VRFA Gallery's 3rd Annual Fine Art and Fashion Exhibition

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“FINE ART and FASHION” Presented by

David Gray

Vanessa Rothe Fine Art

Fall Collection 2020

Matt Talbert

Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Presents

Derek Penix

3rd Annual FINE ART and FASHION

During this unprecedented time in the world, we aim to unite the world thru ART. Since 2012 VRFA has been presenting international exhibitions with this aim, and at this time its more important than ever to take a global look at the world, and work together. . With over 60 curated fine art works combining Realism and Impressionism, by 35 award winning artists from around the globe, this exhibition celebrates and is inspired by fashion adn all its elements. More detailed information about the exhibition on the next page. Our digital and live fine art exhibition, provides a rare opportunity to view and purchase contemporary International fine art work for your collection directly through this catalog from anywhere in the world. In addition, a selection of the works will be on view live at the gallery at 418 Ocean Avenue Laguna Beach California for the month of November 2020. To inquire about the work and its availability, please contact curator and gallery owner Vanessa Franรงoise Rothe (949) 280-1555 or Email us from our contact page on


About the Exhibition Opening October 24th, 2020 - NOVEMBER 30th, 2020 Online and select works live at VRFA Gallery 418 Ocean Ave Laguna Beach, California 30 leading artists paint on the theme of FINE ART + FASHION. Cant make it to the runway for the Fall 2020 Collections? You can experience a bit of the runway virtually with the online 3rd Annual Fine Art and Fashion exhibition at Vanessa Rothe Fine Art and live with select works live at the gallery in California at 418 Ocean avenue in Laguna Beach from October 24th thru Novemeber 30th 2020. Works of Paris and the Eiffel tower by night, colorful kimono robes, Ballet tutu’s, French Scarves, Vintage fashion photos created into new fine art works, Little black dresses, Polka Dots, NYC, Paris, Moscow cityscapes and more. The paintings often focus on the rendering of the fabric, achieveing sheer or transparent feel, textural fur and soft feathers. Includes artists such as Pavel Sokov, Cornelia Hernes, CW Mundy, Derek Penix, Matt Talbert, Casey Childs, Adrian Gottlieb, Kate Sammons, Michelle Dunaway, Karen Offut, Torston Wolber, David Gray, Suchitra Bhosle, Aaron Westerberg, Nicolas Martin, Olga Krimon, Vanessa Rothe, Megan Euell, Sergey Kovalenko, Jesse Powell, Ingrid Christensen, Deborah Newman, Jim Wodark, Ray Roberts, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Sam Robinson, Torsten Wolber, Stephanie Thomson, Craig Pursley, William Newkomm and more. The first annual FAF exhibition by VRFA Gallery was in Laguna Beach, California in 2003 at Tops-Satisfashion Boutique on PCH in a clothing store owned by the curators father Detlev Rothe, clothier to the stars who made clothes for the Rolling Stones and many Hollywood stars such as Chevy Chase, Kenny Loggins, Barbar Streisand Lisa Bonnet and more. The 2nd annual exhibition and sale took place in NYC in 2018 at the famed Salmagundi Club on 5th avenue with local NYC desingers involved and lectures and discussions presemted. This years Fall 2020 Collection will be shown at 418 Ocean Ave Laguna Beach California, as well as online in our stylish digital shopping catalog. Along with the 50 oil paintings being created by many of the worlds top artists, the show will have a few one of a kind and limited edition fashion created by the curators father on view. His now legendary one of a kind clothing will not be for sale. The entire fall 2020 VRFA gallery Fashion themed show is dedicated to the curators father DETLEV ROTHE who has recently passed away and has been a major influence on the gallery and her creative life. Educational presentations on the history of fine art and fashion will be available ONLINE, and will discuss how fine art and fashion overlap thru the centuries and influence one another. Videos will also be available soon and presented in our “curatorial commentary”© on the Video page and will discuss selected works from the show. Visit www.vanessarothefineart.com video page, and events page for information, educational lectures, and Rothe’s famed curator commentary videos starting November 1st, 2020.

Ingrid Christensen “This is always such an exciting theme for our artists to paint. In this show, it is very interesting to see the works being created and how the theme lead them to feel they could be a little looser with the applicaiton of paint or edges, while others took the opportunity to show their skills in tightly rendering. In many works, Its about the texture or the movement of the clothing and therefore the brushwork could follow that movement and could be painted looser in some places. Other artists did just the opposite and delighted particularly in the fine rendering of fabrics and folds. Clothing fabric patterns are exciting to try and re create for artists and it takes skill. In art school there is often an entire class on drapery and painting clothing on the figure… why not have an exhibition that then focuses on that I thought… ” notes curator Vanessa Rothe

To inquire about or purchase a work, please contact Vanessa Françoise Rothe at (949) 280-1555 Commissions also available


Pavel Sokov

“Conquer” 24 x 18” Oil on linen on panel $8,000


Casey Childs

“Waiting to Waltz” Victorian Lace 18x14” $1,900 Oil SOLD

Suchitra Bhosle

“A Tranquil Repose” 17 x 12 “ Oil $4,500 SOLD

CW Mundy

“A Young Ballerina” 30x24“ Oil $18,500

Adrian Gottlieb

“Eddie ” 10x8” Oil $1,900 SOLD

CW Mundy

“Red Hat 12 x 9” Oil $4,000

Jesse Powell

“Eiffel Tower by Night” 18 x 14” $3,600 SOLD

Derek Penix

“ New York, New York!” 24x30” Oil $8,500

Casey Childs

“Nocturne on the Resevoir” 48x24” Oil $18,000

Aaron Westerberg

“In Her Kimono 24x18” Oil $5,000

Vanessa Rothe

“Eddie ” 10x8” Oil

“Vintage Snow Leopard Coat” 30x18” Oil $2,000


Suchitra Bhosle

“Kozak Hat” 18x14” Oil $ 4,600


Grachev- Historical Russian Impressionism

Russian Hat 16x12� $2,400

Suchitra Bhosle

“Tamborine” 12x9” Oil $2,500

Adrian Gottlieb

“La Veste En Fourrure” 22x18” Oil $22,000

Kate Sammons

“The Black Coat” 31x23” Oil $12,000

Suchitra Bhosle

“Diaphanous Response” 14x18” Oil $4,500

Michelle Dunaway

“Luminous” 19 x 12 Oil $6,500

Karen Wilharm

“Blue” 16x12’’ Oil $1,200

Torsten Wobler

“Lady in Black with Fur” 8x12’ Oil $1,250

Sam Robinson

“The Antique Habit” 8 x 6” Gouache $350

Sam Robinson

“ A Toast to the Day” 24x30 Oil $4,000

Ingrid Christiansen

“Cherry Blossom Robe” 16x12” Oil $1,500

Eric Bowman

“Satin Doll” 12x9” Oil $1,200



Nicolas Martin

“Audrey Hepburn 10x10” Oil $1,100

David Grey

“Dance in Blue” 24x20” Oil $4,900

Olga Krimon

“Polka Dots” 12 x 9 $1,600

Matt Talbbert

“Come Fly With Me” 26x20 Oil $3,400

Ingrid Christensen

“Figure and Air” 16x12” Oil $1,500

Historial C.1932 French Artist M.A

“Paris, the Seine” (Barges on the River and Isle de la Cité) C. 1932 15x21” Oil $1,100


Richie Carter

“Paris Garden” 9 x 12” $1,100

Richie Carter

“Paris 2 Statue” 6 x 8” Oil $450

“Paris Louvre Garden” 6 x 12” $975

Nicolas Martin

“Josephine Baker” 8x8” Oil $850

Sam Robinson

“The Blunt” 16 x 12”$1,600


Cornelia Hernes

“Karen in Green” 11x14” Oil $2,400

Cornelia Hernes

“Varvara” 12x12” Oil $2,500

Trent Gudmundsen

“Red Beret”12 x 16” Oil $2,150

Trent Gudmundsen

“Blue Blazer” 20 x 16” Oil $3,200

Ingrid Christensen

“Respose” 30x40 Oil $4,500

Ingrid Christensen

“Nape” 16x20 Oil $1,900

Dennis Perrin

“Under the Maples�24x18 Oil $4,700

Shana Levninson

“Secrets” 10x7” Oil on Aluminum Panel $ 2,200

Ingrid Christensen

“Kimono” 24x18” Oil $2,200

Karen Wilharn

“Wash Over Me” 16x24” Oil $2,650

Unkown Artist- Resale

“Paris Reflections” 16x20” Oil $1,200

Derek Penix

“NYC Cityscape - Looking East” 20 x 20” Oil $4,800

Nicolas Martin

“Woman in the 20’s” 8x8” Oil $850

Nicolas Martin

“The Hat 8x8” Oil $850

Richie Carter

“Paris” 16x12” Oil $1,600 SOLD

Nicolas Martin

“Gerogia O’Keefe” 8x8” Oil $850

Olga Kuzmina

“Moscow Towers” 17 x 13” Oil $1,250

Historical Paris, Unknown Artist - Cotta

“Historical Paris on the Seine” 11x18” Oil $1,000

Michelle Dunaway

“The English Girl” 20 x 16” Oil $2,500

Jesse Powell

“Paris by Night” 5x5x12” Oil $1,100 SOLD

“Paris, Cerulean Sky” 12x20” Oil $3,200 SOLD

Pavel Sokov

“Indigo” 14 x 11” Oil $3,500

Stephanie Thomson

“Ingrid Going Out” 15x 22” Oil $1,400

Karen Offout

“Portrait of Arielle” 14 x 11” Oil $2,400

Vadim Suvorov

“ The Winter Coat” 16x12” Oil $1,600

William Newkomm

“The Ribbon” 8x6” Oil $575

Sergey Kovalenko

“Striped Sweater” 36 x 24” Oil $4,400

Peggi Kroll-Roberts

“Beauty and Power” 9 x 12” Gouache $500

Peggi Kroll-Roberts

“Dolce & Gabana” 14x11” Acrylic $650

Peggi Kroll Roberts

“Cocktail Dresses” 12x9” Acrylic $650

Peggi Kroll-Roberts

“Flowers and a Plant” 12x9” Acrylic $650

Julie Snyder

“Girl in the Green Shawl” 14 x 11” Oil $1,100

Ray Roberts

“White Dress in the Garden” 16 x12” Oil $2,500

Jim Wodark

“Splash of Red” 16 x 12” Oil $1,600

Jim Wodark

“Polka Dot Hop” 16 x 12” Oil $1,600

Deborah Newman

“Little Black Dress” 9x12” Oil $875 SOLD

Megan Euelle

“Francis iin the Atelier” 40x32 Oil $15,000

Melanie Cooper

“Reflection” 11 x 14” Oil $575

Matt Talbert

“Sleep Tight” 18x14” Oil $2,200

Craig Pursley

“The Blue Jacket” 18 x 14” Oil $2,500

Craig Pursley

“Georgia” 18 x 14” Oil $2,500

Peggi Kroll -Roberts

“Garden Colors” 8x6 $395

Olga Krimmon

“Figure in White and Red” 25x33” Oil $7,500

The Curators Father Detlev Rothe 9x12” Oil by Nicoals Martin


Cutator Vanessa Rothe grew up in the artists colony of Laguna Beach, California, the daughter to a well known clothing designer to the stars DETLEV ROTHE. Originally from Germany he had married a stylish French woman Jacqueline Ricaud a fashion model and translator. Her father played a major role in Vanessa’s creative life and always encouraged her love of fine art and painting. Vanessa would come home to find Ron Wood from the Rolling stones or Kenny Loggins playing guitar with her father and deciding on fabrics for their concert clothes while in the living room. She was soon painting on silk and making custom jackets surrounded by fine art, fashoin, books and music. Rothe’s father was a major influence on her sense of style and design and in general on her creative life. From Sewing on coconut shell buttons on vintage Hawaiian shirts in her fathers sewing workshop, to measuring out a cut velvet dress pattern, to hand painting with her dad on silk, she was immersed in fine art and fashion from the start. From numerous travels with her father to Europe she learned about color theory, history of fine art, fabrics and textiles. Detlev, always dressed to the 9’s, would take his family to art exhibitions and fashion shows, explaining the history of indigo or the importance of purple violet as a dye for the royals in history. Coming over from Germany in 1961 Detlev first spent time with Andy Warhol and the like in New York City and soon moved to Los Angeles. Digging thru the old rag mills there he started making his own clothes from old Levi’s denim and soon painted on silk to create one of a kind fine fashions for the Hollywood scene. He had store fronts in Laguna Beach for over 45 years and made clothes for Barbara Streisand, Chevy Chase and more. In 1988 he hosted an MTV party at his home with a local band in the battle of East vrs West Coast with Mark Goodman broadcasting out of the back yard overlooking the sea. Traveling recently to Europe they went together with friends to the Marché au Puces in Paris, and there her father bought a hand made large solid silver skull ring. He said “ OK, now I have a ring that is better than Keiths!” He of course was talking about friend Keith Richards and to see the smile and his face light up at that moment, with a little humor, is now one of Vanessa’s fondest memories. “From escaping from East Germany, to the high life in New York, to settling down in a coastal artists town to raise his seven children, Detlev never ceased to amaze everyone with his unbelievable stories of his “artful life”. He was a true legend. This exhibition is dedicated to my Father DETLEV ROTHE and aims to continue his legacy of living the fine art of life. Legends never die. Thank you for supporting the arts.” - Vanessa Françoise Rothe

Michael Douglas in handpainted Silk tropical Shirt by Detlev Rothe

Chevy Chase, wearing a handpainted silk Bamboo Shirt by Detlev Rothe in the last scene of the movie “Fletch�

Oliver Rothe, the youngest sibling shown here modeling his fathers vintage textile inlaid jean jacket. Oliver will someday no doubt be designing his own fashion line.

Detlev’s famous Navajo and Chimayo recycled textile with new jean jacket collection

Carrying on the Tradition

Inspired by her father’s designs and a lifetime of admiring his style Vanessa has created her own line of ‘vintage-restyled’ as well as one of a kind or limited edition fine clothing.

Visit www.vanessarothedesign.com

to view and shop her ever changing collection.

Craig Pursley

Vanessa Rothe Fine Art 418 Ocean Avenue, Laguna Beach, California 92651 (949) 280-1555

www.vanessarothefineart.com Š Vanessa Rothe Designs 2020

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