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Annual Report

Change and Opportunity

Table of Contents Letter from the President


Board of Directors 2013-2014


Strategic Plan 2012-2016


Change and Opportunity


2014 = 50/100


2014 Committees


Highlights and Accomplishments


Volunteer Reston


Volunteer of the Year


Volunteer Group of the Year


Community Partner of the Year


Looking Ahead


Friends of Reston


Community Partners


2014 Financial Statements


Vision: Leading the model community where all can Live, Work, Play and Get Involved™. Mission: To preserve and enhance the Reston community through outstanding leadership, service and stewardship of our resources. Core Values: Service, Collaboration, Stewardship, Innovation, Leadership

Letter from the President Change and Opportunity is not just a catchy buzz phrase we used in our five year strategic plan but instead a true thought process highlighting the prospect for smart growth and renewal of Reston. As we celebrated our 50th anniversary last year, we did so with tangible illustrations of change in the background; arrival of the Metro Silver Line, final construction of the Harrison apartment community, and Phase 2 of the Fairfax County Master Plan underway. Those events, and many more, highlight the transformation Reston is undergoing, and we, at the Reston Association are committed to ensuring RA promotes the essential elements of Reston as standards for the development, redevelopment, and revitalization of our community.


Reston was built on the concept of involvement and we’ve worked hard in the past year to provide ample opportunity for our members to participate in all levels of RA activity – and the efforts are paying off. We’ve seen an increase in the number of members and homeowners attending RA events. We’ve had great attendance at the Expo, community forums, and Newcomers’ Night and numerous cluster board members attended the workshops. There is renewed interest in participating in committees, giving members and homeowners a greater voice in Reston’s governance. As we experience alterations to Reston we are confident that we have given members a voice by providing forums to express views. With so many growth issues facing Reston, there have been wonderful dialogues on bike paths, pathway lighting, snow removal, and the use of open space or Common Area.

As we continue to experience modifications to the land around us, RA instituted a formal structure to govern the process of providing input and comment on development/ redevelopment projects in Reston. Land Use Resolution 1; Procedures for Comment on Development/ Redevelopment Projects in Reston provides a Reston development review for RA Covenants Land zoned PRC. This inclusive process, which includes research, outreach, community presentations, and opportunities for input early in the development stages, enabling all residents to share their thoughts and feedback on projects built in Reston. With the arrival of the Silver Line last year, the number of potential ventures coming to our back yard will only continue to increase.

Not all change is externally motivated, however, as RA is preparing for the future by taking advantage of an opportunity before us. Currently, RA members are participating in a referendum to authorize the purchase of the Tetra property, inclusive of land and improvements, located at 11450 Baron Cameron Avenue, Reston, VA 20190 in the North Point District as an addition to Common Area. If acquired, the Association would keep the existing building footprint and focus on renovating the building’s interior to accommodate indoor community and recreational uses. As Reston continues to grow, RA wants to ensure we have the facilities and programming available to meet the needs of current and future residents.

Change and opportunity or growth and progress, however you want to look at it, is how we are planning for the future of Reston. In this annual report, you can see the evidence of that activity and how we are working with you to make Reston great. We are proud of our 50+ year history and know we have the tools, the ideas, and the people to make the next 50 years even better.

President, Reston Association


Board of Directors 2013-2014


Ken Knueven - President At-Large Representative BODKnueven@reston.org or kknueven@hotmail.com

Michael R. Sanio - Secretary At-Large Representative bodmichaelsanio@reston.org or Michael.R.Sanio@gmail.com

Richard Chew South Lakes District directorchew@reston.org or rc4ra@c2va.com

Ellen Graves - Vice President Apartment Owners Representative BODgraves@reston.org

John Higgins - Treasurer BODHiggins@reston.org or jdhiggins3@gmail.com

Dannielle LaRosa North Point District BODLaRosa@reston.org

Rachel Muir At-Large Representative BODmuir@reston.org

Eve Thompson Lake Anne-Tall Oaks District BODthompson@reston.org

Lucinda Shannon Hunters Woods/Dogwood District BODshannon@reston.org

Jeff Thomas At-Large Representative BODthomas@reston.org

Cate Fulkerson Chief Executive Officer cate@reston.org


Reston Association Strategic Plan 2012-2016 Change and Opportunity

To promote the Essential Elements of Reston as standards for the development, redevelopment and revitalization of our community.


Community Leadership & Engagement

To be the leader, representing Reston’s interests, promoting partnerships and fostering community involvement.

Programs & Services

To provide high quality programs and services to meet the needs of the Reston community.

Sustainability & Community Viability

To effectively manage all resources, resulting in a sustainable and viable community.


To actively meet the needs of our members, staff and community through the effective use of technology.


Change and Opportunity 2014 was a big year for Reston Association specifically, but also for Reston in general. In addition to a multitude of other activities, RA turned 50. Reston founder, Robert E. Simon Jr. turned 100 and after much anticipation, the Metro Silver Line arrived at Wiehle-Reston East Station. The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) helped Restonians celebrate the 50th anniversary of Reston by participating in a low cost home energy check-up with $10 of every check up being donated to the Friends of Reston. The LEAP partnership enabled Reston residents to make their homes more energy efficient while also reducing their carbon footprint and impact on the local environment. As a result of this year long partnership, the Friends of Reston received $2,480. A side effect of turning 50 is having facilities which are also 50 years old, or close to it. The Pony Barn, located at the corner of Steeplechase Drive and Triple Crown Road, has been a recreational facility of the Reston community since 1969.


Since its original conveyance to Reston Association, the pavilion has undergone many changes. As part of the 2014/2015 budget development process, RA staff recommended updating or changing the use of the Pony Barn Pavilion and investigating what other uses may be feasible for the site. The RA Board of Directors allocated $30,000 in the 2014 capital budget for this work and a working group of Reston community members began the process to determine the future of the Pony Barn. The working group recommends that these parks be refreshed rather than repurposed. Specifically, the parcel north of Triple Crown Road should remain a picnic pavilion and playground for families and children. It should be on a par with the other rental picnic facilities in Reston. The Butterfly meadow should continue to support wildlife without human interference. However, both parcels could benefit by improvement. The 2016-2017 budget will incorporate the ideas and findings of the working group.

Phase I of the new Silver Line opened to the public on Saturday, July 26 and with a large parking structure, state of the art bike room, Kiss & Ride, and bus service, the new Metro station is accessible to everyone trying to take advantage of this new means of transportation. The Silver Line is a 23-mile extension of the Metrorail system, which will be operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority from East Falls Church to Washington Dulles International Airport. The extension will serve the Reston-Herndon area, the state’s second largest employment concentration. It will provide a one-seat ride from Dulles International Airport to downtown Washington. The project includes 11 stations. It will be built in two phases. Phase 1, which opened on July 26, 2014, runs from East Falls Church to Wiehle Avenue on the eastern edge of Reston. Phase 2 will run from Wiehle Avenue into eastern Loudoun County and is tentatively scheduled to open in 2018.

2014 = 50/100 April 2014 was one month of celebrating as Reston celebrated its 50th Anniversary and Robert E. Simon Jr. Reston’s founder, turned 100, with Virginia’s Governor joining Mr. Simon as part of a special Founder’s Day Celebration at Lake Anne. The premiere of “The Reston Story”, a documentary film by Storycatcher Productions, was enjoyed by hundreds of Restonians at the Reston Community Center. This film captured the storied history of Reston, and Bob Simon’s quest to create a community where all could Live, Work, Play, and Get Involved™.

On Reston’s Arbor Day, nature center and environmental resource staff teamed up with 100 volunteers and Friends of Reston to plant 50 trees for Reston’s 50th Anniversary. Reston Association recognized the winners of the My Community video contest at the Annual Members’ Meeting on April 8. Winners of the contest, celebrating Reston’s 50th anniversary, were selected based on how well their three-minute amateur videos captured why they love to live, work, play or get involved in Reston. The contest was jointly sponsored by Reston Community Center, Reston Association and former RA CEO Vicky Wingert.

Contest winners were:

Trisha Holman-Pierce: Life as a Reston Canine  Grand Prize  Juliette Rossant: Moon Viewing Platform  2nd Place  Emily Marquet: Leave that Little Old Farm Market Alone  Honorable Mention  Elizabeth Scheurer: Reston Mural Movie  Honorable Mention  Taylor Mauceri: Reston: A Place to Live  Honorable Mention  Steve Jones: Why Our Family Loves Reston  Honorable Mention


2014 Committees 55+ Advisory

Committee Co-chairs: Liz Bolton and Barbara LaRock Members: Lee Albritton, Karen Brutsche, Bonnie Elliott, Cyndee Hochstrasser, Sigrid Jackman, Lynette Jacobs, Connie Rudacille, Virginia Vennett and Pat Williams Board Liaison: Ellen Graves

Community Engagement Advisory

Co-chairs: Colin Mills Members: Bobbi Beck, Bryan Brown, Charles Dorfeuille, Gina Felix, Linda Grabowski, Dr. Rengin Morro, Carol Nahorniak, Matthew Reider, Marisa Yoneyama and Mengbai Zhong Board Liaison: Ellen Graves


Chairs: Victor Van Rees (January–November), Don Schaefer (November–December) Vice Chair: Kara Wills Members: Bryan Brown, Eileen DuBose, Charlie Hoffman, Rosie Sjamsubahri and Jay Thiery Board Liaison: Eve Thompson Legal Counsel: Wil Washington Alternate Legal Counsel: Dan Streich


Design Review Board

Chair: Joe Enrico Vice Chairs: Barbara Byron, Richard Newlon, and Neal Roseberry Members: Ed Abbott, Graham Farbrother, Nelson Kirchner, John Kauppila and Mike Miller Board Liaisons: Rachel Muir and Eve Thompson


Chair: Ed Robichaud Members: Caren Anton, Michael Gandolfo, Mark Stalcup and Sam Stalcup


Chair: Ken Knueven Members: Richard Chew, Cate Fulkerson, Dannielle LaRosa and Eve Thompson Legal Counsel: Ken Chadwick

Parks & Recreation Advisory

Members: Aaron Diamond, Charles Dorfeuille, Tyrone Gillum, Karen Marginot, Caren Penso and Mary Shedlock Board Liaisons: Rachel Muir and Jeff Thomas

Pedestrian & Bicycling Advisory

Chair: Kelley Westenhoff Vice Chair: Burton Griffith Members: James Cardona, Craig Clark, Dan Kole, Rick Landers, Emily McGrath, Doug Pew, Rory Rowan, B.J. Silvey, Joe Stowers and Nicole Wynands Board Liaison: Lucinda Shannon

Environmental Advisory

Tennis Advisory Committee


Transportation Advisory

Chair: Sue Beffel Vice Chair: Irwin Flashman Members: Ramon Bonzon, Freya De Cola, Pascale Malka Farmer, Melissa Gildea, Ben Perchik and Eric Weinstein Board Liaisons: Rachel Muir and Michael Sanio

Chair: Shawn Endsley Members: Bart Astor, Frank Boucher, Brian Grega, Mark Steppel, Robert Swartz and Michael Werner Treasurer: John Higgins Board Liaisons: Michael Sanio and Dannielle LaRosa

Chair: JoAnn Baynes Members: Sridhar Ganesan, Heather Maclellan, Tyrone Gillum, Elaine Killoran, Rachel McCarthy and Joanna Tepper Board Liaison: Jeff Thomas Staff Liaison: Mary Conaway

Chair: Kathryn Martin Vice Chair: John Bowman Members: Timothy Donohue, Robert Finkelstein, Joe Leighton, Michael Martin, John Mossgrove, Patty Nicoson, Richard Rogers, Robert Stein, Joe Stowers and Sterling Wheeler Board Liaison: Lucinda Shannon


Highlights and Accomplishments Administration & Human Resources

Employee participation in the RA Wellness Program continues to net meaningful results. Over 70% of employees attended the annual benefits and wellness fair, and 56% of employees received a wellness screening in the Kaiser mobile health van, resulting in our claims experience figures and impact to our health insurance premiums being well below market average for the second year in a row. RA was recognized by the Washington Business Journal for the fourth consecutive year as one of the Washington Metropolitan Area’s healthiest employers. We are proud of this designation and look forward to continuing to strive for this recognition this year with new high impact, creative and low cost wellness initiatives to both build a culture of wellness and actively engage our team.


Sourcing and hiring qualified talent is always a focus for the HR team. In 2014, our rehire rate was an impressive 83% for seasonal staff which resulted in reduced sourcing and training costs. We also benefited from our growth and development focus by filling newly created roles and roles left vacant by exiting staff with internal talent. Twelve individuals were promoted in 2014. Our tenure for full time staff continues to demonstrate the significant bench strength and knowledge available within the organization with average tenure an incredible eight years.


Reston Association pool pass holders visited the pools almost 150,000 times and brought along over 5,000 guests. With the change for the one-day adult guest fee to $10 per person aquatics staff was better able to track the number of adult vs. child guests coming to the pools.


Children accounted for 1,516 paid visits compared to the 744 by adults. Glade and Lake Newport were the most popular pools for child guests while Uplands was the most popular for adults. Through our continued partnership with Southgate Community Center, their campers enjoyed another year of fee-waived pool visits and participated in on-site water safety presentations by RA staff. Reston Aquatics partnered with the Fairfax County Y–Reston on two athletic events this summer, the fourth annual Reston Kids’ Triathlon and the Inaugural Reston Relay Triathlon, which included 292 athletes and 103 teams of three, respectively. 16

Group swim lessons had over 760 instances of participation while private swim lessons served an additional 267 families. Reston Aquatics staff also participated in a survey about Aquatic Fitness classes in the hopes to expand this offering in future years. Paperless program evaluations were implemented in 2014 to provide easy feedback opportunities for our members and to enable us to be good stewards of our natural resources. Capital and maintenance projects completed in 2014 include: • Installation of a pool-side chair lift at Golf Course Island

• • •

Replacement of the Newbridge Pool circulation and filtration equipment Replacement of the North Shore spa heater White coat and partial deck replacement at Lake Newport pool

Communications & Community Engagement

During the event, cluster board members were recognized for their service and cluster events were highlighted for their impact on the community.

which walked participants through the process of submitting a Design Review Board (DRB) application plus answered other resident questions.

Continued focus on sharing the benefits of using the RA Conference Center has increased revenue by almost 60% over 2013.


Assembled and distributed almost 1,000 “Official Welcome to Reston Packets” to walk-ins, realtors and apartment complexes providing new residents with all they need to become engaged members.

RA illustrated its commitment to the community through participation in the Thanksgiving Food Drive (Reston Community Center and Cornerstones), Gifts for Kids(Cornerstones), and the Winter Coat Closet (Cornerstones).

To continue our efforts to engage our members when and where it was most convenient to them, RA participated in numerous community outreach activities including: Multifamily housing outreach through on-site voting opportunities & events, Cluster Events – Island Walk Block Party, Cluster Board Meetings and Community Cleanups, Founders Day, GRACE Fine Arts Festival, Older Americans Month joint event with Reston Community Center, Taste of Reston, Metro Workshop and Open House, National Night Out and SLHS Block Party.

Residents and visitors who wanted to share their pride in Reston were able to purchase RA merchandise including 50th Anniversary t-shirts, polos and coffee mugs generating $4,016 in revenue in 2014.

Celebrate Reston, formerly known as Spring Fling, brought cluster board members and RA staff together for an engaging and enlightening evening of round table discussions on a variety of property management topics.

Exhibitors from 25 different firms and over 160 attendees took part in the 2014 Reston Home & Garden Expo in October. From interior designers to tree specialists and everything in between, Reston homeowners could talk to experts and make appointments to have necessary work done in their homes. As well, the RA Covenants staff presented a timely and well received workshop entitled “Let Covenants Work for You”

Staff is helping to create a path for a paperless future as many of the transactions can be managed in a digital format. The following improvements have been made: Implementation of electronic resale disclosure documents, legal committee meetings held with digital/on-line meeting materials, and Covenants Committee meetings held with digital/on-line meeting materials. Staff assisted over two dozen clusters through the process of updating their cluster standards. Consistent review of design specifications is highly encouraged to be sure the clusters’ information agrees with RA’s records, and that all product information is correct and the products are still available. To strengthen relationships and provide education and resources to preserve their neighborhoods, RA staff attended Cluster meetings at Hillcrest, Walden, Solar Ridge, Vintage Place, Mediterranean Villa and Weatherstone.


In September, the Covenants staff helped coordinate the Parking Workshop where residents participated in an interactive dialogue focused on the parking issues, concerns and restrictions many clusters are facing. Ken Chadwick, Chadwick, Washington, Moriarity, Elmore & Bunn, P.C., presented, along with Paul Davis Jr. from the office of Supervisor Cathy Hudgins and Katy Defoe with the Fairfax County Police Department. Also on hand were officers from Traffic Enforcement and the Towing Coordinator office. Residents were able to ask questions of the panelists as well as talk with one another about how they handle issues in their own clusters. The Covenants Department helped to organize and host a focus group sponsored by Atrium Environmental and Safety Services, LLC, who was commissioned by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development to receive feedback on the production of the publication, Rebuild Healthy Homes, a guide to post-disaster restoration for a safe and healthy home. This guide is intended to be a valuable tool for future disaster victims and the people who help them recover. Several RA residents, staff, board and committee members participated, offering feedback, opinions and suggestions to improve the final publication and its method of distribution.


Environmental Resources

This tall, flowering invasive shrub has taken over about ten acres of RA open space. After removing some of the large and young Double-file Viburnums, the volunteers planted 20 native trees and shrubs donated by Fairfax ReLeaf.

The Habitat Heroes program was a huge success in 2014. Volunteers helped beautify the Oldfield tot-lot in south Reston by removing gigantic bush honeysuckle shrubs. This is a long-term project as this plant has invaded this patch of woods along the W&OD for many years. Every year the Habitat Heroes pull English Ivy somewhere in Reston to help open the forest floor to native plants. In 2014, volunteers helped save a patch of native Mayapples from the encroaching English ivy in the Sanibel Drive natural area.

Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC), a company based in Reston, donated a DRB approved recycling bin. The bin was installed at the Temporary Road Pavilion. GMAC staff also volunteered an afternoon to pick up trash around the pavilion.

The second annual Garlic Mustard Challenge brought in about 950 pounds of this noxious weed which can quickly dominate a forest floor, out-competing many native species.

Volunteers from AmeriCorps joined Habitat Heroes to remove various invasive trees and shrubs from the woods between the Golf Course Island garden plots near Putter Lane. This group of hard working volunteers, which also included other seasoned and new Habitat Heroes made a positive impact to this patch of woods. RA celebrated NeighborWoods Month with volunteers pulling the invasive Double-file Viburnum from the woods at Old Trail Drive.

To help educate members and answer frequently asked questions, RA developed a Boat Guide and members were also able to make boat permit purchases online for the first time. RA developed a Natural Areas violation resolution to help protect RA’s open space and to further safeguard Reston’s coveted open space, RA stabilized over 125 feet of shoreline with coir fiber biologs at Lake Anne and Lake Audubon. RA organized stream cleanups, lake cleanups and kids fishing events reaching over 500 members.

Finance & IT

The Finance Department reviewed its internal process and worked collaboratively with members to reduce the number of member accounts sent to collection by 29% from the prior year.

Finance streamlined its processes and developed a new budgeting tool resulting in a shorter monthly closing and reporting time frame. To streamline their work and improve efficiency while in the field; and to improve access to critical documents and photos while maintaining confidentiality for our members, IT equipped the Covenants staff with mobile technology. In collaboration with staff from the Human Resources and Parks and Recreation departments, IT identified a new survey software solution and deployed it for the Association in 2014.


The solution is being utilized by several departments to obtain internal and external feedback on programs and services and to conduct research and analysis on those findings. IT was able to take advantage of a significant opportunity by relocating its server hardware to a more convenient facility with better capability for future growth for the organization’s IT assets in a secured environment.

Parks & Recreation

RA staff and representatives from Fairfax County, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries, and the Virginia Department of Forestry provided the RA Board of Directors an update on deer management activities at the state and county level, as well as reporting on the status of deer hunting applications in Reston. 20

The information included a review of deer management techniques that are being used, as well as some experimental techniques currently not available for use by communities. RA hosted two Healthy Community Design Workshops featuring Mark Fenton, a renowned expert on active design, to encourage healthier communities and the use of walking and biking in redevelopment. Mr. Fenton led very engaging discussions on the facts behind why active design makes sense and highlighted some of the relatively easy changes new development and redevelopment can incorporate to make those projects more physically and socially meaningful.

RA Camps

RA Camps celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2014 by serving 1,443 campers in eleven programs for children ages 3-16 and having 52 teens participating in the Counselor-InTraining Program. To ensure more Reston children had access to RA Camps, $27,390 in program fee assistance was provided to 35 campers to cover a discounted registration fee, transportation and a camp t-shirt. Field trips in 2014 included the Museum of Natural History, the National Zoo, Sandy Point State Park, the National Geographic Museum, laser tag, Franklin Farms, and Massanutten Water Park.

Reston Tennis

Reston’s Junior Team Tennis program at all levels continue to win their divisions and have grown exponentially. In 2014, Reston Tennis had close to 100 junior players in the 10 & Under and 8 & Under leagues. In October, RA hosted a Rally for the Cure round robin to raise funds for breast cancer. Partnering with Faithful Warrior Yoga, all players stretched out before hand and received more information about prevention and healthy living. Reston Tennis sold out its annual US Open bus trip to watch the pinnacle event in US Tennis.

Special Events

Members were invited to participate in over 100 events for all ages, including a number of bicycle related events; Bicycle Safety Rodeo, a Board Led Bike Ride, a Thanksgiving Day Bike Ride, and a Bike Tour to see all the holiday lights. Reston Association was also the lead organization for Bike to Work Day. This regional effort encourages commuters to forego automobiles and bike to work. The new location was the Plaza at the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station. Despite torrential downpours, more than 200 cyclists rode to the Plaza, saving fuel and getting great exercise as benefits.


Staff worked with Fairfax County Department of Transportation to provide a hands-on learning experience to teach senior adults the benefits of using the local bus system as well as how to take Metrorail from the new Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail station. RA offered monthly senior bus trips to destinations including New York City, The Kennedy Center, Toby’s Dinner Theater, The National Gallery of Art, National Harbor, and The Strathmore Music Center. Staff coordinated events for children including pirate themed parties, teddy bear picnics, a Barnyard Bash, and Totally Trucks, reaching over 800 participants and their families. 22

Walker Nature Center

On Reston’s Arbor Day, nature center and environmental resource staff teamed up with 100 volunteers and Friends of Reston to plant 50 trees for Reston’s 50th Anniversary. The native trees were planted in three locations (Pegasus Lane, Fieldview Drive and Autumnwood Drive) where they will continue to add beauty to the landscape and provide environmental benefits for the next 50 years and beyond. On this special occasion, Reston received an award from the Virginia Department of Forestry and the Arbor Day Foundation for being certified as a Tree City USA for 25 years. Also in celebration of Reston’s 50th Anniversary, the nature center participated in the Founder’s Day celebration at Lake Anne Plaza where

Friends of Reston raffled a handcrafted guitar made by RA Capitol Projects Manager Paul Priestley from wood found on the nature center property. Scenes from the Reston 50 film were shot on location at Nature House, and a Reston Nature Birthday Party was held for our youngest, preschool Restonians. The nature center welcomed a new mascot, Walker the Woodpecker, following a community wide vote conducted in partnership with Friends of Reston. The bird with the most votes was the Pileated Woodpecker. In October, the RA Board passed a resolution naming it Reston’s Official Bird. Special events at the nature center continued to draw strong attendance, including Spring Festival, the summer Energy Fair in partnership with Sustainable Reston,

the winter Holiday Open House and the ever popular Halloween House and Trick-or-Treat Trail, now in its 17th year. Tickets for all four of the Halloween event times sold out in one hour with sales up by 3%. The nature center piloted the first ever sessions of afternoon Nature Tots camp. The sessions filled and will be expanded in 2015. There was also a 22% increase in adult programming, including several programs in partnership with Reston Community Center, Sustainable Reston, and the RA 55+ committee. Total reach of the nature center, including program participants, drop-in visitors, meeting attendees and private rental groups climbed to a record high of 26,362, which was a 3% increase from last year.


Volunteer Reston

Volunteer Resource for the Reston Community Volunteer Reston strengthens the Reston community through volunteerism, providing a powerful tool for bringing the diverse elements of our community together. The mission of Volunteer Reston is to enhance Reston Association’s services and programs by matching the varied talents of individuals and groups of all ages, interests and skills, with a variety of engaging and challenging projects and endeavors in the Reston community. Volunteers range in ages, come from diverse ethnic backgrounds, and have a multitude of skill levels. We live in a community full of generous people who are willing to work to make Reston what it is today. Our volunteers all have one thing in common; they care about the Reston community. Without them, the association could not provide all the high-quality programs, facilities, and services it currently delivers to our members.


Volunteer Reston Highlights:

This past year projects included cleaning our streams, lakes and natural areas; assisting at community festivals and special events; Arbor and Earth Day at the Walker Nature Center; removing invasive plants and planting native species; monitoring streams; and more. We worked with church groups, corporations, small businesses, non-profits, schools, clubs, civic organizations, families and individuals. Some of these volunteers and groups have been involved with RA for many years. They participate in one-time events or ongoing like Board, Committee, or in an advisory capacity. In 2014, 356 volunteers donated 1,068 hours to Environmental Resource Projects alone. These projects include: Habitat Heroes, Garlic Mustard Challenge, Earth Day, Arbor Day, Potomac River Watershed, fall and lake cleanups.


Fall Stream Cleanup Arbor Day Tree Planting Project 82 volunteers planted 50 trees in honor of Reston’s 50th Anniversary at 3 sites in Reston.


Just a few of the programs and events volunteers are involved in: • MLK Day of Service at Southgate Community Center • 5K Fund Run/Walk to benefit Nature House • Eagle Scout Projects • NOVA Fine Arts Festival • FIDO Dispenser • Adopt-a-Spot Program • Reston Kids’ Triathlon • Summer Special Events • Bruno Barnyard Bash • Multicultural Festival • Senior Movie Day at RTC • Board of Directors • Advisory Committees • Habitat Heroes Projects • Administrative/Clerical Support • Natural/Stream Cleanup • Bluebird Nestbox Monitors • Stream Monitoring Program

• • • • • •

Halloween House & Trick-or-Treat Trail Spring Festival Wildlife Counts Bicycle Safety Rodeo Garlic Mustard Challenge Garden Plot Coordinators

For more information on Volunteer Reston “Like” us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/ VolunteerReston.

Corporate Volunteer Program

Our Corporate Volunteer Program engages Reston’s businesses and corporations by providing a unique team-building opportunity for employees through hands-on service projects.

58 volunteers cleaned 2 miles of stream and collected 55 bags of trash, 23 of which we were able to recycle. The cleanup effort took place at Snakeden Branch Upper, Cedar Ridge, Great Owl Circle and Nature House.

Reston Association is grateful for the continued support of businesses and corporations who make time to work on a wide variety of projects that make Reston great. Corporate service opportunities range from a small group of a half a dozen to a large-scale cleanup, beautification and invasive plant removal projects engaging over 100 volunteers. Our corporate volunteer activity: 2014 was our 6th year hosting Deloitte IMPACT Day for 95 volunteers at Southgate Community Center. Deloitte gave Southgate Community Center a face-lift inside and outside. Our partnerships continues with: Clarke, comScore, Software AG, and CA Technologies. ComScore staffed Bruno’s Barnyard Bash and Clarke conducted a stream and natural area cleanup at Snakeden Branch Upper.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service Volunteers participated in a beautification project, organized books in the library, and made bagged lunches for the Embry Rucker Community Shelter.

Software AG participated in the Arbor Day Tree Planting event and CA Technologies won the Garlic Mustard Challenge. In celebration of Earth Day employees from The Merritt Group, Maid Bright, and Hidden Lane Landscaping planted natives and shrubs at the Walker Nature Center. Thank you to our “Corporate Day of Service” Partners: • Deloitte • Fannie Mae • comScore • Northrup Grumman • Sprint • CareFusion • Maid Brigade • Clarke • Software AG

• CA Technologies • The Merritt Group • Maid Bright • Hidden Lane Landscaping • EnviroSolutions • Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) The following five scouts have demonstrated leadership, ingenuity, and persistence through their Eagle Scout Projects: Jonathan Lee – Hunters Woods I Garden Plot Pathway – Making the community gardens a safe place for gardeners.

“Mission Possible” 20 campers from St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Reston participated in a Habitat Heroes Project at Colts Neck Natural Areas.

William Howard – Old Trail Natural Area Restoration – Helped restore a degraded patch of woods and installed 20 native trees to help restore the natural area. Gavin Casey – Glade Stream Valley Natural Area Restoration – installed water bars to reduce erosion and installed native trees, shrubs and ground covers to restore the natural area. Michael Uhrig- Lima Drainage ImprovementInstalling a wooden water diversion, removing debris, and re-defining a drainage swale on Reston Association property behind Lima Lane.

Austin LaRock – Westhills Natural Area Restoration – Installed an erosion control biology and rock wall barrier along the drainage swale and next to the concrete storm water culvert to reduce erosion. 27

Reston Association Volunteer of the Year Mark Elder

Mark Elder has volunteered his time as a tennis instructor the last two years. He fills the gaps and works interchangeably with RA staff instructors. He has shown superior ability to run group drills and work individually with class members who need special attention, especially when it comes to serving and ground strokes. He is also quite skilled at coaching tactics and point construction. He brings great creditability to the Reston community and has helped make the High School Tennis Development Program such a showcase. The program was so popular by June 2014 that we decided to add a separate Junior Varsity Development program which also filled up quickly. This program is designed for elite junior players who already play at the varsity level for their schools or while in 7th or 8th grade demonstrated the skill level to play at the varsity level when they enter high school.


Mark gives his time willingly, energetically and consistently to the youth tennis community to ensure programs like this and many others are successful. Given the nature of tennis instruction with its life-long learning process, it is a journey, not a destination. Since Mark is a student of the game and volunteer instructor, he keeps abreast of racquet technology and the latest internet videos on all tennis strokes. Most importantly, he has filmed iPad videos of students including side-by-side comparisons in slow motion with top professionals. To make this possible, he devotes a considerable amount of time off the court to edit and create these images. His efforts have clearly helped make RA’s elite junior programs first class. Mark Elder incredibly deserves to be named as our 2015 Volunteer of the Year.


Reston Association Volunteer Group of the Year Senior Movie Day Volunteers Laura & John Cole, Pat Coshland, Michelina Johnson Kurt McJilton, Otto & Rosemarie Tubito This dynamic group of senior volunteers are the backbone of Senior Movie Day at Reston Town Center Bow-Tie Cinemas the 4th Wednesday of each month. Laura & John Cole, Pat Coshland, Michelina Johnson, Kurt McJilton, and Otto & Rosemarie Tubito serve coffee, orange juice, donuts, greet participants, arrive early to set up, and stay after to help break down. Kurt reaches out to this group of volunteers each month to confirm their availability. These volunteers arrive before any of the 250-400 seniors to help unload the truck and set-up the tables, food and registration area.  


This group puts in 150 hours annually and has been volunteering at Senior Movie Day since 2007, helping to reduce staff time needed to put on this great event for the seniors in our community. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for their time, years of hard work and love for the Reston community.


Reston Association Community Partner of the Year Clarke

Reston Association is honored to have many corporations and businesses which provide volunteer support to our mission, including supporting our programs, staff, events, and our community. Reston Association community partners share a passion for making a positive impact in the Reston community. Clarke’s tagline is “making communities around the world more livable, safe and comfortable.” Clarke is a global environmental products and services company whose mission is to make communities around the world more livable, safe and comfortable. They do this by pioneering, developing and delivering environmentally responsible mosquito control and aquatic services to help prevent disease, control nuisances and create healthy waterways. Clarke employees monitor for mosquito larvae in Reston’s restored streams. While in RA’s natural areas working, 32

Clarke employees take time out to help educate RA’s watershed staff on mosquito collection and identification. They love Reston so much that they have selected Reston three consecutive years for their Annual Clarke Day of Caring, a day where employees world-wide give back to their communities. Over a dozen Clarke employees spend a full day getting deep into the woods to remove English Ivy and other invasive plants, sloshed through streams and briars to clean up Reston’s natural areas of trash and have been tremendous resources for RA staff on better managing our water resources to prevent mosquito larvae from growing. It is their commitment to Reston and corporate volunteerism that makes them Reston Association’s Community Partner of the Year.


Looking Ahead Reston Association will launch its next 5 year strategic plan in 2016, providing attention and a framework for the board and staff as Reston faces changes, both internally and externally. The focus areas for the next 5 years will be: Optimizing Member Experiences • To optimize the services, programming & facilities offered to RA members Leading Sustainable Change • To enhance and protect Reston’s built and natural environments to ensure development and redevelopment are consistent with the Essential Elements of Reston

In collaboration with both the Communications & Community Engagement and Covenants departments, IT will launch a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software to help engage members in areas of interest to them, as well as finalizing the COV/DRB program to facilitate the production of inspection related records and correspondence.

World Police & Fire Games

Fairfax County will host the 30th Anniversary of the World Police and Fire Games taking place June 26 through July 5, 2015 in Fairfax County and throughout the National Capital Region. This historical event celebrates the honor, courage, athleticism and camaraderie of first responders within our region and from around the world.

Parks & Recreation

Fostering community Engagement • To inform and engage our diverse community about RA amenities, programs, services and natural resources

Both the Recreation Services and the Maintenance Departments drafted strategic plans for their departments, providing a clear focus for their efforts. Recreation Services will be focusing on needs assessment, facility enhancement, health & wellness, year-round recreation, collaboration, and sharing our story.

With 61 sporting events and 70 countries represented, over 12,000 athletes comprised of active and retired public safety personnel are expected to compete. Reston Town Center will host the Athlete’s Village and is the center focus of fun, and entertainment, and will showcase the presentations of medals for athletes from around the world.

Leveraging Technology • To serve members, staff, and community with effective, demand-based technology

The Maintenance Department is focusing on staffing, training, safety and equipment, technology, and materials.

RA volunteers will be supporting the games this summer. Volunteers are excited to get involved in this once in a lifetime volunteer opportunity.

Managing Competing Resources • To manage our resources to best serve RA and our members 34

Finance & IT


Friends of Reston 2014 Projects

• 50 Trees Planted for Reston’s 50th Anniversary • Reston’s Official Bird Campaign (Pileated Woodpecker) • Re-energize Reston Challenge with Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) • RA Camps Scholarship Program • RA Tennis Scholarship Program • Swing Set for Purple Beech Recreation Area • Stream Monitoring with South Lakes High School • Environmental Film Series and Storytelling Nights at Nature House • Adopt-A-Bench Program for Recreation Areas and Pathways • Tree Planting for National NeighborWoods Month

Key Fundraisers

• 11th Annual 5K to Benefit Nature House • Reston Guitar Raffle, handcrafted by Paul Priestley from Reston wood


Major Donors

Special thanks to those individuals and organizations in the Reston community that donated $1,000 or more in cash, goods and services to Friends of Reston. • Better Said Than Done Productions • Deloitte • Bonnie & Robert Haukness • James & Jan Keith • Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP) • Long & Foster Realtors • Odin, Feldman & Pittleman, P.C. • Boofie O’Gorman • The Peterson Development Companies • Reston Garden Club

Friends of Reston Board of Directors Jessica Piscitelli Robinson, President Bonnie Haukness, Vice President Aurelia Dinoso, Secretary David Harris, Treasurer Chris Beyer Carol Nahorniak Glenn Walker Ken Knueven (Ex-officio) Cate Fulkerson (Ex-officio) Katie Shaw (Executive Director)


Community Partners Thank you to those individuals and organizations who donated $1,000 or more in cash, goods and services to Reston Association’s programs, events, volunteer projects and special meetings. Thank you to all our volunteers and community partners for the time and resources you have given to Reston and our members. Together, we make Reston great.



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Bow-Tie Cinemas Chadwick, Washington, Moriarty, Elmore and Bunn, PC CareFusion Clarke comScore Comstock Deloitte Fannie Mae Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) Lake Anne Development Partners LLC

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Jerry’s Subs and Pizza in North Point Village Center McGuireWoods Northrop Grumman Odin, Feldman & Pittleman, P.C. Reston Community Center Reston Young Professionals The Care of Trees The JBG Companies Tisseront Orthodontics Walsh Colucci Lubeley & Walsh, PC

2014 Financial Statements Reston Association and Friends of Reston for Community Projects, Inc.

Reston Association and Friends of Reston for Community Projects, Inc.

Consolidated Statement of Revenues and Expenses Consolidated Balance Sheet As of December 31, 2014 Year ended December 31, 2014 Assets Revenues Cash and cash equivalents $ 8,323,766 Homeowner assessments and fees $ 12,865,018 Investments 3,003,868 Recreation programs 1,192,240 Net account receivable 982,492 Late fees, penalties and service charges 768,864 Prepaid expenses 163,257 Open space programs 739,816 Net property and equipment 18,772,488 Covenants administration and POAA 291,382 Total assets $ 31,245,871 Interest and other 24,466 Contributions - Friends of Reston 49,543 Liabilities and Fund Balances Total revenues 15,931,329 Liabilities Expenses Accounts payable $ 339,708 Management and staff services 5,623,917 Accrued wages and benefits 577,281 Operating programs 5,228,943 Deferred compensation 502,779 Recreation programs 2,284,322 Revenue collected in advance 1,911,786 Depreciation and amortization expense 1,691,717 Capital lease obligations 9,380 Friends of Reston 189,077 Deferred rent liability 2,115,916 Total expenses 15,017,976 Total liabilities



Fund balances Total liabilities and fund balances $

25,789,021 31,245,871

Excess of revenues over expenses




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2014 Annual Report  

2014 Annual Report