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M/W Focus - Tie Renewal

with all of the major railroads to design new tie renewal processes and equipment that produce a breakthrough in productivity for tie changeout.” Machine Versatility

“Progress Rail Services’ Maintenance of Way division has been an industry leader in tie handling equipment with the Kershaw Model 12-12 Tie Crane,” the company says. “This machine is designed to meet all of today’s industry demands, including high productivity, ease of operation, ergonomic controls and maximum visibility. The machine is also strategically designed for ease of access to all components for daily maintenance or repair. Customer demands have recently called for new safety features such as an automatic swing stop system that will limit the handler’s swing to prevent fouling adjacent tracks. The model 12-12 tie handler can also be equipped with rail clamps and hydraulic tilting tie head to work on bridges and to aid in handling switch ties. Progress Rail has also recently introduced the Kershaw Model 2000 tie handler that has all the features of the Kershaw Model 12-12, but with an increased load handing capability. The Kershaw Model 2000 can handle up to two concrete crossties in a single move and can also be equipped with an enlarged five tie basket grapple for handling replacement ties,

making the machine more productive than other models on the market today.” Off-Track Option

Rail Construction Equipment Co. (RCE) says flexibility is a key feature gained by its customers, both railroad and contractor, that have utilized its excavator-mounted tie heads. RCE notes that the attachments can be used on machines with or without hi-rail gear, and while use of the attachments may result in a lower productivity rate as compared to a conventional tie gang, the user will see fuel savings, decrease needed equipment, reduce manpower requirements and gain the ability to perform tie replacement without interrupting railroad traffic flow. As well, a broader class of operator can use the excavator, given its easy-to-operate design. Its Deere excavators contain the latest technology for safe operation. RCE has also worked to incorporate options on its tie heads. Some of these options include 180-degree and 360-degree head rotation, and the ability to be mounted on tractor loader backhoes. RCE says it is working to increase the size options and number of machines that can handle tie replacement. RCE also provides a smaller compact excavator, the Deere 50G, equipped with bridge clamps as an alternative machine for tie replacement and bridge maintenance. RA

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