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#6 April 2008

Reportage: VITRUM 2007 PRIVASTAR®, new “Intelligent” glass from Formator


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IMSA turns thirty. We celebrate our first thirty years by dedicating our communication to the image that represents us better than anything else: a sailing race. We have seen the sea as the great global market and the sailing boat as the company facing the sea, managed by an expert crew in charge of the sailing manoeuvres. Who can represent the IMSA Group better than a WINNING TEAM on a sailing boat? To this image, we have added four simple and sharp words to highlight the quality of our company: Experience, Reliability, Technology and Passion. Experience. Experience is essential and you can never have enough of that, in sailing as well as in our field: the glass sector. In these 30 years, IMSA has acquired substantial know-how on its products, particularly standing out because of our knowledge of the markets where we are called to operate. Reliability. Sailing the open sea implies facing risks and handling difficult situations. Keeping composure is essential. It is in the roughest seas that IMSA shows its reliability. Technology. In order to be competitive and successful, it is necessary to keep abreast with the times and be aware of the changes required by technology. The use of technology has always been one of IMSA’s strong points. To always give the best to the client, supporting him throughout his path and growth. Passion. Passion is synonymous with love. And we have passion for glass and everything about it. That means we put enthusiasm, devotion and care in doing everything we do.

Circulation: 3.000 M-News is distributed free of charge in the following countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech republic, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Byelorussia, the Ukraine, Estonia and Lithuania. All contents of the magazine (texts photographs, designs, etc.) are copyright protected materials owned by the company Imsa Impex S.r.l. Any unauthorised use of these materials in mass media or anywhere on the Internet represents an indictable offence. The contents may only be used upon written authorisation obtained from the company Imsa Impex S.r.l.

These are the values that make the difference and these are the values of the IMSA Group, a solid leader in glass and glass equipment distribution in Central and East Europe. We would like to thank all the people and companies that have walked with us during the past years and who will keep doing it in the future. Sharing our passion. Together, we will sail towards an even brighter and more successful future.

Robert Miklus editor-in-chief

April 2008

Thirty Years of smooth sailing PRIVASTAR® - Formator Vitrum 2007 Events 2nd Hand Machinery

Thirty Years of smooth sailing Ivan Miklus


tep by step, seed upon seed, we have now reached our thirtieth year of operation through unwavering confidence, élan and transparent operations. Glass has fascinated mankind since the time of the Phoenicians. It was precious and rare: a means of protection with great durability, solid and hard but fragile and quite malleable at the same time. Pure, transparent and safe. In the course of history, the role of glass has strengthened and expanded, but has also preserved its charm and attraction something managed by only a few types of material. Glass evoked great admiration in our family as well and, when my brother and I bought a small production plant for glaziers’ putty in Gorizia thirty years ago, we were actually accepting an internal challenge that opened the doors to a new world for us. Youthful energy, meetings with various suppliers, constant searches for new information and possible uses, belief in the economic potential of our goods and, as I have already said, the attractive characteristics of glass Itself – such as its beauty, firmness, transparency, fragility and flexibility – have all prompted us to enter the world of glass. The small production plant in Gorizia grew and expanded its operations into the field of selling and servicing machinery and equipment for glassworkers. We began on the market that was closest to us at the time, Yugoslavia. Our knowledge of the language and the mentality of the people, Gorizia’s geographical location and our connection with the strong and well-developed high-quality industry of processing machinery in Italy were among the trump cards that helped the company make the right decisions.


IMSA was becoming a synonym for quality and reliability in the glass industry of South-Eastern Europe. Its markets continued to expand each year and the company not only provided glass and machinery, but also knowledge, advice and local service workshops and it established a constant presence through its employees. Daily monitoring of new developments in production, presentations at fairs, a constant market presence, a willingness to visit and lend an ear even to our smallest customers, our familiarity with problems and their solutions, founding local branch offices and warehouses (we currently have eighteen), solid and transparent connections with first-rate suppliers and, most of all, the constant training and education of our young employees have all been the basis and confirmation of our company’s success story for a number of years now. In the economically trying times during large-scale changes in all the Eastern European countries, we at IMSA were able to steer our boat successfully to sail forwards on the wind of constant development. Through our subsidiaries, we are currently present in seven countries – from Slovenia

Ivan and Bojan Miklus

to Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia and from Romania to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. We also directly supply Poland, Macedonia, Ukraine, Montenegro, Bulgaria and Russia. We are proud of our numerous business successes recorded within our thirty-year story. We can name countless production plants and buildings that we have equipped in the wide area reaching from the Adriatic Sea to the Ural Mountains and from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea. Today, IMSA is a large integrated distribution network of companies supplying the entire East European market. Our advantages include our large selection of products, competitive prices, direct presence, highquality service and quick and quality delivery. All our subsidiaries base their operations upon close long-term relations with their customers. I would also like to draw attention to the extremely capable, experienced and generally young team of co-workers. My brother Bojan and I are particularly proud that our sons decided to join IMSA’s operations, which represents a guarantee for the consolidation of the current situation and our continuation down the set path. We are joined by quite a large number of people in our daily efforts to create this The Miklus family: from left Robert, Devid, Eugenio, Giovanni and Petra


company’s story of success; companies operating within the IMSA Group employ approximately 350 people. Without them, we would not be what we are: a solid company with a successful thirty-year history and an enviable future. We are all positive thinkers and look firmly forward. We would again like to thank all our employees for their hard work and the trust they have placed in us. Interest in the work performed and great teamwork are our greatest satisfaction and a confirmation of the path chosen thirty years ago, as well as a guarantee for our continued success. We would also like to thank all our suppliers, who believed in our vision all these years and shared our efforts, doubts, risks and convincing successes on all the markets of Eastern Europe. We also must not overlook the trust placed in us these thirty years by over a thousand customers, whom we helped, advised, presented to, taught and, of course, supplied with numerous different types of glass, equipment, tools and machinery. On IMSA’s behalf, I would like to thank everyone and express my firm belief that the excellent relations with our co-workers, customers and suppliers will continue for the next thirty years.

PRIVASTAR , new “Intelligent” glass from Formator ®


rdinary glass allows you to see, but also to be seen. However, you may sometimes prefer not to be exposed to the curious gaze. PRIVASTAR®, the new “intelligent” glass from Formator achieves this possibility at the simple pressing of a button. The unique technology of this product allows transparent glass to become white and translucent at any moment, in just a fraction of a second! The secret to this product lies in the thin film of liquid crystal laminated between two glass panes, which makes this glass a safety glass as well. An electric impulse directs the flow of the liquid crystal in a fraction of a second, which makes the glass transparent. When the glass is not under voltage, the chaotic movement of the crystals causes diffusion of the light that penetrates through the glass, making the glass translucent. There is wide potential usage for this product in everyday life. Partition walls in conference rooms, shop windows,

projection surfaces, info desks, theatre coulisses, museum showcases and many more practical uses allow you to adapt the space precisely to your needs. PRIVASTAR® from the Formator Company is the complete system solution, meaning that in addition to the glass, there is also a completely compatible transformer, silicon and electric cables in the kit, i.e. everything that is necessary for PRIVASTAR ® to function perfectly. The standard thicknesses of this glass are 7, 9, 11, 12 and 14 mm. The

minimum dimensions of the glass are 200x300 mm, while the maximum dimensions produced are 1000x2800 mm, or 940x3000 mm. In addition to clear float glass, extra clear SGG DIAMANT® glass or glass coloured grey, green or bronze colour such as SGG PARSOL® may also be used as the basis for the production of PRIVASTAR® . Do not hesitate to ask Formator for more information about this product and details of mounting it, as well as for a free copy of the brochure. |

News from the exhibition


rom the 3rd to the 6th October 2007 the VITRUM exhibition, which is considered by the visitors one of the most important events of this sector worldwide, took place in Milan. The 2007 edition has been described by everyone as a “very international� exhibition, and this is also due to the new Fiera Milano complex in Rho. IMSA Group was present at the 15th VITRUM eddition in pavillion 24, stand K22 and was a refference point for its clients and other professional who were interested in getting to know in detail the products offered by

Statistical data from Vitrum 2007

Exhibition area: 31,560 sq m, +10.5% than 2005. Total number of Italian exhibitors: 308 Total number of foreign exhibitors: 273 Total number of visitors: 17,097, + 6.74% than 2005.

Future ap pointmen ts: 21 – 25 Ma y

2008 Construct Ambient, Bucharest

9 – 12 Jun e

2008 Mir Stekla, Moscow 24 – 28 Se p

tember Sajam Gra djevinarstv 2008 a, Budva

21 – 25 Oc t

ober 20 Glasstec, Düsseldorf 08

represented companies: Alu-pro, Bohle, Ceca, Fenzi, For.El, F.lli Pezza, Giardina, Lovati, Macotec, Nuova Oxidal, Pellini, Schiatti, Tornati forni, Vitreal Specchi, Strato, Al 7 Meipa, Officine Mistrello, Ino, Hoaf. Our impression about this eddition is fairly positive. There was a very important participation from Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia at our stand, especially from Slovenia, while attendees from other Eastern European countries were not so numerous, since the clients we have in that area usually prefer the Glasstec trade fair in Germany, as it is closer to them. Mostly of visitors are professionals with a good knowledge of products and come to VITRUM with clear ideas and concrete aims. Their interest was focused mainly on tables for laminated glass cutting, on glass laminating furnaces, on arrising machine and on insulating glass line as well. From this year IMSA represent the company HOAF infrared technology (you will find more information in the next pages) and great interest aroused especially the Hoaf HEATBOX kiln, able to laminate safety glass with PVB and EVA, which can be used for the Heat Soak Test as well. Anyway never fails interest toward other from us offered machines as edging, beveling and drilling machines, CNC workcentres and sandblasting machines, kilns for glass fusing ecc. In the following pages you can read more about news presented at Vitrum 2007.


Images from the Imsa stand

Arrissing Machine F

or.El. presents a new automatic vertical arrissing machine: the EG_02 model. The machine executes a symmetric arrissing on the main edges of the glass pane in order to eliminate/reduce the cracks or breakages and guarantees its safety during handling. In fact, inevitable minute cracks are generated along the edges of the pane during the cutting phase and therefore could compromise the integrity of the glass in time and in the successive processing. The For.El. arrissing machine is highly modular; therefore it can be installed in either a For.El. or any other manufacturers’ production line and useable also individually (combined to a washer) before the glass tempering process. Respectively, the three models of the arrissing machine EG2202, EG2252, EG2322 are able to operate on panes up to 2000, 2500, 3210 mm respectively. In the EG_02 model the process qualifies itself for the simplification of the parameters and for the very easy use, it automatically obtains the dimensions of the thickness of the sides of the pane, working with a very high speed with medium depth of bevel. The structure, mainly realised in carbon steel painted with polyurethane, stainless steel, and aluminium cycle, assures sturdiness and duration in time.

BASIC CONFIGURATION - h 2000 mm (available models h 2500, 3210) dimensions (mm x mm x mm): 8730 x 3630 x 2800 minimum glass (mm x mm): 360 x 180 maximum glass (mm x mm): 3000 x 2000 tool (diameter, mm): 100 cycle time (ref. 1m x 0.75 m)(s): 15 machine back conveyor (kg/m): 200


DEKOROLLER: The Machine for Glass Decorations T

he brand new Dekoroller, produced by Giardina SpA, is a roller machine able to reproduce decorations on flat glass using both ceramic and organic non catalyzed products. The machine consists of two independent sets of rollers: the spreader one and the applicator one. The applicator set is composed of a rubber cylinder on which, through laser technology, any kind of decoration can be impressed according to the customer’s requirement (simple or elaborated geometric forms, regular or irregular reproductions of any kind, with the possibility of personalizing every decoration, making it unique), and transferred on the glass sheet with a screen-printing-like precision and uniformity. The advantage of this technology lies in the possibility of using a single roller to simultaneously print more than one glass sheet of the same thickness but of any size, instead of being obliged to produce, replace and clean different screen-printing frames. Moreover the easy and quick roller replacement and cleaning, a constant feature of all the machines of the

“Giardina Glass Division” range, allow an extremely easy shift from one decoration to another. Dekoroller is a machine that meets the needs of those sectors such as furnishings, bath furnishings, household appliances, building industry and all those sectors which require a continuous reproduction of decorations. Dekoroller actually features a feed pump realized with line filters enabling a continuous production. Dekoroller is the answer to the needs of many small, middle and large businesses looking for a valid, time and cost effective alternative to the conventional glass decoration methods, with the possibility of performing a mass or low cost just-intime production.

ADVANTAGES OF DEKOROLLER: • Innovative system whose productivity is already tested. • Unlimited number of decorations. • Personalization of the decorations. • Continuous productivity both for mass and just-in-time production. • Easy cleaning and replacement of the decoration roller. • Quick and easy shift from one decoration to another. • Simultaneous decoration of glass sheets of different size without applying changes to the machine. • Possibility of using ceramic and organic products. • Guarantee of decoration uniformity and precision. • Available for several working fields.

EDGELINE ROLLER COATING MACHINE Another important new product introduced by Giardina is the Edge-Line Roller. This roller machine is able to decorate glass edges with frames from 10 to 100 mm. This machine, which is especially suitable for the building industry and the insulating glass sector, consists of a loading roller bench, a roller application unit and a drying oven both UV and hot air/IR. This technology enables to paint glass sheets without limits of size because every side is painted manually turning the workpiece of 90° after the drying process, without ever changing the machine’s setting. It is possible to compose the line with more than one rolling machine to optimize the production and paint two sides at every passage. Also in this case this new machine enables to paint glass sheets of every size without the necessity of replacing the screen-printing frames, with the advantage of a consistent money saving.

Forza G enlarges its product range


n consequence of the growing market demand, the company Forza G introduced its brand new machine for water cleaning at the VITRUM 2007 exhibition: the System T100 A. This new system on which pumps and accessories have been installed for the automatic functioning of purification and recirculation of refuse fluids, can produce up to 50 cubic metres per hour. The company’s system are conform to existing enviromental requirements and are best characterized as extremely easy to manage, without damaging production processes, all with automatic discharge of solids, no chemical aditives, no additional filters. One of the major advantages of Forza G’s Centrifugal Separators is the total absence of the need of operator intervention. At production startup, the centrifugal system starts automatically and stops automatically at the end of production without any operator intervention.




800 l/min 48 m3/h


< 5 micron


1600 kg


2700 X 1500 X 2700 mm


9 kW

Treatment plant for wastewater deriving from glass grinding with centrifugal separator, flow chart:


Refill of processed fluid.

Inlet fluid to be processed.


Water tank to collect the processed fluid.

Processed fluid back to production.




10 | 11


MSA would like to introduce you HOAF Infrared Technology, a company that represent since 2007. HOAF Infrared Technology has been active in the development, production and marketing of products in the field of gas-fired infrared technology for over 35 years. Many areas of application can be conceived for this form of heating. HOAF Infrared Technology has succeeded in winning for itself a prominent position in the market. A complete product range developed in-

house, its own production as well as the large centre of infrared knowledge have enabled HOAF Infrared Technology to claim the title of market leader. Thanks to effective communication with experts in the field, HOAF Infrared Technology is familiar with the need and then determines the solutions, translating them into concepts, which they then develop into products and services. The development, production and sales at HOAF Infrared Technology meet the latest insights and requirements in the field of integrated quality assurance. Since 2001 HOAF Infrared Technology is as well active in the autoclave free lamination with our HEATBOX®. The HOAF HEATBOX® is specially developed for this purpose and able to laminate safety glass with PVB, EVA and with TPU for bullet proof glass. Float, tempered or bended glass can be laminated in this flexible kiln. The HOAF HEATBOX® is available in four different dimensions and can be offered with a modular system of options according the request of the customer. The HOAF HEATBOX® is gas-fired, that means less maintenance and very reliable technique. The costs of gas and electricity for an average run with PVB lamination takes between € 8,- and € 12,--. HOAF Infrared Technology

supplies as well trolleys for the storage of the glass in the kiln with a maximum capacity of 50m2 per cycles. A big advantage of the HOAF HEATBOX® is the fact that he can be used for the HEAT SOAK TEST as well. The kiln is calibrated according the EN 14179-2005 standard for the HEAT SOAK TEST of tempered glass. The module software and printer is available to collect all the necessary data needed for the heatsoaktest report. For the storage of the PVB, EVA and TPU foil HOAF Infrared Technology can supply the HOAF CLIMATEBOX®. This cabinet is humidity controlled and dries the PVB foil very deeply. After drying the customer is able to laminate glass successful with PVB without the use of an expensive climate controlled clean room. All the necessary skills and knowledge for this process can be supplied by HOAF Infrared Technology as well by practical trainings on location or in our training centre. In the training centre HOAF Infrared Technology is able to present the customer all products and do some test on their request.

Laminating kilns + Performing the Heat Soak Test HEATBOX 420 and HEATBOX 250 are gas-working kilns for the autoclave free laminating process. Specially developed for laminating of bent glass and flat glass.

HEATBOX 250 HEATBOX 420 Dim. inside: 1850 x 1700 x 4400 mm (height x width x length) Dim. outside: 2400 x 2400 x 6000 mm (height x width x length) Other dimensions or versions on request Gas: Propane / LPG / Natural gas Glass laminating by PVB, EVA and TPU Max. temperature: 145 °C for laminating Max. temperature: 290 °C for Heat Soak Safe, reliable and flexible Little maintenance User friendly  

Dim. inside: 1850 x 1700 x 2600 mm (height x width x length) Dim. outside: 2400 x 2400 x 3000 mm (height x width x length) Other dimensions or versions on request Gas: Propane / LPG / Natural gas Glass laminating by PVB, EVA and TPU Max. temperature: 145 °C for laminating Max. temperature: 290 °C for Heat Soak Safe, reliable and flexible Little maintenance User friendly

The Storage of PVB rolls For the storage of the PVB, EVA and TPU foil HOAF Infrared Technology can supply the HOAF CLIMATEBOX®. This cabinet is humidity controlled and optional temprature controlled. After drying the customer is able to laminate glass successful with PVB without the use of an expensive climate controlled clean room. Perfect combination with the HOAF Heatbox.



Electricity: 220 V Dim. outside: 2300 x 2600 x 1000 mm (height x width x depth) Max. foil width:  2000 mm Humidity:           ≤ 10 % Room for 2 PVB rolls Low energy consumption User and maintainance friendly

Electricity:  220 V Dim. outside: 3300 x 3000 x 1000 mm (height x width x depth) Max. foil width:  2400 mm Humidity: ≤ 10 % Room for 3 PVB rolls Low energy consumption User and maintainance friendly

The Lovati company exhibited at its stand the following machines: • GIANT-42 NC 5-axis machine. 14 kW spindle with 90° max. inclination. Grinding and bevelling on high thickness glass sheets of any inclination through cup grinding wheels. • BEM-31 NC machine, also suitable for processing low-e glass. Glass sheets of different outline, dimensions and thickness can be processed in sequence. • MISTRAL-31 NC double head drilling machine, in line with the machine Bem-31. • LOV-630/20 NC machine, complete of aggregate groups for cutting, etching and chamfering. • ZENEDGE-30/20 NC machine. • LOV-1000-ES semiautomatic machine for grinding, chamfering and polishing shaped glass.




Alu Pro

History, quality, know-how and innovation MACOTEC, the specialist leading company for the manufacturing of automatic cutting plants always known for the quality and reliability of its products, today can be identified for the high level of innovation brought by its new machines both in the laminated and monolithic glass field. The recent VITRUM ‘07 has been the right occasion to see how the new MACOTEC’s products can solve most of the problems customers are facing today using the machines offered by the present technology.

No more limits in laminated glass processing


he new Strato Advance uses the very well tested Macotec’s technology for the laminated glass processing, worldwide known, but thanks to new ideas and small modifications, can now overcome most of the limits imposed by the present technology reaching results unbelievable till today. • Money saving: the automatic trimming has been reduced to 2 cm from the glass edge in order to minimize glass wastage. • High automation: beside the full automatic cutting cycle, the sheet squaring is automatic and can be “up-to zero” so to grant the ideal conditions for low-e removal even along the edge. • Very comfortable working: the control box, together with the video and keyboard, is completely steerable so to be adjusted according to operator’s position. • Interactive graphic controls: all data and machine’s controls can be managed simply and easily through a specific graphic toolbar for a very friendlyuse. • Low-e capability: all clamping system is anti-friction and has been built with a special non-marking rubber. In order to reach the best performance, a peripheral grinding wheel is available.

12 | 13

New functions: higher production, more safety, no human mistakes Master Shape and Cut Star can be defined as the Macotec’s brand name of excellent performances and high quality level of mechanic: • Powerful brushless motors: long life and performances • Pinion and racks: long life, speed and accuracy • Strong cutting bridge: light and sturdy for speed and precision • Quick shut-off valve: to make faster the sheet positioning • Two pedal controls for each working position: to make your job comfortable • High quality thick felt: long life, no glass scratch, easy cleaning But Macotec has been able to improve it again with some very interesting software innovations: • Automatic sheet squaring: the operator can position the glass at his convenience and the machines search it by itself, automatically adjusting the cutting scheme to the position of the sheet • Automatic size check: before the cutting operations, the machine checks the size of the loaded sheet in order to check if the data are compatible with what received from the optimizer. No more human mistakes • Automatic integrity check: the sheet, before being cut, is controlled all along its edges so control that both the edges and the corners are not damaged.

14 | 15

Combined line (float and laminated)


ACOTEC takes care about customers who have space problems but need to process both monolithic and laminated glass on one single machine. In order to satisfy this need, a new generation of combined line for jumbo sheets can be offered now besides the well known and marketappreciated Twin Cut which is suitable for half-size sheets formats. This line, which is offered with a high automation level, is the best combination the new Cut Star and Strato Advance which can grant the following main benefits:

• Automatic sheet squaring: it reduces cycle time and increases productivity • Automatic sheet movement: it makes operator work more comfortably • Multifunctional line: the combination of tilting plane, belts and breaking bars allows the greatest flexibility and gives the possibility to upgrade the line with an automatic loader whenever you want • Small pieces movement: special non marking rollers grant the smoothest automatic movement even of the smallest pieces

Once more MACOTEC, your cutting partner

Officine Mistrello

Fratelli Pezza




ne of the latest news presented on the market by the company is a complete range of accessories used for self loading glass structures, entrance halls and partition walls.The system was studied in cooperation with a designer who followed the aesthetic aspect obtaining a very good result on all the range. The supports are realized in aluminum and disposable in different finishing. Single and double attacks are available with wall, floor or glass fixing. The various accessories could be combined to obtain any type of connection with one, two, three of four ways. Thanks to a special fitting is also possible to use tension rods useful to give to all the structure more stability. All elements allow a high regulation and the fixing of the glass with any inclination.

Construct Expo – Bucharest O

ver 700 companies from 17 countries, on an area of more than 46,000 square metres. These are the main figures of the 14th edition of CONSTRUCT EXPO AMBIENT 2007, the international exhibition of interior decorations, finishing materials, mural coverings and floors, doors and windows, joinery and glass, decorations, lighting devices. The Rumanian branch house IMROGLASS was present at the exhibition CONSTRUCT EXPO AMBIENT for the eight consecutive year. This year we chose to exhibit the cutting table MACOTEC-Cut Star. We can surely state that 2007 has been a very important year for IMSA and Macotec because of the great interest towards cutting tables on the Rumanian market. Only in 2007 9 cutting lines have been sold on the Rumanian market. The completion of this successful year has been the presence of Maurizio Colli, owner and founder of Macotec, at the exhibition. Along with the other products of the IMSA range, there has also been a great interest towards the insulating glass production lines, the grinding and drilling machines and the tempering furnaces. In general, the Rumanian market is having a remarkable growth in the field of the sandblasted products.

From left: Robert Jug and Maurizio Colli

Mir Stekla – Moscow M

A view on the stand

16 | 17

ir Stekla, born in 1999, is considered the main event in the glass sector in Russia. This exhibition deals with products, technologies, machinery and equipment for the glass production and transformation. Mir Stekla has experienced a constant growth of the exhibition area and of the number of exhibitors, which includes both inland and foreign firms, all of them specialized in glass production and transformation and in the production of control and measuring systems for the glass industry. IMSA decided to be present at the 8th edition of MIR STEKLA. The Italian products occupy, thanks to their technological excellence, a first rate position on the Russian market of the

glass processing machinery. Great attention must be paid especially to the after-sale service, an essential requirement from the users’ point of view. IMSA is intensively working on this aspect, it has actually been developed for many years its own technical support department, offering to the customers further assistance. Although the statistical data point out the constant growth of this event, the exhibitors believe that Mir Stekla is loosing its importance as far as the innovative products are concerned. The effort of the constructors-exhibitors is rather concentrated on the main exhibitions, Glasstec and Vitrum especially, where the presence of Russian visitors is very high.

Sajam Gradjevinarstva – Budva F

rom the 26th to the 30th September 2007 the wonderful Adriatic city of Budva hosted the Building Exhibition. IMSA was present at this event for the third consecutive year. Compared to the previous years, the 2007 edition has seen a remarkable growth in the number of visitors. The most frequent questions of the visitors regarded tempered glass in the building industry, safety glass in general and glass staircases, that can oftener and oftener be seen in indoor rooms. A great interest has been addressed to the accessories for structural fronts with point suspension (spider).

BUDMA – Poznań B

UDMA is an International Construction Fair based in Poznań and is considered the most important event for the construction industry in Poland. More than 80,000 Polish and international attendees visited the Exhibition on 22-25 January 2008 on an area of nearly 43,000 m2. The IMSA brand is known on the Polish market since many years. This year we decided to be present, for the first time in quality of exhibitors, at the exhibition in Poznań. Our exhibition area, where we introduced the cutting table Cut Star - Macotec, was

situated in the pavilion no. 4, essentially occupied by glass and wood processing machinery. Many visitors were attracted by the cutting table at work, interested in its high technological capacity and in the functions it can perform. There have also been many questions about the other glass processing machines, especially concerning the insulating glass line and the sandblasting machines. Our satisfaction at the end of the exhibition was great, because the influx of visitors was remarkable already during the first day.

Below,from the left: Alex Makuc, Petra Miklus and Adam Makarowski Below, right: cutting table at work

Updatedhinery d mac 2nd hann web o Insulating glass production line mod. Forel art. 2250+090 : Washing machine – 6 brushes H=2500 mm Automatic roller press H=2500 mm Insulating glass production line mod. Forel art. 2200+090 : Washing machine – 6 brushes H=2000 mm Automatic roller press H=2000 mm Automatic flat press mod. Forel art. AP2250 Max glass dim. H=2500 mm Automatic cutting table for straight shape mod. Bottero BMK 131 Glass dim. 3300 x 2400 mm Racks for bridge movement Beveling machine Bovone mod. MINI MAXI 371 Edging machine – 6 spindle mod. SCHIATTI FPS10 Edging machine – 4 spindle mod SCHIATTI RI/4M Drilling machine mod. SCHIATTI FPD 60 Butyl extruder Forel 7,5 Kg mod. B1075 The new person in charge of maintainance of machines and spare parts is Gvido Kovic.

Heat Soak Test machine Doubleside edging machine with cup wheels mod. ADA Working width 2500 mm Kiln Tornati for glass bending mod. T/L newsystem 250 | 18 | 19



Please, send us more information on the following products/arguments described in this edition of M-news.

PRIVASTAR® : Formator For.El. : Model EG­_02 Giardina: Dekoroller Giardina: Edge-Line Roller

Forza G: System T100 A Hoaf: Heatbox Hoaf: Cliamate box Macotec

SAINT GOBAIN GLASS Basic, safety and special glass

MACOTEC Cutting tables

FENZI Sealants for insulating glass production

LOVATI Machinery for glass processing, CNC workcentres

FOR.EL. Machinery for insulating glass production

SCHIATTI ANGELO Machinery for glass processing

OXIDAL Accessories for glass doors

ALU-PRO Aluminium profiles for insulating glass production

INO Screen-printing machines

BOHLE Tools and accessories for glass industry

F.LLI PEZZA Sand-blasting machinery

CECA Molecular sieves for insulating glass production

TORNATI FORNI Tempering furnaces and kilns for glass fusing

VITREAL SPECCHI MADRAS Etched decorative glasses

SCREEN-LINE Venetian blinds

HOAF Laminating kilns, performing the Heat Soak Test, storage of PVB rolls

QUADRA Decorative profiles for insulating glass

GIARDINA Enamelled glass machinery

OFFICINE MISTRELLO Machines and equipment for sheet handling and storage of flat glass

Forza G Industrial centrifugal water treatment


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