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October 2013 | Issue 128 | BD1 / SR10

october 2013 ı home decor guide ı

Katie cleary

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october Shopping 12 Editor’s Choice: Sporty styles 14 Pick of the Month: Mango Kids 16 Retail Therapy: What’s new on the retail scene


Fashion 18 Fashion Forward: In the pink 20 Style Radar: What the stars are wearing 22 Get the look: Work wear options 24 Trend: Leather finish 26 10 Tips: Pick a coat



38 News: The latest products in the stores 40 Review: Love your feet 42 Advice: Your questions answered 44 5 Tips: The right shade

People 48 Katie Cleary: Saving animals 40 Lisa Wahbe: On her new role as AWA president 42 Ruqaya Aamer: In the act

Home Decor Guide

56 Feature: In-house coffee lounge 58 How to: Gardening indoors 60 Column: Personalised setting


Lifestyle 66 Parenting: Self-esteem in girls 69 Column: Against bullying 70 Special: Fashion Bloggers of Bahrain 72 Wellbeing: Why Pilates 75 Column: Fighting migraine attacks 76 Community: A blind approach 77 Pop culture: What’s new online and offline



Regulars 78 Recipes: Vegetarian meals 82 Travel: Ecological stays 93 Horoscope: What this month holds for you 95 He says: In the future 96 She says: Cocoa addict

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6 October 2013

Unique from head to toe.速 Bahrain City Centre 17172318

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omen are known to be house proud. Call it what you will, but we like to personalise our living spaces and work stations. This issue of Woman this Month takes a look at different ways to make your home unique. Learn how to set up a garden indoors and how to create your own café corner. We even help you get rid of what we call the ‘twin home effect’ that many of us face when we rent fully furnished apartments. Founder of Peace4Animals, Katie Cleary, graces our cover. The model, actress, writer and director speaks to us about the non-profit organisation and her award-winning documentary. Speaking of charities, we met with the team at The White Stick Project, who has planned a host of events in order to aid the visually challenged. The October edition also features a round-up of our favourite fashion bloggers in the Kingdom. Catch up on the latest trends of the season and get beauty tips from the expert. James Claire takes us on a vegetarian diet, while Ankita Mamgain suggests an eco-friendly tour. Happy reading!

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Bahrain Edition


October 2013 | Issue 128 | BD1 / SR10

woman this month OCTOBER 2013 ı HOME DECOR GUIDE ı

I’ve been on the hunt for some cosy chairs for my new reading corner. The colourful lot from Bean Bag Crazy is inviting. However, the striped piece from THE One suits my room best. Zara Home has this lovely chair as well. I think it could use an ottoman.

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Speaking for animals BAHRAIN’S FASHION BLOGGERS PILATES What you don’t know

October 2013, issue 128 On the cover: Katie Cleary Photographer (cover and inside images): Peter Svenson

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8 October 2013




@WomanThisMonthB Woman This Month


September 2013 | Issue 127 | BD1 / SR10



THE FASHION ISSUE Autumn/Winter 2013 Trends

Her path to success INTERIORS The seasonal makeover HAIRCARE qUESTIONS ANSWERED

LIFESTYLE | wellbeing

Is Your Thyroid the CULPRIT?

Expert advice Thyroid disorders are a global phenomenon these days; more and more women are being diagnosed every day. Dr Saeed Khalaf, consultant endocrinologist at the Salmaniya Medical Hospital, helps us understand the risks of these common disorders. “Even till this day too many thyroid related issues go unnoticed. Symptoms are overlooked or misinterpreted as pure signs of stress or depression. Thyroid disorders have always been common. It’s just that people are more aware and there are better screening and diagnostic methods today,” Dr Khalaf explains.

people | interview

At 22, she joined the Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company (KUFPEC), a subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) as petroleum engineer before moving to the company’s international desk as business analyst in charge of business development. Shayma is now Kuwait’s national representative at the OPEC secretariat in Vienna, a post that confers on her a diplomatic status. We caught up with her as she readied her bags for her new assignment.


Epidemiological studies estimate that over 200 million people have been diagnosed with an active thyroid disorder of which 80 per cent are middle-aged women. Have you got yourself checked yet?


70 September 2013

STAR LETTER Make time for yourself First of all, let me congratulate the Woman this Month staff, especially Elma, for a very informative, imaginative and most of all chic and stylish magazine in Bahrain. Bravo! I am now an avid fan of your magazine. The change in your magazine layout is very impressive in each edition and I’ve always wanted to write to you. In your September edition, I read a piece regarding thyroid disease. I always thought I was like superwoman, even when I started getting extremely tired, gained weight and had difficulty in breathing. I hadn’t taken it seriously until I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue with shortness of breath and subclinical hyperthyroidism. When I Googled thyroid diseases, I found that I had already experienced all the symptoms, but I ignored them by telling myself that they were just signs of ageing. Now, I am struggling with hormonal changes. I feel this experience is worth sharing as most of the women have the same mentality of being a superwoman. We are doing so many things at the same time. We think of others first before ourselves. Though there are circumstances that are really unavoidable, we have to stop to hear the echoing voice inside our body and feel the need to change. We have to understand that change of age demands a change of lifestyle. We should get regular health checkups and remember to follow up! Maria, by email.

Woman This Month (WTM): How do you perceive yourself? Shayma Amin (SA): I’m a very stubborn person and I use that to my advantage. Whenever I’ve been told that I cannot do something, I’ve reached out and accomplished that very thing. I’m very competitive and function well under pressure. I believe in speaking my mind.

iodine deficiency, certain drugs, thyroid surgery, treatment for hyperthyroidism and it’s sometimes seen with pregnancy. Researchers argue that stress and environmental toxins contribute to hormonal dysfunction. Symptoms of hypothyroidism: • fatigue, lethargy and weight gain • dry skin and scalp with associated hair loss • cold intolerance • decreased appetite • constipation • muscle pain, joint pain, weakness in the extremities • depression and mood swings • menstrual abnormalities

thyroid produces excess amounts of hormones and leads the body into a state of metabolic overdrive. It is most commonly caused due to an autoimmune disorder known as Graves’ disease. Our body’s own immune system attacks the thyroid cells and stimulate it to produce more thyroid hormones. Other causes include thyroiditis (inflammation of the thyroid, post infection or pregnancy), non-cancerous lumps of the thyroid (known as toxic or multinodular goitre) and excessive intake of thyroid hormone.

Symptoms of hyperthyroidism: • weight loss with increased appetite • heat intolerance, excessive sweating • anxiety, irritability and difficulty The good news is that hypothyroidism is a concentrating endocrine organ that is located on the What is hypothyroidism? manageable condition and requires lifelong • rapid heart rate you opt for petroleum anterior part of the neck and is one WTM: of the What made Hypothyroidism (or an under active thyroid) replacement of the synthetic thyroid • increased frequency of bowel movements engineering? Do you think you’ve many glands that produce hormones into the is a condition wherein the thyroid is sluggish hormone levothyroxine for most people. • tremor of hand accomplished what you set produce out to achieve? Also, mytoaunt Qamriya Amin is stronger rises. Ultimately, body. The main ones produced by the thyroid and doesn’t enough hormones However, ifinitthe is workforce left untreated, symptomsit all • menstrual abnormalities SA: I was 11 years old when the Kuwait War than any man I know. She heralded the depends on how motivated a woman is and are known as T3 and T4. These are maintain bodily functions. It is most may progress and can ultimately lead to • bulging of the eyes happened and as we were flying over my women’s rights movement in Kuwait in her how badly she wants to succeed. You need to responsible for a variety of bodily functions, commonly due to an autoimmune condition serious complications including coma. • skin thinning along with hair loss country, all I could see through the window own way back in the 1960s, before anyone be thick-skinned and you should be intent on mainly regulating the body’s metabolism. known as Hashimoto’s disease. Hence, it’s imperative to schedule a doctor’s • fatigue and insomnia was burning oil fields. It was a sight I would in the region had heard of it. She was a proving yourself. hough the thyroid gland can be host to a In simple words, this is the rate at never whichforget. The term autoimmune meansmotivational our body’s speaker and started the appointment and get tested if you Girl variety of diseases, the most commonly the body uses energy to regulate the normal cells accidentally attack our own experience any of the does above Later, I startedimmune telling my family that I Scouts in Kuwait. She lost her husband, three WTM: What it take for a woman to It is a condition that is very well controllable seen conditions in women are functions of the body. And ladies, the bad do something cells to and in this our thyroid. Thereand isn’tson in quick succession mentioned would revive thecase oil fields brothers and symptoms. break the glass ceiling in the Arab world? with a wide range of medications and in some by SImI KAmbOj in my country when I grewreason up. Fortunately, wasbut diagnosed with cancer, but she SA: First of all, you need loads of self hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. Now news is that any alteration in the body’s a specific as to why this then occurs cases surgery. Left untreated, it can lead to the more peopleresearchers doubted me,suggest the morethat genetics fought confidence and self-belief. Secondly, you can’t before I confuse you with more medical metabolism, as seen with thyroid disorders, and back every misfortune. What is hyperthyroidism? many complications such as heart problems, determined I was to prove viral myself. excel at(or something don’tthyroid) feel strongly osteoporosis and a condition known as terminology, let’s start with the basics. can affect your sleep, skin, hair, waistline recurrent infections can play a part Hyperthyroidism an overyou active Single mum and fiercely I’m very proud to be where I am today; it What has been your biggest So listen to your inner voice and do The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shaped and mood. Other causes include exposureWTM: to radiation, refers to a about. condition that occurs when the thyrotoxicosis (or thyroid storm), which is a independent career woman,

Pushing the Boundaries T

health listen to your body

10 October 2013

sudden intensification of symptoms that can lead to potentially fatal outcomes.

Shayma Amin has been nominated as Kuwait’s representative at the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) headquarters in Vienna. The self-made Kuwaiti shares her journey with us.


hayma Amin has always known her mind. This straight-talking 33-year-old comes from a family of strong-minded women, each remarkable in her own way. After finishing high school, Shayma was awarded a full scholarship to study petroleum engineering at the Colorado School of Mines, a five-year programme which she completed in three and half years.

50 September 2013

2011 mEED interview




Write Here Write Now

just proves that there are no limitations. challenge so far? what truly inspires you. You must pursue your Women tend to mentally impose limitations SA: On the career front, the challenge was passion rather than opt for a profession that’s on themselves. to prove myself in a male-dominated work considered prestigious, well paid or culturally sphere, regardless of my youth and gender. acceptable. WTM: How do you keep yourself motivated? The initial years were difficult but luckily the SA: I’m a person who needs constant job involved a lot of travelling and dealing WTM: What do you consider your single challenges and new experiences. Despite with foreigners. I made the best of what I had. biggest achievement? having the technical skills at KUFPEC, I opted On the personal front, I was married at SA: As a working mother, I don’t believe in for an international role, which involved 17 and I have a six-year old boy. Given my being scarred by guilt for the time I spend at networking and dealing with people abroad. travel schedule, the challenge is to spend work, away from my son. At a very young age This is because I’ve never enjoyed being in quality time with my son and make him I’ve made him understand what I do, why I do a comfort zone. In any event, women have aware of the importance of what I do so that it and why my work is important to me. My to work twice as hard as men in order to be he understands my commitment to him and son is now very proud of me and he respects taken seriously in the oil and gas industry. my job. me as a mother and as a career woman. WTM: Who was your role model as a child? SA: At home, it was my mother, who brought up three children single-handedly after my father’s passing. She taught us that we didn’t need a man to take care of us and that education was our main weapon in life.

WTM: Do you think gender stereotypes are finally beginning to fade in your country? SA: Let’s say it’s a work in progress. Kuwaiti women are doing very well as entrepreneurs. On the career front, things are gradually looking up for women, as their participation

WTM: What is your ultimate dream in life? SA: I want to touch more lives by mentoring young girls and women. I’d like to be more active in the public sphere, but I’m aware that I will need to polish my Arabic speaking skills to make that happen! g September 2013

Taking a big step Reading an article about a woman and knowing how she got past the boundaries of life is an inspiration for every girl and woman around the world. The September edition of Woman this Month, showcasing Shayma Amin’s powerful and strong personality, has given me a slight but amazing idea of how women are supposed to be and how they can be. This article isn’t only about how we should be thinking and acting outside the box. It showed me how powerful women can be, how everyone can make a difference, and how to fight the downside of life. I have this big and steadily growing dream about working for the UN and this article and many such articles posted by your magazine keeps inspiring and motivating me to follow my dreams and not worry about failure and to just keep ‘pushing the boundaries’! Madushi, by email.


The risk factors: • gender and age • family history • surgery or radioactive iodine exposure to the thyroid • pregnancy • smoking • iodine deficiency, excess iodine supplementation • various drugs and medications • over consumption of soy products • raw goitrogenic foods like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts and turnips • highly stressful life events • nutritional deficiencies • infections • use of artificial sweeteners Environmental factors, diet and stress contribute to thyroid disease. However, women can overcome this. “Some of the risk factors are avoidable, reversible and manageable. Women should be proactive and be more aware. Controlling stress, diet and environmental factors are beneficial to the overall health of women,” he states. According to the expert, the potential complications of untreated hypo hyperthyroidism are numerous. Hypothyroidism can lead to goitre, increased cholesterol levels, heart problems, mental health issues, impair fertility, cause birth defects in children and lead to a severe but rare complication known as myxedema coma, which requires immediate medical attention. Hyperthyroidism, on the other hand, can lead to heart problems, osteoporosis, eye problems, red swollen skin and a severe complication called thyrotoxicosis, which is a sudden intensification of symptoms, leading to a fever, a rapid pulse and even delirium. Immediate medical care is necessary in this case as well. Mulberry


woman this month

Bahrain Edition

September 2013

Autumn Winter 2013 Be ready for a season full of attitude. From strong and ladylike to rebel and punk styles, you will find out that the AW 2013 collections will make history in your wardrobe. WTM picked the main trends of the season especially for you! Have fun and enjoy your days of shopping. Follow the trends: 14 Modern Diva 16 Blue Tones 18 Country Chic 20 Boy Meets Girl 22 Deep Prints 24 Drama Heroine 26 Fashion Rebellion 28 Grey Matter 30 Material Girl 32 Into the Wild

September 2013


WRITE IN AND WIN This month’s star letter will win a month’s membership at Sheraton Fitness Centre worth BD175. To win this, send us your views and opinions on our October 2013 edition either by email to, by fax to 17 813-700 or by post to PO 20461.

Across the border I love Woman this Month. It is so interesting. I aim to become a fashion designer one day and the magazine actually suits my taste a lot! I live in Pakistan and look forward to your publication on every month. Nur, by email.


SOCIAL KITCHENS FOR SOCIAL EATING The Domain, Diplomatic Area, Manama, Bahrain Tel: +973 16 000 000 /thedomainbahrain



SHOPPING | editor's choice

SPORTY WAY Who said fashion and sports go in opposite directions? The new collections show us that they are closer than ever. Many brands have adopted details from sportswear, looking for comfort and versatile materials. One cheer for them!









12 October 2013

1. Wool hat: Aldo; 2. Gloves: Etro; 3. Grey jacket: Le Coq Sportif; 4. Orange top: Adidas by Stella McCartney; 5. Backpack: Marc by Marc Jacobs; 6. Graphic top: Hobbs; 7. Sneakers: Michael Kors

shopping | pick of the month

From a Child’s Perspective S

When it comes to staying on trend, Mango never dissapoints. The fashionable mother of today will love this brand-new collection for kids.

pain’s most international fashion brand, Mango, has launched its kids wear collection. The new line of children’s clothing, aimed at children aged three to 12 years, will include both basic and on-trend garments. The brand adapts some of the best-sellers from the women’s collection for the girls to

14 October 2013

create the ‘mini-me’ concept. Accessories, footwear and innerwear are also available. Mango Kids can be spotted in approximately 140 existing stores in 32 countries, including Spain, Turkey, France, Russia, Germany, Italy and Portugal. This is in addition to its presence in standalone high-street

stores in cities such as Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastian, Cordoba, Montpellier and Frankfurt, which opened their doors back in August. You can find the new range at the Mango outlet in Seef Mall. Shop for the collections online, if you’re not in the mood to step out.



There’s a new e-commerce fashion player in town, Kisua, offering fashion with an African twist. Set to go live on October 3, the site will mix a distinctive online offer with editorial content, which explores contemporary African culture, music and arts.

Rihanna’s second collection for River Island has been launched. The autumn/winter 2013 range, which arrived in September with a second drop in November, carries the same urban feel as her debut high-street offering, although this season imbues a more glamorous sporty edge.

RETAIL THERAPY From a new jewellery line to a luxury handbag collection, there’s a lot to look forward to this month.


Check out the Bentley handbag collection. The launch of this line marks the realisation of a project which is unique in the automotive industry. It's a reflection of the essential values for which Bentley is renowned worldwide: an exquisite design aesthetic, highly skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail and dynamic performance.

think pink

Pink Pony is Ralph Lauren’s worldwide initiative in the fight against cancer. Its mission is to reduce disparities in cancer care in medically underserved communities, ensuring that treatment is available at an earlier, more curable stage. Beginning in October, Pink Pony products with the classic pink icon will be available at the Ralph Lauren outlet in Bahrain City Centre.


A modern elegant design is the distinct feature of the new Bagliori line by Morellato. The collection presents a set of jewels characterised by intersecting rings. The delicate gold pieces can be found in Paris Gallery.

16 October 2013

FASHION | fashion forward

Girlish Mode Some trends are loud, while others make a small but relevant appearance. When adding some pink pieces to your wardrobe, you get this season's subtle trend.


Add a pink coat to your outfits this season. You might think that a wool coat is too much for the mild winter of the Middle East, but some windy days will certainly call for a fashionable warm piece. If you get the opportunity to travel to countries with chilly temperatures, you will be equipped with an outstanding item. This oversized option is from Marks & Spencer.


The final touches are the key to creating an amazing look. If you add too much, it will translate as tasteless. If it is not enough, it won’t call any attention. These earrings from Emporio Armani at A La Mode would be the perfect piece to complete your girlish style.

MULTI-PURPOSE PIECE A light top in fine fabric and light shades is a must-have piece in your winter wardrobe, especially in the Middle East. This Mulberry shirt works for both casual and dressy days alike. The pinkish tint can be paired with white trousers for a fresh look or with dark shades for formal wear or an evening out.


Pink can be added to your look as a focal point. A handbag or clutch can dictate your outfit. Lighter variations of the hue are hot as are some intense shades; don’t go fluorescent! This organiser from Tumi can help you find your precious belongings in your bag.

18 October 2013

Princess heels

Creating a fairytale look without suffering in crystal shoes is made possible thanks to these Nina Ricci pinkish heels. Pair it with a skinny pair of jeans and a loose top for a casual setting. The pink touch will show the little girl inside you without looking too girly. You can also break a rock and roll outfit with these beauties.


The mid-calf skirt is the item of the moment! Pair it with tights and ankle boots. A simple top and a light jacket would give the look a final touch. H&M got bold this year and gave a plastic texture to its piece, diving deeper into the latest trends. If you want to stand out in the crowd, this skirt is just the thing!

of delicate beauty

A long pink dress is perhaps the most feminine piece that you can ever have in your wardrobe. Tory Burch gives the contemporary style a fresh twist. The fabric’s movement and the golden details on the collar and shoulders modernise the ‘20s flair of its cut. Opt for a romantic mood next time you go to a black-tie event.

October 2013


FASHION | snaps

Style Radar

Whether it’s at film festivals or while running errands, celebrities keep their style up-to-date. Who should win the title for ‘the best dressed’ this month?

Scarlett Johansson

This beautiful lady went to the Comic-Con International in San Diego wearing a Versace Resort 2014 dress. The cute flower pattern in a colourful scheme gives her a girly flair. However, her smokey eyes and black pumps show a rebel behind all the sweetness.

cate blanchett

The blonde actor chose a long gown from Roksanda Ilincic for the premiere of Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine in Sydney. The orange panel dress with a subtly draped v-neck and side pockets shows off Cate’s simple beauty. Sometimes less is more and a bright straightforward dress is all you need to look pretty.

20 October 2013

karolina kurkova

While out and about in New York, the model carried a zebra-print handbag from Tod’s. The black and white style is a safe and great choice for casual commitments. Just like Karolina, try to play with colours in different patterns. Avoid the boring black trousers and white shirt combination.

Pippa Middleton

The new aunt went to Wimbledon carrying a coral Coach handbag. Tennis matches call for a casual yet outstanding look. The striped dress in the comfortable fabric is a great choice for watching over two hours of any game. The accessory boasts the perfect size to complement the look.


The star wore a red strapless folded gown from J Mendel paired with black accessories to the premiere of her new movie Gravity at The Venice Film Festival. The asymmetrical cut modernises the traditional red tone and the black sandals from Roger Vivier. The outfit is perfect for a summer’s day.

Sharon Stone

Sporting a stunning body at 55, Stone was spotted in a classic knee-length tight black dress carrying a Salvatore Ferragamo handbag. The short sleeves and belt give a smart touch to the conventional outfit while the gold accents finalise the look.

October 2013


FASHION | get the look

Working Days by Fernanda Langhammer

Many women separate their wardrobe as formal wear and casuals. The truth is that you can spice up your office attire with smart picks.

2 3 1



irst of all, run away from black! The colour is certainly an easy pick for the office. But why play safe all the time? Instead of the dark shade, opt for grey hues. It gives you the same versatility with an updated flair. To turn the colour into your favour, pair it with bright shades like the recommended pink blouse. You can also team it with orange or intense blue. The mid-calf skirt is perfect for the season and definitely the most appreciated length for a professional setting. They combine to create the perfect outfit for business meetings without compromising on fashion.




Illustrations by LIM Designs


22 October 2013

1. Ring: Liali; 2. Watch: Ebel; 3. Long sleeved blouse: Mango; 4. Necklace: Carrera y Carrera; 5. Grey handbag: Salvatore Ferragamo; 6. Mid-calf skirt: Hobbs; 7. Black and white pumps: Karen Millen








f adding bright colours is too edgy for your work environment, play up your look with sober colours like light brown and navy. They go very well together and give you the space to add a bold accessory. The masculine touch of a jacket complements the feminine cropped trousers and high stilettos. The duo creates a contemporary style without losing the seriousness of the work atmosphere. A tote is a good handbag option as it is big enough to carry your make-up kit and other indispensable items. 7

1. Navy top: Next; 2. Golden earrings: Louis Vuitton; 3. Watch: MICHAEL Michael Kors; 4. Jacket: Tommy Hilfiger; 5. Cropped trousers: Massimo Dutti; 6. Tote: Ralph Lauren; 7. Stilettos: Carolina Herrera

October 2013


FASHION | trend

Sweet Rebel Leather is no longer an exclusive material used by bikers and rock and roll fans. It has gone soft! During the warm season, it was spotted in mini skirts and dresses. This autumn/winter, it doesn’t matter if you prefer the real or faux type. It has become clear that it is time to leather up! 1 2

3 4 5

Iris & Ink at


24 October 2013


1. Jacket: Karen Millen; 2. Handbag: Max Mara; 3. Gloves: Massimo Dutti; 4. Trousers: Mango; 5. Cuff: Fendi at; 6. Ballerinas: Geox; 7. Pouches: Lanvin

FASHION | 10 tips


The right fit The best way to find the perfect coat is to respect your body’s measurements and turn it in your favour. Ensure you can lift your arms up easily and that the buttons fasten comfortably over your chest. Is the coat belted? Pay attention if the fabric falls nicely without clumping.

Pick your Warmer

A winter coat is always a big buy. Choosing a new piece is a challenge we love to take up. Woman this Month helps you pick the right one.


Big Busted A curvaceous torso is what a lot of girls are looking for. Look for solid-colour styles that fit your upper body without leaving you breathless when buttoned. Avoid doublebreasted options. They add too much volume where you don’t want it. Go for single-breasted pieces instead.


A tiny frame Petite girls should take the advantage of their flattering smaller size. Long coats will swamp your figure. Short or on-the-knee lengths would work better. They can be paired with long boots in the same colour as the coat to stretch the silhouette creating a chic look. A pea coat is a great choice for this shape.

26 October 2013


The material world You will find a wide selection of coats and jackets in many different materials. Technology has made them thinner and warmer at the same time. Leather and woollen jackets used to be heavy and didn’t allow free movement. Nowadays, they are flexible, allowing designers to create unusual cuts and shapes.


For the pear-shaped Women that are sculpted on top and wider at the hips should opt for double-breasted styles that emphasises everything from the waist up. The volume on the upper half offers the necessary balance to your body’s proportions. A waist-belted coat is a good option to create a contrast.


How to style it Leave your long- and knee-length coats for smart outfits. For everyday wearing and casual weekends pick a padded jacket or a parka that will look great with a pair of jeans. Inspired by the men’s collection, the bomber jacket is a trendy pick this season. It will transform you into an ‘it girl’ when worn over a suit or leather trousers.


Stand tall Don’t be afraid to emphasise your height. Your long legs will allow you to use most coats; even the difficult ankle-length version gets the green light. However, a midcalf length is perfect for an elegant look.


The curvy lady Women that boast a curvy body should opt for shapely coats with interesting details on the pockets, belts and collars. The A-line cut in a less bulky material works wonders to hide the less flattering curves. If still in doubt, keep it simple with one tone and steer clear from embellishments.


The classic choice Looking for a long-lasting piece? The classic single- or double-breasted coat transcends varying trends and lasts several years. To get more out of it, pick ones with removable hoods or collars for different styles. Another tip is to invest in two coats: one darker and one lighter. This allows you to team them up with different outfits.


Take care Dry clean your coat often and be sure to hang it properly. Hard and well-shaped wooden hangers are the best choice. A coat relies on the structure of the shoulders. If you leave it on a hook, it will damage the silhouette. When they lose its form, you will end up donning a shapeless piece. October 2013




Pure Design The fashion world gets its inspiration from many places. Even architecture is a muse to create innovative pieces.


he concept of Aldo’s new collection can be spotted in a variety of items, which feature unique shapes and creative touches. Boots and booties have minimalist cuts and a smart use of buckles, straps and metallic accents that unveil the structural design. The boots are a hit with the thigh-high version considered to be a must-have, followed by the military style. The rock and roll look asks for a comfortable, buckled black boot. For ladylike elegance, ankle boots or pumps are the best choice. Platform shoes, chunky heels made of wood, thin stilettos and flats show off the variety in Aldo’s line. Aside from the standard autumn colours of black, grey and brown, the brand added bold hues of purple, red and animal print. To finalise your style, don’t forget essential accessories such as scarves and hats. Wear it to your everyday assignments or for a special evening. Call 16 686-202 (Bahrain City Centre) or 16 686-236 (Seef Mall).

28 October 2013


Simply Feminine Some items are indispensable in your wardrobe, even if nobody sees them. Nevertheless, they must please your indistinct exigencies.


ooking for a special item to include in your wardrobe? La Vie en Rose is a fashionable destination to shop for your lingerie, sleepwear and swimwear. The comfortable pieces enhance the natural beauty, offer a sensual appeal and boost confidence. The collections are catered to all tastes and have products that act as a base to your everyday look with a feminine touch. Well-fitting bras and specialty selections designed for every silhouette is offered in an array of fabrics, colours and patterns. You can find silk and lace lingerie, cotton pyjamas and swimwear in different cuts and unique materials at this outlet located in Bahrain City Centre. For a more practical option, go for the striped and neutral pieces. Call 16 686-210.

30 October 2013


Geometric Prints An overtly feminine and flattering palette, head-to-toe warm tones offer a beautiful spin on autumn’s pre-eminent trend: the new womanly allure.


he autumn/winter 2013 collection from the Portuguese fashion brand, Origem, is an eclectic combination of warm hues and darker animal prints in an embroidered accent. The women’s wear blends contemporary style and exquisite fabrics giving the modern sophisticated woman an attractive option. The retailer offers a range of stylish formals and trendy casuals laying emphasis on style and design. Origem also showcases accessories like bags and shoes that complement the fashionable apparel range. The designs represent a subtle fusion of simplicity and elegance. The modern style gives it a classic European look. Call 17 104-861 (Bahrain City Centre).

32 October 2013

showcase GYMBOREE

Fun with Style Are you looking for comfortable and everyday clothes or ready-to-party items with the latest trends? Get your child ready for all occasions.


he kids’ universe is full of amusing moments; the right style to match their energy can be found in Gymboree. Showcasing trendy pieces for newborns and children of up to 12 years, the little ones are bound to steal the fashion scene. For girls, brocade dresses with metallic features and brilliant gems are best for holiday events. Satin and tulle will give them the cute princess flair for festive days. Girls can show off their laid-back style in coloured dresses, comfortable jeans and playful shirts and vests. For boys, chevron sweaters with oxford shirts and tweed trousers will deliver the perfect classic and cool look. Jeans, plaid flannel shirts, puffy vests or a rock and roll inspired look will get them looking glamorous on holidays. Make sure your child’s wardrobe is equipped for the new season with a visit to Gymboree. Call 17 172-318 (Bahrain City Centre).

34 October 2013


Ahmed & Isra

Baharin City Centre staff members & guests at the event

BCC 5th Anniversary Under the patronage of HE Dr Hassan Fakhro, Minister of Industry & Commerce, the Bahrain City Centre celebrated its 5th anniversary. Senior officials from Majid Al Futtaim Properties, shoppers and visitors celebrated the event that was held at the mall's Central Galleria

Duaij Al Rumaihi

Fatima, Ali, Aysha, Zakeena & Sara

Khalid & Ahmad Lamar & Layan

Mohammed, Marwan & Mansoor

36 October 2013

Hussain & Dipti

Baraa, Zaina & Nabeela

Marina & Hebba




Beauty | news



Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream. The colour correcting treatment product, hydrates, protects and perfects the skin. With SPF30, the cream helps in preventing the visible signs of ageing. Aloe barbadensis, leaf water and hyaluronic acid provide a refreshing burst of hydration. You can find it in six shades. Available at all leading retailers.

The new season makes you rethink your beauty regime. Find a fresh collection of make-up products and skin and hair treatments in our monthly selection.

L’Oréal Professionnel Pro-Keratin Refill Range. The products are the brand’s first keratin restoring cure for hair. The new range contains two active ingredients: pro-keratin complex to make the hair stronger and incell that repairs the cuticles. Available at all leading retailers. The Body Shop Make-up Remover Collection. With the calming power of chamomile, these make-up removers help maintain smooth and clean skin. The range contains products for all skin types in different textures. Available at The Body Shop.

Clarins Graphic Expression Face & Blush Powder Palette. This new powder from the autumn collection is made up of a mix of shades that are worn blended together. Each one has a specific function: light beige illuminates, dark beige evens, coral pink sculpts and gold adds light. Available at all leading retailers.

38 October 2013

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie. With an energising mineral complex, the formula protects lips while peptides make them more voluptuous. The new range features 16 lipsticks and 12 glosses. Available at Sephora.

Prada Candy L’Eau. The latest fragrance from Prada mixes zesty and sweet notes. White musk, benzoin and caramel are the heart of the essence. They combine with citrus and oriental floral notes to create a fresh scent. Available at all leading retailers.

Carolina Herrera Eau de Parfum Sublime. Inspired by the allure of the sophisticated woman, the essence is based on fresh beauty and femininity. With five essential traits Available at all leading retailers.

Bourjois Twist Up the Volume Mascara. The brand’s latest innovation improves the length, definition and volume of your lashes. The first position increases the length. Once the brush has been twisted, it will deliver amazing volume. Tested and approved! Available at all leading retailers.

See what light can do for your home When it comes to creating the right ambience at home, it's sometimes the smallest changes that can make all the difference. Philips offers lighting solutions to help you create great moments using subtle light effects and colour in your home. Philips LivingColors, Candles are playful and easy to use. Elegant designs combined with LED-based technology provide mood lighting products for you to create just the right ambience.

Palace Road, Gudaibiya, Tel: 17 259 534, 17712002, Fax:17275996, M: 39676082

October 2013


BEAUTY | review

Find Your Feet by Fernanda Langhammer

A part of our body that is extremely important and yet often forgotten is our feet. Take some time to pamper the ones that take you everywhere.


e stand for hours, walk long distances and even get stepped on! However at the end of the day, it is our face and hair that get a complete beauty regime. Why do we ignore our feet that need all the care that they can get? It’s time to change our priorities! With 26 bones and a complex framework of muscles, tendons and ligaments, your feet absorb the impact of your full body weight in every step. Don’t tell me that this isn’t reason enough to spend some time on them. Rushing to the salon or spa when they start to hurt isn’t the best solution. Regular massages and cosmetic care are the best way to avoid damaged bones, fallen arches, cracked skin, ingrown toenails and even fungal infections. Keep in mind that the most important factor is to keep them clean. Washing between the toes and drying them properly is mandatory.

40 October 2013

More than a pedicure Although taking care of your cuticles for the perfect finish of your favourite nail paint is a good start, it isn’t all that can be done for your feet. A common problem faced by most women is ill-fitting shoes, which can affect your health. If they are too tight, shoes can cause hammer toes amongst other problems. Loose footwear prevents your heel from staying in the proper place when you walk. So, finding the right fit is the key to healthy feet! Whether you like to hear it or not, the truth is we need to avoid wearing high heels too frequently, especially on days that you know you will be walking a lot. Smooth over the cracks I know I mentioned keeping your feet dry is vital to feet care. So stating the need to moisturise is equally significant might seem contradictory. Well, it isn’t. The warm and sunny climate of Bahrain makes us wear sandals and flip-flops. This results in cracked and scaly skin. The solution is to keep it moisturised. Rub on lotion containing cocoa butter every day after a shower to help your skin to get softer. For improved results, pull on a comfortable pair of socks to hold the lotion in. Skip the areas between the toes. Look for special treatments, such as paraffin wax, to heal dried and cracked heels. Time to exercise The muscles in your feet need exercise just like any other in your body. The best way to strengthen them is to take a walk. Making it a routine will make them firm and keep your ligaments flexible. Find different terrains for your stroll. If you’re used to pavements, mix it up and try walking along the beach or in parks.

On the shelves:

L’Occitane Foot Cream treats dry skin. Philosophy Be Somebody Green Tea Scrub exfoliates and moisturises. Vaseline Cocoa Butter works wonders for cracked heels.

Tried and Tested


s a Brazilian, I couldn’t hold my curiosity when I heard about the treatment titled ‘Brazilian manicure’. I was happy to discover that it wasn’t just for hands! Where I come from, taking care of nails in general is a big deal. Stepping out with chipped nail paint is just not acceptable in a Brazilian lifestyle. I was surprised to find out that the treatment at Gloss Salon follows the exact routine we find in most salons in my homeland. The best part is that the nail care expert uses an individual kit with all the necessary products for each client. The procedure starts with cleansing and then removing the dead skin, followed by a scrubbing gel. Then, your foot is wrapped in a plastic bag with moisturiser, after which the pedicure starts. The highlight is the massage after the entire procedure. What a treat! Honestly, I was not confident about the paraffin part as my research said that it would be quite hot. To my delight, it was the perfect temperature! The individual ‘sock’ for each foot is hygienic and comfy. The paraffin wax comes off easily and you’re ready to go! It is the best my feet have felt in a while. Unfortunately, I had to go back to my heels. What: Brazilian pedicure and Paraffin feet treatment Where: Gloss Salon at Marriott Executive Apartments, Juffair Aim: The Brazilian pedicure removes dead cells and moisturises the skin. The paraffin acts as an anti-ageing treatment and also smoothes the skin. Winning factor: The hygienic kits for both treatments and, of course, the wonderful massage!

October 2013


BEAUTY | advice Massimo Dutti

Your Questions Answered Q: How can I wear a suit and avoid

sporting a masculine look? A: This is an easy one! Pick feminine accessories to complement your look. Stilettos or high heels in bright colours are a good start. Clutches, chunky necklaces and earrings add to the femininity of an outfit and are great tools to transform a look. Pick tight trousers in cropped cuts and fitted jackets to create a classic chic flair. Finally, wear make-up that says “I’m a lady!” (Think red lipstick). Buns and ponytails are perfect hairstyles to impress.

Urban Decay

Q: Cream or powder

Q: How can you prevent foundation

from melting away? A: The first step is oil control. If your skin tends to be greasy, find a moisturiser for your skin type to get better results for the stability of your make-up. If you use a liquid foundation, warm it up between your palms before application. This will increase its ability to penetrate your skin. Don’t forget to spread the product as good as you can. Apply a layer of loose powder to create the perfect finish.

42 October 2013

Q: How do you pick the perfect shade

of foundation? A: It is actually trickier than we think. Fluorescent bulbs in most stores make this task difficult. As the lights are too bright, you don’t get the natural light on your face to see the real colour. I would recommend you to go outside with a mirror to check it out. Trying it out on your hand is also not the best way as your face will probably be lighter. A great way is to collect samples of at least three tones and try them at home.

blush – which is better? A: It depends on the effect you want to create. Powder blush gives you a more finished look, while cream blushes deliver a dewy result. The former should be applied with a brush along the cheekbones. If you want to create a ‘healthy face’, apply a bit of it on your forehead, down the nose and on the chin. Cream varieties should be applied using your fingertips and dabbed on the apples of your cheeks. Opt for these if you’re decking up for a night out. Our fashion and beauty editor will answer all your fashion and beauty queries every month. Write to her at for more tips and tricks.

Our rich, creamy Camembert deserves to be baked! Enjoy it with a caramelised onion chutney and savoury garlic bread. Indulge as they would in Normandy.

BEAUTY | 5 tips

So Kiss Me Lip colouring can be tricky with so many options in the market. Here are a few tricks to creating juicy lips.



start colouring Just like fashion, summer and winter make-up are different. In the season of the sun, colours are brighter and lighter. In cooler weather, they are darker and stronger. It isn’t exactly a rule, but we tend to think this is the right way to go. So the first important tip is to avoid diving into a trend just because it is in this season. You must look at factors like your skin colour and lip shape before choosing the right shade and lipstick texture.



3. 4. 44 October 2013

pale skin

For pallid skin types, medium tones are the best. Nude or skin colour shades will make your lips disappear. Adding a strong hue will contrast with your skin (which isn’t a bad option for Halloween parties). Opt for salmon or rose pink and Persian or terracotta red in a matte finish.

dark complexion

Light or deep colours are ideal for darker skin tones. Maroon and burgundy are good hues if you want to paint your lips red. Bronze tones and light pink with a bit of shine work as well. There is nothing wrong with medium shades. They just won’t have a big effect.

This autumn/winter 2013 trend spotted on the runways of Marni and Dior is one of the most commended in the beauty department. The lipstick doesn’t uniformly cover the lips. The colour is concentrated towards the centre; the edges aren’t deeply painted. Combine more than one tone to get a smudgy effect. Sometimes, catwalk looks can’t be reproduced in real life. Would you try this?



The texture of the product highly affects the end result. Matte finish lipsticks are big in winter, defining your lip shape. Glosses can be worn alone for a wet effect. However, they won’t offer the perfect outline. You can apply it over your regular lipstick to add volume. Lip liners are a great tool. Always use a similar colour to the lipstick.


Anime Event At BIC

A videogame and anime convention was held at the Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) last month


Isa, Qassim, Mohammed & Amar

Kristine, Sana, Silver & Layla

Katherine & Mauree Janelle & Joan

Christy, Yara, Hana & Malak




Hessa & Muneera October 2013



Beauty Secrets INGLOT

Fatal eyes Well-applied eyeliner along the upper lid of your eyes creates a strong look. The gel texture with a matte finish would work very well to produce the effect of your choice. Offering easy application, it dries very quickly and can also be used as an eye shadow. The product is paraben-free and has not been tested on animals.

There are many ways to improve your look. Choosing the right make-up is one way to go about it. Having a complete beauty cabinet certainly helps.


ntensify your natural beauty with the new collection of make-up and nail enamel colours from Inglot. The season asks for fresh hues and the latest range will put you in the right mode for autumn and winter. The shades add subtlety to your everyday look and help to show off your prettiest features. When colouring your nails, you need to complement your outfit. So don’t be afraid to glam up your fingertips!

Red cheeks The secret to looking ‘healthy’ is to add some colour to your cheeks. Apply it along the length of the cheekbone to create the right effect. Terracotta shades are best for the cold weather. The darker shade exaggerates the area for an outstanding look.

Paint your nails We all want enamels that provide durability, high gloss and fast drying time. Quality is important when adding a thick layer to your nails. Strong chemicals should be avoided. The nail paint from Inglot does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate or camphor. This season, opt for the coffee collection to shine. Call 16 686-200 (Bahrain City Centre) or 16 686-222 (Seef Mall).

46 October 2013


Natural Glow Women can now take their daily skincare routine to the next level with Philips VisaPure; a gentle, easy-to-use skin cleansing device.


hilips VisaPure reveals your skin’s radiance by massaging it to remove make-up and dirt. It is 10 times more effective than hand cleansing. The device revitalises the face and décolletage in just one minute and helps unveil a healthy-looking glow. “At Philips, we want to help women look and feel amazing. We know daily cleansing is essential for successful skincare,” says Ozlem Fidanci, vice president and general manager, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, Middle East, Turkey and Africa. “This is why our technical experts and researchers have worked with expert skincare laboratories to really help women to turn on their skins’ full potential and make it feel clean and radiant.” VisaPure works through the skin gently to remove dirt, make-up and daily residue. The cleansing result it delivers allows the skin to breathe and enhances the absorption of the daily creams, which is the right way to get healthier, young-looking skin. The fully waterproof new product is the only cleansing system in the world that features ‘dual motion’ technology, which creates a comfortable massaging effect that improves micro-circulation beneath the skin’s surface to bring out the skin’s natural radiance. The silky soft brushes both rotate and vibrate to gently remove make-up and dirt, and cleanse away dead skin cells. Visit or or call 17 259-534.


Candee Beach Party The ever-popular Candee Beach Party returned to the island with a number of people enjoying themselves at the event held at Amwaj Islands Laura & Sam

Angel & Crissie


Alina & Vlada

Zoya, Anna & Mo

October 2013


PEOPLE | cover story

Fighting for Animal Rights by ELMA BARTHOLOMEW

First introduced to the world as a finalist on a popular reality show and then having appeared in many movies, this model-actress talks to us about her non-profit organisation – Peace 4 Animals.


atie Cleary first hit the screens in the first season of America’s Next Top Model. Since then, she’s had a wide-ranging career leading her to act in films and shows such as Rules of Engagement, The Break-Up and Chuck. Her passion for animal welfare led her to launch her own non-profit organisation, Peace4Animals. She was active in the banning of the sale of fur in the city of West Hollywood. We catch up with Katie to find out all about her award-winning documentary, Give Me Shelter. Woman This Month (WTM): It’s been over a year since the launch of Peace4Animals. Have you seen it bring about the change you hoped for? Katie Cleary (KC): It’s amazing when you’re fighting against lobbyists, big corporations and even the government. This is how much of an uphill battle there can be. One year is not a lot of time when your corporate motto is to “change the world – one animal at a time.” I certainly have learned a lot and I think I have opened a lot of eyes as a result of my passion to help animals around the world. WTM: Talk to us about the upcoming Peace4Animals Boutique. KC: We have a t-shirt line coming out as well as silver, crystal and copper tiger pendants with individual quotes on the back. We are getting ready to sell online at and in stores. They are really beautiful and affordable. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds goes towards our endangered species campaign to save the last 3,500 tigers left in the wild due to poaching for their parts used in Asian medicine. If something isn’t done soon, we are going to lose these amazing animals forever.

48 October 2013

WTM: The ‘Diamonds not Fur’ campaign has seen many celebrities join the cause. How far has the project helped make the world of fashion ‘fur free’? KC: Getting Betty White to host our first charity event in LA was really a milestone as she is a living legend. Alison Eastwood joined forces with us last year for our ‘Stars for Stripes’ campaign with Born Free USA to save the last 1,500 wild tigers left in India. Our biggest accomplishment was getting the ‘fur-free’ bill passed in West Hollywood, two years ago because of the horrendous pain animals go through in order to get their fur. Now we want to see it passed all around the world because no animal deserves to go through that kind of torture for our vanity for fashion. If people saw videos on what happens to the animals they are wearing, I guarantee you they wouldn’t wear fur, especially if they have compassion and love animals. WTM: What are the challenges you face actualising campaigns? KC: One word – greed. Whenever money is involved, morals and ethics go right out the window. If you watched the videos that I have watched on what goes on in factory farms, you would not be able to eat; much less eat meat. There’s big money in the abuse of animals and when animals can’t fight back, they are going to lose. Look at what humans do to other humans in this world. You can imagine the challenges I face when trying to speak for those who depend on us to be their voice. WTM: What are your thoughts on the illegal breeding and smuggling of animals, especially dogs that are unsuitable for Middle Eastern climatic conditions? KC: People need to be responsible. If they have a pet, then they need to look after them and take care of them. Do not let them be exposed when the weather gets extreme. There needs to be animal rescues that step up and take care of stray animals instead of shipping them off so someone else can take care of them. The solution is to spay and neuter animals, so the population can be controlled and less animals end up starving or being killed. I saw a picture of a drugged tiger cub in a suitcase with stuffed animals around it that was seized by the TSA in Thailand. Smuggling animals for the illegal exotic pet trade needs to end. When I volunteered at sanctuaries, it was always the same old story. People get these exotic animals thinking they’ll make great pets. When they get to about six months old and are completely uncontrollable, they end

up being tied to the front gate of a sanctuary with a note or get confiscated. It’s terrible! WTM: Give Me Shelter is a very special project. What was on your mind when you created the award-winning documentary? KC: My aim was to open people’s eyes to the plight of animals throughout the world. What ‘earthlings’ did for the meat industry, we want to do for the ‘species’ industry. We need to create change and respect how we think, act, eat and co-exist with the rest of our world’s amazing animals. WTM: There is always a defining moment before you take the decision to really do something for a cause. When and what was that experience for you? KC: When I graduated from college, I wanted to do something for animals and looking through the yellow pages, I started calling animal welfare organisations to help them raise funds. I was 21 and raised USD10,000 for 10 different animal organisations all on my own time and effort. When I accomplished that I realised I could do anything! WTM: What can our readers do to join the cause? KC: It starts in your own backyard, saving one animal’s life at a time. Volunteer at an animal rescue. Start your own rescue cause with likeminded people, who want to make a difference or foster and re-habilitate animals. Try to find good homes for them. Do not support the ivory trade or any other exploitation of endangered species.

Buy recycled paper products eliminating the risk of them coming from rainforest trees. Recycle paper, plastic and glass products and try not to purchase plastic water bottles because many end up polluting our oceans and killing marine mammals. Spread awareness through social media about animal issues. Write letters to your elected officials asking to protect animals in your country and other countries. Organise trash cleanups because that is one of the leading results in pollution and animals being killed by eating plastic, thinking it is food. Join Peace 4 Animals, The Humane Society, WWF, Defenders of Wildlife, ASPCA, Born Free and other animal organisational newsletters for e-mail updates to stay informed and spread the word about animal issues. Sign online petitions on, and When choosing a vacation destination, support eco-tourism by participating in tours that feature and view local animal species and wildlife rather than hunt them. You can donate money to our charity at and support our efforts around the world. You can watch Give Me Shelter when it is releases in November. WTM: What new projects are in the pipeline for Peace4Animals and for you? KC: My focus right now is on World Animal News, Give Me Shelter and the new t-shirt and jewellery line. We’re working to raise funds to save animals in need. I’m currently pitching two other animal-related TV shows to networks. g October 2013


people | interview

New Milestones by SIMI KAMBOJ

Lisa Wahba outlines the relevance of American Women’s Association (AWA) 39 years after its launch and she explores the challenges ahead.


s one of the most vibrant women’s organisations on the island, the AWA has distinguished itself in the realm of charitable acts. This year, it will give away BD30,000 in scholarships and donations to social welfare organisations and charities. Contrary to popular perception, the association is a culturally diverse club with members from over 40 nationalities, says Lisa Wahba, who was elected president this April. With a degree in marketing and background in social work, this mother-of-three from Philadelphia is well equipped to steer the association to its 40th year. Woman This Month (WTM): What does it mean to be 39? Lisa Wahba (LW): It’s very thrilling to be part of such an old organisation. Back in 1974, seven women got together with three goals

50 October 2013

in mind: charity, friendship and cultivating understanding. I believe these objectives have become even more relevant with time. WTM: What privileges do the members of AWA enjoy? LW: Members can participate in many different clubs and groups with the association, depending on their interests. There’s the book club, the cooking club, the quilt group and the art and craft groups. Under our Women of Taste initiative, AWA members get access to the kitchens of some of Bahrain’s best restaurants, where they learn recipes from experienced chefs. Members can explore the back trails of Bahrain with tours conducted by Hala Jamal. They can even learn the Bollywood style of dancing with Vidhi Sharma. WTM: Are there any interesting projects that you’ve undertaken in recent times? LW: We’ve just completed the incredibly rewarding Bahrain Unity Quilt, which was funded by a grant from the Ministry of Social Development. We invited communities to

contribute a 25 square inch of cloth for making this unity quilt. What materialised was a beautiful patchwork of 90 squares, representing all sections of the Bahraini and expatriate community. WTM: What kind of challenges do you face? LW: Living on an island with a transient expatriate population, my biggest success and challenge will be to enlist new talent and get them actively involved with the AWA. To contribute as members, women need not chair any committee. Mostly, we need volunteers who will give their time generously. WTM: As AWA president, what would you like to accomplish? LW: I feel strongly about empowering women. Others perceive qualities in us that we ourselves aren’t aware of. Tosin Arowojolu must have seen that in me as a new member back in 2011, when she proposed my name for vice president. As women, we often doubt ourselves. When we try new things and find our true selves, we can exceed expectations.

people | interview

Creative Aspirations by SIMI KAMBOJ

At the helm of Bahrain’s first performing arts academy, Ruqaya Aamer harbours dreams of nurturing a vibrant artist community on the island.


rama and the performing arts have remained a largely neglected discipline in the Kingdom. Twenty-nine-year-old Ruqaya Aamer and Kanwal Hameed established a London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) programme in association with St Christopher’s School, which they’ve since opened up to every child and adult aspirant. With a pass rate of 100 percent, LAMDA has sent students from Bahrain to the best theatre schools in New York. Ruqaya talks about her aspirations for her school. Woman This Month (WTM): What was behind your decision to study drama? Ruqaya Aamer (RA): Drama was my first choice during school years, even for GCSE and A-level exams. I was influenced by Charlotte Leap, our drama teacher at St Christopher’s, who went on to found LAMDA. It’s perhaps fitting that Kanwal and I later inherited LAMDA from Charlotte and expanded it. It’s as if we inherited her legacy.

52 October 2013

WTM: Did you ever envisage yourself as a drama teacher? RA: I didn’t make that decision consciously. It was only during my degree at the Royal Holloway University that I was introduced to acting in the field of health and for social change. We’d go to hospitals and refugee centres in London and impart skills to the people there. I saw the change that we brought in their lives and that made me opt for drama in education. WTM: On the face of it, a degree in drama doesn’t promise great career opportunities. What made you stand firm with your decision? RA: It may seem like that on the face of it, but drama imparts skills transferable to day- to-day life. It breaks down inhibitions in shy people and builds confidence and esteem. I’d say the ability of communication and self expression is essential for professionals in every sphere.

WTM: Which is your favourite play? RA: It’s My Mother Said I Never Should by Charlotte Keatley because that was the first play I directed for my A-levels. It broadened my understanding of drama and afterwards. I knew I would pursue drama as a career. However, if I were to choose a play to direct on stage now, it’d be one of Shakespeare’s comedies. I believe something like Taming of the Shrew would adapt well to our culture. WTM: What’s your vision for LAMDA in the long run? RA: I see LAMDA as a theatre and public speaking school that offers all the disciplines of theatre and art. Starting from playwriting, acting and directing to set design and poetry, we want to create a local drama community that has the ability to write high quality plays based on Bahraini culture. Art shouldn’t be elitist. It should be accessible to all. LAMDA is for everyone from the age of six and above.


Al Ghalia Dinner

Rony & Dalia

Al Ghalia Group hosted a dinner for a number of guests at the Mezzaluna Restaurant in Adliya last month Zain & Najla

Mohammed & Bob

Maryam & Kaltham Lulwa & Munar

Dr Bruno & Maria

Fatima & Marwa

Salsa Dance Workshop Salsa instructors and experts from around the world flew into Bahrain last month to take part in a salsa boot camp that was held at the Al Bander Resort Saif, Key, Daffy, Samar & Aziz

Ty, Isa, Aseel & Hussain


Raluka, Salah & Monika

October 2013



Scooby Doo Show Cartoon favourite Scooby-Doo took to the stage last month at the Bahrain International Exhibition and Convention Centre (BIECC), as part of the Bahrain Summer Festival Jackie & Lexi

Aly, Holly, Daniel, Emily & Steve

Saif, Khalid & Uncle Hamoody

Sabine & Theo

Haneen, Sara & Dana

Eman & Mohannad Sophie, Margerita & Maya

Rupa, Aashna & Suhana

Zeeshan, Gia, Zainab & Ali

Chris, Jacob & Mia

54 October 2013

Fajer & Haleema Scooby Doo

REPORT | home

Home Decor Guide Living in identical fully furnished apartments can make you feel like a clone. Refurbish your home to make it yours.


56 Create your own Coffee Corner 58 Gardening Indoors 60 Unique Homes Inspiration: 61 Casa Lusso: One of a Kind 62 Details: A Relaxed Setting

October 2013


REPORT | home



It isn’t enough to have the perfect kind of tea leaves or coffee beans. What every home needs is a place to enjoy it. 2

Get comfy When you create your own café at home, the beauty of it all is secondary. This space should be the symbol of comfort and tranquillity. The ‘lounge’ is ideally your getaway within the house. It is, therefore, very important that you make this zone as cosy as possible. Choose the right furniture depending on your style. Something rustic would suit the season. Poufs and ottomans offer variety.




Pick a spot This rule applies for any space that you want to spruce up. If there’s a corner, balcony or portico that you thought was boring; choose that area as a starting point. After all, you can only start a painting once you have the canvas. Make sure the setting allows natural light and sufficient ventilation.

56 October 2013

Plenty of add-ons You can never have enough cushions. They are the perfect accessories to personalise your decor. Stashes of magazines and coffee table books are mandatory. Use funky coasters to liven up the space. A lot of this area allows DIY projects. Reuse old clothes for pillow covers. Make collages for your coasters. Get runners for the table.

At the station Where you have your coffee or tea isn’t the whole ordeal. It all begins where you make it. Set up a mini station in the kitchen for your caffeine fix. This is where your coffee maker or espresso machine would go. Have a kettle at hand as well. It’s personal Whenever you revamp your living space, it should translate your own style. Use collectibles or souvenirs as much as you can. Mugs, cups and saucers need not match. Every family member has his/her favourite mug; they hardly ever have anything in common. Let it be! Your home, your rules.

On the wall Don’t hide away your mugs and jars in a cabinet. Build an open shelf right above the countertop for easy access to your coffee, tea, sugar, honey, cinnamon or cocoa powder. If you’re a stickler for matching sets, invest in see-through jars. For a bohemian touch, mix all cookie jars and sugar pots you’ve collected over the years.

Know your coffee


Dunnes Store



Dunnes Store

Marks & Spencer


A breakfast counter Aside from your glasses and spoons, the shelf can also hold cookies, teacakes and biscuits. However, many people tend to use this section of their kitchen as a breakfast station as well. A toaster, a fruit basket, jars of jam and a juice maker would not seem out of place. 1. Indigo Furniture; 2. Furniture Village; 3. Wilko; 4. Penneys; 5. Sainsburys Home; 6. British Heart Foundation

The Woman this Month team lives on Nespresso. Our favourite Grand Cru is the Rosabaya. This fruity and balanced blend of fine, split roasted Colombian Arabicas develops a subtle acidity with typical red fruit and winey notes. You can also find the Roma flavour in our cabinet. The balance of lightly roasted South and Central American Arabias with Robusta gives it sweet and woody notes and a full, lasting taste on the palate. Our café orders outdoors, however, are less luxurious. While I and Fernanda would opt for a regular café latte, you could find Maryam sipping on a white Americano (which I’ve lately learnt to love). Tell us about your coffee experience. October 2013


Indoor Allotment

Crate and Barrel

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Garden-free Gardening

Most of us live in an apartment and almost certainly one without a balcony. That needn’t stop your green fingers from doing their job.

Glasshouse Terrariums

The One

Get the right plants Not every plant survives indoors. Get house plants. Consult experts at nurseries, who can recommend the right kind that suits your living space, lifestyle and other needs. However, if you’re a patient gardener, it’d be wise to buy seeds as they are less expensive than full-grown plants. The perfect location It’s common knowledge that a plant needs light and ventilation. The lack of a balcony, patio or actual garden shouldn’t hold you back. Fix a railing along your window pane or get pots that you can hang on the grill. It will give it that Mediterranean touch. Dedicate a wall indoors for a fern and herb assortment. In the kitchen If space permits, you can set up a mini garden in the kitchen. Many apartments come with a workspace attached to the kitchen. You could use this area for a vegetable garden. A section of your counter could be used for sage, thyme, rosemary, chillies, parsley and curry leaves. A matter of investment Gardening can be a time consuming activity. Make an effort to understand the temperature nuances and the different kinds of light that your plant requires. Invest in thermometres and artificial lighting for foolproof care. Understand how much water is required. You don’t want to drown them. Do it yourself There are many packaging materials that you can reuse for your garden at home. Bottles and jars make amazing nurseries. For those of us who prefer a readymade product, Glasshouse Terrariums in Riffa is a relatively new store that sells gardens in a bottle. These are perfect for office spaces and are almost impossible to kill! Let’s not forget that they look stunning!

58 October 2013


Amaar Birthday Party Amaar celebrated his birthday with family and a number of his friends at McDonald's on Exhibition Road

Farheen & Asna

Melissa & Farheen

Mayukh, Nanda, Farheen & Neha Ahaan, Amaar, Jacob & Suad

Myrah & Asna Farheen with Amaar & friends


October 2013



Graham and Brown

House of Bath

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Unique HOMES D

Your home is a sanctuary and should be a reflection of your self. The best way to create spaces with your signature is to add meaningful and eye-catching decorative pieces.

o you remember that amazing wooden elephant you bought back from your trip to Thailand? Use it as the most important item in your living room. It certainly has a little bit of ‘you’ in it. Create an environment, where it fetches attention. To do so, buy that amazing lamp you saw in your favourite design store and place it next to it. Unusual items with different formats or colours are great to spice up your home decor. A small touch here and there can tell a lot about your personal story, preferences and individuality.

furniture, vase, cushion and canvas –every little detail is one and the same. The first thing to do is to go shopping for special items that will translate your personal taste. You can also go on a second trip to search for that special detail that will add the final touch to your place.

Only one of its kind If you have no clue of what you should choose, look for exclusive items and things that catch your attention. You could add stickers to the wall and place rugs with messages at the entrance. Add funky ceramic animals in big or small Beyond the basics sizes on the shelf. Even a different lighting In the Middle East, it is very common to rent system can add the sparkle that your home fully-furnished flats and villas. You pick one desperately needs. with a great interior and that pleases you, For the nomads amongst us, it’s important until the day you visit your neighbour’s house. to carry your small belongings with you. Then you will realise that the decor you These are the significant pieces that warm thought represented you so well is identical your heart and make you feel welcome no 2. Cratewhere & Barrel next door. You have exactly the same 1. THE Onematter you are.

60 October 2013


Desirable Designs Putting together his signature designs in an upmarket interiors boutique, Fadi Eweida talks to Woman This Month about witnessing his dream take shape into reality.

Fadi Eweida


oasting a collage of furniture, wall art and interior deco products spread over two floors, Casa Lusso is a lot more than just a furniture store for founder Fadi Eweida. It’s a dream come true. Chief interior designer and managing director, Fadi possesses 15 years of expertise in the field of home decor. His know-how in contemporary furniture, lighting and decorative elements makes him perfect for the role. After making concept furniture for leading brands and high-end buyers, he decided it was time to set up his own shop. “We make unique furniture that suit our urban customers. If you find a product here, we assure you, it’ll be the only piece of its kind in the market,” Fadi explains.

Having carefully priced his items,” he says “We don’t cater to just the high-end customer, but instead to those with a taste for beautiful interiors.” His love for Bahrain and its people made him choose the island as the location for the flagship store. Splash of colours The store is vibrant with large glass windows and natural light, adding to the bright and welcoming atmosphere. Being a frequent traveller, Fadi’s experiences often translate into his designs. His love for colours is evident as soon as you enter the outlet. “I love to work with colours and I try to make as many different combinations possible. You’ll be spoilt for choice with the variations. I create these items without crossing the line and making something that is too whacky or disturbing,” he says. “I like to maintain a tasteful aesthetic sense. We once incorporated local Bahraini crafts and designs into our furniture. The collection was such a hit that it sold out in less than two weeks of its launch.” Made to order The team at Casa Lusso works on a philosophy that is very customer centric. It is, according to Fadi, very important to listen to the clients and meet their expectations with great attention to detail and sophistication. Aside from designing bespoke furniture, the store offers complete interior solutions. If you pick your sofa from Casa Lusso, they will design the look of your living room for free. The same would apply to any other part of your house or an office space, if you use their products. It’s all about your individuality at this store. Once an item is sold in the showroom, it is never repeated. This is why the designer doesn’t believe in showcasing catalogues. “We are dedicated to providing cuttingedge designs that ensure our clients can enjoy a well-decorated living space that reflects their personality and our own unique touch,” Fadi adds. Call 17 305-530.

October 2013


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The Art of Reinvention A leading fashion brand has launched its own furniture line, which lives up to its title – Successful Living.

62 October 2013


ominating the denim industry for years, the Italian fashion house Diesel has launched everything from accessories and fragrances to jeans that glow in the dark and boast ultra-modern silhouettes. The brand’s home furnishings collection affirms its uncanny ability to diversify. For this company, home is a place where you can express your personality, relax and put your feet up on the sofa! Reject the rules! The 2013 collection is in every way an extension of Diesel’s attitude of a casual lifestyle. You will be amazed by the flexibility and adaptability of the products. They are functional and funky, just like the fashion line. Moroso has created furniture that features a relaxed and comfortable mood, taking its inspiration from an informal lifestyle concept. The brand targets consumers, who like simple shapes and at the same time seek a modern style.

Let there be light The series includes a small group of tables, armchairs and sofas, but the home collection triumphs with the lighting selection. Foscarini has created a collection of lamps that tells different stories and expresses an unmistakable style. Their strength in working with fabrics is showcased in the use of interesting textures and materials in the lampshades. The use of neutral and earthy tones makes them blend into any room. Contemporary without appearing overly modern, the collection is a favourite amongst the house-proud. Call 17 593-616, email or visit

October 2013



Mercedes S-Class Launch

Al Haddad Motors held a press conference to mark the launch of the all-new Mercedes-Benz S Class. The event was held at the Royal Golf Club

Al Haddad Motors management with the all-new S-Class Randa, Sanhita, Marise, Graeme, David & Alia

Waseem, Graeme Newport & Rasool Al Haddad

Mark Alia & Naheeda

Stan & Paul



64 October 2013

Graeme Newport


Dhriti's 5th Birthday Dhriti Gupta celebrated her 5th birthday with her parents and friends at the Best Western Olive Hotel in Juffair Deepak, Monika, Nirvi, Mumu, Sanjit, Nitin, Dhriti & Monika

Chetna, Yoshita, Dhriti & Bhaskar

Nirmal, Nimita & Amita

Sachin, Shewta & Menya

Monika, Dhriti & Nitin

October 2013


LIFESTYLE | parenting

You Go Girls!


Positive self-esteem is about how happy you are with just being you. It can be developed through physical activity, especially team sports.

66 October 2013


eelings of self-esteem contribute to a person’s confidence and competence. These feelings of worthiness and proficiency can influence a person’s life in regard to aspirations, motivation, achievement and relationships. Many studies have investigated the self-esteem of young girls and have concluded that as they move through school their self-esteem levels drop. One study found that 46 percent of high school boys, compared to only 29 percent of high schools girls, reported being ‘happy the way I am’. Girls with low self-esteem often grow to be women with low self-esteem. These are linked to increased rates of depression, substance abuse, suicide and eating disorders in both adolescents and adults. What can be done? One important difference to consider is the rate of sports participation among boys and girls. As girls move through school, they tend to drop out of sports at a rate six times higher than boys. Participating in sports is one way that girls can develop physical competence. Girls learn to appreciate their bodies for what they can do, instead of the perceived appearance by oneself or by others. In a sport environment, girls learn to control

their bodies and to rely on acquired physical skills and knowledge. It helps girls to trust and rely on themselves and team mates while working toward common goals. They become aware of the feeling of achieving, make new friends out of their normal circle and see what might be possible whilst target setting. For some, being liked by other girls is sometimes more important than having others see them as smart or independent. A sport can develop leadership, citizenship and involvement when coached by a qualified and experienced professional. They are provided with adult role models, from whom they can draw guidance and support. Put it in practice It’s important to ensure that your daughters understand the health benefits of life-long exercise. A study published by the Women’s Sport Foundation on over 30,000 girls compared athletes to nonathletes. It stated that athletes were more likely than non-athletes to stay involved in sports as an adult and take on other extra-curricular activities. Deena Rahman, senior coach at Arsenal Soccer School, reiterated the benefits of girls participating in sports. She played October 2013


LIFESTYLE | parenting

football professionally in the UK for Arsenal and Fulham and represented England before moving to Bahrain, where she now plays for the national team. “Playing any sport at any level can teach a young girl many skills, such as teamwork, communication and commitment, while they are having fun and keeping healthy. Talented girls also have the possibility of achieving scholarships to US universities and/or professional contracts,” Deena says. “At our soccer school, we coach the girls in their sessions and their match days, as well as organise friendly and competitive games against other teams. Girls have represented us in matches, both girls only and mixed sexes, against teams from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, when we toured to London, Barcelona, Lebanon, Florida and Dubai.” This teaches the girls how to be part of a team and gives them confidence from travelling and gaining a new experience. The coaching style at the Arsenal Soccer School is one of encouragement, emphasising the positives, while

developing the girls to be as good as they can be. The students are of various nationalities; so they interact with children from different cultures. “We encourage mutual respect. In this region, there can be cultural issues, which make it difficult for young ladies to play sports,” Deena adds. “We aim to make the experience encouraging for the families as well, so that the girls are allowed to play for as long as they wish to into their teenage years and beyond.”

Participating in sports is one way that girls can develop physical competence

68 October 2013

A part of the game Supporting and encouraging your daughters to play sports is not only showing them that you value exercise, but it is a great way for them to develop their talent and can benefit them in the long term in many ways. “We have seen many examples, where young girls have grown in confidence by playing football with us. From a personal point of view, playing for the national team here in Bahrain is a testament to

having high ambitions and embracing opportunities when they come along, having enjoyed a life and career out of sport. It is great to think that what I am doing now might inspire someone to do something similar,” Deena states. Self-esteem is influenced by: • parental expectations, encouragement and influence • degree of peer expectations, encouragement and influence • involvement in making of decisions • development of talents, hobbies or interests • importance of role models • extent of emphasis on body image • experiences and interactions during education Visit arsenalsoccerschoolbahrain or or email


Telling is not TATTLING


Bullying is an aggressive behaviour that is intentional and repeated. It involves an imbalance of power or strength that causes another person injury or discomfort.


ullying can be physical, verbal, relational or more subtle actions. The bullied individual typically has trouble defending himself or herself and does nothing to ‘cause’ it. While boys may bully others using more physical means, girls often do so by social exclusion. More recently, technology and social media have impacted bullying among preteens and teens by acting as a new platform, having stretched its scope. What used to be a faceto-face encounter that occurred in specific locations is now able to occur 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These websites allow kids to send hurtful, ongoing messages; some allow anonymity. Cyber bullying is one that happens online and via mobile phones. It includes sending cruel or intimidating emails or instant

messages, spreading rumours or posting humiliating or modesty-inappropriate photos of others. Look out! Children may not always be vocal about being bullied. Signs include ripped clothing, reluctance about going to school, reduced appetite, nightmares, crying, general depression and anxiety. If you discover your child is being bullied, don’t tell them to let it go or to swallow it in silence. Instead, have open-ended dialogues where you can learn what is really going on at school so that you can take the appropriate steps to rectify the situation. Most importantly, let your child know you will help him and that they should try not to fight back. Researches say that not all children feel misery when they’re victims of online bullying. It causes apprehension when it involves offline contact or an adult harasser. Young victims are more likely to report social problems and interpersonal victimisation. Being victimised also increases their chances of harassing peers online

themselves. Research has revealed that 68 percent of cyber bullying victims spoke up about their harassment to friends, parents or other authority figures. Disclosure provides an opportunity for parents and others to ask whether the child is struggling socially or experiencing communication problems with peers. They can then work with the child to find ways to prevent future incidents. What can be done Educate yourself and your children about cyber bullying. Teach them not to respond or forward threatening emails. If you give your child a mobile phone, then let them know you will be monitoring their messages. Parents should report bullying to the school and follow up with a letter that is copied to the principal if the initial inquiry receives no response. Cyber bullying can be very damaging to adolescents and teens. It can lead to anxiety, depression and even suicide. Parents should report all threatening messages to the police and should document any text messages, emails or posts on websites. October 2013


LIFESTYLE | special

Follow Me! It’s hard to miss the buzz that the local blogging community has been creating this year. Here’s our round-up of who we think are the best in the fashion zone.

Blondes have more fun

style crush

Sister ACT 70 October 2013

Blonde in Bahrain: Georgina Jennsen “I’ve lived in Bahrain for over 15 years; I really wanted to showcase the amazing things that can be found on this island that has become my home. It’s also very relevant to my fulltime job as a university tutor. I teach communication for web media, and it gives me the chance to practise what I preach.” Favourite blog: Liberty London Girl. Sasha Wilkens writes with authority and intelligence. She gets invited to the most amazing places! In the near future: I’ll attend a blogging conference in San Francisco in October, run by iFabbo (International Fashion and Beauty Bloggers Organisation). I’m super excited. I hope that it will take Blonde in Bahrain to the next level. The Style Council: Ashwathy Shyamkumar “By maintaining a blog, I’ve now become more aware of the fashion world. I’ve made so many friends along the journey. People now recognise me and I even get stopped in the mall sometimes and asked if I’m Ashwathy from The Style Council.” Biggest challenge: Having a full time job usually takes up my time. I save the weekends to blog my looks. Not being able to post regularly has been one of the challenges, but then Instagram came along. Describe your style: Always changing. My style depends on my mood. Sometimes I’ll be dressed in soft delicate printed dresses and heels. Another day, I’m wearing worn out jeans with an oversized tee and a messy top knot.

A Day in the Sandbox: Amal and Maha Al Mulla “One of us had a day job away from a dream, while the other was already studying fashion. We decided to combine our interests and come up with a diary that not only revolves around fashion, but personalise it and mould it into a place that shows both our personalities and interests.” Personal style is: The way people dress up in their day to day lives is the true definition of their style! It is in those quick and fast-paced moments where a person’s style really interprets their individuality as opposed to the planned lavish outfits worn at events and parties. What we don’t know: We both own a fashion label, Amalalmulla

I Speak Fashion: Duaa Zainal “I’ve been passionate about fashion since I was a little girl. My dream was to become a fashion designer. I loved sketching and dressing up so much I was basically born to do it.” Favourite fashion quote: Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak – Rachel Zoe Your real-time job: I used to work as an accountant. I’m currently continuing my fashion studies in Hong Kong.

Electric Firefly: Mara Mostafa “Blogging was something that was playing in the back of my mind for a few years before I actually got started. I have so many interests that I figured I needed an outlet to get them out there and hopefully touch those with similar mindsets and passions. A friend of mine pushed me to take the plunge and there’s no looking back now.” How has life changed since: In one word – busy! But it has been great. You get to go behind the scenes, try products, travel to fashion events and so much more. My main rush is meeting fabulous likeminded people. Side projects: My main job is being a wife and a mum to my three munchkins. I have a mother and baby line called Baby M and a clothing line, Mara, to which I hope to dedicate more time.

The Sartori Ali: Ali Salah “After quitting fashion for almost a year, I felt lost and not so stuck to my fashionable roots. I was also hungry; hungry for fashion and everything revolving around it. Being a huge Bryan Boy fan, I idolised him and got the idea of starting a fashion blog that was mainly directed towards men’s fashion.” Coming up with a name: Being a male fashion blogger in the Middle East, I couldn’t have a name that screamed fluffy, pink or delicate... right? A friend of mine and I were going through The Sartorialist’s photography book of street styles. That’s when it hit us –The Sartori Ali – stating something masculine, dapper and quite fashionable. Favourite brands: Alexander Wang and Givenchy. But here’s the thing; I love shopping from H&M for my daily wear!

born to be fashionable


IT'S A MAN'S WORLD October 2013


LIFESTYLE | wellbeing

Understanding Pilates 72 October 2013


Women all around the world are giving up or pushing aside conventional exercise practices like weight training, cardiovascular exercises and even yoga for this relatively new trend called Pilates.


ilates (pronounced pill-ah-tees), also known as contrology, is a form of exercise developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. It emphasises the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. Though initially developed for rehabilitation of war soldiers and for treatment of injuries, Pilates soon drew the attention of dancers and elite athletes. It was later in the 1980s, when the exercise science caught up with the Pilates principles, that people all around the world began dedicating themselves to this form of body sculpting principally to build core strength and flexibility. It is also as a mean of rehabilitation for aches and pains of various kinds. Centring, control, flow, breath, precision and concentration are the six essential principles of Pilates. In his book, Return to Life through Pilates, Joseph Pilates stated,

“Self confidence, poise, [and] consciousness of possessing the power to accomplish our desires with renewed lively interest in life are the natural results of the practice of Contrology [Pilates].” A closer look To learn more, I talked to Jane D Barrica, a physical therapy and Pilates specialist who is currently an instructor at La Fontaine Centre for Contemporary Art. “Coming from a background of physical therapy, I have always wanted to incorporate treatments and healing into workout routines. That’s when I heard about Pilates and underwent training in Hong Kong,” Jane says. “Many people think that Pilates is only for the injured or for rehabilitation. The truth is anyone can practise it. In my five years of teaching, many women have achieved great goals in body sculpting and relaxing the mind.” Pilates requires intense concentration and focus, which is great for relieving stress. It is

centred on strengthening the inner core, deep stretching and focused breathing. It offers a wide range of benefits, including developing self awareness, proper alignment and positioning of the body, and building symmetry and co-ordination. It develops the inner core, which in turn leads to an improved body tone and stronger muscles.

Many women have achieved great goals in body sculpting and relaxing the mind

Pilates vs yoga Worldwide, Pilates has proven to relieve all kinds of back-related aches and pains, build a strong, supple back, good posture and an efficient movement pattern. The key focus points are the abdominal muscles, lower back and the buttocks. It incorporates extensive work using machines as well as mat exercises. The founder of the exercise routine stated in his book that Pilates connects the body and mind, but does not unify the two as yoga does. “Pilates builds abdominal strength and symmetrical musculature along with flexibility, precision and coordination of movement with adequate breaths. On the October 2013


LIFESTYLE | wellbeing

other hand, yoga focuses on exercise in the form of various poses and centres on breathing techniques along with concentration,” Jane explains. A success story Women often tend to postpone workout sessions. Finding motivation and avoiding boredom is hard, especially when it comes to keeping up with exercise regimens. But this isn’t the case with Pilates, according to Fatima Ali Reza, a successful entrepreneur. “It’s key to have a good instructor, who can help keep you stay concentrated and focused on the routine. Pilates works from the inside out, mostly due to the varying movements incorporated with breathing,” Fatima says. “It was during my trip to Paris in the year 2000 that I first heard of Pilates and ever since I’ve been hooked on to it. The benefits are many. Just one hour of the routine makes me feel like I’ve done three hours of yoga. I feel my body is much firmer than it used to be. It has also improved my posture,” she adds. Women need to educate themselves about this form of body sculpting. Contrary to the popular saying ‘no pain; no gain’, Pilates isn’t painful. It is just a matter of devotion and concentration along with regular practice. Positive benefits can be seen within weeks. Give it a try Pilates has gained accolades from women all around the world for being a successful method that actually works with regards to weight loss, which is just one of the benefits of regular practice. Experts guarantee that this exercise improves toning of muscles, postural stability, core strength and peripheral mobility. It enhances functional fitness, ease of movement and body awareness. It is easy on the joints as it is low impact. Above all, it can be customised for different people, including those with injuries. Pilates is known to be the best form of exercise to prevent lower back pain and functional disability linked to the spine and posture. Studies show that nine out of 10 rehab specialists prefer it as the best exercise for back and postural rehabilitation. Body and mind It is essential to get trained under a professional instructor as many people have different reasons to begin practice and different requirements according to their body and current state of health. Pilates benefits the injured and non-injured equally. g

74 October 2013


It’s in Your Head by MARYAM TOORANI

If you are a sufferer, then you surely have had someone who doesn’t have migraines brush off your head-throbbing trauma with a simple “just have some Panadol”.


nfortunately for most of us ‘migraineurs’, 21st Century science and technology has yet to truly find an ailment to our hell on earth. This begs the question, do the great minds of today have their priorities straight? Yes, I know, they are busy finding cures to life threatening diseases, dealing with world hunger and sending trained monkeys to outer space. In the meantime though, let’s tackle the great myths and truths of this very serious, and seriously misunderstood, condition. Myth number one: contrary to popular belief, a migraine is not simply a severe headache. It is a complex neurological disease that affects the central nervous system and occurs with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting or sensitivity to light. Not so simple huh? Myth number two: they are not caused by being too “stressed”, by “over-thinking” or

any other kind of self-induced physiological state. And yes you guessed it; ofcourse they are more common in women than they are in men – the feminist in me is really starting to hate biology. So what are the causes you ask? Abnormal brain activity with triggers that are still unknown – yes, it’s 2013 and the exact causes are still unknown. Here is what we do know. The attack begins in the brain and involves nerve pathways and chemicals that affect blood flow. Medical experts now believe that caffeine withdrawal, changes in hormone levels, changes in sleep patterns, physical stress, missed meals and smoking can pull the trigger when it comes to a migraine attack. So here are my tried and tested tips. First things first. Find your triggers. Start by keeping a headache (or a food) diary. This will help you determine the triggers, which could be anything from a specific food or a change in weather. One thing is certain. The symptoms are complex and usually are different for everyone. For me, it could be a day in the sun; for you, it could be having chocolate. You also need to watch out for ‘auras’. This is the

term used to describe your body’s warning signs. They can involve a temporary blind spot, blurred vision, eye pain and even tunnel vision. When it comes to treatments, doctors prescribe medications that can reduce the number of attacks, but not rid you of the eyethrobbing strain completely. Good over-the-counter pills include acetaminophen, ibuprofen, aspirin and my personal favourite – MafePain. A word to the wise: loading up on these will in no way help your situation. It just smothers your symptoms and that is why many opt for natural remedies. To maintain your pain at home, one thing that really does work is a little caffeine. It constricts blood vessels and in turn decreases discomfort. Other things that could help are magnesium supplements and getting head massages when the pain starts. So what do I do when I’ve been attacked? Although many do take the offensive route and try to counter the pain, I accept defeat. I skip the coffee and the temple rub and surrender. So it’s a bed and a very dark room for me until one brilliant mad scientist figures out a fool-proof cure. October 2013


lifestyle | community

Open Your Eyes by SIMI KAMBOJ

Step out to support and develop the skills of the visually impaired in Bahrain with a unique initiative – The White Stick Project.


or those of us who tend to live in a world of our own, an evening with a visually impaired person can be an eye-opening experience. It was so for young Bahrainis, Rana Sehil and Yasmin Ibrahim, who drive The White Stick Project in Bahrain. “There are many misconceptions about the blind that are shattered when you spend time with them. It’s wrong to think that they can’t accomplish tasks by themselves. They just do things differently,” says Rana. “What fascinated me is how independent they are and the faith they have in themselves. They don’t want our pity or to be considered as people with disabilities. Rather, they’d like to be part of a society they can contribute to,” adds the 20-year-old, who is head of projects at AIESEC’s Bahrain chapter.

76 October 2013

The white cane is acknowledged worldwide as a symbol of blindness. The day of observance called the White Stick Safety Day is marked on October 15 every year around the world. In Bahrain, the White Stick project is part of AIESEC’s global community development programme that seeks to increase awareness on how to deal and interact with the visually impaired. According to Yasmin, the project has five focus areas. These include providing assistive technology, interaction, personal development and public relations. Rana and her team organises workshops and create events that educate, engage and facilitate interaction. Over the last two years, AIESEC Bahrain has been raising money and volunteer support to meet the needs of the Friendship Society for the Blind. “In addition to volunteer support, they need space for a bigger office, more IT infrastructure and financial backup. We’re trying to help with events that help awareness about these issues,” says Yasmin.

Their first event at Amwaj Islands last year taught visitors the usage of the Braille typewriter and showcased the software that the visually impaired utilise to operate computers. Visitors were exposed to a variety of educational equipment including the Braille typewriter, electronic magnifier and books printed in Braille. They had the chance to try and navigate their way blindfolded, using the white stick. A walkathon in June this year invited people to walk for the cause or buy t-shirts and donate money for the cause. The group’s Blackout – Dinner in the Dark scheduled for late September will introduce over 100 participants to the experience of dining in darkness while using their other senses. AIESEC is one of the largest student-run and not-for-profit organisations worldwide with a focus on cultural exchange and diversity. At the moment, AIESEC Bahrain is hosting eight international volunteers, who have helped organise events and train blind people in English language skills.

pop culture

Artistic Licence Here’s our round-up of the newest shows, movies, books and music albums you’ll need to catch up on this month. Recorded in pictures In 2008, Alexander McQueen commissioned photographer Nick Waplington to document the creation of his Autumn 2009 collection – all the way from inception to runway showing. Unfortunately, it was to be the last Autumn/Winter collection that McQueen would stage before his untimely death. This show recycled his 15-year archive of work into a new collection. In effect, it was his personal survey of his work to date. Every step of the creative process is documented in fascinating detail in the hardcover book titled Working Process. Most notably, McQueen himself placed the book’s layout, picture by picture, on storyboards. The book was ready for publication when he died, then was put on hold – until now.

The beauty of silence Filmmaker Jem Cohen’s latest film, Museum Hours, is a 106-minute portrait of life on the margins in wintertime Vienna. The movie is as hushed as the museum that shelters its protagonists. The lead actress is the cult Canadian singer Mary Margaret O’Hara. It’s in the blood When illustrator and graphic artist Mica Angela Hendricks complied to share her brandnew sketchbook with her four-year-old daughter, she did not expect to see such fascinating results. In the making Nike’s new app called Making and the brand’s Materials Sustainability Index (MSI) are fundamental to the future of sustainable fashion. It is an easy way for designers to understand the ecological impacts of fabrics. Each material is given a score based on chemistry, energy/ green house gas intensity, water/ land use intensity and physical waste. They are also rated by organic-ness and recyclability so that designers can consider the potential life-cycle of the fabric.

Style defies age Advanced Style: The Coloring Book is based on the popular street fashion blog of the same name featuring stylish senior citizens around the globe. Ari Seth Cohen, creator and director of Advanced Style, collaborated with illustrator Ilan Schraer on the book of 30 drawings, which are based on photographs from the blog.

October 2013




October is generally a quiet month in the culinary world except for Halloween cooking up a few creative ideas. I was recently informed that October 1 is celebrated as World Vegetarian Day (in the USA), which kicks off a month-long vegetarian awareness campaign. My favourite of the newly acquired wisdom is that October 4 is ‘Hug a Non-meat Eater Day’. And it is to all my nonmeat eating friends that I send a hug through a few new recipes to spice up your meals and to prove the versatility of the vegetarian kitchen with a salad, soup, biryani and risotto. VEGETARIAN RISOTTO 350g fresh asparagus 2 tbsp olive oil 4-5 spring onions, ends trimmed and sliced 175g fresh peas 250g fresh broad beans, shelled 2 tbsp basil, chopped 2 tbsp chives 1 tbsp mint, finely chopped 1 lemon, finely grated zest 1 1/2 litres water 3 vegetable stock cubes 4 shallots, finely chopped 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 300g arborio rice 25g rocket leaves • Clean and slice the asparagus into 5cm diagonal lengths. • Heat half of the oil in a large and non-stick frying pan. • Tip in the asparagus and stir-fry over a medium-high heat for about 4 minutes or until nicely browned all over.

78 October 2013

• Stir in the spring onions and fry with the asparagus until browned. • Remove; season with salt and pepper. Set aside. • Cook the peas and beans separately in a little boiling water, then drain. • When the broad beans are cool enough to handle, pop them out of their skins. Set the peas and beans to one side. • Mix the basil, chives, mint and lemon zest together in a small bowl and season with pepper. Set aside. • Pour the stock into a saucepan and keep it on a very low heat. • Pour the remaining oil into a large, wide sauté pan. • Tip in the shallots and garlic, and fry for 3 to 4 minutes until soft. • Stir in the rice and continue to stir for 1 to 2 minutes over a medium to high heat. • As it starts to sizzle, stir in the hot stock a little at a time so it simmers and is absorbed after each addition. To tell when it is ready to have the next addition of liquid, drag

the spoon across the bottom of the pan and it should leave a clear line. Keep stirring the whole time, to keep the risotto creamy. Continue adding the stock as above. • After 20 minutes, the rice should be soft. If it isn’t, add more. Season it with a little salt and pepper. • Take the pan off the heat. Pour over a small amount of remaining stock then scatter over all the vegetables, a grinding of pepper and the herb mix. • Cover with lid, let the risotto sit for 3 to 4 minutes to rest. Gently stir, if necessary adding a drop more of the remaining stock for good consistency. Serve.

VEGETABLE SOUP 70g 70g 1 300g 1 tbsp 700ml 2 to serve for garnish

carrots, chopped celery, chopped white onion, finely chopped baby potatoes, peeled and cubed oil water vegetable stock cubes crème fraîche fresh herbs

• In a large stock pot, heat the oil and fry the carrot, onions and celery with the potatoes for a few minutes until they soften. • Cover with the water and stock cubes and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until the vegetables are tender. • Blend until smooth with an immersion blender, then season with salt and pepper. • Serve with crème fraîche and some fresh herbs.

VEGETABLE BIRYANI 2 tbsp 1 2 1 1 litre 2 3 tbsp pinch 2 tsp 500g 140g 2 to serve 50g

vegetable oil small cauliflower, broken into small florets cubed sweet potatoes, peeled large red onion, sliced water vegetable stock cubes curry paste saffron mustard seeds basmati rice trimmed green beans, halved lemons, juice only fresh coriander leaves roasted pine nuts

• Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. • Pour the oil into a large ovenproof dish and put in the oven for a couple of minutes to heat through. • Add all the vegetables, except the beans, stirring to coat them in the hot oil. • Season it with salt and pepper and return to the oven for 15 minutes until it begins to brown. • While the vegetables are roasting, stir together the stock, curry paste, chilli, saffron and mustard seeds. • Mix the water with the stock cubes and stir to dissolve. • Mix the rice and green beans with the roasted vegetables in the ovenproof dish. Then pour over the water and stock cube mixture. • Lower the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. • Cover the dish tightly with foil and bake for 40 minutes until the rice is tender and the liquid has been absorbed. • Stir in the lemon juice and add salt and pepper to taste. • Just before serving, sprinkle over the coriander and roasted pine nuts.

CAULIFLOWER AND HONEY SALAD 1 2 tbsp 1 3 tbsp 1 1/2 tbsp 3 tbsp 1/4 cup 3 tbsp 50g

large cauliflower, broken into florets olive oil red onion, thinly sliced red wine vinegar acacia honey white raisins fresh dill almond flakes, toasted baby spinach

• Heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. • In a large bowl toss the cauliflower with the olive oil, season with salt and pepper and roast for 20 minutes. • Stir in the red onion and roast for 15 to 20 minutes. • While the cauliflower is roasting, mix together the vinegar, honey and raisins with some salt and pepper to taste. • When the cauliflower is done, stir in the dressing, dill, almonds and spinach and serve immediately. October 2013


showcase MEISEI

A Meal in a Box

The Woman this Month team took a lunch break this month. Not only were we impressed by the delicacies on offer, this restaurant won us over with the healthy factor in each bite.


eading the food and beverage division of Remza Group and leading the kitchen brigade at Meisei Bahrain is executive chef Michael Sang-Kyu Lee. His expertise in the gastronomical industry is no secret to the gourmands of Bahrain. So when we decided to try out his new lunch menu, we were sure to be satisfied. Little did we know that we would be trying the best bento boxes that we’d ever come across. If you’ve never tried this practical ‘meal in a box’ concept before, Meisei would be the perfect place to start. In this modern Asian restaurant, it isn’t just about serving delicious food. Chef Michael, inspired by his Japanese background, is dedicated to promoting wellbeing. Therefore, each

80 October 2013

ingredient is carefully picked and used to improve your health. A bento is a traditional Japanese style of serving food conveniently, especially on trains and on-the-go meals. Separate compartments in the lacquered wooden boxes hold different dishes. However, in a restaurant setup, you can enjoy this as a three-course menu. Do not hesitate trying this feast for fear of ‘raw food’. It’s about time that people got rid of the misconception that Japanese cuisine is exclusively uncooked dishes. You’ll be ruling out a world of scrumptious preparations if you still think so. A treat for your senses Your dining experience begins with a traditional miso soup. Made using the basic ingredients of edamame, tofu and seaweed, this was the perfect start to our lunch. “In my kitchen, no ingredient is storebought,” says chef Michael. “Although the cuisine served is often termed ‘modern’ or even ‘fusion’, I am a purist. Everything I use in

a dish is natural and made from scratch.” He explains that the natural enzymes in the soup are beneficial to our hair, nails and skin. No doubt, we lapped it up. This was followed by a salad doused in home-made sesame vinaigrette. The light dish is topped with thin slices of Granny Smith apples, resulting in a marriage of fresh and vibrant flavours. Chef Michael then plated three versions of his bento creations. While the star of one was Black Angus beef, which was simply divine, the second featured corn-fed chicken. The third was the traditional sashimi bento for the daring amongst us. Each box had a vegetable side dish and chicken dumplings with a unique lemonbased dip sauce. Shrimp tempura was another highlight of the meal, served with a special mayo dressing. Following the age-old belief that you first eat with your eyes, presentation is key at Meisei. The next time you decide to meet friends over lunch, have a go at this well-balanced meal. Call 17 007-770.


Luxury Redefined This new locally owned and operated luxury hospitality brand has put together a number of exciting dining options for the food lovers of Bahrain.


ocated in the Diplomatic Area, The Domain is a 36-storey social club and boutique hotel. The brand-new cuttingedge hospitality concept, a first of its kind in the Middle East, focuses on sociability, entertainment and technology. With a total of nine social spaces, consisting of restaurants, bars and lounges, The Domain is the ultimate destination to understand different food cultures. Cuisines on offer include Japanese, South of France, Basque, Italian and Lebanese. Gourmands from around the world will be spoilt for choice. On the table In addition to most of the suites and rooms, two restaurants with a distinct duality of spirit, offering two distinct prospects had opened during the Eid holidays. Le Domain [34] serves lighter South of France food with crisp, seasonal flavours. Fresh and light dishes are made vibrant with Provencal herbs, olive oil, market vegetables and seafood. An Art Nouveau setting and great city views add to the factors that make this venue spectacular. Le Domain [34] has recently put together a business lunch concept. The two-course set menu costs BD11++, while the three-course option is for BD13++. Le Sauvage caters to those who would like to indulge in classic, hearty roasts. This venue boasts a leather-bound, masculine space, where the vibe is very Mad Men.

Chill out Txoko, a Basque sky lounge crowning the top floor of The Domain serves delicious Pintxos (Basque tapas). During the day this is a quiet place to meet or to read the paper or emails. Between 4 and 6pm, the venue gets a novel twist and offers high tea – perfect to catch up with the girls or hold business meetings. After work, it’s the perfect place to network whilst sampling a variety of delicious cocktails. In the evenings, it becomes a playful venue, a night haunt for Manama’s hip and cool set. The resident DJ spins tunes, the lights go down low and tables can be moved aside to make room for impromptu dancing. Txoko hosts a different theme six nights a week. Call 16 000-222 or visit October 2013


LIFESTYLE | travel

Ecological ESCAPES


Your pick of the best ‘nestled in nature’ destination receives a defeating blow when the concrete jungle comes haunting through processed food on the menu, soda cans in the mini-bar and plummeting stocks on TV. Fret not; here are some green ghettos that redefine being one with nature. MASHPI LODGE, ECUADOR escribed as a cocoon in the clouds, this ecological getaway has been voted one of the best in the world. Forbes magazine calls it ‘the most luxurious new jungle retreat’. Its enormous windows make you feel like you’re suspended mid-air with a dreamy mist punctuating the deep woods. A little over two hours northwest of Quito, the lodge is situated at 3,116 feet on the western slope of the Andes. Mashpi hosts a profusion of flora and fauna, which includes an estimated 500 species of birds, 36 of which can only be found here. The structure rests on recycled, long, steel legs with just enough wood to hold it all together.


82 October 2013

The lodge provides an exciting setting for photography with a number of nature trails, waterfalls and an observation tower. If luck is on your side, you could even spot an ocelot, puma or a rare cuckoo. Green expectations Mashpi lodge sources its fruits, vegetables and herbs from local farms and will soon run on hydropower. An important job provider in the region, it aims at hiring 80 percent of its

employees from surrounding communities. Mashpi helps support 3,200 acres of primary forest area in one of the most understudied cloud forests in the world. Best time to visit With year long temperatures averaging 15 degrees Celsius, there’s no bad time of the year to visit. However months of winter (June, July and August) are particularly pleasant with less rain and sunny afternoons.

CHUMBE ISLAND CORAL PARK, TANZANIA llow this award-winning private nature reserve to envelop you in its pristine landscape, balmy beaches and crude architectural beauty. The resort was developed for the conservation and sustainable management of the uninhabited Chumbe Island, one of the last untouched coral islands in the region. Located just south of Zanzibar, the park is Tanzania’s first marine-protected area and one of the world’s most diverse reefs. The fully protected coral reef sanctuary and forest reserve harbours rare and endangered species of animals and plants. It supports the local community by using their produce and providing jobs.


CREE VILLAGE ECO LODGE, NORTHERN ONTARIO ne of the first eco lodges in the northern hemisphere, Cree Village in Northern Ontario promises a unique experience of the native culture and the beauty of its craggy terrain. Situated on Moose Factory Island, it is the first aboriginal owned and operated eco lodge in the USA or Canada. Adhering to its principles of ‘living lightly’ on the earth and sharing profits with the local community, the resort possesses an ingenious architecture and energy-efficient design. This is particularly important in the cold climate. July 2013


The picturesque venue has a complete set of activities like snorkelling, trekking and a lighthouse. Your stay on this island paradise is as low an impact on the environment as it is unforgettable. Green expectations Reduce your own carbon footprint at the resort’s seven self-sustaining bungalows that use solar energy for lighting. The natural passive cooling technique is employed to keep the temperatures in check along with grey water recycling, composting toilets and ‘eco-showers’ of the harvested rainwater. Best time to visit June to October is considered the best time to visit Chumbe Island. As the days are dry with ample sun, animals are easier to spot. The waters are crystal clear during this time, which makes it perfect for snorkelling. There are far less mosquitoes due to the lack of rain.

The place might look calm and tranquil, but there’s no dearth of activity here. One can kayak along the picturesque Moose River or even hunt for fossils. If the season allows, one can snowshoe or cross-country ski. There are beluga whale and sealwatching tours. You even have a possibility to end each day under the breathtaking Northern Lights. Green expectations Based on a traditional blue print, the lodge is built using natural and non-toxic materials with a number of energy-efficient and water-saving features. It maximises natural wind flow with low noise ceiling fans and north-facing windows. Best time to visit This trip to the Arctic can be taken for most part of the year, albeit for different reasons. To experience the crisp air and myriad colours of the Canadian summer, visit between June and September. If you are game to brave the mighty tundra experience, arrive during winter to be part of one of the toughest ecosystems on the planet. October 2013


REPORT | home showcase Omega

Timeless, Elegant and Sporty This year, the luxury timepiece brand Omega emphasises on co-axial movements. This ground-breaking technological innovation has influenced the entire industry of watchmakers. For her The new models in the Ladymatic collection will attract even more women as its sublime beauty is matched by the extraordinary quality of its mechanical movement. It reintroduces a name from the storied brand’s illustrious past. Originally launched in 1955 and continuing for the better part of a generation, the Ladymatic wristwatch line defined feminine grace and elegance in another era. It was one of the brand’s first self-winding watches to be designed especially for women. It featured the smallest automatic movement Omega had ever made. A stunning blend The development of new materials has always been an important part of the watchmakers’ focus. The new 18K rose gold Sedna alloy owes its enduring lustre to a resourceful blend of gold, copper and palladium. It takes its name from a trans-Neptunian object, the same name as an Inuit goddess who is said to live at the bottom of the Arctic Ocean. The surface of the orbiting object has been described as one of the reddest in our solar system.

84 October 2013

Add some sparkle With the iconic claws, which have been part of the watch family since 1982, the famous Constellation line was the inspiration for the Griffes jewellery collection. The pieces are defined by the claws with the Roman numerals engraved on one side and ‘Omega’ engraved on the other. It is a feminine, frisky and glamorous line. Its pieces convey playfulness; each piece is highlighted by the essential elements of the Constellation timepiece. The rings are crafted in yellow, red and white gold versions that are either polished or diamond set. The earrings as well as the long necklace are polished. Call 17 537-753 (Moda Mall) or 17 100-135 (Bahrain City Centre).

October 2013



Fit and Trim

Staying healthy is all about determination. This fitness centre provides all the services that will get you coming back for more.


re you tired of hunting for a ‘ladies only’ gym? Well, you weren’t looking hard enough. The fitness centre at Sheraton Bahrain Hotel is no newbie in the health and wellbeing scenario in the Kingdom. Yet, many of us forget we have such an option. Boasting a fully-equipped gym in addition to steam and sauna facilities, Sheraton Fitness is your go-to place to achieve and maintain a toned body. You needn’t worry about waiting for someone to get off a machine to start your regime. Neither need you fret about not knowing the right exercises. If you’re the kind that prefers a one-on-one workout programme, the personal trainers at Sheraton Fitness offer customised routines based on your requirements. Under his/ her strict supervision, you will be trained to achieve the body of your dreams. However, this will only be done after an

86 October 2013

initial complete evaluation. They help you maximise your potential and push you to work harder than you would if you were to exercise on your own. The provision of two gyms (one for men and women and the other for ladies only) makes it easier for you and your partner to sync your workout timings. Having a gym buddy helps you stay motivated as your enthusiasm won’t diminish. This paves the way for staying fit as a couple. If you are the kind to enjoy your own space, the separate gyms give you the liberty of exercising in your own pace. If you do not require a personal trainer, the routines displayed on the wall will help you stay on track. From stretching exercises to steps on how to use a Pilates ball, this venue offers it all. While the weather still allows it, you can enjoy a dip in the pool. The hotel also offers swimming classes for children and adults. Soothe your muscles All of that exercise, and often the lack of it, can result in tense muscles. In both

conditions, it is highly recommended that you treat your body to a massage. At Sheraton Fitness, you needn’t be troubled with finding a spa, making appointments or driving to another destination. This health club offers massage treatments as well. The experienced staff alleviate stress and pain through the various spa packages. Experience the signature East and West massage, which uses strong and firm muscle manipulation that combines pressure points and deep tissue techniques. The head to toe pampering is recommended for quick release of muscle tightness and tension. Aside from the Swedish, hot stone and foot reflexology treatments, the fitness centre also provides facials, body scrubs and express treatments for when you need a quick fix. If you’ve got a bad back or a tired neck, book an appointment with a therapist. Write to us for an oppurtunity to win a month’s membership at Sheraton Fitness worth BD175. Call 17 524-570 or visit


For the Busy Shopper

This premium supermarket takes its ‘fresh and friendly’ shopping experience online. Say goodbye to long queues at the cashier with a fast and efficient system.


ne of the island’s popular supermarket chains, Alosra, has launched an ingenious web portal that brings a substantial ease and efficiency to your shopping experience. You no longer have to mark the calendar or leave early from work for a grocery errand. At, you can shop and have the goods delivered anywhere in Bahrain, at just a click of a button. Surf through their list of local and international premium products, while sitting in the comfort of your own home. Virtual aisles The website has a clean and interactive layout. It’s divided into various categories for easy navigation. These include home and kitchen,

grocery, toys and games, personal care, baby care and special deals. With a growing portfolio that boasts over 7,500 products, Alosra aims to display a much larger variety of goods online. “We are committed to sourcing new, innovative and premium products to satisfy the needs of all our loyal customers,” says Pavlos Babiolakis, Alosra’s buying manager. Once you log in and your details are saved in the system, your checkout time is lessened when you visit again. Friendly service “By offering this online service, the website further enhances Alosra’s focus on the best customer experience, providing greater convenience and a tailored service,” adds Pavlos. “Gone are the days of walking aimlessly around a store, waiting in line to pay for your purchases and then hauling them to your car, only to realise that you have forgotten to pick something up!” The supermarket chain focuses on

enhancing its service standards and delivering greater customer satisfaction. A team of service agents is available on the phone to ensure you have a smooth and enjoyable experience. “If you cannot find what you are looking for or if you have a special product you would like us to source, our team will go the extra mile to try and accommodate your needs,” he explains. The website uses an interactive delivery calendar, available at checkout, where you can choose a convenient delivery time. A number of safety precautions have been put in place to ensure that products remain safe and fresh while being transported. Refrigerated delivery vans are used to carry all items. Customers may pay online with debit or credit cards or choose to pay on delivery with either cash or cards. The delivery is free for all orders above BD15. Call 17 739-515 or visit October 2013




Telling Time Boasting glide motion hands, this timepiece is known to be the perfect combination of master craftsmanship, traditional watchmaking and the most advanced electronics.


rand Seiko is the pinnacle of Seiko’s achievement as a fully integrated watchmaker. It features a wide range of mechanical calibres, which includes the

88 October 2013

celebrated Spring Drive Calibre 9R series. Powered by a main spring and using a totally new kind of regulator, Spring Drive delivers unique glide motion to the hand, onesecond-a-day accuracy and 72 hours of power reserve. The SBGE001G model boasts a 9r66 calibre, a stainless steel case and a screw case back. Other highlights are the rotating bezel, screw crown and solid stainless steel bracelet. This watch is defined by a high defination dual curve sapphire crystal with anti-

reflective coating glass. It also features a three-fold clasp, with a push button release buckle. Weighing 177 grams and showcasing a 20 bar water resistance, the Sping drive watch boasts 30 jewels.The most advanced microelectromechanical technology, in-house craftsmanship and finish work result in the realisation of the ideal Grand Seiko watch. It is a combination of accuracy, reliability, legibility and comfort. Call 17 225-513.


Be Aware; Not Afraid

The word “cancer” continues to instil the fear of death in all of us. However, it is also one of those diseases which can be cured if detected early.

A woman with early breast cancer has a good chance of cure from her illness if treated by experts. Ironically, common chronic illnesses such as diabetes, coronary Dr Prasan Durga artery disease, hypertension or stroke cannot be cured. Therefore, it is very important not to be afraid of this illness, and to face it courageously. Woman this Month speaks to Dr Prasan Durga, consultant medical oncologist at Bahrain Specialist Hospital regarding the sensitive subject of cancer. “One of the major challenges facing medical science is early detection of cancers. For decades, considerable efforts and resources have been spent on trying to improve cancer detection, with mixed results,” he says. Breast cancer screening is very effective and has been proven to improve chances of cure.

The added advantage is that early detection saves the patient from getting her breast surgically removed. It also allows a few to escape chemotherapy. This theory holds good for many other types such as colon cancer, oral cavity cancers, uterine cancers including those in the cervix, and lung cancers in high risk individuals. “Early detection programmes are meant for people who are healthy and without any symptoms of any disease. This is why many are often reluctant to come for screening,” the doctor notes. “Either they think they don’t have a problem or they are afraid that a problem may be detected and will destroy their lives. It is this fear that we need to tackle and remove.” Cancer kills because it hides silently for years before destroying us. Hence, we must try to remove it before it can do harm. Screening is the best way to do it. Today, most treatments are less toxic, less mutilating and in case of targeted therapy, much smarter as well.

Many childhood cancers can be cured. It is important to minimise treatment, which may lead to complications later in their lives, such as growth and mental retardation, emotional disturbances, endocrine and reproductive problems, heart failure, second cancers and loss of limb. Thankfully, children often tolerate chemotherapy much better than adults. They can tolerate doses of medications that adults could not. This helps in achieving much higher cure rates with relatively less side effects. “While we do know that some habits, such as smoking or tobacco use, excessive alcohol consumption and certain viral illnesses can cause cancer, we are not sure whether any particular diet is related to cancer. We do know that anything that leads to obesity can put us at a higher risk of cancer,” he adds. “Some families have a higher chance of having cancers due to their unique genetic features. Instead of eating any special diet, I would advise you to eat your normal diet in moderation.” Call 17 812-000. October 2013



liali jewellerY

The Perfect One Popping the big question is incomplete without the ultimate token of love – an engagement ring! This jewellery house has unveiled two stunning collections that are set to wow women.


ouch and Taper are two exciting lines that are part of the popular Mirage diamond ring collection by Liali Jewellery. Superbly crafted in 18k white gold and set with sparkling diamonds of the finest variety, they make the perfect choice for brides on the threshold of a new life. Touch presents a set of two rings designed to be worn together with one highlighting the magic of a single solitaire diamond and the other being a decorative band. You can get the duo for BD1,200.

90 October 2013

Taper flaunts three dazzling rows of select diamond brilliants with a floral motif in its centre. Starting at BD599, these rings are also available in the look of three and five carats to make your big day even more special. Utterly feminine and full of sparkle, these jewels brilliantly capture the romance of life. Discover the magic of romance with the Mirage Touch and Taper band rings that are now available in the Liali Jewellery store in Bahrain City Centre. Call 17 178-160.


Unprecedented Style A limited edition concept car is set to debut at the Frankfurt Auto Show. Find out what makes this beast of a machine a thing of beauty.


he Maserati Quattroporte Ermenegildo Zegna features a unique, new look in colour scheme, materials and finish. The car, presented as a limited edition concept, is intended for development into a production version in 2014. Maintaining the same personality and quality of the current Quattroporte range, Ermenegildo Zegna’s concept is the result of a close collaboration between two companies that are linked by history, tradition and exclusiveness. What a beauty The exterior of the car features a special effect paint finish that simulates the fluidity and purity of metal by using ultra-fine aluminium pigments. A gloss black primer amplifies the brilliance of the aluminium pigments and creates a sensation of depth. The platinum metal colour effect finish is warmly nuanced to express the car’s classic, sophisticated and technically advanced character. The material and chromatic research behind the vehicle is based on a play between the classical and the contemporary. A leading role is played by its interior. Classical warm hues like moka and greige are re-interpreted in a modern key to emulate Zegna’s latest men’s fashion collections, conveying a formal, sophisticated character. Interior components such as seats, door panels and roof lining are finished in genuine soft leather in addition to a velvet-smooth, bright fabric that, due to the fashion brand’s vast experience and know-how, guarantees the level of performance needed for automotive applications. Call 17 750-750.

October 2013



A Clean Slate This vacuum cleaner comes with a bag of tricks. Not only does it move easily from carpets to hard floors; it reaches the most inaccessible corners.


he Floors & More Family vacuum from Bissell is a versatile tool for any home. This vacuum has a convenient edge cleaning port to hold the crevice tool for you and clean along edges more easily. Powerful suction is diverted to the edge of the vacuum to clean along skirting boards and furniture, where dirt and debris accumulate. The brush roll on/off switch allows for easy transition from cleaning carpets to hard floors and the 10m power cord provides greater reach with less time spent dealing with plugs. The Floors & More range includes the TurboBrush and the Long Reach Dusting tools for cleaning hard surfaces and hard-to-reach places. Additionally, the Febreze Vacuum Filter eliminates odours and leaves your home smelling fresh as you vacuum. A breath of fresh air Freshen up like never before with Febreze vacuum filters. These filter bags neutralise stale doors as they form around the house with its unique odour-eliminating formulation. The multi-cyclonic filtration provides non-stop suction and longer filter life. The unique edge-cleaning feature delivers dedicated side suction for quicker and easier edge cleaning. The vacuum cleaner boasts an easy-to-use brush roll foot pedal that turns the brush roll on/off for safe use on hard floors. The increased dirt tank capacity means fewer times emptying. The device comes with a crevice tool and brush bar multi-cyclonic 3m hose and a 10m cable. It weighs just 8.2kg. Call 17 582-250.


Golden Peacock Launch

The Mirador Hotel held a launch to mark the opening of its new Asian Restaurant, the Golden Peacock in conjuction with Oman Air. The event was attended by HE Dr Mohan Kumar, Indian Ambassador, HE Dr Sulaiman bin Saud Al Jabri, Omani Ambassador, HE Vichai Varasirikul, Thai Ambassador, Mirador Hotel management, Oman Air officials & guests Anishka, Pawan, Meghna, HE Vichai Varasirikul & Aarti

Meghna, Mahi, Hardeep, Khushi & Gaurav Charles, Eric, Maria, HE Vichai Varasirikul, HE Dr Sulaiman bin Saud Al Jabri, Farheen, Neha & Vanessa

92 October 2013


Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20

A flirt may try to stretch the normal boundaries of friendship and push him or herself upon you. A child will come to you with a problem he/she is afraid to share; it could put you in an awkward situation. You may be called upon to stir some courage in the youngster.

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20

Illustration by LIM Designs

October sees you coming to terms with the loss of something particularly important to you. The circumstances that bring it about are mainly your own fault. On a positive note, you could find yourself back in contact with a loved one; they may help out.

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21


Gazing by RAPHAEL

Find out what October has in store for you… Libra Sept 24 - Oct 23

September is all about consolidation – both financially and emotionally. A loan or investment provides you with capital to plan ahead for a more secure future. Emotionally, you may find yourself at your zenith, as you feel particularly pleased with the state of a relationship.

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22

If things have been stale and unadventurous in your relationship, then this month could be the moment when your love life becomes fresh and alive again. Furthermore, events may encourage you to think about a trip away in an effort to maintain the atmosphere.

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21

A separation is on the cards as you discover a partner’s intentions were not all they first appeared to be. You could find a relative’s

words coming true and your most terrible fear becoming a reality. The situation will leave you analysing all the sacrifices you have made.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20

There is every indication that any work to be done in the home should only be attempted by people you know you can trust. So the warning is to watch who you hire. A young child with a long-term illness could cause concern; a trip to the doctor may be necessary.

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19

A past secret concerning money will return to haunt you. If you have been trying to hide this moment in your life, then you are about to learn an awkward lesson in truthfulness. A partner who finds your secrecy uncomfortable to live with is also going to raise the stakes!

Many Taureans will seek to organise finances into a more manageable structure. A bonus will allow you to clear debts. Those who owe you money will surprise you by paying back a loan before it was originally due. The possibility of a pay increase will prove decisive.

Gemini May 22 - Jun 21

You will soon realise just how much you are loved and appreciated by those around you. It could be that pressures or uncompromising rivals have left you deflated and depressed. However, the tide is turning slowly in your favour to a more fortunate period in your life.

Cancer Jun 22 - Jul 23

A case of mistaken identity could lead you into an embarrassing situation this month. The best option would be to remain tight-lipped and wait until the dust settles. News of a new addition to the family will reach you; you may be called upon to assist in choosing a name!

Leo Jul 24 - Aug 23

A journey overseas could lead you into deep financial difficulty, especially if you do not take care in any matters of insurance. Although nothing too serious may occur, the real hurt could be to your bank balance. A long-term relationship may be at the point where greater commitment is required.

Virgo Aug 24 - Sept 23

Prosperity could well be yours this month. However, the real message for October is in your attitude to those near you, who may need some monetary support of their own. On a separate issue, your good luck could be hampered by an outstanding bill. October 2013


listings Bahrain Taxi/Limo Services Bahrain Limo 17 266-999 London Taxi 17 461-746 Saudi Bahrain Transport 17 321-218 Speedy Motors Service 17 682-999 Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies Al-Kindi Specialised Hospital 17 240-444 American Mission Hospital 17 253-447 Bahrain Defence Force 17 766-666 Bahrain Specialist Hospital 17 812-000 Ceram Dental Clinic 17 131-123 Dr Enas Surgical Clinic 17 812-195 Dr Tariq Hospital 17 822-822 East Riffa Maternity Hospital 17 771-258 Geriatric Unit 17 320-969 German Skincare Clinic 17 722-696 Gulf Pharmacy 17 877-107 Haffadh Dental Hospital 17 311-180 International Hospital 17 598-222 Jidhafs Maternity Hospital 17 550-022 Marafie Clinic 17 585-373 Muharraq Maternity Hospital 17 322-911 Noor Specialist Hospital 17 260-026 Psychiatric Hospital 17 279-300 Royal Bahrain Hospital 17 246-800 Salmaniya Medical Complex 17 288-888 Sitra Maternity Hospital 17 730-758 Therapy Centre 17 592-401 Western Region Maternity 17 631-627 Beauty Centres and Spas Al Arrayed Centre 17 272-323 Ann Beauty Center Spa 17 623-704 Bahrain Wellness Resort 17 795-961 Bellacura Beauty Lounge 17 364-955 Beauty & Nails Salon 17 717-323 Bliss Spa 17 742-222 Bodyline Spa 17 793-932 Coral Beach Club 17 312-777 Celebrity Salon 17 232-944 D.Done Salon 17 794-441 Dessange Spa 17 713-999 Elie & Jean 17 580-885 Joz Salon and Spa 17 369-133 La Fontaine Spa 17 230-123 Lovely Lolita 17 540-101 Nice Nails 17 795-101 Perfect Nails 17 484-333 Pineapple Spa 17 712-000 Regency Therapy 17 208-355 Ritz-Carlton 17 586-808 Sparadise Spa & Salon 17 313-131 Sheraton Hotel Spa 17 533-533 Tip Toes 17 744-175 Zoya Beauty Centre 17 740-800 Health and Fitness Centres Al Areen Palace & Spa 17 845-000 Coral Beach Club 17 312-777 Curves 17 691-496 Dessange Health Club 17 713-999 Ez Fit Sportsplex 17 692-378 Equilibre 77 066-033 Fitness First 17 564-005 Futureshape Fitness 36 657-059 Hoi Jeon Moo Sool 17 594-173 Kangoo Jumps 39 411-407 La Figure Aesthetic Center 17 785-153 Le Mirage Health Club 17 531-666

94 October 2013

Life-Fit Mövenpick Health Club Pars Health Club Profile Fitness Centre Regency Health Club RJ’s Health Club Sheraton Fitness Sofitel Thalassa Sea and Spa Sporting Club, Ritz-Carlton The Pole Workout World Beat Fitness Center Women’s Organisations American Women’s Association Australasian Group Awali Ladies Association Business Women’s Society Hamad Town Association Indian Ladies Association International Ladies Group Madinat Hamad Society Pakistani Women’s Association Young Ladies Society Jewellery Al Zain Jewellery Ambassador Stores Asia Jewellery Bahrain Jewellery Centre Bansri Jewellery Bulgari Chopard De Beers Dalil Jewellery Damas Jewellery Devji Jewellery Dior Boutique Kooheji Jewellery Liali Jewellery Swarovski Yaquby Stores Cafes and Resturants A Piece of Cake Dar Al Bareh Café Al Bindaira Café Aroma Café Café La Ventana Café Lilou Café Vergnano Camille’s Sidewalk Café Caramel Casa Blu Cinnabon Costa Coffee (Adliya) Delifrance (Budaiya) Dolce Vita Restaurant Don Vito Dulce Café Hard Rock Cafe Jasmi's Coffee La Maison du café Le Chocolat Let's Bagel Lilou Pâtisserie Little Caesar’s Friends Café Maggie’s Café Maya La Chocolaterie Med Café

33 001-261 17 460-000 17 814-777 17 727-766 17 208-355 17 727-230 17 533-533 17 636-363 17 580-000 39 259-552 17 612-576 17 685-882 39 101-348 17 678-947 17 721-188 39 449-222 17 531-468 17 825-865 39 643-396 17 791-453 17 262-237 17 582-232 17 225-513 17 535-344 17 582-444 17 229-457 17 582-559 17 520-088 13 320-568 17 259-744 17 583-283 17 224-170 17 534-160 17 530-411 17 178-160 17 581-021 17 171-800 17 596-055 17 713-535 17 587-587 17 582-711 17 716-711 17 714-440 17 178-408 17 533-808 17 797-087 17 710-424 17 530-010 17 749-299 17 696-031 17 713-401 17 714-464 17 822-274 17 291-569 17 321-371 17 277-722 17 530-666 17 179-192 17 715-370 17 744-144 17 713-732 17 712-228 17 179-610 17 713-088

Motorox Café 17 592-583 Nespresso 17 723-172 Skyw@lk Café 17 363-999 The Noodle House 17 666-353 Tony Roma's 77 335-000 Fashion and Retail Al Aali Mall 17 007-270 Accessorize 17 581-588 ABS 17 583-140 Agent Provocateur 17 131-220 Aldo Accessories 17 179-247 BCBG Max Azria 17 587-875 17 178-670 Bebe 17 245-736 Brands for Less Camaieu 17 179-767 Celine 17 179-560 39 521-952 DC Love Brands Dior 17 534-160 Gap 17 178-607 Giordano 17 179-292 H&M 17 179-885 Karen Millen 17 583-335 Mango 17 582-864 Max Mara 17 530-815 Michael Kors 17 178-630 Next 17 179-820 Nine West 16 686-207 Optica 17 516-810 Promod 17 178-630 Pumpkin Patch 17 179-621 Punt Roma 17 172-307 Reiss 17 179-386 Salvatore Ferragamo 17 178-535 Top Shop 17 179-486 Motoring Almoayyed Motors 17 737-373 Behbehani 17 701-333 EK Kanoo 17 787-888 Euromotors 17 750-750 Supermarkets Alosra 17 739-444 Lulu 17 553-555 Home Details 17 593-616 Roche Bois 17 582-901 Appliances Mohammad Fakhroo 17 253-529 Yaquby Stores 17 582-250 Banks BMI 17 508-080 HSBC 17 569-999 Event Planning Leaves 17 599-055 Hotels Gulf Hotel 17 713-000 The K Hotel 17 360-000 The Diplomat Radisson Blu 17 531-666 Kids Studio Ceramics 17 599-026 Aminals 16 030-103

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he says

Telling the Future by JAMES CLAIRE

Until I got married, I thought the horoscope column in the daily paper was pure fiction. I’m still not quite sure it’s not, but my wife lives by it. So I’ve had to give in and listen to its predications every day over breakfast.


very morning starts the same: coffee, breakfast, blood pressure tablets, cholesterol tablets, weight loss tablets, vitamin supplements and a healthy dose of the newspaper astrology page. This past week I was saddened though when my stars said “today will be a tough one as your head is in Uranus, while your mind is in Aries.” In my youth, I sought other forms of fortune telling, all without much luck. In London in the ‘80s, I went to have my tarot cards read. The lady turned just three cards, told me it was an unclear reading and booted me out of her store. I’m guessing the cards didn’t have good news upon them, but I’ll never know. Following that I forgot about future or fortune telling for a while. I was young, what on earth did I care for the future. Life was before me, surely. Then after a bad flight back to the antipodes, I ventured to a palm reader for clarity.

In my early twenties, I entrusted my palms to this teller of truth. When a palm reader looks at you, looks at your hand and then continues to turn it over looking quizzical at both sides, it can never be a good thing! Apparently she could not find the rest of my lifeline. It had according to her, already run out. It’s funny when a nurse can’t find my veins while taking blood. But when a palm reader is staring you in the eyes, telling you that your lifeline ran out years before, it’s not a comical moment. Strike two on the future telling. So, I had decided to trust in the day-today rather than the givers of hope. Into my thirties, my mother had her tea leaves read. According to her, they were about as correct as it gets. Mother and I went to the elderly tea leaf reader, enjoyed a cup of tea and then let her work her magic with our leaves. She was a wizard. In fact, the lucky numbers she

gave me did give me a win and much of what she said was true. She saw things I had never mentioned. She knew things few should ever know. Thankfully, she gave me plenty of time to consider the big surprises. I still have a 10 years head start on that woman with two children hunting me down at 54. So now I’m into my forties and curious as anything about the time I have left. At best I’m halfway, at worst I’m screaming towards the finish line. Perhaps the future isn’t what it’s supposed to be anyway. I do remember someone telling me once that I would end my days on a warm sunny desert island, but I pictured something a little less desert and a little more island. Oh well, at least I have my wife to read the daily astrological pages. I just hope for the future my head stays out of unfortunately named planets and my feet stay firmly on the ground. October 2013


she says

Cheering for Chocolate by SAMAR SADULLAH

In spite of various opinions on ill effects of sweets, chocolate-loving ladies will be happy to know that the decadent dessert is in fact great for your health!


remember the days when lying on the sofa on a Sunday, accompanied by my favourite movie and an endless supply of milk chocolate felt euphoric. But somewhere in the back of my overly inquisitive mind, I felt like eating what I loved was never good for me. The key here is to remember that eating chocolate doesn’t have to equate to piling on the pounds. Opting for the healthier option in addition to what you love means balancing pleasure with goodness. Ladies, it’s true that an excess of anything too sweet can be hindering to our health. However, it’s good to have that balance of

96 October 2013

sweet and savoury in our diet. Plus, we’re hard working, wonderful creatures. So don’t feel guilty for treating yourselves! For those of you that like to keep a check list when it comes to your health, dark chocolate is a great choice. Aside from providing the ultimate in taste, it is actually good for you. Dark chocolate has ample amounts of cocoa and what medics refer to as flavonoids. These can help prevent heart disease and cancer – good news all round! I can hear the next question arising: What about my skin? Fear not ladies! Contrary to popular belief, chocolate is not the ultimate

cause for spots or temperamental skin. Both dark and milk chocolate have a low glycaemic index, which has a more positive effect on blood sugar and insulin – another reason to applaud! For those of us that like to occasionally indulge in the world of desserts, milk chocolate can also be beneficial. But if you’re a self-confessed sweet tooth like me, it’s probably best to shop for bars with high quantities of cocoa, giving an added bonus to one of life’s little pleasures! Go on ladies, be fearless! It’s time to spoil yourselves!

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Woman This Month - October 2013  

October 2013 | issue 128 - WOMAN THIS MONTH - Celebrating the experience of womanhood

Woman This Month - October 2013  

October 2013 | issue 128 - WOMAN THIS MONTH - Celebrating the experience of womanhood