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DECEMBER 2011 | Issue 106

Time to Celebrate! Let the Festive Month Commence

For all Man-kind Fashion Gets Masculine

Fitness Frenzy Countdown to our December 10 Event

A Wandering Eye The Travelling Lifestyle

Perfect Parenting? There’s No Such Thing!

Unique from head to toe.速 Girls and boys clothing for newborns, toddlers and children up to size 12. Bahrain City Center 17172318

Savour it All

Contemporary Classics. Medleys of Passion and Panache. Bon Appétit. That’s Saveur.

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Shopping 08 This Month’s Most Wanted: Christmas Delights! 10 In the Red: Hot Seasonal Dresses 12 Glitz and Glamour: Party Shoes 14 20 Tips: Gift Advice


Features 16 Wistful Wanderer: Alessandra Rocchi

Fitness 18 Ten Tips: Get all the Gear



32 Fashion Forward: December Picks 34 Celebrity Fashion: As Seen on the Stars 36 Blogger’s Delight: Best of the Bunch 38 Masculine Tailoring: Anything the Boys Can Do

Beauty 48 News: December Picks 50 Tips: That Perfect Party Look 54 Fragrances: Presents Galore


Wellbeing 60 Campaign: The Kids are Alright 62 Feature: At Home Advent

Parenting 68 Feature: Perfect Parenting 71 Column: Bringing up Change

80 DECEMBER 2011, issue 106 Oasis does seasonal glamour. More inside.

Bahrain Edition


DECEMBER 2011 | Issue 106

Time to Celebrate!

Regulars 6 Write Here, Write Now 78 Recipes: Healthy Seasonal Delights 80 Travel: Alternative Christmas 82 Horoscope: Your future in the stars 88 Columnist: Give me the Prada

Let the Festive Month Commence

For all Man-kind Fashion Gets Masculine

Fitness Frenzy Countdown to our December 10 Event

A Wandering Eye The Travelling Lifestyle

Perfect Parenting? There’s No Such Thing!


| December 2011 | woman this month



Bahrain City Centre

joy it up

Stay warm in the versatile Marled Knit Sweater. New styles designed to delight in stores now.

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Welcome Tis the Season

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f all the seasons, winter is probably the one most full of reasons to celebrate. For the Christians among us, we have Christmas and New Year to look forward to. For the Bahrainis, we have National Day as cause to host a party or two. For the Americans, there is that scrumptious Thanks Giving dinner with all the trimmings on the horizon. There is also the Islamic New Year, Bodhi Day and St. Stephen’s Day, among others. So, all in all, we have a lot of reason to eat well, enjoy each other’s company and give thanks for everything we are lucky enough to have. Let’s make sure that this is exactly what we do. All too often we lose sight of what is important in the world —good friends, close family and all the experience that life has to offer. We get bogged down in the less agreeable details of our latest work assignment, spend too much time ruminating over a row we had with an acquaintance or feel jealousy for those who have more than us. I urge you to leave all this behind in December and concentrate on the plethora of causes for celebration instead. To help you with this, we’ve put together some brilliant fashion and shopping sections, full of gift ideas and advice for achieving the perfect party look. We also have a fun interview with Alessandra Rocchi about the thrill of the open road and what we ladies can look forward to at Bushido in the coming months. If you are looking for something a little bit more serious, be sure to check out our campaign and parenting sections, where we help to ensure that your children are getting the attention and treatment they deserve. And don’t forget — we are still in the middle of our Woman This Month Fitness Campaign. The countdown has begun to our December 10 Fitness Day out at the InterContinental Regency health club. Free fitness classes, free advice, free refreshments — what more could you ask for? Happy Holidays! Natasha Bird Editor


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| December 2011 | woman this month

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Write Here Write Now STAR LETTER Female Fun

I want to congratulate Natasha Bird on the publication of her first book. I think it is great to see someone young and motivated and with more than one trick up her sleeve. It was a great interview with her as it highlighted her passion for making sure women achieve all the success that they deserve in life. It is about time that someone stuck up for the girls like that! It is always good to see a young and popular feminist at work. I have downloaded the book for my iPad and I can tell the WTM audience that it is a great read — it is really fun and accessible. Many of the chapters have some really good hints and tips about smart dressing and the rest of them are either funny or feel good. She certainly has a sense of humour. Go on ladies, get buying! Lisa, by email.

A Century of


Influential Women

A woman is the full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. — Diane Mariechild

Natasha Bird Women may not always have power and public recognition handed to them on a plate, but it certainly hasn’t prevented them from demanding it. Here is a look at some of the most influential women to grace the earth in the last hundred years…

Marie Curie 1867-1934

Marie Curie is the Emmeline Pankhurst of the scientific world. She blazed a trail for thousands of other brilliant female scientists, proving that women can be just as daring and just as excellent in traditionally male disciplines. She co-discovered the elements radium and polonium, coined the term “radioactivity” and was one of the first to suggest radiation as a cancer fighting tool. What’s more, she was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in two areas. 24

Princess Diana 1961-1997

Virginia Woolf 1882-1941

The famous novelist and essayist changed the face of literature and discourse. She popularised the continuous train of thought process for writing prose and allowed us to enter her protagonist’s minds in ways that other authors hadn’t managed to achieve before. She also reminded us, in A Room of One’s Own, the burdens of the female condition and what women ought to be able to achieve, should society’s restrictions not stand in our way.

Sonia Gandhi 1946-Present Rosa Parks 1913-2005

Rosa stunned the world when she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man, at a time when black people were still supposed to occupy a different section of the bus to their white counterparts. It was this which sparked the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955, led by Martin Luther King Jr. Her actions became a pivotal moment in the civil rights movement.

The Indian national and politician landed in the top 25 of the Forbes 100 Influential Women list in 2010. After being elected for the fourth time in a row as the president of the Indian National Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi became the longest serving president in the party’s 125 year history. She was elected as president of India, but deferred to Sikh economist Manmohan Singh. She is, unequivocally, one of India’s most influential women.

Hillary Clinton 1947-Present

The Secretary of State and former First Lady has won more primaries and gathered more delegates than anyone in U.S. history. She is the first former First Lady to ever have been elected to national office. As head of the Task Force on National Health Care reform she proposed the first national healthcare system in the U.S. As Secretary of State she has a key say in Barack Obama’s foreign policies.

Although some might think it rather twee to include the people’s princess, or feel that her tabloidfodder social life somewhat eclipsed her good deeds in people’s minds, there is no doubt that her influence runs as far as it runs deep. She has become emblematic of the charities and causes that she dedicated life to — such as campaigns for the acceptance and care of AIDs victims, the homeless and the elderly.

Sheikha Lubna 1968-Present

Sheikha Lubna is the Minister for Foreign Trade in the UAE. This makes her the first woman to ever hold a ministerial post in the UAE. She has a globally recognised voice and, according to CEO Middle East magazine, she persistently “challeng[es] traditional opinions about women in business”. She also sits on the board of directors for the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. She’s also pretty high on the Forbes 100 list.

| November 2011 | woman this month

Germaine Greer 1939-Present

Greer is one of the biggest feminist icons to have graced the earth in the last hundred years. Her book [ITALS] The Female Eunuch became somewhat of a feminist manifesto in the 1970s. To this day, she is still very much in the public eye and although many of her views are contentious, the work she has done on behalf of women is undeniable. woman this month | November 2011 |


Women Rule

It is always nice to be reminded of the great women that exist among us and have gone before us. I liked the “Century of Influential Women” article that appeared in the WTM November issue. It was good to see such a spread of great thinkers, artists, inventors, politicians and charity workers among the females in the world. It made me think about all the things I have been meaning to go out and do. I am going to use the November issue of WTM as inspiration. Seeing as Christmas is coming up, I am going to see what I can do to make somebody else’s life better. There are many initiatives to get food, aid and gifts to children in less well off countries. Shreya, by email.



A Lesson in Style She might be the editor of Woman This Month, but Natasha Bird has more than one string to her bow. She’s recently seen her first eBook published, so we grabbed five minutes of her time to talk about it.


atasha Bird has a few tricks up her sleeve. The latest rabbit she has pulled out of her surprisingly deep hat takes the shape of an eBook on style. Part self-help, part fashion, this book is an easy but delightful read. We sat Natasha down to have a chat about her latest project. Approached by a design and publishing company to be part of a series of digital books called100 Lessons in 100 Words or Less, Natasha jumped at the chance to realise one of her longstanding ambitions. “I just saw it as this great opportunity to combine three of the things I love most in the world — fashion, women and writing. I am a fashion addict. I am up early every morning, trawling all the best blogs, watching the trends like a hawk”, she told us. Many of the results of her obsession with fashion can be seen between the pages of this very magazine. She is adamant, though, that this book is not simply about fads and trends, whether brown is the new black or how high your heels should be. “My interest in fashion and style has never been restricted to what the designers dictate. I have always been passionate about women. I am a strident feminist, who believes that women are simply great and are way too often made to feel insecure or less significant than they should be. The female psyche is an amazingly intricate thing, but it is riddled with problems”, she told us. “I think low self-esteem is one of our biggest and most unfortunate failings. There is so much pressure out there — from men, from gossip magazines, but also from ourselves and our peers — to be thinner, taller, better endowed, smaller footed and so on. Everyone has their insecurities, but among women, you often find that these fears are so consuming that they actually stand in the way of our achieving something important for ourselves”, Natasha elaborates. So, enthused by her love of women and her passion for fashion, Natasha decided to use the 100 Lessons series as a platform for helping women to feel better about themselves. “This sort of thing has had a surge in popularity, what with the likes of Trinny and Susannah and Gok Wan, so I had to make sure that I had something different to offer”, Natasha explains. “ I have always admired Gok — he’s done brilliant things for the women of Britain — but I thought that there was probably space for someone a little bit younger, but also an experienced writer who might be able to inject a bit of humour into the topic because, let’s face it, if we can laugh at ourselves and poke fun at our own insecurities, then we have as good as conquered them”. “It is a book with three main ingredients. It’s one part self-help, one part style advice and one part comedy”, says Natasha, “or at least I hope it’s funny! My friends have said it makes them laugh, but I hope it’s not lost on other people”. We were lucky enough to have a preview of the book, before it hit the shops and we are inclined to agree with Natasha’s friends. The book is

The Brain Boosters

split into 100 chapters, each one no longer than 100 words. So, essentially, it is a collection of little nuggets of information, which makes it really easy to dip into and pick up and put down whenever you have a spare five minutes. It’s certainly not War and Peace, but then it isn’t trying to be. In one of our favourite chapters, titled “Candyfloss”, she laments the use of a particular shade of pink, claiming that it is the “colour of newborn baby girls, bubble gum machines and accessories for Chihuahuas” and might leave you looking a bit like you are “competing with Barbie for Ken’s affection”. In another, she likens some people’s posture in high heels to a cavewoman who has “just clubbed a small goat and is dragging it back to [her] cave”. It isn’t all about laughs though, as Natasha tells us. Some of the chapters contain genuinely insightful bits of information, aimed to improve the way women think of themselves. She lambasts the idea that women need to become more conservative, as soon as society tells them they are “old”. In the “Dress Your Age Myth” chapter, she says, “If you are happy and healthy, self-assured and confident, then don’t let out-dated rules govern your wardrobe”. When asked about these more self-help chapters, Natasha says, “Well it’s just so silly to let worries about our appearance stand in our way. Women still have a long way to go to achieve equality, so if we are too busy apologising for ourselves and the way we look; we’ll never concentrate on the things that really matter. So I put together a few quick rules to help make sure that women not only make the best of themselves, but also to help make sure they feel good about themselves in whatever they are wearing”. Natasha’s book 100 Lessons on Style in 100 Words or Less is available to buy for kindle, ipad and your computer at, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Smashwords and Kobo. Check out the facebook page, and the website for more details.

Alison Coldridge

The brain is our most impressive tool, but how much of its power do we actually harness? There are many simple ways to improve its functioning, to ensure you remain sharp, alert anad on top of things.

night’s sleep. This gives the brain a great chance to recharge its batteries, so to speak, as it gets a little nurturing. It has been said that sleep also improves memory, as often memoryenhancing activity occurs during the deepest stages of sleep.



cientists and doctors have been debating for years over how much of our brains we use and how much remains untouched and dormant, yet still there seems to be no definitive answer. However, one thing is clear — we certainly do not use all of our brain’s potential or even fortify the parts we do access on a daily basis. By simply adopting specific routines and exercises, you will be overwhelmed by how improved your memory will become, how much information you can store, how alert you remain and how fast your reactions are. Boosting your brainpower really is the fastest and, ironically, the least taxing way to achieve a better and happier you. The brain plays such a crucial role in every


| November 2011 | woman this month


Send your letter to editor@womanthismonth. com, by fax to 17 813-700 or by post to PO Box 20461, Manama. The star letter will receive a voucher to the tune of 25BD for the Celebrity hair and beauty salon, located on Old Palace Road. Choose from a variety of treats for hair and nails and get pampered for the holiday season! 6

| December 2011 | woman this month


As well as ensuring a toned and fit body, regular exercise also has the additional bonus

of exercising the brain. When you work out, the heart rate is increased, meaning that more oxygen is pumped throughout the body and to the brain. Oxygen is a crucial element in the whole body, but the brain alone uses 20 per cent of the entire amount. You will know when the oxygen levels in your brain decrease, as you will start feeling tired and sluggish and thoroughly uninvolved in whatever you are doing. Exercise has the double benefit of triggering the production of endorphins to the brain, which act as natural pain killers and lift your mood considerably.


Without a doubt, the best way to rejuvenate and refresh yourself is by getting a really good


Funnily enough, laughter is an action that involves the use of multiple regions of the brain. It also helps bring about a healthy balance in the brain and melts away stress and anxiety whilst heightening energy levels. Jokes are the perfect way to both laugh and test your brain, as the creation of jokes inside your head requires a certain level of thinking and consideration with regards to your audience

and surroundings. For this reason, it is good work for your brain if you spend time with children as they are constant bundles of laughter and you often need to think on your feet.


When stressed, concentration levels are poorer, as are reasoning, learning and creativity skills. You will find it extremely hard to retain or even digest any new information as your mind will be entirely fixated on whatever it is you are anxious about. Meditation is a very simple and productive way to help manage stress and there are plenty of different styles so you are sure to find one that suits you. The act of meditation increases the thickness of the cerebral cortex and encourages more connections between brain cells — ultimately boosting both mental and memory skills.


There is a whole wealth of brain boosting foods out there for you to get stuck into. Omega Three, found in fish, is probably the most commonly known food for increased intelligence levels and it is also thought to

| November 2011 | woman this month

Getting that Boost!

It is a book with three main ingredients. It’s one part self-help, one part style advice and one part comedy. 20

aspect of our lives. Obviously, it keeps us alive by acting as the central nervous system and through communicating with the rest of the body. Essentially, it is the boss of the body; it keeps all the other parts in check and knows everything that is going on. The flipside is that once the brain starts to disintegrate, it all goes wrong from there. Often, brain-related illnesses can not be foreseen or stopped at all. However, by boosting your brain’s power constantly during your life, you will undoubtedly prevent these issues and improve your quality of living as a whole.

All human beings love to be surrounded by others. We are all social beings at heart and thrive in an environment where there are many people to provide conversation, debate and new knowledge. We absorb huge amounts of new information from the people we are around and each different person’s personality acts as a different stimulant for the brain.

woman this month | November 2011 |


reduce risks of senile dimension illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s disease. Fruit and vegetables are another food group which, in addition to being a great source of nutrients and minerals for the body, assists the brain in its productivity. They are busting with antioxidants, which act as a cleanser for the brain, ridding the organ of any free radicals and acting as a protector for the delicate tissue. You can even indulge in a nightly glass of wine (preferably red and small!) to boost the blood flow in the brain.


If you really want to stretch your brain and see what it can do you should try to mix up your routine. Just like our body, our brain can get lazy if trapped in a monotonous routine, unchallenged by anything fresh or new. A new hobby promotes new learning skills, increases thinking speed and builds up short-term memories by repeatedly training and testing the mind. Your creativity will also be confronted and ultimately built upon. If you don’t have time to do this, then grab the newspaper on your coffee break and bash out some good old-fashioned crossword puzzles or try a Sudoku grid. woman this month | November 2011 |


I found Alison’s article about different and unusual ways to boost your mental wellbeing really fun and interesting to read. It’s great to be told that we have a good excuse to joke, laugh and have fun — as if we needed one anyway! I have never really considered meditating before, but having read Alison’s account of how good it can be for encouraging more connections between brain cells and increasing the thickness of the cerebral cortex, I plan on giving it a go. I just think it is good to be reminded every now and then that our bodies aren’t the only thing that need work-outs, rest or relaxation — our minds need some attention too! Dalia, by email.



Noël, It’s December, the choirs are learning their carols, colourful trees are springing up all over the place and the fruit is already soaking for the pudding. Get yourself into the festive spirit by checking out some of the Christmas themed gift items and decorations in store around the Kingdom. From cute babygrows to porcelain animals, Bahrain has everything to offer!

Marks and Spencer. Available in City Centre and Amwaj.

Office. Available online.

Debenhams. Available in City Centre

Carolina Herrera national day bracelet. Available at CH retail outlets.

Mamas & Papas Christmas Collecton. Available in City Centre.

Next. Available in City Centre.


| December 2011 | woman this month

The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel is hosting the Fire & Ice Ball at the Grand Ambassador Suite. Be inspired by the great decoration and let us entertain you. Our very special guests the Boxtones back in Bahrain for this special night at The Diplomat. Celebrate in style the way it should be and start 2012…with friends. Tickets are BD 75 net per person incl dinner buffet and selected beverages.

Book now: +97339945208



Miss Selfridge

People Tree

Red A

s much as bordeaux is the colour of the season, there is another hue that continues to faithfully serve us in the glamour stakes. Red dresses are all over the place this winter and we couldn’t be more pleased. There is nothing more stunning than a woman in a clinging scarlet number. So feast your eyes upon these gorgeous offerings.




Top Shop



| December 2011 | woman this month

I want to slim down to look good

I want to lose weight to be healthy

Whatever your reason for losing weight, VLCC has a solution. Overwight? want to slim down to look good? Or Obese? and want to lose weight for better health?

Discount on all VLCC Slimming Programs during Anti Obesity Drive


Shopping Hoss Intropia

Nine West

Dorothy Perkins ASOS

Perfect Party Christian Louboutin

With Christmas and National Day just around the corner, the partying and merrymaking is going to be at an all time high. Celebrate this fact by treating yourself to the perfect party footwear. There’s nothing like a jazzy pair of heels to give you a spring in your step and to ensure that all eyes are on you throughout December! Jimmy Choo Reiss

Nina Ricci Ralph Lauren

Miss Selfridge

Carolina Herrera


Salvatore Ferragamo



| December 2011 | woman this month

Top Shop

Seventh Heaven

20 Tips

Tips: Christmas Gift Ideas Alison Coldridge Christmas shopping can be a tricky business. It can be tough cooking

up great gift ideas for each one of your loved ones, which is why WTM is here to help with 20 suggestions to get you inspired.


| December 2011 | woman this month

1. Vintage Classics. Search for a truly traditional gift to ignite nostalgia. Perhaps a polaroid camera, a film from the ‘50s or an old pinball machine.


Homemade Delights. Making something shows thoughtfulness and is a winner with parents and grandparents! Plus, it’s inexpensive.

11. Homely Touches. Any house owners would love a beautiful new dining set or aromatic candles to enhance their home for the festive season.


Happy Viewing. Everyone loves to pop in a movie. Buy a Christmas DVD or any other genre that you know your loved one will enjoy.

3. Gems and Jewels. A single piece of jewellery can be all it takes 13. Unique Experiences. Give a day to remember by purchasing to light up a face at Christmas. Shop for a birthstone or favourite colour.

a balloon ride, a cookery class or a white-water rafting experience.

4. Personalised Presents. As cheesy as ‘his’ and ‘her’ towels

14. Toys Galore. It’s not just little ones who love spending hours

5. Fashionable Gear. Clothing is always an easy option —

Simply Artistic. For all art lovers, a beautiful book or painting or sculpture would appeal. For something less expensive, try your hand at a collage.

6. Reading Material. Everyone loves reading. Choose a classic for

Such Sentiment. A scrapbook of memories or the framing of a hilarious photograph will highlight your gift as the most considerate of all.

7. For the Foodie. A hamper packed full of Christmas sweets,

Home Spa. There is a reason there are so many pampering products around — we love them! Choose a selection for your loved one to indulge in.

8. Geeky Gadgets. Cameras, iPads, and smartphones…there are

Time Keepers. A watch is a long-standing and long-lasting gift which is sleek, stylish and useful. Personalise it with an engraved message on the back.

9. Fragrant Pleasures. Perfume is a considerate gift and shows

A Stocking Full. Rather than one present, why not buy a selection of smaller items and cram them into a stocking. More to unwrap is always a positive.

are, personalised gifts are cute. Go for something more classy like engraved champagne glasses.

everyone wears it! Follow the top trends of the season, and if in doubt, confer with WTM.

the oldies and a more modern such as a kindle for the younger ones.

snacks and condiments is a mouth-watering treat for the eyes and the taste buds.

loads of electronics out there. Check out what’s the newest launch and go for that.

the world how well you know the person you are buying for.


Purrfect Surprises. Surely there is nothing cuter than opening a box to see a little furry face staring back at you, but gauge if it’s a good idea first!

constructing a Lego fort, its something the whole family can take part in.

15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20.

Charitable Attitude. If you are still stuck for ideas then why not make a donation to a local charity and make someone else’s Christmas a little bit better. woman this month | December 2011 |




Wandering Ways They say that home is where the heart is — but what if you fall in love with the whole world?


traveller’s life is a wonderful one, but it poses a few dilemmas. What with the population of Bahrain being so dominated by expatriates, these dilemmas are an all too familiar concept. Still, by all accounts, once you’ve caught the travelling bug, that’s it, you’ll have it for life. Alessandra Rocchi, Bushido’s glamorous sales and marketing executive, knows only too well the benefits of seeing the world. Having lived in Italy, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, New York and Bahrain, among other places, she’s 16

| December 2011 | woman this month

pretty qualified to talk about the highs and lows of the nomadic lifestyle. Born in Como, Italy, the life that Alessandra now leads is a far cry from the small-town existence she once knew. “It was very small and very different. Everybody there lives the same type of life. You have the same friends from kindergarten right through to adulthood and everybody knows what you are up to all the time”, says Alessandra of her Italian past, “Your future is somewhat mapped out for you”.

At fourteen, Alessandra’s chances of being happy to settle into predictability slimmed dramatically. Disillusioned with the way life was going she took a daunting, but ultimately brilliant chance to move to Sri Lanka to live with her father. “I saw a good opportunity to broaden my mind and to learn more about the sorts of cultures I had never been exposed to before”, Alessandra explains of the transition. “I was slightly out of my depth. I spoke no English at all when I arrived and I found myself in South Asia during a civil war,” she continues, “but, unquestionably, it changed my life for the better”. The move to Sri Lanka opened up a door to the world that Alessandra found impossible to close. Whilst at school she travelled far and wide with her sports teams — “I went twice to Bangladesh by the time I was sixteen, which is bizarre for someone from where I born. I also went on trips to New Delhi and Nepal to play basketball.” Post school she moved to Switzerland to complete a degree in hospitality, which saw her taking up internships in Monaco and New York, not to mention embarking on some epic road trips with her friends. From Switzerland to St. Sebastian or from Munich to Greece and beyond — the location seems to have been only partially important; the thrill of being on the move and seeing new places was the real motivation. Alessandra, like many before her and many since, has caught what we like to call the “travelling bug”. It is an infection that grips tightly and can never be fully cured, for you rarely find someone who feels they’ve really seen enough of the world. I asked Alessandra what she thought it was about travelling that inspired such compulsion. “You end up with this huge package on your shoulders,” she says, “your worth, the depth of your conversation, your ability to relate to people just increases endlessly when you go out into the world and see new places and meet new people. For example, if I meet someone from Albania tomorrow, I will immediately have something to talk about with them, because I can say that I have passed through their country and know what it is like”. It is a popular suggestion that travelling goes some way to reduce prejudice and stereotyping — this is something that Alessandra firmly believes. “So many problems between people are created because we are scared of the unknown and what is not familiar to us. Only sticking to what you know is so restrictive. What happens, for example, if you suddenly get the opportunity to sit down with the Japanese ambassador in your home country and you have never even tried sushi before? Travelling is the best way to challenge fears, stereotypes and misconceptions. It acts as such an eye opener and I think this is why it is so addictive.” There are a few downsides, of course, but Alessandra seems convinced that these are more than made up for by the positive aspects. “You can get really close to people really quickly and establish a connection and then you can lose them again just as fast when you leave.” Once you’ve enjoyed the nomadic life, the ability to settle anywhere permanently seems like a far off prospect: “I sometimes think maybe I should just stay in Italy or somewhere, but as soon as I go back for a month I feel I need to leave again. Now that I have seen the world, I could never be satisfied to go back to such a sheltered existence. Home, for me, is wherever I am at the moment. Italy, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, they have all given the word ‘home’ a different meaning.” Now, here she is in the Middle East, bringing her cultural knowledge and hospitality skills to none other than one of our favourite restaurantlounges. “I Love Bushido and I think that many people are beginning to appreciate what it stands for; the fact that it is a concept venue, so it is about more than just delicious food and drink. It is about the whole environment, the atmosphere and the experience.” And Bushido is certainly the richer for her presence: “I have been lucky enough to experience great club and lounge venues all over the world — I did an internship at the Bar Americain in Monaco and I have been out in the Côte D’Azur, Cannes, St Tropez, Paris, New York, London, so this all helps me

and our team to ensure that Bushido is living up to the international precedent.” One of the things that Alessandra is most passionately committed to is the increasingly famous Pink Fridays at Bushido Lounge. She jokes: “We all know that the world is run by women”, and goes on, “so we want to offer a proper environment for ladies to enjoy a nice evening out. This is why we offer such a luxurious prize each week — girls deserve to be pampered! Also, I have come to realise that if you want change to happen, your best place to start is with the women. If women like something, the men are sure to follow.” Also, for the health conscious women out there, it is worth mentioning that Bushido have introduced a new, light Bento Box on their lunch menu — we all know that Japanese food is the skinny girl’s secret! At the moment, Alessandra’s lust for the open road is somewhat sated by the friends, culture and fun that Bahrain has to offer. So while we have her here, pouring her energy into Bushido, we’d better take full advantage, because you never know how long it’s going to last.


woman this month | December 2011 |



10 Tips

Sportswear Secrets The last thing you want to be worried about during the perfect workout regime is your clothing. Here are a few simple tricks to choosing the right outfit for your exercise routine.

Elma Bartholomew

1. Spotting the perfect pair

It all begins at finding the right footwear; this cannot be emphasised enough. We’re sure you aren’t strapping on stilettos, but most people assume they are set when they find a pair of old sneakers in the closet. Be aware that shoes made for running are very different from those made for basketball, tennis or even walking.

2. Get a grip

Studies have shown that 70 to 80 per cent of women are wearing the wrong size sports bra. Tackling this is key to reducing restricted breathing and poor posture, apart from shoulder, neck, and back aches. Let’s not forget the nightmare of sagging breasts. It might be a daunting task to hit upon the perfect fit; but it is well worth the effort.

3. Stuff a sock in it

By “it”, we mean your gym bag, of course. Socks are extremely important. They help your feet stay warm, dry, supported and cushioned. It isn’t too much trouble to find a sportswear outlet that offers padded socks, preferably with a tight weave in the middle and in wicking materials that help keep sweat and blisters at bay.

4. To top it off

T-shirts that ride up aren’t quite the in thing just yet. Longer tops are more unflattering as they accentuate extra curves in your midsection. Look for tops that end just above the widest part of your hips and slightly below the top of your pants.

5. Rock bottom

Don’t forget to support your lower half as well. Look for bottoms that give your buttocks a lift and offer compression for your thighs. Not only will they feel great on a run, but you will look amazing too. Avoid loose capri pants and very low-rise waists. 18

| December 2011 | woman this month

6. Comfort = ability

What you wear during your workout is just as important as the workout itself. An ill-fitting outfit can make or break a routine. Besides, a huge part of feeling good is looking good. Believe it or not, comfortable clothes help enhance your performance.

7. Breathe, breathe

Give your skin a breather. Different brands make workout clothing with high-tech fabrics that are lightweight, stretchable and repel moisture. Not only do they prevent weighing you down with sweat, it also increases the airflow.

8. Suit your needs

One size does not fit all kinds of exercises. Something more rugged like rock climbing demands thicker fabrics that might protect you. If you plan on doing zumba or yoga, you are going to need very light, flexible clothing that allows you a full range of motion.

9. Changing with the season

The ideal workout clothes should help you resist temperature alternations. Cold weather is very tricky. It is important to layer your clothing when you exercise outdoors. Wind cheaters and track suits are your best friends this time of the year.

10. Miss Versatile

Pick up a range of cute clothes. Bin tacky colours and prints. Don’t forget to have fun with your workout fashion. Treat your gym wear with as much care and attention as you do the rest of your wardrobe. Your body will thank you.

Calling all smartphones! Scan this for details about the event or visit the WTM website.

FITNESS DAY OUT! A Complete Workout for Body and Mind

Do you care about looking good and feeling healthy? We know we do! Join us on December 10th at the health club in the The Intercontinental Regency, Manama, for a one-off fitness extravaganza hosted by none other than your favourite women’s magazine! From 10am onwards you can participate in a great range of FREE fitness classes, including zumba, karate and pilates. You can also explore a selection of stalls — talking to fitness experts, seeking health advice and trying out some cool products. Getting fit and feeling great has never been so fun! Chat to us on the Woman This Month facebook page and visit for more details.



Kinetix Health Club’s new health club manager — Kate Jelley — will be introducing a new concept to fitness during WTM’s fitness day event.

Kate Jelly


ate is a multi-talented fitness professional and will be giving our December 10 event participants a unique insight into the world of Tabata training. “It is one of the single best fat burning workouts. It’s not long, but it keeps you sweating, breathing hard and teaches the mental focus needed to complete the sets. You won’t get bored as there isn't enough time and it’s so effective,” says Kate. Tabata training is an intense interval program that lasts only four minutes with a single excersice or combine it with more excersice to achieve a strenous circuit to enhance results. Having a BSc in sports science, along with YMCA and Paul Chek certifications, Kate plans to introduce a greater variety and range of new fitness and wellness techniques for gym members. The manager explains that working out not only controls your weight and mood but you also gain a sense of well being. “Working out reduces stress, strengthens and tones the body and enhances cardiovascular ability and flexibility.” Kate also insists that the most important thing to concentrate on, initially is developing the right attitude and incorporating exercise into your daily routine. “Even if it’s the smallest thing, like taking the stairs, not the lift. Park further away from your desired area and walk more.


| December 2011 | woman this month

House work can also burn calories. Develop healthy eating patterns and turn activities into a habit not a chore.” Kate has successfully been working in Bahrain since 2005, training clients, teaching exercise classes, organising and conducting fitness seminars and boot camps that focus on getting the body to its fullest potential through exercise and correct nourishment. The modernisation of the gym at the Elite Seef Residence and Hotel includes a wide range of sophisticated Technogym equipment; cardio machines, free weights and the new kinesthesis studio. The fresh faced gym is dedicated to making gym goers achieve all of their individual goals — whether you are a beginner or advanced in fitness or if its cardiovascular gains, muscular strength and toning that you are looking for, from losing that first pound or your last pound in order to achieve your goal weight. If that isn't enough you can then head downstairs and use the heated pool and its new poolside facilities to kick back, relax and socialise whilst having some fresh juice and food from the poolside menu. So, if you’re looking to spruce up your fitness routine then head down to the fitness event — you never know, Tabata could be your thing. Call 17 583-388.


Break a


It’s the new thing in town and the most exciting among workout regimes known to man. We sat down with Lelani Vrey, the health club manager at Dessange, to discuss their popular Zumba classes.

WTM: According to you, why must one workout? LV: Exercising increases your quality of life. You see people at the age of 40 who can’t spend quality time with their dear ones because they’re tired or weak. Working out offers you several benefits, like lifting your mood due to the release of “happy hormones.” You’re more focused at work; you sleep better. It improves your social life as well. When you look better, you feel more confident. It helps bring down stress levels and even motivates you to take up more challenges and be more goal-oriented. WTM: Why do you think your Zumba sessions have gained success and popularity? LV: To begin with, it appeals to a big market. Anyone, from a professional background dancer to a beginner, can be a part of the same class. Even the less co-ordinated ones can follow the instructor easily. Secondly, it is a good workout from which you can learn a lot. Zumba incorporates hip-hop, salsa and other Latin forms of dance. It includes faster tracks as opposed to recovery ones and works on different muscles in a single session. Thirdly, it is a lot of fun. The variety keeps it interesting. WTM: Is it enough to lose weight, tone your muscles and get a complete body makeover? LV: Zumba sessions change every month. For the best results, attend three classes a week. After two months, combine it with an exercise where you use more muscle. Combine it with yoga or pilates to improve flexibility. I also recommend body pump or free motion, uniquely at Dessange, at least once a week. Just as important as it is to stay motivated, you must also listen to your body and know when to stop and give yourself a break. WTM: Is there a right age-group to practise Zumba? LV: No; that’s the beauty of it. Last summer, we had a camp where we organised Zumba for teens. We even had kids from the age of six participating. This has no impact on growth and doesn’t cause any damage. So, it is safe for all ages. We even conduct “mother and daughter” private sessions; it offers a new kind of bonding time. WTM: Do you require any special gear? LV: No, not beyond cross-trainer shoes. These provide more support for the ankle and more balance for faster movements. WTM: Do you have any fitness myth busters to spare? LV: Women generally believe they shouldn’t work with weights as it gets them all buffed up and they thus rely solely on cardio. This isn’t true; you need both muscle endurance and strength. Also, people think low intensity workouts for a longer period helps you burn more calories. That isn’t going to get you anywhere. I’ve heard people are advised to walk and not run. If you’ve noticed, those running are usually more fit than those walking. And, no, cycling does not make your behind larger! WTM: And finally, what, in your opinion, are the fitness essentials? LV: Firstly, nutrition, hydration and proper sleep. Secondly, hit the gym at least thrice a week. Thirdly, have the right workout kit — shoes, clothes, sports bra and other gear. I always stress on the importance of knowledge. If you aren’t sure, get professional advice. Do not follow random suggestions blindly.

Lelani Vrey


| December 2011 | woman this month

Call 17 713-999 or visit


The Total Experience

Natasha Bird heads down to the Diplomat’s gym and spa to check out their programme for getting you fit and healthy this winter.


ou might not imagine the winter to be an ideal time to begin a health and fitness regime. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and with them beckons the temptation to gorge yourself on sumptuous food and get in a last hurrah before embarking on New Year’s resolutions. However, you’d be wrong. In Bahrain, the winter months are the ideal time to get into gear. The weather has cooled, which makes running and exercising outside so much more pleasant. It is also extremely valuable to set yourself goals and to get into a pattern of exercise and dieting in the lead up to the end of the year’s festivities, because this means that your body will not receive so much of a shock when you want to burn all the eggnog off come the New Year. In light of this idea, I headed down to the Diplomat to check out their facilities and to experience a complimentary, tailor made exercise routine from one of their qualified fitness professionals. Upon entering their mixed gymnasium I was greeted by Nestor, an instructor with over six years of experience in the Philippines and the Gulf. He completed a thorough fitness assessment, which took into account both my body mass in relation to my height and my body fat percentage, from which he was able to gauge what sort of workout would suit me, in view of my particular goals. We decided that I really needed to improve my muscle tone, so we got to work on a routine that combined interval training with some cardio in order to get my blood pumping and to make my muscles feel the burn at the same time. The interval training consisted of sets of three exercises, each repeated a number of times with pauses between each and I have to say that this was the perfect workout for me. I felt like my muscles were working, but without being over strained. I could tell that my heart rate was being kept up, without feeling drained, weak or out of breath. It is definitely something I can see myself continuing to do every time I go to the gym. Happily, after my session with Nestor, the Diplomat treated me to one of their full-body sports massages in the ladies only spa. The spa is a wonderfully tranquil place, with a whole host of individual treatment and relaxation rooms and a beautiful Japanese pool complete with wooden bridge. Krittika’s massage was both thorough and relaxing. She managed to massage my whole body, whilst at the same time concentrating on the particular muscle groups that needed more attention. I thoroughly recommend the whole experience! Call 17 525-237 (SPA), or 17 531-666 (Hotel). 24

| December 2011 | woman this month


Flab Be Gone!

Are you about to install magic mirrors in your bedroom for the illusion of a flawless figure? We say don’t bother! You can have the real thing. Three words — power abs sessions!


f there’s something that convinces you that your body is imperfect, it has got to be those nasty love handles, which is really just a cute name for stubborn fat or blubber located in your mid-section. Ryan Gelderbloem, personal trainer at the Regency Health Club, opens the secret doorway to the world of surfboard abs. “You need to have a strong core to establish control over your upper and lower parts. Everything you do on a normal day incorporates the abdominal muscles. Thus, it is important to focus on this section,” Ryan explains. The power abs sessions are safe for anyone above the age of 16. To begin with, you are using your own body weight to tackle the most problematic region. It also includes cardiovascular exercises, which increase your heart rate helping you strip layers of fat before you actually start toning that tummy. Also, focusing on your oblique muscles is significant to keeping it flat. “Its best feature is that it is advised for both first-timers and professional gym-goers alike as it offers various levels,” he says. Couple these sessions with toning exercises for the perfect workout. It helps keep other muscle groups like the chest, back, arms and legs strong as well. Another benefit of this programme is that it does not burn a hole in your pocket with a list of expensive gear. Walk right in wearing comfortable workout clothes, a good pair of cross-trainer shoes and a gym mat if you’d like to bring your own. Remember to show up on time for the warm-ups and to stay at the end to cool down. This promises to be 60 minutes well spent. Try out a free session at our Fitness Day Out on December 10. Ryan’s fitness tips A moderate to high-intensity workout for half an hour three or four times a week is sufficient to maintain your body. For weight loss, double up the time and exercise at least five to six times a week. l With our current lifestyle, it’s important to move more often. Walk or take the stairs. If you don’t like to hit the gym, take up a sport or swim. l Remember fitness goes with nutrition. Ideally, you should lose 700 calories per workout to burn fat. Eating healthily makes sure it isn’t for nothing. l Don’t diet, eat right. When you diet, you lose body fat and muscle mass. Once you’ve stopped, you develop twice the fat you had in the first place. Fat-burning pills dehydrate your body and increase the heart rate unnaturally. l Muscles have memory. Change your routine on a weekly basis. Keep it interesting. l People ignore cardiovascular exercises when it is the most important part of working out. It helps regulate respiration and blood circulation. l Standing in the office helps you burn more calories than while you’re sitting. Every half hour, move around and drink water. l Stretch when you get up from your sleep. Squeeze in half an hour for push-ups or squats while you are at home. l Most importantly, get a health check-up before you get started. l

Ryan Gelderbloem

Call 17 208-355. woman this month | December 2011 |



The Change Starts Now You’ve heard it so many times that you probably say it in your sleep. "Diets don’t work; if you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to make a lifestyle change."


ut what does a lifestyle change look or feel like and how do you know when you’ve made one? The way some people talk about it, you’d think there’s some sort of mystical wisdom you get when you “make the change” that tells you when and what to eat, and how to stop worrying about the number on the scale. Does this mean you’ll finally stop craving chocolate and start liking tofu? Fitness First’s Hisem Hagras explains to WTM that the basic difference between a diet mentality and a lifestyle mentality is simply a matter of perspective.

Diet versus lifestyle A diet is all about numbers. The number on the scale and the number of calories you eat and burn. Success is defined in terms of how well you stick to your numbers. A lifestyle change is all about you. It’s about lining up your eating and physical activity with your real goals and desires. Success is defined in terms of how these changes make you feel about yourself. l The diet mentality assumes that reaching a certain weight is the key to finding happiness and solving other problems. That’s why messing up the numbers on any given day can be so upsetting — it means you’ve messed up on just about everything that really matters. The lifestyle approach assumes that being overweight is usually the result of other problems, not the cause. Addressing these problems directly is the best way to solve both the problems themselves and your weight issues. This means focusing on many things, not just the numbers on the scale or the nutrition tracker. l Going on a diet involves an external and temporary change in eating technique. You start counting and measuring, and you stop eating some foods and substitute others, based on the rules of whatever diet plan you are using. If you’re lucky, you may change on the outside — but not on the inside. Once you reach your goal weight, you don’t need the technique anymore, and things gradually go back to “normal.” So does your weight. Making a lifestyle change involves an internal and permanent change in your relationship with food, eating, and physical activity. You recognise that the primary problem isn’t what you eat, or even how much you eat, but how and why you eat. Eating mindlessly and impulsively and using food to manage your emotions and distract yourself from unpleasant thoughts — this is what really needs to change. Learning to take good care of yourself emotionally, physically, and spiritually — so that you don’t want to use eating to solve problems it really can’t — is a lifelong learning process that is constantly changing as your needs and circumstances change. Call 17 564-005 l


| December 2011 | woman this month


Dance Your Way to Perfection Life-Fit will be hosting an amazing Dance Fit class at our December 10 event. Who knew that getting in shape could be so much fun!


ife-Fit are offering you something pretty special this month. At the Woman This Month Fitness Day Out on December 10, you will have the opportunity to sample one of their unique Dance Fit classes, taught by Brazilian beauty Adriana Costa, one of their resident fitness experts. Dance Fit is a fusion of Latin dance moves, hip hop and low impact aerobics. It is designed to burn between 400 to 500 calories per session, as well as toning all the muscle groups in the body and improving your cardiovascular fitness levels. What’s more, Dance Fit is so much fun that you’ll be bound to leave the class feeling refreshed, energised and with a grin from ear to ear! Adriana Costa has more than one trick up her sleeve. As well as teaching Dance Fit at the Life-Fit gym, she also teaches Teen Fit, which is an adaptation of the class to suit children aged between 10 and 15. On top of this, you should be sure to try out her zumba, pilates and belly dancing classes. So many great reasons to go on a health kick! Life-Fit is dedicated to improving the fitness levels of the whole family. They have developed a range of exercise classes and activities that are designed to encourage participation from children right up to the oldest generations. These include power yoga, step aerobics, yoga and meditation, boot camps and taekwondo for kids. Life-Fit is located on the second floor of the M Square building on the Budaiya Highway. Call 17 692-424, 33 001-261 or email


The Art of Karate

WTM sits down with Futureshape’s karate master — Sensei Amr — to get the low down on the art of Karate.


osting a class at our December 10 event, Sensei Amr is a sixth dan instructor and has been teaching in Bahrain for the past five years. Being the only centre in Bahrain endorsed and directly affiliated with the International Shotokan Karate federation (ISKF), Futureshape’s Karate Academy offers its students physical, mental and spiritual growth. The ISKF certified instructor speaks of his love for karate, explaining that the sport transforms a person to a better rounded being. “Karate requires a great deal of concentration. You need to know when to respond and when to defend; this in turn actually helps a person’s discipline. You attain a certain calmness; it truly becomes a way of life.” Karate also helps develop a high level of muscular strength, endurance, agility and balance, utilising the maximum range of your body’s movements. This is not the case with many other sports. Following the traditional shotokan style, men and women of all ages can register to learn the art of Karate. The classes are taught three days a week with an extra class for advanced students on Friday mornings. Futureshape also offers cardio, tone and athletic stretch classes taught by owner Debbie Al Asfoor and yoga classes taught by highly qualified instructor Louise O’Loan who has trained in Australia and India. “During the WTM event, we plan on teaching the basics of Karate, to introduce it slowly to first timers.” Located in Garden City Budaiya, Futureshape has no membership fees and all classes are set at attractive rates. Call 17 591-237. woman this month | December 2011 |



Have Fun Getting Fit The life you want — in the body you deserve. Absolutely safe and so much fun!

What if you could have the benefits of a major workout in 20 minutes or less? What if you could use a fitness product virtually anywhere? What if you could lose weight, improve your overall fitness level and have fun doing it? What if you thought you could never exercise again because of sore joints? Kangoo Jumps is not just a product. It's an exciting way to achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle for all age groups and fitness levels. They are safe and easy to use; people of all ages (5-90+) will begin enjoying their many benefits within a few minutes of use. Think again! Kangoo Jumps reduce the jarring effect of exercise on the joints by up to 80 per cent! This allows users a significantly higher safety margin when resuming an exercise programme after prolongued periods of inactivity due to injuries, joint surgery or a sedentary lifestyle.

The reduced impace on the feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine makes it safe to exercise every day! Kangoos also provide an excellent cardiovascular workout, placing them in a league of their own. Best of all, they are so much fun you will forget you are exercising! Call 39 411-407 or visit the Facebook Page: Kangoo Jumps Bahrain


| December 2011 | woman this month

Roping In Good Health Y EQUILIBRE

In a world of advanced technology, several different methods of weight loss have been brought to the limelight. Equilibre has something interesting to offer.

ou’ve heard the term before but there are very few people who know what it is. The qualified instructors at Equilibre, a gym tucked within East Riffa, offers one of the most innovative weight loss techniques — TRX suspension training. Offering a complete body work out in a single session, this eliminates the trauma of cardio exercises and weights. All you need is a rope, not kidding! “You can hook up the TRX rope anywhere. It uses the weight of your own body. The moves will help you tone your body, and improve your flexibility and balance,” explains Eunice Njonde, their professional instructor. Staying fit Equilibre continues to seek out the best methods to get your dream body and provide a solution for everyone through a number of classes including pilates, aerobics and yoga. “Exercising changes a person’s mood and morale. Fitness is not just about looking good. It is also about feeling good,” says personal trainer, Thess Badiola. Apart from Precor cardio and strength machines, this health club also houses a Vibrogym fitness plate to complement your regular routine. This device vibrates almost 100 per cent of your body density helping you lose weight in a non-invasive and safe method in just half the time as a normal workout. Set your fitness mood to overdrive as Equilibre will soon be starting their second version of the Biggest Loser for its members. Call 77 066-033.

For more details: P. O. Box 28181, Riffa, Kingdom of Bahrain, Tel: (973) 77066033, Website: woman this month | December 2011 |



A Treatment like No Other The Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea and Spa promises to refresh your mind, body and spirit with their unique selection of special treatments.


little relaxation can go a long way, something which is easy to discover at Sofitel’s unique Thalassa Sea and Spa. Housed in 2000 square meters of tranquility, this paradise within the Sofitel combines two unbeatable benefits — the sea and the spa. There is a whole host of innovative, seawater-based therapies waiting just for you — promising to rejuvenate you from the outside in. The Thalassa Sea and Spa aims to give you the complete package — taking care of your body, but also your mind and your spirit through a comprehensive approach which heals and refreshes you in totality. Seawater therapies are an ideal way to do this. The water is taken from deep in the sea, filtered and then heated to precisely 33 degrees Celsius, which is ideal for the relaxation of muscles, stimulation of the blood-flow and the absorption of active ingredients. It is then precisely manipulated by the Sofitel’s expert staff to give your skin the ultimate benefits of its minerals and traces. In total there are 14 treatment rooms available, six of which are dry treatments and eight wet treatments. Both men and women can enjoy the options with the lower floor dedicated solely to women and the upper floor a haven for men. You can choose to indulge in a broad range of options including massages, saunas, steam rooms, a freshwater pool and a seawater hydrotherapy pool — there is even a hair salon for both gender’s to use. There are a number of highlights within the basic Thalassa therapy treatments programme. The whirlpool bath is infused with sea plants and essential oils to replenish the body and loosen the muscles, the jet shower sculpts and tones with hydro-therapist massages on each part of your body and the underwater shower uses submerged jets to relax the body, which is ideal for stiff muscles and joints. For something more encompassing, choose the sea-plant wrap which sees you engulfed in a luxurious blanket after the application of a warm sea-plant cream. This is wonderful for facilitating perspiration and promoting the absorption of mineral salts and trace elements. In addition to the choice of treatments, there is a wide variety of programmes to select from. You can take an hour out of your day with a quick-fix massage or facial, or you can stay at the hotel and wile away your days in a blur of blissful treatments and attentive remedies. D.I.Y spa The Thalassa Sea and Spa has launched a range of products to keep you spa-fresh right from your own home. The ‘Aquascience’ line has been developed by a marine science laboratory to evolve the healing properties of sea water, so that your skin is constantly firmed, hydrated and brightened. Call 16 636-363. 30

| December 2011 | woman this month


Fashion Fashion Forward Expert The winter is here and Christmas is just around the corner. It’s time to celebrate. This December, remember that you can enjoy the festive season whilst still being totally on top of the trends!

Daring Designer

The Dolce and Gabbana stars are everywhere this season, but they aren’t in everyone’s price range. Happily, though, Julien Macdonald has done us all a favour by introducing some D&G inspired items into his concession collections — Star and Diamond by Julian Macdonald. Both are available at Debenhams.

Natasha Bird gives us her views on the fashionable highs and lows of the month.

Want it

Versace for H&M looks to be extremely interesting. Along with everybody else, I can’t wait!

What’s Hot

Add a sparkly belt to your posh dresses this month. I like this gold one from Coast.

Fancy Frocks

Koton’s party frocks are to die for and we haven’t been able to take our eyes off them for the last month. You’d better hurry if you want to catch this gorgeous, deep red number before they all get snapped up.

Bold Luxury

Bvlgari are known for their rich, stand-out, luxurious designs. Their hand bag collection for this season is no less aweinspiring. Check out this red snakeskin print, chain bag with its striking snake’s head clasp. Sensual and divine!


| December 2011 | woman this month

Bin It

Boring pink nails are a thing of the past. Get creative with some deeper tones or try a nail transfer.


Modern Day Twiggy

The sixties are back with an emphasis on colour blocks, big buttons and strong geometric lines. Shift dresses are in the shops in force, as are pea-coats and bold eyeliner. Ben Di Lisi’s Principles collection for Debenhams features a glorious range of sixties inspired pieces.

Purple Opulence Purples are one of the shades of this season. Celebrate this fact by picking out one of Accessorize’s glorious choker-style necklaces. We love the ribbon design — it will add a rich, nighttime feel to a dressed up look.

woman this month | December 2011 |



What the



ha Bir


are Wearing

It has been a glamorous month in the world of models and screen sirens. WTM brings you the best and worst of the bunch! Marion Cotillard To the Contagion Paris premiere Marion wore an interesting Christian Dior spring 2012 dress. It is an unusual look, especially paired with the coral Dior chain link pumps, but we think it’s cool and edgy. Marion normally opts for something fairly sophisticated and feminine, so it is nice to see her picking something a bit fashion forward.

Uma Thurman Uma attended the Golden Heart awards ceremony in a frilly frock from the Carolina Herrera resort 2012 collection. Although the bubbly, bright nature of the dress is appropriate for the cause, we aren’t sure it entirely fits the mood of this season. Lea Michelle We are totally loving this more sultry look on Glee’s Lea Michelle. For someone who usually chooses a girlier, softer get-up, this Luca Luca spring 2012 playsuit was a daring choice. The little Jimmy Choo shoe boots complement the open front, while the Meus Design earrings soften the ensemble just a touch. 34

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Keira Knightley To the premiere of A Dangerous Method in London, Keira wore this dangerous Roksanda Ilincic resort 2012 dress. The mid-calf is an awkward length and one that many of you don’t seem to like, but we think Keira pulled it off with panache and we love her Chanel ring too!

Emma Roberts Emma Roberts has been hailed as somewhat of a young style muse. We don’t always agree with this idea, but we do think she looked great at the Swarovski Crystallized event in her bronze Miu Miu dress. The length is age-appropriate, the black tights lend the look a touch of sophistication, while the Peter Pan collar is cute and totally on trend.

Alexis Bledel Alexis Bledel wore a Missoni autumn 2011 maxi-dress to the Rodeo Drive Walk of Style event recently. We have to say, we are not thrilled with this look. The pale colour of the frock is neither particularly fitting for the season, nor does it do anything to complement her complexion. She could have done with something darker that would have washed her out less.

Rosie HuntingtonWhiteley The underwear as outerwear trend is still floating around, so Rosie’s Richard Nicoll dress isn’t entirely at odds with the times, but we’re still not convinced it was the right choice. The contrasting halves are almost too different to look coherent and Rosie didn’t really help this by adding those navy satin Ferragamo pumps into the mix!

Kate Bosworth Actress and up and coming style icon Kate Bosworth lived up to her accolades as she attended the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund finalists announcement recently. Her Proenza Schouler spring 2012 outfit was lifted straight from the runway. It is an unusual and unique look, but we think she pulls it off marvellously!

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Blogging for the People

They’ve been around for years now, but finally, the bloggers are taking over the world, one post at a time.

Gone are the days when we had to rely solely on the glossies to give us the lo-down on what’s hot and what’s not. We no longer have to defer to the experts for everything style related. We live now in a world of trend-shapers, trend-forecasters, trend-setters and trend-commentators and in this age of constant public dialogue, it seems that power no longer lies in the hands of the few, but in a community of committed girls and boys next door.

Of course, the magazines still have their uses — they are staffed largely with qualified experts and fashion devotees who have access to designers and shows that many normal people won’t. However, there is a greater and greater thirst for opinion sharing. Fashion is becoming more of a commune than a hierarchy and this, we feel, is actually rather special.

Liberty London Girl Blog:

Sasha Wilkins

Style Bubble

Bio: LLG is pretty much where it all started. Sasha Wilkins was one of the first ever bloggers to reach star status. Working as an English journalist and editor living in New York, she decided to start an anonymous account of her fashionable experiences. After much success, she decided to reveal her identity in an in-depth interview for Grazia in 2010. This did nothing to harm her career for she now travels all over the world, hitting shows, writing for a variety of publications and she has won a slew of awards for her work.


Bio: Probably one of the most well known of the young and current blog stars, Susie Bubble, otherwise known as Susanna Lau, is Chinese by ethnicity, but was born and brought up on the fashionable streets of London town. She has dedicated her blog to both her own style and to the mission to discover up and coming talent. She has been the editor of Dazed Digital, the website for the magazine Dazed and Confused and often writes for other publications, such as Elle.

Susie Bubble 36

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The Sartorialist Blog:

Scott Schuman

Bio: This is one of the most stylish and prestigious of all the blogs you might look at. It consists of fashion and pretty prose, but with an emphasis on interesting and often haunting photography. Scott likes to capture people in their real environment and searches out the stylish on the street. He edited and shot his own blog for years but, happily, now collaborates with a team of like-minded individuals. His opinion is much sought after and his work has appeared in Vogue Paris, Vogue Italia, GQ and Interview, among others.

The Haute Pursuit Blog:

Bio: Splitting her time between New York, Beijing, Vancouver and elsewhere, Vanessa’s main focus is really on herself, which is a good thing too, because she happens to be one of the most stylish girls out there. The best thing about Vanessa’s blog, besides the cutting edge looks and dreamy photography, is that she is generous enough to tell her readers where each of the items in the photo come from. She’s been featured in a variety of publications and is regularly consulted by fashion websites. Our only wish is that she would post a little bit more often — some of us are a little impatient!

Vanessa Hon g

Other Blogs to Watch

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Walk Like a Man Throw out the florals and step away from anything pink. This winter is all about masculine tailoring. Get yourself a good trouser suit, pick up a pair of brogues and stick to a monochrome colour palette.

The Designers Doroth

y Perk


Celine Margaret Howell Donna Karen

The designers have gone wild for androgyny this season. They have done away with the floaty maxi dresses and the feminine tassels and trimmings that adorned the 60s and 70s styles we saw over the summer. Instead we’ve been looking at drain-pipe trousers, boyfriend blazers, high-necked shirts and the odd cane or top hat! The emphasis, it seems, is on masculine tailoring — this isn’t a trend for the scruffy or grungy. Almost every androgynous look had an element of formal wear about it, whether that be in the form of a well cut jacket or a pair of tuxedo trousers.


Christian Louboutin


If you like your flats, stay away from the girly ballet pumps. Opt instead for leather loafers or some failsafe brogues. Don’t be afraid to dress up your look with a pair of heels though.


| December 2011 | woman this month


The Celebs Never has a trend been more of a favourite among the celebrities. Those in the fashionable elite love to push boundaries and play with the odd, awkward or unusual and an androgynous look is an easy way of doing just this. You can always rely on Ms Dello Russo to try out something that others might find bizarre or strange and Ms Palermo is unmoving in her position at the front row of every fashion show worth seeing — so she’s definitely a key marker for what’s hot and what’s not. We’ve thrown Emma Watson in there just to show you that you can add a dash of the androgynous to any look, any time of day.

Anna D

ello Ru


atson Emma W

Juicy Couture

Olivia Palermo

Banana Republic

Top Half

Go sleeveless, go buttonless, just don’t whip out your cleavage. This look is all about clever cover-ups.

Top Shop

Massimo Duti woman this month | December 2011 |



Bottom Half

There are loads of cuts to choose from, although peg-leg and drain pipe seem to be firm favourites. Don’t forget to accent your outfit with this season’s key colour — bordeaux.

Miss Selfridge


Hoss Intropia Camaieu

The Bloggers

The Sartorialist Blog


The Haute Pur What's in 40

| December 2011 | woman this month


It’s a blogger’s world out there these days. They are gaining popularity (and notoriety) by the second, they get sent as much free stuff as the celebs and they get front row tickets to some of the best shows in town! You can rely on these guys to be at the very forefront and sometimes way ahead of what’s cool. We absolutely LOVE Vanessa Hong, whose blog The Haute Pursuit is always stacked with great images of her own quirky style and information about where she gets her clothes. We like a girl that’s willing to share her knowledge!

Hoss Intropia

Dorothy Perkins

Top Shop

Outerwear Forget the pea-coats of the sixties and the feminine trench — think boyfriend cut or tapered volume.


Carolina Herrera



Carolina Herrera

Square shapes and strong lines are the trend of the season. Don’t pick pretty swirls and diamante, go for chainmail and studs Bvlgari


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Longoria A

s Christmas and New Year draw closer and closer, the celebrities are bringing out their best fur in a bid to look as glamorous as possible for all the glitzy endof-year parties! You can throw a good fur stole over pretty much anything and it will take your look from drab to fab in seconds. Here, Eva Longoria is showing us exactly how it is done. Her rich purple ensemble is receiving an instant style injection with the addition of her glorious brown fur jacket.


Eva’s look is very girly, which is why it is nice to see something a little less delicate on her wrist. True, her watch is hardly the chunkiest thing out there, but its solidity offsets the softness of the rest of the look. We have found this very similar design from Longines. They have several similar designs, so be sure to check them all out.


Eva’s bag is a patent Mulberry creation and what better substitute for it but another, similar Mulberry design? In keeping with our lust for plum this December, we’ve chosen this darker Mulberry tote — the perfect accompaniment to Lipsy’s one-shouldered dress. We think the patent leather actually looks richer and better quality in this hue.


As the Winter really sets in, we thought a nice dark plum would be the most appropriate. You can only see a glimpse of Eva’s purple dress in the picture, but we can tell you that it is a paler, floaty, chiffon number. Our choice is this satin offering from the glamorous, but affordable label Lipsy — perfect for the more special of the festive season’s parties.


The best thing about Eva’s coat is the texture — she has opted for something with a really plush, mink-like feel to it. This design means that it instantly stands out in the crowd. It looks so strokable! We’ve delved deep into the furry recesses and happened upon this glorious fur coat from Top Shop. The fur’s patterning and the vertical brown panels make it striking and flattering at the same time. 42

| December 2011 | woman this month


Happy Holidays! The Gap holiday collection is a fresh take on timeless classics.


any brands bring out a Christmas collection, usually full of novelty and gimmicks. Gap, on the other hand, has cleverly chosen to concentrate on the type of styles that will last and last. Their 2011 holiday collection is full of the most delightful chunky cable knits and denim casuals. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this collection is totally without innovation though. They have kept a keen eye on this year’s key Autumn/Winter trends, incorporating certain elements into their designs. They have spiced up their jeans with some exciting snakeskin patterning and they have even used this season’s most sought-after colour — bordeaux! Call Bahrain City Centre 17 178-432 or Seef Mall 17 582-864.

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Kardashian A

s Christmas and New Year draw closer and closer, the celebrities are bringing out their best fur in a bid to look as glamorous as possible for all the glitzy endof-year parties! You can throw a good fur stole over pretty much anything and it will take your look from drab to fab in seconds. Here, Eva Longoria is showing us exactly how it is done. Her rich purple ensemble is receiving an instant style injection with the addition of her glorious brown fur jacket.


Kim’s necklace is riddled with dangly appendages and, as such, is a little bit fussy. We’ve found this incredibly cute charm chain from Juicy Couture. With a simple three charm approach, it won’t overwhelm the rest of the outfit, keeping the look demure and sophisticated.


The opaque black tights in Kim’s look mean that her shoes are pretty much invisible and, actually, this is something we quite like about the look. It acts as a leglengthener and doesn’t detract from the other features of the outfit. Why not give these black, peep-toe shoe boots from Hoss Intropia a try?


Kim’s jacket is the key to her look. Without it, her skirt and plain black top risk looking dull and uninteresting. The tuxedo lapels lend a formal touch to her otherwise casual outfit. We’ve come across this amazing copycat design from Dorothy Perkins. The long, flowing shape is in-keeping with the dressed-down feel of the look, but the contrast lapels and silky fabric act as a nice accent. You could throw this over pretty much anything!


Kim’s skirt has an intriguing ink-blott pattern to it, which is cute, but is perhaps just a bit too much of a contrast to the dark black of her jacket. We’ve found this Carolina Herrera wool number. The monochrome, Chanel-esque design is slightly closer in hue to the jacket, but still provides enough of a contrast.


| December 2011 | woman this month

ANNE Klein

Mastering Monochrome The Autumn/Winter runways were awash with masculine tailoring and monochrome colour schemes. Anne Klein shows us how to translate this into bags and footwear.


his season women are determined to reclaim certain things from the men. Access to luxury suiting and fine tailoring are no longer a boy’s prerogative. What Anne Klein shows us is that these more androgynous traits can be easily translated into hand bags and footwear. Button up those shirts, experiment with monochrome, but more than anything else, try

using gorgeous accessories to help define and shape your look. Anne Klein has a fantastic range of black and white accessories — the perfect accompaniment to your masculine tailoring. Whether it is a pair of leather boots that hug your calves perfectly or monochrome heels to accent a smart shift dress, this store has everything you need to slip right into this

luxuriously androgynous trend. Their black and white court shoes are a must, but it’s the ankle boots that will really whet the shopaholic’s appetite. So get yourself down to Bahrain City Centre or Seef Mall today and have a look through their latest collection yourself. Call Bahrain City Centre 16 686-204, Seef Mall 16 686-224. woman this month | December 2011 |



Ready to Party! Girls, get out those dresses and pick out some sparkly shoes — the party season is here! You’ve been invited to the ball, the cocktail soirée or even just for some eggnog with the neighbours… In any case, you’ve had plenty of excuses to buy a new frock and some stand-out accessories to accompany it. Here are a few of our suggestions!

Nothing like a Koton LBD for chic dressing up!

These Oasis bangles will put a sparkle in your step.

Piaget pendant earrings! How marvellous!

Paule Ka

Nothing says celebration like some gold leaf mesh. Thanks Top Shop. Bordeaux boots by Christian Louboutin. Don't mind if we do.

Warehouse have turned up the glam factor with these cute sequinned shorts


| December 2011 | woman this month

For an edgier look, try Reiss's bronze sheen skinnys.


As Cute as a Christmas Cupcake Gymboree’s Christmas collection would melt even the hardest of hearts.


ymboree is known throughout the Kingdom, and the entire world, for producing fashion forward, high quality children’s wear. This December it has gone above and beyond its usual standards and taken the cute-factor to an all time high! Its Christmas collection consists of a wonderful array of Santa inspired dresses, tartan trousers and cupcake decorated onesies. With the wide variety of gorgeous little outfits that Gymboree has to offer, you’ll be able to dress your little one in something Christmassy every day throughout the month of December. Don’t forget to check out this season's accessories too — Gymboree has everything from party shoes to scarves and little cupcake hats. It will be more than easy to keep your tots wrapped up nice and warm. Call 17 172-318.

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Beauty News


The festive season is truly underway. Have a look through these top beauty products for wish list and gift ideas!

Festive Fancy

Gosh cosmetics are going all out to make sure their customers get plenty of choice. This 22 eye shadow set has a great and diverse range of colours and four separate applicators so you don’t have to worry about smudgy blending. The matte black case is thin and perfect for travel. Available at Ruyan Outlets, Beauty Bay, Faces and others.

Luscious Lashes

Bourjois have done it again! They’ve come up with yet another innovative way to give us ladies thicker, fuller and longer lashes. There’s no doubt you’ll be a knockout if you try their new double brush system and the fact that it comes in a single ended tube makes it even more exciting. Go on, give it a go, you know you want to! Available at leading retailers.

Purple Haze

Purple is one of the key colours this season, which is just why Inglot have brought out some great makeup in this choice hue. They’ve got powdered pigments, eye shadows and even eyeliner gels in a range of purple shades. You will be spoilt for choice! Available in Seef Mall and Bahrain City Centre.


| December 2011 | woman this month

Total Solution Lancaster products are a valuable commodity in these parts. They are somewhat hard to come by, but boy are they worth the search. The retinology cream promises to soothe and erase the four main signs of ageing — wrinkles, dark spots, loss of firmness and dull complexion. Available at

Growing Younger

Clinique know a thing or two about good foundation. They also have a knack for understanding the female psyche. This is why, knowing that most women are concerned with the signs of ageing, they have come up with a foundation that gives you flawlessly smooth colour and also smoothes out the signs of lines and wrinkles. Available at leading retailers.

Kopy Kate

Kate Moss is a veritable style goddess, so there must be a good reason why she has stuck loyally to Rimmel all these years. This Christmas you can bag yourself something with the real essence of Kate about it, thanks to her new range of lusciously red lip sticks. Perfect for the holiday season! Available at leading retailers.

Pampered and Pretty

L’Occtiane’s products have one particularly special thing about them — they always smell gorgeous and unusual. This is probably due to the fact that they seek out unique ingredients such as ivy and ruscus extracts. This “precious” cream, from their Immortelle range is no less fragrant. Available in Seef Mall and Bahrain City Centre.

Do you want to lose weight? Actrim2 will help you lose weight naturally Actrim2 weight loss supplement is natural and fruit based: Simply take two tablets three times a day with water after each meal. When you purchase Actrim2 you gain free access to Alva Carpenter’s online slimming club. There you will find everything you need for successful weight loss. Ask your Doctor or Pharmacist for details. Today!

Holidays are Coming

Red and white is such a delight at this time of year — it signals Santa Claus, stockings and lots of bright wrapping paper. Sephora have got the right idea, then, with their red, white and black Christmas gift sets. How about this little bubble bath and body lotion package? We think it’s just perfect! Available at Seef Mall and Bahrain City Centre.

As recomme nded Alva Carpente by r Alva Carpenter For more information contact: ct::

Gulf Pharmacy & General Stores Telephone 17 335666 666 B A H R A IN | K U WA IT | O M A N | Q ATA R | U N IT E D A RAB E MIRAT E S

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Glamour A look that is party perfect for the holiday season!


| December 2011 | woman this month


ne of the best things about the festive season is that it signals an endless stream of parties, dinners, family gatherings and other events. Whether you are getting dolled up to go see an auntie that you haven’t seen in months, primping for a date with a special someone or going all out to look your best for a glamorous soirée, you’ll need to achieve the perfect makeup look. Happily MAC cosmetics have produced a gloriously deep, luscious and rich collection called Posh Paradise, which we think is just perfect for keeping on trend whilst dressing up this season. This make up is deep in hue, thick in texture and best of all comes in such a range of shades that you will be able to change up your look to suit each of your many events and parties.


This season is all about the eye and lip combination. As most of the events that you will be going to will be high glamour, you don’t really have to worry about toning down one or the other. Pick complementary colours, but don’t be afraid to go all out with your look. Instead of opting for a standard smoky eye, try to infuse your shading with one of these rich pinks or purples. Blend the colours thickly up to the brow bone and don’t be shy about trying a bit of colour around the eye’s inner contour — right into the crook beside your nose. Tips Try blending a different shade under your eyes, for an all-over, sultry and interesting look.

A simple red lip just won’t cut it this season. December is all about experimenting with something a little bit darker, a little bit more seductive, but also a touch gothic. Deep mauves, rich bluey pinks and, of course, this season’s key colour — bordeaux — are the way to go. Tips: Don’t be tempted to try using a darker lip liner on the outside of your lips to give your look texture. If you want to add something a little bit different, try blending a darker colour into the centre of your lips instead.

Lips Nails

If the designers have taught us anything this season, it’s that nails are back! No longer are we supposed to be satisfied with a single block colour in one of the traditional shades. Instead, we’ve all got to sit up and pay our ten digits some extra attention! Unusual colours are in, such as mustard, bright yellow and an array of metallic sheens. Nail art is also making a comeback with leopard print transfers, gem adornments and colourful stripes and spots. Tips: Try a colourful reverse French manicure. Cover the nail a pale but colourful shade and then paint the tips with a darker hue, although it would be wise to avoid black or red as this will look like you have dirty fingernails. woman this month | December 2011 |



Gifts for the Girls

Gosh eye-shadow set


Gosh silver compact set

Gosh ultra-rich lip-gloss set


his festive season is all about pampering yourself and trying out new things. With all the holidays and parties lined up this month and the millions of pictures we know you’ll be taking, every girl should be making sure that they have a couple of great sets of travel cosmetics that they can slip into any handbag, hold-all or clutch! Fortunately, Gosh Cosmetics has introduced an exciting new range of travel makeup kits that are the perfect solution to all your beauty concerns. The last thing you want to worry about on a journey is carrying an army of different bottles, brushes and tubes. Simplify your life with these compact, easy-to-use sets and look gorgeous wherever you go. They also make the perfect present for any female friend or loved one. By offering such innovative items, Ruyan Group opens the doors to a world of options. Show us a woman who wouldn’t love to receive an amazing 22 eye shadow set!


| December 2011 | woman this month

Three is company 1. Gosh silver compact set: This consists of eight eye-shadows, two blushers, six lip glosses, and three applicators. It, thus, allows you to customise your own palette using your favourite colours. The exceptional design of the compact with simili stones makes it a perfect gift. 2. Gosh ultra-rich lip-gloss set: The luxurious glosses that form a set of seven are infused with anti-oxidants to help nourish and protect your lips while natural emollients soothe and moisturise them. 3. Gosh eye-shadow set: 22 eye-shadows and four applicators are presented in a matte black compact case perfect for both home and travel. It offers you the chance to create a variety of nuances. These are exclusively available at Beauty Bay and Lifestyle outlets, and on Bahrain Air's in-flight magazines. Call 17 731-316.


The Scent of


‘Tis the season to be jolly, but ‘tis also the season to look good and smell great. How about these for festive smells?

Diamond a Dozen

Who knew that Chopard wasn’t just a diamond expert? Well, apparently they are pretty adept when it comes to making perfumes too. Happy Spirit is a perfume to suit the first throws of love — blending the sweetness of honeysuckle with the tangy aftertaste of blood orange. Boys, this is one for your girlfriends. Available at the Chopard boutique in Moda Mall.

Noir Noël

If you are looking for something a little darker, a touch richer and certainly more seductive, then look no further than the Versace Crystal Noir festive gift set. What better way to treat someone than with a deeply intense scent — the central note is of gardenia — that also comes with a gloriously fragranced body lotion and a chic Versace bag? Available at leading retailers.

Totally Delicious

DKNY have released yet another version of their famous Be Delicious range. This golden version is the richest and most luxurious of the bunch, making it a perfect pampering present for a loved one. The top note is orange flower, but it also has a touch of white rose, Casablanca lily and vanilla orchid. Available at leading retailers.


Keep it glamorous this winter with a cool, modern gift set from Moschino. The set comes with a bottle of Moschino’s famous scent, but also with a great, fragranced body lotion and a trendy case to carry them in on the move. This is a great gift to give the younger generation. Available at leading retailers.

Turn Down the Heat

Some women like to feel the heat and others like to play it cool. Davidoff’s Cool Water gift set is an ideal option for the women out there who don’t go for all-out seduction, preferring something a little bit more sedate, but still striking. Cool Water is a fruity blend of watermelon and pineapple, but with the sweeter element of lily of the valley. Available at Jashanmal. 54

| December 2011 | woman this month

Social Butterfly One of the performers takes an acrobatic dive into the water

The Lost Paradise Of Dilmun Pirates Show

An international act combining acrobatics, pyrotechnics, dance and gymnastics was unveiled with The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park (LPOD) taken over by pirates. More than 3,000 visitors attended the 'Pirates in Bahrain' event, which will be performed four times a day at the park Abdul Aziz, Essa, Darion, Isa & Isa

A flaming pirate

Issa & Tatyana


Martin, Oliver, Poyony & Farn

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Cause for Celebration! With Christmas, New Year and National Day just around the corner, head to Bansri jewellery for the perfect present!

Bansri Jewellery has been around for years, but with every passing month it gains in prestige and reputation. If you want quality jewellery at a price that you can afford, then there really is only one solution. With the countdown beginning to this month’s festivities, you’ll be beginning to think about suitable gifts for loved ones, friends and relatives. If this is the case, you could do a lot worse than to get down to Bansri Jewellery in Gold City to have a look at their beautiful array


| December 2011 | woman this month

of rings, earrings and pendants. They even have a special, seasonal collection of beautiful diamonds, starting at as little as 100BD. Bansri are exhibiting at Jewellery Arabia 2011 and will be located in hall two, stand number 1035. You can receive your complimentary Jewellery Arabia pass simply by visiting the Bansri Jewellery store in Gold City. Whether it is small and dainty, bejewelled and bedazzling or intricate and fancy, Bansri have everything you could want. Call 17 229-457.


Pump It

The new age of breast pumps gives expecting and nursing mothers a much needed mix of technology and comfort.


ith the upcoming arrival of your new baby, there are many decisions to be made. None more important than deciding which form of nutrition is best for you and your baby. Finding the right breast pump can be a difficult task for anyone, but the Gulf pharmacy’s new 2-Phase Expression line of breast pumps makes the choice a lot easier. The innovative breast pump mimics a baby’s natural nursing rhythm by pumping in two distinct modes with its two-phase pumping pattern. The device operates with an initial, rapid rhythm to promote let-down, followed by a slower, deeper rhythm for the most comfortable and efficient milk expression. Offering a number of different models, the 2-Phase Expression pump comes in manual, single electric, double electric mode and more. Research has shown that using a pump with double-phase expression helps mothers reach milk ejection faster. They will also get more milk in less time this way, especially when they pump at the maximum comfort level. Medela has been providing the highest quality breastfeeding and breast pumping products available for mothers and professionals for the past 30 years. Medela, the industry leader, launched the new line of breast pumps based on Professor Hartmann’s groundbreaking human lactation research. The Symphony, Medela’s hospital-grade 2-Phase Expression breast pump, has been proven to maintain milk supply because the pump removes as much of the mother’s milk as a breastfeeding baby. Call 17 877-107 or

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Furniture Forward The Home Store is a home grown conceptstore and is one of the fastest growing home furniture and furnishings companies in the region.


ince it opened its doors in December 2006, The Home Store has been developing and updating its concept, with a view to keeping an eye on the trends and also on changing customer lifestyles in order to create pieces that are modern and sophisticated. “The furniture available at The Home Store is modern, contemporary, stylish and functional, offering a wide choice of wood finishes and shades”, says senior operations manager Chander Shivnani. Walking through The Home Store’s doors you will be confronted by more than 10,000 exciting products. Whether it is living room furniture, bathroom fixings, dining table accessories or beautiful and colourful rugs, throws and cushion covers, The Home Store has everything the home maker needs to add that special, personal touch. What is more, The Home Store’s bright, friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to help and answer your questions. Get down to The Bahrain Mall and find out for yourself. Call 17 556-001.


25 to


Off New Arrivals

Daily Timings 10am to 10pm 58

| December 2011 | woman this month


Underneath the

Christmas Tree The holiday shopping season is here so head to Megamart for a one stop shop.


rom clothing and fancy electronics to toys and delicious holiday delicacies, this department store will surely have the perfect gift for all your loved ones. “This holiday season we will be offering an exciting array of Christmas goodies to make shopping a fun family experience,” says R.V. Waghnani, general manager of Megamart. Christmas is all about the environment, celebrating with colours and bringing home the festivities. Liven up the hassle of holiday shopping by taking out the entire family to buy decorations for your home. You can make your house a winter wonderland with the large assortment of decorations available at the store. A range of red, gold and green décor, along with the perfect ornaments and candles, are available to complete your tree. This season the Megamart pastry chefs will whip up a special selection of heavenly goodness to sink your teeth into. Their bakery delights include moist plum cakes, chocolates, cookies, pastries and some savouries that will leave you craving more. Renowned for their fresh selection of bread, cakes and other bakery products, the store will also bring in only premium cuts of beef, lamb, turkey and the freshest of fruits and vegetables, so get ready to prepare a scrumptious feast. “Megamart offers competitive prices. We take great pride in bringing only the fresh and best products of supreme value to our customers.” Call 17 341-070, 17 250-334 or 17 343-266. woman this month | December 2011 |



Raising Smart and Safe


It seems that the world around us is not a safe place for children these days. Teaching your child some basic protection skills can go a long way towards warding off potential abuse.


any parents believe the best way to protect their children from abuse is to teach them to stay away from strangers. However, strangers account for only a small fraction of child abuse, while a majority of abusers are known, trusted and liked by the children they victimise. “Unfortunately, an abuser will likely be someone the child trusts and is closely related to. It could be a family member, family friend, neighbour, coach, religious leader, youth group leader or anyone in a position of power who can wield this over a child and convince them to do things they are not comfortable with”, observes Dr Rana Al Sairafi, manager of Be-Free Centre, the Middle East’s first antichild abuse and neglect operation. The Be-Free Centre is the result of a collaboration between the Bahrain Women’s Society and the United Nations International Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and works to empower children and adult victims of abuse to regain strength and trust in themselves and others. To date the Centre has provided counselling and healing services to over 2500 individuals including abused children, adults 60

| December 2011 | woman this month

who were abused in childhood, children at risk and cases where parents want to have a better relationship with their children or teenagers. Although abuse is hard to prevent and even tougher to detect, Dr Rana believes that children do have power over their abusers; they only need to know how to use it.

Safety First

It is essential to teach children basic protection skills that will help them react more smartly when faced with difficult situations, believes Dr Rana. Children should be made to realise that being “smart” is way better than being “big and tough”. For instance, one of the basic guidelines every child must understand is that their body is theirs and they need to respect and protect it. Being able to tell the difference between a “good touch” and “bad touch” and

trusting their instincts is a basic skill all children should know. Another principle, covered under the Centre’s “Essential Protection Skills Workshop” for children, involves teaching the young ones to differentiate between good secrets and bad secrets — that is, the secrets that they can keep and the secrets that they need to tell their parents or someone they trust. It is important that children trust their gut instinct and understand the message of such instincts every time to respond positively. Other guidelines include not accepting rides from strangers, dealing with temptations smartly, choosing a safe path when walking from one point to another, escaping from tricky people and confiding in a trusted adult.

Smart Surfing

Surfing the internet is fun as there is a wealth of information and entertainment available in

cyberspace. However, a child who is surfing the net without parental supervision is vulnerable to abuse from many quarters. The Centre runs a special programme — “Smart Plus” for the protection of children from abuse over the internet. “The main idea here is to have the children understand cyber-world, their place in this world and how to stay safe while interacting with people online. Workshops are held to teach children how to be careful while surfing the net and react smartly, especially in tricky situations,” says Dr Rana. For instance, children are told never to give out any real information about themselves without their parents’ permission. “They should pick a positive screen name, not something that’s belittling or provocative. They should not send pictures of themselves or family members without their parents’ knowledge. They should promptly report back to their parents if they encounter inappropriate or offensive messages or attachments and, of course, never respond to such messages,” she advises. Children are often gullible and should be warned never to trust or believe anyone they meet online as these people may be lying about everything they say. Also, they should never tell anyone online that they’re alone at home. They should also refrain from filling out survey forms or registering at a website without their parents’ permission.

Parents Beware!

While it is always wise to prepare children for dealing with advances from strangers, parents

often need to look within and watch their own behaviour when dealing with their young ones. According to Dr Rana, the importance of educating parents cannot be undermined, since over 83 per cent of abuse is carried out by parents themselves! “Parents might abuse their children emotionally, physically, or neglect them. In many cases, the abuse is not deliberate, but happens because parents use their own experience to raise children, in absence of any programmes to guide them about parenting,” she says. Emotional abuse is the most common and many parents do not know that they are carrying it out. This comes in various forms, such as name calling, favouritism, belittling, comparison, pampering children, excessive control of children, where parents control everything and children can’t make choices or decisions, or loss of control, where parents do not have clear rules in the family, or inconsistent control, where parents set the rules, but do not follow them. Emotional abuse can affect the child’s selfesteem, can cause low sense of security, making them more prone to engage in dysfunctional relationships, face difficulties adjusting to people and struggle in controlling his/her reactions.

children’s psyche, making them prone to abuse from predators. Be-Free concentrates on raising the selfesteem of children, as studies show that children with high self-esteem are less vulnerable to abuse, observes Dr Rana. During a course of workshops for children and young people, Be-Free works on empowering children and strengthening their personality, besides teaching them to “become responsible, take criticism positively and think positively”. “Every child needs to believe that he or she is a wonderful and unique person, who deserves respect from others. They should be aware of their strengths and limitations and should confidently make decisions with this awareness. Ultimately, it is not what happens to them, but how they handle it, that will determine their personality,” she points out. For more information about Be-Free Centre and its activities, log onto

Building Self Esteem

Negative attributes such as depression, insecurity, failure and criticism can take their toll on

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The 12 Treatments of


Alison Coldridge Sail through Christmas smoothly by trying 12 simple treatments to ensure you remain calm and fresh throughout the entire festive season.


he Christmas period can be a rollercoaster of emotions and activity. Over-indulging and extensive socialising can leave even the keenest shopper and hard core partier feeling exhausted. You need to make sure that you take some time to pamper yourself so that it really does remain the season of goodwill! wSimple beauty remedies can have a huge impact on you both internally and externally, and, let’s face it girls, sometimes we do just need to spoil and beautify ourselves. The Woman This Month team has selected 12 treatments for the 12 days of Christmas to ensure you stay looking and feeling fabulous. Best of all, the treatments are all at-home remedies, so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own house.

1. The glowing honey and apple face mask Start off the 12 treatments with a face mask that simultaneously moisturises, cleanses, removes 62

| December 2011 | woman this month

dirt and fights against premature signs of ageing. The honey exfoliates the skin whilst retaining moisture and the apple gently hydrates and tones for an instant glow. Blend an apple and add two tablespoons of honey. Refrigerate the mixture for ten minutes. Pat the mixture onto your face lightly and leave on for 30 minutes.

2. The voluminous banana hair mask Your hair needs deep and attentive nourishment in order to become supple, shiny and strong — just what you need for all of those Christmas events you have coming up. Bananas are great for softening hair whilst promoting growth by soothing the scalp. Peel two bananas and puree them in a blender. Add three tables of mayonnaise and one tablespoon of olive oil. Apply to the hair and leave on for 30 minutes.

3. The relieving lemon hand cream As the two external parts of your body that do the most work, your hands need special attention. So on day three, wrench them out from the washing up bowl and massage them with some of this relieving hand cream. Peel one banana and blend. Add four tablespoons of honey, three tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of margarine, and blend until smooth. Rub mixture onto hands. Leave overnight.

4. The soothing cucumber eye gel

7. The detoxifying floral steam treatment

This treatment will give you instantly brighter eyes. The cucumber calms and cools tired eyes by soothing the eye contour and simultaneously encouraging plumper skin, so that you look and feel fresher throughout day four. Blend quarter of a large cucumber until a little pulp is left. Transfer into a glass bowl and mix in one ounce of aloe vera gel. Gently apply to the under eye area.

Heating the facial skin with hot steam opens all of the pores, allowing for all the dirt to be removed. As well as being a great detox treatment, the process will also calm you. Drop some lavender flowers into a large pan of warm water and add a few drops of lavender, patchouli and tea tree essential oils. Heat the ingredients for a few minutes and pour into a large bowl. Cover your head with a towel and lean over the bowl to breathe in the aroma for about 10-15 minutes.

8. The gentle hair remover Waxing can be expensive and painful and, quite frankly, something entirely unenjoyable! This treatment uses only natural products that are good enough to eat, and allows you to take your time in the comfort of your own home. Dust the area to be waxed with cornstarch. Mix together the juice from half a lemon, one cup of sugar and quarter of a cup of honey in a glass bowl and microwave for two minutes. Stop and stir the mixture every 20-30 seconds and then let it cool down until gently warm. Use a wooden stick to spread a thin layer onto your skin. Cover the mixture with a strip of cotton fabric and stroke the strip in the direction of the hair growth. Pull the skin taut and rip away the strip against the direction of the hair growth.

5. The cleansing blueberry toner Blueberries are one of the strongest sources of antioxidants, which effectively neutralise damaging free radicals that can create skin cell damage and premature skin ageing. This toner will clear skin for a smooth and undamaged complexion. Blend three tablespoons of blueberries. Add half a cup of sour cream or plain yoghurt. Refrigerate for one hour. Apply to the face and leave for 15-20 minutes.

6. The firming egg anti wrinkle cream Surprisingly, egg whites act as a mask upon the skin and encourage firming and tightening of the facial skin. This cream is ideal as a quick fix on day six and helps minimise visible signs of ageing. Beat one egg white until crisp. Blend in two tablespoons of cucumber juice, one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of rum or brandy. Keep the mixture in the fridge for two hours. Massage into the face and neck, leave on for 15 minutes and rinse off.

9. The healing peppermint lip scrub The harsh winter weather conditions often prompt chapped and sore lips which need tending to. Take day nine to get lippy; scrub away the dry skin and build up and soothe the under skin with calming oils and Vitamin E. Pour half a teaspoon of brown sugar and half a teaspoon of caster sugar into a bowl. Add a few drops of peppermint oil, almond oil and Vitamin E oil. Dab a small amount onto the lips and rub together to gently exfoliate. Leave for a few minutes and then wipe off.

10. The divine Champagne bubble bath Champagne is always a treat and an even bigger one when you are bathing in it. This remedy has to be the ultimate in luxurious relaxation, giving you an excuse to soak and a chance to unwind on day ten. Heat water and stir in quarter of a cup of foaming soap concentrate and one tablespoon of glycerine until completely dissolved. Add quarter of a teaspoon of champagne fragrance oil and half a teaspoon of salt and stir. Allow mixture to cool and then add to your bath.

11. The energising ginger skin crème One of the most festive spices is a wonder for skin. Ginger invigorates and boosts circulation in the skin so that your complexion is smooth and glowing, giving you the appearance of vitality (even when you aren’t feeling it). Grate a two-inch piece of fresh ginger and squeeze over a small glass bowl to extract the juice. Add in two teaspoons of light sesame oil, two teaspoons of apricot kernel oil, two teaspoons of vitamin E oil and half a cup of cocoa butter. Heat the bowl until the cocoa butter has melted. Let the mixture cool and then apply to the face.

12. The brightening nail treatment Women can often end up being the ones chained to the kitchen stove during Christmas and day twelve’s treatment gives your hardworking fingers that little bit of attention they really deserve. Saturate one denture tablet with a few drops of essential oil. Drop the tablet into a small bowl of warm water. Soak fingertips for ten minutes. woman this month | December 2011 |



Silky Smooth Skin

With the winter breeze damaging your skin, it is no surprise that you want to pamper yourself with a good body scrub. Joz Salon and Spa has a great one to offer.


smo-thermy isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a body scrub. But Joz Salon and Spa, nestled in Amwaj, promises it will be once you’ve tried it. This highly authentic skincare treatment combines exfoliation and deep-cleansing, using sea salts with a prolonged thermal body mask of oligo-salts and micronised algae. The resulting osmosis helps to effectively clear the tissues. Any one who gives this cleansing ritual a go will undoubtedly experience the marvellous sensation of flawlessness, purity and wellbeing. You will notice that all dirt and dead skin has been eliminated and the spongy surface has been replaced by smoothness like never before. The skin itself takes on a softer, silkier texture. Dual action This procedure does more than just restore mineral levels in your system. It also helps reduce water retention in skin tissue. Osmo-thermy thus acts as an excellent alternative to slimming treatments. Recommended as a one-off therapy for instantly renewed skin, its benefits seem endless. Beyond the smooth and soft skin itself, it wipes out toxins and cellulite dimpling. Your body’s mineral and trace-element levels are enriched according to its needs. Do not waste time thinking twice about immersing yourself in a new dimension of wellness and experience a beneficial body treatment. Besides, all treatments are carried out by qualified hands. Call 16 031-120.


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No one can beat the signs of ageing. However, although it happens to all of us, some of us can stave it off longer than others. Bahrain Specialist Hospital (BSH) shows us how.


osmetic alterations have become a norm and long gone are the days when you had to grin and bare the unfortunate shortcomings of gravity. The face undergoes characteristic changes with ageing, as all of us have experienced. Each region of the face — forehead, periorbital area, midface, lower face, mouth and neck — ages in a distinct manner. The BSH cosmetics team offers both men and women surgical and non-surgical methods to rejuvenate their ageing face. The goal of surgery, in its broadest sense, is to address the excess quantity of soft tissue that accumulates with age, the loss of facial volume and any tissue hypertrophy. Non surgical rejuvenation procedures, on the other hand, are directed at the quality of the skin and deficiencies in the dermis. The prime reason that patients seek non surgical procedures is skin wrinkles, caused by photo-ageing and chronic ageing. Studies show that these kinds of ageing cause dermal thinning

at a surprising rate of approximately six per cent per decade. “Concomitant changes occur in the epidermal layer, as well as loss of deeper subcutaneous adipose tissue. Also, muscular animation causes facial lines of aging to appear in most people and imprints individual patterns of facial expression,” says Dr. Gautham Basu, BSH’s consultant plastic surgeon. The treatment process is defined by the nature of the deformity — be it wrinkles, a fold or furrow — by the skin layer in which the defect occurs or by the technique used to address it; like exfoliation, injectables, resurfacing, chemo enervation. Because of the many causes of wrinkles, the effects of ageing coincide and overlap. Optimal treatment often necessitates a multifaceted approach. This makes the treatment objectives directed towards preventing, restoring, or reversing the underlying cause of the deformity. Although scientists pay attention to

innovations in non-surgical treatment, wrinkles are normally dealt with using one of three standard methods. Botox causes paralysis of the muscles involved in dynamic wrinkles and thinning of the overlying skin. It also contributes, to some degree, to facial reshaping. Lasers, chemical peels, or dermabrasion are used for resurfacing of static lines. These resurfacing techniques have their greatest benefit in levelling the epidermis and improving collagen in the dermis. Tissue fillers replace missing dermal components or subcutaneous fat. These injectable materials are effective for augmenting areas of dermal atrophy by supporting the dermal matrix or volumetric enhancement. “Self-applied prescription and cosmeceutical topical agents can also be useful and are designed to complement and supplement non surgical physician-directed, in-office facial rejuvenation.” Call 17 812-000. woman this month | December 2011 |



Health in Check

Scheduling regular medical check ups and exams is a key factor to living long and healthy lives.

Dr Shahid M Khan


| December 2011 | woman this month


he experts at the American Mission Hospital maintain the ideology that prevention is better than cure. The Hospital’s internal medicine department offers complete annual health screenings which test for diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cancer. “Heart evaluation with stress tests, echocardiogram, endoscopy and colonoscopy are part of our department’s usual diagnostic procedures,” says Doctor Shahid M Khan. Within the department, doctors have noticed that Vitamin D deficiency is one of the most common conditions faced in the region, mostly due to poor diet and less or no exposure to the sun. The treatment procedures may vary depending on the condition, but proper evaluation by laboratory tests and then management with appropriate vitamins or iron can usually resolve any issues. To make sure you have your health in check, Dr. Shahid advises people to get regular check ups. “Most of the high risk diseases including high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and cancers have no early signs or symptoms, but if found during a screening, can help protect the person from a big disaster in the future.” Dr. Shahid insists that a balanced diet, exercise and annual health screenings are a necessity to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dr. Shahid attained his medical degree from Pakistan and California. He is a recent addition to the AMH team and has worked as a consultant in internal medicine for the past 22 years in Los Angeles, California. Call 17 248-138.

Social Butterfly Dessa


InterContinental Pool Party

The InterContinental Regency held a poolside soiree for a number of guests Ayman, Christa, Noor & Mohammed

Shadi & Osama

Heather & Rick

Rahib & Horani

Roshan, Mr & Mrs James McDonald & Luca

woman this month | December 2011 |



What Makes a

Good Parent?

Dr. Clare Beckett-McInroy Discovering what being a good parent means to you‌ and Stacey Kille 68

| December 2011 | woman this month


hat is one of the most daunting challenges that most of us face? It’s the one of being a great parent. This article will enable you to discover what you feel great parenting is and help to ensure that you achieve it. So, what is a great parent? There are so many questions surrounding this and so many pressures that we experience from ourselves and from our peers that it is sometimes hard to see the wood for the trees. The truth is that every parenting situation is different. Each child has a unique identity and each parent a different way of dealing with this.

What parent do you want to be?

You need to ask yourself whether the pressures you are experiencing to be a particular type of parent are the right ones. You might, for example, be experiencing pressures from the elders in your family to commit to a parenting style that is like theirs, when in reality, times have changed and these styles are no longer so appropriate. You might also feel as though you are experiencing demands from society, which don’t actually conform to how you would wish to behave around your children. The best way to think about it is this: your children are not miniature versions of you. Therefore, you should want for them only that they follow and pursue their dreams. You should want them to know that, no matter what, you are always there for them, without judgment, unconditionally.

They’re all different

Sadly, many parents find it hard to applaud the qualities in their children that they find alien to them — in other words, those qualities that they do not recognise in themselves or others that they admire. We sometimes don’t understand “where s/he gets it from” and, as a result, we don’t stop to consider different perspectives. Often, a unique behaviour is a quality rather than anything negative. All too often we try to mould them to be as we were or what we wanted to be. They may have “daddy’s nose” or “mummy’s ears”, but in reality, they are just themselves, already individuals in their own rights. We have brought them into this world and can guide them with our values and ideas, but they are under no obligation to carbon copy our lives, nor should we want them to! So, celebrate who they are. Just like a bungee, allow them freedom but with structured parameters. Decide what you can learn from them. This will make you a great parent.

So what is perfect?

Consider the following… Who are you when you are that wonderful parent? That balanced individual, always on hand with the right questions, advice or answers at the right time? What does it feel like at these points? Mystical? Energising? Empowering? Loving? Perfect parenting looks different to us all and some would question the idea that there even was a perfect style of parenting. It is certainly true that it would be difficult to be a great, wonderful parent all of the time. For most of us, this is an ideal. The important thing is that you take a step back to know what it looks like, feels like — what you want, and that you try your hardest to achieve it. Is it the mother who stays home and dedicates herself to her children or is it the career woman who juggles both motherhood and her job, or is it the charity worker who gives time to schools and society? There are many different types of parent, many of which are fantastic, loving and encouraging. You need to decide what is right for you and your family.


It can be a difficult task to discover what your real values are and which are the ones you want to pass down to the next generation. Often, we are preconditioned by our parents and by older generations to want certain things. This colours our vision for our own parenting. It can make you think that you actually believe a certain parenting standard or approach is good when, in reality, you have never actually identified with it. You are the powerful one in your life. This is your moment to have total control, and it’s a very exciting and daunting challenge. The ramifications are far reaching, but remember that the future for your children is a very different one than the one your parents prepared you for. So, logically speaking, it’s imperative to look again at old pre conceptions — ask yourself just how relevant they are, and how useful any of it can be in today’s world. Keep developing and learning, maintain an open mind and be flexible. It’s imperative to be sure that the messages you teach are yours and that you are clear of the underlying reasons behind them. woman this month | December 2011 |



Mirrored vision Values

There is something quite wonderful in learning how you “don’t want to do it”. The Dark Side of the Light Chasers by Debbie Ford tells you to consider the elements of the people you cannot stand and recognise them as giving you a wonderful demonstration of how “not to do it”. This, in turn, can help you to clarify what you want. So next time you hear someone, for example, screaming at their child in the supermarket, don’t judge, but stop and ask yourself: “What does this teach me about how tolerant I want to be towards my children? What offends me about this person? Are they angry, are they unkind? What else have they got on their plate at this time?” Ask yourself if you ever behave like this towards your children and make a mental note to stop yourself the next time.

The dream

Now for the fun bit… Draw on your imagination for a moment. Picture yourself six months from now as that “great” parent. Conjure an image of yourself as that person. Consider how you would feel. Contemplate how 70

| December 2011 | woman this month

you expect your children to respond to you. Imagine the wonderful things that you and your children will enjoy together. Think about what you love doing with them and the qualities that you can encourage in them through these activities. Take a look at their individual qualities. What in particular do you love about them? Take pride in their unique personalities.

Development and dignity

Most importantly, don’t be too hard upon yourself and never have regrets — see things in the past as learning experiences and then use these to inform how you behave in the next time. You can’t change the past but you can shape the future. If you do this, then in 20 years from now you will be able to sit back and enjoy the benefits of your hard work. Your children will grow into productive, functioning and individual adults, graced with the ability to shape and inform their own future. There is no single way to live or behave. Enjoy the journey together!

Celebrating Pride

Without Prejudice All children bring to the world their own gifts, their own perspective and their own unique fount of creativity.

Tips • Be proactive rather than reactive. Remember, there are no victims in life, only volunteers.

• Examine your own attitudes and prejudices. To free your child of prejudice, you need to model that attitude in words and deeds. • Weed out stereotypes in your life and talk to your child about how misleading they can be. Use comments as springboards for discussion.


he future of the human race and survival of our planet may ultimately depend upon people developing a healthier appreciation for the diversity and connectedness of each other. Recognising and celebrating diversity among families becomes more essential as the roles and prospect of the family continue to be redefined by life in contemporary society. As scores struggle to preserve their customs and heritage, parents are in a paramount position to coach children about prejudice and respect for ethnic differences. According to the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), children between two and five years of age start to become aware of race, ethnicity, gender and disabilities. They can precisely identify “black” and “white” when labelling pictures, dolls and people. Children develop their own racial identity during preschool and elementary school years (Ramsay, 2003). Children learn stereotypes and attitudes about race from their parents, caretakers and the world around them (Linn & Poussaint, 1999). That world includes books and various media images, such as television and movies that children encounter on a regular basis. There have been numerous instances of racism

identified in Disney movies, including The Jungle Book, which portrays gorillas and orangutans that sound like black people. Lady and the Tramp features the Siamese cats that negatively portray Asians. They clearly have stereotypical Asian features such as slanted eyes, buckteeth and very heavy accents and are depicted as sinister, cunning and manipulative (Sun, 2001). The character of Aladdin in the Disney version portrays “bad” Arabs with thick foreign accents while Anglicised Jasmine and Aladdin speak in standard Americanised English (Giroux, 1995). Aladdin looks and sounds like a fresh-faced American boy. Whereas one of the evil characters, Jafar, looks very Arabic. Some of the lyrics in the movie convey racist overtones: “I come from a land…where they cut off your ears if they don’t like your face. It’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home” (Maio, 1999). It is evident that the Disney movies mentioned portray certain races and cultures in a negative manner. Children who view these movies without an informed adult explaining these inaccuracies may form negative biases and prejudices. In order to teach young children to defy these biases and to value differences, it is imperative for parents and teachers to shower children with positive images.

• Find ways to bring diversity to your lives. Switch on National Geographic or read a book such as: It’s Okay to Be Different by Todd Parr or The Crayon Box That Talked by Shane Derolf. • Discuss the ways certain cultural patterns were either developed or influenced by differences in climate, history, conditions of the land, inventions, language, literature and art. • Teach your child about your family heritage. Helping him/ her learn about his/her ancestry will increase his/her sensitivity of and appreciation for differences. • Practice tolerance. Show patience and forgiveness. Have fun without turning it into an exercise in bigotry and bias.

For feedback, comments or questions contact Dr Jinan Darwish via email at: woman this month | December 2011 |



Do You Need to Lose Weight?

Gulf Pharmacy introduces the secret to burning fat healthily. Here is how the Actrim programme works.


ade from all natural, fruit based ingredients which improve weight loss, Actrim is recommended by doctors and pharmacists alike when diet alone fails to achieve results. It makes you feel more motivated as you realise you can get down to the number you have been hoping to see on that scale. This product is produced by the company Arden Healthcare, which has been helping people to shed weight for the past 15 years. However, if you want permanent results, you must make small gradual changes to your eating and exercise habits while taking Actrim. Many people try to lose weight by going on diets, but the body does not like sudden changes. Crash diets make the body feel like there is a famine and sends out signals to eat. Their goal is to help you gradually change habits until you have a healthy routine so that the loss is made easy. Those who purchase Actrim can also join their free online slimming club which gives advice on healthy eating, healthy recipes and how to get fit. You need not worry as it is proven to be safe for intake. What’s in it? l Grapefruit: A natural source of pectin, this is used to reduce cholesterol and acts as an absorbent for a reduced appetite. l Pineapple: This encourages the enhanced excretion of fat. l Papaya: It contains ptyalin, which burns off excess carbohydrates. l Fig: A natural source of pepsin, it advances the process of digestion. Email

Always at your disposal

Offers available: 1. Circuit training session: kickboxing, mixed exercise for punching techniques, move, cardio, stamina and strength exercise‌. 2. Personal training: A) Fitness programs: burning fats, metabolic acceleration, strengthening muscles B) Recreation program: a combination of different exercise to raise the basic physiological functions of your body. C) Kick-boxing training: punching technique, movement, stamina, strength... Personal training programs intended for age groups from 7 to 75 years based strictly on individual health assessment.

Facilities available: Cardiovascular equipment, isotonic equipment, exercise equipments like olympic bench, weights and dumbbells, adjustable benches and racks. Plus jacuzzi, steam room and swimming pool. 72

| December 2011 | woman this month

For further information visit us at Juffair Fitness Center, next to Bahrain Medical Society, Juffair. Or call us: Mobile: 33002592, Tel: 77072220, E-mail:

Savour Your Sweets KEMPINSKI GRAND AND IXIR HOTEL Bahrain City Centre

Kempinski Grand and Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre brings to the kingdom an incredible array of delectable dining options from across the globe.


estled in the heart of Bahrain’s fashionable Seef District, Kempinski Grand and Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre offers a total of eight signature restaurants and lounges. T-Spoon is an exclusive café, located on the ground floor of the Kempinski Grand Hotel, featuring the finest selection of teas and coffees together with a delectable array of savouries and handcrafted cakes and pastries. With direct access from the Bahrain City Centre mall, T-Spoon is also home to the legendary Gerbeaud confectionary from Budapest, bringing the world renowned flavours of Esterhazy and Dobos cakes to delight the sweet tooth. The café offers the finest Tea Library with leaves and infusions from around the world, carefully selected to offer an extensive menu, including fruit teas and organic teas that can be teamed with divine pastry delights straight from the Kempinski Grand and Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre's pastry kitchen and special tea-infused desserts. Kempinski Grand and Ixir Hotel Bahrain City Centre's executive pastry chef — Alexander Haebe — shares with WTM readers his special recipe for European Zwetschgen (Plum) Crumble. The recipe makes at least 20 pieces using a 60 x 40 cm tray. Ingredients for the crumble dough: 500g flour, 125g butter, 20g dry yeast (or 40g fresh yeast), 62g sugar, 7.5 g salt, 250ml milk and one free range egg. Method: To make the crumble dough, mix the flour, yeast and milk together. Allow the dough to rest for 10 minutes, add the egg and soft butter and mix and when it loosens from the mixing bowl, the dough is ready. Ingredients for the crumble: 250g sugar, 250g flour, a little vanilla, 180g melted butter. Method: Mix all of the ingredients together by hand to make the crumble, my tip is to use a large sieve to push the mixture through to make the pieces all the same size for consistency. Ingredients for the filling: 1.5 kilo of fresh, clean, washed plums with the stones removed and the plums sliced into equal pieces. To complete the dish: Roll out the dough to the size and shape of the tray; sprinkle a little almond powder on top and set the sliced plums on top with flesh sides up. Put 400/600g on top of the plums to cover them, prove until the cake doubles in size and bake at 180 degrees for approximately 20-25 minutes. When cooked, remove from the oven and drizzle over a little melted butter and finally sprinkle with a little cinnamon sugar to taste. Call 17 171-000 or visit woman this month | December 2011 |




There is one place that has been catering for your Latin and Hispanic needs for several years now — Latin Quarter. Step up as they introduce you to the mysticism of Cuban Salsa.


t all started seven years ago when he took his first salsa lesson, where he discovered a new world full of joy, fun and friendly people. What began as a hobby has now got Ali Madan recognised as an icon in Bahrain’s Latin dance scene. “Out of all the different styles I’ve tried, I discovered an unquenchable passion for Cuban salsa,” he says. “After hours of intensive research, attending several international salsa congresses and meeting professional dancers from around the world, I’ve developed a detailed understanding of the dance style, its origin and Latin culture itself.” Unravelling the mystery Cuban music boasts Latin and African influences. The dance style itself takes elements from various sources such as the rumba. Most people don’t know that this is the first and original form of salsa. Also known as Casino salsa, this form is danced in a large circle of couples. This is called rueda which means “wheel” in Spanish. In this style, everyone makes the same move together with a caller telling them what comes next. While the ladies face anti-clockwise, the men face clockwise and move on to the next partner as a part of the routine. “This style isn’t too difficult to master. If you’ve got the right technique, it is actually easier than many other dance forms. To start with, your basic footwork is a fairly simple walking motion, where you pause for every fourth beat,” Madan explains.

“Really, there is no greater secret other than hard work, dedication and a pure passion for dancing. It’s all about practice, practice and more practice,” Madan states. Getting the right technique does not demand an expensive trip to Cuba. You can learn authentic Cuban salsa right here. Walk in to Pars International in Juffair on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7-9pm to see what it’s all about. Call 17 814-777. 74

| December 2011 | woman this month

Ali Madan’s tips for perfection 1. Be cool. To dance the Cuban salsa well, you mustn’t rush your steps. You need to be relaxed and smooth in the way that you move. Make your movements precise and deliberate. 2. Be confident in your lead. Guys should have slight tension in the arms constantly. The hands should guide the partner around on the dance floor. This does not mean that you should clamp your partner’s hands. 3. Be smart when following. Ladies should match the tension of their partner to follow well. Don’t let go of the guy unless he lets go of you. 4. Walk with attitude. Continual movement around in a circular motion is the key. Couples need to “walk” around each other, with an imaginary axis between them to make turns look smooth and effortless. This is essential to complete arm-twisting moves and seemingly impossible turns. 5. Spin with flair. The key to all those spectacular spins is not to lose your balance or get dizzy. 6. Stylise your movement. One of the secrets of making your moves look spectacular is good arm work for the guys. This combined with slick footwork cuts it. 7. Move with grace. Ladies have plenty of room for self-styling. Make use of your body. Be sensual, playful and creative.

Social Butterfly Cari & Raechel

AWA Fashion Fusion

The American Women's Association held its annual fashion show titled Fashion Fusion. The event was held at the Al Rifaa Ballroom, InterContinental Regency Hotel Hollie & Helen

Eman, Tosin & Maria Kiki, Lynne, Ulku, Jo, Mona & Shandra

Majeda, Faika & Khatoon

Bea & Susan

woman this month | December 2011 |




Adding another jewel to its crown of leading brands, Yaquby brings the best in home care products — Bissell — to Bahrain.


hen they say “we mean clean,” they’re not kidding. Bissell takes cleanliness seriously and boasts a product range with cutting edge design and modern technology coupled with style. In the business for over a century, it maintains its reputation as one of the most sought-after brands in the industry, with a line-up ranging from carpet sweepers and vacuum cleaners to deep cleaners, on-board heaters and micro-filtration technology. Living in a speck-free home is now easy to achieve owing to the versatility and quality offered by Bissell products that cater to every specific need — deep-clean for rooms, vacuums for the garage, and even allergen control. As elegant as the product range looks, with Bissell it is truly much more than what meets the eye, for even the humble mop and brush is elevated to deliver power packed results. Discover the ‘rug stick’, which is sheer cleaning magic. Its revolutionary method quickly deep cleans heavy traffic areas while revitalising carpet fibres. Some people may enjoy cleaning up while others might see it as a stress-busting activity; but for most people it’s tedious and time-consuming. Owning Bissell cleaning products grants the luxury of working smarter and not harder with a vast range of products that go the extra mile. The brand specialises in pet clean up, environment preservation, multi-surface, quick clean up and much more with easily available parts and accessories. Experience the joy of living in a spotless home and discover the fun in cleaning. Visit Yaquby stores in Manama and Seef Mall. Call 17 171-700.


| December 2011 | woman this month

Social Butterfly

Nescafe 'Show Em What U Got' Talent Show Final


Khulood, Heba & Hanan

After pre-screenings, auditions, eliminations and the semi-finals, the grand finals of the Nescafé’s ‘Show ‘Em What U Got was held at the Cultural Hall near the Bahrain Museum. The show brought together a number of different talented performers; musicians, vocalists, dancers and novelty acts who competed for the top three spots

Lanie & Ria

Salman, Yahya & Mohsen

Aida, Connie & Sara Zuhair, Victoria, the winner of the dancing category, Adel, George & Mr Zayani


woman this month | December 2011 |




Yourself Fit!

James Claire Christmas might be a time of mince pies, roasted potatoes and general indulgence, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a tiny bit health conscious at the same time.


itness and healthy foods are not generally words one hears when describing the festivities surrounding December and the Christmas Season. But, if there is one gift we could all give ourselves this year, it is a healthy end to the current year and a kick start to the new year by pre-empting the usual resolutions we have all been making for decades and rarely ever stick to. Healthy, of course, does not always just mean tasteless food and bland dieting. A great way to stay healthy is simply to monitor your intake of different food items and to counteract the calorie-rich foods that you eat with exercise. In this regard, I find few reasons why we can’t still enjoy a good few festive treats, while at the same time remaining health conscious. I am no dietitian, but here are a few ideas about how to control the weight gain amidst office parties, family get togethers, and the laziness of a few days break. Use a smaller plate. Your mind will still see it as a full plate, regardless of its size. If you are presented with a buffet, take a little of many things, rather than a lot of one thing. This ensures you are getting a balanced meal. Try to drink water rather than soft drinks and alcohol. Water fills you up and has no calories. Help clear the table and clean up as soon as everyone finished eating rather than sitting and picking at leftovers. Cut thinner slices for yourself, stick to one portion of everything and try to go for a walk after everyone has left the party. Don’t eat just before bed time and limit the calorie and sugar intake of other dishes throughout the day so that you can enjoy the party and not feel like your depriving yourself. In this manner I find no need to offer just dietary dishes for Christmas. As a chef it is my job to tempt and to satiate the appetite of all, as a person who struggles with weight issues even I understand that the more I eat, the more I must exercise or suffer the consequences. Whether you celebrate Christmas or simply the end of another year, December need not be the month of weight gain only to be followed by a month of struggle and dissolved resolutions. Eat sensibly, exercise and enjoy the passing of yet another year. Happy New Year folks.

Low Fat Eggnog 120g sugar 1/4 tspn cinnamon 1/4 tspn freshly grated nutmeg 1 egg 1 egg yolk 4 egg whites 2-3 drops of yellow colour 750mls fat free milk 1 1/2 tspn vanilla extract Combine sugar, cinnamon and nutmeg in a large bowl. Add egg, egg yolk and egg whites, and beat with a whisk for 3-4 minutes. l Gently heat the fat free milk in a large saucepan. Gradually stir the egg mixture into the hot milk. Heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture is slightly thickened. Stir in the vanilla extract and yellow colour and remove from heat. l Cover and chill in the refrigerator. Buzz lightly with a Kitchen-wand (Bamix) before serving. l


| December 2011 | woman this month

Healthy Christmas Turkey 1 large (5kg) turkey, fresh or frozen (thawed) 1 medium onion, peeled and quartered 1 lemon, cut into thick slices 1 lemon juice 1 lime juice 1 tbspn olive oil 3-4 sprigs fresh rosemary 4-6 sprigs fresh thyme 8 sprigs fresh sage Salt Freshly ground black pepper Preheat oven to 210 degrees Celsius. Rinse turkey inside and out with cold water. Pat dry with kitchen paper. Place onion, slices of lemon and herbs inside of the turkey and rub the inside with a mix of salt and pepper. Place turkey breast side up on roasting rack inside of a larger pan. Mix the lemon juice with the olive oil and brush the outside of the turkey. Sprinkle over with salt and freshly ground pepper. l Place into the oven and roast for 15 minutes at 210 degrees, then reduce the temperature to 180 degrees. Baste turkey frequently with pan juices plus lemon, lime and oil. Roast it until the thermometer inserted in the thickest part reaches 80 degrees — which will take about three to three and a half hours. l Remove the turkey from the oven and let itstand for 15 minutes. Transfer to a warm platter and garnish with more fresh herbs and serve. To reduce your fat intake further, be sure to remove the skin before eating the meat. l

Eggnog Cupcakes Makes 12 cupcakes 120g unsalted butter, softened 210g caster sugar (superfine) 2 whole eggs 195g all-purpose flour 1 tspn baking powder 125ml milk ½ tbspn vanilla essence pinch ground nutmeg ¼ tspn ground all-spice ¼ tspn ground cinnamon

Icing: 100g softened unsalted butter 500g powder sugar (confectioners) 65g milk 1 tspn vanilla essence pinch ground cinnamon pinch ground nutmeg pinch ground ginger

Preheat an oven to 175 degrees Celsius. Grease a 12 cup cupcake pan and place paper cases into each form. l Place the softened butter into the mixing bowl of an electric mixer and mix it with the sugar until the mixture is light in colour and fluffy. Crack the eggs and then add one egg at a time to the butter mixture mixing well between additions to incorporate. Sift the flour with the baking powder, cinnamon and all-spice and then add the dry ingredients to the butter/egg mixture in the electric mixer. Mix gently and slowly to incorporate while also adding the milk and vanilla slowly. Increase speed and mix thoroughly. l Spoon the finished mixture evenly between the 12 paper cases in the muffin tin. Place into the preheated oven and bake for approximately 20-25 minutes or until the cupcakes spring back in the centre of each cake when touched with a finger. l Remove from the oven when baked and cool in the tin before removing to decorate. l For the icing: using the bowl of an electric mixer and a paddle attachment, place the sifted icing sugar, ground cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg into the bowl with the softened butter and combine slowly until the butter is incorporated well. l Add the milk and vanilla and slowly bring the mixture to a faster speed and beat the icing until it is very light and fluffy. l Pipe using a piping bag or spread the icing and decorate the cupcakes with marzipan holly leaves and berries or leave plain. l

woman this month | December 2011 |



Alternative Christmas Destinations Elma Bartholomew

For some people, Christmas is all about staying at home. For others, staying at home and following tradition just doesn’t cut it anymore. If you fall into this second category, take a look at some of these alternative Christmas holiday destinations.

Tromso, Norway

The low-down: Experience Norwegian traditions by visiting a Christmas market, enjoying a holiday concert, or even better — catching a glimpse of the northern lights. Also known as Aurora Borealis, they are a spectacular phenomenon which comes about when the sun’s electron rays collide with Earth’s magnetic field. Folklore recounts that the lights are the breath of warriors who sacrificed their lives for their king and country. It is really a sight worth catching, if you’re lucky that is, because wintertime in Tromso means you will experience nearly 24 hours of darkness. The best time to look out for this is on a cloudless night or early morning. X-factor: Dog lovers must try this. Sled on your own or let a guide take you. Groups of eight to10 Alaskan huskies or Malamutes will take you around the snow-clad hills and you can pet them before and after your tour. Dog sledding is one of the top ten things to do in life. Finally, check out the colourful wooden houses on the mountainside which have inspired many to call Tromso the Paris of the North. Best for: The exotic cuisine on offer. This includes the rare and wonderful reindeer meat. Try their cinnamon refreshers which are uniquely Norwegian. Stock up on their candles with unusual scents like “cookies and cream” or “blue lagoon” — perfect for gift-giving.


| December 2011 | woman this month


The low-down: Barbados is a beautiful, tropical island all year round, but it is an extra special place to visit during the holidays. Just because you are on white sandy beaches facing the warm Caribbean Sea, doesn’t mean that your Christmas comes without the traditional customs. You can choose between spending all your time relaxing on the beach or sitting down to a full festive dinner at one of the island’s grand hotels. BBQ on the beach or turkey in front of a great view, either way you are guaranteed a Christmas to remember! X-factor: A very popular and moving event attended by a lot of Barbadians and visitors alike is the “carols by candlelight” service. The school plays that are staged at this time of year are another great attraction. On Boxing Day, we suggest you attend the time-honoured horse race at the Garrison Savannah. The beauty of visiting Barbados is that you can do your entire gift shopping duty free, with a lot less queues! Best for: A tropical Christmas. If family celebrations really bring out the worst in you, then Barbados might be the perfect antidote. Leave the cold behind as the minimum temperature here is a more pleasant 28 degrees. It is a welcome alternative to the fabled white Christmas.


The low-down: Salalah is steeped in myths and legends that date back to biblical times. In the surrounding countryside grows the Boswellia sacra, better known for the sap it produces — frankincense, which plays a great role in the nativity story. X-factor: For most of the year, the unspoiled beaches of Salalah are ideal for scuba diving, canoeing, sailing, jet skiing and diving. Along the coast line, there are a broad variety of migrating birds, turning it into a bird watcher’s paradise. Less than half an hour’s drive from Salalah is Ain Razat, a picnic spot with springs, hills, gardens and streams. Make a point to visit Bin Ali’s tomb and the fort at Taqah. Find the hanging valley of Wadi Dirbat. Further into the mountains is Tawi Attir, a natural sink hole and nestled in a hidden valley is the Baobab forest with huge bulbous trees. Best for: Those who don’t want a long flight. One of their most popular beaches is Mughsayl, where you can find unusual blow holes in the rocky shelf close to the shore. They display dramatic bursts of water and foam sometimes reaching 50 feet in the air. woman this month | December 2011 |




Gazing Raphael Find out what December has in store for you...

Capricorn December 22 - January 20

December will be a good month for you to begin saving towards a future investment. You may come into a small amount of money and you are advised to use this as the foundation to finance any proposed scheme. However, you should not rush into anything without proper thought so investigate every avenue first. Sagittarius November 23 – December 21

Family life has never seemed so good and the future bodes well for all matters involving the home. However, you will find yourself reflective throughout December in matters of romance and your involvement in festivities could be tempered by thoughts of a long lost love. If you feel that strongly then why not try looking the person up?

Aquarius January 21 - February 19

Money is yet again the major concern this month as you search for some stability in your finances and a positive platform to launch yourself into the New Year. The uncomfortable truth you have carried with you for some time needs to be brought out into the open and dealt with. It will be fine as long as you face it sooner rather than later.

Pisces February 20 - March 20

Contentment is a wonderful thing and December promises much in the way of peace of mind. You will find yourself putting more time aside for your family and perhaps also treating a loved one you know who has been under pressure to an evening out. As 2011 finally works itself towards an end you can look back on the year with a measure of satisfaction.

Aries March 21 – April 20

You’re going to be in party mode this month and who can blame you. With Christmas and New Year on the horizon you are just the kind of girl to throw herself into the celebrations with gusto! Just be careful not to burn the candles at both ends for too long or you could end up regretting it later. Also, beware a charmer in a light grey suit! 82

| December 2011 | woman this month

Taurus April 21 – May 21

It’s been a year of positive developments and significant improvements, but there is no question that your desire to achieve even more is keeping you focused and determined. A minor challenge at the end of November may have knocked you off course temporarily, but overcoming this has only helped your confidence to grow, making you even stronger.

Gemini May 22 – June 21

December is going to prove an excellent month for many of you, but especially if you are looking at starting out in business on your own for 2012. You have put a lot of preparation work in and this month will be your testing platform ahead of pushing things completely live in January. Just don’t forget to take some time out to rest as well.

Cancer June 22 – July 23

Emotionally, your mind is all over the place this month as a romantic approach to a work colleague has left you a little in limbo, without an answer. You shouldn’t take silence as being a bad thing because there could be more to this situation than meets the eye. It would be wise to exercise patience because it will all come good in the end.

Leo July 24 – August 23

Fire signs are never the most sedate of the Zodiac and they like to make a lot of noise, especially when they are crowing about their own achievements. This month you should be careful not to overdo it in the selfcongratulatory stakes without recognising the efforts of others or you could end up with egg on your face and a mini mutiny on your hands!

Virgo August 24 – September 23

The last 11 months have been fairly traumatic for your sign so make sure you take some time out to relax and put your feet up in December. You are due a well earned rest. It is a commonly heard cliché, but all work and no play really does leave you without many options and in your case it does have relevance.

Libra September 24 – October 23

December is a time of turmoil as far as friendships and family are concerned. Your home life will be disrupted by visitors from overseas and you may be asked to “find room for one more” in an effort to keep family members comfortable. Finally, beware a male fire sign who promises more than he can deliver.

Scorpio October 24 – November 22

A powerful card for a powerful personality. December sees you breaking out of your self-imposed shell and taking a new grip on your life. If you’ve been feeling down or depressed, it all stops now! Life will become more of an enjoyable challenge and you will relish the chance to involve yourself in it.

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Social Butterfly

Think Pink Gala Ball

Anita & Isobel

The Seventh Annual Think Pink Gala Ball was held at the Gulf Hotel's Convention Centre to raise funds for Think Pink's breast cancer awareness campaign and to buy a digital magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine for Salmaniya Medical Complex.. The Gala Ball remains one of the main fundraisers for the charity every year Souaad, Ron & Mirela

Think Pink Bahrain committee members Sadie, Lucy, Joy, Pamela, Hannah & Tanya

Corinne, Karim & Aimee

Brandon, Natasha & Mo

Lamees & Karim

Steve, Carol, Michelle & Rodney


| December 2011 | woman this month

Julie Sprakel, Think Pink Bahrain founder and chairwoman, Steve & Anita

Esky & models

Ethiopian Gathering

Members of the Ethiopian community got-together in support of Abay Dam last month at the Ramada Palace Hotel. The event featured a kid's play, a stage play and a traditional fashion show with clothes designed by Esky Esky


Betty & TG


Basazen & friends

Rose, Catherine, Maria, Gelila, Mimi, Nigist & Kanan

Danny & Neway

woman this month | December 2011 |



The End is Nigh Hard-headed Woman


hen I call my mother every New Year’s Eve, she always says: “I just don’t know where the year has gone.” Apparently, the years go by faster for her than for the rest of us. Had she lived in Bahrain this past year, 2011 could not have gone by fast enough. It was a year we have simply had to endure since February. Most of us, at some point, came to terms with the idea that 2011, in Bahrain, wasn’t going to be the year we wanted it to be. And so we enter 2012. This year, the phrase “Happy New Year” will be shouted with more than just a little joy and anticipation. “H.N.Y. my BFF’s” and may the following twelve months be filled with everything you want from life. It had better be! According to the Mayan calendar, 21.12.2012, is supposed to be the date marking the end of our planet. Although we might all be a touch sceptical about this sort of declaration, sometimes it can feel like it might be worth living each day as if it were your last. And who’s to say that it isn’t? Over the last decade, it has felt a bit like the earth is pitting itself against us. Tornadoes have raged with destructive force, earthquakes have caused Tsunamis which have wiped the earth clean of entire cities. The force of the planet seems to be getting stronger, volcanoes have shut down airspace numerous times in the past few years and wreaked havoc with entire industries. Is this the year we all go up in smoke? And if it is, how should I spend the twelve month countdown? Personally, I’d prefer to take my entire life’s savings and spend the last 300 or so days left on the planet aimlessly wandering it, seeing as many cultures and cities as possible. I’d buy those Prada skirts and dresses I always wished I could afford, buy the shoes I dream will make me a tall strutting goddess and accessorise with the handbags of the rich and famous.


| December 2011 | woman this month

The only hiccup with that thought, though, is what happens on the 22nd of December? What if the world does not end? I would have been the silly one, having spent a life’s savings. I would have no house and be broke, only to have to work and toil away the rest of my days because I went wild and spent everything in 2012. Mind you, I would look fabulous while doing it! But on the other hand, if I save my cash, stay in my job and continue paying the mortgage and the world ends on 21st December, then even the aliens in outer space are going to be laughing at my stupidity. Who, having had centuries of forewarning about the world’s end date, would continue to bank their cash in full and not have as much fun as they possibly could? As they say: “You can’t take it with you.” So what to do? The same as every other year, month and day I presume. You see, even though this time we have been given a precise date, the fact is we could be on a countdown today or tomorrow or any day. We never actually know when the last day could be for any of us. Why should we wait to live life? You don’t have to be utterly frivolous and illogical about it, but you can be sensible and at the same time make an effort to do something fun and enjoy yourself each day that you have. Live every day with no regrets. Do it your way, ungoverned by the pointless rules of others. Be free in mind and spirit and do that which challenges you, excites you and makes every day worth waking up for. Do it for yourself. You are the Queen of your world. Whether today, tomorrow or December 21st 2012 is the last day, live life to the fullest, be responsible and let whatever happens, happen. I’m off to put a deposit on a sexy little mini skirt I’ve had my eyes on for weeks. Happy New Year girls!

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Woman This Month - December 2011  

December 2011 | issue 106 - WOMAN THIS MONTH - Celebrating the experience of womanhood

Woman This Month - December 2011  

December 2011 | issue 106 - WOMAN THIS MONTH - Celebrating the experience of womanhood