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EDITORIAL Connecting buyers and suppliers, both local and from abroad, encouraging new business opportunities and partnerships, and fostering the development of the healthcare sector in Brazil – This is the mission of Hospitalar.

Jean-François Quentin President UBM Brazil

In its 25 years of existence, the show has always stood out as a gateway to the market in South America and as a reference for our local industry to showcase its products and services to the rest of the world. Hospitalar is a complete, all-embracing multi-segment platform, which encompasses industries, laboratories, hospitals as well as research institutes, schools and universities, private and public institutions, ministries and regulatory agencies. Together with our partners, Publimed Editora, we have created the Hospitalar Exporter catalogue to strengthen this position as a showcase for the local industry. The catalogue lists Brazilian exporting companies and is offered to foreign buyers so as to increase business opportunities. This makes it easier to connect with the market way beyond the four days of Hospitalar, strengthening our current strategy of engaging businesses all year round. We thank ABIMO and Apex-Brasil for their longstanding trust and support, as they have been working for years to introduce local products to the world, as well as Hospitais Brasil magazine. Together, they made it possible to launch this invaluable tool to connect and promote the Brazilian industry.

EXPEDIENT Hospitalar Exporter is published by UBM Brazil in a partnership with Publimed Editora to promote the Brazilian medical and dental industry in major international events of the sector. The advertisers are exclusively responsible by the content presented in the ads.

Circulation: 2017/2018 Phone: + 55 11 3966-2000


COMPANIES BALANÇAS WELMY IND. E COM. LTDA Products: Electronic and mechanical scales for weighing people and babies, scales for wheelchairs and electronic weighing scales

CMOS DRAKE DO NORDESTE LTDA Products: Automated External Desfibrillator – AED, Desfibrilattor, Ventilator

BAUMER S/A Products: Sterilization and Infection control, Surgical Center, Hospital, Industry and Hotel Laundry, Orthopedic, Odontology, Wound Management

Confiance Medical Prods. Médicos S/A Products: CO2 Insufflators, Led Light Sources, Endoscopy Cameras, Surgery Monitors, Medical Recorders, Intelligent Hospital Systems

BCF PLÁSTICOS LTDA Products: Hospital Screens, Hospital Curtains, Hospital Partitions

COZIL EQUIPS. INDUSTRIAIS LTDA Products: Professional Kitchens, Professional Refrigerators, Electric and gas Cookers, Fryer, Distribution Line, Boiling pans, Stainless Steel Furniture

BIO BRASIL CIÊNCIA E TECNOLOGIA S/A Products: Clean Line: Collectors and Bags for Health Services Residues, Processing kits and Automatic Reading Equipment for parasitological examination of stool

CRAL ARTIGOS PARA LABORATÓRIO LTDA Products: Lines: Urine Collectors, Urine collection sets, Petri dishes PS, Disposable Cell Spreaders, Vaginal Speculum, Needle adaptor (Holder) for blood collection

BIOMECANICA IND. COM. DE PRODS. ORTOP. LTDA Products: Intramedullary Nailing System, Plates and Screws, Hip Prosthesis, Knee Prosthesis, Orthopedic Cement, Spine Implants


CDK IND. E COM. DE EQUIP. RAIOS-X LTDA Products: Radiograhy System Fixed, Mobile and Portable, X-Ray Components, Bucky Tables Certifications:


Products: Electrosurgical Generator to hospitals and clinics, models since 50W until 400W. Vaccum Smoke, Electrosurgical Accessories (monopolar and bipolar) Exports: Manufacture equipments and accessories to electrosurgery since 1970 and has trade relationships with more 45 countries Certifications:


DFV COMERCIAL E INDUSTRIAL LTDA Products: Colposcopes, Surgical Microscopes and Acessories

FAMI MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Products: Containers and hollowware for sterilization, transport and storage of medical devices


G.M. DOS REIS INDÚSTRIA E COM. LTDA Products: Osteosynthesis, Pediatric Orthopaedics, Arthroplasty, Suture Anchors (bioabsorbable), Spine, Biomaterials

Products: 4 Outputs Nebulizer – Ref. MD400N, Nebulizer – Ref. MD1000, Ultrasonic Inhaler – Ref. MD3000, Valve Spacer – Ref. 3607br, LED Clinical Lamps (with or whthout mirror) – Ref.500L, Suction Pump (1 or 3 liters) – ref. MD100/ MD300 Exports: Jamaica, Bolivia, Peru, Algeria

HOSPIMETAL IND. METALÚRGICA Products: Hospital Beds, and furniture

Certifications: ISO9001 and ISO13485

EXXOMED EQUIPAMENTOS LTDA Products: Arthroscopy shavers, LED light sources

FANEM LTDA Products: Infant Incubators, Neonatal CPAP, Infant Ressuscitator Exports: Present in more than 135 countries around the world. Certifications: CE, Good Manufacturing Practices ANVISA, ISO 13485, ISO 9001, Others


HP BIOPROTESES LTDA Products: Hydrocephalus Shunt System, External Ventricular Drainages, Intracranial Pressure and Temperature Monitoring Catheters, Intracranial pressure monitor, Percutaneous Endoscopy Gastrostomy kit – PEG, External Drainages IBRAMED – IND. BRAS. DE EQUIPS. MÉDICOS Products: Ultrasound, Electrical Stimulator, Shockwave, Intensed Light Pulse, Radiofrequency, Criolipolisis INDREL SCIENTIFIC Products: For blood, vaccine and laboratory Refrigerators + 2°C to + 8°C, Freezers -30°C and -45°C, Ultrafreezer -86°C and Blast Freezer for plasma


INJEX IND. CIRÚRGICAS LTDA Products: Hypodermic Syringes, Hypodermic Needles, Vacuum Blood Collection Tubes, Infusions Sets, Procedure Gloves, Surgical Gloves

INSTRAMED IND. MÉDICO HOSPIT. LTDA Products: Cardioversor Monitor Biphasic Defibrillator, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), Advanced automatic external defibrillator (AED) with manual operation, Remote vital sign monitor


LANCO LTDA Products: Ceiling Supply for ICU and Operating Room, Medical Beds, Medical Furniture, Sterilized Material Central Furniture, Furniture for Hospital Pharmacy, Trolleys for material transport and bedside medication

LEISTUNG EQUIPAMENTOS LTDA Products: Mechanical Ventilators

ITM S/A – IND. DE TECNOLOGIAS MÉDICAS Products: Surgical Instruments for General Surgery, Cardiovascular, Traumato Orthopedics, Odontology, Videoendoscopy Surgery and SITRACC (Single Trocar Access)

Exports: Leistung is present in over 40 countries around the globe

JG MORIYA REPRES. IMP. EXP. E COML. LTDA Products: Nitric Oxide Monitor NOx Plus SpMet for Pulmonary Hypertension Therapy, Oxygen Therapy Products, Oxygen and Nitrous Oxide Blender Rotamix Auto for Dentist, Anesthesia Machines, Manifold, Panel

LIFESIL SILICONE IMPLANT Products: Breast Silicone Implant, Gluteal Silicone Implant, Silicone Gel Sheet for scar treatment


LOKTAL MEDICAL ELECTRONICS LTDA Products: Wavetronic 6000 Touch, Megapulse HF FRAXX, Wavevac Dual, Fractional Electrodes, Radiofrequency, High Frequency 4 MHz

KONEX INDÚSTRIA E COM. LTDA Products: X-Ray Personal Protection, X-Ray Accessories, Illuminators, Darkroom Products, X-Ray Meters, Phantoms

MAGNAMED TECNOLOGIA MEDICA LTDA Products: UCI and Transport Mechanical Ventilator

Certifications: CE, ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IEC 60.601


Medicone Projetos e Soluções para a Indústria e a Saúde Ltda |

Products: Treatment of Obesity: Intragastric Balloon, a non-surgical alternative for the treatment of obesity; Implantable Line: Urology, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Orthopedics, Pneumology; Special Materials: Enteral Feeding and Hospital Products PICC Catheters, Drains and Tubes


Exports: United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, India, Spain, Bahrain, Panama, Paraguay, Lebanon, Colombia, Egypt, Peru, Turkey, Pakystan, Austria

Products: Unit Dose Repackaging​

Certifications: CE, GMP, ISO 13485, European Free Sale MEDPEJ Equipamentos MÉdicos Ltda Products: Autoclaves, Colposcopes, Fetal Dopplers and Monitors, Vascular Dopplers, Examination Chairs, Surgical (Ceiling and Wall), Auxiliary (Mobile) and Clinical/Examination Lights (with Led or Halogen Lamps) Exports: South, Central and North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East Certifications: ANVISA Brazil Free Sales and Export, Conformity Certificates, ISO-13485/9001, CE Mark 2 Years Warranty and permanent technical assistance and spare parts supply NEOORTHO PRODS ORTOPÉDICOS S/A Products: Orthopedic Implants, Cranio-Maxillo Facial (CMF), Traumatology, Biomaterials, Intramedullary Nail and Spine Fixation System OLIDEF IND. E COM. DE APAR. HOSPIT. LTDA Products: Neonatal Incubator, Transport Incubator, Infant Warmer, Phototherapy and Bilirubinometer 10

OLSEN S/A Products: Exhamination Table Performance, Exhamination Table Performance Gyneco, Exhamination Table Versatile, Haemodialysis Chair, Ambulatory Stretcher, Dental Unit Infinity Premium

Exports: Latin America and Europe Certifications: CE

ORTOSINTESE INDÚSTRIA E COM. LTDA Products: Orthopaedic Implants, Instruments and Prosthesis Hospital Equipment: Autoclaves, Operating Tables, Surgical Lighting, Drying Cabinet, Thermal Disinfector and Ultrasonic Cleaner Certifications: National and International, ISO 13.485:2003, CE, INMETRO and GPM (Good Manufacturing Practices), where all the manufacturing processes and raw materials meet the requirements of ISO, ASME, AISI and ABNT Exporting more than 30 countries worldwide ÓSSEA TECHNOLOGY INDÚSTRIA E COM. LTDA Products: Spine Implants Systems, Pedicle Screw, Posterior Cervical, Cervical Plate, Expansive Cages, Anatomical Cages

COMPANIES OXIGEL MATERIAIS HOSPITALARES INDÚSTRIA E COMÉRCIO LTDA Products: Anesthesia Machine Mod. 1722, Anesthesia Machine Mod. 1000 (Gold, Silver and Bronze), Laryngoscopes (Basic Sets Conventional and Fiber Optic), Blades Articulated Conventional and Fiber Optic (Numbers 3, 4 and 5), Bougie Adult and Infant, Bougie Adult and Infant with ventilated, Bougie Adult Illuminated, Regulators Valve and Flowmeters, Humidifier 250 ML and Nebulizer Sets Exports: Argentina, Bolívia, Chile, Equador, Paraguay, Perú, Uruguay, Venezuela, México, Republica Dominicana, Espanha, Portugal PASSARINI REGULATORY AFFAIRS Products: Anvisa license, FDA, Mark CE, Hosting Service, GMP (RDC/16 - Anvisa) and Audit (Qualit System Audit Process/GMP)

PHOENIX LUFERCO Products: Horizontal Autoclaves (for Hospital, Laboratories and Industries), Bench-Top Autoclaves, Vertical Autoclaves and Dental Chairs


QUIBASA QUIMICA BASICA LTDA Products: Turbidimetry, Rapid tests, Biochemistry, Bio Gene - Molecular Biology, Immunology, Elisa

SAMTRONIC INDÚSTRIA E COM. LTDA Products: Infusion Pumps and IV Sets, Vital Signs Monitor, Suction Systems e IV Pole, Syringes

SCHIOPPA RODAS E RODÍZIOS Products: Whells and Casters

SISMATEC IND E COM DE EQUIPS. HOSPITALARES LTDA Products: Ceiling Surgical Light – Led, Mobile Surgical Lights-Led, Wall Mounted Lamp – Led, Ceiling Supply Units, Ot Tables And Accessories

PLANISA PLANEJ. E ORG. DE INST. DE SAÚDE S/S LTDA Products: Strategic Management of costs, DRG – Diagnosis Related Group, Business Plan, Budget Management, Remuneration Model, Analysis of Financial and Organizational Performance

SUPERMEDY IMPORTER AND EXPORTER Products: Blood Presure Monitor, Gloves, Gym Ball, Thermomether, Face Mask, Scales

PROTEC EXPORT IND. COM. IMP. E EXP. DE EQUIP. MÉD. HOSP. LTDA Products: Anesthesia, Inhalation Therapy, Medical Gas Therapy, Surgical Aspirators, Pulse Oxymeter & Sensors, Ananlyzers & Simulators

TRANSMAI EQUIPS. MÉDICOS HOSPITALARES Products: Cardiac and Signal Vital Monitors, Pulse Oxymeter, Desfibrilator, Capnography, Electrosurgical Generators


TECNOPERFIL PLÁSTICOS LTDA Products: VINYLSHOCK® Line: Wall guards and handrail can be used in hospitals, clinics, laboratories or places with intense flow of people. Practical solution, with innovating design, in various models and beautiful colors, ideal for protecting walls, corners, stairways, aisles, and other surfaces, conserving beauty and avoiding costs whit painting maintenance. Complementary products for the VINYLSHOCK® Line: Corner Guards in PVC Rigid or flexible, Footer in PVC specific for to Vinyl Floor, Higienic joint in PVC, Flexible PVC Non-Skid Tape for Steps Exports: Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolívia, Ecuador, Colômbia, Perú VK DRILLER EQUIPS. ELÉTRICOS LTDA Products: Gun PWD 10 TR – Power Drive, Piezomedical, Ultrassonic Active Tips, Mastersonic, Darkness e 100 Brushless

WAMA PRODS. PARA LABORATÓRIO LTDA Products: Lines: Rapid Tests, Hemaglutination, Immunofluorescense, Coagulation, Urine Strips, Equipments for Laboratory

WEM/MEDTRONIC Products: SS-200E Microprocessed Electrosurgical unit 200 watts, SS-501LX Microprocessed Electrosurgical unit 300 watts, SS-601MCa Microprocessed Electrosurgical unit 400 watts, Argon 2 Plasma Coagulator, Argon 4 Plasma Coagulator, ValleyLab FT10 – Energy and Electrosurgical Platform 300W


TTS DO BRASIL Products: Equipaments, Services and System for Cleaning and Higienization

TRAUMEC TECN. E IMPLANTES ORTOP. IMP. E EXP. LTDA Equipped with high-tech machinery and a stimulating work environment, the main headquarters of Traumec is located in Rio Claro, São Paulo, Brazil Products: Maxillofacial Implants System, Closure Skull System, Trans Palatal Distractor, Spine Implants, Microdissection Needles, Drill Bits, Reciprocating Saw Blades, TMJ Arthroscopy Sets, Ultrasonic Active Tips, Shaver Blades, Neuroendoview and Hand-Foot Implants System Exports: According to Alessandro Oliva, International Sales Executive, currently the main destination countries for Traumec products are Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru and Dominican Republic. “To ensure the success in our partnerships, Traumec works to expand its ability to develop and deliver innovative quality products focused on improving patient outcomes and delivering advanced and cost-effective solutions for surgeons and patients.” It is through long-term partnerships that Traumec has been building its base of sustainable success since the founding of the company in 2007 Certifications: As a responsible and active company in the international market, Traumec remains focused on strict quality standards, certified by ISO 13485, GMP (ANVISA). Moreover, efforts are directed to innovation and continuous development to improve the manufacturing and marketing of orthopedic implants, special medical devices and surgical instruments

Hospitalar Exporter 2017-2018  

Brazilian Companies Directory

Hospitalar Exporter 2017-2018  

Brazilian Companies Directory