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Looks for day and night


BEAUTY Using facial acids Party faces

LADY TOASTMASTERS On what’s in it for them

WELL-BEING Love your liver

FASHION | festive looks

Chloe Festive

Jimmy Choo


Carolina Herrera at Matchesfashion

Givenchy at Matchesfashion





December 2019

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Tutus Kurniati

Paula Ka

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Massimo Dutti

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FASHION | festive looks


J Mendel


de Grisogono



December 2019


BEAUTY | festive looks


Behnaz Sanjana's guide to looking festively fabulous for the endless partying that awaits. The masters of makeup and all things beauty have unleashed the glitter with great gusto this holiday season. If you’re not aiming for the ‘shiny disco ball’ look, choose one feature to sparkle-up – eyes, lips or cheekbones. Or, break all the rules and switch on full gleam. It’s the end of the year; anything goes! Either way, you’ll be dazzling on the dancefloor.

STARRY EYES If your regular eyeshadow palette has a couple of iridescents that you have ignored through the year, now’s the time to give them your full attention. Using a good glitter primer is non-negotiable for all-night staying power, and do complete the drama with a set of false eyelashes and winged liner. Layer your eyeshadow shades as usual, and then use a small, flat brush to pack on the shine all over the mobile area of the lid. Because ‘tis the season, mature eyes can pull off a little shine without worrying about exaggerating fine lines. Play with a subtle sheen only on the centre of the lid and the inner corners of the eyes as the last step of your eyeshadow application. L’oreal’s La Petite Mini Eyeshadow Palette does a fair job for a steal, or go all out with Huda Beauty’s Obsessions Precious Stones Eyeshadow Palette.

HIGHLIGHT YOUR BEST FEATURES Depending on the tone of your outfit and the rest of your face, a warm gold or silver frost highlighter can add that oomph appeal to your overall look. You don’t even need to sit through a gazillion tutorials to master the art of highlighting with tact. Highlighter lets the high points of the face – cheekbones, temples, cupid’s bow (just above and below the lips) and bridge of the nose – catch and reflect the light, catapulting you to glam goddess status. It also serves to better define your bronzer and contour, if you have wandered into that realm of skill. A cream highlighter like Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette is sure to grab attention.


Nothing screams ‘Christmas’ like a bold, red lip. This eternally sophisticated colour transforms easily from office to social gatherings quite effortlessly. And with faithful pigments like Givenchy’s Rouge Graine 37, from the beauty maison’s newest Le Rouge Deep Velvet line, you’ll be the diva at any do. If you’re more glitter glitz than a red-lip gal, thank NARS for the new Disco Dust lipsticks that the brand unveiled in the run up to the holidays. One swipe of any of the metallic, highpigment shades, and you’re the life of the party.


December 2019


To rank really high on the sparkle score, body glitter is the way to go. Fenty Beauty has a wide range of body luminisers and shimmer powders for you to warm up the shoulders and the décolletage when you’re in your strapless number. NYX Face and Body Glitter does a good job getting the party started too.

BEAUTY | tips

A how and why to use face acids.


SKINCARE Behnaz Sanjana


es, there are acids for your face. No, not the ones from back in chemistry class, with their snaking fumes and repugnant odours. We’re talking chemical exfoliants that react with the skin to loosen up dead cells and other trapped gunk revealing smooth, glowing, baby-soft skin. Of course, there’s your trusty walnut scrub, but a physical exfoliator just cannot beat the uniform results of a chemical one, not to forget that grainy scrubs can leave delicate facial skin with micro-tears. Play with the strength and concentration of various facial acids to either get a mega dose in a peel (to be done at the dermatologist’s, very sparingly), or a mini dose to be used in everyday cleanser, serum or toner. Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are water soluble and can fix texture, pigmentation, pores or a lacklustre complexion. Beta hydroxy acids (BHAs), are oilsoluble and can dive deep into pores to banish the blemishes. Take your pick depending on what your skin needs most. Glycolic Acid – Naturally found in sugarcane, tomatoes, pineapples and papaya, this popular AHA has the smallest

molecular structure compared to its peers, and penetrates the skin for deeper exfoliation. It can smooth the skin, while reducing fine lines, hyperpigmentation, dark spots and uneven skin tone, and is touted to be the gold standard of chemical exfoliation. Lactic Acid – A mild exfoliator with larger molecules, it’s most agreeable to beginners and those with sensitive skin. Found in yogurt and some fruit sugars, it’s ideal for eliminating acne, discolouration and diminishing wrinkles, but without any irritation. Salicylic Acid – A BHA, found in willow bark,

it will exfoliate the top layer and also target the sebaceous glands down in the pores, clearing the blocks that create whiteheads and blackheads as well as helping fade the pink marks left over from old pimples. Mandelic Acid – Derived from bitter almonds, this is an exfoliating agent that’s less irritating to the skin, it is commonly recommended in peels instead of glycolic acid. Kojic Acid – Produced by bacteria used in the fermentation of rice, it’s a popular ingredient in Asian skincare products thanks to its whitening and anti-aging properties. It's very irritating to skin - but also very effective. Ascorbic Acid – This is the most stable and effective form of vitamin C in skincare, found in, you guessed it – citrus fruit. As a serum, it is most effective as an antioxidant to penetrate the skin barrier to fight premature lines and ageing. Hyaluronic Acid – This will hydrate the skin to give it a plump, healthy look. It draws moisture to the skin for a glowing look through the day, and can sooth and smooth the skin. December 2019



Poppy Ball The Bahrain British Business Forum, in

cooperation with the British Business Association from the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, held the Poppy Ball with Chelsea Pensioners as guests of honour. The ball was held in support of the Chelsea Pensioners Appeal, Earl Haig Pensioners Fund, and the Bahrain Children and Mothers Welfare Society

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nder the Patronage of German Ambassador, HE Kai Boeckmann, the Bahraini-German Reception UBusiness Network Reception was held at The Ritz-Carlton, Bahrain

6 December 2019


Exclusive Fashion Show The Italian Embassy held an exclusive fashion show by Bencivenga at Capital Club Bahrain

Tiziana Terenzi Perfume Launch

Al Hawaj held the official launch of Tiziana Terenzi Perfumes in the presence of renowned co-founder and perfurmer Paolo Terenzi and Italian Ambassador, HE Domenico Bellato, at Niche Garden, Seef Mall

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Devji Aurum at Jewellery Arabia 2019

December 2019 7

PEOPLE | interview


Key players at three ladies’ Toastmasters clubs in Bahrain tell Behnaz Sanjana how being part of the non-profit organisation can lead to a positive change in personality and help to maximise potential. ANGELS TOASTMASTERS CLUB The club conducts sessions in English every second and fourth Saturday of the month at the Park Regis Hotel in Juffair. Vice President of Public Relations, Leeba Rao, joined in October 2015. “My purpose was to beat my fear of speaking in public or in a group,” she says. “I can now voice my opinion, which I couldn't before joining.” Leeba also held the same role in 2016. “It wasn't difficult as I have very supportive and encouraging members who are always ready to help and guide. You just have to show your willingness to do the job,” she says. She describes

ALASIMA FEMALE TOASTMASTERS CLUB Zahraa Yousif holds the position of Vice President of Public Relations at the bilingual club that conducts meetings in Arabic and English. She has been a member of Toastmasters since July 2014, and her aim was to develop leadership and communication skills, which she now helps other ladies of the Bahraini community to do. The club meets twice a month at Capital Society of Islamic Culture. “Once members are comfortable speaking in front of their own clubs, they can speak at the area, division and district levels,” says Zahraa. “I’ve learnt new skills by accepting new responsibilities. There were challenges, but I was lucky to be surrounded by knowledgeable, creative Toastmasters who have always helped me.” She believes that being a Toastmaster helps build good relationships, and can greatly reduce stress and anxiety in one’s life. “Communication skills are the key to developing friendships and building a strong social support network. Members develop leadership skills and confidence in public speaking," she says.

her journey with Toastmasters as an amazing learning experience filled with fun and positive energy to take back home after every meeting. “This is a platform where you get to meet people from varied backgrounds, who are culturally different, but come together with the same vision. It leads to great social interaction. New members are mostly shy, introverted, unable to stand for themselves, but after a few months I have seen them become more bold, ready to speak up and even ready to debate on any topic,” she says. Follow @angelstoastmasters on Instagram

COMMUNICATE TO ACHIEVE (C2A) This English-language club is a relatively new one and Vice President of Public Relations, Nisha Ranga, has been with it since June 2019. Meetings are held on the second and fourth Friday of the month at the Ahlia University campus. “I was looking to enhance my leadership qualities, improve my communication skills, learn the life skills of being patient, understanding and tolerant towards others’ actions and reactions,” says Nisha, who sums up her purpose as overall personal development. Although she joined only a few months ago, she can already see some changes in herself. Nisha believes that it is important for a woman to join an organisation like Toastmasters. She says: “Women are born thinkers and speakers. But the tuning of what to speak and how to speak comes when you join Toastmasters. Toastmasters teaches us how to plan and deliver constructive thoughts. One learns to focus one’s thoughts and improve one’s overall personality.” Follow @C2ATMC on Facebook

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December 2019


Photography Exhibition

Italian Design Hub held a vernissage of Loredana Mantello’s Darkness and Light photography exhibition at the Promoseven Building

Art Exhibition An exhibition of

Veronique’s paintings titled ‘My Favourite Islands’ was held at the Capital Club

Dilstock The Dilmun Club presented its new Rock Festival Dilstock, comprised of tributes to five legends of Rock from different genres

December 2019 9

LIFESTYLE | opinion

OVERCOMING AUTISM Ouiam Charkani El Hassani tells the story of an inspiring young man and her message to others is ‘Ahsan made it and so can you’!  


t’s estimated that one in 68 children are now diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum disorder, and yet, this diagnosis remains as misunderstood as ever. It’s called the Autism Spectrum because autism actually covers a wide scope of complex disorders in brain development. Included are Asperger’s Syndrome, ‘classic’ autism and Pervasive Developmental Disorder, among others.   While Bahrain is one of the most childfriendly countries; for youngsters with special needs, it’s a whole different story. We simply do not live in a society that is generally accommodating, or even accepting of, those who are not ‘neurotypical’.


While they did what they could, from researching every aspect of the condition, to finding special schools and organisations that could help their son, reality hit hard when Ahsan was 15. The special school he attended declared an age limit, and he could no longer continue there. His parents hired two life coaches, Anandi Sailesh and Kay King, who worked with him in daily one-to-one sessions. And, over seven years of hard work and persistence, Ahsan has shown significant improvement.

However, success stories do exist. Such as that of Ahsan, the kid who defied autism, and proved to himself and to society that kids with special needs can be independent, productive and efficient members of the community.

At just 18, with the help of one of his coaches, he wrote a cookbook and managed to sell it at various bookstores. He finished not one computer programming course, but two! He is a talented caricaturist (thanks to his art teacher), and, with the help of his extraordinary mother, he has managed to get a few internships and a job opportunity!

Ahsan is 22 years old, his parents discovered that he was autistic when he was just three, and that’s when their challenging journey began. Ruqia Zulfiqar and Zulfiqar Ahmed had to brace themselves for what was to come: physically, mentally and financially.

Ahsan was offered an internship, and a potential career, by the global fast food chain McDonalds. Abdulla Adel Fakhro, Director of Fakhro Restaurants Co, and GM Ahmad Jaser explained that the company is keen to offer opportunities to those with special needs.

December 2019

They currently employ 14 other people with disabilities, who all took part in intensive programmes and specially tailored training, to help them get accustomed to the outside world and to the workplace.   And Ahsan’s work is meticulous with zero mistakes, according to his supervisor.  If you have a child with special needs and would like to explore opportunities for them, make sure to register with the Ministry of Labour and Bahrain Down Syndrome Society, as they try to offer training and internship opportunities. It’s also a good idea to contact companies either in person (visit their HR department) or via email.  The struggle for families of special needs kids is far from a walk in the park. It’s a neverending journey and they need every bit of support they can get, so let’s help and do our share to make this world a better place for everyone. Let’s spread the word that, if given an opportunity, people with special needs can prove how talented and capable they are.  Chanelmama


Kid-Friendly Kale

Fish fan and pescatarian recipe developer Razan Al Arabi is certified in cuisine techniques by Le Cordon Bleu, London, and in nutrition for everyday living by London’s College of Naturopathic Medicine. This month she’s come up with a healthy and fun recipe for your little ones. She says: “I’ve sneaked kale into the home-made pesto. The recipe is salt-, spice- and garlic-reduced to accommodate for children. The textures are blended and choke proof and the pine nuts are optional in case of allergies.


1-2 garlic cloves 2 tbsp olive oil 3 tbsp water 1 bunch basil (mint is a substitute) ¼ bunch kale ¼ cup of pine nuts (skip in case of allergies) ½ tsp sea salt 200g penne pasta


1 tsp paprika powder 1 tsp garlic powder 1-2 tbsp olive oil I used Al Osra supermarket’s ‘Supervalu’ brand fish fingers (pack of 10). They are made of real cod fish, and are preservative-, colouring- and additive-free. They also have added B1 and B3 vitamins along with iron.


Boil the penne pasta on a high heat for 15 minutes until soft (skip the salt; kids’ food should be salt-free because sodium hinders kidney development). Mix the kale pesto ingredients together in a blender until smooth and choke proof (½ a tsp of natural sea salt is okay for flavouring). Mix the pesto in with the cooked and drained pasta. Season the fish fingers with paprika and garlic powders. Pre-heat the oven to 180˚C and place the seasoned fish fingers in an oven dish with olive oil. Cook for 15 minutes. Serve the pesto and fish fingers together.

December 2019


LIFESTYLE | well-being

It’s all very well partying like there’s no tomorrow, but the liver pays for all that rich food and drink. This festive season, give this vital organ a thought, writes Behnaz Sanjana.


e eat right and exercise (well, at least we try to) being mindful of the health of our heart, brain, gut, bones and muscles. But did you know that without the liver functioning optimally, you’d be done for? There’s a reason it’s called the live-r. Here’s a quick guide to all things hepatic. Firstly, where is it? The liver sits in the upper right of the belly, just under the rib cage and on top of the stomach. Everything that you eat and drink passes through it. What does it do exactly? - Cleans up the blood by fighting infections and removing bacteria from the bloodstream - It makes bile, a yellow or orange fluid that breaks down fats, allowing them to be digested and absorbed - Makes protein for blood, and cholesterol to help transport fats through the body - Stores and releases glucose and iron - Regulates blood clotting - Converts vitamins, nutrients and medicines into substances that our bodies can use.


December 2019

So, what could go wrong? Liver disease can be inherited or may show up as an autoimmune disease, but one’s lifestyle can also cause this organ misery: Excessive drinking – The liver breaks down spirits into substances that can damage the liver cells. Heavy drinkers develop fatty liver disease, where excessive fat in the liver causes its inflammation and scarring. This results in liver degeneration, it can develop into cirrhosis and may even be fatal. Contracting an infection – Parasites and viruses, commonly Hepatitis, reduce liver function. Hepatitis A is contracted through contaminated food or water, while B and C are from coming into contact with the blood or other bodily fluids of an already infected person. Obesity – The liver can get overwhelmed with all the excess blood sugar and cholesterol it needs to tackle, making it store fat in its own cells. The fatty liver tissue becomes

Persistent damage to the liver results in scarring (what is medically called cirrhosis), which can lead to liver failure, a lifethreatening condition. Cirrhosis can ultimately lead to liver cancer and failure, and the only cure involves a liver transplant.

inflamed, resulting in cells being damaged and destroyed, finally leading to cirrhosis, which prevents normal function. How can I protect my liver? - Drink in moderation. When in a situation of all-night revelry, alternate your tipple with a tall glass of water. It aids the liver to do its work of flushing out the toxins. - A liver-friendly diet includes loads of green leafy vegetables, healthy fats, garlic, fibre and coffee (yay!). - Beware of the long-term effects of certain drugs. For example, acetaminophen, a painkiller found in hundreds of drugs, can harm the liver.

Milk Thistle, turmeric and dandelion root and beetroot are all excellent liver supporters. Fresh sugar cane juice is an ideal medicament for those with a compromised liver, as its alkaline nature helps maintain low acid levels in the body and helps strengthen liver function.

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Woman This Month - December 2019  

December 2019 - Issue 201 - Celebrating the experience of womanhood Price: BD1 / SR10

Woman This Month - December 2019  

December 2019 - Issue 201 - Celebrating the experience of womanhood Price: BD1 / SR10