Realism Without Borders Art Exhibition NEW YORK 2017

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Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Presents

Vadim Suvorov


December 5th-10th, 2017 At The Salmagundi Club in New York City

C.W Mundy 12x9” Oil “Emily” SOLD


Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Presents

Nicolas Martin


This exciting International fine art exhibition and sale crosses borders and blurs boundaries with over eighty fine art works combining Realism and Impressionism, both historical and contemporary, from over forty artists across the globe. This bi-coastal exhibition and sale arrives just in time for the Holidays and provides a rare opportunity to view and purchase contemporary and historical International works for your collection directly through this catalog, or in person coast to coast. Give the gift of fine art... the gift that lasts a lifetime. On the East Coast: December 5th -10th, 2017 In the Salmagundi Club’s elegant parlor at 47 Fifth Avenue, New York City With a public reception event on Friday December 8th, 2017 from 5:00-8:00pm Lectures Demos Saturday December 9th from 1:00-5:00pm On the West Coast: December 15th, 2017 – January 15th, 2018 At Vanessa Rothe Fine Art 418 Ocean Ave, in Laguna Beach CA 92651 With opening day reception on Friday Dec 15th 10:00am to 7:00pm To inquire about the work, its provenance, and availability, please contact Vanessa Françoise Rothe at (949) 280-1555


About the Exhibition

What started out as a group of artists and art historians who shared a strong common vision for art, has now become a successful International traveling exhibition of museum quality fine art works; Realism Without Borders. Exhibiting side by side, Soviet and historical works with contemporary art by Russian, Ukrainian, American, French, Swedish, Italian and English, “Realism Without Borders” aims to connect two centuries and two continents via the commitment to realist painting traditions. From Lomakin to Gladchenko, Suvorov to Kovalenko, Dunaway to Westerberg, this exhibition will unite historical works with contemporary International artists who have studies the same rooted fine art techniques and are working in similar styles today. This unique exhibition will allow collectors a rare chance to view and compare works from America, Europe and Russia and to purchase them for their own fine art collection. Works will range from small affordable gems that make excellent gifts, to large scale Museum quality works of fine art. Curated by Vanessa Françoise Rothe and with imported works by the help of Art Historican Akhmed Salakhly, RWB operates out of Vanessa Rothe Fine Art Gallery year round in Laguna Beach. RWB is flourishing with many successful national exhibitions and over 35 invited core contemporary artist members. This diverse and talented group of painters from around the globe have had impressive traditional training from such schools as the renowned St. Petersberg Academy of Arts, (Repin Institute), Penza Art Institue, The Kharkov Art Institute, The Florence Academy of Art, Laguna College of Art and Design, University of Laval, The Academy of Art in San Francisco just to name a few. The artists have shown in top exhibitions worldwide from St. Petersberg, to Paris, to Los Angeles, and have impressive exhibition resumés as well as strong bodies of work. The collection ranges from classical academy works to painterly Impressionist pieces where many works boasts a combination of the two in the same canvas. The group of classically trained representational artists believes in the successful combination of objective traditional realism combined with expressive and personal subjects, and the work often boasts a board range of tight to painterly styles and strokes. The new works being created follow the strong realist techniques of Russia’s Levitan landscapes, as well as others that mimic the loose and layered visual brushwork of California Impressionist Edgar Payne. Artists from all over the globe can now share their images of work thru social media and are influencing one another accross borders. This exhibition celebrates those blurring of boundries of borders, in both the literal sense and within the works. “ We share an admiration of both ‘Realist’ and ‘Impressionist’ art, and many of our artists in fact combine these styles in order to make strong appealing works of art.” says Rothe. “The viewers will see similar works and styles being created from opposite ends of the globe, finding unity in the works, and likeness in the art that is being created. “ The collection of about 100 works at any given time, is always changing as works are being sold and new works created. Realism Without Borders also believes firmly that art is for the people. Their aim is to have a traveling exhibition in order to touch a wide and diverse audience and bring the work to the eyes of collectors and students alike. RWB realized that they did not want to reduce themselves to just one geographical area or gallery.“Since we wanted to reach a vast array of people, RWB is really a travelling exhibition that is able to exhibit at galleries, fine art clubs, art schools, and museums worldwide.”


This December 5th thru 10th 2017, RWB comes to New York to the famed Salamagundi Club and joins in the Club in it’s celebration of their 100 year Anniversary in their location at 47 Fifth Avenue. RWB brings historical and contemporary work from around the world, converging in the heart of New York City. The exhibition and events will be held in the elegant parlor of the club. This years exhibition features new work by RWB’s newest artist member Nicolas Martin from France. Participating artists include: Nick Alm, Andrei Alkhin, Grigory Ananiev, Andrei Avilov, Mia Bergeron, John Burton, Michelle Dunaway, Stanislav Ilyachenko, Irina Kalutznaya, Alexi Kamenev, Michael Klein, Sergey Kondratyuk, Vadim Kornichuck, Sergey Kovalanko, Alexander Kremer, Olga Krimon, Peggi Kroll-Roberts, Joshua La Rock, Jeremy Mann, Nicolas Martin, Dimitri Motov, C.W Mundy, Vladimir Pentukh, Robert Pilsbury, Hope Railey, Renat Razmananov, Ray Roberts, Vanessa Françoise Rothe, Valery Schmatko, Vadim Suvorov, Daniil Volkov and Aaron Westerberg. Historical artists include: Oleg Lomakin, Eric Borodin, Boris Gladchenko, Boris Gratchev, Edgar Payne, Yuri Podlaski, Erik Rebane, Vladimir Telegin and Irina Vorobyeva. The exhibition will also include a fine collection of rare small gems for sale from the Thomas Marano Collection available for resale with works by: Juliette Aristides, Casey Baugh, Daniel Graves, Jeremy Lipking, Jeremy Mann, Edward Minoff, Julio Reyes, Aaron Westerberg, and Vincent Xeus. ___________________________ Friday, December 8th, 2017: Public Reception in the parlor at the Salmagundi Club, join us for the evening celebration from 5:00pm to 8:00pm (concurrently with other exhibitions on view at the club) Saturday, December 9th, 2017: Afternoon Events from 1:00-4:30 1:00pm-2:00pm - Curator/Artist Vanessa Françoise Rothe will present a beautiful 45 minute slideshow Art History lecture in the parlor of the Salmagundi Club. The lecture will discuss French, Russian and American Art History with focus on the roots of Impressionism and will relate its direct influences on the works and the painters in the current exhibtion. 2:30-4:30 An exciting live portrait demonstartion by award winning artist Michelle Dunaway will take place following the lecture also in the parlor. Michelle will lightly discuss her influences and her approach combining skilled Realism with the cleverly added Impressionist strokes in her works. All events are free and open to the public.

To purchase a work or inquire about provenance and availability, please contact Vanessa Françoise Rothe at (949) 280-1555


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Historical Artwork



Contemporary Artwork



Selection of Work on Resale From The Thomas Marano Collection

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Historical Artwork


Alexi Borodin

“Interesting Figure Study” C.1950’s 15x22” Oil $2,400 Alexi Borodin was born in 1915 to a family of peasants. During the Russian Civil War he was orphaned as a child and was placed in the care of the military regiment on education, and orphange for boys and trained to become a soldier. After this Borodin attended Saratov Art and Industry high school from which he gradutted in 1936 with a diploma in painting and drawing and taught fine art. Also for a short time, he was a student of Igor Grabar, one of the most celebrated Russian Impressionists in history. Borodin was wounded later while serving in an armored division of the Red Army during WWII. He created many studies of soldiers and interesting portraits while on the front, including this fine example. After the war he taught art at his alma mater until the 1960s when he moved to present day Volgograd ( Stalingrad)to teach. Here he passed away in 2006 and is an honored Russian artist. His works in the RWB collection were purchased directly from the artist during his final years.


Boris Gladchenko

“Russian Still Life” C. 1955 16x20” Oil $4,000

Boris Gladchenko was born in 1929 in Leninsk, Volgograd Region where his first art education took place. He finished schooling in 1945 and in 1957 later completed schooling at well known Savitsky art college in Penza. Since 1958 Gladchenko has taken part in art exhibitions working in the genre of Impressionist landscape and had become a well known artist. His works are a great example of lyrical and impressionist landscapes from Russia and is also known for his still life works. Boris Gladchenko passed away in 2005. His works are currently in demand and have been added to top fine art collections all over the world. This is the last still life in the RWB collection and is a fine example of a typical table setting at breakfast with the iconic Russian coffee pot. We are proud to carry a fine selection of his works at Vanessa Rothe Fine Art. This excellent still life work would be a fine addition to any collection.


Boris Grachev

“Winter Hat” C.1955 20x15” Oil $2,200

Michael Grachev was born in 1913 in Tatrastan (volga region) of Russia. He studied in the Leningrad pedagogical college from 1933-1936. Grachev was then a drawing instructor in various art schools and entered to Repin Institute in 1941 -1945. He was soldier of WW2 and after returning he re entered to Repin Institute and finally graduated in 1948 from the Graphic department. Became a meber of Union of artists . 1949-1952 was director of Leningrad art college. He participated in the exhibitions of the Leningrad Union of artists as well in numerous shows abroad in Europe in the 1990’s. Grachev passed away in 2003. We are honored to include this great work in the exhibition. This work would make a great addition to any fine art collection.


Oleg Lomakin

“At the Summer House” C.1960 28x20” Oil $9,000 Oleg Leonidovich Lomakin was born August 29, 1924, in the town of Krasny Kholm, Tver Province, USSR. In 1937-1939 Oleg Lomakin studied art at the Leningrad Palace of Young Pioneers. In 1940 he entered the Leningrad Secondary School at the All-Russian Academy of Fine Arts. Lomakin was accepted at the first year course of the Department of Painting of the Repin Institute of the Arts where he studied under Boris Loganson, Alexander Zaytsev, Mikhail Bernshtein, Piotr Ivanovsky, Vladislav Anisovich, Sergei Mikhailov. In 1952, he graduated and studied alongside other great Soviet artists. Since 1952, Lomakin has participated in fine art exhibitions. He painted portraits, genre and historical paintings, landscapes, still lifes, sketches from the life. Portraits had become his main subject. Lomakin’s style is distinguish by energetic brushstroke. He was acknowledged as a master of drawing and alla prima painting. In 1952 Lomakin was admitted as a member of the Leningrad Union of Artists (since 1992, named as Saint Petersburg Union of Artists.) In 1981 Lomakin was awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist of the Russian Federation. Oleg Leonidovich Lomakin died on March 25, 2010 in St Petersberg at 86. His paintings reside in the State Russian Museums and the State Tretyakov Gallery as well as in art museums and private collections in Russia, France, England, Germany, Italy, in the U.S. We are honored to represent his workm have sold many of his portraits. Oleg and his work are proudly featured in the well known Soviet Impressionism book by Art Historian Vern Swanson. This is a rare work created on location in Russia and would be a crown to a fine art collection.


Edgar Payne

“Valley Landscape” C.1916 15x20” Oil $14,500 Edgar Alwin Payne was born on March 1, 1883 in Washburn, Missouri. In 1907 Payne enrolled at the Art Institute of Chicago but left after a short period. While in Chicago, he received direction and advice from two local artists Ralph Clarkson and Charles Francis Browne. He began to sell some small wroks from the exhibitions at the Palette and Chisel Club in Chicago. The year 1909 brought Payne to sunny California where he spent much of his time in Laguna Beach. After completing a large commission project in 1918, Payne moved to Laguna Beach where he organized with the local arts community the Art Gallery and the Laguna Beach Art Association. He was elected to be the first president of the Laguna Beach Art Association. During his stay at Laguna Beach, he periodically took trips to the High Sierras and became well-known among the locals. In 1922 Payne travelled to Europe and spent much time in the top capitol cities there. Then in 1924 he traveled and spent time in New York City in the art world. Payne established his studio back in California and lectured on the art and principle of landscape painting. He died on April 8, 1947 at the age of 64 and is internationally known for his famous California landscapes. Member: Allied Art Association; American Artists Professional League; California Art Club; Carmel Art Association; Chicago Society of Artists; International Society Art League; Laguna Beach Art Association; Palette and Chisel Club; Salmagundi Club; Ten Painters of Los Angeles. He work is shown in top galleries and museums worldwide and his fine art works reside in top fine art collections from Beverly Hills California, to London England.


Yuri Podlaski

“Backyard Road” C. 1959 10x12” Oil $1,900

“Subtle Landscape” C.1958 10x16” Oil $1,500 Yuri Stanislavovich Podlyasky is known a the “People’s Artist”of Russia. He graduated from Repin Institute (before 1949). He was a student of knwon artist B.V. Ioganson. Starting from 1953, he created a series of works dedicated to Siberia. His paintings “Over the Angara”, “At the Angara River Head”, “Siberian Forest” (1957) were awarded the Silver Medal at the exhibition of the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow. Today his works are housed in the collections of the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, the State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg, state art museums in Murom, Lugansk, Minsk, and other cities in Russia and Ukraine. We are proud to offer these two small gems that would make great gifts or buys for savy collectors


Eric Rebane

“Zoya” C. 1962 20x15” Oil $2,400


Erikh Rebane (1922-1999) Born in Leningrad (St-Petersburg) in 1922. Finished regular art school in 1940 and served in WW2 from 1941-1945. After the end of the war in 1945 he arrived at the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Repin Inst.) in St.Petersburg where he studied under the famous russian artist Prof. Oreshnikov. In 1948, Rebane participated in his first Moscow exhibition. He graduated in 1951 from the I.E. Repin Institute and from 1951-1954 taught as a faculty member in Tallinn (Estonia) at the Art Institute of Painting. In 1954 he joined the postgraduate department of the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Repin Institute) in St. Petersburg and has been a member of the Union of Artists since 1951. For the next 10 years he has served as the head of the art studio in St. Petersburg and has participated in many exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His first international exhibition occured in Tokyo in 1974. His works were exhibited within the collections of the Fleischer Museum once in Scottsdale, AZ, as well as museums in Moscow, Leningrad, Pltava, Khabarousk, Kiev, Thilissi and Osaka, Japan. We are honored to carry his work at Vanessa Rothe Fine Art and offer this beautiful portrait in our exhibition in New York.

Vladimir Telegin

“Russian Landscape” C. 1975 24x32” Oil $9,000

Telegin Vladimir Pavlovich Born in 1939, the oldest member of the Vladimir city Union of Artists, an important Russian artist Union. He graduated from Maters art school in 1958 and worked in the studio at the Art Institute of Lviv in 1958-1961. The artist participates in regional,national, All-Russian and foreign xhibitions since 1962. A member of the Union of Artists since 1976. He was awarded the title “Honored Artist of Russia.” His works are in the Directorate of Art Exhibitions of Russia, Vladimir-Suzdal museum, Mogilev Museum of Art (Belarus), Tula Art Museum, Art Gallery of Kasimov (Ryazan region), Art Gallery of Zubov (Tver Region) Art Gallery “Gekosso” (Japan), in Kanavaze (Italy), as well as in private collections in Italy, Germany, USA, Spain, France, Japan, Finland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. There is one of his paintings in private family collection of the first president of Russia Boris Eltsin. A rare opportunity to own a piece of historical Impressionism.


Irina Vorobyeva

“Young Girl� C.1950 $1,500


Irinia Vororbyeva 1932-1993 studied in Moscow at the Surikov Art Institute in the art and graphics department. She is an honored member of Russian federation of Artists. Her work is iconic Soviet Impressionism style with colorful broad strokes and visible brushwork. Also typical is the subject of pastoral scenes with working class families. This charming work was done early to mid career approximately 1960 making it a Soviet Impressionist gem.

Contemporary Artwork


Nick Alm

“Gus” 12x9” Watercolor $1,200 SOLD


Andrei Alekhin

“Wheat and Snow” 11x14” Oil $1,400


Grigory Ananiev

“Russian Landscape” 16x20” Oil $1,800


Alexi Avilov

“Summer Shade 12x15” Oil $1,200


Alexi Avilov

“Impression Summer” 16x22” Oil $2,000


Mia Bergeron

“Luminary” 6x8” Oil $1,100 SOLD


John Burton

“Pacific Poetry” 16x20” Acrylic $3,500


Michelle Dunaway

“Contemplation of Flowers” 17x12” Oil $4,500


Michelle Dunaway

“Sculptor’s Studio” 24x18” $7,000


Stanislav Ilyachenko

“The Lovers” 20x20” Oil $1,900


Irina Kalutznaya

“By the Sea” 40x42” Oil $4,800


Alexi Kamenev

“Lavander Lake” 12x22” Oil $1,900

“Frozen Lake” 19x27” Oil $2,500


Michael Klein

“Bird” 12x15” Oil $3,200


Michael Klein

“Horse Nocturne” 7x7” $1,200


Sergey Kondratyuk

“Deep Shadows” 10x20” Oil $1,800


Sergey Kondratyuk

“Coffee and Literature” 32x32” Oi $3,000


Vadim Kornichuck

“Into the Woods” 12x14” Oil $1,200


Vadim Kornichuck

“August Harvest” 10x12” Oil $1,200


Sergey Kovalenko

“Degas and Lilacs” 26x30” Oil $3,500


Sergey Kovalenko Ray Roberts

“Tea With Mum” 26x30” Oil $3,500


Alexander Kremer

“Magpie on Fence” 16x20” Oil $2,500


Alexander Kremer

“Evening Light on the Snow” 31x36” Oil $4,400


Alexander Kremer

“Wild Turkeys” 24x28”” Oil $4,000


Olga Krimon

“Exit” 8x10” Oil $800 SOLD


Olga Krimon

“Early Morning” 20x16” $2,950


Olga Krimon

“Amber” 24x20” Oil $5,700


Olga Krimon

“Thought” 12x16” Oil $2,300


Peggi Kroll-Roberts

“Dappled Light” 8x10” Oil $1,500


Joshua La Rock

“Ellie” 9x12” Oil $3,000


Jeremy Mann

“NYC 39” 18x18” Oil $9,750


Nicolas Martin- Featured Artist

“Sunday II” 18x24” Oil $3,500 SOLD


Nicolas Martin

“Baignoire au Vitreaux” 18x24” Oil $3,500


Nicolas Martin

“Two Lamps” 12x9” Oil $1,100 SOLD


Nicolas Martin

“Grammercy Park Hotel” 12x9” Oil $1,100 SOLD


Nicolas Martin

“Le Reflet” 18x24” Oil $3,500


Nicolas Martin

“Morning Glory” 9x12” Oil $1,100 SOLD

“The Iron Bed” 18x24” Oil $3,500 SOLD


Nicolas Martin

“Salmagundi Stairs” 12x9” Oil $1,100


Dimitri Motov

“Winter Village” 12x16” Oil $1,500


C.W Mundy

“The Scholar” 12x9” Oil $4,500


C.W Mundy

“Emily” 12x9” Oil $4,500



C.W Mundy

“The Mary Day in Morning Light” 9x12” Oil $4,500 SOLD

“The Lynx, Glouchester Harbor” 9x12” Oil $4,500


Vladimir Pentukh

“Vladimir Pentukh” 10x15” Oil $1,200


Vladimir Pentukh

“To Spring” 17x28” Oil $4,400


Ray Roberts Robert Pillsbury

“Rising Moon” 16x20” Oil $2,200


Hope Railey

“Fire in the Canyon” 8x10” Oil $900


Ray Roberts Renat Razmananov

“Camomilles” 36x40” Oil $5,000


Ray Roberts

“Shark Harbor” 12x16 Oil $2,500

“Harbor Boats” 18x28” Oil

“Ocean Shimmer” 18x24” Oil $4,800


Ray Roberts Ray Roberts

“Silverado” 18x24” Oil $4,500


Vanessa Rothe

“Parisian Dream” 9x12” Oil $750 SOLD


Ray Vanessa Roberts Rothe

“Vintage Snow Leopard Coat” 30x18” Oil $2,200


Vanessa Rothe

“Baudelaire’s Chair” 12x9” Oil $750 SOLD


Valery Schmatko

“White House” 15”x25” Oil $2,600

“Russian Village” 16x31” Oil” $3,600


Vadim Suvorov


“Winter Coat” 16x12” Oil $1,800

Vadim Suvorov

“Pensive in Blue” 27x23” Oil” $4,000


Vadim Suvorov

“Classic Beauty” 16x13” Oil $1,600


Vadim Suvorov

“Portrait in Green” 13x12” Oil $1,400


Vadim Suvorov

“Pastoral” 23x36” Oil $3,800


Vadim Suvorov

“After Zorn” 18x14” Oil $1,800


Danil Volkov

“Fishing” 8x10 Oil $700


Danil Volkov

“South Town” 8x10 Oil $700


Danil Volkov

“Red Boats” 10x14” Oil $700

“On The Berth”8x10” Oil $700


Danil Volkov

“Sunny” 8x10” Oil $700

“The Walk 8x10” Oil $700


Danil Volkov

“Walking Along in St.Petersberg” 8x10” Oil $700

“Yacht Party” 10x14” Oil $1,400


Danil Volkov

“Sunny Still Life” 8x10” Oil $700

“Vinyards by the Sea” 15x20” Oil $1,500


Daniil Volkov

“St.Petersberg” 8x10” Oil $700



Aaron Westerberg

“Doing Her Hair” 12x9” Oil $1,500


Aaron Westerberg

“Lipstick” 24x16” Oil $4,100


Resale Marano Collection


Resale From The Thomas Marano Collection

The following works by leading American Contemporary Artists are offered by Vanessa Rothe Fine Art on resale from the Thomas Marano Collection. The following works were puchased over the last few years at various fine art events by Mr.Marano who has been collecting all of our works. He is currently offering this fine selection from his collection for resale. The works will be on view at the Salmagundi Club at 47 5th avenue in New York, December 5th thru 10th, 2017. Simply contact us if you would like to view updated detailed images of a work, view the work in it’s frame, or would like to know pricing and availability. Merci -

Juliette Aristides

“J’s Red Shirt” 12.5x10” Oil

Casey Baugh


“Starlight” 8x5” Charcoal

Daniel Graves

“Field Near Arno II, Sunset”



Daniel Graves

“Casa Collonica Past Pontassieve”




Jeremy Lipking

“Plein Air Painter”



Jeremy Mann

“Pale Green Light”


8x10” Oil

Julio Reyes




Edward Minoff

“Silver Study”

7x14” Oil


Aaron Westerberg

“Contemplation” 12x8” Oil

Aaron Westerberg


“The Fan” 10x8” Oil

Vincent Xeus

“Moonlight Sonata” 10x8” Oil

Vincent Xeus

“Mirror Mirror” 12x16” Oval Oil


Aaron Westerberg


Presented by

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