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Project Goal Psychological and pedagogical training for parents on • Psychological development • Care and education for children • Prevention of disorders and promotion of personal development

 Family learning/education offered by professional specialists

 Introduction to children psychology for parents

 Educational, counseling and informational services

Children psychologists and educators Nataliya N. Avdeeva PhD in Psychology, Professor at the Developmental Psychology chair, head of the Centre of Developmental Psychological Counseling, MSUPE Irina A.Burlakova PhD in Psychology, head of the Preschool Psychology and Education chair, Senior fellow Dmitry V. Lubovsky Professor at the Educational Psychology faculty, PhD in Psychology Anna O. Drobinskaya Associated professor at the Preschool Pedagogy Psychology chair, PhD in Pedagogy

Irina V. Mavrina Associated professor at Preschool Pedagogy and Psychology chair, PhD in Pedagogy

Parents, grandparents babysitters and family tutors child psychologists students and postgraduate students of Faculties and Universities of Psychology

Distribution of scientific and popular information on different aspects for children psychological development (from 0 to 16 years) (articles, recommendations from child psychologists, background information, reviews and literature abstracts for parents – new books and previously published editions)  Interactive psychological counseling for parents  Distant education

E-catalog of books (more than 700 items) and articles (more than 300 items) on the problems and peculiarities of child development, care and education.

Voice/video-consultation (Skype-consultations) Consultation in the Member Area Consultations on the FAQ page

Questions Statistics: Preschoolers (3-7 years old) – 58% concerning the issue of misbehaviour Junior schoolchildren (7-10 years old) – more than 60% “Emotional troubles (anxiety, fears, social adaptation)” Adolescents (12-16 years old) – more than 50% - “Family interaction”, “Interaction upon the divorce of the parents”, “Computer addiction”

 “Unusual child” – learn how to understand and support  Child behaviour in the situation of parents’ demands and prohibitions  Kindergarten in the life of preschoolers and their parents  Sensory development of the junior schoolchildren  Development of children's fine arts capacities in the family  Psychology of child-parent relationships in junior school age  Junior schoolchild psychology  Adolescents’ addictive behaviour  Specialized education for senior pupils  Parent-child communication psychology Portal collaborates with MSUPE Psychological Counselling Without wasting their time at way and dialing, parents are provided with an opportunity to make an appointment at the psychologist directly at Portal. Leading Moscow practicing child psychologists will help solve the problems with development, upbringing and training of children aged 0 to 11.

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Editors Office Contacts Address: off.312, 29 Sretenka st., Moscow. Telephone: (495) 632-90-66 Fax: (495) 632-92-52 E-mail: URL:

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Child psychology for parents  

Presentation at UNESCO conference.

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