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ROLL OF HONOR [ 2015–2016 ]

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Letter to Alumni and Friends

OF F I C E OF I NST I T U T I ONAL ADVANC E ME NT & ALU MNI RE L AT I ONS Miriam Finn Sherman ’98 Vice President of Institutional Advancement Alexis Baum Director of Advancement Communications Editor and Writer, The Spirit of Giving Megan Tierney Connor ’00 Senior Leadership Giving Officer


Christina Duggan Director of Alumni and Donor Relations


Betty Ann Hynes Elliott ’49 Alumni Office Assistant


Donor Profile: Leah Boniface ’07 and Sarah Boniface ’07


Scholar Profile: Carla Brito ’17


A MAGICAL MILLION 50th Reunion Class Gift


Donor Profile: Margaret Flagg ’64


Scholar Profile: Nicole Church ’17


Financial Report


Scholar Profile: Michael DeRosa ’17

Shawna Erickson Director of Institutional Support Carroll Beegan Follas ’61 Golden Tower Liaison Kristyn Gondola ’12, ’15 Alumni Relations Coordinator Rick Gronneberg Leadership Giving Officer Teresa O’Neil Advancement Services Administrator Jayanthi Srinath Director of Advancement Services Jennifer Thomas ’08 Advancement Services Assistant


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9/27/16 3:35 PM

Dear Alumni and Friends, As we all know, there are often two sides to every story. The Regis stories in here are no exception. In my work at Regis I see the two sides every day—the first side is that of the student scholars. Many are the first in their family to attend college. Others travel internationally for the first time as part of a service or study abroad program at Regis. We have students who wouldn’t be here receiving a private, Catholic education without their scholarship funds. And that brings me to the second side of the story—the donors. Just like the students, they are all different. Their reasons for giving vary; some are alumni and others are friends or parents or staff or faculty, but they all have one thing in common: they are passionate about supporting the Regis mission and the students who embrace it and live it. This edition of The Spirit of Giving gives you a glimpse at both sides of the story, with profiles of Regis students as well as Regis donors. We have thousands of student scholars who reap the rewards of the generosity of thousands of donors, and I thank you for being one of many who changes the lives of these Regis students.


Miriam Finn Sherman ’98, MPA v i ce p r e s i d e n t i nst i t u t i o n a l a dva n c e me n t


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2 Giver [ 2015–2016 ] THE SPIRIT OF GIVING


I 01 9/23/16 10:27 AM

GI FT CLUBS Regis Circle $25,000+ Gold Circle $10,000–$24,999 Crimson Circle $5,000–$9,999 1927 Society $1,927–$4,999 President’s Associates $1,000–$1,926 Red and Gold Club $500–$999 Tower ClubTT $100–$499

ROLL OF HONOR This Roll of Honor includes donors who gave between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016. Great care was taken to ensure the accuracy of this listing and we would appreciate your sharing with us any errors or omissions. Please direct inquiries to


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of the Tower Club are listed on our website at

9/23/16 10:27 AM

Regis Circle

Anonymous Aptus Health, Inc. s Kathleen Bailey ’66 s Rosemary Brennan ’70, CSJ T s Diane Walden Brierley ’75 F s Carole C. Remick New England High School Journalism Charitable Foundation Hans Christensen T Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Boston s Marian Batho ’70, CSJ T s Rosemary Brennan ’70, CSJ T s Maureen Doherty ’68, CSJ T s Mary Anne Doyle ’67, CSJ T s Leila A. Hogan ’61, CSJ T s Jacquelyn McCarthy ’82, CSJ T Cummings Foundation, Inc. Estate of Anita T. Ennis ’43 Estate of Claire L. Derringer ’42 Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund s Donna Nealon Hoffman ’66 and Christian Hoffman Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury ’57 T s Eileen McCormick Langenus ’78 and Peter Langenus T s Kathleen Hickey Lennon ’63 John L. Marshall III s Dorothy Carr McCarthy ’66 s Peter J. Minihane F s Kathleen O’Hare ’69 F s Patricia Limerick Skelly ’56 s Marshall M. Sloane Jane Cronin Tedder ’66 T and Richard Tedder s John J. Tegan Jr. T s Donato J. Tramuto F s The Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services s W.K. Kellogg Foundation William E. Schrafft and Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust s Yawkey Foundation


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Gold Circle

The Abbot and Dorothy H. Stevens Foundation American Association of Colleges of Nursing Ayco Charitable Foundation s Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 F s George and Harriet Berkowitz s Care Dimensions via the Healthcare Workforce Transformation Fund as administered by Commonwealth Corporation Catholic Health Foundation of the Archdiocese of Boston, Inc. Joanne Benedict Caulfield ’64 Lianne M. Cronin ’61 s Jeanne McGovern Curtis ’50 s Robert C. David Mary Shea Doyle '59 and Robert Doyle s John F. Duff Estate of Marilyn Flynn ’71 Camille Gattineri Ferazzi ’69 T s Carolyn O’Connor Halloran ’93 and Michael J. Halloran T Harvard Pilgrim Health Care s Antoinette M. Hays T and John J. Przybylski s Kathleen M. Henighan ’65 s IBM Corporation s Susan Hennessey Kobayashi ’66 and Bert Kobayashi Judith Murphy Lauch ’68 F and William Lauch s Mary Ann Walsh Lewis ’74 T The MBIA Foundation Janice Canniff McCall ’59 and William F. McCall Jr. s Brenda Coogan Moran ’58 F s Joyce Sullivan Mucci ’77 s Ellen M. O’Connor ’67 F s Patricia Luben O’Hearn ’64 s Shelly and Thomas P. O’Neill III T Richard T. Hall Charitable Remainder Trust s Mary Fecteau Shasta ’74 Joan Shea T s Jane McCarthy Smith ’66 s Patricia Hogan Sullivan ’55 Marie Barbano Tassinari ’51 s

2 Giver [ 2015–2016 ] THE SPIRIT OF GIVING

Crimson Circle

The ACE Foundation American Green Building Services Apple Computer, Inc. Aramark Beverly and John Barry Citius Printing and Graphics Colleen and John A. Boselli Nancy Rodhouse Bossidy ’58 Anita BrennanSarmiento ’77 T Vincent J. Capone Mary E. Chamberland ’74 s Dorothy Hook Connor ’44 s Constance McInnis Corcoran ’85 s Joanne Crowley ’74 s Deloitte & Touche Clare Hailer Dennis ’48 s Kathryn Erat s Katherine and David E. Foulser Vivian D. Greenblatt ’80 s Carol McDermott Guebert ’55 s Jeanne Harper Sabina Woods Herlihy ’81 T Valerie J. Hunt s Kristyn C. Jamieson ’97 s Ellen C. Kearns ’67 F s Kate S. Korzendorfer F Beth Healey Kossuth ’66 s Margherite and Andrew Matteis s Carole Groncki McCarthy ’65 s Glenn Morris T s Joan Murray ’61 s Elizabeth Driscoll Nace ’77 and Philip Nace s Joseph H. Petrowski F Elizabeth McCarty Reggio ’49 Marcia Charlton Reynolds ’71 s School of LeadershipAfghanistan Schwab Charitable Fund s Mary Lou DeMaria Schwinn ’60 s Mary Flynn Shaw ’77 Salvatore B. Simeone F s Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging Suffolk Construction Co., Inc. Corinne A. Volpe ’71 s Elaine Falcione Wallace ’66 Eileen McCann Wickham ’66 Theresa Audette Wood-Lavine ’53 s

1927 Society

Anonymous Susan McDonough Abelleira ’82 s Adelard A. Roy and Valeda Lea Roy Foundation Tara J. Agen ’85 Gertrude Breen Alfredson ’47 s Patricia L. Allard ’01 s Ann LaBrecque Baird ’67 s Judith Ann Guilfoyle Beatrice ’66 Boeing Co. Mary T. Breslin ’49 s Ann E. Brown ’98 s Phyllis Gallinelli Campbell ’47 s CGL Electronic Security, Inc. Carol Manning Chicarello ’77 Doreen O’Leary Christopher ’59 s Louise Kelley Collins ’49 s Mary Louise Collins ’66 Grover J. Cronin Memorial Foundation s Davis Educational Foundation Maureen Shea Dolan ’64 s Betty Ann Hynes Elliott ’49 s Susan Schumacher Fiaschetti ’81 s Barbara M. Field ’03 Margaret Fermoyle Flagg ’64 s FM Global Foundation Carroll Beegan Follas ’61 s Joan Iverson Gallivan ’63 s Google, Inc. Elizabeth Burns Griffin ’66 s Rita Noonan Griffin ’59 s Jane McCone Guthrie ’66 s Nancy Kern Haley ’71 s Marie Driscoll Hanlon ’74 s Jane Muckian Harrington ’56 Kathleen Cass Herman ’66 s Hub Electric Systems Kathleen Appaneal Jose ’87 T Mary Reynolds Kennedy ’58 s Mary Ann Cushing Kidder ’61 s Katherine Klosowski Ann Harrington Lagasse ’79 F Mary Ellen Lavenberg ’65 s Stephanie Larocque Lenzo ’06 Carole Page Martin ’61 s Barbara Earley Mason ’48 s Leona McCaugheyOreszak ’65 s Lolita DeLeon McKenna ’61 s


I 03 9/27/16 8:56 AM

Barbara A. McNamara ’63 s Ann Cormier Mickells ’71 s Grace M. Murphy ’74 s Barbara A. Murphy ’68 s Deirdre C. Neilen ’72 s Marilyn Lombardi Nicholas ’59 s Donna Norris T s Patricia McCarron Pettersen ’57 s Janice McBride Power ’51 s Susan S. Priem ’97 F and Windle Priem Rosse Family Charitable Foundation Anne Downey Saunders ’54 Miriam Finn Sherman ’98 and Jeffrey Sherman s Kathleen Dawley Smokowski ’79 F s Eileen A. Sullivan ’85 s Marcia Gaudet Sullivan ’69 s Judith Machaj Susanin ’64 s SWP Foundation Steven Sylvestro Donna Page Sytek ’66 s Anne Boyle Tatum ’66 s Anne Downey Tierney ’51 s United Health Care, Inc. Jeanne Rosse Waller ’73 Mary Ellen Reardon Wissman ’69 s Richard W. Young E s

President’s Associates

Margaret M. Ackerman s Joan M. Archer ’70 Jeanne Devereaux Arsenault ’54 s Carole Marinelli Auth ’66 Barbara Lipcan Bagley ’70 s Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund s Nancy Greene Barry ’66 Mary Sullivan Brady ’64 and Peter Brady s Carl Brainin Anne Billingham Brophy ’63 s Gail Hoffman Burke ’65 s Susan Doyle Callahan ’66 Mary Rose Campbell ’56 F s Laetitia Albiani Carney ’58 F s Anne Marie CarrReardon ’73 s Anne-Marie Kerrigan Caruso ’89 s Loretta Chabot ’59 s Meyer J. Chambers T Olive Pirani Chupka ’53 s Patricia M. Ciarleglio ’00 and John Ciarleglio Lillian Catignani Cirafice ’48 s Nancy MacKenzie Connelly ’70 s

04 I 601001.indd 4


Ellen Byrne Corcoran ’71 s Susan C. Courtemanche ’77 Audrey Bowen Criado ’59 s Karen Thorne Crowley ’67 Patricia A. D’Amore ’73 Mary Coffey Daniels ’80 Vera A. DePalo ’77 Mary Jane M. Doherty ’67 s Ethel M. Donahue ’69 s Anne Tenneson Doyle ’64 s Georgia Driscoll ’84 s Jane Doran Driscoll ’75 Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 F s Mary T. Driscoll ’67 s Mary Flanagan Dunbrack ’69 Mary Dowd Eberle ’63 s Mary Jane Regan England ’59 F s Alexandra I. England ’09 s ExxonMobil s Linda L. Faldetta ’71 Nancy Natoli Fay ’49 s Fidelity Investments Matching Gifts to Education Program s Ellen Harrison Finn ’78 Dorothy Waldron Fitzgerald ’49 Elaine O’Connell Fitzpatrick ’58 s Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ’57 F s Mary Lahnston Ford ’66 Carol Canty Furlong ’64 s Paul W. Garber and Philip C. Garber s General Electric Company s Mary Alice Giarda Penelope Glynn s Joan P. GoldhammerO’Neil ’91 s Ann Dowd Goodhue ’81 and Terry Goodhue Christine Desmarais Gordon ’86 Susan N. Grady ’81 s Anne Daly Graham ’59 s Joanne Bellucci Harding ’62 s Barbara Hoyle Healy ’61 s John S. Healy Francis M. Heneghan Jo-Anna Rapp Holden ’66 s Dorothea Flynn Hurley ’47 s Joanne Hickey Johnson ’54 Susan Clancy Kennedy ’81 Esther Long Krapf ’66 Ann Maloney Leahy ’58 Rosalie E. L’Ecuyer ’55 s Jacqueline Cyr Lewis ’55 s Libretto, Inc. Paul Lonergan Anne B. Luevano Madeline McCarthy Lynch ’55 s Pattyanne A. Lyons ’91 s Jane Denmark Maher ’57


Mary Ellen Minihane Mahoney ’66 Marie Clogher Malaro ’54 s Frances Heron March ’56 s Linda A. Martin ’71 s Massachusetts State Science Fair Mary Anne Keane McAuliffe ’76 Cheryl A. McCarthy James R. McCarthy Jr. William A. McCormack Katherine Moynihan McGovern ’65 s Janet Hailer McGrath ’41 s Janice Gomes McKenna ’74 Catherine Keane Memory ’60 s Jennifer Blake Meyer ’91 Karen Driscoll Montague ’77 s Deborah W. Moore ’06 Margaret Harney Morrissey ’59 s Mary Murphy Schlichting ’72 Nancy Burke Norbedo ’58 s Ellen Lawlor O’Connor ’59 s Katharine Johnson O’Hare ’46 s Ann N. O’Sullivan ’64 s Pepsi Cola Bottling Group Lillian Leverone Peracchia ’61 s Physicians for Prevention Thomas G. Pistorino s Mary Landers Plunkett ’51 D s Judith P. Powers ’61 Adriana and Paul Quattrociocchi s Mary A. Quigley ’04 s Jill Gilooly Reich ’66 Mary Grover Rossetti ’60 s Brian G. Rothwell F s Carolyn Vernaglia Rupolo ’64 s Robert Russo s Barbara A. Scully ’90 s Mary Reid Shields ’64 s Marie Fleming Sisk ’52 s Nancy F. Smith ’73 F s Shelagh Kiley Smith ’73 s Marie Madden Smith ’49 s Ann O’Hare Smith ’48 s Southwest Florida Community Foundation Mary Beth StantonCotter ’69 Audrey Edmonds Stone ’79 Jane F. Sullivan ’71 s Barbara Doran Sullivan ’65 s Loyola Doherty Sylvan ’52 June Randall Thornton ’55 s Janet Ostafin Tierney ’65 Marcia Mawhinney Timilty ’66 Anne Smith Tobin ’58 s



USI Affinity Collegiate Insurance Elizabeth Hughes VanderAarde ’84 Ann Farrell Wade ’63 s Deborah Foley Watson ’81 Judith King Weber ’61 Jane DeMarco Wittreich ’63 s Annmarie Reardon Woods ’85 s W.R. Grace and Co. Virginia Flynn Wright ’65 s Anne Peverada Young ’66 Clotilde Zannetos s

Red and Gold Club

Mary Brooks Adams ’66 s AHA Consulting Engineers B. R. Jones Roofing Company George R. Baldwin F s Agnes O’Hara Barrett ’61 Ruthann Iovanni Bates ’69 s Anne Ross Baxter ’66 s Marie A. Bertrand ’55 s Mary Pegnam Blanchard ’66 s Joyce Kennerly Bohan ’60 s The Boston Home, Inc. Boston Scientific Employee Giving Program Elizabeth Lewis Bowen ’66 s Margaret Carroll Bowles ’60 s Helen V. Brach Foundation s Sharon Smith Brainard ’64 Anne Marie Tucker Brooks ’68 Kathryn J. Brown ’69 s Patricia Boyle Buckley ’66 Marguerite Cook Campbell ’72 Marjorie Leary Canniff ’55 s Rita Farina Cannistraro ’55 Cape and Island Corp. Donna Sannella Cargill ’87 s Joanna Cahill Carr ’66 Ceslaus King Carvalho ’51 s Deirdre A. Casey ’65 s Janice Carragher Charles ’72 s Mary Jo Pescatore Cicchetti ’63 Carole Vannicola Clark ’58 s Alice Scanlon Cogliano ’57 D Ernest J. Collamati s Collier International N.E., LLC Denyse Lanpher Collins ’83 s Jean Devincent Connelly ’62 Ann Haggerty Cook ’64 s Kathleen Croak Cooper ’71 s



9/23/16 10:27 AM

Mildred Iantosca Costa ’57 s Mary E. Courtney ’59 Susan Clark Cronin ’66 s Elizabeth M. Cullen ’51 s Jacqueline Dion Curry ’71 Mary Rowan Curtin ’55 s Kathleen Hurley Dermody ’63 s Elinor Ryan Devlin ’70 s Linda M. DiGiandomenico ’78 Carol Conroy Doherty ’55 s Brenda Murphy Dugan ’57 s Nancy Collins Edwards ’63 s Esprix Technologies Lisa V. Evans ’79 s Clyde Evans Fs Field Company Fulfillment Center, Inc. Mary O’Sullivan Finucane ’41 Gretchen S. Fish Joyce M. Flaherty ’79 s Ann Lafay Flamand ’59 Joan O’Leary Foley ’66 s Nancy Brine Fredrickson ’68 s Bruce C. Ginsberg Amy M. Guen ’50 s Mary O’Hearne Hanemann ’66 Virginia C. Hannigan ’54 s Mary Ann Hartnett ’66 Heidi Hoffman Consulting, LLC Hewlett-Packard Company Janet Banas Higgins ’66 Margaret Kenah Holsey ’73 Priscilla L. Hook ’70 s Patricia Cronin Huie ’54 s Hunter Protective Services Ann L. Hynes ’60 JFK Transportation, Inc. Joe Warren & Sons Co., Inc. Helen Cruchley Jones ’52 Ann McManus Joyce ’62 s Semima Vaka Karasch ’97 s Mary T. Keenan ’56 s Suzanne Buteau Kelleher ’60 s Noreen A. Kelliher ’91 s Sheila Decoursey Kennedy ’65 Mary Duggan Kenney ’60 Gail M. Kenyon ’81 s Patricia Thalheimer King ’55 s Kara Kolomitz s Anne Donegan Kraemer ’63 s Susan Short Krastin ’64 Judith Eremin Lamp ’73 s M. Sherrin O’Brien Langeler ’66 Kellie L. LaPierre


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Donna Gilooly Leahey ’62 Diane Valenti Liebmann ’66 Pamela A. Lipsett ’79 Rosamond Dunn Lockwood ’76 s Virginia Lopez Morrissey ’73 s Richard A. Lucas s Joanne Cardile Ludwig ’81 Hiroko Komori Luong ’78 Denyse Dunbar Maddaleni ’55 s Barbara Hunt Madden ’67 Joan Doherty Mahoney ’48 s Barbara Marchilonis Doris Good Marr ’58 s Maria Anzivino Masnato ’84 s M. Noreen Petros Masterson ’66 Mastodon Moving, LLC Carole Mathieson ’70 Adrienne Dillon Mattaliano ’56 s Mary M. McAuliffe ’66 s Christina Kennedy McCann ’60 F s Loretta Salvucci McClary ’79 Mary O’Beirne McCormack ’64 s Jean McCormick Irene Shea McGee ’68 Jane K. McGrath ’48 s Florence Kelly McKenna ’51 s Barbara Keenan McLarney ’53 s Joan Hartley Meagher ’52 s Carolyn Sammartino Moran ’67 s Paula Jordan Morgan ’82 Patricia McCurry Morley ’67 F Karen Lewis Moynihan ’88 s Margaret Casey Mulcahy ’56 s Catherine M. Murphy ’62 Carol M. Murphy ’60 s Stephen Murray s New England Ice Cream Corporation New York Life Insurance, Co. Sopheak Nop Northeast Electronics, Inc. Alice Fleming O’Brien ’61 s Mary Kelly O’Connell ’43 Kathleen A. O’Connor ’98 s Marie T. O’Malley ’80 s Margaret Oot-Hayes Gale Pandiani O’Toole ’66 s Annette P. Pendergast ’45 s Marcia Karbowniczak Petrillo ’64

2 Giver [ 2015–2016 ] THE SPIRIT OF GIVING

Shelley Hackett Phipps ’64 Dolores Pickett Pinover ’56 Professional Building Systems Prudential Insurance Company Foundation Mary Lou Rawson ’56 s Regis College Class of 1972 Dyanne Russett Ridill ’70 Christine Hackett Roberge ’85 Simone Le Blanc Rogan ’71 s Rose, Chinitz and Rose Mary E. Rowe ’63 s Jane Rutana Denise St. Germain Scali ’53 s Joanne Lynch Schamberg ’81 s Judith Lawson Selsor ’57 s Sentinel Benefits Group, Inc. Mary Ann Serra ’64 s Marianne Sanderson Shay ’54 s Patricia Sullivan Smith ’67 s Matthew J. Smolko ’13 South Shore Kings Management Maureen T. Stephens ’81 s Marie A. Stewart and Richard D. Stewart Sudbury Racquet Club, Inc. Joan Desmond Sullivan ’81 s Nancy Mytkowicz Sullivan ’66 s Anne McIsaac Sullivan ’60 s Mildred Burns Sullivan ’45 Roberta Sullivan Joseph F. Sullivan Susan Gelmini Tammaro ’77 s Patricia Burke Tarpey ’58 s Catherine Crosby Thompson ’58 s Maylin S. Truesdell ’05 Rosemarie Sacco Verderico ’66 s Mary Anne Vetterling Vocell Bus Co., Inc. Katharine Hourihan Walker ’57 s Gail Brosnihan Walsh ’60 s Margaret Heron Walsh ’58 s Ann Flaherty Walsh ’56 s Watson Printing Company, Inc. Diane M. Welsh ’10 Nicholas A. White Jr. ’14 Dolores Gargaro Wilson ’56 s Carol Cardillo Young ’66 Maria L. Zodda ’72 s

Alumni by Graduation Year 1934

Anne McIntyre Carnicelli s Ruth Rogers Lally Participation: 50.00% All Giving: $300


Mary O’Sullivan Finucane Janet Hailer McGrath s Participation: 22.22% All Giving: $1,500


Claire Ledoux Derringer D Claire Deveney Meehan s Participation: 12.50% All Giving: $27,519.57


Anita T. Ennis D Eileen Ryan Judge Mary Kelly O’Connell Alice Bronzo O’Donoghue Participation: 18.18% All Giving: $43,720.59


Frances McInnis Clifford s Dorothy Hook Connor s Lily Penez Ethier Alice M. McGillicuddy s Participation: 18.18% All Giving: $5,170


Marie Tremblay Donahue D Mary Foley Dowd Bernadette Early Hickey s Rita Manion Ludlum s Philomene Winchester Murphy s Mary Sullivan O’Brien s Annette P. Pendergast s Mildred Burns Sullivan Participation: 25.81% All Giving: $1,989.30


Dorothy Gaquin Borkowski Marguerite O’Donoghue Dowd Marion J. Fahey June Foley Igo s Marie Keane Murphy Katharine Johnson O’Hare s Eileen O’Leary Scribner D Participation: 23.08% All Giving: $2,075


Gertrude Breen Alfredson s Marie Austin Baldwin Rita Dailey Brosnahan s


I 05 9/23/16 10:27 AM



Twins Leah and Sarah Boniface have more in common than their looks: They both love Regis and believe in giving back. “Our parents taught us to give to organizations that are important to us,” Sarah says. “Our mom [Rose Marie Collins Boniface '71] attended Regis for both her undergraduate degree and her master’s degree. She gives annually and taught us to do the same.”   In addition to family values, their giving is guided by their own experience—the sisters both received the Presidential Scholarship and the Alumni Scholarship. “Regis made me a confident woman,” Leah says about the small class sizes and close-knit community that allowed her to grow as a student and an athlete. “I met my best friends, I completed a double major in management and communication, and I played two varsity sports—field hockey and swimming.” As a student-athlete in those same sports, Sarah says Regis taught her invaluable lessons about the importance of teamwork. “Regis provided me with the educational and extracurricular experiences that led me on the path to a successful career as a compensation professional.” What motivates her to give? “I want future students to have the life-changing experiences I had at Regis, and I know they need scholarships to help offset the cost of college tuition.” Leah points toward supporting “technologically-advanced classrooms, the best professors and staff, a safe campus, and state-of-the-art athletic facilities.” She circles back to her own Regis days. “I would not have received my scholarships if Regis alumni hadn’t funded them, so now I’m paying it forward to the next generation of students.”

06 I 601001.indd 6

Leah Boniface Solomon CLASS OF 2007 Allston, Massachusetts

Sarah Boniface Sauder CLASS OF 2007 Natick, Massachusetts

Our parents taught us to give to organizations that are important to us. Our mom [Rose Marie Collins Boniface '71] … gives annually and taught us to do the same. —Sarah Boniface Sauder



9/23/16 10:27 AM

Carla Brito CLASS OF 2017 Dartmouth, Massachusetts Sister Jeanne d’Arc O’Hare Merit Scholarship

Regis opened my eyes to challenge and I became more competitive with myself. Now I always strive to be better.

Carla Brito ’17 considers her merit scholarship a blessing: a blessing that has helped her stay focused and do well in her coursework; a blessing that she knows will stay with her long after she leaves Regis. “Receiving a scholarship makes a huge impact on my time here because it pushes me to work hard and not take my education for granted.” A Nuclear Medicine major, Carla first became interested in the field during a high school internship at St. Luke’s Hospital in New Bedford, Massachusetts. “Using a radioactive tracer to identify the exact positioning of a health issue is a step toward making it better. I enjoy the hands-on work and the opportunity to comfort my patients throughout the process.” The rigorous program at Regis prompted Carla to realize a competitive side of her personality. She finds the tough courses—organic chemistry, for instance—to be some of her favorites. “Things came easily for me in high school, but Regis opened my eyes to challenge and I became more competitive with myself. Now I always strive to be better.” Her competitive drive extends beyond the classroom: Carla joined the field hockey team freshman year and will step up as captain senior year. Her message to Regis donors: “A scholarship makes a Regis education possible for people who otherwise might not have a chance to attend a private school. I work hard to keep my grades on track so I don’t let this blessing slip through my fingertips.”


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I 07 9/23/16 10:27 AM

Phyllis Gallinelli Campbell s Alice Noonan Cote s Rita Rizzo Covelle Jeanne MacDonough Cronin s Marguerite A. Donovan s Eleanor Consentino Feuer s Dorothea Flynn Hurley s Patricia Curtin Mahoney Gloria K. Mawhinney s Ruth Barry McCoy Catherine Gately McGunigle s Dorothy Mahoney McKenna s M. Claire Gallant Morin D Alice Dunbar O’Halloran s Frances Durkee O’Neill Catherine G. Pattavina s Frances Signorelli Peeler Participation: 55.56% All Giving: $7,437


Jeanne M. Brenner Mary Harrington Cain M. Mercedes Yennaco Casey Lillian Catignani Cirafice s Elizabeth O’Rourke Craggy D s Josephine DiMauro Demers s Clare Hailer Dennis s Nancy Larrabee Endicott Gloria Faretra s Alice Ryan Gallagher Janet Megan Greehan s Theresa Shields Hagerty Regina C. Harrington s Louise Pothier Haznar Frances D. Madigan D s Joan Doherty Mahoney s Mary Louise Cooney Manning Barbara Earley Mason s Jane K. McGrath s Mary Geary Mullen Mary-Jane Donovan Power s Ann O’Hare Smith s Mary Casey Walter s Participation: 41.82% All Giving: $12,282.50


Mary T. Breslin s Louise Kelley Collins s Marion Comerford Cowie Betty Ann Hynes Elliott s Nancy Natoli Fay s Dorothy Waldron Fitzgerald Alice Foley Granahan Arline Rainey Hamel s Catherine Foley Hines s Mary Hines Hodgdon s

08 I 601001.indd 8


Elizabeth Perrault Joyce s Eileen Dewire Locke s Rosemary M. McAuliffe s Sara Ann McElroy Meany Lois McWeeney Moulton s Marjorie M. O’Brien s Mary O’Brien Pratt Elizabeth McCarty Reggio Paula Power Rogerson s Dorothy Lewis Rose Claire Eremian Scully Marie Madden Smith s Lois Morrison Steffensen s Elizabeth Shatos Thompson Participation: 35.82% All Giving: $20,775


Mary Casey Acton s Phyllis Moran Burke s Marie Dillon Canane s Cecilia McCarthy Cleary s Dorothy Higgins Conroy s Jeanne McGovern Curtis s Mary Beth Finn Deschenes Theresa LeBlanc Gray Amy M. Guen s Ann Terrio Johnson s Helen Harty Keough Jeanne Naughton Lane Doris Toohey McCue s Helen McDonald Mary Daily Neylon s Anne Noonan Nicholson Anne Swiston O’Hara s Theresa Hegarty Quinn Catherine Nolan Sokol Barbara Shea Vines Participation: 27.40% All Giving: $17,180


Patricia Slager Baker Jeanne Bourneuf Burke s Pearl Lavallee Caouette s Margaret Linney Carroll s Ceslaus King Carvalho s Patricia E. Chisholm Elizabeth M. Cullen s Joan C. DesRoches s Marie D. Dinneen Elizabeth Burke Doherty Mary McLaughlin Girouard s Barbara Watson Halpin s Ann Comerford Kelly s Eileen Dunleavy Knott Barbara Cooney Kuersteiner Gertrude Galvin Madrulli Florence Kelly McKenna s Claire Marie Ryan Nead s Margaret C. O’Brien Anna Moran Phalon Mary Landers Plunkett D s Janice McBride Power s Mary Mecagni Quinton s


Regina Ford Ryan s Marie Barbano Tassinari s Anne Downey Tierney s Marie Flaherty Watson Joan Wall Williamson Participation: 43.64% All Giving: $23,751.51


Marie Brophy Allard s Dorothy Barrett Bemis Patricia Wentworth Delorey s Elaine Roy Gariepy Margaret Beahan Hoelscher Patricia Hogan Helen Cruchley Jones Catherine Deveney Kaladin s Ann Purcell MacDonald s Marie McHugh Marino s Joan Hartley Meagher s Mary Gibbons Murphy Nancy Quinn O’Keefe Marilyn Burke O’Rourke s Lois M. Pearson Marie T. Rizzo Marie Fleming Sisk s Loyola Doherty Sylvan Participation: 28.13% All Giving: $4,966.88


Vera Sullivan Beaumont Elizabeth O’Brien Brennan Mary Cahill Byrne s Joan T. Callahan Rita Chamberland Carlos Ann Walker Childs s Olive Pirani Chupka s Felice Spugnardo Coffey s Elaine Guinee Denning s Margaret A. Donnelly s Kathryn Cauley Driscoll s Jean Meegan Finfrock Barbara Dunbury Gillespie Janet Connolly Guinee s Geraldine Martin Kennedy s Corinne Mollomo LaRoche s Catherine Powers Leddy s Mary Jane O’Connor Lee s Claire O’Connell McAuliffe s Joan Carroll McAuliffe s Barbara Keenan McLarney s Marcelline Cassen McManus s Claire Russell Megan s Georgette Trudelle Mogilnicki Virginia Clifford Mohr s Fleurette Arpin O’Toole s Mary Malone Pannell s Kathryn N. Pfau s




Ann Campbell Rouleau s Elizabeth Knowlton Rourke s M. Shirley Connors Sardella s Denise St. Germain Scali s Theresa Audette Wood-Lavine s Participation: 38.37% All Giving: $13,090


Jeanne Devereaux Arsenault s Mary Alvord Biette s Regina Seales Caines F Regina Mitchell Cantella s Maureen Sullivan Carey Margaret Begley Cawley s Priscilla Bradford Cronin s Patricia Bellini Cruise s Mary Leary Cullen s Cornelia Murphy Davidson s Vivian Lamoureux Duval s Rita Fichera Fragala Virginia C. Hannigan s Margaret Hassan Patricia Cronin Huie s Nancy Hartigan Johansen Joanne Hickey Johnson Mary Jane Kinne s Jacqueline Guerard Lacoste Patricia Courtney Lyons s Marcia Gaughan Mahoney Marie Clogher Malaro s Juliette Brassard Marcoux s Jeanne Connelly McClellan Marjorie A. McIntyre Lillian Dyer Murray s Carol Murdoch Power Adele Dengeleski Rufo Anne Downey Saunders Grace Golden Shaw s Marianne Sanderson Shay s Mary Roche Sullivan s Catherine D. Tobin Ann Porter Touhey Mary McGowan Walsh s Marie Ward Patricia Hickey Wengert Mary Houston White Participation: 37.25% All Giving: $10,590


Marie A. Bertrand s Janet Condrey Beyer Elizabeth Fahey Cahill s Marjorie Leary Canniff s Rita Farina Cannistraro Maureen Donnelly Carlson Joan Casey Courtemanche s Elizabeth Burke Crehan


9/23/16 10:27 AM

Mary Rowan Curtin s A. Claire Houle Davis Carol Conroy Doherty s M. Evelyn DesRoches Doherty Margot O’Meara Egan M. Patricia Fallon s Marguerite T. Flavin s Alma Cauley Fredey Grace Cronin Godefroy Mary Kay Moynihan Golob s Jacqueline McLaughlin Gouse s Priscilla Mahoney Granfield s Carol McDermott Guebert s Mary McCarthy Hayes s Jeanne Delay Schork Keggi Barbara Kelley Kelley s Patricia Thalheimer King s Rosalie E. L’Ecuyer s Jacqueline Cyr Lewis s Madeline McCarthy Lynch s Patricia Carney MacDonald Denyse Dunbar Maddaleni s Agnes Badrena Malaret Eileen Cunningham McLaughlin s Estelle Ferraro Misto s Elsie Disandro Sammartino Elizabeth Gilmore Shanahan s Barbara Gilmore Stitts s Patricia Hogan Sullivan Rosemary Murphy Tavalone Anne O’Brien Temple s June Randall Thornton s Jean L. Toomey s Patricia Fay Wilson s Participation: 53.85% All Giving: $29,458.09


Ann Marshall Borah Patricia Sullivan Brown Jane Murphy Burger s Mary Rose Campbell Fs Lorraine Talamona Celi s Patricia Wittick Coburn s Carol Bonner Connell s Carol Daly Craig Marilyn Curley Daley s Marie McLaughlin Dick Geraldine Dowd Driscoll s Jane Gallogly Dunn s Margaret Austin Faneuf s Marjorie O’Neill Ferren Joanne Moloney Fiske s Jane Muckian Harrington Frances Foley Hassett Elizabeth Keane Hayes s Carol Hughes Hickey Mary Keelan Hubbard s Mary T. Keenan s


601001.indd 9

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I 09 9/23/16 10:27 AM

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Margaret Moriarty Swider Gail Brosnihan Walsh s Participation: 42.40% All Giving: $15,560



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10 I 601001.indd 10


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9/23/16 10:27 AM

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601001.indd 11

1966 Fundraising Committee from left to right: Joan O’Leary Foley, Kathy Bailey, Donna Page Sytek, Beth Healey Kossuth, Anne Boyle Tatum, and Jane Cronin Tedder were all smiles after their first-place, $1 million award was presented by Vice President Miriam Finn Sherman (center in blue) at the Reunion. See page 14 for full story on the Class of 1966 gift.

Linda Marinelli Bollettino Elizabeth A. Bostrom Eleanor McCarthy Bouvier Susan Smith Bowab s Elizabeth Lewis Bowen s Elsie M. Brennan Mary E. Brennan s Patricia Boyle Buckley Kathleen Frost Burke Margaret Burke Lee Susan Doyle Callahan Joanna Cahill Carr Louise Leonka Carroll Nancy Johnson Carroll s Kathleen Lynch Caruso s Nancy Withington Clear Mary Louise Collins Nancy H. Corcoran Susan Clark Cronin s Deborah Cahoon Didick Clare A. Donaher Eileen M. Dooley s Lucille A. Fandel Mary Ann Audisio Farrell s M. Ann C. Flaherty Joan O’Leary Foley s Mary Lahnston Ford Linda Collins Furbush Constance Alexander Giorgio s Elizabeth Burns Griffin s Ann Tracy Guerriero s Jane McCone Guthrie s Mary O’Hearne Hanemann Lida McMahon Harkins Elizabeth Guidara Hart Mary Ann Hartnett Hartnett Rosemary Eagan Heffernan s Nancy Lewis Hennessy Kathleen Cass Herman s

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I 11 9/23/16 10:27 AM


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12 I 601001.indd 12


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Meg Basler Baxter Marguerite Cook Campbell Mary Schortman Cannon Kathleen Ryan Carey


9/23/16 10:27 AM

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601001.indd 13

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2 Giver [ 2015–2016 ] THE SPIRIT OF GIVING

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I 13 9/23/16 10:27 AM

A Magical Million The Class of 1966 sets the bar high with a record-breaking class gift in honor of 50 years BY ALEXIS BAUM

Six full-tuition scholarships. 625 international service experiences. 5,000 athletic uniforms. 500 study abroad scholarships. That’s what $1,000,000 does at Regis. That is what’s possible when 115 alumnae stand together to change lives. On Friday coming into their 50th Reunion Weekend, the class of 1966 gift was $977,468—$22,532 shy of their $1 million goal and $727,468 more than their initial goal of $250,000. The total would be announced on Saturday at the AllAlumni Luncheon and the class of 1966 would be awarded first place. But first place wasn’t enough. They were determined to hit that million-dollar mark. They had less than 24 hours to raise over $22,000. When the class of 1966 began forming their reunion committees, the fundraising group settled on an ambitious goal of $250,000, which is $190,000 more than their 45th Reunion class gift. Well, most of them settled on it. Then-president Jane Cronin Tedder wanted to aim higher. The members of the fundraising committee laugh with admiration as they recall the first time Tedder suggested a goal of $1 million. “The goal started at $250,000, then it was $500,000, then $660,000,” recalls Kathy Bailey, a fundraising committee member

14 I 601001.indd 14


who was also in charge of running the 1966 Facebook page. “Then we finally set our sights on $1 million.” Tedder believed in her classmates and most importantly, they believed in each other. “Jane is such an inspirational leader,” says Bailey. “She had a vision and she quickly had many believers.” As incoming class president Joan O’Leary Foley describes the synergy among the reunion committees, it’s no surprise that this team of ’66ers accomplished what they did. “It was all about recognizing our classmates’ strengths and interests and tapping into that,” says Foley. “We have a great deal of respect for each other’s talents. So all together, we made a great team.” The whole was greater than the sum of its parts. And the gift was greater than any other in Regis Reunion history. So did they end up reaching $1 million? You bet. On that Friday night of Reunion—which Tedder describes as “magical”—the College Hall Foyer was packed with ’66 alumnae and their guests. Tedder stood up to share their current total, and for the first time since reuniting for their 50th celebrations, a suspenseful silence filled the room. Until someone stood up to give. And then another person. Then it was like dominos—23


9/23/16 10:27 AM

The Class of 1966 gathered for Mass in the College Hall Chapel during Reunion Weekend to receive their Golden Tower Pins and remember classmates who passed away.

alumnae made gifts totaling $22,940 to put the class over the top. Vice President of Institutional Advancement Miriam Finn Sherman ’98 says she can still feel that “moving spirit” she felt in the room that night. They didn’t need 24 hours. That night the class of 1966 surpassed their goal of one-million dollars and became the first class to make a seven-figure gift in honor of their Reunion. Says Tedder: “We had a dream and we did it.” But wait, there’s more: the women also earned a first-place award and set a record for participation, boasting a remarkable 82% class participation rate. They didn’t reach $1 million because of one or two huge gifts; they reached $1

601001.indd 15

million because nearly everyone stepped up to make it happen. The whole is greater than the sum. The crowd of 300+ alumni and friends under the reunion tent gasped and then cheered as Sherman presented the firstplace awards to the class of 1966. “This is a game-changer,” said President Toni Hays after the announcement. “I think about how many students will reap the rewards of this funding and not only does it put a huge smile on my face, it gives me chills— knowing that alumnae have banded together to make such a significant difference in the lives of our students.” For the committee members who worked tirelessly for months, the reward was Reunion itself. “Our Oldies party

with Elvis was my favorite part of the weekend,” says committee member Beth Healey Kossuth. “Everyone was out on the dance floor and it felt like we were in college again. Fifty years later, our connection is stronger than the day we graduated.” Her classmate Nancy Greene Barry agrees: “You only get to celebrate your 50th Reunion once in your life, and this certainly exceeded expectations.” Fast-forward three months and 1966 is together again—this time at Nanci Ortwein’s home in Cape Cod for one of their semi-annual potluck parties. (The next one is already planned at Jo-Anna Rapp Holden’s home in December.) After casual conversation and a lot of laughter, the Reunion committees presented

Tedder with a gift to thank her for all her hard work as the class president and fundraising committee chair. “We are thankful every day for the one and only ‘you,’” a choked-up Tedder read aloud from the card her classmates gave her. After spending some time with the women of the class of 1966, two things become abundantly clear: they love each other and they love Regis. “I think our class really had a sense that we belong and that we can do this together,” says Tedder. “If it weren’t for Regis, we wouldn’t be together.” In honor of their 50th Reunion, they certainly showed their love for both.

9/23/16 10:27 AM


Kathleen Dawley Smokowski F s Audrey Edmonds Stone Participation: 13.45% All Giving: $10,202


Margaret Morin Abells s Judith A. Allonby s Denise Arsenault Carthas Caroline L. Coscia s Mary Coffey Daniels Paula Domenicucci Gill s Vivian D. Greenblatt s Christine A. Kelly Carol MacGillivray Masters Marie T. O’Malley Participation: 6.34% All Giving: $6,950


Nancy Ann Amaral Robin Rochette Chaves Ramona Blazauskas Chin Renee D. Cocuzzo s Patricia Russo Connors Carol Weigel DiFranco Nancy E. Donelan Susan Schumacher Fiaschetti s Ann Dowd Goodhue Winsome Kerlew Gordon Susan N. Grady s Sabina Woods Herlihy T Charlotte O’Malley Kelly Susan Clancy Kennedy Marianne McMahon Kenney s Gail M. Kenyon s Carol Ritchie Lagasse Maureen Fallon Leonard s Joanne Cardile Ludwig Ann Muehlberger Massie Susan McCarthy McDermott Mary De Grandpre Melaugh Cecilia Darling Miller Frances J. Newcombe Christine Cote O’Brien s Laureen King O’Brien Ann Hamilton O’Regan Patricia O’Neil O’Riordan Kathleen B. Rogers Katherine Willwerth Ryan Joanne Lynch Schamberg s Margaret Lyons Scheller Donna Ribaudo Schow s Patricia Shea Maureen T. Stephens s Joan Desmond Sullivan s Deborah Foley Watson Participation: 24.83% All Giving: $19,043.96

16 I 601001.indd 16



Susan McDonough Abelleira s Eileen Riley Bacon Janice Cunningham Bartholomae Susan Keaney Carlson Eleni Kalyvas Condakes s Amalie A. George s Michele Marjollet Kerry Frances P. Krahmer Mary E. McManus s Susan M. McManus s Paula Jordan Morgan Mary Jo Horgan Nurney Sheryl Mann Quesnel Kathryn LaFountain Replogle Patricia Barney Rosenthal Elizabeth Carey Stygles Maureen Gallagher Taddeo Participation: 9.44% All Giving: $3,471.15


Tammy L. Arcuri Alicia Bertrand Brooks Denyse Lanpher Collins s Maria A. Galanti Laurie J. LaChapelle s Anne Gruszka McKenzie s Maureen O’Connor Remondi s Christine Micelotti Robbins s Participation: 4.26% All Giving: $1,460


Georgia Driscoll s Catherine McGovern Jackson Daria Vigliano James Ellie Cowhig Kinder Maria Anzivino Masnato s Kathleen Obremski McCormack Lorraine A. Prior Margaret J. Stokes-Chinetti Beth Chapman Van Pelt Elizabeth Hughes VanderAarde Participation: 6.33% All Giving: $2,964.84


Tara J. Agen Lynda A. Brunette Sheila Strachan Bushe s Marguerite Cain s Constance McInnis Corcoran s Mary V. Dandrow s Diana R. Heinsohn s Kelly Laverty Higgins s Susan Lombard McCarthy Paula A. Moriarty-Buresh


Janice Flinn Powers Melinda Hanlon Powers Julie McAdoo Rines Christine Hackett Roberge Nathalie Kelley Steeves s Eileen A. Sullivan s Rebecca G. Tearte Arlene Hickey Tracey Maura Walsh Sargent s Audrey Covelle Wilsack s Annmarie Reardon Woods s Sarah Worton s Participation: 12.22% All Giving: $13,001.20


Margaret A. Barrett Ildi Toth Bergstrom Mary E. Carroll s Patricia McGrath Connolly Patricia Denucci Doherty Laura F. Eagan Christine Desmarais Gordon Eileen Vogel Hackney Mary Moran Losapio s Catherine Gagnon McCrorey s Christine Stanowski McDermott Paula Digregorio Mullahoo Kimberley Livingstone Sinclair Frances Mooney Stolz Jayne Hunt Swart Elizabeth M. Wong Participation: 11.94% All Giving: $2,501.98


Tara M. Bradley s Donna Sannella Cargill s Kimberly Crane Daly s Carol A. Flynn s Kathleen Appaneal Jose T Sharon Barnes Legge Donna McLellan MacLellan s Eileen M. McHugh s Theresa R. Montani Christine Hyland Phillips s Mary McInnis Reissfelder s Participation: 7.33% All Giving: $5,650


Laura Carney Pamela A. Egan-Walsh Kara Laverty Flynn Christine Cavagnaro Kelley Rosalind Powers Kessel Valerie Brown McGuire Sylvia Michaud s Karen Lewis Moynihan s Mary B. O’Brien



Patricia Mullen Sardnola s Carina Olsson Senter s Participation: 6.59% All Giving: $1,015


Patricia E. Battles Lisa Boucher Benton Anne-Marie Kerrigan Caruso s Suzanne M. Casey s Melanie Phillips Faulkner Laura Kopp Nuttall s Renee Cormier Wheeler s Mariko Usukura Yamauchi Participation: 4.49% All Giving: $1,450


Elizabeth A. Ashton Kimberly DeSorcyMuldoon s Robin Daley Doyle Sheila C. Geha s Kristen Muckian Giovanniello s Kristen A. Laverty Barbara A. Scully s Joan P. Welch Participation: 5.03% All Giving: $1,850


Laura Kean Anes Dorothy M. Chaves Denise Dean Allison M. Denya s Catherine Trainor Froio Margaret McWilliams Garvey E. Erin O’Halloran Gesmundo Sarah Noll Giammarino Joan P. GoldhammerO’Neil s Adrienne Aaronson Hammel Rosemary A. Hughes Noreen A. Kelliher s Pattyanne A. Lyons s Jennifer Blake Meyer Kristan A. Murphy Lisa White Nelson Kathryn Bouchard Sanger Patricia E. Sullivan Ruth A. Sullivan s Lisa White White s Jodie L. Zinna Participation: 11.17% All Giving: $4,825


Christine E. Burke Elizabeth M. Cooke s Audrey Griffin-Goode Audrey J. MacLeod-Pfeiffer



9/23/16 10:27 AM

Marea E. Santos Maryann Whitman Zujewski Participation: 3.45% All Giving: $450

James P. Winnett Brandy L. Worrall Participation: 5.03% All Giving: $8,830



Elizabeth Brouillard Behrle Maura Fallon Carty Nancy L. D’Antonio Maura E. Donovan Dorothy Benson Farrell s Carolyn O’Connor Halloran Jean M. Lorizio Sandra V. Podgorski Mary Skinner Anathea Boccalini Viscariello s Participation: 5.56% All Giving: $13,461.96

Catherine Greland Dineen Nancy I. Gould Angele M. Patenaude Participation: 1.66% All Giving: $270

Loretta Malymeik Browder Amy Cahill Hickey Jessica Nowosielski Flaherty Jamie Foss Flynn Joanne Cannon Hill Marie T. Hoegerle Christine Nocella Holbrook Rebecca A. Kitchell Deborah M. Klarman s Wendy Lucente Langelier Irene Laurens Kathleen A. O’Connor s Paula Rheaume Pinkney Verna-Ann PowerCharnitsky Miriam Finn Sherman s Lisa Villemure Spitz Participation: 7.39% All Giving: $3,670.98




Lindsey A. Dewar s Toya Farrar Kuniko Komatsu Tammie Burke Stanford Participation: 3.08% All Giving: $344.90


April Alger Grudier Paige M. Eaton Trinity Hurlbut Edwards Laura Edwards-Lassner Tara Sullivan Esfahanian Jennifer Hilton Abate Nancy A. Hobson s Gia Salce Jobin Jennine M. Lesser Michelle Vigliotti Lewis Monica Barsotti McGillicuddy Jody M. Michalski Michelle L. Scott Chris Morris Siebert Carly Kimball Smith s Leah Kalapinski Warren Participation: 9.82% All Giving: $1,160.16


Robin M. Davis Kristyn C. Jamieson s Semima Vaka Karasch s Catherine M. Lynch s Michelle E. McDonough Lisa M. McPhail Susan S. Priem F Annette C. Ullian


601001.indd 17

Nicole Kilduff Abate Jennifer Alberti Atwood Elizabeth Osten Bettencourt s Noelle Forney Denny-Brown Julianne K. Fraize Rebecca G. Hancock s Cathleen DeAngelis Kubera Janine M. Lapan-Yawson Kelly A. Moran s Stephanie Schmidt Orchard Carrie Blais Powers Angela Cassano Reidy Heather A. Wojcik s Participation: 6.70% All Giving: $1,462.50


Noreen Hayes Bigelow s Brandy Poquette Brown s Megan Tierney Connor s Mary R. Cook s Amanda S. Faro Dianna M. Jones s Kathleen M. Mahoney Joanne M. McCarthy s Catherine Murphy Osgood Jill Bousquet Ryan s Cara A. Scafati Ann Marie Tsewole Participation: 5.38% All Giving: $1,060


Patricia L. Allard s Margo L. Cicciarella Martha Douty Douty-Perez Sharyn L. Ghiloni s

2 Giver [ 2015–2016 ] THE SPIRIT OF GIVING

Jessica Shumaker Grondin Catherine E. Hancock Maura Gallagher Jones Sarah Stetson Klein Monica Pomare Lynch Emily C. Milot Marcy Whalen Mooney Margaret J. Morrill Jessica L. Rouse Katie Sticklor Tommasini s Participation: 6.54% All Giving: $2,780.05


Andrea L. DePaoli Karyn M. Lessard s Kelly E. Linehan s Linda Phillips Mayers Kara L. Sprague Participation: 2.25% All Giving: $295


Amelia S. Aubourg Laura Phaneuf Bertonazzi s Kara L. Bilotta s Laura A. Brooks s Elizabeth P. Burke Kay Van de Griff Harrington Gillian C. McClellan Carole J. Meehan s Yulia S. Zubko s Participation: 5.23% All Giving: $736.50


Kaitlynn Malinowski Arvidson s Moira E. Finley Mary A. Quigley s Lorena Sestayo Elizabeth M. Smith s Lorick E. Wash Participation: 5.00% All Giving: $1,946.50


Caitlin M. Connolly Catherine Howley McLaughlin s Maylin S. Truesdell Jacqueline J. Wayland Judith J. Wilber Participation: 2.67% All Giving: $635


Erin M. Campbell April Prucnal Carter Colleen C. Colarusso Veronica Coles McIntosh Melissa Gonzalez Sweeney Becky Graziano Nora J. Gross

Stephanie Larocque Lenzo Jennifer C. Parris Participation: 5.52% All Giving: $2,845.84


Leah Boniface Solomon Marrissa Gondola Brunetti Sarah Boniface Sauder Lorraine Zaccardi Schoen Rebecca A. Schroeder Nadia M. Serret Participation: 3.37% All Giving: $670.07


Jennifer A. Thomas Kristine Zarifian Participation: 1.00% All Giving: $30.08


Ashley Paolini Bellotte Alexandra I. England s Virginia R. Leonard Marianna E. Scandole Participation: 2.29% All Giving: $1,085


Meghan Roan Apostolou Leigh T. Handschuh Tara L. Jackson Shannon M. Tonelli Participation: 2.58% All Giving: $130.10


Mary Kate Flynn Alibrandi Caitlin M. Erwin James P. Guaragna s Michael O’Melia Participation: 1.85% All Giving: $198.11


Maryjane M. Barron Kristyn L. Gondola Carlos Moreno Daniela Rosa Participation: 2.13% All Giving: $160


Andrew J. Blanchette s Stasa Grozdanic Stephanie L. Henderson Liza C. Monahan Emily S. Nichols Sophorn Nop Matthew J. Smolko Participation: 3.41% All Giving: $1,350


Kevin Brockway Alexa Nicholls Costa Bradford Moore


I 17 9/23/16 10:27 AM

Vanessa L. Noesi Jeffrie W. Parrish Efthimios C. Stamoulis Johanna S. Westcott Participation: 2.72% All Giving: $476.29


Lauren V. Ghazal Dahisha Saint-Franc Cynthia H. McKinnon Gregory M. Sarantakis Participation: 1.54% All Giving: $281.15

Master and Doctoral Programs

Devora Baronofsky ’12 Alexis Baum ’12 s Ann E. Brown ’98 s Patricia M. Ciarleglio ’00 Phyllis Connolly Karen R. Crowley ’10 Joan M. Cutting ’06 Mary Theresa B. Diperri ’98 Lisa J. Fardy ’14 Barbara M. Field ’03 Erlinda Forgacs ’01 Alicia A. Knoff Nancy M. Lindsey ’02 s Laura Malloy ’12 Carol A. Martin ’02 s Patricia McCauley ’15 Anne M. McCormack ’02 s Janice McKinnonHeavey ’03 Colleen Corey Labib Deborah W. Moore ’06 Barbara B. O’Connell Patricia Osimo ’13 Myrna C. Roderick ’06 Elizabeth Schuller ’11 Laura Seabury ’12 Paula O’Neill Surro ’04 Lisa Treacy ’14 Pamela Walton ’76 Diane M. Welsh ’10

Bequests Received Claire Ledoux Derringer ’42 D Anita T. Ennis ’43 D Marilyn Flynn ’71 D

Scholarship and Special Funds

George I. Alden Endowed Scholarship Sister Alphonsine Scholarship The Alumni Scholarship Dorothy A. Atanasio ’46 Memorial Scholarship Elizabeth Frawley Bagley ’74 Endowed Scholarship Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 Scholarship

18 I 601001.indd 18


Mary C. Barrett ’34 Endowed Scholarship Sister Gretchen Bogan Scholarship Helen Isabel Borden ’79 Endowed Scholarship Elizabeth Ann Boylan Nursing Scholarship Hannah C. Bradley Scholarship Hannah C. Bradley Special Needs Fund Mary C. Bryan and Grace A. Hawley Endowed Scholarship Catherine M. Burke ’31 Endowed Scholarship Joan Louise Burke ’58 Scholarship Elizabeth Byrne Buxton Endowed Scholarship Helena A. Callahan ’31 Endowed Scholarship Catherine T. Walsh Clancy and Patrick J. Clancy Scholarship Class of 1956 Sister John Sullivan Scholarship Class of 1959 Endowed Scholarship Class of 1961 Endowed Scholarship Class of 1963 Endowed Scholarship Class of 1999 Fund DNP Nursing Scholarship Fund Helen F. Cronin Memorial Endowed Fund for Internships Christine Murphy Conole ’84 Endowed Scholarship Jacqueline Confortes Covo Endowed Fund for Women’s Leadership Development Jacqueline Confortes Covo Memorial Scholarship Fund Jeanne M. ’51 and William F. Craven Jr. Endowed Scholarship Mildred Gallagher Cunningham ’34 Endowed Scholarship Nancy Roth Cutts ’71 Memorial Scholarship Rev. William J. Daly Fund for Ethics and Religious Studies Genevieve Ryan Denmark and John Frederick Denmark Endowed Scholarship Josephine E. DeSimone Endowed Scholarship


Rev. Pasquale DiMilla Scholarship Sister Mary Lucilla Dinneen Scholarship Anne Moore Dolan ’36 Endowed Scholarship Marie Tremblay Donahue ’45 Endowed Scholarship Estamarie Shea Duff ’49 Art Prize Mary Jane England Endowed Scholarship Mary Jane England ’59 Term Scholarship Sister Julia Ford Graduate Scholarship Anne Marie Flynn ’47 Endowed Scholarship Sister Myra Farrell Memorial Scholarship Daniel G. Frawley Endowed Scholarship Ellen M. Greany Prize Warren D. Gribbons Endowed Scholarship Harriett M. Hall Scholarship John and Margaret Hallisey Scholarship Hamilton Family Endowed Scholarship Dr. Grace A. Hawley ’31 Endowed Scholarship William Randolph Hearst Endowed Scholarship Fund Mary Durkin Henighan Scholarship Elizabeth Edmundson Herrick ’49 Endowed Scholarship Margaret Lennon Higgins Endowed Scholarship Sister Thérèse Higgins Sisters of St. Joseph Scholarship High School Journalism Claire Hubbard Fund Edwina Hughes General Endowment Scholarship Fund Barbara Kelleher Hyland ’65 Term Scholarship International Nursing Faculty Partnership Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 Student Scholarship Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 Faculty Grant Aurelia M. Kelley ’38 Memorial Scholarship Frances Borger Klempner Graduate Nursing Scholarship James V. Lampka Excellence Award Laska Fellowship




Vera and Andrew J. Laska Endowed Scholarship Corena Ledger Endowed Scholarship Joline Reddan Lessells Essay Prize LLARC Sharing Opportunities Scholarship Louise Breason May ’59 Endowed Scholarship Catherine and Francis McCarthy Memorial Scholarship Dorothy H. McCarthy ’66 Endowed Scholarship Helen M. McCarthy ’42 Endowed Scholarship Jane F. McCarthy ’59 Memorial Scholarship Sister Margaret McCarthy, Music Chair Mary E. McElroy Scholarship Alice Toomey McLaughlin ’37 Endowed Scholarship Mary Frances Glynn McManus ’34 Endowed Scholarship Mary C. Hunt McNeil ’44 Endowed Scholarship Sister Sheila E. Megley Fellowship for Visiting Scholars Sisters of Mercy Scholarship Joseph H. and Elizabeth F. Miley Endowed Scholarship Gabriela Mistral Prize Arthur C. and Dorothy F. Murray Endowed Scholarship Pearl A. Nelson Fund for Education Mary V. and Mary T. Norton Scholarship Nursing Honor Society Scholarship Yolande Cavedon O’Donnell ’45 Scholarship Sister Jeanne d’Arc O’Hare Merit Scholarship Leona and James Powers Endowed Scholarship Mary E. Power Scholarship John and Margaret Roche Endowed Scholarship The Schrafft Charitable Trust Scholarship Kristen Elizabeth Shannon Endowed Scholarship Sharing Opportunities Scholarship Sister Macrina Shyne Scholarship


9/27/16 8:56 AM

Catherine Smiddy ’39 Endowed Scholarship Elizabeth Stanton and Roberta Stanton Guthrie ’54 Endowed Scholarship Stacy Stott Memorial Scholarship John and Agnes Sullivan and William and Anne Moynihan Endowed Scholarship Isabel ’34 and Patrick Tierney Endowed Scholarship Joyce Viano-Ruberti ’69 Endowed Scholarship Sister Viterbo McCarthy ’42 Endowed Scholarship Sister Louisella Walters Memorial Prize Margaret Burns Whalen ’31 Endowed Scholarship Yawkey Foundation Nursing Scholarship Program Young Book Award

Corporations, Foundations, Trusts, and Other Organizations

AHA Consulting Engineers Adelard A. Roy and Valeda Lea Roy Foundation Alexander Aronson Finning and Co. American Association of Colleges of Nursing American Green Building Services, Inc. Aptus Health, Inc. s Aramark B. R. Jones Roofing Company CGL Electronic Security, Inc. Cape and Island Corporation Care Dimensions via the Healthcare Workforce Transformation Fund as administered by Commonwealth Corporation Carole C. Remick New England High School Journalism Charitable Foundation Catholic Health Foundation of the Archdiocese of Boston, Inc. Century Bank Charles River Canoe and Kayak Citius Printing and Graphics


601001.indd 19

Collier International N.E., LLC Community Ice Skating @ Kendall Comrie Real Estate Congress Wealth Management, LLC Cummings Foundation, Inc. D & R General Contracting, Inc. Davis Educational Foundation DesCar Jewelery Design, Inc. Embassy Cinema Esprix Technologies Field Company Fulfillment Center, Inc. Golfsmith Harvard Pilgrim Health Care s Heidi Hoffman Consulting, LLC Hub Electric Systems Hunter Protective Services JFK Transportation, Inc. Joe Warren and Sons Co., Inc. Libretto, Inc. Lotus Studios Mahoney’s Garden Center Markell Hall, LLC Massachusetts State Science Fair Mastodon Moving, LLC Metrowest Aquatic Club Northeast Electronics, Inc. Pepsi Cola Bottling Group Professional Building Systems Prudential Insurance Company Foundation Raskob Foundation for Catholic Activities Reading Vending, LLC Regis College Class of 1972 Rock Spot Climbing Rose Chinitz and Rose Schnee Architects, Inc. School of LeadershipAfghanistan Sentinel Benefits Group, Inc. Showtime Singers South Shore Kings Management Sudbury Racquet Club, Inc. Suffolk Construction Co., Inc. The Abbot and Dorothy H. Stevens Foundation The Cheesecake Factory The Health Resources and Services Administration of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

2 Giver [ 2015–2016 ] THE SPIRIT OF GIVING

USI Affinity Collegiate Insurance Resources Vocell Bus Corporation, Inc. W.K. Kellogg Foundation Watson Printing Co., Inc. Wayland Country Club Weston Travel Service William E. Schrafft and Bertha E. Schrafft Charitable Trust s Yawkey Foundation

Matching Gift Companies

The ACE Foundation Amica Mutual Insurance Company Aon Foundation Bae Systems Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund s Boeing Co. Helen V. Brach Foundation s ChevronTexaco Corp. s Cisco Systems Foundation Deloitte and Touche Eversource ExxonMobil s Fidelity Investments Matching Gifts to Education Program s FM Global Foundation General Electric Company s Google, Inc. Hasbro, Inc. s Hewlett-Packard Company IBM Corporation s Macy’s Foundation The MBIA Foundation Merck Company Foundation Microsoft Corporation National Football League New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. New York Life Insurance, Company Oracle Corporation The Pfizer Foundation Prudential Insurance Company Foundation Raytheon Company s The Stanley Works s Sunlife Canada Texas Instruments Foundation United Health Care, Inc. UnumProvident Corporation s United Technologies Verizon Foundation s Waters Corporation W.R. Grace and Co.

Honorarium Gifts Amelia E. Anderson Mary Skinner ’93

Carol A. Giacomo ’70 Nancy McCallum Brenerman ’70 s Audrey E. Criado ’59 Allyson Bowen s Mary Jane England ’59 Harold I. Pratt Donna C. Young ’58 Marie Driscoll Hanlon ’74 s Helen Fenton M. Patricia Welch Sullivan ’71 Antoinette M. Hays T s Nancy I. Gould ’94 Kathleen Appaneal Jose ’87 T Douglas Lawton Ernest J. Collamati Tara Sullivan Esfahanian ’96 Joanne Hyde Eileen Toomasian Nichols ’64 s Rebecca A. Kitchell ’98 Kathleen A. O’Connor ’98 s Helen Fenton M. Patricia Welch Sullivan ’71 Margherite Matteis Fran M. Caracappa Mary K. Rutana ’13 Jane Rutana Claudia L. Zampini Nicole Kilduff Abate ’99 Brooke M. Healy ’16 John S. Healy Bradley N. Kravitz ’19 Susan M. Graham


I 19 9/23/16 10:27 AM



Gratitude. It’s what comes to mind when Margaret Flagg ’64 thinks of Regis, and it’s what inspires her to give to the university. “I owe Regis a tremendous debt of gratitude. I hope that every student has an opportunity to receive the education I did. It addressed the whole person: spiritually and intellectually.” A French major, Margaret recalls how professors and studying abroad in Paris immersed her into more than a language. “I got inside the head of another culture. I learned about expectations, meanings, and relationships that bind a culture together.” It taught her to see difference less judgmentally and seek cultural communality. She went on to teach French in public and private school systems and at the collegiate level. Today, Margaret believes in helping Regis students find their own path. “The idea of giving students the tools for meaningful employment is extremely important in this economy. My French professors gave me my career.” Margaret grew up in a family of givers. A retail pharmacist, her father was on-call for the New England Baptist Hospital in Boston and would deliver medication any time of the night; her mother would always help people in need. “When our neighbors lost their home in a gas explosion, my mother took in their daughter.” Twice an Alumni Board member, Margaret gives annually to Regis and is committed to a planned gift through the Catherine Burke Society. She holds the university close to her heart. “Regis opened a world that I never would have known. I want to give back to the institution that gave me that gift.”

20 I 601001.indd 20

Margaret Flagg CLASS OF 1964 West Roxbury, Massachusetts

I hope that every student has an opportunity to receive the education I did. It addressed the whole person: spiritually and intellectually.



9/23/16 10:27 AM

Nicole Church

CLASS OF 2017 Apex, North Carolina Merit Scholarship Mary Jane England Scholarship

The scholarships have pushed me to work harder because I feel like other people believe in me too.

Nicole Church ’17 headed north to Regis because of the award-winning nursing program. “The fact that I would get the opportunity to do clinicals at the top hospitals in the world was incredible and quite frankly, irresistible.” Receiving a Merit Scholarship as an incoming freshman, and then the scholarship named for former Regis president Dr. Mary Jane England ’59, has made the experience possible on a financial level and impactful on a personal level. “Nursing is complex, and it’s very easy to get down on yourself and give up,” she says. “The scholarships have pushed me to work harder because I feel like other people believe in me too.” Professors are also imperative to her success. “It would be impossible to truly understand nursing without the help of experienced and intelligent nurses. Our faculty members consist of some of the best nurses and they truly care about each and every student.” But Nicole has also forged her own path. She is class president, an orientation leader, a pride guide, and a member of the Track and Field and Cross Country teams as well as the band. As an Erat scholar, she traveled throughout Europe to explore the theme of “creation” and sang at the Berkshire Choral Festival. She also completed a service project in New Orleans. “Hopefully one day I will be able to provide a scholarship to a nursing student too,” she says. “I would tell them that even though the program is challenging, I believe in them like someone believed in me.” REGIS COLLEGE ROLL of HONOR

601001.indd 21




I 21 9/23/16 10:27 AM


RE UNION Participation Rate 82.14% CLASS OF

1966  57.5% CLASS OF

1956 43.64% CLASS OF

1951 Dollars Raised $1,012,658.28* CLASS OF

1966 $74,298.32 CLASS OF

1956 $67,696.90 CLASS OF

1961 *includes pledges

30% of our population consists of minority and international students

Regis is a leading Catholic university in Greater Boston with 2,000 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students in the arts, sciences, nursing, and health professions. Regis is a diverse and welcoming community rooted in the values and charism set forth by its founders—the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston—in 1927. Regis empowers women and men of all backgrounds to excel academically and serve their dear neighbors around the world without distinction.

Donors who INCREASED their gift from FY15-16


220 NEW DONORS in FY16

Donors who gave consecutively over the past three years



$1,012,658.28 Undergraduate student-athletes


Undergraduates who receive financial aid or scholarships

First-generation undergraduates

90% 40%


Number of FY16 donors who had not given in five years. Welcome back; we missed you!




$1,286,474.95 *includes pledges

601001.indd 22

9/27/16 8:56 AM

SUPPORTING REGIS! 2015–2016 FINANCIAL REPORT The charts below reflect gifts made between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.


NON- REU NION Participation Rate

Levels of Giving*

55.56% CLASS OF


38 28 15

Below $100 Tower Club ($100–$499)

 53.85% CLASS OF




Red & Gold Club ($500–$999) 162

President’s Associates ($1,000–$1,926)


51.55% CLASS OF

1927 Society ($1,927-$4,999)


Crimson Circle ($5,000–$9,999)


Gold Circle ($10,000–$24,999)

Dollars Raised

Regis Circle ($25,000+)

$79,952.91 CLASS OF


* Includes individual support

$64,725.06 CLASS OF


Giving by Source Alumni

$58,989.88 CLASS OF


Friends, Trustees, Parents, Faculty, and Staff Government, Corporations, Foundations, Trusts, and Organizations



76.1% WAYS TO G IV E ONLINE regisfund PHONE 781.768.7240


$35,000,000 601001.indd 23

MAIL Office of Institutional Advancement & Alumni Relations Regis College, 235 Wellesley St., Box 30 Weston, MA 02493

9/23/16 10:27 AM

Michael DeRosa

CLASS OF 2017 Hometown: Saugus, Massachusetts Sister Jeanne d’Arc O’Hare Merit Scholarship


Regis has made me a leader ... After I graduate, I will always remember that I can overcome struggles and achieve.


Michael DeRosa ’17 admits that in high school he sometimes doubted himself. But Regis, he says, helped him become more confident and recognize his potential. “I learned that success is in my hands and not the people who are around me. That realization has made me more responsible.” An English major and Communications minor, he specifically points to professors who have had a powerful impact on his writing ability. “I’ve been encouraged to generate my best work rather than taking shortcuts. I know they are there for me both academically and personally.” Regis first grabbed Michael’s attention because his sister Nicole ’16 was a student; the university became one his top choices. Financial support from a Sister Jeanne d’Arc O’Hare Merit Scholarship helped finalize his decision. “The scholarship was the main factor in being able to attend Regis. It was a reward for all the hard work in high school, and is a constant reminder that I can reach many achievements.” Today, his favorite thing about Regis is the feeling of community. “There’s no divide among everyone; we are engaged with each other and always learning about other people’s interests and talents.” Michael serves as an orientation leader, is an editor for the university’s creative journal (The Hemetera), and participated in the theatre company. Among his current career interests: journalism and teaching writing at the collegiate level. “Regis has made me a leader. I’ve become much more social, which has helped me immensely when it comes to applying for jobs and meeting new people. After I graduate, I will always remember that I can overcome struggles and achieve.”

24 I 601001.indd 24


9/23/16 10:27 AM


601001.indd 25

2 Giver [ 2015–2016 ] THE SPIRIT OF GIVING


I 25 9/23/16 10:27 AM

Faculty and Staff

Samantha R. Akl Kathryn J. Anastasia s Kaitlynn Malinowski Arvidson ’04 s Malcolm O. Asadoorian Maryjane M. Barron ’12 Alexis Baum s Laura Phaneuf Bertonazzi ’03 s Meagen F. Boyle Edward L. Burke Laura M. Burke Janet Casey Devin P. Cashman Elizabeth Cawley ’63, CSJ s Patricia M. Ciarleglio ’00 and John Ciarleglio Mark A. Clemente Ernest J. Collamati s Mary G. Connolly s Megan Tierney Connor ’00 s Mary R. Cook ’00 s Julio Correa David A. Crisci Karen R. Crowley ’10 Gail E. Daniels Mary Jane M. Doherty ’67 s Judith Higgins Donohue ’64 Christina Duggan s Betty Ann Hynes Elliott ’49 s Alexandra I. England ’09 s Shawna Erickson Lisa J. Fardy ’14 Susan Schumacher Fiaschetti ’81 s Catherine J. Fuller Penelope Glynn s Kristyn L. Gondola ’12 Ann M. Grady ’63, CSJ s Mary Rita Grady ’64, CSJ s Grace A. Gruber s James P. Guaragna ’11 s Nathan W. Hager Antoinette M. Hays T s Lindsey Honig Mary J. Hughes Jennifer R. Hunt Valerie J. Hunt s Bernard Jackson Dianna M. Jones ’00 s Susan Clancy Kennedy ’81 Marianne McMahon Kenney ’81 s Paul E. Kilroy s Kara Kolomitz s Kate S. Korzendorfer F Kellie L. LaPierre Alexis Lawton Julia Lisella s Barbara Loud ’62, CSJ s Carol A. Martin ’02 s Margherite Matteis s

26 I 601001.indd 26


Patricia McCauley ’15 Janice McKinnonHeavey ’03 Emily C. Milot ’01 Liza C. Monahan ’13 Bradford Moore ’14 Deborah W. Moore ’06 Joan Murray ’61 s Emily S. Nichols ’13 Teresa W. O’Neil Margaret Oot-Hayes Stephanie Schmidt Orchard ’99 Jane Peck ’79 Thomas G. Pistorino s Nancy A. Plasker s Karin M. Plumadore s Claudia Pouravelis Verna-Ann PowerCharnitsky ’98 Anne M. Powers s Katya Rego s Robert Riley Jill F. Rosen s Susan Sawyer Rebecca A. Schroeder ’07 Sean B. Sendall Lauren D. Shanbrun Diep Sheehan s Miriam Finn Sherman ’98 s Elizabeth M. Smith ’04 s Jayanthi Srinath s Efthimios C. Stamoulis ’14 Tammie Burke Stanford ’95 Nancy W. Street s Elizabeth Carey Stygles ’82 Joan Desmond Sullivan ’81 s Kate Sutherland Joyce Talanian Susan Gelmini Tammaro ’77 s Jennifer A. Thomas ’08 Shannon M. Tonelli ’10 Lisa Treacy ’14 Kelley Tuthill Mary Anne Vetterling Diane M. Welsh ’10 Johanna S. Westcott ’14


Sandra Ashley Thomas F. Bagley II s Beverly and John Barry Mary-Ellen and Chauncey Batchelor s Colleen and John Boselli Marla Z. Botelho s Lori Colella Kathleen Collins Mike Colon Greg F. Comella Jane Craycroft Robert C. David John A. DeSimone s Christine Donahue John F. Duff Kathryn Erat s


Beverly G. Farina John A. Farina Jr. Yen-Tsai Feng F Frances M. Flaherty John M. Flaherty Harold Foley Katherine and David E. Foulser Paul W. Garber s Philip C. Garber s Robert Giggi Bruce C. Ginsberg Lorie Gochenour Nick Hager William R. Hager Betty S. Hall Jeanne Harper Francis M. Heneghan Hunter Protective Services Barbara I. Johnson Frances V. Kadinoff James A. Kelley Dorothy Kennedy Peter Kent Valerie Kirshy Jesse Klempner s Nancy J. Lally Marybeth Lamb Carol Lawton Douglas Lawton Paul J. Leahy Julia Lisella s Paul Lonergan Stephen J. Lynch s John L. Marshall III s Karen A. Marshall William F. McCall Jr. s Jean McCormick Albert J. McEvoy David McLaughlin Christopher S. Mosher Robert F. Muse Diane L. Nelson Sopheak Nop Brendan O’Sullivan Jeffrey P. Parker Donald R. Paull Pheme Perkins Claudia Pouravelis Harold I. Pratt Charles W. Prout Edwin W. Quillian John C. Riley Mark Riley Micky Riley Rose, Chintz and Rose Lotte Russo Krista Saumsiegle Ann and William Sheehan Laura H. Shucart Marie and Richard Stewart Joseph F. Sullivan Matthew Twombley Paul J. Vaccaro s Anthony E. Vallace William H. Vogel s William C. Wade Caitlin Watts




Kathryn Williamson s Richard W. Young E s Clotilde Zannetos s

Trustees and Former Trustees

George R. Baldwin, F s Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 F s Marian Batho ’70, CSJ T s Rosemary Brennan ’70, CSJ T s Anita BrennanSarmiento ’77 T Diane Walden Brierley ’75 F s Regina Seales Caines ’54 F Mary Rose Campbell ’56 F s Laetitia Albiani Carney ’58 F s Meyer J. Chambers T Hans Christensen T Maureen Doherty ’68, CSJ T s Mary Anne Doyle ’67, CSJ T s Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 F s Mary Jane Regan England ’59 F s Clyde Evans F s Yen-Tsai Feng F Camille Gattineri Ferazzi ’69 T s Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ’57 F s John Graham F Michael J. Halloran T Antoinette M. Hays T s Sabina Woods Herlihy ’81 T Leila A. Hogan ’61, CSJ T s Kathleen Appaneal Jose ’87 T Ellen C. Kearns ’67 F s Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury ’57 T s Kate S. Korzendorfer F Ann Harrington Lagasse ’79 F Peter Langenus T s Judith Murphy Lauch ’68 F s Mary Ann Walsh Lewis ’74 T Christina Kennedy McCann ’60 F s Jacquelyn McCarthy ’82, CSJ T Kathleen McCluskey ’71, CSJ F s Peter J. Minihane F s Brenda Coogan Moran ’58 F s Patricia McCurry Morley ’67 F Glenn Morris T s Donna Norris T s Ellen M. O’Connor ’67 F s


9/27/16 8:56 AM

Kathleen O’Hare ’69 F s Thomas P. O’Neill III T Joseph H. Petrowski F Susan S. Priem ’97 F Brian G. Rothwell F s Joan Shea T s Salvatore B. Simeone F s Nancy F. Smith ’73 F s Kathleen Dawley Smokowski ’79 F s Jane Cronin Tedder ’66 T s John J. Tegan Jr., Chair T s Donato J. Tramuto F s Richard W. Young E s

Catherine Burke Society

This Society is comprised of those who have made planned gifts to the university. The Society is named for Catherine Burke ’31. Joyce Aldrich ’64 Paula Kelliher Antonevich ’89 Joan M. Archer ’70 Barbara Lipcan Bagley ’70 s James Ballway s Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 F s Christine Fregosi Beagan ’71 s Marie A. Bertrand ’55 s Mary Alvord Biette ’54 s Dorothy Gaquin Borkowski ’46 Mary T. Breslin ’49 s Maura Murphy Burke ’69 William Burke Regina Seales Caines ’54 F Joseph A. Callero Phyllis Gallinelli Campbell ’47 s Eve Casey Carey ’45 Loretta Chabot ’59 s Barbara Agbay Cherubini ’61 Therese Foley Christie ’44 Margaret L. Collins ’65 Audrey Bowen Criado ’59 s Gertrude M. Cronin ’44 Lianne Cronin ’61 s Mary Rowan Curtin ’55 s Mary Ellen Cartier Descheneaux ’69 Brenda Meade Doherty ’59 s Carol A. Donovan ’59 s Dawn-Marie Driscoll ’68 F s Steven G. Dwyer Patricia D. Elliott Mary Jane Regan England ’59 F s Anne Fox Fitzpatrick ’57 F s


601001.indd 27

Margaret Fermoyle Flagg ’64 s Carroll Beegan Follas ’61 s Barbara Mullins Garrity ’45 Suzanne M. Gautreau ’70 Anne Daly Graham ’59 s Carol L. Grimes Amy Chin Guen ’50 s Jennifer Halpin ’85 Marie Driscoll Hanlon ’74 s and Harry Hanlon s Antoinette M. Hays T and John J. Przybylski s Jeanne M. Hennebery ’46 Clare Dunn Hern ’45 Eric Hoertdoerfer Gail McCoy Holloway ’69 and Ronald P. Holloway s Marilyn Geoghegan Holzschuh ’65 Valerie Hunt s Susan B. Isbell ’94 Catherine O’Connor Johnson ’59 Ann McManus Joyce ’62 s Virginia Pyne Kaneb ’57 F s Mary Ann Cushing Kidder ’61 s Ruth Sanderson Kingsbury ’57 T and Robert Kingsbury s M. Margaret King D Mary Jane Kinne ’54 s Golsima Kamali Knox ’76 Grace Foley LaDue ’56 s Eileen McCormick Langenus ’78 and Peter Langenus T s Joan Osgood Lawrence ’63 Catherine Powers Leddy ’53 s Mary Ann Walsh Lewis T Doris T. Lynch ’45 Denyse Dunbar Maddaleni ’55 s Jane Denmark Maher ’57 Helen Anne Murphy Maichle ’54 Carole Groncki McCarthy ’65 s Virginia M. McGagh ’57 Teresa M. McGonagle ’81 F Ann B. McGrath ’72 Jane K. McGrath ’48 s Joan Hartley Meagher ’52 s Ann Cormier Mickells ’71 s Lois McSweeney Moulton ’49 s Joan M. Moynagh ’47 Barbara Bye Murdock ’64 s Kathleen Murray ’74 Marilyn Lombardi Nicholas ’59 s Yolande Cavedon O’Donnell ’45 Kathleen O’Hare ’69 F s George O’Sullivan

2 Giver [ 2015–2016 ] THE SPIRIT OF GIVING

Regis awarded $100K grant from Cummings Foundation Regis was one of 100 local non-profits to receive $100,000 from the Cummings Foundation as part of its “$100K for 100” program. The grant will support a Nursing Resource Center at Regis, which will fuel the capacity to provide students with the tools they need to deliver excellent patient care. This is the second $100K for 100 award Regis has received; the first helped to launch the Center for Global Connections in 2013.

Left to right: Vice President Miriam Finn Sherman ’98, Regis President Toni Hays, Bill Cummings, Regis Director of Nursing Simulation and Resource Center and Associate Professor of Nursing Patricia McCauley, and Director of Institutional Support Shawna Erickson attended the Cummings Reception for all $100K for 100 recipients. Shawna Erickson worked on the grant proposal with faculty members Pat McCauley ’15, Janis Tuxbury ’99, ’11, and Michelle Cook ’99, ’15, all of whom received their Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degrees from Regis.

Annette P. Pendergast ’45 s Daralyn Kilcoyne Perry ’87 Mary-Jane Donovan Power ’48 s Consuelo Morgan Quinn ’54 Angela G. Ricker ’54 Christine Roessel ’61

Mary Lou DeMaria Schwinn ’60 s Carole Settana Scollins ’56 s Barbara A. Scully ’90 s Joan Shea T s Nancy F. Smith ’73 F s Janice B. Snook ’60 Rosemary Sheehan Snowling ’69 s


I 27 9/23/16 10:27 AM

Anne D. Sullivan ’50 Anne McIsaac Sullivan ’60 s Barbara Cunningham Sullivan ’60 s Barbara Doran Sullivan ’65 s Dorothy Gibbons Sullivan ’47 Helen E. Sullivan ’54 Marie Barbano Tassinari ’51 s Jane Cronin Tedder ’66 T and Richard Tedder s John Tegan T s Catherine D’Arcy Trefthan s Theresa Audette WoodLavine ’53 s Richard W. Young E s Eleanor Shiel Zito ’48

Gifts In-Kind

Amelia S. Aubourg ’03 Carole Fiorine Barrett ’63 F s Jane Cronin Tedder ’66 T s Charles River Canoe & Kayak Citius Printing & Graphics Community Ice Skating @ Kendall DesCar Jewelery Design, Inc. Embassy Cinema Golfsmith Hub Electric Systems Lotus Studios Mahoney’s Garden Center Thomas P. O’Neill III T Janice McBride Power ’51 s Rock Spot Climbing Joanne Lynch Schamberg ’81 s The Cheesecake Factory Wayland Country Club


Carlos Bazail Peter Brockway Mario Cardoso William E. Caulfield Laura and Kevin Charbonneau Gina Corraccio Janice Cowden Karen T. Deukmejian Joan T. DuRocher s Colleen Fergus Nadia Frederique Mary Alice Giarda Wanda Grady Susan M. Graham Laura and Brian Greco Dianne and Charles Harrow John S. Healy Mary-Ann and David Hornbaker

28 I 601001.indd 28


Janice and John Horton Ayodele Johnson Joanne and Frank Kanarkiewicz Lynore A. Leconche Brian Mandeville Andrea Marra William R. McClellan Robert McCoy Cheryl McNamara Karen Michaelson Carla and James Murphy Janice M. Murray Stephen Murray s Judith A. Norton Soksophon Pho James Polley David Polleys Micheline Previlus Adriana and Paul Quattrociocchi Janet Rice Patricia Rodrigo Jane Rutana Cleide Salles Joseph A. Smolko Kristen Walden-Farley Pamela J. Wilson

Regis Fund Executive Committee (FY16) Gertrude Breen Alfredson ’47 s Megan Tierney Connor ’00 s Elinor Ryan Devlin ’70 s Tara Sullivan Esfahanian ’96 Beth Healey Kossuth ’66 s Judith Murphy Lauch ’68 s Kelly E. Linehan s Pattyanne Lyons ’91 s Anne-Marie Kerrigan Caruso ’89 s Carole Groncki McCarthy ’65 s Carolyn Sammartino Moran ’67 s Maureen Stephens ’81 s Anne Smith Tobin ’58 s Jane DeMarco Wittreich ’63 s

Alumni Board of Directors (FY16)

Carlos Moreno ’12 Melinda Hanlon Powers ’85 s Jill Bousquet Ryan ’00 s Joanne Lynch Schamberg ’81 s Lorraine Zaccardi Schoen Donna Ribaudo Schow ’81 s Lorick E. Wash ’04 Heather Wojcik ’99 s


Arianna M. Alcorn ’17 Najheen M. Anglin ’16 Ducaslove N. Awah ’17 Adolphus Bailey, Jr. ’17 Camille A. Barzey ’19 Peter P. Blain ’17 Brandy N. Blaise ’18 James R. Caffrey ’19 Erin L. Cohoon ’17 John A. Corraccio ’17 Kaitlyn M. Cowden ’18 Beth X. Daley ’20 Lauren M. Dauteuil ’19 Keegan B. Duguay ’19 Joseph W. Foley ’20 Brianna T. Gomes ’18 Brandy M. Hairston ’19 Nicholas I. Hildreth ’17 Wilgine A. Joseph ’18 Keriaky Karasavas ’16 Katelyn M. Kiernan ’17 Lucy Kirakous ’19 Shannon Mahoney ’17 Caitlin S. Mannix ’16 Brenna M. McGinnis ’17 Siobhan M. McLaughlin ’17 Alero Meggison ’16 Justine G. Murphy ’17 Gregory O. Nicolas ’17 Matthew R. Norton ’17 Ekene C. Ogbue ’17 Jai C. Pandit ’17 Jonathan F. Paul ’16 Shenelle A. Proctor ’18 Cheyenne L. RodriguezHector ’18 Giselle M. Rodriguez ’16 Heidy F. Sosa ’17 Kathleen E. Sullivan ’16 Melanie Warren ’19 Nicholas A. White Jr. ’14

Judith Allonby ’80 s Amelia Aubourg ’03 Andrew J. Blanchette ’13 s Laura Brooks ’03 s Marrissa Gondola Brunetti ’07 Suzanne Casey ’89 s Alexa Nicholls Costa ’14 Joanne Crowley ’74 s Patricia Turner Kelley ’56 s Catherine Howley McLaughlin ’05 s Kelly Moran ’99 s






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