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DYNAMICALLY GENERATE AND DELIVER CUSTOMIZED RICH MEDIA ADS IN REAL TIME Create, deliver and measure unlimited creative and messaging combinations with dynamic ads that influence the right consumer at the right time with PointRoll’s AdControl. Create: AdControl enables advertisers and their agencies to easily produce infinite ad combinations by mixing and matching various creative elements and dynamically generating a unique ad in real time. Connect: AdControl seamlessly leverages each possible creative combination and marries it with information known about the user to deliver the most relevant, customized ad experience based on characteristics such as geo, site, placement, or custom defined variables. Convert: Customized ads increase relevance and the likelihood of turning an impression into a conversion. Easy to use reporting can help you: gather insights, optimize campaigns and maximize ROI.

How It Works AdControl gleans information about the consumer and turns this knowledge into a customized ad; ensuring the most relevant creative is served to each user. Ads can be customized for:





Call to Action

By mapping user characteristics to creative elements, AdControl can produce the right ad for the right consumer.

Benefits Effective: The intuitive interface enables you to specify any dynamic variables to make ads more rich, relevant and targeted based on customer context. Efficient: Save time, money, and resources by enabling users to easily create multiple ad versions that influence consumers with the most targeted messages. Measurable: Track, aggregate and report on creative performance down to the individual dynamic content level and optimize against the results. Easy to use: AdControl does the work for you, from versioning based on your custom variables to resizing on the fly.

Maximize the effectiveness of your creative and media spend today by delivering highly compelling, interactive and relevant ad experiences with PointRoll’s AdControl! Contact your local PointRoll Sales Rep or email

Pointroll Adcontrol Overview  
Pointroll Adcontrol Overview  

Pointroll Adcontrol Overview