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the bling effect

jewels, watches & more

The perfect little gift to give and get. This festive season, leave your gift shopping to us. Show some holiday love to your family and friends with the City Centre Gift Cards. The perfect little surprise that allows them to choose their own gift at any store, restaurant or cinemas. Let’s just say it’s your gift, of their choice. D E I R A











november Shopping 12 Editor’s Choice: The wild side 14 Pick of the Month: Karl Lagerfeld t-shirts 16 Retail Therapy: What’s new on the retail scene



18 Fashion Forward: Colour-coded wardrobe 20 Style Radar: What the stars are wearing 22 Get the look: 20 pieces, six outfits 26 Trend: Turtle necks 27 Review: Corrie Nielsen 28 5 Tips: Unusual suspects 30 Feature: Local fashion designers


38 Ahdeya Ahmed: Media expert 48 Cover story: Khaleda Rajab



42 News: The latest products in the stores 44 Review: Winter skincare

Report: Jewellery & Watches 50 Feature: Spoilt for choice 52 10 Tips: How to wear it 54 Travel: Time travel 58 How to: Tell it’s real


Lifestyle 60 Parenting: Power to the little guy 63 Column: Choking hazards 64 Wellbeing: Ayurvedic treatments 76 Community: A matter of time




68 Recipes: Thanksgiving dinner 77 Horoscope: What this month holds for you 79 He says: Eternal youth 80 She says: Fighting age gracefully

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6 November 2013

Malin Akerman, Mickey Sumner & Ahna O’Reilly make impressions. #GapLove

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eDitor’s NOTE


ahrain is home to the largest and most prestigious jewellery exhibition in the Middle East. Jewellery Arabia will showcase world famous names and artisan designs from across the globe from November 19-23 this year. We took this as our cue to celebrate opulence. The November 2013 issue of Woman This Month features a selection of timepieces and other accessories that can be passed through the generations. We give you tips on how to tell if the gems you’re about to purchase are the real deal. Fernanda gives you the tricks to wearing them fashionably. Speaking of loud style statements, we had the privilege of speaking to Khaleda Rajab, who also graces the cover. She tells us all about her newest haute couture line and her collaboration with Fahad Al Marzouq for Linda Farrow! We also have a special feature on Bahrain’s noteworthy local designers. For those of you who are tired of repeating outfits, our fashion editor finds a way to make six unique looks out of 20 basic items in the wardrobe. James Claire gives us Thanksgiving recipes that he thinks should be made more often than once a year!

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November 2013 | Issue 129 | BD1 / SR10

woman this month

Bahrain Edition











8 November 2013




It might not be cool enough to unpack knits just yet. However, scarves have found their way back into every woman’s outfit. My shopping bag at Harrods has these three beauties — perfect for autumn and our mild winters.





the bling effect

jewels, watches & more

November 2013, issue 129 On the cover: Khaleda Rajab Photographer (cover and inside images): Andrew Weaver

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October 2013 | Issue 128 | BD1 / SR10

woman this month

Bahrain Edition



Speaking for animals BAHRAIN’S FASHION BLOGGERS PILATES What you don’t know

Write Here Write Now PEOPLE | cover story

Fighting For AnimAl rights by ELMA BARTHOLOMEW

First introduced to the world as a finalist on a popular reality show and then having appeared in many movies, this model-actress talks to us about her non-profit organisation – Peace 4 Animals.








atie Cleary first hit the screens in the first season of America’s Next Top Model. Since then, she’s had a wide-ranging career leading her to act in films and shows such as Rules of Engagement, The Break-Up and Chuck. Her passion for animal welfare led her to launch her own non-profit organisation, Peace4Animals. She was active in the banning of the sale of fur in the city of West Hollywood. We catch up with Katie to find out all about her award-winning documentary, Give Me Shelter.

she says

Woman This Month (WTM): It’s been over a year since the launch of Peace4Animals. Have you seen it bring about the change you hoped for? Katie Cleary (KC): It’s amazing when you’re fighting against lobbyists, big corporations and even the government. This is how much of an uphill battle there can be. One year is not a lot of time when your corporate motto is to “change the world – one animal at a time.” I certainly have learned a lot and I think I have opened a lot of eyes as a result of my passion to help animals around the world. WTM: Talk to us about the upcoming Peace4Animals Boutique. KC: We have a t-shirt line coming out as well as silver, crystal and copper tiger pendants with individual quotes on the back. We are getting ready to sell online at and in stores. They are really beautiful and affordable. Twenty-five percent of the proceeds goes towards our endangered species campaign to save the last 3,500 tigers left in the wild due to poaching for their parts used in Asian medicine. If something isn’t done soon, we are going to lose these amazing animals forever.

48 October 2013

STAR LETTER Advocating animal rights The great thing about Woman This Month is that there’s always a feature on people making a difference. Your interview with Katie Cleary was certainly inspiring and provides a perspective in the lives of people who are committed to making the world more compassionate. It’s always heartbreaking to see an animal go through immense pain in order to adorn the wealthy and uncompassionate section of our society. Katie is doing a wonderful job in spreading awareness for the rights and needs of animals. She is among the few who use their position for a worthwhile cause and her fame to spread the message of caring and love for all. Being a vegetarian, I really appreciate your meat-free recipes. It’s what makes your magazine so unique and always a good read. Akshita Cheers to chocolate! I used to think that chocolates are meant for special occasions and consumed them as a treat without thinking of the benefits. Thanks to WTM, I got the knowledge that aside from having a healthy heart, dark chocolate has a positive effect on skin and can even prevent cancer. It has numerous health benefits if taken in moderation. Be sure to find the best chocolates from Switzerland. The tip that cocoa butter is good for the skin is helpful. It acts as a skin softener. Particularly during winter, I find it useful

10 November 2013


A Meat-free

WTM: The ‘Diamonds not Fur’ campaign has seen many celebrities join the cause. How far has the project helped make the world of fashion ‘fur free’? KC: Getting Betty White to host our first charity event in LA was really a milestone as she is a living legend. Alison Eastwood joined forces with us last year for our ‘Stars for Stripes’ campaign with Born Free USA to save the last 1,500 wild tigers left in India. Our biggest accomplishment was getting the ‘fur-free’ bill passed in West Hollywood, two years ago because of the horrendous pain animals go through in order to get their fur. Now we want to see it passed all around the world because no animal deserves to go through that kind of torture for our vanity for fashion. If people saw videos on what happens to the animals they are wearing, I guarantee you they wouldn’t wear fur, especially if they have compassion and love animals. WTM: What are the challenges you face actualising campaigns? KC: One word – greed. Whenever money is involved, morals and ethics go right out the window. If you watched the videos that I have watched on what goes on in factory farms, you would not be able to eat; much less eat meat. There’s big money in the abuse of animals and when animals can’t fight back, they are going to lose. Look at what humans do to other humans in this world. You can imagine the challenges I face when trying to speak for those who depend on us to be their voice. WTM: What are your thoughts on the illegal breeding and smuggling of animals, especially dogs that are unsuitable for Middle Eastern climatic conditions? KC: People need to be responsible. If they have a pet, then they need to look after them and take care of them. Do not let them be exposed when the weather gets extreme. There needs to be animal rescues that step up and take care of stray animals instead of shipping them off so someone else can take care of them. The solution is to spay and neuter animals, so the population can be controlled and less animals end up starving or being killed. I saw a picture of a drugged tiger cub in a suitcase with stuffed animals around it that was seized by the TSA in Thailand. Smuggling animals for the illegal exotic pet trade needs to end. When I volunteered at sanctuaries, it was always the same old story. People get these exotic animals thinking they’ll make great pets. When they get to about six months old and are completely uncontrollable, they end

up being tied to the front gate of a sanctuary with a note or get confiscated. It’s terrible! WTM: Give Me Shelter is a very special project. What was on your mind when you created the award-winning documentary? KC: My aim was to open people’s eyes to the plight of animals throughout the world. What ‘earthlings’ did for the meat industry, we want to do for the ‘species’ industry. We need to create change and respect how we think, act, eat and co-exist with the rest of our world’s amazing animals. WTM: There is always a defining moment before you take the decision to really do something for a cause. When and what was that experience for you? KC: When I graduated from college, I wanted to do something for animals and looking through the yellow pages, I started calling animal welfare organisations to help them raise funds. I was 21 and raised USD10,000 for 10 different animal organisations all on my own time and effort. When I accomplished that I realised I could do anything! WTM: What can our readers do to join the cause? KC: It starts in your own backyard, saving one animal’s life at a time. Volunteer at an animal rescue. Start your own rescue cause with likeminded people, who want to make a difference or foster and re-habilitate animals. Try to find good homes for them. Do not support the ivory trade or any other exploitation of endangered species.

October 2013 VEGETABLE SOUP 70g 70g 1 300g 1 tbsp 700ml 2 to serve for garnish

October is generally a quiet month in the culinary world except for Halloween cooking up a few creative ideas. I was recently informed that October 1 is celebrated as World Vegetarian Day (in the USA), which kicks off a month-long vegetarian awareness campaign. My favourite of the newly acquired wisdom is that October 4 is ‘Hug a Non-meat Eater Day’. And it is to all my nonmeat eating friends that I send a hug through a few new recipes to spice up your meals and to prove the versatility of the vegetarian kitchen with a salad, soup, biryani and risotto.



remember the days when lying on the sofa on a Sunday, accompanied by my favourite movie and an endless supply of milk chocolate felt euphoric. But somewhere in the back of my overly inquisitive mind, I felt like eating what I loved was never good for me. The key here is to remember that eating chocolate doesn’t have to equate to piling on the pounds. Opting for the healthier option in addition to what you love means balancing pleasure with goodness. Ladies, it’s true that an excess of anything too sweet can be hindering to our health. However, it’s good to have that balance of

96 October 2013

sweet and savoury in our diet. Plus, we’re hard working, wonderful creatures. So don’t feel guilty for treating yourselves! For those of you that like to keep a check list when it comes to your health, dark chocolate is a great choice. Aside from providing the ultimate in taste, it is actually good for you. Dark chocolate has ample amounts of cocoa and what medics refer to as flavonoids. These can help prevent heart disease and cancer – good news all round! I can hear the next question arising: What about my skin? Fear not ladies! Contrary to popular belief, chocolate is not the ultimate

cause for spots or temperamental skin. Both dark and milk chocolate have a low glycaemic index, which has a more positive effect on blood sugar and insulin – another reason to applaud! For those of us that like to occasionally indulge in the world of desserts, milk chocolate can also be beneficial. But if you’re a self-confessed sweet tooth like me, it’s probably best to shop for bars with high quantities of cocoa, giving an added bonus to one of life’s little pleasures! Go on ladies, be fearless! It’s time to spoil yourselves!

VEGETABLE BIRYANI 2 tbsp 1 2 1 1 litre 2 3 tbsp pinch 2 tsp 500g 140g 2 to serve 50g

VEGETARIAN RISOTTO 350g 2 tbsp 4-5

fresh asparagus olive oil spring onions, ends trimmed and sliced 175g fresh peas 250g fresh broad beans, shelled 2 tbsp basil, chopped 2 tbsp chives 1 tbsp mint, finely chopped 1 lemon, finely grated zest 1 1/2 litres water 3 vegetable stock cubes 4 shallots, finely chopped 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped 300g arborio rice 25g rocket leaves

• Clean and slice the asparagus into 5cm diagonal lengths. • Heat half of the oil in a large and non-stick frying pan. • Tip in the asparagus and stir-fry over a medium-high heat for about 4 minutes or until nicely browned all over.

78 October 2013

on rough skin areas. I apply it nightly on my heels after a bath and then put on cotton socks for an evening of foot softening. This also works well on calloused hands. Edna Veggie good! A breath of fresh air is how I want to describe it. Last month’s meat-free recipes were a welcome change for those of us who don’t eat meat or have a vegetarian member in the family. It beats me why cookery columns, restaurant menus and food shows never really pay much heed to the ever increasing population of vegetarians. So it was really good to see three recipes that were simple, with no outlandish ingredients and tasted amazing. My husband doesn’t eat meat and it’s a challenge to find good dishes for him, something apart from grilled halloumi and mezze platter. He really loved the risotto and biryani. This weekend I plan to make the soup; if it turns out anything like the picture, I’ll send you guys a click! Sadhya

carrots, chopped celery, chopped white onion, finely chopped baby potatoes, peeled and cubed oil water vegetable stock cubes crème fraîche fresh herbs

• In a large stock pot, heat the oil and fry the carrot, onions and celery with the potatoes for a few minutes until they soften. • Cover with the water and stock cubes and simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until the vegetables are tender. • Blend until smooth with an immersion blender, then season with salt and pepper. • Serve with crème fraîche and some fresh herbs.


In spite of various opinions on ill effects of sweets, chocolate-loving ladies will be happy to know that the decadent dessert is in fact great for your health!

WTM: What new projects are in the pipeline for Peace4Animals and for you? KC: My focus right now is on World Animal News, Give Me Shelter and the new t-shirt and jewellery line. We’re working to raise funds to save animals in need. I’m currently pitching two other animal-related TV shows to networks. g


Cheering for Chocolate

Buy recycled paper products eliminating the risk of them coming from rainforest trees. Recycle paper, plastic and glass products and try not to purchase plastic water bottles because many end up polluting our oceans and killing marine mammals. Spread awareness through social media about animal issues. Write letters to your elected officials asking to protect animals in your country and other countries. Organise trash cleanups because that is one of the leading results in pollution and animals being killed by eating plastic, thinking it is food. Join Peace 4 Animals, The Humane Society, WWF, Defenders of Wildlife, ASPCA, Born Free and other animal organisational newsletters for e-mail updates to stay informed and spread the word about animal issues. Sign online petitions on, and When choosing a vacation destination, support eco-tourism by participating in tours that feature and view local animal species and wildlife rather than hunt them. You can donate money to our charity at and support our efforts around the world. You can watch Give Me Shelter when it is releases in November.

• Stir in the spring onions and fry with the asparagus until browned. • Remove; season with salt and pepper. Set aside. • Cook the peas and beans separately in a little boiling water, then drain. • When the broad beans are cool enough to handle, pop them out of their skins. Set the peas and beans to one side. • Mix the basil, chives, mint and lemon zest together in a small bowl and season with pepper. Set aside. • Pour the stock into a saucepan and keep it on a very low heat. • Pour the remaining oil into a large, wide sauté pan. • Tip in the shallots and garlic, and fry for 3 to 4 minutes until soft. • Stir in the rice and continue to stir for 1 to 2 minutes over a medium to high heat. • As it starts to sizzle, stir in the hot stock a little at a time so it simmers and is absorbed after each addition. To tell when it is ready to have the next addition of liquid, drag

the spoon across the bottom of the pan and it should leave a clear line. Keep stirring the whole time, to keep the risotto creamy. Continue adding the stock as above. • After 20 minutes, the rice should be soft. If it isn’t, add more. Season it with a little salt and pepper. • Take the pan off the heat. Pour over a small amount of remaining stock then scatter over all the vegetables, a grinding of pepper and the herb mix. • Cover with lid, let the risotto sit for 3 to 4 minutes to rest. Gently stir, if necessary adding a drop more of the remaining stock for good consistency. Serve.

vegetable oil small cauliflower, broken into small florets cubed sweet potatoes, peeled large red onion, sliced water vegetable stock cubes curry paste saffron mustard seeds basmati rice trimmed green beans, halved lemons, juice only fresh coriander leaves roasted pine nuts

• Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. • Pour the oil into a large ovenproof dish and put in the oven for a couple of minutes to heat through. • Add all the vegetables, except the beans, stirring to coat them in the hot oil. • Season it with salt and pepper and return to the oven for 15 minutes until it begins to brown. • While the vegetables are roasting, stir together the stock, curry paste, chilli, saffron and mustard seeds. • Mix the water with the stock cubes and stir to dissolve. • Mix the rice and green beans with the roasted vegetables in the ovenproof dish. Then pour over the water and stock cube mixture. • Lower the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. • Cover the dish tightly with foil and bake for 40 minutes until the rice is tender and the liquid has been absorbed. • Stir in the lemon juice and add salt and pepper to taste. • Just before serving, sprinkle over the coriander and roasted pine nuts.

CAULIFLOWER AND HONEY SALAD 1 2 tbsp 1 3 tbsp 1 1/2 tbsp 3 tbsp 1/4 cup 3 tbsp 50g

large cauliflower, broken into florets olive oil red onion, thinly sliced red wine vinegar acacia honey white raisins fresh dill almond flakes, toasted baby spinach

• Heat oven to 180 degrees Celsius. • In a large bowl toss the cauliflower with the olive oil, season with salt and pepper and roast for 20 minutes. • Stir in the red onion and roast for 15 to 20 minutes. • While the cauliflower is roasting, mix together the vinegar, honey and raisins with some salt and pepper to taste. • When the cauliflower is done, stir in the dressing, dill, almonds and spinach and serve immediately.

October 2013

WRITE IN AND WIN This month’s star letter will win a gift voucher from Joz Salon & Spa. To win this, send us your views and opinions on our November 2013 edition either by email to, by fax to 17 813-700 or by post to PO 20461.



SHOPPING | editor's choice

GET FEROCIOUS Let wildlife into your house this season. Open your home and wardrobe to owls, foxes and birds. Fashion is on the hunt for adorable creatures and has been exhibiting them in clothing and accessories. Add a playful touch to your everyday life.






Jean Charles de Castelbalac


12 November 2013


1. Hummingbird blouse: Monsoon; 2. T-shirt: Tshirt Store; 3. Butterfly earrings: Parfois; 4. Sleep mask: Oysho; 5. Fox cushion: BHS; 6. Owl ballerinas: Marc by Marc Jacobs; 7. Fox scarf: Accessorize


‫‪Seef Mall Tel : 17001700‬‬

‫ﻣﺠﻤﻊ ﺍﻟﺴﻴﻒ ﻫﺎﺗﻒ ‪١٧٠٠١٧٠٠ :‬‬

Karl Lagerfeld

shopping | pick of the month

Karl Who? W

There’s no other way to love Karl Lagerfeld’s work than to be obsessed! Like himself, we don’t think there can ever be enough of Karl.

e’re not discussing hidden labels! Proclaim your love for the creative director of Chanel by wearing his face on a shirt or as a necklace. Our creative director opted for a canvas bag to make a statement. Designed by the fashion luminary in

14 November 2013

collaboration with cult Italian brand tokidoki, this printed cotton-jersey tank is a fun staple as are the cartoon-splashed trousers and t-shirts. Karl Lagerfeld’s hit eponymous line is a covetable collection of downtown classics, including biker vests, blazers and embellished

collars. We love the sleek watches, too. Shop for the line at If you’re too cool for the real deal, get a hold of the ‘Karl Who’ collection from Karl won’t mind; he’s been caught rocking the bag from this line!


The big day

Rami Al Ali lends a touch of couture to weddings with this season’s collection. It is centred on the ideals of femininity. Light, sheer tops portray romantic notions, offset by delicate lace and layering. Keeping with tradition, the exclusive eight-piece line is shaped from an antique palette of pale hues, with soft neutrals and off-white shades leading the line.

All tied up

The Bow Project by Reem BuQais-Rivera is a line of carefully handcrafted bows designed to complement a variety of different outfits to fit any style. The bows come in different colours and patterns and can easily be pinned on clothing and accessories.


We took a look at what’s new on Bahrain’s market andfound designer collections at unbelievable prices and an informative magazine for children.

Style and comfort

In June, H&M announced its collaboration with designer Isabel Marant and now images of the collection have been released. Isabel Marant for H&M includes women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes, and accessories. The limited edition collection launches online and at H&M stores worldwide on November 14.

Reading habits

The magazine, Highlights for Children, is committed to helping kids become their best selves. The team believes that children experience fun and joy when they use their innate creativity, curiosity, thinking ability and imagination. The motto of ‘fun with a purpose’ can be found on every page as well as in all their exceptional products for children, parents and teachers.

16 November 2013


Adha à l’Orientale

FASHION | fashion forward

Winter Brights

Cool Blues

Do you want to perfect the ‘blue’ trend? Navy is a trusty choice. However, to be bolder, add some Klein blue to your wardrobe. The shade created by artist Yves Klein has an intense tone. Michael Kors painted his collection with strong oranges, burnt yellow and this bright blue all paired with winter’s BFF – black.

The cold season is not only meant for greys and blacks. Some designers trust that a splash of colour can bring life to your days.

Rainbow Chic

Combine the coolest shades in amazing prints for the perfect scarf. Carolina Herrera brings the colour carousel to the world of accessories. Boasting amazing cuts in sober shades, the fine clothes count on smart accessories to create the illusion. Do you dare?

Red Alert Reds are used in any season that it has nearly established its role as a basic colour. If it weren’t for those who cannot stand a whole piece in the colour of love, it certainly would be. The straight cut of these Mulberry trousers allows you to add red to your outfit, even if you’re not a big fan of the rouge style. A white or camel blouse complements the look.

Pantone 021

All colours have many variations; a slight change can get you a new colour with a specific name. When it comes to orange, it is no different. Nevertheless, orange is orange! You can have light and dark tones. Marc by Marc Jacobs chose the original shade for its tablet cover, bright enough to be easily spotted. Should you use it to colour your handbag? Maybe not.

18 November 2013

Dark Berries

The colour of change comes in outstanding dark tones, infusing a strong character to your look. Ralph Lauren gives structure to this handbag covered in deep purple. To enhance its brightness, pair it with white clothes. If you prefer to camouflage its grandiosity, wear a printed dress with the hue in the background.

Divine Nature

Green is a colour that rarely stands out in fashion, but when any designer makes use of it, it is done in high style. These Jimmy Choo pumps display the shade in its original form, the way we all imagine it — pure forest green. This suede pair is one of those accessories to use as the focal point of a look.

Sunset Flash

Manish Arora at Saks Fifth Avenue expressed an influence of his roots at his AW2013 fashion show in Paris. The ethnic style embellished this burnt yellow dress, one of the designer’s colour choices of the season. Hailing from the yellow family, mustard is an alternative. The darker tone matches the intensity of the moment.

November 2013


FASHION | snaps

Style Radar Celebs have elected black as the ‘it’ colour to attend events around the globe. Check out how they wear the celebrated hue in different styles.


The perfect jewellery transfers its sparkle to the beautiful woman wearing it. Bulgari’s necklace is Scarlett’s pick to complement her long black dress. The coloured piece with pink and blue sapphires and emeralds was all she needed to call everyone’s attention during the premiere of Under the Skin in Venice.


This femme fatale chose a masculine look to stand out at the premiere of her new film, Lovelace. She rocked the trend in Salvatore Ferragamo from head-to-toe. The black suit with fine cuts replaces the predictable ruffled gown in a blink.

20 November 2013


The 28-year-old chose a feminine style to attend Calvin Klein’s event post its SS2014 fashion show in New York. The little black dress has a simple cut, with a knee-length hemline. The accentuated waist and sheer fabric are the subtle details that perfect the simple and classy look.


The model and illustrator made her appearance in Louis Vuitton’s exhibition Timeless Muses in Tokyo. She picked the brand’s red clutch to accentuate her black layered outfit that she paired with white sandals. The cool style shows off her young appeal and artistic vein. She is after all, the great-granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway and the daughter of actress Mariel Hemingway.


For the London premiere of her latest work, Diana, Naomi was spotted carrying a Tod’s clutch to match her long sheer-sleeved outfit. In the movie, she wears the iconic Tod’s ‘D-bag’ named after the Princess of Wales. She plays the lead role in this film that unveils the last two years of the royal's celebrity life.

LILy collins

A black cropped top with long gown skirt from Halsten Heritage was the Mirror Mirror star’s outfit choice when she attended the premiere of the new film Mortal Instruments: City of Bones in Berlin. It is a cute option for petite figures. Keep it dark to add a chic flair.

November 2013


FASHION | get the look 10 1 6 2





7 5

Style Makeover 9


by Fernanda Langhammer

Our wardrobe is a puzzle and unveiling the big picture is an everyday task. Woman this Month chose 20 items amongst clothes and accessories to give you a shortcut to six different styles. Get inspired and reproduce your favourite looks!


18 13

17 16 14



1. Versace; 2. Etro; 3. Louis Vuitton; 4. Liali Jewellery; 5. Accessorize; 6. Chloe; 7. Aldo; 8. Lacoste; 9. River Island; 10. Carolina Herrera; 11. Monsoon; 12. Mulberry; 13. Dune; 14. Tory Burch; 15. Marc by Marc Jacobs; 16. Massimo Dutti; 17. Mango; 18. Marks & Spencer; 19. Karen Millen; 20. Next

22 November 2013


Illustrations by LIM Designs



oing out to catch a movie or have a casual dinner with friends? Get your knee-long pleated leather or vinyl skirt and team it with a fancy top. To avoid the freezing breeze, pick a masculine suit jacket and funky ballerinas to complement the look. If the occasion asks to be the ‘best dressed of the night’, forget comfortable shoes and bring on the high stilettos, a sexy top and have fun with chunky accessories!


igh-knee boots paired with a long-sleeved oversized dress or sweater is with no doubt a look to bet on this season. The youthful appeal is cosy and suitable for mild winters. It is perfect for us lucky residents of the Middle East. Add a belt for a waistclinching silhouette. You can also pair it with ballerinas or high heels. November 2013


FASHION | get the look



kinny trousers are another option to nail the boots style of the season. With a cool top and studded handbag, you get a casual daywear look. The outfit is a good suitcase option for your holiday. If you are going to Europe or any country with cold weather conditions, team it with a long wool coat. The classic cut gets updated when painted in light beige or pink. Keep yourself warm!

24 November 2013



his look is a great option for your office days. Navy trousers and floral tops are key pieces to dress up to work with a smart touch. High, yet comfortable, shoes are perfect to get a chic and comfy flair. A bright handbag and warm coat finish the look. Make sure the accessories complement your outfit.



o you want a versatile look? This is the one! The easy combination of a top plus trousers plus flats plus coat plus minimal accessories equals a timeless companion for any situation or place. The fine pendant and red handbag add sparkle to your outfit while the jacket turns it into serious business. The thin fabric of the suit is an everyday option for the Kingdom’s winter.



ne of the oldest, however always up-to-date fashion advice is to respect volume. To play with it, just follow one simple math equation. If you add volume to the upper part, prefer tight options for the bottom half and vice-versa. This concept is easily spotted when you pick your clothes and stand in front of the mirror. The laid-back look is a great winter uniform for the 21st century. November 2013


FASHION | trend

By the Neck Turtlenecks never had a great reputation in the fashion world. It used to be paired with pearls by the 'not so stylish', until it was completely hidden at the back of drawers. However, a couple of seasons ago and starkly this AW 2013, they’ve found their way back to the top trends. Wear it with capes and leather for utterly chic results. 2


Paul Smith





26 November 2013


1. Vest: Tommy Hilfiger; 2. Dress: Debenhams; 3. Poncho: Karen Millen; 4. Blouse: Fendi at; 5. Sweater: Hobbs; 6. Top: H&M


A Beautiful Liaison Our former editor, Natasha Bird, stopped by Corrie Nielsen’s SS14 RTW Runway Show in London last month. Here’s her report on the collection.


orrie Nielsen has a very particular aesthetic. Her creations are always structured, voluminous and theatrical in the extreme. So a ‘ready to wear’ collection seems like a contradiction in terms, because it is hard to imagine anyone walking down the street in one of her runway looks. This year, she chose The May Fair Hotel for her SS14 RTW London show, a fittingly lavish setting for what turned out to be another selection of showstopping outfits. Taking inspiration from the Orient, her collection, intriguingly titled The Forbidden Liaisons, is a heavy nod to the sort of formal, luxuriant and often very stifling way that women dressed in China in the ‘50s. Her only real concession to the hotter season was in her pale colour palette. The looks that she sent down the runway were all quite mesmerising. Picking thicker fabrics, such as Duchess silk, waxed cotton and silk organdy, she manipulated them like origami. She uses fold after fold and pleat after pleat to create architectural garments of the sort that you could imagine might stand up, even without a body inside them. Her collection had a conservatism about it that made an interesting contrast to the see-through chiffon and billowing forms that were getting their debut in other venues. High neck lines, stiff collars and cape-like arm openings were the order of the day. The odd shift dress and a striking, strapless, yellow evening number were the only real references to the female form. This year for Nielsen, the difference is certainly in the detail. She has played with interesting fringing, piping and tassels and has found a new love for half-peplums. These additions give her designs a flirty youthfulness that they might not have had otherwise. While Nielsen’s love for costumes and drama is undoubtedly a large part of her intrigue, it is also what will prevent her clothes from having any sort of mass appeal. With the exception of a couple of garments, most of her ready-to-wear looks are only ready for you to wear them to a wedding or at the front row of another fashion show. That being said, if she does decide to take some of her principle ideas, such as the origami folds and piping, and inject them into a more ‘everyday’ set of outfits, she will definitely see plenty of success. These details are chic, flattering and extremely well executed and would be a great addition to any woman’s dressy-toformal wardrobe. We look forward to seeing more of this Oriental influence from Nielsen. Chinoiserie is a great antidote to all the exposed undergarments and see-through blouses that have dominated the ramp in the past few years.

November 2013


FASHION | 5 tips Balmain

The Unusual Choice Pieces that we would never imagine to find a place in the 2013 wardrobes have jumped in or have been revived. And, to our surprise, they look pretty nice!


Rock Star Status


Studs and spikes are symbols of the punk and rebel movement. Could you imagine a woman with a classic style rocking them? Recent trends just made it possible! Shoes, handbags, shirts and jackets are covered with them. Pick a studded clutch or heels to pair with your girly dress.

Equipped with Armour

Carolina Herrera

We all promised ourselves that we would never wear shoulder pads again, until Balmain took us back to the ‘80s in its AW 2013 fashion show. Many other brands have been driving attention to our shoulders as well. Jackets and dresses have become more structured in that area. Wear it with tight bottoms and get ready for battle!

28 November 2013

Grandma’s Treasure

Do you remember the family brooch you found the other day while arranging your accessories? Pin it to your trendy cape to add a bit of sparkle to your outfit. It might seem outdated, but this kind of a glamorous item can liven up the most basic clothes. There are easy ways to go about it. You can fasten it on your lapel, along the hip or on your scarf.

3. 5.

When this cut gained popularity, a lot of girls were afraid to dive in to the trend. The name was too threatening for normal-sized human beings. Nevertheless, they made their way to the top 10 essential pieces. Now you can find them in different materials, replacing leggings in every girl’s wardrobe. These trousers are extremely versatile and can be worn under dresses as well as with long or short shirts.

Bad Guy Mode Biker leather jackets were meant for tattooed guys with long beards and villainous faces. With the improvement of technology applied to the fashion business, leather got softer and lighter, making it easier to be used in different designs. The typical biker style has conquered the spot of the jacket of the season. Pick a light colour to wear over a light-weight dress.


2. 2. 4.

Skinny Jeans


Sweet Pastels Sleeping is an important part of our lives; everyone wants to be comfortable when they doze off. The right outfit can be the trick to a good night’s sleep.


a Vie en Rose has a selection of comfy clothes that do not compromise the necessary element of fashion. The brand offers a fresh twist on trousers, shorts, t-shirts, jumpsuits, nightdresses and pyjamas. Check out their new collection of winter staple like: robes and night coats. Sleep asks for calming colours and the latest line features pastel shades for your bedtime. Look for baby blue and light pink to add a girly touch to your nightwear. Small prints, checks and stripes are patterns that add charm to your jammies. Choose cotton and lace lingerie to go under your comfortable clothes. Enjoy the cosy feeling of La Vie en Rose’s new range as you drift off into a world of sweet dreams! Call 16 686-210.

November 2013


FASHION | feature

A New Fashion Capital As the fashion industry matures, a host of local designers choose Bahrain as a base for their labels. Woman This Month speaks to some of the most popular and successful creators of these start-ups. REEM BUQAIS-RIVERA eem BuQais-Rivera is a luxury ready-towear label that brings elegance, comfort and sophistication while offering youthful and lively elements that are threaded into each piece of clothing. “My target audience is elegant women, who like to have a little fun with their wardrobe,” explains Reem. “I design for women who embrace their natural style, comfortably and confidently expressing their individuality.” Advice to upcoming designers: If you wish to become a fashion designer, then go to a fashion school that not only teaches you design but also goes through the technicalities of constructing a garment. That is when you truly appreciate the art of fashion design. It is more than just sketching on a piece of paper. It’s draping; it’s patternmaking; it’s sewing.


DAY N’ AGE he idea to start a brand of t-shirts sporting local themes happened upon friends Abdulla and Munther while swapping channels on the television. They haven’t looked back since. “If it wasn’t for the Middle East and where we lived, there wouldn’t be the ‘Lady Gahwa’ t-shirt,” says Abdulla. “We like to cherish and respect our tradition and lifestyle, and transfer a message to our audience,” Munther adds. “We grew up in Bahrain with many experiences to share. That in itself is a source of inspiration.” Day N’ Age products feature a simple design that is fun, smart and quirky. Hundred percent cotton is their fabric of choice with navy, black and light grey as the top colours of their collection. The online store showcases everything from t-shirts and hoodies to phone covers and stickers. Advice to upcoming designers: We had a choice of either continuing to watch TV and eat chips or take the idea we had and run with it. We’re glad we’re running with it.


30 November 2013

W BY WALLA hen she started designing 12 years ago, Walla had focused on recreating the abaya in a modern way. With time she realised she had more to give to the world of fashion. The W by Walla evening wear was the result of this passion towards design. Currently working on her third collection of cocktail dresses and evening gowns, Walla has her pieces produced in Italy. “I have a touch of the Middle East in each collection, albeit in a modern way,” she says. “I love culture and where I come from. It’s nice to have a modern blend to it.” The Autumn Winter 2014 brings together Japan and the Middle East. Advice to upcoming designers: Don’t stop! It’s very difficult. You might struggle through a phase and think ‘this is it’ and give up. If you love it, then fight for it. You need to be patient and work hard.


DAR NASEEM ALANDALOS ayaa AlFadhel’s personal style might be simple and classy. However, that doesn’t seep into her couture line. They have the same classy and feminine feel but are glamorous and royal. Dar Naseem AlAndalos is a brand specialised in Moroccan couture. The brand changed the basic kaftan into an elegant couture dress that shows the richness of the Moroccan handwork and embroidery and the sophistication of the modern silhouettes. Having been part of the Doha Fashion Festival alongside designers like Abed Mahfouz and Rami Kadi, Hayaa has a lot to be proud of. She just returned from her first show outside the Middle East —] at Harrods-London! “We’re working on our upcoming fashion show that will be held in The Dorchester-London, where we will show our Haute Couture Spring Summer 2014 collection,” she says. “We have a lot of collaborations and events in Qatar, KSA and UAE in the future and I’m planning on starting a ready-towear line next year.” Advice to upcoming designers: Be unique. Let your designs represent who you are.


November 2013




Rock the Style! The revival of some unique items can help you embrace a stylish look. The world of fashion is filled with new versions of ‘good ol’ day’ essentials.


tradivarius went back in time without losing its contemporary and youthful touch to create its new collection. The punk culture of the ‘80s releases the chic ‘rock and roll’ spirit that lies within all women. London is the perfect setting for the campaign, expressing the brand’s urban DNA. The graffiti, the metro and the streets are the backdrop for this fashion story that also involves music and art. The key trends featured in this concept are: punk leopard, rebel college and sport monochrome. Must-haves of the grunge girl are animal prints combined with red and leather, which are used in jackets and skirts. The college influence is reflected in A-line skirts and buttoned coats, delivering a classic look. Sport chic brings comfort and luxury in versatile pieces, such as two-tone tank tops, baseball jackets and caps. Accessories follow the lead and come covered in studs and zippers. Backpacks and smart clutches add to the vibe, while maxi chain necklaces complement the rock glam style. Get ready for a season full of attitude and a strong personality! Call 17 172-306 (Bahrain City Centre).

32 November 2013


Truly Magical A winter wedding can be glamorous, cinematic and magical. With the right elements, available at this bridal boutique, your big day will no doubt be a wonderland.


inter weddings are on the rise and this year the season is wrapped in a rustic romance. Inject old-world charm with a contemporary luxe feel to your big day. Provide a refreshing contrast to the big blooms and pastels of summer, with deeper shades of purple, eggplant and olive in the flowers accenting the silvery grey of the foliage. Add copper and gold tones to the palette along with textures of fur. Rosa Clará is a bridal fashion house that understands the needs of the times. Modern luxe with rustic charm complements the winter air perfectly. This brand creates the perfect gowns for the season. Out in the cold The new collection of Rosa Clará wedding dresses for 2014 has been created to make every bride feel feminine and beautiful on the most important day of her life. Structured dresses with billowing skirts are made of luxury fabrics such as silk mikado, ottoman and brocade. The intricate detailed embellishments are reminiscent of haute couture. The Soft by Rosa Clará line features sheer dresses made of guipure lace and delicate fabrics, such as voile and silk tulle. They are embellished with beadwork embroidery that will make every bride look radiant on her wedding day. A favourite designer of many brides across the globe, Zuhair Murad has designed yt another exclusive collection for the brand. They are unique and inspired by the Belle Époque period. The graceful and sophisticated dresses feature exquisite laces and embroidery. Time to party Unlike popular belief, Rosa Clará isn’t just meant for the bride. The range of cocktail dresses displayed in its stores is proof of this. The Two Fiesta Collection is inspired by the fashion of the ‘30s with delicate beadwork, pale colours and elegant designs that will show off your figure perfectly. The 2013 line, however, focuses on colour and sensual necklines, subtle pleating and delicate airy chiffons. The cocktail collection includes beautiful accessories such as beaded shoes, Swarovski crystals and stunning headdresses with feathers and flowers. Call 17 590-398 or visit

November 2013



On Neutral Ground

Every woman needs a practical wardrobe, where perennial pieces play an essential role. Create styles that can shift from laid-back and ladylike to chic and classy.


or those of you looking for a versatile item that can be worn with all your clothes, Nine West brings a selection of contemporary neutral pieces to add to your wardrobe. Pick pink, beige and very light brown to transform your looks. Applied on accessories, these shades enhance traditional winter hues, such as navy, black and grey. Embrace the trend of paleness, when choosing a total light look. Add to the element of pizzazz by layering similar colours. White trousers with a pinkish top will look great with statement handbags and shoes along the same pantone. Whether you want to add sparkle, mix different textures or venture through designs, shoes with an eye-catching cut or detail will help you nail the style. Call 16 686-207 (Bahrain City Centre), 16 686-220 (Seef Mall) or 16 686-228 (Bahrain Mall).

34 November 2013


AWA 39th Anniversary

The celebratory cake

The American Women's Association (AWA) celebrated its 39th anniversary at the Mรถvenpick Hotel Romina Vecchi, Bridget Lindsay, Bonnie Krajeski & Mala Kumar

Mona & Amal

Beverley, Heather, Paul, Lisa & Becky

Vidhi & Fran

Hani, Bianca, Ils & Mandy

Faith, Ils & Sherly Khadeel, Kathoor, Faika & Faiza

Tosin, Dr Sajni & Zubaida, Gyan & Lynne

Denise & Andrea Jan & Wendy

Faiza, Hala & Mariyam

36 November 2013

people | interview

Building on Dreams Journalist, government spokesperson and broadcaster, Ahdeya Ahmed has donned many hats in her 20-year media career in Bahrain. The face of Bahrain TV is also the woman behind the ambitious revamp of Channel 2.


hdeya Ahmed is a face well known to most television viewers across Bahrain. This journalist has juggled simultaneous roles in English language newspapers, radio and television. She has now been appointed head of Bahrain TV’s Channel 2. Throughout this summer, the mother-ofthree toured VIP kitchens across the Kingdom, getting foreign diplomats to share their family recipes with her viewers. We caught up with Ahdeya as she spent another gruelling day at her office. Woman This Month (WTM): Bahrain TV’s Channel 2 has had a facelift recently. What can we expect in the coming months? Ahdeya Ahmed (AA): The revamp started during Ramadan, when we aired a series of eight new programmes. Our mandate is to introduce fresh local content targeting younger viewers. We’re introducing 25 talented professionals, who are all in their twenties. Starting October, we’re beaming six new programmes with eight new presenters. Bahrain Today is a studio-based programme, talking about the latest events in Bahrain.

38 November 2013

Another programme on arts and culture trains the spotlight on the latest books and movies in town. A special show on expatriate life in Bahrain will be anchored by RJs and expatriates. In addition, there are popular sit-coms such as Everybody Loves Raymond, Joey and Rules of Engagement. We're screening a Hollywood movie every night, with varying themes. For children, there are two studio-based programmes hosted by child anchors. We're also screening the Pink Panther cartoon series. This is just a start. I know we’re not there 100 percent, but we’re improving every day. WTM: What prompted you to pick journalism as a career? AA: From a very young age, I wanted to be independent. I wanted to work and study at the same time. I embarked on a journalistic career when I was 18. Les Horton at the Gulf Daily News showed me the ropes. In fact, he taught me everything I know about writing and reporting. I have very fond memories of working with him. WTM: Most successful women have a role model. Who was yours? AA: I can’t say I wanted to be someone I saw on television. My role model is a good parent – my late father – who was very kind, big-hearted, loving and down-to-earth. Then, there is my mother, who raised five children so well without too much help. They were both very open-minded and supportive. They gave me all the freedom to pursue my dreams. WTM: What brought the transition from journalism to government spokesperson? Do you miss your journalism days? AA: After my foray in print journalism, I began working for Bahrain Radio and TV, knowing that each form of media complemented the other. I continued to work for television, when the 2006 parliamentary elections were announced and the government was looking for a spokesperson. It was a historic election and international media was arriving in droves. I felt it would be a good opportunity to represent Bahrain as an English-speaking media person with a strong journalistic background. That being said, I certainly miss my days as a writer. Working in television is very gratifying as one is under the spotlight, but writing remains my first love.

Ahdeya with Hilary Clinton WTM: What has been your most challenging assignment? AA: There were a number of remarkable events that I was fortunate to broadcast and which tested my skills as a journalist. Coverage of Sheikh Isa’s demise in 1999 was challenging as it was very sudden and a shock to all of us. It must have been the only time I cried during a broadcast. My interview with HRH Shaikha Sabeeka on International Women’s Day was memorable; it was later broadcast on CNN as well. The 2011 unrest was another demanding assignment when our abilities were tested. WTM: What do you consider your biggest achievement so far? AA: I’d say the benchmark of my success would be my children. Regardless of professional success, what matters most to me is having a supportive partner and an understanding family. My husband is my best friend and has supported me in everything I’ve accomplished so far. It’s thanks to him that I managed to complete my Master’s Degree at the University of Leicester, while I was

expecting. And now he wants me to enrol for a PhD! WTM: What is your ultimate dream? AA: On a personal level, I’d love to see my boys Ali, Ahmed and Khalid grow up into successful and happy men. I want all their dreams to come true. For myself, I’d like to complete my PhD and launch a talk show with a live audience. My ultimate professional ambition is to produce a documentary on the life of HRH the Prime Minister of Bahrain. WTM: What does it take for women to break the glass ceiling in the region? AA: Frankly speaking, there’s nothing to stop women from rising in their professions in Bahrain. If anything, men here know our potential and are more supportive of women than in any other country in the region. I have never encountered any difficulty on account of being a woman. The only trouble is that women don’t support other women. In the municipal elections of 2006, one female candidate got only one vote. What does that show? Even her mother and sisters didn’t vote for her! g November 2013


SOCIAL BUTTERFLY Bizladies with Bridget Lindsay at the event

Bonnie Krajeski, Mala Kumar & Reem

Bizladies Hosts Bridget Lindsay Bizladies Bahrain were honoured to be addressed by Bridget Lindsey, the British Ambassador’s Wife, at the Mövenpick Hotel. Over 45 like-minded and passionate members and guests were informed of Mrs Lindsey’s ‘…life as an Ambassador’s wife’.

Dena & Bridget Lindsay Linda, Maria, Hina, Dena & Maria

Rita, Chahira, Maggie, Sumaya & Habiba

Anna, Susan & Cherly

Jill, Thurayya, Rita, Geradline & Amy

Ina, Maria & Annalise

40 November 2013

Beauty | news La Prairie Anti-Ageing Eye and Lip Contour Cream. The brand’s anti-ageing collection acts in the specific areas of lips and eyes. The encapsulated amino-acid complex fills wrinkles. An anti-discolouration complex works to prevent future darkness near the eyes. Available at all leading retailers.

Sally Hansen Fuzzy Coat Nail Colour. Transform your manicure with this 3D fibre textured effect. The formula creates an eye-catching optical result. You can find it in four shades: wool lite, peach fuzz, tight knit and fuzz sea. Available at all leading retailers.

Make Up For Ever Blue Sepia Palette. The eye shadow palette highlights eight essential shades: five vibrant browns, shimmering pink, classic black and the indispensable hue of the season – petrol blue. Two new synthetic fibre brushes complete the kit. Available at Make Up For Ever.



Treat yourself to new beauty products this month. Here are some new colours and efficient cosmetics to add to your daily make-up kit.

Inglot Sparkling Dust. This pigmented loose powder can be used on any skin tone. The product highlights cheekbones, the neckline and the entire body, adding a fine glowing layer to your complexion. Available at Inglot.

42 November 2013

Bourjois Happy Light Base Serum Matite. Specially created for normal to combination skin, this matte primer serum enhances the skin’s texture. Pores get refined and the complexion gains a velvety feeling. Available at all leading retailers.

Too Faced Lip Injection Color Bomb. Now, this pumping serum made available in innovative packaging adds volume to lips in six new shades. The lipstick formula contains collagen microspheres, vitamin A, C and E, and mango butter to soften your lips. Available at Sephora.

Calvin Klein Downtown. The new fragrance balances notes of wood and soft floral to create a confident and modern scent. The top notes of Italian cedrat, bergamot and Tunisian ceroli are combined with a touch of incense, vetiver and warm velvet musk. Available at all leading retailers.

Victoria by Victoria’s Secret. Infused with an aromatic burst of red berries, Victoria has rose and crème brûlée as heart notes to define the scent. The aroma is a blend of fresh, floral and fruity elements. Available at Victoria’s Secret.

Bahrain Meditation Centre New Extension Opening The Bahrain Meditation Centre held a ribbon cutting to mark the opening of the centre's new extension in Umm Al Hassam Didi Sudesh, Zakariya, Aruna & Ebrahim Al Dossary at the ribbon cutting

Issa & Fadhel

Ebrahim Al Dossary, Sister Aruna, Didi Sudesh, Sister Ansuya & Sister Awatif

November 2013


BEAUTY | review

Recovery Mode by Fernanda Langhammer and maryam toorani

The cold season is the best time to finally indulge in that beauty treatment you’ve been postponing. It’s time to pamper your body!


hlorine and salty water days are gone. The pool is not as warm as it was before, even with 365 days of bright sun in this part of the globe. If you are still counting on the weekends to maintain the tan, remember that it can be a tricky task with the well-known cool breeze that blows in the island during this period. When winter comes, the female community world over knows that it is time to treat all the injuries that the hot days caused to the skin. In fact, some beauty treatments are best carried out during this season. So start them as soon as possible! Mirror, mirror Your face is your business card and treating your complexion is the first step. Improve the circulation under your skin and help its natural renewal by opting for exfoliation, masks and peels. This last option removes dead skin cells and reveals a new layer underneath. The procedure can be a bit invasive and the new skin is very sensitive, so protecting it from the sun and applying sunscreen is mandatory. Deep exfoliation has different levels. Depending on what type you choose, it can minimise fine lines, make pigmentation more homogeneous, smooth tone and texture, and also slow down the ageing process.

Strong locks Your hair probably went through a lot of adventures this summer. The results are dry hair with a stained colour — the best environment for annoying frizz. Take this time of hibernation to save your tresses from the stress of the hot season. Deep hydration, strictly done weekly, can help recover the shine and glow. It may take some time to get the intended result in respect to colour, but don’t give up! Finally, a good trim will give the necessary strength to your mane. Overall care The UV assault decreases during this time of the year, so it is perfect to treat any pigmentation caused by sun damage. All laser treatments get a green light. You will certainly find a bunch of them for different purposes. Clinics are usually full of women looking for hair removal and spider veins treatments. If you are looking forward to be one of them, make sure to schedule an appointment. However, if you are looking for some skin healing, body scrubs done by professionals are the best solution. The main benefit is that it cleanses out dead cells and allows the penetration of some necessary nutrients.

44 November 2013

Pure Spa Turkish Hammam

On the shelves:

The Body Shop olive body scrub Clinique moisturising lotion for the face L’Oreal shampoo for damaged hair

Pure Spa Turkish Hammam

Tried and Tested This month, we tried out the newly unveiled Turkish Hammam at Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre's Pure Spa. Being the largest one of its kind in the Kingdom, the Turkish Hammam experience was an entirely new one for me and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. It really was the perfect escape from the bustling work life. The spa offers holistic treatments with organic ingredients and exclusive five-star services. The treatment not only soothes your body, it also calms your mind. The chamber itself was spectacular. The stove-heated chamber boasts a public area, where you can enjoy the Hammam with friends as it is traditionally done. For a more concealed setting, you can request for a private section, which I did. The expert who took care of my treatment was highly accommodating to my rather sensitive tolerance to the heated marble. If you find the heat uncomfortable, cold water is poured on the marble slab to cool it down. The process included a full body scrub with the traditional Turkish kese mitt. You are then engulfed in delicate foam and then finally wrapped in a luscious body mask, giving you soft and supple skin. After your Hammam, you are requested to dip into a freezing water pool to lock the moisture in – which was actually my favourite part! This is optional of course. Additional relaxation facilities such as a sauna, steam and Jacuzzi can be enjoyed before or after the treatment. What: Turkish Hammam Where: Pure Spa, Kempinski Grand & Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre Aim: Removes dead skin, exfoliates and nourishes the skin, locking in moisture. Winning factor: The final result is unbelievable. You’ll have smooth skin for days!

November 2013


BEAUTY | advice

Your Questions Answered Q: Should I give special care to my

beauty brushes? A: It may sound unusual, but you should wash them at least once a month to extract the products’ residue, skin cells and oils. Get a glass, add warm water and a neutral shampoo and leave the brushes in. After some time, rinse it well. Dry the brush with a clean towel, and then use a blow-dryer to dry the bristles gently. It may sound like a lot of work, but if you value hygiene, this is the way to go.

Q: What is the best way to hide


Q: When using make-up with

sunscreen, is it necessary to apply another layer of the product itself? A: It will depend on the sun protection factor (SPF) rating of your make-up. If it is 15 or more, then it is usually enough if you apply it properly in a thick layer. For products of a lower figure, you should add a coating of sunscreen as well. The important thing to remember is that SPF numbers are not cumulative. If your foundation has 10 and your powder eight, the maximum protection you get is 10. Don’t forget that sun exposure degrades the sunscreen. So you have to reapply every few hours. To avoid redoing your whole make-up, look for loose powders that contain sunscreen to dust on your face.

46 November 2013

Q: How can I mix and match colours

without going wrong? A: Creating a palette that flows well is personal, but there are a few tricks to avoid looking bad. The shades you find in nature, such as greens, blues, yellows and oranges, usually make a nice composition with another natural hue, browns. Colours that contrast too much, apart from black and white, should be avoided. If you’re wearing printed trousers, choose a solid tone from the pattern to be in the upper part of your look. Play with textures in the accessories.

dark circles? A: Invest in a concealer. While also found in small round containers, sticks and pens are easier to apply. You can use it to hide other spots on the face, focusing on the exact point. When choosing a concealer, first pick a colour that is a tone lighter than your skin. White creams will cause dark circles to look grey and call more attention to the problem. Make sure it is not too dry; else it will intensify wrinkles in the area. Apply it using your fingertips along the semi-circle under your eyes. The best time to use it is after your make-up and foundation. Our fashion and beauty editor will answer all your fashion and beauty queries every month. Write to her at for more tips and tricks.


Powerful Allure Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However you can invest in your look to cause the best first, second and third impression.


nglot is an ideal destination to find all the beauty essentials you need. The variety is evident in all sorts of make-up and the wide selection of nail polishes. It helps you perfect the beauty trend of the moment and to add value to your own style. The brand’s new products are tools that must be at your service.

Colour your world If you are looking for inspiration, don’t be afraid to play with colours. They are welcome in most of the season’s styles. The challenge is to mix and match different hues. An easy way to reach the desired final look is to use shades from the same palette. You can work with browns, pinks and greys, using its variations to get the glam factor on.

Finger tips For fans of nail art, Inglot brings a rich selection of hues to shape up both simple and complex designs. The array of similar shades allows you to create an ombre effect. Paint each nail in a different colour, moving from a lighter to darker tone. Let your make-up influence your choice of enamel colours. Pick similar hues and textures to flaunt your style. Call 16 686-200 (Bahrain City Centre) or 16 686-222 (Seef Mall).

November 2013


PEOPLE | cover story

FASHION GONE ROGUE Not often do we get to see a Bahraini that has made it as a fashion designer on an international scale. Woman This Month spoke to Khaleda Rajab on her latest collection and more just before she sped off to the fashion capitals. Sporting an eccentric style that would make the likes of Anna Dello Russo jealous, Khaleda Rajab is a Bahrain-based designer that has given the Kingdom many reasons to be proud [DASH] the latest being her sunglasses range for Linda Farrow in collaboration with Fahad Al Marzouq. Known for her bizarre style, Khaleda gives [ITALS] Woman This Month and our readers an exclusive preview of her latest haute couture collection as she rocks three different outfits for her photoshoot with Andrew Weaver. Woman This Month (WTM): What are we looking for in your newest range? Khaleda Rajab (KR): My latest collection is very detailed and more on the haute couture side. I wanted to bring a different angle to my creations as I’m evolving as a designer. It took me four months to create a single garment as the patterns and detailing are extremely gentle. I’ve used gold plated silk threads on each embroidered blazer. I’ve just worn one of my designs in Paris. Let’s just say you will soon see some celebs rocking them.

48 November 2013

WTM: What does it feel like to have your designs being worn by celebs across the globe? KR: It’s an amazing feeling, especially when they request for more. My designs have been worn by Elisabetta Canalis, Hofit Golan, Jacqueline Fernandez, Preeya Kalidas, Noelle Reno, Jessica Lowndes and Joyce Bonelli. It’s an honour to have such talents and iconic women be dressed in my designs. WTM: Your style is loud; it’s fierce. What’s your source of inspiration? KR: I’m seriously crazy with my everyday looks; I know that’s what makes me who I am. I would never change my personal sense of style. Some may love it or hate it, but it won’t break me! It’s all about having your own style and the guts to go with it. A major point is confidence — this you got to have! It’s what makes a stylish woman stand out in a crowd. My inspiration comes from my core and surroundings. I can get inspired by anything. It’s how you take that inspiration as a designer and create a beautiful and meaningful collection from it. WTM: Tell us about your collaboration with Amalie. KR: I met this talented fresh designer in the Middle East in the UK while I was designing a collection there. I’m coming out with a silk scarf line with her. The message behind the scarves is hidden. They will be launched in spring/summer 2014. So stay tuned! WTM: The Linda Farrow Project — tell us all! KR: Fahad and I both had a dream. That dream actualised last year when our favourite brand, Linda Farrow, picked us to design a line for them! How can I put this? It was a dream come true and we’ve been working on this project for over a year! These, too, will be out on an international market in 2014! They are wicked! We just showcased our designs in Paris. The shades got chosen by a museum as a piece of art! WTM: What brought you into the fashion industry? KR: Fashion has always been a big part of me from a very young age. I took my degree in business first. It’s very important to have an understanding of the industry as a designer so you can get the best of both worlds.

WTM: Why did you choose to start your boutique in Bahrain? KR: Bahrain is my home. I was born and raised here. No matter what happens in my career or where it takes me, Bahrain is still my main base. I’m proud to be a Bahraini international designer. It’s great for outsiders to see how talented Arabic designers are. WTM: What factors do you keep in mind before you start a new collection? KR: The most important factors in designing are keeping true to your beliefs and keeping designs classic. I always like to bring something new to my collection without going away from what the Khaleda Rajab line is all about. It’s for fierce women, who have no rules and love fashion! WTM: Explain the many challenges that you face in your line of work. KR: I faced a few problems when I started. I didn’t find a lot of daring people that would

wear my designs in the Middle East. As I grew, I understood the market better. I kept true to my designs until I built a strong client base. Now I’m selling at the high-end boutiques that I’ve always wanted to — Saks Fifth Avenue in Dubai and Bahrain, 51 East Doha and Harvey Nichols Kuwait! WTM: Who are your designs for? KR: My designs are for the fierce, daring woman, who loves her everyday wardrobe and isn’t afraid of fashion. I design for those women only, who believe fashion is fun and it’s all about expression. WTM: What advice would you give to upcoming designers based in Bahrain? KR: Be yourself. Keep trying and never give up. There’s a market for every designer. Everyone has different tastes and styles. So there will always be someone interested. Fashion is tough. Be confident with your designs! November 2013


Tick Tock!

Breitling for Bentley

REPORT | jewellery & watches

Plummy timepieces are in the dreams or drawers of many of us. Even if you’re not a collector, you need to have at least one precious piece. 50 November 2013

A Lange & SoĚˆhne

Baume & Mercier





Emporio Armani

Guy Laroche



esides its functional use, watches are a crucial element that complements both casual and chic outfits. You just need to find the perfect design for each occasion. While wristwatches are more common, timepieces can be found in jewellery, such as rings and necklaces. Sometimes they lose their original purpose and serve the role as an ornament. You might think that, with the popularity of smartphones, they have lost their position as an important accessory. However, time has proved that this customary device is still significant. We’ve gathered a few desirable time keepers. Go on and pick your favourite!


Patek Philippe

Nina Ricci






TAG Heuer

November 2013


REPORT | jewellery & watches

Bling Bling! A remarkable piece of jewellery puts a smile on every woman’s face. Follow these quick tips to the make the best use of your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and charms!


Create a Balance Chunky fineries are the best way to stand out. Just be precautious when wearing them. First of all, don’t wear big earrings together with a huge gemmed necklace – pick one! Secondly, use as little of it as possible when your outfit has a lot going on. A ruffled dress or top will definitely look better with a thin chain.


Esprit at A La Mode

More is Perfect! Layering loads of knickknacks is a fashionable trend. However, you have to know when to stop. If you want to go for an arm full of bracelets, think minimal for the rest. Colours, patterns and designs are other relevant points to take into consideration. It should look harmonious.

52 November 2013


Liali Jewellery


Inherited Property Heirloom is precious not only for its value, but also for the history behind it. Some family treasures lose their profound meaning with the years. The best way to keep it alive is to pass it on with the ornament. Wear it once in a while on special occasions to show off its importance to your loved ones. This way they will give it importance when they own it.

Supporting Presence An impeccable manicure is crucial to rock an outstanding ring. The halo will drive everyone’s eyes to your hands; nails play an important role in this case. The enamel colour is also relevant. For special events, follow the safe path with light shades, like sand and soft pinks, or opt for the extreme hue – red!


Brighten Up If your gown has a straight cut and demands opulence, here are a few pointers before you pick your jewel. High necklines may look strange with necklaces. Opt for dangling or drop earrings. If you wear a strapless dress, sparkle in the neck area will create an amazing effect.


Morellato Bagliori at Paris Gallery

Face Framing Earrings are sometimes underestimated and left to the last second. You should consider the fact that your earrings are in the line of sight of most people when they talk to you. Small studs or pendulous pieces will impact your look on the whole.

7. 8. 9.

On the Collar Strands are everyone’s favourite. Smart frocks are best paired with one stout string or a thin chain, while casual looks can be more playful with layers of necklaces. Open necklines and solid tops are perfect to overlap different shapes and lengths.

Make your Point Your jewellery tells a lot about your style. Colourful gems will deliver the boho feel, while white gives your look a laid-back touch. Pearls are best for the ladylike mood. Diamonds are as chic as it gets.


Accentuate your Fingers Do you talk with your hands? The best accessory would be a classic ring. From a simple gold band to exotic pieces, they are the finishing touch to an outfit. Big rocks or animal-faced items make bracelets dispensable. Subtle rings are more than welcome as well. Wear a maximum of two on each hand.

Versace Fine Jewellery

Van Cleef & Arples at Asia Jewellers

Expose your Arm When wearing bracelets, make sure you have bare arms. Long sleeves usually don’t work with layers of bangles. To add some oomph to your look, try to mix and match different materials and sizes. As always, remember not to overdo it! Adding a watch to the spin contributes to the pizzazz factor.

November 2013


report | jewellery & watches


Time-travel might not be mastered just yet. Until then, setting on a journey in search of timekeeping leaders can be worthwhile for watch enthusiasts. Switzerland The only thing you will run out of in Switzerland is time. One of the many regions worth seeing is the Watch Valley. In a span of three days, you can cover this tour by going west from Zurich and arcing towards Geneva. The entire region is eye candy. Known to be one of the most expensive cities in the world, Zurich is a good place to try on some exclusive Swiss watch models.

54 November 2013

Bahnhofstrasse is a fine shopping street. Stop in at Beyer Chronometrie Clock and Watch Museum and see models of the first ‘portable watches’ and clocks from primeval Europe. Take a train to Schaffhausen. You will see the Rhine Falls, the largest waterfall in Europe, on the way. IWC, or the International Watch Company, has a detailed museum. Schaffhausen has plenty of dining options in and around the city. Known as the home of Omega watches, Biel is another train ride away. Although Rolex has a presence here, it is more importantly the home of the Federation of the Swiss

Watch Industry. Not far way is La Chaux-deFonds, which is home to the esteemed watch companies Girard-Perregaux, Corum and Breitling. The Musee de l’Horlogerie and the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva boast amazing exhibits, like watches from the past 400 years. The United Nations building here is interesting, as is the Flower Clock. You will find the perfect Baume et Mercier or Tag Heuer at the Rue du Rhône. Not on the map: Switzerland’s Watch Valley bursts with wine. Taste the fine Chassela white wine and Pinot Noir reds.

GERMANY Look across the border of the Alpine nation to Germany and you will see a renaissance of some great names in watchmaking and some upstart brands. Pforzheim and Glashütte are at the fore of the timepiece industry. German watches are distinctively unique, often purpose-built, with innovations both outside and inside their cases. This should not be surprising given the reputation it has for its superb engineering and craftsmanship. On the one hand, you have brands like Damasko and Sinn, who focus on the durability of their watches. On the other hand, the great watchmakers of Glashütte focus on movement innovation. The rich history of delicate and difficult decoration is still evident in the movements of A. Lange & Söhne.

ITALY Considering the obsession that Italians have with their watches, it is not hard to imagine that a storied watchmaking tradition exists in the tourists’ haven. One of the most popular names in the Italian watch industry is Gucci. While the fashion is ‘Made in Italy’, the technical stages of the development process are entirely carried out in the Gucci Timepieces atelier in Switzerland. Nevertheless, the factory located just outside Florence will give you an idea of Italian craftsmanship. As you walk about Florence, spoil yourself or a loved one at Officine Panerai with one of their world-class watches. This purveyor of July 2013

You can see it for yourself at the factory locate din this small village 30 kilometres from Dresden, near the Czech border. The drive to Glashütte is amazing, with rolling green hills broken up by farms and forests. More than 10 watch companies straddle the main street of this quaint town known to be the birthplace of watchmaking in Germany. Located in the Free State of Saxony, this region has everything from castles peering down from mountaintops to cobbled marketplaces and gothic churches. Not on the map: Leipzig is a high-profile German city that has a more progressive, contemporary spirit. Often called ‘a little Paris’, it is home to Arko — the oldest coffee retailer in town (since 1879). This fabulous and eclectic building is worth a visit; the luscious beans make great souvenirs.

watches has a special place in Italian hearts. The watches were first produced for Italy’s navy divers in WWII. Nowadays the chunky nautical timepieces are collectors’ items. Upstairs, you can find a small archive with photos of Italian navy commandos and their deadly little manned torpedoes. Let’s not forget Emporio Armani. Founded in Rome in 1884, Bulgari is another high-end brand that hails from Italy. Not on the map: Unfortunately, most of these designer brands have their timepiece division in Switzerland. You can’t expect to take a tour of an actual factory. But you’re in Florence! Make the most of it. The monthly Santo Spirito Organic Market attracts artisans and organic farmers from around Tuscany, with stands devoted to fresh produce, hand-painted crockery and spices gathered from Chianti hillsides. Get shoes made exclusively for you at Francesco da Firenze. Hand-stitched leather is the cornerstone of this tiny family business specialising in ready-to-wear and made-tomeasure men’s and women’s footwear. November 2013


report | jewellery & watches PATEK PHILIPPE

A Gem for the Wrist Patek Philippe’s collection of moon-phase watches for ladies welcomes a newcomer. The classic and seductive creation turns any time of day into enchanting moments.

56 November 2013


echanical watches rank at the top of the wish lists of style-conscious, confident women. Patek Philippe’s new manually wound moon-phase Calatrava for ladies has it all. It stands out with a classically elegant, round yellow-gold case. With a diameter of 33mm, Calatrava Ref 7121 has a contemporary format without being voguish. It is a precious treasure, fit to be a lifelong companion as a sublime accessory and dependable timekeeping instrument. After all, only the best was good enough in its development and production. It starts with the inimitable Patek Philippe design that has been acclaimed for decades for its style-defining timelessness. The classic round Calatrava case is formed in-house from solid yellow-gold blanks and polished to perfection by hand. The silhouette is characterised by the round profile of the case flanks and the straight lugs with screwed strap bars. Nearly 100 years ago, these features were very popular when the first wristwatches for officers emerged — further proof that true beauty is indeed timeless. A heavenly face The cream-colored dial is suave and feminine. Its fine-grained texture gives it a silky look. This soft backdrop emphasises the gleam of the applied Breguet numerals in gold, the gold hands, and the 66 flawless Top Wesselton diamonds. Totalling approximately 0.54 carat in weight, they transform the bezel into a miniature Milky Way and radiate their stellar fire around the clock. It is a perfect stage for a moonphase watch that celebrates the changing faces of our lunar companion in a small aperture at six o’clock, year after year. Mechanical precision The heart of the new ladies’ Calatrava Ref. 7121 is the calibre 215 PS LU movement, a manufacturer’s classic just like the Calatrava family itself. Because it is manually wound, it needs some personal attention every day, but this just intensifies the relationship of the owner with her watch. The reward for the brief daily winding ritual is high rate accuracy in the chronometer league with a tolerance of -3 to +2 seconds per day. Moreover, the movement is elating in its aesthetic appeal as evidenced by a glance through the screwed display back. Call 17 520-055.

November 2013


REPORT | jewellery & watches


Call a Bluff

Whether you’re buying that perfect gift for a special person or for yourself, you need to know if what you’re buying is the real thing.


he proliferation of imitation stones and the people who try to pass them off as real can be worrisome. Distinguishing a real gemstone from a synthetic one is a skill which every individual should learn. Jewellery is expensive; the last thing you want is to pay a great deal of money for a fake piece. Here are some tried and tested methods to spot a fake. The fog test Put the stone in front of your mouth and fog it like you would a mirror. If it stays fogged for a couple seconds, it’s probably a fake. A real diamond disperses the heat instantaneously so by the time you look at it, it has already cleared up. If it happens to be a little dirty, it still clears much faster than a fake. Ceramic plate test This is an easy way to tell if your gold is fool’s gold. Find an unglazed ceramic plate. Drag your item across the surface. A black streak means your gold is not real, whereas a gold streak indicates your item is genuine. Bear in mind that your item may end up scratched. Tooth and friction test Most fake pearls can be distinguished based on their surface texture. Lightly rub a pearl or

58 November 2013

strand of pearls along the biting edge of your upper front teeth. Real pearls feel slightly gritty, while most fake pearls feel smooth. The gritty surface texture of a real pearl should give it a notable amount of friction when you rub it against another pearl. Two pearls that offer resistance may be real. The ice test In addition to having the highest electrical conductivity of any element, silver has the highest thermal conductivity of any metal. If you place an ice cube on a silver coin or bar, the ice will begin to melt immediately and much more quickly and impressively than when it is left in room temperature. Colour test There are various ways to identify a real gem from a fake one. The first thing to look for is whether or not a gem creates a rainbow of colours when held up to the light. Hold a stone up to any kind of light. By placing it close to your eye and tilting it, you should be able to see a variety of colours. That being said, stones that do not produce colour are not always fake. Another way to test a real gem is to conduct a bit of research in terms of other properties and places of origin.


In the Name of Love The season for gifts is upon us. Take advantage of the irresistible offers on the glamorous pendants from this jewellery brand.


leading retailer of diamonds in the region, Liali Jewellery, welcomes the upcoming festive season with a stunning collection of pendants, each priced at BD80 and BD120 (with chain), making it an affordable and perfect gift. Trendy and attractive, these pendants are available in over a dozen impressive designs that will work for every occasion. From floral motifs to modern symmetry, they’ve got it all. Pass it on If you haven’t inherited a classic, now is the time to gift yourself one! The Ruby Roses, Evergreen Emerald and Midnight Sapphire are three classic sets from Liali Jewellery that showcase the precious stones in the centre, studded with diamonds along the sides. These classic ‘diana setting’ designs are available in the form of a three-piece set of pendant, ring and matching earrings at BD600 and BD950 for a bigger version. Discover Liali’s exclusive pendants at the outlet in Bahrain City Centre. Call 17 178-160.

November 2013


Gonan Premfors

LIFESTYLE | parenting


To allow children to be empowered and to ensure a designed relationship that is balanced between parents and children might seem too progressive for some, but it works.


took some time out recently to re-evaluate and re-confirm my own parenting beliefs and values by attending a Parentology course in Dubai. I was blown away by the energy and motivation of the coaches and the other parents in the room. I was also challenged and motivated to try out something that I feel is very important with even more conviction. Empowering children is definitely the way forward for guardians and anyone who is in a relationship with children. I want to share with you some

60 November 2013

reflections of a different type of ‘time out’ from Gonan Premfors, co-founder Gozamm (the home of the Parentology philosophies). In her voice I rarely watch television, but I must admit that recently I have been fascinated by the show called Supernanny. It’s hard for me to see all the featured families on the TV show as they struggle through various issues. It would be nice, but unfortunately our course is not aimed at fixing the various issues that families

have. Our approach and model will most certainly help a great deal, but it will not fix a family’s problems immediately. One thing that I see a lot in the show is that kids are regularly sent to time out or naughty corner. I know this is a discipline strategy that is also used by a lot of families (and teachers). It really hurts me when I see kids who have been sent for time outs. Sure, it works to control undesired behaviour in the short term. Is it really doing any good to those children? Discipline out of fear, threats and guilt are not really something we should put a child through. Here is the dilemma I have with ‘time out’ or ‘the naughty corner’. You use it because you want children to reflect about having made a bad choice. If you have not given the skill of reflection to a child, all he or she will be thinking is “I am bad, I am wrong and I am guilty”. Therefore they will make decisions from places of fear and guilt. How can you raise powerful children from a feeling of guilt or fear? That is the big question. An anecdote Before I go any further I want to share a story from this summer that involves my daughter Amelia. While in our summerhouse in Turkey, we had some family members coming over to stay with us. When we told Amelia that they were coming she was initially very happy, but her upbeat mood rapidly changed into a sulk. “But they smoke,” she said disapprovingly.

How can you raise powerful children from a feeling of guilt or fear?

We told her that our house is a non-smoking zone and that they will not smoke inside the house. She seemed okay with our words. However, a few hours later she came to us with a piece of paper in her hand. It was a very tidy document, written very nicely with marker pens and at the bottom of the page she had clearly written the names of the three family members and left space above for dates and signatures. I was stunned. She had prepared a detailed ‘contract’ for our guests to sign. In the contract, she laid down the rules of their stay, which included no smoking inside the house nor in the garden (to respect our trees and flowers) and no smoking in the restaurants at our table even if it is a smoking table (to respect her). All our guests read and signed the contract without hesitation. During their stay, it was amazing to watch these adults get up and leave the table or walk out on the street outside to honour the terms of Amelia’s contract. I was amazed for several reasons. Firstly, it was the whole idea of a contract. We talk about rules and values at home, but we have never talked about using contracts when we design relationships. Secondly, she decided to take charge of a circumstance in a playful way that allowed her to claim her power as an 11-year-old. As a direct result, she was seen, heard, respected and followed. I share this with you because one of the biggest concepts of our parenting model is power and where it lies in the relationship. The more we keep the balance equal, the more she decides to take charge of her circumstances. This reassures me for her future and for her interactions in school. Of course I sometimes end up overpowering her and flipping it the other way too and I give too much power away. When I do, the question is “how do I recover from that and what are the consequences if I don’t”. (PS I received permission to share the story from my daughter.)

November 2013


LIFESTYLE | parenting

My conclusion For me, the course has had an impact. It re-confirmed that it’s ok for children to be bored (and just be), to fail, refuse conformity, to question and to ask for what they want and need. Our children are not our clones, who we live our life through. They are powerful, albeit ‘little’ people in their own right. They deserve respect and can teach us so much as well. Listen so you can understand your children. Share and encourage them to share their thoughts with you. Let them make decisions knowing the consequences. Design family rules that are co-created. There’s so much more that can be learnt and explored regarding strengthening relationships. In doing this you are modelling bravery and, of course, your children will model it too. Give it a go and share your learning. It’s worked for me. The school run is

62 November 2013

calmer, the children are working on managing ‘their’ time and they have stepped up to the responsibility! Gonan Premfors is the co-founder of Gozamm, the California-based company and movement behind the Parentology and Trust philosophies. The former financial advisor turned her back on the financial world in 2004 in order to build her relationship with her daughter. That journey saw her become the Middle East’s first professionally certified coach, she established the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute in Dubai and she created her own coach-based relationship philosophies. Today, Gozamm offers cutting-edge transformative workshops in five continents. The next Middle East workshop is Parentology from November 4 to 6, and Trust from November 18 to 20, both in Dubai. Visit


Hard to Swallow by DR JINAN DARWISH

From the time your child starts picking things up with his or her fingers until the age of five, you’ll need to be vigilant about choking hazards.


hoking is a prominent cause of injury in children, especially in those of four years and younger. Although the number of incidents involving toys and their parts has gone down in the last 20 years due to manufacturer warnings, the number of food choking cases is still high. Those under five years of age represent two-thirds of all children under 15 who die from choking. For each child that passes away, about 25 children under five are admitted to hospitals due to food aspiration. More than 60 percent of these episodes happens in children of four years and younger. Studies show that toddlers are particularly at risk because they can bite food better than they can chew. While they bite with their incisors, their back teeth, which are used for chewing and grinding food, are not developed enough. This is one of the reasons why choking incidents decrease as a child gets older.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children younger than five years of age should not be given hard candy or chewing gum. Raw veggies and fruits should be cut into little pieces. Young children should be supervised while eating. Make sure they sit down while taking in food. According to a study, foods that cause the most choking incidents are hard candy, meats and bones. High-risk foods, including hot dogs, seeds and nuts, were more likely to require hospitalisations. Hot dogs caused almost three percent of the food-related choking cases. There is a conflict between advocating for children to eat raw, natural and healthy foods and their ability to chew them. It is advised to place warning labels on foods that pose a high choking risk for babies and children. Call an ambulance if a child is unconscious, choking, wheezing or gasping. Look out for signs like his or her inability to cry, talk or make noise. If the face has turned blue or if the

child is grabbing at the throat while looking panicked, he or she is certainly choking. How to avoid choking in children: • Have your preschooler eat at the table, or at least while sitting down. Do not let your child run, walk, play, or lie down with food in their mouth. • Keep a watchful eye on your child while he or she eats. • Cut food for your preschooler into pieces no larger than half an inch. Teach them to chew their food well. • Slice hotdogs lengthwise. • Cut meat and chicken across the grain into small pieces. • Slice grapes, cherry tomatoes and other round foods in half. • Cook carrots and celery sticks until slightly soft, grate them, or cut them into small pieces or thin ‘matchsticks’. • Spread peanut butter thinly on bread or crackers. A thick glob can cause choking. November 2013


LIFESTYLE | wellbeing

Ayurveda: Nature’s Gift by behnaz sanjana

When conventional medicine fails to cure, the tried-and-tested science of ayurveda delivers hope. Woman This Month gives you a glimpse of this age-old practice, its philosophy and procedures. 64 November 2013


f the word ‘ayurveda’ brings to mind ancient Indian sages concocting strange potions using herbs and medicaments unheard of, think again. It is, in fact, the ultimate weapon used by celebrity divas Demi Moore, Cindy Crawford, Madonna and the likes to maintain their beauty, health and vitality. ‘Ayurveda’ literally means the science of life. Regarded as the oldest form of healthcare in the world, this system of natural healing has won popularity in the Western world, and is increasingly being turned to as a holistic way of life in this age of poor health and nutrition. Still skeptical? Well, the World Health Organization (WHO) recognises ayurveda as a traditional system of medicine. In fact, the public health arm of the United Nations adapted its formal definition of health from ayurvedic teachings. Bahrain has a number of centres offering authentic ayurvedic consultation, medicines and treatments. We speak to expert practitioners in the field to de-mystify this powerful branch of medicine and reveal how it helps us live a more wholesome life. The basics of ayurveda Our expert: Dr PK Abjith, The Indian Ayurvedic Medical Centre Simply put, Ayurveda primarily rests on the concept of ‘tri-dosha’. Every individual has

The doshas maintain the equilibrium for sound health

three doshas or energies: vata, pitta and kapha. These primary forces have varying proportions in every body and they shape our mental and physical characteristics. “The doshas maintain the equilibrium for sound health. An imbalance between them result in an unhealthy body,” says Dr Abjith. Each one of us is born with a unique mix of doshas, and has either one or two predominant ones. Every patient is assessed for the predominant dosha to prescribe an appropriate treatment plan as it could aggravate and needs to be controlled. “These days, practitioners lay more emphasis on symptomatic treatment rather than balancing the doshas. Patients today are always in a hurry and want to see speedy results,” he says. “Earlier, ayurvedic physicians felt the patient’s pulse to determine the dominant dosha and pinpoint the root of the ailment. But today, we rely on X-rays, blood tests and MRI scans to come to a more accurate diagnosis.” Dr Abjith blames the modern lifestyle for the energies to be thrown off balance and for disorders like cholesterol, diabetes and cardiac trouble to arise. Additionally, climatic

and seasonal changes, and the environment affect the harmony between the doshas. “Modern research reveals that ayurvedic herbs can cure more serious illnesses, like cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Here in Bahrain, I have a lot of patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, whose conditions have improved thanks to Ayurveda,” he adds. Ayurvedic medicine and its efficacy Our expert: Dr Smitha, Kotakkal Ayurvedic Centre “Ayurvedic medication is completely natural and contains no synthetic substances,” says Dr Smitha. “Unlike allopathy, it uses a combination of herbs to cure the root cause of ailments.” The effectiveness of the correct combination of natural herbs is unchallenged. Certain herbs can cure persistent problems like ovarian cysts, fibroids and menopausal discomfort. Ayurvedic drugs have no serious side effects and generally do not contain any lead, mercury or arsenic. This art of holistic living not only cures, but also prevents. “There are effective medicines that help to maintain optimal health. Children can be given supplements to boost immunity against common illnesses, especially those caused by climatic changes that we experience here,” Dr Smitha explains. Beauty buffs can rely on natural ayurvedic supplements for a healthy complexion and to November 2013


LIFESTYLE | wellbeing ward off signs of ageing. The primary dictum here is that when one is internally healthy, external beauty radiates. “Indian gooseberries, neem and turmeric are potent herbs that help to cleanse the body and keeps one looking and feeling youthful,” she notes. Ayurveda recommends certain dietary and lifestyle changes to help the herbs do their magic more effectively. “Patients might be advised not to exert themselves or eat particular foods. In other cases, specific exercises might be prescribed,” says Dr Smitha. Ayurvedic massage and external treatments Our expert: Dr Geethika Nagalakshmi, Bahrain Wellness Resort & Hospital “An Ayurvedic massage is completely different from other popular forms. The techniques of massage and the composition of the oils to treat various disorders are unique to ayuveda,” says Dr Geethika. It’s not only about relaxation and rejuvenation. It can also be pain relieving and therapeutic.

66 November 2013

A full body massage, called ‘abhyangam’, is known to release stress, loosen toxins and bring about a typical lightness to the body. Done regularly, abhyangam can prevent serious disorders like osteoarthritis. “Massages prevents the synovial fluid from drying up, ensuring constant lubrication of joints. It is beneficial for blood circulation and the skin,” Dr Geethika explains. “Stress is the main cause for premature ageing and disease. Abhyangam, along with shirodhara, where medicated oil is gently poured over the forehead, is effective in preventing this.” Dr Geethika mentions different types of treatments for a varied number of ailments. Kizhi involves the use of a warm poultice after a massage. The unctuous nature of oil and the warmth of the poultice is an effective pain reliever. Kizhi helps muscoskeletal disorders tremendously. Udvartanam is a massage done with medicated powders. The strokes are in the opposite direction of hair growth and help to remove adipose tissue, excess fat, from the body. So, here is a completely natural way to lose weight too. The expert tells us a recent success story of

a lady who had suffered a stroke due to which she was completely bedridden. “After four months of religious massage treatment, she walks with a walker today. Treatments like shirodhara and pizhichil helped the numbness and muscle stiffness, giving internal strength,” she says. Scores of patients suffering from spondylitis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis and gout have seen their conditions alleviated with ayurvedic treatments. Like other branches of medicine, ayurvedic therapies have the potential for adverse effects. This can, however, be ruled out with honest communication between the patient and a certified and experienced practitioner. g

lifestyle | community

Opening New Vistas by SIMI KAMBOJ

A new volunteering initiative by a team of young Bahrainis aims to open up learning opportunities for underprivileged children.


lagged off in February this year, Project 616 is a volunteering network that offers children a chance to pick up skills they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. The project is run by six Bahrainis, who coordinate with a host of volunteers to design six-week training sessions in specific skills. “Our main goal is to connect. We believe that we’re all connected to each other and what we do affects one other. Volunteers who share their time, skills and knowledge connect with the community and help inspire young minds,” says Kanwal Hameed, co-founder. The 616 team works with NGOs to identify underprivileged children, who lack the experience and opportunities enjoyed by the more affluent. It is this access and opportunity that she wants to share. “Children are a lot more open minded than adults. We want to expose them to alternate ways of learning that are fun and don’t exactly

feel like learning,” she notes. The idea is to motivate children and make them realise that they’re capable of making their dreams come true. Two programmes in spring and summer this year have offered courses in playing the guitar, speaking English, healthy cooking, mixed media art and critical thinking in addition to workshops in drama and recycled arts. The sessions held at various venues in Bahrain saw participation from around 100 children in the seven to 18 age group. Cooking sessions and English-language classes for girls have proved especially popular. Classes are offered in weekly sessions that range from 60 minutes up to three hours. Kanwal’s previous volunteer stints were as a relief worker for families affected by the 33day war in Lebanon and at a youth centre in a Palestinian refugee camp in Beirut, where she ran programmes at the youth centre.

The team has receved interest from volunteers to run the English as Second Language (ESL) course alongside the health and fitness programme for the third programme later this year. “A number of children are eager to learn and are hungry for the exposure. Some want to return to these sessions after the course is over, which is a testament to the commitment of our volunteers. We’ll add more courses depending on what the children want to learn and the skills our volunteers want to share,” Kanwal adds. Over time, the team hopes to see the project expand into a club, offering direct membership. “We’d like to broaden our network so that we can reach more children. This will also put us in direct contact with their families rather than working through NGOs,” she says. Those who wish to volunteer as instructors can visit the project616 page on Facebook. November 2013



Giving Thanks by JAMES CLAIRE

Any month is a great month for giving thanks. But the greatest Thanksgiving is one which has become a marketer’s dream of stuffed turkeys, pumpkins and plenty of pie. GLAZED WHOLE TURKEY For the glaze: 3 tbspns 1 tspn 2 60ml 1 tbspns 450g 250ml 125ml 60ml 60ml 100g 2 tbspns 2 tbspns 2 tspns 1 3 tbspns

vegetable oil ground black pepper white onions, chopped olive oil chives, chopped whole cranberry sauce, canned vegetable stock soy sauce orange juice white vinegar caster sugar fresh ginger, finely grated garlic, chopped orange zest, grated whole turkey, large corn flour

For the stuffing: 200g 200g 60g 50g 1 1 tbspn 1 tbspn

white rice, cooked wild rice, cooked dried cranberries walnuts, chopped and roasted white onion, finely chopped small chives, chopped olive oil

• Place the vegetable oil into a saucepan and heat. Add the onions and cook until coloured. • Blend the cranberry sauce, vegetable stock, soy sauce, orange juice, white vinegar, ginger, garlic and orange zest in a blender until smooth. Transfer to a bowl. • Add the cooked onions, black pepper and chives. • Place turkey into a large plastic bag and pour half the glaze over the turkey and into the cavity. Seal the bag and refrigerate turkey overnight. • Dissolve the corn flour in the remaining half of the glaze and refrigerate in a covered container. • Preheat oven to 165 degrees Celsius. • Remove turkey from marinade; discard the used marinade. Set turkey onto a rack inside a roasting pan. • Make the filling by mixing the white rice, wild rice, dried cranberries, walnuts, onions, chopped chives and olive oil in a bowl. • Lightly stuff the turkey cavity with the rice mixture. • Roast the turkey in the preheated oven. • Baste the turkey skin with olive oil every 20 minutes for about two hours. • Stir the reserved glaze containing cornstarch thoroughly and baste turkey every 20 minutes until glaze has baked onto turkey for a further two hours. • Check the thickest part of the turkey by cutting it and checking if the liquid runs clear. Serve hot.

68 November 2013

SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE DIP 500g chopped 300g 250ml 180g 60g 60g 2 tbspns salt pepper 1/4 tspns

spinach, frozen, thawed and artichoke hearts, tinned water cream cheese sour cream mayonnaise Parmesan cheese, grated to taste to taste garlic powder

• Boil spinach and artichokes in water until tender. Drain. Discard liquid. • Heat cream cheese in microwave until hot and soft. • Remove the cream cheese to a mixing bowl and add the sour cream and mayonnaise, parmesan cheese and garlic powder. • Add salt and pepper to taste and finally fold in the cooked spinach and artichoke hearts. • Whisk everything together. Serve warm in a bowl with corn chips.

BUTTERNUT PUMPKIN SOUP 2 2 1 3 1 1 1/2 kg 1 1/2 ltrs 2 2 tbspns salt pepper

tbspns butter, at room temperature tbspns extra-virgin olive oil white onion, finely chopped cloves garlic, crushed medium carrot, finely diced butternut pumpkin, peeled, seeded and cut into 1cm cubes water vegetable stock cubes basil, chopped to taste to taste

• To make the tomato sauce, put the chopped tomatoes and tomato purée into a pan and bring to the boil. • Simmer for about 10 minutes to boil off the liquid. • Strain the resulting sauce, taste it and adjust the flavour with salt and pepper. Cool before using. • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius.

• On a foil-covered baking sheet, place the first large piece of kuboos bread. Brush it with the beaten egg completely, and then top with the second piece of kuboos. • Spread a thick layer of tomato sauce over the top, and then sprinkle with grated cheddar cheese and all the toppings. Sprinkle the top with the mozzarella cheese before baking in the preheated oven for 20 minutes. • Remove the pizza from the oven. Cut and serve. November 2013




A Bite of Heaven Literally meaning ‘to touch your heart’, dim sum consists of a variety of dumplings, steamed dishes and other goodies. We checked out the new varieties on offer at Meisei in Adliya.


ure we might be a fine dining restaurant, but sometimes you’ve got to eat with your hands to savour a dish,” says Michael Sang-Kyu Lee, executive chef at Meisei. We agreed with his mantra. How else could you eat dumplings? The first dish that came to our table was the Peking duck dumpling. It is no secret that most of the ingredients used in the Meisei kitchen (in this case, the duck) are carefully selected and imported from across the globe. The dough is prepared from scratch at the restaurant. The highlight of this dish is the coffee infused balsamic vinegar sauce. This was followed by a shrimp delight. Wrapped in sesame seeds, these seafood balls were served on a rich sauce with a touch of shichimi, a common Japanese mixture of seven spices. The sesame seed dumplings are his version of the popular street food served in Chinese districts.

70 November 2013

Chef Michael is a man of inspiration and the crispy Emperor Iro Iro is proof of this. Reminiscent of the money bags that the emperor used to carry, this dish is made using crispy fried minced shrimp, canard de cru and sesame seeds. It is served on tongrashi plum sauce. “Don’t let the term ‘deep fried’ turn you off,” the chef says. “Many people believe that if a food is fried, it’s unhealthy. It’s only unhealthy if the oil has been overused.” Through the windows of the Meisei open kitchen, you can spot six different frying stations that use soya oil. The separate stations ensure that there is no chance for cross contamination. This means that if you’ve ordered a vegan dish, you’ll get just that. There isn’t a possibility that it has passed through oil that once fried a shrimp dish. For those who aren’t fans of seafood, he has

included the kobe beef dumpling. Premium quality is a factor that Meisei lives by. The meat dumpling exceeds expectations. Mixed with wild mushrooms, this dish is a must-have. The Japanese dining culture encourages sharing your meal and the assorted dimsum set is perfect for a small group. These feature unusual Lego colours, which emphasises the love for presentation at Meisei. Organic natural food colours are used to give them a striking hue. Varieties include corn-fed chicken, shrimp, vegetarian and scallops topped with roe. The elements of a perfect dim sum experience are a lovely venue, a vast selection and authenticity. Meisei has checked all the boxes. Walk in to try any of the new few-bite delights on the menu with friends and family. Call 17 007-770.


Massimo Dutti - A Night In Paris Massimo Dutti hosted an exclusive event titled 'A Night In Paris' at the Skyline Lounge, Capital Club, located in the Bahrain Financial Harbour Nurul, Jiya, Amy, Hani, Sally, Awin, Jasmin & Saliha

Geila, Raisa & Elena

Dalia, Anne & Sheireen

Angela & Moireen

Dalia, Budoor, Natasha & Ekram

AMH Island Classic Sponsorships Mohammed Malik Chief Executive of CrediMax presented a cheque for BD 10,000 to American Mission Hospital Chief Operating Officer, Julia Tovey as Platinum Sponsor of the 16th Annual Island Classic Charity Golf Tournament. The Island Classic is the hospital’s annual fundraiser and will be held this year on October 24th26th under the patronage of His Majesty the King and played on his private golf course. The Al Hawaj Group also confirmed their Emerald sponsorship of the charity golf tournament.

Seen here at the Al Hawaj presentation, Bahnaz Abbas, Yousif Haider, AMH Administrative Consultant, Abdul Wahab Al Hawaj, Al Hawaj Group General Manager, Jawad Y. Al Hawaj, Managing Director Al Hawaj Group Dr. George Cheriyan, AMH CEO/CMO & Julia Tovey, AMH Chief Operating Officer

Seen here at the BBK cheque presentation, Ali Al Abassi, CrediMax Acting Head of Customer Service, , Essa Hassan Ebrahim, CrediMax Head of Business Development, Moahmmed Malik, CrediMax Chief Executive, Julia Tovey, AMH Chief Operating Officer, Bahnaz Abbas, AMH Senior Manager Fundraising, Marketing and Community & Amira Ismail, CrediMax Senior Manager and Head of Merchant Services and Sales November 2013


showcase BMW

Two of a Kind

The new BMW 5 Series packs in advanced technology and fuel-efficient powertrains, yet it manages to keep true to its sport-sedan mission. We take a closer look at its facelift.


ince its launch in 1972, the BMW 5 Series has been an undisputed global leader in the executive car segment. So what can you expect when a best-selling model decides to undergo a renovation? As Euro Motors rolled in the cars onto Bahrain’s sands, we had the chance to see that the BMW 5 Series has more than just cosmetic changes to flaunt. There are plenty of additional features to check out in this edition. As expected, it strikes the right balance between comfort, refinement and dynamic excellence. The interior is plush and feels suitably expensive. Top of the line Just like many of our possessions, your car defines you. Understanding the needs and styles of its customers, BMW has introduced

72 November 2013

two specific design packages to the 5 Series. Offering two distinctive personalities, Modern and Luxury, it adds a number of visual touches around the car, such as a matte or chrome finish on the grille and window frames. You have the option of upgrading to premium Nappa leather trims at no additional charge. The M Sport package is available as well, adding options such as a sports body kit and M accessories in the cabin. While the BMW Modern Line package displays a strikingly contemporary and dynamic edge, the BMW Luxury Line exudes a high level of elegance and exclusiveness. Leather upholstery with exclusive stitching, a black sports leather steering wheel and interior trim strips in exquisite anthracite wood create a particularly refined interior ambience in the Luxury line.

Notable features The BMW 5 Series is available in a range of engine variants: 520i, 528i, 535i and 550i. The automobile leader improves the performance of its vehicles with each model, while reducing its carbon footprint in the process. The new generation of the V8 engine, with TwinPower Turbo technology found under the bonnet, takes to the stage armed with a 10 percent rise in output and significantly reduced fuel consumption. The company understands the need to stay connected at all times. The range of on-board BMW ConnectedDrive technology is designed to enhance safety, convenience and in-car infotainment. A suite of office functions turns the model into a mobile workplace. Moreover, the customised BMW apps guide the user through the number of services. Call 17 750-750.



Pressure Test Because blood pressure can fluctuate throughout the day, home monitoring and recording of blood pressure readings can provide valuable information.

igh blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension is a serious condition that affects about one in three people. It generally has no symptoms. Left uncontrolled, it can lead to stroke, heart failure or kidney failure, but can remain undetected for years. It is important to know if you are at risk because once detected, HBP can generally be treated effectively with the help of your doctor. Home monitoring of your blood pressure helps reduce the chance of severe diseases. The Braun ExactFit Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor offers an accurate and simple way to measure your blood pressure at home. Simple and precise Featuring a ‘one button, two touch’ operation, this device is fully automatic and boasts clinically tested accuracy. It can display the average of the last seven days’ measurements. A low battery indicator ensures accurate readings every time. Braun offers a five-year warranty on the monitor. Winning features include convenience, easy of use, the ‘one size fits all’ cuff, large buttons, and a legible LCD display. The in-built memory saves 48 measurements with time and date. The device automatically shuts off after one minute. Consistent home measurements tend to be closer to the average blood pressure recorded by a 24-hour ambulatory monitor prescribed by your doctor, which most effectively predicts cardiovascular risk. It is recommended that monitoring at home become a routine component of blood pressure management and tracking in the majority of patients. Call 17 582-250.

Amina Gallery Opening A soft opening was held for the Amina Gallery at the Riyadat Mall in A'ali Some of the products on display

Ahmed & Zeeba

Sami & Noor Yara & Mona

Dr Mariam & Amina

Zain & Marwa

Roya & Anfal

May & Yara October 2013



Easy on the Eye Our eyes can process 36,000 bits of information every hour. They help us watch our favourite movies and even read this. That’s why it’s so important to protect our vision with good eye health habits.


r Haitham Moued, ophthalmologist and oculoplastic surgeon at Bahrain Specialist Hospital, helps us tackle common eye problems like stress and discusses the need for protection and checkups. “UV radiation, whether from natural sunlight or artificial UV rays, can damage the eye, affecting surface tissues and internal structures, such as the cornea and lens,” he explains. Long-term exposure to UV radiation can lead to cataracts, skin cancer around the eyelids, and other eye disorders. In the short term, excessive exposure from daily activities can burn the front surface of the eye, similar to sunburn on the skin. The cumulative effects of spending long hours in the sun without adequate eye

Dr Haitham Moued

74 November 2013

protection can increase the likelihood of developing eye disorders like cataract, pterygium, skin cancer near the eyelids and snow blindness.

In the modern world People who stare at computers for more than three hours a day may experience symptoms such as discomfort, itchiness, dryness or watering and burning sensations in the eyes. Headaches, blurred vision, difficulty in focusing and changes in colour perception are other side effects. “Eye strain is a very common problem. Whether it is from working on a computer, watching TV, driving or any other activity, your eyes can become fatigued and lose focus,” Dr Haitham explains. Serious eye strain can cause a number of other problems from short-term head and neck aches to severe long-term conditions like myopia. It may not permanently damage the eyes or cause loss of vision. However, it can be very uncomfortable and lead to loss of productivity. Call 17 812-000.

Get an eye exam The American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests that you start with a comprehensive eye exam. This is always a good starting point anytime you experience symptoms like headaches, strain, blurred vision, irritation, double vision, excessive tears, dryness, pain, excessive blinking and squinting. The exam will help rule out any ocular conditions that may exist that are causing these symptoms.

Measures to reduce eye discomfort: • Set the monitor, desk and chair at comfortable distances and heights. Change the distance frequently. • It is recommended that the computer screen should be 20 to 26 inches from your eyes. Your glasses can be made to accommodate this distance. • Take frequent short breaks from work by focusing on a distance object for a few seconds. Every 20 minutes, get up, stretch your back and neck and look around. • Move your eyes and your body. Change your position. • If the eyes are feeling increasingly fatigued, hold things further away rather than closer to you. Avoid getting very close to what you are reading.


Jashanmal Davidoff Raffle Draw

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Commerce represented by Yasser Bu Allay and with the presence of Rhizlane Siabri, General Manager of Jashanmal & Sons, Izzat Habbouchi, Brand Manager of Davidoff Perfumes and guests, the raffle draw for the Davidoff consumer promotion was held at Jashanmal, Al Aali Mall. The winner of the Quad Bike is Eman Sayed Salman Mohammed Abdulla, and the prize was received by her husband Sadiq Al Zaymor

Arun Rama, Mr Jayachandran, Rhizlane Siabri, Yasser Bu Allay, Izzat Habbouchi, Aiza, Jessica, Janette & Maryann Yasser Bu Allay draws the ticket

The grand prize

Janette, Roy Charbel, Susan Alda & A.R. Nair

Pachachic Store Opening An opening was held for the Pachachic Store, a shabby chic furniture, home & accessories store. The store is located in Riyadat Mall, A'ali Noor & Dana

Michel & Sarah Fajer, Dana & Dana Fajer, Nouf, Athoob & Sara Layla & Nouf


Patrick & Adel

Marwa & Zaina


Safa & Reem November 2013



Ethnic Wear It’s easy to see the magic that lies in Indian crafts and textiles. Wear a terrific mix of drapes and silhouettes to family get-togethers and grand dinners this festive season. Indian fashion designers interweave diverse styles from various regions and lend an ethnic touch to clothing and jewellery. With Diwali right around the corner and the onset of the wedding season, the timing could not be better for women looking to shop for festive gifts, apparel and accessories. The latest collection of salwar suits, lehengas and saris at Lulu Hypermarket sets the trend with vibrant colours and intricate details. The selection features a variety of cuts and embroidery styles. Accessories and make-up are the finishing touches to an outfit. Opt for heavy metal earrings, dozens of bangles that complement the colours of your attire and stunning rings. Whether you choose to be loud or subtle, opulence is inevitable. Go easy on the make-up. Let the clothes do the talking at your party. Call 17 773-355 (East Riffa), 17 646-455 (Ramli Mall), 17 655-599 (Hidd) or 17 553-555 (Dana Mall).

76 November 2013

horoscopes even that an investment matures. On a more serious note, you should watch out for anyone seeking to take advantage of your good fortune.

Illustration by LIM Designs

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21

If you feel a little tired or stressed out, then a break from the pressures of life may be just what is required. Certain events both at home and work will come to a head around the 12th. Although you will deal competently and successfully with both, the aftermath leaves you looking for a way to reboot your engines.

Gemini May 22 - Jun 21



You will be contemplating a move overseas, probably in connection with work, although a family related matter might also have some bearing. If you are being offered a role within a newly formed company, do not burn all your bridges behind you. You never know when you might need your friends.

Cancer Jun 22 - Jul 23

Find out what November has in store for you‌

A secret concerning money will suddenly come out into the open and bring a measure of controversy into your life. You may discover that a friend you thought could be trusted has spoken behind your back and put the spark to the resulting fire. You may find yourself falling out over the matter becoming common knowledge.

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22

Leo Jul 24 - Aug 23


Forces at work are conspiring against you and will lead into an unhappy period as far as your career is concerned. Inevitably, the situation will reach a peak when the final word may not end in your favour. You could also encounter a mini-disaster at home and there is a likelihood of some major repairs needed around the 28th.

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21

You will probably be in a reflective mood this month; relationships are high on the agenda. If you feel that your marriage or relationship has lost its sparkle, try setting aside a weekend where the two of you can rekindle the embers that still exist. A contented heart will go a long way towards allowing you to appreciate other areas of your life.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20

November sees you having to face up to a stern lesson in humility; you could meet your match in an adversary at work. You could even be forced to seek legal advice. Your patience will be strained and edgy, but you should try not to take out your frustrations

on family or friends. The solution to your problem may very well be to swallow your pride.

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19

This month will see temptation put in your way, probably with financial overtones. You must seriously consider your course of action. Giving in will see you become embroiled in a spiral that can only lead to further complications. If you get too deeply involved, there will be no turning back.

Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20

A recent loss in the family or perhaps of a close friend is really only starting to hit you emotionally now. You may find yourself reflecting on life and maybe even decide to make a career change. Any role in volunteer or social work might prove temporarily satisfying, but the real need you have is for emotional fulfilment.

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20

That particular purchase you have been after finally makes itself available to you. It could be that a relative leaves you some money or

The collapse of a relationship sees you in a weakened emotional state. There is the possibility that you may even be considering moving house as a consequence of this break-up. On a slightly different note, an individual who has been opposing you in some manner concerning property will find their efforts to be in vain.

Virgo Aug 24 - Sept 23

Your final moment of triumph in a longstanding dispute is delivered in a fashion even you could not have imagined. A useful ally will make himself or herself available to you at the start. On a different note, you will be forced to take some time off work because of a small injury.

Libra Sept 24 - Oct 23

An unfounded sense of overconfidence will backfire on you this month when you discover that a decision you had been counting on going your way turns against you. You may be best advised to cut your losses and try hard to begin a new chapter. Stubbornness will only lead to further difficulty in the future. November 2013


listings Bahrain Taxi/Limo Services Bahrain Limo 17 266-999 London Taxi 17 461-746 Saudi Bahrain Transport 17 321-218 Speedy Motors Service 17 682-999 Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies Al-Kindi Specialised Hospital 17 240-444 American Mission Hospital 17 253-447 Bahrain Defence Force 17 766-666 Bahrain Specialist Hospital 17 812-000 Ceram Dental Clinic 17 131-123 Dr Enas Surgical Clinic 17 812-195 Dr Tariq Hospital 17 822-822 East Riffa Maternity Hospital 17 771-258 Geriatric Unit 17 320-969 German Skincare Clinic 17 722-696 Gulf Pharmacy 17 877-107 Haffadh Dental Hospital 17 311-180 International Hospital 17 598-222 Jidhafs Maternity Hospital 17 550-022 Marafie Clinic 17 585-373 Muharraq Maternity Hospital 17 322-911 Noor Specialist Hospital 17 260-026 Psychiatric Hospital 17 279-300 Royal Bahrain Hospital 17 246-800 Salmaniya Medical Complex 17 288-888 Sitra Maternity Hospital 17 730-758 Therapy Centre 17 592-401 Western Region Maternity 17 631-627 Beauty Centres and Spas Al Arrayed Centre 17 272-323 Ann Beauty Center Spa 17 623-704 Bahrain Wellness Resort 17 795-961 Bellacura Beauty Lounge 17 364-955 Beauty & Nails Salon 17 717-323 Bliss Spa 17 742-222 Bodyline Spa 17 793-932 Coral Beach Club 17 312-777 Celebrity Salon 17 232-944 D.Done Salon 17 794-441 Dessange Spa 17 713-999 Elie & Jean 17 580-885 Joz Salon and Spa 17 369-133 La Fontaine Spa 17 230-123 Lovely Lolita 17 540-101 Nice Nails 17 795-101 Perfect Nails 17 484-333 Pineapple Spa 17 712-000 Regency Therapy 17 208-355 Ritz-Carlton 17 586-808 Sparadise Spa & Salon 17 313-131 Sheraton Hotel Spa 17 533-533 Tip Toes 17 744-175 Zoya Beauty Centre 17 740-800 Health and Fitness Centres Al Areen Palace & Spa 17 845-000 Coral Beach Club 17 312-777 Curves 17 691-496 Dessange Health Club 17 713-999 Ez Fit Sportsplex 17 692-378 Equilibre 77 066-033 Fitness First 17 564-005 Futureshape Fitness 36 657-059 Hoi Jeon Moo Sool 17 594-173 Kangoo Jumps 39 411-407 La Figure Aesthetic Center 17 785-153 Le Mirage Health Club 17 531-666

78 November 2013

Life-Fit Mövenpick Health Club Pars Health Club Profile Fitness Centre Regency Health Club RJ’s Health Club Sheraton Fitness Sofitel Thalassa Sea and Spa Sporting Club, Ritz-Carlton The Pole Workout World Beat Fitness Center Women’s Organisations American Women’s Association Australasian Group Awali Ladies Association Business Women’s Society Hamad Town Association Indian Ladies Association International Ladies Group Madinat Hamad Society Pakistani Women’s Association Young Ladies Society Jewellery Al Zain Jewellery Ambassador Stores Asia Jewellery Bahrain Jewellery Centre Bansri Jewellery Bulgari Chopard De Beers Dalil Jewellery Damas Jewellery Devji Jewellery Dior Boutique Kooheji Jewellery Liali Jewellery Swarovski Yaquby Stores Cafes and Resturants A Piece of Cake Dar Al Bareh Café Al Bindaira Café Aroma Café Café La Ventana Café Lilou Café Vergnano Camille’s Sidewalk Café Caramel Casa Blu Cinnabon Costa Coffee (Adliya) Delifrance (Budaiya) Dolce Vita Restaurant Don Vito Dulce Café Hard Rock Cafe Jasmi's Coffee La Maison du café Le Chocolat Let's Bagel Lilou Pâtisserie Little Caesar’s Friends Café Maggie’s Café Maya La Chocolaterie Med Café

33 001-261 17 460-000 17 814-777 17 727-766 17 208-355 17 727-230 17 533-533 17 636-363 17 580-000 39 259-552 17 612-576 17 685-882 39 101-348 17 678-947 17 721-188 39 449-222 17 531-468 17 825-865 39 643-396 17 791-453 17 262-237 17 582-232 17 225-513 17 535-344 17 582-444 17 229-457 17 582-559 17 520-088 13 320-568 17 259-744 17 583-283 17 224-170 17 534-160 17 530-411 17 178-160 17 581-021 17 171-800 17 596-055 17 713-535 17 587-587 17 582-711 17 716-711 17 714-440 17 178-408 17 533-808 17 797-087 17 710-424 17 530-010 17 749-299 17 696-031 17 713-401 17 714-464 17 822-274 17 291-569 17 321-371 17 277-722 17 530-666 17 179-192 17 715-370 17 744-144 17 713-732 17 712-228 17 179-610 17 713-088

Motorox Café 17 592-583 Nespresso 17 723-172 Skyw@lk Café 17 363-999 The Noodle House 17 666-353 Tony Roma's 77 335-000 Fashion and Retail Al Aali Mall 17 007-270 Accessorize 17 581-588 ABS 17 583-140 Agent Provocateur 17 131-220 Aldo Accessories 17 179-247 BCBG Max Azria 17 587-875 17 178-670 Bebe 17 245-736 Brands for Less Camaieu 17 179-767 Celine 17 179-560 39 521-952 DC Love Brands Dior 17 534-160 Gap 17 178-607 Giordano 17 179-292 H&M 17 179-885 Karen Millen 17 583-335 Mango 17 582-864 Max Mara 17 530-815 Michael Kors 17 178-630 Next 17 179-820 Nine West 16 686-207 Optica 17 516-810 Promod 17 178-630 Pumpkin Patch 17 179-621 Punt Roma 17 172-307 Reiss 17 179-386 Salvatore Ferragamo 17 178-535 Top Shop 17 179-486 Motoring Almoayyed Motors 17 737-373 Behbehani 17 701-333 EK Kanoo 17 787-888 Euromotors 17 750-750 Supermarkets Alosra 17 739-444 Lulu 17 553-555 Home Details 17 593-616 Roche Bois 17 582-901 Appliances Mohammad Fakhroo 17 253-529 Yaquby Stores 17 582-250 Banks BMI 17 508-080 HSBC 17 569-999 Event Planning Leaves 17 599-055 Hotels Gulf Hotel 17 713-000 The K Hotel 17 360-000 The Diplomat Radisson Blu 17 531-666 Kids Studio Ceramics 17 599-026 Aminals 16 030-103

If you want to be included in these listings, please email

he says

Life Everlasting by JAMES CLAIRE

I don’t mean to sound morbid, but I have found the answer to the age old quest for eternal youth – it is death!


f all the juxtapositions in life, the most baffling has to be our constant fight between ageing and trying to find a mythical fountain of youth. Everyone uses creams and medications or travels the globe seeking places in the hope of preventing or slowing the ravaging process or ageing. We’ve been looking in the wrong places. My best friend passed at 21. I used to look at his photos thinking how great his life was and compare it to mine. Then I realised, his life was cut short and ended there. His life never had a chance to go wrong, to have mishaps or to suffer the indignities of age, like sore backs, leg veins and thinning hair. So many people have been lucky in this manner. Okay ‘lucky’ may be a harsh word for some of you to comprehend in light of the subject matter. Would we love, adore and reflect upon Marilyn Monroe if she were still with us, wrinkled, withered and at 87 years of age?

Would we hold her to the same respect and admiration? Would she have by now gone the way of so many celebrities in shame, drunken behaviour, bankruptcy, provocative tapes or lurid events? Would she merely hide her face from paparazzi? James Dean, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin, John Lennon, Ritchie Valens, Martin Luther King, Jr, Diana, Princess of Wales, John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Amelia Earhart, Che Guevara – this is a short list of those we still idolise despite their passing decades ago. Eternal youth never did inspire me. Some days the concept of seeing out another day can seem far too long. Living forever or prolonging nature seems futile. Sometimes, the reality that we’ve been given 60 to 80 years to merely arrive, work and leave seems a little silly to me. Are we here to benefit the world? Are we merely toys of a higher being or an experiment of another?

For those who do believe in eternity or the hunt for it and for those who seek to turn back the years despite no one before us being able to, consider the fact that those we adore for their youthful features and for their ability to prevail throughout the decades are often those who have actually already left us. Going early allows us to leave unblemished records. We could look smarter and wiser in youthful demise as we had no time to destroy the image of perfection and get into the strife and troubles that come with age. Remaining young and searching for perfection may not be so much about a hunt for balms, oils and expensive resorts. It might just be the ultimate con. Eternal youth may not be something to attain in life, but actually the opposite, to attain in death! What are you willing to sacrifice to be remembered forever? It’s quite a troubling thought really and not something that I wish to add to my bucket list. November 2013


she says

Timeless Grace by Behnaz Sanjana

In this world of synthetic beauty, it’s hard to ignore the fine lines creasing your face. I urge you to see the bigger picture and age elegantly.


een years and the exciting twenties is when flawless skin and a perfect figure are easily attainable. Thereafter comes the terrible thirties, but all isn’t lost as yet. And then, quicker than you can say ‘facelift’, arrives the frightful forties. ‘Middle-aged’ becomes your middle name. Yikes! “Bring on the botox, please! Summon liposuction and laser to restore my prime,” you scream inwardly. Hold your horses, ladies! Who are we trying to fool and what do we want to prove? A woman’s laugh lines tell her story. They tell of her rollercoaster ride, zooming over fantastic highs and plunging into daunting lows. Her stretch marks and scars are proof of her amazing strength during childbirth and

80 November 2013

sickness. Her wrinkles stand testament to the wisdom, compassion and experience acquired over the years. Middle-age is often when a woman has found herself; when she knows what really matters at the end of the day. So why spend astounding amounts of time and money to stop the natural ageing process? Youthful looks is the last thing self-worth is to be measured against. Sadly, that is not the truth today. If we use our resources and hours in more meaningful ways, we could touch the lives of others and make the world a slightly better place to live in. And perhaps, we could leave an indelible mark on humanity. Graceful ageing is all about ditching the vanity,

laughing freely, and loving others and yourself unconditionally. Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way endorsing the ‘let yourself go’ attitude. Don’t sell off your treadmill and dump the mascara just yet. Eat right. Exercise. Use sunscreen. Pamper yourself. Walk tall in designer heels (or opt for lacy lingerie, if you please). Get a chic hair cut; choose a trendy colour to hide the greys. Don’t fall prey to the ‘frozen forehead’ syndrome. Signs of age are a badge of honour to be worn with pride. Happiness brought about by a little nip here and a lot of tuck there is only fleeting. Don’t be afraid to eat a cake. Go ahead! You owe it to yourself.

Woman This Month - November 2013  

November 2013 | issue 129 - WOMAN THIS MONTH - Celebrating the experience of womanhood

Woman This Month - November 2013  

November 2013 | issue 129 - WOMAN THIS MONTH - Celebrating the experience of womanhood