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08 La’aleh Al-Aali: Contributing to the nation 10 Nabeela Al Qaseer: Moving up

Fashion 14 Feature: Hottest trends of Spring/Summer 2013 34 Theme: Accessories of the season

Beauty 42 News: The latest products in stores 44 Fragrances: Trace her scent 46 Tips: Runway make-up highlights

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51 Feature: Bridal must-haves and more 61 Online: The best wedding blog 64 20 Tips: How to look your best 66 10 Tips: Guests’ dos and don’ts 76 Travel: Surprising honeymoon ideas



82 Feature: Finding a balance 85 Column: Tackling a sensitive issue

Parenting 88 Feature: Time to play 90 Column: Kids and food allergies

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April 2013 | Issue 122 | BD1 / SR10


April 2013, issue 122 This stunning wedding gown comes from LaZaro

SS13 Hot Trends Fashion Master Class

Wedding Guide All You Need To Know

Beauty Tips Summer Stunners

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| April 2013

More Than Play Creative Instincts

Sizes range from 38 up to 54

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Welcome Matrimonial


G U E S T E D I T O R ' s l etter


very bride-to-be ought to have her own look book of great ideas to get going. Designers use inspiration boards to conceptualise new lines and products; brides can do the same by gathering visuals they love. With the wedding season in full swing, offers the jumpstart you need. From tips on how to look your best on the big day to pointers on wedding etiquette for guests, we’ve covered it all. Be inspired by our bridal gown gallery; pick a style that expresses who you are. We’ve also put together a selection of best buys, be it jewellery or cosmetics. For those of you who are tired of seeing staged shots that you can barely relate to, Tasneem AlSultan gives us a sneak peek at real weddings. You can also find all the contacts you may need for the perfect nuptial ceremony in our Pink Pages. Our travel section suggests three unusual honeymoon destinations for those who’d like to step outside the box. If these aren’t enough, have a look at our favourite wedding blog for more inspiration. Your wedding might be the greatest day of your life, but that doesn’t mean it should be the last time you feel like a princess. La’aleh Al-Aali and Nabeela Al Qaseer encourage women everywhere to take control of their lives, especially after marriage. To be a woman of power, you need to look the part. What better way is there to show that you’re on top of things than to nail the trends of the season from head to toe? Our fashion and beauty editor, Fernanda Langhammer, has rounded up the hottest trends from the Spring/Summer 2013 collections. With advice on how to get the look and featuring a range of statement pieces, she has put together a fashion feature that will both inspire and get you talking. In our parenting section we explain that there is much more to playing; it allows your child to fully explore themselves and to be creative. Finding the right balance between body and mind is the subject of our wellbeing feature. Plus, look for the QR code to download your very own copy of our exclusive Wedding Workbook.

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Write Here Write Now



and Change

The role of parenting styles Majority of theorists agree that early childhood experiences play a role in shaping career behaviour. It follows that parent-child relationships influence personality orientations and the development of psychological needs. Vocational interests and choices are some of the ways in which individuals try to satisfy those needs. The links between parenting styles and children achieving these needs are difficult to pinpoint but research evidence is emerging. Parenting styles are broad patterns of child rearing practices, values and behaviours. The authoritative style balances clear, high expectations with emotional support and recognition of children’s autonomy. Studies have associated this style with self-confidence, persistence, social competence, academic success and psychosocial development. Authoritative parents provide a warm family climate, set standards and promote independence, which result in more active career exploration on the part of children. Although authoritarian parenting is associated with school success, demands to conform and fulfil parents’ expectations regarding education and careers can cause a poor fit between the individual and the chosen

Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy

Many people now move sideways in a company whilst continually developing skills and knowledge to stay employable. In this respect, what conscious and subconscious influences do you make as a parent in relation to your child’s career choice and development?

Parenting Styles The four types of parenting styles are: • indulgent: more responsive than demanding; • authoritarian: highly demanding and directive but not responsive; • authoritative: both demanding and responsive; • uninvolved: low in responsiveness and demandingness. 48

| March 2013

Change is here


career. Children with uninvolved parents sometimes struggle because they do not pursue interests that involve places and persons outside the family as easily. This makes it more difficult for children to develop self-knowledge and differentiate their own career goals from their parents’ goals. Family functioning and career development A more holistic way to look at this topic is to discuss the roles of the family. Overall family functioning, a broader notion that includes parenting style, includes such factors as support and guidance, positive or negative environmental influences and family members’ interaction styles. Family functioning has a greater influence on career development than either family structure (size, birth order, number of parents) or parents’ educational and occupational status. Parental support and guidance can include specific career/educational suggestions or choices, as well as experiences that support career development. These can be family holidays, provision of resources such as musical instruments and books as well as modelling of paid and unpaid work roles. On the other hand, lack of guidance and encouragement can lead to the inability to develop and pursue a specific career focus

Career Development The evidence shows that, to support career development, families should be: • well-organised • cohesive • expressive • transparent • trustworthy • able to seek ways to develop positively • sociable • democratic decision makers • positive towards individual development • emotional


This month’s star letter will win a dinner voucher for two from Sheraton Hotel Bahrain. To dine at the exquisite Soie Restaurant, send us your views and opinions on our April 2013 edition either by email to editor@womanthismonth. com, by fax to 17 813-700 or by post to PO Box 20461. 6

| April 2013

I believe a lot of readers out there (including me) have asked this question to themselves at some moment. We have come to that I same situation and same feeling that you feel so bored, unsatisfied and confused that we don’t know where we are heading.


By Ha


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“What is the poin day just t to life brin if waking I consider gs about the same rout up every ed my then I’ll ine?” be aski mother’s age ng the of 72. I Old eno guess ugh I thou same. by really had ght, for me some clar In my late thinking, “Wh ity. She thirt be, I find ies, sing at am I doin g here le myself ?” directio standing and confuse d n lies a at town calle a crossroa as can other the d. Disconte villages of Sen d Old age and In one ility and in the ntment, where Are we my here to perhaps? find som parents resi de. nirvana Maybe it’s hap ething — perf ? Or is ection, this, wha piness, bliss really it? and even t we are already And then living, And sudd I took a fligh t, for vaca enly I was the wro tion surprise ng side d by life reasons. of Most of itself. At the trivi 30, not many thin experien alities in life have gs do that ced man . y times Of thin been gs that over. ann ranking is boardin oy me, one of the else in g an airc high my because assigned seat raft to find som est ing. I boo I want eone a wind So my k a wind ow. trip to ow the Far 8K was East star alre ted bad A show ady occupie ly whe d n neither of both boardin by another pers of us was g pass on. es seat to at faul the t. I relin proved that quished Seating lady already occupyi my sorted, myself ng it. all happ whe y, I proc eeded the seco n lady in my to com seat bega nd thing fort n to talk. that Of all my This is flown milereally ticks me done is off. s, one to even duri talk to the pers thing I have never ng wha on seat We are t seem ed besi ed like merely de me certain seated chance doo besi , not cho ice. Mas de each othe m. At first r by I sive diffe strange tried not to liste renc e! ly amused I found myself n, but eventual and laug intri ly The fligh hing alon gued, interest and t took six g with ed, talked her life hours. for five. story. I slept for one On my ; we bucket feat of list, I had holding a convers among my entr strange r about ies the ation with nothing has now a tota in been che l particula 8K is no cked. r. That box acquain longer a stra nger, tanc Well som e. What is the but a wonderf ul etimes, point to never stop and all know smell the this? screamin when your rose life g now answ halt, and unlik will come to s. You a e er her question my mother, I Vincent can and dare Van Gogh stat . ed, if Sometim one really wan “One must wor es ts k to live. we may had mine ” nee amazing on the aircraft. d a reminder. I just things and ama The world is shut your full of zing peo self off you’re missing you just neve ple and if you r know out on. struck what I’m up I’ve bee conversations only sorry I haven’t n on. From on ever y other now on flight I’ll cha t like a parrot. www

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and can also take the form of disagreement, like when a parent pressures a child towards a particular career and may withdraw financial and emotional support for a career path they disagree with. For example, your child wants to study art and you want them to be a doctor. Family functioning also includes reactions to stressful circumstances by a child. For instance, making hasty, unreflective career choices in an attempt to flee or survive the family environment. On the other hand, life events can encourage learning that can shape a career direction. So, both significant others and critical incidents are all important in career decision making.

March 2013 |


Having a teen is no easy job. As clichéd as it sounds, there’s nothing that can prepare you for it. All we can do as parents are share our experiences, learn from our mistakes and hope for the best. I’m a frequent reader of WTM and I find the parenting features very helpful and often eye-opening. I had never really considered my parenting style to affect my child’s career choice. Dr Clare BeckettMcInroy has encouraged me to take a look at myself before I expect my boy to make a life-altering decision. It’s never too late to fix things or at least try to. I’ve been trying to better myself. It is unfair to expect my child to succeed in life when I don’t believe I’m doing the best that I can. The first step is to do something I’m passionate about instead of whining about my job on a daily basis. I want him to understand that growing up might be difficult, but that it comes with its own share of joys. And as my steps towards a line of business that I thoroughly enjoy might be difficult, I’m happy to be struggling for something I love. Progress might come with time, but he is so proud of me and that’s what matters. Khulood, by email.



What’s the point?


s the world of work is changing, short term contracts are becoming more common. Changing careers a number of times have to be considered. Flexibility, communication skills, interpersonal skills and professionalism are all important too. There are strong links between career development and such factors as socioeconomic status, parents’ educational attainment and cultural background. However, there is a growing body of research related to the effects of family relationships and career success where close relationships provide experiences of security that promote exploration and risk taking. Early experiences are a basis for developing career self-efficacy and interests, as well as career goals and choices throughout life. So, how can your parenting styles, family functioning and interaction influence career development?

Career Choice




an actu

ally had

| Marc

h 2013

r day afte d me a que r I got me stum stion that I off the had no phone ped. from our answer for and biweekly for the first time in decade


.womanthi www.wom anthi

We need change, if we don’t want things to stay as they are. If you are an outgoing person, try to have fun at home. Learn to cook a new dish. Bake a cake with your family. Watch a movie with your friends. If you are an introvert, try breaking out of your shell. Join a social organisation. Learn a new sport. Attend yoga classes. Living is a choice. As Coco Chanel said, “The best things in life are free; the second best are expensive.” Mary, by fax. People

Tapping the Inner Genius People It does not matter what influences we have been subjected to. It’s our unique approach

to life and its challenges that really defines who we are.


reativity is a quality that we most often associate with the arts and artistic endeavours rather than anything else. It is only in recent times that creativity has been acknowledged in the sphere of business. Yet, most entrepreneurs will vouch for the fact that it was the thrill of creating something new and the joy of achieving it which keeps them going. We spoke to three young businesswomen in Bahrain to examine how they apply creativity in driving their business forward. Manar Al Rayes

Weam Zabar

Fresh Perspective Manar Al Rayes believes in examining everything that’s happening in her field of interest before she can develop her own perspective of things. The 24-year-old brand manager of fashion accessories at Sharif Group handles such brands as Armani, Misaki, Crislu, Rochas, Pierre Cardin and Espirit on her own. Her brief involves travelling to international exhibitions where she orders jewellery, followed by stocking, pricing as well as marketing the collections for four A La Mode showrooms across the entire country. While there is no dearth of advice from the women in the family, especially her mother, Manar is always eager for client feedback and forever trying to learn about the changing tastes. She has now learnt to trust her “gut feeling” developed over the last two years, in bringing specific designs to Bahrain. Manar is now readying for the launch of the Cavalli line of jewellery on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. She’s trained her eyes on her newly opened store at Enma Mall in Riffa, where the top end accessory lines have been flying off the shelves. An enthusiastic ambassador of her brands, she habitually sports pieces from her latest collection, something that never fails to catch the eye of friends and acquaintances. Taking her brand promotions viral, Manar has an Instagram page, where she routinely uploads the latest jewellery lines. This business and finance graduate from the University of Bangor, Wales, is happy to divide her time between her twin passions — handling delicate jewellery by day and hard core martial arts by evening. “Through the practice of Taekwondo, I’ve developed a lot of confidence and discipline, essential attributes in my line of work. Of course, it is a great stress buster and helps me release all the negative energy,” says this petite black belt holder from Albanna Taekwondo Center. Manar uses platforms such as Jewellery Arabia for direct interaction with her clients and suppliers.

February 2013 |


Zainab Al Alawi

Invoking a Higher Self Her high stress corporate job was leaving her drained, when a healing course with a reiki master suddenly opened up Weam Zabar’s horizons. As she started reiki healing for others, she discovered a world where she could relax while being on a daily job. Weam launched Namaste Bahrain, which she A holistic self-confessed day dreamer, Zainab Al calls her ‘one-stop shop for healing and Alawi practises the art of tapping into a rich self discovery’ in April 2011. “There are plenty of places offering physical mental imagery when she’s looking for ideas. relaxation in Bahrain. WithThe Namaste, the idea 23-year-old fashion buyer and brand was to create a sanctuary,manager a hideaway that one of the multi-brand boutique. can leave feeling more centred and connected Sacoche, derives her inspiration from music, with oneself,” she says. art and travel. Catering to the body as well as managing the mind, the Also the Italian fashion label centre offers a wide arrayBalenciaga, of services with Zainab has a job that most girls classes and workshops in her yoga, reiki, art envy. She keeps up with the age would therapy, reflexology, pilates, hypnotherapy and and upcoming latest fashion trends gastric mind band therapy.designers by constantly travelling to fashion Weam is bubbling with ideas for in activities shows Milan, Paris and London. every month, devising a mix of workshops and “We showcase a hand-picked selection of retreats that appeal to various age groups. creations from the leading designers, She’s flying in a yoga teacher fromdirectly India forfrom a the runways of the sourced workshop, while a meditation retreat slatedoffor fashin capitals the world,” she says. February in Sri Lanka has already sold out. Back been in Bahrain, she visualises the display For Weam, meditation has her key to advises clients on style at been her stores and creativity, the door between and andher theinner latest trends. Two years into the job, outer worlds. her initial euphoria has now subsided and “All the great artists, writers and sculptors her perspective tinged with experience. would attest that creativity flows not when “I realise that I they cannot bring in whatever I are thinking from their lower buttofrom like.mind, I need take into account the their higher self,” she says. multicultural base of Bahrain, as well as the “As an entrepreneur, I learnt that tastes I needed topreferences,” she adds. regional and change my orientation and mental habits However, thebefore buying pattern has definitely I could change the world around me.since The outer changed she joined the company. world is a reflection of the While inner one and I need Sacoche Boutique continues its to spend more time workingassociation on myself before I with high-end labels Zagliani, try to change things externally,” adds. and Lana Marks, Zainab has Nancyshe Gonzalez Weam now plans to affiliate her to centre the more affordable, but opted bringwith in the Yoga Alliance to turn it into astylish Yoga School where and sophisticated labels such as M teachers can undertake certified yoga training. Missoni, Red Valentino and Issa London. She has launched her own website and announces the latest trends, colours and new collections through her page on Instagram and Twitter. Zainab studied fashion design at the Royal University for Women but concedes that her fashion inspiration remains her mother, Sausan.

Envisioning Trends


| February 2013

A new self

February 2013 |


This time in particular, while reading the February issue of WTM, I felt the article entitled ‘Tapping the inner genius’ was totally in sync with the changes I am seeing unfold in my life. The three areas touched upon by the article were just the areas I currently am working on, and focusing a lot of my energy on. Just like Manar Al Rayes, I’ve lately begun giving my gut feeling a serious position in my life. In my opinion one just cannot take it lightly and shrug it off. History is proof. The second new thing is yoga. I’ve been practising yoga now for a couple of months and I’m still a beginner and loving it. I am also working on putting myself together in terms of my wardrobe. Every girl needs a little bit of style. Many of us forget that we need to care for ourselves during our youth, not just physically, but mentally and spiritually too. I’m for sure saving this copy of WTM. Creative genius, by email.

Bahrain City Centre | Seef Mall | Isa Town



Widening Horizons

Marriage need not necessarily be the end of the road to higher education for women. Indeed, as many women have discovered, it can be a stepping stone to higher aspirations and wider life goals.


any an ambitious wife will attest to the fact that integrating a career with family aspirations has now become realistic and possible. Far from being complacent with success, working women are increasingly turning to higher education in their quest for constant professional and personal growth. Two Bahraini career women pursuing higher education give us an insight into their endeavours in self-actualisation. 8

| April 2013

La’aleh Al-Aali

Implementing Strategies La’aleh Al-Aali could pass off for a high school graduate. It comes as a surprise, when this petite 20- something reveals she isLa’aleh a graduate Al-Aali teaching assistant at the University of Manchester, where she’s pursuing her PhD in the nationalisation strategies of GCC nations. La’aleh has always been ahead of her years. She was the youngest Bahraini in 2006 to win the Chevening Scholarship, which she used to pursue a master’s degree in human resources

development (HRD). Back in Bahrain after earning a distinction, she found few organisations here work within the specialisation of HRD. “Organisations in Bahrain have approached personnel management as a service. The development of the workforce, which is at the core of HRD, hasn’t yet taken off in the Kingdom. If we’re to sustain the economy, we need to retain and develop educated nationals in the workforce,” she notes. La’aleh was implementing a performance management system for GPIC, an organisation she believes is a true model for HRD, when GPIC president Abdul Rahman Jawahery encouraged her to pursue this area further. “I’m now looking at HR from a wider perspective, more in the realm of government policy. I want to help devise a national solution in utilising resources. I hope to make a change in Bahrain with my participation in the capacity building process,” she says. Most Bahraini youngsters don’t have a mentor to advise them on a choice of career or higher education and education itself has failed to meet the market needs, she observes. Retaining young and educated Bahrainis is another challenge as they need employers who can trust them and develop their potential. “I think certain positions should be nationalised by law, because only a Bahraini understands the local mindset and the culture. A national can be an effective coach and mentor,” she says. Bahraini women too, need to contribute more to the economy, by being more active in their careers, rather than restricting themselves to certain sectors and certain working hours. “We need to sacrifice some years of our lives before we get into our comfort zone. Women should not compromise on their family or the organisation they work for, which is a second family. It’s likely that they’ll find a balance between these two homes,” she adds. As for herself, La’aleh concedes that she’s lucky to have an open-minded husband and parents, who have always backed her aspirations. “If it hadn’t been for my husband’s unstinted support, I might have pursued higher learning, but it would have been of the distance learning variety,” she says.

Nabeela Al Qaseer

A Balancing Act Raised by a single mother as the fourth of seven siblings, Nabeela Al Qaseer’s story is that of high motivation and self-made accomplishment. She started working at the age of 19 in a secretarial post at BBK. “I worked until 2 in the afternoon and then took professional courses until 7pm at what was then Bahrain Polytechnic College. It was hard work, but I had to polish up my skills and training to move ahead professionally,” says Nabeela, now head of recruitment at BMI. She later joined ABN AMRO Bank, where, with her career still in doldrums, she decided to change track and switch to a banking clerk’s position before moving onto financial control, operations and client relationship management. Not entirely satisfied with her role, Nabeela sought a lateral transfer again in early 2002, this time into human resources management 10

| April 2013

and this is where she found her true calling. In fact, so diligent was she in her role that she managed the entire HR funcation wih a single subordinate HR assistant during the bank’s rapid expansion in Bahrain. The full-time working mother of four has continued her professional development with a number of part-time courses. She’s now working towards the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualification, where she aims to complete Level 5 before June this year. Nabeela’s experience is remarkable, not only on account of the professional risk taking, but in terms of the balance she has struck between her personal goals and her goals for her family. “Every time I sought a transfer, I was never afraid to start from scratch. Positions are not important to me; I care more for my contribution in the organisation as well as professional respect and team work,” she feels.

When it comes to her children, Nabeela and her husband are determined to provide them the best of education. Her elder son and daughter hold professional qualifications from the UK, while her third daughter is pursuing her undergraduate degree there. “There was nobody to guide me, so I did the best I could. But we’ve established clear goals for our children and want them to achieve their full potential,” she notes. Nabeela’s role model remains her enterprising and open-minded mother, who raised seven children on her own as a young widow in Bahrain. “She had to take up tailoring to support us, but she never let us feel any sense of deprivation in our childhood. She took care of my children while my husband and I were busy establishing our respective careers. I can safely say that without her support, I would neither have achieved my personal goals nor the targets I set for my family,” she avers.

Slim Down



By Simi Kamboj

Live Healthy

There’s no denying that obesity ranks among the top three health issues confronting the Kingdom today. A new weight loss initiative by Royal Bahrain Hospital offers a last resort for the dangerously obese.


ahrain has its fair share of the obese and overweight population, but none are more at risk than people whose Body Mass Index is 40 or higher, a condition that is termed ‘potentially life threatening’ by doctors. “Shrink your Waist, Grow your Health” is a weight loss project launched by Royal Bahrain Hospital (RBH) to specifically address this particular segment. Under the initiative, RBH


| April 2013

will bring top Italian surgeons to the Kingdom, where they will be available for consultation and weight loss surgeries on a regular basis. “Through careful study of the GCC needs, we realised that obesity is a major social health issue that RBH, as a medical facility, should tackle,” says Ravi Preet, chief operating officer at RBH. The Italian team comprises Dr Emanuele

Smrekar, a general surgeon and oncologist who specialises in bariatric surgery and Dr Giovanni Battista Ferrando a cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon. Bariatric surgery mainly involves either a gastric binding or a gastric bypass procedure. With a gastric bypass, the stomach is made much smaller causing it to fill up with small quantities of food, which means that the body absorbs fewer calories. Gastric banding involves fitting a band around the top of the stomach, which causes a feeling of fullness even with small amounts of food. Both surgeries are designed to be permanent, but only patients with life-threatening obesity, that is, those with a body mass index of over 40, are eligible for these procedures. Also part of the new weight loss project is RBH nutrition therapist and dietician Nada Jawahery who will assist in the recovery process, ensuring that patients follow the right diet and alter their nutrition practices after the surgery. CFar Medicals, an international medical recruiting and services provider, is bringing the Italian surgeons to Bahrain. The project was launched on February 21 with an open house, inviting patients to walk in for a health check-up and pose queries to doctors and dieticians before they register for treatment. The initiative has twin objectives, notes Haifa Naseeb, spokesperson for the project at RBH. “The first is to encourage weight loss as a solution not only to obesity, but for resolving all obesity-related diseases. Secondly, we understand that only patients with a BMI of 40 and above are eligible for weight loss surgery. Thus, we hope to encourage people who fall in the BMI range of 30 and above to adapt lifestyle changes and improve their health,” she says.

BAHRAIN Bahrain City Centre 1668 6215, Seef Mall 1668 6225

DUBAI The Dubai Mall 04 339 8786, Mall of the Emirates 04 340 7120 Mirdiff City Centre 04 284 3634, Dubai Festival City 04 232 6185 Arabian Centre 04 4284 5267, Dubai Marina Mall 04 399 7068, Dubai Outlet Mall 04 425 5921 ABU DHABI Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall 02 645 0315, Fatouh Al Khair 02 634 5037, Dalma Mall AL AIN Bawadi Mall 03 784 0912, SHARJAH Sahara Center 06 531 8240 DOHA Landmark, KUWAIT The Avenues Mall, Souq Sharq SAUDI Rashid Mall, Red Sea Mall, Mall of Dahran, Basateen Mall





The wait is over. Woman This Month unveils our fashion guide for the season. We have narrowed down all the hottest trends to help you kick-start a shopping spree. Grab your marker and Post-It notes to highlight your favourites, from classic black and white outfits to exquisite patterns.

At a Glance 16 Ethnic Urban

18 Fairytale Land 20 Colour Your World 22 Monochrome Mode 24 Multilayered Concepts 26 Sheer Fabrics 28 Striking Stripes 30 Tropical Nights 32 Covered in White

Roberto Cavalli

34 Eye-Catching Accessories


| April 2013




DEBEERS.COM 17 002 905

Ethnic Urban


The chic international traveller look is stepping out from the catwalk and making its way to the high street. The ethnic urban look mixes a tribal style with Japanese influences, African colours and cultural aspects from diverse places around the world.

Etro Emilio Pucci



Tory Burch

Isabel Marant

Vivienne Westwood

imonos and kaftans are versatile pieces to add to your wardrobe to become stylish beach wear or paired with heels, a fashionable frock for a night of clubbing. The new silhouette is sexy and expresses femininity. Fringed beads, tie-dye, raffia, handmade accessories, tribal patterns and an explosion of colours are the elements in this trip around the world. Tory Burch added this multicultural design to her new collection and Ralph Lauren’s collection tapped into Spanish influences. Mixing two or more styles from different cultures results in a unique look. The colourful designs are fun to wear and very expressive. You will look every bit the international explorer even if you never to venture out of the city.


Mary Katrantzou

Ralph Lauren



| April 2013


Saint Laurent

Get The Look

Having a total ethnic look is not the point of this trend in your everyday dressing. The key is to add some pieces to bring colour and personality to your look. A big chunky necklace made of multiples beads or exotic feathers is a tribal accessory worth keeping. Put your wild picks together with a tame outfit to create a statement look. Monsoon Marisota



River Island Mango


Peter Pilotto



itor's Pick d E The hippie look is back with the revival of the tribal pattered rucksack. Use it as a fun accessory and not as the main attraction. Topshop


April 2013 |


Fairytale Land


Delicate fabrics such as muslin and chiffon in dreamy soft colours take us to an enchanted world where fairies and princesses live happily ever after. Butterflies, bows, flowing pleats in pastel hues highlight this very feminine look.

Nina Ricci

Chanel Alberta Ferretti


Giambatista Valli

Donna Karan Chole

uxury Italian fashion house, Blumarine took to the runway to create A Midsummer Night’s Dream with fluid dresses in soft shades. Nina Ricci and Chloe, with their well-known feminine style, opted for an appealing look for a daytime event or a romantic night out. In a long, medium or short length, sweetness is guaranteed. Delicate flowers with butterflies are the favourite elements to create a magic garden. The dreamy aura is mostly painted in light pink, blue and green. This season’s girly look is all about irregular cuts, volume and luminous fabric; a provocative touch can be achieved with lace or sheer fabric. Princesses don’t show off, they simply stand out in their own light.



J Mendel Christopher Kane


| April 2013


Giorgio Armani

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Agent Provocateur

Jane Norman

To incorporate the trend, choose soft hues and go flowery. For a total fairytale look, pick a girly dress, light pink shoes and copy Blumarine’s Blugirl hairstyles. You will be ready to jump into a princess story and find your enchanted prince.For a less serious look, pick a volume skirt or accessories for a modern love story.

Louis Vuitton


Fenn Wright Manson

Miss Selfridge

Bottega Venetta

r's Pick o t i Ed A flower necklace teamed with a white shirt is the perfect touch for subtle romance.



Badgley Mischka at Saks Fifth Avenue

April 2013 |



Simone Rocha Osman

Colour Your World

The longer days of spring and summer mean colours are brighter than ever. For this season, choose your favourite bold hue and get dressed. Reds, greens and blues come in Lego shades for a standout look.

Ermanno Scervino


Stella McCartney

Nina Ricci

Cedric Charlier

s high summer begs for fresh colours, WTM’s favourite options are pink, orange and yellow. The runway brought bold colours out in full force, sometimes mixed with white to tone it down, or in a fluorescent version. These delightful shades are perfect to wear on your summer vacation.. Ermanno Scervino and Nina Ricci opted for a one-colour look, with matching dresses, shoes and handbags; Stella McCartney mixed bold shades with soft hues giving a balanced look. The options are wide and the choice is yours! The indispensable colours in any kid’s crayon box and in your favourite bag of candy must be part of your wardrobe this season. Get bold and colour the streets.


Chado Ralph Rucci

Rami Al Ali Atelier Versace


| April 2013



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Issa London at Etoile



When walking around big cities and entering offices you always find a range of blacks, greys, soft blues and white. Wearing colour is indeed a difficult mission for an everyday look, but in summer, make a special effort to celebrate these warm days.

Karen Millen Gap


Michael Kors

Juicy Couture


r's Pick o t i Ed Steve Madden


Mix the three key colours: pink, orange and yellow, or find a key piece like these pair of trainers to show off your fashion style. April 2013 |


Monochrome Mode



Just like true love, black and white have are an everlasting story. Opposites attract in this season’s return to basics. Although this colour match appears season after season, designers never tire of inserting a splash of yin and yang into their collections.



Lacoste Emporio Armani



mporio Armani and Lanvin put the colours together in tops and dresses; Balenciaga and Celine created the monochrome effect matching black and white in separate pieces. For Lacoste, the inseparable shades appeared in patterns. No matter how it looks, black and white is an assertive look for all occasions. People say when you don’t know what to wear, just throw on something black and white and you will be ready to go. While this may be true, you can still update your wardrobe by going to your favourite store and picking a graphic or optical illusion top and matching it with a fluid pair of white trousers. The result will be sartorial elegance.



Viktor & Rolf

Junya Watanabe


| April 2013

Rachel Zoe

Roland Mouret

Get The Look

The only rule for this season: be creative. Forget about black trousers and a white shirt or blouse, it is too obvious. Play with accessories. Instead of black pumps, go for white platform shoes. Try out this contemporary style for a timeless and safe choice.

Temperley at Saks Fifth Avenue

Austin Reed


M&Co Karen Millen

r's Pick o t i Ed

Jason Wu at Net-a-porter

Marks & Spencer Topshop

This reinterpreted suit jacket is classy and could be your best companion for shopping days inside ‘cool’ malls. Louis Vuitton



April 2013 |


Multilayered Concepts


Mixing and matching colours is tough work and putting patterns together is almost an impossible mission, but a designer’s creative mind and skilled vision can make it a reality. Find inspiration, and a keen eye, by mixing colour combinations and patterns.

Proenza Schouler Preen Max Mara


Hermes Marc by Marc Jacobs

Dries Van Noten

ome safe fashion rules say that if you pick one patterned piece, then you must go simple and neutral with the other pieces. This season, some designers are saying the opposite: mix and match similar motifs or colours and go wild. At first you think this will never have a happy outcome. However, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Dries Van Noten revealed in their fashion shows that it is possible, and that the look is actually unique and outstanding. You can carry off the look by wearing a dress or top with the patterns already mixed, or when layering different designs in shirts, skirts, jackets and accessories.


Antonio Marras

Alexandre McQueen

Emilio Pucci


| April 2013



Get The Look Boohoo




House of Fraser

For those who feel confident enough to put your creativity in action, layer similar patterns with colours of the same family to get a contemporary grunge style. However, if you are not sure about the final result but want to get into the trend, choose a piece with your favourite combination and rock it.

See by Chloe



Phase Eight

Paul's Boutique

The chosen piece must be pleasing to the eye and the patterns must ‘talk’ to each other. This dress is like an impressionist painting with a mixture of delicate colours and soft patterns.

Michael Van Der Ham at Net-a-porter

r's Pick o t i Ed

April 2013 |



Reed Krakoff

Diesel Black Gold

Sheer Fabrics


Sportmax Anne Valerie Hash Calvin Klein Collection

Designers have been playing with an abundance of sheer, now-you-see-itnow-you-don’t fabrics this season. Transparency is here to stay. This seethrough trend isn’t as full-on, bold or unwearable as in past collections. Sheer can be found everywhere, from unexpectedly suggestive cut outs to peeking out of the bottom of hems or layered over short skirts.


rom the gauzy detail at Victoria Beckham to the total translucent covers at Thakoon, it is safe to say a little bit more skin will be exposed this season. Moreover, designers have made it possible to wear most transparent clothes from straight off the runways. The see-through trend has also spread to accessories. Shoes and jewellery have gone plastic but are far from being tacky. Handbags must be very organized, since these are a must-have piece for the summer.

Victoria Beckham




| April 2013



Get The Look Curvis sa

Fifty Plus

Transparency can be very classy if it is done right; however, too much can also be risky. There's a fine line between elegance and loosing control. Choose delicate blouses with see-through sleeves or a cocktail dress with sheer panelling to show a little skin.


Helmut Lang





Michael Kors

This demure skirt highlights the peek-a-boo side of the trend. While you are showing your legs, you are also hiding it, creating a mysterious allure. Nina Ricci



r's Pick o t i Ed

April 2013 |



Acne Dior

Issey Miyake

Striking Stripes

Graphic patterns in two or more colours were all over the fashion shows and stripes were a favourite of designers. You will find them everywhere from fashion to home decor. The sailor look is easily incorporated into your wardrobe with striped jackets, dresses, tops, shorts and, even, trousers.

Michael Kors

Marc Jacobs

Paul Smith


arc Jacobs spread the trend into both his brands, Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs; criss-cross lines were also the theme at Louis Vuitton where Jacobs is the creative director. Moschino, with its 1960s inspiration, and the fine cuts offered by Dior turned the sportive stripes into elegant and classy ways of wearing the trend. The runways opted for thick lines and two colours patterns, mostly vertical, but in stores you will find the trends combined. Bold or pastel colours mixed with all sorts of stripes, in all directions, is the way to embrace the trend and enjoy your sunny days with some flamboyance.



Tommy Hilfiger

Marc by Marc Jacobs


| April 2013

Oscar de La Renta

Haider Ackermann

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Striped patterns are easy to wear and usually worn on casual occasions; a pair of jeans with a striped top is a perfect outfit to go to the mall. This season, the popular print is also making its way into evening wear and elegant dresses that are made with fine fabrics. Women's Secret




Crew Clothing


r's Pick o t i Ed

Carolina Herrera


River Island

Vertical striped trousers are the new jeans this spring. The optical effect gives you longer legs; a good trick to grow a few centimetres. Primark


April 2013 |



Just Cavalli

House of Holland

Jean Charles de Castelbajac


Tropical Nights This trend is all about looking fresh to battle hot and humid days. Flower and leaf patterns painted in natural colours, such as greens, browns, blues, oranges and yellows, offer an invigorating appearance to breeze through spring and summer.




ature is the inspiration for this trend allowing you to blend the forest, garden or ocean. Designers have injected their personal interpretation of nature that results in unique pieces. Kenzo and Missoni have a tradition of developing breathless prints; this time they looked to nature to create unique patterns. Kenzo explored the jungle, while Missoni introduced the sunset in the sky with green elements into their collection. Vivid prints in big or small sizes are also seen in accessories. If a total foliage look is too wild for your urban style, then small flowery details will put you in the mood of the season.




| April 2013



Get The Look

You might imagine a tropical look in a scene by the sea, but this trend is also street smart. The foliage suit jacket, paired with your favourite jeans and white accessories, refreshes your look. For dresses, go for a colourful pattern with neutral shoes and handbags. CC



Juicy Couture

House of Fraser


Zagliani at Etoile


Urban Outfitters

r's Pick o t i Ed A tropical motif is the obvious print for your new swimsuit. Forget about colour blocking pieces and just get tanned in style.

Marks & Spencer

April 2013 |



Chalayan Trussardi

Atelier Versace

Covered in White While winter is long gone, this summer is covered with a white hue typical of the season. Total off-white looks and no-colour accessories are the hottest picks for this trend. You can use it at the beach or take it to the office; it's a safe and fashionable choice this season.


or sunny and hot days, like the ones experienced in the Middle East, white is a perfect pick. Light and sheer fabrics are a comfortable and suitable option for your everyday routine, with the added benefit of being completely in vogue. Mulberry, Chloe, Chalayan and many other fashion names took white seriously with at least one head-to-toe look presented in their respective fashion shows. The message is that less is more. This neutral colour has the flexibility to allow it to be paired with trendy rainbow shades; three cheers to this versatile and desirable hue!

Stella McCartney Guy Laroche




AF Vandevorst

Rag & Bone


| April 2013


Yohji Yamamoto

Get The Look

Get a loose pair of trousers with fitted top, high heel sandals and clutch all tinted in white for an unforgettable evening. The casual look is best with ballerina flats, cotton dresses and a sombrero hat. CC


Austin Reed


Carolina Herrera



r's Pick o t i Ed tino


n Vale

Keep your eyes protected and avoid wrinkles by wearing fashionably large sunglasses. And for the last time, yes you must select white coloured shades.

Bhs Salvatore Ferragamo

April 2013 |




Anya Hindmarch at net-a-

Accessories are the best way to spice up your look. You can turn a daytime outfit into an evening gown just by adding the right details. We’ve selected the most wanted runway pieces for the season. Make your list!

Tory Burch

Au Naturel


Donna Kar

Donna Karan

Emilio Pucci

Natural materials such as shells, raffia and straw are leaving the seaside and hitting the streets. Natural pieces incorporated in designers’ creations offer a lighter feel to a look and are perfect choices for a casual and contemporary style. Dyed articles or natural items appear in handbags, shoes and jewellery. It is a way to say that summer is back in town.

Striking Heels

Charm lives in the details. Nowadays you can find shoes in many colours and a multitude of styles. What is a girl to do? Play with the heels. Wedges are full of details and attract everybody’s attention. Sculpted heels in different shapes and materials are all the rage!

Sophia Webster


| April 2013


Accessories Fendi


Charlotte Olympia Clutcht

Funky Creations


Fashion can be fun and creative with unusual accessories becoming unique style statements. Release your inner child with the sometimes unwearable offerings from the runways. Accessories are all about having fun!


Flowing Fringe

Cowboy-chic and fringe mania is mainstream this season; they are applied to handbags, shoes and necklaces and that’s exactly where they belong. The long strings give an extension to the accessories making them stand out. Let your accessories flow.


Marios Schwab Jimmy Choo

April 2013 |



Complementary Hues PUNT ROMA

The new season brings new trends together with refreshed trusted ones. Black and white, though, is one that you must have in your wardrobe this summer.


he Black & White Essentials collection from Punt Roma offers a variety of trousers, skirts, shirts and blouses in the finest fabrics. An array of patterns that are mixed with the contrasting colours is a particular feature of this collection. The prints are fresh and update the monochrome look; you can pair the pieces for a relaxing and enjoyable day or go for the chic look with a little flair in the evening. So, add some spice and action into your look this season from Punt Roma. Call 17 172-307.


| April 2013


Colour Palette If there is anything that you must adopt from the new collections it is to add some thrilling shades to your look — refreshing yet casual and elegant.


ut a little spring into your footwear and your most-wanted handbag from Charles & Keith’s new collection. Fresh colours and pastel shades are the hot picks for the season. What’s more, the two tone pieces will give a dynamic touch to your outfit. The bold and exuberant hues come in sunshine yellow, bright pink and orange and electric blue. Pick the style that suits you best; open-toe sandals, pumps with low heels, straw sandals or cork wedges. For your essentials, go for structured or cross-body bags, large totes or refined wallets. Call 17 179-307 (BCC), 17 582-070 (Seef Mall) or 17 682-607 (Isa Town Mall).

April 2013 |



Focal Point nine west

Footwear can transform an outfit; with Nine West’s new collection your choice will be sure to have everyone talking.


| April 2013


right colours and graphic design are the must-have trends; the best way to complement this look is to go neutral with the rest of your attire. For some inspiration, head down to the nearest Nine West and feast your eyes on the beauties currently adorning their shelves. Platforms, pumps, ballerinas, sandals, flip-flops and many more are all perfect for the heat of summer. With fashion being so democratic this season, pick the style according to the occasion and make your footwear be the main character of your look. Call 16 686-207 (BCC), 16 686-220 (Seef Mall) or 16 686-228 (Bahrain Mall).


Spice up your look by mixing and matching the hot accessories with prints, pastels and white hues to look your best.


ldo Accessories have a large selection of merchandise to meet your fashion tastes. So, go on and trust yourself with what you think works best for you. Striped pieces offer a modern sailor touch; you can overlap the lines or choose one bright colour to pair with it for a casual look. A natural coloured hat with red, blue and white shades maybe just the accessory you’ve been looking for. Alternatively, whether animal print is your thing, a snakeskin handbag must be in your shopping list. Classic pastel hues are another trend on which you can rely. Mixing them together or with white pieces will add elegance and freshness to your look. To be original, grab some sunglasses or sandals with soft shades such as baby pink and blue, aqua green or faded yellow. Call 16 686-214 (BCC), 16 686-221 (Seef Mall), 16 686-233 (The Centre) and 16 686-231 (Isa Town Mall).

April 2013 |


Fashion dune

Hot Temptations Opting for a desert look will put you in the right mood for the hot days; get yourself ready to embrace the heat!


heck the nearest Dune store to try out the new collections of footwear. You will find high heels, flat and comfortable shoes and also low heels; the perfect choice for work days and happy hours. Fashionable and stylish clutches will carry your beloved belongings to all sorts of occasions, to the movies or to a fancy dinner. Soft shades and trendy patterns are available for all tastes and styles. Call 16 686-215 (BCC) or 16 686-225 (Seef Mall). 40

| April 2013

Beauty News


The new season has arrived with its bright and bold shades. Welcome the month of blossoms, and the latest products from your favourite brands.

Vibrant colours

Act natural

Make Up For Ever bets on a good vibe from its limited edition ‘Technicolor Palette’. The eye shadow selection mixes bright and soft shades in a variety of matte, satiny and iridescent textures. There are eight diverse hues to wear, alone or layered, for a standout look. Available at Make Up For Ever.

This powder foundation is dedicated to creating the perfect matte complexion. Une’s Matt Minerals Foundation uses 100 per cent natural ingredients and is environmentally-friendly. Available in a convenient, refillable compact and with a light feel, it leaves your skin free to breathe for a silky effect. Available at all leading retailers.

Back to school

Revlon’s new lipstick, Just Bitten Kissable, is a pampering balm fused with a lightweight lip stain that gives you softer and smoother lips, and with colour that lasts longer. With a retractable crayon and 12 vibrant shades, you can create any look. In addition, the lipstick boasts a gel formula and a peppermint fragrance. Available at all leading retailers.

Touch of light

Clarins’ illuminating brush brightens shadowy areas and minimises signs of fatigue, and contains oat sugars, a light-optimising complex and hyaluronic acid. Apply it to light areas of the face that need brightening like the forehead, sides of the nose or chin. Available at all leading retailers.


| April 2013

A fruit platter

This foundation from the Bourjois Healthy Mix collection reinforces the brand’s formula; there are more apricots for radiance, more melons for hydration and more apples to maintain a youthful appearance. Available at all leading retailers.

A luxurious experience

La Prairie’s White Caviar Illuminating Système includes three new products: a spot treatment, an SPF15 hand cream and an eye cream. The treatment targets discolouration in problem areas by brightening the skin before, during and after pigmentation issues. Available at all leading retailers.

Daily regime

This anti-ageing treatment Divine Cream from L’Occitane has a combination of organic immortelle and myrtle essential oils to enhance radiance and skin tone. Lifted and redefined facial contours leave a firmer and younger-looking skin. Available at L’Occitane.

Soft to the touch

VS Fantasies is from Victoria’s Secret’s latest body care collection, with ingredients such as aloe vera, shea butter and vitamins C and E to hydrate and condition your skin. The line consists of fragrance mists, body lotions, hand and body creams, body washes, body butters and eaux de toilettes. Available at Victoria’s Secret.

April 2013 |




Extend your natural charm with a special and very personal scent; choose a fragrance that will amplify your magnetism.

Seductive power

Custo Barcelona introduces a new fragrance, Glam Star, which is designed for the feminine woman with a strong personality. Containing warm, sensual and light notes that are fruity, you’ll feel dignified, but with a hint of mystery. Available at leading retailers.

Hidden gem

Yellow Diamond is a glamorous line from Versace. The fragrance unveils notes of Diamante citron, pear sorbet, bergamot and neroli, together with traces of orange blossom, freesia, mimosa, nymphaea, ambery woods, palo santo and musk. The overall citrus note helps you to shine as brightly as a diamond. Available at leading retailers.

Blossoming petals

Peony is the inspiration behind this innovative fragrance from L’Occitane. A symbol of beauty and femininity, the collection captures the subtle aura of the flower and is marked by its invitingly green and fresh scent. Available at L’Occitane.

Summer spell

Mandarina Duck’s new fragrance, Cute Pink, is ideal for a sweet, imaginative and fanciful woman. The eau de toilette combines floral notes of gardenia and peony with fruity notes of red apple and tangerine, creating a romantic expression. Available at leading retailers.

Sweet age

Guess Girl is a fresh, easy-to-wear fruity floral perfume. The top notes are raspberry, melon and bergamot, with a touch of Brazilian paradise orchid, acacia flower and lily. The aroma ends with a tinge of sandalwood and vanilla — perfect for a flirtatious mood. Available at leading retailers.


| April 2013



Tip: Strong and Sharp A new season calls for a new wardrobe and, more importantly, a new way to wear your make-up. Switch on your beauty mode for spring/summer 2013.

A Touch of Colour

Stella McCartney


Add hues to your make-up this season; focus on your eyes and lips. Coloured eyeliner applied along the lower lash line or smudged beneath the eyes is a hot trend. However, go easy with the colours. If you’re wearing pink lipstick, go for neutral shades in the eyes as seen in Giles, Chloe and Stella McCartney runways.


| April 2013

Super Drama


Some designers showcased their collection using make-up as a tool to express their creativity. This gives us the opportunity to experiment a bit to find our own style. For dramatic eyes Dior added colourful crystals, Chanel Haute Couture applied lace and Fendi glued multi-coloured fabrics. What will you come up with?


Flawless skin and the idea of ‘no make-up’ is the key to nailing many of the season’s looks. The minimalism appearance asks for perfect skin and a subtle flush of pink on the cheeks. The return of the ‘90s brings natural and minimal hair to style as portrayed in the Bottega Veneta catwalk.

Chanel Haute Couture

Natural Look

The Dark Side

Bottega Veneta

Marc by Marc Jacobs

Smokey eyes with dark, deep colours were the trademark of winter make-up. The strong trend has found itself rocking the show for spring and summer as well, albeit with a lighter approach. Using softer shades of black and skin-colour lipstick, it is as an elegant and sexy option for evenings out. Refer Marc by Marc Jacobs for a guideline.

April 2013 |


Showcase inglot

Addressing Cultural Concerns

The sale of halal-certified beauty and personal care products is thriving. Many businesses are slowly learning how to benefit from this lucrative market.


ccording to, the market for halal-certified products and services is now worth over US$5 billion globally. One product to have caused a stir recently is Inglot’s O2M nail polish, and not for the reasons one might imagine. Painting your finger nails is a hotly disputed topic in many Muslim circles. Over the years, many scholars have concluded that prayer can’t be performed while wearing nail polish, as the required ablution (wudu) is not possible when water cannot properly reach every part of the body. Nail polish is seen to preclude this, as the polish acts as a barrier for


| April 2013

access to finger nails. The issue has been contentious among many Muslim women. While some stopped wearing nail polish altogether, others have chosen to wear it only during their menstrual period, when they are not required to pray. Still, others continue to wear it, citing that they don’t see it as a big deal. What’s revolutionary about the Inglot nail polish isn’t the polish itself, but rather the dialogue that has surrounded it. Recently, Mustafa Umar, a scholar from Southern California, came out with the results of an experiment conducted by one of

his students on whether breathable nail polish allowed water to penetrate. After these findings were published and commonly known by many as ‘the nail polish fatwa’ — sales of Inglot skyrocketed as bottles of O2M nail polish have flown off the shelves. In his experiment, Umar analysed the fiqh (Islamic legal reasoning) behind the nail polish issue and conducted an experiment using a sample of dried nail polish on a coffee filter and a drop of water. His conclusion was specific to the O2M brand, saying that it was sufficient for wudu. Call 16 686-200 (BCC) or 16 686 222 (Seef).

Manuel Mota by Pronovias

Wedding Feature

Wedding Guide Catch up on the latest in bridal gown trends and get inspired by real weddings with Woman This Month's wedding special. In the feature: 52 Gallery: 2013 wedding dress trends 56 Real wedding: Seychelles 57 Real wedding: Bahrain 60 Bridal best-buys: Make-up 61 Online: For more inspiration 62 Bridal best-buys: Accessories 63 Red Carpet: Stars caught in bridal wear

64 20 Tips: Look your best 66 10 Tips: For guests 76 Travel: Unique honeymoon destinations 78 Pink Pages: Essential reference source A little extra: 79 The key to our exclusive wedding workbook

April 2013 |


Wedding Feature

2013 Bridal Gown Trends Although we’ve dreamed about our wedding dress all of our life, most of us tend to forget to check if a cut suits our body type. The latest bridal wear trends let you stay fashionable flawlessly.

Carolina Herrera

On the waist Peplums have become more wearable. Ideal for the slimmer bride, this trend is back with a softer approach. Mini- and side-peplums add to the romantic touch.


| April 2013

Theia Fall 2013

Lace me up To look like a goddess, you’ll need to adopt the truly ethereal aura that Chantilly lace has to offer. The tattooed effect is all over the runways, especially with illusion necklines. All thanks to Kate Middleton, long sleeves are back with a bang. Often teamed with tulle, this is perfect for brides seeking lightweight coverage.

Elie Saab

Zuhair Murad for Rosa Clara

Monique Lhuillier

Hide and seek Showing a hint of skin is big this season. However, to keep it chic and wedding-appropriate is a tricky affair. Sheer overlays are a great way to go for this look.

Shoulder to shoulder Thank goodness non-strapless gowns are in. An instant confidence booster, this style offers endless options. We love the shrugs and capes that have made an entry.

A heart of gold In shades ranging from yellow to rose, gold is a welcome trend this season. The gold dust style suits the bold, while golden embroidery is subtler.

Wedding Feature

Kenneth Pool

Ruffled feathers A take on the classic, ruffles are perfect for the ultra-feminine. Cascading down a gown or appearing in tiers, this girly feature can be perfected with corsets and appliqués.


| April 2013

Reem Acra

In control Inspired by the Victorian era, corsets emphasise the female silhouette. The bodice offers a sleek profile and classy look. Choose a long, flowing hemline for elegance or a ruffled skirt to highlight a small waist. The form-fitting trend is highly practical as they smooth away areas of concern and are easiest to adjust at fittings.

Ines Di Santo

Aire Barcelona 2013

Austin Scarlett

Have a ball If you’re going to feel like a princess, you might as well look like one. Tulle is a favourite fabric this year. Embellished or otherwise, full ball gowns are the way to go.

Then there was one Fashion-forward and modest, the oneshoulder trend adds a sensual touch to the dress. It’s practical and youthful; what’s not to like about it? A great alternative for the strapless, we love it most in pastel and crimson gowns.

Beady-eyed This is the last day you want to settle for less. Bedazzled gowns are just the thing for the self-assured bride. If it isn’t beading, then floral appliqués although more discreet are your best pick.

Wedding Feature


Sometimes art plays the role of magic and brings two people together; inseparably so one might add. With creativity as a common ground, Azza Al Juhairi and Yousif Lori knew they had found their other halves the first time they met at a dinner. Four years into dating, Yousif casually popped the question and she calmly said yes. Themed around a little girl’s romantic dream, the venue looked as enchanting as Azza did in her Vera Wang dress with great music and flickering candles in the backdrop.


| April 2013

Real Wedding: Seychelles

When Tania Lapteva and Artem Tchmoulev chose to exchange vows, they couldn’t see beyond each other. With an intimate setting of a sunset at the beach, the couple made the most of their romantic getaway to Seychelles. In a stress-free setup enveloped by nothing but nature, they promised their lives to their soul mate. The picture-perfect setting allowed photographer Tasneem Al Sultan, who shot all the pictures for both weddings, to capture unconditional love through her lenses. The laidback event left room for what was truly important: the celebration of love. People tend to forget that marriage is between two people; but not these two.

April 2013 |


Wedding Feature

Flawless Beauty Every bride ought to have an emergency make-up kit at hand. Here are our finds for the most essential items that you need for long-lasting perfection.

Stay shine-free

You don’t want to look stressed in your pictures. Clean & Clear’s oil absorbing sheets instantly soak up excess oil and remove shine from your face, without smudging make-up or leaving behind powder.

In her shadow

Available in five bold shades, Maybelline’s Color Tattoo Metal eye shadow offers long-lasting shimmer. The metallic shades come in a 24-hour wear cream gel formula for smooth application. Darken as desired for added drama.

Perfect match

Look natural on your wedding day with Bobbi Brown’s long-wear even finish compact foundation. With 12 hours of flawless, oil-free wear, all you see is your skin — at its best. Plus, it’s completely portable.

Shed a tear

Clinique’s high impact waterproof mascara offers instant volume and length that resists flaking, clumping and smudging. It stands up to heat, humidity and an active day; it’s also safe for those wearing contact lenses and with sensitive eyes.

Kiss me

The new range of ultra-plush lip glosses from Benefit is handy and feels amazingly silky. The six irresistible shades, from sultry nudes to punchy pinks, come in soft-squeeze tubes with a custom tip designed for perfectly even application.

Summer is here

This year, to please all women, Guerlain’s Terracotta 4 Seasons presents four new shades for a tailor-made natural glow in any season. The legendary bronzing powder gives the illusion of sun-kissed skin with an astoundingly naturallooking glow.

Zoom in

Look great in every picture with Make Up Forever’s HD Primer, which is as invisible to professional cameras as it is to the naked eye. It creates a protective layer on the skin allowing the foundation to glide on easily and last longer.

Read my lips

MAC introduces the Mineralize Rich Lipstick – a masterpiece for lips boasting a lightweight formula enhanced with 77-mineral moist complex for nutrient-rich moisture. The impact is instant; get softer, smoother, suppler lips.


| April 2013


Here Comes the Bride Do you need some inspiration for the big day? Then perhaps it’s time to stop asking relatives for advice and head online!


very woman wants their wedding to be a day to remember. Often, it can be hard planning everything and deciding what exactly it is you want. Luckily, help is at hand with This fantastic website has just about everything available to help plan your wedding, offering advice and inspiring ideas that are sure to please.

actual testimonies from brides. So what you get is real advice from first hand experiences that you can actually relate to. The simple yet effective layout means anyone can easily find the desired area they’re interested in. Moreover, the site is regularly updated. If you’re putting long hours into planning the big day, this is the only site you’ll need.

Why is it different? Sure, there’s probably a bunch of websites where you can gather information about one particular wedding aspect, but this site has it all. A search bar has been included so you can specify what exactly you want to look for. An interesting category includes the DIY section, which is for those prospective brides who like to do things themselves. Make your own invitations or mix up your own cocktail for the bridal shower. This is one of the few wedding blogs with

What does the site offer? Immediately, the homepage showcases the latest inspiring wedding ideas, giving you great ideas without any hassle. has a range of different categories on everything there is on weddings. One aspect that is particularly interesting is the inspiration boards. These feature updated posts about significant topics ranging from food to flowers. It allows users to comment in the case that they might have additional ideas which are of use.

The site keeps archives of all the information as well, so there’s no danger of losing precious advice if you want to revisit later. A helpful feature is the provision of direct links to a host of companies with wedding-related products! Is it user-friendly? The site has a very easy-to-use and simple layout, meaning you can find what you’re looking for very quickly. It also features an FAQ to answer any questions you may have. Nonetheless, you can always contact the site if you couldn’t find the answer you were looking for. For those who can’t keep track of the various wedding blogs they find useful, Snippetandink. com allows you to subscribe to their content via email. This way, you never have to go looking for them. They bring their advice to you. Tackling every aspect related to wedding planning, this is the best way to keep calm and stay inspired. April 2013 |


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Don Your Best


There’s more to a bridal ensemble than the gown. We’ve put together some accessories that are great for post-wedding days as well. Dannijo at Etoile



White collar


ed L


The Lanvin Blanche 2013 collection perfectly combines laidback bohemian elements and more fashion-savvy intricate designs.

At night

No bride goes on their honeymoon without an Agent Provocateur. Using tulle, lace and satin, their kimonos are stunning and classy.


Wrist candy

If you’re going for the bare arm look, bedazzled wrists are the best way to go. We love this cuff by Dannijo for Etoile La Boutique.

Pale and pastel


Nuances of white, brightened by luminous touches of powder pink and sunflower ochre run through Chloe’s latest collection.

Broche Louis Vuitton

At her feet

No girl would say no to a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes. You can’t go wrong with these pointed-toe silver pumps.

She loves me

Tabbah designed daisy petals on this ring to emulate the idea of plucking petals to know if someone loves you or not. Your wedding ring could use some company.

Simple and chic

For the elegant bride rocking an Oscar gown, this delicate brooch from Louis Vuitton is just the accessory you need. The dainty flower can truly reflect her grace


Jimmy Choo


| April 2013

Seductive purple

The fashion-forward design of the Ladymatic collection from Omega features bold and attractive details. Made for the refined woman, this is a charming timepiece.

What the


are Wearing By Maryam Toorani

According to Hollywood’s hottest, bridal is the new black. As they transcend the weddingworthy whites into wearable summer looks, we round up our favourite attires. Naomi Campbell The model rocked a sweet short number by her favourite designer Azzedine Alaïa at the 2013 Essence Black Women In Hollywood Awards. She complemented the pale pink dress with gladiator heels by the same designer, giving her just the edge we are used to seeing from the diva.

natalie portman The Vanity Fair Oscar party was beaming with white and pale dresses but what caught our eye was this contrasting look. The former Best Actress winner adorned a beautiful strapless Dior gown with a black bow which she paired with a pair of striking emerald green earrings.

holland roden Looking like a fairytale princess, Holland Roden wore a feathered frock from the Alice+Olivia Spring 2013 collection at the ArcLight Cinemas. The high-neck dress is all about the detail with embroidery all through the top bodice. The actress keeps her hair in a casual up-do and goes for a bold red lipstick instead.

olivia munn Head to toe in white, Olivia Munn looks angelic at the 2013 PaleyFest Panel in Beverly Hills. She went all out by pairing the J Mendel ensemble with white earrings from Tivon, a Vince Camuto purse and Manolo Blahnik shoes. April 2013 |


Wedding Feature

At Your Best on Your Wedding Day By Maryam Toorani

Marriage season is in full swing and the Woman This Month beauty team has a round up of tips to help this year’s lucky brides-to-be from turning into high-maintenance bridezillas. 64

| April 2013

Look good inside and out


Don’t diet. One mistake most women make is going on a crash diet. Cutting calorie intake in an attempt to look slim quickly can reap negative results. First, starving your body will cause it to go on caloriesaving mode. Second, even if you do shed a few kilos, you will gain it all back as soon as you start eating regularly.

2. Eat food that is good for you. While you must make sure

to stick to your beauty regimen for a glowing, smooth complexion, don’t forget to heal your insides too. Dig into skin-loving foods like avocados, salmon, pomegranates and carrots.

3. Shape up. Your wedding is a great motivation to get back in

shape, so try to increase your cardio by at least 30 more minutes. If you are short on time, don’t worry too much about your legs and focus on what will be on full display — your arms.


On the day. Don’t have a facial right before the wedding; instead exfoliate gently and moisturise. Also, refrain from trying anything new. You don’t need any last minute surprises.


Hydrate. Drink plenty of water. It will help you lose those extra kilos, rid your body of toxins and help give you a better complexion. Don’t forget, true hydration is also about reducing sodium intake. This works wonders on reducing bloating.

6. Remedy your skin. The link between a diet and acne is not

completely clear. Research suggests that those who are allergic to dairy and sugar tend to breakout more. Stay clear of excess cheese; maintain a diet rich in vitamin C to promote younger, healthier looking skin.


Protect yourself from the sun. You don’t need to be getting married to live by this rule. Don’t leave the house without sunscreen. If you had a day out under the sun, blitz up a homemade face mask of yoghurt, cucumber and aloe vera (if you’re not allergic) to cool down burnt skin.


Have a schedule. The perfect time to start detox, body wraps or any beauty treatment is about 12-14 weeks before the big day.


Don’t overdo it. If you are comfortable with your skincare regimen, stick to it. Changing the products you use drastically in an attempt to attain the perfect complexion can backfire. However, if you must makeover your routine, then do so a few weeks in advance so your skin can get accustomed to it.

10. Make time for you. In the hustle and bustle of getting a

party together, it is important not to get too caught up in the anxiety. Maintain a mindset that will allow you to look at your wedding day as a fun, joyous start to the rest of your life instead of a stressful event.

Your beauty must dos

fun, joyous start to the rest of your life instead of a stressful event.


Check your essentials. No matter what look you are going for, be it classical, glamorous or even Goth, three things are essential. You need a foundation with staying power, mascara that doesn’t run and a stay-put lipstick.


Bring an extra pair of shoes. Go ahead and splurge on those Jimmy Choos. You don’t get married everyday. Of course, once you are done with the ceremony and photo sessions, you might want to slip into something more comfortable.

13. Avoid princess looks. Yes, the fairytale world is all the rage these days, but you don’t want to look back on your wedding album and see yourself looking like the real-life Cinderella. Keep your look timeless.


Pose for the camera. You will need to be prepared to take hundreds of photos. If you feel like your smile is starting to stiffen, close your eyes and relax your face.


Dress for your shape. Finding the perfect dress is one of the most challenging aspects. Figure out your budget and don’t hesitate to tell the salesperson what exactly you are looking for. Before you start shopping, do some research and find the silhouette that best suits your shape.

16. The right make-up. Get a trial make-up run a month or so in

advance. Remember, if you are blonde or fair-skinned, cool tones of grey, blue, soft pink and lilac are ideal. If you are a brunette or olive-skinned, warm neutral tones of brown, taupe, burgundy and red are more apt. Whatever you choose, tone down the bronzer to avoid looking carrothued in pictures.


Pay attention to detail. Make sure that your jewellery does not overpower your dress. Accessories are not meant be the statement piece of your ensemble. Choose to wear classic, timeless shapes.


Picture-perfect nails. Let’s face it; there is one thing that will definitely upstage you during your big day — your ring. Manicure your nails and choose a colour that is fresh but natural. A nude shade is a modern take on the clichéd French mani.


False lashes are more practical. It’s a wedding and there will be plenty of crying so save yourself from a river of mascara running down your face.


Have an emergency bag on hand. We mean a full-on first aid kit with aspirin, ibuprofen and the works. You never know what your body will decide to do and on such an important day, you need to have quick relief close by. April 2013 |


Wedding Feature


By Maryam Toorani

It’s nuptial season again and while there is great cause for celebration, it is important not to forget your manners. Here are 10 essential rules to live by while attending a wedding. 1. RSVP

Getting a ceremony or reception together can be a stressful time, especially for the bride and groom, so save them any last minute surprises and RSVP as soon as you get your invite. Knowing the number of guests is essential while determining wedding expenses.

2. Send a gift

Just because you got out of attending the party, doesn’t mean you won’t need to send them a gift — one invitation equals one wedding gift. Don’t forget to shop from the registry, if they have arranged for one.

3. Steer clear of cameras you shouldn’t be in front of The new couple gets only one day to take pictures that will last them a life time. They probably don’t want to be looking back years from now at their special moment and see your face stuffed with cake in the background. 66

| April 2013

4. Congratulate the families

For most brides and grooms, the wedding day is a complete blur. So it is a good idea to seek out the families involved to tell them that you enjoyed the evening and personally congratulate them.

5. Don’t party crash

If you weren’t invited with a guest, don’t show up with one. Also, asking the bride/groom if you can bring a plus one is a no-no as it puts them in a very awkward position. If it were in their budget, they would’ve extended the extra invitation to begin with.

6. Say goodnight to your kids No, someone’s wedding day is not the perfect opportunity for your friends and family to meet the little ones. Unless they were invited, keep your kids at home.

7. Dress appropriately

Don’t wear white. In fact, stay clear of all shades that range from off-white to ivory. It’s

just good manners. We appreciate that you have been working out, staying fit and itching to show off your new bod. However, this is a family event; don’t dress to compete.

8. Don’t use your phone

A wedding ceremony is an intimate gathering; you have been invited to celebrate it, not to report it. Don’t ruin the night by texting, tweeting and Facebook-ing. Keep your phone in your purse and instead, mingle with real life people for a change.

9. Know when to leave

If you are in a hurry to leave but don’t want to be rude, it is a general rule that it is okay to leave after the cake is cut.

10. Don’t share wedding photos

While social media doesn’t really leave much room for privacy, the bride and groom probably want to be the first ones who share their wedding images with the world. Don’t Instagram any shots just yet.

Wedding Feature

L Mobile Laundry Solution MYDOOR DRY CLEANING

Are you tired of the hassle of driving all the way to laundries? Here’s a company that offers you convenience, customer satisfaction and so much more.

aundry and dry cleaning stores, as an industry standard, have been delivering clothing between stores and plants for decades. Most retail locations merely serve as a drop-store for the customer, where the clothing is then shipped off to a processing plant. MyDoor Dry Cleaning eliminates the inefficiency of multiple shipping, allowing service to begin at your front door. “Your clothes are already being shipped in a van. Why not eliminate the hassle of driving to laundries in the process?” says Ebrahim Ahmadi, owner of MyDoor Dry Cleaning Bahrain. The concept is simple; customers place dirty items in a MyDoor bag on their scheduled route day, then a uniformed driver picks them up and delivers any freshly pressed garments sent in from the previous time. “You literally only need to go as far as opening your front door to have clean, pressed clothes,” Ahmadi explains. “Our services include free pick-up and delivery of your laundry from the convenience of your front door, home or office. We offer 25 per cent off for entire first order," he continues. “Besides dry cleaning and laundering your clothes, we clean comforters, tablecloths, linen, blankets, drapes and rugs. We also do clothe alteration, shoe shine and repair.” Call 16 681-668


| April 2013


In Safe Hands

With two decades of expertise in the event planning industry, this firm is as creative and professional as it gets in hosting big functions.


ounded in 1990 with the sole aim of designing unique wedding set-ups for the most elite of customers, Chandal Group was Salah Bushihri’s answer to the demand for a high-end dedicated boutique. Since its launch the firm has reaped success consistently, growing in strength and reach. Following international standards and using high quality equipment, Chandal Group has become synonymous for outstanding weddings in and around Bahrain. Its practical and innovative approach has won itself branches in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Qatar. The group provides complete wedding solutions and services from the conceptualisation to the actualisation of the event. This includes sketches, three-dimensional representations, designs, production and fabrication. The client is given utmost priority at this establishment as they believe it is their mission to execute the wedding of his/her dreams. Once you’ve teamed up with Chandal Group, you’ll never need to settle for less. From the setting up of the stage and tables, to the arrangement of flowers and other accessories, they cover it all. Add to that, state-of-the-art light and sound equipment and effects and you have the perfect day at hand. If you want to go all out and celebrate with fireworks, confetti and a laser show, they’ve got that too. Making it a more personal and memorable affair, the event managers provide customised souvenirs for the newly-weds and their guests. Call 17 233-556 or email

April 2013 |


Wedding Feature DESSANGE

A Step at a Time A globally renowned salon and spa lists out the 12 hair and make-up must-dos for the perfect wedding.

Consult In stressful times, it’s always best to ask for help. Be sure to have a consultation session with the experts before choosing your wedding theme and look. Strengthen To create the perfect base for your chignon, you first need to strengthen your hair. Now is a great time to treat any hair and scalp problems. Shape This could be the right time to change your look. You could always go simple and opt for a trim to control frizzy hair. Colour Choose your desired colour. Whether you want a dramatic change or subtle highlights, the right technique and shade is essential to suit your skin tone. Treat For perfect results, follow up with your hairdresser to find a routine to continue while at home. Style and shine It’s very important to get the right products to sculpt, smooth, shine and most importantly have a perfect hold to your style. Full body wax Get a complete body wax to give your skin a silky smooth feel. It will be well worth the pain! Facial Combining facial diagnosis with skin analysis, the Dessange therapists examine every aspect of your skin to find the perfect treatment. Moroccan Bath This is a great way to exfoliate the skin. This treatment consists of Moroccan oils, herbs and black soap in a private steam room. Mani and Pedi Wedding prep is incomplete without a wellmanicured set of nails. This high-end salon offers many treatments from shellac to classic French manicures to complete the look. Makeup Get flawless make-up to look your best on your big day. The team of make-up experts transform you into a goddess of beauty in no time. Hair styling Whether you are going for an up-do or a laidback wavy look, make sure you get a trial run before the wedding day. Call 17 713-999.


| April 2013


Balmy nights are fast approaching and many brides are putting the finishing touches to their wedding plans. Almost always you are guaranteed great weather — almost.


s tempting as it might be to hold an outdoor wedding, summer can be a tricky time like any other. Unexpected dust storms, unpredictable heat waves and a swarm of insects is all it takes to turn your perfectly planned night into a disaster. Sheraton Hotel Bahrain understands that as exciting as surprises may be, they’re the last thing you need on your big day. The five-star venue gives you reason to host the party in a cosy and secure setting. Host a reception at either of their two grand ballrooms before the end of September to make the most of their special summer wedding package. The perfect setting The bigger of the two halls, Al Taj can accommodate over 400 persons. The impressive setting with a myriad of crystal chandeliers allows countless setups for the creative couple. If you are hoping to have the wedding of your dreams, this space is ideal as you can transform it into anything that you’ve envisioned all of your life. An added bonus is that dividers allow you to

expand or decrease the area based on your needs. The provision also accommodates separate gatherings within the same space with individual doorways for each party. Awali ballroom, on the other hand, symbolises elegance and charm. The old world set-up provides a sense of mystery, perfect for those looking for a magical wedding. This space works best for those who are aiming for a more personal affair as it has a maximum capacity of 200 persons. The mesmerising interiors are made up of Italian terracotta-tiled floors and traditional Arabian décor pieces. In a neutral colour palette, Awali boasts palatial arches engraved with fine mosaic, carved mahogany wood panelling and a twin tent roof enhanced by stunning wrought iron chandeliers. What makes this venue the right choice is a second doorway, much like the secret passages of castles. Guests are not necessarily fond of walking through hotel lobbies to get to the function. You can erase this worry with the entryway to the ballroom from Modal Mall. Sheraton Hotel Bahrain knows that sometimes all you need is an intimate gathering

to celebrate your bond with your near and dear. This ballroom offers just that. The Oriental appeal of this venue is unparalleled. The buffet can be accommodated within the venue; however, it would be wise to make use of the outer foyers of both ballrooms for the food. Not only does this offer more freedom for guests, but it avoids cramming up everything within the same space. Something special The summer wedding package offers a reduced price of BD12++ per person for a minimum of 200 guests, as well as eight uniformed female servers for a flawless dining experience. They’ve boxed up a night’s stay at their suite, inclusive of a fruit basket and honeymoon special breakfast within the room, and a lunch buffet voucher for two at Al Safir restaurant. From the wedding cake to the dance floor and flower arrangements to beverages, they’ve got it all covered. You can create your own menu by choosing five appetisers, five main courses and four desserts from their extensive selection. Call 17 533-533 or visit April 2013 |


Wedding Feature


Making It Perfect

The wedding day is a special moment in a woman’s life. You want to create beautiful and unforgettable memories to be treasured forever.


lanning a wedding can be a nightmare; there are so many things to do and to organise. Fortunately there’s a solution at hand — the wedding planner. LalaBella specialises in delivering a dream day for all brides and their guests. With a personal service, every couple and their families can get their ‘prefect’ wedding. From big receptions in grand ballrooms to intimate home celebrations, each occasion has unique demands and styles that need to be satisfied, and this is where you can depend upon the expertise of LalaBella. “The tiniest detail can often become the most important part of your big day,” says Nahla Al Mahmood, founder and general manager of LalaBella. “We guide brides through each step of the process to ensure all the important elements and details are included, and in the right way.” LalaBella offers a wide range of services, from concept design and inspiration through to bridal consultation for hair, make-up and the actual wedding dress. Whether it is custom furniture and accessories, floral decorations and bouquets, graphic design and menu selection, 72

| April 2013

this wedding planner has you covered. “Even such things as the lighting and the flavour of the food need to be fine-tuned to the wishes of the bride and her groom,” adds Nahla. “The wedding day should be a unique moment in a woman’s life, a day to be celebrated, and that requires all aspects to be treated with respect.” Nahla is the first Bahraini wedding planner to be certified from the Wedding Planning Institute of USA. “Very often we hear about the bridal nerves and breakdown with so many things to do,” she says. “Having a planner is the best way to avoid the extra pressure and truly enjoy the occasion. Our aim is to create a fun, memorable journey for the bride, the groom, and both families, as well as offering the guests an unforgettable experience.” LalaBella is the bride’s one-stop shop for all her needs. The boutique includes flowers, gifts and chocolates, as well, for all occasions. They also plan dinner receptions, henna parties, birth celebrations and birthdays. Call 17 471-111 or visit

Symbol of Purity ROSA CLARÁ

A leading bridal boutique has created an elegant collection attuned to the season’s trends, never forgetting that it is the beauty of the bride that is paramount.


hite with pastel shades are hallmarks of the new Rosa Clará 2013 bridal collection. Pastel pink, aquamarine, sky blue and natural whites come together in three lines forming a collection which is the very essence of femininity in its purest state. Light, flowing lines in pleated gauze and silk tulle gowns bring a diaphanous, elegant movement. Satins, satin silk with straight lines and full length skirts are combined with flowers and feathers. Gowns with light skirts, short dresses, mermaid cuts and floral blouses and coats guarantee impact, all thanks to this year’s stunning innovation — the introduction of fantasy fabric appliqués. Flowers embroidered on organza are the surprise element of the new line. Accessorise with their coloured stone earrings, matching tiaras, floral jackets and feather stoles.

Party ready The new Party Collection presented by Rosa Clará for 2013 focuses on daring dresses combined with sophistication. They’ve lined up paillettes for the evenings and set aside voile and tulle fabrics for the day. You can spot a lot of beadwork, sequins and other sparkling embellishments. Low necklines are big as well. The emphasis is on fabrics like crinkle silk chiffons, organza, garza and lace. Portrait backs add sensuality to the look. Reds, blues and blacks make a comeback along with a range of metallic hues. The new look this season is the two-colour dress: black skirts with tops in more vivid colours and printed fabrics. These dresses have a unique charm that works for every woman. Shop for Rosa Clará at their outlet along the Budaiya Highway. Call 17 590-398 or visit April 2013 |


Wedding Feature


Whether you are walking down the aisle or attending someone’s reception, the coming few months are sure to be busy ones for women around the island.


edding season is here and Bahrain is bustling with angelic white gowns and flowy veils. However, for those aiming for a more traditional look, ethnic pieces are in abundance in every outlet of Lulu Hypermarket. Boasting an entire section of the highest quality of Indian attire in the latest trends, this retail store has everything you need for the perfect wedding. Henna nights in the Kingdom have taken an Indian twist. So look no further than this venue for the best sarees, lehengas and salwar suits. The range includes items in bold colours in


| April 2013

unique patterns with intricate details like embroidery and beadwork. They’ve got something to suit everyone’s liking. Lulu Hypermarket understands that getting ready for a party can be a hassle. After all, half of the fun in attending an Indian party is the dressing up. With everything from accessories and jewellery to make-up and footwear under the same roof, they make party shopping much easier. What’s more, they meet your budget. Following trends With the start of the spring/summer season, it

is important for any fashionista to stay up-todate with what’s in. When it comes to Indian dresses, it is all about colours. The collection features jewel tones in all shades with mesmerising gold or black embroidery. It is all in the details here at Lulu Hypermarket. From chiffons and cottons to the purest of silks, the centre focuses on using the best fabrics. It isn’t just the women that can take advantage of the collections here. Men have a wide selection of clothing and footwear to choose from as well. Call 17 553-555.

You can’t attend an Indian party without stacking up on bangles and wearing some of the glitziest accessories around. If you are a Bollywood movie fan then you will know that no traditional wedding outfit is complete without accessories – and lots of them. Once you are done choosing your dress, the next step to be party ready is the jewellery, shoes, make-up and purse. Gold is one trend that never runs out of style and is in fact a staple at Indian weddings. Take your pick from the variety of bold and beautiful necklaces, anklets, rings and earrings on offer at Lulu Hypermarket. One thing you can’t miss is the large collection of bangles that could go with any saree. Mix and match; don’t forget to pile them on. Of course, the colour craze does not stop just yet. Add to the shine with a lovely jewelencrusted pair of heels or a floral-patterned evening purse. The men are also in for a treat with a wide assortment of shoes to complete their outfit. A fresh look With a long night of dancing ahead, girls need to make sure their make-up is just right. Even though the season’s fashion trends include plenty of glamour, it is all a take on simplicity. Play down your over-the-top ensemble with Indian-inspired eye make-up and a simple rouge lip. Lulu Hypermarket offers some of the most high quality brands that feature on-trend colours and styles.

April 2013 |


Wedding Feature

The Great Escape By Paden Vaughan

Are you trying to find the perfect balance between somewhere romantic, yet slightly different? Here are three places which are sure to appeal to lovebirds who want something a little more unique.

San Gimignano, Italy

The Low-down: One of the oldest cities in Tuscany, San Gimignano (pronounced Jimmyah-no) is a walled, medieval city located just under an hour away from Florence. The city grew in size in 1199, when it became an independent city from the bishops of nearby Volterra. Families built tower houses of incredible heights and many of them still stand today. One of the most famous architectural structures of the town is the Sant’Agostino church, which houses various artworks of early Renaissance artists. X-Factor: You’d be forgiven for thinking that an old medieval city would make an odd romantic getaway, but San Gimignano really has so much to offer. For one, the city boasts an unforgettable skyline. The myriad of gothic and Renaissance architecture is a sight to behold. The city is surrounded by a lush countryside with olive trees scattered across the hill. A Tuscan sunset is like no other! Of course, no trip to Italy is complete without sampling some delightful Italian cuisine; one thing this town does very well is gelato. You’d be foolish not to grab one at Gelateria di Piazza, which has won countless awards and is heralded as one of the best ice-cream places on earth. With a seemingly endless list of flavours, you’ll simply have to visit more than once! Best For: Historians. The city’s wonderful architecture is sure to appeal to those with a keen interest in history. Explore beautiful churches, climb the various towers throughout the town and explore hidden alleys and countless side-streets.


| April 2013

Munich, Germany

The Low-down: The largest city in the German state of Bavaria, Munich started off as a medieval town back in 1158 and became the capital of the kingdom in 1806. The city is located north of the Bavarian Alps on the River Isar. Munich is also famous for Oktoberfest; the largest fair in the world, which occurs in middle to late September. It is famous for the celebration of beer. So what’s not to love? X-Factor: Munich is an undeniably beautiful city with a fascinating history and mesmerising architecture. Just walking through the city is an enjoyable experience. It is one of the greenest cities in Germany with a wide variety of parks, including the beautiful Englischer Garten. This is one of the largest urban parks in the world, larger than New York’s Central Park. One of Munich’s most attractive features is the fantastic array of Bavarian beers on offer. The city is laden with breweries and beer-halls; one of the most famous being Hofbräuhaus am Platzl. Best For: Foodies. With literally hundreds of beer varieties to choose from, you’ll want to spend a lot of time in Munich. The city operates various beer and brewery tours regularly. You can sample some fantastic German cuisine from strudel to sauerkraut.

Aspen, Colorado

The Low-down: Winter weddings are becoming more and more popular. Why not go the whole way and enjoy a winter honeymoon? Located in the mountains of Colorado, Aspen is a winter-sport enthusiasts’ dream. The quaint mountain city started off as a silver mining camp and is now one of the most popular skiing destinations on earth — a favourite of celebrities! X-Factor: The first thing that is immediately striking is the gorgeous landscape. Wherever you are in town, you’re treated to breathtaking views. The main attraction, of course, in Aspen is the skiing. With 76 slopes in total, there’s enough to suit beginners and skiing aficionados. If skiing is not your thing, then fear not. Aspen has so much more to offer. There are various mountain hikes and horse-riding tours available. Fifteen miles south-west lie the amazing alpine meadows and lakes. You can even saddle up on a snowmobile and ride into the magical Maroon Bells-Snowmass Wilderness and observe the spectacular lake. The White River National Forest in the northwest is worth a visit as well. Best For: Adventurers. Couples who are adrenaline junkies will not be disappointed in Aspen. The ski resort offers various skiing packages, as well as hikes and many other exhilarating activities.

April 2013 |


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Your Wedding; Our Guide

Are you one of those people who shiver at the thought of planning a wedding? Whether it’s yours or your bestie’s big day in question, we offer you a secret weapon to tackling it all — one step at a time.


ike it or not, a whole lot of planning is essential to actualise the flawless wedding of your dreams. A watertight event demands a watertight planner. Even if you’re planning your own wedding with the girls or if you’ve hired a management firm to do the job, you are bound to be stuck with a million things to keep an eye on. To be on top of things, Woman This Month equips women everywhere with a step-by-step workbook. Flipping into bridezilla mode is highly doubtful for those women following this detailed checklist. Ideally, you ought to start planning at least six months prior to the big day. Those who’ve already moved closer to the saved date needn’t worry. You’ll just have to start right away. Who knows, you might even have most of it covered. Giving you an insight into all the things you’ll need to book, buy and borrow; the WTM Wedding Workbook is your bible to the perfect wedding. With this by your side, you’ll never have to say something slipped out of your mind. With a calendar of things to do every week up to the due date and to the things you need to take care of after the function, we’ve covered it all. Preparing a guest list just got a lot easier. Planning your budget has never been more organised. That’s not all; we’ve put together a special plan for your photographs, music and flowers. The best part about it all is that you can grab your own copy of this exclusive workbook for free from our website or simply scan this QR code for an instant download. Visit

April 2013 |


Social Butterfly

Pevonia Launch At Dessange

Zainab & Miranda

Dessange Bahrain held a launch for the Pevonia Natural Skin Care range of products at the Dessange Bahrain Spa in Adliya last month Lelani, Eit, Yasmin, Susan & Hongwu


Georgina & Mara

Explore the world’s taste Whether in the Asia, Europe, America or Africa - we select only the best products and superior quality for our CRSECENDO shops. Our exclusively selected top-grade raw materials are carefully refined without added colourants, aromas or preservatives to produce the highest level of tasting enjoyment! CRESCENDO’s care and quality standards ensure that important nutrients are retained for your health. Not only does their outstanding taste make our products rewarding; they also contribute to your health and well-being. Oils


“Explore the world’s taste” is the principle behind all CRSECENDO shops, and a core principle of our business. Our experts select a superb range of spices and a fascinating collection of balsamic vinegars, oils, herbs & spices. Try before you buy! Everything can be sampled and purchased in quantities tailored to suit your needs. To discover the world, you have to taste it... Spices



Call +973 17 58 20 60 to find out more… CRESCENDO PO Box 5708, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain


| April 2013

Social Butterfly

Louisa Spagnoli Store Opening

Ahmed Al Hoshan, Romina & HE Alberto Viki, Italian Ambassador

A ribbon cutting ceremony was held to mark the opening of the Louisa Spagnoli Store at Moda Mall

Ali Al Bishi, Leylan Savasman, Ahmed Al Hoshan, Rocio Schaepper & Rodolphe Melki

Anastasia & Nelly

Leslie & Mohammed

April 2013 |



The Balancing Act: Body, Mind and Soul

By Shauna Nearing Loej

Within our busy lives we try to seek calm amidst the chaos. It’s easier said than done in our ‘switched on’ society where we make ourselves so readily available. When it comes to the end of each day, you may wonder will you ever be fully in control of your life. 82

| April 2013


eing in control is about striking a balance between the body, mind and soul, according to experts. Woman This Month goes on a quest to find the key ideas and techniques on where to start and how to stay balanced. Our expert: Corina Zanner-Entwistle, life and training consultant. Call 39 301-371 or email Finding a balance between body, mind and soul is not some far-fetched ideal. “It is possible to have a life balance but it’s something we need to work on and take time to achieve. It’s about planning and making sure you have time to do the things you enjoy. People who never do this are the ones who get out of balance. When we get out of balance we get stressed, easily overwhelmed, not to mention annoyed, with everyone and everything around us,” says the consultant. Our bodies also become susceptible to illness. In fact, one of the leading causes of heart attacks is stress-related illness. The aim The ideal balanced life depends on the individual’s values and needs. Although diet and exercise are important parts of the equation, unlocking the power of the mind is vital. “I try to teach my clients the power of their own mind, what they can achieve and that they are in control. Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? There is a lot of truth in the maxim,” says Corina. No matter how bad the situation, the way you think about it and the way you frame it is very powerful. If you think you are in a hopeless situation, instead of saying I can’t do anything, a balanced person might say, what are my options and how can I make this situation better for me. The power of the mind and how we handle

ourselves can even turn a pessimist into an optimist. People think they are a certain way but they have the power to change if they want to. We need to learn to let go of stress, anger and start dealing with whatever we are avoiding. We need to become congruent or in harmony with ourselves or risk our health. Never too late Not everyone can cope easily with work and family issues or major life events such as a move, a new job or some traumatic event. A change of life like moving from childhood years to a teenager, midlife and the menopause also upset our balance. People respond differently to these changes. Some might find it easy while others are challenged. “Some clients come to me because they simply need someone to talk to. They may have a hard time dealing with everyday problems and need someone non-judgemental like a therapist to give them a new perspective,” she explains. Others gain balance by being with likeminded individuals in support groups. Even if you have trusted family or friends, not everyone wants to burden them. So, support groups are a good option for these individuals. However, not everyone needs to see a therapist. Many people cope just fine by themselves. A day off, a bit of pampering or a chat with a friend might be all you need to reframe issues and get back in balance. Ideally, we shouldn’t wait until we are faced with these stressful circumstances to figure out how to cope. We should be armed with the skills. It’s never too late. Corina encourages her clients and is particularly keen to advise schools on the importance of emotional intelligence. There is so much pressure on children these days. Stress is part of our lives and we need to teach children to be self-aware and understand their feelings.

Getting started These techniques briefly described are used to treat everything from allergies, anxiety, phobias, stress, depression, smoking, weight management, motivation, self-esteem and goal setting. You should first seek the guidance of a professional to properly learn these techniques and to find out what works best for you. Stop technique: Breathing is essential to restoring balance. In this quick and effective technique, you stop what you are doing and take several deep breaths. The more you practice the more balanced you become. Circle of excellence: Imagine a circle on the floor and as you step into that circle you activate your past and positive experiences related to what you are about to do. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the actual experience as the mind cannot differentiate between a real and imagined experience. Mediation/self-hypnosis: Take 10-15 minutes in the morning, find a quiet place and clear your mind. There are different approaches to meditation with some people concentrating on an object such as a candle while others use a mantra. You should feel re-energised and ready to take on your day. Self-talk: Our minds are filled with negative messages such as “I can’t do this” all the time. Take a deep breath and say you know you can do it! This technique is good for everyone particularly children and teens. Hypnosis: Forget what you see on TV, hypnosis is nothing more than a state of deep relaxation helping you to become more balanced and self-aware. You are always conscious during therapy; nobody can tell you what to do. The key is tapping into the powerful area of the subconscious to help you achieve your goals. April 2013 |


Wellbeing Our expert: Somayah Liuzhen Xu, managing director, Bahrain Wellness Resort. Call 39 728383 or visit

Our expert: Jayashree Sharma, teacher, The Art of Living. Call 39 932-788 or visit If finding a balance between body, mind and soul is indeed possible then why do we think it is so hard to achieve? “We give everything else a priority and neglect ourselves,” says Jayashree Sharma, a teacher at The Art of Living Foundation’s centre in Zinj. “It’s like charging a phone every day; we also need to charge ourselves daily.” The Art of Living helps people from all walks of life through stress management workshops, including breathing techniques, meditation and yoga. These programmes have helped millions around the world to overcome stress, depression, violent tendencies and find peace of mind. They also offer prison smart programmes, addiction programmes and are involved in many educational and service projects. Most recently, the Bahrain chapter has adopted a labour camp to teach labourers a special stress-relieving breathing technique through its Breath Water Sound workshops which Jayashree says help them to feel empowered, relaxed and happier. Thousands have gone through the Art of Living centre in Bahrain, where the aim is to promote a stressfree and violence-free society. “It is not always easy to explain Art of Living because besides the obvious external changes there are many subtle changes that one can only experience first-hand,” says Christal, a volunteer at the centre. Under your nose We might tell ourselves we are strong and can handle whatever life throws our way but stress is pretty hard to avoid. Finding an effective stress-buster would be terrific. Jayashree says that what we need is right under our nose. 84

| April 2013

“You can’t tell your mind not to get stressed. But you can do this through breathing. If you learn to control your breath, you will control your mind and achieve a positive state of mind. We come out as light and free as a new flower,” she says. A fundamental teaching at the Art of Living is a breathing technique called the Sudarshan Kriya. This technique is a very powerful and unique rhythmic breathing uniting body, mind and soul. “At the very deep cellular level, this technique release the body’s toxins, stress or whatever the body doesn’t require,” explains Jayashree. “Your mind comes to the present and the body is totally relaxed with no thoughts in your mind.” The Art of Living also teaches a gentle form of yoga that follows and compliments the Sudarshan Kriya. Together, the two techniques provide the individual with the ability to be in the present, calm, controlled and able to face life’s challenges. Trying to achieve this balance doesn’t depend on what you have done in the past. The experts also agree that what really matters is the present. As a result, you can reverse your problems by practicing certain techniques. The Art of Living offers courses in the Sudarshan Kriya, yoga and other forms of deep mediation such as silence courses, where participants are taken to deeper state of rest to connect with inner harmony. It is such an experiential course and you need to share the energy. Courses also help businesses looking for team building to families wanting other ways to connect. There are also special courses for children, teens and youth to raise selfawareness and help to be the best they can be. Art of Living will hold courses at the Royal Golf Club from April 13-18, and at the centre in Zinj from April 23-27.

In the quest to find a balance of body, mind and soul, it is good to know there are many approaches to help achieve harmony. In their tranquil setting beside the sea nearby, you might forget where you are. At the Bahrain Wellness Resort, east meets east in the complimentary offerings of ancient Chinese medicine and time-tested Indian Ayurveda, aimed at preventing and treating ailments from stress, fatigue to more serious medical issues. Both are holistic approaches with Chinese therapies working to restore the yin/yang balance by targeting energy channels throughout the body. The essence of this energy comes from five elements of fire, water, metal, wood and earth. “If someone came to us with a bad temper, the doctor might say that the patient has too much fire so water is needed to put out the fire. The doctor might suggest a therapy to increase the kidney function,” explains Somayah. Cupping or acupuncture would then be used to balance the individual. Ayurveda is also based on the same five elements. Therapies, such as the Shirodhara treatment where oil is poured on the forehead, are used to treat various conditions and to restore balance. Depend on yourself Somayah says that people go to the resort to be healthy and to prevent illness. “We don’t focus enough on prevention, particularly in young people who think there is no need to find a balance in body, mind and soul at their age,” she says. It is never too late to start therapies. The more responsibility for family or work we have, the more stressed we get. “A doctor or therapist can help but most of the time, you need to depend on you. There are 24 hours in the day and a treatment may take a couple of hours. It is only you for the rest of the time,” explains Somayah. Taking a break and escaping to the resort for the weekend to recharge your batteries might give you the boost you need to be more confident and positive. One of the most popular treatments is massage therapy where clients can de-stress and regain balance. Other therapies such as acupuncture, cupping and scraping are used to treat many ailments, help calm emotions and improve the body function. You will go back to daily life having more balance in body and mind. You should do sessions from time to time to maintain the balance. Exercise is also encouraged with classes offered in the Chinese version of yoga called Taiji Qi Gong, which is effective for cooling emotions and making the body more flexible.


Take Control

When we think of women’s health, we tend to think of nutrition and exercise, plus a good dollop of salon time to relax and rejuvenate. However, how often do we think about our allimportant pelvic floor muscles? Not often, if ever!


e interviewed two Gulf Air ex-crew members, who stepped out of their cabin shoes and into the world of women’s healthcare to make a difference. Gaynor Morgan is CEO of C&G Medicare Ltd UK and inventor of KeyGal, the pelvic toner with a difference. Mandy Evans is the director of C&G Bahrain and educator of products for pelvic toning and rehabilitation. the KeyGal. It’s so discreet. Once inserted into the vagina, it automatically holds and supports everything in place, preventing leaks and allowing you to work out. WTM: Do kegels apply to those under 25 or over 65? C&G: Kegel exercises should be done from teenage years. Training the pelvic floor from a young age prepares it for easier childbirth. At the same time, you are never too old to start pelvic floor exercises. Using KeyGal will not only give you that extra support but it will allow you to train the muscles properly. WTM: How can one know if they are doing it right?

Gaynor Morgan

WTM: Why is it so important that we don’t neglect our pelvic floor?

lifetime of leaks, loss of feeling and possible problematic delivery during childbirth.

C&G: The pelvic floor is a structure of complex muscles, ligaments and connective tissue responsible for the internal support of vital organs such as the bowel, rectum, bladder, urethra, uterus, cervix and vagina. If the pelvic floor becomes weak it will not have the strength to support these organs, which eventually drop and often fall out of the body. This is called a pelvic organ prolapse. Keeping the pelvic floor muscles strengthened allows those vital organs to function properly.

WTM: Do people who work out need to do kegels?

WTM: Can one feel KeyGal inside her? C&G: Women who go to the gym may be working muscles of the body but not necessarily working the core muscles of the pelvic floor. Crunches are one of the worst exercises for the pelvic floor as it puts so much downward strain on the abdomen, it could actually contribute to prolapse or incontinence.

WTM: Why is it so important to do pelvic floor exercises?

WTM: Women stop hitting the gym after having a baby due to leaking. Can KeyGal help them exercise again?

C&G: Doing kegels are extremely important. They help keep the muscles in condition, enabling you to have bladder control and maintain a healthy sex life. Without these exercises, you’ll be setting yourself up for a

C&G: Absolutely. Women often forgo the gym because of stress incontinence (involuntary loss of urine). They feel embarrassed due to leaking during exercises. The perfect partner for any routine would be

C&G: Many women think they are doing a pelvic floor contraction when they squeeze their bottom. In fact, they are not doing anything. KeyGal will help train you to do an isometric contraction correctly. It trains your muscles to remember how to do that contraction, which leads to strength of the pelvic floor. Eventually, you may find that you automatically do your pelvic floor exercises without thinking about it.

C&G: At first, you will be aware of its presence. You will not be able to ‘feel’ it as such. The more you use it, the less you will feel it is there. The pelvic floor muscles will start to work on their own due to the resistance training KeyGal offers. WTM: Is there any sort of support information I can go to find out more about my pelvic floor? C&G: The best person to speak to is your gynaecologist or your women’s health physiotherapist. Don’t delay speaking to someone if you notice you are leaking or feel as if there is a lump in your vagina. C&G Medicare offers full support on general information and information about our products. April 2013 |



Stay Grounded By Maryam Toorani

If you haven’t yet heard of the pseudoscience that is ‘earthing’, this is for you. A friendly warning though, you might suddenly get the urge to nap in your backyard.


e at Woman This Month are continuously on the look out for the next big craze gripping the attention of wellbeing leaders of the world. This month, the concept of ‘earthing’ as a means to prolong life and promote balance is on our radar. Basically, the theory suggests that our bodies are meant to come into contact with the earth on a regular basis. With all the electromagnetic waves around us from our little mobiles and gadgets, our bodies have a high amount of positive electrons built up. This, according to the book Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? is not normal. The practice encouraging the balance of charges involves coupling your body to the earth’s surface energy by walking, sitting or sleeping on the ground. It looks like the men and women of the Stone Age had it right. Reports even suggest that sleeping outside can reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, therefore increasing life expectancy.


| April 2013

The phenomenon started in 1998 by a retired cable TV executive named Clint Ober who had somewhat of a ‘Eureka!’ moment as he sat on a park bench in Sedona, Arizona. Ober questioned why synthetic, plastic or rubbersoled shoes had replaced leather ones and if this change impacted our health. He followed up with the research, which showed evidence demonstrating that earthing generates a powerful and positive shift in the electrical state of the body. Today, more and more people are jumping on the bandwagon that suggests balancing out the positive charges in our body can offer a range of benefits. So which are the big names behind this brand new health fad? Well-known doctor and natural health proponent Dr Mercola and ex-Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong have been using earthing mats for years; even Dr Oz has gotten on board. Although the credibility of the latter two is doubtful, many established athletes live

by using earthing as a means to speed recovery and reduce injuries. Still, many are criticising the theory’s ‘revolutionary’ vision, saying that it’s not really a new concept, but a recycled one. Before the rubber shoes and exposure to electromagnetic fields, people used to walk or work barefoot all the time. Although now we live in houses and hardly come into direct contact with the earth, some experts say that we in many unconscious ways already ground our bodies. Walking with socks on in our houses for instance, or even using our laptops that are being charged or ‘grounded to the earth’. Some critics are even going as far as saying the whole concept is just a scientific way of earthworshipping. There are big cracks in the theory, yes, but the idea of re-connecting to the earth does sound very tranquil. One thing is for sure; you won’t catch us walking around the island barefooted anytime soon.

Just Playing?


Play is often a great way to express creativity and solve problems, says CLARE BECKETT-MCINROY.


s adults, life constantly presents us with problems. Life offers less problems to young children, in some ways as other people are there to think for them, help them, do for them, and sometimes denying them the need and experience of solving problems for themselves. Yet observe your children as they play and you will see them reflecting, problem solving and creating. This is usually accompanied by energy burst of excitement and, of course, concentration. However, how can you support your child? This article will provide you with some practical solutions. There has been a considerable amount of research, conducted mostly on preschool children, on the relationship between play and problem solving. A child’s natural response to a problem is often to ask for help, for example, if they need a drink or if they require their shoe 88

| April 2013

laces tying. We even see children handing rubbish to parents for them to put it in a bin. Through your caring nature you may wish to solve their problems for them — this is natural. What can you do? Research suggests that opportunities to play with a variety of materials is linked to the development of two key skills — abstract (symbolic) and divergent thinking (exploring as many aspects to a problem as possible) — which foster problem solving abilities (Burke, 2010). Despite the elusive nature of play, there is a superiority of play over non-play activities. Moroever, play is so natural and the resources used do not need to be expensive or specialised. Think of children making a space ship or a den out of boxes and the way nature and play are so attuned, and where children play with

sand and water for hours! When such play is happening, you can just step back and ensure that your children are safe and happy while they develop team skills and contribute ideas verbally and non-verbally. You may want to ask some open questions on occasions to guide their thinking if something is not working for them after they have tried a number of solutions. You will be able to sense when this is appropriate by the feeling and mood of your child. Are they looking confused or frustrated? An element of confusion is good as this allows them to consider and experiment with solutions; however, frustration may need your attention to keep them interested. Yet frustration can also ignite determination to succeed, so don’t step in too soon! It’s important to learn about your child’s interests to encourage play and problem solving.

Encouraging play At the onset, keep an open mind. Just like when you encourage your child to try a variety of foods, exposing them to a variety of children and experiences is important too. Take your child out to visit museums, parks, beaches, to see animals, to interactive science centres, to browse around toy shops and libraries because all these places stimulate their imagination. When you visit other homes, watch to see which toys or activities are exciting to your child. Try to avoid labelling toys as gender specific. Instead, allow your child to play with everything available to them. As your child develops, their interests will change, so be flexible enough to follow their lead. When a toy or activity is no longer age appropriate and challenging, your child will lose interest. When you buy toys, begin with basics. Consider toys that have more than one function, require imagination, and provide a challenge; for example, there are bricks or building blocks of many kinds for different age levels. Music is a fabulous stimulus for play and creativity as it offers a range of activities, including singing, playing instruments and dancing. Allow your child the space to use alternatives to normal instruments such as pan lids! Art and craft materials are multi-functional as well, and they stimulate imagination and introduce challenges. You can learn a great deal about your child, and yourself, through play. Embrace creativity On a grander scale many believe that creativity is the key to enabling technological innovations, which impact our economic survival and the future needs of society. Creativity, in reality, is not a simple concept; it is somewhat complex in that it includes related elements. It is a personality characteristic or attitude that involves mental flexibility, impulsiveness, curiosity and determination. Children judged to be very creative display evidence of persistence, self-confidence, high energy levels, flexibility, openness to new experiences and a good sense of humour. They may also display intrapersonal awareness, awareness of their own feelings and emotions. These attributes are also important as your child becomes more and more independent, so think of ways that they can be encouraged. What can you take away from this as a parent? Children need activities where they can be fully engrossed in their play. Educator Ann Epstein calls this child-guided. They also need to be adult-guided for some activities or at certain times and they also need a

combination of the two. What you can do is be aware of when you are over-guiding. Step back at that point to enjoy observing play just happen! Further Reading Burke, Anne (2010) Ready to Learn: Using Play to Build Literacy Skills in Young Learners, Pembroke Publishing Ltd Epstein, Ann (2007) The Intentional Teacher: Choosing the best Strategies for Young Children’s Learning, National Association for the Education of Young Children, Washington DC.

Problem Solving In summary, in relation to problem solving, Ann Epstein (2007) talks about teachers being intentional in their actions by: l Keeping in mind key goals for learning and development l Creating supportive environments l Curriculum planning and l Selecting from a variety of teaching strategies that promote thinking and skills April 2013 |


Parenting Column

Managing Food Allergies

Every playgroup has one; the mum who examines every last morsel in her bundle of joy’s lunch box because she has allergies.


o treat a food allergy you must first understand the nature of the culprit behind the allergic reaction experienced by your child. There are two types of allergies which could be causing the irritation. The first is a fixed food allergy and is usually quite obvious to detect. After ingesting peanuts, your child’s lips swell up and their throat immediately starts to itch. The cause of this reaction is similar to inhalant allergies, so the diagnosis is more easily ascertained. Blood testing (such as a RAST test) is typically used to verify fixed food allergies. Approximately five to 15 per cent of food allergies are of the fixed variety. The second type is a cyclic (delayed) food allergy that is far more common but less implicit. In this instance, symptoms can take up to three days to appear and the reaction is associated with the body’s immunoglobulin G (IgG), or antibodies. Unlike fixed food allergies, this allergic response is cyclical in nature. For example, a child may be IgG sensitive to milk; consequently, symptoms might appear if the child increases the intake and/or frequency of milk consumption. Children and adults are equally susceptible to food allergies. The bad news for children is that they often have more skin reactions, such as eczema, to foods than do adults. But the good news for the young patient is that a child often outgrows their food sensitivities over time, even when a positive RAST test occurs. Unfortunately, while food allergies may dwindle, inhalant ones, such as those associated with dust and pollen, tend to subsequently manifest themselves. Dealing with allergies Your paediatrician may suggest eliminating a food type from your child’s after undergoing an ‘Elimination and Challenge’ diet. This test consists of the three primary steps. Firstly, keep a meticulous food diary, tracking what was eaten (including ingredients), when it was eaten, any medications that are taken, and any symptoms that develop. Your child can receive the best diagnosis if the diet records

are precise, timed accurately and candid. The second step is to conduct your own elimination and challenge diet at home based upon your paediatrician’s assessment of your child’s diet diary. During this diet your child must refrain from one, and only one, of the probable food offenders at a time for a period of four days. Any cheating will invalidate the results. On the fifth day, you will be asked to feed your child the suspected offender. This is the challenge! Offer your child an average-sized portion of the food in question to be eaten in five minutes. In one hour the child should eat another half portion if no symptoms have developed; any that do are then timed and recorded. With a true cyclic food allergy you would expect a substantial worsening of the symptoms described in the original diet diary, although the challenge symptoms may vary as well. The final step, if the Elimination and Challenge diet confirms a cyclic food allergy, is to abstain from feeding your child this food for a period of three to six months. After this time you can gradually reinstate the food on a rotary basis; but it should not be eaten more often than every four days.

Fixed food allergies should never be intentionally challenged except under the direct supervision of a physician.

Tips for Detecting Allergies Parents and guardians of children with food allergies must be able to tell the difference between a mild or moderate allergic reaction, and a severe life-threatening one known as anaphylaxis. Without this knowledge, the child’s life can be put in jeopardy; anaphylaxis necessitates an urgent injection of adrenaline with an EpiPen. Signs of a mild to moderate allergic reaction: l Hives l Swelling of the lips, eyes or face l Vomiting and abdominal pain Signs of anaphylaxis include any of the preceding signs together with these: l Persistent coughing l Wheezing or noisy breathing l Difficulty breathing l Hoarse voice l Loss of consciousness or collapse l Pale and floppy (infants and young children)

For feedback, comments or questions contact Dr Jinan Darwish via email at: 90

| April 2013


Combat Obesity Woman This Month sits down with a leading Bahraini surgeon to learn more about the top surgical treatments for obesity.


r Khalifa Bin Dayna, general and endoscopic surgery consultant at Salmaniya Medical Complex and president of the Arab Endoscopic Surgeons Group, explains that stomach reduction surgery is one of the easiest ways to treat obesity. “The process is conducted by laparoscopy and involves reducing the stomach to a banana or tube shaped size where the part of the organ that secretes the hungerinducing hormone (ghrelin) is targeted,” he says. This surgery brings the size of the stomach down by about 75 per cent but overall results are seen only gradually. The surgeon also explains that a patient’s hunger rate is dramatically changed, which is a prime reason of the weight loss. “When they are unable to eat excessive amounts of food, the kilos start shedding. Within one year, you can expect to lose 33 per cent of your original weight,” the expert continues. Compared to other surgeries, stomach reduction is a quick process with a very high success rate, where you don’t need to install a foreign object into the body as in a lap band weight loss surgery. Basic presurgery procedures include ultrasound of the abdomen and blood tests. With only a three-day hospital stay required, downtime is kept to a minimum. “Patients can resume their normal life as little as a week after the surgery. After the operation, they need to follow a specific diet to maintain the treatment, this usually needs a number of days of consuming only liquid foods,” he explains. Call 17 720-600.

The Specialist Medical Center Dr. Khalifa Bin Dayna ‫خـبـيـر جـراحـة السـمنة‬

German Board in general and laparoscopic surgery Consultant general and laparoscopic surgeon in Salmaniya Medical Complex

Associate Professor in the Arabian Gulf University ponier in endoscopic and laparoscopic procedures to treat obesity laparoscopic gastric sleeve for obesity laparoscopic gastric bypass for obesity laparoscopic abdominal wall and inguinal hernia operation laparoscopic colon and appendix surgery laparoscopic heart burn surgery ,gastric reflex and hiatus hernia Email: Mobile: 39650005, Clinic number: 17740777 laparoscopic stomach surgery To book an appointment please call 17720600 or 17721200 laparoscopic gall bladder,liver and spleen surgery from 8am till 9pm laparoscopy for diagnostic abdominal pain Working hours from 4 pm till 9pm from Saturday till Thursday endoscopy for colon and stomach


| April 2013


Mind Over Body

To learn about what it is to be a neurologist, Woman This Month sat down with Dr Qusai Al Haddad.

Dr Qusai Al Haddad


ahrain Specialist Hospital’s (BSH) state-of-the-art facilities provide some of the Kingdom’s best specialised diagnoses and treatments for brain and nervous system disorders. Covering conditions that range from migraines, epilepsy and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis to brain and spinal cord injuries, we learnt that neuro-medicine is an expansive field. “The scopes of conditions we treat are wide and even include dizziness and blurring vision. Those who suffer from Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, seizure disorders or multiple sclerosis see a neurologist as their principal care doctor,” explains Dr Qusai. The expert goes on to state that an accurate diagnosis is the first step towards any effective treatment, more so when it comes to this field. Analyses involve getting a detailed health history of the patient and performing tests for mental status, vision, strength, coordination, reflexes and sensation. Some common tests used at BSH are computerised tomography or computer-assisted tomography (CT or CAT scan), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and electroencephalogram (EEG). “In a consulting role, a neurologist will diagnose and treat a disorder and then advise the primary care doctor managing the person’s overall health, like in conditions such as strokes, concussions or headaches,” the doctor adds. “That is why we also need an extensive knowledge of acute and chronic conditions. This is a sub-speciality which is continuing to advance with new treatments and methods of diagnoses being created all the time.” Call 17 812-000.

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Ford’s newest car combines clever technologies, a sleek design and better interior materials to give customers the complete SUV.


he 2013 Escape raises the bar for smallsized SUVs. In addition to more cargo volume behind the first and second rows, the new model delivers features like no other car in its category. Aside from the advanced technologies that add to its versatility, it is the vehicle’s driving dynamics that make the experience more engaging on the road. “We are excited to add the all-new 2013 Ford Escape to our line-up here in the Kingdom,” says Sandeep Mathur, general manager of Almoayyed Motors. “It offers the strengths that customers looking to buy a small-sized SUV really value: fuel economy, versatility and new technology that revolutionises the driving experience – all wrapped in a sleek, more modern design.” High-tech power To help make both the driver and passenger’s life easier, a host of features have been added

to the vehicle. A hands-free power liftgate brings innovation to the SUV market and is enabled by motion technology used in today’s videogame systems. A gentle kicking motion under the centre of the rear bumper activates, unlocks and raises the liftgate when the driver has the key fob. This allows quick and easy access to the cargo area without needing to set down packages or dig out keys; the same process closes the hatch. The Sync with MyFord Touch offers multiple ways to manage and control information through voice commands, menus accessed through controls on the steering wheel, touch screens, buttons and knobs. To make manoeuvering in parking lots and travelling on open roadways safer and stressfree, the Escape’s sensor-based Blind Spot Information System comes in handy. This displays an alert in the side mirror when a

vehicle is detected entering a blind spot. Cross-traffic alert warns you if traffic is detected approaching from the sides, such as leaving a parking space in reverse. Performance and versatility The 2013 model comes with an updated 2.5-litre engine. Aiding fuel economy is Escape’s sleeker design making it nearly 10 per cent more aerodynamic than the outgoing Escape. Stowing is also made easier in the fivepassenger vehicle, thanks to a low lift-over height of 27 inches. More innovations and cargo volume helps it surpass its predecessor. Rear seats have been designed to fold flat easily. With the touch of a button, the head restraint folds down. With the lift of a handle, the backrest folds and dives as the seat folds flat and clicks into position. Call 17 737-373. April 2013 |



Real Life Imaging

Watch your favourite blockbuster movies like they are happening right before your eyes through the latest innovative TV from Atom.


aquby Stores once again achieves another milestone with the launch of the all-new 55-inch and 47-inch slim, edgeless, full HD, 3D LED TVs. The Atom A1-3D series is in a class beyond compare, offering a genuine movie theatre experience in the comfort of your own home. The brand combines aesthetic artistry and technological brilliance to bring cinema-styled viewing through a thin and contemporary design that could fit into any modern living space. The borderless TV with end-to-end viewing radiates the brilliance of colour and clarity with the unmistakable signature of Atom’s high-tech edge. Enjoy crystal clear images that only LED technology can offer, taking your 3D experience to even greater heights. With a sleek and slim design, the series boasts passive shutter technology to capture your attention. Each model carries a host of contemporary features that have evolved with technology. You can connect peripheral devices to your display using the four HDMI ports. What’s more; you can share your TV with other devices. Movies, video games, photos and more can be easily connected via a range of options. Load your files onto a USB flash or hard disk drive and play them freely through the USB and PC input slots. As if that’s not enough, this month, Yaquby will give away a free Smart dongle and an air mouse as part of the launch offer. Both gifts are worth BD100. Call 17 582-250.

Lydia Birthday Party

A surprise birthday party was held for Lydia at Deja Vu Restaurant. The theme of the party was 'Black & White' Anne-Marie, Lydia, Cecille & Nathalie

Youri & Guillaume

Miliena & Sharon

Sophie, Beatrice & Ada

Khun & Valerie Tariq & Olivier

Eric & Lydia


| April 2013


Experience New Luxury With innovative driving assistance and active safety features, the all-new Kia Quoris sets itself apart by taking luxury and technology to a new level.


he A A Bin Hindi team have recently recorded an increase in test-drives in their Kia Motors showrooms. More and more customers are on the lookout for a massive change in their driving trends, wanting to experience something that is different from the ‘said and done’ norm of the motoring world. Since its premium launch event last year in Bahrain, the flagship Kia Quoris has added something new to the market that drivers in the Kingdom have been seeking — a unique experience. The dealership has witnessed a rise in the number of fan following and ownership, owing to the vehicle’s advanced technology and features. This, combined with outstanding after-sales services, makes the sedan a unique experience. The 2013 model features a host of high-tech comfort and safety specifications, many of them never seen before on a Kia or even in the same competitor class segment. Located in the right side of the front bumper is the radar-based advanced smart cruise control, which constantly monitors the road ahead up to a range of 174 metres. Other innovations include the active safety technology and an

advanced vehicle safety management system. Class-leading blind spot detection is built in with lane change assistance, lane departure warning system and around view monitor system. Five star service Reaffirming the mission to serve ultimate comfort, Kia provides its customers with an after-sales service unlike any other. With ownership of a Kia Quoris, drivers get five year’s unlimited mileage warranty and a

100,000km door-to-door free butler service. Just by a telephone call, specially recruited personnel will pick up your car, service it and deliver it right back to your doorstep. What’s more; the car comes with a factory provided free maintenance of up to 100,000km. To take the car for a spin, visit the showroom in Khamis where you can experience ultimate luxury first-hand. Call 17 408-000, email or visit April 2013 |




Nothing shows appreciation like a timeless piece of jewellery. This month, present your nearest and dearest with a collection that can be cherished for ever.


s the years go by and those close to you change and grow, it’s hard to keep track of everybody’s likes and dislikes — which can make buying gifts difficult! Choose the safe option this wedding season and surprise your loved ones with jewelled goods that stand the test of time. Bansri Jewellery boasts an extensive collection of jewellery that every woman will 100

| April 2013

love to receive — no matter her age or taste. If you’re looking to please your children, even if they’re teens, their range of cute silver charms is a hit. Select styles that are meaningful to the receiver. Let them build a personal bracelet that holds memories for years to come. Hello Kitty charms are a popular choice, with many others to select from as well.

For the more mature lady, browse the line of modern and traditional designs. A single statement piece in gold or diamond is a great choice. Spoil your loved one with a threepiece set, inclusive of a necklace, ring and matching earrings. Bansri additionally stocks pendants and other accessories, which will serve as that perfect sentiment. Call 17 229-457.

Helen & David Evans

Gulf Pharmacy Presentation

A seminar presented by Arden Healthcare UK, on obesity was held at the Gulf Hotel last month. The seminar - Obesity Solutions in the Gulf - was presented by David Evans, CEO Arden Healthcare & Helen Evans, Marketing Director Arden Healthcare. Medical professionals and pharmacists attended the event David, Helen & Nanda Kumar

Mohammed, Mohammed & Dr Rifat

Nayana Shetty

Dr Marafie & Masooma Dr Renjith & Dr Ria

Rehan & Solafa

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Find out what April has in store for you…

Aries March 21-April 20

You might find yourself with some time on your hands around the middle of the month. With your finances in pretty good shape, it will prove to be the ideal opportunity to look at getting away for a few days. If a partner can join you, then make it a romantic escape. Taurus April 21 - May 21

Your thoughts have been dominated by several key dates that you have earmarked as being the time to kick-start a career change. It might seem scary. Assess what life is all about and whether you are going to achieve anything with things staying as they are.

Gemini May 22 - June 21

A friend you have not heard from in a while comes back in your thoughts. Now is as good a time as any to reignite a relationship that has been unattended for several months. The longer you leave matters, the more difficult it is to re-establish that connection.

Cancer June 22 - July 23

Your thoughts are focused upon family and one person in particular who has been of great concern. Whilst you have tried to keep an eye on this individual’s progress, your own situation doesn’t allow for you to do much. Offering a shoulder to cry on might be all it takes.

Leo July 24 - August 23

Money proves tight for you in April. This is a problem that has been building up for a while now; it’s finally getting to a critical point. You may have to consider increasing your hours or even selling stock or shares in an effort to steady the financial ship.

Virgo August 24 - September 23

This month is going to be all about sorting out your career. You have a plan in mind and there are others who are on hand to assist your needs, but to succeed you have to be realistic. Don’t try to run before you can walk; temper your enthusiasm. 102

| April 2013


Libra September 24 - October 23

There are better opportunities on the horizon if you are prepared to put in the effort. Whilst you can certainly get things moving on the work front, you often need someone to keep pushing you so that you finish what you start. Develop a little more discipline.

Scorpio October 24 - November 22

A relationship that has been causing you some concern is likely to require some serious scrutiny. There may be a few difficult conversations to be had before you feel you have achieved anything. Until you settle things, you are simply not going to be happy.

Sagittarius November 23 - December 21 You’ve neglected several important people in your life of late. Reality could hit you after a revelatory moment makes you realise your actions. What you have found goes nowhere close to matching what you have ignored, but fortunately it isn’t too late to make amends.

Capricorn December 22 - January 20

Many of you have not been happy with developments in the work place. Yet you seem happy to continue with the way things are. The only way the situation is going to change for you is if you make it happen, so formulate a plan and then put it into motion.

Aquarius January 21 - February 19

A loved one’s return appears to have left you with more responsibility upon your shoulders than you would have liked. You may need to employ the assistance of others to get the matter resolved. Try getting a conversation moving; find the root of the problem.

Pisces February 20 - March 20

An event you were banking on will end up disappointing you after circumstances change at the very last minute and you are forced into alternative plans. The opportunity is there to make a new approach succeed, so don’t give up hope. It will work in your favour.

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