out as a result. The levels of non-Irish duty paid tobacco products consumed in Cork, and indeed nationwide, have increased considerably over the last number of years, mainly due to a lack of enforcement, but also due to legislation that is driving people to criminals in the markets and housing estates of towns and cities across the country. I have seen this first-hand and have also witnessed the affect this has on my stores. When sales are down, I know a big shipment has come into the area, and I feel the pinch, as do other retailers I have spoken to.

Illicit Trade Costs Jobs

Over 10,000 people are employed in

Retail News|November 2013||55

Tobacco tobacco-related retail in Cork. The sale of tobacco products account for some 10-30% of my turnover, with premium brands such as Silk Cut, Marlboro and John Player bringing customers into my stores and generating ancillary sales. These branded products are footfall generators and provide me with the majority of my turnover. As a family business, we employ 220 people throughout Cork City and County. The Government needs to think about unintended consequences of wave after wave of attacks on the tobacco industry, which for the most part affects retailers. Last year, losses in turnover and impulse purchases to the retail industry in Ireland were estimated at around €450m. Retail Ireland estimate that criminal gangs are generating over €3m a week from illegal tobacco sales. This is money that is missing from my tills and the tills of retailers and wholesalers, and this phenomenon is a real threat to the trade: jobs will be lost if this continues!

Losing Out To Smugglers

Following the smoking ban in the workplace in 2004 and public advertising bans thereafter, I have witnessed a drop in tobacco and cigarette sales. However, given that the number of smokers has not changed in that period, what has changed? The reality is that on the ground, I and other retailers are losing out to smugglers, and this is not acceptable. Tax on tobacco products has risen steadily over the last number of years, which according to Minister for Finance, Michael Noonan TD, makes the state “a particularly attractive market for tobacco smugglers”. Revenue estimates that the State loses €250m per year to the illicit trade in unpaid tax and excise. These tax hikes simply put my customers off buying legitimate product, but they don’t put people off smoking. I meet smokers who tell me they have begun buying from street markets, and why wouldn’t they? You can buy a pack on the streets for half the recommended retail price. In May of this year, the Department of Health announced their intention to introduce plain packaging for Tobacco Products in Ireland. Following the announcement, Minister for Health James Reilly TD stated his belief that the introduction of plain packaging will, “increase the effectiveness of health warnings; reduce false health beliefs about cigarettes; and reduce brand appeal particularly among youth and young adults.” I don’t believe that the removal of

“I and other retailers are losing out to smugglers, and this is not acceptable.” brands from shops will solve our health problems. I do however believe that it will damage my business and effectively make it cheaper for criminal gangs to produce and sell these illicit products. Minister Reilly has not produced convincing evidence that plain packaging will in fact deter people from smoking. I would not support his proposal. I do support the Minister’s objectives but I believe legislation is not the way to go. Minors can get cigarettes from the black market; shouldn’t we solve this problem first?

Greater Fines and Sentencing Required

I believe that the Government could do a number of things to address this issue, the first of which is to refrain from imposing any further excise increases. Crucially, I would urge our local councillors to look at better regulation of our street markets, as this is one of the major points of sale for illicit tobacco products. I also believe that enforcement is lacking: markets all over Cork sell cigarettes and tobacco, sometimes openly and in plain view of the public and the Gardaí. The average penalties

for smuggling are a paltry €2,455, and do not act as a deterrent to this crime. Greater fines and sentencing are required if the war on the illicit trade is to be won. These are just some of the areas that need to be addressed by our policy makers before we see a real decline in the illicit tobacco market. Finally, I would urge Government at all levels to support the fight against the illicit trade of tobacco products, and to consider the implications of any further growth in this blight on our economy. Given the easy access for a growing number of consumers to non-Irish duty paid tobacco products, it is imperative that policy-makers take effective steps to ensure that this trend is reversed and reductions pursued in the coming years.

About the Author

KEVIN Herlihy and his brother Brian run the Herlihy Supermarket Group, who own six busy Centra stores in the Cork area, including Mallow, Millstreet, Bishopstown and Fermoy, as well as in Cork City at Grand Parade and Oliver Plunkett Street. Herlihy Supermarket Group recently re-qualified as one of Ireland’s ‘Best Managed’ companies in the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards Programme, having been first recognised as a Best Managed Company in 2011. The Herlihy stores have won numerous awards over the years, including Centra Quality Awards and being named Cork Business of the Year.

56|Retail News|November 2013|

Tobacco Products

The Plain Truth A new report on the impact of plain packaging on Australia’s illicit tobacco market makes for worrying reading for Irish retailers. A BRAND new report, the first of its kind to be released since last year’s introduction of plain packaging in Australia, makes worrying reading for the Irish tobacco market, the Irish Government and Irish retailers. As predicted by a number of retail and tobacco experts, the illicit tobacco market in Australia has mushroomed. Australia’s illegal tobacco market is now at its highest ever point and is equal to 13.3% of total tobacco consumption. Use of illegal cigarettes is up by a phenomenal 154% in the last year alone. The report was developed by KPMG LLP in the UK, and commissioned by British American Tobacco Australia (BATA), Philip Morris Limited and Imperial Tobacco Australia. It shows that the overall size of the illicit market has grown from 11.8% to 13.3% and more than $1 billion a

year in excise revenue is being lost. The growth of the illegal market is consistent with evidence from covert purchases. “Dishonest retailers are selling illegal branded cigarette packs imported from Asia and the Middle East, most without health warnings, freely and openly across Australia. They appear to have no fear of getting caught because the plain packaging laws are not being enforced at a retailer level,” said British American Tobacco Australia (BATA) spokesperson Scott McIntyre. This makes worrying reading for the Irish market, where Minister for Health, James Reilly TD has promised to introduce plain packaging, despite warnings that such a move would not lead to a reduction in smoking rates, but would merely serve to drive more consumers out of legitimate retail stores and onto the black market, with

attendant profit losses for retailers and less tax revenue in Government coffers, while generating huge profits for criminal gangs. Tobacco sales can account for up to 30% of turnover in some retail outlets, while also driving ancillary sales. Indeed, tobacco is not only a valuable category in its own right, but is a key driver of footfall in-store. Anything which drives consumers from legal retail channels into the illicit trade is to be condemned. While the Minister’s desire to reduce smoking rates is laudable, one has to wonder if this move to plain packaging is the way forward or if, as predicted, it will simply lead to a bigger black market, with job losses in the legitimate retail trade. The fact remains that tobacco is a key revenue generator, both for the Government and for our beleaguered retail trade.



ORIGINAL OR FRESH TASTE YOU CHOOSE This advertisement is for tobacco retailers only and should not be made available to the public nor should it be displayed in any area where it is visible to the public.

0 6 . â‚Ź8

58|Retail News|November 2013|

Tobacco Products Benson & Hedges

Camel Blue RYO

Camel Blue, from JTI Ireland, has joined the rolling revolution and brings 100 years of heritage to the roll your own category. Camel, with its indie style and innovative nature, is the first American blend rolling tobacco in the

From JTI Ireland, B&H Silver Slide Dual has developed an innovative way to allow existing adult smokers to experience two unique tobacco flavours within the same cigarette. Recognising the need for choice and versatility in today’s consumers, B&H Silver Slide Dual tobacco delivers a smooth, full favoured smoking experience, which incorporates a mint capsule, allowing

The new Mayfair Big Box provides 23 king size sticks competitively priced at €9.30.

The B&H Silver Slide Dual allows existing adult smokers to activate a mint capsule within the filter, releasing a fresh tasting smoking experience.

smokers to personalise the taste. This ‘Taste on Demand’ technology gives existing adult smokers the freedom of choice and therefore effective control over their own smoking experience. The B&H Silver Slide Dual allows existing adult smokers to activate a capsule within the filter, releasing a fresh tasting smoking experience. Consumers will be pleased to know that the versatility of the capsule crush innovation will still allow consumers to experience the original high calibre B&H Silver Slide taste by simply not activating the dual capsule. Mayfair Big Box Also from JTI Ireland, Mayfair is the number one brand in the continuously growing value sector, commanding 45% and so is widely identified as one of the best ‘value for money’ brands in Ireland (Source: ACNielsen, Extended Scan Track, 45% RMC Volume Share of Value Sector, 4 weeks ending 06/10/2013). Mayfair is competitively priced,

offering existing adult smokers real value for money. With an RRP of €8.20, Mayfair is available in Full Flavour, Smooth and Menthol variants across both King Size and Super King formats. The newly launched Mayfair Big Box has now completed the Mayfair brand house as the ultimate combination of value and quality. Mayfair Big Box provides 23 king size sticks competitively priced at €9.30.

CIGAR SEASON IRISH cigar smoking tends to be reserved for what is deemed as special and other societal occasions, according to the latest report into the sector by Euromonitor. Christmas is generally the peak selling period for cigars. According to Euromonitor, the typical cigar consumer tends to be male and middle aged and consumption tends to be sporadic and reserved for sporting and leisure occasions. The four main players in cigars in Ireland, John Player, JTI Ireland, Ampersand, and PJ Carroll, together accounted for 95% of volume sales in 2012.

Camel Blue has joined the rolling revolution and is now available in a 12.5g crush proof box which includes a mini pouch, premium Swan papers and filters.

Irish market. It is available in a 12.5g crush proof box which includes a mini pouch, premium Swan papers and filters. Camel Blue RYO is priced at €5.40,



This advertisement is for tobacco retailers only and should not be made available to the public nor should it be displayed in any area where it is visible to the public.

60|Retail News|November 2013|

Tobacco Products which results in an improved retail trade cash margin in comparison to other crush proof boxes on the market. Winston Winston is the number two cigarette brand worldwide with four variants, Winston Blue and Winston Red, both of which come in King Size & Superkings. Winston is growing across all regions, with national volume increasing year to date versus last year at a rate of 66% (Based on Winston Brand House Sell-In as of 01/11/13 Volume Winston provides an international respected American 2013 YTD blend at the value price point Vs 2012). Widely unof €8.10. known in the Irish market, Winston provides an international respected American blend at the value price point of €8.10. JPS Black John Player has announced the launch of JPS Black (Original), which launched on the Irish market on November 11. JPS Black is an exciting addition to the JPS portfolio. It expands appeal with a Virginia blend SKU and is an international brand with a strong appeal amongst consumers. The launch

of JPS Black will further accelerate the growth of the value category, which has doubled in size in the last three years. JPS Black is celebrating outstanding success in Portugal, after being the bestselling SKU in the market, overtaking Marlboro during Q1 FY13 and hitting 10% share of market. Austria has also experienced great success, gaining 7% market share from launch (Source: Nielsen Company MAT July 13). JPS Black highlights John Player’s dedication to investing in the value for money (VFM) category and creating products that consumers are seeking. The VFM sector has grown by 38% versus a year ago and represents 16% of the total market (Source: Nielsen Total Cigarettes ending July 2013), thus highlighting consumers’ continuous search for value. The JPS brand has experienced phenomenal growth in Ireland, growing at 74% versus a year ago, now representing 11% share of the value for money category (Source: Nielsen Company MAT ending July 2013 Ireland). JPS Black is available in king size and 100’s format, with an RSP of €8.00, trade margin of 9.5% and cash margin of €0.62. JPS Black is a Virginia

blend of tobacco, differentiating it from JPS Red, which is an American blend of tobacco. Ireland is a predominantly a Virginia Blend market, with 85% of adult smokers choosing a Virginia blend cigarette. Having both JPS Black and JPS Red available will ensure stores satisfy the needs of all JPS consumers. The packaging is modern with a matt finish, conveying a premium quality offering but at a value price point. JPS Black is the lowest out of pocket factory made cigarette available on the market to Irish consumers, according to John Player. With strong marketing and sales support, John Player are confident this will lead to instant consumer demand for the new JPS Black range. For more information, contact the John Player sales team on (01) 2434900.

JPS Black highlights John Player’s dedication to investing in the value for money category and creating products that consumers are seeking.

The launch of JPS Black will further accelerate the growth of the value category, which has doubled in size in the last three years.

BIC LIGHTS UP THE MARKET! impactful BIC lighter shaped display tower, consumers can now choose from five different lighters, including Miss BIC, a new flint lighter for the female customer, the mini and classic electronic lighters, Irish Decor flint series and a Topaz branded flint lighter. Not forgetting also the BIC household Megalighter ideal for lighting household fires, candles, and barbecues.


Don’t forget your BIC Lighter. The No1 Lighter brand in Ireland ®


€1.80 * Online Harris Research: Consumer preferences for cigarette lighters Southern Ireland, January 2013 - 502 respondents.









Selling price at all Topaz stores. Subject to availability.

DID you know that BIC sells six million lighters a day around the globe, making BIC the number one pocket lighter in the world and also the number one in Ireland (Source: Online Harris Research: Consumer preferences for cigarette lighters in Ireland, January 2013 – 502 respondents). Since October, consumers can now buy BIC lighters through Topaz. Merchandised on the







Smoking is for adults and John Player believes that children should not smoke. Please be ever vigilant. If there is any doubt about a person’s age - always refuse the sale. Information for Trade Customers Only.

62|Retail News|November 2013|


Off Sales: The Legal Framework THE increase of excise duty on the sale of alcohol and tobacco announced in Budget 2014 has drawn much commentary from the vintners, retail and health sectors alike. It is clear that the increase will not only affect publicans but also retailers of alcohol, many of whom are already struggling to keep their heads above water. In October 2013, the National Off Licence Association reported the closure of 11 off licences in the proceeding eight months and suggests that the excise increase will result in further closures. Such reports can be daunting to those considering embarking on the market of licensed sales. However, for those brave entrepreneurial souls considering entering this highly regulated world, there are essentially two licensing options for a retail premises – an Off Licence or Wine Retailer’s On Licence. When considering which option suits you best, the main factors to consider are (a) the type of alcohol you wish to sell i.e. wine, beer and/or spirits; (b) the business plan for the premises i.e. whether or not alcohol will be consumed on-site, and (c) cost.

Catherine Lyons, Leman Solicitors, advises on the options available when it comes to licensing your retail premises for the sale of alcohol.

(a) Wine Retailer’s On Licence A Wine Retailer’s On Licence allows the holder to sell wine, sherry or fermented liquor of less than 23% proof, for consumption on and off the premises. The subject premises must qualify as a “refreshment house” for a premises “for public refreshment, resort and entertainment at any time between the hours of 10 o’clock and 7 o’clock of the following morning, not being licensed for the sale of beer, cider, wine or spirits respectively”, in order to be granted the licence. An Application for a Wine Retailer’s On Licence is made directly to the Revenue Commissioners, and consequently, there is no need to instruct a solicitor. Upon receipt of an application, the Revenue Commissioners notify the Gardaí and the District Court Clerk in the locality of the premises. If no objection is lodged within a 30-day period, the licence must be granted. An application for a Wine Retailer’s On Licence must be accompanied by a Tax Clearance Certificate and, where the applicant is a company, a Certificate of Incorporation dated not less than four weeks before the application is submitted. The licence must be renewed with the

Retail News|November 2013||63


Revenue Commissioner before September 30 each year. Presently the annual Excise Duty payable on a Wine Retailer’s On Licence is €500.

public to object to the grant of the Off Licence. Plans of the premises must be prepared by an architect and be lodged in Court and served on the Gardaí.

(b) Off Licences If the intention is to sell beer, wine or spirits for consumption off the premises only, an application for an “Off Licence” for each of those categories will be required. Applications for “Off Licences” are more cumbersome and involve significantly more expenditure than an application for a Wine Retailer’s On Licence. The Applications are made to the District Court, and it is recommended that the appropriate legal advice is sought. Off Licences for beer and spirits are subject to the general prohibition on the creation of new licences contained in the Licensing (Ireland) Act, 1902. Therefore, an applicant for a new Off Licence for beer or spirits must come within one of the exceptions to that rule. Usually, this is achieved by establishing that the premises has never been licensed with a full licence (i.e. a Pub Licence), and offering an existing licence of the same or greater character (i.e. an Off Licence or a Pub Licence) to the Court to be extinguished. This involves significant expenditure, as a licence suitable for extinguishment will generally have a market value of €60,000-€65,000. In terms of the application itself, the Gardaí in the locality where the premises is located and where the applicant resides/has its registered office must be given 23 days’ notice of the application. The application must also be published in a national newspaper at least 21 days before the hearing of the application to allow members of the

Planning Requirements An applicant for an Off Licence must also present positive proof that: 1. The premises is suitable for the needs of the persons residing in the neighbourhood, and; 2. That there is an inadequacy of existing licensed premises of the same character in the neighbourhood. Generally, such evidence is provided by a planning expert based on an investigation of the locality. An Off Licence, if granted, will expire on September 30 each year. Applications for renewal are made directly to the Revenue Commissioners, unless an objection is lodged. In addition to the above matters, an applicant for any Off Licence must ensure that the proposed premises have adequate planning permission for use as an Off Licence. If an applicant wishes to apply for an Off Licence to sell beer or spirits, this will usually involve a specific application for Planning Permission for the retail sale of intoxicating liquor. However, this does not apply where the intention is to sell wine only. Structural Restrictions? Finally, prospective applicants should note that section nine of the Intoxicating Liquor Act 2008, which is currently not in force, will impose structural restrictions on the display and sale of intoxicating liquor in off licensed premises that engage in mixed trading i.e. supermarkets, convenience stores etc. The restrictions proposed could require owners of larger supermarkets to

About the Author

CATHERINE Lyons is an Associate with Leman Solicitors in the Dispute Resolution Department. She specialises in Liquor Licensing and advises many high profile publicans, nightclub owners, restaurateurs and retail clients in this area.

create a ‘store within a store’ whereby public access to alcoholic products will be restricted by a door, gate or turnstile. Smaller shops, where segregation would not be possible (or too expensive to implement), may be required to serve all alcohol from behind the store counter, thereby preventing public self-service. Conclusion As set out above, there are a number of factors to consider when applying for a licence in respect of the retail sale of alcohol, most significantly the associated cost. However, with the market value of licences falling in recent years, there has been a considerable increase in the number of supermarkets and large retailers applying for Off Licences. If Budget 2014 is any indication of the Government’s outlook towards the sale and pricing of alcohol in Ireland, it is likely that the margins imposed on retailers will only grow tighter. Therefore, prospective applicants should look to avoid expense inevitably incurred by a delayed application. Consider all the options available and plan well in advance.

64|Retail News|November 2013|


Soup-er Stars Innovation in chilled soup is fuelling demand in the soup market. SOUP is one category which has probably benefited from the recession, as the number of people dining at home and bringing lunch to work has grown exponentially over the last few years. Soup offers a range of low cost possibilities for cash-conscious consumers. The growth of fresh soup, in particular, has proved phenomenal in recent years, with exciting new flavours fuelling growth in the sector, as increasing numbers of consumers try these tasty new products, many of which include ethnic spices and flavours to tickle consumers’ taste buds. According to Euromonitor’s latest report into the soup market in Ireland, ongoing new product development and innovation have impacted positively on the category, assisting in sustaining consumer interest, especially in relation to chilled soup and UHT soup.

recipes such as Cream of Tomato and Cream of Chicken remaining as popular as ever. Recent special additions to the range such as Heinz Cream of Tomato with Chilli and Cream of Chicken with Thai Spices have added excitement to the canned soup category through adding a contemporary twist to the most popular varieties. Heinz remains ever responsive to consumer demands for healthy and convenient products that do not compromise on taste. Weight Watchers from Heinz, the number one healthy eating ambient soup brand, continues to offer favourites such as Chicken Noodle and new varieties such as Tuscan Minestrone. All Weight Watchers from Heinz varieties exclusively carry the Weight Watchers ProPoints Value on pack.

Fusion AND Street

Heinz Soup

The Heinz and Weight Watchers from Heinz soup ranges have long proven to be a loyal favourite with Irish consumers. The Heinz Classics range remains a firm family favourite, with classic

The Heinz Classics range remains a firm family favourite, with classic recipes such as Cream of Tomato remaining as popular as ever.

Fusion AND Street is an exciting new range of fresh soup from The Kilkenny Food Company, which launched earlier this year in four delicious variants: A Taste of Bangkok; A Taste of Mumbai; A Taste of Marrakech and A Taste of Mexico City. Each soup captures the es-

Retail News|November 2013||65

Soup with in-store meal deals. Indeed, Knorr Packet Soup is another kitchen cupboard meal solution from Knorr. With one packet capable of creating a range of dishes, they are ideal for any season and also make it easy for consumers to use up leftovers. Knorr’s recent high profile campaign, starring Knorr Chef John Doyle, demonstrated both online and on TV how packet soups can be transformed into A Taste of Rio, the latest addition to the hugemouth watering dinners, suitly popular Fusion AND Street soup range. able for every season. Chicken sence of that city’s street food flavours, and bacon pies, beef stews, using only the very best of premium penne pasta dishes, fresh vegetable ingredients, and is the perfect option pasta dishes and chicken and broccofor a convenient, yet tasty lunch or light li bakes were just some of the meals meal. showcased. “We wanted to change lunchtime Marking its 175th anniversary, forever: we wanted to take consumers Knorr has just announced great progaway from their spreadsheets and ress on its commitment to sustainably Powerpoint charts at lunchtime and sourcing its agricultural ingredients take them into a world of discovery and revealed the results of a new global through a new taste in soup – a big ask consumer survey looking at shopping for a little pot of soup,” explains Tim attitudes and purchase behaviour. The Ryan, Marketing Controller, Glanbia study shows that food Consumer Foods, “but we were optimissustainability is not only tic that we had great recipes and a new a business and environbrand that offered something discerning mental imperative, but a enough to cause some excitement in the highly significant priority category.” for consumers across the This commitment to sourcing the world, including develbest of ingredients is evident throughoping markets. 88% of out the range, from the inclusion of respondents agreed that fragrant Kaffir lime leaves in A Taste it’s important to treat of Bangkok to the aged basmati rice, farmland with respect sourced from northern India, in A Taste and in a way that protects of Mumbai. it for future generations, Consumer reaction to the new range while 84% of respondents has been very positive. “I’ve been astonsaid they were concerned ished at the level of engagement we’ve about where ingredients in their food had on social media,” says Tim. “Everycame from. 75% said they would be one loves positive engagement, but it more likely to purchase a product if only becomes really special when it all they knew it was made from sustainresults in category growth. We’re at 6% volume share of fresh soup tubs now and 4% volume share of total fresh soup which we’re really chuffed about.” Fusion AND Street has driven category growth by attracting new consumers to the fresh soup fixture, in pretty decent numbers, according to Tim. The launch of the fifth variant in the range, A Taste of Rio, should further entice consumers.


Knorr Packet Soup, from Unilever, is Ireland’s favourite soup, claiming 58% share of the ambient soup market and over 76% of the packet soup sector (Source: ACNielsen, MAT, Total Scantrack data to Jan 27, 2013). Knorr Packet Soups are great value for money, versatile and ideal for partnering up

Knorr Chef John Doyle demonstrates how packet soups can be transformed into mouth watering dinners, suitable for every season.

ably sourced ingredients. They also believed their food would be of higher quality as a result. Unilever Foods Category President Antoine de Saint-Affrique mapped out Knorr’s bold sustainable sourcing commitments. “Given the importance of vegetables and herbs to Knorr products, the brand has made sustainable agriculture a strategic priority,” he said. Knorr have committed to sustainably source 100% of agricultural ingredients, including vegetables, herbs, meat and spices, by 2020. “We have set a high bar for ourselves. Knorr has a role to play and already, we are seeing some great achievements,” said Antoine. Knorr announced a new initiative to facilitate informed consumer choice. The Knorr Sustainability Partnership Logo will be placed on product packaging to help consumers clearly identify products featuring sustainably sourced ingredients.

Cully & Sully

Cully & Sully, pioneers of the smooth style soup in Ireland, have decided to

New chunky Lentil & Bacon Soup from Cully & Sully is set to prove a massive success with consumers.

expand their ‘chunky’ soup selection, still in the easily identifiable black oval pot, and with an RSP of €2.59. In 2012, Cully & Sully added a Limited Edition chunky Thai Style Chicken Soup to the range and the response was so great that it became a permanent addition. Following on from the success of the Thai Chicken Soup, a Fishy Seafood Chowder was added to the range last May and coming soon to all good supermarket shelves is the SOUPer Lentil & Bacon Soup. Smooth soup lovers needn’t fret, as the full Cully & Sully smooth soup range remains available, but for the hungrier soup lovers out there, the chunky soups won’t let you down. All Cully & Sully soups, including the new Chunky soups and some of the pies and hot pots, are gluten free. For further details, see

66|Retail News|November 2013|

Shelf Life SHS Drinks is providing on and off trade customers with free online training courses, demonstrating the company’s commitment to providing the trade with brand and responsibility support during the key Christmas trading period. SHS Drinks has teamed up with Upskill People, an innovative online learning provider of retail and hospitality courses, to offer a time limited free training programme, which includes access for all staff to the full Alcohol Think 21/25 and Alcohol Plus courses. Brand training is also available to encourage the trade to maximise the premium, adult soft drinks opportunity this Christmas for SHS Drinks brands, Shloer and bottlegreen. The courses are available until December 24 via a self-registration platform. To register, visit

THE Food Summit, the largest food showcase in Ireland, took place recently. The inaugural Food Summit was a partnership between the Web Summit and Good Food Ireland, who teamed up to treat over 10,000 guests to the best of Irish food at the sold out Web Summit. The event featured chefs from Ireland’s top restaurants and hotels, as well as artisan food producers from across the country. The Food Summit, run in association with Good Food Ireland, coincided with the Web Summit, Europe’s largest technology event and festival of ideas. IT can’t solve Dublin’s water supply problem but, Tipperary Natural Mineral Water helped out thousands of people in Dublin by distributing 20,000 litres of Tipperary natural mineral water to assist during the recent water shortage, which affected over 1m people each day. “Many households and businesses were really struggling during this water crisis and whilst we can’t deliver mineral water to every home, we can do our bit by offering some complimentary bottles to people who need it most, including a number of Dublin charities,” said Tipperary Water Brand Manager, Laura Faulkner, who is pictured with thirsty Dubliners Rachel and Gavin McHugh. SUPERVALU is expecting to sell €390,000 or 144,000 jars of Clarke’s Jam in 2013. The varieties available in SuperValu stores include strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and no added sugar strawberry and raspberry jam. The retail price per jar is €2.69. Based in Stamullen, Co. Meath for over 50 years, Clarke’s grow fruit locally and produce jam for distribution throughout the country. “We are delighted to partner with SuperValu as it gives us the opportunity to bring our produce to communities all over Ireland,” said Pat Clarke, Clarke’s Fresh Fruit, pictured with twins Ellie and Brooke O’Hanlon from Coolock, Dublin. THE Bulmers Clonmel Comedy Festival is celebrating its 7th anniversary by expanding to five days of classic comedy, as some of the world’s top comedians ensure Clonmel is the funniest hotspot on the planet from November 27 to December 1. Top Irish comedians Tommy Tiernan and David O’Doherty will join international acts, Sean Walsh and Shappi Khorsandi in addition to acclaimed newcomer Marcel Lacont. For more information, see

McCANNBLUE went live recently with their Irish Distillers’ Jameson Vital Ingredient communications campaign for 2013/2014, designed to attract high calibre graduates to the two Jameson Graduate Recruitment Programmes, which offer the opportunity for graduates to join Jameson, the number one Irish Whiskey in the world. The first is the Jameson Brand Ambassador Programme for graduates with Business, Marketing or Languages qualifications, which is now entering its 23rd year. The second programme is the Jameson Graduate Distiller Programme for graduates with Science or Engineering qualifications. Successful candidates will be offered a two-year placement working as a Jameson Graduate Distiller at either the Distillery in Midleton, Co. Cork or the Bottling and Logistics site in Dublin. Pictured are (l-r): Maria Smiddy, HR Business Partner, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard; Sinéad D’Arcy, Jameson Graduate Programme Manager, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard; and Karen Muckian, Account Director, McCannBlue.

OBITUARY: PAT BYRNE, 1933-2013 THE Irish wine trade was shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death of Pat Byrne, one of its best known figures on Saturday, October 19. Though well past retirement age, Pat continued to work as a sales representative for Findlater Wines & Spirits right up until the time of his death. Pat was one of the most cheerful people you could meet, his enthusiasm for life was infectious. Known by his childhood nickname “The Waa”, he was a charismatic figure. A great sportsman in his day, Pat played rugby for Monkstown Rugby Club and was also for many

years an active and keen hill walker. Pat worked for many years for Mitchell & Sons Wine Merchants. When Mitchell’s sold their wine portfolio to Wardell Roberts/Woodford Bourne, Pat went too as part of the deal. As Woodford Bourne evolved to become Findlater Wines & Spirits, Pat continued to work for them, selling the wine portfolio to his ever loyal customer base. He will be sorely missed by everyone in the wine trade and we offer sincere condolences to his wife Geraldine and to his family.

THE Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD is pictured at the announcement that independent, family-owned Walsh Whiskey Distillery will make a significant €25m expansion programme for its critically acclaimed, award winning, super-premium and ultra-premium Irish whiskey brands, The Irishman and Writerṣ Tears. Walsh Whiskey Distillery’s expansion plans have attracted significant development funding from the Italian drinks giant, Illva Saronno Holding S.p.A., which is owned and run by the Reina family in Saronno near Milan. The investment will facilitate the development of a world-class, independent, craft Irish whiskey distillery; maturation warehouses and a unique visitor experience by the banks of the River Barrow in Royal Oak, County Carlow by 2016.

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When activity is detected, live footage of that incident is transmitted to the Communication Hub.

Our team of Intervention Specialists in the Communication Hub respond immediately and take the appropriate agreed action.

We issue live personalised audio warnings causing the intruder to leave immediately.

The Communication Hub stay live with the site, keeping Police and key holders up to date. We can open gates remotely and operate lighting, etc.

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