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Dear Friends,

Theodore Herzl taught:

‫ אגדה היא ואגדה תישאר‬,‫ אין זו אגדה; ואם לא תרצו‬,‫אם תרצו‬

“If you will it, it is no dream; and if you do not will it, a dream it is and a dream it will stay.”

The Jewish tradition values dreaming. Whether it was Jacob’s ladder, Joseph’s dream interpretations, or the 2000 year-old dream of the Jewish people returning to their ancestral homeland in Israel, Judaism clearly understands and values the human need to dream. In 2016, Camp Ramah in the Poconos and Ramah Day Camp were places where dreams came true. Thanks to gifts from three donor families totaling $500,000 and a portion of the $386,000 raised in the 2015 Annual Chai Campaign, for the first time in decades, a new bunk was built and a new edah (division) was added at Camp Ramah in the Poconos. The dream of an edah (division) for campers with special needs was realized with the addition of Yedidim. We also celebrated the 20th anniversary of Ramah Day Camp with The Dream of Esrim (20). Our Ramah community, as you will see in the pages of this Annual Report, is truly blessed. Dreams of higher camper enrollment, generous support from our annual development efforts, an active and engaged board of directors, year-round programming, and a fully inclusive camp community that celebrates campers of all abilities have gratefully come to fruition. But these dreams did not simply appear one day out of the blue. They are the result of will: the collective will of our incomparable professional team, our lay leadership, and you—the Ramah stakeholder. We are stronger and we are able to achieve our dreams because of the effort, love, and support of the Ramah Poconos and Ramah Day Camp community. We thank you and we look forward to working and willing new dreams into reality in the future. Todah Rabbah,

Lee Sussman, President, Board of Directors

Rabbi Joel Seltzer, Executive Director

CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS $1,103,632 in construction and improvements were made during 2016. Thanks to the generosity of Rick and Donna Forman, Ruth Davidoff, Toby and Henry Susskind, a private foundation, and donors to the 2015 Annual Chai Campaign, Beit Yedidim, the new Tikvah bunk for campers with special needs, was completed. The bunk houses 20 campers and 10 staff members and also includes a 3600 sq. ft. basement for programming needs. A new 12-room staff housing building was also built during the off season to replace the original wooden cabins that were removed during the construction of Beit Yedidim. This construction created not only much needed space for camp staff, but also connecting rooms to accommodate families during both the summer and retreat seasons. In addition, renovations to camper bunks continue with the addition of new flooring, energy efficient lighting, and bathroom refurbishing.

Monies raised during the 2015 Annual Chai Campaign have allowed for more capital improvements at Camp Ramah in the Poconos, including; „„ adding two shuffleboard courts „„ creating a white-sand beach volleyball court „„ laying SnapSports flooring in the Gag (outdoor hockey pavilion) „„ installing an outdoor water fountain with a bottle filler

Nestled among the hills, a scenic jewel stands above all— our Camp Ramah.

‫בין רכסי ההרים פנינת תפארה ישכון לו בדד מחננו רמה‬


STRATEGIC PLAN Thanks to our mentors at JCamp180 and the members of the strategic planning committee that included alumni, board members, parents, and other stakeholders, Camp Ramah in the Poconos’ organizational three-year strategic plan was created in 2014. Those objectives were completed in 2016, and the formulation of the next three-year strategic plan has begun. Thank you for your help in accomplishing our goals. 99 COMPLETED A comprehensive Development Plan for the organization 99 COMPLETED Renewal of a long-term lease for Ramah Day Camp 99 COMPLETED Conducting general improvements to existing camp buildings, including painting, landscaping, and replacing floors and roofs of bunks and buildings, to be done incrementally each offseason until complete 99 COMPLETED 100% participation by Members of the Board of Directors in financially contributing to Ramah events and fundraisers 99 COMPLETED Solicitation training for members of the Board of Directors 99 COMPLETED Hiring a Development Assistant 99 COMPLETED Evaluating staff-housing options, needs, costs, and timing, including a possible impact from the residential Tikvah program 99 COMPLETED Freshening programming at the overnight camp, including adding a drama specialty track, as well as adding daily programming options on both land and water 99 COMPLETED Renovating the guest house 99 COMPLETED Exploring options for a new Mercaz, including plans for a 2018 capital campaign CAMP RAMAH ANNUAL REPORT 2016 | 3

In summer 2016, our programming was enhanced at all age levels with the arrival of new Ramah Day Camp Director, Elana Rivel. Some highlights include: A special Yom Omanut (Art Day) focused on an iconic spot at camp, the Etz Tefillah (prayer tree), which culminated with the creation of sculptures made from wire, string, and other tactile materials by our Alonim (2nd grade), Solelim (3rd grade), and Arazim (4th and 5th grade) campers. Educational programming enhanced by Wee Play Language taught our Cochavim (kindergarten) chanichim (campers) Hebrew through an immersive, interactive approach using books and puppets. Our Etgar (6th and 7th grade) campers had new experiences, such as a trip to Baltimore, where they participated in a scavenger hunt at the Inner Harbor and cheered on the Aberdeen Iron Birds at Ripken Stadium.

In the tradition of our ancestors and with great joy, Camp Ramah shows us the path through the challenges of life.

‫במסורת אבות וברוב ענגים יפלס לנו דרך בסבך החיים‬ 4 ||CAMP CAMPRAMAH RAMAHANNUAL ANNUALREPORT REPORT2016 2016

connecting TO CAMP


A concerted effort was made to connect campers from Ramah Day Camp with Camp Ramah in the Poconos. 20 Arazim campers had an overnight trip to Camp Ramah in the Poconos, where they stayed in the brand new Yedidim bunk. They joined with the Tze’erim campers as they were led through activities like sport, art, and swim and were treated to the Halutzim play, ‘The Little Mermaid,’ in Hebrew! Ramah Day campers got a big surprise when 41 Ramah Poconos Shoafim (9th grade) campers came to visit on their way back from Washington, DC. They sang songs, danced, and played games together, creating connections and bonding over a marshmallow-eating contest.

20TH ANNIVERSARY This summer we celebrated TWENTY YEARS of providing a fun and enriching Jewish day camp experience to children in pre-K to 7th grade in the Philadelphia area. With the theme The Dream of Esrim (20), there were special events throughout the season, including “An Evening on the Kikar” with alumni, leadership, staff, and camper parents, and “The Hofa’ah: Performing Arts Festival,” honoring previous camp directors with a retrospective of Ramah Day Camp’s history performed by our campers. CAMP RAMAH ANNUAL REPORT 2016 | 5

connecting TO INCLUSION

Campers agree that a highlight of Kayitz (summer) 2016 was the addition of our eighth edah (division), Yedidim. With the launch of the Tikvah Residential Program for campers with significant special needs, our 12 Yedidim campers truly completed our Ramah community. The combination of Yedidim and Shoafim campers in a joint talent show and production of Fiddler on the Roof made an everlasting impact on all of the campers.

connecting WITH STAFF

Appreciating and connecting with our hard-working staff is a top priority. This summer, proceeds from contributions to the Staff Appreciation Fund and the interest generated by the SJCCBA Staff Programming Endowment allowed staff members to unwind with the Bible Players in a hilarious night of comedy. A late-night visit by a Kosher Ice Cream Truck was another treat that put smiles on everyone’s faces. 6 | CAMP RAMAH ANNUAL REPORT 2016

Serving over 560 campers in 2016, Camp Ramah in the Poconos was filled to capacity for the second consecutive summer. Our Taste of Ramah introductory experience was more popular than ever and combined with our prospective family days brought 87 new camper families to our beautiful camp grounds. As a result of the overwhelming support of the 2015 Annual Chai Campaign: „„ campers received over $200,000 in scholarship allocations „„ new flooring, renovated bathrooms, and eco-friendly LED lighting were added to bunks „„ expanded programmatic offerings included filmmaking with YouTube artists, in which campers created original Ramah music videos CAMP RAMAH ANNUAL REPORT 2016 | 7

On July 19, 2016, Camp Ramah in the Poconos added a new edah (division) for the first time in decades. Yedidim (friends) is part of the Tikvah Residential Program for campers with special needs and included seven boys and five girls, ranging in age from 12 to 18, from Maryland, Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. No two Yedidim campers were the same; several were on the autism spectrum while some had Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, or other cognitive delays. The Yedidim campers enjoyed typical activities each day, such as swimming, arts and crafts, Yahadut (Judaics) & Tarbut (Israeli Culture), Hanutiyah (Canteen), and sport. Counselors used various tools to support the campers throughout the day: visual schedules, “first…then…” boards, incentive charts, and, of course, lots of positive reinforcement.




Each week, the Yedidim campers prepared a shopping list, invited guests to their oneg Shabbat, and made Friday outings to the supermarket in Honesdale, Pennsylvania. This helped them work on important life skills, such as grocery shopping, using money, and engaging in conversation. In preparation for their oneg Shabbat, they also cooked, cleaned the bunk, and set up tables with plates, cups, utensils, and decorations for Shabbat.


Tikvah Family Camp provides Jewish children with developmental disabilities and/or social learning disorders, their parents, and their siblings the unique opportunity to experience the magic of Jewish summer camp together. Over the past eight years, the five-day program has grown and was at capacity this summer with 6 of the 15 families attending for the very first time. A highlight of Kayitz (summer) 2016 was, “The Drum Circle,� led by Musical IQ. Everyone adored the interactive evening, including those campers with sound sensitivity.


“I just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me to go to CRP last summer! My favorite thing was all the new f riends I met. I was even invited to a Bar Mitzvah in the fall like my sister. Thank you for making it possible to have a camp experience. Yedidim is the best!” AUBREY, YEDIDIM CAMPER



$5.6M $5M $4.5M

381.5 311 234.25






$5 M $4.5 M

$4.5 M


$4 M

350 201


Full Camper Equivalent*



Total Served




Full Camper Equivalent*







Total Served

Overnight Camp ENROLLMENT

Session Camper + 1 Second 10*1| First CAMP RAMAH ANNUAL REPORTSession 2016 Camper = 1 Full Camper Equivalent






October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016



Revenue $5,019,049

Revenue $5,605,013

Tuition & fees

Tuition & fees


Donations $616,701



Family Capital Improvement Contribution

Family Capital Improvement Contribution

$4,171,277 $72,600


Other $158,471

Other $260,963

Expenses $4,509,845

Expenses $4,918,351

Programs and Operations

Programs and Operations


Scholarships Given: Camp Ramah in the Poconos Ramah Day Camp Tikvah Family Camp


Scholarships Given: $268,385 $90,660 $2,150

Fundraising $20,373

REVENUE | In 2016, there was a 12% growth in revenue due to both an increase in enrollment and another successful year of development efforts, including the 2015 Annual Chai Campaign, resulting in a staggering 43% increase in fundraising from the previous year. Sold out edot (divisions) for the third consecutive summer at Camp Ramah in the Poconos and income from grants, donations, and the guest house contributed to 25% of Camp Ramah’s total organizational-wide profits, an 8% gain from 2015.

Camp Ramah in the Poconos Ramah Day Camp Tikvah Family Camp

$222,602 $81,440 $2,500

Fundraising $43,997

EXPENSES | $306,542 was allocated in aid to Ramah Day Camp, Camp Ramah in the Poconos, and Tikvah Family Camp constituents in 2016. In addition, $1,103,632 in building and improvements were made during the off-season, including the construction of Beit Yedidim, the new 7200 sq. ft. bunk and programmatic space for campers with special needs.


LEGACY SOCIETY Planting the seeds for future generations of campers, the Legacy Society recognizes friends of Camp Ramah in the Poconos who have made arrangements during their lifetime to leave a legacy gift in their estate plan. Thank you to our Legacy Society members for supporting Camp in perpetuity and forever identifying themselves as devoted stakeholders. The Legacy Society ensures that Ramah Poconos and Ramah Day Camp will continue to: „„ link Jewish children to their roots and to each other „„ foster a love of Israel for campers and staff „„ provide magical summers for special needs and inclusion campers through our Tikvah programs „„ train staff members to be future leaders of the Jewish community „„ maintain and improve facilities „„ offer exceptional experiences in Conservative Jewish living and learning Please choose to be part of the Legacy Society today and become a philanthropist and life-long supporter of Camp Ramah in the Poconos and Ramah Day Camp. Contact Missy Stein, Development Director, for more information at missys@ramahpoconos.org or 215-885-8556.


Anonymous (20)

Rabbi Joshua Dorsch

Judith Hess

Nona L. Abrams

Matthew Dorsch

Jason Kreisman

Florence Albert

Carol G. Einhorn

Sara Kreisman

Deborah Albert

Jules Einhorn

Benjamin Landsburg

Susan Ansul

Deborah-Jo Essrog

Michael Landsburg

Ina Asher

Glen Feinberg

Robin Sue Landsburg

Steven A. Asher z”l

Rela Mintz Geffen

William Landsburg

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Rabbi Daniel Dorsch

David Haas

Nathan Relles

Jay A. Dorsch

Donna Haas

Jon Rothschild

Lori Rothschild Sion Segal Eliana Seltzer Rabbi Joel Seltzer Rabbi Jay Stein

ENDOWMENTS Thank you to all of our donors who have funded endowments supporting Camp Ramah in the Poconos, Ramah Day Camp, and our Tikvah programs in perpetuity.

Louis Stesis

For information related to establishing or contributing to endowed funds, please contact Missy Stein, Development Director, at missys@ramahpoconos.org or 215-885-8556.

Max Sugarman

Adam Port Memorial Scholarship Fund

Minnie Preminger Scholarship Fund

Melissa Sugarman Kleiman

Arthur Poley Memorial Fund for Outdoor Living

Mogilner-Solomon Memorial Fund

Michelle Sugarman

Bob Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund

Mollie Goldstein Scholarship Fund

Ali Sussman

Canady Music Fund

Morris and Miriam Ockman Scholarship Fund

Lee Sussman

Carol & Isaac Auerbach Scholarship Fund

Morton and Malvina Charlestein Scholarship Fund

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Morton J. Dannenhirsch-Beshunsky Scholarship Fund

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Natalie & Ted Miller Memorial Fund

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Congregation Tikvoh Chodoshoh Scholarship Fund

Paul and Gertrude Jacobs Scholarship Fund

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Debbie Levin Lusana Scholarship Fund

Abram & Elizabeth Piwosky Scholar-in-Residence Fund

Edith & Albert Karp Scholarship Fund

Rabbi Albert and Sarah Lewis Scholarship Fund

Ervin B. Miller Scholarship Fund

Rabbi David A. Goldstein Scholarship Fund

Florence Rodgers Scholarship Fund

Rabbi Yaakov and Devorah Rosenberg Scholarship Fund

Gerson Epstein Sports Fund

Ramah Alumni Scholarship Fund

Hanna S. Cohn Memorial Scholarship Fund

Rose and Sydney Steiner Scholarship Fund

Iota Alpha Phi Sorority Scholarship Fund

Seymour and Sue Fox Resource Center Fund

Ivy Elinoff Marwil Scholarship Fund

Seymour H. Simon Scholarship Fund

Julius and Ray Charlestein Scholarship Fund

SJCCBA Staff Programming Fund

Leah Soffa Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sonya and Ernest Simon Scholarship Fund

Levin-Schloss Memorial Scholarship Fund

Stern Maintenance Fund

Lillian Rosenthal Rubinoff Scholarship Fund

Steven D. Josselson Tikvah Staff Training Fund

Max & Esther Weiner Scholarship Fund

Ursula and Arnold Kahn Scholarship Fund

Karen Stesis

Milton and Joan Wohl Scholarship Fund


Any person whose heart so moves them

‫ָכּל־אִיׁש אֲשֶ ׁר י ִדְ ּבֶּנּו לִּבֹו‬


DONORS $75,000

October 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016 Har Zion Temple

Amy J. Goldberg*

Richard and Kathy Soloff*

Rachel and Charles Korman*

Laura Sklar and Daniel Goldstein*

Adena and Andrew Sternthal*

Goldsteins’, Rosenberg’s, Raphael-Sacks, Inc.

Charla and Mark Sussman*

Heidi, Jeff, Ariel, and Avi Gordon*

Miriam and Jim Tehrani*

Anonymous Foundation

$36,000+ Hannah S. and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation

$20,000+ Anonymous Foundation* Lynne and Leonard Barrack* Arthur and Ella Feldman* Mary and Nathan Relles*

$1,800- $4,999 Ursina Teitelbaum and Benjamin Abella* Joanne and Jonathan Adar* Beth Etra and Jonathan Adler* Flossie Albert* Allison and Jamie Arking* Tami and David Astorino* Rachel Gross and H.P. Baker* Julia Sivitz and Matthew Bieber* The Bramson Family*

Donna and David Haas* Judith and Roger Hess* Lisa and Nehemia Ichilov* Alan and Gail Josselson Rabbi Michael and Fran Katz*

Rabbi Micah Peltz and Rachel Zivic*

Debra and Stanton Lacks* Sarah Kay Lacks and Matthew Lacks*

Mildred B. Gershen* Terri Hartman and Bruce Goldberg*

Susan and Robert DeLong*

Pearl Graub Goldstein and David Goldstein*

Debra and Harris Devor* Deborah-Jo Essrog and Jay Dorsch*

Marzollo Charitable Fund*

Ali and Lee Sussman*

Jo Ann Chalal Engleman and Bruce Engleman*

Roe and Don Miller* Eve Coulson and Nelson Obus*


Debbie Albert and Glen Feinberg*

Marty Pollak*

Deborah Winokur and Hanan Fishman*

Amy and Ben Relles*

Heather Bogdanoff Baker and Felix Baker*

Beth Gansky*

Dina and Daniel Relles*

Alice Matsas Garten and Morris Garten*

Reuben and Diane Romirowsky*

George, Joan & Jack Shuster Foundation*

Melissa and Doug Sayer*

*Member of the 2015 Annual Chai Campaign Chai Society

Joan Wohl*

Heather and Mark Kramer*

Jan Cohen Weiss and Fred Cohen in memory of Debbie Cohen z”l*

Marlene and Jonathon Graub*

The Warmflash Family*

Phyllis and Ted Kosloff*

Rabbi Gary and Laya Charlestein*

Adam Bell

Martin and Jenifer Wachs*

Rabbi Eric and Dava, Aiden, Ezra, and Avi Yanoff*

Nancy Rothbard and Brian Bushee

Michael and Debbi Bass

Diane and Michael Wachs*

Leah Rosen and Peter Konwerski*


Jerome and Judith Caplan*

Matt and Lauren Tanzer*

Emily and Michael Landsburg* Robin Sue and Bill Landsburg* Sharon and Jonathan Levin* Adam Levine Neil Lubarsky*

Jill and Brian Rosen* Rabbi Joel and Eliana Seltzer*

$500- $1,799 Anonymous Rachael and Joshua Abrams Adath Jeshurun Men’s Club Suzanne and James Aisenberg Ina Asher Andrea Fagen and Scott Bernstein Beth Sholom Congregation Men’s Club Beth Sholom Sisterhood Kathy and Marty Birn Norma and David Blecker Joan and Harvey Bucholtz Caren Barnet and Steve Abramson David Axelrod and Keira Chism Julie Berger and Matt Closter Aliza and Brad Cohen CAMP RAMAH ANNUAL REPORT 2016 | 15

Cantor Jen Cohen

Amy and David Kritz

Howard Soloman

Vikki Kristiansson and Harvey Bartle

Jules and Patricia Cwanger

Rabbi Aaron and Helene Krupnick

Victor and Lori Strauss

Randee and Harry Baumohl

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Holly and Robert Lankin

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Tamar and Scott Barbash

Duffine Family Foundation

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Friedman, LLP

Meryl S. Sussman and Bruce Lipton

Leslie and Mitchell Weiss

Phyllis and Marc Beresin

Harriet and Philip Freidenreich

Kay and Fred Lokoff

Roger Wilco

Sara and Bruce Berger

Judith and Leonard Galler

Seth and Allison Lyons

Estee and Craig Bergmann

Joel and Meredith Gantcher

Jonathan and Sarah Magen

Rabbi Adam, Shira, Tamar and Hana Wohlberg

Lauren and Jeffrey Gladstone

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Guess Who’s Coming to Shabbas?

Mitchener Farrand Fine Jewelry, Inc.

Bob and Marci Hackel

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Richard and Tina Ochroch

$100- $499

Har Zion Temple Men’s Club

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Shira Goodman and Alan Woronoff Violet and Richard Zeitlin Caroline and Robert Zuritsky

Rachel and Avi Abel Seyna and Larry Abel Adath Israel Men’s Club Keith Adwar Rabbi Robert Alpert Cary and Linda Aminoff Michael and Ann Andorsky Anshei Chesed Carol and David Apothaker David Andorsky and Joanna Arch Marcia and Larry Arem Barbara and Tom Bale Kenneth and Ruth Barber

Rabbi Ellen and Steven Bernhardt Irene and David Beyth Kathryn Biber Debra and Arnie Blank Ira and Lucinda Blank Cindy Goldfarb Blum Rachel and Mike Blum

Our hearts are filled with gratitude, may Camp Ramah continue to be a beacon for generations to come.

‫לבבנו מלא רחשי הודיה עוד תהיה למופת לאלפי רבבה‬

Ryan Blumenthal

Abby Cohen

Lois Davidson

Donald Factor

Samantha and Brett Braterman

Elaine Sherman and Robert Cohen

Ellen and Daniel Dean

Victoria Levin and Joel Fein

Janis and Aaron Brenner

Heather and Howard Cohen

Jillian and Jack Dembowitz

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Vivian Mamelak and Alain Demers

Ari Feingold

Rebecca Spector Bridger and Perry Bridger

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Mary Beth and Joe Demidovich

Lisa Friedman and Ron Feingold

Rabbi Arie Hasit and Sara Tova Brody

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Bonnie and Adam deSouza

Anita and Len Feldman

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Samuel Domsky

Cantor Joshua and Andrea Fineblum

Ronnie and Barry Cohen

Arielle and Gerald Dorros

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Seth and Rachel Cohen

Mara and Jonathan Dorff

Nancy Florin

Sherrie and Jeffrey Cohen

Sarah and Isaac Dovere

Marilyn and Alan Fogel

Congregation Tifereth Israel Men’s Club

Rachel and Josh Dunaief

Naomi Gingold and Zev Forman

Carmen Conrad

Ivy and Theodore Eder

Michele and Ken Forman

Lisa and John Cattell

Barbara Medoff-Cooper and Marc Cooper

Debbie and Norman Einhorn

Ivy and Eric Frajerman

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Marla and Ross Cooper

Howard and Francine Elgart

Ilene Fredd

Leslie and Isaac Chalal

Amy and Adam Cuker

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Jennifer and Lee Emdur

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Vicki and Norman Ettenger

Sheila and Alan Friedman

Eric Braverman and Neil Brown Judy Brown Debbie Stein and Isaac Brumer Rabbi Adam Feldman and Sara Bucholtz Carolyn and Barry Caplan Harriet and Craig Caplan Sharri Horowitz and Michael Carrier


Uri and Michal Friedman

Abbe and Mark Goldstein

Cindi and Yakir Hasit

Micah Kaplan

Patrick Funck

Julie and Joshua Goldstein

Christine Hein

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Rabbi Chaim Galfand and Kelly Creed Galfand

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Deborah and Avi Galler Ilene and Jonathan Gershen Judy and David Gilberg Gary Gilman Eliana Glanzberg-Krainin Gretchen and Simon Glaser Ilana and Danny Glazer Peggy and Louis Gold Ethan Goldberg Debra and Robert Goldich Katy and Neil Goldman Rachel and Jonathan Goldman Benjy and Ella Goldberg Michael and Sandra Goldberg

“I often lead davening on Saturday mornings at our shul and people have asked me where I learned to lead prayers. I always credit my experiences at Ramah as the source of my knowledge and inspiration. My youngest child, Simona, remains in regular contact with her Ramah f riends. Dancing and singing with abandon on Friday nights will always remain one of my fondest memories and, I hope, will continue to inspire my children to view Judaism as the joyous gift that it is.� CARL S., CAMPER 1966-67 AND CAMPER PARENT


Adina and Ari Konikoff

Dolly and Michael Love

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Tara Lucas

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Sue and Eric Schwartzman

Ohev Shalom Men’s Club

Paul Rosenberg

Caryn and Sam Schweitzer

Arline and Dave Olim

Carol and Martin Rosenblum

Leah and David Schutzman

Lesley and Marc Osias

Evelyn Kenvin and Arthur Rosenbloom

Deena and Mark Scoblionko

Dana and Jeremy Lacks Ellen Lafferty Sora Landes Lindsay Landman Felisa Lane Faye Laveson Dugan Lawrence Mark Lazaroff Dena and Avi Lebovic Jen and David Leinwand Leitzel’s Jewelry Eric Berger and Melissa Lerman Donna and Jack Levin Harriet and Mark Levin Carole-Ann and Brahm Levine Natanya and Jason Levitz Nancy and Neil Lewis Rabbi Steven and Jane Lindemann Thelma Linder Jon Liss Jodie and Mark Littwin Beth Lobel Len Lodish Barbara and Stephen London


Stacy and Matthew Seltzer

Bob and Arlene Subin

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Lester and Lynn Shapiro

Sima and Steve Sussman

David Wohl

Shira Gordon and Phil Shaw

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Judy Chertok and Adam Wolpaw

Susie and Kenny Shear

Hinda and Daniel Tanzer

Maxcine and Bernie Wyman

Michal and Noam Sheps

Lila Tarnowsky

Nusha Wyner

Jessica and David Shklar

Sally and Harry Taub

Saralee Zakroff

Gladys Shubin

Tony and Cathy Tifiletti

Debra and Brian Zaslow

Sisterhood Har Zion Temple

Ron Shapiro and Maya Tsarfati

Michael Zawadzki

Janine and Justin Silberberg

Zahava and Eli Velder

Phil and Marilyn Zemblenn

Eric and Eileen Singer

Cantor Eliot and Karen Vogel

Suzanne and Adam Zimbler

Ramona Sitko

Susan and Atzi Vonsover

JL Zrebiec

Anita and Stuart Skolnick

Tracy Waasdorp

Alan Zucker

Cindi Slater

Bryan and Jill Wachs

Debra and Mark Zweben

Ellen Seidman and David Smokler

Jodi and Daniel Wahlberg

Robin and Howard Zwick

Lauren and Martin Sobel

Katherine Harter and Kevin Waloff

Sharon Spivack

Sarah and Stuart Warsetsky

Gail and Douglas Stanger

Joshua and Hillary Wasserman

Ed Stein

Jacob Cohen and Sarah Waxman

Jennifer and Evan Stein

Jo-Ann and Howard Waxman

Missy Tick Stein

Michele Hasit and Adam Waxman

Shimon Stein

Stefanie and Avi Weiner

Susan and Ben Stein

Eileen and Michael Weingram

Betsy and Lewis Sternthal

Ivy and Joshua Weingram

Susan and Berel Sternthal

Lillian and Sydney Weiss

Karen and Louis Stesis

Stacey and David Weiss

Rachel and Eric Stone

Judith and Allen Weinstock

Susan and Richard Stone

Marcy and Wayne Weitz

Debbie and Michael Srulevich

Michael Werner


Thank you!

‫תודה רבה‬

Your support enables us to continue our mission of creating life-long Jewish connections, one happy camper at a time.




Judith Hess

YEAR-ROUND STAFF Bruce Engleman Mark Fallick Beth Gansky Alice Matsas Garten Rick Gold Shira Goodman

Rabbi Joel Seltzer

Sheryl Hershinger



Michelle Sugarman

Marla Schimmel



Bruce I. Lipton

Francesca Feldman



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PAST PRESIDENTS Abe Birenbaum z”l

Charles H. Laveson z”l

David Niesenbaum z”l

Michael Lippmann

Rudolph Fried z”l

Kenneth Shear

We express deep gratitude to former members of our staff and board who contributed greatly to Ramah’s success in 2015 and 2016.

Isadore Marder z”l

Jules Einhorn

S. David Rosenzweig z”l

Susan Birenbaum Stone

Ervin B. Miller z”l

David I. Haas

Alvin Gershen z”l

William Landsburg

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David Goldstein

outweighs all of the other commandments

Morton Wachs z”l**


**With much sadness, we mourn the passing this year of Morton Wachs. May his memory be for a blessing.


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