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‫ו‬ ‫ל‬ ‫ת‬ ‫ה‬ ‫ו‬ ‫י‬ ‫לבנ‬ ‫ב‬ ‫נ‬ ‫ו‬ ‫ת‬



‫אנו באנו ארצה–לבנות ולהבנות בה‬ We have come to the land—to build it and to be built by it.

ָ ַ‫ה‬ ”‫קּטֹן יִהְי ֶה לָאֶל ֶף וְהַצָּעִיר‬ ‫”ל ְגו ֹי עָצוּם‬ “The smallest shall become a thousand, and the least a mighty nation.” ISAIAH 60:22

So say the words of an old Zionist folksong—and certainly those words are appropriate as we reflect on a year of growth, building, and inspiration for Camp Ramah in the Poconos. We hope that you enjoy reading through this annual report, chronicling the growth of our organization over the course of the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year. Certainly there are ways in which we physically grew this past year: continued full enrollment at our overnight camp, adding and expanding years to our Sha’ar Hebrew Immersion program at our day camp, and continued expansion of our special needs offerings through our Tikvah programs. This past year was also a year for building! At the overnight we saw a complete renovation and redesign of the Sifriyah (Library) creating a climate-controlled space for learning, prayer, and programming. We also expanded our Omanut (Arts and Crafts) complex, with a gorgeous new woodworking space where our campers learned new skills helping them to become better builders of our world. And at our Day Camp we built a “Gag” a new shaded tent where the entire machaneh could gather, and we also dedicated our new ‘machsan’ a permanent programmatic space for our Day Camp on the Mandell Education Campus. But this past year was also a time to pause, to reflect, and to strategize about how we will continue to build and grow our future as an organization. We remain committed to a vision that simultaneously wishes to invest in and continually improve upon our camp programs—while also working to expand our brand and our reach far beyond the months of the summer, or the camper years. We are poised to unveil new programs, retreats, staff development initiatives, and adult education in the coming months and years as we make certain that the growth of Camp Ramah in the Poconos will continue in perpetuity.

“‫ יָסֵף‬,‫”וּדְלֹא מוֹסִיף‬ “One who does not increase, ceases.”


We wish to thank the leadership of Michael Wachs, who ended his term as president on September 30th of 2019. Under Michael’s presidency we crafted our current strategic plan, restructured our governance system, and always practiced the art of “beginning with the end in mind.” Michael, thank you for your time and dedication to our mission. Lastly, we want to thank you—our philanthropic community! None of this growth and vision would be possible without your support of our organization. We hope that you will read through these pages and feel immense pride in your own role in helping to grow our future—one happy camper, staff member, family, and alumna, at a time. Sincerely,

Debbie Albert President

Rabbi Joel Seltzer Executive Director



CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS OMANUT As part of our Master Land Use and Facilities Plan of 2016, we envisioned renovating and expanding the current Omanut (Creative Arts) complex, adding a beautiful new addition which would become the home for our new Nagarut (woodworking) program. Because of the generous donations of the estate of Ernest and Meta Oppenheimer, an anonymous foundation, and the Jewish Federation Real Estate Group of Philadelphia, we added a new 1,000 sq. ft. woodworking space, while also making significant renovations to the existing building. Partnering with a company called Mapelwoodshop, we purchased brandnew woodworking equipment that allowed are campers to design and hand-assemble various creative projects.

SIFRIYAH Another vision of our Master Plan was to renovate the Sifriyah (Library) in order to make it a more versatile programmatic space for both the summer and throughout the year. Climate control and two bathrooms were added to the space, making it usable both during the hottest days of the summer—as well as during the chilly mornings of our Sukkot Retreat. The Sifriyah has now become a Mercaz Chinuch, an educational center, a place where our amazing team of educators can create and execute their experiential lessons for our chanichim.

STRATEGIC PLAN DEVELOPMENTS In the Fall of 2018 we began the first year of a three-year strategic plan aiming to Grow Ramah Poconos, Grow Ramah Leaders Year-Round and Life-Long, and Grow Ramah Day Camp. Several key initiatives took place during the course of the last fiscal year related to this longterm strategic visioning.

‫וֶהְי ֵה נ ָכו ֹן ל ַבֹּקֶר‬ And you shall be ready for the dawn…



Firstly, we underwent an organizational restructuring which we believe will better position our year-round team to continue to invest in and innovate our camp programming, while simultaneously looking forward to the next decade, which will include major capital improvements, and the continued expansion of our retreat offerings. Secondly, we determined that the current home of Ramah Day Camp on the Mandell Educational Campus in Elkins Park, PA, is the location that is most suitable for our near-term sustainability and growth; and we are exploring partnership opportunities to invest further in that campus. Lastly, we continue to focus our energies in building year-round and life-long leadership opportunities for our staff and alumni. Pre-camp trainings, trainings across the Ramah movement, staff development and mentorship, and staff appreciation are all key initiatives driven by this strategic vision.



REUNION HA’GADOL It was a picture-perfect Visiting Day on July 14th, 2019 when over 120 former campers and staff from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s came back to the place that meant so much to them decades before. Alumni came from Israel, California, and everywhere in between to experience again the magic of Camp Ramah in the Poconos.

“We are here because Ramah made a huge difference in out friends, careers, families and our Judaism… this camp is part of our DNA.” DEBBIE ALBERT, BOARD PRESIDENT, GESHER ‘77


Picture sheer joy as friends who hadn’t seen one another in years embraced like they did when they were 12-years old. Judy “Rikkudi” Brown led dancing, David Braverman played old favorites on an electric piano, and the kitchen staff took a nostalgic tour through their old stomping grounds. It was a day of photos, laughter, tears of joy, and sweet memories.

“We raise Jews here. But we raise kids and staff, more importantly, who are committed and interested and practiced.” RABBI ELI HAVIVI, FORMER DIRECTOR 1981–1984






This summer saw a number of new initiatives to raise the level of Hebrew being used at camp. All campers participated in a ‘perek ivrit’—an activity period that focused on Hebrew vocabulary, taught in Hebrew. Each morning, the Hebrew specialist set up a space for Hebrew games/coloring/reading and once a week we recognized campers and staff who made an effort to speak Hebrew with a “Meah Milim” (100 words) t-shirt and certificate. In addition to the continued growth of Sha’ar Philadelphia: a Hebrew Immersion Program, now representing 25% of our camper population, Hebrew continued to be a focus at camp.


AHAVAH STATUE To beautify our campus, our campers, with the guidance and help of Israeli artist Reut Asimini, built a life-sized replica of the Ahava (love) statue that sits outside the Jerusalem Museum. The completion of the statue coincided with Yom Yisrael and will stay on campus as an outdoor art installation through the summer months.

MITZVAH INITIATIVES As we do every summer, we teach the concept of mitvot through hands-on experiences. This summer we launched our first “Color Run for Tzedakah”. In the days leading up to the run, edot (age groups) were challenged to bring in the most number of coins. On the final day, the entire camp ran a mile loop around camp, while dodging colored powder! This effort raised over $650 which was donated to the Lone Soldier Center in Israel. For our third year, we also participated in Yom JRA, a day dedicated to supporting the work of the Jewish Relief Agency. Our campers delivered almost 600 boxes of food to low-income individuals followed by a camp-wide picnic at a local park.


Ramah Day Camp chanichim (campers) once again enjoyed a summer of exploration and growth! Campers participated in some new special programs days (like Yom Flight where we created and built numerous types of flying objects, Purim b’Kayitz, and Yom Philadelphia (complete with a visit from the Philadelphia Union organization); New structures to keep us cool were built (like our new Gag); and our tzevet (staff) as always, was full of ruach (energy) and care for each and every camper. “To see them both so

happy and having the summer of their lives has been such a joy for us. They are already asking us, “How many days until camp next summer?” PARENT, DAY CAMP






For our second year, we welcomed two very special members of our staff community from the Abuyadaya Jewish community in Uganda: Esau Wanani and Yonatan Katz Lukato. Esau was our archery and mountain biking instructor, while Yonatan was a madrich (counselor) in our Yedidim edah. Over the past two summers they met, befriended, taught and inspired our chanichim (campers), as well as our American, and international staff. They shared their unique story; which became part of our Ramah story. Their presence in our camp community reminds us—the story of Judaism is diverse and complex; and should be celebrated as such. It has multiple narratives that begin in innumerable places that are not always so neatly contained by the terms ‘Ashkenazic’ or ‘Sephardic’.

It was another summer of happiness and growth as over 550 children enjoyed the joyfully Jewish environment of Camp Ramah in the Poconos. This summer saw one of our biggest groups ever in our decade-old Ramah Basketball Academy, coached by former New York Knick, Michael Sweetney. Programs such as RBA, as well as the week-long Ramah Songleader Academy with Rabbi Josh Warshawsky allow our campers to choose specialty tracks within their camp experience. “Every summer we get closer to one another and suddenly, we’re friends forever.”


NEW FIRE PIT Proceeds from the previous fiscal year’s Chai Campaign helped us to invest in a new, multi-tiered fire pit down by the agam (lake). The size of the new fire pit allows for a bunk, and even an edah(!) to sit comfortably together, overlooking a moonlit lake, while they make s’mores and sing campfire songs. During our Alumni Weekend and our Sukkot Retreats last year, we were able to gather around the new fire pit to share camp memories, countless laughs, as well as to go through the entire songbook of ‘classic camp songs’ (in English AND Hebrew, of course!) We continue to try to invest in better maximizing the natural beauty of our campus in efforts to consistently nurture a love of nature in our campers and staff.

GOLF WITH RABBI JOEL Rabbi Joel loves golf! You may not know this about him, but if he isn’t enjoying the sunshine on a beautiful day at Camp Ramah in the Poconos or Ramah Day Camp, then he would want to be out on the golf course. So this past summer, Rabbi Joel created Camp Ramah in the Poconos’ first-ever ‘Closest to the Hole’ completion as a bunk activity. Tzrifim (bunks) were encouraged to come to the bottom of Migrash Banim (Boys’ Campus), where they found Rabbi Joel waiting for them with two sets of golf clubs and a flagstick at the end of the field. After learning the finer points of the proper interlocking grip and a smooth swing, the chanichim and their madrichim set to work. Extra Chanutiyah (canteen) was awarded to the winner. Looking to summer 2020, Golfing with Rabbi Joel will be expanded as a new ‘chug’, a weekly programming option.






In celebration of Toy Story 4 coming out this past Kayitz Yedidim held Yom Yedidim Story. Madrichim planned lots of fun activities based on the Toy Story movie series we are all big fans of! Some activities included pin the hat on Sherriff Woody, Andy & toys freeze dance and diving for space aliens in the pool! Everyone wore their Yedidim Story shirt and we ended with a Toy Story 3 viewing party in our Moadon.


TRIP TO MOKA During Kayitz 2019 we had the opportunity to visit the Moka Origins Coffee Factory. Yedidim participants were given a private “bean-to-bar” chocolate factory and coffee roasters tour. Together they explored the artisanal chocolate and coffee making process and sampled lots of Moka’s finest creations. Yedidim participants also learned about where the ingredients they use come from and how using them helps people in communities far away from us. After the tour, participants also got to enjoy the beautiful view that can be seen from their factory.

TIKVAH FAMILY CAMP As always, Tikvah Family Camp was the highlight of the Kayitz for many. We had new families and returning families joining us this summer for 5 days of fun at Camp Ramah in the Poconos. Tzevet jumped right into the swing of things and before long it felt like we had all known one another forever. Some highlights were the SoFun City Magic Show, our annual TFC Talent Show and making Challot before Shabbat. New friendships were made and old friendships grew stronger.


Yedidim at Camp Ramah in the Poconos saw steady growth in Kayitz 2019. Our girls side was almost full with 9 participants with a capacity for 10. Our boys side also grew with a total of 8 male participants. Having seen the steady growth the program has had since 2016 we were excited to receive the Yashar Grant which allowed us to create a vocational program for some of our participants to move up to in 2020 and make room for new younger participants in Yedidim.

“It’s impossible to put into words what this place and this community has done for my family.” SUSANNAH & BERNIE GOLDSTEIN










204.5 188.75


TOTAL SERVED 2018 2019

379 388.5









REVENUE $5,616,055

REVENUE $6,060,468






$5.6M $6M


$5.3M $5.3M

$4,353,509 $154,600


$4,465,263 $156,000

DONATIONS $907,544

DONATIONS $1,008,120

OTHER $200,402

OTHER $431,085

EXPENSES $5,349,107

EXPENSES $5,317,806






Camp Ramah in the Poconos


Camp Ramah in the Poconos

Ramah Day Camp


Ramah Day Camp

Tikvah Family Camp



Tikvah Family Camp

$223,588 $116,283 $0





Organizational Net Assets overall increased by $742,662 compared to $266,948 in 2018; 52% from overnight camp, 2% from day camp, and 46% from fundraising/development. The value of fixed assets increased by $507,093, mostly due to building improvements at overnight camp in Library and expansion and renovation of Creative Arts building, program and equipment.

Scholarships distributed to the overnight camp, Tikvah and day camp programs were in the amount of $339,871, compared to 2018 of $307,052, with $67,837 covered by endowment funds interest, and the remainder of support from the Chai campaign. Programs were also supported at the overnight camp and day camp by Chai campaign proceeds.



MORESHET RAMAH LEGACY SOCIETY Members of the Moreshet Ramah Legacy Society ensure the future of Camp Ramah in the Poconos, Ramah Day Camp, and our Tikvah programs by making a commitment in their estate plan to contribute to Camp Ramah’s permanent endowment.

ENDOWMENTS Thank you to all of our donors who have funded endowments supporting Camp Ramah in the Poconos, Ramah Day Camp, and our Tikvah programs in perpetuity. Adam Port Memorial Scholarship Fund

Morton and Elise Rose Scholarship Fund

Arthur Poley Memorial Fund for Outdoor Living

Natalie & Ted Miller Memorial Fund

Bob Brown Memorial Scholarship Fund

Paul & Gertrude Jacobs Scholarship Fund

Canady Music Fund

Piwosky Scholar-in-Residence Fund

Carol & Isaac Auerbach Scholarship Fund

Rabbi Albert & Sarah Lewis Scholarship Fund

Cheryl Magen Jewish Education Fund

Rabbi David A. Goldstein Scholarship Fund

Congregation Brith Israel Scholarship Fund

Rabbi Yaakov & Devorah Rosenberg cholarship Fund

Congregation Emanuel-El Scholarship Fund

Anonymous (21)

Carol G. Einhorn

Roger Hess

Eliana Seltzer

Nona L. Abrams

Jules Einhorn

Melissa Kleiman

Rabbi Joel Seltzer

Deborah Albert

Deborah-Jo Essrog

Sara Kreisman

Laura Smith

Florence Albert

Glen Feinberg

Jason Kreisman

Beth Ann Spector

Debbie Levin Lusana/Leslie Levin Weiss Scholarship Fund

Susan Ansin

Beth Gansky

Benjamin Landsburg

Missy Tick Stein z”l

Edith & Albert Karp Scholarship Fund

Susan Ansul

Morris Garten

Zachary Landsburg

Rabbi Jay Stein

Ervin B. Miller Scholarship Fund

Ina Asher

Alice Matas Garten

Michael Landsburg

Louis Stesis

Florence Rodgers Scholarship Fund

Steven Asher z”l

Danielle Garten

William Landsburg

Karen Stesis

Gerson Epstein Sports Fund

Talia L. Balakirsky

Leanne Bess Garten

Robin Sue Landsburg

Max Sugarman

Hanna S. Cohn Memorial Scholarship Fund

Amanda H. Balakirsky

Rela Mintz Geffen z”l

Joshua L. Landsburg

Michelle Sugarman

Iota Alpha Phi Sorority Scholarship Fund

Samantha M. Balakirsky

Bruce Goldberg

Jonathan Levin

Lee Sussman

Ivy Elinoff Marwil Scholarship Fund

Emily Goldberg

Sharon Levin

Ali Sussman

Julius & Ray Charlestein Scholarship Fund

Michael Goldberg

Leslie Molder

Lauren Tanzer

Leah Soffa Memorial Scholarship Fund

Sandra Goldberg

Uri Monson

Matthew Tanzer

Levin-Schloss Memorial Scholarship Fund

Akiva Goldstein

Rebekah A. Monson

Michael C. Wachs

Lillian Rosenthal Rubinoff Scholarship Fund

Seth Goldstein

Mindy Oppenheimer

Diane Wachs

Lucille Munion Rubin Scholarship Fund

David Goldstein

David Oppenheimer

Jody Wernick

Max & Esther Weiner Scholarship Fund

Pearl Graub Goldstein

Nathan Relles

Milton & Joan Wohl Scholarship Fund

Harold Grinspoon

Mary Relles

Rabbi Steven Wernick

Donna Haas

Jonathan Rothschild

David I. Haas

Lori Rothschild

Phyllis Haas z”l

Deena Scoblionko

Terri Hartman

Mark Scoblionko

Judith Hess

Sion Segal

Andrew Barnett Vivian Barnett Julie Berger William J. Chertok z”l Matt Closter Arielle Davis Rachel L. Devor Cheryl G. Dorsch z”l Matthew Dorsch Rabbi Joshua Dorsch Rabbi Daniel Dorsch Jay A. Dorsch

Joan Wohl Milton Wohl z”l Rabbi Todd Zeff Alan Zucker

Congregation Tikvoh Chodoshoh Scholarship Fund

Minnie Preminger Scholarship Fund Mollie Goldstein Scholarship Fund Morris & Miriam Ockman Scholarship Fund Morton & Malvina Charlestein Scholarship Fund Morton J. Dannenhirsch-Beshunsky Scholarship Fund

Rose & Sydney Steiner Scholarship Fund Seymour & Sue Fox Resource Center Fund Seymour H. Simon Scholarship Fund SJCC Staff Programming Fund Sonya & Ernest Simon Scholarship Fund Stern Maintenance Fund Steven D. Josselson- Tikvah Staff Training Fund Ursula & Arnold Kahn Scholarship Fund

‫שקולה צדקה‬ ‫כנגד כל המצות‬ Tzedakah outweighs all of the other commandments



DONORS October 1, 2018–September 30, 2019 *2018 Annual Chai Campaign Members

Susan Ganz and Howard Sugarman*

Craig Goldstein

Marvin Sellers

Charla and Mark Sussman*

Michele and Curtis Golkow

Sonya and Ernest Simon

Lauren and Matthew Tanzer*

Sarah and Richard Gratz

Tina Saracino and Kenneth Simon

Sarah and Jeff Vogel*

Rabbi Joshua and Elissa Gruenberg

Mark Soffa

Jen and Marty Wachs*

Marci and Robert Hackel

Marjorie Stanek

Juliet Spitzer and Philip Wachs*

Jewish Community Foundation, Inc.

Robert Steinhart

Joan Wohl*

Ruth and Mark Joffe

Ami Israel and Markus Steiner

Violet and Richard Zeitlin*

Staci and Richard Julie

Jeffrey Susskind

Marge and Boaz Kalfon

Adina and Phil Wagman

Marsha and Darin Katz

Shira Goodman and Alan Woronoff

Margo and Marnin Kligfeld

Rabbi Eric and Dava Yanoff*

$500-$1,799 $200,000+

Ali and Lee Sussman* Miriam and Jim Tehrani*

Laura Sklar and Daniel Goldstein*

Mary and Nathan Relles*

Diane and Michael C. Wachs*

Ilene and Harry Grossman*



Foundation for Jewish Camp

Ursina Teitelbaum and Benjamin Abella*

Legacy Heritage Fund Limited

$20,000+ Heather Bogdanoff Baker and Felix Baker*

Nona Abrams* Joanne and Jonathan Adar* Beth Etra and Jonathan Adler * Flossie Albert* Suzanne and James Aisenberg*

Hannah S. and Samuel A. Cohn Memorial Foundation

Allison and Jamie Arking*

Terri Hartman and Bruce Goldberg*

Tami and David Astorino*

Jewish Federation of Greater Phila.

Rachel Gross and H.P. Baker*

Jewish Federation Real Estate Group

Vivian and Andrew Barnett*

National Ramah Commission

Risa and Michael Baskies*

Elanah and Stewart Uretsky

Susan and Arnie Baskies*

Judith & David Wachs Family Foundation, Inc.*

Julia Sivitz and Matthew Bieber*


Ina Asher

Nanci and Jim Bramson* Judy and Jerry Caplan* Susan and Robert DeLong*


Debra and Harris Devor*

Nancy Rothbard and Brian Bushee*

Elements Production, LLC*

Rabbi Gary and Laya Charlestein*

Jo Ann Chalal and Bruce Engleman*

Pearl Graub Goldstein and David Goldstein*

Bebe and Gary Fallick*

Marlene and Jonathon Graub*

Julie and Daniel Fein*

Arthur Krevitz

Debbie Albert and Glen Feinberg*

The Nachshon Project

Sara Bucholtz and Rabbi Adam Feldman z”l*


Ella and Arthur Feldman*

Donna and Richard Forman*

Micaela and Rick Gold*

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Alice and Morris Garten*

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Heidi and Jeffrey Gordon*

Donna and David Haas*

Michal Wachs and Daniel Gold*

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Judy Groner and Ronald Eisenberg Harold Grinspoon Foundation Har Zion Temple Judith and Roger Hess* Elana Rivel and Greg Halperin* Elise Gispan and Brad Johnson* Rabbi Michael and Fran Katz* Carol and Daniel Karsch Rebecca and Ben Kirshner* Rachel and Charles Korman* Cyndi and David Kosloff*

Rachael and Joshua Abrams Sara and Bruce Berger Kathryn and Martin Birn Heather and Howard Cohen Sarah Waxman and Jacob Cohen Cantor Jen Cohen Deborah-Jo Essrog and Jay Dorsch Carol and Jules Einhorn Harriet and Philip Freidenreich Judith and Leonard Galler Judy and David Gilberg Iris and Jonathan Gold Florene and Ronald Goldner

Leah Rosen and Peter Konwerski Barbara Kritz Debra Lacks Avi Lebovic Miriam Lefkowitz Eva and Larry Levitt Carole-Ann and Brahm Levine Erica and Ross Levine Meryl Sussman and Bruce Lipton Anne Weiss and Michael Livingston Rabbi Alan and Edy Lucas Barbra and Bart Mellits Lauren and Jeremy Menkowitz

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ׁ ‫כ ָ ּל־א‬ ‫שר‬ ֶ ׁ ֲ‫ִיש א‬ ֹ ‫י ִ ְדּב ֶנּו ּל ִב ּו‬ Any person whose heart so moves them…

Joshua Rosen Gail and Robert Rosenthal Sally Bergwerk and Larry Schloss Suzanne and Jared Sclove Sharon and Stephen Seiden

$100-$499 Rachel and Avi Abel Seyna and Larry Abel Linda and Cary Aminoff Lawrence and Marcia Arem Wendy and Bruce Armon Mikki and Jeff Ashin Yoni and Dorry Avital Caron Gremont and Kenneth Baer Seth Baer Samantha Balakirsky Carol Baldridge Randee and Harry Baumohl Donna Bender Elyse and Max Berger Hildy Steinbach and Paul Berlin Marc and Phyllis Beresin Danya and Marc Berman Sara and Jeffrey Blivaiss Cindy Blum



,‫מַ ְרב ֶ ּה צ ְ ָדקָה‬ ‫שלו ֹם‬ ָ ׁ ‫מַ ְרב ֶ ּה‬

Aliza Romirowsky and Sam Kerbel

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Benjamin Zwiebel

Sarah and Isaac Dovere

Peggy and Louis Gold

Carole and Stanton Moss

Gail and Alan Josselson

Sharon Spivack

Rachel and Josh Dunaief

Sandra and Michael Goldberg

Gail and Elliot Norry

Lauren and Kenneth Kanfer

Debra and Norman Einhorn

Debbi and Robert Goldich

Sara Kaplan

Francine and Howard Elgart

Russell Goldich

Talia and David Kaplan

Rachel Epstein

Rachel and Jonathan Goldman

Diane and Gary Katz

Hayden Farber

Katy Kristiansson and Neil Goldman

Rhena and Steven Kelsen

If you increase tzedakah—you increase peace.

Shoshana Gross




Debbie Albert President

Rachael Abrams Director of Camper Care and Staff Development

David Goldstein Executive Vice President

Rachel Dobbs Schwartz Camp Director

Jon Adler Treasurer

Tobi Afran Special Projects Coordinator

Jill Rosen Vice President

Benjy Goldberg Director of Retreats and Assistant Director of Operations

Lee Sussman Vice President

Orlee Krass Director of Tikvah Programs

Matt Tanzer Vice President

Debbie Lacks Registrar

Michael Wachs Immediate Past President

Bruce I. Lipton Director of Finance and Operations

Jonathan Adar

Alexis Lubianetsky Development Assistant

Andrew Barnett Nanci Bramson

In the tradition of those who came before us, and with overflowing joy, camp will blaze a path for us through the thicket of life.

Elana Rivel Director, Ramah Day Camp

Dana Fallick Arthur Feldman


Leah Schatz Program Director

Karly Forman Beth Gansky

Marla Schimmel Bookkeeper

Rick Gold

Miryam Seid Director of Institutional Advancement

Josh Goldstein Rachel Gross

Rachel Seid Strategic Communications Director

Elissa Gruenberg Terri Hartman

Rabbi Joel Seltzer Executive Director

Matthew Lacks Debbie Perlman

Todah Rabbah to all of our donors for their generous and ongoing commitment to Camp Ramah in the Poconos, Ramah Day Camp and our Tikvah programs!

Deb Srulevich Office Manager

Nancy Rothbard Martin Wachs Michal Wachs

PAST PRESIDENTS Abe Birenbaum z”l

Michael Lippmann

David Niesenbaum z”l

Kenneth Shear

Rudolph Fried z”l

Jules Einhorn

Isadore Marder z”l

Susan Birenbaum Stone

S. David Rosenzweig z”l

David I. Haas

Ervin B. Miller z”l

William Landsburg

Alvin Gershen z”l

David Goldstein

Edward B. Josephs

Lee Sussman

Morton Wachs z”l

Michael Wachs

Charles H. Laveson z”l

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2100 Arch Street

Profile for Camp Ramah in the Poconos

Annual Report 2019  

Annual Report 2019  


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