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‫ברוכים הבאים‬

Dear Parents and Campers, It is with great excitement that we welcome you and your family to the Camp Ramah in the Poconos community! Our hope is that this summer your child begins a life-long journey with Camp Ramah; one which will offer them deep and lasting friendships, a positive Jewish identity, and of course — countless memories of indescribable fun! Our campers’ ages range from current 2nd–10th graders, which means that developmentally, socially, intellectually, and emotionally they differ widely. In recognition of this fact, we have worked hard to create age-appropriate experiences for each of our camper age-groups. This is why, as our campers mature in both age and intellectual ability, our camp program matures with them; incorporating longer trips outside of camp, more focused leadership opportunities, as well as camper-driven learning. Inside this magazine you will find a sample schedule, and we are always available to answer any specific questions you might have regarding your child’s program this summer. Additionally, this magazine will also offer you some informational pages describing the Ramah experience for both your child and for you as a parent. Also included are some fun games which we hope will help your child familiarize themselves to some of the basic Hebrew vocabulary of Camp Ramah. Please know that we are eager to receive feedback on the experience from you and your children. We are always looking to grow, improve, and evolve. Our newest campers represent the beginning, the present, and most importantly, our future. We sincerely hope that this welcoming experience initiates for your child and your family a Ramah journey that lasts a lifetime! In partnership and excitement,

Rabbi Joel Seltzer

Michelle Sugarman

Executive Director Associate Director Inspired by Camp Ramah in California The National Ramah Commission acknowledges with thanks the generous support of The AVI CHAI Foundation and the Zell Family Foundation in making the OpenDoor program possible.

Sample Daily Schedule

‫ קימה‬Kimah (Wake Up!) 8:00 AM ‫פילות‬ ‫ ת‬T’fillot (Services) by age 8:45 AM ‫בוקר‬ ‫ ארוחת‬Aruchat Boker (B group reakfast) 9:30 AM ‫נקיון‬ Nikayon (Clea n up) 10:00 AM ‫פורט‬ ‫ ס‬Sports 11:00 AM ‫שחייה‬ Schiya (Swim) 12:00 PM ‫שראל‬ ‫ תרבות י‬Tarbut (Israeli 1:00 PM ‫הריים‬ ‫ ארוחת צ‬Aruchat TzohorCulture) aim (Lunch) 1:45 PM ‫מנוחה‬ Menuchah (Re st time) 2:30 PM ‫מנויות‬ ‫ פעולת א‬Omanut (Art Ac 3:30 PM ‫צריף‬ ‫ פעולת‬Peulat Tzrif (Bunk tivity) 4:30 PM ‫הדות‬ ‫ י‬Yahadut (Judaics Activ Activity) ity) 5:30 PM ‫ריקוד‬ / ‫ שירה‬Music/D ance 6:45 PM ‫ﬠרב‬ ‫ ארוחת‬Aruchat Erev (Din ner) 7:45 PM  ‫ פעולת ﬠרב‬Peulat Erev (N 9:00 PM  ‫ לילה טוב‬Lilah Tov! (Goodnight Activity) ight!) 7:30 AM

Ramah’s Yoatzim (Advisors) Camper Care l Abrams LCSW, oversees the Our Director of Camper Care, Rachae professional responsible for camper care team and is the primary family to craft the pathway working with each and every camper r possible. You can reach towards the most successful summe Rachael by email at rachaela@ram wn as the Yoetz/et (Advisor). At Ramah, there is a staff position kno ress problems that cannot be The role of the Yoetz/et is to help add ily emergencies, homesickness, handled through the mail such as fam and adjustment problems. other The Yoetz/et works very closely with drichim Ma d’s staff in camp, such as your chil on Head), (counselors) and Rosh Edah (Divisi as well as the Executive Director and the Associate Director. They work around clock with your child’s best interests in mind.

If you need to be in touch with someone at camp regarding your child, please direct your call to the Yoetz/et.

ps you e at camp regarding your child (perha eon som with ch tou in be to d nee If you r call to the a family emergency) please direct you received a troubling letter, there is given ly at a phone to receive calls, but are Yoetz/et. The Yoatzim are not routine n we ask atio situ n er to thoroughly assess a give messages in a timely manner. In ord that when calling, you: ng the exact person answering the telephone, givi 1. Explain the situation clearly to the s. nature of your questions or concern that you can re you can be reached and the time 2. Give the telephone number(s) whe r behind) be reached. (Remember we are 1 hou rmation. emergencies) to call back with info 3. Allow us 24–36 hours (except for ency telephone m and our physical site, non-emerg Due to the nature of our camp progra to contact al, if not sooner. Every effort is made me t nex the at d vere deli are ges messa l for a staff is received. However, it is not unusua people as soon as possible after a call AM. ch that may have been received at 9:30 member to receive a message at lun can best ctor, and Yoetz/et will determine who The Executive Director, Associate Dire ticular situation. directly and effectively with your par handle your concern and deal most situation, staff member address your particular In an effort to have the appropriate Business Doctor, Office Manager, Registrar, you may receive a call back from the most appropriate. , or Executive Director – whoever is Manager, Yoetz/et, Associate Director ents will receive Please note that all new camper par We welcome your communication. 2 days of camp. a phone call check-in within the first

Who Will Take Care of My Child at Camp? DIRECTORS OF CAMP RAMAH Executive Director – Rabbi Joel Seltzer Associate Director – Michelle Sugarman

Director of Camper Care & Staff Development – Rachael Abrams Yoetz/et – Parent Liaison Parents are our partners. We welcome you to be in touch if you receive a letter with concerning information. We may turn to you for helpful strategies if your child experiences challenges.

The Marp – Health Center Staff

Rosh Edah – Division Head

Madrichim – Counselors

You can let your child know that there will always be someone they can turn to if something is bothering them.

CURRENT GRADE (2018–2019)



2 &3 Tikvah Campers 3rd & 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

Taste of Ramah Yedidim Notzitzim Tze’erim Halutzim Bogrim Machon Shoafim Gesher

Rebecca Schnaper Avriel Finder Leah Schatz Rachel Lefkowitz Ethan Einhorn Shana Caplan Maia Brint Lilah Schwartz Tobi Afran




Quick Tip!

t is L g in k c a P r e p m Ca irts 4 t-shirts/casual sh


irts 3–5 long sleeve sh s 2–3 pairs of jean ants 2 pairs of sweatp

Sunscreen toothpaste Toothbrush and nditioner Shampoo and co Water Bottle 2 laundry bags Clothes hangers

ts 4–6 pairs of shor as/sleepwear 3 pairs of pajam rwear 14 pairs of unde 14 pairs of socks

tteries Flashlight and ba stamps Pens, stationery,

1 warm jacket ce 2 sweatshirts/flee at or poncho 1 hooded rainco 2 hats * ) o bikinis for girls 3-5 swimsuits (n l for girls d for boys, optiona 10 kippot require ses/contact lenses 1 extra pair of glas rs 2 pairs of sneake s 1 pair of rain boot s for Shabbat 1 pair of nice shoe oes 1 pair of pool sh Sleeping bag ily use) 2 blankets (for da cases Pillow and pillow sheets 2 sets of twin size t) (fitted and top shee Comb/brush 4 bath towels 3 pool towels


g holder or body w

Soap with travelin d.

itte *Tankinis are perm

Insect repellent tie-dying White t-shirt for able ing goggles, dispos Suggested: swimm oks, s, extra stamps, bo rie tte ba tra ex a, er cam ms, clip to store smaller ite playing cards, box k, tissues, uipment, stain stic eq ic et hl at n, fa on p plastic drinking cu


ng or short) 3 dress shirts (lo acks or khakis 2 pairs of dress sl orts 2 pairs of dress sh 1 sweater cks 3 pairs of dress so ouses ses or skirts and bl 3–4 modest dres gans 2 sweaters/cardi

Packing Tips & Advice Do I pack my child’s favorite t-shirt? What if it gets lost? What’s the best way to label clothing? These may be a few of the questions going through your mind as you begin the packing process. Below are a few tips offered by veteran camp parents who have perfected the art of packing for camp. And yes, it is most certainly an art! • Pack WITH your child, not at night after they are fast asleep. You may be surprised about what items your child doesn’t want to leave home without. More importantly, this helps familiarize them with what is in their luggage so that upon arrival at camp it’s easy for them to locate everything they need. • Provide tools for organization. If you can imagine that your child’s cubby may easily become a black hole of clothing where it could be challenging to find a pair of clean socks, you may want to consider sending up certain items like socks and underwear in mesh laundry bags. • Ziplock bags are your friend! Use them for the following: • Underwear – send extra • Socks – send extra • Liquid Toiletries • Pack a shower basket for all of your child’s toiletries. Once at camp, the counselors will instruct your child to put their toiletries into this basket, and it will be used daily to help keep your child organized during shower time. If you have not purchased this before, Target usually has this item. • Label, label, label. Make sure to label everything you send with your child (including the clothes they wear on the bus). Please take the time to label all items including water bottles, flashlights, even shoes. Labels make bunk clean-up occur more smoothly and allow us to return items left around camp before the session ends. Iron-on labels work as well. Please use your child’s full name when labeling, you’d be surprised how many kids there are up at camp with the same initials or names! • Don’t pack anything valuable or expensive. We expect your child to have so much fun at camp that the last thing on their mind is going to be keeping track of socks, underwear, nice shirts, etc. •P  lease don’t pack items like food or large electronics that are not allowed at camp. These items will be confiscated and then your child is stuck in the situation of having to start camp by having something taken away from them. We want camp to be a place of giving and sharing. • Pack all linens on the top. All Notzitzim and Tze’erim campers will have their beds made for them by their counselors before they arrive. Taste of Ramah campers will make their beds with their counselors upon arrival.

Campers can choose from a variety of fun activities SPORTS

• Basketball, tennis, softball, volleyball, fitness, soccer, gaga, floor hockey, Zumba, softball, biking, archery, gymnastics


• Musicals, improvisation, modern and Israeli dance, radio, music, acapella, instrumental instruction

designed to teach new skills, build abilities and increase self-esteem!


• Red Cross swim instruction program, standup paddle boards, Aqua Glide obstacle challenge track, water polo, rowing, water trampoline, canoeing, sailing and kayaking


• High and low ropes courses, nature hikes, kayak and hiking trips, cookouts, challenge course and campfires


• Painting, drawing, ceramics, woodworking, fused glass, jewelry making, copper enameling, sewing, beading, macramé, and crochet

Special Programs Each summer, our camp calendar is full of many exciting special events and activities. Some are annual highlights and some vary each summer.

Maccabiah (color war) The entire camp is divided into four teams for 2 days of healthy competition, sportsmanship, team work, ruach (spirit), and silly games.

Yom Circus The entire camp gathers on a Friday morning to watch an exciting and interactive circus performance by the National Circus Project. After the performance, each edah gets a turn to learn and practice these circus skills at a circus workshop.

Trips Once each session, every edah gets a chance to take a trip out of camp to gain fun and new experiences together. These trips may include city trips, baseball games, outdoor adventures, community service, and not to mention, lots of fun!

Plays Every edah from Halutzim through Gesher does a musical in Hebrew at some point during the summer. The musical is always on a Thursday night, and the entire camp is invited to watch the musical and support the edah.

ZimRikkudiah The ZimRikkudiah is the camp-wide song and dance festival. Each edah is assigned a song and dance to perform for the entire camp. Everyone in camp gets to participate in this fun and impressive Ramah tradition!

Yom Sport On Wednesday, July 3rd, we have Yom Sport. Gesher runs Yom Sport with a theme celebrating America. All campers and staff are dividing into three different teams — red, white, and blue, and participate in fun and sometimes wacky activities throughout the day.

Yom Yisrael Our Mishlachat (Israeli Staff) prepare a special day for all of camp – Yom Yisrael. This Yom Meyuchad gives the opportunity for our Mishlachat to plan creative and educational programming about Israel, and campers can learn about and showcase their Ahavat Yisrael.

Comic Book Creation Over the course of two days, each edah participates in a comic book making workshop taught by Dov Smiley. Each camper gets to learn basic comic creating skills and make their own Jewish inspired comic with professional guidance.

End of Summer Talent Show The last night of camp, the entire machaneh (camp) comes together for an end-ofcamp Talent Show and Slide Show. This is a great wrap up to our summer season, and we get to look back on some of our favorite memories of the summer.

A full summer calendar will be sent out in June!

… y a s s t n e r a p r What campe rs.  My daughter adored her counselo “ ve, fun,  They were all fantastic — sensiti caring, attentive.”

“ I love th at my kid s gain a deeper ap preciation for our customs, culture a nd the multiple w ays of ap proaching our religio n.”

e he has mad t a h t s d n frie “My son’s ds for life.” n ie r f is h e ill b at camp w

ey eir second home! Th th is mp ca is th e lik “My kids truly feel d staff! their counselors an by d ve lo ly ine nu ge feel that they are that will genuine friendships de ma ve ha s rl gi Also, both of my ime!” hopefully last a lifet

which is “I cannot say enough about the quality of the educational experience, lived Judaism why I sent her to Ramah. Learning by doing is the best way. She instead of being taught it..”

Menu Options

The menus at Ramah are planned to be both healthy and fun for the campers. All meals are served family style. Most dinners are followed by spirited singing, a highlight of the summer! If you have any questions about the meals at camp, please call the camp office. We can put you in touch with our licensed nutritionist, Beth Schwartzman.

Sample Breakfasts • Pancakes with Maple Syrup • Scrambled Eggs and Biscuits • Waffles and Assorted Fruit • Oatmeal • Matzah Brei • Bagels and Cream Cheese • Cereal and Milk are offered every morning. In addition, a salad bar is available every breakfast with a variety of options, such as yogurt, fruit, cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs, sliced cheese, and assorted milk (including Lactaid milk). On occasion, individual bunks go out of camp for cookouts, complete with “Rocky Mountain Toast,” hot chocolate, scrambled eggs and more, all cooked over a campfire!

Sample Lunches • Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup • “Ramacobell” Rice and Beans make your own tacos • Cheese Ravioli/Manicotti/Tortellini/Ziti • Stir Fried Asian Vegetables with Wonton Soup • Falafel, Hummus, and Israeli Salads • Wrap Sandwiches • Pizza • Potato Perogies with Sautéed Onions • Veggie Chili with Baked Potatoes • Veggie “Chicken” Nuggets with Dipping Sauces All lunches come with side dishes such as vegetables, garlic bread, etc. We also have a salad bar available at every lunch. Salad bar options include “PB” and J, tuna and egg salad, three bean salads, pasta salads, fruit, and yes, salad!

Sample Dinners •H  oney Mustard/BBQ/Italian Baked Chicken • Spaghetti and Meatballs •H  amburger and Hotdog Outdoor BBQ with all the fixings! (chicken wings, potato salad, baked beans, pasta salad, watermelon, salad bar, bug juice, brownies, and much more) • Pasta Primavera • Turkey Cutlets with Thanksgiving Style Sides • Chicken Stir Fry • BBQ Beef Sandwiches with Seasoned Orzo • Sloppy Joes with French fries • Eggplant Parmesan with Garlic Bread • Make Your Own Hoagie Night The salad bar at dinner is very similar to the lunch time salad bar, plus has a specialty salad and another something “special” such as Jell-o. All dinners include dessert.

Shabbat On Shabbat, meals are very special. A large Friday night dinner is served with several courses. Shabbat breakfast is actually in the middle of T’fillot, thus breaking up the services for children. Shabbat lunch is a lavish buffet, with over twenty choices! Dinner Saturday night is dairy, and usually includes a pasta such as macaroni and cheese, or lasagna, plus a vegetable, side dishes, and ice cream and popsicles for dessert! Vegetarian options are available for all meals. All meals are peanut free. Lactose free meals are available as well. Camp menus are created by professionals in the foodservice industry. Nutritionists are consulted to ensure that the options are not only fun and tasty for children, but wholesome as well. We do not add Trans fats and do not fry in oil that has Trans fats. We also try to bake (versus fry) things whenever possible, such as chicken. Our entire kitchen is Glatt Kosher, with a Mashgiah Timidi, one who supervises to ensure that everything is kosher at all times. Further supervision is provided by our Executive Director, Rabbi Seltzer, as well as Rabbi Roth of the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Ramah Vocabulary

In order to achieve a Hebrew environment at Ramah, we use Hebrew for most places, names, events, activities, etc. We use the Hebrew terms exclusively so that campers come to identify the place or activity by its Hebrew name.

The Names and Grades for each of our ,usg (Edot) – Divisions – are: Yedidim Notzitzim Tze’erim Halutzim Bogrim Machon Shoafim Gesher

ohshsh Tikvah campers ohmmub 3rd & 4th Grades ohrhgm 5th Grade ohmukj 6th Grade ohrduc 7th Grade iufn 8th Grade ohptua 9th Grade rad 10th Grade

Should your child write about:

You will know it means:

Places Tzrif Chadar Ochel Hanutiyah Beit Am Agam Breicha “The Marp”

Bunk Dining Room Canteen Social Hall Lake Pool Health Center

People Edah Tzevet Rosh Edah Madatz / Madatzit Madrich / Madricha Activities Rikkud Shira Maccabiah Yom Doar Peulat Erev Omanut Kadoor Sal T’fillot Tiyul Schiya Petzah (Peulat Tzrifv’edah) Kav Reches Mitbachon Bishul Teva Shmirah Perek Yitzirah Machazeh Etgar

;hrm kfut rsj vh,ubj og ,hc odt vfhrc vtprn vsg ,uum vsg atr ,hm'sn/.''sn vfhrsn/lhrsn

Division Staff Division Head Junior Counselor Counselor

suehr Dance vrha Singing vhcfn Color War rtus ouh Letter Writing Day crg ,kugp Evening Activities ,ubnt Arts & Crafts kx rusf Basketball ,ukhp, Services kuhy Out of Camp Trip vhhja Swim g''mp Bunk or Edah Activities xfr ue Hiking/Camping iujcyn Little Kitchen kuahc Outdoor Cooking gcy Nature vrhna Night Patrol erp Activity Period vrhmh Activities (non-sport) vzjn Play (drama) rd,t Ropes Course

‫זה‬ !‫עברית‬

Camp Song Mistak’lim al Migrash Banim V’omrim: “Eizeh Nof Madhim” K’sh’haShemesh yoredet l’yad Beit haAm Ein makom yoter yafeh ba’olam Rak Po – b’Poconos! Chozrim HaBayitah, haDerekh Arukah Chozrim HaBayitah, l’Machaneh Ramah Chozrim HaBayitah, Ramah. Holchim, yad b’yad LaChadar Olim v’yordim me’al haEtgar Kol kayitz mitkar’vim echad la’sheini U’fitom – laNetzach chaverim!

Rad HaYom Rad HaYom Shemesh Dom Cochavim Notzitzim BaMarom Lilah Ba Leil M’nuchah Shalom Shalom

Word Games



3 An age group or division at Camp 4 A type of meal we have Wednesday nights outside with hamburgers, hot dogs and watermelon! 7 The name of our Camp health center 8 Place where the whole camp has Friday night services 9 The Hebrew word for community 10 An activity offered at Camp that uses a bow and arrow 11 A friend you would share a bunk bed with 12 An activity that can be done on the lake, without getting wet

1 The Hebrew word for your counselors 2 A sport you can play at Camp with a ball and a hoop 5 Something to make sure you don’t get burned! 6 You should have this with you at all times so you don’t get dehydrated or thirsty! 11 The building where you and all of your friends will sleep at night

























Try your best to unscramble the words below! B’hatzlacha! (good luck)

1. ocPoson __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 2. kiowFresr __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 3. aiahbcacM __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 4. Ymo raesliY __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 5. mUal ptSro __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 6. abSatbh __ __ __ __ __ __ __ 7. Rhso hdaE __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __

2100 Arch Street Philadelphia, PA 19103

See You in ! ! s o n o c o P the !‫שלום‬

Summer Contact Info: 2618 Upper Woods Road, Lakewood, PA 18439 • Phone: 570-798-2504 • Fax: 570-798-2049

Profile for Camp Ramah in the Poconos

2019 Ra-Mah Koreh!  

Check out our new camper magazine!

2019 Ra-Mah Koreh!  

Check out our new camper magazine!