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June 2014 | Issue 136 | BD1 / SR10




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08 Editor’s Choice: Pick a tribe! 10 Pick of the Month: Make Up For Ever brushes 12 Retail Therapy: What’s new on the retail scene


14 Fashion Forward: Graphic details 16 Trend: Nautical inspiration


46 14

40 Mohamed Najeeb: Singing his way to the top 42 Ali Monfaradi: A fighting chance 44 Yazin Al-Irhayim: On the canvas of e-commerce 45 Laurent Cathala: Wrapped in a blue box

Men’s Feature

46 Get the Look: Be a man! 48 Style Radar: What the stars are wearing 50 10 Tips: Suit up! 52 Column: Must-haves of the season 53 Column: Gadgets update


56 News: The latest products in the stores 60 Advice: Your questions answered 62 Review: A fresh face 64 5 Tips: What’s in the bag




68 Wellbeing: Straight from the heart 70 Community: Value for money 72 Parenting: Stubborn is good 74 Column: Measles attack 78 Recipes: A cold meal 86 Horoscope: What this month holds for you 87 He says: Mind numbing jobs 88 She says: Understanding men

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2 June 2014

responsible editor Jubran AbdulRahman chairman & publisher George F Middleton publishing director David M Robertson editorial consultant Dr Paul Balles editor Elma Bartholomew fashion and beauty editor Fernanda Langhammer contributors ANKITA MAMGAIN behnaz sanjana Dr Clare beckett-mcinroy DR JIHAN DARWISH george r vaughan James Claire SIMI KAMBOJ creative director Maryam A Toorani print production manager Sabu Sebastian layout & graphics RODOLFO A. REYES Jr. Dalal Al-Sabbagh media coordinator SARAH ANSARI media managers farheen ahmed Randa Ghazi Howais sales manager sanhita kar marya circulation FAWAZ AL BALOOSHI photography editor anil Ravi Shankar photographers Shankar Kunhambu Subeesh Kumar NS printing press Union Press, Bahrain

eDitor’s NOTE There is no way of explaining how excited we’ve been to put together the first ever men’s special. It’s been a fun ride with the team, all the way from hunting down some of Bahrain’s most successful men to shooting our first male cover in partnership with luxury menswear line, Boggi. (I nearly kept that tie for myself.) We’ve put together a complete feature with which gadgets you need to get to stay updated and what’s going on in the world of men’s fashion. Ladies, we’ve got some eye candy for you in the Style Radar segment (and more). A fashion update for the men is not limited to the musthaves. Fernanda gives you three perfectly doable outfit styles to adopt. And for those who follow the Barney Stinson lifestyle can take our ‘Suit Up’ tips seriously. Behnaz tackles cardiac diseases in women, which is strangely hardly discussed for a common ailment. Dr Clare also has a daring article for us, where she explains how parents can channel stubbornness in children for a successful future. For our beauty tips, we dug into every handbag in the office to see what a woman can’t leave her home without. Find out if you have five of these beauty products with you at all times. From serving cold food to exploring unexplored destinations, there’s a lot more stories for you in our June issue. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did writing it!

Elma Bartholomew Editor So I’ve been looking through The Man’s Store on Neiman Marcus and I think I’d like to sneak these men’s items into my wardrobe: the patent pyramid-buckle belt from Giuseppe Zanotti, a leather wide-zip backpack from Tom Ford, and this mixed media bomber jacket from Maison Martin Margiela.

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4 June 2014

June 2014 | Issue 136 | BD1 / SR10

June 2014, issue 135 On the cover: Mohamed Najeeb Photographer: Nina Mommsen Stylist: Fernanda Langhammer Outfit: Boggi

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woman this month

May 2014 | Issue 135 | BD1 / SR10

SHOPPING | feature





N O Q Nail art! Invest in different enamel colours to create all sorts of graphics and motifs. If you’re a regular at Inglot, you’ll know that you’re only limited by your imagination.

… the It bag!

Is for Online. If Asos, Net-A-Porter, Boohoo. com and are not bookmarks on your browser, you are living under a rock! Come on to the ‘real’ world, where half of our clothes came by post!




is for Java. As if you needed an excuse to get a shot of caffeine. Make a day out of it and head to your favourite coffee shop before you hit the mall. Or better yet, how about you fuel up before you leave the house with a cup of Nespresso? The WTM team lives on Rosabaya and Roma flavours. Yum!

Monsoon’s ethnic inspiration adds creativity to your outfit. Think of tunics and printed tops next time you pull something out of your cupboard to pair with your favourite pair of jeans.

Oxfords! Massimo Dutti’s women’s line has a great collection of this masculine piece. So if you’re looking to glam up the androgynous look, you know where to go!


is for Quality. Buying things for a steal need not mean settling for something mediocre. No matter what you get, make sure it’s worth the money.

Elena Romanova


Write Here Write Now is for Paris! Yes, you heard us. If you’re planning your next big vacation, then why not a shopping trip in the world’s fashion capital? Don't miss out on their perfumes too! Find a scent that shows off your personality.

K L Kenneth Cole is all for summery dresses. Girly and fresh options are available in solid colours and fun prints. Show off your legs; embrace the heat!

is for local. There has been a rush of Bahraini designers in these past couple of years and we are loving it — from internationally acclaimed Khaleda Rajab’s couture lines to up-and-coming artist, who are making a buzz on social media.

lIFeStYle | wellbeing

18 May 2014


May 2014

she says



I hate to rain on Behnaz Sanjana's shoe parade, but I feel I have to inform her that, “If I'm grey and wrinkly, my shoes will still fit perfectly” is, in fact, not quite true! Our feet, like the rest of us, age. They enlarge; more specifically, they flatten. Have you never wondered why elderly ladies wear comfortable, wide and (frankly) downright unattractive shoes? Well, those dropped arches and loose ligaments render mincing along in a pair of high heeled Ferragamos or Louboutins a la Victoria Beckham, not only excruciatingly painful, but virtually impossible! (Think the ugly sisters trying to squeeze their feet into Cinderella’s glass slipper.) Furthermore, years of wearing those narrow, pointed lovelies have left many a foot deformed by painful bunions, corns and hammer toes. Therefore, feet encounter limits to how much use or abuse they can take. I’m afraid then, that the more mature amongst us will have to kiss a sad goodbye to our stylish stilettos, our cute Cuban heels and our fashionable Ferragamos, and learn to love those nice Naturalisers. Christine

Floral fest

I would just like to congratulate the Woman This Month team for the wonderful May issue. Right from the cover to the last page, it was

6 June 2014

filled with interesting articles. I especially enjoyed the shopping T All feature. You’re cover was Teched lovely. In fact, I picked Shoes, Glorious Shoes! Out out a similar outfit from Bahrain City Centre. I I think it’s great when you do fashion pages that give us an idea of the budget. To be honest, I would not believe that the look was created in Tech savvy less than BD30, if you hadn’t mentioned it. The wellbeing article in the May issue is Congrats once again ladies! quite interesting. I’ve suffered from pain in Mae the joints of my fingers for months; little did I know that it had to do with my constant use of the phone. So I challenged myself to Monotonous looks restricted usage of the phone. It shocked me I underestimated how hard it is to put when I couldn’t complete the smallest step — together an outfit in a single shade. I had a go refusing to use the phone at the dinner table. with baby pink and I looked like I got caught I remember as a child that my parents insisted in a cloud of candy floss. we sat together at the table and wouldn’t even And then I went with navy blue and no one let us bring our books to read while we ate. noticed it as it was close to wearing an all And now everyone has a smartphone, and black outfit. Third time lucky, I chose red. they’re looking at it while we share a meal at Although it is considered a loud colour, I got a the same table! We’ve changed the rules a bit good balance with hints of nude and browns. now; we’ve had conversations since! We make My red heels had corkwood wedges, my bag sure we spread the habit among friends when had nude accents and I broke my dress with we step out for dinner too. If we can’t stay a simple nude belt. Gold elements enhanced away from our phone for five minutes, then the red completely. I loved it; I loved getting compliments all day long! Thanks for the idea! we have some real issues. Josie Celeste here’s a new kind of addiction that’s gripped the world — that of gadgets and staying connected 24x7. Doctors have noticed an alarming number of people who seek medical help for problems caused by the constant use of electronic devices. Technology is meant to help and not harm us physically or mentally. If we looked away from our glowing screens just enough, we would hear our bodies telling us to get off the grid. Heed the advice of our experts to keep your body and mind happy.

GadGet Grumble



A woman with good shoes is never ugly, said Coco Chanel. What’s more, they can give you a ‘high’ that’s totally carb-free!

recently came across an article that attempted to figure out a woman’s ‘type’ by the shoes she wears. It slotted women into different personalities depending on whether she chose wedges over ballet flats, and frankly, it made me roll my eyes. Well, which woman sticks to only one kind of footwear? When we run about the daily grind, we summon our sneakers or slip-ons. Wouldn’t it look completely ridiculous to be tottering about in a pair of Louboutins at 7am at the kids’ school (unless of course you’re Victoria Beckham)? Speaking of which, although I don’t own a pair of those scarlet-soled jewels for the feet, I am secretly saving up for one. (Don’t tell my husband! He just won’t get it.) A shoe is a shoe is a shoe, right? Wrong! Shoes have the power to make a woman look

80 May 2014

stylish if she’s dressed in a gunny sack. Black patent leather heels and a gunny sack — I can totally see myself rocking the annual ‘Save The Earth’ gala. To drive home the point, the iconic Marilyn Monroe once said, “Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.” Well, at the very least, a great pair definitely makes up for a bad hair day. Even though I may be in thrift mode at most times, a new pair is in order on every birthday. I may not opt for a wardrobe overhaul or a five-star dinner, but new shoes are a staple. They don’t have to come in a Saks Fifth Avenue bag; the friendly neighbourhood mall will do. My birthday shoes are an affirmation that it doesn’t matter if my dress size changes over the years, or if I’m grey and wrinkly. My shoes will still fit perfectly. That’s why I treat my

special pairs with utmost TLC — even more so than my clothes. It’s true that our shoes are the first things that are noticed by others. Whether I dash past someone eye-catching at the mall or I stop to chat with a familiar face, my eyes involuntarily glance at their footwear. It’s been a childhood fetish — a shoe-related obsessive compulsive disorder. And what I find most challenging is to discreetly catch a glimpse of the wedges or stilettos under a swishing abaya; those are often the most swoon-worthy pairs I encounter. I have got to hand it to the panache of Middle Eastern women, who take their traditional flair to new heights (pun intended). So like Shakespeare proclaimed that “clothes maketh a man”, I say “shoes maketh a woman”.

In this era of instant communication through emails and various messaging applications, people go out of their way to keep a green icon glowing alongside their name. But there comes a time when your body needs you to unplug.

60 May 2014

Our expert: Dr Abdul Kareem Al Azzawi, medical director and consultant orthopaedic at Bahrain Specialist Hospital Dr Al Azzawi has recently seen more patients walking in to his clinic with painful stress injuries caused by the wrong use of machines and devices. Chronic back pain caused by sitting for long periods of time without any movement is one of the most common complaints he encounters. “Stress injuries are caused by using laptops, mobiles and tablets over several hours every

day,” says Dr Al Azzawi. “Sitting continuously leads to the weakening of the lumbar muscle, which is the guide for the movement of the spine. Years of bad sitting posture leads to an unstable spine and problems, like discal prolapse and sciatica.” Placing the computer screen at the wrong height makes people crane the neck, using more of the flexor muscles rather than the extensor muscles of the spine. This leads to instability of the cervical spine, ending with weakness of inter-vertebral muscles and discal problems. Use of the computer mouse over extended periods of time puts direct pressure on the anterior part of the wrist, leading to carpal tunnel syndrome. This is an extremely painful disorder that causes numbness and the weakening of the three radial fingers, which often requires surgery. Fashionably called Blackberry thumb, tendonitis is another painful fallout of incessantly using your digits to play games or communicate. It starts with inflamed tendons of the fingers. It then affects ligaments and eventually leads to ‘locking’ of the fingers,


SHOPPING | editor's choice 1

1. Necklace: Pull&Bear; 2. Belt: F&F; 3. Bag: M Missoni; 4. Earrings: Parfois; 5. Armchair: Marks & Spencer; 6. Top: Monsoon; 7. Espadrilles: Schutz; 8. Dress: Jane Norman






Tribal Trend Ethnic prints, their vibrant colour scheme and their unusual mix of shapes are perfect to brighten up your summer outfits. The unique patterns add an extra flair to your look and add character to your home decor.


8 7

8 June 2014

Musicians Wardell and Lived In Summer White.

shopping | pick of the month

Make-up Dreamland Every woman knows how good it feels to own a collection of make-up brushes. Imagine having the perfect tool to apply each product flawlessly. Now stop imagining; dive into this new world of make-up tools.


ake Up For Ever is celebrating its 30th anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, the brand has launched a professional brush collection. With 76 premium brushes, the new line offers the ideal tool to create all sorts of make-up styles with precision. Every brush is handcrafted and custommade with 100 percent cutting edge synthetic fibres and signature design. There are 30 kinds for the skin alone, with specific shapes for different results, such as sculpted, natural, medium and high coverage. For the eyes, 35 brushes were designed to

10 June 2014

facilitate blending, shading, highlighting, lining, defining and correcting. The lips get three different versions for perfect contouring and lipstick application. Eight brushes were created for body paint and artistic concepts. They are all convenient for any kind of product texture, and are ultra resistant and humidity proof. The creator and artistic director of the company, Dany Sanz, is also a painter and a sculptor. As a professional make-up artist, she understands the need for specific tools to achieve a particular look.

Singer Andra Day and the Lived In Denim Shorts.


Blossoming Grace

Van Cleef & Arpels has added new products to its Cosmos collection. The delicate flowers are now adorned with white mother-of-pearl, pink gold and diamonds, or onyx, white gold and diamonds. The subtle combination of materials offers homage to nature and luck. The jewellery pieces are available at Asia Jewellers.

Refreshing Style

Bershka partnered with Coca-Cola to create a new line of fun and playful pieces. The collection brings tops for both girls and guys that play with the brand’s logo and feature fun graphics. The t-shirts and tank tops are a youthful pick for a casual look.

RETAIL THERAPY Our shopping list this month includes special clothing lines and fashionable furniture inspired by a handbag. Check it out!

New Campaign

Michelle Williams is back with her second advertising campaign for Louis Vuitton. This time the brand has the spotlight on three city bags: the new Lockit, the Capucines and the Alma.

Glamorous Decor

Versace Home has a new selection of luxurious pieces for the drawing room, dining room and bedroom. The Via Gesù range is inspired by the Versace Palazzo bag, the brand’s ‘it bag’ of the season.

Online Shopping

The Style Chamber is an online store based in Abu Dhabi with tailored pieces for men and women. The spring and summer collection introduces an eclectic mix of cutting-edge designers from Antwerp, Milan, London, Paris, Berlin, Porto, Reykjavik, Seoul, Taiwan and Tokyo.

12 June 2014

FASHION | fashion forward

She’s Printspired!

Dresses are very girly. For a contemporary look, all you need to do is find one wrapped in an authentic pattern. See by Chloe gives a youngster vibe to this piece which features a short length and strategic cuts. The ‘60s flair is evident, especially in the psychedelic prints and unique shape.

Classy Mod

The mid-skirt is a must-have this summer. Temperley London at created this green elegant piece, which is best paired with a black or white top. This versatile staple can take a lady to work and to a special evening.

Graphic Moods Delineated patterns offer a striking optical illusion to a look. The repetition of shapes and unusual combination of colours intensify the wow effect you try to create. Enjoy this electric vibe! 14 June 2014

Eye Tricks

Peter Pilotto is well-known for his innovative designs. He recently developed a special collection for Target that can be found at Optical illusions lead the line. The prints transform the attire, by giving it depth and volume using nothing mor than the power of carefully placed lines.

Playing with Perception

M Missoni deeply explored visual illusions in this outfit. The combination of the top and trousers in a similar pattern delivers an amazing effect. If you dare to be unusual without looking odd, this is the look for you!

Hi-Tech Addict

Technology is present in our everyday life and having a mobile is mandatory. Unfortunately, they are still made of breakable materials; having a mobile cover is essential (trust me!). Fashionable girls may use it as an accessory rather than as a protective gear. Whatever your principle may be, don’t miss out this piece from Coach.

Snatch and Go!

The acrylic clutch from Jimmy Choo is a stunning piece you really should add to a plain or printed outfit. The colour combination speaks vintage, while the originality of its lines turns it into a must-have for the modern woman.

June 2014


FASHION | trend

Hey Ho, Sailor!

The nautical influence is always in the spotlight during summertime. The combination of stripes, black, blue, red and white recreates the mariner look. Get inspired by the sea and put together a contemporary version of this trend.



2 1




1. Dress: M&Co; 2. Sweater: Massimo Dutti; 3. Handbag: Marks & Spencer; 4. Necklace: Mango; 5. Bikini: New Look; 6. Hat: Pull & Bear; 7. Shorts: Salsa; 8: Sandals: Tod’s; 9. Plimsolls: Bershka

Olympia Le-Tan




16 June 2014

Bahrain - Bahrain City Centre, Oasis Centre (East Riffa), Oasis Centre (Muharraq), Marina Mall, Seef Mall Saudi Arabia • Kuwait • Oman • Qatar • UAE • Jordan • Egypt • Lebanon



Mania Max has launched a new collection full of crispy whites, floral inspirations, lace overlays and neon highlights. Wardrobe makeover, here we come!


he summer collection from Max is very feminine, featuring bright embroidery, floral collage prints, sheer insert blouses and maxi dresses in georgette and light cotton. The flowing silhouettes get a splash of rainbow colours and are stamped with big flowers. Exotic Safari Animal prints such as leopard and snakeskin are mixed with floral prints to embrace the fauna and flora style. Jumpsuits, dresses, leggings, harems and shorts can be found in different fabrics, such as the comfy sateen. Tropical Bouquet Mixed stripes and floral prints in classic shapes, like bodycon dresses, blazers and maxis translate the heart and soul of this trend.

Navajo Nomad The tribal pattern is a must-have! Graphic motifs, tapestry and embroidery are central elements in this line. Denim, chambray and indigo form the canvas for the intrinsic details. Maxi skirts, printed jumpsuits and lace palazzos are the best picks from this trend. Solid Hue Monochromatic tribal and geometric prints are the stars of this style. Ridged fabrics and digital placements can be found with gold accents. Look for the bomber jackets, studded shoulder t-shirts, jumpsuits and tops. Nautical Fleur The perennial sailor trend is updated with hints of sunny yellow and Kelly green. The digitalised multicolour floral and photographic prints are the contemporary additions to this trend. Sleeveless shirts and shift dresses can be spotted in colour-blocking patterns and summery stripes. The final touches are the gold studs and intricate trims.

18 June 2014

Hawaiian Sunset Birds of paradise and lily prints mixed with plaids cover lace pencil skirts, lace-insert bodycon dresses, printed leggings, blouses and classic maxi dresses. Holiday in Shanghai The oriental influence in this style is evident in the prints of chrysanthemums and cranes in rich shades, such as ivory, coral and navy. The key pieces are rayon printed trousers, neck shell tops, maxi dresses and skirts. Lacy Days This collection brings rich embellished stones on feminine fabrics, such as lace, sheer blouses, chiffon and lightweight cotton. Island Luxe The richness of South America is expressed in this line. The bright colours of the Mexican culture stamp the laid-back silhouettes, perfect for easy-going summer evenings. Victorian Decadence The ladylike look can be conquered with this selection of soft pastels and Victorian whites in rich lurex and shimmer coat lace fabrics. The embellished necklines and sleeves give the finishing touch to this delicate look. Call 17 179-374 (Bahrain City Centre), 17 325-401 (Oasis Centre), 17 232-001 (Marina Mall) or 17 680-100 (Seef Mall-Isa Town).

June 2014



Indie Spirit

Steve Madden rocks the season with a dynamic collection. You can find designs for all kinds of styles — from strappy sandals to chic wedges.


estivals, picnics, concerts and parties are fun outdoor activities meant to be enjoyed during summer. For stylish daywear, pick the cool flat sandals from Steve Madden. They also go well with pool party outfits and work great for a laid-back barbecue. For a late night in town, opt for sky-high heels. Cork wedges have elastic uppers, which make them comfortable and perfect for daily wear. A vintage look can be enhanced with the gladiator style. For a contemporary twist, add some height with a stacked platform and heels. The knee-high option guarantees a jaw-dropping effect. The shorter version, offered in a plethora of colours, is best paired with shorts, casual t-shirts and a floppy hat. Team a structured handbag with your favourite footwear and you are ready to face the sun! Call 17 179-380 (Bahrain City Centre).

20 June 2014

2.900 3.900 4.900 5.900

Ladies Fashion Top Ladies Printed Trouser Ladies Skinny Jeans Ladies Bag -



Mens Polo T-shirt Mens Shirt Mens Cotton Trouser Mens Jeans -

2.600 4.200 4.900 3.900

Dana Mall 17553555 - East Riffa 17773355 - Ramli Mall, A’ali 17646455 - Hidd 17465599



Pieces Stradivarius is known for its contemporary style. Complementing the trendy clothing line is a wide choice of striking accessories.


ffortlessly chic — that’s the look to pursue. The cool designs from Stradivarius are best teamed with the brand’s accessories. These add-ons need to pop in order to play the important role in an outfit. Chunky necklaces with colourful beads are one way to do this. Pair striking bracelets with cuffs for a wrist full of bling. Your footwear needs to speak ‘comfort’. The moccasins, wedges, flats and oxfords from Stradivarius offer just that. Handbags need to be practical and modern. Whether it is a big tote or a lady-like bag, your carrier needs to be something that can be worn on any occasion. The colour-blocking trend paints the accessories in black and nude, and the celebrated combination of black and white. Create a fashionable look with these staple pieces. Call 17 172-306 (Bahrain City Centre).

22 June 2014


Tiffany & Co Opening One of the world's premier jewellers, Tiffany & Co opened its new boutique in Moda Mall. The store was opened by Laurent Cathala, Tiffany's emerging markets Vice President & Mohammed Shirazi, Director, Bahrain Jewellery Centre

Asma, Vesna, Ghada & Zeljka

Laila Shirazi & Asma

Laurent Cathala & Mohammed Shirazi open the boutique

Laurent, Mohammed, Abbas Shirazi & Iqbal

Ahmed Shirazi, Wassim, Mohammed & Waleed





Tel: +973 77444488 Fax: +973 17599056

June 2014



Blue Modes

Brighter blues are the elected tone to embrace the summer mood. Go for royal and cobalt to make a statement. Think creatively and incorporate the shades through your accessories. Blue sandals and shades are an original way to stand out.

Magnetic Shades Aldo brings the hottest trends to the island. Shop by colour this summer and upgrade your wardrobe in style.

Tangerine Touch

This energetic hue is the pick of the season; it brings warmth and excitement to a look. Coming in shades of burnt orange, peach and fluorescent rays, this vibrant hue adds a striking element to the outfit. Whether it paints an entire accessory or appears as an eye-catching detail, the colour is guaranteed to steal the scene.

Pretty Pastels

Wrap yourself in candy colours this season as soft tones make everyone look sweet. The red carpet has seen long dresses in light pinks and blues, and soft shades of cream; accessories follow the lead. Finalise the look by mixing sugar-coated shades for a colourblocking effect. Call 16 686-202 (Bahrain City Centre) or 16 686-236 (Seef Mall).

24 June 2014

Sizzling Summer Styles

Lulu Hypermarket’s summer 2014 collection has been revealed. The retail outlet has certainly upped its game in the fashion world, helping women get that luxe look for less.


ulu Hypermarket is known to be the onestop retail destination for all your needs. However, this season they’re getting busy in the fashion department. From tropical prints to bright hues, the outlet has amazing pieces that will make you do double-takes. The new collection boasts pretty pastels and plenty of prints. You’ll find laser cut blouses, t-shirts with cool graphics, dresses in geometric patterns and maxi dresses with floral prints. Mesh is a wardrobe must-have. Wear it over a neutral camisole for a casual day out or over a neon tube top for a more daring style.

A highlight of the Lulu fashion segment is its accessories. Colour-clocking is big this season and they’ve adopted it in the sandals, another big summer trend. Wedges make most of the shoe range, alongside flats and flip-flops. A visit to the store will have you beach ready in no time. The sailor trend is translated in the line of handbags. If nautical prints aren’t your style, opt for the cute crossover bags, which secure the brand on the fashion map. They’ve got a great collection of hats, whether it’s for a beach break or to look street chic. Call 17 553-555.

supporting ideas achieving success

Bahrain Development Bank offers a wide range of distinctive financial and advisory services specifically designed to meet SME’s special needs. Whether your plan is to launch a new entrepreneurial venture, expand or diversify business in the Kingdom, BDB provides you with advice and support in developing the financial resources for your project since BDB’s core mission is to develop SME’s. Over the years, BDB has expanded in delivering an innovative mix of financial products tailored to meet the needs of entrepreneurs and extended to reach out a broader spectrum of economical sectors. For more details visit:

June 2014



Revamped Basics La Vie en Rose has launched a new collection of swimsuits and other garments to suit all tastes and styles. Take a look at the new pieces on offer.

Sweet Undercover

Even though it might not be the main piece, lingerie plays an important role to a look. The wrong item can ruin an entire outfit; so it’s vital to carefully select what goes under your dress. La Vie en Rose invites you to try fun and contemporary styles. Striped prints combined with lace are a clever choice.

Tranquil Dreams

The pyjama collection at La Vie en Rose guarantees a relaxed feeling. Inspired by creative sayings and coastal prints, the cosy line is fun and brings the beach vibe to your bed. Choose from their selection of nightdresses, robes, tops and shorts — whatever makes you comfortable.

Mermaid Mode

The weather is perfect for a swim. This brand offers several kinds of swimsuits in soft prints and trendy colours. Black remains as the classiest choice.

Call 16 686-210 (Bahrain City Centre).

26 June 2014


Paradise Nine West offers an array of styles making it the ultimate destination for shoes in the Kingdom. Select your favourite design to create a breathtaking look.

Chic Heels

All women know that the femme fatale look can only be conquered with high heels. They give the impression of toned legs and are ideal for evenings. Pumps are a common choice. Why not explore other styles? Booties, peep-toes with fine details and heels in a loud colour are great ways to wear this style differently. Call 16 686-207 (Bahrain City Centre) or 16 686-220 (Seef Mall).

Amazing Flats

Keep your feet on the ground — with style. Most occasions in your routine don’t require killer heels. Nevertheless, impeccable footwear is mandatory. A collection of flats is every woman’s dream. Pick ones in different designs and colour schemes to add glam to an outfit.

On the Wedge

If you can only live on a higher level, opt for comfy and classy wedges. They are the must-have shoes of the season. Enjoy the warm weather in cool sandals with open feet options so you can bear the Middle Eastern heat.

June 2014



Good Vibes! The summer collection from Gap celebrates optimism, freedom and exploration. The American summer experience is waiting for you!


nspired by the ordinary summer day, Gap has put together a fine collection which explores themes such as Miami pop, road trips and the Fourth of July; thus boasting the iconic combination of red, white and blue. Denim is an important element throughout the collection, from faded colour-blocking to bleached-out white. The indigo and coloured pieces, which are ever-popular elements of the brand, can be paired to slub tees and tanks in candy shades. Textured tops and girly dresses complement the line. The boyfriend roll-up shorts are a hot trend if you’re looking to show off your tanned legs. The men’s collection is full of colour, prints and texture. Short-sleeve oxford and madras shirts, and an assortment of classic shorts, are the key pieces from the summer range. Slim jeans and neutral knits complete the guys’ look. Call 17 178-607 (Bahrain City Centre).

28 June 2014


Tamkeen's Mashroo3i Youth Plans Competition Tamkeen held an opening ceremony for its Mashroo3i Youth Plans Competition at the Bahrain City Centre last month

Dana, Tamkeen Human Capital Development Senior Manager Amal Kooheji, Fatima, Fatima & Fatima Yousif, Fahad Mohammed & Damien

Amal Kooheji opens the event

Ali & Mohammed Hassan & Ghadeer

Safeya, Sara, Ameena & Eman

With every Suzuki Dzire get a HTC Desire smart phone.

Driven by DZire

Suzuki Dzire

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Suzuki Bahrain June 2014



Little Ones’ Fashion Gap Kids allows boys and girls to do what they do best — move! Help them get comfy and stylish with these hot pieces.


retty pastels and neutral shades with pops of contrasting colours paint the girls’ outfits. Black and neon accents are the eyecatching elements of the season. Colour-blocking, stripes and dots are perennial patterns to look for in these cute, modern looks. Woven silhouettes are the must-haves of the collection, especially those found in dolphin shorts and rompers in various lengths. White

30 June 2014

and soft greys are great for a candid palette. For boys, choose linen-cotton tops and trousers. Flat front oxford shorts in solids and stripes are best paired with colourful ombre graphic tees and sun-washed colours. Denim pieces, one of the brand’s trademarks, can be spotted in both boys’ and girls’ lines. Brighten up the days for your little ones with these pieces from Gap Kids. Call 17 178-607 (Bahrain City Centre).

Dive into an underwater world of fun! 23 May – 23 June

The cool underwater world of Deep Blue Seef is ready to dive in! Shop at Seef Mall for a unique experience of walking at the bottom of the sea while kids have a fantastic time exploring the aqua themed games and activities. Summer at Seef Mall promises a whale of a time!

Bubble Racers • Aqua Olympics • Paddler’s Pond • Pirate’s Den


A Brand with a Heart A one-stop offering kids fashion with a clear design focus and more than a bit of attitude, Pumpkin Patch offers junior versions of current looks, with a fresh and young twist.

10674_French_A3s.indd 4

32 June 2014

7/11/13 4:58 PM


aking waves in over 90 locations across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Pumpkin Patch offers a quality design-driven and coordinated range for toddlers and children along with accessories, footwear and funky apparel for pre-teens. The brand’s story begins in 1990 in New Zealand with a woman named Sally Synott. Sally had worked as a childrenswear buyer, searching near and far to find the very best kids’ clothes. She had an eye for both fashion and function. She found some good clothes, but something told Sally that little on the market was right for New Zealand families. The seed was planted, and Pumpkin Patch began to grow — initially as a mail-order business, and soon followed by the opening of its first retail store in Auckland. In 1993 the team saw an opportunity to take the range of fantastic kids’ apparel to their neighbours across the Tasman. The brand’s expansion into Australia was the beginning of the business model that has seen Pumpkin Patch continue to thrive throughout the world. Over the years, they have expanded into the US and UK markets, initially with retail stores as well as the mail order catalogue. The online business remains strong and is the focus for continued growth in these markets. Family is at the heart of everything they do. Pumpkin Patch now employs over 2,000 people, with more than 190 stores and wholesale operations in 24 markets globally, including 40 stores across GCC. This sort of growth doesn’t happen overnight, and it certainly doesn’t happen unless you’ve got something unique to offer. What sets the brand apart is that the clothing meets the needs of young families at every stage in their lives. The comprehensive range covers all stages of a child’s growth, from baby through to pre-teen. As mums, we love when our little ones look their best, but we also know that the business of being a kid is tough on clothes. Pumpkin Patch’s collections are packed with great fashion, hardwearing everyday wear and all the other coordinating wardrobe essentials, including footwear, nightwear, swimwear and accessories. Call 17 179-621 (Bahrain City Centre).


Biz Ladies Meeting


BizLadies held a networking event for members & guests at the Unisono offices in Sanabis

Amy, Zeenat & Dr Clare

Geraldine, Emma & Marion

BizLadies at the event

June 2014



Ready to Shine? At A La Mode, you will find the latest from the Michael Kors watch and jewellery line. The Camille capsule collection adds extra oomph to your look. Check it out!

Time Keeper

This chronograph watch features pavé stones on its face, bezels and straps. The wristwatch is designed with an all-over pavé dial and is available in gold, rose gold and stainless steel. The piece dazzles, making it the perfect accessory for a black or nude dress.

Sparkle All Evening

A jewellery collection was created to enhance the concept of the Camille line. Pavé-stoned bangles, in similar hues as the watches, accompany the high-end capsule. The piece can easily complement any outfit. It adds drama to both a casual outfit and an evening gown. Call 17 179-854 (Bahrain City Centre) or 17 581-588 (Seef Mall).

34 June 2014


Sunidhi Chauhan Concert

Sunidhi Chauhan

Indian playback singer Sunidhi Chauhan performed in Bahrain as part of the Desert Temptation 2 Live at the Crowne Plaza. The event was attended by HE Dr Mohan Kumar, Indian Ambassador, Mala Kumar, HE Jauhar Saleem, Pakistani Ambassador, Zara Saleem & guests HE Jauhar Saleem, Zara Saleem, HE Dr Mohan Kumar & Mala Kumar

Shibnath, Sreejata & Samita

Nisha & Arun

Nisha & Mansi Balu, Vistas & Pervin

x 94

Farrell International Co. W.L.L.

German Skin Care Centre SKIN CARE MADE IN GERMANY now 10 years in Bahrain, now 10 years in Bahrain, now 10 y

Varini, Shubhra & Aishwarya

Nabeel & Benita

Poonam & Vijay

Hira & Nadia

Problem: Acne, scars, wrinkle, pigmentation, ageing, large pores, stretch marks, cellulite, fat reduction, body forming, permanent hair removal, spider veins, tired eyes/legs, …

Method: Microdermabrasio, Mesotherapy, Body forming, Cavitation, Lymphatic, Fat-Away-Method, Fruit Acid, Radiofrequency, High frequency, Ultrasonic, IPL, LED, Infrared light, dermaceutical tailor made Crème,…

 177 22 696

June 2014



Appealing Colours A La Mode has an attractive selection of fine jewellery. Toscow’s multicoloured, glinting pieces are perfect for summery looks.


o you want to stand out in the crowd? Opt for a sparkling and vibrant pair of earrings, stunning rings or attractive pendant from Toscow. The brand’s colourful and alluring crystal jewellery brightens up any look creatively. The brand embraces historic values, keeping an eye on cutting-edge trends. The crystals are hand-polished in various shapes, cut and then meticulously set. The results of the meticulous detailing are reflected in the pieces offered by Toscow. Call 17 179-863 (Bahrain City Centre) or 17 581-588 (Seef Mall).

36 June 2014


New Dawn Society Football Tournament As part of its commitment to support local charities and in line with its 2014 wellness and sports theme, New Dawn Society organized a one-day football tournament which was held at The Football Academy Basma, Paco, Yasmin, Reem, Abeer, Eman & Dalal

One of the teams

Fahad, Ali, Bassam & Hasan

Action from the match

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June 2014


Ladies moment

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Massimo Dutti

THE mEN'S FEATURE 40 Mohamed Najeeb 42 Ali Monfaradi 44 Yazin Al-Irhayim 45 Laurent Cathala


June 2014


MEN | cover story

Striking the Right Note by ELMA BARTHOLOMEW

Banker by day and musician by night; Mohamed Najeeb is working on his album due to release by the final quarter of this year. We speak to the artist about his career in music. 40 June 2014


ou will recognise Mohamed Najeeb as a finalist on Amr Diab Academy. He was the only Khaleeji to make it to the top 10. Mohamed has come a long way since his appearance on the reality show. We take a look at how he found his calling in music and what he plans to do with his skills. Woman This Month: How did you find out that you were meant to be a musician? Mohamed Najeeb (MN): I had found an interest in music at a young age. At around 10 years, I was fiddling with drums, guitars and the piano. It began in school, where I participated in every school concert. However, that had more to do with instruments. I’ve always loved to sing, but it was only when I turned 14 that I had taken that passion seriously. Believe it or not, I discovered this through karaoke nights with friends. While everyone found it to be a fun activity, I would listen to myself and check if I was on the right note. So it’s safe to say nobody wanted me to join them on karaoke night again (laughs). WTM: From being someone who would simply jam with friends, you have made a name for yourself as a professional singer. Tell us about your journey. MN: When I was 18, I had made it to the finalists on Star Academy Three. However, I’d to decline their offer as they had offered me the chance to participate as an Egyptian national, because my strength was in Egyptian music. I then began recording songs and had a year off before going off to university in the UK, during which I’d taken music and guitar lessons. While at university, my passion remained unchanged. I would miss classes to go to a church next door, where they taught vocals. I’d spent the next six months singing church hymns!

WTM: Do you have a memorable moment of performing in front of a crowd? MN: One night, I was walking down to the halls during my university days. I was just singing to myself, when this guy stopped me. He told me there was a cancer research charity concert held every year and he’d like me to perform in it. I met the band; they liked my vocals and gave me few songs to sing at the gig. There were more than 500 people in the audience. As if that didn’t make me nervous enough, I had my outfit to worry about. It was a formal event with everyone in suits and there I was on stage wearing a leather jacket. Thankfully, it was a great crowd and they cheered me on. It went well. WTM: What was the best part about being a finalist on Amr Diab Academy? MN: Aside from being chosen from thousands to be in the final 10, I’ll have to say it’s representing Bahrain on such a huge platform, where I was the only Khaleeji! Secondly, I am happy to have had the opportunity to network with and meet such legendary artists. The competition was a big step in my life. They taught me a lot of things, especially to recognise my weaknesses. For instance, being Bahraini and Egyptian, I would sometimes mispronounce letters in respective dialects. Amr Diab Academy showed me how important technical aspects can be in music. WTM: How do you balance your day job as a banker and your passion for singing? MN: I’m hardworking. As soon as I leave work at 5.30pm, I switch off. That’s the trick. A lot of people leave work and still think about it at home, which does nothing. You don’t move forward. It doesn’t make you concentrate on things outside of work either. For example, when I used to perform weekly, it was too hectic. I would change

in my car to catch the event on time on a weekday. I realised that I was not giving the event my 100 percent. At the same time, I’d spend the last two hours at work thinking of what I’m going to be doing at the event. I decided to cut that off and just do events on weekends every now and then to give both fields my best. It’s a tough balance. WTM: What has changed through the years? MN: At a point in my life I considered going to a music school in Egypt, but to be honest the market in Bahrain is not ready for someone to study music and earn money from it. A lot of people try to hide that, but we’ve got to face it. It’s easier in Lebanon, Egypt and Dubai. I’m a banker at the moment; I’m doing great. As an only child, it’s a gamble to throw my degree and just pack my bag. I’m approaching music differently now. I’ve adopted social media as a tool to promote my music. Traffic has increased in a few months just through hashtags! WTM: Tell us about your upcoming album. MN: I’m working with some people from Bahrain and Egypt for lyrics. I write and compose, but I want to add different kinds of emotions into the album. When you have 10 songs of your own, you will end up with having an album that’s got many similar tracks. I want diversity. I was five songs in and I decided to remove three. I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I look forward to creating a house track that blends Arabic elements for an East meets West vibe. WTM: If you could let our readers in on a secret, what would it be? MN: I am currently working on a fashion line. I’m looking at fabrics as we speak. It’ll kick off with a range of t-shirts. June 2014


MEN | interview

A Fight to the Finish by ELMA BARTHOLOMEW

Picking a fight is what he does for a living. (When you’re that good, who wouldn’t?) We speak to Ali Monfaradi, who prides himself on his skills as a professional jiu-jitsu fighter.


hile his surname gives away how he got into the world of martial arts, Ali Monfaradi has made a name for himself as a professional jiu-jitsu fighter on a global scale. Fighting for Alliance BJJ, Monfaradi has many titles to his name. He’s the 2012 World Jiu Jitsu champion (lightweight) and runner-up (absolute division), the 2012 Pan American champion (lightweight) and second runner-up (absolute division), Brazilian Nationals champion, two-time São Paulo Open champion (2012-13) and multiple-time São Paulo state champion. Did we mention this was all before he turned 20?

42 June 2014

Woman This Month (WTM): Tell us about your jiu-jitsu career. Ali Monfaradi (AM): I started training at the age of 12 under my uncle, Reza Monfaradi, at Alliance Bahrain, Reza’s Martial Art Centre. Immediately after finishing my high school exams, I had to leave to Long Beach, California to fight in the World Championship (where I got thrid place), and then move to São Paulo, Brazil, where the best academy in the world — Alliance SP — is located. With a six-month deadline, I had to learn Portuguese as universities don’t teach in English, and then get into a university. This

should not mislead you in any way. Education is crucial. But I am in Brazil for one reason, and one reason only; that is to make my wildest Brazilian jiu-jitsu dreams come true. I train as much as is physically possible, eat as clean as I can, and compete every time the opportunity presents itself. I like to think of my self as very passionate about jiu-jitsu. I love to train; right now I train for five to six hours a day! I love to fight, and I especially, love to compete. Nothing tests your jiu-jitsu like complete strangers, who are looking to defeat you just as much as you looking to defeat them.

WTM: Has the fact that your father and uncle train played a role in you finding an interest in the combat sport? AM: Absolutely! For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to train with my dad and uncle. As soon as Reza started the children’s class, I was the first to join and I never missed a class.

WTM: Tell us about your experience at the Brazilian Nationals? AM: Well what can I say; I couldn’t have been more ready. I was stronger, fitter and more technical than ever. I knew for a fact that I was the best guy in the category. Consequently, I got over excited and was looking forward to getting the medal more than I should have, instead of enjoying one fight at a time. At a subconscious level, my brain didn’t put in 100 percent because it felt like it wasn’t going to be necessary. Somewhere in the middle of the fight, I made a small mistake — one I won’t be making again — which ultimately cost me the match.

WTM: What do you plan to achieve in Brazil? AM: Many things. Perhaps there are goals I haven’t even set yet, but the most noteworthy for now I suppose would be getting my black belt under Fábio Gurgel, winning the world championship as many times as possible, and becoming an unforgettable legend in the sport! The last one is more of an aspiration as opposed to a goal.

WTM: In Bahrain, it can be considered a very gutsy move to take on jiu-jitsu as a profession. How did you make that decision? AM: To tell you the truth, it’s considered to be pretty insane here too! (laughs) Well I suppose that at an early age of 14 years, the decision was made for me. My uncle told me with utmost certainty, “Ali, you are going to become a World Champion.” He believed in me even when I didn’t believe in myself. At the time, I was overwhelmed and couldn’t believe him. To this day, I wonder what made him so sure.

WTM: What have been your biggest challenges in reaching your goals? AM: Staying away from the people I love the most. I am a passionate guy in more than one way. I must say I love my friends and family very much. Luckily, over the last three years, I have made a new family right here in Brazil.

WTM: Being as dedicated as you are to the sport, how do you think someone can stay passionate about their goals and still enjoy life? AM: I don’t know how to answer that. If you love something enough, I don’t think you can lose your passion for it so easily. As for

enjoying life, I guess I could say that I am. I learned an entire new language and became the first world champion from my country. I am learning amazing techniques every day, under the best of the best, making my body capable of things I’ve never imagined. I’m travelling the world, meeting people, making friends and most importantly, doing what I love the most. I am enjoying life. It’s a consequence of what I do as opposed to something I should give up. WTM: What’s the hardest thing about being thousands of miles away from home (besides doing your own laundry, to quote your blog)? AM: Doing the dishes, having to cook healthy food even when I’m tired, running errands, riding a bike, going to the bank, explaining to my mom how to use technology over the phone…the list goes on and on! (laughs) WTM: So, if you weren’t into jiu-jitsu, what do you see yourself doing? AM: I actually have a list of things I would do! But mostly I think I would be a writer or journalist. I am a big fan of classic literature and good existentialist novels. If I lose a limb or something, I would still train! But I imagine I’d have some time to write as well. WTM: At 20 years, you’ve achieved quite a lot. How do you keep your ego in check? AM: It’s not easy. Your ego is something you should constantly be aware of — and constantly reset. If you lose your humility, you lose every last chance of ever achieving your dreams. You do not want to find that out the hard way. June 2014


MEN| interview

Seeking New Challenges by SIMI KAMBOJ

With a string of online ventures to his name, serial entrepreneur Yazin Al-Irhayim is on his course to smoothen the pathway of e-commerce in Bahrain.


wenty-six year-old Yazin Al-Irhayim can be best described as a computer geek. His hands haven’t strayed away from a keyboard since he enrolled into a Visual Basic course as a 12-year-old. Yazin earned money for the first time by using his computer skills at 16, when he was paid a few 1,000 dollars for custom-made content management systems. After spending five years at General Electric (GE), the tech world drew him away into a series of online ventures, where he is currently exploring fresh challenges in e-commerce. Woman This Month (WTM): What made you quit a stable job at GE? Yazin Al-Irhayim (YI): I loved my time at GE. I remember the day I received an email congratulating me on completing five years at the company — that was a wakeup call. I knew I wanted to give entrepreneurship a shot; it was now or never. It was a tough decision. WTM: Tell us about your printing and ventures. YI: My sisters were doing a lot of large format printing for their design and architecture courses. I remember being really annoyed that print shops charged customers on the size of the print rather than the amount of ink used. The person would look at the image and throw a random number at you; you had to pay it.

44 June 2014

A friend and I developed an algorithm that analyses ink usage and calculates the actual cost. I bought printers and made the Print. bh website, where people could upload documents and have printouts delivered to their homes. It didn’t work because it was a low margin business. I had to close it down one month after launch. Since we already had the printing machines, I got the idea from Bahraini photographer Rasha Yousif to launch a niche printing business, which became, where we make canvas art from Instagram images. Within the first two weeks, we broke even and recovered the money we’d lost on WTM: What’s holding back the growth of e-commerce in Bahrain? YI: E-commerce in the region is booming, but it’s hard to process payments online. Paypal isn’t a great solution because their support for

the region is very limited. You lose money in currency conversion since they don’t support local currencies. Payments have been a challenge I had to deal with every time I’ve started an online company. If we could get past this problem, many more businesses will go online, reduce their costs and become more competitive. It’s a complex problem, which presents a great opportunity. WTM: So what are you doing to solve the problem? YI: I’m starting a solution called ‘White’ that makes accepting payments online as simple as signing up for an email account. The UAE, Lebanon and Jordan have the largest volumes in regional e-commerce. We’ve started talks with banks in these countries. If things begin to click, we could start processing online payments in as soon as two months’ time.

Inside the Blue Box by ELMA BARTHOLOMEW

Operated under Bahrain Jewellery Centre, Tiffany launched its brand-new boutique at Moda Mall last month. We speak to Laurent Cathala to gain insight on the store.


aurent Cathala brings more than 15 years’ experience to his current role as Tiffany vice president of emerging markets. According to him, the opening of the boutique in the Jewellery Court in Moda Mall marks a new era for Tiffany & Co. in Bahrain and underscores the importance of the market to the brand’s regional growth strategy. With the legendary heritage of Tiffany & Co. reflected in the new store design and the extensive collections of fine and statement jewellery now available, they introduce an enriched Tiffany experience to Bahraini customers. We speak to him for more details on the outlet. Woman This Month (WTM): In an interview, you had mentioned that the only face that represented Tiffany was Audrey Hepburn after she starred in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Is it a coincidence that this outlet opened its doors on what would have been her 85th birthday? Laurent Cathala (LC): I’ll be very honest with you. It is a beautiful and fantastic coincidence. In fact, I think that this will be a lucky star for this amazing boutique that we have in Moda Mall. Today for us is a very important day; Bahrain has a new house — a Tiffany

house! It’s your home where we are going to showcase amazing designs and craftsmanship. It’s where we are going to give an outstanding customer experience. So this is really a milestone for us in Bahrain and the region. WTM: What can our island expect from the new boutique? How is this store different from what we used to have? LC: First of all, they can expect the best of Tiffany. We are sitting in this beautiful and fantastic salon, which is breathtaking. You can see the different designs. You can see what we’ve put here to make it an outstanding place. You can see that the store today — the Tiffany Boutique — has nothing to do with what it used to be. This boutique is to the same standard of that in Dubai, Tokyo, Paris and Hong Kong. It’s to show you that Bahrain is treated as an equal. There’s no first or secondary market. You can expect the best of Tiffany here. WTM: Could you give us an idea about the collections in store? LC: Today we have completely refreshed the stock in Bahrain. So you’re going to see pieces that you are not used to seeing here and more extended collections.

There are about 70 items, which were brought specifically from New York for this opening, which will stay for about two and a half weeks. Of course, we’re going to refresh the stock regularly. So for the customers in Bahrain, they’re going to have access to the newest products. Before, you needed to travel to see the new lines. Now we’re bringing them to you right here. WTM: What are your plans for the brand in the Middle East? LC: We are currently finishing the restructuring of the network. In a few months, all Tiffany boutiques in the Middle East will look like this. It is easily recognisable as a Tiffany house. We’re focusing a lot on refining our offerings in terms of product presentation and designs. Last but not the least, we focus on customer experience. It’s something we are obsessed with because their satisfaction is at the centre of our objectives. Whoever enters the Tiffany store, whether he or she is buying or not, should leave the store with a smile on their face. Blipp the cover or page 75 for an exclusive glimpse of the new Tiffany boutique at Moda Mall. June 2014


MEN | get the look

Casual Groove


by Fernanda Langhammer


The laid-back trend is most popular amongst men of all ages. Which one do you think best represents the style of the men in your life? 1. Sunglasses: Valentino; 2. Polo shirt: Etro; 3. Shorts: New Look; 4. Espadrilles: Next; 5. Bag: Ralph Lauren


Josh Hartnett



Mango HE


46 June 2014


his is a look for the fashionable man. Shorts are the season’s statement piece. If you are not into sportive looks, cargos are the best choice for a relaxed outfit. A solid hue for the bottom allows you to wear a colourful or patterned top. The newest piece to add to his wardrobe is a pair of fun espadrilles. It softens up the final look and takes you to a remote beach. The final complement to the look? A tropical drink!




1. Shirt: Marks & Spencer; 2. Trousers: Crew Clothing; 3. Watch: Rado; 4. Trainers: Kenneth Cole; 5. Bag: Mulberry 2



1. Suit jacket: Boggi; 2. Shirt: Aeropostale; 3. Trousers: Pull&Bear; 4. Wallet: Lacoste L!ve; 5. Trainers: Le Coq Sportif





his urban guy would only mix and match safe options. Even the colour scheme of light blue and browns talk safety. He is certain of a good final look. The high ankle trainers are the attention-grabbing piece of this outfit, adding a contemporary twist to what is otherwise predictable. Men’s bags are another element that is slowly getting popular. Look for a cool summer carrier to adopt.



e is trendy, but doesn’t like to take big risks. So a cool jacket is all he really needs to stay stylish. The striped shirt and trainers give a casual tone to the outfit. Dark denims in a straight cut add a formal touch to the casual look, which is great for occasions when he doesn’t want to be underdressed nor does he want to ‘dress up’. June 2014


Style Radar

MEN | snaps

For this special issue, we’ve picked out the best looks that the men wore at casual events and the red carpet. Who’s your favourite?

Joe Jonas

The musician attended the Lacoste Desert Pool Party at Palm Springs to celebrate the Coachella Festival. Joe picked a fitted printed poloshirt from Lacoste and teamed it with black shorts and plimsolls to suit the casual party vibe. When choosing a colourful top, it’s better to pair it with solid hues.

Jared Leto

The Oscar winner has an easy-to-spot indie style. The grunge chequered shirt tied around the waist is one of the elements that give it up. The biker leather jacket from Balmain helps finalise the laid-back look. He wore this outfit to attend The Independent Spirit Awards.

48 June 2014

Orlando Bloom

When he was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California, Orlando Bloom chose a Lanvin suit for the occasion. The blue three-button piece is the hottest trend on suits for the new season. The outfit becomes cool when paired with a white button-up dress shirt (without a tie). Just be careful with the shirt cuffs; showing just one to two centimetres is ideal.

Andrew Garfield

For the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 premiere in London, the superhero star chose an Alexander McQueen exquisite fitted suit. His petit figure demands flawless tailoring; nobody wants a baggy suit! The chequered black and white tie adds a cool final touch to the look.

Johnny Depp

Unusual clothing and accessories is Depp’s trademark. To attend the premiere of Transcendence at the Regency Village Theatre in Los Angeles, he wore a classy blue patterned jacket, and paired it with bicolour shoes. The blue shades and striking chain from Rona Pfeiffer complemented the look.

Tom Hiddleston The English actor also chose an Alexander McQueen creation to attend the Laurence Olivier Awards at the Royal Opera House in London. The black single-breasted one-button tuxedo fitted him beautifully. It’s a faultless look which highlights his strong shoulders and shows just the right amount of shirt cuffs.

June 2014


MEN | 10 tips

Suit Up

Finding the right suit is a challenge. Even the most fashionable man has trouble finding the perfect suit. Here are our tips on how you can rock the formal trend.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Tailor-made for You

Fitting is everything when it comes to suits. Finding the right kind of tailoring is the key to an impeccable suit. It has to be perfectly adjusted to your shoulder and have the correct length for the arms. Finding a good tailor or a brand that does the job for you is crucial.

Right Measures

The proper arm length means that the jacket sleeve should be short enough to show at least one centimetre of your shirt cuffs (And that’s both arms!). This subtle detail shows off that you really know how to pull-off the formal style.

Varying Styles

Believe it or not, there are many suits styles in the market. You have the classics, the tuxedo and the seasonal trends. If you want to bring an element of variety to your wardrobe, summer is the best time to try out different colours and textures.

Pattern Effect

If you have a short and stocky frame, pinstripes will give the impression of a longer and lean figure. Try ones that play with tone on tone. They are contemporary and subtle, but deliver the same effect. If you’re tall and slim, try different patterns like tartan and windowpane.

50 June 2014

Look for Balance

After fitting comes proportion. If you opt for a jacket with a slim collar and slim lapels, stick to the pattern with a slim tie. This is the latest trend and the best choice if you are not tall. For tall and large men, it is better to avoid thin details.


The tie is an important element in a suit. The first rule is, if you’ve unbuttoned your collar, remove the tie. Don’t wear it loose. The knot has to be positioned in the right place for a polished look. If the occasion doesn’t demand formal dressing, it is fine to skip the tie. Pick a nice shirt and you will look good anyway. In this case, leave the jacket unbuttoned.


Material Matters

Silk isn’t the only fabric ties are made in! Experiment with different materials and textures, like wool and linen, to spice up your spring and summer looks. Sleek ones with flat ends are contemporary, while the traditional triangular tip is most popular. Avoid the thick ones; they are completely outdated.



The Knot

There are three main knots you should learn: Windsor, half-Windsor and four-in-hand. If you’re too lazy to learn or even try anything different, stick with the last one. It works for most occasions.

On Your Feet

The socks you pick show off your personality. If you wear suits on a daily basis, you can play around with the socks. Don’t overdo it. If you pick coloured socks, opt for plain shirts and ties. Try the same colours in different shades for the ties and socks for an upgraded look. You can also add a pattern to one of them.


choose Your Values

In the world of suits, quality rules over quantity. Invest in a good piece with fine finishes and breathable materials so they’ll last a lifetime. Having one good suit is a lot better than having 10 with doubtful quality. Don’t forget to keep it clean. Dry cleaning helps to maintain its shape.

June 2014


MEN | essentials When wearing a black leather belt, opt for black shoes. Check out the options at Geox.

Floral boxers? Oh yes! It’s summertime! Bershka has a selection of fun patterns.

Team your suit with these colourful socks from Tommy Hilfiger. After scrubbing your face, don’t forget to apply a moisturiser! Girls love soft skin!

It’s a Man’s World! Men can find specific products for them at Bath & Body Works. Check out Forever Midnight, the brand’s new fragrance for him.

There are some things that men can’t live without, especially when it comes to grooming and presentation! Gentlemen, here’s your checklist of must-haves!

Formal events demand impeccable cufflinks like these, which we spotted at CH Carolina Herrera.

Accessories complement a look; Aldo has a wide selection of cool leather and beaded bracelets. A ir skin! or the and let aring f s c ie t it r r ta u st s ove imp Men mu an rem crub c . daily s e h e breat the fac

Grey hair may be sexy, but wrinkles not so much! Fight against it, mainly around the eyes.

Every man needs a leather wallet! We like this one from Pull & Bear.

This denim cap from Next can be an option for those whose dresscode is not too sportive.

Massimo Dutti embraces THE AVIATOR TREND in its new collection.

52 June 2014


the PowerShot G1 X boasts the best imaging performance ever seen in a Canon compact camera. The latest Sony walkman boasts 20-hour playback time and an amazing quick charge feature

The latest smartphones from Nokia are based on Windows Phone 8.1 and a series of exclusive features

Gizmo 101

The techno world is blooming, no doubt, but the endless array of phone, camera and tablet choices can be overwhelming. Here is a round-up of our personal favourites. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 is the perfect device to meet both your work and play needs. This gem from TISSOT IS NOT JUST A STATEMENT TIME-PIECE. the brand has created a movement specifically designed to time football matches, with their half times and overtime.

The HP Pavilion x360 is an affordable touch convertible PC that transforms your computing experience with a 360-degree hinge

The MOTO G from motorola offers the sharpest 4.5 inch HD display in its class, all-day battery and quad-core speed all at an exceptional price

June 2014


Welcome Home Delivery

17 56 28 28


17 58 27 11

Family Area

MEN | motoring

Bigger, Better and Faster Now available at Euro Motors, the allnew MINI Hatch sets out to continue the global success story of the first-ever premium automobile in the small car segment.


he MINI Hatch takes road presence to a new level while retaining many of the historic design cues that are trademark features of the iconic brand. If you take a closer look, you’ll find an entirely new car. The premium small car (with a big personality) boasts a new design, new generation engines, improved driving comfort and a vast range of new quality materials and colours. It comes with driver assistance systems, such as head-up display, parking assistant, rear view camera, collision and pedestrian warning, and high beam assist. The exterior design has been refined to include newly designed round LED headlights, hexagonal front grille and upright rear lights with wide chrome surround. The selection of exterior colours has been extended to include five new variants.

Key insertion as previously required is no longer necessary in the cockpit. As soon as the key is inside the car, the engine can be started by pressing the new toggle-type start/stop button located in the middle of the centre console, which lights up. Once inside You are never alone inside the Hatch thanks to MINI Connected, a connectivity feature that enhances the driving experience by keeping the driver connected with the outside world through smartphone platforms. Once the MINI Connected App is downloaded, other cool features become available including worldwide radio at the touch of a button and access to Facebook, Twitter and RSS news feeds whilst driving — all of which are displayed on an innovative central display. Call 17 750-750.

On the inside The new model offers many new changes, including high-end materials. One of the most important new features is the instrument panel that has been completely redesigned, with the speedometer now positioned behind the steering wheel.

June 2014


MEN | motoring

Small Beginnings This new sedan from Suzuki shows that less can often be more. We take a closer look at the car, which will soon be on everyone’s wish list.


he Suzuki Dzire is a funky small sedan based on the Swift chassis, sharing engines and interiors with its hatchback counterpart. This car offers an exceptionally good deal. The Swift has proven itself as a reliable, exciting little car thanks to its amalgamation of simple ingredients and a low price. By turning it into a small sedan, Suzuki has expanded its potential customer base, as many would prefer a proper boot in lieu of a hatchback. As the Dzire differs only in its body when compared to the regular Swift, it shares the same go-kart-like handling — making it an agile and fun car to drive. Suzuki’s reputation has improved considerably in the past decade as they focused on what their rivals offered and ensured they could match that as well as add some extra value. The Dzire is considered one of the best value and most enjoyable small sedans on the market. With the addition of a sedan body, Suzuki may steal the thunder of its rivals. The Suzuki Dzire is now available at the Mohammed Jalal & Sons showroom for a promotional price of BD4,800. The motoring firm offers a special gift with every purchase of the car — the HTC Desire smartphone. Call 17 252-606.


Arabella's 1st Birthday Raynand and Ayla De Leon celebrated their daughter, Arabella Mieko De Leon’s 1st birthday in Sesame Street’s Elmo theme at The K Hotel Lyn & Bino with Ella

Ray and Grace with Ella

Cristalyn & Arabella

Arabella & Raynand De Leon with Yanna Mae Ginete The proud parents with the birthday girl, Arabella

Ate Coney & Arabella

56 June 2014

A Stylish

Performer Motor City has launched the new SsangYong Korando, an SUV that expresses the fusion of urban driving with outdoor adventure, designed for the thrill of driving as well as outdoor leisure activities.


he new look of the 2014 SsangYong Korando features projector headlights with a black bezel and LED position lights. The grill is the same colour as the vehicle body along with chrome moulding. The design features a roof rail and signal lights on the mirrors. These innovative changes add to the strong and sleek design of this upgraded model. The back end has been altered to contribute to this unique new design. A C-shaped guide light, representing the identity of the new Korando, has been introduced in the rear combination tail light and the embossing of the Korando lettering stands out, accented by a rear spoiler. The side panels of the vehicle are manufactured using a diamond cutting method, adding to their sleek design. Along

with its newly designed 18-inch wheels, the overall exterior of the new Korando boasts a dynamic and sophisticated style that is unique to this model. With its new style and sleek interior design, the car is even more attractive than before and is expected to become a trendsetter in the SUV market. New features have been introduced in the passenger compartment as well, matching the luxurious and sporty style of the vehicle. These are conveniently placed in an attempt to maximise driving comfort. The dynamic and sophisticated style of the instrument panel is perfectly balanced by the natural and subtle, non-glossy wood grain, creating a classy atmosphere that is rarely found in other vehicles in its class. The power train has been optimised to improve efficiency, which offers the driver an

excellent and economical driving experience. The new model is powered with a 2.0l, 149hp engine, six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters, and it can tow loads of up to 2,000kg, which is the highest in its class. The New Korando comes in two trim levels to help consumers choose a package that best suits their needs. In addition, high-end equipment, such as projector headlights, eco cruise control and rear parking sensors, are included. The model is equipped with a six-speaker audio system, steering wheel mounted controls and the biggest storage space in its class. The latest safety systems include tyre pressure monitoring system, dual airbags, anti-lock braking system and an antitheft system. Call 17 621-162 or visit

June 2014


Beauty | news

Clarins Colours of Brazil Make-up Collection. This new line helps you to recreate the sunkissed complexion of Brazilian girls, their intense eyes and luscious lips. The highlight of the collection is the waterproof mascara, which lets you have a lovely time at the beach. Available at all leading retailers.

Guerlain Terracotta Sun Celebration. The new collection brings a limited edition powder that can work both as a bronzer and a blush. Featuring four main colours — orange, brown, gold and pink — it delivers a healthy glow to the cheeks and a summery complexion. Available at all leading retailers. Bourjois Instant Dry Nail Drops. Waiting for nail polish to dry may be a difficult task for a woman with little or no time to waste. This product solves this problem. One drop is all it takes to make it dry two times faster. Available at all leading retailers.



It’s time to put your summer beauty arsenal together. Sun protection, floral scents and light make-up are the season’s requisites. Lancaster Sun Age Control. Enriched with infrared technology, this cream smoothes the skin and flatters a tan, creating an even complexion. It provides sun care with intense skincare action and anti-ageing complexes. Available at all leading retailers.

Beauty Editor's Pick Prada Candy Florale. This lush blossom fragrance is a mix of floral notes with a touch of honey. The tender powdery notes are reminiscent of the spring air. Available at all leading retailers.

58 June 2014

Clinique Superdefense SPF 20 Daily Defense Moisturizer. The formula in this facial cream helps to defend the skin against the first signs of ageing and prevents future damage. The skin is hydrated, protected from harmful sun rays and repaired all day long. Available at all leading retailers.

La Tentation de Nina by Nina Ricci. The fragrance is a fresh, floral and fruity eau de toilette. Italian bergamot, grapefruit, raspberries, almonds, Bulgarian rose, vanilla, white musk and sandalwood are some of the notes that make this summer fragrance beautiful. Available at all leading retailers.

Lancôme Lip Lover. From the In Love range comes this new gloss, which helps to create the effect of juicy lips. It is available in 24 shades to match any complexion and outfit. Available at Faces

Radiant Hair

Braun Satin Hair Straightener with Iontec is specifically designed to restore the shine and health of your hair when styling. We review the device to see for ourselves.


raun belongs to the biggest haircare company worldwide and has been the inventor of numerous haircare innovations. In alliance with the DWI, an independent German fibre research institute, Braun has discovered that straightening with temperatures over 200°C irreversibly damages the structure of the hair. True to its passion to care for the health of your hair, Satin Hair Straightener operates with accurate temperature control up to 200°C and superior Iontec. You can see and feel the difference as your hair will become shiny, glossy, smooth and healthy. The Braun Satin Hair Straightener with Iontec releases millions of ions and transports moisture back inside the hair. Satin ions envelop every single hair and quickly restore the moisture balance of your hair that usually gets lost during styling with excessive heat. Developed according to

scientific advice, this device actively protects the health of you hair. As superior moisture level balance is delivered, you are guaranteed healthy styling and radiant shine. It has never been easier to experience fabulously sleek hair, safely and conveniently. The design of the straightener allows you to carry it around comfortably, especially while travelling. Finally, you can take your style to the limit, styling as often as often as you like with ultimate heat protection. The Braun SensoCare styler is a world’s first. Built-in sensors in the plate detect the moisture level of each hair strand and automatically adapt temperature from root to tip. Thanks to this unique feature, you can enjoy perfect, long-lasting results and healthy-looking, shiny hair. Call 17 582-250. June 2014


BEAUTY | advice

Your Questions Answered


: What is the best way to apply eye cream?

A: The first thing to remember is to use your ring finger to spread the lotion. It has the lightest touch; it won’t put much pressure on the delicate skin. Apply small dots around, under and above the eye (up to the brow bone). The entire eye area needs to be moisturised. Don’t pull or stretch the skin. Dab it softly until you feel the cream has been absorbed. This is also a good way to stimulate circulation.

Q: I wear the most basic make-up. Can you give me some tips to add some spark to my everyday look?

Cate Blanchett

A: There are many things you can do to add a twist to your make-up regime. Here are two styles to start you off. Wearing hot pink or rich, red lipstick for summer days is an easy to change your style without being too drastic. Another trick is to swipe a highlighter along the tops of your cheeks and contour it with matte bronzer. Blend them until you get the desired effect. This will give the impression that you have high cheekbones, a feature that adds more character to your face.

Q: What make-up colours will make my blues eyes pop?

A: Unlike popular belief, wearing blue eye shadow doesn’t really work. They don’t make your eyes bluer; they actually do the opposite. The artificial shade is usually an intense hue; this will make your natural blue look faded. The best way to emphasise your blue eyes is to wear hues that are on the opposite end of the colour wheel — and that’s orange! Brown with an orange undertone is a great choice for the eye shadow and blush. Our fashion and beauty editor will answer all your queries every month. Write to her at for more tips and tricks.

60 June 2014

Q:How can I prevent frizzy hair?

A: Wavy and curly hair have natural frizz because their follicles bend and twist in different directions when left to air dry. Damaged hair and humidity also help to form annoying swirls. However, there are several solutions to the problem. One of them is the keratin treatment, which coats the hair with proteins and fixes broken bonds that cause the frizz. Another simple remedy is to brush your hair from root to end to help distribute natural oils. This also helps fight humidity and keeps the strands in place. Pick a boar bristle brush for the best results.

Pick the Rouge Coco 59 Dedicace from Chanel to stand out


Aeropostale Day of Surprises Aeropostale held ‘A Day of Surprises’ at Bahrain City Centre, which included a range of activities inside and out of the store. The in-store events featured a branded photo booth where shoppers snapped their happy smiles while a DJ played party tunes in the background. A scratch-off gift voucher was handed to shoppers, giving them a code to unlock the Aeropostale safe that held gifts for lucky winners. Four flash mobs took place in various locations within the mall that entertained and wowed the crowd. The 2014 Spring collection was also released in-store during the special event

One of the flash mobs

Marwan, Talal & Ahmed

Iya, Haana & Shy

Yazan, Amani, Kamal, Zad & Tala

Natalie, Vineetha, Thiyara & Jeramiah

DJ Kiwi

Maria & Sunil

Anita & Mala

Jaspreet & Harpreeet

Maria & Edralyn

Jean & Kris

Grace,, Ada & Precious

Sameer, Roman, Sushil & Mala

June 2014


BEAUTY | review

At Face Value by Fernanda Langhammer

The same way you brush your teeth every the morning and night, it is important to wash your face! Here’s why you should make this a habit.


id you know that the simple process of washing your face before bed is an excellent way to maintain young-looking skin? Some researches show that most of the physiological changes in the skin occur overnight. To do the necessary repair, the skin needs oxygen so that the cells can perform their regular detox, dividing in order to replenish dead ones. If you sleep with make-up on or with all the pollution and oils produced during the day, it will block the natural recovering process.

62 June 2014

Sleeping with make-up on also helps generate free radicals and collagen breakdown, which are threats to your complexion. And don’t forget, the world is dirty. Your skin gets covered by dead skin cells, bacteria, pollutants, viruses and small particles of dirt. And that layer of filth will get thicker and thicker unless you properly wash your face. So forget about lazy nights, when you skip your face cleansing regimen because you’re too tired. Think of all the nasty stuff that is stuck on your face. Would you want to leave that on just to go to bed two minutes earlier?

Clean-up Act

The face washing routine at night will remove all the impurities your skin accumulated during the day. You can get better results if you use a make-up cleanser to remove all the dirt particles before actually washing your face. The process is easier when you have fewer impurities to wash away. Then, apply a facial soap to massage the face while extracting the rest of the products and its harmful components. If you are really keen on working on your skin, invest in a scrub and toner.

Night Repair

Tried and Tested

So now that your skin is clean and ready for a good night’s sleep, it’s time to apply a fine layer of your favourite moisturiser. The temperature rises overnight, leading to loss of moisture through evaporation. This is why hydrating your skin before going to bed is the key to glowing skin in the morning. Higher temperature improves blood circulation, and increases the absorption and penetration of skincare products. So if you want to fight ageing or acne, nights are the best time to apply them as you can let the skin work in your favour. Don’t miss the opportunity to wake up with a smoother, softer and clearer complexion.

I know while you take a shower, the easiest way to make sure your face is clean is to wash it with the same soap. However, regular soap shouldn’t be your choice for cleansing your face. It was time to invest in a liquid option and I came across the new natural fairness face wash from Nivea. This is actually a complete range with two face creams, a day care cream with SPF 30, a night cream, a facial wash and a facial scrub. I chose to start with the face wash; I’m impressed by its lightweight texture and soft aroma. A tiny amount of product makes a substantial amount of foam. It is perhaps the Hydra IQ technology in the formula that moisturises the skin so deeply. The wash leaves your skin feeling soft; it’s great for a quick rinse. I’m completely in love with it! The formula also contains liquorice and vitamin C, which help to reduce dark spots and even your complexion. I believe it’s a good option for those with sensitive skin as well. What: Nivea Natural Fairness Face Wash Where: All leading retailers How often: Twice a day Favourite feature: Great texture

Refreshing Morning

The morning cleansing routine is equally important. When you wake up, there is a layer of dead skin and an excess of sebum to wash off. And the reality is that they can’t be rinsed away with water. You need to expel them by applying some soap and then wash off everything. Water will probably remove around 65 percent of the oils and detritus. Can you image putting make-up on top of the things that weren’t removed? No way!

ON THE SHELVES Estée Lauder Perfectly Clean Triple Action Cleanser, Toner and Make-Up Remover: gentle enough to use daily, powerful enough to transform your complexion Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pore and Shine Daily Scrub: visibly mattefies the skin and

helps tighten pores Vichy Pureté Thermale Soft and Soothing Toner: For those with dry and sensitive skin Philosophy Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash: a mild, exfoliating facial cleanser with borage oil and vitamin E.

June 2014


BEAUTY | 5 tips

What’s In Your Bag? We ran a quick survey at the WTM headquarters to find out what are the most needed beauty products in a lady’s handbag. Here are the top five items we can’t go without.



You carefully put your make-up together in the morning; unfortunately it doesn’t last the entire day. The colour on your lips is the first thing that fades away. So carrying a lipstick is essential for the necessary touch up during the day. Don’t forget that a little bit of colour on the lips helps to brighten up your face.



Have you noticed the first thing that girls do in the ladies room? They take a perfume bottle (yes, bottle) out off their handbags and spray it all over. Whether it’s a regional habit or a matter of personal hygiene, it’s important to smell and feel fresh — especially in the Middle Eastern summer!


Lip Balm

Dry lips are the result of too much wind, sun and dehydration. To live on an island in the Middle East and expect not to be exposed to the first two is quite impossible. To keep chapped lips away, hydrate and moisturise it at all times. Apply it before your wear your lipstick. During the day, it is essential to apply sun protection or petroleum jelly on your lips.


Hair cLIPS

You blow dry your hair and get all the rebel strands in place. Once you step out, the heat attacks you. What is the first thing you do? Tie it up into a pony tail or a bun and let your nape breath. So you need to have clips, bands and pins in abundance. The warm days are a great excuse to risk different styles. There are many braids and buns that you can easily learn from the infinite online tutorials.



Any kind of moisturiser is crucial to skincare for the same reason that you carry your lip balm — hydration! Opt for those with sunscreen in the formula so that you’re protected outdoors. Don’t forget that sun spots are the first thing to give away your age; so protect your hands from harmful sunrays!

64 June 2014

New Fragrances, New Formulas, New Look It’s impossible to pass by Bath & Body Works and not want to take a peek. They’ve released a new range of scents; we can’t stop ourselves from getting the whole collection.


he Bath & Body Works Hand Soaps just got better! This season, the brand spices up your sink with new fragrances, new formulas and a new look through its ever-popular collection of deep cleansing and gentle foaming hand soaps.

There are more than 25 scents to choose from, including the new Fresh Picked and Aloha collections. The new creamy, rich formulas contain soothing aloe and protective vitamin E to help nourish and condition your hands, leaving them feeling soft and smooth. Now is the perfect time to give every sink in your home a scented makeover! You can shop for the new line of hand soaps from Bath & Body Works outlets in Seef mall and Bahrain City Centre. Call 8000-1320.

June 2014



This Changes


Is your hair dull, dry and damaged or is it curly, wavy and frizzy? Transform your hair with this ground-breaking range of treatments in straightening and repair.


eraStraight’s trilogy of treatments caters to all hair repair, smoothing, straightening and conditioning needs. This innovation offers you manageability and timesaving benefits compared to other in-salon treatments. KS Intensive is developed with extra conditioning and smoothing power, making it perfect for resistant, very curly, virgin (untreated) hair and Afro-Caribbean hair. KS Complex is the brand’s original protein-based straightening and repair treatment that has been designed for normal, wavy and unruly, and damaged hair. Now with 33 percent more power, KS Complex is faster to work with and provides enhanced shine and repair. Colour Protect is a treatment designed for very weak and fragile, platinum blonde and white, and highly coloured and porous hair.

66 June 2014

Transform your hair Intense Boost by KeraStraight is an exciting and revolutionary in-salon service that utilises the brand’s latest ground breaking protein and moisture masks, which have been designed to repair, re-hydrate and renew hair from the inside out. Intense Boost rebuilds what the hair lacks. Then it locks in moisture and improves strength for up to 30 days. The Brazilian keratin straightening treatments (KeraStraight) and Intense Boost treatment are available at Joz Salon & Spa outlets and at Toni & Guy. Call 17 369-133 (Juffair), 16 031-120 (Amwaj), 17 756-449 (Awali) or 17 001-700 (Toni & Guy).


Bath & Body Works Fragrance Launch Bath & Body Works in the Bahrain City Centre held a launch for its new Mad About You fragrance

Sarah, Usman, Asma, Yvonne, Tariq, Sharon, Michael, Nasser, Angel, Eric & Uno

Yvonne & Tariq

Usman & Michael

Nasser & Angel

Muneera, Asma, Sanhita, Tariq, Marise, Sharon & Randa

Asma & Sharon

Sarah & Huda June 2014


LIFESTYLE | wellbeing

Alive and


Medics have proclaimed heart disease to be the No. 1 killer of women the world over. Enough of thinking with our hearts; it’s time to start thinking for our hearts now. 68 June 2014


he way a woman perceives her vital statistics should ideally change after a certain age. No, we aren’t referring to your hour-glass 36-24-36 body measurements. Your body mass index, cholesterol levels and blood pressure are numbers that are truly vital when it comes to keeping your heart healthy and pumping for long. A common misconception is that heart disease is a man’s illness. The American Heart Association cites cardiovascular disease claims far more women than cancer or any other serious ailments do. Read on to know more about this silent killer of women and how to keep it at bay.

A Woman’s Heart: An Overview Our Expert: Dr Saad Al Tamimi, consultant internist and cardiologist, Noor Specialist Hospital The female hormone, oestrogen, protects a woman against heart disease. However, when production of oestrogen dwindles after

menopause, women are at great risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. They are usually characterised with arteriosclerosis and/or hypertension. “Arteriosclerosis is the process of thickening and hardening of arteries caused by deposition of cholesterol and calcium. Over time, these plaque deposits grow large enough to narrow the arteries, decreasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the heart muscle. If the plaque becomes unstable and ruptures with superimposed blood clots, the artery will be blocked, resulting in a heart attack,” explains Dr Saad. Besides the most obvious risk factors of heart disease, like high cholesterol, blood pressure and obesity, other factors play a bigger role in the development of heart disease in women. “Diabetes increases the risk of cardiovascular disease significantly more in women than in men. Similarly, what we call the metabolic syndrome — the combination of abdominal fat, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and

A common misconception is that heart disease is a man’s illness triglycerides — has a greater impact on women than men,” says Dr Saad. Other factors like depression, smoking and lack of physical activity all contribute to heart trouble in women. The symptoms of a heart attack between men and women greatly differ. Women may not experience the clichéd gripping chest pain associated with heart attacks. They are more likely to have symptoms such as discomfort in the neck, jaw, shoulder, upper back or abdomen. There might also be shortness of breath, pain in the right arm, nausea/vomiting, sweating, dizziness and unusual fatigue.

Prevention and Management

Our Expert: Dr Amany Serag, consultant cardiologist, International Hospital Bahrain Although heart troubles are more likely to hit women after menopause, Dr Amany advocates taking preventive steps much earlier. “From the start, women must watch their weight and maintain an ideal body mass index of below 25. For this, the DASH lifestyle is imperative,” says Dr Amany. The DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) plan is a heart-healthy lifestyle plan centred on reaching and maintaining a healthy weight by reducing fat and salt intake, increasing regular exercise, stopping smoking and limiting alcohol intake. Along with making healthy dietary choices, regular exercise is crucial to maintaining a healthy ticker. Any form of cardio goes a long way to keep the heart healthy; it could be as simple as brisk walking or swimming. “Exercising for 15 to 20 minutes every day is more beneficial than exercising for an hour per week,” Dr Amany explains. It is a myth that cardiovascular diseases are hereditary. Cases in women are on the rise due to lifestyle factors, such as smoking, diabetes and high levels of stress. In any case, women must consciously aim to maintain their BMI

below 25, waist-to-hip ratio below 0.9, blood pressure below 120/180 and triglycerides below 150 as these are major risk factors for heart disease. “Women must take their health seriously. A lot of them say that they work a lot at home or walk in the mall, but that definitely does not count as exercise,” says Dr Amany. “Early diagnosis of heart troubles helps save lives. Even something as minor as jaw pain should not be ignored. It could be a warning sign to an underlying heart problem.” Secondary prevention comes into play for those already diagnosed with heart disease. Besides regular medical follow-ups and taking medications as prescribed, it is a must to inform the doctor of any new symptoms that may be experienced. The DASH plan should be followed, with a nutritious diet replete with natural foods and eliminating processed foods laden with saturated fats, sugar and salt. Smoking and alcohol should be completely avoided for secondary prevention. As part of their rehabilitation programme, heart patients must exercise regularly under the guidance of a physiotherapist, but steer clear of lifting weights, competitive sports and any strenuous physical activities. Dr Amany cautions against hormonal medications for women. Doctors do not prefer to prescribe oral contraceptives to women over 35 years with a family history of heart disease.

Similarly, high doses of hormonal therapy taken to cope with menopause over a long time also increase the risk of heart problems.

Heart Attack SOS

Our Expert: Dr DT Subhash, consultant cardiologist, Ibn Al Nafees Hospital During a heart attack, the lack of blood flow results in the death of heart muscles, rendering that particular area of the heart dysfunctional. “Immediate medical care is paramount for the victim. Every minute counts,” says Dr Subhash. “Symptoms should never be dismissed as indigestion out of doubt. It is worth getting them checked even if it is a false alarm.” It is imperative to remove the blockage from the artery and to re-establish the blood flow ideally within an hour of attack symptoms. The longer the time between the attack and treatment, the lesser the chances for the dead heart muscles to be restored. While waiting for medical aid, the administration of clot-busting medication, like aspirin, can be a potential life-saver and stave off irreparable heart damage. “Aspirin is a small, low-cost medicine, but it very effective in the event of a heart attack. High risk patients must have it at hand at all times,” the expert adds. Better knowledge and a few good changes can keep your heart feeling its very best. June 2014



Fostering Life Skills by SIMI KAMBOJ

Hanadi Alghanem

How often do we wish that children would realise the value of hard-earned money? Artist Hanadi Alghanem aims to achieve just that with her social venture called Young Traders.


aising a child can be a daunting task for any parent and an important element of this upbringing is to ensure that he or she is independent and responsible with money. Bahraini artist and mother Hanadi Alghanem spearheads a project to help children pick up essential life skills through setting up markets and selling their produce in the Kingdom. Hanadi hit upon the idea as she was exploring ways to make her children recycle their toys. Enrolling children from her extended family alongside her kids, she set up the first Young Traders market in her Busaiteen neighbourhood in early 2012. The children were asked to bring toys that were in a good condition and other homemade artefacts. They were responsible for setting price tags, displaying and marketing the merchandise themselves. Every participant had an allotted area along with a box for collecting the proceeds. In addition,

70 June 2014

each one had a notebook to keep accounts of expenditure and purchases. The experience had a remarkable effect on her eight-year-old son. So she decided to expand the project. Word spread fast on Instagram and the Young Traders Market held this February saw 30 children aged between six and 12 selling their creations, such as toys, handicrafts, tea and cupcakes. “Children learn the art of conversation with people outside the family circle; their ability to think for themselves deepens. They learn to deliberate over difficult situations and solve problems without external interference,” notes Hanadi. “When a child markets goods and negotiates with the buyer, he or she enters an important social relationship. The child makes the first calculations by comparing prices, profits and losses, and values the demand of the merchandise.” Over the coming months, she

plans to expand the project by including field trips to banks, where children will be taught to open bank accounts and store their savings for future use. A fine arts graduate from Halwan University in Egypt, Hanadi designs bags, t-shirts and clothes for children. As a self-motivated entrepreneur, the 36-year-old mother recognises that economic education is fundamental to the growth of children. “I’d like children to be financially stable and self-reliant. Rather than waiting for a job, they should comprehend the lessons of life while they are students and aim to start ventures of their own when they graduate,” she says. Given that children under the age of 15 comprise over a quarter of the Arab region’s population, the importance of instilling economic values at an early age cannot be over emphasised. Those interested in participating can visit @hanadi_arts on Instagram.


Have your photographs sold at Al Riwaq Art Space to support the Be Free Program. Follow @our_bahrain for more details.




LIFESTYLE | parenting

Raising Persistent Children by DR CLARE BECKETT-MCINROY

It may initially seem that the topic of persistent children will address how to handle children who are persistent, taking persistence as a negative thing. This article actually celebrates persistence and enables you to delve into ways to encourage determination and perseverance. 72 June 2014


Children can be raised, through modelling, encouragement and praise, to be more persistent

any research articles related to the world of work and success stress the importance of behaviours and attitudes, often placing importance on knowledge. Adults have days when things are hard, when it’s difficult to find the energy to follow things through. We can, of course, work on developing a different mindset, change our perspective and realise the benefits of the goal. Does perseverance determine our chances of success more than skills and knowledge? Nobel Prize winners all have their own stories of achievement. They also tend to share one thing — being described as people who are passionate and never give up. Sometimes we may wish our children were less persistent, especially during the toddler years. However, resilience and stamina are wonderful traits essential for accomplishment. So if you’re lucky enough to have a persistent child, take a breath during difficult times, allow them to be and dream of the achievements their strength will enable them to follow. If your child isn’t naturally persistent, this article provides effective ways to facilitate and encourage your child, especially at times when they wish to just give up due to physical or emotional reasons. Their reasons might be a hard task, lack of focus or tangible rewards, or just because there is potentially something more interesting to have a go at. It is believed that perseverance is an inherited trait and this has been researched by numerous psychologists. There is also evidence that children can be raised, through modelling, encouragement and praise, to be more persistent. If persistence is seen on a continuum from zero to 10, where is your persistence? Where would you rank your child and where would they rank themselves?

What you can do Reward persistence. Celebrate when they don’t give up, even when what they won’t give up is their argument with you — now that’s a challenge. Allow resistance. Encourage them to consider alternatives and accept that this is all right. As they get older, they will become more flexible. Trust that experimenting and allowing them to be themselves will work out in the end. Search for win/win solutions. Your persistent child is on a mission; sometimes your agenda is just not right from their perspective. Children love compromise. So let them feel you’re willing to work with them. If you are too controlling, research shows you are probably going to see rebellion in years to come. It’s also important to teach your child how to identify each others’ need and find solutions that both of you can live with. Help with change. Children who are persistent usually have a harder time with transition. Identify a support strategy to make both of your lives easier. Let them be sad. If they are not allowed to be sad and fail, they are not using the full range of their emotions. These are needed, the highs and the lows, to play all the ‘notes’. Model perseverance. Show your child how you can achieve by not giving up and how to cope with setbacks — don’t hide them all! Why not see the next week as a challenge for you to persevere? Try one tip each day and add one of your own too. Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy is a co-active organisational and executive coach, managing director/senior consultant with Beckett McInroy Consultants, president of Bizladies, Bahrain Chapter, and lecturer on the University of Strathclyde’s MBA programme. June 2014


LIFESTYLE | column

Measles Outbreak by DR JINAN DARWISH

Measles is a highly infectious virus that spreads easily from person to person through the air, through breathing, coughing and sneezing. Although measles is largely considered a disease of children, it affects people of all ages.


nce an individual is exposed to and infected with the measles virus, the first symptoms will not appear for eight to 12 days, known as the incubation period. Infected persons tend to be contagious for one to two days before symptoms finally emerge, and three to five days before the rash breaks out. This period continues for four days after the rash appears. Prior to the appearance of the rash, people with measles develop cold-like symptoms, including a cough, runny nose, fever and inflamed red eyes. These tend to get worse during the first three days of the illness. After a person has been ill for about two to three days, the rash will finally become visible. It usually begins on the face and neck, and then spreads to the torso, arms and legs. It lasts for five to eight days before it begins to go away. Complications of measles most often occur in patients under age five and over age 20. Pneumonia is responsible for 60 percent of deaths associated with measles. In a few, it is complicated by encephalitis. Measles during pregnancy may be severe, mainly due to primary pneumonia. The

74 June 2014

disease is associated with a risk of miscarriage and prematurity, but congenital anomalies of the foetus have not been described. Measles was an important cause of infant and young child morbidity and mortality in Bahrain. In the pre-vaccine era (1966–1975), more than 2,000 measles cases occurred yearly. Following the introduction of a monovalent measles vaccine in 1974, a second dose in 1985 given as a combined measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine, and MMR vaccination campaigns in 1998–99, immunity to measles has risen considerably. So far in the 2014 measles outbreak in Bahrain, 32 cases were registered of which 27 were among children under 15 years and five among adults. Of the total, 14 cases were detected among expatriates. During a measles outbreak, you are at risk of getting measles if you have not been immunised. Passive immunisation with intramuscular immune globulin within six days of exposure can be used in selected circumstances to prevent transmission or to modify the clinical course of the infection. Immune globulin therapy is recommended

for susceptible individuals, who are exposed to measles and who are at high risk of developing severe or fatal measles. This includes individuals who are being treated with immunosuppressive agents, pregnant women, infants less than one year of age and those with HIV infection. Immune globulin should not be used to control measles outbreaks. Measles vaccination given to susceptible contacts within 72 hours of exposure as postexposure prophylaxis may protect against infection and induce protection against subsequent exposures to measles. Vaccination is the intervention of choice for susceptible individuals older than 12 months of age, who are exposed to measles and who do not have a contraindication to measles vaccination. Active rather than passive immunisation is the strategy of choice for controlling measles outbreaks. Although measles vaccine is manufactured in chick embryo cell culture, the vaccine has been shown to be safe in people with egg allergy; so they may be vaccinated without first being tested for egg allergy.



joz salon gives away three vouchers worth bd20 each

WIN A meal for two AT cucina ITALIANA WORTH BD50


Deputy General Manager OF SHERATON BAHRAIN HOTEL, Mamdouh El Gohary, GIVES AWAY PRIZES TO WINNERS Zaheera AkooB AND Abegaile Velasco Macol

How Does Blippar Work?

June 2014


LIFESTYLE | travel

Like No Place Else by ANKITA MAMGAIN

A great part of why we travel is to explore the unseen and discover hidden treasures that make this magnificent planet. Most tourist destinations publicise their uniqueness with neon signs on their manifestos, urging you to hop on the next all-expenses paid package. However there are a few locations left that can deliver a truly inimitable experience.

Maldives he turquoise beauty of this archipelago can hardly be matched by any other place on the planet. A collection of 1,190 coral islands formed around 26 natural ring-like atolls, the Maldives is the nation with the lowest altitude in the world. Yes, its years are numbered, owing to the rise in global temperatures. The stunning beauty is a humbling reminder how all that we see and experience must never be taken for granted. These islands offer some of the most luxurious and dramatic ocean views. Let the balmy sunshine envelop you. Take a dip in the Indian Ocean and witness the incredible marine biodiversity of the region. Enjoy a day out with the locals at the capital city of Male. Why is Maldives like no place else? Because in a few decades, the islands might end up in mythical tales as a paradise that once existed on earth.


76 June 2014

Madagascar ituated approximately 225 miles off the eastern coast of Africa, and resting in the Indian Ocean, Madagascar is so remote that it has witnessed many unique evolutionary developments. The natural beauty and ecological diversity make it feel like a country forgotten in time. The fourth largest island in the world, Madagascar is home to thousands of plant and animal species found nowhere else in the world. This has earned the country the nickname of ‘the eighth continent’. There’s plenty to explore. Sample the local life at the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga or come face to face with the unique flora and fauna in Masoala National Park. On the west coast lies The Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve full of peaks that dot the park’s limestone plateau and is home to seven species of lemurs. Another natural wonder not to be missed is the Avenue of the Baobabs.


Azorean Islands


iscover the spectacular natural beauty and bounty of crater lakes in this collection of nine volcanic islands in the middle of the North Atlantic. Extremely ‘untouristy’, (which is not a demerit) they are quiet, unpolluted by urban swagger and rural — perfect for exploring and relaxing. Although the native language is Portuguese, they have a culture and cuisine that is completely their own. The terrain is mostly mountainous with dense forests and rolling green hills leading to steep black cliffs. There are some gorgeous beaches as well. Head over to the numerous hot springs or sea water pools for a great swim. There are thermal springs, geysers and deep craters as well, often filled by sparkling lakes. From beautiful waterfalls to exotic plants, the islands are home to explorers. Expect a relaxing world of simple white-washed farmhouses, windmills and black lava churches that is a world apart from our daily lives.

July 2013

June 2014



Best Served Cold by JAMES CLAIRE

Summer in any city can be daunting; Bahrain’s summer can be downright arduous. Having hot meals can sometimes zap the diner as well as the chef of valuable energy. This season, let’s enjoy traditional dishes that are best served cold. Easy to prepare, these meals will leave everyone feeling thankful and satisfied. Chilled Pasta Salad 300g 180g 2 tspns 320g 100g 200g 80g 60g 30g to taste to taste garnish garnish

pasta (penne or bow-tie) mayonnaise mustard, whole grain butter beans, tinned, rinsed and drained capsicum, roasted and chopped cherry tomatoes, halved turkey bacon, fried and chopped green beans, chopped and cooked parmesan cheese shaved salt freshly ground pepper spring onions, finely chopped flat leaf parsley, finely chopped

• Cook the pasta in a large pan of boiling salted water until just tender; drain. Rinse the pasta under cold water, and then drain well. Transfer the cooked pasta to a large bowl. Cool in the refrigerator. • In a large mixing bowl, combine the mayonnaise and mustard together. Stir in the butter beans, capsicum, tomatoes, turkey bacon, green beans and parmesan. • Season it to taste with salt and pepper. Make sure the mixture is evenly coated with the mayonnaise mix. • Stir through the chilled pasta and garnish with chopped fresh spring onions and flat leaf parsley. Chill well and serve cold.

78 June 2014


250g 600ml 1 tbspn 3 150g 20g 2 tbspns

brown short-grain rice water rice vinegar nori sheets Lebanese cucumber, seeded, cut into matchsticks snow pea sprouts, trimmed Japanese soy sauce

For sushi vinegar: 2 tbspns rice vinegar 2 tbspns white sugar 1/4 tspn fine salt For chicken: 120g chicken fillet 2 tbspns teriyaki sauce 1 clove garlic, crushed • Wash rice several times in a large bowl with cold water until water is almost clear. Drain rice in a strainer for at least 30 minutes. Place the rice and the water in a medium saucepan (or rice cooker); cover tightly. Bring to the boil. Reduce heat. Simmer, covered, for about 30 minutes or until the water is absorbed. Remove from heat. Let it stand, covered, for 10 minutes. • For the sushi vinegar, combine all ingredients in a small jug. • Combine the chicken, sauce and garlic in

small bowl. Heat a small frying pan over high heat with a little oil. Cook chicken, stirring, until just cooked through. Cool. • Spread rice into a large, non-metallic, flatbottomed bowl. Using a spatula, slice through the rice at an angle to separate grains, gradually pouring in the prepared sushi vinegar at the same time. • Add the rice vinegar to a small bowl of cold water. Place one nori sheet, shiny side down, lengthways across a bamboo mat about 2cm from the edge of the mat that is closest to you. (If you do not have a bamboo mat for sushi, use a double layer of plastic wrap.) • Dip fingers into bowl of vinegar water, pick up a third of the rice, place across centre of nori sheet or plastic wrap and spread the rice thinly. • Place a third of the cucumber, sprouts and chicken in a row across centre of rice, making sure the filling extends to both ends of the rice. • Starting with the edge closest to you, roll the mat away from you. Roll forward and press gently but tightly, wrapping the nori around the rice and filling. • Working quickly, repeat the process to make a total of three rolls. Cut each roll into four pieces. • Serve with soy sauce and wasabi, if desired. Serve well chilled.

Gazpacho 120g 500ml 600g 2 250ml 1/4 tspn 1/4 tspn 80ml 2 tbspns to taste to taste garnish garnish garnish

white bread, crusts removed cold water peeled tomatoes, tinned garlic cloves, finely chopped water paprika, ground cumin, ground olive oil raspberry vinegar salt freshly ground pepper cucumber, finely chopped chives, finely chopped red capsicum, finely chopped

• Soak the bread in cold water for two to three minutes or until soft. Squeeze out the water. • Process the bread, tomatoes, garlic and spices in a food processor until well combined. • Add the olive oil in a thin steady stream until well combined; add the raspberry vinegar. • Transfer mixture to a bowl and whisk in the water to achieve desired consistency. • Season it to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Cover and refrigerate until chilled. • Divide into small bowls. Top it with a little chopped cucumber, chives and capsicum. Serve immediately.

June 2014


Breakfast with the girls It’s not like women need an excuse to get together, but this new breakfast spread offered by Gulf Hotel Bahrain looks like a good reason to step out in the morning.

Jan Gutzmann

80 June 2014


hether it’s for a break from work with your colleagues or you just need to take a breather after dropping the kids to school, the Ladies’ Breakfast at Café Delices at The Gulf Hotel Bahrain is a great option for women looking to unwind with their friends. Available all day long, this lavish spread is as much a feast for the eyes as it is for the palate. Think of it as a morning version of afternoon high tea, available all day long. “The ladies’ breakfast retreat is a new concept that we’d like to introduce to the Kingdom,” says Jan Gutzmann, director of food and beverage at The Gulf Hotel Bahrain. “We invite women to Café Delices for a casual gathering, where they can enjoy some delicious savoury and sweet treats along with coffee or tea.” We had a go at the plentiful breakfast. Here are our top reasons why we think you should try it: it’s delicious, it’s convenient, and it’s just BD5! This isn’t your regular breakfast at a hotel, where you have a buffet spread that you need to pick and choose from. The best part about having breakfast at Café Delices aside from the ample parking space, easy access and central location, is the endless possibilities the set-up offers. An array of mini-sandwiches makes it to your table,

followed by a variety of cheese dishes. These platters are presented beautifully. You’re in for a treat when the sweet options are served. Every plate is meant to be shared. Don’t worry; they refill it whenever you’d like them to. Add to this a choice of coffee or tea, and you’ve got a feast at BD5. “We want women to feel comfortable and stay as long as they please, while they chitchat over breakfast,” says Lama Semaan, food and beverage manager at the five-star property. “We are happy to accommodate large groups; the more, the merrier. So if clubs and societies would like to host their monthly gatherings over a casual breakfast, we can play host as the women enjoy their morning together.” Although booking is not mandatory, it is highly recommended as they can set up the tables specifically for your group before you arrive. The venue allows you to organise talks and small-scale workshops as well. In time, the hotel will hold cooking demonstrations by their expert chefs in order to keep guests entertained. The unique breakfast concept is available daily from 7am onwards. Call 17 713-000.

A Good Summer’s Day McDonald’s, the official restaurant of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, gives customers more opportunities to celebrate with the launch of five new and limited time items.


he special line-up at McDonald’s promises customers exciting ways to spend their summer days, with menu items to cater to your taste buds throughout the World Cup season. Start your day bright and early with the all-new Mighty Muffin, now one of McDonald’s ultimate hot breakfast delights. This is a juicy sausage patty served with a slice of cheese and topped with a freshly cooked egg — all sandwiched between two slices of tasty chicken roll in a warm English muffin. And if you begin to wonder what to indulge in throughout the day, McDonald’s takes everyone’s favourite Quarter Pounder sandwich and adds a whole lot of special with all-new toppings and a new football shaped bun. The Quarter Pounder BLT is a

celebration of colour with fresh toppings and two thick beef strips on a seared, seasoned quarter pound beef patty flavoured with creamy cheddar cheese. Next is The Rancharo, a tender, juicy, seared and seasoned beef patty flavoured with the unique taste of Rancharo sauce, fresh toppings and creamy cheddar cheese. Top it all off with the best way to cool down in the summer heat and satisfy your sweet tooth while you’re at it, with the all new McFlurry flavours: Mars, Snickers, and Twix. This is a delightful caramel twist to the delicious McDonald’s ice cream favourite. When it comes to summer, McDonald’s will leave you saying, “I’m lovin’ it!” Visit

June 2014


Weight Loss Surgery A chronic health problem on the rise is obesity, which is a result from an excess of fat exceeding the body’s physical needs. The consultant general surgeon at Royal Bahrain Hospital, explains the problems of obesity.


besity leads to a number of other chronic health conditions, called co-morbidities. Some examples are cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type II diabetes, pulmonary dysfunction, osteoarthritis, gall bladder disease, and breast and colon cancer,” says Dr Stephen Angamuthu. However, it is difficult to shed all of the excess fat through diets and exercises alone. Many find these routines difficult to follow.

“Bariatric surgery is the perfect option for those who want a permanent solution if a conservative line fails. Millions of people worldwide have undergone bariatric surgery successfully. The risks that arise from remaining obese are greater than that of undergoing surgery,” he explains. “At Royal Bahrain Hospital, we have adopted modern, minimally-invasive techniques to be used whenever the case allows it. These techniques have made bariatric surgery safer. They guarantee less bleeding and shorter post-operation recovery times,” Dr Stephen adds. In order to combat the rising rate of obesity in Bahrain, the expert recommends all people to assess their weight and choose their options for a healthier life. Bariatric surgery helps prevent obesity-related diseases, and offers an extended life span, increased energy and selfesteem, and of course weight loss. The average weight loss expected over three years is 62 percent of the excess fat. If you want to know if you’re a good candidate for the surgery, schedule an appointment with a trusted surgeon. He or she will be able to assess your case fully and work with you to begin your journey to becoming healthier. Call 17 246-800.

Double Delight I

The Lanterns Restaurant chain plans to double up its number of venues at which you can indulge in Indian fusion cuisine.

t hasn’t been long since the second branch of The Lanterns Restaurant & Lounge in Adliya impressed diners in Bahrain. The restaurant chain has now chosen to expand its reach by opening two more outlets. During the course of the year, there will be further branches in Durrat Al Bahrain and Riffa. So, wherever you are in the Kingdom, you will soon have a Lanterns restaurant right next to you. The Adliya venue has become a popular destination due to its outdoor garden, the BBQ grill and the lounge upstairs. The Goa Lounge, with its private roof-top dance floor, bar and DJ, hosts several party nights during the week. These include High Heels Night on Wednesdays, Shoot the Night on Thursdays and Gentlemen’s Night on Fridays. The restaurant features live entertainment,

82 June 2014

Monday through Saturday, to entertain you while you dine. On Thursdays, there’s a dinner buffet starting from 7pm, while a lunch buffet on Friday and Saturday starts at noon. Jam-packed with delicious dishes, Lanterns offers a complete menu of Indian fusion cuisine. The restaurant serves more than just the expected north Indian favourites, such as pastas, salads and steaks. Throughout the week, you can enjoy a fast and delicious ‘busy bee’ lunch for BD6.9 net per person. Lanterns also offers catering services, which includes live tandoori and stir-fry cooking stations. You can even book the venue for private functions and make party orders. Call 17 250-999 (Budaiya) or 17 590-591 (Adliya).

Transforming Spaces Maysam Al Nasser’s design studio introduces a holistic approach to provide a conscious mix between art, architecture and psychology.


lways excited about new unordinary ventures, Maysam Al Nasser wanted to focus on the psychological effect of architecture once she had graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art. Her studio 1:1 at Riyadat Mall is an ongoing workshop to produce experimental designs and pieces. “We design peoples’ emotions through architecture. We study the psychological impact spaces have on their inhabitants and address the double-sided conversation between space and culture in our designs. Our philosophy is to maintain cultural continuity and integration through the built environment to create spaces that reflect people, emerge from their context and foster societies, while remaining in harmony with the environment,” says Maysam. The Bahraini architect’s work is all about transforming spaces into places. Her studio provides design services in their most contemporary, abstract and minimal form.

Maysam gained confidence through the constant support and advice from the Women Incubator Centre team at Riyadat, who motivate young businesswomen through a structured financial, marketing and management support system. “Also, being among other start-up businesses creates such an inspiring environment and opens doors to a lot of collaborations and possibilities,” she notes. Maysam hopes to have an impact on the built fabric of Bahrain to transform urban patterns and to reflect and develop the culture, the community and social relations within the island. Riyadat is the region’s first business incubator for women launched by the Bahrain Development Bank (BDB) along with the Supreme Council for Women. Call 17 535-121 or visit

A Healthy Intervention

Diet Mealz will make you stop counting the calories on take-out dinners and provide great tasting nutritional meals in the comfort of your home.


pened under the umbrella of Eatcorp in November 2013, Diet Mealz in Adliya provides healthy, nutritious meals each day so that you can regain your energy levels and get rid of saturated fats and preservatives from other meals. This service is not just a diet plan, but a comprehensive analysis of your dietary needs in the form of a daily supply of nourishing breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner, helping you to achieve your health and weight goals. With Diet Mealz, you can not only save time, but also enjoy extra time for exercise and recreational activities. Not having time is no longer a valid excuse. “We have programmes for vegetarians, those with gluten-free diets, and those aiming for weight management. They are not only targeted to adults. Children with

chronic weight problems can also be part of the programmes,” says Kimberly Papa, dietician at Diet Mealz. The team of qualified dieticians can customise each client’s menu according to any health problems they may have. Since lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes and cardiovascular ailments, are a harsh reality of modern day living, the centre has come up with a plant-based diet. This is a nutritional intervention programme that controls blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin resistance. “We cannot cure chronic diseases, but we may be able to prevent and control them by changing what we eat,” says Kimberly. The centre also offers group packages and is open to corporate tie-ups. Call 17 227-700. June 2014


Football Dreams

VIVA helps fortify football as the Kingdom’s favourite game through its annual Manchester United Soccer Schools (MUSS) programme. We speak to the participants.


ver since Bahrain became the first GCC nation to form a national women’s football team, which has gone far in achievements, women’s football in the Kingdom has been on the rise. VIVA’s MUSS programme aims to give aspiring female footballers on the island the tools and resources to make it to the next level in their football career. Over the past four years, young female footballers from Bahrain have benefited from the opportunity of an extensive training experience in the UK under the supervision of UEFA-qualified Manchester United Soccer School coaches. These talented players have had equal opportunities to enhance their skills through numerous challenges. They have gained confidence through various sessions organised to enhance vital social and technique skills on the pitch. This year, with the fourth season of VIVA’s MUSS programme underway, the telecommunications company offers four

84 June 2014

talented female players to live their football dream. Lauren Noir, Ella Huckvale, Yasmin Nader and Rawan Nabeel will undergo professional training from June 15 to 21 with one of the biggest football clubs in the world Manchester United. Here’s a brief overview on these talented players and what they have to say about their upcoming training: Louren Noir, St Christopher’s School “We are a family of aspiring footballers. My sister Nicole won last year and had the opportunity to train in Manchester. This year, I will experience the same professional training with one of the greatest football clubs and help improve my skills. I am extremely happy and proud of my achievements and look forward to a great football experience in the UK.” Rawan Nabeel, Al Noor School “I have been a Manchester United fan since I

was young and now to actually have a chance to train with them is a dream come true. It will boost my football career; I hope to make the most of it.” Ella Huckvale, St Christopher’s School “It’s a wonderful opportunity for any player who wants to pursue a career in football. I have been practising regularly to work on my skills and am really keen to demonstrate my passion for the sport at the MUSS training camp.” Yasmin Nader, The Indian School “Football makes me happy and I love Manchester United. It feels amazing to be one of the select few to travel to the UK, the home of football, and train with international coaches at my favourite football club. I am really excited and just can’t wait for the training camp to start.” Visit

The Best of Everything by GEORGINA JENNSEN

Did you know that Seef Mall celebrates its 17th birthday this year? And in that time, the first mall in Bahrain to offer an over-the-top shopping experience has seen refurbishments, expansions, countless sales and lots of happy shoppers.


his seemed like as good a reason as any to partake in my very own Seef Mall shopping adventure; so off I trotted with BD50 Gift Card in one hand and a camera in the other. First stop: Green Diamond It’s a little gem of a boutique, tucked away on the first floor, just a few doors down from Massimo Dutti. The store features the latest creations of up-and-coming local and regional designers. It stocks everything from quirky notebooks and tea sets to make-up bags and apparel designed by young local designers. Everything is hand-picked and unique to Green Diamond. My favourites? Well I’m a big fan of

anything pink; I fell in love with two perfect pieces from the latest @byfara7 collection: an oversized hot pink travel bag and a froufrou skirt that made me feel like dancing. Shopping can be exhausting. It was time to rest and refresh — time for a Pinkberry pit stop! This bright and airy eatery is located on the ground floor, right beside Gate Four. The menu features frozen yoghurt, fruit parfait and delicious smoothies. They have both low- and non-fat yoghurt Shopping for a bag at Green Diamond, Seef Mall that contains calcium, protein and active live cultures, which have a big impact on your health. Here’s how I refuelled — a tub of original frozen yoghurt, topped with pomegranate, dates, almonds, cashews and mango.

Ready for more mall action I followed my feet over to Seef’s newest section. Once there, a little people watching took place, watching little people doing what they do best — drawing, playing, creating and generally being super-cute in the kiddies’ area on the ground floor. It is the perfect space for children to be, while parents keep an eye on them from any of the numerous surrounding eateries. And of course I couldn’t go home without popping into Organic Foods and Café. This family-run organic supermarket and café is my favourite whole foods store on the island for a number of reasons. For a start, it’s huge. They are the largest supplier of organic

products in the world and sell more than 12,000 hormone- and chemical-free products, direct from family-run organic farms throughout the world. But size aside, what I love most about the outlet is the genuine sense of warmth and community. I was greeted with a smile and a smoothie, followed by an informative tour of the store. Oh, and they also make the best bread I’ve ever tasted. Good food, great fashion and completely family-friendly — Seef Mall has plenty to celebrate as it turns 17. Georgina Jennsen is the blogger behind

June 2014



Libra Sept 24 - Oct 23

Illustration by LIM Designs

You’ve let your temper get out of hand once too often in a relationship; it seems that now you are going to have to pay the price. You have a nasty side to you that seems to be regularly directed at someone close to you. You could be in for a major shock as you are forced to endure a little of your own medicine, but don’t go looking for sympathy.

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22


Gazing by RAPHAEL

Find out what June has in store for you… Gemini May 22 - Jun 21

Cancer Jun 22 - Jul 23

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20

Leo Jul 24 - Aug 23

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21

Virgo Aug 24 - Sept 23

You will clash with a colleague over a recent promotion at work. However, you need to be honest with yourself. The best thing you could do is accept defeat; it’s not going to be easy. I can see a difficult couple of weeks ahead for you. It will only get easier if you are prepared to swallow your pride and realise where you may have gone wrong. After a fairly difficult time in a relationship, the world opens up for you with the chance to put things right. Others have sought to interfere with your partnership and only now are you both able to see that the actions of jealous people has been the only real problem. It will feel like you and your partner have suddenly fallen in love all over again. Recent property negotiations are set to conclude favourably this month. You will find yourself quickly having to prepare for a major move. Cover all your bases. On the family front, a relative will come to you for assistance sometime towards the end of the month. How you deal with it is likely to be another matter with surprises all of its own!

86 June 2014

June is going to be more a period of consolidation and looking ahead to better things as you feel more comfortable with your surroundings and prepare to plan positively for the future. Relationships with a partner may be a little strained for a while; as time goes by the situation will resolve itself. Make sure you don’t aggravate the delicate balance. Temptation nudges its way into your reading this month; you find yourself succumbing in the most unlikely of situations. A party that you attend presents you with the opportunity to meet an old friend for whom you have always carried a warm affection. Your best option would be to forget any indiscretion and simply move on. See it as an exam. Your thoughts are occupied by pressing matters, specifically the purchase of something significant that is going to stretch your bank balance to bursting point. A word of warning: if you leave yourself short, you could be kicking yourself later. There is every indication that you will need to meet an unexpected bill, which is going to be difficult.

New opportunities wait out there for you, but only if you can find the courage to grasp them. Career moves are on the horizon, but before you can reach them, you need to establish exactly where you want to go with your life. The time has come for you to seriously assess what it is you most want to achieve and then focus solely on that goal.

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21

For such a lively, enigmatic and adaptable sign, it’s surprising how many of you can be so easily disrupted by change when it is not of your own making. However, some unwelcome transformations in the work place force you to consider your long-term position within a company. It might be time for you to look at different career options.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20

Everything you have done thus far has been your own decision so there is no one to blame but yourself. However, you have moved on at the expense of a precious relationship. This is something you need to work on because believing in yourself without taking anyone else’s comments on board leaves your thinking narrow minded.

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19

A number of factors come together to produce a positive few weeks ahead for you and your family. If you’ve been having problems with a vehicle, then the possibility of a replacement will come your way. You should grasp it quickly! If you are planning any building work, be sure to check out references carefully. There could be a surprise in it for you.

Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20

Your mind will be taken up by things from the past, specifically a relative with whom you used to be very close. Now might be the time for you to consider setting that problem straight. Self-analysis should lead you to admit that you have made less effort than you should have. If you have been going through a difficult separation, then you can look forward to some relief.

he says

Ask a Stupid Question by JAMES CLAIRE


In the ‘90s, I worked for an international cruise line firm; I cannot imagine a less thankless task.

he romanticised glamour of travelling the globe by sea and memories of the ‘80s TV show Love Boat were quickly shot down in flames, as work on board a ship showed me how truly vicious it can be on chefs and wait staff. Close to the end of my final contract, I had really had enough of being nice to people, despite my senior management role and officer status. We worked long tiring hours with scant breaks, for seven days a week, for six months at a time. This is a job where everyone is bound to blow their fuse eventually. Between feeding sessions, which took place more than six times a day in more than a dozen restaurants and cafes, we also entertained the poor souls aboard; dare they ever become bored and desire to eat even more food! On every cruise, passengers are welcomed to a mid morning tour of the full kitchen area. For staff, the issue was that the tour took place when we would normally be on a break. Thus we lost our break time on this particular day, a point of disturbance for my ageing frame. Starting in the 1,000 seat restaurant,

passengers would meander slowly between the kitchen’s various sections, stopping to snack and watch displays of melon carving, ice carving and bread baking. One day, I was not in the mood to entertain passengers’ questions. Perhaps people do not pack their common sense when planning a cruise, but the questions are almost the same and either prove that the world is naive or some people are just stupid. “What do you do with the ice carvings when they melt?” and “Why can’t we get cable TV?” are but a few of the regularly asked questions that just leave you shaking your head. Do these stairs go up or down? Which elevators go forward? What time is the midnight buffet? Do the crew sleep on board? When the menu says fresh fish, do your chefs catch it themselves? What is the ice carving made of? Of course none of these compare to the question the chefs get asked the most, which usually has a way of infuriating them to the point of never wanting to talk to a passenger again. Do you have to train for this or did you get the job straight out of school? Some days you just don’t feel appreciated at all!

The tours are usually short. Some days a few dozen people would wander through the kitchen looking vaguely interested and amused at the displays. But on this particular day, around 500 people had arrived. They all wanted to talk, wait at the snack trays until refills arrived and they questioned every thing. By 11am, I was ready to leave this charade and go for a break. Standing beside the hotel director, a gentleman dressed in a safari suit asked us with deep concern on his face, “I don’t see any dumbwaiters. How many do you have?” I’m guessing he had not sailed since the turn of the century. I was tired and not in the mood for any further questions. So before the hotel director could answer, I said, “We actually have 105 dumb waiters! But these days we prefer to call them dining room stewards; it is a bit rude to call them all dumb.” Leaving the hotel director and passenger in a state of disbelief, I turned and went on my break. Some days I may not be truly appreciated for my career or skills achieved in 30 years of doing it. But I can certainly leave a mark with my retorts and amuse myself. That, my friends, is the only thing that matters! June 2014


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Here’s a bystander’s view on the first world equation between men and women.

et’s be honest. We snigger when we read jokes on men, rolling our eyes and thinking: “So true!” Like the one that goes: “Men are like government bonds. They take forever to mature.” Well, you get the picture. In this era of women’s empowerment and rights and liberation, I sometimes feel that maybe the men have had the raw end of the deal. I’m not talking about the tyrannical ones who make their womenfolk walk two steps behind them. I’m referring to those who hold doors open for you, let you speak first and offer to foot the bill. But, as it stands, we ladies are an undecided lot. We accuse them of being chauvinist and then complain that chivalry has gone out the door. In this male-bashing world of feminism, we know that a world without men wouldn’t be as much fun. Come on, who’d make us laugh in

88 June 2014

spite of ourselves when we’re mad as hell. And besides, a woman needs a man because she cannot blame everything that goes wrong in her life on her destiny. I’d say we are the luckier gender. We can succinctly sum up a man in a couple of pages and give an unambiguous bottom line. After all, men are simple beings who can get through a weekend with a pair of boxers, a favourite beverage and batteries for the remotes. On the other hand, books have been written and movies have been made, but our male counterparts flounder about trying to understand us and what we want. Most men today are educated, perceptive guys who respect, appreciate and at least attempt to comprehend women. Noted novelist and Nobel Prize laureate William Golding thought that women are foolish to pretend

they are equal to men; they are far superior and always have been. If you have a loving, loyal man who thinks on the same lines (and helps out at home, runs errands and genuinely compliments you), then overlook the beerbelly and hang on to him ladies! Go the extra mile to make him feel cherished and doted on. Lord knows men love some limelight, as much as they’d disagree to the fact. We tend to exclude men from the whole picture, taking charge of all family affairs, making him a filler, who brings in the cash to keep everyone happy and well fed. If your man has a way with children, give him half a chance to get involved. Of course he’s going to get it wrong the first time, but a little patience goes a long way in cementing the father-child bond. And think of it, you’ll even get some extra time to dry your nails!

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