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DETAIL: Ray Roberts Crystal Cove 2016

Vanessa Rothe Fine Art


New Collection for Summer 2016 Opens JULY 2nd and runs thru September 5th, 2016 To purchase direct from this digital catalog (949) 280-1555 Vanessa Rothe Fine Art 418 Ocean Ave Laguna Beach CA

Vanessa Rothe Fine Art

“ SUMMER COLLECTION 2016” Paintings from around the world unite in the SUMMER COLLECTION 2016 at Vanessa Rothe Fine Art in Laguna Beach, California. In this delightful exhibition we feature new works by Peggi Kroll-Roberts in gouache and oils, a fine large scale work by revered artist Ray Roberts that has recently appeared in the Autry Museum, and a few highly collectable Historical Soviet Impressionist works. We also bring you new work from well known artists in Russia and Ukraine as well as, of course, an exciting collection of NEW oils and gouache work from top American artists from across the nation. This summers exhibit also includes a few talented guest artist friends and exciting emerging artists from Russia and Ukraine. We invite you to join us Saturday JULY 2nd in Laguna Beach with Peggi Kroll-Roberts and many of the artists in attendance from 5-8pm. Please enjoy this wonderful collection here online in our handsome digital catalog and invite you to contact us at 949-280-1555 if you would like to add one of these fine works to your walls and collection. Merci, we all thank you for supporting the arts. Vanessa Françoise Rothe - Owner, Artist, Editor, Author, Lecturer

Summer Collection 2016

American Artists

Tom Balderas

“Figure at the Beach” 12x12” Oil

“Fun at the Beach” 14x16” Watercolor and Gouache

“Umbrella and Figure Study” 12x9” Oil

Amery Bohling

“Sonoma Chateau” 9x12” Oil

“China Cove” 9x12” Oil

Eric Bowman

“Last Light 8x10”” Oil

“Autumn Light” 12x16” OIl

“ Dusk” 8x10”

John Burton

“Coastal Spindift” 6x8” Gouache

“California Coastline” 7x12” Oil

Mark Fehlman

“Tejon Ranch Road” 16x20” Oil

“Laguna Light” 20x24” Oil

Debra Joy Groesser

“Heisler Light” 6x6” Oil

“Convergence” 12x16” Oil

“Laguna Beach 9x12” Oil

Mike Hernandez

“China Cove, Carmel” 6x6” Gouache

“Garapatta Beach, Carmel” 5x9” Gouache

“Tide Pools at Heisler Park, Laguna Beach. 5x9” Gouache

Debra Huse

“Laguna Evening” 11x14”

“Laguna Moonlight” 11x14” SOLD

Peggi Kroll Roberts

“A Couples Holiday” 6.5x9” Oil

“Girls on the Lawn” 7x10” Gouache

‘Two Girls” 10x7” Gouche

Alan Lawson

“Swiss Alpen Meadow” 9x13” Oil

“Misty Mountains” 9x13” Oil

Craig Pursley

“ Up the Draw” 7x14” Oil

“Laguna Canyon” 11x14” Oil

Jesse Powell

“Shark Harbor, Catalina” 10x12” Oil

“Rocky Point Glare” 10x12” Oil

Rodolfo Rivadelmar

“California Coastline, Looking North” 14x18” Oil

“Laguna, Looking South” 14x18” OIl

Ray Roberts

“Laguna Glow” 18x24” Oil

“Crystal Cove” 30x40” Oil Framed in Fine Gold

“Rolling In” 12x16” Oil

Vanessa Rothe

“Laguna Coastline” 12x16” Oil SOLD

“Coastline, Montage Looking North “ 12x16” Oil

“Vicotira Legends” 16x20” Oil SOLD

Jeff Sewell

“Laguna Glow” 8x10” Oil

“Coming Around” 11x14” Oil

Aaron Westerberg

“Repose” 24x15” Oil SOLD

“The Black Kimono” 30x18” Oil “Harmony in Rose and Purple” 24x17” Oil

Summer Collection 2016

Russian & Ukrainian Artist’s

“Our Beach in Summer” 12x19” Oil - By Kornichuk

Grigory Ananiev

“At Waters Edge” 16x20” Oil SOLD

“Haystacks in Summer” 11x14” Oil

Vadim Kornichuk

“Autumn Harvest” 10x11” Oil

“Garden Entrance” 8x12” Oil

Sergey Kovalenko

“Tea with Mums” 22x26” Oil

“Colors of Venice” 10x16” Oil

Olga Krimon

“White Arrangement” 11x14” Oil

“After” 9x12” Oil SOLD

“Profile” 14x11” Oil

Dimitri Motov

“Dry Docked on the Grass” 8x14” Oil

“Village Color” 12x15” Oil

Dimitri Motov “Late Summer” 6x16” Oil

Vladimir Pentukh

“ Old Summer Houses” 10x15” Oil

Valery Schmatko

“Summer House, Russia” 12x20”

“Summer Boats” 22x28” Oil SOLD

Valery Schmatko 11x17” Oil

Irina Kristova

“Big Sky Over the Village 8x10” Oil

Artem Rogovoi

“In the old Village” 14x12” Oil

“Haystack with Clouds” 14x12” Oil

Vadim Suvorov

“Blue” 14x13” Oil

“The Red Dress” 30x25” Oil

Summer Collection 2016

Guest and Emerging Artist’s

Krystal Allen

“Clouds Over Mt. Saint Helena” 6x9” Watercolor

“Serenity” 14x16” Watercolor

Aaron Johnson

“Clouds over the Palouse” 12x12” Oil

“Cloudscape in Spring” 8x14” Oil

Konstantin Lizogub

“Artist en Plein Air” 13x17” OIl

Alex Lukeshuk

“On the Volga River” 12x17” Oil

We are proud to introduce the following three young students of our famed artist Sergey Kovalenko from the Kharkov Art School in Ukraine. Sergey Kondratyuk, Stanislav Ilyachenko, and Ksenia Ludvinenko

Sergey Kondratyuk

“Kids Lighting Summer Lanterns” 13x19” Oil

Stanislav Ilyachenko

“Cloudscape with Haystacks” 12x16” Oil

Ksenia Ludvinenko

“Summer Still Life” 18x24” Oil

Leon Okun

“Tug Boats in the Bay 10x12” Oil

Sergey Rozhnov

“Cypress Grove and Chapel” 16x20” Oil

Summer Collection 2016

Historical Artist’s

Alexi Borodin

“Plein Air Painter” 12x20” Oil C. 1955

Eric Rebane

“On the Black Sea” 4x9” Oil C.1950

Boris Gladchenko

“Lakeside” 12x19” Oil C.1956

“Late Spring Early Summer” 11x19” Oil C.1958

Boris Lavrenko

“Ballet Class” 16x12” Oil C. 1949

Oleg Lomakin

“Summer House” 28x24” C.1958 Oil

Alexander Petrov

“Yachet Club” 16x12” Oil C.1950

Yuri Podlanski

“Village Road” 8x11” Oil C. 1950

“Serene Landscape” 9x15” Oil C. 1955


“Soviet Girl in Pink” 7.5x13.5” Oil C. 1950

Unknown Artist, Ukrainian

Unknown Artist, Ukraine. C. 1970. GOUACHE. NEW Work Purchased by Rothe for the Collection. Available

Unknown Artist, Ukrainian

Unkown Artist, Ukrainian C. 1960-70. Palette Knife Oil. Work Purchased by Rothe for the Collection. Available.

“SUMMER COLLECTION 2016” Laguna Beach

Ray Roberts

Vanessa Rothe Fine Art 418 Ocean ave Laguna Beach CA, 92651 (949) 280 1555