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Serving The Irish Food & Drink Industry “To support the tradition of excellence in Irish food enshrined in the phrase, ‘Rogha gach bia agus togha gach di”, by providing information, analysis and a forum for shared experience to those who shape the Irish food industry”. Food Ireland’s mission statement.

Minister’s Foreword Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, highlights the importance of the agri-food sector to the Irish economy and outlines key ingredients for future growth . . . . . . 3 Industry Overview Paul Kelly, Director, Food & Drink Industry Ireland (FDII), looks at the big issues facing the Irish food and drink sector in 2012, and highlights strategies which are necessary for future success at home and abroad. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4

Labelling Logopak continues to develop innovative systems to meet the changing needs of all market sectors. . . . . . . . . . . . . 13

Materials Handling Irish Lift Trucks have announced new developments to their range of Hyster materials handling equipment. . . . . 24

Knowledge Exchange Eight new Knowledge Exchange Networks will enhance food safety links across the island of Ireland . . . . . . . 14

Dairy Processing The ProSpect analyser is a Near Infra Red analyser with the capability of monitoring protein, fat and moisture content in-line. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

Trade Fair PACKAGING, PROCESSING & LOGISTICS 2012 is a full-service event encompassing the full manufacturing supply chain . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15

Process Automation Endress+Hauser has more than 50 years’ experience in process automation and instrumentation. . . . . . . . . . . . . 28

Bord Bia Export Awards Jameson was one of the big winners at the Bord Bia Food & Drink Industry Awards. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 Seafood The Irish seafood sector, valued at over €700 million, continues to present a major opportunity for wealth and job creation in Ireland. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Regulations The food industry should familiarise itself with a host of new EU food information/labelling obligations that will be coming into force in the coming years, writes food and consumer lawyer, Raymond O’Rourke. . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Certification As a proactive and dynamic, accredited Certification Body, Global Trust is continuing on its exponential growth curve with an enviable and growing list of market clients across Europe and North America. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12


Food Safety A recent joint FSAI/Teagasc seminar on Product Shelf-Life and Microbiological Criteria, highlighted the importance of setting accurate shelf life dates for all food. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Cover Story Limerick Packaging are growing all the time, despite the current economic climate, thanks to their ability to exceed customer needs and deliver ‘On Time, Every Time’ . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Building Design To properly design a food processing building, you must first understand the food process itself, writes, Fergus V. Carey MRIAI, of Carey Associates architects. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 23

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Minister’s Foreword

Plotting the Road Ahead Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, highlights the importance of the agri-food sector to the Irish economy and outlines key ingredients for future growth.


am delighted to introduce the Food Ireland Yearbook 2012, which provides an invaluable reference for the Irish food and drink industry. The food and drinks industry continues to show the resilience that characterises its contribution to our economic recovery. Exports of food and drink products in 2011 are estimated to have increased by almost €1 billion to reach a record €8.9 billion, helped in part by strong global prices. Volume growth is estimated to account for about 30% of this increase. This follows growth of €700 million in 2010 and, led by dairy and meat, puts Irish food exports in 2011 some 25% ahead of 2009 levels. Turnover of the industry as a whole in 2011 will be €23 billion, which includes gross value added of €5.5 billion. Over 70% of the industry’s expenditure is on Irish goods and services and so food and drink exports contribute more to the economy than in the case of other manufacturing industry.

agendas to secure practical benefits from investment in research, development and innovation.

Significant Progress

Food Harvest 2020 Milestones for Success, which I launched in 2011, flags key actions for 2012 at primary, industry, value-added, market and innovation levels. During 2012, significant progress is envisaged in maximising profitable dairy output at farm level within quota limits and in developing dairy industry plans to increase processing capacity to meet increased milk supply. Improving efficiency, capability and skills in the food supply chain will improve competitiveness. Deeper market insights will improve the prospects of identifying areas with potential for solid growth. Further Simon Coveney TD, Minister for Agriculture, actions, key enablers and milestones are Food and the Marine. identified for 2013 and 2015. We have many natural advantages in Ireland. Our agricultural outputs carry a lower carbon footprint than most other countries in the world. This story is backed by research and it is important that we promote it Food Harvest 2020 effectively and in a co-ordinated way. Work on evidencing This export growth has been achieved in a difficult and comthis in the dairy sector, on the lines of that carried out in the petitive year for the economy. Many companies are navigating Bord Bia Beef Quality Assurance Scheme, commenced in new export markets, as implementation of Food Harvest 2020 2011. Together with the introduction of a bio-diversity comgathers momentum. To date, action has been initiated on over ponent in the beef sector, this will strengthen our credentials 90% of the recommendations which were made in the report and provide a point of excellence for Irish food on export to achieve 2020 targets of: markets. • Increasing the value of primary output by €1.5 billion; Both in my travels to export markets abroad to support • Increasing value-added in the sector by €3 billion; the marketing of Irish food and drink and to secure further • Achieving €12 billion in exports for the sector; market access, and at meetings with food companies and • Increasing milk output by 50% and adding 20% to the buyers at regional food events and showcases, I have been value of the beef sector. impressed by the capability of Irish food companies and their ability to lead their businesses to make them best in class. Progress has been made by the food and drinks industry I wish you well in leading your businesses in the coming in new areas, including co-opetition, where companies coyear. operate in, say, areas like distribution or packaging or market research or forming new types of partnership. Industry is also Simon Coveney TD an active partner in developing sectoral strategic research Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine 3 food ireland

Industry Overview

A Tale of Two Markets Paul Kelly, Director, Food & Drink Industry Ireland (FDII), looks at the big issues facing the Irish food and drink sector in 2012, and highlights strategies which are necessary for future success at home and abroad.

The food and drink industry’s importance to Ireland’s economic recovery cannot be overstated.


he food and drink industry remains a tale of two markets, export and domestic, and this is unlikely to change in 2012. Export growth has been underpinned by a number of factors, including a strong commodity price environment. However, future export growth will in part depend on new exporters and this in turn requires a functioning and healthy domestic market, which allows companies, particularly SMEs, to reinvest in their own businesses and develop export businesses. The domestic market remains difficult, lacking consumer confidence, with continuous downward pressure on margins, as a result of increased input costs, pricing pressures and increased cost of sales.

Export Markets

Food and drink exports are estimated to reach €8.9 billion for 2011. This will be a 12% increase on 2010. All major categories are expected to show growth this year, led by dairy and meat, which combined account for more than 60% of total food and drink exports. Strong global prices are driving export growth, with the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) food price index 17% ahead of the 2010 average. However, it is also estimated that volume growth across a number of categories, including dairy products, pigmeat, alcohol, confectionery, sauces/soups and mushrooms, will account for up to 30% of the total growth in exports. 4 food irel and

The national agri-food strategy Food Harvest 2020 has an overall export target of €12 billion by 2020. The wider economic impact of implementing this strategy will be significant because of the deep linkages of the sector to the rest of the economy. €9.4 billion is the total direct expenditure by the sector in the Irish economy – this is 38% of total manufacturing expenditure and 25% of all business expenditure. Export growth is the central element that underpins Food Harvest 2020 and this will impact on the wider economy in a way that is not possible from any other sector. This is because direct expenditure by the food sector in Irish economy is equivalent to 57.3% of sales. This compares with 28% for manufac-

Industry Overview

markets. This damages the longterm sustainability of the sector. The code must also be backed up by an ombudsman capable of proactively investigating compliance by retailers. It is also worth noting the consumer benefits that will arise from the introduction of an ombudsman. The UK Draft Grocery Code Adjudicator Bill states: “The sole purpose of the Adjudicator will be to enforce and oversee the Groceries Code in the ways described in the Bill. This will help to remedy some of the imbalance between large retailers and suppliers which was reported on by the Competition Commission (CC). The report of the CC also considered that this would operate in the long term interests of consumers, because the Groceries Code would help innovation and investment by suppliers.”

Future export growth requires a functioning and healthy domestic market, which allows companies, particularly SMEs, to reinvest in their own businesses and develop export businesses.

turing generally and 25% for all businesses. In other words, every extra euro of food exported has a bigger impact on the wider economy that other product or service exports because the sector is by far the largest consumer of Irish goods and services. Whilst the recent budget contained a number of measures that will increase costs to business, it also contained some measures which will support export growth through business development and innovation. In order to help exporters break into emerging markets, the Foreign Earnings Deduction will apply for temporary sales and business development assignments to Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. This will help companies trying to expand their export businesses but it must be recognised that the value of the relief is only €1.5 million per annum. There are a number of measures to support R&D activity in the SME sector. The R&D tax credit scheme, as it applies to SMEs, will be altered as follows. The first €100,000 of qualifying expenditure will benefit from the full

credit, irrespective of whether or not there is an increase on the base year R&D expenditure. The outsourcing limits for eligible R&D expenditure are also to be changed and SMEs will be able to get a full credit on outsourcing up to €100,000 in value.

A Healthy Domestic Market is Needed Ireland still remains the largest outlet for Irish food and drink producers. Success in the domestic market is also necessary as an initial stepping stone for companies seeking to expand through export growth. This requires: • A fair trade environment in the grocery sector The immediate implementation of fair trade legislation in the domestic grocery sector is central to the functioning of the grocery sector. If indigenous and international food and drink companies have to continue to finance unfair retailer demands, they reduce investment in competitiveness measures, innovation and efforts to establish new 5 food irel and

• A focus on cost competitiveness at food manufacturing and retail level At Government level, the drive towards competitiveness must become a ruthless pursuit. Lower energy costs, reduced waste costs and optimal regulatory regimes must be central Governmental objectives to underpin growth in the sector. Moreover, they cannot

Paul Kelly, Director, FDII.

Industry Overview

be offset by stealth taxes such as a packaging levy. • A diverse retail environment FDII has called on the Government to retain the existing size cap within the retail planning guidelines, as this acts as a buffer against retailer buying power. Forfás’ recent report on the planning cap acknowledges the impact that increased retail footprints could have on buyer power. • Improving consumer confidence We need a focus on improving consumer confidence and incentivising increased demand in the economy through measures such as: reform of pension rules to allow people draw down up to 25% of the value of AVC’s without penalty and at the standard rate of tax; and a new social welfare smart card system to ensure that payments and benefits spending are promoted in the domestic economy.

Food Industry Reputation

Finally, the industry faces many challenges. Amongst them are the threat of taxes on food products and restrictions on marketing. Indeed, some voices are now referring to the food industry in a negative light as “Big Food” rather than a sustainable and high value part of the Irish economy. Food and health policy should be based on the best available science, be proportionate and have a measurable objective. The Irish food and drink industry, built on rigorous food safety legislation, is both familiar with, and cognisant of the need for comprehensive regulation. The frustration is the use of poor science to inform inaccurate policy making, which in turn has a detrimental effect on business. Recently, there have been numerous proposals for the imposition of a discriminatory tax on food and beverage products – sugar taxes, fat taxes, “junk food” taxes. Any move to impose a discriminatory tax on the sector would potentially stunt this future potential growth and ultimately result in job losses and would distort the market, serving only to increase cross-border shopping. Furthermore, there is no evidence to show that taxes, in particular discriminatory taxes, are an effective

A strong domestic market is vital if Ireland’s food and drinks companies are going to grow, as success in the domestic market is necessary as an initial stepping stone for companies seeking to expand through export growth.

approach to tackling complex diet and lifestyle-related problems. Moreover, discriminatory taxes are a blunt instrument, since they penalise all consumers, irrespective of their lifestyle, state of health or the balance of their diet.

Advertising & Health Issues Another example is the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland (BAI) on the review of the Children’s Commercial Communications Code, which governs the advertising of food and drink to children. FDII has rejected the BAI’s Expert Working Group recommendation that calls for the direct transposition of the UK approach of using nutrient profiling. This is because it ignores the world class Irish food consumption data available and would result in foods such as dairy and cereal products, which are vitally important to Irish children’s diets, being classified as unhealthy. When it comes to advertising, the industry recognises the need to do so responsibly, especially to children. Many companies adhere to internal codes and the industry has a 99.5% compliance rating with the current 6 food irel and

rules that are enforced through the Advertising Standards Authority of Ireland. Food and drink manufacturers recognise that obesity and other noncommunicable diseases are important and complex societal issues, and thus, have taken responsibility to contributing to finding a solution. For example, the food and drink industry is playing its part in encouraging consumers to make informed choices around diet and health, most notably through voluntary commitments such as the extensive roll-out of the voluntary industry-wide labelling scheme, Guideline Daily Amounts, which provides additional, meaningful information to consumers for key nutrients and product reformulation activities in conjunction with the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. At a time when we face the global issue of food security and growing demand for safe high quality food, Ireland has the opportunity and the strategy in place to increase our current capacity to produce sufficient food for 35-50 million people. The economic benefits of this to Ireland are obvious. Now is not the time to penalise the industry but the time to support it.



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Seafood Sector Set to Grow The Irish seafood sector, valued at over €700 million, continues to present


a major opportunity for wealth and job creation in Ireland.

reland’s seafood sector produces more than 270,000 tonnes of seafood a year and employs almost 12,000 people. The good news is that the sector is in growth and Irish seafood is on target to create 3,000 additional jobs and €1 billion in sales by 2020 (Food Harvest 2020). The seafood processing sector, in particular, offers real potential for growth and innovation and Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), the Seafood Development Agency, is working closely with processing companies in the areas of business development and innovation to realise this potential.

Sector Overview Despite difficult trading conditions and the ongoing recession, the Irish seafood sector grew in 2010 to an estimated value of €712 million, an increase of €8 million on 2009 figures. The domestic market continued to reflect the challenging times, showing a decrease of 11.6% in sales to €333 million. This was balanced out by a further increase in seafood exports, valued at €379 million, an overall increase of 15% on 2009. Export markets were up by 10% at the end of July 2011, compared with the same time last year. Irish seafood prices are doing very well, with an overall increase in value of approximately 20%. Pelagic, shellfish and whitefish exports are all returning higher prices, while Irish organic salmon is holding its value – a good performance, considering the reduction in salmon prices on international markets. During 2010 and 2011, the exports to EU represented 79% of total Irish seafood exports, up by €37 million. Irish seafood exports to Russia, Egypt, South Korea and Asia continue to grow promisingly. The outlook for 2012 is less certain, particularly in the EU, with the continuing economic and fiscal difficulties and the impact on consumer confidence. While underlying demand will remain, prices are likely to suffer in traditional

Despite difficult trading conditions and the ongoing recession, the Irish seafood sector grew in 2010 to an estimated value of €712 million.

markets. Rebalancing focus on buoyant seafood markets in Asia, Africa and Middle East will compensate exporters for the decline in returns from traditional EU markets.

The Bigger Picture

Globally, seafood trade continues to perform strongly, with higher prices and increasing demand, particularly in the growing Asian economies of Korea and China. The prospects for seafood, both at a global and European level, are very favourable, especially in the medium to long term. The world’s population is growing strongly and is not expected to stabilise until the year 2050 when the projected population is expected to reach nine billion. The additional 4.5 billion people, on top of the current

Seafood export markets were up by 10% at the end of July 2011, compared with the same time last year. 8 food ireland

population, represent a significant new market for food and a great opportunity for Irish seafood. According to the OECD/FAO 2011-2020 outlook, forecasts are positive, with long term growth in the global seafood market expected in line with population trends. Aquaculture volumes are predicted to grow at the rate of 2.8% per annum, while growth of wild caught species will be constrained due to stocking and sustainability issues. The prices for seafood are predicted to continue to rise in line with growing demand for healthy proteins and a growing middle class market, particularly in Asia. This is all set against the backdrop of constrained supplies.

The Irish Retail Seafood Market While export markets have been performing well, retail sales for the Irish seafood sector have experienced a challenging number of years. The current economic difficulty has seen consumers purchase smaller volumes, less frequently. In addition, many consumers are purchasing lower cost products and cheaper proteins. The total Irish retail fish market is in decline of 7.2%. However there are positive signs: • Value added ‘ready to eat’ seafood products represent 41% of fresh


prepacked products and this market sector is in growth. • Hake and whiting have performed well, following recent consumer promotions. • Fish is the third largest protein in terms of sales, and is still viewed by consumers as a healthy option.

The Challenges

The Irish seafood industry faces a number of challenges in the next decade. Many are related to globalisation of the marketplace and environmental issues. Pressure on traditional fisheries and species means that in the medium to long-term, wild caught fish quotas will be static or downward, limiting access to raw material. As a result, seafood companies are faced with the challenge of adding value to existing resources, sourcing sustainable raw material, improving scale and efficiencies and integrating their route to market. There are 40 key processing companies handling nearly 80% of seafood for the export and domestic markets. The companies range in size from €5 million to € 50 million in turnover. There are a further 80 smaller companies operating at under €1 million in turnover. In contrast, the turnover of a typical European competitor is in the order of €20 million. The lack of scale in the Irish sector leads to higher production costs, lower investment in strategic areas of planning, business development, marketing and product innovation – all adversely affecting

profitability. The peripheral location of the Irish seafood industry can, for companies relying on group logistics, result in a time to market from order to delivery of between 4 and 6 days, compared to 24 to 48 hours for a competitor based on mainland Europe. The effect of this is reflected in the average net profitability of Irish seafood processing companies, which stands at 0.94%, compared to that of European competitors which is typically between 4% and 6% (AND International, 2010).

The Opportunities

Working closely with the industry, BIM facilitates the creation of opportunity by addressing challenges through implementing its strategic programme and goals. The strategy is available at Raw Material Resource: As the global demand for seafood continues to rise, there is an opportunity for Ireland to position itself as a producer of premium, sustainable seafood with a clean green branded image. BIM will continue to address the issue of raw material supply through actively promoting sustainable aquaculture and responsibly caught certified wild fish. Ireland is the world leader in the production of organic farmed salmon. BIM is actively facilitating the establishment of offshore salmon farms, with the goal of doubling production of Irish organic salmon by 2014. Adding Value: In addition to the provision of more raw material through aquaculture, BIM will create €50 million in value added sales through a number of actions: - By encouraging the European fishing fleet to partner with Irish processors, value can be added to raw material here rather than shipping direct to the continent. This will provide logistical advantages to both parties.

The seafood processing sector offers real potential for growth and innovation and BIM is working closely with processing companies in the areas of business development and innovation to realise this potential.

- BIM’s ‘Seafood Development Centre’ (SDC) in Clonakilty is actively working with individual companies in the development of new value-added products designed to differentiate their offering to the market. 9 food ireland

Working closely with the industry, BIM facilitates the creation of opportunity by addressing challenges through implementing its strategic programme and goals.

- Where commodity products such as pelagic fish species are concerned, BIM is working with industry to add value and differentiate such products through the eco-certification of the relevant fishery. Maximising Efficiency: BIM, through its Lean Green Programme, provides active mentoring and training in the areas of energy efficiency and lean manufacturing. To date, these programmes have delivered significant savings in the areas of higher fish yields, increasing capacity, reduction of water and energy for the companies involved. Economies of Scale and Route to Market Integration: This is another area where by working together, SMEs can improve profitability through integration of logistics, business development and customer service activities in the international marketplace. In 2012, BIM will facilitate the establishment of a joint venture of Irish seafood companies, with the objective of establishing an Irish seafood industry hub at a suitable location on the European mainland. This hub will enable the joint venture companies to grow, achieve higher operating efficiencies, increased competitiveness and profitability. Once successfully established, BIM will apply the model to key markets on a global basis. For more information, see


New Food Information Rules on the Way The food industry should familiarise itself with a host of new EU food information/labelling obligations that will be coming into force in the coming


years, writes food and consumer lawyer, Raymond O’Rourke.

he European Commission published a legislative proposal on food labelling, or as they now call it, ‘food information’, in January 2008, following a public consultation on the subject in 2006. The legislative proposal has finally been adopted on October 25, 2011, as EU Regulation 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers. The new EU Regulation merges, while at the same time amending, Directive 2000/13/EC on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to the labelling, presentation and advertising of foodstuffs, and Council Directive 90/496/EEC of September 24, 1990 on nutrition labelling for foodstuffs. The proposal has been introduced under the Co-Decision procedure, which consists of two readings before the European Parliament. The final EU Regulation contains many important changes to the Commission’s original proposal and entails various follow-up actions by the European Commission which industry should know about. The first issue to note is that the Regulation covers food information rather than food labelling. The definition is food information: “means information concerning a food and made available to the final consumer by means of a label, other accompanying material, or any other means including modern technology tools or verbal communication”. In that case, any information industry provides by means of social media will now fall within the ambit of this Regulation and therefore you could be prosecuted for using information on a website that is not in line with the obligations contained in the Regulation.

Food and consumer lawyer, Raymond O’Rourke.

Industry may think that social media offers them an opportunity to provide additional information for consumers that cannot be provided for on a food label – but if this information (e.g. nutritional details) is not in line with the Regulation, then you could be prosecuted for ‘misleading’ the consumer. How this will be enforced in different Member States is still an issue for national authorities but it’s certainly an issue that industry should be aware of.

Nutritional Declarations

Nutritional declarations will be mandatory on all food labels as of December 13, 2016. Declarations shall include: • Energy value; • Amounts of fat, saturates, carbohy1 0 food ir elan d

drate, sugars, protein and salt [NB – order has changed with fats first etc.]; The following items can be added to the declaration as a supplement: mono-unsaturates; polyunsaturates; polyols; starch; fibre; vitamins or minerals (in Annex XIII); Trans-fats: the European Commission is to complete a report within three years on the scientific evidence in Member States, diets, dietary guidelines etc as a means of assessing the need for a mandatory declaration for trans-fats; Declaration, in addition to per 100g/100ml, shall also include a per portion basis or per consumption unit; All nutrition particulars will be presented in the same field of vision, in a set font size ; Additional nutritional information can be provided once it is based on sound and scientifically valid consumer research, is objective, nondiscriminatory and does not create obstacles to the free movement of goods.

Nutritional information can be provided on front-of-pack, whether in a Guideline Daily Allowance (GDA) or traffic lights format, as suggested by Member States. During the discussion of this proposal, consumer groups and the UK Government wanted traffic lights to become mandatory, while industry wanted GDAs to be mandatory. The outcome was the ‘status quo’ – Member States being permitted to recommend to food business whatever front-of-pack nutritional format they prefer.


Country of Origin labelling, which was sought by the Irish Government, will now be mandatory not only for beef as at present, but also for lamb, pork, goat and chicken. Place of origin or provenance of the food or the primary ingredient will be indicated (place of birth, place of rearing and place of slaughtering), so the obligations will be like the present Beef Labelling rules. The European Commission will bring forward implementing rules for country of origin labelling within two years, following preparation of a Report on meat origin labelling, which will include an analysis of the costs and benefits of the introduction of such measures, including the legal impact on the internal market and the impact on international trade. Additionally, the European Commission will prepare a Report within three years on the feasibility of origin labelling for other products, including other meats, milk, milk used as an ingredient, unprocessed foods, single ingredient products, and ingredients that represent more than 50% of the product. Allergens as listed in Annex II, which includes cereals, nuts, peanuts, soybeans, milk, crustaceans, fish, eggs, celery, sesame seeds, mustard, sulphur dioxide, lupin, molluscs etc, shall be indicated on the food label for emphasis by means of a typeset that clearly distinguishes them from other ingredients e.g. by means of the font, style or background colour. In the absence of a list

of ingredients, the allergen should be indicated as: ‘contains …..’ Allergen information will now be mandatory for ‘non pre-packed food’ farmers markets, cafes, restaurants etc. Member States can adopt national rules as to the means by which this information is provided to the consumer; so a Member State could decide that it can be given orally or by other means. Other food labelling requirements include: • Minimum font size of 1.2mm in height; • European Commission to prepare a report on the possibility of ingredient labelling for alcohol products; • Vegetable oils must state their origin i.e. rapeseed, corn, sunflower or palm oil. If the product is a mixture of refined oils of vegetable origin, it must state the origin of each and can follow that with the phrase ‘in varying proportions’; • Added ingredients (proteins) and water for meat products must now be labelled; • Sausage casings must be labelled as ‘natural casing’ or ‘artificial casing’;

• Milk should only be labelled ‘fresh’, when its use-by-date is less than seven days after the filling date; • Frozen foods must include additional labelling information where consumers would be misled or the product would not be suitable for re-freezing as a result of being defrosted; • Any product including nanomaterials must be clearly indicated in the list of ingredients using the word ‘nano’. There are, therefore, a lot of issues for industry to be aware of, following the adoption of this new EU regulation on food information. The main elements of the Regulation will be mandatory as of December 13, 2014, with nutrition declarations being mandatory as of December 13, 2016. Country of origin implementing rules are to be proposed by the European Commission within the next two years. So in 2012 it would be advisable that industry should get itself acquainted with these new food information/labelling obligations that will be coming into force in the coming years.

The food and drink industry is playing its part in encouraging consumers to make informed choices around diet and health, most notably through voluntary commitments such as the extensive rollout of the voluntary industry-wide labelling scheme, Guideline Daily Amounts. 1 1 food ir elan d


Global Trust Delivers Certified Success As a proactive and dynamic, accredited Certification Body, Global Trust is continuing on its exponential growth curve with an enviable and growing list


of market clients across Europe and North America.

rom the certification of Alaska’s ‘Deadliest Catch’ to Birdseye’s Carbon Management Footprint, Irish owned and managed Certification Body, Global Trust’s expertise enhances the value and credibility of client achievements. For Global Trust, market innovativeness, customer focus and hard work has paid off, as it now operates in 28 countries worldwide, nearly double that from last year. Global Trust has entered into new projects across Russia, Central America and Australasia, as well as delivering new products for its Irish home base. Global Trust has been delivering certification services for over 12 years and has become the leading accredited food and quality certification body in Ireland. Global Trust operates from its ISO-accredited headquarters in Dundalk, Co. Louth, from which formal certification services are directed for its projects across the world. Global Trust specialises in food industry certification and offers an array of services for clients to support their standards. Global Trust’s BRC Global standards for quality, organic, eco-label and sustainability programmes are all aimed at improving operations, strengthening brand image and improving clients’ bottom line, as market buyers continue to recognise and support Global Trust certification programmes. In 2012, the products certified by Global Trust will be consumed in over 50 million homes and over 50,000 restaurants. “Certification delivers trust and Global Trust delivers certification,” stresses Peter Marshall, CEO. “Certification started with quality claims and now covers other key concerns, like sustainability, responsible management and corporate social responsibility.

how we can add value by developing standards that are relevant to the needs of the market.” Global Trust’s bespoke Eco-Labelling, Responsible Energy Management, Quality Management and Responsible Business programmes have been developed in response to market desire to communicate best practice in a number of different ways.

Irish producers are typically ‘best in class’ and Global Trust helps to communicate these credentials. We like to push the boundaries for our clients and this is why so many global food buyers enjoy working with Global Trust ideas.” The value of Global Trust’s services may be increasing but the real success factor has come from their focus on being the best in the sectors that they choose to operate in. Seafood and agri-food are the company’s specialist areas and the ones for which they have earned their global reputation. Global Trust is commissioned by leading US and UK retailers to confirm confidence in the best practice operations of their supply chains.

Expanding Services

The number of services provided by Global Trust is expanding alongside their client list. “Providing off-theshelf standards is not enough for our clients: they want to communicate all of their strengths, from quality and sustainability to CSR and environmental credentials,” says Peter Marshall. “Certification is the most credible way to do this and so we have looked at 1 2 food irelan d

Global Growth, Local Foundation Although its global success shows no sign of slowing down, Global Trust has never underestimated the strategic importance of its Irish roots. “Global Trust is first and foremost an Irish organisation,” believes Director, Bernadette Vernon. “We understand the Irish industry and value our client relationships. Our commitment to Ireland can be seen in our new flagship headquarters in Dundalk. What is great about the global presence we now have is that we can help our Irish clients to go global with us by identifying international synergies and market opportunities outside of Ireland.” Global Trust’s mission continues to be to add value by delivering confidence through reassurance; protecting consumers, clients and the environment. “Our strength comes from the commitment and expertise of our team, the increasing value of our services to the market and our proactive approach to developing solutions for our clients,” states Bernadette. “The Global Trust philosophy has always been ‘Why Not?’ and so we differ from other certification bodies in that we strive to constantly add value to benefit our clients. Our ability to add real value is the key driver of our growth.” See for more information.

L a b e ll i n g

Print & Apply Labellers from Logopak


ith the introduction of low energy models and a high speed rotary machine, print & apply labelling specialist Logopak continues to develop innovative systems to meet the changing needs of all market sectors. At the same time, the company is continuing to enhance its existing range of labelling systems, particularly with the new Logopak PowerLeap 3 control system, which monitors the performance of the labeller itself, giving advance warning of component failure, while alerting service engineers automatically via E-mail or data link to any faults or maintenance needs. For the food industry in particular, Logopak supplies fully enclosed equipment, protected for washdown by a 2mm sloping-top stainless steel cabinet, with covered cable entry, trap doors for applicator arm operation, CIP covers and stainless steel cable baskets. Tandem systems typically allow up to four hours between reel changes, minimising operator involvement.

Case Study

Logopak’s new all-electric print & apply labeller has been developed for a major dairy in the North of England, which is seeking to reduce energy costs by eliminating use of compressed air. The machine uses stepper motor drives and timing belts in place of the usual pneumatic cylinders and a specially designed vacuum box in place of the normal compressed air operated unit. “This dairy is looking to create the greenest site of its type in the UK and has targeted the energy cost and particularly system losses inherent in compressed air,” explains Logopak UK General Manager, Wilson Clark. Based on a standard Logopak labeller, the electrically driven 515ETG machine is to be employed, applying labels to the top surface of various packs. In a further innovation, Logopak has developed the new Logomatic 510 Rota high speed rotary machine to allow high volume goods to be identified at full line speed with a unique bar code. Unlike standard print & apply machines, mostly designed for speeds up to 100 a minute, it is able to reach 240 a minute, using a six head rotary applicator.

1 3 food ire land

Knowledge Exchange

A First for Food Safety Knowledge Exchange Eight new Knowledge Exchange Networks will enhance food safety links across the island of Ireland. safefood, the all island agency responsible for promoting food safety and healthy eating, recently launched eight new Knowledge Exchange Networks to promote the use of science-based knowledge to further enhance the integrity and reputation of the food supply on the island of Ireland. By creating linkages between all the critical points of the food supply chain, the networks will enable greater knowledge sharing and application and ensure consumer expectations for a safe and healthy food supply can be met. “The integrity and reputation of food production depend on the application of good science, including inter-disciplinary collaboration and creative linkages,” noted Dr Andrew McCormick, Permanent Secretary at the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety, Northern Ireland, at the launch of the Knowledge Exchange Networks. “In developing these eight Networks, safefood’s main objective has been to bring together those involved in creating and applying knowledge at all parts of the food chain, in order to support and enhance food safety. They show how new technology and traditional person-to-person networking can come together to help secure gains in public health; a stronger reputation for food on the island of Ireland; and better prospects for those who work in the agri-food sector. I am pleased to note that since the beginning of 2011, more than 900 members have already joined.”

Knowledge Exchange

The safefood Knowledge Networks were launched at an event which explored the application and value of knowledge exchange across all sectors of the food chain and how and where this exchange can be applied for the greatest benefit. Speakers included experts in the fields of

international food business, knowledge exchange and international technology transfer and Research & Development. “At safefood, we understand the importance placed by consumers in a secure food chain and the role played by all stakeholders in maintaining that confidence and reputation, both locally and globally,” said Campbell Tweedie, Vice Chairman, safefood Advisory Board. “Our eight new Knowledge Networks will facilitate greater sharing of information and innovation among food safety professionals, will help maximise their existing resources to ensure greater value for money, ensuring knowledge exchange continues to play a central role in underpinning the integrity and reputation of the food supply chain on the island.”

Knowledge Networks The eight safefood Knowledge Networks are: Campylobacter Network The Campylobacter Network is facilitated by Dr Declan Bolton, Teagasc Food Research Centre (Ashtown), Dublin.

Pictured are Campbell Tweedie (right) Chair of safefood; Rob Hargrove (left), Senior Vice President, R&D, Pepsi Co Europe; and Dr Andrew McCormick (centre), Permanent Secretary, Department Health, Social Service and Public Safety, Northern Ireland.

Verocytotoxigenic Escherichia coli (VTEC) Network The VTEC Network is facilitated by Dr Geraldine Duffy, Teagasc Food Research Centre (Ashtown), Dublin. Cryptosporidium Network The Cryptosporidium Network is facilitated by Prof. JR Rao, Agri-Food & Biosciences Institute (AFBI), Belfast.

Biotoxin Network The Biotoxin Network is facilitated by Prof. Chris Elliott, Institute of Agrifood and Land Use, Queen’s University, Belfast.

Salmonella Network The Salmonella Network is facilitated by Prof. Francis Butler, School of Agriculture, University College Dublin.

Chemical Residues Network The Chemical Residues Network is facilitated by Prof. Chris Elliott, Institute of Agri-food and Land Use, Queen’s University, Belfast.

Food Allergy and Food Intolerance Network The Food Allergy and Food Intolerance Network is facilitated by Michael Walker, LGC Limited, Newtownabbey.

Listeria Network The Listeria Network is facilitated by Dr Kieran Jordan, Teagasc Food Research Centre (Moorepark), Fermoy, Co. Cork.

PROSPECTIVE members can join the safefood Knowledge Networks by visiting, submitting their details and selecting which of the Networks they would like to join.

1 4 food ir ela nd

Trade Fair

Packaging, Processing & Logistics 2012 PACKAGING, PROCESSING & LOGISTICS 2012 is a full-service event encompassing the manufacturing supply chain.


ollowing two successful editions of Packaging Ireland, trade show specialists easyFairs have extended this show to a full-service event encompassing the full manufacturing supply chain – PACKAGING, PROCESSING & LOGISTICS 2012. This unique event, which takes place at Citywest, Dublin, on May 16 & 17, 2012, will enable manufacturers to access the complete range of products and services required to take a product to market. “In this day and age, no one extends a trade show lightly, but our in-depth research within the packaging, processing and logistics industries told us that an annual show was needed,” said Matt Benyon, Managing Director at easyFairs UK & Ireland.

Unique Event

According to the IONS Statistical Report 2010, nearly 100,000 individuals are involved in processing industries in Ireland. PACKAGING, PROCESSING & LOGISTICS 2012 will appeal to buyers across those key industries, which includes the food and drink sector, as well as agriculture, animal feed, paper/pulp and waste/ recycling. PACKAGING, PROCESSING & LOGISTICS 2012 is the perfect show for all those working in packaging, processing, operations, plant and production, through to logistics, distribution and supply-chain functions; covering everything from processing equipment, innovations in measurement and regulation, pumps and valves, plastics and polymers, to packaging solutions, coding, labelling, printing systems and technology, as well as transport and logistics services. There is currently no other event like it in Ireland.

PACKAGING, PROCESSING & LOGISTICS 2012 Main Focus Areas Matt Benyon, Managing Director at easyFairs UK & Ireland.

Exciting Opportunity

The show has a number of big companies committed already, including Busch, Tapflo, Tinware Direct, William Croxson, Pollard Boxes, Huguenot and JMC Packaging. Duncan Wright, Sales Manager at Tapflo, commented: “As Europe’s largest manufacturer of airoperated diaphragm pumps and pumping systems, and with over 40 years’ experience in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial pump industries, we are excited about the opportunities that PACKAGING, PROCESSING & LOGISTICS 2012 will bring to our company. The show will enable us to meet decision-makers from a range of relevant industries, and gives us a chance to keep up-to-date with the current needs and requirements of our customers.” easyFairs organises time & cost effective trade shows with a model which is based on a fixed ‘all-in’ budget, with no hidden expenses or last minute surprises. PACKAGING, PROCESSING & LOGISTICS 2012 will continue with the simple and effective structure, making the event easy for people to meet and do business in a professional environment. Visit PPL2012 for further information or contact the events team on +353 (0)1 903 6060 or +44 (0)20 8843 8821. 1 5 food ire land

Packaging • Packaging & packaging material • Packaging converters • Packaging machines & technology • Control & inspection systems • Components • Coding, labelling, printing systems & technology • Packaging services Processing • Processing machinery & equipment • Solid processing systems & components • Liquid processing systems & components • Processing recycling technology • Silos, piping & tubes • Dosing, weighting & measurement equipment • Analytical instrumentation • Process control systems & software • Measurement & control equipment & systems • Industrial maintenance & safety • Handling & end-of-line equipment & systems Logistics • Transport & distribution • Ports, terminals & customs • Warehousing & handling • Software systems • Knowledge management & services • Trucks & tires Plastics • Additives • Biopolymer materials • Environment & recycling products and services • Measuring and testing equipment and systems • Plastic services • Semi-finished products • Processing equipment • Processing machinery & technology • Raw materials

Bord Bia Export Awards

Jameson Lifts Top Export Award Jameson was one of the big winners at the Bord Bia


Food & Drink Industry Awards. s Irish food and drink exports approach a record

€9 billion in 2011, the key contribution of Jameson

Irish Whiskey was recognised when it won the Bord Bia Food and Drink Export Award at a ceremony in Trinity College Dublin recently. In 2010, the iconic brand passed a key milestone, selling three million cases of whiskey globally, and is set to reach four million cases by 2012. Meanwhile, Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard are investing over €100 million in Ireland over the coming three years to sustain its rapid expansion. “Irish Distillers have shown huge marketing commitment to Irish Whiskey and its exceptional export performance is to be welcomed not only for the sustained double digit growth in exports, but for the fact that it promotes the Irish identity in more than 120 countries around the world,” noted Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, at the awards presentation. “It is proudly rooted in Irish heritage and tradition and its global reach provides a platform to build awareness and enhance the brand reputation of our entire food and drink industry, a key element of Food Harvest 2020”. Irish Distillers employs 500 people and a further 280 jobs are to be created through the expansion of its Midleton distillery over the next four years. It sources 33,000 tonnes of Irish barley each year, supporting 11,000 acres of farmed land. In total, eight Irish companies were honoured at the Bord Bia awards ceremony. Speaking at the event, Michael Carey, Chairman, Bord Bia said: “In spite of all the challenges we face, it is also probably the most exciting time ever to be in our industry. The increase in exports would be impressive at any time but against the backdrop of global economic uncertainty and our own domestic difficulties, it is truly remarkable. Equally remarkable are the achievements of the award winners, who have demonstrated success in areas critical to future growth, from innovation and branding to sustainability and entrepreneurship.”

Co-opetition Kerrygold and Cashel Blue were honoured with a Special Award in recognition of their co-branding, ‘co-opetition’ initiative in the US market. The Irish Dairy Board, owners of the Kerrygold brand, has recently joined forces with Cashel Blue in a new co-branding and distribution agreement to build brand awareness and market share in the US. “This is an excellent example of co-opetition as a business strategy and how a large multinational exporter can collaborate with a niche player to develop a mutually beneficial brand offering,” explained Aidan Cotter, Chief Executive, Bord Bia. “Kerrygold has added an artisan product to its portfolio, while Cashel Blue is leveraging an established international brand with global distribution channels. It’s a win-win situation and we look forward to working with more companies on this exciting new model to develop our exports further.”

Pictured are (l-r): Kevin Knightly, CEO, Rabobank Ireland, award sponsors; Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD; Rosemary Garth, Communications Director, Irish Distillers, whose Jameson brand won the Export Award; and Michael Carey, Chairman, Bord Bia.

Indeed, Bord Bia is actively supporting the principle of co-opetition, where food companies work together to create synergies, resulting in cost savings, improved returns and/or increased market distribution. The dairy sector is expected to contribute as much as half the total growth in Irish food and drink exports this year, growing by well in excess of 20% or €0.5 billion. The US speciality cheese market is estimated to be worth €2.4 billion, accounting for 28% of total US cheese sales. The volume of dairy exports is projected to grow by some 50% once EU quotas are lifted in 2015.

Independent Judging Panel

The Food and Drink Industry Awards, held in association with Rabobank, were open to all food and drink products manufactured in Ireland. This year, Bord Bia received a total of 184 award entries across the six categories. The other category award winners included: Innovation Award: Natasha’s Living Food for Kale Crunchies Natasha Czopor established Natasha’s Living Food, an innovative, health food manufacturing company, three and a half years ago. Raised as a vegetarian, Natasha felt there were no alternatives on the market for truly healthy snacks. Her new product – Kale Crunchies – are made from locally grown kale, covered in sunflower seed pate, then dried at 40 degrees, thus preserving the flavour, minerals and vitamins. Her products are sold in SuperValu and in a number of independent health food stores, delis and cafes. Sustainability Award: Country Crest Based on a four generation family farming tradition, Country Crest (based in North County Dublin) prides itself on its strong environmental and sustainability ethos in all aspects of its business, from farming 2,000 acres, growing and packing 500 tons

1 6 food ir eland

Bord Bia Export Awards

Natasha Czopor of Natasha’s Living Food, is pictured receiving the Innovation Award from Kevin Knightly, CEO, Rabobank Ireland, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, and Michael Carey, Chairman, Bord Bia.

Kevin Knightly, CEO, Rabobank Ireland, award sponsors, and Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, are pictured presenting Raymond Coyle, Managing Director of Largo Foods with the overall Branding Award for its Tayto brand. Also pictured is Michael Carey, Chairman, Bord Bia (right).

their leadership position in the Irish market. Key customers in the domestic market include Musgraves/Superquinn, Tesco, Dunnes Stores, independents and forecourts.

Pictured are (l-r): Kevin Knightly, CEO, Rabobank Ireland, award sponsors; Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD; John Flahavan, Chairman, Flahavan’s, winners of the Domestic Success Award; and Michael Carey, Chairman, Bord Bia.

of potatoes and 120 tons of onions, to producing 80,000 prepared meals per week. In tandem with its business expansion, Country Crest has not lost sight of its green roots and includes a wind turbine, water recycling, and a wildlife pond, as part of its environment philosophy. Energy management, together with an 800kW wind turbine, have resulted in reduced reliance on fossil fuel for power requirements. This, together with an Anaerobic Digestion plant planned in the near future, will help to reach Country Crest’s aim of energy self-sufficiency by 2015.

Branding Award: Largo Foods for Tayto In 2006, Ashbourne based Largo Foods purchased the struggling well known brand Tayto for €68 million. At the time, Tayto was in a difficult position, with an ageing and slowly declining loyalty base. The only path forward for the brand was to reinvigorate its personality and to protect and grow its number one status in Ireland. To compete successfully with the global multinationals, creativity had to be the key ingredient. This meant developing many non-traditional ideas and using some not so obvious mediums. These included running Mr Tayto in the general election, including a Mr Tayto song in the Irish download charts, classified ads, Bebo, Youtube & Facebook profiles, a bestselling autobiography and biggest of all, a crisp theme park called Tayto Park. Tayto is currently Ireland’s number one crisp and snack brand, with over three millions packs sold in Ireland each week.

Domestic Success Award: Flahavan’s Flahavan’s have been milling quality Irish oats for over six generations at the family mill in Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford. Flahavan’s have seen strong growth in their market share of the hot oats cereal category (66.1% Market Share Value, Kantar World Panel 52 w/e June 12, 2011) and continue to maintain

Entrepreneurial Award: Arun Kapil, Managing Director, Green Saffron In 2007, Arun Kapil set up Green Saffron – an award winning family business based in Midleton, Co. Cork. The company specialises in the premium, farm-fresh whole spices and blends of exceptional quality for use in home and professional kitchens alike. Green Saffron products are currently sold in farmers markets, select supermarkets and in over 80 speciality food, farm shops and cookery schools throughout Ireland, including Avoca, Donnybrook Fair and Fallon and Byrne.

Michael Hoey, Managing Director of Country Crest, winner of the Sustainability Award (third from left) is pictured with Kevin Knightly, CEO, Rabobank Ireland, award sponsors; Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD; and Michael Carey, Chairman, Bord Bia.

Kevin Knightly, CEO, Rabobank Ireland, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Simon Coveney TD, and Michael Carey, Chairman, Bord Bia, present Arun Kapil, Managing Director, Green Saffron with the Entrepreneurial Award.

1 7 food ir eland

Food Safety

Setting the Right Shelf Life A recent joint FSAI/Teagasc seminar on ‘Product Shelf-Life and Microbiological Criteria’ highlighted the importance of setting accurate shelf life dates for all food. “


he Irish food industry is important to our economic recovery and this must be built on a reputation for safe foods that are of the highest quality.” Such was the message from Pat Daly, Head of Industry Development in Teagasc, addressing delegates at the joint FSAI/Teagasc seminar for the food industry on Product Shelf Life and Microbiological Criteria, held recently.

Meeting Regulatory Requirements Highlighting the fact that the agri-food sector is the largest indigenous industry in Ireland and a critical component in the recovery of the Irish economy, as planned in Food Harvest 2020, Daly noted that Irish food and drink exports continue to rise, but warned that this growth “requires that a culture of innovation is in place, together with the highest standards of food safety and quality”. “Our aim is to ensure that this scientific knowledge generated in our food safety research programme is transferred to industry in a coherent and user friendly format,” he said. “Many of our food companies have significant R&D resources and expertise and can utilise research to their own advantage. However, like many other countries, a large proportion of the Irish food industry are considered as small and medium sized food businesses with limited R&D resources and often these businesses are challenged in understanding and meeting both commercial and regulatory food requirements.” To address this need, Teagasc has put in place a specific programme of supports for the food SME sector which involves supporting industry through training courses, scientific seminars and working with individual companies through consultancy, product development and testing services. In 2010, Teagasc provided research, train-

Pictured at the FSAI/Teagasc Seminar on Product Shelf-Life and Microbiological Criteria are (l-r): Professor Gerry Boyle, Director , Teagasc; Shane McEntee TD, Minister for State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, with special responsibility for Food Safety, Forestry and Horticulture; and Professor Alan Reilly, Chief Executive, Food Safety Authority of Ireland.

ing and consultancy services to close on 300 food sector businesses. Shane McEntee TD, Minister of State at the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine, told the seminar that food safety is the foundation on which the Irish food industry is built and Irish food products have an excellent reputation, which continues to develop, helping to maximise returns from a competitive local and international marketplace. “However,” he warned, “safety of the food chain can never be taken for granted by food businesses and routine checks and balances are required by businesses to ensure that they produce safe food.”

Alarming Survey Results

At the seminar, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) published a nationwide survey that provides an insight into consumers’ understanding and attitude to ‘Best Before Dates’ and ‘Use By Dates’ on food labels. It shows that while over 9 out of 10 people (96%) claim to understand both terms, when probed, only half of people (5 out of 10) correctly understood the meaning of shelf-life dates on food labels. One of the most concerning find1 8 food ir eland

ings of the survey is that almost 5 out of 10 people (46%) said that they have no problem eating food that has passed its ‘use by’ date, while over a third of people said that as long as food looks and smells what they deem to be okay, they ignore ‘use by’ dates. The FSAI states that this is a worrying statistic as consumers are potentially putting their health at risk. Describing the findings as “somewhat alarming”, Dr Wayne Anderson, Director, Food Science and Standards, stated that “It is important that food businesses set shelf life dates accurately for every food. The food industry must have a valid basis for setting the date they put on their products. Use-by dates must be set on the basis of safety and best before dates must be set on the basis of quality. Consumers have to be able to trust the use-by dates on their foods and know that the food is safe if eaten before the use-by date. “The FSAI continues to monitor how companies set shelf life so food labels continue to provide clear, accurate information to help consumers store, prepare and consume food appropriately and safely,” concluded Anderson.

+ Stands out on the shelf + Flexible, versatile + Added value + Ideal for Private Label + Environmental benefits

Branding by Banding, the ideal presentation Distinction An eye-catching package amongst all the other products is an important requirement of many producers. Bandall provides the perfect innovative solution. A band design, with your own brand image or a promotional print and your product will be even more visible. By banding a container of nuts or sweets, a pre-cooked meal or ready-made pizza with a printed Bandall band distinctive product qualities are enhanced. A great presentation and at the same time sealed and secured: tamper evident.

Increase demand Packaging your product in a high quality printed band increases selection from the shelves. If you wish to show off the freshness of your product, even a narrow Bandall band will provide ample space to print all your product information. A more inviting presentation of your product than a label or sticker. Did you know that Bandall banding requires much less packaging material?

Revolutionary concept Branding by Banding is the new packaging or labelling concept. Bandall banding equipment places a high quality printed band around your product: a completely new and professional presentation. As world market leader, Bandall is the authority in this field and will be pleased to offer advice to enable you to market your product in this innovative way, from product idea to the finished band design in the shop.

For further information contact: HEAVEY TECHNOLOGY LTD., Ballyowan Lane, Lucan, Co. Dublin. (086 3804666) or (086 2249262) Tel: 01 626 1458

Cover Story

Delivering On Time, Every Time Limerick Packaging are growing all the time, despite the current economic climate, thanks to their ability to exceed customer needs and deliver ‘On Time, Every Time’.


Limerick Packaging pride themselves on delivery ‘On Time, Every Time’.

ou have all been exposed to marketing claims that state ‘The Biggest’, ‘The Best’, ‘The first Company to…’ achieve something or other. But what if you came across a packaging company that claimed they deliver ‘On Time, Every Time’. Would you believe them? Well you can, because that company is Limerick Packaging and they achieve their claim consistently, by getting to understand their customers’ needs, by stocking products under Purchase Order in advance of these needs and by delivering hourly, daily or weekly to call-off as required by their customers. They then constantly communicate with their customer, regarding stocks held and projected future requirements, and tailor their offering accordingly. Limerick Packaging was formed in 2002 by Connie Ryan and Mike Boland to supply packaging products to all industry sectors in Ireland and to sup-

ply a level of service never before seen in the packaging industry. The stated intention was to supply a select, small number of customers with products of the highest quality level and to deliver these products, ‘On Time, Every Time’. The company has achieved astonishing growth over the past nine years, and today they supply many hundreds of products to many hundreds of customers. Indeed, speaking with Mike and Connie, you cannot but be struck by their steely determination to always satisfy their customers’ needs, and to become the best packaging supplier in Ireland and beyond. Managing Director, Connie Ryan believes that on time delivery has been the source of their success; that, and their customers’ willingness to place their trust in Limerick Packaging in the early days by placing business with them. Indeed, all of the customers who supported Limerick Packaging initially 2 0 food irelan d

are still customers today, according to Sales Director, Mike Boland. In fact, some are among the biggest customers the company has. “We see this as proof that we continue to satisfy our customers, but we won’t stop there,” notes Mike. “We will continue to improve our service, quality, competitiveness and product range.”

Changing Face of Industry Limerick Packaging has succeeded and grown over the course of a trying time for industry in Ireland. “We have seen many changes in our industry over the past nine years,” admits Mike. “It is a tough trading environment, which has claimed some of our competitors and brought about many mergers and acquisitions.” He cites the single biggest change as the growth in popularity of RetailReady/Shelf-Ready packaging (RRP/

Cover Story

SRP). “Shelf-Ready packs became the pack of choice for most retail multiples in the UK about five years ago and became popular here in the past two years,” he explains. “This development has changed the way packs look, the way they are made, the way they are packed and the way they appear on the shelf in stores. “Because of our close association with the leading corrugated packaging manufacturer in the UK, we are very well versed in this type of pack and well placed to offer a large range of options to any customer seeking Shelf-Ready Packs. In fact, we are only one of three suppliers approved by two of the discount retailers in Ireland.” Another of Limerick Packaging’s strengths is the area of Litho-Laminated boxes and Litho-Printed cartons. “This has become a huge growth area for us, and as a lot of two-piece SRPs consist of a Litho-Laminated tray for their base, this further puts us to the forefront in the supply of Shelf-Ready packs,” Mike explains.

• C o r r u g a t e d B o x e s i n regular slotted and die-cut format; 1/3/4/6 Point glued, Corrugated sheets, Pads and Divisions; • Litho-Printed cartons and Litho-Laminated Outer Boxes; • High quality Post-Printed Corrugated Boxes; • Polyethylene Bags, Sleeves, Sheets and Pallet Hoods; • Pallet-Wrap, Edgeguards, Strapping+Accessories, Pallets and Tapes; • Protective Foams, Foam/ Limerick Packaging’s customer base includes some of the best known names in the Irish food industry. Corrugated/Wood Composite Packs; any quality reason a client cannot use • Labels, Loose-Fill and Bubble-Film. our products, then they are not on time,” Connie continues. “Providing products Products are stored awaiting callto a standard that at least reaches our off/shipment across three modern facilicustomers’ expectations is what we do ties in Limerick, totalling 80,000 square well, and in fact we always strive to feet and consisting of 12,500 pallet exceed our customers’ expectations.” spaces. This modern facility operates a bar-coded stock storage system into narrow aisle racked locations. Location/ Design & Printing Services retrieval and FIFO is achieved using Alongside their diverse product range, this bar-code system. Product Range Limerick Packaging also supply a host Everything is set up for speed of Looking across the range of products of services to their many customers. location, retrieval and loading, as next provided by Limerick Packaging, it Their renowned design service includes day delivery is guaranteed to customappears as if every eventuality is covsampling, artwork reproduction and ered. The lion’s share of what they supers who are in the system, provided approval, packaging auditing and probply is cardboard boxes in some form, the call-off is received by noon the day lem solving, and developing effective but it doesn’t stop there. The product before. designs with reduced carbon footprint. range includes: Their printing offer ranges from basic Diverse Customer Base one colour flexographic print to multiSo who are their customers? Limerick colour complex Lithographic printing, Packaging’s customer base covers the using a range of varnish finishes. medical/pharmaceutical sector, the food Delivery is by their own fleet and manufacturing sector and the electronthis is where it gets really interesting. ics sector, in the main. For some clients, it’s a regular delivery: “Our customer base now numbers pull-up to the door and the client offin excess of 350 clients and we sucloads. For some, Limerick Packaging cessfully satisfy some of the most takes care of off-loading. In some cases, exacting clients across the 32 counties Limerick Packaging maintain a Kanof Ireland,” notes Connie Ryan. The Ban stock in the client’s building and company is registered to ISO in one case, they have people on-site, who off-load and manage the materials 9001:2008 and their manufacinternally, even to the point of stockturing sites are registered to ing the client’s case erectors with inner ISO 9001:2008, BRC/IOP and outer boxes. And for any client in and ISO14001. need of assembled packs or fulfilment, “Inherent in our this can be done in their cleanroom claim of ‘On Time, assembly area. Every Time’ is providing “From our very first day, we strove products to the to be flexible and we will maintain this highest qualstance for as long as we serve our cusity standard, tomers,” stresses Mike Boland. “We Limerick Packaging are well placed to offer a large range of options to any customer seeking Shelf-Ready Packs. because if for have hired our people based on what 2 1 food irelan d

Cover Story

is best suited to our clients and have trained them to be flexible and customer focused. No traditional views of our industry go unchallenged; the words ‘can’t’ and ‘why’ are always replaced with ‘can’ and ‘why not’!” Care for the environment is also very important to the company, and so all products are recyclable and most products contain a percentage of recycled materials. “We provide products that meet today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs,” explains Mike.

The Future

So what does the future hold? According to Connie Ryan, Limerick Packaging will continue to work to their strengths of competitiveness, flexibility and ‘On Time, Every Time’ delivery. “We will strive to remain at the forefront of design and developments in our industry,” he notes. “We will maintain our high standards of quality and overall customer service and hopefully we will continue to grow

in size and strength. We want to be the best packaging supplier in Ireland but we are not there yet! “Because we operate a very diverse manufacturing base across five countries, we can supply a vast range of products. Therefore, we can be a onestop-shop for our many and varied clients. This also provides vital insulation to our clients from the uncertainties that abound in our economy at present, given that we are not dependent on one manufacturing site and consciously set work up in two factories at once; one as the main supplier and one as the back-up.” It is refreshing to come across a company who make a claim that is carried out faultlessly. It is equally refreshing to meet a company that believe they will become the best packaging company in Ireland. But what is most refreshing is meeting a company who are thriving in this very difficult economic climate, and it seems that delivery ‘On Time, Every Time’ and the will to be the best are the major contributory factors in this success.

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Limerick Packaging’s renowned design service includes sampling, artwork reproduction and approval, packaging auditing and problem solving, and developing effective designs with reduced carbon footprint.

Building Design

Understanding the Design Process To properly design a food processing building, you must first understand the food process itself, writes, Fergus V. Carey MRIAI, of Carey Associates Architects.


ood processing, no building, which was constructed matter what the end just 12 months previously. product to be produced, The facility was a high requires detailed buildthroughput production facility, ing design input to ensure that making the production procthe food production building ess straightforward, as the end provides a seamless process flow product contained all the same and complies with all hygiene ingredients. In the course of requirements. the site visit, I was asked by the We live in an era of tracefactory management to comability, regulation, retailer audits, ment on the building layout. My quality assurance standards and response was that the facility detailed labelling of products: presented as a high tech buildconsequently, the building enveing, but as designed, would not lope that food is produced in or get an EU licence, as there were stored in is of critical importance. issues in the layout which would All food processing building design must integrate with the The production or process flow not be approved by EU legislaproduction or process flow and not impede the production or is directly linked to the building tion requirements. The design process being undertaken. layout. Rooms required to store layout of the building did not the various ingredients of the product building or a food related building, allow for proper hygiene separation must work together in a controlled way such as a cold store or chill store, is a of the production process and staff to give necessary separation, be it tembuilding of function: the function being were allowed to access all areas of the perature control or dry goods, which by that the production rooms are designed production building, with no regard to their nature, may have to be stored in to accommodate the production equiphygiene risk. separate rooms. ment or that a cold store is designed to Further discussions and correspondHow all of these ingredients come store a number of pallets. This gives ence took place in the following months. together in the principal production a function design from the inside to Unfortunately, within 12 months, this area is a key aspect of how the varioutside, rather than, for example, tryfactory was closed, along with another ous rooms within a food production ing to design a functional process into factory which was the principal raw building integrate with the production an existing building, which can lead to material supplier, and never reopened. or process flow. Linked with the procompromise. It can also leave permaA number of issues contributed to this duction or process flow are associated nent difficulties for the management of factory closure: the design of the buildfunctions, such as waste materials being the facility, inhibit throughput and may ing being a major contributor. This was affect the quality of the product being removed from the production area, a new building and the constructed layproduced. and, for example, floor drainage from out showed a lack of understanding of The building design must, if posthe production area must not have the how food production and food related sible, allow adaptability to increase ability to contaminate the end product. buildings should be designed. production throughput or to allow new Seamless Functionality in products to be manufactured. About The Author


Building Design

The building design must integrate with the production or process flow and not impede the production or process being undertaken. To achieve a high level of production throughput, the building design must be seamless in function. Any category of food production

When Design Goes Wrong Some years ago, while on a factory visit to the USA to look at a specific item of production equipment on behalf of a client for which I was designing a new production line, the facility we were visiting was a new food production 2 3 food irelan d

FERGUS V. Carey, MRIAI, of Carey Associates, Architects & Project Managers, has over 25 years’ experience in the design, construction, commissioning and EU licence/Food Safety Authority procedures for all categories of food production and food related buildings.

Materials Handling

Optimising Your Warehouse Irish Lift Trucks have announced a host of new developments to their range of Hyster materials handling equipment.


rish Lift Trucks, the exclusive distributor for Hyster materials handling equipment in Ireland, have announced several new developments to their range of Hyster warehouse equipment, delivering a low cost of operation and dependable, energy efficient performance for demanding operations.

Low level Order Pickers

The new LO2.0-2.5 low level order picker from Hyster has been developed to optimise the speed and ease of picking from both sides of a warehouse aisle. The intelligent design combines energy efficiency, reliability and ergonomics to achieve excellent operator pick rates and low cost of operation. One of the most notable design elements is the ‘man to goods’ proximity and the comfortable work platform with reduced height, which helps minimise movement and saves valuable time in the picking operation. The large platform provides more space and allows easier pass-through with easy on/ off access.

High Level Order Pickers The Hyster K series of rising cab order pickers is designed to allow the best use of warehouse space and maximise pick face access at medium and high locations. The K series may be guided or non-guided. However, guided travel (rails or wire guidance) allows simultaneous lift and horizontal movement. VNA

Hyster very narrow aisle (VNA) trucks enable operators to optimise storage

capacity and efficiently retrieve pallets in high intensity operations. Horizontal movement intelligently combines with vertical movements to ensure one of the quickest VNA transits in the industry. Common features include integral pantograph on the turret head and patented QUAD form mast design, which provides unmatched rigidity and torsional strength.

Reach Trucks

In April 2011, Hyster announced changes to its Matrix reach truck series, including an increase in maximum traction speed of 8%. With no change between laden and unladen speeds, Hyster has achieved faster cycle times, especially over long distances, helping to reduce the cost of operation. Hyster Intelligent Design provides ease of control, giving superb narrow aisle manoeuvrability. It features 180° or 360° progressive steering, powerful acceleration and braking torque, seamless change in travel direction and automatic speed reduction on cornering. Hyster has also redesigned the overhead guard to optimise visibility and the series features a new full suspension seat.

Pallet, Stacker and Tow Trucks A complete range of Hyster pallet trucks and stacker trucks delivers reliability, power and precision, enhancing the operator’s productivity when transporting, stacking or de-stacking, with a low cost of operation. Hyster has also introduced a tow truck to its range, 2 4 food ireland

which is suitable for supplying material to production lines, making it ideal for any type of line feed operation.

Electric Counterbalance

The JXN(T) series of three and four wheel electric counterbalance trucks delivers class leading manoeuvrability and the best balance of energy efficiency and productivity to suit demanding applications, with exceptionally low maintenance requirements. Lift capacities start at 1.5 tonnes and Hyster has recently extended the range to include 4-5 tonne capacities. For more information, see or call (01) 403 4100.

IRISH Lift Trucks (ILT) are the exclusive distributor for Hyster materials handling equipment in Ireland. ILT supplies: • The most complete Forklift available on the Irish market today, renowned for reliability, performance and helping reduce operating costs; • Diesel, Gas and Electric Counterbalance forklift trucks, manufactured in Ireland; • Warehouse equipment, including Powered Pallet Trucks, Order Pickers, Reach Trucks and VNA Equipment; • Large capacity forklift trucks and containers handling equipment; • An extensive range of the highest quality used trucks fully inspected, serviced and certified; • Nationwide service support and all makes replacement part availability; • Short-term and long-term rental packages for new and used trucks; • Professional advice on fleet management and warehouse design; • A comprehensive range of training courses for all materials handling equipment.

Bear more fruit with Hyster Electrics

) 2)3( ,)&4 425#+3 Clonlara Avenue, Baldonnell Business Park, Baldonnell, Dublin 22, Ireland T. (+353) 01 4034100 F. (+353) 01 4034183 E. W. A member of


for control of dairy plant

Ultra Filtration • Microfiltration • Water Polishing Reverse Osmosis • Ultra Osmosis® Control of Moisture and Salt in Butter Equipment Manufactured by Filtration Engineering Co. Inc. Supplied and Installed by David Kellett & Partners Ltd. Tel: 00 44 1981 570611

Johnston Logistics innovative services & solutions

Johnston Logistics Ltd, Blackchurch Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin, Ireland. Tel: + 353 1 4013333 Email:

Leading the way

European Logistics Tailored warehouse solutions Supply chain management

Pharmaceutical, Polymer, Food Ingredient

Dairy Processing

Improving Analysis and Performance The ProSpect analyser is a Near Infra Red analyser with the capability of monitoring protein, fat and moisture content in line, offering huge potential for milk, cheese, whey and butter processing.


avid Kellett & Partners, in co-operation with Filtration Engineering, have been supplying high quality membrane processing equipment to the UK and Irish dairy industries for the concentration and fractionation of whey, skim milk and whole milk since 1993. In general, membrane systems are controlled by setting a volume ratio between the feed flow and final concentrate flow, based on the feed analysis and that of the final end product. This ratio can be adjusted whilst the plant is operating, should the analysis of the end product determine a change is necessary. Strenuous efforts were made to find and buy an NIR (Near Infra Red) analyser with the capability of monitoring protein, fat and moisture content in line and use this information to control associated systems. Over time, it became apparent that whilst there were many analysers on the market, no manufacturer offered a truly industrial instrument with robust calibration, capable of controlling plant.

The ProSpect Analyser

Filtration Engineering brought together a team of experts in NIR technology, analytical software and quality engineering to design and build a unit ‘fit for purpose’. The ProSpect analyser is the result of this concerted effort and was brought to market in January 2009. The ProSpect is capable of continuously analysing in real time product for butterfat, protein, solids not fat, moisture and salt and, therefore, has applications in: - Liquid milk standardisation - Cheese milk fat/protein ratio adjustment

Once calibrated, the analyser requires no further adjustment. Variations in the fat/protein ratio have long been a concern for cheese-makers. Yield, quality and consistency of product are all affected by these changes. Adjustment of butterfat is achieved by skim addition, separation or cream addition. The protein level can be modified by the use of Ultra Filtration. The ProSpect analyser, with the flow cell in the finished milk line to the cheese vats, can assess the fat/protein ratio and control the up-stream equipment. - Cream addition/subtraction - Skim addition - Adjust the concentration factor on the Ultra Filtration plant

- Whey protein adjustment in WPC - Moisture/salt adjustment in butter and spreads The system is based on an NIR light source spectrometer reference cell for continuous calibration and Plc with Wonderware operator interface, housed in an IP65 stainless steel cabinet, which has its own air conditioning and temperature control unit. The flow cell is placed directly in the finished product line, whether milk, whey or butter, and is connected to the analyser with fibre optic cables.

Calibrated to Customer Product The analyser is delivered with standard calibration software and is tuned to the customer product during commissioning by comparing and adjusting the standard calibration to offline laboratory analysis. 2 7 food irel and

Yield variation over the manufacturing season results in cheese plants not always operating at full capacity. When yields are low, finished cheese output may be down by 10%, whilst still processing the maximum volume of milk. Adjusting the fat/protein ratio to the optimum throughout the year enables the finished cheese output to remain at maximum. In the case of some large systems, this can be more than 500 tons per annum. Since the first analysers were installed in January 2009, the calibrations have required no re-adjustment.


FOR more information, contact: David Kellett & Partners Ltd, Maple Court, Wormbridge House, Wormbridge, Hereford HR2 9DH Tel: 0044 1981 570611 Mobile: 0044 7860 866855

Process Automation

The Experts in Automation Endress+Hauser has more than 50 years’ experience in process automation and instrumentation.


ndress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services and solutions for industrial process engineering. The Swiss familyowned business, founded in 1953, supports its customers to optimise their process engineering procedures, while taking into consideration reliability, safety, economic efficiency and environmental protection. Production optimisation, waste reduction and regulatory compliance all rely on accurate measurement data. Endress+Hauser offers the widest range of process measuring instruments – designed to meet 3A and EHEDG hygienic standards – to help improve yield and throughput, while achieving consistent product quality. Decades of experience working with food and beverage manufacturers around the world, both large and small, means you can trust Endress+Hauser to understand your needs and challenges: innovative instrumentation, services and solutions – 100% pure ingredients in one safe and reliable package. Endress+Hauser’s Irish operation, in Clane, Co. Kildare, was established in 1980 and the intervening years have

seen the company grow to become a major supplier of application knowhow and services in the measurement of Level, Flow, Pressure, Analytical, Temperature, Data Managers and System Components into the food and drink, pharmaceutical, waste water, bulk solids and energy & utilities industries.


Endress+Hauser (Ireland) work in partnership with all customers, big and small, and get directly involved in pre-selection of products and the writing of the instrument specification sheets in order to get it right first time, while arriving at the most economical solution.

can also provide tailor-made Service Maintenance Contracts in addition to top class Calibration Services for Level, Flow, Pressure, Temperature and Analytical equipment.


Endress+Hauser (Ireland), as part of Endress+Hauser Consult, which globally spends more than 10% of net sales on Research & Development, provides generic training courses on Process Instrumentation - developing technologies and standards. These are organised annually in Germany and specific courses can be tailored to client’s specific requirements in their training facilities in Clane or on the customer’s site, if required.


Their customer service does not end with the sale. Indeed, the company offers extended warranty periods if they carry out the commissioning/start-up of the devices. They 2 8 food ir eland

FOR more information, contact: Endress+Hauser (Ireland) Ltd. Clane Business Park, Clane, County Kildare, Ireland. Phone +353 (45) 86 86 15

Contains 100% pure safety and reliability. Production optimization, waste reduction and regulatory compliance all rely on accurate measurement data. Endress+Hauser offers the widest range of process measuring instruments – designed to meet 3A and EHEDG hygienic standards – to help improve yield and throughput while achieving consistent product quality. Decades of experience working with food and beverage manufacturers around the world, both large and small, means you can trust Endress+Hauser to understand your needs and challenges. Innovative instrumentation, services and solutions – 100% pure ingredients in one safe and reliable package. Contact us today. Endress+Hauser Instruments International AG Kägenstrasse 2 4153 Reinach, Switzerland Phone +41 61 715 81 00

Endress+Hauser (Ireland) Ltd. Clane Business Park Clane/County Kildare, Ireland Phone +353 (45) 86 86 15

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Supply chain visibility, product traceability and business efficiency enabled through the use of GS1 System identification numbers, bar codes and data exchange standards

For further information on how GS1 supply chain standards can benefit your business contact us today.

2nd Floor The Merrion Centre Nutley Lane Donnybrook Dublin 4 Ireland

T +353 1 208 0660 F +353 1 208 0670 E

Supply Chain: Traceability

Improving Supply Chain Standards GS1 Ireland are supporting the Irish food sector to grow and prosper on the international stage.


technologies, to enable them to best gencies, businesses and position and ready themselves for individuals across Ireland growth and the export opportuniare working hard to ties that may come their way. Their establish our island as a best-in-class, green and safe food events calendar for spring 2012 producing nation. The Food Harvest includes several barcoding and logis2020 targets present an immense tics workshops focusing on this area. opportunity to the sector for growth and expansion. What is Supply Chain With food exports increasing Visibility? substantially over the last two years Visibility means knowing where and set to top €9 billion in 2011 products are and where they have (Source: Bord Bia, September 2011), been, combined with access to key Product information can be recorded and shared using the value and contribution of this product information such as expiry low cost, widely available technology such as bar-coding sector to our nation’s economy must dates and batch numbers. A comand scanning. be safeguarded and supported. The bination of enabling technologies growth of food and beverage exports rightly position Ireland as the producer based on barcoding and/or RFID and will be built on a number of pillars, of choice for high quality and safe food utilising EDI (ebusiness messaging) including quality, sustainability and products. can deliver visibility for manufacturers safety. For traceability to truly work and to and their supply chain partners. These objectives are being supbe effective and cost efficient, it must be GS1 Ireland is the local office of the ported by a broad range of agencies, built on a set of core, commonly underglobal supply chain standards body: a government departments and industry stood and interoperable data sets. GS1 not-for-profit, neutral, member driven bodies, all with the same commitment: plays a supporting role in this process agency. For further information on to position Ireland on the global stage by providing and managing supply supply chain standards, visibility and as a food producing nation of distincchain standards that enable organisafood traceability please contact their Helpdesk. Tel: 01 2080660. Email: tion, where quality is assured and tions to exchange product information standards are rigorously adhered to. and to record and share data such as Web: A timely response to market demand, expiry dates and batch numbers. efficiently managed stocks, and streamThis information can be recorded and shared using low cost, widely lined logistics are all key components, available technology such as barcontributing to the efficiency, competitiveness and profitability of the Irish coding and scanning, which is globally food sector supply chain. Behind the recognised and language independent, scenes, there are a myriad of systems ideal for the international export marand technologies deployed to deliver kets. When used in conjunction with the safe, high quality food consumers standards based EDI messages such enjoy, both at home and abroad. as the Electronic Despatch Advice and internationally agreed, barcoded logistics labels, comprehensive traceTraceability: ability systems can be implemented. Procedures & Checks These technology enabled supply chain But, successfully marketing Ireland as a systems, in conjunction with the GS1 “safe” food island must be underpinned Global Traceability Conformance by a rigorous set of procedures and standard, can position Ireland as the checks to ensure quality and establish go-to place for safe, high quality food records in the event that an audit or and beverage products. recall occurs. The very existence of a Throughout 2012, GS1 Ireland will validated, responsive, technology and GS1 Ireland will be working with their food be working with their food and beverstandards based traceability system for and beverage members to implement world age members to implement world class the Irish food and ingredients sectors is class supply chain practices, including the adoption of bar code scanning and EDI supply chain practices, including the a major marketing message to be levertechnologies. adoption of bar code scanning and EDI aged and promoted. In so doing, we will

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‘UK & Ireland’s Raw Materials Specialists’ Heterochem (Dist.) Ltd is the speciality raw materials supplier of choice to the Food and Beverage industries both in Ireland and the UK

• • • • • • • •

Acidulants Antifoams Antioxidants EmulsiďŹ ers Food Colorants Preservatives Starches Sweeteners

BeneďŹ ts to your business: • High quality, competitively priced products - ISO 9001 accredited • Excellent customer service - before and after the sale • A reliable and efďŹ cient sourcing partner, assisting our customers to develop new and existing products • A highly qualiďŹ ed sales team (mostly chemists) available to assist with any technical queries • Prime location in Baldoyle, Dublin - situated in close proximity to all distribution channels • On site storage of all raw materials in our controlled warehousing • Variety of UN approved pack sizes available: 25kg, 50kg, 200kg barrels & 1000kg IBCs Unit 49 Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Baldoyle, Dublin 13, Ireland T. +353 1 839 3127 F. +353 1 832 5746 E.


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For all your Corporate and Contract Publishing Needs, Call the Experts




Bagging Machinery

Fischbein-Saxon Have Your Products Bagged


improving efficiency and output, whilst also saving costs.

ISCHBEIN-Saxon manufacture a range of bagging/bag closing machines for potatoes, food stuffs and industrial products, including: Bag Placers, Bag Top Former, High Speed Sealing & Sewing Systems, Conveying Solutions and Palletizing. BP150 Bag Placer: The BP 150 eliminates the need for manually hanging and holding bags, freeing the machine operator for other tasks. The BP150 will hang open mouth, paper, poly, and poly woven laminate bags. Bag Top Former: The bag top former is used to reshape the paper, laminated polypropylene and polyethylene bags into the closing solutions. High and Low Speed Sewing Systems: Fischbein-Saxon manufacture potato bag closers in either portable hand held

Hot air, Band and Radiant Continuous Saxon Bag Sealers: The Saxon sealer is renowned on the market for being cost effective and reliable, with low maintenance, and able to produce a high-speed semi automatic bagging process to a variety of food companies across the world, including Ireland. units or high speed industrial systems, capable of fully automatically producing 1000+ bags per hour. The portable bag closers, available with or without suspension unit, are popular on the market with potato packers, and are robust, durable, cost effective portable sewing machines. The higher speed sewing systems can be incorporated into new or existing grading and packing lines, along with Fischbein-Saxon’s other machinery, to sew bags faster, neater and with less breakdowns,

3 2 food ireland

P500 Palletizer by Fischbein-Saxon The P500 can be used to stack bags of up to 50kg automatically onto a pallet at a maximum speed of 500 bags per hour. The key benefits include an extremely low foot-print (crucial for packers with small yard space), integrated bag flattener, adjustable stacking frame for different bag/pallet sizes to offer a neater, tighter stacked pallet, and with options of pallet dispenser, exit roller lanes and more. Customers can see payback in under two years from the basic palletizer model!



DSG Reduce Your Cost to Market


ith over 20 years’ experience supporting many of Ireland’s leading food, beverage, logistics and retail companies, DSG Packaging have consistently demonstrated to their customers how significant cost can be taken from their ‘end of line’ and packing requirements. From filling and packing product to executing complex product promotions and launches, DSG have a proven track record in delivering upon and exceeding their customers’ expectations. These services, coupled with their expertise in packaging design, distribution and merchandising, enable DSG to offer a genuine one-stop-shop solution. Outsourcing ‘end of line’ functions enables customers to concentrate their resources on important areas of business, such as product development, production and sales & marketing.

DSG are the only contract packing company in Ireland to offer the following in-house services: Chilled Production & Storage, Cold Chain Storage, Clean Room Facilities, Segregated & Secure Pallet Storage, Organic Certification, End of Line Filling, Form Fill & Seal & Automatic Bagging. Continuous investment in plant, equipment and people, underwritten by an unstinting dedication to quality, has positioned DSG Packaging as one of the most dynamic, capable and responsive contract packing operations serving the Irish market. Whether you are a large multinational, medium-size

indigenous or small start-up company, DSG can tailor an approach to suit your particular needs and to reduce your cost to market. Quality is at the heart of everything that DSG does. With an A-rated BRC Certification from NSAI, they are certified to handle a variety of food products. Their certification covers seven product categories for the storage and contract packing of chilled raw prepared products, chilled dairy products, sauces, beverages, bakery, dried food ingredients and confectionary products. Why Choose DSG Packaging to pack your product? - Scale - Experience - Capability - Quality - Flexibility DSG Packaging – Expect More!

Products & Service • Twin Packs • End-of-Line Filling & Packaging • Flowwrap • Form, Fill & Seal • Presentation Packs

Our Market

• Display Stands - Pre-filled

• Food - Chilled & Ambient

• Multihead Weighing

• Beverages - Chilled & Ambient

• Inspection & Rework

• Dairy Produce

• Barcoding, Inkjet & Labelling

• Consumer Goods

• Pack Design

• Organic

• Distribution & Merchandising

• Retail Promotions

• Chill Storage 3 3 food ir eland

Food Ireland 2012

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Food Ireland 2012

Food Ireland 2012

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Advanced Packaging Machinery Ltd Air Products Ireland Ltd Avery Weigh-Tronix P.J. Boner & Co. Ltd Cross Refrigeration DSG Packaging Ltd Goliath Packaging Systems Ltd LINPAC Allibert Obeeco Ltd Odenberg Engineering Ltd Pharmafoods Ltd QPM Ltd Topaz Energy Ltd Versatile Packaging Ltd Weber Labelling & Coding Wrap It Packaging WrenTech Ltd meat, fish & poultry

Advanced Packaging Machinery Ltd Air Products Ireland Ltd Avery Weigh-Tronix P.J. Boner & Co. Ltd Cross Refrigeration DSG Packaging Ltd Goliath Packaging Systems Ltd LINPAC Allibert 3 6 food ireland

Obeeco Ltd Odenberg Engineering Ltd Pharmafoods Ltd QPM Ltd Stone Food Machinery Topaz Energy Ltd Versatile Packaging Ltd Weber Labelling & Coding Wrap It Packaging WrenTech Ltd machinery auctioneers

Air Products Ireland Ltd Cross Refrigeration Goliath Packaging Systems Ltd Topaz Energy Ltd Weber Labelling & Coding recruitment

Innovate Food Technology research & development

Bord Bia BIM/Irish Sea Fisheries Board Global Trust Certification Healy Group Innovate Food Technology Irish Dairy Board Relay - Research for the Food Industry Neworld Associates Teagasc Food Research Programme Moorepark and Ashtown WrenTech Ltd stainless steel fabrication

Cross Refrigeration Goliath Packaging Systems Ltd QPM Ltd Teknomek Industries Ltd WrenTech Ltd tRADE ASSOCIATIONs

GS1 Ireland Repak Ltd Obeeco Ltd wAstE management / recycling

Avery Weigh-Tronix Goliath Packaging Systems Ltd Repak Ltd wAstE water Equipment

Stone Food Machinery

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ABB Ltd Address:

Auriga House, Precedent Drive, Rooksley, Milton Keynes, MK13 8PQ. Telephone: (0044) 1908 350 300 Fax: (0044) 1908 350 301 Email: Web: Contact: UK & Ireland - Robotics Managing Director: Chris Withey Main Products/ ABB is a leading Services: supplier of industrial robots, modular manufacturing systems and service. A strong solutions focus helps manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and worker safety. ABB has installed more than 190,000 robots worldwide. Contact: Ireland Robotics Group: Sales & Marketing Manager: Nigel Platt

AB Cheesemaking Address:

7 Daybell Close, Bottesford, Nottingham, NG13 0DQ, England. Telephone: (0044) 1949 842 867 Fax: (0044) 1949 842 867 Email: chrisashby@ Web: Main Products/ Cheesemaking training Services: and consultancy. Contact: Christine Ashby

ADC Barcode Ltd

AiP Thermoform Packaging



Unit 8, Willow Business Park, Knockmitten Lane, Dublin 12. Telephone: (01) 465 6480 Fax: (01) 465 6487 Email: Web: Main Products/ Thermal transfer Services: printers, EU178 software, labels, thermal foil, scanners.

Advanced Packaging Machinery Ltd

Address: 718 Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15. Telephone: (01) 861 2141 Fax: (01) 861 2142 Email: Web: Main Products/ Metal detectors, x-ray Services: inspection systems, check weighers & label applicators. Contact: Technical Director: Stephen Dallas

AIC Plastic Pallets Ltd Address:

The Woodlands, Carrigmore, Ballineen, Co. Cork. Telephone: (023) 884 7333 Fax: (023) 884 7671 Email: Web: Main Products/ Materials handling Services: platforms, pallets, containers, boxes, plastic & wooden, ISPMI5 compliance, trays, tote boxes, plastic pallets, plastic tote boxes, plastic pallet boxes, slipsheets, linbins, plastic buckets, bespoke pallets (aluminium and plastic). Contact: Joint Managing Director: Charles O’Donovan Joint Managing Director: Jerry O’Flynn 3 7 food ireland

Unit 1 A Ballymaley Business Park, Barefield, Ennis, Co. Clare. Telephone: (065) 686 4486 Fax: (065) 689 3479 Email: Web: Main Products/ Design and manufacture Services of Thermoform Packaging for the Irish market. Contact: John Mulleady

Air Products Ireland Ltd Address:

Unit 950, Western Industrial Estate, Killeen Road, Dublin 12. Telephone: 1800 99 50 29 Email: Web: Main Products/ Air Products brings Services: you the latest, most innovative solutions in cryogenic freezing, chilling, cooling and Modified Atmosphere Packaging. Freshline Gases® include CO2, Nitrogen and Oxygen in liquid or gaseous form. Backed by over 40 years’ knowhow in food processing. To find out more please visit our website. Contact: Air Products on 1800 99 50 29

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Food Ireland 2012

Food Ireland 2012

Company Listings

AIS Ltd Automatic Identification Systems Address:

Unit 48, Canal Walk, Park West Industrial Park, Nangor Road, Dublin 12. Telephone: (01) 620 5742 Fax: (01) 620 5735 Email: Web: Main Products: RFID equipment, automatic labelling, print & apply systems, industrial barcode scanning, 2D barcode equipment, hand held readers, mobile computers, fixed mount scanning, label printers, mobile printers, desktop printers, industrial printers, barcode printers, labels & ribbons. Services: Supply, install & maintenance of auto ID products. Custom solution development for product traceability suitable for you.

All In All Ingredients Address:

33 Lavery Avenue, Park West, Dublin 12. Telephone: (01) 626 3957 Fax: (01) 626 6052 Email: Web: Main Products/ Ingredients, blending Services: services, research & development. Contact: Managing Director: Daniel Hickey

ALS Labelling Solutions Ltd Address:

Unit 8, Westpoint Business Park, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15. Telephone: (01) 824 2643 Fax: (01) 815 7497 Email: Web: Main Products/ Automatic labelling Services: machines, print & apply, label printers, barcode scanning, inkjetting & marking systems, service & spares, thermal ribbons & labels. Contact: Pat Phibbs

Andrew Ingredients Ltd


27 Ferguson Drive, Knockmore Hill Industrial Park, Lisburn, Co. Antrim, BT28 2EX. Telephone: (048) 9267 2525 Fax: (048) 9263 3840 Email: timandrew@ Web: Main Products/ Bakery ingredients, flour, Services: bread and cake mixes, icings, dried fruit, savoury and sweet sauces, colours and flavours, baking powders etc. Contact: Managing Director: Tim Andrew


of calibration services including UKAS; High precision balances, project management and project support; Provide service for all manufacturer’s brands, not only Avery WeighTronix equipment; software contract support; Full range of equipment hire: Full range of consumable products, Printheads, Thermal transfer ribbons and labels. Product Services Manager: Alan Morrison


BIM/Irish Sea Fisheries Board Address:

Avery Weigh-Tronix Address:

Dublin: Airton Park, Airton Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Telephone: (01) 400 0720 Fax: (01) 400 0750 Antrim: 1 Sentry Lane, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim, BT36 4XX. Telephone: (028) 9083 9092 Fax: (028) 9083 5393 Email: Web: Main Products/ Avery Weigh-Tronix/ GSE indicators and Services: weighing equipment; Labelling equipment; Atex Systems for Food & associated industries; Liquid and bag filling; Vessel and hopper weighing; Lorry weighbridges & Management systems; Recipe and Q.C. software. A full range of maintenance support contracts. Emergency breakdown service; Legal Metrology Verification, Full range 3 8 food ireland

PO Box 12, Crofton Rd, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin. Telephone: (01) 214 4100 Fax: (01) 214 4132 Email: Web: Main Products/ State Agency with Services: responsibility for sea fishing and aquaculture industry.

Blenders Ltd Address:

Unit 4, IDA Centre, Newmarket, Dublin 8. Telephone: (01) 453 6960 Fax: (01) 453 7607 Email: Main Products/ Mayonnaises, dressings, Services: bouillons, cooking sauces, table sauces, carvery sauces, relishes in bulk catering, sachets and retail jar formats. Branded and private label. Contact: Director of Sales: David Chandler Directors: Robin Simpson, David Simpson

Food Ireland 2012

P.J. Boner & Co. Ltd Instrument & Weighing Specialists Address: 35 Western Parkway Business Centre, Ballymount Drive, Ballymount, Dublin 12. Telephone: (01) 450 5050 Fax: (01) 450 5183 Email: Web: Main Products/ Supply, Service and Services: Calibration of Instruments, Controls, Weighing. Contact: Managing Director: Patrick M. Boner Internet Sales: Thomas McDonnell Business Development: Leonard O’Sullivan

Bord Bia - The Irish Food Board Address:

Clanwilliam Court, Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2. Telephone: (01) 668 5155 Fax: (01) 668 7521 Email: Web: Main Products/ Marketing, promotion Services: and development of Irish food, drink & horticulture.


Camida Ltd Address:

Tower House, New Quay, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary. Telephone: (052) 612 5455 Fax: (052) 612 5466 Email: Web: Main Products/ Food Ingredients include: Services: Lecithin Emulsifiers, Soya Proteins (Isolate, Concentrate & Fibres), Flavours, Meat Functional Blends (Texture & Yield improvers), Alginates & Carrageenans, Sweetners (Sucralose, NHDC), Vitamin Premixes. Contact: Sales Manager: Joe Guiney

Carey Associates - Architects For The Food Industry Address:

Office 1, Second Floor, Building 3B, Killeglad St, Ashbourne Town Centre, Ashbourne, Co. Meath. Telephone: (01) 835 1572 Email: Web: Main Products/ Architects & Project Services: Managers Contact: Fergus Carey MRIAI

Celtic Sales Company Ltd Address:

203 Northwest Business Park, Blanchardstown, Dublin 15. Telephone: (01) 829 3944 Fax: (01) 829 3955 Email: Main Products/ Packaging materials Services: for fresh food. Contact: Managing Director: Paddy Byrne

Celtic Sales Company (Cork) Ltd Address:

Unit 3B, Waterfront Business Park, Little Island, Co. Cork. Telephone: (021) 429 7984 Fax: (021) 429 7990 Email: Main Products/ Suppliers of packaging, Services: containers for food, cakes & salads, net bags, plastic bags & cardboard boxes. Contact: Mary O’Brien

Central Health & Safety Services Ltd Address:

Block B, The Courtyard, Newbridge, Co. Kildare. Telephone: (045) 436 166 Fax: (045) 438 851 Email: Web: Main Products/ Central Health & Safety, Services: are a FETAC & FAS registered centre with a team of highly qualified and experienced consultants in all aspects of Health & Safety,. 3 9 food ireland

Address: Barn Way, Lodge Farm, Northampton, NN5 7UW. Telephone: (0044) 1604 755 522 Fax: (0044) 1604 752 470 Email: Web: Main Products/ Dough Conditioners, Services: Cake & Confectionery Mixes and Concentrates, Icings & Fillings, Soya Flours. Contact: Account Manager, Ireland: Damien McDonald

Codico Distributors Ltd Address:

Cleaboy Business Park, Old Kilmeaden Road, Co. Waterford. Telephone: (051) 379 933 Fax: (051) 372 352 Email: Web: Main Products/ Domino: Inkjet, Laser, Services: Outer Case, Thermal Transfer, Thermal Inkjet, Print and Apply Labelling, 2D, Data Matrix Systems, Electrox:Yag, Fibre, UV Lasers, Handling Stations.

Com-Plas Packaging Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services:

Naas Industrial Estate, Naas, Co. Kildare. (045) 874 088 (045) 874 090 Food Pots & Buckets, Food Trays, Lidding Machine and a Wide Range of Packaging Containers.

Corcoran Chemicals Ltd Address:

17-22 Parkgate Street, Dublin 8. Telephone: (01) 633 0404 Fax: (01) 679 3521 Email: Web: Main Products/ Raw materials for use in Services: the food & drink industries. Starch, native, modified, sweetners. Contact: (01) 633 0400

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Cereform Ltd

Food Ireland 2012

Corcoran Products Ltd

Company Listings


17-22 Parkgate Street, Dublin 8. Telephone: (01) 633 0404 Fax: (01) 679 3521 Email: Web: Main Products/ Raw materials for use in Services: the food & drink industries. Starch, native, modified, sweetners. Contact: (01) 633 0400

Cross Refrigeration (Irl) Ltd Address:

Nationwide with offices in Armagh, Cork, Dublin and Limerick. Telephone: Armagh: (028) 3752 6090 Cork: (021) 430 2321 Dublin: (01) 451 1915 Limerick: (061) 417 415 Email: Web: Main Products/ Energy management & all Services: major types of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning systems installed & commissioned. offers commercial refrigeration, best prices, delivered direct within one week of order! Dedicated Refrigeration and Air Conditioning rental business - check out:

CRS Mobile Cold Storage Ltd Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services:

Carnisle, Kildalkey, Co. Meath. (046) 943 5000 (046) 943 5068 Increase your on site cold storage capacity: CRS offer a wide range of temperature controlled storage solutions both new and professionally refurbished for rent and purchase.


Dalkia Address:

145 Lakeview Drive, Airside Business Park, Swords, Co. Dublin. Telephone: (01) 870 1200 Fax: (01) 870 1201 Email: Web: Main Products/ Energy Management Services: Services, Utilities Management Services, Maintenance, Lighting & Technical Services. Contact: Business Delvelopment Manager, Energy & Utilities: Alan Keogh

Diamond Corrugated Address:

12-13 Pennyburn Industrial Estate, Londonderry, Northern Ireland, BT48 OLU. Telephone: (048) 7126 2957 Fax: (048) 7126 7094 Email: Web: Main Products/ Corrugated, multi-point Services: glued, litho-laminated corrugated, folding cartons. Contact: Sales & Marketing Manager: Joanne Beckett

Dollard Packaging Ltd Address:

Units 6-11, Eklad Park, Malahide Road Industrial Park, Malahide Road, Dublin 17. Telephone: (01) 847 0044 Fax: (01) 847 0614 Email: Web: Main Products/ Print and Packaging. Services: Contact: Sales Director: David Hilliard

4 0 food ireland

DSG Packaging Ltd Address:

L2 Toughers Industrial Park, Newhall, Naas, Co. Kildare. Telephone: (045) 454 900 Fax: (045) 447 355 Email: Web: Main Products/ Specialists in Contract Services: Packaging, Outsourcing and “End of Line� Filling and Packaging Services. Contact: Robert Doyle


EDME Ltd Address:

EDME House, Mistley, Manningtree, Essex, CO11 1HG. Telephone: (0044) 1206 393 725 Fax: (0044) 1206 396 699 Email: Web: Main Products/ Food ingredient Services: manufacturer. Contact: Sales Director: Sharon Clayton-Bovill

Elopak Address: Telephone: Fax: Web: Main Products/ Services: Contact:

67 Broomhill Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24. (01) 452 1111 (01) 451 3938 Liquid Packaging, Milk, Soup and Juice Cartons, Packaging Machines. Derek Nangle

Endress + Hauser Ireland Ltd Address:

Clane Business Park, Clane, Co. Kildare. Telephone: (045) 868 615 Fax: (045) 868 182 Email: Web: Main Products/ Endress + Hauser is a global leader in instrumentation solutions and services for the food and beverage industry.

Food Ireland 2012

Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services:


Unit 57B, Hebron Industrial Estate, Hebron Road, Co. Kilkenny. (056) 775 2866 (056) 777 0955 Supply and Fitting of Enviroclad Hygienic Wall and Ceiling Cladding in P.V.C. for the Food Industry. Director: Liam Moylan Director: Mary Moylan

ESB Independent Energy Dublin Office: Address: Tel: Fax: Email: Web:

Woodford Business Park, Santry, Dublin 17. (01) 862 8300 (01) 862 8350

Faculty of Food Science and Technology - U.C.C. University College, Co. Cork. (021) 490 3527 (021) 427 6398 Education, research, continuing education & training.

Festo Ltd Address:


Alexandra Business Centre, 274 Alma Road, Enfield, Middlesex, EN3 7BB, England. Telephone: (0044) 844 372 2877 Fax: (0044) 844 372 2876 Email: Web: eastern/products.php Main Products/ Bag Sealing equipment, Services: sewing systems, conveyors, consumables. Palletizers, automated bagging systems. Contact: Sales & Service Manager: Barry Cox Sales Assistant: Sharon Browne Ireland Service Engineer: Donald Gibson

E.Flahavan & Sons Ltd Address:


Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services:


Head Office: Unit 5, Sandyford Park, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18. Telephone: (01) 295 4955 Fax: (01) 295 5680 Email: Web: Main Products/ Pneumatic, electrical & Services: sensoric equipment. Industrial automation training. Engineering service. Complete system solutions.

Kilnagrange Mills, Kilmacthomas, Co. Waterford. Telephone: (051) 294 107 Fox: (051) 294 308 Email: Web: Main Products/ Oat-based products Services: including Flahavan’s Progress Oatlets, Quick Oats, Organic, Muesli and Flapjacks. Contact: Dolores Whelan

Global Trust Certification Ltd


3rd Floor, Block 3, Quayside Business Park, Mill St, Dundalk, Co Louth, Ireland. Telephone: 042 932 0912 Fax: 042 938 6864 Email: Web: Main Products/ Food Quality Services: Certification/ BRC Certification / Organic Certification / Energy Certification. Contact: Business Development Manager: Phil Vernon

Goliath Packaging Systems Ltd Address:

Beechwood, Nenagh, Co. Tipperary. Telephone: (067) 37893 Fax: (067) 34794 Email: Web: Main Products/ End of line packaging Services: equipment & materials handling systems. Contact: Director: George O’Leary

Food Safety Interactive Training Address: Telephone:

Tievebane, Burnfoot, Co. Donegal. (086) 827 9352

Greiner Packaging Ltd Address:


Glanbia Plc Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services: Contact:

Glanbia House, Co. Kilkenny. (056) 777 2200 (056) 777 2222 Cheese, nutritional soluions, dairy ingredients, milk & fresh dairy products. Group Managing Director: John Moloney

4 1 food ireland

Killyman Road Industrial Estate, Dungannon, County Tyrone. BT 71 6LN Telephone: (0044) 28 8772 3131 Fax: (0044) 28 8772 7318 Email: Web: Main Products/ Greiner produces Services: packaging for the food trade, in PP, PS, APET, RPET with high quality print, shrink sleeved and labelled tubs and lids.

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Enviroclad Systems Ltd

Food Ireland 2012

Griffin Foods Ltd

Company Listings


Unit 1B, Plato Business Park, Damastown, Dublin 15. Telephone: (01) 826 3960 Fax: (01) 826 3965 Email: Web: Main Products/ Food ingredients, dairy Services: products, flavours, fillings, nuts, colours.

GS1 Ireland Address:

Second Floor, The Merrion Centre, Nutley Lane, Donnybrook, Dublin 4. Telephone: (01) 208 0660 Fax: (01) 208 0670 Email: Web: Main Products/ Global Supply, chain Services: standards barcode numbering, RFID, eCommerce Datapool, Bar Coding, National Datapool training & advisory services. Contact: GS1 Ireland Helpdesk: Karen Murphy


Healy Group Address:

HCL House, Second Avenue, Cookstown Industrial Estate, Tallaght, Dublin 24. Telephone: (01) 404 9200 Fax: (01) 404 9201 Email: Web: Main Products/ Healys Chemical Group, Services: founded in 1985, is the market leader in clean label & natural ingredients to the food and drinks markets in Ireland. Actively involved in the chemical, pharmaceutical, tabletting, health care,


and mining sectors. Offices located in Cookstown Industrial Estate, Dublin with fully approved ISO 9001 state of the art warehouse, storage (including chilled area) and handling facilities. Healy Group UK has offices & warehouses in Leicestershire, servicing the UK market. A key strength of the group is the ability to source an extensive range of products from various supply sources worldwide. Products offered: Caramels colours, aromatics, pastes. Rice Starches and Syrups. Gelatin and Hydrolzed Collagen. Aromild Plus, yeast extract and flavourings, replacement for MSG. Potato and Pea Starches, potato flakes, granules. Starch, Glucose, Proteins. Glucose powders and syrups, maltodextrins. Potassium Sorbate / Sorbic Acid. Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, emulsifiers & stabilisers. Naturally brewed Soy Sauce, Teryaki Sauce, M&S approved, Apple fiber and Oat fiber. Brands: Emsland, Nigay, BeneoRemy, Stringer Flavour, Rousselot, Kohjin, Cesalpinia, Palsgaard, Kikkoman, Microfood. CEO: Maurice Healy Sales Director: Gareth Healy Technical Director: Pat McDonagh

Heavey Technology Address: Ballyowen Lane, Lucan, Co. Dublin. Telephone: (01) 626 1458 Fax: (01) 623 3575 Email: Web: Main Products/ Scanning traceability Services: (food tracking), weigh labelling, van sales, thermal printers, barcode scanners/ terminals, warehouse management, label print & apply solutions, up to 8 colour labels & ribbon, support & maintenance of all of the above. Main agents for Zebra printers in Ireland

Heterochem (Dist.) Ltd Address:

Unit 49, Baldoyle Industrial Estate, Dublin 13. Telephone: (01) 839 3127 Fax: (01) 832 5746 Email: Web: Main Products/ Acidulants, Antifoams, Antioxidants, Emulsifiers, Food Colorants, Preservatives, Starches, Sweeteners. Contact: Sales Manager: Ken Cunningham ( Accounts Managers: Lara Fearon (, Simon Brophy (, Erica Smyth (


Industrial Packaging Ltd Address: Killarney Road, Bray, Co.Wicklow. Telephone: (01) 286 4010 Fax: (01) 286 4015 Email: 4 2 food ireland

Food Ireland 2012

their sales abroad. Godfrey Lydon


Johnston Logistics Ltd Address:

Initial Washroom Solutions Address:

Hazel House, Millennium Park, Naas, Co. Kildare. Telephone: 1890 300 500 Fax: (061) 309 038 Email: Web: Main Products/ Washroom Solutions Services: and mats. Contact: Aisling Brill

Irish Lift Trucks Address:

Clonlara Avenue, Baldonnell Business Park, Baldonnell, Dublin 22. Telephone: (01) 403 4100 Fax: (01) 403 4183 Email: Web: Main Products/ Materials handling, Services: equipment / forklifts. Contact: General Manager: Conal McCourt

Innovate Food Technology

Irish National Accreditation Board

Address: 2nd Floor, 6 South William Street, Dublin 2. Telephone: (01) 707 9856 Fax: (01) 707 9661 Email: Web: Main Products/ Food recruitment, Services: software, food consumer research.

Address: Telephone: Email: Web:

Irish Dairy Board Address:

Grattan House, Mount Street Lower, Dublin 2. Telephone: (01) 661 9599 Fax: (01) 661 2778 Email: Web: Main Products/ Export & marketing Services: of dairy products.

Irish Exporters Association Address:

28 Merrion Square, Dublin 2. Telephone: (01) 661 2182 Fax: (01) 661 2315 Email: Web: Main Products/ Food and Drink Export Services: Ireland, a division of the IEA, provides assistance to Irish food and drink companies in the home market and to increase

Wilton Park House, Wilton Place, Dublin 2. (01) 607 3003


JMC Packaging Ltd Address:

116 Clonmore Road, Dungannon, Co. Tyrone, BT71 6HX. Telephone: 048 38 851 413 Email: Web: Main Products/ Specialists in packaging Services: materials and equipment. Shrink wrap equipment, tray sealing equipment, automatic label applications, automatic stretch wrappers, checkweighing & metal detections, polyolefin shrink film, smoothwall foil trays, soft fruit punnets, food grade stretch film & lidding film and meat & poultry trays. Contact: Jason Govender (086 0234177). 4 3 food ireland

Blackchurch Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. Telephone: (01) 401 3333 Fax: (01) 458 8015 Email: Web: Main Products/ Warehousing & Services: Logistics. Contact: Business Development: Deirdre McGuirk Niall Hickey


David Kellett & Partners Ltd Address:

Maple Court, Wormbridge House, Wormbridge, Hereford, HR2 9DH. Telephone: (0044) 1981 570 611 Fax: (0044) 1981 570 599 Email: davidkellett@davidkellett. Main Products/ Dairy Engineering, Services: Systems/Membranes, Reverse Osmosis, Ultra OsmosisÂŽ, Ultra Filtration and Micro Filtration, Effluent Treatment, Spiral Wound and Plate & Frame, Cheese Maturing Vacuum Pouches Contact: Managing Director: David Kellett

Kiernan’s Food Ingredients Ltd Address:

Unit 8 Steadfast Industrial Estate, Carrickmacros, Co. Monaghan. Telephone: (042) 966 2096 Fax: (042) 966 3954 Email: Web: Main Products/ Seasoning, sauces, Services: marinades, cures & packaging.

Company Listings

Web: Main Products/ Containers, fibre drums, Services: intermediate bulk containers (fibre & plastic), all-plastic silos & materials handling products.

Food Ireland 2012



Company Listings

Label One Ltd Address:

3 Advantage Way, Ballygomartin Industrial Estate, Ballygomartin Road, Belfast BT13 3LZ. Telephone: (048) 9077 7444 Fax: (048) 9077 4067 Email: Web: Main Products/ Self-adhesive labels, Services: extended content leaflet labels. Contact: Sales Manager, ROI: Chris Moore 087 252 3335

LogoPak International Ltd Address: Enterprise House, George Cayley Drive, Clifton Moor, York, YO30 4XE. Telephone: (0044) 1904 692 333 Fax: (0044) 1904 690 728 Email: Web: Main Products/ Print & Apply Services: Labelling Systems, software solutions, labels & ribbons. Contact: General Manager: Wilson Clark


Limerick Packaging Address:

Eastlink Business Park, Ballysimon Road, Co. Limerick. Telephone: (061) 400 035 Fax: (061) 400 036 Email: Web: Main Products/ Corrugated Boxes, Services: Polythene Bags, Edgeguards, Palletwrap, Strapping, Tapes. Contact: Mike Boland

Manotherm Ltd Address:

4 Walkinstown Road, Dublin 12. Telephone: (01) 452 2355 Fax: (01) 451 6919 Email: Website: Main Products/ Distributors of Services: controls & instrumentation. Contact: Managing Director: R.V. Gilbert Director & Project Sales Engineer: Robert C. Gilbert

LINPAC Allibert

Measom Freer & Co. Ltd


Address: 37/41 Chartwell Drive, Wigston, Leicester, LE18 2FL, England. Telephone: (0044) 116 288 1588 Fax: (0044) 116 281 3000 Email: Web: Main Products/ Measom Freer Services: manufacture and stock quality plastic bottles, custom moulded bottles, dropper caps, scoops, measures, boxes, jars, tubes, fasteners etc, for food use. Services include 3D design, in-house tool making and screen printing.

17 Ridgeway, Quinton Business Park, Bimingham, B32 1AF, United Kingdom. Telephone: (0044) 1606 56 1929 Fax: (0044) 1606 56 1998 Email: Web: Main Products/ Plastic Materials Handling Services: Products - Boxes, Bins, Trays, Pallets etc. Contact: Sales Manager, Ireland: Brendan McGarry 087 676 7161

4 4 food ireland

Sales Director: Mark Freer Technical Director: Andrew Freer


National Chemical Company Address:

NCC House, 42 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin 2. Telephone: (01) 613 1400 Fax: (01) 634 0132 Email: Web: Main Products/ Food Ingredients: Services: Acetic Acid, Adipic Acid, Agar, Alginates, Amino Acids, Ascorbic Acid, Benzoates, Calcium Propionates, Carrageenan, Casein & Caseinates, Cheese Powders, Citrates, Citric Acid - Powder and Liquid, Colours - Synthetic and Natural, Dairy Blends, Dehydrates, Dextrose, Egg Powders, Enyzmes, Fibre – Cellulose, Flavours, Fructose, Gelatin, Gluconates, Glycerine, Guar Gum, Gum Arabic, Inulin, Lactates, Lactic Acid, Lecithin, Liquid Sweeteners, Locus Bean Gum, MSG, Malic Acid, Milk Powders, Nitrates, Nitrites, Pectins, Phosphates & Phosphoric Acid, Potassium Sorbate, Silica’s, Sodium Diacetate, StarchesModified, Native & Clean Label, Sweeteners - Natural and Artifical, Tartaric Acid, Vitamins, Whey Powders, Whey Protein Concentrates, Xanthan Gum. Packaging: HDPE & Stainless Steel IBCs (intermediate bulk containers), IBC accessories (caps, valves, adapters, couplers

Food Ireland 2012


with hose tails), IBC collection service, HDPE drums. Ingredients Sourcing: We are part of the Pluschem network, which is a European wide network of independent distributors of speciality ingredients and chemicals. This network has long standing experience and expertise in the sourcing of speciality chemicals and ingredients from international producers within their home markets, which in turn improves the sourcing capabilities we can offer our customers. Product Manager: Fintan McConnell (

National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services:

1 Swift Square, Northwood, Santry, Dublin 9. (01) 807 3800 (061) 332 982 Certification and inspection services to national & international product & management system standards including ISO 22000, ISO 9001, OHSAS and BRC Global Food Standard.

National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) Training Section Address:

Telephone: Fax: Email: Web:

1 Swift Square, Northwood, Santry, Dublin 9. (01) 807 3993 (01) 807 3844

New Era Packaging Ltd Address:

Drogheda Industrial Estate, Donore Road, Drogheda, Co. Louth.

Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services: Contact:

(041) 987 5600 (041) 983 4481 Self-adhesive labels for all end-users and manufacturers. Sales Director: David Nevin

Neworld Associates Address:

The Mill House, Unit 10, Greenmount Industrial Estate, Harold’s Cross, Dublin 12. Telephone: (01) 416 5600 Fax: (01) 415 0045 Email: Web: Main Products/ Brand Audits, brand Services: development, packaging design, POS design, fleet livery design, web design and social media planning and facilitating. Contact: Pat Kinsley

NITL Address:

Dept. of Engineering, Dublin Institute of Technology, Bolton Street, Dublin 1. (01) 402 4023 (01) 402 3991

Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services: Learning & Research. Contact: Antonio de Linares

LNPP Group Ltd Address:

Unit 509 Mitchelstown Road, Northwest Business Park, Ballycoolin, Dublin 15. Telephone: (00353) (0) 1 880 9299 Fax: (00353) (0) 1 880 9298 Email: Web: Main Products/ Flexible plastic Services: packaging distributors. Contact: Sales Director: Eoin McDonagh

4 5 food ireland

Nutrition Supplies Address:

Innishannon, Co. Cork. Telephone: (021) 477 5522 Fax: (021) 477 5449 Email: Web: Main Products/ Vitamin & Nutrient Services: Precision Premixes. Contact: Managing Director: Dr. Frank Cremin Technical Director: Ursula Lecane


Obeeco Ltd Address:

Annaville Avenue, Blackrock, Co. Dublin. Telephone: (01) 278 2323 Fax: (01) 278 2374 Email: Web: Main Products/ Packaging machinery, Services: materials, thermal print solutions. Contact: Director: Richard Burke Director: Olive Walker

O’Brien Ingredients Address:

O’Brien House, Magna Drive, Magna Business Park, Citywest, Dublin 24. Telephone: (01) 469 1400 Fax: (01) 469 1360 Email: pobrien@ Web: Main Products/ Flavours, colours, Services: vitamins, juices, citrates, bakery ingredients. Contact: Director: Paul O’Brien

T.S. O’Connor & Son Ltd Address:

Unit C, 67 Heather Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18. Telephone: (01) 295 5696 Fax: (01) 295 5741 Email: Web: MainProducts/ Printed Carrier Bags, Tapes, Services: Labels & Flexible Packaging. Contact: Sales Manager: Andrew Haughton

Company Listings

Food Ireland 2012

Company Listings

Odenberg Engineering Ltd

Pharmafoods Ltd


Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services:

2004 Orchard Avenue, City West Business Campus, Naas Road, Dublin 24. Telephone: (01) 413 6200 Fax: (01) 457 0219 Email: Web: Main Products/ Robotics, mechanical Services: handling systems. Contact: Business Unit Manager: James J. Deane


Packex Industries Ltd Address:

Unit 1, Village Mills Business Park, Rathnew, Co. Wicklow. Telephone: (0404) 69 851 Fax: (0404) 69 861 Email: Main Products/ High quality Services: flexible packaging. Contact: Ivan Cruise

P.C. Packaging Ltd Address:

Derrynane House, Eadestown, Naas, Co. Kildare. Telephone: (045) 883 510 Fax: (045) 880 934 Email: Web: Main Products/ Packaging machinery/ Services: shrink films, flexible packaging, Belca range of shrink wrappers, Ilapak flow wrapping, Sovereign labelling systems, Sick sensors.

Pegler & Louden Address:

White Heather, Industrial Estate, 301 South Circular Road, Dublin 8. South Link Park, Ballycurreen Road, Grange, Co. Cork. Telephone: (01) 416 5170 (01) 416 5175 (021) 497 7128 Fax: (021) 491 5213 Main Products/ Industrial valves and Services: actuators. Contact: Sales Director: Pat Kelly Office Manager (Cork): Pat O’Brien


Lower Waterford Road, Carrickbeg, Carrick-on-Suir, Co. Tipperary. (051) 645 066/645 084 (051) 645 033 Bilwinco Multihead Weighers, Mondini Tray Sealers Vacuum and Gas, Limitech Liquid Processing Equipment, Rovema Vertical Form Fill Sealers, Cartoning, Bag In Box, Abtech Premade Pouch Production for Tuna in Foil. Dermot Brett 086 259 0667 Don Malanowski 086 389 1567

PK Chemicals Ltd Address:

Unit 23, Sandyford Office Park, Blackthorn Avenue, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Foxrock, Dublin 18. Telephone: (01) 295 6977 Fax: (01) 295 8338 Email: Main Products/ Food Ingredients, Services: Flavours and Colours. Contact: Technical Sales Manager: Graeme Locke


QPM Ltd Address:

Unit 12, Robinhood Business Park, Robinhood Road, Dublin 22. Telephone: (01) 450 2421 Fax: (01) 450 2311 Email Web: Main Products/ Metal detectors, x-ray, Services: checkweighing, calibration, shrink wrapping machinery and materials, flow-wrapping, tray sealing. Contact: Eddie Nevin

Q-Lab Ltd Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services:


Puratos Crest Foods Ltd Address:

70 - 71 Dunboyne Business Park, Dunboyne, Co. Meath. Telephone: (01) 825 5505 Fax: (01) 825 5506 Email: Web: Main Products/ Bakery, patisserie and Services: chocolate ingredients. Belcolade Belgian chocolate, Puratos bakery & patisserie products, PatisFrance premium patisserie ingredients. Contact: General Manager: Sean McDaid

PO Box 27, Kerlogue Industrial Estate, Drinagh, Co. Wexford. (053) 914 5600 (053) 918 4575 Microbiological & chemical analysis of food, water & environmental samples. Managing Director: Anne-Marie Kelly Financial Controller: Aidan Byrne Chem. Lab. Manager: Peter O’Byrne Micro. Lab Manager Brian Healy Business Development Manager: Liz Morris


Relay - Research For The Food Industry Address:

Teagasc, Moorepark Food Research Centre, Fermoy, Co. Cork. Telephone: (025) 42 247/321 Fax: (025) 42 293 Email: Web: Main Products/ Communication of Services: Food Research Information. Contact: Derbhile Timon

Rentokil Pest Control Nationwide Coverage Telephone: 1890 869 869 Fax: (045) 852 890

4 6 food ireland

Email: Web: Main Products/ Suppliers of Services: Pest Control to ISO 9001:2008 specification. Contact: Pest Control: Michael O’Mahoney

Repak Ltd Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Contact:

Red Cow Interchange Estate, 1 Ballymount Road, Clondalkin, Dublin 22. (01) 467 0190 (01) 403 0196 CEO: Andrew Hetherington Membership Services Manager: Declan Martin


Sealed Air Ltd

Stone Food Machinery



Clifton House, 1 Marston Road, St. Neots, GB Cambridgeshire PE19 2HN. Telephone: (0044) 148 022 4000 Fax: (0044) 148 022 4063 Email: Web: Main Products/ Packaging solutions and Services: equipment for all food markets - meat/fish/ dairy/produce/bakery and ready meals. Product offering includes films, barrier bags, rigid trays, punnets and pots. Contact: Timothy O’Connell Mobile: 086 225 3172

SGS Ireland Ltd Schütz (Ireland) Ltd Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Contact:

Townmore, Killala, Co. Mayo (096) 33044 (096) 33045 General Manager John Forkin

Scientific & Chemical Supplies Ltd Address:

Greenhills Industrial Estate, Walkinstown, Dublin 12. Telephone: (01) 450 4077 Fax: (01) 450 4328 Email: Web: Main Products/ Laboratory Equipment Services: Distributor. Contact: Sales: Frank Eardley (086 850 6778)


Lakedrive 3026, Citywest Business Campus, Naas Road, Dublin 24. Telephone: (01) 295 0654 Fax: (01) 295 0816 Email: fiona.o’ Web:

Smurfit Kappa Ireland Address:

Ballymount Road, Walkinstown, Dublin 12. Telephone: (01) 409 0000 Fax: (01) 456 4509 Email: Web: Main Products/ Ireland’s leading Services: manufacturer of packaging and point of purchase displays, with a wide product range to suit the needs of the food industry. Standard packaging & promotional products can now be bought on-line via our webshop at www. Contact: Marketing Manager: Mark Munnelly 4 7 food ireland

14 North Main Street, Wexford. Telephone: (053) 914 7800 Fax: (053) 944 7799 Main Products/ Penstocks - Meva Services: Effluent Screens Injectors, Günther Tumblers Contact: Val W. Stone

Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland Address: Telephone: Fax: Email: Web: Contact:

Wilton Park House, Wilton Place, Dublin 2. (01) 808 2100 (01) 808 2002 Head, Energy Demand Management: Kevin O’Rourke Declan Healey


Teagasc Food Research Programme Moorepark and Ashown Address: Telephone:

Cork: Moorepark, Fermoy, Co. Cork. Dublin: Ashtown, Dublin 15. (025) 42 222 / (01) 805 9500 Email: / Web: Main Products/ Research, development Services: and innovation, food bioscience, food safety, food chemistry and technology, food industry development, pilot plant facilities, analytical services, training, consultancy. Contact: Paul Ross, Declan Troy Pat Daly

Tekpak Automation Ltd Address:

Whitemill Industrial Estate, Wexford, Ireland. Telephone: (053) 916 3033 Fax: (053) 918 4328 Email: Web: Main Products/ Vision guided pick Services: and place robots, product

Company Listings

Food Ireland 2012

Food Ireland 2012

Company Listings


collation systems, robotic case packaging, packaging line automation. John Kehoe

Toyota Material Handling Ireland Address: Killeen Road, Dublin 12. Telephone: (01) 419 0200 Fax: (01) 419 0325 Email: Web: Main Products/ Toyota forklifts and Services: warehouse equipment. diesel/LPG and electric forklifts, powerpallet trucks, stackers etc.

and Veterinary Medicine UCD Veterinary Sciences Centre (01) 716 6100

Tel: Email: Web:

School of Biology & Environmental Sciences:

UCD Science Education and Research Centre (West) Tel: (01) 01 716 2243 Email: Web: Services: Education/Training, Research & Development.

Transtock Warehousing & Cold Storage Ltd Address: Tel: Fax: Email: Web: Main Products/ Services: Contact:

Christendom, Ferrybank, Co. Waterford. (051) 832 411 (051) 832 666 Warehousing and frozen and chilled cold storage, logistics. Managing Director: Colm Browne

Trilby Trading Ltd


Unifood Ltd




Merrywell Industrial Estate, Ballymount, Dublin 12. Telephone: (01) 405 1500 Fax: (01) 460 1336 Email: Web: Main Products/ Food service & Services: ingredient sales. Contact: Gavin King


Boyne House, Boyne Business Park, Greenhills, Drogheda, Co. Louth. Tel: (041) 983 2137 Fax: (041) 983 5463 Email: Main Products/ Food Grade Vegetable Services: Oils. Contact:


UCD (Agri-Food) Address:

Agri-Food, Human Nutrition,Veterinary Medicine & Environmental Sciences, UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4. Undergraduate UCD Agricultural Programmes: Science and Veterinary Medicine Programme Office UCD Agriculture and Food Science Centre Tel: (01) 716 7194 Email: Web: Postgraduate UCD School of Programmes: Agriculture, Food Science


Versatile Packaging Ltd Address:

Silverstream Business Park, Silverstream, Co. Monaghan. Telephone: (047) 85 177 Fax: (047) 85 199 Email: Web: Main Products/ Food Packaging Materials Services: and Equipment - Tray Sealers, CPET, Barrier, Antifog Films, Aluminium Trays, Stand Up Pouches, Vacuum Pouches, Pouch Filling & Sealing Equipment.


Weber Labelling & Coding Address: Tel: Fax: Email:

Kilcannon Industrial Estate, Old Dublin Road, Enniscorthy, Co. Wexford. (053) 923 3778 (053) 923 3284 4 8 food ireland

Web: Main Products/ Print & Apply Labelling Services: Systems, Desktop Printers, Laser Coders. Manufacturers of Blank & Pre Printed Labels. Contact: Liam Millar

D.D. Williamson (Ireland) Ltd Address:

Little Island Industrial Estate, Little Island, Co. Cork. Telephone: (021) 435 3821 Fax: (021) 435 4328 Email: Web: Main Products/ Caramel colours, natural Services: colours, burnt sugars, natural colour blends. Services: liquids & powders. Contact: Anne O’Dwyer

WrenTech Ltd Address:

Eversley, Church Bay Road, Crosshaven, Co. Cork. Telephone: (021) 483 2644 Fax: (021) 483 1363 Email: Web: Main Products/ Ytron & Matcon Services: Mixing & Blending, Powder Dispersion / Incorporation, Dust free transfer batch systems, Powder bins / Silo discharging, Auger filling, Dosing, Formulation, Batching, Flexibatch. Contact: Michael Wren

Wrap It Packaging

Address: Unit 3, Block G, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin. Telephone: 01 401 9018 Fax: 01 401 9005 Email: Web: Main Products/ Packaging materials and Services: machinery. Official distributors for Hitachi ink and jet printers Contact: Brian Flood

zEconomical zEcological zHigh Reliability zEasy Operation and Maintenance

z Multiple Printing Functions z User Friendly Coding Functions z Operational Assistance Functions

FOR THE LATEST IN INK JET PRINT CONTACT: Brian Flood, WRAP IT, Unit 3, Block G, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Co. Dublin T: 01 – 4019018 E: W: or on 087 9682168

Making more of Irish Seafood

To add value to your business: Contact: BIM Seafood Development Centre Clogheen Road, Clonakilty Co. Cork.

Email Tel 01 2144280