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Partnership Opportunity

Thursday, November 21, 13

FiTrue Vision Statement FiTrue will be the largest original video content network on YouTube for health, fitness & wellness. FiTrue will create a community of original producers serving a global audience of health conscious & active individuals who come to create, consume and share video content. FiTrue is the next generation fitness destination.

Thursday, November 21, 13

Value Proposition Overview • • • • • •

Generate Revenue Drive Traffic, Subscriptions and Engagement Create & Manage Virtual Events Offer Creative Services (Design, Production & Analytics) FiTrue Producer Benefits & Support Experienced Management Team

Thursday, November 21, 13

Generate Revenue 1.

FiTrue will provide a fully staffed direct sales team, that will aid in generating custom programs around partner content including: ‣

Branded Entertainment

Product Integration


FiTrue will also provide all partners with a custom dashboard delivering transparent information on all revenue generated by YouTube and Adsense Monetizations, as well as custom programs through FiTrue’s direct sales team.


Develop a centralized platform to facilitate product sales across the FiTrue Network Utilize the network to cross-sell partner products

• • •

Workout programs

Nutrition plans

T-shirts, hats, cups, books, etc

Create an affiliate program to incentivize partners to push all products Develop a promotional widget that resides on all sites

Thursday, November 21, 13

Drive Traffic, Subscriptions & Engagement •

Leverage YouTube Certified management team to implement “Best Practices” for all partners

Manage the day to day operations for FiTrue partners to increase views & watch time, build subscriber base and improve video SEO.

Cross promotion of channels within the network utilizing YouTube annotations across channels, outreach to core blogger sites to promote videos, and promotion through social platforms.

Create a custom content widget that will live on partners websites to promote network video content . The widget will drive traffic directly back to YouTube channels within the FiTrue network.

Manage and grow social footprint for each FiTrue network content producer on platforms such as: ‣

Google +




Thursday, November 21, 13

Offer Creative Services •

Design services - optimizing channel layout, skins, branding, cross promotional tools within layout

Create and manage Virtual Events - leveraging Google Hangouts for personal fitness sessions, weekly health discussions, etc.

Analytics Audit - optimizing video keywords/meta data, reviewing producers' related sites, analyze content data to enhance performance

Video production resources - providing locations/studio and equipment (there could be fees associated with this service)

Thursday, November 21, 13

Producer Benefits & Support • • • • • •

Flexible contracts Content is fully owned by publishers Content marketing and syndication across multiple platforms Limited producer base to provide partners personalized attention Manage “Digital Rights” and “Copyright Strikes” on behalf of all partners Leverage & manage 3rd party platforms to help grow partners business ‣



‣ ‣

Hootsuite Google Hangout

Thursday, November 21, 13

Contract & Payment Terms with Creators 1.

Flexible contracts with all partners: ‣

Never in perpetuity

Minimum commit of 1 year

Maximum commit of 2 years


Revenue share will favor the content creator with a 60/40 split


Terms are negotiated on a case by case basis to ensure that each partner is comfortable with the agreement

Thursday, November 21, 13

Experienced Management Team •

Bill Shaw:

Joseph Dressler:

Bill Shaw was named Senior Vice President of Digital at Maxim Magazine in November 2010. In his role, Shaw oversees digital advertising, digital edition subscription sales, audience growth and partnership development, as well as site operations. Previously, Shaw was the Chief Revenue Officer of ISSUU where he developed and executed a comprehensive business strategy for the ISSUU brand, which was named as one Top 50 Websites of 2009 by Time magazine. Prior to that Shaw was the Publisher of SmartMoney, The Wall Street Journal Magazine of Personal Finance,   where he oversaw all sales, marketing and operations for both SmartMoney magazine and  In April 2008, Bill was named “Publisher of the Year” at Media Industry News' 2007 Best of the Web awards. Joe was named VP of National Sales at Competitor Group in August of 2011. In his role Joe oversees all sales, marketing and sales operations for the Competitor Group portfolio in both the event and media space. Previously, he was the VP of Sales at Operative which is the industries leading digital operations software company. He brings a well-rounded background from his 15 years of experience in the digital advertising community. With his experience across multiple mediums including technology, media and now events, Joe brings leadership and a relevant rolodex of clients to the team.  His ability to problem solve and build custom ideas is what made his most recent job successful.

Thursday, November 21, 13

Experienced Management Team •

Deepa Shah:

Matt Goldstein:

Deepa has extensive experience in the digital advertising and production space working in digital publishing for over seven years. Previously, Deepa served as the Sales & Operations Manager for Russell Simmons' digital venture Global Grind, where she worked with leading brands such as Pepsi, Ford and Moët-Hennessy • Louis Vuitton among others. Prior to joining Global Grind, Deepa worked as a Project Manger for Alloy Digital. She lead the production and development team to launch a teen focused original video content site and helped launch the original web series Haute & Bothered and Private. Matt Goldstein was added to the digital team at Alpha Media Group in October 2011 as the Director of Business Development for and Maxim's digital editions. He oversees audience development and many of Maxim's business partnerships. Previously, Matt  worked in Business Development for Interactive Data Corporation where he was responsible for licensing various web based software applications to financial institutions in the US. Prior to that Matt was the Director of Business Development for SmartMoney, where he oversaw audience development for and the syndication of SmartMoney's content to media outlets and financial institutions.

Thursday, November 21, 13

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