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RACISM: SHAMED, BLAMED The Targeted Punjabi Sikh Male: Health Care, Education leading the Charge

Above: The cartoon above is an exaggeration of the Punjabi male, however it is funny although the perception has never changed even while the community isn't like this very much. However, as the thesis examined points out, this behaviour is a result of segmented assimilation where the need to protect their masculinity over comes their motivation to do well in school as one factor observed. I validate that point further in this article. This is a UBC thesis interpretation and examination with the link below. Read this thesis below which this paper will examine and give you insight into these boys and why they fail, the stresses outside in their lives to be examined. Thank You For Doing the Work to Publish this Thesis (2010, "Getting by high school: identity formation and the educational achievements of Punjabi young men in Surrey, B.C.", Frost, Heather Danielle, University of British Columbia).

Education Shows Health Care Negligent to An Education Epidemic An entire gender's self perception unhindered by Health Care and Education Systems. Possibly Diagnosed incapable, possibly mentally ill and possibly criminal to limit opportunities, career gains, relationships and families? Mental Health as weapon or purposely negligent in a cultural warfare to ostracize a gender to decimation of their desires for higher education, occupational choices? A Population segment with the Health, Education and essential services aiding in the ostracism of a population segment. Blame, Shame to an apparent problem. I often say it and it's true, Punjabi Sikh families tend to work hard and often succeed but at what price? The thesis below shows that males who are Punjabi do not perform as well as they should in education systems in Surrey and the Greater Vancouver Area and then goes on to explain why and why their behavior is the way it is. This theory weighs well to explain other dynamics in the psych-social areas.

“As a Canadian from a Punjabi lineage, a 4th generation Canadian, a loyal Canadian man often heard defending view points which offend Canada, including defending veterans when Harper shut down veteran stations. My immediate grandfather an officer of British Army Regiment who came to Canada in 1906. We will always defend the Commonwealth with Canada and India as one family of nations. Me being Canadian and a part of Canada, from defending the United Church of Canada to the right to human freedoms and Canadian constitutional rights with anything else Canadians stand for is a part of me as a person. However, Systemic organized degradation to a segment of the Canadian population which I can be viewed as being part of with this thesis which supports my findings as well.�

This why being ostracized is a lonely way to be for me and others, many of whom stay with their own culture group because it is where they feel safe and trust who they are around. Also, since my first days, a fairly gifted student and athletic, also a kind, confident well raised young man until my gender and race became a target for Bullying, Torment, and Ostracizing of myself, even by Punjabi co-age groups of "peers" who wanted to feel "superior" measured they're indifference and ignorance to the issue by demonstrating they had more Caucasian friends or their interests, hobbies, financial capabilities were relevant in stressing we're more "western". All falsies to protect themselves for exclusion and revert negativity related to reasons others were excluded from social acceptance, opportunities and general survival needs.

Thesis Interpretation What To Conclude… Below, not mine, but another author did a whole thesis on why Punjabi males, based on a study of Punjabi Sikh Males in a Surrey School district. Boys and Girls, compared, interviewed and tested. The UBC Thesis from which concluded the males have a sense to defend their ‘masculinity’ raises the question, why? Why was this population set of boys so defensive in this area, so much so, that they jeopardize their education in an attempt to defend it?

Why do they not succeed in scholastics and academia despite education given to them? Let me explain why… In the thesis below, even those of us NOT from Surrey who were Punjabi Males, we were on the defense of being ostracized, many times targeted by Punjabi's themselves from popular crowds if the "Brown Friends" we had were not accepted. The larger group of Punjabi's for the most part see Sikhism as their faith and Hinduism as well to others in an inter-faith relationship. The first time I ever dated a Punjabi girl, I was targeted for ostracism and have, never been looked at in the light of most Punjabi's I grew up with nor their friends as "worthy". This group of males from Punjabi, primarily Sikh families as well as my own personal mental downfalls were a direct result of this targeted ostracizing, often supported further by businesses like "Earls Bar+ Kitchen", "Cactus Club Cafe" and "JOEY Restaurant" during face-to-face efforts before my career, with the managers I met there who told me directly "We don't hire Punjabi guys here".

Some Might Say… This has changed but only after decades of a full decimation of Punjabi males from social acceptance and distanced from their white counter parts. Other ethnic groups of non-whites, joining in order to maintain their status in their social circles.

“This is less now but it was not until, our community had a segment of the female Punjabi population of girlfriends, sisters and any others were pushed into social circles which took advantage of them mentally, emotionally, sexually and personally - then have them target males of their own Punjabi Community of males to add to the damage already being done.�

Punjabi Sikh men, through history have had chivalrous responses to anyone harming their loved ones, families, wives and kids. That chivalry was in the freedom of their wives and daughters to have the best education, best jobs and be independently successful and make gentlemen out of boys. The education system examination in this thesis that Punjabi boys do not do well in education systems, attempts to explain how this gender of the population segment has been ostracized and contained to limit it's own ability to integrate as well as mix with the population at large for decades until the damage to the identity of Sikhism, Punjabi Culture, Punjabi Males and even Hinduism, were decimated and ostracized to incapacitate their ability to do well socially, personally, professionally nor otherwise is how it comes across. The Thesis then goes on to conclude that their behaviour is a result of a theory which is know as segmented assimilation.

Punjabi’s Joined In… White Man’s Effort in Being Racists… Below: UBC Graduate Article which attempts to Conclude Punjabi Males Degrade Women And are Violent Normal Read the paper at this link:'sproblem_REPORT.pdf written by who appears by the name to be a Punjabi author, all in the name of liberty? Nope….so the author would be more “accepted” by whites for “greater opportunity” by the UBC, various professional and personal advancements as well as the Vancouver Coastal Health staff by promoting the degradation and decimation of the Punjabi Male.

Synopsis: In this his paper above ('sproblem_REPORT.pdf, www, 2017) author argues that this is a part of the Punjabi Culture to degrade women ... This paper could have been written by a 12 year old racist kid with no insight into the world. But that's there is what the Vancouver Coastal Health encouraged, whether they were part of this or not, it came from UBC and it was Mental Health credible enough to take light and UBC did NOT Refute it. The only rational reason would be that they got Punjabi's to write papers to defend their own desire to limit and decimate Punjabi Males by slandering them. UBC Published this thesis.

Systemic Racism: Vancouver Coastal Health Leading the Charge In fact, the paper above comes to show you that UBC and the Vancouver Coastal Health, were pushing this degrading view of Punjabi Males to pass through all of British Columbia, to restrain them from personal, educational & professional success by having them fight to defend themselves, their identity, their self worth, their culture - all mutilated with their religion and to protect themselves. Effecting all communities and health care institutions it could reach, to decimate and destroy Sikh Men, Punjabi Sikh men particularly from reaching leadership roles and jobs in their institutions to prevent them from reaching decisive roles in management, director roles, or C-Suite Upper Management roles. White Man was on a racist rampage with mentally, emotionally and sexually taking advantage of young Punjabi girls to divide families, sometimes getting them jobs in Vancouver City hospitals and facilities from as far as Abbotsford, BC and further BUT Making Sure, Sikh Male Doctors went to Surrey, BC or as far away from Vancouver General and other areas to maintain that those jobs were kept by white-Aryan members of the industry. You might know Global BC Psychologist Joti Samra, a targeted effort to promote her because of her inability to stand for the community and defend the destruction and degradation of the Punjabi Sikh Male as a “mental Health crisis”. Had she ever said tried to defend the Punjabi Sikh Male from targeted efforts to destroy the gender, divide them from the race and disempower them from vocational and personal success, she would be fired from existence and she would never have made it on to the Oprah Show. I concluded that after seeing that no Punjabi Man or Woman in a position to make a difference in the racist target attack, using “Mental Illness” as the premise to continue on this racist rampage, they did nothing, including celebrity promoted Jot Samara a registered Psychologist or celebrity popularity. She did Nothing – Zero, for the community. That’s why the white community pushed to promote her, to defy the notion they, themselves, were not racist, while promoting Punjabi men and women into positions based on their inability to help their communities. Then stripping them of empowerment while taking their masculinity even their ability to meet and maintain long term relationships on their own nor succeed in other parts life so, this is what happened. I can attest to it It Happened to me. From the age of 15, I wasn't good enough for popular Punjabi peer social circles from similar socio-economic stand point nor those I might have interests with nor white, non-white Canadians unless there was a way to know them personally on a first meeting. With that even online dating is a nightmare when your entire racial-subset and gender are not wanted. With the reputation and stereo-typing with a mutilation of truths related to our skin colour, ethnic group and religion (I'm not baptized any where but the one I see myself as - Sikh, Hindu) with our gender is a hard way to get ahead in standard western social circle, jobs, dating, marriage unless we have money, education, social status and so forth. This with the mutilation of the Punjabi male gender to control our outcomes in various areas in our lives.

This for myself even, as a 4th generation Canadian, 4 generations of natural citizens, offspring of citizens, I have failed to secure even in my own life in many areas. This is true many times over for others divorcing regularly due the lack of acceptance, integration, exposure, sexual problems and inability to understand what the union of love commits to. These days in our lives in a once strong community, despite the rare cases which were bad, most of our baby boomer parents sustained a relationship through differences and strengthen families as members of Canada with our inter-faith, inter-culture Canadians. Today due partly to the deliberate infection of ill truths, our community in effort to assimilate to a failing system has now gone back to revert to the notion that "its best to date and marry someone from a trusted connection" in many cases. Recently, with the general rise of the divorce rate, young kids date the first guy or girl they like "enough to marry before it's too late". This method is a failing situation, then divorce because one leaves because of a lack of mental, emotional, sexual issues so cheating is quite common. My personal mental health, my limited social life and few people outside family I can call for a coffee, let alone, being married or had kids not likely due to ostracism.

"It was Private Health Care outside of BC Public Health which saved my life with my few really awesome friends and a big family.�

An entire gender and families who would have to learn that their Mental Health at the Vancouver Coastal Health provider has wrongfully targeted their boys and men. An almost irreversible damage over decades of mental castration, done to an entire community, to keep them from mixing with Canadians socially to keep this group of hard working men, often raised on good ethics, usually with mothers who were strong enough to know how to raise a man out of their boys, fathers who were great men. Family's in the dark, bullied and blackmailed into fear by psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health staff from the Vancouver Coastal Health and others, was destroying the entire gender for decades. Family's wanting to do what was right, only lead to have loved ones running with these "mentally ill" or "criminal" labels attached to their innocent friends & family to castrate, control and limit Punjabi men from integrating into society, high paying jobs, white collar jobs and then limiting the ones who got ahead. Often wrongfully diagnosed to eliminate and limit PunjabiMales, the Punjabi Culture, Sikhism and less so but, also the Hindu faith to some degree, to all be looked at as "negative" or "sub-par" religious & social entities. Then there was a social acceptance which allowed Punjabi's closest to Christianity, those who left or degraded their faith and culture as well as women who married white men to be at the very top of social acceptance and professional career gains. Punjabi males who attempted martial unions with women from a greater spot in society, of high socio-economic stature, physical attractive stature or any other reason were setup to have their unions with those women decimated as well. To conclude, the personal and professional lives of Punjabi Males which were targeted,


“Segmented Assimilation Theory. Gans (1992) outlines several distinct trajectories that the children of the new immigrants, or the “new second generation,” can follow. These paths include downward as well as upward mobility among the possible outcomes.”

Understanding Why the White Man Targeted the Punjabi Sikh Male From my findings in the UBC thesis presented in this paper, is based on and from the observation of racism from both whites and non-whites, especially Punjabi’s who target their own kid, I drew these conclusions: The thesis in it’s reasoning to figure out why Punjabi Males don’t wasn’t to do well in school or rather, why they give up trying, I was able to further conclude, based on what definitions I could find of it, as found by the thesis itself, to be defined in as segmented assimilation.


Mind you there is a small percentage of men who are not good people in all cultures, nor good to their families, wives or kids in ANY Community. Punjabi Males in the past had been seen to have great relationships between their parents, families, friends and strangers. To conclude the numbers in domestic abuse, violence, drugs and lack of confidence to be tied to the targeted decimation, degradation, ostracizing of Punjabi men to label, limit and have been kept aback from success is a problem we can correct together in our multicultural Canadian community. Girls from the Punjabi community who married white men or refuted their own community, over decades were often put into non-Punjabi "high-ranking" social status to feed their self-esteem, even given management roles in their professional space - examine the restaurants mentioned earlier, other businesses all the way to the Vancouver Coastal Health. Yes, even healthcare here, where Punjabi males, boys and men, often were label by mental health professionals as "Crazy". These men, in any attempts to maintain their masculinity, their occupational success, even their female lovers, friends were put on medication and declared mentally ill, until Vancouver Coastal Health's Mental Health doctors, therapists and nurses could get to their occupational, personal and family spaces to decimate them in order to control and divide the community to limit their religion and culture to be accepted and maintain white entitlement. Mental health professionals forced psychiatric medications and any rebuttals would cause forced prescription to be tied to legal responsibility. These rebuttals would often be working up the patient so much that recently, we have see Public Health patient attacks rise and government won't force psychiatrists, psychologists nor social workers to have patient Counseling audio recorded and archived. What do they have to hide? Exactly.


Instead, the Vancouver Coastal Health, Post secondary institutions and some businesses "ostracized Punjabi Men, the Sikh faith, even Hinduism then established hierarchies of social acceptance among East Indian populations with Christians at the most socially accepted, then good looking women then any men they could benefit themselves with.

The UBC Thesis Reference This Thesis in the link below is about Punjabi Young Males with their performance in education but look at the reasons and understand the ostracism of an entire gender of males who are Punjabi, many times and across the board.

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WebSite and WebPage of University of British Columbia site for this thesis

Full Thesis here:

Title: Getting by high school : identity formation and the educational achievements of Punjabi young men in Surrey, B.C.

Creator / Author: Frost, Heather Danielle

Publisher: University of British Columbia

Date Issued: 2010

Abstract/Description: This thesis is concerned with the lives and educational achievements of young Indo-Canadians, specifically the high school aged sons of Punjabi parents who immigrated to Canada beginning in the 1970s, and who were born or who have had the majority of their schooling in Canada’s public school system. I examine how these young people develop and articulate a sense of who they are in the context of their parents’ immigration and the extent to which their identities are determined and conditioned by their everyday lives. I also grapple with the implications of identity formation for the educational achievements of second generation youth by addressing how the identity choices made by young Punjabi Canadian men influence their educational performances. Using data collected by the Ministry of Education of British Columbia, I develop a quantitative profile of the educational achievements of Punjabi students enrolled in public secondary schools in the Greater Vancouver Region. This profile indicates that while most Punjabi students are completing secondary school, many, particularly the young men, are graduating with grade point averages at the lower end of the continuum and are failing to meet provincial expectations in Foundation Skills Assessments. To understand the identities and educational experiences of young Punjabi men, I conducted semi-structured interviews with prominent community members, teachers, school administrators and young Punjabi men and women attending Getting By High School, a public secondary school in Surrey, B.C. I apply the theory of segmented assimilation as formulated by sociologists Portes and Rumbaut (2001a) and work with the concept of masculinity from critical men’s studies to describe the linkages between place, identity and educational achievements by evaluating the effects of school, family and community contexts on the lives and identities of the 15 young men I interviewed. I argue that for this group of young men, life in Surrey’s Indo-Canadian community has provided the conditions for the development of a “brown” identity which while protecting them from the pernicious “Jack” has translated into a lack of scholastic effort and academic mediocrity. I conclude by addressing the implications of my findings for the theory of segmented assimilation. "

Additional Links for Reference of Racism to Sikhs & Sikh Males Full Thesis At The Link (again) is at this link: For Further Reading: (2010, For Further Reading: (2008,

What To Conclude? What is White Mans’s Issue with Sikh Men and Boys, succeeding and integrating with their wealthy, white and educated communities? …it's not that complicated, Sikh Punjabi Men get ahead financial, personally and professionally not looking like Aryan-White-Christian's-Males. White man couldn't figure out a way to destroy the community so first they started to divide the women from the men by targeting the culture and religion to sexually, mentally and emotionally take full advantage of the women, divide the families and don’t like it that Sikh Men, formal education or not, own homes and raise families with a low failure rate. Maybe less young Punjabi men would have chosen not to get into street gangs, drug dealing and other behaviour if they were made more inclusive as Canadians. The inclusion so far has only been a means to divide the ones “white man” wants to make use of. Wally Uppal, ex-BC Liberal MLA and Minister also the first Punjabi to be a judge in the Canadian legal system, was given much more opportunity and then when he tried to integrate back into and with Punjabi Sikh’s, he was useless at reaching the Punjabi community at large. Mind you, had he tried to do that 20 years earlier, to integrate with the community, not have married a white woman, lived among the community as much as most and be able speak the Punjabi or Hindi language, he might have not been a judge or anything he ever became… no? Also, I bet he probably wouldn’t have been able to be a Judge in the Canadian legal system had he not married a white woman and excluded himself from the general Punjabi Community. That is because UBC & the education system at large, is a public education system which is openly racist. This is how the Medical School at UBC with the Vancouver Coastal Health began a racist rampage, promoting racism into Christian Churches and the Health Care System which spread all over British Columbia and still exists in most of Western Canada, British Columbia and Alberta the very most. A systemic operation to be racist, excusatory to why they went out to destroy the entire Gender by using their culture and community against them. Then using misogyny on the girls and women to divide families then destroy the Punjabi man, especially the Punjabi Sikh man’s ability to empower himself in the very system of various occupational and social systems which were destroying him. This racism has leveled a little, as white man has completed much of this since the 1970s with a targeted Baby Boomer Offspring targeting after 1990.

How far to take this conclusion… Punjabi male doctors were pushed out to Surrey to “Service Punjabi’s & Sikh’s” not “Service Canadians” because they who became doctors, were a threat to “White Canadians” and not consider “Canadian” because of their race, culture and colour – all while the same white man, targeted and use misogyny on the women. This problem so apparent that Stan and Bus Fuller of the “Earl’s Bar+ Kitchen” and “Cactus Club Café” restaurants didn’t and might not still, hire Punjabi-Sikh boys who were heterosexual, especially if they wore turbans while the misogyny of the young women who went to work there might have a great value of truth today. Mind you, Stan Fuller, CEO and President of “Earls Bar+ Kitchen” keeps a “special assistant” who is a Punjabi girl but still, won’t hire Sikh-Punjabi heterosexual boys as servers and I’ve never seen one with a turban, not one that was heterosexual mind you. If Stan Fuller is not a misogynist and a racist against an entire gender of males who are Punjabi and Sikh's, I'd like to know why the women and not the men get hired to work in the restaurants?? That goes for the Vancouver Coastal Health and every racist out there of the same kind.

What Happens If White Canada, starting in Vancouver is totally Open an Accepting Now? ‌. of having Punjabi Sikh men in all parts, without hold backs to them like white people? An effort to assimilate and integrate these ostracized, labelled young boys will be difficult. Their psychology tells them that white people, health care, law enforcement even teachers and staff of public education systems have and will determent their ability to succeed as well as limit their options to succeed. They're thinking that their female peers will leave them for white men, money, education, and social status which they are already in defense of through behaviour which promotes defending their masculinity. This is because they already feel targeted by white people, law enforcement, health care and education - all of these are public services designed to help those in need whom they don't trust. The assimilation and integration idea as a way to correct this decimation and annihilation of norms for decades would could cause serious psychological, social, mental, emotional negative effects. These effects would cause a rebuttal of implications which would cause them to regress to violent, abusive behaviour in defense of themselves, their masculinity as well as their self perception through the actions of negation from the population at large - which is, in itself, the problem to correct.

The problems for this came with the Preston Manning and "new conservative Right" with Harper, Jason Kenny, Peter Mackay, John Baird and recently, Kellie Leitch who recently ran as Tory leadership candidate herself, a doctor as well to carry home the point of racism in the Health Care System being greater than the Vancouver Coastal Health. The Progressive Conservative root in Canada since 1991 has been responsible for social disparities, racism and how they used Christianity to divide a nation in an effort to empower themselves financially and personally from about 1991 to today. This I won't get into but maybe in a future paper. This paper was first created, written, authored & Published on May 24, 2017 by Randeep Dosanjh at with all rights are reserved with the written and signed consent of Randeep Dosanjh.

This is a ubc thesis interpretation and examination with the link below  

Punjabi Sikh men, through history have had chivalrous responses to anyone harming their loved ones, families, wives and kids. That chivalry...

This is a ubc thesis interpretation and examination with the link below  

Punjabi Sikh men, through history have had chivalrous responses to anyone harming their loved ones, families, wives and kids. That chivalry...