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Pymble Institute Grow, connect and engage through research

Driving thinking forward

Pymble Institute

The Pymble Institute amplifies our capacity to make a positive impact in the lives of girls and women. We are driven by a commitment to building our own skills in research, innovation and education. What we learn is shared in ways that inspire others to drive their own thinking forward and to find new ways of doing.

The Pymble Institute drives our thinking forward with research

Pymble Institute

We make it possible for Pymble students and staff to learn and extend their skills in inquiry and research so they can instigate and contribute to research now and into the future. As the hub of research at the College, the Pymble Institute welcomes connections with universities and other research institutions.

Research opportunities for...

Pymble staff › The Pymble Ethics Committee › Support for Ethical Clearance Applications › Pymble’s Annual Research Conference- present and attend › Writing for Illuminate, the College’s biannual Research and Innovation journal › Action research support – how can teachers improve their teaching, student learning and the classroom environment › Research spotlight sessions for students and staff › Opportunities to participate in research projects › Professional learning courses for teachers to develop research skills

Pymble Institute

Pymble students › Join the Pymble Ethics Committee › Receive support for Ethical Clearance Applications, including in courses such as Extension Science › Attend Pymble’s Annual Research Conference - present and/or attend › Write for Illuminate, the College’s biannual Research and Innovation journal › Conduct your own research and write for Perspective, the College’s Student Research journal › Receive support in student generated research for course work, Principal’s Project, passion projects, Sokratis, Duke of Edinburgh AwardSkills etc, including developing surveys, conducting research, communicating findings › Attend research skills workshops and Lunchtime Research Spotlight › Become part of the Junior Journal Club › Consider a wide range of opportunities to participate in research projects › Learn about research with Pymble’s Kindergarten to Year 12 Research Curriculum › Become a Service Prefect for the Pymble Institute and contribute to strategy and events

Academics and the community › Collaborate with our College to develop research projects › Invite our students and staff to participate in your study and learn from your project › Share your field and specialisation with our community by presenting at a Lunchtime Research Spotlight session › Present or attend our annual research conference, write for Illuminate › Publish your research in Illuminate, the College’s research and innovation journal

Innovation is our mindset

Pymble Institute

We drive our thinking forward by seeing ourselves as innovators and striving to make an impact in the area of education, especially girls’ education. We are constantly growing and adapting, using research and professional learning to shift practice and openly share our learning with the community.

For students › Enrol in the Digital Pathways Summer Series: online courses › Sign up for Careers and Futures education programs › Develop a project, including Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme requirements, to focus on Service or Skill which makes an impact on the wider community › Keep developing initiatives grown from class work, Co-curricular, Service with support from mentors and networks

For the community › Join professional learning for archivists and those managing community archives

Passion for growth and learning This is a gift we give ourselves, our students and our communities. We believe in the power of collaboration and connection as ways of promoting deeper understanding and broadening horizons.

Pymble Institute

For Pymble staff

For the community

› Be part of post-graduate studies support for Pymble staff – network meetings, financial support

› For initial Teacher Education students- tour the College to see opportunities available for girls’ from Kindergarten through to Year 12, including Boarding.

› Select courses from Pymble’s Professional Learning catalogue, including collaborative planning in faculties and teams › Apply for a Professional Learning Grant › Grow your career with support for achieving Teacher Accreditation (NESA and ISTAA) › Embrace leadership growth – mentoring and coaching opportunities › Enhance your team building skills – workshops and sessions delivered by Senior Executive

› Apply for a practicum placement at Pymble

Pymble Institute Find out more Dr Sarah Loch DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT