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he history of the

Belfast and District Motor Club from 1906

to present day Believe and Deliver

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Post World War II S

port in general took a back seat for a period in the forties following the outbreak of World War II in 1939 which lasted through to 1945. The Club managed to promote a range of successful events from late 1945 onwards in spite of post war fuel rationing.




Annual Prize giving

The Ulster Motor Cycle Club’s “Go as you please” trial results held on Saturday were:— Expert class— C E J Atkinson (Royal Enfield) and R T Hill (B.S.A.) tied, 145 marks. Semi-expert class— R E Brown (Royal Enfield), 129 marks Novice— W J Henry (machine not given), 103 marks.

Under the joint auspices of the Belfast and District Motor Club and Ulster Motor-Cycle Club, an enjoyable dance was held in Thompson’s Restaurant, Belfast.

Despite adverse conditions 14 starters turned up. The next “Go as you please” trial will start from Beechlawn service station, Dunmurry, on February 17, at 2.30 p.m., and will be confined to club members. Club prizes will be distributed at the combined annual dance and prize distribution of the Ulster M.C.C. and the Belfast and District Motor Club, to be held on February 15. Belfast News-Letter - Monday 29 January 1940

During the evening, prizes were presented to successful competitors by Mrs P C Walsh. Numerous novelty and old-time dances were thoroughly enjoyed by the guests, of whom there were about 200, another contributory feature to the success of the function being the excellent music provided by Alex Crawford’s band. Mr R H Wright, president of the Ulster M.C.C., presided at the presentation ceremony, at the conclusion of which a hearty vote of thanks was passed to Mrs Walsh on the motion of Mr F P Johnston, seconded by Mr A McLardy. Apologies were received from Mr J C Holland, president of the Belfast and District Club, and Mrs Holland; Mr M Wilson, chairman of the Ulster M.C.C.; and Mr J J Irvine, chairman of the Leinster Motor Club.

Post World War II The organising committee of the dance consisted of Messrs A McLardy and J Gilroy (Belfast and District M.C.) and Messrs W A McMaster and G McAdam (Ulster M.C.C.) Belfast Telegraph - Friday 16 February 1940

McMullan Cup Trial A motor-cycle reliability trial for the McMullan Cup was held by the Club in Belfast this afternoon. The trial, which was open to solo machines only, was over a ten miles course starting at Glengormley, and there were three classes—experts, semiexperts and novices—in each of which there was a good entry. .

Belfast Telegraph - Saturday 04 May 1940


Post World War II



Road event 18 August The Club held their first post-war road event at the Knockagh Road Saturday when a good turnout of riders competed in the three classes arranged. Results: Class B— 1, E N Miller (Triumph); 2, R T Hill (B.S.A.); 3. H Turner (Norton). Fastest Time: R T Hill, 49.72 m.p.h Class C— 1, C Little (Triumph); 2, H Turner (Norton); 3, R T Hill (B.S.A.). Fastest Time: R T Hill, 53.10 m.p.h. Class D— 1, R McCandless (Triumph); 2, H Turner (Norton); 3, S Gifford (Velocette).

Northern Whig - Monday 20 August 1945


Post World War II



AGM 29 January

Coates Cup 16 March


The Club’s annual reliability trial for the Coates Cup was held on Saturday over a course in the Colin Mountain area. Eight laps of a two mile course, each containing eight observed sections, which had suffered from heavy rains made the going difficult, and no rider completed the course without losing marks.

Officers elected were:— President:

Mr J C Holland

Vice President:

Mr N Scott


Mr ????????

Hon Secretary:

Mr R Brown

Hon Treasurer:

Mr D J Mairs




Results— Coates Cup 1, W Nicholson (B.S.A.), 603 marks; 2, A J Bell (B.S.A.), 579 marks; 3, R T Hill (B.S.A.), 551 marks. Sixteen competitors completed the course.

A social held at Holywood by the Club was attended by more than 100 members and friends. The President (Mr J C Holland) presided, and presented prizes won by competitors during the past year. He said that he hoped that next season, if petrol restrictions were abolished, to have even a larger array of trophies. Mr N Scott, vice president, also spoke. A musical and variety entertainment followed. Belfast News-Letter - Monday 14 January 1946

Belfast News-Letter - Monday 18 March 1946

KNOCKAGH HILL CLIMB Easter Monday 22 April Exceptional fast riding by R. T. Hill was the feature of the Club’s Knockagh hlllcllmb yesterday. When the hill, one mile in length, was first used last September, Hill then made the fastest ascent in 1min. 6.8secs. Yesterday he clipped off the fraction to return 1min. 6secs. even, and he did so in such a manner as to amaze the large crowd assembled. Nevertheless, the “star” men were not prominent in the awards list, due mainly to the fact that they were conceding time to the others. One rider who did give outstanding performance was W. A. C. McCandless (Triumph), who collected a first prize and two thirds. He was well placed in the final event when, for some reason not apparent, his engine failed on his second climb. Belfast News-Letter - Tuesday 23 April 1946

Whiteabbey and Carrickfergus police experienced some difficulty in controlling spectators, some of the events being delayed until the road was cleared. The officials were: — President: Mr J C Holland; Judges: Messrs J Little, P C Welsh, G McCann, J G Grant, N M Scott, G W Amery, J C Holland, E R Hamilton, C W Billingsby, R B Jones and J McKillan; Stewards: Messrs A McLardy, J Hall, T Stewart; Scrutineers: Messrs J Hunter, J Owens and T Dickson; Starter: Mr R Brown; Timekeeper: Mr R H Wright; Time auditors: Messrs R I Gallaher and W Lucas; Chief marshals: Messrs S M Hunter and H Squire; Chief flag marshal: Mr S Abernethy; Starter stewards: Messrs J Owens, J Hunter (sen.), J Hunter (jun.) and A Williamson; Press secretary: Mr D Campbell; Clerk of course: Mr D J Mairs.


Class A: confined to those who had not won a first prise in any hill-climb. First round — J E McKee, Velocette beat J G Dixon, 348 B.S.A.; O K Nelson, 498 Triumph beat J E Tocher, 348 Triumph; B McConnell, 348 Triumph beat A F Tocher, 498 Ariel. W Nicholson, 348 B.S.A.; J A Dickson, 348 O.K. Supreme; J S Robinson, Triumph; W A C McCandless, 348 Triumph; A J Bell. 499 Norton; J Robinson, 348 A.J.S.; T H Turner, 348 Norton—all Byes Second Heat— McKee beat Nicholson; Dickson beat Robinson; McConnell beat Nelson; McCandless beat Bell; Robinson beat Turner. Third Heat— McKee beat Dickson; McCandless heat McConnell; Robinson, —Bye. Semi-final— McKee beat Robinson; McKee beat McCandless; McCandless beat Robinson. Final placings— 1, McKee (32sec.) (time, 1 min. 26 sec.); 2, McCandless (11sec.) (time, 1 min. 15.2 sec.); 3, Robinson (27sec.) (time, 1 min. sec.). Fastest climb— Bell (Norton). 1min. 8.8sec. Class B: Open to machines of any c.c..— First round— O K Nelson, 498 Triumph beat J G Dixon 348 Norton; R T Hill, B.S.A. beat G Lyttle, 490 Norton;

E N Millar, Triumph beat N Stock 348 Velocette; J A Dickson, 348 O.K. Supreme beat J E Tocher, 348 Triumph; Byes— A J Bell, 499 Norton; W A C McCandless, Triumph; J Williamson, 348 Norton; W Nicholson, 348 B.S.A.—all Byes Second Heat— Hill beat Nelson; McCandless beat Bell; Williamson beat Millar; Dickson beat Nicholson. Semi-finals— Hill beat McCandless; Dickson beat Hill; McCandless beat Williamson. Final placings— 1, Dickson (10sec.) (time, 1 min. 16 sec.); 2. Hill (2sec.) (time, 1 min. 8.6 sec.); 3, McCandless (11sec.) (time, 1 min. 14.2 sec.). Fastest climb—Hill (B.S.A.), 1min. 6secs. Class C: open to machines not exceeding 350 c.c. First round— S B Gifford, 348 Velocette beat T S Green, 348 Triumph; J A Dickson, 348 O.K. Supreme beat J E Tocher, 348 Triumph; W A C McCandless, 348 Triumph beat J Meikle, 348 Velocette; J G Dixon, 348 B.S.A.; W Nicholson, 348 B.S.A.; E Meikle, 249 Cotton; R W Wright, 348 B.S.A.; W N Morton, 349 B.S.A.; T H Turner, 348 Norton—all Byes Second Heat— Gifford beat Wright; McCandless beat Dickson; Turner beat Morton; Nicholson beat Dixon;

Post World War II Meikle, —Bye. Semi-finals— McCandless beat Gifford; Turner beat Meikle; McCandless beat Nicholson. Final placings— 1, McCandless (4sec.) (time. 1 min. 12 sec.); 2, Turner (Scr.) (time. 1 min. 13 sec.); 3, Nicholson (Scr.) (time. 1 min. 14.6 sec.). Fastest time—Turner (Norton), 1min 12sec. Class D: Class confined to club members with engines of any c.c.— First round— T H Turner, 348 Norton beat R W Wright, 348 B.S.A.; E N Millar, 348 Triumph beat J E Tocher, 348 Triumph; R T Hill, 500 B.S.A. beat A F Tocher, 498 Ariel; C Lyttle. 490 Norton beat W A C McCandless, 348 Triumph; W Nicholson, 348 B.S.A.; O K Nelson, 498 Triumph; S B Gifford, 348 Velocette; J G Dixon, 348 Norton—all Byes Second Heat — Turner beat Nicholson; Nelson beat Millar; Hill beat Lyttle; Gifford beat Dixon. Semi-final — Nelson beat Turner; Hill beat Gifford; Gifford beat Turner. Final placings— 1, Nelson (27sec.) (time, 1 min. 27 sec.); 2, Hill (2sec.) (time. 1 min. 9.2 sec.); 3, Turner (7sec.) (time. 1 min. 12 sec.). Fastest climb—Hill (B.S.A.), 1min. 10sec. Larne Times - Thursday 25 April 1946.

McMullan Cup Trial 18 May

Mid-week Motor Run 29 May

The recent sales in Belfast of ex-W.D. motor cycles were reflected in the novices’ reliability trial organised by the Club on Saturday, when many new riders mounted on these machines, made their first appearance in motor cycling sport.

The first of a series of mid-week runs, organised by the Club, was held last night in the Co. Down district and resulted as follows:— 1, R C T Fergie (Morris Oxford 14); 2, J McBride (Ford 10); 3, R Diplock (Austin 10); 4, H Squire (M.G.); 5, J Owens (Royal Enfield 350 c.c.). There will be similar runs in June. July and August, and the competitor with the best aggregate will be awarded the Frank Clarke Trophy

The 24 riders who faced the starter were despatched to a very sporting course in the Black Mountain area, where they were required to cover six laps of a mile circuit containing eight observed sections. Lack of experience, plus lack of ground clearance on their machines, spoiled several good attempts by the newcomers to surmount the hazards set. Surprisingly enough, two riders on “baby” machines figured In the awards list while the premier award went to R W Wright (B.S.A.) who has been gradually working his way to the top the novice class in post-war trials. Wright lost only 22 marks out of a possible 480. Results:— McMullan Cup.: 1, R W Wright (350 B.S.A.) gained 458 marks; 2, W McFarland (148 James), 444; 3, J Strain (350 B.S.A.) 441; 4, J Watson (125 Excelsior), 437. Belfast News-Letter - Monday 20 May 1946

Belfast News-Letter - Thursday 30 May 1946

CARROWDORE ‘100’ 21 September Last motorcycle road race of the year was won by J G Dixon (Norton), a Belfast jeweller, who led for more than half the race. There were six nonstarters from an entry of 55. E Lyons, Kildare, who was to have ridden a 499 Triumph, was unable to reach Belfast in time to assemble his machine; H S Green, Edenbridge, Kent, arrived on the course with his ex-Bills Manx Grand Prix Norton, but discovered a mechanical defect which prevented him from starting.

back to fifth place. A great scrap between Noel Hillis (348 Triumph) and L G Martin (248 Excelsior), which had been in progress for several laps, ended when Hillis skidded on entering the village and was forced to retire. Bell, on his eighth lap. averaged 74.83 m.p.h., on his ninth 76.31 m.p.h., and three laps later recorded his best effort—76.52 m.p.h., which brought him into eighth place. By the tenth lap Bailie had caught Stock, and on the next circuit passed Taylor to come into second place. Stock retired with engine trouble to let T H Nicholl (490 Norton) into third place. Behind Nicholl, W Nicholson (348 B.S.A.) and T H Turner (348 Norton) had a terrifiec duel, only one second dividing them for the last two laps, but Bell passed both on the penultimate circuit.

Large crowds lined the seven and a half mile course, and the race was held under ideal racing conditions. The absence of Lyons put A J Bell (499 Norton) on the scratch mark, and he was joined by R T Hill (499 Norton), who had been re-handicapped. Both were conceding time to the entire field, starting 29.5 minutes after the limit men A F Tocher (249 O.K.), and W J Noble (588 Norton).

F J A.Nash, riding his enclosed Velocette, was involved in a spill on a left-hand bend just past the starting-point. Being unable to dismount owing to the streamlined casing, he was forced to “jockey” his machine along the top of a bank before crashing. He escaped without injury.

Noble, whose machine was 20 years old, led the race in the early stages, with S Hill (348 Velocctte) in second place. On the third lap H Taylor (347 A.J.S.) passed Hill, and Dixon moved into fourth place. With the entire field now under way, interest centred on the efforts of the back-markers to reduce their handicap. Bell, on his second circuit, took 6m. 13s. (72.62 m.p.h.) and V H Willoughby (348 Velocette) was only a fraction slower. R T Hill stopped on his first lap and lost five minutes. Dixon moved into the lead on the sixth lap. with Taylor still holding second position, 28 seconds behind. F H Stock (348 Triumph) held third place, but M W Bailie (Velocette) was only two seconds behind and gaining rapidly. Noble had dropped

Results:— 1, J G Dixon, Belfast (348 Norton) (22 mins.), gross time 1h. 50m. 52s; actual time 1h. 42m. 52s.; speed 61.47 m.p.h. 2, M W Bailie, Crossgar (348 Velocette) (20 mins.). 1h. 51m. 32s.; 1h. 41m 32s; 62.25: 3, T H Nicholl, Belfast (490 Norton) (12 mins.), 1h. 52m. 48s: 1h. 34m. 48s; 66.68: 4, A J Bell, Belfast (499 Norton) (30 secs.), 1h. 54m. 7s.: 1h. 24m. 37s.: 74.70. 5, W Nicholson, Millisle (348 B.S.A.) (8 mins.). 1h. 54m 47s.: 1h. 32m. 47s.: 68.12. 6, T H Turner, Belfast (348 Norton) (8 mins.), 1h. 54m. 48s.; 1h. 32m. 48s.; 68.11. 7, S M Miller, Chorley (249 C.T.S.) (11 mins ), 1h. 56m. 56s.; 65.61 8, Barry Walsh, Dublin (490 Norton) (7.75mins ), 1h. 57m. 2s.; 66.69

9, V H Willoughby, Enfield (348 Volocette) (2mins.), 1h. 57m. 9s.; 70.90 10, C McCandless, Belfast (349 Triumph) (9mins.), 1h. 53m. 27s,; 64.53 11, C Gray, Belfast (496 B.S.A.) (13mins.), 2h. 0m. 38s. 12, T F Tindle, Sunbury (348 Velocete). (10.5min). 2h. 0m. 50s Trophy winners— P. C. Welsh Challenge Trophy: J G Dixon. Rand Challenge Cup (fastest time 250 c.c. class) S M Millar, Chorley (C.T.S.) 1h. 36m. 56s.; 65.21 m.p.h. Carrowdore Residents’ Cup (fastest up to 350 c.c.) V H Willoughby, Enfield (Velocette) Ih. 29m. 9s.; 70.90. Carrowdore Residents’ Cup (fastest over 350 c.c.) A J Bell, Belfast (Norton) 1h. 24m. 37s.; 74.70. Fastest laps— 250 c.c.: S M Millar (C.T.S.) 6m. 41s.; 67.55 m.p.h. 350 c.c.: V H Willoughby (Velocette) 6m. 14s.; 72.43. 500 c.c.: A J Bell (Norton) 5m. 54s.; 76.52. The officials of the meeting were: President: Mr J C Holland; Chairman: Mr J Hunter; Stewards: Mr T Goligher (M.C.U.I.), Mr J H Boyle and Mr W Morrison (club); Starter: Mr W Simms; Chief Time-keeper: Mr R H Wright; Clerk of the Course: Mr A McLardy, and Race Secretary: Mr R Brown. Belfast News-Letter - Monday 23 September 1946

Post World War II

Larry Devlin And another 1946 pic from the same source - Malcolm Templeton, 348 Norton.

Larry Devlin From the album of Billy Chambers, Lambeg: Carrowdore 100 1946 - Charlie Gray, the flying photographer, on 498 BSA and Jimmy Matthews, brother to Bobby, on 348 KTT Velocette.

BELFAST AND DISTRICT MOTOR CLUB Barr Cup Trial 16 November T Hill (B.S.A.) won yet another award when on Saturday afternoon, he recorded the best performance in the Club’s reliability trial for the Barr Cup. The event was held over a course on Cave Hill and containing 48 observed sections, proved to be one of the most strenuous of the season. The only rider who could approach Hill’s performance was A J Bell (A.J.S.). Even these two expert riders were forced to forfeit many marks to surmount the difficulties of the severe conditions. Several the 25 entrants retired in the early stages and the remainder got through only by hard footslogging Results:— Barr Cup: 1, R T Hill (B.S.A.), lost 121 marks; 2, A J Bell (A.J.S.), 123; 3. R A Porter (B.S.A.), 239; 4, J G Dixon (B.S.A.), 240; 5, C Grey (B.S.A.), 258; 6 & novice award, N F Stock (B.S.A.) Belfast News-Letter - Monday 18 November 1946


Post World War II



AGM 29 January Mr Angus McLardy has been appointed president of Belfast and District Motor Club in succession to Mr J C Holland.

Officers elected were:—

At the fortieth annual meeting in Thompson’s Restaurant on Monday evening, Mr Holland expressed a desire to relinquish the office.


Mr J Hunter

Vice Chairman:

Mr G Agnew

Hon Secretary:

Mr R Brown

Hon Treasurer:

Mr D J Mairs

Hon Auditor:

Mr W J White


Messrs. S Abernethy, T Gray, N Magee, J Thompson, T Dickson, F Owen, W Gallagher, T H Turner, A Hunter and B Neill.

Mr McLardy who was elected on the motion of Mr Holland, seconded by Mr J Hunter handed to the outgoing president a memento from club members. Mr Holland, who presided at the outset, extended a welcome to new members and assured them that they would find good sportsmanship in the “B and D”. The past season had been very successful, one of the main features being the Carrowdore “100.” The club was one of the oldest in the British Isles and had pioneered motor-cycling sport in Ireland.


Mr A McLardy

President Elect: Mr. N M Scott

Belfast Telegraph - Tuesday 07 January 1947

The annual report presented by Mr R Brown, hon. secretary, made reference to the success of T H Turner in the Leinster “200.” Arrangements were well advanced for the 1947 season. The report was adopted on the motion of Mr F H Stock, seconded by Mr T Dickson. The financial statement presented by Mr D J Mairs, showed that the club was sound financially.

Mr. Angus McLardy (right), newly-elected president of Belfast and District Motor Club, presenting a memento from club members to Mr. J. C. Holland, outgoing president, at the annual meeting of the club. Seated on left are Mr. D. J. Mairs. hon. treasurer, and Mr. J. Hunter, chairman.

Coates Cup Trial March 15th Postponed due to course being snowbound

KNOCKAGH HILL CLIMB Easter Monday 7 April No records were broken at the Club’s bill climb on Easter Monday at Knockagh Road, Monkstown, though thrilling sport was provided for thousands of holiday makers. The nearest approach to the record set up by Terry Hill of 1min. 6secs. was made by T H Turner riding a 348 Norton. who covered the mile course in Class C (open event) in 1min. 14.8secs. Officials — President: Mr A McLardy; Judges: Messrs J Little, P C Welsh, J C Holland, G McCann, J G Grant, N M Scott, G W Amery, E R Hamilton, C W Billingsly, L N Davis, R B Jones, W Murphy; Stewards: Messrs W Dunn, J Hunter and S Hill (M.U.C.I.); Scrutineers: Messrs J Jack and T Gray; Starter: Mr D J Mairs; Timekeepers: Mr R H Wright (M.C.U.I.) and Staff (Knock M.C.C.); Chief marshals: Messrs S M Hunter and F Owens; Chief flag marshal: Mr S Abernethy. Class A: confined to those who had not won a first prise in any hill-climb. First round — E A Meikle (349 Cotton) beat H Chambers (348 Matchless); R Owens (348 Velocette) beat A L Dickson (Excelsior); N Hillis (348 Norton) beat J Robinson (349 A.J.S.); T H Turner (348 Norton) beat L Rice (348 Norton); D McKeen (348 Matchless); M W Baillie (348 Velocette) and T E Seymour (348 B.S.A.)—all Byes Second round — Meikle beat McKeen; Turner beat Hillis; Dickson beat Owens; Seymour beat Baillie.


Semi-finals— Meikle beat Seymour; Turner beat Owens. Final placing—1, Meikle; 2, Seymour; 3, Turner Fastest climb— Turner 1min 15.8secs. Class B: Open to machines of any c.c..— First round— J E Kee (248 Velocette) beat C D Lyttle (500 Triumph); N. Hillis (348 Norton) beat M W Baillie (348 Velocette); T W Dickson (250 Excelsior) beat D McKeen (348 Matchless); T H Turner (348 Norton) beat T E Seymour (348 B.S.A.); O K Nelson (500 Triumphh)—Bye. Second round— Nelson beat Kee; Hillis beat Dickson; Turner —Bye. Semi-finals— Nelson beat Hillis; Turner beat Nelson. Final placing—1, Turner; 2, Nelson; 3, Hillis. Fastest climb— Turner 1min. 16.2secs. Class C: open to machines not exceeding 350 c.c. First round— J McKeen (350 Rudge) beat J Robinson (349 A.J.S.); T H Turner (349 Norton) beat T W Dickson (250 Excelsior); T E Seymour (348 B.S.A.) beat D McKeen (348 Matchless); L J M Meikle (349 Cotton) beat G A George (B.S.A.); H Chambers (348 Matchless) beat J E McKee (248 Velocette) N. Hillis (348 Norton) beat S Hodkins (248 O.K. Supreme); M W Baillie (348 Velocette)—Bye.

Second round— Turner beat McKeen; George beat Seymour; Chambers beat Baillie; Meikle beat Hillis. Seml-finals— Meikle beat Turner; Chambers beat George. Final placing—1, Meikle; 2, Chambers; 3, Turner. Fastest climb— Turner 1min. 14.6secs. Class D: Class confined to club members with engines of any c.c.— First round— O K Nelson (500 Triumph) beat A.L.Dickson (250 Excelsior); E A Meikle (349 Cotton) beat R Owens (348 Velocette); T H Turner (349 Norton) beat G E Seymour (348 B.S.A.); N Hillis (348 Norton); J E McKee (248 Velocette); M W Baillie (348 Norton) and C D Lyttle (500 Triumph)—all Byes Second round— Nelson beat Hillis; Lyttle beat Meikle; McKee beat Baillie; Turner—Bye. Semi-finals— Nelson beat Lyttle; McKee beat Turner. Final placing—1, Nelson; 2, McKee; 3. Turner. Fastest climb— Turner 1min. 16.2secs. Belfast Telegraph - Tuesday 08 April 1947

Post World War II

McMullan Cup 11 June The Club’s annual motor-cycle trial for the McMullan Cup (confined to novices) was held at McQuillan’s Quarries on Wednesday evening. The starting point was at Musgrave Park, and there were five observed sections. Results; 1, R Kavanagh (125cc Excelsior); 2, L McCracken (348cc B.S.A.); 3, D J Rollins (125cc Royal Enfield). Belfast Telegraph - Thursday 12 June 1947

Grass-track racing at Balmoral 23 July The Club’s grass-track races at Balmoral last night, attracted a large crowd, who had teen disappointed when the heavy rain on Saturday led to a postponement. The meeting was in aid of the Northern Ireland Agricultural Disaster Fund. The best racing of the evening was the 350 c.c. scratch race. C. McCandless (Norton) set a fast pace from the outset, but crashed to

let J. McKimm (Matchless) into the lead. McKimm was overtaken by R T Hill (B.S.A.) who held it until the end. McCandless remounted to finish sixth. Results:— Novice race: Heat 1; 1, I Boal (Triumph); 2, W J Johnstone (B.S.A.); 3, R Gregg (Ariel). Heat 2; 1. L McCracken (B.S.A.); 2, S McCreedy (Velocette); 3, M Martin (Triumph). Final: 1, McCracken; 2, Gregg; 3, Martin. 350 c.c. Scratch race: Heat 1; 1, J McKimm (Matchless); 2, T Seymour (B.S.A.); 3, S S Russell (Matchless). Heat 2; 1, N Stock (B.S.A.): 2, W Bell (B.S.A.); 3, S A Glass (Velocelte). Heat 3; W McCandless (Norton); W Jeffers (A.J.S.) and R T Hill (B.S.A.) walk over. Final: 1, Hill; 2, McCandless; 3, Russell. 500 c.c. Scratch race: 1, R T Hill (B.S.A.); 2, J White (Norton); 3, C McCandless (Norton). General handicap: Heat 1; 1, R E Browne (Matchless); 2, S V McCready (Matchless); 3, S Glass (Velocette). Heat 2; 1, R T Hill (B.S.A.); 2, T E Seymour (B.S.A.); 3, E Kelly (B.S.A.). Heat 3; 1, J McKimm (Matchless); 2, C McCandless (Norton); 3, S S Russell (Matchless). Final: 1, Hill (scr.); 2, McCandless (10 secs.); 3, Seymour (20 secs.). Dado Marino the American boxer, toured the circuit on the back of the machine of R T Hill, of Belfast. Belfast News-Letter - Thursday 24 July 1947

Larne Town Park grass track 6 August W N Morton (Belfast), on his 350 B.S.A. won both the 350 and 500cc scratch events in the Club’s grass track last night. The event was held in conjunction with Larne Borough Council Entertainments Committee and was the first of its kind in the town. Results (all riders of Belfast):— 350 scratch: 1, W N Morton (348 B.S.A.); 2, S S Russell (346 Matchless); 3, N F Stock (350 B.S.A.). 500 scratch: 1, W N Morton; 2, A J Macfarlane (500 A.J.S.); 3, C Gray (500 B.S.A.) General handicap: 1, C Gray; 2, R E Browne; 3, R Johnstone (350 B.S.A.). Race confined to those who had not won a first prize at any grass track— 1, R E Browne (498 Matchless); 2, I Gregg (350 Ariel); 3, J H Lyons (349 Triumph). At the conclusion the prizes were presented by Mrs C E F Robinson, wife of the Mayor of Larne, who was introduced by Alderman N Magee, and thanked for her services by Councillor J L Hogg. During the evening selections were rendered by Chaine’s Flute Band under their conductor, Mr Robert Kane. The loud-speaker equipment was supplied by Mr Joe Craig, Larne. Northern Whig - Thursday 07 August 1947

CARROWDORE ‘100’ 23 September CARROWDORE “100” Today’s Carrowdore “100” motor cycle road race has attracted an exceptionally large entry of 76 competitors. The announcement of the forthcoming abolition of the basic petrol ration produced a spate of prospective competitors, all anxious to take part in what may the last road race for some lime. In all 104 entries were received but the organisers, as a safety measure, decided to limit the field to 10 riders per mile of the course. Among those whose entry was rejected was E Lyons, the well known Kildare rider. The field which will face the starter in Carrowdore village at 3 pm. ranges from raw novice to acknowledged expert. The handicappers have arranged markings to smooth out the variation in speed of machine and ability of the riders. On the scratch mark and conceding 28m to the limit rider will he T H Turner (Norton), winner of two replicas in the Manx Grand Prix. Among other noted Ulster competitors will be W Nicholson the B.S.A. works rider; M W Baillie (Velocette); R J Matthews (Velocette); N Hillis (Norton); O H Jackson (A.J.S.) and G Dummigan (Rudge), winner of the Temple “100”. Special visitors to the race will be the members of the trick-riding team of the Royal Corps of Signals, at present appearing at Balmoral. Belfast News-Letter - Saturday 20 September 1947

THE Ulster road racing season closed on Saturday afternoon when the Club staged their annual Carrowdore 100 over the County Down course.

Of a total of 76 entrants, all but eight faced the starter, and the presence of so many riders on a comparatively short circuit of 7.5 miles produced many thrills for spectators. One corner, “Postman’s Pad” at one stage resembled a scrapheap for wrecked machines, and it was on this bend that the hopes of many of the newcomers to road racing petered out. While many riders came to grief, injuries were fortunately light, although W McClay, Mallusk. and S J McIlroy, Ballymena, were taken to Newtownards hospital for examination. Between the limit man, R J Willis (P. and M.) and the scratch riders, T H Turner and O S Scott (Nortons) was a gap of 28 minutes, and it was obvious that the back-markers would be called upon to exert every effort to arrive on the leader-board. The first of the fast riders to appear among the leaders was R J Matthews (Velocette). At halfdistance, N Blemings (Norton) was also in the first dozen, while Turner had moved into 16th place. On the twelfth circuit, O H Jackson (A.J.S.), who had been moving rapidly through the field, sprang into the lead, with C Gray (B.S.A.) and J Scott (Triumph) astern. On the final two circuits S B Gifford (Velocette), whose engine sounded reluctant. was passed by Matthews and E Peterkln (A.J.S.). and on the last lap Matthews also passed Scott. RESULTS P C Welsh Challenge Trophy:-1, O H Jackson (A.J.S.), (8m. 55s), 1h. 33m. 55s.; 67.30 m.p.h.; 2, C Gray (B.S.A.), (14m. 10s.), 1h. 39m. 44s.; 63.37 m.p.h. 3, R J Matthews (Velocette), (3m. 20s.), 1h. 31m. 20s.; 69.31 4, J Scott (Triumph), (7m.), 1h. 35m 13s.; 66.38 5, E Peterkin (A.J.S.), Kent (14m. 40s.), 1h. 42m. 58s.; 61.38 6, S B Gifford (Velocette), (17m. 30s.), 1h. 46m.

28s.; 59.37 7, N Blemings (Norton), (7m.), 1h. 35m. 59s.; 65.85 8, S S Russell (Matchless), (9m. 20s), 1h. 38m. 45s.; 64.01 9, T H Turner (Norton), (scr.), 1h. 30m. 11s.; 70.09 10, R McDonald (Triumph), (12m.), 1h. 42m. 39s.; 61.57 11, F G Kinning (Norton), (7m. 30s.), 1h 38m. 11s.; 64.37 12, R Armstrong (Excelsior), (7m. 15s.), 1h. 38m. 59s.; 63.88 Also finished (in order given): F Purslow (B.S.A.) 61.82 m.p.h.; P Moss (B.S.A.) 63.59; H. McConnell (Norton) 62.68; R J Willis (P. & M.) 52.13; B M Graham (Norton) 67.05; O S Scott (Norton) 67.54; T H Nicholl (Norton) 65.98; A Toher (Triumph) 59.91; D Rice (B.S.A.) 57.05; E N Millar (Norton) 58.66: W J Spratt (Norton) 60.90; W George (Excelsior) 53.12 and W J Noble (Norton). Fastest time class awards— 250 c.c.: Rand Cup: R Armstrong (Excelsior); 2, W George (Excelsior); 3, R J Willis (P. & M.). 350 c.c.: Carrowdore Cup: F G Kinning (Norton); 2, P Moss (B.S.A.); 3, F Purslow (B.S.A.). 500 c.c.: Carrowdore Cup: T H Turner (Norton); 2, O S Scott (Norton); 3, B M Graham (Norton). Fastest laps— 250 c.c.: R Armstrong (Excelsior), 6m. 49s (66.13). 350 c.c.: W Nicholson (B.S.A.), 6m. 20s. (71.29). 500 c.c.: T H Turner (Norton), 6m. 14s. (72.43). Members prize— Dunvegan Cup: S B Gifford (Velocette). Visitors prize: E Peterkln (A.J.S.), Kent. Team award: Knock M.C.C. No. 1 team— McDonald, Jackson and Russell. Fastest finisher award: T H Turner (Norton). The winner received the laurel wreath of victory from Mr R J Pack-Beresford. Belfast News-Letter - Monday 22 September 1947

Post World War II Coates Cup trial 18 October

Barr Trophy Trial

Annual Dinner and Prize Distribution

The Club held their annual Coates Cup trial on Saturday last. A very stiff course was chosen on the Cavehill. consisting seven observed sections.

A J Bell, the well-known racing motorcyclist, on Saturday afternoon celebrated his return to reliability trials by winning the Barr Trophy, premier award of the Club’s annual reliability trtaL Bell has been absent from this branch of the sport since last May. when he was injured competing in the Patland Cup trial in Dublin. Bell had not intended to compete on Saturday, but changed his mind at the last minute.

Mr A McLardy, President of the Club, presided at the annual dinner and prize distribution of the Club held on Saturday evening in Thompson’s Restaurant.

Results (possible marks 380)— Coates Cup: 1, O H Jackson (306) 2, A J McFarlane (293); 3, R Chamberlain (291) Team prize: Knock M.C.C. No 1 team (Chamberlain, Jackson, Weatherup). Northern Whig - Monday 20 October 1947

Provisional results — Barr Cup— 1, A J Bell (Norton), gained 317 marks out possible 2, A G McFarlane (A.J.S.) and W McFarland (Coventry Eagle), tied with 304 marks and placlngs were decided on timed section; 4, R T Hill (B.S.A.), 300; 5. D Jennings (Triumph), 291; 6, J McLaurln (B.S.A.), 290; 7, R Armstrong (B.S.A.), 275; S S Russell (Matchless), 275; 9, R Chamberlain (Norton), 269: 10, W Jeffers (B.S.A.), 266. Novice award— 1, L McCracken (B.S.A.), 238; 2, N Morrow (B.S.A.), 233. Club plaques were awarded to A G McFarlane and W McFarland.

The prizes were distributed by Mrs McLardy. The President said the club had had a suecessful year. As a result of a grass track event they had been able to hand over £72 10s to tha Agricultural Disaster Fund. He thanked the members of the committee for the support they had given him, and congratulated a member of the club T H Turner on his successes in the Manx Grand Prix. Mr R A Gallaugher replied to the toast of the Motor Cycle Union of Ireland, Ulster Centre, proposed by the President. Mr. Gallaugher said it would be a great pity to stop motor sport; it would be a retrograde step. Ulster Centre affairs had gone smoothly throughout the season and the Belfast and District Club had given valued assistance. Mr T W Murphy, Dublin, recalled early days of motorcycle sport in Ireland and congratulated Belfast and District Club. Mr McLardy said it was hoped that as many motorcyclists as possible would attend at Stormont on Tuesday when the question of the basic petrol ration would be raised. A musical programme followed.

Belfast Telegraph - Monday 03 November 1947


RED BRAE HILL CLIMB Easter Monday 29 March

Post World War II



AGM 29 January The chairman, Mr Gordon Agnew, presided at the forty-first annual meeting of the Club in the Union Hotel on this evening. Mr W J White presented the financial statement. Entry fees for all events amounted to £280 19s 6d. he said. The report was adopted.

By making use of available synthetic fuels, which are not rationed, the Club held their annual Easter Monday hill-climb at Bed Brae, Carrickfergus. There will be four separate classes, all handicao events, and each class will be decided on the knock-out principle.

The chairman paid tribute to the work of the hon secretary, Mr R Brown. The chairman said some members in hospital had received gifts through the medium of the club’s benevolent scheme, which was now working well.

The mile-long climb Red Brae had not been used for competitions since 1939 when the venue was changed to Knockagh. In view of the travelling difficulties caused by lack ot petrol, however, the organisers decided to hold this year’s event at the Carrickfergus venue, which is better served by public transport.

A sum of £40 was handed to the club treasurer on behalf of the Carrowdore Race Committee representing proceeds of dance.

Large crowds made the journey by ‘bus and train, and the hill was lined with spectators when the competition started.

Officers elected were:—

In the first event, for novices, the best climb was that of J Hayes, Rudge, who during his first climb, recorded 53.6 seconds. Another outstanding performance in this class was by J Williamson (Norton), who climbed in 1 minute 1.2 seconds.


Mr A McLardy


Mr G Agnew

Hon Secretary:

Mr R Brown

Hon Treasurer:

Mr F Owens


Messrs. J Hunter, J Jack, N Magee, J Thompson, T Dickson, W Dunn, D H Elliott, S Abernethy, S Hunter, T H Turner, W Gallagher, R Fisher and E N Millar.

The fastest climb of the day was shared by two riders, T H Turner (Norton) and W A C McCandless (Norton), who during the last event, recorded climbs in 53.4 seconds. The existing record for the hill is 51.2 seconds, recorded in 1937 by M H Boyd (Norton). The only spill of the day was that of A S Williamson (Norton), who at the conclusion of the climb, developed a wobble when his rear axle broke and crashed. He was uninjured but was unable to take part the remainder of the competition.

BELFAST AND DISTRICT MOTOR CLUB RESULTS Class A: confined to those who had not won a first prise in any hill-climb. First round — W George (Excelsior) (16secs) beat D McKeen (Matchless) (16secs); R E Browne (Matchless) (8secs) beat N Ferguson (Triumph) (9secs); W Fullerton (Rudge) (13secs) beat R Jonnston (B.S.A.) (10secs); M W Baillie (Velocette) (2secs) beat J Toombs (Velocette) (14secs); S Knox (Rudge) (5secs) beat W J Noble (Norton) (18secs); J Williamson (Norton) (scratch) beat S McCready (Triumph) (10secs); R T Matthews (Velocette) (scratch) beat J Robinson (B.S.A.) (16secs); J E Thompson (Matchless) (16secs) beat F Stock (B.S.A.) (5secs); J Hayes (Rudge) (1sec) beat C Carley (Velocette) (14secs); W H Cowan (Triumph) (10secs) beat J Hunter (Matchless) (16secs); A S Williamson (Norton) (5secs) beat J Scott (Triumph) (scratch); L Grieg (Ariel) (14sees) beat A Mathers (Norton) (16secs); W J Campbell (Triumph) (10secs) beat W J Johnston (B.S.A.) (10secs); L Rice (Norton) —Bye. Second round — Browne beat George; Johnston beat Campbell; Knox beat Baillie; J Williamson beat Rice; Matthews beat Thompson; Hayes beat Cowan; Gregg beat A S Williamson.

Third round — Browne beat Gregg; Knox beat Johnston; Matthews beat J Williamson; Hayes —Bye. Semi-finals — Knox beat Browne; Hayes beat Matthews. Final placing—1, Hayes; 2, Knox; 3, Browne. Fastest climb— Hayes, 53.6secs. Class B: Open to machines of any c.c..— First round— W J Campbell (Triumph) (12s) beat W H Cowan (Triumph) (12s); T H Turner (Norton) (scr) beat W J Noble (Norton (20s); R E Browne (Matchless) (10s) —Bye; C McCandless (Norton) (scr) beat F H Stock (B.S.A.) (10s); J Hunter (Matchless) (18s) beat S Knox (Rudge) (7s); D McKeen (Matchless) (18s) —Bye; M W Balllie (Velocette) (4secs) beat O K Nelson (Triumph) (11s); W George (Triumph) (10s) beat J Hayes (Rudge) (3s); R T Matthews (Velocette) (2s) beat J Scott (Triumph) (2s). Second round — Turner beat Campbell; Browne beat McCandless; George beat Balllie; Matthews —Bye. Third round — Browne beat Turner; Matthews beat George; McKeen —Bye. Semi-final — Browne beat Matthews. Final placing— 1, Browne; 2, Matthews; 3, McKeen. Fastest climb— Turner, 53.6secs.

Class C: open to machines not exceeding 350 c.c. First round— M W Baillie (Velocette) (2s) beat D McKeen (Matchless) (16s); S McCready (Triumph) (10s) beat J Thompson (Matchless) (16s); H Johnston (B.S.A.) (10s) beat J Toombs (Velocette (14s); N Ferguson (Triumph) (9s) beat C Carley (Velocette) (14s); O K Nelson (Triumph) (9s) beat J Robinson (A.J.S.) (16s): W J Campbell (Triumph) (10s.) beat J George (Triumph) (6s.); W J Johnston (B.S.A.) (10s) beat R Johnston (B.S.A.) (10s); F H Stock (B.S.A.) (8s) beat R T Matthews (Velocette) (scratch). Second round — Baillie beat McCready; R Johnston beat Ferguson; Campbell beat Nelson; Stock beat W J Johnston. Semi-finals — Baillie beat Johnston; Stock beat Campbell. Final placing—1, Baillie; 2, Stock; 3, R Johnston. Stock suffered engine failure but manhandled his machine up the steepest part of the hill to qualify. Fastest climb— Baillie, 54.6secs. Class D: Class confined to club members with engines of any c.c.— 1, M. W. Baillie (4s), 56 secs.; 2, R E Browne (10s), 1 min. 0.4secs.; 3. R McCandless Norton (scr), 1 min. 1.6secs. Fastest climb— Turner and McCandless, 53.4secs. Belfast News-Letter

Post World War II McMullan Cup Trial 9 June

Grass Track Races 14 August

The Club held their annual novices trial for the McMullan Cup over a course in McQuillan’s Quarry. More than 20 riders faced the starter. Provisional results— 1, A Hawthorn (Matchless); 2, T H Turner (Norton); 3, N Ferguson (Triumph).

R T Hill (B.S.A.) won another two motor-cycling championships when he finished first in both the 350 c.c. and 500 c.c. classes in the five mile championship of Ulster. The title races formed part of the programme promoted by the Club and held at Balmoral Showgrounds. Hill will shortly be leaving for Italy, where he is to compete in the International Six Days Trial as a member of the Irish team. A special award to the competitor recording fastest lap of the meeting was also won by Hill.

10 Mile Irish Championship Grass-Track Races: 7 August

350 c.c. five-mile championship of Ulster— 1, R T Hill (B.S.A.); 2, J E Thompson (Matchless); 3, L McCracken (B.S.A.). 500 c.c. five-mile championship of Ulster— 1, R T Hill (B.S.A.); 2, R Armstrong (B.S.A.); 3, N F Stock (B.S.A.). 350 c.c. scratch race— First heat— 1, C Gray (B.S.A.); 2, A Hawthorn (Matchless); 3, W Reeves (Matchless). Second heat— 1, R T Hill (B.S.A.); 2, J E Thompson (Matchless); 3, C McCullough (Matchless). Third heat— 1, W Jeffers (B.S.A.); 2, S V McCready (Triumph); 3, L McCracken (B.S.A.). Final— 1, Hill; 2, Jeffers; 3, McCracken.

500 c.c. scratch race— First heat— 1, C Gray (B.S.A.); 2, S V McCready (Triumph); 3, W Reeves (Matchless). Second heat— 1, L Gregg (Ariel); 2, J Toombs (Matchless); 3, A Hawthorn (Matchless). Third heat— 1, W Jeffers (B.S.A.); 2, N F Stock (B.S.A.); 3, R Armstrong (B.S.A.). Final— 1, Stock; 2.,Toombs; 3, Gray. General handicap— Flrst heat— 1, W Reeves (Matchless); 2, C Gray (B.S.A.); 3, D J Rollins (B.S.A.). Second heat— 1, L McCracken (B.S.A.); 2, N F Stock (B.S.A.); 3, T Hill (B.S.A.). Third heat— 1, G C Dickson (B.S.A.); 2, J Toombs (Matchless); 3, W Bell (B.S.A.). Fourth heat — 1, L Gregg (Ariel); 2, C McCullough (Matchless); 3, S A Glass (B.S.A.). Final— 1, Toombs; 2, McCracken; 3, McCullough.

CARROWDORE ‘100’ 18 September J L M Meikle, of Newtownards (348 Ariel), and one of the limit men, held his lead throughout, to win the “100” miles motor cycle race. His time for the full distance over the new 10.5 miles course, embracing Carrowdore, Ballywalter and Millisle, was 1hr. 52min. 11sec. giving an average of 56.09 m.p.h. Drizzle and a greasy surface kept speeds down and the winner was never seriously challenged by back markers, who included Artie Bell, the scratch man (32.5min) on a 499 Norton, who finished third in 1hr. 22min. 39sec. (76.14 m.p.h.), the fastest time of the race. Bell also did the fastest lap 8min. 6sec., an average of 77.78 m.p.h. Second place was won by Norman Ferguson (348 Triumph) in the time of 1hr. 53min. 20sec. (61.49 m.p.h.). He started 21.5 minutes alter Meikle.

B Mann (A.J.S.) crashes after collision with J G Dixon (Sunbeam).

Other placings were:— 4, J McKimm (249 Excelsior), Belfast (15.5min) 1hr. 38min. 20sec. average speed 64.00 m.p.h. 5, F Purslow (348 B.S.A ), Shropshire (10.5min) 1hr. 56min. 48sec. 66.39 m.p.h. 6, W George (248 Excelsior), (32.5min) 1hr. 57min. 35sec. 53.52 m.p.h. Fastest laps: 500 c.c. —A J Bell (Norton), 8m. 6s. (77.78 m.p.h.); 350 c.c. —R T Matthews (Velocette), 8m. 41s. (72.55): 250 c.c. —J McKimm (Excelsior), 9m. 42s. (64.95).

Of the total of 75 starters, 21 finished the course. As a result of crashes during the race F H Stock, garage proprietor, Sandown Road, Belfast, was conveyed to the City Hospital with shoulder injuries, and T L Irwin, butcher, Ballysillan Road. Belfast, was admitted to Ards District Hospital with head and leg injuries. Both were stated to be “comfortable”. Belfast News-Letter - Monday 20 September 1948

P. C. Welsh Challenge Trophy—J L M Meikle. Fastest finishers (other than first three)— Carrowdore Residents’ Cup (fastest over 350 c.c.) R Armstrong; 2, L Carter; 3, B Meli. Carrowdore Residents’ Cup (fastest. 350 c.c.) R T Matthews; 2, E Lyons; 3, F Purslow. Rand Challenge Cup (fastest time 250 c.c. class) J McKimm; 2, W George. Visitors prize: F Purslow, Shropshire. Fastest finisher award—A J Bell. Members prize—Dunvegan Cup: J McKimm.

A J Bell (Norton), the scratch man

K Kyle (B.S.A.) leading J McKimm (Excelsior) and G Dumigan (Rudge)

Post World War II Barr Trophy Trial 30 October

Prize Distribution

Coates Cup Trial 27 November

The annual Club reliability trial for the Barr Trophy was won by A J Bell, riding a Norton. Bell won the trophy last year and has only competed in one Irish trial since that time. The course was a severe one, situated on the slopes of Cave Hill and containing 43 observed sections. The complete results were as follows:-

Following the trial the annual prize distribution of the Club was held in the Imperial Cafe, Belfast. Mr Gordon Agnew, Club chairman, presided and announced that as a result of the Ulster championship grass-track meeting at Balmoral the Club had donated the sum of £100 to the British Red Cross Society.

The Club held their annual Coates Cup reliability trial for motor-cycles over a course in the Ballyslllan district.

Barr Trophy: 1, A J Bell (Norton) 294 marks gained; 2, W Jeffers (B.S.A.) 263; 3, R T Hill (B.S.A.) 246; 4, R Chamberlain (Norton) 231. Novice class: 1, R T Hamilton (A.J.S.) 132; 3, B Grubb (B.S.A.) 125. Team award: Ulster M.C.C. No.1 team (Bell, Jeffers and Hill) 803 marks.

Mr J D Barbour, a vice-president of the club, said that the performances recorded by local riders in open competition with Britain’s best had so impressed him that he had decided to ask the Club to accept a trophy from him, to be awarded as the committee so decided. The prizes were distributed Mrs E H Rand. Belfast News-Letter - Monday 01 November 1948

Results:Coates Cup: 1, W Jeffers (B.S.A.) 314 marks; 2, J Weatherup (B.S.A.) 277; 3, W Kirke (B.S.A.). 271. Novice award: 1, S McCready (Triumph) 234 marks. Belfast News-Letter - Monday 29 November 1948

BELFAST AND DISTRICT MOTOR CLUB Club Social 6 December The winner of the Coates Cup motor-cycle trial, W Jeffers, was presented with the award and replica by Mrs R Brown, wife of the secretary of the Club, at a social meeting in Loughview Cafe, Holywood. Mr Gordon Agnew, chairman, presided and welcomed the guests, among them many who had assisted the club in events during the season. A cine show of films of the Carrowdore “100”, the Leinster “200”, the Skerries “100” and other races was given by Mr T H Turner, who was thanked for his services. A musical programme followed.

Belfast Telegraph - Tuesday 07 December 1948

Post World War II



AGM 10 January

Noted ex motorcyclist. Late Mr Sam Wallace

“We had a successful year notwithstanding the weather and fuel conditions,” stated Mr G Agnew (chairman) at the 42nd annual meeting of the Club in the Union Hotel. Belfast, this evening.

The funeral took place to Dundonald Cemetery this afternoon of Mr Samuel Wallace, The Garage, Dundonald, for many years a wellknown competitor in motor-cycle trials.

Mr R Brown (secretary) read the annual report, which stated that entries for all events had been most encouraging. The Carrowdore “100” race had the splendid entry of 81. Tribute was paid to the work of the committee. The report was adopted. on the motion of Mr A McLardy, seconded by Mr W Dunn.

Mr. Wallace was a foundation member of the Belfast and District Motor Club and for some years acted as treasurer. He won many prizes as a combination rider in trials, and assisted as official at a number of events following his retirement from active participation in the sport.

The Chairman said the season had been one of their best from a financial point of view. A sum of £l00 had been contributed to British Red Cross funds.

Mr. Wallace, who was 60, carried on business as motor and cycle agent at Mountpottinger before taking over extensive garage premises at Dundonald.

The financial statement was presented by Mr F Owen. Mr McLardy congratulated the office bearers on tho work carried out during the year. He reported he would be unable to accept again tho position of president due to pressure of other work. Mr McLardy was thanked for his services. Officers elected were:— President:

Mr J D Barbour


Mr J Hunter

Vice Chairman:

Mr G Agnew

Hon Secretary:

Mr R Brown

Hon Treasurer:

Mr F Owens


Messrs J Jack, R Fisher, S Hunter, D Elliott, H Hussey, W Gallagher, T H Turner, S Abernethy, N Magee, J Thompson, E N Miller, R L Howe and T Dickson.

The names of Mr McLardy and Mr W J Chambers were added to the list of vice-presidents.

Belfast Telegraph - Tuesday 11 January 1949

Novices’ trial 1 March The Club held their annual novices’ trial in McQuillan’s Quarry. Results:— McMullan Cup: 1, G Morrow (B.S.A.); 2nd award, B Mann (A.J.S.); 3rd award, J Canavan (Matchless). Beginners’ prize, A Anderson (B.S.A.). EASTER REFLECTIONS. There will be no sporting attractions in Carrickfergus at Easter, and many people regret that the popular hill climb on Easter Monday at Red Brae will not be held, as the Belfast and District Motor Club have received permission to hold this event at Knockagh Road, Monkstown. In previous years, thousands of people lined the slopes of the brae, and local caterers did roaring trade supplying refreshments.

KNOCKAGH HILL CLIMB Easter Monday 18 April


The record for the 500 c.c one mile Knockage Hill Climb, County Antrim, which was established by R T Hill on a B.S.A., was broken twice today during the Club’s annual motorcycle event over the course.

Competing in the motor-cycle grass track races at Carrowdore, County Down, George A Morrow, of 50 Belmont Avenue, Belfast, was thrown from his machine and received head injuries. He was taken by ambulance to Ards District Hospital. His condition was stated to be “fairly comfortable.”

In the first event of the day W A C McCandless (499 Norton) clocked 1min. 5.6sec., or 0.4 of a second under Hill’s time. There was surprise later in the day when R Armstrong, Dublin, (498 Triumph) finished in 1min 3sec., the fastest speed of the climb. McCandless achieved consolation in breaking another record—the “350” when he finished on a 348 Norton in 1min. 9sec.

R Armstrong (Triumph) leading W J McCausland (A.J.S.) at the second bend

There were about 50 competitors and a large Easter Monday crowd of spectators. Other results:Open (any c.c.)— 1, R Sheldon (493 Sunbeam) 1min. 12sec.; 2, J White (498 Norton-Jap) 1min. 6sec.; 3, D J Rollins (348 B.S.A.) 1min. 24sec. Open not over 350 c.c.— 1, W E Kelly (348 Triumph) 1min. 17.2sec.; 2, J C McKeen (348 Matchless) 1min. 22sec.; 3, W J Campbell (248 Excelsior) 1min. 17.2sec. Pairs 1, 2, 3,

against the clock (best of two runs to count): “L M Smith.” (348 Ariel) 1min. 18sec.; W J McCausland (350 A.J.S.) 1min 20.4sec.; R Sheldon (493 Sunbeam) 1min. 12sec.

Any c.c (confined to members of the club)— 1, T F Seymour (348 B.S.A.) 1min. 13.4sec.; 2, W Jeffers (498 B.S.A.) 1min. 10sec.; 3, W J Campbell (248 Excelsior) 1min. 16.4sec. News Letter and Northern Whig

S A Glass leading J Weatherup on a bend at Knockagh

Resuls of the events were:— Scratch, up to 175 c.c. 1, E W Davidson (Royal Enfield); 2, R McDonald (James); 3, C Carley (B.S.A.). 350 c.c. scratch 1, Alex Hawthorn (Matchless); 2, F G Symons (B.S.A.); 3, J W McCreadie (Triumph). 500 c.c. scratch 1, T E Seymour (350 B.S.A.); 2, J Toombs (Matchless); 3, A Hawthorn (350 Matchless). Sidecar event 1, Fergie Owens (Norton); 2, Rex McCandless (Norton); 3, T Watt (B.S.A.). General handicap (Magee Cup) 1, D J McCreadie (B.S.A.); 2, H W Gordon (Matchless); 3, R McDonald (James). Belfast and District Motor Club entries for North-West 200 (These riders hare also been entered for the race by the Belfast and District Club).— T H Turner (Belfast), 500; R T Matthews (Bangor), 350; M W Baillie (Crossgar), 350.

Post World War II Dundrod racing applications. Refusal this year by Antrim Council.

BALMORAL Grass Track 29 June

There will be no racing this year over the roads comprising the proposed new Dundrod motor-race circuit.

There was an attendance of over 2,500 at the grass track motor-cycle races promoted by the Club at Balmoral showgrounds. Proceeds were devoted to the Belfast Branch British Red Cross Society.

Antrim County Council to-day (31 May) adopted the report of its Dundrod Race Course Committee recommending the refusal of the applications of the Ulster Automobile Club for a car race on August 13 and of Belfast and District Motor Club to hold a motorcycle race on the course on August 6. The Council heard the views of a deputation from the Ulster Automobile Club—Mr C G Neill and Mr H McVicker—regarding the form of racing to be undertaken and the safety measures to be adopted. Mr Neill, secretary of the club, said the race they proposed to promote this year would be of a restricted nature, not only in the number of cars on the course but also in duration, and the capacity and size of cars. The promotion of the small race would give opportunity for valuable preparatory work for the larger event which, it was hoped, would be promoted in 1950. Mr H McVicker said he felt spectator control at Dundrod would not be difficult. The ground rising from the road would provide a natural grandstand; the low-lying areas would be prohibited to spectators. They could easily handle 30,000 to 40,000 spectators. Mr E L Ross, Assistant County Surveyor, said the surface was fairly good, but there were some narrow stretches on the course and some corners which would require to be improved. (Time is needed to do this and estimated cost is £40,000).

Alex Hawthorn won the 350 cc. five miles championship, after R T Hill, the holder, had overshot the course and lost almost half a lap. Hill made no mistake in the 500c.c. five miles championship of Ulster. He won comfortably in his heat. and in the final circuited swiftly, closely chased by W Jeffers. Mr J D Barbour, President of the Club, acted as club steward and starter. Other officials were—Mr R Brown and Mr R Fisher, secretaries and Mr W Dunn, clerk of the course. Scratch race for machines up to 175c.c.: 1. J. Marshall (125 Royal Enfield): 2. Cliff Carley (125 B.S.A.): 3. F. King (125 Royal Enfield). Ulster 350 c.c. five miles championship: Heat 1; 1. A. Hawthorn (Matchless); 2. W. Jeffers (B.S.A.): 3. T. E. Seymour (B.S.A.).

Heat 2; 1. D. J. Rollins (B.S.A.); 2. O. H. Jackson (A.J.S.); 3. R. E. Browne (Matchless). Heat 3; 1. G. A. Morrow (B.S.A.); 2. W. E. Kelly (Matchless); 3. J. Redmond (Ariel). Final; 1. Hawthorn; 2. Jackson; 3. Jeffers. (Hawthorne won by few feet). Ulster 500 c.c. five miles championship: Heat 1; 1. R. T. Hill (B.S.A.); 2. R. Sheldon (Sunbeam): 3. T. H. Turner (Norton). Heat 2; 1. W. Jeffers (B.S.A.); 2. T. E. Seymour (J.A.P.): 3. F. H. Stock (B.S.A.). Final; 1. Hill; 2. Jeffers; 3. Seymour. Inter-club team relay race: 1. Belfast and District Club (Jeffers, R. Forbes and R. Gunning); 2. Ulster Club (R. T. Hill, F. H Stock and S. H. Glass); 3. Knock (A. Hawthorn, S. McCracken and R. E. Browne). Handicap event for Shott Cup: Heat 1; 1. R. Forbes (348 B.S.A.); 2. F. H. Stock (500 B.S.A.); 3. R. Gunning (350 B.S.A.). Heat 2; 1. S. A. Glass (500 B.S.A.); 2. W. J. Henry (150 New Imperial): 3, T. H. Turner (500 Norton). Heat 3; 1. L. Gregg (350 Triumph); 2. J. Toombs (500 Matchless); 3. T. E. Seymour (350 B.S.A.). Heat 4; 1. G. A. Morrow (350 B.S.A.); 2. J. McLoughlin (350 Matchless); 3. L. McCracken (500 B.S.A.). Final; 1. Gregg; 2. Glass; 3. Toombs.

BELFAST AND DISTRICT MOTOR CLUB The Enniskillen “100” Race. New date protest On 1st July the Ulster Centre Motor-Cycle Union of Ireland gave Enniskillen and District Club permission to hold their “100” mile road race on September 21. Following a protest by Belfast and District Motor Club that the date was only a few days after their Carrowdore “100.’. The application of Omagh Motor Club for affiliation to the Centre was postponed. Cookstown Club were given permission to promote short airfield races at Cluntoe Airfield in August. (Belfast News-Letter - Saturday 02 July 1949)

Ten Mile Grass Track Championship, Carrowdore 6 August One the most exciting grass track events ever seen – the 350c.c. 10-mile championship of Ireland at Carrowdore – was won by Alex Hawthorn (Matchless), a 30-year-old civil servant. The championship meeting attracted a large attendance. Although all the contenders for the championship events were Ulster riders, the standard of racing was better than for any previous championship. In the 350 c.c. title race, R T Hill (B.S.A.) took the lead on the first lap, but Hawthorne maintained close cornnany and on the next lap was abreast of Hill. Hill accelerated, and for two more laps managed to keep ahead of Hawthorn; then followed two laps of wheel-to-wheel riding before Hawthorn drew slightly ahead. It was not until the last lap that Hawthorn put the issue beyond doubt. In the meantime, W Jeffers (B.S.A.), who had been fast recovering ground lost in a slow start, had moved into third place, and, in the last few yards slipped past Hill to finish second. This is Hawthorn’s second championship title, as he won the five-mile Ulster title at Balmoral recently. The 500 c.c. championship event was less keen. From the outset Hill (B.S.A) set a fast pace, which soon put him well ahead of the field. His nearest contender was Capt W J M Clark (Matchless). On the fifth lap Clark crashed heavily at a bend, and some spectators who rushed to help him blocked the course, and brought Hill to a standstill. Clark was removed to Ards Hospital, but was not detained. Hill re-started, with D White (J.A.P) now in close company, but the B.S.A. rider was much too fast, and won comfortably. This was a new title for Hill, who already holds the five-mile Ulster title (500 c.c.) and the 20 miles Irish championship.

Results:Scratch race, up to 175 c.c.; 1, A McGee (O.E.C.); 2, E W Davidson (Royal Enfield); 3, W Young (B.S.A.). Scratch race, up to 350 c.c.— First heat; 1, W Jeffers (B.S.A.); 2, T E Seymour (B.S.A.); 3, A Kirk (Matchless); 4, R Porter (B.S.A.). Second heat; 1, A Hawthorn (Matchless); 2, S S Russell (A.J.S.); 3, D J Rollins (B.S.A.); 4, W Stewart (Rudge). Final; 1, Jeffers; 2, Hawthorn; 3, Russell. Ten-mile grass track championship of Ireland (350 c.c.); 1, A Hawthorn (Matchless); 2, W Jeffers (B.S.A.); 3, R T Hill (B.S.A.). Ten-mile grass track championship of Ireland (500 c.c.); 1, R T Hill (B.S.A.); 2, D White (J.A.P.); 3, W Jeffers (B.S.A.). General handicap – First heat; 1, W Stewart (Rudge); 2, R T Hill (B.S.A.) 3, T E Seymour (J.A.P.) Second heat; 1, D White (J.A P.); 2, S S Russell (A.J.S.); 3, A Hawthom (Matchless). Final; 1, Hill; 2, Hawthorn; 3, Seymour. Belfast News-Letter - Monday 08 August 1949

CARROWDORE ‘100’ 17 September In recognition of the fact that in Irish handicap motor cycle races the fastest rider often fails to win an award, Mr J D Barbour, president of the Belfast and District Motor Club, has provided a special trophy to be given to the fastest finisher in the Carrowdore “100” road race. It is probable that this award will be won by one the three riders starting at the back of field of 75. A J Bell (Norton) is conceding 30 minutes to the limit riders, two minutes to R Armstrong (Triumph) and four minutes L Carter (Norton). All the competing machines were examined by official scrutineers in Messrs W J Chambers’ Donegall Pass premises last night. The race will start from Carrowdore village at 3 p.m. The roads, comprising the 10.5 mile Carrowdore-Ballywalter-Greyabbey circuit, will be closed to traffic from 2 p.m. The Carrowdore “100” was won by Harry Turner, a builder, of Donegall Road, Belfast, at an average speed of 72.21 m.p.h. Turner, a former winner of the Skerries “100”. who has gained many prizes at Bangor and at Cork, started of in 50th position on a 348 Norton with a handicap of 11minutes 30seconds. He came into third position two laos before the end and soon took the lead. He was not seriously challenged to the finishing line. In second place was Richard Knox, of Lurgan, on a 498 Triumph. His average speed was 75.58 m.p.h. Main interest of the race was the spectacular attempt by Artie Bell (499 Norton), the scratch

man, to wipe out a handicap of 30 minutes. He returned record-breaking laps throughout the race and he passed almost 70 riders to take third position. His fastest lap, and the new record, was 83.07 m.p.h. His average speed was 81.82 m.p.h. Other placings were:— 4, C Gray, Belfast (A.J.S.). h/cap 7m, 74.24 mph: 5, Jim Scott, Lisburn (498 Triumph), 6m. 75.16 mph: 6, L Carter, Dublin (500 Norton), 4m, 76.26 mph: 7, T E Seymour, Belfast (348 B.S.A.). 13m, 68.63 mph; 8, W George, Ards (248 Excelsior), 30m. 57.71 mph: 9, W J Campbell, B’fast (248 Excelsior), 14m. 67.52 mph: 10, W Ferguson (248 Excelsior), 22m. 62.95 mph P. C. Welsh Challenge Trophy— T H Turner. Fastest finishers (other than first three)— Carrowdore Residents’ Cup (fastest over 350 c.c.) L Carter. Carrowdore Residents’ Cup (fastest. 350 c.c.) C Gray. Rand Challenge Cup (fastest time 250 c.c. class) W J Campbell. Barbour Challenge Cup (Fastest finisher award) A J Bell. Bramec Brake Lining Silver Trophy: C Gray. There were 70 starters in the race. It was supported by English and Eire riders. The Bangor rider, R T Matthews, crashed and was taken to hospital. Northern Whig - Monday 19 September 1949


Larry Devlin: in between Harry Turner (50) and Jim Fitzsimmons from Dublin on his “film star” Norton. All on 350s - Mick on a KTT and the other two on Nortons. PS Jim was, I believe, brother to Maureen O’Hara, who sent the money from Hollywood for the Norton. Michael Mooney!

Gary Niblock Charlie Gray 1949 Carrowdore

Coates Cup Trial 19 November

Annual Prize Giving 21 November

O H Jackson (Norton), Newtownards, won the annual reliability trial for the Coates Cup, held over a course on Cave Hill on Saturday afternoon. The Championship trial was one of the most severe held in recent years.

The Club, the oldest in the British Isles, held its 43rd annual prize distribution in Thompsons Restaurant. Prizes valued at over £250 were presented on this evening.

The 42 starters included Miss Patricia Russell (B.S.A.), of Glasgow. who is competing in Ulster trials while on holiday here. Miss Russell, after completing two laps, retired from the trial. In addition to marks gained on observation, riders were penalised for failure to observe standard time, set by the fastest rider. As a result, several prominent riders who had creditable performances on observation, failed to qualify as finishers.

Mr J Thompson presided, and the prizes were handed over by Mrs J D Barbour, wife of the club president. The attendance included members of the club’s Carrowdore Race Committee.

Jackson set standard time by completing the course in 1hr. 15m. 50s. The next best was A J Bell (Norton) almost 11 minutes later. He lost 21 marks. Best performance on observation was made by W J Weatherup (B.S.A.), Carrickfergus, who gained 287 marks but lost 27 on time. The M.C.U.I. Trials Championship covers trials in Ulster and Eire. The Southern Centre also a held championship trial— the Bush Cup—on the same day and they have raised objections to the classification of the Ulster trial as a championship. The matter will be raised at the next meeting of the Ulster Centre. Results:— Coates Cup—O H Jackson (Norton) 275 marks. First-class awards —J Weatherup (B.S.A.) 260: A J Bell (Norton) 258; R T Hill (B.S.A.) 241; B Grubb (A.J.S.) 213: S S Russell (Matchless) 193; W Jeffers (B.S.A.) 181. Second-class awards—G Morrow (B.S.A.) 179; A Woods (B.S.A.) 172: D Jennings (James) 166; J Kirk (Matchless) 148. Best 175 c.c. W Bell (Enfield) 164. Team award: Ulster Motor Cycle Club (Hill, Jeffers and Jennings).

Mr W Dunn proposed the toast of the M.C.U.I. and this was responded to by Mr R Betts-Jones. Mr W A McMaster, in proposing the toast of the Belfast and District Motor Club, said its standard of organisation compared favourably with the standard of any other club. The club had always been a strong force in motor-cycle affairs, and in Mr Barbour the club had the most enthusiastic president, who took an active interest in club affairs. Mr Jack Hunter replied. Other speakers included Mr Fergus Owen, treasurer; Mr T Dickson, Mr C Gray, Mr Alfie Donnelly, Mr Norman Miller, and Mr W D Morrow. Mr Barbour expressed his admiration for the deeds of the club in Ireland, in the Isle of Man, and more recentlv at Montlhery, where A J Bell had secured world records. Mrs Barbour was presented with a bouquet. The arrangements were carried out by Mr R Brown, secretary.

Belfast Telegraph - Tuesday 22 November 1949

Belfast News-Letter - Tuesday 22 November 1949

The 50s 19

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