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he other day I burned my feet on the allegedly Kool deck at home. That means summer is officially here. With the heat come many of the challenges we face here in the central desert: mostly how to stay cool! Gone are the days of leisurely strolls around town. Now we drive wearing oven mitts, circling parking lots for the closest space to the door. Outdoor chores are now scheduled for that magical hour of temperate temperatures before dawn. Summer is the time for ESCAPE! Whether you hop in the car and depart for cooler climes or spend weeks exploring new countries, our Travel & Automotive edition is here to guide your dreams. Sometimes the obvious is a bit more obtuse. So here are a few ideas, suggestions and comments for both those new to the area and old-timers alike: • HYDRATE!!! Drink LOTS of water – if you are thirsty, you aren’t drinking enough. Soda is not water. Coffee and tea are not water. WATER IS WATER!! • Avoid strenuous activity during the heat of day if you are not accustomed to it. Hiking CG Mountain – or any other mountain, at noon is not the smartest activity and will require the use of the fire department to rescue someone that did not heed common sense. • Watch for things that bite, sting and generally hurt: spiders, scorpions and rattlesnakes are out. Avoid them and their habitat – don’t put your hands and feet in places they may be lurking. • If you do over-heat, sit down in the shade or indoors and use cool water compresses to reduce your body temperature. Seek medical attention. Heat stroke is a medical emergency and normal, healthy people die every year from it. Take it seriously! • Watch your kids around water. Children and pets are naturally drawn to water with bad consequences. Don’t be a statistic. Barriers such as fencing and alarms are great preventive devices if used properly but nothing replaces old fashioned supervision. • Treat your children and pets as if they were a bag full of cash. Seriously. Would you leave a million bucks sitting in the back seat of your car? Then why do you forget your child in the car? Why do you leave your pet in the car ‘so you can run into the store for just a few minutes’? Here is something I want everyone to do one day. Go park your car in the driveway. Doesn’t really matter the time – anytime during the day will do. Crack the windows an inch or two. Now sit in the car for five minutes. I bet you get out before the five minutes is up. Don’t forget. Don’t do it. EVER! • Speaking of pets – if you can’t walk barefoot across the parking lot or down the sidewalk – neither can they! The tender pads of their feet can get severely burned. While they look (and walk) stupid, shoes are available for your dogs if they must be outside not on grass. OK, enough being bossy and a little bit about the coming edition of ROX! Magazine. The next edition is all about business – CELEBRATING BUSINESS in our area. We want to feature area business owners, managers and staff. Tell us your story, why you opened your business, what is your product or services – basically tell us about YOU. Because that’s what ROX! Magazine is about. It’s about LOCAL – It’s about YOU. Until then – Enjoy! Bea




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Business, business, busy-ness … all well and good, but every businessperson and busy-person needs a break eventually. All work and no play makes Rock a dull boy, and here in the comfy confines of the ROX GROUP C-Suite we take this sentiment very seriously. And while it may appear as though we work hard and accomplish a lot, and our publications may seem pretty serious, we hope you have noticed by now that we always include features on fun stuff and what I like to call “notes from afar” - stories about travel. As we stand at the brink of America’s traditional vacation, travel and fun time - summer! - we thought it would be appropriate to really feature TRAVEL. So leading off our special Travel & Automotive issue is a wide-ranging interview with Hope Wallace, the long-time maven of the local travel agency business. On the travel agency business theme, we also check in with two other local travel ladies, Jo’ann Kroll (ex of Desert Travel) and our very own Peg Eck on how the business has changed over the last decade or two, mainly due to our great but uninvited guest, the ubiquitous, duplicitous Mr. Internet. Yes, the economic recovery has people traveling again and notwithstanding the internet our travel agency is currently enjoying a nice increase in activity. Personally, we have some fantastic trips imagined in the next year or so: ● ● ● ● ● ●


Japan: we will revisit Tokyo of course but also discover and explore the north island, Hokkaido Europe: what else? - a Rhine River cruise from Basel down to Amsterdam … river cruises are very popular these days, all over the world and ROX Travel sells lots of ’em Southeast Asia: sail the tropical islands of the Gulf of Thailand? rent a villa in Bali? finally discover Angkor Wat or Borobudur? no firm plans yet, any recommendations? Tuscany: Portofino, Pisa, and, of course, a villa in Tuscany for some dolce vita Spain & Portugal: road trip! Circumnavigate the Iberian Peninsula by car Africa: gotta get back there somehow … <sigh> so many continents, so little time

SURPRISE! LEADERSHIP? Occasionally in Life we stumble upon something really exceptional, if not extraordinary. In my case, it was an actual, physical, snail-mail letter which recently arrived on my desk. Written by a young man of 13 years by the name of Shamus Leach, it was an entreaty for funds for a trip to Washington DC as part of the Junior National Young Leaders Conference program. I was impressed, and immediately, as any big-wig corporate executive would do, set aside my brandy snifter and cigar long enough to escalate it to the CFO with a great, big triple-A recommendation to help. Whereupon I promptly forgot about it until my actual desk-based, land-line telephone rang. I generally answer every call, even if I do not know who is calling, which day it is, or even what I had for lunch so imagine my surprise to be listening to a very composed self-introduction, in a very calm and measured voice, by one Shamus Leach ... him again! I was again surprised and impressed, and assured him that we would help. So we read his glowing letters of reference from people who matter, met with him, made a contribution, suggested he write an intro piece on himself that we would publish (which see), and decided to help in any and every way we could. Continued on Page 10





Golden Corridor | ROX! Magazine


So in the short term, we would be grateful if you the reader would help with his fundraising ... long term, I believe there is a place for him at ROX GROUP. The whole situation reminds me of our idea of starting some sort of leadership institute which by its nature would include the youth which are the Leaders of tomorrow. I just love surprises! MY BEAUTIFUL RE-BOOT Those of you who know me know how radically my personal circumstances have changed in the last few years. After decades as a commercial real estate broker and investor, spending a daughter all the way through six years of Uni, traveling (as it turned out, my only hobby then) like a maniac until I wore out, then doing nothing until boredom got the better of me, the Great Recession arrived just in time to usher me into my new pastime: ROX GROUP. Then the challenging process of collecting the businesses that comprise it gave rise to shattering personal changes in these, the “mature” years of my life: the end of a long-term relationship, the start of a new one that includes parenting six-year old twins we call the monkey boys - OMG! - less wine but more aches, more Bible, and certainly more Joy; basically, a brand-new life at the age of 55 that I like to call “Rock’s Reboot”. Essentially, the older, wiser Me gets a new shot at the life I always wanted but never quite got: marriage to a great woman, helping to rear wonderful kids, but this time with lots more discretionary time, bigger bandwidth, and presence, illumined by a been-aroundthe-world-once-already outlook: a brave new world with giant horizons and gigantic possibilities. DENMARK CALLING! Speaking of which, we have decided to bring the world into our home by hosting an exchange student. 16yr-old Jeppe from Denmark will be joining us for the 2014-2015 school year, attending Vista Grande High School. Jeppe is very social and excels in swimming and badminton. So stay tuned - we will regularly feature updates from the exchange “experience”! THANKFULNESS I find myself humbled by the plenitude of my circumstances, and very thankful for my blessings. And the more thankful I get, the more I hear myself saying “thank you” to all kinds of folks in all kinds of situations, which makes my ears are as happy as my heart. So thank you for being a part of ROX, if only by reading this.

- Rock Earle

Questions, comments, suggestions?

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Community Calendar June - July 2014 6/1 Rachael Ray Challenge Kick Off Event 8:00am-5:00pm @ Pinal County Animal Control $15-50 6/2-6/6 Church Vacation Bible School 8:30am12:00pm @ Trinity Baptist (520) 836-2383 6/3 Casa Grande Farmers Market 8:30am-1:30pm @ Florence St & 4th St. (480) 818-3092 6/3 S.E.V.E.N Networking Chapter 9:00am @ Vantage West Credit Union (520) 233-6299 6/4 Yes Wii Can Bowling 1:00-2:30pm @ Dorothy Powell Senior Center 6/6 Children’s Production of “Alice @ Wonderland 7:00pm @ Paramount Theater (520) 280 2797 $5-10 6/7 6th Annual INSPIRE Expo 9:00am-5:00pm @ Promenade (520) 421-2869 6/7 Children’s Production of “Alice @ Wonderland 7:00pm @ Paramount Theater (520) 280 2797 $5-10

6/28 Car Racing @ Central Arizona Speedway 5:00pm 7/1 Farmers Market 8:30am-1:30pm @ Western Trading Post (480) 818-3092 7/1 S.E.V.E.N Networking Chapter 9:00am @ Vantage West Credit Union (520) 233-6299 7/2 Yes Wii Can Bowling 1:00-2:30pm @ Dorothy Powell Senior Center 7/3 Fourth of July Fireworks Show & Activities 6:30pm @ Paul Mason Sportsplex (520) 421-8677 7/4 4th of July Family Day in the Pool 10:00am2:00pm @ Palm Island Aquatics Park (520) 4218650 7/5 First Saturdays-Exit 185 Improv 7:00pm @ Western Trading Post (520) 426-7702 7/8 Farmers Market 8:30am-1:30pm @ Western Trading Post (480) 818-3092 7/8 S.E.V.E.N Networking Chapter 9:00am @ Vantage West Credit Union (520) 233-6299

6/7 First Saturdays-Exit 185 Improv 7:00pm @ Western Trading Post (520) 426-7702

7/9 Yes Wii Can Bowling @ Dorothy Powell Senior Center

6/9 Chat Chew & Chocolate Coffee Chat 9:0010:00am @ Mimis Cafe in Casa Grande (559) 361-1221

7/11 Casa Grande Valley Car Club 6:00 10:00pm @Sonic Restaurant

6/10 Casa Grande Farmers Market 8:30am-1:30pm @ Florence St & 4th St. (480) 818-3092


7/12 Second Saturdays at The Museum- Salsa Dancing 12:00pm (520) 836-2223

6/10 S.E.V.E.N Networking Chapter 9:00am @ Vantage West Credit Union (520) 233-6299

7/14 Chat Chew & Chocolate Coffee Chat 9:0010:00am @ Mimis Cafe in Casa Grande (559) 361-1221

6/11 Yes Wii Can Bowling 1:00-2:30pm @ Dorothy Powell Senior Center

7/15 Farmers Market 8:30am-1:30pm @ Western Trading Post (480) 818-3092

6/13 Casa Grande Valley Car Club 6:00 10:00pm @Sonic Restaurant

7/15 S.E.V.E.N Networking Chapter 9:00am @ Vantage West Credit Union (520) 233-6299

6/14 Car Racing @ Central Arizona Speedway 5:00pm

7/16 Yes Wii Can Bowling @ Dorothy Powell Senior Center

6/14 Western Auction 10:30am @ Western Trading Post (520) 426-7702

7/19 Western Auction 10:30am @ Western Trading Post (520) 426-7702

6/14 Second Saturdays at The Museum-Classic Movie 12:00pm (520) 836-2223

7/19 Car Racing @ Central Arizona Speedway 5:00pm

6/17 Casa Grande Farmers Market 8:30am-1:30pm @ Florence St & 4th St. (480) 818-3092

7/22 Farmers Market 8:30am-1:30pm @ Western Trading Post (480) 818-3092

6/17 S.E.V.E.N Networking Chapter 9:00am @ Vantage West Credit Union (520) 233-6299

7/22 S.E.V.E.N Networking Chapter 9:00am @ Vantage West Credit Union (520) 233-6299

6/18 Yes Wii Can Bowling 1:00-2:30pm @ Dorothy Powell Senior Center

7/23 Yes Wii Can Bowling @ Dorothy Powell Senior Center

6/24 S.E.V.E.N Networking Chapter 9:00am @ Vantage West Credit Union (520) 233-6299

7/25 State of Mind Wine and Cheeseburger Fridays 6:00pm @ BeDillons Restaurant and Cactus Garden (520) 836-2045

6/24 Casa Grande Farmers Market 8:30am-1:30pm @ Florence St & 4th St. (480) 818-3092 6/25 Yes Wii Can Bowling 1:00-2:30pm @ Dorothy Powell Senior Center 6/27 State of Mind Wine and Cheeseburger Fridays 6:00pm @ BeDillons Restaurant and Cactus Garden (520) 836-2045 6/28 Pancake Breakfast at the Airport 8:00-11:00am @ Casa Grande Municipal Airport



7/26 Pancake Breakfast at the Airport 8:0011:00am @ Casa Grande Municipal Airport 7/29 Farmers Market 8:30am-1:30pm @ Western Trading Post (480) 818-3092 7/29 S.E.V.E.N Networking Chapter 9:00am @ Vantage West Credit Union (520) 233-6299 7/30 Yes Wii Can Bowling 1:00-2:30pm @ Dorothy Powell Senior Center

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Golden Corridor | ROX! Magazine

ROX INTERVIEW: Travel Maven,

Hope Wallace Interviewed by Brett Eisele

I have known Hope Wallace for, well, a long time. One of my first meetings with her, at her old office at Florence Blvd and Trekell, was eventful because when I walked in - I did not know of or see the one step down to floor level. You can visualize the rest and it’s safe to say I did not sell her advertising that day, but it was the beginning of a long business relationship. Most all of us that have been around for awhile know Hope. This interview reveals some items you don’t know… Brett Eisele GCROX: Ms. Wallace, when did you and your husband, Duane, first move to Casa Grande? MS. WALLACE: In 1963 and I spent my last year of high school at Casa Grande Union High School. Duane was born in Arizona and raised in Eloy from age two on. GCROX: How did you two meet? MS. WALLACE: After high school, the Casa Grande kids ran into the Eloy kids from time to time and that's where I met him. GCROX: Where were you born? MS. WALLACE: I was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but I had a sister that was 12 or 13 at the time and she came down with bronchial pneumonia every winter and the doctor told my family, "If you don't get her out of here, you're going to lose her.” So we moved to Tucson, Arizona because it was the driest place my parents could think of. GCROX: So you went through part of your school there? MS. WALLACE: Yes, I attended kindergarten through 11th grade in Tucson schools. Then my dad became the original builder in Toltec, so we moved to Toltec - which at the time was in the middle of nowhere in the world. There was only one house there and we lived in it. GCROX: When you and Duane met, what was he doing? MS. WALLACE: It was the summer after we graduated and he was preparing to leave for college at Arizona State University in Tempe. GCROX: Where did you go? MS. WALLACE: U of A. and I'm not allowed to mention that much anymore because I

have an ASU family. I was there about a year and dropped out because of lack of funds. I returned to Casa Grande and worked at the Francisco Grande Resort, which was really interesting, because that was when Willie McCovey and Willie Mays were playing with the Giants. It was a great time to be there! GCROX: When the San Francisco Giants held spring training there? MS. WALLACE: Absolutely, yes. GCROX: What did you do? MS. WALLACE: I was a waitress in the hotel restaurant. GCROX: What prompted you to enter the travel industry? MS. WALLACE: I always wanted to be in travel. I wanted to get out and see the world! I don't know whether it was a really good geography teacher somewhere along the line that made the world look so interesting, but that's what I wanted to do. While I was working at the Francisco Grande, some people were staying there that were selling travel programs where you could pay $1,500.00, take the travel industry courses and then you'd fly to Florida for the last two weeks. I wrote the check and signed up! I was so excited and when I got home, I told my parents what I did and my mother stopped payment on the check and immediately told me, “You don't know anything about these people.” GCROX: How old were you? MS. WALLACE: Twenty. My mother then said, “If you want see the world, go apply at the airlines” and I did. American Airlines used to fly in an interviewer once a month and would interview for people wanting to

work for American. I drove up to Phoenix, applied and eventually was hired. GCROX: Where were you based? MS. WALLACE: I was based out of Dallas and then Boston. GCROX: How long did you work with them? MS. WALLACE: I was with American Airlines for 10 years, but the last eight years I was on the ground because I always thought being a flight attendant would be just so, you know, interesting. Some of the girls I flew with were just -I don't know what they had in between their ears, but it wasn't anything usable. The airline gave us little cards on what to say to the people on the airplane, "Hello, how are you? Where are you going? Is this a vacation?" They actually had to make up conversations for these girls. This was in the 1960s and I went to work for American in 1967 - everybody that was flying was looking for a rich husband or a pilot to marry. After a while, I decided this was really not for me. I applied for and received a transfer to the ground in Phoenix where I worked the ticket counter. GCROX: Why did you eventually leave American? MS. WALLACE: Because I had two children at the time that were only two years apart, ages one and three. Also everything was based on seniority and my shift was 7:00 at night to 3:00 in the morning with Tuesday and Wednesday off, which was pretty tough with two small kids. GCROX: Did your seniority as a stewardess transfer to the Phoenix job? MS. WALLACE: It did, but there were so many people that transferred out to Arizona


to spend their last years. The man that had the Monday through Friday job began working with American two years before I was born, so I wasn't moving up on the seniority list soon. GCROX: When you left the airline, did you then decide to get into the travel business? MS. WALLACE: I was home for a while helping Duane who had his own business, but when the kids first started school I began getting a little antsy. I found out there was a travel agency in Casa Grande called ADA Travel, because the owner's name was Ada Birch. I went to see her and told her I worked for the airlines for 10 years. Ada said alright, you can work part time. The first client that walked in wanted to talk about a cruise and I said: You want to go "by water"? I only knew "by air" stuff so there was a big learning curve! GCROX: You basically had to start all over again? MS. WALLACE: Yes and learn the rest of the business. GCROX: In those days if you sold an airline ticket, you received a 10 percent commission, correct? MS. WALLACE: Yes, but that only lasted until 1976 when we walked into the office one morning and there was a fax from Delta Airlines saying effective tomorrow, we are reducing the commissions to five percent and even that only lasted for about two years. GCROX: Back to Ada, was she a one-woman store? MS. WALLACE: Yes, she was. She just built a room onto her house which was right next to where the hospital used to be. (Hoemako hospital where Wendy's is located now.) The one thing that was a bit disturbing to me was Ada happened to be a rather large woman and she had her clothesline right next to the wall where people would walk into the travel agency. There were no fewer than three large muumuus on that line on any given day. I thought really? Seriously? GCROX: Eventually you became full time? MS. WALLACE: Yes. Then one day Ada decided she was going to retire to Arkansas. She sold the agency to Mr. Frank Adams. Frank bought it because he wanted the property and at the time he also owned the rest of that block except where the hospital was. Mr. Adams had no use for a travel agency and didn’t know what to do with it. He said you might as well leave it open and if you'll just stay here I'll get somebody to come in and work with you. That person's name was Don Bretthauer, who had never done travel before in his life. Don was good about bringing in big business because he generated a lot of accounts from Phoenix and we had most of the commercial accounts here in town. We had Frito-Lay; we had Ross Labs; we had Hexcel and the college. The business was mostly commercial. GCROX: Did he go out and get those accounts? MS. WALLACE: Yes, he did. We also had

some clients out of Phoenix that were very big like Combined Communications Corporation, which did billboards all over the United States and owned newspapers and radio stations. GCROX: Then along comes the Delta Airlines folks cutting you down to five percent (commission) and eventually everybody else followed suit and then it all went away. MS. WALLACE: But before that, Brett, when I worked at the airport they were starting with computers. We no longer had to do everything by hand. We had a computer that we could actually go in and block the space on the airplanes. I told Mr. Bretthauer we need to look at computers, because they had just become available to travel agencies! We talked about it, but he said no, I don’t want to put any money into that because it's just a passing fad. I thought, you know what? If American Airlines has an entire building they own in Tulsa and they've gone eight floors underground to hold all this computer stuff, it's not a passing fad. As a result I went to Mr. Bretthauer and handed him my resignation. I said: We’re going to open our own agency because I'm going to do automation. He said: Why don't you just buy this one? So we did. GCROX: When you computerized was it American's computer? MS. WALLACE: That was American's computer, yes, Sabre systems. GCROX: Could you only write tickets on that airline? MS. WALLACE: Oh, no, no. It was worldwide, but it was their system. GCROX: And that move changed your life? MS. WALLACE: Yes, absolutely! We bought the business on such a shoestring that I couldn’t even afford stationery and that's why it's "ADA Travel". "ADA" doesn’t stand for anything, but all the stationery said ADA Travel because it was her travel agency. GCROX: And it's still ADA Travel. MS. WALLACE: That's right. We just kept the same name for continuity. GCROX: As a result of the travel industry commission structure changes, tell me about the travel association you were instrumental in forming? MS. WALLACE: It was a regional association. We formed our own group in Arizona called the Arizona Travel Agency Association and I was president of that for about eight or nine years. It was extremely interesting and very helpful to my business because I was working with a brilliant man named Steve Kaplan who taught me negotiation. I was traveling with him a lot because I was president of the association. We would go and talk to Carnival or Royal Caribbean or Princess cruise lines and negotiate what kind of commission rates and what kind of extra items we wanted added for our clients. GCROX: You'd go see them in person? MS. WALLACE: Oh yes, I commuted to





Miami for two or three years because most of the cruise lines were located in Miami. GCROX: Did it work? MS. WALLACE: Absolutely! GCROX: How has the industry changed from then to now? MS. WALLACE: A lot of agencies, when the internet became so popular, were scared to death of it. The rumors circulating said we were going to be replaced; people didn't need travel agencies anymore; you could go online and do everything yourself. Now I'm very big on education and I still go to two conferences a year to catch up on what's going on. Everybody at the conferences said "no"! If you should start charging fees and you become a professional, the clients will come. It's like in the movie "build it and they will come"? Make yourself a professional and they will come. They will still seek you out. And that was very true for the high-end people. They did not want to waste their time on the Internet booking something. They still wanted someone to take care of it or someone to look across the desk at. We lost probably 30 percent of the remaining travel agencies in the United States over the next three years as the Internet was growing. GCROX: Because you were involved on a national level with the industry, do you think the industry buried their head in the sand when it came to the Internet? MS. WALLACE: No. I became more active with the American Society of Travel Agents and we worked very hard to provide educational web based classes people could take to learn what to do with the Internet. Like how to make it helpful to you, how to structure fees, how to sell yourself as a professional. GCROX: What is the average age of the person you dealt with then and who you're dealing with now? Have you lost the younger market? MS. WALLACE: No. They're coming back because I'm getting multi-generational Continued on page 56


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Competitively priced & affordable Beautiful views • 1.1 Acre Shovel Ready Restaurant/retail site available

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As a business owner, you want a bank with great resources, sophisticated solutions, and smart ideas. You also want a bank that genuinely values you as a customer. Well, you’ll find all this at Foothills Bank. You’ll get the level of expertise you’d expect from a big bank, with friendly, personalized attention from a local business just like yours. Superior service without a superior attitude? Consider it done.

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By Robert “Bob” Jackson, Mayor, City of Casa Grande


e need to do something about our deteriorating street system. The issue goes far beyond the City of Casa Grande and the State of Arizona. Our country has flourished for the past century due in large part to our ability to transport goods and services on our road system. Funding for roads has historically been user based paid through gas taxes and vehicle license fees. Gas tax is a flat per gallon fee with some going to the federal government and a portion to the state and local agencies. It has not been raised since the early 1990’s. What has happened in the road construction and maintenance business is the revenues are declining due to more fuel efficient cars and alternative fuel vehicles, while the cost of road products is increasing. Much of the increase is attributed to the fact that asphalt costs have increased like the cost of gasoline. How does this affect the City of Casa Grande? We are seeing our highway revenue at levels seen ten to fifteen years ago. Our revenues for street maintenance and construction come from two sources, Highway User Revenue Funds (HURF) distributed from the State and a dedicated half cent sales tax that is distributed countywide. The half cent sales tax has been in effect in Pinal County for about 30 years and has been approved by the voters twice. It is due to stop in about 10 years unless renewed by the voters again. Casa Grande receives about $1.5 million a year from the half cent tax. Over the past few years we have been investing a significant amount of money in both new construction and renovation of existing streets. Examples over the past few years include a little over $10 million widening and repairing Cottonwood Lane from Trekell Road to I10 and a major rehabilitation project last year to resurface several arterial roads in town at a cost in excess of $3 million. While the work is funded by several sources, typically the vast majority of the cost is funded from the half cent sales tax. Simple arithmetic shows that we cannot con-

tinue to spend money investing in our street system at the historic level unless new revenue sources are found. One of the issues currently being requested from the State Legislature is to stop what is called the HURF transfers. When the State’s economy declined, the legislature transferred about $130 million dollars annually of HURF revenue into the State’s General Fund to cover the cost of the Department of Public Safety. This transfer has negatively impacted growing communities like Casa Grande because instead of having our revenues increase as we grow they have stayed the same. Since 2000, the population of Casa Grande has more than doubled, the number of road miles we maintain has more than doubled and our revenues have not increased. While we have invested heavily in our road system over the past few years, we have been spending many of our reserves in a planned fashion to keep our roads in reasonable shape and building new segments as traffic demands dictate the need. As we approach a new fiscal year we are becoming increasing concerned about our ability to continue to keep our street system in good shape. To address the problem we are working with the League of Arizona Cities to stop the transfer of HURF funds to pay for DPS. We are also looking for alternative ways to finance the construction of new roads and try to be as efficient as possible in how we spend our existing dollars. One of the issues we have been trying to resolve is our streetlight costs. Historically we have paid the electric bill for streetlights from HURF funding. With this funding source not increasing this cost is becoming more difficult to cover. In 2000 our annual bill was less than $200,000, this year it is almost $500,000. Moving forward we will continue to see how we can assure our streets are well maintained and work to address the needs that develop as new growth occurs in town, but over the next year I think road funding will become a national as well as state and local issue.

The children of our future​ Helen Neuharth, President/CEO Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce


ou have heard the old saying “it takes a village to raise a child”. Well, we all know it take partnerships between businesses; education and many individuals to ensure quality education in the development of our future leaders and workforce. The Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce is actively involved in a number of business-and-education partnerships and I would like to share a few of those partnerships with you. Since 1988, Educational Partners of Casa Grande, an affiliate of the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce, has funded more than $205,000 in minigrants to teachers in the Casa Grande Elementary and Casa Grande Union High School Districts, through donations from the business community. These minigrants enable educators of these districts to offer students not only a strong core curriculum, but learning projects that serve to inspire and invigorate them with the joy of learning, as well. Annually, the Chamber reaches out to the community to request financial support to continue this creative and motivational program. Donations of any amount will help us continue to fund this program providing mini-grants to educators for innovative projects for our future workforce. Contributions to Educational Partners of Casa Grande can be made through the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce. In August of 2010, individuals representing businesses and education in Casa Grande came together and created the Casa Grande Workforce Development Partnership. The mission of this partnership is to “produce a globally-competitive workforce for Casa Grande” with the Vision to “ensure that young people entering the workforce or post-secondary schooling will be well-prepared to contribute to and participate in a thriving local economy. We envision a climate in which community members are unwilling to settle for anything less than a high qualityof-life.” Through this partnership, a number of programs have evolved: creation of a speakers list available to educators, Profiles of Success, Career Shadowing Initative and, most recently, Career Camps. These programs could not happen without the support of business, education and individuals. This June, there will be five Career Camps, programs designed to raise student awareness and interest in various careers. Through the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Program at the Casa Grande Middle School, in partnership with the Casa Grande Elementary School District, University of Arizona, Casa Grande Police Department, Casa Grande Fire Department, BlackBox Foundation, Caywood Farms, the Arizona Business & Education Coalition (ABEC), and a number of business and education leaders, the five Career Camps to be offered are: Pharmacy Camp, Agriculture Camp, Law Enforcement Camp (known as WIN - What’s Important Now), Fire Service Camp and Production & Entertainment Camp. Each Camp is designed to accommodate 30 seventh and eighth grade students (a total of 150 students for all five camps). Students will use their writing, composing and communication skills when applying to one of the Career Camps. The five-day camps are designed to help students recognize the aptitudes, attributes and preparation needed to enter these various professions and career pathways, to make learning more relevant, and to help students understand the significance education plays in attaining one’s future goals and aspirations. If there are any business representatives, organizations or residents who would like to learn more, participate, or help fund any of these programs, please do not hesitate to contact me at the Greater Casa Grande Chamber of Commerce, (520) 836-2125 or email







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uring my travels in Spain, the first stop when exploring new cities and towns was the Plaza Mayor. Every historic district had one, an outdoor plaza that served as a gathering place for the community during holidays and special events. It was the place you would meet for group outings, visit on the weekend to hear street music or sit at a sidewalk café to sip coffee and people watch. Main Street, in partnership with the City of Casa Grande, will be conducting community workshops over the summer focused on a new downtown plaza in the heart of the historic commercial district. The new plaza is anticipated to serve as a destination for outdoor gatherings, a rest stop for pedestrian traffic and a link to public art and cultural points of interest. This is just one of many examples where city leadership has demonstrated a commitment to reinvestment in the historic heart of our town. Business owners locating downtown invest in the community and contribute to its revitalization. Volunteer docents invest their time enthusiastically engaging visitors with stories of the town once called Terminus. Why is this investment important? Casa Grande is poised for significant development and population growth. How will we be perceived by those arriving for the first time, considering relocating their families and making a life here? How do we overcome the perception that Casa Grande is just an I-10 truck stop or future mega-suburb between Phoenix and Tucson? We have a history that serves as a source of pride and demonstrates our unique identity. Current residents and future generations can connect to a physical place that celebrates the pioneering spirit rooted in our historic downtown. As citizens of Casa Grande, we also have the opportunity to reinvest our time and talents to be the stewards of this rich heritage. Invest in your downtown’s future by taking the time to voice your opinion at the upcoming community workshops. Invest in your downtown’s present by having a meal, buying a gift or enjoying an upcoming event over the summer. I consider it a privilege to serve the downtown community, furthering the mission and vision of the national Main Street movement. I hope you’ll join us in this effort.

Casa Grande Main Street is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization working on downtown revitalization and historic preservation. The Main Street program is designed to improve all aspects of the downtown experience. Strengthening public participation and making downtown a fun place to visit are as critical to Main Street’s future as drawing new business, rehabilitating structures and expanding parking options. Visit our website at for more information on our mission, memberships and upcoming events.

You can find all the latest information for ongoing events this summer in our Historic Downtown by checking out our website at Click on our Facebook link to stay connected and “like” our page for impromptu announcements.

Plaza Mayor – Madrid

By Rina Rien, Director, Casa Grande Main Street

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JULY July 5: First Saturday, Exit 185 Comedy Improv, Western Trading Post, 520-426-7702 July 12: Second Saturday @ The Museum, July 19: Western Collectibles Auction, Western Trading Post, July 25: State of Mind Cheeseburger Friday, Bedillon’s, 520-836-2045

AUGUST August 2: First Saturday, Exit 185 Comedy Improv, Western Trading Post, 520-426-7702 August 9: Second Saturday @ The Museum, August 16: Western Collectibles Auction, Western Trading Post, August 29: State of Mind Cheeseburger Friday, Bedillon’s, 520-836-2045

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Join us for a different kind of workshop and seize the opportunity to have your voice and vision represented in the process.

DATE: Tuesday, July 8th 2014 TIME: Two seatings available at 2:30 and 5:30 p.m. PLACE: 108 W. 2nd Street (next to Main Street Office) CONTACT: email or call 520-836-8744 to reserve your spot


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2,500 S.F to 12,000+ S.F Suites Available

Retail - National Chain to Independent Boutique Restaurant Space For More Information on Leasing Contact Lorena M. Sage, Leasing & Sales Consultant


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By Harold Kitching



SUBJECT: A property maintenance The floors cannot be rotting out or there code aimed at keeping slumlords or other can’t be situations where the bathtub’s property owners who don’t care about falling through the floor.” conditions from renting uninhabitable The proposed amendments would be a housing. tool for the city, Tice said, “to address that The ordinance, with passage scheduled situation where there might be a rental, a for the May 5 City Council meeting was put situation with a tenant and they have a together by the Casa Grande Planning and landlord where there are problems with Development Department, the living unit that are the first time the city has making it uninhabitable had such regulations. and the landlord just It’s part of the won’t respond, won’t fix, department looking at won’t do anything. the model 2012 codes “I guess the offered by the International interesting thing to Building Code Council. think about with this Those model codes, maintenance code, issued about every three though, is it doesn’t years, are not mandatory, force the landlord to Planning and Development Director allowing cities to reject repair a structure. What Paul Tice used photos of the old funeral them, adopt them as a it does, it tells the home, long in disrepair, at Eighth Street whole or amend them to and Olive Avenue to illustrate that roofs landlord if he wants to meet city needs. continue to rent it and must be in good repair and stairs to upper floors must be safe, which those Planning and for it to be occupied, at the building are not. Development Director Paul he has to make those Tice told the council during repairs. The landlord a brief that because the or property owner can city already has equivalent choose to just vacate codes covering various the premises and not areas only about half of have anyone living there. the model IBCC property “Really, this is a maintenance code would property maintenance be adopted. code, minimum Tice said, because maintenance for the city already has “For habitation, that’s the example,” he said, “a lot way to think about it. of the (IBCC) property “If it’s uninhabitable, maintenance code the property owner talks about the exterior won’t, can’t make the appearance of properties, repairs, not habitable with maybe rubbish storage, junk storage, and they vacate it, we still have our process those kinds of things, which are already of saying it’s a vacant structure, is it safe or covered in our public nuisance codes. So unsafe? our guideline was, if we already had an If it’s unsafe structure, you still have the existing code in place that addressed the process to deal with that in our existing code, issue, we didn’t need to adopt a new code.” which is demolition. We can board it up and Tice said the regulations the city would make sure it’s secured from trespass.” adopt from the proposed IBCC property Councilman Dick Powell pointed out that maintenance code “really are those that there have been situations with “people talk about that the structure has to remain that couldn’t afford except what they were habitable. The structure has to have a roof living in and they were worried if they said that is not leaking, electrical system that’s something about their landlord he’d kick working, a plumbing system that’s working. them out and then they were on the street.

BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT Some of them had leaking plumbing behind walls where you had mold accumulating and those kind of things, and felt helpless to do anything about it. This gives them a way to be protected and the city a way to address those situations, so I appreciate that.” There was much discussion about the proposal, Councilman Matt Herman said, “and we want to walk the fine line between property rights for the owner and safe habitation. “We didn’t want to turn into an HOA as a city. This is more about health and public safety. That was a big consideration that Paul went through and I think we came up with a good solution to where we’re not being an HOA but we’re making sure that people are in safe situations.” As Tice put it for the council, “It’s nowhere near some of those architectural design regulations that an HOA might have. “Really, the code we’re proposing for the property maintenance code are pretty severe code violations, health, safety violations or habitable space. Peeling paint, it’s not going to be a violation. But if you have a hole in your roof and the rain’s coming in, it would be a violation if someone’s living there. If you have stairs, the stairs have to be maintained safe so you can walk on them and use them.” Casa Grande police officers often receive awards for outstanding service, but sometimes they shine in other areas. The latest was Officer Matt Duran, a school resource officer, being named Police Officer of the Year by the Veterans of Foreign Wars Department of Arizona.

Harold Kitching

For more than 11 years, Harold Kitching reported on city government for the Casa Grande Dispatch newspaper before resigning. He continues that type of reporting on his private website. The website is not affiliated with the Casa Grande Dispatch nor has it been endorsed by that newspaper.






EVENTS On the personal time side, Officer Victoria Deuel entered the Arizona Police and Fire Games in Tucson, competing in the power lifting event for her weight class and winning Gold in Single Bench Press and Gold for All Around. Officers Jeff Thornton and Orlando Jimenez entered the North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation’s 2014 Grand Canyon State Open -- Gi and no-Gi style. Thornton competed in the Medium/ Heavyweight Division, winning Gold in Gi and Silver in no-Gi, while Jimenez competed in the Lightweight Division, winning Gold in no-Gi. The wins have secured them both a place in the upcoming World Championships.

Officer Victoria Deuel with her two lifting awards.

Officers Jeff Thornton and Orlando Jimenez took medals in the North American Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation's 2014 Grand Canyon State Open.


Casa Grande Police Department Officer Matt Duran holds the VFW Police Officer of the Year award. Presenting it were Western Conference Chaplain Janie Miller and Past District 10 Commander Jerry Miller.

Four new Casa Grande police officers were sworn in by City Clerk Remy Miller during the May 5 City Council meeting. From left are Scott Christofferson, Spencer Hirshfeld, Scott McNutt and Jon Campa-Molina, all graduating the week before from the Southern Arizona Law Enforcement Training Center. Councilman Dick Powell, serving his fifth four-year term on the council, said, "I want to compliment the swearing in of the police officers tonight. I've never seen that done at one of our meetings and I think that it was very impressive. I think it also shows them how much we appreciate them coming into our employ."

PhoenixMart, the much ballyhooed, often delayed international export sales operation to be built north of Florence Boulevard about three miles east of Interstate 10 is slowly picking up speed, the Casa Grande City Council has been told. Pieces of the puzzle, including an agreement with the city over a major sewer line to service PhoenixMart and the surrounding area, are beginning to fall into place, said Jeremy Schoenfelder of AZ Sourcing, the PhoenixMart parent. The City Council gave initial

POLICE approval to the sewer line agreement, financed in part by AZ Sourcing and in part by the city, during the May 5 meeting, but conditioned final approval on securing financial security from the company so that if the project fails or is otherwise hampered city taxpayers will not be stuck with major costs. The city has estimated the project cost at $10 million, of which AZ Sourcing is to pay $4.8 million, broken into three payments of $1.6 million each. The first payment is when the construction contract is signed, the others to be paid as certain milestones are reached. It is the final two payments for which the city wants security for payment. The city’s part will be paid through sewer development impact fees which have been earmarked for an east side sewer line and from construction sales tax specifically allocated to infrastructure projects. The payments will not be from the normal wastewater fund, meaning no customer rate increases just to finance a PhoenixMart area line. Although at first glance it looks as if Casa Grande is financing part of the PhoenixMart project, in reality the city’s expenses would be for enlarging the line beyond what PhoenixMart is paying for so as to have needed capacity to serve future commercial, retail and residential development east of the interstate. The city has also approved a contract with a safety consultant to review building and fire safety plans for the 1.7-million-square-foot main PhoenixMart building that is projected to have about 22,000 people in it each day. In explaining what AZ Sourcing says are the latest developments, Schoenfelder told the council that the company likes to think of the development as being in three parts. “One is offsite, one is onsite infrastructure and one is the building itself,” he said. “I ask that everyone sort of Continued on page 24


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A Dream or a Fantasy By Jim Rhodes, longtime Small Business Advocate

So you've done a couple of spreadsheets for the guys at the bar in your fantasy football league. They have told you that you ought to go into business for yourself in some sort of data management venture. You have had just enough beer to miss the fact that none of them wanted to do the paperwork. Further, you have actually thought about being a business person and living the myth of business ownership. Now let's talk about moving from fantasy to dream to reality. At the Central Arizona College Small Business Development Center we have an objective to help potential business owners find the "business" in their dream. We do this through one-on-one counseling. In addition, upon demand we actually teach a class, "Starting a Business in Pinal County". If we actually charged money for our classes we would not have a sufficient number of first-timers to sustain life. However we do a fairly brisk business with folks who have a friend or relative who has wasted time and/or money trying to get started. The fantasy is probably the equivalent of buying a lottery ticket and actually winning some money. Temper that fantasy with the challenges of raising a family and owning a home and we're probably closer to a dream. So what are the steps to making business ownership your reality? In this discussion the steps will be on the simplistic and easy to visualize side. In future articles we will expand on them to provide a broader range of possibilities of success. Our first question to a client is often, "what do you want to do to make a million bucks"? The response gives us a hint as to what the rest of the counseling relationship will look like. All too often the client shrinks back and says "oh, I don't want to make a lot of money". Please, do not be afraid to make money. We gauge our success by whether or not you do make money. Here is what we need to move into reality. Answer our first question by describing your business idea. Try to be realistic about the business model. Study your perspective model as it exists in other businesses around you. If you don't find any, then it's possible the business can't work in the real world. Try to start up without spending a lot of your own money. If you knew for sure that you were going to strike oil or gold you could borrow the money and be certain of paying it back. If you don't take a business loan then you also don't owe anyone a payoff. Try to take on a funding partner (hopefully one with knowledge in the area that you will be doing business)

or consider one of the crowd funding sites. That way, if the business idea flops you won't be liable for the cost and you can move on to your next big idea. I want to tell you right up front, to be a small business owner in the early years you typically have to be willing to work for long hours and forgo your own benefits and maybe a little of your own health. The alternative is maxed out credit cards; a slimmed down children's college savings account; and no savings or financial cushion for yourself. You need to be willing to become a slave to your dream if you expect to see it as a reality. To run a successful business you need to be able to open your doors every business day. You need to know exactly how much money you need to have each day, week, month and year to stay in business. Weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re talking here about everything from rent and electricity to toner cartridges and paper. You need to track your income to be sure you're taking in enough to supply these things. If you are not doing this on a regular basis you may need to re-think your concept. Take good care of your vendors. They are a key part of your "business" equation. Vendors are important because they allow you to take your business from an idea to actual business transactions selling the goods and services that they provide. The day the transactions go away is the day that your doors close. Be very good at what you do and what you advertise that you will do for your customers. This is what makes word-ofmouth your most powerful ad campaign. I think we all know, especially in this part of the country, how aggravating it is to get out of the car on a 110° day, walk through the parking lot to a business place, only to discover surly or unprepared sales people trying to peddle low-quality or no quality goods and services. We will not make that walk a second time. Central Arizona College is a community-based institution that is life changing for those wishing to repurpose their futures. The CAC SBDC is but one resource under the Central Arizona College menu of services. In public safety language it is a "first responder" for those seeking a career direction or redirection. In an attempt to take some of the sting out of the startup we back up our counseling with a few business incubation facilities across Pinal County. These are typically run and funded in partnership with other subject matter experts. In addition they are staffed by either counselors from the CAC SBDC or from one or more of the other partners. The idea is to give each

potential business owner exposure to the lessons and to the victories of running a business without the liability of losing all of the money. Some of these are simply low-cost office spaces and ongoing SBDC counseling. Others are built around a business type or specialty. Following are some examples of incubator assistance. The Lucky Nickel Ranch is an organic farm in Eloy owned by Michael McKenzie. Lucky Nickel takes in seasonal workers, student interns, agricultural interns and Veterans. The work ranges from preparation and planting to harvesting and processing. Lucky Nickel also sells organic vegetables to local businesses such as restaurants and markets. Michael is an expert in innovative irrigation and agricultural funding including the management of USDA grants in aid. The Maricopa Center for Entrepreneurship located in the city of Maricopa provides a full range of business counseling services to Maricopa and the surrounding area. The facility is run by Tom Baxter. Tom is an expert in small business finance, executive development and business innovation. The La Paloma Restaurant in Eloy is a hospitality incubator managed by Shawn Johansen under the general ownership of the Pinal Hispanic Council and its Executive Director Ralph Varela. La Paloma provides opportunities for those interested in the restaurant and hospitality business to discover whether they have the interest and the temperament to own a hospitality facility. Participants are exposed to all facets of restaurant management and customer service. The Eloy Business Center is a fully equipped business facility with a suite of offices, a waiting lobby and a deluxe conference room located in downtown Eloy. The center is ideal for those businesses just starting out and in need of basic office and business equipment. There is ample parking in front of and beside the building. It is close to restaurants and local governmental services. What is the single quality that identifies successful business people? It is patience. Patience is having the discipline to not give in to opportunities for "painless shortcuts". It is not losing sight of the dream and then discovering that there is no easy road to business success. As you can see it is difficult to cover all of the requirements of a successful business startup in one article. It's also difficult to do so in a couple of hours of lecture. In our next article we will began analyzing and discussing the specific actions necessary to start a business.


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Continued from page 21 • CG News understand that everything that we’re doing with this from the development perspective is there’s a serious domino effect with what we’re doing, meaning you’ve got to have one thing approved and set before the rest will fall in place. “As we attempt to push this forward there’s always the chance that something could come up and delay one of those dominos a little bit and that affects everything going forward with the process.” Schoenfelder said AZ Sourcing has been working with Arizona Water Co. for an agreement to service the complex. Meetings are also being held with Electrical District 2, he said, the Arizona Department of Transportation is reviewing traffic plans and a preliminary site plan has been submitted for city review. Clearance for a temporary entrance sign has been secured, Schoenfelder said, but there have been delays with the grading plan for that site. “The timeline for building is essentially late summer with what we’re looking at now,” Schoenfelder continued. “In other words, doing actual work for the PhoenixMart site sometime late summer, getting started on that. “The building itself is only about a 12- to 14-month timeline and if you look at an overall timeline for construction our offsite work is a longer lead time, I’ll call it reconstruction. “With as many moving pieces as we have on PhoenixMart we can’t focus just on PhoenixMart, we have to focus on the whole development. We’ve always planned to have a phase one development that includes a few other parcels beyond the PhoenixMart site. “Those are the multifamily site and then down close to the entry is the hotel site. With multifamily, last week we think we’ve secured the funding to actually develop that. The goal there is actually to have that opened right on the heels or if possible right when PhoenixMart opens, so when people are coming to visit we can have employees and other people that are owners have a place to stay and live. These are essentially leased units.

We are working on, or toying with, the idea of condominiumizing them so that people can actually own the units.” In March during a Board of Adjustment meeting, Brad Holyoak, a PhoenixMart representative who said his role is to manage the construction of the project and some of the development, outlined past problems and where the company wants to go from here. “As you know, we’ve experienced some challenges in rolling out our project,” he said. “And admittedly, many of those challenges are self-induced challenges. Board member Chuck Wright pointed out that Mayor Bob Jackson had spoken of a March start date, yet Holyoak was now talking about May. “I appreciate the question and I understand the reason for that,” Holyoak responded. “I don’t mean to imply that anybody has misled the mayor. Our intention has always been to get to a permit as early as possible. As I’ve said, we’ve had some missteps and some stumbles and some challenges, some that are our fault and some that just arise in the course of business that have led us to revise and rework some of our plans. “So, we have discussed that with the mayor and I have apologized personally, as have a number of people on our staff. The information that he had provided to the public has been information provided to him by us and on several occasions we have not been able to meet those expectations.” --It seems as if hardly a week goes by that the Phoenix television stations are not reporting yet another young child drowning in a backyard pool, either because there was no safety fence or simply because adults were not attentive. The Casa Grande Fire Department has a page outlining several pool safety tips, found at dept/fire/pool-safety-tips/. A safety video is on the same page. The tips are: Block

• Make sure your pool or spa has an effective barrier, such as a fence to help guard against unauthorized access. • Your pool or spa should have a barrier regardless of whether covered. • Door and windows leading to the pool areas should be locked. • Fence gates should have selfclosing, self-latching mechanisms. Latches need to be out of reach of young children. Watch • Never leave your child unattended in or near a swimming pool, hot tub, spa, not even for a second. • Keep toys, tricycles, and other children’s play things away from the pool or spa. • Don’t consider your children to be “drownproof” because they have taken swimming lessons. • Don’t allow barriers such as fences or walls give you a false sense of security regarding your child’s safety. Learn • Learn how to administer CPR, mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and other lifesaving techniques. To administer CPR correctly you must be properly trained. The link to the schedule of CPR classes in Casa Grande is cpr-classes/ • Know how to contact your local emergency medical services. Install a phone or keep a cordless phone in the pool or spa area. Post the emergency number in an easy to see place. • Learn to swim and teach age appropriate children to swim. • Adult supervision is the best approach in the prevention of drowning. If you live in Casa Grande and would like a pool safety inspection performed on your property, contact the Development Center at 421-8630, ext. 3111. Other pool safety links: Safe Kids USA watersafety National Drowning Prevention Alliance

Casa Grande Office 1175 E. Cottonwood lane, St 3 Casa Grande, AZ 85122 Phone (520) 494-8201 Fax (520) 494-8203





John 4:24

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aniF laicepS mA evitaN Are Our Priority argorP naoL 481 noWhere itceS ePeople hT rof dengised yllacfiiceps Special Financing for rebmem labirtNative evitaN naksalA Americans fO eht yThe b %Section 001 dee tnarLoan aug Program is a home mortgage 184 evitaN fo ecfifO s’DUdesigned H nihtiw for Native American and specifically

Alaskan Native tribal members. Section 184 loans are

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ylno ecnediser yramirP highlights: mret raey 51 roProgram 03 dexiF %52.2- tPrimary nemyapresidence nwoD - only elbatp- eFixed cca sd nuor f t15 fiGyear - term 30 lbatpecc-aDown srewopayment rrob-oC 2.25% - %5.1 yln-oGift eef funds eetnaracceptable auG Co-borrowers ni egagtrom ylhtnom oNacceptable -

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Arizona Storm Christian Music Festival

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Jo’ann Kroll & Peg Eck

Interviewed by Brett Eisele

Jo’ann & Jim Kroll and Peg Eck are who you think of when the subject of the old Desert Travel Agency arises. I had the pleasure of working with Jim on the O’Odham Tash celebration for 20 years. He was a man involved with his community! Peg and Jo’ann booked travel for my wife Susan from time to time, but little did we know Peg and the ROX Group would eventually become partners as Temptation Travel Rox! The following is a little history of that evolution. Brett Eisele CGROX: Jo'ann, let me start with you. When you and Jim came to town, what year was it? MS. KROLL: 1972. CGROX: And was it for Jim’s job with Arizona Public Service? MS. KROLL: Yes. CGROX: Eventually you had the idea of starting a travel agency. Where did that come from? MS. KROLL: Jim had early retirement in 1988 and when you have both hands empty, you have to keep them busy or they get into trouble, so.... MS. ECK: Boy, is that the truth! MS. KROLL: Desert Corporate Travel came up for sale and we thought it would be fun. CGROX: Was the previous owner Dom DiGiovani? MS. KROLL: Yes, Dom and Mary Jane. The business was located on Florence Street downtown. They retired and moved up to Sun Lakes and there were various owners of the agency until we eventually purchased it from Hope Wallace. CGROX: Did you just start a new business? MS. KROLL: No. Hope had Mary Jane running it for her and then Mary Jane wanted to retire, so it went up for sale because Hope didn't want to run two agencies at the same time with no agent in the other. The actual name of Desert Travel at the time was Desert Corporate Travel because they were only doing corporate business. When we got there, we didn't want to handle just corporate, so we just shortened

the name to Desert Travel. CGROX: When did you come on board Peg? MS. ECK: I went to travel school in '89 into '90, and about the time I was doing my internship at ADA, Jim was at Mundus Travel Agent school looking for an agent. They gave him my name and I've been here ever since. CGROX: What prompted you to get into travel? MS. ECK: I was working at the Yellow Front store on Florence Blvd. and as the assistant manager I had knowledge the business was going to close before too long. I didn't want to be in retail anymore and I loved traveling so I went to travel school. CGROX: Jo’ann, was Peg your first agent? MS. KROLL: No, when we bought Desert Corporate Travel, we also inherited one of the agents to help us because Jim and I knew nothing. We just knew we wanted an agency. We inherited an agent and she helped us through probably a year. Things weren’t going very well and all of a sudden a woman by the name of Rayanne came on board! She had previously owned her own agency and she helped us through the rough times until Peg came along. MS. ECK: I think she left right after I got there. Alice Nelson was there too. MS. KROLL: Oh yes, Rayanne and then we got Alice who had also owned her own agency at one time, she was really quite good.

CGROX: What type of travel did you specialize in? MS. KROLL: Just general travel. CGROX: Now in those days airlines paid commissions. MS. ECK: Yes, 10% unless you were a big corporation and you had special contracts with them. Then you received more for the volume, but for the everyday agency, ten percent across the board. CGROX: Was the cruise business as big then as it is now? MS. ECK: No, not even close. MS. KROLL: The TV show The Love Boat really started the cruise travel business. CGROX: What was business like in those days? MS. KROLL: It was good! CGROX: How were you making your money? Was it just airline tickets? MS. KROLL: No, trips. MS. ECK: Cruises. MS. KROLL: We were making good money because the airlines represented good money. We booked a lot of flights, and when you receive 10% on a thousand—dollar flight to Europe it was good money. CGROX: I would think you were also booking the hotels, the transportation and the tours. Were you getting paid for those as well? MS. KROLL: Yes. MS. ECK: It depended on how we booked it. If we booked individual units like an airline ticket here, a hotel over there, then it came from the individual entity, but if we


booked it through, say, Brendan Vacations then we received the commission from Brendan Vacations. CGROX: Would you have salespeople call on you? MS. ECK: We used to have lot of reps come and call on us and they were wonderful back in those days. They actually cared about us. They didn't mind coming to Casa Grande, which was out in the middle of nowhere back then. CGROX: Did Jim start promoting the business on the streets? I remember him as a great salesman. MS. KROLL: Absolutely. CGROX: You talk about Mr. Personality. MS. ECK: Yes, that was Jim and it worked! He always had the big sign on the side of his truck, "Desert Travel," one of those magnet signs. CGROX: When did the travel industry start changing? MS. ECK: The day Delta cut our commissions to five percent. It was in the early '90s, mid '90s. All the other airlines followed suit, except for Southwest. CGROX: When the commissions went to zero did it all happen at the same time? MS. ECK: Oh, no. They're like little monkeys in a parade, you know, one after another. They don't do anything together. Southwest held on as long as they could. Bless their hearts. That's why we liked selling Southwest and still do. CGROX: How has the Internet affected the business? MS. ECK: It pretty much killed it for most agencies in the United States, but I'm reading in the trade publications it's now beginning to go the other way. People are reaching the point where they don't have time to do this; they don't want to deal with it. The travel agency production is getting bigger and bigger every year. No matter what the President said, travel agencies are not dead. CGROX: How did you adjust? MS. KROLL: Charging fees was one way. MS. ECK: And focusing on the big—ticket items like the cruises and the tours, which is what Temptation Travel Rox is doing right now.

CGROX: Cruises were very big in the ‘30s ‘40s and'50s. People would board in New York and would travel to Europe. That went away when the airline industry entered the picture. Why has cruising come back? MS. ECK: Publicity and The Love Boat. That's what started it. MS. KROLL: It really did. MS. ECK: Everybody wanted to be on The Love Boat. The first cruise I took was a fam trip, (familiarization trip) and it was to the Bahamas. That cruise line no longer exists. So they have their ups and downs as well, but the ones that have stuck it out are building and building and building. CGROX: Jo'ann, did you do any cruising? MS. ECK: Oh, my God. This is the queen of the cruises here. MS. KROLL: I've been on more than 40 cruises. CGROX: And I would speculate there are people now that just live on board. MS. KROLL: Yep. They have their own cabin. You know, it's pretty nice. You get free food. You've got people that come change your linen and clean your room. It's called "The World." CGROX: Where is it? MS. ECK: It just goes from here to there, but the people are permanent residents on the ship. They just sail. Never quit. MS. KROLL: You can live on it part time, but you still —— it's like —— MS. ECK: Like having a condo on Maui. CGROX: You just sail all over the world? MS. ECK: Pretty much. CGROX: And, Peg, you say the pendulum is swinging the other way now? MS. ECK: It is. I've seen more and more advertising on TV. Trafalgar tours has one out right now. In big letters near the end of the commercial "call your travel agent," and then it will give the 800 number. But "call your travel agent" is in gigantic letters. More and more of the tour companies are starting to do that again. They want our help because they need it. CGROX: Especially with travel overseas, tell us why you should have a travel agent rather than booking it online. MS. ECK: Good question.





MS. KROLL: A lot of people do not realize the insurance they have may not cover them out of the country. Medicare for instance, a lot of people think their policy will cover them out of the country, but it's U.S. only. That's one of the first questions we ask is: Do you have insurance? Does your insurance cover you out of the country? Where, if you book on the Internet, they're not going to ask. MS. ECK: And they're not going to explain to you why you need it. CGROX: I will give you an example as to why you need a travel agent. My wife and I were in London during Christmas four years ago when that huge snowstorm hit London and Heathrow airport was shut down. All the flights were canceled. Nothing moving in or out of London, even trains were stranded. Our original return flight was booked for three days before Christmas from Heathrow to Phoenix. Because of the storm there was nothing we could do, but we had used a travel agent. The travel agent found flights for us to get back, because remember, we were looking at a week, almost a week—and—a—half before we could get out. The earliest flight she found was Christmas day. Now it was via Timbuktu, but if we hadn't used our travel agent to find the flight we would have been stuck in London another five days at least. She knew who to call and you can’t do that on the internet. MS. ECK: Another good reason to book everything with the tour operator or the cruise line is they'll take care of that for you. CGROX: Who was the easiest for you to work for? MS. KROLL: Princess, because I had sailed on her the most and I knew about and had been on most of the itineraries and I could tell the client “that's a good restaurant” or “this tour is the best” or whatever. CGROX: Peg, who's easiest for you to work with? MS. ECK: All About Hawaii. They are the most wonderful company to work with. They do Hawaii, of course, but they do southern California and they do the South Pacific.

Continued on page 38


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I N S U R A N C E ROX U Staff Reports


nlike auto and home insurance, commercial insurance has many facets. There are numerous types of coverages along with choosing the proper limits. As a commercial insurance broker, I pride myself in recommending what we believe to be the proper coverages. There is one coverage, in my opinion, that is widely misunderstood and overlooked by businesses; Loss of Business Income also known as Business Interruption (“BI”). This was recently brought to the forefront when one of my insureds sustained a major fire and the building was a total loss. As you can imagine, business operations ceased. So what happens to this business? Is it finished? Does the insured go broke? Fortunately, NO. Let’s look at a broad definition of Business Interruption coverage. First there has to be a covered loss at the building the business is located in. The business has to have a policy that covers the business at this location. The loss, i.e. fire, has to be a covered peril under the policy terms. The covered peril, i.e. fire, has to interrupt business operations and there is an actual loss of income from the covered peril. Note that I used fire as a covered peril; there are many covered perils in a commercial policy, and this is just one example. The loss of income coverage will pay the net profit/loss before taxes plus any necessary continuing operating expenses typically for up to one year. This may include moving to a temporary location and necessary expenses associated with the temporary operation at this location. This is the coverage that keeps the business owner afloat while his building is being repaired and no or little business is being conducted. For the sake of expedience and lack of space I will not go into details of the types of BI coverage. That is something you, the reader and business person, should discuss with your insurance broker. In simple terms there are 2 types of Business Interruption coverages. One is the Actual Loss Sustained (“ALS”) and the other is a stated fixed dollar amount. ALS is the better of the two coverages as there is no need to determine how

much coverage to purchase. The insurer will pay all covered losses up to 12 months without limit. If your policy has this provision you are well covered. There are always exceptions and once normal business operations begin, the coverage ends. The real issue I have with this coverage is that it is difficult to determine the right amount of coverage. In the event of a loss, it is ultimately up to the insured to maintain the proper coverage. If you are a business owner, you should review your coverages. If you have Business Income with Actual Loss Sustained you are just fine, but if you have a stated fixed dollar amount, you need to complete a business income worksheet. You may be thinking what are the odds of my business sustaining such a loss? Well, it may be small but if you are the unlucky one and have the right coverage all will not be lost. As an example, one of the many gun shops/ranges that I insure had a major fire a little over a year ago. The fire started in the basement shooting range and quickly spread to the rest of the building. All the occupants escaped without harm but the building was totaled. As you can imagine, the business owner was frantic when I got the call. She owned the building and the business. Initially her thought was that her business was ruined. She knew it would take many, many months to rebuild. After discussing the various coverages that were contained in her policy, she was relieved to discover the carrier was going to pay for her loss of business income. Now the real question: With a stated dollar coverage, was there going to be enough coverage to pay for this loss? In this case, the coverage limit was $250,000 and at the end of a year the carrier covered the loss at about $200,000. This included the net profits and continuing expenses along with the costs to set up a temporary office. The sole purpose of the article is to get you, the business owner, to examine your existing policy. This way in the unlikely event there is a major loss you will have the coverage your really need.


442 W. Kortsen Rd., Suite 101 Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Cindy Garcia

Irene Rayrao





Travel Insurance covers more than just the cost of your trip


By Mark Torpey, CTC, Regional Director of SalesSouthwest US & National Accounts MH Ross Travel Insurance Services

Travel insurance is an added cost to an already expensive trip. Then why spend that money when you know you're going,you know you and the family are healthy? Our good friend at MHRoss Insurance, Mr Mark Torpey, was kind enough to give us a few very good reasons why you should always at least consider spending those extra dollars. If nothing else, his words will make you think next time you travel.

Photo courtesy of On Call International


ccording to the US Travel Insurance Association, “one in six Americans’ travel plans have been impacted by medical conditions, mechanical or carrier-caused problems, or natural disasters including severe weather.” When booking your next trip, ask yourself, “Can I afford the financial risk of losing my vacation investment if something goes wrong due to illness, flight delays, cancellations or severe weather?” If your trip is delayed or canceled due to any one of these reasons, travel insurance can save you money by covering your trip costs. But did you know it does more than just reimburse you for the cost of your trip? Travel insurance plans are designed to cover you, your belongings and the cost of your travel arrangements against a variety of unforeseeable reasons. In fact, travel insurance covers you against the many risks of traveling including accidents, illness, missed flights, canceled tours, lost luggage, theft, terrorism, travelcompany bankruptcies and more. Actually, the most expensive financial risks of traveling are medical expenses. Carol, a 67- Arizona resident, found this to be true when she took the trip of a lifetime – a Greek Islands cruise. Carol was looking to forward to exploring a part of Europe she had never visited before. However, as soon as she arrived in Athens, Carol slipped and fell in the hotel lobby. She was rushed to the hospital where it was determined that she had a broken hip. Instead of setting sail from Athens, Greece, Carol had emergency surgery.

Unfortunately, she also developed get home as soon as possible. They dysentery and was not responding well. interrupted their trip at the next port As soon as she was stabilized, Carol of call and flew home immediately. needed to be evacuated to Arizona The total cost was $25,000 per person immediately. After she was deemed and their total claim of $100,000 was able to travel, her insurance provided covered by travel insurance. medical evacuation coverage back to Emergencies happen when you Arizona using a commercial carrier. least expect it. In addition to covering Because she could not yet sit upright, medical and trip expenses, travel Carol had to travel as insurance also provides a stretcher patient “One in six a 24-hour assistance with an accompanying line so that you Americans’ travel phone medical attendant. can speak to a nurse, find plans have been The plane made its doctors, help arrange way from Athens to accommodations, impacted by Los Angeles. When she contact your family arrived in Los Angeles, medical conditions, or receive additional Carol was flown via air assistance in case of mechanical or ambulance to Phoenix, emergency. carrier-caused and all of those On average, travel expenses and plans problems, or natural insurance costs 4-8% of were taken care of by total trip cost and disasters including your her travel insurance is based on the cost and severe weather.” policy. length of your trip, as Carol made a full well as the age of the recovery and was not only reimbursed passengers. So whether it's the trip for the cost of her trip she couldn’t costs, your luggage, or medical costs, take, but also all of the expenses for travel insurance is a wise investment the ambulance, surgery, subsequent for your next vacation. hospitalization and air evacuation. Needing medical care outside of the United States, Medicare and probably her supplemental plan would not have provided any coverage. In the end, Carol invested $200 in a travel insurance plan that paid for well over $100,000 in expenses. Janet, Jeffrey, Joyce and Arthur, two couples, learned the importance of travel insurance while celebrating their 65th birthdays on a cruise to Southeast Asia. During their trip, they received a phone call. Janet and Jeffrey’s son-in-law had passed away at the age of 30. This horribly sad and unexpected event left both of the couples wanting to


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• Crowns & Bridges • Restorative Dentistry • Root Canal Therapy • Teeth Whitening • Extractions • Full & Partial Dentures CASA GRANDE FAMILY DENTISTRY


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Let us Check Your Batteries! I

t’s time for a check-up! You go to the doctor or dentist for your annual checkup to make sure all is well with your health, but what about the health of your car or truck battery? With summer temperatures just around the corner, it is time to make sure your vehicle is ready for the challenges of an Arizona summer. You want reliability from your car or truck battery. You want the battery to do what it is supposed to do - start your vehicle. Don’t wait until you’ve just loaded groceries into the trunk of your car (don’t forget the ice cream!) to find out your car won’t start due to a dead battery. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at Batteries + Bulbs in Casa Grande want you to make it home from the grocery store before the ice cream melts, so come on in for a FREE battery test. Should you need a new battery, the store is stocked with fresh, top quality batteries to fit just about every make and model of vehicle. During the professional installation of your new battery, we will inspect your connections, cables, hold down and battery tray, and make sure the new battery is securely installed to provide maximum power and reliability. Many of your vehicle’s systems rely on the battery to operate properly, so buy the right size and capacity battery the first time. We are here to help you maintain your vehicle all year around, but now is a good time to get that battery checked so you won’t have to deal with a dead battery and cleaning up all that melted ice cream in your trunk!

Batteries + Bulbs is located at 1275 E. Florence Blvd and is open 7 days a week for your convenience. While we install your car battery, browse the store for the best selection of cell phone, laptop, camcorder and digital camera batteries. Oh, and we are the place to shop for all of your lighting needs!




Watch Battery & Installation

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Over 45,000 batteries, light bulbs & related products



Rebate on Duracell® Procell® A Shape LED Light Bulbs

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Scott P. Gunnell, DDS






ince opening our doors in 2007, we at Desert Sky Dental have been welcoming families and friends to our office to enjoy exceptional, personalized dentistry.

(520) 423-0022 • 1550 E. Florence Blvd. Suite 104, Casa Grande •

Back Pain Too Much To Bare? We Can Help! Our whole body approach uses interventional therapy to reduce pain and inflammation and promote healing so you can LIVE WITH OUT THE PAIN!


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We Do Property Management

Don’t let the middle of the night phone calls keep you awake!

Our professional staff will handle all aspects of your rental properties including: tenant find and screening, accounting, collections, evictions and repairs. Call 520.423.8250 or email:

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“Standard Deduction” is not as bad as you think!

By Dan Mace, CPA


often get clients that are disappointed when they can no longer itemize their deductions. The largest itemized deduction for many taxpayers is their mortgage interest expense. As more people have either purchased a house at a great value, or refinanced their mortgage due to the low interest rates over the past couple of years, this deduction has been decreasing. As a result, more homeowners are able to take advantage of the standard deduction in lieu of itemizing their deductions. For some reason people seem to have been led to believe that they must be doing something wrong if they are not able to itemize their deductions. While this may be the case in some instances, for example, if you have not kept good records regarding allowable deductions. However, in a lot of circumstances, using the standard deduction is not a bad thing. The standard deduction is an amount that all taxpayers are allowed to reduce their income by regardless of how much they incur in tax deductible expenses. The amount you are allowed as a standard deduction varies depending on your filing status, as well as a few other restrictions. The amount of the standard deduction is adjusted annually. For 2014, the standard deductions are:

Single/Married Filing Separate Head of Household Married Filing Joint

$6,200 $9,100 $12,400

In addition, there are additions to the standard deduction for taxpayers over the age of 65 or taxpayers that are blind. Generally, you have the option of either using the standard deduction or detailing your tax deductible expenses. Typical itemized deductions consist of:

• Mortgage Interest • Charitable Contributions (Cash and Non-Cash) • Taxes Paid (Property Taxes or Sales Taxes Paid) • Medical Expenses in excess of a percentage of your income • Miscellaneous Deductions in excess of a percentage of your income There are other adjustments that you have to take into account if your adjusted gross income exceeds a base amount. The math is pretty simple. You add up your allowable itemized deductions, and if the amount is more than the standard deduction for your filing status, you use the higher amount. This is where some folks tend to get lost in the details without looking at the big picture. If you have added up your allowable expense and they are not as high as the standard deduction, the government has actually allowed you to deduct more expenses than you incurred. Remember, you generally only save 15-39.6% for every dollar you are allowed to deduct. So, while being able to deduct your mortgage interest is definitely a great benefit of home ownership, not having enough itemized deductions only means that you are saving money. I don’t know about you, but I would rather give the government 25 cents than give the bank a dollar. I still have 75 cents to save or spend as I desire! Of course, every situation can be different, so please remember to discuss your individual situation with your tax advisor to find out what is best for you.

Dan Mace, CPA is a Tax Manager in the Casa Grande Office of Henry & Horne, LLP specializing in individuals and small businesses. He can be reached at or (520) 836-8201.








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Continued from Page 27; Chatting with Travel Pros: Peg Eck & Jo’ann Kroll Anything you need, they're right there. If there's a problem, they fix it and they have the best rates. CGROX: What do you see in the future Peg? MS. ECK: People are starting to understand they do need to come see us. They do need our help because things are so complicated out there now. CGROX: So how do you protect yourself? If we get back to the Internet issue, say your client finds something that they like, what's to say they won't go to the Internet and book it themselves? MS. ECK: That's what we have to live with if they do. CGROX: Logic would dictate when a client first comes in, you would make the them understand they don’t pay for the services of the travel agency. MS. ECK: That's one of the first things we tell a customer. We do not charge you extra to do this work. There are a lot of agencies, especially in the big cities like Phoenix, that will charge you a $200 service fee just to walk in the door, non—refundable. CGROX: And that's how they're making money? MS. ECK: Yes and if you don't book with them, you're out 200 bucks. We don’t do that to our customers. We have to go with our knowledge and our personalities and our willingness to do the job. CGROX: Jo'ann, what do you miss? Was there a lot of camaraderie? MS. KROLL: Yes, at times tense, but for the most part it was very relaxed. We went to every trade show and seminar together up in the Valley. We'd pile the whole gang into Jim’s truck and take off for Phoenix and they'd say —— MS. ECK: "Here comes Jim and his harem." CGROX: Peg, when the Kroll’s retired and sold the business what prompted you to take over? MS. ECK: I didn't. I basically moved home and worked from there. I went with this company out of Mesa and just worked as

an at—home agent, just puttering around mostly, until one day when this tall, good— looking guy walked in my house and said, "Did you ever think about joining another agency?" And I went, “not only no, but, Hell no”. And the next thing I know here I am. It must have been the smile. MS. KROLL: What I was going to say earlier was one of the best things we did was join ASTA and —— MS. ECK: Especially at the end when Jim was the President of Arizona ASTA. MS. KROLL: And then he went national for one term. MS. ECK: Everybody on God's green Earth in the travel business knew who Jim Kroll was. CGROX: What does "ASTA" stand for? MS. ECK: American Society of Travel Agents. "Without a travel agent, you're on your own." That's our slogan. CGROX: Peg, how long between when Jo'ann got out of the business and you were on your own until ROX came along? MS. ECK: October of '07 we closed the doors at the agency and I worked from home until 2010. Soon it will be two years in the office at Kortsen and Pinal with ROX. CGROX: Your partner, Roxanne, is a destination wedding expert. I had just been talking with Roxanne about weddings and destinations and ideas on marketing the product when one Saturday morning I was on a Southwest Airlines flight to San Diego. There was a woman sitting next to me and a man next to her and I just deduced that they're married. But on her lap was a Modern Bride magazine and I said to her; I don't mean to get personal, but are you two getting married? She said with a big smile; Why, yes, we are. So the salesman in me kicked in, and I asked: what is it you want to do? She said: We're thinking of a destination wedding. Where do you want to go? I'd like to go to Hawaii! Now, Peg is a Hawaii expert. MS. KROLL: That’s right, she is. CGROX: And Roxanne is a destination wedding expert.

Somehow or another I wangled the woman’s card from her, they lived in Scottsdale, so I had Roxanne contact the woman and lo and behold, they booked the trip. It wasn't a destination wedding, but they —— MS. ECK: It was the honeymoon. CGROX: The moral of the story is the trick nowadays is basically word of mouth and basic marketing. MS. KROLL: That was another thing too, Brett, was getting the word out. We really weren't making the money to advertise locally, because what little we had, we had rent, we had utilities, we had salaries. And then when you come right down to advertising, you almost had to, and we did run an ad in the paper. MS. ECK: I was going to say regarding the advertising, when I was in travel school, it was one of the first things they told us was a customer has to see an advertisement 27 times before they hit and that’s why we advertise in ROX! Magazine and Smart Shopper statewide. CGROX: In closing Jo'ann, were you happy in the business and do you miss it? MS. KROLL: I loved it, just loved it! And, yes, I do miss it. One great memory I have was the cruise Jim and I were on that really kind of blew me away. It was when we went to Patmos and the tour guide took us down this little, rocky, steep set of stairs towards the water and then took us to this cave, and the guide said: “this is where John wrote Revelations”. Wow! If we hadn’t been cruising we would never had that experience. That’s the power of travel. CGROX: Peg is there anything you'd like to see happen that hasn't happened yet in the travel business? MS. ECK: I just want people to understand we're here for a reason. We are the experts. We have the knowledge. We've been there. And if we personally haven't been there, we know somebody who has. We can find these things out for you. You don't have to spend all that time on the Internet looking up one little thing. We already know it or we can find it for you. CGROX: Good advice, thanks to you both!

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Associates in Pediatric & Internal Medicine Michael P. Ridge, M.D., F.A.A.P., A.B.I.M. Darryl R. Brown, M.D. LaTrecia M. Herring, M.D., F.A.A.P., A.B.I.M. Douglas E. Parkin, M.D., F.A.A.P. Natalie A. Teng, M.D. Craig W. Connor, PA-C Kevin G. Hall, PA-C Denise C. Sarsam, RN, MSN, FNP-C C. Marlene Hoeft, RN, MSN, FNP-C Derral E. Hawthorne, PA-C Kelsie D. Pate, RN, MSN, FNP-C 560 N Camino Mercado, Suite 7 (520) 836-5538 Casa Grande, AZ 85122 (800) 895-5538 Fax (520) 876-0878 Accepting New Patients

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Dr. Tyson Davis, D.D.S. & Staff Dr. Tyson A. Davis grew up in Mesa, Arizona and graduated from Mesa High School. After high school he attended Arizona State University for a semester, and then served a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Venezuela, where he learned to speak fluent Spanish. Upon returning from Venezuela, he continued his education at Brigham Young University where he studied Physiology and Developmental Biology. Dr. Tyson Davis studied dentistry at one of the top dental schools in the country; University of the Pacific Arthur A. Dugoni School of Dentistry in beautiful San Francisco. He received his Doctor of Dental Surgery and graduated with honors for academic excellence. While attending BYU, he met his wife Courtney and they married before the start of dental school. They now have two beautiful children, Colter (6) and Adalyn (2). Dr. Davis finds the most joy in spending time with his family. He also enjoys watching and playing all sports, especially golf, riding quads and motorcycles, and simply being outdoors. Dr. Davis has been at Agave Dentistry for about four and a half years. Agave Dentistry is a general family dental office and they see patients ranging in age from young children to adults. They do cleanings, whitening, fillings, implants, dentures, root canals, and any other dental service you need. They understand how painful a toothache can be, and do all they can to make time to see people with emergencies. They realize that going to the dentist can be scary, but they have a lot of experience helping uneasy patients feel more comfortable in the dental chair. Dr. Davis’ favorite part about his job is interacting with patients. He genuinely loves talking to and being around people. The most rewarding part of his job is seeing people more confident with their smiles before they leave the office. Call the office to see how you can get free whitening for life as a patient of Agave Dentistry. Dr. Davis has a wonderful staff who have a collective total of over 100 years combined dental experience. His staff members are hardworking and excellent at keeping a positive work environment. They are friendly and kind, and go above and beyond to put their Staff Photo: Juli, Sindy, MacKenzie, Dr. Davis, Monica, Melanie, Maria

Dr. Davis and Family

patients first and make sure they are comfortable. We would like to introduce you to a couple of our fabulous staff members: Juli is one of our amazing dental assistants. She was born and raised in Washington State and relocated to Casa Grande about 5 years ago. She has worked with Dr. Davis for 4 years, and enjoys being part of the Agave team. She says, “Dr. Davis is great and our staff and patients are wonderful. My favorite part of my job is implant dentistry. I really enjoy being able to help people improve their smiles. I enjoy spending my spare time with my husband and our dog, Max.” Our other wonderful full-time dental assistant is Maria. She was born and raised in Lima, Peru and just moved to Arizona with her husband last year from Newman, Georgia. She is happy to be working at Agave Dentistry and likes that it gives her the opportunity to meet and help the wonderful people of Casa Grande, her new hometown. Maria loves animals. She says, “My dream is to create a sanctuary to take care of and save animals from life cruelty. I hope one day my dream comes true. Well, now you know a little bit about me and I would love to know a little bit from you. I am looking forward to meeting you at Agave Dentistry, so see you soon…” Agave Dentistry is currently accepting new patients. Call us today at (520) 876-9955.


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& Cleaning


Tyson A. Davis D.D.S Expires 7/31/14

for life

For new and existing patients. Call for details. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Expires 7/31/14

FREE Whitening

Coupon must be presented at initial visit. Specials are for new and existing patients with no insurance. Coupon cannot be combined with free whitening or any other offers.



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1800 E. Florence Blvd. Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Dear Neighbor: After almost 30 years of service to this community, our local hospital has achieved another milestone to celebrate by joining with Banner Health. Our community hospital begins a new and exciting journey as Banner Casa Grande Medical Center. The hospital is now one of the 25 hospitals that comprise Banner Health, which has an outstanding reputation for patient quality, safety and innovation. Banner Health is a non-profit health system and its mission is: We exist to make a difference in peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s lives through excellent patient care. With that mission at the heart of everything we do, our dedicated employees will continue to serve this community with the compassion and caring that they have repeatedly demonstrated. Most of all, I am pleased that we can continue to offer our community outstanding health care locally. I am proud to be a member of this local community and look forward to the many advantages that Banner Health will bring to our community and our facilityâ&#x20AC;&#x201D;including a remodel of the front lobby and a refresh of our maternity unit. Thank you for your ongoing support and I hope you will join me in wholeheartedly welcoming Banner to Casa Grande as we continue to pursue quality care, innovation and an exceptional patient experience. We always welcome feedback from our community, so please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions or concerns as we move into this new and positive future.

To your health,

Rona Curphy Chief Executive Officer Banner Casa Grande Medical Center








Casa Grande Regional Medical Center is now Banner Casa Grande Medical Center. That means your community hospital, already known for providing outstanding care, is now part of a health system nationally known for innovation. We understand that people heal better when surrounded by friends and family. That’s why Banner Health is committed to bringing innovation in intensive care, obstetrics and patient care close to home. We couldn’t be happier to continue serving this community with medical advancements that help save lives and enhance patient satisfaction—right where you need it. (520) 381-6300 • •




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By Donna Brown-Salazar, M. Ed. in Counseling, LISAC

Inside every child is an Emotional Tank waiting to be filled with love. When a child really feels loved, he will develop normally but, when the love tank is empty, the child will misbehave. Much of the misbehavior by children is motivated by cravings of an empty Love Tank.” (The Five Love Languages, by Dr. Ross Campbell). The first few years of a child’s life are the most critical in the development of attachment. Attachment is the deep connection established between a child and caregiver during the first years of life and it profoundly influences every component of the human condition: mind, body, emotions, relationships, and values. The intensity and quality of the child’s attachment to the caregiver is created through the quality of sensitivity, attunement, and responsiveness of the parent toward the child. The first year of life is the primary year of needs. The infant’s essential needs are touch, eye-contact, movement, smiles, and nourishment. When the infant has a need he typically expresses the need through crying. Ideally, the caregiver is able to recognize what the child needs and responds accordingly in order to satisfy the need. Through these repetitive interactions, the child learns that the world is a safe place and trust develops However, when the initial attachment is impaired, children lack the ability to form and maintain loving relationships. They grow up with an impaired ability to trust the world is a safe place and others will care for them. When this sense of trust is absent, children believe they must be hyper-vigilant about their own safety. They engage in a survival mode, and emotionally they believe if they do not control their world they will not survive. When young children feel repeatedly abandoned, isolated, powerless, or uncared for they learn they cannot depend on others and the world is a dangerous and frightening place. Environments that place a child at risk for attachment disorders include but, are not limited to the following: • Neglect • Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse • Painful or undiagnosed illness/injury • Sudden separation from the primary caregiver • Physical or psychological abandonment by mother • Premature birth • Prenatal abuse including alcohol and/ or drug abuse, poor nutrition and/or exposure to domestic violence • Frequent foster placements and failed adoptions In today’s society, the behavioral health field is witnessing an alarming rise in the

number of young children presenting with symptoms of attachment disorders. Some of the most common symptoms of attachment disorder include the following: • Antisocial and aggressive acting out behavior • Self-destructive behavior (i.e. head banging) • Cruelty to animals • Stealing • Lying • Preoccupation with fire • Superficially charming • Problems regarding food hoarding and gorging (may reflect control issues and a need to fill their emotional emptiness) • Sleep disturbance (nightmares, night terrors, disturbed sleep patterns) • Enuresis and encopresis are typical manifestations of anger, aggression, and control issues • Lack of impulse control/hyperactivity • Inappropriately demanding/clingy • Defiant • Persistent nonsense questions and incessant chatter • Difficulty with change • Indiscriminately affectionate with strangers • Lack of or unstable peer relationships • High pain tolerance Some of these behaviors serve as controlling and are extremely effective at keeping caregivers at a safe distance. Over time the child’s behavior becomes more disruptive while the caregivers become frustrated. Ambivalent children long for a connection; however, alienate others by their clingy and needy behavior. They try desperately to get their caregiver’s attention; however, are chronically anxious about how the caregiver will respond. When young children are “acting out” and/or having “melt downs” what they are communicating by their actions is, “All this chaos feels too much for me. When I feel scared or confused I might act out of control and it’s at that time I am telling you I don’t know what to do with how I’m feeling.” In order to correct attachment disorders and promote secure attachment within children, caregivers need to send the following message through their words and actions, “I know what you need in order to feel safe, and I will meet your needs.” Caregivers need to understand the child’s misbehavior is a misguided search for the love they did not feel; and have been seeking love in all of the wrong places and in all of the wrong ways. Parenting children with attachment disorders is a challenging and demanding responsibility. Caregivers need sufficient support from both inside and outside

This article was written in Loving Memory of Teresa Menchaca, co-founder of Corazon Behavioral Health Services, who dedicated her life to helping children and families. She was an inspirational mentor and dear friend.

the family. They need to establish and maintain a family climate conducive to positive change, attachment, and healing. In order to parent children with attachment disorders effectively, caregivers must provide the same key ingredients as secure parent-infant attachment. Caregivers must provide a structured home environment with predictable routines and respond to the child with nurturing that continually changes based on the developmental needs and capabilities of the child. The child initially requires considerable structure in order to feel safe and secure with the caregiver. Therapeutic interventions for the treatment of attachment disorders should include parent education, attachment parenting skills and techniques, and therapy. The parent education is designed to help parents understand children with attachment disorders: how they feel, how they think, and their internal psychological dynamics. They are taught not to react to the child’s emotions with anger, anxiety, or shock. Rather they learn to convey a sense of safety and being capable of handling the child’s intense feelings. Attachment parenting enables caregivers to provide warm and affectionate interactions, allowing children to seek comfort when needed. This, in turn, results in more cooperative and compliant behavior by the child. The primary goal is to resolve the child’s fear of loving and being loved.









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Local School Newswire

Southern Arizona Superintendents TO RUN IN BOSTON MARATHON

Casa Grande Elementary School District is




m un

Fa m ili

The responsibility is Yours and Mine


in Tucson, St. George, UT and Portland, OR, they have also completed personal running challenges together including running from the North to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Poling has also run his share of marathons and, more recently, ultra marathons. The superintendents reference the principle of leading by example. They have a responsibility to model a healthy, active lifestyle to their communities, especially with the increasing problem of obesity in both children and adults. Running also provides a great supply of metaphors for speeches and conversations with their staff. Woodall and Baker, whose districts are the top two ranking in Arizona, have stated that school improvement is much like running a marathon. It requires a clear and ambitious goal, like a finish line 26 miles away, and thousands of steps. Maintain a steady, disciplined pace and make sure each step is in the right direction, and the long distance goal is attained. And, of course, running 26.2 miles can help to relieve a superintendent’s stress as well. Baker states, “I’m depending on ‘Heartbreak Hill’ to take my mind off of school budget problems for just a few minutes.”

ho Sc

It is expected that school superintendents push for excellence in their respective school districts. In a profession that resembles more of a lifestyle than a job, it isn't surprising to see successful school superintendents push themselves in their personal lives as well. Four local area school superintendents use distance running for just this purpose and this year's 118th running of the Boston Marathon will be their personal measuring stick. For Calvin Baker (Vail), David Woodall (Benson), Frank Davidson (Casa Grande), and Steve Poling (Hereford), the personal goal of running in the Boston Marathon takes on event greater meaning in light of the tragedies at last year's event. “The marathon is an experience that is all about resilience. The hundreds of people whose lives were altered on Boylston Street that afternoon have shown incredible resilience, and we should all learn from their example,” Davidson states. Baker, Woodall, and Davidson have completed many marathons together. They qualified for Boston by running the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, MN last summer. Along with running marathons

Success for Every One

ts en ud St


The choice for families in Casa Grande

Did You Know? • Casa Grande Elementary has more A+ Schools and A+ Programs than any other school district in Pinal County • The District has a proven, rigorous instructional program built upon “Success for Every One”

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Growing New Leaders. Summer


ebster’s Dictionary defines the word envision as: to think of (something that you believe might exist or happen in the future): to picture (something) in your mind. To me, Envision means a life-changing opportunity through an incredible learning experience where Washington, DC will serve as a living classroom and the most educational experience that has taken place in my life. I am Shamus Leach, an 8th grade student at Cactus Middle School. I was recently nominated by my teacher, Ms. Tami Livermon-Dill, who recognized me as a student who has achieved academic excellence and possesses strong leadership potential to attend the Junior National Young Leaders Conference (JrNYLC): Foundations of Leadership I, a six-day Envision program to be held this summer in Washington, DC. By

attending the Junior National Young Leaders Conference, I believe I will be taking steps on a path to success in high school, college and my future career. My participation in this program depends on whether I can raise $3,190 in sponsorships. The program tuition is $1,995 and I must also cover my travel to the program and cover the cost while there. I have been investing every dollar I can of my own money and I have been putting in efforts in fundraising, and sending out sponsorship request letters. Additionally, I have received help through family and friends. Although some of my efforts have failed, I am already learning that leaders do not quit…giving up is not an option and I simply must meet my goal. I will meet my goal. I want to Thank Mr. Rock Earle at Rox! Magazine for sponsoring me and foreseeing




Shamus Leach

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Preparing Today’s Students to be Tomorrow’s Leaders

Now Enrolling for Fall!

Campuses: Signal Peak Campus 8470 N. Overfield Rd. Coolidge, AZ 85128

Aravaipa Campus 80440 E. Aravaipa Rd. Winkelman, AZ 85192

Maricopa Campus 17945 N. Regent Dr. Maricopa, AZ 85138

Casa Grande Center 1015 E. Florence Blvd. Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Corporate Center 540 N Camino Mercado Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Florence Center 800 E Butte Ave. Florence, AZ 85132


San Tan Campus 3736 E. Bella Vista Rd. San Tan Valley, AZ 85143


Superstition Mountain Campus 805 S. Idaho Rd. Apache Junction, AZ 85119


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Time to Get Ready for Back to School…

Submitted by Legacy Traditional Schools


chool just let out for the summer. Time for swimming, barbecues, family vacations and…preparing the kids for going back to school. Yes, you read that right. According to the experts, the time to get your kids ready for the transition from school’s-out to back-to-school is now and throughout the summer months. A study conducted at the University of Missouri-Columbia found that students’ learning capacity decreased after a long summer vacation. That doesn’t mean parents need to set up a classroom in their living rooms. “Students can be best prepared for the new school year by feeling confident about what they have learned in the previous years,” said Brittany Afsa, an instructional coach with Legacy Traditional Schools. “When students feel confident and have high self esteem it tends to motivate them and get them excited for what they will learn in the new school year.” Parents can design a variety of summer activities to keep their kids’ confidence high and their minds sharp and engaged, for example: • Trips to the library or a museum • Keeping a summer journal of family adventures • Planting and growing a vegetable garden • Reading and talking about books Even family road trips provide great learning opportunities: • Make up phrases using the letters on license plates. • Add the numbers on license plates and try to find the plate with the highest and lowest total. • Make up stories about the people in the next car.

• Build a word one letter at a time (each successive player adds a letter). • Take turns naming cities or countries that begin with “A.” Move on to each letter of the alphabet. In addition to keeping kids’ minds stimulated, the transition back to school will be easier with pre-planning. provides a comprehensive checklist for parents that includes: • Familiarize yourself with the information on the school website • Check the school website or call for a list of required supplies • Review the school dress code • Make sure your child has all required immunizations • Schedule a physical exam for your child, particularly if needed to participate in school activities • Notify the principal's office, the school nurse, and your child's teachers about any health problems or medications Finally, keeping kids physically active and fueled with nutritional foods is as beneficial for their minds as well as their bodies. “First and foremost, warding off germs and sickness at school starts with a healthy body,” said Tiffany Kashima-Brown, RN, CSN, school nurse for Legacy Traditional School’s Chandler campus. “Feeding their bodies with healthy food choices gives their immune system the tools it needs to fight off germs.” To learn more about Legacy Traditional School – Casa Grande or to schedule a campus tour please visit, or call 1-480-385-1551.






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“We were concerned how difficult it would be for a 6-year-old to tr ansfer to a new school, but the Legacy teachers and staff made it an easy tr ansition. He is loving school, full of confidence and proud of his accomplishments. We cannot pr aise this school enough.” ~ Shelly B., Legacy parent

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Continued from page 49: Growning New Leaders

Hello To Casa Grande, a 16 years old My name is Jeppe, I am Denmark. I have exchange student from ced with the been so lucky to be pla my new family Earle family, who will be . I can´t wait to for the next 10 months a part of your meet all of you and be ning Vista Grande community as well as joi nce the world High School and experie ool spirit. known American high-sch change student I chose to become an ex s in Michigan the because my brother wa an amazing time. previous year and had e American I want to experience th g relationships culture and get life-lon more, I would with new friends. Further sh skills. like to improve my Engli nce the hot I look forward to experie e in Arizona, temperature and climat Denmark. which is the opposite of

in me that this educational endeavor will be well worth his time and donation. I also want to thank the many people and sponsors who believe in me and have helped me get this far in reaching my financial goal. I, now, humbly reach out and ask all of you to find in your heart to believe in someone you do not know, and envision what paying forward to the Send Shamus To DC Fund can do. You can make your contribution to www. paypal/send enter and then the amount you wish to contribute. My deadline to raise the monies needed to attend this amazing conference is June 19, 2014. Thank You, Shamus Leach Shamus is not only very smart academically, involved in school and in his community, but also one that takes advantage of great opportunities. He was made aware of the opportunity to visit Washington D.C. when his PE teacher, Mrs. Tami Livermon-Dill informed Shamus of his nomination to attend in the National Young Leaders Conference: Foundations in Leadership I. The cost is not a deterrent for him as he’s been raising money to get himself there through car washes and other donations. He’s a very active student at Cactus beyond the academics. Shamus was involved in the football, baseball, and basketball teams throughout this school year. He played the lead in the school production of Guys and Dolls, Jr. where he showcased his singing and acting talents. In addition, Cactus has emphasized service to the community. Shamus was involved in improving the school through clean-ups and painting and within the Casa Grande community. It doesn’t surprise me that Shamus was nominated for this opportunity and I look forward to him making the most of Washington D.C. once he gets there. Mr. David Owen, Principal of Cactus Middle School

Host an Exchange

Host an Exchange Student this year! Student this year! Open Your Home

Open Your Home

Across the US, families are welcoming talented and motivated

Across the US, families are welcoming talented and motivated

high school students into their homes this Fall. Students come

high school students into their homes this Fall. Students come

from over 60 countries and share your enthusiasm for

from over 60 countries and share your enthusiasm for

education, personal growth, and cultural exchange.

education, personal growth, and cultural exchange.

Make a Difference Make a Difference If your family enjoys exploring new cultures and nurturing If your family enjoys exploring new cultures and nurturing youth, please contact us to request more information youth, please contact us to request more information about this amazing opportunity to share lifeyour withlife a with a about this amazing opportunity toyour share special young person and toand learn you canyou make special young person to how learn how cana make a difference. difference.

To Learn More, Contact Charlotte Loomer To Learn More, Contact Charlotte Loomer | 480.529.9933 | | 480.529.9933 |








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magine a classroom that is a hub of instruction for students and teachers located anywhere in the world; an optimization of learning where technology facilitates an environment in which students move at their pace. All materials for the class are in digital form, stored in the cloud and available to students prior to, during and after class. The teachers classroom instruction is available live to the world while a video copy is automatically saved and available for reference. This is all accomplished with top quality free software from Google and Apple. Every handout, instructional material, digital reference, and teaching moment is live to the world then virtually preserved to the cloud for every class every day.

Cambridge Preparatory Academy is a public, tuition-free charter school with a private school setting.

WE OFFER: • Small class size taught by Certified and Highly Qualified Instructors • Limited enrollment • 200 day school year • Accelerated learning • All day Kindergarten • Cambridge Curriculum • An iPad for every student • Earn a High School Diploma by the end of 10th grade • World class instructional systems with multiple

education pathways • An education that adapts to individual students needs and interests • A school that moves away from a “one size fits all” approach • A new performance based K-12 system that leads to a high school diploma called the Grand Canyon Diploma


A McGraw Hill survey found the following results from the use of lecture -capture technology: “Nine in ten students said recorded lectures posted to course web sites have increased the amount of material they learn during a semester; 85% of students said the technology made them more efficient studiers; seven in ten said it helped improve their final grade. Lecturecapture technology has improved student grades, efficiency, and course satisfaction largely because they can go back and review parts of lessons when studying for tests.”

SIMILAR UNIVERSITY PROGRAMS, a for-profit endeavor with several universities was launched in April 2012 using basically the same model; current enrollment a year later is over five million students. was launched in May 2012; again a similar university program with significantly fewer participating institutions has over one million students a year later.









A REAL SCHOOL Designed To Accommodate A MOBILE LIFE!




Student Travels? Job Relocation? Out of School A Lot? That’s Okay! What makes Cambridge Preparatory so different? We use the Cambridge International curriculum Complete school on campus or off Live Access to your classroom from anywhere All materials for class are in digital form Access to materials before, during, or after class Highly qualified teachers committed to your child Public school with a Private school feel FREE TO ARIZONA RESIDENTS!


Cambridge Preparatory Academy

An accelerated tuition-free family school of choice serving Casa Grande, Eloy & Arizona City

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people. I'm getting people's grandchildren that I started with 30 years ago. GCROX: Let me change the subject and ask you about river cruises? MS. WALLACE: Oh, my goodness. They are hot. Probably the hottest items on the market this year are the river cruises. People that travel and are baby boomers have gone to Europe by this time because they didn't have college tuitions to pay anymore; the grandkids weren't quite there yet. So they had money to spend on travel. We did all the big cities; we did the European tours, we did Rome and Paris and we did London. Now we're tired of big cities. Now we want to see the rest of the world and the river cruises are wonderful because you get on board and the ship simply moves over to the shore, throws out the gangplank and you walk into this wonderful, delightful, little city that is still intact after hundreds of years. GCROX: Plus, there aren't 3,000 people on board. MS. WALLACE: Exactly. There’s somewhere between 120 and 200 and that's it. GCROX: Earlier you mentioned you chaired or you were president of various travel organizations, but you also were very involved with the City back in the Harlyn Griffiths and Don Johnson days and the formation of the Greater Casa Grande Valley Economic Development Foundation of which you eventually became president of. What drew you to that level of involvement? MS. WALLACE: Because my market, I wanted my market to be local and the more local I became involved with, the more people I was exposed to. I was President of the Chamber of Commerce, I was president of the Economic Development Foundation and I was president of Rotary. I was the first female in Rotary and eventually became President. All of these were more local contacts for me, so I was building a much stronger client base. GCROX: That's quite a time commitment.

MS. WALLACE: Chamber where I could involve them as well. That's where they learned about community activity. GCROX: When the new industries began arriving such as Abbott Ross and FritoLay, did being a member of Rotary and the Chamber and being in the upper echelon if you will, help you in your business? MS. WALLACE: Oh, absolutely, but also it was because I came from a family background where volunteering was part of our life. You give back. GCROX: When do you feel the big change came in Casa Grande? MS. WALLACE: I think it was when there were two bad years back to back for the farmers and one of the mines ceased operations. That's all we did, we had the farmers and we had the mines. When they shut down the first mine that was a big shock to the local economy. That's when the Economic Development Foundation really started blossoming because we decided we weren't going to be able to count on just farming and mining. We had to have some new industry. We helped bring in Hexcel, which was the first and then we went out and got Frito-Lay, Ross Laboratories and finally Meredith Burda. We were deal makers. As a result we now had a healthy base that employed people of different skills. GCROX: And who was this group? MS. WALLACE: There was John McEvoy, he was always kind of the patriarch, who came up with the money. And I'm trying to think. Jere Cook because he was in banking; we had Wally Graham who was the manager of Frito-Lay and of course Donovan Kramer, because we needed the paper. GCROX: Was there anybody outside of Casa Grande? MS. WALLACE: The core group was basically from Casa Grande, but we had some others for example; Carol Wagner who was with a huge construction company. They actually did the construction on the

new regional medical center. GCROX: Those were heady times in Casa Grande. MS. WALLACE: Exciting times, yes! GCROX: Why do you think it stopped? MS. WALLACE: I think probably we've changed. Of course we changed the name for the Economic Development Foundation and it is now Access Arizona, so we've kind of moved forward. I don’t think it's a person or persons anymore as much as it is now an entity. One of the things we decided early on was the best way for us to compete was show somebody looking to build a new facility in Phoenix versus Casa Grande was that we were able to cut through the red tape. Fast track. We made agreements with Pinal County and the outlying cities that when we brought them a prospect, we needed to fast track what the prospect needed to have done. That's what they loved about us! Because we could say you don't have to call and make an appointment to see the City Manager. We would just call and say hi; we’ll be there at 10:00 a.m., and the door was open and he would say "what can the City do for you?" GCROX: Returning to the subject of your business, in what direction is the travel industry headed? MS. WALLACE: What we're looking at now, the big push is getting younger people to join the travel industry. For example, even though I'm no longer a national officer of ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents), I'm still very active in it and we have something called the "Young Professionals”, and I mean we just hone in on them. We provide them with webinars; we provide them with everything they can do online because they are such Internet, online oriented people. If you're just going to get a job at a travel agency for $10.50 an hour, you're probably not going to go anywhere. We teach them how you make money, how you form groups, how you go out to people and say, you know, I'm going Continued on page 84


OVER 25 YEARS - FAMILY SERVING FAMILY The Cornejo family name can trace its roots back to Spain. By the 1840’s, the Cornejo family settled in Sonora, Mexico. NEW BEGINNINGS: Don Santos was 21 when he came to the United States from Sonora with only $40 in his pocket. He landed in Eloy, Arizona, in 1963 and worked on local farms. His future wife, Eva, was born in Casa Grande, and raised in Eloy. THE START: Over the years, Eva dreamed of one day opening her own restaurant to share her cooking skills. On July 3rd, 1985, Don Santos and Eva opened their first and original Eva’s Fine Mexican Food restaurant on Sunland Gin Road near I-10. Together, with family help, Don Santos



and Eva found a building that needed to be moved more than three miles onto the present location. After a year of work, the newly restored Mexican restaurant opened its doors to the public. Thus, Eva’s dream became a reality. PRESENT DAY: The second Eva’s Fine Mexican Food and Don Santos Cantina was opened in 2008. Our restaurants have been a part of the Casa Grande community for more than 25 years. Don Santos and Eva have enjoyed sharing their food and hospitality with patrons, friends and families. We are just as passionate about our restaurants and the food we serve today as when we first opened our doors in 1985. We still use many of the family recipes that our mother taught us when we were growing up.




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GONE TO POT? Cindy Schaider, Executive Director, Casa Grande Alliance


magazine focused upon travel and automotive is the perfect opportunity to increase awareness about the risks of driving under the influence of any mind-altering substance. We may be familiar with the dangers of driving after drinking, but with the recent social distinction between medical marijuana versus recreational marijuana, clarity is needed about how marijuana use impacts driving capacity. The following information was derived chiefly from the National Institute on Drug Abuse’s publication on drugged driving ( “Use of any psychoactive (mind-altering) drug makes it highly unsafe to drive a car and is illegal—just like driving after drinking alcohol. Drugged driving puts at risk not only the driver but also passengers and others who share the road. WHY IS DRUGGED DRIVING HAZARDOUS? The effects of specific drugs of abuse differ depending on how they act in the brain, but all impair faculties necessary for the safe operation of a vehicle. These faculties include motor skills, balance and coordination, perception, attention, reaction time, and judgment. Even small amounts of some drugs can have a measurable effect on driving ability. HOW MANY PEOPLE TAKE DRUGS AND DRIVE? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) 2007 National Roadside Survey, more than 16 percent of weekend, nighttime drivers tested positive for illegal, prescription, or over-thecounter drugs. More than 11 percent tested positive for illicit drugs. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health data, men are more likely than women to drive under the influence of an illicit drug or alcohol. And young adults aged 18 to 25 are more likely to drive after taking drugs than other age groups. WHAT DRUGS CONTRIBUTE TO ACCIDENTS? After alcohol, THC (delta-9tetrahydrocannabinol), the active ingredient

in marijuana, is the substance most commonly found in the blood of impaired drivers, fatally injured drivers, and motor vehicle crash victims. Studies in several localities have found that approximately 4 to 14 percent of drivers who sustained injury or died in traffic accidents tested positive for THC. A study of over 3,000 fatally injured drivers in Australia showed that when THC was present in the blood of the driver, he or she was much more likely to be at fault for the accident. Additionally, the higher the THC concentration, the more likely the driver was to be culpable. Considerable evidence from both real and simulated driving studies indicates that marijuana can negatively affect a driver’s attentiveness, perception of time and speed, and ability to draw on information obtained from past experiences. Research shows that impairment increases significantly when marijuana use is combined with alcohol.” Recognizing the increased risks in their state since the legalization of recreational use of marijuana in Colorado, the Colorado Department of Transportation has instituted a special public education and increased enforcement campaign about driving while under the influence of marijuana called Drive high-get a DUI. Their website states: “Driving under the influence of any drugs is illegal and just as deadly and dangerous as driving drunk. If you drive impaired by drugs – even if they’re legal drugs like prescriptions and marijuana – you can be arrested for DUI….Marijuana affects reaction time, shortterm memory, hand-eye coordination, concentration and perception of time and distance. Getting high and getting behind the wheel of a car will get you arrested for a DUI – this law hasn’t changed with the legalization of marijuana in January 2014.” In summary, a person’s brain has no sense of morality or legality. It does not know if the marijuana being consumed is for ‘medical’ use or ‘recreational’ use. All marijuana and marijuana products contain THC, a mind-altering substance. Modern marijuana is a powerful, addictive substance that must never be combined with driving.





Arizona’s “medical” marijuana law does not make marijuana use legal for anyone except for specific patients. Marijuana remains a dangerous and addictive mind-altering drug. Driving while high increases crash risks. Don’t be misled by the hype. If you use it, you can stop. If your teenager is using it, help them stop. Drug abuse prevention and treatment referrals 901 E Cottonwood Lane, Suite C Casa Grande, Arizona 85122 520-836-5022 Follow us on Twitter: @CG_Alliance


d o o h d l i Ch


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By Susan Conn-Hood/ Certified Fitness Trainer and Juice Plus Whole Food Representative


hile genes contribute to obesity risk, the increased prevalence of childhood obesity over the past generation has occurred too rapidly to be explained by genetic shift alone. Changes in the way we live-from how we get to work and school and what we eat for snacks and meals-are responsible for the alarming widening of the American waistline from infancy to old age.

Social and economic factors seem to play a leading role in the epidemic. Obesity rates for children in low income families (27%) are 3 times higher than for those in middle class families (10%). Children being raised by a single mother and those whose parent have a high school education or less are also more likely to be obese. Multiple studies show that risk for obesity starts at conception, support-

ing the belief that efforts to prevent and treat the problems should start early. Childhood obesity results from an in balance between energy intake and energy expenditure. By improving nutrition habits and increasing physical activity levels many children can avert the harmful consequences of obesity to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

As responsible adults we can:

• Develop or participate in a school curriculum that addresses healthy eating, physical activity and body image. Start one if there is not one currently available. • Offer more sessions of physical activity and the development of “functional movement skills”( like running, skipping, jumping and throwing) throughout the school week. These can take place in an outdoor after school program or in a gym as part of a youth fitness training program. • Improve the nutritional quality of the food supply in schools. Volunteers can supervise and suggest one half of the lunch plate be RAW fruits and vegetables per the recommended Discuss having vending machines that ONLY put out water, raw fruits or raw vegetables. NO junk food. • Develop environments and cultural practices that support children in eating healthier foods and being active throughout each day. • Lend support to teachers and other staff to help them implement health promotion strategies and activities for children. • Offer parent support and home activities that encourage children to be more active, eat more nutritional foods, and spend less time in screen-based activities. If we all work together we can improve the Health of our children and ourselves.

Complete Pest Control & Termite Services


Exterminating Co., Inc. 820 W. Cottonwood Lane, Casa Grande

520-426-1160 520-316-0502

Serving Casa Grande, Arizona City, Coolidge, Eloy & Maricopa Since 1982 Locally Owned & Operated ROC Lic. #15238BC








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It Takes a Village…or a Community Center By Terri Durham


ho would have guessed that the Seeds of Hope Mondo Anaya Community Center would be a hub of activity just eighteen months after opening? Yet that’s just what’s happened. Over 200 youth and adults participate monthly in some type of activity. The programs that go on inside all have the same goal, to improve lives through relationships. The After-School Program for youth ages five to eighteen aims to help at-risk kids become conscientious citizens by teaching pro-social behaviors. The adult English as a Second Language program for beginner and advanced students helps build relationships with weekly classes and occasional potluck lunches. Grandparent Raising Grandchildren

meetings advocate and assist kinship caregivers through resources and education. Arizona’s Children’s Association leads a foster care training class throughout the year for those wishing to be part of the foster care program. The University of Arizona Cooperative Extension has completed two semesters of Strengthening Families, a sixteen week family-skills training program targeting families with children between three and five. A monthly medical clinic, averaging 25 to 30 patients, provides a free preliminary check-up with referrals to other medical offices as needed. CrossRoads Church hosts” The Rock”, a youth program on Friday nights for teens in 6th – 12th grades.

Seeds of Hope

Summer Program

May 27th - July 25th Ages 5 - 18

Mondo Anaya Community Center 1487 N. Crane St, Casa Grande, AZ


A weekly Spanish Bible study, First Things First food distribution vouchers, and the United Way Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) programs are more opportunities for our Casa Grande neighbors to have access at our location. Our computer lab, open daily, has nine desktop computers for students to improve reading and math skills, teens to do school-related research, adults to do job searches, and seniors to learn how to surf the web and manage email accounts. It takes the effort of many people and organizations coming together with a common purpose to make our community better. Seeds of Hope is always on the lookout for volunteers and programs that make a positive difference in lives. Visit our website and learn how you can make a positive difference with us.


Trinity Southern Baptist Church…





Serving the Lord & the Community! By Dr. Philip W. Calvert, Senior Pastor, and Howard Nixon, Men’s Ministry Coordinator

The people of Trinity are passionate about serving the Lord and serving our community. We have a range of ministries for the entire family, including preschool, children, youth, college and career, young adults, young couples with children, median adult, and senior adult ministries. We also serve the Lord in other ways, including supporting missionaries and ministries around the world in places like Ecuador and Ghana. We also offer dynamic worship services, as well as small group fellowship and women’s, outreach, caregiver, and men’s ministries. Our men’s ministry offers spiritual leadership, discipleship, and activities for men of all ages. We are working on the Tohono O’Odham Native American reservation. On June 8th we will be celebrating the completion of a home we have helped build for one of the families there. Our men’s ministry is offering a mountain retreat June 13th and 14th. We have many other activities throughout the year, including men’s breakfasts, conferences, and outings. On January 16th and 17th, 2015 we will be hosting a Mighty Men conference with renowned men’s ministry speaker Dr. Paul Freed. For more information about our many events, activities, and to donate to help us continue to reach men with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, please contact Howard Nixon at 520-560-7041, or call Trinity at 520-836-2383. You can also visit us online at www. The donation slip can be mailed to Trinity Southern Baptist Church at the address below. (1)


Trinity Southern Baptist Church is a Qualified Charitable Organization: TAX ID #86-0210937


Name:_________________________ Address:_______________________


______________________________ City:_______________________, AZ (4)

Zip:________ Phone:_____________

You will receive a receipt for your donation. Email:_________________________

Trinity Southern Baptist Church 1100 E. Trinity Place, Casa Grande, Arizona 85122, 520-836-2383

(1) Native American Ministry: join us in helping churches on the reservation! (2) Men's Mountain Retreats: A great time of fellowship for men of all ages. (3) Men's Conferences: A great time of discipleship and spiritual renewal for all men. (4) Men's Fellowship: Come and enjoy any of our BBQ or breakfast events. We also offer off-road desert excursions and other events!


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Vacation First Aid Kit

By Lindsey Gemme


ou’ve got your bags packed, and your plane ticket, a hotel room, and a car are all booked for your trip. You’re completely ready, right? Actually, you might have forgotten something. Did you see your doctor before heading out on your vacation? Whether traveling domestically or overseas, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highly recommends seeing a physician at least four to six

weeks prior to takeoff. There are so many factors that can affect the outcome of a trip, from the diseases common in your intended destination, the length of your trip, to even your planned activities and your own personal medical history (both past and present). A general physical is a good idea, especially if you might be planning to participate in physical activity that you do not perform regularly. These factors


also greatly depend on your age and any chronic health issues. And if you happen to get sick at the time of your intended trip, it is advisable to consult your doctor about your options – and if you are fit for travel. Seeing your doctor before a trip will also ensure that your prescriptions are up-todate and filled. And if traveling by plane, it’s always advisable to keep medications and health-related items in your carry-on in-


Quality, Affordable care for Everyone! Accepting New PatientS Hablamos Español

Same Day Appointments Based on Availability

Quality, Affordable care for Everyone!

Accepting New PatientS Hablamos Español

Same Day Appointments Based on Availability

We accept most insurances.

We accept most insurances.

On-site application assistance with AHCCCS, and Sun Life’s discount programs.

On-site application assistance with AHCCCS, and Sun Life’s discount programs.






stead of your luggage. That way in case of a luggage mix-up, you are not separated from your medications for long. And if you have one, it’s always a good idea to keep a medical alert bracelet or necklace on you while you are away from home. But your physical condition isn’t the only thing you should consider when going on vacation. “So much depends on where you’re going,” says Sun Life’s Director of Nursing Marion Levett. “And it’s so important to do your research and be prepared.” If traveling overseas, vaccines are a major part of planning your trip, Levett explains. “And each country is different.” For an extensive list, visit the traveler’s health website at travel/destinations/list. There, you can choose any country in the world, and then tick which kind of traveling you are doing (whether it’s with children, on a cruise ship, or just visiting friends and family), as well as what kind of traveler you are (if you are pregnant, have immune-compromised health issue, or have a chronic disease). The site will give you all of the information you could want, from suggested and required vaccines and medicines, tips on how to stay healthy, a travel packing list, travel health notices, and ideas on what to do after your trip if you’ve contracted an illness. There are also other day-to-day factors to consider, such as whether the wa-

ter is safe to drink, Levett added, or even what altitude the location is in. If you have respiratory problems, traveling to locations at higher altitudes should be an issue to talk about with your doctor. She also indicated that travel health insurance can be helpful, to be on the safe side. And putting together a basic first-aid kit is never a bad idea. Items Levett suggests should be in every traveler’s kit are: •Spare pair of glasses/contact lenses •Needles or syringes, insulin, or blood sugar testing supplies (for diabetics) •Extra inhaler •Anti-diarrhea medicine •Tweezers •Antihistamine •Antacid •Motion sickness medicine •Cough drops/suppression or expectorant •Decongestant •Mild laxative •Mild sedative or sleep aid •Aspirin or other pain reliever •Topical antibiotic cream •Hydrocortisone cream •Benadryl •Bug repellent/insect bite treatment •Altitude sickness medicine •Antifungal/antibacterial ointments •Bandages (several sizes), gauze and tape •Antiseptic


Same Day Appointments Based on Availability





•Aloe gel (for sunburns) •Moleskin or mole foam for blisters •Oral rehydration salts • Disposable gloves •Cotton swabs/Q-tips •Eye drops •Elastic or compression bandage wraps for sprains •Scissors/safety pins •Digital thermometer While these items can help with basic health concerns, every location has its unique landscape and wildlife that can adversely affect us if we are not prepared. “So plan ahead, and don’t wait until the last minute,” Levett advises. For more information on Sun Life or to learn about our providers to schedule your pre-travel checkup, visit, or call (520) 836-3446.


What is your family’s medicinal mainstay while away from home? No list is ever complete and contains everything. Sun Life invites you to take a picture (cell phone pictures acceptable) of your first-aid items, and send it to us along with a written list of the items to, which we will feature in our social media feeds (Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus).


Quality, Affordable care

for Everyone!

Accepting New PatientS Hablamos Español Same Day Appointments Based on Availability

Quality, Affordable care for Everyone! Accepting New PatientS Hablamos Español

We accept most insurances.

On-site application assistance with AHCCCS, and Sun Life’s discount programs.



We accept most insurances.

On-site application assistance with AHCCCS, and Sun Life’s discount programs.




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From Disneyland to Walt Disney World By Hope Wallace, CTC, Owner/Manager ADA Travel


t’s like stepping right into a dream. The four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks make the real world seem far away, and make-believe as real as the smile on your face. Wonder, fantasy and pixie dust are everywhere at the Magic Kingdom® Park. Help power the city of Monstropolis as you laugh with (or at) Mike Wazowski and his monsterously funny friends at the Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor, inspired by the Disney-Pixar hit, “Monsters, Inc.” Set sail for a high-seas adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow and the rest of the crew at Pirates of the Caribbean. From the haunting surprises at The Haunted Mansion, to the outrageous 3-D fun of Mickey’s PhilharMagic attraction, fantastic adventures and timeless fairy tale classics come magically to life. Wishes™, a nighttime fireworks spectacular, will touch you with a “story in the sky” you’ll cherish forever. And the largest expansion in Magic Kingdom® Park history, the addition of New Fantasyland™ provides a new home for Ariel, a new way to meet Belle, delicious dining, a double dose of Dumbo, a rocking Mine Train and more! At Epcot®, fun and imagination are combined with the wonder of diverse cultures. On The Seas with Nemo & Friends, you can board a “clamobile” and follow Marlin and Dory as they chase that ever-curious little clown fish in this

amazing adventure, inspired by Disney-Pixar’s “Finding Nemo”. Fly to new heights on Soarin’™, a multi-sensory ride experience that glides you on winds of imagination. Rocket into outer space in a one-of-a-kind astronaut-like experience in Mission:SPACE®. Push the pedal to the metal at Test Track. Creativity and imagination abound as you celebrate innovations for your life and expand your horizons at Innoventions. Enjoy the finest in culinary delights and tempting treasures from eleven great nations. And complete your day with IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth, an inspiration of music, fireworks, lasers and special effects. You’ll find something to amaze and excite everywhere you turn. The glitz and glamour of Hollywood may take center stage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios®, but the star is you! Take aim and ride Toy Story Mania!, the 4-D, interactive attraction inspired by Disney-Pixar’s Toy Story films. So come grab some 3-D glasses before boarding your ride vehicle and zipping off into a world of immersive, midway-style games hosted by favorite characters like Woody, Buzz, Rex and Hamm! Celebrate everyone’s favorite Pixar characters in a fun, newly reimagined parade, Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! Catch the twistin’, turnin’ beat of Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster® Starring Aerosmith. Be dazzled by Fantasmic!, an

extravaganza of lasers, lights, dancing waters and special effects. Never experience the same fear twice at the thrilling Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™. And board the star cruiser on Star Tours® The Adventure Continues and feel the power of the force during a 3-D, motionsimulated space flight that launches you into the world of Star Wars. The fun gets wild at Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. Experience a high-speed train trek forward and backward through the treacherous Himalayan unknown, where the dreaded Yeti lurks on Expedition Everest™. Explore over a hundred acres of African Savannah on Kilimanjaro Safaris. Journey to the ocean floor during the live stage spectacular, Finding Nemo - The Musical, inspired by Disney-Pixar’s “Finding Nemo.” Get with the beat of Mickey’s Jammin’ Jungle Parade. And, get wet - really wet - on a wild, water-rafting journey through Kali River Rapids. Prepare to be awed, inspired, thrilled and enchanted. From fantasy and discovery to glitz, glamour, and roaring adventure, the imagination and magic of Walt Disney World® Theme Parks will come alive all around you. “The Twilight Zone” is a registered trademark of CBS, Inc. And is used with permission pursuant to a license from CBS, Inc.


Introducing MyMagic+. A super new way to make the most of your vacation! Walt Disney World® Resort has taken your vacation to an all-new level and unlocked a new dimension of Disney magic to make it yours like never before. It’s called MyMagic+. Once you’ve booked your trip, you can use an incredible family of online tools providing recommendations to help you personalize your experience both at home and on the go. For the first time ever, you can reserve





access to some of your must-do experiences – attractions, shows, parades, Disney Character Experiences and more – before you even leave home. And then while you’re at Walt Disney World ® Resort, you can use the amazing new MagicBand or card to connect to the choices you’ve made online. MyMagic+ gives you unprecedented control and makes it easier than ever to enjoy your perfect Disney vacation as you simply enjoy every moment with family and friends.

ADA has over 35 years of selling Walt Disney Travel Company products. We would love to share all our experience with you to create a trip full of fun and memories to last a lifetime. MagicBands are available to Guest staying at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels. Please visit for information about our privacy and data collection policies and to learn more about RF technology used in MagicBands and RF cards. Credit card must be presented at Walt Disney World Resort hotel check-in for purchases made with MagicBand. Purchases are charged to you Walt Disney World Resort hotel account.

Get aa FREE Plan Get FREEDining Dining Plan Get a FREE Dining Plan when you purchaseaa non-discounted non-discounted when you purchase when you purchase a non-discounted 6-Night/7-Day Walt Disney TravelCompany Company room package 6-Night/7-Day Walt Disney Travel room&&ticket ticket package ® Resort hotels at select Walt Disney World 6-Night/7-DayatWalt Disney Travel Company room & ticket package select Walt Disney World® Resort hotels for arrivals most nights 8/31-10/3, 10/26-11/1, 11/9-11/20 and 12/12-12/23/14. at most select Walt Disney World11/9-11/20 ® Resort for arrivals nights 8/31-10/3, 10/26-11/1, andhotels 12/12-12/23/14. SAMPLE PRICING FOR A FAMILY OF 4 IN Aand STANDARD ROOM for arrivals most nights 8/31-10/3, 10/26-11/1, 11/9-11/20 12/12-12/23/14. SAMPLE PRICING FOR A FAMILYCARIBBEAN OF 4 IN A BEACH STANDARD ROOM AT DISNEY’S RESORT FREE Disney Dining Plan** ATWITH DISNEY’S CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT TICKET FREE SAMPLE Disney Dining *Plan** FOR A MAGIC FAMILYYOUR OF WAY 4 IN BASE A STANDARD ROOM $PRICING † WITH MAGIC YOUR WAY BASE TICKET , That’s a savings of $1,206 ! DISNEY’S CARIBBEAN BEACH RESORT $ FREE Disney Dining* Plan** AT That’s a savings of $1,206 †! Sample price valid for stays most nights 9/13-10/3, WITH MAGIC 10/26-11/1, YOUR WAY11/9-11/20. BASE TICKET * $ Ask about packages for other lengths of stay. Book 5/7-8/8/14. † Sample price valid for stays most nights 9/13-10/3, 10/26-11/1, 11/9-11/20. That’s a savings of $1,206 !

2 632


2 ,632 Ask about packages for other lengths of stay. Book 5/7-8/8/14.

*Prices based on 2 Adults, 1 Junior and 1 Child. The number of rooms allocated for these offers is limited. †Savings based on the non-discounted price for the same package. Tickets valid for one Theme Park per day and must be used within 14 days of first use. Cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotion. Advance reservations required. Offer excludes 3-bedroom villas and campsites. †

Sample price valid for stays most nights 9/13-10/3, 10/26-11/1, 11/9-11/20. Ask about packages for other lengths of stay. Book 5/7-8/8/14.

*Prices based on 2 Adults, 1 Junior and 1 Child. The number of rooms allocated for these offers is limited. Savings based on the non-discounted **Dining excludes gratuities beverages. Children agesmust 3–9 must orderwithin from children’s menu, available. Some price for the same Plan package. Tickets validand foralcoholic one Theme Park per day and be used 14 days of firstifuse. Cannot be Table-Service combined with any restaurants may have limited or no availability at time of package purchase. other discounts or promotion. Advance reservations required. Offer excludes 3-bedroom villas and campsites. † *Prices basedPlan on 2excludes Adults, 1 Junior and Child. The numberChildren ofthis rooms allocated for these offerschildren’s is limited. Savings based on theTable-Service non-discounted **Dining gratuities and 1alcoholic beverages. ages 3–9 rooms must order will from menu, if available. Some Don’t delay! With savings huge, get gobbled up fast! price restaurants for the same Tickets for oneatTheme per purchase. day and must be used within 14 days of first use. Cannot be combined with any maypackage. have limited or novalid availability time of Park package

other discounts or promotion. Advance reservations required. Offer excludes 3-bedroom villas and campsites. Don’t delay! With savings this huge, rooms will get gobbled up fast! ©Disney **Dining Plan excludes CSV-14-33308 gratuities and alcoholic beverages. Children ages 3–9 must order from children’s menu, if available. Some Table-Service restaurants may have limited or no availability at time of package purchase.

ADA Travel | 711 E Cottonwood Lane, Ste A us | today! Casa Grande, AZ 85122 | 520-836-7411 Contact


CSV-14-33308 Don’t delay! With savings this huge, roomsHere will get gobbled up fast! Insert Agency Information


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By Deanna Xystus

ix years ago, in 2008, my family and I were living in the suburbs of Chicago when my husband got a job offer in another country. At the time, our daughter Nyssa was in 4th grade, and our sons Dante and Talyn were in 3rd and 1st. We had done a bit of international traveling and had always thought living in another country would be fun. We believed it would be a great opportunity to experience other cultures and possibly learn new languages. When the opportunity presented itself we knew we wanted to take it, but as reality took hold, the idea suddenly became scary for me. After doing some research and talking to people that lived in our possible new home, I felt much better. I was, however, nervous and anxious about telling the kids. I was envisioning at least one of them protesting and not wanting to go. My husband had much more faith, and he was right. He broached the subject at dinner one night, carefully choosing his words. The kids looked at him and anticlimactically said, “OK.” So in August we said our goodbyes and began our journey as American expats. We spent four years living in Kuwait and we are coming up on the end of our second year in Hong Kong. The two most common questions I get asked by non-expats are “What’s it like?” and “Do the kids like it?” The kids do like it, but they don’t have a lot to compare it to. This is especially true for our youngest who barely remembers going to school in the US. All of the kids have now spent more school years out of the US than in it. To answer the first question, in many ways daily life here is not that much different than what we’d be doing in the US. The kids go to school, have sports or other activities after school, and get together with friends on the weekends. I volunteer at school, go to the gym, walk the dog, and occasionally meet a friend for lunch or coffee. What is different are the intricacies of doing those things in a different country. For example, in Kuwait we rarely went to the movies because they were censored. In Hong Kong, we don’t have any cars so we rely on public transportation. Even the kids navigate trains, busses and taxis independently to get to their destination. In contrast, they were driven everywhere in Kuwait. School sports are a bit different as well. There is no American football or cheerleaders, but the teams will travel to other countries to compete in tournaments. When you live overseas with children, school holidays are for traveling. Many travel destinations are within a 3 hour flight making it possible to travel even during an extended weekend. Conversations with friends






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often revolve around travel destinations and exchanging advice and tips for the next trip. Since leaving the US, we have traveled to over 20 countries. We gained a better understanding of geography and different cultures when we traveled. I believe it makes understanding history and following current events a bit more interesting when you’ve been to the places you are learning about. Maintaining cultural traditions is important to me and I’ve realized that holidays overseas are what you make of them. I missed the big family Thanksgiving gatherings, so we decided to host our own in Hong Kong and invite friends. In Kuwait, I had a big Halloween party every year. Celebrating can be tricky as stores aren’t automatically filled with decorations and foods specific to American holidays. I generally found what I needed with a bit of looking and asking around or ordering online. In addition, many of those American holidays are just normal work and school days in other countries, so we’ve had to be a bit flexible as to when we celebrate. We have also learned about and celebrated the holidays of the country we are in. We’ve shared our holiday customs

with those from other countries and they’ve shared theirs with us. Sharing celebrations and cultures is one of my favorite things about living abroad. As an expat, with no extended family nearby, friends become vitally important. It’s great to know someone who has lived in a country for much longer and can give advice about the best places to shop, or the fastest way to get to a destination. On the flip side, it’s also fun to go exploring with others that are also new. We now have friends from all over the world living all over the world. The reality of expat living is that most people don’t stay too long in a country before moving on to the next one. The result is having to say good bye to a handful of friends every year and constantly make new ones. Thanks to internet and social media it’s easy to keep in touch with those that have become dear to us. It’s comforting to think that I could travel to Thailand, Egypt, Dubai, Germany, Lebanon, or many other countries and have someone to visit and show me around. The more people we meet that subsequently move on to other places, the bigger our web of friends and the smaller the world becomes.


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Adventure IN


any travelers who look at brochures for overseas travel normally look for bright spots, major cosmopolitan cities, restaurants, famous sites or fixtures. But, what about places that do not fit the norm, a place where you really have to look at the maps to find it and do a lot of research as to what and or why do we want to go there. An opportunity to visit a country of a different culture was high on our list—a country less known for tourism but bustling to become part of it. My wife’s work took her to different cities in Asia, and sometimes I would tag along at my own expense to do some sightseeing while she was working. Tagging along with her meant I was also her baggage lifter, her companion at meals, and a scout for a good restaurant or particular site she should not miss. I would occupy my days walking all over a city with cameras in hand, looking and taking pictures of everything in sight and maybe taking an organized tour. Of course, before we left home, I had searched the Internet for any information on sites to see, what the city is famous for, and some history. Welcome to Vientiane, Laos. We would be here two full days, and part of two travel days.

We knew little about Laos and Vientiane, but from the Vietnam era, we knew it was strategic for the US military some years back. Laos is officially known as the Lao People's Democratic Republic. It is a landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordered by Burma and China to the northwest, Vietnam to the east, Cambodia to the south, and Thailand to the west. Its population was estimated to be around 6.5 million in 2012.* From 1893 to 1949 Laos was a French protectorate with a brief period of independence after WWII, and again in 1953, until the Communist Pathet Lao movement came to power in 1975. Today Laos is a single party socialist republic, still developing. Vientiane is the capital, largest city and the economic center of Laos. We are excited to visit this interesting country. The flight to Vientiane took about three hours from Singapore and was very comfortable. If only US airlines would give the extra space between seats that Thai Airlines gives their passengers. We had a short layover at the Bangkok Airport, and were impressed with the size, décor and cleanliness of the area. Our arrival at Vientiane airport was like arriving in a small rural town that served as the local crop dusting airport in Anytown, USA in

By Jo Anne and Bill Doughty

the mid 1950’s. A view from the airplane showed extremely old Russian aircraft, both fixed wing and rotary. The airstrip was quite bumpy and had no runway lights, which indicated it was a daylight airport only. A new airport was under construction. There were no formal Immigration and customs area, but we were directed to a window to show our passports and then to the baggage area. The baggage handling was a complete manual system where bags were taken off the aircraft, placed on a trailer which was pulled by a tractor. The tractor pulled up in front of an opening in the wall and the bags were thrown on a small conveyor belt which emptied on to a short roller affair. Hopefully one grabbed their bag prior to it ending at the end of the rollers and dropping on to the floor. Neat! While awaiting our transportation I dashed over to the money exchange booth to exchange US $100.00 for local currency, which is the kip. There seemed to be so many kip notes that it was too bulky to put in a pocket. I felt like a millionaire. A friend of Jo Anne who was born in Laos warned us that we should not expect bright city lights or large streets,


paved and marked. Instead we were to expect maybe one paved main street, but unpaved roads and streets elsewhere in the city. The ride to our hotel was extremely bumpy. Jo Anne’s friend was right. The streets were half mud and gravel and half paved, filled with motor bikes. We assumed that we were on the outskirts, but, we were indeed in the center of the business district. Our hotel, the Lao Hotel Plaza, was a total surprise. We had a brochure which we downloaded off of the internet, but after looking at the city we were bracing ourselves for the chance that the pictures were “doctored”. They were not. The hotel was 5-star beautiful--new, six stories, clean, and roomy. Everyone was extremely helpful in getting us settled. All of the attendants practiced using English with us. We have long learned to communicate with the local people, despite knowing none or very little of the language. We both found them to be very polite and eager people to serve us in any way we needed. After settling in our room we took a short walk around the vicinity of the hotel (something we normally do at every new hotel) to get our bearings. We found ourselves on one very dusty and half paved and half dirt road. The roads were filled with three-wheel motorcycles with a small covered bed for passengers to sit or carry small loads. We were going to hire one to get around but gave up that idea very quickly, considering the temperature, humidity, dust, and our weight. We walked along Samsenthai Road about five blocks west of the hotel and ended up at the Lao Revolutionary Museum. It was still open so we ventured in. The first floor highlighted Lao’s natural wonders through photography and traced its early civilizations through ancient artifacts. The second floor documented the struggle of Laotians against the French and then the Americans. Although the photographs and documents gave a one-sided picture of their struggle (in our opinion), it was somewhat interesting. We spent several hours there. A note of interest: while standing outside taking pictures I thought about the “people’s struggle” and their victory over the American imperialists. After standing in an area which appeared to not have been repaired or cleaned in over fifty years and looking at a road with open sewers, I wondered who really won or lost the struggle--the people or the concept. After the museum we took a walk up to the That Dam or Black Stupa memorial, about a ten minute walk from our hotel. This landmark is surrounded by many legends; it is believed to be the shrine of

mighty Nagus – mythical dragons – who are protectors of the city. Dinner that night was first rate. Although we are fond of Asian food, we opted for an American steak dinner. For this 5-star hotel and restaurant, the price was around three US dollars for each meal. We were amazed at the menu. The most expensive meal on it was a pepper steak (which I had the next night) for $3.50. One thing to watch for was the drinks – they cost more than the food. Although we were told there usually is no need to tip, I tipped the young man the equivalent of $3.00 and found out later that it almost equated to a day’s pay. The next day was our anniversary. Many of our anniversaries were spent in foreign countries, it seems. Jo Anne went off to work and I grabbed my cameras and went up and down the street taking a series of pictures of “rush hour”. Except for Saigon, Vietnam, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many motorcycles and motor bikes. Earlier that morning Jo Anne watched from our window several families load onto bikes, carrying cloth wrapped packages; the father was the driver, the mother sat side saddle on the back, and held one or two children; some of the bikes were three wheelers. The packages may have held uniforms or lunch, And the tuk-tuk’s--all of them pulling over to me and wanting to take me wherever I wanted to go. I wasn’t ready to use a tuk-tuk yet. I wanted to continue taking in the sights and sounds around the hotel. Regardless of the street I was on, it was mostly dirt or mud with open sewers. What a mess and what a smell, especially with the hot and humid weather. At ten o’clock I went on a three-hour personal tour of the city with a driver/tour guide. The night before I had inquired about tours by bus or car, and found that the hotel had private tour guides/drivers at a very reasonable price of $24.00; I booked the private tour and showed up at the stated time the next morning. I was shocked to see outside the front door of the hotel a driver in a white uniform and hat standing next to the rear door of a recent model Mercedes 500. I didn’t expect this luxury, and here I was in my T-shirt and walking shorts with shower shoes. Actually, I thought my transportation would be a tuk-tuk. I smiled to the driver, got into the back seat, and we drove away. One block, but out of sight of the hotel, I asked the driver to stop; I got out of the car and settled myself in the front seat and motioned to proceed with the tour. (Just so there would not be any problems for the driver when we arrived back at the hotel, I returned to the back seat on the return trip). The tour lasted about five hours and we had a very enjoyable day touring the many temples in and around the city. Continued on page 74




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LAOS • An Adenture in Vientiane Some of the temples we visited were: Wat Pha Kaew - (Temple of the Emerald Budda) located on Setthatirat Road and considered as Vientiane’s Preeminent temple. Patusay - (Victory Gate) which was built in the late sixties to resemble the Paris Arc de Triumph. That Luang - (Grand Temple) which was built by King Setthahirath in 1566. I was somewhat surprised that it was only a little over 400 years old. Its appearance made me think of almost 800 or more years. Guess it’s the weather or neglect. Vat Sissket- Probably the most recent temple in Vientiane since it was built in 1818. Vat Ongteu – Also located on Setthathrath Road, is surrounded by four other temples – Vat Inpeng to the North, Vat Mixay to the South, Vat Haysok to the East, and Vat Chan to the West. The temple is a center of Buddhist studies. The last part of the tour was outside of Vientiane and close to the Thai border and was called Xieng Khouane, also known as, I believe, Tha Dua or Buddha Park, built in 1958. One huge Sleeping Buddha and hundreds of other religious statues of various types in various poses depicted a “distinctive combination of Hindu and Buddhist themes brought to life in enormous cement sculptures”. I guess the most exciting part of the day was the ride to Xieng Khouane. The driver was flying along a bumpy and narrow road which we shared with motorcycles, motor bikes, and people walking dogs, cats, and even cows. It was enough to scare this disciplined American driver. Although I kept my eyes closed most of the time, I got a squint view of the countryside. It was hard to differentiate between the city and the outskirts. Everything was and looked dirt poor. Really felt sorry for the people. I did notice a couple of industries such as Laos Tobacco Company, the makers of Coke, and also a Texaco something or other. Very little industry, mostly mom and pop type stores and a lot of people, mostly female carrying produce either to or from market, two or three baskets strung from long poles and carried over their shoulders, or a large basket or box on their head. Also while traveling around the city I noticed that the better or newer buildings were the hotels or those (I think) that might be privately owned homes. The rest of the buildings, excluding the Presidential Palace were lacking a good paint job and had layers of mold covering the old façade. My impression was that this is a struggling country that time and money will be its best ally. I returned to the hotel and after Jo Anne returned from work, we walked around the vicinity, peaked in at the shops and grocery stores, and even purchased

some souvenirs. Jo Anne went into a shop where she bought a scarf in multi colors— she still isn’t sure if it is to wear or use on a table. Most of the women wear a brocaded wrap as a skirt with a jersey type top and hand woven tie around the waist. The scarf, she was told, was hand woven. She still has it. After leaving the shop, we met a few young children who were pan-handling, and it was difficult to try to have enough coins to give each child. Farther on our walk, at the entrance to the museum, Jo Anne saw some ladies selling hand woven squares in bright colors, typically used as one side of a throw pillow or framed for the wall. The ladies, in their almost perfect English, told us they were selling to donate the money to a children’s charity. Jo Anne bought three squares in different designs. After dinner we continued our anniversary celebration, at the lobby Café. We ordered drinks and just enjoyed watching the other people and those walking in front of the hotel. Jo Anne shared that the people who she was with during the day told her about the woman who managed the hotel Café. The woman has a medical degree, completely paid for by the Laotian government. However, due to the lack of money in the hospital for supplies and equipment, she had to give up being a doctor and became a waitress and then manager of the Café. She had been paid the equivalent of $50.00 a month as a doctor, but could not treat anyone. We felt so sad for this well educated woman who wanted to doctor her own people but due to lack of funds, could not. How can this be? Instead, her education was used to manage a small café/lounge in a hotel. How sad. The next morning I went for a walk along the Mekong River. I started off at what I thought was a key tourist attraction – the Nam Phu Fountain. This fountain was a total disappointment. Again, another object in a state of disrepair: the water not turned on, and it was full of trash. Actually, it was sort of a café with tables around the rim, but I guess it was closed since no one was there. I did see a notice that you could order a pizza and have it delivered there. I could not have picked a worse time for walking, what with the sun above and the humidity rising by the minute. Not much to see for all of my walking. The road where I wanted to walk was actually being repaired with either water or sewer pipes. I could not really get closer to the river to take pictures, so I crossed the street near the Presidential Palace at Mahosot Road with the object of backtracking past our hotel to walk in the direction of the Three Elephant statue near the junction of Samsenthai and Luang Prabang Roads. Since I was familiar with the street in front of the hotel, I stayed on the back streets

running parallel and visited five or six more temples, some of which were very impressive. While walking I wondered about the number of temples in Vientiane. Considering I visited five or six in less than a mile there must have been hundreds scattered throughout the city. It gave one a sense that Laotians are a very religious people. I finally gave up the chase of going to the Three Elephant statue and started back to the hotel. By this time I was soaked with sweat and dirty from the dust blowing off of the roads. What I needed was a cool shower and a cool room. I did notice during my travels the number of kids that were begging wherever tourists visited and on the street. I really felt sorry for them; it is one thing to give out a few coins, but experience has shown that when you help one, more gather wanting their share; it has the potential to become a mob scene, and in some countries it could be dangerous. The best thing to do, unfortunately, was to ignore them. Jo Anne ran into the same situation in the Philippines. There, at an outdoor produce stand, she and the other analyst bought oranges and distributed them to as many children that came. Some children would rather have had money. Our few days in Vientiane are over. We are back at the airport again. I exchanged the Laotian money I had left. In counting the exchange, I got back US $38.00. I had started with one hundred dollars. I spent $62.00 in almost four days we were there, most of which was for meals, tips, a few souvenirs, and the handiwork purchased from the local women. There was no security gate or secured terminals, so while waiting for our flight home I took some pictures of the old terminal and the new one being built. This was a very interesting trip. Although it was not filled with glitzy places to visit or see or of things that one would find in the school geography books, the places we did see were of a religious nature and were well cared for. It was not a high priced place to tour where everything had a cost to see or visit. As with any foreign place, language is a minor problem, but as seasoned travelers know, everyone gets the hang of a foreign language, and you learn enough to get by. It helps to “connect” with the people of another country if you try at least to say please, thank you, and good morning or afternoon in their language. They know you aren’t proficient, but the gesture of attempting to speak to them is significantly appreciated by the local people. You are always greeted or bade good-bye with a huge smile. This was a trip of a lifetime we will always remember. *Excerpt from Wikipedia Encyclopedia 1-172013


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RIVER CRUISING? Grand China & the Yangtze

Beijing to Hong Kong

By Peggye Eck, Temptation Travel ROX!


hy not? This month, I want to get everyone excited about the newest travel experience…………..river cruising. Many of us “boomers” have already cruised to the larger cities in Europe, but now want a more leisurely pace on a ship with a smaller number of souls on board. Cruisers are backing away from the mega-liners with their 5,000+ passengers and, it seems, a growing number of problems. River cruises are a great way to visit the smaller, less touristy locations. Why should you choose a river cruise over an ocean cruise? Here are a few good reasons: 1. The size of the ships. Most river ships hold under 200 passengers; compare that to upwards of 5,000 on an ocean-going vessel. There is plenty of private space throughout the vessel, and the cabins are spacious. 2. When those mega-ships dock in some ports, especially in Europe, you often have other ships in port at the same time meaning you are in competition with a few thousand other people for attractions you want to visit. On a river cruise you dock in the quaint little towns and villages along the river and walk into the heart of the city. It’s all right there and most shore excursions are included at no extra cost. 3. All river ship cabins have a view, no interior cabins here! You won’t miss any of the glorious sights along the way. The public rooms are equally as open and spacious, with never-ending views from every angle. 4. River cruises are not just Europe-based. You can choose from many

exotic places like China, Cambodia, Vietnam, Peru, and even our own Mississippi River! 5. Many of the items you would pay extra for on an ocean cruise are standard on a river cruise. Ship transfers to and from the airport, wine and beer at dinner and WiFi are a few examples depending on the cruise company. Most shore excursions are included as well, customized to the region where the ship has docked. Many cultural events of each region are offered, along with varied dining experiences. 6. Most river cruise companies offer theme cruises at no extra charge, such as the Christmas Markets, wine themes, music of the region. How about a “culinary cruise”? Or golf? How about Wellness or Authors? There are itineraries that give you the opportunity to depart the ship, hop on a bicycle, ride through the beautiful countryside and rejoin the ship at the next port…. just in time for dinner and with a guide included! 7. River vessels are smaller, therefore more intimate. That makes you part of the “cruise family”, not just another passenger. 8. Put two cruises together for an awesome experience to places you’ve always dreamt of seeing. Or do a few days on land before or after your cruise to spend more time in the “must-see” spot. Hop on the river cruise bandwagon! Stop by our office, pick up a brochure or two and we’ll take it from there. The cruises are already booking for 2015……don’t miss out on this fabulous experience!

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My Irish

Adventure! By Roxanne Eck

Ever since I could remember the one place I dreamed of visiting was Ireland. In February of this year I was able to go on a Travel Agent familiarization trip with 11 travel agents from all over the United States with CIE Tours. I flew first to Chicago then to Dublin on Aer Lingus Airlines. I had already met a few of the agents at the Chicago airport. Several of us jumped on the hop on/ hop off bus tour and you better hold on, because they take off in a flash! It is best to go through the entire city tour and see what sites you want to visit. I went out that night to one of the local pubs and listened to live music, then over to another for a great Irish dinner. The next day I walked through the city of Dublin and went into St. Patrick’s Cathedral, the history was amazing. In the afternoon, we met with our tour director and were off to have a private tour of Dublin Castle. That evening, we went to Merry Ploughboy Pub for another wonderful Irish dinner, live music and step dancing. Our guide with CIE tours was so wonderful; he told us of the history and really touched base on everything including some of the past political conflicts. The next day we were off to Killarney, a beautiful

trip on the way to Blarney Castle. It was a little challenging since the week before they had high winds and rain so the ancient stone steps were very damp and they are very narrow. There is a rope to help you climb to the top, over 100 steps (you feel very proud once you make it to the top, it is quite challenging). At the top some of the other agents kissed the famous Stone of Eloquence, I personally did not find it appealing to hang upside down to have this experience and all I can say is YUCK! The following day we were off again to see the most beautiful scenic drive, the 100 mile Ring of Kerry. We stopped to see a Sheepdog demonstration from one of the local farmers and also went to the “Skellig Experience” where Christian monks lived in the rocky islands centuries ago. Throughout the tour they served us many Irish Coffees which I now really love! I think I may be the only person that visited Ireland and did not have a Guiness Beer (I am just not a fan of dark beer). On our final day of the tour we went on a 20 minute ferry ride across the River Shannon. From there we travelled to the Cliffs of Moher where the wind was pretty strong, but the view was

just breathtaking. We checked into the Bunratty Castle Hotel and were given a private tour of the 15th century Bunratty Castle. This castle is the most complete and authentic Medieval fortress in Ireland and includes actual furnishings, tapestries and art from the 15th and 16th centuries. That evening we went to a medieval banquet for a medieval-style feast where we used only our hands and I had my first taste of Irish mead, (a medieval wine). We were serenaded by lords and ladies with songs and harp music from the Middle Ages. Morning came and I was sad to say good-by to my new friends, and the beautiful country of Ireland. I am really looking forward to my next trip back. I was very impressed with the tour company CIE and I would highly recommend them.










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Wedding, your day will be filled with all the romantic elements of a classic wedding. for this moment, and at Sandals andofBeaches your wedding will be everything you’ve Wedding, yourall dayyour willlife be filled with all the romantic elements a classicResorts wedding. ** Beautiful dreamed of,time, from Sandals the exotic location a fresh bouquet to the perfect a FreeCredit For a limited Resorts willtogive youfloral a $500 Wedding Credit, pluscake. $500With in Bonus for Beginnings you to use towards ** For a limited time, Sandals Resorts will give you a $500 Wedding Credit, plus $500 in Bonus Credit for you to use towards ® Wedding, your day will be filled with all the romantic elements of a classic wedding. your WeddingMoon !® your WeddingMoon !


* A Beautiful Beginning wedding is free with stays of 6 paid nights or more in all room categories. All weddings are subject to mandatory minister and government documentation fees, vary by island. All weddings that do not meet the minimum night stay requirement will be subject to a $750 processing and administration fee, which is inclusive of the minister and government documentation fees. Fees are subject to change at any time. Complimentary reception is for bride, groom and up to 6 guests.**The $1,000 WeddingMoons® Credit is applicable only for new Weddingmoons® of 6 nights or longer in all room categories booked between February 8, 2013 through March 31, 2014 for travel March 1, 2013 through December 31, 2015 (no blackout dates). For the $500 Wedding Credit, eligible bookings may elect to take either i) a Free Beautiful Beginnings Wedding; or ii) a $500 wedding credit that can be applied to design a customized destination wedding or a pre-designed theme. The $500 wedding credit selections must include the purchase of a wedding cake. The $500 wedding credit cannot be applied towards accommodations, mandatory minister and government documentation fees, day passes and other non-Wedding related items. The $500 wedding credit must be applied pre-travel and prior to final payment. The choice of $500 in Bonus Credits can be applied towards multiple pre-defined items; up to the maximum amounts outlined, and cannot exceed a cumulative total of $500. Each credit can only be redeemed once per item, and only the wedding minister and government fees ® bonus credit can ®be redeemed pre-travel. All credits within the $1,000 WeddingMoons credit are only applicable to the bride and groom, have no cash value, are non-transferable, and any unused portions cannot be redeemed for cash. This offer can be changed or withdrawn at any time. The $1,000 WeddingMoons® Credit is not applicable to Renewal of Vows. All rights reserved. Sandals® and Beaches® are registered trademarks. Unique Vacations, Inc., is the affiliate of the worldwide representative for Sandals and Beaches Resorts.


For a limited time, Sandals Resorts will give you a $500 Wedding Credit, plus $500 in Bonus Credit** for you to use towards your WeddingMoon !



• SANDALS’ Personal wedding planner AND BEACHES’ BEAUTIFUL BEGINNINGS WEDDING INCLUDES:* • Personalpre-travel pre-travel wedding planner • •Personal resort wedding planner and dedicated weddingteam team • Personal Personal pre-travel resort wedding planner and dedicated resort resort wedding wedding planner • •Preparation of marriage documents • Personal Preparation of marriage resort wedding documents planner and dedicated resort wedding team • •Picturesque location • Preparation Picturesquewedding wedding location of marriage documents • •Musical (pre-recorded) • Picturesque Musicalaccompaniment accompaniment (pre-recorded) wedding location • •Magenta bridal • Musical Magentadendrobium dendrobiumorchid orchid bridalbouquet bouquet and boutonniere boutonniere accompaniment (pre-recorded) • Magenta Sparklingwine wine & cold hors d’oeuvres cocktail for • •Sparkling & cold hors d’oeuvres cocktail reception for bride, bride,groom groomand andup uptotosixsixguests guests dendrobium orchid bridal bouquet and boutonniere wine &with cold horslinen d’oeuvres cocktail reception for bride, groom and up to six guests • Sparkling Receptiontable tablewith white linen andcenterpiece centerpiece chairs • •Reception white and and chiavari chiavari chairs • Reception table with white linen and centerpiece and chiavari chairs • Wedding gift from Sandals Resorts and one (1) 5x7 honeymoon photograph • Wedding gift from Sandals Resorts and one honeymoon photograph giftwebsite from Sandals Resorts and one (1) 5x7 honeymoon photograph • Wedding Free wedding website andgift gift registry • •Free wedding and registry wedding dinner websitefor gift&registry • Free Honeymoon bride groom in in aa resort resort specialty specialty restaurant • •Honeymoon dinner forand bride & groom restaurantwith withwhite-glove white-gloveservice service •and Honeymoon dinner for bride groom inwine a resort specialty restaurant with white-glove service and a complimentary bottle sparkling wine a complimentary bottle ofof&sparkling a complimentary bottle sparkling wine • and Decorated honeymoon roomofand and mimosa breakfast-in-bed any • •Decorated honeymoon room mimosa breakfast-in-bed anymorning morningofofyour yourchoice choice Decorated honeymoon room and mimosa breakfast-in-bed any morning of your choice • Witness upon request • •Witness upon request Witness upon request CALL YOUR PREFERRED TRAVEL AGENT: CALL CALLYOUR YOURPREFERRED PREFERREDTRAVEL TRAVELAGENT: AGENT:


442 W Kortsen Rd, Suite 101 Casa Grande, AZ 85122 1.877. SANDALS •• SANDALS.COM OR 1.877. SANDALS OR


A Beautiful Beginning wedding is free with stays of 6 paid nights or more in all room categories. All weddings are subject to mandatory minister *A Beautiful Beginning wedding is free with stays of 6 paid nights or more in all room categories. All weddings are subject to mandatory minister A Beautiful Beginning wedding isfees, freevary withbystays of 6Allpaid nights that or more in meet all room All weddings are subject and government documentation island. weddings do not the categories. minimum night stay requirement willtobemandatory subject to minister a $750 and government documentation fees, vary byisland. island.of weddings that do not meet the minimum night stay requirement will be subject to a $750 and government documentation vary AllAll weddings dogovernment not meet the minimum night stay requirement be subject to atime. $750 processing and administration fee,fees, which isby inclusive the ministerthat and documentation fees. Fees are subjectwill to change at any ** ® ® time. processing and administration administration fee,which which inclusive theminister minister and government documentation fees. Fees are subject to change at time. any processing isisinclusive government documentation fees. Fees areonly subject to change at any Theand $1,000 WeddingMoons Credit is applicable for new Weddingmoons Complimentary reception is for fee, bride, groom and up toofof 6the guests. ** ** ® ® ® ® The WeddingMoons is applicable only for Weddingmoons Complimentary reception for groom and toto6 6guests. The $1,000 WeddingMoons Credit is applicable forthrough new Weddingmoons Complimentary reception forbride, bride, groom andup up guests. of 6 nights or longer in allisis room categories booked between February 8,$1,000 2013 through March 31, Credit 2014 for travel March 1,only 2013new December of nights or longer in categories booked between February 8, 8, 2013 through 31, 31, 2014 for for travel March 1, 2013 through December of nights longer dates). in all all room room categories booked between February 2013 through March travel March 1, 2013 through 31,662015 (noor blackout For the $500 Wedding Credit, eligible bookings may elect toMarch take either i)2014 a Free Beautiful Beginnings Wedding; orDecember ii) a 31, 2015 (no blackout dates). the bookings may elect take either i) atheme. Beautiful Beginnings Wedding; or ii)ora ii) a 31, 2015 (no blackout dates). Forapplied the$500 $500 Wedding Credit,eligible eligible bookings may elect take either i)Free a Free Beautiful Beginnings Wedding; $500 wedding credit that canFor be toWedding design a Credit, customized destination wedding ortoa to pre-designed The $500 wedding credit selections $500 wedding credit that design destination wedding or or a pre-designed theme. TheThe $500 wedding credit selections $500 credit that can can be appliedtoto design customized destination wedding a pre-designed theme. $500 wedding credit selections must wedding include the purchase ofbe a applied wedding cake. Thea acustomized $500 wedding credit cannot be applied towards accommodations, mandatory minister and must include the purchase of a wedding cake. The $500 wedding credit cannot be applied towards accommodations, mandatory minister and government day passescake. and The other$500 non-Wedding items. The wedding credit must be appliedmandatory pre-travel and prior and must includedocumentation the purchase fees, of a wedding wedding related credit cannot be $500 applied towards accommodations, minister government documentation fees, day passes and other non-Wedding related items. The $500 wedding credit must be applied pre-travel and prior to final payment. The choice of $500 inpasses Bonus and Credits cannon-Wedding be applied towards multiple pre-defined items; up to the maximum amounts outlined, government documentation fees, day other related items. The $500 wedding credit must be applied pre-travel and prior to final payment. The choice of $500 in Bonus Credits can be applied towards multiple pre-defined items; up to the maximum amounts outlined, and cannot exceedThe a cumulative $500. Each creditcan can onlyapplied be redeemed once per item, and only the wedding and government to final payment. choice of total $500of Bonus Credits towards multiple pre-defined up tominister the maximum amountsfees outlined, and cannot exceed a cumulative total ofin$500. Each credit canbe only be redeemed once per item, and onlyitems; the wedding minister and government fees ® are only applicable totothe groom, have bonus creditexceed can pre-travel. All and cannot cumulative total of $500. Eachwithin creditthe can$1,000 only beWeddingMoons redeemed once®credit per item, the wedding minister government credit areand onlyonly applicable thebride brideand andand groom, haveno no fees bonus credit can be bearedeemed redeemed pre-travel. All credits credits within the $1,000 WeddingMoons ® cash value, value, non-transferable, and portions cannot be for offer can be withdrawn time. credit are only applicable the brideatand groom, have no bonus creditare can be redeemed pre-travel. All credits within the $1,000 WeddingMoons cash are non-transferable, and any any unused unused portions cannot beredeemed redeemed forcash. cash.This This offer can bechanged changedororto withdrawn atany any time.The The ® ® ® ® Credit is not applicable to Renewal of Vows. All rights reserved. Sandals ®and Beaches ®are registered trademarks. Unique $1,000 WeddingMoons cash value, are non-transferable, any unused cannot for cash. This offer can be changed or withdrawn at any time. The Credit isand not applicable to portions Renewal of Allredeemed rights reserved. Sandals and Beaches are registered trademarks. Unique $1,000 WeddingMoons Vacations, Inc., of worldwide representative and Beaches Resorts. ® Vacations, Inc., is is the the affiliate affiliate of the the worldwide representative for Sandals and Beaches Resorts. Credit is not applicable to Renewalfor ofSandals Vows. All rights reserved. Sandals® and Beaches® are registered trademarks. Unique $1,000 WeddingMoons Vacations, Inc., is the affiliate of the worldwide representative for Sandals and Beaches Resorts. * *



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Spanning the Generations


Dealership cir

ca 1982

Jim Garrett Sr.

Jim Garrett Jr.

or over eight decades, the Garrett family has been in business in Coolidge. Four generations of Garrett men have been part of the history of this successful Pinal County business. Began in the 1930’s, the company officially became Garrett Motors in 1947 when family patriarch Jack Garrett bought out his long-time friend and business partner, John Zellweger. His son, Jim Garrett Sr., a Marine captain and aviator who flew 65 successful missions in World War II had planned on becoming a crop duster when he returned from war; but his father wanted him safely on the ground and convinced him to give up that idea and go to work with him selling Oldsmobiles. In an interview with the Casa Grande Dispatch in November 2000, Jim Sr. said in his mind, one of the most important developments in automotive history was 1951, “that was the year Oldsmobile came out with air conditioning… everybody wanted one. It was the biggest thing in the automobile business in Arizona.” At that time cars sold for a reasonable $2,500 and business was brisk. Jack passed away in 1974. Jim Sr. remained at Garrett Motors until he passed away in 2004 in the same office his father had occupied for 30 years. The business is now owned by Jim Jr. and his wife Lisa. The fourth generation, Jim III works at the dealership as a service advisor while their other son, Charlie, helps coach Coolidge Football. The Garrett family has long been very involved in the Coolidge community, donating to area high school athletics and youth activities, serving on various board and committees and helping the community to grow. In 2013, Jim Jr. was inducted into the Coolidge High School Hall of Fame. Garrett Motors has seen several expansions over the years. Buildings have been remodeled and built. Other dealerships facilities have been acquired. But the family values and visions for Coolidge have remained the same; to grow and be the place to call home.











197 N Arizona Blvd Coolidge, AZ 85128

(800) 967-9814




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to do this, do you want to come with me? Let's go have fun. GCROX: When you say "go out and do this, which reminded me of something. In the old days you used to have travel familiarization or "fam" trips the providers would pay for? MS. WALLACE: Yes, everything was paid for! They provided your air; they provided your hotel; they comp'd the meals. They did all of that just so you could go visit a location, get to know it better and naturally sell it better. GCROX: Is there a favorite place you’ve gone to? MS. WALLACE: I'd probably say our favorite place was Ireland. We've been there six times and we just continue to go back. There's so much history there, the people are wonderful and the countryside is beautiful. GCROX: And you have quite a niche in the market because you started representing Disney how long ago? MS. WALLACE: Disney, I started about 25 years ago and it's become huge for us because I’ve been to every grand opening and everything they've done in the last 25 years! GCROX: How about their ships? MS. WALLACE: They have four. The Disney Magic came out first and then the Wonder, then the Dream, and now the Fantasy. GCROX: Are the ships still in the 2,2002,300 passenger range? MS. WALLACE: No. The Dream and the Fantasy are larger, but what I like about Disney is they are so far ahead of the curve on technology. For instance, at Disney World in Florida which is on 440 acres, they have over 30 hotels on the property now and they have a very intricate bus system to get people from their hotel to the land that they want to go, because they're all separated throughout the 440 acres. Within the last year Disney has come up with wrist bands. Rubber bracelets that hold all of your technology, every piece of information about you.

Your band chip gets you into the hotel room .Your band gets you into any of the lands. If you purchase their food plan, which is highly recommended because you're stuck on this 440 acre park, all of the food types you have purchased like snacks or meals are stored on your band chip for future suggestions. They've also made it available for you to purchase the "Fast Track" option so you don't have to wait in the long lines. You can now specify what time you want the Fast Track and what ride you want the Fast Tracks on. Just show up at the designated time! To make it even more delightful the bands come in 11 colors and the kids get to pick what colors they want! And now there is no such thing as a lost child because all the children's information, including the cell phone numbers for everyone in the family are located on the bands. The new generation! GCROX: So in general, is the industry easier now or harder? MS. WALLACE: I would say it’s easier. We can do more and sell more now than we could before because so many people do their homework before they come in. What they’re coming in the office for now is validation of what they think they have found. GCROX: Meaning your average client now has a clue where people, say, in the early '70s did not. MS. WALLACE: Yes. I no longer have anyone that comes in and says "we have two weeks’ vacation; what do you think we should do”? They know what they want to do. I just need to make sure what they want to do is right f or them. An example would be if you want to go snorkeling and see beautiful fish , what you want to do is go to Cancun because that' s Caribbean water . It ' s clear, multiple fish and you can do all the snorkeling you want, all inclusive properties, huge parties, beautiful beaches . You don’t want to go to Puerto Vallarta where the water is murky. Most travelers don't

know that and that's where I come in. You had asked about the "fam" trips, they really work. The one place I was most hesitant to sell was Africa , only because I didn' t know enough about it and I'm not going to put myself and my reputation on the line to somebody who's going to spend thousands of dollars to get there if I don't know anything about it . ASTA put on one of our, what's called, International Destination Expositions in South Africa, and we went for a week and met all the suppliers that sell the product. The year I came back from Africa I sold over $200,000 worth of travel to Africa because I was so much more comfortable and I could answer the client's questions. I could tell them about customs, I could tell them about what to do if you want to see this animal this is where you go. Or if you want to do this kind of safari, this is where you go. GCROX: Has ADA crossed the threshold? Do you have an app for folks to place on their phones? MS. WALLACE: No, we don't have an app. I have a son and a daughter that would love for me to have an app, but I don't. GCROX: In closing, didn’t you eventually go back to school and earn a master's degree in Travel Business? MS. WALLACE: Yes, from Wellesley College in Massachusetts. GCROX: Wellesley? That’s quite an accomplishment. That is the equivalent of a Master's from Princeton or Harvard! MS. WALLACE: Well, it was something I needed to do. There were a lot of hard lessons I was learning and I didn't think I could keep the business going without knowing how to run a business. GCROX: If you knew then what you know now, would you have chosen the travel industry? MS. WALLACE: I think SO, yes. GCROX: So you've had a pretty fun career? MS. WALLACE: Oh, yeah! That’s what I wanted to do and at the same time I saw an awful lot of the world!


WE’VE MOVED! 3151 N. Piper Ave. #113 Located in the Casa Grande Airpark We Service ALL Makes & Models!!




Offering Total Car Care

15276 W. Jimmie Kerr Blvd., Casa Grande


S Trekell Rd

We honor all after-market warranties

S Chuichu Rd

K&C Auto









99 *

*Plus oil and filter. Must present coupon. Not valid with any other offers. Expires 7-31-14




Next to the brakes, the tires are the most important safety devices on your car. Incorrect tire pressure will compromise cornering, braking and stability. Incorrect tire pressure also will affect your comfort, fuel economy and tire life.







125 + tax

ONLY $ • • • • •

Lube, Oil & Filter* Cooling System Flush Tire Rotation Brake Inspection Check All Fluids, Lights, Wiper & Horn • 20 Point Inspection *Includes up to 6 qts oil. Synthetic & diesel extra. Must present coupon. Not valid with any other offer. Expires 7-31-14.



Golden Corridor | ROX! Magazine












1932 N. Pinal Ave., Casa Grande •


Mon - Sat 8:00am - 7:00pm


• Oil Changes • Maintenance • Repairs

• Recall Information • And More!




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tar Towing was established in 1989 by Tom Tracas. He started it all with a truck, car trailer, and a lot of ambition! After many years of hard work Tom has built this business up into a much larger operation than he had ever expected. He now owns a four acre storage facility for the storage of all vehicles impounded by the local police departments and is currently operating ten tow trucks seven days a week twenty four hours a day.

Tom has been in the industry for over thirty years and so is very experienced on every aspect of the business. He has two children both of which he has taught to work hard and represent his business in a professional manner. He has plans to retire one day and would like to see his children carry on his name in this town, as he has built Star Towing to be a very reputable company. Star Towing operates a variety of

different tow trucks so that each and every customer can be accommodated accordingly. Currently Star Towing is the primary service provider for AAA Arizona and is contracted to tow for all of the local police agencies. Other service that we offer are motor home towing, motorcycle towing, lockouts, gas deliveries, jump starts, local and long distance towing, accidents, 4x4 off road recoveries, and tire changes.

Locally Owned & Operated With Over 30 Years Experience!    

Cars RV’s Trucks Motorcycles

• 24/7 Emergency Service • Fast Courteous Service At Low Rates • Licensed & Insured • Light Duty & Medium Duty Towing • Jump Starts • Lockout Service • I-10 & I-8 Towing

(520) 836-2500

1201 N. VIP Blvd. Casa Grande, AZ 85122

Before You Kick The Tires


efore you shop for your next car, check with the credit union. We can outfit you with money to plunk down and with information to help you get the best deal. One of our loan officers will be happy to sit down with you and come up with a preapproved line of credit to buy that next vehicle. We'll even do that over the phone and online. That takes some of the pressure off when bargaining begins at the dealership. You can tell the sales¬people you have cash. If you have a car to trade in, the loan officer can give you an idea of what it's worth. Our price guides show wholesale, retail, and finance values. Dealers usually allow a wholesale value on your trade-in and then offer it for sale at the retail value. Armed with cash and confidence, you can start your search for a new vehicle. Find

the make and model with the features you want. Jot down the features and their prices; you'll need them later. Ask the sales¬person for the best cash price with and without a trade. Then compare those prices with one or two more dealers (some shoppers do this by phone). Here's where you need to know what the features are worth. Rarely do two cars have identical features. If one dealer is higher priced but more convenient to you, see if the "convenient" dealer will match the lower offer. Your final decision is whether to trade in your present car or sell it yourself. A warning: Rarely will you or the dealer get the retail value, unless your car is in exceptional condition or a popular model. Expect to sell it for the financing value, in which case it's up to you to decide whether it’s worth the hassle of selling it yourself.






For more information or to speak to a loan officer contact us today! Call: 520-381-3100 Click: Visit: Any Branch Location

Copyright 2008-2014 Credit Union National Association, Inc. Information subject to change without notice. For use with members of a single credit union. All other rights reserved.


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Finding Your New Best FOUR-LEGGED Friend!

Are you searching for your new furry friend? Pinal County Animal Care and Control is the place to go for dogs, cats and the occasional rabbit or bird. The shelter is located at 1150 S Eleven Mile Corner Road, just south of the Pinal County Fairgrounds – a few miles outside of Casa Grande. Pinal County Animal Care and Control is a county operated facility with a county budget. And like most government agencies, that budget is lean for luxuries. PCACC has been blessed with volunteers and donors that help with items like Kuranda beds, toys, blankets and special foods – all items that make the animals stay at the shelter more comfortable and less stressful. Unlike private shelters, PCACC is an open admission shelter and must take all animals presented whether there is room or not. Summertime means puppy and kitten season, which means the shelter is always bulging at the seams with animals waiting for adoption or rescue. How can you help? The short answer: ADOPT! The long answer: ADOPT TWO! Preventing unwanted animals, i.e. unwanted pregnancy, is a significant part of reducing the pet over-population. Every animal adopted from PCACC is spayed or neutered prior to leaving the shelter. Every animal that a rescue takes from PCACC is spayed or neutered prior to completing the adoption process. Pregnancy prevention is a must. Other ways to help include fostering, transporting, networking or the old fashion way – donate money. Help Pinal County ACC win $$$ PCACC is one of 50 shelter organizations in the United States selected to participate in the Rachael Ray 2014 $100K Challenge. “The challenge is a joint effort between the ASPCA and TV host Rachael Ray to save as many animals in shelters as possible,” said Animal Care and Control Director Kaye Dickson. “The goal is to adopt out as many animals as you can between June 1st and August 31st.” There are a total of 50 organizations in the US in all 5 categories, each in the running for the top prize of $100,000. Pinal is in Category 4 - the 7,001 to 11,000 level. That means as many as 11,000 dogs and cats entered the PCACC shelter in 2013. But not all left the shelter. Due to a shortage of rescue or adoptive homes, about 20-22% of the animals intaked did not leave, they

were euthanized. In an effort to reduce euthanasia numbers and increase adoptions, rescue release or return to owner numbers, Pinal County Animal Care & Control has committed a lot of energy to win this contest! Imagine what PCACC could do with $100K. “It would go toward spay or neuter, micro-chipping programs and outreach education to focus on responsible pet ownership,” Director Dickson quickly replied. One of the main criteria for winning the $100,000 is to increase adoption numbers over the previous year. Each shelter competes within their category against their own numbers. Pinal’s lofty goal is to double the number of animals adopted from 669 to 1300 during the Challenge period of June 1st to August 31, 2014. Even an increase to a more modest 1,000 placements puts them in the running for a $5,000 prize. To do this, several adoption events have been planned – both at the shelter and on location. Other ways PCACC can win smaller Challenge grants: • Increase the number of FACEBOOK page likes. So go like their page! This could be $5,000 for the shelter! • Participate in Community Awareness campaigns. This could be $25,000 for the shelter! • Have your kids color the page and send to the shelter or ROX! Magazine. • Share the events on your Facebook page. PARTICIPATE at the events! • Volunteer at the shelter, fundraisers, events • Make a Tweet about an event or your new furkid. • Make sure you include #PCACC and #100Kchallenge in everything you post! • Post to craigslist. • Place a poster about the shelter at your work or business. • Post a picture or video of yourself and your new pet. The more creative pictures or video – the better the chances. This could be $5,000 for the shelter! To learn more about the Rachael Ray $100K challenge go to:

Next Event: 36 Hour Adoption Marathon June 27th at 8am to June 28th at 8pm All Dogs are $50 (reg $140) • All Cats are $15 (reg $65)

And if you come to the shelter between the hours of 10PM and 6AM, adoption fees are reduced even lower! Dogs are $25 and cats are $10. All animals adopted will be spay/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. UPCOMING EVENTS: Keep checking the shelter’s website or facebook pages for updates. There is the official shelter facebook page posted above, and there are two volunteer pages for networking: Volunteer Dog page: • Volunteer Cat page:


ADOPT A SHELTER PET COLORING CONTEST! DRAWING TO BE HELD JULY 16, 2014 Bring or mail your entry to either the Shelter or ROX! Office to enter to win one of 10 meals to Culver's. Grand Prize: Family 4pk of tickets and popcorn to ULTRASTAR Theater.





Next Event:


June 27th at 8am to June 28th at 8pm

ALL DOGS ARE $50 (REG $140) ALL CATS ARE $15 (REG $65) And if you come to the shelter between the hours of 10PM and 6AM, adoption fees are reduced even lower! Dogs are $25 and cats are $10. All animals adopted will be spay/ neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Pinal County Animal Care and Control • 1150 S. Eleven Mile Corner Road, Casa Grande, AZ. 520.509.3555 • Directions: I-10 and Florence Blvd east to 11 Mile Corner Road, turn right (south) past the county fairgrounds, on the right. Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5, Sat 10-2


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Meet the Coldwell Banker ROX REALTY Agents Cathy Taylor

Brett Eisele

Bea Lueck

Annalisa Tapia

Colleen Gunderson

Connie Rush

Cynthia Perry

Dawn Zimbelman

Dave Streicher

David Schlagel

Dennis Callahan

Donna Anderson

Elaine Canary

Georgia Schaeffer

Gretchen Slaughter

Jim Beck

Joyce South

Kay Kerby

Keith LaVoo

Ken Hsu

Linda Pixler

Rock Earle

Robin Armenta

Sandy Wascher

Sarah Campbell

Sherry Balentine

Sue Pittullo

1919 N. Trekell Rd., Casa Grande


Each office is independently owned and operated.






n a u n a S J en p p a H it e k Ma Let

! u o Y for

Prices Starting at $20,000 Proudly Made in the USA


We are the world’s leader in fiberglass swimming pool

technology and have been crafting quality fiberglass pools since 1958 • Over 900 Model/Color • Swim Lane Pools & Spas Combinations • Satin Smooth Color Finishes • Green Eco Friendly • All Glass Tile Pools Construction • Salt Water Pools • Built in automatic • Self Cleaning Pools safety covers • Beach Entry / tanning Ledges • Hydro Therapy Spas

Badger Fence & Fiberglass Pools

Your LOCAL San Juan Pools distributor





(520) 483-8632 • 1715 N. Pinal Ave., Casa Grande, AZ 85122 Monday - Friday: 8am - 6pm • Saturdays: 8am - 3pm



Mounted & Balanced

*Used 15' - 16' tires, in stock. Must present coupon. Valid Saturdays only Some restrictions apply. Expires July 31, 2014




* New or used. In stock, must present coupon. Expires July 31, 2014


520-251-1000 1091 W. Main Ave., Casa Grande, AZ 85122


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MYTHS Residential mortgages

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rate of the year


If there was any lingering uncertainty over whether now is a good time to buy a house, it may be The housing market is not without its are worried about their paycheck not being squashed after Freddie Mac's latest challenges, but buyers are still in a good big enough to afford everything that comes Primary Mortgage Market Survey. position to make a purchase. While there with a home purchase. Freddie Mac cited a According to the report, US home will likely be fears over a housing bubble Trulia report that revealed buying a home is mortgage rates continued to decline surrounding the industry for quite some cheaper than renting in all 100 metropolitan in the week ending May 8. And time, as the recession is still in the back of areas surveyed. perhaps most importantly, the rate Americans' minds, Freddie Mac is looking to • Missed the boat on optimal conditions: on a 30-year fixed mortgage has lay a number of myths like this to rest. Mortgage rates in recent years have been According to a report from the near record lows and many buyers believe fallen to the lowest level this year. government-sponsored enterprise (GSE), they missed out on the perfect home buying Causes for the declines. whereas refinancing dominated the housing conditions. However, historically speaking, Industry analysts point to the latest market last year, a new trend is now occurring: mortgage rates are still low and should be economic reports as the cause for More home sales. However, a number of myths encouraging for buyers. lower residential mortgage rates are holding homebuyers back from making a GSE reform could drive mortgage rates in the week ending May 8. The purchase: up. A report from The Wall Street Journal markets are heavily influenced by • Homeownership is too expensive: A recently revealed that reform to the GSEs the release of important economic home is likely going to be the most expensive Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will likely be data, so potential homebuyers can purchase of someone's lifetime, but that met with increased conventional mortgage expect to see things change shortly doesn't mean affordability levels aren't rates. However, the estimates from the after any new report. attractive these days. Many homebuyers today GSEs are relatively low and shouldn't cripple are getting away with putting less money affordability. In this case, that report was on down for their homes, especially if they have a Implementation of a new bill that looks to real GDP growth for the first quarter. good credit rating. allow private firms to issue mortgage-backed The results were weak, suggesting • Credit standards are too stringent: securities will likely only cause rates to rise that the economy is not recovering While the housing downturn in 2008 forced between 0.5 and 1%, according to Fannie Mae. as well as expected. The good news many lenders to reassess who they give Freddie, on the other hand, expects rates to is that poor economic reports often loans to, there's this idea surrounding a rise less in the low- and mid-cost scenarios: mean a decrease in interest rates. home purchase that someone needs perfect between 0.1 and 0.6%. However, those gains At the same time, the April credit to qualify, and that's just not the case. could be between 1.4 and 2.2% under highjobs report was optimistic, revealing Potential buyers with a few blemishes on their and extreme-cost scenarios. that the United States added credit report will likely be surprised by the Academy Mortgage is one of the top 288,000 jobs that month. This wealth of options they have when it comes to independent purchase lenders in the country Dawn Svoboda getting a home. as ranked in the 2013 CoreLogicMarketrac is the most since Loan JanuaryOfficer 2012, LENDER • Not enough income: Other consumers Report. according to Frank Nothaft, vice (520) 421-1171 p Cell: (480) 221-9826 president and chief economist at Da w n S v o bo da Fax: (520) Freddie Mac. 421-0131 Sales Manager/Loan Originator 442 W Kortsen Road, Suite 103A, Casa Grande, AZ 85122 (520) 421-1171 ▲ Cell: (480) 221-9826 | Road, Suite 103A, Casa Grande, AZ 85122 442 W Kortsen


Contact Academy Mortgage Loan Officer Dawn Svoboda to start realizing the benefits of homeownership.


Contact Academy Mortgage Loan Officer Dawn Svoboda to start realizing the benefits of homeownership.

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Overcoming Diabetes & Borderline Diabetes Wednesday-July 16th—6:00-7:30pm SIRCLE® Wellness Classroom 820 W. Cottonwood Lane, Suite #6 Casa Grande, AZ 85122


(520)509-6380 About a third of Americans and counting

suffer from borderline or full-blown diabetes. So it is with obesity, CVD, neuropathies, renal failure, stroke and cancer, much of which arise out of the same underlying public health trends. That is, unless enough people wake up and become deeply concerned about what is causing this growing pandemic. Despite the fact that underlying causes are multifactorial and complex, an emerging body of research shows that up to 90% of cases can be turned around.

Trends driving most diabetes today:

A genetically modified, irradiated, de-germinated, synthetically fortified, over-processed, micronutrient starved, microwaved diet.

A five-to-six-fold per capita increase in intake of caffeine, GMO high fructose & added sugar, and toxic artificial sweeteners since 1980.

An increasingly sedentary lifestyle; Physical Education nearly abandoned by the public schools.

Most diabetic and other medications contribute to or actually cause cause worsening diabetes and weight gain.

Many diabetes cases today are actually pancreatitis, developing kidney disease, septic dental problems, and/or medication side-effects.

“...But what can be done about it?”

“To find out,” said our instructor, Max Stanley Chartrand, Ph.D. (Behavioral Medicine), “you and your loved ones will want to call today and register for this unique, exciting consumer-oriented seminar. The cost is nothing, but the information is priceless.” Our instructor is a professor of Behavioral Medicine, chair of doctoral research committees, and a widely published author. He lectures worldwide on vital topics relative to health care. “It is time the public wakes up and reverses the everyday and seemingly benign practices that have lowered quality of life for so many individuals and families. Diabetes type 2 just happens to be the single largest driver behind most other chronic disease, costing Americans nearly a trillion dollars a year. So unnecessary, so avoidable.” *Note: Information provided in this seminar is for educational purposes only and not to be construed as medical treatment or diagnosis for any individual’s specific health condition.

THE DIABETES CASCADE Cardio Vascular Disease

Acid Reflux Pancreatitis

Hyperinsulinemia =Weight Gain Diabetes

Mellitus Type 2

Neuropathy CO2 Stroke Cancer

Renal Failure


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Road Trip 101

By Gigi McWhirter

"Me and you and a dog named Boo," best describes a family vacation in the U.S. according to study by AAA & Best Western International. Results of the study showed more than half of U.S. pet owners take their cats and dogs with them when they travel. Because of the increase in pets traveling, more hotels are offering pets the same "creature comforts" their owner may experience. Room service menus, massages, lush beds are just some of the amenities available. Best Western has hired "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Milan as the chain's pet travel expert. Whether you are looking to hit the road or fly the friendly skies with your dog or cat, here are a few things you should consider to make the trip as smooth as possible.

Hitting the Highway • Trial Run - Before heading out on a long road trip, take your pet on several small trips to see how she responds. If she gets carsick or anxious, consult your veterinarian for prevention tips or prescriptions. • Paws & Heads inside the car at all times! While your pet may enjoy sticking her head out the window, according to the ASPCA, this can cause ear damage or expose your pet to lung infections. • Be Prepared - Have a microchip implanted in your pet and make sure the microchip company has your current phone numbers in the event your pet should get lost or stolen. Bring a list of your pet's medical records in case of an emergency. Also bring a copy of your pet's current vaccine history, including the rabies vaccine, given by a licensed veterinarian. If your pet bites someone, it is extremely important that you be able to provide a copy of current rabies vaccine. All bites are required by law to be reported to appropriate agencies. • I Gotta Go! The American Veterinary Association recommends stopping every two to three hours to use the bathroom and to get some exercise. • Hydration - the ASPCA recommend keeping a gallon of cold water on hand to keep your pet hydrated during the trip.

Traveling with Pets

• Never Leave them Alone! On an 85 degree day, with the windows cracked, the temperature inside the car can reach 110 degrees in 10 minutes. This can be deadly. If your trip includes destinations where pets are not allowed, look into pet-friendly hotels, boarding facilities or leave them at home. Never, leave them in the car.

LUCY IN THE SKY • Fit to Fly - Some pets do not travel well in cargo. Snub nosed dogs, like bulldogs or pugs or Persian cats, are prone to breathing difficulties. Many major airlines no longer permit snub nosed animals in their cargo holds. If your pet is too old, too young or not in good health - they may not be permitted to fly. • Check it Out - Prior to arriving at the airport, check your carrier's rules, regulations and fees as these may vary depending on airlines as does whether your pet will be permitted to travel in the cabin or in cargo as baggage. Also check the airline's history of flying animals. Several carriers provide monthly incident reports to DOT which list pet-related incidents including, injured or lost animals as well as deaths. • Pets Only - Consider a pets only airline. One such airline is Pet Airways. They offer climate-controlled cabins, individual crates and a flight attendant that checks on your pet every 15 minutes. Upon landing, pets are given a bathroom break before they are reunited with their owners at the airlines Pet Lounge. • Max Head Room - Consult with your airline about crate requirements. Your pet should be able to turn around and stand without hitting its head. If your pet has not traveled before or is not used to a carrier, spend some time getting your pet used to the crate, prior to travel. The USDA requires the following for crates: food and water dishes, "Live Animal" stickers, upright arrows and bedding. • ID Please - Attach your contact information to both your pet's collar and to its carrier. • Paperwork - Consult with your destination's state veterinarian about entry requirements prior to travel. If you are traveling abroad, consult with the USDA for foreign country entry requirements. It is critical that you allow enough time for these requirements to be fulfilled as each country has their own requirements as does the state of Hawaii. Not all veterinarians issue health certificates to Hawaii or international destinations. Proper paperwork is the responsibility of the pet owner, not the airline or the veterinarian. • Give me a break - Before boarding your pet on the airline, play with your pet or take it for a walk. If they are tired, they may sleep during most of the flight. For the safety of your pet, some airlines do not allow your pet to be tranquilized during the flight. • Take a Deep Breath- Cesar Milan recommends using lavender oil as a way to help keep your pet relaxed during the flight. Several weeks prior to travel, he suggests putting a drop of the oil on your hands at feeding times and before walks. On the day of travel, put some of the oil on the blanket in your pet's crate. Once onboard, the positive association will allow him to calm down and remain relaxed. Happy Tails to you and have a safe trip!




In this moment... It doesn’t matter if you saved money in 15 minutes. It doesn’t matter if your neighbor has the same insurance you do. What matters right now is the quality of your independent insurance agent and the company that stands behind them.

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Once upon a time there was a sad girl who lived in Hawaii. She took a walk along the ocean to be alone. On her walk she found a big metal box. When she opened it she saw a book and said, “Why a book?” Then gold dust came out of the book and it flew out of her hands. The book said, “What do you wish for?” The girl mumbled, “A wishing book, perfect!” The book said, “What?” The girl said, “I wish for a friend.”

November -

Food, Drinks & Fun! Dinner & MuVchat

The book said, “I may grant your wish.” Then in a puff of gold dust, the book was gone, and what was in its place? A friend. It was a girl with blonde hair. The girl said to the friend, “Want to take a walk with me?” The friend said, “Yes!” Off they went, the two friends, walking into the sunset. And they were always friends, forever.










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n Road, Suite 103A, CasaManager/Loan Grande, AZ 85122 Sales Originator Da w n S v o bo da (520) ▲ Cell: (480) 221-9826 Da w n 421-1171 S v o bo da Sales Manager/Loan Originator 442 W Kortsen Road, Suite 103A, Casa Grande, AZ 85122 Sales Manager/Loan Originator

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