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January/February 2014

Inside... How to make your child a millionaire �e facts behind det�ing & fasting and David Jason talks about his new book IF YOU’VE GOT A DO, THEN WE’VE GOT A LOO

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L ettings

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Editor’s Letter Welcome to the first issue of 2014 and I’d like to start by wishing you a very Happy New Year! At the time of writing it’s still early December and I’ve barely started my Chrismas shopping but I won’t start to panic just yet. Not until I see the January sales signs going up! We have some very interesting articles for you in this issue, I particularly like the one about making your child a millionaire... it’s just a shame I’m 20 years too late! Maybe when I have grandchildren one day I’ll dig out the magazine. David Jason talks about his new book and you can also get some tips on sowing your first seeds of the year in our Gardening article.


Inside this issue

Please try to use the magazine to source all of your trades and services, let’s support our community and make 2014 a happy and prosperous year for EVERYONE!


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Puzzle Solutions ................................................ 22

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Celebrity - David Jason, The Godfather .... 12

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Using Neutral Colours With an almost infinite range of colours from pure white to earthy tones of grey and beige, neutrals are timelessly fashionable.


xperts agree that you should always paint walls a neutral colour. Unless a potential buyer shares your exact taste, they will be put off by rooms painted in vibrant colours. But what if you’re building or renovating a home that you plan to stay in? Aren’t neutrals just a little boring? Only when you get it wrong. A well-planned neutral scheme is good-looking yet understated, harmonious, calm and inviting. Neutrals work well in both old and new houses, small or large spaces and are brilliant at providing cohesion between rooms. Let’s start with white. Rooms painted pure white can appear bigger and brighter, thanks to the way the colour reflects light around. A clean white wall is a great background for vibrant paintings, for the coloured spines of books, or simply for a jug of flowers. On the other hand, though, white can appear cold, stark and unwelcoming, especially when a room is north- or eastfacing and doesn’t have the benefit of direct sunlight. A white

with an added touch of yellow or pink can warm up such a space. White can also look odd in period homes. Slightly muddier offwhites are often a better choice for an old cottage, Georgian terrace or a barn conversion. The lesson is to use pure white with care. Beyond white, neutrals vary in hue from cream to sand, through beige to stone. How do you choose? The best advice is to eliminate neutrals that you don’t like and those that won’t suit the architecture of your house or colours of your furniture. Next, paint at least two coats on a large piece of white card, or better still, on several pieces of card, and stick them on every wall around the room. Observe the colours at different times of day and with your lights both on and off. Having chosen your favourite colour, avoid using it everywhere. Even the nicest neutral can be boring if used indiscriminately. Be careful, however, when combining neutrals: another big mistake is to use different hues that are all of

the same tone (slightly different colours but the same degree of lightness or darkness). The solution to both these problems is to take a colour chart and go up or down (dark to light) within the same colour family, rather than working across from colour to colour. Use darker tones for woodwork, with lighter ones for walls or, if you have features such as cornices and dadoes, you may wish to vary the wall tones with lighter ones above and darker ones below the divisions. You can also use different neutrals to provide a gentle visual link from room to room. Finally, bear in mind that the plainer the colours, the more important texture becomes, so choose your finishes with as much care as you do your colours. The shinier the finish, the paler the colour will appear, so you may need to compensate by choosing a slightly darker shade. The results should be stylish and easy to live with, as well as adding value to your property. Now who said neutrals were boring?

Walls painted in Seldom Seen, English Muffin and Sail White from Crown Paints Matt & Silk range, RRP £19.49 for 2.5L, from Homebase and B&Q


By Katherine Sorrell

Age no barrier | Enhanced CRB checked

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How to make your child a millionaire changes you won’t be penalised for it. The minimum amount you can pay in at any time is £20. Anyone can add to it so grandparents, aunties and uncles can all chip in over the child’s life time. If the full amount is paid each year, by the time the child is 55 they will have well over £700,000 and if they access the account at 70 they will have over £1.8 million. The money invested won’t be accessible until the child reaches 55 meaning they can’t blow it all when they hit 18. Once they start working, they can also contribute. They will receive tax benefits if their income is less than £130,000. You can find out more about stakeholder pensions at There’s also a list of registered stakeholder pension scheme providers on the Pension Regulator website www. SiPPs

Raising children costs a small fortune (it’s currently estimated at around £200,000), but if you’re clever, you could help them to become millionaires. Here are a few ways to make your child rich.

Pensions for babies Pensions are a great tax-effective way to invest for your new offspring. Stakeholders Probably the easiest type of pension to take out for your baby (or child of any age for that matter) is the Stakeholder pension. These products were initially set up to give those on little or no income the chance to add to a pension, however anyone is allowed to set one up which means that a child’s legal guardian(s) can start a pension for newborns. You can pay in up to £2,880 each tax year, which is then topped up by a government tax-back incentive to £3,600. You can stop and start contributions as you wish, so if your cash situation


You can also set up a Self-invested Personal Pension (SiPP) for your little one. Like a Stakeholder, they are open to anyone but the difference here is that you manage the money in it. So instead of leaving it to a pension fund to decide what to invest in, you choose the products yourself, whether it be shares, bonds, commercial property or other things.

Junior ISAs Junior ISAs are a great way to save for your child from an early age. ISAs are savings accounts which allow you to deposit a maximum of £3,600 a year completely tax-free, attracting interest as well. The downside (or upside depending on how you see it) is that your child has access to the money when they’re 18. Should you contribute the maximum amount each year, the fund could grow to a whopping £64,800 plus interest by the time they reach 18. This could be used towards university, buying their first car, putting a deposit down on a home or paying for a wedding. You can put the money into either a cash ISA or a stocks and shares one. As your child has a good few years for the fund to grow, you could afford to put the money into a stocks and shares ISA, at

least for the first 13 years and then, perhaps, move the money gradually into cash for the last 5 to hold onto gains. The only snag with a Junior ISA is that if you were eligible for a Child Trust Fund you can’t open a Junior ISA. And unlike the CTF, there will be no government cash contributions to each child’s savings pot. Junior ISAs are available to children living in the UK who aren’t currently holders of a Child Trust Fund which includes children born on or after 3 January 2011 and those under 18 born before September 2002. A good place to start would be

Teaching your child about money A sure-fire way of making your child a millionaire, or at least comfortably off, is to teach her how to manage her money early on. Start as soon as they can toddle round the supermarket with you. Ask them to tell you the numbers on the price labels and then, later, run round finding the cheapest version of what you want to buy. Give them pocket money and set up a savings account for them, showing them how their money can grow over time. There are lots of ways to give your child the tools he or she needs

to learn the basics of budgeting, spending and saving wisely. Go to for downloadable financial education guides that will help. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much money your child has later on, if she knows how to live below her means and save for her future she will never be poor.

Fun fact: On average, parents are putting savings of £42.45 aside a month for each child. By Jasmine Birtles,

Breast is best! If you are expecting a baby, or have recently given birth why not come along to the Five Wishes, Amesbury, and Bulford Children’s Centres’ Mum2Mum Breastfeeding Support Groups. There you will meet kind and caring trained peer supporters who will be happy to answer any queries you have, or to help with any specific problems you might be experiencing. This is also an excellent opportunity to meet like minded Mums, to feed your baby in a supportive and relaxed environment and to enjoy complimentary tea and toast! It is widely recognised that breast milk is good for babies as it lowers the chances of diarrhoea and vomiting, chest infections, being constipated, developing eczema, fewer ear infections and there is less likelihood of obesity developing later in life.

Breastfeeding is also good for Mums as it lowers the risk of Mum getting breast and ovarian cancer, it naturally uses up 500 calories a day and it saves money!! Breastfeeding can also strengthen the bond between Mum and babe laying the foundation for good health and well-being. The Breastfeeding Support Group at Bulford Children’s Centre, Hubert Hamilton Road, Bulford Camp SP4 9JY is held on Mondays, 10-11.30am, and at...

PLEASE MAKE IT YOUR NEW YEARS RESOLUTION TO COME AND SEE US! For information of Centre activities and services please phone: Five Wishes Children’s Centre, Amesbury, 01980 677218 or Bulford Children’s Centre on 01980 632660.

Five Wishes Children’s Centre, Kitchener Road, Amesbury SP4 7AX on Fridays 10-11.30am. Please remember we are here to support parents/ carers of 0-11 year olds (with activities for 0-5 year olds.) 7

What’s On

January & February Wed 1st Jan - 11.00am FESTIVE SALISBURY TOUR

Salisbury Information Centre, Fish Row This walk departs from the Salisbury Information Centre, Fish Row, Salisbury. Tickets can be bought from the Information centre or from the guide. Call 01722 324860 for more info.

Sat 18th Jan - Time TBC HONOR BLACKMAN (one night only!)

Salisbury Playhouse, Malthouse Lane Honor Blackman’s illustrious career spans six decades. She has rarely appeared simply as herself - until now. Here, in conversation with Director Richard Digby Day she will look back over her astonishing life - from her beginnings, her family and her rise to stardom, with her usual sense of humour and perspective. Call 01722 320333 for more information.

Fri 24th Jan - 7.30pm / Sat 25th Jan - 2.30pm & 7.30pm / Fri 31st Jan 7.30pm / Sat 1st Feb - 2.30pm & 7.30pm SLEEPING BEAUTY PANTOMIME Durrington Amateur Dramatics Society D.A.D.A., Village Hall, High Street, Durrington SP4 8AD.

Ticket prices Opening night special £5 for adults and £3 for children and OAPs. £6 for adults and £4 for children and OAPs. Available from the village hall on a Thursday evening (7.30pm) or by calling our Box Office on 07833 331771. Book early to avoid disappointment!


OPTOMETRIST Bourneside Optometry Eye Care Home Visits

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Bourneside House Hurdcott Lane Salisbury SP4 6HL

Sat 8th Feb - 4.30pm TWO PIANOS CONCERT

St Martin’s Church, Salisbury ‘Two Pianos’ (pianists Nicholas Woods and Gill Bolton) present “ Piano Potpourri”, a concert of duets and solos guaranteed to dispel the February chill and gloom. For further info and details of homemade buns please call 01722 333288 or go to

Thurs 20th Feb - 2.30pm AMESBURY SOCIETY MEETING

Antrobus House, Salisbury Road, Amesbury See posters for details of speaker. Free to members, £1 non-members. Contact Pat Carter on 01980 595621 for more information.

Fri 21st Feb - 2.00pm POSTMAN PAT

City Hall Salisbury, Malthouse Lane It’s the day of the Great Greendale Talent Show and there’s much excitement as this year a top talent scout will be on the lookout for a rising star. Postman Pat has a new karaoke machine to deliver for the show – but when the machine breaks down it looks like the talent show might be in jeopardy. Can Pat save the day? Come and find out! With songs, laughs and audience participation, together with brand new scenery and costumes, Postman Pat Live is a must see show for 3-6 year olds this year! Call 01722 434434 for more information.

Fri 28th Feb - 7.30pm ESSENCE OF IRELAND

City Hall Salisbury, Malthouse Lane Set against the backdrop of Ireland, England and America in the 20th century and inspired by true events, Essence of Ireland tells a story of love, joy, happiness and heartache endured by Cora McGowan and Sean Dempsey as they are separated by emigration from each other and their beloved Ireland. This is a moving story told through music, song and dance featuring original choreography and music, together with Irish classics such as ‘Galway Girl’, ‘Song for Ireland’, ‘Danny Boy’, and ‘Ireland’s Call’. Call 01722 434434 for more information.


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l tia Ini


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Sarum Morris Salisbury has a long history of morris dancing; the earliest records dating to the 1560s when records from the Tailor’s Guild show that the moris dancers were furnished with extravagant outfits, and had a close association with the Giant and HobNob (now both in Salisbury Museum). Morris dancers appeared regularly around Salisbury at times of national celebration, and despite efforts to suppress the morris dancing in Salisbury in the lead up to the Civil War, the Tailor’s Guild records show morris dancing revived soon after the Restoration. Morris dancing faded away during the first part of the 19th century, although there were a number of attempts to revive morris dancing in Salisbury in the last quarter of the 19th century, principally for Queen Victoria’s Jubilee celebrations. It was not until the formation of Sarum Morris in 1982 that a regular morris side was re-established. The side has been performing

in the Salisbury area for the last 30 years, and has also appeared further afield, including Sarum Mor ris at the D ownton Cuc performing koo Fair in Canada, Ireland, stretches back Sweden and, most recently, nearly 500 years. Finland and Estonia. Sarum Morris is a mixed side, comprising Each year Sarum Morris make men and women dancers, and donations to a number of performs in dance traditions charities, usually locally-based; derived from a number of and in the last 10 years the side Cotswold villages. has donated £8,500 to these. Sarum Morris dance in Salisbury As a side we are always looking on a number of occasions, for new members, and morris including for St George’s Day dancing helps to improve both and its own Day of Dance, your coordination and fitness, where other morris sides from and can provide an opportunity around the country join to dance to learn a musical instrument around Salisbury. In addition to and play for dance. In addition, appearing at folk festivals, the members are contributing to side also performs at local pubs a centuries-old tradition in the on Friday evenings during the Salisbury area. For details of summer months. On occasions, the side is joined by the Giant the side, or to find out where and HobNob (both replicas), we are dancing, check www. maintaining a tradition that

Amesbury & 1914: The year that changed a century Written and researched by Bill Dunn. Published by the Amesbury Society, November 2013 The names of 32 men who died during the First World War are engraved on the Amesbury war memorial which stands in the churchyard of St Mary and St Melor. This Amesbury Society publication tells their stories, in many cases giving additional information to the earlier booklet titled “The Amesbury War Memorial” which also covered names from the Second 10

World War. The author provides a brief overview of the tide of history from 1914 to the present day, the lead up to WW1 and the events of 1914. Of special interest is the description of Amesbury in 1914 and a month by month account of what was happening in the town taken from local newspapers.

author at

Available price £3 from the Amesbury Museum, Amesbury Library and the Community and Visitor Centre, at Amesbury Society meetings and from the

Shed Shop The

Painting and decorating “Michael Waters specialises in all interior and exterior painting and decorating”

WHERE QUALITY & COST MEET 30 years experience

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�e Godfather As one of Britain’s best loved comic and dramatic actors over almost half a decade, Sir David Jason looks back on an incredible career… National treasure, godfather of British TV, one of the greatest comedy actors of all-time – however you wish to describe Sir David Jason, “living legend” just about sums it up. The 73-year-old has spent nearly 50 years in the entertainment business, from the stage to the radio via the small screen, where as beloved characters such as Granville, Jack Frost and, of course, Derek Trotter he has become one of the most successful, enduring and adored actors in television history. His roles in Only Fools and Horses, Open All Hours and A Touch of Frost (to name but three) have cemented David’s place in history, and thrillingly for his legions of fans, the 12

London-born star’s personal history is now being told for the first time in his own words via his newly released autobiography, My Life. “I didn’t want it – I didn’t want to talk about myself,” he shrugs. “But I’ve had two unofficial ones done over the years; terrible books that people wanted to cash in on. And I thought ‘this is a rip off!’ It’s not fair. So I wanted the story told in my own language.” Recalling his lengthy career was assisted by the swathes of keepsakes and memorabilia he’s preserved from various roles, such as his first ever TV part in Crossroads in 1964. “I was so pleased with what I was doing,” he smiles, “I wanted to keep a

memory of it. Every job that I did, every show I was on I have a programme, reviews which I kept, photographs as well.” He calls the process “a curate’s egg”, some parts more enjoyable

David aged 14

than others, and admits there was a bittersweet element to recalling the happy moments of his life. “When you look back on some of the good times and the fun times you had, you realise it has gone. For example, every single episode of Fools and Horses, Open All Hours, Frost, everything that I’ve done… you couldn’t wait to get up in the morning to go to work because you knew you were going to work to make yourself laugh. And because of that, when you remember those good times, you realise that it’s in the past and you can’t grab hold of them, it’s gone. That was the most difficult thing. “But the book tells the story, which is what everybody wanted. Nothing is too serious. There are one or two moments, obviously, like when Myfanwy (his partner of 18 years who died in 1995) was diagnosed with cancer, I had to go through all that side, but then everyone’s life has ups and downs. Nobody wants that to happen, nobody wants their nearest and dearest or a good friend to die, but it happens. But otherwise – at least I’ve told it and nobody else has!” Although he had already enjoyed success as the naïve Granville, Ronnie Barker’s shop assistant in Open All Hours, in 1981 he landed the role that changed his life. David’s portrayal of the underhand market salesman and lovable rogue Derek Trotter in Only Fools and Horses is undisputedly one of the greatest sitcom performances ever. The show provided so many classic moments that are ingrained in the national psyche.

Rodney, Del and Grandad in “Only Fools and Horses” David explains the secret formula: “Well, the first thing is it is funny. The second thing is that it is British, and British humour is something everyone can relate to and they also relate to the struggles of the working man – or the not working man! Someone who would do anything to succeed, to earn a crust, to keep the wolf from the door. All the characters were very funny, silly. But basically it was all about people you recognised.”

You knew you were going to work to make yourself laugh “I never thought until I started to do this book how many successful shows I have been in, right from the theatre into television. There were so many actors I worked with when we were all struggling to make a living, all in love with the business, but so many fell by the wayside. And yet I am still here!”

David as ‘Derek Trotter’

David and his big brother 13

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Detoxing & Fasting The Facts behind the Fads By Alison Runham


anuary. Dark days plus lots of ‘fancy food’ and alcohol have made us feel fat and sludgy. So, bombarded with more dietary info than ever we rush out to spend our gift vouchers on books about ultimate diets and detox plans. But will they really make us healthier or slimmer?



Many of the recent trendy fasting schemes don’t really ask you to fast at all, just to restrict your food intake on certain days or for a short period of time.

There are numerous ‘detox diets’ that either tell you to restrict or eliminate certain foods, or advocate eating just one type of super food to flush you clean. But many experts say that your body already has the tools it needs to detoxify itself. The kidneys, liver, colon and skin all work together to remove unwanted substances from our body. Much of the detox hype sounds seductively plausible. When we’re told that our bodies are full of undesirable substances that reduce our immunity, slow our metabolism and make us retain water and weight. But the British Dietetic Association has pronounced the concept ‘irrational and unscientific’. The headaches, fatigue and other symptoms you may experience after a few days on a detox diet are not caused by toxins now released into your bloodstream. In reality, these symptoms are usually caused by your body reacting to sudden deprivation of a substance your body is a little too used to – such as caffeine, sugar or alcohol.


Intentionally going without food is not new. People have been fasting for religious purposes for thousands of years and there are long held beliefs that it can improve various medical conditions and general health.

Does it work? You may lose a lot of weight at first, but it can be hard to maintain as you are not fundamentally changing the way you eat. There does seem to be a connection between calorie consumption and lifespan but whether fasting gives the same results as daily moderation has yet to be proved. However if having a couple of semi-fasting days a week doesn’t make you feel ill and you don’t compensate by eating unhealthily on the other days, there’s no harm doing it.

So what should I do? Eat a healthy and varied diet • Choose natural foods not manufactured ones. Eat plenty of vegetables of different colours, moderate amounts of fruit and lean protein. • Avoid sugar as it disrupts your natural appetite control and is known to be highly addictive.

Artificial sweeteners may have no calories, but it doesn’t help you to break the habit. • Watch your carbohydrates. Potatoes, bread and cereal are pretty tasteless without added fat or sugar and that alone can cause you to take in more calories than you intended. • Cut out or reduce alcohol. Most experts agree that a little does no harm, but stick to the unit limits of 2 per day for women and 3 per day for men. Remember these are limits, not targets! • Drink water. Hopefully we all now know this doesn’t mean drinking 8 glasses per day, but ensure your intake is not all caffeinated (if you usually drink lots of caffeine, reduce slowly).

Lose weight safely Most of us eat too much and there is evidence linking over-consumption of calories with reduced life-span and premature ageing, although the mechanism isn’t clear yet. Eat healthy ‘real’ foods, eat only when you are genuinely hungry and don’t eat too much.

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Sowing Time Now that January is here it’s a perfect time to start sowing seeds in trays and pots. But how do you make sure that yours germinate and produce seedlings and then plants which thrive and grow well?

by Pippa Greenwood

A shopping list for first time sowers should be: • Good quality seed and cuttings compost.

• Some seed half-trays, which are about 5” x 8”.

• A heated propagator, a clear propagator lid to go over the trays or a small unheated propagator.

• A dibber to make it easy to transplant the seedlings into a new home. • Some small pots into which you can transplant the seedlings.

If you buy seed and cuttings compost it’s rarely necessary to sieve it as it has a very fine and even texture. However, if you’re using multi-purpose compost, you’ll need to either break up any lumps carefully with your hands or sieve it. Depending on the types of seeds you have chosen, you will need to sow them at different depths. Some seeds are tiny and are best scattered over the surface. Other seeds are best sown in drills. Once they are in place, in most cases you need to cover them with compost to the required depth. However others germinate best if allowed access to


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daylight and should be sown on the surface. With these it’s advisable to cover the surface of the tray with cling film to stop it drying out too rapidly. I like to put the seeds in place and then moisten the compost. Place the seed trays in a sink or tray containing about 1cm of water and allow the compost to soak up the water. Once the compost is just moist you should stand the trays in a position where any excess water can drain off. Then, if necessary, put the trays in a heated propagator. When it comes to watering the seeds, use mains water as water butts may harbour some of the disease-causing organisms which cause damping off, the fatal condition where the seedlings appear to suddenly flop and keel over. Always watch the seed trays carefully and check them regularly to ensure that the compost is adequately moist. Once the majority of the seedlings have appeared, it’s usually not long before you need to prick them out. Generally this is carried out when the first true leaves appear. When the seedling first comes above ground you will see the ‘seed leaves’ which are relatively

sturdy looking and rounded in shape. Then above this come the first true leaves which are typical of that particular plant. When pricking out, handle the seedlings very carefully, never by their stems or true leaves, but always by the seed leaves. Before you start to ease them out, make sure that the compost is adequately moist, so that the roots move readily without damage and that you have already prepared pots for transfer. To avoid rotting, always transplant seedlings so that they are at the same depth as they were in the seed tray. If you find that your seedlings have become rather leggy, this is usually because they’re not receiving enough natural light; move the trays onto a south or west facing windowsill. Visit Pippa’s website www. for a great range of gardening items including ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’. Choose the veg you’d like to grow and they’re sent to you ready to plant, accompanied by weekly advice emails from Pippa.

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