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MAY 2012 | Issue 111

The Spring-Over Habiba gets a Fresh Look

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People 16 The Gift Of Education: Cynthia Gessling Interview 18 Discover a New World: Mala Kumar Talks the Joy of India 20 Find Your Potential: Alex Jelonek Turk



24 Fashion News Bulletins: All the Latest 26 What the Stars are Wearing: Celebrity Fashion 28 Wedding Battle: Cheap Vs Chic 30 Wedding Guests: Guide for those Attending 42 Rosa Clara: Spanish Dresses to Die For

Weddings 40 Don’t Panic: 20 Tips for Planning the Big Day 44 Consumer Report: Weddings Uncovered


Beauty 52 News: May Products 54 The Spring-Over: Habiba Gets a New Look 58 10 Tips: The Best Brows 60 Fragrances: Spring is in the Air



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MAY 2012 | Issue 111


Habiba Al Mosawi, Modelling our Spring Summer Makeover. Clothes: Stradivarius and H&M. Makeup: Make Up Forever. Hair: Elie & Jean. Photo: Andrew Weaver. More details inside…

Bahrain Edition woman this month

May 2012, issue 111

The Spring-Over Habiba gets a Fresh Look

Marital Bliss The Weddings Issue


Go Organic! Better your Wellbeing

Perfect Brows Makeup How To ISSUE 111


| May 2012 | woman this month

8 Write Here, Write Now 78 Recipes: Yummy May Treats 80 Travel: Great Getaways 86 Horoscope: May in the Stars 88 Columnist: No Throwaways



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Welcome Love is a

Wonderful Thing E D I T O R ' s l etter


alling in love is easy for some, but there are others that wait a lifetime to meet someone with whom they feel that strong connection. So, when you do find the person you’ve been looking for, it is only natural that you would want to cement your tie to them forever. We are coming up to wedding season here in Bahrain. This means that brides everywhere will be dashing around trying to find the perfect dress, the venue with the most ambiance and the flower arrangements that perfectly co-ordinate with the bridal party’s outfits. All this organising can be very stressful, which is why Woman This Month would like to help you out, wherever possible. So, check out our wedding planner’s survival guides, have a look at our bridal fashion features and be sure to read our makeup and beauty tips. For those of you who don’t have weddings on the brain, we have a special makeover feature! One lucky reader was treated to a full-on Spring/Summer revamp, from makeup, to hair and clothing. We lead you through a step-by-step guide to the two different looks. As usual, we have all the regular parenting, food and wellbeing features. Everything you need to make May your makeover month!

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Letters Interview

Write Here Write Now STAR LETTER Fashion Fantastic

I was really bowled over with the fashion in the April issue of Woman This Month. The Spring/Summer trends feature was spot on. I particularly loved the “Pretty Pastels” pages — lots of really great items. I am definitely going to get one of those green Valentino bags. I have to say, my friends and I have seen a great improvement in the fashion pages over the last few months or so. The items on display have become much more fashion-forward and the design is really exciting. Well done Woman This Month team. We really like the new blog on the website too — now we can keep up to date more often. Debbie, by email.


So voraciously have we been lusting after the brights that we’ve begun to wholly neglect the paler colour palette. Well, now is your opportunity to redress the balance. Making use of the pastel spectrum has to have been the trend of the Spring/Summer runways. Everyone from Miu Miu to Calvin Klein, Lanvin to Tommy Hilfiger made pastels a feature of their collection. Whether it was matching twinsets, fifties-inspired shift dresses or something a little bit more avant-garde, a huge variety of pastel looks made their way down the runway. Here in the Woman This Month office, we have been cooing over the Phillip Lim collection — he has given a fantastically upbeat twist to last year’s minimalism. So, forget the colour clashes, ignore the crazy prints and head straight for something icy and pale. You don’t always have to make a loud statement in order to stand out.

meaDham KirChhoFF houSe oF hollaND


| April 2012 | woman this month






Paul Smith


By Natasha Bird

She’s just been made one of only two UAE female country-wide managers for the prestigious Emirates airline and she shot up the ranks in record time. We spoke to Reema Al Marzooqi about what being a woman means for her career. 8

eema Al Marzooqi cuts an impressive figure. She is an intensely beautiful and feminine woman, which makes it even more striking when you walk into her office to see her sitting behind a large mahogany desk with her computer and all her paperwork around her. She is also a warm and welcoming woman, which makes talking to her about her role as Bahrain’s most senior permanent member of staff within the Bahrain section of the Emirates empire an interesting proposition. Her job comprises of overseeing everything that goes on in the Bahrain station in its entirety — including the sales and marketing, ticketing, legal and customer affairs divisions. So, as you can imagine, she has had to figure out just how to command the right level of respect and commitment from those around her. “It was a very challenging proposition”, Reema says of being offered her new role. Emirates is a leading and ever growing airline. Like many other companies, it has had a tough time dealing with the recent financial year, but this hasn’t stopped plans for expansion. Emirates bought around 50 new Boeing 777s during the Dubai air show and currently has has an impressive 69 A380 double-deckers on order, adding to their already large collection of passenger planes. Ten years ago, they only had one daily flight out of Bahrain, but that number has since shot up to 21 a week, making Reema’s job considerably more complicated. As one of only two UAE national female country managers, Reema is acutely aware of the difficulties of being a trail-blazer. “This is such a male-dominant field”, she says, “So I feel very proud to be a woman in this office. There are, of course, obstacles that I face where a man wouldn’t. Sometimes it is hard to be taken seriously. You cannot command respect and trust by force. I have needed to prove myself in order to gain the respect I require to do my job. I have carefully considered my targets and worked hard to achieve them, which means I can almost let the numbers speak for themselves.” The sense of needing to prove oneself, to show that women are just as capable, is probably one of the many reasons why Reema was the best candidate for the job. As she says, “As women, we do have the feeling that we have more to prove; there is more of a point to make. This means that we commit to working harder, being more organised, taking more responsibility.” There is an argument, though, that Reema’s concentrated need to prove something will mean that she has a tougher time than others might in the same position. “I try really hard never to complain”, she explains, “Because the moment that you do, there are people that will say, ‘Oh she is being spoilt’, or, ‘She is weak’ and they will blame it on your gender. It is for this reason that I have to be prepared to accept any challenge. If they want to move me to somewhere controversial or any country in general, I will say yes. I will go because I don’t want to show them that we cannot do it. We will go and we will make an example of ourselves.” “I got this position by working to the same standards as anyone else. I enrolled in the Management Outstation Training, which is rigorous. It is almost a two and a half year process, with training in a lot of different departments, because you will have to understand all of them to oversee them. There is a panel of senior Emirates employees to evaluate you every step of the way. You cannot move on if you do not meet their standards. You have to do presentations and pass tests.” “After this, you are offered a middle-management position somewhere, in order to prove that you can handle a station posting later on. Many people spend three or four years at this level, but I was offered the Bahrain country manager position after about eight months.” Like men and women all over the region are beginning to come to terms with, Reema is only too aware of the need to educate the Middle East’s female population. “I studied business administration at the American University of Sharjah and after this I decided to do two Masters: human resources with psychology and industrial relations,

woman this month | April 2012 |

Reema Al Marzooqi is a great inspiration to women in the Middle East. I really enjoyed reading the article about her journey up the ranks of the Emirates Airline. I think it is really important to see stories like this, where women are gaining success in what might be a man’s industry. My sister recently moved to America and graduated university as a lawyer. Some of our family did not understand why she would make such a decision, but now that she has got her degree as a lawyer, we are all very proud of her. It shows that it does not have to be a “man’s world” any more. Women can be the rulers too. We just have to work hard to get there and to make a name for ourselves. Deena, by email.


Spring Clean Tips:

Your Career


The application process

1. Perfect your CV. Here is where it all begins, the first

impression that a company gets of you. Abide by the “less is more” strategy and be brief — a potential employer will spend just a few seconds glancing over your CV.

2. Apply less, follow up more. Be specific about what you

want. It is tempting to just apply here, there and everywhere, but nine times out of ten you are more likely to succeed if you know what you want and are determined.


Company search, don’t job search. Within the field you envisage yourself working, research ten or twenty companies. This way you will be applying for the job you actually want, rather than something unrelated.


Network. Whether in person or virtually, networking is a crucial tool for obtaining a job. Sites such as Twitter are ideal for spotting new vacancies or developing a rapport with someone who can introduce you to the “right” person.


Get practicing. An interview is the first time your potential employer will see you, and they will notice everything. Remember; they will have to work with you every day so it’s mainly about likeability!

6. Volunteer. A lot of graduates today are getting their first job as a result of interning. Don’t count it out — it may not pay for a while, but this is a good way to get your foot in the door of your desired industry.

7. Don’t despair. A huge part of applying for jobs is being

rejected, or worse, ignored. Remain positive and motivated so that you don’t lose your passion.

Massimo Dutti strappy sandals are more than chic.


Rub shoulders with the right people. Schedule lunches with industry-related people who can assist you professionally. They may be able to give you advice, introduce you to the right person or just ignite your passion for your work.


Freshen up your workspace. There is nothing worse than coming to work each day and looking at the same photos, the same peeling paint and the same messy desk. Monotony is dull so mix things up a bit.


Encourage teambuilding. You work with these people every day, so make an effort to get to know them better outside of work. Organise some events outside of the office environment for more informal interaction.


Further your learning. Take advantage of company sponsored training programmes and trips so that you can learn as much as possible. Many companies also run schemes to acquire further qualifications which will help you in other jobs.


Recognise your individual strength. Know your selling point and use it. Whatever your USP is, make sure your boss and colleagues know it too. It will show yourself and everyone that you are irreplaceable.

Spruce up your existing job


Be proactive. Once you have carried out the same job for a considerable length of time, it is easy to become complacent. Consider how you can better your job, how you will get more from it and how you can progress.

1. Pastels are a delicate shade, which means they need a delicate approach when it comes to styling. For footwear, look for pale court shoes or simple sandals. Shoe boots and overly-fussy heels will detract from your ensemble. 2. A thin waist-belt in a complementary shade is a nice addition, but try to keep it pattern-free and make sure it doesn’t destroy the line of your top or dress. 3. In the spirit of librarianchic, cashmere cardigans, twin-sets and shortsleeved pullovers have suddenly crossed the fashion divide between naff and nice. Wear them while you can!


High Flying Female


9. Consider your dress code. Simply by altering your


both at the University of Western Sydney.” “I think my experience in Sydney was so important, for the education, but also for other reasons. Studying abroad means that you get to experience a different culture. Sydney is very cosmopolitan, so I met people from all over, which means that I now don’t have a problem being asked to work anywhere in the world. Women need education like this — it means that they learn to be independent, to think for themselves, to be stronger and to build up their individual personality.” “I see education as a bomb or a weapon against any obstacle in life. It gives you the ability to deal with all sorts of situations. Things might happen to us, but we won’t have to rely on someone else to support us, we can help ourselves out of problems and take responsibility for ourselves. It will also provide you with better relationships. Education gives you the ability to relate more and understand your partner better.” Listening to such strong words, it seemed only fitting to ask Reema if she had any further advice for other women looking to climb the career ladder. “Women should keep the faith and never give up”, she says. “I really believe that if a man can do a thing one time, we can do it again and again, ten times better. Of course it isn’t easy, especially in this part of the world, even though now it has become further developed, but if we believe in ourselves, we can do anything. People might say that I am overly positive, but it is because of this attitude that I have reached where I am.”

| April 2012 | woman this month

maSSimo Dutti

Send your letter to editor@womanthismonth. com, by fax to 17 813-700 or by post to PO Box 20461, Manama. The star letter will win an amazing BD75 worth of treatments or products from Dr Abeer’s Cosmoplastic Clinic. The winner can choose between either a set of nourishing creams, a facial treatment or an eye lightening treatment. Perfect for a bride-to-be! | May 2012 | woman this month

Flying Female







wardrobe you can let others know “I’m here to succeed!” Dress for the job you want, not just the one that you have.

MICRO TREN D Seeing Stripe s! miSS SelFriDge

JohN roCha

NiCole Farhi

Mmh. Everybody loves a Bvlgari bag right? Especially in pastel coloured ostrich leather. Perfect for a springtime luncheon.


maSSimo Dutti izaBel goulart

PhilliP lim

Pales into

Love at

Fashion Pretty Pastels




Negotiate a pay rise. An increase in salary will always make you feel more worthy and will let you enjoy your free time more. Don’t be afraid to ask; it isn’t cheeky if you put in the hours, effort and show your progression.

If you want to jazz up the pastel look a bit and pastel colourblocks aren’t enough for you, then give the pastel stripe a whirl. Diagonal, horizontal, vertical or slightly patterned; stripes will give your look a different dynamic.

17. Strive for a promotion. You may have received pay rises

over the years, but a promotion is a true mark of your achievements and value at your present workplace.


Befriend your boss. By this point in your career you should be in regular communication with your management team. Try to interact with them on a personal level so that they notice and remember you when higher positions pop up.

19. Follow your dreams. Is the field you work in satisfactory, or By Alison Coldridge

Spring has finally arrived. Why not forget your home and wardrobe and concentrate on spring cleaning your career this year — it will make for a better you. 52

ChriStiaN louBoutiN woman this month | April 2012 |

The next step


Branch out. If your existing company has offices abroad, why not transfer there to work for a year. Cultural experience always looks great on your CV and you may discover you love your new home.


| April 2012 | woman this month

is it time for a change? It’s never too late to embark on a new career path — the average person works for 40 years, so make sure you enjoy whatever it is you do.


Brave it on your own. After years of experience in your profession you will find yourself capable of using your skills for your own gain. Consider taking a leap of faith and starting your own company; of course it has risks, but think of what is to gain. woman this month | April 2012 |


A New Career Hi WTM, I really appreciated your Career Spring Cleaning article this month. I’ve been looking to make a change in my employment — it is so easy to get stuck doing the same thing for years and years. After reading it, I actually decided to resign from my current employment. I have done the same job for six years in Bahrain and it was time for me to finish. I am now going to go back to Denmark to see my family and to re-train in a different job. So, thanks for helping me make the tough decision to go for it! Lise, by email.


New This Month

Beach Head to the



Massimo Dutti H&M





| May 2012 | woman this month


Jimmy Choo

Anselm Reyle for Dior

Massimo Dutti




Metal Love Salsa

Marks and Spencer


| May 2012 | woman this month

As we saw in last month’s issue, metallics are an important part of Spring/ Summer 2012. If you aren’t quite brave enough to pop on a pair of shiny silver trousers or a gold plated corset, give this a go instead. Pick a metallic accessory as an accent to your outfit.


Donna Karan

Shopping Massimo Dutti

Dorothy Perkins

Salvatore Ferragamo


Jimmy Choo

Give the pastels a rest for five minutes and take a look at some of the amazing and fun colourblock items available in stores this month. Orange and red, blue and green, pink and violet‌the choices are endless.


Marni for H&M




| May 2012 | woman this month

Marks and Spencer



Chance of a


Natasha Bird speaks to Cynthia Gessling, acting director of The Crown Prince International Scholarship Programme (CPISP) about the amazing opportunities awaiting certain gifted Bahraini students. 16

| May 2012 | woman this month


t goes without saying that higher education is important. There are, of course, ways of achieving success without it, but on the whole, heading off to university will be the making of a person. Studying for a degree trains you in discipline, working ethics and delayed gratification, while at the same time giving you the opportunity to integrate socially with people from other cultures and backgrounds. A lot of these benefits are made even more potent if, as many Bahrainis do, you opt to study abroad. An education overseas, however, can be very hard to come by. Most universities in America and Europe will charge a hefty premium for international applicants. There are often limited places for foreign students and you are also left with the task of finding suitable accommodation and budgeting for living expenses in a place that is unfamiliar to you. Imagine then, that there were a way to benefit from all the amazing things about studying abroad, without having to worry about any of the drawbacks. Cynthia Gessling explains that, for ten hardworking Bahraini students, this dream can become a reality. Now in its 13th year, the CPSIP has developed into one of the most superb opportunities in the Kingdom. Students from public and private schools submit their applications for the programme when they reach 11th grade. Applicants are required to have a minimum GPA of 97 per cent. Sixty candidates are then selected, based on the results of the

related to their education, accommodation, tickets and living expenses when abroad are covered by the programme. It all sounds so perfect; there must be a catch? Apparently not. According to Dr Gessling, HRH the Crown Prince simply wants to “give young Bahrainis a level playing field”, so that more will get the opportunity to “achieve academic and personal success.” There is something else behind the idea too. “He feels very strongly that his mission to foster and support these scholars, who will eventually give back greatly to their country, will reap great rewards for the Kingdom of Bahrain," says Dr Gessling. The CPISP not only provides its students with the valuable opportunity to study abroad up to postgraduate level, but also gives them the freedom of choice when it comes to their employment choices both inside and outside Bahrain. Many students have indeed scored themselves jobs and internships on distinguished international firms. The rich addition that gives to the capabilities of the programme's alumni makes them a valuable asset to the development of the nation, once they put their efforts into contributing to its growth. "The exposure to other cultures, experiences and ideas while taking pride in one's identity creates a strong source of inspiration for our students," says Dr Gessling.

qualifying exam, to undergo a year-long educational enrichment programme, through which they are assessed. It covers critical thinking, leadership, S.A.T. preparation and more. Students benefit greatly from the programme even if they don't make it to the final ten, as it is a fantastic opportunity to learn and interact. "His Royal Highness the Crown Prince likes an out of the box thinker," states Dr Gessling, "he doesn't want a cookie cutter scholar. He likes them to challenge the status quo and to voice an opinion in critical thinking, leadership and more." The final recipients are selected based on their GPAs, results of their IELTS and SATs and performance in the training programme and critical thinking course. The programme is of great benefit to all the candidates and is a great opportunity to interact and experience creative methods of thinking and evaluation. The selection process, including all student scores and grades, is reviewed by an independent auditing firm to ensure accuracy and transparency. The criteria by which the selection processes are carried out ensure equal opportunity and competitiveness for students from both genders and all schools. The programme attends to all details concerning the students from the selection process until they graduate. In addition to the assistance they are provided with in choosing from among the world's most prestigious universities, officals at the programme go to the length of making trips with the students to ensure that everything is in place for them. Costs

"Young women and men in the programme have demonstrated their commitment to success and achievement since the beginning of their undergraduate studies and are expected to continue doing so," she continues. Bahrain, being a progressive nation, has strong women women who have proven their independence and capabilities. But even with that, the cultural and social patterns are taken into consideration by the programme. There is active communication with all families, especially with those that may have concerns about their daughters being away from them. I asked Dr Gessling whether she had experienced any difficulties relating to this. "It is a family matter for some people, but of course we plan for this," she says. "We have developed a new leadership model and we have a section named ‘Going West’ which helps to prepare students for the potential changes. We coach the families, allowing them to understand that their children are safe and showing them how much they can benefit from the experience. Our female students are very strong and they do really well. We have girls now at NYU, Columbia, Harvard and all of these scholars are just incredibly interesting, very driven and personally motivated.” Finally, I asked Cynthia to spare a final thought for young Bahraini’s with big dreams. “Never give up on yourselves,” she says, “If you want something, you have to pursue it. When it comes to these scholars, it is their strong belief in themselves which has made them successful.” woman this month | May 2012 |



India Discovering

Mala Kumar


| May 2012 | woman this month

Woman This Month sat down with Mala Kumar, wife to the Indian Ambassador in Bahrain and all-round India enthusiast, to talk about her plans to bring the culture and vibrancy of her home country to the people of Bahrain.


f Mala Kumar is anything to go by, a visit to India should become a must on everyone’s checklist. She is a wonderful combination of colour and energy and she speaks about her home country with real exuberance. “We have just got so much to offer in terms of art, music, dance, food, clothes and jewellery,” Mala exclaims, “India is an amazing country. The simply vast richness and heritage that we have is astonishing and I feel we should show it more and more. India is an emerging power — it is a ‘soft power’ as my husband would say.” In a bid to share India’s greatness, Mala, along with a couple of other India-enthusiasts, has embarked on a mission to showcase India in the Middle East. This mission is taking the form of a series of lavish events, collectively known as Irresistible India, designed to give guests a total immersion in Indian culture. Mala plans to start the series with a real bang. The first event, which will have just taken place when this magazine hits the shops, is a luxurious evening of food, music and dancing. Guests to the first Irresistible India gala will have dined on a sumptuous fourcourse meal, which blends traditional and modern Indian cuisine. They will also have had the opportunity to watch two exciting dance troupes — one a Rajisthani folk group and the other a Bollywood troupe from Mumbai. And finally, they will have danced the night away as DJ Benson from Dubai spun a mix of modern and Bollywood tunes. The main idea, according to Mala, is to allow people to discover the lesser known aspects of Indian culture. “People in Bahrain love Bollywood, which is great, of course. It is already so popular that it is what people think of when they think of India, but there is so much else too,” Mala explains. “The Indian cuisine that most of the restaurants in Bahrain serve is usually the butter chickens and the tandooris", she says, “but people should try something else. The food from other parts of India like Gujarat, Goa, Andhra Pradesh are very different. They use different

spices and it would be nice for people to come and eat this and say, ‘Wow, I didn’t know this was also Indian’.” “After this first event,” says Mala, “who knows? I want to showcase the full extent of the culture of India. We are hoping to bring in contemporary art and then have some more traditional music too, with wellknown stalwarts in Indian music. We might bring in some stand-up comedians, theatre and perhaps have a culinary festival. I have big plans!” I asked Mala how the idea for Irresistible India came about and why it is so important to her to bring India to the people of Bahrain. “It all started with a private sari show that I did at home for the Jusoor programme, led by the wife of Bahrain's foreign minister, Shaikha Wesal. It was a gathering of prominent Bahraini ladies and diplomats' wives. It was to show them that saris are not just worn in one way and that, even though they are traditional dress, they can also be stylish and timeless. Many people didn’t know that there was a sari

of nine yards. The Italian ambassador’s wife volunteered to have a sari draped on her in the traditional style. People were fascinated because they thought it was all stitched, but it’s not, it’s all folded and draped in a matter of minutes,” describes Mala. “After this event, I teamed up with Renuka from La Bonn V and Irwin Rego, because we share the same passion for our country and it became our joint venture to produce the Indian gala evening” It isn’t just this passion which has spurred Mala on to creating the Irresistible India series, though. She feels that the Middle East and India have a special bond, which shouldn’t go overlooked. “There is such a huge population of Indians in the Middle East, especially here. Bahrain has been strongly influenced by Indian culture for many centuries,” Mala explains. “Bahrainis eat a lot of Indian food, a lot of people are familiar now with the mainstream music of India. Bahrain imports a lot of textiles and embroidery from India — a lot of the kaftans that you see are actually made in India”. There is also a sense that India is inextricably tied to the progress in the Middle East. Mala agrees: “Indians have contributed a lot to the development of the Middle East. I think that Bahrain is one of the countries where Indians enjoy a lot of respect, for their intelligence, their work ethic and their contribution to the economy. It is my delight to strengthen this bond and this relationship.” We, as well as Mala, are very excited to see how the Irresistible India series develops. Be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming events, because they are sure to be lavish, colourful, enlightening and a whole load of fun. woman this month | May 2012 |



Alex Jelonek Turk, at one time a trained music teacher, has dedicated herself wholeheartedly to a new cause — helping young people in Bahrain follow their dreams. Alex’s new company, Affinity Consultancy, is based on the principles of psychometric testing. This is a practise through which a trained interpreter can gain an understanding of a person’s individual skill sets, abilities, personality and interests. The usefulness of these sorts of tests is threefold. Alex’s company is able to test for learning difficulties in children of a variety of ages. She is also able to assess the results carefully enough to advise career paths or useful study directions among adolescents. Thirdly, she has a selection of tests which can prove useful in a business environment — helping employers select the most appropriate candidate from a group of potential employees. Most interesting to us, though, is capacity in which she is able to help young people in Bahrain make important life decisions. As we are beginning to understand, job satisfaction is an incredibly important part of life. We spend years and years of our lives at work, so it makes no sense to be stuck doing something we don’t enjoy. “I have had two careers myself,” says Alex, “I trained as a music teacher, but I wasn’t sure it was quite the thing, so I had to look into something else.” “I want to help children to avoid making choices without any guidance,” she explains, “because it is true that we don’t have careers for life so much any more, but stopping something and starting all over again from the beginning, with the need for new education, can be a very expensive process. If you find a good path early on, you won’t have to.” The quality which sets Affinity Consultancy apart from many other companies using psychometrics testing is Alex’s very personal touch. “There are many schools who think they have appropriate guidance counselling and there are many companies who use psychometrics tests, but the schools often look at too many people at once and I am not convinced that many of these companies really 20

| May 2012 | woman this month

The Future’s


take into consideration the particular environment they are testing in. The educational tests that I use are compared to norm groups in the USA and Europe, for example, as most will be, because it is very difficult to find tests that have been normed in the Middle East. So then it becomes really important to take this into consideration when you are assessing the results of the test.” “Within my practice I try to take all the environmental factors, such as the specific job market in Bahrain, and a person’s educational, family and medical history into consideration. I am trying to keep the business relatively small so that I can really concentrate on the individual and use my psychology background to develop a careful, personal assessment,” continues Alex. One of the most interesting things about Alex’s study of the Bahrain job market and the results of her psychometric testing so far, is

that she is able to assess differences in gender. “Based on the cases I have worked on so far,” she says, “I believe there is a big change happening and that girls as well as boys are being well educated and are now able to have a wider choice of careers. A certain percentage of society here will always adhere to very traditional roles, but there is a cultural shift happening.” It is also part of Alex’s personal touch that she is able to take gender into consideration when offering her assessment. She talks to the parents and to young women about their expectations. It is certainly not a case of narrowing the spectrum of options from which girls can choose a career, but more about preparing women for the challenges they might face on their chosen path — a wise and useful part of Alex’s services, if you ask us. Visit

The Children’s Academy Kingdom of Bahrain

A unique private school for children with mild-to-moderate learning difficulties Affiliated with the prestigious Alpha Plus Group of independent schools in England. A specialist education provision provided by a team of skilled teachers and therapists. A caring and child-centred approach based upon successful practice in England and supported by an exciting learning environment with emphasis on promoting positive self esteem. A broad curriculum based upon the English National Curriculum and the International Primary Curriculum. Individual Education Plans tailored for the need of each pupil. A low teacher- pupil ratio facilitating an individualized approach to each child needs. Classrooms equipped and resourced to exceptional standards supported by the latest in educational technology, including interactive white boards and a PC for each pupil. A state of the art Sensory Room and a Soft Play area that are unique to the Gulf Region. A specialist developmental delay/autistic classroom. For more information: Call +973 176 13234 or visit website Write to:


Fashion Fashion Forward Expert Be on top of your fashion game this May by heeding some of our advice. We bring you some tips from the fashion frontline.

Floral Midis

As modelled here in the Alice + Olivia Spring/ Summer collection, floral is in and unusual lengths are the best way to go about modernising a somewhat perennial trend. The big hat and fluro-makeup add a certain Mad Men feel to the look, which adds even more appeal.

Natasha Bird walks us through her May likes and dislikes.

Want It

These neon heeled Kurt Geiger platforms are more than on trend.

What’s Hot

Tom Binns’ ethnic inspired jewellery. Bright, bold and beautiful.

Under the Sea

Prints and patterns are on trend. If you really want to look like you are in the know though, you’ll have to get yourself something underwater themed. Starfish, shells and coral prints are what it’s all about. This Versace handbag in pretty pastels is to die for.

Bin It

Put away those winter boots right now! I don’t care how much you love them.

Hint of Neon

Neon accents are all over the place this season; whether it’s a neon plastic cuff, a neon bag or belt, or something even more exciting. These Casadei wedge heels with neon stripes would be a great way to jazz up a colourblock outfit.


| May 2012 | woman this month

Viva La Fiesta

There are a few very specific themes cropping up in the fashion world. One of them is the Spanish holiday trend. Whether its pineapple necklaces, palm tree prints or floral necklaces, it’s time to get out the maracas and join in the party. Check out this Blumarine runway look.

Get Gimmicky Gimmicks can be silly and twee, but you can’t escape them this season. Novelty sunglasses are literally everywhere. You can find everything from cute to completely ridiculous. These Lunettes purple hearts shades are a happy medium. Wear them with this season’s pastels.

woman this month | May 2012 |



Fashion News Bulletins The world revolves at a faster pace in the fashion galaxy. We bring you some little nuggets of information about the latest goings on.

DVF for Kids

Apparently, according to one fashion superstar, it is never too early to kit out your kids with top notch threads. Diane Von Furstenberg has collaborated with Gap to produce her first children’s line. According to Ms Von Furstenberg: “The Minute a little girl is born, she is already the woman she will be. So to empower a little girl is to empower the woman she will become.” So, no more shopping in Mothercare for us then!


The Cool Ms Cole Is there anything that Lily Cole can’t do? The model, turned actress, who just received a double-first degree at the prestigious Cambridge University, has now turned her hand to something new…and she’s only 23! Lily has turned presenter for her very own television programme — Lily Cole’s Art Matters — which will see her investigating the methods and practices of some of her favourite artists.

Lily Cole


Dangerous Allegations | May 2012 | woman this month

As we all know, the wrong kind of allegation can ruin your career in the fashion world, ahem, Galliano. Well, it’s Alexander Wang’s turn to feel the heat. Some of his ex-employees have felt so strongly about their mistreatment under his fashion label that they have filed a case with the Queens County Supreme Court, claiming he violated New York labour laws with regards to overtime pay and minimum wage. The cry of “sweatshop conditions” has brought about troubled times for many a label, so let’s see if Wang’s line suffers the same setback.

Alexander Wa


The Devil’s Return RJ Cutler — director of the Anna Wintour biopic The September Issue — is supposedly going to sink his teeth into another fashion drama. This time, though, it will be a feature film much like The Devil Wears Prada. Based on a novel by Lee Tolloch, former editor of Australian Harper’s Bazaar, it will follow the life of a ditsy, but savvy door girl, whose love of fashion is so full-on that she names and talks to her favourite frocks!

THhaenaDaevil W Ben Aebadrsess Pra ledma

How Much?! We’re sure many of you went a bit gooey over Natalie Portman’s red, vintage Dior Oscar gown. The deep ombre, the little black polka dots, teamed with the most delicate of diamonds; the look was simply exquisite, which is why we included it in our Star Style pages. Well, clearly someone thought even more highly of the look than we did, because Rare Vintage — the dealer from which Ms Portman borrowed the gown — put it on sale as soon as the Oscars was over. And it was snapped up for a whopping $50,000.

Natalie Portman

Sorry Stella! It’s the first time that such a fashion mogul has been called upon to design the British Olympic kit. But seeing as this is a particularly important year for Team GB, the UK management has pulled out all the stops. Stella McCartney was charged with the task. It is shocking then, that after the unveiling of the kit a few weeks ago, there would be such a negative backlash. Stella has received a barrage of insults, claiming that she was wrong not to use more red in her designs as it is an important national colour. Possibly a bit unfair?

Stella McCartney woman this month | May 2012 |



What the Natas


ha Bir


are Wearing

Okay, it’s not an Oscars month, so there aren’t quite as many big dresses to feast your eyes on this month. Have no fear though; we’re always capable of finding some cool celebrity looks for you… Lily Collins As the Beautiful Snow White in her upcoming film, it is only fitting that Lily Collins, daughter of drum legend Phil, picked something elegant to complement her milky white complexion. Her Dolce & Gabbana dress did the trick perfectly. She also wore Giuseppe Zanotti peep-toes.

Zoe Saldana At the 25 Most Powerful Stylists Luncheon in Beverley Hills, Saldana wore this quirky Alexis Mabille Spring 2012 couture dress. She accessorised with Jimmy Choo “Eros” heels and a Jimmy Choo clutch. We think this look is both beautiful and fashion-forward. Mena Suvari Despite having a few annoying poses in her repertoire, she does have some chic frocks too. To the premiere of the latest American Pie film, she wore this Autumn 2011 dress by Christian Siriano and paired it with Giuseppe Zanotti black and silver pumps.


| May 2012 | woman this month

Beyonce Knowles A glowing Beyonce Knowles debuted her post-baby figure in this blue Victoria Beckham number. Very brave of her to pick such a figure hugging design, but it looks great. She paired it with Lorraine Schwartz earrings and, not one, but two different Lanvin necklaces.

Diane Kruger Always on the ball when it comes to daring new designs, Kruger didn’t fail to impress in this gorgeous Jason Wu Autumn 2012. It’s a little bit oriental with a touch of matador and we think it’s great. Her black Gucci sandals were simple and chic and we like that her red clutch matches her lips.

Rachel Bilson As Director for the Sunglasses Hut brand, Rachel Bilson was sure to turn a few heads on arrival at their Spring Styles celebration in Santa Monica, California. She chose a laidback, but cute look; pairing a black Vanessa Bruno blazer with Isabel Marant wide-legged trousers, a Chanel bag and ShoeMint heels.

Elizabeth Banks Brave Ms Banks showed she’s not shy of a bit of colour in this orange Spring 2012 Elie Saab gown, worn to the Berlin premiere of The Hunger Games. Her styling was flawless, adding nothing too distracting that would detract focus from the dress.

Karolina Kurkova Czech model Karolina stunned onlookers at the Gala Spa Awards in this gorgeous Elie Saab gown, complete with a matching green belt and sandals. We love the wiry gold cuff — it adds a certain modernity to the old Hollywood glamour.

woman this month | May 2012 |



Fashion Fight:

Whether you’re rolling in millions or counting the pennies, nothing should stop you from looking like a dream on your big day. We’ve pitted the cash splashers against the thrifty shoppers and found you a selection of looks to suit your financial needs — which do you prefer?

Wedding of Luxury

Splurging the big bucks doesn’t always guarantee you a wedding of class and taste. There are some really expensive, really hideous meringue dresses out there. However, if you do have plenty to spend and you are knowledgeable enough about bridal trends and quality fabrics, you really can get the dress of your dreams!


Vivienne Westwood

If traditional isn’t your style, there are some amazing, modern, chic styles available. This Valentino shift is effortlessly elegant and super fashionforward. Who said you had to go floorlength to stand out on your big day?

Ms Westwood’s creations are always interesting. Her drapery and structure is infinitely feminine and perfect for wedding-day styles. You really couldn’t go wrong with this Vivienne gown.

Vera Wang

Monique L’Huillier

If you are a bit of a fan of the bling, Monique L’Huillier is the brand for you. She combines crystals and embellishments in a way that they make her dresses stand-out, but not overwhelming or tacky. This thigh split number is our favourite from her latest collection.

Ms Wang, as we all know, is queen of the wedding world. Her latest bridal couture is no less mouth-wateringly beautiful than anything that has gone before it. If it is elegance, sophistication and femininity that you are after, look no further. We even love the tulle headpieces — they add a certain modernity to a classically gorgeous look.

Versace Lanvin at

Jimmy Choo


If you keep the dress fairly simple, you can afford to opt for some dramatic, shiny, opulent or bedazzling accessories. 28

| May 2012 | woman this month




Wedding on a Shoestring

For those who don’t have millions to spend on your wedding get-up, there are some brilliant options to ensure that you look just as chic and just as classy as your richer counterparts.

Marks and Spencer

La Redoute

In the world of catalogues, La Redoute has a certain edge over many of the others. As French brands often are, this one has elegant written all over it. There are a number of sophisticated, slim, drapey silhouettes available.





The high street is a fantastic place to do a comprehensive accessories bargain hunt. If you look hard enough you can easily find something that looks a lot more expensive than it really is.


When it comes to dresses that suit a variety of shapes, Monsoon is a class apart. This off-white gown hugs a woman’s figure in all the right places.


We absolutely LOVE this Oasis design. As quirky goes, a shorter wedding dress is a good attention-grabber. This one also happens to be delightfully minimalist and the cut-out back is a great touch. We’d get rid of the belt and add an embellished sash or an exaggerated waist-corsage.


Bebe might be at the upper-end of the high street, but it is a high-street brand nonetheless. Their new bridal collection has a range of fabrics, colours, cuts and designs — something for every fashion savvy bride-to-be. woman this month | May 2012 |



Wedding Guest Chic Being the perfect wedding guest is tough. You want to look your best without upstaging the bride. Here’s our guide to wedding guest dressing…

Daytime Celebration Weddings that take place during the day, particularly those which are outdoors, demand a slightly more relaxed and girly style.


Coast specialises in evening and formal wear, so it’s no wonder they’ve got the Summer weddings in the bag. We like the embroidery detail and the soft ashy pink.


If it really isn’t such a formal event, try this dress. The high neckline keeps it from being too casual, but the length and the polkadots make it a fun and flirty option.

Elie Tahari

Okay so this is actually an Autumn 2011 look, but we loved it so much we wanted to use it as inspiration. Definitely experiment with midi lengths and accessories.

Jimmy Choo

Elie Saab

This is a great example of Summer daytime chic. The look is super girly, yet somehow also sophisticated. The scraped back hair is possibly what keeps it upmarket. 30

| May 2012 | woman this month





You can afford to be a little jazzy with your daytime accessories. Try a shiny print bag or some jangly bangles.

Evening Ceremony

Tesbuy is one of those sites that specialises in prom dresses and evening gowns. Although you do have to wade through the designs, there are some good ones in there.

Evening weddings in this part of the world signify a real dressing up opportunity. Floor length dresses are a must, as is a bit of bling.

Oscar De La Renta

This is the brand of choice among the celebrity ranks when it comes to evening gowns. The feathers and fur bolero give it the “wow� factor.

Carolina Herrera

For simple and sophisticated elegance, look no further than Carolina Herrera. There are a range of colours and cuts, each as chic as the last.

Jason Wu

Head to Net-a-Porter for the widest selection of couture gowns that you could need. Make a real statement with this Jason Wu design, but watch how you accessorise the look.

Actea Pendant. Carrera Y Carrera

Afrodita Earrings. Carrera Y Carrera


Whatever Olivia Palermo loves, so do we and she is currently brand ambassador for Carrera Y Carrera. Pick simple, shiny, sparkly accessories.

Oasis Donna Karan

woman this month | May 2012 |



Abstract Prints PROMOD

Fashion moves at an incredible pace. The faster it develops, the more interesting the colour palettes, patterns and designs tend to be. Have a look at these exciting abstract printed tops.


| May 2012 | woman this month


romod is a high-quality young brand, with a finger on the pulse at all times. So it makes sense that the designers at Promod have picked up on this year’s taste for colourful prints. Instead of the usual flowers, butterflies and bows, though, they are propelling us into the future with a set of interesting, abstract prints. We have found that the best way to wear these prints is to confine them to the upper half, rather than trying to do a head to toe look. This will give your outfit an accent and a focal point, without letting the print be overwhelming. As it is nearing Summer, you’ll want to pair your print with some lightweight, pale-coloured trousers. Have a look at some of the options available in store now. Call 17 172-309 (BCC), 17 556-188 (Bahrain Mall).

woman this month | May 2012 |




Walk on the

Wild Side

Animal prints never seem to lose their appeal. Take a look at these wild animal-inspired prints.


unt Roma is great at producing timeless pieces. What better way than to continue this tradition with a bit of leopard print or snakeskin? We love the interesting selection of wildcatinspired pieces. They are an instant way to glamourise a casual outfit. If leopard print isn’t your thing, maybe you’d prefer one of their cute tiger print tops. If that isn’t enough to whet your appetite, there are plenty of cool snakeskin items on offer too. A snakeskin bag or purse is a fabulous accent to a colourblock outfit. Go for it! Call 17 172307


| May 2012 | woman this month

Label Love PUNT ROMA

Parween Asiri is a fashion enthusiast and she’s found a brand which meets all of her outfit needs.


e all know of Punt Roma as a well established, demure Italian clothing brand. But, if we needed a little more help understanding its appeal, there’s really only one person to talk to. Parween Asiri is a self-professed fashion enthusiast. She likes to keep up with the trends and she loves looking her best as she heads off to work, but for Parween, there is one brand which caters for all of her fashion needs. It would be an understatement to suggest that Punt Roma is Parween’s favourite brand. In fact, Punt Roma is the only brand that she ever wears. “If you have a look at my closet at home, I could put a Punt Roma sign over the top of it and pass it off as one of the shops!,” says Parween. “I love fashion and I used to buy a variety of brands, but when Punt Roma opened in Bahrain and I visited it about three years ago, I stopped shopping anywhere else.” “The style in Punt Roma is classic and modern at the same time and the size fits me really well. One of the best things is that they have so many different lengths of skirt — short, midi, longer, very long — and these come in a big size range, all the way up to 52,” says Parween of her reasons for loving Punt Roma so much. “I bought a dress four years ago and I am still wearing it today. Last year I found some things in the store to go with that dress and accessories too. The colours and the styles are timeless,” she goes on. “The skirt suits are my favourite. I bought around six skirt suits from the new collection. I am wearing one of them today!”, says Parween. The skirt suits aren’t the only thing that she likes, though. “The handbags and the shoes are great. I like the design inside all the handbags. It is always divided so I am sure I will find a place for my mobile phone, a place for my keys and card. The bag I am using is from last year, but it still goes with everything this season,” she explains. Seeing as Parween is such a loyal customer, you would hope she might at least be on a first name basis with the sales staff. “I go to the store in Bahrain City Centre about once a week. They are really nice people in there: they are friendly and not only do they know me by my name, but they know my whole family story! In fact, a while ago, when I went in and found only trouser suits and no skirt suits, I sent them an email saying that I wish they had thought about this, they wrote back to me immediately and said they valued my feedback. And now I have six skirt suits from this year alone!” Call 17 172-307 (Bahrain City Centre)

woman this month | May 2012 |



Sporty Style SKECHERS

Sporty, protective, comfortable shoes don’t just have to take the form of running shoes. Have a look at these snazzy and fashionable options, which are just as kind to your feet as trainers.


kechers are a brand well known for their running, cycling and walking shoes. It is a little known fact, though, that they also stock a range of fashion-forward, foot-friendly designs. Take a look at this great selection of strappy sandals, colourful slip-ons and high-heeled flip-flops. If you want to be kind to your toes, avoid the risk of bunions, blisters or any other undesirable foot ailment, but you still want to look fresh, fun and fashionable, then you should seriously think about heading down to your nearest Skechers store and trying on a pair of their latest collection. Call 16 686-212


| May 2012 | woman this month

woman this month | May 2012 |



Pastel Pretty NINE WEST

Make sure you are on board with everyone’s favourite trend for this season.


astel shades are everywhere. The muted, white infused hues must be this season’s most prevalent trend. If you aren’t quite ready to dress head-totoe in mint green, baby blue or rose pink, then why not start by accenting your outfit with a few pastel accessories? Nine West’s Spring collection has exactly what you need to make your look instantly fashion-forward. Their cute pastel colourblock handbags and shoes are simple, sweet and totally on-trend. You’d be silly to miss out! Call 16 686-207 (BCC), 16 686-220 (Seef Mall), 16 686-228 (Bahrain Mall).


| May 2012 | woman this month


Little Black Dress

We all know about the Little Black Dress. It’s that timeless wardrobe staple that is wearable to any occasion at any time of year. What if you could win the perfect LBD?

Your Perfect Black Dress Get that perfect Black Dress designed just for you by Lady Fozaza! Buy a Philips Beauty product, look for the secret code and enter the LBD competition on Philips Beauty ME facebook page

How to participate: • Like us on facebook • Choose the dress you like & accessorise it to create the perfect look • Share your look with your friends to earn votes. Each vote gives you 1 extra point • Enter your secret code to earn 500 points. You can enter up to 5 secret codes


ell, now you can. Philips has teamed up with up-and-coming fashion designer Lady Fozaza, whose famous clients already include Kim Kardashian, to create a competition for the keen fashionistas out there. Lady Fozaza is known for her exquisite line of structured blazers, which has already found fans among the Kardashians, but she is also an accomplished blogger, buyer and fashion consultant. So, to get the opportunity to own one of her pieces or to communicate with her about fashion is pretty unique. For Philips customers, the chance to receive your own, bespoke LBD, designed for you by Lady Fozaza herself, is just around the corner. The rules of the competition are fairly simple. Simply go onto the Philips Beauty Middle East Facebook page, click on the “Little Black Dress” tab and away you go. Choose which of the dress designs you like the most, add accessories to it, share it with your friends and see how many votes you get. Each vote is worth one point and the girl with the most votes will win the competition. Here’s the key, though, every time you buy a Philips beauty product, you will find a personalised code inside the box. Adding this code to your design will gain you 500 points. You can add up to five of these codes. So, do you have what it takes? Visit or call 17 253-529

Visit Competition ends on the 30th June 2012

For more information contact 17253529

woman this month | May 2012 |



Tips: 20 Weddings Dos and Don’ts By Alison Coldridge

Be a bride and not a “bridezilla” on your wedding day. Leave the evil version of yourself at home and enjoy the most magical 24 hours of your life! 40

| May 2012 | woman this month



Get drunk. A loud and obnoxious bride isn’t the most impressive sight to behold, particularly if your grandparents, colleagues and fiancé’s family are watching. Plus, chances are you’ll miss out on the best of the night’s events.

2. Overexert yourself. Divide all of the wedding tasks between

your family and friends, after all that’s what you have bridesmaids for. Don’t take on too much yourself, so you end up exhausted and stressed beyond belief.

3. Fall out with friends and family. It can be a struggle to

remember, but it is always good to take other ideas on board — a fresh insight is often a good thing.


Overspend to impress. Trying to live up to friends’ weddings is always a mistake. Just because so-and-so had a five-tier cake and a string quartet doesn’t mean that your wedding won’t be as good.


Play corny music. Robbie Williams’ “Angels” is hugely overdone and, frankly, pretty lame! Select timeless tunes or something more simple and instrumental — after all, you don’t want everyone singing along out of tune!



11. Decorate with flowers. They are beautiful, smell divine

and are romantic; a simple way to decorate your wedding venue without needing lots of additional accessories.

12. Take advice from bridal magazines. The writers have researched the best honeymoons, seen every possible chair arrangement and viewed the most couture gowns, so it makes sense to take advice from them.

Invite people you don’t know/like. It is tempting to succumb to your mother’s “oh but you must invite your second cousin twice removed” suggestions. But it’s the one day you get to be entirely selfish, so invite whoever you want.

13. Be selfish. It’s the one day of your life where it’s all about you,


Involve your fiancé. Make him do some leg work as it’s his wedding too. He will feel more involved and as if he is making some constructive decisions, even if you are subtly steering him in the right direction…

Have your hen party the night before. A tired and hungover bride is not fit for a day of wedding photos. Get a good, restful sleep the night before so you are fresh and eye-bag-less.


Wear excessively high heels. Stumbling awkwardly down the aisle is not a good look and your nerves will knock your balance even more. Opt for walkable heels that you will be able to painlessly wear all day.

9. Overdo your makeup. You should always wear the same

amount of make up you do normally. You don’t want to look overdone and doll like.Your man will want to see you looking like the woman he loves.


Pick a dress that you can’t breathe in. Generally speaking, you will be wearing your dress from the morning right through to late in the evening, so you want to be comfortable and able to dance in it.

so make it about you. Serve food that you like, order your favourite champagne and create a bridal party containing the people you love.

14. 15.

Jet off on a lavish and long honeymoon. You only have a honeymoon once and it’s the perfect time to spoil yourselves with romantic dinners, leisurely swims and long walks on the beach.


Prepare your vows in advance. Hollywood’s movies always tell us that we’ll know what to say when the time comes. However, in reality this isn’t always the case. So, practice what you’ll say so you aren’t rendered speechless.

17. Invite your family. Eloping may seem spontaneous and

romantic, but it will probably break your mother’s heart if she isn’t able to be there fussing over you and wishing you well.


Be inventive. As weddings go, they are generally all quite similar. There is nothing wrong with stepping out of the box a bit and opting for a unique venue or dress code.


Hire a great photographer. After the day is over, the photographs will be the longest lasting mementos of your big day. Choose a photographer that will do your wedding justice and produce breathtaking images that you will forever be proud of.


Enjoy yourself. Achieve what few of us do…bridal bliss! Take time at the reception to have some drinks, dance with friends, catch up with relatives and generally have a good time. After all, it cost you enough! woman this month | May 2012 |



Simply Exquisite ROSA CLARA

As every bride knows, wedding days are all about the dress.


inding that exquisite gown, with the subtle detail, that hugs your figure perfectly, will ensure that you feel your very best on the day of your dreams. For the bride that requires true excellence, there is a boutique that you must not fail to visit. Rosa Clara, in Budaiya, is a gloriously modern shop, where you will be treated like royalty the minute you step through the door. Woman This Month sat down with Rosa Clara's Bahrain brand manager, to talk about the various collections. “The dresses are designed in Spain by Rosa Clara herself. The difference between this store and other boutiques is that we look after just this one brand, so we are experts in the fitting and the shapes and styles of this designer’s dresses,” she explains. “There are three lines,” she goes on, “which


| May 2012 | woman this month

are all slightly different. There is Rosa Clara which is simple, classically Western and elegant. All the dresses are made from 100 per cent pure materials, such as pure silk, so they are really kind to the bride’s skin. The dresses in this line are flexible — we can pair one bodice with another skirt or change the colour of the lace from ivory to black, for example. Whatever the bride thinks she would most like”. “There is also Soft by Rosa Clara. This is very simple, very elegant. The silhouettes are long, often made of silk and the material is draped. This line doesn’t have many big poofy skirts; it is more figure-hugging." “Finally there is Two by Rosa Clara,” she continues, “This is the line that most suits the tastes of the women in the Middle East. It is a fantasy line with more details and more volume. There is more lace and more

beadwork and sparkle”. “The most important thing here in our shop is the customer service,” she asserts, “We want the brides to make an appointment, so that we can prepare and look after her. We have received our house-training in Spain at the brand headquarters, so we can sit down with her and advise her about what will suit her shape, her hair colour, her skin tone. I don’t recommend setting aside less than an hour and a half, because we want to have time to talk and to look at options and to recommend dresses. We advise, for example, that a bride narrow her choices to no more than five dresses before she tries them. This way it will not overwhelm her.” Be sure to call ahead and book your appointment at Rosa Clara. You won’t be disappointed. Call 17 590-398

Consumer Report

Day of Your Dreams

Photo: Manuel Meszarovits

Woman This Month’s special weddings report — more than enough information to plan a truly smashing day.



eddings are about love, commitment, a pledge of fidelity and all that jazz. In theory, you could get married in a bus shelter and still celebrate something beautiful and everlasting. However, as most women will agree, if you want to throw a really good party and look your best on such an important day, a bus shelter just isn’t going to cut it! Woman This Month has taken to the streets of Bahrain to root out some great venues, hair stylists, photography options and lots more. Feast your eyes upon our comprehensive weddings feature.

Sheraton Bahrain Hotel Location: 6 Palace Avenue, Manama What: The Al Taj Ballroom is large enough to hold 400 people, so if you have a big extended family and lots of friends to accommodate, then this is a good option. They also have the Awali ballroom, which can accommodate 200 people, for a slightly more intimate affair. Price: They have a special Summer package between June and the end of September which starts at BD12++ per head. Contact: 17 524-560.

The Venue This is probably the most important part of the whole event. If your guests are left cold and hungry, no one is going to be having any fun. Luckily for you, great venues are something that Bahrain takes very seriously. Of course, some are more expensive than others, but it all depends on what you are looking for.

Gulf Hotel Location: Adliya, near the Grand Mosque. What: For something a little bit special, you can’t go wrong with the Gulf Hotel. If you have a large guest list, you’ll definitely want to look into hiring the Gulf Convention Centre. Their wedding package also contains lots of lovely little extras, like a night in a glorious suite for

| May 2012 | woman this month

the happy couple and a shaped or tiered cake. Price: Packages start at BD9++ per person with their summer wedding package in the smaller ballroom. Contact: Call 17 746-408 or email banquet@ Prestige Hall Location: North of the Shaikh Isa Bin Salman Highway, near the Salmabad Interchange. What: For those who don’t have a huge fortune to spend, this is a fantastic venue. It is widely reputed to be really good value for money. It is smart, large enough to accommodate a lot of guests, you will be well treated throughout the day and their three packages — Silver, Gold and Platinum — allow you to pick a price that suits. Price: With the Silver package, you can invite up to 500 guests for under BD 3,000. Contact: 17 406-611,

The Photography If it’s the day you’ll most want to remember for the rest of your life, you’ll want some good snaps to keep the memories alive. Finding a good photographer can be tough — you’ll want to make sure they can capture just the right atmosphere. Here are our recommendations. Summer Weeks What: Summer, who runs Summer Weeks Photography, isn’t a weddings photographer per se. She spreads her talents over a wider range of interests, but as you will see if you go to the weddings section of her site, she has taken some exquisite bridal shots. Price: Engagement and bridal packages start at BD500 and wedding packages begin at BD650. Contact: 39 939-445, www. and

Alia Flowers What: Alia isn’t just a flower store, they are actually an events management company. While you can simply organise your wedding flowers with them, they can also arrange for lighting, catering, chocolates, set design and more. Price: Individual bouquets are affordable at as low as around BD20, but there will be different rates for bulk buying as part of wedding packages. Contact: 17 714-696 Gloriosa What: A champion among weddings and large events, Gloriosa can cater for all your big day’s floral needs. They pride themselves on producing unusual and bespoke arrangements, that are designed to go all over your wedding venue. Contact: 39 919-313,

Manuel Meszarovits What: Meszarovits is based in France, but is an international photojournalist with a stunning collection of work. Each of his images capture some subtle story. You may have to shell out for his expertise, but he certainly won’t disappoint. Price: His most basic package, which includes a high definition coffee table book of the best 60 photos, starts at around BD1,760. Contact: +33 672 331-566,

Rolanda What: A boutique flower shop, Rolanda flowers works very closely with their clients to ensure that their wedding flowers precisely fit the specifications. Ms Rola herself says she loves to use a simple rose design for weddings as this is very elegant, but she is also able to cater for more extravagant tastes too. Contact: 17 715-158,

The Flowers Flowers are the easiest way to add some real ambiance to your special day. They are a beautiful, colourful and fragrant way of getting in touch with nature and adorning otherwise fairly bare venues.

The Hair and Makeup Every bride wants to look their very best, of course. So a lot of attention will be paid to the bridal party’s hair and makeup. Many salons will have a special bridal package. Be sure to test everything out in advance!

Dessange Location: Adliya What: The team over at the Dessange spa and salon are highly experienced in the art of caring for brides pre-wedding. Why not go and enjoy a relaxing scrub or aromatherapy treatment the day before? They have great professional makeup and hair stylists and a number of bridal packages Contact: 17 713-999 Joz Salon Location: Amwaj What: Like most salons, Joz has a lot of experience with weddings hair and makeup. There are plenty of different looks and, what they call, creative up-styles, so you can pick exactly what you want for the big day. Price: Bridal makeup prices start at BD60 and prices for creative up-styles start at BD25. They do charge a certain amount for hair and makeup trials, pre-wedding. Contact: 16 031-120. Bobbi Brown Location: Bahrain City Centre What: If you don’t mind shopping for hair and makeup at different venues, and you want something slightly more subtle, but very high quality in terms of bridal makeup, then look no further than Bobbi Brown. Known for bringing out a woman’s best facial assets, the experts at Bobbi Brown will come by appointment to fix your face for the special event. Subtle, yet elegant beauty! Price: Bridal makeup is set at BD150. Contact: 17 178-323.

woman this month | May 2012 |



Wedded Bliss GULF HOTEL

The key to a successful wedding, other than picking the right groom, is almost certainly the venue. Make sure you pick the right place for your big day.


t’s going to be the biggest day of your life. You’ve found the perfect partner, you’ve got the right makeup artist and hair stylist and you’ve even bought THE dress. If, like many women out there, you’ve been planning every detail in your head for as long as you can remember, then you won’t want your venue to let you down. The Gulf Hotel knows all about planning the perfect wedding. As one of Bahrain’s most prestigious venues, they have had years of experience in this particular art. From flowers, to place settings, chair décor to the right beverages, the Gulf Hotel is here to serve your every need. Whether you wish for your wedding to be the most glamorous, stand-out event of the year, or whether you would prefer something a little more relaxed and traditional, the Gulf Hotel can provide you with everything you need for a 46

| May 2012 | woman this month

tailored, personalised setting. From purple up-lighting, to colour-co-ordinated chocolates; from five tiered wedding cakes to traditional Arabic teas, the Gulf Hotel can do it all. Ceremonies can be performed indoors, in one of the hotel’s two ballrooms — the Awal and the Gulf Convention Centre — or outside on their terrace, next to the lagoon-style pool. Wedding packages for the Awal Ballroom start at BD10++ per person on weekdays and BD11++ per person at the weekends. If you book in the hotter months, however, you might find yourself lucky enough to take part in their summer discount package, which sees rates starting at as little as BD9++ per person. If you’ve set your sights on the mighty Gulf Convention Centre, you’ll be looking at packages starting at BD13++ per person on weekdays and BD15++ per person on

weekends, with rates starting at BD12++ during their summer package months. These packages contain a large number of amazing services. These include complimentary room rental for the bridal party on the day of the wedding; chilled juices upon arrival for all the guests, soft drinks throughout the meal and mineral water served all evening; tea and Arabic coffee; one deluxe suite or a one-bedroom apartment for the happy couple on the night of the wedding; dinner for the band members and a fruit basket, or heart shaped cake in the couple’s hotel room. So, if you want your wedding to be everything you dreamed of and much more, you’d be well advised to give the Gulf Hotel a ring and book up a slot before it’s too late! Call 17 746-408 or email


Expecting Excellence

Woman This Month takes a peek inside the grand doors of one of Bahrain’s most prestigious hotels.


estled in the heart of the diplomatic district of Bahrain, The Sheraton Bahrain Hotel is a welcome resting place for business visitors and tourist travellers alike. Stay With 256 different guest rooms — encompassing everything from the classic twin bed to the enormous royal and executive suites — you are sure to find just the perfect spot to lie your weary head after a long day’s work or exploration. Those who opt for the “club” rooms and above can avail themselves of a personalised butler service, complimentary refreshments and snacks, use of the Sheraton fitness centre and a range of other V.I.P. amenities. Eat If it’s great food you require, then great food you shall have. The hotel has three delightful restaurants, as well as a selection of other lounges and cafés. Check out Soie for some delicious Chinese cuisine. Seafood specialities include Kung Pao crab ,shrimp balls with sour sauce and steamed lobster.

If it’s something a bit more traditional to the region that you crave, you should definitely pop down to the beautiful Golestan restaurant. With such a beautifully modern, turquoise and white setting, you’d be hard pressed to find a more suitable business-lunch environment. With “express” lunches available for as little as BD10 throughout April, the busy worker is sure to find something delicious and cost-friendly to snack on. If neither of these takes your fancy, why not try out Al Safir, for international cuisine; the An Nada sunset lounge, for snacks and live entertainment; or Espressamente Illy, for a coffee of your choosing. Unwind For those of you needing a little relaxation, look no further than the hotel’s leisure and recreation facilities. The Sheraton Fitness is full of state of the art cardio and weights equipment — a perfect way to do some stress busting. Once you’ve sweated out the toxins in the gym, you might as well nip into the steamroom to give your airways a deep cleanse too.

Golestan Restaurant

On the roof you will find an outdoor, temperature controlled pool and jacuzzi, but also a set of rooftop tennis courts for those keen to team up. If you are really in need of some deep relaxation, you should book yourself in for one of the Sheraton’s massages. Work If it’s business rather than pleasure that brings you to Bahrain, make sure you check out the hotel’s nine meeting rooms, designed to hold anything between eight and 800 people. Call 17 533-533 or visit woman this month | May 2012 |



Planning Perfection CROWNE PLAZA BAHRAIN

Planning a wedding can be a stressful activity. Luckily for Bahrain based brides-to-be there are some fantastic wedding packages on offer.

Zainab Al Jarash


very wedding day should be a truly magical experience, just the way each bride and groom always imagined it would be. This can be a stressful affair, so it is important that you make the right choices along the way. The Planning. Take some of the stress out of planning your wedding and let Crowne Plaza Bahrain take care of everything with their “one-stop-shop” wedding packages. The package prices include everything from kosha set-up, cakes, flower arrangements, to your wedding give aways. And they can even style and personalise your wedding celebration just the way you want it. Making it even more convenient, they have a dedicated and experienced wedding coordinator, your single point of contact for all the details related to the big day. Zainab Al Jarash has been in this business for almost a decade and has every skill necessary to ensure skills that your event, from beginning to end, will 48

| May 2012 | woman this month

be nothing but spectacular. The Venue. Crowne Plaza Bahrain is a perfect venue. It is centrally located, in the Diplomatic Area, and can cater to a great number of guests, having the second largest ballroom in the Kingdom. Additionally, the hotel has a newly built multi-storey car park, which gives the much needed parking convenience for such big events. The Wedding Packages. The hotel offers a range of wedding packages and each one can be tailored to suit your individual tastes, including all the services you can imagine to make the organisation of your day easier. When booking a wedding at the hotel, guests can expect to receive the key to one of their excellent bridal suites, for a memorable stay. Breakfast and dinner are included and can be served in the room. The package provides you with a dinner buffet for all of your guests, drinks upon arrival and during the meal. After

dinner, Arabic sweets, tea and coffee, as per Arabic traditions will be served to guests. There are also a number of options available on request. If it is desired, the hotel can organise a special Majlis for the men and they can also provide the wedding party with a screen, DVD player and projector — for showing visual clips during speeches or for playing a series of photos on a big screen of the happy couple, for the guests to enjoy. Choosing a good venue for your wedding celebrations means choosing a partner that you can trust to take care of everything on your big day. Crowne Plaza Bahrain is the place to begin your married life. A promise to make your day truly memorable — that’s their vow on your wedding day. For more information, visit the hotel website. Alternatively, contact Zainab Al Jarash, their wedding coordinator. Call 17 525-888 or email


Do you dream of looking your absolute best on your wedding day — well, a little cosmetic surgery could be just what the doctor ordered!


very bride wants to look their best on the big day. Sometimes a detox diet and a bit of exercise is just not enough to achieve the desired results. If this is the case, maybe it’s worth seeking a little extra help… Bridal silhouette Three months ahead of your scheduled wedding, the clinic offers a set of programmes with a host of treatments that could help you to achieve your dream body. Shape your love handles, arms, chin, abdomen or thighs by using Dr Abeer’s state-of-the-art liposuction treatments. You can also resurface your skin using advanced steam derma-brasion for different body parts like knees, elbows and even the bikini area. Want silky smooth skin? In comes the clinic’s high tech laser hair removal technology. These machines use a cooling effect that lessens pain and can also work both on dark and fair skin as well as thick or thin hair.

More than a pretty face Another set of programmes are offered two to three months prior to your big day for a fresh, radiant face. The doctor uses a collagen stimulant to resurface and rejuvenate your face, as well as devices based on laser or radiofrequency technology, colour unifying products and hydrating products. After the treatments, a series of Italian facial creams are used on the patients to leave the skin hydrated and glowing. If you want fresher, youthful skin, with fewer wrinkles, you should try out one of the professional peeling systems offered at the clinic. The doctor also offers facial contouring on cheeks, jaw line, nose and lips by injections; intended to restore skin hydro balance and improve skin structure and elasticity. Aesthetic innovation Among the many modern cosmetic systems used, the highly innovative Ematrix machine is

only available at the Abeer Cosmoplastic Clinic. It is a safer, quicker and more efficient way to rejuvenate your skin. The Ematrix goes beyond the imaginable in giving patients a noninvasive, non-laser solution for acne scars, wrinkles, skin laxity, uneven skin tone, and texture irregularities. The system is breaking new grounds in the field of cosmetic medicine. In one sitting, all your major skin problems can be tackled. Using sublative rejuvenation technology — a deep dermal heating process conducted with fractionated bipolar RF energy — the process treats damaged underlying dermal tissue without burning, removing or disturbing surface skin. The procedure takes as little as ten to 20 minutes with long term effects after the treatment package is completed. Call 17 820-988. woman this month | May 2012 |



The Perfect Setting Looking for a one-stop-shop to make your dream wedding come to life? Look no further.


Celebrate in Style Whether you have a large guest list or you are looking for a more intimate setting, this hotel can cater for all your needs.


| May 2012 | woman this month


ounded in 1990, the Chandal Group has spent the last two decades dedicating itself to providing its customers with the utmost in unique decor for various events and functions. Attracting an exceptionally elite clientele, Chandal has, over the years, acted as a boutique company that conceptualises a look and mood to reflect its client's style. From sophisticated intimate affairs to grand big-scale events — expect nothing less than perfection from designer and Chandal founder Salah Bushihri and his team. The décor company has become a go-to for designing expertly planned, elegant wedding celebrations. Chandal also prides itself in offering a complete A-Z events solution, where clients can rest assured that their visions will come to life. Salah explains that during the process, ideas are sketched out and turned into 3D drawings to provide the customer with a clear idea of the design execution plans. “We give our client the first priority, advising them and making sure that the outcome will be produced as close to their vision as possible,” explains Salah. Other than wedding functions, Chandal also provides event management services, ranging even to corporate ceremonies. The company’s repertoire includes everything from store opening and fashion shows to exhibitions and branding events. With their 20 years of experience in the market, Chandal has made quite a name for itself, not only locally, but around the region. It has launched branches in Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, all with great success. Call 17 233-556.


he Ramada Palace Hotel is an ideal wedding venue for those who want to be looked after in every regard. We spoke to Mr Harish Bhojwani, Assistant General Manager, about what to expect from a wedding booking at the Ramada Palace. “The Allama Iqbal auditorium offers a perfect place for an extravagant wedding,” he told us, “It can accommodate up to 400 people”. On the other hand, Harish continues, “The Empire ballroom offers a more intimate wedding setting, for family and friends, as it can accommodate up to 200 people”. In terms of service, the Ramada Palace doesn’t miss a beat. As Harish explains, “We provide a world class service and ensure that every need will be catered for, to make the couple’s wedding a memorable event.” This service includes arranging bespoke flower arrangements, which can be coordinated with the bridal party’s dresses. They can also arrange for the rest of the décor to be designed with this colour scheme in mind. As part of their Summer Wedding Special Package, which is valid between June and September, rates start at just BD6++ per person. Book a viewing at the Ramada Palace Hotel today and make sure that yours is a wedding to remember! For bookings, contact the banquet manager, Mr Sagheer on the mobile number below. Call 33 105-181 or 17 296-660.


Beauty Simplified

It can be difficult rushing to salons, spas and hairdressers each month trying to cram in all your essential beauty maintenance. Not anymore! This brand spanking new beauty lounge makes it very simple.

Nail station

Changing room


ithin a month of its opening, M Beauty Lounge has already made itself known as a total beauty and spa haven. “Beauty doesn’t need to be complicated”, explains Marcell, owner. “I used to get frustrated constantly running from place to place just to look good; so I decided to do something about it.” The lounge boasts all the beauty and grooming staples such as waxing, threading, mani/pedis, massages, facials, eyelash and eyebrow tinting and more, all performed in the most tranquil, stylish boutique setting. But it’s the addition of a customised hammam as well as semi-permanent make-up and hair-colouring specialists, along with the opportunity to have a spray tan, Brazilian blow-dry and application of the renowned minx lashes that make M Beauty Lounge stand out from the crowd. “The minx lashes that I introduced several years ago are actually where it all started”, she continues. “It prompted me to start looking at more permanent, longlasting treatments that didn’t mean resorting to a surgeon’s needle or knife.” Armed with a genuine passion for the subject, she flew to Los Angeles and embarked on an intensive two week training course and she now personally trains all of the therapists. The team here makes it their mission to continually keep aware of new treatments and beauty industry changes in order to stay ahead of the game. Product-wise, they use Guinot, Shellac, L’Oreal and their own blend of polishes and scrubs, all of which clients can purchase to continue taking care of their hair and skin at home. Call 17 310-031.

woman this month | May 2012 |


Beauty News


May is a great month for renewal and revamping. Get a fresh start with some of these products.

Defy Your Age

Molton Brown is launching its first anti-ageing skin care collection. The range has different specified products depending on your particular skin type. Whether you are oily, dry or sensitive, there’s something for you. Available in Seef Mall

Like a Sweetie

Bourjois has jumped aboard the pastel bandwagon with this cute sweetie-inspired collection. Pick from eyeshadows, nail varnishes and great lip glosses and have yourself a complete pastel look. Available at leading retailers.

Nourish and Rebalance Some people struggle with very dry skin. The dryer it is, the more care you have to take when washing it, so that you don’t reduce the moisture even further. Atoderm by Bioderma is formulated specifically to tackle this issue. Available at most pharmacies.


| May 2012 | woman this month

Hello Flawless!

Benefit’s new brightening liquid foundation is bound to put a smile on your face. With their new oxygen hydrating complex, the makeup delivers instant results that will have you looking flawless in a flash. Available at Faces and Sephora.

Soap and Glory The quirky British brand Soap and Glory have a great range of fun products. The packaging, inspired by turn of the century war-time products, is fun and jokey, but the products themselves smell and feel totally delicious. Available at Boots pharmacy in Bahrain City Centre.

It’s in the DNA

Lancaster are skin experts. They have demonstrated that damage caused to DNA also contributes to the destruction of collagen, which keeps the skin’s elasticity. This new range targets the damage and repairs it at the source. Available at leading retailers.

Gorgeous Glow

Champneys is known far and wide for their luxurious spa products. Now you can bring the spa into your home with this glorious range. Oriental Opulence body glow is an exfoliating scrub which will leave you feeling smooth and smelling great. Available at Boots pharmacy.

Plant Gold

Clarins face and body treatment oils use 100 per cent pure plant extracts and essential oils, which are a perfect way to make sure that your face’s natural oils are replenished and taken care of. Available at leading retailers.

woman this month | May 2012 |


The Spring-Over


In the spirit of making a fresh start for Spring, Woman This Month treated one lucky guest to a Spring/Summer makeover.


pring is a time of change and fresh starts. From giving the house a light dusting, to cleansing your liver or getting rid of boyfriends who have lost their appeal, May often marks a turning point in people’s year. To celebrate this fact, Woman This Month decided to offer one special guest the chance to revamp their style. For our top-to-toe makeover we asked the Azadea group to provide us with a selection of on-trend SS12 clothing. We invited John Luke from the prestigious Elie & Jean salons to apply his masterful touch to our guest’s hair. We welcomed the help of two experienced make-up artists to show us a couple of fresh, Spring-inspired looks and we asked the brilliant Andrew Weaver to take pictures of the process and the final results. The Model Habiba Al Mosawi is a lovely young Bahraini who you might recognise from our April issue. She runs a great little spa called Lei Garden in Adliya which offers a range of treatments inspired by the time she spent in Hawaii. Although she’s not exactly a lost cause when it comes to fashion and makeup — she’s a pretty style-savvy young woman already — she was game to try out a couple of new Spring looks. The Clothes Azadea suggested one of their more alternative and youthful brands for this experiment. So, we headed down to Stradivarius to check out their SS12 collection. All of the main clothing and jewellery pieces were selected from the extensive Stradivarius range, with just a couple of additions from H&M and Zara, to add a touch of variety to the mix. The Hair Elie & Jean is widely recognised as one of the best salons in Bahrain, if not further afield. It’s no wonder then, that we asked artistic director John Luke to help us out with our Spring-Over! John Luke was able to take Habiba’s hair which, as she will admit herself, struggles to retain any volume or body, and give it some real oomph! The Makeup Most big makeup brands produce their own Spring/Summer lookbooks. What this means, in practical terms, is that they are trend-setters rather than trend followers. The looks that they put out in their brochures will directly inform the makeup choices of the masses for the coming season. Knowing this, we chose two brands which are particularly active and popular in the Middle East — Inglot and Make Up Forever — to show you what they have planned for the Summer months.


| May 2012 | woman this month

Look One For the first look we went for girly, floral garment choices. The Stradivarius dress is gathered at the waist and has a tiered asymmetric hem, making it slightly quirkier than your usual floral sun-dresses. We paired it with a cool mint-green blazer from Zara and Stradivarius accessories.

Makeup How To:

Rachida from Inglot created a strong, colourful, floralinspired look, which would be perfect for a summer music festival or even an evening sipping cocktails on an outdoor terrace.

Step 1: Start with an Inglot primer. Rachida used a 21T brush for the application of both primer and then foundation. Step 2: Use the YSM matte, full coverage foundation. Rachida used no. 49 to suit Habiba’s skin tone. Apply this to the face first, paying special attention to the under eye area and then apply to the neck. Step 3: Apply fixing powder, no.65, all over the face and neck to set the foundation so that it doesn’t run or smudge. Step 4: Rachida chose a fun, bold colour palette of peaches and bronzes for the eyeshadow. She used colour numbers 606, 6068 and 609. Start by dabbing the palest colour onto the brow bone, just under the eyebrow. Then, blend downwards, gradually using the darker colours, until you use the darkest one towards the base of the eyelid.

woman this month | May 2012 |



Step 5: After the eyeshadow, Rachida went for a thick, sweeping eyeliner effect. She used one of Inglot’s gel eyeliner pots, in black and applied it with a narrow brush. Step 6: Once the eyeliner is dry, apply a double coat of thick mascara to the lashes. Step 7: Using a lip brush, apply lipstick no. 279, starting with an outline and working your way to the centre of the lips.

Look Two

Look One

Step 8: Finally, to finish the look, use a soft, wide blusher brush to apply Inglot blush no. 29 to the apple of the cheeks.


| May 2012 | woman this month

Look Two For our second look, we chose a striking pastel-inspired selection of clothes. This lilac and icy-green combination is really fashion-forward and reminded us a lot of the Phillip Lim Spring 2012 runway show. The blazer and accessories are from Stradivarius and the lilac top is H&M.

Makeup How To:

Ali from Make Up Forever created a slightly more subtle daytime look for our second makeover. He used some lovely soft lilacs, to complement her outfit, and kept the rest of the look fairly neutral, making it a great option for spring garden parties and lunch with friends.

Step 1: Ali made sure that Habiba’s face was free of all remnant of the previous look by using Make Up Forever’s So Divine cleanser and high definition moisturiser. Step 2: He then used the Serum HD Elixir, paying special attention to the under eye area, for deep moisturisation. Step 3: Use the Make Up Forever HD primer and foundation and apply all over the face and neck. Step 4: Ali used a Camouflage, full-cover concealer on her brow bone, in light strokes down towards the centre of the eyelid. Step 5: Set with Super Matte loose powder.

Step 6: After briefly using the Make Up Forever sculpting kit to lightly shade Habiba’s face, Ali moved on to eyeshadow. He used a purple, no.162, on the base of the eyelid and around the contour of the eyeball. Then, he used an even darker no. 28, right at the base of the eyelid. Step 7: To complement Habiba’s jewellery, Ali opted for a lovely gold shadow, no.10, on the inner eyelid, towards her nose. To finish the eyes, add a light dusting of Star Powder, no.902 and no. 922, on the inner eye and the brow bone.

Step 8: To strengthen the effect of the eyebrows, Ali chose the Make Up Forever eyebrow kit no.3 to shape and colour them lightly. Step 9: Finally, use sculpting blush no.8 just under the cheek bones, to hollow out the face slightly and add a dash of lipgloss in a neutral colour. woman this month | May 2012 |



Tips for Perfect Brows

Elma Bartholomew

Hyper-styled brows have dominated the runways this season. However, we at Woman This Month still opt for the more street-friendly take. For those of you who can’t make it to the salon, here are the dos and don’ts of eyebrow maintenance. Make those peepers pop! DOS:

1. Shape up or ship out

No matter what you say or do, the “perpetually surprised” look will never be “in”. The key to perfect face-framing arches is to work with your face shape. A high arch looks best on round-faces, as sharp peaks do for squares. Ovals should go with a more natural curve and hearts are advised to have a rounded curve with a sharp end.

2. Follow the blueprint

Hold the pencil against the side of your nose and mark where the pencil meets your brow, preferably with a white kohl pencil. From here, aim the tip of the pencil to the outer corner of your eye and mark there where it meets the brow. Then, mark the highest point on your brow by holding the pencil in front of your eye and lining it up with the outer side of your iris.

3. The tame game

Rule of thumb— brush before you pluck. Brush them straight up; trim the long hairs and those growing straight down. Have two pairs of tweezers ready — a slant-tipped pair for thick strands; a needle-nosetipped pair for shorter, hard-to-reach hairs.

4. Fill her up

If you didn’t already know, hear it from us now: the colour of your brows should always bear relation to the colour of your hair. So, pick those pencils wisely. Blondes ought to match their darkest brow hairs to add definition while brunettes should go a shade lighter than their hair to soften the skin tone. Redheads should go sable. If you’re going grey, use a taupe colour to avoid dull tones.

5. Tricks of the trade

If you can’t tolerate the pain, choose to pluck after a hot shower. Also, 58

| May 2012 | woman this month

pull skin taut as you tweeze to grab hairs at the base. The finishing touch is easily as vital as the pre-pluck stage. Apply clear brow gel or Vaseline to add definition and shine.


6. Know when to stop

Don’t go all Edward Scissorhands on yourself. Only pluck below the brow, never above. If it is narrow, it better be the end of your arch. Say no to tadpole brows. But please don’t be too mindful and leave the room looking like Frida Kahlo.

7. Let nature take its course

Natural is always beautiful. If you have thick eyebrows, don’t be drastic and tweeze those babies super thin. People don’t usually like to hunt for your brows. It’s called eyebrow maintenance; not eyebrow removal. Be realistic.

8. Great expectations

It is normal for one brow to look different from the other, unless you use a stencil which we assume isn’t a great idea. Don’t try to get too much of an arch that it simply looks unnatural.

9. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Do not obsess about your brows with a heavily magnified mirror. Looking so closely can cause you to lose symmetry. Use a normal mirror and pause every so often to step back a foot and take a look.

10. Me, me; Eye, eye

You have got to learn to trust others and call for help for those tricky spots. Also, don’t stick to the same eye forever. Brush the brows and switch sides so you’ll be less inclined to over-pluck a single spot.

Social Butterfly

Ladies' Luncheons

Laila & Sameera

Laila Abu Hamed, Liliane Badro & MIlena Padula last month hosted luncheon's at their homes in honour of Sameera, former Bahrain resident who was on a private visit last month Milena Padula & guests

Laila, Liliane & Milena with Sameera & friends

Sameera, Lynne, Liliane & MIlena

woman this month | May 2012 |




Smell Fresh for It’s time for a change. Why not start with a new scent?

Make a Splash

If you love Antonio Banderas as much as we do, you’ll be pleased to know you can carry a bit of him around all day long. He has designed Splash, a fragrance for women, which blends citrus notes with a hint of musk. Available at select department stores.

Sweet Fantasy

Nina Fantasy by Nina Ricci is a heady mix of bergamot, mandarin and pear, with a sweet infusion of cherry blossom and brown sugar. This is as girly as they get! . Available at leading retailers.

Fresh Air

L’Eau de Chloé is a scent of the outdoors. The main essence, of distilled rose water, lends the fragrance a really refreshing feel. This is certainly a scent for Spring. Available at leading retailers.

Feeling Cute

This Spring you can enjoy both Marc Jacobs Daisy and Daisy Eau So Fresh with the Petite Flower On the Go Duo. These two scents are sophisticated with a touch of whimsy and they come in these cute little portable containers. Available at Sephora.

Get Glamorous

Discovering 212 Glam is like breathing in a gust of fresh air. This scent is an interesting and gripping blend of toffee, crystalised rose petals and woody fragrances. City slickers pick this one! Available at Al Shaya stores.


| May 2012 | woman this month


Fresher Than Ever AL GHALIA

Good food doesn’t just come from a great kitchen. It comes from an amazing garden. Find out what makes the dishes at Bahrain’s leading restaurants as yummy as they are.


l Ghalia is a group that may be better known for their high end restaurants. However, one of the secrets of their success is down to the ingredients they use. They insist on locally, naturally grown produce. The chefs at their restaurants know for a fact that they are working with the freshest ingredients in Bahrain, as they come from their very own farm. This means they can be more than confident about what they are dicing, slicing and throwing in to the pan It’s all about freshness Their ethos has always been to support and help the local community grow in creating a viable business that everyone can enjoy and reap the rewards. They have always tried to buy local produce wherever possible. However, they found that you could not always get the sufficient amount or quality of produce required all year round. Al Ghalia Farms was created to allow them to grow 62

| May 2012 | woman this month

quality ingredients in the quantities that they need to support each of their food and beverage outlets. Al Ghalia Farm specialises in using commercial hydroponics to produce a variety of high-quality vegetables, which include lettuces, tomatoes, capsicum peppers, hot chilli and herbs. The methods for growing these plants are pesticide-free, ensuring the produce is fresh and of gourmet-quality; ideal to be delivered daily to restaurants, schools, grocery stores and supermarkets. Grown locally, grown naturally The Al Ghalia group believes that local is the new organic. The products contain higher nutrient levels and superior flavour as it is picked at the peak of ripeness and delivered fresh locally. They are harvested the same day as they are delivered, meaning they are, at the most, only hours old when they reach you. Compare this

with products grown in other areas of the world, where they might have been out of the ground for up to two weeks when they are finally delivered to you. When you buy local products, you get unmatched freshness at steady, competitive prices. The best part is that Al Ghalia Farms’ vegetables stay fresher in your refrigerator for longer. Pick what you need and return the bundle to a cool storage. 2012 will be progressing with even more excellence and a higher standard of quality as Al Ghalia Farms recently received the global GAP and LEAF endorsements. GAP is an international body that sets standards for the certification of agricultural products across the globe. With the support of these credentials, Al Ghalia Farms is today accredited to export internationally. Together with the LEAF qualification, they are devoted and extremely determined to set a higher level of adoption of integrated farm management and set a goal that precedes any other establishment. Call 17 535-647.

Showcase TONI & GUY

Age-defying Hair Despite the fact that it isn’t a living organ, your hair ages just like your skin does. We found a haircare range that can reverse this process.

Combating the five signs of hair-ageing: Coarseness: It boosts collagen to smooth and reduce coarseness. l Thinness: It strengthens thin hair with volume-building proteins. l Dryness: It has moisture retention properties to combat dryness. l Weakness: It reinforces fragile hair and minimises breakage. l Dullness: It gives dull or greying hair increased luminosity and revitalised shine. l


ollowing extensive research, label.m Professional Haircare has launched its first prescriptive, luxury sub-range called label.m Therapy Age-defying. Comprising of four essential, restorative products, this line is formulated using expert knowledge to deliver youth-enhancing results. The exclusive Rejuven-8 complex is what makes it unique. It uses eight of the most technologically active anti-ageing ingredients— including white caviar — which are proven to help reverse the visible signs of ageing, leaving hair looking strong, replenished and youthful. Technologically advanced, this sulphate-free range works to rehabilitate age-challenged hair by helping deliver a look of restoration, recover loss of hydration and rejuvenate strands that have become brittle and lacklustre. How it works There are three key factors which sum up the acceleration of follicle decline — environmental, thermal and chemically-assisted. Therefore, it’s possible that a 20 year old can actually have the same hair-age of someone who is 60. We know that the overall structure of the cuticle is made up of keratin fibres which tend to wear away as we age. Label.m Therapy Age-Defying works by helping repair the gaps which form inside the strands of “agechallenged” hair to combat dullness and frizz. Tackle the symptoms with your own hair protection regime from Toni & Guy at Seef Mall. Call 1700 1700.

I Are You Up for a Challenge? YAQUBY STORES

Most of us think we’re great photographers. Victorinox gives you the chance to prove you are who you claim to be.

Banan Yaquby, CEO, and Nezar Al Kahn, director, with the top three winners.


| May 2012 | woman this month

t is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of packing and heading off on an adventure-filled trip. Having stood the test of time as the camper’s travel companion, the Victorinox pen knife is still in extremely high demand. It is the perfect gift for those expecting nothing less than precision. You can buy these beauties at Yaquby Stores in Seef Mall or Bab Al Bahrain. The scenarios that bring forth this wondrous implement are many. The brand that carved its name in the market with its spectacular Swiss army knives recently gave you more reason to smile. Proving its indispensability through a one-of-a-kind contest, the Victorinox Photo Challenge showed how it has impacted your life through the theme — “A companion for life”. To enter the photo challenge, which is in its second consecutive year, all you had to do was collect an application form from The Camera Shop or go online and submit the filled-in form with the winning image on a CD. This year, they received over 300 entries; that is more than twice the amount they received in 2011. Family albums with bare slots and missing portraits above the mantle piece indicated that the people of Bahrain were up for the challenge. The finals were held last month at The Camera Shop in Bahrain City Centre where Banan Yaquby, CEO, announced the names of the three talented winners. What’s holding you back? Click away! You never know if you’ll be the winner next time around. Call 17 171-700 or visit


Summer at Home

It’s too warm to have all those throws and thick rugs lying around. Give your home a makeover and tackle the heat by rediscovering your décor skills.


hile summer worldwide means open air, breezy days and lazy afternoons in the garden, the sweltering heat and rising humidity in this part of the world deprive us of these pleasures. Yet, who says we can’t have fun? Indoors, we make our own cool and refreshing den to relax and lie back for some much needed respite from the nasty sun. The Home Store gives you all the reasons, this summer, to make your home the ultimate sanctuary. Be it a casual lunch with friends, a “curl-up-on-couch-and-do-nothing” day or a fully-fledged indoor dinner party, your favourite home furniture and furnishings brand shows you how to do it. Commenting on the summer interiors, Chander Shivnani, senior operations manager, says, “With the shift of the season, small changes in your home can make a big difference. We often underestimate the impact that cool interiors can play on our minds and how we feel at home. Using new ideas and techniques by moving around the furniture, playing with lighting, colours and accessories will do the magic. At The Home Store, we recommend creating a small, clean, clutter-free zone in your home that welcomes you from the hot outdoor weather.” A brand that is synonymous with quality and elegance, it offers the right essentials to suit your personality and lifestyle requirements, all under one roof. Visit them at the earliest to get the most benefits out of your purchase from any range in their outlet at Bahrain Mall. Make your house a home. Call 17 556-001.

nimu Mi



New Arrivals

Daily Timings 10am to 10pm woman this month | May 2012 |



Ali Al Khalifa

The Wholesome Truth

By Alison Coldridge

As we approach bikini season we tend to panic about how our bodies look. But how about how we look inside? WTM investigates how we can change what we’re eating for the better.


n the past 20 years there has been a dramatic increase in obesity levels worldwide and this rate doesn’t show any signs of slowing. This statistic is particularly shocking in this part of the world, where records show that, on average, 25 per cent of people are classified as overweight and, in Bahrain itself, a shocking 37.9 per cent of women are obese (‘Journal of Obesity’, August 2011). The strain put on the body from this excess fat has been shown to lead to various types of cancer and heart defects, as well as many other illnesses. So how can we combat this? It’s simple: eat healthily. We all know it, we’ve all been told it and how to do it should be firmly ingrained in our minds. However, in addition, you need to ensure that the good food you eat actually is just that.


| May 2012 | woman this month

Sometimes, even though you feel you are eating healthily, the food that you are putting into your body can be harmful, in ways you won’t have predicted. For example, picking the biggest, shiniest tomato in the store might make you feel self-righteous about adding to your five-a-day, but you might not actually have cause to celebrate. Many of the more attractive looking fruits and vegetables have been chemically enhanced — injected with antibiotics and hormones — additives that are not easily digested by the body and which can cause some really unwanted side-effects. Organic lessons Organic foods are foods that are produced without the use of toxic chemicals, synthetic pesticides and fertilisers or growth hormones.

Here in Bahrain, although it can be tricky to purchase healthier foods, there is hope. One supermarket stocks and serves everything you need to better your lifestyle and improve your diet. The Organic Foods & Café shop, located in Seef Mall, is bursting with healthy options that are not only wholesome, but entirely delicious, and the products are at least 95 per cent organic and affordable. The brand now has four outlets — two in Dubai, one in Abu Dhabi and the Bahrain store, that owner Ali Al Khalifa opened last year. The aim of the shop is to educate customers on the importance of eating quality, healthy and safe products. Similarly, we should only use makeup, skincare and cleaning products that are also gentle and kind to skin, as it is just as important to care for our exterior as our interior.

Organic Foods & Café offers plenty of options to alter your eating habits for the better. For example, you can switch your caffeinated drink intakes for an energy water drink, which includes higher-energy levels, but with less additives and sugars. You can shop for fruit, vegetables, glutenfree breads, dairy products, delicious free range meats, and good quality pork. The shop’s eggs — imported from Holland and Saudi Arabia — fly off the shelves, as do the products in the specialty Italian and Japanese sections. Food items and merchandise for babies, plus cleaning solutions can also be purchased, and are, of course, organic. Similarly, a whole corner of the shop is dedicated to skincare and makeup — a learned employee will outline how best to treat your skin and what to use. Additionally, the supermarket boasts a café, which is unique to Bahrain. All of the chairs, tables and furnishings are recycled and the expansive menu features tantalising options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Live on the wild side and try a slightly obscure juice, or opt for one of the chef’s daily specials, such as a cold roasted vegetable salad. A helping hand Organic products can be confusing unless you know the brands, so for a first timer it can be tough to know what to choose. This is something that Ali and his team are working on, by highlighting the top selling products to give you an idea of what may be a good first option. Similarly, you can ask for direction from the staff or take note of the menu cards scattered around the store. These suggest easily preparable meals that can be made from food purchased in the store.

If you are at a complete loss with where to begin to suit your dietary needs, it can be a great idea to put forth your questions on the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages. Your questions will be forwarded on to a professional dietician and nutritionist who will respond with a detailed answer. If you are looking for a good place to start, begin by purchasing one of the specialist books or DVDs sold in the shop. With these resources, you can educate yourself about how eating healthy and organic products can reduce the risks of cancer and other such illnesses. Regular events As one of Organic Foods & Café’s aims, Ali regularly visits schools around the Kingdom to teach children of all ages the importance

of eating well. It is a great idea to explain to children whilst they are young that there are many options available, which are far more delicious than fast food! This tutoring is available to adults as well, as the café is used as a host for regular events, such as talks from experts in the field. Previously, Ali has invited Nils El Accad, the brand’s founder, to conduct a talk to the parents of young athletes. Nils outlined the importance of maintaining a healthy diet whilst completing strenuous exercise. Famous nutritionist Patrick Holford has also held an event, providing his insight into the world of healthy eating. Many more guest speakers of this calibre are expected to be showcased in the future, and generally the events are free to attend.

The benefits of healthy eating:

You will have more energy. You will be less prone to illnesses. l You may live longer. l It’s a great weight loss solution. l You will increase your productivity at work. l You will be less bloated. l You will handle stress better. l Your skin and teeth will be healthier. l l

Call 17 822-230 or visit

Organic Foods & Cafe woman this month | May 2012 |



Regulate your Intake

We’ve all heard the phrase “salt is bad for you”. WTM sits down with Dr Jafar Al-Said to talk about the realities of this rumour.

Social Butterfly

KPMG Celebrates International Women's Day

KPMG held a special celebration to mark International Women's Day at the Capital Club, Bahrain Financial Harbour Andrea & Gopika

Wafa & Amna Beverly, Julie & Shahenaz


| May 2012 | woman this month



he nephrology and internal medicine consultant, who practises at Bahrain Specialist Hospital (BSH), stresses that, in this part of the world, very little emphasis is put on the effects of salt; especially given our sodiumpacked traditional Middle Eastern cuisines. The staff at the BSH has recently organised the Kingdom’s first Annual Salt and Health Awareness Day during the Salt Awarness Week. BSH hope to continue their educational campaign with the goal to increase the global awareness about the issue. “It is a known fact that the sodium in salt is associated with hypertension, strokes, ventricular hypertrophy, kidney stones, osteoporosis, stomach cancer and dementia. Not many people take this seriously enough,” says Dr Jafar. As much as it is a health hazard, cutting out salt cold turkey is just as bad. The consultant explains that we do take in more sodium than we need. But the right amount of sodium helps maintain the right balance of fluids in your body, transmit nerve impulses and even influences the contraction and relaxation of muscles. So, to lead a healthier lifestyle, moderation is key. A daily consumption of two to four grams is recommended for healthy individuals. “Those suffering from any of the following: hypertensive, stroke, liver disease, heart failure or renal failure, require much lower levels,” says the doctor. If you want to help keep your sodium consumption in check; try to avoid processed and prepared foods and opt for home cooked meals. Call 17 812-000.

Social Butterfly HE Sadiq Al Shehabi, Health Minister

Gita Krishnan Lunch

Gita Krishnan hosted a lunch for a number of friends to bid goodbye to Shirin, prior to her departure from Bahrain. The lunch was held at Gita's residence in Saar Gita & friends

Cap Gita, Salma, Shirin, Rasila, Gigy & Sureka

13th Shurooq Annual Camp for Children with Diabetes

Around 50 children from Bahrain and the GCC, aged seven to 18, attended the 13th Shurooq Annual Camp for Children with Diabetes, held at the Bahrain Sailing Club, Al-Jazayeir Beach last month. The camp was organised by the BDS and held under the patronage of HE Sadiq Al Shehabi, Health Minister. It was supported by the ministry, BDF Hospital and Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland-Medical University of Bahrain (RCSI-MUB) Mariam, KG, Mahdi, Jasim, Samia & Riyad

Eman & Dr Mariam

Dr Amal & Shama

Danah Sabreena & Nourgeiha

Naji & Dr Issa

Ahmed Khalfan

woman this month | May 2012 |





Workshop on diversity

Ever thought about how dull life would be if everyone looked alike, thought alike, and acted alike? By teaching our children to appreciate our differences, we can overcome prejudice and intolerance and work towards a more peaceful world.


ur universe is built on diversity. Yet, there’s a growing polarisation between people around the world, with lessening tolerance and respect for others who are different. This disturbing trend can have a negative and longstanding impact on people and communities worldwide. Helping our children perceive and applaud diversity in everything around them, including people, will have a significantly beneficial effect on future communities worldwide. “Me and the Other” — a pilot training programme for children and teens in Bahrain — aims to accomplish just that. Launched by the Be Free Programe, in partnership with the British Embassy, the project aims to promote the values of tolerance, forgiveness and


| May 2012 | woman this month

reconciliation among school children in Bahrain. “People are different in colour, shape, belief, religion and many other ways. We hope that this project helps create a culture of respecting these differences, learning from them, and growing with them,” observes Dr Rana Al Sairafi, manager of the Be Free Program. The organisers decided to start with children and teens as change comes easier for this younger age group and they find it easier to accept the concept. The programme encourages every child to start with himself or herself and build a bridge towards a different other. “Only by having genuine and strong ties within communities, and between them, we can achieve peace, and grow,” Dr Rana notes.

The inaugural workshop was launched by British Ambassador Iain Lindsay and his wife Bridget in February. Ambassador Lindsay, who is a Scottish Protestant and his wife, an Irish Catholic, are themselves proof of how different cultures can work together. Their presence at the workshop underscored the message of respecting differences and promoting social reconciliation. The Ambassador addressed the first batch of children and teens at the workshop and talked about his experiences with different cultures, including with his wife at home. Citing an example of a popular candy, M&Ms, Ambassador Lindsay told the children that the candy seems attractive because of the sheer diversity of its colours.

Basic principles Respect for each others’ cultural values and belief systems is an intrinsic part of cultural diversity. Lack of respect is often based on ignorance or misinformation. When one does not understand another’s values, lifestyle, or beliefs, it is much easier to belittle them. It is then that the seeds of prejudice and intolerance are sewn. “This culture of embracing differences and diversity will add beauty to life, make it more fun, and give people a higher chance of

as parents and care givers. The programme will run for a year, wherein organisers will further develop training manuals to train other teachers, parents and care givers so that they can, in turn, conduct these workshops for their students or children. “Be-Free is working on passing its knowledgebase, concepts, and training materials to others so more children and teens can benefit from it,” says Dr Rana. Moreover, training material is being designed in such a way as to make it easier to

British Ambassador Iain Lindsay and wife Bridget with officials

learning from each other. Moreover, the course also discusses emotional poverty in the family, extended family, or even school, and its effects on the personality and character of children and the way they build relationships with others,” says Dr Rana. On a different note, the programme addresses social relationships, especially relationships with others who are different, over the internet and how the new technology has influenced these relations. The series of interactive workshops under the project cater to two groups; the first includes children in grades ranging from four to six, while the second is for teens in secondary schools. At a later stage, the scope of workshops will be widened to include parents, adults, and caregivers as well. The project has been designed to encourage a culture that views differences as a source of growth rather than threat. Besides workshops, a host of interactive educational material such as animation films, stories, flyers, booklets and manuals are being produced to address children, teens as well

each person count and hence they should hear out others and respect their opinions. Learning from differences and identifying common grounds and building on them is also stressed,” she says. The nine workshops are built around nine principles. Children are encouraged to start conversations which focus on the best in others, empathise with their peers and respect their feelings. They are told to wish for others what they would wish for themselves. They are taught that tolerance is the main value they should adopt when growing up. Training workshops are available for all schools, clubs, universities and cultural centres in Bahrain. According to the organisers, the response so far has been very encouraging. “More than 150 children and teens have been trained since the launch in February, and the workshops are available throughout the year to anyone who is interested. We have received many requests from schools. There is also a request from a university to give a brief about the project to the students,” says Dr Rana. Participating children and teens also get an opportunity to share their experiences and the challenges they face with the programme trainers. Be-Free is developing stories for children and a guide for teens which include animation characters that deliver the message simply and effectively to the target group. The British Embassy and the Be Free

Workshop in progress

implement training workshops by teachers, or trainers not only in the Gulf, but also for those from other countries. “Children are taught the basics of respecting themselves and, by extension, respecting others as well. They are told that opinions of

Program will review this year’s experience before they decide on expanding the project for the coming year. To enquire about the workshops call 17 242-415 or email woman this month | May 2012 |



Finding the By Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy


Discovering the right balance between perfect parenting and a meaningful marriage can be difficult. Dr Clare helps us address the issue.


| April 2012 | woman this month


inding balance is one of the most common concerns among people seeking help from a life coach. Some people need help finding the right balance between their working and private lives; others need help finding the balance between their parenting and their marriage. Many of these people seek help from coaches, despite the fact that they have confident, thriving children. Why is this so? The main reason is because they are struggling in their marriage. The transition from being a married couple to being a married couple with children can be a real challenge. It demands a totally different routine and for many people, this can come as a great shock. Let’s go back for a moment to the life of a childless couple. Pre-children, there was time for you, time for exercise, time for friends and family, time for your husband, career, study, travel and everything was relatively calm. You were in control and you had the freedom to do a great deal of exactly what you wanted. You had uninterrupted time with your partner and, quite often, less to worry about too!

In contrast, after children enter your lives, having even a little time to nurture your relationship with your partner is a real treat. The needs of your children can leave you drained and exhausted, both emotionally and physically, at the end of each day. Despite all the joy of sharing the successes and milestones together, many boats capsize while navigating these rapids. Marriage breakdowns happen for many different reasons. However, neglect, owing to the fact that both parents spend more time attending to the needs of their children than looking out for each other, is a popular contributing factor.

woman this month | May 2012 |


Parenting Wanting to spend every waking minute that you aren’t working with your young children is a completely natural response. They grow up so fast and so it can feel like time with them is short. It is tempting to think that you can put intimacy with your partner on hold for a while, until after your children have reached some vital milestone. This isn’t the case though. The key, again, is finding the balance. Happy parents, who are secure and confident, are more likely to bring up well-adjusted children. So, ensuring your connection with your partner is key to a happy marriage and to happy children. For many parents, the only time they have alone with each other is after the children are in bed. It is hard to come up with thoughtful appreciations or intimate overtures when, mostly, especially during the first few years of a child’s life, you may barely have enough energy to stagger into bed and pull up the covers. If this is the only time partners make for each other, what’s the impact? The worst case scenario is a slowly sinking ship. It can make a big difference if couples set aside time for themselves together, when they are fresh and have some energy to offer each other. Some couples choose a set time each week, where family or children’s activities permit them to, for example, have a coffee together. Weekend mornings are often a good time for this. As the stress of the work week recedes and before the daily demands of the children start stacking up, couples sometimes find their best opportunity to focus on each other. This time should be spent truly “checking in” with your partner, to see how they really

are right at that moment. Why is this so difficult? Well, because whilst you spend this time together, you will be aware of all the jobs that need to be completed before the party that afternoon, before the delivery arrives and before the children finish their club or sport. What’s the solution? Give yourself permission to let things go and to really live in the moment just for a while. This time together needs to be planned in advance. It’s about being willing to co-operate and be flexible and truly understand the big picture as well as what are the essential things on your “to do” list. Even if you have no one close who can look after your children for you, try designing an alliance with them once they are old enough. This could involve allowing them to choose a DVD together that they watch whilst you are

allowed to sit outside together. You can coach your children about how to make a snack and occupy their time by themselves. In fact, many people believe that children in modern times are given so much structure that they find it difficult to just play and occupy their own time. If a sibling conflict breaks out, teach them how to solve it on their own. If they know that you are not going to get involved, children quite often just get on co-operating with each other because, actually, many conflicts can stem from a need to draw upon adult attention. Just ensure that they know they will be getting their family time too. So, you’ve developed a fool proof plan for how you can get some time together. What next? Once you have allotted yourselves some time, be sure to use it wisely. Bad ideas Compare whose life is harder. l Bicker about who had more sleep. l Complain that your partner doesn't give you what you need. l Give up on intimacy and plan the children's week together. Good ideas l Take turns actively listening to each other. The listener tries to empathise and understand without trying to solve the problem. l Give each other a shoulder massage while listening to nice music. l Talk about what you have achieved that week and what you hope to achieve in the next. l Discuss what’s working for them and how to give them more of that. l

Whatever you do, focus on being together. Pay attention to each other and consciously try to say things that build a sense of connection. Looking after your relationship in this way is one of the best things you can do for your children. 74

| May 2012 | woman this month

Children at Adult Events The number one rule regarding wedding etiquette, children-wise, is: do not bring them if they are not invited.


hen getting married, in order to avoid the wrath of your family, inviting their children can often seem unavoidable. However, it is perfectly acceptable not to invite them. Even if you do have a close relationship with them, you should feel under no obligation to invite them. If you are attending a wedding and your children are invited, ensure they are clothed in the proper attire, according to the dress code, paying attention to their ages. Bear in mind, this is the special day for someone you are close to and the last thing you need is your child running around the room, jumping up and down on a guest’s table, screaming at the top of their lungs. You have made the decision to invite children to your wedding. Now you need to figure out where to seat them. Not only do you need a seating plan that provides comfort and flexibility for both the children and their parents, you really need to figure out how to keep them content during the reception. If there are going to be enough children at the reception to fill a table, a children’s table is a brilliant way for both the children and the parents to enjoy themselves. If there are only a couple of children, you may just want to keep them with their parents. Children aged seven years and above are typically old enough to eat dinner at a table with the other children. Think about the placement of the children’s tables and where the parents' tables are. Consider grouping those guests with children in one area of the venue and placing the children’s tables in that same area. You can also mix the children up by ages so that some older children will be available to assist the younger children. For a children’s table, you should provide age-appropriate entertainment. Activities such as crayons and colouring books, activity books and word searches will amuse children of many different ages. If it is possible and space allows, go the extra mile and talk to the venue about setting up a table or two for the children to play board games, do

puzzles, or even work on simple crafts. Hire a professional babysitter to take care of the children. This can be done either in the reception room, in a nearby meeting room, or at a hotel room where the children can hang out, watch movies, eat pizza, and fall asleep while their parents enjoy the wedding celebration.


• If you are having children in the wedding party, you must invite them and not treat them as props. Understand that they will be there and not just in the photos. • If you are going to have children at a wedding, provide childrenfriendly entertainment for them. Consider a separate children’s room, where they can dance and play games and be children; hire reliable babysitters to oversee the little ones. • If you are going to have children at the wedding, feed them in a timely and appropriate manner. Look for a venue that will offer child-friendly fare; make sure

that the children’s meals are served in a timely manner, too, so that you're not faced with a crowd of starving preschoolers during the ceremony.

For feedback, comments or questions contact Dr Jinan Darwish via email at: woman this month | May 2012 |


Social Butterfly Muna Alhashimi & Suhaila Alnowakhda open the Ladies Bazaar

Batelco Ladies Baazar

Batelco, the Kingdom’s leading telecommunications company, held a Ladies Bazaar, giving Bahraini ladies the opportunity to showcase a wide range of goods. The special two day event, was organised by Batelco's Youth Marketing Team, and was officially opened at the Batelco Staff Centre in Hamala by Batelco Consumer Division General Manager Muna Alhashimi and General Manager HR Bahrain Suhaila Alnowakhda Haya, Heba & Huda

Fatima & Rahna


Ilse & Kotie

Ruqya & Mariam

Haneen & Reem






Dharmishta & Kanchan


| May 2012 | woman this month



Days of Tuesdays

I love May. It is a time of peace, when spring is in full bloom and summer is just around the corner — a perfect time for chefs to create and be inspired.

By James Claire


see May as thirty-one days of Tuesdays! Tuesday represents a time that is not quite at the beginning of any timeframe and a long way from the end too. May is free of celebrations of major proportions. It is a relaxed month when travel, experimentation and calm can resonate with the world. Past the rush of Easter and a long way from the next big event, May has but one importance for me as a chef — taking time to experiment with dishes I wish to use for the remainder of the year. It is a chance for me to prepare for the coming food-fest that will ensue during the London Olympics, Ramadan and all the other holidays. Away from cooking and in my homeland it is Mothers’ day in May. This is a two-fold event for me, in terms of celebration, as it is just days away from her birthday. A boy and his mother may be separated by the distance of land, but never by the distance of the heart. So, this month I have included something that I know she adores: Pavlova, our family’s traditional birthday cake of choice. Whether it’s Mothers Day, a birthday or merely that May’s situation in the calendar is neither at the beginning nor the end, May is one month of reflection, serenity and freedom. This is expressed so well in the words of an old nursery rhyme, “In the merry month of May, when green leaves begin to spring, little lambs do skip like fairies and birds do couple, build and sing.” This month’s recipes also reflect chocolate chip day in the USA on May 15, the patenting of the first ice cream freezer in 1848 and National Doughnut Week in the UK.

Fresh Fruit Pavlova

6 egg whites 250g caster sugar 2 teaspoons corn flour 1 teaspoon white vinegar 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract Whipped cream for garnishing Fresh fruits (bananas, passion fruit, strawberries etc.)

Preheat oven to 120°C and line an oven tray with foil. Brush this with oil and dust with corn flour, shaking off excess. Mark a 20cm diameter circle on foil. l In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a whisk, whip the egg whites to soft peaks. Gradually add the sugar, a little at a time, beating well after each addition, until the meringue is thick and glossy and the sugar is dissolved. Add corn flour, vinegar and vanilla and whisk until combined. l Spoon the meringue onto the foil covered tray filling the marked circle. Smooth the meringue sides and top into what should look like a complete cake shape. l Bake in the preheated oven for 90 minutes or until dry to the touch. Turn off oven. Leave the door open slightly with the pavlova inside to cool completely. l When completely cold, transfer to serving plate. Top with whipped cream, fresh fruits and serve. l l


| May 2012 | woman this month

Homemade Vanilla Bean Ice cream 275ml cream 275 ml milk, (full fat) 2 vanilla beans 6 egg yolks 175g caster sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract

l Place the cream and milk in a saucepan. Split the vanilla beans and add to the saucepan. Bring to the boil, then turn off the heat and set aside for ten minutes to infuse the vanilla. l Place the egg yolks, sugar and vanilla extract into a bowl and whisk by hand until pale. l Strain in the milk mixture through a strainer to remove the vanilla pods, directly into the egg mixture. Scrape the vanilla pods of remaining beans before discarding the pods. l Mix everything together with a hand whisk and then return to a clean saucepan. l Cook over a low heat, stirring, for about five minutes until it is slightly thickened and coats the back of a spoon. l Allow the mixture to cool in a large bowl, then refrigerate for 30 minutes. l Place the vanilla ice cream base into a plastic bowl and place in the freezer until frozen at the edges. Remove from freezer. Beat with a hand held electric mixer. Re-freeze. Repeat this process two more times. And then allow the mix to freeze for two hours before scooping to serve.

Homemade Doughnuts 55g unsalted butter, softened 250g caster sugar 1 teaspoon salt 4g vanilla 705g plain (all-purpose) flour

35g baking powder 40g milk powder 110g eggs 300g water

Preheat the deep fryer to 190 degrees Celsius. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, combine the softened butter, sugar, salt and vanilla, creaming the ingredients together, but not over whipping them. In a separate bowl sift together the flour, baking powder and milk powder. l Add the dry ingredients to the butter mixture and at the same time add the eggs and water. Combine everything to form a smooth dough. Mix for approximately three minutes, scraping down to ensure everything is combined. Remove the mixture and sit it on a floored bench for ten minutes. l Roll the dough out on the floured bench to 10mm in thickness and cut out with 60mm cutter. Cut the centres out with a 25mm cutter. Allow the doughnuts to sit for a further ten minutes and then deep fry them. Deep fry on one side until golden brown and then flip over until both sides are nicely covered. l Remove and toss immediately in sifted icing sugar or cinnamon flavoured caster sugar and serve. l l

Chocolate Chip Cookies 335g unsalted butter 450g light brown sugar 2 eggs, large 6g vanilla essence 3g salt

10g baking powder 575g plain (all-purpose) flour 10g cocoa powder 325g dark chocolate chips

Preheat the oven to 175 degrees Celsius. In the bowl of an electric mixer fitted with a paddle attachment, cream the softened butter and sugar together until light and pale in colour. Add the eggs one at a time and combine well. Add the salt and vanilla. l Sift the cocoa powder and baking powder with the flour and add to the butter mixture. Combine to form a dough. Add the chocolate chips and mix until the chips are well combined. l Remove the dough from the mixer and break off walnut sized pieces of dough and squash them onto a parchment paper lined baking tray. l Leave space between each dough piece for spreading during cooking. l Bake the dough for 12-14 minutes in the preheated oven or until lightly golden brown. Cool cookies on the tray before serving. l l

woman this month | May 2012 |




Retreats By Elma Bartholomew

Your honeymoon is your chance to splash out and spoil yourself in a world of luxury. We’re sick of hearing couples swoon over the obvious options of Paris and Venice. Get a little creative with your trip. After all, it only happens once.

Bali, Indonesia

The low-down: Bali is romantic, adventurous and spiritual and is the ultimate destination for an extraordinary honeymoon. It has the highest concentration of luxury hotels in the world. It’s a heavenly cocktail that combines ancient Hindu temples with hip designer shops, black velvet beaches in the North and golden ones in the South, incredible fusion restaurants with celebrity chefs, rainforests teeming with exotic species, ground breaking mixologists and some of the best surfs in the world. X-factor: Explore Bali artefacts. The handicraft work here is mesmerising. Stop at the Batubulan village, which is well known for stone carving. Then proceed to Celuk for its gold and silver works and the Mas village, famous for its wood carving. After admiring the expressive paintings in Ubud, you will have the opportunity to visit the art market to complete your hunt for souvenirs. You cannot be in Bali and not pamper yourself at one of their exquisite spas. Keep the days for exploring and the afternoons for relaxation. Dare to try the Balinese massages — you’ll be surprised how soothing they can be. Best for: The exploring kind. Drive along winding roads to one of their sacred temples, Uluwatu, settled on the highest rocky hill of the southern tip of Bali. A mystical kecak dance is performed to mark the sun dipping into the ocean. This will definitely be the highlight of your honeymoon.


| May 2012 | woman this month

Botswana, Africa

The low-down: If your honeymoon dream is one of an authentic safari in exclusive, luxurious accommodation, then Botswana is your country. From extraordinary colonial hotels with palatial suites to tiny, five-bed luxury tented camps, there is something for every taste. This country has numerous remote and pristine wilderness locations, where romantic lodges are tucked away in private reserves away from the crowds. The best of these take great care of honeymooners, with spectacular surprises and treats. Between May and October, when many couples choose to get married, Botswana is hot, dry, low in humidity and fantastic for game. X-factor: The two names that you will be confronted with when you plan this trip are the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park. That’s probably because they are the best. Here, you can enjoy customised honeymoons. Bring out your four-poster bed onto the deck and sleep under the stars. What’s more, a romantic “star bath” can be set up on your private viewing deck; soak in the candlelight under the vast star-filled African sky. You cannot leave Africa without their exclusive “walking with elephants” experience. Best for: Wildlife lovers. Botswana is land-locked and for the beach section many honeymooners fly down to Johannesburg to connect with a flight to elsewhere in Southern Africa, like Mauritius in southern Mozambique, or up to East Africa to Zanzibar. Alternatively, if relaxing without being at the beach is in order, then some of the lovely lodges around Victoria Falls provide a wonderful environment in which to unwind.

Manali, India

The low-down: Manali literally means the “home of Manu”, the mythological character who survived when the world was drowned in a flood. Spectacular views of snow-capped peaks and wooded slopes, grassy meadows carpeted with wild flowers make Manali the perfect retreat. Stay in the villages of Vashisht, where you will find hot springs, or Old Manali for a more peaceful mood. X-factor: Hadimba or Dhungiri temple in Manali is one of the most important temples in the region. This four story wooden structure is located in the middle of a forest. Carvings of animals, plants and folk deities adorn the temple, while hunting trophies hang over its entrance. If you’re here, you ought to have Rohtang Pass on your itinerary. It is the highest point, which provides a wide panoramic view of mountains rising far above the clouds — a truly breath-taking sight. For high mountain thrills, perhaps nothing can surpass the magic of heli-skiing. The sport is available in the area by the Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, Deo Tibba and Chanderkhani Pass. Best for: Adventure junkies. The surrounding mountain scenery lures tourists to Manali year-round. Domestic tourists come here for honeymoons and mountain views, while foreigners come for adventure sports or, more commonly, to hang out in the hippie villages around the main town. woman this month | May 2012 |




Ford has pulled out all the big guns when it comes to technology for its revolutionary new Focus 2012.


his new 2012 model has come streaking past its predecessor and other compact cars in its segment. With exciting feature additions, Focus is breaking all stereotypes associated with small cars. Although it provides customers with a level of technology that enhances comfort, convenience and safety, it is also a really fun drive. This is where the Focus truly sets itself apart from the competition; on the road. The combination of Ford’s new global C car platform and an unprecedented investment in the latest technologies means that the all-new 2012 Ford Focus offers customers a choice of advanced comfort, convenience and safety features which is unmatched in its class. “We’re really pleased to introduce yet another outstanding model of the Ford Focus, a nameplate that has enjoyed great popularity with our Bahraini customers,” said Sandeep


| May 2012 | woman this month

Mathur, general manager at Almoayyed Motors, the Ford and Lincoln importer-dealer in the Kingdom. “The new Focus builds on the great heritage the model has built for itself in terms of performance and responsiveness, quality and safety while sporting a dynamic, sporty look.” Previous models were lauded for safety, driving dynamics and style, winning numerous global accolades. This Focus aims to repeat these successes by surpassing the benchmark set by previous generations using a host of sophisticated and class-exclusive technologies developed by Ford. “The new model features class-exclusive cutting-edge innovations creating a remarkable car,” continues Sandeep. “Drivers will benefit from a more enjoyable ownership and driving experience thanks to the latest technologies that the new model boasts.” Call 17 737-373.

Raise the Roof EUROMOTORS

Hold on to your seats, WTM takes the new BMW 6 Series convertible out for a spin and we like what we see.


here is always something about a woman driving a convertible that somehow projects the idea that she is bold and confident. Well, it’s true; we learned that this car is not for the faint hearted, but for those men and women who want to turn heads. And with the new 2012 BMW 6 series convertible, turning heads is an understatement. From the first glance it is obvious that the BMW designers and engineers have gone all-out this year. The 6 series convertible is a fluid combination of breathtaking elegance and impressive sportiness. With a modern, fully automatic fin roof; the car is given a coupe-like profile when closed. The roof can be opened at the touch of a button in just 19 seconds and it closes just as quickly. The exterior oozes athletic luxury with an exceptionally striking front light design. The

exquisite details are even more noticeable when you are in the cockpit, which was designed with the exclusivity of a motor yacht in mind. Both comfortable and functional, the interior uses fine grain Napa leather that is machine stitched with contrasting ornamental seams. This is complemented with a fine-wood trim that further accentuates the quality feel of the interior. And for those who are a fan of leather, but fear the country’s scorching heat, the car uses a unique system that allows the leather seats to feel pleasantly cooled via a SunReflective technology. You won’t need worry about your passengers either; those in the back seat will also be treated to first-class accommodation via the generous compartment space. This is special if you consider that the 6 Series is, in fact, a two door.

Keep in touch with your world To keep you and your car connected to the outside world, BMW uses its ConnectDrive system to offer a wide range of innovative functions. This in turn means more convenience, more infotainment and more safety. The optional head up display projects information such as speed and speed limits, as well as navigational instructions directly onto the widescreen in high contrast colour and in the driver’s field of vision. Ladies don’t need to fret about parking issues in crowded places. The sports car offers an innovative Park Assist function. What will also prove to be useful with Bahrain’s traffic is the BMW’s Stop and Go function, which keeps the distance between your BMW and the vehicle in front of you constant at all times. Call 17 750-750. woman this month | May 2012 |


Social Butterfly

Bizladies Breakfast

Shauna & Clare

Bizladies held a breakfast at the Royal College of Surgeons, Medical University of Bahrain. Guests were welcomed by Anne Raftery, RCSI travel sales manager and a presentation was made by Saira Karim on 'The need for project management in delivering successful results' Nadia, Cheryl, Anne & Shahnaz

Anita, Fawzia, Hamra & Evelyn

Beverly, Orla, Dr Kathryn & Susan

Claudia, Debbie & Helen

Ika, Andrea & Pat Bizladies members at the event


| May 2012 | woman this month



Gazing Raphael What does May have in store for you?

Taurus April 21 – May 21

Libra September 24 – October 23

Many of you have mastered the knack of delivering tactless comments without regard for those around you and causing much objection in the process. Well, prepare for another distinctly “crabby” outburst this May, when a partner asks for your opinion on a family matter only to hear you say everything she doesn’t want to hear.

Scorpio October 24 – November 22

It looks like there is no going back on things now as you return from a trip away to the realisation of the commitment you have made and the uncomfortable fact that it does not sit entirely right within you. However, they say that time can change people and there is every indication that it’s only your insecure nature that is driving these fragile thoughts.

Sagittarius November 23 – December 21 May will see you having to deal with difficult issues as

Your efforts to forward a business initiative will receive a you seek to integrate into a new environment, which isn’t major boost thanks to the interest of a potential investor. The going to be easy at the start. Never the most patient of people, you may need to give yourself a little more time outcomes, whilst positive and beneficial, will force you to on certain matters — especially where strangers are change many aspects of your life and open up a new road of involved. It won’t happen overnight, but things will work themselves out eventually. opportunities that will deliver many of your ambitions over the coming months. Capricorn December 22 - January 20 Gemini May 22 – June 21

It seems that your long-term ambition has finally come to pass, as you turn a significant corner in your life and set off down a new road filled with elements of the unknown, but is also abundant in promise and excitement. Many goodbyes have been uttered and many minor obstacles overcome to get you where you are today, so try to remain positive.

Cancer June 22 – July 23

This month you are going to find yourself swept off your feet by the candid and determined coaxing of someone who is quite obviously smitten by your personality. However, any resulting relationship could demand sacrifices by both parties and you need to establish whether you are prepared to make the changes required.

A row over a missing garment will send your household into turmoil around May 23 and you should think hard about laying down the law if you are called upon to be judge and jury. A friend comes seeking relationship advice in the last few days of the month and the number 7, in connection with the colour blue, brings a surprise admirer to your attention.

Pisces February 20 - March 20

There are serious financial concerns that need to be addressed this month and there is little point in just hiding from the truth because it’s not going to make the problems go away. Deal with them now, while they are still manageable. Tackle the issue whilst it is still a (relatively) small molehill. If you don’t, you could be left with a huge mountain to climb later on.

Virgo August 24 – September 23

Aries March 21 – April 20

You will find yourself juggling with feelings you’re not certain how to approach and the consequences of this emotional tug of war might be just too much to handle. It’s really all going to come down to where your loyalties lie in the end and you will find yourself having to confront some painful — and perhaps even ugly — truths before the month is out. | May 2012 | woman this month

Aquarius January 21 - February 19

After a month of financial gains, May sees you getting back down to the general matters of everyday life. This isn’t to say for one moment that things are set to be boring. Top of your agenda is a new place to live and it looks like something quite unexpected is going to provide you with the perfect opportunity, so prepare to act quickly.

Leo July 24 – August 23


You may consider declining an offer made to you last month about a change of residence. A hasty decision in light of some of the problems you are set to face this May because of troublesome neighbours and a rather difficult landlord. The good news is that the offer still stands, so long as you contact the person concerned before May 15.

May is going to be all about travel and discovery for your sign as you seek to explore new locations in your continued quest for property investment abroad. During your journey, some of you may also make a new acquaintance that could prove to be rewarding, both financially and emotionally, making it a wholly productive month.

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woman this month | May 2012 |



Out with the New

By Hard-headed Woman

I am single and have no children. But even if I did, what would I pass down to them in a disposable world?


y grandmother’s silver makeup set, consisting of brush, comb and hand held mirror, sat on her dresser table at the end of the bed for decades. It was passed down to my mother and she passed it down to me. A few years back I sold it for a small fortune in a London estate sale. It seems my grand mother had great taste and, according to the auctioneer, the set was known as an heirloom-quality piece. Some of my father’s wind up mechanical toys sold at the same auction — early 40’s pieces of metal with complicated wind up mechanisms and cartoon quality paintwork, in the spotless condition in which my father kept everything. The agent called these toys “true quality antiques of a past generation.” But what about us? It would seem, for the most part, that anything these days that is over a year old is classed as “last generation” and disposed of. Laptops, mobile phones, iPods, iPhones, desk-top computers, even clothing. If it’s a year old it’s obsolete and everyone is clambering for the next edition. I am amazed at the furor caused each year when mobile phone companies or computer firms release their latest gadget. People queue for days, pre-sales are phenomenal and as soon as people power up the battery and switch them on, they are already discussing what features, apps and gadgets the next generation model might have. I have had the same, cheap mobile phone for six years. I only want it to save numbers, send some text messages, make a few calls. Yet all my friends have a closer relationship with their iPhones and Blackberries than with their partners. Recently, I was talking to a male friend who spoke of early retirement. Now there’s something you don’t hear much of any more. He spoke with sadness about not being


| May 2012 | woman this month

able to compete in a world where every student being pumped out of school is more techno-driven, more computer literate and more technologically advanced than him. This got me wondering: am I also disposable? Am I about to be superseded? The next generation, the younger, better looking model, the one with more gadgets, gizmos, firmer, tighter and with more star power. How can I compete with this? Well, I say don’t give up so easily. Call me stubborn, but like the saying goes, even in these technologydriven times: “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Sometimes the shabbiest books hold the key to knowledge and sometimes the prettiest books can be blank, the skinniest books filled with little and the chubbiest books in the library are most commonly encyclopedias. The point is, I am as a person, just like every book. Until you turn the pages and feel the thickness of my content, the quality of my pages and read the story of me, understand why I am different to all the other books, then you will never be able to tell if I am like all the others. I am unique and I am worth the read. In this fast paced, megabyte, nano-second download, next generation world, I may start to look a little shabby. A few more crows’ feet may appear around my eyes and gravity may not be as much a friend as it once was, but the essence of who I am and the content of my soul, remains intact. Stay true to yourselves girls and never ever relent to the new. After all, everyone still reads Shakespeare now don’t they!

Profile for Red House Marketing

Woman This Month - May 2012  

May 2012 | issue 111 - WOMAN THIS MONTH - Celebrating the experience of womanhood

Woman This Month - May 2012  

May 2012 | issue 111 - WOMAN THIS MONTH - Celebrating the experience of womanhood