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Indie royalty joins forces to fight the power

MONSTERSOfFOLK alice in chains

paramore creed, weezer & more DVDs Sam Raimi delivers the gory goods in Drag Me to Hell

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GAMES Axe for trouble in the shredding Brütal Legend

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The Sunstreak did it, now show us what YOU can do.... at the HIGH SCHOOL BATTLE OF THE BANDS, Once upon a time, there was a band in Rochester, NY

starting this month at participating

holed up and recording their own music on a laptop. Then one day some important music industry people

indie record stores across the country.

heard the music and decided it was freakinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; awesome so they sent the band out on the road to a high school

Check out for stores and details.

near you and released the music they had recorded.


THE SUNSTREAK Once Upon A Lie in stores 10/6!

Special EP from the SUNSTREAK $1.99 at participating indie record stores

THE SUNSTREAK visiting high schools across the country including: 10/6: Rochester, NY 10/7: Syracuse, NY


One GRAND PRIZE WINNER will be completely outfitted by FENDER, and have recording session time with with Jack Ponti (Bon Jovi/India.Arie/Alice Cooper) and Kevin Shirley (Led Zeppelin/Metallica/Aerosmith)

10/13: Portland, ME 10/19: Wilkes-Barre, PA 10/20: Lancaster, PA



Metalocalypse: Dethklok Dethalbum II

Leaves Eyes




Shark Bites & Dog Fights



Every Time I Die

Parkway Drive


The Divinity of Oceans

New Junk Aesthetic






RAW 2010

Available Now on DVD

available october 20

Rob Zombie Presents: The Haunted World of

EL SUPERBEASTO “Wild, Weird, and Wonderful” —Fangoria Magazine


“THE HAUNTED WORLD OF EL SUPERBEASTO”  COPYRIGHT LINE    © 2009 Starz Media, LLC  All rights reserved. 


OCTOBER 2009 + record store magazine + 3



new dvds in stores this month

in stores

Vow of Violence

oct 13

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are seeing wed in The Proposal


The Proposal disney


r o w s i n g ove r S andra Bullock’s post-Speed filmography, there is an obvious common denominator—happy endings. That would be because her bread and butter is romantic comedies, sure, but perhaps also because she’s so irrepressibly adorable (even at 45) that directors can’t bear to see her suffer. Interestingly, she plays against type in The Proposal—always a risk since her inherent likability is such a box-office draw. Bullock’s no-BS publishing exec is doing just fine in the Big Apple until the INS comes sniffing around; soon enough, she needs underling Ryan Reynolds to fake a relationship—and ultimately marriage—to avoid deportation to Canada. These two can’t stand each other, although anybody who’s watched more than three movies in their lifetime can deduce that those icy hearts just may melt by the final reel. No matter—the journey’s fun enough, and Reynolds is finally coming into his own as a leading man.

4 + record store magazine + October 2009


Away We Go Sam Mendes sure likes twisting the knife in suburbia, underscoring the emptiness of keeping up with the Joneses in American Beauty and Revolutionary Road. Away We Go covers similar ground, as expecting young couple John Krasinski (The Office) and Maya Rudolph (SNL) roam across North America in a seemingly futile effort to find the ideal homestead, largely aghast at their options. Jeff Daniels and Maggie Gyllenhaal co-star. In Stores Now universal

Ally McBeal: The Complete Series Before there was Boston Legal, there was Ally McB, making her way in the world today, turning the world on with her smile—give her any rule, she’ll break it—in a Beantown law firm. You’ll mostly recall the dancing baby and Calista Flockhart’s wild pratfalls, but there was plenty of heart in the heavily stylized series, too. All five seasons of David E. Kelley’s unique concotion are anthologized here. In Stores October 6 20th Century Fox

Anvil! The Story of Anvil It’s never explicitly stated what gives with the titular exclamation point, but you can probably chalk it up to Steve “Lips” Kudlow’s unyielding enthusiasm in the face of everything that could possibly go awry for a heavy metal band. Anvil were primed for success in the ’80s, playing with the likes of Scorpions and Bon Jovi; well after everyone stopped caring, they kept the dream alive, and their story is both heartbreaking and inspiring. In Stores October 6 VH1 Classic

in stores

Year One

oct 6


e w d i r e c t o r s h a v e a more accomplished comedy pedigree than Harold Ramis. From Caddyshack to Groundhog Day and Analyze This, Egon’s been bringing us the funny for nearly 30 years. Year One is no exception, odd-coupling Jack Black and Michael Cera as, respectively, a primitive hunter and gatherer who embark on an excellent adventure that spirals into a bogus journey. David Cross and Paul Rudd are among the top-notch cameos. Sony Pictures

Bones: Season Four

The Hills: Season Five, Part One

From her alluring turn in 500 Days of Summer to her engagement with Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard, Zooey Deschanel is officially ubiquitous. But older sis Emily isn’t exactly the Johnny Drama to her Vincent Chase. Now four seasons in, Bones is a gripping police procedural (focusing on forensic anthropology), in which ED’s title character deconstructs crimes with the help of FBI stud David Boreanaz (ex-Buffy). In Stores October 6 20th Century Fox


The Hills gets crap for being “scripted” reality TV, but would you really prefer to watch the unfiltered ids of Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt? Also, the show continues to reinforce an invaluable life lesson—if your best friend is dating/engaged to an idiot, save yourself a lot of grief and stop hanging out with them immediately. Important note: dudes interested in ogling Kristin Cavallari will have to wait until S5 part two. In Stores October 6 MTV

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**titles and availability vary by store location. **More music on sale $9.99 or less every day at indie record stores


6 + ziazine! + October 2009



OCTOBER 2009 + record store magazine + 7



new dvds in stores this month

Prime Time

in stores oct 20

Michael Bay polarizes America again with Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen pa r a m o u n t



t ’ s i n t er es ti ng that there have been so many complaints about Michael Bay’s Transformers deviating too drastically from the popular ’80s comic book/animated TV show. “Energon” and the “Matrix of Leadership” were just as big of plot points in Revenge of the Fallen as they were 20+ years ago. The only problem is following exactly how the hell they fit into the story as you’re bombarded with an endless, deafening series of explosions. In this two-and-a-half-hour sequel, everyboy Sam (Shia LaBeouf) just wants a normal college life, but the Autobot/Decepticon conflict is far from over. A splinter of the last film’s pivotal AllSpark imprints a series of indecipherable symbols on his brain, and once again both factions are after him in a wild global pursuit. Love it or hate it, Michael Bay’s dizzying opus is something to behold, an epileptic seizure of hard R standbys cleverly distilled into a PG-13 summer popcorn box.

8 + record store magazine + October 2009


The L Word: Final Season The subtitle to novelist Doug Coupland’s Generation X was Tales for an Accelerated Culture, and boy was he spot-on with that one. Originally hailed as a groundbreaking venue for gay and transgender issues upon its premiere, The L Word was dismissed as lipstick lesbian eye candy by the end of its run. Judge for yourself with this final collection, a scant eight episodes focusing on the peculiar demise of Jenny Schecter. In Stores October 6

in stores


Medium: The Complete Fifth Season Patricia Arquette can see dead people in the past and future in this drama, but you don’t need her singular talents to determine that the show’s in a ratings freefall. Yet, it’s damn good, so CBS may have made a prescient move picking it up from NBC for the sixth season. They’ll have a hell of a cliffhanger to deal with, as Arquette’s protagonist is currently in a brain tumor/ stroke-induced coma. In Stores October 6

Drag Me to Hell

oct 13


h e n a m o u s y loan officer (Alison Lohman) tries to impress her boss enough to win a promotion by rejecting an old lady with nowhere to go, she’s stricken with a curse that slowly—and entertainingly— annihilates her over three days. We’re talking the gauntlet Bruce Campbell famously had to endure throughout Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead series, and then some. Justin “the Mac Guy” Long does a nice straight turn as Lohman’s bewildered boyfriend. Universal


Nip/Tuck: Season 5, Part 2 In a society dangerously obsessed with all things cosmetic, Nip/Tuck knows how to get under our skin (har har). Just peep those season six ads at your local bus stop, with that babe’s bare back stitched up like a football. There are eight episodes in the tail end of season five, opening with Sean confined to a wheelchair after his assault, and climaxing into cancerstricken Christian’s plans for cryogenic freezing. In Stores October 6

Trick ’r Treat Everyone knows that holiday-themed films are generally denied DVD release until said holiday rolls around again a year later. So you can forgive us for forgetting just what the hell Trick ’r Treat is. And yet, there’s a noteworthy cast: ubiquitous character actor Brian Cox, Oscar-hungry tween queen Dakota Fanning and Iron Man hotness Leslie Bibb! Mirroring Creepshow’s triedtand-true anthology format, TRT may be a solid scarefest after all. In Stores October 6 Warner Home Video

The Haunted Airman Yeah, so far, Robert Pattinson’s nonTwilight filmography is not exactly mind-blowing. But, to be fair, Airman was first aired on the BBC in 2006, and is only getting a stateside DVD release for one reason (and it’s not Julian Sands’ astonishing work in the lead). Whatever—our man is still gothily delectable in this tale of an RAF pilot stuck in one of those FEARnet-style hospitals full of creepiness. In Stores October 13 E1 Entertainment

Warner Home Video


October 2009 + record store magazine + 9


movies OCTOBER 6 6teen: Season 1 Vol. 1 All I Want for Christmas Ally McBeal: Season 1 Ally McBeal: The Complete Series Andy Williams: The Andy Williams Christmas Album Animated Christmas Tales Anvil! The Story of Anvil! Assassination of a High School President Astro Boy: The Beginning Audition Aussie and Ted Back to the Future: The Complete Trilogy Battle Ground Ultimate Collection Beauty in Trouble Besieged Fortress Bette Midler: Cool Yule Bigfoot Bleed With Me Blood Ties: Season Two Boarding Business Bones: Season 4 Boneyard Brad Paisley: Christmas Brooks & Dunn: It Won’t Be Christmas Without You Bug Off! Calling Carreras/Domingo/Pavarotti: The Three Tenors Christmas Carter Castel Celine Dion: These Are Special Times Charley’s Big-Hearted Aunt Children Children of the Corn Chop Socky Chooks Vol. 1 Chops Classic Educational Shorts: How to Be a Man Vol. 1 Classic Educational Shorts: How to Be a Woman Vol. 2 Clean and Narrow Confucius Crazy as Hell Cult of Fury Cutting for Stone D. Gray-Man: Season Two Part One Dance Flick Dark Country Dead by Dawn/Dead by Dawn 2: The Return Deep Sea Blues Delta State: The Complete First Season Descendant Donna on Demand Dora the Explorer: Dora’s Christmas Even Aliens Gotta Eat Fast Track: No Limits Feeding Grounds Fish and Fire Franklin’s Halloween Franklin’s Homemade Cookies From the East From the River to the Sea Full House: The Complete Seasons 1-2 F-Word Series Three Gate George Shrinks: Ghost Grabber Machine Get Smart: Season 4 Gfight: Best of Women’s Mixed Martial Arts Vol. 1 Ghost House Underground: Seventh Moon


anything and everything coming to your living room this month

Ghost Stories Girls Aloud: Out of Control Tour 2009 Gods of the Stadium: Making of the Calendar 2010 Goreality Greed Halloween (2007): Director’s Cut He Is My Master: Complete Collection Hell Is Sold Out Hide and Creep Hiding High Noon (2009) Hills: Season Five, Part One Hit Favorites: Frosty Friends Hook N Shoot: 2007 Women’s Grand Prix Horror 101 Hot Rod Girls Save the World Hypnolove: Love Trance I Spit Chew on Your Grave I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown Il Divo: The Christmas Collection It’s Alive It’s My Party & I’ll Die If I Want To

My Pet Monster: The Complete Series National Geographic Kids Video: Animal Holiday New Christmas Classics Gift Set NFL: A Tradition of Defense: The Chicago Bears Nip/Tuck: Complete Seasons 1-5.2 Nip/Tuck: Season 5, Part Two Northern Lights Numb3rs: The Fifth Season Offspring Otoboku: Maidens Are Falling for Me: Complete Collection Paradise Postponed/Titmuss Regained Paranormal State: The Complete Season Three Pet Sitting Business Pitch Control TV Mixtape DVD Volume 3 Prototype This: Season 1 PSI Factor: Chronicles of the Paranormal Season 3 Pudor Quantum Activist RahXephon: The Complete Collection

« in stores October 6

Paranormal State

The Complete Season Three

Do you believe in ghosts? You just might after a few hours spent with this A&E series about the Paranormal Research Society.

Jacob Two Two and the Hooded Fang Je Me Souviens Jingle All the Way Joe Bonamassa: Live From the Royal Albert Hall Jose Feliciano: Feliz Navidad Judgment Ken Burns: The National Parks: America’s Best Idea Kenny Chesney: All I Want for Christmas Kenny G: An Evening of Rhythm Romance Kenny G: The Greatest Holiday Classics Kevin Nealon: Now Hear Me Out: Live From Hollywood King Arthur Was a Gentleman King of the Ants Lark Rise to Candelford: Season One Lost Tapes Man vs. Food Season 1 Mariah Carey: Merry Christmas Marlene Martin: The Complete First Season Martina McBride: White Christmas Mary Tyler Moore: Complete Season 5 Medium: Seasons 1-5 Mick Fleetwood Blues Band Featuring Rick Vito: Blue Again Mister Ed: Season One MMA Street Fighter: One Percent Full Munyurangabo Murphy’s Law: Series One Mushi-Shi: The Complete Collection My Life in Ruins

10 + record store magazine + October 2009


Red Dwarf: Back to Earth Road to Jenin Robin Trower & Jack Bruce: Seven Moons Rodney: The Complete First Season Seamstress Search for Dracula Senseless Sesame Street: Elmo’s Animal Adventures Shelter Dogs Sister Sonya’s Prayer Group Six Degrees of Helter Skelter Special Operating Room Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut Story of Saiunkoku: The Complete Season One Strawberry Shortcake: Holiday Dreams Collection Tales From the Cryptkeeper: The Complete First Season: Pleasant Screams Tales From the Cryptkeeper: The Complete Second Season: All the Gory Details Thaw Three Little Pigs Toward the Terra: Complete Collection Travel Pac: Shanghai Trews: Acoustic: Friends & Total Strangers Tribute Trick ‘R Treat Under the Gaydar Unsolved Mysteries: Bizarre Murders

1 Van Der Valk Mysteries: Set 1 Voyage That Shook the World Werewolf: The Complete Series Whitney Houston: One Wish: The Holiday Album Wild Stallion Wildcats of St. Trinian’s With the Beatles: Klaus Voormann Wow Hits 2010: The Videos Year One Yule a Go-Go Zorro: Generation Z Vol. 4

OCTOBER 13 1000 Adoration Alive American Brew American Meltdown American Violet America’s Classic Ballparks Andre Rieu: Live at the Royal Albert Hall Angels vs. Demons: Fact or Fiction Anne of Green Gables: A New Beginning Annihilator: Live at Masters of Rock Antwone Fisher Aquarium Backyardigans: Big Backyard Adventure Backyardigans: Robot Repairman Barbara Stanwyck Show Vol. 1 Barney’s Christmas Star Big John, Little John Bob Dylan: Keep Your Eyes on the Prize Bob the Builder: Building Crew Holiday Collection Bob the Builder: Christmas to Remember Boys Don’t Cry Carrier at War: USS Enterprise Child Wild China Circus on Ice Christmas Carol Christmas Without Snow Comedy Angels Cook’s Country: Season Two Countess Dracula’s Orgy of Blood Curious George: A Very Monkey Christmas Darkwalker Deadly Little Christmas Deadly Women: Seasons 1 & 2 Dinosaur Valley Girls Dusan Makavejev: Free Radical: Criterion Collection Elephants Elvis: Return to Tupelo Eminem: Diamonds and Pearls Endless Bummer Equator: Paradox of the Andes Every Little Step Eyes of the Sniper: Ultimate Combat Edition Fatherhood Dreams Fighter Flashpoint: The First Season Flintown Kids Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid Futurama: Complete Collection Gigi: God’s Little Princess DVD Treasure Box Set Girlfriends: The Seventh Season Gitmo: The True Story Gnaw Good Life: The Joe Grushecky Story Gretchen

Gun in the House Happy Birthday to Me Haunted Airman Hollywood Singing and Dancing: A Musical History: Movies That Rocked ‘N’ Rolled Horror in the Wind How to Be a Serial Killer How We Did It Hunger: The Complete Second Season Igudesman & Joo: A Little Nightmare Music Imurders Infestation Inspector Lewis Series 2 Inventing LA: The Chandlers and Their Times Jack Brown, Genius Jackass: The Lost Tapes Jada Jim Jefferies: I Swear to God Joan Baez: How Sweet the Sound Joan Baez: Sing Me Home John Denver: Around the World Live John Denver: Rocky Mountain High: Live in Japan Juno Kansas: There’s No Place Like Home Kate and Anna McGarrigle: A Not So Silent Night Katt Williams: Who You Callin’ Crazy? Kiba: Complete Collection Killing Room Killjoy 2 Land of the Lost Season 1 Land of the Lost Season 2 Land of the Lost Season 3 Last King of Scotland Least of There Legend of the Seeker: The Complete First Season Life of Chris Linkeroever Little Dragons Little Miss Sunshine Little Spirit: Christmas in New York Love of Siam Love Statue LSD Experience Lovecraft: Fear of the Unknown Loved Ones Lovejoy: The Complete Collection Lovejoy: The Complete Season Six Made in Amerikkka Made in France Maneater Series Collection Vol. 1: Blood Monkey, In the Spider’s Web, Maneater Married to the Game Married… With Children: The Complete Eleventh Season Marvel Animation: 6 Film Set Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein Michael Buble Meets Madison Square Garden Mighty Boosh: Seasons 1-3 Special Edition Minor Details Miracle on the Hudson and Other Extraordinary Air Crash Events Mistress Club Monsoon Wedding Moonlight and Mistletoe Mouse: Complete Collection Mr. Art Critic Mugger Mummy’s Kiss: 2nd Dynasty My Little Pony: Twinkle Wish Adventure Namesake Natural Born Killers

« in stores October 13

WWE Breaking Point 2009

Live from Montréal’s Bell Centre, see who scores the Unified Tag Team Title, as well as the first-ever Submissions Count Anywhere match.

Nature: Endangered Animals New World Order NFL: All Day With Adrian Peterson Nick Swardson: Seriously, Who Farted Nickelback: Live at Sturgis 2006 Nutcracker Objective Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Once Oral Fixation Pat Paulsen’s Half a Comedy Hour Proposal Rated-R Rick Wakeman: The Six Wives of Henry VIII: Live at Hampton Court Palace Sacret Mt. Ali and the Forest Railway Sadistic Holocaust Sand Satanic Panic Scrooge Sculpture Diaries Shark City Shift Skin in the Seventies Snow 2: Brain Freeze Some Assembly Required: Seasons 1&2 Staunton Hill Stepfather Steve Hillage Band: Live at the Gong Family Unconvention Still Green Sunchaser Thieves Thomas & Friends: Sodor Friends Holiday Collection Tokyo Majin: The Complete Series Tony Palmer’s Film About Hector Berlioz: I, Berlioz Udo Jurgens: Einfach Ich: Live 2009 Under Blood Red Skies Under the Sea With Al Giddings Unspeakable Visions of the Sea Waitress Warren Miller’s Children of Winter here the Day Takes You Where’s Amelia Earhart Wuthering Heights (1967) WWE: Breaking Point 2009 Wycliffe: Series Two Yngwie Malmsteen: Live in Korea Zombie Dearest Zombie Self-Defense Force

OCTOBER 20 100 Feet 2012 Is It the End of the World Abba in Japan Ali on Ali: The Lost Interviews: Champions Forever

An Evening With Willie Nelson: Music of Ray Charles Ann Peebles: I Can’t Stand the Rain Anointed Pace Sisters: Access Granted Art Star and the Sudanese Twins Benny Bliss & The Disciples of Greateness Black Adder Black Adder Goes Forth Black Adder II Black Adder III: Black Adder the Third Black Adder V: The Specials Black Adder: The Ultimate Edition Black Rain Blassreiter: Series One Part One Bleach Vol. 21 Blood Sweat + Gears: Racing Clean to the Tour de France Blood Ties Blood: The Last Vampire Blood+ Part Two Bruce Springsteen: DVD Jukebox Bullfighter Cartoon Network: The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack Volume 1 Casi Divas Chef’s Special Cheri Chicago Boricua Chilly Dogs Clannad Collection 1 Comic Party Revolution TV: Complete Collection Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber Copper Crazy Little Thing Crew Dead Snow Dirtbags: Evil Never Felt So Good Donna Reed Show: Season 3 Double Down Live Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman: The Complete Series Drag Me to Hell Elephant King En Vivo Fados Falling in Between Fawlty Towers: The Complete Collection Final Straw Fistful of Fuku Food matters Freaky Faron Frustration & False Gods Grand National Night Greg Giraldo: Midlife Vices Hawaii Five-O: The Seventh Season Hi-5: Season Three Homicide: Life on the Street: The Complete Series Hurricane in the Rose Garden In Search of Santa Claus


Information Society: It Is Useless to Resist Us: 25 Years of Information Society Iron Man: Armored Adventures Vol. 1 Isley Brothers: Here We Go Again It’s Garry Shandling’s Show: The Complete Series Ivan Neville’s New Orleans All-Stars: Getting’ Funkier All the Time Jethro Tull: Live at Madison Square Garden 1978 Jon Reep: Metro Jethro Killing Emmett Young King Sisters Holiday L Word: Final Season Land of the Lost Last Homecoming Last of the Living Latin Music U.S.A. Local Loveless: Complete Moon in the Gutter Moonchild More Than This Most Wonderful Time of the Year Mott the Hoople: Whole Story Mr. B & Bob Seeley: Back to Back Live Mumb3rs: The Fifth Season No Turning Back Notes on Marie Menken On the Line One Man’s War Ordinary Killer P Pandemic Paris 1919 Plastic Man: The Complete Collection Private Lesson Queen: Complete Review Ravage the Scream Queen Roads to Riches Route 66: Season 3, Vol. 2 Saber Rider and the Star Sheriffs: Complete Series Satan’s School for girls School of Life Secret Cutting Shaka Zulu Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour: The Best of Season 2 Somethin’ Grand Something to Do With the Wall Street King Summer Camp Nightmare Summer Storm Tales of Wells Fargo: The Best of the Final Season in Color Teenage Dirtbag Teenage Zombies That Was the GDR: A History of the Other Germany They Killed Sister Dorothy Things Top Chef: New York Torturer Tournament Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen UFC 100: Mir vs. Lesnar Uninvited Unlikely Angel Vega$: The First Season Vol. 1 We Used to Think the Freeway Sounded Like a River White Zombie Who’s Your Daddy Wings of Desire WWE: Batista Unleashed You Must Remember This ZZ Top: Double Down Live

October 2009 + record store magazine + 11


The new CD sampler featuring tracks from the best recent releases!

H NC PU H r T e A DE sw ER An ING s the F E I FIV War

E CH ER adio L RE t R ND t Bea O r S a He

FREE with the purchase of any of the featured titles! See store for details!

AY GR ine D VI eL DA aw th Dr

ILE RL ost A I C Gh ND the A BR e Up v Gi

TH DE GA ame E M dg En

: ate tD ree 0/6! t S 1

ES OW ntil R C ..U CK st. LA e Fro ze B e h E t TH fore e Fre h e t B

X us NI e OE mad H P g A ix n an lfg hoe P Wo


E YZ t WA Bea H S t It Le


D OR â&#x20AC;&#x2122;RI ge O a S RE agg LO o B O N D


te Da et 7! e r St 10/2


S ER TH You O R nd TB ea ET Lov V A nd Ia




AB YG 1 O 1 G : I 11 DR


YR YN s K S un RD G NY od & Y L G

12 + record store magazine + OCTOBER 2009


W NE D N A isy BR Da

N an WO Cub EK RA ilt 4 . II Bu Pt ly nx On Li

GS IN NN an E J fM N SO od o A o M Bl

OF RS E T lk NS LK Fo MO FO rs of te ns Mo


M JA EN y B G on KIN Ag EA ear R D B

UX RO La oux R La

S IST RT ed A r S pi OU ns RI sic I Film ame A e G V Mu y th n a b ha T re Mo

n: DI CU oo y D e M Da I K th the n f no do a M En e Th

SE nce MU sista Re he


ER FL OP y N K ck RK Lu MA Get

ILL SP emy O n T E ILT No BU re Is e Th

: ate tD ree 0/6! t S 1

S LIP G c i IN n AM ryo FL mb E


U2 on th e n Lin izo No Hor

O S N RE E KID ild A K TH W D the re AN ere s A ck g Wh hin dtra T un o S

ISE NR U S es BY Ash D f o A DE Out


: ate tD ree /13! t S 10

LT WA trong S S O s ON s I TT knes A P ea W My

ate tD ree 3! St 10/1


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OCTOBER 2009 + record store magazine + 13


noise viOlations

Autographed! SUPER LIMITED!!! Album Art by John Baizley with purchase while supplies last!


Billy Talent Billy Talent III

John Forte StyleFree The EP

Uncle Kracker Happy Hour

Baroness Blue Record

Buckcherry Live and Loud 2009

Bestselling Books About Music at Indie Bookstores for October ’09

n e T p T o The tage)


available october 12

s (Vin ver Sack li O a i l i ley) sicoph (Plume) opez (Berk L e v te J. Levitin ➊ Mu l S ie t n a s i D Plume) Solo ongs e . Levitin ( S J h l x ie T i n a S D ➋ in sic World on Mu el Lang (Ecco) e n h i T a r ➌ ha rB ock Mic Is You

s oodst re) W ➍ Thi o t ton Squa d oa (Washing r R e ll e e W h Sheila ➎ T rling) ke Us i L s (Ed.) (Ste l s r n i a v G E e ➏ Mik icador) stock x Ross (P d le o A ne) o e s W oi (Touchsto ➐ N le ta s a I n r o t ete F Res rden P a ➑ The G (Atria) e h t 9. o Gavin, III t s e k m a c r 15, 200 J er eptembe h S t ➒ Ba g in a d n e od e week peri rmy W the fourr fo s ➓ Sto re ooksto Based on

sales in in

die b

Visit for more great reads and to find an indie bookstore (or other great indie business) near you. AVAILABLE FOR


14 + record store magazine + OCTOBER 2009



IB Oct Record.indd 1

9/16/09 11:58:17 AM




From The Director of The Nightmare Before Christmas


DVD, 2 Disc Collectors Edition DVD and Blu-Ray available





TWO SPECIAL 7”s with b-sides exclusive to these Vinyl Saturday releases! Too Fake/What’s Up Now Man and Learn To Lose/ Mercenary Days NEW HOCKEY RECORD, MIND CHAOS, OUT 10/6!!



special ” with a LIVE version on the b-side



**all street dates are subject to the whim of the vinyl gods and may change. **all Vinyl Saturday titles are LIMITED RELEASE and may be sold out or not available at all stores. Check with your local indie for availability.



OCTOBER 2009 + record store magazine + 15



new video games in stores this month

Ace of Blades

Umlauts of love to Brütal Legend for getting its metal on


ideo games have long touched on the wild world of heavy metal, but few, including 2D fighter Guilty Gear, have directly embraced it quite like EA’s Brütal Legend. On the surface, the game—developed by folks responsible for adored platformer Psychonauts—is a hack ‘n’ slash action-adventure title, where protagonist Eddie Riggs (voiced by Jack Black) fights with a double-sided axe in one hand and a spell-casting Flying V guitar in the other. But there’s more. Outside the vivid metal album cover universe, unimaginable end bosses and massive, fully-licensed soundtrack, Brütal Legend offers players a chance to enlist in-game NPCs to battle with you against tyrannical overlords. And we haven’t even discussed multi-player yet. Double Fine Productions President Tim Schafer heeds the call. Where did the Brütal Legend story originate? Presumably, you have an intimate history with your music collection and heavy metal culture. Brütal Legend’s story, like a lot of heavy metal songs, was heavily inspired by Norse mythology. It’s epic and stretches all the way back to the creation of the world, and all the way forward to the roadie Eddie Riggs.


16 + record store magazine + October 2009


by Chris Dick

So, who is Eddie? He’s a roadie, but he’s also a bit different, right? Eddie is the greatest roadie in the world, but he’s working for the worst band ever. He feels like he was meant for something more important, and that he should have been born earlier, when the music was more real. Even though he often saves the day, he does [so] from the shadows—he doesn’t like to take the spotlight. Describe the gameplay. It sounds like a traditional action game. It’s an action game, but the player battles through a very non-traditional, heavy metal world. You have a double-sided broad-axe for close-range, melee combat, but also a very special guitar that serves as a ranged weapon. Plus, friendly characters around you can be used as weapons in what we call “Double Team” attacks that you use to strike down enemies. How do the single-player and the multi-player differ? In the single-player campaign, you play as Eddie Riggs as he uses his roadie skills to put together an army of headbangers to liberate humanity from the demons. In multi-player, you can play as Eddie, Ophelia or Em-

Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Republic Heroes X360, PS3, PSP, PS2, Wii, DS, PC [LucasArts]

Modeled after the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV series, Republic Heroes spans 30 missions, allowing Star Wars acolytes to play as an awesome, lightsaber-wielding, droid-jacking Jedi or a grenade-throwing, laser rifle-toting roughneck Clone Soldier. Who will prevail? The Jedi and the Clones, or the Separatists and bounty hunter Cad Bane? In Stores October 6

Saw X360, PS3, PC [Konami]

peror Doviculus, and you lead one of three different warring factions in head-to-head battle with another player or team of players.

From the folks who brought you Silent Hill and Castlevania, Saw is a nail-biting fight against Jigsaw in this horror action-adventure title. Essentially, in order to survive, you have to solve Jigsaw’s perverse puzzles and incessant yammering to escape from draconian torture devices and convoluted death machines. It’s death or life in Konami’s Saw. In Stores October 6

Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga Wii [Xseed Games]

The game and soundtrack work in concert. Where did the idea to integrate the game and soundtrack come from? The soundtrack is what inspired the game. Everything you see in Brütal Legend came from heavy metal, so we didn’t have to work hard to integrate them—they were forged from the same fire. Brütal Legend will undoubtedly appeal to heavy metal fans, but the objective is to capture the imagination of everyone. What about Brütal Legend can all gamers relate to? Brütal Legend is an action game that’s a lot of fun for anyone who loves games. The gameplay is incredibly satisfying, and every moment is loaded with humor, beautiful art, crazy characters and crazy action. And even if you’re not a metal fan when you start playing, I predict you will be by the time you’re done!

BrÜtal Legend is available on October 13 for X360 and PS3.

Making the jump from the PSP to the Wii, Xseed’s Valhalla Knights: Eldar Saga aims to upend the RPG genre. Well, sort of. Play as a fighter, mage, priest, thief and bard in this combat-heavy, bring-a-friend-along sequel to Valhalla Knights 2. The best part isn’t besting baddies or having battle-ready offspring. It’s the online cooperative play. In Stores Now

NBA 2K10 X360, PS3, PSP, PS2, Wii, PC [2K Sports]

You’ve Bryant-ed and LeBron-ed everyone on the physical court. Now it’s time to take your b-ball skills to virtual courts. Lace up your Nikes and see if you got what it takes. NBA 2K10 sports smoother gameplay elements, better graphics, killer moves and an unprecedented online mode. Holler! In Stores October 6

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves PS3 [SCEA]

We all wanted to be Indiana Jones and date Lara Croft at one point in our lives. Welcome to the world of Nathan Drake, treasure hunter and adventure dude. Turns out Drake’s still up to his old antics, seeking the Cintamani Stone, a huge six billion dollar sapphire, from the days of Marco Polo. Naturally, he’s not alone in this pursuit. In Stores October 13

FIFA Soccer 10 X360, PS3, PSP, PS2, Wii, DS [EA] A new year, another FIFA. As expected, FIFA 10 marks huge improvements in terms of graphics, gameplay and online functionality. What are we most excited about? The new 360-degree player controls. No more geometric-shaped runs! Ronaldo in a Galácticos jersey and Ibrahimović donning Barça colors are both reasons to go a bit mental, we have to admit. In Stores October 20


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available october 20 AVAILABLE FOR





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ON SALE THIS MONTH Smile Empty Soul Consciousness



Threat Signal Vigilance

3 INCHES OF BLOOD Here Waits Thy Doom

Echoes of Eternity

Sonata ARCtica

Suicide Silence


As Shadows Burn

No Time To Bleed

The Days of Grays

Waking Into Nightmares

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new tunes in stores this month

Off the Mat

in stores oct 27

Are your arms wide open for Creed’s big comeback?

Creed Full Circle Wind-Up



c r i m o n i ous b re ak up s certainly make for more intriguing returns—the risk and redemption factors are always big curiosities, and that can only help a band (perceived to be) as nondescript as Creed. Scott Stapp’s post-split rampage is the stuff of legend—the hotel fistfight with 311 and drunken meltdown on Celebrity Poker Showdown being major highlights—and one can only assume it’s provided him plenty of subject matter for the Floridians’ fourth full-length. The other three dudes went on to form the moderately successful Alter Bridge in the interim, and although that band’s Myles Kennedy has a less turgid voice than Stapp, he simply hasn’t connected to the millions that will be amped for this reunion. The up-tempo “Overcome” is a big step in the right direction, letting guitarist Mark Tremonti wail and featuring a hungry Stapp more than keeping pace. Don’t be surprised if these guys make the most of their second chance.

20 + record store magazine + October 2009


it up



with purchase while supplies last!


Paramore Brand New Eyes

Porcupine Tree The Incident IN STORES




Mayday Parade Anywhere But Here

The Sunstreak Once Upon A Lie



Everclear In A Different Light

Fanfarlo Reservoir

On tour NOW

Noisettes Wild Young Hearts

The Airborne Toxic Event The Airborne Toxic Event


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new tunes in stores this month

Who’s Rad?

i stonres oct 27

Weezer let the good times roll on lucky number seven

Weezer Raditude Geffen



t l ea s t t he y di dn’t call it, like, The Off-White Album—or, god forbid, Weezer again. No, Rivers Cuomo and co. have managed to annoy Pinkerton junkies yet again with this “immature” title. Well, word to the wise: Matt Sharp isn’t walking through that door any time soon. Cuomo is a big fan of gleefully asinine, lovelorn power-pop; that’s what he’s had to offer since The Green Album, and that’s what he’s offering now. Hence, “(If You’re Wondering if I Want You To) I Want You To,” a jangly three and a half minutes of sugar rot that will wind up in commercials and movie trailers everywhere. If you’re wondering if Cuomo will ever write about being a 40-year-old again—as opposed to, say, a high school sophomore—there are plenty of artists who do “existential” much better. Sure, Weezer were great at detached and morose a decade ago, but they’re just as good as getting a room bouncing. Credit where it’s due!

22 + record store magazine + October 2009


Twilight: New Moon Official Soundtrack

tour de force



o s s i b l y t h e b e s t live-action metal band around and definitely the best twodimensional equivalent join forces to melt faces nationwide. Interestingly, Mastodon have been featuring animation backdrops for their Crack the Skye renditions, and Metalocalypse stars Dethklok (just about to issue their second full-length) use real, live human beings to administer their deth-licks. If this isn’t ridiculous and wonderful enough of a pairing, consider the inclusion of extreme heavyweight openers Converge and High on Fire.

Backstreet Boys This Is Us

C h o p S h o p /At l a n t i c


The last Twilight soundtrack was somewhat of a throwback, allowing emo-pop upstarts Paramore to craft a hit single quite literally inspired by the motion picture (“Decode”). Rumors have been rampant for the sequel, even suggesting Radiohead’s Thom Yorke as a contributor at one point, unlikely as that sounds. For what it’s worth, Kelly Clarkson gets Paramore’s plum first-single spot this time with the accusatory “Did You.” In Stores October 20

Although 2007 comeback album Unbreakable didn’t take, the Boys (men, too!) are back in town with the help of Lady GaGa production maestro RedOne. Thematically, the record showcases their ruminations on “fame at an early age” and the ebbs and flows that followed, which is at least more introspective than the last New Kids on the Block jam. “Straight Through My Heart” is vintage Backstreet, infectious and family-friendly. In Stores October 6

Built to Spill There Is No Enemy

Beaten Awake Thunder$troke





Portland, OR

Roseland Theater


Seattle, WA

WaMu Theater


Vancouver, BC



Calgary, AB

The Big Four Building


Edmonton, AB

Shaw Conference Centre

Wa r n e r

F a t P o ss u m


Magna, UT

The Great Saltair


Denver, CO

Fillmore Auditorium


Kansas City, MO

Uptown Theater


St. Louis, MO

The Pageant


W. Des Moines, IA

Val Air Ballroom


Saint Paul, MN



Chicago, IL

Aragon Ballroom


Milwaukee, WI

Eagles Ballroom


Columbus, OH

Lifestyle Communities Pavilion


Detroit, MI

The Fillmore Detroit


Toronto, ON

Sound Academy


Albany, NY

Washington Avenue Armory

Each of the Idaho indie champions’ last three full-lengths charted higher than their predecessors, a good omen on the eve of There Is No Enemy’s release. Founding member Doug Martsch is almost as enthusiastic about the new material as he is hoops, which explains why he dropped the album title in an interview about his favorite sport. Expect a tinge of reggae, but mostly “Built to Spill guitar songs.” In Stores October 6


Boston, MA

House of Blues

Don’t confuse these Kent, OH rabble-rousers for a brutal hardcore band based on that moniker. They’re actually tight with Akron icon Pat Carney of the Black Keys, who helped them record their freshman and sophomore efforts. The tempered indierock this quartet generates on Thunder$troke is awash with clever melodies and phraseology. Makes sense, considering they’ve put in time as Daniel Johnston’s backing band. In Stores October 13


New York, NY

Hammerstein Ballroom


Fairfax, VA

Patriot Center


October 2009 + record store magazine + 23



new tunes in stores this month

Kick Out the Jams, Monster Folkers!

Four indie superstars form a true collaborative unit to create Monsters of Folk by Brian Baker


ime and t i d e do funny things to memory. When Matt Ward thinks back to how Monsters of Folk— the new indie supergroup featuring Ward, Bright Eyes’ Conor Oberst and Mike Mogis, and My Morning Jacket’s Jim James—came to be christened, he recalls that the moniker blinked into consciousness as though “that name just came down out of the sky.” As poetic as Ward’s description sounds, the explanation probably lies a little closer to Mike Mogis’ recollection. “Our tour manager was like, ‘You guys are like the monsters of folk,’” says Mogis. “It was very organic.” The general consensus of how the group actually


24 + record store magazine + October 2009


got started seems to be consistent. Various touring combinations of MMJ, Bright Eyes and M. Ward (Matt Ward’s solo persona when he’s not with actress Zooey Deschanel in the duo She & Him) resulted in aftershow jams and eventual we-should-do-something-togethersometime discussions. “When people ask, ‘Who thought of the idea?,’ I honestly can’t remember and I don’t think anybody can,” muses Mogis. “It was that synonymous in our feelings and thinking. We all kind of felt that it already existed.” Unlike most post-jam reveries, Oberst, Mogis, James and Ward walked the walk, assembling a 2004 tour,

We started calling ourselves Monsters of Folk because it was easier than saying all of our names. m. ward

originally billed under the unwieldy banner of all four participants, but ultimately dubbed the Monsters of Folk. “We started calling ourselves Monsters of Folk because it was easier than saying all of our names,” laughs Ward. Eventually, the conversation turned toward taking the newly minted quartet into the studio to create a more permanent document of their collaboration. Once the massive scheduling issues were addressed, the foursome assembled in Mogis’ Omaha studio for what they had planned as preliminary work for the debut Monsters of Folk album. Each brought in demos of largely skeletal ideas, and everyone had input on everyone else’s material. “The idea was to let go of the reins of what you normally do in your bands,” says Mogis. “We brought in fairly fleshed-out seeds of ideas, but some of them were just chord progressions and a verse; then we changed the chord progression, added a chorus and wrote new lyrics as a group. But when we started the record, nobody had heard a speck of music. We didn’t know what we were going to do at all. We were just hoping to make demos of songs and come back and record them, but two days later, we had four songs recorded. We were so comfortable with what we were doing that we started making a record. Out of that first session, which was nine days of tracking, we ended up with nine almost completed songs, which blew my mind. We hoping to get a couple demos recorded. It surpassed all of our expectations.” “The point was to have the others finish them, and that’s what made this project really extraordinary for me,” says Ward. “It’s a group instead of a solo artist with accompaniment. Every song has four producers. Hopefully when people hear the record, they can hear that collaboration.” The foursome was equally committed to dividing labor in the studio; as a result, there are no outside musicians on the MOF album. While a song’s writer would often steer the track, the collaborative process was the true guiding factor. “That happened at the beginning of each song,” explains Ward. “That was the time when we chimed in with lyrical ideas and production ideas. It was a fairly quick record to make, but it was measured. In my opinion, a perfect combination of improvisation and composition structure.” Given the exploratory nature of the recording, MOF’s

studio experience generated a number of interesting scenarios. For Ward, one high point stands out among the rest. “Watching Jim, Conor and Mike behind the drum kit,” he enthuses. “You love to see your friends challenging themselves. We knew we weren’t going to hire session musicians to play instruments we don’t normally play.” Monsters of Folk are clearly comprised of four very unique creative identities, and as such, it seems natural that they would be somewhat vigilant to assure all four identities are represented in equal measure. Luckily, that issue didn’t need to be addressed. “There was never anything like that to work out,” insists Ward. “If you have lunch with three of your friends, it doesn’t become, ‘Is this person taking over the conversation?’ I think that’s the best metaphor for this.” They may be the Monsters of Folk, but the quartet has clearly colored well outside of genre lines on their debut album. There is a Marvin Gaye-meets-Moby ambient soul texture to “Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.),” which is followed by the Jeff Lynne-flavored “Say Please,” the Wilbury/Beatles-esque pop of “Whole Lotta Losin’” and the MMJ reverb shimmer of “Temazcal.” The Monsters don’t ignore the folk, though, from the George Harrison country romp “The Right Place” to the Wilco-ata-bluegrass-festival protest song “Man Named Truth” to the ambient gospel of “Goodway.” Considering the band’s nebulous approach to writing, the album is understandably diverse and unexpectedly cohesive. At this juncture, weighing everyone’s busy schedules— although they are making time for a tour to support the album’s release—it seems natural to wonder if there will be a second chapter to the Monsters of Folk story. “Absolutely,” says Ward. “We all had such a great time and, scheduling notwithstanding, it was such an easy process.” “All of us, across the board, are pleased with the record,” says Mogis. “And that’s made us talk about what we should do next. If we make another record, it’s just going to have to fall together just like this one. And more of the same would be fine with me, because it’s all so different.” monsters of folk is in stores now from Shangri-La


October 2009 + record store magazine + 25



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The Rooster Crows Again

Long after the death of Layne Staley, Alice in Chains move on in style  by Shane Mehling


h e r e ’ s n o d o u b t the critics are rubbing their hands together, waiting to offer their lofty opinions on the first Alice in Chains record in 14 years. But before they deliver a verdict, the harshest critics of Black Gives Way to Blue have already been satisfied. “If we had gone through this and didn’t feel it lived up to our standards, we would have shelved it, gone home and been fine,” drummer Sean Kinney asserts. “Of course, you hope everyone will be into it, but we’ve never been a band for everybody anyways.” But they have been a hit with millions across the world ever since “Man in the Box” helped usher in the Seattle sound almost 20 years ago. The band became one of the biggest in the world, until lead singer Layne Staley’s drug problems began to derail their plans and they officially broke up following his death in 2002. But the music lived on. “We made an amazing career choice of having two number one albums and never touring or doing any press,” Kinney sarcastically admits. “But people passed the music on. It was totally out of our control, and I think it’s great. It’s an honor that the music still resonates with some people.” After the tsunami tragedy in ’05 brought the remaining members back together for a benefit, there was still an undeniable creative spark. “We just got in a room and played some songs. Just jammed. And we decided


26 + record store magazine + October 2009


there was something there.” Enlisting the help of William Duvall, a gifted musician who worked with guitarist Jerry Cantrell for years, everything began falling in place. “We never put too much thought into it, and then all of a sudden we’re playing in front of 40,000 people,” Kinney laughs. “It felt good and genuine and was coming from the right place, but we didn’t have any intention of taking it to the next level.” But after touring for a couple years, they found themselves demoing new material in the studio for Black Gives Way to Blue, an album that will satisfy any skeptics with the same addictive dissonance and cryptic harmonies that made the band such a force last millennium. And a new chapter of Alice in Chains starts with the members feeling more positive than they have in years. “A lot’s happened,” Kinney says. “Tremendously great things and devastatingly horrible things. We’ve grown a lot, and this record reflects that. We lost our brother, and it was a huge undertaking. But we feel strongly about the album and believe in it, and we’re doing it for the same reasons we’ve always done it. To me, this is already a success.” Black Gives Way to Blue is in stores now from EMI.


Available October 13th



A Good Life

the joe grushecky story

Š2009 Virgil Films & Entertainment, LLC. All rights reserved. Not Rated 90 min.



OCTOBER 2009 + record store magazine + 27



new tunes in stores this month

Friends to the End?

Paramore try to hit reset on the evocative Brand New Eyes 


or all the good vibes that the young members of pop-punk phenoms Paramore dished out with their wildly successful multi-platinum album Riot! (2007), their downtime should have been spent sipping frappuccinos poolside in some swank hotel. The reality was more like Metallica’s therapy throwdown Some Kind of Monster—band members fought, seethed and threatened to walk away entirely. And then Gwen Stefani had to go and fan the flames even further. “We thought we had all this time off,” says bassist Jeremy Davis, “but No Doubt asked us to be on tour with them for the whole summer, so we were like, We can’t really turn that down.” When Paramore finally got into the studio in Nashville, friction was imminent. “We were super-stressed and we were bumping against each other,” says Davis with a harried sigh. To finish the writing and recording, the band then went to Los Angeles, where they moved in together and were forced to confront each other. “At the beginning of the record, I was in a weird mood, still kinda angry at some of these people for how they’ve treated me,” admits Davis. “But we were all sharing cars, and sharing the house, and after everything was on the table and we just talked about it, from then on everything was just building.” The process of hashing out their differences while maintaining a unified front is the driving force behind Brand New Eyes, Paramore’s most aggressive, gloriously cranky and insatiable album to date. “It was really us re-


28 + record store magazine + October 2009


by Jeanne Fury

learning each other,” says Davis. “A lot of our songs are about us, like, learning how to relate to other members of the band. Everyone’s growing up and they’re growing up differently.” It took time for Davis, singer Hayley Williams, guitarists Josh Farro and Taylor York, and drummer Zac Farro to work out their growing pains and realize they’re still the same group of friends that used to hang out at Grimey’s indie record store in Nashville. “Most of the songs are really Hayley [Williams, singer] explaining her frustrations to us, and that’s how we learned,” Davis reveals. You can feel Williams bristle with ire when she declares, “I’ll do it myself” and “I can fend for myself” with vitriol on her tongue. It’s indicative of Paramore maturing and not wanting to be shoved around or manipulated by either themselves or the record industry. Things are different and people have changed, but Paramore figured out how to grow together. On “Looking Up,” Williams cries, “God, this world doesn’t need another band,” almost uncomfortably aware of just how fortunate she and her friends are. She doesn’t even fight to stifle the reverence in her throat. Paramore know what they have in each other and in their music, whether they like it or not. Brand New eyes is available now from Fueled by Ramen.

OCTOBER 6 Acid Drinkers Acid Drinkers William Ackerman Aerosol Todd Agnew Air Akwaaba Aliens Ancestors Janina Angelbath Arch Enemy Vanessa Bell Armstrong Astharoth Asylum Street Spankers The Atlas Moth Brian Auger Axxis Baby Einstein Backstreet Boys Baka Beyond Ma Barker Lou Barlow Rayon Baugh Believe Bellini George Benson Bible of the Devil Greg Billings Band BK-One The Black Heart Pro. Black Uhuru Blank & Jones Karl Blau Blessthefall Bomb Boston Spaceships Boys Noize Anouar Brahem Tom Braxton Luke Bryan Joe Budden Buggirl Built to Spill Bullets and Octane Anthony Burger Califone Canon Brandi Carlile Rosanne Cash Exene Cervenka Vic Chesnutt Christian Death Christmas Island Terri Clark The Clark Sisters The Clientele Joe Cocker John Coltrane Paolo Conte Betty Davis Betty Davis Carlene Davis Dead Man’s Bones Dear Superstar Travis Dillard DJ Spooky Mike Doughty Down With Webster Downhere Dr. Hook Richard Durand Elliott Brood Tinsley Ellis Emelo

Amazing Atomic Activity Broken Head Imaginary Roads Airborne Need Love 2 Move It Chaleh Luna Of Sound Mind Gypsy Woman The Root of All Evil The Experience Gloomy Experiments God’s Favorite Band A Glorified Piece of Blue Sky Definitely What Utopia Animal Friends This Is us Beyond the Forest Ma Barker Goodnight Unknown The Journey This Bread is Mine The Precious Prize of Gravity Songs & Stories The Diabolic Process Do Overs Radio Do Cannibal Six Black Sounds of Freedom Blaq Poet: Everybody Killer Zebra Witness Speed Is Everything Zero to 99 Power The Astounding Eyes Endless Highway Doin’ My Thing Escape Route Blood, Sweat & Beers There Is No Enemy Laughing in the Face The Gift All My Friends Are Funeral Singers Metal Style Give Up the Ghost The List Somewhere Gone Skitter on Take-Off Ashes Blackout Summer The Long Way Home A Clark Family Christmas Bonfires on the Heath Live at Woodstock Side Steps Psiche Is It Love or Desire Nasty Girl True Worship Dead Man’s Bones Heartless Out of the Ashes The Secret Song Sad Man Happy Man Time to Win How Many Kings Pleasure & Pain/ Sometimes You Win Always the Sun Mountain Meadows Speak No Evil Looking on the Bright Side

Bill Engvall Epic45 Ergo Eternal Lies Ethernet Evangelista Everclear The Fall of Troy Fat Joe Fear Factory Fee Orenda Fink Freevil David Frizzell Gogol Bordello Gossip Grasstowne The Growlers Vince Guaraldi Gunfire 76 Harley’s War Calvin Harris Mark Harris Grant Hart Jay Haze Headlights

Aged and Confused In All the Empty Houses Multitude, Solitude Spiritual Deception 144 Pulsations of Light Prince of Truth In a Different Light In the Unlikely Event Jealous Ones Still Envy Hatefiles Hope Rising Ask the Night Freevil Burning Very Best Of Live From Axis Mundi Music for Men The Other Side of Towne Are You In or Out? Definitive Vince Guaraldi Casualties & Tragedies Hardcore All-Stars Ready for the Weekend Christmas Is Hot Wax Fabric 47 Wildlife

Mission of Burma MMO Morphine The Mountain Goats Maria Muldaur Erin Marie Murphy N’Dambi Meshell Ndegeocello Noah and the Whale Nothington Nick Oliveri Panda Paradise Lost Jemina Pearl Ted Poley Port O’Brien Powerman 5000 Ramming Speed Rascal Flatts Raunchy Raunchy

Boy With Asperger’s The Sound the Speed the Light Opomonopo At Your Service The Life of the World to Come Garden of Joy Streethearts Pink Elephant Devil’s Halo The First Days of Spring Roads Bridges & Ruins Death Acoustic Poetics Faith Divides Us Death Unites Us Break It Up Collateral Damage Threadbare Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere Brainwreck Greatest Hits Ltd. Ed. Confusion Bay Velvet Noise

« in stores October 6

The Fall of Troy

In the Unlikely Event

Seattle’s unpredictable, technically dazzling rock monsters team up with Deftones producer Terry Date for the follow-up to Manipulator.

Michael Hedges Hell Rell Hirax Hockey Holloways Horse the Band Norman Hutchins IG & Lil DP Immersed in Blood Immortal Inhale/Exhale Jon Irabagon The Irish Tenors Jamie T Keith Jarrett Heather Johnson Daniel Johnston Freedy Johnston Jim Jones & Webstar Michael Joseph Keel Toby Keith King Crimson K. Tubby & Dynamites Jess Klein Kupaoa Lake Blake Lewis Lights Jon Lord Lucero The Mag Seven Marshall Law Mayday Parade McQueen Eugene Mirman

Oracle Live From Hell El Rostro De La Muerte Mind Chaos No Smoke No Mirrors Desperate Living The Essential Open Container Killing Season All Shall Fall Bury Me Alive The Observer The Irish Tenors Christmas Kings & Queens Paris/London Happiness Is and Always Was Rain on the City The Rooftop I Need the Cross Right to Rock American Ride Red Sound System International Bound to Love Pili O Ke Ao Let’s Build a Roof Heartbreak on Vinyl The Listening Sarabande 1372 Overton Park Cotton Needle Sessions Razorhead Anywhere but Here Break the Silence God Is a Twelve-Year-Old


Redemption Relient K Emily Rodgers Secrets of the Moon Simple Minds Martin Simpson TV Smith Soulico Soundtrack Soundtrack Soundtrack Soundtrack Steel Panther Steep Canyon Rangers Steeplechase Sufjan Stevens Strike Anywhere Sugarland The Sunstreak Supercluster Art Tatum Terror Danjah

Snowfall on Judgment Day Forget and Not Slow Down Bright Day Privilegium Graffiti Soul True Stories In the Arms of My Enemy Exotic on the Speaker An Education Children of the Corn Four Christmases Ghosts of Girlfriends Past Feel the Steel Deep in the Shade Steeplechase Run Rabbit Run Iron Front Gold and Green Once Upon a Lie Waves Centennial Celebration Gremlinz (Instrumentals 2003-2009) A. Theory & D. Pinchbeck Emergence 2021 This Misery Garden Another Great Day on Earth Tiesto Kaleidoscope Toddla T Fabric Live 47 Tokio Hotel Humanoid Carol Tornquist Christmas Angels Sofia Tosello Alma Y Luna Toto Fahrenheit Turbo Awatar Turbo One Way Gary & Julie Tussey And Dance Manuel Valera Currents Various Artists Annual 2010

October 2009 + record store magazine + 29


music Various Artists Various Artists Ventana Vico C Kurt Vile Visceral Bleeding Warpaint Stan Whitmire Charles Wiles Rickey Wright The XX Jason Yates Young Hyeenaz

new tunes in stores this month

Def Jam 25th Anniversary Wow Hits 2010 American Survival Babilla Childish Prodigy Remnants Revived Exquisite Corpse A Piano Christmas Make It Through In His Time XX Jason Yates Hungry for a Mil

OCTOBER 13 15-60-75 Inward City 1997 Notes From Underground 8Ball On Da Grind: Vol. 1 A-1 Hustle Colossal Ben Allison Think Free And Then There Was You What Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger Annihilator Live at Masters of Rock APSCI Best Crisis Ever Ascended Temple of the Dark Offerings Azrael’s Bane Modern Day Babylon Baroness Blue Record Bear in Heaven Beast Rest Forth Mouth Beaten Awake Thunderstroke Adrian Belew Lone Rhino/Twang Bar King Big Boss Man Full English Beat Breakfast

Fanfarlo Reservoir Fauns Fauns Fazekas Sweet December Melanie Fiona The Bridge Michael Lee Firkins Collection Five for Fighting Slice The Flaming Lips Embryonic The Forgotten Rebels Pride & Disgrace Forro in the Dark Light the Candle Four Letter Lie A New Day Funky Jah Punkys Corporate Takeover Fury Plan B Futures End Memoirs of a Broken Man Gazpacho Tick Tock Joe Gideon & The Shark Harum Scarum Gijira Terra Incognita H. Golightly & Brokeoffs Devil Do Nat Gonella Hot Lips John Gorka So Dark You See C. Gregson & C. Collister Love Is a Strange Hotel Hacride Lazarus Tony Hadley State of Play… Plus Daryl Hall & John Oates Do What You Want, Be What You Are: The Music of Daryl Hall & John Oates Greg Hanna Greg Hanna Har-Mar Superstar Dark Touches The Heavy The House That Dirt Built House of Lords Cartesian Dreams Hudson Mohawke Butter Ignitor The Spider Queen The Impressions I’m Coming Home for Christmas

« in stores October 13


Blue Record

The extreme album of the year? These ambitious southerners fuse sludge, hard rock and prog sensibilities on their second full-length.

Bizz Prince of Jersey Blind Boys of Alabama Enlightenment Bone-ified Thug Smoke Out Bowling for Soup Sorry for Partyin’ Al Bowlly Ambassador of Song Clarence Bucaro New Orleans Bugz in the Attic Got the Bug 2 Burning Streets Is It in Black and White C Flame Dollars Over Everything John Campbelljohn Good to Go Carmen & The One Seven C17 Nick Cave Nick Cave’s Jukebox Chamillionaire & S. Thug My Slab Cirque Du Soleil Zed John Cowan Comfort and Joy Barry Cowsill & U.S. 1 Barry Cowsill & U.S. 1 Vanessa Da Mata Sim Dead by Sunrise Out of Ashes Del the Funky… Parallel Uni-verses Eumir Deodato Live From Rio Lorraine Desamarais Big Band The Destro Harmony of Discord DJ Khaled & E Class Present From the 305 Bob Dylan Christmas in the Heart Echo Screen Goodbye Old Life Edgend A New Identity Kevon Edmonds Who Knew Engineers Three Fact Fader Melissa Etheridge A New Thought for Christmas


It’s Casual Jah Shaka

New Los Angeles Presents the Positive Message Bert Jansch Essential Jaxter The W-Town Psychopath Brandon Jenkins Brothers of the Dirt Jern Eye Vision Tom Jobim Jobim Sings Moraes Jodis Secret House Jim Jones Got Jim Cary Judd Goodnight Human Kansas There’s No Place Like Home Katsen It Hertz James Keelaghan House of Cards R. Kelly Untitled Jon Kennedy 14 Stan Kenton Kenton Rarities Landspeedrecord Unfailurelessness Le Vent Du Nord La Part Du Feu S. Lee & Clutchy Hopkins Fascinating Fingers Legions of Astaroth Rites of Somatic Death Lightning Bolt Earthly Delights Lil Keke Small Things 2 a Giant Little Girls Concepts Living Hell Oblivion Los Lonely Boys 1969 Lye by Mistake Fea Jur Lynch Mob Smoke & Mirrors

30 + record store magazine + October 2009


Mannheim Steamroller Marduk Mario Nellie McKay Erin McKeown James McMurtry Mean Creek Conrad Miller Modeselektor Mr. Criminal Presents Willie Murphy

Christmas 25th Wormwood D.N.A. Normal as Blueberry Hundreds of Lions Live in Europe The Sky My Journey Body Language Vol. 8 Hood Affiliated Part 2 A Shot of Love in a Time of Need MV EE Barn Nova My Robot Friend Soft-Core Niagara & The Hitmen St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Nihill Grond Nump Student Ov Da Game Daniel O’Donnell Peace in the Valley Oi Va Voi Traveling the Face of the Globe People Under the Stairs Carried Away Grant-Lee Philips Little Moon Porcupine Tree Metanoia Procol Harum All This & More The Psyke Project Dead Storm Bernard Purdie Soul Drums The Rally Boys Rally World Hossam Ramzy Ruby The Razorbacks Go to Town Rise Pentagramnation Chita Rivera And Now I Swing A Rocket to the Moon On Your Side Sene & Blu Day Late & A Dollar Short Set in Sand Midsummer at the Winters Brian Setzer Orchestra Songs From Lonely Avenue Shakira She Wolf Sherwood Qu Shortyo King of the Kounty Harper Simon Harper Simon Skeletonwitch Breathing the Fire Skyfire Esoteric Slade Live at the BBC Smile From the Trenches Leave the Gambling for Vegas Snowy White Blues Project In Our Time of Living Sole & the Skyrider Band Plastique Somi If the Rains Come First Soundtrack 90210 Soundtrack Bright Star Soundtrack West End Musicals Jeri Southern Romance in the Dark Chris Spedding Enemy Within Steel Nation Forever Wounded S. Hopeless & Sea Legs Gone Bats Stix Late for Sound Check Stevie Stone The New Kid Comin’ Stroudavarious Sound of the Season The Summer Set Love Like This Nick Swardson Seriously, Who Farted? T.I. & Young Jeezy Down South Slangin’ 59 Taake Nattestid Ser Porten Vid Richard Tauber You Are My Heart’s Delight The Temper Trap Conditions Ron Thal The Adventures of Bumblefoot Thao With the Get Down… Know Better Learn Faster Thomas Function In the Valley of Sickness Those Who Lie Beneath An Awakening Time for Three 3 Fervent Travelers T-Rock It’s Official The Ugly Disorder Units History of the Units Rick Wakeman The Six Wives Of Lonnie Walker These Times old Times Imaad Wasif The Voidist The Wolfmen Married to the Eiffel Tower Wolfmother Cosmic Egg Young Jeezy Jeezy vs. Gucci Mane Zeep People & Things



STING’s having a birthday this month, and we’re pretty sure he’d want you to have his music as a party favor. The music of the birthday boy on sale for or less this month*



















Dimple Record's In-Store Magazine, October 2009  

In-store magazine for Sacramento independent retailer Dimple Records, featuring The Beatles, Anvil, plus DVDs, video games and more.

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