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FiTrue will be the largest original video content network for health, fitness and wellness. FiTrue is creating a community of original producers serving a global audience of health conscious and active individuals who come to create, consume and share video content. FiTrue is the next generation fitness destination.

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1. We see a place for a network of like minded YouTube partners who are creating original health, fitness and related lifestyle video content. The focus of FiTrue is to grow the audience and awareness for all of our partners, with the over-riding goal of driving monetization and promotion. 2. FitTrue will provide our partners with marketing/advertising resources in the form of a direct sales group and content management support through a fully certified YouTube team. 3. Content creators will be free to do what they do best - create great original content, while FiTrue solidifies the business end providing custom sales, campaign management and marketing of all original content produced under the FiTrue umbrella.


Generate Revenue for our partners through advertising and product sales

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Drive Traffic, Subscriptions and Engagement Create & Manage Virtual Events Offer Creative Services (Design, Production & Analytics) FiTrue Partner Benefits & Support: ✤ Content Syndication across multiple platforms ✤ Limited producer base to provide partners personalized attention ✤ Manage “Digital Rights” and “Copyright Strikes” ✤ Flexible contracts

Experienced Management Team ✤ Leverage YouTube Certified team to implement “Best Practices”

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