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than moose and could in a much tighter herd the GPS next tracker repurposed eir damage the collars. Th rs, and lla co g do led from GPS-enab er eiv rec ll ce d an ip ch ws’ ear tags. h their device to the co they were able to attac t up a safe the animal. You can se “The tracker pinpoints rt comes as leaves the zone, an ale zone, and if the animal ssmann. m member Andrew Ma a text message,” says tea e you us e the victories, beca “We learned to celebrat year17ys sa ht on the first try,” don’t get every thing rig old Abbey Schiefelbein. s attitude Minnesota 4-H thinks thi Dorothy Freeman from s the ros ac ure ult n ever as agric is more important tha people. re mo d fee to s ha h tech and U.S. becomes more hig n ca make g need for people who “There is such a stron , and realize ople who can be brave mistakes. We need pe mething rt of coming up with so that failure is just a pa ckwell McGellin brilliant,” she says. – Ro

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From left: Bailee Schiefelbein, Casey Gohmann and Sheri Gohmann.


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