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19-year-old trilingual singer & rapper from Japan

AYA, a 19-year-old singer and rapper whose mother is Russian and a father is half-Mexican and half-Japanese, is making her long-awaited sensational debut. MAYA herself is trilingual fluent in English, Japanese and Russian. Her debut single, Only what I like, is composed of plenty of English and Japanese lyrics, clearly making it a song with its sights set on the world. In terms of production, the track is being released by Kickoff Entertainment, a new label with an array of music producers that includes Scotty Ferguson from France. Also noteworthy is the production, which is bursting with creativity. RED INK Magazine had the pleasure of asking Maya a few question, here’s what she had to say. REDINK: At what age did you realize that you wanted to be a rapper? 4

Maya: I’ve always known that I wanted to do music ever since I was a kid. Rapping specifically around the age of 11 REDINK: How long have you been on the music scene? Maya: About a year REDINK: Do you write your own lyrics? Maya: Yes I write my own lyrics REDINK: How does it feel to be a female rapper being in a male dominant industry? Maya: It feels empowering, us females have always had to fight to be seen as equals. Just being cautious about how I move has helped me a lot. REDINK: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Maya: Hopefully happy with 3 kids, & some songs that

go platinum. All the best to Maya with her music career, we’re looking foward to hearing lots more from her in the future. Check out her new song “Only what I like”


“Only What I Like”



New Release Oct. 2020



SONGS this month 1- WAP by Cardi B Featuring Megan Thee Stallion 2- Dynamite by BTS 3- Laugh Now Cry Later by Drake Featuring Lil Durk 4- Rockstar by DaBaby Featuring Roddy Ricch 5- Blinding Lights by The Weeknd 6- Mood by 24kGoldn Featuring iann dior 7- Watermelon Sugar by Harry Styles 8- Savage Love by Jawsh 685 x Jason Derulo 9- Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi 10- I Hope by Gabby Barrett

1 0 MOVIES Top

this month 1- The New Mutants

2- Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back 3- Infidel 4- The Broken Hearts Gallery 5- Shortcut 6- The Last Shift 7- The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge on the Run 8- The Rental 9- Words on Bathroom Walls 10- The Personal History of David Copperfield



www.smftampa.com 6






HOTSPOTS this month Check

OUT Note: Because of Coronavirus concerns, many events and establishments are still closed for public safety.

he Sunset Music Festival is the brainchild of longtime nightclub owner John Santoro and the electronic music events company Disco Donnie Presents. Formed in 2006, the festival began as a small event held at Vinoy Park in St. Petersburg, Fla., with only around 5,500 attendees. The event was held for only two years before it went on a brief hiatus. Santoro then relaunched the festival in Tampa, Fla., with a much bigger scope in mind. Since its inaugural event in 2012, the festival has taken place every year just outside of Raymond James Stadium, the home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team. More than 50,000 electronic and dance fans regularly descend upon the area to attend the festival for the weekend. As the lineup has continued to expand, the festival organizers have added more stages to accommodate every musical act.



JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG, Women’s Rights Icon and Supreme Court Justice, Dies At age 87


ustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, was one 2nd longest standing Justice in the current Supreme Court of the United States. She had held her position for over 27 years, with only Justice Clarence Thomas being there longer for 28 years. She is one of the most prominent women, not only in the political landscape, but in the world today. She was a champion for women’s rights, and constitutional equality for all people, as it is written in the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights. She has helped eliminate discrepancies in the laws that affected the workplace and social security benefits and also the social standing of women in all aspects of life, here in the United States. Unfortunately, on September 18th, 2020 Justice Ginsburg lost her 5th battle with Cancer. It is clear that this loss is enormous for America and the World as a whole. She was taken far too soon and with so much more work to be done. However her legacy will serve to inspire women everywhere, just like my own daughter, who is only 6, to know that they can accomplish great things, that they can change the world and that they should never stop fighting for what is right. Justice Ginsburg was born, Joan Ruth Bader on March 15th, 1933 in Brooklyn, NY. Her mother Celia was her biggest supporter up until her death, the day before Ginsburg graduated from High School. She took Ruth to the library regularly and supported her with praise for her academic achievements while the rest of her family focused more on her brother and his future college aspirations, as he was the future “man of a house” his family only paid to send him to college, as was the customs of the time. If not for the support of her mother and the scholarship that paid her way through college, she might not have even had the opportunity to become the iconic inspiration that we know today. After her mother’s death and her graduation from High School at the age of 15, she went on to go to Cornell University on a full scholarship and graduated with a BA in Government. It was also at Cornell where she met her next biggest supporter, her future husband Marty Ginsburg. After Cornell, the Ginsburg’s were married and went to live on base at Fort Sill where her husband was stationed for his military service. Ruth’s first bout with social inequality happened at home when she was overlooked for college so that her brother could go instead, but her second happened at Fort Sill, where even though she scored very high on the civil service exam, the highest position the military would give a woman was as a typist or secretary, and because at the time there were no protections for women in the workplace, when she became pregnant, she was even fired from that job. Continue...on page 10 8

1933 - 2020




So if anyone wonders where the drive to spark change in society came from, for Justice Ginsburg, it should be clear. She was a powerful woman born in a time where women were permitted to have very little power and that was something unacceptable to her, as it should have been. She decided to pursue a law degree along with her husband and both Ginsburgs went on to attend Harvard Law School. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was one of only 9 women to be accepted into the program that had over 500 men and instead of being given accolades for that achievement, she had stated in an interview that early on in the semester, the Dean called her into his office and questioned her as to why she was taking up a place that should go to a man. Ruth excelled at Harvard Law, even when adversity struck. Her husband Marty had been diagnosed with Testicular Cancer and was extremely sick, so she would stay up late to help write his papers for him as he dictated to her and then do her own research and papers for her own classes, all while maintaining a full school schedule and taking care of her home including her husband and 3 year old child. Marty ultimately beat the Cancer and went on to graduate one year ahead of Ruth, and got a Law job in New York. So Ginsburg relocated to New York and transferred to the Columbia University Law program where she graduated with a tie for the top of her class. A special note, she is the only women to ever be featured in two major Law Reviews: which are legal journals published by the law programs at major universities: the Harvard Law Review and the Columbia Law Review. The next leg of discriminatory hardship came after graduation. Even with a pedigree placing her up there with the best educated people of the time, having studied at Harvard Law and Columbia Law and earning degrees from Columbia and Cornell, all three schools being Ivy League, she still found it very difficult to find a job in the legal world. She was recommended for a Supreme Court clerk position, but was rejected by Justice Felix Frankfurter in 1960, without even being given an interview based solely on the fact that she was a woman and not only a woman but a woman with children. In the 1950’s and 1960’s being a woman was one challenge but having children was a different scenario where members of the corporate and legal world felt that your familial obligations would interfere with your obligations to the 10

workplace. Ruth Ginsburg eventually got a position as clerk in a U.S District Court of New York, but it was only after a mentor and law professor, Gerald Gunther fought for her and promised Judge Edmund Palmieri that if Ginsburg didn’t live up to his standards that he would provide another replacement and subsequently threatened that if she was not accepted that he would never provide another clerk to that court. The judge reluctantly accepted her and wound up keeping her for 2 years rather than the customary 1 year because of her excellence. In 1961 Ginsburg was an associate researcher and eventually became the associate director of the Columbia University Law School Project on International Procedure. While there she conducted a lot of her research at Lund University in Sweden and even learned Swedish in order to co-author a book with Anders Bruzellius on civil law procedures in Sweden. It was in Sweden where she got her first taste of gender equality. Sweden was very ahead of other countries in this matter, and the judge that she had been observing for her research was a woman that was 8 months pregnant and still working. This and the fact that women in general were given access to much better education in Sweden and lived a freer lifestyle really opened her eyes. In 1963 she took on a teaching job at Rutgers and reportedly she was blatantly told that she would be paid less than her peers because she had a ”man at home with a good job” and she even hid her second pregnancy by wearing loose clothing until her contract was renewed, because of the fear of being fired. She went on to remain at Rutgers as a professor of law earning tenure in 1969 and remaining until 1972. In 1970 she co-founded the Women’s Rights Law Reporter which was the first law journal in the United States to focus on Women’s Rights. In 1972 she moved on to become a professor at her alma mater Columbia University where she taught until 1980. While there she became the first tenured woman at the university and co-authored the first law school casebook on sex discrimination. In 1971 Ginsburg began her efforts to change the world. She drafted the brief for the Supreme Court case Reed v. Reed, 404 U.S. 71. In this case the Supreme Court decided that The Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment applied to women. Continue...on page 19




The Lambsbread Reggae Family Band from Hawaii


ormed on the mystical island of Kauai, and currently based on Maui, The Lambsbread is one of the foundational roots reggae artists' of Hawaii. Delivering a positive message of love & unity, The Lambsbread is known around the world for their conscious message and hard roots riddims. The sound is serious roots with a message of upliftment for the people. The foundation was set by vocalists Kaya & Nadia in 2003, coming together to create a life & legacy of music. their first single "Love in the House” (Liberation Riddim, ZION HIGH PRODUCTIONS) was released on 45 in Jamaica alongside tunes from Capleton, Yami Bolo, Turbulence, & Lutan Fyah. This was the first time an artist from Hawaii was ever released on Jamaican vinyl. The tune was a hit and ended up on radio shows, mixtapes, and sound systems around the world giving The Lambsbread their first international exposure. Since that time the Lambsbread have released 5 full length albums and several singles. Over the years the lambsbread have worked with some of the best reggae musicians in the business, in the studio & on stage, but recently two of Kaya & Nadia's children have stepped up to the musical works making the Lambsbread a family musical group. Holding down the drums, writing, mixing and producing is 19yr old Samuel Levi, with his brother of 15 years old Jacob Selassie playing keyboards, and also specializing in video production. Even at their young age, Samuel and Jacob have already recorded and toured with veteran reggae musicians like Christopher Meredith (Bass Player for Stephen & Ziggy Marley) & Ras Bonitto (Guitarist for Bunny Wailer). THE LAMBSBREAD’s latest album “WORLD NEEDS LOVE” is an essential album bound in positivity, reality, 12

and livity. Each album has had a unique and original vibration and their fifth release is a natural progression. the Lambsbread has a consistent talent to build songs that appeal universally, and the title track is a pulsating observation of worldly tribulations. visuals for the title track brings to light the contradictions we see everyday, and also the message that though everyone is unique, we are all one. The Lambsbreads' works on this album have been elevated with crucial combinations alongside reggae music icon Sizzla Kolonji on "Roots & culture”, and grammy award winning Morgan Heritage on "Feel The Vibes". Their catalog is bound by truth & conviction, and their ability to link with a royal roll call of the best in the business allows pure engagement of heart & soul. The Lambsbread has performed with reggae greats like Freddie Mcgregor, Barrington Levy, Toots & the Maytals, Kymani Marley, and Prezident Brown, as well as sharing the stage with the latest generation of artists like Kabaka Pyramid, Protoje, Dezarie, Hempress Sativa & more. The Lambsbread also toured the Hawaiian islands with legendary St. Croix roots band midnite in 2011. The Lambsbread deliver a highgrade stage show that keeps the audience captivated with their strong stage presence & positive message. 2018 & 2019 saw the Lambsbread embarking on two US tours doing 40+ shows across the U.S., performing to fans in California, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Texas, St. Louis, Miami, New York, Rhode Island, and more. Getting a great response for their live shows, a video of their performance in Miami went viral on instagram gaining millions of views when the youngest member of the Lambsbread family took the stage and mashed up the place. At only 5 years old Ikaika Lion performs with total confidence and style, and always brings a joy to the crowd when he takes the stage.


Now at home in Hawaii & back in the studio, The Lambsbread is currently about to deliver the first single from their upcoming 2020 album. The song is called “Pass me the Fire”, and is a blazing roots track, and lyrically a scathing commentary of the system. teaming up once again with veteran bass player Chris Meredith, the bassline is heavy, and moves the track. Composed by Jacob Selassie, and Mixed by Samuel Levi, the Lambsbread family once again delivers some quality roots reggae music for the massive. The single release will also include a new video, and is leading up to the forthcoming album release in 2020. A royal family of reggae, bringing forth the vibration of love & unity through their sound, The Lambsbread is a powerful voice in reggae music steadily on the rise. RED INK Magazine was absolutly honored to interview The Lambsbread, here’s what they had to say. REDINK: Do you write your own lyrics? LB: Yes, all the Lambsbread lyrics are original and written by us. Although I would say it's more like inspiration from the most high that brings the lyrics, so it doesn't feel like writing them as much as it is just writing down the inspiration from Jah. REDINK: Growing up in Hawaii, what was your inspiration to sing "Roots" Reggae? LB: Reggae has always been around since I was a youth and I

can remember songs like "Stalk of Sensimilla" by Black Uhuru and Bob Marley songs on the radio as a youth, and I always connected with this music because of the conscious message, even at a young age I could see the system is corrupt and as I grew up learning instruments and playing music, roots reggae was the music I gravitated to once I began composing my own song. REDINK: Which Roots and reggae artists are your biggest inspiration for your music? LB: I get inspiration from so many artist, originally it was artist like Bob Marley, Black Uhuru, the Gladiators, Itals, Culture, Burning Spear, those type of groups, then later it was artists like Sizzla, Capleton, Luciano, Jah Cure, Morgan Heritage, but really any good artist inspires and strengths me I love many of the newer reggae revival artist, I am inspired by good music. REDINK: You have already performed with and collaborated with so many legendary reggae artists, is there any artist that you have not collaborated with, that you would love to work with? LB: Well, really any artist that the vibes are right I am down to collaborate with, I am really excited about our latest collab that drops Sept. 25 a song called "Nah Stop Chant" ft. Mykal Rose. It is a great honor for me to collaborate with him, he is a living legend and one of the greatest all time singers in reggae music. Mykal Rose is an amazing singer and bona fide hit maker, and I feel blessed to do a song with him. Continued...on page 14



REDINK: Over the last few years you began performing with your very talented children, has your music changed as a family group compared to before? If yes, how has it changed? LB: Sound wise, I don't feel like it has changed style, but a different youthful energy ads a new vibe to the sound. In the past alot of our productions featured some legendary Jamaican musicians like Santa Davis, Nelson Miller, Devon Bradshaw musicians of a high caliber, but Samuel and Jacob grew up with musicians like this around, grew up with roots music, on the side if the stage at rehearsals, in the studio, so when they started to play professionally, they got a lot of respect from the elder musicians for their true overstanding of how to play this music. The first songs they ended up playing on and producing for us they worked with Chris Meredith who is one of Jamaica's top bass players,(bass player for the Marley's) and that connection remains till today with Chris playing on the majority of our work. So with these youths the roots sound is natural. REDINK: What next, can your fans expect for you? LB: Well we are working towards our new album and have released two singles this year "Pass me the Fire" and "Lockdown" with the third single "Nah Stop Chant" ft. Mykal Rose about to release in the next few days. The full album is expected to be out early Nov. and is brought to you by Zojak Worldwide. 14

REDINK: What is your latest project? LB: "Nah Stop Chant" ft. Mykal Rose, our most recent album is titled "World Needs Love" and is also available through Zojak Worldwide. REDINK: Any new music/videos, and what are they and where can we find them ? LB: Yes, we dropped an Official Video for both "Lockdown" and "Pass me the Fire" and you can find them both on our Youtube channel

www.youtube.com/thelambsbread REDINK: Leave your fans a message or a quote perhaps. LB: If there is one thing I would like to tell people, its that we are all one, no matter the race, color or creed and as soon as we realize that this, corrupt system of downpression will sease to exist. REDINK: What else would you like to add ? LB: I would like to add that the only thing we can do in this life is to work towards making the earth a better place, and if we all put in the work, the change will be amazing. This concludes our interview with The Lambsbread, what an amazing and talented family they are. Their music brings pure joy and inspiration to all mankind. Much love and respect to the entire group. Check out their new

music and videos www.thelambsbreadreggae.com Can’t wait to see what comes next! u









Photo by Sam Davis



R.I.P Hip-Hop Legend DJ Lord Yoda X Of The Zulu Nation & Crash Crew


r. Kenny Syder aka DJ Lord Yoda X a hip-hop DJ from Harlem, NY, died from a heart attack on September 15th. At a young age Kenny Syder joined the ranks of the Zulu Nation. He later went on to help create Crash Crew with DJ Daryll C and several other youths from the Lincoln Projects in Harlem, NY in 1977. They began doing park jams and local NYC events, and later in 1980 they recorded their first single “High Powered Rap” under the name Disco Dave & The Force of the 5 MCs. That same year, the group signed to Sugar Hill Records and released several classic singles, such as “We Wanna Rock”, “Breaking Bells”, and “On the Radio”. Lord Yoda X has also managed, worked with and toured together with0 the Harlem hip hop duo Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock. DJ Lord Yoda X appeared in the documentary film The Kings of Hip-Hop. And after founding his own entertainment studio called Free Dome 7 Entertainment. He began managing new young hip-hop talent and in 2018 he also went on to produce a documentary film of his own called True Harlem Hip-Hop Story: Mike and Dave, which was a film about the birth of Hip-Hop in Harlem, NY. Being in the industry for 40 years gave him a wealth of knowledge that he enlightened us with in his film. Mr. Syder will be missed. by Michael Devine u 18


JUSTICE RUTH BADER GINSBURG, Continued...from page 10

The defining determination was that the wording “Persons” in Constitutional Language had to refer to men and women in equal terms. Additionally, in 1972 Ginsburg co-founded the Women’s Rights Project at the American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU, and became the projects general counsel. This Women’s Rights Project participated in more than 300 gender discrimination cases by 1974. Between 1973 and 1976 Ginsburg argued 6 such cases before the Supreme Court and won 5 of them. Ruth Ginsburg knew that the courts at the time held bias in favor of men, so she chose her initial cases very carefully, aiming at topics that affected male plaintiffs so as to prove that gender discrimination was bad for men and women alike. In Moritz v. Commisioner Ginsburg argued a case for a man whom was denied caregiver tax deduction for the extended care he was providing for his mother. The IRS claimed that a man that was unmarried could not claim a caregiver expense, the law at the time stated that only women and previously married men could claim that deduction. Ginsburg won that case changing the definition of a person who could receive a caregiver deduction to mean any person regardless of gender or marital status. In Frontiero v. Richardson she argued a case regarding a woman in the armed services whom was denied an increase in housing allowance for her non-military husband, whereas that was something customary to grant for male servicemen for their wives. Ultimately the court ruled that benefits given to someone in the armed service had to be equal for male and female service members and also that in terms of any pay and compensation the amounts had to be equal based on rank and circumstance regardless of gender for service people of the same or equivalent position. The government acknowledged that there was a discrepancy in benefits that would be equalized but would not change the limitation on positions that women could hold in the military. In Weinberger v. Wiesenfield Ginsburg argued for a widower (male marriage survivor) to be able to receive Social Security Survivor benefits , which was permitted for widows (female marriage survivors) when they were caring for minor children but not accepted for men in the same position. The courts once again ruled in her favor and once again it was a case for the benefits of a woman to be extended to a man. Now, some might ask how this benefitted women, the truth is that by proving equality in legal terms for men and women it did not matter which way the decision was attained, only that the ultimate decision that they are in fact equal under the eyes of the law was determined. The list of cases and causes that Ruth Bader Ginsburg championed for women’s rights goes on and on. In 1980 President Jimmy Carter nominated Ruth Ginsburg to a seat on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. She held that position for 13 years and even though she labored for many Liberal causes she was labeled by her peers as a “cautious jurist” and “a moderate.” This was something that made her less controversial when considering politi

cally charged decisions. And in 1993, President Bill Clinton nominated Ginsburg to the Supreme Court. Clinton had declared that his nominee would help add diversity to the Supreme Court’s nine seats and Ginsburg did just that, she became only the 2nd woman to become a Supreme Court Justice, second only to Sandra Day O‘Connor, whom was another justice on that same panel of nine. Additionally, Justice Ginsburg became the first and only Jewish Justice since 1969. Her tenure on the Supreme Court was one full of victories for the rights of women. She was the author of the opinion against discrimination in colleges, where Virginia Military Institute was told they did not have to lessen their strict criteria for selection, but they could not deny a female applicant that was physically and mentally able to meet that strict criteria. Justice Ginsburg was also known as a great dissenter, writing dissenting opinions in landmark case that ultimately helped sway other justices and create new bills from lawmakers later on in everything from gender discrimination to abortion and sterilization laws. She also helped create opinions regarding illegal search and seizure by police during criminal investigations, further upholding laws that are clear in their definition about being innocent until proven guilty. Justice Ginsburg was also a staunch supporter of voting rights for all and Affirmative Action granting minorities increased selection to colleges and competitive job placements. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was known as many things, but above all she was a champion for justice and upholding the United States Constitution exactly as it was written. She truly championed the idea that all men and women are created equal under God. Throughout her storied career she embodied the ideology of Equal Rights for Women but really Equal Rights for All Persons. Her fire in the court room from her time with the ACLU all the way through her time on the Supreme Court never burned any less bright. Even while she battled Cancer, not once, not twice, but 5 times she persevered through the actual physical pain related to cancer, the loss of her husband whom was her companion of 56 years and the challenges and barriers to success that she faced for her entire career. Not once did she ever falter or give in. Her outward appearance may have been that of a small statured, frail, older woman, but inside she always manifested the spirit of a Lion. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was the embodiment of a powerful woman. She is the inspiration for women around the world, not just because of her achievements but also from the process and experience that she faced, lived and overcame. She was strong in life, strong in her values, strong in her fight against cancer, strong in her battle for equality and strong in her beliefs and sense of justice. She was truly an American Hero. I can only hope that one day my daughter grows up having strength like that. Joan Ruth Bader Ginsburg you will be missed and your legacy will live on forever in our laws and justice system. by Michael Devine u 19


Briani & Christopher Martin Check Out new single 20


E-CHRIS Look Out for new single coming in October 2020



The Jolie-Pitt and Perrin families, who made Miraval a global success story, are proud to announce their bold, new project: FLEUR DE MIRAVAL, the only Champagne house exclusively devoted to Rosé Champagne.

On October 15, FLEUR DE MIRAVAL will launch a truly exceptional Rosé Champagne. Brad Pitt has been totally committed to creating this Champagne house, which is not some new "celebrity wine," but an authentic project of wine growers combining their expertise, skills and passion. This new, family-run adventure is, now, more than ever, focused on excellence and inspired by the legend of Countess Fleur de Miraval*. The idea of FLEUR DE MIRAVAL sprang from the association of the two families, who had already united the wine world with that of the arts through the introduction of Miraval Côtes de Provence Rosé in 2012, and a third family with roots in Champagne for six generations: the Péters family. The Péters family, established in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger, have been making Champagne from their own grapes since 1919. Today Rodolphe Péters runs the 50 acre estate, 40 of which are Grand Cru vineyards mainly around Le Mesnil-sur-Oger in the Côte des Blancs. Rodolphe's Champagne is sold in some 70 countries around the world and delight all lovers of great Blanc de Blancs Champagnes. Rodolphe has long been a fan of the wines of Château de Beaucastel and is close to the Perrin family. "This project is, first and foremost, an artistic venture, because producing fine wines is a form of artistic creation," explains

Famille Perrin. "We have known Rodolphe Péters for many, many years and, like him, we are passionate about the great wines of the world. Yet, each time we've gotten together to taste fine, vintage Rosé Champagnes, we've come to the same conclusion: We love the aromas that these great Champagnes develop with age, especially when they lean towards Chardonnay, but we often also find heavy aromatic notes from the red wine, which create an overall conflict with the harmony and nobility. This is why we wanted to create a different kind of Rosé Champagne that blended mature Chardonnay grapes with young Pinot Noir grapes." This blend of Chardonnay grapes of different ages makes up 75% of the final FLEUR DE MIRAVAL blend. The remaining 25% is from young Pinot Noir grapes, which gives the wine its subtle, pink color. Its tangy notes of red currant and red raspberry energize the delicate minerality, salinity and iodized expression of the Chardonnay grapes. The wine is then aged on lees in the dark cellars in Le Mesnil-sur-Oger for three years before being released. Because Champagne is particularly sensitive to ultraviolet rays and sunlight, which can easily damage the wine, each Fleur de Miraval bottle is lacquered so that the wine is never exposed to light until the day the bottle is opened. "Fleur de Miraval Rosé is the culmination of five years of work, research and tasting done in the utmost secrecy", Rodolphe Péters adds. "It is also a very exclusive wine as only 20000

bottles were produced for this first edition."

www.FleurDeMiraval.com 22 4th Annual ICNA-MAC Conference, 2003 22


Healthy Eating AT THE HEART OF THE MATTER by Fazia Khan Parmar


i again my favorite RED INK foodies! October is pumpkin spice and everything nice time. When I came across this recipe I was so excited to share it with you all. If your family is anything like mine, after dinner everyone is searching for a little sweet fix. This recipe calls for a few ingredients that we usually have stocked in the pantry. You can find canned pumpkin year round but it’s especially stocked up literally everywhere this time of year. If you are feeling especially ambitious, you can certainly cook, puree, and strain a fresh pumpkin. One bonus of doing it the fresh way is to have some pumpkin seeds to roast as a snack. The humble pumpkin is a nutrient powerhouse including potassium, Vitamin A, and Iron. Pumpkin also has a good amount of fiber that helps in keeping that digestive system squeaky clean. I do hope you try this quick and oh so tasty pumpkin muffin with a cream cheese swirl topping. Happy fall y’all Enjoy!

Instructions: 1. Preheat oven to 375°F. Place paper baking cups into muffin pan. Set aside. 2. In a medium bowl, whisk flour, pumpkin spice, baking soda and salt until well combined. Set aside. 3. In large bowl, whisk together pumpkin, sugar and brown sugar. 4. Beat in eggs, vegetable oil and vanilla extract. Slowly whisk in the flour mixture, until there are no lumps. Fill muffin tins 3/4 full. 5. In a medium bowl, beat cream cheese until smooth. Add in sugar, egg yolk and vanilla extract and beat until well combined. 6. Top each muffin with about 1 tablespoon of cream cheese mixture and use a toothpick to swirl it into the batter. This will not look smooth, but it will bake up much prettier. 7. Bake muffins for 18-20 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

T RY   O U R M E N U Bon Appetite

RECIPE: Pumpkin Cream Cheese

Swirl Muffins Ingredients: MUFFIN: 1 3/4 cups all purpose flour 1 tablespoon pumpkin spice 1 teaspoon baking soda 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 (15 oz) can pumpkin (pure pumpkin puree) 1 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup packed brown sugar 2 large eggs 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1 tablespoon vanilla extract CREAM CHEESE SWIRL: 8 oz cream cheese 1/4 cup granulated sugar 1 large egg yolk 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

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West Coast Rapper Snoop Dogg RED INK: With the love that Jamaica has for you and t has released a strawberry-infused love that you have for Jamaica, you must love performi there; how long has it been since your last Jamaica concer GA: Two years ago in Kingston for the Startime Concer GIN called INDOGGO In 1985, THE MANHATTANS, want(It was the biggest venue in the 29 year history of Startim In 1977, they performed at President Jimmy Carter’s Inaugural Ball and since then have received their share of platinum and gold singles, albums, and other industry kudos; most notably a 1980 Grammy for “Shining Star” written and produced by Paul Richmond & Leo Graham



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ing to enhance their show by adding a female vocalist to the act, Gerald Alston chose Regina Belle after being introduced to her by legendary made a personCalvin “Snoop Broadus, put, is years an icon New YorkDogg” dj Vaughn Harper.simply Spending two touring with al tribute to MANHATTANS, appeared on the Bobby Womackd e c e a s e d and legendTHE of Hip Hop. With ashe career spanning over 25 produced single, “Where Did We Go Wrong” (a duet with Manhattans coyears, he has released hit after hit, and is an ever-conGerald Alston). She also contributed to The Manhattans 1986 f o u n d e r stant presence in pop culture. Snoop has stayed extremeColumbia Records album, “Back To Basics”. A year later she Winfred “Blue” ly relevantwas and, nowtomore thanasever, built a signifisigned the label a solohas artist. Lovett, at the cant multi-cultural cross-generational following. After 16and years with Columbia Records, lead singer Gerald performance.) took his turn& as Juice:” a solo artist with about Motown Records; while In 1994Alston he wrote "Gin it was good RED INK: Blue Lovett, due to doctor’s concerns regarding his health, decidfeelings and real experiences; it just naturally became a 2 oz. Will you INDOGGO™ Ginbe ed to turn his attention towards producing and grooming new returning soon global anthem. Snoop has always wanted to create his 3Muddled Strawberries artists. The late 1980’s found THE MANHATTANS pursuing to Jamaica? own spirits brand, so it was only fitting that he created 3/4 oz. Lemon individual interests within the industry. GA: Yes. The the world’sInbest tasting gin. changed. In his quest flava, 1/2 oz. Simple Syrup 1993, all that Withfor their 30thheanniversary Manhattans remixed seven botanicals, and infused natural fruit flaTop with Crushed approaching in 1994, it was the perfect time to reunite. So, along used toIce do an vors, thus with creating his masterpiece. new members Troy May and David Tyson, a reunion tour Strawberry aslice. n n u a l wasgin, born. This juicy with its laidback California style, is like Mother’s Day 25, 1999 THE MANHATTANS were inducted concert in the no other ginOninFebruary the world. It’s gluten free, low calorie into the Rhythm and Blues Hall of Fame. Montego Bay / with no sugar, and will leave you wanting more. Easy to In 2003, THE MANHATTANS released their first studio album 1. Muddle strawberries in Kingston area. mix, easy to drink, hard to forget. in fifteen years featuring the beautiful ballad “Turn Out The And he would a cocktail shaker. Orders will start shipping as songs. soon as Stars” which became early one ofOctober the year’sor best On December like to startGin, that lemon tradition backsimple again. syrup and 2. Add INDOGGO™ juice, it becomes9,available in your market. 2014 Winfred “Blue” Lovett passed away. RED INK: The Manhattan’s began performing in 19 ice their cubes. This juicy gin, with its California style, will is like On August 15,laidback 2018, THE MANHATTANS celebrate that is 57 years of performing. Do you find yourself slowi 3. Shake, then strain into a rocks glass. Serve with 56thinanniversary. no other gin the world. INDOGGO™ Gin is the ultidown at all or are you ready for many years to come? crushed ice. Love & Harmony Reggarinfused cruise 2019, GA: Ready for many years to come.. mate remixOn of The seven premium botanicals with RED INK Magazine had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Gerald Alston of 4. Garnish with strawberry RED INK: Plansslice. for the future? all-natural ingredients including strawberry, no sugar The Manhattans. He’s a classy and an extremely humble human New Single Get it Ready. GA: with a slightly sweet and fruity finish. Bottle Size: 750ml being. It was truly a pleasure meeting this great singer. 24 New Album – In process of being put together will be a co






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Chef Danielle Moore Chef/Fashion Designer/Entrepreneur




- Get the scoop on fashion, see what’s in & what’s not. Are you in?


hef Danielle Moore affectionately known as BK Chef Danielle unlike many others she cut her 1st teeth on a chicken bone according to both her Grandmother Annie Mae & Mother Ethel. Ethel and Annie Mae were no strangers to the kitchen. They both had small businesses. Ethel with food and Annie Mae with dessert. Chef Danielle got the best of both worlds. She never wanted to be a chef. Matter of fact she tried her best to stay away from the kitchen best she could but FOOD ran through her veins. It was embedded in her DNA. So when Annie Mae passed, Chef Danielle decided to abandon veterinary nursing and keep the family's legacy alive and pursue the Chef Life. In her pursuit she noticed that there were many, many amazing Black Chef's who don't get recognized. Black Chef's voices aren't heard. Chef Danielle isn't one to fit in with others she has always wanted to create her own path. Taking the tools provided to her by her ancestors she is doing just that. She created her line of Cookware & Home-wear which consist of Aprons, Headwraps, Oven Mitts, Pot Holders, Duvet Covers, Pillows Cover with more additional items to be added in the near Future. Continues....on page 29








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Chef Danielle Moore REDINK: When did you decide to become a Designer/Chef? DM: I started in 2005 first with making pastries and desserts.After the death of my Grandmother Annie Mae and I use her name for my business. All my creativity came from watching my grandmother. So I will continue to pay homage to her memory REDINK: Did you have any special training? DM: It all came from my grandmother Anniemae She showed me how to measure and make my own recipes without using any type of utensils ..I am still able to remember how she gave me her legacy. REDINK: What makes your brand so unique? DM: Unique because I am able to be in the food service industry and go against the normal by bringing my grandmother touch. You must wear a hair net, but it didn’t work for me because of my natural hair. I decided, if that was what I am suppose to wear than I would create my own designs of head wraps with many different types of African fabrics. I also added the matching aprons to make a complete set. I am inspired by my grandmother and mother who both filled our home with African artworks and statues and fabrics that are from my heritage. REDINK: How are you surviving in the corona virus pandemic? DM: Being in food service industry I launched additional lines by creating duvets, pot-holders. While the resources was in place I am making non-perishables items that are easy to travel. Whether it is a catered affair/a special dessert, custom cake/head wraps or aprons etc. This very talented Chef/Designer specializes in designs that can be Eaten or Worn- with an Afrocentric Touch. Email: chef@bkchefdanielle.com Website: www.bkchefdanielle.com IG@bkchefdanielle Facebook: DanielleChefMoore and bkchefdanielle.com Support this creative, talented and very humble chef/designer. u by Linda Cocochyna Ford Photos by Chante’ Ramsey -www.vysynphotos.com



Ch e c k Your


F o r Yo u r P l e a s u r e It is a profitable month for communication ventures. Mars and Mercury will induce good communication and passion Aries in married life. Health can be maintained by reducing stress. (Mar 21 - April 19) Avoid speculative and risky financial investments.


Mars will help singles to form love partnerships. Planetary aspects are beneficial for career development. Money flow will be very good in spite of delays. Health will be fabulous. (April 20 - May 20) Academic growth will face hurdles.


Singles will find romantic partners with the help of social network. Professional can expect excellent growth in their careers. (May 21 - June 21) Good planetary influences will dissolve hurdles for financial development. Career will not face any problems.


Mars and Venus will help singles in forming love relationships. Cancer Family environment be full of happiness. The month is auspicious (June 22 - July 22) for new financial projects. Career and health prospects are extremely encouraging.

Social activities will dominate this month. Married people can enhance love life by avoiding conflicts. Academic interests of students (July 23 - Aug 22) will get a boost. Benefits from travel engagements are limited. Career, health and financial fields will face problems.


A Day Away

Some feelings are shallow, some feelings are deep. Some makes us smile, some make us weep. Some we love, some we don't. Some we'll savor, some we won't. Some grounding, some uplifting,


Virgo people will enjoy solving problems this month. Do not Virgo allow financial matters to spoil love life with your spouse. (Aug 23 - Sep 22) Finances can be improved by enhancing your personality. Health condition will improve considerably.

Po e m

Some long-lasting, some constantly shifting. No matter what feelings I'm feeling today, I know tomorrow is only a day away. By Brian E Pardee

Planetary influences will help making this month a fabulous one. Life with your spouse can be harmonious by avoiding con(Sep 23 - Oct 22) flicts. Unemployed will have good opportunities to get into jobs. Health prospects are very much encouraging.



A box without hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid. What am I? by Mikayla An egg

Sagittarius personality will dominate in life with spouse. Any change of job should study the prospects of new job carefully. (Nov 22 - Dec 21) Finances will be satisfactory in spite of delays. Educational development of students will not face any hiccups.


Riddle Solution:

Spirituality and intuitive faculties will be in the forefront. Singles will find love partners in religious environment. (Oct 23 - Nov 21) Health and vitality will be splendid. Career growth and financial prospects will face many challenges.




Guess Who ?



Marital enjoyment can be enhanced by spending time together during Capricorn romantic holidays. Your well-being can be maintained by taking enough (Dec 22 - Jan 19) rest. Career growth will be splendid with promotions and monetary rewards. Monetary growth will be amazing.


Planetary aspects are beneficial for overall growth. Singles will find love relationships among influential people. Senior members of (Jan 20 - Feb 18) the family will encourage your efforts for development. Money flow will be augmented by overseas projects and speculations.



Answer: 1- Chef danielle 2- Lord Yoda X 3- Ruth Ginsburg

Love life will be complicated due to the opposite influences of Venus and Mercury. Career growth will be helped by the positive aspects of planets. There will be many opportunities for fiscal pros(Feb 19 - Mar 20) perity. Health will not pose any problems.






RED INK MAGAZINE Oct. 2020 #18  

RED INK Magazine is a cutting-edge media outlet with a full focus on entertainment, celebrity, beauty & lifestyle. Read all about Justice Ru...

RED INK MAGAZINE Oct. 2020 #18  

RED INK Magazine is a cutting-edge media outlet with a full focus on entertainment, celebrity, beauty & lifestyle. Read all about Justice Ru...

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