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Winning never comes easy. To win, you have to be committed to consistency. Vince Lombardi once said, “Winning is not a sometime thing, it is an all the time thing. You don’t do things right once in a while… you do them right all the time.”  Since the beginning, UCS has never wavered from its primary mission: to provide innovative products that feature superb design, exceptional engineering, superior materials, precision, hand craftsmanship, and rigorous quality control. UCS has invested in a process to be the best and to manufacture athletic equipment for the highest levels. As the Official Equipment Supplier to USA Track & Field and the Official Equipment Supplier to NCAA Track & Field Championships, along with four Olympic Games, UCS lives this mission.  As a coach, athlete, or administrator,

UCS manufactures products that have your interest at the core; to WIN. When considering all of your purchasing options, there are a number of important factors to review; including design, engineering, style, durability, and, above all, safety. In each of these critical categories, UCS products consistently come out on top of the field.  UCS/Spirit Vaulting poles have broken more World Records than any other pole on the market and continue to raise the bar to unsurpassed heights.  UCS constantly strives to offer the safest, most durable, and best performing equipment in the market while maintaining 100% of manufacturing in the United States.  Your athletic program year in and year out competes beyond the track. Talent comes and goes. Creating an environment that will boost confidence and gen-

For more information ucsspirit.com

erate opportunity is vital to winning talent and building a legacy of commitment. The innovative and long-lasting UCS equipment you purchase is sure to enhance your facility, maximize safety, and improve the competitive experience for athletes, coaches, and spectators alike.  In fact, it’s such a sound investment that UCS proudly backs products with a lifetime guarantee on labor and parts. When you review the total ownership costs, it is clear that no other supplier provides as much real value as UCS. No other manufacturer has exclusively furnished the track and field equipment at four Olympic Games and the World Cup Soccer tournament. UCS’s IAAF certified products are the official equipment of USA Track and Field. Your program, too, can be a part of the UCS legacy.

Harry Gill, an unknown athlete, became an overnight sensation when he won the American All-Around Championship in 1900. Impressively, this was Gill’s first ever All-Around competition and his competitors became spectators as his performance led to a record setting score. Gill collected many medals and set world class marks in 5 events, but more importantly he acquired invaluable insight that fueled his next endeavor. In 1904 Gill began his legendary coaching career at the University of Illinois. There he established a coaching career so successful it was without equal and his reputation in the track and field world was unimpeachable. Gill authored the book, Track and Field Athletics: For Coach and Contestant that for years served as the sports standard coaching manual. In this book he wrote “a great deal of care should be taken in selecting the equipment used by track and field athletes. Their performance depends on the implements they have in which and with which to compete – and good equipment helps considerably in making the best performances.” Unsatisfied with the quality of track equipment available, it was in 1918 that he crafted his first implement, the ash javelin. In four short years, the company bearing his name was the first to manufacture a complete line of track and field equipment. Gill’s company is responsible for a long list of innovations that have elevated the sport and performance of track athletes worldwide. While he was a talented athlete and gifted coach, the most enduring of all of Gill’s accomplishments is his line of track and field equipment. Today we are proud to partner with both the NCAA and NFHS as we work together to enhance every athlete’s journey. We are honored to fulfill Coach Gill’s vision by

building advanced equipment that allows athletes to perform at their best at all NCAA Track and Field Championships.

For more information Mike Cunningham | 800.637.3090 | mcunningham@gillathletics.com | gillathletics.com

VS Athletics was the merger of two great companies (Springco Athletics and Venue Sports). Both companies came together in 2003 to form your only complete track and field supplier for all your track and field needs. VS Athletics products have been involved at every major track and field competition for years. VS Athletics has been an innovator in track and field equipment from its early days of Springco Athletics. In our early days we moved the industry

forward with products such as Performance Indicators, inexpensive wind gauge, Denfi Discus, and numerous other products. On the shoe and clothing side our early days as Venue Sports saw our company invent new uniforms as well as new competition shoes. VS Athletics has always been on the forefront of new innovation of track and field product. VS Athletics has enjoyed many special relationships with other track and field companies such as Adidas,

Asics, Gill Athletics, Nike, Stackhouse. We continue to work with the track and field industry to make and distribute the best product with exceptional customer service. Every day at VS Athletics we try to improve the track and field experience. From athletes to coaches VS Athletics prides itself with not only helping, but actively working within the track and field community. Whether it is putting on a large high school meet, or working with the local

youth committee to make the experience the best it can be for all involved. Here at VS Athletics we love Track and Field. You will always see a VS Athletics representative at all of the major US and World meets any time of the year. We have also built a great relationship with all of our local youth and allcomers meets. Our goal at VS Athletics is to give every athlete a better experience in track and field, and make every coaches job a little easier.

For more information Matt Farmer | National Sales Manager | VS Athletics | (800) 676-7463

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