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Step 2: Recruit Your Army 8 Part 2: Creating Ambassadors Out of Clients and Their Friends the influential zone

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What is the one post that has gotten you the most interaction on social media?


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Part 2: Creating Ambassadors Out of Clients and Their Friends. By O’Beria Seats with Michael Maher In last month’s article, we covered part 1 of “Recruit Your Army,” where you would attend a networking event, find four to six strangers, conduct a one-on-one interview, add them to your Army if they pass the interview and then invite them to your own events. The recruiting strategy in part 2 is creating Ambassadors out of your clients and their circle of friends. Your clients are the people who interact and


transact with you. Now we’re going to show you how to take the transaction and make it more permanent by having an event-based business. These recruitment strategies will build your Army big and strong rather quickly. And you will grow exponentially instead of just linearly.

Client-Based Events The objective of an event-based

business is to gain referrals by regularly having events throughout the year. You don’t have to look very far to begin. In fact, it’s right under your nose: your database. The overall goal is to eventually lead your contacts to your events. You’re going to start with the invitation, which is a vital part of the event strategy. You can look at an invitation as being the main piece that brings clarity to the image within a

referral strategies

puzzle. Invite your database or past clients via email (or video email), text (or video text), paper invite, or phone call. “The beauty of these events is that not only does it gives us a reason to contact but it gives us five or six excuses to use different communication devices to do that invitation. The key here is the communication. The key here is the invitation,” said Michael J. Maher, referral advocate and bestselling author of 7L: Seven Levels of Communication. Maher strongly promotes eventbased businesses. There are multiple referral strategies in his book, 7L, and events are one of them. When clients come to your events, this leads to more communication, which leads to more interaction, which leads to more referrals and ultimately to more business.


Housewarming parties and open houses have always been common sense events in the real estate world. Usually, an agent will throw a housewarming for buyers (about 30 to 60 days after closing) or an open house for sellers to drive traffic to these events. You have the opportunity to interact with your clients and the 30 plus people they will invite. Then you invite everyone who attended the parties to your top and all YAPS (Yearly Appreciation Plan). “The reason this works so well is that these are people who know us in a really good way. We helped a family member, relative or friend of theirs find and get a home, and this housewarming party is a very happy occasion. We’ve taken somebody else’s circle and invited them to join our circle, our community, our Army. We did this through love, generosity and appreciation,” Maher said. Keep in mind that folks show up at these events because they want to be there. And those who love to go to events make great referral sources, according to Maher. Having an event-based business doesn’t just work in the real estate industry. Events are a good strategy for any type of business. Whether it’s a groundbreaking ceremony, grand opening, reopening, or holiday open house, you can find any excuse to have an event. For example, an interior decorator can throw a remodeling party; a landscaper can have a landscaping party in the backyard; a swimming pool installer can do a pool party; or if you build decks, throw a barbeque party right on the deck. You can even take it a step further and leave your client an appreciation gift at the party-perhaps a vase for the newly-



referral strategies

remodeled den, a hammock to relax in the backyard, a swimming pool cover, or a grill for the deck. These creative events can be hosted at your client’s home in order to showcase your work and to interact with partygoers in a more intimate setting.

What's Next? “If you have these events, then you’re always following up and following through, and always in communication,” Maher said, “and If you don’t have those events, what do you call about? What do you communicate with them about? As a realtor, yes, you did your job and you’re done. But you’re not going to get referrals or their future business if you’re out of communication with them. And what the events do is keep you in flow.” Continued communication also leads to longterm relationships vs. short term. “If you go into a relationship thinking you’re going to be in it forever, then you’re going to act differently than you would being in a relationship with a person for only 30 or 90 days. You’re going to treat it with more care and be more committed . . . There should always be a ‘what’s next’ to the relationship. If there’s no ‘what’s next,’ then the relationship is doomed to wither and die,” he said.

Transaction Vs. Value Some salespeople are so caught up in closing the deal that they forget about the relationship. Practically speaking, we all need to make money but why not earn it through love, generosity and appreciation. Providing value and helping others should be your motive. “People will pay you for the value you provide them. I don’t care about the transaction. I care about the relationship. The transaction is just the by-product of the relationship,” Maher said. Shift your way of thinking by letting go faulty sales tactics that have been taught for many years. Maher refers to super aggressive and assertive salesmen as “dinosalesmen,” a neanderthal hunter who is combative or intrusive in their sales approach. This style of selling is old and outdated and normally makes people mad. “It used to be we could make 99 people mad on the way to the 100th person we sold to. It was based on preying on the weak. You would contact 100 people until you found somebody weaker than you. You’d get their money then go to the next.” “The difference in today’s world is that the 99 people you pissed off now have a voice. They can easily share with 200 to 5000 plus people that dealing with you wasn’t a good experience. And they will



go somewhere else,” Maher added. People will avoid salesmen at all costs if they think they’re being “sold.” Also, they will never refer their friends to you. But it’s not too late for you to change the way you do business. “Instead of manipulating, conquering, killing and crushing, you can use your sales skills in a way to attract. Help people make decisions that are in their best interest instead of yours. The age of bothering people is over; the age of gathering people is here.” Now it’s time to put this strategy into practice. Throw an event for a client that involves celebrating and including their family, relatives, coworkers and friends. Be sure to follow up with attendees and invite them to your next event.

O’BERIA SEATS is a freelance writer, copywriter, and content creator who develops written content for entrepreneurs and businesses. For more info: Michael J. Maher is a top-rated speaker, author, and coach who has worked with hundreds of businesses and helped trained thousands of sales executives. His book (7L) The Seven Levels of Communication Go from Relationships to Referrals has been a number one best seller for 8 straight years on Amazon and was named one of the 20 Top-Rated Business Books of All Time by Hubspot. His teachings have been endorsed by such well-known authors and business experts as Gary Keller, cofounder of Keller Williams Realty and author of The One Thing, Dr. Ivan Misner, founder of BNI, Dave Ramsey, author of EntreLeadership and The Total Money Makeover, and dozens more. Michael travels throughout the nation discussing the new type of sales environment called The Generosity Generation. His widely popular GenGen Events are attended by tens of thousands of sales people each year. Each event benefits Maher’s #GiveBack Foundation. For additional information visit




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Old School,



Josh Purvis Has The Tools Millennial Home Buyers Need By Ashley Alt

you think being young and successful is only for those born into fame, think again. Josh Purvis, a 24-year-old Tennessee native, is the Vice President of a prosperous mortgage company, a Certified Referral Trainer and a life go-getter. Foregoing college to pave a path better suited for his entrepreneurial drive, he put the “college fund” given to him by his grandfather toward mentorship. The mentor


recommended to him? Michael Maher. “I didn’t want to go to college, so I asked my grandfather: ‘What should I do with this money?’” Josh told me of how he fell into the real estate industry. “And he said: ‘Get a coach,’ who happened to be Michael.” After reaching out to Michael, Josh said he knew the pair were going to be a good fit. So, he hired him as a business coach,



and after six months of powerful training and coaching, he saw his real estate business grow immensely right before his very eyes. Soon after receiving personal business coaching from Michael, Josh received an email about becoming a CRT, and was “all in,” as he tells it. Now part of the CRT Master Series, the young professional wants to take his speaking skills to the next level, upon pleasant realization that leading a book club and holding a few speaking sessions proved to come pretty natural to him. And furthermore, he enjoyed it. Not in the least entitled, but



rather, humble, happy and grateful to be in the position he is in, Josh is not your typical 24-year-old, in the best sense of the phrase. In addition to his recent Vice President of Sales promotion of Foundation Mortgage, a Knoxvillebased mortgage company that Josh joined in 2016, helps locals with every step of the home mortgage process including partnering with outstanding real estate agents, understanding home loan options and crossing T’s and dotting I’s before refinancing a home, Josh also coaches soccer for a Middle School girl’s team and mentors in the Big Brother / Big Sister program.

the influential zone

Like we said, not your typical 24-year-old.

The Adventure of a Lifetime Teaches an Important Life Lesson His background on strong ethics and morals perhaps is in large part due to his solo journey of conquering the Thru-Hike Appalachian Trail back in 2013, which he says, taught him how to persevere through any life situation, no matter how daunting or how tough. For anyone not familiar with this “adventure of a lifetime” experience, thruhiking is the completion of trekking 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail in one trip - a mammoth undertaking that thousands upon thousands of hikers attempt, but only one in four make it all the way. Josh falls under that “one in four” category. Because of his unassuming mindset and hunger to learn the ropes of living a successful life, Josh is constantly eager to serve his clients - both from his CRT work and his role at Foundation Mortgage - seeking unconventional avenues to exceed expectations in the industry. Speaking and training on the value of the 7L System to local real estate agents through his book club titled “7 Weeks to 7 Levels,” Josh discovered he enjoyed prompting questions on the various chapters and getting realtors thinking about how they can grow and have better control over their businesses. Before getting into real estate, Josh was working at the Knoxville airport, where, without hesitation, he told me, “I was throwing luggage in baggage claim for $10 an hour. And before that, I was working at an outdoor shop selling bikes and outdoor gear. I love the outdoors.” He continued, saying hiking the Appalachian Trail gave him unexpected experience and knowledge, as he didn’t know, at that point, what he wanted to do with his professional life. “I needed to make more money,” he said. “So I met a guy here in town for cof-



the influential zone


fee who is known for wanting to meet with motivated and entrepreneurialminded people, and he could tell I was driven to do something to help people in a big way. And he suggested real estate. He was referred by my mom who had met his wife at Kroger. I know, small town.”

Connecting with a unique niche While Josh is happy helping anyone at any age with ensuring they come to a financial solution that aligns with their financing needs, may that be purchasing a dream home, refinancing an outstanding loan or consolidating debt, he connects with millennials in a special way.

“I deal with all kinds of home buyers,” Josh said. “I’m 24 though, so connecting with millennials is definitely easier. They trust me because I can relate to them better than a veteran 60-year-old woman can.” And although Foundation Mortgage is a small, family-operated business comprised of a surprisingly young group of mortgage professionals, Josh seems to view that as an advantage, as the “tech fluent” generation has a whole different set of needs and wants when it comes to finding and buying a home compared with other groups, making it easier for him to understand those clients because those clients understand him. Josh says the biggest challenge in his line of work is finding the time, something he is working on as he refers back to the book that got him to where he is, The Seven Levels of Communication. More specifically, managing his time throughout the week while keeping the focus on his business. The self-starter finds phone calls in the influential zone to be most helpful from the 7L System, followed by handwritten cards. “Whenever we close the deal, I want to be my client’s first piece of mail,” he said. “All handwritten, every time,” he reiterated. From a bigger picture perspective, Josh said 7L hasn’t just changed the way he conducts his business, but its teachings have made him more aware of how to communicate with other people, of all ages. “I’ve really learned how to help others grow,” Josh stated. “Before, when I thought about a sales position or a sales person, I felt like I had to tell people I wasn’t a used car salesman saying whatever I could to get the sale.” He credited Michael’s coaching, stating, “With 7L, that is not the way. A big eye-opening portion of it

the influential zone

all is that I’m starting to get referrals before I even close someone for a loan.”

Building Trust Over The Phone When asked where his (number one) strength lies, Josh said being able to communicate well over the phone is something he’s pretty great at. I agree. He is pretty great over the phone. “In mortgage, you’re always on the phone,” he said. “I have to get people to trust me before meeting them in person, so I have to do it over the phone.” Asking himself hard-hitting questions like: “How can I grow my business based off of referrals?” and “How can I better manage my day?” regularly, keeps him on his toes when the days get hectic, which he translates over to helping real estate agents part of his CRT classes who are out on the road all the time. “They feel like their head is about to be popped off,” Josh said of realtors’ consuming schedules and demanding clients. Speaking on obtaining referrals, Josh relies on his past and current clients, claiming he’s got a pretty good track record of being able to create good relationships with people “on the front end.”

of valuable advice regarding attracting and gaining clients and referrals: The infamous launch party highly encouraged by Michael. Still in awe of his apparent fearlessness, my positive perception of Josh continued to climb as he told me about the launch party he hosted at a bar in downtown Knoxville, with a turnout of about 50 people out of the near 300 he invited. Not in the least bit defeated, he explained the point that people need to keep front of mind is that you’re doing this to “keep in front of your database.” “It really was pretty simple,” Josh claimed. “I invited everyone out to get to know me and have some drinks, I bought the first round for everyone, and after the fact ev-

eryone there knew who I was and what I was doing, and they knew it wasn’t a sales thing. It was great.” Looking to his (very bright) future, Josh said he wants to continue to grow his business through referrals and do more speaking events. “My biggest plan is to grow as much as we can,” he stated, referring to his mortgage team and the real estate industry as a whole. “I would love to see it as high as anybody can imagine.”

ASHLEY ALT is a professional writer specializing in topics of career, style, health and wellness. For more info:

Gratitude Always Wins Advice from the burgeoning professional for those looking to get into real estate or start their own business? “Be as involved in your community as what you can be. Reach out to your database that you are serving them correctly, and make sure they are aware of what you do and why you do it,” Josh recommends. This tidbit sparked another piece






be referral

Building A Social Media Brand From the Ground Up WITH GOGO BETHKE By O’Beria Seats You can bet to find Gogo Bethke always on the go-- on the entrepreneur go, the real estate go, the motivational speaker go, the mommy go, the wifey go and, of course, the social media go. On her Facebook page, Gogo posts everything from inspirational messages, self-growth quotes, conversations with masterminds to listings, open houses and new team members. She’s posted “live” videos with her son, Coby, or Boston bulldog, Charlie. Gogo is also known to be bold with her posts such as uploading makeup-less selfies and videos, or pics of her sporting pinkcolored, stylish hair. As a top-producing realtor, Gogo has been successful at building her clientele on social media. She shares advice on how to strategically use these online platforms to get customers and loyal followers. Born and raised in Romania, the charismatic, pageant-like beauty is 100 percent Hungarian. Gogo relocated solo to the U.S. at the budding age of 21, with a dogmatic drive to succeed at any opportunity that could come her way. She sided with the Wolverine over Dracula, as she chose to put down new roots in Michigan, leaving behind her former roots in Transylvania.


During the interview with Gogo, I was surprised to hear how she actually got into real estate: “My neighbor is the marketing director for a title company, and she said, ‘You’re so social and you have so many friends. I think you should be a realtor.’” Then I was even more amazed when Gogo shared that her “talent recruiter” neighbor had already referred her to a broker at Real Estate One, the largest family-owned brokerage in the state of Michigan, before Gogo could even muster up the idea of selling houses. “So I had an interview before I even had a license. They said they would hire me and also pay for the cost of my class if I passed. I passed right away and I started working with them in May of 2011.” Talk about a leg up, right? As I listened to her talk, I compared this scenario to similar-- but rare-- stories on how models, actors, etc., randomly get discovered at malls or grocery stores. But unsurprisingly, Gogo and real estate fit perfectly like a dainty hand in a long satin glove. What’s her motivation? “I’m very people-loving, so I love an industry where I can just talk to people,” she said. Her husband compares her to an authoritative socialite (or the mayor) when they go

be referral

out in public. She can easily go into the local Kroger and greet folks she knows on a first-name basis with hugs and good talks.

One Post at a Time Gogo shared why she depended on social media to initially build her business. “When I got into the business, most of the topproducing agents had been in the business longer than I had been alive. They had a much higher marketing budget than I did. So I had to figure out a way to make myself a name with zero dollars.” Michael J. Maher, Referral Strategist and Generosity Generation Founder, is also a firm believer in the power of social media. According to one of Maher’s 7L strategies in his book, Seven Levels of Communication, realtors and entrepreneurs should create Facebook pages and groups to help serve (not sell) their family, friends, clientele, potentials and other people they know. But what if you don’t have those basic relationships to start with? “I didn’t have a pool of people like a regular agent. I didn’t have the cousins, high school or college friends. I had to figure out a way to reach strangers. As soon as I got my license, I started a Facebook page.” Gogo said she posted about anything that was going on in her “little career at the time.” Her FB friends knew about the classes she was taking, mistakes she was making and anything else she was doing to be the next top-producing realtor. She later started an Instagram page to vent out about the frustrations of transactions. She used the two platforms differently: IG was for realtors and FB was for potential and existing clients. Gogo’s posts attracted followers and they eventually turned into clients. With all the social media success Gogo’s had, you’d think she came out of the womb knowing how to “like,” “love” and “comment.” “I literally had zero training in social media. I was just pushing buttons” she said. Well, consistently pushing those buttons over the years led to a total of 2,930 FB fans and 35,000 IG followers and



counting. “Not only did I generate all my leads on social media, but I generated them for free.” Gogo recommends these top three social media strategies to agents: 1.

Personalization: “It has to be about you. You are your business. The house doesn’t sell itself; you sold the house. Most agents post the houses they list or sold. The average person is in the market for a new home every seven years for about six months. You’re going to lose them [potential clients] if you’re only posting about houses because six months from now, they’re no longer on the market. So, you’re giving them no reason to follow you anymore.”

2. Content: “I make my posts about me, my day, what it takes to be a realtor, what I take to a closing, my closing gifts, my clients and a lot of motivational posts.” 3. Consistency: “My consistency on social media is what made me a top-producing agent. I post every day. If you want to build a business on social media, you need to be consistent. My leads come 100 percent from sphere of influence or social media.” Bottom line: Both Maher and Gogo would agree that making the time to learn effective social media strategies is a great investment for your business.

Team Gogo As Gogo got her real estate feet wet at Real Estate One, she eventually wanted to refer agents


NOT ONLY DID I GENERATE ALL MY LEADS ON SOCIAL MEDIA, BUT I GENERATED THEM FOR FREE. to brokerages across state lines. Thing is, she would have to leave her training ground in order to extend her reach. Gogo went on to work for Keller Williams Realty for a stint before landing at eXp Realty. “I needed a system where I can have agents nationwide vs. being limited to location here in Michigan.” “I build a team totally different

than what most people call a team. Everyone that joins eXp needs to have a sponsor. I have sponsored over 40 agents in the six months I’ve been with eXp. So, what I call #teamgogo is those 40 agents that joined eXp because they saw the future in it as I did. And now they all belong to each other and we all grow together,” Gogo explained. However, according to Gogo, they are free-standing agents who run their own businesses. “I’m not the rainmaker. They don’t report to me and I don’t make the rules. Everybody does whatever they want to do and they’re in over 20 different states,” she continued. Gogo earns a split commission on referrals she sends to her agents. For example, if Gogo knows someone who wants to buy an investment property in St.

Petersburg for about $400,000, then she will call up her Florida team member, Beth, to see if she wants the lead. If so, they’ll sign a referral form and Gogo makes 25 to 50 percent of Beth’s commission. But Gogo does not receive a commission on transactions Beth generated on her own. Gogo makes sure that the eXp agents she sponsored are well equipped for real estate success. “I help them with coaching, mentoring, weekly training sessions, and everything is free to them.” She also created a course called #gogosbootcamp for agents who want to learn how to use social media the right way. Outside of Gogo’s national team, her local team-- small in number but mighty in stature-- make all the magic happen from Gogo’s dining room table, which serves as her office. I nicknamed them the Fantastic Four: Gogo, the leader; Kristy, the office manager; Emilee, the house manager; and Hannah, the administrative assistant.

goals as soon as it is feasible. When Gogo’s son, Coby, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, she lived and breathed this quote: “If God will bring you to it, He will bring you through it.” “I totally believe that God doesn’t give you what you can’t handle so He must think I’m a badass,” she said. But despite this life-changing challenge, Gogo did not give up on her pursuit of becoming a real estate agent. “I didn’t even work in the first six months after getting licensed because I had to figure out our new life with diabetes. “Whatever I set my mind to I’m going to achieve it no matter if old ladies are falling from the sky. I truly believe you can have anything in life you set your mind to. You just have to set your mind to it. I think most agents are too afraid to set that goal. I always knew in my heart that I was going to be a top-producing agent even when I was nobody. “I also love that there’s no ceiling in real estate. You can make $100,000 or a million dollars. It all depends on your effort.”

Gogo pointed out that roughly 80 percent of realtors give up in the first year. Due to this alarming statistic, I asked her to share a word of advice for aspiring realtors: “When you’re a realtor that means you’re an entrepreneur. You’re going to have to build your dream. You don’t have any other option. If you don’t build your own dreams, somebody will hire you to build theirs.” If you want to learn more about Gogo’s social media strategies, you can purchase the course at www.

O’BERIA SEATS is a freelance writer, copywriter, and content creator who develops written content for entrepreneurs and businesses. For more info:

Determination is Key Besides Gogo’s consistency in posting on social media, another reason she’s been a top-producing, Michigan realtor for three years in a row -- and top five percent in the nation -- is because she’s not scared of a very tiny and unintimidated word. “‘No’ doesn’t affect me. I don’t care if people say ‘no,’ I’m going to do it anyway. I think most people don’t make it in this industry because they really just have a hard time when they get a ‘no’.” In addition to not letting someone’s “no” stop you, don’t let the unexpected stop you. When life throws you a curveball and temporarily disrupts your momentum, it’s important to regroup, refocus and return to your




feed your soul


CLICK HERE or visit to download



Referable Reads I truly wish I had this book when I first started my Real Estate business, as well as my network marketing business!... I'm on my second go as a REALTOR and this time I'm pretty successful. This book is definitely one of the reasons why. Stop chasing clients who don't want to be chased. Instead, attract the clients want to work with you by applying the underlying principles taught by Michael Maher. -MG, five-star Amazon review

Absolutely amazing and eye opening! I wish I had read this years ago! - Megan O’Connor, fivestar Amazon review

If you want to separate yourself from the crowd by accomplishing important things or if you want your team/organization to accomplish important things, Deep Work has what it takes to go to the next level. A must read for our email/social media burdened world. - Dr. James T. Brown, five-star Amazon review

Amazing. I wish I could force everyone I personally know (in their twenties or even early thirties) to read this. Get it, read it. Just do it. - Laura D., five-star Amazon review



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