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The Gift of Unconditional



By Harold W. Becker

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There is a wonderful transformation underway upon our beautiful planet right now. With each passing day, a new reality is rapidly unfolding, brimming with the exquisite energy of love. This awakening is calling our deepest soul desires to connect with this love and radiate its essence in all we do. In these amazing moments, we find ourselves taking a quantum leap in consciousness and returning to our divine fundamental nature as beings of unconditional love. Long ago we drifted into a slumber of separation that over the eons, eventually suppressed this ever-present gift of life. The beauty of love is its eternal and expansive spirit which can never be hidden for too long. Love, being the cohesive language of the cosmos, knows how to whisper in our ear and touch our heart as it gently nudges us in our evolution. The time has finally arrived for love to find its way back into our individual and collective consciousness with each breath we take. Everywhere we turn we are glimpsing the phenomenal and powerful influence of love as it reveals itself in a myriad of ways. At first, we may miss its subtle revelations. From our human perspective, we tend to identify with the physical form as the concrete conclusion and absolute expression of reality since it is still at the forefront of our thinking. Just beyond this form however, is the love that transforms our lives. This love, being unconditional, is without limit or true definition and is both boundless and formless. More than a feeling and a thought, it is part of all creation and transcends our physical existence. Thankfully, this extraordinary spark of life in the center of our being is once again speaking through our hearts. That which beats our hearts and inspires our fondest whim is the same energy that animates us and all creation with this love. We are steadily remembering that our life essence is an innate part of all existence and without it, we simply cease to exist. How could something this immense and integral to living seemingly have been concealed from us? It never really was; we essentially turned our attention upon our outer reality and began believing that it held our treasure. All the while, love was sublimely waiting for the day that we turned within and heard its quiet call. As we awaken out of this dreamy sleep, we begin a new day and a new moment where everything is possible and everyone recognizes their divine essence. With love as our

guide, what precious potential awaits? What new forms will we create that expands life itself - bringing joy and wonder to all? This new reality poses questions and opportunities that we can scarcely imagine as we step boldly forth as explorers of a new dimension. These early moments are often the most difficult as we move out of a limited perspective of life and into a realm of infinite potential. Again, the potential always existed; we merely have lived for so long with a belief that separation and limitation were real. The key to unlocking the possibilities is our willingness to let go of what we think we know to be true and explore the infinite realms of love. As we take our initial steps, we are not to be fooled by the temporary human masks. Appearances that seem to spell chaos, strife, struggle and strain are really just an indication that love is at work as their only purpose is to beckon us to look deeper within to the very core of reality itself. Below this surface tension is the love we all crave and it is expanding as a new potential unlike anything we have ever experienced. Indeed, in order to fully realize this awareness, we must first be willing to release our outmoded beliefs and limited perspectives that produced the world we presently find ourselves in. The only way we can achieve this new perspective is through embracing our creations and allowing their transformation as we call the love forth.

Unconditional love, when rightly understood, is a symbolic pathway that leads us home to ourselves. It is through contemplating these two simple words that we invoke their meaning and understanding. Alone each carries a certain connotation; when combined, however, these two words touch our soul with their eternal truth. This knowing leads to a very practical and simple way to unfold our journey and align our path with this precious gift.


Let us look at each word for a moment. Love is easily recognized in our everyday language. We use it in various grammatical ways whether describing a physiological act, a moment of emotional or romantic passion, or just to enhance a common expression like, “I love my job.” We like to use the word in our daily conversations, our music, writings and poetry, for example. It has become such an ordinary word that we have forgotten how extraordinary it really is.

Love, when deeply realized, is purely a way of being. Couple it with unconditional, which is something without condition, and we find ourselves with a new definition and foundational understanding that unconditional love is an unlimited way of being. To approach life without limitations, judgments, or restrictions certainly changes the game we have been engaging. We can no longer play victim or victimizer to our circumstances. Blame and judgment instantly cease. Hatred and condemnation become actions we do to ourselves. Guilt and worry disappear when all is possible. Shame and sorrow appear as self-created concepts that keep us mired in our own limiting beliefs. Fear and doubt are realized as the same expressions of separation that no longer exist when we know ourselves to be whole and complete. To live in the ever present moment with unconditional love reveals that all things are possible. In the light of love, each of us becomes a reflection of one another and eternity becomes a grand adventure of infinite potential as we allow our presence to be fully present right now. What we choose becomes the reality we experience. We place constraint upon our forms when we persist with limited thoughts and feelings. When we express with love however, we imbue each creation with this extraordinary quality and it continues its journey long after the form has fulfilled its purpose.

Approaching life through love is very practical. It requires no faith or scientific calculation and can be applied in all circumstances we may find ourselves in.

Unconditional love will never be measured or proven, it simply exists. The way we experience it is by our conscious acknowledgement, recognition and use. In this way, it becomes as natural as breathing. We allow this limitless love to flow through us in a never ending stream and circulate throughout creation touching each atom with its potential. It has been said that we ultimately fear our innate potential. Could it be that we really fear our ability to love so completely and infinitely? Such fear only occurs when we hold back and remain in a world of limitation. In the unknown there is truly nothing to be afraid of and the warm embrace of love insures that all is eternally well.

We make a difference in our world just by being who we are. When we choose consciously and of our own free will to be an unlimited being of love, we make a profound difference. It is not always the easiest initial response, or the one that breaks us free from our hardened habits, yet it is the one we can take by our own choice to explore the potential. And for each moment we remember to choose love, we grant ourselves and those around us an opportunity to expand beyond self-created limitation. This is the gift love offers. The present moment is our point of real power. We do not need to change the world or even ourselves; we just accept, embrace and share the love that is already within us. Each choice then radiates outward in ever widening ripples. That which we have within, we give out. That which we give out will return to us in greater measure. When love is in our heart then love is our experience. What will you choose? b

Harold W. Becker


Harold W. Becker is a contemporary visionary and modern day messenger for unconditional love, perhaps the most universally sought after expression today. Since 1990, his consulting company, Internal Insights, has had as its focus to “empower people through self awareness and unconditional love”. In 2000 he founded the now internationally recognized non-profit, The Love Foundation, Inc., to “inspire people to love unconditionally.” He also conceived Global Love Day, a celebration of humanity held annually each May 1st. Harold is a gifted intuitive, an inspirational speaker, a life and business consultant, and the author of books such as Unconditional Love - An Unlimited Way of Being; Internal Power: Seven Doorways to Self Discovery; and Unconditional Love Is... He can be reached at © Harold W. Becker 2008

The Gift of Unconditional Love by Harold W Becker  

Love, when deeply realized, is purely a way of being. Couple it with unconditional, and we find ourselves with a new definition and foundati...

The Gift of Unconditional Love by Harold W Becker  

Love, when deeply realized, is purely a way of being. Couple it with unconditional, and we find ourselves with a new definition and foundati...