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Have you found yourself longing to join fellow soul travellers who have broken free and are able to leave their cars, fears, and worries at home?

by Bob Luckin Have you ever been in traffic backed up into a past life – when you sit on the freeway noticing your gas gauge and temperament rapidly moving into the red zone and you realize you are not free? While driving to work it is easy to silently fall into mental gridlock. Life can quietly be reduced to finding a lane where the traffic is still moving and where dreams are replaced by a small parking space at the end of the journey. As a spiritual teacher, therapist, and artist I have found it is easy to put so much on my “To Do” list that it becomes the list to die from. My wife, co-Pastor, therapist, and writer has managed to find an even bigger killer pad for her never ending “To Do” list! To avoid becoming one giant “to do” list requires we take ‘time outs’ during which we can renew our spirit, and our creativity.

‘Time outs’ allow us to rediscover our Real Selves, our natural Gifts, and our Life Purpose. For the proper care and feeding of our spiritual sanity, Rev. Judith and I frequently escape – re-treat ourselves with like-minded spiritual adventurers to discover and explore our own sacred spaces which the daily grind of life obscures.


Recently my wife and I escaped to Bali by way of a TV travel documentary. By the end of the program we had decided to be two of the few who get to visit this enchanted island, then time passed and I forgot all about Bali. Bali however, had not forgotten about me, hiding quietly in the corners of my mind. Then, one day in a Monterey coffee shop, I met Raj and Suzanne and was impressed with their presence and spiritual depth, after we had talked for a while they shared the wonderful times they were having in Bali! I awoke, ears open, heart pounding, I asked questions as they outlined the possibility of us getting together

with the ‘most special people’ we could imagine and spending time with them for two weeks in Bali.

of people, all in the same place, seeing the same things, yet each sharing their own unique experience.

We know you can’t have what you can’t see in your mind, say in word, and feel in your heart. The reason we have never been to Bali or done a lot of things in life is because we haven’t seen, felt, or claimed them for ourselves. As soon as we opened the door to the Bali idea, this incredible Retreat began to unfold.

We are really fired up about this Spiritual Retreat Adventure in Bali.

“Let’s get as many people as we can to share this adventure with us.” Rev. Judith and I will lead the creative workshops to free up, encourage and fire up the creative abilities of the group. Each person will keep a diary of their daily experience. Time will be available for sharing the writing as well as for the needed encouragement to keep at it. Questions will be posed, exercises lead, and support will be given to teach person’s inner writer and poet. At the end of the journey, Rev Judith and I will collect the writings that participants share and shape them into a book format for possible publication. Together we will create a collective spiritual manuscript of our experience.

We are all authors – we author our own life, our own experiences, and our own decisions. If our life is a movie and we are playing the lead role, why do we often hire ourselves out as an extra in our own life? Imagine how wonderful it would be to enjoy more deeply the most important role we will ever play in the major production we call our Life. My mind has been playing with the movie metaphor ever since. What if we treated ourselves like we were the star of our life? What if we realized that in this life

production there are no accidental parts or experiences? What if we organized a trip inviting each person to join us as a mega-star? If everyone on the adventure realized how great and important they are, how would it change their experience of life? If we were to arrange a vacation to celebrate your greatness, could you get away with having only a “pretty good” time? Judith and I have been thinking a lot about this adventure and want to invite the star in you to shine with us on an epic journey – now we are ready to invite you to participate in the greatest story ever told, simply... Your life. b


It will be very exciting being part of a group

Bali Calls by Bob Luckin  

Join fellow soul travelers who have broken free and are able to leave their fears and worries at home.

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