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APRIL 2009

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Qingdao Music & Art eXposition Incredible Bands Venue - Qingdao's Pichai Yuan Film & Fashion Art Exhibition - Shen Jiarong

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Special Talents And Other Foolishness Matthew



Do you have any special skills? I ea t three eggs everyday, so by no w I can peel a hard boiled egg with one hand. What ar e your plans for sp ring? I’m going back to Mancheste r for six months. I plan to buy a car and drive through Spain, Germany, an d France. I’ll just be traveling, and keep ing up my Chinese writing. What do you write in Chine se? I write poems, bu t my grammar sucks. I have sold two poems before, though. One was about a man who misses his wife. Th e second was for a man who lost his mother. I can’t seem to write in the perspective of a wo man. You don’t un derstand women? Does any man?


the last day of played in the past? On What pranks have you gle with fake plants, jun a cipal’s office into school we turned the prin Guns N’ Roses, and lcome to the Jungle’ by a CD player blasting ‘We th—we just picked rs­, elephants, even a slo stuffed animals like tige because he was re all waiting outside, but anything exotic. We we n we’d hoped ctio didn’t quite get the rea such a laidback guy, we r and teaching yea gap a in China? I’m on for. What are you doing is it called that? called Happy Alice. Why English at a kindergarten “Every day is a e. The school’s slogan is The owner’s name is Alic e”! happy day in Happy Alic



Where will you be this April? I’m volunteering for the team liaison department at the 11th National Games held in the new Qingdao Guoxi Stadium. Right now it’s just the test games, but in April formal competitions will be held in speed and figure skating. Is it stressful? No, it’s fun because I get to meet a lot of different people. Anyway, I have this thing on my keychain that’s supposed to help alleviate stress. It simulates popping bubble wrap, and after 100 pops, it rewards you with a sound like a door bell, a dog bark, or even a fart. How much did you pay for that? 70元. Is it worth it? Yes. No regrets.




Do you have any special talents? I can cook good vegan food… and pole dance. How long have you been pole dancing? I’ve only been taking lessons since the New Year, but one weekend my teacher told me I was going to perform. I felt I couldn’t let her down so I agreed. There was some miscommunication; I thought we had to wear black shorts, but everyone else showed up in sailor outfits. It was also a strange venue—some kind of bathhouse with a bunch of lazy chairs and middle-aged men and women in bathrobes, waving plastic clappers. We performed after a cross-dressing comedian, and once we started dancing, they stopped clapping. I think they were all mesmerised. Wow.



Have you ever pla yed pranks for Ap ril Fools’ Day? In sch classmates they we ool we used to tel re in trouble and th l e teacher wanted office. They’d show to see them in the up and the teacher would be like, “W here?” That day we hat are you doing were always caref ul not to be too tru good tricks? I heard sting. Any other someone once to ok the cream filling replaced it with to out of a pastry an othpaste. That’s a d cle ver idea! I’d like to and soy sauce to loo try mixing vinegar k like a cup of Coke for an unsuspectin But I’d have to ch g friend to drink. oose a good friend who wouldn’t be mad afterwards!



news SOURCES: NPR, DOE, Xinhua, Reuters, Alibaba, Steel Guru, Jones Lang LaSalle, China Daily

REDSTAR CHRONICLE Dustier Air The discovery of 3 billion tonnes of coal in Caoxian City was announced early in March. The site covers an area of 300km², and bears resources that have an estimated value of US$1.5 trillion. Caoxian is a countylevel city contained within Heze Municipality, lying 10km from the Henan border.

have we got news for you

Qingdao Port to boost investment to offset the economic damage caused as a result of flagging exports by instituting policies to encourage domestic demand and create employment. The money will be used to further a number of projects, most notably an oil pipeline for Shandong province, and an oil storage facility. The port's five major business areas are crude oil, iron ore, coal, containers and grain. The company is also gearing up for a 'very large' project in Jiaonan, near Huangdao.

Coal demand has risen year on year in China - China is now the largest consumer on Earth. Since 2000 production has almost tripled (conveniently, to around 3 billion tonnes per year), and coal - the highest polluter of all the fossil fuels now supplies around 70% of China's electricity needs.

11th National Games Shandong is gearing up its preparations as the primary host of the 11th National Games. The sporting extravaganza's opening ceremony will take place on 11 October with various competitions taking place in 17 of Shandong's cities, and already 42 purpose-built venues have been constructed and a further 85 renovated or upgraded. Of all the 33 events, only the winter sports and marathon will take place outside of this province, in Liaoning, Jilin and Beijing. As is typical of Shandong (or sporting events in China), a dubious choice of branding was decided upon, called Taishan Boy.

China's need for raw materials is evident

Qingdao Port Company, the third largest container operator in China, will invest RMB 3 billion in Qingdao Port in 2009. The massive injection of capital comes as the government enacts its fiscal stimulus, in an effort

Navy comes out

Commander of the North China Sea Fleet on 4 March. Further details regarding the theme of the event, 'Harmonious Sea', were unveiled on 18 March, announcing a focus on allowing the navies of other nations to visit China. In addition to the exhibition of the vessels, the Chinese Navy will be arranging numerous social and cultural exchanges on board certain ships.

China's Navy celebrates its 60th anniversary this month, with a major naval display scheduled to take place towards the end of April. The event will feature a sail-past of Qingdao, and include many of China's most modern war vessels as well as showings of selected vessels from the US's and Russia's respective navies. The announcement was made by Wang Fushan, Deputy

The exact date of the event was not confirmed at the time of writing,

Chang Dechuan, a representative of the National People's Congress and member of Qingdao Port Company said, "Even in an economic downturn China's need for raw materials is evident," while later in March, Hu Jintao announced China would not hesitate to increase spending if economic improvements did not meet requirements, citing China's vast foreign exchange reserves as security enough to reach deeper into the pockets.

but according to the People's Daily, on 23 April 1949, Rear Admiral Lin Zun of the Kuomingtang Navy led an uprising that marked the declaration of the Navy of the East China Military Area Command - the first naval force of the PLA. This date was proclaimed to be the founding date of the PLA Navy. Many of the PLA Navy's most advanced ships are based at the northern fleet headquarters in Qingdao.


Going Underground Qingdao's much talked-about metro rail restarted construction last month, with developments taking place beneath Crowne Plaza and Heilongjiang Lu. The latest plans involve constructing three lines, linking the southern extremes of the peninsula with Qingdao International Airport in Chengyang.

Map Š REDSTAR 2009, order yours at

Construction on Qingdao's metro began back in the 1990s, but was cancelled due to lack of funding, at a time when several other second tier cities' metro construction was also cancelled. When the first line opens, it is expected to transport 235,000 passengers per day.

The lines are scheduled for three phases of construction the first, from 2009 to 2014, will adjoin the new long distance railway station near Zhongshan Lu to the old station in Sifang, via Nanjing Lu. Phase two will begin construction in 2013, and take passengers from the new train station to Licun via Beer City near Shilaoren Beach. Phase 3, to begin construction in 2016 will traverse a route from the train station to the airport.

China 40 A wide-ranging real estate forecast into China's top 40 Tier II and III cities was unveiled on 13 March, conducted by Jones Lang LaSalle. Paying particular attention to three broad categories - office space, logistics space and retail space, the report outlines what the future might hold for China's brightest urban landscapes. The premise of the research, entitled The China 40, is that by 2020, just 10% of commercial real estate activity in China will be concentrated in the top tier cities - due to factors such as improved educational standards, more relaxed attitudes to foreign investment and improved transport accessibility

in smaller cities. The report analysed a total of 275 cities, focussing on a wide range of attributes

such as GDP, FDI and the number of educational institutions within the city to define the country's next superpower cities. Qingdao compares favourably, and is placed among the winners in the logistics category. In the retail sector, Qingdao is expected to experience a sudden boom in the supply of retail space in 2009, due to the opening of several huge shopping malls in Chengyang and Laoshan. Regarding office space, the sector remains comparatively resilient despite the global financial crisis, with several new buildings due for completion in 2009.



MAX 09 culture

Everybody Wins

MAX 09 will

rock you

Zhong Nan Hai Carsick Cars at REDSTAR Carsick Cars are one of the most celebrated bands currently playing on the Beijing scene, not simply because their music - a stripped bare cacophony of distorted guitar and bellicose, faux-political lyrics has been adopted as the defining sound of an army of pretty, young Chinese urbanites, but also because the story of frontman Zhang Shouwang's encounter with Professor of Finance at Beijing University, Michael Pettis, is the story of how one of the most dynamic and energetic rock scenes in the world sprung into being. In 2002, seventeen-year-old Zhang had already come across Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins at local CD shops. He was also into the graphic artist Andy Warhol, so much that he decided to sport a t-shirt bearing one of his infamous pop-art pieces. Unbeknownst to Zhang at the time, this simple work of a banana also graced the cover of Velvet Underground’s seminal 1967 album. While strolling around Houhai in Beijing one day, Pettis was excited to have crossed paths with a young native displaying such discerning taste in music, and they struck up a conversation. Pettis discovered

Marcus Murphy

Zhang had no idea who Velvet Underground was, but regardless they quickly relocated to a music store. Zhang’s life has been filled with glorious noise ever since, much of which comes from his own hands, and their attacks on awkwardly tuned guitars. This chance guanxi became instrumental in defining the direction of the underground rock scene of China; Zhang has become one of the most talented guitarists in the Middle Kingdom, playing lead for Beijing trio Carsick Cars, while the other two band members, Levis and Li Qing, also form the musical body of post-punk extroverts Snapline. Pettis opened the defining club of Beijing's music scene, D-22, a club with a clear goal in mind - to nurture original music, and to become the epicentre for experimental music in China.

Carsick Cars

at REDSTAR Live supported by the Gar Friday, 17 April 7:30pm Admission 60元 (40元 students with ID)

Stop The Madness! Peter Scherr, Simon Barker and Matt McMahon Jazz impresario Peter Scherr returns to Qingdao for his Stop The Madness tour, this time bringing with him experimental jazz percussionist Simon Barker and composer/ pianist Matt McMahon. The two Australianeducated musicians play together as part of the Matt McMahon Trio, a lively musical unit employing standard jazz instruments but producing music that is off-the-wall and very distinctive. Stop The Madness! will be held at the Concert Hall, 1 Lanshan Lu, on 10 April. Ticketing information - 136 6886 7325.

2-10pm Saturday, 11 AYpurailn (青岛劈柴院) Qingdao Pichai

culture MAX 09

ents with ID) d u st 元 0 (5 元 0 10 s et Tick

m Free delivery fro om info@myredstar.c or call 8388-2269

Kicking off at Qingdao's beloved Pichai Yuan (Zhongshan Lu) on 11 April, this lineup is not to be missed. See the following pages for full event details.

Playmaker Playmaker make unbelievably catchy and clean songs, derived from a family history immersed in The Beatles, The Kinks, The Undertones and The Rolling Stones. The band have spent the last year gigging ferociously, so expect a sharp stage presence and amazing sound.

Snapline Snapline are one of Beijing's fastest rising bands. Musically, the group take massive influence from such dark, post-punk musicians of the late seventies and early eighties as Joy Division and The Cure, powering their songs with ambient bass lines punctuated by aberrant, angular guitar riffing. So strongly does their music and live show echo the era, ex-PiL drummer Martin Atkins insisted on producing their first CD in late 2006.

Fancyworld Ziyo Beijing outsiders - they are not affiliated to Maybe Mars or Modern Sky Records, yet have all the quality and musicianship of the best bands today in the US or UK. Nonchalant, libertine and supremely switched-on, the smart group of five met in Beijing, when stunning singer (and radio host -, Sunday afternoons) Helen Feng was introduced to guitarist Da Ming. Tragedy and hilarity ensued in equal measure, today the band are renowned for grade-A production, and tight, catchy, imminently enjoyable music.

The Dama Llamas Fusing elements of hip-hop with punk but utilising hi-tech guitar effects to bring a house music vibe, The Llamas are a garage band extraordinaire. Recently written new material has moved away from the reggae influences of the earlier stuff, instead moving towards a more layered soundscape of dueling lead guitar lines and dark bass riffing. New York's greatest musical export of recent years - Battles - have become the carrot on the stick dangling in front of this eager group of drunks.

Zhaoze Guangzhou's finest band, and a supremely thoughtful and resourceful act using instruments from the classical guqin to cutting edge guitar effects units to craft a progressive sound, reminiscent of Radiohead, Sigur Ros or Pink Floyd. Zhaoze, formerly The Swamp, are themselves cultivators of a wide music scene, their latest release being a collaboration with some of China's most celebrated electronic musicians.

The band earned themselves a loyal following in town for tight performances and raw, energetic live shows with a dash of bluesy, jazzy chordal nuance and ubiquitous, "Na-na-na" choruses. Where have they been these past two years? Liang Liang, founding member said, "We've not been lazing around. We've spent a lot of time practicing recently, in preparation for the recording of our second CD. Most of the material at MAX 09 will be the new stuff."

PB33 The tuneful and forward-thinking band of pop-punkers from Beijing Recording Arts College have had a busy year, releasing their first EP last November. Disco Boys & Girls Night Out is a catchy, punchy homage to the nightlife and party scene in Beijing, putting dance beats with power chords underneath lyrics about getting lucky, in a sordid and debauched riposte to more cleancut China punks like SKO.

Thimble Clan Contemplative rapper Shazhou deserves kudos for his overarching views of his art form. With his crew hailing from the East Coast (New Jersey) and West Coast (California) as well as creative members from Qingdao, such as music photographer Da Bing, they are a solid and musically diverse unit. Music-tech marvel Jeff Liang and perpetually entertaining acoustic guitar innovator Sam 'Who-Likes-To-Jam' Roth have been moistening audiences at RS's Unplugged evenings for over a year, and it's about time the group exposed themselves as the original and inventive musicians they are.

3 9

X o A a Mingndus o p Q09 is u

10 MAX 09


30 artists in 2 venues Beijing Fash ion Show Pyongyang F ilm Presentation Rooftop gig a t Beach No 1 9 incredible bands Wild one at La Villa what more d o you want?

Got your REDSTAR Card? You're eligible for 20% off ANY MAX 09 EVENT!!! (presale only)



What is MAX 09?

Qingdao Music & Art eXposition, held annually since 2007, is Qingdao’s biggest independent music and arts festival. It promotes creativity and originality. That means no plagiarism, no piracy, just passion. By bringing musicians from China's major cities (and beyond) to Qingdao or by giving local artists somewhere to exhibit, or by encouraging schools and universities to get involved and let their students experiment with design, writing, music, film or fashion, we hope Qingdao will get on the map for even more high-profile tours of even more internationally renowned performers. MAX 09 will bring the cream of Beijing’s alternative music scene to Qingdao for two nights of performances in venues around the city, before staging an epic, 9-band extravaganza on 11 April. Last year featured musicians from Beijing’s Recording Arts University, Tag Team Records and

Hot Pot Music. This year sees a band from Maybe Mars, D22's in-house label, feature in Qingdao for the first time, amongst a line-up encapsulating such diverse genres as hip-hop, punk, heavy metal, post-rock and Britpop. Starting on 12 April, Creative 100, the creative industry park on Nanjing Lu will be transformed into display space for local and international artists, in disciplines from painting and sculpting to modern media installations and cinema. This year established artists including Li Lan, Da Mao and Liang Kegang will be in the downstairs display area, which will later be converted into a temporary gallery for Qingdao heavyweight Zhang Yi Zhi. The 5th floor will be outfitted with display space for dozens of amateur artists, from a variety of traditional and digital disciplines, largely representing university programmes in Qingdao.

5 creative nights 8 April - Plastered n' Pyongyang @ La Villa Reservations required 7pm A duo of Beijing's most resourceful and interesting foreign-owned entrepreneurial endeavours join forces for an enlightening eve at Qingdao's nattiest cocktail hangout. (See p12)

10 April - Zhaoze live @ La Villa Free with MAX 09 Concert ticket 9:30pm Part 2 - Guangzhou's darkest horses - and China's answer to Radiohead - take us on an audio adventure, fusing classical Chinese instruments with futuristic indie music.

9 April - Playmaker + guests @ Club New York 8:30pm The headline act warm up for the mainstage with a guaranteed explosive set at the besttrodden venue in town.

11 April - MAX 09 Concert @ Pichai Yuan 100元 Advance Tickets 2pm Thimble Clan - Victorious War - Fancy World - The Dama Llamas - PB33 - Ziyo - Zhaoze Snapline - Playmaker

10 April - Ziyo + PB33 @ The Beach House 60元 (40元 students) Advance tickets required 7pm Part 1 - Two of Beijing's most proficient young punk acts take to the stage in a rooftop gig at one of town's newest - and coolest hotels, right opposite Beach Number 1.

12-19 April - MAX 09 Art @ Creative 100 Industry Park Established Qingdao artists, up-and-coming painters, sculptors, designers, and crafts for the kids, all in Qingdao's creative industrial park

MAX 09 11

MAX 09 Venue -

Pichai Yuan 11 April

Before Germany occupied Jiaozhou Bay at the turn of the 19th Century, Qingdao bore little resemblance to the Old Town that we see today. The colonists brought with them the technologies of industrial Europe - metalwork that made bulk shipping and rail transport possible, stonework that enabled the construction of larger buildings and the widespread use of coal in industry and heating, shaping the future of Qingdao as an industrial and logistics powerhouse in northern China. When one refers to Qingdao's Old Town, the Bavarian buildings and red tiled roofs spring to mind - the Teutonic contingent have undeniably left an indelible mark on Qingdao aesthetically as well as commercially, but as to the period prior to colonisation, there is little left to suggest what life might have been like for local residents. And with the insatiable drive for progression that typifies modern China, it would be all to easy to eradicate any remnants of the city prior to its first industrial epoch.

That's why the redevelopment of Pichai Yuan 劈 柴院 is so important. Pichai Yuan literally translates as 'wood-chopping garden', and its place in the history of Qingdao is well defined. The hutonglike marketplace is a lively, engaging glimpse into Qingdao's history. With winding roads, restaurants and a performance square, today it is a great venue for mingling with folk and enjoying cheap eats.

timber to businessmen on the western end of the peninsula, and people from Jiaonan would sail across on market days to trade. Such was the influence the area had on society at the time, that even today, locals remember their grandparents' stories of famous dishes of doufunao soup or Chunhe Lou restaurant, a venue renowned for its insurmountable guotie dumplings.

In its previous incarnation, though, merchants and traders would converge on the market, near what is today Zhongshan Lu, selling and buying wood. Residents of Laoshan sold their

The influence Pichai Yuan had on local life was massive - people converged there to purchase wood cooking, building and heating, and as such it became very much a source of life's necessities especially in winter time. As the years progressed, it developed into a social meetino's much talg place too, with numerous restaurants and jiujia - baijiu markets. As the area became less important in trade due to the newer modes of industry brought by the Germans, the courtyards were used for local acting performances, art shows and fortune tellers. In 2009 it will continue that tradition, hosting some of China's best rock acts. The main event of MAX 09 will take place on 11 April at Pichai Yuan. Tickets are 100元 and are available at REDSTAR or by calling 8388-2269.

culture 09 12 8 MAX

9 0 X A ilm Mf

Since 1989, visionary organisation Koryo Tours has been arranging tours into North Korea while continually documenting the changes and challenges inside the isolated autocracy in both film and print. With their unique access, they have become the world's foremost source of information on the Hermit Kingdom.

This April, they will return to Qingdao for the first time since 2007 for the Fashion & Films evening at La Villa to broadcast movies that though not produced by themselves, are representative of the Asian entertainment that they so enjoy. REDSTAR caught up with Simon Cockerell, Koryo's Tour Manager to question him on life and love in the world's great mystery state. What is life like for an average citizen in North Korea? Very difficult. There are consistent shortages of power and material goods, and the people are not very rich. But like anywhere else, people are just concerned with assuring their health and the health of their families. The capital Pyongyang is more advanced than the rest of the country and has an architectural style that's not used anywhere else in the world... but since 1989 there have not been many new buildings built. It's symptomatic of the country's deterioration since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Between 1989 and 1994, the global dissolution of socialism - coupled with natural disasters and the death of Kim Il Sung - contributed to North Korea's economic deterioration.



North Korea's unlikely celluloid centre REDSTAR

Trading systems broke down. Oil, food and fertiliser became very scarce. North Korea was heavily subsidised by other socialist nations, but as China for instance moved from a barter system to a hard currency, the volume of trade with North Korea decreased. What are the entry requirements and restrictions? They have been standardised for quite some time, and are quite limited. US citizens for instance can only enter for four days at a time, and only during the period of the Mass Games, which are held during the months of August-September. For other nations, the entry procedure is similar, but travellers can go at other times during the year and there are less restrictions on what they can do while there. How many times have you been into North Korea? 71. Do Koryo have any films in the pipeline? We are actually working on a romantic comedy, which will be made with a North Korean film company - actually, I should say 'the' North Korean film company as everything there is state-owned. We will write the script and secure funding but I can't say any more at this point. Kim Jong Il is said to be an avid movie fan; would he have seen your movies? It's reported that he's a movie fan but nobody really knows anything about him. There is a book that is said to have been written by him called The Art Of Cinema. Since it was released, every cinematic work produced in North Korea has been based on that book, and it was definitely written by someone with an intimate knowledge of cinema.


The film showing will be xxxxxxx. Koryo merchandise will be available at La Villa from 8 April at the restaurant's new retail space.

culture MAX 09 13 3

Get Plastered Dominic Johnson-Hill talks t-shirts


'Contemporary' and 'Chinese' may not have seemed the best of bedfellows in the past century but almighty Beijing continues pushing massive square pegs into diminutive round holes. For those that live, work or play in the northern capital, the creative scene adds a much-needed vibrancy to the otherwise foreboding metropolis. With its tongue-in-cheek pokes at the realities of Chinese life, Dominic Johnson-Hill's Plastered T-shirts are the souvenir supremos of Nanluoguxiang, the popular and internationalised hutong in the heart of Dongcheng district. Having lived in China for 16 years - and 5 of those in his own hutong - the British expat is well-versed in China's nuance and idiosyncrasy. This month, the fashion impresario takes his show to Qingdao, for a night of fashion and films at the REDSTAR office, and will start distributing his outlandish tees at La Villa. We quizzed him thusly: Where do you get ideas for your designs? Anywhere. I like iconic imagery and spend a lot of time with my camera checking out markets. It could be an old stamp, a pack of fags. For my first t-shirt, I superimposed a sexy woman on an illustration of the Great Wall. It was based on an observation of Chinese signs where they'll stick a bowl of noodles on a background of a beautiful landscape - that's very strange. We tap into the Chinese market a bit - locals like the designs because we use nostalgic imagery.

9 0 on i X A ash M

You won the British Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2008. How did that come about? I definitely didn't expect to win. The criteria they based their decision on was quite wide. I went into the competition with a clear idea in mind - not to portray entrepreneurship as a purely financial endeavour. I think innovation and ideas are more important, opening new boundaries. Push an idea, and if it's profitable, it's a bonus. That's what I said in my interview anyway. But what else did you do that made you stand out? Maybe it's the way we marketed; we really pushed it into people's faces when we started out. We did catwalk shows in hutongs - no one had ever done that before. We sold the clothes like a door-to-door salesman, got out there in the streets and pushed it with flyers and

I like iconic imagery and spend a lot of time with my camera checking out markets put events on. The government said no, the police said no, but we just pushed it and pushed. It's very difficult to get a slice of the Chinese market, but we did, as I say. And I had a good laugh doing it. What's so good about Beijing? I like the people - lazy and direct. I like the Eastern Blocness, and the fact that it's the seat of power yet remains so unpretentious. But it's still so creative, with bands playing in basements and artists busy everywhere. It's a manly city, and it isn't wrapped in plastic like Shanghai. Buy Plastered t-shirts at my-mai 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu! Plastered'n'Pyongyang: Fashion and Film (feat. Plastered and Koryo Tours) at La Villa, 8 April. Book your seats now, email

14 MAX 09

Creative by Design

In person with Shen Jiarong As MAX 07 was coming together as Qingdao's first annual art and music exposition, REDSTAR struggled to find a visual identity for an event that celebrated creativity from such a broad array of disciplines. Enter Shen Jiarong - the designer had recently launched a visual identity for the Creative 100 Industry Park where the event had found a home, and brought an idea that captured the essence and heritage of music festivals around the world. Returning to MAX 09 as an exhibitor, Shen Laoshi shared his story with us.

History I went to Shanghai's Qinggong Yi Zhuangke Xuexiao, the best art school in China at the time. My family has been into a variety of artistic pursuits for generations; among them, my grandfather was a jewellery designer, my father wrote poems about workers (at the time it was either that or farmers!) and my brothers Shen Jialu and Shen Yiwei are successful screenwriters today. I've always been attracted to Chinese art and design. People like us began to learn about Chinese culture when we were very young, and Chinese art has brilliant ways of incorporating Chinese thought and philosophical ideas.

Identity I am an illustrator. My designs are creative and new, but people often see it as familiar because of the way that it incorporates traditional factors. I draw pictures for the international section of People's Daily twice a week, it's been well-received around the world. Every five years, China has a national exhibition of illustrations, with around 300 pictures; it's very difficult to get anything exhibited, but so far everything I've sent has been exhibited. My early work was also shown


at a UN exposition in Japan many years ago. I feel confident that my work has been well-received.

Inspiration I'm not sure either, it's funny - I enjoy my status in design, and I feel there's nothing that I can't do. Entrepreneurs, leaders, often ask for projects and concepts that are bizarre at first reading, but I love taking them on and cooperating to generate ideas that are totally unique. When I get to do this sort of thing with foreign agencies and companies, it pushes the boundaries of my experience and becomes very exciting. For example, when I do designs, I love to use characters - it works well with logos in particular, I can take the message or name and develop it into something that resonates with the viewer on multiple levels. Designers, in China and abroad, are hugely focused on visual communication that is simple, clear and attractive. I love making posters (like the materials for MAX 07 and MAX 09) because of the challenge of encapsulating many ideas in a single striking image.

I love making posters because of the challenge of encapsulating many ideas in a single striking image

Evolution The equipment is unrecognisable - we used to print with plate glass! We're so used to digital that it's often impossible to explain our old ways to my students. Forty years ago, we had to write the text on any poster; computer processes give us a lot more time to think about how to make a design more effective. When I started studying design, the main task was to create packaging for products; they believed that '货 买一张皮', the cover is the most important part of the product. Now, design is oriented toward changing people's lifestyle. In the past, it was very superficial; now, we're designing to touch people's hearts.

The MAX 09 Art Exhibition will be held 12-19 April at Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu. Free admission.



16 culture

Fushan Clean-up and Climbing

Forest Stewardship

Earth Day (Sunday, 26 April) 10am Qingdao University, Xianggang Zhong Lu Wear suitable shoes; bags/gloves provided 158 6556 1327

Organisations promote sustainable timber

Marcus Murphy Photos © Paul McCormick and Marcus Murphy

With a global economic downturn well under way, the softwood forests of northeastern Russia and exotic hardwoods of tropical Southeast Asia could certainly use the respite. Over the past ten years China’s timber imports from these areas have increased at an exponential rate with major causes being two fold: domestic policies that came about in the late 1990’s, greatly limiting domestic deforestation (while encouraging the converse, allowing China to become the most heavily tree-plantation covered nation), and secondly, the insatiable diet of developed nations for manufactured goods at the lowest prices possible, largely unaware or unconcerned with the true costs.

Local roots In 2002, Qingdao was a top-five hardwood log importer of China, a major centre for the

paper industry and the largest importer of pulp. Regardless of where you are in the world, there's a good chance that the wood used to make your last grande macchiato’s paper cup, and the avantgarde styled coffee table it sat upon, once passed through our very own Jiaozhou Bay. Paper products are made from softwoods or conifers, which dominate the boreal forests covering most of Russia and Canada. The timber trade on the Chinese-Russian border is shady to say the least. The World Wildlife Fund (China’s longest active international environmental NGO) estimates anywhere between 20-50% of logs come in through the black market. Across the border in Dalnerechensk, Russian loggers use silenced-chainsaws and must pass by a chain of bribes from racketeering local officials. The central governments of both Russia and China are well

aware and have addressed the win-win situation a better regulated system could provide both economically (more equal distribution of revenue and taxes) and environmentally (the boreal forests sequester a significant amount of greenhouse gases) but progress has been slow. From 19972004 the average annual growth rate of timber imports from Russia was around 70% and if the taxing harvest rates continue, Far East Russia will be devoid of harvestable timber within 30 years. As China sheds the cloak of an agrarian society, a unique connection with the land is quickly diminishing. Today, there are several active NGO’s looking to preserve pieces of China’s guanxi with Mother Nature via markets. One shining example of this effort is an international certification system created by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which monitors the economic and environmental

culture 17

A barrier to the spread of conscious consumption has been the lack of standardised certification schemes that teach consumers how to buy sustainably malpractices of timber industries across the world. FSC’s first certified forest in China came about in 2002 and their certified products are quickly popping up in home-furnishing stores across the nation. Because Qingdao is such a dense centre of wood-product manufacturing and logistics, FSC has found it to be an effective site to concentrate their Chinese outreach efforts.

Previously, apartment owners in the many boomtowns of China struggled through tedious, long-lines of retailers, purchasers and designers in order to furnish their new home. More recently many are taking up a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach that currently dominates 91% of the U.S. (i.e. Home Depot, Lowe’s) and European (B&Q, IKEA) markets. Within China, Orient Home (China), B&Q (UK) and Home Mart (China) have dominated the DIY market.

A major barrier to the spread of ‘green’ conscious consumption has been the lack of standardised certification schemes that outline the ways that buying a certain product is more sustainable than buying some alternative. B&Q is one of the largest DIY franchises in China and has a Qingdao branch located on Shandong Lu. They have pledged that by 2010, all wood products or paper in their stores will be certified by FSC and other groups. They also hope to increase their customers' awareness of timber-related issues and steer away from purchasing exotic wood unless there is sound evidence that it was legally harvested. Pledges are being made now but it remains largely up to customers to show their commitment. Amazingly, the FSC-certified lumber at Qingdao's local B&Q doesn't carry the price premium that is often assumed with materials that are produced in a more conscientious manner; the choice may be a 'no-brainer', but it hinges on consumer awareness.

A few years ago, IPSOS China conducted a survey that discovered not only were over three-fourths of Chinese citizens of Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai aware of major deforestation issues around the world, but also that they would avoid shopping at stores they knew were supplied by lumber companies using unsustainable practices. Just a casual conversation with local middleclass shoppers supports the idea that Chinese citizens are very aware of environmental issues and will take steps within reason to improve the environment around them.

Although there has certainly been a slight decrease in traffic on the Yellow Sea, it is likely large amounts of timber will continue to dock here in Qingdao given the Politburo’s $586 billion dollar stimulus plan alongside an enduring urbanisation trend (which entails the furnishing of homes for an expected urban population of 685 million by the end of next year). We hope that the prospect of increasingly comfortable lifestyles will intersect the legacy of 2008’s 'Green Olympics' and foster a broad commitment to increasing environmentallysustainable consumption.

Do it yourself

Vital Stats An estimated 25 million trees are cut down each year for the prolific, disposable chopsticks used in China. Grab a slick pair of collapsible, reusable kuaizi online and whip them out on your next bowl of lamian. It is said that Wal-mart clerks in the U.S. are told to use as many plastic bags as possible so customers feel they are getting ‘more’ for their money, but don’t be fooled, save some mao and sport a cotton, Chinglish bag next time you’re off to Carrefour or Jusco.

Making a difference The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is China’s oldest international NGO. Their most frequently used symbol is the once-nearextinct Panda (hunting of the ‘national treasure’ was legal only 80 years ago). Some of their current projects include boosting the affinity for the environment in China’s 200-million students as well as encouraging eco-tourism to boost local economies in southwestern areas where locals often exhaust local natural resources. The Nature Conservancy are the largest landowners apart from the government in the U.S. They are also working on several projects within China including the dissemination of eco-friendly stoves that run on human and animal waste in rural Yunnan. One of Shanghai’s most active volunteer associations, Bean ( often hosts environmentally related activities as well as teaching hygiene or English to migrant laborers’ children. They have offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Nanchang and Chengdu. For a comprehensive list of Chinese environmental NGOs visit: There are currently four active in Shandong province. Legendary primataologist Jane Goodall started Roots & Shoots ( back in 1991 with educating youth being a main goal. The group is very active and does some amazing things across China.

18 teaching

Class of your own The toys of teaching

Toy stores are for children and their parents, but as a teacher I enjoy browsing in them. They're filled with products and activities that introduce the world in a fun way. Hey, that's the same thing I want to do with my teaching! While looking for colourful images and real-life objects to add to lesson plans, I’ve found that toys can be easier to transport, longer lasting (plastic food versus real), and more enjoyable for students of any age. Wander the aisles and let your imagination help you decide how various toys might be used in your classroom. When modeling telephone etiquette, toy phones with silly rings add more fun than using your mobile. Bags of plastic animals bring life to any discussion of the outdoors. Dolls can show action without you always having to jump, run, and cartwheel yourself. If you can only find dolls that are blue-eyed blondes, animals may be a better choice. Use them as characters in stories, to talk about putting on shoes and socks, or even as a partner for conversation.

Toy cars are fun and can generate a truckload of vocabulary. They may even spark discussions about the cost of automobiles to the environment. You’ll find kits for recreating a doctor’s office or a kitchen complete with food. Teach your students to make a sandwich or pretend you are at a restaurant. Role plays and discussions go better when preceded with some modeling. Watch the students clamour to volunteer if toys are involved in the demonstration. Puzzles can demonstrate a grammar lesson, such as how certain concepts fit together. Let the early arrivals play with a brain teasing puzzle before a class that involves critical thinking. You may not have enough class time to complete a jigsaw puzzle, but the picture on the box could illustrate your topic. Let the students continue to work on it during the break. Rather than yell across the room at students reverting to Chinese during their English dialogues, I reach for my magic wand. Bought at a toy

Susan Socrates

store, this wand really is enchanted - any student I point to magically begins speaking English. It prevents me from using socially-unacceptable pointing, and my university students laugh every time I use it. To begin a class or to re-claim the students’ attention in the middle of it, I sometimes look for unusual objects or noisemakers. More than once, something brought to class just for fun has turned out to be a great way to illustrate a language point. Whether you have a particular goal or are looking for inspiration, why not let the child within you run free in toy land?

MAXimum Learning Extend your teaching beyond the classroom by encouraging your students to come to the MAX 09 Concert and Art Exhibition! Students can meet foreigners, sample both Western and Chinese culture, and generally have a blast! The art exhibit will contain a small stage for students to make English presentations. Prepare your students to give a speech or tell a story, and help them get them over the shyness thing!

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20 hundred schools

Knowing the Way DaoDeJing, Chapter 25 Rejoice! Winter is past! The bitter Qingdao cold has given way to the "shufu" Qingdao spring, which in time will yield to the glorious Qingdao summer. It's the perfect time to crack open that perennial Daoist classic, the DaoDeJing (道德经) and explore the mystery of Chapter 25.

cosmology whereby there is a perfect social order decreed by Heaven. At the top of that order was the king/emperor, commonly called the Son of Heaven. Daoists have railed against this formulation, warning people of the folly of emphasising society over nature.

Usually, Dao refers to a path or a way which one may 'follow' in order to find a balanced, harmonious life. However, there is a grander definition of the word. In Chapter 25 are some ideas about the creation of the universe.

Yet here we see a Daoist verse placing the King in an elite group - the 'Four Greats', together with the Dao, Heaven, and Earth. This apparently admits some truth to the notion of a cosmic order that society fits into.

The Dao is described as 'absolute', 'infinite', and 'coming before the universe' (literally "Heaven and Earth"). In another chapter we read that "The Dao produced One; One made Two; Two yielded Three; the Three made the 10,000 myriad things." It seems that the Dao is a sort of god-force which preceded everything else imaginable. Is it religious? Or is it metaphysical theory? Or both? Or do the two perspectives come together? Abandon both. Just say that it provides a unique answer to the great question of where the world and universe come from. Either way, we know that the Dao came before Heaven and Earth. We can read that it is "receding to places remote and distant, so far away, and then it reverses." It sounds like a maxim from the YiJing - the Dao is always changing. It encompasses everything, embodying its opposite within itself. The Confucians are famous for declaring the existence of a

One imagines that a Daoist would never admit to agreeing with a Confucian, but here we see some common ground, which tells us something about China during that era (some 80-or-so generations ago). Both ideologies took for granted that the human social order derives from Heaven. The sentiment was probably felt by all Chinese. The ending in this chapter is

DaoDeJing Chapter 25 There exists something absolute and complete in itself Which came before the entire universe (天地). Silent & solitary it is. Infinite it is, standing alone and unchangeable. I do not know its name and so I call it Dao, Though one might also call it "The Great." The Great is receding, receding to places remote and distant, so far away, then it reverses.

Gar Kerbel (戴岭)

tricky to translate. It reiterates the hierarchy of godliness, proceeding from humans up to the Dao. But the Dao does not follow anything higher. We are told that "道法自然". The Dao follows, or is in line with ziran (Nature) - it's own Nature. You could translate it as, "The Dao follows itself." Yet being absolute and the mother of Heaven and Earth, the Dao therefore is Everything. Everything following itself? The Dao - and the entire universe following it - is in constant change. The Dao does not follow the rules of change, though. It is absolute; it is its own set of rules. The Daoists, unlike the Confucians, warn us that we ought to study its ways. Personally, I think that both perspectives are needed. Next month we'll see yet a different thread shared by Laozi and Confucius.

And so we say the Dao is great Heaven is great Earth is great, and also the King is great. In all of the world, these are the four greats And the King is indeed one of them. People follow the Earth. The Earth follows Heaven. Heaven follows the Dao. The Dao follows the laws of Nature and spontaneity.

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Transporter 3

Directed by Bryan Singer

The Wrestler

Directed by Olivier Megaton

As a thriller, Valkyrie has a big strike against it: most viewers know, going in, that Adolf Hitler either a) committed suicide in March 1945 or b) escaped to Antarctica in a nuclear-powered submarine and joined his fellow Reptoids in the Hollow Earth. He definitely wasn't killed on July 20th, 1944, when disaffected military officers staged a coup d'etat that might've worked, if not for that one minor detail. Valkyrie smartly forsakes an omnipresent view of events and sticks mainly with Claus von Stauffenberg (Tom Cruise), who personally undertook the failed assassination. The audience is privileged to little that Stauffenberg doesn't know, and the last act (following his botched effort) finds the conspirators barricaded in a Berlin military complex. The suspense hinges on how long they can forestall the inevitable, not on the the success or failure of their plan. It helps that Cruise mostly suppresses his penchant for VOICE-RAISING THEATRICS, giving no easy outlet for the accumulated tension. He does a decent imitation of a cool, determined, career military man decent enough that the brief glimpses of Stauffenberg's family life feel out of place. But this is more than an exciting night at the movies. This is a 'prestige picture', with a mostly British supporting cast and onscreen text proclaiming that this is very important history stuff. Valkyrie isn't shaded enough to work on that level: the plotters are defined solely by anti-Nazism (Stauffenberg's own ultra-nationalism is reduced here to a couple of references to "sacred Germany"), and Stauffenberg's stated aim - to prove, through action, that 'Germany' and 'Hitler' are hardly synonymous - is weirdly mitigated by giving Hitler the one and only German accent. As a thriller, Valkyrie is above average, but the historical detail is too thinly developed to leave a lasting impression. It's popcorn entertainment with a high-drama veneer. -Josh Martin

Directed by Darren Aronofsky

Part 3 is typically either the end of the line for a franchise or just another installment in an endless succession of money-spinners - think James Bond, Friday the13th, or Death Wish. Transporter 3 leaves room for a sequel, but doesn't make much of case for one. Even Frank Martin (Jason Statham) knows this series has run its course: he's comfortably retired as the movie begins, relaxing in the south of France and turning down an especially insistent job offer. He's persuaded back into action by a sociopathic mastermind (Prison Break's Robert Knepper) and sent barreling through Central Europe to deliver yet another mysterious 'package' - the high explosives strapped to Frank's wrist seal the deal. Transporter 3 feels similarly obligatory. Statham brings his unflappable tough-guy persona, while novice director 'Olivier Megaton' provides a look identical to everything else from Luc Besson's Euro-action assembly line. Even veteran fight choreographer Corey Yuen couldn't be bothered this time around: his two big scenes play like mirror versions of each other, even if Frank goes shirtless for one of them. In fact, the film is as much about Statham's sex appeal as over-the-top action. To that end, ample screen time is given over to the relationship between Frank and his latest passenger (Natalya Rudakova), which generates about as much heat as Harold and Maude (no matter how often Statham exposes his torso). The romance between the steely, near-middle-aged Frank and a spoiled twentysomething candy raver is as convincing as you'd expect - but then, this is a universe where cars can drive on two wheels just by jerking the steering wheel really hard. And it's only in isolated moments like that, where the film drops its main character's studied self-seriousness and concedes its own absurdity, that Transporter 3 justifies its existence. -Josh Martin


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The Wrestler is a film about aging gracefully and living for all the right reasons, a lesson taught by an actor who hasn’t, playing a broken man who plays a super-hero in staged ring fights. My initial response to the news that Aronofsky was making a film about professional wrestling was incredulity. After 2006's disastrous The Fountain I felt burned by the director who had given us the emotionally challenging Pi and Requiem for a Dream. It seemed to typify all the bad things that can happen when a brilliant director is given free reign to do whatever he wants with a huge budget—crash and burn. The Wrestler is as much a chastening of Aronofsky's directing chops as it is Mickey Rourke's rebirth as a true Hollywood leading man. Known more for his steamy action flicks, Rourke had become something of his own joke in the industry showing up anytime a tough guy prop was needed, talent optional. Where John Travolta’s career rehab involved a hapless gunman in Pulp Fiction, Rourke's turn as Randy 'The Ram' Robinson is the performance of a lifetime; the product of a man who has known the heights of fame but is learning to accept just how far he has fallen. And like Rourke’s Marv in Sin City, Randy has a 'condition'. This Ram's heart is failing and the only love he's ever found acceptance in is going to kill him if he keeps going. Randy realises that he might just have to give up the mat if he's going to make it another day. The performance-side of small-town pro wrestling is treated tenderly here and the interplay between Randy, Marisa Tomei’s golden-hearted dancer and Evan Rachel Woods as a “maybe-lesbian” daughter provide beautiful analogs to the main event—The Ram in the ring. -Ryan Blocher

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Over 1.5 million Michael Jackson fans scrambling to buy tickets for his London gigs have sent websites into meltdown. Two sites offering presale tickets to his O2 Arena shows crashed as people from around the world including Congo, Paraguay and Korea went online in an attempt to secure seats for his comeback tour. After years spent as a virtual recluse, many people doubted his ability to sell out the 20,000 seat arena. An icon through the Eighties and Nineties, he was relegated to showbiz curiosity after facing financial woes, media exposes, and child molestation charges, for which he was acquitted. But not only did Jacko sell out his original ten shows; he later

announced a further 20 following fan frenzy in London, and is now also booked through the months of January and February 2010. Jackson himself is said to be ecstatic, although he was up to his eccentric behavior as he kept the crowd waiting for 90 minutes before arriving at the 02 to announce the concerts and then stayed just four minutes. His appearance was full of air-punches as he told the crowd his London concerts would be his last in the capital, repeating over and over, "this is it!" It is difficult to see how he will be able to get through the grueling schedule, with the concerts running from July to September, even though the 50 year old has been given a one day on, one day off arrangement.

The residency will be Jackson’s first long run of concerts in 12 years. He has not released a new album since 2001 and his recent performances have been brief and disastrous. He suffered stage fright at the 2006 World Music Awards, held in London, and was unable to perform his smash hit ‘Thriller’. Another singer had to step in before Jackson shuffled on stage and got through just one verse and one chorus of 'We Are The World'.

Online bookies are capitalising on the potential for disaster, offering odds that he will miss at least a few of the fantastical number of shows in the upcoming engagement. With tickets costing between £50 and £75 (480-720元), Jackson could earn £50 million from the run and is then expected to go on to tour and release a new album.

Paul Rey-Burns

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Render Unto Caesar

Tax regulations for non-resident enterprises The State Administration of Taxation (SAT) has issued the tax regulations for non-resident enterprises that do business and have establishments or places of business in China.

on time, the local tax bureau is authorised to collect information on other income derived by nonresident enterprises in China and charge overdue tax and interest surcharges from the payers of other income items.

Tax registration and filing for nonresident enterprises in China is set to begin from 1 March, 2009 while 2008 corporate income tax filing should be done by 31 May, 2009. Under SAT’s ‘Decree 19 on Provisional Administrative Measures Governing Tax Collection on Contracted Projects and Provision of Services by Non-resident Enterprises,’ companies that contract in projects or provide services in China should register with the tax bureau where the project is located within 30 days of finalising the contract. Companies should then register again within 15 days after the project has been completed. Local companies and individuals that outsource projects to nonresident enterprises should submit contract/service related documents, tax registration certificate of the non-resident enterprises and other relevant documents to the bureau within 30 days after contract signing. In the event that details of the contract are revised, non-resident enterprises should report the changes to the tax bureau within 10 days after. Moreover, companies are also required to report their billing status and submit documents within 30 days of receiving billing. Local companies and individuals that are required to withhold tax must register with the tax bureau where the project is located within 30 days from the start of the withholding obligation. Depending on the instructions from the tax bureau, non-resident enterprises could be

Annie Cui

The ‘Administrative Measures on Final Settlement and Payment of CIT for Non-resident Enterprises, Circular 6,’ dictates that non-resident enterprises that have establishments or places of business in the country are still required to pay for corporate income tax regardless of whether they make a loss or profit.

For assistance with, or questions concerning tax regulations for non-resident enterprises in China, contact or visit

companies that contract in projects or provide services in China should register with the local tax bureau the corporate income tax (CIT), business tax (BT) and value-added tax (VAT) withholding agents. Non-resident enterprises are required to submit their corporate income tax both quarterly and annually in addition to settling tax payment upon completing their projects. If a non-resident enterprise does not register and submit the documents needed by the tax bureau, they shall be excluded from preferential treatments of tax treaties.

Non-resident enterprises with BT or VAT taxable activities and with places of business in China should file and pay BT or VAT themselves. Those with no place of business should have their withholding agents complete filing and payment. Non-resident enterprises or PRC outsourcers should submit necessary document to the tax bureau within 30 days of signing the contract, or they should withhold BT and VAT for non-resident enterprises. In the event that non-resident enterprises are not able to pay tax

Non-residents should submit annual CIT returns to the tax bureau and complete annual CIT filing within five months of the end of a year. Non-resident enterprises that stop business in the middle of a year should complete CIT filing within 60 days of termination. Non-resident enterprises that meet the following criteria are exempt from annual filing: • The contract in China lasted less than one year and ended in the middle of a year, and the relevant taxes have been fully settled. • The non-resident enterprise completes deregistration procedures during the annual filing period. • When a non-resident enterprise fails to complete annual filing in time, the tax bureau may charge a penalty worth between 2,000 元 and 10,000元. During this time, the annual tax payable will be confirmed and the company will be advised to settle this amount within a specified period. • Other situations as approved by tax bureau.

Special nights, every week! Tuesday Ladies night - everything half off for ladies! Wednesday Chef’s special dish Thursday Happy night! Tsingtao draft 10元!

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One glass of wine or a draft Qingdao beer free for tables booked between 11:00 to15:00

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28 places hotel

The Artful Lodger Lookin' good at China Gongshe The road leading into 'China Gongshe' is the Shinan District Government's new Culture Street, an infusion of zhongguo wenhua into the city's modern downtown. But management has taken the mission in a refreshingly with-it direction. China Gongshe ('China公社'; aka The Hakka; aka China Community Hotel) is certainly striking; a round three-storey building with bright tan wood panelling, surrounded concentrically by a goldfish pond, a parking lot, a conspicuously fashionable block of grey bricks and window panes, and a backdrop of early-90s era residences and the Minjiang Lu cuisine district. Owner/architect Niu Hu Bin and his wife Zhou Ming Rong are no strangers to style; at their Lao Zhuan Cun restaurants along Minjiang Lu, periodical menus are designed so as to incorporate a literary magazine, and are available for customers to buy. A combination restaurant and hotel facility, China Gongshe is their most ambitious project to date. On one hand, the name reflects an idealisation of Chinese culture, taking a set of traditional design elements and artefacts and redeploying them in a

Bo Longke

way that incorporates modern aesthetics and use; thus the the English 'China' in the official Chinese name. Gongshe, or community, is hoped to reflect a commitment to humanity, awareness of unity in diversity across time and space, while incorporating of natural elements in an artful setting. Great concept, but how does it take shape within a hotel? For one thing, it means that looking good is the very nature of the project; style reigns throughout, especially bringing old materials into new uses and bringing the outside in by means of skylights, birds, fish and plants. The contractors had to learn how to make a particularly ancient brand of

parchment so that it could be used as wall panelling in the lobby, to complement the smooth, natural feel of the stonework underfoot. The sinks in each room are contemporary raised bowls, each bearing a unique design. In fact, aesthetic elements like screens, cupboards and wall decorations vary from one room to another, so that no two are the same. Between the total emphasis on looking good, and the price tags on the furniture (yes it's all for sale!) it's a bit like staying in an art gallery. But there are other distinctions between chambers. Their most popular standard rooms (618元/night in peak season; discounts thankfully available) feature cool design, swiveling television and a single queen-size bed or two twins; other rooms are set up to facilitate chatting over tea, or reading quietly under a skylight, or in the case of the two-room loft suites, stargazing (at 1988元/night). They also offer budget rooms for 158元/night. Try it out when you need some inspiration, or send your visitors over for a memorable stay. Dinner and breakfast packages with the also gorgeous adjoining restaurant also available.

30 places dining

New Menus

Tastizione at Murano's

Eric Blocher

A tasting menu is a thing of great expectations, a selection of signature specialities created to satisfy in the broadest and deepest ways that food and beverage can. Course upon course introduces new themes, building into a symphony of flavours and textures; a 'dish' can be admirable or even impressive, but a menu that is at once dynamic and harmonious, exciting and familiar, this is where a chef turns the bedlam of the kitchen into a workshop for high art. After eating my way around Qingdao for years, March 2009 finally brought me to Murano's, which was in fact the first of the city's several terrific Italian restaurants. One can readily accept that Chef Giancarlo is the longest-serving of our local xicai masters, and his commitment to delicious preparations of traditional Italian dishes is unwavering. His current eight-course Tasting Menu is a perfect example of why Italian is the world's most popular international cuisine.

Octopus salad, fried salt cod fillets, marinated anchovies, lobster salad A light beginning to what is sure to become an extended affair; particularly, the zest on the anchovies is a high note that will tickle my tongue repeatedly over the next... seven courses. Sticking with the San Pellegrino for now, the merlot will wait. Balls of mortadella with lemon and black truffle sauce The salty mortadella (a pork sausage flavoured with nutmeg, pistachios and olives) disintegrates over a sea of earthy, aromatic truffle piqued by lemon. Garganelli with mascarpone and smoked bacon The greatest moment in the history of 'fusion' occurred when Marco Polo brought é?˘ to Italy, and pasta was born. Mascarpone is the soft, fluffy cheese typically used tiramisu, and it takes on the flavours of bacon and garlic to delight the palate. Risotto with pecarino and pears A cleansing diversion after the creamy bacon and garlic, the sharp pecorino is balanced with sweet chunks of pear. Grouper rolls with rosemary Not just rosemary; here we see the return of lemon

zest, this time in a sauce of sauteed garlic. These rolls offer a persuasive argument in favour of culinary traditionalism, taking a fish that is at once meaty and light in flavour, and bathing it in a familiar blend that is the very essence of 'savoury'. Australian beef tenderloin over porcini mushrooms with cream, cognac, and black truffle Now, it's time for the merlot. My companion tells me that how you cut your steak says something about the person you are; I cut mine in half and offer her one, she cuts it in half again and accepts. I think she wants to say something, but her mouth is too full of mushrooms and steak to form intelligible words. My eyes glaze over. Sicilian fried roll filled with ricotta served with nougat gelato on marmalade The marmalade provides a citrus-y high note that, scooped up with the pistachio nougat gelato or the delightful ricotta canola, coats the tongue like a cold warm blanket. Now all that's left is the coffee, to be promptly followed by a grappa, and a nap. 888 (+15% service fee) includes everything described above, plus two orders of soup, two glasses of wine, two coffees, and limoncello or grappa.



34 title

title 35



LU ࿿Ӵ੦



May 4th Square


ᅨ੦ Uྶ


32 33 36 36 32 37 32

ଃࢆ ‫م‬ ੦


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LU ϗ ૒੦


AO ME NL Uϗ ૒ ੦ 

੦ ૒ ϗ


LU ‫ײ‬ ‫ݢ‬ ༎ ੦

Music Square ႃ৉݄ӎ

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Olympic Sailing Center ϕᄖِԷׁࠖ

100 200



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Qingdao’s Central Business District (CBD) encompasses much of the city’s most valuable real estate, stretching along the coast of Jiaozhou Bay (site of the XXIX Olympic Sailing Regatta in 2008) in either direction from the Municipal Government building and May 4th Square. Hong Kong Road, built in 1997 and named in honour of Hong Kong’s return to Chinese authority in that year, runs through the centre of the area and serves as the major artery of commerce in the city. The following is a list of unsponsored locations to be found in this area:

Chinese Dining 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44

Boiling Fish Township HBR Music Kitchen Shu Xiang Yuan Bellagio De Heng Roast Duck Taipei Yes Kylin Teppanyaki Shan Cheng Pepper Yu Ma Tou Seafood Da Qing Hua Dumplings La Zuyette Restaurant HK Old Restaurant Laobian Dumplings South Beauty

Crowne Plaza


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EET Ҍྣ ࢯ








ER LU ᅭᇤ‫م‬ ੦

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‫ݢײ‬༎੦ I XI LU A H G DON

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Shu Ma Gang

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ᇗ ۞

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31 31



XIN H UI LU ྕ ߾੦


City Government


LU ᄑཫ ੦


Shangri-la Hotel


੦ U ଺࣠

੦ ྿ᇤ LU

੦ ௽ Uྕ

੦ ‫ײ‬ U೾ GL













Fuxin Mansion











IN  M  43


ࢆ੦ Uଃ G L 38 N JIA


੦ ᇤ ྿

      MINJIANG LU ଃࢆ੦









੦ ࢆ༎ XI LU








੦ ࢆ଺ LU ᆛ NAN



34 ੦ யཌྷ N LU PEIXIA




၊੦ U ฃᇤ










title map 36 CBD


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Asian Dining 31 35

CafÈ Yum Tudari

Bar & Nightlife 31 32 33

Western Dining 1 6 32 33 36 37

Salvatore Cassani Pizza Hut Sunshine Grill Da Vinci La Villa

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Q Bar Paulaner Bar Room Lounge Feeling VIP Holiday KTV Club New York

CafÈs 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40

Be For Time Teahouse Haagen-Dazs SPR Coffee Coast Coffee Cafe Alley Starbucks Coffee Four Seasons CafÈ UBC Coffee The Diner Han Bread

Hotels 1 31 32 33 34

InterContinental Qingdao Copthorne Hotel Studio 52 Fuxin Mansion Shangri-la

Shopping 31 32 33 34

Carrefour Sunshine Dept. Store Suning Electronics The Book Nook

 of 52 places featured in the Spring 2009 1 edition of Pocket Qingdao, a compact guide to the city’s best places (contents are 100% non-sponsored). Pocket Qingdao and Pocket Beijing ¥50 from REDSTAR & featured outlets. Branded boxes available as corporate gifts, 139 0639-0437






੦ Ӵ ᅁ



HU LU ۢႷ޹੦



ဲ ೠ ੦

੦ ଄




ᇤ ੦ ᅭ LU








LU ᝙

ဲ ‫م‬ ੦

੦ ༹







IAN LU ‫ܦ‬ ๊ ੦






੦ ᇤ

EET Ҍྣ ࢯ

U ထ‫ـ‬ ֣

‫م‬੦ ᇰ‫ݢ‬


ZHI LU ᇰ ‫ ݢ‬ᆮ੦





ଃࢆ ‫م‬ ੦




XIN H UI LU ྕ ߾੦

੦ ࡉၴ

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੦ ᇗ ‫ݢ‬ U‫ײ‬

Chinese Dining 11 12 13 14 16 17 18

Dieqiao Sichuan Tian Lu Yuan Pingís Beijing Duck Qin Ji San He Yuan Dumplings Le Tai Yuan China Gongshe

Asian Dining 5 11 12 13 15 16 18 21 22

Bamboo Thai Fatema Indian Cafe Asia Hong Kong 97 Huo Lu Qing BBQ Sumo and Sushi An Shi Stove Kuji Kuji Yamazen Sushi

Western Dining NG HE NC ZE


੦ 3 Sorrento Ӵ ᅁ 4

13 14 17 19 20

Pizza Kalinka Russian Trattoria Verde Lisaís Pizzeria Pizza JJ Monnemer Eck Hamheaung

Bar & Nightlife 1 2 3 11 12 13 14 15 16 17

 of 52 places featured in the Spring 2009 edition of Pocket 1 Qingdao, a compact guide to the city’s best places (contents are 100% non-sponsored). Pocket Qingdao and Pocket Beijing ¥50 from REDSTAR & featured outlets. Branded boxes available as corporate gifts, 139 0639-0437







Hong Kong Garden is the epicentre of Qingdao’s international entertainment scene featuring state-of-the-art shopping malls, fine dining from around the globe, and evening venues for everything from a quiet nightcap with a special someone to an electropop extravaganza with hundreds of new friends. Tucked among the standout destinations are hundreds of shops and restaurants to fit AO ME virtually every need and budget. It is without a doubt one of Qingdao’s most exciting areas, and perhaps the only neighbourhood that is alive, kicking, and well worth a visit twenty-four hours a day. N L U The following is a listCenter of unsponsored locations to be found in this area: ϗ Olympic Sailing


18 19 20 21

Le Bang LPG Charlieís Bar Corner Jazz Bar Jackís Bar Allen Story Salsa Q SOS East @ West Bar Feeling Club Soho Bar Old Jackís Bar Lennon Amatar Club

CafÈs 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21












ພ੦ Uฃ NL





੦ ྮ

Grand Regency Hotel








੦ ‫ݢ‬၊ Uᇰ YI L HAI ZHU




5 ੦ ഐ‫ݻ‬ G LU

੦ ‫ݢ‬ೠ LU ӻ

LU ‫ײ‬ ‫ݢ‬ ༎ ੦

LU ᇰ



੦ ଺௤

੦ G LU མ ۞ ᇗ N O H Z G N A XIANGG 12 17






੦ ӻ‫مݢ‬




Crowne Plaza ၒᇗߧܻࡔಸࣽ‫ד‬






11 12


AO ME NL Uϗ ૒ ੦ 

‫م‬੦ 19 14 U ᅭᇤ 17 OU ER L 16 ZHAN GZH 4 3 1 Mykal 12 13 14 21 ઢू৉ 15 Book City 20 11 ඈӴ 13 ੦ ӻ‫ݢ‬၊ AI YI LU CHENGH



13 19



੦ ‫ڦ‬౪




11 DAT IAN 17 LU ੦ վ LU ᅭᇤ၊ 16 ZHANGZHOU YI ๊


၊ ੦ 



੦ ࣉ૒

ᅭ ᇤ

಍ᇤ੦ OU LU




14 ER LU ᅭᇤ ‫م‬੦


JIA NG XI LU ࢆ ༎ ੦











U ଃ Z H A N GZ ࢆ ੦ 11







ӑ LU





๊ ੦








੦ ೠ ဲ







38 HKG map

Mission Coffee CafÈ Kona Box CafÈ Shop Bread Star CafÈ Maru Baskin Robbins Hausbrandt Amyís Bakery Yogurt Princess B‰ ckermeister Story Cafe

Hotels 4 12

Crowne Plaza Grand Regency Hotel

Shopping 1 11 12 13 14 15

Hisense Plaza Mykal Jusco Book City iGO Xue Yuan Bookstore


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Bellaire Int'l Medical Center Our services include primary and specialist care...

•Family Medicine •Pain Management •Chiropractic, Sports Injury •Physiotherapy, Acupuncture •Deep Muscle Massage Insurance Direct Billing: * Euro-Center China * BUPA Int’l * Good Health/Aetna * Euro-Alarm China * China Life FESCO Health Benefit * SOS Int’l * Tie Care Int’l * SSC Int’l * MONDIAL Assiatance * IMG/ PING AN OF CHINA * GBG * Road China * Allianz/ MONDIAL

•Gynecology / Pediatrics •Dental & Orthodontic •Pharmacy / Laboratory •X-Ray/B-Ultrasonic/ECG •Dermatology, etc.

Fertility specialist from Japan providing Western treatments. Come for a consultation today!

It's flu season reserve your vaccine!

Pain Management Neuro-Spinal Dept O Openning for VIP membership, F For more info please contact: 8592-7119 Phone: (532) 8592-7119 / 8111-7118 P IIn 24 hour emergency: 8866-7161 Address: 1 Zhanghua Lu, House #49, Yindu Garden A Open house every Sunday 11:00am-12:00pm. O

Founded by American doctor who features a team of highly experienced clinicians that using advanced technic and equipment for diagnostics and treatment. We have treated a large variety of difficult cases around the world.



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威公 路 89





路 84





R ES 青



Century Park


LU 青 烟 路







LIYAN G LU 礼阳 86 路






喜盈 门大 桥




n Inter


tic es




公 速

84 85 86 87 88 89 90








Dio Coffee SPR Coffee Yulin Tea Art



Hong Hai Driving Range

81 82 83 84





CHO XPRE SS W NGQ AY 胶州湾 速公路 ING 高 BEI LU 重庆 北路

87 88





85 86


Paradise Club 24hr KTV 24 Latin Club KTV Seoul Cinema Starbox KTV MONG Room Salon Palace Room Salon OK KTV Room Imperial Classic Tang Club




Bar & Nightlife 81



Don Korea Seoul Garden Anboshi BBQ Korea Haogong BBQ Jing Fu Gong Korea

8 30


Asian Dining 81

Chinese Dining Yiqinglou Seafood Chuanxiangfu Sichuan Jiashimin Chinese Caoyuan Xingfa Hotpot Zhulaoda Dumplings Tianfu Laoma Sichuan Wanbao Sea Cucumber Food & Bar Street






















Konggang Industry Park

83 84









N G LU 长 城








LU 中 城 路

Shandong Convention Centre

HEYANG LU 和阳路 90


81 84 ZHENGYANG LU 正阳路





公路 高速 青银
















路 公


40 CYG

烟 Y青

2 8

85 308

86 87

Chengyang Shopping Centre Tai Yang Cheng Jia Jia Yuan Arian Mall Jewellery CBD Guohuo(International Mall Zhonghan Market Arts & Crafts) RT Mart青岛国际工艺品城 3

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44 places attraction

dining places 45


events 47 COMMUNITY


What’s up in April

Easter Events Egg-laying bunnies, resurrection, chocolates or the return of white shoes, Easter means many things to many people. Get your kids to one of these fun international family events around town! 04/04 Q  D Expat tea party for kids at 4F SPR White House in Shi Lao Ren 2-4:30pm rsvp 50元/child, 60元/ accompanying adult 11/04 G  ames, activities and stories at the Book Nook 12-4pm

Happy Hours 10pm-Midnight 2-for-1 beer and cocktails at ssLPG


Expat Wednesday Lunches A great way to meet new folks and old friends, and experience a different cafe around town every week! For more information, please visit www. 01/04 China Gongshe, 8 Minjiang San Lu 08/04 J  ourney of Taste Buffet, Holiday Inn Parkview, Chengyang 15/04 Greenery Cafe, 65 Xianggang Zhong Lu 22/04 S  hun Feng Fei Niu (hotpot), 216 Yan’an San Lu

Wednesday Ladies Night at Q Bar Free roses for ladies at Napoli

Book Club The next Book Club selection is Literary Pathways to Interpersonal Magnetism. April Fools! It’s actually One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Book Club meets at Lisa’s Pizzeria (Chenghai 1 Lu). 01/04 7pm

3 Le Bang turns 5 Dancing. Open bar. Music. Sofas. Pizza. For five years, Le Bang has had something for everybody, especially on Friday nights. DJ Shonny’s spinning nu disco to mark the occasion!

Storytelling at Book Nook Bring the kids to Qingdao’s English language bookstore for a story hour to experience the joys of reading! Times listed below are for native English speakers only, please. Call 8097-1935. 18/04 11am-12pm For ages 8+ 25/04 11am-12pm For ages 3-8 German Stammtisch German residents, friends and associates are welcome at this community gathering, hosted by Monnemer Eck German Restaurant. For details, call 8388-7793. 10/04 7pm Linux User Group Don’t worry, it’s not like we talk in code or anything. Get support for your programming questions, and chill with some other avid Linux users at May 4th SPR. 10/04 7pm. Francophone Party A different film every week, presented at Alliance Française in French and Chinese (where available), followed by discussion of themes. Free Admission. Saturdays, 4pm. 24 Book and Film Club Co-sponsored by The Book Nook and REDSTAR, we’ll be reading Bringing Down the House and watching 21. 7pm at Book Nook, 8pm at REDSTAR

CONFERENCES & EXHIBITIONS 23 Naval Gazing Celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Chinese Navy! Many of China’s most advanced watercraft will take part in a sail-past of the city, visible from many areas along the coast. 24 Food Processing and Packaging Equipment, Qingdao International Convention Center

Every Week Monday Latin Night at Q Bar

04 Maya at Freedom Cuba 7:40pm 50元 (30元 students) 05 K-JELL at Freedom Cuba 7:40pm 50元 (30元 students)

Tuesday Great discounts for students and teachers at ssLPG Ladies Night at Cassani Everything half-off for ladies

Thursday Happy night at Cassani - 10元 Tsingtao draft

08 Plastered n’ Pyongyang Fashion from Plastered t-shirts and a legendary monster flick fresh from the hermit kingdom, in a one-of-a-kind event at La Villa. Reservations necessary; email 7pm 09 PLAYMAKER Live at Club New York with support from Kending Ke Neng 9pm 10 Bands Around Town Ziyo and PB33 live on the roof at the Beach House 60元 7pm; Zhaoze live at La Villa (free with MAX admission) 9:30pm

Sunday Jiaozi-making at Old Church Lounge - Learn how to stuff your dumplings. 10元 gets you dinner too. 6pm

19 Pub Quiz at La Villa It’s finally here, get a team together and dazzle the world with your mastery of movie, music and hodgepodge trivia. Trophy, pride and prizes are on the line, so sharpen your kit of useless knowledge and head in for loyalty drink specials! Maximum 6 players/team, registration 10元/team, be there 6:30pm to register, game starts 7pm sharp.

SPORTS & RECREATION Hash House Harriers Qingdao’s drinkers with a running problem! Meeting at 2pm at Crowne Plaza unless otherwise specified. Please bring 10元 to help out with taxis and beer. More info is available at 04/04 Old Town Run

18 Charity Staircase Climb at Crowne Plaza! Log the best time running up 40 floors, and win cool prizes! 50元 donation from every runner will be given to the Qingdao Expat Charity Fund.

22 Climbing and Clean-up at Fushan Celebrate Earth Day by removing some rubbish from Qingdao’s downtown mountain range, and go climbing afterwards if you want! Bags and gloves provided. Meet at Qingdao University gate on Xianggang Dong Lu, 10am. For more info, email Ultimate Frisbee Great way to get active for Spring and meet cool folks! Every Sunday at No 3 Bathing Beach, 2pm. Email for more information.

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ts REDSTAR even Save 20% on om .c rd ca visit REDSTAR

11 Rock Show at Pichai Yuan MAX is back for the 3rd year running, an incredible show with top talent from China and around the world. Pichai Yuan (off Zhongshan Lu in Old Town) 2-10pm. Food and beverages available. Admission 100元 (50元 students with ID). For free advance ticket delivery, email or call 8388-2269. 14 Frederick Live at Le Bang 8pm, Free Admission. 17 Carsick Cars & the Gar China’s most influential rock act to date plays Qingdao for the first time. At REDSTAR Live. See article, p9. 60元 (40元 students with ID). 7:30pm. 18-19 B-B-B-Ballerinas Breakdance extravaganza ‘Ballerina who Loves a B-Boy’ is one of Korea’s most famous live shows. Since it first hit the stage in 2005 it has had massive international success, with productions at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and offBroadway. Qingdao People’s Auditorium. 18 April 6pm; 19 April 2pm and 6pm. Tickets 100-580元. Call 133 6124-8000 (Chinese). 23 Unplugged at Le Bang The microphone is open to Qingdao’s singer-songwriters, cover hacks and entertainers of all kinds. Le Bang is a hell of a place to put on a show. Party starts 9pm, and will last for several hours. Free admission. For more, or to get on the performance list, email

ART 12-19 MAX Art at Creative 100 Dozens of local and international artists exhibit recent works as part of Qingdao MAX 09. Free Admission. Grand opening 12/04 11:58am. 28 Hassa’s Qingdao The Huangdao Cartel presents My Qingdao: a photography exhibit by Hassa at Oriental Express restaurant in Huangdao (see listings for address). Openings 28/04 and 02/05, 6:30pm. Until 16 May. Call Gar for details: 138-9281-5664 Tickets 46元, available at Oriental Express. 6-30 Glowing Dawn A presentation of new work by French artist and sinophile Ludwig, exploring climatic phenomena observed throughout China, ranging from fog and rain to vaporised water and fragrances. Free Admission. At Alliance Française.

qingdao listings 48 title

=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu

Essential Numbers Directory Inquiries (diàn huà hào mǎ chá xún) (114/116) 电 话号码查询 Fire (huǒ jǐng ) (119) 火警 First Aid Centre (jí jiù zhōng xīn) (120) 急救中心

20:40 20:45 20:50 22:30


Depart 07:35 09:40 09:45 12:00 12:35 12:50 15:45 15:50 16:05 17:45 19:10 21:00 21:55 21:40 21:55 23:10

Taxi Help (chū zū chē tóu sù) (8281-7777) 出租车投诉 Taxi Reservation Hotline (chū zū yù yuē rè xiàn) (9600-9797) 出租预约热线 Tourist Help (lǚ yóu tóu sù zhōng xīn) (8591-2000) 旅游投 诉中心

Publice Service Hotline (gōng yòng fú wù rè xiàn) (12319) 24 hour. Including water, gas, heating etc 公用服务热线 China Mobile Service Hotline (yí dòng tōng xùn fú wù diàn huà) (10086) 移动通讯服务 电话 China Unicom Service Hotline (lián tōng zōng hé fú wù diàn huà) (10010) 联通综合服务 电话 China Telecom (diàn xìn zōng hé fú wù diàn huà) (10000) 电 信综合服务电话 China Netcom Group (wǎng tōng zōng hé fú wù diàn huà) (10060) 网通综合服务电话 Wanneng Locksmith Services (Qingdao Shi Wanneng Kaisuo Zhongxin) (8868-7772) 青岛市 万能开锁中心

Getting Around Qingdao to Beijing Arrive

07:35 07:40 07:40 09:55 11:35 11:40 15:40 16:10 16:55 18:25 18:40 18:50

08:50 08:40 08:55 11:10 12:55 12:50 17:00 17:15 17:55 19:40 20:00 20:05

Arrive 09:00 11:05 11:05 13:15 13:50 13:55 16:55 16:55 17:20 19:10 20:30 22:15 23:10 22:55 23:10 00:20+1

No. SC4667 HO1106 MU5534 SC4661 MU5338 MU5550 MU5536 SC4665 CA1535 SC4663 MU5544 MU5542 (3) SC4669 MU5540 (4) SC4669 FM9196

Wed and Sat only. (4) every day except Wed and Sat. (3)

Qingdao to Shanghai Pudong Depart 10:15 10:40

Arrive 11:35 11:45

No. FM9232 HO1196

CAAC Booking Office (zhōng guó mín háng dìng piào chù) 30 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85775555) 中国民航订票处 香港 中路30号 Qingdao International Airport (qīng dǎo guó jì fēi jī chǎng) (8471-1877, 96567) 青岛 国际飞机场 · 40 minutes drive from CBD · 13 international flights · 77 domestic flights · 1,200 flights per week · 7.87 million passengers p.a. · 116,000 tons of cargo p.a.

Qingdao to Beijing Type Day Day Day Day Day Night


MU5195 MU5197 SC4651 CA1572 MU744 SC4653 CA1570 MU5193 MU536 (1) SC4655 SC4657 MU526 (1)

Type Day Day Day Day Day Night

Train Tickets Agency (huǒ chē piào dài shòu diǎn) 33 Nanjing Lu (inside Fushan Bay Hotel) (8069-0077) 火车票代售点 南 京路33号(浮山湾宾馆内) If you buy tickets through this kind of agency, they will charge you 5 元 for the procedure fee. Qingdao Railway Station Booking Office (qīng dǎo huǒ chē zhàn dìng piào chù) (8296-2777, 9510-5105) 青岛火 车站订票处 Qingdao Railway Station (qīng dǎo huǒ chē zhàn) 2 Tai An Lu (8296-2777) 青岛火车站 泰 安路2号

Road Huangdao Long Distance Bus Station (huáng dǎo cháng tú qì chē zhàn) 2 Changjiang Xi Lu, Huangdao (8688-9217) 黄岛长 途汽车站 黄岛长江西路2号 Qingdao Long Distance Bus Station (qīng dǎo cháng tú qì chē zhàn) 2 Wenzhou Lu (83718060) 青岛长途汽车站 温州 路2号 Shenzhen Lu (8891-0011) 青岛长途汽车东站 深圳路 Feixian Zhi Lu (8267-6842) 青岛 长途汽车站 费县支路

Sea Huangdao Ferry (huáng dǎo lún dù) Liugong Island (8685-6949) 黄岛轮渡 刘公岛 Qingdao Ferry (qīng dǎo lún dù) 21 Sichuan Lu (8261-9279) 青岛轮渡 四川路21号 Xuejiadao Ferry (xuē jiā dǎo lún dù) Xuejia Island Travel Dock (8670-5247) 薛家岛轮渡 薛家 岛旅游码头

Where to Stay 5 Star

Rail Depart Arrive No. Hours

06:51 07:42 10:45 12:53 14:49 20:14

12:48 13:38 16:38 18:37 20:41 05:19

D60 D58 D62 D54 D52 T26

~6 ~6 ~6 ~6 ~6 ~9

Beijing to Qingdao

Air Depart

every day except Tue, Thu and Sat. every day except Wed and Sat.

Qingdao to Shanghai Hongqiao (Puxi)

Qingdao Cable Networking (qīng dăo yŏu xiàn diàn shì) (8570-1999) 青岛有线电视

Electricity Help (gòng diàn jí xiū) (800-8601188) 供电急修

SC4659 MU5199 (2) CA1576 CA1526


Police (bào jǐng) (110) 报警

Traffic Accidents (jiāo tōng shì gù) (122) 交通事故

21:55 22:00 22:05 23:50

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Crowne Plaza Qingdao (qīng dǎo yí zhōng huáng guàn jià rì jiŭdiàn) One of Qingdao’s most hospitable choices for world-class accommodation, with entertainment centres, great restaurants and shopping. 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85718888) 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店 香港中路76号 HKG Map 11

Depart Arrive No. Hours

06:45 12:43 D51 ~6 08:30 14:22 D53 ~6 11:15 17:04 D55 ~6 13:25 19:22 D57 ~6 16:05 21:57 D59 ~6 22:50 07:22 T25 ~8.5 To our knowledge, train tickets can be purchased five days in advance from the departure city. Return tickets for the fast (day) train can also be purchased from either city; however, sleeper tickets can typically only be purchased from the city of departure.

Grand Regency Hotel (lì jīng dà jiǔ diàn) 110 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8588-1818) 丽晶大酒店 香 港中路110号 HKG Map 12 Haitian Hotel (hǎi tiān dà jiǔ diàn) 48 Xianggang Xi Lu (8387-1888) 海天大酒店 香港 西路48号 Huiquan Dynasty Hotel (huì quán wáng cháo dà jiǔ diàn) 9 Nanhai Lu (8299-9888) 汇泉王 朝大酒店 南海路9号

=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu InterContinental Qingdao (qīng dǎo hǎi ěr zhōu jì jiǔ diàn) The former site of Qingdao’s Olympic Village, the Intercontinental is a world-class luxury hotel with an impressive array of international dining options and top rate amenities at surprising rates. 98 Aomen Lu (6656-6666) 青岛海尔洲际酒 店 澳门路98号 CBD Map 1 Kilin Crown Hotel (Best Western) (qí lín huáng guàn dà jiǔ diàn) 197 Xianggang Dong Lu (88891888) 麒麟皇冠大酒店 香港东 路197号 Sea View Garden Hotel (hǎi jǐng huā yuán dà jiǔ diàn) 2 Zhanghua Lu (8587-5777) 海景 花园大酒店 彰化路2号 Shangri-La Hotel (xiāng gé lǐ lā dà fàn diàn) Complete with some of the finest restaurants and the city’s most glamourous nightlife, this 5-star venue is among the very best hotels. Professional staff attend to your needs and the location is ideal to experience everything Qingdao has to offer. 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (83883838) 香格里拉大饭店 香港 中路9号 CBD Map 34

4 Star Ausotel Meihua Qingdao (ào sī tè měi huá) Australian hospitality in the Sailing City, complete with a great steakhouse and bar. 135 Yan’an San Lu (8197-8777) 澳斯特美华 延安三路135号 Blue Horizon Hotel Qingdao (lán hǎi dà fàn diàn) 18 Qinling Lu (West of Municipal Exhibition Centre) (8899-6666) 蓝海大 饭店 秦岭路18号 (会展中 心西邻)

Hai Qing Hotel (hǎi qíng dà jiǔ diàn) 11 Donghai Zhong Lu (8596-9888)

Holiday Inn Parkview Qingdao (qīng dǎo jǐng yuán jià rì jiǔ diàn) Part of a top-rated international chain, Holiday Inn has everything for the traveller as well as great restaurants, business and conference services, and easy access to Qingdao’s airport and golf courses. 306 Xingyang Lu, Chengyang District (8096-6888) 青岛景园假日酒店 城阳区兴 阳路306号 Laozhuancun China Comuunity Art and Culture Hotel (lǎo zhuàn cūn China gōng shè wén huà yì shù jiǔ diàn) 8 Minjiang San Lu (8576-8776) 老转村 China公社文化艺术酒店 闽 江三路8号 Oceanwide Elite Hotel (fàn hǎi míng rén jiǔ diàn) 29 Taiping Lu (8299-6699) 泛海名人酒店 太 平路29号 Oriental Hotel (dōng fāng fàn diàn) 4 Daxue Lu (8286-5888) 东 方饭店 大学路4号 Sanfod Hotel (shān fú dà jiǔ diàn) 96 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8399-3888) 山孚大酒店 香港 中路96号 Studio 52 (wǔ shí èr píng fāng guó jì gōng yù) 10 Haifeng Lu (8667-8818 ext.155, 159-54883362) 52平方国际公寓 海丰路 10号 CBD Map 32

3 Star Beach Castle Hotel (hǎi tān gǔ bǎo jiǔ diàn) 23-25 Changzhou Lu (8289-3666) 海滩古堡酒店 常州路23-25号 Cinema Hotel (yǐng shì dà jiǔ diàn) 65 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8573-5768) 影视大酒店 香港 中路65号 Fuxin Mansion (fǔ xīn dà shà) 5 Minjiang Lu (8591-1009) 府新 大厦 闽江路5号 CBD Map 33 Haixiang Hotel (hǎi xiáng shāng wù jiǔ diàn) 8 Ziji Shan Zhi Lu, Huangdao (8689-0666) 海翔商务酒店 黄岛紫金山 支路8号 Huanhai Gloria Inn Qingdao (huán hǎi kǎi lái shāng wù jiǔ diàn) 29 Donghai Xi Lu (83878855) 环海凯莱商务酒店 东海 西路29号 Jinjiang Inn (jǐn jiāng zhī xīng) 438 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao (8682-8999) 锦江之 星 黄岛井冈山路438号

Lu Hai Feng Hotel (lǔ hǎi fēng dà jiǔ diàn) 128 Alishan Lu, Qingdao Kaifaqu (8699-2211) 鲁 海丰大酒店 青岛开发区 阿里 山路128号 Marco Polo Hotel (mǎ kě bō luó shāng wù jiǔ diàn) 636 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao (8689-7999) 马可波罗商务酒店 黄岛井冈 山路636号 Overseas Chinese International Hotel (huá qiáo guó jì fàn diàn) 41 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8572-5666) 华侨国际饭店 香 港中路41号 Qingdao City Home Business Hotel (qīng dǎo chéng shì jiā shāng wù jiǔ diàn) 7 Xianxia Ling Lu (8870-0888) 青岛城市 家商务酒店 仙霞岭路7号 Qingdao Hotel (qīng dǎo fàn diàn) 66 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8578-1888) 青岛饭店 香港中 路66号 Qingdao Renjia Business Hotel (qīng dăo rén jiā shāng wù jiǔ diàn) 99 Nanjing Lu (8610-2222) 青 岛人家商务酒店 南京路99号

Boutique Hotel Clearsea Arts Hotel (hǎi qīng wén jié yì shù jiǔ diàn) Stunning and innovative hotel, with unique, imported furnishings, numerous pieces of original artwork from artists around China and splendid lounge and dining facilities. On the site of Qingdao German Governor’s Residence, a converted German villa that now houses an art gallery. 26 Longshan Lu (8288-9888) www. 海青文杰艺术酒店

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Great drinks specials Live Music

龙山路26号 德国总督府院内

Resort Asana Executive Apartments Qingdao (qīng dǎo jiā shàng huī tíng xíng zhèng gōng yù) Qingdao’s finest serviced apartment community, with stunning views and incredible amenities. 15 (Yi) Donghai Xi Lu (The Sail @ Olympic Bay Apartment B) (8091-5151) 青岛 嘉尚辉庭行政公寓 东海西路 15号乙 (东海路9号B栋) Baden Village (bā dōng xiǎo zhèn) Located in Jimo (86579997) 芭东小镇 即墨市 Latour Laguens International Resort Hotel (lā tú lā gān guó jì dù jià jiǔ diàn) Incredible hotel with an affiliated winery in Bordeaux. Boasts a very exclusive wine club, and a stunning location at Shilaoren beach. 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (8896-6969) 拉图拉甘国际度假酒店 香港东

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more selections, more than good

11 Xinyi Lu tel: (532) 8583-9898 (off Ningxia Lu, West of Nanjing Lu) 新沂路11号(宁夏路安利路口南行100米)

宁 夏 路 安利





Haidu Hotel (hǎi dū dà jiǔ diàn) 218 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao (8699-9888) 海都大 酒店 黄岛长江中路218号

Harvest Hotel (shì jì hǎi fēng dà jiǔ diàn) 459 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao (8699-6666) 世 纪海丰大酒店 黄岛长江中 路459号

Jinjiang Inn (jǐn jiāng zhī xīng) 100 Nanjing Lu (8310-7999) 锦 江之星 南京路100号


Copthorne Hotel Qingdao (qīng dǎo guó dūn dà jiǔ diàn) A comfortable, centrally located hotel that houses first-class Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and Western restaurants, as well as a bar and coffee shop/deli. Close proximity to much of Qingdao’s nightlife. 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8572-1688) 青岛国敦大酒店 香港中路28号 CBD Map 31

海情大酒店 东海中路11号


Blue Horizon Hotel Huangdao (lán hǎi dà jiǔ diàn) 66 Changjiang Xi Lu, Huangdao (8698-6666) 黄岛蓝海大酒店 黄岛长江西路66号

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=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu 路316号

SPR Resort (SPR nòng hǎi yuán jiǔ diàn) 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-3422, 8889-0394) 青岛SPR弄海园酒店 香港东 路316号

Hostels Big Brother Guest House (bēn zhī lǚ qīng nián lǚ guǎn) Two locations in Qingdao - These are comfortable and affordable hotels, and part of a national chain. Both boast 60+ beds, and all the mod cons for budget or mid range travellers. www. 31 Jiangxi Lu (8287-3888) 奔之 旅青年旅馆 江西路31号 6 Baoding Lu (8280-2212) 10 mins walk from train station. Cosy, clean and unbeatable price. Best for small party. 奔之 旅青年旅馆 保定路6号  The Beach House (dà hǎi yì kè zhàn) 1 Wendeng Lu (Right on the water edge of Beach No.1) (8289-3999) www. 大海驿客栈 文登路1号 Qingdao Kaiyue Youth Hostel (qīng dǎo kǎi yuè guó jì qīng nián lǚ guǎn) A fine establishment for the weary traveller to rest his head. Carries a charming air of old German architecture, located in the centre of Qingdao concession area. Features a great little bar and is very close to the sea. 31 Jining Lu (8284-5450) yhaqd@ 青岛凯越国际青 年旅馆 济宁路31号 Hotel Ibis (yí bì sī jiǔ diàn) 178 Changjiang Lu, Huangdao (86989888) 宜必思酒店 黄岛长江 路178号 YHA Old Observatory (qīng dǎo ào bó wéi tè guó jì qīng nián lǚ shè) 21 Guanxiang Er Lu (8282-2626) 青岛奥博维特国际青年旅社 观象二路21号

What to See Beaches No. 1 Bathing Beach (dì yī hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) Qingdao’s most popular beach, and one of the largest. Entertainment includes water sports, beach buggies and quality dining, and attractions such as Tiantai Stadium and Zhongshan Park are nearby. 14 Nanhai Lu (8286-6305) 第一海 水浴场 南海路14号 No. 2 Bathing Beach (dì èr hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) The smallest of Qingdao’s bathing beaches; very private and a great location for swimming. Ideally located for a stroll around the idyllic Badaguan area. Inside

Taiping Bay (East of Huiquan Bay) 第二海水浴场 汇泉湾东侧 太平湾内 No. 3 Bathing Beach (dì sān hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) Secluded among the sycamores of Badaguan, this popular beach offers mesmerising views of Qingdao’s skyline.. 6 Taiping Jiao Lu 第三海水浴场 太平 角路6号 Shilaoren Beach (shí lǎo rén hǎi shuǐ yù chǎng) Located in the southeast part of Qingdao, at the foot of Wu Mountain, is the so called ‘Old Stone Man’(Shilaoren). Haikou Lu 石老 人海水浴场 海口路

Churches & Temples Lutheran Church (jī dū jiào táng) Built in 1910 , the Protestant Church consists of a peaceful courtyard guarded by an impressive bell tower. Quite a change of atmosphere from the major intersection that lies just outside! Bus No. 1,214,217,220 15 Jiangsu Lu (8286-5970) 基督 教堂 江苏路15号 Qingdao International Christian Fellowship QICF is an interdenominational community of Christian expats and their families meeting at 10am every Sunday; in accordance with local regulations, please bring your foreign passport (or for Chinese citizens, proof of marriage to a foreigner). Intercontinental Hotel, 3rd Floor, Auditorium, 98 Aomen Lu, Near the Olympic Sailing Center, St. Michael’s Cathedral (tiān zhǔ jiào táng) The cathedral was built by the Germans in 1934. Regular services are held on Sunday mornings. The interior features extensive murals and some stained glasswork. Bus No. 1,2,5,6. 15 Zhejiang Lu (82865960) 天主教堂 浙江路15号 Zhanshan Temple (zhàn shān sì) This temple was built in 1945 and is the most recently constructed temple by followers of the Tiantai Buddhist Sect. On Buddha’s birthday, thousands of worshipers gather here to attend the temple’s fair. Bus No. 26,31,201,304,311,316. 2 Zhiquan Lu (8386-2038) 湛山寺 芝泉路2号 Taiqing Palace (tài qīng gōng) Nestled on the east of Laoshan National Park, a centuries-old daoist retreat and a beautiful specimen of harmonious Chinese architecture. Inside Laoshan (8288-9888) 太清宫 崂山内

Museums Chengyang Buddhism Culture

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Museum (chéng yáng qū fó jiào wén huà yì shù zhǎn lǎn guǎn) 城阳区佛教文化艺术展 览馆 夏庄街道源头社区 Haier Museum (hǎi ěr kē jì guǎn) Middle section of Nanling Lu. (8889-9855) 海尔科技馆 南 岭路中段 Laoshan Tea Culture Museum (láo shān chá wén huà bó wù guǎn) The second floor is tea culture area, the third is specific to Laoshan tea. Take No 109, 106 from Licun, or No 371 from Changle Lu, or No 312 from Tuandao to Xiaowang Village, Wanggezhuang. Xiaowang Living Area, Wanggezhuang Street Scene, Laoshan District 崂 山茶文化博物馆 崂山区王哥 庄街道晓望社区 Huangdao Traditional Culture Museum (huáng dǎo qū mín sú zhǎn lǎn guǎn) 1001 Zhujiang Lu 黄岛区民俗展览馆 珠江路1001号 Qingdao German-style Prison Site Museum (qīng dǎo dé guó jiān yù jiù zhǐ bó wù guǎn) (8286-9773) 青岛德国监狱旧 址博物馆 常州路21号 Qingdao Library (qīng dǎo shì tú shū guǎn) 109 Yanji Lu (8501-2112) 青岛市图书馆 延 吉路109号 Qingdao Municipal Gallery (qīng dǎo shì měi shù guǎn) 7 Daxue Lu (8288-8886) 青岛市美 术馆 大学路7号 Qingdao Sculpture Museum (qīng dǎo shì diāo sù yì shù guǎn) Situated on Donghai Rd., overlooking the Sea, this museum displays domestic and foreign art both indoor and in its beautiful gardens. 66 Donghai Dong Lu 青岛市雕塑艺术馆 东 海东路66号 Tianhou Palace (tiān hòu gōng) First built in the Ming Dynasty, today it serves as the Qingdao Folk Customs Museum. Bus No. 6,26,231 19 Taiping Lu (82877656) 天后宫 太平路19号 Tsingtao Brewery Museum (qīng dǎo pí jiǔ bó wù guǎn) Built in 1903, the original Tsingtao Brewery is now the site of an excellent museum including all round information on Qingdao such as old maps and photographs, information on the history of the brewery and the Tsingtao Beer Company, a tour of the brewery including free beer for all at the Brewery Bar to top it off! 56 Dengzhou Lu (8383-3437) 青岛啤酒博物馆 登州路56号

Parks & Gardens Baihua Park (bǎi huā yuàn) 11

=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu Jingshan Lu (8286-0584) 百花苑 京山路11号 Botanical Park (zhí wù yuán) Built in 1976, the Botanical Garden is located at the southern foot of Taipingshan Hill. Inside it is the Senlin Amusement Area. It’s fun for the young and the young at heart. Entrance fee: RMB 10 Bus No. 206, 310, 370, 604 (get off at the Yueyang bus stop) 33 Yuanyang Lu (83861179) 植物园 郧阳路33号 Little Fish Hill Park (xiǎo yú shān gōng yuán) The tower at the top of the hill offers an excellent view of the surrounding area, including Huiquan Square, the No.1 Bathing Beach and Zhong Shan Park. Bus No. 6,26,501,801 24 Fushan Zhi Lu 小鱼山公园 福山 支路24号 Lu Xun Park (lǔ xùn gōng yuán) It’s located on the shore of Huiquan Bay and offers beautiful views of the sea. Bus No.6, 26, 201, 302, 304, 316. 1 Qinyu Lu (8286-8479) 鲁迅公园 琴屿 路1号 Shilaoren Sightseeing Garden (shí lǎo rén guān guāng yuán) 1 Laoshan Lu (8883-2599) 石老 人观光园 崂山路1号 Signal Hill (xìn hào shān gōng yuán) Xinhao Shan (Signal Hill) was once a signalling station. Nowdays you can climb it to admire the nearby architecture! 18 Longshan Lu (8279-4141) 信 号山公园 龙山路18号 Zhong Shan Park (zhōng shān gōng yuán) Free administration 28 Wendeng Lu (8287-0564) 中山公园 文登路28号

Various Attractions 1388 Culture Street (1388 wén huà jiē) Minjiang San Lu 1388 文化街 闽江三路 Badaguan (bā dà guān) Named after the eight passes of the Great Wall, the area boasts different architectural styles ranging from German to Dutch. Thick rows of gingko, peach, pine and crab apple trees add to its beauty, especially during spring’s blooming period. Bus No. 15,26,31,202 Wushengguan Lu 八大关 武胜关路 Hua Shi Villa (huā shí lóu) An old castle-like building, located in the Badaguan area next to Beach No.2. 18 Huanghai Lu (8387-2168) 花石楼 黄海路 18号 Huadong Winery (huá dōng jiǔ zhuāng) You can taste different Huadong wines and try the grapes they are made from. Peaceful scenery makes it a great spot to relax for a few hours.

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Huadong Baili Winery, Nan Long Kou (8881-7878) 华东酒庄 南 龙口 华东百利酒庄 Laoshan Scenic Area (láo shān fēng jǐng míng shèng qū) The Mount Lao Scenic Area (Laoshan), also known as one of the cradles of Taoism, is a national park featuring mountains, forests, waterfalls and views of the sea. Laoshan is situated 30km southeast of Qingdao. Routes: From Qingdao Ferry Dock catch bus No. 304, 312; From Taidong - bus No. 104,110; There is a special tourist line from Tuandao to Yakou-bus No. 802. (8889-5695) 崂山风景 名胜区 Little Qingdao Island (xiăo qīng dǎo) A small island with a famous old lighthouse. Well situated in front of the old city, with an excellent view of the pier. 26 Qinyu Lu (8286-3944) 小 青岛 琴屿路26号 May 4th Square (wǔ sì guǎng chǎng) Named after the May 4th Movement in 1919, this square offers beautiful sea views and has become the symbol of modern Qingdao. 35 Donghai Xi Lu 五四广场 东海西路35号 Music Square (yīn yuè guǎng chǎng) In the centre of the square there is a 20-metre high statue named “Sail of Music”. The platform, overlooking the sea, is designed as an open music score, in which world famous melodies are stored. Bus No. 25, 26, 31, 104, 202 Aomen Lu 音乐广场 澳���路 Qingdao Guest House (qīng dǎo yíng bīn guǎn) This place was built as the German Governor’s Residence in 1905. Famous guests include China’s former presidents Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping. Bus No.1, 25, 221, 225, 228. 26 Longshan Lu (8288-9888) 青岛迎宾馆 龙 山路26号 Qingdao Polar Ocean World (qīng dǎo jí dì hǎi yáng shì jiè) Performances begin at 10:30am, 1:30pm, 3:30pm. Bus No. 317,501,11,102,104. Get off at Wangjia Maidao Bus Station. 60 Donghai Dong Lu (8590-9999) 青岛极地海洋世界 东海东 路60号 Qingdao TV Tower (qīng dǎo diàn shì tǎ) Located on Taiping Hill this tower is 348 metres above sea level and a great place to get a panoramic view of Qingdao. Bus No. 1, 36, 368. 1 Taiping Shan Lu (8365-4020) 青 岛电视塔 太平山路1号 Qingdao Underwater World (qīng dǎo hǎi dǐ shì jiè) 1 Laiyang Lu (8287-8218) 青岛海 底世界 莱阳路1号

Qingdao Zoo (qīng dǎo dòng wù yuán) Bus No. 15,219,220,302. 102 Yan An Yi Lu (8287-2970) 青岛动物园 延安 一路102号 Seashore Sidewalk (bīn hǎi bù xíng dào) 40km of what Qingdao is famous for sand and surf. The route runs from Tuandao (Old Town) via Badaguan to Shilaoren in the east. 滨海步行道 从太平路到 东海路 Tian Mu City (tiān mù chéng) Has a gallery of international architecture, entertainment places, restaurants and tea houses. Between Dengzhou Lu and Liaoning Lu 天幕城 登州 路和辽宁路间 Zhan Qiao Pier (zhàn qiáo) Built in 1891 and located in Qingdao Bay, it is regarded as one of the symbols of Qingdao. At the southern end of the 440-metre-long pier, is a Chinese pavilion called “Huilan”. Bus No. 2, 8, 25, 26, 201, 301, 304. 12 Taiping Lu (8286-8575) 栈桥 太 平路12号

Chinese Dining Looking for the Best Chinese Dining INQINGDAO? Follow the REDSTARS!

BBQ Cafe Asia (yà zhōu kā fēi) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8600) 亚洲咖啡 香港中 路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日 酒店2层 Golden Hans Buffet (jīn hàn sī pí jiǔ kǎo ròu) 139 Ningxia Lu (8580-0636) 金汉斯啤酒烤肉 宁夏路139号 Handiyuan BBQ (hán dì yuán kǎo ròu) 20 Zijin Shan Zhi Lu, Huangdao (8688-2389) 韩帝园 烤肉 黄岛紫金山支路20号 HBR Music Kitchen (hǎi biān rén yīn yuè chú fáng) Great fusion dishes and service, similar to others in the HBR chain but with a loungier feel and live entertainment most evenings. 8 Haimen Lu (8388-8711) 海边 人音乐厨房 海门路8号 CBD Map 32 Jiuxianfang BBQ (jiǔ xiān fāng) 316 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao (8689-0377) 玖鲜坊 黄岛紫金 山路316号 Kylin French Teppanyaki (yù

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=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu qí lín fǎ shì tiě bǎn shāo) Classically appointed interior

with intimate banquet rooms and a personal chef at every table. 69 Aomen Liu Lu (85796116) 玉麒麟法式铁板烧 澳门 六路69号 CBD Map 37 Teng Wang Ge (téng wáng gé jiǔ diàn) 10 Zhanshan San Lu (8386-6997) 滕王阁酒店 湛山 三路10号

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De Heng Beijing Roast Duck (běi jīng dé héng kǎo yā diàn) One of Qingdao’s grandest locales for Beijing roast duck, with a colourful facade and giant lions keeping watch over the door. 49 Nanjing Lu (8578-2956) 北京德恒烤鸭店 南京路49号 CBD Map 35 Jinghualou Beijing Roast Duck (jīng huá lóu běi jīng kǎo yā) 11 Fuzhou Bei Lu (8575-7811) 京 华楼北京烤鸭 福州北路11号 Ping’s Beijing Duck (xiǎo wáng fǔ fàn diàn) Crispy duck skin, cucumber and spring onions, all wrapped together in a pancake and garnished with plum sauce. Ping’s is a great place to sample the pleasures of Beijing duck without breaking the bank. 20 Yan Er Dao Lu (8575-0208) 小王 府饭店 燕儿岛路20号 HKG Map 13

Cantonese It is often said Cantonese people will eat “anything with legs except a table, and anything that flies except an aeroplane.” Don’t let this put you off - the cuisine is one of China’s greatest, and includes the delicate dim sum snacks Bi Feng Tang (gǎng jì bì fēng táng) Dim sum is the order of the day, and can bewilder new-comers with the number of dishes on offer. Don’t be put off though, it’s a treat, and open till the wee small hours too (closes at 4am) 158 Minjiang Lu (85776789) 港记避风塘 闽江路 158号 Hong Kong Old Restaurant (xiāng găng lăo fàn diàn) Simply superb and centrally located, the sheer number of dishes on the menu will impress first timers, but the myriad flavours will ensure that you keep coming back. 43 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85978868) 香港老饭店 香港中路43 号 CBD Map 42 Moon (yuè) Chinese Restaurant. 2F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Aomen Lu (6656-6666-1588) 月 青岛海尔洲际酒店2层 澳 门路98号 Kowloon Tong (jiǔ lóng táng guǎng dōng cài guǎn) 37

Zhangzhou Yi Lu (8578-0198) 九 龙塘广东菜馆 漳州一路37号 Lotus (lián yuán) Dim Sum 2F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8572-1688 ext. 8500) 莲园 香港中路28号 青岛国敦大酒店2层 Zhongshanyuan (zhōng shān yuán bào chì dùn pĭn diàn) 33 Fuzhou Lu (8577-3333) 中山园 鲍翅炖品店 福州路33号

Dumplings (jiaozi) Da Niang (dà niáng shuǐ jiǎo) Taidong Pedestrian Area 大娘水 饺 台东步行街 Da Qing Hua Dumplings (dà qīng huā jiǎo zi) One of the best places to get your jiaozi fix. Boiled and fried dumplings are available with a wide range of fillings, and there is also an extensive menu of other dishes to supplement them. 56 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85753697) 大清花饺子 香港中路56 号 CBD Map 40 Laobian (lǎo biān jiǎo zi guǎn) Friendly staff, terrific food (well beyond the dumplings), and a beautiful interior make this a sure hit. The lamb and carrot dumplings are particularly good. 39 Nanjing Lu (8577-9938) 老 边饺子馆 南京路39号 CBD Map 43 San He Yuan Dumplings (sān hé yuán shuĭ jiăo) Home-style restaurant that specialises in dumplings. The main menu is in Chinese only, but there is an English language dumpling menu. 39 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8593-2008) 三合园水饺 漳州 二路39号 HKG Map 16

Homestyle Hao Hao Xiao Chu (hào hào xiǎo chú) 7 Xianxialing Lu (88700889) 浩浩小厨 仙霞岭路7号 Haiyiyuan (hǎi yí yuán) 95 Fuchun Jiang Lu, Huangdao (8688-5066) 海怡园 黄岛富春 江路95号 Jin Shan Restaurant (jīn shān dà jiǔ diàn) Middle section of Shenzhen Lu 金山大酒店 深 圳路中段 Ju Xiang Ju (jù xiàng jū jiā cháng cài guǎn) 10 Chenghai Yi Lu (8589-8217) 聚相居家常菜 馆 澄海一路10号 Le Tai Yuan (lè tài yuán kuài cān diàn) 24 hour Chinese fast food, serving home-style cooking, dumplings, barbeque etc. Zhangzhou Er Lu 乐泰园快 餐店 漳州二路 HKG Map 17 Yucong (yù cōng jiā cháng cài guăn) 147 Minjiang Lu (8577-0222) 毓聪家常菜馆 闽

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江路147号 Zhou Quan Zhou Dao (zhōu quán zhōu dào cài guăn) 120 Minjiang Lu (8577-8656) 粥全粥 到菜馆 闽江路120号

Hotpot Central Hong Kong Hotpot (zhōng huán xiāng gǎng huǒ guō) 39 Zhangzhou Lu (80777789) 中环香港火锅 漳州路 39号 Donglaishun (dōng lái shùn) 400 Jinggang Shan Lu (86899998) 东来顺 黄岛井冈山路 400号 Dou Lai Shun (dōu lái shùn fàn diàn) 232 Minjiang Lu (8571-7676) 都来顺饭店 闽江 路232号 Four Season Restaurant The Australian-owned restaurant chain is located in the grounds of Qingdao German Governor’s Residence, former abode of German Governor and Chairman Mao. Fanatastic cantonese cuisine and classics from across China with an international twist, in a very artistic setting. 6 Longshan Lu (8288-9888) 龙山 路26号德国总督府院内 Tanyutou Hotpot (tán yú tóu huŏ guō) 14 Minjiang Lu (85839076) 谭鱼头火锅 闽江路14号 Xiao Fei Yang (xiǎo féi yáng) Sublime hot-pot restaurant chain and uniquely sociable dining experience. The lamb is particularly delicious at this restaurant next to Yinhai Marina. 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (inside Yinhai Marina) (8592-1000) 小肥 羊 东海中路30号(银海国际游 艇俱乐部内) Yaoyao Hotpot (yáo yáo huǒ guō) 55 Furong Lu (8363-8118) 瑶瑶火锅 芙蓉路55号

Porridge Lao Man Ke (lǎo mǎn kè zhōu diàn) 113 Jiangxi Lu (8576-8625) 老满客粥店 江西路113号 Dawanlai Porridge (dà wǎn lái zhōu diàn) 344 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao (8697-5888) 大碗来 粥店 黄岛紫金山路344号 San Bao (sān bǎo zhōu diàn) 158 Minjiang Lu (8577-0119) 三宝粥

店 闽江路158号

Seafood Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant (ā yī bào yú jiǔ jiā) originated by the world master of culinary arts, Mr.Yeung Koon Yat, is famous for it’s abalone,shark’s fin and bird’s nest. Also there are many typical Cantonese cuisine. Warm welcome for your coming. 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888

=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu ext.8659) 阿一鲍鱼酒家 香港 中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假 日酒二层 Dunhuang (dūn huáng hǎi xiān jiǔ lóu) 106 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8588-7556) 敦煌海鲜 酒楼 香港中路106号 Four Season Restaurant The Australian-owned restaurant chain is located in the grounds of Qingdao German Governor’s Residence, former abode of German Governor and Chairman Mao. Fanatastic cantonese cuisine and classics from across China with an international twist, in a very artistic setting. 6 Longshan Lu (8288-9888) 龙山 路26号德国总督府院内 Golden Sea Corner (jīn hǎi jiǎo dù jià cūn) 27 Taiping Jiao Yi Lu (8386-0188) 金海角度假 村 太平角一路27号 Guang Kai Seafood Restaurant (guǎng kāi hǎi wèi dà jiǔ diàn) 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (88896835) 广开海味大酒店 香港 东路316号 Haidao Seafood Restaurant (hǎi dǎo yú cūn dà jiǔ diàn) 40 Yunxiao Lu (8572-0846) 海岛渔 村大酒店 云霄路40号 Hai Meng Yuan (hǎi mèng yuán) 3 Yan Er Dao Lu (85928488) 海梦园 燕儿岛路3号 Jinshan Restaurant (jīn shān dà jiǔ diàn) Mid Section of Lishandong Lu (8889-0088) 金山 大酒店 李山东路中段 Jinmeng Restaurant (jīn mèng dà jiǔ diàn) 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (oppo. Kilin Crown Hotel) (8889-0285) 金梦大酒 店 香港东路316号 (麒麟大 酒店对面) Yijinglou (yí jǐng lóu hǎi xiān dà shì jiè) 6 Taiwan Lu (85929138) 怡景楼海鲜大世界 台 湾路6号 Yiqinglou (yí qíng lóu hǎi xiān) 80 Ningxia Lu (8582-5888) 怡情 楼海鲜 宁夏路80号 Yu Ma Tou Seafood Restaurant (yú mǎ tóu hǎi xiān fǎng) Scrumptious seafood and a whole lot more in this Yunxiao Road establishment. All the food here is of the highest quality, but special mention must go to the deep fried spicy squid... out of this world! 24 Yunxiao Lu (85733583) 渔码头海鲜舫 云霄路24 号 CBD Map 39

Shandong Characterised by the use of vinegar and strong aromatics, Shandong cuisine is one of China’s most famous varieties and is particularly prominent

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here in Qingdao. Lao Zhuan Cun (lǎo zhuàn cūn shān dōng cài guǎn) 112 Minjiang Lu (8575-3776) 老转村 山东菜馆 闽江路112号 Qingdao Restaurant (qīng dǎo cài guǎn ào mén lù diàn) 17 Aomen Lu (8388-0098) 青岛菜 馆(澳门路店) 澳门路17号 Steven Gao’s Restaurant (gāo shì sī fáng cài) 20 Zhuhai Lu (8589-3899) 高氏私房菜 珠海 路20号 Yuansheng Haigang Haorizi (yuán shèng hǎi gǎng hǎo rì zǐ fàn diàn) 5 Yunxiao Lu (85735733) 源盛海港好日子饭店 云 霄路5号

Shanghai Da Shanghai Restaurant (dà shàng hǎi fàn diàn)1F Hai Tian Hotel, 48 Xianggang Xi Lu (83871888) 大上海饭店 香港西路48 号 海天大酒店1层

Sichuan Famed for its bold flavours of chili and huajiao, Sichuan food in Qingdao is nothing like the ‘Kung Pao Chicken’ that you’ll find in other parts of the world. Boiling Fish Township (fèi téng yú xiāng) A contemporary setting to enjoy your Sichuan spices. The picture menu makes ordering easier, and you can also enjoy the inventive English translations they have come up with. 1F, C Tower, World Trade Centre, 6 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8591-9917) 沸腾鱼乡 香港中 路6号 (世界贸易中心C座1 层) CBD Map 31 Dieqiao (dié qiào shí shàng chuān cài cān tīng) Classy Sichuan restaurant with a stunning bamboo display scaling its two floors. 111 Zhangzhou Lu (8571-7123) 蝶俏时尚川菜餐 厅 漳州路111号 HKG Map 11 Lao Sichuan (lǎo sì chuān jiǔ jiā) 105 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao (8688-9667)老四川酒家 黄岛 紫金山路105号 Lao Zhuan Cun (lǎo zhuàn cūn) Superb Sichuan fare, with great service. A hugely popular restaurant with locals and laowais alike, and one of the few Chinese restaurants at which you may have to book ahead. Try the lamb, served on a sizzling platter - mouthwatering! 158 Minjiang Lu (8577-2776) 老转村 闽江 路158号 Qin Ji (qín jì xiāng là shí fǔ) Sichuan restaurant that specialises in delicious spicy crab meat. The pan-fried baozi are also not to be missed! 230 Minjiang Lu (8575-7599) 秦记 香辣食府 闽江路230号 HKG Map 14

Shan Cheng Chilli Pepper (shān chéng hóng là jiāo) 24 hour Sichuan restaurant, perfect for your late night spice cravings. As the name suggests, red-hot chilli peppers are a priority here! 109 Minjiang Lu 山城红辣椒 闽江 路109号 CBD Map 38 Shu Xiang Yuan (shǔ xiāng yuàn) Hidden away in the basement of the World Trade Centre, this gem is well worth finding. Shu Xiang Yuan specialises in spicy Sichuan cuisine – their mapo doufu comes highly recommended. 6 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85910688) 蜀香苑 香港中路6号 CBD Map 33 South Beauty (qiào jiāng nán) Inside Ausotel, this curiously designed establishment has isolated dining cocoons in which you can feast on a gourmet fusion of Sichuan and Guangdong food. A splendid upmarket Chinese restaurant. 1F, Ausotel Meihua, 135 Yan An San Lu (8197-8877) 俏江南 延安三 路135号 美华澳斯特酒店1层 CBD Map 44 Tian Lu Yuan (tiān lù yuán dà jiǔ diàn) Fantastic Sichuan place with helpful staff and terrific cuisine. Tian Lu Yuan will satisfy in every way. 20-24 Yanerdao Lu (8577-9879) 天禄园大酒店 燕 儿岛路20-4号 HKG Map 12 Xiao Shao Xing (xiǎo shào xīng) 636 Jinggang Shan Lu (86897777) 小绍兴 黄岛井冈山路 636号

Taiwan Autumn Town (qiū tiān xiǎo zhèn) 27 Dayao Er Lu (85788349) 秋天小镇 大尧二路 27号 Bellagio (lù gǎng xiǎo zhèn) With great service and dozens of dishes from all over Asia, this chic eatery is a great choice for any occasion. Truly impressive all round, especially the shaved ices and other desserts. Also has locations in Beijing and Shanghai. Aomen San Lu (83870877) 鹿港小镇 澳门三路CBD Map 34 La Zuyette Restaurant (fǎ yē cān tīng) Elegant, lavishly decorated Chinese restaurant that serves a wide range of cuisine including Cantonese, Sichuan, Taiwan, Shanghai and Shandong specialities. 53 Yunxiao Lu (8578-8368) 法耶餐 厅 云霄路53号 CBD Map 41 Taipei Yes (tái běi Yes) An extremely hip locale with great service and atmosphere, inside Sunshine department store. Don’t miss the awesome milkshakes! 2F, Sunshine Dept.

Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7088) 台北Yes 香港中路 38号 阳光百货2层 CBD Map 36

Xinjiang Xinjiang Red Guava Restaurant (xīn jiāng hóng shí liú) Rm. 701, Tian Mu City, 80 Liaoning Lu (8202-8018) 新疆红石榴 辽宁 路80号 天幕美食城内701号

Asian Dining Need help finding a great place to eat INQINGDAO?

Call 1688 2008 or visit

Fusion Cafe Asia (yà zhōu kā fēi) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85718888) 亚洲咖啡 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店2层 HKG Map 12 Café Yum (yī pǐn táng zì zhù cān tīng) Amazing. This restaurant is by far the best buffet in town, with made-toorder pastas, delicacies from all over Asia and a great desert selection. Plus all you can drink beer! 1F, Valley Wing, ShangriLa Hotel. 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu(8388-3838 ext. 6478) 一品 堂自助餐厅 香港中路9号 香 格里拉大饭店盛世阁1层 CBD Map 31 China Gongshe (zhōng guó gōng shè) Amazing establishment serving upmarket Chinese, with Japanese and Korean influence. Interior modelled on Hakka architecture, exterior looks like a giant fez. 8 Minjiang San Lu (8077-6776) 中国公社 闽江三路8号 HKG Map 18 Flavours (pǐn xiāng yuàn) All Day Dining. 3F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Aomen Lu (66566666-1555) 品香苑 青岛海尔 洲际酒店3层 澳门路98号 Hong Kong 97 (xiāng gǎng jiǔ qī) An excellent, up-market Hong Kong chain, which has superb range of Chinese dishes as well as Japanese, Thai and Korean food. 90 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8588-3388) 香港97 香港中路90号 HKG Map 15 Hong Kong 97 VIP (xiāng gǎng jiǔ qī VIP) 1-2F, Huanhai Apartment, 22 Yan Er Dao Lu (8597-1112) 香港97VIP店 燕儿 岛路22号 环海公寓1、2层 In the Kitchen/Top (guó yàn chú fáng) Huge restaurant with an atmosphere as full-on

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=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu as its ambition. Multi-faceted, pan-Asian cuisine, belly dancers, musicians... Chaos! 18 Ninghai Lu (Beer Street) (8380-9888) 国宴厨 房 宁海路18号(啤酒街)

Indian Cafe Asia (yà zhōu kā fēi) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85718888) 亚洲咖啡 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店2层 Fatema Indian Restaurant (fă dì mă yìn dù cān tīng) Some of the finest cuisine in Qingdao, Fatema’s range of Indian specialities is astounding. From delicate kormas to tonguesearing vindaloos, authentic dishes are carefully prepared according to genuine regional recipes. 10 Gutian Lu (137-30994178) 法蒂玛印度餐厅 古田路 10号丁 HKG Map 11 Flavors Pizza & Cafe (měi wèi kā fēi xī cān tīng) No. 10, Bldg. 29, Tiantai Apartments, Lushan Lu (8699-9140) 美味咖啡西餐厅 黄岛庐山路 天泰小区29座 Yamuna (yà mù nà yìn dù liào lǐ) A gem of an Indian restaurant, with great service and perfectly blended curries. Reasonably priced, especially given the quality, and a great place to impress guests. Located at the back of the opulent Haiqing Hotel ‘A’ Block. 2F, bldg. A, Haiqing Hotel, 11 Donghai Zhong Lu (8588-7868) 亚穆纳 印度料理 东海中路11号 海 情大酒店A座2层

Japanese Aka-Noren (chì de shān shuǐ/ chi nuan lian) 19 Chenghai Yi Lu (8593-5719) www.chinuanlian. com/jieshao.html 赤的山水 澄 海一路19号 Agemann (yáng wàn gǔ rì běn liào lǐ) 4F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8680) 扬万古日本料理 香 港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假 日酒4层 Ajisen Noodle (wèi qiān lā miàn) 1F, Carrefour, 21 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85806375) 味千拉面 香港中路21 号 家乐福1层 2F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85973351) 香港中路72号 佳世 客2层 Daochuan (dào chuān rì běn liào lǐ)10 (Jia) Gutian Lu (85895418) 稻川日本料理 古田路 10号甲 Gepeng Fushi Japanese (gē pēng fù shì) 263 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao (8699-9916) 割烹富 士 黄岛武夷山路263号 Honghua Village (hóng huā xiāng gǔ) 2F, Copthorne Hotel

Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8572-1688 ext. 8700) 红花香 谷 香港中路28号 青岛国敦 大酒店2层 Kuji Kuji Asian Dining and Sweets 110 Shanghang Lu (8592-1830) 上杭路110号 HKG Map 21 Niuchang Japanese (niú chǎng rì běn liào lǐ) 192 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao (8610-9731) 牛场日 本料理 黄岛武夷山路192号 Noboru (shēng jiā) Excellent selection of Japanese favourites, from hot pots to sizzling beef to sashimi. 158元 all-you-can-eat! 123 Zhangzhou Er Lu (85882737) 昇家 漳州二路123 号 150 Jiangxi Lu (8588-8007) 昇家 江西路150号 2F, Bldg. A, Haiqing Hotel, 11 Donghai Zhong Lu昇家 东海中路11号 海情大酒店A座2层 Qian Shi (qiān shí) Excellent prices on a range of set dinners and a la carte items, all prepared under the tutelage of Haitian Hotel’s former chef. The beef dinner also consists of sashimi, abalone, foie gras, tuna and much else. 7 Taiwan Lu (85900966) 千石 台湾路7号 Qingshuiwu Japanese (qīng shuǐ wū rì běn liào lǐ) 370 Wuyi Shan Lu (8697-3783) 清水屋日 本料理 黄岛武夷山路370号 Sumo and Sushi (yù hǎi lì) 12 Gutian Lu (8587-6001) 玉海力 古田路12号 HKG Map 16 Takewaka Kaiseki Nihon Ryori (zhú ruò huái shí rì běn liào lǐ) 2F, Post Hotel, 97 Xianggang Xi Lu (8399-9842) 竹若怀石日 本料理 香港西路87号 邮电 宾馆2层 Tengshan Japanese Restaurant (téng shān rì běn liào lǐ) 6 Chenghai San Lu (8592-2477) 滕 山日本料理 澄海三路6号 Xiangyin Japanese (xiāng yīn rì běn liào lǐ) 368 Wuyi Shan Lu (8697-3948) 乡音日本料理 黄 岛武夷山路368号 Yamazen Japanese Cuisine (shān qián) Cnr. Yan Er Dao Lu & Xiao yao San Lu (Opposite Yanerdao Lu Elementary School) (8592-0138) 山前 燕儿岛路逍 遥三路交叉口(燕儿岛路小学 对面) HKG Map 22 Yinshui Japanese Restaurant (yín shuǐ rì běn liào lǐ) 279 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao (8699-9050) 银水日本料理 黄岛武夷山 路279号 Yu Shen Hu (yù shén hù) Raw fish galore in this Japanese sushi bar. Great taste, great value. 11 Yan Er Dao Lu (8592-5470) 御神

户 燕儿岛路11号

Korean With up to 100,000 Koreans calling Qingdao home, Korean restaurants abound throughout Hong Kong Garden and other neighbourhoods. Some great dishes include: •p  ào cài 泡菜 (kimchi) - spicy pickled vegetables, often an appetizer (v) • t ǔ dòu bǐng 土豆饼 - potato pancake with onion • bàn fàn 拌饭 (bebimbap) bowl of rice with vegetables, egg and usually meat •h  án guó shāo kǎo 韩国烧 烤 - Korean barbecue An Shi Stove (ān shì huǒ lú) Intimate Korean BBQ place on the pedestrian area of HK Garden (very close to the SPR coffee shop). Usually fills up at dinner time so be sure to get there early. 82 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8593-6869) 安氏火炉 漳州二路82号 HKG Map 18 Ba Gong Shan (bā gōng shān) 23 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (8575-5346) 八公山 漳州一路23号 Don Korea (dōng gǔ lái) 87 Donghai Dong Lu (8097-8899) 东古来 东海东路87号 Han A Reum (dà róng shù) 2F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (88678080) 大榕树 香港中路28号 青岛国敦大酒店2层 Hengbo Restaurant (hēng bó míng jiā) An incredibly classy Korean eatery with a whole floor dedicated to barbeque. The set dinner consists of nearly 20 exquisitely prepared courses. 12 Jianfei Garden, 87 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-1080) 亨伯名家 香港东路87号 建飞花园12号 Huo Lu Qing Charcoal BBQ House (huǒ lú qíng tàn huǒ shāo kǎo wū) A great and reasonably-priced Korean BBQ restaurant. No English menu, but the staff are friendly and helpful. 14 Gutian Lu (8588-6773) 火炉 情炭火烧烤屋 古田路14号 HKG Map 15 Jingfugong (jǐng fú gōng) 43 Xianggang Xi Lu (8386-2449) 景 福宫 香港西路43号 Kumsu Kangsan (jǐn xiù shān hé hán guó cān tīng) 4F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8690) 锦绣山河韩国餐厅 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠 假日酒4层 Meng Family Korean Restaurant (mèng jiā hán guó cān tīng) 1F, Kaixuan Garden, 1-4 Xianxia Ling Lu (8896-3382) 孟家韩国 餐厅 仙霞岭路1-4 凯旋家 园1层

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Mix Mix (mǐ shì mǐ shì) 202 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Qingdao Kaifaqu (8699-5566) 米世米世 青岛开发区 长江中路202号 Tudari (tŭ dà lì) A branch of the popular Korean chain. Tudari has a large selection of Korean food on its menu. 131 Minjiang Lu (8577-3011) 土大力 闽江路131 号 CBD Map 35 Yicun Korean (yì cūn cān tīng) 1325 Zhujiang Lu (8699-0199) 艺 村餐厅 黄岛珠江路1325号 Hamheaung Korean Cold Noodles (zhèng ān yī wèi) A great place for cold noodle dishes, of course. This restaurant also serves a wide range of traditional Korean specialties. Conveniently located just north of Hong Kong Gardens. 10 Gutian Lu (8589-2055) 正安一味 古田 路10号 HKG Map 20

Thai Bamboo Bar & Thai Restaurant (shuǐ àn tài guó cān bā) Indulge in fine Thai cuisine, or just chill out in the laid-back surroundings and soak up the atmosphere with a bottle of suds. 34 Shanghang Lu (85895152) 水岸泰国餐吧 上杭路 34号 HKG Map 5

Western Dining Looking for the Best International Dining INQINGDAO? Follow the REDSTARS!

American Ric’s American Cafe (ruì kè měi shì cān bā) 182 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao (8610-6726) 瑞克美 式餐吧 黄岛武夷山路182号 The Diner (dān ní měi shì Fast, friendly cān tīng) service, proper English breakfasts (weekends only), bottomless cups of coffee, a decadent chocolate soufflé and the biggest burger in town. Next to the SPR in May 4th Square. 33 Donghai Xi Lu (8577-2051) 丹尼美式餐厅 东 海西路33号 CBD Map 39

Brazilian Cafe Asia (yà zhōu kā fēi) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85718888) 亚洲咖啡 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店2层 HKG Map 12 Golden Hans (jīn hàn sī) Brazilian-style barbecue,

=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu with over 20 different types and served at your table by waiters resembling cowboys in lederhosen. Pitchers are only 12 RMB, or free between 11am2pm. 139 Ningxia Lu (8580-0636) 金汉斯 宁夏路139号

French 1903 Just for lovers, this restaurant has one table, and the same number of cooks. Above Room Bar, book ahead (139 0532-3300) 滨海花园 La Villa (lā wéi lā fǎ guó cān This great, chilled tīng) bar/restaurant features a Tapas Bar on the left and fine French cuisine on the right. Cool music and some of the best cocktails in town, making this a superb place to chill out or catch up with friends. 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-6833) 拉维拉 法国餐厅 香港中路5号CBD Map 37 Le Bang (lè bāng fǎ guó xī cān tīng) Great selection of food, wine and cool music. Comfy seating and a chilledout vibe, particularly on the spacious second floor loft. Sunday evenings pizza is buy 1 get 1 free. 21 Chenghai Yi Lu (8593-5279) 乐邦法国西餐厅 澄海一路21号 HKG Map 1

Fusion Cafe Asia (yà zhōu kā fēi) Western, Asian, Indian, Brazilian and Mongolian buffet. Bread and cakes 50% off everyday after 5:30pm at the deli counter. 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85718888) 亚洲咖啡 香港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒店2层 HKG Map 12 Café Yum (yī pǐn táng zì zhù cān tīng) Theatre Café concept in buffet and a la carte. 1F, Valley Wing, Shangri-La Hotel. 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu(8388-3838 ext. 6478) 一品堂自助餐厅 香 港中路9号 香格里拉大饭店 盛世阁1层 CBD Map 31 The Oriental Express Serving classic and inventive international fare by renowned chef Nathan and his friendly staff led by Huangdao Kaifaqu favorite Max. A great place to meet friends for some comfort food made with a generous helping of affection and care. 126 Lushan Lu (134 6829-9634) 黄岛庐山路126号 Spring (fǎ ěr chūn tiān zhŭ liú cān bā) 8 Minjiang Lu (85808889) 法尔春天主流餐吧 闽 江路8号 Sunshine Grill (yáng guāng xī cān tīng) A generous buffet of salad items, desserts, sashimi

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and more accompanies every gourmet entree (or just get the buffet!), and the smoothies are extremely good as well. Stop in for lunch or dinner. 2F, Sunshine Dept. Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-7190) 阳光西餐 厅 香港中路38号 阳光百货2 层 CBD Map 33 Taste Music Restaurant (mù zĭ yōu pǐn) 8 Aomen Qi Lu (83811111) 木子优品 澳门七路8号 Wildfire (míng yàn) Grill Restaurant. 1F, InterContinental Qingdao, 98 Aomen Lu (66566666-1566) 明焰 青岛海尔洲 际酒店1层 澳门路98号

German Monnemer Eck (màn hǎi mǔ jiǎo xī cān tīng jiǔ bā) The only place in town to sample delicious authentic German food. German beer and huge portions of Bratwurst, schnitzel and sauerkraut to fill even the largest of bellies. 173 Jiangxi Lu (8592-1096) 曼海姆角西 餐厅酒吧 江西路173号 HKG Map 19

Italian Cassani (kǎ sà nī) This Italian-owned cafe and bar offers superb coffee and a wide range of luscious ice creams. To soak up the relaxing atmosphere, drop by at night for a cocktail or glass of fine wine - happy hour 5:30pm7.30pm! Indulge yourself like you’re in italy. 90 (Yi) Minjiang Lu (8581-8263) 卡萨妮 闽江路 90号乙 CBD Map 6 Da Vinci Restaurant & Lounge (dá fēn qí yì dà lì cān tīng) Authentic and new creation menus, old and new world wines. Valley Wing Level 3, Shangri-La Hotel, Qingdao, 9 Xianggang zhong lu (8388-3838 ext. 6900) 达芬奇意大利餐厅 香港中路 9号 青岛香格里拉大饭店盛 世阁3层 CBD Map 36 Murano’s (mèng lā nuò) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext. 8650) 梦拉诺 香港中路 76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒 店2层 Napoli Italian Wine Bar & Restaurant (ná bō lĭ yì dà lì jiǔ bā cān tīng) Chef Stefano continues to create works of culinary art. For perennially perfect pastas and pizzas, don’t hesitate to spend an evening here. 43 Xianggang Xi Lu (oppo. Haitian Hotel) (8386-2200) 拿波里意大利酒吧餐厅 香港 西路43号(海天大酒店对面)

Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore Italian Restaurant (shā huá duō lì yì dà lì cān tīng) Expert chefs bring the finest of Italian cuisine to Qingdao. Delicious pastas and mains, a fine list of wines and the best pizzas in town. Buon appetito! 1F, Nth. Tower, Huangjin Plaza, 20 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85025647) 沙华多利意大利餐厅 香港中路20号 黄金广场北 楼1层 CBD Map 1 Trattoria Verde (běi lǜ dăo yì dà lì míng cài cān tīng) Brand new Italian eatery conveniently located in Hong Kong Gardens. For a fresh take on lasagna, carbonara and arrabiata along with a great range of wines, this place is definitely worth a visit! 100 Shanghang Lu (8589-8530) 北绿岛意大利名菜餐厅 上杭 路100号 HKG Map 13

Mexican TJ’s (mò xī gē fēng wèi xiǎo wū) Tacos, burritos, fajitas, guacamole, horchata and excellent refried beans Mexican dining in Qingdao has never been better. But they have hamburgers, too! 162 (Jia) Jiangxi Lu (85878098) 墨西哥 风味小屋 江西路162号丙

Pizza / Delivery Big Pizza (bǐ gé) 384 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao (8688-9599) 比格 黄岛井冈山路384号 Flavors Pizza & Cafe (měi wèi kā fēi xī cān tīng) Bldg. 29, Tiantai Apartments, Lushan Lu (86999140) 美味咖啡西餐厅 黄岛庐 山路 天泰小区29座 Genoa Pizza (jí nuò wǎ bǐ sà) 2F, 76 Weihai Lu (8380-9022) 吉 诺瓦比萨 威海路76号2层 Lisa’s Pizzeria (lì sà bǐ sà) Great place serving much more than pizza (the ribs are highly recommended); home delivery is available. David and Ellen also keep a great selection of local art, most of which is for sale. 8 Chenghai Yi Lu (8588-8839) 力萨比萨 澄海一路8号 HKG Map 14 Aomen Lu (8577-7723) 力萨比萨 澳门路 Pizza Hut (bì shèng kè) American-style pizza that comes with a wide range of toppings and crusts. Reliably tasty, not too expensive. 1F, 63 Taidong San Lu (8367-2988) 必胜客 台东三 路63号1层 B1, Yihe Mansion, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85030088) 必胜客 香港中路10号 颐和国际B座1层 CBD Map 32 Pizza JJ (dì dì bǐ sà) An Americanstyle pizzeria with American-style sizes – their XXL ‘Superpizza’ is a whopping 50cm in diameter! Sit in for dinner and

enjoy the spectacular doughtossing show. Home delivery available. 10 Gutian Lu (85923033) 帝帝比萨(青岛店) 古田 路10号 HKG Map 17 361 Heyang Lu (8796-8680) 帝帝比萨(城阳 店) 合阳路361号 Sorrento Pizza (sà lái duō bǐ sà) A great alternative to Pizza Hut! The service is good with at least 6 servers on hand to assist customers. They also deliver, so you can kick back at home. 50 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8592-8282) 萨来多比萨 漳州二路50号 HKG Map 3 Xianxialing Lu 仙 霞岭路 216 Changcheng Lu, Chengyang (8772-4221) 萨来 多比萨 城阳长城路216号

Russian Kalinka Russian Restaurant (kǎ lín kǎ é shì jiǔ bā) An extensive menu, with a range of salads, snacks and more substantial mains. Delicious food and plenty of vodka to wash it down! Come at dinner time, when live music and dancing will entertain you as you eat. 52 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8589-1185) 卡琳卡俄式酒吧 漳州二路52号 HKG Map 4

Turkish Istanbul (yī shì tǎn bù ěr) Great roasted lamb, bbq skewers, fresh veggies and delectable yogurt sauce at prices that will make you over-order. A great addition to Qingdao’s international food scene. 2F, Food Court, iGo Mall, Hong Kong Gardens (8118-0888) 伊士坦布 尔 古田路18号 爱购时尚百货 商城2层 美食广场

Café, Tea, Ice Cream Cafés Alexander Coffee (yà lì shān dà kā fēi) 36 Daming Lu (Weihai Lu Pedestrian Area) (8381-1663) 亚 历山大咖啡 大名路36号 (威 海路步行街) Amy’s Bakery (ài mì ér dàn The HKG location gāo diàn) serves an impressive array of western-style sandwiches and snacks and deserts. The Taidong location specialises in coffee and cheesecake. 19 Minjiang Lu (8501-7332) 艾蜜儿蛋糕店 闽 江路19号 Weihai Lu, Pedestrian Walk (8381-6356) 艾蜜儿蛋 糕店 威海路步行街一期 72 Shanghang Lu (8588-3613) 艾 蜜儿蛋糕店 上杭路72号 HKG Map 18 Bäckermeister (bèi mài sī tè) Freshly baked artisan breads in the finest European tradition, as well as soups, sandwiches coffee

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=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu and imported wine. Also serves breakfast. Open 6:45-21:30. 151 Minjiang Lu (8077-0123) 贝麦斯 特 闽江路151号 HKG Map 20 Be For Time Teahouse (bì fēng táng chá guǎn) 24-hour teahouse with a great deal – for 18 RMB you can order as much as you like from one side of the menu, with drinks, teas and ice cream all covered. 149 Minjiang Lu 避风塘茶馆 闽江路149号 CBD Map 31 Bei An Cafe (běi àn kā fēi guǎn) 69 Ao Men Lu (8577-3337) 北岸 咖啡馆 澳门路69号 Box Café Shop (hé zi zá huò diàn) A funky little café/bar/ sundry store selling attractive household items, quirky gifts and even a range of skate shoes! 51 Zhangzhou Lu (8573-1189) 盒 子杂货店 漳州路51号 HKG Map 13 Cafe Alley (áo lì kā fēi) 24 hour seaview cafe. 35 Donghai Xi Lu (6677-6797) 敖丽咖啡 东 海西路35号 CBD Map 35 Café BIC 65 Zhangzhou Lu (85781698) 漳州路65号 Cafe Davinne’s (kā fēi dá bīn sī) Sumptuous, homemade Belgian chocolates, waffles, ice creams and quality coffee, lovingly prepared in a homely setting. For when life has worn you out and you need a little pampering. C2, 308 Xianggang Dong Lu (8896-7653) 咖啡达彬 斯 香港东路308号C2 Café Kona (kā fēi kòu nà) With a great atmosphere, well-crafted beans from Hawaii’s Kona Coast and an assortment of delicious desserts, Cafe Kona is a very pleasant place to sit for a while and enjoy a few cups of joe. 21 (Jia) Minjiang Er Lu (8573-5300) 咖啡蔻纳 闽江 二路21号(甲) HKG Map 12 3 Taipingjiao Er Lu (8389-6682) 咖啡蔻纳 太平角二路3号 Laoshan Beijiushui (8705-3257) 咖啡蔻纳 崂山北九水 (kā fēi mǎ lǔ) 28 Café Maru Zhangzhou Yi Lu (8575-6668) 咖 啡玛鲁 漳州一路28号 HKG Map 15

Cafe Mingjia (kā fēi míng jiā) A delightful fusion of old Chinesestyle structure complete with tea house upstairs, roastery on the ground level, and expertise. Walk around the Shilaoren Sightseeing Garden for a while before settling in, and then enjoy their excellent brews and wifi for the rest of the afternoon. Inside Shilaoren Sightseeing Garden (8883-2566) 咖啡明家 石老人观光园内

Cafe Solo (suǒ lún kā fēi)

Gorgeous little place set in a small garden on Yanerdao Lu! With Tsingtao’s at RMB 15, Solo’s sure to become a popular hangout. Not easy to find - south of the Crowne Plaza on Yanerdao Lu, about 20m before you get to crossroads with Donghai Lu, look behind the hedgerows on the western side of the street. 1 Hua Qing Huayuan (Hai Meng Yuan Duimian) 6 Yanerdao Lu (85778000) 索伦咖啡 燕儿岛路6号 华青花园1号楼 (海梦苑对面) Cassani (kǎ sà nī) This Italian-owned cafe and bar offers superb coffee and a wide range of luscious ice creams. To soak up the relaxing atmosphere, drop by at night for a cocktail or glass of fine wine - happy hour 5:30pm7.30pm! Indulge yourself like you’re in italy. 90 (Yi) Minjiang Lu (8581-8263) 卡萨妮 闽江路 90号乙 CBD Map 6 Cisco Coffee Club (xī kě kā fēi) 1F, Lobby, Qingdao University International Center for Academic Exchanges (85895220 ext.8077) 西可咖啡 青岛大学 (西院)国际学术交流中心一 层大堂 Coast Coffee (hǎi àn kā fēi) Korean-run coffee bar and fashion lounge - a great place to hang out! 18 Xuzhou Lu (85836225) 海岸咖啡 徐州路18号 CBD Map 34 Cream Coffee (kè lì mǎ kā fēi tīng) 8 Zijin Shan Lu, Huangdao 客利玛咖啡厅 黄岛紫金山 路8号 Dio Coffee (dī ōu kā fēi) 636 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao (8098-5500) 迪欧咖啡 黄岛井 冈山路636号 Drip Drop Coffee (dī dī fāng) 4F, Harvest Hotel, 459 Changjiang Zhong Lu (8699-6666 ext. 8556) 滴滴坊 长江中路459号 世纪 海丰大酒店4层 Enjoy Time Tea House 322 zijinshanlu (150 2005-1717) 紫 金山路322号 Four Seasons Café (sì jì kā fēi tīng) Situated by the idyllic garden on the roof of Sunshine Department Store, the Four Seasons is one of the most tranquil places in town to enjoy a cup of coffee. Drinks are slightly more pricey than the norm, but worth the extra expense. 5F, Sunnyworld Cyberport (entrance next to Haagen-Dasz), 40 Xianggang Zhong Lu (86678297) 四季咖啡厅 香港中路40 号 数码港旗航5层 CBD Map 37 Granell Cafes (bā sà kā fēi) 177 Minjiang Lu (133 0532-7065) 巴

萨咖啡 闽江路177号 Hausbrandt Italian Café (hào shì kā fēi) Beautiful design makes for a social atmosphere, helping this cafe stand out in a neighbourhood quickly becoming overrun with coffee beans. But it’s the variety of coffees that really makes this place shine. 31 Minjiang Er Lu (8571-6861) 浩世咖啡 闽江二 路31号 HKG Map 17 Hehe Cafe & Books Ideamarket (hé hé kā fēi hé shū) Zhangzhou Yi Lu 和合咖啡和书 漳州一路 Java Coffee/Deli (Java kā fēi wū) 1F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8572-1688 ext. 8899) Java咖 啡屋 香港中路28号 青岛国敦 大酒店1层 Mamahuhu Café (mǎ mǎ hǔ hǔ kā fēi) 21 Guanxiang Er Lu (located in an observatory, inside of Guanxiangshan Park) (8282-2626) 马马虎虎咖啡 观 象二路21号 (观象山天文 台内) Mingdian Coffee (míng diǎn kā fēi yǔ chá) 22 Minjiang Lu (8572-7233) 名典咖啡语茶 闽 江路22号 376 Jinggang Shan Lu, Huangdao (8688-0000) 名 典咖啡语茶 黄岛井冈山路 376号 Pearl S. Buck Café (sài zhēn zhū kā fēi tīng) 1 Wendeng Lu (Right on the water edge of Beach No.1) (8289-3999) 赛珍珠咖啡厅 文 登路1号 Piazza D’oro 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8610) 香港中 路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日 酒2层 Red & Black Coffee Club (hóng yǔ hēi kā fēi guǎn) 223 Haikou Lu (8588-6916) 红与黑咖啡馆 海口路223号 Second Lounge (èr lóu jiǔ láng) 2F, Crowne Plaza Qingdao, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext. 8610) 二楼酒廊 香港中 路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日 酒店2层 Shangpin Coffee Terrain (shàng pǐn kā fēi) 149 Minjiang Lu (8578-5626) 尚品咖啡 闽江 路149号 Snail Coffee Bar (wō niú kā fēi bā) 22 Dagu lu, near zhongshan Lu 蜗牛咖啡吧 大沽路 22号( 中山路旁边) SPR Coffee - May 4th Square (yē shì kā fēi) The SPR at May 4th Square still manages to stand head and shoulders above the rest. Serving great pizza in addition to their coffee, stop in

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for a bite and relax for a while. 35 Donghai Xi Lu (inside May 4th Square) (8578-2296) 耶士咖 啡 东海西路35号(五四广场 内) CBD Map 33 45 Minjiang Er Lu (8578-7899) 耶士咖啡 闽江 二路45号 SPR White House (nòng hǎi yuán bái gōng huì suǒ) More than just coffee. Next to popular Shilaoren Beach, and with an on-site swimming pool and restaurant as well as a private area on the roof for weddings or parties. Surf Plaza, 316 Xianggang Dong Lu (88891237) 弄海园白宫会所 香港东 路316号 弄海园 Starbucks Coffee (xīng bā A sure bet for kè kā fēi) your caffeine fix, with the same well-appointed interior and service you would expect at any franchise in the world. 1B, Hisense Plaza Shopping Centre, 50 Donghai Xi Lu 东海西路50 号 海信奥运广场1B 15 Qinling Lu (next to Kilin Crown Hotel) 秦 岭路15号(麒麟皇冠大酒店旁) 1F Sunshine Plaza, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8667-8766) 星巴克 咖啡 香港中路38号 阳光百 货1层 CBD Map 36 1F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85752991) 星巴克咖啡 香港中路 72号 佳世客1层 1F, Huangdao Jusco, 419 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao (8699-6530) 黄岛长 江中路419号 佳世客1层 UBC Coffee (shàng dăo kā fēi) Comfy sofas and a relaxing atmosphere make this a good place to meet. Buffet with soups, salads, Chinese dishes and desserts. 158 Minjiang Lu (85779106) 上岛咖啡 闽江路158号 CBD Map 38 Yan Yu Cafe (yàn yù kā fēi) 198 Nankou Lu (8612-9676) 艳域咖 啡 南口路198号 Yogurt Princess (yōu gé gōng zhǔ kā fēi diàn) Yummy cold milk treats in a very pink setting, right in the heart of Hong Kong Garden. 3F, Xintiandi (next to SPR), Hong Kong Garden (85897161) 优格公主咖啡店 香港花 园 新天地商场3层 HKG Map 19

Confections Selenes Chocolate Bar (sī lín qiǎo kè lì bā) Enjoy cacao in all its exquisite forms (hot chocolate, chocolate bars, truffles and more) in this cozy haven for chocoholics. A fresh cup of their gourmet coffee makes the perfect accompaniment. 5F, 135 Yan An San Lu (8388-8988) 丝琳 巧克力吧 延安三路135号 北 群楼5层 Story (gù shì tián pǐn) 74 Shanghang Lu (8888-7060) 故事 甜品 上杭路74号 HKG Map 21

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Ice Cream Shops Angel’s Feather (tiān shǐ yǔ máo qiǎo kè lì shǒu gōng fāng) Refreshing frozen treats in the Taidong Pedestrian Square. (8380-7318) 天使羽毛巧克力 手工坊 威海路步行街广场 Baskin Robbins American-style ice cream in a cup or a cone. Rich, creamy and decadent, with a full spectrum of flavours from Rainbow Sherbet to Jamoca Almond Fudge. 66 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8587-3131) 漳州二路66 号 HKG Map 16 1F, Jusco 佳世客 1层 43 Minjiang Lu (8077-3031) 闽江路43号 Cassani (kǎ sà nī) This Italian-owned cafe and bar offers superb coffee and a wide range of luscious ice creams. To soak up the relaxing atmosphere, drop by at night for a cocktail or glass of fine wine - happy hour 5:30pm7.30pm! Indulge yourself like you’re in italy. 90 (Yi) Minjiang Lu (8581-8263) 卡萨妮 闽江路 90号乙 CBD Map 6 Haagen-Dazs (hā gēn dá sī) After a day shopping at Sunshine, there’s no better way to unwind than with a few scoops of the world’s favourite comfort food. 1F, UnitB1, Sunshine Dept. Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (86677230) 哈根达斯 香港中路38 号 阳光百货1层B1单元 CBD Map 32 Icy Delight Ice Cream (ài sī dí lái bīng qí lín) 12 Taidong San Lu (8380-2835) 爱斯迪莱冰淇 淋 台东三路步行街12号 Toscani Eiscafe (tuō sī kǎ ní bīng qí lín kā fēi guăn) 22 (Bing) Shanghang Lu (85968686) 托斯卡尼冰淇淋咖啡馆 上杭路22丙

Tea Houses Zijinlian Tea House (zǐ jīn lián chá yì guǎn) 98 Jiangxi Lu (8578-1993) 紫金莲茶艺馆 江 西路98号

Bars & Clubs Allen Story (ā lún gù shì kā fēi jiǔ bā) Occasional live music. 206 Minjiang Lu (8573-3757) 阿 伦故事咖啡酒吧 闽江路206 号 HKG Map 13 Amatar Club (tiān zūn jù lè bù) An exclusive and relaxing club located atop Qindao building on HK road, and a luxurious retreat in which to meet friends. Features live piano music and western food. 9F, North gate of Qindao Mansion, 89 Xianggang Zhong Lu (Near Shanghang Lu) (8587-9393) 天 樽俱乐部 香港中路89号 琴

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岛大厦北门9层(上杭路入口) HKG Map 21 Angel Bar & Club (tiān shǐ jiǔ bā jù lè bù) 18 Aomen Lu (west of May 4th Square) (8385-9898) 天使酒吧俱乐部 澳门路18号 (五四广场西侧) 1F, Copthorne Hotel Qingdao, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8572-1688 ext. 8400) 大堂酒吧 香港中路28号 青岛 国敦大酒店1层 Beetles Music Box Bar (jiǎ ké chóng jiŭ bā) 19 Yanerdao Lu (8592-7820) 甲壳虫酒吧 燕儿 岛路19号 Bobo House Billiards just got sexy! Attractive and friendly staff, professional tuition and an atmosphere altogether more civilised than most pool halls. Even if pool ain’t your game, this place is worth a visit. 78 Xianggangzhong Lu (8566-5678) 香港中路78号 Cafe Roland (lǎng yuán jiǔ bā) Superb setting, right next to Beach Number 3. With its beautiful beer garden and regular barbeque events, this is a lovely sanctum in which to spend the summer months. 9 Taiping Jiao Er Lu (8387-5734) 朗 园酒吧 太平角二路9号 Cafè Solo Bldg. 1, Huaqing Garden, 6 Yanerdao Lu (oppo. Haimengyuan) (8577-8000) 燕儿 岛路6号 华青花园1号楼(海 梦苑对面) Cassani (kǎ sà nī) 90 (Yi) Minjiang Lu (8581-8263) 卡萨妮 闽江路90号乙 CBD Map 6 Catch 22 On the Bar Street, Behind Haidu Hotel, Huangdao (8699-6163) 黄岛 海都酒店后 面酒吧街 Charlie’s Bar (chá lǐ sī jiǔ ba) A neighbourhood bar with all the charm of Cheers, where the beer flows free and there’s Chivas in abundance. Soon this quaint little venue will be chock full of people that know your name. 167 Jiangxi Lu (85897919) 查理斯酒吧 江西路167 号 HKG Map 3 Club New York (niŭ yuē bā) Great place to meet and mingle and listen to a fab house band that keeps both Chinese and Lao Wai guests jumping every night. Live band performs nightly from 9pm. 2F, Overseas Chinese Hotel, 41 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8573-9199) 纽约吧 香港中路41号 华侨国际饭 店2层 CBD Map 36 Corner Jazz Bar (jiē jiăo jué shì bā) Corner Jazz is one of the most frequented bars in

town. Usually busy until the wee hours. 153 Minjiang Lu (85758560) 街角爵士吧 闽江路153 号 HKG Map 11 East @ West Bar (dōng xī bā) 26 Yan Er Dao Lu (8077-9798) 东西 吧 燕儿岛26号 HKG Map 16

Feeling Club (gǎn jué jù lè bù) Slick underground disco with a great DJ, great new music, KTV rooms, a noodle bar, and dancers. 83-85 Xianggang Zhong Lu (opp. Sanfod Hotel) (85932929) 感觉俱乐部 香港中路 83-85号(山孚大酒店对面) HKG Map 17 Feeling VIP (Feeling VIP jiǔ bā) 3F, Wukuang Mansion, 32 Xianggang Zhong Lu (88882046) Feeling VIP酒吧 香港 中路32号 五矿大厦3层 CBD Map 34 First Class Bar (tóu děng cāng) When you really want to unwind, First Class features some of the hottest dance performances in town. 6F, Home Inn, 89 Xianggang Zhong Lu (139-2376-0993) 头等舱 香 港中路89号 如家酒店6层 Free Cuba (zì yóu gǔ bā) Inside Tiantai Stadium (136 7886-8624) 自由古巴 天泰体育场内 Freeman (zì yóu rén kā fēi) A fusion of late night watering hole and daytime coffee hangout, Freeman has an amazingly cool, relaxed vibe, great selection of spirits at excellent prices. 25元 long islands? OK! 163 Jiangxi Lu (158 5321-1877) 自由人咖啡 江西 路163号 Jack’s Bar and Restaurant (jié kè xī cān bā) Jack’s Shanghang Lu establishment. New bar, same great service and atmosphere. 108 Shanghang Lu (8592-2968) 杰克西餐吧 上杭 路108号 HKG Map 12 Holiday KTV (hǎo lè dí) A fun place to sing songs, with courteous staff, clean rooms, and a convenient location to take a break from the bars (located directly across the road from Le Bang). Bring lots of friends! 71 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85891777) 好乐迪 香港中路71号 CBD Map 35 Kaili’s Club (shēng huó jǐ hé xiū xián bā) On the Bar Street, Behind Haidu Hotel, Huangdao (132-1082-9846) 生活几何休闲 吧 海都酒店后面酒吧街

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La Villa (lā wéi lā fǎ guó cān This great, chilled tīng) bar/restaurant features a Tapas Bar on the left and fine French cuisine on the right. Cool music and some of the best cocktails in town, making this a superb place for chilling out or catching up with friends. 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-6833) 拉维拉 法国餐厅 香港中路5号 CBD Map 37 Le Bang (lè bāng fǎ guó xī cān tīng) Great selection of food, wine and cool music. Comfy seating and a chilledout vibe, particularly on the spacious second floor loft. Sunday evenings pizza is buy 1 get 1 free! 21 Chenghai Yi Lu (8593-5279) 乐邦法国西餐厅 澄海一路21号HKG Map 1 Lennon Bar (liè nóng jiǔ bā) Cheap drinks and live music! The upstairs bar, pool table and restaurant make this a great place to spend an evening. Also home to a full-service Chinese restaurant. 20 Zhuhai Lu (85893899) 列侬酒吧 珠海路20号 HKG Map 20 Liliang Bar (lì liàng jiǔ bā) 2 Dagu Lu, near Zhongshan Lu 力 量酒吧 大沽路 2号(中山路 旁边) LPG Bar & Cafe What a great bar! Dancing, foosball, solid decor, fantastic new beats on the weekend and awesome alternative favourites during the week. They even have Carlsberg on tap! 162 Jiangxi Lu (8593-6566) 江西路162号 HKG Map 2 My Place Pub (chén lù xiū xián bā) 289 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao (136-7884-6884) 晨露休闲吧 黄岛武夷山路289号 Old Jack’s Bar (lăo jié kè jiǔ bā) A strong contender for ‘best bar in town’, Jack’s is a great place to sit back and enjoy a few cold draught beers or one of their famous Gin and Tonics. Yanerdao Lu, opposite Book City (8578-1207) 老杰克酒吧 燕儿 岛路(书城对面) HKG Map 19 One Way Ticket Bar (dān chéng piào jiǔ bā) 26 Yanerdao Lu (8578-5153) 单程票酒吧 燕儿 岛路26号 Paulaner Bar (pǔ lā nà jiǔ bā) Underground bar just next to Music Square. Regular live music. 12 Aomen Lu (next to Music Square) (8386-7796) 普拉那酒 吧 澳门路12号 (音乐广场附 近) CBD Map 32 Old Church Lounge Fantastic lounge inside of Qingdao Kaiyue Youth Hostel in Old Town,

converted from an old church to another type of sanctuary. Drink specials, art, PS2 - great place to relax! 31 Jining Lu (8284-5450) 青岛凯越 国际青年旅馆 济宁路31号 Q Bar (xuàn bā) Classy, up-market bar on the ground floor of the Shangri-La. Live music every night, and some of the best cocktails in town. Be there for happy hour (6:30-8:30) where all drinks are buy one get one free! 1F, Shangri-la Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (83883838 ext. 6468) 炫吧 香港中 路9号 香格里拉大饭店1层 CBD Map 31 Room Lounge The funkiest little bar in town! Hidden behind Top Yihe on Shandong Lu, but well worth finding. 1F, Haihua Building, Binhai Garden, 1 Shandong Lu (8666-3559) 山 东路1号 滨海花园海华大厦 1层 CBD Map 33 Safari Pub (fēi zhōu bā) 2F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8670) 非洲吧 香港中路76 号 颐中皇冠假日酒店2层

The King’s Head English Pub (guó wáng tóu xiàng yīng gé lán bā) A fine English pub in deepest China with selection of European beers, pool and table football. Great design and responsive staff contribute to the intimate atmosphere. 11 Xinyi Lu (8583-9898) 国王头像 英格兰吧 新沂路11号 The Oriental Saloon 217 Wuyi Shan Lu, Huangdao (8688-3073) 黄岛武夷山路217号 Tsingtao Brewery Bar (qīng dǎo pí jiǔ pǐn jiǔ guǎn) 56 Dengzhou Lu (8383-3437) 青岛 啤酒品酒馆 登州路56号 Wine Society (pú táo jiǔ huì) With years of experience in wine tasting and distribution, Henri’s Wine Society is a huge blessing for Qingdao. With French cuisine, snacks and wines from all over the world, this is a place that begs to be visited. 66 Fuzhou Lu (8577-0019) 葡萄酒 会 福州路66号

Recreation Bowling

Salsa Q (qīng wǔ lā dīng) Practice your latino steps with Qingdao’s hottest young socialites! This venue has some of Qingdao’s most renowned salseros at the helm, so go, be merry, and swivel the night away! Unit 105, 14 Jiangxi Lu (139-6971-2083) 青舞拉丁 江 西路14号105 丙 HKG Map 14

Crowne Plaza Hotel Bowling (qīng dǎo yí zhōng huáng guàn jià rì jiǔ diàn bǎo líng qiú zhōng xīn) 2B, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8268) 青岛颐中 皇冠假日酒店保龄球中心 香 港中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假 日酒店2B层

Sailing Bar (xī hǎi guó jì jù lè bù) Resident Square, Huangdao (8169-1117) 西海国际俱乐部 黄岛市民广场

New Concept Bicycle Club (qīng dǎo xīn gài niàn zì xíng chē jù lè bù) 105 Yan An Lu (8272-7834) 青岛新概念自 行车俱乐部 延安路105号

Scotland Bar (sū gé lán jiǔ bā) 9F, Killin Crown Hotel, 197 Xianggang Dong Lu (8889-1888) 苏格兰酒吧 香港东路197号 麒麟皇冠大酒店9层 Soho Bar (sū hé jiǔ bā) Hiphoppin’ on a nightly basis with the tunes turned up to 11. 162 Jiangxi Lu (8592-9898) 苏荷酒 吧 江西路162号 HKG Map 18 SOS Bringing world class DJ’s to town, this is the no.1 dance club in Qingdao. 71 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8596-9898) 香港中路71号 HKG Map 15 The Lounge (quán láng). 1F, Intercontinental Qingdao, 98 Aomen Lu (6656-6666-1561) 泉 廊 青岛海尔洲际酒店1层 澳 门路98号


Unlimit Bike Club (wú jí xiàn zì xíng chē yùn dòng jù lè bù) 18 Liaocheng Lu (8280-7097) 无 极限自行车运动俱乐部 聊城 路18号

Equestrianism Gold Rider Club (jīn qí shì mǎ shù jù lè bù) Corss of Songling Lu and Liaoyang Dong Lu (Near Qingdao International Golf Club) (8896-3166) 金骑士马术俱乐 部 松岭路和辽阳东路交叉口 (青岛国际高尔夫俱乐部旁)

Fitness Crowne Plaza Health Club (qīng dǎo yí zhōng huáng guàn jià rì jiǔ diàn jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) 2B, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8268) 青岛颐中皇冠假日酒 店健身中心 香港中路76号 青 岛颐中皇冠假日酒店2B层 Etsong VIP Club East King Fitness Centre (yí zhōng .VIP huì suǒ - yī sī kǎi ēn qí jiàn

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diàn) Yinchuan Xi Lu (88611011) 颐中.VIP会所-伊斯凯 恩旗舰店 银川西路

Copthorne Fitness Centre (guó dūn dà jiǔ diàn kāng lè zhōng xīn) 4F, Copthorne Hotel, 28 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8572-1688 ext.8900) 国敦大酒店康乐中 心 香港中路28号 国敦大酒 店4层 Impulse Total Fitness (yīng pài sī jiàn shēn jù lè bù) 26 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8578-1388) 英派斯健 身俱乐部 福州南路26号 67 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-0199) 英派斯健身俱乐部 香港东路 67号 12 Haikou Lu (8890-0990) 英派斯健身俱乐 海口路12号 Shangri-La Health Club (xiāng gé lǐ lā jiàn shēn zhōng xīn) 3F, Shangri-La Hotel, 9 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-3838 ext.6631) 香格里拉健身中心 香港中路 9号 香格里拉大饭店3层 Sunny Fit Fitness Club (yáng guāng hǎi jiàn shēn huì suǒ) 200 Minjiang Lu (8575-6161) 阳 光海健身会所 闽江路200号 Weider-Tera Fitness Club (yī zhào wěi dé jiàn shēn) 8F, MYKAL, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (6670-0800) 一兆韦德健身 香 港中路69号 麦凯乐8层

Golf Four Seasons Riverside Golf & Resort (táo yuán jiāng jǐng gāo ěr fū jù lè bù) A great place for recreation with friends, family or colleagues. In addition to the expertly staffed pro shop and rolling greens, the resort houses a full spa for total body relaxation. Chenyang District, 204 National Road (8115-0010) 桃源江景高尔夫俱乐部 城阳 区204国道段 Huashan International Country Club (huá shān guó jì xiāng cūn jù lè bù) Huashan Township, Jimo City (8456-0888) 华山国际乡村俱乐部 即墨市 华山镇烟青路 Qingdao International Golf Club (qīng dǎo guó jì gāo ěr fū jù lè bù) Hi-Tech Industrial Park, 118 Songling Lu (8896-0001) 青岛国际 高尔夫俱乐部 松岭路118号 高科技工业园 Tiantai Holiday Hot Spring Golf Club (tiān tài jià rì wēn quán gāo ěr fū jù lè bù) Inside Jimo Hot Springs Tourist Resort (86579888) 天泰假日温泉高尔夫俱 乐部 即墨温泉旅游度假区内 Elite Golf Practice Course (yì lái tè gāo ěr fū liàn xí chǎng) Jinling New Village, Yinchuan Dong Lu (8899-7307) 易来特 高尔夫练习场 银川东路金

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Kayaking Qingdao Discoverer Kayak Club (qīng dǎo shì tàn suŏ zhě pí huá tǐng jù lè bù) Middle section of Haier Lu (east of etsong stadium) (8885-7957) 青岛市 探索者皮划艇俱乐部 海尔路 中段 (颐中体育场东面)

Outdoor Pursuits Whowhy Paintballing Office (yáng guāng xiān fēng tǐ yù wén huà fā zhǎn yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Bldg. C3, SPR Resort, 310 Xianggang Dong Lu (88893590, 8889-3591) 阳光先锋体 育文化发展有限公司 香港东 路310号弄海园 C座3号

Billiards Billiards Utopia (tái qiú wū tuō bāng) A new, up-market billiards and pool hall, which boasts a cozy friendly atmosphere among its many high points. A place to meet friends, to enjoy a few drinks and to sample the ocean air, the Yin Hai Marina branch is splendid. 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (Inside Yinhai International Yacht Club) (8888-0553) 台球乌 托邦 东海中路30号 (银海大 世界内) Bobo House 78 Xianggangzhong Lu (85665678) 香港中路78号

Sailing Qingdao Jida Sailing Club (qīng dǎo jì dá háng hǎi jù lè bù) Rm. 503, Bldg. 3, 2 Changle Lu (8286-7962) 青岛际达航海俱 乐部 昌乐路2号3号楼503室

Yinhai International Yacht Club (yín hǎi guó jì yóu tĭng jù lè bù) 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (85886666) 银海国际游艇俱乐部 东 海中路30号

Scuba Diving Qingdao Qin Hai Diving Club (qīng dǎo qín hǎi qián shuĭ jù lè bù) 5 Huiquan Lu (8387-7977) 青岛琴海潜水俱乐部 汇泉 路5号

Squash Grand Regency Hotel Squash Court (lì jīng dà jiŭ diàn bì qiú shì) 3F, Grand Regncy Hotel, 110 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85881818) 丽晶大酒店壁球室 香港 中路110号 丽晶大酒店3层 Hai Qing Hotel (hǎi qíng dà jiǔ diàn) 11 Donghai Zhong Lu (8596-9888) 海情大酒店 东海 中路11号 Impulse Total Fitness Squash Court (yīng pài sī jiàn shēn jù lè bù bì qiú shì) 67 Xianggang Dong Lu (8801-0199) 英派斯 健身俱乐部壁球室 香港东 路67号

Swimming Flying Fish Swimming Club (xiǎo fēi yú yóu yǒng jù lè bù) Rm. 303, Bldg 2, Dushi Jiri, 82 Jiangxi Lu (133 0642-7777) 小飞 鱼游泳俱乐部 江西路82号都 市假日2-303 Gym and Swimming Pool (jiàn shēn yóu yǒng zhōng xīn) 1F, Haiqing Hotel, 11 Donghai Zhong Lu (8596-9888 ext 7255) opening hour 6:30am-0am 健身 游泳中心 东海中路11号 海情 大酒店1层

Qingdao International Yacht Club (qīng dǎo guó jì yóu tǐng jù lè bù) 1 Jinhai Lu (6656-0061) 青岛国际游艇俱乐部 金海 路1号

Yinhai Spa and Sports (yín hǎi jiàn kāng xiū xián huì guăn) 30 Donghai Zhong Lu (85939000) 银海健康休闲会馆 东海 中路30号

Qingdao International Sailing Club (qīng dǎo guó jì háng hǎi jù lè bù) 6 Nanhai Lu (80905788) 青岛国际航海俱乐部 南 海路6号

Zaishuiyifang Seashore Club (zài shuǐ yī fāng xĭ yù zhōng xīn) 9 Huanghai Lu (8388-6886) 在水一方洗浴中心 黄海路 9号

Qingdao Jufeng Sailing Club (qīng dǎo jù fēng háng hǎi jù lè bù) Rm. 501, 30 Qutang Xia Lu (8501-2115) 青岛飓风航海俱 乐部 瞿塘峡路30号501室 Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center (qīng dǎo ào lín pǐ kè fān chuán zhōng xīn) 1 Yan Er Dao Lu (8309-2020) 青岛奥林匹 克帆船中心 燕儿岛路1号 Qingdao Zou Sailing Club (qīng dǎo zōu jiā fān chuán jù lè bù) Rm.101, Bldg 2, Ruishi Garden, 6 Hailong Lu (139-0532-3160) 青 岛邹家帆船俱乐部 海龙路6 号 瑞士花园2号楼101室

Tennis Qingdao Yuanhang Tennis Club (qīng dǎo yuǎn háng wǎng qiú jù lè bù) 84 Jiangxi Lu (85752325) 青岛远航网球俱乐部 江 西路84号

Wushu Qingdao Bright Mountain Wushu Club (bèi méng tè wǔ guǎn) 55 Hunan Lu (138 08957112) 贝蒙特武馆 湖南路55号

Yoga 42℃ Healthy Private Space (sì

shí èr dù jiàn kāng sī shǔ kōng jiān) B1, South gate of Sunshine

Dept, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu

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=wireless internet (8909-0977) 42℃健康私属空 间 香港中路38号阳光百货 南门B-1 Daniel 42 Degree Hot Yoga & Massage (sì shí èr dù rè yú jiā zú liáo) 74 Minjiang Lu (89090977) 42度热瑜珈&足疗 闽 江路74号 Han Xiang Yi Yoga (hán xiāng yí) Superb new fitness venue offering several varieties of yoga courses including pilates and hatha, as well as a range of spa and beauty treatments. Small class sizes - no more than 7 students, at a great seaside location Rm. 102, Bldg. 1, Changhai Garden, 8 Ao Men Liu Lu (8572-2257) 涵香怡 澳门陆 路8号 畅海园1单元102

Stage & Screen Cinemas Haiyi Cinema (hǎi yì yǐng chéng) 1B, Chuandai World, Taidong Pedestria Area (83616688) 海逸影城 台东三路步行 街 穿戴大世界负一层 Huachen Cinema (huá chén yǐng chéng) 8F, MYKAL, 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (66700700) 华臣影城 香港中路69号 麦凯乐8层 Hui Quan Cinema (huì quán diàn

yǐng chéng) 15 Nanhai Lu (82867219) 汇泉电影城 南海路15号

Wanda International Cinema City (wàn dá guó jì yǐng chéng) 4F, Walmart, 63 Taidong San Lu (8362-5656) 万达国际影 城 台东三路63号 沃尔玛4层

Music Hall Qingdao Concert Hall (qīng dǎo yīn yuè tīng) 1 Lanshan Lu (8287-7050) 青岛音乐厅 兰 山路1号 Qingdao People’s Auditorium (qīng dǎo shì rén mín huì táng) 9 Taiping Lu (8286-5232) 青岛市人民会堂 太平路9号

Theatres Qinghua Theatre (qīng huà xiǎo jù chǎng) 12 Linqing Lu (8281-8181) 青话小剧场 临清 路12号

Shopping Antiques Antique Market (jiù huò gǔ dǒng shì chǎng) Wenhua Shichang, Changle Lu (83823513) 旧货古董市场 昌乐路 文化市场 Sanshengyuan Artworks Shop (sān shēng yuán) 67 Aomen Lu

(8579-7833) 三生缘 澳门路 67号 Metisse Souvenir Shop (yī fēi jīng diǎn) Before you leave Qingdao, stop by Metisse for a souvenir! Offering a whole range from simple trinkets to authentic antiques, Metisse can sate you thirst for culture. 2F, Crowne Plaza, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8962) 伊霏经典 香港中路76号 颐中皇冠假日 酒店2层

Art Boya Art & Framing Gallery (bó yǎ huà láng) Art and Photos 52 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-5924) 博雅 画廊 闽江二路 52号 Qingdao Modern Artists Gallery (qīng dǎo dāng dài yì shù jiā huà láng) 3 Changle Lu (83802977) 青岛当代艺术家画廊 昌 乐路3号 San Xi Tang Gallery (sān xī táng huà láng) 100 Nanjing Lu (8097-0589) 三希堂画廊 南京 路100号

Yi Pin Tang (yì pǐn táng) Rm. 202, Bldg. 2, Changle Culture Market (8381-5166) 逸品堂 昌乐 路文化市场2楼202号

Books Hao Xue You Book Market (hǎo xué yǒu tú shū cài shì) 10 Quanzhou Lu 好学友图书菜市 泉州路10号 The Book Nook With more English titles coming in all the time, Qingdao’s first dedicated English-language bookstore is a great place to enjoy a cup of coffee while resting your eyes on familiar words, or expand your English ability by finding texts that you enjoy. Rm 022, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (8097-1935) thebooknookqingdao@gmail. com 南京路100号创意100产 业园022室 CBD Map 34 Xinhua Bookstore/Book City (xīn huá shū chéng) Cnr. Yanerdao Lu & Xianggang Zhong Lu (8587-5440) 新华书城 燕儿 岛路和香港中路交叉口 HKG Map 13 Xue Yuan Bookstore (xué yuàn shū diàn) 22 Quanzhou Lu (8592-7703) 学苑书店 泉州路 22号 HKG Map 15

Electronics Apple Center Flagship Shop (píng guǒ diàn năo qí jiàn diàn) 2F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8366-9605) xwx@ 苹果电脑旗舰店 香港中路72号 佳世客2层 Computer City (diàn zǐ xìn xī chéng) 226 Liaoning Lu (8382-2536) 电子信息城 辽宁


Qingdao Nocturnal

DJ Flip

Let me guess, you’ve been missing me, right? Don’t worry! Nocturnal is back on track! Last month I visited Bangladesh. Great business, horrible nightlife. At least foreigners can buy alcohol... but it’s twice as expensive and it’s available in only one store in the whole of Dhaka. Still, it was a good trip for a lot of reasons that I can’t freely write about. It’s good to be back! I like that finally the weather is starting to treat us better. With it, there are some rumours flowing around town about some open air parties coming soon. Beijing’s Ziyo will be rocking on the Beach House’s rooftop on 10th of April. There are some plans for a big whole weekend beach party during summer holiday. But about that... yi hou zai shuo. This month Qingdao Nocturnal talked to Le Bang’s DJ Miki. Miki started DJing back in 2002. Back than DJ scene in Qingdao was very poor, not only in DJs but in clubs as well. Miki’s inspiration comes from Q-bert and Mix Master Mike. Beat juggling, scratching and ‘drumming’ were things that he was really into at the time. Then in 2003 he moved to Beijing and spent almost two years gigging around the city. After that he came back to Qingdao to support local Le Bang, right after it had started. In 2006 he left to the Capital once again and started working as a resident DJ in Vick’s, which at the time was well known for Miki’s unique style (mainly Drum’n’Bass). That was the big shift in Miki’s carrer. His main inspiration came from Fatboy Slim, Prodigy and Chemical Brothers. After a year in Beijing he had saved enough money to buy his first groovebox and started producing his own music, developing sets where he was mixing other DJs’ tracks with his own crazy ideas. At the end of 2008 he’d had enough of Qingdao’s DJ scene and decided to open his own DJ school called Mix Spot. The idea was not only to teach, but to show what DJing is all about: “It’s not only beatmaching and playing new music, it’s about passion and connection between the DJ and the crowd, it’s about becoming music while you’re spinning and transforming the music you’re playing into you, so that you can be recognised for your own unique style. It’s hard in Qingdao, because the DJ scene is still developing and bars are asking for a certain kind of music which is usually pop or hip-hop. It’s hard to play from heart, because a lot of times people just don’t understand it. In bigger cities it’s the opposite, the crowd is searching for something new, unique... but I know that it will change sooner or later. You can already notice changes.” This month in Qingdao, follow the GADA posters. GADA is a DJ event featuring local DJ Miki and polish DJ Flip. This is going to be the second time GADA will take place. Besides that, Qingdao Nocturnal wants everyone to come to MAX 09, which will be held at Pichai Yuan on Zhongshan Lu 11 April. For more details checkout www.

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路226号 Guomei Appliance Store (guó měi diàn qì shāng chéng) 80 Nanjing Lu (8580-5870) 国美电 器商城 南京路80号 Life’s Good (LG diàn zǐ zhuān mài) 1-1 Xianxia Ling Lu (88963308) LG电子专卖 仙霞岭 路1-1 Su Ning Appliance Store (sū níng diàn qì) 3 Nanjing Lu (8362-2666) 苏宁电器 南京路3 号 CBD Map 33

Fashions Brise Marine (hǎi yùn míng diàn) 1F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8928) 海韵名店 香港中 路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假日 酒店1层 iGo Mall (ài gòu shí shàng bǎi huò shāng chéng) 18 Gutian Lu (8118-0888) 爱购时尚百货商 城 古田路18号 HKG Map 14 Hisense Plaza (hǎi xìn guǎng chǎng) 50 Donghai Xi Lu (66788777) 海信广场 东海西路50 号 HKG Map 1 Jimo Market (jí mò lù xiǎo shāng pǐn pī fā shì chǎng) Jimo Lu 即墨路小商品批发市 场 即墨路 Longshan Underground Shopping Centre (lóng shān dì

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xià shāng chéng) 29 Jiangsu Lu (8286-8902) 龙山地下商城 江 苏路29号

MYKAL (mài kǎi lè) 69 Xianggang Zhong Lu (66700666) 麦凯乐 香港中路69号 HKG Map


(8077-0123) 贝麦斯特食品 闽 江路151号 HKG Map 20 Bread Star (gāo xīng) Store serving a range of breads and cakes with a sit-in café as well. 9 Zhangzhou Er Lu (8587-0305) 糕 星 漳州二路9号 HKG Map 14

Parkson (bǎi shèng) 44-46 Zhongshan Lu (8202-1085) 百盛 中山路44-46号

Canmore (kě mào ěr) 77 Zhangzhou Lu (6677-5598) 可茂 尔 漳州路77号

Printemps Mall (bā lí chūn tiān guǎng chǎng) 9 Shandong Lu (8581-1588) 巴黎春天广场 山 东路9号

Carrefour (jiā lè fú) 21 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85826666) 家乐福 香港中路21 号 CBD Map 31 128 Shandong Lu (8508-9999) 家乐福 山东 路128号

Sky (tiān kōng) 11 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (8577-1276) 天空 漳州一 路11号 Sunshine Department Store (yáng guāng bǎi huò) 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (86677166) 阳光百货 香港中路38号 CBD Map 32 Wanda Shopping Centre (wàn dá gòu wù guǎng chǎng) 63 Taidong San Lu (8367-3638) 万 达购物广场 台东三路63号 Zhongshan Commerce City (zhōng shān shāng chéng) 113 Zhongshan Lu 中山商城 中 山路113号

Food & Beverage Baeckermeister E (bèi mài sī tè shí pǐn) 151 Minjiang Lu

DEFA Top quality German-style meats and sausages. This meat’s not just good - it’s unbeatable! Eldo View Garden Shopping Centre, 1 Hai An Lu (8253-0686) 海安路1号 银都景园 景园福 购物中心 Hanbur German Bakery (hàn bǎi mài xiāng) Located in the basement supermarket of posh new Hisense Plaza. Watch German master baker Helmut and his team produce a large range of German and international bread, cakes and pastries. Enjoy German Schwarzbrot, tasty Bauernbrot and crispy rolls with a variety of imported butter, cheese, sausage and jam (available in

the supermarket). Hisense Plaza Basement, 50 Donghai Xi Lu (8572-6865) 汉柏麦香 东海西 路50号 海信奥运广场 CBD Map 40 JUSCO (jiā shì kè) 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-9600) 佳世客 香港中路72号 HKG Map 12 419 Changjiang Zhong Lu, Huangdao (8699-0666) 佳世客 黄岛长江 中路419号 Liqun (lì qún) 79 Changjiang Lu, Huangdao (8688-8686) 利群 黄 岛长江路79号 Metro Cash & Carry (mài dé lóng) German chain supermarket and a major supplier of international restaurants in Qingdao. Excellent imported selection of wines, cheeses, meats and other delicacies that can elude one in China. 116 Chongqing Nan Lu (8566-8888) 麦德龙 重庆南路116号 Mission Coffee Roasting (mài sēn kā fēi) Qingdao’s only microroaster! Gordon has a passion for fine coffees, and roasts one small batch of premium beans at a time. He’ll even do special orders if there’s a variety you particularly like. Coffee lovers must check this out. 49C Donghai Xi Lu (8572-8539) 迈 森咖啡 东海西路49号 HKG Map 11

Qingdao Zhongtang Import & Export Co. Ltd. (zhōng táng jìn chū kǒu shāng mào) A wide selection of imported spirits. Friendly service and great prices. Located slightly back from the street. 81 Xuzhou Lu (8581-8719) 中糖进出口商贸 徐州路81号 Silver Garden Grocery Shop (yín dū huā yuán gòu wù shāng chǎng) 1A Cuibaige, Bldg. 12, Yindu Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (8589-7732) 银都花园购物商 场 彰化路1号 都花园12号翠 柏阁1A The Wine Residence (cáng jiǔ xuān) Xiangdao Mansion, 75-5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85878889) 藏酒轩 香港中路75-5 号 香岛大厦 RT Mart (dà rùn fā) 162 Ningxia Lu (8578-0529) 大润发 宁夏 路162号 Walmart (wò ěr mǎ) 63 Taidong San Lu (8367-5600) 沃尔玛 台 东三路63号 Watsons (qū chén shì) 1F, Sunshine Department Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (86677166) 屈臣氏 香港中路38号 阳光百货1层

For Kids Children’s Club (ér tóng jù lè bù) 2F, Shangri-La Hotel, 9

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Xianggang Zhong Lu (Inside Café Yum) (8388-3838 ext. 6478) 儿童 俱乐部 香港中路9号 香格里 拉大饭店2层 (咖啡苑内) Peek-a-Boo (bǔ kāng fù yù yīng zhuān mài diàn) 31 Yan Er Dao Lu (8593-1283) 哺康富育婴 专卖店 燕儿岛路31号 Victory Club (wěi kě wěi ér tóng jù lè bù) Rm.103, Top Yihe, 10 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8502-7616) 伟可伟儿童俱乐 部 香港中路10号 颐和国际大 厦103室 MIHO Mart (ér tóng lè yuán) Chinese supermarket with very cool roller-blading / skating rink on second floor. 15 RMB admission which includes blade/ skate rental. Also has a separate ‘soft’ play area for the kids similar to BB Cool, admission 15 RMB. 2F, Weifeng Supermarket, Fuqing Lu (8866-5638) 儿童乐园 福清路 味丰超市2层

Gifts & Accessories Fatema Indian Shop (fǎ dì mǎ yìn dù shì pǐn diàn) 86 Taidong Liu Lu (8802-0989) 法蒂玛印度 饰品店 台东六路86号 Ou Jin Jiang Silver Ornaments (ōu jīn jiàng yín shì) A6, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (134-5520-8855) 欧金匠银饰 东海西路51号 A6座

=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu Zang Yuan Ge (zàng yuán gé) 1 Yangkou Lu (8387-6093) 藏缘 阁 仰口路1号

Home Goods B&Q (bǎi ān jū) 38 Shandong Lu (8580-6611) 百安居 山东路 38号 Haibo Furniture Market (hǎi bó jiā jū chāo shì) 28 Dunhua Lu (8308-5739) 海博家居超市 敦 化路28号 Home World (jiā shì jiè) 100 Liaoyang Xi Lu (8562-0194) 家世 界 辽阳西路100号 Joes (qiáo dé jiā fǎng) 80(Jia) Minjiang Lu (8580-3350) 乔德家 纺 闽江路80号甲 La.pasa Home (bā shā shí shàng jiā jū yòng pǐn) 36 Zhangzhou Yi Lu (6688-6867) 芭莎时尚家居用品 漳州一 路36号 Yinjie Bedding (yín jié chuáng pĭn) 166 Zhangzhou Lu (85778721) 银洁床品 漳州路166号

Musical Instruments Baldwin Musical Instruments (bào dé wēn gāng qín zhuān mài diàn) 91 (Yi) Jiangxi Lu (8573-4599) 鲍德温钢琴专卖 店 江西路91号乙 Guitar Square (jí tā píng fāng) 128 Biaoshan Lu (8272-6977) 吉他平方 标山路128号 Rolling Stone Instruments (gǔn shí qín háng) 17 Ruiyun Lu (8383-1385) 滚石琴行 瑞云 路17号 Xin Yi Zhou Instruments (xīn yì zhōu qín háng) 74 Yan An San Lu (8365-4582) 馨艺洲琴行 延 安三路74号 Yao Yi Instruments (yáo yì qín háng) 18 Rehe Lu (near Jiaozhou Lu) (137-0898-8375) 摇艺琴行 热河路18号(靠近胶州路)

Pets Qingdao Free Cat Adoption (137 9198 7701), True Friend Animal Hospital (zhēn péng yǒu dòng wù yī yuàn) 65 Xianggang Zhong Lu (west of Book City) (8578-0365) 真朋友动物医院 香港中路65 号(书城西侧)

Sporting Goods Decathlon (dí kǎ nóng) 188 Liaoyang Xi Lu (Below Fuliao Overpass) (8561-7788) 迪卡 侬 辽阳西路188号(福辽立 交桥下) Tan Lu Zhe (tàn lù zhě) 66 Yanji Lu (8302-9006) 探路者 延吉 路66号

VERDI Golf & Shopping (wéi lè dí gāo ěr fū gòu wù zhōng xīn) 1-12 Kaixuan Garden, 1 Xianxia Ling Lu (8896-1213) 维 乐迪高尔夫购物中心 仙霞岭 路1号 凯旋家园1-12 X-Game Sports (kù pài zú) 148 Zhangzhou Lu (8577-3543) 酷派 族 漳州路148号

Tailors Tingting Tailor (tíng tíng zhì yī) 1-116, 2F Apprel World, 3 Taidong Lu (138 6986-9758) 婷 婷制衣 台东路3号 穿戴大世 界2层1-116 Yongzheng Tailor Shop (yǒng zhèng cái féng diàn) 1F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-8888 ext.8961) 永正裁缝店 香港 中路76号 青岛颐中皇冠假 日酒1层

Tobacco Tobacco Shop (yān cǎo diàn) 1F, Jusco, 72 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8571-9629) 烟草店 香港中 路72号 佳世客1层

Beauty Bath Houses Louver Bath House (lú fú gōng yù chǎng) 12 Yunling Lu (88973096) 卢浮宫浴场 云岭路12号 Tiantai Holiday Hot Spring (tiān tài jià rì wēn quán) Inside Jimo Hot Springs Tourist Resort (86579888) 天泰假日温泉 即墨温泉 旅游度假区内

Beauty Centres Panco (fán gē guó jì měi róng měi tǐ shā lóng) 20 (wu) Donghai Zhong Lu (8506-5155) 汎歌国际美容美体沙龙 东海 中路20号戊 Sleeping Lotus SPA (shuì lián yǎng shēng měi róng guǎn) A variety of spa services for females and couples. A3, 26 Donghai Lu (inside Langqin Garden) (8593-6008) 睡莲养 生美容馆 东海路26号A3(浪 琴园内) Sunning International Health SPA (xīn jīn lì měi jiàn shuǐ liáo guó jì jù lè bù) 19 Haimen Lu (8389-2227) 鑫金利美健水疗 国际俱乐部 海门路19号

Hairdressers Leekaja Hair Biz (lǐ jiā zǐ xíng xiàng shè jì zhōng xīn) 3F, Sunshine Department Store, 38 Xianggang Zhong Lu (86677022) 李嘉子形象设计中心 香 港中路38号 阳光百货3层 Natural Law Hairdressing (zì rán fǎ zé) 27 Minjiang Er Lu (8572-6975) 自然发则 闽江 二路27号

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Nails Lovely Nails (ài shǒu ài jiǎo měi jiǎ huì suǒ) A four-storey salon with sea views, Lovely Nails’ beautifully decorated interior is complete with marble footsoaking tubs and plush leather cushions perfect for relaxing into a pampering pedicure and manicure. 36 Silver Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (Opposite Seaview Garden Hotel) (8588-7871) 爱手 爱脚美甲会所 彰化路1号 银 都花园36号

Massage Renming Foot Massage Centre (rén míng zú bù bǎo jiàn zhōng xīn) 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu (opp. World Trade Centre) (8387-9188) 人名足部保健中 心 香港中路5号(世贸中心 对面) Traditional Chinese Medical Massage (chuán tǒng zhōng yī àn mó) Get rid of suffering. Home visit service provided (8865-6700) janexu160@163. com 传统中医按摩 Yukangyuan Foot and Body Massage (yù kāng yuàn zú liáo àn mó zhōng xīn) 5 Minjiang Er Lu (8577-0682) 钰康苑足疗按 摩中心 闽江二路5号

Education Chinese Language International Business Exchange Centre (guó jì shāng wù jiāo liú zhōng xīn) 16A, Bldg 3, Jindu Garden, 37 Donghai Xi Lu (8667-5167, 8667-5168) 国际 商务交流中心 东海西路37号 金都花园C座16楼A室 Qingdao Jing-hua Language Training School (qīng dǎo jīng huá yǔ yán péi xùn xué xiào) Located on the campus of Qingdao University, Jinghua offers HSK and casual courses in Chinese. Rm. 8166, Qingdao University International Communication, 308 Ningxia Lu (8595-0758) 青岛京华语言培 训学校 宁夏路308号 青岛大 学国际学术交流中心8166室 Shin-A Education Group (xīn yà yŭ yán zhuān xiū xué xiào) A Japanese based international school which specialises in teaching Mandarin Chinese to foreigners. Centrally located in the expatriate area of town. 9F, Jinguang Mansion, 56 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8573-1790) 新亚语言 专修学校 香港中路56号 金 光大厦9层

English Language Joy Children’s English School (jiā yīn yīng yǔ) F1-2, 130 Zhangzhou Lu www.joyfamily. (8571-5991, 8572-6752) 佳音英语 漳州路130号 1-2层 International House Qingdao

(qīng dăo yīng háo yŭ yán zhuān xiū xué xiào) 883 Tong An Lu (8891-7120) 青岛英豪语 言专修学校 同安路883号

Wall Street English (huá ěr jiē yīng yǔ) An American-managed English school offering top quality instruction for business and test preparation. 2F, Golden Plaza, 20 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8502 5469 ) 华尔街英语 香 港中路20号 黄金广场2层 Rm. 19, 1F, Zhonghuan Plaza, 79 Zhangzhou Lu (6677-5858) 华尔 街英语 漳州路79号 中环国际 广场1层19号

French Language Alliance Francaise du Shandong - Qingdao (shān dōng fǎ yǔ lián méng - qīng dǎo zhōng xīn) French training and cultural centre with native French teachers, modern communication methods, and a multimedia library open to the public. Get some lessons, and watch for their fantastic cultural events! 5F, Hi-Tech Centre, 23 Xianggang Dong Lu (8590-6232) 山东法语联盟青岛中心 香 港东路23号 高新技术创业 中心5层

International Schools NSWE International Department of Qingdao Tianshan School (qīng dǎo tiān shān shí yàn xué xiào guó jì bù) 58 Middle School offers the highest standard of art and design education of any middle school in Qingdao. 18 Anqing Lu (8800-1880) (Chinese) (159 6689-9105)(English) 青岛天 山实验学校国际部 安庆路 18号 Qingdao American International School (qīng dǎo měi guó guó jì xué xiào) American teaching staff provide the classes at this internationally-recognised, multicultural school, which also boasts an awe inspiring view of the Yellow Sea. What better environment for learning? 33 Taipingjiao Yi Lu (8388-9900) 青岛美国国际学 校 太平角一路33号

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Mr. Yuliang Sun, Attorney International investment law + venture capital + M&A + corporate restructuring WTO Legal Expert Master of Law, University of Natal Chinese/English Mr. Sun is a partner at Shandong Qingtai law firm, Qingdao's leaders for expertise and quality of service. ph: (+86 532) 8897-9712 fax: (+86 532) 8897-9720 mob: (+86) 137 0899-3183 268 Xianggang Dong Lu

Qingdao MTI International School (qīng dǎo MTI guó jì xué xiào) Excellence in education, and a beautiful location are hallmarks of QMIS. International staff offer courses aimed at the global child, under the shadows of the Lao Mountains in Shazikou, on the fringe of Qingdao. Dong Jiang, Sha Zi Kou, Laoshan District (8881-5668) www.qmischina. com 青岛MTI国际学校 崂山 区沙子口东姜

David Dental Clinic (dài wèi chĭ kē) David Dental has high standards of quality, for your oral health and cosmetic purposes. Professional and courteous staff offer great service. Kaixuan Jiayuan, 1-20 Xianxialing Lu (Behind Beer City) (8896-0913) 戴卫齿科 仙霞岭路1-20号 凯旋家园 F3-1A Binhai Garden (May 4th Square) (8575-4843) 戴卫齿 科 滨海花园F3-1A(五四 广场内)

Qingdao No.1 International School of Shandong Province (shān dōng shěng qīng dǎo dì yī guó jì xué xiào) Excellent facilities and standards of education, with western and Chinese, qualified and accredited staff members, AP and Honours classes, an SAT test centre and as of 2009, a brand new campus with top-of-therange resources. 70 Songling Lu (Inside No.2 Middle School) (8890-9802) 山东省青岛第一 国际学校 松岭路70号 (青岛 第二中学内)

Leaders Dental Hospital (ruì dé kǒu qiāng) A clean and comfortable clinic offering international quality service in both standard and orthodontic dental work. Even has a kid’s room for the little ones. Unit F, Bldg. 16, 51 Donghai Xi Lu (8077-8666) hasun999@ 瑞德口腔 东海西 路51号16栋F单元

Yew Chung International School of Qingdao (Prep) Admission Office (yào zhōng guó jì xué xiào zhāo shēng bàn shì chù) Educating students to an international standard, Yew Chung School has years of experience and maintains an excellent standard of teaching. (8687-1122) Bldg 7, 36 Laoshan Lu 耀中国际学校(筹)招生办 事处 崂山路36号7号楼 Bldg 1, Shique Villa, 1 Shiquetan Lu, Huangdao 耀中国际学校(筹) 招生办事处 开发区石雀滩路 1号 石雀小筑1号楼

Kindergartens Aixin Kindergarten (ài xīn yòu ér yuán) 6 Chenghai San Lu (8588-3933) 爱心幼儿园 澄海 三路6号 Big Apple Kindergarten (dà píng guǒ yòu ér yuán) 260 Haikou Lu (8801-6811) 大苹果 幼儿园 海口路260号 Little Harvard Bilingual Kindergarten (xiǎo hā fó shuāng yǔ yòu ér yuán) 7 Yangkou Lu (8386-0526) 小哈佛 双语幼儿园 仰口路7号

Art School Jingyang Art Studio 139 6971-2083

Medical Dental Clinics Gezhi Dental Clinic (gé zhì chǐ kē) 210 Liaoyang Xi Lu (85697216) 格致齿科 辽阳西路210 号辛户

Pharmacy Hong Ren Tang Pharmacy (hóng rén táng dà yào fáng) 196 Zhongshan Lu (8282-5279) 宏仁堂大药房 中山路196号

Hospitals Bellaire Medical Centre (bèi lì ěr yī liáo zhōng xīn) Bellaire Medical Centre offers a rigourously high degree of medical care; internationally educated staff including chirotratic and OB/GYN. Bldg. 49, Silver Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (8111-7118) 贝利尔医疗中 心 彰化路1号 银都花园49座 International Clinic of Qingdao Municipal Hospital (East) (shì lì yī yuàn dōng yuàn qū guó jì mén zhěn) Opening Hours: 8 am - 12 am, 1 pm - 5 pm. 5 Donghai Zhong Lu (8593-7690 ext.2266) 市立医院东院区国际 门诊 东海中路5号 Qingdao Haici TCM Hospital (qīng dǎo hǎi cí yī yuàn) Famous for Chinese Traditional Medicine. 4 Remin Lu (83777066) 青岛海慈医院 人民 路4号 Qingdao Municipal Hospital (qīng dǎo shì lì yī yuàn) 1 Jiaozhou Lu (8282-6313) 青岛市 立医院 胶州路1号 Qingdao 401 Navy Hospital (hǎi jūn qīng dǎo sì líng yī yī yuàn) 22 Minjiang Lu (8582-4460) 海军 青岛401医院 闽江路22号 The Affiliated Hospital of Qingdao University Medical College (qīng dǎo dà xué yī xué yuàn fù shǔ yī yuàn) 16 Jiangsu Lu (8291-1847) 青岛 大学医学院附属医院 江苏 路16号 You & Me Family Planning Clinic (nǐ hé wǒ qīng shào

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nián jiàn kāng zhōng xīn) 106 Shanghang Lu (8592-7606) 你 和我青少年健康中心 上杭 路106号

Surgery Clinics Tian Bei Aesthetic & Plastic Surgery (tián bèi měi róng yī xué zhōng xīn) Diligence for medical protocols as well as sensitivity to personal needs, we can help your confidence grow and help you beome the person you want to be in a clean and caring environment. 203 Minjiang Lu (8077-7792) 田蓓美容医学中心 闽江路 203号

Services Automotive Services Grease Monkey (yóu hóu qì chē kuài xiū) Premium US-based automobile detailing service, now with two locations in Qingdao! Get your car washed by the pros. 136 Yinchuan Xi Lu (8501-9111 ext. 8020) 油猴汽车 快修 银川西路136号

Banking Agricultural Bank of China (nóng yè yín háng) (95599) 农 业银行 Bank of Communications (jiāo tōng yín háng) (95559) 交通 银行 HSBC (huì fēng yín háng) 8F, Crowne Plaza Hotel, 76 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85782828, 800 830 2880) 汇丰银行 香港中路76号 颐中皇冠假日 酒店8层 Bank of China (zhōng guó yín háng) (95566) 中国银行 Merchants Bank of China (zhāo shāng yín háng) (95555) 招 商银行 Construction Bank of China (zhōng guó jiàn shè yín háng) (95533) 中国建设银行 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (zhōng guó gōng shāng yín háng) (95588) 中国 工商银行

Business Hanrong Consultant Co., Ltd. Offers premium consulting services to international businesses seeking a foothold in the Qingdao market. Specialises in representative offices, wholly-owned foreign enterprises, equity joint ventures and cooperative joint ventures. 139 6392-9799 ( Qingdao CCPIT (qīng dǎo shì mào yì cù jìn wěi yuán huì) Get your new venture off the

=featured in PocketTM Qingdao =english menu ground with CCPIT’s full range of business establishment services. Over 20 years of experience dealing with all aspects of international business. Rm.403, 121 Yan An San Lu (8389-7995) 青岛市贸易促进委员会 延安 三路121号403室

Consultancy Ger-Lin Consulting (gé lín zī xún qīng dǎo yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm. 612, 6F Jinguang Mansion, 56 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85979039) 格琳咨询青岛有限公 司 香港中路56号 金光大厦6 楼612室 Qingdao Overseas Investment Service Centre (qīng dǎo shì wai shāng tóu zī fú wù zhōng xīn) 19F, Huaren Int’l Mansion, 2 (Jia) Shandong Lu (8197-8622) 青岛市外商投资服务中心 山东路2号甲 华人国际大 厦19层 Qingdao Transocean Exit & Entry Service (qīng dǎo yuè yáng chū rù jìng fú wù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 19 Xianggang Xi Lu (8865-1937) 青岛越洋出 入境服务有限公司 香港西 路19号

Decoration Crystal Creation Decoration (jīng chéng zhuāng shì) Canadian-trained interior decoration experts, specialising in unique design for home and office. 19F, Fulin Mansion, 87 Fuzhou Nan Lu (8210-7089) 晶 城装饰 福州南路87号 福林 大厦19层

Logistics Nax Logistics (qīng dǎo guó shēng wù liú yǒu xiàn gōng sī) One-stop shop for all of your logistics needs, from relocation to import/export, freight-forwarding to opening representative offices and conducting foreign market research. These people are very good and come highly recommended. Rm. 1316, 220 Yan An San Lu (8389-0366) 青 岛国升物流有限公司 延安三 路220号 邮政大厦1316室

Real Estate J & M Realty (shèng jiā bù dòng chǎn) For rental and purchase of residential and commercial property in Qingdao municipality, consult J & M Realty. Well-informed, respectable staff members make investing your time and money a whole lot easier. Bldg. B, 204B, World Trade Centre, 6 Xianggang Zhong Lu (8388-9232, 8591-9859) info@ 盛嘉不动产 香港中路6号 世贸中心B 座204B

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Century 21 Ao Men Shop (21 shì jì bù dòng chǎn qīng dǎo jīn dōu jiā méng diàn ào mén lù diàn) With branches throughout the city, there’s a good chance that 21 Century will find the home you need (or help you get rid of one you don’t want anymore). 136 Aomen Lu 8080-3232, 135 0542-2099 21世纪不动产青 岛金都加盟店澳门路店 澳门 路136号 Maggie Expat’s Real Estate Competitive rates in the rental and purchase of property, and specialised assistance for foreigners make Maggie’s among the best and most helpful realtors in town. Bldg 1, Silver Garden, 1 Zhanghua Lu (1358325-0736) 彰化路1号 银都花 园1号楼 Life Service Real Estate (qīng dǎo lái fū sà bēi sī bù dòng chǎn jīng jì yǒu xiàn gōng sī) 148 Zhangzhou Lu (8577-9654) 青 岛莱芙萨卑斯不动产经纪有 限公司 漳州路148号

Legal QILU (Qingao) Law Firm (qí lǔ lǜ shī shì wù suǒ) Bldg. 6, 87 Donghai Dong Lu (8162-7762) 齐鲁(青 岛)律师事务所 东海东路87 号6号楼 Shandong Qingtai Law Firm (shān dōng qīng tài lǜ shī shì wù suǒ) Experienced in the handling of business law - specifically maritime, investment, taxation and business registration. Ready to advise any and all companies in matters, large or small. Discretion assured. 268 Xianggang Dong Lu (8897-9712, 137-0899-3183) 山东清泰 律师事务所 香港东路268号

You Hua Law Firm (shān dōng yǒu huá lǜ shī shì wù suǒ) Experienced in the handling of business law - specifically maritime, investment, taxation and business registration. Ready to advise any and all companies in matters, large or small. Discretion assured. Suite 1603, Unit 2, 17 Haimen Lu (Beside Shangri-La Hotel) (88662999, 139-0648-4720) david@ 山东友华律 师事务所 海门路17号二单 元1603室

Trading Apparel Quality Inspection Services China (qīng dǎo ào zé qīng mào yì yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Your people are on the ground to make sure that what you get is what you paid for. Years of experience in fashion and apparel, as well as Western management and long experience in China, make AQISC a smart way to go. Rm. 2403, Bldg. C, Jinhuan Masion,114 Yan An San Lu 青岛 澳泽卿贸易有限公司 延安三 路114号 金环大厦C座2403

Postal Fedex Express (lián bāng kuài dì) Bldg. B, 171 Huaian Lu (+800-988-18888) 联邦快递 淮 安路171号B座 Post Office (yóu jú) 56 Xianggang Zhong Lu (85712182) 邮局 香港中路56号 121 Nanjing Lu (8573-4247) 南京 路121号 Zhanliu Gan Lu (Near Jinguang Mansion) (8571-2182) 湛流干路 (靠近金光大厦) 100 Xuzhou Lu (8581-5643) 徐州 路100号

Organisations Qingdao International Christian Fellowship QICF is an interdenominational community of Christian expats and their families meeting at 10am every Sunday; in accordance with local regulations, please bring your foreign passport (or for Chinese citizens, proof of marriage to a foreigner). Intercontinental Hotel, 3rd Floor, Auditorium, 98 Aomen Lu, Near the Olympic Sailing Center,

Translation REDSTAR Times Media Co. Ltd (hóng xīng shí dài wén huà chuán bō yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm.401, Bldg.3, Creative 100, 100 Nanjing Lu (8388-2269, 80970521) 红星 时代文化传播有限公司 南京 路100号 创意100产业园3号 楼401室

•Import & export, air & sea freight •Customs brokerage •Clearance (including door delivery) •Forwarding-door to door •Distribution services •Multi country consolidation •Warehousing short/long term •Supply chain management •Logistics, transportation & haulage •DDP/DDU whole course logistics •Ancillary service documentation •Cargo supervision, surveying etc •Consultation on foreign enterprise •Foreign enterprise & rep. office reg. •Process trading management •Project/household relocation

Appex International (HK) Ltd (ài pǔ guó jì xiāng gǎng yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Hong Kong-based trading company with affiliates in China, India and Dubai. Highly competitive prices in glass products, tires, hardware and tools. Rm. 2-204, Bldg 10, 3 Xuzhou Lu (8501-7163) www. 艾普国际(香港)有 限公司 徐州路3号10号楼 2-204 Qingdao DKK Glassware Co, Ltd. Rm 523, Saina Business Center Building, 111 Yanji Lu (85886885) 青岛活力工艺品有限公 司 延吉路111号

Travel AA Carlos Flight Centre (kǎi huá guó jì jī piào) Low price promise. 2 Xuzhou Lu (3 mins walk form Xianggang Lu Carrefour) (8502-8021, 8079-0626, 8079-0625) Skype: qingdaokaihua 凯华国际机票 徐州路2号(家乐福旁) All Ways Air Tourist Agency (quán chéng háng kōng lǚ yóu fú wù yǒu xiàn gōng sī) Rm. 307, 17 Nanjing Lu (85779035) 全程航空旅游服务有限 公司 南京路17号307室

Unrivalled Import/Export Experience makes us the Import/Export Experts. Let our success work for you! Contact 8389-0366

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A-Z dining 66 Agemann 50 Ah Yat Abalone Restaurant 48 Ajisen 50 Aka-Noren 50 Autumn Town 49 Ba Gong Shan 50 Bamboo 50 Bellagio 49 Bi Feng Tang 48 Boiling Fish Township 49 Cafe Asia 47, 49, 51 Café Yum 49, 51 Cassani 51 Central Hong Kong Hotpot 48 China Gongshe 49 Da Niang 48 Daochuan 50 Da Qing Hua Dumplings 48 Da Shanghai Restaurant 49 Da Vinci Restaurant & Lounge 51 De Heng Beijing Roast Duck 48 Don Korea 50 Dou Lai Shun 48 Dunhuang 49 Fatema Indian Restaurant 50 Genoa Pizza 51 Golden Hans 47 Golden Hans Buffet 47 Golden Sea Corner 49 Guang Kai Seafood Restaurant 49 Haidao Seafood Restaurant 49 Hai Meng Yuan 49 Hamheaung Korean 50 Han A Reum 50 Hao Hao Xiao Chu 48 HBR Music Kitchen 47 Hengbo Restaurant 50 Honghua Village 50 Hong Kong 97 49 Hong Kong 97 VIP 50 Hong Kong Old Restaurant 48 Huo Lu Qing Charcoal BBQ 50 In the Kitchen/Top 50 Istanbul 51 Jingfugong 50 Jinghualou Beijing Roast Duck 48 Jinmeng Restaurant 49 Jinshan Restaurant 49 Jin Shan Restaurant 48 Ju Xiang Ju 48 Kalinka Russian Restaurant 51 Kowloon Tong 48 Kuji Kuji 50 KumsuKangsan 50 Kylin French 48 Laobian 48 Lao Man Ke 48 Lao Zhuan Cun 49 La Villa 51, 54 La Zuyette 49 Le Bang 51, 54 Le Tai Yuan 48 Lisa’s Pizzeria 51 Lotus 48 Meng Family 50 Monnemer Eck 51 Murano’s 51 Napoli 51 Pasta Fresca Da 51 Ping’s Beijing 48 Pizza Hut 51 Pizza JJ 51 Qingdao Restaurant 49 Qin Ji 49 San Bao 48 San He Yuan 48 Shan Cheng Chilli 49 Shu Xiang Yuan 49 Sorrento 51 South Beauty 49 Spring 51 Steven Gao’s 49 Sumo and Sushi 50 Sunshine Grill 51 Takewaka Kaiseki 50 Tanyutou 48 Taste Music 51 Teng Wang Ge 48 The Diner 50 Tian Lu Yuan 49 Tortillas 51 Trattoria 51 Tudari 50 Xiao Fei Yang 48 Yamazen 50 Yamuna 50 Yaoyao Hotpot 48 Yijinglou 49 Yiqinglou 49 Yuansheng Haigang 49 Yucong 48 Yu Ma Tou 49 Yu Shen Hu 50 Zhongshanyuan 48 Zhou Quan Zhou Dao 48

Classifieds Real Estate Rented accommodation Apartment for rent, pretty sweet, pretty cheap, middle of downtown 20k a year, extremely near Carrefour, Cassani, food markets etc. 7th floor, two storeys, one bedroom one living room, medium sized kitchen, 2 baths. around 47m2 each storey. Really cool and soulful. You can feel the flowing feng shui. I have my own furniture, that I might be selling to the landlord. Maybe you want to buy it? I’m sure we can make a deal, I’m not a greedy person ;) Rent is paid untill May. I am moving in with some people to a bigger place in another part of town. I’ve been living here for two years and gotta tell you, I am gonna miss it! Details? Filip 13905323602, vojtoos@

Apartment available 2 bedrooms, furnished, 1 bath, big kitchen, around 65m2, 5f, older building but very cozy. On Zhangpu Lu, quiet place but extremely convenient to Carrefour, Sunshine, restaurant district etc. The landlady is very nice and helpful. Available 7 March. RMB24,000/year. Eric 139 6395 6913

Language Exchange Language Exchange Learning Chinese is fun! I have rich experience in teach foreigner Chinese. My students are from Korea, UK and Canada. Now I am looking for more teaching hours. My schedule is flexible. If you are interested in learning Chinese please feel free to contact me. I can arrange your class according to your spare time. May 138 5328-0996

Looking for friendship for my boy Hi everyone, I am looking for some English -speaking little kids to play with my 4.5 year old boy. If you have kids of similar age and feel like they could benefit from having someone to play and exchange language with, just get in touch with me. Jane.

Mandarin lessons tutoring Professional private Mandarin lessons. Offers a relaxing and warm environment to study. No.31 Xuzhou Rd, close to Cassani. Check our website for details - LIBS -

Apartment available 1 bedroom apartment (70m2) Laoshan district Tan Shang Wan (near Kilin Hotel). Living room, 1 bath, kitchen; appliances installed, furnishing available; underfloor heating. Optional laundry service. Quiet area, near the ocean, great place to live with cinema and bar coming soon downstairs. 35,000/yr ONO. Call 139 532 06015. Ms. Xu.

Job Market Jobs Available Seeking University representatives Buckingham University is seeking representatives who can find students to enroll in our courses in the UK. Pay is performance based. For more information, please contact Tom

Jobs wanted Teach foreigner Chinese I am an easy going girl who wants to find a job to teach Chinese. Is there anyone who want to improve or get Chinese degree, I can help you.

Private English / Music Teacher I studied English and Music at university, and have almost five years experience as a private teacher. I can teach you English, Guitar, Music, or all three. My schedule is flexible and I am willing to meet you wherever you like. Justin, 151 9200-5637.

Vicky’s Chinese Class Small class, home study, learn in a friendly atmosphere. For more details: 136 0896-8946

Personals Chinese girl finding good friends here Hi, everyone :) I am Winnie and hope we can become good friends here . Life is beautifu! Let’s go out to play, go shopping, go to bookstore. If you have any good ideas, please contact me by phone after worktime or send me email :) Winnie Wen Mobile:13606429380 email:

Community Free cat adoption Poor abandoned cats looking for a warm place to stay, If you are a caring, kind, and responsible person who wants a cat, please visit www.qdcats. cn

Professional private Madarin/ English lesson Offers a relaxing and warm environment to study. No.31 Xuzhou Rd, close to Cassani. Check our website for details

For Sale Goods for sale Samsung surround sound system, cost 3000 rmb 12 months ago, used once, yours for 1000 RMB. Qingdao Souvenir Rugby Shirts, high quality, 3 sizes, 200 RMB each. Pls contact 8388-2269 or email

Digital camera for budding photographer Need a starter SLR? This Canon EOS 300-D is a solid, inexpensive kit to begin exploring the joys of fullymanual photography. I’m only selling it cuz I got the newest model to allow larger print images. Intuitive menu system; 6.1MP; includes a few 1GB

CF cards and reader; 2 batteries and charger; kit lens (Canon 18-55mm) 2500元 or best offer, please call Eric 139 6395 6913.

Playstation 2 for sale With no controllers but loads of games. RMB1,000 ono. Call Neil 135 8320-6332

Ibanez bass guitar for sale

Sino-German Consulting Services Experienced, professional, trustworthy German-owned firm offers company formation, start-up and management services to small and mediumsized foreign investors. GER-LIN CONSULTING (QINGDAO) CO., LTD., 56 Hong Kong Middle Road, T:+86 (532) 8597 7392,,

White, 4-string electric bass guitar. RMB2,000 ono. Call Steven 153 1874-0652

DSL Qingdao Worldwide Mover


service. Pls contact Paul Paik 133-2500-7300

Hanrong Consultant Offers premium consulting services to international business seeking a foothold in  Qingdao or Shandong. Specialises in representative office ,wholly-owned foreign enterprise etc. Particularly adept with business startup, registration etc. 139 6392-9799

MARTIAL ARTS Self defense lessons. Hand to hand combat, combat with weapons, etc. DUR. 150 9241-5295 duhr61@

Relocation Services We are professional relocation agent in Qingdao with better services and lower price,please contact Shirley Song Tel:13730965560

Provides professional international, domestic, local moving and storage

China Visa Extension /work visa We can directly assist you handle your Chinese visa acquisition, including visa extensions, work visa applications, Chinese driving license applications, resolving of expired visas and issuing of urgent visas. Quick & efficient, competitive & affordable price. (88651937 / 8080-6655) myvisaok@gmail. com

Domestic Help Do you need one experienced a yi to help you out from the housework? I can recommend one for you. Pls email

Events Management Let us plan and manage your corporate event or party. Contact

REDSTAR or call 139 0639-0437

Helen Travel and Life Flight Tickets International and Domestic, Hotel Reservation, Visa Extension, Football Club and Call Back System. ph: 8279-7852 Fax: 8279-7802 Mobile: 0 133 7639-8383 Email:

Moving Service Relo China worldwide movers: very well-moving agent, contact John Sun: 139 0408-9994

Finally somewhere to buy cool tee-shirts in Qingdao, namely the famous Plastered brand from Beijing. Prices from ¥98 each. 炫酷 T恤集聚地,现售北京最IN的创 可贴T恤。98元起价! 1F, La Villa, 5 Xianggang Zhong Lu. 香港中路5号 拉维拉法国餐厅1 层

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