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'Sailing' that is, with Wu Xueyi to Brittany, a region similar to our own

48 Don't Take That Tone With Me!

Take it up instead with Preston Bu, fixer of foreigners' Chinese tones

43 A Day Across the Bay 50 BTC in the PRC Paul Finkbeiner shows you the sites around Huangdao

Tomás Engle interviews 'Jake in Beijing' about bitcoin's role in China

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Price in RMB for the “Pee Straight,” a device sold in Shenzhen after the city started to levy a 100 RMB fine on anyone caught 'missing their mark' in public toilets. Basically just a funnel and a tube, the device is meant to help people avoid paying the new fine for their sloppy aim. No word as of yet when it will be added to the Four Great Inventions list.

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13-YEAR-OLD FLIGHT ATTENDANT WANNABE According to New Express Daily, a 13-year-old girl who dresses like a flight attendant and maintains that her ambitions lie in the sky has baffled her parents and local police by insisting on roaming around Guangzhou’s airport. The girl, Luo Siqi, has been lingering around the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in uniform with rollerboard in tow since July. Police twice in August escorted her to a Guangzhou children’s welfare centre, but she insists on returning to the airport.“I am truly in love with the sky. Let me go to the airport,” said Siqi.

WOMAN PULLED OVER FOR BREASTFEEDING ON MOPED A mother in China was pulled over by police after allegedly breastfeeding her baby while driving a moped through the streets of Yuzhou in Henan province. According to eyewitnesses, the child, was about 18-months 04

old, and was crying as the mother weaved through traffic. "So she suddenly lifted up her T-shirt, whipped out her breast and started to feed him on the move," said one driver. No word yet on when Multi-tasking on a Motorbike will be added as a sport to the National Games.

NAKED FOREIGN STUDENT TRIES TO FIND THE WAY IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WAY A naked foreign student sits in the middle of a road in Haikou, a city on Hainan island province on September 15. The twenty-something Russian student had both of his thumbs and ring fingers together like a Buddhist gesture during his stay in the middle of the road. He started his meditation session wearing clothes, but gradually started to took them off.


Metres-length and weight in tonnes of whale shark hauled ashore in Rizhao, Shandong province last month. Caught by a fisherman known only as Qin, it – and another shark weighing in at 2,500 kg – were found supposedly already dead and floating in the sea. The vulnerable, but not endangered species of shark were then sold for meat at 20 a kilogram.


Projected percentage decrease in levels of large airborne particulate matter commonly known as PM 10 in cities nationwide by 2017. With other specific areas getting higher target goals of 15, 20 and even 25% less PM 10 in the air, this is the biggest sign yet that China is taking pollution seriously.

// CITY /


Maximum years rumour-mongers can now face in prison for spreading “slanderous rumours” or “false information,” according to a new interpretation of internet regulations. Mainly intended for online social media, the new interpretation is meant to hold people accountable for what they say on the internet so news events don't get exaggerated or blown out of proportion, rumour has it.

Staff from a local police station were able to take the man out of the busy intersection, and found a blade in his mouth. The case is under investigation.

'BEST BOYFRIEND EVER' TURNS HIMSELF INTO A CHAIR FOR TIRED (LAZY) GIRLFRIEND A tired young woman resting on her boyfriend’s back and checking her “Weibo” while waiting for the subway on a Guangzhou metro platform, September 11. The photo was spread throughout the internet soon after. What a clear proof of one Chinese guy's love for his girlfriend!

Liuqing "Taken from OUC Yushan campus overlooking Qingdao Bay"

Canon eos 6D with an EF 135mm/F2L lens

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Ten Years of Calling Qingdao Home ,


MARCH 2007

After just six weeks, a lot of hard work, determination and help from the community (especially Cathy Ben-David), the REDSTAR team put together MAX 07.

LATE 2005

We are back in print – bigger and better. Buoyed with newfound confidence, later this year we launch REDSAIL, Qingdao's (actually China's!) first ever bilingual sailing magazine.


We decide Qingdao needs more live music and book London's PLAYMAKER to fly over and play at La Luna in March 2007.

PLAYMAKER are joined by locals Fancy World, Billkillers plus Tookoo and SKO from Beijing. The bands kick off the festival, playing to an audience of approximately 2,000 people and the whole building is filled with art and film exhibitions for the rest of the week. The Beijing Film Institute participated along with the international schools, and pretty much anyone and everyone with an artistic bent in the city. Basically, a huge success. REDSTAR's founder Ian Burns loses his right knuckle making his piece of art. What a twat.


rom its humble beginnings above La Villa to its current location high above Nanjing Lu at Creative 100, REDSTAR has come a long way in covering all the best in nightlife, dining and cultural events Qingdao (and Shandong) has to offer. Proprietor Ian Burns, former editor Neil Bhullar and current editor Tomás Engle take you through all the highs and lows of the past decade. From music and art expos to surprise visits from local authorities, REDSTAR has been able to keep a stiff upper lip and take whatever has come at us. Come hell or high water, here are some of the highlights of our most creative ideas at work over the past 120 issues.


REDSTAR magazine is born! 32 pages, a handful of advertisers and a lot of happy readers - it's the first time people in the city of Qingdao have a magazine and city guide to help them get around.


EARLY 2005

After the publication bureau pay us a “social visit” and kindly removes our computers, takes finger prints and tapes up the windows and doors. While the magazine is closed, we work on new business areas including orientation, graphic design and web development.


We drive past the still derelict Creative 100 space, and decide to wander inside the old textile factory. We think “wow, what a great place to have a concert!” and immediately put the wheels in motion to create Qingdao's first (and hopefully annual…) Music and Art eXpo or MAX event.

APRIL 2007

Following the huge success of MAX 07, the Creative 100 people invite REDSTAR to be the first tenants - inviting us to move in and design our own dream workspace. Although sad to leave our wonderful offices upstairs at La Villa, we say bon voyage to our kind friends Lao Zhang and Dodo, and move into room 401, Creative 100. Formerly a textile factory, the conversion of manufacturing space to creative media offices marks the start of Qingdao's push to develop more innovative local companies of which REDSTAR is on the cusp.





APRIL 2009

Ever more ambitious, we decide to make MAX 09 into a three-day bonanza of music and a week of modular art installations except this year, we move the music out of Creative 100 and spread it around.


The sailing events of the Beijing Summer Olympics take place in Qingdao, the zenith of months – nay, years – of preparation and investment in the city's infrastructure, and its business and social life.

MAY 2008

REDSTAR takes over the top floor of Creative 100 for the second year in a row - MAX 08 was bigger, badder and longer than the 2007 event, with nine bands playing two days of music on a single stage. This time we got PB33, SKO, Recycled, Lonely China Day, Guai Li (pictured), the Dama Llamas and the Huangdao Dukes, while Arrows, Tookoo and Playmaker returned for the second year in a row.

Guangzhou prog-rockers Zhaoze light up an electrifying evening at La Villa, while punk acts Free The Birds and PB33 play rooftop gigs at now-defunct Beach 1 hangout The Beach House.


This was the first time we collated our readers' opinions on Qingdao after dark, in the inaugural Bar & Nightlife Awards. You guys cast your ballots with gusto, narrowly ranking Freeman ahead of LPG in the Best Newcomer category. Thankfully both bars continue to duke it out to this day on Jiangxi Lu. This year also marks the last time we actually enjoyed the Tsingtao Beer Festival.



REDSTAR started out as a guide to help foreigners to find their feet on the oft-perplexing streets of Qingdao. But by late 2009 it had become clear that the cultural events we were organising, music we were playing and the venues we were promoting were becoming more and more attractive to locals looking for more than just qingpi, shaokao and beaches, so... on the 60th anniversary of the People's Republic, REDSTAR put out its first bilingual issue.

Disaster strikes at the nine-band main event though when a disgruntled restaurant manager who didn't receive bribe money at Pichai Yuan on Zhongshan Lu turns the power off during the seventh band's sound check. REDSTAR is forced to move hundreds of musicians and fans to Club New York at very short notice – and are eternally grateful to the bar for this massive favour!


One of Canada's best up-andcoming indie bands Hollerado – a band championed by the White Stripes' Jack White, no less – play the REDSTAR office supported by the Dama Llamas in what was one of the best shows in Qingdao that year.

JULY 2008

JUNE 2008

We put out the first incarnation of REDSTAR Guides, a handy pocket directory containing only the best of dining, drinking and dalliance in the city that is somewhere between a pack of playing cards and the Monopoly board game.


The first live music show is hosted at the REDSTAR office. Six-piece heavy metal band Oxygen can play an acoustic set on a brand new but hopelessly inadequate Yamaha sound system, but from the reaction of the crowd our suspicions are confirmed: there is a hunger for original live music in Qingdao. This show sets a precedent, and from here on we endeavour to bring at least one original live act to Qingdao every month.


REDSTAR opens Mymai, an outlet for selling souvenirs, t-shirts, musical instruments and other random paraphernalia. The store opens with a fashion show from Beijing's own Plastered T-shirts.


REDSTAR brings the international improvisational comedy spectacle Whose Line Is It Anyway? to Qingdao for the first time. Five comedians – Ian Coppinger, Andy Smart, Richard Vranch, Stephen Frost and Steven Steen – own the stage at the newly-established Le Meridien hotel on Yanji Lu.



APRIL 2011


Trattoria Verde wins the Best Western Restaurant (over 100 per head) category in the inaugural REDSTAR Chifan Awards.



A high point in electronic music in Qingdao arrives as four-time world DMC champions Atom and Pfel from France's Beat Torrent played at the downright dirty Paulaner Bar. Then in June, French reggae-rockers Zenzile and US bluegrass act the Redbucks played at REDSTAR. Beijing's flavour-of-themonth wunderkinds Lazy Camels were next, followed closely by Maybe Mars Records' 24 Hours in August.

Qingdao's top graffiti artist Ice sprays the REDSTAR January 2011 front cover on a wall in our shop. Later that month Free The Birds and the Dama Llamas tear up both the REDSTAR office and Huangdao's Sailing Bar in two epic concerts.

The Extreme Sailing Series arrives in Qingdao. The fastest wind-powered sailing competition on Earth is the latest in a string of high-profile nautical events to recognise Qingdao as a first-class host city for stopovers.

MARCH 2012

We dragged most of the young foreigners in Qingdao on a 13-stop pub crawl... probably not the best idea in retrospect. Then again, retrospection hasn't stopped us continuing the tradition. You might still be feeling hungover from the pub crawl we did in August.


The music was fantastic; the logistics not so good. This was before there was a tunnel, and transferring several hundred kilogrammes of speakers on the rusty old ferry over Jiaozhou Bay was fraught with obstacles.

An English man showed up in Qingdao snapping his fingers and claiming that he was 'all that' when it came to styling hair, so we called him on it and asked him to replicate the Yuefenpai advertising poster style popular in China in the early half of the last century. His name is Steve Mather and he lived up to his claims.

JULY 2011

We steal The Diner's founding chef (also The Diner 22's founding chef, and Sitting Bull's founding chef ) Li Tong and force him to cook us meat at Beach No. 3.


The Diner 22, Tairyo Teppanyaki and Canvas all score highly in the Best New Restaurant category of the 2011 Chi Fan Awards.


The stunning Golden Beach Music Festival took place in Huangdao bringing three days jam-packed with music on a huge stage situated haphazardly on the soft sand of Golden Beach.






Things were definitely looking up for music in Qingdao, but the best was yet to come. In October of that year, the founder of jazz promotion company Creative Music in China, Peter Scherr, brought New York jazz luminaries the Tectonic Quartet on a monstrous tour of China. Their Qingdao date was an exemplary display of technical musicianship.

MARCH 2011

We collaborate with Alliance Francaise again to bring indie luminaries Arnaud-Fleurent Didier, Cloe du Trefle and Alex Nevsky to Qingdao and Jinan. Meanwhile, on Women's Day we celebrate the careers of successful local businesswomen, designers and performers such as Janette Dai of Nax Logistics, electronic music producercum-fashion merchant Carrchy and interior decorator and charity worker HK Cho.

Then we sent the same interns to find the best instant noodles China has to offer. Only the very, very best.

MAY 2011

The Robin Hood Pantomime, energised by the whole community, organised by Qingdao International Drama Group and assisted in marketing and performance by REDSTAR, sells out 4 days at the InterContinental Qingdao, and in the process raises a record amount of money for charitable causes. The proceeds are donated to the Qingdao Expat Charity, a body that distributes funds on a needs basis to help improve rural schools and assist impoverished individuals with medical expenses.


The chubby former editor Neil and four of his fat friends tried to lose some weight and published their mostly unimpressive results in this very issue!


For 2011's Bar & Nightlife Awards, we round up some of the usual suspects and have them re-enact the iconic Dogs Playing Poker painting by C.M. Coolidge. From left to right they own/run (or owned/ran) the King's Head English Pub, Freeman, La Villa, Charlie's Bar, Old Jack's, Le Bang and Room Lounge.


Qingdao Business Leaders merged with Qingdao International Business Club to become the reinvigorated Qingdao International Business Association and started bringing superior educational and commercial seminars to Qingdao.

this hilarious mathematical headline.

We seized upon the opportunity to squeeze in






MARCH 2013

REDSTAR made another intern, Jordan Eckenrode, fight in an underground boxing ring for a spot of real-life, Louis Therouxstyle journalism. Surprisingly, it didn't end that badly.

APRIL 2013

Many people believed our April Fools' joke that Old Jack was going to start a Tapas restaurant called El Jacko. Meanwhile you voted Thai Me Up your Best New Restaurant of 2013, with Sitting Bull, Milano and Tian Xia Yi Pin all performing favourably in the voting.

JULY 2013

After months of planning, REDSTAR (in conjunction with Hyatt Regency Qingdao) pulls off a new fan-favourite: the Remarkable Race. With some 60 participants dashing, dancing and drinking about town the event is sure to become an annual repeat. voting.


We collect ourselves (and our memories) from the August Pub Crawl and are able to come up with a patchwork of what we “think� happened that fateful night. Dumpster diving, bags of beer, Test Tube Babies and a broken car fender? Oh god...that does sound like us.

JUNE 2013

Former editor Neil and the rest of the REDSTAR team participate in the Great Wall (Half ) Marathon in Beijing. Successfully completed as no one was left on the wall and it properly exorcised the ghosts of January's previously mentioned tubby tamers piece.



/ CITY //


t What's your favourite Qingdao institution that has stood the test of time?

Nothing really special, hehe, it's all good. What do you look forward happening to Qingdao over the next ten years? I hope the old town can be preserved more, and the sea cleaned up. I'm a swimmer - I go swimming nearly everyday - so I really hope the authorities can do something to make the sea cleaner.

For our ten year anniversary, we decided to track down some of Qingdao's long-term residents to pick their brain about what they've seen over their years here. What they loved, hated and missed the most over the past decade in Qingdao, and what they looked forward to (and dreaded) the most about our sea-side city's next ten years.

What do you not look forward happening to Qingdao over the next ten years?

The old town not being properly preserved.

The Olympic Sailing Centre. You know, I’m a windsurfing enthusiast, so I’m most satisfied with the sailing centre. I go there and windsurf with my friends from time to time during summer.

Dajun, former owner of King’s Head English Pub

What do you consider as your most memorable moment/milestone in Qingdao of the past 10 years?

My first bar, Le Bang City, though it was even a bit further than 10 years ago. I opened this bar in 2000, right behind the Catholic Church in the old town. It was one of the earliest bars in Qingdao; I first met Ian there.


Has something changed over the past ten years in Qingdao that you wish hadn't happened?

I wish the old town hadn’t got torn down. Especially Licun Lu, where the viaduct is now. It was a beautiful street there, local people lived, walked and enjoyed their daily life there.

Has something changed over the past ten years in Qingdao, that you wish hadn’t happened?

What's your favourite change to happen to Qingdao over the past ten years?

The commercial real estate market has gotten out of control. It’s a big burden to all the business owners that we can see all over the city: “grand opening” then “grand closing!” This cost doesn’t allow any business unit to be under performing from day one – unless you own the building.

Western dining becoming more and more popular in Qingdao. There are more restaurants open now who make good food, and the competition is generally healthy and fair in the marketplace.

Has something changed over the past ten years in Qingdao that you wish hadn't happened?

There are many! I wish the underground construction didn’t take place. I wish the government didn't plant all those trees, that the Catholic Church Square didn't get destroyed...

What's your favourite Qingdao institution that has stood the test of time?

My mum's home and food. Because of work, I don’t have much control over my free time, so spending a night at my mum's and having dinner there has become luxury.

What's your favourite change to happen to Qingdao over the past ten years?

What’s your favourite Qingdao institution that has stood the test of time?

Phillippe, LPG’s owner

What do you consider as your most memorable moment/milestone in Qingdao of the past 10 years?

The first Halloween party at LPG might be the one! After one month of running the bar, almost empty everyday, around 100 guys joined our party that night. It was still far from successful, but I knew from that night on that I could make it happen in the near future.

What do you look forward happening to Qingdao over the next ten years?

Tracy, owner of Lisa’s Restaurant & Cafe

What do you consider as your most memorable moment/milestone in Qingdao of the past 10 years?

On Lisa’s anniversary every year, I would always receive presents and blessings from friends, that’s the most memorable time of the year for me. It feels even happier than my own birthday.

// CITY /

I hope the housing prices can drop to more reasonable standards; I hope the old town can be preserved.

What do you not look forward happening to Qingdao over the next ten years?

I look forward to nothing happening to the clean beautiful ocean, the view of brick rooftops and green trees, and the welcoming and optimistic attitudes people have in their everyday lives.

What is your favourite change to happen to Qingdao over the past ten years?

Let’s speak now of the night life, for the cleanliness of the town has in my opinion improved vastly over the last five years. It might not be only in Qingdao, but I appreciate now being able to walk on most of the small streets without having to slalom around smelly trash.

Not only one, but some of them in the same field as LPG. I'm talking about Old Jack’s, Lennon Bar, Room Bar. These guys I appreciate, they opened earlier than LPG and I’m happy they remain strong.

What do you look forward to happening to Qingdao over the next ten years? So back to the third topic: I wish for a stable real estate market to allow any businesses to build long term plans for its activities. That could give us a lot more choices in bars, restaurants and others!

What do you not look forward happening to Qingdao over the next ten years?

As a Qingdaonese, worse air quality and road traffic (hopefully this will be better with the coming metro). But most of all I want to stay positive, so I’m looking forward to solutions that will make life better in this city in the coming years.









Dialogues with Xiang Weiren & Shi Haozhong, two of the most representative artists in Qingdao, from Liu Jieling and Peipei Zhu.

Xiang Weiren Born in 1947, Qingdaonese gongbi (a careful realist technique in Chinese painting) artist Xiang Weiren has gained some marvelous achievements in his field – traditional Chinese paintings, New Year's paintings, Chinese storybook series – everything he has tried his hand at, he has made into massive, good quality productions. He started his artist career in his childhood, and despite going through a tough period in the 1970s, he never stopped.

Shi Haozhong Ambitious youngster Shi Haozhong successfully made his debut exhibition in June of this year, after only 3 years of practicing art. The exhibition site was packed with admirers, and he’s only 26 years old. Before he even graduated from art college, his vice dean – a good judge of talent – bought one of his art pieces at a considerably high price as a sign of approval and appreciation towards his artistic accomplishment.



STARTED WITH HISTORICAL STORYBOOK PAINTINGS Mr. Xiang is very good at figure painting, especially portraits of ladies in gongbi style. He’s been really into historical serial paintings since childhood, things like historical figures fighting with swords are his favourites. Fascinated by its bright colors, he also tried some nianhua (New Year's pictures) pieces, besides wood cuts and clay sculptures.

DRAWING THE SHORT STRAW Despite the fact that he’s very gifted at creating art, Xiang has drawn the proverbial short straw because of his family's “class status” – landlords – which were defined as class enemies. Because of this he missed out on a lot of opportunities. During the 1960s, his main activity was to paint public service announcements all over the city for the party publicity team. It

SOLO EXHIBITION “DISSOLVE” Not long ago, in the summertime, Shi Haozhong had his very first art show at the 1919 Modern Arts Gallery. The exhibition was a combination of oil paintings, electronic music and a video of the “Hidden,” “Tracks,” “Self Portrait” and “Untitled” series, which consisted of more than 40 paintings over his recent years of creation. “In more developed places like Beijing and Shanghai, many exhibitions are arranged in such a fashion,” Hao Zhong explains that “It’s the combination with other sensory art, rather than the paintings themselves, that together create a unique theme.” The video was initially created by himself and then further edited by a professional friend. The deeply infectious electronic music that is set as a contrast to the rest of the atmosphere, is also tailormade by a friend according to the theme of the exhibition. Along with specialising in arts in his final year of college, Hao Zhong gave himself a goal to host his own solo exhibition in three 18


t was all politically based and the only purpose was to promote and praise the superiority of socialism. A lot of his painting series were also destroyed during the “Criticise Lin (Biao) & Criticise Confucius” Campaign. One of his pieces was not allowed to be in any public exhibitions merely because the name of it sounded like the word “puritan.”

A BREAK COMES PAINTING FEMALE PORTRAITS After the Cultural Revolution, Xiang got the freedom to create his own art works back. Through fortune as well as effort, Xiang’s painting series Tang Sai'er won the second prize at the 2nd National Serial Painting Awards. This prize was one of the many breakthroughs for his painting career, from then on, he won prizes one after another and was invited to be a member of China Fine Arts Association. And all within a space of four years. Later on, obsessed by gongbi years time; this year happens to be the third. He did it. In this huge art space on Changyi Lu that is over 20 metres in height, the exhibition was packed with admirers. The light falls on the paintings as the projectors spell out the rolling images. The music in the air mixing with camera clicks, from an audience desperate to get a picture with the painter, set the rhythm of the show.

THE OBSESSION WITH PORTRAITS “Since my very first interaction with oil paintings, I have always had this unspeakable attraction to painting portraits.” He always says this in every interview. He values the human body and facial features as nature’s best work, as they make up some of the most mysterious elements in visual expression. Hao Zhong first started learning how to draw when he was 9 years old, also learning over time the art of Chinese painting and paper-cutting. But then, somewhere along the way, his passion changed. Underneath his optimistic and spontaneous

style, Xiang started to paint mountains and rivers, particularly graceful portraits of women in ancient times. The gongbi style had its beginnings approximately 2000 years ago during the Han Dynasty (206 BCE - 220 ACE), when Han Dynasty's political stability and its prosperity favoured the advancement of the arts. The gongbi technique uses highly detailed brushstrokes that delineates details very precisely, usually with no independent or expressive variation. It is often highly coloured and usually depicts figural or narrative subjects. Due to his early year experiences painting serials and xieyi (freehand painting), Xiang's techniques are extremely solid. Plotting and scene setting, which are required in serial paintings, make it very easy for him to come up with the right background, complementary atmosphere, colour selection and more. Speaking of complexity, it generally takes weeks for a normal-sized portrait character, there is definitely an attitude towards breaking boundaries set by convention. “Human figures are the most difficult to draw for all painters, so I took on the challenge,” he said with a hearty laugh. Therefore, face portraits remain the primary inspiration for his works, at least until the time of this writing. “Haozhong’s work definitely has personality. Its neither reproduction of realism nor following the traditional system model...his paintings are calm and stable, yet are full of tension,” commented Qingdao’s wellknown artist, You Liangcheng.

FUTURE YOUTH ART UNION Initiated by Haozhong, Han Yifei, Niu Yulong and Qu Yanbing, it was born as an idea at a private reunion among these four young artists, and gradually evolved to become a representative group of local open-minded artists born in the 1980s. “The general atmosphere in Qingdao for artists is not the most nurturing,” Hao Zhong


of a woman to be completed, so how fast can Xiang paint one? “It takes me around 10 days to finish one portrait,” says Xiang, smiling. Despite his traditional technique and genre, Xiang's work is like a breeze of fresh air – clean and exquisite – with all the elements in his paintings fitting perfectly within a modern aesthetic standard. Their breath-taking visual impact will definitely leave you stunned.

THE PURSUIT OF “SINCERITY, VIRTUE AND BEAUTY” “Sincerity, Virtue and Beauty” is the motto that directs Mr. Xiang's creation. “There are various kinds of beauty, but what I'm pursuing is the traditional and delicate one,” he says with a smile. Based on Xiang's painting Four Beauties, a embroidered variation made by Hangzhounese master Yao Huifen got into the British admits. When painting new pieces during the past two years, he felt this desperate need to be in some form of contacts with other young artists, creators and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, as well as learn from each other. Gradually, a number of young artists joined the alliance, and together they slowly gained more experience and confidence in their respective fields.

PROLONGING HIS ART CAREER Haozhong’s works of art are not limited to canvas paintings, he does photography, big installation pieces, sculpture and much more. We consider him a “mass production” artist, considering the amount of pieces he’s painted, as well as the wide variety and scope of his creations. Being such a talented young artist, what is Hao Zhong’s next direction after his successful solo exhibition? “I want to open a shop that sells peripheral art products,” he said with a sparkle in his eyes. Then he continues – in the long run

Museum this past June. Although there were some misunderstandings and dramatics over permission and attribution to the original inspiration, needless to say, it does demonstrate how popular Xiang's techniques are in his field.

Since my very first interaction with oil paintings, I have always had this unspeakable attraction to painting portraits.

– this is to support his creations. Creating art as a career is time consuming, it requires a lot of thinking as well as economic support. This art supplies store will open next year, located near the No. 15 Shopping Avenue (Yan’an Er Lu) as his “material warehouse” as well as a place for him to share his inspiration with his audience.





Tapping into

Chinese Urban Legends


According to traditional Chinese superstition, if a child gets extremely frightened or experiences some type of heavy trauma then his or her soul will leave the body. So if a young child is endlessly crying without any reason it probably got scared soul-less.

clothing over the child’s sleeping body and rub his or her earlobes. The crying and feeling of emptiness your child is suffering from should clear right up as it lays there confused about what got into their parents.

The tradition of ridding the child of this unknown ailment is to take one article of clothing the child has worn that day to the nearest intersection and waving it about while calling out the child’s nickname commanding it to return home. For example, “Come back home baby, come home to mama and daddy.”

Though autumn is beginning to kick off, which means costumes and jack-o-lanterns are right around the corner, it's hard to get excited about Halloween when you're in a country that doesn't celebrate it. Sure, in the city there are costume parties and the occasional carved pumpkin or spider web in English schools, but aside from these tidbits there is no real sense of All Hallow's Eve in China. So this year Jordan Eckenrode is doing Halloween Chinese-style and regaling us with old legends, horror stories and myths from back in the day, along with a small handful of supposedly haunted places in Qingdao.

front of the mirror, because well face it – you‘re vain. And as you watch yourself stroke your hair, your mirror self smiles and jumps through the mirror into you mouth and begins to control you. This superstition is based upon another idea that if you comb your hair in front of the mirror at midnight a ghost will possess your body. If the mirror is in front of a window or door, the ghost will enter in through the reflection of the door in the mirror.

DON’T LOOK INTO THE MIRROR Here's another spooky one, picture this one ladies: it’s late at night, you’re brushing you hair in

Next, go home and lay this article of


Another variation of this myth is that if you peel an apple in front of a mirror at night in one solid piece without breaking it, you can summon a ghost. When the ghost is summoned it will answer any questions you have, but there is usually a downside or something you have to do for it. If you don’t do something for the ghost then, maybe it will haunt you forever or try to possess your body. Ghosts are serious loan sharks; you don’t want to end up in the pocket of one.

Top 3 Haunted Spots in Qingdao

#3: SOME ARE NOT WHO THEY SEEM TO BE In ancient Chinese folklore there are countless stories about animals that have the ability to turn into humans. For example, some foxes can turn into humans and are called hu xian and they usually dwell hidden in the mountain. They can help people by telling them their future, reading their dreams, talking to the dead and casting away evil sprits that haunt people.

that eats mothers and then steals their identity to trick children into believing it is their mother. Even in Chinese urban legends there are no copyright rules.


Some graduates of Number 6 Middle School have heard tales of a young girl’s ghost that haunts the campus. Many years ago a young girl had a love affair with one of the teachers, which is creepy in and of itself, until one day when the teacher had to end the relationship. Later, the girl failed her exam and was not able to go to a good high school. In her depression she climbed to the large hill behind the middle school and threw herself off thus ending her life. So during exam times if you go on that hill you can hear a faint crying in the wind.

There is also the legend about pihu zijing which is an old story about a ghoul





And as most Chinese people know, most schools and universities are built on old cemeteries and burial grounds. The reason for this is because people believe the positive essence of education and youth can ward off unwanted spirits. Personally, I just think that the land's cheaper if it was previously a graveyard, but I'm no authority. Some of the upper classmen will scare the freshman with tales about the dorm, like the stones from the graves were used in the construction of the building. One student who lived in the dorms



The southern dorms at the Laoshan campus are said to be haunted. Nothing has been made overly clear about this but there is something amiss about the dorms that were built in the side of the mountain.




said, “When I stayed in the dorms my first year, whenever I was sleeping all I could think was that the walls were made of bones� .



At the intersection of Nanjing Lu and Jiangxi Lu, above the KFC is a hotel, which is the most famous haunted place in Downtown Shinan district. Qingdao locals young and old know that it has an eerie past. The strange thing about this story is there is no account of anyone dying there.

still continued to ring. The next morning they packed up and moved out.

A few years ago some residents heard a women crying at night, but no one could find the source. Then a little later, an elderly couple living in the building said that one night their TV set switched on and off. Also, their landline phone rang all night and even after they answered it the phone






A Journey to Brittany – the long lost sister of Qingdao

While Qingdao was at its peak in August – beer festivals and sailing competitions beckoning – Wu Xueyi was travelling throughout Brittany. This northwestern French coastal region resembles Qingdao both in form and soul. Influenced by the same mild and humid maritime climate, locals of both regions are deeply proud of their culture of sailing, food and festivals. .


t is said that the most outstanding French sailors are all from Brittany. A highly indented coastline, with numerous peninsulas jutting in and out of the Atlantic Ocean, Bay of Biscay and English Channel, gives the locals an innate sense of the sea. Here I stayed with a professional sailor, Pierre Le Clainche, and his family for four days in the commune of Baden in Morbihan. I had the opportunity to experience firsthand the life of a Breton sailor. Having learned to sail at the age of 7, Pierre entered his first sailing competition only two years later. Now a professional sailor, Pierre has already won three world champion titles, twice in the Formula 18 Catamaran World Championship and has been to Qingdao for the Extreme Sailing Series. Now, at 26, he is the youngest sailor on the Red Bull team. On a sunny day with strong winds, but calm water – perfect sailing weather – I sailed with the whole family to Île-aux-Moines to watch a sailing competition. Boats passed by with sails 24

of various colours: some solid, others printed with whole landscape paintings. A red sail with a sailor's photo in Matisse style with the phrase, "La solitude – le droit pour l'autre bout du monde,” or, “Loneliness – right to the other end of the world” caught my eye. Contrary to China, sailing is not just for the rich and the professionals here. "It used to be expensive as well because the boats are not cheap,” Pierre said, “but now it is already popularised. They still are [expensive], but now there are many sailing clubs offering sailing lessons at affordable prices.” He added that until now he hadn’t owned a boat, all the boats he had sailed previously belonged to clubs. Pierre navigates not only the strong winds and high waves of the sea, but also the storms and tempests of a newsroom as a journalist for Le Figaro. Comparatively speaking, it's usually pretty difficult for Chinese athletes to earn a living beyond sports. With a career and such a tasking sport as a hobby, are there any dreams about participat-

ing in the Olympics in the future? "Not yet, it's very difficult in France because of the high level of French sailors,” Pierre said. “Each country needs only one athlete. Now I'm the sixth or seventh best and it's hard to get financial support for the Olympics if you aren't the best. You have to train and travel by yourself and it's very expensive." Smaller and more colourful boats whipped by us with the help of the swift sea breeze. Pierre said these small, one-sail boats are called ‘Optis,’ which is short for Optimist. It is a type of popular small sailing dinghy intended for children. Pierre said he personally prefers boats with two sails. "Why?” I asked. “You're afraid of sailing alone?" "Not that," Pierre said, smiling. "Because we need to man the ropes and follow the directions, it's a little busy for one person and easier for two to do it separately. I usually man the ropes." Photo © Xueyi





True to his nature as a Breton sailor – optimistic and brave..

Because of these ropes recently, Pierre had an accident and injured his arm. He said the situation was really nerve-wracking in the hospital. I asked him if this was his most dangerous sailing experience. “Actually I never felt that it would take my life,” Pierre said. “I had a strong feeling that no matter what happens I will always overcome it and recover. I wish my arm will be in good shape soon so I can cover [as a journalist] the America's Cup in San Francisco for Le Figaro.” Not yet fully recovered, he joined his Red Bull Extreme Sailing Team as coach when they anchored in Portugal this past July. True to his nature as a Breton sailor – optimistic and brave, no matter how strong the wind or large the waves – he seems ready to conquer any obstacle in his path.

OOOH LA LA, CRÊPES French cuisine is famous the world over for its exquisite dining culture. 'Crêpes,' also known as “really thin pancakes” by Ricky Bobbyenthusiasts, are becoming more and more popular of late and are a Breton specialty. At the Le Clainche’s home I was fortunate enough to taste the real deal while given a free cooking lesson. 26

"There are two kinds of crêpes, sweet and salty," Maryvonne Le Clainche explained. "The salty crêpe is the staple food, and the sweet crêpe is the dessert." Maryvonne first mixed the liquid flour mix into a batter with a long spoon and fried the batter in a thin layer on the surface of the round stove. In just one minute the crêpe was done. For an egg crêpe, the egg must be the essence. Largely different from Chinese egg pancakes, the liquid egg white and the liquid yolk are put into the crêpe separately. When the egg white was cooked, she sprinkled some cheese onto the thin crêpe and used a flat spoon to fold it into the shape of a square. The last step was to pour the liquid yolk onto the crêpe. All that was left to do was just enjoy the taste! It's the same to make sweet crêpes, just spread chocolate sauce as the last step instead. While not exactly like China's jianbing guozi, they are in fact quite similar. As a staple food, the salty crêpe is accompanied by a salad, which is seasoned with salt and pepper. Now, imagine the lettuce with soybean sauce in the jianbing guozi and you have the closest French cuisine comes to resembling Chinese. Coincidentally, jianbing guozi also happens to be a specialty of our own Shandong province.

Devoted to living the good life, Bretons are quite good at holding parties and festivals like Les Fêtes d'Arvor.

the Middle Ages, with low rock walls everywhere standing as a testament to time. With the sun now set, the same stones and slabs were now covered with people as they have many times before, excitedly waiting for the parade.

Breton for “the festival of the land near the sea,” Bretons hold traditional dancing performances and other spectacles like crowning the new “Queen” and two “Dauphines” of the festival. The young women wore tailored black satin costumes, with silver and gold embroidered fleur-de-lis, as the lily is the symbol of the French royal family. Elected by participants, young women dress in traditional Breton garb vying to stand out for more than just their looks.

Led by an officer and a lady holding the black and white flag of Brittany, there was a whole retinue of drummers and others playing traditional Breton folk music behind them, with representatives from every region. Actors represented royals and nobles arrogantly looking out over the crowd. Pretend peasants danced traditional dances every few metres, entertaining the audience and completing the medieval feel.

“They should not only be beautiful,” Maryvonne said. “There are three determining factors. They need to be good dancers of traditional Breton dances, have a good knowledge of Breton customs and cultures and most importantly… they need to know about and display the traditional Breton costumes. The costumes are unique from region to region within Brittany."

After the costumed spectacles, and once the castle turned off its lights, the streets dissolved into darkness while the audience waited with bated breath for the fireworks. In a flash, bright streaks shot up to the sky, splashing their colourful reflection on the castle's moat as they burst apart. With the music starting up again, and more crowds filing into the castle, the flames of “the festival of the land near the sea” left me an indelible memory of this long lost sister of Qingdao.


Looking around the town of Vannes, and many other towns in Brittany, the architecture and style look as if nothing has changed since






Fine Dining with Modern Japanese Flair

Cohan and Pei Pei went hand-in-hand to discover what true fine Japanese dining in Qingdao is all about...


ocated in Qingdao’s Darling Harbour area, Shanging Restaurant’s luxurious dining experience is presented through a contemporary Japanese lens. Its creative interior décor fuses authentic Japanese aesthetics with modern Taiwanese design, resulting in a tasteful atmosphere that incorporates the Qingdaonese palette.

than 20 years in France and Japan exquisitely preparing this freshest of food with diligent precision; their sashimi is strictly restricted to 0.8-1.0cm. This attention to detail and sincere respect for food quality ensures that the food is not only delicious, but is refreshingly healthy. Every dish is a masterpiece unto itself, showcasing the art of fine dining.

The restaurant glows in the warm ambience of Japanese lanterns as they illuminate the deep waves on the ceiling, characterised by the peaceful fish suspended above. Lower Japanese lamps show the way, highlighting the sheer size of the restaurant. Guests certainly experience the premium style imagined by the owner, as they dine overlooking Qingdao’s beautiful harbour area. The impressive size of the restaurant is capable of housing 400 guests whilst maintaining the luxury of space. With 16 private rooms, Shanging Restaurant is the perfect venue for any special occasion.

Shanging’s house dishes boast some of the best flavours of Qingdao, accommodating people from all over the globe. Their Japanese infused charcoal-grilled lamb chops from New Zealand are marinated with fresh apples for 24 hours before being elegantly served on a delicious bed of vegetables. Presented in a minimalist style, Shanging’s Chef refuses to taint his freshly prepared food with overpowering sauces, ensuring that the guests experience the full flavour of the freshly imported meats and seafood.

Shanging Restaurant’s acute attention to detail results in the highest quality dining experience. With deep ocean seafood being freshly imported from on a daily basis, their seafood is devoid of any preservatives, securing that fresh 'catch-of-the-day' taste. Shanging’s professional head chef, Yao Dong, spent more 28

In a bid to welcome the fresh, cold winds of autumn, Shanging is introducing their unique take on hotpots. Ranging from fresh spicy satay fish head hotpot to a milder fish bone hotpot, Shanging’s homemade delicious broths will keep you warm this autumn in a healthy, nutritious style.




National Day

Russian Classic Trio Grand Threatre 7.30pm

01 02 03 04 05 06

National Holiday Round-up Loong Bar


Musical Drama: Mamma Mia! Grand Threatre 7:30pm


German Stammitisch Lisa's Restaurant & Bar 7pm




Bupishu Band Tour Downtown Bar 9pm Spanish Folk Downtown Bar 9pm


National Holiday Round-up Loong Bar


International Sailing World Cup Olympic Sailing Centre

07 08 09 10 11 12 13 REDSTAR 10 Year Anniversary Party La Villia 4pm - til late

Dikuai Band Folk Downtown Bar 9pm

14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Summer Sunshine Band Tour Downtown Bar 9pm

Mamma Mia! Here Again


Many of you may already know about the story of Mamma Mia!, but for those who don't, it's the story of a young lady and her struggle in finding out who is her real father. In her mother's diary, Sophie finds three men mentioned as possibly being her father, so she invites them to her wedding. Her 'hot mama' Donna also invites her rockin' best friends: three middle-aged women, three middle-aged men and a couple of newlyweds, all gathered on an island with their own different thoughts. 30

Yundi Piano Solo Grand Threatre 7:30pm

Song Dongye Folk Downtown Bar 9pm

21 22 23 24 25 26 27 MON




Halloween Night Loong Bar 9pm

28 29 30 31 Piano Prince Yundi’s National Solo Tour

Grand Theatre 26 October // 7.30pm //


Viva Love Band Tour Downtown Bar 9pm



Got an event to promote? Get it on this calender!

Yundi was lucky to have Arie Vardi, the award-winning Israeli classical pianist and piano pedagogue whose students have won grand prizes in major international piano competitions, to be his instructor. Also, in 2007, Yundi Li teamed up with Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and famous conductor Seiji Ozawa. Together they recorded Sergei Prokofiev's Piano Concerto No 2 and Maurice Ravel’s Piano Concerto in G Major, it was a big hit.


his is probably one of the most anticipated classical music events in Qingdao this October. Talented Chopin and Liszt virtuoso Yundi Li is giving his grand national solo tour in 30 cities in China, and Qingdao is one of them.

Grand Theatre 6-8 October // 7.30pm // s “Classic” a running theme this month? Not only is Qingdao playing host to talented classical pianist Yundi, but also the classic musical - Mamma Mia! - is getting in on the fun!

Laosan Folk Downtown Bar 9pm

The creative team of the Chinese version is the original team from Britain, though the dialogues and operas have been changed to Chinese, the humor and passion remain in the show perfectly. In the Chinese version, the hot mother Mia is played by Shadow, a brilliant Chinese singer and actress praised as “Queen of the Chinese Broadway” by state media. Shadow not only is a look-alike of Meryl Streep in the film version, she also has the glow of a rock & roll queen. Music, drama, dance, family, love, humor, what else? This show comes highly recommended. From 80 . Wu Xueyi

Acclaimed as “the Prince of Piano in China” by the state media, Yundi Li has been quite impressive for almost all his audiences - his overall musicianship is elegant, romantic and noble. His first victory was at the age of 18 - at the 14th International Frederick Chopin Piano Competition, which made him the youngest pianist and the first Chinese person to ever win in this most professional and reputable of piano competitions. The first two works at the competition - Chopin Scherzo No. 2 and Andante Spianato et Grande Polonaise Brillante were most magnificent. Li was given the Polonaise Award by the Chopin Society for his stunning performances and great achievement.

From time to time, people make comparisons with him and Lang Lang, another fastrising talented Chinese pianist mentioned frequently by foreign media. They each represent a different performing style, no doubt. Do go and check it out if you want to know who is better, and for what specific reason. From 180 . Liu Jieling





Song Dongye: A Beijing Folkie’s Dream Tour

Autumn Squash Challenge Zhong Lian Sports Park Mingxia Road (Shibei District) Late October/Early November

Downtown Bar 27 October // 8:30pm //


or folk singer Song Dongye, this undoubtedly is a spectacular year. Signing with Modern Sky, the biggest independent music production company in China, massive exposure on the internet, recommendations from great Chinese folk musicians like Laolang and Zhangqiang, his musical performances have made him one of the hottest topics on the Chinese indie music scene this year. Song Dongye’s music career started in college. He’s a persistent follower and creator of 'neofolk' music, an experimental form of folk music that emerged from post-industrial music circles. For most of his fans - one guitar, a big figure standing in the middle of a stage, singing while tuning his guitar - that’s their image of him. He’s got a deep low voice – simple, sincere, much more worldly and mature than his actual age (26) shows. Sometimes he adds some nifty whistles and melodies, too. His earlier pieces "Seize That Fat Guy", "Buddha at

Beer to Sip During the Holiday Stay

5 Hengshan Lu International Youth Hostel 1-2 October 10am-9pm


Line 1" and "Hey, Underpants" have received a great reputation. Song was born in a neighbourhood called Anhe Qiao in Beijing, which was torn down and rebuilt into a subway stop. He therefore wrote a tender and touching song called Anhe Qiao in memorial of his old neighbourhood. The very popular piece "Miss Dong" he wrote last year was also based on a similar inspiration. "Miss Dong" later became his most acclaimed song and was included in the album Modern Sky 7, which was released in December 2012.

The series of matches resulted in a bunch of very tired players, and of course the eventual winners. In Pool A, the winner was Stephane (France) in a tight finish from Hubert (America) and Adam (Scotland). In Pool B, our visiting member from Korea, Fred, took the honours by one point from Julian (New Zealand). The day provided a great opportunity for members to see some


espite the association with leaves turning colours and jack-olanterns, this is an entirely different kind of squash, one that's always in season.

This tour is possible though the cooperation of Modern Sky and, and is definitely a brand new start for Song Dongye and his folk dream. Absolutely worth seeing. Ticket: 100 at the door, 80 if bought in advance and 140 if bought in advance with a limited-edition signed CD. Liu Jieling



ey you drunks at the beer festival and the street BBQ stands, yeah you, aren't you tired of this crazy way of drinking? You've proven to everyone around you that your tolerance for beer (and street food) is pretty high now already. With the everywhere-is-crowded National Holiday coming up, why not stay in Qingdao and switch to a slower, more enjoyable way of drinking? Plenty of foreign imported beers are available from Little League, fine home-brewed beer from La Villa and Strong Ale Works, fresh German sausages made by the chef at Luka Garden Café, Matt from New Zealand - what more are you waiting for? Come join us for a relaxing holiday from ordinary beer at the International Youth Hostel at 5 Hengshan Lu! White beer, black

beer, brown beer, yellow beer, good food, fresh coffee, music… it's all there, your perfect holiday plan. Liu Jieling

A sporting favourite for when temperatures drop outside and we get cabin fever when we run back inside, this fast-paced sport is also a great way to keep that dreaded “winter weight” at bay. Luckily, for those local athletic types of all seasons there is the Qingdao Squash Ladder. With semi-regular events all year-round, beginners and veterans alike will always have some squash event to look forward to in the near future. To get a glimpse of the upcoming Autumn Squash Challenge, let's take a look back at the Qingdao Squash Ladder's Round Robin Tournament that was held on September 1 this year. Eleven keen players pitted their skills and stamina against their ladder rivals whilst braving the still hot and humid conditions. Incidentally, eleven different nationalities were also represented that day, giving the afternoon a decidedly 'international' flair.

top quality squash and pick up some tips to improve their games. The Qingdao Squash Ladder is a non-profit organisation that provides a contact list of people interested in playing squash with others of a similar standard. New members to the ladder are always welcome, and anyone interested in joining the ladder can contact Greg Bestwick. For more information on joining the Qingdao Squash Ladder or to confirm the date and time of the Autumn Squash Challenge, call 1516 5200 236 or email

All players were fully tested, taking on opponents ranging from newcomers to squash all the way through to near professional players. A complex handicap system was employed to make it a more level playing field.





10 Chinese

Directorial Debuts

that Defined the '00s

Little Big Soldier

Ding Sheng (b. Qingdao) Debut: A Storm in a Teacup (2000)

The second installment of a series that started last month in the Nineties, Josh Martin selected another group of Mainland Chinese directorial debuts that defined the Noughties. The following debut films are included for their prominence and influence during the decade, inclusion isn't necessarily an indication of their films' quality or popularity.

Buddha Mountain

Li Yu (b. 1973, Jinan Shandong) Debut: Fish and Elephant (2001)


couple of numbers to illustrate the growth of Chinese film in the early 21st century:

Total box office, 1999: 850 million RMB Total box office, 2012: 16.8 billion RMB Though the '90s brought significant new talents into Chinese filmmaking (profiled in last month's issue), the industry was in poor shape by the end of the decade. Undercapitalisation was rampant, bootleg VCRs/DVDs slashed theatre attendance and Hollywood films like Titanic and Saving Private Ryan were crushing the local competition. The most ambitious domestic producers challenged Hollywood with lavish historical spectacles influenced by Hong Kong films. Zhang Yimou followed up his record-breaking Hero (2002) with House of Flying Daggers (2004) and Curse of the Golden Flower (2006), Chen Kaige joined in with The Promise (2005) and even Feng Xiaogang – best known for comedies – had a go with The Banquet (2006). Meanwhile, Hong Kong directors poured into the mainland, resulting in Tsui Hark's Seven Swords (2005) and John Woo's two-part Red Cliff (2008-2009). Successful or not, such epics are too risky and too expensive to sustain an entire industry. Perceptive filmmakers spotted a growing urban middle class that would patronise cheaper, more youth-oriented genres: 34

comedy, romance and horror. The comedy Crazy Stone (2006), the horror flick Mysterious Island (2011) and the romcom Love Is Not Blind (2011) are among the many dark horses to win impressive returns on investment. The most successful of all was last year's Lost in Thailand, a goofy 30 million RMB comedy that earned 1.3 billion RMB and is currently the highestgrossing mainland film of all time. At the same time, the relative importance of "art" films has decreased. The commercial sector becomes more attractive to young filmmakers with each passing day, and the domestic market is large enough that they feel less of a need to cater to overseas festival/ arthouse crowds. There will always be directors uncomfortable with the mainstream, but they're not the face of Chinese filmmaking to the degree they once were. The centre of Chinese cinema now lies in the multiplex.


Lu Chuan (b. 1971, Kuytun, Xinjiang) Debut: The Missing Gun (2002)

Eternal Moment

Zhang Yibai (b. 1963, Chongqing) Debut: Spring Subway (2002)


After his barely-released debut, Ding focused on commercials for a few years, then returned to filmmaking with the Qingdao-set The Underdog Knight (2008). An odd attempt at a modern-day wuxia story (literally, 'martial hero'), it featured a mentally-disabled ex-soldier turned vigilante. Ding's action-comedy stylings got the attention of Jackie Chan, who let Ding direct the period adventure Little Big Soldier (2010). Ding came back to Qingdao for the Underdog Knight sequel He-Man (2010), but moved on to Beijing for Chan's Police Story 2013, due to hit theatres on December 24. A former TV host and documentary filmmaker, Li's "underground" debut Fish and Elephant came with controversy attached – it was billed as the mainland's first "lesbian film" – but proved a sensitive and non-exploitative work. The real controversy arrived with Lost in Beijing (2007), a ribald and eventually banned portrayal of down-andouts in the capital. Lost star Fan Bingbing later boosted the commercial fortunes of Li's restless-youth tale Buddha Mountain (2010) and last year's Double Xposure. The latter, a twisty psychological drama, was somewhat unconvincing, but suggests Li is taking her career in new directions. Lu's work cannily juggles disparate styles and influences. The Missing Gun borrowed its premise (a policeman loses his sidearm) from an Akira Kurosawa movie, beginning as a comedy which then veers into thriller territory. Kekexili (2004) combined a high-adventure concept (a volunteer anti-poaching squad in Tibet) . The black-and-white Nanjing Massacre drama City of Life and Death (2009) attracted crowds and controversy, telling much of the story from a Japanese soldier's POV. The Last Supper (2012), an elliptical and revisionist take on the Han Dynasty's founder, received mixed reviews and a disastrous box office. Chastened by this reception, Lu is now prepping a science-fiction film, which he promises will be "commercial." Zhang's TV campus romance Cherish Our Love Forever (1998) achieved wide popularity among Chinese youth. As those viewers grew up, Zhang courted them again with the bittersweet romances Spring Subway and The Longest Night in Shanghai (2007), plus the adultery thriller Curiosity Killed the Cat (2006). Most of his films luxuriate in glossy urban locales, which are now de rigueur but were fairly novel a decade ago. Zhang became less ambitious after the arty Lost Indulgence (2008), directing a cinematic sequel to Cherish Our Love Forever (Eternal Moment, 2011) and co-directing the atypically broad ensemble comedy Better and Better (2013). He's no doubt carefully considering his next move, now that he's competing for the youth market with the entire Chinese film industry.




Guns & Roses

Ning Hao (b. 1977, Taiyuan, Shanxi) Debut: Incense (2003)

The Ditch

Wang Bing (b. 1967, Xi'an, Shaanxi) Debut: West of the Tracks (2003)

Go Lala Go!

Xu Jinglei (b. 1974, Beijing) Debut: My Father and I (2003)

And the Spring Comes

Gu Changwei (b. 1957, Xi'an) Debut: Peacock (2005)


t Ning's low-budget heist flick Crazy Stone (2006) was one of the surprise hits of the Noughties. Its “anything-goes” sensibility – movie parodies, black humor, loopy plotting, cross-dialect banter – helped chart a new path for mainland comedies. It also marked the film debut of Qingdaonese actor Huang Bo, who returned for Ning's successful follow-up Crazy Racer (2009). Guns and Roses (2012) augmented Ning's usual antics with a 1930s setting and some hokey patriotic drama. He's now preparing a new comedy, again with Huang Bo; meanwhile, No Man's Land, completed in 2010 but rejected by the censors, may finally emerge next year.

The Message

Gao Qunshu (b. 1966, Hebei) Debut: The Tokyo Trial (2006)

Wang's documentaries remain undistributed in China, thanks in part to their patient detail and generous running times – the longest, Crude Oil (2008), lasts 14 hours. His subject matter isn't exactly regulator-friendly, either: the decline of northeastern rust-belt communities (West of the Tracks); a woman's experiences of the Anti-Rightist Movement (Fengming: A Chinese Memoir, 2007); preadolescent children living alone in an impoverished village (Three Sisters, 2012). The Ditch (2010), his sole narrative feature, is a factual account of mass starvation in a 1960s "reform through labor" camp. His latest documentary, 'Til Madness Do Us Part, was filmed in a mental institution and premiered at last month's Venice Film Festival. A popular actress, Xu moved quickly into directing. Despite her mainstream fame, her early films showed an artsy and occasionally experimental edge; for example, Dreams May Come (2006) had a cast of two and was set entirely in a single room. Her first hit as a director was Go Lala Go! (2010), an adaptation of a popular web novel that rode a growing wave of female-centred yuppie romances. Xu revisited the genre with the corporate-espionage yarn Dear Enemy (2011), but has kept a low profile since. She recently resurfaced as a judge on China's Got Talent and is preparing yet another romcom. Gu began as a cinematographer on one classic after another: Red Sorghum, Farewell My Concubine, In the Heat of the Sun etc. His directorial debut Peacock was an ambitious story of a dysfunctional family stumbling through the post-Cultural Revolution era. Its strange, grotesque sentimentality reappeared in And the Spring Comes (2009), about an eczema-ridden woman and her dreams of stardom. Gu's highest-profile work, Love for Life (2011), centred on a struggling couple in one of Henan's infamous "AIDS villages." Gu kept it from sliding into romantic cliches and message-movie earnestness, but the final product was hurt by studio re-editing. Gu's next film, also a romance, has the very tentative title Literary Love in the Age of WeChat.

Mr. Right

Xue Xiaolu (b. 1970, Beijing) Debut: Ocean Heaven (2010)



A longtime director of TV cop shows, Gao had a theatrical hit co-directing the 1940s spy drama The Message (2009), deploying his skill with ensemble casts in tense situations. After an unsuccessful attempt at high-octane action (Wind Blast, 2010), Gao helmed the more down-to-earth Beijing Blues (2012), which followed a detective's interactions with various crooks and oddballs. Though a commercial under-performer, Blues scooped up numerous awards, establishing Gao as a critical favourite. Unfortunately, the risible thriller Crimes of Passion (2013) didn't help his reputation—but it was made before Beijing Blues, so Gao's true follow-up still lies ahead. Screenwriter Xue secured the acting services of Jet Li for her Qingdao-set directorial debut, Ocean Heaven. A low-key drama about a terminally-ill widower and his autistic adult son, the film scored good reviews but a weak box office. Not so for the romcom Finding Mr. Right (2012), which earned a stunning 518 million RMB through excellent word of mouth. Both of Xue's films combine a time-tested genre with hot-button social issues – Heaven tackled the plight of the disabled and China's weak safety net, while Mr. Right touched on anchor babies, same-sex relationships and the nouveau riche. The formula is evidently working, as Xue needed just two films to become one of China's most bankable directors.

Silent Witness

Directed by Fei Xing


don't know much about the Chinese judicial system, but I doubt it works as Silent Witness would have it. The legal drama herein is suspiciously similar to Perry Mason or a John Grisham thriller, with objections flying back and forth, a courtroom audience gasping at a stream of revelations and cross-examinations ending in shouting matches or tearful breakdowns. At least the case justifies all the theatrics. A doe-eyed 20-year-old (Deng Jiajia) stands accused of killing her stepmother-to-be. On the first day of the trial, her defense attorney (Yu Nan) wins a surprise confession from the young woman's chauffeur (Zhao Lixin). Procurator Tong Tao (token Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok) suspects the hand of the defendant's rich father (Sun Honglei), whom Tong has been trying to lock up for years.

as writer-director Fei Xing did in his previous film, the horror-crimeromance-comedy The Man Behind the Courtyard House. But here he hits a single note, relying constantly on overwrought music, swooping cameras, and amped-up scene transitions a la Tony Scott. Of the actors, only Sun and Zhao show any range, with the others reduced to near-caricature—Kwok is in a perpetual bugeyed frenzy, Yu is weirdly slack-jawed, and Deng is always either sobbing or just about to. Two hours of this goes a long way, and Silent Witness ends up as a clever story in need of more finesse. Josh Martin

Further twists come in rapid succession, including a final one that earns points for audacity. Such implausibilities can be massaged through careful adjustments of tone,





Stepping Back in Time


baby dragons) beneath them to name-drop the various dynasties that built them. Although suffering from numerous fires, rebellions and even the Cultural Revolution over the years, the temple complex survives as the largest historical building complex in China at 16,000m2. Confucius' cemetery is literally called “Kong's forest” in Chinese not just because of the thousands of age-old trees, but also all the steles acting as tombstones create a forest-like effect. This expansive cemetery comes in at just under 184 hectares as it is filled with thousands of graves of his disciples and descendants. The tradition of allowing ancestors with the family name Kong ( )

meaning 'hill,' referencing his oddly-shaped head) can still be seen as graffiti from throughout the sites.

Paradoxically placed as the halfway point on one of the most modern modes of transportation between Beijing and Shanghai is a place steeped in tradition as the old stomping grounds of Confucius. Before skyscrapers and economic reforms, Qufu was more typical of China than not, but now stands out in contrast like an open air museum piece. With this in mind, Tomás Engle took a trip back in time to see how quaint Qufu could still be in the 'Land of Lamborghini.'


agoda rooftops, ancient stone steles and old city walls hearken back to what has kept Qufu famous, but signifiers of other times gone by are equally intriguing. Utilitarian gray concrete buildings and red paper banners with painted slogans flutter against an almost endless vista of fields in every direction. In what is still essentially a large town of only 60,000 in the interior, this isn't surprising. But for it to maintain this slow pace of life sandwiched between China's two Tier One cities is amazing if not puzzling. Two hours south of the political centre of China – with the economic centre a further three hours south – by bullet train, the place could easily have become a sprawling concrete jungle of a mess like Taiyuan or Shijiazhuang. Yet nearly two-thirds of the vehicles on the road are bicycles instead of cars, and there isn't a McDonald's, Starbucks or Pizza Hut in sight. There is however a lone outpost of the outside 38

modern world in the form of a Shangri-La Hotel. Able to blend in and yet stand out at the same time, the monument to luxury accommodations combines traditional Chinese design and modern style with a Confucian flair. With an interior inspired by Confucius' Six Arts (Rites, Music, Archery, Chariot Racing, Calligraphy and Mathematics) and a whole menu devoted to Confucius' family cuisine (Shang Palace), they don't disappoint for local flavour. Conveniently located nearby are the sankong or Three Confucian Sites: kongmiao (Temple of Confucius), konglin (Cemetery of Confucius) and kongfu (Kong Family Mansion). The Temple of Confucius however isn't just one building, but a whole complex of buildings, built up by succeeding dynasties in bids to outdo each other in their fealty to Confucianism. The temple complex has numerous gateways, pavilions and steles with all the appropriately bizarre-looking bixi (turtle-like

to be buried there is now only reserved for those that have made a lasting impact on the community, as the city itself is now a quarter Kong. Many of the tombs belong to the direct male descendants of Confucius, who were known as the Dukes of Yansheng, with the last holder of the position dying only recently in 2008. Their elaborate steles and 'spirit ways,' however, also made them a target of the Red Guards at the dawn of the Cultural Revolution, when in 1966 the body of the 76th-generation Duke Yansheng was dug up and hung from a tree. Confucius' tomb was spared, but his slightly disparaging family nickname of Kong Qiu (qiu

The Kong Family Mansion is where all the direct descendants of Confucius lived, 1038 to 1937. Built of course to Confucian standards with the senior descendant living in the middle, the mansion is actually yet another compound comprising over 150 buildings with 480 rooms. Tasked with leading elaborate religious ceremonies on special occasions, and tending to the other Confucian sites in town, the descendants were also in charge of the largest private estates in China at that time. For a place that is relatively untouched from the urban sprawl enveloping China, but still easily accessible by bullet train (three and a half hours west of Qingdao), this historic and surprisingly authentic Chinese town should not be overlooked.








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to Tunnel Entrance












Tunnel Entrance








Golden Beach


Looking to take a break from all the traffic on Hong Kong Road, but not break the bank at the same time? Look no further than across the world's longest sea bridge to Huangdao, a destination that is just kilometres away, but feels worlds away. With its urban amenities, but spaced-out layout Paul Finkbeiner mapped out three different ways that people can explore Huangdao in a day.

to Golden Beach



200 400 600 800 1000m

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to Rizhao

BREAKFAST: Haidu Hotel, 218 Changjiang Zhong Lu Haidu's breakfast buffet features a liberal spread of food ranging from cereal and croissants to standard Western fare including eggs, bacon and sausage. Don't forget to try some miniature pancakes drizzled in chocolate syrup.

LUNCH: bringing a bagged lunch is recommended as local food options remain an adventure.

to Silver Sands Beach


AFTERNOON: Tangdaowan Binhai Park, Lijiang Xi Lu Stroll along Tangdaowan Bay. Don't forget to check out the monolithic castle playground











Travel info: Bridge toll: ¥50, tunnel toll ¥20 (or bus it for ¥2) (passenger car ≤7 seats) ¥












53 51 5552 55 53 53 54


















51 52

56 53










54 54













55 AN U



























to The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College


to Metro Cash and Carry


to Xuejiadao Ferry



3 Different Ways to Discover Huangdao




Despite boasting the best beaches in Qingdao Municipality, Huangdao has for recent years played a quiet second fiddle to the hustle, bustle and commercialism of the downtown area. Recently however, changes in the city's infrastructure are set to fling this sleepy suburb into the 21st century. The district now has a direct link to Qingdao's old town - the Jiaozhouwan tunnel has cut journey times to around 20 minutes and more or less put the old ferry terminal out of business. Jiaonan, to the north, is linked to the eastern municipality by the longest bridge in the world (41.58km, completed in June 2011).

Chinese Dining 51 52 53 54 55

International Dining 51 52 53 54

The top tourist attractions are without doubt Golden and Silver beaches, each with longer, sandier and less-spoilt stretches than any of those in Qingdao's downtown. For residents and visitors, Huangdao activity orbits Jusco and Mykal, both located at the very centre of Changjiang Zhong Lu. Both have a decent selection of consumables for Western and Eastern tastes.

Dawanlai Porridge Jiuxianfang BBQ Donglaishun Haiyiyuan Lao Sichuan

55 56 57 58 59 60 61

Qingshuiwu Japanese Xiangyin Japanese Niuchang Japanese Yicun Korean Luigi's Pizza Big Pizza Flavors The Oriental Express Henri's Pizzeria&Bakery Carme Rino India-Thai Restaurant

Help us improve this map, send your listings to

Silver Sands Beach Bar & Nightlife Cafés 51 52 53 54 55 56

Catch 22 Kaili’s Club The Oriental Saloon Sailing Bar Knuckles Tapas Bar

Hotels 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60

Haixiang Hotel Harvest Hotel Haidu Hotel Jinjiang Inn Marco Polo Hotel Hotel Ibis Blue Horizon Golden Hotel Motel 8 Kempinski Hotel Qingdao Howard Johnson Kangda Plaza Qingdao (Openging Soon)


Rona Café

Shopping 51 52 53 54 55

Liqun Baililai Market Jusco Jiajiayuan Huacai Violin Studio

Recreation 51 52

Huangdao Art Centre Shiyou Daxue Stadium

QICC contact: 72 Tai Hang Shan Lu Huang Dao Qu

MORNING: Qingdao Forest Wild Animal World, Huanghe Xi Lu, Phone: (0532) 8683-5555 With more than 200 wild animals and a 1,000 metre-long bridge overlooking animals in their natural habitat, this wildlife refuge is a kids' paradise. While busing is possible, a 25-minute drive from downtown Huangdao to the refuge is your best option.

near the inverted lampshades.

EVENING: Mahao Park, Jinggangshan Lu Right across the road you can watch traditional dance performances. If you're feeling particularly brave, your family can join the dance.

DINNER: Qilu Jiaozi, Jiuhuashan Lu Savor dinner at a place rightly known for its jiaozi.




THOSE TAKING IT EASY BREAKFAST: Starbucks, 419 Changjiang Zhong Lu Grab a muffin and a cup of freshly brewed coffee to ease into the day.


LUNCH: Knuckles, 274 Wuyishan Lu Get some juicy burgers at the local sports bar.

EARLY EVENING: Dingjiahe Park, Changjiang Zhong Lu (across the road from the central government building) Amble along the riverfront or sit on a bench to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere at dusk.

DINNER: Kempinski Hotel (Paulaner Brauhaus), 178 Yin Shatan Lu Kempinski's German restaurant speaks for itself with its German sausage, sauerkraut and hearty bread. Down your meal with a pint of beer while listening to the Filipino band.


LUNCH: India-Thai restaurant, 290 Wuyishan Lu, Phone: 183 6395-9118 If you want some Asian food other than Chinese, come here for lunch. You can order takeout if you prefer to eat outside.


LATE EVENING: Tianli International Cinema, Lijiang Xi Lu Catch the latest flick at this cinema. Half-price discount on Tuesdays.

LATE AFTERNOON: Jinfenghuang Theatre, Zhujiang Lu Despite its name, this building has an underground recreation centre with a bowling alley and ping-pong hall.

BREAKFAST: Huui Coffee, Shangliuhui Shopping Square (in Vanly Upper Class plaza) A coffee shop that specializes in waffles and smoothies.

MORNING: Tangdaowan Binhai Park, Lijiang Xi Lu Bike around the bay and enjoy the scenery. If you're more of a water enthusiast, you can rent a paddleboat or kayak in the bay.

The Future of Asian Cinema

AFTERNOON: Golden Beach, 399 Provincial Road With fewer people at the beach this time of year and pleasant temperatures, you can soak in the rays, read a book or just simply chill.

MORNING: Huaxia Liangzi, 216 Changjiang Zhong Lu Walk across the road and enjoy a deep-tissue massage to lessen your aches and pains.

AFTERNOON: Superman Go-Karts, Dangdaowan Park Canal Square, Lijiang Xi Lu Zip around the tire track in a go-kart.


DINNER: Zhushi Restaurant, 296 Muyishan Lu This is a haven for Japanese sushi lovers. Just make sure you ask for the picture menu or you might get the Chinese-Japanese menu instead.

EVENING: Knuckles, 274 Wuyishan Lu Down a beer at this sports bar while listening to the local Filipino band. As the night progresses, the mood gets livelier and often leads to a dancing free-for-all.

Holly Smith chats with Joey Terracotta, director of film distribution company Terracotta Group and the Terracotta Far East Film Festival – both based in London – on his thoughts concerning Asian cinema.

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Holly Smith: What first drew you to Asian cinema? Joey Terracotta: Although I was born in the UK, I had quite a Chinese upbringing which included films and television series from Hong Kong which we would get on VHS. This was the time of Jackie Chan and Tsui Hark at their peak and I would lend copies of these tapes to my friends and they hadn’t seen anything comparable to these films before. Holly: What does the West have to learn from Asian cinema? (by “the West” I mean either audience or film industry) Terracotta: There’s a lot that both sides can learn from each other and from other film makers from around the world. The comments I always hear from Western film crews and producers is how efficient, quick and professional Asian crews are. As for the audiences, many are amazed by the originality of the stories from Asia. They value that there isn’t always a formulaic approach to the film or an instant categorisation of the film into the obvious pigeon holes of “rom-com, action, horror” which is the route that Hollywood marketing machines take. Holly: Where do you think the future of Chinese cinema is heading? Terracotta: Undoubtedly Chinese cinema is getting more and more diverse. The big box office pulls these days aren’t just the da pian big battle historical epics. Comedies like Crazy Stone – and more recently, Lost In Thailand – have a genuine appeal and their box office takings prove this. There will be more auteur directors like Cannes [International Film Festival] award-winner (2013, Best Screenplay) Jia Zhangke as more people look to express their individuality in today’s China. Along with these factors, China is right now working with the rest of Asia on co-productions which will result in some great blends of casts, stories and capabilities. Chinese cinema is heading for a bright and fruitful future.

King of Pigs Holly: Terracotta:

Holly: Terracotta:

Holly: Terracotta: Holly: Terracotta:







Whether rain or shine, morning or night shift; you've seen them. Crew shifts from local businesses lining up at attention outside and engaging in some sort of team building exercise-cum-military drill. The evercurious Jordan Eckenrode went out in search for answers to this phenomenon in Hong Kong Gardens.


n Hong Kong Gardens there is “fa yuan xiu se” salon and every morning all the employees gather in front of the shop to commence in a daily ritual of morning exercises. At 9 o’clock every morning all the hair stylists go through a fifteen-minute speech and dance. For any foreigner that may be passing by it is strange to see people with their hair dyed and styled dancing in the middle of the morning. It looks like some type of punk army. It’s not only hair salons that do this but restaurants and other businesses as well. It’s not entirely uncommon to see a group of restaurant waitresses and chefs lined up like there are in boot camp and have a manager lecturing the underlings to death. In “fa yuan xiu se” they stand in front of the store and line up for roll call, then everyone takes part in the motivational Q&A. When asked what is their aim, everyone replies, “to serve the customers to their needs and offer professional advice” And they also chant, “the


team: we love what we do here, there is no such thing as a great individual, but good teams. Within our teams, we treat each other with care and honesty.” After this speech the whole team takes part in a ten-minute dance sequence. The colourful hair dyed styles go through the dance steps in autopilot with a blank look of disinterest on their faces. Manager of the Qingdao headquarters in Hong Kong Gardens, Hao Er, says that the daily routine of dancing in front of the store is nothing more than an exercise for the hair stylist’s benefit. “I personally like the morning exercises.” He says the morning routine is intended to give employees a chance to wake up and warm up for a long workday.





Ch Lea in rn es e

Tones Do Matter:


How to Improve Them and Speak Like a Native

Tones are considered one of the hardest parts of learning Mandarin for most students, but based on Preston Bu's years of teaching experience, they're not impossible for laowai to master. Below are some helpful methods and advice that should keep you from calling someone's mother a horse.


TONES MIGHT NOT GET TOO MUCH ATTENTION FROM YOU, BUT PROPERLY PRONOUNCED TONES ARE WHAT DEFINES THE QUALITY OF YOUR CHINESE. The biggest reason that you can’t learn tones very well is because you dismiss the importance of tones. Even though we understand you when your tones are off much of the time, some mistakes will definitely cause you a bit of trouble. Once I asked my students “What’s your favorite thing about China?” and a girl happily said Xiōngmaó (chest hair) instead of xióngmaō (panda bear). My colleague once complained that her student always wanted to kiss her, and she laughed when I explained that her student meant wèn (to ask) not wěn (to kiss). Therefore, you should remember the right tone from the first time you learn it and try to repeat the correct one every time you say it. HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE EACH TONE EXACTLY AND SAY A SENTENCE WITHOUT MISSING ANY? Students always get lost when they have to pronounce each tone correctly at the beginning, because they are not used to tonal language. My advice is to set a reference tone by using a familiar tone or intonation. I consider the first tone the same the sound "Ding!" when a microwave stops, and the fourth tone as the "Ah!" exclamation when someone step on your toes. And the key to pronounce a whole sentence is that you need to divide it into elements (words or combination of words) instead of character by character. For example:


Unmarried women aged over 27, Single, (mostly) born in the Seventies and Stuck


Combine practise with movements: Try to let your chin move along the direction the tone goes. Your brain will naturally transfer what you see into tones through these movements, after enough repeating it will become a part of your muscle memory.


Listening and imitation: Listen to your native friends’ tones or watch local TV and movies as much as possible, then imitate whenever you have a chance. Here’s one good exercise: Listen to a recording then write down the tones and imitate. You won’t notice much difference at first, but before you know it, you’ll be sounding like a native.


Taking lessons which are especially for pronunciations: Teachers won’t spend too much time correcting your tones because of time limit. Taking pronunciation lessons two or three times a week will be very effective for improving tones.


Stay motivated: Just like Rome, great tones aren’t built in a day. It might take weeks or months for you to notice improvements, but stay motivated. Keep practicing. You can do it.


Secretly make eyes at/wooing someone


Literally, “to send ‘autumn waves’ secretly” with “autumn waves” referring to the eyes of a pretty woman, like a lake in autumn pure, bright and tender. This expression originated from Romance of the Three Kingdoms, a famous Chinese historical novel set amidst the turbulent years near the end of the Han Dynasty and the Three Kingdoms era of Chinese history. In the novel, the beautiful maiden Diaochan fascinated Lu Bu with a meaningful glance like the tender waves of a lake in autumn.

4. BONUS: The longest Fisrt-to ne sentence contest: Write a sentence only with First – tone words ,the longest will be the winner. Example: says you should drink porridg

Doctor e today.

PRIZE: Top three contestant s will get a one-month pronunciation cou rse provided by “Pure Chinese” language school for free. Please send your sentence to with the sub ject “First-tone Contest.” For more information you can visit

The eye-movements should be tender, smooth and yet not too eager or rushed. It should convey your wooing message well in an ambiguous way. Have a crush on someone? Then why not try to send some “autumn waves” to him or her first? If you also get an appropriately 'come hither' eye-movement as a reply - well, who knows what can happen...just make sure that they don't have a fly stuck in their eye and are giving you the wrong signal. Wu Xueyi.

The minimum age for marriage for women in China is 20, so these days single women over 27 in China are labeled as shengnv or "leftover women." This not-so-good of a title began to be used by state-owned media in 2007. Urban and welleducated women are even more likely to be shengnv because of their strict requirements towards male partners. However, despite the social pressure, some shengnv are actually enjoying it. They can do whatever they like, hang out with good friends whenever they want and do a lot of stuff all by themselves - reading, shopping and going to theatres, besides enjoying their jobs.

EXAMPLE Lily is 28 now, all her family members are advising her to not become a leftover woman and get married soon.

Tianyan Chinese Language Centre 135 8927-8775 See listings for address





Digital Cash for the Digital Age China isn't usually seen by the outside world as an early adopter of trends, usually following them only once fully established in the West. This time is different though, with even the most traditional of Chinese cities (Beijing) all abuzz about an idea still unknown to many Westerners: Bitcoin. In an interview with bitcoin enthusiast 'Jake in Beijing,' Tomás Engle digs into its popularity in China, how it works and what it isn't.

Bitcoin is doing to money what email did to the postal system.

café who I didn't know but had heard was a big time bitcoin guy. He offered me a job on investing in bitcoin startups, and I've been working with him and an in-house team of developers creating projects for about 4 months now. WERE YOU CAUGHT OFF GUARD BY THE LEVEL OF INTEREST IN BITCOIN BY CHINESE PEOPLE?

Yes, at first I thought it was mostly an American/European thing, and even the guy here who introduced me to it here [the miner roommate] was a foreigner too. I think when I first found out how popular it was with Chinese people is when I organised the first meetup, and out of the 15 people who attended, like 11 or 12 of them were Chinese. The second meetup had about 50 people and 75% were Chinese.


friend to ask if I could buy some bitcoins from him.

I actually first got interested in bitcoin about 2 years ago when my roommate was a miner. I remember being fascinated by the idea and I even tried to buy some. At that time, however, the infrastructure for buying bitcoin was not nearly as developed as it is now, and I ultimately couldn't figure out how to do it so I gave up and kind of forgot about them. Which I regret as they were still super cheap then.

About a month after I bought them the price started going up, and hit a high of more than US$250 per BTC, before correcting down to US$100 or so.


Fast forward to December 2012. I meet a friend of a friend and asked him what he does in China (as foreigners always ask each other), and he said he was here doing “bitcoin stuff.” His other friends that were with him seemed to think it was a waste of time, but I remembered what they [bitcoins] were and was interested again, so I started asking all kinds of questions. I started doing all kinds of research, reading the news, following the price. At the time they were slightly less than US$20 per BTC. So one day I had some extra cash and called up that 50

During all this, I also started organizing bitcoin meetups in Beijing and was meeting people that way. I learned from one of them that there was this cafe in Zhongguancun called The Garage ( ) and that the owner there was interested in bitcoin. So one day myself and two other bitcoiner friends went to that cafe to see if we could buy a coffee with some. We asked the owner and he was all surprised since no one had ever asked him before, and he was all excited, "hell yeah!" etc. So we bought our coffees with bitcoin, and about a month after that, I was contacted by an employee of the cafe. She told me that there had been a CCTV reporter there that day, and that she wanted to do an interview with me. After my CCTV-2 interview on bitcoin aired, I was approached by this other guy at the


It was supposed to be like a Western-style “Meetup,” or a “We Like BTC and Baijiu,” a casual group to just meet other hobbyists. But then I realised Chinese people, when you say “meet-up,” they expect some kind of agenda as all these people showed up and were sitting around waiting. I was like, "Jesus, just talk amongst yourselves,” but some interesting people attended and we got them to give speeches anyway. WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE SHOWED UP?

I was surprised, at one of the meetings we had a 50-something ayi who was there because her son told her about bitcoin and she wanted to understand it more. But attendance was more or less upper class, generally well educated, some level of English, lots of money--one guy was even telling me "Oh yeah, yesterday I bought 100,000 RMB worth of bitcoin." DO YOU FEEL THIS IS THE SAME AMOUNT OF ATTENTION IT GETS IN THE WEST OR MORE?

I think bitcoin gets less media attention than it does in the west, but I think Chinese people in general seem more open to the idea, whether as a get-rich-quick scheme, or as an unregulated financial product that can't be taxed or otherwise messed with by the

government. I bet if we had a meetup now we could get 200 people, easy. I even think Beijing is one of the global centres of bitcoin; New York City, Berlin and Beijing. WHAT DO YOU THINK ATTRACTS CHINESE PEOPLE MORE THAN AMERICANS TO BITCOIN—THE CONVERTABILITY, THE ANONYMITY, THE PRIVACY?

This is total speculation on my part, but I've noticed a correlation between people's trust in their national currency and their level of acceptance towards bitcoin. In my experience, most Japanese people and most Americans are really not interested in it at all since these countries haven't had scenarios where their money is worthless the next day due to hyperinflation. But in developing countries, where the local currency can often fluctuate wildly against other currencies (losing lots of value in the process), or in places [like Germany and China] where people have had painful memories of runaway inflation, it seems to be more popular. But yes, I think in China the anonymity and ease of movement are big factors. China has very tight currency controls, restricting how much money people can carry out of the country and such. With bitcoin, you could walk out with a million dollars worth of bitcoin without anyone asking any questions. Would you say the 2013 financial crisis in Cyprus, which resulted in the government granting banks a bailout in the form of a levy on depositor's accounts, was a turning point in bitcoin's popularity? I think that the Cyprus thing and it's relationship to bitcoin is something that only people who were already using bitcoin were paying attention too. There were probably some people, but I really doubt most people in Cyprus were suddenly like, "Now I have to buy lots of bitcoin!” But I do think that Cyprus was one of the catalysts for the dramatic increase in price earlier this year. I see. So it's more of the convertability, anonymity, privacy and tech of bitcoin that






...we had a 50-something ayi who was there because her son told her about bitcoin and she wanted to understand it more.

draws people in (depending on their national currency's history with hyperinflation) than paying attention to global financial events? I think people get into it for two main reasons. They either view it as a disruptive technology with the potential to change the world (I fall into this camp), or they are financial risk takers and see it as something that can be extremely lucrative (which is also true). I also think people start using it when they find a legitimate use for it. Some pissed off Cypriot might turn to it because they don't want the government to take their money again. I've also helped several foreigners in Beijing start using bitcoin to remit money back home -- which I think is one of it's greatest uses. YOU SAID EARLIER THAT YOU THINK BEIJING IS ONE OF THE THREE GLOBAL COMMERCE CENTRES FOR BITCOIN. WHY DO YOU THINK THAT IS?

Yeah, perhaps not in terms of merchant adoption and the like, but we have a very active and passionate bitcoin community here. Also, one of the largest makers of bitcoin mining equipment is based in Beijing. I'm not sure if you're familiar with QQ Coins, but they're basically another virtual currency. People started buying and selling them from one another, instead of just from Tencent [Weibo], and using them to pay for real world goods. That has since been shut down, so – at this point – the relevant authorities definitely know about bitcoin, but they've taken no actions to restrict it. One of the world's three biggest bitcoin exchanges ( - also in Beijing) has been running for three years with impunity. Meanwhile the US government shut down bank accounts and seized US$5 Million off of MtGox [largest bitcoin exchange site] in the United States, for operating as an illegal Money Service Business. I think the US govt just wants to make sure that they receive their cut considering that bitcoin is now this big thing with a US$1.5 Billion market cap that no one is making any tax money off of.


WHAT ARE BITCOINS? Bitcoins (BTC) are a “cryptocurrency,” which in layman terms means that it is a kind of money that exists online and relies heavily on coding to create new units and manage existing ones.

WAIT, I STILL DON'T GET HOW IT WORKS. New bitcoins are created through a process that is a lot like an on-going raffle called “mining,” where blocks are created (with a set amount of bitcoins within each one) whenever a server on the network solves a specific mathematical problem. The difficulty of the mathematical problem increases every time, while with the yield of bitcoins decreases every four years. These measures help to prevent not only gaming of the network for personal gain (the former), but also help control the number of bitcoins in circulation (the latter).

OK...BUT THIS SOUNDS LIKE A BUBBLE. Yes, it is. It's a fiat bubble currency just like the Japanese yen or US dollar (a unit of exchange with no intrinsic value), but with one major difference. There is no centralised structure to take advantage of manipulating circulation, like the Central Bank of Japan or the Federal Reserve of the United States does

when they inflate the money supply to pay down government debt or boost aggregate demand. STILL SOUNDS LIKE A PONZI SCHEME TO ME... Ponzi/pyramid schemes need 1) a centralised structure with a definite hierarchy, 2) the promise of profits by founders to investors and 3) early adopters can only profit after adding new adopters to the scheme. BTC is a completely decentralised peer-to-peer system with no hierarchy, its founders have never made profit promises to its adopters and early adopters only benefit more than late-comers due to their earlier entry point, not at expense of them adopting.

HUH. OK. BUT HOW DO I EVEN GET THEM? The most popular way of acquiring bitcoins is by buying them through a Bitcoin Exchange, though you can also accept them as payment for goods or services, trade traditional currencies for them and – if you have the necessary hardware – you can go “mine” for them. ADDITIONAL LINKS


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For business people looking for a convenient location in the east of Qingdao, the Thumb Plaza Apartel Qingdao Sunland has recently opened and they are offering comfort at a great price. With cosy apartments and stylish furnishings right next to Thumb Plaza, shopping and getting a quick meal has never been easier! You will feel at home yet have all the conveniences of a hotel room. The wireless internet is fast for those who may need to take some work home or relax online. So enjoy your stay at your new home away from home in eastern Qingdao: Thumb Plaza Apartel Qingdao Sunland.

The Westin Qingdao Honored as “Most Anticipated Newly-Open Hotel of the Year” The 2013 Asia Hotel Awards Ceremony, which is held by Asia Hotels Forum Centre, was successfully held in Beijing on September 6, 2013. The Westin Qingdao received “Most Anticipated Newly-Open Hotel of the Year” award, considering the vast attention and hype it received during the hotel’s pre-opening period. As the first Westin hotel in the Shandong area, Westin Qingdao has already attracted dramatic attention and expectations in the pre-opening period. The Westin brand is renowned for its instinctive and personalised service. The rejuvenating health concept of Westin Qingdao perfectly matches the energetic Sailing City of Qingdao. As the newest landmark, and one of the highest buildings in Qingdao central business district, Westin Qingdao has excellent location in the centre of the city and the highest club lounge in the city with a bird's eye view of the city. In addition, the hotel will offer SuperFoodsRx™ and the absolutely sumptuous Heavenly® Bed will be a rejuvenating experience.

Lucky Draw Gather with your family and enjoy your favourite Shandong dishes, delicately prepared by the master chef of Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel. Don't forget to enter our contest to win a fun journey of discovery at DreamWorks Experience at Sheraton Macao Hotel, Cotai Central. From now until October 31, 2013, dining at Yue will give you a chance to win!


Delight in a Global BBQ Experience Our Riverside Café presents a fusion of barbecue styles for you. Chinese traditional grilled whole lamb and seasonal seafood, Western ham hock with BBQ sauce, Korean roasted beef ribs and roast pork. Our all you can eat buffet is accompanied by a free flow of Qingdao beer and soft drinks. So go ahead and treat your taste buds to our barbecue carnival this autumn!


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Holiday Inn Qingdao Parkview Sends their Love in Mooncakes to Special Children A few days ago, Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao sent a token of their love in the form of mooncakes to some very special children at the Saint of Love Autism Recovery Centre in Chengyang and the Special Children Education Centre in Jimo. Samantha Teng, the manager of Market & Communications Department told REDSTAR that for days they’ve been working extra hours to get these mooncakes baked, so that they could send these tokens of love before Mid-Autumn Festival. “For us it’s a pleasure to give fresh and delicious mooncakes to these children. We at Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao will keep doing our best to contribute to the community by sending our love and care to more and more people who are in real need,” said Samantha Teng.


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Themed Buffets @ Café JOT Travel around the world in 7 days? It's possible to make this dream come true at Holiday Inn Qingdao Parkview! Characteristic Korea, Romantic Paris, Asian Journey, Passionate Italy, Seafood Extravaganza, Latin Carnival and International Night, all of the international delicacies will be presented for you at Café JOT, so don't hesitate to join us! Only 148 RMB per person + 15% service charge. =english menu

2013 China National Sommelier Competition It’s a great honour to announce that two of Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao's sommeliers have received good results in the 2013 China National Sommelier Competition. Sommelier Steven Yin won “1st Runner-up” and “The Best Service Award,” while Sommelier Ada Xu got the “Best Blind Tasting Award.” This competition was organized by the Chinese Sommelier Association, Shanghai Wine culture exhibition centre and Asia Wine Institute, there are more than 5 awards covered in the competition. The judges are the chairman of the master of wine service association, the former president of wine education and the worldwide chairman of Sommelier association, they give a comprehensive evaluation for the sommeliers according to international standard rules. There are more than 50 players from different cities who attend preliminary competitions, after that, seven players from the Shangri-La group entered the top ten.


An abundance of natural resources combined with a variety of seasonings have dubbed Thailand the “Kitchen of the World.” Sujita’s signature dishes include Stir-Fried seafood, Pineapple stuffed with Fried Rice, Papaya Salad with Shrimp and Tom Yum Soup. All seasonings are imported from Thailand. The dinner buffet is priced at 198 RMB net per person.

A Weekly Dining Perspective Monday is Dessert of Dreams: revitalise your Monday and explore our selection of wonderful desserts. Tuesday is Unlimited Pizza and Pasta: enjoy the freshest, finest, homemade pizza and pasta for 98 RMB. Wednesday, it's Ladies First with all ladies enjoying 50% off buffet prices, and tables of 4 or more ladies can enjoy 1 bottle of imported red wine on the house. Thursday is Oyster Night: get fresh oysters daily cooked in a way you would never imagine! Friday is Sealicious, featuring live cooking stations and a selection of local and international seafood (lunch 168 RMB+15%, dinner 208 RMB+15%) On the weekend, Saturday is Passion of Bavaria: tantalise your taste buds with Bavarian beers and delicacies. And Sunday is all about Brunch! (188 RMB+15%)



Shangri-La Hotel Qufu

A Taste of Thai food From October 18-31, 2013, Shangri-La Hotel, Qufu will have “A Taste of Thai” food festival at Café Kong at its dinner buffet. Guest Chef Sujita Thipyakorn, originally from Thailand and now working at Shangri-La Hotel Xi'an, will join the culinary team at Café Kong to deliver some authentic Thai flavours.

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(0537) 699-6998

Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, Huangdao

Giving Thanks on the First Year Anniversary Come celebrate the first anniversary of the Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, Huangdao. Along with the upcoming holiday season, it's time when new friends meet and old friends reunite, sharing the best times of the year. We want to express our gratitude by offering our guests a buy two, get one free voucher at the Eatery Signature Buffet. Date: Sep – Oct 2013, Price: Lunch 168 RMB net, Dinner 198 RMB net (20% off ).






‡ Rail

Coming & Going

Getting Around

Qingdao to Beijing South

Air Qingdao to Beijing




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SC4651 CA5195 CA1526 CA4653 CA1572 CA1560 MU744 CA1570 MU5193 SC4655 MU536 MU526 SC4657 CA4659 CA1576

Beijing to Qingdao




06:40 08:05 08:45 08:50 09:55 10:00 11:15 13:55 15:15 16:40 18:15 20:35 21:10 21:20 21:20 22:20 23:25

08:05 09:30 10:05 10:05 11:15 11:15 12:35 15:10 16:45 18:00 19:35 21:55 22:25 22:35 22:40 23:30 00:35

CA1569 SC1569 MU535 CA1559 SC4652 MU525 SC4654 CA1575 MU743 CA1571 MU5194 CA1525 CA4658 MU5196 SC4658 SC4656 CA4660

Qingdao to Shanghai Hongqiao (Puxi)




07:45 08:20 09:10 09:55 12:20 13:05 14:20 15:35 15:50 16:15 17:05 19:45 20:05 22:20

09:00 09:40 10:30 11:15 13:35 14:25 15:40 16:55 17:10 17:40 18:25 21:10 21:25 23:30

SC4661 CZ5514 MU5516 HO1196 SC4663 CA4669 MU5520 FM9170 SC4665 CA1535 CA4667 FM9196 FM9170 9C8854

Qingdao to Shanghai Pudong




07:40 09:40 10:55 16:55 18:10 21:05 22:45

09:05 11:05 12:10 18:10 19:25 22:20 23:45

MU5512 CA4601 MU5526 CZ6225 HO1116 SC4603 HO1242

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Beijing South to Qingdao

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Qingdao to Shanghai Hongqiao

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Shanghai Hongqiao to Qingdao

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07:05 09:39 14:05 16:31

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Essential Numbers China Mobile Service Hotline (10086)



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MU2033 CA127 OZ318 KE846 CA4081 MU559 KE842 OZ320 KE5870 CA133

Seoul Incheon to Qingdao (Local Time)





09:10 08:30 08:45 08:10 13:15 13:15 14:30 16:40 13:15 14:00

09:35 09:00 09:00 08:40 13:40 13:25 14:55 17:00 13:25 14:20

OZ317 MU2044 CA134 MU8359 MU8361 MU2034 OZ319 MU560 CA4082 CA128

Electricity Help

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Dragonair 1F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8577-6302) Qingdao International Airport 8471-1877, 96567 · 40 minutes drive from CBD (¥80-100) · 13 international destinations · 7.87 million passengers p.a. · 116,000 tons of cargo p.a.

Rail Train Tickets Agency 33 Nanjing Lu (inside Fushan Bay Hotel) (80690077) 5 booking fee per ticket.

Huiquan Dynasty Hotel ( 9 Nanhai Lu (8299-9888) Hyatt Regency Qingdao 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234) InterContinental Qingdao 98 Ao'men Lu (6656-6666) Kempinski Hotel Qingdao Craving crab? Come and satify that yearning with the crab feast at the Chinese Resaurant in Kempinski Hotel Qingdao in October! Crab connoisseurs will be in heaven as the crabs appear in a variety of delicious dishes (steamed, stir-fried and baked) created by hotel five-star chefs. The selection includes hairy crab, Alaska Snow Crab, Box Crab and so on. Those who love crabs should not miss this mouth-watering crab feast! Special Offer: Individual Room 500 RMB, return coupon 50 RMB. Tel: +86 0532 5875 8856.

Qingdao Railway Station 2 Tai An Lu (9510-5175)


178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao District (5888-6666)

Huangdao Long Distance Bus Station 2 Changjiang Xi Lu, Huangdao District (8688-9217)

Kilin Crown Hotel (Best Western) 197 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-1888)

Qingdao Long Distance Bus Station Wenzhou Lu (8371-8060) 163 Shenzhen Lu 513 Chongqing Zhong Lu (8765-6379) 59 Chongqing Bei Lu (6691-1234) 1 Danxian Zhi Lu (8371-8901)

Liugong 21 Sichuan Lu 30 Donghai Xuejia Island

Le Meridien Qingdao Ideally located in the heart of Qingdao, Le Meridien Qingdao offers ample meeting space, an array of world-class cuisine options and Le Méridien’s signature programs designed to offer a journey of discovery in Qingdao. Only 30 minutes from the airport, the hotel is part of the Wanda Plaza hosting a department store, supermarket, cinema, restaurants, offices and apartments, only a few minutes away to other business, entertainment and shopping areas and close proximity to sightseeing landmarks such as Beer Street, Olympic Sailing Centre and beaches. The hotel houses 348 elegantly designed guest rooms and suites which offer spaciousness with a size of minimum 40sqm and equipped with everything for the sophisticated travellers.


Where to Stay


First Aid Centre


Forest Fire


Industry and commerce complaints hotline

Labor security policy advice (12333) (110)

Qingdao Cable Networking (96566) Red Cross Taxi Help

5 Star Crowne Plaza Qingdao 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888)

112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888) Sea View Garden Hotel 2 Zhanghua Lu (8587-5777)

DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao

Publice Service Hotline (12319) 24 hour. Including water, gas, heating etc

220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888) www. Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, Chengyang 271 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District (66968888)

(95598) (8281-7777)

Taxi Reservation Hotline (9600-9797)

Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, Huangdao 1288 Binhai Dadao, Huangdao District (8819-7777)

Tourist Help 2000) Traffic Accidents

CAAC Booking Office 30 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8577-5555 24 hrs domestic flights, 8577-4249 international flights)

Xuejiadao Ferry Travel Dock (8670-5247)

Directory Inquiries (114/116114)

Police à

Asiana Airlines 6F, Crowne Plaza, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8597-7171)

Qingdao Ferry (8261-9279) Zhong Lu (6688-9177)

China Post Service (11185)

Qingdao to Seoul Incheon (Local Time)


Rm. 307, 17

Housing International Hotel Top Yihe Building, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8503-0909)

Nanjing Lu (8577-9035)

Huangdao Ferry Island (8685-6949)

China Unicom Service Hotline (10010)


Air All Ways Air Tourist Agency


China Telecom (10000)


Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888)

Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (83883838) Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel A reason to go to Jiaozhou, this immeasurably plush hotel offers all the trappings of five-star luxury, but a few things set it apart: the buffet Feast has some of the best Indian food in Qingdao and New Zealand-style mint ice cream, the underground Shine Spa has very educated masseuses. You don’t get this in Qingdao, let alone Jiaozhou.


Wanneng Locksmith Services ( ) (8868-7772)

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Grand Regency Hotel Xianggang Zhong Lu (8588-1818)


Holiday Inn Qingdao City Centre 1 Xuzhou Lu (6670-8888)

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271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New Distinct (8228-9999)

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‡ Qingdao Grand Metropark Hotel 2 Heshan Dong Lu, Aoshanwei Town, Jimo (8906-8888)

Laozhuancun China Community Art and Culture Hotel 8 Minjiang San Lu (8576-8776) Studio 52 10 Haifeng Lu (8667-8818 ext.157, 8325-3975)

4 Star Ariva Qingdao Hotel & Serviced Apartments 135 Yan’an San Lu (8197-8777) Blue Horizon Hotel Qingdao 18 Qinling Lu (West of Municipal Exhibition Centre) (8899-6666) Copthorne Hotel Qingdao 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688) Danube International Hotel 717 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (66967777) Gloria Plaza Airport Hotel Qingdao 217 Chongqing Bei Lu, Chengyang District (5555-3999) Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport 89 Minhang Lu, Chengyang District (8471-6777) Hai Qing Hotel Zhong Lu (8596-9888)

11 Donghai

The Castle Boutique Hotel ( 26 Longshan Lu (8869-1111) Walk Inn 4F, International News Centre, 50 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8077-9757)

Resort Ariva Qingdao Hot Spring Resort 2997 Datian Lu, Jimo (8656-1058)

Baden Village Jimo (8657-9997)

Located in

Kunlun Gloria Seaview Resort Qingdao 6 Jinwan Lu (6656-6868)

Harvest Hotel 459 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (86996666)

Q&X Hot Spring Resort 378 Laiqing Lu, Wenquan Town, Jimo (6802-0333)

Oriental Hotel (8286-5888) Sanfod Hotel Zhong Lu (8399-3888)

SPR Resort 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-3422, 8889-0394) TenTimes Golf & Hotspring Resort Hotspring Resort Village, Jimo (8656-0000) 4 Daxue Lu 96 Xianggang


3 Star Beach Castle Hotel Changzhou Lu (8289-3666) Fuxin Mansion (8591-1009)

66 Xianggang

Qingdao Renjia Business Hotel 99 Nanjing Lu (8610-2222) Shanglin River View Hotel 228 Yan’an San Lu (8090-3333)

Boutique Hotel Dabringham Platinum Residence 73 Hunan Lu (8288-777, 400-6575777)

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Building No. 1, Sunland, 880 Tongan Lu, Laoshan District (156-1005-6188)

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24 1 Qinyu Lu (8286-

Shilaoren Sightseeing Garden 1 Laoshan Lu (8883-2599) Signal Hill Longshan Lu (8279-4141)


Various Attractions Minjiang Wushengguan Lu 18 Huanghai Lu (8387-

Huadong Winery Long Kou (8881-7878)

No. 3 Bathing Beach 6 Taiping Jiao Lu Shilaoren Beach Haikou Lu

Churches & Temples Lutheran Church (8286-5970)

15 Jiangsu Lu

Qingdao International Christian Fellowship 3F, InterContinental Hotel Qingdao (Auditorium), 98 Aomen Lu St. Michael’s Cathedral Zhejiang Lu (8286-5960)


Laoshan Scenic Area (8889-5695)

No. 2 Bathing Beach Inside Taiping Bay (East of Huiquan Bay)

Taiqing Palace (8288-9888)


Hua Shi Villa 2168)

Beaches No. 1 Bathing Beach 14 Nanhai Lu (8286-6305)


Little Qingdao Island Lu (8286-3944)

26 Qinyu

May 4th Square Donghai Xi Lu


Music Square

Ao'men Lu

Qingdao Guest House 26 Longshan Lu (8288-9888) Qingdao Polar Ocean World 60 Donghai Dong Lu (8590-9999) Qingdao TV Tower Taiping Shan Lu (8365-4020)


Qingdao Underwater World 1 Laiyang Lu (8287-8218)

Inside Laoshan 2 Zhiquan Lu

Qingdao Zoo Yan'an Yi Lu (8287-2970)


Seashore Sidewalk The route runs from Tuandao (Old Town) via Badaguan to Shilaoren in the east.

Yuantou Community, Xiazhuang Street, Chengyang District

Located in one of the prime neighbourhoods in Laoshan - brand new Zendai Plaza/Thumb Plaza/ Damuzhi Guang chang – these duplex holiday apartments offer a unique 5-star hotel butler service providing an extremely comfortable experience. The apartments are delicately designed with well-furnished guest rooms, flexible office areas and more importantly, a sense of relaxation that you can only get at home. Official Wechat: Apartel-sunland.

33 Yunyang Lu

Little Fish Hill Park Fushan Zhi Lu


Tian Mu City Lu and Liaoning Lu

Huangdao Traditional Culture Museum 1001 Zhujiang Lu, Huangdao District

Qingdao City Home Business Hotel 7 Xianxia Ling Lu (8870-0888)



12 Fuzhou

Overseas Chinese International Hotel 41 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85725666)

Botanical Park (8386-1179)

1388 Culture Street San Lu

Chengyang Buddhism Culture Museum

Thumb Plaza Apartel Qingdao Sunland

11 Jingshan Lu (8286-

Zhong Shan Park Wendeng Lu (8287-0564)

YHA Old Observatory


5 Minjiang Lu

Jinjiang Inn 438 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8682-8999) 100 Nanjing Lu (8310-7999)

Qingdao Hotel Zhong Lu (8578-1888)

6(Yi) Qixia Lu

Zhanshan Temple (8386-2038)


Hotel Ibis 178 Changjiang Lu, Huangdao District (8698-9888) IZunco Inn Nan Lu (8601-8888) 108 Xianggang Zhong Lu

The Hidden Dawn (139 5324-6661)

Parks & Gardens Baihua Park 0584)

Lu Xun Park 8479)

Qingdao Kaiyue Youth Hostel 31 Jining Lu (8284-5450)

15 (Yi) Donghai Xi Lu (The Sail @ Olympic Bay Apartment B) (8091-5151)

Haidu Hotel 218 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8699-9888)

Oceanwide Elite Hotel 29 Taiping Lu (8299-6699)

Nordic Osheania Youth Hostel 28 Guantao Lu (8282-5198) 21 Guanxiang Er Lu (8282-2626)

Asana Executive Apartments

Latour Laguens International Resort Hotel à 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (8896-6969)

Milan Fashion Hotel 18 Anqing Lu (8099-0888)

Hostels Big Brother Guest House Two locations in Qingdao - all mod cons for budget or mid range travellers. www. 31 Jiangxi Lu (82873888) 6 Baoding Lu (8280-2212) 10 mins walk from train station. Cosy, clean and affordable. 

Zhan Qiao Pier 8575)

Between Dengzhou 12 Taiping Lu (8286-

Chinese Dining

Laoshan Tea Culture Museum Xiaowang Living Area, Wanggezhuang Street Scene, Laoshan District


Qingdao German-style Prison Site Museum 21 Changzhou Lu (8286-9773)

Handiyuan BBQ 20 Zijin Shan Zhi Lu, Huangdao District (8688-2389) HBR (

Qingdao Municipal Gallery 7 Daxue Lu (8288-8886)

8 Haimen Lu (8388-8711) 2F, CBD Wanda, 185 Xuzhou Lu (5556-3871) 41 Minjiang Er Lu (8571-4289) 6 Jinwan Lu (8577-0997)

Qingdao Municipal Museum 51 Meiling Dong Lu (8889-6286)

Jiuxianfang BBQ 316 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8689-0377)

Qingdao Sculpture Museum 66 Donghai Dong Lu

Teng Wang Ge Zhanshan San Lu (8386-6997)

Qingdao Library Yanji Lu (8501-2112)




Tianhou Palace 19 Taiping Lu (8287-7656) Tsingtao Brewery Museum 56 Dengzhou Lu (8383-3437)

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‡ Beijing

Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2241)


Jinghualou Beijing Roast Duck 11 Fuzhou Bei Lu (8576-8808) Ping’s Beijing Duck Yan'erdao Lu (8575-0208)

Haiyiyuan 95 Fuchun Jiang Lu, Huangdao District (8688-5066) 20

Quan Ju De Beijing Roased Duck 1-2F, Bldg. A, Fenghe Square, 12 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6677-7308)

Ju Xiang Ju Chenghai Yi Lu (8589-8217)



Le Tai Yuan Zhangzhou Er Lu (8588-7135)



Harbor Seafood Chinese Restaurant 11:30 am – 9:00 pm 1F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2241)

Hirun Old Restaurant Xianggang Zhong Lu (8597-8868)


Kowloon Tong 24 Dunzhuang Lu (8302-8188) 116 Zhangzhou Lu (8578-0198)


Dou Lai Shun Minjiang Lu (8571-7676)


Doulao Fang Hotpot Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (8261-7777) Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (8266-7777)

Tang Palace 1F, Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport, 89 Minhang Lu, Changyang District (8471-6777 ext. 6777)

Tanyutou Hotpot Minjiang Lu (8582-1296)

26 Longshan

55 Furong Lu

Lao Man Ke Lu (8576-8625) San Bao (8577-0119)

Dumplings (jiaozi)

158 Minjiang Lu

39 Nanjing Lu Four Season Restaurant Longshan Lu (8288-5308, 8288-5801) Golden Sea Corner Taiping Jiao Yi Lu (8386-0188)

Huaiyang Shang Palace Lunch: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm, Dinner: 5:30 pm – 10:00 pm 1F, City Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6459) Fu Gui Ren Sheng Restaurant 135 Yan’an San Lu (0532 8197-8877)

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China Spice 11:30 am – 2:00 pm, 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm 1F, Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, 271 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District (6696-8888 ext. 6988) Dong Hai 88 Open hours: Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, Dinner: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm. Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext.6359)

Dong Hai 88 Private Dining Open hours: Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, Dinner: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm. 2F, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext.6332)

ESPN Restaurant & Bar ( ) Bldg. E 103 Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (6965-8581)



Guang Kai Seafood Restaurant 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (88896835)

Qingdao Restaurant Ao‘men Lu (8386-0098, 8387-0098)


Youmayoula 158 (Jia) Minjiang Lu (8577-6789) 4F, Rock City, 1 Xiazhuang Lu, Licang District

Autumn Town (8578-8349) Din Tai Fung Ao’men Lu (6606-1319) Xianghetong (8577-9515)

27 Dayao Er Lu 118, Marina City, 88

5 Minjiang Er Lu

Vegetarian Crystal Lotus Vegetarian Diet & Tea House ( ) 6 Yan'erdao Lu


Yunnan Impression Rm. 307, 3F, Bldg. A, Top Yihe, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8502-8706, 8502-8708) 3F, CBD Wanda, 116 Yanji Lu (5556-3631, 5556-3632) Jingyan Thumb Plaza, 880 Tong’an Lu (6778-6822)


Fusion Cafe Asia 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888)

Café Yum 6:00 am – 11:00 pm 1F, Valley Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu(8388-3838 ext. 6008)

Tang Palace 1F, Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport, 89 Minhang Lu, Changyang District (8471-6777 ext. 6777)

Fatty Q ( ) 191 Marina City West Zone, 86 Ao'men Lu (6606-1789) Feast 1F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New District (8228-9999 ext )

Yuansheng Haigang Haorizi 5 Yunxiao Lu (8573-5733) Yue 3F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel, 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New Distinct (8228-9999 ext.6888)


Haidao Seafood Restaurant 40 Yunxiao Lu (8572-0846)

Boiling Fish Township 1F, C Tower, World Trade Centre, 6 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8591-9917)

Haimuchang Crab 2 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (133 25000211)

Dieqiao ( 112 Zhangzhou Lu (8571-7123)

Harbor Seafood Chinese Restaurant 11:30 am – 9:00 pm 1F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National

Lao Sichuan Huangdao District (8688-9667)

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Asian Dining

QIN 2F, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888 ext.8226)

Tian Xia Yi Pin 2F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao'men Lu (6656-6666 ext.1588)


South Beauty (qiào jiāng nán) 2F, Darling Habour, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8555)


Steven Gao’s Restaurant 20 Zhuhai Lu (8589-3899)


San He Yuan Dumplings 39 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8593-2008)


Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8659) Dunhuang Xianggang Zhong Lu (8588-7556)


Lao Zhuan Cun 112 Minjiang Lu (8575-3776)


Taidong Pedestrian

China Gongshe Minjiang San Lu (8077-6776)

Jiashimin Chinese Restaurant 10 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (8705-2469)

43 Minjiang

Zhou Quan Zhou Dao Minjiang Lu (8577-1568) 111 Yanji Lu (8501-6818) 97 Jiangxi Lu (8577-2056)

Chuange Fish Dumplings 57 Minjiang Er Lu (8077-8001)

Laobian (8577-9938)

Yaoyao Hotpot (8363-8118)

Dawanlai Porridge 344 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8697-5888)

Zhongshanyuan 33 Fuzhou Lu (8577-3333)

Da Qing Hua Dumplings Xianggang Zhong Lu (8575-3697)



Yue 3F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel, 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New Distinct (8228-9999 ext.6888)

Da Niang Area

2F, Darling Habour, 1

Xiao Fei Yang 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (inside Yinhai Marina) (8592-1000)

The Legendary 2F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8597-7997)



Shan Cheng Chilli Pepper 109 Minjiang Lu (8578-5049)

Xiao Shao Xing 636 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8689-7777)



230 Minjiang Lu

Tian Lu Yuan Yan'erdao Lu (8577-9879)

Characterised by the use of vinegar and strong aromatics, Shandong cuisine is one of China’s most famous varieties and is particularly prominent here in Qingdao.

Donglaishun 400 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8689-9998) Polar Ocean World, 60 Donghai Dong Lu (6688-9227)

Qin Ji ( (8575-7599)


158 Minjiang Lu

80 Ningxia Lu

Yu Ma Tou Seafood Restaurant 24 Yunxiao Lu (8573-3583)

Zhou Quan Zhou Dao 120 Minjiang Lu (8577-8656)

Le Mei Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, Dinner: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm 2F, Le Meridien Qingdao, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888 ext. 0164)

The Castle Lu (8288-5801)


Zhi Le Jia 1F, Bldg.A, Fenghe Square (inside May 4th Square) (6677-7368)

Haidilao Hotpot Yan'erdao Lu (6867-8631)

6 Taiwan Lu (8596-9111) 18 Donghai Zhong Lu (8592-

Yiqinglou (8582-5888)

Yucong Minjiang Lu (8577-0222)

Dong Hai 88 Private Dining Open hours: Lunch: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm, Dinner: 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm. 2F, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext.6332)

Jinmeng Restaurant 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (oppo. Kilin Crown Hotel) (88890083)

Lao Zhuan Cun (8577-2776)

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105 Zijin Shan Lu,

Flavours 3F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao'men Lu (6656-6666 ext.1555) Hong Kong 97 VIP 1-2F, Huanhai Apartment, 22 Yan'erdao Lu (8597-1112) Liang You Catering ( 18 Ninghai Lu (Beer Street) (8380-9888) Market Café all-day-dining restaurant, Lower Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext. 6323) No. 1 Zhongshan Road International Gourmet 1 Zhongshan Lu (8296-0001)

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‡ Shanging Restaurant Restaurant Our unique Shanging Restaurant is located at the 1st floor of the Darling Harbor Building in midway of the Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre. We will surprise you with the freshest Sea – Food in Qingdao. Salmon from Norway, Tuna in Sushi quality and many other delicacies crest our Sushi and Sashimi. Beef and lamb from New Zealand freshly finished, completed with freshest vegetables of the season, waiting for you. Enjoy in a magnificent environment a wonderful culinary adventure among familiar faces. Our Restaurant offers also many separate rooms for more private atmosphere and unforgettable moments for you and your business partners. Our international experienced Chef and his team would be glad to welcome you for a memorable event. Let pampering you a little bit, we would be happy to heartily welcome you soon.

2F, Darling Harbor, Olympic Marina, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8839, 6867-8699 )

Cafe Asia 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888)

Fatema Indian Restaurant 10 Gutian Lu (137 3099-4178)

Japanese Ajisen Noodle 1F, Carrefour, 21 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8580-6375) 2F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8597-3351) 14 Gutian Lu (8587-7708)

Aka-Noren 19 Chenghai Yi Lu (8593-5719) jieshao.html Akebono Lunch: 11:30 am – 2:30 pm, Dinner: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm 2F, Le Meridien Qingdao, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888 ext.0166) Daochuan/Inagawa (Jia) Gutian Lu (8589-5418)


Dozo Gourmet Food Gallery Polar Ocean World Venue: 60 Donghai Dong Lu (8909-5999) Hisense Venue: 052, B1 Hisense Plaza, Ao’men Lu (6678-8008)

Niuchang Japanese 192 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8610-9731) Niu Dao (6606-1729)

2F, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu

Noburo Barbeque G106A Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (138 5322-3397, 6865-8688) Qian Shi

7 Taiwan Lu (8590-0966)

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KR - Fine Korean & Japanese Cuisine 2F, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888 ext.8218)

Meng Family Korean Restaurant 1F, Kaixuan Garden, 1-4 Xianxia Ling Lu (8896-3382)


88 Shanghang Lu (8593-1129) 12 Gutian

Tairyo 201, Bldg. E, 58 Donghai Dong Lu (6688-9366, 6688-9368) 1F, Darling Harbour Qingdao, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8585, 6867-8586)

Walk Inn Garden Japanese Restaurant 4F, International News Centre, 50 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8077-9757) Yinshui Japanese Restaurant 279 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (86999050) Yu Quan Qi We Teppanyaki Bldg. 5, 58 Donghai Dong Lu (5571-9377)

With up to 100,000 Koreans calling Qingdao home, Korean restaurants abound throughout Hong Kong Garden and other neighbourhoods. Some great dishes include: t (kimchi) - spicy pickled vegetables, often an appetizer (v) t - potato pancake with onion t (bebimbap) - bowl of rice with vegetables, egg and usually meat t - Korean barbecue 6-7-8 Korean Restaurant Shanghang Lu (8692-0339)


Deoksugung 102 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (8776-6577) Don Korea (8097-8899)

7(Bing) Jilong

Mix Mix 202 Changjiang Zhong Lu, E&T Development Zone (8699-5566) Pu Rui Mu Korean Restaurant 220 Zhongcheng Lu, Chengyang District (6679-6202) Qing Song Guan Xianggang Zhong Lu (8575-9986)

2F, Jusco, 72

Shike Mingjia 332 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (6691-6888) Xiao Ben Jia 58 Shanghang Lu (8596-8752) 49 Zhangzhou Er Lu (6887-2728) 198 Lushan Lu, Huangdao District (8688-0160) Yicun Korean 1325 Zhujiang Lu, Huangdao District (8699-0199) Zheng Yi Pin Korean Restaurant 80 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District (8908-5231)

Thai Banana Leaf 107, Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (6865-8836)

LUIGI’S ( ) 21 Wu Yi Shan Lu, E&T Development Zone (8699-6535) The Diner 35 1F, Tsingtao Mansion, Donghai Xi Lu (8577-2051) The Diner 22 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (Central Plaza) (8577-1222)

Brazilian Cafe Asia 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888)

Delivery Fatema Indian Restaurant 10 Gutian Lu (137 3099-4178) Flavors Pizza & Cafe Bldg. 29, Tiantai Apartments, Lushan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-9140) JJ Pizza

10 Gutian Lu (8592-3033) 52 Yanji Lu (8501-

8833) KFC 4008 823 823 Lisa’s Pizzeria Besides the delicious pizza offered, extensive western options available include steak and lamb kebabs, mini burritos, burgers, whole roast chicken, grilled mackerel, and occasional Spanish food promotions. 8 Chenghai Yi Lu (8588-8839) 69 Ao‘men Lu (8577-7723) Luigi’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar 20 Yan’erdao San Lu (136 0532-8413) 219 Wu Yi LUIGI’S Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-6535) Papa John’s 400 888 7272 Pizza Hut 1F, 63 Taidong San Lu (8367-2988) B1, Yihe Mansion, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8503-0088) 1F, Li Ke Lai, 44 Jingkou Lu, Licun (8789-7690) Sorrento Pizza 43 Minjiang Yi Lu (8592-8282) 1 Xianxialing Lu (8896-2191) 216 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (8772-4221)

Thai Me Up 20-6, Yan’erdao Lu (8503-8579)


Dabo Huolu Rm 307, East Gate of Renheju Living Area, Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (6679-4525)

Some of the best sushi in

43 Xianggang Xi Lu

Shengshan Japanese Restaurant 6 Chenghai San Lu (8592-2477)

Hideyoshi 94 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (5556-5657)

Isari Sushi

Jingfugong (8386-2449)

Meiyi Hui Guan Lu (8587-3281)

Gepeng Fushi Japanese 263 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-9916)

Honghua Village 2F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688 ext. 8700)

Huo Lu Qing Charcoal BBQ House 14 Gutian Lu (8588-6773)

Qingshuiwu Japanese 370 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8697-3783)

An Shi Stove 82 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8593-6869) 165 Minjiang Lu (8575-9429) 199 Zhongcheng Lu (8786-0355)

Hong Ye Japanese Dining 283 Wu Yi Shan Lu, E&T Development Zone (8699-0573)

Hengbo Restaurant 12 Jianfei Garden, 87 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-1080) 1 Yingbin Lu, Liuting Airport, Chengyang District (6800-1888)

Tuna Mingjia (8776-6447) 315 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District / A-12, Qingdao Polar Ocean Park, Donghai Dong Lu

Flavors Pizza & Cafe No. 10, Bldg. 29, Tiantai Apartments, Lushan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-9140)


MANCHIO Longshan Lu (8288-5690)

Takewaga Japanese Restaurant 4F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext. 8680)

Feast 1F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New District (8228-9999 ext )


by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2283)

Sumo and Sushi/Tamakairiki Lu (8587-6001)


Luigi’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar 20 Yan’erdao San Lu (136 0532-8413)

Qingdao. 2F, Darling Harbour in the Olympic Marina 2F, Darling Harbour, Olympic Sailing Centre, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8570) 26


Fast Food


Subway MD_118A, Carrefour, 21 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8079-0800) Rm.151, 1F, CBD Wanda Plaza, 116 Yanji Lu (5566-2621)

Pho88 B1, Hisense Plaza (6678-8888) Yueyuxuan Vietnamese 68 Zhangzhou Er Lu (NE Mykal) (8592-5707)

French 1903 (139 0532-3300)

Western Dining

La Villa 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-6833) Previously known as ‘The Music Kitchen’ before the name was unashamedly appropriated by at least 2 other joints around town), also the home of the original Redstar office.

American Canvas 63 B, Zhangzhou Lu (8565-5688) Deja Vu Deja Vu is the place to go in the east of the city for American style dining: great burgers and sandwiches, salads, pastas and a few Mexican dishes - all delivered in substantial portions - make it a hit with local foreign teachers. Also boasts a fine range of cocktails, great house wines, great cookies and reasonable prices.

87 Donghai Dong Lu

Hamheaung Korean Cold Noodles 10 Gutian Lu (8589-2055) Han Jiang Korean-Restaurant 11:00 am – 9:30 pm 2F, DoubleTree

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10-3 Yunling Lu, near Sophia Hotel (188 6626-8950) Korona Grill House Zhanghua Lu (8589-9721, 8589-9280)

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Fusion Aegean 1F, Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport, 89 Minhang Lu (8471-6777 ext. 6777) Blacksun 397 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (oppo. North Gate of Century Park) (66799325) Cafe Asia 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888)


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‡ Café JOT 2F, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888 ext.8215)

ext. 6966)

Cafe Roland Lu (8387-5734)

Todai Restaurant 201, Bldg. E, Coast Leisure Street, 58 Donghai Dong Lu (6606-6788)

6 Zhanshan Wu

Café Yum 6:00 am – 11:00 pm 1F, Valley Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu(8388-3838 ext. 6008)

Central Grill 1F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688 ext. 8300) Elements Restaurant 1F, Kempinski Hotel Qingdao, 178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao (5888-6666 ext. 2366)

The Oriental Express 126 Lushan Lu, Huangdao District (134 6829-9634)

Yongli Spring 8 Minjiang Lu (8580-8889) Wildfire Steakhouse & Grill Restaurant 1F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao’men Lu (6656-6666 ext.1566)

German No.1 Zhongshan Road Yummy Restaurant 1

Feast 1F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel, 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New Distinct, Jiaozhou District 8228-9999 ext.6866)

Flavours 3F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Aomen Lu (6656-6666 ext.1555) Iona Café (8589-0768) 158 Jiangxi Road, Shinan District HOLIDAY Western-style Food & Coffee 218 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8699-8127/9888/9909)

Zhongshan Lu (8289-0001)

Market Café all-day-dining restaurant, Lower Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext. 6323) La Description du Monde 16-10 Gutian Lu (inside Hong Kong Garden) (8588-7989) Latest Recipe Monday to Friday: 6:30 am – 10:00 am, 12:00 noon - 2:30 pm; 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm; Saturday + Sunday: 6:30 am - 10:30 am, 12:00 noon - 2:30 pm, 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm 1F, Le Meridien Qingdao, 112 Yanji Lu (5557-0162) Ocean Café 1F, Holiday Inn Qingdao City Centre, 1 Xuzhou Lu (6809-0311) Pizza Loves Donburi Zhangzhou Er Lu (8591-9836)


Rats Keller restaurant 26 Longshan Lu (8869-1111 8853)

only one option in Qingdao: Zur Bierstube. Their massive portions of meaty dishes (including the hugely popular, 1kg pork knuckle (for sharing!) and Qingdao's only ), great beer on tap and by bottle, live sports on TV and homely atmosphere have proved so popular that a second venue opened in July.

1-A2-1 San You Building, 10 Yunling Lu (88897600)

Italian Clover Zhangzhou Lu (6677-3839)


Da Vinci Restaurant & Lounge Restaurant - Lunch : Noon – 3:00 pm, Dinner : 6:00 pm – 10:30 pm 3F, Valley Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong lu (8388-3838 ext. 6900) Milano Italian Restaurant Centrally located on Minjiang 2 Lu, Milano Italian Restaurant sets itself apart with its intimate dining area set back from the entrance, excellent pizzas and manager Claudio’s own home-made rose liquor and limoncello. A fine range of mains and imported meats and cheeses, as well as exquisite desserts round out the authentic Italian dining experience.

Bay Lounge Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (86121234 ext.6331) Inside Izunco

30 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-0058

Napoli 68 Xianggang Xi Lu (8386-2200)

Sitting Bull Restaurant 138 Zhangzhou Lu (8571-7103)

Pizza Vito E Meo Cafe Italia Specialita Italiana 19 Minjiang Er Lu (85754089)

Sunshine Grill 2F, Sunshine Dept. Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7190)

San Marco 2F, Haiqing Hotel, 11 (Jia) Donghai Zhong Lu (8589-0526)


U&I Café

Enjoy Time Tea House 322 zijinshanlu, Huangdao District (150 2005-1717)

UBC Coffee (8577-9106)

EZ Life Cafe District (8117-1807) Feeling Coffee (152 6621-1234) 

385 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang 60 Zhangzhou Er Lu 

Four Seasons Café 5F, Sunnyworld Cyberport (entrance next to HaagenDasz), 40 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-8297) Happyday Coffee Er Lu (8577-5951) 9, Aomen Lu (8597-1179) Hausbrandt Italian Café Minjiang Er Lu (8571-6861)

32 Minjiang


Turkish Istanbul Restaurant Mykal (155 8981-3174)


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43 Zhangzhou Lobby Bar 1F, Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport, 89 Minghang Lu, Chengyang Distric (84716777 ext. 6777)

Yan Yu Cafe 9676)

Lobby Lounge 1F, Kempinski Hotel Qingdao, 178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao District (5888-6666 ext. 2399) Lobby Lounge 8:00 am – 1:00 am 1F, City Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6419) 27 Zhangzhou Yi Lu

Lumaca Coffee 385 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (oppo. North Gate of Century Park) (6673-6678)

CAFE BACHATA Lu (6656-8599)

Luna Café (lú nà kā fēi) 26 Minjiang Er Lu (85731555)

69-8 Ao'men

Java Café Minjiang Er Lu (8578-2773)

Caffe Ccino Living House B1, Mykal, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (157 2532-7810) No. 6U3-101, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (83828699)

Café Kona 21 (Jia) Minjiang Er Lu (8573-5300) Beijiushui, Laoshan District (8705-3257) 55 Minjiang Er Lu

KiWi Café Owner, chef and barista Danny Qian has 15 years experience in New Zealand and a strong passion for cooking and pleasing his customers with the best brunches and homemade desserts (eggs Benedict, paninis, burgers, beef lasagna, cake). Also beer, wine and ice cream imported from New Zealand or Australia.

Cafe Mokka 38-7 Daming Lu (Taidong Pedestrian Square) (8380-7317, 83807318) 210 2/F, West Area, Marina City, 86 Ao'men Lu (6606-1178) 6 Zhanshan 87 (Jia)

Caffe Bene 33 Minjiang Er Lu

6559) Lagom Fu Run Shan Zhuang, 3 Hailong Lu, Laoshan District (8870-7039) LANG CAFE West of Bar Street, Polar Ocean World, 60 Donghai Dong Lu (8909-1839)

(8576-8711) Caffe ESSO 2F, 148 Zhangzhou Lu (139 6961-9596)


LEGO Café Shop 171, West Area, Marina City, 86 Ao’men Lu (6606-1171)

Praline 1F 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu, Shangri-La Hotel (8388-3838 ext.6800)

Coffee Club

Mr. Cola Coffee (6887-2666)

3-2, 17 Yan’erdao Lu B1, Ruina

1F, Leader Plaza, 18 Qinling Lu, Laoshan District (8395-1577) Red & Black Coffee Club 223 Haikou Lu (8588-6916) Rona Café 25F Chuang Ye Building, 458 Jiangshan Nan Lu, Huangdao District (158 6688-7958) 1F, Bldg. 2, Pacific Office Building, 35 Donghai Xi Lu (6677-6797) 149

Coffee Hunter (kā fēi hēng tè)13 Zhangzhou Er Lu (5568-3050)

Spark Cafe & Brewery 35 Donghai Xi Lu (inside May 4th Square) (8578-2296)

Coffee of Dream Chengyang District (8776-6188)

SPR COFFEE 1-2F, Qindao Xing, Surf Plaza, 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-0352)

117 Yanji Lu (186 6971-

Coffee Space 8215)

14 Daxue Lu (8286-

Corner Coffee (8575-8560)

153 Minjiang Lu

Cream Coffee 8 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8689-0666 8868)

=english menu

Lees Café Happy Hour: Monday to Friday from 11:30 to 14:30 and all days at weekend, buy one get one free for spaghetti, taco bells and some pizzas. 2 for 1 on all beers. Wines and cocktails are 30% off after 21:00. Afternoon tea set meals are 20% off. Lees Cafe is an authentic Italian coffee shop. We serve unique homemade drinks, liquors, desserts and Western food - absolutely your ideal place for gathering with friends and families and relaxing. Meanwhile, we also have entertaining equipments, such as wireless projector, TV and piano. We can meet all your recreational needs! Our weibo: http://



Snail Coffee Bar near zhongshan Lu (8280-7215)

Coffee Land 1-193, West area, Marina City, 86 Ao’men Lu (8289-1768)


rd Wave

Citta Espresso Club 33 Haikou Lu (south gate of Maidao Jiayuan) (68888887)

Coffee Manyu 395 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (oppo. North Gate of Century Park) (6895-5686)

Loco Roko 17, Daming Lu (8383-5651) 198, Yan’an San Lu (8800-6030) B1 Leader Plaza, Qinling Lu (6671-8092)

Ming Tien Coffee Language 22 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-0317) 376 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8688-0000)

Shangpin Coffee Terrain Minjiang Lu (8578-5626)

295 Xingyang Lu,

198 Nankou Lu (8612-


8 Yunling Lu (8896-8500)

Narcissus Coffee Kangdu, 69 Haimen Lu 127 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8588-9986, 151 9201-

Cafe Roland Wu Lu (8387-5734) Zhangzhou Lu (8577-5398)

1F, 30(Jia)

60 Dong Hai

Amy’s Bakery 3810 Daming Lu (8381-6356) 200 Minjiang Lu (8588-3613) 42 Shanghang Lu (8588-5015) 1F, Hisense Mansion, 17 Donghai Xi Lu (8087-7050) Rm.337, CBD Wanda walk street, 185 Xuzhou Lu (5556-3968) B1, Supermarket, Hisense Plaza, 50 Donghai Xi Lu (157 2639-0913) 3F, Tesco, 269 Renmin Lu

Mamahuhu Café 21 Guanxiang Er Lu (located in an observatory, inside of Guanxiangshan Park) (8282-2626)

C2, 308

158 Minjiang Lu

Windy Teahouse Dong Lu (8288-0011)

Loft Coffee (6656-0686)

45 Minjiang Er Lu 

22 Daxue Lu (8286-9209)

Lu (8571-8365)

Cafe Alley ( 24 hour seaview cafe. 35 Donghai Xi Lu (6677-6797)

Coffee Plus 6901)

Trattoria Verde 67(Jia) Zhangzhou Lu (8589-8530)

TRASTEVERE 2F, Coffee Land, 257 West area, Marina City, 86 Aomen Lu (6606-1387)

Double Cafe 43-3 Minjiang Er Lu (8966-9666)

Cisco Coffee Club 1F, Lobby, Qingdao University International Centre for Academic Exchanges (8589-5220 ext.8077)

San Marco 2F, Haiqing Hotel, 11 (Jia) Donghai Zhong Lu (8589-0526)

=english menu

Bagan Cafe 9F, Unit2, Donghai Shijia, 41 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-8285)

Cafe Mingjia (8577-5152)

Murano’s 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext. 8650)

The Eatery 6:30 am – 9:00 pm 1F, Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, 271 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District (6696-8888

Almond Cafe Rm.101, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (138-6485-3857)


/ 186-6168-1819)


Alexander Coffee 36 Daming Lu (Weihai Lu Pedestrian Area) (8381-1663)

Cafe Davinne’s Xianggang Dong Lu (8896-7653)

Riverside Café 6:00 am – 10:30 pm 1F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (80988888 ext.2269)

Taste Music Restaurant Ao‘men Qi Lu (8381-1111)

Ningguo Er

Bossanova (6688-6656)

Zur Bierstube For German cuisine, there is

Rain Café 512 Chuncheng Lu, Chengyang District (Near Wedding Street) (66735761)

Sweden House 2F, East Area, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6656-0066)

Cafés Abbica Coffee Lu (8571-2323)

Bossa Coffee (bā sà kā fēi) Inn, 2 Donghai Yi Lu (8387-6136)

Luigi’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar 20 Yan‘erdao San Lu (136 0532-8413) LUIGI’S 219 Wu Yi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-6535)

Dio Coffee 636 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8098-5500) 154 Zhengyang Lu, Chengyang District (6679-3129)

Cafés etc.


22 Dagu lu,

Starbucks Coffee 1B, Hisense Plaza Shopping Centre, 50 Donghai Xi Lu 1F Sunshine Plaza, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (86678766) 1F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8575-2991) Rm.102, 1F, Top Yihe, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8502-7500) Rm.161, 1F, CBD Wanda, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3681) 1F, Huangdao Jusco, 419 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8699-6530) The Lounge 1F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao'men Lu (6656 6666 ext. 1560)

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The Third Wave Coffee Club (dì sān bō kā fēi jù lè bù) coffee section of AEON Supermarket, Marina City, 86 Ao'men Lu ( Uncle Hsitsun’s Bakery (xī cūn shū shū de diàn) 1F, Wu Kuang Building, 32 Xianggang Zhong Lu (400-633-6997) 1/F, Bao Door Apartment, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8090-0850)

Ice Cream Shops Dairy Queen Rm.145, CBD Wanda Plaza, 116 Yanji Lu (5557-0908) DQ Unit 78, B1, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6606-7678) F1, North Area, Leader Plaza, 18 Qinling Lu (6671-7056) Rm.3, Wanda Plaza, 63 Taidong Yi Lu 1F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu Carrefour, 128 Shandong Lu 1F, Jia Jia Yuan, 308 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao F1-W03, Area B, Bldg 1, Powerlong, 269 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang F1-W03 1F, Wanda Plaza, 178 Jufeng Lu, Licang Haagen-Dazs 1F, UnitB1, Sunshine Dept. Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7230) B1, Hisense Plaza, 50, Donghai Xi Lu ( 6678-8050) 1F-10, Darling Harbour, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8866) Iceason



Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext. 6468)

TRASTEVERE 2F, Coffee Land, 257 West area, Marina City, 86 Aomen Lu (6606-1387)

Richael CEO Club Unit 1, Bldg.81, 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (Behind SPR Whitehouse) (8897-3888)

Toscani Eiscafe B1, Darling Harbour, 1 Yan'erdao Lu

Tea Houses

Room Lounge 1F, Haihua Building, Binhai Garden, 1 Shandong Lu (186 6975-8387)

Zijinlian Tea House 98 Jiangxi Lu (8578-1993)

San Sheng Yuan (8579-7833)

67 Ao Men Lu

Bars & Nightlife 9+ Wine Bar 17 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (150 9223-0939) Angel Bar & Club 18 Ao'men Lu (west of May 4th Square) (8385-9898) bar@central.qd 1F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688 ext.8400) BLUES Bar 25 Yan'erdao Lu (186 5326-2012) Bund No.1 Zhong Lu (150 5323-5751)

71 Xianggang

Cafe Roland Lu (8387-5734)

6 Zhanshan Wu

Cafe Solo 1 Hua Qing Huayuan (Hai Meng Yuan Duimian) 6 Yan'erdao Lu (85778000) Cape 3 World (8090-4645)

1 Bar Street, Polar Ocean

Catch 22 On the Bar Street, Behind Haidu Hotel, Huangdao District (8699-6163) Charlie’s Bar (8589-7919)

167 Jiangxi Lu

Club New York 2F, Overseas Chinese Hotel, 41 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8573-9199) Downtown Room 105, Building C, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (186 6170-6950) Dubliner Irish Pub 1F, Zhonghang Xiangtong Youting Hui, Olympic Marina, 12 Xinhui Lu (186 5322-9219) ESPN Restaurant & Bar 103 Zhonglian Plaza, 122 Nanjing Lu (69658581) Etcetera Lobby, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888 ext.8221) Feeling Club 83-85 Xianggang Zhong Lu (opp. Sanfod Hotel) (8593-2929)

Rain Wine Club (fēi ji huì) 21F, Bldg A, InterContinental Qingdao (183 6621-6655) Freeman One of Qingdao’s very best bars - centrally located, with well-made, strong, strong cocktails and a very cool, laid back atmosphere. They’ve got a stage with electric drums and live music set up, and big screen too. Try the lychee kamikaze.

163 Jiangxi Lu (158 5321-1877) Garden View Lounge 1F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang (8098-8888 ext.2265)

Holiday KTV (8589-1777)

Liberum Every day from 20:00 to 00:00, Rum & Coke, Vodka & Orange, Whisky Coke, Gin & Tonic, 15 Yuan. 11 Zengcheng Lu, opposite Qingdao East Municipal Hospital (8588-9898) LOONG BAR With imported beers, a decent range of whiskies and a surprisingly extensive cocktail menu, brand-new Loong Bar is a great choice for post-work drinks in the CBD area. Located on Donghai Lu just west of the Shandong Lu intersection, it's also close enough to the beaches to make a good end to a day's sightseeing. Competitive prices (10 kuai Tsingtao) don't break the bank.

71 Xianggang Zhong Lu

Jack’s Bar and Restaurant 108 Shanghang Lu (8592-2968) Jiao Ao 1901 Club 4F, Qingdao Post and Telecommunications Museum, 5 Anhui Lu (6677-2798)

Kaili’s Club On the Bar Street, Behind Haidu Hotel, Huangdao District (132 1082-9846)

Feeling VIP 3F, Wukuang Mansion, 32 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8888-2046) First Class Bar 6F, Home Inn, 89 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8575-4530) Lennon Bar (8589-3899)

20 Zhuhai Lu

Resident Square,

Cycling Giant (jié ān tè) 158 (Jia) Jiangxi Lu (8587-2858)

San Marco 2F, Haiqing Hotel, 11 (Jia) Donghai Zhong Lu (8589-0526)

89 Xianggang Zhong Lu

Nordic Osheania Bar 28 Guantao Lu (8282-5198)

Latitude 36 10:00 am – 1:00 am 1F, Le Meridien Qingdao, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888 ext.0159) 1F, Sheraton Qingdao Lobby Lounge Jiaozhou Hotel, 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New Distinct, Jiaozhou (8228-9999 ext. 6832)

37 Donghai (8597-

Vivi Bar Bldg G, Zhonglian Plaza, 112 Nanjing Lu (8365-9898) Yechao (Night-Trend) 2F, Bldg.E, Zhonglian Square, 122 Nanjing Lu (8280-1111)

Old Jack’s Bar Old Jack’s is a long-lived institution, and the favoured drinking hole (it’s a bar, despite what the name claims) of the middle-aged expat. Old Jack speaks English, and his accommodating customer service rubs off on his staff. Go before 7pm, when two gin tonics cost 30 .

Recreation Art 138 Warehouse Xianggang Dong Lu (6869-1888)

One Way Ticket Bar Yan'erdao Lu (8578-5153) Pandora Club (8379-9898)



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Qingdao Little Lotus Dancing Training School F2, Beihai Fitness Leisure Museum, 7 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8996-9975, 133 2501-5299)

12 Ao'men Lu

Paulaner Bräuhaus 1F, Kempinski Hotel Qingdao, 178 Yinshatan Lu, Huangdao District (5888-6666 ext. 2333)

Master Fit (Da Kang) Gymnasium 4 Jijong Lu (8889-8858) Taizhou Lu (8581-1117) 38 Ninghua Lu (83711117) Qingdao Beihai Fitness Club 7 Xianggang Zhong Lu (west of Beihai Hotel) (5566-1999) SalsaQ Latin Dance Club 132 Zhang Zhou Lu (8077-0187) Shangri-La Health Club 3F, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6631)

Ballet (8578-1207)

Hyatt Regency Qingdao Fitness Centre

Impulse Total Fitness 26 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8578-1388) 67 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-0199) 12 Haikou Lu (88900990)

Vegas Disco 1212)

La Villa Previously known as ‘The Music Kitchen’ before the name was unashamedly appropriated by at least 2 other joints around town), also the home of the original Redstar office and VENUE FOR THE REDSTAR PARTY ON 19 OCT. 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-6833)

2B, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8268)

The Lounge 10:00 am - 12:00 am 1F, Four Points by Sheraton Qingdao, 271 Wenyang Lu, Chengyang District (6696-8888)

Kings Bar

206 Minjiang

Copthorne Hotel Fitness Central 4F, Copthorne Hotel, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688 ext. 8900)

Lower Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext.6733/6732)

Tsingtao Brewery Bar 56 Dengzhou Lu (8383-3437)

Kongpingzi Bar Lu (8573-3757)

CEDARDALE Health Club south of the Sunken atrium of the Hisense Yandao Int’l Apartment Square, 7 Zengcheng Lu (8506-3880)

Health Club B1, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2708)

The Oriental Saloon 217 Wu Yi Shan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-3073)

(139 6398-1069)

Aqua Health Centre In the Park, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888 ext.6001)

The King’s Head English Pub 11 Xinyi Lu (8583-9898)

Kaiyue Old Church Lounge 31 Jining Lu (8280-8544)

Children’s Club Every Sat & Sun and public holidays has children’s club activities. 1F (Inside Café Yum), Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6008)

KTV Fitness

Crowne Plaza Health Club

Sweden House 2F, East Area, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6656-0066)

162 Jiangxi Lu


Amway) (8079-6005)

Xin Dong Fang Lu (8389-2222, 8387-5555)

44 Xianggang Xi

Golf Big5 123 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8588-2075, 8588-7075)

Billiards Klein Poolball Club 6 (Jia) Yan‘erdao Lu (opp. Ophthalmic Hospital) (150 5428-8503)

Bowling Crowne Plaza Hotel Bowling

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Sheraton Fitness Centre Programmed by Core B1, Performance Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New District (8228-9999 ext 6959)

8F, Tera Wellness Club Mykal, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6670-0800) 4F, CBD Wanda Plaza, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3999) Vanke Charm City, 417 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang (6679-9638)

Fishing CHN Expert of Angler Society 69 Ao Men Lu (8260-0000)

For Kids Baby One Club Natatorium 127-18 Ningxia Lu (near

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Hainiu Xincun, 6 Yinchuan Xi Lu (155 5320-8781)

Grand Regency Hotel Squash Court 3F, Grand Regncy Hotel, 110 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8588-1818) Hai Qing Hotel Zhong Lu (8596-9888)

Pilates & Personal Training (159 5480-0102)

11 Donghai

Health Club B1, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2708)

Impulse Total Fitness Squash Court 67 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-0199)

Copthorne Hotel Fitness Central 4F, Copthorne Hotel, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8668-1688 ext. 8900)

Four Seasons Riverside Golf & Resort 204 National Road, Chengyang District (8115-0010)

Crowne Plaza Health Club

Golf Driving Range DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2719)

Huashan International Country Club Huashan Township, Jimo City (8456-0888) Qingdao International Golf Club Hi-Tech Industrial Park, 118 Songling Lu (8896-0001) cn Tiantai Hot Spring Golf Club Inside Jimo Hot Springs Tourist Resort (8657-9888)

2B, Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8268) Gym and Swimming Pool 1F, Haiqing Hotel, 11 Donghai Zhong Lu (8596-9888 ext 7255) opening hour 6:30am-0am Health Club B1, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang (8098-8888 ext.2708)

Hyatt Regency Qingdao Swimming Pool Lower Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext6733/6732.)

Le Meridien Fitness Central

Kayaking Qingdao Discoverer Kayak Club Middle section of Haier Lu (east of etsong stadium) (8885-7957)

Outdoor Pursuits Aotai Outdoor Store 44 Zhangzhou Lu (8888-5628/6688-6998)

Sailing Qingdao Jida Sailing Club

Qingdao International Yacht Club (Qingdao Olympic Marina) 1 Jinhai Lu (6656-0061) Qingdao Olympic Sailing Centre 1 Yan'erdao Lu (83092020) Qingdao Jufeng Sailing Club Rm. 501, 30 Qutang Xia Lu (8501-2115) Qingdao Sinan Sailing Club 1 Jinwan Lu (152 8898-7909) Yinhai International Yacht Club 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (85886666)

Scuba Diving Global Dive Adventures and Training (158 64227383) Qingdao Qin Hai Diving Club 1-6 Wendeng Lu (8388-1170)

3F, Le Meridien Qingdao, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888 ext. 0021) Open-air/Indoor Sea-water Swimming Pool Seaview Garden Hotel, 2 Zhanghua Lu (8587-5777 ext. 6317) opening hour 10:00am-10:00pm Sheraton Fitness Centre Programmed by Core Performance B1, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New District (8228-9999 ext 6959)

Swimming Pool 2F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao’men Lu (6656-6666 ext.1682) Yinhai Spa and Sports 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (8593-9000) Zaishuiyifang Seashore Club 9 Huanghai Lu (8388-6886)

Wushu Qingdao Bright Mountain Wushu Club 55 Hunan Lu (8286-9566)

Yoga 7 Yoga Shala Rm.201, Unit.1, Bldg.2, Tongxin Garden, 7 Ao‘men Lu (136 65426782) Daniel 42 Degree Hot Yoga & Massage 74 Minjiang Lu (8909-0977) Han Xiang Yi Yoga Rm. 102, Bldg. 1, Changhai Garden, 9 Qingyuan Lu (8572-2257) Jingyue Yoga & Crossfit 1F, Bldg. 6, Pacific Centre, 35 Donghai Xi Lu (138 8496-6312) Jinzhu Yoga & Crossfit

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Stage & Screen Cinemas Broadway Cinemas 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1155)

3F Marina City,

Huachen Cineplex 8F, MYKAL, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6670-0700) www. Huacheng Cinema International 18 Qinling Lu (8909-8200)


Elite Golf Practice Course Jinling New Village, Yinchuan Dong Lu (8899-7307)

Qingdao Beihai Fitness Club

SalsaQ Latin Dance Club 132 Zhang Zhou Lu (8077-0187)

LPG Bar & Cafe (8593-6566)

Q Bar 5:30 pm – 1:00 am, Sunday to Thursday (until 2am on weekends) 1F, City Wing,

Sailing Bar Huangdao District (8169-1117)

Spark Cafe & Brewery Bldg. 1, Pacific Office Building, 35 Donghai Xi Lu

Muse Club (6886-0888)

Knuckles Sports Bar and Restaurant 274-276 Wuyishan Lu, Huangdao District (8610-6581)

Safari Pub 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8670)

G/F, Building 1, Tian Sheng Yuan, 21 Donghai Xi Lu, Shinan (8386-2667)

Luigi’s Pizzeria and Sports Bar 20 Yan'erdao San Lu (136 0532-8413)

Joy’s Opposite Fanhai Mingren Square, 25 Minjiang Er Lu (6688-6667)

Rumba 1F, Intercontinental Qingdao, 98 Ao‘men Lu (6656-6666 ext.1577)

Scotland Bar 9F, Killin Crown Hotel, 197 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-1888)

Yan'erdao Lu, opposite Book City


2B, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8268)

Rocky Bar (luò qí ji ba) 53 Minjiang Er Lu (85778817)

Lobby Tea Room Bldg. B, Qingdao Hai Qing Hotel, 11(jia)Donghai Zhong Lu (8596-9888)




Hui Quan Cinema 15 Nanhai Lu (8286-7219) Jinyi Cinemas Fudu Mansion, 8 Nanjing Lu (8097-2077) 5F, Life Space, 269 Renmin Lu (6606-9600) Wanda International Cinema City 4F, Wanda, Taidong San Lu (8362-5656) 3F, CBD Wanda, 116 Yanji Lu (5556-3939) 3F, Wanda Plaza, 178 Jufeng Lu, Licang (55718588)

Music Hall Auditorium 3F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao‘menLu (6656-6666) Qingdao Concert Hall Lanshan Lu (8287-7050)


Qingdao People’s Auditorium 9 Taiping Lu (8289-7229)

Theatres Qingdao Beijing Opera Theatre 76 Yan’an Yi Lu (8273-2612) Qingdao Grand Theatre Yunling Lu (8066-5555)


Qingdao Song and Dance Theatre 15 Xing’an Lu (8271-4673) Qingdao Olympic Centre 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6656-8666) Qinghua Theatre Linqing Lu (8281-8181)


Shopping Antiques Antique Market Wenhua Shichang, Changle Lu (8382-3513) Sanshengyuan Artworks Shop 67 Aomen Lu (8579-7833)

Art Boya Art & Framing Gallery and Photos 52 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-5924)


Qingdao Modern Artists Gallery 3 Changle Lu (8380-2977) Yi Pin Tang Rm. 202, Bldg. 2, Changle Lu Culture Market (8381-5166)

Books Hao Xue You Book Market 10 Quanzhou Lu Xinhua Bookstore/Book City 40 Gaomi Lu(8281-3237)





Xue Yuan Bookstore Quanzhou Lu (8592-7703)

22 Sunshine Department Store 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7166)

Electronics 3C4U Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (6606-1878) Apple Store 36B Ningxia Lu (Zhenjiang Lu intersection) (8366-9605) Computer City Lu (8382-2536)

226 Liaoning

Guomei Appliance Store 80 Nanjing Lu (8580-5870) Life’s Good Ling Lu (8896-3308)

have made us a unique brand in Qingdao.

1-1 Xianxia

Su Ning Appliance Store Nanjing Lu (8362-2666)


Yongsheng Camera Store 9 Tianjin Lu (8285-8859)

Uniqlo 2F, Marina City, 88 Aomen Lu (6606-1060) 1F, Xinye Plaza, 100 Liaoyang Xi Lu (8091-7301) Zendai Plaza, 88 Tong’an Lu Wanda Shopping Centre 63 Taidong San Lu (8362-3288) CBD Wanda, 116 Yanji Lu (5557-0777) Licang Wanda, 178 Jufeng Lu (8079-1111) Xinye Plaza Lu (8562-9000)

100 Liaoyang Xi

Yajiamei Fashion Shop ( ) 38 Jiangxi Lu / x-47, 51 Jiangxi Lu (135 7321-6316)

store: 49 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-8539) Taste: 5#102, Fanhai Mingren, Minjiang Er Lu (8090-2281) Factory: 35 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (139 5325-3732)

Beauty Centre Er Lu (8576-6110)

39 Minjiang

Darling Harbour Qingdao 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6656-7888)

Daichi Farm Dong Lu (8801-5151)

Folli Follie 1253-9863)


Godsend Golf 28 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang District (80963300) H & M 1F, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6885-3141) Zendai Plaza, 880 Tong’an Lu H&M Hisense Plaza Xi Lu (6678-8888)

50 Donghai

iGo Mall 18 Gutian Lu (8118-0888) Jimo Lu Market Jimo Lu 2F, IGo Shopping Centre, 18

Leader Plaza Lu (6671-8018)

18, Qinling

Xin Yi Zhou Instruments 74 Yan An San Lu (8365-4582)

Saeco C3-1A, 32 Donghai Xi Lu (8502-3637, 8502-2676) SAW Strong Ale Works 12 Daxue Lu (136 0896-4700)

21 Xianggang Zhong Lu 128 Shandong 67 Xianggang

Double espresso co.Ltd 28 Xianggang Xi Lu (8386-6325, 156 0532-1652), www. Hanbur German Bakery . Supermaket, B1, Hisense Plaza, 50 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-6865) JUSCO 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85719600) B1, CBD Wanda, 116 Yanji Lu (6606-7878) 419 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8699-0666) B1, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (66061528) Lagom Fu Run Shan Zhuang, 3 Hailong Lu, Laoshan District (8870-7039) Marks & Spencer 1F, Licang Wanda Plaza, 178 Jufeng Lu (6770-6026)

ORCAFFE Ltd Started operations in Qingdao in 2004. Devoted to quality, speciality coffees, Orcaffe is among the industry leaders in bean roasting and distribution, and supplies beans to a large network of catering shops, coffee shops, 4 and 5 star hotels, bakery chains, car showrooms, estate agencies and multinational company offices, including more than 300 organisations worldwide.

No. 12U3-201, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (8380-1399) orcaffe@ Walmart 5600)

63 Taidong San Lu (8367-

Xinkuai 2941) Lu (8592-1729)

MYKAL 0666)


Metro 116 Chongqing Nan Lu (85668888, EN 8089-9880) 1517 Wutaishan Lu, Huangdao District (8602-8888)

88 Ao'men Lu

Porsche Design Qingdao F1-05 Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6606-1911) www.

Second Hand Clothing Street Licun Lu Sky


11 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (8577-1276)

10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (838971 Xianggang Zhong

For Kids

69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6670-

Printemps Mall 9 Shandong Lu (8581-1588)

Sporting Goods 188 Liaoyang Xi Lu (Below Decathlon Fuliao Overpass) (8561-7788) Sanfo 52 Donghai Xi Lu (85786628) Tan Lu Zhe

B-2302, Guohua Bldg, 2 Minjiang Lu (8079-5256)

X-Game Sports (8577-3543)

Mission Coffee Roasting The professional coffee roaster and coffee equipment supplier. Gourmet coffee, roasted fresh in Qingdao. Ten years of coffee roasting experience, professional coffee technology training and after-sales service

66 Yanji Lu (8302-9006)

Honghong Tailor (8580-2086)

6 Xuzhou Lu

Jin Jian Tailor Shop Taidong San Lu (8907-0165)

Trader Zhou’s B-16, Carrefour Underpass, Xianggang Zhong Lu (156 6652-6100)


Jin Yuan Zhi Yi 2F, 1-118 Chuandai Da Shijie, 86 Taidong San Lu (8907-0172)


Qing SPA (qīng shu liáo) Lower Lobby Level, Hyatt Regency Qingdao, 88 Donghai Dong Lu (8612-1234 ext 6733) Runjiang SPA 1F, DoubleTree by Hilton Qingdao, 220, 308 National Road, Chengyang District (8098-8888 ext.2766)

148 Zhangzhou Lu

Tailors 43

Qingdao Ou Rui Jia Beautyland Rm. 804, Bldg.5, Fanhai Mingren, 19 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8578-7508, 136 0896-6500 EN)

Shine Spa 1F, Sheraton Qingdao Jiaozhou Hotel, 271 Beijing Dong Lu, Jiaozhou New District, Jiaozhou (8228-9999)

Sleeping Lotus SPA A3, 26 Donghai Zhong Lu (inside Langqin Garden) (8593-6007/08)

Mulangou, Daxindian, Penglai, Shandong (0535-571-0599) Wine World 1F, Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao, 308 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (5556-5556) WinItaly Room 2557, Zhongshang Mansion, 100 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8592-6326)

MUJI F2-0203, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6606-1388)

Marina City (6606-1666)

True Friend Animal Hospital 65 Xianggang Zhong Lu (west of Book City) (8578-0365)

Sunshinry Wine Cellar Minjiang Er Lu (6677-6999)

Marks & Spencer 1F, Licang Wanda Plaza, 178 Jufeng Lu (6770-6026)

Longshan Underground Shopping Centre 29 Jiangsu Lu (82868902)

Henke Trading 504, Bldg A, Hong Kong

Qingdao Wine Culture Street

DEFA Inside Hisense Plaza, 50 Donghai Xi Lu (82530686)

Beauty Centres

Qingdao Free Cat Adoption (137 9198 7701),

Pentagon Enterprise Co., Ltd (pài

Yongzheng Tailor Shop 1F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8961)

Kapok Spa & Wellness 2F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao‘men Lu (6656-6666 ext.1686)

Gourmet passion (186 6022-5559)  Gardens, 3 Quanzhou Lu (8589-7696)

Tangsong D-228, B2, Taigu Shopping Centre, Xianggang Zhong Lu (opp. Jusco, near underground parking area) (150 6426-3058) vip.



Latour Laguens World Fine Wine Cellar Unit 2, 31 Yan’an Yi Lu (6669-1111, 8325-3333)

Debauve & Gallais 501, Unit 2, Bldg.3, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (8597-1807)

Maui International

France Bacchus Bldg 9, 3 Xuzhou Lu (85898830)

La Cave a Didier ( ) 135 Marina City West Zone, 86 Ao‘men lu (6606-1059)

Watsons 1F, Sunshine Department Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7166) 1F, Sunshine Department Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85719600) 1F, Gome, 37 Taidong Yi Lu 21 Xianggang Dong Lu B1, Parkson, 44-60 Zhongshan Lu (8202-1076) B1, Marina City, 88 Ao’men Lu (66061888) 2F, Area A, Zendai Plaza, 880 Tong’an Lu Lida Plaza, 18 Qinling Lu (6671-8018) 1F, Lotte Mart, 36 Shandong Lu

Lexon Design F2-09, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu Leader Plaza, 18 Qinling Lu (6671-8018) 4F, Mykal, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6670-0666)


Dong Zhou Fu Long World Wines 2 Yuexiu Lu (6656-7999, 6656-8888)

Abbica Coffee 4 (Ding) Jingguo Er Lu (8571-2323)

Creen Mart 10-4 Yunling Lu (8889-6672)

Guitar Square 28 Huangshan Lu (8272-6977)

RT Mart

Food & Beverage

Carrefour (8582-6666) Lu (8508-9999)

Peek-a-Boo 31 Yan'erdao Lu (8593-1283)

Buller Wines Rm.603, 63 Xianggang Xi Lu (189 5329-2706)

Zhongshan Commerce City 113 Zhongshan Lu

0532Cons 1F, IGo Shopping Centre, 18 Gutian Lu (186 5327-3003) 0532

Baldwin Musical Instruments 91 (Yi) Jiangxi Lu (85734599)

Qingdao Zhongtang Import & Export Co. Ltd. . 81 Xuzhou Lu (8581-8719) 162 Ningxia Lu (8578-0529)


Musical Instruments

97 Bing

Rolling Stone Instruments 38-5 Daming Lu (8383-1385)

Silver Garden Grocery Shop 1A Cuibaige, Bldg. 12, Yindu Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (8589-7732)

Zara 1F, Marina City, 88 Ao'men Lu (6606-1020)


Kuai Pao Gutian Lu


Mikkaworks Nanjing Lu (8587-5751)

MICRO SCOOTERS The award winning Micro Scooters are now available in China. We offer Mini for 3-5 year old kids, Maxi for 6 to 12 years and cool MICRO Scooters for teens and adults. Check out more details about the products here:, 139 1024-6949 or email us at

Gifts & Accessories Ou Jin Jiang Silver Ornaments A6, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (134 5520-8855) Plaza

72 Boshan Lu (8285-7171)

Secret Garden Shanghang Lu (139 6988-0404)


Home Goods B&Q

38 Shandong Lu (8580-6611) 188 Liaoyang Xi Lu (8566-1000) 38 jia Haier Lu (8891-6611)

BM Ultra Top quality mattress with affordable price (English - Cathy 132 5555-6553, Korean - Song 186 7890-0384, Chinese - Lee 156 0542-6234) www. Fit -all natural, antibacterial, fruit & vegetable cleaner (159 0071-5180) Haibo Furniture Market Dunhua Lu (8308-5739) Leo’s Antique Furniture 6988-7788)

28 (139

Plus Tree 1-1 Hai’an Lu, Laoshan District (8870-7512)

2F, Weifeng MIHO Mart Supermarket, Fuqing Lu (8866-5638)

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‡ The Spa at Shangri-La Hotel 4F, Valley Wing, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6050) Tian Bei’s Beauty & Health Care Salon 203 Minjiang Lu (80777792) Touch SPA Qingdao 3F, Le Meridien, 112 Yanji Lu (5556-3888 ext. 0401/0402) What Women Want 4F, Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6688-6599; 138 5325-6997 EN)

Hairdressers Leekaja Hair Biz 1 (Jia) Xianxia Ling Lu (8897-1981) Pleasantress Ladies Hair Salon 30, Donghai Zhong Lu (East gate of Yinhai Yacht Club) (8592-6188) Pure Hair Zhangzhou Er Lu (8587-6719)


Steve is ‘The Hair Doctor,’ a British hairstylist with over 28 years of experience in all aspects of hairstyling, offering a full range of professional hairstyling services. By appointment only; high quality and personalised hairstyling service. Full nail services by ‘The Nail Nurse.’ For appointments call 136 8145-3740 TONI & GUY Hairdressing 6F, 12 Xinhui Lu (5897-5222)


Traditional Chinese Medical Massage Is there anything more relieving than getting a rub down from a professional masseur? We can’t think of anything, and this place comes recommended for delivering truly salubrious as well as relaxing massages. Get rid of suffering. Home visit service provided (139 69748576)

Education International Schools Baishan School Dong Jiang, Sha Zi Kou, Laoshan District (88815851) Guokai International Department (guó kāi zhōng xué guó jì bù) 1 Tianhe Lu, Chengyang District (8471-6288, 137 9323-3392, 187 6425-8880)

International Department of Qingdao Galaxy School Combined with Chinese education and Western education, NSWE sets a good model for inheriting the rigorousness of Chinese tradition and blending itself with the flexibility of Western management. We are authorized by CIE (authorization code: CN877) to have IGCSE and A-level courses from Grade 1 to Grade 12, which is unique in China to have international curriculum from Grade 1 to Grade 12. Our school has been qualified to offer American AP courses and Examination Authority as well as CNA-USA University School Alliance.

TouchHair Vidal Sassoon Academy graduate, student of Japanese hair stylist Kawasaki -An expert in hair treatment. 3F Le Meridien Qingdao Hotel, 112 Yanji Lu (5557-0403 Suki 186 6028-9276)

Vogue 2F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Ao’men Lu (6656 6666 ext.1673)

Nails Lovely Nails . 36 Silver Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (Opposite Seaview Garden Hotel) (8588-7871) Nail Care Treatment. D008, 2F, iGo Mall, 18 Gutian Lu (behind Mykal shopping mall) (150 9226-4373) What Women Want 4F Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6688-6599; 138 5325-6997 EN)

Massage China Yuquan Cupping Therapy International Department 201, 3 Hailun Yi Lu (8507-7057, Lucy: 138 5427-1855)

Bldg.10, Hao Wang Jiao, 36 Laoshan Lu, Laoshan District (8880-8315) International School of Qingdao (mti) Starting at pre-school and rising to grade 12 (2-18 years of age), ISQ follows a US based curriculum, is WASC and NCCT accredited and offers an extensive range AP courses. The school also offers honours courses in all core subjects. In addition, away from the classroom, ISQ has an extensive MUN program, Student Council and Leadership Development. Throughout, its educational focus is on university preparation. Baishan Compus, Dong Jiang, Sha Zi Kou, Laoshan District (8881-5668) www. Korean International School of Qingdao 16 Haiqing Lu, Laoshan District (8801-5765) Malvern College Qingdao (qīng d o mò ěr wén zhōng xué ) 77 Tieqi Shan Lu, Xifu Town, Chengyang District (5865-9999)

Good massage for treatment,relax and health,good massage for children (shàn ruò shuĭ jīng luò tuī ná kāng fù gōng zuò shì) Rm. 101, Unit 1, Bldg. 3, Tianjia Gardon, Jintian Lu (Lydia: 135 73867998, QQ: 807771444) LiShui Tang Dr. Jack Jin, TCM practitioner, familyinherited. Herbal formulas, Acupuncture, Acupressure and Moxibustion 1 Xinzhu Lu (159 0899-2971) Renming Foot Massage Centre 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (opp. World Trade Centre) (8387-9188) Taiyuan Massage and SPA 1F, Grand Mercure Qingdao Airport, 89 Minghang Lu (8471-6777)


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Qingdao Amerasia International School Catering to the needs of early childhood education through to Grade 12, QAIS is an IB World School Candidate and an American Montessori Society Member. Their approach to learning is inquiry- based,

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‡ student-centred education and follows American curriculum, diploma, and university preparation. The school is also an official SAT & AP Test Centre. 68 Shandongtou Lu (8388-9900) info@ QingdaoAmerasia. org,

Qingdao Continental Bridge For Educational Exchange Services Rm. 1209, Bldg. B, Hongkong Garden, 54 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8581-6081, 136 8761-1581) ACI International Registered Chinese Teacher Shandong Exam Centre

Qingdao Galaxy International School 47 Tongchuan Lu (87668087) Qingdao No.1 International School of Shandong Province Accepting students from pre-K to grade 12 (3-17 years of age), QISS utilises a US curriculum (Common Core), and is WASC (Western Association of Schools and Colleges) accredited. In addition, Advanced Placement courses are available on-site in 8 subjects, and all AP classes are available online through QISS’s partnership with K12 International Academy, APID. The school is licensed by Qingdao Bureau of Education. 232 Songling Lu (6889-8888) Qingdao Oxford International College 232 Songling Lu (6889-8000) Xinshiji School San Lu (8592-0954)

4 Xiaoyao

Yew Chung International School of Qingdao YCIS accepts students in the Kindergarten to Year 13 (2-18 years old) age range and follows an international curriculum based on the schemes of work and framework of the National Curriculum for England. Students progress towards IGCSE and A Level external examinations. Within this framework, the school aims to provide students a unique opportunity to embrace bi-lingual learning, leading to proficiency in the world’s main languages and entry in to some of the world’s top universities. Huangdao Campus, 72 Taihangshan Lu, Huangdao District (8699-5551) 72 Admission Office, Bldg.7, 36 Laoshan Lu, Laoshan District (8880-0003) Yinhai School Dong Lu (8668-5819)

16 Donghai

Qingdao Huaxing Chinese Language School 13F, Wangjiao Mansion, 73 Xianggang Zhong Lu CHN: 15063008971, ENG: 13061212779) Qingdao Purechinese Language School ( )Our goal is to make you speak Chinese as we do! Interactive classes with experienced teachers, indoor lessons combined with practice outdoors. Provides Spoken Chinese course, business Chinese course, systematical Chinese, HSK course.Rm608,BldgB,75Fuzhou south Rd (158 5325-3676, Email:, www. HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test) / BCT (Business Chinese Test) / YCT (Youth Chinese Test) Training & Test Centre 2 Zhenjiang Zhi Lu, Qingdao Chaoyin Primary School (HSK/BCT/YCT) IPA- International Professional Certification Association Training and Exam Centre for CLT -Chinese Language Teacher 2 Zhenjiang Zhi Lu (8502-7797) Qing Zhi Zijin Chinese Language Training Centre Rm.1112, Bldg.A, Hongkong Garden, Quanzhou Lu (135 8322-4253) Conversational course, HSK---all levels, Traditional culture &poem, University literature entrance works, Business course. Promise education! caopingesther@163. com OK! Language Training College

Music Schools Park 12 Culture Media Co. Ltd 504, Bldg 1, Bobo Apt Complex, 115 Jiangxi Lu (8577-5987) Classic Guitar Training 8 Zhangping Lu (139 6396-1061)

Chinese Language Akiyama Chinese Classroom (q ) Basic Chinese, Oral Chinese, HSK and Chinese Culture Rm. 2404, Bldg. 1, Maidao Jiayuan, 33 Haikou Lu (158 6309-0439) Chaoyin Foreign Language & Culture Training School (Practical Chinese/HSK/BCT/YCT) 2 Zhenjiang Zhi Lu, Qingdao Chaoyin Primary School

Chinese Language Centre - Qingdao New Global School (Tianyan) Mandarin Chinese training, Korean training. Rm.1606, Bldg.A, Central International (Zhonghuan) Plaza, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (Bank of China’s upstairs) (135 8927-8775)

Haiyuan International Language School 1 Donghai Dong Lu (8593-5066) Goldencareer Training School Chinese training, English training, TOEIC, Translation outsourcing service. sch@goldencareer., 12F, Bldg.G5, 288 Ningxia Lu (8597-5725, 8597-5726, 8597-5728)


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English Language Aspire H, F6, Bldg. A, Jindu Garden, 37 Donghai Xi Lu (8667-5227, 138 5322-5119) Chaoyin Foreign Language & Culture Training School (English GESE Training and Exam Centre) 2 ZhenJiang Zhi Lu (Chaoyin Primary School) (8582-2632)

Joy Children’s English School F1-2, 130 Zhangzhou Lu (8571-5991, 8572-6752) Qingdao Chaoyin Weekend Singapore Bilingual Education Elective Course (G7,G8)

French Language Alliance Francaise 3F, Zone H, 23 Xianggang Dong Lu (Ocean Uni) (85906232) Qingdao New Global School ( ) Rm. 1606, Bldg. A, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8589-9336)

German Language Goethe Sprachlernzentrum an der Qingdao Universität 1F, Minxing Building, Qingdao University, 308 Ningxia Lu (8378-0778)

For Kids Gymboree 2F, Century Tower, 39 Donghai Xi Lu (8907-0606)

Kindergartens Aixin Kindergarten San Lu (8588-3933)

Tooth Home Dental Clinic Minjiang Lu (8583-7506)


Gentle Dental Specialising in joint pain/clicking, bite and bite related problems orthodontics and dental restorations. Dr. Olive Liao DDS. MS trained in Roth Williams (3 year course) Orthodontic Education Centre; Bioesthetics (2 year course) Education Centre; Korean Orthodontic Research Institute; Kygpook University, Korea. She has over ten years clinical experience. Fluent English, Basic Korean and Japanese.

6 Chenghai

CHERIE HEARTS No.1 International Kindergarten OF Qingdao 232 Songling Lu, Laoshan District (Inside Qingdao Chengtou International Education Park) (6889-8555 / 8889)

Joy Children’s Language School 130 Zhangzhou Lu (8572-6752, 138 6425-4050) Little Harvard Bilingual Kindergarten 7 Yangkou Lu (83860526) Montessori Children’s House at QAIS 68 Shandongtou Lu (8388-9900) Info@, www.QingdaoAmerasia. org

3-10 Maidao Lu (8860-2820, 8588-1055, 138 5423-2410 EN), oline_cn2007@ Qingdao Stomatological Hospital 17 Dexian Lu (8282-1870) International Clinic

Hospitals Bellaire Medical Centre Bldg. 49, Silver Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (8111-7118) Cham Shan Int’l Medical Centre Rm.103, Bldg.10, 25 Donghai 1 Lu (inside Cham Shan Sanatorium) (8598-7341, 131 6501-3251 EN)

PKU College Qingdao Tianxi International Perschool ( ) 1 Donghai Dong Lu (400-609-2598)

International Clinic of Qingdao Municipal Hospital (East) Not open on Sundays, 5 Donghai Zhong Lu (8593-7690 ext.2266)

Qingdao Huguang Shanse Kindergarten 49 Tongle San Lu (Inside Huguang Shanse Residental Area) (88786611 8979-5799)

Leaders International Medical Centre internal medicine & paediatrics & ear-nose-throat. Unit F, Bldg.16, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (8077-8275)

Qingdao Ivy Kindergarten 3 Hailong Lu (inside Jianfei Garden) (8870-8997, 8277-6908)

Qingdao Airen Gynecology Hospital 126 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8593-1212)

Medical Dental Clinics David Dental Clinic Kaixuan Jiayuan, 1-20 Xianxialing Lu (Behind Beer City) (8896-0913) F3-1A Binhai Garden (May 4th Square) (85721822) Leaders Dental Clinic Unit F, Bldg. 16, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (8077-8666) hasun999@ 3F, Bldg.4, Sejung Arian, Chengyang District (6696-0275/0276)

2 Zhenjiang Zhi Lu (inside Chaoyin Primary School) (8563-0332)

Qingdao Municipal Hospital 1 Jiaozhou Lu (8282-6313) The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College 16 Jiangsu Lu (8291-1847)

Surgery Clinics Tian Bei Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery 203 Minjiang Lu (80777792)

Services Automotive Services Grease Monkey 136 Yinchuan Xi Lu, Qingdao(8501-9111) 369 Hefei Lu, Qingdao(8598-1916) Haibin Nan Lu, Economic development area, Weihai (0631-5967686) Guanhai Lu (opp.Jusco), Laishan District, Yantai (0535-6883711)

Qingdao International Language Institute (Global IELTS) Bldg.6, 35 Jiangxi Lu (8581-9871) Wall Street English 2F, Golden Plaza, 20 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8502-5469 ) Rm. 19, 1F, Zhonghuan Plaza, 79 Zhangzhou Lu (6677-5858)

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Banking Agricultural Bank of China (95599) Bank of China


Qingdao Continental Bridge For Educational Exchange Services Rm. 1209, Bldg. B, Hongkong Garden, 54 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8581-6081, 136 8761-1581)

Bank of Communications (95559) Bank of East Asia 3811)

(800 830-

12F, He’an Mansion, 117 Yan’an San Lu (8579-1888)

China Everbright Bank (95595) China Citic Bank Citi Bank

Qingdao Overseas Exit-Entry Services Centre

(95558) (800 830-1880)

Qingdao Overseas Investment Service Centre 19F, Huaren Int’l Mansion, 2 (Jia) Shandong Lu (8197-8622) SEN-CONSULT

Guangdong Development Bank (95508)

Rm 2006, Bldg 1, Software Park, 288 Ningxia Lu (8502-8585)

Hua Xia Bank


Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (95588) Merchants Bank of China (95555) Standard Chartered Bank (800 820-8088) 1F, Crowne Plaza Qingdao (0532 8097-3118, 8092-7138) A-D, F-H, 35F, Sunnyworld Cyberport, 40 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-8666, 8677-2766) Rm.105, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (66707388, 6670-7399)

Business InternChina 16A, Bldg 3, Jindu Garden, 37 Donghai Xi Lu (86675167, 8667-5168) Qingdao CCPIT Rm.403, 121 Yan An San Lu (8389-7995) ReSource Pro 1F, Bldg.12B, Qingdao Software Park, 288 Nanjing Lu (8666-7551)

Consultancy Dezan Shira & Associates Rm 2307, 23F Bldg A, Central International Plaza, 19 Zhangzhou Er Lu (6677-5461) qingdao@dezshira. com GER-LIN Consulting Rm.612, 6F, Jinguang Mansion, 56 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8597-9039) Jinhaiyuan Visa Consultancy Rm 801, Bldg. 1, Jiangshan Dijing (North Building) 10 Shandong Lu (133 7556-8666) HANRONG Consulting, www.chinahanrong. com InternChina 16A, Bldg 3, Jindu Garden, 37 Donghai Xi Lu (86675167, 8667-5168) JHT Business Consulting Co., Ltd 4F Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6688-6599; 138 5325-6997 EN)


Shandong Hsinten Law Firm 9F, New World Plaza, 9 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8587-8469) You Hua Law Firm 2F, Ruina Kangdu, 69 Haimen Lu (Beside Shangri-La Hotel) (8866-2999, 139 0648-4720)


Construction Bank of China (95533)

HSBC (800 830-2880) 8F, Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8578-2828) 1F, 46 Nanjing Lu (8097-6688) 1F, 87 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8097-3888) 1F, Fortune Plaza, 18-1 Qinling Lu (80976555) Rm.103, 104, 203, 204, 216 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao District (8097-6677)

Property Rights (IPR) Protection, Real Estate, Dispute Resolution (litigation and arbitration). Free legal consultancy is available! 8F Kaixuan Business Centre, 256 Haikou Lu (8897-9717/158-6687-9695, Lawyer Zhang Qing/ www.

Community Qingdao Global Bridge Cultural & Educational Exchange Services

Web Design Rm.401, Bldg.3, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (8388-2269, 8097-0521) www.myredstar. net

Cargo Competence International Logistics Co., Ltd Cargo Competence International is one of the pioneers in China that are dedicated to providing integrated international and domestic moving services for household goods ,personal effects, and commercial products, including export, import, air and sea, headquartered in Qingdao, Shanghai, Beijing, and other ports of China.

Domestic Help SINO (HK) Business Service (150 6486 4997) QQ: 116249205


Bencer Project Management Representative Office 10F, Sunshine Tower, 61 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8886-2931, 152 5324-9298 Fax: 8077-5012)

DSL Qingdao Worldwide Mover Rm.1101, Bldg.8, 21 Haier Lu (Paul Paik: 133 2500-7300)

Crystal Creation Decoration 19F, Fulin Mansion, 87 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8210-7089)

Nax Logistics Rm. 1316, 220 Yan An San Lu (83890366)

New York Parties and Flowers 6F, Crowne Plaza, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (188 6390-8126)

Relo China worldwide mover Personal effects specialist, member of world moving organization Rm. 2815, Parkson Office Building, Zhongshan Lu (139 0408-9994)

136 Ao'men Lu 8080-3232, 135 0542-2099

Bldg. B, J & M Realty 204B, World Trade Centre, 6 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-9232, 8591-9859)

Teamwill Real Estate Bldg. 5, Innovation Centre, 57 Haier Lu (6671-6758, 136 8769-7428)

Translation REDSTAR Times Media Co. Ltd

QILU (Qingdao) Law Firm Bldg. 6, 87 Donghai Dong Lu (8162-7762)

Appex International (HK) Ltd Rm. 2-404, Bldg 10, 3 Xuzhou Lu (8501-7163) Big Igloo International Trade Co., Ltd 1F-3, Darling Harbor, 1 Yan’erdao Lu (6867-8688) Rider Glass Company Limited 22F, Yingdelong Tower, 15 Donghai Xi Lu (8387-3000)

Travel China Travel Service Head Office (Qingdao) Co., Ltd 4F, 12 Donghai Xi Lu (400-6002777)

Santa Fe Relocation Services, Qingdao Rm.1304, Guangfa Financial Mansion, 40 Shandong Lu (8386-9455)


Postal Fedex Express Bldg. B, 171 Huaian Lu (International hotline: +800-988-1888, Domestic hotline: +400-889-1888)

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Redstar Alerts Don’s miss your printed copy of Redstar magazine each month! 100 gets you a 12 month subscription, covering postage to your home or office address. Visit, fill out this form and we'll set it up. We can even come and collect payment - what could be easier? Visit for ezine sign up. REDSTAR Magazine online: category/magazine/ Follow us on Facebook: Redstar Instagram: redstarqingdao Sina Weibo: REDSTAR Douban: REDSTAR

Real Estate* Duplex Apt., great location 8f, Tiansheng Yuan, 21 Donghai Xi Lu (opp. Music Square, east of Hisense Mansion), full sea view, 232sqm. 140,000 /yr. Ms. He, 136 0898-5099 for information.

Job Market Jobs Available* Are you a native speaker who loves little kids? Dr. Linda American Education Academy is a new company locating to Qingdao. Our mission is to provide top quality early childhood English programs for children ages 3 months to 7 years, after school and weekends. Dynamic interactive lessons have been developed using Smart Board technology. The company’s flagship grogram is being launched this summer in a newly designed and equipped 3,000 sq.ft. facility in the heart of Qingdao’s Central Business District. Interested applicants should send a full resume to Tell: 8090-4027. Qualified experienced native Italian teacher available for private tutoring, speaks fluent English and has an intermediate understanding of Chinese and Korean. Contact (preferred) or 185 6173-4812. Looking for a home decor designer, work time flexible. We are dealing with home decor items in glass, rattan, wooden,iron etc. Mainly export to Europe. Now we want to develop USA market and need a professional home decor designer to help us shift our products to american style and keep on developing new ideas for us. This job can be homework, part time work, internet work, not necessary to stay in the office all days. You can work abroad too. Income can be discussed. There isn't problem to communicate in English. Expecting your contact with me. Wendy 186 5330-9072, Experienced Children Teachers Needed in Success Foreign Language School. If you are professional in teaching English, contact Joy 159 6421-4657. 1. Part-time teachers: Italian Teachers, Portuguese teachers, Arabic teachers (Chinese & foreigners); 2. Teaching basic and senior courses in other languages 203 Shengxifu Building Weihai

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Road, Qingdao, 156 5323-1680 Mr. Zhang http://

QQ: 1400966264.

Language Teachers Needed in Success Foreign Language School: All kinds of languages teachers are needed, especially native English teachers. If you are professional, pls contact me --- Mathew Tel: 156 5323-1680 E-mail: Qingdao SIS.L Photo Agency is now seeking an assistant for post production, basic knowledge of fashion preferred. Please send a portfolio to

Part time English teacher wanted.

Qingdao International Christian Fellowship Intercontinental Hotel, 3rd Floor, Auditorium, 98 Ao'men Lu, Near the Olympic Sailing Centre,

Qingtai Law Firm Qingtai Law Firm is one of the largest law firms in Shandong. With over 100 lawyers and legal professionals, we are capable of providing comprehensive legal services to meet the diverse needs of clients worldwide. Our main practice area covers: Corporation (Merge & Acquisition, Foreign Direct Investment, bankruptcy, labor and employment), International Trade and Debt Collection, Outbound Investment, Intellectual

Send us your classified by the 10th of each month. Categories marked with ‘*’ cost just ¥600 for 20 words. or email to One month in the mag and online available for ¥900, payable online via paypal.

Rm.401, Bldg.3, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (8388-2269, 8097-0521) www.myredstar. net

Legal Guan Baokui (186 6021-6678) Attorney-at-law Experienced in the incorporation of WFOE in Qingdao, legal consultant of many foreign-invested companies, authorized legal translator for different judicial organs and the site interpreter for court hearings. Speciality: Corporate Issues, Foreign Investment, Labor Issues, Certified Legal English Translator.


Century 21 Ao Men Shop

Trading Rm. 601-602, Zuoyue Mansion, 16 Fencheng Lu tel: (0532) 8508-2906 Frank Wang: 136 9869-8037 Tracy Sun: 139 6488-2307 frank@ tracy@cargocompetence.

QTEAM /  web@qteam. ru / skype: alexashinaal / MSN:

Real Estate

Maggie Expat’s Real Estate Bldg 1, Silver Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (135 8325-0736)

30-E, Bldg.B, 37 Donghai Xi lu (8668-1224, 139 0642-3247)

REDSTAR Times Media Co. Ltd

Zhengda Printers Bldg 2, Creative 100 (8097-0532)

Jones Lang LaSalle Qingdao Office Financial and professional commercial real estate services firm. Suite 22A, Qingdao International Finance Centre, 59 Xianggang Zhong Lu (Tel 8579-5800 Fax 8579-5801) www.

SucceedOverseas 203, Building 3, Fanhai Mingren Guangcheng, Minjiang 2 Lu 188 6662-0660

Qingdao International Community Centre info@ 72 Tai Hang Shan Lu, Huangdao District



Looking for A New Opportunity? So Are We! Are you a recent graduate or a student? Are you motivated, enthusiastic and creative, looking for work experience with an international company? our interns come away with experience in the fields of Graphic Design, Web Design, Programming, English Writing, Event Planning, Photography, Marketing and so much more, depending on their interests. Fill out this form http://www.myredstar. com/internship-application-form/ today

Looking for an accounting job Frank, professionally certified accountant, has a degree of MBA, with relevant experience in book keeping, tax filing, financial statements preparation, corporate registration etc, for foreign company rep. office in Qingdao, now has the available time to offer accounting service for your business in Qingdao. 139 6962-6821. Qingdao Girl teaches Foreign friends Chinese Qingdao girl just returned from 3 years overseas,would like to teach Foreign friends Chinese at very reasonable rates. Available for teaching during the day and on weekends. Contact me on cell 186 6188-0165, QQ:1397662651 & msn: keira_an@ Frank, local Chinese, professional accountant with 15-year accounting experiences, can help you with corporate registration, tax filing, book-keeping, financial reports preparations etc. 139 6962-6821.

Part-time Chinese teacher wanted: Tianyan CLC is seeking part-time Chinese (native/female) teachers, good command in English/Japanese, Chinese well-educated, available in weekend and work days evening. Contact 135 8927-8775,

Experienced Supply Teacher needed for International School in Qingdao. We are looking for Qualified Teacher for Kindergarten or Primary who is willing to have flexible working hours and can motivate and inspire children. Have the ability to work with energy and enthusiasm demonstrating excellent interpersonal skills and have a good understanding of the needs of bilingual children and their parents. We can offer you an exciting, well organized and vibrant environment, a fantastic community of parents and children and high quality support. This isn't a full time position. Only experienced teachers need to apply. Please send your detailed CV to

Jobs Wanted International bilingual piano teacher, graduate of Eastern University in the US, with extensive experience teaching at all levels. Ezra Wan 185 6392-8099. I’m looking for a job that does driving (I have a car), cooking, cleaning and Chinese teaching for foreigners who speak English. I used to be an English tour guide in Qingdao hence I know Qingdao very well. I’m nice and like to make friends. Bruce Wang: 135 7322-8123. Good nanny looking for a job. 41 years old, can do cooking, cleaning, ironing, babysitting and shopping. She had also worked for American and Swedish families before. Contact Mary at or 138 6989-7504 Freelance Model Back in Town English Tutor Available American English teacher available for private lessons (evenings or weekends)! Lindsay has a Master's degree in TESOL (teaching English as a second or other language) and CELTA. Email: Chinese Lessons 1-1 or 1-group (Daily Chinese and Business Chinese) Local lady, experienced chinese teacher for all levels with reasonable charge. Wanna enhance your Chinese this holiday? Don't hesitate! Amy Wang: 156 1572-9233. Professionally CELTA qualified Business English Teacher available in Qingdao. Several years Business English teaching experience in China. Clients include: Fortune 500, State-owned, International Trade companies etc. Native English speaker but also fluent in Chinese. Contact: James188 5329-7962

Can do home teaching. Also schools/companies are welcome. Dave 150 5426-6058. Personal tour guide of Qingdao I would love to show you around this glamorous city from various aspects. Call Shane Mavarice at 158 5428-8391, or Yahoo Messenger/Skype at shanemavarice. Personal Cicerone of Qingdao Interested in getting to know the city from different aspects? Well, call Shane Mavarice at 158 5428 8391 if you are planning on a visit here. I would love to make arrangements for your entire trip as specific as to your desire. Or if you just prefer to have a company during your stay, please feel free to call me as I am always glad to be of help. Qualified experienced Italian native teacher available for private tutoring, speaks fluently English and possess an intermediate level for the Chinese and Korean language. Contact chiheunglau@gmail. com (preferred) or +8618561734812

Language Exchange I’m a Chinese with strong interest in foreign languages. If you are also interested in learning Chinese, let’s learn together! Contact Li at: 152 6922-1154. I want to learn English. If you want to learn Chinese or Korean. Let's exchange the language. 150 6300-8971 Anyone from Greece? Allen, a local guy wants to learn Greek. In return, offers to teach you Mandarin Chinese with the local Qingdao dialect. Email me at An outgoing, open-minded local businessman is looking forward to meeting foreigners from English-speaking countries for friends to exchange languages, culture and etc. Contact Charles at: 158 0656-5179 or Looking for an English teacher I am looking for an English teacher for my kids. If you are a native speaker and can teach according to American curriculum, Contact Linda Chen at: chenqian_linda@ or 138 5328-3780. English Learner Seeking Language Partner Hi! I am looking for a language partner. I'm polite and nice. Preferably someone from the States as the accent is the easiest for me. My email is; my QQ is 282788056. Learn Chinese from Candy! emirra2005@126. com; 133 2639-2321. Looking for English tutor. I am looking for a English tutor for my daughter (14 years old). We live near Olympic Sailing Centre. Requirement: English native speaker; Female. 186 6398-2633 (message preferred).

Foreign Language College, Students Cultural Exchange Do you want to meet new Chinese friends? Every tuesday 2pm at Laoshan Campus of University of Science & Technology, Mingde Lou building, 239 classroom, we are waiting for you for a free cultural exchange. Join us!

Learn Chinese with Nicole What do you say after "Ni Hao"? Can you hold your own speaking Chinese at the market, in the board room? My name is Nicole. As an experienced Mandarin trainer, I am qualified to help those from all walk of life learn Chinese. My teaching style can be suited for either one-to-one or group lessons. Whether you are seeking to improve your Spoken, Writing, HSK or Business Chinese, I am 100% confident in my abilities to help you. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have. We can plan out a road map on your way to Chinese fluency. E-mail: nicolewang0916@

Community Culture Salon: Tea Ceremonial (Tea culture), Chinese Calligraphy & paintings, Chinese Cuisine, Traditional paper cutting. Please feel free to contact Aspire: 8667-5227, 138 5322-5119. Are you a wine lover? We offer you a chance to meet friends and sharing your experience on wine. Different wines each time, from old world to new world. Please contact me at marco.lau@ for details. Free healthy kittens to a good home. Please contact me at 152 6524-6825. MA Reading Specialist provides remedial English reading to all ages. Share the gift of literacy with someone you love! I'll show you how. Email Pilates&Personal Training Feeling tired? Want to get fit or simply lose weight? Pilates, a body conditioning routine for all ages and levels helps to build flexibility and strength for your whole body. I am a licensed trainer and offer group and private classes tailored to your individual needs. Contact Cynthia for a free trial lesson, 159 54800102, Chinese corner: Having difficulty in Learning Chinese?Wanna practice more? Come join us!We organize meet-ups for foreigners to improve their Chinese,exchange experience and get to know more about China every week, regular location will be at Coffee street(minjiang erlu), each meet-up contains an interesting 30mins-lesson from our teacher ,anyone can join but we only speak Chinese though. Feel free to contact 15853253676 Preston for more details or visit 40 years old woman Shirley wants to marry with a foreigner. If you are christian, rich, handsome, tall, age between 40 to 50, please call her at: 136 0542-9874. Local bassist looking for musicians to start an original alternative rock band. Also looking for people who can sing. I'M NOT INTERESTED in starting a cover band. No Hotel California, no Jon Denver, and definitely no Bon Jovi. If you're of a like mind, then please email me at: mark_cudjoe@

Service* Household service Domestic Help Do you need one experienced a yi to help you out from the housework? I can recommend one for you. Pls email

Qingdao University of Science & Technology,

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Qingdao Expat Charity Group Fun Day Out

Holiday Inn Qingdao Parkview is 5 Years!

Dr. Linda american education academy Loong bar girls in uniform bartenders cocktail party at Dubliner Irish Pub

at the RED STA R off ice

Laoshan Reservoir Adventure

Get your face in the redstar, send photos to by 15 October!



Classifieds Training New to China? Want to improve your Mandarin? Expert qualified Chinese teacher specializing in Chinese as a second language. Courses available (Qingdao or Huangdao). Survival Chinese, oral language development, written language development, HSK. Very reasonable prices for individual tuition, discounts available for groups. Joanna: 151 6602-3663, Skype: Joanna370282198912090041, Chinese Training Teachers: Experienced Chinese Teachers with certificate of IPA (International Profession Association). Majored in Chinese Language and Literature. Some teachers are hired from Qingdao Ocean University. Course: Basic Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese Conversation, HSK preparation class. Advantage: Small group (at most 3 persons) or one-to-one class. Experienced teaching high-profile individuals with specific language needs. We are stable company which can issue receipt. Central Qingdao. Aspire: 8667-5227, 138 5322-5119. Private Chinese Lessons for All Levels Experienced teacher teaches you all levels practical Chinese! With 3 years of teaching experience, humorous and patient, May is especially skillful in teaching beginners. Daily communication and text messaging in Chinese within 3 months is guaranteed. Time, place and numbers of students are flexible. Contact May at: 158 6309-0439 or Private Chinese Lessons for All Levels Working on your spoken and written Chinese? Classes for foreigners, skill set ranging from beginners to advanced students. Times are flexible and classes during the daytime are on discount. Teacher is fluent in English, and a very experienced teacher. Annie: 158 9886-7163,


Want to learn piano? Try Miss Li’s piano class! 5 years at China Central Conservatory of Music - Has professional experience and is patient - Speaks fluent English - Accepts all ages and levels. For more info 186 6021-9505.

and driver's licenses; payment is only required upon successful completion. Please contact us at 186 6986-8863, address: Rm711, zhongxin bank, No.7 Beijing Road, Eco&Tech Development Zone.

Classic Guitar Training Supplying professional guitar, piano, and violin etc music related traning classes. Leave your music footprint here. Contact Bird Kui 139 6396-1061.

Executive Coaching - Be ALL YOU CAN BE: Achieve your goals in life and business and lead a more happy and healthy life. 136 9146-2708 Gregory Nicola.

139 6396-1061 Looking for Some Sailing Friends Good day! Looking for some sailing friends coming along this summer, learn to sail or advanced sailers welcome. I'm in the range of intermediate. There is a sailing club in Liuqing He Beach of Laoshan, quite nice and private. We do windsurfing board and boat sailing over there for fun, of course most essentially beach BBQ. Anyone who enjoys sailing, don't hesitate to give me a ring or email. Contact Tony at 186 6398-2626 or

Business & Consulting

HANRONG Business Structuring, Incorporation Registrations / Cancellations, Financial Services, Location Sourcing. SEN-CONSULT A German-invested consulting firm provides hi-quality services for investment, HR, design and business cooperation. Please check, inquire via or call +86-532-85028585. Rm 2006, Bldg 1, Software Park, 288 Ningxia Lu.

For Sale * Burns London electric guitars, the finest in British musical engineering, are now available in China. Prices range from RMB 2,900 to 5,900 see www.burnsguitars. cn for full details. Contact / 139 0639- 0437 to try one in Qingdao.

logistics Cargo Competence International Logistics supplies the following service: Family, household goods international & domestic relocation services Freight forwarding for import & export, by sea or air, with professional packing services Inbound/Outbound customs clearance International, domestic and local moving services Office move Fine arts moving services Insurance coverage based on door-to-door international transport.

Micro Scooters For Sale: The world-famous 3-wheel Swiss-made 'Micro' scooters for children are now available in Qingdao, 699 RMB up. Also 'Monster' scooters for adults 2299 RMB with big chunky 'all-terrain' wheels. 139 6974-7911.

No matter it is household goods or commercial goods import/export; no matter you need in-land, ocean or air transportation; no matter you need full container or partial shipment, CCI will always assist you with professional customs regulations, procedures and door to door moving services. Frank Wang: 136 9869-8037 Tracy Sun: 139 6488-2307

Qinghui Information Consulting co.,ltd We are a professional consulting and foreigner services company, for tasks such as visa application and extension, work permits, expert certificates

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Redstar magazine, october 2013  

This is REDSTAR 10 year anniversary issue. We have included a time line, focusing on some of the best Qingdao and REDSTAR moments for the pa...

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