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December 2013 | Issue 130 | BD1 / SR10



A life of philanthropy

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Get Party ready





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DECEMBEr Shopping 10 Editor’s Choice: Colour-coded attire 12 Pick of the Month: Scents and lotions 14 Retail Therapy: What’s new on the retail scene



16 Fashion Forward: Black gold 18 Style Radar: What the stars are wearing 20 Get the look: Ready to party 22 Trend: Tartans and plaids


30 Safeya Kanoo: How art redeems 32 Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy: On her role as president 34 May Mahmoud: For the love of pets



36 News: The latest products in the stores 38 Advice: Your questions answered

Report: Best of 2013 44 Feature: A look at the retail scene



52 Parenting: The need for creativity 54 Column: Pneumonia in kids 56 Wellbeing: What ignorance can cost you 60: Column: An extra boost 62 Community: Reading into the future 68 Home: Deck the halls




64 Pop culture: What’s new online and offline 72 Travel: Ringing in 2014 74 How to: Plan a solo trip 80 Recipes: Festive fare 101 Horoscope: What this month holds for you 103 He says: Gift giving frenzy 104 She says: Drive for freedom

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4 December 2013

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eDitor’s NOTE


don’t know about you, but I think this year pretty much swished past me. And it all felt like one big party! Now here we are, set to celebrate the end of yet another year and the beginning of a brand-new one. Let’s not think about resolutions, shall we? In this issue of Woman This Month, we focus on having a good time and looking great while we’re at it. We take a look at everything that surrounds the holiday season — from how to get party ready and how to deck the halls to what to pack for your vacation and where to ring in the New Year. We even have your Christmas meal planned out for you. That’s not all. The December issue features an annual review of Bahrain’s retail scene. Check out which brands made the cut to the ‘Best of 2013’. We’ve also had the privilege to speak with Safeya Kanoo, who is a truly inspiring woman to say the least. Also, Behnaz Sanjana looks into how a lethargic lifestyle can cause a setback in pregnancy. I hope you’re as excited as we are to bid farewell to 2013 and to turn over a new leaf.

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Merry Christmas everyone and have a prosperous New Year!

woman this month is here for the modern woman of substance and aspiration, embodying a personal style while exploring the best of all worlds: fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Elma Bartholomew Editor

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December 2013 | Issue 130 | BD1 / SR10

woman this month

Bahrain Edition


The first sign of my denial of age has got to be my love for novelty jumpers. Whether it has Mickey Mouse or Santa as the attentiongrabbing design, I take pride in flaunting these knits.


6 December 2013








December 2013, issue 130 On the cover: Model: Aquila Gonsalvez Stylist: Fernanda Langhammer Photographer: Nina Mommsen

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Woman This Month



November 2013 | Issue 129 | BD1 / SR10

woman this month

Bahrain Edition






FASHION | get the look 10



















the bling effect

jewels, watches & more

7 5

Style Makeover 9

Illustrations by LIM Designs



Write Here Write Now 12


Our wardrobe is a puzzle and unveiling the big picture is an everyday task. Woman this Month chose 20 items amongst clothes and accessories to give you a shortcut to six different styles. Get inspired and reproduce your favourite looks!


18 13




16 14


STAR LETTER Never too much I’m someone who strongly believes that a girl can’t have too many clothes. But I do often feel guilty for piling up pieces to the extent that I forget some of them even exist! Your article, Style Makeover, in the November 2013 edition helped me revisit some items in my wardrobe. The biggest discovery was my collection of accessories. I’d have them lying all over the house and could never find a pair of earrings when I needed them. So I’d just go without wearing any. The styling options you gave reminded me of the role accessories played in completing a look. I’ve started organising them now and I’m constantly surprising myself with the kinds of rings and bracelets I’d bought over the years. I think the best part about the write-up was it helped me pack for my holiday. A quick break didn’t need 20 items anyway. It really helped me pack lighter. I suggest every woman off to her Christmas break should consider planning her outfit right away. Beth The shocking truth Firstly, I want to thank Dr Jinan for addressing a serious topic like choking hazards in children. It is inexcusable that many mothers do not know how to help a choking child. Once on a flight back to Bahrain, I’d heard a commotion in a few rows behind me. It turns out that a child was going blue. Thankfully, one of the crew members used to be a staff nurse and helped the child. Her presence at the time could

8 December 2013


oing out to catch a movie or have a casual dinner with friends? Get your knee-long pleated leather or vinyl skirt and team it with a fancy top. To avoid the freezing breeze, pick a masculine suit jacket and funky ballerinas to complement the look. If the occasion asks to be the ‘best dressed of the night’, forget comfortable shoes and bring on the high stilettos, a sexy top and have fun with chunky accessories!


1. Versace; 2. Etro; 3. Louis Vuitton; 4. Liali Jewellery; 5. Accessorize; 6. Chloe; 7. Aldo; 8. Lacoste; 9. River Island; 10. Carolina Herrera; 11. Monsoon; 12. Mulberry; 13. Dune; 14. Tory Burch; 15. Marc by Marc Jacobs; 16. Massimo Dutti; 17. Mango; 18. Marks & Spencer; 19. Karen Millen; 20. Next

22 November 2013

be considered a gift. However, it is a shame that the mother did not know what to do. Crying isn’t going to save your baby. Parents should be taught how to help a child in such situations. Also, the Heimlich manoeuvre should be taught in schools along with CPR. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time. More importantly, it’s about knowing what to do. Lin Alternative therapy Although, as an Indian, I should be more comfortable with the option of ayurvedic treatment, I’d never considered it until recently. I’ve suffered with sinusitis for as long as I can remember; and I’d tried all kinds of treatment and medication over the years. When surgery became the last option at hand, I thought I’d finally give ayurveda a shot. The treatment period doubled as a retreat as I’d returned home for a few weeks. It wasn’t easy getting used to the oils, herbal medicines and diet plans. However, it has cured me of the perennial headaches and breathing problems. What many people fail to understand is that ayurveda is a certain lifestyle. It demands the kind of inner peace that you experience through meditation or yoga. Positive results depend on this. It is a matter of respecting your body and science in general. It uses energies around you to cure you. Believe it or not, it works! Chetana


igh-knee boots paired with a long-sleeved oversized dress or sweater is with no doubt a look to bet on this season. The youthful appeal is cosy and suitable for mild winters. It is perfect for us lucky residents of the Middle East. Add a belt for a waistclinching silhouette. You can also pair it with ballerinas or heels. by DR JINANhigh DARWISH

Hard to Swallow

From the time your child starts November 2013 23 picking things up with his or her fingers until the age of five, you’ll need to be vigilant about choking hazards.


hoking is a prominent cause of injury in children, especially in those of four years and younger. Although the number of incidents involving toys and their parts has gone down in the last 20 years due to manufacturer warnings, the number of food choking cases is still high. Those under five years of age represent two-thirds of all children under 15 who die from choking. For each child that passes away, about 25 children under five are admitted to hospitals due to food aspiration. More than 60 percent of these episodes happens in children of four years and younger. Studies show that toddlers are particularly at risk because they can bite food better than they can chew. While they bite with their incisors, their back teeth, which are used for chewing and grinding food, are not developed enough. This is one of the reasons why choking incidents decrease as a child gets older.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children younger than five years of age should not be given hard candy or chewing gum. Raw veggies and fruits should be cut into little pieces. Young children should be supervised while eating. Make sure they sit down while taking in food. According to a study, foods that cause the most choking incidents are hard candy, meats and bones. High-risk foods, including hot dogs, seeds and nuts, were more likely to require hospitalisations. Hot dogs caused almost three percent of the food-related choking cases. There is a conflict between advocating for children to eat raw, natural and healthy foods and their ability to chew them. It is advised to place warning labels on foods that pose a high choking risk for babies and children. Call an ambulance if a child is unconscious, choking, wheezing or gasping. Look out for signs like his or her inability to cry, talk or make noise. If the face has turned blue or if the

child is grabbing at the throat while looking panicked, he or she is certainly choking. How to avoid choking in children: • Have your preschooler eat at the table, or at least while sitting down. Do not let your child run, walk, play, or lie down with food in their mouth. • Keep a watchful eye on your child while he or she eats. • Cut food for your preschooler into pieces no larger than half an inch. Teach them to chew their food well. • Slice hotdogs lengthwise. • Cut meat and chicken across the grain into small pieces. • Slice grapes, cherry tomatoes and other round foods in half. • Cook carrots and celery sticks until slightly soft, grate them, or cut them into small pieces or thin ‘matchsticks’. • Spread peanut butter thinly on bread or crackers. A thick glob can cause choking. November 2013


WRITE IN AND WIN Next month’s star letter will win a dinner voucher for two from Lanterns Restaurant & Lounge. To win this, send us your views on our December 2013 edition either by email to, by fax to 17 813-700 or by post to PO 20461. The winner will be selected at random. If yours is the star letter this month, please write to the same email address with your full name, CPR number, address and telephone number to claim your prize.

SHOPPING | editor's choice


Whether it is to celebrate Bahrain National Day or Christmas, find your own excuse to wear red and white this December. Dive into the theme and glam it up with the two colours at any celebration that you have planned for the last month of the year.

3 4


Nina Ricci


10 December 2013


1. Loafer: Dune, 2. Snowman sweater: Next, 3. White handbag: Salvatore Ferragamo, 4. Perfume: Moschino Chic Petals, 5. Reindeer socks: Marks & Spencer, 6. Heart ring: Accessorize, 7. Scarf: Paule Ka

Kyleigh Kuhn makes possibilities. #GapLove

Karl Lagerfeld

shopping | pick of the month

Irresistible Blends T

A popular fragrance collection just got better with a complete makeover. Check out the all-new line in stores now.

he re-launch of the Signature Fragrance Collection by Bath & Body Works celebrates the story in every scent — told in new, modern bottles and labels. Working with the best-in-class global perfumers, the

12 December 2013

line offers every customer the opportunity to experience world-class fragrances, from ingredients to custom-designed packaging. The unique body lotion also gets an upgrade. The brand-new Shea & Vitamin E

body lotion formula now features three times more shea butter, delivering 16 hours of continuous moisture. It leaves the skin soft and ready for all weathers! Visit the outlet for great gift sets and travel kits.

J.R Jewels Co. W.L.L Al-Aali Mall, Shop 119 Al-Seef District Bahrain

Tel: 17691411 Fax: 17601012 Email:

P.O.Box 37123, Aali Mall Kingdom of Bahrain


Dazzling designs

Stop at Shree Jewellers’ stall (number 737 in Hall 1) in the Jewellery Arabia fair held at The Bahrain Exhibition & Convention Centre from November 19-23. Find exquisite designs of superior quality jewellery, featuring diamonds and precious stones. Get a taste of what Indian emperors wore in bygone eras.

A technological breakthrough

Reaching new summits of technical complexity, a one-piece case forms the entire structure of the new Rado Hyperchrome chronographs. Contrasting stainless steel parentheses protect and underline its uniqueness. This timepiece is lighter than your regular chronograph. High-tech ceramic is light, scratch-resistant and hypoallergenic, giving you the most in terms of wearer comfort.


It’s time to shop for Christmas gifts and many of us can’t think of something special to wrap. Here are some ways to spoil your spouse and child.

On a road trip

Harley-Davidson has revealed two new Dark Custom motorcycles, Street 750 and Street 500, designed for young riders around the world. They are built for urban environments with all-new liquid-cooled Revolution X powertrains, nimble agility and the sound and look that lets everyone know they are genuine Harley-Davidson.

One-stop shop

The House of Amouage has opened a second standalone shop in Bahrain in Seef Mall, adding to the luxury brand’s 13 shops across the Gulf. Along with its first shop in Bahrain City Centre, the new outlet houses Amouage’s array of fragrances, bath and body products, home and travel accessories and leather goods.

Size doesn’t matter

The X-mini Max offers a new standard in portable speakers with the introduction of the ceramic tweeter. The battery life has been improved to last up to 20 hours with each charge. A weight has been added to the base so that it will stay in place while you enjoy the bass lines of your favourite tunes.

14 December 2013

FOR MEN & WOMEN Seef Mall Tel : 17001700

17001700 :

FASHION | fashion forward

Black Gold

Pick your Tribe

Raise your hands for feathers this season. From vests to accessories in different colours and styles, they are everywhere! For a classy embellishment, pick an item with black plumes, like this one from H&M, and pair it with white garments or a dark hue for a masterly impact.

December is a month to dress as chic as possible. The celebration vibe around reunions and events demands you to be ready to party. Best pick? Black and gold for extra shine!

Shiny Spot

The best accessory pick to match with your year ending gown is a chic small handbag or clutch. This Chloe piece can be the best accessory to pair with your long dress, smart suit or casual outfit. Have enough room for your essential items — only the essential!

Right on Time

A great watch is all you need for a chic statement. This gold and black timepiece from Versace gleams with a fine design. The delicate wristwatch gets a stronger appeal with the croco watchband, making it wearable on different occasions. Best paired with a well-cut suit, it delivers a feminine touch to a boyish look.

The Bee Effect

Do you want to call attention to your outfit? Pair a golden top with black trousers or mid-calf skirt to create an impact like Bottega Veneta did at its catwalk show. The contradictory shades scream at each other in unlikely harmony. Choose burnt yellow in a fine fabric for a glossy effect.

16 December 2013

Comfy and Cool

Bored of black and camel shoes, but not brave enough to adopt bright shades? These golden loafers from Bourne at Saks Fifth Avenue will add the magic touch to your everyday look. Its glitz will transform your style.

Sicilian Empress

Dolce & Gabbana’s 19th Century style impresses in virtue of colour contrast and big embellishments. Leave the crown to the catwalks. Matching chunky earrings with eye-catching necklaces can be an outstanding way to dressup for a special evening. Black lace and a mosaic print are other ways to stand out with class.

A Bug’s Life

Many designers and brands are into the insect trend. Lanvin took this to its new collection and perhaps for the first time you will feel like having creepycrawlies sticking on you. Pin a beetle brooch on your coat lapel to add sparkle to your look. However, if you want to create a big buzz, attach it to your wrist and wait for the reactions.

December 2013


Style Radar

FASHION | snaps

Dressed to kill or in a casual look, our favourite celebrities rocked different styles in their turbulent agenda this month. Check it out!

Sarah Jessica Parker

The fashion icon was spotted supporting Michael Kors’ Watch Hunger Stop campaign. The t-shirt was part of the designer’s awareness drive for World Food Day. The actress carried the casual appeal of the piece by pairing it with skinny jeans and an olive leather jacket.

Sarah Hyland

The Modern Family star wore a CH Carolina Herrera gown to attend the 65th Primetime Emmy Awards in Los Angeles. The green silk long dress was wrapped in black Chantilly lace, transforming the outfit perfectly. The flawless cut and deep neckline are the best final touches.

18 December 2013

Penelope Cruz

Olivia Palermo

Eva Longoria

Selena Gomez

Nina Ricci’s autumn/ winter catwalk look was Penelope’s pick to attend the premiere of Ridley Scott’s movie, The Counselor. The Spanish artist has affirmed her preference for red at many events and this time is no different. She paired the outfit with a simple black clutch and pumps.

For the ALMA Awards, the celebrity best known for her role in Desperate Housewives wore a long bright pink dress from Paule Ka’s autumn/ winter collection. The colour offers a beautiful contrast against her tanned skin. The cut allows the fabric to flow.

This beauty always seems to dress in an effortless way. The laidback style accentuates her natural look. For a fashion event in New York, she wore a custom pair of Salvatore Ferragamo flats with light blue accents.

The teen singer-actress wore a look from Versace’s spring 2014 line to attend the brand’s fashion show in Milan. The modern black bondagestyle dress is composed of a thick elastic strap corset and a full raffia skirt with organza. The vamp look was finalised with dark lips and spiked accessories.

December 2013


FASHION | get the look

Festive Code

1. Red constellation earrings: Atelier Versace Fine Jewellery; 2. White shirt: Massimo Dutti; 3. Golden watch: MICHAEL Michael Kors; 4. Wool handbag: Loewe; 5. A-line skirt: CH Carolina Herrera; 6. Red pumps: Aldo



by Fernanda Langhammer

Another year comes to an end and happenings around the island are in full speed. Pick your event — an office party or Christmas dinner — and dress to impress.






Kristen Bell


20 December 2013

he love triangle — red, white and black — is always a safe choice to compose an outfit for any occasion. However, it gets more meaningful at this time of the year. The classic A-line skirt in an animal print is the central character of this look. Save the rouge hue for accessories. Let the neutral shade set the background. A classy bun and subtle make-up finalises the picture perfect look for your Christmas event.


1. Sheer blouse: Weill; 2. Double ring: Louis Vuitton; 3. Textured trousers: Stella McCartney at Saks Fifth Avenue; 4. Blue watch: Versace; 5. Geometric clutch: Pull & Bear; 6. Spiked sandals: Steve Madden

2 1




1. Burgundy belt: Nine West; 2. Light peach pendant: Tory Burch; 3. Floral dress: Mulberry; 4. Golden rose bracelet: Marc by Marc Jacobs; 5. Black shoes: Dune; 6. Feather handbag: Nina Ricci









f you don’t want to be too obvious, another classic pick can help — a floral dress. The print can be colourful with big prints or dreary with tiny, graceful sketches. For the season, a piece with a dark background and long sleeves is perfect. To compose the look, use accessories that bring out the colours in the dress’ motif. A thin belt along the waist emphasises the silhouette. This look is feminine and chic.


hades of the sky are the colours of the moment; embracing blues is vital. A sheer blouse and textured cropped trousers delivers elegance in a blink. A touch of gold reminds you of the horizon at sunset. Playing with tone over tone for a ‘wow’ effect is the best trick to steer clear of boring combinations. Never dress up in the same shade of clothes and accessories. Be creative and blend the hues. December 2013


FASHION | trend

Tommy Hilfiger

Check Mate! Crisscross, houndstooth, plaids and checks are all traditional winter patterns. Give in to the country mood and indulge in cosy materials featuring these prints. Find a fun way to wear it.




Dorothy Perkins


6 5

Fashion Editor's Pick! 7

1. Loafer: Call It Spring; 2. Hat: Nine West; 3. Sweater: Next; 4. Handbag: Debenhams; 5. Shirt: New Look; 6. Skirt: Monsoon; 7. Dress: Mango

22 December 2013

The perfect little gift to give and get. This festive season, leave your gift shopping to us. Show some holiday love to your family and friends with the City Centre Gift Cards. The perfect little surprise that allows them to choose their own gift at any store, restaurant or cinemas. Let’s just say it’s your gift, of their choice. D E I R A












Ready to Rock! A girl can never have enough shoes. Flats take you to the movies and heels have you standing out at a party. Get creative with these new pieces!


tradivarius has an array of trendy elements that will excite the fashionista in you. The pieces are inspired by the urban style and are created in a freedom reminiscent of art and music. You can create innumerable combinations and allow shoes, the god of accessories, to have the last word. If you are looking for a fashionable masculine touch, opt for a pair of oxfords. Team your clothes with black high heels for a sexy vibe. Doll-style shoes offer a ladylike aura. If you just want to be casual and comfy, a pair of pink pastel flats would do the trick. Express the rock glam side of you by mixing up the brand’s best punk, college, animal print and monochrome footwear. The versatile clothing range and variety of shoe styles at Stradivarius let you embrace the fashion trends of the season. Call 17 172-306 (Bahrain City Centre).





24 December 2013



Fashion to Go

This is the time to let your outfit reflect the joyous mood of the season. Make your wardrobe practical, versatile and trendy.


elebrate special occasions with Gap’s all-new holiday collection. Both the men’s and women’s clothing lines showcase the colours of country wood, Alpine chalets and jewelled tones. Along with autumnal hues, the brand’s signature heritage trademark of 1969 continues in cool cuts — straight, skinny, slim and standard. Rich textures and tones are the stars of the season. Knits, wool, cotton, chambray, cashmere and denim form the most wanted warmers that help to fight the chilly breeze. Gap has used these materials to create garments in fresh designs like academy blazers, biker and bomber jackets, crewneck jumpers and puffy vests. The pieces are tailored for casual and modern styles. Prints in bold and washed pastels, hints of metallic, ombre jeggings, plaids and stripes are other accents that can offer a contemporary touch to your outfit. Anything you pick up from this brand will certainly boast the ultimate and indispensable element of comfort — a priority at Gap! Call 17 178-432 (Bahrain City Centre).

26 December 2013


Gloss Salon Think Pink Gloss Salon & Spa held a Think Pink breast awareness event last month

Dana, Zahra & Hana

Dr Samia & Connie

Dina & Dunia


Dr Samia & Sara

Mahfooda & Fatima December 2013



nine west

Back to the Basics Black is undoubtedly the most indispensable colour in a woman’s wardrobe. Having a selection of dark accessories in different designs is essential.


ine West has a range of interesting pieces that can make black the anchor of a look. Their collection of shoes steals the scene. Flat, pointed or embellished, the choice of heels adds the element of style to your dress code. The line of handbags from this brand focuses on functionality as much as it does on style. Spacious totes are perfect for a day out. Nine West also boasts scarves, sunglasses and hats — the final touches to a flawless outfit. There are two ways to go about creating a look: plan it based on your accessories or choose the add-ons to complement your attire. Nine West’s creations please the most discerning buyer, catering to everyone. Whether you are putting together an outfit for a dinner or a day at the mall, the accessories at Nine West will help you explore the fashionista in you. Call 16 686-207 (Bahrain City Centre), 16 686-220 (Seef Mall, relocated near gate 3) or 16 686-228 (Bahrain Mall).

28 December 2013



Sleepwear We all look for cosiness and comfort when getting dressed for a relaxing night. However, we never lose the will to go to bed in style.


a Vie en Rose spreads the girls’ world of fashion with comfy clothing options. The Kingdom, fortunately, has a mild winter. So our bedtime attire can be as stylish as we want it to be in light and soft fabrics. The brand has embraced the giraffe theme with cute motifs in its sleepwear line. Alongside with the fun prints, a girly touch is present throughout the range from the colour palette to the embellishments like bows. To keep your feet warm, La Vie en Rose offers a line of bedroom slippers in bright hues like hot pink and in the classic colours of black, white and grey. Call 16 686-210.

December 2013


people | interview

Woman of Substance by SIMI KAMBOJ

Safeya Kanoo is a woman of positive influence and meaning. Woman This Month speaks to the long-time philanthropist and prolific artist. 30 December 2013

Safeya with her late husband Khalil Kanoo


afeya Kanoo has never needed a title to define who she is. Unassuming and quite modest of her achievements, her output as an artist and the numerous awards she has garnered for her charity initiatives in Bahrain speak louder than she ever has. Over the years, her steadfast generosity has resulted in the two major health care initiatives in the Kingdom. She’s the patron of the 20-bed health care home for elderly ladies, the Safeya Kanoo Trust Clinic in Muharraq. In 2006, she built the Paediatric Oncology Ward for treatment of children with cancer at the Salmaniya Medical Complex. Dedicated to the memory of her late husband, Abdulla Khalil Kanoo, the unit has a six-bed ward and is equipped with a surgical room, a medical lab and a clinic for daily checkups. She has added a cheery playroom, complete with bright murals, stuffed toys, television screens and computers. A recipient of many awards from the government, Safeya has most recently been honoured by the Good Word Society under Shaikh Isa bin Ali Al Khalifa in recognition of her contribution to the local community in Bahrain. At her serene home overlooking the Tubli Bay, Safeya talks about her twin passions — art and philanthropy — which have imbued her life with purpose and meaning. Woman This Month (WTM): Have you received any formal training in art? Safeya Kanoo (SK): Not really, I was a selflearner from the beginning. I became interested in the works of Monet and Dali and studied their techniques from books. I was working with oil paint and later experimented with watercolours, doing pieces on landscapes and nature. As I got more immersed in painting, I decided to take short courses in art in Rome and Paris, mostly in the form of twoor three-month workshops. That’s the extent of my formal training. WTM: Tell us about your daily routine as an artist. SK: Well, inspiration tends to come in a flash and I quickly start working when it does. When I’m travelling, I make a lot of sketches to capture scenes of local colour. At home, I like to begin early in the morning. Soon after the morning prayers, I settle down to paint from 4-5am, my most productive hour. I forget everything else when I’m working. My room overlooks the sea, which provides wonderful inspiration for such pursuits.

The elderly care home

WTM: How has your work shaped you over the years? SK: I started out as a school girl, doing basic sketches. As I became more confident, I started experimenting with more complex forms using acrylic paint and charcoal. When my husband passed away, I was heartbroken. More than anything, Abdulla had been a true friend. During those difficult times, painting was like therapy for me, allowing me to create and inhabit new worlds and find happiness there. I believe creativity has been God’s gift to me. WTM: You’ve produced hundreds of paintings over the years. Have you considered exhibiting your work? SK: I think it’s been 20 years since I’ve last shown my work. In recent years, whenever people have asked me, I refused because I can’t dream of selling my work. My paintings are like my children; I cannot part with them. However, there is now pressure from my friends and I am considering holding an exhibition. But again, it’ll only be a viewing opportunity. I won’t be putting anything up for sale. WTM: Tell us about your engagement in community projects. SK: I used to spend a lot of time with a group of elderly ladies and widows in Muharraq, talking about their lives and the old days in Bahrain. I realised how worried they were about their future and then the idea of the elderly care home came up. Every week, I spend one day with them at the centre. If I can’t make it because I’m travelling, they complain that they missed me! The idea for the children’s ward came later. I’ve always loved children and like to take care of them even though I don’t have

At a Paris worksho


children of my own. At Salmaniya, I feel sad when I think of them suffering at such a tender age, but spending time with them gives me happiness and I try to be strong for their sake. WTM: What other forms do you see your community work taking? SK: I’ve built a mosque in Tubli but I want to add a Quran recitation centre in the same neighbourhood. There are not many places around here where you can learn to do this in the prescribed manner. The centre will have an experienced teacher to train beginners. I have some other charity projects in mind, but I prefer not to make any announcements in advance. Let it be a surprise until it materialises. WTM: What is your next step in the artistic sphere? SK: I have too many paintings stacked up at home. Some of these are getting spoilt because I’ve run out of space to display them. I’m thinking of having a studio cum art gallery at a suitable location in Bahrain. Again, I make no prior promises. When it comes, let the work speak for itself. g December 2013


people | interview

Widening Reach by SIMI KAMBOJ

Social and professional networking is now an essential part of our everyday lives. Find out how Bizladies Bahrain is increasingly helping professional women use these tools in a strategic manner.


rganisational and executive coach Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy has headed the Bizladies GCC chapter since 2011. In her role as facilitator, she helps business ladies connect with likeminded professionals and keep these relationships alive. Having previously taught at St Christopher’s School, the Royal University for Women and at Strathclyde Business School, Clare is now committed to promoting women’s networking and has even authored a book on the subject. She shares with us her aspirations for the group. Woman This Month (WTM): What does Bizladies aim to do? Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy (CB): At Bizladies, our objective is to increase professional networking on the island. Every month we bring speakers who share their knowledge and experience with us. Our meetings are at fivestar locations, where members can network over breakfast, afternoon tea or cocktails in a relaxed manner. Having said that, we are not about cupcakes and coffee mornings. We’re here to share expertise and experience as professionals. WTM: Which forthcoming events are you excited about? CB: We’re flying in Guillaume LarrondeLarretche, the global accounts director of LinkedIn on November 20, which is open to Biz Gentlemen as well. He will speak about the benefits of using LinkedIn as a social and professional networking tool.

32 December 2013

We’re in touch with officials at Twitter for a similar event in early 2014. In December, we’re sponsoring an event hosting American coach and bestselling author Marshall Goldsmith in Bahrain. Sometime next year, we expect a visit from the founder of the Bizladies franchise from Vienna. We have our Gala Dinner and Dance at Capital Club on November 28, which is a mixed event too.

WTM: Do you see the need for lessons in navigating the social media networking tools? CB: Absolutely. This is a rapidly evolving arena, where the rules are being rewritten every day. But for a start, social media tools have to be used with a strategic intent. Success depends on the quality, quantity, place, time and even the manner in which messages are posted.

WTM: As the president of Bizladies Bahrain, what’s your vision for this club? CB: We’d like to have more presence around the Gulf region. We aspire to achieve this with a road show comprising likeminded businesswomen across the GCC. For our meetings, we aim to bring speakers with an international profile. Another aspiration is to have more Bahraini presence in this group. We’ll shortly increase our online presence as well.

WTM: Tell us about your forthcoming book. CB: My book, which will be out by end of November, is about networking. It’s the first in a series of 10 volumes that focus on business and education/training delivered in a Coach Me style; this is the name of the series. It includes professionals’ experiences and lessons to develop skills, knowledge and behaviours as well as case studies on widening your net and making it work for you.

people | interview

Of Wings and Tails by SIMI KAMBOJ

Often, the biggest challenge for pet owners is the absence of care at home when they travel outside the country. The brains behind Pet People tell us about their plans in Bahrain.


ay Mahmoud is a serial entrepreneur. The 30-year-old pastry graduate from Le Cordon Bleu Paris has launched a pet services venture along with her partner Safiya Khunji. Pet People will officially launch in early 2014, but so confident is the business angel Tenmou about its feasibility that they’ve invested BD20,000 for a stake in the company. Cofounder May outlines her plans. Woman This Month (WTM): Tell us about the beginning of your venture. May Mahmoud (MM): As a pet owner, the challenge was to find the right pet food and accessories in Bahrain. My partner Safiya has dogs and birds. She always complained that the products here are not of the best quality. That gave us an idea about the gap in the market catering to dogs, cats, rabbits and birds; we decided to fill this space.

34 December 2013

WTM: What’s the biggest concern for a pet owner? What are you doing about it? MM: That would be the hours the owner is outside the house, leaving the pet alone. A lot of pet owners in Bahrain, both expatriates and locals, have to travel outside. It can be harrowing to leave the pet at a shelter where anything might happen. We offer pet grooming, dog walking and petsitting services in the owner’s absence. We can also take the dog to the vet if the owner cannot make it. WTM: How do you keep in touch with the pet owner’s community? MM: We hold regular food tasting events for dogs and cats and also cater food and cake for dog birthday parties. Our pepperoni pizza, cheesy chicken scones and peanut butter cookies have been very popular with pets. On our Facebook page, we provide regular updates about our latest products,

including pet clothing, accessories, dog houses and snacks. WTM: Which are the growth areas in this kind of business? MM: Right now the business of custom-built dog houses is doing very well. We build depending on the breed and size of the dog and the space available. Obstacle courses and playrooms for pet exercise are growing areas. WTM: How do you intend to use the Tenmou investment? MM: We’re excited about this investment as it’ll fuel our expansion. We’ve plans to build a pet hotel, complete with a swimming pool, play arena, exercise area and pet grooming services. We’ll also invest in a pet kitchen catering fresh food by order and we’re tying up with UK-based Dog Café to import dog snacks for supply at Bahrain’s supermarkets.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan U STAD





Bahrain International Exhibition & Convention Centre Kingdom of Bahrain Like Us on:

For Ticket Bookings & Details Contact:

8000 1788 / 3328 3939

Beauty | news

VLCC Natural Fairness Face Mask. Using natural ingredients, like liquorice and fenugreek, this mask lightens and hydrates the skin. While the first element is a skin whitening agent, the second soothes and relaxes the complexion. Available at all leading retailers.

Bourjois Java Rice Powder. This limited edition product is part of the brand’s celebration for its 150th anniversary. The reinterpretation of this iconic item works as an illuminating loose powder and leaves the skin with a touch of rose. Available at all leading retailers.



Beauty Editor's Pick

From vintage to high-tech products, our picks this month intend to help you ease your beauty regime.

Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Lip Palette.This purse-friendly kit comes with five shades that can be combined to offer you the colour you desire. A professional lip brush is included for easy application of the layers. Say bye-bye to bleeding. Available at Make Up For Ever. Pond’s Flawless White Whitening Expert BB Cream. Boasting SPF 30, the new product combines skincare and cosmetic benefits in one. This face care emollient provides natural coverage suitable for various skin tones. Available at all leading retailers.

36 December 2013

Roses de Chloé. The new fragrance exudes freshness that comes mainly from its bergamot accent. Joined by a heart of damascene rose and magnolia accord, the trail of white musk and amber finalises its essence. Available at all leading retailers.

LANGÉ - Paris Now Available in Bahrain

Musk Oud by Kilian. The fifth fragrance from the Arabian Nights collection is built on contrast, using different flowers such as the Bulgarian rose, geranium from India and davana from China. The aroma can be worn by both men and women. Available at Paris Gallery.

Rich in fruit extracts and seaweed that boosts the skin’s vital functions. LANGÉ’s unique formula gives brighter, smoother skin, reduced wrinkles, and makes pores less visible. Have you felt the LANGÉ effect yet ?

Take this tear off to any of the pharmacies below and avail 20% discount on Langé products

Sephora Tetris Eye Shadow. Packed in black vinyl 3D artwork, this eye palette brings four winter shades in two different options. You can pick the violet smoky package or have the burgundy as an alternative. The new formula combines a creamy texture with intense powder coverage. Available at Sephora.

Al Seha Pharmacy (East Riffa) : 17491247 Saar Pharmacy (Saar) : 17794686 Zam Zam Pharmacy (Dana Mall) : 17382454, Gulf Pharmacy (Tubli) : 17877107 Al Muwasa Pharmacy (Muharraq) : 17335666 Arad Pharmacy (Arad) : 17678124 Ibn Sina Pharmacy (Arad) : 17677207 Community Pharmacy (Buseiteen) : 17104851 Al Buseiteen Pharmacy (Buseiteen) : 17007307

December 2013


BEAUTY | advice Salsa

Your Questions Answered Q: My eyebrows are getting sparse.

What should I do? A: Gradual thinning of the brows is one of the effects of gaining more experience in life (aka growing older). However, sometimes it isn’t the case. Over plucking eyebrows, scratching or rubbing them too much and even pressing them too hard when applying cosmetics are other causes. You can try to make them stronger by applying protein gel to stimulate healthy growth. Products that contain vitamin E, Aloe Vera and castor oil are other options. If you don’t see results, cover the imperfections with the many cosmetics you find in the market.

Q: Is it possible

to avoid dry skin in winter? A: One of the simplest solutions to stay away from dehydrated skin is keeping your shower in low heat. Hot water followed by cool and dry air leads to rough skin. The cold weather may tempt you to have a warm pampering shower, but be aware of the side effects. Another way out is to pat your body while drying up instead of rubbing it. This action helps to lock in moisture. When pressing your skin too hard, you remove its natural protection and thus expose it to injuries. Our fashion and beauty editor will answer all your queries every month. Write to her at for more tips and tricks.

38 December 2013

Q: The weather in

Bahrain doesn’t help to know when I could start wearing my boots. When do you suggest I wear them? A: In my opinion, when the calendar marks the change of season, it is time to slowly start adding autumn and winter clothes to your dress code. A light jacket and ankle boots get the green signal. However, I would leave knee-high and snow boots and winter-specific materials, such as fur and velvet, for the end of December and January.

Q: How can I apply my liquid eyeliner

with better precision? A: A way to have it even is to keep your eyes open while doing the job. I know it sounds quite impossible. However, you can facilitate it by drawing three dashes — one on the outside corner, another in the middle, and the last one along the inner part of your eyes. Then go back to the first one and start connecting them. There are never enough beauty tricks!



When the occasion is truly special, Darya Klishina wears this delightful dress watch. With 5 bar water resistance, blue hands and cabochon crown, it is as durable as it is refined.

BEAUTY | 5 tips

Party Ready End of the year gatherings are here. Plan your festive make-up and hair styles to go with your partywear.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Natural Glow

‘Less is more’ is a statement that stands true when it comes to beauty. As long as you’re not off to a costume party, bring your make-up and hair styling closer to your natural look with a few extra touches. Give more attention to your complexion. Flawless skin speaks for itself. Don’t forget, a relaxed expression is always your best look.

Neat and Chic

A fantastic idea to look good without worrying too much is to go for a slick pony tail. If the occasion is casual, keep it high with some volume in front. For formal events, tie it lower, preferably very near to the nape of your neck, and cover the rubber band with a band of your hair. For it to be flawless, opt for blow-drying before styling.

Super Knot

Buns are always a great option to show that you’ve put some effort in getting your hair done. Many different styles are available. It can be high or low, with braids or have a few loose strands. Besides giving you a great look, it is also the ideal choice for those bad hair days when tying it up is the best (and sometimes the only) way out.

A Flash of Colour

Taylor Swift

If you want to add some colour to your lids, get inspiration from your outfit or main accessory. Pick a similar shade in a lighter tone and apply it only on the inner area of your lids. Lighten it when moving towards your eyebrow. If you’re wearing neutral coloured clothing, like black or white, opt for gold and silver hues for an oomph effect.

40 December 2013

Cat Eyes

Create a mysterious feline look with your favourite eyeliner. Start with a thin dash inside your upper lid and move it towards the outer end, thickening it as you go. Make a flick when you reach the end and draw a nice curve. You can choose to have it thin or thick. The aim is to call attention to your eyes.

SALE up to 20%



The Four Cs You can now get salon-styled hair without stepping out of your home. Fetch this fabulous range of hair products to get party ready this month.


iscover the new and unique fourStep System from label.m for perfect hair. Known as one of the most powerful hairdressing brands, Toni & Guy has fashioned this line of hair care products. The premise of label.m is the 4 Cs: Cleanse, Condition, Create and Complete. This simple, yet interactive categorisation system makes it easy to select a product with the desired result. Each ‘c’ offers an inclusive family of products composed of exquisite ingredients demanded by today’s hairdressers. The first prep stage consists of nine types of shampoos that help to clarify, nourish, repair hair and maintain colour. The second prep stage conditions and works to nourish and add shine to the hair in addition to being a scalp treatment. With 11 products, it is designed to complement the Cleanse range. The Create range includes styling products that add volume and texture, such as label.m shine spray with UV filter and the resurrection styling dust. They feature diverse capabilities. The final step consists of finishing products that are totally versatile and work to add

42 December 2013

shine, hold, texturise and control frizz. The four-step system features a range of products that are organic and age-defying. It offers hair therapy, repair and colour protection. Label.m products are immensely popular among both men and women for styling hair. Its hair polishes, waxes, creams, balms and sprays are exclusive combinations of organic ingredients that make hair healthy inside out. The iconic haircare brand is celebrated for their amazing accessories, such as high quality brushes and combs, heavy-duty equipment, and straightening and curling irons. People who have used the products can tell the difference immediately and the improvement in their hair styles proves it all. Now you can have looks inspired by celebrities. With label.m, hair gets volume, strands become assembled and easy to style, and thick coarse hair retains a natural, smooth look. You can shop for label.m products at Joz Salon & Spa outlets or at Toni & Guy. Call 17 369-133 (Juffair), 16 031-120 (Amwaj), 17 756-449 (Awali) or 17 001-700 (Toni & Guy).


Calzedonia Store Opening A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to mark the launch of the Calzedonia Store at Seef Mall. The event was attended by HE Alberto Vecchi, Italian Ambassador, Ibrahim Assaf, Lebanese Charge d'Affaires, Azadea Group management & a number of guests HE Alberto Vecchi, Jawad Y. Al Hawaj, Romina Vecchi, Pierre, Ibrahim Assaf & Dr Ahmed

Pierre & Jamal

HE Alberto Vecchi, Jawad Y. Al Hawaj & Ibrahim Assaf at the ribbon

Nerman, Miral, Insi, Mariam, Dalia & Safa

Anna & Simon

Fadi, Remya & Dalia

Tanya & Kenza

Sheidee, Ameena & Shirley

Ellie & Abdulla

Alison, Romina & Anne December 2013


REPORT | best of 2013

Best of 2013 This month, we look at Bahrain through a consumer’s perspective and find out all things new that made it to the Kingdom’s market in the last 12 months.

Stay, dine and party


he hospitality industry on our island is booming like never before. While we await the launch of Four Seasons and Wyndham in Bahrain Bay, several new properties have popped up. Making its name known is The Domain Hotel in the Diplomatic Area. Combining business with pleasure, this venue is truly one-of-akind. Have you checked out their lounge yet? The rooftop venue is spectacular! Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa has revamped a couple of their dining venues. Try the new menus at Fiamma and Wok. We hear the cooking classes are amazing.

44 December 2013

Sheraton Hotel Bahrain has been on overdrive this year with endless promotions and it has truly paid off. The five-star hotel has proved why it has such loyal clientele from across the globe. The Gulf Hotel launched their cake shop, which has been all the rage since its opening. Flip over to see what they’ve planned for Christmas this year. The K Hotel unveiled new venues as well. Kenza Lounge has turned into a favoured Arabic venues in town. The K Lounge is a popular haunt for after work drinks. (continued on pg 46)


More Fries; No Oil Philips Airfryer is one of the best innovations of recent times. You can now follow a healthy lifestyle without compromising on taste.


hilips has gone a step further by introducing a higher capacity device called Airfryer XL. Bigger families can now enjoy the Airfryer experience with an additional 50 percent capacity of 1.2kg. It can feed up to five people. The device lets you control the time and temperature of your cooking in an easier and more precise way with the digital touch screen. Save the settings of your favourite dish so that the next time you want to make it, your meal is ready at the touch of a button. The innovative Philips Airfryer with rapid air technology is not meant just for frying. It lets you grill, bake and even roast dishes, making it a one-stop solution for all of your meals. A recipe book created by culinary experts is provided as well. It gives inspiration for a variety of low-fat fried food that you can cook in the Airfryer. The device’s unique design combines fast circulating superheated air, a starfish design and optimal heating profile. This allows you to fry a variety of delicious meals in a faster, easier and healthier way without necessarily adding oil. The removable non-stick coated drawer and the food basket are dishwasher safe, allowing easy cleaning. The machine even saves your home from the smell of fried oil as compared to a regular fryer. You can shop for Philips Airfryer XL at all leading outlets and Mohammed Fakhroo & Bros showrooms. Call 17 259-534 or 17 253-529.

Airfryer is now XL.

fry more

without the oil.

Airfryer XL. Best tasting food without the oil. Introducing the Airfryer XL, the latest addition to the family. With 50% more capacity and patented rapid Air Technology it allows you to cook a variety of healthy and delicious meals for the entire family. Enjoy the best tasting food without the oil in less time than ever before.

Dr Mariam & Amina

Palace Road, Gudaibiya, Tel: 17 259 534

Winner in Kitchen Appliances Category

Roya & Anfal December 2013


REPORT | best of 2013

Lanterns Re

sturant and


The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa has been on the foodies’ radar for several years. The business lunch menu at Kontiki has reeled in the corporate crowd. Pars International Hotel keeps its title as one of the leading venues for nightlife. The new bands have caught the attention of the music lovers in the Kingdom. If you think you’re great at salsa, head over to Latin Quarter to prove your skills. Ramada Palace has a new restaurant dedicated to those who appreciate Thai cuisine. Orchid restaurant takes authenticity seriously and if you love spicy food, this is a must-visit. Although it’s a long drive to the venue, Al Areen Palace & Spa makes it irresistible. With new restaurants and revamped menus, this resort gives us reason to spend every weekend in its premises. The spa offers just the escape you were looking for without having to leave the country.

Food lovers’ guide


The Gulf Hotel

46 December 2013

e’ve said this so much, but we cannot emphasise it enough. Our favourite find of the year was Nespresso. Coffee has never tasted better and you’ll be obsessing too if you give it a try at their new boutique in Bahrain City Centre. Hard Rock Cafe has found its way on our list with its exciting new menus and souvenir collections. Have you considered hosting your next party here? You won't be disappointed. There have been additions to the dining scene across Bahrain, but one that we found most convenient was the launch of the second branch of Lanterns Restaurant & Lounge in Adliya. The modern twist in its menu and setting makes it worth a visit. Better still; write to us for a chance to win a dinner

voucher for two at the restaurant. Those who are working on their summer body this winter can try Diet Mealz. This diet centre will help you kick-start your way to a healthier lifestyle. They even have a seven days trial programme so you can test the waters before diving in. Although it is more popular for organising events, Leaves offers a delectable range of chocolates. If you’re hosting a party this month, add these to your party favours.

team here will visit your home and help you decide what works best for the space. Speaking of made to order furniture, The Closets offers everything you need to set up your bedroom, living room and kitchen. It brings together top companies in the dynamic home storage and organisation industry. This establishment designs, builds and installs closets, garage cabinets, home offices, laundries, pantries, wardrobe sliding doors and swing doors.

Feel at home

Health and fitness


re you looking to give your home interior a modern touch? Pay a visit to Details for unusual furniture and accessories that can convert your home into a contemporary setting. The Successful Living range from Diesel is a perfect choice as it merges comfort and functionality with design. Another interesting furniture outlet that has made its presence known is Casa Lusso in Seef. Don’t take time buying products from this outlet. They insist on exclusivity and if it’s gone from the store, it’s gone forever, unless you want it custom-built for you. The

The Closets


ahrain Specialist Hospital is known for its regular workshops and dedication to staying updated with what’s new in the medical field. Bringing experts from the world over, this hospital in Juffair is preferred by many. American Mission Hospital is another medical complex that is trusted by both locals and expatriates alike. The dental division in this hospital is considered to be one of the best on the island. While we’re on the topic of dentistry, Ceram Dental Centre focuses on giving you that

x 94

Farrell International Co. W.L.L.


Problem: Acne, scars, wrinkle, pigmentation, ageing, large pores, stretch marks, cellulite, fat reduction, body forming, permanent hair removal, tired eyes/legs, …

Method: Microdermabrasio, Mesotherapy, Body forming, Cavitation, Lymphatic, Fat-Away-Method, Fruit Acid, Radiofrequency, High frequency, Ultrasonic, IPL, LED, Infrared light, dermaceutical tailor made Crème,… Juffair Fitness Centre

 177 22 696 December 2013


REPORT | best of 2013 Royal Bahrain Hospital

Bahrain Specialist Hospital

Hollywood smile. A centre that specialises in dermatology is Marafie Clinic. This is a favoured destination for laser hair removal treatments as well. Royal Bahrain Hospital expanded its reach with RBH Medex in Riffa. The 24-hour medical centre makes it convenient for people of the region to get their health issues checked. A doctor from the hospital explains the cause and potential cures for hair loss in the wellbeing segment. Gulf Pharmacy is a reliable outlet for all your pharmaceutical needs. From medicinal lip balms to anti-ageing creams, this retailer has it all. The best way to avoid illness and slowing the ageing process is to live a healthy lifestyle. A new venue that is gaining popularity is Oxygen Gym in Saar. Known as a family gym, this health club boasts everything from a fully equipped gym to multiple training packages and even an open pantry. Juffair Fitness Centre is home to intense workout programmes like Insanity, Muay Thai, P90X, and TapouT. Visit the gym, located near The K Hotel, and choose a fitness programme that best suits your needs, goals and timings.

Look good


oz Salon & Spa has branches around Bahrain. The full service salon and day spa offers a wide range of services and treatments

48 December 2013

for hair, nails, skin and body. If you’re looking for a wacky hairstyle that can give you a total makeover in the matter of a haircut, visit Toni & Guy. It is also home to some of the world’s best haircare products. If you’re a fan of nail art, a trip to Inglot will have you going crazy. Check out their new Sparkles Bar for a glittery finish.

Dessange is a one-stop shop for all your beauty and wellness needs. The gym and training centre upstairs are great for staying fit. Relax and unwind in their expansive spa with a full body treatment package. Complete your experience with a trip to their salon and treat yourself to any of the beauty products on sale. (continued on pg 50)











IX 473








IX 474




DEP IX 820 DAYS WED/SAT M-50, Y-100

M-100, Y-80, K-5

ARR 1245





IX 473




IX 474




IX 474





IX 473





IX 820





IX 819





AI 940








AI 941






OFFERS CONVENIENT TO MANY DESTINATIONS OVER DELHI DEP BAHRAINCONNECTIONS 2045 HRS AND ARR DELHI 0520 HRS CONNECTS TO WITH SPECIAL FARES    DEP BAHRAIN 2045 HRS AND ARR DELHI 0520 HRS CONNECTS TO 0915 AMRITSAR 0810 HYDERABAD 0650 0850    LUCKNOW 0715 0815 AMRITSAR 0810 0915 PATNA 0720 0850 HYDERABAD 0650 0850 LUCKNOW 0715 0815 BANGALORE 0635 0920 PATNA 0720 0850 CHENNAI 0655 0945 BANGALORE 0635 0920 KOLKATA 0700 0905 CHENNAI 0655 0945 COIMBATORE 0700 1150 KOLKATA 0700 0905 GUWAHATI 1105 1325 COIMBATORE 0700 1150 GUWAHATI 1105 1325 CHANDIGARH 0950 1035 CHANDIGARH 0950 1035 GOA 1000 1405 GOA 1000 1405 BHUBANESWAR 1125 1125 1320 BHUBANESWAR 1320 1200 1250 JAIPURJAIPUR 1200 1250 VARANASI 1030 1145 VARANASI 1030 1145 BAGDOGRA 1100 1330 BAGDOGRA 1100 1330 KATHMANDU(INTERNATIONAL) 0720 0905 0720 0905 KATHMANDU(INTERNATIONAL)

  For further enquires please contact our city office at 17220787/8/9 or any authorized travel agents

For further enquires please contact our city office at 17220787/8/9 or any authorized travel agents

German Skin Care Centre in Zinj understands that many of us aren’t born with flawless skin. Visit the centre to treat acne, scars and signs of ageing.

All that shines


ewellery Arabia is upon us and we can see many eyes glistening with the collection of gemstones, gold, silver and platinum on display. However, sometimes all you want is someone to create the design that you’ve dreamt of for years on end. JR Jewels can create your unique piece if you simply provide a sketch. That’s not all that we can invest in this month. Pick a limited edition timepiece to keep as a prized asset for generations to come. Omega watches have been passed on within families for several decades. Visit their store to find a piece that you’d like to gift yourself this Christmas. Speaking of gifts, why not get a loved one a Seiko watch. Dedicated to the sporty and adventurous, these timepieces can withstand almost anything.

Keep it stylish


ow do we even begin to discuss the newcomers in fashion market? In an era when discounted shopping has hit its peak, The Designer Outlet in Seef Corner Mall is a welcome addition. Can you imagine buying top brands at unbelievable prices in Bahrain? On another hand, we have Tagz in Bahrain

City Centre, a boutique dedicated to bringing in exclusive brands like Red Valentino, Longchamp and Love Moschino. It offers an exciting range of handbags and accessories. An outlet that had a complete makeover this year was Marks & Spencer. The revamp has given the branch in Seef Mall a fresh look. Who isn’t happy to see the retailer open a branch in Bahrain City Centre? Carpisa is another new outlet that popped up this year and is worth checking out. We are also quite happy with the rebranding of Bahrain Optician to Optica. We might not be in the season of sunnies but for those of you travelling this time of the year, you can find some chic pieces here. For those planning their weddings, Rosa Clara has displayed their newest collections. The gowns are inexplicably beautiful. Make a day of it and try out some of the pieces. Bridesmaids and guests will find lovely party wear as well.

Shoppers’ paradise


here is no shortage of malls and shopping centres in Bahrain. This year alone, we have seen the opening of a number of retail destinations like Enma Mall and Riffa Palms. However, some of them do stand out from the rest. Bahrain City Centre is perhaps the top choice for every consumer in the Kingdom. Whether it is a grocery run at Carrefour or treating yourself to Louboutins, this shopping complex is a shopaholic’s heaven. The newly


The Designer Outlet

50 December 2013

opened PF Chang’s restaurant, conveniently located near the cinemas, was an instant hit with Bahrain’s gourmands. As customers, we are spoilt for choice when it comes to electronic goods and home appliances. Yaquby Stores in Manama is known for their camera equipment and the all-purpose Victorinox knives. Mohammed Fakhroo & Bros is the main supplier for Philips products. From kitchen essentials to hair removal devices, they have it all. AJM Kooheji is another retailer that caters to every electrical need. If you’ve got an LG screen at your home, this is where it came from. Sometimes we would grab such goods at unbelievable deals at leading hypermarkets like Lulu. As the tagline suggests, the world does come to shop at this retail outlet that houses everything from groceries and a bakery to a fashion section, Lulu Hypermarket is one-stop shop for all your needs as a customer. Alosra is a supermarket that helps promote local produce. Last month, it launched its website which lets you shop online.




inter can be a tricky time to travel, with fuller flights, hiked prices and unreasonable stopovers. However, it is also the best time to snag deals offered by travel agencies. A cruise is an unusual holiday choice


India Bound With competitive rates and exceptional service, let the Indian national carrier escort you to the country’s heartland in true ‘maharaja’ style.

this time of the year, which is exactly why you should pick it. Royal Caribbean cruises offer great packages all year round. For those of you hoping to vacation in a more exotic destination, Air India offers flights to different cities in the subcontinent about their fares and destinations below. g


oliday season is upon us and Indians across the Kingdom are looking to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve with their family and friends back home. The subcontinent has also attracted a large number of tourists with unusual destinations to ring in 2014. If you’ve happened to plan a trip to Rajasthan for a luxurious getaway or if you’ve booked your stay along the beaches of Goa, Air India provides a daily flight connecting the two countries. Flight AI 940 to New Delhi departs daily at 8.45pm and lands at the IGI Airport, New Delhi at 5.15am. Subsequently, the return Delhi-Bahrain flight departs at 6.15pm and arrives at 7.45pm daily. The Airbus 319, assigned to this route, offers both business and economy class travel with complimentary meals onboard. Air India gains advantage over other airlines due to its pricing strategy. The regular Bahrain-Delhi one-way fare starts at BD56 and a round trip costs BD86 (exclusive of taxes). Additionally, the expense to fly further to other cities, such as Amritsar, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Patna, Bhubaneswar, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Goa, Bangalore and Chennai, is often as little as BD10. Started in March 2012, the Air India flight has become exceedingly popular with India-bound travellers. Its subsidiary, Air India Express has doubled its frequency to Mangalore, operating on Saturdays and Wednesdays. Recording an on-time performance of 100 percent in June and July 2013, it also provides flights to Kozhikode and Kochi. Call 17 220-787, 17 220-788 or 17 220-789.

December 2013


LIFESTYLE | parenting

Post-modernism and Mothering by DR CLARE BECKETT-MCINROY


Have you ever really considered the impact of what you wear, your environment and how you act? This article will provide you with room to reflect upon parenting in the broader sense of the word. Find ways to draw upon your innovative flair to further develop your skill set.

he role of a mother is multidimensional and multifaceted — you know that already. So where’s the link to creativity and innovation? Research from business and industry shows that creativity promotes efficiency, increases productivity, improves quality, encourages benchmarking and accelerates change. The links To be efficient, you use your energy wisely, choose your battles and take the lead role in power relations only when it is really needed. You are resourceful in terms of the human resources you draw upon for help as well as your management of money and other forms of capital. You are good at your role and have a clear vision of what you want for you and your child. Being productive is about getting things done in a timely manner and knowing what you are achieving. It’s about being useful and creative as well as moving things forward.

52 December 2013

Productivity is not just about quantity, it is also about ensuring that what you do is powerful and has an impact. Next, we have quality which is concerned with getting things right, moving form good to great, knowing your value and being valued by your child. It’s also about eminence, consistency and providing a safe environment, where your child feels love and belonging. Benchmarking is an interesting aspect. It is argued that we should not compare ourselves to other parents when, actually, we can learn so much from each other. To see things from an entirely different perspective, ask your child where they feel you are on different aspects of parenting. This can provide a great impact and food for thought, especially if you also ask where they would like you to be and why that’s the case. Finally, innovation is about change and as your child grows up you will have to change to meet their needs. By accelerating change,

this means that you do not stay entrenched in how they used to be or how you alone want them to be, but you choose to adapt and learn with them. This ensures equal power relations. Yes, change can be scary. It can be a challenge and it can also be an exciting, transformative experience that, if handled appropriately, brings you and your child closer together. The need for creativity Innovation enables you to generate ideas to solve problems and processes, anything from getting your child out of the door on time in the morning to being brave enough to allow them to take that overseas trip without you. It’s about stepping out of the box, steering away from your comfort zone and thinking divergently. There are often more solutions to problems that we initially see and children are so creative, it is crazy not to involve them in

decision-making too. Using metaphors is an imaginative way of clarifying understanding; it also helps with memory skills.

What your shoes say about you Consider what shoes you wear, metaphorically or physically, most of the time as a mother. Which is your most preferred shoe style and how about trying on your least preferred style on occasions? High heels: Classy, elegant and confident, this person can play the devil’s advocate by questioning ideas, seeing that there may be up-shots of certain decisions.

Sandals: This person is flexible and uses their intuition or gut reaction when making decisions. They are pretty grounded too and they may not like relying on theory. Wellington boots: This person is methodical. They follow a road map and don’t mind getting ‘stuck in’ or getting messy. Slippers: This person likes to make everyone happy. They nurture, make the tea (and cake)

and can’t be around confrontation. Trainers: This person thinks fast. They are pace setters and ensure things get done. Yet they hate fine details. None: This person is a free spirit. They have tonnes of ideas and need to ensure they work with people who can roll them out. They ignite innovation. They are the spark where it all starts.

Innovation index We are often living our lives as mothers out of habit or by relying or modelling the way our mother was with us. It’s also important to discover, through intrapersonal awareness, what your reasons for those habits are and also if you wish to change them. Thankfully, we are all different otherwise life would be boring and our children, if drowned by our conditioning, would all turn out the same. The more awareness we have about our own thought processes, the more we can develop our skills, knowledge and behaviours and encourage our children to do the same too. Below are six different types of innovators. Together they form an innovation index or typologies. Ideally, we need all these different innovative personality types to ensure true creativity. Discover your preferred type, whilst also understanding your development areas to increase your creative talent. Each of these cognitive dimensions has its strengths and development areas. There are no good, bad, right or wrong. The clarifier is investigative, checks understanding and puts things in context. They won’t want to move on until they understand. They may drive their children bonkers at times! The strategist examines patterns and meanings, visualises outcomes, and

transforms. She is imaginative and assertive. They don’t like fine details, so they may hate day–to-day chores. The critique looks for blind spots. She is evaluative, assertive and resilient. She reasons and checks for accuracy and relevance. Critiques may slow decisions down. They need to self-regulate to ensure they have an impact as opposed to opposition. The adapter experiments and uses transition management skills. She is a doer, often sociable, open to change, supportive, open-minded and flexible. They may start more things than they can finish. Sometimes, they need to slow down. The theorist is a thinker, who can develop and re-design. She is structured and likes theories and facts. She may work as an individualist and is known to re-examine. Theorists don’t always consider practical implications. Yet they do like to see things drawn out clearly. The perspective person is non judgmental, flexible, non linear and is an influencer. She has a free flow of ideas, can work under

pressure and sees different perspectives. These people question things, but may go off at a tangent. Innovation is influenced by everything, the clothes we wear, the colours we are around, the weather, the food we eat, the temperature and the environment we work in. Identify the moments when you are most innovative to understand what works for you. Go to that place to help you facilitate your child’s learning as innovation is also about supporting and building upon others’ ideas. It is not about imposing your own thoughts and beliefs. It is about encouraging positive energy and allowing the freedom of time and resources to support better relationships. Energy works at its best when it is fuelled by positive emotions. Being creative is fun for some and scary for others. Where do you lie on a creative continuum? More imprtantly, where do you want to be? g

Being creative is fun for some and scary for others

Beckett McInroy Consultancy (BMC) delivers a range of workshops, psychometric profiling tools and coaching across the GCC to enable personal and professional potential. Visit or email December 2013


LIFESTYLE | column

Community Acquired Pneumonia by DR JINAN DARWISH

It is a myth that getting wet makes a person catch pneumonia. The cold virus that started the cough in the first place is contagious. However, pneumonia in the lungs is far less infectious.


neumonia means the inflammation within the lungs. Healthy lungs are an elaborate weave of more than 300 million tiny air sacs. When a child has pneumonia, these sacs fill with pus. It may affect one or more sections or lobes of the lungs. Bronchopneumonia affects patches throughout both lungs. This ailment can be caused by bacteria, viruses, mycoplasma, chemical irritants or foreign bodies. The term ‘walking pneumonia’ denotes to a group of pneumonias mainly caused by a micro organism called mycoplasma pneumoniae that, even if untreated, would not hospitalise a child or even confine them to bed. The illness can, however, make a child feel miserable with a hacking cough, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle aches and fever. The infection is spread mostly through droplets in the air, expelled when an infected child or adult blows their nose, sneezes, coughs or talks. Children can also become infected by shaking an infected child’s hand or touching contaminated objects, such as

54 December 2013

toys or clothing, and then touching their eyes, nose or mouth. As with any respiratory disease, children should be encouraged to cover their face when coughing or sneezing and to wash their hands frequently. Treating pneumonia Antibiotics are usually used to help fight bacterial infection. They do not treat viruses. Your doctor can decide if it is bacterial or viral. Most cases get better with antibiotic pills. If your child, however, is blue or has rapid or laboured breathing, he or she may need to stay in the hospital for a day or two on IV antibiotics and oxygen. Chest pounding or percussion therapy is very important. Four to six times each day, take your child into the bathroom with the hot shower on and let her breathe the steam for 10 minutes. Use your cupped hand to firmly clap on your child’s chest, focusing on the zone that the pneumonia is in. Pound rapidly for one minute, then rest a minute, then continue

again on and off for 10 minutes. This will shake the mucus and pus pocket, so your child can cough it up. Encourage coughing during this time. You can use an expectorant to loosen the mucus stuck in the chest during the day. At night, you can use a combination expectorant and cough suppressant if your child is coughing a lot. If the cough is not too frequent, then don’t use a suppressant. Since dry air makes the cough worse, a cold mist vaporiser or humidifier will help loosen secretions. Tobacco smoke makes the cough worse so do not let anyone smoke in the house when a child has pneumonia. This should be the rule even when the child is well. The cough will last longer in teenagers who have already started smoking. Without treatment, the illness could last six to eight weeks. Even after treatment, many children will have a dry cough that lasts six weeks or more since it often takes that long for the damaged cells of the respiratory tract to completely heal.

LIFESTYLE | wellbeing

When Ignorance Can Hurt You by behnaz sanjana

A common disorder inflicting more and more women, polycystic ovarian syndrome is one ugly monster not to be ignored. Woman This Month outlines the pesky problems this disorder brings about and how to tackle them. 56 December 2013


s women, we may experience annoying flare-ups of acne or delayed menstruation at some point in our lives. But if these problems persist over time, they might just be the telltale signs of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Touted to be the most common female endocrine dysfunction, affects a significant percentage of women. Read on to be aware of this niggling problem and avert the long-term repercussions it brings. What is PCOS? Our expert: Dr Alka Gupta, American Mission Hospital As per Dr Gupta, PCOS is a metabolic disorder, referred to as a syndrome because it is a set of conditions. Polycystic ovaries, infertility, hirsutism and insulin resistance are all a package deal. “The ovaries take turns to produce one dominant egg each month. An imbalance of hormones hinders the follicle to mature fully and rupture before the egg makes its way to the uterus. The immature eggs do not ovulate, but merely stay in the ovary. Over a period of time, many such follicles collect in the ovaries. This is what is called polycystic ovaries,” she explains. This disorder is a fairly new concept affecting teenagers and women of childbearing age, which was not so common around 20 years ago. The doctor attributes this to contemporary lifestyle. The exact pathology behind this disorder remains unknown. But, this could be blamed on unhealthy weight and a sedentary way of life. A simple ultrasound and blood test can diagnose PCOS, but its exact cause is difficult to pinpoint. It is safe to say that the main villain here is obesity, which could lead to a hormonal imbalance, which in turn leads to polycystic ovaries, hirsutism, hair loss and skin eruptions. However, PCOS can wreak havoc in the lives of slim women as well. The long-term repercussions of PCOS Our expert: Dr Kiran Bijlani, Royal Bahrain Hospital Medical practitioners observe that signs of PCOS are not taken as seriously as they should be. Indifference in treating this potentially

harmful disorder can cause multiple problems in the long run. The most glaring problem that PCOS causes is infertility due to insufficient ovulation. “PCOS patients take longer to get pregnant and may need assistance to conceive,” says Dr Kiran. PCOS left untreated can also pose the risk of miscarriage. In case, the patient has conceived naturally, she faces a 45 percent risk of miscarriage. The reason is poor quality of the follicles, owing to the abnormal hormonal milieu. She may experience gestational diabetes, which leads to a gamut of other concerns. “The baby may be very big, the need for a C-section may increase and once born, the baby develops related disorders as well,” Dr Kiran adds. The syndrome must be treated at an early stage, not only from the point of view of fertility, but also for preventing other

complications later in life. PCOS patients have higher than normal levels of insulin, but the insulin works less efficiently to utilise sugars. This high insulin then causes excess deposition of fat in the body. This ultimately results in obesity and diabetes. Being obese ups the ante for life-threatening illnesses like hypertension, cholesterol and cardiac problems. Due to anovulation, the protective effects of the hormone called progesterone are not received. This makes them susceptible to developing endometrial and breast cancer. “Higher levels of male hormones cause fat to be distributed in a male pattern, where ladies sport the masculine apple shape rather than the feminine pear shape,” she explains. Needless to say, such cosmetic problems associated with PCOS, including severe acne, hair loss and hirsutism cause major selfesteem issues. December 2013


LIFESTYLE | wellbeing

Being obese ups the ante for life threatening illnesses

Dealing with PCOS Our expert: Dr Huda Al-Jufairi, Ibn Al Nafees Hospital “Not all PCOS patients approach us with the same complaint,” says Dr Huda. “The goal of each patient differs; it could be to cure amenorrhea, skin problems or infertility.” The treatment plan is tailor-made as per the requirement of the patient. The downside is that there is no permanent cure for PCOS. Patients need to follow-up to keep it in check and may need differing treatment depending on their life stage. As usual PCOS patients are generally overweight, the first issue to be tackled is maintaining a healthy weight. PCOS can be controlled better with weight management. Once a healthy body mass index is achieved, symptoms reduce drastically due to better hormonal balance. Contrary to popular belief, it is not more difficult for PCOS patients to lose weight. It depends on the individual’s motivation and perseverance. There are various drugs to counter-effect the problems. The age, body type and goal of the patient are major factors in choosing the appropriate course of treatment. “If a patient needs to control her hirsutism, or severe acne, and is not interested to get pregnant, then oral contraceptives are administered,” says the expert. “On the other hand, if she wants to conceive in the near future, then metformin can be used for treatment.” Metformin is a wonder drug that is primarily used as an anti-diabetic, and also allows for normal ovulation, thereby regularising the menstrual cycle and facilitating fertility for those hopeful to conceive. As patients with PCOS are likely to have or develop diabetes, this drug has a two-pronged approach towards the problem. When common drugs do not help in conception, then other measures (like IVF and ovarian drilling) are resorted to. Dr Huda advocates a healthy diet, free of artificial additives as the first step in alleviating this problem. Junk food is loaded with synthetic hormones, which only makes PCOS worse. Our experts see scores of PCOS patients in Bahrain. Timely treatment and control allows for good health and a better quality of life. g

58 December 2013



Ask the Doctor Q: What is the normal amount of hair loss per day? A: For most adults, 75 to 125 strands is a normal number, which is natural so as to allow new healthier hair to grow in place of the old. Q: What causes scalp hair loss? A: There are many causes for hair loss in both men and women. In the majority of men, it’s due to the hereditary ‘male balding pattern’ gene, which is a result of a hormone called DHT (dihydrotestosterone). The same goes for women, where the cause is usually hereditary. However the cause for female pattern hair loss is still being researched. Q: Are there any modifiable factors other than genes that could cause hair loss? A: Yes. For women there are a number of factors that could cause hair loss, which are reversible with treatment. This includes thyroid disease, iron deficiency, high fever, surgery or general anaesthesia, crash diets, childbirth and certain medications. Sometimes, even stress could be a cause, as it accelerates the genetic factor for hair loss. Q: Is there a treatment for hair loss?

A: Thanks to modern medicine, there is. The first option is hair restoration surgery, which

Dr Raish P

Many of us are constantly worried about losing our hair. Is it falling out too much? Is it normal? Dr Ramesh P, plastic surgeon at Royal Bahrain Hospital, answers a few of your questions. offers a permanent, living solution to the scalp. The second option is medication in the form of a pill (finasteride) and a topical liquid (minoxidil). They require life-long treatment to maintain their effect, and are effective in only two percent of females. The third option is cosmetic enhances, such as coloured creams, sprays and powders that, when applied to the thinning scalp, help to camouflage thinning areas, as long as there is still some hair present in the area. They do not treat the hair loss process.

Q: What does hair surgery involve? A: Hair transplant will restore lost hair and replace or reshape the hairline with your own natural, growing hair, which needs no more care than the ordinary washing, styling and trimming you have always done. We remove permanent hair-bearing skin from the back or sides of the scalp, making that the donor area. We will extract the individual hair follicles or divide them into small skin grafts, and they will then be implanted into the bald or thinning area of the scalp at the same exact angles as the hair present. Q: Wouldn’t hair surgery leave a scar or obvious bruising? A: Surgeons nowadays are much more skilled than past years thanks to the advancement of

techniques. Firstly, the hair line will be made to look very natural, not abrupt, thus making it more realistic. Secondly, as for any scarring, there is practically none as it becomes hidden by the hair. The healing time starts from 24 hours after the surgery when crusts form on the graft area and then are shed within four to 14 days. The hair will grow out in 10 to 16 weeks.

Q: Isn’t hair surgery only for men with baldness problems? A: This treatment is not limited to any gender. Many people can benefit from this. Aside from men and women with pattern baldness or hair loss, it is recommended for those who have scarring skin diseases, experience hair loss due to medical reasons, and want to thicken or restore their eyebrows, eyelashes and beards. Q: How do I know if hair surgery is right for me? A: Consulting with a plastic surgeon with experience in this treatment is the best option. The doctor will be able to assess the hair loss area and the possible donor area, as well as tell you if you need surgery or if you just need medicinal treatment or lifestyle changes. Call 17 246-800. December 2013


LIFESTYLE | column

Behind the Jolt by ELMA BARTHOLOMEW

An argument with my friend over what’s worse — soft drinks or energy drinks — got me wondering. How many of us really know what goes into a sports beverage?


e’ve been reading about the ill effects of carbonated drinks for as long as we can remember, so much so that we could list its ingredients in our sleep. Although the awareness campaigns have helped many steer clear of soda, a vast population still continues to rely on energy drinks. Let’s face it. In a world where there’s hardly any time to breathe, we could all use a pickme-up, an extra buzz and a lot of energy to spare. So how does one get alert and energised after a sip of these beverages? Here’s the deal. These fizzy, sweet drinks are made of caffeine (much more than the amount in a cup of coffee), taurine, vitamins, herbal supplements, sugar and sweeteners. Whether it really does ‘give you wings’, or improve your stamina, concentration and weight loss

60 December 2013

plan might be debatable. Nevertheless, it remains one of the fastest growing beverages on the market. The downside The real question is if you can get your caffeine fix from an all-natural bean roast, why bother with unnaturally coloured fizzies? The answer is simple – the hype created by brilliant marketing tactics. Do you know that most of these drinks are virtually unregulated by authorities? While colas are controlled by FDA limits, energy drinks pass through the system unnoticed as they do not fall under the ‘food’ category. They are listed under ‘dietary supplements’! Most ingredients that go into these sports beverages have not been studied for long-

term effects. The fact that they are easily available in your local store makes it harder to control kids from drinking them. In fact, the society is essentially encouraging children to take performance-enhancing drugs. It turns out that while caffeine in your regular coffee is ingested slowly, energy drinks offer a ‘shot’ of it all at once. Despite these apparent pitfalls, the companies face no charges or losses. Instead, they come up with better marketing strategies like infusing health claims. The introduction of B-vitamins might look to the innocent eye as a health additive. Little do we know that these vitamins do not provide energy jolts; they’re unnecessary extras that just get flushed out. Matters of health The number of people receiving emergency treatment because they consumed energy drinks has spiked over the past few years. Excessive consumption can have some severe medical and behavioural consequences. It’s proving to become a serious public health concern, causing health complications such as insomnia, migraine, seizures and heart problems. Yet, like walking into a trap, we continue to gulp them down.




A Cry for Help! Many of us, especially in this part of the globe, are ashamed of discussing several significant health issues with our doctors. We speak to an expert about sexual arousal disorders in women.


r Walaa Sabry Elbarbary, the consultant psychiatrist at Bahrain Specialist Hospital, helps us understand what causes sexual arousal disorders and how to treat what was previously known as frigidity in women. “The condition is called primary orgasmic dysfunction when a woman has never had an orgasm or climax in her life. This is the case in 10 to 15 percent of women,” Dr Walaa explains. “It is called secondary orgasmic dysfunction when a woman has had an orgasm in the past, but is currently unable to have one. Surveys suggest that 33 to 50 percent of women are dissatisfied with how often they reach orgasm.” It is a topic that many women are hesitant or embarrassed to discuss especially in the Eastern and religious communities. But a lack

of female arousal is not something you have to live with. You shouldn’t be too embarrassed to discuss it with your doctor. Fortunately, many cases of female orgasmic dysfunction are treatable. So it is important to share your concerns with your partner and doctor. They may be due to psychological factors or a combination of physiological and psychological factors. The thing to remember is that it is never caused due to physiological factors alone. Psychological causes have found it to be related to certain cultural and religious beliefs, such as feeling of guilt or embarrassment about sex or sexual pleasure. A strict religious upbringing can cause a woman to have negative thoughts about being sexual. Developing a fear of rejection by her partner or the fear or embarrassment of

Dr Walaa Sabry Elbarbary

losing control during orgasm are other causes. Some factors include stress, such as financial worries, job loss, divorce, relationship problems, low self-esteem and poor self image. Some mental health disorders such, as major depression and anxiety, may contribute to the problem. Physical or medical causes include damage to the nerves in the pelvic area, removal of the clitoris (also called female genital mutilation, a cultural practice in parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia). A woman with sexual arousal disorder should be evaluated for both psychosocial and medical causes. Once the diagnosis is made, multiple treatment options are available. These include, but are not limited to, sex therapy, relationship therapy and medications. Call 17 812-000. December 2013


Fakhira Syed and Shoug Al Tamimi

lifestyle | community

For the Love of Reading by SIMI KAMBOJ

Books are a uniquely portable magic, wrote Stephen King. A team of young Bahrainis is out to share this magic with as many people on the island as possible.


eading has always been a pleasure for Shoug Al Tamimi. But when the 22-yearold’s library at home began overflowing with books, she decided to find new homes for her old friends. Shoug set about collecting additional books from friends and her first book fair in 2010 showcased 700 volumes, raising BD600 for charity. Last year, Shoug made her love for books official with the launch of Booksessed, a book club dedicated to spreading the joy of reading in Bahrain. “Our objective is to promote reading. We don’t want books to gather dust in shelves, but for them to find new homes and new minds. In addition to giving books new life, we want to give back to the community. All proceeds from our sales go towards charity,” says the grade-three English teacher at AlIman School. Earlier in April this year, Booksessed held its first book sale at Seef Mall, putting up

62 December 2013

1,200 volumes for sale. The event raised BD930 which was donated to the Friendship Society for the Blind. However, Shoug and her team was a little disappointed with the turnout at the event. “We want diversity in our membership. Though we had a good number of visitors at the event, those who showed up were mainly expatriates. It was saddening to see that Bahrainis did not show the same enthusiasm for reading,” she notes. It is to fuel this passion for books that the group launched a book club, Cover to Cover, which meets once every month to discuss two nominated books, one in English and another Arabic. Fakhira Syed, the group’s public relations officer, observes that such is the enthusiasm at the meetings that members who haven’t read the book being discussed feel compelled to read it afterwards. “In that sense, I believe we’re starting to

achieve our objectives. Even if you don’t like reading, you’ll develop a love for it if you attend our meetings,” she says. Booksessed members frequent summer camps in Bahrain, where they talk to children about books and storytelling. They also hold workshops for teenagers to guide them towards titles that suit their taste. The group is beginning to collect books for the forthcoming sale in early 2014. To those who make excuses about not having enough time to read, Shoug has an answer — make the time. Download audio books and listen to them when you’re in the gym or driving. “If you view it as a chore, the pleasure of reading is gone. Try to make it fun by discovering where your real interest lies,” she says. Booksessed is currently looking for members and volunteers who can help organise events. Those interested may visit the group’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.


Leading Women In Business Forum

The 2nd Annual Leading Women in Business Forum was held at the Skyline Lounge, Capital Club, Bahrain Financial Harbour Hala, Narees, Bayan, Reem & Doris

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LIFESTYLE | pop culture

The Dark Side

Sound effects After two years of touring and sonic experimentation, Darkside — comprised of electronic producer Nicolas Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington — released their debut album Psychic. It has been dubbed a progressive hybrid of electronic music and psychedelic rock with an otherworldly depth.

It seems like the world of art, culture and entertainment has entered a realm of gloom, with the exception of Woody Allen.

Number three

Have you grabbed your copy of Helen Fielding’s third instalment to Bridget Jones book series? Mad About The Boy had enough hype surrounding it to begin with. Now with the revelation that Mark Darcy has been killed off, it’s hard not to push it to the top of the reading list.

Shoot for the stars

Fifty years of rock and roll photography have been squeezed into a book by legendary music photographer and World Photographic Academy member, Gered Mankowitz. Pairing iconic portraits of The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, The Eurythmics and Suzi Quatro alongside previously unseen work, the book captures the best of Mankowitz’s five-decade long career and chronicles music history in a unique way.

From New York CITY

Not that you need a reason to watch a Woody Allen movie, but Blue Jasmine secured the best box office opening weekend of his career. Add Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin to the mix and you have a winner!

Pushed too far

Based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, the classic horror tale Carrie has been re-imaged. Chloë Grace Moretz plays the lead as a shy girl outcast by her peers and sheltered by her deeply religious mother (Julianne Moore). The movie also gives you the chance to check out Ansel Elgort’s performance. He is said to play Gus in the film version of The Fault in Our Stars.

64 December 2013

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#INSTACRUSH Scrolling through our Instagram account, we spotted a few people you ought to follow.




@themodestbelle 1. We love this home for everything that is shabby chic. Must visit. 2. We are crushing on this little black and blue number! 3. If you have yet to check out Amina Alabbasi’s gallery at Riyadat Mall, you’re missing out! 4. Want to tone up? The squat challenge will definitley help. 5. How hot does Leandra look?

@manrepeller 66 December 2013


Home Sense


All that Glitters by ELMA BARTHOLOMEW

Add the element of glamour to your home this Christmas with wreaths, lights, tabletop accessories and ornaments. Here are some decorating ideas to set the festive mood.


hen you invite family and friends over to celebrate the holidays, you want to have the most attractive decor to enhance your home’s beauty. Every room can use a festive touch. We take you through several indoor spaces that feature amazing decorations. Whether you want to create a traditional home or prefer something contemporary in your living room, kitchen and hallway, these ideas will inspire you.

68 December 2013

House of Fraser

An outsider’s view Give your guests a dramatic welcome by flanking the entryway with decoration. Make sure your front door doesn’t let your festively decorated hallway down. Hang a classic wintry wreath to welcome guests and spread some seasonal cheer to the street beyond. Elegant wreaths can be dropped from broad ribbons to create interest to a staircase. Before you start decorating, give your home’s entrance a good clean and clear away clutter. Consider replacing your doormat with a festive one.

House of Fraser

House of Bath

Crate & Barrel

House of Fraser

A focal point Not many of us have a mantel or fireplace to reel in the attention of a guest. You could improvise with a vintage sideboard. Not every accessory needs to be centred on Christmas. You could try garlands, simple wreaths and twinkling fairy lights. A great way to dress the area is to fill it with a mix of candlesticks and put a beautiful vase of flowers in their midst. Using ivory candles can help you create an all-purpose display that can take you from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. Transform the setting from autumn-inspired hues to Christmas favourites and then to anything that glitters. You could also set up a forest with appropriate pieces. For a fun touch, replace pictures over your mantel with a framed festive message.


A little extra Make your gifts look exuberant with polka dots and chequered prints instead of the usual safe options of matching colours. String up fairy lights wherever you can in as many ways as you can. Hang up trinkets, mistletoes and baubles by window panes, from lintels or even air vents. Prop up art with mirrors, canvases and stencils. Let the kids decorate the banisters with a craft project they learnt at school.

December 2013



House of Fraser

On the table Since it’s the centre of Christmas meals, the dining room is often the place you decorate first. Don’t worry if your tableware doesn’t match. For a modern twist, layer them in different hues and designs. Napkins in a vibrant tone give an instant lift to classic white porcelain. For added holiday sparkle, use decorative accents in both silver and gold. Go with a simple centrepiece. Something as simple as glasses and dishes filled with seasonally appropriate candies can make a sweet table topper, especially at dessert time.

70 December 2013

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The living room A gorgeous tree and a few well-placed decorations are sometimes all you need. A splash of bright colour really helps lift a neutral living room. Pile on the holly and garlands; deck the tree with berry-coloured baubles. For a show-stopping living room, you can’t beat a shimmering silver colour scheme; especially when all else is white. Keep to a simple or single colour palette for a contemporary touch. Rearrange the furniture so there’s plenty of space for everyone to gather. Add pouffes and ottomans, so guests can move them around easily. Make sure there’s sufficient space to set the drinks and snacks. Set a welcoming mood with low-level lighting and scented candles.

December 2013


LIFESTYLE | travel

Before Midnight by ANKITA MAMGAIN

If the past few New Year resolutions have been to be in a better place while making the next resolution, we suggest you read on. The biggest party of the year can be just as versatile as it is excessive and we bring you three destination options that promise the perfect setting as you begin the final countdown.



elcome the New Year with fine sand between your toes, the saline breeze flowing through your locks, neon trails punctuating the night sky and a communal free spirit riding your senses. For years beaches have beckoned New Year’s Eve revellers in a way like no other destination. The party continues through Goa’s rocky Anjuna, the bling encrusted Ibiza shores, the cajoling surf of Bondi in Australia and the sandy strip that pretty much taught the world how to party — Rio de Janeiro’s Copacabana! The throbbing vibe of these destinations and the almost dizzying countdown to midnight will turn your plush hotel room or an offshore yacht into a megaparty as you watch the fireworks usher in 2014.

72 December 2013

BIG CITY LIGHTS hey all say is get out of the city for a celebration; go to some place special, but then again, what do they know! When the biggest and most iconic cities drop the ball at midnight the entire world watches with a deep gasp and starry eyes. New York City’s Times Square may be a widely accepted cliché and a tremendously expensive venue for the night. But when the giant disco ball drops at midnight here, it’s a sight to behold. Across the Atlantic, thousands brave the bitter cold and gather around Thames as the London Eye gets drenched in choreographed fireworks. All around the globe from Tokyo, Sydney, Moscow, Dubai, Berlin, Paris, London and the Big Apple, the party starts as the sun goes down and crescendos when the clock hits midnight. Everybody comes out on the streets; public transport is usually discounted if not free and the frenzy lasts until early hours of the morning.


GREAT GIG IN THE SKY he earthly fireworks shy away when the Northern Lights perform their celebratory celestial dance. For the unconventional reveller, who wouldn’t mind going the extra mile for a different and extraordinary experience, we say head north. Witnessing the Northern Lights on New Year’s Eve is fast becoming a tradition for many. Tour organisers sell a number of getaways around this time for you to get a taste of tundra life and a New Year’s Eve party like never before. Whether it is the Icelandic nebula or the Ontario aurora, according to NASA, the current period of solar activity that leads to these magnificent displays in the sky, will reach a new peak in December 2013. The countries you’d like to be in to see this are Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Northern UK and Canada.


July 2013

December 2013


LIFESTYLE | how to

Sailing Solo by ANKITA MAMGAIN

Don’t know what to do with all those photo frames you’ve hoarded up over the years? Here are some unique ideas that will help to dress your walls.

head to, safety is one thing that cannot be guaranteed even if it is your own country. The trick is to keep a low profile. Don’t walk around with your face buried in guidebooks, which literally equals to wearing a banner that reads “I am new and vulnerable”. Keep a check on important documents, cash, who you chat with and how much you drink.

Research This cannot be emphasised enough. Once you have finalised your destination and itinerary, get down to the basics — local culture, food, languages, currency, average fares, time taken to travel and so on. The last thing you want when travelling alone is to get duped or lost. Preparation is key!

Your day kit You’ve heard it a million times — travel light! The minimum luggage for a three-month long excursion will still be impossible to carry around at all times. So make a day kit with all the essentials and reduce it to just one tote or a medium sized backpack. Refrain from carrying a separate camera bag or collecting many plastic bags during the day. Have enough space in the day kit so it can accommodate all of this.

Stay safe Whichever part of the world you choose to

Make friends Yes, the idea is to be your own travelling

74 December 2013

companion, but sometimes you can get a really interesting perspective by talking to strangers. There’ll be faces you’ll encounter for sometime over breakfast, why not see what they have to share. They might even give you some important information or advice that the tourism board website skipped. Journal it! On paper, a microchip or, for the romantic, even a film, find your medium and capture the moments lived, sights seen, faces befriended and smiles shared. Of course the physical or the metaphysical experience will remain only yours for life, but as time goes by you will want a reminder of your adventurous and open spirit.


Shandra Dinner Party Shandra Dondi hosted a dinner party for a number of ladies at her residence in Saar last month

Laila, Kanafani & Liliane

Lynne & Francine

Shahrazad & Shandra

Mariam & Wendy

Alise & Shandra

December 2013


Tory Burch

LIFESTYLE | 10 tips



A functional companion Regardless of your destination, a pair of goodfitting jeans is always handy. Pick your most comfortable pair in medium blue to wear for a walk in the big city or for a relaxing day by the beach. Its versatility prepares you for an unexpected escape to the town’s nightclub. Pair it with high heels and a smart black top to be ready to party!

Summer destination Heading to the southern hemisphere? You’re lucky enough as you can relax with sunny days and light luggage. Pack a number of coloured pieces and floral patterns with a light background. The resort 2014 collections will soon hit the stores and you can be the first to wear them! Gap


Globetrotters’ Must-haves Whichever destination you’re off to, we’ve got your suitcase covered! Check out which indispensable items you should take to your well deserved holiday.

Group your belongings Organisation is the key to watertight packing. Having separate pouches for specific items is helpful. Separate your hygiene items from grooming products and your lingerie from socks. Don’t forget that liquids with more than 100ml must be placed in your suitcase.

76 December 2013


For your feet Flip flops may not sound important to pack if you are not going to sandy beaches. However, if you are staying at a friend’s house, it would be nice to protect your feet from the cold floor without having to wear shoes indoors. Besides, hotels’ old carpets may not be the best place to walk barefoot after a shower.



Tech savvy directions You can use your mobile to download apps that will help you with tips and maps to guide you in a new city. Some of them don’t require an Internet connection. Your life gets easier when you have your location on the map. Not only do you avoid getting lost. It can show you the nearest restaurants and attractions near you. Just don’t forget to carry your phone charger!

Small blessings While travelling, those big containers of shampoo and hair conditioning don’t look as practical as when you purchased them for half the price at the supermarket. Transfer them into smaller containers. Any item in a travel size is a good buy, such as travel make-up kits.


The carrier When choosing a suitcase, consider a few things. If you intend to go shopping there, take a piece that doesn’t weight that much. Remember that you have a limited amount to carry. Why pay extra? Pay attention to identification. To avoid confusion, a coloured or printed suitcase will help.

7. 8.

Don’t get wet! You may experience rainy days at most destinations. Even if it is sunny, you may have heavy rain at the end of the day. Having an umbrella is a good idea so not to ruin your plans. You can walk around the city with fewer worries!


Winter hotspot If you are planning to fly north, you’ll probably end up with heavy baggage. In your list you have sweaters, pullovers, tights, thick trousers and an infinite number of other things. You can minimise the quantity by pulling a few tricks. Take just one big coat, which you can carry on your arm. Carry thin t-shirts to wear under sweaters; they really do warm you up.

Mango Touch





Identify yourself Bahrain is a small country. Your only option to travel is going abroad. So, your passport is your most prized asset during any trip. Place it in a safe place and if possible, protect it with special covers you find in the market. To avoid any frustration, check the visa requirements to the country you’re heading to.

December 2013


SOCIAL BUTTERFLY Mahmood Al Kooheji, sixth from left, with organisation representatives & officials

Fatima, Shahrazad & Rajo

Aisha Yateem Centre Event An event was held at the Aisha Yateem Family Counselling Centre in Hamad Town to honour organisations that have supported the centre in fulfilling its goal to provide financial, psychological and material support to families in need. The chief guest at the event was Mahmood Al Kooheji, chairman of Alba Hamad & Yousif

Khadeeja, Nawal & Wedad

Alaa, Noor & Manal

Shirley Yateem & Faika

Nawal & Fawzia

Nada Yateem & Mahmood

Dr Khalid & Mahmood Al Kooheji

Abeer & Mahmood

Mariyam, Ghanya & Mahmood Al Kooheji

78 December 2013

Dr Jihan & Mahmood


Crowne Plaza Think Pink Event

Silvia, Carolina & Sheran

Crowne Plaza Bahrain hosted a Think Pink Fusion High Tea at Cappucino's for members of the breast cancer support group

Crowne Plaza Bahrain staff with guests Guests at the event

Galiena & Antoinette

Enjoy Your New Lifestyle! How does it work

Health Assessment

Choose your meal

Free delivery

Diet mealz is a diet center that will help you kick start your way to a healthier lifestyle. We have expert nutritionist that will help you achieve your goals whether it may be for weight loss, weight gain, weight maintenance, etc. We provide personal nutrition counseling that will help you make smart follow up sessions which will help us monitor your progress so you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Meals are prepared daily to ensure the quality of our food. They are individually portioned and packed in reheatable containers for easy “on - the - go meals.” Your meals are creatively prepared by our professional chefs to suit your taste buds as well as to give you a healthy meal. “Enjoy your new lifestyle!”

15 days meal program

BD 125.000

7 days trial

BD 65.000

1 meal program

BD 135.000


BD 15.000

All the follow up sessions are free

17227700 Ferrari

Block Block 338 338 Entrance Entrance

Block 338

Diet Mealz

BD 245.000

Palace Hotel

Villa 935, Road 3830, Block 338, Adliya, Kingdom of Bahrain Email : web : Happy Customer!

30 days meal program

DHL Signal

Book your Appointment



Meisei Restaurant

Diet Mealz


December 2013



Festive Feast by JAMES CLAIRE

The love for your family, children and friends is far greater than any store-bought gift. So this Christmas, use the joy of cooking and dining to bring the family together. If you have invited loved ones to indulge in a holiday banquet, get them involved in the preparation stage of the lavish spread for a fun-filled dining experience. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

MAPLE MUSTARD ROAST TENDERLOIN WITH MUSHROOM SAUCE 2kg 4 tbspns 2 tbspns 2 tbspns 2 tspns 1 tspn 2 tspns 1 tspn 1/4 tspn

beef tenderloin roast pure maple syrup whole-grain mustard olive oil fresh thyme, coarsely chopped fresh rosemary, chopped fresh garlic, finely chopped sea salt flakes black pepper, freshly cracked

For mushroom sauce: 200g fresh button mushrooms 200g porcini mushrooms 200g shiitake mushrooms 80g butter 1 white onion, finely chopped 1/2 tspn salt 1/8 tspn black pepper, freshly cracked 1 tbspn fresh thyme, chopped 120ml water 1/4 vegetable stock cube 80ml cream

80 December 2013

How to prepare the beef • Position a rack in the centre of the oven and heat the oven to 140 degrees Celsius. • In a small bowl, mix together the pure maple syrup, mustard, olive oil, thyme, rosemary, garlic, salt and freshly cracked black pepper. • Put the tenderloin in a deep roasting dish and rub the paste mixture all over it, really massaging it into the meat. • Cover the meat with foil and refrigerate for four hours. • Remove and massage the meat again with additional marinade. • Roast the tenderloin for approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. • Remove and cover with foil. Allow to rest for 20 minutes before carving. • Serve with the mushroom ragout. How to prepare the mushroom sauce • Wash and clean the mushrooms. Remove the

shiitake stems and discard. • Quarter all the mushrooms and put in a bowl. • Heat half the butter in a large frying pan over low heat. • Add the mushrooms and spread them out evenly in the pan, increase the heat. • Let the mushrooms cook undisturbed until they brown, then shake the pan and use a spoon or fork to turn all the mushrooms. • Add the remaining butter along the sides of the pan as the mushrooms cook if the pan seems very dry. • Continue to cook for a further five minutes. • Add the onion and cook until translucent. • Season it with the salt and pepper. Add the thyme. • Pull the pan off the heat and add the water and stock cube. • Add the heavy cream and bring to a boil. • Remove from the heat and serve with the beef.


2 purple onions, finely diced 4 garlic cloves, finely chopped 60g fresh root ginger, grated 2 tbspns olive oil 11/2 kg lamb fillets, cut into cubes 3 cinnamon sticks 6 cloves 6 cardamom pods 3 star anise pinch saffron 3 bay leaves 2 tspns ground coriander 3 tbspns almonds, ground 1l water 2 vegetable stock cubes to taste pepper, freshly cracked to taste salt 60g white raisins 120g dried figs 60g dried apricot • In a large stock pot, fry the onions, garlic and ginger in the oil over low heat until the onions are translucent and begin to colour. • Add the lamb cubes and stir fry until the meat is browned all over. • Add the cinnamon sticks, cloves, cardamom and star anise. Cook over the heat to release their flavours. Add the almonds. • Mix the water with the stock cube and stir to dissolve. Pour the vegetable stock over the lamb. • Add the saffron, bay leaves and coriander. Season it with salt and pepper to taste. • Cover the pot and simmer for one hour, stirring occasionally. Add the raisins, figs and apricots, then simmer for a further 20 minutes.

SPICED ORANGE AND MASCARPONE CHRISTMAS PUDDING TRIFLE 5 oranges, zest and flesh 80g light brown sugar pinch cinnamon, ground pinch garam masala, ground 120ml fresh orange juice 600g leftover Christmas pudding 500g vanilla custard (store-bought) 250g mascarpone 400ml double cream 60g icing sugar 30g honey 1 vanilla pod 50g almonds, sliced and roasted 60g dark chocolate, grated • Grate the orange zest into a large bowl. Once the zest has been removed, use a small sharp knife to remove the skin and white pith from the outside of the oranges. Slice the oranges as finely as possible. • Sprinkle the oranges with the brown sugar, cinnamon and garam masala. Stir gently to combine everything including the zest, but being careful not to break up the orange slices. Let it stand for 20 to 30 minutes to dissolve the sugar. • Place half of the orange mixture at the base of a glass bowl. Crumble the left over Christmas pudding over the orange. Top it with the remaining marinated orange mixture and orange juice. • Place the cream into a bowl of an electric mixer with the mascarpone, icing sugar, honey and vanilla pod scrapings and whisk gently until it is whipped to a stiff peak. • Pour the custard over the top of the oranges and Christmas pudding. • Pipe the cream on top of this using a piping bag or gently spread with a spoon. • Top with the flaked almonds and grated chocolate and chill in the refrigerator for two hours before serving.

December 2013


showcase SEIKO

The Goal of Perfection From Kinetic GMT for the adventurer to chronographs for sports timing, this watch offers to men and women who love sports a timepiece that meets their needs.


portura is a watch that only Seiko, with five decades of experience at the pinnacle of world sport, can create. Inspired by highperformance sport, each Sportura watch is presented in a high-grade stainless steel case, with 10 bar water resistance and a sapphire crystal, so that it is durable, practical and legible, even at high speed. Quartz, kinetic or automatic, Sportura is engineered for the new road ahead. United in perfection Seiko is the watch partner of FC Barcelona. The passion, speed and precision of their play are captured in the design of the Sportura FCB chronograph. The design details speak volumes of Seiko’s long-term leadership in chronograph technology. It demonstrates how only experience at the highest levels of sport can lead a watchmaker to manufacture

82 December 2013

a chronograph that is truly worthy of one of the best teams in football. The women’s collection combines strength and beauty in a unique manner and turns perfect timing into an aesthetic pleasure. High precision, high performance and the strength to endure are goals that Sportura shares with Darya Klishina, a rising star in women’s athletics. Darya chose this model to accompany her on her quest for sporting glory this year. Call17 225-513.

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY AWA committee members & guests

Sheryl & Becky

AWA Media Appreciation Dinner The American Women's Association (AWA) held a media appreciation dinner to thank them for their support of the association. The dinner was held at Mondo, The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa Karina, Beverley, Susan, Lisa & Leanne

Beverley, Lisa & Abdali

Beverley, Lisa, Elma & Yasmeen

Beverley & Yasmeen

Laila & Nadia

84 December 2013


The Perfect Gift Whether you plan to treat yourself this Christmas or buy a loved one something priceless, this jewellery house has an interesting offer worth a look.


iali Jewellery, a leading retailer of fine jewellery, takes wrist fashion to a new level with a stunning collection of bedazzling diamond bangles and bracelets. Available in many designs and motifs, these pieces showcase the beauty of the gemstone, leaving you spoilt for choice. Add glamour to your festive look.

Trendy and attractive, the bangles can be worn stacked or separate. Following the success of their Mirage collection, Liali has now extended the concept to these bangles that use a cluster of brilliants for a straight and graded look. The classic tennis bracelets are available in various diamond sizes to suit every budget.

They sparkle with brilliance and add a perfect touch of elegance to every woman. With the quality of diamonds that can always be trusted, pick and choose the designs that your heart loves. You can shop for this collection at Liali Jewellery in Bahrain City Centre. Call 17 178-160. December 2013



Pink Cadillac at Capital Club A Pink Cadillac Afternoon Tea in support of breast cancer awareness was held at the Skyline Lounge, Capital Club, Bahrain Financial Harbour. All proceeds from the event will go towards Think Pink Margie, Beverley, Karla, Leanne, Margaret & Liz


Rana, Dina, Andrea, Shahnaz & Marjan

Carrie, Diane, Lisa & Sheryl

Sandra, Gisele & Lia

Charlotte, Hanne & Fay

Jules & Tahera

86 December 2013



Festive Spirit One of island’s most popular malls brings back the Kingdom’s favourite winter setting with a few new surprises this year.


he Winter Wonderland village at Bahrain City Centre brings a fun and interactive experience with snow-capped trees, giant igloos and snowmen along with lots of friendly animals along the way, including polar bears and penguins. Roaming mascots will surprise visitors throughout the campaign which brings all the magical moments of winter to Bahrain from December 1-31. New elements include animated miniature trains and snow characters, coloured lights and music. Bahrain City Centre will reach out to community schools, inviting children to experience the Winter Wonderland experience and offering special souvenirs. The Central Galleria by the fountain will feature a special autumn/winter fashion display, where retailers of the mall will showcase the latest trends of the season.

Shopping promotion Throughout the campaign, Bahrain City Centre will host a special winter shopping promotion, giving away a grand prize of a new winter wardrobe worth BD15,000! Customers can double their chances to win by shopping at any fashion store in the mall during the campaign. To celebrate winter, shoppers who spend BD50 or more will receive a limited edition Winter Wonderland snow globe, so they can take a memory home with them. Watch out for the special promotion on gift cards that will take place throughout the Winter Wonderland campaign. Social media fans can get into the spirit of the season with dedicated contests for the chance to win multiple weekly prizes of BD50. Call 17 177-771. December 2013




Warm and Chic Layer-friendly fashion essentials are the building blocks of a stylish wardrobe. Find some must-have pieces that will get you through the coldest winters at this retail outlet.


othing is more important this season than a pair of well-fitting skinny jeans that acts as the foundation to your winter outfit. Lulu Hypermarket has stacked up a collection of denims. Choose them in black or dark blue so they’ll go with anything. Tuck them into a pair of boots, which are also available at this expansive retail outlet’s footwear section, and you’ll be in the clear. Ballet flats and point-toe heels are great alternatives depending on the occasion. You can’t get through winter without a cashmere sweater. The wardrobe essential goes with everything from skirts and printed trousers to leather pants and shorts. If you’re in the mood to spoil yourself, browse through the range of leather jackets. It is often misunderstood that layering up means every item should keep you warm individually. This will just have you looking like a bundle. Invest in tissue-thin long-sleeve

88 December 2013

t-shirts to wear as a base under your chunky knits. You can never have enough cardigans and vests, especially if you’re a working mother. What’s the point in planning your outfit if it is going to be hidden behind the same old white button-down? Scan through the racks for a chambray blouse or a bright coat. Denim on denim is big this season. You could experiment with a pop of colour. Choose a form-fitting sweater dress for those days when you cannot imagine pulling on another pair of pants and pair it with knee-high boots. Whether it is geometric or boasting animal motifs, a printed scarf is another essential that you cannot do without. Lulu Hypermarket’s range of check, plaid and tartan pieces is worth investing in as well. The punk trend is being revisited this year. Hunt for spikes in shoes or jackets to insert accents of the style into your outfit.

Add a jumper to skirts for after-hours fun. Daredevils could reproduce the oversized outerwear trend with coats that have exaggerated sleeves. One of spring’s stellar shades makes a comeback. The fashion section at Lulu Hypermarket has its share of pink pieces in the preferred dusty rose and berry tones. You could visit the opposite end of the spectrum and opt for a masculine look. The key to mastering this is wearing the suit with confidence. It’s all about the cuts. Browse through the formalwear section for the perfect fit. Opulence is welcome this time of the year. Replicate the Gatsby effect to be in style at the many parties you’ll be attending this month. Bling is the key to perfecting this look and we all know that Lulu Hypermarket is in no shortage of accessories. Call 17 773-355 (East Riffa), 17 646-455 (Ramli Mall), 17 655-599 (Hidd) or 17 553-555 (Dana Mall).


A ‘Blu’ Christmas Whether you’re visiting with colleagues, family or friends, this hotel looks forward to celebrating this time of the year with you.


n December 6, join The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel, Residence & Spa for an unforgettable start to the festivities. You can sing along with the skilled choir who will perform all your Christmas carol favourites. Take part in the hotel’s tradition of lighting a spectacular Christmas tree. The staff invites you to enjoy a number of group activities from 4-7pm. Spend a day of laughter, joy and games on December 6 in the hotel’s lobby. All you have to do to join the gingerbread house competition is to purchase a gingerbread house for BD8. The hotel will provide your children with complimentary goodies, icing and sweets for decoration. Christmas Day brunch at The Diplomat is very popular. Book a table with family or friends at the Al Fanar ballroom for a great Christmas treat for all ages. Soak up the festive atmosphere, savour a sensational lunch buffet and dance along with the band at BD25. To add to the exceptional value, kids under six can attend for free, while kids between six and 13 get a 50 percent discount. A special kids’ corner with balloons, a bouncing castle and face painting will be provided. New Year’s Eve Party Celebrate the way only Jay Gatsby would have in the fabulous era of Art Deco and lavish living with the hotel’s glamorous, Great Gatsby-inspired party on December 31. Travel back in time, specifically to the ‘20s, and start 2014 in style. Tickets are BD65, inclusive of the dinner buffet and selected beverages. Call 17 531-666 or 39 945-208.

Gujarati Community Navaratri Festival

A celebratory moment

The Gujarati community in Bahrain celebrated the Navaratri festival at the Indian School. The event's prizes were sponsored by Apparel Group.

Performers at the festival

Dancers at the event

December 2013


FASHION showcase


A Time to Reflect Here’s your chance to look back at the year just passed and to look forward to the one ahead.


herever we go and whatever we do, we are surrounded by sights and sounds of the season. We are constantly reminded that time passes so quickly. Of course, for girls and boys waiting for Christmas morning, the time between minutes feels like days and the hours before sunrise seem like a lifetime. For their parents, the hustle and bustle and the panic of last-minute planning are finally rewarded by the warmth of time spent with family and friends, the sharing of holiday memories and some moments of peace. In this joyous season, Omega has some ideas for the special someone in your life. No one can give back the time you’ve lost, but the luxury timepiece brand has some

90 December 2013

exquisite wristwatches that will keep track of it beautifully, not only when the presents are exchanged but for many years to come. For him The Speedmaster‘57 Omega Co-Axial Chronograph was launched 56 years ago. It has defined the classic chronograph and has been distinguished by its association with numerous missions in space, including all six lunar landings. This watch is crafted in 18K yellow gold and stainless steel and presented on a matching bracelet. With its silvery dial, it makes a bold fashion statement while retaining its pure Speedmaster DNA.

For her The eye-catching Omega Ladymatic has a bezel paved with 184 full-cut diamonds. Its dial has been imaginatively designed in 18K gold with mother of pearl marquetry and diamonds set in the shape of a flower made up of five interlocking Omega logos. The watch is presented on a white mother-of-pearl effect satin-brushed leather strap and a 18K red gold fold over clasp. The strap’s links are decorated with 154 full-cut snow-set diamonds. The stunning ring from the Ladymatic line in Omega’s Fine Jewellery Collection has been crafted from 18K red gold complemented by a sparkling row of diamonds on one of its seductive waves. The ring, which has been strongly influenced by the dramatic Omega Ladymatic wristwatches, is feminine, graceful and elegant. The diamonds set against the 18K red gold make the ring sensual, timeless and particularly charismatic. Call 17 537-753 (Moda Mall) or 17 100-135 (Bahrain City Centre).

December 2013



ILA Dandiya Raas The Indian Ladies Association (ILA), in association with LuLu Hypermarket, held its annual Dandiya Raas at the Crowne Plaza Bahrain last month. The event marked the Indian festival Navratri and included group dances, music by DJ Avi and delicious Indian cusine Sneha, Tanya, Shaun, Nasreen, Ebrahim, Karishma, Kritika, Priya, Manal, Hisham, Marjit, Vaishak & Harsha

Samira, Mahisha & Mini

Imtiaz, Fay, Fauzia, Shirine & Shantini

Akash, Sam, Roshan, Sarah, Gayathri, Abid & Shanid

Fatima & Deema

92 December 2013

Huda, Yasmeen & Hala

Stella, Elma, Sheetal & Deepa

Nivedita, Sreejata & Parul


Shop for Less

If you love designer labels but don't want to pay department store prices, then this outlet at Seef Corner Mall is for you.

Dr Mariam & Amina


he Designer Outlet promises brands by designers you love at prices you’ll adore. Formed by three partners, Pieter Drent, Russell Mack and Peter McGowan, the shop opened in August at the new Seef Corner Mall. “The name reflects what we do, which is to offer popular designer brands at outlet prices. All the goods are discounted as they arrive at the shop and we then offer further promotional discounts from 20 to 80 percent on selected items,” says Peter McGowan. The team at The Designer Outlet is always on the lookout for new opportunities. For instance, they have recently been able to acquire some Burberry and Ralph Lauren clothes from the children’s collection that are proving to be very popular. “We would like to replicate this concept in other GCC countries and are negotiating with various potential partners in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We are also considering opening a larger branch in Bahrain and possibly a children’s outlet,” he adds. They aim to be different by offering a wide variety of products — from Diesel t-shirts to Valentino dresses — at unbelievable prices. As the team buys what is available in the market, customers can expect to see a variety of manufacturer’s goods. The Designer Outlet features brands like Hunter, Toms, Bruno Magli, Diesel, Dolce & Gabanna, Versace, Fred Perry and Celine. The only reason you wouldn’t want to visit this store is if you love paying full price! Call 77 011-996.

Roya & Anfal December 2013




A Magical Christmas This five-star hotel brings impressive festive choices with sumptuous dining offerings and extraordinary live entertainment.


olours, lights and sound will fill The Gulf Hotel’s lobby on December 5 at 7pm. Come with your partner, friends and family to witness or be part of an evening of carol singing, merry making and a visit from Santa at Andalus Lounge. Al Waha embodies the festive spirit and transforms its buffet to a delectable feast on the eve of Christmas. Renowned for its warm and friendly atmosphere, Al Waha provides the perfect setting to relax, unwind and enjoy a perfect Christmas dinner at BD19. At the end of the day, the essence of Christmas is simple — family, love and food. La Vigilia di Natale is an important tradition in Italy. What really stands out in this celebration is the feeling of family and union that you see in every home. La Pergola brings this to you through its home-style dishes at

94 December 2013

BD25, inclusive of a glass of sparkling wine. Fusion restaurant’s Christmas Eve dinner will be a fine festive dinner on the island. The panoramic view is a sight to remember and the food will be simply succulent. Indulge in a festive brunch at Awal ballroom that has it all — a ballroom filled with cheer, a jolly Santa Claus, a Christmas movie, games for the young ones and wonderful food — all at BD25. Book before December 18 and enjoy a special 10 percent discount. New Year’s Eve Welcome the New Year in any of the hotel’s eight venues. Sherlock Holmes is throwing a party and you’ll have a blast as you say goodbye to the last second of 2013. Entry is priced at BD9, inclusive of a selected drink. If you prefer Arabic tunes, Zahle is the right

place for you. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with the Lebanese band and belly dancer while you enjoy and satisfy your taste buds with top-ofthe-line authentic Lebanese dishes. Invite your loved one to a romantic candle light dinner. Whether you choose Fusions or La Pergola, you can enjoy the set menu with a glass of bubbly and a bottle of wine for two. Take me home Place your Christmas feast orders at Al Waha restaurant. Pick it up on the day and enjoy it in the comfort of your own dining room. Your family and guests will love everything from the Christmas turkey to the roasts and all the yummy side dishes. The best thing is that your kitchen will remain sparkly! Call 17 746-425 or 17 746-426.


Life Companion In 1884, the Swiss pioneer Karl Elsener founded a cutler’s workshop. A short time later, he paved the way for an unparalleled company history by developing the now legendary original Swiss Army Knife.


n addition to pocket, household and professional knives, today the independent family company Victorinox also produces and sells timepieces, travel gear, fashion and fragrances all over the world. Each product is an expression of Swiss quality and the country’s pioneering spirit. Victorinox knives have become the standard in multi-tools and pocket knives. Today, there are many models, from those intended to be used by professional tradesmen to knives providing a convenient collection of everyday tools. Keeping up with the times, many Victorinox knives include USB drives for users to store and transfer their files, ranging from 128MB to 1GB. The S Beat digital media player not only offers up to 1GB of storage, but can be used to play MP3 and WMA files, as well as FM radio stations, by connecting headphones to the knife! The specialised knives can let professionals do their work without carrying unnecessary tools. For example, computer repair specialists will find that the Cybertool has the screwdrivers and bits that they will most often use. Electricians will find that some of the knives include wire strippers and an electrician’s blade with wire scraper. Whether you cook for yourself and your family or are a professional chef, Victorinox’s cutlery selection offers a wide selection of knives. You can purchase entire block sets, chef sets and steak sets. Call 17 582-250.

Maki Resturant Cooking Class Maki Resturant, at the World Trade Centre held a cooking class for the DIVA women's group at the restaurant last month. The class was led by Executive Chef Louis Kenji Huanng Amer Zeitoun & Louis Kenji Huanng with the DIVA women's group

Elizabeth Smuths, Louis Kenji Huanng & Amer Zeitoun

December 2013


showcase INGLOT

Time to Shine

Give your beauty needs top priority this month. Pamper yourself with new products. Who doesn’t love a packed cosmetics cabinet?

Talk to the hand Colour your world with trendy hues and drive attention to your nails. Use your choice of enamel as an additional tool to complement your look. Inglot offers an array of shades. To pick the one that suits you best, place it next to your skin or outfit to have an idea of the effect it can create. If you want to add extra shine to your fingertips, the Sparkles Bar at Inglot is the perfect tool to enhance your nail art skills.

A soft touch Your face suffers every day with pollution, sand and make-up. The least you can do is to offer your complexion a daily treatment before going to bed. An easy method is to apply a toner to clean up and treat your skin. Inglot’s Multi-Action Toner comes in three versions. The first is intended for dry skin with rich moisturising and regenerating actions. The second is best applied on normal skin. Black pearl extracts provide natural rejuvenation and balances the skin tone. Those with combination to oily skin, opt for the one that provides anti-inflammatory treatment. This toner diffuses reddening of the oily skin and absorbs sebum thanks to mattefying ingredients. Call 16 686-200 (Bahrain City Centre) or 16 686-222 (Seef Mall).

96 December 2013

SOCIAL BUTTERFLY Anthony with guests at the event

Dena, Meher & Hannane

Land Rover Think Pink Event Land Rover Bahrain hosted a Think Pink event at the Land Rover Showroom. The event included a presentation on breast cancer awareness by Julie Sprakel, and a Land Rover race at the Bahrain International Circuit followed by a lunch at the Royal Golf Club Meher & Marise

Orlando & Tanveer

Hussain & Ahmed

Fatima & Noora

Julie Sprakel



Sara & Manal

Ameena & Tina

Hanne & Anna

Anthony December 2013


FASHION showcase


Built to Last With consumers continuously looking for creative new products that serve a multitude of purposes, this new line-up of smart and big-size home appliances will allow people to enjoy the latest in design and innovative technology.


ith the latest designs and smart features, the performance of the new line of home appliances from LG Electronics promises to deliver results as big as its size. The 2013 new biggest size home appliances includes the Discovery II, and Rocky. “LG has enforced its commitment to innovation by taking a comprehensive approach towards the needs of our regional consumers. This is further reflected by our strong and dedicated research and development behind every product and

98 December 2013

appliance to enhance the overall quality of consumers’ lives and the environment through cutting-edge technology,” says DY Kim, president LG Gulf. The new machines take into consideration that no wash is the same, giving consumers a variety of cleaning options, from steam wash to jet spray, and ensuring an optimal clean for every load. LG integrates the ‘direct drive motor’ to detect how much laundry is loaded, and then selects the optimum washing time, rinsing

times and water consumption based on this information. The added 10-year warranty on the motor system helps save both time and money. “We have once again affirmed our strong commitment to the region through introducing our new product line-up that meets consumer needs while still being state-of-the art and offering competitive prices. Our appliances are designed with consumers in mind, augmenting their lives to enhance their comfort,” explains Sanjeev

Discovery II LG’s front-loading washing machines consist of a large LED display and a capacity of 17/9kg. They feature steam combo, smart diagnosis and large laundry washer. Due to its design and unique to LG, ‘six-motion direct drive’ is able to perform various drum motions or a combination of different motions, depending on the wash programme selected. Combined with a controlled spin speed and the ability of the drum to rotate both left and right, the wash performance of the machine is greatly improved, giving you sparkling results every time. The built-in allergy care feature ensures that allergen debris, such as mites, pollen and dust, are removed, making washing more hygienic and friendly to allergy sufferers.

Rocky Washer LG’s Rocky Washer is equipped with 18kg capacity, dual direct drive motor, six-motion technology and smart diagnosis. It combines the ease of machine washing with the care of hand washing. This technology is not only smart, but green as well. The direct drive uses less moving parts and therefore less electricity. LG’s high intelligence washing machines weigh your laundry, automatically selecting the optimum washing time and rinsing time, lowering energy and water consumption whilst saving on your pocket as well as on water. The motor is now so quiet that you could run it in the middle of the night without disturbing your sleep.

LG is associated with AJM Kooheji Group in Bahrain. All products are available at the LG showrooms, leading hypermarkets, power retailers and dealer stores. Call 17 404-590 (Sehla), 17 670-434 (Arad), 17 223-570 (Manama) or 17 322-771 (Muharraq).

December 2013


showcase BMW

At the Pinnacle

Offering more space, comfort, power and functionality, this new car is poised to deliver even more driving pleasure to discerning customers in the Kingdom.


uro Motors, the official BMW Group importer in Bahrain, has welcomed the allnew BMW X5, a pioneer of the sports activity vehicle segment and global market leader in its class. Fitted with the sporty M body kit, the all-new BMW X5 debuted in the Grand Galleria at the Bahrain City Centre last month. Established back in 1999, the first generation BMW X5 was the first vehicle of its kind to combine superior dynamics on-road with impressive off-road characteristics thanks to BMW xDrive intelligent all-wheel drive system. Since its inception, this model has been the absolute market leader in the sports activity vehicle segment, and one of BMW’s best-selling model series, accounting for almost a third of all BMW models sold globally. This third generation BMW X5 will once again set new standards with its evolutionary design features, spacious interior and increased driving comfort. In addition, for

100 December 2013

the first time, the X5 will be available with a choice of new suspension packages. These include the adaptive suspension comfort, dynamic, professional and adaptive M suspension, all of which provides further enhanced ride comfort. Sportier and expressive The design of the new BMW X5 combines the X hallmark characteristics with the power, presence and the ‘sportiness’ of classic models. It has an even more expressive front-end look with twin circular headlights extending into the new broad-set kidney grille, an elegantly stretched silhouette, new distinctive rear and a new sparkling brown colour option. The eye-catching curved air-breather over the athletically moulded wheel arches, horizontal lines and taut surfaces optimise the models aerodynamic properties. From the rear, new aeroblades can be seen along with

a newly shaped rectangular exhaust pipe and accentuated lights for a more distinctive look. Personalised luxury Inside the redesigned exterior of the new BMW X5 is a more luxurious interior environment with a selection of high quality leather and trims available, atmospheric lighting options and increased spaciousness. Due to the model’s 3.2cm extended wheelbase, the cockpit now plays host to a newly raised seating position and striking horizontal lines, which extend into the door trim and noticeably enhance the interior. When it comes to storage, the boot can now hold 650-1,870 litres, a noticeable increase on its predecessor’s capacity. In addition, an optional third row of seats will turn the new BMW X5 into a seven-seater. The outer seats in the second row can be tilted far towards the front, making it easy to access the two additional seats. Call 17 750-750.



Gazing by RAPHAEL

Find out what December has in store for you… move. Towards the end of December you may take a short break. You might pick up a bargain around the 28th if you move quickly.

Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20

Illustration by LIM Designs

A relative who is feeling the financial pinch might be in need of a little assistance. Don’t wait to be asked. A gift given out of unrequited love could cause a dispute around the end of the month. Overall, December is going to be a watershed month in many ways.

Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21

Love is still the primary topic for you. Events will move even faster than they did before. A few of you may even need to take a step back; try and catch your breath. You are advised not to go looking for problems. Instead, simply sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s still early days. Make the most of what you have discovered.

Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20

There is a face in the crowd that has an interested eye on certain Capricorns. It could point towards relationships and a major change in how your love life may develop in December. You should seek to eradicate hesitation and insecurities if you want to stand any hope of success in the future.

Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19

Beware of the advances of an admirer seeking to attain more than just friendship. This person is still waiting in the shadows and may simply be biding their time before the decisive

Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20

This month injects a note of inspiration into your life and draws the more creative side of your personality to the fore. Grasp this period of potential productivity because you can turn it to your advantage in the work place. December will see you set a challenging task that may call for you to exercise your skills to the maximum.

Taurus Apr 21 - May 21

There is a good chance that a struggling relationship will finally buckle under the strain. Although this event will be painful to come to terms with, the loss will give way to a renewed sense of determination to set your life back on track. If you have been contemplating greener pastures, then an unexpected opportunity could come your way.

Gemini May 22 - Jun 21

Waiting on a raise or possible cash bonus from shares may lead you to consider a major purchase this month. However, be sure to have the money in your hand before you step out to buy your dream item. Any hasty decision could leave you short and alarmed when a bill arrives and you have no funds to meet it with. Restraint is the order of the day.

Cancer Jun 22 - Jul 23

Life in the fast lane is hard going and for some of you usually introverted Cancerians,

December may see you running out of steam and needing a short rest to recuperate. Don’t start committing yourselves too quickly to too many things. Take a few days off and take it easy. A little sunshine and a lot of pampering is just the ticket!

Leo Jul 24 - Aug 23

Sacrifice is a big feature this month. However, it does not come from you. A partner whose generous spirit opens the way for you to take advantage of a situation you would have otherwise never been able to consider. Don’t forget quickly what has been done for you here as not many would do the same in similar circumstances.

Virgo Aug 24 - Sept 23

Relationships are at the top of your agenda in December as you try to juggle two discontented individuals’ needs. Perhaps the answer is to stop trying to please everyone and instead forcing those concerned to put up or shut up. Finances might explain why there is so much friction flying about you.

Libra Sept 24 - Oct 23

A destructive force enters your life in the shape of a disgruntled relative, who appears to have decided you are to blame for a longrunning feud in the family. Try not to rise to their bait but instead put the record straight as soon as possible. Curb the cutting tongue rather than encourage it or you may end up the victim of this unruly person’s intentions.

Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22

December sees you stretched as you battle to meet your commitments and start to regret one or two impetuous buys from earlier in the month. Now is the time to tighten those purse strings and resist temptations that may appear before you in the next few weeks. Romantically, you could be at a loose end as you try to pick up the pieces of your life. December 2013


listings Bahrain Taxi/Limo Services Bahrain Limo 17 266-999 London Taxi 17 461-746 Saudi Bahrain Transport 17 321-218 Speedy Motors Service 17 682-999 Hospitals, Clinics and Pharmacies Al-Kindi Specialised Hospital 17 240-444 American Mission Hospital 17 253-447 Bahrain Defence Force 17 766-666 Bahrain Specialist Hospital 17 812-000 Ceram Dental Clinic 17 131-123 Dr Enas Surgical Clinic 17 812-195 Dr Tariq Hospital 17 822-822 East Riffa Maternity Hospital 17 771-258 Geriatric Unit 17 320-969 German Skincare Clinic 17 722-696 Gulf Pharmacy 17 877-107 Haffadh Dental Hospital 17 311-180 International Hospital 17 598-222 Jidhafs Maternity Hospital 17 550-022 Marafie Clinic 17 585-373 Muharraq Maternity Hospital 17 322-911 Noor Specialist Hospital 17 260-026 Psychiatric Hospital 17 279-300 Royal Bahrain Hospital 17 246-800 Salmaniya Medical Complex 17 288-888 Sitra Maternity Hospital 17 730-758 Therapy Centre 17 592-401 Western Region Maternity 17 631-627 Beauty Centres and Spas Al Arrayed Centre 17 272-323 Ann Beauty Center Spa 17 623-704 Bahrain Wellness Resort 17 795-961 Bellacura Beauty Lounge 17 364-955 Beauty & Nails Salon 17 717-323 Bliss Spa 17 742-222 Bodyline Spa 17 793-932 Coral Beach Club 17 312-777 Celebrity Salon 17 232-944 D.Done Salon 17 794-441 Dessange Spa 17 713-999 Elie & Jean 17 580-885 Joz Salon and Spa 17 369-133 La Fontaine Spa 17 230-123 Lovely Lolita 17 540-101 Nice Nails 17 795-101 Perfect Nails 17 484-333 Pineapple Spa 17 712-000 Regency Therapy 17 208-355 Ritz-Carlton 17 586-808 Sparadise Spa & Salon 17 313-131 Sheraton Hotel Spa 17 533-533 Tip Toes 17 744-175 Zoya Beauty Centre 17 740-800 Health and Fitness Centres Al Areen Palace & Spa 17 845-000 Coral Beach Club 17 312-777 Curves 17 691-496 Dessange Health Club 17 713-999 Ez Fit Sportsplex 17 692-378 Equilibre 77 066-033 Fitness First 17 564-005 Futureshape Fitness 36 657-059 Hoi Jeon Moo Sool 17 594-173 Kangoo Jumps 39 411-407 La Figure Aesthetic Center 17 785-153 Le Mirage Health Club 17 531-666

102 December 2013

Life-Fit Mövenpick Health Club Pars Health Club Profile Fitness Centre Regency Health Club RJ’s Health Club Sheraton Fitness Sofitel Thalassa Sea and Spa Sporting Club, Ritz-Carlton The Pole Workout World Beat Fitness Center Women’s Organisations American Women’s Association Australasian Group Awali Ladies Association Business Women’s Society Hamad Town Association Indian Ladies Association International Ladies Group Madinat Hamad Society Pakistani Women’s Association Young Ladies Society Jewellery Al Zain Jewellery Ambassador Stores Asia Jewellery Bahrain Jewellery Centre Bansri Jewellery Bulgari Chopard De Beers Dalil Jewellery Damas Jewellery Devji Jewellery Dior Boutique Kooheji Jewellery Liali Jewellery Swarovski Yaquby Stores Cafes and Resturants A Piece of Cake Dar Al Bareh Café Al Bindaira Café Aroma Café Café La Ventana Café Lilou Café Vergnano Camille’s Sidewalk Café Caramel Casa Blu Cinnabon Costa Coffee (Adliya) Delifrance (Budaiya) Dolce Vita Restaurant Don Vito Dulce Café Hard Rock Cafe Jasmi's Coffee La Maison du café Le Chocolat Let's Bagel Lilou Pâtisserie Little Caesar’s Friends Café Maggie’s Café Maya La Chocolaterie Med Café

33 001-261 17 460-000 17 814-777 17 727-766 17 208-355 17 727-230 17 533-533 17 636-363 17 580-000 39 259-552 17 612-576 17 685-882 39 101-348 17 678-947 17 721-188 39 449-222 17 531-468 17 825-865 39 643-396 17 791-453 17 262-237 17 582-232 17 225-513 17 535-344 17 582-444 17 229-457 17 582-559 17 520-088 13 320-568 17 259-744 17 583-283 17 224-170 17 534-160 17 530-411 17 178-160 17 581-021 17 171-800 17 596-055 17 713-535 17 587-587 17 582-711 17 716-711 17 714-440 17 178-408 17 533-808 17 797-087 17 710-424 17 530-010 17 749-299 17 696-031 17 713-401 17 714-464 17 822-274 17 291-569 17 321-371 17 277-722 17 530-666 17 179-192 17 715-370 17 744-144 17 713-732 17 712-228 17 179-610 17 713-088

Motorox Café 17 592-583 Nespresso 17 723-172 Skyw@lk Café 17 363-999 The Noodle House 17 666-353 Tony Roma's 77 335-000 Fashion and Retail Al Aali Mall 17 007-270 Accessorize 17 581-588 ABS 17 583-140 Agent Provocateur 17 131-220 Aldo Accessories 17 179-247 BCBG Max Azria 17 587-875 17 178-670 Bebe 17 245-736 Brands for Less Camaieu 17 179-767 Celine 17 179-560 39 521-952 DC Love Brands Dior 17 534-160 Gap 17 178-607 Giordano 17 179-292 H&M 17 179-885 Karen Millen 17 583-335 Mango 17 582-864 Max Mara 17 530-815 Michael Kors 17 178-630 Next 17 179-820 Nine West 16 686-207 Optica 17 516-810 Promod 17 178-630 Pumpkin Patch 17 179-621 Punt Roma 17 172-307 Reiss 17 179-386 Salvatore Ferragamo 17 178-535 Top Shop 17 179-486 Motoring Almoayyed Motors 17 737-373 Behbehani 17 701-333 EK Kanoo 17 787-888 Euromotors 17 750-750 Supermarkets Alosra 17 739-444 Lulu 17 553-555 Home Details 17 593-616 Roche Bois 17 582-901 Appliances Mohammad Fakhroo 17 253-529 Yaquby Stores 17 582-250 Banks BMI 17 508-080 HSBC 17 569-999 Event Planning Leaves 17 599-055 Hotels Gulf Hotel 17 713-000 The K Hotel 17 360-000 The Diplomat Radisson Blu 17 531-666 Kids Studio Ceramics 17 599-026 Aminals 16 030-103

If you want to be included in these listings, please email

he says

Gift Giving Minefield by JAMES CLAIRE


If there is one time of the year I wish I could simply wake up and evade, it has to be Christmas. Life was once very simple. I was single then.

or 25 years, I never had to worry about gift giving — what to buy, what not to buy, what gifts meant — or listen to hints for months! But now I’m married. And with the onset of Christmas, I am petrified of what to buy. I have heard from many male friends on the subject of buying the wrong gift at Christmas. The fake surprise, the smile with her eyes closed, the silence upon unwrapping, the tears, the slamming of doors and the quiet months of 2014 that could all hinge on what appears as she rips paper and tape on Christmas morning. It’s enough to make me hyperventilate! Why do we do this to ourselves? More over, why do women do this to us? Where is the love and understanding? I’m busy. I work two jobs. But heaven forgive me if that gift is not what she has hinted at all year, if the paper is not expensive enough and if the thought behind the package does not seem to be deep enough?

I may hate shopping but I hate one thing more — long queues on December 26th at the returns counter! Let’s not forget the embarrassment, the stares of angry women, summing me up as that uncaring low life who bought his wife a blouse in shocking purple. Worse is the men who stand beside their wives at the return counters, the balding sombre heads gazing at the floor, embarrassed, guilt ridden, wishing they could be anywhere else. Forget clothes! They are filled with problems from size to colour. Stuffed toys can wait for when we have children. Flowers are sweet but thoughtless and giving her chocolate can swing both ways. Too much and she’ll complain of weight gain, wrong brand and I’ll end up eating them myself. I refuse to buy bags or jewellery. I am not taking a mortgage for Christmas. Just because she liked something last year does not mean it’s in style this year. So what’s left? My only

real choice is, of course, a gift certificate so that she could choose for herself. If I mention that out loud I’m seen as uncaring, but there is common sense in my thoughts. Shopping is a woman’s thing. You enjoy sifting through endless racks of clothes, the theatre of the crowds, the noise, the danger of being run over by trolleys, the endless lines and ultimately the ecstasy of the purchase. Men just don’t — at least I don’t! It’s not that I haven’t listened or learnt during our time together. In fact, I did listen, I do care and I have learnt all that I need. And a gift certificate gratifies us both. I’m sure Christmas was never meant to be this hard — riddled with guilt, angst and fear. The single life was so much easier when all I had to worry about at Christmas were the words of Bart Simpson: “We’re forgetting the true meaning of Christmas! You know, the birth of Santa!” Merry Christmas to you all! December 2013


she says

Are You Independent? by Behnaz Sanjana

Ask yourself today if you are truly free from the shackles of your own mind.


he day I failed a driving test, I gave in to my paranoia about speeding cars on gigantic highways; thus started my frustrating tryst with scarce transport options in Bahrain. But walking into the cruelty of one scorching August afternoon, I’d had enough. It was high time I took the bull by the horns (or should I say the car by the wheel). After my fair share of tribulation in the driver’s seat, I added a shiny new driving licence to my wallet’s copious collection of various gaming zone cards. This self-reliance gave me a breath of fresh air. No endless waits for trips to and from the school, salon or supermarket. Hurray!

104 December 2013

Society regards women who earn their own money as independent. True, she who buys herself diamonds is queen of her castle. At least that’s what Beyoncé seemed to croon about in her song Independent Women. But what about the one who consciously gives up her career to care for her young? It’s not always about the money, honey. Independence has different connotations. Independence is an attitude. It is in your belief and in your gait. It is in measuring your own self-worth, when you don’t need to be constantly reassured that you are pretty, smart and important. A woman living life on her own terms, making the best of what she’s got, accepting the outcomes of

the well-informed choices that she makes is truly independent. Not bound by her own or others’ inhibitions, she is brave enough to forge her own path and take responsibility for her own actions. Independence is also in knowledge. Keeping abreast of social, economic and political issues empowers you to hold your own opinion, not influenced by your peers or the know-all around you. Your unique experiences, good and otherwise, let you have your own take on life. Yes, I still say a little prayer as I turn on the ignition and grind my molars whilst changing lanes amidst whizzing cars, but I’ve made it alive thus far. I’m independent.

Creamy Greek yogurt topped with delicious summer berries

“That dreaded Christmas food shop...” Most people, December 22nd

“It’s okay. We’ve got you covered!” Alosra, every year

You can rest assured that shopping with us this Christmas will be a true pleasure. With carefully selected products from all corners of the globe, all under one roof; you can say we’ve got you covered.

Premium every day. Merry Christmas!

Woman This Month - December 2013  

December 2013 | issue 130 - WOMAN THIS MONTH - Celebrating the experience of womanhood

Woman This Month - December 2013  

December 2013 | issue 130 - WOMAN THIS MONTH - Celebrating the experience of womanhood