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CEO LETTER Dear New Reston Association Member: Welcome to Reston and to the Reston Association community. We’re happy to meet you and glad you’ve joined this special community to live, work, play and get involved. Reston Association (RA) is committed to providing our members with outstanding educational, leisure and recreational programs, and to maintaining community property values by adhering to the high standards of design, maintenance, and use as insisted upon by those who live in our community. RA offers its members many amenities including 1,350 acres of open space, four lakes, 15 swimming pools, 49 tennis, multipurpose courts, event/meeting facilities, outdoor picnic pavilions, 34 tot lots, 25 ball fields and more than 50 miles of pathways and trails. We also offer educational and nature programming at the Walker Nature Center on Glade Drive. We hope that you will take the time to explore all that your RA membership includes and that this guide will help familiarize you with RA and will help you get started enjoying all Reston has to offer. What should you do now? Obtain your FREE Recreation Passes to use RA’s many recreational amenities, including tennis/ pickleball courts and any of our 15 neighborhood pools by registering for a WebTrac account at www.RestonWebtrac.org. This is also where you can sign up for classes or reserve community buildings or picnic pavilions for special events or parties. Sign up to receive the RA News weekly e-newsletter, the monthly Parks & Recreation Events e-newsletter or review the online edition of the quarterly RA Activities Guide at www.reston.org/publications. Learn more about the Association, its Board of Directors and how to get involved with any of RA’s many events and volunteer opportunities at www.reston.org. Learn more about Reston’s wonderful natural resources and educational opportunities through the Walker Nature Center by contacting naturecenter@reston.org. Sign up to conveniently pay your annual assessment online via MemberSuite at https://reston.users.membersuite.com/ home. Have other questions? Member Services is here to help you get the most out of your membership. Please contact us by email at member_ services@reston.org or by phone at 703-435-6530 if you would like more information on RA programs, services or amenities, or if you need help paying your annual assessment, registering on our websites or making online purchases. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. We look forward to serving you. Sincerely,

Mac Cummins, AICP, CEO

Chief Executive Officer



RA RECREATION PASS AND ACTIVITIVIES Don’t miss out on what Reston Association (RA) has to offer. To join the fun, register for Webtrac. RA’s Online Registration System for: § § § § §

Aquatics, Camps, Health and Wellness, Nature and Tennis/Pickleball programs Recreation Pass renewals and guest purchases Event and trip registrations Community building, picnic pavilion and swimming pool reservations Reston Gear & Gifts Shop purchases

If you forgot your username or password, use the appropriate link for assistance.


Visit www.restonwebtrac.org Click on “Need an Account? Click Here.” Be sure to include all members of your household. Accounts may take up to 2 business days to verify. After you have created your account and received a confirmation email, you will be able to begin shopping.


§ §

§ §

Enter your username and password to log in. Use the Quick Link “Browse Activities” or click on one of the shortcut photo buttons. Here, you may search by any of the following methods: • Type in the “Activity Number” (9 digits included in the RA Activities Guide) • Type in a “Keyword” related to the activity • Search broadly by selecting criteria such as age or category from the drop down menus. Choose your activity by clicking the plus sign (+) in the “Add to Cart” column. You can continue shopping or check out by clicking the “Add to Cart” button in the window at the bottom of your screen. You will be asked to select the applicable family member(s) for each of the items in your cart. Follow onscreen directions to complete your transaction by Visa or MasterCard. To pay by check or cash, please visit Reston Association.

For any questions or assistance in creating your household account or with making a purchase, please contact Member Services at member_services@reston.org or 703-435-6530.



2024 RECREATION PASS PRICING (valid January 2 – December 31, 2024))

Great News! Reston Association Recreation Passes are now FREE to RA members as part of your annual assessment. There’s never been a better time to take advantage of all Reston Association has to offer. With your recreation pass, you can now discover a new favorite activity or brush up on old skills. Check out Reston’s 15 neighborhood pools; each one offers something special for the community, from lap lanes and hot tubs to water slides, spray parks and picnic areas. Visit any of our tennis or pickleball courts. Connect with old friends and make new ones by meeting new members. We hope this pass will allow you to get out any play this summer and experience all that Reston has to offer.



Visit: www.restonwebtrac.org to login or create your account. Please note new ‘WebTrac’ accounts may take 2 business days to verify before you can sign up or make any purchases. Passes ordered or renewed online will be shipped free of charge, or you can pick them up in person at Member Services.

You can also obtain or renew your pass by visiting us in person at Reston Association Headquarters 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191 Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. Please visit www.reston.org or call 703-435-6530 for Member Service Office hours




Adults (18+)



Children (ages 1-17)



Tennis Key Tag



All Member passes include unlimited access to pools, tennis courts, and pickleball courts






Individual Pass (all ages)



Family Pass (valid for entire household)




Complimentary ‘Companion Pass’ for persons with disabilities available by request.


All pass holders may bring guests to the courts and pools. Single guest passes valid for one day must be purchased at the admission desk at any RA pool or with a court monitor at one of the RA tennis/pickleball courts. Rules and regulations on court and pool access can be found by visiting https://www.reston.org/recreation-passes. GUEST PASS



Season-long Guest Pass (admits one guest)



Pool Access 5-Visit Guest Passes*

$40/adult $20/child

$40/adult $20/child

Court Access 5-Visit Guest Passes*

$40/punch pass

$40/punch pass

Pool Access Single Guest

$10/adult $5/child

$10/adult $5/child

Court Access Single Guest



*Punch passes can be used one at a time or all together. It SAVES you 20% over buying day-of singleWWW.RESTON.ORG guest passes.



Installment Plan

The 2024 annual assessment is $817 and continues to be a great value. In addition to other services and amenities, your assessment provides the following:

Reston Association offers an installment plan option, paid over six months. The first payment in the amount of $342 includes a one-time $25 administrative fee. Payment is due Jan. 1, 2024 and must be paid no later than March 1. Subsequent payments of $100 are due on the first day of each month through August.

Access to 15 attractive, clean, and safe outdoor swimming pools and 52 tennis courts* Maintenance of 1,350 acres of open space, including four lakes covering 125 acres as well as numerous ponds and streams. Maintenance of 35 tot lots, 30 multi-purpose courts, 15 picnic. pavilions/arbors, 22 ball fields, 31 parking lots, and 55 miles of pathways. This includes clearing the pathways of leaves and snow, and the upkeep of 107 bridges and 26 underpasses. Reforestation and the planting of thousands of native plants, shrubs and trees each year. Free or low-cost educational and recreational programs for all ages.

Methods of Payment Reston Association provides members with the following payment options in 2024: • An easy-to-use online member payment portal. https://reston.users.membersuite.com/home • By mail. Reston Association, Post Office Box 79248, Baltimore, MD 21279 • By phone 703-435-6530 ext. 2. Credit card and electronic check available. • Dropbox conveniently located at RA headquarters, 12001 Sunrise Valley Dr, Reston, VA 20191 Email our Member Services team at Member_Services@ reston.org or call 703-435-6530 ext 2 for additional information regarding 2024 assessment payments.

Design, maintenance and use covenants enforcement which help to protect property values. This and more information about the annual assessment can be found at our website: https://www.reston.org/assessment-overview

Fairfax County Tax Relief The 2024 RA annual assessment is $409 on a property whose owner participates in the Fairfax County Tax Relief Program. Eligibility is based on age (over 65), total disability and certain income criteria. If you are exempt from real estate taxation under this program you must send to RA the following: Your $409 payment with this assessment notice by March 1, 2024. A copy of your 2023 Fairfax County qualification notice no later than July 31, 2024. For information about this county program, please call the Fairfax County Office of Assessments at 703-222-8234.



WHAT IS COVENANTS ADMINISTRATION? Role and Purpose The mission of the Covenants Administration department is to promote and foster the attractiveness and quality of life of the Reston community by administering – fairly and consistently – the adopted guidelines and protective covenants related to the design, maintenance, and use of residential and certain commercial and non-residential properties. These properties include more than 21,000 residential lots, non-residential, commercial complexes, and open and recreational spaces.

Who to Contact To contact someone in the covenants department, please call 703-435-6530.

Covenants Advisors Each neighborhood or cluster under the RA umbrella has an assigned advisor that is responsible for the following: (1) processing applications submitted for design review, (2) answering questions related to inspections, (3) consulting if a proposed project meets cluster standards or design guidelines, and (4) liaising with cluster association sub-HOAs.

Resale Documents and Inspections Being member of a common interest community, all members are required to order a resale disclosure package when selling their home. This package includes the governing documents, resolutions, insurance, most recent approved budget, and the results of an exterior lot inspection to ensure the lot and contained improvements conform with RA protective covenants. Helpful information for buyers regarding the resale process and available resources can be found at: Reston Today - Purchasing in Reston • Need-to-Knows YouTube

Design Review Applications

Design Guidelines and Cluster Standards RA’s Design Guidelines provide general guidance on acceptable exterior modifications and establish application review levels. Design Guideline changes are proposed by the Design Review Board (DRB) and approved by the RA Board of Directors. Cluster standards are specific to each cluster, cover basic or unique elements, and must still adhere to the Design Guidelines. Cluster standards are proposed by each cluster association’s Board of Directors and approved by the DRB.

Affected Party The Reston Amended Deed affords any member who is materially impacted by the use or design of another Property to register as an Affected Party (AP) on an application being reviewed by the DRB. Any Affected Party may be heard by a DRB Panel; will receive notice of decisions and any subsequent actions taken by the DRB; will be sent notice of the Applicant’s appeal, if made; and may file his/her own appeal. Applications with an AP must be reviewed by either a Panel of the DRB or the Full Design Review Board.

Most exterior modifications will require review by and the approval of the DRB. DRB applications are generally reviewed for conformance with cluster standards and/ or applicable Design Guidelines. All DRB applications require at least three (3) signatures as required by the Reston Amended Deed. Single Family Detached homes (non-cluster) require three neighboring lot signatures. Cluster properties require a signature from each of the following: an adjacent lot, a lot within view, and a cluster association board officer.



WHAT IS COVENANTS ADMINISTRATION? Cluster and Condo or Reston Association – Who is Responsible? Cluster or Condominium Associations are discrete and independent entities that are members of RA. Each association has its own set of governing documents, board of directors, rules and regulations, assessments, and services (trash, landscaping, plowing, etc.) provided. Most needs of members in these associations will be under the purview of the association’s board of directors, not RA. However, since RA is the master association, all members are required to adhere to not only their cluster associations rules and regulations, but also RA’s protective covenants. Most cluster associations defer enforcement of non-compliance issues to RA.

Resale At the request of the seller (or the seller’s agent), the resale package order will include an exterior lot inspection. Since this inspection is requested by the owner, notification of our intent to inspect is not required. However, staff is required to complete the inspection and deliver the package within fourteen (14) days of the request.

Post DRB Performed after notification of a completed DRBapproved project is submitted or eighteen (18) months after the date of the approval of an application (whichever comes first) to check for compliance with the conditions of approval. Most members submit photographs of the completed project, which is helpful.

A large majority of single family detached homes are not lots within cluster associations and therefore fall directly under RA’s protective covenants.

Types of Inspections Conducted RA staff conducts four types of inspections. All inspections (except for resales) require fourteen (14) days written notice prior to conducting the inspection. They include:

Complaints As a result of a formal written complaint by a RA member (complainant) related to an alleged violation, staff will provide fourteen (14) days’ notice of intent to inspect. Results of that inspection are then provided to the owner and the complainant and potentially referred to RA’s Covenants Committee.

Walkthroughs Walkthrough inspections are cluster-wide inspections of all member properties, including cluster associationowner property. Cluster associations request and qualify for walkthroughs and Covenants Staff works closely with cluster associations to prepare members and ensure timely notification of the inspection(s).



HOW TO GET INVOLVED IN RESTON Join Volunteer Reston Volunteer Reston is a part of Reston Association and is comprised of community members who come together to complete various projects to improve our surroundings while enhancing the quality of life for all Restonians. Our mission is to build upon RA’s services and programs by matching the talents of individuals and groups to engaging projects and endeavors.

Why Volunteer? Volunteers play a critical role in helping Reston grow. Whether you are hoping to meet new neighbors, spend time with friends, learn new skills, make a positive impact in your community or complete school service hours, Volunteer Reston has something for everyone. RA volunteers are all ages. They possess a wide range of skill levels and personalities. Volunteers include senior citizens, corporate teams, faith-based groups, families, college students, retirees, scouts and youth. Volunteer Reston has many different volunteer types including from year-round, seasonal, students, environmental, corporate groups and those interested in special events. There are several ways to get involved. Some events happen frequently, whereas others happen on an annual or even one-time basis. Our recreational, environmental and administrative projects enable volunteers to meet other locals and learn more about Reston’s growing community.

Make a Positive Environmental Impact Reston is often praised for its trails, lakes and landscape. To preserve Reston’s natural beauty, regular maintenance is essential. Consider supporting habitat restoration, watershed cleanups and other workday projects by signing up for an upcoming opportunity. Opportunities include Habitat Heroes, stream monitoring, watershed cleanups, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Walker Nature Center events and other workdays.

Serve on RA Boards & Committees Reston Association’s boards and committees are where you can really immerse yourself in a cause or area that suits you. The Board of Directors is comprised of nine members, and elections to the board are held

annually. All members – homeowners and tenants – are encouraged to participate in the annual elections which are held in March. Like the Elections Committee and the Covenants Committee, the Design Review Board (DRB) is mandated by Reston’s Deed. The DRB is responsible for reviewing exterior alterations and improvements of properties. Application to join the DRB can be found at www.reston.org. Advisory committees are comprised of RA members who provide advice on association matters and perform such duties as may be requested by the Board of Directors. Each advisory committee meets generally once a month and is comprised of up to 15 members, a board member



HOW TO GET INVOLVED IN RESTON as a liaison and at least one RA staff liaison. Members are appointed to advisory committees for three-year terms. Find out more about these boards and committees and find applications to join at www.reston.org: § Board of Directors § Covenants Committee § Design Review Board § Elections Committee § Environmental Advisory Committee § Fiscal Committee § Parks & Recreation Advisory Committee § Lake Equity Working Group § Board Information Technology Committee

Join the Community Events Volunteer Team Reston Association frequently hosts community events throughout the year. These events allow Reston locals to meet, network, share stories and work together with camaraderie and stewardship. Community events include the Nature Center 5K, Halloween House & Trick-or-Treat Trail, Summer events, Cookies with Santa, Community Yard Sale, Spring Festival and many more.

Corporate Day of Service Volunteer Reston’s corporate volunteer program offers expertise in community service to corporations by creating customized, hands-on group volunteer projects that complement team building, leadership development and philanthropy initiatives. Through this program, RA staff will fully develop and coordinate all aspects of your company’s community service volunteer project. Corporate projects will go through the Friends of Reston, a 501(c)(3) organization established in 1999 to support the Reston Association in bringing valuable projects to the community. The group allows the association to tap into other resources to bring great community projects to fruition on our land, at our facilities and within our programs.

Students may be able to finish their service hours by handling shifts at community events, environmental projects, monthly service projects and community cleanups. This also includes scouting organizations that needs to complete a community service project. For more information about Volunteer Reston, please contact Ha Brock, Volunteer Reston Manager via email ha@reston.org or 703-435-7986.

Need Service Hours for School? Many students in Reston and the surrounding area are required to perform a specific number of community service hours for their course or school requirements. Volunteer Reston is a great way to fulfill these hours.






HOW TO RENT AN RA FACILITY Picnic Pavilion Plan outdoor private parties or weddings, group and corporate gatherings or family picnics at one of our seven affordable pavilions. Available for rent seven days a week from April through October. To search for availability, go to www. restonwebtrac.org and click on the Facility Rentals quick link. Contact Member Services: reservations@ reston.org or 703-435-6530 Full Day Rental Fees: Mon-Thu $100 Fri-Sun & Holidays $250

$165 $340

Dogwood 2460 Green Range Drive Size: 1,200 square feet § Spray and play water feature available April through October § Four picnic tables and a large built-in grill § Features ADA-accessible parking lot and picnic pavilion area § Parking shared with pool facility or at curbside § Restrooms available April-October

Golf Course Island North Shore Drive and Links Drive Size: 775 feet § Four picnic tables and one grill § Parklike setting with tot lot and a playground, both equipped with swings § Near a basketball court, trail, and plenty of open space § Pool restrooms available during open pool hours (Pool access is not included in pavilion reservation.)

Hunters Woods

Lake Anne

Corner of Steeplechase Drive and Reston Parkway Size: 842 square feet § Four picnic tables (two are ADAaccessible) and one grill § Ample parking shared with pool facility or at Hunters Woods Park § Pool restrooms available during open pool hours (Pool access is not included in pavilion reservation.) § Nearby basketball court, tot lot, and trail

11301 North Shore Drive Size: 900 square feet § Water spray fountain § Seven picnic tables, one large grill and one small § Restroom facility § Water and electricity § Tot lot, benches, trail, and ample parking, including curbside § Nearby basketball and volleyball courts not included in reservation Full Day: $165 $340 Half-Day*: $100 $190 *7 a.m.-2 p.m. or 3-10 p.m.

North Hills Center Harbor Road and North Village Road Size: 1,024 square feet § Nine picnic tables under cover and three large brick barbecue grills § Two portable restrooms § Electricity, water, lights, and a water fountain § Tot lot, ample parking and green space

Pony Barn Corner of Steeplechase Drive and Triple Crown Road Size: 2,006 square feet § Ten picnic tables and one small grill § Two portable restrooms § Parking available in 9 spaces or at curbside § Water fountain § Wood-chipped tot lot equipped with swings

Temporary Road Corner of North Shore Drive and Temporary Road Size: 892 square feet § Seven picnic tables and two small grills § Two portable restrooms § Parking available in 16 spaces or at curbside § Water fountain § Four benches and a swing set situated throughout the park § Large, level field excellent for group activities

Walker Nature Center — Pavilion 11450 Glade Drive Size: 576 sq. ft. 3 regular picnic tables and 1 ADA picnic table § Additional bench seating § Electricity and lights § Beautiful woodland setting § Parking available in lot and curbside. § ADA accessible, including parking § No grill. No amplified music. $35/hr. $50/hr. Contact 703-476-9689 ext 3 or naturecenter@reston.org

Walker Nature Center — Fire Ring Soapstone Drive between Glade Drive and Lawyers Road Located in the woodlands of the Walker Nature Center, the fire ring is a great place for comradery and s’mores! Renters supply their own wood and water to extinguish the fire. § Bench seating § 4 picnic tables § Small shelter § Curbside parking § No restrooms $25/hr. $35/hr. For profit/corporate fee: $50/hr. Contact 703-476-9689 ext 3 or naturecenter@reston.org



HOW TO RENT AN RA FACILITY RA Community Buildings Rent one of our indoor venues for your next event. Facilities are available to rent seven days a week. RA members in good standing are given priority in all facility rental requests. To search for availability, go to www.restonwebtrac.org and click on the Facility Rentals quick link. Contact Member Services: reservations@reston.org or 703-435-6530

Brown’s Chapel 1575 Brown’s Chapel Road Size: 914 square feet A very cozy and affordable facility close to home. Its tall ceilings provide excellent acoustics, and its park-like grounds offer a lovely setting. The facility has chairs to seat 50 people, three tables, restroom facilities, heating, air conditioning and ample parking. Rental Fees:



Glade Room 11550 Glade Drive Size: 881 square feet This facility is equipped with chairs to seat 75 people, four tables, restroom facilities, heating and air conditioning. Enjoy nearby facilities such as tennis courts, tot lot, and the Glade Pool. Rental Fees:


Walker Nature Center — Nature House 11450 Glade Drive Size: 664 square feet Located at the 72-acre Walker Nature Center, the Nature House multi-purpose room has a capacity of 60 people standing and 40 people seated. The facility is equipped with nine 6-foot tables, 60 folding chairs, restrooms, heat/air conditioning, microwave, sinks and serving counter. There are 23 parking spaces, plus additional curbside parking. Fully accessible with beautiful trails and pond for guests to enjoy. Optional adjacent pavilion rental. No DJs or loud music. For Walker Nature Center reservations, contact naturecenter@reston.org 703-476-9689 ext. 3. or Reston not-for-profit: $50/hr. or non-Reston not-for-profit: $75/hr. For profit/corporate: $100/hr.

The Lake House 11450 Baron Cameron Avenue Size: 1,490 square feet The Lake House, sponsored by Comstock, is Reston Association’s newest community building on Lake Newport. It is available for members and non-members year round. Rates: $175-$275/hr.* Weekday rates as low as $150 for members. *Weekend and non member rates higher*


Conference Center Presented by Toll Brothers 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive Size: 3 rooms, 832 square feet/room § Rooms can be combined for seating up to 80 guests. § Audio visual options & wireless internet § Corporate events § Community meetings § Workshops and conferences § Training programs § ADA parking, restrooms and doors

Ask us about our Wedding Package, including Brown’s Chapel. Available for: § Small to mid-sized weddings, engagement parties § Milestone birthday and anniversary parties § Family holiday gatherings § Corporate retreats and holiday parties § Private functions § Workshops, classes and conferences §

ADA parking



ACTIVITIES, PROGRAMS & EVENTS Something for Everyone Living in Reston is like living in a park. More than 1,350 acres of open space are maintained throughout the community, and a wide variety of facilities and programs offer year-round opportunities for fitness, fun and exploration. Fifty-five miles of paved pathways and natural surface trails connect our facilities, neighborhoods, schools and shopping, and they are perfect for walkers, joggers and bicyclists. More than 700 acres of forest, 50 meadows and four wetlands provide beautiful vistas and important habitat for local wildlife. Aquatic habitats include four lakes, three ponds and 20 miles of streams enjoyed by boaters and anglers.

Aquatics Reston Association owns and operates 15 outdoor seasonal pool facilities with a variety of amenities, including heated pools, spas, slides, diving boards, fountains and spray features. Recreation Passes are free for RA Members; non-members may purchase a 2024 Recreation Pass to enjoy our facilities. For more information on Recreation Passes options please visit www.reston.org/recreation-passes or purchase online at www.restonwebtrac.org. All pass holders are eligible to bring guests with them to the pools. There is something for everyone, including lap swimming, exercise, instruction and recreational swim so come visit our pools and programs that are “safe, clean, friendly and fun” for all ages and abilities.

Camps Celebrating our 50th Anniversary season, Reston Camps is the longest-operating camp program in our community. At Reston Camps, we explore nature, find new talents, try new activities, play games and make lasting friendships. We help children grow physically, emotionally, and socially with an emphasis on respect for themselves and others. At Reston Camps, we hire experienced staff with a passion for providing children with a rewarding and memorable experience. All staff receives extensive training in positive behavior support, child development, and child abuse training, as well as mandatory certification in CPR/First Aid/AED, a criminal background check and a Central Registry check. We pride ourselves in small group sizes and our safety and supervision exceed the minimum standards for child day centers, as required by the Virginia Department of Social Services. Generations of Restonians, from campers

to counselors, have participated in Reston Camps. Come play with us. For more information contact us at camp@reston.org.



ACTIVITIES, PROGRAMS & EVENTS Events The Events Department at Reston Association is dedicated to providing year-round programs, activities, and community events for all ages. Make your New Year’s Resolution come true at one of our wellness classes or summer stand-up-paddle events. Grab the family and check out our Movies in the Park, yard sales, Totally Trucks, and our many holiday events just to name a few. Looking for an adventure? We have a variety of 55+ activities and trips and even an Antique Roadshow. The benefits of recreation span every age and demographic component. Positive influences are immediate, long lasting and lifelong, and our Events Department is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all residents in our community. Check out our offerings at www.restonwebtrac.org.

Tennis With 50 outdoor tennis courts, 24 of those courts lighted for night play, Reston Association offers one of the most extensive tennis programs in the Washington metropolitan area. RA offers spring, summer and fall programming. The tennis program features Men’s and Women’s leagues, adult and junior group programs and private/semi-private lessons. NOTICE: Clay tennis courts are scheduled to open for play in Mid-April 2024.

Pickleball RA is proud to offer pickleball in all shapes and forms including, group lessons for teens and adults, private/ semi-private lessons and drop-in play to meet you fellow members. We have 4 lighted pickleball courts at Autumnwood Recreation with more blended lined courts in 2024.

Free Library, two streams and access to Lake Audubon. Its education building, known as Nature House, is LEED Gold certified by the U.S. Green Building Council. The WNC naturalists assist residents with questions about plants, wildlife, and green living. Look for seasonal special events and native plant sales. Popular youth programs include preschool activities, school field trips, STEAM days and nature camps. Adults enjoy DIY workshops, presentations, film nights and citizen science projects. Learn more by visiting the Nature Center, subscribing to its newsletter Branching Out, or following the WNC on Facebook. You will soon see why the WNC is a community treasure for people, plants and wildlife. Contact naturecenter@reston.org or 703-476-9689.

Walker Nature Center Address: 11450 Glade Drive. The Walker Nature Center is the heart of Reston’s 1,300 acres of open space and the home base for environmental education in Reston. Located on a 72acre woodland property, the WNC provides a variety of amenities and year-round programs for all ages. Its mission is to foster good environmental stewardship in the community. WNC features include a mile of loop trails, a picnic pavilion, fire ring, pond, native plant gardens, a Little



CONNECTING WITH RA RA Activities Guide Our quarterly guide provides members and non-members with a listing of all association programs and events as well as information about rentals, recreation passes and various seasonal recreational activities. Most listings provide codes that can be used to register or purchase products online at WebTrac. The guide is mailed to RA members and available online on our Issuu page. Go to https://issuu.com/restonassociation/ to read the online version of the guide.

Branching Out This publication is produced quarterly by the association’s Walker Nature Center and communications team. Branching Out focuses on local environmental and wildlife topics. It also provides a seasonal calendar of fun and educational activities. Branching Out can be downloaded at https://issuu.com/restonassociation/

RA News This electronic newsletter is emailed to approximately 8,500 subscribers for free every Friday. It includes news and notices regarding the association as well as links to events, meetings and Reston Today videos. We encourage all members keep informed by subscribing to RA News and following us on social media.

facebook.com/restonassociation youtube.com/restonassociation twitter.com/restononline www.instagram.com/restonassociation




Herndon High School

12000 Government Center Pkwy Fairfax, VA 22035 https://www.fairfaxcounty.gov Phone: 703-FAIRFAX (703-324-7329)

Herndon Middle School,

Fairfax County Police Department Reston District: 703-478-0904 Non-Emergencies: 703-691-2131 Emergencies: CALL 911

Reston Fire Station Non-Emergencies: 703-437-7575 Emergencies: CALL 911

Reston Hospital Center

Address: 700 Bennett St., Herndon, VA 20170 Phone: 703-810-2200

Address: 901 Locust St., Herndon, VA 20170 Phone: 703-904-4800

Reston Post Office 11110 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston, VA 20190 1-800-ASK-USPS® (800-275-8777) Phone: 703-689-9874 TTY: 877-889-2457

Cable TV

www.restonhospital.com Phone: 703-689-9000

Xfinity by Comcast Verizon DIRECTV®

Reston Schools


Hunters Woods Elementary School

Dominion Virginia Power

Address: 11411 Ridge Heights Rd, Reston, VA 20191 Phone: 703-390-5600


Terraset Elementary School

Fairfax County Water Authority


Address: 11411 Ridge Heights Rd, Reston, VA 20191 Phone: 703-390-5600


Sunrise Valley Elementary School

Washington Gas


Address: 10824 Cross School Rd, Reston, VA 20191 Phone: 703-715-3800


South Lakes High School

General Assembly Building Room 1001 Richmond, Virginia 23219 Office: 804-698-1007

Address: 11400 South Lakes Dr, Reston, VA 20191 Phone: 703-715-4500

Dogwood Elementary School Address: 12300 Glade Dr, Reston, VA 20191 Phone: 703-262-3100

Aldrin Elementary School Address: 11375 Center Harbor Rd, Reston, VA 20194 Phone: 703-904-3800

Langston Hughes Middle School Address: 11401 Ridge Heights Rd, Reston, VA 20191 Phone: 703-715-3600

Delegate Karen Keys-Gamarra (D-7th District)

Sen. Jennifer Boysko (D-38th District) General Assembly Building Room No: 613 Senate of Virginia Richmond, VA 23218 Phone: 804-698-7538

Walter L. Alcorn, Hunter Mill District Supervisor huntermill@fairfaxcounty.gov Phone: 703-478-0283




Central Services Facility

For general assistance, pay your assessment, activity registration, purchase a Guest Recreation Pass, or to reserve a facility:

Outdoor related assistance including open spaces, garden plots, pathways, lakes/streams/watersheds, tot lots: Address: 12250 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, VA 20190 Phone: 703-437-7658

Address: 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA 20191 Phone: 703-435-6530 Email: Member_Services@reston.org HOURS OF OPERATION Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Email: CSFstaff@reston.org

Walker Nature Center Nature and Environmental Education: Address: 11450 Glade Drive, Reston, VA 20191 Phone: 703-476-9689 Email: NatureCenter@reston.org

RA Management If you would like to contact Reston Association management, please call our main number at 703-435-6530 or email below: MAC CUMMINS, AICP, CEO RA-CEO@RESTON.ORG












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