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NEw iPAdS FOR EvERyONE! A giant digital leap is revolutionizing how we learn.

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The way I see it now is that the iPad is groundbreaking in the classroom for those who take advantage of it.” [pg 23]

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regıs g inside

On the cover iPads were given to to all full-time students and faculty. Photograph by Kathleen Dooher.


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photo: Kathleen Dooher

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Her Dream For Liberia Her African home has been torn by war, yet Cecelia “Buff” Harmon-Rogers ’85 has new hope for its future.

Finding Herself A famous photograph stirs memories for Mary Crane Fahey ’64.

Thinking Forward A new strategic plans envisions a larger and more global Regis in the near future.

Move-In Day Regis puts its best foot forward to welcome new families.




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Dear Neighbor Though some Catholic leaders have questioned the Sisters Religious, we salute them and strive to follow their example.

Tower Views A devastating loss of two students in motor vehicle accidents shakes campus community.

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Taking Action A Regis doctoral candidate invents MyPapp, a computer app to educate women about the Pap Test.

Questions & Answers Historian Raffaele Florio talks about history—the world’s and his own.

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Roll of Honor Thanks to those who gave.

Alumni Together Gatherings and events bring alumni together.

Class Notes News of the classes.

Hearts & Minds A daughter salutes a life well lived.

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Last spring, the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) in Rome questioned the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) for some of its work with a social justice lobby, Network. At the same time, although unrelated, the CDF also questioned Sister Margaret Farley, RSM, a Yale ethicist, for her book Just Love, saying that her academic inquiry did not convey Catholic teaching. Across the Atlantic, people felt, at the very least, that the timing of the CDF was off or that it lacked communication sensitivity in a Church wounded by the clerical sexual abuse crisis. Catholics of all stripes around the United States affirmed the value and importance of religious sisters in our religious history, talking with love and affection about the work they have done in this country teaching, healing, and helping countless human beings. Both Catholic and secular media picked up the story. To his credit, while many bishops were silent, our own Archbishop, Cardinal Seán O’Malley, OFM, Cap., lamented the perception that the Church does not welcome women. “It’s a great concern,” he said to a Boston Globe reporter. “The last thing the church needs is more controversies. As we try to evangelize people, we are trying to get them to focus on the centrality of Christ and trying to promote family life and service to the poor, and I see these things as great distractions sometimes.” This summer, Sister Simone Campbell and other Sisters from Network launched “Nuns on the Bus,” a lobbying campaign that traveled from the Midwest to Washington, D.C., visiting soup kitchens, homeless shelters, and congressional offices to point out the social service work of Catholic sisters and protest the House Republican budget. On September 5, Sister Simone made a well-received presentation at the Democratic National Convention in which she affirmed Catholic social teachings the bishops also affirm. I thought of the Dominican sisters who taught me in my childhood and the Sisters of Saint Joseph I have known in over 27 years of service at Regis College. I also thought of the Sister of Notre Dame who serves on our Board, and of Sister Clare Dawson, C.P., whom our students have known in her mission in Villa El Salvador, Peru, through seven years of community service trips. Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Sister Mary Owens, IBVM, who operates the pioneer and premier orphanage in Nyumbani, Kenya, where a number of our students and faculty visited in May as part of the Christian Immersion experience sponsored by our friend, Kathryn Erat. Politics aside, the Sisters we know are highly educated and accomplished women who, with faith, hope, and charity, address the realities of families needing food, children and elders who have been socially abandoned, immigrants caught by human trafficking, the poor trying to make ends meet, and generations of students struggling to get an education, accepting all, as the CSJs put it, as “dear neighbors,” without distinction. This work, too, is what American religious freedom is about and holds a worthy place among the aims of Catholic liberal education. I am proud to be one of the Sisters’ heirs in the great transition from religious orders to lay leadership in American Catholic colleges and universities. Here at Regis, we all salute you, Sisters. You are the salt of the earth and we strive to follow in your footsteps. Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN PRESIDENT

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10/26/12 4:01 PM

Dressing for Meaning Early this fall, the Carney Gallery exhibited two artists who reinterpreted familiar objects in a new way: Virginia Fitzgerald and David Lang. Fitzgerald, who in 2006 began The Dress Project, has created well over 400 dresses in wildly divergent media. Many of the dress sculptures have deep meaning for her and others. “In Memory Of,” on exhibit at Carney [right] contains dog tags and photographs of soldiers killed in Iraq. Another, “Dear Jeff,” [bottom right] was commissioned by a man whose wife was killed in the Twin Towers during 9/11. Others are more whimsical. Fitzgerald has recently been making little origami dresses on which she writes fortunes, like “May this dress bring you peace,” and she places them in random public spots. “The dress is my soapbox,” said Fitzgerald. “I hope to add a little joy, happiness, lightness into our life.”

“Eat Your Vegetables,” went in the crock pot for dinner.

“Wedding Dress,” the first official dress of The Dress Project, was made on Wells Beach, Maine.

Inset: The bottom of the dress is a tangle of wires adorned with mini dog tags onto which are attached photos of dead soldiers.

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“Dear Jeff,” is made partly of notes written by a woman killed in the Twin Towers on 9/11.

10/22/12 2:07 PM

New and Noted David Gilmore was named Associate Dean of Undergraduate Affairs. He was Chair and Assistant Professor, Medical Imaging, and Program Director, Nuclear Medicine Technology. Gilmore was recently named outstanding educator in nuclear medicine technology at the Annual Society of Nuclear Medicine (SNM) Conference.


photos: Eric Goldscheider


Kenya Connection This fall, Regis welcomed special guest Sister Mary Owens, IBVM, a psychologist and the director of the pioneer orphanage for children with HIV in Nyumbani, Kenya. It is the largest such facility in Kenya and offers unparalleled medical, educational, and social benefits to the more than 100 children who live there. A Regis group had visited Nyumbani in the spring as part of an academic seminar with a focus on health. They were led by Professor Nancy Bittner, Associate Professor Lauress Wilkins, and former lecturer Lorna Rinear. Father Angelo D’Agostino, SJ, founded the orphanage 20 years ago Sister Mary Owens in the village of Nyumbani and, despite many obstacles, he succeeded in developing a thriving home for children and in keeping the village and its network of families intact. At the time of the founding, the village had lost many adults due to AIDS, leaving only elders and children. As Sister Mary Owens put it in an anniversary newsletter, “through Father D’Agostino’s faith in God’s guidance, courage in the face of misunderstanding, and perseverance despite betrayal, his vision for Nyumbani has been realized beyond what even he envisaged at the foundation.”

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Peter Langenus has been appointed to the Regis College Board of Trustees. A practicing lawyer at Schnader Harrison Segal & Lewis LLP in New York, Langenus is married to Eileen McCormick Langenus ’78. Mary-Anne Vetterling has been named Teacher of the Year: College/University Level by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese (AATSP). Peter and Carolyn Lynch, philanthropists and founders of the Lynch Foundation, spoke at Commencement 2012. The Foundation supports education, historic preservation, healthcare and medical research, and religious and educational efforts of the Roman Catholic Church. Le Sette Wright was named the new Coordinator of Multicultural and Community Engagement Initiative and Protestant Chaplain. She has worked as an associate director for violence prevention programs, director of youth ministries, and as chaplain. Amy Scott has been appointed Director of The Regis College Children’s Center and The Academy of Regis College. Scott has 10 years of experience as a director of children’s centers in Pasco, Wash., and in Holden, Mass. Susan Clancy Kennedy ’81 is the new Director of Internships and Career Placement. Kennedy has more than 20 years of experience in recruiting, hiring, and managing entry-level professionals.

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PRAYERS & CONDOLENCES and lacrosse co-captain Michael Kaplan ’13 from Braintree. Peter Leighton ’15 of Wilmington was seriously injured in the motorcycle crash but is recovering, and we will soon welcome him back to campus. The College has experienced a great outpouring of faculty and staff concern. Our students’ outreach to each other, both undergraduate and graduate, united them in community participation at memorials on campus and wakes and funerals in greater Boston and in the embrace of

Darner’s and Michael’s families. On October 2 we postponed the celebration of Founders’ Day and the Cap and Gown Investiture of our senior class, which mark the heritage and values of the Sisters of St. Joseph. In reality, however, our grieving campus has been living those values of inclusiveness and excellence with gentleness that come from a profound encounter with the love of neighbor and what it reveals about our humanity and the love of God. May Michael and Darner rest in peace.

Darner Alteon

5 Michael Kaplan


During the week of September 20–27, the Regis College community suffered two devastating losses and undertook a remarkable journey of grief and love. A car accident on the evening of Thursday, September 20, took the life of Darner Alteon ’14, a well-known and well-respected junior and track runner, on his way home to Milton after attending a poetry reading on campus. A week later, a Thursday afternoon motorcycle crash on nearby Chestnut Street killed much-loved biology major

“Watershed Moment” for Haiti Project Twelve Haitian nursing professors have returned to Haiti after spending six weeks at Regis taking master-level courses and shadowing nurses at local Boston hospitals as part of the Regis College Haiti Project. After two years, the project is still going strong; and with a grant from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund, its future is assured. A collaboration among the Regis College School of Nursing, Science and Health Professions, Haiti’s Ministry of Health, and the University of Haiti, this innovative program’s goal is to educate nursing leaders in Haiti, who will go on to continue to teach the next generation of Haitian nurses. “It has been a personal honor to work with such an incredible group of global nursing leaders, and I am incredibly pleased that— thanks to a generous $462,800 grant from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund—we will have the opportunity to continue this partnership for years to come,” said Sheila Davis, Director of Global Nursing for PIH.

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“Take a leap! Be open to leaving your comfort zone to seek growth opportunities to become all you can be.” From the Commencement remarks of Amy Lind Corbett ’70, Federal Aviation Administration.

10/26/12 2:15 PM

An App for the Pap Women’s Health Goes High-Tech By RACHeL MORTON

6 REGIS TODAY 31409p06-07.indd 6

For 23 years, Stacy Christensen has heard just about every misconception in the book about Pap Tests. Does cervical cancer run in the family? Many women think it does, but it does not. Does a Pap screen for STDs? No, it only screens for one STD—HPV (Human Papillomavirus). Women contract that virus through unprotected sex, and 99 percent of all cervical cancer is caused by HPV. Will a Pap screen for cancer of the ovaries or the uterus? No, it only screens for cancer of the cervix. A nurse practitioner in Connecticut, Christensen has done “probably thousands” of Paps. She is also in a tenure-track teaching position at Central Connecticut State University, and she has a family— a husband and two boys, 15 and 18. So her plate is full, but she has made it even fuller. For the past two years, Christensen has been commuting to Regis to attend the DNP (Doctor of Nursing Practice) program. For her Capstone Project this year, she decided to address those common Pap Test misconceptions by creating an informative tool to help women understand the Pap and their gynecological health. Her teaching vehicle is not a book or an article, an infomercial or a website. It’s a mobile app. Called “MyPapp,” it helps educate women about the Pap Test and teaches them about female anatomy. It is an easy to use, interactive application that is free and can be used in the privacy of one’s own home. Christensen is by no means a computer expert, so creating an application was a difficult hurdle to surmount. But a nursing informatics class spurred her interest in the project—health informatics is all about technology and health, two fields that

are rapidly intertwining as the health profession attempts to improve patient outcomes through the use of technology. To build a computer application, most people hire programming professionals and pay many thousands of dollars to turn their ideas into applications. Christensen didn’t have those kinds of resources, so she sought help from a professor at Trinity College, Dr. Ralph Morelli, who had experience with a program called App Inventor. He helped her work her way through programming a computer application. “I never thought I could do it,” Christensen admits. “But I did it with a free program and I did it myself.” She also created the app in Spanish because in her culture class she learned that Hispanic women have a much higher chance of dying of cervical cancer. The result received immediate attention. Christensen was invited to present MyPapp at an App Inventor Summit at MIT this summer. “I’m not a computer geek so I was living proof that someone like myself could use this programing platform.” She coauthored a paper with Dr. Morelli that was accepted for publication in CIN: The Journal of Computers, Informatics, and Nursing. Christensen recently presented MyPapp in a poster presentation at the national DNP conference in St. Louis. And MyPapp was recognized among the “100 Best of 2012 Nurse Practitioner Round-Up” by the Online Nurse Practitioner Programs website. People involved with health education understand that this kind of private, personal access to sensitive health information could be of great benefit to women. For where do women learn about their bodies, about what happens in a gynecologist’s office? Some women

10/19/12 4:00 PM

photo: Kathleen Dooher

“MyPapp helps educate women about the Pap Test and teaches them about the female anatomy.”

31409p06-07.indd 7

might have attended health classes when they were girls, but most depend upon the information they get at a doctor’s office. And the atmosphere could not be less conducive to learning there—especially for a young woman going in for the first time. “You go in for your first exam,” Christensen says. “you are sitting on crinkly paper and you are a basket case.” She explains that patients retain probably 10 to 15 percent of what they hear in a doctor visit. So even if the Pap is explained, the chances that a woman remembers and takes that information away with her is remote. Plus many women are reluctant to ask

questions regarding the gynecological exam because of embarrassment. So there’s a lot to learn, and to un-learn, and Christensen has got that covered with her friendly, interactive MyPapp application, which can be downloaded for free onto a smartphone or other electronic device via the Android program. (It is currently not yet available for download on Apple products.) The informal feedback has been very positive so far. “One woman said she learned things she’d never dared ask her provider because she was so embarrassed by what she didn’t know,” says Christensen, who thinks women like the privacy and ease of use. “It’s not your Angry Birds or fancy apps like that,” she laughs, “but it is very interactive. you tap on the ovary and it says, ‘This is the ovary—it releases eggs.’ ” Christensen’s Capstone Project represented a great blend of nursing knowledge and technology expertise—the kind of interdisciplinary effort that is becoming increasingly important in the health field. “This Capstone has been a phenomenal experience,” says Christensen. “It exceeded all my expectations.”

10/19/12 4:00 PM


questions &

Historian Makes It Personal Raffaele Florio builds foundations under “Castles in the Sky”


What got you interested in studying history?

When did you decide to become a teacher?

I grew up on Federal Hill in Providence which (although it’s pretty trendy now) 40 years ago was what I guess you’d call a very ethnic neighborhood. I was always that kid that actually wanted to hear the older generation tell their stories about their experiences in diverse regions of southern Italy. This was a tremendous cultural experience for me that certainly had an impact on my own sense of identity. By the time I was in high school it became pretty clear that the study of history would become my path. I was an active member of the local historical society before I could even drive. I was fascinated with things like landscape as a form of memory and began to really see the importance of historic preservation. But at the same time I always knew that it was the stories that gave life to these things. Objects do tell stories and as long as there were people willing to add to the narrative which might help uncover those stories, I was willing to listen.

Italy opened my eyes to a whole new way of viewing history. It also caused me to hate just about every history course I took after that point. Though I completed my degree a few years later, the following September, rather than going back to Providence College, I started working in construction doing mostly carpentry work and painting. With construction paying the majority of the bills, I tried my hand at several things—teaching middle school social studies for a few years, designing educational technology for a software developer, taking on historic preservation jobs, starting an interior design business which focused on historic reproduction, teaching in a tech school, and eventually teaching in college (at Salve Regina University and Community College of Rhode Island). It stopped there. I knew I had found it. And other than a minor setback—a year of treatment and recovery for cancer in 2005—I made it work.

I think the experience that changed my life forever was my summer in Italy. I fell in love with the history, but more with the heritage. You just can’t escape it there. Everyone and everything has a story to tell. I found that those old timers in Providence who told stories of the old country weren’t “Italian”—they were Neopolitan, Sicilian, Calabresi, etc. Even the language we spoke in the neighborhood—which I always believed to be Italian until I travelled through Italy trying to use it!—barely resembled Italy’s national language. It was a linguistic hybrid of southern dialects—which my later studies revealed to be hybrids of the dialects that preceded them—and broken English. I was a hybrid. We were a hybrid. Yet we all had this odd notion of collective identity, even if it was in many ways invented and in a sense connected back to what is essentially an imagined geography.

31409p08-11.indd 8

I was asked this question when I first arrived here and jokingly I responded that the two faculty members who interviewed me, Sister Betty Cawley and Ernie Collamati, “had me at hello!” I dropped everything for Regis. It was one of those indescribable moments when you sort of just know. I guess I should apologize up front for my romantic view of life, but I saw this opportunity at Regis metaphorically as someone handing me a blank canvas and a set of brushes directing me to create what I had always envisioned, or to paraphrase Thoreau, to build foundations under the castles I had built in the sky. I remember Russ Pottle, the dean who hired me, said in my last interview: “Now you need to understand, this isn’t your garden-variety faculty position.” And all I could think was: “SOLD!”

photo: Kathleen Dooher

Why is Regis a good fit for you? Was there a moment when history became personal?

10/19/12 4:03 PM

“Objects do tell stories, and as long as there were people willing to add to the narratives, I was

willing to listen.�

31409p08-11.indd 9

10/19/12 4:03 PM


questions &

Can you describe your approach to history?


In the first couple of years my program’s motto was: “Regis College is changing history!” And it really was. My approach to history is based on a hybrid model that borrows heavily from the field of anthropology, but really stretches across the traditional liberal arts disciplines. My own graduate education was an interdisciplinary one and my most influential professors and mentors were very progressive; their courses were based largely in post-modern theoretical models, and this approach becomes very visible in the work I do. I try to engage the historical narrative holistically. I see the written record as one form of historical artifact and believe that it is essential to put that record in conversation with other historical artifacts —things like material culture (art, architecture, landscape, textiles, archaeological artifacts, etc.); alternative forms of written culture (literature and poetry); and cultural artifacts, essentially cultural memory (folklore, oral tradition, and personal narratives, prayers, rituals, etc.). This approach brings the study outside of the archives and requires fieldwork, ethnography, and oral history in addition to a different kind of interpretation—a more open-ended, holistic one. If you could live in another culture and another time, what would that be and why?

Okay, this is totally a selfish reason. I’d love to go back to the Cilento Coast of Italy in the ninth century. I’m dying to know if my theories about the religious culture of that place and time are even close to what was really there. Who knows? I could be way off base! One caveat—once I have my answer, I’d want to come back!

Oh my goodness! God bless the person who would have the ill fate of analyzing my personal history! It’s just so, I don’t know, circuitous I guess you might say. I’m a strange mix of curious—adventurous even, academic, yet totally blue collar, both intellectual (even contemplative at times) and downright silly. I am not sure I know what I want to be when I grow up! My circle of friends contains the most ridiculous cast of characters—of course I use that term in an endearing way. I think I’d confuse the daylights out of anyone analyzing my history.

31409p08-11.indd 10

What is your current research project?

Years ago, I started working on a project in an amazingly picturesque fishing village, Castellabate, in southwest Italy. I was there researching the Castle of the Abbot, a typical Norman-era fortified settlement built in the early 12th century by a Benedictine Abbot who served as the ecclesiastical baron there. The region was essentially untouched by American scholars and I was there to tell the story of power relations between the Normans, their Benedictine administrators, local merchants, and the town’s inhabitants. I found everything I needed to tell this story but it was in every way your standard “garden variety” historical narrative.

photo: Kathleen Dooher

If you were analyzing your own personal history, what threads would you identify and study?

10/19/12 4:03 PM

“This approach brings the study outside of the archives and requires

fieldwork, ethnography, and oral history.”

31409p08-11.indd 11

When you are not involved in history (teaching, researching, etc.) what do you like to do?

I can say that family is the most important thing in my life. I am fortunate that my wife and 10-year old son share many of the same interests—and my one-and-a-half year old daughter is too young to argue about it! They entertain my tendency to drag them around to various museums and heritage sites. When it comes to eating dinner, I’d like to think they get their reward for putting up with me. I love to cook and will actually spend hours food shopping. I pride myself on putting on the table (again, what I’d like to believe is) a gourmet dinner every night (unless of course if I’m teaching a night course— then it’s take-out!). Besides that I really love the outdoors. I enjoy the landscape and find something to do in just about every season—whether it’s fishing, hunting, mushrooming, or something more mundane like riding my Harley through country roads, or even just chasing my beagles through the woods! But I’d argue that even these things connect back somehow to my heritage. These are things that I’ve inherited. One of my favorite, in fact, is wine making. I am happy to know that I am carrying on something that would have otherwise been lost in my generation.

11 FALL 12

After speaking with some of the elderly fishermen who, from nearby benches, gazed out at the boats pulling in the day’s catch, I stumbled into the historical conundrum that forever changed me as a scholar. These men told me tales of mermaids, shipwrecks, and a courageous mariner who was cast into the sea only to be saved by the town’s patroness, Saint Mary of the Sea. One guy, who voluntarily disclosed himself as illiterate, essentially recited, in the Cilentan dialect (which is an amazing sociolinguistic study in itself), book five of Homer’s Odyssey. I spent the next year studying the earliest Greek settlements on that particular coast and traced some of the cults and rituals associated with that area through the Roman period and into the early Medieval. The written record essentially begins with the Benedictine arrival, and as one might guess the material record confirms major changes in terms of veneration at that point. I guess the rest is history—for me anyway. I began employing the methods I had learned from anthropology and using some of the models employed by the early ethnohistorians who were working with the Native American populations in the southwestern United States. Over the years I’ve adopted, perhaps adapted would be a better term, these strategies hoping to fill in the very obvious gaps in written history and attempting to circumvent some of the particularly lopsided aspects of the formal narrative. It fit. It worked. It became the model I use with my students today at Regis. A few years ago Castellabate was named as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, and almost immediately following a very influential movie, Benvento al Sud (Welcome to the South), was filmed there. What resulted is a researcher’s dream; although, it might also be seen as a native villager’s nightmare. The landscape, at pace with the new

economy, is changing drastically. The marina is full of foreign yachts while small fishing vessels, once a source of self-sufficiency, have disappeared. The language has changed. Sustainability in both cultural terms and economic terms is challenged. Even the public historians there have begun marketing their books on “local history” to the tourists. The poetry, the music, and the festivals all tell a rather lamenting tale. What was gained? And at what price? The project does more than provide context for our students. It provides tools that can be adapted to life in New England and beyond that. Last year we found similar conditions right here in Gloucester. Our students responded to the call for help. They collected the oral histories and recorded the narratives describing the plight of New England fishermen and the impact of tourism on the landscape. This history was then converted into a musical by Professor Wendy Lement and her theatre students here at Regis and it was a huge success.

10/19/12 4:03 PM

31409p12-17.indd 12

10/19/12 4:07 PM

Hope has been reborn in the aftermath of civil war, anarchy, and a brutal regime

Her dream for Liberia by Patricia murray dibona ’84

31409p12-17.indd 13

illustration by olaf haJeK

10/19/12 4:07 PM


her family was Part of liberia’s americo-liberian grouP who descended from freed slaves.

31409p12-17.indd 14


ecelia Harmon-Rogers ’85 sat alone in the dark on a cold street bench, numb inside and sad to her core. It was November 1985, and the new college graduate and aspiring banking/finance professional had just finished a routine work day in downtown Boston while at that very moment, in a cruel twist of fate, her father was being buried thousands of miles away in Monrovia, Liberia. Over the next two decades, Liberia would continue to be a source of unimaginable heartache for Harmon-Rogers. The West African country, created with promise by freed American slaves and characterized by lush tropical rainforests and a colorful indigenous culture, would be nearly destroyed by two horrific civil wars and rampant government corruption. Fourteen years of strife would leave Liberia’s economy in ruins, healthcare and education at a standstill, the capital city without water or electricity, and 250,000 people dead. But the women of Liberia never gave up hope during those tumultuous years. Under the leadership of Liberia’s first female president, Nobel Peace Prize winner Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, elected in 2005, Liberian women fought peacefully for their beloved homeland. They are credited with Liberia’s fragile rebirth and tenuous stability. Harmon-Rogers is one of these women. Her journey began quietly enough, in typical teenage fashion. “Buff,” as Harmon-Rogers is known to family and friends, was living in Liberia and deciding on a college. Her police director father, a Michigan State University alumnus, wanted something small and safe for the third of his eight children. “My aunt graduated from Regis in the 1950s and the wife of Liberia’s former secretary of state was a graduate,” said HarmonRogers about the Liberia-Regis connection. Two cousins, Sharon Cooper and Lafayetta Harmon, graduated from Regis as well. (Lafayetta is deceased and Sharon is currently the UNHCR special representative to Ghana.) “I wasn’t thrilled about the all-girl thing,” she laughed. “But I had never ventured outside of Africa and was ready for an adventure. I was excited to go to America, a place I had heard about my entire life. We grew up reading about the U.S. and watching American TV shows. I visited Regis in March and still remember my tour guide vividly and how beautiful the campus was. I was so excited when I received my acceptance letter.”

10/19/12 4:07 PM

31409p12-17.indd 15

Thanksgiving and Christmas. During the summer months, Harmon-Rogers scrambled to find a place to live, writing letters to extended family members in New York and Virginia in search of a place to stay. “This was very unsettling. I couldn’t wait to get back to Regis where life was stable,” she said. She flourished there, majoring in economics and establishing close friendships with classmates and faculty. Sister Zita Fleming, then dean of students, provided much-needed guidance. “She made my experience bearable and became a motherpresence to me,” Harmon-Rogers said. Sister Zita remembers a young woman, “full of light and love and fun.” Classmate Keegan was struck by Harmon-Rogers’ inquisitive and pensive nature and Harpley Brukilacchio recalls a chance meeting freshman year that developed into a lifelong kinship. “Harpley/Harmon: We shared a mailbox,” she said. Ever self-reliant, Harmon-Rogers secured a part-time job as a bookkeeper with a Boston real estate firm and learned to navigate the MBTA with ease. Sometimes exploration was necessary. “There weren’t any Weston hairdressers who could cut black hair so I had to find one,” she said of her trips to an ethnic hair salon in Copley Square. On other occasions, she served as the unofficial tour guide for her American and Puerto Rican friends. “There I was the foreigner and the Boston expert,” she chuckled. Graduation was bittersweet. HarmonRogers reunited briefly with her visiting mother and then moved on to the next phase of her life in the States. She accepted a permanent job with the real estate company and moved into a sixbedroom house in Newton with Harpley Brukilacchio and several Regis classmates. And then the news arrived that Harmon-Rogers’ father, Edwin, had died. “My mother told me not to come home for the funeral. It was unsafe to travel in Liberia after another attempted military coup. I hadn’t seen my father in four years and now he was gone,” she said. HarmonRogers detected loneliness in her mother’s voice when they spoke by phone every Sunday. She quit her job and booked her airline ticket.

15 Fall 12

Harmon-Rogers’ family was part of Liberia’s Americo-Liberian group, an estimated 5 percent of the population who descended from freed slaves. Her ancestors trace back to a plantation in Delaware and Gibson Island and South Baltimore in Maryland. In 1819, the United States Congress appropriated $100,000 for the establishment of Liberia by the American Colonization Society, led by prominent Americans such as Henry Clay, Daniel Webster, and President James Monroe, for whom the capital city is named. The first group of settlers arrived in 1820 and in 1847 founded the Republic of Liberia, establishing a government modeled on that of the United States, one that advocated freedom and equality. Liberia continued to modernize throughout the 20th century with American assistance and displayed high rates of economic growth throughout the 1950s, thanks to foreign investment. Actively involved in international affairs, Liberia was a founding member of the United Nations and a vocal critic of South African apartheid. The political and economic climate in Liberia remained relatively calm throughout Harmon-Rogers’ youth. She recalls a middle-class upbringing filled with laughter and delicious African cuisine courtesy of her mother, Sylvia, a professional chef. Later, as Harmon-Rogers settled into college life in tranquil Weston, Mass., turmoil began brewing in Liberia. In a military coup, Samuel Doe of the Krahn tribal group overthrew the Americo-Liberian leadership in 1980, murdering President William Tolbert and executing his cabinet. Far from the upheaval of her homeland, Harmon-Rogers felt the personal pressure of familial expectation. “My parents made a major financial sacrifice so that I could study abroad and I didn’t want to let them down,” she said. “The last words my father said to me in person were: ‘We are depending on you.’ ” This sentiment resonated with Harmon-Rogers and gave her strength during the four years she lived apart from her family. “Holidays were hard,” she admitted, recalling classmates such as Mary Crimmins Adgate ’84, Linda Moroni ’83, Sarah Harpley Brukilacchio ’85, and Peggy Keegan ’84 who opened their homes on

As she settled into college life in trAnquil Weston, MAss., turmoil begAn breWing in liberiA.

10/26/12 2:17 PM

Rebels had hand grenades strapped across their chests, waving machetes in the air, high on drugs, and dressed crazily in women’s dresses and army boots.


Rebels dRagged thousands of people into the stReet. along the Road, people lay dead and dying.

31409p12-17.indd 16

Though waves of discontent echoed throughout Liberia in the late ’80s, Harmon-Rogers was happy there and acclimated quickly. She got a job with Citibank in customer service and was promoted to the treasury department. She married William Rogers. But life was about to change forever. Rebels from the National Patriotic Front of Liberia led by Charles Taylor launched an insurrection against Doe’s government in 1989, leading to the first Liberian civil war. The economy came to a grinding halt, Citibank closed down, and the capital city of Monrovia, where she and her family lived, fell under siege. “Overnight our community became a war zone,” she said. “Armed rebels pulled us from our homes by force. They were fully armed—hand grenades strapped across their chests, waving machetes in the air, high on drugs, and dressed crazily in women’s dresses and army boots. They dragged thousands of people into the street, people from different neighborhoods and tribal groups, and forced us to walk miles in a single line. Along the road, people lay dead and dying, bodies bloated and unrecognizable. But we couldn’t react, couldn’t grieve, or the rebels would kill us. They didn’t want witnesses. I kept my expression passive as I memorized the faces of the dead so I could tell their families.” Harmon-Rogers trudged along with her mother and husband, their only solace that the two youngest Harmons were not with them. “I sent them out of the country before the invasion,” Harmon-Rogers explained. “I’d heard that rebels were

abducting and raping young girls and my sister was a teenager. My brother was 6' 4" and often mistaken for an American. He would be killed on sight.” As the ragtag army led the terrorized Liberian families, one of the rebels took a closer look at William and pulled him out of line to be shot. “He accused my husband of being from a particular tribe, said his features resembled that group. Another rebel pointed out scars on William’s ankle, insisting they marked him as a government soldier,” she recalled. “He’s no soldier,” she told them with a laugh. “Just a clumsy soccer player who was kicked in the ankles.” Seven times she boldly intervened, Bible in hand, and with humor convinced them otherwise. Harmon-Rogers and her family, along with 30 other people, were sequestered in a 10-by-15 foot office at the overtaken University of Liberia’s Fendel Campus. They remained there for four months with no electricity or running water. Day and night they heard piercing screams and constant gunfire. There was no privacy and rebel interrogations were frequent. “We pooled our money and gave it to my mother. She scrounged for food and tried her best to make our one meal appetizing. But there was never enough,” said Harmon-Rogers, who was pregnant with twins. “I had no medical care and terrible morning sickness,” she said. Harmon-Rogers’ one possession, her Bible, became the kidnapped groups’ lifeline. Using her trademark sense of humor and enthusiasm, Harmon-Rogers taught an informal Bible studies class. “I became the encourager. People depended on me to keep them going,” she said. “Knowing that I was needed lifted a weight off my shoulders. I had a job to do.” Charles Taylor’s rebels soon split into opposing factions and in-fighting broke out. The Economic Community of West African States, led by Nigeria, intervened. They organized a military peacekeeping force and released the campus captives. Harmon-Rogers and her family returned to their desolate Monrovia neighborhood and found their home empty. “There was nothing left. The rebels had stripped it bare. They’d taken everything: our cars, furniture, clothes,” she said, noting with

10/26/12 2:17 PM

31409p12-17.indd 17

a group of 3,000 Christian and Muslim Liberian women who staged nonviolent protests. Documented in the film, Pray the Devil Back to Hell, these ordinary women, dressed in white to symbolize peace, became an unshakeable political force and spurred the democratic election of the first female president in Africa, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Harmon-Rogers attributes her country’s resurgence to the peaceful negotiations of Harvard-trained economist Sirleaf. “After accumulating three billion dollars in debt, Liberia is now a credit-worthy, debt-free nation,” said Harmon-Rogers. “Development and reconstruction is happening. Liberians who were forced to leave are returning, reconnecting with their communities and bringing back the professional training they’ve received in other countries. The infrastructure of roads, electricity, hospitals, and schools are being rebuilt. Progress is slow and sometimes frustrating, but it is steady.” From her Maryland home, HarmonRogers reflected on her war-torn years in Liberia. Now a senior pastor with Harvest Ministries International, Harmon-Rogers is philosophical and grateful, and said her first-hand experience with civil war changed her life. “Tension always existed between indigenous tribal groups and settlers like me, but war brought us together. In that tiny university office, we suffered as one, we became allies.” She is confident that Liberia is, as she writes, “on the verge of redefining herself as a nation of people emerging from a critical historical correction that should realign her destiny in a very positive way.” President Sirleaf echoed this belief in her commencement address at Harvard University’s 2011 graduation: “Today, we are proud that young Liberian children are back in school, preparing themselves to play a productive part in the new Liberian society. Our seven-year-olds do not hear guns and do not have to run. They can smile again,” she said. “We can thus say with confidence that we have moved our war-torn nation from turmoil to peace, from disaster to development, from dismay to hope.”

harmon-rogers attributes her country’s resurgence to the peaceful negotiations of its President ellen Johnson sirleaf, whom she’s Known all her life.

17 Fall 12

surprise that her wedding dress remained, hanging alone in a closet. With no functioning medical facilities and a blossoming pregnancy, HarmonRogers knew she must leave the country. Her aunt struck a deal. “She gave a group of soldiers her house in return for transportation to a port where we boarded a ship to Ghana,” said HarmonRogers. When they got to Ghana, the twins, Leopold and Maggie, were born and the Rogers family eked out a meager existence with financial support from family living abroad. But they always wanted to return home. So when word reached the Rogers’ that Monrovian banks had reopened, they returned to Liberia. It was a brief landing. Every time a new chaos erupted, they went back to their rented house in Ghana. “After our third child, Edwina, was born we realized we couldn’t continue this upand-down life, as much as we loved our country,” she said. The family moved to the Ivory Coast after another eruption and then immigrated to the United States in 2000 where many Harmon siblings lived. William began working at the Ryder Transportation System as a diesel truck technician, Harmon-Rogers at the University of Maryland and later at the Liberian Embassy in Washington, D.C. She is still there today, serving as the finance and administrative officer and overseeing human resources. Responsible for issuing visas and renewing passports, she is a staunch advocate for Liberia and is filled with hope for the country’s future and her place in it, due in large part to the 2011 re-election of Sirleaf, who also happens to be her godmother. Under Charles Taylor’s dictatorship, Liberia had gained a reputation as a corrupt country where brutality and anarchy reigned. He stepped down as president in 2003 and in a landmark ruling in 2012, an international tribunal found Taylor guilty of aiding and abetting war crimes in neighboring Sierra Leone’s brutal civil war. He was sentenced to 50 years in jail. Taylor’s fall from power was hastened by intense pressure from the international community as well as the Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace movement,

10/19/12 4:07 PM

By Rachel Morton

AlumnAe feAtured in fAmous photogrAph


Finding Herself



hile at the dentist’s office several years ago, Mary Crane Fahey ’64 was absently thumbing through a magazine when she came upon an image that made

her do a double take. The photograph by Garry Winogrand was entitled World’s Fair,

New York 1964, and it showed six young women sitting on a bench, waiting for a bus. What drew her eye was a dress. “It was blue with a Kelly green stripe down the center. She recognized that dress—“I wore that dress to death.” She also recognized the handbag—her first Etienne Aigner bag. “Oh my God, that’s me!” she thought. “That’s us!” Seated on the bench with Fahey was her Regis roommate Barbara Bye, and their classmates Louise Brennan, Karen Johnson, Audrey Dalton, and Fredda Callaghan. It was 1964, and they had just graduated from Regis and were on a whirlwind one-day trip to New York City to see the World’s Fair. “We were all exhausted,” she remembers. “It was a full day, coming from Boston to New York, doing the Fair, and going all the way back. On the bus ride home, we all conked out.”

31409p18-19.indd 18

Fahey tore the photo from the magazine, tucked it away, and eventually lost track of it. A few years later, while visiting her daughter and son-in-law, who is a photographer, she was reading an issue of Aperture—a photography magazine—when she saw the photograph again. This time Fahey did some research and called the Fraenkel Gallery in San Francisco, where Winogrand’s work is represented. She told them who she was. “I am not a nut,” she recalls telling the curator of the gallery, “but that photograph is of me and my Regis College classmates.”

Winogrand is widely regarded as one of the premiere “street photographers” of his time. He liked to shoot in cities, in crowds, snapping moments in time. And he liked shooting women. “I am subjective in what I photograph,” Winogrand said in a 1982 WNYC series called Creativity hosted by Bill Moyers. “Women interest me. How they look, how they move, their energy.” Many of his photographs of women were gathered in a book called Women are Beautiful—a book Fahey hopes to add to her collection one day, since this photo is among them.

10/19/12 4:10 PM

Photo: Copyright The Estate of Garry Winogrand, courtesy Fraenkel Gallery, San Francisco

19 FALL 12

Unlike many photographers of today, he never asked for his subjects’ permission, and probably most of them—like Fahey—had no idea they were even being photographed. So that should have been the end of it. But it wasn’t. Last year, Fahey was reading The Boston Globe and there it was, World’s Fair, New York 1964, illustrating a photography exhibit opening at the Museum of Fine Arts. This was obviously a message from the universe for Fahey to get to the MFA and see the photograph in person. This time,

31409p18-19.indd 19

Fahey asked to meet in person with the curator, Karen Haas. “You have to know that this is a very, very famous picture,” Haas told Fahey. “It has hung all over the world.” The curator suggested that Fahey gather as many of her old classmates as she could for a photograph at the MFA exhibit. Only two of her friends— Barbara Bye Murdock and Karen Johnson Celi—were able to make the trip to Boston (Freda Callaghan Megan is deceased). The three women posed in front of the famous photograph, and The Boston Globe ran the

photograph with a little story on June 19, 2011, entitled “Fair Reunion.” So what does it feel like to be the subject of a famous photograph? “It’s fun and so amazing to know that we six Regis girls have ‘traveled’ all around the world!” says Fahey. Though he died in 1984 at the age of 56, Winogrand’s works are still widely exhibited, and his photographs are the subject of art scholarship.

Nearly 50 years after she and her Regis classmates went to the World’s Fair, Mary Crane Fahey ’64 saw herself in the very famous photograph, World’s Fair, New York City 1964 by Garry Winogrand.

From left: Unidentified man, Louise Brennan Murray, Mary Crane Fahey, Karen Johnson Celi, Barbara Bye Murdock, Audrey Dalton Gorman, Fredda Callaghan Megan, unidentified man.

10/19/12 4:10 PM

A New Day

dawns daw ns for Regis

By Rachel Morton

31409p20-23.indd 20

10/19/12 4:23 PM

photo: Kathleen Dooher

31409p20-23.indd 21

Thinking forward. A look at Regis College’s strategic plan.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

10/19/12 4:23 PM

Thinking forward >>>>

he past quarter century has been a tough time for many small liberal arts colleges. Many of those who have not adapted have been forced to close their doors. Others are surviving, barely—a shadow of their former selves.


Though Regis went through its own difficult years, the college is now thriving and ambitiously moving forward with a new strategic plan that presents a clear vision for the future. “There has been a culture shift in the way Regis is doing business,” says President Toni Hays. “We are in a strategic planning mindset versus a surviving mindset. We look for opportunities. We are thinking forward.” President Hays presented her vision recently in a five-year plan that would build on the core identity and mission of Regis, while initiating some exciting new areas that position the college well in a changing world. “Who is Regis? What is Regis?” asks President Hays. “It’s the sum of its people and their experiences.” It is facilities and curriculum, athletics and outreach, and charisma. “It is what makes up Regis as an entity and an experience.” She articulates three main goals that intersect and overlap and all work together to define and build Regis’ character. Those goals can simply be described as enlarging and strengthening our community, cultivating and building on our mission, and creating a strong fiscal underpinning for both. Regis already has a vibrant and diverse community of students and faculty. President Hays wants that community to grow and she sees new opportunities to expand Regis’ works and horizons with partnerships—

in education, nonprofit, and business sectors—and in the local communities and abroad. These partnerships will increase internship, service, and mentorship opportunities for students. Because students are increasingly drawn to interdisciplinary programs, and this blending of disciplines is becoming more relevant in the job market, President Hays’ plan calls for the creation of new interdisciplinary graduate programs. She also envisions new, incisive strategies in Catholic and interfaith studies to help ease interfaith conflict here and abroad and a new Institute for Global Connections. These initiatives will expand the expression of the character and community of Regis. This fall, President Hays has also begun the massive technological upgrade that will make the whole campus a classroom without walls by distributing iPads to all faculty and students and upgrading the Wi-Fi by 500 percent.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>> Grow graduate enrollment by

12% annually

Establish an Institute for Global Connectedness DEvElop the East Campus CrEatE new interdisciplinary programs

Grow total endowment to

$17 million

Grow undergraduate enrollment to

950 by 2014

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> >>>>>

31409p20-23.indd 22

10/26/12 2:20 PM

“ I don’t thInk our alumnI are as afraid of change as they are of not changing.

photos: Kathleen Dooher

Her plans for upgrading the facility itself are also ambitious, including developing the East Campus and modernizing existing buildings. Maintaining a beautiful, modern campus will help attract new students. But to attract those students, Regis needs to tell its story, and for that a strong communications component is part of the president’s vision for the next five years. “We need to get our light out from under the bushel basket,” she says. “The world needs to know about this wonderful institution.” President Hays’ enthusiasm for Regis and for its future is evident. “I can see clearly how this all fits,” she exclaims, pointing

to those three goals—community, character, and financial support. “Developing these centers and programs, creating the international footprint, building relationships, becoming a sophisticated technological institution—it’s all part of our character, part of our community, and will ultimately bolster financial engagement. “I don’t think our alumni are as afraid of change as they are of not changing. There is enthusiasm and excitement as they see Regis thriving,” she says. “The vision is that Regis will become a signature institution in New England and beyond.”

iPads for all! at the start of the fall semester, Regis College, in one giant digital leap, purchased 1,250 iPads and distributed them to all full-time students and faculty. The half-amillion-dollar investment will increase collaboration among students and faculty and turn classrooms into dexterous labs of learning. needless to say, recipients of the iPads were enthusiastic. “The way I see it now is that the iPad is groundbreaking in the classroom for those who take advantage of it,” says Jonathan Chen, a Resident assistant. He cites its convenience for note-taking, organizing material, and as a small repository for everything necessary for class. “The convenience is just priceless.” But it goes way beyond mere convenience. More than a dozen faculty have been working with iPads to incorporate digital pedagogy into their curriculum design. The iPads handed out this fall came with apps tailored to the Regis learning community to make them useful in course work, interactive class discussions, and in-class research. “It’s not only about the tools, it’s about the pedagogical innovation,” says President Hays. She says that “Interactive and participatory teaching and learning are part of the new digital world, and Regis is positioned to become a leader in this arena.” andrea Humphrey, a professor of English at Regis,

>>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> plans to use the iPads to conduct instant surveys of her class with a group polling app called eClicker. They’ll Grow total voluntary support to

$5 million annually by 2014

100% of students will engage in ExPERIEnTIal lEaRnInG by 2013

also use the Keynote app to produce multimedia presentations on the material they’re learning, Humphrey says. Even more apparent is its usefulness in the health fields, where nearly all aspects of a patient’s history and treatment are part of a digital record. “Higher education is catching up to the interactivity of healthcare and business in our digital age,” says Dean Penelope Glynn of the School of nursing, Science and Health Professions.

>> >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

31409p20-23.indd 23

10/19/12 4:23 PM

REGIS TODAY 31409p24-25.indd 24

move-in day

10/19/12 4:30 PM


Every timE a car put on its blinker, poised to enter campus from

Wellesley Street, the group of maroon- and gold-clad students erupted into cheers, waving pom-poms in the air. Did the high spirits and rah-rah atmosphere signal a Homecoming game? No, but Sunday, September 2, was a homecoming of sorts—it was move-in day for 200 incoming freshmen about to make a new home at Regis College.

31409p24-25.indd 25

the parking lot towards her new dormitory. Landis, who grew up in Natick, plans to major in nursing. Diante Hopkins was also excited to move into his new digs, eager to start the next chapter of his life. The Milton High School graduate says he was drawn to Regis because of its location and financial aid. His plan is to immerse himself in business classes. One day he hopes to open his own clothing store. For some families, move-in day was not a simple trip down I-95. Some had day-long journeys to make. Even though it was 10 a.m., it had already been a long day for the Stimas. They had driven up from Edison, N.J.— nearly 250 miles away. As Amanda Stima stood in line to register, her aunt and grandmother waited anxiously for instructions about what to do next. “It was actually a very smooth process for us to get here,” said Dana Stima, Amanda’s aunt. “And the set-up has been great, where they have all of these people running around to help you move in.” Shawn Edie, Regis director of housing, says that a well-organized

and upbeat move-in day is important for both students and families. Regis did its best to give the campus a festive atmosphere— a DJ manned a table, blasting out throbbing tunes, and a refreshment table was set up for weary movers. For parents and students, the atmosphere at move-in day made quite the impression. “I really like the way things are looking here,” said Federico Sanchez of East Boston as he walked toward registration. Sanchez plans to study a combination of sports management and psychology. For him, the diversity of the Regis campus was a crucial draw. And though moving out of the city was a taxing process, it is all going to be worth it in Sanchez’s eyes. “Before moving out, you have to go through everything and figure out what you need and what you’re missing. But I’m really excited to move in and get started.”


The morning began with families lining up at Angela Hall, mountains of clothing and furniture in tow. Students and their families lugged suitcases and backpacks, cartons and trunks, as well as basketballs and assorted sporting equipment, some flat screen televisions, and of course the occasional teddy bear. Bill Fontes, a father from South Hadley, Mass., surveyed the twodays’ worth of packing wedged into his van, musing on the unpacking yet to come. “At least I have a 13-year-old who can do a lot of the carrying,” he observed wryly. Don Raucher of Florence, Mass., helped his daughter Taylor move her belongings, including quantities of snacks. “My wife seems to think that they don’t sell snack foods here, so she really stocked up,” Raucher joked. “We have a lot of Goldfish to unpack.” While parents were understandably sad to say goodbye to their children, many of their children were eager for that first taste of independence. “I really can’t wait to get in there and get started,” exclaimed Molly Landis as she walked through


10/19/12 4:30 PM

Sail Away Â

3 Cabin options (including taxes + fees) inside: $1,143.15 oceanview: $1,393.15 balcony: $1,683.15 inCludes Regis cocktail party $25 shipboard credit $25 donation to the Regis Fund

ContaCt To reserve your spot, contact Anick Gornish at 718-380-7183 or $50 deposit due by January 28, 2013. For more information, contact Christina Duggan at or 781-768-7228 .

31409p26-47.indd 26

10/26/12 2:31 PM

Roll oF HonoR InsTITuTIonAl ADvAnCemenT

31409p26-47.indd 27

11-12 10/19/12 4:51 PM

Dear Alumni and Friends, I can’t believe another year has passed! Again I have the privilege of thanking you for your generosity and support over the past fiscal year. I am so pleased to present this to you, the Roll of Honor for the 2011–2012 year. As you can see, we are truly “Building Regis Together.” For the College as a whole, so many important things happened in the ’11–’12 fiscal year: we completed a strategic plan, gave iPads to all full-time students and faculty to enhance learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, increased enrollment, and added many new interdisciplinary programs for undergraduates and graduates alike. In the Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations (our new, expanded name), we celebrate that we exceeded our yearly goals


for the Annual Fund. Thank you for making this year successful! I’m also excited to announce that the Annual Fund has been renamed The Regis Fund. We want to make “Regis” front and


center in all we do. Like the Annual Fund, The Regis Fund supports so many crucial initiatives on campus: student financial aid, faculty projects, campus maintenance and improvements, extracurricular activities, technology advances, and much more. As we move forward into the coming months, I am optimistic for The Regis Fund and all the other special initiatives our creative donors design to build legacies for themselves and their loved ones. I also hope we continue to shatter records, especially by increasing our alumni participation. We’re way above national averages, but we can always do better. I look forward to seeing you at our many events. This year, we have a focus on networking events even as we continue to hold our signature Regis events. I love being a part of this dynamic and visionary Regis community. Please be in touch with your thoughts and ideas at or (781) 768-7222. My deepest gratitude and thanks,

Miriam Finn Sherman ’98

photo: Heather Ciras


31409p26-47.indd 28

10/22/12 1:58 PM

The Annual Fund is now The Regis Fund! Regis has always been at the heart and soul of the fund, now it’s in the name, too. The Regis

Gift Clubs

Fund, begun in the 2012–2013 fiscal year, will continue to support students financially, as well as special college initiatives and the overall Regis experience.

Regis Circle $25,000+ Gold Circle $10,000–$24,999

Gift Clubs Regis Circle

Gold Circle Ayco Charitable Foundation Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 T Diane Walden Brierley ’75 Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston Marian Batho ’70, CSJ T Rosemary Brennan ’70, CSJ T Helen Callahan ’61, CSJ F Maureen Doherty ’68, CSJ T Mary Anne A. Doyle ’67, CSJ T Leila A. Hogan ’61, CSJ T Karen Hokanson SND T Marilyn McGoldrick ’65, CSJ F Kathleen McCluskey ’71, CSJ T Mary L. Murphy CSJ F Robert C. David Family of Margaret Crimmings Estate of Mary Jane Fiske Mary J. Fiske D Julia Shen Fung ’67 Vivian D. Greenblatt ’80 Kathleen McAdams Hughes ’62 and George M. Hughes Ann McManus Joyce ’62 Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury ’57 T and Robert Kingsbury Eileen McCormick Langenus ’78 and Peter Langenus T Tracy Shannon Levey ’88 Joananne Argus Marshall ’56 Peter J. Minihane T Brenda Coogan Moran ’58 F Catherine Norris Norton ’62 Ellen M. O’Connor ’67 F Kathleen O’Hare ’69 T Mary T. Roche ’78 T Jean Ryan McCall ’55 D

T TRusTee

31409p26-47.indd 29

F FORmeR TRusTee

Crimson Circle Mary E. Chamberland ’74 Janice Carragher Charles ’72 Dorothy Hook Connor ’44 Ellen Byrne Corcoran ’71 Lianne M. Cronin ’61 Jeanne McGovern Curtis ’50 Clare Hailer Dennis ’48 Mary Jane Regan England ’59 F ExxonMobil Mary E. Flaherty ’45 Kristyn C. Jamieson ’97 Clare Byrne Kelleher ’62 Judith Murphy Lauch ’68 T Eileen, Mark, and Jessie Marasco Dorothy Carr McCarthy ’66 Catherine M. Meade ’54 CSJ Joyce Sullivan Mucci ’77 Patricia Luben O’Hearn ’64 Peter J. Meade Trust Physicians Interactive Susan S. Priem ’97 F Regis College Class of 1962 Richard T. Hall Charitable Remainder Trust SWP Foundation Joan Shea T Margaret Loughlin Splaine ’42 Marie Barbano Tassinari ’51 The George and Marie Chabot Charitable Foundation Theresa Audette Wood-Lavine ’53 Andrea Lynch Ziegler ’62

President’s Associates Tara J. Agen ’85 Gertrude Breen Alfredson ’47 Patricia L. Allard ’01 Anonymous Barbara Lipcan Bagley ’70 Ann LaBrecque Baird ’67 Bank of America Charitable Gift Joanne Bellucci-Harding ’62 Jennifer Blake ’91 Beverly Boorstein T

Boston Color Graphics Susan M. Boudrot ’84 Mary Sullivan Brady ’64 Mary T. Breslin ’49 Ann E. Brown ’98 Mary Rose Campbell ’56 F Phyllis Gallinelli Campbell ’47 Rita Farina Cannistraro ’55 Anne-Marie Cahill Casey ’51 Alison Cass Cattan ’54 Joanne Benedict Caulfield ’64 Doreen O’Leary Christopher ’59 Lillian Catignani Cirafice ’48 Alice Scanlon Cogliano ’57 Louise Kelley Collins ’49 Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Condakes Jean Devincent Connelly ’62 Amy Lind Corbett ’70 Constance McInnis Corcoran ’85 Susan C. Courtemanche ’77 Audrey Bowen Criado ’59 Robert J. Cronin F Richard A. D’Amore Kimberly Dacier and Paul T. Dacier F Lisa M. Doherty ’83 Mary Jane M. Doherty ’67 Maureen Shea Dolan ’64 Anne Tenneson Doyle ’64 Mary Shea Doyle ’59 Mary T. Driscoll ’67 Mary Dowd Eberle ’63 Betty Ann Hynes Elliott ’49 Lisbeth Mcguire Eltgroth ’62 Kathryn Erat Linda L. Faldetta ’71 Dorothy Benson Farrell ’93 Nancy Natoli Fay ’49 Camille Gattineri Ferazzi ’69 Susan Schumacher Fiaschetti ’81 Fidelity Investments Matching Gifts to Education Program Maureen Finn ’86 Fitzgerald Consulting Group Elaine O’Connell Fitzpatrick ’58 Margaret Fermoyle Flagg ’64 Carroll Beegan Follas ’61 Joan Iverson Gallivan ’63 Mary Louise Carr Gannon ’54 Philip C. Garber and Paul Garber Rev. Msgr. Paul V. Garrity, V.F. T General Electric Company Mary A. Giarda Christine Desmarais Gordon ’86 Sheila Joyce Greenlaw ’54 Elizabeth Burns Griffin ’66 Rita Noonan Griffin ’59 Grover J. Cronin Memorial Fund

Crimson Circle $5,000–$9,999 1927 Society $1,927–$4,999

Red and Gold Club $500–$999 Tower Club* $100–$499

*Please note that all donors who give at this level are recognized on the alumni website,

Carol McDermott Guebert ’55 Nancy Kern Haley ’71 Marie Driscoll Hanlon ’74 Virginia C. Hannigan ’54 Agnes McCarthy Harrienger ’62 Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN T Helen V. Brach Foundation Jeanne M. Hennebery ’46 Donna Nealon Hoffman ’66 Heidi Hoffman Marilyn Geoghegan Holzschuh ’65 Mary Alice Bernet Houghton ’62 Richard Houlding Janet Patterson Huie ’55 Dorothea Flynn Hurley ’47 IBM Corporation Ellen C. Kearns ’67 T Kelly Carney Kelly ’81 Patricia L. Kelly ’61 Mary Reynolds Kennedy ’58 Mary Duggan Kenney ’60 Mary Ann Cushing Kidder ’61 Robert S. Kirsner Marite Kelly Koch ’70 Beth Healey Kossuth ’66

29 ROLL OF HONOR 11–12

Balfour Foundation Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 F and John Kaneb Judith Keating Murray ’62 Partners in Health Donato J. Tramuto Foundation T U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Schrafft Charitable Trust Yawkey Foundation Richard W. Young, Trustee Emeritus

Mary Carr Simeone ’45 D and Salvatore B. Simeone F Jane McCarthy Smith ’66 Patricia Hogan Sullivan ’55 Richard J. Sullivan Jane Cronin Tedder ’66 T and Richard Tedder Lorraine DeStefano Tegan ’63 D F and John Tegan The National Collegiate Athletic Association

President’s Associates $1,000–$1,926

This year, Regis will launch the 1927 Society, a new gift club that honors the 85th anniversary of the College. Next year, some of these President’s Associates will be inaugural members of the 1927 Society!

D DeceaseD

10/22/12 1:58 PM

Rosalie E. L’Ecuyer ’55 Ann Harrington Lagasse ’79 Mary Ellen Lavenberg ’65 Donna Gilooly Leahey ’62 Jacqueline Cyr Lewis ’55 Catherine O’Hare Lind ’43 Doris T. Lynch ’45 Madeline McCarthy Lynch ’55 Bonnie MacLeod ’69 Jane Denmark Maher ’57 Marie Clogher Malaro ’54 Mary Reen Marasi ’62 Frances Heron March ’56 Carole Page Martin ’61 Linda A. Martin ’71 Barbara Earley Mason ’48 Massachusetts State Science Fair

Top 3 non-reunion Participation Rate Class of


60.2% Class of


56.5% Class of



Dollars Raised Class of


$50,201 Class of


$40,995 Class of $32,175

31409p26-47.indd 30


Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Eleanor Mullane McAllister ’55 Christina Kennedy McCann ’60 T Carole Groncki McCarthy ’65 Agnes Herbert McCarty ’36 Leona McCaughey-Oreszak ’65 Ruth Barry McCoy ’47 Janet Hailer McGrath ’41 Lolita DeLeon McKenna ’61 Barbara A. McNamara ’63 Joan Hartley Meagher ’52 Catherine Keane Memory ’60 Ann Cormier Mickells ’71 Karen Driscoll Montague ’77 Elizabeth Malone Moon ’52 Glenn Morris T Ellen Fitzgerald Morrison ’71 Margaret Harney Morrissey ’59 Eileen Kelly Moynihan ’57 Karen Lewis Moynihan ’88 Julia Fitzgerald Mulkerin ’62 Barbara A. Murphy ’68 Joan Murray ’61 Elizabeth Driscoll Nace ’77 and Philip Nace Deirdre C. Neilen ’72 Marilyn Lombardi Nicholas ’59 Charlene Demayo Niles ’67 Nancy Burke Norbedo ’58 Donna Norris MD T Mary F. Norton ’53 Jean Volante O’Connor ’57 Katharine Johnson O’Hare ’46 Annette P. Pendergast ’45 Patricia McCarron Pettersen ’57 Jacqueline Choquette Picard ’50 Mary Landers Plunkett ’51 Mary A. Quigley ’04 Mary Lou Rawson ’56 Regis College Class of 1952 Marcia Charlton Reynolds ’71 Phyllis Brosnahan Richardson ’47 Susan Donnelly Riley ’62 Mary Grover Rossetti ’60 Brian G. Rothwell F Angela Pengelly Sandilands ’62 Anne Downey Saunders ’54 Barbara A. Scully ’90 Miriam Finn Sherman ’98 and Jeffrey Sherman Rita M. Sherman ’38 Mary Reid Shields ’64 Marie Fleming Sisk ’52 Patricia Limerick Skelly ’56 Eleanor T. Sline ’41 Ann O’Hare Smith ’48 Judith Guillette Smith ’61 Nancy F. Smith ’73 F Shelagh Kiley Smith ’73 Kathleen Dawley Smokowski ’79 T Susan Stott Barbara A. Sullivan ’48 Barbara Doran Sullivan ’65 Eileen A. Sullivan ’85 Marcia Gaudet Sullivan ’69 Marie E. Sullivan ’72 Loyola Doherty Sylvan ’52 June Randall Thornton ’55

Anne Downey Tierney ’51 Janet Ostafin Tierney ’65 Anne Smith Tobin ’58 Jean L. Toomey ’55 Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program Verizon Foundation Rosemary Schmitt Vietor ’62 Ann Farrell Wade ’63 Katharine Hourihan Walker ’57 Stephanie Goonan Wall ’59 Watertown Charitable Council, Inc. Judith King Weber ’61 Mary Ellen Reardon Wissman ’69 Clotilde Zannetos

Red and Gold Club Susan McDonough Abelleira ’82 American Endowment Foundation American Insurance Administrators, Inc. Anonymous Paula Kelliher Antonevich ’89 Jeanne Devereaux Arsenault ’54 A. Grace S. Avery ’50 Joan Cannon Bagley ’53 Ruthann Iovanni Bates ’69 Christine Fregosi Beagan ’71 Ann Kimpton Bertone ’62 Anne Billingham Brophy ’63 Mary C. Callahan ’59 Geraldine McDonough Canning ’57 Anne-Marie Kerrigan Caruso ’89 Loretta Chabot ’59 Maureen A. Connelly ’62 Judith Megan Coogan ’62 Ann Haggerty Cook ’64 Kathleen Croak Cooper ’71 Mildred Iantosca Costa ’57 Mary Rowan Curtin ’55 Louise Moll Dallas ’49 Joan M. Danner Delta Airlines Mary Beth Finn Deschenes ’50 Catherine Rosicky Devlin ’58 Linda M. DiGiandomenico ’78 Carol Conroy Doherty ’55 Ethel M. Donahue ’69 Carol A. Donovan ’59 Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 F Brenda Murphy Dugan ’57 Louise Fay Dyer ’52 D Clyde Evans T Lisa V. Evans ’79 Kristen Keefe Faia ’91 Ellen Harrison Finn ’78 Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ’57 F Erlinda Forgacs ’01 Nancy Brine Fredrickson ’68 Jane Guerke Gallagher ’62 Mary Driscoll Gardetto ’54 General Dynamics C4 Systems Mary A. Gilmore ’62 Claire Turner Giuranna ’50 Joan P. Goldhammer-O’Neil ’91 Michael D. Grady Paul H. Grady

Amy Chin Guen ’50 Joan Gunning Hansen ’47 Kevin Hartigan F Catina Hayden Barbieri ’71 Clare Dunn Hern ’45 Clarita Herrera-Argyros Patricia Hogan ’52 Priscilla L. Hook ’70 Anne Boyle Hutchins-Tatum ’66 Ann L. Hynes ’60 Helen Cruchley Jones ’52 Elizabeth Brown Kane ’65 Suzanne Buteau Kelleher ’60 Gail M. Kenyon ’81 Margaret Horan Kerr ’62 Patricia Bracken Kilton ’57 Joan E. Kozon ’63 Melissa J. LeRay ’91 Barbara M. Lee ’51 Susan Crawford Leverone ’75 Louise Laughlin Lieb ’69 Rosamond Dunn Lockwood ’76 Patricia Nolan MacNaught ’66 Denyse Dunbar Maddaleni ’55 Wiera Malozemoff ’95 Maple Leaf Disbribution Service Alan L. Marasco and Deborah P. Mawhinney Doris Good Marr ’58 Adrienne Dillon Mattaliano ’56 Mary M. McAuliffe ’66 Irene Shea McGee ’68 Katherine Moynihan McGovern ’65 Jane K. McGrath ’48 Catherine Gately McGunigle ’47 Eileen M. McHugh ’87 Florence Kelly McKenna ’51 Barbara Keenan McLarney ’53 Marie Fitzgerald McSweeney ’48 Eileen Diciaccio Merlino ’63 Paula Jordan Morgan ’82 Barbara Bye Murdock ’64 Carol M. Murphy ’60 Catherine M. Murphy ’62 Grace M. Murphy ’74 Philomene Winchester Murphy ’45 Stephen Murray Alice Fleming O’Brien ’61 Christine Cote O’Brien ’81 Mary Kelly O’Connell ’43 Marie T. O’Malley ’80 Maureen Mulcahy O’Meara ’62 Frances Durkee O’Neill ’47 Janet Scully O’Shea ’58 Catherine G. Pattavina ’47 Domenica Fiumara Pedulla ’62 Thomas G. Pistorino Janice McBride Power ’51 Regis College Class of 1965 Joanne Richardi ’68 Angela G. Ricker ’54 Judith Fallon Rielly ’62 Rosemary Shannon Robbins ’62 Simone Le Blanc Rogan ’71 Patricia Cauley Ross ’49 Mary E. Rowe ’63 John J. Ryan F Mary Lou DeMaria Schwinn ’60 Marianne Sanderson Shay ’54

10/19/12 4:51 PM

Shirley Finn Sheehan ’51 Susan K. Sliski ’02 Marie Madden Smith ’49 Patricia Sullivan Smith ’67 St. Claire Parish Anne McIsaac Sullivan ’60 Joan Desmond Sullivan ’81 and Gerard P. Sullivan Barbara Klarmann Summers ’62 Judith Machaj Susanin ’64 Patricia Burke Tarpey ’58 Anne O’Brien Temple ’55 The Plato Malozemoff Foundation UnumProvident Corporation Paul J. Vaccaro Corinne A. Volpe ’71 W.R. Grace & Company Ann Flaherty Walsh ’56 Gail Brosnihan Walsh ’60 Mary Curnane Wernig ’44 D Margaret Tierney Wheeler ’62 Eileen McCann Wickham ’66

alumni by GRaduation yeaR Anne McIntyre Carnicelli Ruth Rogers Lally Participation: 50% All Giving: $350.00

1936 Mary P. Hamilton D Lillian Dowling Kennedy Agnes Herbert McCarty Participation: 28.6% All Giving: $1,050.00

1937 Katherine O’Brien Connolly Participation: 100% All Giving: $25.00

1938 Rita M. Sherman Participation: 11.1% All Giving: $1,250.00

1939 Margaret Murphy Crimmings D Participation: 11.1% All Giving: $20,000.00

1940 Mary Mcdevitt Hadley Martha Mitten Hosinski Mary Kerr Lynch Barbara Norton Schlitzer Mary Sampson Schmidt Participation: 33.3% All Giving: $744.40

1941 Mary O’Sullivan Finucane Mildred M. Hehir Marjorie Goodwin Kenney Janet Hailer McGrath T TRusTee

31409p26-47.indd 31

F FORmeR TRusTee

Mary Carr Simeone D Doris Burns Sullivan Participation: 52.4.0% All Giving: $20,570.02

1946 1942 Mary Small Duffey Margaret Hyder Fragala Mary Hurley Good Claire Deveney Meehan Mary Lee Mulvey Alice Sullivan Sheehan Margaret Loughlin Splaine Participation: 28.0% All Giving: $7,270.00

Dorothy Gaquin Borkowski Barbara Deveney Marion J. Fahey Jeanne M. Hennebery June Foley Igo Elizabeth Brugman O’Brien Katharine Johnson O’Hare Louise Patten O’Neil Margaret Leary Walker Participation: 23.7% All Giving: $2,875.00

1943 Ann Lyons Burke Mary Kirby Donnelly Anita T. Ennis Elizabeth Henley Glancy Anita Maxwell Kiely Catherine O’Hare Lind Mary Kelly O’Connell Alice Bronzo O’Donoghue Ann Horrigan Sykes Edith Lamarca Tarricone Participation: 27.0% All Giving: $3,545.00

1944 Jeanne Mathieu Bliss Frances McInnis Clifford Dorothy Hook Connor Doris Johnson Costello Margaret M. Eagar Lily Penez Ethier Sheila McGillicuddy Galligan Odette Cardanha Maciel Alice M. McGillicuddy Angeline Fennessey Hudson Lucille E. Merker Gertrude Gorman Ripper Virginia Bulger Smith Mary Curnane Wernig D Participation: 48.3% All Giving: $6,645.00

1945 Gilda Sateriale Aufiero Eve Casey Carey Elizabeth Cronin Crane D Jacqueline Penez Criscenti Mary Foley Dowd Elizabeth McNally Finigan Mary E. Flaherty Jane Erickson Flanagan Clare Dunn Hern Bernadette Early Hickey Rita Manion Ludlum Doris T. Lynch Rosemary Lyons Martin Anna C. McAuley Irene Pendolari McCarthy Mary Daly McKeon Kathleen O’Connell Miett Philomene Winchester Murphy Mary Sullivan O’Brien Annette P. Pendergast

1947 Gertrude Breen Alfredson Marie Austin Baldwin Estelle M. Brennan Phyllis Gallinelli Campbell Alice Noonan Cote Jeanne MacDonough Cronin Marguerite A. Donovan Rita Dailey Fahey Eleanor Consentino Feuer Jean Olivo Glynn Evelyn Holowenko Gray Joan Gunning Hansen Ann S. Howard Dorothea Flynn Hurley Marjorie Dimento Magrath Patricia Curtin Mahoney Gloria K. Mawhinney Ruth Barry McCoy Mary Redican McEttrick Catherine Gately McGunigle Dorothy Mahoney McKenna Dorothy McKenzie Patricia Ford McLaughlin M. Claire Gallant Morin Patricia Donovan Morton Joan M. Moynagh Alice Dunbar O’Halloran Frances Durkee O’Neill Catherine G. Pattavina Frances Signorelli Peeler Eileen T. Prebensen Virginia Demeo Prieto Phyllis Brosnahan Richardson Participation: 70.2% All Giving: $10,894.47

1948 Elinor O’Neil Bowers Marion Blue Brennan M. Claire Glennon Brown Lillian Catignani Cirafice Louise Sullivan Corcoran Elizabeth O’Rourke Craggy Marie Kelly Creedon Josephine DiMauro Demers Clare Hailer Dennis Nancy Larrabee Endicott Gloria Faretra Mary McLean Flanagan Alice Ryan Gallagher Marion Mullin Gallagher Beverly Freeman Ganley

Marion Mulrennan Graham Janet Megan Greehan Theresa Shields Hagerty Regina C. Harrington Louise Pothier Haznar Frances D. Madigan Joan Doherty Mahoney Mary McGoldrick Malloy Mary Louise Cooney Manning Elsie-Lee McCarthy Marvin Barbara Earley Mason Patricia Landrigan McCarthy Jane K. McGrath Marie Fitzgerald McSweeney Marilyn Santacroce Murray Mary Jane Crowley Murray Ruth Carell O’Connell Mary-Jane Donovan Power Ann O’Hare Smith Jean McDonald Snyder Barbara A. Sullivan Marie Kane Vachon Mary Casey Walter Participation: 53.5% All Giving: $19,395.00

1949 Elizabeth McGrath Bowler Claire Horan Brady Mary T. Breslin Ann McLaughlin Brodbine Rosemary Flynn Cashman Louise Kelley Collins Shirley McKenzie Connolly Jean Ryan Connors Marion Comerford Cowie Katherine Barron Cox Louise Moll Dallas Betty Ann Hynes Elliott Nancy Natoli Fay Margaret Sellers Fitzpatrick Marie Monafo Forcucci Ruth M. Grady D Arline Rainey Hamel Catherine Foley Hines Mary Hines Hodgdon Elizabeth Perrault Joyce Patricia Tiernan Kelley Eleanor Melville Kilbourn Eileen Dewire Locke Rosemary M. McAuliffe Marguerite O’Hare McCarthy Dorothy Costello Merrill Lois McWeeney Moulton Marjorie M. O’Brien Mary O’Neill O’Sullivan Barbara Bailey Pfau Mary O’Brien Pratt Paula Power Rogerson Dorothy Lewis Rose Elizabeth Stone Ross Patricia Cauley Ross Claire Eremian Scully Barbara Masterson Smith Marie Madden Smith Lois Morrison Steffensen Elizabeth Shatos Thompson Participation: 50.6% All Giving: $16,229.49

31 ROLL OF HONOR 11–12


Eleanor T. Sline Josephine Moran Steckevicz Mary Malone Sullivan D Participation: 38.9% All Giving: $3,075.00

D DeceaseD

10/19/12 4:51 PM

By the Numbers

370 new donors



Mary Casey Acton A. Grace S. Avery Janet Cushman Bergeron Phyllis Mckeever Bouchard Phyllis Moran Burke Marie Dillon Canane Cecilia McCarthy Cleary Dorothy Higgins Conroy Mary Louise Mullin Cornes Katherine Grimes Crotty Jeanne McGovern Curtis Mary Mathers Daigle Eileen Delaney Debany Mary Beth Finn Deschenes Virginia Donahue Foley Etheldreda Kallaher George Claire Turner Giuranna Mary Buckley Glennon Theresa LeBlanc Gray Amy Chin Guen Olga Coscia Harrigan Ann Terrio Johnson Helen Harty Keough Jeanne Naughton Lane Helen Doyle MacKinnon Doris Toohey McCue Marie de Montigny Murray Claire Natale Nelson Mary Daily Neylon Anne Noonan Nicholson Anne Swiston O’Hara Jacqueline Choquette Picard Marilyn Luke Poppe Pauline Doyle Powell Theresa Hegarty Quinn Barbara Shea Vines Virginia Looney Weamer Participation: 40.7% All Giving: $11,170.00

1951 Patricia Slager Baker Patricia McAndrew Brainin Jeanne Bourneuf Burke Pearl Lavallee Caouette Margaret Linney Carroll Ceslaus King Carvalho

31409p26-47.indd 32

Anne-Marie Cahill Casey Patricia E. Chisholm Barbara Coolen Corrado Elizabeth M. Cullen Joan C. DesRoches Mary McLaughlin Girouard Barbara Watson Halpin Ruth Durnan Johnson Ann Comerford Kelly Maureen Barry Kent Eileen Dunleavy Knott Barbara Cooney Kuersteiner Barbara M. Lee Gertrude Galvin Madrulli Maureen Walsh McEvoy Florence Kelly McKenna Claire Marie Ryan Nead Margaret C. O’Brien Mary Landers Plunkett Janice McBride Power Mary Mecagni Quinton Regina Ford Ryan Barbara Palmer Schlichte Suzanne Gill Schwartz Constance Musante Setian Shirley Finn Sheehan Nancy Orth Smith Marie Barbano Tassinari Anne Downey Tierney Dorothy A. Welch Participation: 52.9% All Giving: $16,651.00

1952 Marie Brophy Allard Dorothy Barrett Bemis Patricia Donovan Bondelevitch Dolores Chamberland Burgess Sheila McKenna Burke Jacqueline Moylan Callahan Helena Collins Carty Patricia Wentworth Delorey Jeanne Bowen Delory Louise Fay Dyer D Elaine Roy Gariepy Nancy Kelley Geary Loretta Ford Goldrick Patricia Hogan Zay Dunphy Hyde Nancy Boland Johnson Helen Cruchley Jones Catherine Deveney Kaladin Ann Purcell MacDonald M. Patricia Costello Malone Marie McHugh Marino Joan Hartley Meagher Elizabeth Malone Moon Mary Gibbons Murphy Louise Daly Niedzielski Mary Foley Noon Carlotta Krauth O’Brien Nancy Quinn O’Keefe Marilyn Burke O’Rourke Jill McKearin Paredes Lois M. Pearson Joan Keefe Reardon Marie T. Rizzo Catherine Molloy Rowe Lois Brigham Saltalamacchia Marie Fleming Sisk Loyola Doherty Sylvan

Sally Finnerty Tully Joan Barrett VanTassel Mary Gallagher Watts Marjorie Mackenzie Williams Participation: 54.1% All Giving: $10,219.36

1953 Mary Lou L. Ahearn Joan Cannon Bagley Vera Sullivan Beaumont Helen Valle Binell Jeane Ann O’Neil Bowers Elizabeth O’Brien Brennan Mary Cahill Byrne Rita Chamberland Carlos Ann Walker Childs Olive Pirani Chupka Felice Spugnardo Coffey Maureen E. Cremen Vilma Padovano Culnane Patricia O’Donnell Deegan-Nawn Elaine Guinee Denning Margaret A. Donnelly Kathryn Cauley Driscoll Jean Meegan Finfrock Geraldine Finn Frances B. Florencourt Barbara Dunbury Gillespie Janet Connolly Guinee Mary Driscoll Hermann Christine Lyons Kelley Geraldine Martin Kennedy Corinne Mollomo LaRoche Catherine Powers Leddy Mary Jane O’Connor Lee Claire O’Connell McAuliffe Joan Carroll McAuliffe Jeanne O’Sullivan McCarthy Lenore Walton McCormack Barbara Keenan McLarney Marcelline Cassen McManus Claire Russell Megan Constance Torrisi Miragliotta Georgette Trudelle Mogilnicki Virginia Clifford Mohr Eleanor Hughes Nawn Mary F. Norton Fleurette Arpin O’Toole Mary Malone Pannell Kathryn N. Pfau Ann Campbell Rouleau Elizabeth Knowlton Rourke Shirley Connors Sardella Denise St.Germain Scali Judith Perault Smith Marjorie Wood Underwood Barbara Galpin Wade Theresa Audette Wood-Lavine Participation: 51.5% All Giving: $19,774.53

1954 Jeanne Devereaux Arsenault Mary Alvord Biette Marie Albiani Buckley Regina Mitchell Cantella Alison Cass Cattan Margaret Begley Cawley Priscilla Bradford Cronin Patricia Bellini Cruise

Mary Leary Cullen Cornelia Murphy Davidson Vivian Lamoureux Duval Charlene Ryan Fitzgerald Joan Turner Flannery Rita Fichera Fragala Constance Coughlan Ganem Mary Louise Carr Gannon Mary Driscoll Gardetto Sheila Joyce Greenlaw Virginia C. Hannigan Alice O’Donoghue Harrington Margaret M. Hassan Patricia Cronin Huie Nancy Hartigan Johansen Judith Gioiosa Keohan Mary Jane Kinne Jacqueline Guerard Lacoste Helen Mitchell Lennon Patricia Courtney Lyons Louise F. Macchia, D.C Marcia Gaughan Mahoney Marie Clogher Malaro Juliette Brassard Marcoux Rosemary A. McAuliffe Jeanne Connelly McClellan Marjorie A. McIntyre Anne Bulman McSweeney Catherine M. Meade Lillian Dyer Murray Jeanne Kenney Neale Ann O’Brien O’Connor Margery Roche O’Keefe Dorothy Fraser Pesek Angela G. Ricker Adele Dengeleski Rufo Anne Downey Saunders Margaret Rogers Savage Grace Golden Shaw Marianne Sanderson Shay Mary Roche Sullivan Ann Porter Touhey Mary McGowan Walsh Marie Ward Patricia Hickey Wengert Constance Lucchini Wilkinson Mary McCarthy Willis Participation: 50.5% All Giving: $18,615.00

1955 Patricia Hennessey Berlo Marie A. Bertrand Janet Condrey Beyer Patricia O’Donnell Brady Elizabeth Fahey Cahill Marjorie Leary Canniff Rita Farina Cannistraro Maureen Donnelly Carlson Dorothea Murphy Collins Joan Casey Courtemanche Elizabeth Burke Crehan Mary Rowan Curtin Claire Houle Davis Ann Gallagher Deignan Carol Conroy Doherty Nancy Sullivan Durkin Margot O’Meara Egan M. Patricia Fallon Marguerite T. Flavin Alma Cauley Fredey

10/19/12 4:51 PM

1956 Patricia Sullivan Brown Jane Murphy Burger Mary Rose Campbell F Margaret Grant Casper Lorraine Talamona Celi Claire Flynn Cisternelli Patricia Wittick Coburn Carol Bonner Connell Marilyn Curley Daley Marie McLaughlin Dick Carolyn Ambrose Donovan Geraldine Dowd Driscoll Jane Gallogly Dunn Margaret Austin Faneuf Marjorie O’Neill Ferren Joanne Moloney Fiske Mary-Alice Powers Garmer Frances Foley Hassett Maryann Welch Hawkins Elizabeth Keane Hayes Joyce Dunn Higgins Mary Keelan Hubbard Mary T. Keenan Patricia Turner Kelley Jane Nyhan Kelly Mary Anne Kent Virginia Clark Kristo Grace Foley LaDue Rosemary Porter Lucas Frances Heron March Joananne Argus Marshall Adrienne Dillon Mattaliano Ann Tracy McCarthy Margaret Casey Mulcahy Mary Lou Rawson T TRusTee

31409p26-47.indd 33

F FORmeR TRusTee

Ann Marie Healy Sawyer Carole Settana Scollins Mary Queeney Shinney Patricia Limerick Skelly Beatrice Pattavina Sloan Anne Greaney Susina Joanne Hines Talbot Anne Henry Thompson Elizabeth Shelbourne Titterton Elizabeth Furze Trask Kathleen O’Rourke Valente Ann Flaherty Walsh Marie Vasaturo White Dolores Gargaro Wilson Dorothy Harrington Winrow Participation: 60.2% All Giving: $26,702.01

1957 Anne O’Brien Ahern Virginia McGurk Baker Geraldine McCarty Ballotti Barbara Goodhue Beecy Mary Gannon Brady Catherine Stanley Buehner Ellen M. Burke Sheila Cruchley Campbell Geraldine McDonough Canning Alice Scanlon Cogliano Martha Ford Collier Nancy Cummings Collins Mildred Iantosca Costa Maureen Staunton Crowley Margaret Griffin Dion Linda Aimone Donovan Gabriella Zarotschenzeff Doyle Carol Noonan Driscoll Brenda Murphy Dugan Ann Ford Feehily Marion E. Feeney Anne Fox Fitzpatrick F Carol Young Fradette Gloria Ricker Gramaglia Mary Ann Healey-Villa Charlotte Maney Higgins Carol Hurd Green Anne McNeil Hynes Virginia Pyne Kaneb F Patricia Bracken Kilton Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury T Margaret Lamoureux Ledoux Ellen Finnegan Lehan Nancy Swendeman Loud Jane Denmark Maher Rosemary Weidner Mahoney Virginia M. McGagh Helen Graham McGonigle Elaine Govoni McLaughlin Eileen Kelly Moynihan Beverly Ambrose Murphy Claire Russell Murphy Mary McFarlin Murray Cynthia Souza Nakane Sally McDermott Nuckles Jean Volante O’Connor Elizabeth McCarthy O’Conor Marilyn Hanlon O’Leary Catherine Alemi Palmerino Constance Fontaine Perron Patricia McCarron Pettersen Janet Petty

Margaret Larner Rago Judith Lawson Selsor Mary Silvia Smith Judy A. Sughrue Katharine Hourihan Walker Mary Eagan Whittaker Elizabeth J. Wilbur Miriam Carroll Woods Participation: 57.1% All Giving: $186,920.00

1958 Maxine Gauthier Barry Madeleine Crepeau Bradstreet Elizabeth Jarmulowicz Britt Paula Buckley Buckley Jane M. Bushey Doris Labbe Byrnes Dorothy Madden Cannon Laetitia Albiani Carney F Lee Bengert Cassidy Carole Vannicola Clark Catherine Rosicky Devlin Lea Toto Dmytryck Janet Lynch Dougherty Elaine O’Connell Fitzpatrick Claire Sirois Foley Maura McCarthy Grace Nancy King Hall Dorothy Hogan Hennessy Patricia Salmon Hillmer Carol M. Howard Margo Johnson Hughes Mary O’Sullivan Hynes Marie Hutchinson Jefferson Mary Reynolds Kennedy Joan Meleski Kenney Mary Jo Kilmain Andrea Keefe Krupke Ann Maloney Leahy Paula Kirby Macione H. Janice Mailloux Doris Good Marr Joan Gorman McCue Nan C. McGuire M. Patricia Kelly McNulty Margaret Mosher Melanson Brenda Coogan Moran F Mary Rooney Nichol Nancy Burke Norbedo Frances Boyle Nugent Jane Leahy O’Brien Janet Scully O’Shea Barbara A. Prackneck Mary Donovan Ruth Georgian Hurley Ryan Margaret Cahill Scanlon Lora LoConte Stosez Marie Kelley Sweeney Patricia Donnelly Tardif Patricia Burke Tarpey Catherine Crosby Thompson Anne Smith Tobin Margaret Heron Walsh Sandra McIntosh Weathers Lucille Berube Williams Donna Coffey Young Participation: 55.6% All Giving: $27,188.57

1959 Katherine Finnegan Barrett Elizabeth Russell Bilafer Sherry Furlott Blanchard Yvette LeBlanc Boyle Frances Dewire Calabro Mary C. Callahan Loretta Chabot Geraldine Chase Doreen O’Leary Christopher Dorothy Kiley Coffey Jean Forgit Cooper Christine Tracy Coppola Mary E. Courtney Audrey Bowen Criado Marie F. Cronin Brenda Meade Doherty Carol A. Donovan Mary Shea Doyle Mary Jane Regan England F Ann Lafay Flamand Louise C. Forgues Mary Philbin Gorman Mary Jane Newton Goudreau Anne Daly Graham Rita Noonan Griffin Marianna Doyle Hannigan M. Patricia O’Hearn Hilsinger Rosemary Catalucci Hughes Catherine O’Connor Johnson Joan Spinelli Keefe Dorothy Kelley Kelly Yen-Chi Nguyen Le Marcia Shepard LeMay Joan Connell MacLeod Patricia V. Maguire Ann Fiaschetti Martin Judith Bresnahan Mawn Mary Ann Tompkins McGinn Patricia Polastri McPhie Janice Canniff Monteith Margaret Harney Morrissey Jane McCarthy Murphy Marie Fish Murphy Antoinette Riordan Newhoff Marilyn Lombardi Nicholas Margaret M. O’Connell Ellen Lawlor O’Connor Maureen O’Connell Palmer Frances Kopka Parsons Barbara Meyer Pierce Haydee Reichard-Cancio Mary Kennedy Smith Patricia Collins Smith Roberta Smith Sullivan Ann M. Tiernan Barbara Schmidle Voight Stephanie Goonan Wall Joan Cahill Young Participation: 52.3% All Giving: $24,855.00

33 ROLL OF HONOR 11–12

Mary Kay Moynihan Golob Jacqueline McLaughlin Gouse Priscilla Mahoney Granfield Barbara Thompson Granger Carol McDermott Guebert Mary McCarthy Hayes Janet Patterson Huie Barbara Kelley Kelley Margaret Vincent Kelley Patricia Thalheimer King Rosalie E. L’Ecuyer Jacqueline Cyr Lewis Madeline McCarthy Lynch Patricia Carney MacDonald Denyse Dunbar Maddaleni Agnes Badrena Malaret Marie T. Martin Eleanor Mullane McAllister Elizabeth Doyle McGough Eileen Cunningham McLaughlin Estelle Ferraro Misto Phyllis Budrick Murphy Dorothea Moran Reid Jean Ryan McCall D Elsie Disandro Sammartino Elizabeth Gilmore Shanahan Barbara Gilmore Stitts Patricia Hogan Sullivan Anne O’Brien Temple June Randall Thornton Jean L. Toomey Patricia Fay Wilson Participation: 56.5% All Giving: $50,201.16

1960 Joyce Kennerly Bohan Margaret Carroll Bowles Ann M. Cahill Marcelle Lamoureux Connare Dorothy Gallagher Connell Adeline Nardone Crovo Ann Haessler Curran Anne Cavanaugh Curran

D DeceaseD

10/19/12 4:51 PM

Janet Murphy Curran Mary Jane Doherty Curran Agnes Houston Donovan Anna Marie Minelli Gavriloaia Mary S. Gustina Ann L. Hynes Mary Dowd Keelan Suzanne Buteau Kelleher Mary Duggan Kenney Angela Regis Kravchuk Barbara Cassidy Lamoureux Anna Lamperti Jo Ann Ferrino Levaggi Mary McRell Macedo Kathleen O’Brien Mazzotta Christina Kennedy McCann T Brenda J. McCrann Mary Heron McLaughlin Elaine Sobolewski McMahon Frances Warsawski McMurray

Reunion Top 3 Participation Rate Class of


100% Class of


70.2% Class of



Dollars Raised Class of


$186,920 Class of


$108,936 Class of $35,301

31409p26-47.indd 34


Lucille Bruno Melchionda Catherine Keane Memory Maria Migliorini Miliora Clare Mullahy Mungovan Carol M. Murphy Winifred M. Murphy Caroline Murphy Heffernan Patricia Kiley Murray Sheila Mahoney Mutrie Phyllis Reddy Noonan Barbara Ponte Norton Marilyn Swift Pawlak Joan Shaugnessy Peet Mary Hoppe Posanka Carol Govoni Profio Carole Riordan Ressler Deborah Rooney Richardson Mary Grover Rossetti Laura Allen Rushton Mary Lou DeMaria Schwinn Lucy Ricker Sheehan Anne McIsaac Sullivan Barbara Cunningham Sullivan Elaine McNulty Sullivan Margaret Burke Sullivan Patricia Clark Sullivan Margaret Moriarty Swider June Higgins Twinam Gail Brosnihan Walsh Participation: 44.5% All Giving: $14,159.72

1961 Cornelia Curtin Aaron Agnes O’Hara Barrett Mary Flaherty Beevers Patricia M. Bench Catherine Ross Bettencourt Helen Callahan, CSJ F Eileen Cannon Virginia Bishop Carroll Eleanor Mikulski Collins Mary Ann Gebelein Cook Lianne M. Cronin Ellen Donahue Foley Carroll Beegan Follas Ellen Lamplough Gillis Ellen Kelleher Guillette Kate Martin Hawke Barbara Hoyle Healy Leila A .Hogan, CSJ Joan Hunnefeld Kaiser Mary Ann Gore Kelley Patricia L. Kelly Mary Ann Cushing Kidder Susan Fallon Kolk Helen Reily LoConte Colleen Flanagan Love Carole Page Martin Lolita DeLeon McKenna Joan Murray Kathleen Minihan Nauss Alice Fleming O’Brien Lillian Leverone Peracchia Patricia O’Connor Prindle Ann Letourneau Royce Nicole Baril Sica Constance O’Brien Skahan F Judith Guillette Smith Agnes Reardon Sughrue Nancy Moran Sullivan

Gale McMahon Tirrell Judith King Weber Carol A. Young Participation: 31.3% All Giving: $36,533.00

1962 Patricia Long Anderson Bernice Donahue Antonucci Louise Luebbers Bain Carol O’Brien Barton Eleanor Silva Becker Joanne Bellucci-Harding Ann Kimpton Bertone Kathleen Meelia Borgal Lucille Manoli Bourque Melanie Poitras Buccola Jane Corliss Buckley Cathleen McGuire Burns Sally Scanlon Buttinger Margaret Leahy Cademartori Marie Goni Carbone Clara Matarese Clemeno Jean Devincent Connelly Maureen A. Connelly Judith Megan Coogan Patricia Re Damian Joan Darney Dwyer Lisbeth McGuire Eltgroth Kathleen Sheahan Falvey Eleanor Forrest Fisher Patricia Madden Fitzgerald Marie Mannella Flynn Jane Guerke Gallagher Jeannette Benoit Gembala Mary A. Gilmore Angela C. Giovannangelo Agnes McCarthy Harrienger Mary Mccauley Higgins Mary Alice Bernet Houghton Kathleen McAdams Hughes Janice Pariseau Johnson Ann McManus Joyce Elizabeth Comeau Kadehjian Clare Byrne Kelleher Margaret Horan Kerr Donna Gilooly Leahey Sharlene Riel Locker Barbara Loud, CSJ Mary Lord Mahoney Jean M. Maloney Anne Harrington Maloy Mary Reen Marasi Martha Brown Martley Martha Leahy Morrill Patricia Cusack Morrison Julia Fitzgerald Mulkerin Nancy Greene Mullin Catherine M. Murphy Margaret Sands Murphy Judith Keating Murray Carole Kennedy Nassab Catherine Norris Norton Maureen Mulcahy O’Meara Domenica Fiumara Pedulla Ann Mahoney Pooch Mary J. Power Una Foley Redgate Ann Bailey Reilly Judith Fallon Rielly Susan Donnelly Riley

Rosemary Shannon Robbins Dorothy DeNave Rossi Angela Pengelly Sandilands Helene Swiatek Savicki Joan Serino Shute Diane Lear Simpson Barbara Klarmann Summers Patricia Lilly Underberg Penny Van Dell Millicent Diggs Veal Rosemary Schmitt Vietor Margaret Tierney Wheeler Andrea Lynch Ziegler Participation: 66.9% All Giving: $108,936.75

1963 Barbara Groncki Audino Mary Mallard Barlieb Carole Fiorine Barrett T Sarah T. Barrett Virginia Kehoe Brogna Anne Billingham Brophy Madelon Zeuli Bures Anne Hickey Burns Joan Lally Canterbury Constance Crean Carven Elizabeth Cawley, CSJ Gloria Sardo DeBease Kathleen Hurley Dermody Elaine A. DiCicco Jo Anne Dufort Mary Dowd Eberle Nancy Collins Edwards Mary Folan Farry Ellen Walters Gallahue Joan Iverson Gallivan Jean Harrington Gefteas Mary Arnold Geroch Faith Steverman Hawes Margaret C. Holdsworth Regina Moran Holland Maryjane Bittman Kenney Margaret Supple Kirby Joan E. Kozon Anne Donegan Kraemer Joan Osgood Lawrence Valerie O’Hearne Leger Maryellen Lyons Sheila Carr Malley Rosalie Digiovanna Mangels Beverly Falcione Marano Barbara A. McNamara Maureen Linehan McNulty Eileen Diciaccio Merlino Charlotte Cormier Montillo Janet Lydon O’Sullivan Phyllis Kearney O’Toole Mary E. Rowe Lorraine DeStefano Tegan D F Ann Murphy Vaughn Carol Rush Vento Mary Conway Vondrak Ann Farrell Wade Maryanne Kenan Weston Mary M. White Jane DeMarco Wittreich Marilyn Leary Zander Participation: 37.5% All Giving: $32,175.00

10/19/12 4:51 PM


1965 Judith Anderson Anne Bartley Pamela Dubzinski Bent Gail Hoffman Burke Deirdre A. Casey Sharon Drolet Maura Turco Dwyer Kathleen McCaffrey Ford T TRusTee

31409p26-47.indd 35

F FORmeR TRusTee

Marilyn McGoldrick F Maureen McGlynn Franz Pamela Agrillo Giunta Mary Louise Howe Gleason Andrea DeSimone Hallion Anne Marie Fontaine Healey Kathleen M. Henighan Marilyn Geoghegan Holzschuh Carol Jewell Hunt Ann Sackett Irving Frances Camarano Johns Elizabeth Brown Kane Patricia Gaumond Kasierski Janice Sacco Kennedy Mary Ellen Lavenberg Patricia Minichino Licklider Catherine Mahady Jean Audisio Mantzaris Carole Groncki McCarthy Leona McCaughey-Oreszak Katherine Moynihan McGovern Louise Mackie McGrath Marie Van Buren Mee Janet Comeau Moriarty Margaret O’Sullivan O’Brien Carol Wollaston Peecha Anne Clarke Peterson Sharon Gibbons Reardon Maryal Curtin Redmond Mary Tropeano Rosato Barbara Long Smith Mary Burke Stewart Barbara Doran Sullivan Janet Ostafin Tierney Mary Ann Hewitt Whelan Virginia Flynn Wright Participation: 31.7% All Giving: $18,247.00

Joan Dorgan Jordan Susan Airoldi Kalloch Mary Ann Scannell Kenny Megan Kirby Donna Murphy Klei Beth Healey Kossuth M. Sherrin O’Brien Langeler Mary Jo Spinelli Lefcourt Patricia Nolan MacNaught Mary Ellen Minihane Mahoney Noreen Petros Masterson Mary M. McAuliffe Dorothy Carr McCarthy Patricia Carney McCarthy Joan M. McNamara Maureen Farrell Moran Joan Mullaly Paula Murphy Judith Kelly Newton Susan Carter O’Brien Gale Pandiani O’Toole Francine Bailey Osenton Susan M. Park Jane Peterson Piecewicz Jo-Ann Rapp-Holden Vivian Ryan Saulnier Jane McCarthy Smith Kathleen Cashman Spinks Nancy Mytkowicz Sullivan Donna Page Sytek Jane Cronin Tedder T Marcia Mawhinney Timilty Rosemarie Sacco Verderico Mary Lou Callahan Von Euw Eileen McCann Wickham Sheila Gately Zappala Participation: 44.7% All Giving: $40,995.32



Mary B. Adams Eleanor Finnegan Aufman Carole Marinelli Auth Kathleen Bailey Anne Ross Baxter Mary Pegnam Blanchard Eleanor McCarthy Bouvier Susan Smith Bowab Elizabeth Lewis Bowen Mary E. Brennan Kathleen Frost Burke Mary Scanlon Calcaterra Nancy Johnson Carroll Kathleen Lynch Caruso Nancy Withington Clear Mary Louise Collins Nancy H. Corcoran, CSJ Susan Clark Cronin Eileen M. Dooley Mary Ann Audisio Farrell Joan O’Leary Foley Constance Alexander Giorgio Elizabeth Burns Griffin Ann Tracy Guerriero Jane McCone Guthrie Lida McMahon Harkins Rosemary Eagan Heffernan Kathleen Cass Herman Donna Nealon Hoffman Anne Boyle Hutchins-Tatum Christine Bartley Johnston

Anonymous Sheila O’Brien Arpe Ann LaBrecque Baird Paula Dempsey Beauregard Cheryl Adkins Boss Carol McKenna Bradstreet Margaret Lally Colleran Janet Williams Cross Patricia Connearney Deveaux Rosemarie Melloni Dittmer Mary Jane Doherty Mary Anne A. Doyle Mary T. Driscoll Susan Sitarz Fennelly Pamela McCue Ferguson Miriam Riley Flecca Paula Murphy Fletcher Julia Shen Fung Margaret A. Geddes Elizabeth Haskins Genovese Marguerite Jones Gigante Ellen C. Kearns T Anne O’Brien Khalil Mary Lou Battory Kirchmeyer Ellen Roche Kurcis Susan Gregory Leonard Frances Waht Lewis Anne Hosinski Madden Mary Barnett Messerschmidt Carolyn Sammartino Moran Patricia McCurry Morley F

By the Numbers


Reacquired donors Those who gave to Regis and hadn't given in five years. Welcome back, we missed you!

Phyllis Carberry Mueller Anna Cavanaugh Newbould Charlene Demayo Niles Anne-Louise Gibbons O’Brien Patricia A. O’Brien Ellen M. O’Connor F Elaine Pace Ellen Mara Smith Patricia Sullivan Smith Carolyn Conway Stack Jeanne Burns Terio Participation: 28.9% All Giving: $35,301.20

1968 Ellen Grimes Aamodt Theresa McDonald Akell Alana Sullivan Anderson Louise Connell Balboni Janice Dejesus Brosius Maryanne Skeiber Burtman Adrienne Buuck Butler Pauline R. Carulli Patricia Coughlin Celona Joanne Zandi Clifford Maria C. Cole Mary Beth Govoni Cormier Patricia Nelson Cross Maureen Doherty Linda Gaioni Dranchak Dawn-Marie Driscoll F Katharine Lilly Engel Alice Murray Fay Carol Hogan Ford Nancy Brine Fredrickson Claire Dibbern Hallisey Sheila Brown Healy Kathleen O’Neil Hubert Jeanne Gianturco Jaroszewski Kathleen McFarland Kelly Rita Famiglietti Lash Judith Murphy Lauch T Paula Sudol Lowe Sharyn Murphy McGann Irene Shea McGee Gail Gawlinski McGuinness Martha M. Mooney Barbara A. Murphy

35 ROLL OF HONOR 11–12

Mary Sullivan Brady Joan Fricker Burritt Barbara Case Carberry Joanne Benedict Caulfield Karen Johnson Celi Ann Casey Collins Barbara Glacken Compton Ann Haggerty Cook Suzanne W. Curtin Maureen Shea Dolan Judith Higgins Donohue Anne Tenneson Doyle Mary A. Driscoll Kathleen Minihane Eagan Mary Carroll Epperlein Mary Crane Fahey Joline Laflamme Fitzgerald Ann Batterbury Fitzpatrick Margaret Fermoyle Flagg Mary Elizabeth E. Ford Carol Canty Furlong Mary Rita Grady, CSJ Maureen Burns Gropman Julie Marchesseault Holzer Barbara Sloan Jenkins Anne Richer Kirkpatrick Joan Pietropaolo Labrosse Mary O’Beirne McCormack Kathleen M. McKenna Claire Kerrigan McMullin Louise Melanson Lorraine Brophey Mitchell Barbara Bye Murdock Louise Brennan Murray Eileen Toomasian Nichols Barbara Murphy Noyes Patricia Luben O’Hearn Judith Murphy O’Malley Ann N. O’Sullivan Susan Baker Olson Patricia Powers Sheila Dineen Queenan Lucille Demers Reilly Elizabeth Cuff Roberts Mary Ann Cashen Ruma Carolyn Vernaglia Rupolo Sharon Callnan Rush Mary Ann Serra Mary Reid Shields Virginia McNeil Slep Judith Machaj Susanin Patricia Swedas Sziklai Mary Ellen Lombardi Toscano Judith Blanchard Trudell Katherine Kelleher Walsh Janice Foss Watts Mary Rose Dittami Wells Marjorie MacLelland Wylde Participation: 43.3% All Giving: $19,183.00

D DeceaseD

10/19/12 4:51 PM

Anne Basler Neville Kathleen Loughlin Norris Carol Battiston O’Connell Marsan Wilding Patton Jane Pirro Porter Mary Reilly Potter Patricia De Coninck Power Lucy Doyle Previte Kathleen Maltas Read Joanne Richardi Kathleen McTernan Rienzi Susanne I. Shaw Anne Marie Thomas Marcia Carey Walsh Mary Jane Dunn Weber Participation: 27.5% All Giving: $15,314.10


36 PHILANTHROPY 31409p26-47.indd 36

Nancy Mozzicato Allison Ruthann Iovanni Bates Denise Sullivan Benson Gail Ryan Benson Christine Curran Brandt Kathryn J. Brown Maura Murphy Burke Anne Christian Burr Eliz Cacciatore Patricia Harding Catalano Linda Garstka Daigneault Susan Damian Miranda Ethel M. Donahue Nancy Wilcox Dowling Leigh Alogna Duff Joan Wolohan Earls Kathleen Main Egan Camille Gattineri Ferazzi Mary Hamel Gill Claire Hartwig Gradone Marjorie Foley Hanson Virginia Dolan Harris Eileen O’Leary Hathaway Krell Kathleen Scanlon Henningson Elaine Cawley Hill Gail McCoy Holloway Catherine Imbriglio Mary Pat Ryan Joy Mary Ann Joyce Louise Laughlin Lieb Patricia A. Lovell Bonnie MacLeod Carol McAuliffe Madden Mary Morrissey Sullivan Constance Dever Motz Catherine D’Arcy Murphy Kathleen Mahoney Norstein Lynn Buchmiller Novicki Kathleen O’Hare T Kathleen Connolly Owen Audrey Arnieri Pearlin Katherine Riley Reynolds Judith Griffin Rowell Margaret Lynch Scafati Elizabeth A. Sharawara Rosemary Sheehan Snowling Elizabeth Rossvall Stewart Susan Dowling Stewart Marcia Gaudet Sullivan Sharon A. Sullivan Lucy Dinitto Surmach Paula Ritger Swenson

Lorraine Untz Tower Maureen Scott Trombly Joyce Wrzesien Turrell Mary Ellen Reardon Wissman Participation: 25.3% All Giving: $26,296.69

1970 Susan Dowd Adams Eileen H. Backus Barbara Lipcan Bagley Patricia Riley Barry Marian Batho, CSJ T Kathleen Cosgrove Bennetto Kathleen Dobbyn Bouchard Rosemary Brennan, CSJ T Nancy McCallum Brenerman Judith M. Brennan Martha A. Brine Susan H. Brosnan Frances M. Burns Trudi Brown Clark Nancy MacKenzie Connelly Amy Lind Corbett Margaret Cohan Craven Denise Dalton-Martell Carol Fulton Danberg Ruth E. Delaney Elinor Ryan Devlin Judith A. Doherty Theresa E. Dolan Sara Donahue Jakobek Deborah A. Fairbanks Carol A. Giacomo Elizabeth Wright Herring Priscilla L. Hook Ouida Williams Johnson Jean Curley Joseph Barbara Rancourt Kane Maureen Hayes Kehoe Jane Kraska Kerins Marite Kelly Koch Constance Rousseau Lambert Mary Dailey Lempart Josephine Torrisi Lennertz Mary F. Lombard Madlyn Gillespie McPherson Louise Fournier Milasauskis Margaret Burns Morrison Anne B. Nigro Margaret C. O’Brien Dyanne Russett Ridill Susan Mckenzie Storrs Anne-Marie Hurley Sullivan Catherine Hackett Whitaker Participation: 32.6% All Giving: $12,935.00

1971 Anne Sullivan Alsmeyer Christine Fregosi Beagan Sandra Moore Bohn Constance Todino Burns Marilyn C. Carey Donna E. Christian Cynthia Durol Civitello Maryruth Coleman Rosemary Cullinane Coleman Nancy Cullotta Collins Margaret Rearick Conboy Ellen O’Halloran Conway

Kathleen Croak Cooper Ellen Byrne Corcoran Jacqueline Dion Curry Mary Lewis D’Arcangelo Margaret Sullivan Delaney Patricia Donahue-McElhiney Kathleen Moore Donohue Marilyn K. Ewer Linda L. Faldetta Regina C. Gavin Nancy Kern Haley Alice Wall Hawrilenko Catina Hayden Barbieri Mary Callahan Hines Virginia Black Holian Kathleen A. Huddy Mary Druken Hulette Brenda Beasley Kepley Ann Caputo Kirby Ann Fitzpatrick Larney Janet Baran Levesque Martha Grimes Levine Cynthia Chmura Magruder Linda A. Martin Linda Richards Martin Mary Jane Curtin May Kathleen McCluskey, CSJ Deborah V. Medeiros-Stroscio Ann Cormier Mickells Mary Ellen Moran-Siudut Ellen Fitzgerald Morrison Sheila J. Murphy Mary K. Myers Anne Canesi Neviackas Susan I. Pederzoli Bernice Leonard Renninger Marcia Charlton Reynolds Carmen Curran Rioux Simone Le Blanc Rogan Catherine Healey Sheehan Nancy Giudici Sliney Jo Ann Papagno Sparks Barbara George Sullivan Jane F. Sullivan Maryalice Gearan Svare Lynn Brusie Tinger Sharon Carey Tushin Mary Zoldaz Uschmann Corinne A. Volpe Donna Walsh Vrana Rosalind J. Whitney Participation: 32.0% All Giving: $22,612.19

1972 Mary Clancy Allen Jeanne Marie Regan Brookfield Rita Kennedy Burke Marguerite Cook Campbell Kathleen Ryan Carey Kathleen Officer Casavant Maria Thibeault Chaput Janice Carragher Charles Paula Connolly Connolly Suzanne LeBel Corrigan Lynne Crisman Lynette Szczygiel Crowley Fairlie A. Dalton Ann Gargulinski Desmarais Kathleen Graham Deyman Jane Thompson Doyle

Kathleen Edwards Helen Weathers Elliott Gretchen Finch Doret Susan Schissel Fogerty Louise McDonald Goeckel Susan McNamee Greeley Mary Cosentino Hegarty Mary T. Holleran Regina M. Kelleher Margaret Kelley-Shuman Maureen O’Malley Kelly Sharon McDede Kolor Cathleen I. Kowalski Joan Bracken Lanagan Sylvia E. Lenti Audrey Volckmann Leonard Patricia Tuohy Leonardi Susan M. MacDonald Paula Fenton McCarthy Verna-Jane Howe McGilvery Ann B. McGrath Susan R. Meloccaro Mary Schlichting Murphy Deirdre C. Neilen Kathleen Ryan Niermeyer Ann Hafey O’Neil Elizabeth A. Quinn Gail Ahlquist Rajala Mary Lou Randall Mary Anne Thompson Razook Kristin Jones Rulison Susan M. Saunders Anne Marie Shimkus Mary Gallitano Simonetti Marie E. Sullivan Virginia Brooks Tarnef Carolyn S. Tracy Janine M. Tremblay Diane Desmarais Ullman Panpit Bunbongkarn Vanichakarn Paula Downes Vogel Marjorie Oczkowski Wallace Virginia V. Walsh Charlene Giles Webb Mary Lou Wenthe Lynn Reale Wolbarst Maria L. Zodda Participation: 34.1% All Giving: $16,099.16

1973 Rita Seelig Ayers Anne Belletete Banghart Elizabeth Filon Bennett Susan Banas Bousquet Patricia Brown Bras Mary Dufresne Callahan Anne Marie Carr-Reardon Kathleen Regan Carroll Rita Cannon Crimmin Mary Fidler Danner Janet I. Egan Catherine Ozimek Erik-Soussi Helen McFadden Graziano Beverly Zolli Heaslip Deborah Boran Henry Margaret Kenah Holsey Barbara Burke Jackson Elizabeth R. Johnson Patricia Vaughan Johnson

10/19/12 4:51 PM

Lauras Culhane Kelly Judith Eremin Lamp Joan McDonough Lennox Virginia Lopez Morrissey Maureen T. Lyons Elizabeth Kearney Mantis Winifred Dillon McGrath Elizabeth MacDonald Natsios Moira Donelan O’Connor Susan I. Parrella Louise M. Paulin Kathleen M. Rush Maura A. Slattery Nancy F. Smith F Shelagh Kiley Smith Denise Howland Tewksbury Jeanne Rosse Waller Lauren Sweatt Wright Participation: 23.0% All Giving: $9,824.00


1975 Catherine Brown Bennett Joan Monahan Boecke Diane Walden Brierley F Mary Lane Brown Deborah Noonan Cassidy Catherine Grealy Cohen Elizabeth Owens Cronin T TRusTee

31409p26-47.indd 37

F FORmeR TRusTee

1976 Barbara Jacobs Anzivino Mary P. Brennan Marianne Del Rosso Crowe Jane Calvo Darveau Brenda Donelan Wallace Maryanne Tarpy Donnelly Mary Ellen Swenson Dunn Susan Strug Keshian Rosamond Dunn Lockwood Mary Anne Keane McAuliffe Elizabeth Pare O’Brien Rachelle Giordano Petruzziello Jean DeRosa Privitera Margaret Conroy Quinn Joan M. Rearick Elaine M. Richardson Molly A. Romeu-Alfonso Carmen I. Santos Theresa A. Scalia Marie Donegan Spindler Mary Bergeron Suchopar Nancy J. Sullivan Annmarie Scherer Tepper Dianne Yearwood Marian Hannum Zytka Participation: 15.9% All Giving: $2,925.00

1977 Elizabeth Mazeiko Abdulla Deborah L. Andrew Susan Diloffi Antonellis Sheila A. Barry Marianne Carlton Mary-Edwina Colpoys Mary M. Condon Doris Laspina Conway Susan C. Courtemanche Kathleen Cove Curley Joanne Ferraro Davies Vera A. DePalo Carmel Coughlin Donoghue Judith Hofer Hersey Louise Hersum Jane Lenox Leary Janet Sullivan Maggio

By the Numbers

Susan George McNulty Karen Driscoll Montague Joyce Sullivan Mucci Elizabeth Driscoll Nace Joan M. O’Connor Mary Lou L. Osborne Sylvia M. Pattavina Janet Gleason Rogers Anne Theriault Runne Janice T. Rutkowski Patricia Griffin Sullivan Susan Gelmini Tammaro Katherine Cafarella Tusini Joan Whalen Wilson Participation: 24.4% All Giving: $10,911.70


Donors who increased their gift from FY11 to FY12

1978 Martha Elmo Amore Janet Buckley Bernard Marijane Cunningham Blunk Helen Mulvey Connors Maria Espinola Cunha Linda M. DiGiandomenico Linde Simpson Dynneson Ellen Harrison Finn Diane Bednaz Gabel Mary Baumann Hanger Katherine Garrity Lade Eileen McCormick Langenus Laurie Verrocchi Larocque Shawna Priestman Levine Elizabeth Lichtenberg Maniscalco Diane F. Nockles Andrea J. Pereira Patricia A. Potter Mary T. Roche T Judith Jennings Walsh Gail Connolly Weiss Participation: 14.5% All Giving: $31,015.00

1979 Joan Dolan Allard Elizabeth Carr Butler Louise M. Clark Roseann Dahlgren Costello Claudia Pelosi Cuddy Lisa V. Evans Joyce M. Flaherty Carolyn Callahan Hough Joan Howell Rose Mary Lewis Irwin Jean Jianos Gray Janice Y. Kao Mary Beth Ellsworth Klein Ann Harrington Lagasse Athena Kalyvas Marken Lyn Zullo Mazzarelli Bonnie Szarzynski McIsaac Janet M. Mills-Knudsen Dorine L. Olson Patricia O’Brien Rowell Celeste Pellerin Shinay Kathleen Dawley Smokowski T Audrey Edmonds Stone Lesli A. Weissman Participation: 15.1% All Giving: $6,250.00

1980 Margaret Morin Abells Judith A. Allonby Mary C. Cahill Denise Arsenault Carthas Linda Prue Casey Elizabeth D. Conway Caroline L. Coscia Elaine M. Crisafulli DeMers Elizabeth Gillis DiBiase Paula Domenicucci Gill Vivian D. Greenblatt Mary Beth A. Halpin Mary Beth Untersee Klotz Gabriela Suib Marchitelli Judith Mariano-Moynihan Carol MacGillivray Masters Stephanie Johnson McGann Marie T. O’Malley Lisa A. Selleck Participation: 13.4% All Giving: $11,914.80

37 ROLL OF HONOR 11–12

M. Patricia Cotter Allshouse Joanne Martignette Benton Patricia Goddard Berke Debra Reed Blake Alice Parmelee Burch Marie Catino Burke Ellen Carr Mary E. Chamberland Therese Murphy Connors D Mary Beth Graham Conry Katherine M. Conway Joanne Crowley Doris Farnam Curley JoAnn Bayer DeArango Irene S. Dent Linda Dunn Dillon Barbara Falese-Fitton Margaret Randall Flaherty Mary Nash Gordon Diane Brielmann Hanak Marie Driscoll Hanlon Elizabeth Kurkjian-Henry Mary Ann Walsh Lewis Deborah L. MacDonald Mary-Lee Mahoney-Emerson Mary E. McCusker Grace M. Murphy Catherine Doran Orlandella Kathleen Mason Podolski Janice McDonald Polin Nancy Hoy Sherwood D Elizabeth Dorn Snow Jo-Ann Messina Stadelmann Denise M. Travers Elisabeth Driscoll Tuite Mary Jane Heins Vaillancourt Anne Markos Waisnor Susan Armata Young Participation: 22.0% All Giving: $10,499.74

Mary Ann Dellea Cronin Judith Ready Doyle Cheryl Dumont-Smith Constance Ustach Fielding Mary Ellen Hartnett Fillo Margaret Donoghue Golden Holly Peys Grace Deborah Moran Green Bernadette McKeon Hohenadel Mary Mulvey Jacobson D. Patricia Koch Susan Crawford Leverone Christina Mackiewicz McMahon Maureen Ralph Menihan Donna Scannell Richards Mary Billings Sherman Edith Donovan Tibbetts Theresa LaBelle Tomlinson Constance Albrecht Trowbridge Denise Erwin Webber Mary Dacey White Participation: 19.2% All Giving: $12,964.75

1981 Nancy Shaw Bauman Renee D. Cocuzzo Kathleen E. Creedon Janice MacDougall De Paulo Janet Gallant DeAngelis Susan Schumacher Fiaschetti Susan Zaccardo Gimilaro Ann Dowd Goodhue Winsome Kerlew Gordon Susan N. Grady Kelly Carney Kelly Marianne Mcmahon Kenney Gail M. Kenyon Maureen Fallon Leonard Elaine Mason Sharon McNiff McCarthy Teresa M. McGonagle T Cecilia Darling Miller Frances J. Newcombe Christine Cote O’Brien Ann Hamilton O’Regan Kathleen B. Rogers Katherine Willwerth Ryan

D DeceaseD

10/19/12 4:51 PM

Joanne Lynch Schamberg Donna Ribaudo Schow Patricia Shea Judith Spellman Spang Maureen T. Stephens Anne Curtin Stranberg Joan Desmond Sullivan Kathryn Olsen Thorne Deborah Foley Watson Participation: 21.1% All Giving: $9,053.81



Susan McDonough Abelleira Eileen Riley Bacon Denise M. Burns Eleni Kalyvas Condakes Joan Decker Fitzsimmons Amalie A. George Mary Pat Curran Healy Barbara A. McKee Mary E. McManus Susan M. McManus Paula Jordan Morgan Mary Jo Horgan Nurney Patricia Barrett Rinaldi Patricia Barney Rosenthal Paula Lind St. Clair Nola Santos-Rivera Sullivan Susan Kyriakou Terzakis Barbara Correia Xenophontos Participation: 10.2% All Giving: $2,845.00

1983 Nancy Capalucci Antonio Tammy L. Arcuri Barbara Fitzsimons Berkovich Denyse Lanpher Collins Maureen C. Dalton Lisa M. Doherty Lucie Morin Dunn Mary Jane Fietze Christine Ford Masuret Lori Fortini Laurie J. LaChapelle Roberta Golas Leecock Cathryn M. Lombardo Jennifer Brockelman Lynch Anne Gruszka McKenzie Gail McDonough Mulani Maureen O’Connor Remondi Angela Savioli Riordan Christine Micelotti Robbins Catherine E. Wilson Participation: 11.6% All Giving: $2,240.00

1984 Susan M. Boudrot Camille Hobert Brodek Heather McFague Clement Georgia Driscoll Maureen Coyne Gillis Ellie Cowhig Kinder Maria Anzivino Masnato Gale Aldorisio Mounsey Kathryn-Ann McGarry O’Brien Elizabeth Nawn Pare Margaret J. Stokes-Chinetti

31409p26-47.indd 38

Beth Chapman Van Pelt Wendy Lee Giffin Ward Participation: 8.2% All Giving: $2,139.84

1985 Tara J. Agen Sarah Harpley Brukilacchio Sheila Strachan Bushe Marguerite Cain Jamie Sheerin Clare Melanie Stellos Collorusso Kathryn Shaw Conti Constance McInnis Corcoran Mary V. Dandrow Elizabeth A. Donovan Diana R. Heinsohn Kelly Laverty Higgins Jacqueline Turner James Lisa Dupuis Lapinski Laura McCann-Szela Claire E. McCusker Katharine E. McLellan Paula Churchill Morrison Suzanne Cooke Ninteau Melinda Hanlon Powers Brenda Moran Richards Christine Hackett Roberge Maura Walsh Sargent Nathalie Kelley Steeves Eileen A. Sullivan Audrey Covelle Wilsack Annmarie Reardon Woods Sarah Worton Participation: 15.8% All Giving: $8,424.97

1986 Alison O’Brien Bayiates Ildi Toth Bergstrom Mary E. Carroll Susan Murray Cronin Sarasue Mueller Dick Patricia Denucci Doherty Maureen Finn Suzanne Sullivan Geer Christine Desmarais Gordon Eileen Vogel Hackney Marguerite C. Haugh Mary Moran Losapio Catherine Gagnon McCrorey Christine Stanowski McDermott Maura A. Moran Ann Murphy-Varga Frances Mooney Stolz Jayne Hunt Swart Elizabeth M. Wong Participation: 14.3% All Giving: $6,907.99

1987 Connell West Benn Eileen Dunbrack Boynton Tara M. Bradley Donna Sannella Cargill Kimberly Crane Daly Lisa DeMasi Petra Malone Fallon Carol A. Flynn Suzanne Macneill Forbes Mary L. Gibney

Sandra McArdle Gould Deborah Pellegrino Hedison Sharon Barnes Legge Donna McLellan Karen F. Maye Eileen M. McHugh Jacqueline Ross McKenna Marilyn Yetz Miles Theresa R. Montani Virginia Corey Nelson Annamaria Cobuccio Paone Christine Hyland Phillips Mary McInnis Reissfelder Paula Webster Sennett Sheila Cahalane Sule Janice Romanelli Svensson Participation: 17.3% All Giving: $2,860.00

1988 Michelle Gray Bird Holly Hurtle Bridgeford Kathleen Covell Costello Pamela Egan-Walsh Katherine Doherty Eld Kara Laverty Flynn Mary F. Harris Maureen Foley Holland Donna J. Kelley Rosalind Powers Kessel Mary Frattarola Leupold Tracy Shannon Levey Lee Fitzhenry Lopiccolo Sylvia Michaud Karen Lewis Moynihan Mary B. O’Brien Deborah Brooks Puchovsky Ingemarie M. Richardson Patricia Mullen Sardnola Carina Olsson Senter Judy Aroyan Shaughnessey Martha A. Waldron Participation: 13.3% All Giving: $12,035.88

1989 Paula Kelliher Antonevich Patricia E. Battles Lisa Boucher Benton Susan Grassl Bhole Anne-Marie Kerrigan Caruso Suzanne M. Casey Nancy Antonellis D’Amato Anne T. Duffy Melanie Phillips Faulkner Kristine G. Gomes Kathryn Hennessy Kelly Crowley McInnis Kristin Pasciuti Nicolazzo Laura Kopp Nuttall Susan Smith Porter Julie Bergstrom Shaw Lisa Strazzullo Riha Kristin Dolder Wenger Renee Cormier Wheeler Participation: 11.1% All Giving: $2,038.89

1990 Deborah Freeman Aucoin Marianne Byrne Burke Jeanette Shomphe Causey Honoria DaSilva-Kilgore Kimberly DeSorcy-Muldoon Anna M. Dorigatti Robin Daley Doyle Sheila C. Geha Ellen Osgood George Kristen Muckian Giovanniello Angela Fabbo Iannuzzi Anne Marie Bernier MacNamara Kerry Ann Munroe Madden Michelle D. McGunagle Joanne Woods Moquin Nancy McSweeney Pastore Elaine M. Posanka Lisa Boyce Reardon Anne Marie Walsh Salvon Leslie Fernandes Scafidi Barbara A. Scully Elizabeth DeBonis Stanton Laura Williams Torrey Participation: 14.8% All Giving: $2,704.90

1991 Jennifer Blake Jennifer A. D’Ercole Allison M. Denya Kristen Keefe Faia Karen Boyle Fogarty Catherine Trainor Froio Deborah Maloney Galvin Margaret McWilliams Garvey Joan P. Goldhammer-O’Neil Rosemary A. Hughes Noreen A. Kelliher Jacinta Caprio Lang Melissa J. LeRay Pattyanne A. Lyons Kristan A. Murphy Gretchen Hopfe O’Neil Brenda L. Orta Stacy Erickson Osborne Marisa Gentile Qualter Maria Rodriguez Sheryl A. Savino Ruth A. Sullivan Lisa Spadafora Thompson Caragh M. Whalen-Feinblatt Lisa M. White Renee Shute Zavalia Participation: 14.0% All Giving: $4,234.73

1992 Kerry Ann Kelley Beirne Jacqueline Hogan Billings Christine E. Burke Ricia Chansky Elizabeth M. Cooke Carla A. Damian Maryann Argus Dawson Margo Englehardt Gordon Elizabeth J. Kelly Kathleen Schilling Lewis Joanne A. McHugh Rebecca Towle Pellegrino Marea E. Santos

10/19/12 4:51 PM

Paula M. Ventura Julie Anne Werner Wing Yan Wu Participation: 9.2% All Giving: $1,099.92

1993 Maura Cunningham-Moran Nancy L. D’Antonio Tasha Pasternak Das Dorothy Benson Farrell Erica L. French Elizabeth Henderson Duggan Jennifer Piniarski Lach Jennifer M. Murphy Sandra V. Podgorski Mary Skinner Pamela Jackson Tobichuk Danielle C. Vaccaro-Cordeiro Anathea Boccalini Viscariello Kathleen Baker Wheeler Participation: 7.9% All Giving: $2,319.93


1995 Lindsey A. Dewar Kathleen Finnell Hilton Marie A. Jardine Wiera Malozemoff Ruth M. Messer Sarah Blatchford Phelan Amy Larson Smith Claire Polleys Walsh Participation: 5.8% All Giving: $950.00

1996 Kerry Parker Belski Annette Giannini Defrancisco Tara Sullivan Esfahanian Jennifer Hilton Abate Nancy A. Hobson Michelle Vigliotti Lewis Carly Kimball Smith Participation: 4.3% All Giving: $415.00

1997 Susan Lelievre Benoit Kriste Kleiner Beverly Robin M. Davis Laura A. Dempsey Maureen Noonan Iaricci Kristyn C. Jamieson Semima Vaka Karasch Catherine M. Lynch Michelle E. McDonough Lisa M. McPhail Swati J. Patel Susan S. Priem F T TRusTee

31409p26-47.indd 39

F FORmeR TRusTee

1998 Loretta Malymeik Browder Amy K. Clines Bethany Flaherty Dunakin Suzeth L. Dunn Jessica Nowosielski Flaherty Jamie M. Foss-Flynn Katherine Lennon Hernandez Joanne Cannon Hill Christine Nocella Holbrook Dawn R. Kielbania Brunell Deborah M. Klarman Sarah Gagnon Kravchuk Wendy Lucente Langelier Irene Laurens Julie Fournier McCarthy Kathleen A. O’Connor Verna-Ann Power-Charnitsky Tanya C. Rogers Miriam Finn Sherman Wanda E. Suriel Participation: 10.5% All Giving: $2,647.48

1999 Nicole Kilduff Abate Pamela Sale Allton Jennifer Alberti Atwood Elizabeth Osten Bettencourt Jill Bertolino Chisholm Noelle Forney Denny-Brown Sherrill Erickson Rebecca G. Hancock Lisa Almeida Kingkade Cathleen DeAngelis Kubera Kelly A. Moran Christine M. Proulx Melissa Escobar Tammaro Kelly M. Thayer Heather A. Wojcik Participation: 8.1% All Giving: $1,350.00

2000 Noreen Hayes Bigelow Brandy Poquette Brown Patricia Hanley Bruso Megan Tierney Connor Mary R. Cook Khara Larkin Grieves Angela M. Hall Dianna M. Jones Erin Benson Lachance Suet C. Lam Jamie A. Martin Joanne M. McCarthy Lydia E. Noonan Catherine Murphy Osgood Karen M. Proulx Gretchen M. Reynard Jill Bousquet Ryan Kerry Griffin Silver

By the Numbers

Ann Marie Tsewole Julia Mastronardi Yakovich Participation: 8.5% All Giving: $1,265.00

2001 Patricia L. Allard Margaret Limoli Benoit Margo L. Cicciarella Sharyn L. Ghiloni Gaudy J. Hernandez Sarah Stetson Klein Meridith A. Lau Milaina Vitiello Mainieri Lisa Owen Katie Sticklor Tommasini Erika Swanson Walther Participation: 5.2% All Giving: $1,635.02


Donors who gave consecutively over the past three years

2002 Danielle A. Bazinet Julie A. Bertolino Kara J. Bolton Erin M. Caggiano Hillary Burgdorf Carpinella Alicia Colcord Andrea L. DePaoli Megan E. Eldridge Danielle E. Greeley Rebecca Hamm Heins Deven D’Angeli Heroux Laurie A. Holloway Christina Chrang Hurton Karyn Lessard Kelly E. Linehan Kathryn Phillips Livingston Lisa Lemoine Mavilia Linda Phillips Mayers Colleen E. O’Connell Jennifer R. Peake Kathleen L. Roche Tara Mattson Schmehr Kara L. Sprague Ellen Wolterbeek Yarborough Paul Zaborski Leigh Ann Zarkauskas Participation: 11.6% All Giving: $1,750.06

2003 Laura Phaneuf Bertonazzi Kara L. Bilotta Laura A. Brooks Minh-Phuong K. Bui Mary C. Caulfield Carolyn M. Dandurand Kaitlynn Malinowski Carole J. Meehan Kathleen Hegarty Palenscar Carol Fiore Scott Yulia S. Zubko Participation: 6.6% All Giving: $386.00

2004 Moira E. Finley Bobbie F. Finocchio Laurie A. Mantegari Jaclyn Lampman Marsh Ivelisses Molina

Jodia O. Nesbeth Denise Hurley Peterson Mary A. Quigley Lorena Sestayo Elizabeth M. Smith Participation: 8.6% All Giving: $3,065.04

2005 Christina M. Aprea Ellen F. Blaney Carolyn R. Cox Catherine Howley McLaughlin Kelsey L. Raga Participation: 2.9% All Giving: $458.51

2006 Nicole M. Collette Taryn E. Face Renee Staffier Fotino Marilou A. Lee Jamie C. Loud Stacey Cummings Murray Laura E. Pelletier Amelia W. Woessner Participation: 4.9% All Giving: $309.06

39 ROLL OF HONOR 11–12

Marie McManus Brigham Nancy I. Gould Christine M. Hall Brenda Schubach Kiehnau Angele M. Patenaude Julie Rando Ranucci Yolanda M. Rivas Participation: 3.9% All Giving: $1,070.00

Stephanie Marcouillier Robinson Dami J. Shepard Valerie A. Sumner Kathleen M. Vinciguerra Laura Johnson Vittum Participation: 8.7% All Giving: $12,134.97

2007 Kimberly F. Barrett Leah M. Boniface Sarah R. Boniface Andrea A. Boure Amanda R. Brown Marrissa Gondola Brunetti Elsbeth K. Clifford Katie L. Corbett Kate Daley Fisher Erin T. Gilmore Elizabeth M. Haire Katherine B. Janson Beth M. Kaleta Adriana Rodriguez Gail C. Spellman Sara T. Wallace Participation: 8.7% All Giving: $470.21

D DeceaseD

10/19/12 4:51 PM



Carol A. Donovan Patricia A. Jacques Kimberly P. Lailer Amanda L. Mauro Lori Mazzarelli Katelynn A. Shea Sheila L. Tiberio Participation: 3.5% All Giving: $410.08

Desiree L. Cyr Adam T. Finelli Paul T. Jones Agnes Nansubuga Celina B. Romero Marianna E. Scandole Participation: 4.0% All Giving: $845.00

2010 David Caterino Julie Crawford Leigh T. Handschuh Jennifer E. LeBlanc Shannon M. Tonelli Participation: 3.3% All Giving: $125.10

Student Giving The student student Giving Program was established to educate current students about the importance of annual giving. many students already understand it’s important to give back, and they give at such a high rate for young people!

Class of


17% Class of


10.3% Class of


13.1% Class of 11.4%

31409p26-47.indd 40


2011 Kelly A. Arruda Jessica D. Aucoin Franli M. Bencosme Caitlin M. Erwin Nathaniel F. Fagundo Mary Kate Flynn Adriana M. Giron James P. Guaragna Participation: 5.3% All Giving: $126.33

masteRs and doCtoRal pRoGRams Walter E. Beevers ’82 Patricia M. Brigham ’98 Ann E. Brown ’98 Marlene P. Caterino Colleen M. Connolly ’09 Patricia B. Cosentino Doris A. Craig Joan M. Cutting ’06 Ann Lee-Jones Dolbear ’77 Alexandra I. England Patricia Fanning ’85 Mary Fitzgerald Erlinda Forgacs ’01 Phyllis A. Frazier ’86 Mary A. Hart ’06 Karen Joyce Homme ’03 Alicia Knoff Sally A. Kodzis ’98 Colleen C. Labib ’98 Alberta Lachina Nancy M. Lindsey ’02 Anne M. McCormack ’02 Ellen Messing Patricia D. Micalizzi ’06 Marsha B. Moller ’06 Kimberly K. Moniz ’06 Robert J. Naughton ’03 Mary B. Nelligan ’09 Barbara B. O’Connell Patricia O’Connor Myrna C. Roderick ’06 Rosamond P. Swain Angela Themes Donna M. Thibodeau ’07 Thomas M. Totten ’78

Janis S. Tuxbury ’99 Kathy Stocker Vachon ’94 Bonnie M. Walsh ’05 Pamela Walton ’76

bequests ReCeived Margaret Murphy Crimmings ’39 D Mary Jane Fiske D Mary P. Hamilton ’36 D Richard T. Hall D

CoRpoRations, Foundations, tRusts, and otHeR oRGaniZations American Insurance Administrators, Inc. Balfour Foundation Bank of America Boston Color Graphics Central Painting Company Inc. The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund Donato J. Tramuto Foundation Elizabeth Grady Salons Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Higher Education Assistance Group, Inc. Kirkwood Printing Krokidas Bluestein LLP Margaritas Mexican Restaurant Massachusetts State Science Fair Massachusetts Technology Collaborative NU Graphics Etc. Partners in Health Schrafft Charitable Trust Stacy Stott Memorial Fund The National Collegiate Athletic Association Thomas Cornu U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Wasabi Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program Yawkey Foundation

General Electric Company GlaxoSmithKline The Hartford Hasbro, Inc. IBM Corporation Innovations in Optics, Inc. John Hancock Financial Services, Inc. Juniper Networks Macy’s Foundation McKesson Foundation Merck Company Foundation New Balance Foundation Oracle Corporation The Pfizer Foundation Prudential Insurance Company Foundation Putnam Investments The Reebok Foundation Raytheon Company St. Mary’s Credit Union The Stanley Works Textron, Inc. United Health Group UnumProvident Corporation United Technologies The Vanguard Group Foundation Verizon Foundation Viewpoint Creative Wells Fargo Matching Gift Program W.R. Grace & Company

memoRial GiFts names in bold (deceased) are followed by those who have made gifts in their memory: James battles D Patricia E. Battles ’89 Robert berlo D Patricia Hennessey Berlo ’55 Rose bonito ’50 D Regis College Class of 1950 lenora Kennedy leonard bowen ’62 D Kathleen McAdams Hughes ’62 mary C. bryan ’44 D Regina C. Gavin ’71

matCHinG GiFt Companies

dorothy burke ’50 D Lea Toto Dmytryck ’58

Bae Systems Bank of America Foundation Boston Financial Helen V. Brach Foundation ChevronTexaco Corporation Delta Airlines Emerson Electric Company ExxonMobil Fidelity Investments Matching Gifts to Education Program General Dynamics C4 Systems

philip Cacciatore D Eliz Cacciatore ’69 ann F. Cahill ’64 D Ann Casey Collins ’64 Louise Brennan Murray ’64 Ann N. O’Sullivan ’64 Sheila Dineen Queenan ’64 Janice Foss Watts ’64

10/19/12 4:51 PM

linda m. Christian ’69 D Donna E. Christian ’71 mary Jane Coburn ’54 D Constance Coughlan Ganem ’54 Catherine F. Coleman ’42 D Edward W. Quinn lynn a. Coleman ’77 D Thomas F. Burke Desiree L. Cyr ’09 mary F. Crane ’39 D Maple Leaf Distribution Service, Inc. Alan L. Marasco and Deborah P. Mawhinney Eileen, Mark, and Jessie Marasco Lynn Scribner Catherine Curran ’47 D Regis College Class of 1947 Alice Dunbar O’Halloran ’47 Josephine e. desimone D John A. DeSimone

eileen t. dineen ’37 D Katherine O’Brien Connolly ’37 molly a. downey ’47 D Gertrude Breen Alfredson ’47 marie t. driscoll ’44 D Georgia Driscoll ’84 louise d. dyer ’52 D Patricia Hogan ’52 Regis College Class of 1952 marie b. earley ’45 D Philomene Winchester Murphy ’45

mary agnes a. Holland ’46 D William H. Vogel Jacob R. Holzschuh D Marilyn Geoghegan Holzschuh ’65 Claire m. Hubbard ’45 D Philomene Winchester Murphy ’45 barbara Hyland ’65 D George Hyland Jr. vivian iglehart ’58 D Paula Kirby Macione ’58 Julie a. Keating ’62 D Jane Corliss Buckley ’62 maryanne Kenary ’54 D Ann O’Brien O’Connor ’54 Patricia Luben O’Hearn ’64 lillian m. King ’34 D Eleanor Mikulski Collins ’61 Linda J. Grossman Barbara Hoyle Healy ’61 Kate Martin Hawke ’61 Catherine Ross Bettencourt ’61 Christina Kennedy McCann ’60 T Kathleen L. Olwy

ann C. eneguess ’46 D Jeanne M. Hennebery ’46

mary m. Kuppens ’55 D Rosalie E. L’Ecuyer ’55 Anne O’Brien Temple ’55 Class of ’55

mary Ford Fitzgerald ’40 D Ellen Fitzgerald Morrison ’71

Helen l. lordan ’38 D Moira E. Finley ’04

andrew F. Fragala D Patricia Thalheimer King ’55 Mary McLaughlin Girouard ’51

marie v. lueders ’54 D Marcia Gaughan Mahoney ’54

Jean a. Gaffey ’48 D Regina C. Harrington ’48, CSJ anne Grady ’39 D Michael D. Grady mary Hart ’52 D Regis College Class of 1952 mary a. Hefron ’55 D James M. Brown Josephine Connors Janet Murphy Curran ’60 T TRusTee

31409p26-47.indd 41

thérèse Higgins ’47 D Brenda Schubach Kiehnau ’94

F FORmeR TRusTee

Helen a. lynch ’50 D Phyllis McKeever Bouchard ’50 Joan e. lynch ’52 D Stephen J. Lynch dorothy a. mcCarthy ’55 D Phyllis Budrick Murphy ’55 pauline m. mcCarthy ’49 D Catherine Foley Hines ’49 erin l. mcGrath ’98 D Kathleen A. O’Connor ’98

nancy mcGuire ’50 D Regis College Class of 1950 Gladys e. mcmakin ’40 D Maureen Burns Gropman ’64 Florence mulkern ’51 D Judith A. Luengas John F. Coughlin Paula Blake Donna T. Connell Jean P. Dolan Mary McLaughlin Girouard ’51 Francis M. Joyner Jr. Sharon McNiff McCarthy ’81 Anne Downey Tierney ’51 The Darrow Company, Inc. Thomas Ackley

Christine v. sheehy ’45 D Margaret Hyder Fragala ’42 Philomene Winchester Murphy ’45 mary e. simeone ’45 D Betty Ann Hynes Elliott ’49 Nancy Natoli Fay ’49 Mary Sullivan O’Brien ’45 sally H. stansfield ’44 D John H. Stansfield louise m. stanton ’49 D Vincent P. Stanton Christopher d. stranberg D Anne Curtin Stranberg ’81

mildred C. nugent ’50 D Regis College Class of 1950

patricia l. sullivan ’55 D Richard J. Sullivan

James H. pollard D Irene Pendolari McCarthy ’45

lorraine a. tegan ’63 D Dorothy H. Bagley Maureen Shea Dolan ’64 Richard A. D’Amore Joan Iverson Gallivan ’63 Patricia L. Kupcinskas Judith Murphy Lauch ’68 Emily Lopez Christina Kennedy McCann ’60 T Christine N. Momjian Patricia Luben O’Hearn ’64 Carolyn A. Paone Francis V. Paone Jr. Ann Sheehan

Jane prevost ’53 D Fleurette Arpin O’Toole ’53 Carole C. Remick ’54 D Joelita Cleveland Mary E. Mahoney Christina Kennedy McCann ’60 T Laura McCann Francis G. O’Sullivan Angela G. Ricker ’54 Dorothy M. Tremblay Mary McGowan Walsh ’54 Marie Ward ’54 edmund t. Rice D Catherine B. Rice mary C. Richard ’58 D Paula Kirby Macione ’58 andrea l. Rogers ’61 D Lolita DeLeon McKenna ’61 Carol Ryan ’55 D Rosalie E. L’Ecuyer ’55 Class of ’55 elinor C. Ryan ’39 D Deborah A. Goodie Jacob Pilibosian Nancy MacKenzie Connelly ’70 Diana A. Ovian Mary Pat Ryan Joy ’69 Helen F. Ryan ’42 D Gertrude Breen Alfredson ’47 Grace F. sexton ’46 D Jeanne M. Hennebery ’46 nancy m. sheehan ’60 D Mary Hoppe Posanka ’60

Jeanne m. tondreau ’47 D Regis College Class of 1947 mary a. Walker ’38 D Mary A. Giarda marilyn young ’56 D Sheila C. Geha ’90

41 ROLL OF HONOR 11–12

barbara F. di Chiro ’49 D Catherine Foley Hines ’49

Mary McCarthy Hayes ’55 Barbara Kelley Kelley ’55 Rosalie E. L’Ecuyer ’55 Rita B. Mahoney Elizabeth Gilmore Shanahan ’55 Barbara Gilmore Stitts ’55 Anne O’Brien Temple ’55 Jeanne E. Toomey Class of ’55

doris m. Zuromsky ’41 D Priscilla Zuromsky

FaCulty, staFF and FRiends Thomas Ackley Diane Amey Kathryn J. Anastasia Anonymous Dorothy H. Bagley Madeline Barbieri Mary E. Batchelor Margaret H. Bell Laura Phaneuf Bertonazzi ’03 Leslie A. Bishop Paula Blake Shirley Blank Stuart Blank Alfred Bornemann Marla Z. Botelho Eddie E. Bradley Jr. Tara M. Brady

D DeceaseD

10/19/12 4:51 PM

Tribute Jean Ryan McCall ’55 Alumna Jean Ryan McCall ’55 passed away on July 21, 2012. Despite suffering 20 years of illness, Jean lived every day with cheerfulness, dignity and grace. She will be remembered as a true lady and generous friend, having brought much joy and happiness to those whose lives she touched. “Jean was such a dedicated member of the Regis community,” said Christina Duggan, Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving. “She just loved Regis and was so generous with her time and spirit.” Jean’s family requested that donations be made in her memory to The Regis Fund. Because of their generosity, more than $21,500 has been donated in her honor. Jean was the loving wife of William F. McCall Jr., of Winchester, beloved daughter of the late Warren and Anna (Galvin) Ryan, cherished mother of David and his wife Roberta of Burlington, Linda Parkins and her husband Thomas of Manchester-By-The-Sea, and Karen Fagan and her husband Timothy of Winchester, beloved grandmother to Erin Michelle, Matthew William, Anna Kathleen, Catherine Jean, Emily Anne, Ryan Pimenta and William Marcio, and sister of the late Warren J. Ryan Jr.

Regina Koch ’48 Regina m. Koch ’48, PhD, a longtime Regis supporter and friend, passed away May 9, 2012. Not only was Regina an alumna and generous donor to Regis College, but she was also Academic Dean from 1970-1973, a member of the German Department from 1964-1970, and a former Sister of St. Joseph. Her family and friends held a celebration of her life in the Regis College Chapel in August.

Regina graduated from Regis College and received her master’s from Boston College and her doctorate from Harvard University. She dedicated more than 25 years of her life to the Sisters of St. Joseph and as a faculty member at Regis. She also served on the faculties of the University of Maine and Purdue University before starting a second career with Ameriprise. Regina loved her dogs, enjoyed traveling, was an avid reader, collector and made a difference in this world through her philanthropy, giving annually to more than 400 charities. She will be missed by her sister Elizabeth and brother-in-law, Philip Bryan, nieces, including fellow Regis alumnae Patricia Koch, O.D. ’75, Donna Bryan Barinelli ’83, and Katherine Fredette ’80, grand-nieces and grandnephews, extended family and friends in the United States and Germany. Her final resting place is with her parents, Joseph and Eva Koch in the Gardens of Gethsemane Cemetery, West Roxbury, Mass.

31409p26-47.indd 42

courtesy photos

“It was beautiful to be a part of her memorial,” said Tara M. Brady, Director of Development at Regis. “Regina gave so much to so many people and places, including Regis. She will sorely be missed by many.”

10/19/12 4:51 PM

T TRusTee

31409p26-47.indd 43

F FORmeR TRusTee

Ann French Paul Garber and Philip C. Garber Karen J. Garon Irene B. Gerwick Carl David Gilmore Eleanor A. Giusti Penelope Glynn Deborah A. Goodie Ann M. Grady ’63, CSJ Mary Rita Grady ’64, CSJ Paul H. Grady Kenneth Greenberg Pauline A. Greenberg Linda J. Grossman Grace A. Gruber James P. Guaragna ’11 Ruth P. Hall Steven B. Hall Karen Halloran Barbara W. Halpin Kathleen Hamilton Scott Claire Hamilton Marie Harris Mary A. Hart ’06 Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN T Patricia L. Helsley Clarita Herrera-Argyros Michele M. Heyde Heather A. Hills Heidi Hoffman Walter Horner Richard Houlding Valerie J. Hunt Patricia M. Hunter Deborah Hyland George Hyland Jr. Maureen Noonan Iaricci ’97 Carlos Iglesias Leslie R. Jacques Patricia A. Jacques ’08 William Jacques Dianna M. Jones ’00 Paul T. Jones ’09 Mary Ann Joyce ’69 Francis M. Joyner Jr. Semima Vaka Karasch ’97 Margaret Kelley-Shuman ’72 Ann Keniston Dorothy Kennedy Catherine A. Kennelly Marianne Mcmahon Kenney ’81 Margaret Horan Kerr ’62 Jack Kerrigan Rev. Paul E. Kilroy Neal Kimble Lisa Almeida Kingkade ’99 Maura H. Kistler Marie Kleifgen Jesse Klempner Kara Kolomitz Stephan Kornacki Nathan Krasnigor Jill D. Krunnfusz Frank Krupp Donna Kruszewska Patricia L. Kupcinskas Joseph LaCagnina Pauline LaFleur Jessica J. Lafleur Marybeth Lamb James H. Lawrence-Archer

James S. Lennon Mary Alice Lennon Katherine M. Lentz Gary J. Leonard Michelle M. Lepore M. Goldie Libon Jean Lisella Julia Lisella Mary F. Lombard ’70 Emily and Carlos Lopez Gary Lorenz Barbara Loud ’62, CSJ Richard A. Lucas Judith A. Luengas Stephen J. Lynch Murdock D. MacKenzie Judie F. Mahan Mary E. Mahoney Rita B. Mahoney Maple Leaf Disbribution Service Christine Marchand Nicholene Marciano Natalie A. Marden Arline Marro Cecile J. Marro Paul J. Marro Peter J. Marro Stanley A. Marro Richard H. Marson Carol A. Martin ’02 Marie T. Martin ’55, CSJ Joan Mass Dorothea Masuret ’63, CSJ Margherite Matteis Lisa Lemoine Mavilia ’02 Deborah P. Mawhinney Leona McCaughey-Oreszak ’65 Kathleen McCluskey ’71, CSJ Beth W. McGahan Marilyn McGoldrick ’65, CSJ F Laura B. McGowan Janice McKinnon-Heavey Catherine M. Meade ’54, CSJ Patricia M. Miller Niti Mittal Bruce J. Momjian Christine N. Momjian Katherine A. Moore Edward J. Mulholland Rosemary Mulvihill RSM Maureen Murphy Joan Murray ’61 Christiane Musinsky Bruce D. Musto John Natale III Patricia A. Natale Robert J. Naughton ’03 Teresa W. O’Neil Msgr. Francis G. O’Sullivan Kathleen Lynn Olwy Robert Outerbridge Diana A. Ovian Alexander Pancic Carolyn A. Paone and Thomas Paone Francis V. Paone Jr. Jennifer Parrish Ann F. Patterson Paulette Pen Daria Petrilli-Eckert Michael J. Petrosevich

David M. Piazza Jacob Pilibosian Alyn Pinkofsky Thomas G. Pistorino Nancy A. Plasker Play It Again Sports Karin M. Plumadore Leo L. Porng Susan Smith Porter ’89 Morgan Porteus Verna-Ann Power-Charnitsky ’98 Anne M. Powers Sheila G. Prichard Gordon C. Purdie Elizabeth A. Quigley Bonnie Quinn Edward W. Quinn Lisa A. Ramey Stella Ramonas Joel Rankin Alexis Rauch ’12 Douglas S. Raymond Katya Rego Jessica R. Reid Christine C. Resendes Catherine B. Rice Susan J. Richardson ’05 Rosemary Rimkus Mark Risk Sallejane Rivard Nancy Rosata Rose, Chintz & Rose Jill F. Rosen Albert Rosenfield Janice T. Rutkowski ’77 Jan Salvesen Morrison Jeffrey L. Sanders Steven Savas Jane E. Scherban Andre H. Schiff Peter Schipelliti Robert Schwartz Lynn Scribner Nancy J. Shannon Joseph M. Shaughnessy Jr. Katelynn A. Shea ’08 Mr. and Mrs. William Sheehan Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sheehan Miriam Finn Sherman ’98 John Siriani Susan K. Sliski ’02 Mary Smalarz Patricia M. Snyder Gail C. Spellman Marcia D. Spivey Jayanthi Srinath Vincent P. Stanton Michael C. Stella Lisa A. Stott Nancy W. Street Joan Desmond Sullivan ’81 Wanda E. Suriel Susan Gelmini Tammaro ’77 Carmella M. Tenney The Darrow Company Inc. Robert J. Tosti Dorothy M. Tremblay Lynn Triplett Janis S. Tuxbury ’99 Paul J. Vaccaro Verne Vance

43 ROLL OF HONOR 11–12

Richard W. Brewer Ann E. Brown ’98 James M. Brown Christine E. Burke ’92 Ellen M. Burke ’57 Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Burke Thomas F. Busiek Sally J. Cadman Erin M. Caggiano ’02 Helen Callahan ’61, CSJ Frank P. Cashman Lisa Castonguay Elizabeth Cawley ’63, CSJ Tina S. Chartrand Magalie Chery John Ciarleglio Margo L. Cicciarella ’01 Heather J. Ciras Bradley Clompus Virigina H. Clough Ernest J. Collamati Mr. and Mrs. Peter Condakes Donna T. Connell John P. Connolly Elizabeth D. Conway ’80, CSJ Mary R. Cook ’00 Elizabeth M. Cooke ’92 Nancy H. Corcoran ’66, CSJ Cathleen Cote Curvin K. Council Laura M. Cox Kermit Crawford Joyce Crocetti Margaret Cross Gerald Cruce Mary Jane Doherty Curran ’60 Katheryn Cusick Adeline D’Amonville Richard A. D’Amore Mr. and Mrs. Richard Danner Patricia B. Dardano Robert C. David John A. DeSimone Jean M. Delva Irene R. Dhosi Mary Jane M. Doherty ’67 Maureen Doherty ’68, CSJ Jean P. Dolan Patricia Donahue-McElhine Judith Higgins Donohue ’64 Kathleen E. Donovan Sandra Dorsainvil Andrea V. Doukas Mary Anne A. Doyle ’67, CSJ Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 Mary T. Driscoll ’67 Christina Duggan Susan E. Earle Betty Ann Hynes Elliott ’49 Patricia D. Elliott Jill D. Ellison Kathryn Erat Irving Erlichman Alan W. Farmer Joel Feinblatt Mary J. Fiske Sharon Forbes Susan M. Ford Jamie M. Foss-Flynn ’98 Catherine Frederico Susan Freethey

D DeceaseD

10/19/12 4:51 PM

William H. Vogel John Waibel Watertown Charitable Council Inc. Sarah Wearing Polly Webber Diane M. Welsh ’10 Terry White Lauress L. Wilkins Kathryn Williamson Ellen-Marie Winson Barbara J. Young Laurie Zakrzewski Clotilde Zannetos Rosamond Pappenheimer Zimmerman Faith Zunner ’12 Suzanne Zunner Priscilla Zuromsky

FoRmeR tRustees and tRustees

44 PHILANTHROPY 31409p26-47.indd 44

George R. Baldwin F Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 T Ernest Bartell, C.S.C. F Marian Batho ’70, CSJ T Beverly Boorstein T Rosemary Brennan ’70, CSJ T Diane Walden Brierley ’75 F Helen Callahan ’61, CSJ F Mary Rose Campbell ’56 F Laetitia Albiani Carney ’58 F Philip J. Coleman F Robert J. Cronin F Paul T. Dacier F Maureen Doherty ’68, CSJ T Mary Anne A. Doyle ’67, CSJ T Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 F Mary Jane Regan England ’59 F Clyde Evans T Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ’57 F Paul Garrity T Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN T Kevin Hartigan F Leila A. Hogan ’61, CSJ T Karen Hokanson, SND T Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 F Ellen C. Kearns ’67 Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury ’57 T Peter Langenus T Judith Murphy Lauch ’68 T Christina Kennedy McCann ’60 T Kathleen McCluskey ’71, CSJ T Marilyn McGoldrick ’65, CSJ F Teresa M. McGonagle ’81 T Peter J. Minihane T Brenda Coogan Moran ’58 F Patricia McCurry Morley ’67 F Glenn Morris T Mary L. Murphy, CSJ F Donna Norris T Ellen M. O’Connor ’67 F Kathleen O’Hare ’69 T Susan S. Priem ’97 F Mary T. Roche ’78 T Brian G. Rothwell F John J. Ryan F

Joan Shea T Salvatore B. Simeone F Constance O’Brien Skahan ’61 F Nancy F. Smith ’73 F Kathleen Dawley Smokowski ’79 T Jane Cronin Tedder ’66 T Lorraine DeStefano Tegan ’63 D Donato J. Tramuto T Richard W. Young T

FoundeRs soCiety Paula Kelliher Antonevich ’89 Joan M. Archer ’70 Barbara Lipcan Bagley ’70 Christine Fregosi Beagan ’71 Marie A. Bertrand ’55 Mary Alvord Biette ’54 Dorothy Gaquin Borkowski ’46 Mary T. Breslin ’49 Maura Murphy Burke ’69 William Burke Regina Seales Caines ’54 Joseph A. Callero Mary Rose Campbell ’56 F Eve Casey Carey ’45 M. Patricia P. Carey ’41 Loretta Chabot ’59 Barbara Agbay Cherubini ’61 Therese Foley Christie ’44 Margaret L. Collins ’65 Madeline Pini Coviello ’60 Audrey Bowen Criado ’59 Gertrude M. Cronin ’44 Barbara Flynn Defino ’59 Bernice Fouhey Donahue ’58 John E. Donahue Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 F Patricia D. Elliott Mary Jane Regan England ’59 F Anita T. Ennis ’43 Mary J. Fiske d Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ’57 Marie Scanlon Flaherty ’40 Carroll Beegan Follas ’61 Barbara Mullins Garrity ’45 Carol L. Grimes Amy Chin Guen ’50 Jennifer Halpin ’85 Harry Hanlon Marie Driscoll Hanlon ’74 and Harry Hanlon Mary Begley Hannon ’45 Jeanne M. Hennebery ’46 Clare Dunn Hern ’45 and David Hern Eric Hoertdoerfer Gail McCoy Holloway ’69 and Ronald P. Holloway Marilyn Geoghegan Holzschuh ’65 Susan B. Isbell ’94 Catherine O’Connor Johnson ’59 Ann McManus Joyce ’62 Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 F Mary Jane Kinne ’54

Golsima Kamali Knox ’76 Grace Foley LaDue ’56 Joan Osgood Lawrence ’63 Catherine Powers Leddy ’53 Doris T. Lynch ’45 Madeline McCarthy Lynch ’55 and Hugh Lynch Helen Anne Murphy Maichle ’54 Joananne Argus Marshall ’56 Agnes Herbert McCarty ’36 Teresa M. McGonagle ’81 T Ann B. McGrath ’72 Jane K. McGrath ’48 Joan Hartley Meagher ’52 Ann Cormier Mickells ’71 Joan M. Moynagh ’47 Kathleen Murray ’74 Marilyn Lombardi Nicholas ’59 Catherine Norris Norton ’62 Yolande Cavedon O’Donnell ’45 George O’Sullivan Daralyn Kilcoyne Perry ’87 Mary-Jane Donovan Power ’48 Consuelo Morgan Quinn ’54 Angela G. Ricker ’54 Christine Roessel ’61 Carole Settana Scollins ’56 Barbara A. Scully ’90 Nancy F. Smith ’73 F Margaret Loughlin Splaine ’42 Anne D. Sullivan ’50 Barbara A. Sullivan ’48 Barbara Cunningham Sullivan ’60 Barbara Doran Sullivan ’65 Helen E. Sullivan ’54 Marie Barbano Tassinari ’51 Jane Cronin Tedder ’66 Theresa Audette Wood-Lavine ’53 Richard W. Young T Eleanor Shiel Zito ’48

GiFts in Kind Regis College Bookstore Bank of America Elizabeth Grady Salons Margaritas Mexican Restaurant Massachusetts Technology Collaborative Brenda Coogan Moran ’58 F Kathleen O’Hare ’69 T Todd Ruggiero Eileen A. Sullivan ’85 Wasabi

liFetime Gold CiRCle Diane Walden Brierley ’75 F Harold M. Brierley Albert V. Casey D Congregation of the Sisters of St. Joseph Brenda Murphy Dugan ’57 William P. Dugan Zita Fleming ’59, CSJ

Barbara Mullins Garrity ’45 Anne Marie Gaziano Joan P. Goldhammer-O’Neil ’91 Catherine O’Connor Johnson ’59 and Raymond F. Johnson Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 F and John A. Kaneb Peggy C. Keegan ’84 Teresa M. McGonagle ’81 T Gerald F. O’Neil George O’Sullivan Daralyn Kilcoyne Perry ’87 and Paul E. Perry Jr. Sharon I. Plumeri ’99 and Stephen C. Plumeri Florence I. Rayfuse ’35 D Mary Carr Simeone ’45 D and Salvatore B. Simeone T

paRents Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Baker John Basbas Adia Bejakian Wayne-Daniel Berard Elaine Blanchette Mr. and Mrs. Paul Bogosian Elizabeth Bond Maria Brault Miriam Burke Brenda Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Jean Castor Marie Cenat Evelyne Charles Mr. and Mrs. Brian Clougher Steven Comeau Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Connors Col. and Mrs. John F. Coughlin Ann V. Crowley Helen L. Curtis Kathleen Dagostino Shirley Daniels Douglas Davies Mr. and Mrs. John Debassio Nancy Del Giudice Monique Desir Gretchen Doiron Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Donahue Joan T. DuRocher Colette M. Dunne-Jallinoja Curtis Ferri Toni Finn Latrina Fomby-Davis Mr. and Mrs. Scott Frye J. Andrew Funk Anthony Giampa Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gillespie Carmen Guzman Sarah Healy Mr. and Mrs. David Heath Michele M. Heyde Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Honour John Kijewski Vincie Lang Mr. and Mrs. John Lawrence Robert Lebreton Mary E. Mahoney Mr. and Mrs. Dante Mallegni Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maloney

10/19/12 4:51 PM

sCHolaRsHip Funds Regis Merit Scholarships Presidential Scholarship Dean’s Scholarship Leadership Scholarship Alumni Sponsor Scholarship

T TRusTee

31409p26-47.indd 45

F FORmeR TRusTee

ReGis ColleGe named and endoWed sCHolaRsHip Funds Boston Latin Academy Scholarship George I. Alden Endowed Scholarship Sister Alphonsine Scholarship The Alumni Scholarship Dorothy A. Atanasio ’46 Scholarship Elizabeth Frawley Bagley ’74 Scholarship Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 Scholarship Mary C. Barrett ’34 Scholarship Helen Isabel Borden ’79 Scholarship Hannah C. Bradley Scholarship Mary C. Bryan and Grace A. Hawley Scholarship Catherine M. Burke ’31 Scholarship Joan Louise Burke ’58 Scholarship Elizabeth Byrne Buxton Scholarship City Year Scholarship Regis College Endowed Scholarship Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship Hamilton Family Scholarship Class of 1961 Scholarship Community College Achievement Scholarship Lynn Coleman Dear Neighbor Fund Jack and Eileen Connors Graduate Nursing Scholarship Christine Murphy Conole ’84 Scholarship Jacqueline Covo Scholarship Jeanne M. ’51 and William F. Craven Jr. Scholarship Genevieve Ryan Denmark and John Frederick Denmark Scholarship Josephine E. DeSimone Scholarship Rev. Pasquale Dimilla Scholarship Anne Moore Dolan ’36 Scholarship Marie Tremblay Donahue ’45 Scholarship Mary Jane England Endowed Scholarship Mary Durkin Henighan Scholarship Daniel G. Frawley Scholarship Ellen M. Greany Scholarship

Roberta Gillespie Greene ’60 Sharing Opportunities Scholarship Ruth and Robert Kingsbury Sharing Opportunities Scholarship Warren Gribbons Scholarship Elizabeth Stanton and Roberta Stanton Guthrie ’54 Scholarship Harriett M. Hall Scholarship John and Margaret Hallisey Scholarship Fund Dr. Grace A. Hawley ’31 Scholarship Elizabeth Edmundson Herrick ’49 Scholarship Margaret Lennon Higgins Scholarship HRSA Undergraduate Nursing Scholarship Barbara Hyland ’65 Internship Scholarship Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 and John Kaneb Scholarship Aurelia M. Kelley ’38 Memorial Scholarship The Corena Ledger Scholarship Louise Breason May ’59 Scholarship Helen M. McCarthy ’42 Scholarship Jane F. McCarthy ’59 Memorial Scholarship Sister Viterbo McCarthy ’42 Scholarship Alice Toomey McLaughlin ’39 Scholarship Mary Frances Glynn McManus ’34 Scholarship Mary C. Hunt McNeil ’44 Scholarship Regis College Generic Master’s Nursing Scholarship Scholarship for Florida and Georgia Students Sisters of Mercy Scholarship Sister Elizabeth Miley Scholarship Mary C. Moran Scholarship International Nursing Faculty Partnership Arthur and Dorothy Murray Scholarship Yolande Cavedon O’Donnell ’45 Scholarship Leona and James Powers Scholarship John and Margaret Roche Scholarship Library Renovation Joyce Viano Ruberti ’69 Scholarship William and Bertha Schrafft Trust Scholarship Sisters of St. Joseph Centenary Scholarship Sisters of St. Joseph Schools’ Scholarships Kristen Elizabeth Shannon Scholarship

Sister Macrina Shyne Scholarship Mary Smalarz Faculty Fund Sisters of Mercy of Chicago Scholarship Stacy Stott Memorial Scholarship John and Agnes Sullivan and William and Anne Moynihan Scholarship Catherine Smiddy ’39 Scholarship Sister John Sullivan, CSJ Scholarship Sister Julia Ford Graduate Scholarship SINE UG Nursing Scholarship Catherine F. Taylor ’32 Scholarship Patricia Teehan Sullivan ’55 Scholarship TeachBoston Scholarship The Frances Borger Klempner Graduate Nursing Isabel ’34 and Patrick Tierney Scholarship Yawkey Foundation Nursing Scholarship Margaret Burns Whalen ’31 Scholarship

boaRds and volunteeRs Fund agents Jesse Hoffman Bouranis ’02 Paula Buckley Buckley ’58 Paula Burton ’52 Phyllis Gallinelli Campbell ’47 Suzanne M. Casey ’89 Atiya F. Charley ’07 Geraldine Chase ’59 Elsbeth K. Clifford ’07 Catherine Grealy Cohen ’75 Carol Bonner Connell ’56 Lianne M. Cronin ’61 Claudia Pelosi Cuddy ’79 Desiree L. Cyr ’09 Carolyn M. Dandurand ’03 Nancy J. Davis ’92 Margaret A. Donnelly ’53 Maura E. Donovan ’93 Taryn E. Face ’06 Natalie M. Finn ’09 Elaine O’Connell Fitzpatrick ’58 Margaret Fermoyle Flagg ’64 Mary T. Flaherty ’87 Marguerite T. Flavin ’55 Joan O’Leary Foley ’66 Carol Baker Fradette ’75 Caroline P. Frazier ’07 Joan Gallagher ’75 Mary McLaughlin Girouard ’51 Kristine G. Gomes ’89 Emily E. Hall ’05 Barbara Hoyle Healy ’61 Jeanne M. Hennebery ’46 Kathleen McAdams Hughes ’62 Ann L. Hynes ’60 Colleen A. Jaeger ’05

45 ROLL OF HONOR 11–12

Edward Marston Kathleen Martin Susan McCauley Mr. and Mrs. William R. McClellan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McGovern Laurie McManus Andrea Meade Marla Meehan Marlene K. Meehan Stephen Mitrano Marie Mitropoulos Mr. and Mrs. Michael Moriarty, Sr. Gina Munichiello Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Murray Vincente Naranjo Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Njoku Neau Nop Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Norton Patricia O’Brien Tammy O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Michael O’Sullivan Innocent Onyeneho Mr. and Mrs. Fredy Orozco Jack Palanjian Viuyen Phan-Nguyen Cynthia Phillips-Kaipu Mr. and Mrs. A. Piacitelli Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Prongay Maria Ramos Debra Rapsis Lauren J. Walker Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Roche John J. Ryan F Mr.and Mrs. Christopher Sharples Deborah Skelton Mary Smalarz Veneice D. Smith-McCain Cliff Sparks Linda Tavares Ana Tavarez Suzanne Todorovic Luong Tran Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bragdon Walter Vivar Ingrid Walcott Barbara M. Ward-Werrett Tobin Warner Mr. and Mrs. David Westcott Beryl A. Whitaker David Lambright Mr. and Mrs. Richard Yerzyk

D DeceaseD

10/19/12 4:51 PM


Barbara Kelley Kelley ’55 Mary Kerr Lynch ’40 Lillian Snell King ’34 D Priscilla A. King ’04 Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury ’57 T Beth Healey Kossuth ’66 Ann Harrington Lagasse ’79 Catherine Blondel Libardi ’04 Rosamond Dunn Lockwood ’76 Kimberly Luciani ’06 Ann Purcell MacDonald ’52 Barbara Roberts Madsen ’75 Ellen Gejda Maley ’97 Judith Mariano-Moynihan ’80 Kimberly F. Mariotti ’09 Carole Groncki McCarthy ’65 Donna Cadigan McCoy ’93 Patricia A. McDonald ’71 Monica Barsotti McGillicuddy ’96 Jane K. McGrath ’48 Joanne A. McHugh ’92 Catherine Howley McLaughlin ’05 Lisa M. McPhail ’97 Carole J. Meehan ’03 Nancy T. Mendonca ’98 Janice Canniff Monteith ’59 Joan Murray ’61 PhD Kathleen Sheehan O’Brien ’91 Nancy McSweeney Pastore ’90 Annette P. Pendergast ’45 Erin Murphy Pigott ’89 Yokathelin Pimentel ’04 Sharon LeMay Ploss ’05 Billie Jean Potter ’83 Nadine J. Remy ’09 Cherilyn M. Richard ’87 Barbara Healey Ring ’61 Tanya C. Rogers ’98 Mary Anne Woelflein Sarbanis ’71 Chris Morris Siebert ’96 Marie Fleming Sisk ’52 Laurie Barrett Spencer ’93 Mary Beth Stanton Cotter ’69 Maureen T. Stephens ’81 Mary Regan Thakur ’89 Anne Smith Tobin ’58 Linda Reed Tolman ’76 Marcia Carey Walsh ’68 Elizabeth M. Walsh ’98 Deborah Foley Watson ’81 Catherine E. Wilson ’83 Julia Mastronardi Yakovich ’00 Maureen C. Zander ’77

annual Fund eXeCutive Committee Gertrude Breen Alfredson ’47 Megan Tierney Connor ’00 Elinor Ryan Devlin ’70 Kathleen M. Henighan ’65 Judith Murphy Lauch ’68 T Carole Groncki McCarthy ’65 Ann Cormier Mickells ’71 Annette P. Pendergast ’45

31409p26-47.indd 46

Susan Schumacher Fiaschetti ’81 Marie Fleming Sisk ’52 Judith S.Spang ’81 Maureen T. Stephens ’81

alumni boaRd oF diReCtoRs Fy12 Jennifer M. Murphy ’93, President Gertrude Breen Alfredson ’47 Judith A. Allonby ’80 Pamela Sale Allton ’99 Laura A. Brooks ’03 Suzanne M. Casey ’89 Mary C. Caulfield ’03 Nancy MacKenzie Connelly ’70 Jennifer A. D’Ercole ’91 Carolyn M. Dandurand ’03 Christina Duggan, Emeritus Tara Sullivan Esfahanian ’96 Taryn E. Face ’06 Maureen Finn ’86 Sheila Joyce Greenlaw ’54 Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN, Emeritus T Barbara Kelley Kelley ’55 Eileen McCormick Langenus ’78 Kelly E. Linehan ’02 Kaitlynn Malinowski ’04 Katherine Moynihan McGovern ’65 Catherine Howley McLaughlin ’05 Kelly A. Moran ’99 Marilyn Lombardi Nicholas ’59 Julie Rando Ranucci ’94 Jill Bousquet Ryan ’00 Joanne Lynch Schamberg ’81 Donna Ribaudo Schow ’81 Miriam Finn Sherman ’98, Emeritus Eileen A. Sullivan ’85 Catherine E. Wilson ’83 Heather A. Wojcik ’99

Fy13 Eileen A. Sullivan ’85, President Gertrude Breen Alfredson ’47 Judith A. Allonby ’80 Laura A. Brooks ’03 Suzanne M. Casey ’89 Mary C. Caulfield ’03 Nancy MacKenzie Connelly ’70 Jennifer A. D’Ercole ’91 Carolyn M. Dandurand ’03 Christina Duggan, Emeritus Tara Sullivan Esfahanian ’96 Taryn E. Face ’06 Nathan Fagundo ’11 Maureen Finn ’86 Sheila Joyce Greenlaw ’54 Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN, Emeritus T Barbara Kelley Kelley ’55 Eileen McCormick Langenus ’78

Kelly E. Linehan ’02 Kaitlynn Malinowski ’04 Katherine Moynihan McGovern ’65 Catherine Howley McLaughlin ’05 Kelly A. Moran ’99 Marilyn Lombardi Nicholas ’59 Lauren Petit ’12 Jill Bousquet Ryan ’00 Joanne Lynch Schamberg ’81 Donna Ribaudo Schow ’81 Miriam Finn Sherman ’98, Emeritus Catherine E. Wilson ’83 Heather A. Wojcik ’99

students Rachel A. Abarbanel ’14 Gabriella Aragon ’14 Andrew P. Badger ’14 Catherine Barbieri ’12 Rolanda Barros ’13 Esther C. Beluchukwu ’13 Mark R. Bennett ’14 Guernsy M. Bernadeau ’13 Andrew J. Blanchette ’13 Ashley L. Blumberg ’12 Xhulia Bratja ’14 Oliver W. Burns ’12 Ashley Castor ’13 Genardy Cenat ’15 Kathleen V. Colarossi ’15 Nick Dallas ’15 Jacqueline M. Dami ’15 Chandler T. Davies ’15 Carlie A. DePina ’13 Nicole A. Del Giudice ’13 Annie Domenech ’13 Ketsia Dorilas ’13 Schallum Dorleans ’12 Jonathan W. Dost Jr. ’14 Neil Doyle ’12 Daphnee Dube ’12 Josue D. Estrada ’13 Grace L. Falcone ’14 Cristina D. Fernandes ’13 Alain P. Fetau ’12 Alexis T. Folta ’15 Cassandra M. Fugazzotto ’15 Yelithza M. Galvez ’14 Meghan E. Garmon ’12 Ursula E. Gaymes ’14 Hovig Ghazarian ’15 Sarah Ghozayel ’15 Melissa F. Gomes ’13 Genesiz Gudiel ’15 Thomas Gulo ’13 Andrew Haddon ’13 Cindy T. Haviet ’13 Chelsea M. Honour ’14 Stephie B. Jean-Charles ’13 Ashling K. Kelly-Keegan ’15 Megan S. Kennelly ’14 Christina M. Kijewski ’15 Samantha P. Kioussis ’15 Julia M. Kozlik ’15 Zachary R. Lacroix ’15

Daneekah Laloi ’15 Florence Lebreton ’15 Katarina E. Lee ’15 Medgine Lindor ’12 Sueanny T. Lopez ’15 Carl R. Lotin ’15 Cassandra R. Manahl ’13 Ryan P. Manning ’15 Emilee C. Marro ’15 Bianca S. Mathe ’12 Stephen T. McGovern ’13 Owen M. McQuaid ’15 Michaela L. Merrill ’14 Felicia M. Mett ’14 Samantha H. Mitchell ’15 Matthew R. Molloy ’14 Thais V. Moron ’14 Maura M. Murphy ’14 Linh T. Nguyen ’12 Judith I. Norton ’12 Catherine E. O’Sullivan ’13 Sean T. Obrien ’14 Stanley E. Onyeneho ’14 Aihanuwa I. Osayi-Osazuwa ’15 Osaruname O. Osayi-Osazuwa ’13 Joseph M. Osborne ’13 Jeffrie W. Parrish ’14 Alexandra D. Paz ’14 Kerry A. Pintabona ’14 Devon R. Pitter ’15 Jalanna L. Reddick ’15 Dylan Reese ’15 Jacqueline A. Rocheville ’15 Tricia Rodrigues ’15 Carlos M. Romer ’15 Deon R. Rose ’15 Gregory M. Sarantakis ’15 Alli M. Schmoker ’13 Sarah M. Schow ’14 Courtney A. Schuster ’12 Autumn R. Skelton-Conrad ’15 Nicholas R. Tavares ’14 Alexander H. Tran ’15 Judy T. Tran ’12 Stephany Trinidad ’13 Kandley Val ’12 Carlos E. Valencia ’15 Denisha J. Valentine ’15 Jasmin L. Vivar ’15 Katherine M. Warner ’14

10/19/12 4:51 PM

2011-2012 Financial Report Total Overall Donors / Total Alumni Donors

Operating Expenses $1,602,157 Instruction



Institutional Support

Total Donors

2,500 Alumni Donors $11,624,391



Student Services

1,500 Academic Services


$5,719,292 Auxiliary Enterprises



0 Development




Undergraduate Alumni Participation Rate

Levels of Giving 25 28 4

Below $100 180

Tower Club ($100–$499)








Red & Gold Club ($500–$999) 1,161

President’s Associates ($1,000–$4,999)





1,116 Crimson Circle ($5,000–$9,999)


Gold Circle ($10,000–$24,999)






Regis Circle ($25,000+)

Giving by Source



Miriam Finn Sherman ’98, MPA Chief Development Officer 781-768-7222



Less than 1%


Tara M. Brady, MBA Director of Development 781-768-7238

Friends, Trustees, Parents, Faculty, and Staff Corporations, Foundations, Trusts, and Organizations

31409p26-47.indd 47


Christina Duggan Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving 781-768-7228

Alexis Rauch, MS Assistant Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving 781-768-7239 Jayanthi Srinath Director of Advancement Services 781-768-7237 Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations 781-768-7220

10/26/12 2:38 PM




31409p48-49.indd 48




photos 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8: Heather Ciras. photos 2, 7, 9: Courtesy.


together 1 2



10/19/12 4:55 PM

9 Send us your nominations!

of the ’80s got 1 Graduates together at the Cape Cod

and friends (with 2 Alumni President Hays, center) enjoyed a sunset Lobster Roll Cruise in Sesuit Harbor. and current members 3 Recent of the Alumni Board gathered

Class of 1947 poses 8 The for a photo at Reunion.

of the classes of 5 Members 1942 (70th Reunion) chat

of the Class of 9 Members 2000 got together recently

before the Parade of Classes. 50th Reunion class, 1962, 6 The on the parterre. Cunningham Flaherty ’54 7 Ann celebrates her 80th birthday

at Morrison House for the Alumni Board Transition Dinner, a night celebrating the members leaving the board and those taking their places. Thanks for your service to the Regis community!

with nieces who are also Regis alumnae: Mary Cunningham ’73, Frances Healy McGowan ’83, Ann Harvey Stadolnick ’74 (daughter of Joan Cunningham Harvey ’49), Kate Healy Robbins ’79.

for a little fun! Back row: Grace Kippenberger, Kelly Doyle Kippenberger, Michelle Merlino Warnock. Middle row: Allyson DiGregory, Erin Benson LaChance, Ryan LaChance, Katie Kennedy, Lynn Brunelle Kennedy, Heidi Lippold Szydlo, Maizey Szydlo. Front row: Ava Chiumiento, Mia Chiumiento, Violet Chiumiento, Kristen Gleneck Chiumiento.

Upcoming Alumni Events Career Workshop: “Stop & Think— Creating YOU at Work” November 8: Upper Student Union Memorial Liturgy November 18: College Hall Chapel Holly Tea and Brunch December 2: Fine Arts Center Hollyfest at the Dan’l Webster Inn December 5: Sandwich, Mass. Alumni Reception at the Union League Club December 7: New York City

Florida Receptions March 16: Naples St. Patrick’s Day Trolley March 17: Naples Afternoon Cruise on the Naples Princess March 19–20: East Coast Networking Events Dates to be determined. Reunion Weekend May 17–19: Regis College campus, Classes ’3s and ’8s May 18: All-Alumni Reunion Regis Alumni Cruise May 30–June 8: Royal CaribbeanExplorer of the Seas

49 FALL 12

Luncheon on August 9 at the Willowbend Country Club in Mashpee, Mass.

Class of 1997 under the 4 The tent at Reunion.

Humanitarian, Excellence, Loyalty, and Young Alumna/us Awards No one knows Regis alumni better than…Regis alumni! As Reunion Weekend (May 17–19, 2013) approaches, the Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations looks forward to recognizing four Regis alumni in four different categories: Humanitarian, Excellence, Loyalty, and Young Alumna/ us. We invite you to nominate a fellow alumna/us for one of these awards, which will be announced at the AllAlumni Reunion on Saturday, May 18, 2013. Please call 781-768-7220 to request a printed nomination form or go to nominate_form.cfm to submit your nomination online. Deadline for nominations is January 25, 2013. Alumni Board of Directors It’s time to nominate a fellow Regis alumna/us for a position on the Alumni Board of Directors, a volunteer committee that works with the Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations. If you know of an outstanding alumna/us who is active in the Regis community and may like to serve on this special board, please contact us at 781-768-7220 to request a nomination form or go to www.registowertalk. net/alumboardnom to submit your nomination online. Deadline for nominations is February 1, 2013. Alumni Sponsor Award Through the years, Regis College has found that many of its best students have enrolled at the College because of the influence of its alumni. Recognizing this contribution, we want to encourage alumni to continue the practice of recommending students to Regis College. As an incentive, the College has established the Alumni Sponsor Award, a $2,000 scholarship awarded to incoming students and renewable on a three-year basis. To nominate a student applying to Regis go to: sponsorship.cfm.

Boston Reception January 31: The Algonquin Club

31409p48-49.indd 49

10/26/12 2:40 PM


photo: Ron Rego


31409p50-71.indd 50

10/19/12 5:02 PM


✒ Mary Kerr Lynch, 275 Mirick Road, Princeton, MA 01541, 978-464-5611 ¶

31409p50-71.indd 51

in the home of my daughter Mary and her husband John Cadwallader. I play bridge, read, and follow the Presidential election. I chat often with my children and grandchildren in Boston, daughters Kathy Lynch O’Donoghue ’67 and Maureen in Florida, and grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren in Washington and Colorado. I celebrated my 95th birthday with my children at Legal Seafood in Boston, and received many flowers and cards from my large, extended family. I wish my classmates happiness, health, and smiles. Bless one and all, and Regis “High on the Hilltop.”


✒ Mary Hurley Good, 228 Woburn Street, Reading, MA 01867, 781-9442683, ¶ This

year’s reunion united many happy graduate classes. I was proud to represent Class of ’42 at our 70th Reunion. I am sorry to say only 2 of us attended. Classmate Alice and I were asked to lead the parade; it was an honor. The parade began with a 3-piece band, playing beautiful music and crossing over the exquisite campus. Alice and I held our Regis signs proudly as we listened to the beautiful music. I said to Alice, “Let’s dance,” so we did. The parading classes laughed and clapped. The campus looked beautiful; we both enjoyed the special event. ¶ I’d like to share a story that is pertinent to this point in time. In my role as Alumnae President in 1956, I appeared at many Regis gatherings and meetings. The one that afforded me the greatest pleasure was the 1956 Ring Ceremony. The event welcomed students into the membership of the Regis College Alumnae Association. ¶ It was traditional for members of the junior class, upon receiving their rings, to become associate members of the Alumnae Association. It was my joy extending the welcoming hand of the Alumnae Association. ¶ In attendance that day in 1956 were Sr. Alice and Fr. Harrington, members of the faculty Class of 1956. I extended warmest welcome and our prayerful best wishes for the future. ¶ The Class of 1956 was fortunate to receive their rings on February 12, 1956. It was 56 years ago. On that day, the Commonwealth of MA granted Regis its charter. ¶ In a sense, we were celebrating the birthday of Regis College, by welcoming

51 FALL 12

Greetings to our classmates from 72 years ago. Happy days with wonderful memories! ¶ I attended the annual Golden Tower Luncheon at the Fine Arts Center on May 21. Lunch was served to alumni and friends present. At our table sat Mary Hurley Good ’42 and her daughter, Lily Pereg Achein ’44, Doris Lynch ’45, Philomene Winchester Murphy ’45 (sister of late classmate Eileen Winchester Young), Annette Pendergast ’45, and my daughter Mary Lynch Cadwallader. President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN, commented with pride that Regis upholds its educational excellence and religious principles set by the Sisters of Saint Joseph. ¶ Mary McDevitt Hadley ’s daughter Pat reports that Mary’s beloved husband Linus passed away on Feb. 5, 2012. Mary moved and is a resident at Harbor House in Osterville, MA. She misses Linus but is acclimating to her surroundings and has many visitors. The Hadley family—consisting of 1 daughter, 4 sons, many grandchildren, and great grandchildren—all reside in Massachusetts ¶ Mary Hastings Kilcoyne resides in the family home with son Timothy. Daughter Julie, and sons John and Charles reside with their families in Clinton, MA. Mary sees her children and grandchildren frequently. ¶ Marie Dillon Marcellino enjoys her summer home on Cape Cod, and returns during winter to her condo in Lexington. Marie’s 4 children all reside in Massachusetts. Her 6 stepchildren, the children of her late husband Bill Marcellino, reside across the US. Marie keeps busy with her family and extended family. Daughter Kathy, whose husband Felix passed away, assists her mother. Marie’s energetic spirit prevails. ¶ Geraldine Burke Morrill resides in Plantation Village in Wilmington, NC. Diagnosed with a clogged heart condition, she refused to undergo surgery. Her physician suggested a new heart procedure without surgery at U of NC hospital. She successfully underwent the procedure and returned home within 10 days. Gerrie’s 6 married children are attentive to their mother. ¶ Janet Ahern Rink resides at the medical facility at Mather Place of Wilmette, IL, an assisted living complex. Her caretaker

Kristen reports Janet does not answer the phone. Holly Rink Troeger (Janet’s daughter) and family are in constant contact with Janet and visit frequently. ¶ Rita McNeil Schissel ’s son Dr. Stephen, daughter Jeanne, and husband Dr. Charles, report an arthritic condition that limits Rita’s activities with her 9 children. She is, however, in constant touch with them. She is blessed with her wonderful family. ¶ Barbara Norton Schlitzer ’s daughter Jean reports Barbara was hospitalized for over a month with pneumonia. On Aug. 6, she returned home with continued nursing care. With son Victor and family in attendance, Barbara will recover. Barbara’s granddaughter Jane graduated from Stanford Medical University, is assigned to Children’s Hospital in Boston, and sees Barbara often. ¶ Mary Sampson Schmidt lives in San Jose, CA, where her 5 children grew up. Her husband passed away years ago. Mary was a Brookline resident, where she attended St. Aidan’s High School. She did not meet Mary Lynch of Brookline’s St. Mary’s High School, however, until arrival at Regis in 1936. Mary was married at St. Aidan’s with Regis classmates as bridesmaids: Ruth Monihan Savage, Ruth Ferraro Tobin, and Marion Quinn Clancy. Mary’s interest in Regis continues. ¶ Due to a home accident, Marie Scanlon Flaherty was hospitalized at Harbor House in Hingham, MA, for several months. She returned recently to her Scituate home, where her dedicated husband Matt was happy. Marie’s grandnephew and niece are attentive to Marie and Matt. Their grandmother Joey Scanlan Carlson ’45 is Marie’s sister ¶ Yvonne Normandeau Oswald ’s husband Norbert is a West Point graduate. The happy twosome enjoy residing in their military retirement residence in Melbourne, FL. Yvonne’s past medical health problems have improved. ¶ Martha Mitten Hosinski has resided in South Bend, IN, since her marriage to the late lawyer, Judge Bill Hosinki. Martha is a WWII Navy Wave Veteran. Her 5 children grew up in South Bend and 2 sons still live there. Daughters Anne and Claire live in Washington State. Martha is still her vibrant self. A description in the Regis yearbook ’40 reads “a flash of red hair and peel of laughter.” ¶ I (Mary Kerr Lynch) enjoy my country in-law apartment in Princeton, MA,

10/19/12 5:02 PM

the class of ’56 into the Alumnae Association. Happy 85 years to Regis College. Love and best wishes to all.


✒ Annette P. Pendergast, 101 Weatherbee Drive, Westwood, MA 02090, 781-326-1230 ¶ I’d like to

52 REGIS TODAY 31409p50-71.indd 52

inform you that Barbara Clancy has retired and the new Director of Alumni Relations and Annual Giving is Christina Duggan. Call her at 781-768-7228 with any questions or concerns. ¶ I regret to inform you of the death of Christine Shea Sheehy on March 20, 2012. She will be remembered at the Annual Memorial Liturgy on Sunday, Nov. 18, 2012, in the College Hall Chapel. Other classmates Claire Watson Hubbard, Marie Daley Earley, Mary Carr Simeone, and Elizabeth “Betty” Cronin Crane will also be remembered at the Liturgy. All members of our class are invited to attend the Mass and brunch. ¶ Anne Steffens Linnehan lives in Orleans on Cape Cod and all is well with her and her family. ¶ Doris Lynch, Philomene Winchester Murphy, and I attended the Golden Tower Luncheon on May 18th at Regis. It was great to see the sports field house, courts, and additional parking areas on the campus. ¶ On Aug. 9, with 160 other alumni, I attended the Cape Cod Luncheon at the Willowbend Country Club in Mashpee, MA. It was delightful. Our new President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN, shared her vision for the future of Regis College. Also Dr. Hays introduced two new deans at Regis: Penelope Glynn, PhD, ANP, Dean of the School of Nursing, Science and Health Professions, and Malcolm Asadoorian, PhD, Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Education and Social Sciences. Both spoke on their new assignments, which was interesting and added much to the luncheon. ¶ In August, Mary Foley Dowd returned from a 3-week trip visiting her son Chris in California and her daughter Martha in Chicago. This is an summer annual visit. Mary lives in Needham. ¶ All is well with Clare Dunn Hern and her family. She has many grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. ¶ Doris and Philomene spent the afternoon visiting Elizabeth “Betty” McNally Finigan at the Charwell House in Norwood, MA. Betty was a great hostess and they had a fun time together. ¶ If you have any news call or write a note to me. Stay happy and healthy.


✒ Phyllis Brosnahan Richardson, 3 Wingate Road, Lexington, MA 02421, 781-862-6262 ¶ We send our condolences to Dorothy “Dottie” Gibbons Sullivan on the passing of her husband

John. It also saddens me to report that earlier this spring we lost another friend, Patricia Baatz Murphy of York, ME. S. Dorothy represented them well at her service. ¶ It was a glorious 80-degree day for our 65th Reunion. Attending weekend festivities were classmates Gertrude Breen Alfredson, Alice Dunbar O’Halloran , Jeanne MacDonough Cronin , S. Dorothy McKenzie CSJ, Rita Dailey Fahey, Ruth Barry McCoy, Catherine “Kay” Gately McGunigle, Patricia Curtin Mahoney, and Phyllis Gallinelli Campbell. Just before the parade of classes, a special side trip was organized and a fleet of golf carts transported the Class of 1947 delegation to a new rock garden remembering Mary Jane Connor St. Germain. This peaceful place for reflection was made possible through a generous gift of the St. Germain family. Visit next time you are on campus. It is behind the library, close to the Tower. ¶ For Kay McGunigle it was a weekend of college graduations. Kay was visiting from Long Island to attend reunion and her grandchildren’s college graduations at Providence College and Boston U. ¶ Class of ’47 continued our tradition of a high percent of class giving to the Annual Fund (now called “The Regis Fund”). This year, ’47 is second highest of all classes! At our class meeting, we elected Alice O’Halloran Class President for the next 5 years; Jeanne Cronin remains Treasurer; Phyllis Campbell and Gert Alfredson continue as Fund Agents; and I am pleased to remain Class Reporter. ¶ In the “better living through technology” department, several of our classmates have improved their gaits: Rita with a new hip; Dorothy Mahoney McKenna with an improved hip; Jeanne with a new knee; and I am walking again after 3 months of rehab for a badly fractured pelvis. Patricia “Peg” Donovan Morton reports crystal clear vision after cataract surgery. ¶ In the “long time no see” category, several of our Cape Cod classmates got together for a mini reunion in July with Virginia “Ginnie” Demeo Prieto, who was visiting from California. Peg Morton, Dot, my daughter Elaine Richardson ’76, and I reconnected with Ginnie after many years. Our conversation started with life after Regis, continued through the years of raising our families, and migrated to a lively conversation about Nuns on the Bus. It was wonderful. ¶ We always look forward to hearing news about Regis and our classmates from our “Ladies Who

Lunch,” the monthly get-together of S. Dorothy, Gert, Alice, and Jeanne. ¶ Be sure to send me your news for the next time. In the meantime, keep happy and healthy!


65th Reunion ✒ Mary Lou Cooney Manning, 4942 Bel Pre Road, Rockville, MD 20853, 301460-5992, ¶

Sadness always follows the arrival of those small cream-colored envelopes from Regis. This winter we received the news of four deaths: M. Patricia

McGillicuddy Bowen, Mary Donelan Geraghty, Sarah Barry Callahan, and Regina M. Koch. We mourn their pass-

ing. ¶ Our next report reads like an emergency room file. Jean McDonald Snyder helped a friend with heavy lifting; shortly thereafter she was in frightful pain and could not walk. Jean was relieved when the MRI showed the stress had just triggered her arthritis. The back pain will go way with PT and the arthritis, well, that will return to its previous state but at least it will be no worse. Jean is improving in both body and spirit. ¶ Following a slip, Jane McGrath’s left arm is in a sling. Other than the restriction on her drivin which she is fighting tooth and nail—she is going about business as usual. She commandeered nieces and nephews to move her household goods to New Hampshire for her annual month in Rye Beach. Nothing keeps Jane down. ¶ Joan Doherty Mahoney had a severely injured rotator cuff, which doctors said would not be helped by surgery. Somehow Joan connected with a French doctor who had perfected a surgery and replaced the whole rotator cuff. Joan is without pain and went to the theater within 3 weeks ¶ Our wonderful roving reporter, Ann O’Hare Smith, was unwittingly playing hostess to some “guests” who moved in last fall and wreaked havoc in her attic. When Ann came up to the Goose Rocks in the spring she discovered a raccoon family residing in her upper level. It took Ann until end of July to remove the inhabitants and clean up the mess. Sr. Regina Harrington, CSJ, sent along a copy of CONNECTING, the magazine of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston. In it is a wonderful review of the ministries she embraced as a nun. Sr. Regina does not see herself as “retired,” but simply changing ministries. Our class was blessed to have gentle and caring women to inspire us. ¶ I have my own tale of woe. Driving en route to Florida this year, a large piece of equipment bounced out of the car in front of us and shattered the windshield. We stayed in an Econolodge for 3 days, feeling very

10/19/12 5:02 PM

class sorry for ourselves. Then it occurred to us that we had had a narrow escape from death and we were thankful we had survived a potential tragedy. Another plus was that John started to tell everyone what a super driver his wife is.


✒ Betty Ann Hynes Elliott, 38 Oxford Road, Wellesley, MA 02481, 781-2354697, ¶ The

31409p50-71.indd 53

✒ Anne Swiston O’Hara, 55 Lexington Avenue, Magnolia, MA 01930, 978-5253227, ✒ Jacqueline Choquette Picard, 70 Hadde Avenue, Cumberland, RI 02864, 401-658-0625, ✒ Mary Daily Neylon, 69 Voila Street, Lowell, MA 01851, 978-453-4237, ¶ Our condolences go to the families of Eleanor Wadden Davis, Nancy Gaynor McGuire, and Mildred Riley Nugent. We cherish

wonderful memories of our Regis days with them ¶ Doris Toohey McCue and Anne Alfreda Swiston O’Hara recently reminisced about their college days as Psych majors. Doris and her late husband Jack had 10 children and 20 grandchildren, some still in college, others graduated. Doris and her Air Force surgeon son will travel to San Francisco to visit his daughter who will attend a Jesuit college there. ¶ Amy Marie Chin Guen is trying to sell her house in Florida and live in Boston in her condo. Amy’s son is a psychologist, and her daughter, a widow and the mother of three sons, is a wellknown landscape architect in Chicago. ¶ Barbara Tyrrell Nugent attended the Cape Cod Luncheon. Barbara lives in Mashpee, MA. She enjoys the women’s club at her church and likes to attend track and swim meets of her granddaughter, a star athlete at Falmouth High. ¶ Pauline “Polly” Doyle Powell visited from Washington, DC. Terry LeBlanc Gray and Alfreda loved hearing about her travels. Polly claims to be slowing down, but travels to France and Malta soon.¶ Beth Finn Deschenes lives in Centerville near her brother and sisters She helps her siblings as they have health problems. ¶ Katherine “Kitty” Grimes Crotty lives in an elegant retirement home in New Hampshire. She enjoys singing in a chorus. Kitty has 6 children and 13 grandchildren living nearby, 2 of them begin college in Boston this fall. ¶ Mary Daily Neylon had a phone chat with Alice Boyce Smith, who had just returned from a wonderful tour of Toronto and Quebec City with a church choir group. It was a delightful trip, with Mass everyday at 6 am and many historical site visits. ¶ Catherine “Cay” Nolan Sokol escaped the heat and humidity for a few weeks vacationing on Cape Cod ¶ Jacqueline “Jackie” Choquette Picard called Virginia “Ginny” Looney Weamer in Missouri; it was a blast reconnecting. They were 19 again in a nanosecond! Ginny keeps in touch with many Regis friends and they are a source of strength and stability in her life. She mentioned how valiant and courageous Nancy McGuire has been these last few years. George and Jackie celebrated their 61st anniversary last

spring in Antigua—and survived driving on the wrong side of the road! ¶

Etheldreda “Dreda” Kallaher George

enjoys bridge these days. All is well in her corner of Rhode Island.


✒ Ann Brown Janes, Harvest Circle Unit 301, Lincoln, MA 01773, 781-430-6181 ✒ Anne Downey Tierney, 80 Penzance Rd., Rockport, MA 01966, 978-5466749, ¶ The Golden

Tower Luncheon on May 18 took place at noon in the Lower Student Union. It was very noisy, but the lunch was delicious. In attendance were Ann Brown Janes, Florence Kelly McKenna , Barbara “Bobbie” Palmer Schlichte, Janice McBride Power, Elizabeth “Betty” Cullen, Mary Lee McLaughlin Girouard, and Jean Williamson Horsman. Anne Downey Tierney missed it for the first time as she was in the Lahey Clinic having a shoulder replacement. ¶ The new President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN, circulated among the tables. Former President Mary Jane England was recognized for her years of service. Of the class members present, 1 was single, 1 was with a living husband, and the rest were widows. ¶ Margaret “Margie” Linney Carroll has successfully completed cancer surgery. Yeah! ¶ Barbara Phair McCarthy is not too well and has breathing problems. ¶ Ann Comerford Kelly reports from California that she is fine but not planning a trip East in the near future. ¶ Sr. Marjorie Marie, CSJ (Rosemary Howe) is not too well. She resides in the Bethany Health Care Center in Framingham. ¶ Barbara Coolen Corrado celebrated her 82nd birthday (young!) in Del Mar, CA, at her daughter Ann’s home. Also present were her son from Singapore and her daughter from England. Barbie has 9 grandchildren: 7 boys and 2 girls. ¶ Some of you business majors probably remember Sr. Garnier. Sr. lives at Bethany in Framingham and recently celebrated her 90th birthday. Congratulations, Sr.! ¶ Congratulations also go to Phil and Anna Moran Phalon who just celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary and to Phyllis Dinneen and Dorothy Welch who are celebrating 60 years as Sisters of Saint Joseph. ¶ Please send all the news that’s fit to print (and even some that isn’t) to Ann or Anne.

53 fALL 12

Golden Tower Luncheon in May brought out many ’49ers as usual. One highlight of the day was receiving a copy of Katherine “Kaye” Barron Cox’s latest achievement: getting published in her local Belmont newspaper. The article, titled “Giving thanks for the time I had with my mother,” covers the trip Kaye and her mother took to Bermuda for her mother’s 95th birthday. Kaye’s mother was the life of the party; many hotel guests fell under her spell. Lovely story, Kaye, thanks for sharing it. Kaye has become a student again and is taking a class in memoir writing at the Lifelong Learning Program at Regis College. ¶ Sadly we lost two classmates recently: Pauline McCarthy in May and Ann McGrath Cullinan in July. Pauline had an interesting background. She attended Regis for 1 year, then left to serve in the Navy during WWII. After 5 years in the Navy, she returned to Regis in 1946 to join our class and graduate with us. Kaye, Mary Breslin, Catherine “Cay” Foley Hines, and Rosemary McAuliffe attended her funeral in Belmont while Nancy Natoli Fay and Marion Comerford Cowie were at the National Veteran’s Cemetery on the Cape for her burial. Ann Cullinan passed away July 31 after a courageous battle with cancer. Ann and I became friends freshman year and remained close. I will miss her terribly. Once Ann settled in North Conway, Nancy Fay and I (with Jims Murphy originally) spent a few days with her every fall: enjoying the mountain views, shopping the outlets, and enjoying each other. Joe and I drove up for Ann’s wake and funeral at Our Lady of the Mountains’s beautiful church in North Conway. Ann was buried with Arthur in the North Conway Cemetery, looking out on the mountains she loved. She is survived by her 5 children and 10 grandchildren. ¶ Mary Breslin gathered a group of ’49ers for lunch at her summer home in Hull again this August. She’s most gracious and hospitable; everyone there enjoys this get-together so much. All in attendance are doing well and enjoying life, for which we were very thankful.




✒ Joan Hartley Meagher, 102 Blodgett Drive, Folsom, CA 95630, 916-9850643, ✒ Pat Hogan, 100 Luce Street, Lowell, MA 01852, 978-453-1502 ¶ Pat Hogan and I were elected at our recent reunion to be your new class reporters. Many

10/19/12 5:02 PM

thanks to Ann Purcell MacDonald and Catherine “Cay” Deveney Kaladin

for their years of faithfully reporting news. ¶ Our 60th reunion was a delight. The campus looked beautiful and the weather was perfect. Those attending were Sally Finnerty Tully,

Mary Elizabeth “Zay” Dunphy Hyde, Marie Rizzo, Dorothy Holley Connors, Marie Fleming Sisk, Pat Wentworth Delorey, Pat Arroll Gradone, Lois Brigham Saltalamacchia, Carlotta Krauth O’Brien, Marilyn “Mal” Burke O’ Rourke, Mary Gallagher Watts, Ann Geisel, Pat Hogan, and Joan Hartley Meagher. Mary Foley Noon had

54 REGIS TODAY 31409p50-71.indd 54

planned to attend, but was not feeling well that day. Nancy Boland Johnson was unable to make it due to a minor accident she had the day before. She was not injured, fortunately, and is doing fine now. Many who would have otherwise attended were busy with weddings and graduations of grandchildren. Perhaps the highlight of the event was the address by our new President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN. Pat and I met Dr. Hays and her husband as we roamed the corridors of College Hall. It was a privilege to have a 1-on-1 conversation with her. She has wonderful ideas for Regis—look for great things to come! ¶ On a sad note, Kara Kosmos sent word that her mother, Mary Azzarito Kosmos, passed away in January. Our condolences to Kara and her family. ¶ Marjorie MacKenzie Williams expressed her regret at having missed the reunion. She is remarried to J. Carl Pellicane and lives on the same street as her brother near Richmond, VA. Her successful children are scattered: Boulder, Minneapolis, LA, and Hamden. Her daughter in LA writes scripts for children’s cartoons and has received two Oscars for her writing. Marjorie’s new address is: 8303 Buckeye Drive, Henrico, VA 23228. ¶ Pat McNerney Kelleher and her husband Jim visited with Sally Tully at the Cape this summer. They explored the area, including sighting whales in Provincetown. Pat teaches an online course for the U of Dayton, training religious education teachers. ¶ Sally, Cay Kaladin, and Catherine “Kate” Molloy Rowe, who had been on a cruise at the time of our reunion, all met up at the summer Cape Cod Luncheon. ¶ Pat Arroll Gradone enjoyed her trip with her daughter to Poland where they stayed with a friend. They visited Pope John Paul’s home, concentration camps, and the salt mines. ¶ Marie Rizzo vacationed at Chatham and at Stowe, VT, with family. ¶ Pat Hogan enjoyed her beach house at Hampton Beach. ¶ October marks the 20th anniversary of Richard’s and my retirement and move to California. Although we miss our family and friends in

New England, we do not miss the winters. Life is good here: We have 2 children in CA, and our son has 16-year-old twin daughters, who live close to us. Our oldest is a Professor at U of Scranton. I keep busy going to Aqua-aerobics and I am active in the Renaissance Society, which is a learning-in-retirement organization located at Sacramento State U. We also participate in church activities and play bridge. We travelled to Argentina and Chile last winter and we enjoy annual trips to Hawaii. This January we hope to visit our daughter Sharon in Mexico, where she will spend part of her sabbatical year.


60th Reunion ✒ Shirley Connors Sardella, 52 Eunice

Circle, Wakefield, MA 01880, 781-2243468 ¶ We were saddened by the deaths of our dear classmates Janet White Glancy and Marjorie Wood Underwood. Janet passed on April 6,

2012, and we extend our condolences to her family. Marjorie passed on July 16, 2012. We extend sympathy to her husband Aidan. Janet and Marjorie will be remembered at the annual Memorial Liturgy, Nov. 18, 2012, in the College Hall Chapel at Regis. We also extend sympathy to Margaret “Peg” Donnelly on the passing of her brother last summer. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Peg. ¶ Catherine “Kay” Powers Leddy and husband John celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on May 11, 2012, at the Pocasset Golf Club with the entire family present. Two of her grandchildren have graduated college, 3 others from high school, and 3 young grandchildren are in elementary school. They keep Kay and Jon counting their blessings! Kay and John attended the KennedyManny Wedding in Hyannis Port on July 7, 2012. Kay loves to reminisce about our daily campus walks after class while at Regis. ¶ Last summer, I enjoyed a marvelous conversation with Frances Florencourt from her home in Arlington, MA. Frances works untiringly for the Flannery O’Connor Foundation. Her picture and remarks concerning her famous cousin appear in At Home With Flannery O’Connor, a book published by a grant from the Watson-Brown Foundation. For good reading Frances recommended The Complete Stories of Flannery O’Connor, especially “The River” and “The Revelation.” Frances is a Eucharistic Minister at St. Eulalia’s Church and at the Gables in Winchester. ¶ Mary Jane O’Connor Lee hails from Grand Blanc, MI, and vacationed recently in Arizona. In spite of painful arthritis, she enjoys dancing, line dancing, and clog almost

every day. She works out at the health club and swims 3 days a week. ¶ Mary Cahill Byrne lives in Pinehurst, N.C. and recently underwent successful bladder surgery. Mary lived most of her married life in Chicago where 5 of her 6 children still reside. One child lives in Maryland. Two of her 10 grandchildren recently graduated from college and 3 from high school. Mary’s husband died 2 years ago. ¶ Marcia McPherson Keiley and husband Bill, an attorney, live in Gloucester, MA, and have 5 children and 13 grandchildren. They originally lived in Framingham, MA, but vacationed in the Gloucester/ Rockport area and decided to retire there. ¶ Kate Barker of Marshfield, MA, served 20 years in the US Navy as a personnel manager. In civilian life Kate worked in medical technology. She enjoys her retirement. ¶ Our granddaughter, Jessica, spent a week last summer in Cusco, Peru, teaching English to homeless students. Jessica is a senior at George Washington U in DC. Our Texas grandchildren spent last summer in Rockport and Beverly, MA. It was great having them close by.


✒ Maureen Sullivan Carey, 1202 Greendale Avenue, Needham, MA 02492, 781-449-2247, mfcarey@verizon. net ✒ Patricia Cronin Huie, PO Box 375, Humarock, MA 02047, 781-8347134, ¶ Several

classmates attended the Golden Tower Luncheon in May: Mary Alvord Biette,

Regina Seales Caines, Regina Mitchell Cantella, Cornelia Murphy Davidson, Mary Lou Carr Gannon, Mary Driscoll Gardetto, Sheila Joyce Greenlaw, S. Louise “Vickie” Macchia, Rosemary McAuliffe, Marianne Sanderson Shay, Mary Roche Sullivan, and Catherine Tobin. ¶ Great news for our Class

President Mary Sullivan: She was awarded an Honorary Degree of Humane Letters by St. Joseph College of Maine on May 12, 2012. Mary has served on their Board of Trustees for 12 years and retired 2 years ago. Congratulations, Mary, it’s a well-deserved honor. ¶ Pat Bellini Cruise and her husband Frank spent Christmas in San Diego visiting their daughter, Sr. Patricia, SC. Sr. Patricia is the President and CEO of Fr. Joe’s Villages. This ministry is devoted to the homeless “from the cradle to the grave.” Singles and families receive free shelter, meals, and spiritual, psychological, and medical care and education. The villages are scattered throughout the city of San Diego. Pat says that Sr. Patricia would love to take you on a tour of the villages if you are in the area. Please keep her and her ministry in your prayers. ¶ Pat Cronin Huie was driving into her

10/26/12 3:06 PM

class Florida winter home and passed a couple walking. She was pleasantly surprised to recognize Mary Biette and her husband. They were visiting their daughter who lives in the same West Palm Beach neighborhood. Pat also had the pleasure, in July, of witnessing the marriage of her granddaughter, Caroline ’04.


✒ Peg Vincent Kelley, PO Box 1346, Edgartown MA, 02539, 508-627-8596, ¶ Greetings, class-


✒ Geraldine Dowd Driscoll, 7 Conant Road #50, Winchester, MA 01890, ¶ Our

classmates have met a few times since

31409p50-71.indd 55

Keenan, Mary Queeney Shinney, Marie Healy, and your reporter. Luncheon

speakers were our dynamic Dr. Hays; Penelope Glynn, PhD, ANP Dean of the School of Nursing, Science and Health Professions; and newly appointed Dean of the College’s School of Liberal Arts, Education, and Social Sciences, Malcolm Asadoorian, PhD. Their presentation of the Strategic Plan for Regis through 2016 gave the audience the impression that Regis is definitely “on the move.” ¶ Several class members had summer travels. Mary Rose Campbell visited friends in Ireland in July. On an overnight visit to Killarney, she shared the town with 9,000 bicyclists who were preparing for a charity bike ride around the Ring of Kerry. Timing is everything! ¶ Mary Keenan explored Colorado by train in July. Mary Lou Rawson packed her bags for a trip through the Canadian Rockies. ¶ Mary Jeanne Getzfread Sullivan planned to escape Florida’s summer heat and humidity with a trip to Sugar Mountain in North Carolina’s high country, but knee surgery was planned for

September. We hope that she is walking on the beach this fall with her brand new knee. After graduating from Holy Cross College, Mary Jeanne’s granddaughter Colleen will volunteer this year at a mission called Rostro de Cristo in Ecuador. Mary Jeanne says, “I thank the Lord that there are young people like her who will do this.” ¶ Mary McDonald Eagleson is in her home in Lincoln, NE, where she and Ed enjoy the enrichment of Lifelong Learning Classes and the symphony as well as the proximity of their daughter. Mary is completing her memoirs. We look forward to hearing more about this project.


✒ Judy Sughrue, 47 Rosewood Drive, Stoughton, MA 02072, 781344-3357,

¶ Our big news for this issue was our 55th reunion. Thirty-nine of our classmates attended, and two, Elly Z. Arotschenzeff Doyle and

Ruth “Spud” Sanderson Kingsbury,

attended all activities. Many flew in for the occasion: Elly from California; Jane Denmark Maher from Florida; Mary Lyn Eagan Whittaker from North Carolina; and Sheila Cruchley Campbell from Ohio. Thanks to Spud and her husband Bob, and Virginia Pyne Kaneb and her husband Jack, for their many generous contributions to Regis. ¶ Suzy Treacy McGovern felt the drive to reunion was too long for her. Others had health considerations. Elaine Govoni Mclaughlin has serious heart problems, which have kept her close to home. Fortunately she has been a lover of reading since childhood; it keeps her busy. ¶ After reunion, Elly went with her brother to Canada where they spent their summers during their childhood. ¶ Mary Lyn recently returned from the Holy Land. She made the pilgrimage after the death of her husband Robert. Her sorrow was softened by the large number (600) who paid their respects at his funeral at the cathedral. ¶ Cathy Stanley Buehner and Maureen Staunton Crowley have been traveling together in the US and Europe. Cathy is a great driver, making the trip east from Ohio twice this summer. I also discovered at the Regis Cape Cod Luncheon in Mashpee that Maureen is a humorous storyteller. Anne Fox Fitzpatrick and Linda Aimone Donovan also attended the excellent luncheon. ¶ Kathy Speer Howrigan and her husband travelled to Ireland, Florida, and the Cape. ¶ Marilyn Napierski moved from Brewster to Quincy. ¶ Suzy and Marie Nadeau Reck are active in emailing right-wing messages. ¶ Isabel Long Chesak had a breast cancer scare but all is well. Her

55 fALL 12

mates. Happy fall. ¶ Sadly, we have lost 6 of our classmates since last summer. Carol Sherman Ryan and Mary Sherry Kuppens passed way in April; Mary Hefron, Jean Ryan McCall and Catherine Dowd Ward all passed away in July; and Barbara Thompson Granger passed away in August. Our prayers and sympathy go out to their families as well as to our classmates who have lost members of their families. Peace. ¶ Barbara Kelley Kelley had a hip replacement last summer and reports she is well. Barbara suggested we highlight “it’s a small world!” events that have happened to us. ¶ Pat Thalheimer King was delighted to discover halfway through a flight home from England that Sr. Marie Therese Martin, CSJ was on the same plane! ¶ Grace Cronin Godefroy was in Massachusetts for a family wedding this summer and came to the Vineyard to spend the day with me. Recently, while waiting for a ski tow up a mountain in California, she turned around and Maureen Donnelly Carlson was behind her! ¶ I had a fun experience this summer: A young intern from Texas at the museum where I work is the best friend of my grandson’s girlfriend! These are little reminders of how close we can be to other people. Do you have a favorite? Send it to me and we’ll publish it! ¶ Rosalie L’Ecuyer, in Fairbanks, is doing OK, but her years are beginning to show up. I assured her that we all are having the same problems. She also admits she still can’t get used to men at Regis! ¶ Jacqui Cyr Lewis has come up with a great idea: Why don’t we do some class day trips (with lunch of course)? We might get together and go on a museum tour like the Peabody Essex Museum and the Heritage Museum in Lawrence. ¶ Janet Condrey Beyer was at Lake Tahoe in July—that’s probably why we have no other news from her!

our last report. In April, Pat Turner Kelley once again hosted a luncheon at Woodland Country Club. Emily Melo, the recipient of the Sister John Scholarship for the past academic year, was greeted by 19 members of our class. Mary Keenan highlighted Emily’s accomplishments as an excellent student (majoring in Spanish and education), her musical talents, and devotion to her church and to Regis. She is a delightful young woman with a promising future. We are proud to contribute to her education. ¶ The Sister John Scholarship was established at our 50th reunion. You may designate your contributions to the Annual Fund (now “The Regis Fund”) specifically for this scholarship, if you desire. We congratulate Carol Bonner Connell for her work as Class Fund Agent this past year. Our total gift to the college was $26,702.01, representing donations from 60.2% of our class. Good job! ¶ Ten of us met at Regis on a glorious May afternoon for the Golden Tower Luncheon. College President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN, presented a positive account of Regis’ progress: increased enrollment, international outreach, and receipt of a major grant from the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. Attendees at the luncheon were Joanne Moloney Fiske, Mary Lou Rawson, Mary Keenan, Ann Flaherty Walsh, Bea Pattavina Sloan, Virginia Clark Kristo, Ann Marie Healy Sawyer, Margie Casey Mulcahy, Carol Bonner Connell, and Gerry Dowd Driscoll. ¶ Five members of the Class of ’56 attended the Cape Cod Luncheon at Willowbend Country Club in Mashpee on Aug. 9: Mary Lou Rawson, Mary


10/19/12 5:02 PM


latest gourmet article is on New York City. ¶ At a time when nuns are under heavy pressure, I salute our classmates who went into religious life. To Vicky Alexander who spent decades doing medical research in Africa and Southeast Asia, at times ducking bullets to get medical supplies. She now has lupus and lives in India. To Maria Lynch who labored among the poor in Latin America for decades, sometimes during unrest. She is now retired (do nuns ever retire?) in the Maryknoll home base in New York. To Marty Hohl who has shared her well-known gift of laughter with the thousands for whom she has done social work in the eastern states. To Carol Fitzsimmons for her years counseling and providing spiritual direction as a member of the Sisters of St Joseph. To Mary Geary for leadership of hospitals, which brought her many honors, honorary doctorates, and a lifetime achievement award. In her senior years, she has chosen an area of our interest: running a retirement facility.



55th Reunion ✒ Joan Meleski Kenney, joan_kenney ¶ Condolences to Pat Kelly McNulty on the death of her brother Charles, and to Joan Gorman McCue on the passing of her husband Frank. ¶ Universidad Académica Carmen Pampa, the school in rural Bolivia founded by Ann Maloney Leahy and her husband Dick, celebrates its 20th birthday this year. Ann’s work was recognized at the Cape Cod Luncheon by Dean Penelope Glynn, PhD, ANP. There is strong potential for a partnership between the universidad and the Regis School of Nursing, Science and Health Professions. Congratulations, Ann! ¶ Also attending the luncheon at the Willowbend Country Club were classmates Kay Rosicky Devlin, Pat Salmon Hillmer, Mary Reynolds Kennedy, Joan Meleski Kenney, Mary Jo Kilmain, and Pat McNulty. ¶ A con-

genial group gathered for the Golden Tower Luncheon at Regis in May. The old Pub in the Lower Student Union was transformed; food and surroundings were exceptional. Paula Buckley

Buckley, Tish Albiani Carney, Carole Vannicola Clark, Lou Berube Williams, Kay Devlin, Pat Hillmer, Joan Kenney, Mary Jo Kilmain, Ann Smith Tobin, and Donna Coffey Young attended. A class

meeting was held after to discuss our 55th Reunion next May. Our Class President, Lou Williams, will send more information in the fall. ¶ Both luncheons were good sources of class news. ¶ Tish and husband George enjoyed a winter in Florida with golf and good friends. ¶ Mary Kennedy and husband Tom also enjoyed their

31409p50-71.indd 56

Florida respite, but are happy to be back home, close to their sons Patrick, a social worker from Wollaston, and Michael, owner of a high tech firm in Washington DC. ¶ This summer Paula Buckley entertained her son Mark and his family, who live in Germany. They love the Marshfield beaches. ¶ John and Donna welcomed a new grandson in July: James Weston Young joins two older siblings in West Chester, PA. ¶ Teacher’s College Press has published Joan Kenney’s 3rd Mathematics book, Getting from Arithmetic to Algebra. ¶ Wishes for a speedy recovery to Janet Lynch Dougherty, who broke her hip at Logan Airport coming home from vacation. Also convalescing are Frankie Boyle Nugent from her hip operation and Jim Britt, husband of Betty Jarmulowicz Britt , from a serious illness.


✒ Mary Lou De Maria Schwinn, 210 Osprey Villas Ct., Melbourne Beach, FL 32951; 909 Old Post Rd., Cotuit, MA 02635, ¶ Mary Jane Doherty Curran , Lucy Ricker Sheehan, Laura Allen Rushton, Angela Regis Kravchuk, and I attended the

Regis Cape Cod Luncheon on Aug. 9. To our delight and surprise, Elaine Sobolewski McMahon was already at our table. ¶ Elaine had been a resident her 1st year at Regis and after that a commuter. We were delighted to meet her and hear her story. After Regis she became a Medical Technologist, beginning her career in Lowell. In 1970, she moved to Cape Cod for her husband’s job and worked at the Cape Cod Hospital for 29 years. Her 3 children and 4 grandchildren all live on the Cape. After her husband’s passing 7 years ago, Elaine convinced herself to join Curves, the Academy of Lifelong Learning, and other groups. Now she feels that life is good. ¶ Angela continues on the Board of the Bayberry Quilt Guild on Cape Cod. Thankfully she is no longer in charge of the large quilt show put on by Bayberry every year. This year, however, she is in charge of Programs for the Guild, a challenging task at times. ¶ Officially retired, Lucy now volunteers 1 day a week at the school where her daughter teaches. She will spend a week in El Salvador, working with children at an eye clinic. This is her 3rd time volunteering there. ¶ Laura is busy making a tee shirt quilt with memories of her travels. She enjoys working on fabric selection and color blending. She and husband Bob enjoy life in Rockport, MA. ¶ From Willy’s Gym in Eastham, Mary Jane was part of a team of 8 who went to the USTA Super Seniors Tennis Finals in Phoenix. Despite temperatures of 110 degrees and play

postponement, Mary Jane and her team came in 3rd! She then visited children in California.


✒ Kate Martin Hawke, 4 Rockland Road, Marblehead, MA 01945, 781-639-3492, ✒ Judith King Weber, 52 Apple Blossom Lane, Lynn, MA 01904, 781-595-7397, judithweber@ ¶ Many of you remember

Spring Break road trips from Regis to Florida. In those days, we drove day and night, slept in the car, ate junk food, and partied on the beach for hours. Well, Barbara Hoyle Healy, Ellen Kelleher Guillette, and Judith Powers recreated the trip this March, visiting family and friends along the East Coast and joining Regis’s St. Patrick’s Day celebration on Naples. All agreed that the trip was fun, but they plan to fly to Florida from now on. ¶ Since the trip was so successful, Mary Doane Cassidy, Joan Murray, Judith Powers, and Barbara Hoyle Healy flew to England in September to visit and tour London, Dorset, and Sussex. ¶ Many classmates are dealing with health problems, either their own issues or those of spouses and other family members. Agnes O’Hara Barrett , who spent several months recovering from a serious fall, is almost as good as new. She found that yoga is the perfect exercise for her and enjoys twice-a-week classes. In Swampscott, Mary Doane Cassidy teaches yoga at the Senior Center and also gives private sessions. ¶ Carroll Beegan Follas and John had a delightful evening with Lolita deLeon McKenna and Stephen at the Isles Club in Punta Gorda this past winter. She notes that many Regis alums are making Florida a destination during the winter months. Among them will be Joan Murray, who just purchased a condo for use should she ever retire from teaching at Regis. ¶ Four members of our class attended the Cape Cod Alumni (I still want to type alumnae!) Luncheon at Willowbend in Mashpee in August. Diane Doherty Anastasia, Agnes O’Hara Barrett, Virginia Bishop Carroll, and Carroll Follas commented that 3 of the 4 were sociology majors and obviously learned to be social from Mr. Overcliff. Diane golfs at Woods Hole, often with Nancy Fay ’49. Diane’s husband Lou also golfs and fishes. Since Diane belongs to a Falmouth gourmet group, she appreciates what he brings home from the sea.

10/26/12 3:08 PM

class 1962

✒ Joanne Fitzgerald McCrea, M.H.H.S., 386 Essex St. #3, Salem, MA 01970, 978-745-8448, jfitzmc429@gmail. com ¶ This is my first time as Class Reporter. Thanks to Maureen Connelly and Rosemary Shannon for their

31409p50-71.indd 57

Class Notes for the Spring 2013 issue are due February 1, 2013; each class is limited to 750 words. You are invited to submit articles and news that are of interest to your classmates. If you know of an alum who would make an interesting feature story, please let us know. News may be submitted to your class reporter or to the Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations, Regis College, 235 Wellesley St., Weston, MA 02493 or email: classnotes@regiscollege. edu. Notes received after February 1, 2013 will run in a later issue.


50th Reunion ✒ M.J. Pescatore Cicchetti, quincyck1@ ¶ I just returned from a family wedding in Charleston, SC. Like many of you, family is now all over the country and the world. Luckily, both of my children live nearby. I just finished our summer “Beach School,” which I have for my granddaughters, Ava (10) and Anya (8). Our informal curriculum consists of beachcombing, baking, arts and crafts, computer activities, dressing up, and having fun. ¶ I am “retired,” taking 4 courses in a Learning for Life Program, and working on my “bucket list.” If I find another interesting business adventure, I would do that. ¶ Nancy Collins Edwards and husband Bill traveled to Idaho to see their grandchildren this summer. They took the kids back to Green Harbor, where she and Bill have a summer home. Their daughter, Nancy, sold her house quickly; Nancy and her family are living with them in Milton, while they look for a home. ¶ Bev Falcione Marano’s husband Jim celebrated a “milestone” birthday. Their 3 sons roasted Jim at a family event and showed their love for him. Bev works 2 days a week and is as lively as ever. ¶ Mary Dowd Eberle urges everyone to come to the 50th

reunion and update Regis with your email address and mailing address. ¶ Mary Arnold Geroch, aka “Dora the Explorer,” is a world traveler. She calls me to ask if I will go on trips to Nepal, the Galapagos, etc. My answer is always “I don’t think so.” I still have scars from surfing and canoeing mishaps with her in Florida. She is an active, outdoorsy, animal-kingdom girl. ¶ Joan Iverson Gallivan encourages us to help with the reunion. We need more people involved. ¶ Can you believe that we will be celebrating our 50th Reunion in May? Where has the time gone? Planning for this momentous occasion has already begun. Your Reunion Co-Chairs, Kathleen Hickey Lennon, Ann Hughes Restivo and Jane DeMarco Wittreich along with Anne Billingham Brophy, Anne Hickey Burns, Ann White Capoccia, Mary Dowd Eberle, Joan Iverson Gallivan, Mary Connors Gilroy, Barbara McNamara, Phyllis Kearney O’Toole, and Patricia McAdams Stagnone. met

at Morrison House on Sept 16th to begin planning for this momentous occasion. Additional meetings have been scheduled for Sunday, October 28 and Sunday, December 2 at Regis, Faculty Dining Room in Alumnae Hall. We invite you all to be part of this reunion planning group so our once in a lifetime 50th will be a blast! More details to come…Please contact Christina Duggan at christina.duggan@ or 781.768.7228 with any questions.

57 fALL 12

efforts all these years. ¶ Well, we did it! Celebrated 50 years in fine style, thanks to Class President Mary McCauley Higgins and her wonderful planning group. Thank you, Mary and all! It was special to see friends from our college days and youth, and to share stories. It was great to see classmates from so far away come back to campus. Rosemary Shannon Robbins from Hawaii, Angela Pengelly Sandilands and husband Tom Sandilands from Scotland, Liz McGuire and husband Peter Eltgroth from California, Mary Jane Power from New Mexico, and—perhaps the prize— Pat Lilley Underberg and husband Bob, who drove their camper from Wyoming. Thank you all for coming, and thank you, Bob, for the coffee on Sunday morning. ¶ Mary told us that the class raised $108,936.75 for Regis during our 50th Reunion Celebration Year! Many classmates contributed to this success: Our participation rate was 66.13%. Congratulations! Thanks to all who were able to contribute to Regis. ¶ A reunion highlight was our own Mass celebrating our 50 years and remembering our beloved deceased classmates. Pat Crosby Pemberton’s daughter and granddaughter brought up the rose for Pat. The next poignant moment was the distribution of the “Tower Pins” by President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN at the end of Mass. ¶ Maureen Connelly made the banner for the Parade of Classes, modeled after the original that hung in Boston Garden in 1960 proclaiming, “Yes, We Did Put a New John in the White House!” It got many laughs! ¶ At the Saturday dinner, Dr. Hays announced over the mike that the Class of ’62 should get up on the dance floor and dance! We did the Twist! As you can imagine, it was quite a sight. On Sunday morning at brunch, several younger alums came up to me and asked if our class met often during the years because they said, “You seem so close, and so young!” Hooray for us! ¶ Mary Higgins requests we keep our pill box hats and wear them again for our 55th in 2017! ¶ Stay tuned for a class letter coming your way. A lot of people had some beautiful reflections that I want to share with the class.

A Reminder



✒ Virginia McNeil Slep, 40 Jeffrey Road, Wayland, MA 01778, virginia ✒ Barbara Bye Murdock, PO Box 266, Little Compton, RI 02837, barbara@murdockadvisors. com ¶ Mary Elizabeth Ford has retired

as Clinical/School Psychologist at Melrose High School. She is now focusing on her private practice, enjoying her lakeside cottage in Maine, entertaining friends, and traveling to Haiti. Mef has become involved in Haitian Connection. This organization augments university curricula in Haiti, since most university buildings were destroyed during the earthquake. Mef volunteered to go to Haiti in October to teach Psych 101 to adult students. Her plans included doing some trauma work and introducing students to large group sessions using Open Space Technology. Mef reviewed her French so she could communicate without a translator. ¶ Mary Carroll Epperlein is doing some real estate and enjoys painting. She has retired from translating at the pre-natal clinic in Greenport, but she serves as an ESL Tutor as part of her library’s literacy program. She and her

10/26/12 3:13 PM

husband have lived on the east end of Long Island for 10 years. They enjoy their grandchildren, ranging in age from 1–10. ¶ My husband Gary and I (Virginia McNeil Slep) enjoyed a road trip through Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, and Tennessee in April. It was our first time there in the spring, and it gave us a new appreciation of Aaron Copeland’s “Appalachian Spring.” I study the Civil War, so I welcomed a chance to visit several battlefields: Harpers Ferry, Lookout Mountain, Fredericksburg, and Chickamauga. My hypnosis practice is growing, and I teach a class in Creative Writing at Regis in the Lifelong Learning program.



✒ Kathleen McCaffrey Ford, Mixief@ ¶ Our thoughts and prayers to the families of Susan McCooey Sherman and Carolyn Murack Pillow, who passed away.


Susan of Arlington, VT, was married to George Sherman. She died April 9, 2010. After Regis, Susan received her Master’s Degree in History at the U of Connecticut. She taught for many years in Maine, Connecticut, and Peru. Upon retirement, she skied. She and her husband were members of a senior group, the Silver Griffins. Carolyn of South Hadley, MA, was married to the late Landon B. Pillow. After Regis, she earned a Master’s Degree from the U of Pennsylvania and her Doctorate in Education from UMass, Amherst. For years, she was a Social Worker and Educator. Carolyn was an animal lover and never turned away a stray dog. ¶ Katherine Moynihan McGovern and her husband Bernie spent last winter in southwest Florida. While there, she rode the Regis float in the Naples St. Patrick’s Day parade. She and Sharon Gibbons Reardon attended a President’s reception in Naples where Regis’s new President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN, gave an enthusiastic talk on Regis’s progress. On Kathy’s drive home, she visited Sally Daily Buckler and her family in Maryland. ¶ In April, Lisa Brown Kane, Barbara Doran Sullivan, Anne Marie Fontaine Healey, Carole Groncki McCarthy, Mary Louise Howe Gleason, Kathy Henighan, and Mary Ellen Lavenberg visited Carol Jewell Hunt and her

husband Jay in Southampton, NY. In the summer Carol’s art was shown at the Southampton Cultural Center and the Spanierman Gallery in NYC. ¶ In June, Katherine McGovern, Carol Connolly Farley, and Sheila Tierney Gale got together in Connecticut for a 3-hour lunch. ¶ In July, at their home in Vineyard Haven, MA, Gail Hoffman Burke and husband Walter

31409p50-71.indd 58

hosted their 3 grandchildren, ages 18 months-6 years. In August, 10 of our classmates, Anne Bartley White, Deidre Casey, Jean Cassidy Chlapowski, Barbara Sullivan, Sharon Gibbons Riordon, Gail Hoffman Burke, Carole Groncki McCarthy, Katherine McGovern, Mary Ellen Lavenberg, and Marie Shatos attended the annual

Cape Cod Luncheon at the Willowbend Country Club. The drawing for our class-sponsored raffle took place. The prize was a weekend at the Custom House in Boston, and the winner was classmate Maryal Curtin Redmond! All proceeds ($2,400) go to Regis as part of our class gift. ¶ In the fall, Carole McCarthy and her husband Ken will travel to Poland. Carole, who has researched her genealogy for years, anticipates meeting some of her relatives in Warsaw. It is a small world: Carole and Maura Turco Dwyer each have a child living within 10 miles of each other in the LA area! ¶ From the world of WOW, Kathleen Henighan was photographed on a lake standing on a paddleboard! ¶ Class President Kathleen McGovern reports that plans are underway for our 50th Reunion.


✒ Betsy Burns Griffin, 38 Pine Lane, Framingham, MA 01701, 508-877-8826, ¶ I hope you

have had a satisfying summer and fall. Twenty-five classmates met at Eleanor McCarthy Bouvier’s house in Falmouth last August for potluck and conversation. Travel, grandkids, and retirement were popular topics. Libby Chamberlain Houlihan, now living in Middletown, RI, brought a discussion topic to the get-together “What’s saving your life right now?” A member of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, Nancy Corcoran discussed what religious orders are going through with the Vatican, saying in her usual feisty manner, “I am 65 years old, and I will not be complicit in my own oppression!” ¶ Susan Doyle Callahan retired from the library reference desk in Fairfield, CT. She visited Ireland in July and France in October. ¶ Susan Airoldi Kalloch travelled to Easter Island in May. ¶ Lida McMahon Harkins greeted her 11th grandchild in July (now 8 girls and 3 boys). In Sicily last year, she was impressed by the strong ancient Greek influence. Lida works for the Massachusetts Secretary of State’s office. ¶ Pat Boyle Buckley and husband Jerry are still working, Pat in real estate. Their 6th grandchild was born in July. They spend time in Naples, FL, though too infrequently for Pat’s taste. ¶ Francine Bailey Osterson does parttime bookkeeping and volunteers at a “listening post” safe room in San

Francisco once a week. She saw Nancy Greene Barry and Anne Bernson (an

avid bridge player) in Hawaii last winter. Nancy works part time at Hawaii’s State Legislature. Last fall Connie Alexander Giorgio, husband Peter, and the Ostersons traveled to Yellowstone National Park, Alberta, British Columbia, and Portland, OR, where Connie’s son Matt lives. Connie said that, like all Cape Codders, she had visitors from June through August. Annie Bernson and Mary McAuliffe visited Tahiti in October. ¶ Beth Lewis Bowen travelled to China with the Westminster, MA, Chamber of Commerce in late October, her 2nd trip there. She also recently visited her daughter in India for a 6th time. ¶ Eileen Gaquin Kelley gets together with Mary Jo Mead Zaccardi and sees Art and Kathy Shields Ronan when they visit from Plano, TX, where Kathy teaches middle school English. ¶ Irene Megan Norian reported in from Middlebury, VT, that she and Roger second-honeymooned on Maui last year. Irene volunteers at Vermont Adult Learning and at a local soup kitchen. Grandbabies 8, 9, and 10 arrived in a 5-month span last year, making 10 total (6 boys and 4 girls). Irene saw Mary O’Hearne Hanemann at their 50th high school reunion recently and reported that Mary is as ebullient as ever. Retired from a banking career, Mary lives in Berkley, CA, and Phoenix, AZ, where husband Michael is a professor emeritus in economics. ¶ Lee and Nancy Mytkowicz Sullivan spent two weeks touring Poland; Nancy said now she understands her heritage. Young people there speak English, Poles love Americans, and the country is being westernized rapidly, Nancy observed. ¶ Mary Lou Collins wrote, “Italy last April, Barcelona and Malta in August.” Although retired, she’s a consultant for MITRE. ¶ Eleanor Merrigan Olsen lives in Virginia and works as a director of a senior retirement facility. She is married to George (42 years) and has 4 grandchildren, with another coming soon. ¶ Kathy Frost Burke recently cruised the English Channel with her siblings and respective spouses, then visited daughter Deb in London. ¶ Elaine Falcione Wallace volunteerteaches second graders in Dorchester and loves it. ¶ Diane Valenti Liebmann checked in from Green Bay (“Go Packers!”). She and husband Bert travelled in China for 3 weeks with a group, including her sister Valerie Valenti Cloutier ‘65 and husband Bob. Diane’s 2nd grandchild arrived this fall. ¶ Donna Murphy Klei delights in 3 granddaughters. Like many of us, she attended her 50th high school reunion this fall. She plans a trip to Honduras next spring. ¶ Larry and

10/19/12 5:02 PM

class Betsy Burns Griffin (me!) drove a Boston-San Diego-Calgary-WinnipegChicago-Boston loop last summer to see family and sights. We have 7 entertaining grandnephews, including one who calls me “Big Betsy.” Is it true that in retirement we are busier than ever? With new avocations, activities, family, and travel, it seems so. Martin Buber wrote, “...all journeys have a secret destination of which the traveler is unaware.” Wherever you go, watch for surprises.


✒ Carolyn Sammartino Moran, 79 Kenwood Street, Brookline, MA 02446, 617-921-5759, ¶ Twenty classmates enjoyed our 45th Reunion: Cheryl Adkins Boss, Trish

and myself. For the evening dinner, Tony Flecca and Mike Gigante were welcome additions. Classmates shared hugs, laughs, and knowing nods of encouragement as stories of new hips, knees, husbands, and significant others were related. We applauded survival from cancer, and commiserated on the loss of children, spouses, siblings, parents, and classmates. ¶ Many travelled from afar: Pat Smith from Centennial, CO; Trish Rooff from Waterloo, IA; Jeanne Terio from Trinity, FL; and Sue Fennelly from Wethersfield, CT. Pat’s daughters are Ellen and Laura. Ellen just got married in British Columbia. Marlene Wilkey enjoyed the hospitality of Pat and her sister Sally of Wellesley with whom she stayed. Marlene retired from teaching middle school Math, and now substitutes in Mashpee and Sandwich where she lives. She escapes to NYC to visit son Daniel, 23, a 2011 Columbia graduate, who works for Bloomberg. Trish visited with Donna Lacouture MacLeod, Joan Kerwin Burgess, Ellen O’Connor, and Elaine Falcione Wallace ’66 in Naples, FL, last February. Sue Fennelly teaches Physics, and she stayed with Paula Beauregard. Paula sold her home in Sutton, and she and Jim are building a new one in Millbury. They enjoy time in Harwichport with daughter Danielle and grandchildren Adrienne and William. Paula retired as Chairperson of the Department of Foreign Languages in Grafton, and works January to April with Jim

31409p50-71.indd 59

daughter Nora is now 28. Mary Dagle is working for the Essex Police, and enjoys her 3 daughters and 4 grandchildren. ¶ While listening to WBZ radio news around July 4, I heard the familiar voice of Mimi Bowler, US District Court Magistrate Judge, swearing in new citizens. During a visit to New York’s Museum of Modern Art, I came across a book of photography by Joyce Tenneson. ¶ Paula, Marlene, and I were at the Cape Cod Luncheon, and met Dr. Hays; Penelope Glynn, PhD, ANP, Dean of Regis College’s School of Nursing, Science, and Health Professions; and Malcolm Asadoorian, PhD, Dean of Regis College’s School of Liberal Arts, Education and Social Sciences. Regis appreciates and encourages our generous support as it ventures into new programs. Additionally, remember our faculty like Sr. Jeanne d’Arc O’Hare, our Government Teacher and later President. Her sister and niece were at the luncheon and report that Sr. is doing well at Bethany in Framingham. S. Cecilia Agnes Mulrennan, our Biology Teacher, visits her often from a nearby building. Thanks to Ellen Kearns and her reunion committee of Mim Flecca, Peggy Gigante, and Charlene Niles. Ellen and Mim are our new Class Presidents, and welcome your suggestions as we plan our 50th. Thanks to Charlene who prepared our booklet, and Pat Driscoll Egan, our prior scribe. I welcome your contributions so that I may continue to bring you our news.

59 fALL 12

Baroni Rooff, Jeanne Burns Terio, Anna Cavanaugh Newbould, Carolyn Conway Stack, Patsy Connearney Deveaux, Charlene Demayo Niles, Paula Dempsey Beauregard, Marlene Gibbons Wilkey, Fran Hogan, Peggy Jones Gigante, Ellen Kearns, Peggy Lally Colleran, Patti McCurry Morley, Rosemarie Melloni Dittmer, Ellen O’Connor, Mim Riley Flecca, Sue Sitarz Fennelly, Pat Sullivan Smith,

during tax season. She keeps in touch with the sons of our late classmate Mary Holland Norris. ¶ Ellens Kearns and Patti Morley are past members of the Regis Board of Trustees and Ellen O’Connor is a current member. Both Patti and Fran Hogan served as Presidents of the Alumni Association. Mary Jane Doherty transitioned as Special Assistant with former President Mary Jane England’59, MD, to that of President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN. We are well represented at Regis! ¶ Combinations of full-time work, retirements, new ventures, part-time careers, and volunteer work were mentioned, along with caring for the generations before and after us. Patsy Deveaux shares that breast cancer survival will soon be 5 years of clear scans. She works 4 days and loves life. All grandkids are well. She can’t believe 1 will be a high school senior since she feels so young! Check with Patti Morley if you want to know how to sell your home in one day. She and Don prepared extensively, and did just that with their Belmont home. They are now in Waltham and Maine. Master gardener Frances Waht Lewis has beautifully designed the grounds of her homes in Essex Junction, VT, and Eastham. She and Scott are in the process of selling their Vermont home. It was a full house this summer: daughter Amanda and her family visited from Brittany, France; son Jonathan with his family; and son Nathaniel. It brought all 4 grandchildren together. Frances cared for her mother who died peacefully at age 100 the day after spending Thanksgiving with her family. ¶ Peggy Gigante and Mike welcomed their first grandchild, Oscar Michael James Campbell, and report that he is adorable. They wish that they lived closer to see him more often. Rosemarie Dittmer and Myron enjoy grandson Joshua. Rosemarie retired as College Dean, and is now Director of Faith Formation at her parish church. She sees Fran Hogan, who travels annually to meet with the Pope in Rome as a long-time member of the Pontifical Academy for Life. Susan Lang Abbott is Director of the Office of Religious Education for the Archdiocese of Boston. She travels to California to visit son John and 2 grandchildren; closer to home she sees 6 grandchildren by her 3 daughters. Mary McLaughlin attended her nephew’s wedding in California. Former roommates Mary McLaughlin, Rachel Gustina Shea, and Mary Elinor Untiet Dagle celebrated the retirements of Mary McLaughlin and Rachel. Each spent 43 years in Catholic education, Mary McLaughlin most recently at the Jackson School in Newton, and Rachel at Arlington Catholic. Rachel’s



45th Reunion ✒ Tricia Nelson Cross, 161 Oak

Common Ave., St. Augustine, FL, 32095.

¶ Greetings, classmates. Sincere condolences to our class president Nancy Brine Fredrickson who lost her dear husband Gary suddenly in July. ¶ I attended the Regis Cape Cod Luncheon in August. Our charismatic new President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN, and deans shared exciting plans on Regis’s future. It was great to catch up with Mary Beth Govoni Cormier who enjoys art classes and retirement. We admired pictures of her daughter Stephanie’s beautiful wedding, and of her son James who will be married next year. Mary Jane Maciewicz Fernino impresses classmates with her recent article and blog. She lives in North Falmouth and has 2 sweet grandchildren Lauren, 5, and Michael, 2. Marcia Carey Walsh, our class fund agent, enjoys spending time in Naples, FL, after retiring from a career in accounting. She has 4 children and 2 grandchildren. She likes oil painting, knitting and her book club. ¶ Mimi McDonald Concannon

10/19/12 5:02 PM

60 REGIS TODAY 31409p50-71.indd 60

spent her birthday with us at the luncheon and took the centerpiece home! Mimi retired from teaching and spends the summer in Cotuit, MA. Husband Bill commutes from Newton. Her lovely daughter, also a Regis alum, came to the luncheon with Mimi; she visits Mimi during the summer with her 2 boys. Mimi and Bill have 3 girls and 6 grandchildren (1 girl and 5 boys). ¶ Judy Murphy Lauch makes our class proud as a Board of Trustee member and supporter of the new president. She is proud of all that Regis has accomplished especially in the last decade. ¶ The Regis Cape Cod Luncheon also served as the first Committee Meeting for the 45th Reunion. Watch for more information to come and save the date: Reunion Weekend, May 17-19, 2013. How can that be possible? ¶ Jo Sullivan, who retired in June 2011 from the Randolph, MA, public schools says it was “a great privilege” being with teachers and students every day. Jo served 2 years as the Assistant Principal for Teaching and Learning at Randolph High School. ¶ Irene Shea McGee retires after 42.6 years of teaching. She said she didn’t want to hear students say, “My great grandmother told me about YOU!” Irene moved to The Villages in Florida, an over-55 retirement community of 80,000. She will be taking iPad and Mac classes, and, as soon as her knee allows, line-dance, clown, and batontwirling classes. If she takes up golf, she’ll wear a bike helmet. ¶ Marion Marascio Vorheiss has recovered from 2 broken femurs and hopes to come to Boston to see everyone at the October Breast Cancer Walk. She recently retired from South Burlington High School after a stellar career as Biology Teacher and Science Department Chair. Her achievements include Science Teacher of the Year of VT and educational foreign travel, culminating in her election as commencement speaker at graduation. Marion had a “great send off and feels blessed.” Congrats, Marion. Granddaughter Addison is adorable and they just got back from Bethany Beach, DE. ¶ Joanne McKeough Eldred saw the picture of the ’68 ladies at the Cape Cod Luncheon and was delighted that our class was represented. She met Dr. Hays as they have a mutual friend and agrees she is quite impressive. Last October, Joanne and her husband bought a home in Asheville, NC, and now divide time between Savannah and Asheville. They will travel to Massachusetts to visit daughter Elizabeth, her husband, and 5-monthold grandson, Tim. Her other daughter Susie will graduate and receive her Doctorate from St. Andrew’s, Scotland, in spring 2013. She hopes to attend

the next Regis reunion and connect with old friends. ¶ Tish Brush Peske, her husband, and son Tim recently vacationed in Skagen, the northernmost part of Denmark. Always interesting geography from Tish! The year has been full for her, work-wise. Her coaching business is thriving and she has taken on the leadership training for Hofmann La Roche in Basel. Son Martin finished his PhD in the spring and teaches Sociology at the U of Lucerne, Switzerland. Tish will be in the US in September, which will give her the opportunity to see a few “Regisites and hopefully lure a few to Frankfurt.” She plans to attend our 45th reunion next spring! ¶ As for me, after my retirement, I cared for my father, who died last fall. He was a great husband, father, dedicated teacher, administrator, kind friend, and neighbor. We miss him. Colin still works on jet engines at GE. Peter is a bartender in Boston; he and his girlfriend Jade were engaged this spring. Last fall, I traveled to DC to participate in the Friends of Liberia activities for the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps. It is hard to believe that it was 44 years ago that we first went to Liberia. The Liberia events in DC were moving, and fun—lots of grey hair and tie-dye! I finally feel retired. I relish seeing friends (and on weekdays!), visiting museums, reading lots and lots, being in my own home in the daylight, and sleeping past 5 am. I was never a morning person.


✒ Linda Gartska Daigneault, 300 Forker Boulevard, Sharon, PA 16146, tj.dano@ ¶ No one has sent me any info on anything! I could do another travelogue on my trips but that gets really boring after a while. Please e-mail or snail mail me with your unusual travels, your endeavors after retirement, your plans for retirement, get-togethers with other Regis grads, any info you want to share.


✒ Nora Quinlan Waystack, 126 Merrimack Street, #50, Newburyport, MA 01950, 978-462-0777, nqwaystack@ ¶ I hope the summer

months offered family fun and restful getaways. I spent the summer at our house on midcoast Maine, with husband Peter, family, and friends. We ate lobster, played tennis, boated, and chilled out. Regis roomie Patty Hanifey visited. She sold her home in Marblehead this August, and loves her new status as roving Irish traveler, staying with various friends while she decides where to next lay her head. I stay in touch with my freshman

roomie Kathy Dobbyn Bouchard and Nancy McCallum Brennerman. Kathy is in her 2nd year of retirement after various teaching and administrative assignments with the Portland School System. Kathy delights in her role as Grammy and occasional Substitute Teacher. Daughter, Amy, has a daughter, Campbell Paige Kennedy (3), and lives in Falmouth, ME. Son, Kevin, and wife live in Melrose, MA, and are the proud parents of Kathryn Marie, born in March. This past July, Nancy retired after 26 years with Unum Insurance as an Underwriter. She loves retirement, is busier than ever, and travelled with a group of women to the Stonehenge/Glastonbury area of England this year. Her summer activities concluded with a family vacation on Great Diamond Island in Casco Bay, Portland, ME. ¶ Maryann Shebek Korona , from Alexandria, VA, retired 6 years ago from her position as a Federal Agency Attorney, though she still teaches legal courses. Although Maryann only attended Regis through her sophomore year, she speaks fondly of her time with our class as an English major. Husband John also retired 6 years ago from employment with the federal government. They recently vacationed in Costa Rica to celebrate daughter Betsy’s 30th birthday. Betsy works for MSNBC in NYC as a Senior Producer and is completing her MBA at NYU. Maryann’s son Michael is completing his last year of law school at Roger Williams U in Rhode Island. ¶ Dyanne Russet Ridill resides in Needham, MA. She and husband John retired 2 years ago. Dyanne taught art for several years while her sons were young, but most recently worked in landscape design. They winter at their home in Palm Harbor, FL, where they golf. Dyanne and John have two sons, Park and David. Park recently was married this past June. David is 28 and lives in Idaho in the Teton Valley on the Wyoming border. Dyanne says, “It is God’s country without a doubt.” Dyanne visited David for 2 weeks this past summer participating outdoor activities she’s always loved. Dyanne occasionally runs into Sara Donaue Jakobek , who also lives in Needham.


✒ Sallyanne McColgan, 8 Melbourne Rd., Milton, MA 02186, 617-696-3736 ¶ First, as a class we extend our most sincere condolences to Mary Ellen Moran Suidut on the death of her husband, Ed. Ed was not just a star athlete, he was a stellar man. Our love and prayers are with you. Anne DeRusha Meade wrote to share the death of her beloved mother-in-law, Hazel Meade. When you can describe

10/19/12 5:02 PM


31409p50-71.indd 61

nothing, but do it well. I do a little neuropsychological and educational consulting when I can.


✒ Mary Lou Wenthe, 8485 Berkeley Street, Honeoye, NY 14471, 585-2084337 ✒ Susan Schissel Fogerty, 113 Central Street, Byfield, MA 01913, 978-462-8647, ¶

Hello from your new class reporters! We would like to thank Sukey for her 15 dedicated years as our reporter. We only hope we can be half as good. ¶ What a great reunion we had celebrating 40 years! Thirty-five classmates attended reunion, with several of us staying over at Domitilla Hall. Friday night was the class party at Morrison House. After a wonderful dinner, we were entertained by Kathy Edwards Hall and her rendition of “Heard It Through the Grapevine.” Backup singers/dancers were Sharon McDede Kolor, Paula Downes Vogel, and Janice Carragher Charles. Mary Lou Wenthe

added her version of the “Regis Girl” showcasing 4 decades in 4 minutes. Janice Charles played guitar and sang songs we all remembered well. It was a fun night. We thank you all, especially our reunion committee, Marie Sullivan, Ann Hafey O’Neil, Mary Lou Wenthe, and Kathy Edwards Hall. ¶

Saturday was the Alumni Luncheon, class meeting and catch up with old friends. At night the International dinner was served under a tent at the tower. Dancing went well into the night and the class of ’72 showed off our stuff! We even group danced with our dynamic college President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN. ¶ On Sunday we departed and vowed to meet again in 5 years, hopefully with more classmates. Check out some of the posted pictures on www. Search for the class of 1972. ¶ Audrey “AJ” Volckmann Leonard came in from Chicago. She is Assistant Director of Clinical Trials at Abbott Pharmaceuticals and looking forward to 2 weddings: her son, Dan’s, in October 2012 and her daughter, Mary’s, in June 2013. Ann McGrath lives in Exeter, NH. She is retired from teaching and works part time at the Phillips Exeter Academy library. Her husband, Steve, owns Exeter Music. Sukey Saunders volunteers at the Providence Animal Rescue League and runs a dog-boarding business from home. Fairlie Dalton and her husband were the lucky winners of a reunion-wide drawing for Red Sox tickets. They are also excited to attend an “Antiques Road Show” taping in Boston. The week after the reunion, Callie Shea Egan, attended her son’s graduation from Bowdoin

College. She and husband Daniel live in Newton, and she teaches. Kathy Ryan Carey works in banking and lives in Newburyport. ¶ As for myself, Susan Schissel Fogerty, my husband Bill and I have 4 kids. Bill is retired from the FAA. Our oldest, John, lives in Wyoming with granddaughter Erin. Our Mary and husband Devin are in Tucson, AZ. Daughter Laura is starting a graduate degree at Northeastern, and son Will lives in LA. We belong to all airline frequent flyer programs. While dancing at the reunion, Will texted me he’d just sky dived from 15,000 feet! I made my way to the bar quickly after that!


40th Reunion ✒ Pat D’Amore, pattidamore@gmail. com ¶ Diane (Dee) Rando Hampe teaches Art Education courses at Boston U and supervises student teachers. She converted her single-car garage into a studio the summer she retired and, when not preparing for class, she is there painting and making collages. Her work was in the BU faculty show this year and she exhibits locally through the Dedham Square Art Guild. Last year, Dee received an Honorable Mention for a pastel landscape in the Plymouth Art Guild’s annual juried exhibit. This summer she painted in Italy, fulfilling a dream she has had since her semester in Florence in 1972. ¶ Liz Johnson and husband Bob are settled where they hope to retire, a medieval-inspired timberframe in the woods south of Charlottesville, VA. She telecommutes from there to Oracle, where she has been for 24 years. She published an article on reconstruction as a research technique in Brill’s Encyclopedia of Dress and Textiles in the British Isles c. 450–1450, which grew out of her work in history. Liz and Bob recently travelled through northern France. ¶ Save the date for our upcoming 40th (yikes) reunion: May 17–19, 2013!

61 fALL 12

your mother-in-law as an inspiration, a joy, a gift to all who met her, the embodiment of grace, courage and love, and the person you want to be when you grow up, you are one very lucky daughter-in-law. Our prayers and support to Dr. Doug and Anne on this great loss. Sheila J. Murphy recently lost her sister-in-law, Karen, in a scuba accident. Karen was a beloved member of the Murphy clan and will be very sorely missed. Love and prayers to all. ¶ Shelia H. Murphy Cerjanec has taken up residence in Indian Rocks Beach, FL this summer and has proven herself to be quite the interior and exterior designer since moving in. She is also a killer Words with Friends player on Facebook. ¶ Sheila J. Murphy continues to teach Art at Matignon HS in Cambridge. She is a world class travel companion and is most gracious in pushing me around on our annual trips somewhere with Linda Faldetta. ¶ Dr. Linda is still a psychologist with the Comm. of MA Department of Developmental Services. Linda and I had a great weekend up in Kennebunkport doing the accessible trails and eating fresh caught seafood. Linda and her husband, Tom Lepisto, continue to organize and lead cross-country skiing treks in the winter and hike the rest of the year throughout New England and the Southwest. They also have fabulous vacations to the South Pacific, Egypt, and South America and anywhere there are wonderful astronomical event sightings. ¶ Cathy Stare has retired as Asst. Superintendent of the Rockville NY Diocese Dept of Ed. She has recently finished an advanced certificate in educational leadership from St. John’s U, NY. She is leading some groups in medical ethics at the medical school at SUNY Stony Brook. She is supervising student teachers for St Joseph College on Long Island NY. For fun, she continues to hike the Adirondacks. She has bagged all 46 of the highest caps and most of the less lofty. She loves hiking Long Island and attending theater, when not working on community issues for her congregation, The Sister of Charity of Halifax. ¶ MJ Curtain May dropped a note to say Kathy Moore Donohue and her family visited Skaneateles, NY twice this summer. Kathy was on her way to participate in a pilgrimage to Camino de Santiago de Compostela. MJ had wonderful trips to California and Cape Cod to visit with family with a focus on spoiling grandchildren. She also is a terrific Words with Friends competitor. I wish I could spell as well and had as good a vocabulary; she slaughters me regularly. ¶ Anne and Doug Meade will be celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary in October. Ad Multos Annos. ¶ I continue to do



✒ Grace Murphy, 6 Colony Road, Lexington, MA 02420, Grace.Murphy@ ¶ We were saddened to hear of the passing of our classmates

Therese Murphy Connors and Nancy Hoy Sherwood. Therese lived in

Milton, MA, was married to Thomas Connors, and had 2 sons. She passed away in March of kidney cancer. Nancy lived in Vestal, NY, was married to Michael Sherwood, and had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Nancy also passed away in March, from complications of diabetes. Both Therese and Nancy will be remembered at the Memorial Mass on Nov. 18, 2012.

10/19/12 5:02 PM


✒ Christina Mackiewicz McMahon, ¶ In August, Marsha Biernat, Kate O’Connor, Joan Monahan Boecke, and Barbara Roberts Madsen joined classmate Janet Rich Bayley at her home on

Martha’s Vineyard.


✒ Karen Driscoll Montague, kdm55@ ¶ We had a great 35th


reunion and already look forward to the 40th! In attendance were Dawna Provost Carrette who lives in Concord with her family; Patrice Dentremont, who lives in DC and travels extensively for her health care consulting practice; Carmel Coughlin Donoghue, who recently downsized to a new townhouse in Harvard with husband Ken, now that their 2 children are off on their own; and Nancy Norton Sarvis. Mary Edwina Colpoys and Joy Toomey came for dinner Saturday night. Mary is a Pediatrician with a practice in Watertown and Joy is a Tax Lawyer for the MA Dept. of Revenue. Jan Rutkowski works for Regis in IT. Maureen Callahan Zander recently moved from the ‘burbs to downtown Milwaukee and sells real estate. Sylvia Pattavina is the Title 1 Director for the Quincy Public School system. Kathy Cafarella Tusini lives in Boxford with her 2 sons. Anne Marie Hurley Darling came for pizza Friday night with Sara Monahan and Sharon Lally Doliber, whose husband Howie recently passed away after a long illness. Our condolences go out to Sharon and her 4 children who live in Marblehead. ¶ Attendees also included Sheila Barry, Mary Lou Osborne, Debbie Andrews, Susan Gelmini Tammaro, and Joyce Sullivan Mucci. Jan Gleason Rogers

lives and teaches in West Virginia. Jane Lenox Leary is the Alumni Director at Northwest Catholic High School in Hartford, CT. Representing College Hall were Betty Mazeiko Abdulla who is still with Fidelity and lives in Salem, NH. With her son married, she looks forward to becoming a grandmother. Kathy Cove Curley moved from Wellesley to a beautiful new townhouse in Natick. She looks forward to her oldest daughter Carolyn’s wedding next year—if they survive the planning. Marion Quinn Jowett came from Williamstown where she lives and works for the Council on Aging. Her son Christopher is in his last year at FIT in NYC. Janet Prior teaches at Lawrence High, lives in Andover and enjoys her summers on the Cape. Julie O’Connor McGinn lives in Peabody and has 1 daughter still in college. Julie’s daughter Bridget graduated from Brown

31409p50-71.indd 62

last year and teaches in Texas. Her son Mike works for City Year. Nicki Girouard works for Raytheon and lives in Newburyport. Apologies if I’ve missed anyone! ¶ Prior to Reunion, a group including Mary Edwina, Joy, Donna Cellucci Sumner, Jill Alexander Belastock, and Dianne Novak met in

Dedham for lunch. ¶ From those who weren’t able to make reunion: Carol Manning Chicarello lives in Arlington and attends Divinity School. Her oldest son Paul works in Biotech in Cambridge; her daughter is still in high school. Kathy McNulty lives in Fort Bragg, CA. Pam Witt Wadzita lives in Vancouver, WA, has 3 children, and is the Principal of an elementary school. Maura Brown Gost lives in Polesville, MD. She is a recent grandmother, but unfortunately her grandson lives in San Diego. She has 3 more children, 1 in grad school and 2 undergraduates. Susan Anderson Stirrat lives in Boston with her husband Reno and youngest son Jack, an avid sailor, who recently competed in the Sailing Junior Olympics in Gloucester. Joan Whalen Wilson missed the reunion for a good reason: Her son received his MBA from Providence College. Joan lives in Chelmsford and works for a small high-tech start-up. Bonnie Walsh Davidson reports on Facebook that 2 of her 3 children are married and 1 is still at home. If you are on Facebook, please join the Regis Class of ’77 group. ¶ So after all the news of empty nesters, kids off to college and married, and even a few grandchildren in the mix, it seems strange to report that my daughter is in the 2nd grade. My husband Ira and I adopted AiLi from China 5 years ago. After 32 years in advertising at Arnold Worldwide, I left in June to become an almost fulltime mommy. I’ll be consulting while balancing parent, Girl Scout leader responsibilities, and all the other stuff that I’m discovering goes along with being a mom to an active kid.


✒ Debbie Southworth Howard, 12315 Winston Avenue, Urbandale, IA 50323, 515-619-9258, ✒ Janet Mills-Knudsen, 12 B Lawrence Street, Woburn, MA 01801, 781-4910698, ¶ The

class extends our profound sympathy to Bonnie Szarzynski McIsaac on the loss of her mother on July 18, 2012, following a courageous battle with cancer. ¶ Congratulations to Karen Walsh Fortin on the birth of her 1st grandson, Kaleb, born June 26, 2012. Mom and Little Kaleb are both doing great and Grandma Fortin is beaming. (Karen does not look old enough to be a grandma!) ¶ Also congratulations to Lori Seccareccio DeMartin

on her fabulous 1-woman art show “Unconditional” held at Eyeful Beauty in Lowell on July 27, 2012. Attendees reported it was a great success. We are all proud of you, Lori (but not surprised!). ¶ Kathy Shepard returned from Bosnia-Herzegovina. She reports it was “a great pilgrimage but it was very hot there—115 degrees!” I’m still waiting for the pictures on Facebook. ¶ Look out for “Blue Tropic Soul,” a band featuring the sons of Kathy Mulvihill Brutzman. They are making quite a name for themselves in New York. We wish the boys success. ¶ Janet Mills Knudsen and her husband Bob recently gave a week of service in New Orleans. They rebuilt houses destroyed by Hurricane Katrina with the St. Bernard Project. ¶ My family has moved again. This stop is in Des Moines, IA. Talk about living in Niceville. Our 1st winter was mild and our 1st summer here was hot but we are enjoying it so far. One of these days I’ll get to Chicago to see my old friend, Marva Taylor.


✒ Judith A. Allonby, 7 Rockland Park, Apt. 2, Malden, MA 02148, 781-3247735, ¶ Long overdue condolences to Cynthia Aimo Ross on the loss of her husband sev-

eral years ago. Cindy’s twin boys are now adults. She ran a tour boat company for 20 years then went to law school. Cindy now lives in Falmouth, where she has a law practice and serves as a bar advocate. ¶ Karen Callahan Masters attended the Regis Cape Cod Luncheon, where she sat with members of the class of ’81, before vacationing with her husband in Yarmouth. Karen’s daughter recently graduated Laboure College, where Karen works, with a degree in Radiation Therapy. Karen herself graduated from Curry College with a Masters of Education. Congratulations, Karen. Karen keeps in touch with sister-in-law Carol MacGillivray Masters, who is amazed to be the mother of college-touring teenagers. ¶ Wynn Foley Fargo just drove her daughter Molly to school in Tampa. ¶ Anthea-Maria Poole’s Facebook postings provide insightful updates on the political and economic crisis in Greece along with poetic appreciation of the islands’ beauty. ¶ MaryBeth Untersee Klotz moved to Tega Cay, SC. Her husband had eye surgery recently and MaryBeth hopes for a speedy recovery. ¶ Ellen Sheehy is recovering from knee surgery and looking forward to a Disney World trip. ¶ Gabriela Suib Marchitelli recently visited the Cape. ¶ Maura Goulding Driscoll moved back to Massachusetts from Seattle and is

10/19/12 5:02 PM

class looking for full-time work as a Tech Writer. ¶ Janet LeBlanc Osborne is fast approaching 30 years with Verizon. ¶ Jo-Ann Bafaro has been celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Girl Scouts. ¶ Tricia Wlasuk keeps busy in New Hampshire with the Sanborn Boosters and her gym membership. ¶ After 31 years, Vivian Mawhinney Demeusy-Gerzog left Xerox and is ready to begin the next phase of her professional life. ¶ Sue Bernardi-Holt lives in Gilroy, CA, the garlic capital of the world and attends her daughters’ competitive fast-pitch softball games. ¶ Caroline Coscia attended a Celtics game with me this spring and returned the favor by taking me to a Red Sox game this month. ¶ Claire Ventura King and I somehow managed to get lost on the way to our annual “Beach Day” but finally found Cape Ann. ¶ My father passed away, after a long illness, this past April. We miss him but we’re glad he is finally at rest. I went hto San Francisco and Sonoma over Labor Day weekend for a family reunion and a wedding (and a much-needed vacation)!

✒ Teresa M. McGonagle, Flagship Wharf 612, 197 Eighth Street, Charlestown, MA 02129, 617-241-0966, Tmm387@ ✒ Kelly Carney Kelly, 622 Lewis Wharf, Boston, MA 02110, 617523-7007, ¶ Maureen Fallon, Susan Schumacher Fiaschetti, Maureen Stephens, and Carol Weigel DiFranco represented

the Class of 1981 at the annual Cape Cod Luncheon at the Willowbend Country Club in Mashpee. Over 100 alumni and friends enjoyed a delicious 3-course meal and viewed presentations from President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN; Dean of the School of Nursing, Science and Health Professions Penelope Glynn, PhD, ANP; and new Dean of the School of Liberal Arts, Education and Social Sciences Malcolm Asadoorian, PhD.


30th Reunion ✒ Anne Gruszka McKenzie, 4508 Buffalo Trace, Annandale, VA 22003, 703-978-2121, anne.m.mckenzie@gmail. com ¶ As a reminder, events to bring

our class back together for our 30th reunion will be held the weekend of May 17–19, 2013. Please save the dates! Hope to see many of you there. Please visit reunionsurvey30 to complete a brief survey about reunion.

31409p50-71.indd 63


✒ Annamaria Cobuccio Paone, 26 Marshall St., North Reading, MA 01864; paonefam5@ ¶ I attended the 25th

Reunion in May. It was nice to see many familiar faces! Ginny Corey Nelson , Lisa Mae DeMasi MacKenzie, Christine Hyland Phillips, Angela Iatrou Simon , Karen Maiellano, Eileen McHugh, Theresa Montani, Lisa Nerich , Paula Webster Sennett, and Connie West Benn also attended. ¶ I visited Paula Webster Sennett at her home in Peterborough, NH, in July for her annual lamb roast with husband Peter, sons Will and Tommy, and a new addition: Scout, a beagle mix puppy. Paula and her husband bought an old sea captain’s house and have been renovating it. ¶ Angela Iatrou Simon started a new position in April as Project Manager at Consigli Construction Company based in Milford, MA. Her 1st assignment is the interior and exterior renovations of 4 student dormitories at Bridgewater State U. Angela is enrolled in the Construction Management Master’s degree program at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. She lives in Southborough with husband of 16 years Erik, and has 3 children: Korinna (12), Xander (11), and Nathan (8). ¶ Christine Hyland Phillips is living in Acton with husband of 19 years Jay and has 3 children: Tim (17), Matthew (15), and daughter Aidan (12). Christine is busy looking at colleges with Tim who is interested in rowing and percussion. The family vacationed in Arizona this summer to see the Grand Canyon and check it off the bucket list! A new job for Christine as a Classroom Assistant has her juggling family, work time, and volunteering. She recently finished co-chairing a committee to re-establish a wetlands boardwalk near the local elementary school. She also enjoys coaching youth lacrosse. ¶ Eileen Schmitt Perry left her Bank of Boston job in 2000. She returned to school to earn a Master’s in Education in Early Childhood Education. She graduated in 2003 from Lesley U. Eileen teaches kindergarten in Arlington and loves it. She and husband of 23 years Henry have 2 girls: Katie (21) a senior at Wheelock College, and Colleen (15) a sophomore in HS. ¶ Carol Flynn, a graduate of the Nursing Program, shared that she and 6 other classmates in the Nursing Program have met for dinner every 2 months since graduation in 1987. Even if they’re down to 2, they meet! The group is Debbie Falvey, Marsha Slayton, Debby Wright , Nancy Finnell, Kathy Bourque, and Jane Zeytoonian. ¶ Heidi Mailman Pearsall lives in

Submit Class Notes Online! Regis College would love to know what’s new with you. Regis Today is a great way to stay in touch with your classmates and friends. Share your news about babies, jobs, marriages, vacations, activities, anniversaries, and grandchildren.

63 fALL 12



Contacting your class reporter is the best way to submit a note, but if you would like to submit a class note online, go to the Regis College website,, and click on the Alumni page. Just fill out the form and submit your news to the Alumni Office for the next issue of Regis Today. Thanks so much for your news! We look forward to hearing from you.

10/26/12 3:16 PM


Manchester, NY, with her husband Web and cat Bailey. She and Web celebrated their 20-year anniversary this summer, spending a week in Lancaster, PA, which they love. Heidi works at Canandaigua National Bank & Trust Co. as an Accountant, leads a quilting group at her church, and volunteers at a local food bank. She hopes all is well with her classmates! ¶ S. Cabrini greatly influenced Annamaria Cobuccio Paone’s (my) career path. Biotechnology was just emerging during the 1980’s, and Sr. saw the future of science in the biotechnology industry. She would take any opportunity to tell me that I must consider a job in biotechnology. I recall a time in the mailroom when she appeared opposite my mailbox unexpectedly and said only, “Biotechnology.” I followed her advice and accepted a research position at a biotechnology company in Cambridge after graduation. Four years ago I accepted a position at a biotechnology company in Woburn as a Sr. Clinical Project Manager in Drug Supply. I have been working in this industry for the past 25 years and find it very rewarding. I live in North Reading with my husband Peter (we celebrated our 23rd anniversary in August) and 3 children: Cristian (18) will be attending UMass Amherst in the fall; Julian (16); and Sofia (12). I garden in my free time.


25th Reunion ✒ Kym Miele Johnson, KymboRI@ ¶ Can you believe that we will be having our 25th Reunion in May? Where has the time gone? Kara Laverty Flynn, Laura Doherty Martha Waldron, and Valerie Brown McGuire

met at Morrison House on Sept. 6 to begin planning. A 2nd meeting is scheduled for Thursday, November 29. President Antoinette M. Hays, PhD, RN, will join and update us on all of the exciting things happening at Regis. We invite you all to be part of this initial planning so our once-ina-lifetime 25th will be a blast! More details to come…


✒ Maria Alpers Henehan, 33 Baker Road, Arlington, MA 02474, 781-6434499, ¶ I

hope that you and your families are well. ¶ Kathleen Fleming started a new job in April as the Digital Sales Manager for a Web site in New Jersey. She and her boyfriend Josh live in New York. They travelled over the summer to California, Massachusetts, Maine, upstate New York, and Ohio. Kathleen caught up with Eileen Fahey Gill ’90 in June. ¶ Elizabeth Cannon Dimovski enjoyed her southern

31409p50-71.indd 64

California summer. She loves her time as a stay-at-home mom to Ana (5) and Michael (2)! Ana starts kindergarten this year. Andrea Johnson O’Connor has 2 daughters, ages 5 and 6. They are in kindergarten and 1st grade this year. Andrea and her family, including their black lab Homer, recently bought Andrea’s parents’ house in Milton. She works part time as a Senior Systems Analyst for a company in Boston. ¶ Lisa Reppucci DeSimone and her family traveled to Italy this summer. Her oldest son attends Bryant U this fall. Nancy Antonellis D’Amato and her family traveled to Canada this summer to camp at Niagara Falls. They also stopped in Rochester, NY, to visit the Strong National Museum of Play, “an awesome spot”! Nancy, Terri LaBounty Rodriguez , Marie de la Bruere, and Joan Fellows Madden ’90 got together at Joan’s house over the summer. Marie’s son, Isaac, is starting school this fall at UVM. Sadly, Nancy’s dad passed away this summer at age 82. He was an avid stamp collector; donations in his honor were made to the Spellman Museum at Regis. ¶ Katie O’Leary Masterson develops training content in Spanish and English for a 20,000-person direct sales force. She travels across the country to deliver and facilitate training of new people and leaders. She spends her time writing, editing, and directing copywriters on content, interviewing, video production, and event planning. She and husband Shawn have 5 children and live in Rehoboth, MA. She spends every spare minute she has reading and running. Katie is an active member of the Board at the Greater Providence YMCA and mentors local high school students as part of a school-to-career program. ¶ Mary McSoley Ohrn and her family visited the area for a weekend in July; the perfect excuse for a cookout at chez moi! Several Regis girls and their families joined us. It was fun to catch up with Barbara L’Heureux Murphy, Christine Enwright Wilson , Jen Oteri, and Briege Walsh O’Connell. We had a lot of laughs, but not enough time! Eighteen kids made for a little extra craziness as well.


✒ Catherine Trainor Froio, 84 Tyler Street, Attleboro, MA 02703, 508-2227355, ¶ Denise Dean is prepping for her 1st half

marathon to celebrate her 43rd birthday. ¶ Nicole Amnott Tongue attended her brother Craig’s retirement as a Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army. She watched the event from the Hudson River on the Superintendent boat of West Point, Craig’s alma mater. Nicole was engaged this summer to

Gregory Baker. She’s embarked on a different professional path and is working diligently on starting a 501(c)(3) program, the Healing Oasis Wellness Center. It’s a facility for atrisk youth who suffer from mental or poverty obstacles and need a place in which to receive psychiatric rehabilitative and life skills assistance. With the mid-life career change, she was able to work a lot from home, which allowed her to make some summertime memories with her 2 boys.


✒ Audrey Griffin-Goode, Audrey ¶ Happy fall,

classmates! I hope your spring and summer were great. Mine was eventful. On March 16, my daughter, Olivia Grace, came into the world 10 weeks early. Little Olivia weighed only 2 pounds, 5 ounces. We welcomed her home on June 21, after a 97-day NICU stay. She is doing well now and making progress, weighing almost 13 pounds! ¶ In August, Joanne McHugh volunteered for Exceptional Citizens’ Week, a summer overnight camp for children and adults with intellectual and/or physical challenges. Joanne wrote, “I was happy to be part of this special volunteer team of over 300 volunteers and 170 campers. My special camper was Kathy, who has Down Syndrome. What a remarkable young woman. I learned so much from her and I have a new friend.” Kudos to you, Joanne, for making a difference!


✒ Valerie Williams Sumner, ¶ Please

submit class notes via email or on the Regis College Class of 1997 Facebook Page: groups/344127782281192/ ¶ Our 15th reunion was a small turnout, but that didn’t stop our class from having a great time and closing the dance floor again! It was fun catching up with old friends and staying up late in Angela Hall. We missed those who couldn’t make it. ¶ Laura Johnson Vittum , Audra Connolly Williams, Lorie Aziz, and Sue Lynch Nee completed the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk. Their team, Army of Angels, raised over $10,000. Congratulations! ¶ Ann Grady Marro recently traveled down from Maine with her beautiful daughter Francesca. They met up pool-side with Lisa McPhail, Valerie Williams Sumner, and Andrea Bolton List! Valerie’s 2 children splashed happily with Francesca and Andrea’s 3 (out of 4) children. Andrea’s recent addition Harper Kate, born in January, is eager to keep up with her older siblings! ¶ We missed Leigh Devereaux Young

10/19/12 5:02 PM

class who was getting ready to deliver her 5th child. Brendan Robert Young was born in July. Congratulations to the Young family! ¶ Stacie Tremonte Allen works at Wellesley College, runs Curves in Natick, and enjoys her 3 children. ¶ Stephanie Marcouillier Robinson teaches at Middlesex Community College and lives in Londonderry, NH, with her husband and 3 children. ¶ Laura Dempsey and Marisa Russo Davidson ran the Falmouth Road Race (7.1 miles) together for a non-profit charity. Way to go, girls! Valerie Williams Sumner also ran the race but with over 12,000 runners, it was hard to find Regis alumni in the crowd! ¶ Natalia Pari di Monriva McNamara started her own business called Sweet Finds Candy, LLC. You can find her delicious treats on Twitter, @SweetFindsCandy, and Pinterest. Congrats, Natalia!


15th Reunion ✒ Amy Clines, 805 Spring Heights Lane,

comed their son Carl Robert to the world on April 7. He was a healthy 6 lbs 8 oz. He is their little miracle and they are thrilled. Pamela returned to work in the IRB at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, CT. She is adjusting to her new life as a working mom. Planning has already begun for our 15th reunion in May. Please check the ’98 Facebook page for details and upcoming planning meetings and gatherings.


✒ Alexa Pozniak, ¶ Hello, ’99ers. Hope everyone is doing well. First, a bit of sad news. Our dear classmate Carolyn Milewski Oullette passed away in December after a courageous battle with breast cancer. She is survived by her husband Jeff and daughters Megan and Emma. May her beautiful spirit live on. ¶ There’s a baby boom brewing amongst our classmates. Janet Raymond O’Connor and husband Jim will welcome their 1st child, a boy, into the world in October. Jennifer Alberti Atwood and husband are expecting their 1st baby in October. MeghanLee Parker welcomed her 1st child, Henry, in July. Heather Danielson checked in from Vail, Colorado. She recently tied the knot with Patrick Clancy. This past March, they welcomed baby Rowan to the family. Heather says she’s loving life and “every single minute of motherhood.” After 3 years living in Ely, England, Nora Connolly Eyle is back in the States. She and husband Chris, along

31409p50-71.indd 65


✒ Allyson DiGregory, nosylla6@ ¶ Sarahí Yajahira Almonte

is a Community Organizer for United Connecticut Action for Neighborhoods, aimed improving access to healthcare. She decided to pursue nursing, and begins her degree this fall. ¶ Elizabeth Avery accepted a new position with Bay State Milling Company as a Senior HR Generalist. She is engaged to James Baggett and is busy planning a December wedding. Members of the wedding party include Jessica Ressler ’99 and Julia Mastronardi Yakovich. ¶ Erin Benson LaChance and her husband, Mike, welcomed baby number 3, Ryan Williams LaChance, on July 13, 2012. ¶ Kelly Doyle Kippenberger and her husband, Sam, will celebrate their daughter Gracie Jean’s 1st birthday on Nov. 28, 2012. ¶ Maura Drury has worked for the Dept. of Public Health for 6 years and recently received a promotion. She enjoys traveling and went to England this past spring. ¶ Carrie Ennis Nicosia and her husband Tony have a son, Braydon. He turns 1 on Oct. 28, 2012. ¶ Melanie Fletcher would like everyone to know that she is alive and well. That is all. She clearly still has her sense of humor! We love you, Mel. ¶ Kristen Gleneck Chiumiento, her husband, and 3 three daughters moved

into their new home in Brentwood, NH. ¶ Heidi Lippold Szydlo will celebrate her daughter’s birthday soon: Maizey Shea Szydlo turns 1 on Nov. 13, 2012. ¶ Julia Mastronardi Yakovich has recently been promoted to the Director of Service-Learning for the U of Connecticut. She leads an initiative that combines rigorous academic courses and instruction with meaningful service to the community. ¶ Taryn McNichol graduated from Simmons College with a Master’s in Communication Management in 2010. After 10 years of working as a Graphic Designer, she accepted a position as the Marketing and P.R. Manager at The Mary Baker Eddy Library in Boston. ¶ Karen Packer DiBona and husband Rob are happily homeschooling their children Matthew (7), Anna (4), and Jonathan, (20 mo.). She was recently elected to serve on the service team for their local homeschooling group CHIME (Catholic Homeschoolers in Massachusetts East). ¶ US Army Captain Amy Sizer has been in the US Army for 4 years. She is stationed at Fort Leavenworth, KS, and working at the US Disciplinary Barracks. She assists previous service members serving their sentence, so when they complete their confinement they can re-enter society in a productive fashion. Amy returned from Afghanistan in 2011, after spending 13 months supporting 1st Brigade Combat Team 101 St Airborne division. She is proud and honored to serve in the US Army and ensure our country’s ongoing freedom. Thank you, Amy, for your hard work. ¶ Megan Tierney Connor enjoys her position at Phillips Academy as the Associate Director of Annual Giving. Her daughter Grace turned 3 in May. Megan and Amanda Ruppert Adams completed a sprint Triathlon in Falmouth, MA (Amanda beat Megan by 20 minutes!). She also visited Allison Hickie Robinson at Lake Winnipausakee, NH. Allison recently accepted a position as Manager at The Limited in Marlborough, MA. ¶ Jennifer Van Buren works as a social worker at Holy Trinity Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Worcester. She and her husband welcomed their 1st child in March 2012. ¶ Shannon Wagner Paquette and her husband George welcomed a daughter, Jillian Margaret, on March 21, 2012. They moved to a new home to make room for the family. ¶ Vanessa Zottola is a registered nurse working at Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Milton. ¶ As for me, I became engaged to my girlfriend of 3 years, Erin, this past spring. We are planning a 2013 wedding. I live in Melrose, MA, and I have been teaching high school graphic design for 7 years. During the

65 fALL 12

Smyrna, GA 30080, 912-657-9825, ¶ Pamela Wheeler Johnson and her husband Steve wel-

with sons Donavan (3) and Sean (1), will live in Saunderstown, RI, for the next year. They’re expecting their 3rd baby. Nora says it’s great to be back and she’s excited to re-connect with family and friends. Simone McGuire Grant resigned from her job as a Police Officer to tackle a much more difficult feat: staying home full-time with her 3 kids. She says, “It’s been crazy good.” She spent the month of June driving cross-country with them, experiencing everything Americana has to offer. ¶ Sherrill Erickson moved her real estate law practice to a new building in Chelmsford. She’s coaching freshman volleyball and junior varsity basketball at her other alma mater, Chelmsford High. ¶ After 12 years working in the Boston U athletic department, Melissa “Roachie” Roache has made a career change: She recently accepted a position as a Pre-school Teacher at the Cambridge YMCA. ¶ Megan Michael Lane accepted a new job as a Publicist for EMC Corporation. Alicia D’Oyle is now the Director of the Academic Achievement Center at Bridgewater State U. Word has it April Laverriere LaMontagne started a sewing and design business. Michelle Champagne Giusti started “The Children’s House,” a childcare business in Hudson. Check it out on Facebook.


10/19/12 5:02 PM

summer, I enjoy working as a background extra on some of the movies being filmed in New England. I also run my own graphic design business. I recently visited Regis with fellow ‘00 alums Heidi Lippold Sydzlo, Kate Murphy, Kristen Gleneck Chiumiento, and Michelle Merlino Warnock . After, we took a walk around campus, giggling and reminiscing about times past. If you have the chance, stop in for a weekend brunch in the Upper Student Union. It’s a comfortable way to catch up with friends and see how Regis is evolving. Bring your kids! Hope to hear from even more of you next issue.


✒ Jessica Shumaker Grondin, jshu20@ ✒ Katie Stickler Tommasini, ✒ Margo


Cicciarella Bednarz, mcicciarella@gmail. com ¶ Linda Brophy Lawton recently


had her 3rd child. Carly Rose was born on July 10, 2012, at 9 lbs and 21 1/4 inches long. Linda is on maternity leave until October and enjoying every minute with her 3 girls. ¶ Carole Boyden Williams lives in Pasadena, MD, with her husband Mike. They welcomed a baby boy, Ryan Joseph, on April 9, 2012. Carole is working as an Investigator for the City of Baltimore’s Office of Civil Rights. ¶ Karin Sofoulis Conroy and her husband welcomed baby number 4. Michael Lawrence was born on February 5! Karin resides in North Carolina. ¶ Thais Teixeira Frost just celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with her husband, Jason. ¶ Jessica Shumaker Grondin (me!) and my husband just bought a house in Cumberland, ME, after relocating to Portland in November. We’re excited to have a space of our own where Charlotte can grow up. We’ve been doing lots of projects around the house.


✒ Adrian Sexton, 40 Saint Nicholas Place, Apt. 5C, New York, NY 10031, 646-320-0901,

¶ At our 10th Reunion this past May, high on the hilltop in sunshine and shadow, 10 years felt like a mere 10 minutes. Our love for Regis College was evident, as we had a strong showing throughout the weekend. Kathryn Phillips Livingston even flew from Albuquerque, NM, to attend. One of the many highlights of the reunion was an unexpected rivalry with the class of 2007—you may have won the ping pong battle in Maria Hall this time, ladies, but we’ll win the war! Our class certainly hasn’t lost our ability to party: We danced the night away under the tent at the

31409p50-71.indd 66

Tower Garden. Class President Karyn Lessard received the Young Alumni

Award during the reunion luncheon for her contributions to Regis. She, Kelly Linehan and others were instrumental in orchestrating the unforgettable weekend. ¶ The 10 years since graduating Regis College have brought about many changes, not only within our class, but in the world. As the senior class during 9/11, we have come into our womanhood during turbulent times. Despite difficulties, within the warmth and love of the Regis College community during our reunion, we were innocent and carefree again. When the reunion ended, it was difficult to say goodbye. I cannot wait to see everyone again for our 15th reunion. ¶ Congratulations to Angelita Salazar Gonzalez and husband Joseph who welcomed their 2nd daughter, Avery Johanna, on April 5. Avery joins her sister, Adrian Josephine, in a growing, happy family. ¶ Hillary Carpinella and husband Paul welcomed twin boys, Jacob Anthony, born June 15 and Thomas Benjamin, born on June 16. They join big brother Isaac in the Carpinella clan. ¶ Ewa Cybulski Wlaz received an MBA in May from the U of Hartford alongside her husband Krys. This superwoman completed her degree in 6 years while having 2 children: Julia (4) and Amelia (2). In August, the family travelled to Poland so the girls can meet their great-grandparents and other family members. ¶ Linda Bowden Almeida married husband Rob in August 2009. They welcomed their little boy Max in November 2010. The Almeidas have been “down under” since October 2011, living in Perth, Western Australia, for Rob’s job. ¶ Deven D’Angeli Heroux was married on December 18, 2011 to James Heroux at the Willowdale Estate in Topsfield, MA. They live in Framingham, MA, with their adorably handsome Australian Labradoodles, Levi and Hadley. Deven works in Framingham as a Human Resources and Recruiting Manager at Engineering Planning and Managment, Inc. (EPM). She has been with the company for 5 years. ¶ Megan Eldridge lives in Pittsfield, MA and is a therapist at The Brien Center, a community mental health center. On Aug. 5, she was engaged to Erik Wroldson. ¶ Congratulations to Kara Sprague, who has started a new job as the Director of College and Career Counseling at Hall-Dale High School in Farmingdale, ME, and to Nicole Catalano, who was promoted to Clinical Manager of Neurosurgery. Nicole has been a Nurse Practitioner for Neurosurgery at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for 4 years. ¶ As for me, Adrian Sexton, I’ve lived in NYC for 10 years and currently

work in the Personal Shopping department in Bloomingdale’s. I am actively involved in comedy throughout New York: I have a bi-monthly show with my improv troupe “Tickle Party!“ at the People’s Improv Theater, and perform in reoccurring shows and festivals with my musical improv team ‘PANTS!’ I have many fond memories of our reunion; a personal highlight for me during our reunion was meeting the Class of 1972, celebrating their 40th reunion, and introducing myself to the women who graduated with my mother, Michele Belanger Sexton. Mom couldn’t attend the reunion, but she sends her love.


10th Reunion ✒ Kara Bilotta, 284 Riverside Ave.,

Unit 1, Medford, MA 02155, kbilotta@, ¶ It

is hard to believe, but nearly 10 years have passed since we graduated. If you’re interested in planning our 10th reunion, please email Becky Moisan at ¶ Class of 2003 celebrates many happy occasions. Erica Haas had a beautiful baby boy named Quentin William on April 8th and tied the knot with William A. Klag III on Sept. 8. ¶ Becky Brann Moison started her 10th year of teaching at Shrewsbury and still enjoys it! She and husband Derek celebrated 8 years of marriage this summer. Emma starts preschool soon and Jack turns 1 in September. They are enjoying the start of the school year and the new beginnings that come with it. They are blessed to have a wonderful family, amazing friends, and the Big Man upstairs watching out for them. ¶ Laura Phaneuf Bertonazzi reports that the 2 little ones are great as they celebrated Jameson’s 1st birthday in March, and Lilly turned 4 in August! She and husband Matt work on the house, chipping away at project after project. Working at Regis continues to be wonderful, and this summer they hosted Orientation for the Class of 2016! Laura will start a Doctoral Program in Education this fall. ¶ Janine Farrar Cox welcomed her second son, Logan James Cox on July 6, 2012. He weighed in at 9lb, 9oz, and was 22 inches long. ¶ Jen Reis moved out of Massachusetts and headed south to Washington, DC. She enjoys living 5 blocks from the US Capital and has connected with Regis alumna Emily Milot Lamarche ’01, who is working at the Capital. Emily gave fellow Regis alumna Carolyn Dandurand ’03 and me a tour. Jen is working at Georgetown U as the Director of Catholic Retreats and Immersion Programs. In addition, she adopted a dog, Gracie, who joins me on retreats and has become the Campus Ministry

10/19/12 5:02 PM

class mascot at Georgetown! ¶ Lynne DeSisto Mailhot and husband Ben welcomed their baby girl, Gabriella Rose, on March 3, 2012. ¶ Maria Ferri Allen of Wellfleet was married on June 23, 2012, to Jonathan Allen of Sandwich. A beautiful reception was held on the grounds of the Old Red Farm Inn in Wareham. Maria’s college roommate, Satya Som was a bridesmaid. On their honeymoon, Maria and Jonathan explored the cities of Rome and Florence. ¶ My life has been busy with work and weddings. It is amazing how weddings come in waves; clearly, 2012 is the year to get married. I wish the Class of 2003 the best and if anyone is ever in DC, be sure to connect! Take a moment to reflect on our wonderful Regis memories and consider getting involved with reunion planning. Hope to see you all in May!


welcomed their 1st child, Haylie Joy, into the world. Haylie weighed 6lbs, 8oz, and was 20.5 inches long. Everyone is home and doing well. Mary Gay-Donovan and husband are expecting their 2nd child in March 2013. Lorena Sestayo received her MS from NY Medical College. Maria Coughlin Lok has a new position in the Quincy Public Schools as a Literacy Teacher. Jessica Homer moved to Louisville, Kentucky to start a Constitutional Law Program at U of Louisville. We will miss that familiar face at Regis! One of your class reporters, Paula Power, received her Professional Licensure in Mental Health Counseling (LMHC) in May and got engaged in June. Keep up the great work, ladies!


✒ Christina Aprea Young, ¶

Greetings, Class of 2005!! I hope you all have had a wonderful summer have a wonderful fall. ¶ I must apologize for the lack of columns lately! Let’s see if I can make up for lost time. ¶ In January, Lynne Johnson, after 6 years as Associate Director of Education left the Huntington Theatre Company to become Executive Director of the Arts Alliance in her hometown, Hudson, MA. It’s an active cultural organization and she’s happy to take all she’s learned over the years at Regis, in Boston, and beyond, and apply it to her home town. Their mission is “to enrich lives and create community

31409p50-71.indd 67

New Regis College Directory

You’ll be contacted to update your information! Regis College has recently partnered with directory specialists to collect and update your information for a new printed directory. The company, Harris Connect, will reach out to you regarding your updated information via postcards, e-mails or phone calls in the next few months. Please update your information! It’s been 10 years since Regis has published a directory, so much of it might be out of date.

67 fALL 12

Dominique Salvacion, dominique. ✒ Bobbie F. Finocchio, bobbie_finocchio@ ✒ Paula K. Power, paulak. ¶ On Aug. 8, Julie Burgoyne Sears and husband Richard

through the arts.” She’s dedicated her life to that mission personally, so it is a very nice fit. ¶ Amelia Davis enters her 8th year as a Social Studies Teacher at Algonquin Regional High School, and 6th year as the Varsity Gymnastics Coach. The team won the 2011 and 2012 State Championships. Amelia is the 2012 Massachusetts Gymnastics Coach of the Year, and she’s in the running for the National Gymnastics Coach of the Year. ¶ Meredith Creeden received a scholarship to the MGH Institute of Health Professions’ Direct Entry Nurse Practitioner Program. She is focusing in Psych/Mental Health and is starting her 2nd year. ¶ Lauren Pullia got engaged and is finishing her Master’s in Special Education. Also on the Cape, Meg Sullivan is finishing her Master’s in Education from Curry College. ¶ Kathryn Bloomquist is working part-time at the Warren Conference Center and Inn while looking for full-time work. This is her 6th year with the Regis College Alumnae Chorus, and 11th year overall. She recently celebrated Mandy Fleming’s birthday with other Regis grads in Boston. ¶ Mandy enters her 4th year serving the homeless and marginalized. She coordinates programming for at-risk people with addictions and people transitioning from the Department of Corrections. She starts the MSW program at Simmon College in September 2013. Mandy’s health has improved from her last brain surgery. She will promote awareness of Chiari Malformations as the Massachusetts Organizer for the Conquer Chiari Walk Across America on Sept. 22 in Marlborough. She also serves with the Brain Injury Association of MA in their Ambassador Program to spread awareness about brain injuries. ¶ The Class of 2005 has some busy mothers in our mix! Liz DeLise and husband welcomed their 3rd child this year: Cecilia Elizabeth Stemen was born on June 23rd weighing 8lbs, 3oz, and 20 inches long. Olivia Robinson Kelley had her baby girl, Emmaline, in April. Cate Howley McLaughlin and husband Noel had their 1st baby at the end of February, William “Liam” Joseph McLaughlin. Michelle Petersen just had a beautiful baby boy, Zachary John Peterson on Tuesday, July 24. She and husband Brian are enjoying their newest addition. Mary Ann Manning rescued a 4-month-old lab puppy from VA! ¶ Jamie Ferrara and husband Brian have a 1-year-old daughter named Taylor. Jamie starts a new job this September as a 6th grade Special Education Teacher for West Bridgewater Public Schools. ¶ Kaitlynn Damon Muzrall accepted a new position at Citizens as a Senior Financial Analyst in Commercial Finance. Her 2nd child, Myles, turned 1 in


The directory will be available in two versions: a hard-cover publication using alphabetical listings, and a searchable CD-ROM version. You will have the opportunity to purchase a copy of the directory, but it is not required. Your information will only be used for the directory and will not be shared with third parties. Thank you in advance for your help! It helps build a stronger network and keeps you connected to the Regis community. Please do not hesitate to contact the Office of Institutional Advancement and Alumni Relations at 781-768-7220 with any questions or concerns.

10/19/12 5:02 PM

68 REGIS TODAY 31409p50-71.indd 68

July—much to the disappointment of brother Aiden who has to share his toys. ¶ Kellie Marren Rowens is married living in Scituate, MA, with 2 girls: Mollie (4) and Alice (2). They are about to add a 3rd girl in December. Kel is still working as a Nurse on a Pediatric Oncology floor, and enjoyed the beach with her beautiful daughters all summer. ¶ It has been an extremely exciting 2011. As for me, Christina Aprea Young , yes, now— Young! I got married in late June, with 2 Regis bridesmaids by my side: Nicole Messuri ’06 and Erin Campbell ’07. The wedding was amazing, and I was thankful to have planned so many Regis events in the past: Our day was a piece of cake compared to Reunions! I bid Regis a bittersweet goodbye in 2011 for MIT’s Alumni Association. I completed my Master’s at Regis, and we bought a house in Litchfield, NH! Lastly, I’ve begun a photography business, Moments Captured Young. So, if you’re in need of a lifestyle photographer, give me a call! ¶ Join the Class of 2005 Regis Group on Facebook, and send me your updates!


✒ Erin Campbell, erinmarie326@gmail. com ¶ Heidi Gomez left Abu Dhabi in

August and now resides in the Bay Area. She works for STE Consultants as a Home-Based ABA Therapist.:) Heidi is excited to explore the West Coast. ¶ Melissa Gonzalez-Sweeney left Puerto Rico for the Big Apple. She currently resides in Manhattan with her husband and new puppy Milo. ¶ We have some congratulations in order. First, to Keri Bertorelli on her engagement to Dave Mulcahy. Kristen MacKenzie welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Julia, on July 10. Laura Pelletier got engaged on Cinco de Mayo and is planning a September 2013 wedding! Laura is still Assistant Director of an Early Childhood Center in New Hampshire. She finished her MEd in Child Development in August. ¶ As for me, Erin Campbell, I was traveling nearly every weekend this summer for a basketball tournament with my 2 AAU teams. Between both teams, my weekends were spent in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, and New Hampshire. I was very proud when my 10th grade team placed 2nd in the State! I was not able to attend Junior Nationals in Washington, DC, with them but happy to hear they finished in the top 20. I also moved into a new apartment in Stoneham, MA. I also had the great honor of being a part of Christina Aprea Young’s ’05 wedding with fellow bridesmaid, Nicole Messuri, in August.


✒ Leah & Sarah Boniface, 200 Manning Street, Unit 14A, Hudson, MA 01749,, SBoniface17@ ¶ You’re only the youngest

class at reunion once! On the evening of May 18, a bunch of the ’07s moved back into Angela Hall. It felt like not even a day had passed since we graduated 5 years earlier. There were fun events throughout the weekend, organized by Class Officers and Reunion Committee: Kimberly Barrett , Elizabeth Haire, and Sarah and Leah Boniface. ¶ Friday night began with a bar crawl in our old stomping ground: Moody Street in Waltham. There was friendly competition with the Class of 2002 upon returning to campus. Saturday featured the class parade, luncheon, and dinner under the tent. We managed to stuff all our class attendees in the photo booth, raced golf carts around the track, and made a champagne toast at the Tower. It was a fun time for all! ¶ Aside from the Reunion Committee, Class of 2007 attendees included: Elizabeth Aiello, Amanda Brown, Elsbeth Clifford, Kelly Crawford, Deanna Georges, Erin Gilmore, Kaitlyn Jenkins, Jessica McClanahan, Melissa and Megan O’Donnell, Aislynn Quinn, Adriana Rodriguez, Kathryn Rutkowski, Ewelina Giza, and Ashley Villandry ’08. Kimberly Barrett had an amaz-

ing time at the class of 2007’s 5-year reunion! (A huge thanks to Leah, Sarah & Liz for helping Kimberly plan it). Kimberly is enjoying a summer full of travel, Regis weddings, and fun. She looks forward to seeing all the Regis girls and ’07ers at Homecoming in October. Marrissa Gondola Brunetti is planning Regis Alumni events on Cape Cod in conjunction with the Alumni Office. The first Alumni event will take place on Sept. 27 where Regis Alumni will get together at emBargo Restaurant on Main Street in Hyannis. Deanna Georges is living happily in NYC as a Wizard, Order of Merlin, First Class. She is engaged to be married in August 2012 to her “roommate for life,” Natalie Finn ’05. Jullieanne Doherty works for Boston’s Mayor Thomas M. Menino as his appointed Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Coordinator for the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services. She also serves as liaison for the GLBT community of Boston. She is looking forward to fall walks in the city with the new family dog, and traveling with her mother in the spring. Like RegisCollegeClassOf2007 on Facebook to stay up to date!


5th Reunion ✒ Laura Garrity-Arquitt, lgarrity@ ✒ Sarah Giannetta, ¶ It is difficult to believe that we are approaching our 5-year Reunion. In this short time, so much has changed: We’ve been establishing careers, building families, and settling in to “Adult life.” ¶ Thamarr Guerrier is a Registered Nurse at the Mayo Clinic. ¶ Tanya Cotnoir Brouillard is a Registered Nurse at Lydia Taft Nursing Home and is expecting a baby girl in November. ¶ Tiffany Martelli is an Assistant Release Coordinator at Pearson Education. ¶ Amanda Heroux is engaged to Christopher Lynch. ¶ Caitlyn Fraser is a Teacher at Nashoba Learning Group. ¶ Amanda Ventura is a Drama Teacher at Waltham Public Schools. ¶ Amanda Beaulieu is a Professor at Bristol Community College and is engaged to Stephen W. Smith. ¶ Jennifer Thomas is a Teacher/ Camp Counselor at KidsStreet. ¶ Lisa Visco Sullivan is a Registered Nurse at St. Elizabeth Medical Center. ¶ Jayme Girard is Field Marketing Manager at Core Power. ¶ April Hegner is a Research Archivist at Alcoholics Anonymous. ¶ Ashley Villandry is Director at Shaklee Corporation. ¶ Beth Beaulieu is an Area Coordinator/ Group Facilitator at Counseling and Psychotherapy Center. ¶ Kendra Ryan is a Pediatric RN at Acton Medical and is expecting a baby girl in November. ¶ Meagan Leedberg is a Registered Nurse at Personal Touch Homecare. ¶ Samantha Shell is an Event Coordinator at Royale Nightclub. ¶ Sara Hess is a Laboratory Analyst at ETR Labs and is the mother of 2 boys born May 2009 and June 2011. ¶ Sarah Giannetta is an Evaluation Associate at The Steppingstone Foundation. ¶ Laura Garrity-Arquitt is a Registrar at the Museum of Russian Icons and is the mother of a baby boy born January 2012. ¶ Shawna Smith is the Assistant Director of the Rivier College Libraries and became an aunt in April 2012.


✒ Hillary Mosher, hillary.mosher@ ¶ Hillary Mosher completed

her MS at Regis in Organizational and Professional Communication in August. She moved from Waltham, MA, to West Roxbury, MA, and took a 10-day trip to LA in June to visit Kassandra Kernes. ¶ Casey Leon welcomed her son Brayden on January 8, 2012. They just moved into their very own home, and can be reached at 34 Glenmere Ave., Malden, MA 02148. She runs an after-school and summer program through the Malden YMCA.

10/19/12 5:02 PM



✒ Shannon Tonelli, Framingham, MA 01701, ✒ Alanna DelRose, Watertown, MA 02472, alanna.delrose@facebook. com ¶ Katharine Bradford graduated

from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences in Worcester in May 2012. She is now a Registered Nurse! She enjoyed her summer catching up with Casey Leon ’ 09 and Casey’s baby Brayden and heading to Maine for the annual whitewater-rafting trip with Amanda Hoyt Morrill, Shannon Tonelli, and Caitlin Erwin ’11. The ladies enjoyed navigating the river and reminiscing by the fireside. ¶ Nicole S. Deschenes is an RN at the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center in Worcester, MA, and aloves it. She is completing her final year of the Family Nurse Practitioner program at UMass Worcester Graduate School of Nursing. On a personal level, she became engaged on February 24, 2012, to John-Michael Shenette. They live in North Grosvensordale, CT, with their 2 cats Phoebe and

31409p50-71.indd 69

Fredrick. Email Nicole at nicole. ¶ Gordon Dunn entered his 1st semester at U of Saint Georges School of Medicine this past August. Previously he worked for Melmark New England as an Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist, providing care for children with autism in a residential setting. He plans to work for them on his breaks from school! ¶ Jess Culhane Eisenlord married her best friend, Steve Eisenlord, in June! ¶ Leigh Handschuh entered her final semester at Suffolk’s Sawyer Business School where she continues as a Graduate Fellow earning her MPA. She works at The Boston Foundation in the Nonprofit Effectiveness Group supporting nonprofits across Massachusetts in the innovative, online resource, The Giving Common. She also works with Boston’s Higher Ground in Roxbury as an Evaluation Assistant. Leigh asks her 2010 classmates to cross their fingers and hope this “political junkie” survives this election cycle! Email Leigh at ¶ Elene Kasseris is currently working in a brokerage firm in the Financial District. Though she is still looking at teaching positions, this job is something new and easy. Elene is also looking into pursuing her Master’s Degree, potentially in Special Needs. ¶ Amanda Morrill married husband Jon last October. They are happily living in their new house in Exeter, NH. Amanda works at Catholic Medical Center in the Cardiac Unit. ¶ Sarah Paquette was recently hired by Wilmington High School as its newest Biology teacher. She is excited to have her own classroom and pass her love of science on to the next generation. ¶ Andrea LoPilato Sheldon moved from teaching 4th grade to 6th grade this year in Boxford. She teaches Language Arts and Social Studies. ¶ Shannon Tonelli relocated to Framingham, MA, in August and is happily settling in to her new apartment. She is happy to be closer to friends. This fall, Shannon begins teaching 3rd grade at the Woodland School in Weston, MA. She continues her Master’s classes in Special Education at Regis College. ¶ Stephanie Voltaire left her Community Organizer position at the nonprofit organization Wayside Youth and Family Support Network for The Center for Substance Abuse and Prevention (CSAP) in order to continue her education. She began her graduate studies at UMASS in September to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Health.


✒ James Guaragna, james.guaragna@ ¶ The Class of 2011 is busy as usual! Nathan Fagundo

works with the Regis College Track and Field team as Assistant Coach. He also works at EMC as Technical Support Engineer in Hopkinton, MA. Nathan recently received a certification from EMC as a “Cloud Architect” in his field. We try not to tell him how awesome he is because he gets too excited, but nice job, Nathan. ¶ Investments in Merrimack, NH, as a Systems Analyst. Yash recently traveled with his family to Puerto Rico. He will go back with Nathan Fagundo and James Guaragna at the end of September! ¶ James Guaragna works as the Resident Director of Angela Hall at Regis. He has also continued his position as the Assistant Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Coach there. The women’s season begins soon and the squad looks promising! The Pride are projected to finish 4th in the conference this year according to a poll. Visit for all athletic game times and locations. ¶ Alycia Murray works at Regis as a Student Programming and Leadership Intern. Alycia continues her passion for traveling and always goes somewhere new and fun. ¶ Caitlin Erwin is Resident Director of College Hall with the Regis College Residence Life Staff. She has been a great addition to the staff. ¶ Tanya Young is a Dialysis Nurse at the Medford Dialysis Clinic in Medford, MA. She enjoys it and is learning more and more each day. ¶ Rachel Anderson enters her second year as a Master of Divinity candidate at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia. She is in the candidacy process for ordained ministry through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. She enjoys living in Philadelphia, but was home in Connecticut for the summer doing clinical pastoral education, working as a chaplain in a level-1 trauma facility. In December 2011 Rachel got engaged to Carrie Stare and asked Allyson Silva to be her maid of honor. Rachel extends blessings and best wishes to the Class of 2011. ¶ Send me a friend request on Facebook so you know when the new issue of Class Notes comes out! Support Regis in any way you can: attend a game or event on campus or donate to the annual fund. Remember, it’s not about how much you give; it’s that you give something.

69 fALL 12

Kassandra Kernes lives in LA and works for Showtime. She works fulltime in the photo publicity department—reading scripts, assigning photographers, and preparing images to distribute to the press. Kassy attends red carpet events, press conferences, and photo shoots. ¶ Kaitlin Flaherty Smith and husband welcomed their 1st baby, a boy named Noah William Smith on February 16, 2012. She loves every minute of being a mom. ¶ Sthefany Redel finished her first Professional year of Pharmacy School at MCPHS-Worcester. She completed rotations in September and October, and completes her PharmD in May of 2014. She works at a pharmacy and enjoys her beautiful family. ¶ Angelina Hodgkins is completing her degree at MCPHS. She graduates in December with a Master of Physician Assistant Studies. ¶ Jenna Cappello travelled to Alaska this summer, and is back in Boston working for Wellington Management Company, where she has been for the past year and a half. She plans to travel to Colorado and Florida in the fall. ¶ Kim Mariotti was hired as the Assistant Director of Residence Life and Housing at Lake Erie College in July. She supervises all on-campus buildings (specializing in the 1st year experience), and coordinates RA programming, housing maintenance, and judicial meetings. She has been appointed Advisor for Lake Erie’s Campus Activities Board, playing a role in large-scale activities.


10/19/12 5:02 PM

To all of the classes who did not submit notes, please contact your reporter so we can keep you connected through Regis Today!


✒ Kathryn Viola, 449 West 44th


Street, #3C, New York, NY 10036, 646-246-9683, ✒ Carolyn Lacey MacLellan, 17 Ash Swamp Road, Newmark, NH 038572030, 781-861-6862

Medford, MA 02155, 781-393-9130


✒ Helen Barry Cahill, 8 Collings Circle,


75th Reunion

✒ Rosenda Winifred Gill, 97 Bethany Road, Framingham, MA 01702-7237, 508-424-1248,


✒ Elizabeth Brugman O’Brien, 48 King James Drive, P.O. Box 892, East Dennis, MA 02641-0892, 508-385-2169


✒ Nancy Maloney Donahue, 211 Park Street, Stoneham, MA 02180-2727, 781-279-1926, nbbedonahue@yahoo. com


✒ Dianne Gaudet Baxter, 2 East Street, Sudbury, MA 01776-2007, 978-4436034, ✒ Holly Kendrick Babin, 241 Sandown Road, Chester, NH 03036-4219, 603887-3287,


✒ Maureen O’Connell Palmer, 525 Washington St., Apt. 206, Hanover, MA 02339, 781-826-6525,

✒ Jocelyn Greene, 8 Tara Manor Drive, Savannah, GA 31406-6300, 508-650-7410



✒ Rosamond Dunn Lockwood, ✒ Linda Reed Tolman,


35th Reunion ✒ Janet Buckley Bernard, 113 Hubbard

1993 20th Reunion ✒ Angela Valerio, 15 Union Street, Ashland, MA 01721, 508-309-3261, ✒ Jean Lorizio, 125 Warren Avenue, Hyde Park, MA 02136, 617-276-3793,


✒ Karen Corkum McCue, ✒ Heather Williams,


✒ Johanna Taylor, 157 Lafayette Street, Pawtucket, RI 02860-6013, 401-722-1332,


✒ Jody Michalski, 49 Brentwood Drive, Westfield, MA 01085, 413-562-1108,

✒ Elaine Posanka, 180 Winding Way, Normandy, TN 37360, 931-409-0628, ✒ Christina Ferlisi Kennedy, 80 Perkins Street, Gloucester, MA 01930-2931, 978283-0879, ✒ Robin Daley Doyle, 5 Rose Lane, Atkinson, NH 03811-2146, 603-362-5158,

photo: Heather Ciras

Street, Concord, MA 01742-2414, 978287-4214,

✒ Bethlee O’Connor McLaughlin, 3601 Justin Drive, Palm Harbor, FL 34685, 727-939-1170,

31409p50-71.indd 70

10/31/12 3:51 PM

The Results Are In! Information from the Alumni Survey Susan Gelmini Tammaro, PhD ’77 Dean of Institutional Research and Assessment

The last issue of Regis Today contained an alumni survey. We asked you to tell us a little bit about yourself, about your experience at Regis, and to let us know how much emphasis you think we should place on various things. We heard from 798 of you! These responses will guide us as we work to provide an engaging and valuable educational experience for our future students. Your input will have a major impact on our strategic plan, and on our day-to-day decisions. You told us what we are good at: Regis is a welcoming community, Regis empowered you to challenge yourself academically, and the education you received at Regis made a significant contribution to the general quality of your life. You also told us what we should improve: you reported that we should academic advising. We are focusing on precisely those three things. You will be hearing and reading about the changes we are making in those areas in the near future. Regis was your launch; you have taken that education and gone on to do wonderful things. You have lots of accomplishments to be proud of, for all of us to be proud of, because they reflect the strength, heritage, and charism of the Sisters of Saint Joseph. Fifty-nine percent of you have a graduate degree, or are currently enrolled in a graduate program. You are teachers, attorneys, CEOs, international sales officers, business owners, and ski pros. You are Fulbright Scholars, citizen of the year, and library trustees. You are very active in service to your community. You sit on boards, building committees, have served in the Peace Corps, and volunteer at your local schools and parishes. You are generous toward Regis. Eighty-one percent of you told us that it is important for you to contribute financially to Regis. You are committed to ensuring an excellent education for future students. In addition to financial contributions, 79 percent indi-

participated in our alumni survey

of you have a graduate degree, or are currently enrolled in a graduate program

71 FALL 12

emphasize skills valuable in the workforce, career advising, and

798 59% 81% 79%

of you told us that it is important for you to contribute financially to Regis

indicated that it is important for you to contribute in other ways besides financially

cated that it is important for you to contribute in other ways. We are a strong and caring community. Your responses to the survey show that. Your help, your advice, and your opinions all make Regis the incredible place that it is. You continue to be an important part of Regis and for that, we thank you.

31409p50-71.indd 71

10/19/12 5:02 PM

mınds hearts &

Funeral Reflection for Our Mother BY JUDITH KInG WeBeR ’61


“I if I had

Our mother, Lillian Marie Snell King ’34, was a remarkable and accomplished woman by any standard. Mom’s lifespan of 100 years and 52 days is, in and of itself, remarkable. During Mom’s century the world literally transformed itself. Mom was born two months before the Titanic sank on April 12, 1912. She died in the month Apple Computer rolled out the iPad 3. In between, she experienced the Great Depression, two world wars and several armed conflicts. She saw women gain the right to vote, the Civil Rights movement, the Atomic Age commence, and man walk on the moon. She saw telephones go from operator-dependent crank boxes to the wireless cell phones attached to the ears of almost everyone. She saw transportation by horsedrawn wagon and foot, to motor vehicle travel for almost all. She saw the computer development that has transformed communications. Mom was never just a passive observer: she actively embraced the entire world that surrounded her with fascinated curiousity and enthusiasm. She was vitally interested in it all. She made it her business to learn have had a happy life, continuously, virtually to do it all over again, to the end. She was a teacher by profession and it was her core .” belief that education was a lifetime process, and that it was both your duty and responsibility to yourself and to your fellow travelers on this earth to be aware and keep abreast of the world around you. Her faith was the alpha and omega of her existence. Until her final breath her faith was

I would do it exactly the same way

31409p72-ibc.indd 72

unwavering. Mom’s faith was a silent and deeply personal faith. She did not wear it on her sleeve. She was never “preachy” nor was she sanctimonious or maudlin about her faith. She had scant patience for those who were. Rather, she lived it every day, teaching by example. For many, many years, she kept a small wooden cross on her night table. In the past months, the cross migrated to her hands. She was holding it when she died. She is holding it now. It was not that her faith was unchallenged. She lost her mother at age 5 to tuberculosis, and her father died months before her wedding, at age 25, having struggled with Multiple Sclerosis for 14 years. She lost our dad at age 56, a loss she never quite got over. Ultimately, she came to terms with her losses. She knew how to make lemonade out of lemons better than anyone I ever knew. Family meant the world to Mom. She had a thirst for the tight bonds of a real nuclear family. Perhaps that is why she was drawn like a moth to the flame to the rollicking, frolicking, 10-sibling Irish immigrant family of my dad. It was so different from the solid and supportive, but serious adults-only home of her childhood. Her marriage filled in a space in her life. She adored my dad and they shared a fine and happy marriage. Lillian remained until the end, “Leo’s girl.” In the past few years, Mom was well aware that the sand in her life’s hourglass was rapidly dwindling. She accepted this fact with grace and dignity. She reminisced about her past, sharing a myriad of memories. It was one of her last, best, and most valued gifts to us. It seems fitting and appropriate to close this reflection with Mom’s own words spoken to me not so long ago: “I have lived a very long life. I have had a happy life. I went to all the places I wanted to go. I did all the things I wanted to do. If I had it to do all over again, I would do it exactly the same way. I am not afraid to die. I am ready to go.” Folks, life does not get better than that!

10/26/12 3:21 PM

How to Give ➤ online registowertalk. net/regisfund ➤ Phone 781-768-7220

The Annual Fund is now The Regis Fund!

➤ Mail

The name has been changed to reflect the fund’s constant

Mail the

focus on Regis. It supports the mission of the College: the

envelope in

faculty, the beautiful campus, and most importantly, the

Regis Today,

education and college experience of our current students.

or send to: The Regis Fund Regis College Box 30 235 Wellesley St.

Regis is a signature university in New England and beyond and our goal continues to be to instill students with the values of the Sisters of Saint Joseph while preparing them for the workforce after they graduate.

Weston, MA

Please give to The Regis Fund to support our students, the


leaders of the next generation.

31409p72-ibc.indd 73

10/31/12 3:55 PM

Regis College

Nonprofit Org U.S. Postage

235 Wellesley Street Weston, MA 02493-1571

PAID Weston, MA Permit No. 53037

Change Service Requested

e v JLo s* i g e R Save the Date

Regis College All-Alumni Reunion SAtURDAy eveNINg, MAy 18, 2013 Take a trip back in time and show your Regis spirit with a retro-themed event featuring music, dress, décor, and nostalgia from the 1950s and 1960s. This event is for EVERYONE! Celebrate a great time in Regis’s history, no matter what era you’re from! Invitation to come. * In case you’re too young to remember, this is the Regis twist on the “I Love Lucy” title screen

31409bc.indd 1

10/19/12 5:18 PM