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CW Mundy

Port & Starboard 3 Catalog of Selected Works

About Port & Starboard 3 Celebrate the Sea

Coming together for their third collaboration, Vanessa Rothe and Debra Huse are proud to present Port & Starboard 3 at the Debra Huse Gallery in Newport Beach, California, Bringing works together from around the world from Russia to America, this East meets West, (Port and Starboard) fine art exhibiton brings over 25 artists works together to celebrate marine life, boating and the sea. Both rare historical Soviet Impressionist and Contemporary fine art works will be available to add to your collection. Join us June 8th, 2017 for a Special Event 5:30-6:30pm Opening Night Lecture Rothe will present a beautiful slideshow lecture at the Newport Beach Yacht Club on three historical fine artists who also had a love for the sea and vessels: William Ritschell, Armin Hansen and Edgar Payne. The presentation will familiarize you with these historical works as well explain how they influenced the works in the current exhibition, their subjects, colors and even their strokes. 6:30-8:30 pm Opening Night Exhibition After the Lecture, follow us over just two blocks to the Debra Huse Gallery on Main Street on Balboa Island for some aperitifs, and the opening event to view and enjoy the works in person. Exhibition Runs from June 8th to July 2nd, 2017 Debra Huse Gallery 229 Marine Ave, Balboa Island, California (Enter around the corner on Balboa Ave) www.debrahusegallery.com 949-723-6171 www.vanessarothefineart.com 949-280-1555 Participating artists inlcue Special Guest Artist CW Mundy, as well as the following: Ken Backhaus, Mark Fehlman, Mike Hernandez, Debra Joy Groesser, Debra Huse, Stanislav Ilyachenko, Irina Kristova, Peggi Kroll Roberts, Sergey Kondratyuk, Sergey Kovalenko, Greg La Rock, Calvin Liang, Podobetov, Jesse Powell, Craig Pursley, Rodolfo Rivadelmar, Ray Roberts, Vanessa Rothe, Jeff Sewell, Denis Sarazhin, Karina Voloshko, and Jim Wodark. Also Including historical Soviet Impressionist works by Eric Rebane and Alex Petrov This exciting exhibition celebrates Debra’s mastery of marine scene painting, her knowledge and love of boating and the sea, as well as Vanessa’s deep passion for the ocean, the fisherman characters and colorful old wooden boats she loves to capture in her work. The exhibit contains current work by both these artists as well as a strong new selection of works by their fellow artists, who also harbor a love of the sea.

CW Mundy - Special Guest Artist

“The Angelique and the Lewis R. French, at Dock” 16x20” Oil

CW Mundy - Special Guest Artist

“The Boat Captain” 12x9” Oil

Ken Backhaus

Ken Backhaus “Sardine Boats on the Adriatic” 12x16” Oil

Mark Fehlman

“Hang Loose” 12x12” Oil

“Lowtide” 11x14” Oil

Mike Hernandez

“Heeling Winds” 6x8” Gouache

“Suspention” 6x8” Gouache

Debra Joy Groesser

“Sunday Sail” 12x12” Oil

Debra Huse

“Paradise Found” 16x20” Oil

“Monterey Style” 12x16” Oil

Stanislav Ilyachenko

“The Lovers” 21x23” Oil

Irina Kristova

“Boats by the Sea” 12x16” Oil

“Boats by the Sea” 12x16” Oil

Sergey Kovalenko

“Fishermen At Work” 22x32” Oil

“The Colors of Venice” 8x14” Oil

Peggi Kroll-Roberts

“The Yacht” 6x8” Oil

“The Swimmers” 8x10” Oil

Sergey Kondratyuk

“Deep Shadows” 10x20” Oil

Greg La Rock

“Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others” 8x16” Oil

“Harbor Fleet” 8x16” Oil

Calvin Liang

“Sunset in Newport Beach 14x18” Oil

Colin Page

“Overcast Harbor” 12x16” Oil

“Sailor 24x36” Oil

Alex Petrov - Historical Artist

“Yacht Club” 16x12” Oil


“The Red Hull” 10x14” Oil

“Twin Sailors” 10x14” Oil

Jesse Powell

“Shark Harbor, Catalina Island” 10x12” Oil

Craig Pursley

“The Quiet Girl” 24x30” Oil

Eric Rebane - Historical Artist

“Summer Boats 1978” 20x28” Oil

Rodolfo Rivadelmar

“Laguna Tides” 14x18” Oil

Ray Roberts

“At Sunset” 8x10” Oil

“Ocean Shimmer” 18x24” Oil

Vanessa Rothe

“Montage Early Light” 12x16” Oil

“Des Bateaux de St.Tropez 16x20” Oil

Denis Sarazhin

“Harbor Boats” 18x28” Oil

Jeff Sewell

“Laguna Glow” 8x10” Oil

Danil Volkov

“Fishermen” 8x10” Oil

“Yacht Party” 10x14” Oil

“Red Boats” 8x10” Oil

“In the Port”8x10” Oil

Karina Voloshko

“The Pier in Summer” 15x25” Oil

Jim Wodark

“Monterey Boats” 20x20” Oil

“At Days End” 9x12” Oil

Craig Pursley

Port & Starboard 3 A Collaboration Event Between Vanessa Rothe Fine Art and Debra Huse Gallery June 8th thru July 2nd, 2017 at the The Debra Huse Gallery 229 Marine Ave Balboa Island Newport Beach www.debrahusegallery.com www.vanessarothefineart.com

Š Vanessa Rothe Designs 2017